Witch's Trick, Vampire's Treat

Witch’s Trick, Vampire’s Treat 006: Werewolf at the Library

[Chantilly is at the library, waaaaaaaaay in the back. Sipping from a cup of coffee with one hand, and holding a bigass old book with another.] -10:52 Jun 20
Chantilly: Bloodloss was no joke, so Chantilly was pretty sure if she hadn’t been taking the supplements and extra vitamins, she would have been asleep all day. Which was bad! Because she was serious about studying the history of witchcraft, learning about vampires, and trying to fix everything for Will. Thank goodness for coffee! -10:53 Jun 20
[Galdrin enters.] -10:58 Jun 20
Galdrin: The werewolf was inside the library when a familiar scent wafted though the air and he turned to see the new witch girl sitting down without her apparent boyfriend fangface. "Surprised to see you here." he said moving to sit next to her, just a hint of blood covered up by soap… so that was happening. "Will not coming?" -11:04 Jun 20
Chantilly: "Oh! Hi!" It was cute mega arms guy! Her first official new friend in the night class. Chantilly grinned and set her cup down as she turned in her chair towards him. "Nope, he’s sleeping. He’s gonna meet me at class when it starts. I’m surprised you’re still awake! Or did you just wake up? I haven’t quite gotten used to this weird schedule yet…" -11:07 Jun 20
[Galdrin enters.] -11:11 Jun 20
Galdrin: "I slept already." he said glancing at her neck and then at her book. "And yes he would be sleeping, wakes up around sunset right? I know the type." he grinned and then placed down hiw own book which was obviously very old. -11:13 Jun 20
Chantilly: "I doubt it, Will’s not exactly normal. Then again, he never really was to begin with either. Now he’s just EXTRA weird." Chantilly had a cheeky grin, the thought of saying ‘My boyfriend is a vampire!’ always seemed like it’d get funny responses. But it was better not to cause weird suspicions. If it was a good idea to tell anyone, there would be a ton of vampires around, right? She leaned to peer at his book. It looked even more ancient than the one she managed to drag off the library shelves. "Hey, that looks interesting. What’s that one all about? Are you doing a semester of History?" -11:17 Jun 20
Galdrin: "Lycanthropy." he said pushing it worards her. "It’s a 1743 transation of the latin original. Pretty interesting if thier practice of suposivly killing werewolves in the middle of transformation to disect them is a little disturbing and completely pointless. I could show you where all the really old books are kept if you like." -11:21 Jun 20
[Chantilly enters.] -11:26 Jun 20
Chantilly: "Whoa, that’s pretty old…" With the book in front of her, she turned the pages and glanced over quickly at the words. Werewolves were cool! Sadly, it wasn’t what she needed to be looking up. Not unless werewolves could help uncurse a vampire. "Yeah, actually! I’d love to know where they are. I’m trying to look up stuff about v-.. um… old things. Are there a lot of them?" -11:28 Jun 20
Galdrin: "Blood sucking humanoids? I’m sure there’s something about them in there, you do know they’re repelled by garlic right?" He stoot slowly and picked up his book before tapping her shoulder. "This way, we need to talk to Elizabeth at counter three to get you to the old books." -11:32 Jun 20
Chantilly: "Uuuhm, vampires are as interesting as werewolves, yes…!" Aw man, did she look like one of the Twilight fangirls? She thought she hid that better! "But things about witchcraft and spells are good too. And other creatures!" Chantilly quickly rose out of her seat to follow him. -11:35 Jun 20
[(Timeout) Galdrin was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -11:46 Jun 20

“Galdrin, showing another girl the special books?” the librarian asked when seeing them approach. “Look into her eyes Elizabeth, she needs to see them.” The blonde behind the desk looked at Chantilly and squinted, then nodded. “I’ll need her library card.” -Galdrin

[(Timeout) Chantilly has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -11:52 Jun 20
Chantilly: Look in to her eyes? That sounded kind of creepy. Chantilly was giving him a weird look as she pulled out her library card to hand over. Wait… they didn’t know things did they? She had been coming to this library for years! "Heterochromia happens a lot, riiiight? Nothing weird about that…" she baited. -11:52 Jun 20

“Yes it does Chantilly” elizabeth sayd taking out a stamp and dabbing it into a red ink pad and then stamping Chantilly’s card. “It doesn’t appear out of nowhere in a person who didn’t have it before very often though. Enjoy the books.” -Galdrin

Chantilly: Chantilly blew on the card as she looked at it to make sure the ink dried. Special stamps meant special access, and now she was super suspicious. Either her new friend new something about witches, or he was a super spy or something. "I guess this means I am part of the special library club?" At least she grinned! Even if she was giving him the stare down now,. -12:03 Jun 21
Galdrin: He blew off her stare by mothing along the couter and mounting a staircase that had a charm on in that prevented people without the stamp from entering. "Come on it’s just up here. All th eold book on unusual subjects you could ever want. You light wan to try unde V for Vampire, Gor L for Lexicanum." -12:11 Jun 21
Chantilly: "I kneeeeew it, you do know things." Maybe he didn’t out right say it, but when she passed through the threshold she could feel the spell. That weird little tingling under her skin she always got when there was some sort of spell. She had been practicing with those! "How did you know about me? Because of my eyes? Is that normal? And Will! I bet you know all about Will too…" She sped up her pace to catch up with him. -12:22 Jun 21
[(Timeout) Chantilly doesn’t post enough.] -12:56 Jun 21
Galdrin: He turned abruptly and oprned the book to a woodcut of a transformed werewolf. "Of course I know. I can smell magic." and that was exactly the what the captions said werewolves can do. "And I’m telling you now Vampires are no good. You might have known Will before he got turned but he’d have already stated changing. Acting differently. You want to help him because that is your nature, the key is in here, and I’ll help you search." -12:59 Jun 21
[Chantilly enters.] -01:03 Jun 21
Chantilly: "You’re a werewolf? Those are actually real?" Why did she sound so surprised! At this point, she really shouldn’t have been. Still, she was taking the book and looking wide-eyed over the pages. "Will is just the same as before. Minus, you know… the sun stuff and the bitey things. And aren’t werewolves supposed to be all bite and chew? You don’t seem so bad." -01:06 Jun 21
Galdrin: "I’ll just say you won’t see me around class at the full moon." he said. "Think about it carefully, you know there’s been changes in him. If he’s always like he was in class then maybe he has some vampire heritage already." -01:10 Jun 21
Chantilly: "I didn’t think vampires could have kids, could they?" The book was closed and she was holding it against her chest. Tilting her head as she thought about it. Maybe he was a little bit different. Will was never the sweeping charm and romance sort of guy. But then again, before they had just been friends. Of course he wouldn’t of been that way with her… "Well, of course he’s bound to be a little different. I would too if suddenly I was craving blood all the time and couldn’t eat GOOD food." Chantilly paused a moment and gave him a curious look. "Do you eat people? Or is it all steaks and cows for you?" -01:14 Jun 21
[Galdrin enters.] -01:14 Jun 21
Galdrin: "If I ate people I’d be dead." he said "People don’t like being eaten. If you have time after thil I’ll take you to the best cow place around, and to vampires blood is good, better than anything humand hade ever tasted. That’s why a lot of them bevome addicted, is will addicted?" -01:21 Jun 21
Chantilly: Now she was imagining him being chased down by hunters. Were there hunters? Will could be in danger by vampire hunters! At least they didn’t burn witches anymore. Even if she did have that in mind for the old woman. "I doubt he is. I always have to complain at him to eat. He never wants to. Will is a good person, he’s not going to turn in to a monster." -01:24 Jun 21
Galdrin: There was a growl before the wolf reached up and pulled out a volume and examine the contents, then he put it in her arms and looked at her. "Thaat is a reference on unatural creatures. Spells you should wait until you’re worked though your text book." -01:31 Jun 21
Chantilly: Chantilly stared at him for a moment after he growled, before she let out a laugh. "The growling is kind of cute! ….sorry, I don’t mean to laugh. This is all super new, and kind of really cool… If I weren’t so worried about Will and accidentally blowing things up, I think I would kinda like it." With another book in her hands, she was flipping through the contents. Chantilly just naturally liked books, and even better when the subject matter was so interesting. No wonder Halloween had always been her favorite holiday. "Thanks for the help, though. Who knows how long it would have taken me to figure out this part of the library exists. Um, I’m not very good at recognizing when someone is… you know! I think all I have is magic…" -01:37 Jun 21
[(Timeout) Galdrin was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -01:44 Jun 21
Galdrin: "You’ll learn, Elizabeth and your new teacher are two, if you have problems with spells he is the one to ask. If you have trouble iwht vampires then I am the one to ask." -01:44 Jun 21
Chantilly: She laughed again, reaching out to swat his arm. "Go to you, huh! You’re some kind of vampire slayer? Don’t about Will. He’s sweet and he’s been my best friend since forever. We could all hang out, it would be fun! Especially since we’re not gonna be able to do much with our old friends." That was kind of sad. But only a little bit. Her and Will had always been a duo, and so many people had a hard time popping that bubble. -01:49 Jun 21
Galdrin: "Wereholves ahve always been vampire hunters. You can think of us as a natural predator of thiers. They in turn tend to stay in cities where we are less common and instinctivly try and kill us when they find us. It’s an ancient rivalry. I’ve been trying to find out what started it." -01:53 Jun 21
Chantilly: "Really? Like cats and dogs, huh?" With werewolves being the topic of discussion, she pulled out the first book he gave her to open up to the right sections. "Will didn’t seem like he wanted to instinctively kill you… Although I guess we were too busy to really talk about you or class much." Chantilly read over the pages a bit. Werewolves seemed to be a lot like vampires, in everything except behaviors… -01:57 Jun 21
Galdrin: "How long has he need cursed?" he asked sitting at the table and folding his arms. "Seeing that he’s starving himself his curse will take hold faster, I’m not an expert of vampires so I’ve told you about all I can. I know he’s biting you so be careful… now do you want to check those out and he’ll get food?" -02:03 Jun 21
Chantilly: "A week and a half maybe? We both ended up cursed on Halloween Night…" Chantilly slid in to a chair too, setting the books on the table so she could give them a more detailed read. While reviewing paragraphs, she nodded at his last question. "Food is great! I always feel so bad about getting to eat stuff when Will can’t so I need to eat before he wakes up. Plus, he’ll totally fuss if he finds out I forgot." -02:12 Jun 21
Galdrin: "I meant we get food, sorry." he said. "You can check these book out, they’ll get protection charms on them and as long as you don’t disturb those they can be taken out fo the library." -02:23 Jun 21
Chantilly: Of course, just with him saying that it made her examine the books trying to see where the charm was and how it worked. That one had been so subtle, she hadn’t even realized it was there. "Weird… but cool! I’m gonna have to try not to take too many. I don’t think I can carry all of these books. Or even read them fast enough." -02:26 Jun 21
Galdrin: He looked at her. "I can carry quite a few, but maybe just stick with three." He said. "If you really need to you can borrow my backpack to cerry them in, the straps are easy to adjust and I trust you to give it back to me at class tonight." -02:30 Jun 21
Chantilly: "I am supposed to be meeting Will directly at class anyway so he can avoid the sun, so I guess we can go out and get a bite to eat and I can shamelessly abuse your giant werewolf arms!" She cast a big wide cheeky grin. Chantilly never really had any shame! -02:32 Jun 21
Galdrin: "My giant… Yes alright." he reached out to pick up the books and stood. "Have your card ready. We’ll get these on it and then food is right across the street, I think you’ll like it there." -02:37 Jun 21
Chantilly: "Sweet! You know, you’re really nice for a wolf. Are most werewolves like you?" Chantilly made sure her card was out again and that her own bag was hanging on her shoulder. Her coffee cup that was long since empty, got tossed in to a nearby bin. "What kind of place is it? Not that I’m picky, I like food in general!" -02:41 Jun 21
Galdrin: "For the answer to both those questions you’ll have to wait until we get there." he stood and cradling the books made for the staircase and didn’t answer any more questions either until he was placing them down on the same counted Chantilly had had her card stamped at and gesturing her forwards. -02:53 Jun 21
Chantilly: "Okay Mister Mysterious, have it your way!" She laughed and giggled, and played along. Being perfectly patient with getting her books checked out. She let him carry all but one. They really would be a pain to carry all on her own, even if she did stuff them in her bag. He had those big arms, he might as well use them, -02:57 Jun 21
[Chantilly is going out for dinner/breakfast..or is it lunch… SHE DOESN’T KNOW SHE’S BEEN AWAKE FOREVER! And with a brand new werewolf friend! Who knew those were real too?] -10:03 Jul 19
[Galdrin is taking the human vampirefood across the street to a resturant he knows very well.] -10:04 Jul 19
Chantilly: Chantilly was starving, which really wasn’t any surprise. Even with the extra vitamins, she was pretty much hungry most of the time. Free food was a huge plus! …not to mention it was a super awesome chance to get to know her new, notahuman friend. "So you come to this place a lot?" -10:07 Jul 19
Galdrin: "I live here." he said stepping up to the door in the rustic wooden facade and pushing it open. The entire interious was also wooden, with a barn feel but clean, polished and without a lot of the decor items the stereotypical cowboy themed bar bar, in have it looked like a wooden diner with a window into the sparkling white tithen where a large man poked his head through at the sound of the door. "Galdrin! Here to help out or… oooh a date?" "Daaaaaad." Galdrin replied. "This is Chantilly, I’m helping her study." -10:15 Jul 19
Chantilly: "Oh! Family business! Hiiiiii Galdrin’s daaaaad!" Chantilly had a bright smile and waaaaved. She didn’t stare for long, she was busy looking around at the place. Strangely enough, she never had dinner there before, so this was a new treat and she was pretty curious. Werewolf guy is not a cowboy… check! "It kinda looks like a cabin in the woods in here, that’s pretty neat!" -10:19 Jul 19
Galdrin: "Probably because that’s what it used to be." he said. "When we moved to the city we brought out home with us and assembled it inside this building. Dad, lunch, the usual… and Chantilly needs coffee and food." he sat down in one of the chairs and placed Chantilly’s books on the table. "You can come a read here anytime. This table is where I do my homework." -10:22 Jul 19
Chantilly: "That’d be great, actually. I’m not so used to this night stuff and the library is only open during the day, so it’s not like I can do everything in the evenings, and I get kinda lonely with Will asleep all day! And um, I guess I am kinda rambling again, but coffee would be aaaawesome. You wouldn’t believe how much I’ve gone through this week!" Chantilly dropped in to a seat, pulling her books closer. Which to start with first…! -10:26 Jul 19
Galdrin: "You also need to order." he pointed out and looking at the kitchen. "I was about to make burger patties if she wants that." the dad called. "Best in the city, old family recipe." "He just puts mustard seeds in the meat." Galdrin whispered. "But it is pretty good." -10:28 Jul 19
Chantilly: Chantilly was almost going to ask what werewolves put in their old family burgers, but she wasn’t sure yet whether or not the family knew he was a wolf or if all of them were. She just grinned instead and nodded. "Yeah, I’ll have a burger then! With extra cheese?" She finally decided which book she wanted to open and flipped through the pages. "I can’t believe I haven’t been in here before…" -10:32 Jul 19
Galdrin: "Extra cheese." came the call from the kitchen and soon the smell of cooking meat wafted through the resturant. "It’s a local hangout for the… unusual." he said. "Only vampires arn’t really welcome, but they’re not interested in food anyway." he explained "Few normals ever find thier way here and when they do we treat them with care. And to the question you havn’t asked. Yes, we’re closed on the nights of full moons." -10:44 Jul 19
Chantilly: "So you are a whole family of werewolves!" That was just… kind of mind blowing to Chantilly. To think, this entire time there was werewolves walking around all over the place. A bitchy witch was already a weird thing to deal with, and now the entire universe was opened up for all kinds of things existing. Chantilly looked a little perturbed for a moment. "Oh man… I just realized if there’s you, there’s gotta be all kinds of things… How do people even survive?" A rhetorical and maybe over-dramatic question, but… she did have to wonder! -10:48 Jul 19
Galdrin: The lange man in the kitchen came out with a tray of coffee and mugs and aditives. "We have rules. We don’t hurt humans we don’t have to and we keep things secret. There are humans who know and some that want to expose up but they’re dismissed as crazy people. We’re a lot rarer than you might think and we band together for safety." he picked up the book on werewolves and opened it back to where he was. "Vampires though never want to cooperate… you shouldn’t trust them." -10:55 Jul 19
Chantilly: "Thaaaaank you." she griiiined at the man, and was immediately taking a relieved sip of coffee. Then she was shrugging her shoulders at Galdrin. "Will didn’t start as a vampire, and he’s not like anybody else! We’ve been best friends since we were kids, so I know I can trust him. You’ll like him too!" -10:59 Jul 19
Galdrin: "Galdrin looked at her, then shook his head. "You don’t know anything about vampires." he said. "But you’re letting one chew on you anyway. He is a predator Chantilly, a solitary killer adn she more he starves himself quicker he will succumb to the beast. I don’t want to see you end up as a goul, or worse." -11:05 Jul 19
Chantilly: Chantilly was rolling her eyes, but at least she was still grinning. He meant well, but he didn’t know Will at all. "We’ll have to agree to disagree." She paused mid-sip, tilting her head a bit and giving a curious glance. "What’s a ghoul? Isn’t that like a ghost or something?" -11:09 Jul 19
Galdrin: "You can think of it as a zombie controlled by a vampire with no free will of thier own. That is what will happen to you if you rink his blood. My family have delt with a lot of vampires." he said. "But if you you’re not going to listen then we should talk about your magic, why don’t you try moving a fork?" -11:17 Jul 19
Chantilly: "Oh blech, at least I know [i]that -11:18 Jul 19
Chantilly: "Oh blech, at least I know that’s never gonna happen." Eeeew, just the thought of drinking blood was making her a little quesy. Chantilly was happen for the change of subject. She cast a dubious stare at the fork. "Just move it, huh? Uuuhm… well, I am not so great at the magic stuff. Let’s see…" She thought about it and after a moment, sure she had a decent concentration ON the fork, flicked her fingers at it to cast a spell. …and instead the salt shaker exploded and Chantilly’s yelp was loud enough to wake the dead! -11:21 Jul 19
Galdrin: He shook his head slowly, then reached out to take her and an trace a finger along her nerves and muscles. "You’re too stressed, I don’t know anything about magic but I think the energy would need to flow cleanly…? Like hindu chakras… But like I said magic is not my trong poing, I do know what makes transforming less painful though." -11:30 Jul 19
Chantilly: "Uhmhum. Maybe a little stressed." Stressed, and not blushing like some sort of idiot. She had a boyfriend and here she was getting all melty-gooey over a palm touch. After a swallow, she squeezed her eyes shut and triiiied to focus on the fork. "So like the Force and stuff, huh? I keep wanting to do things and then it just all pops at once. I can’t seem to do just a little bit." -11:34 Jul 19
Galdrin: "he shook his head and scratched begine his ear. "You should talk to our teacher then. Just try and get some sleep." he gave her a look. "We have a spare bed here if you ever need it." -11:49 Jul 19
Chantilly: "Oh! He did give me a cool book!" Disentangling herself from forks and werehands, Chantilly shifted her books around until she found the right one. "I thought it was a little he gave me this, it has toooons of magical theory and spells in it. So I guess he’s not so normal himself either? Is HE a werewolf?" -11:55 Jul 19
Galdrin: "We’s a wizard." Galdrin said. "So he would know a lot more about spells than I do. I just need to know… food is here." he said getting up and heading to the window into the kitchen and pciked up thier plates before carrying them back to the table. -12:05 Jul 20
Chantilly: A wizard…! That might’ve been the best news Chantilly heard in awhile about their whole… situation. Surely a wizard would know how to break a witch’s curse, then everything would be fine again. Chantilly’s grin was back once a plate was set in front of her, and she wasted no time in shoving a bite in her mouth. Fooood was so good, and it was nice getting to eat without having to feel guilty because Will couldn’t. "This is greeeat! I’m so glad you invited me!" -12:09 Jul 20
Galdrin: He slides into his rare steak and ran the meat through the sauch before shoving it into his mouth. "You’re new, and trying to do everything yourself and you clearly need help so I’m happy to help any way I can." -12:29 Jul 20
Chantilly: "Then I will definitely ask you for help when I need it. But I thiiiiink I have it all under control? Well, a lot better now that I know our teacher is a wizard! I was seriously not sure how I was gonna figure out everything by myself." Chantilly was kicking her feet back and forth under her seat as she grinned. "And if you want help with anything I’d be happy too, also. Homework or anything -12:37 Jul 20
Galdrin: It seemed the werewolf was busy with his food because he didn’t respond beyond a nod as he continues wolfing down the meat, then he was pullong a mug closer to himself to wash it down with. "i’ll only be able to help out with the non-magical homsework. But I’d be more than happy to help with that." -12:47 Jul 20
Witch's Trick, Vampire's Treat

Witch’s Trick, Vampire’s Treat 005: Night Class

[Chantilly managed to get transfered to the nigh classes too, much to the confusion of her parents. She totally explained it off as her trying to make time to have a parttime job in the day!] -09:54 Jun 18
[Will is waiting outside ‘Tilly’s house in the evening, for once not having to hear his hoodie!] -09:57 Jun 18
Chantilly: She was yaaaaaawning. A few books stuff in her bag, along with the classroom number. The night class had so few people, it was only one teacher who gave out all the courses. Everything else they had to keep up with on their own. Not a problem for Chantilly, but having to stay awake all night was going to be tricky! "You look all bouncy and bright eyed…" -10:00 Jun 18
Will: "I’m a creature of the night, don’t worry my sun gear is in my bag. I got up early to get you coffee." he held up a bad with a paper cup in it. "Mocha! My old favorite before I couldn’t drink it anymore. I kind of wanted the smell…" -10:02 Jun 18
Chantilly: "You’re the sweeeetest!" Chantilly took the coffee and was on her toes kissing his cheek. It was nice that she got to do that now without him going "eeeew tilly!" and without it being all weird. "Today I was reading a ton of books and looking stuff up on the internet. As long as I eat lots of food with plenty of proteins you can prolly chew on me every other day and I’ll be just fine." -10:10 Jun 18
Will: "I still down’t want to overdo it." he said putting an arm around her and kissing her forehead. "But few, protiens, AND iron, and I’ve found a supliment designed specifically for helping anemic pacients produce more blood cells." he really didn’t want to hurt her… "But we should be worrying class." -10:16 Jun 18
Chantilly: "I’m waaaalking. I guess being late on the first night would suck. I wonder what the teacher is like! What kinda person spends their evenings teaching night school anyway?" She paused for a moment, casting Will a sidelong glance. "Um… besides vampires, I guess. I doubt he’s a vampire, though. We’d probably have dead students all the time." -10:20 Jun 18
Will: "That’s racism." Will complained jokingly. "Maybe he’s a wizard… Maybe he’s just a guy and we should keep our… specialness hidden." he looked around and smiled to himself. "You have no idea how beautiful the night is when you can see in the dark… I can even see every crater on the shaded side of the moon." -10:24 Jun 18
Chantilly: Chantilly looked up at the sky, squinting at the moon to see if maybe she could make it out too. Nope. Apparently having two different colored eyes didn’t actually help change your eyesight at all. "I guess it IS nice. The atmosphere and all. Moonlight and stars and all that stuff. It’s kind of creepy with the fog, though. Can you see through all that too?" She was pretty curious! -10:27 Jun 18
Will: "There’s fog?" he asked looking at her and then lookign around. "I… guess that means I can…? Huh… I wonder if I can turn into a bat…" He looked at her with a grin and then looked away quickly finding his eyes drawn to her neck. -10:34 Jun 18
Chantilly: "Bats, bleh…!" Chantilly didn’t bother to hide the shudder. She didn’t know why people thought they were so cute, she thought they were pretty scary. Knowing all the nonsense they had gotten in to, she wouldn’t doubt for a minute he COULD turn in to a bat. Then she’d be running and screaming her way to school. "Better not try… at least not around me! Then I’m gonna have to try witchy stuff on you to make you unbatty." -10:38 Jun 18
Will: "No, I think enough street lights exploded in harry potter for you to give that a miss." he teased before grinning at ther. "You taking your supliments by the way? I think if I need to feed waiting until AFTER class if a good idea…" -10:42 Jun 18
Chantilly: "Yeeees. I did! And after class is probably better, I need all the focus I can get." Speaking of which, Chantilly was chugging down the rest of her coffee as quickly as she could swallow it. Then stashing the empty cup in to her bag. "…and for your information I moooostly have not exploded lights now. I’m kinda figuring out how to control those weird surges. It’s just… it feels kinda strange." -10:49 Jun 18
Will: "I know, imagine having nothing in your stomach… I’ve stopped pooping and it all feels empty. I’m starting to wonder if it will all just dissapear." He shrugged. "I wish I could sendmyself though an MRI and look inside myself." -10:56 Jun 18
Chantilly: "Wiiiiill, that’s so gross!" Chantilly covered her ears for a minute. Pooping was the last thing she needed to know about or imagine him doing. Not even when they were just friends! She dropped her hands after a moment and swatted his arm. "Although I guess this means you’re totally full of shit!" Casting him a big cheeky grn, Chantilly let out a laugh and gave him another swat. Then she was taking off running down the sidewalk! -10:59 Jun 18
Will: He appeared suddenly in front of her seemingly out of nowhere, then looked really confused and looked around looking for the reason why he would suddenly seemingly teleport or maybe it was just moving really quickly and suddenly he was feeling slightly woozy and looking sick. -11:02 Jun 18
Chantilly: Chantilly crashed right in to him with a yelp. At first thinking it was some stranger and then being startled that it was Will. Of course he was looking about ready to barf, and she was quickly grabbing his face in her hands so she could steady his sightline on her instead of him wobbling about all woozy. "…don’t do stuff like that! You’re going to make yourself sick!" -11:06 Jun 18
Will: "I didn’t do anything, I just wanted to catch you and…" he put his hands on her shoulders and steadied himself." I’m really like something out of a horror movie aren’t I?" He moved away from her to start walking again taking her hand in his and making for the school. "May want to dump that cup in the bin next to the gate as we go in." -11:08 Jun 18
Chantilly: "I dunno, you don’t seem so horrible to me. You don’t sparkle either, but I can settle I think." Another cheeky grin and she was swinging their hands back and forth gently as they walked. She could barely see the school coming in to view now. It looked complelely different at night without all the cars and the students hanging around. THAT was creepy. "Maybe you should be practicing your vampire stuff too. Just to be sage." -11:14 Jun 18
Will: He looked at her and shook his head. "I’ve figured out that the more I use them the more blood I need and you need blood too. If I accidently took all of it then there would be only one way to bring you back and then there would be two of us needing blood." he paused at the gate and looked around. "I don’t know it feels sort of… homely. He stepped though and then took her other hand so that they were facing each other. "Care to dance?" -11:20 Jun 18
Chantilly: "Yeah, but if you dunno how to use them and control them, isn’t it worse?" In through the school gate and then he was taking her hand. It was kind of weird asking her dance all of a sudden, but… oooh. He was so cute. "I would love to dance but, uhm…. school?" Yes, school! She couldn’t just stand there in the moonlight staring in to his eyes, no matter how awesomely romantic it was. -11:30 Jun 18
Will: "Afterwards then." he said with a charming smile and a wink. Then he was taking her hand and taking her to class somehow without needing to ask the room number. There was something in the air, something he could follow. -11:37 Jun 18
Chantilly: "Yeeeaaah." A wink and a smile, she was totally weak in the knees! Where did that even come from? She knew Will for years, this was so weird! Chantilly just enjoyed the happy moment for what it was though. Pausing in the hallway once they entered, just long enough to toss her empty cup in the trash. She was just about to dig out the classroom number and tell him which room, when apparently he found it already. Room 206 and thankfully they had reached class before it started. "Sweet! This is gonna be kinda cool! I don’t know any of these people though…" -11:41 Jun 18
Will: "Then just sit next to me and I’ll keep you safe." he put his arm around her and opene the door to step inside and look around. The teacher was already there, early as always to keep the peace, sitting on a desk with his feel on the chair a tall and broad shouldered student was in the middle of telling a story when he turned at the sound of the door. -11:52 Jun 18
Chantilly: Protect her! FRom what exactly? Chantilly was in the middle of giving Will a very amused looked when they entered the room and…. all eyes were on them! Wow, and that guy looked like he could pick up a desk and throw it with arms like that. Chantilly coughed! "So hello…! We’re new classmates, I guess." Sorry to disturb… um, which seats are open?" -11:55 Jun 18

The teacher stood, a tall greying man who looked to be in his mid 40s. “Class, this is Chantilly and Will two recent transfurees to our class.” he gestured them over and then opened a drawer. “Seats 23 and 24 are open, Chantilly I think concidering your interests I brought this out of my personal library as a little welcome.” he pulled a book out of the drawred and placed it on the desk, inside the cover was a folded note. -Will

Chantilly: "Cool! Thanks!" A special gift from a teacher? That appealed very much to her need of being teacher’s favorite. She was trying not to grin as she took the book and scooted over to her seat. Pointing at the one she wanted Will to take. "A good impression already." -12:14 Jun 19
[Will enters.] -12:17 Jun 19

the boy on the desk turned and looked at the newcomers his nose twitching, then his lip raised slightly refealing a long canine, not a fang since it was also much thicker and stronger than a normal tooth. “Welcome to class.” he said to Chantilly before sliding into the seat next to her. “I’m Galdrin.” -Will

[(Timeout) Will was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -12:41 Jun 19
Chantilly: "Hiii. Thank you. I’m Chantilly." What a sneery sort of grin. Chantilly couldn’t help but stare for a minute. She made herself busy digging in her bag looking for her paper and pen. "Oh, this is Will! Is the teacher a good one?" -12:41 Jun 19
[(Timeout) Will was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -12:57 Jun 19
[Will enters.] -12:57 Jun 19
Will: Will waved and shifted in his seat uneasily. This stunk, literally. Doggish smells were everywhere and thet is what he had followed to this door and this Galdrin had him on edge. -12:59 Jun 19

“The best teached for the unusual there is, something about your eyes tells me you belong, and your… friend too. Even if he looks a little batty.” -Will

Chantilly: "My eyes.." Oooh, now she was embarassed, but it would be pretty dumb to sit there with her eyes closed. "Are people a little strange here in the night classes? I was kinda suspecting as much! I mean, it’s kinda weird when people are awake all night especially students." Now she was looking around to eye the other students in the class. "Will isn’t batty, though, he’s awesome." -01:04 Jun 19

The boy leant back in his head and folded his arms giving him the air of a relaxed bear who was still ready to pounce and maul at the slightest provocation. “You’ll figure it out soon enough. Besides I htink out first class is about to begin… -Will

Chantilly: Class was… pretty normal at first! Some of the topics started getting really strange. Just about the time Chantilly was dozing off in her seat, reading the new book the teacher gave her. By the end of class Chantilly was asleep with her head on the desk and the book on top of her head. Night classes were going to be rough! -01:16 Jun 19
Will: Will tapped Chantilly on her shoulder. It seemed most of the class were pretty tired but Will was wide awake. "Tilly! Wake up, time to go home." He whispered into her ear leaning over and brushing her hair back away from her neck to kiss it gently. -01:20 Jun 19
Chantilly: "Hmm" Ooooo that felt good. He could do that again. Wait! They were in SCHOOL! Chantilly sat up quickly, placing a hand over her neck. "Wiiiilll behave… is class over already? I missed the last lecture!" -01:29 Jun 19
Will: "It was a good one. Sleep during the day alright." he slipped an arm around her to squeeze her before moving away to stand. "Right now though you should eat, something sweet because I need to eat too." he offered her his hand. "And I owe you a dance." -01:31 Jun 19
Chantilly: "I have to do research in the day while the libraries are opeeeeen." Chantilly took his hand, and leaned to stuff her book in her bag and pull it over her shoulder. "The donut place is probably open by now. And do you reeeaally want to dance, Will?" She giggled, swatting at his arm. -01:38 Jun 19
Will: "Doughnuts for breakfast AND youu insist on staying up after I bite you?" he said leading her out after the other students. "Fine but you’re having something else too, protien! I’ll pay since I don’t need to pay for food anymore." he squeezed her hand and smiled at her. "And only if you want to." -01:41 Jun 19
Chantilly: "Donuts and sausages then! You don’t have to worry so much about me Will, I can take it." He was being soooo cute about it though. She was squeezing his hand, and like any lovestruck girlfriend was walking with him and hanging on his arm. -01:46 Jun 19
Will: "And not too much caffien. What was the book by the way?" he asked lokign at her as they exited the shool and turned towards the doughnut shop. "It’s a bit odd to give you something on the first day." -01:50 Jun 19
Chantilly: "Oh! Uhm, it kinda read like a spell book but the language is a little weird, kinda like a mix of dialects and stuffs. I’m not super great with laguages, but I think I can work some of the stuff out with some studying." She rest her head against his arm, frowning a bit. "That’s a weird book to give a kid… tomorrow I’ll ask him about it, I guess." -01:56 Jun 19
Will: Will looked thoughtful but didn’t say more on the subject. "Where are we going after you eat? My place? Treehouse? I don’t know if me spending the day in your bed is a good idea if you’re going to be out." -02:00 Jun 19
Chantilly: "First I’ll need a nap. So… your place? I think you dad would be a lot more forgiving of finding me there sleeping, than my parents finding you in my bed." Yeah, she didn’t wanna find out what her dad would do to a boy in her bed. "And at noon I’ll get up and go to the library to study, I guess. And after than I will practice spell casting. And then I’ll back and wake you for class?" -02:14 Jun 19
Will: "You’re really not giving your body time to rest." he scolded before stopping her and turning her to face him and pushing his lips into hers. "You should look after yourself, especially since I’m out for most of the day. But it’s a good plan." -02:20 Jun 19
Chantilly: A kiss pretty much stopped any fussing she was going to make. Chantilly really, really, really liked the new random kissing part of their relationship! She grinned and circled her arms around him. "And what are you gonna do about it, huh? I’m the one taking care of YOU now so you’re just gonna have to deal with it." -02:33 Jun 19
Will: "Maybe I’ll just move to a castle in transyvania and look after myself then." he teased before starting to walk with ehr again with an arm around her. "Or I’ll make sure you eat and take your supliments so I don’t need to find someone else to supliment my diet. I really don’t want to do that… even though I really don’t like hurting you. -02:38 Jun 19
Chantilly: "I sure don’t want you chewing on any other girls." She scowled, and made sure he SAW that scowl. "I mean it too. I don’t mind you biting me cause you have to. If you go chewing on any other girls I’m going to kick your ass SO hard, Will." -02:44 Jun 19
Will: He sighed. "I know Tilly. I don’t want to hurt anyone but I don’t want to put you in danger either that’s why I’m being so insistant you keep up your supliments and actually sleep sometime. I do love you you know." they arived at the show and Will walked in with Tilly and sat down. This he didn’t like, sitting in a resturant and not being able to eat. -02:49 Jun 19
Chantilly: Chantilly eyed him when they sat down. Once she caught a waitress she ordered a box of donuts to go and some of the sausage. Juice and toast and the hot oatmeal too. "Lets not worry about it right now then. I’m only making a big deal about it cause I don’t wanna see you sucking on some other girl. I’d get jealous." -02:57 Jun 19
Witch's Trick, Vampire's Treat

Witch’s Trick, Vampire’s Treat 004

[Will Has had a great day’s sleep and is waking up as the sun sets.] -07:34 Mar 15
[Chantilly has had a long long weird day and is currently sprawled out over the bottom half of the bed with her face planted in a book, and dozing off!] -07:35 Mar 15
Chantilly: Chantilly had barely managed to throw her clothes on to greet her parents when they got home, and like a dummy told them Will wasn’t there. Which left her constantly trying to keep them from peeking in her room, and more than once attempting some sort of invisibility spell which usually just ended up going completely haywire. Dinner was eaten in a hasty rush, and now there she was sleeping on one of those spellbooks while she was busy sifting for better working spells. -07:39 Mar 15
Will: His eyes flicked oner and he stired, the familiar surroundings causing the orning’s escapades to come back to him. Still Chantilly wasn’t next to him and that made him frown. He sat up and noticed his new girlfriend at th foot of the bed and still completely nude wrapped a balnket around himself and settled down next to her at the foot of the bed, an arm sliding around her. "Good evning." he whispered into the dozing witches ear. "Any luck?" -07:43 Mar 15
Chantilly: Oh that was nice. Warm and snugglie and he was pretty good at sounding soft and sexy! …wait, crap! Chantilly’s eyes blinked open and she rose quickly on her elbows to spy the door and make sure it was good and shut. Then she swatted at him! "Will, you jerk! Do you have any idea how hard it is to hide a naked guy in your room?! Couldn’t you have at least put on some pants before you fell asleep!" -07:47 Mar 15
Will: "Ow." he shoved her, maybe a little too hard since she was no longer on the bed…. in fact she was in the middle of the room. "Ooops… how did I do that?" he looked at his hand and then got up to offer it to her. "Could always have said I was sick, I have been according to everyone and with the blanket no one would know what I have or don’t have underneath. Besides I was expecting you to join me under there…" -07:52 Mar 15
Chantilly: Yikes…! He had more than just sun and garlic allerigies with those vampie powers it seemed! She was a little hesitant to take his hand, but only because she was still trying to play up being mad. Chantilly grasped it and tugged on it. "Shhh, talk softer. I’m not a nightstalker, you know. Witches sleep normal hours. I did find some handy books though. But most of them say you can only stop being a vampire if you kil the one that sired you.." -07:56 Mar 15
Will: "No one sired me." he said pulling her up and back to the bed to sit down with an arm around her. "So I’m stuck like this?" he found himself strangly unaffected by that. "What about you? Anything baout dewitchification?" he leaned in close and nuzzled into her neck… the did smell good as a witch though… -08:02 Mar 15
Chantilly: "Nope… I think I have to start looking up curses themselves…" He really shouldn’t be doing that. What if her parents walked in? But she had no will to push him away or swat at him again! Instead she was having a really hard time of not smiling. "I’m sure I’ll find something. There’s all kinds of cool stuff in these books." -08:07 Mar 15
Will: He ran a hand down her arm and held her hand in his before kissing the side of her neck and down her shoulder. "I’m so hapy I get to do this now." he whispered before smiling and pulling her hand towards him to kiss her wrist. "Alright if I hane a little bite to eat?" -08:09 Mar 15
Chantilly: She was pretty sure her face was burning, and she nodded quickly. Not trusting herself to reply without croaking like a frog. Chantilly was pretty sure she’d melt to the floor if he didn’t take a bite. Which in itself was… a really weird thought to have. "Um…! Also, pants." -08:12 Mar 15
Will: "Bite first." he nuzzled agaist her wrist before parting his lips and licking her skin. It was soft but then Chantily always did take care of herself. Then he was peeling lis lips back to reveal his fangs before burrying them in her flesh… There was the familiar rush and taste of her blood, but a new sensation as well. He wasnted her to enjoy this, as much as he did. -08:18 Mar 15
Chantilly: Chantilly winced, but the pain didn’t last for long. She was so completely intrigued by the whole thing she couldn’t look away, despite the fact it was super weird… And worse, she was totally having one of those vampire fangirl moments. That heart fluttering moment of infatuation she had no control over! -08:24 Mar 15
Will: He pulled away and turned his head towards her, then his ahnd owas on her shoulder and he pushed her down and his other hand burried itsef in her hair. With a needy sigh he slipped his tongue under her lower lip and pulled it int his mouth to suck on it, thnen bite down on it drawing more blood. -08:27 Mar 15
Chantilly: "Will…" the soft complaint was supposed to be about something. Chantilly couldn’t remember. Her head was rushing and even though she could taste her own blood, she couldn’t help but reach up to cup his face and kiss him back. She felt a little bit like she had touched one of those palm shockers and everything was all fuzzy. -08:33 Mar 15
Will: He let go of her lip and ran his tongue along her lip making the wound disappear before taking her hand and doing the same to her wrist. Then he brushed her hand against her fame and leaned in to kiss her softly. "Hope I didn’t take too much." he whispered. "I still don’t feel good about hurting you Chantilly." -08:35 Mar 15
Chantilly: "I don’t feel hurt…" In fact, she felt a little bit like she had stolen some of her parents wine. There was a grin splashed across her face and she was circling both her arms around him. "You could kiss and nibble me all night if you want to." -08:39 Mar 15
[Will enters.] -09:06 Mar 15
[(Timeout) Will has timed out.] -09:08 Mar 15
Will: "Don’t tempt me, I’m nocturnal you know." he said kissing her lightly and running a hand through her hair. "Or you could show me magic tricks." he said a grin spreading across his lips too. "Maybe conjour us up something nice, or you up something nice. I’ll get those pants.. did you bring them from the bathroom?" -09:08 Mar 15
Chantilly: Chantilly nodded, and now she was wishing he didn’t have to wear clothes at all. She was super sleepy, and snuggling up in bed with him all night sounded like the best thing ever. "On the chair. But me showing off magic tricks might not be such a great idea… I can’t seem to get spells right half the time. I think I need to get a wand. The books say a wand channels magic better…" -09:14 Mar 15
Will: He walked towards the chair and picked up his pants before pulling them on. "I’ll get you one." he said with a grin turning back to her and pinting at the head of the bed indicating she should scooch up there so he could join her. "Then we’ll see if you make a good witch.. the certainly taste good as one…" -09:22 Mar 15
Chantilly: "Oh so you are the authority of witch’s wands?" she laughed with amusement, scooting in to bed and leaning up against the headboard. Worries about her parents were completely forgotten! "I was thinking I would just go to town and see if they have something wand like in one of those silly occult shops. They’d know their ways around wands, right?" -09:26 Mar 15
Will: He chuckled. "I think they just sell fakes to neo wicken hipsters." slippign in with her he put ar arm around her and pulled the blanket up over thme before kissing her, his fingertipe brushing against her cheek. "Pretty sure I know where to find one… the night is mine after all." he chuckled again and nuzzled agaist her. "I’m starting to enjoy this you know. Pitty I actually need to go out in the day when I’m older." -09:30 Mar 15
Chantilly: "You like being a vampire, then?" Or kissing and snuggling. Cause she knew she liked that part. Chantilly curled her arms around him and nestled in to him. "I wouldn’t mind if you stayed like this.. but not going outside in the day really does suck. We get to be all coupley now and don’t even get to do normal dating stuff…" -09:33 Mar 15
Will: "Yeah… it’s kinda cool, and I was right about the no sparkling." he grinned at her. "But you know we could go out at night, and we’ll always have eachother it’s not the dating stuff that makes us. But being a doctor I’d have to be able to go outside in the sun… unless I be a night doctor… about blood… No… I have to be responsable right? You can always change me back when I’m rich enough not to work." the last part was a joke… but in a choice between being a doctor and being a vampire… doctor won. -09:38 Mar 15
Chantilly: "Okaaaay, the sparkling was kinda of lame. They are cool books, though." Chantilly pouted, but it was short lived. She was right back to making herself comfortable. …and yawning! "Do you think I can do fashion design as a witch? I could do a whole line of witchy witch clothes… Make pointed hats fashionable again." Vampire Doctor and Fashionista Witch. The whole mental image made her giggle. -09:49 Mar 15
Will: If you get your conjuring goofd you could make dresses instantly exactly like you picture them in your head without being constrained by modent fabriics and materials…" he said before grinning at her. "If I get stuck as a vampire I could be your stay at home husband. You could come home for cofin snuggles." he laughed before squeezing her. "No matter what I think we’ll be okay." -09:56 Mar 15
Chantilly: "It’ll have to be a pretty big coffin." she yawned again, giggling soft and nuzzling in to his shoulder. These future dreams were a lot better than the ones where she was worried they’d be at different schools on opposite ends of the world. "Does that mean you’re gonna marry me too, Will? Cause that was a pretty crappy proposal for a vampire!" -09:58 Mar 15
Will: "Jesus we just hooked up and you expect me to propose!? Bit clingy aren’t we?" he teased before kissing her. "Trust me when I propose it will rock your world, but let’s get through school okay?" he squeezed her again. "And right now. I want you to sleep." his command cattied a supernatural wieght to it… witched wern’t the only ones with magic. -10:01 Mar 15
Chantilly: "School, right.. Can’t sleep, though…" Even as she was saying it she was dozing off again, and trying hard not to! "My parents are here…" Finally she was remembering they were still downstairs, but it was far too late. Chantilly was snuggled up against him and in moments she was out and not knowing what hit her. -10:11 Mar 15


Chantilly: Chantilly awoke when her alarm went off. Nice and early as an annoying reminder that it was time for school. And Chantilly was grumbling under her breath about her weekend having gone by too fast. She seemed to be curled up with Will, though and that made everything instantly better. …until she realized he spent the night there in her BED and it was prolly a miracle her parents hadn’t popped in to check on her! "Wiiii-iiiiill!" she shoved at his sleeping form and rolled. Blinking in surprise at the ornate looking piece of wood, crystal and wire sitting on her bedside table. Chantilly picked up the wand in wonder. "Whoa… super shiny…" -10:22 Mar 15
Will: He stretched and rolled to look at her. "Told you I’d get you a wand." he said yawning and stretching before sitting up and kissing her on the side of her neck. "Turns out I can’t turn into a bat, but I can do the next best thing… fly. But it’s draining, literally which is why… I kinda…. bit you while you were asleep. Sorry." he was rubbing the back of his neck and looking guilty. "I think my powers use up blood." -10:27 Mar 15
Chantilly: Her hand rose up to her neck in surprise, but there wasn’t a mark on her. "I didn’t feel anything… I don’t think I even woke up." …that was a little alarming. Of course she trusted Will, but being totally unconcious while someone sucked out all your blood? It felt weird! …and no wonder she was famished! "So where did you find it? The wand, that is! It looks pretty professional… at least by crafting standards." Chantilly put her attention to examining it. That was better than feeling weird about sleep-biting. -10:32 Mar 15
Will: "I stole it from that crazy old bitch." he said. I couldn’t get in the house at first but then her cat who I was stroking to keep quiet invited me in.. and I guess that counted because it worked." he was still unsure how! "That one was in a display case in the atic, looked ike it hadn’t been touched in ages so it will probably be a while since she notices it’s gone. She has tons though… but that one made be think of you." -10:35 Mar 15
Chantilly: "Oh god…! What if the cat tells her…!" Which sounded insane once she said it out loud, but somehow made complete sense. Chantilly scrambled out of bed, wand in hand and bustled over to the closet for picking out her clothes. She only paused long enough to give the wand another look. The corner of her mouth quirking up at it. "…it’s weird… It kinda feels like blood rushing from hand hand through it. But not like blood, like um… electricity maybe? That witch is gonna be fucking pissed, though…" -10:42 Mar 15
Will: He stood and stretched. The dissapeared entirely, almost. Only a slight mist in his shape remained along with his shadow on the floor. "I think we can take her." He reappeared and grinned but he looked that little bit pailer. "School today isn’t it? God… hoodie time." he yawned and moved towards the chair. -10:47 Mar 15
Chantilly: "She -cursed- us and I am pretty sure she’s gotta be like, centuries old or something… Doncha think she knows how to handle vampires and newbie witches? She’s prolly sitting on her broomstick laughing her ass off about us…" Or worse, hoping Will would have eaten her alive and then gone to jail for murder and died in the sunlight from spontaneous combustion! Chantilly grimanced. "I almost wish she just tried to run us over… at least then I would know what to do!" -10:53 Mar 15
Will: He staggered a little but caught himself. He was still a young vampire too and had a lot to learn about overusing powers. "Well like I said she probably hasn’t noticed it missing. The case was covered in a cloth and everything." he smiled at her and then the smile faded… "How am I going ot get out of here without your parents seeing?" -11:02 Mar 15
Chantilly: "Uuuum… maybe I can try another spell now that I have a wand?" Chantilly was giving him a small, worried look. He needed to eat… but then, so did she! And he couldn’t eat if she didn’t eat! And she couldn’t sneak him downstairs if her parents were there! A vicious cycle. Huffing, she flung open her closet door long enough to grab some of her clothes and make a quick change. "…maybe this time I won’t blow something up!" -11:05 Mar 15
Will: "I could do the invisibility thing and we can grab something on the way to school." he said. "Safer, easier, tastier.. oh right…" he still wasn’t used to not being able to just eat. "Well you can anyway. I’ll be fine for the rest of the day." -11:09 Mar 15
Chantilly: The closet door closed and she shook her head at him. "Not if you keep using your vampy powers like that… vampy magic means you need more blood, right? And I only have so much in me at a time! Yooou’re the doctor, you should know how much I got!" …and that made her grin. "I’ll distract them and we’ll run out the front door." -11:12 Mar 15
Will: "I also know a little invi.. fine you distract them but I’m still going invisible and there’s nothing you can say to convince me otherwise. And have orange juice and if you can iron supliments… you’ll need them." he pulled up his hood and put on his sunglasses, never could be too care… he yawned wide. "I could really go for a cheese burger right now… with blo… extra ketchup." -11:16 Mar 15
Chantilly: "That is SO gross." Blood cheeseburgers. Eeeww… Chantilly rolled her eyes at him before she led the way out of her room and down the stairs. Her parents weren’t in the living room, but both sitting at the kitchen table sipping coffee and chatting. Chantilly triiiied to grab her bag without being seen but- too late! "Sweetie, Will’s Dad called, have you seen him? It’s so odd, we almost always see him on the weekends…" Chantilly froze and clutched her bag to her. "Um…! Of course I have! He’s prolly just leaving the house super early, you know, finals and last year of school and college prep!" "Chantilly is that a … wand…?" "What..? Oh…! Haha, from my Halloween costume, mom, jeeeze. I’m gonna be late for school, meeting Will and all cause definitely nothing is wrong and BYE!" Chantilly ran for it! -11:23 Mar 15
Will: He slipped by as only a shadow and caught her arm as she ran out the door. "That went smoothly." he siad. "Now hide that thing, I need to sneak in at home and grab my bag." he really wasn’t looking forwards to that and would have to be invisible again. Crap. "Should have though of that before I gave into the temtation of your soft body and warm sheets." -11:33 Mar 15
Chantilly: "Maybe you should say hi to your Dad too so he doesn’t think you’re dead or something!" Chantilly was already opening up her bag to stash her wand in. Her cheeks red from thoughts of him in her bed. Nibbling on her while she was sleeping, or even better, nibbly sex while she was wide awake. Christ, all her guy friends were right. Once you had it, it was hard to stop thinking about it! -11:37 Mar 15
Will: "Yeah maybe." he said moving forwards towards his palce and crossing the street quickly. He wanted to get out of the sun as fast as possible for a lower risk of accidents happening. "I hope I can get away without a lecture." -11:44 Mar 15
[(Timeout) Chantilly has timed out.] -08:38 Mar 19
[(Timeout) Will has timed out.] -08:38 Mar 19
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[Will Has his bag and is entering school with chantilly his GIRLFRIEND and if he didn’t know better he’d thing there was something in the air that smelt DELICIOUS.] -08:46 Mar 19
[Chantilly would be boasting to her best friend about showing up to school with her BOYFRIEND, if it wasn’t for the fact her best friend WAS her boyfriend!] -08:49 Mar 19
Chantilly: It was going to be impossible trying to focus on classes when there was so much going on. Not that she even WANTED to think about Calculus, but would calculus be useful for witchy things? Didn’t you use math for brewing potions? It’d probably be like baking! Chantilly wasn’t paying much attention to Will while she sifted through her bag, grumbling about spells and math problems. "I’ve never wanted to skip school more than now!" -08:51 Mar 19
[Chantilly closed the wrong window.] -08:52 Mar 19
Will: He was close to her, hanging over her breathing her until that scent caught his nose again. "I have ideas of my own." he said smoothly before grabbing her butt and locating the course of the scent, a fellow seniour closeby. "Why don’t you go on ahead though. I’ll be with you soon adn I promise I’ll help you concentrate on something alright." -08:54 Mar 19
Chantilly: "Will!" she squeaked his name in a terrible attempt to keep her voice lower as she jumped and swatted at him. They couldn’t do stuff like that at school, she made fun of the people who made out at school! With a roll of her eyes, she pointed down the hall. "I’m just gonna go grab some books out of my locker, okay? After lunch we can talk the counselor about switching to night classes!" Chantilly was already flouncing down the hall, only pausing long enough to stick her tongue out at a couple of the cheerleaders who were catching up with their alpha bimbo. It was a friendly rivalry! Chantilly only had ill will for the math club. -08:59 Mar 19
Will: And it was too the alpha what Will slid up to pulling off his sunplasses and leaning against the lockers. All he needed to do was place his hand on her chin and ectch her eyes with his and the inate gifts of his kind would to the rest. "I couldn’t help noticing how gorgeous you smell." he was offering a fanged grin. "I’d love to niddle on your neck and show you things you’ve never imagined, pluss if woulf get to Chantilly like nothig else." -09:03 Mar 19

Jen was notoriously smooth when it came to dudes at the school, and her chirpy friends were waiting for the girl to smirk and retort with some awesome stinging banter. But Jen looked like she had just been offered sex from her favorite pop star and was all but melting in to a puddle of giggles. While her two friends were now gapping in slackjawed shock. “Wiii-iiiiiiiiill. When did you get soooo cute? Chantilly who.” Another giggle! -Chantilly

Chantilly: Chantilly was counting how many credits she needed for graduation. If she dropped some classes and did nightschool with Will, she’d have some extra time for doing witch research too. Once she had her locker open, she switched out the books in her bag. Having to stuff more mysteriously appearing spell books in to the locker in exchange for the ones she needed for class. By the time she slammed the locker shut, she was glancing up and down the hall to see where Will went off. Chantilly hadn’t thought to ask WHY he was running off! -09:10 Mar 19
Will: He ran his hand down her arm and inched closer thier chests almost touching as he moved his lips less than an inch from her ear. "When I decided what I want out of life, a big house, a fast car, and your on your back slowly surrendering to my touch." he nipped her earlobe has his hand reached her hip. "I won’t stop until you’re empty and black out." -09:11 Mar 19

Now the whole group of girls was giggling, because how freaking hot was THAT! There wasn’t a guy in school who pulled off moves like that! Jen’s buddies were backing off to giggling loudy and whisper at each other with interest. While Jen herself tugged at one of his hoodie strings and laaaaughed out loud! “Ohmigawd, seriously? Are you gonna keep up with me wiii-iiiil cause, like, you know I can totally bend in all kinds of super fun ways!” -Chantilly

Chantilly: Just by chance cackling caught her attention (who -wouldn’t- look when something sounded like a gaggle of hyenas) and Chantilly was a little dumbfounded. That was Will.. and Jen and. She was going to kill them. In fact her very first thought was blowing them both up, and even held her hands up thinking about how a flick might do it. But oh! The wand! Why blow people up when she could turn them in to frogs and dissect them in biology! Chantilly dug in her bag for her wand. She was too damned jealous to think clearly, and once it was out, she was waving the thing and casting the first spell that popped in to her head! -09:19 Mar 19
[(Timeout) Chantilly has timed out.] -09:24 Mar 19
Will: Alarm bells rung in his head as it snapped about, a full 180 degrees from his torso, eyes ablaze and fangsbared right before the locked on the far end of the corridoor exploded off the wall, then in a wave towards them locked doors back plying off spraying papers, forgotten lunches, and sports equipment out into the coridoor and Will was swallowed up. When the papers setted he was on the floor his hood pulled hack and a thin cloud of smoke rising from him as the reflected light begun it’s work, a nasty lump on the back of his head, his spell on the cheerleader broken. -09:24 Mar 19
Chantilly: There was now chaos in the hall! As the sounds went from people chattering and laughing, to startled shouting and running. Some dumbass was screaming about a bomb, while someone else yelped gun, then a fire alarm got pulled and annoyed confused teachers were stepping out of classrooms and trying to usher people out of the hall and the school. Chantilly stood there chanting ohshitohshit! more than once… that was not the kind of spell she was going for! No one seemed to see. Forgetting the fact she wanted to kill him two seconds ago, her wands disappeared in to her bag and Chantilly rushed down the hall to grab Will’s arm and help pull him off the floor. "…you asshole! Where do you get off getting all touchy feeling at Jen?! We have to go!" -09:30 Mar 19
Will: He turned hto her the side of his face the red of undercooked bacon before he pulled his hood up and clung to her. "Blood…" he croaked hiding his burnt face behind his hand as they hurried along. It HURT, at is someone had been holding his head in a fire and his limbs here like jelly. He never wanted to see the sun again and he was sure the side of his head was missing hair. Nothing had ever hurt this much in his life. -09:35 Mar 19
Chantilly: Ssshhheeee did this to him and Chantilly was about two seconds away from tears. She was pissed off at him, and upset, and guilty and he looked aaawful. Chantilly barely got him down the hall when one of the teachers caught sight of them and grabbed Will’s other arm. "Hold up! Nurse! Take this one out to the medical trailer!" The teacher was replaced by a nurse who was then trying to steal Will out of Chantilly’s grasp. And she couldn’t even protest cause that would look weird! Before long they were outside, like most of the student body, and heading directly for the emergency clinic trailer they had parked out in the parking lot for seasonal flu shots and blood donation drives. "He’s okay…! I swear! Aren’t you, Will?" He wasn’t! She tried to blow him up! -09:45 Mar 19
Will: He was plaed on one of the beds and his hood pulled back. "Christ… I didn’t head an explosion… Painkiller is all I have." there was a prick and his arm and the world went slightly fuzzy "Hold on I’ll get an ambulance." it was all happening so last and he was so very sleepy. "Chanyilly…?" -09:49 Mar 19
Chantilly: On the brightside the nurse was gone pretty quick.. but now he was calling an ambulance! What would happen with will taken to a hospital and they find out he wasn’t quite human? Chantilly was at his side, tugging on his tugs to try and get him sitting up again. "I am so so so so sooooo sorry, I wasn’t thinking… you were all over her! What WAS I supposed to think?! I just reacted and didn’t even mean it to be anything like this! Does it hurt a lot? Maybe I can do some kind of healing spell…" -09:52 Mar 19
Will: He grabbed her arm and without thinking bit down immediatly feeling the warm rush from the wound and whilpering in relief. He pulld her to sil on the edge of the bed and drank his wounds healing in a matter of fecond and his head clearing slightly, ner hair even sprouted from the burn area and gre to the length it had been, and hadn’t changed since he had become what he was. Then too weak to close the wound he dropped back and looked up at her with a small smile as if that explained everything." -09:56 Mar 19
Chantilly: Chantilly mouthed the ow! more than voicing it! Sudden bites apparently didn’t have that nice pleasing affect. It was just alarming and kinda hurt! Now it was her feeling a little weak-kneed from the combination of bloodloss and him giving her a near heart attack. "Uuugh, get uuuup." She was still mad, trying to shake him by the shirt and very nearly starting to cry. He was fine. Of course he was fine! Vampires healed! Stupid jerk! -10:03 Mar 19
Will: He pulled her arm close again and licked her would away before turning on his side and closed his eyes. "She smelled like blood." he said softly, "I lost tontrol, I wasn’t going to have sex with her chantilly. I was going to kill her." that made him sick to his stomach and he hgged himself. He had taken just enough from her to heal, he was still very hungry and weak. Chantilly would have to deal with the person comming through the tent flap. -10:06 Mar 19
Chantilly: "Oh…" Chantilly hadn’t even considering him wanting to kill someone. Smelled like blood? Oh that was kind of gross…! She was in the middle of making faces when the nurse stepped back in to announce the ambulance was on it’s way. "Ambula- Oh no, he’s okay! I told you he was, see…!" She almost sounded hysterical and the nurse wasn’t apt to believe her, but when he stepped over to take a good look at Will, he was fine. Tired and pale, but there was a scratch or burn on him. The nurse was bewildered. "Uuuh… uhm… Huh." At a loss for words, he wound up just shrugging and nodding for them to leave. Chantilly was immediately helping Will up to shuffle-drag him out. -10:16 Mar 19
Will: "Don’t worry I’ve already had something sweey for the shock, I’m going t be a doctor." he called out over his shoulder and managed to slide a hand down the other side of her neck as in the distance police sirens were heard. "The sweetest. Take me home, I’m sure no one will object… maybe call my dad to get us." he was still leaning against her as they walked and he was being very careful to ceel away from the sun. "And you need liquids… and I’ll get you multivitamins and iron. I’m sorry I’m draining you." -10:21 Mar 19
Chantilly: She didn’t want to walk or take him home or stay at school. What she wanted to do was curl up and cry somewhere like a big idiot. Cause she almost blewup her own boyfriend in a fit of jealous rage, and he seemed to be just fine with the whole thing! She had her arms around his waist, clinging to him, and making walking an awkward effort. At least the sidewalks were covered with shadow from the trees. "I can’t be a witch.. I can’t do it right. If you don’t get killed by accident on your own, I’m going to end up killing you!" -10:24 Mar 19
Will: "I was the one who lost cntrol first." he pointed out stopping to take her shoulders and turn her to face him. "We’re just going to have to watch me around girls with bleeding… you know whats… god when your time comes I’m going to hurt you." his grip tightened on her and he looked into her eyes. "Find a spell that makes that go away." -10:34 Mar 19
Chantilly: Chantilly was still pouting and sulking. There was a huge difference between him needed blood to survive and accidentally taking too much, compared to her getting pissed off and blowing up a school with him in it! He had no idea how bad he looked! "What if I can’t? You are just going to have to eat enough so you don’t get tempted all the time!" -10:39 Mar 19
Will: "We’ll figure something out." he said leaning back against a tree and looking at her. "Just please… take that look off your face, you’re breaking my heart and making me want to make you smile. Or at least make you blush." he was teasing her, he really did want a smile. -10:46 Mar 19
Chantilly: She hugged him again, burying her face in his shirt instead of smiling. It was hard to smile when things were so uncertain! "I don’t want to smiiiiiile. I just want to go home and us stay there and never leave again. Nothing goes wrong when were home alone." -10:50 Mar 19
Will: "We’ll go home for today." he said. "I’ll sleep, I need sleep. You’ll eat and he’ll see what happens. Okay?" he hugged her and his hand ran though her hair. "But I live you Chantilly and don’t want to hurt you. And that’s what we’ll make it through this and think of something. You’ll learn countercurses and then we’ll be done. I’m going to be a doctor, and you’re going to me a fasionista and make your own wedding dress I have no doubt," -11:00 Mar 19
Witch's Trick, Vampire's Treat

Witch’s Trick, Vampire’s Treat 003

[Will is trapped in a treehouse.. unless he rememebred his hoodie… which he did!] -07:19 Mar 01
[Chantilly passed out after telling Will she’d take care of him. Despite getting surprise sexed and bitten near to death!] -07:20 Mar 01
Chantilly: Chantilly woke in the treehouse of all places, wrapped in nothing but an old dusty blanket, feeling a little bit sticky and a LOT stiff. She was pretty sure she had weird nightmares like this before. But instead of a dinosaur rawring in the distance, there was Will. …and this was just a little bit awkward! Chantilly tried to slooowly reach for her shirt without disturbing him. -07:26 Mar 01
Will: His eyes shon silver in the dim light as he opened them, woken by her slightest movment, not that he ahd been asleep yet. As it surned out he was only sleepy when the sun was in the sky, and while it already was he was waiting for her. "Chantilly." he voiced her name causiously, his hand finding hers. He didn’t know what else to say, should he apologize? -07:30 Mar 01
Chantilly: Now that the euphoria was gone and her head was clear, as at least as clear as it could be when she felt all whispy and starving to death, she wasn’t sure if she should be afraid of him or hug him! She opted for pulling that blanket tighter around her with her free hand, and giving him a week smile. "It’s been awhile since we’ve slept up here." -07:35 Mar 01
Will: "It has." he said resting his head in the floor. He had no blanket, ot pillow or anything other than the clothes we was wearing. "Can I join you under there? The sun ered as possiis out and I’m feeling the need to be as covered as possible." He looked afraid and completely unsure of himself. Had he ruined thier friendship by doing more than just biting her? -07:38 Mar 01
Chantilly: Aw… He had never been good with being ill. And this was so far beyond being a little sick. Him being afraid made her heart hurt, and any lingering embarrassment at being totally naked vanished. Chantilly scooted close and pulled the blanket over him. Hiding both their heads under it and resting hers against his chest. "We should get out of here before it gets too late. And I’m hungry enough to eat my own arms." she mumbled. -07:43 Mar 01
[Will enters.] -08:05 Mar 01
Will: "Well you need to eat for me too." he said his arms closing around her. "And with the sun low I can’t walk towards it even with a hoodie without burning my face off… I don’t know where the sun is right now… maybe just dissapearing into your place is the best option. I remember you mum makes the best waffles." he ran hi hand through her hair and sighed. "I could curl up and sleep all day…" -08:09 Mar 01
[(Timeout) Will has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -08:16 Mar 01
Chantilly: "You can’t sleep all day, though. You have to help me." He was warm now, at least. Yesterday he had been ice cold to the touch. Chantilly doubted her was going to be as enthusiastic about pancakes later. …and her parents! They would flip! "Thank god it’s saturday, I think mum will be out at one of her clubs… maybe it’ll be better if we avoid parents for awhile. Untill um… we get some of this straightened out?" -08:16 Mar 01
Will: "You’re talking about the sex, aren’t you. Or is it the vamprism?" he almost sighed again but there was no air left in his lungs and he had found himself not breathing unless he needed to talk. "We should look online, maybe there’s something close enough to blood that I can have it without needing to hurt you…" he placed a hand on the side of her neck where he had bitten her. "Don’t want you catching it too." -08:20 Mar 01
Chantilly: Chantilly winced just a bit. Apparently that was sore too! "I meant you being all vampy and me blowing up lights and conjuring stuff out of thin air." She frowned, raising up on an elbow to peer down at him in the dim light under the blanket. "We should talk about things though… the us things! And what we did…" -08:25 Mar 01
Will: He looked back at her, seeing in the dark as it it were full day. "First, you need food and something to drink. I took more than I meant to from you and you’re looking drained… if you’ll forgive the pun." He moved to kiss her forehead and then he started to stir away from her to get ready to move though the sunlight. "One of us still needs to eat three times a day." -08:32 Mar 01
Chantilly: "I can talk and move at the same time!" …though she did it with a lot of groaning! At least with the sleep she felt a little bit better. She was almost as pale as him, though. Chantilly shifted until she could grab her shirt and pull it over her head. Pants were wiggled on with a little bit of grumbling. Then she moved over to one of the cutout, curtain covered windows to peer outside. "You better pull the blanket over your head." -08:36 Mar 01
Will: He pulled his pants on and shirt holloed b his hoodie which he pulled the hood up on. He was feeling fantastic, just sleepy, really really sleepy. "Sun will get in my face?" he asked pulling on his socks and sneakers and watching her. "Alright but I’ll look wierd… and Chantilly…. you forgot your underwear." -08:41 Mar 01
Chantilly: "Don’t look at my underwear, Will!" She snatched them up quick, tossing the blanket over his head. Sex or not, she wasn’t quit sure if they were even officially dating yet! One step at a time! "I can guide you to the back door if I have to, just be careful coming down the ladder." Chantilly lead the way, if only because she was going to starve to death at this rate. If she didn’t feed herself she’d faint dead and poor Will couldn’t take it! -08:48 Mar 01
Will: He didn’t climb down, he dropped, landing as lightly as a falling leaf and with the blanket still around his head. "I had no idea if that would work of not." he said when he was sur of his footing and his hand had found Chantilly’s. "So is you can walk and talk at the same time you should talk." he said. "What do you want to talk about?" -08:51 Mar 01
Chantilly: "Uuumweeellll…" People weren’t kidding about awkward morning afters. Why was this so weird! Chantilly tugged him across the yard quickly, mindly of where they stepped. Letting them both in through the back door after peering in and making sure neither her mum or her dad were around. "Are we officially a couple now, will? Real boyfriend and girlfriend? You don’t have to say yes just because we had sex, I know you aren’t quite yourself and maybe you didn’t know…" That kind of killed her inside. Chantilly let go of his hand after closing the door then made sure all the blinds were closed on the windows. -08:56 Mar 01
Will: He pulled the blanket off of his head and looked at her. Then he was walking up to her as if in a trance and grabbing her shouders to turn her towards him and pushed his lips hard against hers. Then he pulled back and pulled her head against his chest. "Does that answer your question?" he asked before letting her go, hsi hand grasping hers and he walked her towards the fridge. "Eat, you’ll be able to think clearer when you have." -09:05 Mar 01
Chantilly: Something shattered. It wasn’t in the kitchen, and it wasn’t even in ear shot. But she knew it did the moment he kissed her and something in her sparked. …Chantilly hoped it wasn’t something important! Now she was the trance-like zombie, pulled over to the fridge. And the last thing on her mind now was food. "I want to hear you say it, though…! You’ve been my best FRIEND forever. I want to hear it." -09:09 Mar 01
Will: He turned towards her and placed a hand on her cheek. "If it were up to me I’d say yes, yes we;re proper boyfriend and girlfriend now. But you have a say in it too so I’ve cast my thought into the mix, you not get to decide it you want it or not. Not until you’ve eaten and thinking clearly though. If we do this I we’re doing this, no changing out minds a day in." -09:15 Mar 01
Chantilly: "Gods, Will, you act like a little vampire bite and skipped dinner makes me totally dumb!" Chantilly swatted his hand off her cheek, only to grab his head and pull him down to play a kiss on him herself. This time no pops or shattering, just a growling Chantilly letting go and immediately flinging open the fridge to find the nearest and fastest edible object. "I don’t need food to know I want to be your girlfriend!" -09:20 Mar 01
Will: He grabbed her hand and wrenched it away from the fridge and a moment later nicked her skin with his fang and was tasting her blood. It was the slap and agressivness that did it. Made him want her that way and the taste of blood was not helping and he quickly pulled her hand out of his mouth and let it go. "Chantilly, I’m a vampire. If you change your mind I can already feel what will happen, I don’t want to hurt you." -09:25 Mar 01
Chantilly: "Wiiiill…" Darnit, this is what she gets for reading all those Twilight novels. Will like this, all serious and vampy had her flushing dark red. "I’m not going to change my mind just like that… or even because you’re a vampire now. I’m a witch now, remember? As soon as I figure out how to do spells and stuff I will get everything fixed." -09:30 Mar 01
Will: "Good." he said getting distance between them and sitting down. "You should try summoning a book or something that you can read and… YUCK!" a horrible smell was felling the room and it was making his eyes water, onfy the only fuid his body had to make that happen was blood. "Is that… garlic?" He covered his nose with the blanket and tried to blink the fumes away. "I think I need to leave the room." -09:36 Mar 01
Chantilly: "Garlic! Really!" Before she could think twice about it, Chantilly started laughing! Of all the absurb and stupid vampire myths to be true. Once she caught herself, she clamped her mouth shut. Pointing casually towards the door out, then she was grabbing the most non-garlicky thing she could think of out of the fridge and a bottle of juice to follow him. "We’re going to have to get you a coffin at this rate, Will. You’ll fall apart before I can even figure things out." -09:42 Mar 01
Will: He was on her couch rubbing his eyes and then fallong over sideways to pull the blanket around himself, two small rivers of bloob staining his cheeks in lines from the corners of his eyes. Then he rewas stretching out and opening one eye. "Sounds more comfortable than this couch." he said sleepily. "But I’ll make do." -09:46 Mar 01
Chantilly: She had a bowl in her hand, shoveling forks full of whatever leftover she managed to confiscate when she sat down next to him on the couch. Chantilly paused long enough to reach down and try to smudge the blood off his face with a scowl. Then as an after thought , touched her hand to her neck where he bit her. She could feel a bit of dried blood there too. "We’re a mess… if my parents see us like this. Do you wanna take a bath, Will? Do vampires even take baths or does that count as crossing water?" -09:51 Mar 01
Will: "That’s only flowing water, baths don’t flow and I don’t know if that’s true or not. I’m suprised by the garlic thing too, it’s kind of a bummer that I can’t go outside during the day safely and I can be repelled by a goddamn bulb." he leaned his head agaisn her thigh and snuggled deeper under the blankets. "Bath sounds nice though." -10:02 Mar 01
Chantilly: "Good. A hot bath since you’re like a reptile or something." Her bowl was empty way too fast, and she leaned to set it down on the coffee table. Chantilly cracked open her juice bottle and managed to chug it down in record time too. Goooods food felt so good! Her stomach was trying to eat her from the inside out! She brushed a hand over his hair, a little bit concerned. "There’s good things though… right? Like crazy strength or something?" -10:07 Mar 01
Will: "Maybe I’ll turn into a bat by accident." he said worming his head further into her lap and not looking like he wasnted to go anywhere. "I can see in the dark though and daytime makes me sleeeeepy." -10:13 Mar 01
Chantilly: "If my parents get home and we’re both covered in blood, they’re not gonna be happy." Chantilly liked petting him. They could have been doing snuggling things like this so much sooner! Without the bity-ow part. "Bath and then you can sleep in my room while I can what I can conjure up? Literally speaking?" -10:18 Mar 01
Will: He stretched and sat up. "Then we should bath." he said stretching again and looking at her. "You need to go up first, windows, light, sun…" he looked at her empty bown and glass and picked them up. "I’ll take care of these." -10:23 Mar 01
Chantilly: "Right! It’ll just take a second." This was going to be so much harder on him than she thought. Sun was an impossible enemy! Hoping to her feet, feeling much more energetic after a meal, she made her way through the rooms shutting all the curtains and closing all the blinds. From living room, up to her bedroom and the bathroom, there wasn’t even a peep of sun looking through. It left everything in a nice dim sort of light. Chantilly went ahead and started filling the bathtub with some hot water and bubbles. Bubbles were a habit she didn’t think twice about. -10:29 Mar 01
Will: He moved up the stairs with his hands in his pockets and his hood up, just to be on the safe side. The dished were done and he had been able to move his hand though the stream of water coming out of the tap so that was something. He moved into the bathroom and looked at the mirror, to see nothing but and empty room refleced back at him, which whice he should have known better caught him by surprise. "Have you managed to do any spells yet byt he way?" -10:34 Mar 01
Chantilly: "Um… haven’t tried any on purpose yet… but now I can kinda recognize when I am setting something off. I keep… popping something, but I haven’t found anything broken in the house yet." The tub was filled and she turned, and near jumped off the floor at the sight of his missing reflection. "Holy hells bells….!!" -10:37 Mar 01
Will: Her reaction surprised him and for a moment he wasn’t sure what she was reacting to. Steppign up to her he put his hand on her shoulder and offered her a reasuring smile. "So whose first… or…" bathing together might be wierd.. would it? They’d had sex but that was different to seeing eachother naked nad not having sex. -10:43 Mar 01
Chantilly: It was just… Chantilly was going to have to learn to man up to this crazy stuff. His smile and the trailing off of his sentence completely shifted her thoughts, though. Now there was that strange, awkward heavy feeling. Like the atmosphere had thickened and zeroed in, and she was thinking about all sorts of things two people could do in a bath. Which was resulting in the reddening of her face, and her painting on that haughty, ‘I got this under control!’ look she tended to get when she was feeling the exact opposite. "We could save time, and uhhh. Damnit Will. I want to see you naked." THERE. She said it! -10:48 Mar 01
Will: He paused for a moment, what little color there was to flood his face doing so, but it barely made any difference. "At least you’re honest?" he said pulling off his hoodied followed quickly by the shirt underneath and then he was looking down at his body too… making sure it looked human and not pale and starved. -10:53 Mar 01
Chantilly: She wanted to giggle, and she wanted to faint. To kiss him, poke him… there were too many thoughts in her head to the point that she was a little bit frozen. It wasn’t quite the way she imagined a first relationship to start off, but with Will it was just… "I’ve seen all of this half before. You still look like you." Warily, she reached out to tug on the waistband of his pants, a nearly mischevious look on her face. "Not scared are you?" -10:58 Mar 01
Will: "Of course I am." he snapped at her. "Not every day your best friend turned girfriend sees your… goods in good lighting and uncovered." he glared at her. "Your turn will come." he pushed off his sneakers and then stepped on the toes of his socks to pull them off. He was stalling and he knew it, then with both hands he pushed his pants down, along with his underwear, may as well get it all over with. -11:03 Mar 01
Chantilly: Both of her hands slapped over her mouth. She didn’t want him to think she was laughing at him, it was just a nervous response to the fact that he was… well… naked! The most naked she had seen was accidental exposure to penis on the internet. Chantilly finally dropped her hands and took a deep breath. Chewing on her tongue as she decided quicker was better. Pulling her shirt over her head to throw at him and slipping off her pants in a quick motion. And trying her damndest to look confident, despite the fact she was a little worried she wasn’t going to be an impressive specimen. "There see. That was totally easy, and now you’ve seen me -twice- even." -11:11 Mar 01
Will: "Hey I just knew you didn’t have it on because it was on the floor." he said taking the lead and stepping experimentally into the water and finding it didn’t reject him. Then he was holding out his hand for her to join him. It wasn’t that he though she’d slip but hell seeing her naked just kinda… make him want to be super nice to her.. had to be some sort of vampire charmer thing. -11:16 Mar 01
Chantilly: When did he go from bestie Will, to sexy sexy fox Will? Chantilly had a whole classic seduction scenario going on in her head about how she’d charm him, and it just seemed so dumb to do with WILL who once spent two hours arguing with her on why ‘poot’ was a stupid word. She took his hand and with all the grace she could muster, stepped in to the tub and settled down. Oooooh, a hot bath felt so sooooo good! "Best idea all morning… I think I want to stay here all day!" -11:24 Mar 01
Will: "It would get cold." he said sinking into the water and rubbing his thumb over where her hand had touched his, then he looked at her and he knew he couldn’t keep that look off his face when everything was visible. "And other things would happen…" he cupped his hands and leaned foewards to splash water over his face getting rid of the blood.. and clear his mind. -11:30 Mar 01
Chantilly: "Like shaving legs and washing hair and…?" She deliberately misinterpreted the question. Sinking loooooow in to the water until all that could be seen was the width of her shoulders. …maybe she stole the opportunity to touch his legs. Now that they were IN the tub, it actually wasn’t as bad as she thought! She could get used to this! -11:35 Mar 01
Will: "So I’m doing to be in your leg hair water?" he asked sticking his tongue out at her. "Sounds like a romantic morning right before crawling into your bed and passing out until sunset. I can’t seem to be able to sleep while the sun it down, or I know I would have last night." School was going to be hell. -11:40 Mar 01
Chantilly: Chantilly laughed and her momentary spell of sexy tension was broken. Why was she over complicating this? They’d always be the same, as friends or witchy vampires, or a couple! She shifted, sloshing water around a bit as she moved towards him and turned, situating herself perfectly neatly to rest her back against his chest and head on his shoulder. Now she couldn’t stop grinning. "What about night classes? They have them for the people who have to work day jobs. I could even switch my glasses too." -11:44 Mar 01
Will: He closed his arms around her and rested his hand on her stomach. "We could do that." he said nuzzling into her hair and smiling. "So long as you promise not to explode anything or shout ‘I want to see you naked’ in front of my new classmates. Though I’m sure you will see me naked…" -11:49 Mar 01
Chantilly: "I refuse to make any promises." she muttered, grinning wider. In fact, she kinda like the idea of demanding to see him naked, out in public where she could make a whole spectable of the fact they were together. "I like this, Will. Us. Why didn’t you ever tell me before?" Chantilly couldn’t remember if she had already asked, but it was definitely worth hearing again. She ran her hands up his arms and settled more comfortably. -11:53 Mar 01
Will: "Tell you that… I liked you?" he asked to make sure. "Because I didn’t really think about it, adn when I did I didn’t want to rist ruining our friendship." he leaned back and squirmed underneath her to get himself comfortable and then, moving on hand he rubbed away the blood on her neck and then… licked her. He didn’t know how he knew it would work but the wounds dissapeared completely. -12:00 Mar 02
Chantilly: Ooh, that gave her the shivvers in two different and interesting ways. "We could have gone off to different schools and never saw each other again. You know that was making me all kinds of crazy, right?" She tilted her head so she could kiss him on the cheek. "You’re so dumb sometimes… nothing has ever broken us up." -12:05 Mar 02
Will: "Feeling are powerful things you know, you felt how wierd things were this morning. Can yu imagine that lasting months?" he kissed her cheek in return and grinned, his fangs showing. "I just never want to loose you, that’s all." -12:07 Mar 02
Chantilly: Pointy teeth and grinning, she was such a sucker. Chantilly laughed again, turning around so she could throw her arms around his neck and nuzzle his cheek as she grinned. "You know, I don’t care if it IS crazy, I’m glad it happened this way. I mean, life can’t get worse than being a sensitive vampire and a crappy witch, right? If we can surive this, we can get through anything. Even graduation and college and boring jobs." -12:14 Mar 02
Will: "I won’r need a job, all vampired are just rich. That’s just that way it works." he teased and then pushed his lips lightly gainst hers in a small kiss. "And you back just turn people into frogs and hold them to ransom, we’re all set." -12:19 Mar 02
Chantilly: "Uh huh, isn’t that cause most vampires are alive forever?" He stole a kiss, so she stole a kiss too. Lingering a little bit longer before pulling back with a grin. She could definitely live with this. "And I am sooo not frogging people. You know I don’t like frogs… Maybe I could be a stage magician?" Chantilly brushed her fingers through his hair now that it was slightly damp. -12:25 Mar 02
Will: "Well I will be, right?" he said giving her another grin and letting a hand slide down her side, before he reached over and picked up the bar of soap, then then lathered it between his hand and her neck and started washing her. -12:32 Mar 02
Chantilly: "That’s not really….. what I meant.." Hmm. Intimate and soft hands, and the fact that it just felt really really good when she was so achy. Chantilly abandoned trying to make clever conversation in favor of sighing, hugging him and nuzzling in to his neck. "Will, I kinda want to do things.." she finally mumbled. -12:37 Mar 02
Will: "Things?" he asked slashing water against her neck and cupping her chin to make her look at him. "What thinks to you only kinda want to do?" he had that grin back on his face and he was making sure he was just out of kissing range unless she moved up against him. "Because what I want to do right now involves a bed… and a blanket. -12:43 Mar 02
Chantilly: "You’d like to go to sleep cause you’re a sleepy vampire." she frowned. When he grinned like that, with just a hint of pointy fangs, sleep was not on the top of her thoughts. Chantilly tightened her arms around him as she tilted forward to nuzzle against his cheek, just shy of stealing a kiss. "I kinda want to do a lot of things, and you are pretty high on the list, I think." -12:48 Mar 02
Will: "Subtle." he said softly. "But what if I bite you again? Do you think you can take that twice in a day?" he was reaching for a towel because as great as this was he didn’t want to fall asleep in the tub. "To start with though, we’ll both dry off and both slip into bed to contonue this conversation." -12:51 Mar 02
[Will is drying himself off after helping his GIRLFRIEND out of the bath.] -06:11 Mar 04
[Chantilly was totally going to touchie touchie all over him in the tub! But, getting out of the tub and not getting caught by parents all naked is prolly the better idea!] -06:13 Mar 04
Chantilly: Getting out of the tub and wrapping up with a towel was a little sobering. Maybe he had crazy vampire attraction powers that could make a girl forget that you don’t want to do crazy things when your parents could arrive back home at any minute. Still, she was watching him dry with a tilt of her head. -06:17 Mar 04
Will: Once he was dry he didn’t bother to pick up his clothes, instead he draped the towel over his shoulder, grabbed her chin, pulled her closer and pushed his lips against hers in a soft, lingering kiss that lasted a full three seconds. "I’ll see you in the bedroom." he whispered before pulling open the door and stepping out into the landing and entering her bedroom, stepping around the book stand which he could have swarn wasn’t there ther last time he had need here and he dark, antique wood was not Chantilly’s usual style, and slippng under he blanket, still stark naked adn using the towel as a buffer between his damp hair and her pillow. -06:23 Mar 04
Chantilly: Sweeeet jesus. Chantilly teetered on hr feet, wondering for the twentieth time why they hadn’t jumped to kissing so much sooner! She almost padded after him like a lovesick puppy, but at least took the time to brush through her hair and make sure there weren’t any lingering traces of blood. The teethmarks were gone! Once she finally stepped in to her room, there was a second surprise. That hadn’t been there when she sun-proofed all the windows. …she really needed to make sure she didn’t pop off magic every time he kissed her! "I dunno how to control this stuff." she mumbled, plopping on the bed next to him. -06:27 Mar 04
Will: Immediatly his arms were around her and his face was nuzzling into her neck. "It’s not as simple as a hunger, is it?" he asked before trailing a small line of kisses up her neck before he checked himself. "But I’m glad we happened too. Even if I do want to eat you in more ways than one. I’ll wait until tomorow for that though. I’m sure I’ll survive… though if you’re going to study maybe you should take a look at theat book." -06:32 Mar 04
Chantilly: "Yeah, study…" looking at books was soooo not on the top of her to-do list. Chantilly leaned in to him and had to resist doing one of those silly purr sounds. "I wish it was as easy as being hungry and eating, but I guess it’s getting easier not to do it by accident." Minus the whole kiss distraction thing! -06:35 Mar 04
Will: "I can feel your heart beating." he whispered as he glided a hand over her suple shoulder and tossed the blanked over her lower half so that his could press up against her. "Your blood is in me and I can feel you. I with I could describe it Chantilly." he pushed his lips against hers and let them linger a moment. "Before I drop off to sleep, want to try that sex thing again?" -06:39 Mar 04
Chantilly: "Uh huh…!" All it took was a snap of her finger to flip off the light. Or rather, pop the bulb. She hadn’t worked out the specifics yet. Chantilly was much too busy being so utterly charmed with how he could bring on the sexy at the drop of a dime! She leaned to steal a kiss herself and touch her fingers to his lips to poke at his fangs. Whyyyy did vampires have to be so cool! -06:44 Mar 04
Will: He placed a hand on each cheek and parted his lips to lean forwards and pull her lower lip into his mouth and fress his fangs into it, not to draw blood but for her to feel them as his tongue ran along the edge of the bitten lip. "If you want to feel them, use your tongue." he whispered when he broke away and let a hand slide down the side of her neck and down to her chest. "I think… I think I’m… Love you." -06:49 Mar 04
Chantilly: Chantilly giggled out a soft sound, mumbling out "I know." as she advanced closer to steal another kiss. Testing those instructions with a tentative invasion of her tongue to taste and feel sharp edge of teeth. It was such a weird mix of strange and natural being like this. And there wasn’t a single doubt in her mind. "I love you too, Will. I have forever." -06:55 Mar 04
Will: That did him. He grabbed her shoulder and pushed her back flat down on the bed as his mouth captured hers and he slid top of her, his wieght pressing down and his hand cupping her breast and sqeezing, and against her thigh, he swelled. -06:58 Mar 04
Chantilly: A soft sound of surprise slipped out, but the rush of sudden adrenaline kicked in and took over. Last night had been muddled and murky. Wonderful feelings, but lost in a hazy dream. This was perfectly clear and she knew exactly what she was after! Chantilly had a grip on his head, kissing, nibbling. Near forgetting to breathe as she squirmed at his touch. -07:04 Mar 04
Will: He ran his hand down her side and back up as he pressed down on her and instinct, tempered only by the need to explore welled up inside him. "You know… I might want to stay like this…" he whispered. If is was being a vampire or what they were doing he wanred to feel like this more. Taveling back down, his nails raked ehr skin and then gripped he thigh pulling her leg open as he slid up between them. -07:10 Mar 04
Chantilly: Another rush of sensation and she was digging her own teeth in to her lip and tightening her fingers in his hair. Chantilly wanted to touch and look and touch some more, but her heart was beating at a fever pitch. She rubbed her leg against his and nuzzled against his cheek and ear. "Stay in bed like this?" A kiss and a nibble of teeth at his ear. She could stay like this too! -07:17 Mar 04
Will: He chuckled and rewards her with a kiss, slow, lingering, his hand tunning through her hair even as his otherran over her folds and guided his tip to her, and then his hips pushed slowly forwards, driving him inch by throbbing inch into her. -07:20 Mar 04
Chantilly: Every part of her her seemed to clench and tighten. Making her suck in a sharp breath against his mouth, and let it out in a soft groan. Chantilly shifted her hips upwards, drawing another sound from her. Her blood was on fire already and all she could think about was moving and wanting more! -07:26 Mar 04
Will: He felt her press gaainst her and he pushed back and their hips met. This was bliss, monumentous, needy, firey bliss. He pushed harder, grinding against her and invaded her mouth with his tongue seeking hers. -07:33 Mar 04
Chantilly: Whatever was building had her coiled so tightly with need that she was practically throbbing. It was as if she couldn’t hold on to him tight enough! Pulling at his hair to angle his head, sliding her tongue against his as she groaned and sighed. -07:38 Mar 04
Will: His wongue wruthes against hers as he thrust deeper into her. Then he turned the tablesm grabbing her hair and pushing her head back into the ppillows as his head moved to ravage her neck with his fangs, nipping, pulling licking and sucking. "Chant… I can’t hold back… longer…" -07:46 Mar 04
Chantilly: Gasping, her nails dug in to his shoulders. Why was that so hot…! Chantilly almost asked him to bite her. The thought was there, the urge was so compelling…! With a soft whimper she lost it. The gasping, moaning inhale of breath as every muscle tightened and gripped around him. Legs entwining around his hips while nails ran over his shoulder, maybe too hard. -07:51 Mar 04
Will: His fangs slashed her, a tiny break only bringling out a drop of blood before it was licked closeda and he released his hips shuddering against her as he clenched his teeth and groaned, his ahnds tightening on her and he fell on top of her. He would have been panting, but he didn’t breathe anymore. Instead he lay still, idly kissing the side of her neck…. as from outside the sound of a car pulling up driften in through the window. -07:55 Mar 04
Chantilly: The weight of him was wooooonderful, and she might have spent all day like that. Savoring the limp, languid feeling of her limbs and the warm fuzzy afterglow. Chantilly almost missed the sound of a car door being slammed. With a sudden yelp, she was rolling him off her and scrambling off the bed. "My parents…! They’ll kill me if they catch us like this! Crap, where are your clothes?!" -08:00 Mar 04
Will: "Bathroom floor." he mumbled with a huge grin on his face as he pulled her blanket up to his neck and closed his eyes. No… he couldn’t much care anything not even her dad with a cross and holy water. So he was sexing and feeding on his daighter… she consented to boooth and … no no energy to complete the thought, just a silent, deth-like sleep. -08:04 Mar 04

Witch's Trick, Vampire's Treat

Witch’s Trick, Vampire’s Treat 002: Vampire’s Treat

[Chantilly is having the CRAZIEST day, and her best friend wasn’t even there to see it!] -04:36 Nov 06
[Will is under the covers with his costume thrown over a chair… and he is NOT coming out.] -04:36 Nov 06
Chantilly: Chantilly had arrived, let in by Will’s Dad. And she was completely vexed. "Will I- Oh hell!" She burst in to his room and flipped the light on. …tried to anyway! Like many had during the day, the bulb popped. Not just blew out, but the glass shattered too. Thank god for light covers. "Uunng. Sorry Will! This crap has been happening all day, oh my god you should have -seen- it. It’s crazy weird…" Of course now she couldn’t see a thing. Chantilly closed the door and crossed the room, grabbing a hold of the curtains and flinging them open. It was still daylight at least for another two hours. Plenty of light! -04:54 Nov 06
Will: He had been stiring until the moment when she opened the curtains, then he reburried himself under the covers. "Close them!" he yelped covereing in a ball. "Close them now or I’m going to die." he moved further away from the windoe under the covers and only stopped when he reached the edge of the bed. "Chantilly, I’ve had one hell of a day to so please, close them, and I’ll explain." he sounded afraid and pleading alright, but not sick. -04:58 Nov 06
Chantilly: "What? I told you you were getting sick…" With a sigh she closed the curtains back to block out the light. Of course, then she was back in the dark again! Chantilly almost tripped over a chair as she made her way over to his bed and plopped on it. Or on him. She couldn’t see where he -was-. GRumbling all kinds of sorries, she scooted until she was sitting on the edge, then poked at his covers. "I was kind of worried not seeing you at school today. I brought you some soup just in case!" -05:04 Nov 06
[Will ] -05:27 Nov 06
[(Timeout) Will got too distracted for their own good…] -05:31 Nov 06
Will: "Food?" this perked him up and he causiously cracked open the covers to take a look, then he sat up and pulled himself to lena against the headboard. He lookes pale even in the dark and yet he could see perfectly. "So…" he said not knowing how to start this. "You said you had a wierd day. I believe that. My fangs won’t come out, I sleep all day and… I know you’re going to laugh but I think I’m dead." he shorted at his own words. "Take my hand if you don’t believe me." he held it out watching her." -05:31 Nov 06
Chantilly: Chantilly rolled her eyes. For a guy who was great at doctoring people up, he was always just a baby when he got sick. "It’s probably all that glue making you sick." She scooted closer, fumbling a bit in the dark to find his hand. Cold…! She placed his palm up against his cheek just to see iif maybe she was extra warm and the contrast was just so high. "You’re really cold Will, you need more blankets, that’s all." -05:36 Nov 06
Will: I’ve been under then this whole time, they don’t do anything, here feel the bed." he guided her hand to where he had been lying. "It’s the same tempreture as on top of the blankets, the wall, the carpet. I have no bodyheat. That’s why my parents kept me home, that and… I didn’t want to go because of something else that happened. But you won’t believe me." -05:39 Nov 06
Chantilly: "I won’t huh? Well let me tell YOU, Will, the day I’ve had was totally crazy!" …The sheets really were cool. Like he hadn’t been in bed all day. Odd… Chantilly shook her head. "Ever since I woke up this morning, lights keep blowing. Somehow I blew out the entire cafeteria!.. and you know, that’s not even the weirdest thing! I swear every cat in the neighborhood is trying to come home with me!" -05:47 Nov 06
Will: "Well…" he moved to sit next to her. "Maybe you will then. This morning when I woke up I went to open my curtain, and the light burned me." he said. "It was only a little bit but I could feel it boiling my skin away. And now the burns are all gone. And I’m hungry. You said you had soup?" something did dmell good and nothing his mom had made he had been able to stomach. Maybe Chantilly’s Will is sick soup would work it’s magic like it always did. -05:51 Nov 06
Chantilly: "Like sunburn?" It’s not like she could see him very well in the dark like that. She was pretty sure he was exagerating just a bit. "Oh right, the soup!" Chantilly eased herself on to the floor to crawl over to where she left her bag by the door. It was easier than tripping over stuff in the dark. She pulled out the thermas, still nice and warm. Then crawled back to bed, resituating herself next to him. "It’s carrot and ginger this time. I didn’t have all day to make a chicken stock and nothing in the kitchen wanted to cooporate with me…" -05:58 Nov 06
Will: "It’s fine." he said kissing her on the cheek and not realizing he had never done that before. The thurmos was hot in his hadns but her opened it took and sip and swallowed, and then felt ill. "Thanks." he said. "It’s… wierd. That make kind of wirld the candy had, and everything else I’ve tried to eat today. Sorry." ehe sounded disappointed too, her soups were good. "Maybe I should get a candle." -06:02 Nov 06
Chantilly: A kiss on the cheek from Will. She was the one that was always touchy, she probably kissed his cheek a million times. …now she was glad it was too dark to see because she could feel her face burning hot. "A stomach virus would do that, make everything unappetizing." She took the thermas back and twisted the lid on. Setting it down on his nightstand before leaning back with him against the headboard. "You should probably stay in bed. I wish you had been at school, though. Oh..! And you were right! One of my eyes is purple, and that just… I don’t even know how that happens. It’s not going away." -06:10 Nov 06
Will: "And you really can’t see in this light?" he asked flopping back and looking at her. "I can see perfectly." he grabbed her hand to proove his point and pulled her down with him. "It’s strange. You dressed as a witch, I dressed as a vampire. I’m pale, fanged, and cold, not to mnetion burned by the sun, and you have different eyes and strange things happen around you." he didn’t like what he was saying, he he stopped. "I should probably rest, will you stay with me?" -06:14 Nov 06
Chantilly: Chantilly finally just laughed, and rest her head on his shoulder. "So, you’re a vampire now, huh? That’s not going to get you out of school…" He WAS cold though. There was no warmth to him at all, and that kind of worried her a bit. Chantilly snuggled closer. "Your dad said they were going out tonight, so they probably won’t care if I stay late." -06:22 Nov 06
Will: He looked at her and smiled. "Then you’re welcome to stay." he said. "And maybe. Get some garlic and we’ll see." he sighed. "You know when we realize I’m just sick and a little dilerious we’re going to have a big laugh. You must think I’m rediculous." -06:25 Nov 06
Chantilly: "No way. Having 12 cats follow you to school and then spend all day hanging out in windows is ridiculous. Oh my god, today was soooo weeeird. You’ll be well enough for school tomorrow, though right? It’ll be Friday!" He promised treehouse hangout. They only had a few months left, and Chantilly wanted all the time she could get. …kind of like this! How many weeks or months had they been touchie and snugglie, and she never even noticed until now? -06:32 Nov 06
Will: "I’ll be there even if I have t wead my hoodie to keep the sun off of me. I made a promise and I don’t like breaking those." he pu an arm arounf her and sighed again. "And I want to see this ridiculousness for myself. I just wish I could eat something. I’m hungry and that soup… or something, just smells so good. Ridiculously good." he was liking that word tonight. Should he ask her now or wait until frinday? "Look, while I can use the deliriousness as an excuse…" he trailed off, that was terrible. He can’t aske her out like that, so instead he did the next best things and kissed her cheek again. "i’m really going to miss you." those words were in a lower tone than he intended but with his nose against her that smell was everywhere and he didn’t want to move away, in fact his fre hand was moving to brush her hair away from her neck. -06:39 Nov 06
Chantilly: "Will…" He was going to make her cry! She didn’t want to think about all of that right now! Chantilly ended up hugging him, forgetting the fact they were in his bed and it was probably not appropriate. "You’re so dumb! We’ll still talk to each other and see each other all the time, okay?" Chantilly didn’t really think that’d be true. But it beat being sad about before it happened! -06:47 Nov 06
Will: She distracted him just as his hand was alighting in her neck and he slid it around her so hold her close. "We Will." he said closing his eyes and yawning. "By the way, you smell nice." he finally isolated the smell. "New shampoo? I like it." he was running a hand though her hair and putting his cheek against hers. -06:52 Nov 06
Chantilly: "Same stuff I got for my birthday three months ago…" Her voice was soft. Both because she was on the verge of sniffling like a big baby and because… well… this was different! New, but comfortable. A little bit embarassing, but her couldn’t see her blushing and he was clearly sick and a little tired. So it didn’t hurt to nuzzle in to him just a bit. -07:00 Nov 06
Will: "Whatever it is you smell good." he said grinning even as his stomach rumbled. "You know this is nice." this is what he had been wanting and now he had it, did this mean he could ask her? Better plan would be to wait until friday, one day and see if this made things awkward. "I’m really looking forwards until tomorow, maybe this will all be over by then. I’ll be better and life will be back to normal or better." he was smiling. "I just wish I knew how I could see in the dark." -07:05 Nov 06
Chantilly: She laughed. "It’s probably not that dark in here, I might just need glasses now or something." She wished her would warm up. At least where was against him, he seemed to soak up some of her body heat. But that was it… Chantilly frowned just a bit when she tried to listen for his heartbeat. It had to be super slow, she couldn’t hear a thing or even feel a pulse. "Are you sure you’re okay?" -07:10 Nov 06
Will: "All I feel is hungry." he said. "But everything still tastes like ick." he didn’t want to move either. "If I havn’t eaten by tomotow lunchtime I’ll force feel myself in the cafateria, hws that?" her smell seemed to make his stomach feel better, but emptier. "There is nothing that can stop me from going to school tomorow." -07:13 Nov 06
Chantilly: He was so adamant about it, it had her laughing again. "Well don’t force it! If you barf all over the place, you’ll never live it down!" Chantilly shifted away, still grinning as she sat up. "I should probably get home before the hag is out going to work. She’s probably going to run me down for real this time if she catches me on the street. I’ll see you in the morning, then?" -07:19 Nov 06
Will: "Hey it’s either eat Agatha floppuarm’s bean curry or ho to hospital. I’ll take the curry thatks. Just because I want to be a doctor doesn’t mena I want to be poked and prodded." he kissed her cheek again and smiled. "Thank you for the soup. See you in the morning." -07:21 Nov 06
Chantilly: Another kiss on the cheek from him… it was all she could do just to get up without tripping over stuff and giggling herself to death. This might’ve been the weirdest thing all day. "Goodnight, Will!" -07:28 Nov 06

SCENE END -Chantilly

[(Timeout) Chantilly got too distracted for their own good…] -01:59 Nov 07
[(Timeout) Will has timed out.] -01:59 Nov 07
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (No Users)] -01:59 Nov 07
[Will is meeting Chantolly at the enterence to school, and is indeed wearing his hoodie so that all of him is in shadow, is he doesn’t wayn too wide he’ll be fine!] -02:00 Nov 07
[Chantilly didn’t blow out any lights today. However…. she’s having a different weird problem…] -02:05 Nov 07
Chantilly: Chantilly was looking a little pale and perturbed herself today, but she couldn’t help the smile when she saw him. He almost looked like a creeper all hunched up in that hoodie. At least the weather had turned cold, so no one would think it was strange. "Jeeze, Will… you kind of look like the dead!" she exclaimed when she leaned to take a look at him. He didn’t look much better at all… -02:10 Nov 07
Will: He did look miserable, and he was soo hungry he could eat a horse! "I’m fine, on my feel at least." he attemped a smile. "I’m just tired, hungry and a little weak from being sick. I’m fine." he reached out and then pulled his hand back to stuff it back into his pocket as it started to burn. Bad idea. He should have bought some gloves. -02:17 Nov 07
Chantilly: Was that smoke…? Not that Chantilly was trusting her own sight at the moment! She grabbed him by the shoulders and turned him around. Marching him forward in to the school building and down the hall. "You weren’t kidding, were you…! We’ll just get through the day and keep you away from windows, okay?" -02:23 Nov 07
Will: He was biting a lip against the pain. "So now you believe me?" he asked happy to be in the shade and walking with her close. She still had that same smell that heemed to made his stomach worse, everyone did but hers hit him the most. "You know what that means right? I don’t want to be a vampire and have to hide all day." He pulled his hand out and looked at the burns now that they were in the shade before pulling out a bandage from his other pocked he had brought just in case and started wrapping the hand in it. -02:27 Nov 07
Chantilly: "Do you still have the pointy teeth…?" Once they were in a secluded corner under one of the stair wells, she was tugging his chin to take a look. Pointy teeth. …so weird! "Okay um… we gotta be logical about this! I mean, vampires aren’t real and it’s not possible for me to, uhm, anyway. There’s an explanation for everything, I’m sure! Maybe an epidemic." -02:30 Nov 07
Will: "There would have been something on the news." he said. "Face it, if I go to hospital now they’ll run tests on me, I’ll be a lab rat for the rest of my life, my very, very, long life, and you’ll probably never see me again. Look, the bell is about to begin, we’ll talk after class, but we shouldn’t mention witched or vampires until we’re alone." he placed his hand on her chin and then quickly pressed his lips agaisnt hers before pulling back and readjusting his hood. He was feeling jumpy, maybe it was the tirdness, or the hunger. -02:34 Nov 07
Chantilly: "O.. Okay." Well there went all sensible thought and trying to figure things out. He kissed her! Just like that! Without warning, without build up, just… a casual out of nowhere kiss. It was both the sweetest and strangest thing ever. "…I’ll see you after class!" Face tinged with red, Chantilly escaped down the hall! -02:40 Nov 07
Will: He watched her go, then went to morning classes, which went about as well as could be expected. He couldn’t concentrate with the constant hunger and smells and trying to avoid stray reflections from the window. But when the bell rang and it was time for lunch, he was the first out and dodged through the halls to wait outside Chantilly’s class. -02:43 Nov 07
Chantilly: Chantilly was so fidgety, so jumpy, and all around… weirded out! And it got even worse when she was distracted by a morning kiss. "It" being today’s little problem with moving objects. When she wanted a book, it was right there. Even when she was sure she left it at home. When she was done. Gone…! No one in class seemed to have snatched! At least twice she ended up with the teacher’s notebook by accident and nearly got in trouble. And when she sneezed in the middle of class, half the books went falling in the floor. This was crazy. Had they not been in the middle of school, she would have hugged him and held on for dear life. "…I think I’ve lost it, Will!" -02:49 Nov 07
Will: "You and me both. Ugh…" he was the one that held onto her and started walking. "I’m feeling weak, I need to eat something if my stomach likes it or not." he put his hadn over it inside the pocket of his hoodie. "And people need to stop smelling like food." it wasn’t until her said it that he realized that was the smell he was getting from everyone. If there was anything in his stomach he might have been sick. -02:55 Nov 07
Chantilly: Chantilly really didn’t want to admit it, but… maybe there was some truth to him being a vampire and her… well! She was solid for him to lean on, clicking a pen in her hands nervously as she tried to put together how that was even possible. "Did someone [ii]bite[/i] you the other day, maybe…? I mean, people don’t just grow up to be vampires!" One or two people in the hall cast her a curious look. Chantilly lowered her voice. "How are you going to have lunch, you can’t bite somebody!" -03:00 Nov 07
Will: "No, I’m not. Foo, vampires can still eat food right?" he was whispering. "And no, not that I remember, all I remember is going trick or treating with you and then. Well you were there. Frankly I’m waiting to wake up from this dream so I can have breakfast." he frowned under his hood. "I just want to be back to normal." -03:04 Nov 07
Chantilly: "Me too." She hadn’t even -told- him about the books yet. Once they were in the lunch room, she led them to their usual spot. And it wasn’t until she sat down that she realized she forget to grab her lunch back out of her locker. She always brought lunch for both of them and it was way better than the crazy stuff they served. …and then it happened again! Just she when was scooting back, mumbling about forgetting her bag, poof! Right there on the table in the blink of an eye. Stiffling a squeak, she grabbed it and glanced around quickly to see if anyone notice. "…christ, I wish it would stop doing that…!" -03:09 Nov 07
Will: He blinked, then looked at her, and then looked at the food, and then just crossed his arms in the table and rested his head on them. He didn’t have the energy for this. "Maybe she did something to us, Grumpy McHagface. Maybe she did something and now we’re either tripping balls or freaks." hunger was making him crash. "I hate her." -03:13 Nov 07
Chantilly: "Maybe she’s a witch." Why not jump to conclusions? Chantilly couldn’t think of anything else! They had a perfectly typical and normal Halloween, and the only thing strange was that old hag trying to kill them! If he was all fangy and she was conjuring up bookbags, why -couldn’t- the lady be a witch? Chantilly huffed and rubbed his back. "Do you want to try one of my sammies? Maybe we should just skip school… Go beat on that lady’s door." -03:18 Nov 07
Will: "If she can do this to us what else can she do?" he took a sadwich and bit into it, shuddered but forced himself to swallow, made a sound and looked at the bread. "Everything tansted like sand." he took another bite and shuddered, trying his best to swallow. "I’m not breathing either, unless I think about it, or need to talk. I noticed that this morning. I hate this." -03:25 Nov 07
Chantilly: "I’ll fix it, Will. Don’t worry." Chantilly had no idea how she would. And he was probably right… If that lady really was a witch, they were lucky to just be… whatever they were, instead of cooked in a pot. She was chewing on a piece of carrot as she watched him. He looked so miserable! -03:29 Nov 07
Will: His stomach clenched and he sat up to look around. "Can’t eat anymore." he said putting the barely touched sandwich half down and looking around. "We’ll get through today and head to the treehouse tonight and talk things over." his hands were back in his pockets over his stomach. "Until then just try not to make anything like the arc of the covenent appear or something. I don’t think I want to try being around holy relics." -03:34 Nov 07
Chantilly: "On the bright side… at least you don’t sparkle?" she offered him a weak smile and took the sammich to finish off herself. He might not be able to eat, but she certainly needed it. All that accidental conjuring was making her jittery. "I’ll try not to think about anything holy today at all!" -03:36 Nov 07
Will: He almost chuckled. "Told you vampires don’t do that." he said "They also apparentl can’t eat food. Ugh." he looked around and then smiled at her. "Good thing it’s me being the undead one. I’m not going to try and eat anyone. Could you emagine one of the goths… or god.. a cheerleader." he stuck out his tongue. "Maybe think about a grimoire in class, sehting that can tell us about vampires, or spells or somehting useful." -03:40 Nov 07
Chantilly: There was an idea! Chantilly wasn’t sure how she was going to pull that off, but… wasn’t going to hurt to try. Her smile brightened a lot more. "A crazy cheerleader making a hoard of undead vampire minions? That wouldn’t be a good day at all." Chantilly hugged him. It was a sudden movement, but he really looked like he needed one and she kinda did too! "I will meet you at the treehouse after school?" -03:46 Nov 07
Will: I’ll be therem even if I have to turn into a bat to make it up the ladder." he hugged her back and kissed her cheek. "After school, I’d say take the candy too but that wouldn’t help me. You’re more than welcome to have some though." his mind strayed to the taste from her pricked finger and his stomach rumbled again. "I should go and get a seat out of the sun, see you there." he stood and started walking, anything to get away from her when he was thinking about blood. And he would see her tonight. -03:49 Nov 07
Chantilly: Chantilly wondered if he could turn in to a bat… but then she was stuck thinking about kisses again. Did vampires have a need to kiss people do? Would explain a lot of her favorite books…! Chantilly wisely didn’t say a word about it. She spent the rest of her afternoon concentrating on -not- accidentally summoning things, and more on the sort of books that would contain information about vampire curses. By the time school was over, she had to stay a little big afterwards thanks to another ‘teachers book’ incident. Which left her breathless after racing back home to meet him! Chantilly collapsed in a heap on the treehouse floor, huffing and puffing and throwing an arm over her face. "…made it!" -03:57 Nov 07
Will: The saun was low and he needed to close the shutters to keep it out, and put a blanket up over the window to cpver the gaps but he had his hood down and was unwrapping his healed hand when she arived. "Chant." he said with a smile and a gugle from his stomach. "Told you I’d be here. And I discovered soemthing. I can drink things without them going all wierd in my mouth. I brought team and already had some to make sure." it didn’r make him feel any better but maybe it would make ehr worry less. "What did you find out?" -04:01 Nov 07
Chantilly: "Um…!" Once she had her breath and her heartbeat back to normal, she was sitting up again. Pulling her bag over she dug out three very old, very weird looking books. "I can’t believe it actually worked at all! I was just… thinking about what sort of books that old lady might have if she were a real wiitch, right? And what I need. THIS one is some sort of spell book!" She actually seemed sort of excited about, flippin through the pages to show him some of it’s content. "Nothing about vampires yet, but I bet with a little practice I could hunt one down!" -04:06 Nov 07
Will: He chuckled. "You stole her books? With magic she might have given you?" he laughed maybe a little too hard. "Well she desurves it, if she wants them back she can summon the abck things, then you have have a summon tug o’ war. And when she poofs here to get you I’ll bite her and drink her blood." no he was thingking about blood again. "Tea?" he offered her a plastic mug. -04:12 Nov 07
Chantilly: She looked a little startled at the idea of having a magic battle with a witch. A witch that knew what she was doing and clearly wanted to kill them! Chantilly took the mug and sipped. "…I hope they’re not hers. Maybe she won’t notice…. But they -are- kind of cool. It’s going to take me awhile to figure this stuff out though… Being a vampire seems so much easier than accidentally blowing stuff up…" -04:14 Nov 07
Will: Besides the whole slowly starving to death? "Stay out of the sun, don’t eat your best friend. Simple enough." he sipped his tea and sighed. "Other than the not being able to eat thing. I’ll get used to it if we get stuck liek this. At least you can have a normal life once you master what you have. I’ll have to live on your basement and eat rats." animals didn’t smell like food either. "Or maybe I could work in a night club. Let’s face it I can’t be a doctor like this." -04:18 Nov 07
[Chantilly enters.] -04:23 Nov 07
Chantilly: She frowned, sipping her tea in thought. "You have to eat… You can’t just starve and eat rats." There was no telling how long it would take for her to make sense of everything and get it fixed. What if they -were- stuck like this forever? Could vampires die from malnutrition? "I could donate blood? It’s better than rats and you won’t get in trouble for chewing on strangers." -04:26 Nov 07
Will: "No." he said. "I’m not drinking your blood." he crossed his arms. "I’m fine, really I." he sighed, we wasn’t fine and he knew it, and he didn’t look it either. But how would she know unless she knew what fine vampires looked like. "We’re not even sure if I am even a vampire." -04:29 Nov 07
Chantilly: "If the teeth fit…" Oh NOW he was doubting it was true! Chantilly was rolling her eyes again, scooting closer and offering him her arm. "Take a bite and find out! If you need blood, you need blood… it’s not that gross. Plenty of cultures use blood in cooking. This is just.. um… a little more human." She wasn’t bullshitting just a little bit. Really, the sooner the got it sorted out, the better! -04:33 Nov 07
Will: He pushed her arm away. "I am not biting your arm Chantilly. I don’t want to hurt you." he retreated, sliding across the floor into a corner and pulling a blanket around her. "You’re my best friend and I’m not eating you even if I am a vampire. What if I kill you by accident? Then you’ll be dead and I really will be stuck like this." -04:36 Nov 07
Chantilly: "You’re not going to kill me! You’re not a monster!" Chantilly gulped down the last of her tea before she was advancing on him again. If she had to take charge of the situation and be the rational one about it, she would. "You -have- to eat. What if don’t get enough to eat and you go ravenous and crazy with hunger? Then you -might- hurt somebody. So it makes sense to take something that’s offered!" Pouncing on him, she was taking it in to her own hands. Literally, by trying to shove a finger in his mouth. "Just one bite, then you’ll know!" -04:41 Nov 07
Will: He grabbed her hand a pushed it away from him with more strength than he should have had. "That is the sweetest thing anyone has done for me." he said still holding onro her wrist and looking at her, rising to his knees and placing his other hand on her shoulder, tilting his head as his thumb brushed the hair away from her neck and he smiled a wide smile that bared his fangs." -04:45 Nov 07
[(Timeout) Chantilly has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -04:50 Nov 07
Chantilly: "It is not." She was suddenly subdued. It wasn’t really clear if it was his tone of voice or the way he was smiling. Her stomach was just doing flips, and she kinda had the urge to kiss him. That was the most frustrating timing to suddenly be thinking like a dumb girl! She was trying to pull her hand away but his grip was surprisingly strong. "But you do agree then, right…? We have to be smart about it…" she mumbled. -04:50 Nov 07
Will: He seemed to ignore her words as he slid his hand down from her shoulder to her nack and pulled her closer as he moved forwards on his knees. "You know how I feel, right?" he wasn’t himself, he wasn’t thinking strait. "Chantilly.." he leaned closer their faces inches apart. "You have to know what words have been making their prison from my chest unable to venture out to your ears." even he thought he was laying it on thick but somehting had passed between them, a spart, vampire glamour, it was impossible to say. "I wanted to meet you here for this to be a date. And every crazy thing that’s happened is not going to change that." he lenaed closer. "I don’t want to bite you, I want to kiss you." -04:58 Nov 07
Chantilly: "Oh…" For someone who was melting in to a pike of giddy, stomach fluttering goo, oh was such a dumb thing for her to say. Especially when there were so many things she wanted to confess! "I… wouldn’t mind if this was a date." Surely there was something more clever for her to say. but she was so focused on reaching out with her free hand to brush against his cheek. -05:06 Nov 07
[Will enters.] -05:23 Nov 07
Will: He closed his eyes welcoming her touch, her scent. Finally letting got of her wrist he brushed that hand through her hair and pressed his lips into hers, softly at first, then harder carful not to let her lips close to his fangs as he pulled her body against his and a low sigh like a gentle breeze slid up his throat and escape out his nose to wash over her skin. -05:27 Nov 07
[(Timeout) Will has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -05:31 Nov 07
Chantilly: His skin was still so cold, but that didn’t seem to matter at all. Chantilly was swept up in the moment. All of those crazy things she had been feeling and thinking about for the past weeks were right there in that simple motion of kissing him back. She was plenty warm enough for the both of them and he might’ve been breathing, but she certainly was not! -05:37 Nov 07
Will: He pushed against her and pushed her down falling on top of her without breaking the kiss and curled his arms around her holding her agaist him. She was warm and nice and he was propping himself up on his knees to pushe down on top of her and run his tongue across her lips. -05:40 Nov 07
Chantilly: Chantilly gave a soft sound when her back hit the wood floor, but she was in too deep to care. Her fingers dug in to the fabric of his shirt at his shoulder and she was leaning up to capture his mouth in another kiss. Nothing had ever felt like this before! There was one serious boyfriend, and not even he made her feel like she was dizzy or floating or tinglie just from kissing! -05:46 Nov 07
Will: He kissed back his hands gliding odwn her sides before he ppulled back to pull off the hoodie and then place two fingers on her cheek. "Before this goes any further, I have to know. Do you mind it it does? Do you mind us being more than friends?" -05:49 Nov 07
Chantilly: What a time for him to be a good guy! Chantilly almost laughed! "If you’re asking me if I am okay with being your girlfriend.. um… Yeah. I think I have wanted to be your girlfriend for a long time." Now that it was actually out there… Chantilly had no idea why she never just said so before. What was she so afraid of? "Do you really want me to be…?" -05:53 Nov 07
Will: "Since before you and Jason broke up." he pulled his teashirt up and off of himself explosing the his pale skin and lay down next to her pushing his lips agaisnt hers and pulling on the hel of her top. "Of course I want you to be mine." -05:55 Nov 07
Chantilly: His…! Chantilly wanted to squeal. She’d call her best friend and girly squee about it for hours. Except her was her best friend. Grinning she was slinging and arm around him to hug him and then giving him a quick kiss. "You’re so dumb…! You could have told me!" -05:59 Nov 07
Will: "So could you." he said sliding a cold hand up her stomach and pushign her shirt up with it as he kissed her back, slow and gentle before his hand moved to undo the button of her pants. -06:02 Nov 07
Chantilly: "I can’t think of everything!" Chantilly shivvered as she bit his lip. So cold… but a good kind of cold! The contrast had her head reeling and her senses all muddled. Chantilly curled her arms around his neck, nipping gently at his mouth with curious exploration. -06:08 Nov 07
Will: He opened her pants and slipped his hand inside to glide over her pnaties and up her stomach to feel her breast as he kissed harder his arm pushing her shirt up to expose her chest as he slid his leg up between hers. -06:10 Nov 07
Chantilly: She gasped just a little. Was it moving too fast..? It didn’t feel like it! Having him touch her like this could have felt awkward or strange, but it felt more like she had been waiting ages for it! Chantilly had a very strange fascination with his skin being so much paler than usual, squeezing a hand at his shoulder and digging it in to his hair when she matched the kiss. -06:28 Nov 07
Will: He pulled away taking her hand from this hair to squeeze it in his before he took her shirt and pulled it over her head, and then he took her pants and pulled then down too to rub his hand on her thigh as he watched her face. "You really do smell fonderful." he said taking hodl of her shoulder and pushing her flat against the floor as he suddenly became forceful. Hand sqeezing her he opened his pants and drew himself out before taking hold of her thigh and pulled her legs open right berofre he pushed his lips back into her and slide his hips at to thrust into her. -06:32 Nov 07
Chantilly: There was a sharp intake of her breath and a startled sound. Her body was flushed with heat and once she got over the initial shock and surprise, she relaxed. A hushed groan slipping out as she shifted beneath him. -06:39 Nov 07
Will: He thrust again pulling her leg up to open her further before her kissed the side of her nack and brushed his tonue against her drawing in her taste. Devine, just like hoe he felt. He had thought about this, him and her in hed, or here in the treehouse, this was far better than he imagined. Pulling her closer he moved to put his lips he hers, searching for a reaction that would tell him he was doing the right thing. -06:43 Nov 07
Chantilly: So different, so consuming… Chantilly was lit with every little sensation. There was what she imagined and then the reality, and it was so different! Every touch and moment had her responding with faint noises. A squeak, a sigh or a moan. Her arms slid around him so she could press her mouth harder against his. -06:53 Nov 07
Will: He loved his lips against hers and moved faster, grinding harder, and all consuming need taking over as he turnrinf his head breaking the kiss. One hand burried itself in her hair and the other gripped her waist ans hsi legs tangled his her tying them together in a writhing, pushing, thrusing knot as he trailed kisses down the side of her neck, gripping her hair to keep her head in place. -06:56 Nov 07
Chantilly: "Will..!" she almost sounded alarmed. The sensation had build up so high, and was coiled so tight it nearly maddening. When it broke, she sucked in a breath. Her arms tightening around him as her body tensed and her fingers curled in to his skin. The rush was crazy…! -07:05 Nov 07
Will: Her cry was the trigger. The trigged that began a chain reaction. The first resuls was him finishing, spilling into her even as the next step began, his lips pealing back and his mouth opening, then he clamped down, fangs tearing into her neck as hs hips continued to gring nad his arms and legs held her in place. Blood flowed and her drank it, drawing it into himself with a happy sigh. Sweet, delicious and exhilerating, but best of all satisfying. It was heaven. -07:09 Nov 07
Chantilly: Absolute bliss mixed with sudden pain, leaving her giving a startled scream. Chantilly tensed, stuck between trying to push him away and clinging to him. Feeling tingly amazing and painfully numb all at the same time. "Will..?" she gasped out. That dizzy feeling was getting overwhelming. -07:15 Nov 07
Will: He kept drinking for a couple seconds more nefore the spell broke and he pulled back, he blood covering his lips and teeth and his sjin already noticably less pale. "Oh.. shit.." he didn’t know what to do. He had screwed up. Had sex with his best friend who he secretly loved and gravly injured her. "Shit… I’m so sorry." ne was pulling the bandage out of the pocked of the hoodie on hte floor and moving forwards to lift her head. -07:18 Nov 07
Chantilly: "Hum…?" On the bright side, she hadn’t passed out. But Chantilly was very…. wispy! One of her hands rose to gently touch his mouth where the streaks of red were, but it wasn’t quite clicking in her fuzzy brain. She hurt… but she felt so good. "I think… I’m going to take a nap…" -07:21 Nov 07
Will: "Stay with me." he said. "No going to sleep, theres no way to tell how much blood you’ve lost." he said bandaging her neck and then searching around finding what he was looking for in her pants pocket, he knew her so well. Here heat this." he said unwrapping the chocolate bar and placing her head in his lap pushed it into her mouth. "The sugar will help, then I’ll run and get you some juice. Fuck I’m so sorry Chantilly." -07:30 Nov 07
Will: "Stay with me." he said. "No going to sleep, theres no way to tell how much blood you’ve lost." he said bandaging her neck and then searching around finding what he was looking for in her pants pocket, he knew her so well. Here heat this." he said unwrapping the chocolate bar and placing her head in his lap pushed it into her mouth. "The sugar will help, then I’ll run and get you some juice. Fuck I’m so sorry Chantilly." -07:30 Nov 07
Chantilly: Chocolate was fabulous, it always was. She even half smiled while she chewed. Her eyes having fallen closed. It was cold… now she was cold too! But he was worried and she was shaking her head. "I’m just a little fuzzy… don’t sound so scared…" -07:41 Nov 07
Will: "You’ve lost blood." he said. "I drank your blood, this is my fault." he grabbed a mug and poared come cold tea into it to give to her too. "I slept with you and hurt you. I’ sorry, I shouldn’t have." he was distraught and warm and happy at the same time which made him feel even more guilty. -07:43 Nov 07
Chantilly: "You make me feel like I’m soaring…" That probably didn’t make any sense. Chantilly struggled to sit up, whether liked it or not. Sitting up, though, made her feel more like she was falling than soaring. She was freezing, shivering and a little numb… but she was pleased and happy. "I just need a blanket. …that scared me for a second, but I’m okay Will, I promise." -07:49 Nov 07
Will: He put a hand on her shoulder and looked at her. "So we’re… okay then?" he sounded worried. "I didn’t mess everything up by telling my best friend I love her and then sleep with her and then tear her neck open with my teeth even though I didn’t want to?" he looked away. "I really am a vampire, aren’t I?" -07:56 Nov 07
Chantilly: Chantilly leaned, kissing his cheek gently. Lingering there a moment both because she wanted to and because she was just as likely topple over on him. "I care about you. I told you to bite me because you are my best friend and I want to help you… And we had sex because I love you and I wanted to. Please don’t be upset?" -08:04 Nov 07
Will: He lissed her back, blood and all. "Thank you." he said softly. "I really would have let myself starve to death rather than bite anyone." he looked sheepish but he offered her a fanged grin beofre her threw his arms around her. "You are the best friened… girlfriend I could ever want." -08:06 Nov 07
Chantilly: He was so much warmer now, and she needed it! Chantilly snuck her arms around him. She could kind of taste the blood on her mouth now, but didn’t care. She was so tired! "I’ll take care of you, Will. And fix everything. I promise!" -08:13 Nov 07
Witch's Trick, Vampire's Treat

Witch’s Trick, Vampire’s Treat 001: A Witch’s Trick

[Will is going out for trick or treating one last tiem before colledge, with the girl he will miss most and has been wanting to ask out forever.] -06:04 Nov 05
[Chantilly is not a sexy witch, or a scary witch, but a CUTE witch! And this year is the last time she gets to dress up silly with the ONE person in the world she actually likes.] -06:09 Nov 05
Chantilly: There was a little bit of wind and it was a little chilly. So half the time Chantilly was walking with her hand on her head trying to hold her hat in place so it wouldn’t blow away. In her other hand was a cauldron of candy, and under the candy was hidden all the things they needed for this year’s ‘trick’. Every year they planned a trick for one special, nasty person that pissed them off. And this year was that crotchedy old hag down on that creepy street who always kept trying to run her over on the street in the mornings when she was walking to school. "I still think you should have used some glitter…" -06:13 Nov 05
Will: "I keep telling you I’m not a twilight vampire." he said shooting her a look and pulling back his lips to show off his fake fangs. "Think Blade, or Drakula, or even those trashy books Megan always reads instead of going to gym." he wad the cape, the white shirt, the riding boots, even cut his hair for this one. "Hy vant to sucj hyur blud liddel vun." he said before throwing his cape over her. "Om nom nom nom nom nom nom." -06:18 Nov 05
Chantilly: She both screamed and laughed, swatting at him and shoving him away. Having to snatch her hat back up from the ground, and then swatted him with that too while she grinned. "Sooo? Those Twilight vampires are way scarier. I’d sure as hell run if somebody sparkled at me." Chantilly loved those books, but that was one girlly secret she sure wasn’t going to tell Will! He knew way too much about her already. "What do you think about mine, though? It took me two weeks to get the patterns right for this dress." She skipped ahead just far enough so she could twirl in the red and black getup she made. -06:26 Nov 05
Will: "Don’t get me started with everythign that is wrong with those books." he complained. "And it’s verry… you. It’s got that Chantilly touch of cuteness that can only be matched by what you wore last year." he looked at the bag he had slung over his shoulder and grinned. It was bursting with candy. "I think it’s time to egg and roll." he said. "Then hide in tha park and see what we go.. Ooh." he snatched up what he knew was her favorite nutty chocolate bar and shook it at her. "I’ll trade you this for throwing the first one." -06:33 Nov 05
Chantilly: Snatch! It was out of his hand in a heartbeat, and she was trying her damndest not to be grinning like some sort of idea. She had been that way since the start of the school year. That epiphany moment she realized high school was almost over and in a few months they’d probably be off to separate schools and new different lives. And he really was the only person that could make her smile like that. "You’ve got it. And I bet I can hit the top windows. You throw like a girl." Within a few more paces they were in front of the house. Even -before- the old hag moved in, it was a rundown, probably turn of the century building. Now it looked like it belonged in a horror flick, and it wasn’t even decorated for Halloween. "Top attic window! Give me the big ones!" -06:38 Nov 05
Will: "I’m throwing first." he reminded her and picked one at random to send sailing into the upper floor wall near the attic. "Here you go." he said holding out the pallet and taking abother egg. "Let’s see you do better." he wasu eyeing her and grinning his fang just appearing over his bottom lip and pinching it. SO close to the end of the year and then… "You’d better hit it, or I’ll have to visit you in colledge to remind you about how you didn’t." -06:43 Nov 05
Chantilly: Man, all those years being friends. Why was she only noticing now how much she was gonna miss him. ..and the cute. Had to be those goofy fangs. She was such a dumb fangirl. Bouncing the egg in her hand for a second, she pulled back and threw! "…whoops…!" Not that it was an accident. Maybe Chantilly missed the attic window and hit one of the second floor windows on purpose. "I guess that means you’re going to be spending a billion dollars in gas money." -06:47 Nov 05
Will: "Or I could call every day. ‘Hello, wille miss witch, hes.. you miiisssed.’ Click." he took another egg and sent that one flying sailing over the rool and hitting the chimny. Even if you don’t miss I’ll still call. And that’s still weeks away, still lots of time for nights like this." -06:50 Nov 05
Chantilly: "Yeah, but it’s not ever really going to be the same, is it." This time she did hit the attic window. Then she was snatching her cauldron up and digging around to get out a roll of toilet paper and some silly string. "No more pranking the neighborhood, or dressing up in fun costumes, or treehouse sleepovers. We’re going to have to actually act like adults." Chantilly was climbing up the iron fence and dropping down to the other side. Gripping the bars to peer and grin at him. "You’re probably going to get some stupid desk job where all you do is punch a calculator." -06:58 Nov 05
Will: "Calculators need to be pnched. How welse are we going to prvent the machine uprising?" he saud before vaulting the fence and sending the relaing eggs into the wall and dropping the pallet. "And we will dress up, even if it’s just us camping out on the beach. You know it’s true, nothing can keep us apart, not even colledge." -07:01 Nov 05
Chantilly: Chantilly laughed, but it didn’t really ring true. That’s what everyone said! That can pounced in her hand for a second, before a wicked look crossed her face. "Hey Will…" She waited until he turned around, then without warning she was aiming the silly string at him and cackling! -07:06 Nov 05
Will: He lifted his cape to shield his face. "Hyu cennot see me. Hy am invisibul. AH ah ah ah." he then stepped to the side and fell over the edging of the overgrown garden and landed on his ass. "Shit." he looked up at her then started laughing. "Get the witch’s house, then we’ll head to the park. I want to ask you something." -07:10 Nov 05
Chantilly: "That’s the worst accent ever, Will!" She was still laughing at him even when she dashed off to approach the house. Chantilly made sure to aim high. The hardest and the worst places to get silly string stuck in. The stupid old witch would think twice about trying to run people over on their way to school! -07:13 Nov 05
Will: He got up and followed her, stealing the roll of toilet paper and unwindin it a little to send it flying over the roof trailing a white strip after it. "That’s making me want to ask less and less, you’d beter have soem good candy to trade." he stuck his tongue out at her and then froze as he heard a sound from inside. "Breaker, somone’s home." -07:16 Nov 05
Chantilly: "Oh hell!" she squeaked out and froze. "She’s never home at night…!" she whispered in alarm. Crazy hag worked night shifts or something, she was never home in the evening. …too late to take it back now! "Final launch and abandon ship!" Chantilly squeeled, tossing as much stuff as she could in a flurry of action. If they were going down, they were going down with mission accomplished! -07:22 Nov 05
Will: He grabbed her hand and headed for the fence. Then he was looking back as a light came on, but it was dim and flickering like a lantern and he watched for a moment before grabbing the iron bars. "Wierd." -07:31 Nov 05
Chantilly: The front doorsswung open and backlit by what looked like candlit was a hunched over form with dark grey, wild looking hair and a very angry, very wrinkled face. The old woman was shrieking words at them, but it sure didn’t sound like english. And in her hand was either a broom, a stick, or a gun. Chantilly was leaning towards gun, because the minute she hopped over the fence with him she heard a loud pop! and for a split second she though the old hag was shooting at them! Squealing like mad, Chantilly was grabbing her cauldron and running down the street with him! -07:35 Nov 05
Will: Ever the fence he felt like he was hit by somehting but he wasn’t stopping, not until he was overtaking Chantilly and then dragging her into the park and climbing the gave. The park at night had always been their hidaway ever since they became classmates and she had brought him here. -07:39 Nov 05
Chantilly: Chantilly nearly tripped up the steps of her favorite pavillion, half crawling across the floor until she plopped her butt on a bench. Just to sure, she patted herself down to see if there were any gunshot wounds. "Christ, I think she was trying to kill us…! Are you okay?" -07:42 Nov 05
Will: He was looking at his claok to make sure there was nothing on it. "I thought she hit me but… nothing. He looked at her and ran a tongue over his fang and griined. "OOh I think I have … yesss." he pulled out a bar of nougat and unwrapped it quickly. "My fa… ewww." he had bitten into it and immediatly shuddered. "That doesn’t taste right at all." -07:46 Nov 05
Chantilly: "Yeeeah, I thought she hit me too. Maybe she had some rocks or something." Chantilly snatched the candy from his hand and popped it in to her mouth. Which in hindsight might’ve been stupid if it was poisoned or something, but she hadn’t thought of that until it was too late. "Tastes okay to me?" Chantilly tugged on his cape taking a look at him too, just in case. She felt a little tinglie, but obviously that was all the adrenaline. She was snickering now. -07:49 Nov 05
Will: "That was mine." he complained loking at her. "You owe me…." he emptied his bag over her candy so they could split it like they always did, then he srabbed a sucker and unwrapped it to have in his mouth as he counted up the loot. "UUugh…" he pulled it back out to look at it. "Must be something in my mough making it taste wierd. I’m going to switch toothpaste." -07:53 Nov 05
Chantilly: Chantilly moved to spread out the candy a bit, before glancing up at him curiously. Then she was laughing all over again. "Um… you might have a lot more success if you try taking those stupid fangs out, Will…" She could see them all too easily when he scowled like that. "Anyway, you said wanted to ask me something?" -07:56 Nov 05
Will: "Yeah I did." he said putting his hand in his mouth to tak hold of the talse teeth and… "Huh. Guess they fell out. I wanted to know if you wanted to meet of friday night, as you know a… a da…" he cleared his throat. "It’s not easy with you looking at me like that." -08:01 Nov 05
Chantilly: "They’re not out, I can see them." Look at him like what? Like he’s an idiot? Chantilly rolled her eyes before she scooted close. Putting hand on the back of his neck and the other was grabbing his chin to pull his mouth open. It wouldn’t be the first time he glued stuff in there too well. "I’ll get ’em out. Hanging out Friday sounds cool, I can always do my homework on Sunday." -08:04 Nov 05
Will: Okay touching wasn’t helping either and she arleady though it was just to hang out and he was going red, or felt like he was, really he was looking pretty pale. "Aaaaah." he said opening wide. Maybe he’d suprise her! -08:07 Nov 05
[Chantilly enters.] -08:10 Nov 05
Chantilly: "Did you go get your teeth capped at the dentist or something? That’s hardcore…" she muttered. There sure wasn’t any plastic in there! Chantilly tried tugging on a fang. Tugging poking. Christ, it felt real too! She was dead set serious on getting it out though… at least until her thumb slipped and she pulled back with a yelp. "Sharp…! Ow… Wow that’s actually bleeding. What are they made out of, glass?" -08:14 Nov 05
Will: "I just got them at the store, they should sli… mmmmm." that tasted good. "You have some nougat on your fin… are you bleeding?" he was rigling though his pockets and pulled out a tissue to hold out to her, then he smelled it and shifted closer takign her hand in his and wrapping the tissue around the wound himself and unadle to take his eyes off of the redness spreading though the white paper. "You’ll be fine just need to apply a little pressure. And you said a guy taking home ec was girly. I told you I wanted to get into medical school." he smiled at her, then blinked. "You didn’t tell me you had a contact in." here eyes were different colours, he hadn’t noticed that. -08:20 Nov 05
Chantilly: "I’m not. I didn’t have enough money left over." He had probably wrapped her up and bandaged her up a million times before. He always fixed everything for her, and this might be one of the last times. It was sad… Suddenly she pounced and hugged him. Hiding the fact she was getting teary with another small laugh. "Sorry, I just keep imaginging you as Nurse Will ever since…" Chantilly frowned a bit. He didn’t have much body heat. She pulled back to look at his face. So pale too! "Maybe you’re getting sick, Will. You don’t look well." -08:29 Nov 05
Will: No, why did she have to pull away. "I feel great." he said putting an arm around her and cocking his head. "Your eyes look different colors. This one is normal but your left." he looked into her eye and smiled releaving the fangs again. "Purple is a good color on you." he tilted his head a small voice in the back of his mind wondering what she would do if he kissed her and he looked away. -08:33 Nov 05
[(Timeout) Chantilly has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -08:42 Nov 05
Chantilly: Those fangs looked really real. It was kind of weird. "It’s probably just because it’s so dark out here…" Curiosity was killing her. Probably because she had an over active imagination and a lame vampire fetish. Either way, she was snatching his chin again to open his mouth and take a second look. "Will, this is kind of strange. There might’ve been drugs in that candy!" -08:42 Nov 05
Will: He frowned at her. "I feel fine, you must be right. It’s just dark, maybe we should pacj everything into your cauldron and walk home. We have dumb stupid lame ass school in the morning anyway." -08:45 Nov 05
Chantilly: ..what was he suddenly so grumpy about! Chantilly retracted her hand and pulled away. Still casting him a wary, almost worried glance. She shifted to scoop up some of the candy, when bzzt~! static shock! Enough that she could actually see the spark and the jolt made her jump. Scowling herself now too she moved to grab it again when… a piece moved! Not just moved but… had little legs and was crawling! Chantilly shrieked and scooted back against him. But once she took a second look. Nothing. Perfectly normal, non moving candy. …oh she was definitely going nuts! "Um. Thought there was a spider…" -08:50 Nov 05
Will: He looked around and shook his head. "I don’t see anything." he said looking at her again and moving to scoop up a handfull himself. "I had fun tonight, wish it could last longer." getting her alone sounded nice, mayne unwrap her finger and… "Oh… you won, you hit the window, so you get first pick of the candy. if only we were allowed sleepovers." -09:11 Nov 05
Chantilly: "If it wasn’t a school night, we could sleep in treehouse." Chantilly was a little wary of the candy now. Between potential poison and possible spiders… But she was quickly scooping it in to the cauldron and nothing else went amiss. "We’ll sort it all out tomorrow at lunch, okay? Then we can sell off the stuff we don’t like to any suckers!" -09:15 Nov 05
Will: "Sounds like a plan, you were always smart, friday in the treehouse then." he pokes her nose, might make you wear this again in there." it was a joke of course but she did look good in it. "So let’s go home, and then tomorow when you eyes are right again, we’ll do lunch." -09:21 Nov 05