The Demon and Angelle 001: Angelle In Trouble

[Angelle has finished the night’s show and is going to be in a lot of trouble because she refused to do script changes cause they were inappropriate! …Now she’s trying to sneak off before the boss catches up to her!] -01:41 Apr 28
[Virote knows shes trying to sneak away and iw waiting for her at the back door, checking his watch.] -01:44 Apr 28
[Angelle enters.] -01:48 Apr 28
Angelle: She made it! ….she thought she made it. The minute Angelle saw him waiting, she groaned out loud and was immediately turning back around to head in the opposite direction. The boss was impossible and she was really starting to regret this ‘great opportunity’! -01:49 Apr 28
Virote: He followed her in a confident stride and was soon reaching out to put his hand on her shoulder. "Leaving so soon?" he asked, "You didn’t follow the script Angelle. You know what that makes me?" -01:53 Apr 28
Angelle: "A forgiving boss that understands the feelings and intergrity of his actors?" she sounded hopeful, but she was pretty sure she wasn’t going to get the ‘happy boss’ speech. Angelle stopped, if only because she might as well get the argument over now instead of having to repeat it at work tomorrow. At least now it wouldn’t be in front of the whole cast. "I told you I didn’t want to do it… It makes me really uncomfortable and I don’t wanna be that kind of actress!" -02:00 Apr 28
Virote: He crossed his arms. "Actresses act, you’re meant to be acting, what you say and do is your business, what your character says and does is up to me." he said "And I will not have you throwing in your two cents when it affects MY show." he grabbed both of her shoulders.. "Or do I have to remind you whose in charge here?" -02:03 Apr 28
Angelle: "No, I know who is in charge of the show…" she started slowly. Angelle was not keen on confrontation and so far she managed to avoid most of it, but it was pretty obvious she was gonna have to try and put her foot down this time. She made a lot of comprimises she didn’t want to do… but this is the last straw! "…but it’s my body, actress or not. I’m not gonna take my clothes off on a live stage in front of a bunch of people! So… you are going to have to respect that or… I am going to have to quit the show…?" The last part sounded more like she was asking permission than giving a threat. Dangit! -02:08 Apr 28
[(Timeout) Angelle got too distracted for their own good…] -02:21 Apr 28
Virote: That was it… he grabbed her shoulder and slapped her. "You walk out of here and you’ll be in a lot more trouble than you’ll be able to handle." he promised dragging her down the corridor and towards his office. "I already know what your punishent is." he said pushing her inside "You refused to take your clothes off on stage.. so you’re going to take them off here, now." -02:21 Apr 28
Angelle: Angelle was still rubbing her cheek and recovering from being stunned, so by the time she had realized what he said she was already in his office. It wasn’t going how she had it planned in her head! In her head she’d hit him back, walk out and get a better job. Instead, a very flustered Angelle was moving out of hand’s reach and making sure there was furniture between them. "I know you’re mad, but I swear i can make up for it in the scene!" -02:25 Apr 28
Virote: "Shows over doll, you ruined it, you’re going to pay be back by rehursing the scene, as its meant to be right now in front of me unless you want to do it with a black eye tomorow. Starts with your shirt." he locked the door and kicked the chair out of the way. "Do it before ou make me angrier than you already have." -02:33 Apr 28
Angelle: This was always about where she caved agreed to do it his way and ran away home. But… but she really, really didn’t want to do this. Maybe she wasn’t making her feelings clear! Now she was moving to put the desk between them, and prepared to make a bolt for the door. "I am…. not going to take off my shirt. Andanyvisiblebruiseswilllookbadinthisshow!" She rushed out really quick. "…what if I do a different kind of scene! I could dance instead? Dancing is sexy!" -02:39 Apr 28
Virote: "I have to put this scene in because you’re terrible, you can’t dance well enough and you can barely deliver a sexy lin and make it sound believable. So take off your shirt or get on your knees and get ready to suck." -02:43 Apr 28
Angelle: "What?!" Angelle wasn’t sure if she was more insulted by his declaration that she couldn’t dance and deliver, or the painfully unsubtle demand that she…. "No. No! I am not that kind of actress!" She was even emphasizing her exuberant no with her hands and a hard shake of her head. "Not happening. …I mean I really sorry and I’ll do just about anything else, but this is too much… and we can make some other sort of comprimise or maybe I am not the right person for this role! Yeah, I should go home." By the end of her speech she was having to squeak it out in a quick rush of breath just to say it. Angelle made a rush for the door. -02:49 Apr 28
Virote: He tripped her, a quick move that was more kicking her legs out from under her than stickign his leg out. then he pulled her up by her arm and and pushed her against the door. "You’re in thi role darling, you signed the contract now you take off your shirt or I’ll put you out of actiong for a month then have you enter stage with nothing on for a scene where not everyone will be acting. It might go a little like this." He grabbed her crotch "Do it or the price goes up… way up." -02:57 Apr 28
Angelle: She could deal with being tripped, pulled, and shoved. But inappropriate grabbing as too far. She slapped him. It was a reflex…! Angelle immediately regretted it, and her sudden tearyness was more a worry that he’d hit her again for it. "I’m sorry! I’m sorry… I can’t. I. Maybe. No? If it’s just the shirt…" She was pushing his hand away while fumbling with her other for the door lock. "Okay…! Only the shirt and I will show up to rehersals tomorrow to do it!" -03:05 Apr 28
Virote: The moment she slapped him his jaw set and his eyes found hers. "Too late." he tore her shirt with surprising strength. You will do it now." -03:10 Apr 28
Virote: The moment she slapped him his jaw set and his eyes found hers. "Too late." he tore her shirt with surprising strength. "You will do it now." He pulled her away from the door and pushed her into the middle of the room. "Before I break your legs and take more from you than you are willing to give. You’re valuable but not ireplacable." -03:12 Apr 28
Angelle: "You don’t have to be so mean about it…!" Angelle was still debating in her head whether or not he’d actually break her legs. He’d hit her a couple times, but she WAS the show star and it wouldn’t be reasonable to break her bones right? Slow and definitely flustered, she pulled off her shirt and kept it clutched to her. "There…! Shirt off. Can I PLEASE go home now?" -03:18 Apr 28
Virote: "You can do better than that.. let me see you." he said stepping closer "What good is an actress who doesn’t want to be seen?" he was careful to keep himself between her and the door. -03:20 Apr 28
Angelle: It was frustrating. But the sooner it was done, the sooner she could go home. She was an actress right? She’d just have to act like she wasn’t totally wanting to cry! With a huff, she tossed her shirt at him. At least that was acting. "SEE. What else do you want me to do?" She regretted saying that too. But now that it was out there, Angelle at least tried to look like she meant it. -03:24 Apr 28
Virote: "Much better darling." he said grinning as he tossed her shirt behind him and grabbed her arm pulling it away from her so he could see her. Tilting his head he slid his gazes down her then spoke again. "The scene also called for your pants to come of.. we don’t want to do half a job do we?" -03:38 Apr 28
Angelle: "You only asked for the shirt…" she started. And thought twice. Faster is better. Angelle snatched her arm back, and just as huffy as with her shirt, she was stepping back to unbutton her pants. This was so awkward…! At least it was just him? She pushed them down and kicked them aside. Standing stiffly with her arms at her sides. Tomorrow she’d call in sick and she was never, ever coming back to this job again! "Okay now…?" -03:41 Apr 28
Virote: He circled her, sure she wouldnt run dressed like this. Or undressed as the case may be. "Now…" he grinned. "Now I’m going to show you what happens when you disobey me." he grabbed her hair and pulled her back his hand circling her and brabbing her crotch from behind lifting he from the floor as he carrie her towards his desk. "Even think of running and I WILL break your legs." -03:52 Apr 28
Angelle: Angelle yelped, and though she couldn’t quite run – yet – she sure as hell was kicking and flailing awkwardly trying to twist herself free. How did he even have the strength to lift a full grown woman like that?! "Wait, wait, wait, wait…! All you said was take off my clothes! This is is really uncomfortable…!" Uncomfortable, awkward… and a lot more scary than the expected black eye he promised! -03:58 Apr 28
Virote: He lifted her up almost above his head and adjusted his grip. "You don’t want me to drop you do you?" he asked "Down’t want your legs broken, of your arm?" he loweres her onto his desk on her back and held her there. "You’re making this harder than it has to be." -04:04 Apr 28
Angelle: "A normal boss usually docks someone’s pay…!" He was unnaturally strong. Angelle didn’t have time to question it, she was trying to squirm her way OFF the desk. There was a pen poking her in the back and not having her clothes was making her feel incredibly disadvantaged. "…and if you wanted to reherse the scene to make sure I got it, I totally got it, and this really isn’t the scene…!" -04:08 Apr 28
Virote: "No, this is something else.." he said holding her down and pulling her panting down her legs. "This is whats going to happen every time you make me look like an idiot in front of the audience by not following the script, and not even close to what you can expect if you try and run." He slapped her again "Be still and take it, it might hurt less." -04:14 Apr 28
Angelle: Her cheek stung and it was by reflex again that she kicked him! And by conscious choice that she tried to shove him away with her foot. "No, no… you just… I quit!" This wasn’t even going to happen once, he was just going to have to find a new actress. Angelle was trying to force his hands away so she could sit up again. "You’re a horrible boss and I quit! You can leggo of me now!" -04:19 Apr 28
Virote: "Quit and I will break your legs and your arms, I will fuck you, then I will tunr you over and fuck you again in your ass, then again and again until you pass you, then I will break your neck." he promised his hand closing aorund her thoat. Same goes if you run." he frabbed the foot trying to push him away and twisted it forcefully "If you don’t think I can…." There was a pop was her ankle was almost wrenched from her socket, then he pulled her from his dest and let her fall to the floor. "Get up… get up and go home.. I’ll see you at rehursals tomorow." -04:27 Apr 28
Angelle: It hurt, oh boy did it hurt..! And though she was certain he really wouldn’t (couldn’t!!) do everything he threatened, Angelle definitely got the hint. Don’t piss off the boss. The boss is scary as hell when he’s pissed off. Scrambling to her feet, wincing all the while, Angelle snatched up her clothes and threw them on fast. She was hitting the door, unlocking it in a fumble and going home without being told twice! -04:32 Apr 28
Virote: He watched her go, she was scared, that was the point, but he’d have to watch her, make sure she didn’t run… looks like an all nighter… Its wasn’t long anyways before the master came for her soul. -04:34 Apr 28

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