The Demon and Angelle

The Demon and Angelle 009: To Forgive A Soul

Ten days passed and Virote fed Angelle, his wounds healing.. all but his wings. -Virote

[(Timeout) Angelle was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -06:41 May 13
Virote: The demon has been finding what lottle there was to eat in hell that wouldn’t kill her and had himself heaten apart from her, where she couldn’t see what. Sometimes he’d come back wounded but her kept healing… and spending the rest of the time with her… even though he seemed afraid to toutch her. -06:41 May 13
[Angelle enters.] -06:47 May 13
Angelle: Angelle didn’t know if she was better or worse. The burning under her skin was long gone. Now she just felt cold. Almost unfeeling in the way it settled over her. Virote kept her tethered and in the present, though there was always turmulous thoughts. A desire to pick up that sword and kill. Kill herself. To scream or cry or go insane. …Maybe the cold was for the best. For now, she sat in a high chair, the sword in her hands. Tilting it back and forth and watching the glimmer of metal. -06:47 May 13
Virote: He sat down in front of her and watched her. "No demon will give up something for no reward…" an odd opening to a conversation we had been wanting to have with her for a while. "I’m giving you your soul back and voiding your contract.. no trick this time. Ownership defaults to you." -06:53 May 13
Angelle: It took a moment before the words sank in and the tilting of the sword stopped. Angelle eyed him in confusion. "You can do that? Give my soul back…?" She felt… something about it. It was hard to pinpoint. -06:56 May 13
Virote: A peice of paper appeared in his hand, the same one he had made her sign before she ran. And then he tore it in half the halves catching fire and shriveling to nothing. "I just have." -06:58 May 13
Angelle: Angelle watched the pieces burn with interest, the sword tilting limply towards the ground. "I don’t feel any different…" She wasn’t sure what she was expecting. A flash or bang, or maybe anything at all. -07:01 May 13
Virote: ANd you didn’t feel any different when you signed it. But when you die you won’t belong to any one. I promised you heaven after all…" -07:05 May 13
Angelle: "We’ll see…" Angelle doubted that was a promise he could keep. Heaven didn’t accept murderers and it seemed she was where she belonged. "Thank you for my soul, though." Maybe she did feel better. She belonged to herself and not anyone else. That she could fight to keep. -07:09 May 13
Virote: "And so a demon gives up a rare soul for no reward. Promising her heaven while he only has hell." he shook his head "Sometimes I wonder if my mind is in this body or if I’ve lost it somewhere." he stood and turned to walk to leand against a wall. "I’m also not telling you what to do, you choose for yourself." -07:15 May 13
Angelle: "I know. This was all my idea. …Kinda." Well, the how part wasn’t her idea. But Angelle remembered being determined to change things for herself and him at one point. She was just trying to remember why! "I want to make us safe. So we could live and not be afraid of someone trying to hurt us…" -07:19 May 13
Virote: "And I forced you down this road because I was afraid to die. I’m not afraid anymore, your happiness if more important. I’ve been given over a thousand years and what have I done in them? Nothing to be proud of… except what I just did." -07:23 May 13
Angelle: She was silent. …but slowly her mouth curved up in to a smile. The first genuine one in weeks. All of the terrible things he had done, over so many lifetimes and to herself… and he chose to spit in the face of all that to do something good. Gave her soul back to her. "I forgive you. For everything you’ve done… I know I said before that I did, but I really honestly mean it now. I don’t know who you were when you were human, but I am sure you didn’t deserve to be here. And if I can, I will help you get away from here." -07:30 May 13
Virote: "This is where I belong." he said "Earth is the best I can hope for.. and you can’t forgive me for everything, not what I did before I met you but maybe one day I’ll forgive myself." he looked at her and smiled, but it froze when there was an unearthly wail from nearby… followed byt what sounded like a thousand growls. "Oh no…." -07:34 May 13
Angelle: The sound had her freezing. Slipping out of her chair to stay near him. Just by the tone of his voice she knew what it was… and she wasn’t sure if she were ready for this…! "What do I do?" -07:38 May 13
Virote: "I’ll keep him busy.. you look for an opening and.." he swallowed "Use the sword." he pus his arms aorund her briefly "He will underestimate you and focus on me. Keep the sword out of sight until you strike…." he kissed her forehead and let go.. howing she hadn’t heard the fear in his voice. -07:42 May 13
Angelle: Angelle took the sword and stepped away. She really wasn’t ready, but there was no getting around it. She eased herself back against the wall, out of direct line of sight, holding the sword down, hoping to keep it sheilded with her body. She was going to have to kill another demon, and this time Angelle was hoping she could do it without thinking… -07:48 May 13
Virote: He walked out into the center of the room so that he woulf be the first thing seen. "Remember Angelle… after this.. its over." he waited.. ti was all he oulf do while fear flooded him. This couldn’t end well. -07:51 May 13

It didn’t seem to come from a single doorway. The darkness that crept and oozed it’s way in to the room. Eating up every ounce of light that it touched. Vaguely there seemed to be a shape or form in the midst of it. Huge and incomprehensible. Out of the blob of dark popped a smaller shape, a head most likely. There was the faint outline of eyes glowing gold, the shape of a nose and mouth and long horns. “You took a soul from me. That was a mistake.” -Angelle

Virote: He looked at the face. "Does it look like I have a contract of yours on me?" he asked "I have nothing of yours adn I am not yours. If you want to argue that… show yourself and he’ll do it the way its always done. And I’ll kill you." -08:14 May 13
Angelle: She remembered this feeling. The darkness and everything about it. How it filled and consumed a room and all of the things it could do, and had done to Virote. She remained silent, not drawing attention to herself and pulling the sword closer. -08:15 May 13

The darkness never faded, the form didn’t shrink. “I will not waste my time with you again.” Shooting out from the black was a heavy fist. Striking against Virote so hard that it sent him crashing against the far wall. Without hesitating a moment, that same giant fist grabbed the demon and slammed him down on the ground. “You think that because your demonsire is dead that I do not own you. That too is a mistake.” He was feeding the blackness pouring it over the demon to drown him in it. -Angelle

Angelle: "Stoppit!" She screamed, knowing it was stupid but feeling compelled. He would die like this, after he had worked so hard to change everything. Angelle moved away from the wall, she didn’t know what she was doing and when a better moment would come. She just couldn’t let Virote be murdered. Rushing at the black, she shoved the sword through the side of what looked like the thickest part. The whole bit of metal sinking in all the way down to the hilt. -08:23 May 13

Something hissed, burned even! The metal having instant effect on the demon. Snarling, blackness dripped away to reveal a dark, more solid and more managable sized form. “My human soul… You returned her soul.” The oddly shappened mout churned up in to a smile. Showing rows of greyed teeth. “That does not matter. You are in hell.” The sword fell from her hands when the demon grabbed her face with a large hand. A obsidian spike forming in his other hand. With a sharp motion it went right through her chest. Drawing a satisfied smirk from the beast as he tossed her body aside. “Doesn’t matter at all.” -Angelle

Virote: He struggled against it his head turned to the side, to couldn’t win, he couldn’t even hurt it like this…. "ANGELLE NO!" it was too late she made her move and was now … "DIE!" he leaped on the demon driving him to the floor and plunged his clasw deep into him he mouth opening at he bit into the demon’s throat and pulled back gore comign away in his mouth. Then he slashed his claws across the wound, grabbed the handle of the sword and pushed it though the demon’s chest not even noticing that he had been able to use it… "Angelle…" He scrambled to her body and placed his hadn on her cheek. There was no life in her eyes… no colour to her cheeks… "Nooo…." He raised his head… her sould would be nearby.. and others would want it. -08:36 May 13
Angelle: This is strange… SHe had felt it. The blackness that pierced through her chest. Hitting the floor. Everything past that had felt so dim, so dark. She was looking down at herself now. So eerie and strange…. but it didn’t feel bad at all. For the first time in her entire life she felt peaceful. Angelle reached out her hands, placing them on Virote’s shoulders. He was so sad… he didn’t have to be sad. "Don’t cry, please…" -08:40 May 13
Virote: He turned, his cheeks wet and threw his arms around her. "I’m so sorry." he said "I’m so so sorry… now you’ll never get to go home.. I failed you…." -08:43 May 13
Angelle: Angelle was a little surprised that he saw her and could touch her at all. She hugged him and pulled away, resting her hands against his cheeks. Angelle smiled softly, brushing the tears away with her thumbs. "You don’t have to be sad, now. You kept your promise." This wasn’t right, she didn’t want him to be sad. After all that he fought through. "Let me give you my promise." Angelle murmured, pulling his face down. She brushed a kiss over his mouth. Gentle and sweet and genuine. -08:49 May 13
Virote: He kissed her back his arms holding her tight against him. "I didn’t keep you safe.. you… you’re dead.." he was shaking and his kiss was desperate … he didn’t notice the changes taking place, the horns disappearing, the fags receeding, the broken wing reforming and spreading out, another sprouting from his outher shoulder, feathers growing from both… "I’ll take you to where I promised…" -08:55 May 13
Angelle: All Angelle had was smiles. No fear, no worries. Brushing her hands against his cheeks and meeting his desperation with soothing kisses. "You can come with me now. If you want to come with me…" She reached over her shoulder, threading her fingers of feathery wings with interest. Turning her head to glance over her shoulder. They were there there too. Angelle turned her smile back to him. "Come with me?" -09:00 May 13
Virote: He blinked at her wings and her touch on his… but plasing his hand in her cheek he looked into her eyes and nodded. "Gladly.. You’re and one who showed me…. theres and angel in all of us." -09:05 May 13
The Demon and Angelle

The Demon and Angelle 008: The Demonsire

[Virote fellt the pull as soon as the spell began, at first he though it was his master.. then he heard a female voice… ] -01:24 May 13
[Angelle ….did not expect to suddenly be somewhere else!] -01:26 May 13

“Here I thought that the rumors were exagerating… Virote running away with a Master’s Prize and then stealing a Holy Relic. Yet here you are, all together.” The voice did not make an appearance yet. Nothing but a dim room with stony walls and the nauseating scent of sulfur. -Angelle

Virote: His nostrils flared.. he knew that voice, he knew where he was and his body changed in a natural reaction to being home. He wished Angelle wasn’t here… His eyes cast around the room and he snarled. "You have no right to summon me here, nor this girl, show yourself." -01:32 May 13

There was a laugh. “I have plenty, little demon. More than you new Master ever has.” There was a hiiiiiisss and a movement, but nothing could be seen yet. “I’m bored and I’ve missed you oh so much.” -Angelle

Angelle: This wasn’t going to be good. Angelle warily stepped closer to the demon, but didn’t say a word. …though she was already thinking about how she was going to escape hell a second time. Who gets that lucky? -01:38 May 13
Virote: He turned her sound seened to be coming from all different directions. "So its a game you’re after.. or maybe you wanted to see the mortal I gt to steal the sword that almost killed out all thise years ago… she gets sint back. Then we talk." -01:39 May 13

“I don’t want to talk. Such a waste of time.” Hissing movement in the dark again. And without warning chains shot out from the dark to wrap around his arms and legs and even wings from several directions. Worse, some clamping through his skin. The her form appeared behind Angelle, arms wrapping around her and the sword. Crimson lips muttering in to her ear as a rattlesnake tail swished behind her in amusement. “Poor frightened human. I can get your soul back for you and save you from this monster. All you have to do is sign a little contract…” -Angelle

[Angelle enters.] -01:54 May 13
Angelle: It went from bad to worse, and Angelle was so horrified she couldn’t seem to will herself to move outside of clutching the sword tighter to her and squeezing her eyes shut. The last time she were here, Virote was turned in to a pile of mush right before her eyes. She finally shook her head furiously, trying to pull away. -01:56 May 13
Virote: Trapped…. he paniced and struggled but it was of no use… " Bored of me already, but I just got here… she knows better than to sign anything… and if you really wanted her sould you’d be talking to me. I’m the one who holds her contract…" -02:03 May 13

“Bored of you? Never. This is all for you, after all.” She cradled that frightened little human in her arms, grinning as she kissed her cheek. “Such a nice pet. A guilty, guilty pet… Oh Virote, you were guilty like this once… Having done such a terrible thing, that it eats away at your soul. Have you forgotten how scintillating a human’s fear is? Here, let me help your guilty conscience human and spare you the trouble of trying to be brave.” Without warning, she shifted. Digging her poison-filled claws in to the human’s shoulders and letting her weakening body drop to the floor. “What do you want to do with our pet! We can do wonderful, wonderful things just like we used to…” -Angelle

Angelle: Angelle gasped! The pain was sharp for the shortest of moments, leaving her knees collapsing out from under her and the sword slipping through her fingertips. By the time she hit the floor she couldn’t get her body to move. Not a twitch of her toes are a wiggling of her fingers. She was almost numb from parylization. -02:14 May 13
Virote: "Harming my property… I could kill you for that.." he said trying to hold back the fear from his voice. Trying to sound like he once did. "My claws around your throat… squeezing… can’t do that chained up.." -02:15 May 13
[(Timeout) Angelle was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -02:20 May 13

“Please. Is that concern in your voice, dearest one? For a toy?” She stepped over the human, her snake’s tail making sure to turn her little face so she could watch. An audience was fun. “I want your hands on me. But how can I trust you, dearest… You’ve betrayed our kind and don’t even want to help me play.” Standing before him, she curled an arm around his neck, tapping her claws over his chest before dragging them down to rip the fabric of his clothes. “Play with me. Or should I fuck her first? You used to love that…” -Angelle

Virote: He hardened he couldn’t not, it was his nature. "You can smell the sin on her soul can’t you? But still she carries a relic that it would burn you or I to hold. Isn’t that.. rare.. exotic..? Witht hat sword she could strike down my master. A mortal killing a demon as old and strong as he is. Guided to that point by my hand. And once I am free and had my fun watchign the peices fall into place. Her contract.. her soul.. will be of no further use to me adn I’m sure there will be some way we can come to an agreement. I’ll also be needign a new master.. or mistress… after all. Or even a partner." he leaned his head forwards towards her. "But until then I need her able to hold that sword." -02:31 May 13

“Do you hear that, human? That is demon nature for you. Your friend and protector one moment, and then trading your soul the next. You learned from the best, Virote …but you are spending an awful lot of time speaking about her, and not me….” Smiling wide, she gripped the collar of his shirt and ripped it further. Exposing chest and skin for her to run claws over. And she did! With delight at drawing long bleeding lines. “IF she can use the sword. Touch it maybe… but a murderer weilding a Holy Relic. How ironic. Oh…! Little human thing, have you not shared your sin?” She laughed, curling her claws in to the back of his neck. “I won’t kill her. But we can play..” -Angelle

Angelle: What was worse? Hearing him so easily disregard her and offer her for trade? Or hearing that demon woman call her a murderer. Angelle struggled to move, a soft whimper escaping her as she tried to will feeling anything other than the sudden, sharp burning in her chest. Her sin was bad and she deserved to be here… she didn’t want to remember this! -02:44 May 13
Virote: "You want me to talk about you do you dearest? Why don’t we start from the beginging and how you made me what I am. You know more about my human life than I do beign that one who made me. All the fun we had, your sweet, terrifyingly lecherous tortures that tore my soul apart? I bet that was fun… tell me what you did, in every detail." -02:46 May 13

“Deflecting. Noble… do you care about the toy, dearest?” That she sounded surprised about it. Her amusement faded and immediately she was digging her claws deep in to his side. “We’ll talk about you. Self righteous, noble man. You thought you were so wise. But I showed you the truth in your soul, didn’t I? The darkness. The sick pleasures you tried to deny…” She twisted her hand, claws still dug in and blood spilling over her fingetips. “But why tell you a story when I can revigorate your memory by making you do it to her. You forget what you are. A demon, through and through.” -Angelle

Virote: It hurt… of course it did. "I’m not noble.. never have been." he said though the pain. "And why would I deny what I am? What you made me, its been other a thousand years since you sold me, maybe two… what makes you think I’d ever change or are you seeing things?" -02:58 May 13

“I am starting to think you don’t even want to hurt her…” Her claws retracted from his side. Her hand raising up to lick the blood from her fingers. “I’ve seen many try to change their spots. So many try to escape what they are… But I am growing very bored with this conversation.” Gripping the waistband of his pants, she was ripping again. No patience or subtly to it. There wasn’t a scrap of fabric left on him when she was done, and she was left circling him. Running her hands over his skin until she reached down to grab his dick, allowing her claws to prick the skin but not penetrate. “We will play. I’ll even let you loose if you obey. If you don’t… that will just make it more fun.” -Angelle

Virote: He winced.. "I’ve always held a clack spot for you sweet. After all the torture you put me though theres no choice but to hate you. Thats what makes this fun. Until it cuts into a timetable that if not followed leads to my destruction. So how about we pick this up when it snows outside?" -03:31 May 13

“As if I cared at all about your destruction…” she released him, only to step behind him. The chains loosened only long enough for her to kick a foot against his back and drop him to his knees. The chains jerked until his arms were pulled taunt and straight behind his back, her foot still pushing roughly against it. “How long did it take your wings to grow back last time, hmm? You won’t be flying out of hell with her this time.” She grabbed his wings and pulled hard, the sound of bone and tendons popping filling the air. -Angelle

Virote: He screamed then bit his lip blood flowing from beneath his teeth. "You can’t fuck me so you torture me.. you havn’t changed.." he sucked in his breath again ".. this is why I never call if you you know.. you’re boring…" he was only making it worse for himself and he knew it "And least this mortal here made it interesting. Yes I fucked her and then turned you down." -03:43 May 13

That might have been the wrong thing to say. Growling, she shoved him to the floor. Stepping back around him to Angelle who was still immobile on the floor. She dropped, to her knees above the human, gripping her jaw in her clawed hands to turn her face upwards. “Do you hear that human? He thinks you’re a better fuck than me. Maybe we should find out. Because if he doesn’t play with me, I have to entertain myself somehow…” Gripping the human’s shirt she ripped to expose her shoulder where the marks of her claws had left punctures. She added to the marks, slashing a line of red over the girl’s collarbone and shoulder. “I know you understand.” she mumbled, letting go of the girl to crawl across the floor back towards Virote. “Fuck me or fuck her. Or I kill her, taking her soul, and leave her writhing for eternity. Or don’t. Maybe I will do it anyway.” She grabbed his head and kissed him hard. Fangs pricking the skin. -Angelle

Angelle: Angelle would have screamed if she could squeak out more than a whimper. This was almost worse than before…! Her body wasn’t numb enough, because she could feel the searing pain of the claw marks on her skin. She had to move. She had to get that sword and do something, anything. A vague amount of feeling in her finger tips left her fighting to move more. -04:01 May 13
Virote: "Fine.. I’ll fuck you. And let you have my wings. They’ll be back in nine months anyway… give me the pain I crave and I’ll give you what you crave. But if you hurt her I’m taking you with me." -04:05 May 13

“What a sweet, sweet promise.” she purred against his mouth. The chains released, all of them. Except the ones that wrapped tightly around his wings, jerking and tugging him back. He wouldn’t be going anywhere and they would be ripped right off his back if he tried. “I won’t hurt her at all.” Her hands moved down to his sides and hips, digging her claws in again while she licked his lips and up the side of his cheek. -Angelle

Virote: His wings had always been sensitive, but then she knew that. He tilted his head to bite her neck and momenteralu concidered clamping down harder and tearing her flesh.. but she would survive and he angry. "Theres one thing for demons, they can take more punishment…" his hand came up to glip the back of her head as his other gripped her arm. "You know shes watching… we cou;d show her while survivel isn’t guarenteed when demons get together." -04:16 May 13

“She’ll beg for it. Plead for this. We can always use her too…” Her hand slipped between them, cupping him in her hand and squeezing hard. She pressed her body up against his, circling her legs around him and using her tail against the floor to balance herself. His shaft in her hand, her grup tighted hard, guiding him to her opening with a jerk. Teasing both him and herself with it. -Angelle

Virote: His habds gripped her shoulders claws extending. "You know I raped her, and she came back to me for more. You may be right.." he would pushe her down and hold her, squeeze the fife out for here but she was far, far older than he was. "Every time we fuck I’m trying to thik of ways to kill you, to hurt you like you did me. I’ve tried several times and I know you’ve loved agary time…" he ran his teeth over shoulder before fining his fangs into her tasting her blood and feeling her reaction. "Is that why you kept me for so long before selling me?" -04:31 May 13
Angelle: Tears were streaming down her face, but anger was a powerful source. Angelle remembered this feeling. Being so filled with rage and hatred and sorrow… blinded by it, fueled by it. Angelle managed to shift one arm. Pushing against the floor until she rolled over. Now she could see the sword laying against the stone floor. She struggled to reach out for it. Seething a hiss of exertion through her teeth. -04:38 May 13

That demoness groaned, relishing the feel of his teeth, rewarding him with another hard pull and sinking his shaft deep inside her. With an arm curled tight over his shoulder and her claws dug in to his back so deep that she could feel spine, she grabbed a hold of one of his wings. Bending, breaking. “So violent, and so futile… Oh try, dearest, do try. Take my blood and skin and I might take you back.” -Angelle

Virote: The popping, the breaking sound, the feeling of him inside her. He rakes his claws across her back leaving long red lines the dripped and ran. His other hand gripped her side the claws peirging the skin and sinking in almosy craching her lowest rib. There was an animalistic growl in his throat at his hips moved to hers and he licked up hershoulder to bite her neck. -04:46 May 13
Angelle: Angelle cringed at the sound. But her fingers finally curled over the sword’s hilt. She gripped tight, trying hard not to make a sound, but hands being so shakey it was hard to keep control in her effort to move. Just a little more. -04:51 May 13

Lost in the violent motions of crushing her body against his, the scent of blood and sweat, she had little care for paying attention to a small human. The pain was glorious, making her laugh and return the favor. Ripping his wing free from his back with such a sudden snap that it was almost effortless. -Angelle

Virote: His entire body cinvumsed with the pain driving him deeper into her the wing swinging away ling a grotesque ordemant straying blood all over the room as it’s smell filled that air. He pulled his hand from her back adn stabbed his claws into her stomach between them as his teeth closed arounf her throat and bit down his. "I’ll have yout horns for that…" -05:01 May 13

Gasping, followed by laughter. Loud, insane cackling, marred by the teeth in her throat and the throwing back of her head. Both of her hands went around his throat to strangle him. Thumb claws digging in to his chin. -Angelle

Angelle: Shiiiink. It was hard to lift, almost too hard. But it didn’t take a lot of force once Angelle had the momentum. On her knees barely a few paces away, she swung. Catching the demoness head with the sword right through the neck. The head went swinging somewhere, but Angelle was swinging back again. This time stabbing it up through the woman’s side to pierce lungs and heart. Angelles eyes were squeezed shut, and when she finally blinked them open, the look she cast Virote was anything less than friendly and for a moment it looked like she was about to start swinging at him too… -05:10 May 13
Virote: He felt her shudder as her head came off and that made him release, his seed flooding her in the same moment as the sword peirced her again. The he was letting go of the body and letting it fall to the ground. He locked eyes with Angelle as he stood. He was still bound by his remaining wing bet tried to take a step towards her. "It was this… or you." he was bleeding from just about everywhere. Weakened, his world was swaying and the wing fell from his hand. he was bleeding from everywhere, weakened.. "This is the demon who made me one of her kind… thank you for doing what I couldn’t." -05:20 May 13
Angelle: "Don’t thank me." her voice was low, angry… a dark tone that wasn’t normal for her. Watching him as he stood and swayed, that sword still clutched tight in her hands. She could move fully now, her blood rushing with that burning feeling. Angelle stood slowly, looking very much like a cornered animal that was about to go batshit crazy on someone. "The things you said…" -05:26 May 13
Virote: "If she thought I was weak she would sell me back to my master and keep you for herself, and tortured you just like she did me and turned you into something like us. I’m a Demon Angelle, I dusurve to die so you’re fully justified doing it…." he spread his arms. "I have one wing, I’m useless against the goal of getting you out of here to kill me and enslave another. Thats what a demon would do." -05:32 May 13
Angelle: "I don’t want to kill anyone..! I didn’t mean to…" That dark look was broken, replaced by the pain and the fear. A distant look as she turned her gaze downwards at the fallen body of the demoness. Blood pooling everywhere on the ground and dripping from the sword. She killed without thought. That’s what demons did too. "I think I belong here…" Angelle let the sword slip from her hands. Everything here was normal. This is what demons did… She was cracking under the pressure, feeling that burn in her chest again. -05:42 May 13
Virote: He stepped forwards and there was another sicening pop as his wing torr free from the chain to lie ripped and broken down his back. He closed his arms around her and whispered. "No one desurves this. TO gave thier nature subverted and replaced. But then I don’t know it that happened to me. She was the only person who knew what I was when I was human." -05:47 May 13
Angelle: She cringed when he touched her, her body stiff and unmoving until she finally caved to tears. Shaking arms curling up around his waist, and fists balled up against his back. Angelle could feel the blood and smell it, and the fact it didn’t make her sick and seemed like it should be natural… it was wrong. "I took away your chance to know… I killed somebody else and I have to do it again… This will never end." -05:55 May 13
Virote: "I gave up finding out a long time ago." he said "And it will be over soon." he picked her up and cattied her to the next room before sitting with ehr on the floor. "I can’t take you back this time. No wings and with me in your body we wouldn’t be able to take the sword. So I need to heal…" -06:00 May 13
Angelle: "We’re stuck here." He needed time to heal. She needed time… if only to get her thoughts back under control. Angelle curled against him, crossing her arms against her chest and digging her fingers in to her own arms. Everything felt so dark, and she didn’t know if it was Hell calling her or simply her own mind going crazy that made her feel like she was slipping. They needed time and she wasn’t sure how much time she could give… "It will be over soon." she repeated what he said, but her idea of over was vastly different from his. -06:06 May 13
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The Demon and Angelle

The Demon and Angelle 007: The Angel and the Sword

[Angelle is with the boss, and they’re doing something totally illegal. If only she could have ice cream and watch TV in bed instead!] -12:59 May 09
[Virote needs to get that relic into her hands… or they’re both dead. And it will not be a quicj of pleasent death.] -01:01 May 09
Angelle: Angelle was totally dressed for this mission! Black slacks and a black shirt… only she looked more like a really well-dressed bartender than an international thief. Or sidekick to a demon. Still, all her bravado at raising hell (or in this case reforming it) had quickly fizzled in the face of having to steal a historical artifact from what had to be a heavily monitered place. This was crazy. Why did she think this was a good idea. "…I so can’t do this…!" -01:08 May 09
Virote: He had already brought her before the basillica and stood next to her in street clothes, they were on the dome and he was already feeling the effects of holy ground. "Neither can I.. but together we have to. But as soon as I go in there.. I will lose everything that makes me look human, I cannot hide what I am before the divine… and I’ll also loose all my power.." -01:12 May 09
Angelle: "That doesn’t seem fair…" Then again, in the battle of good and evil letting the evil side have power is a bad idea. Angelle was a little more concerned about being off the ground, and what would happen should everything go horribly wrong and he didn’t have any crazy demon powers. "…so if the police catch us, we run like crazy?" -01:15 May 09
Virote: "Theres no police here." he said "Theres the swis guard… trained soldiers, and more. But they shouldn’t expect up to come from above.. luckely flight isn’t a power…" he took her hand. "We’ll be okay. I promise." -01:17 May 09
Angelle: At least she knew he kept his promises. Still doubtful, Angelle just took a breath. Whether she liked it or not, she’d have to get over it. Jump in (hopefully not literally) and just do it! She finally nodded her head. "Okay… I’m ready, I guess! Time to be a criminal!" -01:19 May 09
Virote: "You’ll be surprised how these things work.." he said "If you were not meant to have the sword you wouldn’t get it and we’ll fail tonight so.. if we do.. and we will.. it was meant to be.. demonic manipulation asside but.." he looked sheepish "I’m not manipulating, I’m making you safe. Now get on my back and we’ll glide down." -01:22 May 09
Angelle: "That’s really not all too reassuring…" As instructed, she hopped on his back. Mindful of his wings and keeping her arms tightly, almost too tightly, wound around his neck. Flying was definitely not her favorite thing to do. -01:24 May 09
Virote: He slid down the side of the dome and landed on a balcony, then warnign her to watch out for his skin entered the interior of the dome. It only took a second, his horns lengthening, smaller ones rising down the back of his head as his hair receeded and his skin bacame scaly and a dull red in colour, his eyes became black and fangs sprouted and his voice changed ash his tongue forkes and his feet elongated into tallons and behind her a thick stron tail sprouted. Then he was looking down into the dome like a predator.. "We need to get into the catacombs.." -01:30 May 09
Angelle: She was never going to get used to him looking all scary. Angelle huffed to herself. "You are the one that thought from above was a good idea… we couldn’t have just snuck in through a basement?" -01:35 May 09
Virote: "There isn’t a way in though there that I can cross, there are rules." he said before jumping from the bancony and circling under the dome searcing for a door that would lead to below. "Its changed since I was here last…" -01:38 May 09
Angelle: Hiding her face so she didn’t have to see the world swirling, Angelle grumbled at his ear. "How long ago was that..? There are windows at least, if you can fit through them…" Angelle didn’t doubt he could crash through a wall if he really wanted to. …or were there rules for that too! -01:42 May 09
Virote: "I can’t damage anything without makign us into targets." he said "I am not an iconoclast…" he landed and lifted her over his solders pulling her on the floor. "Try not to look at me.. but its through here… and I guess since they brought int he sword.." -01:45 May 09
Angelle: "I’m not afraid to look at you…" she responded. He must have caught her cringing, and now she felt bad. And to prove it she took a good look at him, holding back that desire to squeal and run. She did start walking, though. Stiffly and wary, half wondering if it would all turn out like the movies where skulls and statues came to life… -01:49 May 09
Virote: "Maybe I just don’t want to be seen like this." he said "There was a time I liked the fear it caused.. " he trailed off "You bring a torch?" it was dark, and narrow as thew descended the spiral staircase his wings scraping the side unadle to fold small enough. "This is where the bodies and relics of saints are kept. I am not anowed to enter but.. I can’t follow all of thier rules, I am after all a demon and any other time I wouldn’t listen to any of them.. but today I’m not looking to start a war." -01:54 May 09
Angelle: "I didn’t really think about torches…. oh wait!" Angelle fumbled in her pockets to pull out her keys. The sound echoing eerily in the place. First there was a little beam of red, then the space lit up dimly with a weak flashlight. …Angelle kind of liked it better when she couldn’t see. But she stepped carefully and kept moving foreward. "…do those kind of wars happened often..?" -01:58 May 09
Virote: "Once every hundred hears or so, the last on was around 70 years ago so we’re not due yet." he said putting a hand on her soulder "But what we’re doign might be seen as getting ready for one, a demon, leading a mortal to retrieve a powerful relic and remove it from it’s rightful place. They might thing I didn’t want them to have it…" -02:02 May 09
Angelle: "You could be lying to me about everything.." she responded, pausing in her steps when she spotted a rat, but continuing when it wasn’t a crazy angeldemon monster rat. Normal rats were fine! "That’s what they’ll say, right? That you are manipulating me and that I am stupidly trusting you?" Angelle even still wondered it herself. She wasn’t sane, that was for sure. -02:05 May 09
Virote: "That is what they will say, and nothing I say will convince them otehrwise but Angelle. You saw into my head when I was in yours.. You tell me if I’m manipulating you. Yes I get my safety out of this but I’m not hiding my motives.. and I’m not …. I .. here.. this door." -02:08 May 09
Angelle: "I believe you." She just hoped she wasn’t making a mistake in doing so. Angelle was chewing on her lip as she stopped in front of the door. With a tentative reach, she touched to push it open. Shining her light inside in a slow, curious motion. -02:13 May 09
Virote: Insides were coffins and chests and shelves on bones with enscriptions in many languages. TO a human it would be creepy but to Virote it was oppressive, everything in the room presed in on him and tried to forse him out like an invisible force. Ever the walls hated him and he brought his wings up to shield himself from the sight of them. "Keep moving… I can’t spend long here." -02:18 May 09
[Angelle enters.] -02:21 May 09
Angelle: Ded people. Angelle was sure she had a dream like this. Cautiously stepping forward and keeping moving, Angelle made sure to keep a wary eye on any layed out bones. She supposed coffins wouldn’t have vampires in them down here, if it was a holy place… She cast a look over her shoulder to be sure he was still behind her. He looked even more uncomfortable than she did. "Where will we find that sword?" -02:24 May 09
Virote: "Her statur is holdign it out.. to give it to the next person destined to carry it.. these people are big on symbolism." he said.. "Just a little funther.. look for the girl in armor with another woman standign with her ahnd on her shoulder." there was somethign else, somehting watching them… and as they neared the statuethere was a glowing light agead of them, then a flash as a figure stepped out, white feathered wings and lights seeming to fall from his very skin. -02:28 May 09

“Girl you are welcome here but your cohirt is not…. why are you here with him?” his voice though soft and serene carried with it strength adn command. “What relic have you come to steal?” -Virote

Angelle: Angelle saw the statue first. Her fascination with it almost making her miss the tall… bright..! form that stepped out. She took a step backwards, clicking off her flashlight as if she could hide in the dark, but finding there was still light to the room. "Um…! I came to steal that sword, but if I could borrow it I will bring it back…?" This was an angel, and the contrast to Vir was astounding. -02:33 May 09

“Borrow? You cannot borrow destiny adn you cannot steal it. You are mere under the machinations on a demon. Do you know why you’re here, what you need the sword for?” -Virote

Virote: "Gladio nisi vitae et mea bene si io erit eam habere. Est non dolum et non ludum ludere. Si habeat eam qui tibi vult dare, quid verbum id ominus uoluntatem suam." Virote spoke standing strait and anafraid in front of the angel.. "You have my word." -02:38 May 09

“Let her speak for herself..” he spat back before turning to Angelle, “Well, what do you say?” -Virote

Angelle: "I don’t really need destiny…" she murmured, taking a slow look at the demon next to her. Angelle didn’t have a blasted clue what he had said and the confusion on her face wasn’t very well hidden. She blinked back at the angel. "There’s a demon trying to kill us, and I thought it would be a good idea to kill him first. ..and… Honestly I don’t really like hell all that much the way it is, so I might need it a little longer to teach a few demons better manners?" -02:41 May 09

“You choose them well demon. she must be so east to get what you want out of her… tell me girl when you have a demon after you did you even once whink about prayer?” -Virote

[(Timeout) Angelle has timed out.] -02:51 May 09
Angelle: That was a question that caught her by surprise! Angelle had to stop and think about it. …slowly she shook her head, a grim almost bitter expression on her features. "…That never helped me before. No one has ever answered a prayer, or even a plead or a please… I had more success chosing to help myself, even when the choices weren’t all that great." Something about the way she said it hinted that the demon wasn’t the only experience she had on the subject. -02:51 May 09
Virote: "Shes smarted than you give her credit for, now instead of asking loaded questions why don’t you aske her the only one that matters.. you’ll be able to tell if shes lying … read her." -02:54 May 09

the angel looked at Virote then at Angelle his eyes bringin into her sothat she couldn’t look away until they were all she could see. “Angelle.. that is your name. Who will tell you how to use what you are looking for? Whose hand will guide yours?” -Virote

Angelle: She kind of felt like she was having her soul examined or her mind read. Like she was being judged or criticized. Which made her very much want to take another step back and hide somewhere. "…I don’t know." she responded honestly. It was how she felt. "I want us to be safe. He said he would help me and I trust him. …and if I made a mistake I will deal with it and try something else." -03:04 May 09

the feeling stayed with her and she could feel him going htough her mind, her memories… “No one but you must guide your hand..” his voice was in her head now “No one but your own will.” the light around him was getting stringer “And don’t let any demon tell you what to do if it doesn’t agree with what you want to dooo.” then he was gone, nthing left but a few feathers, glowing golden as they drifted towards the floor disolving into nothing. -Virote

Virote: "They never forgive you when you win one war." he cursed "But if we’re still here then you must have passed.." he put his hand on her back. "I guess its time for us to get what we came for." -03:10 May 09
Angelle: "Everyone would probably be a lot happier if you had less wars." Angelle still felt a little put on the spot. It wasn’t even the angel, or the soul reading, or the voice in the head that bothered her… it was the question about prayer. Angelle was still overly thoughtful about it when she stepped up on to the base of the statue, eying the way the sword was place. Almost afraid it was going to do something crazy like strike her with lightning or make her head explode, she was very delicate about taking the hilt and pulling it free. Holding a breath and squeezing her eyes shut waiting to be smited. -03:13 May 09
[Angelle enters.] -03:17 May 09
Virote: "He won’t come back and kill you." he said waiting at the respectacle distance as if physically impossible for him to approach the sculpture of two saints and a holy relic all in one place. "Is he wanted to he would have dome it already…. we’ve the sneaky ones." he coul have sworn the statue of Joan of Arc looked at ehr as she took the sword but was sure that wasn’t meant to happen… "her nose it too big… it was smaller in real life." -03:18 May 09
Angelle: Angelle hopped down, clutching the sword to herself and taking one look back at the statue. She wasn’t so sure that angels couldn’t be sneaky too. "How old are you, exactly…?" It was a little strange to think of him being around that long! At least she had the sword and that was one difficult thing down. -03:20 May 09
Virote: He shook his head and walked with her back towards the staircase. "Old enough to remember the death of the old world and to have seen first hand a lot of the things you’ve read about in books." he said "I couldn’t give you an exact number of years since deong a young demon isn’t exactly a holiday in the mortal world ever summer. "But I think you’ve read about the forst man to kiss my hand and ask for my guidence… in around… 450 ad.." -03:27 May 09
Angelle: "Are you crazy…?" It’s not that she didn’t believe him, it was just that. … was kind of unbelievable. "That’s a really long time to be a demon…" And how could someone be alive for so long, now change his nature so quickly. Because of an accidental situation gone wrong? It was starting to give her a headache thinking about it. "…do you hate me for all of this?" -03:36 May 09
Virote: He didn’t answer immediatly, not until they were halfway up the stairs and he was away from all those saints and relics. "I don’t know how to feel about you Angelle but hate is not on the list. I’m trying to survive here and kill a demon a lot older than me and if I start worrying about feelings at a time like this… when we’re not alone and somewhere safe. I’m not going to be much use to you." -03:41 May 09
[(Timeout) Angelle was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -03:47 May 09
Angelle: Angelle wasn’t sure if that was a comfort or even more confusing. She was expecting the hate, or regret, or something to that nature. But it did remind her that once leaving this place, their next step would be facing off a demon that even he didn’t seem to have a lot of confidence in defeating. "If I don’t make it very well with the killing and I get all maimed and arms taken off or legs lost, will you kill me? I don’t really want to die, but I don’t really want to be a pile of mush brought back a million times either." -03:47 May 09
Virote: "I you’re ever in a situation like that.. I will make sure you soul goes to heaven.. Do you kneo how they make demons Angelle?" he asked "Do you know how I was made, and what I used to be?" It was almost time for them to fly again, and for him to loose most of his features what made him what he is.. "And do you know how they make angels?" -03:50 May 09
Angelle: "I was a little curious… you said some demons were born and some were made…" She definitely had no idea about angels. Everything she had learned had been in a big blur over the past few days. Still clutching the sword to her, she kept up with his pace. "How?" -03:54 May 09
Virote: "To make a demon, you take a human soul and you teatch it to hate, you torture it. Souls with sin are the best to use.. sould that have lied, or cheated, or killed. You torture it until it forgets everythign it ever was. You turn it into a pile of goo on the floor… and then you remake it into the demon you want it to be. I was human once.. but I remember nothing of it. Angels… your guess is as good as mine." -03:57 May 09
Angelle: "A soul with sin…" He was human once. And she… she understood now why a demon would want her soul. It was enough to make her stop walking, looking down at the sword in her hands and trying to wrestle back the threat of tears. If they didn’t succeed, she would become a demon too. Forget everything that she was now and her whole world would be nothing but dismal grief. -04:03 May 09
Virote: He almost bumped into her, then he closed his arms around her. "Thats not going to happen to you." he picked her up and carried her the rest of the way his wings opening up and takign them upwards. "You will never be a demon." -04:10 May 09
Angelle: "You don’t… understand." Having him hold her while flying was a lot less scary than being on his back, and she was awkwardly trying to keep that sword at an angle that wouldn’t give him trouble. …But all the while, Angelle was struggling with tears and burying her face at his shoulder. "If we don’t win, I’ll be a demon. It’s too late…" -04:14 May 09
Virote: "You still remember who you are, you still remember what good is. Its not too late." he said "It takes years to make a demon.. it takes longer than a human lifetime… and you have me looking out for you. I will protect you." -04:20 May 09
Angelle: But if they didn’t win, he couldn’t protect her… Angelle conceeded, if only for his sake. She took in a deep shakey breath, willing all of those thoughts to go away so she could focus. They couldn’t win if she didn’t believe they had a chance. If she dwelled too much on what would happen if they failed… "Do you promise? Promise it won’t happen to me." If he promised, she knew it would be true. He kept his promises. -04:27 May 09
Virote: "I promise that whatever heppened to me will never, ever happen to you." he said "Even if I have to take you up to the gates of heaven myself." they were already back and he was landing, his features returning to how he usually kept them. "Because I do not hate you.. I am confused and don’t knwo what I feel… I could never hurt you." -04:33 May 09
The Demon and Angelle

The Demon and Angelle 006: Angelle’s Mission

[Angelle did not mean to fall asleep. But for the first time in many, many, many days she actually felt secure enough to sleep deep!] -02:13 May 03
[Virote actually spent the entire night with her, despite not sleeping, coverign her with his wing and keeping her warm.] -02:15 May 03
Angelle: Sleeping deep enough to dream might have been a bad idea, but thankfully the few dreams she did have were so vague that the only emotions to ever cross her face was the occasional twitch of a grin. Angelle shifted, a soft sound escping her as she curled up closer to the very warm thing that was all too comfortable. Still not quite awake enough to be aware of where she was. -02:21 May 03
Virote: His eyes were open and focused on her. she looked so… happy like he had never seen on.. anyone. He was almost afraid to toutche her in case he disturbed it in some way. Then she snuggled against him more and he reached out and placed his hand on her cheek. His face twitched and he withdrew his hand… He could only imagine what it felt liek to he her right now. -02:24 May 03
Angelle: There was a soft murmur from her about not wanting to get up for work. She was shifting more then, until she was wearily opening her eyes, rubbing one with weary confusion, recognition, and finally a very embarrassed expression. "You have woken me." -02:30 May 03
Virote: "I.. I’m sorry.." he said closign his ahdn and pulling it away "I didn’t want to you looked so… peacful. I.. I’ve never seen anyone sleep like that…" he closed his eyes "I was just enjoyign watching you sleep.." -02:34 May 03
Angelle: That probably would have, and should have sounded really creepy. …but he actually looked almost embarrassed. Angelle grinned at him, until she realized there was a wing wrapped around her. …then she was very curiously sneaking out a hand to brush her fingers against it. "I don’t mind. I am just glad I could sleep… Don’t you ever sleep?" -02:40 May 03
Virote: He shooke his head, as well as one could on thier side. "No, I don’t. I don’t need to and can’t even if I wanted to. It looks nice though." he closed hsi eyes wishing he wasn’t feeling so… he didn’t even have a word for it, then he didn’t have fords for a lot of the things he had felt in the night. "I’ve been thinking, and reflecting, and deciding." -02:49 May 03
Angelle: He was very confused. Pensive. Angelle understood how that felt… She was also quick to make decisions. He proved he could be more than just a mean scary monster. Thus Angelle decided she would prove there was more to the world than terrible things. Even for demons. She leaned forward brushing a soft kiss against his cheek. "What sort of things have you decided?" -02:54 May 03
Virote: He kiss brought a sigh from him but he didn’t move to touch her back. His wing even withdrew slightly before settling back in place. "How to feel. About me, about what I’ve done. About what I have to do. About you. About what you did for me. About humans. About demons… About angels. Yes, those exist too. They just don’t come here as often as we do." -02:58 May 03
Angelle: Angels too? Surprised crossed her face, but it was gone just as quickly. Maybe she was getting used to this constant well of new discoveries. She was, however, very curious about what conclusions he specifically came to. Because so far he hadn’t answered the question. "…have you decided to leave here after all and just run? Or will you go back?" -03:01 May 03
Virote: "A promise is a promise. I will help you defeat my master and make you safe. Its what coes after that that needs deciding. And I havn’t yet." He admitted. "Its not something thats easy to decide, and the choice isn’t entirely mine to make. But that can come later. I don’t want to go back. But the only alternative is to.. well thats not really a posibility." -03:05 May 03
Angelle: She was examining his face. He wasn’t entirely forthcoming with his thoughts, and now she almost wished she could hear them so she knew what he meant. "Is to what? Stay with humans? I don’t think it would be that bad…" She was toying with the thought of him staying with her. That was sudden and kind of alarming. No doubt a result of being way to comfortable curled up in bed in an intimate situation. Maybe she should be thinking more smart about things instead of running with how she felt. "I don’t think it has to be as complicated as it seems." -03:12 May 03
Virote: "You’ve lives with feelings your entire file. I’ve lived without them for an eternity. Tell me its not hard." he said "Have you forgotten what I did, to you. How I was." he was suddenly looking at her very intently. "You shouldn’t be as good to me as you are." -03:15 May 03
Angelle: "You didn’t understand what you were doing…" she started slowly. In truth, she knew it was probably insane. That forgiving him was likely a mistake, and that she was probably a really stupid person. …but there was so much more to him, and she could see that. What if all it took was one person taking the risk? If she was wrong, it wouldn’t matter anyway. But if she was right…! "You understand you made a mistake, and that is enough for me. I trust that it won’t happen again." -03:24 May 03
Virote: "Not just to you.. its who I am.. was.. I don’t know." he wished he could sleep to escapr his thoughts and at the same time knew with then he wouldn’t be able to anyway. "I will never understand why you’re so forgiving… but I don’t have to. Not when we still have a job to do." -03:29 May 03
Angelle: Angelle really wanted to ease it all for him. But there was little she could do. Instead, she settled for leaning forward again, brushing a kiss to the corner of his mouth and offering a smile. "Stealing a relic, right? I can get dressed and help." -03:32 May 03
Virote: He sighed again and moved hsi hand to her cheek. "You really shouldn’t do that you know.. I’m still a horny little bemon you know." he looked into her eyes. "And I can’t do it without your help… since I can’t enter the basilica without.. side effects." -03:36 May 03
[Angelle enters.] -03:42 May 03
Angelle: "I did say I would help you with anything that you needed." she responded, closing her eyes when he touched her cheek. It was still amazing to her to from being hit by this man, to such a soft touch. "Will we take a plane there, or will we have to fly the other way?" One eye opened, and it was pretty clear she didn’t like the idea of flying without the saftey of walls and seatbelts. -03:46 May 03
Virote: "Human transport is so… slow… we’ll be taking a shortcut." he said. "But its still day there, to we should give it some time." it was his turn to lean forwards and bruh his lips against hers. "But you know you have one meal yesterday, and you should eat before we go." -03:52 May 03
Angelle: "I can’t believe I slept so long…" she cast a quick look over her shoulder looking for the clock at the bedside table. It had to of been twelve hours or more. No doubt from all of the stress and the fact he made good use of her body when she was asleep… and after! Angelle huffed, turning back to him to curl her arm around his waist and bury her face at his shoulder. "This is more comfortable. I don’t want to get up. Don’t you have demony force powers for moving things across the room?" -03:58 May 03
Virote: He frowned. "Yes, they’re called hands and they work very well." he said bus despite his irritated his irritated tine he put his arms around her and pulled her body against his. "And I think this is called snuggling?" -04:02 May 03
[(Timeout) Angelle was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -04:11 May 03
Angelle: She nuzzled against his shoulder, nodding. "Yes, this is snuggling. If demons did more of this, they wouldn’t be so angry all the time." Angelle was hungry. But she needed the snuggle time. A little bit of this, then she could deal with hunting down relics and proceeding to find and kill a master demon. -04:11 May 03
Virote: "And this makes you feel safe?" he asked sliding his hand up her back into her hair. "Safe is good.. safe is sureity." he closed his eyes "Safe if knowign the future.. but you don’t do you? You can know what you want but can you know what will be? You can know what you like.. and what feels good… and thats it.." -04:17 May 03
Angelle: "You can’t ever really predict what’s going to happen. And even if everything is okay now, it could be really bad later… or bad now and really good later." Those were awfully serious thoughts. But as long as she was being held, she didn’t mind the scope of the conversation. …as it were, she should be thinking about these things too. "Yes, it does make me feel safer… It’s important to live in the present and not think too much about the past, or worry too much about the future. We can only decide and change what we do right now?" -04:23 May 03
Virote: "So thats what humans think, how they deal with all this." he said "By being.. human.. huh.." he nuzzled into her hair. "If it makes you feel safe. I’m here." -04:25 May 03
Angelle: Angelle laughed softly. "It’s not how humans think… but it’s how -I- think. A lot of humans are totally different." Angelle suspected he hadn’t had much interaction with humans at all, outside of being bossy and chasing them around. …then there was that vague reccolection of something he said last night before she fell asleep. She tilted, examinging his face with a thoughtful look. "…where do demons come from..? Are they born or made…?" -04:35 May 03
Virote: He lookes at ehr examinign hr expression trying to read her thoughts. "Both, some are born, but birth rates are low. Six demons can start sex but only have one survivor, and no demon wants to be durbened with a spawnling so infant mortality rates are high. More, much more are made, usually from promising souls of humans." he took a breath "And by promising I mean those of the worst of humanity, or those that have been tortured for so long that they’ve lost their humanity. Hells not a very nice place.. did I mention that?" -04:41 May 03
Angelle: "Yes you mentioned that… and I had the pleasure of seeing some of it." Angelle really didn’t want to remember him being tortured. She had been mad at him, but she hadn’t been so mad that she wanted him to suffer like that. …then her expression fell. A hurt and worried look. "Then why was I there…? Am I a promising soul to be a demon?" Was she a bad person, or well on her way to being one? Angelle was aware she didn’t exactly handle everything in a way that should have been normal… -04:45 May 03
Virote: He shook his head "You were there to be raped and played with. A toy to use until you were no longer fun. You could have been anyone, it didn’t matter." he said "You’re a good person, they’re and most fun to break down.. It also stops them going to heaven… which is amusing to demons." -04:52 May 03
Angelle: "So I will not go to heaven now…" That didn’t help her train of thoughts at all. Angelle untangled herself from him slowly, sitting and letting out a slow breath. It wasn’t fair. Who made all of these crazy rules about demons and angels and humans and how things are supposed to be really horrible, or heavenly, or just… people getting stuck in the middle who didn’t do anything or have an awareness about it! It just… really wasn’t fair! For a moment it looked like she might cry, but Angelle held it back. …what she didn’t hold back was her frustration with it and that cross expression on her face that revealed serious contemplating. -04:59 May 03
Virote: He sat up. "You got out. You’re not in hell anymore and you retained your humanity." The look on his hace was sympathy and concern "So you might, so long as you’re desurving.." he tilted his head "You’re not going to get screwed over by technicalities just… make sure that when you die theres no demons around to stop you going to heaven.. you’ll be safe." -05:03 May 03
Angelle: "But what about everyone else… All of the people taken away by demons. Or all of the people rejected because of something they couldn’t help? It’s not fair. Why does it have to be that way? You didn’t understand why it was so wrong to hurt me. And I didn’t understand what was even going on. How many people are stuck like that..! And they get screwed because no one cares!" She hated it. Hated it a lot…! But now Angelle was aware. She saw a world no human ever got to see, and was still alive to do something about it… …could she do something about it? Angelle slipped from the bed, immediately fetching her clothes to put them on. -05:09 May 03
Virote: He watched her his eyes narrowing. "There are billion os demons and millions of trapped souls. What are you going to do about it?" he asked "There is a legion of hell, just so you know.. several in fact. They spend most of thier time fighting eachother but they’re there. You can kill one demon with my help. Can you really kill billions?" he got up and put his arms aorund her. "Do you think I’m going to let you kill yourself trying?" -05:15 May 03
Angelle: "I am not going to kill billions of demons. I am going to teach them." She said it so seriously, and with a straight face, there was no possible way she was joking. Angelle meant it. Yes, many of them were probably horrible creatures… but how many were unaware that there was a better way to do things? "You don’t have to help me with all of that. Your demon master is your mission, but after that… I’ve never accomplished anything and I always run away. I can’t know all of this and then do nothing. Why would I still be alive if I wasn’t meant to try and do something..?" It was insane, yet it made sense! She survive when she shouldn’t have. In a situation that was impossible. …even if it wasn’t fated destiny, and least Angelle saw the opportunity in it. -05:22 May 03
Virote: He moves his hands to her shoulder and shook her "You are alive because you got out. Now you want to go back. I was right, Humans are insane…" he looked at her. "But you’re right. If you can change me. Maybe… But I’m not letting you do it alone. I promised I’d keep you safe and you’ll need me." he let her go "Can’t let you get yourself killed right after I make you safe can I? Besides, anything is better than going back there alone." -05:28 May 03
Angelle: Angelle cast him a wide grin. It WAS insane. She was crazy. It was suicidal, and she was probably going to die. Which scared her more than she cared to admit, when she was in the middle of trying to be brave and ambitious. "If you’re going to help me change the world, you’ll need clothes. I can’t… take you seriously naked!" -05:32 May 03
Virote: He stepped back and looked down… he was completely nakes with his erect member pointing strait at her… seing her take charge must be sexier than he thought. He grabbed a pait of pants from the dresser and pulled them on. "So.. food first?" his wings melted away and he pulled out a shirt. He’d prefer to stay in the room and bend her over the dresser with the big mirror .. damn humans needing so much food to stay alive. -05:36 May 03
Angelle: She was still grinning. Hands clasped behind her back, watching the motions he made and the expression he gave… He wanted her, but he wasn’t talking her… And why she thought that was amazing, she’d never know. "I am hungry, yes. Unless you would like to ask something else from me first." -05:39 May 03
Virote: He leaned against the wall and look at her his expression peircing her. "You’ve just gotten dressed it would be a shame to make you do it all again so soon." he folded his arms "On the other hand you taught me somehting new yesterday and practive does make perfect…. and you did ask me if I wanted to do anything before we left." -05:44 May 03
Angelle: Angelle nodded. Eying him warily, but still grinning. He looked a bit like a predator watching her like that. Which was still really scary. But she was putting her faith in him now, and trusting him. "If my clothes come off, I could take a shower. I kinda of forgot I wanted one in my, um… over enthusiastic new idea… I guess I jumped the gun a bit." -05:48 May 03
[(Timeout) Virote doesn’t post enough.] -06:30 May 03
[Virote enters.] -06:47 May 03
Virote: "The shower…" he said "I’ll join you but you might not get clean strait away." he gave her a wink and walked up to her placing his ahnd on the back of her neck and pressing his lips into hers. "I’m still a horny demon Angelle, but I want to make sure you love it as much as I do." -06:51 May 03
Angelle: Angelle laughed. "You have horns too." A stupid thing for her to suddenly find funny, but… it did make her wonder about them. "So you have horns, and wings, and dark eyes… no tail or anything else weird?" -06:55 May 03
Virote: He smiled against her lips. "When you see me angry you will see a tail, witngs, horns, eyes, and scales. Its affected more by mood than anything, the wings I can control though. The horns never fully disappear, if I were bald you’d see that." -06:58 May 03
Angelle: She tilted back just enough to run her hands through his hair looking for them. It was so very different, she found it fascinating. "..and scales too? That I can do without seeing." Angelle broke away to lead the way to the bathroom, she really did need that shower! "When I get angry, I just cry. It kinda sucks." -07:10 May 03
Virote: He followed takign her hand and squeezing it. "I know… I’m going to have to change that. Can’t have you crying when its time to be slaying… But I think you have the right kind of motivation to overcome that." he grinned "I’m surprised at you… but oddly.." he searched for the right word thrying several out in his head before he arived at one that fit "Proud." -07:16 May 03
Angelle: Angelle looked a bit sheepish, and embarassed by the… compliment? She tugged on his hand when she stopped in the bathroom, casting a quick smile. "There’s probably some really good quote about one person or one event totally changing someone’s life in one moment… except, I can’t think of one. Some actress, huh? I should probably know better lines…" -07:28 May 03
Virote: "You’re not an actress anymore." he reminded her sliding his arms arounf her and lifign her shirt up over her head. "You’re living the adventure now. And have changed my… life?" was that the right word? "And it feels strange to be on this side of the fight…" or that might be him just feelign strange. -07:32 May 03
Angelle: Once her shirt was off, she plucked gently at his shirt. She was looking thoughtful again, but was very interested in pulled his shirt off and actually taking a good look at him. He looked like a normal person now, but it seemed so different knowing he was a demon. "I’m not so sure about adventure… but I am glad you’re not angry and bitter. And happier… I hope?" That was important. That he was happier. Happier meant better for everyone! -07:41 May 03
Virote: "Anything is happier than I was." he said "You.. can imagine what it was like, I showed you when I was in your head.." he took half a step closer and run his hand through her hair. "And I’ll be happier still when this is over…." he brushed his lips against hers and sighed. "And maybe when this is over I’ll understand why you’re helping me." -07:46 May 03
Angelle: "Probably because I am crazy." she admitted in a soft mumble against his mouth. Angelle ran her hands down his chest, letting them hook in to his waistband to gently tug. "I just want everything to be better. For you too. It’s kinda weird I guess. Yeeees, even for humans." She tilted her head back up to grin at him again. -07:53 May 03
Virote: His hand wondered to the back of her neck to rub it gently. "Then I’m glad its you I found… even if I put you though hell… literally." He was still guilt ridden by that.. here she was beign sweet as could be and he had done the unspeakable and every time he mentioned it his gaze dropped. "I can never apologize enough for that." -07:57 May 03
Angelle: "It could have been worse. I know it could have. So you can stop saying sorry and just show me instead?" Every time he said he was sorry, she was glad, but it also made her heart hurt. Retribution was such a double-edged sword! Leaning up on her toes she brushed a kissed at the corner of his mouth, then shifted to press her lips against his. -08:08 May 03
Virote: He leaned forwards nuzzling his lipes against hers and circling his arms around her pulling her to him. "I will." it was a promise, on he planned to keep. "I’m never leaving you until I have." -08:11 May 03
The Demon and Angelle

The Demon and Angelle 005: What it is to be Human

[Angelle was waking up in a strange dirty bed and run down hotel room. And for a split second she freaked out, until she remembered where she was and WHY she was there. ….then she was just depressed.] -01:49 May 02
Angelle: She hurt a little bit. It was mostly soreness, but nothing of consequence. Angelle was a little surprised her wrists, and the rest of her didn’t sport any bruises… an effect to demon possession? Oh yeah! There was someone in her head. The boss who was…. really, really confusing. Angelle felt like she really needed a shower, but more importantly was dying for something to eat. And clean clothes. And… BAH! She flopped back in to bed. The day was officially too hard. -01:53 May 02
Virote: "Theres new clothes on the chair in the corner." came the voice in her head. "I don’t sleep so I got things done while you did, we have money, he have clothes… I got some for mee too when I’m out of here.. and theres food in the mini fridge… since you enjoy food I though I’d let you eat." He was letting her have full control of everything, for now. "Sorry, I just want to get out of here as soon as possible…. even though it is a nice body." -01:57 May 02
Angelle: Angelle rolled over, eyeing the clothes sitting on a dresser across the room with a little suspicion. She wasn’t sure if she trusted him to pick her clothes… however, food was definitely taking precedence. Angelle was off the bed and dropping to her knees in front of the fridge to rummage around snatch up the first edible thing she saw. She couldn’t remember the last time she had a meal, and the first bite was heaven…! WAIT. He was alone and awake with her body all night? She wished she could stare at him. "…you didn’t do anything weird with me, did you?" -02:02 May 02
Virote: "I got takeout, tried to match the style of clothing to what you normally wear, it took me a while to find an open shop…" it had been in japan, so what? Its not liek he had spent money on airfare. "I didn’t have time for anything wierd as you put it. Besides I don’t want to hurt you anymore." -02:09 May 02
Angelle: She paused picking up a few noodles from a takeout box, staring at the food in confussion since she couldn’t stare at him. ..bother, she could eat and be confused. Angelle took her food to bed with her and just for the comfort of sound, flipped on the TV. "You don’t want to hurt me anymore? I’m not so sure if I believe you…" -02:13 May 02
Virote: "You don’t have to." he said "I’ll be out of your body soon enough then you will lose off the powers you have and I’ll be free to be on my merry way. When that happens I’ll do what I can to keep you safe and you’ll never have to see me again." a simple arangement. "And like I said, I keep my promises, its the other side of hell that bleaks them." -02:17 May 02
Angelle: Now she remembered. He said last night he would keep her safe, and it confused her so much she hadn’t known what to think about it. …She still didn’t know what to think about it. It was easy to hate someone, not so easy to forgive them… She toyed with the noodles in the box. "There’s not much that can be done about it anyway… if it’s some other demon chasing me, it’s probably not going to quit even if they’re more mad at you. …I don’t even know why they were chasing me in the first place… Demons care that much about the theater?" -02:22 May 02
Virote: "You are a toy, a plaything, something to torture and change and maybe turn into a concubine. I helped you escape that that wa a blow to his ego, that I did it so easily. I made him look like a weak fool. For that, what he did to me will be nothing compared to what he will do. For him.. hunting me is personal. And he won’t bother with you until I’m dead." -02:28 May 02
Angelle: "I see." It made much more sense that he helped her only to help himself. Keeping her placated and cooporative would make it easier for him to get what he needed. That fact there was that slightest bit of being offended from it made her annoyed with herself. She was clearly not sane. Breakfast was gone in a heartbeat and she was off the bed again fussing with the clothes. "So I am safe until you die… and so far that doesn’t really look good for either of us…" -02:33 May 02
Virote: "I could kill him." he said "He’d desurve it but hes too strong for me." he said "I’ve been thinking about this all night and I might have a plan that will get him of both of out back forever. So you cna go back to your life. But first things first.. I need to get out of your head." -02:38 May 02
Angelle: "It’d be a relief not having someone moving me around…" First things first. Though she really wanted a shower, she didn’t trust him with her body in the shower… So Angelle peeled off her clothes and pulled on the fresh ones. That did make things feel a little bit better! She sat on the edge of the bed again, occasionally glancing up at the TV as she pulled on a pair of shoes. "So we just find a suitable body?" -02:42 May 02
Virote: "Any one will do, it doesn’t really need to be that fresh I can reshape it once I’m in. Something I didn’t with your by the way before you ask or you’d have a penis and loo exactly like you remmeber me looking I can’t reshape however I want. You said there was a place nearby… -02:45 May 02
Angelle: She made a face. Clearly the idea of being a man wasn’t on her to-do list. Angelle was dressed and ready, grabbing the remote to turn off the TV when she paused. Leaning forward to squint at the screen and one of the newscasts. A crazy video under investigation about a bank robbery, with a person that suspiciously looked like herself pulling a metal vault door right off the wall. "…tell me again you didn’t do anything weird with my body?" -02:48 May 02
Virote: "He saw the image and took control turning her head away, turning off the tv and throwing the remote onto the bed. "We needed money, I didn’t take that much and no one will place you there its five states away. You’re untouchable. Now.. get me out of here." -02:50 May 02
Angelle: "You robbed a bank with my body?! I could go to prison…!" Argh! Demons…! There was no helping it now. Huffing she was getting up and leaving the motel room. But if she could swat at him, she would be. Which was progress, because days ago she had been afraid to even look at him for fear he’d get pissy at her! -02:53 May 02
Virote: "Look." he said turnign her head down to look at a chevrolet impala sitting in the motel lot, the top up and the paint gleaming. "On the passenger seat theres a bag with enough money to keep you going for a long time. Thats your bonus for hepling me out and should get you far enough away, a nice house and a little something to retire on. Its yours if you listen to what I have to say or not. If you don’t want it donate it to charity or something." -03:02 May 02
Angelle: So shiny…! Of course, now she was just as confused as ever. Was this what it was like for housewives that get beat up by their husbands? Harassed and then given a shiny to make up for it? Driving would be so much fun… but the funeral home was only down the street. Maybe she could resist the shiny car once she thought about it for awhile. Angelle walked down the sidewalk. "Why are you suddenly being so nice? Because it’s not your job to be mean anymore?" -03:07 May 02
Virote: There was silence, a long silence that contrasted with the turmoil coming from him. "I’m apologizing." he said finally "I want to make sure you’ll be okay once I’m gone forever and can’t hurt you anymore." he sounded like he didn’t want to say what he just did, and that was confirmed by his next sentence. "I don’t want to talk about it while I’m in your head. If I lose control while in here, you won’t survive." -03:14 May 02
Angelle: Apologizing? That was…! Well. There was hope for a demon yet? Angelle was surprisingly pleased with the thought. Hopeful, even, that maybe things and the universe really wasn’t so terrible. So it was a much, much better mooded Angelle that arrived at the Funeral Home, silently stepping inside hoping not to alert anyone that she was there. "Thank you for being considerate of me." she mentioned softly, hopping to hide behind a curtain when she heard someone coming. She kinda didn’t want to explain she was just there to steal a body. -03:20 May 02
Virote: He punstly pulled her back, they were sneaking now… his area of expertiese… The man stopped and turned then reached over the pulled back the curtain, but there was nothing there because Angelle’s body was above him crawling along the ceiling and dropping down silently to slip through a doorway. He frooze and waited until the footsteps receeded before moving over to the fridges and opening the first one with a name on the door. "I need you to take over now so you’re in control when I leave… all I need you to do it toutch it." -03:25 May 02
Angelle: Angelle would never ever be used to doing crazy demon power things, even if it wasn’t technically her crawling on the ceiling. She made sure the door was locked behind her, and that it was her, and only her that had control of her limbs. Touching a body though! "This is really, really creepy…!" Angel inched closer to the open casket. Already prepared for a funeral that would happen later in the day. Some poor middle aged gentlemen that probably had an unfortunete early death. Angelle was cringing and squeezing her eyes shut when she finally reached down and grasped the man’s hand. So cold and lifeless…! -03:31 May 02
Virote: His mind tensed in her head and prepaired to make the leap.. then it was sliding from her as the body’s eyes opened and rhe frozen muscles cracked and splintered as they tensed. Then the skin begant to melt and reforn, the stitching disappearing and the face reforming into his, her boss’.. it was over surprisingly quickly and when it was he was gone from her head, and sitting up. "Your bag… it has my clothes." -03:36 May 02
Angelle: Angelle was a little disoriented. She hadn’t realized how used to having him there she was, and now her head felt a little empty. She fumbled for the bag slipped over her shoulder, having a bit of trouble collecting herself. She felt so much weaker now! Fragile? Angelle managed to find some of his stuff. She eyed him… "That’s… all, then…?" -03:41 May 02
Virote: He say naked on the cold slab. "If you want it to be. I start running you never see me again. But theres another way, a way we can kill him and not have to run. Like I said I can’t kill him by myself." he pulled the thirt on and hopped off the slab and pushed in into it’s fridge. "But with your help I can… and by doing this I’m betraying all of demon kind but you know what they are like more than anyone." -03:44 May 02
Angelle: She shouldn’t have been staring, but fair was fair. And at least now he wasn’t in her head to read her thoughts. She was ashamed enough as it was to even have them. Angelle held out a pair of pants. "It’d be nice not having to run. And honestly, I think demons betraying each other seems a rather natural thing for them to do anyway…" -03:50 May 02
Virote: "You’re a fast learner." he said pulling on his pants and doing them up. He usually went commado anyway. "There is something that can kill any demon, any one at all including the one I used to kill master. But its a holy relic and I don’t fit that bill so I can’t weild it. You on the other hand might." he paused "Its a sword once blessed by saint cathrine and weilded by the maid of france herself…." -03:59 May 02
Angelle: That’s where the idea sounded not so great anymore, and it was impossible for her to hide the expression on her face. "Me use it? And kill a demon? I’m not so sure I can do that…" Angelle wasn’t keen on killing anyone, not to say she didn’t think that his Master demon deserved it. But… thinking someone needed to be killed and then KILLING someone was an entirely different thing. "…and I am pretty sure that guy will break all my bones and rip off all my skin and worse before I can even stab him!" -04:02 May 02
Virote: He rolled his eyes then pushed her from the room towards the exit. "The last person to use it said that too, I know, I was there. But I was trying to get her NOT to take it. But I was working with the english… its a very long story and long story short its never taken a mortal life, and if it does it’s power is destroyed. For that reason the church has it hidden away. Getting it will be fun." -04:05 May 02
Angelle: Something about that whole story sounded awfully familiar, but more surprising was the fact it eluded to him being much older than he looked. Angelle walked, wary of them running in to anyone else as they left. …and still unsure of the whole idea. "I really don’t know how to fight a demon. …and I think that’s been pretty obvious so far." -04:09 May 02
Virote: "Thats where the whole ‘blessed by a saint’ thing comes in. Do you think Jehanne Dare knew a thing about demonslaying growing up on a farm? Oh sorry you wouldn’t know her by that name… Joan D’Arc" he was talkign fast and in the tone of a smart ass "Yes Angelle its her sword we’re after once we get out of here." -04:16 May 02
Angelle: Yeah, this was the boss she recognized. The one that made her huffy. "We’re going to steal a priceless holy relic?" For a moment, she suspected he could still read her thoughts. A strange side effect from possession. It was luck that they didn’t run in to any of the home workers. So they stepped outside on to the sidewalk without incident. And now she could speak above a hushed whisper. "Did she try to slay you?" Angelle was curious to know. -04:20 May 02
Virote: "Yes, more than onc, fun times were had." he sighed "I got even though…" the last sentence didn’t sound happy at all. He walked with her up the street towards the motel. Theres another thing.. you’ve seen into my mind, you know what I feel, all the time.. I don’t want to hurt you, I promised I wouldn’t so.." he looked away "I’m going to have to find other women." -04:26 May 02
Angelle: "Another woman?" The fact he didn’t to hurt her still had her reeling, but it was far too late for her to back out of things now. "I know I’m not the best choice for all of this, but I am kinda already involved… I don’t want someone else to have to get stuck chased by demons, so it will have to be me. I can learn." -04:29 May 02
Virote: "Not for the sword." he said "For sex. If its not you I won’t have to worry about hurting them, and if they’re not human you won’t have to worry about me hurting them. I saw your memory of what I did to you. Thats never going to happen again. I’m not going to rape you again, so I need someone else." -04:31 May 02
Angelle: That was…. kind of sweet in a totally twisted, screwed up sort of way. Angelle was silent for a moment, mulling it over. "You’re not going to pounce some other human woman are you? Because that wouldn’t be good…" -04:35 May 02
Virote: He shook his head "There are demons I can turn to that I can bargain with not to turn me over." he said "You have to understand, what I feel is insatiable. You felt only a part of it last night. It can’t be satisfied alone and if I try to ignore it you will end up being hurt." -04:38 May 02
Angelle: "It’d be risky to do that… seeking out other demons." She was trying to think logically about it. If he HAD to, she could let him loose on poor human ladies. But if he sought out demons, there was no telling who would turn on him, even if he thought they might be trust worthy… As far as she could tell, demons turned on each other at the drop of a hat. "You could do it to me… If you were soft about it. Then you’d be less likely to get caught and maimed again." -04:43 May 02
Virote: He looked at her his brow knitted "I don’t want you to say that just because you think you have to. You don’t owe me anything." his voice was determined "I could leave when you sleep and come back before you wake up. You’ll never know I’m gone." he was still looking at her intently "You desurve better than me and once this is over you need to leave and never look back." -04:49 May 02
Angelle: "All of this isn’t exactly easy to forget." she admitted. All of the bad, and now… the very strange hintings of good. Angelle had to ask herself if she was offering because she felt like she was forced to… It didn’t seem so. She shook her head. "I don’t have to. But it’s also not going to make a difference now. If you need someone, I can be that someone. And it will be less dangerous… but it does come with conditions. I’m not throwing myself in to a fire here…" -04:53 May 02
Virote: His look he was givinf her changed. "Conditions? You’re sounding a lot like a demon." he said "And again don’t do this because its logical, you desurve better than that." he turned into the motel parking lot "like I said you owe me nothing." -04:56 May 02
Angelle: "I sound like a human who is trying not to be stupid about everything." she responded with a little bit of offense. Angelle pulled out her key when they reached the motel door and let them both inside. "It would be fair trade? I don’t want to be here alone and I know I am in trouble… I want to feel safe and be safe. If you can give me that, then I will do what you’d like me to do. As long as you’re soft and gentle with me. No more hitting, or grabbing, or anything like that…" He kept saying she deserved better, and it was so baffling! -05:01 May 02
Virote: He was still looking at her with an odd expresion on his face. "I’ll make sure you’re safe until this is over you don’t need to give me anything for that. I’m not going to expect you to sell yourself to me for protection. So you will be safe. I don’t know what causes humans to fuck eachother but whatever that is, that should be your motivation. Not using yourself in a trade." -05:06 May 02
Angelle: "You’re actually serious…" Angelle just… didn’t know how to deal with that. Had a day in her head really changed his perspective that much…? Finally, as if she had been tensed the whole time, she let out a sigh. Dropping her bag in to a chair. She stepped across the room to him, and leaning on her toes gave him a quick kiss to his cheek. "Thank you for that… But I’ve offered. So if you need me, I am here." -05:11 May 02
Virote: He flopped down in a crain against the wall well away from her and eyed her with intent. "Why do humans do it?" he asked "What drives them? The need for offspring? Enjoyment? Is that why you want it because you enjoy it? I still think humans are insane but enjoying sex is something we can agree on. He looked at her. -05:18 May 02
Virote: He loked at her tilting his head and grinned "So tell me exactly why you’ve changed your tune." -05:19 May 02
Angelle: He put her on the spot, which left her turning read and being very flustered. If she was truthful, she liked it last night. But that was technically with herself and she never had a problem pleasing herself. It was always other people involved when it wasn’t so great. Angelle moved to the small fridge to confiscate a small bottle of water. "Most humans do it because they like it. I doubt it’s any different from demons. …and I haven’t changed my tune! I just think you’re… That you need to learn things, I guess. And it’s better me, than you attacking some poor lady!" -05:23 May 02
Virote: "Like I said I have demons I can turn to… who like being raped and who can go for days and would want it as buch as I do." he turned to slouch sideways in his chair and put his legs up. "And once this is over and we part ways I -05:27 May 02
Virote: "Like I said I have demons I can turn to… who like being raped and who can go for days and would want it as buch as I do." he turned to slouch sideways in his chair and put his legs up. "And once this is over and we part ways I can go back to those demons so I don’t need to learn anything… so.. why?" -05:27 May 02
Angelle: Demons were crazy. …and that’s when she realized he seemed to think all sex was rape. Angelle blinked, staring at him with wide-eyed surprise for several moments. "…Have you not ever had sex with somewhere where it wasn’t rape…?" -05:30 May 02
Virote: "If by rape you mean they were willing, yes… if by rape-non you mean that if they were not then it would have stopped me then…no." he said. "Thats what it is isn’t it? Carmal pleasure using another’s body to sate your own. Thats what it is to my kind, little surprise theres only one survivor a surprisinly large amount of the time." -05:33 May 02
Angelle: "That’s not… that’s not what sex is supposed to be at all!" Now she was really baffled. Not disgusted so much as just… plain and honestly surprised that an entire species of creature could not understand the simple basics of life! …at least what she considered the simple basics! "You have never thought about the other person while doing it? Pleased someone else? Made love to someone…? Just touched for the sake of touching? ….Do you even know what kissing is, or were you just trying to mirror thoughts at me…?" -05:40 May 02
Virote: He looked away and closed hsi eyes. "I with it wasn’t true but yes. Those were just mirror thoughts. You made me want that though. I’ve never kissed, never touched that wasn’t establising or fighting for dominance. Its the way of things… they don’t call it hell for nothing. Relief but never satisfaction. You felt satisfied last night. That is a feeling no demon has ever experienced." -05:45 May 02
Angelle: "That sucks." Angelle didn’t mean to say it out loud. But, it was true! She was so sure even demons had to feel some sort of contentment, or happiness, or… well. There was a whole realm of things he already told her he never experienced before. She could still remember his confusion and curiosity at all the emotions in her head. "How about I show you a kiss? It’s an easy thing." -05:48 May 02
[Virote enters.] -06:17 May 02
[(Timeout) Virote was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -06:19 May 02
Virote: "No its not." he said "Its not simply pressing lips together, its the begining, the start of a change I don’t know if I can handle." he slid from the chair and pulling of his shirt unfurled his wings. "This is what I am, this is what I will always be. You’re asking me to be human…. What if I can’t?" -06:19 May 02
Angelle: "I am not asking you to be human, I know you can’t be." He clearly thought she, or at least all humans, were completely dumb! Angelle was perfectly aware he was a demon now, and that wasn’t going to change. …However… "I just thought it would be good if you knew more -about- humans. If demons can feel all that hate and rage and other stuff, why can’t they feel the good feelings too?" -06:23 May 02
Virote: "Compasion, love, consideration…. those are HUMAN traits. You’re asking me to become humane but I am built to be a demon, its all I know, its all I’ve wanted… until now. Why do you make things so…. confusing?" -06:30 May 02
Angelle: "I am trying to make things less confusing." ….At least, she thought she was. If he knew more he could make better decisions? Angelle shook her head and stood, resting her hands on her hips. "It’s just a kiss anyway, it won’t make you feel all of that! It might not make you feel anything at all. But trying something that doesn’t involving hurting someone would be a good experience for you?" -06:34 May 02
Virote: His wings lowered but stayed "I…." he took a deep breath "Trust you.." he stepped closer until he was a foot away from her and there was a moment of cofused hesitation. "No grabbing.." he reminded himself then placed his hand, flat on her side. "You lead." -06:39 May 02
Angelle: "That’s right. No grabbing, or biting. Okay?" …it was a stupid time to be shy, seeing as she was the one that offered. Also knowing he could easily be trying to trick her too… but… Angelle took a deep breath and stepped forward until their bodies were almost touching. Then leaning up on her toes, she brushed a gentle kiss over his mouth. Nothing exciting or extragant, just a simple movement of her lips over his. -06:44 May 02
Virote: He blinked.. "That it? Thats all akiss is? It seemed… more…" despite his words it still had an effect on him and his fingers curled against her side holding her against him. "My turn?" he half asked half stated before he leaned forwards and pressed his lips sloftly into hers. -06:48 May 02
Angelle: Angelle was not expecting a second kiss. …she also wasn’t expecting it to be… nice? It was her curiously testing this time. Comparing those images of what he put in to her head, with how the kiss really felt. That soft, curious, pressure of her lips against his.. Parting slightly as she sighed. -06:53 May 02
Virote: He pushed in harder his hand lovign to her arm to pull her into the kiss as his other moved to her cheek and his eyes glided closed. Against her his pants bulged outwards with surprising speed and he pulled away… taking half a step back. -07:00 May 02
Angelle: Angelle was released, not that she was being held captive… and she felt a little disoriented. Breathless. Trying to regain her common sense, and ignoring the fact she was probably all red-faced and flushing again, she cleared her throat. "That, um… so that was a kiss…" -07:02 May 02
Virote: "It was." he said lookign her up and down and trying very hard not to tear into her and get releif. "Whats next?" he asked sounding almost as breathless as she was… "If we were to have sex?" -07:06 May 02
Angelle: Now she was a little embarrassed. Brushing a hand through her head and debating how to explain it all step by step to a demon who really had no idea! "Kissing and touching… soft touching! Petting and snuggling. That would be before sex.." -07:10 May 02
Virote: He looked at her and then at himself… "Can’t toutch without…" he undid his pants and let them fall to the floor then stepped up to her and pulled her button open and pushed her zip down… seemed he only knew one place to toutch. -07:13 May 02
Angelle: "Wait, wait, wait…!" For a moment she almost panicked. But Angelle got that under control quick. She was doing the teaching, here. She was the boss. "You don’t have to be naked to touch. There is hugging and petting.. sometimes it’s better to have clothes still -on-. For anticipation? …do you understand anticipation?" -07:16 May 02
Virote: He gave her a blank look then shook his head "Shall we move this to the bed and you can show me?" he asked stepping away and looking at her. -07:21 May 02
Angelle: "I…" she glanced at the bed, chewing on her bottom lip. She wasn’t being forced. And she wanted to show him something better… "All right… To the bed." Angelle kicked off her shoes and hopped on the bed first. Scooting all the way to lean her back on the headboard. She patted the spot next to her. "..first rule is that there is no sexing until there is touching and snuggling. I will show you snuggling first.." -07:25 May 02
Virote: Still naked he climbed into the bed his wings melting away into his back. He lay on his side and waited biting his bottom lip. "I didn’t know there were rules in sex." he said "But you’re… the human.." -07:30 May 02
Angelle: "It’s not an official rule. It’s just a rule for right now. One step at a time." Angelle scooted down, and just a little awkwardly scooted up against him. Taking one of his arms to wrap around her. "Snuggling involves petting… Just touching, with no hitting or scratching or anything like that. Kissing is okay too." -07:34 May 02
Virote: He let her lift his arm and then shift his hand up to her neck and back down… "Like this?" he shifted closer eager for more kissing… but didn’t on her lips instead choosing her neck… then her lips. -07:41 May 02
Angelle: "Yes..!" a soft breathless squeak. This had to be wrong. Every woman in the universe would want to hang her for allowing the guy that hurt her to even touch her, let alone this. But… they didn’t know the situation. How much he didn’t understand, and how much she really wanted to see if she could show him. Angelle returned his kiss with a soft one of her own. Then she was hiding her face at the crook of his neck and curling her arm around his waist. This really was a crazy thing. -07:45 May 02
Virote: He let out a sigh moving his hand up into her hair and runnign hsi fingers though it. THis was strange and he didn’t understand it… but it was nice. Once of twice her grabbed her soulder and almost pusher her onto her back and stopped himself. "I don’t knwo why you’re doing this… but thank you." -07:48 May 02
Angelle: …and that made her smile! Wide enough that he could feel it against his neck when she moved and breathed. That seemed to make every little awkward and uncomfortable moment worth it. And as a reward, she was giving him the soft touches. Nuzzling against his neck, and the faint brushing of her fingers against his back. -07:52 May 02
Virote: He toutched gave him pause. He had no word to describe them, he had no word to descride any of this. He was so out of his depth it was lunacy. He sofly nipped her ear, more lip thean anything else as his hand drifter to her hip to slide under her shirt. -07:56 May 02
Angelle: Angelle giggled, his fingers must have hit a tickled spot somewhere. Her breath falling over his neck in brief waves. She tilted her head back, that grin shifting to her chewing on her bottom lip. She reached up a hand to brush over his chin and jaw. Her expression turning thoughtful. Days ago the sight of him would have her groaning and ducking in to another room. Worse when he had his scary demon look. Now she was running her fingers over his cheek and trying to decide what she thought of him now… -08:01 May 02
Virote: He looked at her examinign the thoughtful look on her face and his head tilted. "What…?" he asked his hand rubbing her side under her shirt… "I doing something wrong?" -08:03 May 02
Angelle: "Nothing wrong. I was just thinking."How could someone have been so mean and so awful, and now be so different…? Angelle leaned forward, kissing the corner of his mouth and lingering a moment. -08:13 May 02
Virote: His hand slid up her back under her shirt as he brushed his lips against hers. " don’t know if I could answer that… because I don’t know, maybe I just needed a reason or to be shown what I was missing." -08:19 May 02
Angelle: "You’re reading my thoughts again." She should probably be angry about that. Or freaked out. But she really did like how nice it felt to be touched like this, and not being scared! She took his face in both her hands, running her thumbs against his cheeks. "Now you can kiss me?" -08:26 May 02
Virote: He did brushign his lips against hers again and then pushing them home his lips parting slightly as his hand wandered up her side and back down. He felt vulnerable but warm, like she owuldn’t hurt him even if she could it scared him but at the same time he didn’t stop as his hand queezed her side and he pushed her back. -08:29 May 02
[(Timeout) Virote was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -08:37 May 02
Angelle: Angelle had grinned against his mouth. She might not have heard his thoughts directly, but there was a way he touched her… She rose up on an elbow still offering him that same smile. "This is good, isn’t it? Nice? Imagine doing this all the time!" -08:37 May 02
Virote: "All the time?" he asked "You ane me?" he kissed her again then curled his fingers around the hem of her top and pulled up upwards. "That might get in the way of parting ways when this is all over." -08:40 May 02
Angelle: "I meant this in general! But… Hmm… I understand when things are temporary. This is for teaching, isn’t it?" At least, she was pretty sure it was. Angelle was biting her lip again, raising a hand to run through his hair. Only slightly curious to see if those horns were hiding in there somewhere. -08:44 May 02
Virote: They were, two small lumps under the thick hair on his scalp. With her shirt out of the way his hand ran accross her stomack and he was looking down at her chest.. "I guess… but after this how can I go back…?" -08:51 May 02
Angelle: It tickled again, and there was a slight jump from her. But she was more concerned with watching his face when she wasn’t poking one of his horns with interest. "I am not sure why anyone would want to go back to a place like that. There’s a lot more in the world than just pain and torment and hurting things… " -08:55 May 02
Virote: The content look on his face almost like a cat getting its ears scratched faded and was replaced with something sader. "They are my kind and I belong with them. No matter how much I change I’ve still done then thing I have and should be down there. Its where I belong." He looked at her adn thier eyes met. "Its the way of things, and without the master I have no excuse not to got back." -09:00 May 02
Angelle: "I’ve never been a big fan for just accepting things as they are…" Of course, that didn’t mean she ever tried to improve things for herself. She always did just accept things! At least until he got involved in her life! Angelle leaned up again, taking his head in her hands and kissing his forehead. She didn’t have any control over her own life, but he had plenty of power! He could do whatever he wanted. "Go back, then, if you want to. And show all the other demons how stupid they are?" -09:10 May 02
Virote: He chuckled moving up against her and moving to kiss her back his hand sliding down her sides, then back up to run across her chest lightly. "You’re asking me to change hell? Make it less.. hellish?" he asked "Its meant to be like that. Its punishement, damnation, the wrost place to ever exist by design… You don’t know what a tall orver that is." -09:14 May 02
Angelle: The attention had her flushing, just as much as him laughing at her and thinking the idea was ridiculous. "…okay, so it’s not exactly the easier thing in the world to do… But it could happen? If you can choose to be different, no reason why hell can’t be different too…" -09:19 May 02
Virote: "By forcing them all to share the mind of a human without eating that human’s soul? Thats going to be easy…" he said leaning down to kiss her again his hands sliding down her chest to her stomach then to her pants undoing them the rest of the way.. then back up her stomach to cup her breasts… "But we’ll see what happens…." -09:22 May 02
Angelle: It was a strange conversation to be having in a moment like that, but everything else had be insane too. By the grimace on her face, she clearly didn’t like the idea of more demon possessions, but it was hard to keep that scowling twitch of her mouth when his hands ran over her. She was sighing, tilting to nuzzle against his cheek, curl her hand in to his hair. "I’m sure there’s others ways. I can think of something later…" Because thinking of anything at the moment was getting kind of difficult. -09:27 May 02
Virote: He kissed her neck then nuzzled his chim into it his hand sliding back down between them to pull her pants down and toss them aside. "I see what you said about anticipation." he said nipping her ear then moving his lips to hers then kissing down her chin to her neck as finally his hard mamber pressed against her. -09:31 May 02
Angelle: "You are very quick to learn…" There was that nervousness and worry again. He was a quick study, but Angelle wasn’t a hundred percent sure if she could trust him not to get rough. She curled her arms around his shoulders, though, resting her head against one while trying not to get tense and alarm him. "You remember to be easy? Soft with me?" -09:35 May 02
Virote: He would have pushed in roughly if he hadn’t hve heard her reminder. "I will…" he whistered before he pushed his tip parting her lips and penetrating her his cap and shaft following until his hip butted up against hers. He nuzzles into her as he moved his breath flowing down her neck and over her shoulder… this was definately different. -09:43 May 02
Angelle: Wasn’t so bad…! That was a sharp intake of breath from her, but she wasn’t in pain. Almost immediately she relaxed, squirming under him until her body adjusted and that very warm feeling tingling at her center. She tilted her head, her cheek resting against him as she breathed in again. "Okay…! This is good…!" -09:51 May 02
Virote: He thrust again pushign deeper into Angelle’s warmth and his and braced himself and his other brushed down her side. He could easily summon the streanth to snap her spine with a thrust but he just pushed her hith each time his lips brushing over the skin of her cheek. "What is this….?" -09:57 May 02
Angelle: "Reciprocated sex, permitted sex… hum… really nice sex…!" Really, really nice… and unexpected..! She held him tight in her embrace, ever so often her grip would tight and relax again. Almost the same moment she’d twist or squirm under him. Her arms finally loosened, Angelle nuzzling his cheek before moving to his mouth to plant a kiss over his lips. He deserved a kiss. -10:03 May 02
Virote: He kissed her back his lips parting immediatly and sliding agaist hers, he pushed faster wanting more, wanting to give her more… heel this was fantastic… "I like it.." he whispered "I like it with you…" -10:07 May 02
Angelle: She didn’t think she would like it herself, so the fact she did was just so… strange! Stranger still that she was pleased he liked it too. He had her softly whimpering, but the sound was quickly muffled when she kissed him again. …IT not being so soft, but more of a needy expression of appreciation mixed with that building desire. One of her hands had slipped to the back of his head to tangle in to his hair, holding him to her as she kissed harder and teased his mouth with a quick flick of her tongue. -10:14 May 02
Virote: His tongue found hers and slid against it tangling itself and writhing needily. His hand found her cheek and it’s fingerhooked on the base of her skull holding ehr agaist him and her thust into her a soft moan vibrating against her lips… he could feel her passion in her movements her enjoyment… he was giving and not just taking. -10:18 May 02
Angelle: She loved being held, and it was so much better this way… Physically being touched by him, and not in a violent way. Her sudden jolt had her gasping…! Mouth breaking away from him as her head tilted back against the bed. Her thighs squeezing tight against his hips when she bucked and twist beneath him. It hadn’t quite felt like this before…! "Don’t stop, son’t stop…!" -10:28 May 02
Virote: He didn’t spot, he pushed harder, his hand hips pushing and pushing ah he moved to nuzzle nito her cheek and neck a tingling rising all along his spine." -10:32 May 02
Virote: His arm slipped around her and drew her closer to him pressing her against him as he voice came to her in a whisper. "So this is why humans do it.." -10:37 May 02
Angelle: Angelle laughed, which was probably an inappropriate time to do so… but at least it was short lived, when that jolt hit again. This time making her entire body quake and shiver. She groaned, she sighed…! She wrapped her arms around his shoulders tight and buried her face at the crook of his neck as she did. -10:42 May 02
Virote: He pushed maybe too hard to be considered gently but not hard enough to be rough either, kissing her shoulder and thrusign deep, he was going to finishe soon her could feel it rising, ready to spill over and flood into her. "Angelle…" he whispered "Thank you.." -10:45 May 02
Angelle: There was a soft squeek from her but she was still holding tight, that moaning having shifted to faint short sounds of pleasure. His words made her smile, a wide giggling grin as she curled around him and held him close. -10:51 May 02
Virote: He climaxed and slowly nuzzles itno her the feeling flooding his with intensity liek he never knew. He lay panting slightly to he pulled back to look at her his eyes closign lazily before he nuzzled into her shoulder. "You show me what its like to be human.." he whispered softly into her shoulders "I used to know.. a long time ago.." he closed hsi eyes and sighed falling next to her as a wong covered her and he hold her tight.. not realizing what he had said. -10:55 May 02
The Demon and Angelle

The Demon and Angelle 004: Curious Possession

[Angelle is completely and utterly traumatized, and the fact she’s not totally insaaaane is a testiment to her sense of survival!] -07:21 May 01
Angelle: Angelle was sitting on the floor, trying to push a shackle off her wrist without popping any of her joints out of socket. Apparently when demons say ‘you have to die’ they actually mean ‘torture and maim your body until you are a broken, bloody, battered piece of unrecognizable flesh and then let you slowly, slowly, perish’. Angelle didn’t even want to KNOW why they did to humans! -07:23 May 01
Virote: He had been tortured to the going where there wre no limbs left with the strenth to be shacled let along for him to move. His arm was still in the manacle on the wall dripping blood the bome exposed as ribons of flesh hunh dowm from it red rivlets running dowm beneath it. It had been flawed unto it broke away from his body. The rest of him was on the floor looking more like a pile of kitches scraps than a living being. Yes he was alive, and yes he was awake. He could speak, he couldn’t move but there was the need to escape as his entire world with nothign but pain. he reached out to her with his mind, calling to her “Angelle…. Angelle we need to get out of here.” -07:25 May 01
Angelle: She froze, almost concerned that someone else had appeared and was incredibly surprised it was his voice. Angelle cast a brief look at the bloodied body before turning her gaze away. Despite the fact he hurt her and she didn’t like him, he hadn’t deserved all that… no one did! “I’m trying to get out of here… I don’t… I don’t think you’re moving…” The fact that he really wasn’t and she was still talking to him made it all the more freaky! -07:30 May 01
Virote: “I’m not. I can’t.” he voice said pushing purther into her mind without meaning to and for a moment the pain he was in toutched her thoughts. “This body will never move again. If we’re going to get out of here I need to use yours.” there was silence for a second “I could take you over, just until we’re safe then I promise I’ll give you control back.” -07:33 May 01
Angelle: Angelle cringed, that unexpected feeling of pain caught her by surprise. It was all too easy to imagine how terrible it was…. and worse having been stuck there watching every moment he screamed, or couldn’t scream! She needed out… but letting him take over her body did not sound like a good idea. “You hurt me and brought me here, and you want me to help you? To trust you…?” -07:38 May 01
Virote: There was a long pause, he was either thinking, giving up, or more likely fighting off the pain long though to talk. “You need me to get out.. If I posess you as long as I do your body will have my strengthm my speed, my endurence and my gifts.” another pause as his mind withdrew slightly. “I always keep a promise, I promised you bad things would happen to you if you disobeyed and they did…. not the best example.. If you don’t agree my only other choice if to take your body by force and I’ll have to consume your soul to do that. ANd once I get a new body I’m out of yours.” -07:44 May 01
Angelle: “Well, thank you for that very grim explination!” Angelle was not the sort of person to be sarcastic, but this situation was just… rather futile in general. She fussed with the metal around her wrist, having bruised and cut in to the skin pretty bad , but still unable to get it loose. Even if she did get free from the chains, she had no idea where to go from there. This was the demon world right? How do you even get OUT of a place like that! Angelle let out a slow breath. “…and if I help you, you’re not going to chase me any more? No more breaking my doors down and threatening to kill me?” -07:48 May 01
Virote: He pushed in on her mind again this time his despiration coming though in place of the pain. “I have no reason to. You’ve seen the ‘reward’ my master gave me. I was chasing you on his behalf. Hes the one that wants you. Not me.” -07:51 May 01
Angelle: All of that and it wasn’t even him that was doing the chasing of her? If she escaped, she would end up being chased anyway. And Angelle was getting really tired of running. Still… she could still feel his pain, and despite everything she still felt bad for him. “…All right. I’ll help you and and me too. But you have to promise to get OUT when we’re somewhere safe?” -07:55 May 01
Virote: “I can’t get out without a body to get into.” he said, his voice weaker “But I can make one with the right materials and as soon as we have them I’m out of you forever.” he could hear her thougts as well as her voice and revealed it by answering her thoughts too. “And when he realises I’ve escaped he’ll be too busy hunting me to think about you.” his voice was weaker still as he spoke “Tell me when you’re ready but it has to be soon.” -08:00 May 01
Angelle: That hardly made it any better. But time was off the essence… “I’m ready, I guess.” Angelle was nervous, and concerned, and she could imagine a bunch of ways it could go wrong. Better to get it over! -08:05 May 01
Virote: He pressed in hard all the pain, fear, despiration and a tiny shred of hope all crushing in on her at once is if it were her own. Then it pulled away, seperating itself into a voice in her head, his voice, only now to pushed her aside and fell in behind her eyes, listened through her ears breathed through her lungs. She could feel everything her felt, felt him adjusting to her body and taking it over changing it to suit him. Then he pulled with her arm and iron tore.. he moved her free arm in front of her eyes. “Excelent…” -08:09 May 01
Angelle: Now was a terrible moment to want to start squealing. So she thought the squealing instead of actually doing it. It was so strange! Feeling out of control and out of body, but still completely on solid ground. The weirdest part was feeling him. A whole different kind of invasion, she really wasn’t comfortable with. Angelle was the one choosing to stand, still not wanting to look at his body as she dust off her clothes in a nervous, pointless motion. “Now what…?” -08:16 May 01
Virote: He pulled ehr other arm free and looked around “So you still have some control. That is unexpected…” his thoughts came to her instead of his voice, if he were to use her mouth it would be her voice with his tone, his verbal ticks, and that would sound wierd. “Now we escape…” wings spouted from her shoulder as he threw her body at the door and splintered it. There was a guard on the other side but he pumped in him and gripping his head used her mouth to tear his throat out in under a second… then the taste of demon flesh in her mouth he threw them out of the nearest window and spread her… his… her… wings. -08:21 May 01
Angelle: Angelle retreated. …Mentally retreated, because he was the one moving her body around and in ways she really, really wasn’t comfortable with! Blood tasted awful! The wings… well the wings were kinda neat, but the entire thing was way too much to deal with all once. So she focused on him. Just him, so she wouldn’t have to think about the rest. “….did you have to bite him!” -08:25 May 01
Virote: They were gliding away over a twisted hellscape that no mortal could see and remember clearly, it hust wasn’t compatible with the way thier mind workeds. “He didn’t have time to scream did he?” he took thought away from flying and probed her mind with it, non-invasively something like a curious child toutching a sleeping kitten. “I’ve never shared a head with a mortal.” he said as suddenly there was sunshine and the real world, her worls around them and her feet were on the street with the wings melting back into her shoulders… “Your world, you get us somewhere safe. Just rememeber you have the strength of a demon so… be gentle with the world. You don’t want to break it.” -08:32 May 01
Angelle: Angelle definitely didn’t like flying. …but his strange curious prodding in her head, had her very off-kilter. It took her a moment to get control of herself again, to keep from tripping over her own feet. At least in her world she felt like she could breath again. Angelle was shakey on her feet as she walked, and very wary about touching anything, just in case. “How do I get you out of my head…?” His gentle prodding was almost more alarming than when he was being angry and aggressive! Angelle didn’t know what to make of it. -08:37 May 01
Virote: “I need a body, like I said..” more prodding, he felt her emotions and recoiled.. “There has to be a graveyard, or a hospital or some kind on body no one is using… I het the feeling you won’t like me taking one over.” he sounded iritated by this. “What are you feeling?” -08:43 May 01
[Becca – can I join?] -08:45 May 01
[(Logout) Becca escapes to a secret lair!] -((08:48 May 01))
Angelle: A body… Angelle was already thinking about him taking over some other human’s body. Where it would be good for -her-, it wouldn’t be good for someone else. She couldn’t make someone else suffer… So that meant… finding a dead one? More uncomfortable…! Checking the street name, Angelle changed her direction. Somewhere nearby there was a funeral home and graveyard. That would do the trick. As for his question… “I am scared mostly. Worried. Really confused. You’ve put me in this situation and I don’t like it and I don’t understand why…” -08:52 May 01
Virote: “I can feel it through you…” he said. “I just couldn’t put words to it…” there was a pause “Don’t go yet you need to get us somewhere safe where we can hide. They’ll come looking for us before we can get the body somewhere safe. We need to lay low… they don’t know you well enough to track you as easily as I did.” -08:57 May 01
Angelle: Angelle paused on the sidewalk, a hand raising to her head as she tried to think. Didn’t he realize how hard it was to focus on one thing at a time as it was, with all that happened, without him also redirecting her? Somewhere safe. A new hotel room! She had enough cash in her pockets for a room. Maybe. “I hope you can feel how hard this is for me. I want this over as soon as possible!” Yes! There was a motel. It looked so cheap, she was pretty sure they were in the worst area of town… So when she got the keys and paid, then was stepping in to the room, Angelle was no surprised at all to find the place one inspection away from being considered condemned. -09:02 May 01
Virote: “…..” the pause of his mind could be heard in hers “I can… I don’t like this.” he paused again then pushed her out of control and looked around the room. “I don’t like sharing this body with you, you humans are insane.” There was a dirty mirror on the wall next to the bed and he crossed the floor to to and not seeing anythign else pulled off her top and used it to wipe mose of the dirt away to look the the reflection. The eye reflected were his, the dark pools of pure blackness and as he looked his horns pushed out of her hair… then he looked away the his features disappeared.. “You can feel it can’t you, my nature… what I am. You can’t lie to me now I can hear your thoughts as clearly as you cna hear mine. I disgust you.”” -09:09 May 01
Angelle: “My shirt…!” Dangit. Why did she ever even try to argue with him about anything. It was always so futile, and he never listened! Angelle wrestled control back over her body, running her hands through her hair just to see if those strange horns were still there. Then she was snatching up her now even MORE dirty shirt and plopping on to the dust covered bed with a huff. “I’ve never lied to you… maybe about coming back to work. I don’t like you and you scare me. You’re mean and you don’t care about anything… You enjoy hurting people, and no, no I don’t like it at all. You were tortured yourself, why would you think pain is good at all…” -09:16 May 01
Virote: “Its a tool, just like anythign else… My time in this body has taught me one thing. Humans are primal creatures. Filled with useless emotions and ruled by them continuosly. I think its a result of you absudly short life spans. ” there was a moment of defeat in his mind like he was going to admit somethign he didn’t want to. “And I’m curious about them. I’ve never had them not the ones you’ve felt even in this short time… Is it always like this?” -09:23 May 01
Angelle: Curiosity was a dangerous thing. Especially when his mingled with hers… she didn’t want to be curious, she wanted to hate him! “I am sure demons can have emotions too dan’t they? If you can be angry, and mad, and other stuff, surely you can feel other things too.” What did she know about the nature of demons anyway. Angelle barely even understood the nature of humans. She fussed with trying to shake the dirt out of her shirt, but it was another useless action to keep her hands occupied. “I feel stuff all the time. I don’t know about other people. I am over sensitive I guess…” -09:27 May 01
Virote: There was a striring in his mind as he tried to place names to emotions. “Hate, Pity, Anger, Fear, Hope, Control, Lust… I feel those all the time, all of those. Its not what you would call healthy. But I’m not the only one. Its kept me alive…” he was stiring opening up what he could feel to her, some of his memories wanting to make her understand why he did what he had to her.. then they were gone and his mind seethed at itself. “But I am begining to like this body.” -09:35 May 01
Angelle: They were all incredibly uncomfortable feelings. Unpleasant. …but most of all, sad. Sad for him that it was all he had ever felt, and sad for her because she wasn’t sure how to make him understand. The most frustrating was that she felt bad for him, when she wanted to stay angry with him. Compassion was the one thing she wished she didn’t have! “You’re not going to be in it much longer, so you just leave it alone. How long do we have to wait here before I can find you a new one?” -09:39 May 01
Virote: “Long enough..” he said his mind pushing hers back and moving her hand up to he chest where it brushed against her bra. “Another thing I’ve been curious about it how it is for women… mortal women..” -09:41 May 01
Angelle: She was scowling, at least mentally scowling. This not being able to physically shove him back was difficult for her. “Don’t touch! You’ve already done enough to me. If you want to experiment with women, you can find someone else!” -09:43 May 01
Virote: His mind turned it’s attention to hers. “Thats not like what I’ve felt in you. Making me put another woman through it instead of you. Its a puzzling trait you have.” He pushed the hand under her bra to feel the bare skin. “Not like you at all.” -09:46 May 01
Angelle: Angelle was wrestling for control back. …and apparently wrestling her own body too. One hand slapping her other hand away. She wished she could find it comical, but instead it was just… very awkward! “You almost make it sound like affection, but affection is not grabbing at a woman doing mean things to her or telling her you’re going to kill her! So stop.. touching me!” -09:48 May 01
Virote: Theres was a long pause as he prodded her mentally analizing her words. “Its not.” Its sounded like he wanted to put a question mark at the end but didn’t at the last second. “You do it, toutch yourself, show me how you like to be toutched.” -09:52 May 01
Angelle: “No!” the exasperated, weary sound of her voice matched her frustration. “I am not doing anything you want me to do anymore. Every time I do, you make me regret it!” -09:54 May 01
Virote: He took her hand and roughly grabbed her crotch while making her pull onto her back on the bed. “If you don’t I will…” the hand moved to push unber her clothes. “And I won’t be gentle.” -09:59 May 01
Angelle: “It’s my body!” Annoyed and exasperated, it was very strange to be forcing herself on her own back and being like this…! It was the sort of situation she really didn’t want someone in her thoughts. And feeling as if she were doing it to herself was all the more confusing. Angelle huffed. “…you have to be nice to me. I can’t… I can’t like anything if you’re mean about it..” -10:03 May 01
Virote: The hand relaxed but rubbed softly under her clothes “Being nice is letting you do it so I don’t hurt you?” he sounded unsure as memories came unbidden to his mind, and were visible to her, the memory of shat he did to her from his persective. -10:07 May 01
Angelle: He was confusing her. What she assumed he’d be thinking then and even now were so different from what he actually thought. Before it was punishment and now it was…? Curiosity? Angelle was wrestling with how she felt about it, but at least she relaxed her body. “Being nice is… being considerate. This is uncomfortable to me, and if we’re going to do it you’ll have to not… not get grabby. Or be scary…” The fact she was even agreeing at all was probably insane. -10:13 May 01
Virote: He listened, as much as one could to a silent thought and moved away giving her controll. He could already tell he had a lot to learn if he really wanted to learn a spectrum of emotions she felt.. what was he even thinking? “Then show me.” humans were weak and died too easily trying to be like them was the worst idea ever conceved. “Show me how to toutch.. how to be conciderate,” -10:19 May 01
Angelle: That was the weirdest request she had ever heard from anyone. Ever. Angelle was hesitant. Chewing the inside of her cheek, knowing it was all going to be impossible if she over thought it, but not even knowing where to start! Normally these moments were in privacy and without an audience in her head! “This is awkward…” she muttered, retracting her hand to unbutton her pants and slip down the zipper. Then she was sliding it under the fabric again, brushing her fingers over neatly trimmed hair and trying to ponder something useful! -10:25 May 01
Virote: He remaines still and silent watching in her mind as she prepaired to do what shes asked. He couls sense her unease ans wanted help relieve it.. but had no idea how. Kissing was something humans did, he had seen it in porn and he tried to shw her kissing or the feeling of it he he were to kiss her. -10:30 May 01
Angelle: That was such a surprise Angelle paused in her confusion. She… appreciated the effort? A thought was nothing like a real kiss, but that was something. Angelle was chewing on her lip now, sinking her hand further until she was stroking her own folds. The awkwardness was still there, but at least she knew how to treat herself. -10:36 May 01
Virote: Her cmplinece was good but her pace and lack of enthusiasm was another. It was time for her to feel something. He leaked his own lust into her mind, little by little passing it onto her, maybe he slipped and gave her soo much, humans after all had such fragile minds. -10:42 May 01
Angelle: Angelle groaned, not a happy or pleased one…. Just very frustrated and very annoyed! Lust was not a feeling Angelle spent a lot of time with, so it was a very…. overwhelming experience! Such a consuming desire to touch and be touched on a level that far exceeded just having herself to play with. It did, however, make procrastinating a total after thought. Her hand dipped, a finger slipping between her folds to caress the inner wall. She wanted to resist that instant reaction to slipping a second finger and caressing her clit, but there was that fuzzy tingling sensation running through her blood. -10:49 May 01
Virote: He could fell what she felt both through her body and through her mind and he couldn’t help but think about him making her feel like that. It was too late when he realized he has shared that tought and by that stage it didn’t seem to matter, it did feel good and it drove him to share more of his lust and desire for him mo make her feel this way. -10:53 May 01
Angelle: She must have been insane. Or maybe it was simply because he had fueled her with so much lust, she couldn’t help but direct it at the nearest person to her. Her fingers plunged inside her and she gasped, a soft movement that didn’t mirror the very tremulous desire she seemed to be feeling. It was far too easy imagining it was him doing it to her… especially when he made it seem not scary at all, and more like this with gentle touches… -11:00 May 01
Virote: Its was getting harder and harder to stay passive his mind was as close to her at it could get taking in everything. He wished they had gotten him a body first so that it could be him. He felt her move, felt the thought that made her move. It wasn’t for control.. He moved her other hand slowly if her stomach, hesitantly as it waiting to see if shed’d stop him. -11:05 May 01
Angelle: So strange… it really was like someone else touching her, even thought it was her own hands. Angelle didn’t stop him, almost even liked the idea of help. Her fingers were more than moist as she continued to touch herself, thoughts of awkwardness long gone in the wake of that simple pleasure and massaging motions of her fingers. This is what she meant by soft and gentle…! This was so much better than rough! -11:09 May 01
Virote: The hand on her stomach drew circles with her nail before stiding down and figering her clit, lightly brushing over it experimentally then rubbing it softly. Whose sounde it was that excaped her throat he’d never knew but damn it it didn’t feel good. -11:14 May 01
Angelle: There was a sigh, or was it a moan…? Her eyes had fallen closed and her head tilted to the side. She pulled her knees upwards, digging her toes in to the twisted blankets of the bed. She was humming, the soft sound seeming to mirror that mounting, throbbing enjoyment coursing through her blood. What a weird mess…! -11:22 May 01
Virote: He was getting lost in the feeling, lost in her. It was unclear who was moving what other than the hands but with her back slighly arched and her lip being bitten it was clear they were both feeling the mounting pleasure and pressure, it wouldn’t be long beofre it would be over.. he wanted more time to show her more feeling. Why did it have to be so soon? -11:27 May 01
Angelle: Why did he have to be so curious and nice about it…! It was so confusing and…! Angelle gasped out loud. Her hands freezing when the muscle of her body coiled tightly around them… that rush…! She hadn’t ever felt anything like it before and she had done it plenty enough times… Maybe it was because a second person was involved, or maybe it was the over-eggagerate sensation of lust… but it struck her so hard, she was still grasping for breath moments later! -11:31 May 01
Virote: It keep him a while to be heard again, he was as panty and blown away as she was. “I’m sorry..” he said finally. “For everything and I’m goint to make you safe again, as soon as I get a body.” -11:36 May 01
Angelle: In her haze, she barely registered what he said. And it wasn’t until she was quickly drifting off to sleep that the words sank in. Making her even more confused than before. I’m sorry and I will make you safe. -11:38 May 01
The Demon and Angelle

The Demon and Angelle 003: The Contract

Angelle: Angelle was out of town. In fact, Angelle was out of state. She was pretty lucky she had her credit card in her back pocket, because she was too scared to risk going back to her apartment to fetch any of her stuff. For now she was in a cheapass motel room, trying to figure out how to work her new gun. Purchased fresh that morning from someone she was pretty sure was a criminal, Angelle was now ready to defend herself if her Boss… former Boss… tried to go all scary psycho killer at her again. -04:05 Apr 29
Virote: It happened the same as before, a knock and his voice. "I don’t have time to humore you anymore doll.." her door splintered. "So I’m just hoing to kill you and be done with it." he said walking into her room. Unless you wanr me to kill you last I’d recomend begginf for mercy." -04:10 Apr 29
Angelle: Angelle almost cursed! She fell off the corner of her bed, rolled on the floor… and then was jumping right back on top of the bed, complete with gun aimed straight at him. Somehow, she felt like standing on the bed have her an advantage. "…okay about this whole killing business! I DON’T want to die! So maybe we can come up with some other arrangement! ….cause if you step any closer, I’m going to have to shoot you!" -04:13 Apr 29
Virote: "Go on, have you fun." he spat "Shoot me if thats the best you can do. Then when you’re out of bullets and I have a few new holes in my shirt maybe I’ll let you see what you’re ug against before I kill you, of better yet take you in alive." -04:17 Apr 29
Angelle: "I’m serious! I’m not afraid to shoot you!" …yes she was. She -really- didn’t want to do it! But he was backing her in a corner here, and she could put up with a lot, but getting killed was totally out of the question! …he wasn’t budging. Angelle closed her eyes and aimed. Pulling the trigger and shooting! The recoil had her stumbling backwards, and her eyes closed meant she missed half of the time. But she kept firing even after the only sounds coming out were soft, click, click, click of an empty pistol. -04:20 Apr 29
Virote: The hot metal slugs clung to his skin then fell down to burn the carpet. Then wings were sprouting from his shoulders and black horns were hushing though his hair as his eyes became two black pools and his ears became pointed. His teeth grew, fangs protruding from his lip. "My turn." he didn’t give her a chance and his wings keeping her trapped her rushed her and in a second had ripped the gun from her fingers and thrown it to the floor, then he hend her and pushed her face down into the bed. "I didn’t do this before because I though you’d listen… it too late for listening now darling." he pushed his fingers under her and tore off her button and began pulling her pants down. -04:27 Apr 29
Angelle: She shouldn’t have opened her eyes. Because seeing a winged, fanged demon before getting pounced and pinned made it so much more frightening. Angelle was too startled to scream, but she hadn’t given up her will to flee! She was trying to throw an arm back to shove him off her and at least get to her knees to crawl away! "I’m listening, I’m listening..! Just get off me…!" -04:33 Apr 29
Virote: HE was too strong, had too good of a grip on her and now had her pants down her legs and was turnign her over and pullin her to the edge of the bed. "Then listen to this, the more you strugging the longer this will last, and more painful I’ll make it for you and if you’re very very good I’ll give you the choice of a quick douth of being taken back alive." he held her on the edge of the bed the talon on the joints of his wings boming down to pin her shoulders in place digging into them as his wings held her arms down. "Still listening?" -04:37 Apr 29
Angelle: Not much of a chocie, but Angelle was all for the alive options. Anything was better than getting killed right? …she was still a little freaked out about the wings thing, but after a moment she stopped her struggling to stare up at him with wide eyes. Angelle nodded quickly. "Still listening! ….just don’t hit me in the face and can I have my pants back?" -04:41 Apr 29
Virote: "When we’re done." he said lookinf down at her, wondeing if she realised what was going to happen, of course she did… still looking at her he put his hands on her legs and pulled then apart then his hips were against hers and his tip pushing into her. -04:45 Apr 29
Angelle: "Uhn..!" Angelle twist, trying to get her arm free as she gasped. There went pretending it wasn’t going to get bad! She could take it and cry, or she could pitch a fit and figure out what he meant by painful! …Angelle was stuck in the middle with tearful squirming! -04:50 Apr 29
Virote: He held her hips and pushed deeper, so har she was beign good.. enough.. still she was nowhere near ready for him and there was nothign in the way of moisture down there and that didn’t make things comfortable. He pushed harder and worked his way deeper. "See theres less pain when you listen." -04:53 Apr 29
Angelle: "You just…" She couldn’t even form the words! Angelle squeezed her eyes shut. If she were gonna get through it like a trooper, she couldn’t see him! Looking at him like this just made her want to scream! She was still squirming, and every time he pushed she nearly groaned. Angelle still tugged to get an arm free. And though she still had her shoulder’s pinned at least a hand was loose. And the very first thing she did with her free hand was slap him! -05:00 Apr 29
Virote: He grabbed her hand and twisted it, and it was accompanied by a harder push into her. He pulled her arm back up to his hand ran his tongue against its skin, then pulling it between his teeth bit down his lips reddening with her blood. -05:03 Apr 29
Angelle: Angelle yelped! Both at the harder thrust and the unexpected bite. She tried retracting her hand back from his grasp, that flinching reflex making her struggle beneath him again. "Okay, okay, okay, okay…! Let go!" she whimpered through her teeth! -05:07 Apr 29
Virote: He held her in place his his hands on her hips and pushed in again thruting deeper. "I said shut up bitch.." he said in a deceptivly soft voice. "Or I’m just going to kill you then have more fun with your body." -05:09 Apr 29
Angelle: There was that threat of killing again, and now she didn’t doubt he could, and would kill her. It was the only thing keeping her from struggling further, as she clutched her now bleeding hand to her chest and kept her eyes squeezed shut. even with conceeding to his demand, her body was still tensely coiled. Her knees drawn up as if she were ready to kick him off her, and her pinned arm still straining aginst the wing that held her down. -05:14 Apr 29
Virote: Now she was getting it, he grinned in triumoh and pushed into her until she bled. At least her blood helped things go easier, and let him go faster… then with a sigh he finished inside her.. white mixing with red. -05:19 Apr 29
Angelle: She knew he was done, cause she could feel it… which was such an eerie out of body experience, that Angelle couldn’t prevent herself from shuddering. There were tears streaming down her face, but she was angry too. Angry enough to still be defiant and try to shove him off her again. "You can go now!" -05:23 Apr 29
Virote: "We both can." he said pulling out and pulling her pants back up her legs. "Its time you met my master." He picked her up and pu her over his shoulder leaving out of her door, losing all of his demonic features except his wing, that he used to carry her into the air! -05:28 Apr 29
Angelle: "No! Wait!" Why did she even bother screaming! Clearly her protests were futile! But they were up in the air and Angelle was shrieking all over again. …but at least not struggling, because the last thing she wanted him to do was drop her! -05:30 Apr 29
Virote: Higher and higher he rose until the city was a mess of specks and patterns below them. Then he turned over in the air and plummeted towards the ground. -05:35 Apr 29
Angelle: "This is worse! Worse!" All she could see was the sky, but the sudden shift and speed had her stomach doing flips. They were either going to splatter on the ground or… she didn’t know what! But thankfully it had her seeing spots and fainting, instead of throwing up! -05:37 Apr 29
Virote: There was a moment where they didn’t seem to be anywhere then they were somewhere else, somewhere dark. There was something else there with them too, huge and menecing and just out of sight. "Master I have brought her to you.. alive…" -05:39 Apr 29
Angelle: Angelle was groaning. She might still throw up… but it was dark, where ever it was, it was eerie and so thick with that feeling it was like it was crawling up her skin. "Where the hell did you take us…?" she asked in a soft voice, just above a whisper. Angelle couldn’t see past his blasted wings! -05:41 Apr 29
Virote: "To my master’s pallace, and you’re right, it is in hell." he chuckled as the presence got closer and closer, it seemed to smell her and they a growling voice came "Well done… now for letting her get away and abandoning your post… death…" After that Vir knew only blackness. -05:45 Apr 29
The Demon and Angelle

The Demon and Angelle 002: Calling In Sick

[Angelle called in sick to work. Luckily it wasn’t the boss that answered the phone. ] -01:08 Apr 29
[Virote didn’t answer the phone because he’s not there, he has an investment to watch over and make sure doesn’t run away.] -01:11 Apr 29
Angelle: So she didn’t quit work…. yet. But she definitely called in sick. There was no way she was going to show up to work after being terrorized! At least…. not until she knew how to deal with the boss. For now she was sitting on the sofa reading Self Defense for Dummies. -01:11 Apr 29
Virote: There was a knock on the door. He was going to offer her a ride to work, not as a favor but to show her there was no getting out of rehursals, she had promised hadn’t she and coming all this way himself showed her he wasn’t going t let her slide out of it easily… and he knew where she lived. -01:18 Apr 29
Angelle: Angelle tossed her book to the side and got up to peek out the peeper hole in the door. She immediately grimaced and slapped a hand over her mouth to keep herself quiet. The boss! Maybe if she were quiet he’d think she already left. Angelle watched and waited to make sure he left! -01:21 Apr 29
Virote: He knocked again, glaring at the peep hole as if he could see though it and tell she was there. More possible than one might thing with light comign though it being blocked be the person’s head. "I know you’re there darling, just wanted to offer you a ride to work. -01:24 Apr 29
Angelle: She ducked, as ridiculous as it was, and leaned against the door. Dangit. Angelle remained silent for a few moments, before she finally spoke. She still wasn’t opening the door. "…I’m sick…! *COUGH* I can’t go anywhere today! So sorry." -01:28 Apr 29
Virote: He placed his hand against the door. "Its a pity, you promised to be at rehersals today." he pushed the door bending inwards against her, it it were like other doors the screws holding the security fixtures in place would go first. Still we need to talk, about yesterday. -01:35 Apr 29
Angelle: Angelle could feel the door moving and immediately bounced away from it. …as an after though, she rushed to a side table a picked up a brass candleholder. She was going to have to teach the boss that she wouldn’t be bullied! "I, uhm… hate to break a promise, but I can’t get everyone sick, right? We could talk tomorrow when I feel better…" When she’s less scared of him! -01:39 Apr 29
Virote: "I just want to talk a little." he said then pushed again harder and the woor began to crack. "No harm in a few words is there. I promise if you unlock this door I won’t hurt you." -01:42 Apr 29
Angelle: What she wanted to say was a loud screw you. After hitting her and practically molesting her yesterday, she really didn’t believe a word he said. No, she’d take that back. She totally believed he’d beat on her again, and that mean she should definitely -not- open the door. "…I am way too sick. And my very big and giant police officer next door neighbor doesn’t like it when I have noisy houseguests so early in the morning?" Maybe she WAS a bad actress, that didn’t sound believable at all! -01:45 Apr 29
Virote: The door gave the lock being ripped right out of the wood and the door swinging inwards and he filled the frame. "Don’t make those how they used to." european oak and cast iron half a foot thick, not that had been a door. "Now Angel, we’re going to talk, and then you’re going to tell me why you’re not at rehersals. I can smell a lie, so don’t make this worse for yourself." -01:48 Apr 29
Angelle: Angelle nearly dropped her candle holder. That was her DOOR. How was she supposed to pay for that? ….how did he even DO that? Very calmly she set her candle holder back down on a side table. ….The promptly ran for her bedroom! "I don’t want to talk!" -01:50 Apr 29
Virote: He strided across the room and fot his foot in the way of the door then his hand against it and held it open. "You don’t want me to get angry do you?" he asked :Because right now I’m not, and one more word thats not an apoligy from you and that will change. You didn’t unlick you door so there is no promise than I won’t hurt you stopping me." -01:55 Apr 29
Angelle: Angelle pushed her weight against the door anyway. Panic was way stronger than any sort of common sense. "I don’t want you angry! I don’t want you hitting me either! How about you stay on that side of the door, and I listen patiently without anyone getting hurt or calling the cops!" -02:02 Apr 29
Virote: "Sit on the bed." his voice was hilled with command. "Di it or a will get angry, once you’ve done that you will say why you’re not at work, you’re obviosly not sick, and obviously not injured so.. not planning on running are you? -02:04 Apr 29
Angelle: "What? No…" Yes. Yes she was. If she didn’t get brave enough to come back to work. Angelle conceeded, moving away from the door to sit on the edge of the bed. But it was pretty clear she was ready to bounce back to her feet and take off the second she had an opening. In fact… as soon as he let his guard down! "…and I am injured, which was entirely your fault…" -02:09 Apr 29
Virote: "No you’re not. One more lie and you will be." he said "The scent of untruth is on you like you cannot imagine, now what did I say yesterday if you tried to run?" -02:11 Apr 29
Angelle: "I’m trying to forget what you said yesterday…" she admitted reluctantly, shifting uncomfortably in her seat. He wasn’t moving from the doorway. She left the window open. How far down was it…? "And it’s not a lie! I am covered in bruises and my whole body hurts! That’s as good as being sick!" -02:14 Apr 29
Virote: "It nothing compared to what I could do to you." he said "You just don’t understand hos this works do you? You go to work and I don’t get mad, you try to run and theres not enough of you left to be found. Thats the way it is and thats the way its always going to be unless you want me to cut your contract short." -02:19 Apr 29
Angelle: "Yes! I want to cut my contract!" That sounded like a GREAT idea! She even looked hopeful! ….for about two seconds, before she was narrowing her eyes and looking suspicious. "…You wouldn’t let me quit yesterday though…" -02:21 Apr 29
Virote: "He looked down at her as a peice of paper appeared in his hand, he hadn’t taken it out of his pocket or pulled it from hsi sleeve, it was just there. "If you want to cut it short you can, then theres just the matter of …" he chuckled looking down at her contract. "Final payment." he looked at her, you can always quit, you just need to sign." -02:25 Apr 29
Angelle: …how the hell did he do that. Angelle rubbed her eyes for a minute. Still, she was REALLY wary. After all that chasing and swatting her around, to let her quit so easily was just… too easy. "If that’s all it takes. What is the final payment exactly…?" -02:30 Apr 29
Virote: He placed the contract on the table, it already had her signature from when he had hire her, and he wrote on it ignoring her question for now. "Due to disatisfacion with her workign arangement Angelle wishes to and her contract early with full severence pay." he smiled. "Just need you to sign the change and your time working for me will be over." -02:38 Apr 29
Angelle: She sat debating for a moment. In the end, though, a promise of freedom was way stronger than her instincts screaming it was too easy. Angelle stood, and though she gave him a wide birth, took the pen and scribbled down her name right where the little signature line requested it. "This is all, right? No more getting mad at me?" -02:42 Apr 29
Virote: "No." he beamed. "I’ll need to find a new star but you work for me is done." he said folding the paper and his faded into thin air. "There just the matter of your severence pay, the one promised to my master when you were first sighted. "Sorry it had to end this way but in the end a quick death is better then what you had in store for you… pitty you’re still going to hell though." -02:51 Apr 29
Angelle: "What…?" And that’s when it got crazy. Not that it wasn’t -already- crazy. She shouldn’t have let it go as far as it did. But now he was talking about masters, and death and going to hell, and… Angelle was concerned a maniac was in her apartment. "I… think you better leave now, okay?" -02:55 Apr 29
Virote: "Don’t worr doll I will.." he said as he grabbed her "But not without the final payment, your soul." he closed his hand around her throat squeezing it "Would be such a waste though so let this body die without using it." -02:57 Apr 29
Angelle: …yep! Totally crazy! Clearly, breaking a contract meant killing somebody. Angelle gave a choked scream, and was promptly swatting at him and shoving him away. Rushing for the window. If her legs got broken, at least it would be from her escaping and not by him! -03:01 Apr 29
Virote: He made a grab for her but missed and then she was gone though the window. He followed her out and wings sprouted from his shoulders, leatehry and ribbed like a bat’s. He let her fall too, let her feel the pair of her actions, and it she died… one less thing for him to do. -03:05 Apr 29
Angelle: It was by sheer luck alone that Angelle landed in the apartment’s pool, though not without cracking her head on the bottom. When she bobbed to the surface, coughing and sputtering and seeing…. wings…? She was pretty sure she knocked herself stupid. Angelle splashed for the pool’s edge and the moment she climbed out she was running again! -03:08 Apr 29
Virote: He flew right over the pool and landed on the other side giving chase, out of the pool’s enclusure and over the bacl wall of the appartment complex, she dashed across the street and he followed, a horn blared and he turned. The track hit him and flipped forwares the trailer tipping on it’s side as the cab bounced down the street landing in a twisted pile of metal. -03:12 Apr 29
Angelle: The honking horn had her turning around, just out of reflex. And she regretted it. Not only because the sight of it had her stumbling and hidding the pavement. He should have been splattered in to yucky Boss Bits…! Instead it was the truck, in a pile of wreckedge. Angelle sat on the ground in shock for a moment… until she remembered, that was the crazy monster chasing HER. On her feet in a snap, she was running again! -03:16 Apr 29
Virote: Smoke rising from the wreckage a small crowd was already gathering. The question on everyone’s lips was who had just been killed. Only one or two wondered why the truck had acted like it had fit a solid wall instead of a squishy pedestrian. But the pedestrina was already pulling himself out of the twisted metal and stumbling off in persuit his clothes in tatters but not visibly hurt. -03:22 Apr 29
Angelle: Angelle was down about two streets when she finally slowed, trying to catch her breath. She stumbled in to a random discount shop. Somewhere that had cool air conditioning and was quiet off the street. Safe…! No one would live through, that, right? She had the willies. Visibly shivering, more from shock than the sudden chill of being wet and then stepping inside. -03:25 Apr 29
Virote: He followed her at a disance pushing thought the crowd and finding her scent, then he followed her into the store and came up behing her his grin returning to his face, as she turned around. "Not that lucky today sweetheart. Make this easy and I’ll make it quick." -03:30 Apr 29
Angelle: Stunned only for a fraction of a second, Angelle immediately screamed. Loud enough that everyone in the shop was turning around to see the commotion. …except Angelle wasn’t waiting long enough for a rescue! She was shoving past him again to escape! She was going to run herself right out of the city, and then she was going to buy a gun, and then she was going to hire an army of bodyguards…! But first, one thing at a time. Running down the street! -03:33 Apr 29
Virote: He was on her heels not even breaking a sweat. "Have you peiced it togetehr yet?" he asked not even panting or sounding like he was running. "Welcome to the world beyond yours… Too bad its going to kill you." -03:36 Apr 29
Angelle: "I’m not…! Going…! To get killed…!" she huffed between breaths, turning down a sharp corner in to an alley where she was sure there would be plenty of easy to duck through side streets. Angelle gave up trying to understand how he could keep up with her, she was just trying to keep from tripping over stuff on the street! -03:39 Apr 29
Virote: Hey it she wanted to throw weapons into his path he was going to use them. He picked up the lid of a bin and threw it at her then an entire trashcan. -03:43 Apr 29
Angelle: More screaming, more ducking, and more running! He clearly ENJOYED being a crazy murderous maniac, but Angelle didn’t enjoy being chased! At the edge of the alley, she almost stumbled out in to the middle of a busy street and about got herself hit by a car. Arms flailing above her head, she flagged down a taxi. And whether they wanted a passenger or not, Angelle was jumping in to the backseat and locking the doors! "Drive! Anywhere! Please!" -03:47 Apr 29
Virote: He exited the alley and caught sight of her entering the taxi… so she was gaining distance on him… but it wouldn’t last.. no it wouldn’t, he would find her. Too many humans here now to fly after her. "Well played, I’ll get you in your sleep next time. -03:51 Apr 29
The Demon and Angelle

The Demon and Angelle 001: Angelle In Trouble

[Angelle has finished the night’s show and is going to be in a lot of trouble because she refused to do script changes cause they were inappropriate! …Now she’s trying to sneak off before the boss catches up to her!] -01:41 Apr 28
[Virote knows shes trying to sneak away and iw waiting for her at the back door, checking his watch.] -01:44 Apr 28
[Angelle enters.] -01:48 Apr 28
Angelle: She made it! ….she thought she made it. The minute Angelle saw him waiting, she groaned out loud and was immediately turning back around to head in the opposite direction. The boss was impossible and she was really starting to regret this ‘great opportunity’! -01:49 Apr 28
Virote: He followed her in a confident stride and was soon reaching out to put his hand on her shoulder. "Leaving so soon?" he asked, "You didn’t follow the script Angelle. You know what that makes me?" -01:53 Apr 28
Angelle: "A forgiving boss that understands the feelings and intergrity of his actors?" she sounded hopeful, but she was pretty sure she wasn’t going to get the ‘happy boss’ speech. Angelle stopped, if only because she might as well get the argument over now instead of having to repeat it at work tomorrow. At least now it wouldn’t be in front of the whole cast. "I told you I didn’t want to do it… It makes me really uncomfortable and I don’t wanna be that kind of actress!" -02:00 Apr 28
Virote: He crossed his arms. "Actresses act, you’re meant to be acting, what you say and do is your business, what your character says and does is up to me." he said "And I will not have you throwing in your two cents when it affects MY show." he grabbed both of her shoulders.. "Or do I have to remind you whose in charge here?" -02:03 Apr 28
Angelle: "No, I know who is in charge of the show…" she started slowly. Angelle was not keen on confrontation and so far she managed to avoid most of it, but it was pretty obvious she was gonna have to try and put her foot down this time. She made a lot of comprimises she didn’t want to do… but this is the last straw! "…but it’s my body, actress or not. I’m not gonna take my clothes off on a live stage in front of a bunch of people! So… you are going to have to respect that or… I am going to have to quit the show…?" The last part sounded more like she was asking permission than giving a threat. Dangit! -02:08 Apr 28
[(Timeout) Angelle got too distracted for their own good…] -02:21 Apr 28
Virote: That was it… he grabbed her shoulder and slapped her. "You walk out of here and you’ll be in a lot more trouble than you’ll be able to handle." he promised dragging her down the corridor and towards his office. "I already know what your punishent is." he said pushing her inside "You refused to take your clothes off on stage.. so you’re going to take them off here, now." -02:21 Apr 28
Angelle: Angelle was still rubbing her cheek and recovering from being stunned, so by the time she had realized what he said she was already in his office. It wasn’t going how she had it planned in her head! In her head she’d hit him back, walk out and get a better job. Instead, a very flustered Angelle was moving out of hand’s reach and making sure there was furniture between them. "I know you’re mad, but I swear i can make up for it in the scene!" -02:25 Apr 28
Virote: "Shows over doll, you ruined it, you’re going to pay be back by rehursing the scene, as its meant to be right now in front of me unless you want to do it with a black eye tomorow. Starts with your shirt." he locked the door and kicked the chair out of the way. "Do it before ou make me angrier than you already have." -02:33 Apr 28
Angelle: This was always about where she caved agreed to do it his way and ran away home. But… but she really, really didn’t want to do this. Maybe she wasn’t making her feelings clear! Now she was moving to put the desk between them, and prepared to make a bolt for the door. "I am…. not going to take off my shirt. Andanyvisiblebruiseswilllookbadinthisshow!" She rushed out really quick. "…what if I do a different kind of scene! I could dance instead? Dancing is sexy!" -02:39 Apr 28
Virote: "I have to put this scene in because you’re terrible, you can’t dance well enough and you can barely deliver a sexy lin and make it sound believable. So take off your shirt or get on your knees and get ready to suck." -02:43 Apr 28
Angelle: "What?!" Angelle wasn’t sure if she was more insulted by his declaration that she couldn’t dance and deliver, or the painfully unsubtle demand that she…. "No. No! I am not that kind of actress!" She was even emphasizing her exuberant no with her hands and a hard shake of her head. "Not happening. …I mean I really sorry and I’ll do just about anything else, but this is too much… and we can make some other sort of comprimise or maybe I am not the right person for this role! Yeah, I should go home." By the end of her speech she was having to squeak it out in a quick rush of breath just to say it. Angelle made a rush for the door. -02:49 Apr 28
Virote: He tripped her, a quick move that was more kicking her legs out from under her than stickign his leg out. then he pulled her up by her arm and and pushed her against the door. "You’re in thi role darling, you signed the contract now you take off your shirt or I’ll put you out of actiong for a month then have you enter stage with nothing on for a scene where not everyone will be acting. It might go a little like this." He grabbed her crotch "Do it or the price goes up… way up." -02:57 Apr 28
Angelle: She could deal with being tripped, pulled, and shoved. But inappropriate grabbing as too far. She slapped him. It was a reflex…! Angelle immediately regretted it, and her sudden tearyness was more a worry that he’d hit her again for it. "I’m sorry! I’m sorry… I can’t. I. Maybe. No? If it’s just the shirt…" She was pushing his hand away while fumbling with her other for the door lock. "Okay…! Only the shirt and I will show up to rehersals tomorrow to do it!" -03:05 Apr 28
Virote: The moment she slapped him his jaw set and his eyes found hers. "Too late." he tore her shirt with surprising strength. You will do it now." -03:10 Apr 28
Virote: The moment she slapped him his jaw set and his eyes found hers. "Too late." he tore her shirt with surprising strength. "You will do it now." He pulled her away from the door and pushed her into the middle of the room. "Before I break your legs and take more from you than you are willing to give. You’re valuable but not ireplacable." -03:12 Apr 28
Angelle: "You don’t have to be so mean about it…!" Angelle was still debating in her head whether or not he’d actually break her legs. He’d hit her a couple times, but she WAS the show star and it wouldn’t be reasonable to break her bones right? Slow and definitely flustered, she pulled off her shirt and kept it clutched to her. "There…! Shirt off. Can I PLEASE go home now?" -03:18 Apr 28
Virote: "You can do better than that.. let me see you." he said stepping closer "What good is an actress who doesn’t want to be seen?" he was careful to keep himself between her and the door. -03:20 Apr 28
Angelle: It was frustrating. But the sooner it was done, the sooner she could go home. She was an actress right? She’d just have to act like she wasn’t totally wanting to cry! With a huff, she tossed her shirt at him. At least that was acting. "SEE. What else do you want me to do?" She regretted saying that too. But now that it was out there, Angelle at least tried to look like she meant it. -03:24 Apr 28
Virote: "Much better darling." he said grinning as he tossed her shirt behind him and grabbed her arm pulling it away from her so he could see her. Tilting his head he slid his gazes down her then spoke again. "The scene also called for your pants to come of.. we don’t want to do half a job do we?" -03:38 Apr 28
Angelle: "You only asked for the shirt…" she started. And thought twice. Faster is better. Angelle snatched her arm back, and just as huffy as with her shirt, she was stepping back to unbutton her pants. This was so awkward…! At least it was just him? She pushed them down and kicked them aside. Standing stiffly with her arms at her sides. Tomorrow she’d call in sick and she was never, ever coming back to this job again! "Okay now…?" -03:41 Apr 28
Virote: He circled her, sure she wouldnt run dressed like this. Or undressed as the case may be. "Now…" he grinned. "Now I’m going to show you what happens when you disobey me." he grabbed her hair and pulled her back his hand circling her and brabbing her crotch from behind lifting he from the floor as he carrie her towards his desk. "Even think of running and I WILL break your legs." -03:52 Apr 28
Angelle: Angelle yelped, and though she couldn’t quite run – yet – she sure as hell was kicking and flailing awkwardly trying to twist herself free. How did he even have the strength to lift a full grown woman like that?! "Wait, wait, wait, wait…! All you said was take off my clothes! This is is really uncomfortable…!" Uncomfortable, awkward… and a lot more scary than the expected black eye he promised! -03:58 Apr 28
Virote: He lifted her up almost above his head and adjusted his grip. "You don’t want me to drop you do you?" he asked "Down’t want your legs broken, of your arm?" he loweres her onto his desk on her back and held her there. "You’re making this harder than it has to be." -04:04 Apr 28
Angelle: "A normal boss usually docks someone’s pay…!" He was unnaturally strong. Angelle didn’t have time to question it, she was trying to squirm her way OFF the desk. There was a pen poking her in the back and not having her clothes was making her feel incredibly disadvantaged. "…and if you wanted to reherse the scene to make sure I got it, I totally got it, and this really isn’t the scene…!" -04:08 Apr 28
Virote: "No, this is something else.." he said holding her down and pulling her panting down her legs. "This is whats going to happen every time you make me look like an idiot in front of the audience by not following the script, and not even close to what you can expect if you try and run." He slapped her again "Be still and take it, it might hurt less." -04:14 Apr 28
Angelle: Her cheek stung and it was by reflex again that she kicked him! And by conscious choice that she tried to shove him away with her foot. "No, no… you just… I quit!" This wasn’t even going to happen once, he was just going to have to find a new actress. Angelle was trying to force his hands away so she could sit up again. "You’re a horrible boss and I quit! You can leggo of me now!" -04:19 Apr 28
Virote: "Quit and I will break your legs and your arms, I will fuck you, then I will tunr you over and fuck you again in your ass, then again and again until you pass you, then I will break your neck." he promised his hand closing aorund her thoat. Same goes if you run." he frabbed the foot trying to push him away and twisted it forcefully "If you don’t think I can…." There was a pop was her ankle was almost wrenched from her socket, then he pulled her from his dest and let her fall to the floor. "Get up… get up and go home.. I’ll see you at rehursals tomorow." -04:27 Apr 28
Angelle: It hurt, oh boy did it hurt..! And though she was certain he really wouldn’t (couldn’t!!) do everything he threatened, Angelle definitely got the hint. Don’t piss off the boss. The boss is scary as hell when he’s pissed off. Scrambling to her feet, wincing all the while, Angelle snatched up her clothes and threw them on fast. She was hitting the door, unlocking it in a fumble and going home without being told twice! -04:32 Apr 28
Virote: He watched her go, she was scared, that was the point, but he’d have to watch her, make sure she didn’t run… looks like an all nighter… Its wasn’t long anyways before the master came for her soul. -04:34 Apr 28