Category: Witch’s Trick, Vampire’s Treat

  • Witch’s Trick, Vampire’s Treat 006: Werewolf at the Library

    [Chantilly is at the library, waaaaaaaaay in the back. Sipping from a cup of coffee with one hand, and holding a bigass old book with another.] -10:52 Jun 20 Chantilly: Bloodloss was no joke, so Chantilly was pretty sure if she hadn’t been taking the supplements and extra vitamins, she would have been asleep all […]

  • Witch’s Trick, Vampire’s Treat 005: Night Class

    [Chantilly managed to get transfered to the nigh classes too, much to the confusion of her parents. She totally explained it off as her trying to make time to have a parttime job in the day!] -09:54 Jun 18 [Will is waiting outside ‘Tilly’s house in the evening, for once not having to hear his […]

  • Witch’s Trick, Vampire’s Treat 004

    [Will Has had a great day’s sleep and is waking up as the sun sets.] -07:34 Mar 15 [Chantilly has had a long long weird day and is currently sprawled out over the bottom half of the bed with her face planted in a book, and dozing off!] -07:35 Mar 15 Chantilly: Chantilly had barely […]

  • Witch’s Trick, Vampire’s Treat 003

    [Will is trapped in a treehouse.. unless he rememebred his hoodie… which he did!] -07:19 Mar 01 [Chantilly passed out after telling Will she’d take care of him. Despite getting surprise sexed and bitten near to death!] -07:20 Mar 01 Chantilly: Chantilly woke in the treehouse of all places, wrapped in nothing but an old […]

  • Witch’s Trick, Vampire’s Treat 002: Vampire’s Treat

    [Chantilly is having the CRAZIEST day, and her best friend wasn’t even there to see it!] -04:36 Nov 06 [Will is under the covers with his costume thrown over a chair… and he is NOT coming out.] -04:36 Nov 06 Chantilly: Chantilly had arrived, let in by Will’s Dad. And she was completely vexed. "Will […]

  • Witch’s Trick, Vampire’s Treat 001: A Witch’s Trick

    [Will is going out for trick or treating one last tiem before colledge, with the girl he will miss most and has been wanting to ask out forever.] -06:04 Nov 05 [Chantilly is not a sexy witch, or a scary witch, but a CUTE witch! And this year is the last time she gets to […]