Tower’s Calling 001: Awakening

Tower's Calling

[Athos Has been dead for 300 years. Dead and trapped in an amulet that won’t let him pass on without a heir. The curse must have a bearer.] -05:08 Jun 12
[Corona Flare is a sorceress. A technomage if anyone wants to get specific. And she has just returned to her tower with a sack full of stolen magical artifacts.] -05:10 Jun 12
Corona: Corona tossed her bag on top of a desk that was littered with various books, papers, scrolls, trinkets and tools. Her coat was tossed off next. Thrown over a patched chair near a very shoddy looking fireplace. Boots pulled off and left next to the chair… and then she was wiggling itchy fingers to really examine what she grabbed. The sorcerer she stole them from had a very fine collection, but he was a fool and had no idea how valuable some of it was. He didn’t know the history of half the things he kept. But Corona… she made sure to study very well. Thus, she pulled the bits and pieces out of the back. Taking the time to look over each. Books, weapons, jewels… all had a power and it would be interesting figure out what each did. -05:15 Jun 12
Athos: Trapped, nothing but blackness, he couldn’t sleep, he couldn’t see anything, he couldn’t do anything. The only memory he could bring to mind was his own death. He had been a reckless ass from a family or reckless asses, and they were all dead, including him. That’s why he was trapped in a trinket. Trapped for what felt like forever. -05:19 Jun 12
Corona: A gun. Really old model… before the second world war and even enchanted? Interesting, but not her style and not going to be useful, she set that aside on a shelf. A book about nanotechnology and it’s uses for medical science. Also interesting, worth saving even. That was set on top of a stack of books on her desk. Dagger made of bone, ancient Aztec most likely. No enchantments, but might be appropriate for spell use. She stuck that in a drawer. Amulet, also Aztec… Didn’t even remember picking that one up! Corona turned it over in her hands. Pure gold medallion with written inscription. She could translate that in a moment. She draped that around her neck so she wouldn’t forget. Another item out of the bag, examined and cataloged… -05:36 Jun 12
Athos: He was in a room… A ROOM! He couldn’t believe it until he saw himself.. ghostly glowing cold blue. He didn’t make a sound.. couldn’t it was hard to remember how to do things and he wasn’t breathing. There was someone else in the room.. a woman.. a… he hadn’t seen one in 300 years or been able to touch himself. He reached out not even sure if he could touch her. But her did… he was thinking very, very dirty things, but didn’t want to, but dammit he was. He needed and heir so he could die, properly. He grabbed her shoulder and pushed her over the tackle, junk spilling onto the floor. He was going to feel bad for this but.. "Dammit.. Dammit all…." -05:44 Jun 12
Corona: There was a prickling of her skin, that sensation of something being activated. Had she known there was an entity she would have reached for her wand, but nothing could get in to her tower. But there she was yelping in surprise when she was pushed over her own desk. Very quickly she was bracing a hand against the wood and twisting to swing an elbow back, fully expecting to strike an assassin or something similar! -05:49 Jun 12
Athos: Her hand passed strait though him but he still stepped back in surprise releasing her. Then it dawned on his she couldn’t hit him and he gripped her again and pushed her onto her back the look on his face a twisted mix of desperation, foreboding, impending regret and… "I have to do this." he said not even knowing why he cared what she thought. He was going to rape her. There was no going back from that. -05:55 Jun 12
Corona: "Shit." she hissed. A ghost. Better than an assassin… but harder to deal with if she couldn’t physically touch it. Especially if it was going to be aggressive! "You’re dead! Haunting the living isn’t going to help you now!" she shouted back, now reaching out and fumbling her hands over some of the items still scattered on the desk. Her fingers circled around her wand, wood and metal entwined with crystal to channel energy. The first spell she cast was to banish apparitions! -06:00 Jun 12
[Athos enters.] -06:10 Jun 12
Athos: The spell hit him and he hurt but failed to banish him. "Bitch…" his temper gave and he slapped her. He was a god, and a slayer or gods. And now sh attacked him? He picked her up off her desk and threw her bodily across the room his body getting more solid, gaining more of a foothold in reality. "You use magic against me? Do you know who I am? My family brought magic to this universe. Do not think to use it against me." -06:20 Jun 12
[(Timeout) Athos got too distracted for their own good…] -06:32 Jun 12
[Corona enters.] -06:32 Jun 12
Corona: "Son of a fuck..!" Hitting the wall was bad enough, but she had to cover her head when several items came tumbling down around her. At least she still had her wand. Corona rose to her feet quickly, pointing the wand and standing ready. Looking more wary and annoyed than anything else. "And now you are a GHOST in MY tower. An inconvenience I don’t care to deal with." Her banishment spell didn’t work, so he was a higher power ghost… A flourish of her arm she tried a new spell, something reseal him back to the item he popped out of. She’d figure out which item was cursed and lock it up once he was gone! -06:41 Jun 12
Athos: The spell hit him as he started towards her again and crackled against him as he continued to advance throwing lighting across the room. "You weren’t listening to me." he hissed as the spell faded and he closed a hand around her throat "I am a god, I am a slayer of gods, and you have made me angry…" he reached out and grabbed the wand twisting it from her grasp. "Why don’t you do the smart thing and go with it?" -06:45 Jun 12
[(Timeout) Corona doesn’t post enough.] -06:51 Jun 12
Corona: "Yes, because allowing yourself to fall prey to gods is a SMART thing to do!" she growled back. Gods be damned. She would need a stronger spell than what was in her immediate arsenal, that required a book, and she had a hand locked around her throat before she could grab one! Corona was struggling to take a hold of HIM but her hands were still passing through him. This was some unfair ghost bullshit. Now without her wand to challenge, she was going to have to cast magic by will alone and that required twice as much energy. A new spell SOLIDITY. -06:51 Jun 12
[Athos enters.] -06:59 Jun 12
Athos: That one seemed to work, he because solid and his skin, while still glowing gained a little bit of color. But he was pinning her against the wall and tearing her robe open. "Don’t try it." he growled "You don’t want to see what I can do." -07:03 Jun 12
[Corona enters.] -07:05 Jun 12
Corona: "The fuck are you even trying to accomplish!?" she snarled. Thank god, at least something worked. Corona gripped his wrist with one hand, and slammed her other against his chest. She would siphon his energy for the next spell. There was already that crackle of violet at her fingertips. A new sealing spell, a fresh one to lock him away. -07:12 Jun 12
[(Timeout) Athos has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -07:17 Jun 12
Athos: He grabbed her hand that was on his cheek. "You want my energy? Then take it." electricity jolted though her and in the tame instant he tore a strip from her robes and let it fall to the floor. "Had enough?" another jolt, stronger. "You won’t get rid of me that easily…" He lifted her and pushed her against the wall "I could do that with every thrust.. and will if you don’t behave." -07:17 Jun 12
Corona: A startled shout of pain left her immobile for a moment. Gripping his wrist tight and gasping for air as if oxygen could sooth that electric burn running through her veins. She boasted to be a strong wizard, but she wasn’t weak either… and this was seriously starting to piss her off. "I am not. A tool. For a dead god’s stupid. fucking. ideas." He was ripping her clothes, and only then did she realize where his plans were headed. "…like hell…!" Motivated by sudden desperation, she struggled, kicked, and summoned up the first spell that came to mind! -07:27 Jun 12
[(Timeout) Corona has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -07:35 Jun 12
Athos: The spell was well aimed and hit him in the face, but he didn’t seem to react, even as the flames surrounded and stream across his features like a flying creature bent of suffocating him. His hand fas in her leg and lifting it as his other clamped her against the wall. His head was still reathed in flame as he glared at her, then cold filled the room and the fire melted away. "Three hundred years I’ve been trapped, with nothing but blackness and empty space to call my name, all because I failed in my duty, I will not be stopped by an apprentice mage." then he was pushing against her, and parting her lips as he pulled her leg up higher. "All I want is to be allowed to die." -07:35 Jun 12
Corona: That was a little frightening. The ineffectualness of her spells. Corona didn’t care for that feeling of helplessness that was washing over her and she was quickly running out of the energy to conjure new spells from scratch. "I’ll be glad to help you die, get the fuck off me..!" The magic wasn’t working, but that didn’t stop her from fighting harder! Her hand dropped to her belt to find a knife. He might’ve been a ghost, but he was currently a solid one and she was running out of options! -07:42 Jun 12
Athos: He her arm that held the knife and pinned it against the wall and thrust into her in the same moment. He didn’t fell any satisfaction when he entered her, or triumph. It was something that needed to be done so he could die. "I can’t die." he said thrusting again. "And you are helping me." thrust pushing that little bit further into her and feeling her break against his tip. "To die, I need an heir." -07:47 Jun 12
Corona: "…what?!" Holy shit, fucking crazy ass ghost…! She was gasping again, cringing from the pain. Her body tensing stiffly from the invasion before she resumed squirming between him and the wall. So much for being a virgin sorceress, that was half her spell arsenal…! "Ghosts can’t have heirs, you stupid ass…!" Corona was still trying to wretch her arm free, clutching the knife tight. She was going to obliterate his soul for this! -07:54 Jun 12
Athos: He growled again and froze her arm to the wall encased in ice. "I can’t stop." he couldn’t he could feel it now, the amulet resting against her chest, the one that had kept him prisoner for so long. He hated it, and it was in control of the situation. He growled again, more angry that he had been in his afterlife, but that didn’t stop him pushing. Once again his family was being saved by rape. "I will have an heir." The amulet had said so. -08:00 Jun 12
Corona: She was being overwhelmed by rage, fear, anger, desperation. All of which she was sure was her own, despite the tone of his voice. Corona was breathless, seething, now weakly trying to push against him with the only arm she had free. Frustrated tears were slipping down her cheeks, but she wasn’t giving in to the futility. "You’re dead! Ghosts. can’t. breed…!" she snarled back through clenched teeth! -08:06 Jun 12
Athos: He clamped his hand over her mouth. "I will die." he snapped. "I have to die, I won’t go back to…. that." he was pushing hanred before he finally came closing his eyes and holding her against the wall for a moment, then he moved his hand away frpm hers frozen to the wall and lifted the amulet from her chest and spoke to it. "Can I die now?" -08:15 Jun 12
Corona: At least the pain was long gone and all she felt was numb and unpleasant. Her muffled growling against his hand wasn’t anything more than a string of confused curses. He spoke to the amulet and now she knew what he was bound to. Corona even paused in her struggles, waiting for a response from the artifact just like he did. But nothing was happening, and as she expected he was nothing more than a confused ghost operating on assumptions…! She managed to wretch her mouth free to speak in a hiss. "You’re a ghost, and that’s how it is… now get off." Her voice was lacking the fire to it now, leaving her sounding like she was pleading instead of demanding. -08:24 Jun 12
Athos: He moved away from her looking confused, distraught, and angry. "Why am I still here?’ he asked, to her, the room, or the amulet it was unclear. "I should be gone, with my ancestors, I should have been there centuries ago. This is my punishment for failure. I killed that son of a bitch star god just to starve to death on the barren rock it called home. AND THIS IS WHAT I GET. If you’re right, I’m never going to be able to die." -08:31 Jun 12
Corona: He was ranting and she was barely listening. Taking the opportunity to get her frozen hand off the wall, and then finding her knees too weak to support her right away and slipping to the floor. Too much energy wasted on spellwork that didn’t even have an effect on him. "Oh, trust me, you are going to die." she grumbled, tugging the ripped fabric of her robes back together to uphold some form of her dignity. She was so gods be damned angry that she didn’t know where to start. At least for the moment, he wasn’t outright attacking her anymore and she could recharge and plan. "You come from this amulet do you?" That’s where she would start. -08:36 Jun 12
Athos: "That think has been a curse on my family since before man could cast spells. Since before electricity, before.. anything." he was exaggerating on that last one but he didn’t care. "And someone in the family needs to have the curse and I died being the last one killing that bastard Belteshezzar." he was ranting. "How long ago was that? THAT’S HOW LONG I’VE BEEN TRAPPED IN THAT THING. DESTROY IT! PLEASE! THAT MIGHT LET ME DIE." -08:41 Jun 12
Corona: "I don’t care about the details, ghost." she snapped. Corona was on her feet again, pulling the amulet off from around her neck and moving to drop it on top of her desk. Her body ached… the fact she had any tolerance for him at all was only because she couldn’t immediately destroy him. Corona stepped over to her book shelf, searching for what she needed. "I don’t know where you got the idea raping a woman was going to work. Of course, why should I even be surprised? That is the nature of ghosts and gods." Now SHE was ranting. Because of him, she was now without a great deal of powerful magic. It took her years to develop virgin spells, she would have to learn an entire new field..! -08:48 Jun 12
Athos: Her spell was wearing off and he was fading back to a more ghostly transparency. "I am tired of having my free will subverted by… you know what.. I’m just going to leave. Bugger this." he slipped though the door and was gone, for all of three seconds before the amulet glowed and he reappeared back in her room. "OF COURSE ITS NOT THAT EASY I.." he pointed at the amulet and a bold of lightning shot out of his finger causing most of the contents of the room to be blown to the far end and even though the desk was a smoldering ruin the amulet remained untouched. "Of course…" -08:55 Jun 12
Corona: Corona paused mid pulling a book from her shelf. The rush of wind and very important things getting thrown across the room left her clenching her teeth again. A soft growl in the back of her throat as she turned around to glare at him. She was poised for more spellcasting, but she seemed to retrain herself. Choosing instead to stomp over to her charred desk to drop her book on top of it. "Yes, lets destroy the contents of all my research and magic so I can’t find a way to get rid of you. THAT is certainly going to expedite the process!" Growling more curse words under her breath she stomped to snatch a small flat computer looking pad off the floor and dust it off. "Focus your energy on something less stupid for a moment." -09:01 Jun 12
Athos: What use was being a god if you couldn’t even die? "So I’m an idiot, I knew that, I killed a bloody god just to starve to death slowly. A credit to the family, maybe its because they’re ashamed of me…. I WILL FIND A WAY TO HURT YOU." the last line was yelled at the amulet. "You hate me, I get it, I’d hate me to. But we both want me dead. -09:08 Jun 12
Corona: The fact she felt the tiniest amount of sympathy for him really pissed her off. A testament to her beautiful mother’s kind genetics, maybe. Corona wished she was heartless, just this once. She opened her book at the desk, scanning through the pages until she found one that had a rough sketch of an amulet very similar in nature. Looking for the important bits on the page, she rest the amulet on top of the flat screen pressing down on it’s corners until a shimmering larger version of the amulet appeared translucent above it. Now she could read it’s inscriptions better. "Without descending in to a blithering ramble, tell me if I am correct. You are… from a cursed family line. A powerful one? Bound to this amulet in life, and apparently after death too… You are – were – the last one, and you believe you need an heir…" He was dead. It was impossible to make an heir now. Nothing on this amulet mentioned anything about heirs though! Simply the curse of a sea god. Blood magic… really old blood magic… -09:14 Jun 12
Athos: "The family." he said. "From Ferius, to Dakota…. its been us. We killed Vardri, we gave humanity magic. And every time its been the last of the line to make things happen. I made things happen, I just didn’t have a backup plan. That’s what I get for having the amulet bearer die on me and deciding I couldn’t wait for another one. The amulet always comes with a bone knife, whoever has bother will help the descendent defeat a rising evil. That’s the way its always worked… What you have there is humanity’s oldest surviving magical artifact. And I hate it." -09:20 Jun 12
[Corona enters.] -09:33 Jun 12
Corona: "Emidio?" THAT was actually a surprise. Enough that she was looking up from the book to him. There were a lot of myths, a lot of legends. Most of which were pure bullshit. A ghost claiming to be an Emidio… that was not a good thing. Not a good thing at all. Now getting rid of him and the amulet was a very big priority. "…then this amulet needs to go. I have my own problem to deal with, a Descendant is beyond my control!" Corona snatched up the amulet, stalking over to a window and pushing it open. The smell of sea air was immediate. "You came from the sea didn’t you? You can go back to it!" And out the window the amulet went, dropping to the waves below! -09:37 Jun 12
Athos: He watched it go, half expecting to disappear back into nothing but blackness. "Well that was entertaining." he said "And yes Athos Emidio. The last of the Emidio, or at least I was before I died. I tel you were all glad to get rid of us." he looked at her accusingly. "I’m not going down to get it." -09:45 Jun 12
Corona: "Well, fuck." There went that idea. At the very least he should have gone with the damn thing. …which meant he was bound to more than just the amulet now. Groaning out loud she ran her hands through her hair and stomped across the room towards the door. "This is a nightmare. A complete nightmare." -09:49 Jun 12
Athos: "I don’t know about you but this is the most fun I’ve had in centuries. And that is saying absolutely nothing. Time to see if being dead has any perks." he slid though the wall and drifted downwards though the air to meet her at the bottom floating just above the amulet.. apparently not allowed to pick it up. -09:53 Jun 12
Corona: Corona had stomped a path all the way down to the foot of the tower to the rocks that littered the shoreline. Still barefoot, still in ripped clothes, and wasn’t at all pleased to see him hovering over the amulet. "Move." Corona hated that fact she was afraid of him. Justified or not, it wasn’t an emotion that sat well with her. "About ten feet THAT way." she gestured to the side. -09:58 Jun 12
Athos: He put his feet in the ground and walked in the direction indicated. "So what now?" he called "Is there anyone you have that I can vent centuries worth of anger on?" -10:00 Jun 12
Corona: "It would have been nice of you to ask that BEFORE you touched me." she grumbled, stooping to pick up the amulet. Corona debated throwing it in to the ocean itself, but if that wasn’t enough, finding it again would be a pain in the ass. She settled for putting it back on. "I would prefer if you vanished all together. Even if I find a way to be rid of you, it will take me time to learn a new method of magic. Thanks to you." -10:05 Jun 12
Athos: "Eggs and baskets." he said looking at his hand, then pushing his hand through his other hand. "I really wish I wasn’t dead right now. And for what its worth, I’m sorry, I though once I did that I could die. You can’t know what its like spending as long as I have wanting to die. So whatever I can do to make it up to you…" -10:09 Jun 12
Corona: "There is an idea." she responded after a pause. Corona was eying him again, even as she took a wide circle to get around him and head back to the tower. "When you’re dead, someone has to take all that power. And since you so neglectfully have taken a good portion of mine… that MIGHT be a fair trade…" -10:18 Jun 12
Athos: "Would if I could. Find a way and its a done deal." he said following her. "Find a way that DOESN’T involve you eating, adsorbing, destroying or otherwise interfering with the passing on of my soul that is." could never be too careful with sorcerers. -10:23 Jun 12
Corona: She didn’t like him following her and it was evident in the way she was stiffly walking and occasionally spying over her shoulder. She’d quicken her pace any moment he got too close. "You don’t get a choice in the matter. You gave that up when you took away mine and pissed me off. YOU get to be silent and out of my way until it’s settled." A silence spell. She needed one of those and something to block him from her space. Something strong enough, seeing that her previous spells hadn’t done any damage.. the only one that worked was the solidity and even that wore off quickly. -10:27 Jun 12
Athos: "You forget, I’m a god." he said "Or I was… No magic a mortal can conger that wasn’t developed to kill me can. But does that matter if I’m dead? This is complicated. Can’t I just go back into the amulet and not rape the first girl I see?" -10:35 Jun 12
Corona: "I’m sure as hell not stopping you from returning to the amulet." she muttered. Corona was exhausted and hurting, and with her work scattered about the room thanks to his outburst, it would take hours to reorganize and even -begin- to deal with him. "Go back to the amulet. Stay in the amulet. And if I feel kind enough after a night of rest, I might help you…" -10:40 Jun 12
Athos: "I don’t choose, it does, its the curse and it does what it wants." he said "I hate it… but I’ll stay out of your hair. If we’re going to get something done.. its the least I can do,: -10:43 Jun 12

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