Tower's Calling

Tower’s Calling 010: It Takes Two

[Corona doesn’t feel right. Something is wrong. But she has not said a word about it…] -02:08 Jul 12
[Athos has to get them into the tower before the god frees himself but Corona seems to be sick.. of all the timing!] -02:16 Jul 12
Corona: "This needs to be done as soon as possible." she muttered. Her skin was still crawling and she had thought it was just because those marionettes irked her so much. Now it just felt like something was trying to slither it’s way under it which was far more nauseating than the smell of blood or morning sickness. Still, she wasn’t mentioning it. For some reason she just couldn’t bring it up, depsite wanting to! -02:22 Jul 12
Athos: He clamped hsi arms around her and took them back to the tower where the rune was already cracking. "Isealed him awau but it wont last long… Corona we have to hurry." he grabbed the shard and got ready to use it is nesisary. "Get a sword.. you know what you’re doing right?" -02:26 Jul 12
Corona: "I know exactly what I’m doing." she broke away from him to cross the room. Somewhere in the middle she hesitated, like she wasn’t quite sure where she was going. But it was gone in an instant and she fetched what she wanted. The bone dagger that she stole from the vault. ….that’s not what she wanted! She needed one of the swords to kill a god with, not seal it. She pulled one of the swords. -02:34 Jul 12
Athos: He didn’t have time for this, but whatever she was the one who did the studying. He god ready and prepared his magic. He knew how to kill this guy he just never to live through it. -02:36 Jul 12
Corona: A sealed god could come back. A dead god could have it’s power stolen. That was good to know. Corona braced a hand on her desk, leaning with a wince as she wrapped her other arm around her waist. These weren’t her thoughts. They weren’t even from the amulet. And no words about it would come out of her mouth. "If it escapes the wall before I am done, you will have to keep it distracted." That’s not what she wanted to say! -02:43 Jul 12
Athos: He looked at her. "I killed it on my own last time, I’m sure I can keep it busy.. are you sure you’re okay? I…" the seal cracked further and Athos turned his back on Corona ready to defend them. "Don’t worry. I won’t die this time.." -02:48 Jul 12
Corona: "I’m not…" She clamped her mouth shut and was near grinding her teeth together. Almost like flipping a switch that wave of nausea was gone, and she seemed to be totally in control. Pray that he realizes something wrong. Because what he did to you will be nothing compared to what I’ll do. That is no way to talk to your father, dove. What will my grandchild think? There was no restrait on Corona’s magic now. As if she had been casting these sorts of spells with ease her entire life, she was waving a hand, drawing on the runes in the tower. It was no sealing spell. Definitely the killing kind, and every intention of drawing the power in the process. -02:55 Jul 12
Athos: He wasn’t facing her, he crouched low and got ready to act… then he felt it, building behing him and turned. Instinct prickled on the back of his neck and he sent a wave of ice creeping along the floor to freeze her feet to it. "What are you doing?" -02:58 Jul 12
Corona: There was no effort in dispelling the ice to water. Corona had tapped directly in to her child’s gifts to do it. "That god has to be killed, doesn’t it? And we do not want to be cursed in the process. We can take it’s power without being cursed when done right. You have to trust me." The spell resumed, drawing on the tower to increase it’s potency. Tap my son again and see what happens. I fucking dare you. Be wise, daughter. Or it will be three gods drained by one spell, instead of two. -03:05 Jul 12
Athos: There was something off and he could feel it. "Thats not what we agreed to." he said "You didn’t want to drain him, whats changed?" he looked down at the shard in his hand and then at her. "I need you by my side for this we kill him and thats it…" he gripped the shard and then turned back to the seal. "I won’t see you or my son corrupted by power." -03:11 Jul 12
Corona: "It’s my choice what I do with my son. And my son will have a great legacy." With a quick cut to her hand, the spell was ready. And she was drawing on her child to cast it. Stepping forward with that dagger and ready to drive it in to his back between the shoulder blades. But she stopped. Inches away with her shaking with the struggle to push it forward. Mistake. Very big mistake. Corona dropped to the floor on her knees. And with the worst timing, the seal on the demon in the wall was falling to pieces. Smoke pouring out of the rune. -03:19 Jul 12
Athos: "Hes OUR son." he turned just as the seal broke and was thrown across the room. He coughed and got to his feet. He recognized the magic she had prepaired. "HAve you gone crazy?" he asked before putting himself between her and the god. "Fine I’ll to this like I did last time…" -03:25 Jul 12
Corona: "You are horrible at paying attention![/i] she shouted at him. Still on her knees on the floor, bracing both hand and knife against the stone. Corona was struggling to keep her mind where it belong, the power spell from being unleashed and now focus on a released god as well! You are too inexperienced, little dove. Let me take the godling and you can have your god. "Sonofabitch, fuck you!" Forget it. She was going to let that power spell happen. And Corona knew exactly where she was going to aim it. "Let the star god out of the seal!" -03:31 Jul 12
Athos: He was getting mad. "Fine.." he broke the seal and let the god out but immediatly contrained up and tried to hold it down. "Unless you’re going into labor kind of have more important things to pay attention to here." -03:38 Jul 12
Corona: The star god was pissed off. So much that it was trying to grow in size, snarling, flailing, snapping teeth and claws, and crunching stone. But Corona was more pissed. Bone dagger in hand, made a quick slice down her arm, from elbow to wrist. The first blood to drop wasn’t even red! Falling to the floor black as tar, taking shape… human shape as it crawled and inched across the floor. The moment her blood was running red, her hands were splayed on the floor again. Every single rune in the tower lighting up. "Release him and step away…! Don’t let him near me, and for fuck’s sake don’t let him near you either!" -03:47 Jul 12
Athos: Athos released him but keps a barrier around it and backed away his magis feeding on the realm around them… the blood.. he didn’t like the looks of it but another barried was all he could do. "I know what you’re going to do.." he said. "And I know what I want to do.. so you first.." it was all he could do to hold the god back. Life after this had better be good or he was going to be pissed. -03:53 Jul 12
Corona: "I don’t think you know, but you’re gonna…" she growled. She wasn’t mad at Athos. All of her rage was focused on the black tar form that was picking itself off the floor, jerking and twisting, taking shape in to the Sorcerer. Corona activated his built spell, the power sapping, power draining spell. Exactly the way he designed it. But instead of it taking from Athos and the Star God, it was the Sorcerer and the Star God! And instead of drawing the power in to herself, she was pouring it to a central point in the room. A swirling black gem, dark as night. The Sorcerer wailed trying to cling and remain, but was quickly consumed in to the gem. …the star god was not as easy! She pulled it, tugged it and for every bit of power she drained he seemed to have that much more! "I can’t take him…!" -04:01 Jul 12
Athos: Athos scowled… "I can." He surged forwards the barried disolving and slammed into the mass of the other god shattering the wall and sending him spinning into the cast nothingness of the sea of magic. Once he was out of the protective wards of the tower the magic consumed hima nd he became what he was before he was a god. One with magic. But this mean that as they toutched Cononas’s spell affected Athos too for the briefest moment. -04:05 Jul 12
Corona: He didn’t listen and the spell was trying to drain his power too…! But he was lucky. Lucky that she had no strength left and the majority of the spell had run it’s course. Corona cut the tethers, when it began to pull him and tug back towards the gem. The runes going dim and out, nearly every one smoking from the spell. The black gem in the center of the room no longer swirling, but in it’s very core was a bright, fuming soul. Then she was falling forward, the loss of blood and over use of magic becoming overwhelming! -04:11 Jul 12
Athos: The drain hurt him and he almost joined the god in the sea, but instead he fell to his knees and almost filled the gem. He took a breath he steady himself before he heard Corona fall and turning stumbled to his feet and over to her, rolling her onto her back and brushing the hair from her face. "Corona.. are you…" he placed his hand on her cheek feeling her blood and letting his energies melt into her to stop the bleeding from her arm. -04:17 Jul 12
Corona: "I told you not to go near him…" she mumbled. Corona couldn’t open her eyes yet, but it was a relief to feel him there, and the tension from trying to hold everything together was slowly fading. "I couldn’t have healed without you… That’s why there is always two to fight a god…" It seemed she had just enough in her to give him that smug grin. -04:21 Jul 12
Athos: "You said you couldn’t handle him so I had to do something… if its a choice of you and me, I choose you." he brushed his hand against her cheek as he cradled her head in his lap. "But I would come strait back from the dead to heal you if I had to." -04:24 Jul 12
Corona: "Such a reckless man, when will you learn better…? I hope our son has more sense." She was smiling, a pleased almost blissfull look. Which was surely mostly attributed to pure exhaustion. But it was done. No more Sorcerer. No more Star God. There would be other evil in the world, but they had met their own destiny and were done. …and still alive! "You are going to have to fix all the holes in my tower. And build me a city…." -04:28 Jul 12
Athos: "And get you a crown? And a golden carpet stretching from here to the horizin lined with heralds and courtiers? One step at a time Corona. I may be a god but we have a dynasty to build" he leaned down to kiss her cheek. "Together." -04:31 Jul 12
Corona: "I am a sorceress, what do I need with a crown and coutiers…" Her laugh was soft, and with only the slightest wince she reached her arms around his neck. "Just give me you, Athos. I’ll be content to watch our twelve children rebuild the world…" -04:34 Jul 12
Athos: "Planning ahead are you?" he asked leanign down to kiss her and crable her in his arms. "You already have me or havn’t you been listening? Not falling back in hate with gods are you?" -04:38 Jul 12
Corona: "You did say dynasty.. a dynasty needs many, many children. One for every place in the world and beyond." Returning his kiss with a sharp nip, she grinned against his cheek. "I hope you’re ready to deal with a dozen screaming godlings." -04:44 Jul 12
Tower's Calling

Tower’s Calling 009: The Sorcerer’s Marionettes

[Corona is sitting at her desk with her newest book. If anything is going to help with the proper destruction of evil gods, it’s a ancient grimoire about Magical History and Theory.] -04:11 Jul 11
[Athos enters.] -04:16 Jul 11
Corona: The grimoire was so old, it recounted events predating common knowledge history. So old that most didn’t even think humans or otherwise existed during those ages. Corona was completely fascinated with it. Turning the pages delicately and writting down notes on papers beside her. From gods to magical beings, there was so much that no one ever knew! -04:20 Jul 11
Athos: Athos was resting. Transporting the tower to the learm of gods had taken a lot out of him and he wasn’t yet back to full strength, but that might be a good thing as it mean the other god wasn’t either. "I could use something to drink.." he said sitting up and looking around. "Want somehting?" -04:24 Jul 11
Corona: "Do I get to request anything in the world again?" she teased, not even looking up from her book. There was a chapter specifically about the birth of new gods she wanted to go over. If she were going to have one, she wanted to know what she’d be dealing with. "Hot tea would be nice. I could use something hot." Now if she could apply the knowledge from this book with what she knew about the Emidio bloodlines… This was going to take all night. -04:27 Jul 11
Athos: A mug appeared out od nowhere in his hand and he placed it besides her as it filled itself with aromatic tea. Seemed Athos would never stop showing off, then he got himself a milkshake and sipped it sitting oposite her. "Start at that book much longer and you’re going to dry out your eyes.. whats that in anyway? Arabic? -04:31 Jul 11
Corona: "Hmm, it’s almost Summerian but older than that… I don’t think your Emidio ancestor was the first to destroy and remake the world." She finally looked up to cast him a grin, and took her mug in to her hands. The warmth was nice. The little beast in her couldn’t decide if he liked things really hot or really cold. -04:38 Jul 11
Athos: "Thats what happened when god thinks the worlds gne too far… but it also means we’re no differnt from the otherswith what we can do. I’m I’m frank I do not fault her from what she did. If I lived in her time I might have done the same, even though it almosy killed her husband…" he trailed off "We’ve been killing gods so long but theres always more. Thats why we need to survive." -04:44 Jul 11
Corona: "If there is one god, there is always more…" She took a thoughtful sip of her tea, leaning back in her chair. "And if there was one family of gods, then there has to be others too. The Northern Sea God Vardri created his own bloodline. Who is to say others haven’t done the same?" -04:49 Jul 11
Athos: "The reasons I’ll leave you to ponder because to me they’re not really relevant. All I know is the world is a sack of crap and someone needs to fix it or Dakota won’t be the last Emidio to remake the world through fire." -04:55 Jul 11
Corona: Corona smiled at him with a shrug of her shoulders. "From the looks of it, that seems to be the natural order. The trick is whether or not it’s a good god… or a very, very bad one destroying the world…" -05:01 Jul 11
Athos: He lookes at her and stuck out his tongue. "I was talking about me but don’t worry it was a joke. I do make those you know." He placed his glass down and it melted away into nothingness. "Ww should have checked for my own body stone while we were in the vault… that way I wouldn’t have to summon food for anything but taste… if I could have repaired it." -05:06 Jul 11
Corona: "I doubt it would be any use to you now." Corona set down her mug, resituating in her seat to resume her reading. "You shouldn’t be showing off so much anyway. Unless you intend to summon up something reasonable for dinner." Another grin as she rest her elbow on the desk. -05:11 Jul 11

There was a sudden rumble, and the lurching of wards around the stone walls of the tower. As if something had slammed right in to the side and sent the entire structure shaking in it’s foundation! -Corona

Athos: Athos jumped to his feet and after a moment of readign the flow of magic around them swore. "Hes here.. that other god… shit how did he?…" energy was already crackling arounf his hands as he quickly prepared himself for a fight. "He need to get out of here… How…" -05:22 Jul 11
Corona: This was not a good moment to say I told you so, and Corona was fighting to bite it back, even while she was jumping to her feet and pulling out her wand. She could feel every one of her own wards snapping, like they were nothing more than a spider’s webbing. Magic shard…! Before she thought of anything else she was dashing across the room to claim that shard. -05:24 Jul 11

The crunching of stone almost sounded like footsteps with every crackling boom against the tower. A massive arm shoved it’s way through the tower window, tearing away a large chunk of the wall to make the hole big enough for it to enter. The god was larger than before, more monster than anything else. With gleaming eyes and a triumphant smile. -Corona

Athos: He pulled Corona out the way and out of sight. "I rememebr you.." he said wishing they could run without leaving behind all the things they had just stolen. "Didn’t I kill you already?" -05:33 Jul 11

“Cannot kill what is eternal… boy god.” it hiiiissssed, climbing in to the tower. It’s body so large it seemed to swallow up the room with both form and presence. “I neeeeeeed the summoner…” Tilting it’s head sideways and near upside down, it regarded them with curiosity. “But which soul, which soul is mine… Mother or chiiiiild…?” -Corona

Athos: "Nothing here is yours.." he hissed back a;ready a shimmering barrier in place between the god and Corona. "Leave before I kill you again…" he got ready to back up his threat too pathering the energies of the palne around him and prepairing to trow it at the god. -05:41 Jul 11

unseen though the scorceror, Corona’s father slipped into the tower. The distraction was working beautifly and Athos wasn’t pating any attention to his bride. Perfect… -Athos

Corona: Well fuck. Why did consequences have the worst timing. Corona shifted position to point her wand, and growled at the barrier through her teeth. "If you’re going to fight him, you’re going to fight him WITH me. That’s the way it’s meant to be!" -05:43 Jul 11

The god tilted it’s head the other way. Bemused. Unphased. Leaning forward on all fours, it’s mouth widening to grin with rows of teeth to a grotesque width. “To recreate a life, a sacrifice must be made… Too be soliiiiiid, I must have sacrifice…” Crushing stone beneath it’s feat, it lept at Athos. Not seeming to be specific or choosy about WHO would be it’s sacrifice! -Corona

Athos: Athos brought the barrier down, knowing Corona would attack, his ace in the hole.. then the let loose all his gathered energy at the god… "NOW CORONA!" -05:48 Jul 11

“Sleep dove…” the whisper, still strangly human and somehow not. The spell wound itse;f bubtly around her mind and pulls it into dreams as the sorcerer’s hand tightened around her and he clamped her mouth shut. “A daughter adn grandchild all in one day.. and a godling too. Today is my lucky day..” -Athos

Corona: A flick of her wrist and wand, she was casting to summon… but the words of the spell eluded her. Her grip on reality seemed to slip. Before she realized what happened her body went limp, wand slipping from her hand as she fell asleep. -05:53 Jul 11

Bursting through the boy god’s power, the star god crashed in to him. Both grinding against the stone floor to hit the wall behind. It’s laughter came out in smoke filled hisses! “Weak and stupid… years have not done you justiiiiiice.” -Corona

[(Timeout) Athos has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -06:27 Jul 11
[Athos enters.] -06:40 Jul 11
Athos: He was on his feet again and errecting a barrier around the god to try and trap him. "And you’ve just gotten uglier.." why hadn’t Corona dona anything? Whait… "NO! CO…" it was too late. -06:44 Jul 11

he slung the girl over his shoulder and was out of there slipping through the portal he came through and disappearing into nothingness. That half god would be taken care of and then… Corona would join him. -Athos

Feet away, the star god was regaining it’s footing. Content with toying with it’s pray, and having no agenda other than just being there. Anothing hiss of laughter. “All the power of a god and yet… alwayssss failure… alwayssss.” It was circling again, eying the barrier with only a mild interest. There was the sense of him pushing against it with an unseen touch of power of his own. “You should have ssssttaaayed dead…. you are weak… no true god…” -Corona

Athos: Athos grit his teeth and growled. Corona was in danger and this asshole was taunting him. "Guess what.. I am not a god. I’m an Emidio and that means I…" he planted his footing on the foor. "Kill." he concentrated summoning a spell and drawing on the power of the wards, both his and Corona’s. "Asshole." He dropped the barrier and pressed the spell in arounf the god, a sealing hex binding him to one of the runes on the wall. "Gods." -07:07 Jul 11

A snarl and a hiiiiiissss, the star god tried to keep a footing by digging it’s claws in to the stone. But the sealment was just enough to pull him back in to the wall. Even while sealed, his hissing howl could be heard. Smoke sifting through the symbol. It would not hold him for long. -Corona

Athos: Athos wasn’t sticking around, he traced the portal and followed, the binding spell he did on Corona and the child reading him on his way. There was no way he was going to let them be taken, no way on this earth. He would rather see it destroyed. -07:11 Jul 11
Corona: Corona awoke slowly. The groggy feeling being hard to shake off. Even her limbs felt heavy. As she shifted she found herself sitting in a chair at an empty table. Except she was not alone. Every single one of the chairs had a person in it. Those soulless, empty husks of people. All poised like they were at a meeting and listening religiously. Corona nearly jumped out of her own skin. "Sonofabitch…!" -07:24 Jul 11

“Now now… you don’t want to wake the others.. trust me on that.” the voice was close by but seemed to be in every direction. “Welcome home daughter, I’m so glad you could join me and join me you will. You;ve done so well raising two gods and another growing inside you. Our family will be the greatest to ever live.” -Athos

Corona: They weren’t at the his tower or hers. Which meant she had no freaking idea where she was, which did not sit well with Corona. Wearily she searched herself for her wand, watching those things and looking for the source of his voice. "I’m a stranger, I have no fucking idea what you’re talking about." He knew… he knew because she took Athos with her and they blew her entire cover. The man was a bad influence! -07:30 Jul 11
Athos: "Don’t lie to me…" small glowing light appeared all around her in the empty sockets of the figures. "Don’t ever lie to me. You know who I am or did you think you were the only think I took from your tower." her notes appeared on the table furthest from her. "You’re a promising student but I’ve been watching you longer than you realize or did you think me stupid enough to let a little girl wonder through my tower? When I noticed things missing I knew only someone of my blood could take them, so I learned what you liked taking and set my sernvants to watch for me." all the heads turned towards her at once. "So Corona, are you going to join me or will I be raising a god on my own?" -07:35 Jul 11

“Don’t lie to me…” small glowing light appeared all around her in the empty sockets of the figures. “Don’t ever lie to me. You know who I am or did you think you were the only think I took from your tower.” her notes appeared on the table furthest from her. “You’re a promising student but I’ve been watching you longer than you realize or did you think me stupid enough to let a little girl wonder through my tower? When I noticed things missing I knew only someone of my blood could take them, so I learned what you liked taking and set my sernvants to watch for me.” all the heads turned towards her at once. “So Corona, are you going to join me or will I be raising a god on my own?” -Athos

Corona: Holy shit, they really did move. She sucked in a sharp in take of breath, nearly falling out of her own chair in the process of scrambling out of it. She’d rather have a showdown with a tracker than those eerie things. "That’s grand, you are indeed the most powerful sorcerer the world has ever known. I’m not going to argue there…. but my mother was better. And YOU are a dick." She didn’t have her wand… that wasn’t going to be an issue. "You make one twitchie little move towards my child and I will make sure you suffer worse than anyone has ever suffered before." -07:42 Jul 11
Athos: She walked into his even though he hadn’t been there a second ago. "Worse than your bufoon of a half-god is right now? He stands no chance against his oponent. That was my deal with him. He gets the upstart who killed him. I get you. You could have anything you even wanted evna father’s love." -07:46 Jul 11
Corona: Corona backed away, her hands balling up in to fists. "Fuck. You. I never needed you before, and I don’t need you now. I have everything I want…. except you good and dead!" All of those years she spent studying to face him, and now here he was. She didn’t feel ready. It didn’t feel like a grand moment of reckoning. Corona was just pissed as all hell, and incredibly afraid that everything was all for nothing. On desparate impulse she pulled a lightning spell to strike him. And those blasted marrionettes too! -07:53 Jul 11
Athos: He caught the lightnign in his hand solidifying it into a radient crystal ring the he tossed onto the ground in ring of her. "Wear it, it will shine with it’s light until the end of time. Its your magic… the last you will ever cast." they jumped her, dozens from every direction as he hit her with a spell locking down her power and sealing away that of her child. "I’m sorry you chose this path but the only reason you’re not dad is I need whats inside you." -07:57 Jul 11
Corona: She was screaming. Both from frustrated rage and the horror of being surrounded by those empty minions. When she couldn’t summon a spell or magic, she was swinging a fist. Kicking out a heel. Scrambling to get that ring, in hopes it would be some sort of tether to her power and cursing him for taunting her with her. "You’re not getting my kid, even if I have to kill you with my bare hands!" she snarled! -08:03 Jul 11
Athos: "wrong. -08:04 Jul 11

“Wrong.” he directed his minions to grab her and hold her for him. “If you’re only going to be good for me as an incubator.. that thats what you’ll be.” he placed hia hand on her forehead and pushed her mind back into sleep, a perminany sleep that would keep her just alive enough for the baby to be born. “Such a waste.” -Athos

Corona: "No…! He’s mine…!" Corona fought it. Tried to jerk herself free. But it was all consuming, heavy… the last thing she remembered was pure fear and the tears sliding down her face as she succumbed to the sleep. -08:10 Jul 11
Athos: He arived just in time to see her fall… she was dead, he was too late. The only thing good in the workd and he had failed AGAIN! How many people were going to die because of HIM! ATHOS! HOW MANY? NO MORE! NO MORE DEATHS! If everythign was bad in the world then there would be no more world. "Noooo…." -08:16 Jul 11

The Sorcerer looked almost surprised to see him there. Almost. He stepped over to Corona, directing his puppets to leave her. Swooping to pick up the glowing ring from the floor. “This is the price a god pays to be raised from the dead, isn’t it? A life for a life. Her life for yours. Your child’s life for the god you could not slay…” -Corona

Athos: He balled his hand into a fist. "I guess yours is free then." ice like a dozen knives shot towards him. "Fist you, then that god… then every other asshole on this planet." -08:24 Jul 11

The ring slipped on his finger, he splayed out a hand. Lighting dropping from the air to split the ice to shards before it ever reached him. “More death. Is that what you want, Son of Emidio? I could bring her back to life. Her and her child. For a price…” -Corona

Athos: He wasn’t listening, Lightning, fire, ice, water, ANYTHING TO HURT HIM. Breathing hard he stopped attacking an glared at the sorceror. "I’m not going to trust you, you fuck. ANd I’m not going to make a deal with you." -08:31 Jul 11

The Sorcerer blocked, dodged, shielded, all without breaking a sweat. Where he drew his power source from, he didn’t even seem to crack the surface yet. What he did make sure to do was protect the body of his daughter. Not a spell, not a misfire, nothing. He needed her unharmed. “She is dead because of you. Because she raised your soul from purgatory. Because you draw evil to you. Because you destroyed my tower and led me right to her… You killed her. And you can’t even bring her back.” -Corona

Athos: Athos wasn’t even hearing him anymore… the gates between the material world and the sea of magic were cracking and an Emidio was directing the flow. "And you can? The do it.. do it or you’ll join her. Bow before your god and…." the burst and the pwoer overtook him, coursed through his viens and for the second time he was almost destroyed byt it, but his hait standign on end as he lifed off the ground his voice distorted at he looked on the upstart sorceror. "I will tear you away and flay your sould if you don’t talk now… NOW!" -08:42 Jul 11

The Sorcerer, to his credit, did not seemed cowed by a god’s display of power. He thought himself a god, with the powers and skills of all those he slayed. He stood in front of Corona, boldy not even summoning up a spell of protection as he cast a wide assinine smile to the god. So reminiscent of the one Corona always gave. “Would you destroy your savior? Your only chance? Do it. Destroy me. Seal yourself again, Son of Emidio, and watch as I come back stronger…” -Corona

Corona: The was a flicker. a spark. It wasn’t her own, or her son… that was sealed away so deep she couldn’t reach it. Something else was calling her name, deep in her slumber. "The child is always stronger than the father." Her child…? Or herself. [i]"There are times to destroy the world and there are times to rebuild it. And if you do not rise, you know where it will be headed…" God damnit. A woman had to do everything. Corona fought it, struggled against it. Was trying to pull apart the sleeping spell… she just needed the time…! -08:57 Jul 11
Athos: Athos’ power wrapped around the man lifting him up like a Giant’s hand. "You know what I’ve always said.. little mortal… Fuck the world. Once you’re dead… its next. You can’t bring her back so you are worthless to me." he energy forced it’s way into him, like hot knives ready to tear him apart from the inside out cutting both body and soul. "There will be nothing left of you, and no afterlife. Your soul is mine." -09:02 Jul 11

He was laughing. Maniacally laughing. Even when he felt himself being ripped apart. So consumed by his own delusion, he truely believed he was ascending to godhood. Become something grand, powerful. Every rip was unleashing more of his own powers, powers he stole. Souls he claimed. Flaring against the god’s power like rays from a super nova. -Corona

Corona: There was too much going on, she could feel it and it felt smothering. Corona was having to struggle against it just as hard as she did pulling apart the spell. But it broke, leaving her rolling and gasping on the floor in pain from the strain of trying to make her body move. Rising on her arms, there was chaos everywhere. Magic and power and rage and madness. "You stupid asses…!" Corona was sure she went unheard. Now she had to unlock her and her child’s magic before the two killed them all! -09:11 Jul 11
Athos: Cutting deeper and deeper, resnding, rooping, tearing, There was blood spraying in arcs as Athos crushed in on him hitting him with lightning and then reasing his arms tore the man the two both halves halling to the ground the innards spilling out but Athos kept him alive he hit him again, and again, and again and again. He was laughing even as tears ran down his face before the entire room filled woth arcs of lightning and then with two charred lumps of meat in from of him and smike rising from his skin he looked down as the sorcerer, still not allowing him to die. He reached down and tore the head from the rest and lifted it up to his level… First you… then the world…" summoning his strength he crushed the skull in his hands and let it fall to the floor… then closed his eyes. "Now for that god…" -09:19 Jul 11
Corona: "Athos." she growled out. Blood was never something that she had a problem with, but there was so much of it now that the coppery smell was making her sick. She was still trying to push herself off the ground. To push at those strands of the sealing spell. It wasn’t going fast enough, and she could feel a sense of urgency emanating from the amulet. Something here was wrong. -09:25 Jul 11
Athos: He stopped, the crackling power around him fading. "Corona..?" he swallowed… "You…" he was at ehr side in a second, wrapping his magis arounf her making sure she was real and really alive… "I thought you were dead…" -09:27 Jul 11

Blood scattered across the floor seemed to ripple. The marrionettes that had been motionless during the entire display were moving again. In jerky twisting motions to creep forward. The laughter and all sound had ceased, but the entire room was dreadfully cold. -Corona

Corona: "What did I say about you keeping your temper…?" she was unsteady on her feet, but alive. And was amused… for about two seconds before she froze and gripped his arm. She really fucking hated those things. "We can’t stay here. If we stay here we’re going to die." -09:30 Jul 11
Athos: He turned and a second later has a wall of ice between them and those things. "Your father.." he said… we shoudl ger out of here.." he picked her up if she wanted it or not and was carrying her upwards on a growing platform of ice to the exit and taking her away. "I don’t ever want to loose you." -09:35 Jul 11
Corona: Corona had her arms around his neck, without complaint. Looking down at the marrionettes that were watching from below with those hollow eyes and frozen in that position. There was a feeling still hanging over her. Had her skin crawling, and she couldn’t seem to grasp it yet. "You’re not going to loose me so easily. I intend to live for a very long time…" -09:39 Jul 11
Athos: "Good because out child needs a mother, and a father." he said holding her close. They had nowhere to go now but it was too late for preperations anyway. Its was sink or whim, or so Athos thought. -09:42 Jul 11
Tower's Calling

Tower’s Calling 008: Shattered Glass

[Corona has discovered that having help makes things so much easier. Especially when you have to sneak in to a steel and glass tower belonging to an evil sorcerer…] -04:48 Jul 10
[Athos is tasting the lighter side of destiny for once.] -04:49 Jul 10
Corona: "I might have sent you alone had I known this was going to be a pain in the ass." By this she meant being pregnant, which seemed to come with bouts of occasional nausea and weariness. She was perpetually tired, which was NOT helping her at the moment with them sneaking through streets of the Old City hoping not to be spotted. -04:53 Jul 10
Athos: "You should be able to tap into the strength od the godling inside you by now." he said glaning at her as they hid in an abandoned show on the watch for those hunter things. "I’d tell you how but I’ve never been pregnant.. maybe the anulet will tell you." he glanced at her and then at her stomach. "Or I could carry you." -04:55 Jul 10
Corona: "I am not using my child’s power when he is so small and I don’t know what I am doing." Corona returned his glare before turning away to peer out at the streets. The jungle had long since reclaimed the Old City, but there were still a few roads actively used by the Sorcerer and the people he kept in his tower. "…and I don’t need to be carried. I’m tired not weak and helpless." -05:00 Jul 10
Athos: "Never said you were." he snapped back. "I was just trying to help and be nice. I guess I won’t do that then." he climbed out the front window and didging behind a tree made his way across the street and waited for her. "If we head up here I’ll be able to bridge the gab between this building and the next and we’ll have a grea view of whats ahead…" -05:03 Jul 10
Corona: He had the temperment of a woman. Corona was heaving a very frustrated sigh when she climbed out the window herself and followed after him. ..or else he was suffering the affects of her mood and could not differentiate the difference. A side effect of the amulet and his ghostly reentrace in to the world… One she could do without. "As long as we know where the trackers are it will be easy enough to get to the Tower. They are the worst to worry about…" -05:10 Jul 10
Athos: He headed up the stairs until they were a few floors up and looks out along the street. "And they smell the use of magic.." he said "Which it why I’m not going to be using any…" he paced across the room reasuring the distance and started running towards teh window. Jumping and curling itno a ball he passed though it and crashed though a wondow on the building on the other side of an alley and then looked back at her. "I can see the tower over that mine of buildings.. we’re not that far.. there seems to be people using the buildings as a watch post though.." -05:16 Jul 10
Corona: "They can smell more than just the use of it. The magic in your blood. I imagine we are very noticable now…" Corona leaned out of the window. There was no way in hell she was jumping that, and he was a maniac for doing it himself! "I wouldn’t worry about those people too much… they aren’t alive anymore." She seemed to be irked by it, unsettled. But didn’t make another comment about it. "What of the trackers? We’ll need to know what route to take." -05:21 Jul 10
Athos: The abominations of flesh and metal unsettled him but they had a distinctive aura that he could tak into and see coming. "There three that way.. theres been one of out trair for the past three hours which is why I’ve been trying the throw it off we should head that way." he said pointing. "In my time there was a subway line we can use if its still passable and we can block it up behind us." -05:23 Jul 10
Corona: "That should do well. I always have the best luck going the underground ways." Subways, underground garages… they were easier to slip through unnoticed. Going through the doors or windows tended to take a lot more finesse, and Corona just did -not- have that kind skill this time. "Better hurry, then. It doesn’t take them long to find me alone, it’s going to be worse with you and the small one in tow." -05:36 Jul 10
Athos: He looked around and then held out his hand and then closed it into a fist adn the wall around the windows was compacted into a ball, thne with another gesture the wall was formed into a bridge for her to cross and he held out his hand for her. "This way the enterence to the subway is just outside this building.: -05:39 Jul 10
Corona: There was a twinge of jealousy at how easy it was for him to cast magic. It would take her ages to learn a new method and be able to cast without channeling. Still, she crossed and took his hand in the process. "So much for not using magic, ex-Ghost?" She cast him a smug grin. -05:42 Jul 10
Athos: "I have to take care of my wife." he said holdign her hadn as he headed down the stairs and the bridge crumbled. As they reached the bottom floor he lookeda round the room and shook hsi head at the mess. "I rememebr this city… this bakery. He used to come here sometimes when we were sick of out own food. They had the best apple pie.. better than the crap I summon… Anyway." he pushed an overturned shelp out the way and pulled open the door and looked up and down the street. "Its clear… lets go." -05:47 Jul 10
Corona: "They say before that, this city was a metropolis. The towers were called skyscrappers because they reached so high. Only the power seem to have them now." Taking care of his wife. It was irritating how one moment she was pissed off at him for fussing over her, and the next she thought it was endearing. Maybe it was the way he said it. Corona squeezed his hand as they dashed across the street and quickly down the subway entrace steps in to the dark cave-like tunnels below. What used to be a railway was now a flooded system of streams under the city. "With the sorcerer gone there will be one less asshole in the world destroying good progress. Cities could be rebuilt…" -05:54 Jul 10
[Athos enters.] -06:14 Jul 10
[(Timeout) Athos was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -06:19 Jul 10
Athos: "A little more magic won’t hort.." he said summoning a memory from the depths of his mind and sharing it with her through a kiss on the forehead, of him standing on the deck of his ship as the city slipped past, the massive dock drifting further away. The skyscreapers shining boldly in the sun and… the amulet in his hand still red with the blood of the previous wearer because he hadn’t ahd the heart to clean it yet… He broke the kiss, that last part hadn’t mean to have slipped in and he refocussed on the tunnels ahead. "One less asshole… thats out mission." -06:19 Jul 10
[Corona enters.] -06:31 Jul 10
[Corona enters.] -06:36 Jul 10
Corona: Corona doubted he realized just how much he shared, even before he gave more than he intended. There was a lot of sadness and confusion, and she really wasn’t at all surprised. There was just so little she could do about the past. "We’ll get them soon enough. For now I just need the things he has in his vault. Should be so much easier to take them with your help. I haven’t before." -06:39 Jul 10
[Corona ] -06:48 Jul 10
[Corona ] -06:48 Jul 10
Athos: The tunnel was pitch black and he did not create ant light. Intead he relief on the fient traced of her previous excursions to guide him. "I know. Doing this your way. Gods what I wouldn’t give for the rescoursed the family once had… we’d have this over in a week tops… We.." he was once again reminded how he’d failed but instead of huffing he took her hand. "We will rebuild. Until then this is not my world." -06:49 Jul 10
Corona: She was itching to put light in the space, but with squeezing his hand she was trusting he knew where to go and where to step. That trust didn’t come easy. "It’s our way. Comprimising. I can comprimise. I have comprimised…" Corona was trying to make him feel better, but this was not something she was good at or had the experience in! It always came out like she was being contrary. She audibly sighed. "It’s still your world…" -06:53 Jul 10
Athos: "My world had people, not monsters, my world had hope, and freedom, and … not this. This is what became of my world after I left it. One day it will b emy world again. When I have hope, a family, when people don’t have to be afraid. I’d prefer the city was obliterated than to walk through it’s corpse. The only thing that gives me hope is you." -07:00 Jul 10
Corona: Corona smiled. "And aren’t you lucky you found me." Down the tunnel she stopped, tugging his hand to turn him. Corona didn’t need to see him in the dark to know where he was. She brushed a hand against his cheek and leaned up to brush a kiss over his mouth. "I didn’t ask for you. I didn’t want you when you appeared. And now I can’t imagine life without you. I give you hope, but you’re giving me a future filled with so much more than I ever imagined. You’ll remember that before getting all brooding, won’t you?" -07:13 Jul 10
[Athos enters.] -07:18 Jul 10
Athos: The kiss was a surprise but it brought a content sigh from the darkness where we stood. "Thats what love is, giving eachother something worberful simply be existing." he put a hand on her cheek to feel her expression before he continued on, his ahdn once again taking hers. "We just have to get through this." -07:21 Jul 10
Corona: "Suddenly, I feel my chances of defeating my enemies and the world’s evil so much higher with a god on my side." she was grinning. On her own, it would have been years. Decades. If she lived that long. His help was going to shorten that time, and maybe she was a little overconfident, but it was a trump card her father didn’t have. Far on down the tunnel she stopped again, gesturing inseen in the dark with her hand. "We’re very close now. I can feel the protection wards about his building. There should be hidden fire escape routes." -07:29 Jul 10
[(Timeout) Athos was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -07:37 Jul 10
Athos: He found the door and pushed it open before briefly putting and arm arounf her then putting her hand on the rain and mounting the stairs heading upwards. Then he let out a low growl. "I feel something.." he said "An artifact that was once…" this sorceror has stolen from his family and no one could do that and remain unpunished. "We take everything that couls be usefull.." he said "And everything Emidio.." because once they were gone there would be no tower anymore. -07:37 Jul 10
Corona: "It will be more than we can carry. You have no idea how large his vault is and how much he’s collected. I’ve been sneaking in and stealing things for years…" The fact he had not noticed yet meant his wards must have relied heavily on blood. She could slip in unnoticed. With Athos with her, it might be the last time she could sneak in so easily… She was going to have to make sure she took the most important things. At the top of the stairs there was another door that she pushed through. Almost immediately there was a sharp intake of breath from her when she jumped. …then with irritation let out the breath. "I hate these things… they are always in strange places. Stupid fools…" It was a person. A real, skin and bone person. Stuffed and posed like a taxidermed animal, awkwardly guarding the door. -07:44 Jul 10
Athos: He looked at the thing, then back down the staircase, then at the shing again and shook his head. "People should not end up like this. You might want to look away and get out of the way." The spell hi used was minute and subtle and at first seemed to have no effect. Then from below them there was a strange noise like a thousand tint squeaks as hundred of rats suddenly smelled something irisisatable… and came rushing. -07:51 Jul 10
Corona: She cast him a wicked grin. "I am not a delicate lady, Athos… you don’t have to protect my senses." And now her mood decided he was amusing. If her moodswings didn’t eventually drive him crazy, they were surely going to drive HER crazy. Corona stepped away, climbing up a couple flights of the emergency stairs. Pulling out her wand in the process. She counted the floors until there was the right number. And with a great deal of care opened another door and peered in to a dark hallway. There were more of those people. Poised motionless like statues up and down the halls. But thankfully nothing alive. -07:56 Jul 10
Athos: He moved along silently after her and felt the air around him. "Hes for a lot of wards up to nulify spells. I can’t teleport, create gates, attack or set up wards of my own without alerting him." he did however see a possible way to cheat them and he grinned. "What I wouldn’t give for your blood right now… this place resonated with magic. Given time… or a little luck…" There.. bingo, he now had an ace up his sleeve. "He doesn’t lack for confidence, does he?" -08:04 Jul 10
Corona: "No one defies him or has the power to challenge him. The last one who dared was my mother." She really did hate those things. Corona always felt like they were soulless shells watching and waiting. That they’d move at any moment. It made her movements tense and careful, like a wary cat. Down the long hall there was a huge vault door. Corona pressed her hands to it. "It’s funny, really… he wanted a wife that did him justice and to birth his own legacy. But his wife hated him and took his first child before he even knew he had one. And now here I am. Making the legacy…" There was a click of the mechanics behind the door. It slowly shifted open." -08:11 Jul 10
Athos: "No, you’re makig your own legacy, our legacy." he continued to read the magic around them and how the wards resonated inside the building itself. "You’ve summoned two gods and created a third. I’m sure he’d be proud. But I’m going to unjoy the look on his face.. more." -08:16 Jul 10
Corona: "The irony, dear heart, is that I am repeating history in a dozen different ways and hoping for a different outcome." she grinned at him. Beckoning to the large room as they entered. It was like a showroom of trophies rather than a storage vault. Pieces of shapes and sizes, from the smallest spark of enchantment to things that lay waste to a whole continent in the right hands. "The Sorcerer was a busy collector. He actively hunts down witches, mages, anyone with magic blood. Takes their power, their soul, and everything they own. It’s almost like he is trying to take magic back from the world. Keep it for himself…" -08:21 Jul 10
Athos: He gazed on the colletion and scowled. "Magic is a gift, from my family to the world and was never meant for one hand to wield. Thats why theres always more than one god… I wish you could feel what I feel the vast ocean of magic…" he turned his attention to the vault. "Take what you want. The rest must be destroyed." -08:27 Jul 10
Corona: Corona had her bag ready and was already confiscated some of the more important things she wanted. But she paused, giving him a wary look. "We snuck in here with good reason. I hope you’re not thinking of doing something stupid. I am not even sure if bringing you here has gone unnoticed. I don’t want the attention…" -08:31 Jul 10
Athos: He grinned at her. "I’m not going to put you in any danger, don’t worry. I’m just going to strike a crippling first blow." he lookeda t her. "He hoards power, its his one goal, his purpose. We’re fighting a gorilla war and I’m just going to make sure that after we leave he’ll never be able to use any of this stuff." -08:35 Jul 10
Corona: "A first blow, which is going to piss him off and send him off searching for the one that did it. Did you consider that?" Corona didn’t know why she was even surprised. The moment he popped out of that amulet, he was nothing but impulsive and running with it without the time to think and consider the consequences. Pissing off her father was going to have really bad ones and Corona didn’t feel ready enough to deal with it! More items went in to her bag, more than she ever dared to take at once. And now she was able to tell what was Emidio just by the feel of it. "Am I going to be able to change your mind?" -08:42 Jul 10
Athos: He was running his hands over various artifacts, feeling the magics within. "Hes going to find out about us sooner of later. And when he does I’d rather he didn’t have all of this at his disposal. We may not have the fleet at our disposal but we’re inside his stronghold and able to criple his power and knock him off balance. Its an opotunity we can’t waste. Thos who abuse magic don’t desurve my family’s gift to them." -08:46 Jul 10
Corona: "I’m not disagreeing with you, I just want to be careful. I kinda like us both still living." She was running out of room. Had she her way, she would take everything there. But at least she had all of the Emidio pieces. Corona snatched up one last thing. Too big to fit in the bag, the book was something she had wanted for a long time and never dared to take. "We can go." -08:53 Jul 10
Athos: He couldn’t create his own wards… but he could mess with the sorceror’s and turn them on eachother. He didn’t do the last step until he took her hand and they were almost all the way back along the subway line. Then there was a rumble above then as the tower shook, cracked adn even tually fell the artifacts held distructing in a series of explotions. Then there wasn’t just the two of them in the tunnels but thousands, images to comfuse the tackers as they split off into differentt directions and he pulled her along another tunnel and collapsed it beund them alonw with several others to funter confuse their trail. This wasn’t his first escape when he didn’t want to be followed. -09:03 Jul 10
Corona: How complex it all was was baffling. Both irritating and impressive. The Sorcerer being pissed would be an understatement, and had Corona known he was going to shatter the entire tower and everything in it, she would have argued a lot harder with him. Once they were somewhere she could take a breath and the sound wasn’t defeaning, she was swatting at him with her new book. "Are you insane…! The artifacts I get, but the whole damned building…! You don’t know how pissed he’s going to be!" -09:10 Jul 10
Athos: "The vault would have tipped him off anyway." he said "And I didn’t hant to do half a job." he said finally stopping to rest close to the edge of the city. "We should he okay from here. It would take a god weeks to sort that trail out and by then it will have faded. So did you get what you hoped for?" -09:14 Jul 10
Corona: She looked ready to keep hitting him with the book, instead she hugged it to her. Corona was still scowling, but she was making an effort to keep her temper. "I have something special and I hope it was worth us drawing a big bullseye on our lives. Magic Theory and History. It dates back before you family even existed, and before magic left the world the first time. Probably the most valuable thing in the world next to Dakota’s shard…" -09:20 Jul 10
Athos: "Then with both we can’t loose." he said before opening a portal back to her tower for both of them and pulling her through and sealing it. "You knoe you could use a few wards in here yourself. Other than the ones you have… He was all smiles no matter what her mood. He always was after a successful operation. "I just wish I couls see his face." -09:26 Jul 10
Corona: "I imagine if he was in the tower he is crawling out of the rubble now with the fury of hell on his heels…" Corona didn’t think she had seen him smile so wide before. Despite the fact she thought he was insane, was mad at his reckless, and still wanted to shake him, she couldn’t help but smile in response. "If you want more wards, then make them. I’ve raised gods and created one. I can’t only do so much, you know." she teased, dropping her new book and her prizes on her desk to examine and catagorize. -09:31 Jul 10
Athos: He raised his hands and let the magis of her wards flow around them then pointed at her and bound her to a new one he formed, her and the unborn got inside her, and himself. so that the tower could only be found by them.. the entire world seemed to alter around the tower at he loosened it’s ties to the matrial world and placed it in the sea of magic itself in it’s own little pocket dimention, safe from everyone… in theory, and it amplified the power of spells cast in it.. but exhausted him. -09:39 Jul 10
Corona: The shift had her grabbing on to the back of a chair to keep her balance. Nothing had physically moved, but it moved enough that it was a little alarming to her senses. And where it had moved… was almost so overwhelming in itself, Corona couldn’t quite let go of the chair yet as she pinched the bridge of her nose. "I meant simple wards…! This isn’t what I… blast it, warn me first so I can at least be prepared but all these sudden changes?" She finally let go of the chair, moved across the room to wrap her arms around him. He used too much of himself to do that. "You’re a god, but you’re not invicible. I am not bring you back again if you kill yourself doing something stupid." -09:43 Jul 10
Athos: He put his arms arounf her too and held on. "Keeping you safe right, where safer than nowhere at all." He smiled and burried his face in her hair.. then summoned the memory of the feeling of absolite power and rush when he expended himself like that and once again kissed her forehead. "I wish I could show you what being a god was like." -09:53 Jul 10
Corona: "Not everyone dreams of being a god, dear heart. Some of us are just fine co-existing with them." So much magic and so much power. How easy would it be to get wrapped up an consumed with it? He didn’t realize what he tempted her with. She loved magic and using it. The study of it had been her life. But she was far too aware of what the corruption of it could do. How a person could turn crazy with power… "You’ve given me enough. Just keep us all alive and I will be happy raising our son and making this world better." -09:57 Jul 10
Athos: He stayed here and rested his cheek against her forehead. "I don’t plan on dying this time. I know the limits of my own power and what I can and can’t do. I was born knowing it… Its almost sad to me you have to study for it even though I know you love doing so. I just with you could feel as in toutch with it as I do. I know you’d like it too." -10:01 Jul 10
Corona: "We all have a talent. And your amulet chose me for a reason. I may not be able to feel your magic as naturally as you do, but there is something special I do that you can’t and you need." Corona squeezed him tighter, leaning away from him just so she could plant a kiss against his cheek. "Destiny and fate, you know. We’ll figure it out." -10:06 Jul 10
Athos: He kissed her lips long and soft. "We will, one way or the other. All I know is I couldn’t think of anyone better for it to choose right now and a large part of me wished I never hand to enwrap my arms from around you." -10:12 Jul 10
Corona: A laughed slipped out, and Corona grinned wide. "If that’s the case, come to bed with me. We’ll sleep for a week and forget all about everything else." She rest her hands on his cheeks. "I love you, Athos." -10:18 Jul 10
Tower's Calling

Tower’s Calling 007: A Proposal For The Future

[Corona has slept and slept and slept and slept and she might even be dead!] -04:13 Jun 25
[Athos is waking up and hes hungrier than he has ever been in his life.] -04:17 Jun 25
Corona: She may have slept for days. Which would explain why her stomach was churning and why her body was screaming at her to get up, despite the fact she couldn’t bring herself to move. There was someone in her bed, which was such a foreign thing… Almost a kind of nice thing. For the past few weeks she had grown used to a presence in her tower. But now he was a -physical- one. That was different. -04:21 Jun 25
Athos: He had her in his arms and was breathing easy. It had been a long time since her had had anything link this. His nose in her hair he sighed and stretched draying her closer. No matter how much his stomach rumbled he wanted more of this. Then he was letting his hand sroke her hair as his eyes slowly opened. “I missed being able to do this with someone.” he said softly. “So many small things you can’t do when you’re dead.” -04:28 Jun 25
Corona: She didn’t expect it to feel like this. All warm and safe. Especially considering all that happened and all that could happen. And all she had to do was let go and trust him. …it was just easier said than done! “I’ve never done this with someone.” she muttered. -04:32 Jun 25
Athos: He nuzzled into her hair without stopping stroking. “Then you havn’t lived.” he kissed her scalp and sighed. “I have a body now. I could do whatever I wanted. But right now all I want is this, and maybe somehting to eat.. but I’ve missed this, this feeling of safety, or comfort. Do you mind if I carry on?” -04:35 Jun 25
Corona: How oddly sweet. He asked if he could continue, which was so ridiculously weird Corona couldn’t help but laugh. “So polite all of a sudden? I haven’t the energy to move. Carry on.” Granted, it wasn’t just because she was still so weary. Being petted and held had a very nice effect. Soothing after spending so much time feeling a million other less pleasant things. She curled in to him, slipping one of her legs between his. Physical contact with a solid man was definitely a new experience. -04:43 Jun 25
Athos: He kissed her scalp again and sighed closing his eyes. “I’m alive thanks to you, and do you fik I forced all my girlfriends? I was a loving man once. I just let war change me too much.” he sighed and disnquised shaking his head as nuzzling into her. “Is strange how he behave sometimes. But I do know I enjoy your company when we’re not arguing or running for our lives. Its been so long since I’ve had that…” -04:47 Jun 25
Corona: “I suppose having this once and then being without for a few hundred years can be a pain in the ass.” Especially with how easily it was caving in her resistance. Feeling every breath he took or having his arms around her. How easy it would be to get used to it, love it, and want it. Corona grumbled under her breath. “This amulet puts people together. Is it natural chemetry or just timing and experience?” -04:55 Jun 25
Athos: “Only the bearest know how that thing works.” he said moving his hand from he hair to he chest to look at it before sliding his hand back behinher ear to rub the back of her head. “I know almost nithing about it, if I did things would have been different. I tried to force to choose. And thats where things started to go wrong.” -04:59 Jun 25
Corona: “So you are an idiot.” she grinned. Wide and cheeky. With the expression on his face, though, she leaned to brush a kiss against his cheek. An apology, even if she was still smirking. “You weren’t at fault for that… the amulet was always passed to someone by a descendant. Until something important was going to happen, then it disappeared and wound up where it wanted to be. …I just wonder why it is here now.” -05:03 Jun 25
Athos: He swallowed and looked at her suddenly nervous. “It disappeared didn’t it? And now its where it wants to be, with who it wants to be.” that wasn’t why he was nervous. “And I know why.” the arm around her tightened and he looked at her something in his eyes that might be fear. “That god on the hill. Thats the one I died to kill.” -05:07 Jun 25
Corona: Well fuck. Corona had nearly forgotten about the second god. That was enough to make her shift and sit up. “It was sealed with you, and I brought it out. I knew nothing good would come from raising gods..! I’ve done what my father has spent his life trying to do!” It wasn’t his fault, not really. But now there was no longer an evil sorcerer to worry about, there was a star god unleashed on the world. -05:13 Jun 25
Athos: “Its not your fault.” he said stilling up too and pulling her into a hug if she wanted it or not. “You were trying to help me, so maybe this is why the amulet came to you, together I won’t have to die this time.” -05:15 Jun 25
Corona: “There was a good three hundred years of people it could have chosen. So why me and why now? There’s a method to it, reasoning… it’s not at random.” In the end it might’ve been the only thing that really vexxed her. Having her strings pulled by destiny didn’t concern her. But not understanding why would drive her crazy. …this hugging thing, though, had a mysterious affect on her bristling mood. Easing that tension with reluctance. “I will fix it. I just need the time to study…” -05:29 Jun 25
Athos: He pulled back to put his hand on her chin and press his lips into hers. “Some though you just have to feel more than understand.” he whispered before putting her go and looking at her. “And you could just ask me how I did it last time.” -05:33 Jun 25
Corona: Kissing was definitely a kind of enchantment. It had her teetering a few moments before she remembered what she was talking about. “…last time you died and was sealed for a couple hundred years. We’ll do it my way this time.” She couldn’t let him kiss her again, or they were going to get anywhere. Corona pushed him gently out of the way so she could scoot to the end up the bed and get up. Only getting up left her feeling dizzy enough to hold her head with a hand. Major spells and babies were a horrible mix. It was like having a hangover! -05:37 Jun 25
Athos: He saw her teater and moved to catch her. “I’ll cojur us up some food.” he said standing and walking towards the straircase, still stark naked. “What do you want, anything special? Any cravings?” he was hungry enough for be shaky and needed fo eat. But asking her what she wanted was the least he could do. “And somehting to drink too, coffee would be nice.” -05:41 Jun 25
Corona: “The things I desire I don’t even know the names to.” she grumbled, tilting a head to watch him walk. Men were fascinating things! Sure she had seen plenty of them before, but not like this. Not where she could touch if she really wanted to. “…besides conjuring is not such a great idea for food. You can’t just use magic for everything it’s a lot of energy.” -05:46 Jun 25
Athos: He was leaning agaist the wall a mug of coffee in his hands a showing off grin on his face. “For someone with a gog in them you don’t seem to have much of a clue as to what gods can do Corona.” he said still grinning. “What do you want. Name it and I’ll summon it. You desurve somehting nice and you need food so no arguing, just make it of I’m getting us both what I want.” he looked at he and his grin became a smile. “You know I should feel like this for you, but whats a guy to do?” -05:52 Jun 25
Corona: “You don’t even know how your own power works, you smarmy bastard.” Corona was itching to knock that grin off his face, just as much as she wanted to return it with a smirk of her own. She flopped back in to bed, lifting a dissmissive hand. “All right there. Spaghetti with lots of basil. Iced tea with lemon. Anything with chocolate. Almonds. Little sour gummies? Hmm…” She was tempted to think up something impossible, but whatever he was drinking smelled amazing so testing would have to wait. She needed food before she just ate him. -05:58 Jun 25
[Athos enters.] -06:11 Jun 25
Athos: “I know how to work it, thats what matters.” he said taking another sip before going back to the bed and sitting on the edge. A cold pitched of iced tea and a glass handed to her, spagheti and pesto, chocolate cake with almonds and butter icing and a bolt of sour worms. His grin was gome replaced with a look of tired concentration before he make another bowl of spaghetti appear and dug in putting his still panf full mug down. -06:20 Jun 25
[(Timeout) Athos was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -06:29 Jun 25
Corona: Clearly she was over emotional, because for a split second she was ready to declare her love and undying devotion to the man just for a plate of spaghetti. Even her hesitant taste test yielded perfect results, which left her taking another bite and sighing in a way that was really inappropriate over food. “Our son is going to know how it works. How all of it works to the best of my ability to teach it. Maybe future generations won’t be so careless.” She couldn’t even fake a scowl at him, she was temporarily appeased by food. -06:29 Jun 25
Athos: “And so the family grows stronger, better.” he said takign another bite. It was summoned as his ideal dish but she seemed to like it too. “With knowledge and power theres no telling what they’ll be able to do. We’ll have to make sure they do that right things.” he grinned at her and then looked at her stomach. “So if I die again, thats it, no more cming back.” he sounded almost sad to say it. “I still wish I could have… done it the right way.” -06:34 Jun 25
Corona: She slowed her chewing, reaching to take a drink of tea. Ice cold and wonderfully satisfying. It had been a really long time since she had tea! “We can’t change what’s happened. But we can change what’s going to happen…” Corona wanted to hold on to her anger, but every moment spent with him was eating that away. The voice was right, thought. History repeated itself all the time, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t choose what repeated and what didn’t. “I want our son to grow up in a better world and know it’s his responsibility to help make it that way. I want him to have both his parents and live in a loving home, and not have to worry about his own family trying to hurt him.” -06:41 Jun 25
Athos: He looked back up at her and lifted his mug “That last one is rare if our family, but then you knew that.” he sighed and took a sip. “But it is a gift I’ll give out son. He will grow up an Emidio, with both his mother and father watching over him. ANd maybe they’ll even love eachother.” he looked at her. “Maybe.” he reached out nad toutched her shoulder. “In a world as good as we can make it.” -06:47 Jun 25
Corona: “Hmm. Maybe.” Corona wanted that life. The family, the love… but there were things they had to do first. Maybe then she would see… The meal was easily devoured, and did her well to refuel her energy. She was plenty well enough to get up and get started on her researching. But she found that desire to sit in bed with him really hard to let go of. “We started something before that was never finished…” -07:00 Jun 25
[Athos is a god in a long line of gods known for pilaging and raping and has just let an almost virgin scorceress make the first move.] -05:45 Jun 27
[Corona for the second time, it’s Corona that is making the offer… Funny how that happens!] -05:45 Jun 27
Athos: "We do.." he said looking at her. It didn’t help the situation that he didn’t have any clothes and would need to summon some. "But with all that research you have to be doing…" his tone was teasing and the look in his eyes and he grinned at her was pure interest as he put his hand on her hip to push her onto her back. "So I’m just going to pick up right where we left off." -05:50 Jun 27
Corona: "I wouldn’t suggest rushing if you want to do it right. In a couple months there may not be any more chances." It was a tease, but it was also truth. For all she knew, having a kid might cure her of any curiosity or desire she had. In the mean time, he was wearing nothing and she was taking the opportunity to touch him. Real, physical and warm skin… nothingly ghostly about it. Men were interesting things! -05:53 Jun 27
[(Timeout) Athos has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -06:44 Jun 27
[Athos enters.] -06:45 Jun 27
Athos: He put his hand on her cheek. "Well you are the smart one.." he said leaning forwards to kiss her hard his lips pressing into hers. "But theres also the fact that I havn’t had a good fuck in centuries. And while technically this will not be out first time its very different when you’re willing and I really really want that. You might be the best looking woman I’ve ever seen naked and that doesn’t help me take things slow. I want you." his eyes were on her the rntire time "I feel things for you that are not just because you have by son. So lets make love however it ends up happening" his hand was sliding up the front of her robe as he said that last line and when it was done he pressed his lips into hers again, softer but still needy. -06:55 Jun 27
Corona: If this was what being romanced was like, Corona definitely wanted more of this. She curled an arm around his shoulders, nipping gently at his lips with a lot more confidence than she even expected out of herself. She might have been a virgin sorceress, but she knew the jist of things very quickly. "I might be charmed in to believing those pretty words if you hadn’t been seal for a few hundreds years without a woman." Her hand slid in to his hair, gripping tight. "Not that I want you to stop saying them…" -07:02 Jun 27
Athos: Her tease earned her an arm around her back pulling her aganst him as he kissed her throat slowy nibbling around to her shoulder his hand running through her hair. "Its not just pretty words. You are beatiful, and daring, and not afraid to take like by the horns. I misjudged you. I’ve never met anyone like you Corona, and I’ve already got you in the sack so I have nothing to gain by lying when I say I’m falling for you." -07:09 Jun 27
Corona: Corona never thought she was the type of woman to be apeased by a stroke of her ego, but he had done it so easily she was left grinning. Yet, that didn’t even have as much impact as his confession. Something so simple shouldn’t have been so thrilling. "If you’re not careful, descendant, you are going to make me love you. And I am not so sure what good is going to come of that…" Another breathless tease, as curl both arms around him. Finding his mouth to ravish with hers. -07:19 Jun 27
Athos: He ravished her back as his hand moved forwards to puls her robes up to bare her stomach and slowly rub it with palm. "All the good needed to raise a child together." he said moving his hand further up slowly. -07:24 Jun 27
Athos: He ravished her back as his hand moved forwards to puls her robes up to bare her stomach and slowly rub it with palm. "All the good needed to raise a child together." he said moving his hand further up slowly. -07:27 Jun 27
Corona: "Or many children if I deem to keep you.." There was a world of possibilities she could consider, but for the time being she was lost to the way his body felt against his. Her leg moved to brush his, toes tickling the back of his calf. Corona had both of her hands in his hair, holding him captive so she could nuzzle his cheek and nibble at his mouth. -07:35 Jun 27
Athos: He nippled her lip as his hand reached her bresat and he cupped it letting his thumb slide over her nipple. "We do have a clamn to start." he agreed hefore catching her lips in a kiss and loving a hand down to brace her hip as he let his stomach brush against hers before listing it and poising his hip his tip pointing at her crotch. "I do want to keep you you know." -07:41 Jun 27
Athos: He nippled her lip as his hand reached her bresat and he cupped it letting his thumb slide over her nipple. "We do have a clamn to start." he agreed hefore catching her lips in a kiss and loving a hand down to brace her hip as he let his stomach brush against hers before listing it and poising his hip his tip pointing at her crotch. "I do want to keep you you know." -07:42 Jun 27
Corona: A soft sigh of breath escaped her. Funny how she had so many doubts about everything else, but this felt right. That desire would be what took precedence over everything else. "Then I suggest you make sure I won’t want anything else." she whispered in to his ear with grin. Teasing the back of his neck with a delicate slip of her fingers. -07:49 Jun 27
Athos: He let his hand slide down her bacj as his other arm circled her soulders as he leaned forwards pushing her down onto her back before he finally releave her of her robes entirely and brough his hips up against hers. "You’ll want just sex? No I want you wanting more than just that.." he kissed her his hips sliding agaist hers as his hand wondered around to take his tip and push it agaist her. "But its a good start.." He pushed sinking in and pushing her apart. "… very good." -07:53 Jun 27
Corona: There was a big difference being taken like this, compared to their first encounter. Enough that her surprise at that rush of warmth flooding through her, made her give a small gasp. Her hands tightening at the back of his neck and shoulders. Her very clever response died on her lips, leaving her forgetting words in favor of locking her legs around him. -08:02 Jun 27
Athos: The warm feelign of her around him and feeling her nuscles tense and he grip tighten made him push his lips into hers and bring his hand up to tenderly stroke her cheek before he pushed again a nip landing on her lip with a rush of feeling that crept up his spine. very differnt from taking by force… so much better. -08:05 Jun 27
Corona: Corona wasn’t passive before, and she sure as hell wasn’t passive now. Every little movement had it’s own curious sensation, and she wanted to feel all of them. Her hips would move to greet him and her hands took no hesitation to wander over his shoulders or down between them. To see where she could touch to make him react, and to smile with that smug grin every time he did. -08:12 Jun 27
Athos: Her curiocity and exploration made him smile almost as much as the sex did and made him take his time and move slowly enough to make it last but fast enough for the sensation of pressure to build antagonizingly slowly. His hand wnt to her hair to run through and then grip it as his hips met with hers and he kissed her ear whispering sweet nothings into itthis had to be the best thing he had done since he had been released. And the first tiem he’d call himself happy since then. -08:17 Jun 27
Corona: Not even magic was as thrilling or satisfying as this, and that was quite the accomplishment. Before long it was like torture! Fantastic and fiery, coursing through her blood and skin. Leaving her writhing and digging her nails in to his skin just for something to feel tethered to. -08:25 Jun 27
Athos: Her grip, his teth gripping her shoulder in response as he pushed harder, faster going for the finish with a needy sound in his throat and then he was locking his licks against hers. A god could grow adicted to this, dangerously addicted but he didn’t care. He wanted her to feel it as much as he did. -08:27 Jun 27
Corona: When she thought she couldn’t stand it any more, it let her go. A sudden wave so surprising, she cried out against his mouth when it siezed her. That was bliss…! Pure unadulterated bliss, with every shudder and tightening of her body around him. -08:35 Jun 27
Athos: He felt her let go even before he heard her and pushed harder his breath shuddering into her before a second after her he was finished his seed poarign into her as he nuzzles his lips agaist hes and gripped her close to him. She really was amazing. "If you’re not careful you’ll end up with a god wanting to do what with you al the time." he mused before kissing her gently. "I might not be able to get enough." -08:38 Jun 27
Corona: "Starting to think that’s not such a bad thing.." she was breathless. Reeling. Still savoring that delicious feeling of contentment. If he had done that the first time, she might have given him the world just to do it again. Her smirk mirrored those thoughts when she curled against him. "I can safely say, you are forgiven." -08:44 Jun 27
Athos: That erned her a hand on her chin and a long, lingering kiss, soft, gently, loving. "Thank you, I can safely say you’re amazing." he closed his arms around her and sighed. He wanted to hold her forever but knew that was imposible. The lest time he had faced a god he had died and if it happened agai he was gone for good. "I’m glad we’re doing things your way." -08:50 Jun 27
Corona: "You’ll find that my way is often the best way." She loved this, and if she weren’t careful she would love him too. That didn’t seem like such a bad thing anymore either. Corona was happy to slip an arm around him and stay that way. "All you have to do is worry about me, and I will take care of the rest." -08:56 Jun 27
Athos: A kiss to her forehead. "I’ll keep you safe, and happy. Don’t worry about that. I lost on person, I’m not losing another. You’re in safe hands Corona.. and if there were some way for me to take you hand I would. But there will be, once we fit this." -08:59 Jun 27
Corona: She laughed, soft and easy as she tilted to examine his face. "Are you proposing marriage, Descendant God? Promising me a husband, a family and a future?" -09:03 Jun 27
Athos: "And are you questioning a god’s intent?" he teased "Because I am offering, and I hope you’re not questioning. Because gods are mean jerks who only take what they want. Unless they’re not full god and only in a family of half gods."." -09:05 Jun 27
Corona: "I was going to accept. But if you are only half god and not going to take what you want…" she was still teasing, moving to sit up. "I don’t want a half assed husband, after all." -09:09 Jun 27
Athos: "Want me to take what I want?" he reached back and grabbed her ass while at the same time kissing her before nuzzling his nose agaist hers. "Welme to the family Corona Emidio, May you bare me many children and teach them well." -09:13 Jun 27
Tower's Calling

Tower’s Calling 006: To Resurrect a God

[Corona had clearly gone the way of madness. She was on her way to bring back to life a dead demi god.] -05:52 Jun 24
[Athos has clearly gone the way of madness. He is about to let an apprentice sorcoress while lost her primary power sourse make him a new body.] -05:56 Jun 24
Corona: Madness. Why else would she be walking through a dense forest, filled with trackers and beasts, looking for her chosen place of power to ressurect the dead. It wasn’t that she doubted her ability to do it… she had taken lesson from his own family history. How his ancestor gods brought their blood and souls in to this realm. Lucky them that he already initiated a starting spell just by fucking her. The rest… that was going to get complicated. "It’s a little further." she muttered over her shoulder. He wanted to do it at his family home, but that was a bad idea. She was going to need a whole lot of trees… -05:59 Jun 24
Athos: He followed her without speaking, the back of his neck prickled and he didn’t even have a neck. "Are you sure this is going to work? He asked. "You still havn’t told be what you’re going to be doing." he was unsure, he didn’t like magic he didn’t know. -06:05 Jun 24
Corona: "Nervous, ghost? You should be. This sort of magic doesn’t happen every day…" Her tone was teasing, but she was just as edgy as he was. There were so many things that could happen… and she wasn’t entirely sure if trusting him was the best of ideas. Corona could only trust her instinct and even that was leaving her with doubt. Soon they came to a clearing in the middle of the wood. Somewhere that must have been used for spellwork before, because there was a symbol worn in to the grass and dirt from constant stepped and many well placed bits of stone and steal. Corona pointed him to the center, while she stopped at the edge and dug in to her pack. "It will work. But it will draw attention. We’ll need to leave immediately." -06:12 Jun 24
Athos: He looked at her as he floated out to the center adn instructed and looked at her as he fup his feet on the fround. It was going to hurt, bloodmagic always did. "I just hope you know what you’re doing… I’m going to be the one stuck in the body you conjur. Usually I’d only trust another family member to do any magic on me. Do you want to be part of the family?" It was a joke, maybe. -06:16 Jun 24
Corona: Corona froze for a fraction of a second before resuming her search through the bag. If he only knew… "The worst that will happen to you at this point is a temporary body. You’ll be no different, just solid and mortal." Out came her wand, which she used to twist up her hair on top of her head and hold it out of the way. Next came out her datapad. A few slips of her finger and something under the ground rumbled and hummed. At small points around the clearing, little blue crystals lit up. They had been unnoticed before. Finally, there was the bone blade. The one that belonged with the amulet. She took in a slow breath. It was the last chance to back out. "Is being alive what you really want? There are benefits to being eternal, I’m sure.." -06:24 Jun 24
Athos: "All bodies are torporary." he pointed out. "And this isn’t living as I’m sure you’ve poited out. "I want to be alove and I want a life, the life I was meant to have before I died. if you are my destiny then thats with you so what you should ask yourself is, do you want me to be alive?" -06:28 Jun 24
Corona: "I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t willing to take the risk." It was truth. Didn’t mean she wasn’t full of doubt about it. History repeated itself… that warning could mean so many different things. Corona stepped away to set her pack aside. Then moved to the appropriate part of the circle. "We’ll find out whether or not it’s destiny in a moment, though, won’t we." With a quick motion and a wince, she sliced the bone knife over her hand to draw blood. -06:36 Jun 24
Athos: "I didn’t know you believed in it." he said. "I was asking you to choose, not for the rist or stupid rewards. But you only see what you want to see. Fine, lets do this, I want to get this over with." -06:39 Jun 24
Corona: "You’re picking a fine time to start shit with me!" It was too late to argue with him. The minute she threw blood down on the circle, the spell was fully activated. The blue of her crystals slowly shifted to the red. The color seeping across the ground along invisible grooves to form the spells sigil. Corona’s focus went straight in to the spell. For all of her science and calculations this was one she needed to feel. To draw energy from her source and pull his soul back to the mortal world. -06:49 Jun 24
Athos: He could feel her magic working, he could feel her, her uncertainty, her determination. He growled at her frustration before the only thing he could feel was the tendrils of magic wrapping around him. They felt electriv and warm but it burned. He instinct was to resist but he forsed himself to relain calm and let her magic happen. WHat he couldn’t be prepaired for was th eexplotion of fored that stropped the trees at the edge of the clearing of thier leaves and his own voice shouting as every power he had activated itself and the clearing was frozen adn scorched at the same time…. he was laughing too, and insane laugh if a mind wracked with power.. then he felt something else… two things else. -07:37 Jun 24
[(Timeout) Corona got too distracted for their own good…] -07:43 Jun 24
Corona: As expected, to bring back a life you had to give a life. The surprise came when it wasn’t her own energy that shielded her from the sacrifice but the tiny little soul that activated the amulet. …the trees and wild life surrounding the summoning circle were not so lucky. It stretched almost a mile out, eating up every tree, plant and living creature close enough to grab. But it stretched farther than it should. It was only supposed to take enough for one life. "…shit." Corona was quickly reaching to pull the wand out of her hair and cease the spell, but she was seeing spots. Collapsing to the ground under the weight of it. -07:43 Jun 24
Athos: He fell to the ground in a head, smoke rising from his skin as clouds of it obscured the clearing. If hung in the air like a heavy fog and as Athos got to his hands and knees he was kicked. With a yelp of pain he fell back down and rolled onto his feet to look back. In the smoke was a silhoette.. a famoliar shape… "Corona… run…" he tried to summon his powers but that only made him woosy and stumble, then he felt a fist frive into his face. -07:49 Jun 24
Corona: The spell worked. It worked too well. There was more than one presence brought back. More than one god. Oh all the shitty ass things…! It was a struggle to push herself up to her elbows, wincing in the process of getting to get knees. "Run, he says. Cast major magic and then run!" The smart thing would be to run. Trackers would be there soon…! Corona was pressing her hands to the sigil now burned in to the ground and summoning up a new spell. There was no time to think and calculate and ponder words for spells, she had to pull it from thin air and work some sort of locking spell from scratch! -07:56 Jun 24
Athos: He manages to punch the other god back, it was good to know he wasn’t the only one getting summoning sickness. But then he felt a new spell building in the air and laughed again kicking out and knocking the other god down, the slaming his head into the rock and running out of the spell. It was all he could think to do, get out before he was locked here wth it. He found Corona and waited fore her to finish the spell before pulling her away and heading back towards the tower. There was no time to lose. "He’ll make nice tracer bair in there, but I don’t think it will last long…" -08:03 Jun 24
Corona: The spell wasn’t strong enough, but it’d give them the time to get a head start. Corona snatched up her bag when they passed it. She could already hear the beeping alarm from her datapad about the trackers getting close. They’re be drawn to the power point first, but that was one person… and she and the ghost… former ghost were two! The worst part was that she couldn’t even summon up the breath to growl at him, Corona was concentrated on staying on her feet! -08:06 Jun 24
Athos: The landscape around the was blasted and now tressless but he saw opotunity. He waved his hand in front of then and prayed. Sure enough the ground turned to ice in front of them and he pulled her into it sliding ahead down the incline like a lide, he had to keep the ice smooth ahead of them but they moved quickly to the foot of the hill and landed in a heap on thebotton . The downside was it draines Athos and left him feeling like he hadn’t eaten in centuries. -08:14 Jun 24
Corona: That was fast, it was cold, and it was exhausting. Both of them in a mess of limbs at the bottom of the hill, and her looking up from where they came. A quick hand to the ice made it melt and evaporate away, hopefully eliminating their tracks for the time being. Still, they needed to get somewhere with a good shield against tracing. Corona picked herself up on wavering feet to head back to her tower, only stopping for a moment to grab his arm and pull him up too. Solid. She couldn’t believe that worked and she wasn’t dead. -08:20 Jun 24
Athos: So not they were running and listening to the trackers fight with the other god. He didn’t clomplain, he didn’t disparir, but what he did to was grab hold of her by putting hsi arms around her and in an instant thenothing but blackness around them, then there was her tower. And the next there was a thud as Athos hit the was -08:26 Jun 24
Corona: The sudden shift was alarming. Her tower was a relief, but he had to hit the floor and take her down with them. That left both Corona and the former ghost sprawled out on the stone floor. There were several moments of her trying to take deep breaths. To will those spots away and that wretched feeling of being drained near dry. She rest a hand on her stomach. Turning her head just a fraction to the side to see if that former ghost hadn’t decided to just drop dead all over again. "What are you so tired for?" she muttered, barely audible. Shifting her arm to swat at him with her bloodied hand. He gods be damned BETTER be alive. -08:33 Jun 24
Athos: He forced himself to roll onto his back. "You drained my energy for that spell too." he said breathing hard turning his head to look at her. "ANd then I did magic before I was properly connected to the world.. There wasn’t three of us on that hill, there were four." -08:54 Jun 24
Corona: He didn’t have any clothes. Of course he didn’t. He had been dead for centuries. Corona found herself staring up at the ceiling, a little stiff… and not just because she didn’t have the energy to move. She didn’t respond to his notice of there being more than just that god’s spirit there… "I had everything under control for you and you alone. The other god was unexpected… everything just reacted. I did what I could." -08:59 Jun 24
Athos: He looked at her and reached out to put a two fingertips on her arm. "Not everyone could have summong two gods with one spell." he said "You’ve got tallent… you’ve also got a secret." he said "When you were reaching out to me at the start of the spell I felt it." he didn’t have the energy to be confrontational. "I felt my son." -09:03 Jun 24
Corona: That jolt of fear that quickened her heartbeat at him realizing her secret mixed with the exhilaration of knowing it was a son. Corona was reaching for her wand again, that faint frown on her face. Fully prepared for a fight, despite not wanting it. "A son." she mumbled. "He is why I’m alive… Activated the amulet and blocked the second god from taking my life for his sacrifice…" -09:11 Jun 24
Athos: "Either him ow the spirits that cintrol the amulets, the past bearers." he said rolling onto his side and putting his hand on her shoulder. "You will make a great mother." he said before eitting up and pulling himself to sit against the bed. "Now what have you got to eat in this place? -09:16 Jun 24
Corona: Of course he wanted food. He had been dead for several hundred years without a bite to eat. Corona couldn’t even bring herself to sit up. She just lift a hand to look at her bloody palm. Being a mother was a pleasing though. But the possibility of her child being stolen… "Not enough for a starving god. I’ve not been to the town in weeks or gone hunting. Someone has kept me preoccupied." -09:21 Jun 24
Athos: "I’ll summon something later." he said pulling himself onto the bed then holding out his hand out to help her up. "So I have to ask, will he have a father?" he was looking at her while also looking like he was about to pass out. -09:27 Jun 24
Corona: "I am not a virgin mother, he has a father." Corona eyed his hand, unsure if she would accept it. After her hesitation, she took it. Immediately pulling herself from the floor, only to groan and crawl her way in to bed and curl up with a scowl. The casting had been too much, why was she even conscious! Besides the overwhelming fear she might have made a mistake? Not just one god, but two were risen… "The more important question… Is he going to have a mother when he’s born?" -09:33 Jun 24
Athos: His hed hit the bed and he closed his eyes. "Every Emidio needs thier mother." he said in a barely awake voice. "We may not look it but we’re fagile creatures, ever since… since… Ugh.." he didn’t want to think. "Bloodline merged. He will have his mother." -09:37 Jun 24
Corona: "Since Zeren of the Northern Sea god bore the children of Jarrod Emidio of the Southern Sea god." That piece of history was fresh in her mind. It was how she figured out the spellwork for bringing him back to life. Corona shifted until her forehead rest against his shoulder and her arms curled around his. She didn’t know why she needed the contact, but she was trying to trust him. "I don’t want history to repeat itself. Not the bad history. You have to understand me." -09:46 Jun 24
Athos: He placed his hand on her side. "Then don’t let it." she knew his family history well. "We have a lot of histry, not all of it good, we’ve had some mad and some bad members but most of us try to do the right thing. We are Emidio, we remember, we watch and protect. We use destiny and she uses us." he moved his arms to close around her. "But we never abandom those we protect. Or those we love. Thats what got me killed, and I’d die for it again. Love is like that." -09:54 Jun 24
Corona: "Love got my mother killed too. Love is not such a great idea in a world of sorcery and gods…" She was caught in a moment of emotional weakness. A vulnerability she didn’t want to have and could curse herself for giving in to it. It was better like this being with someone. Corona sighed, squeezing her eyes shut as she rest against him. -09:59 Jun 24
Athos: "Love… love if more important when the world is like this. It makes people change it, gives people reason to live. A reason to fight. You should give it a chance." -10:05 Jun 24
Tower's Calling

Tower’s Calling 005: Fate’s Twist of Irony

[Athos thinks he might finally be getting through to this girl.] -04:36 Jun 21
[Corona isn’t sure where it all took a strange turn, but she’s going with the tide.] -04:40 Jun 21
Corona: They were going back to the tower. Not because she won an argument, but because she needed her books. From there it would be to a place she could bring him back to life, and then right back to his home. It was a comprimise? It was a decision born from being kissed and Corona couldn’t tell if she were enchanted or just plain lost her mind. She walked over stone and glass in silence as she tried to pull those thoughts together. -04:45 Jun 21
Athos: He floated behind her the shard still in his hand. He had never been allowed to touch it and hadn’t thought to once he was the last. If he had donethings differently he might have lived, but then he wouldn’t be here now. "You’re not talking." he obsurved. "Is somethign wrong?" -04:50 Jun 21
Corona: "There are many things wrong, but with me specifically, no. I just don’t think out loud." If there were time, she could sit somewhere alone with her thoughts. At least then she wouldn’t be interupted by the very source of them. ‘Other people’ in her life had always been such an abtract concept before… -04:54 Jun 21
Athos: He moved to float backwards in front of her. "Well Corona, thats a nice name actually.." he mused on it for a moment before talking again. "If you need me to carry things I don’t have muscles to tire out,nor are these roack a problem for me so let me help you." he held out a hand "Just be carful in case it goes strait through. Bon’t let go until I have a hold on it. -05:00 Jun 21
Corona: Corona narrowed her eyes at him. She was fatigued, yes. Overly tired and very weary, but she hadn’t made a single complaint or said a word about it. Perhaps she looked tired and was doing a terrible job of hiding it. "I have it. I feel better having everything in arm’s reach." She swatted his hand away, whether she passed through it or not. "You know, you have never told me your name. You weren’t in the books and I haven’t gone over family trees…" -05:05 Jun 21
[Corona enters.] -05:10 Jun 21
Athos: "I’m not on the ones you have either." he said. "Theres no mention of me anywhere. I guess being a part of the family isn’t enough to be remembered. Maybe I’m on the one in your bag that you took from the vault… "Athos Emidio, once the last Emidio, but you know the story." -05:11 Jun 21
Corona: "You realize, being the last Emidio, you were the only one that could have written your own story." she cast him a wide, teasing smirk. Corona finally sighed and stopped walking to lean up against a tree. Why did the way back to her tower feel like it was taking twice as long? They were still a day or two away, longer if she couldn’t pickup the pace. She was smirking again. "…kind of ironic that your name means ‘eternal life’, don’t you think? Fate has the worse sense of humor…" -05:19 Jun 21
Athos: "Its not mike everyone died as soon I was born, I grew up with Emidios all around me, I was never one of the scribes, then I left and only returned when I got called. By them half of us were alread dead and most of the rest missing. It wasn’t just one god rining back then it was more than we could keep track of." he stopped and let her walk through him to get back behind her. "No one though it would get as bad as it did. But you don’t want to hear all this." he fell silend and gathered his thoughts. Even if Corono did want to hear.. he didn’t want to think about it. -05:27 Jun 21
[(Timeout) Corona has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -05:39 Jun 21
Corona: "It’s history. Important history. Myth or legend or perfect recounting, it’s something that should be passed on." Because history had a habit of repeating itself. The words from that voice in her head replayed. It had been the only thing that made her pause and not abandon him. It was true and she could even see where it was repeating. The problem was that she didn’t know what needed to change. "Your family line has died out several times before, hasn’t it? What happens after that? To bring it all back again?" -05:39 Jun 21
Athos: "Theres always been one left." he said "And that when the amulet chooses a bearer who will help bring the line back." he said "We’re pirates most of the time, running and hoding and staying alive is what we do best. Except me it seems. I know what I did wrong." -05:45 Jun 21
Corona: "Was it the run head first in to idiocy?" she quipped at him from over her shoulder. The amulet chose a person who could bring back the family line. Corona had read a lot of his family history. The stories for her research. It always chose a woman, and that woman almost always married in to the family. And when it was down to the last Emidio, it was certain fact. …Now it was hers. Corona didn’t have a moment to dwell on that realization. Something started frantically beeping inside her coat. Scrambling through her pockets she pulled out a little device no bigger than the palm of her hand and frowned at the screen. "…Shit." -05:53 Jun 21
[(Timeout) Athos has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -06:21 Jun 21
[Athos enters.] -06:23 Jun 21
Athos: "One day you’ll say that once too many." he growled the information sharing mood he was in exaporating instantly. "What…" he tone has irritated "If it somethinf I can kill tell me because after what you just said I’m in the mood." -06:28 Jun 21
Corona: "I really don’t want to stand here and find out. I stay in that tower for some very good reasons." All of her sarcasm, teasing and irritation had vanished. Corona sounded concerned, afraid even. And she wasn’t just going to stand and explain either. She hopped over a few scattered stones and was picking up her pace. Very warily keeping an eye around them. -06:33 Jun 21
Athos: He followed her easily flying over or passign through anything that was in his way. "Anf whatevers out here I’v the scariest thing there is… I hope I won’t have to proove that to you." -06:36 Jun 21
Corona: "You’re dead, of course you have nothing to be concerned about." she grumbled in response. The beeping went faster and so did she. Weaving through trees, bushes, stones and old litter as quickly as she could until the beeping suddenly stopped. She stopped with it. In fact everything seemed to stop! There was so wind, no rustling in the trees, no sounds. Just Corona’s breathing as she turned. "This is going to be unpleasant.." -06:47 Jun 21

Without sound or even rustling the foilage around them, the glowing eyes appeared. One organic bright and orange, the other nothing more than a bulb of white light beneath a layer of skin. Crawling in such fluid movements, the strange mix of battered flesh with glints of metal and wire were a grotesque contrast to the nature around them. They might have been once human, but were now nothing more than beasts, sniffing the air and prowling out of the brush with a target in sight. -Corona

Athos: He stopped her too and put the shard into her hand. "Do whatever you can to shield yourself, I’m dead adn cannot be killed, let me handle this… cover your ears." He rose up above the trees and stread out his arms as a wind started to gather, he looked down only long enough to see where she was and if she ahd a shielding spell up before the first strike hit… "Go…" he said s a second on hit, then a third, witht he right amount of power he could get a hundred strikes a minute but he alsi tried to freeze the creature and consurve energy, then didn’t stop him from blasting every bush that mooven in a rolling wave of energy though. -06:55 Jun 21
Corona: "That’s not going to…!" There was no correcting a dead god. She could shield herself from whatever he did at least. The moment he was casting, she was running. He was, at least, a perfect distraction. They would be focused on dodging him instead of chasing her. -07:08 Jun 21

They were fast! So fast that they even seemed to blur when they moved. The magic seemed to crackle around them, and even though some of the lightning had surely struck, they didn’t seem to be affected beyond the sizzling of skin. Worse after several moments of soaking it in, they propelled it back at the god in the sky. Even the ice was propelled in spellform back to him. Despite the distraction, they knew what they were after and through the trees there were two that dived at the sorceress rolling both her and them down a hillside. -Corona

Athos: So… they were immune to magic and fast, no problem… the Emidio had coma a long way since the daws of the sea and things were about to get nasty. The ground shook and split a casm opening up and water gusing up from beep underground superheated by magma enough to melt human flesh. This didn’t just happen in one place but in several cutting them off as a laugh came from the dead god in the sky. Athos was having fun. -07:12 Jun 21
Corona: Corona was glad he was out there cackling up a storm, because she sure as hell wasn’t. She was off the ground in an instant, pulling the sword she claimed to swipe and defend where magic couldn’t. There was some satisfaction to slicing open flesh and wire, but it was short lived. They felt no pain, and they were frustratingly persistant. -07:31 Jun 21

Boiling water was an effective trick. What wasn’t burned and near melting away, was fritzing out with sparks, leaving skeletal masses covered in skin and muscle wired together in stringy bits trying to skitter across the ground. Without spells to propell or a physical body to attack, there was little they could do beyond focusing on their primary objective. The two left with Corona were only biding time and toying with their prey, until they spotted that ample moment of exhaustion to pin her down with spindly fingers. -Corona

Athos: He would have to think of his feet, there were two left and…. worth a try… he swooped down and pased though the one holding her before willing himself into it and… gods… he was inside it’s mind… inhuman, totally inhuman and… HA! He made it turn awa from her and throw itself at the other pushing it other the edge into one of the casm adn following after it. Then he was out of the body and flaoting upwards, along the fround and picking Corona up and carrying her over the rough ground. "No more delays we’re getting you home NOW." -07:44 Jun 21
Corona: Wooo floating! What an odd euphoric feeling..! That quickly descending in to feeling nauseous, and groaning out loud. At some point she blacked out for a second, because she didn’t remember getting pricked and there was no way she could have been that worn down so quickly. "Those are trackers." she finally mumbled. "They hunt down magic blood and the strong types they take back to the old city…" -07:49 Jun 21
Athos: "Fun times all arounf I’m sure." he said rising up with her to get his barings before heading towards the tower. "They’re the kind of thing we fought to prevent, even those of us who turned to piracy, whenever we found smethign liek this we’d find the scourse, call in backup and end it. It was our mission. Things like this were allowed to grow because of me." -07:53 Jun 21
Corona: "Things like this happen, with or without you. If not you, it’s someone else… like me…!" She was grinning, almost giggling even but even that passed quickly and she was back to cringing and curling her arms around herself. "Got too close to me, my fingers are tingling. I left the tower too long…" -08:00 Jun 21
Athos: "Well we’re almost there… and if I hadn’t died there would be a dozen ships dealing with this… probably wouldn’t have gotten this far. The world is a mess because of me. Because I died." he took we strait to the window and put her on her feet. "We’re here, not help me fix this, help me undo what my mistake caused." -08:05 Jun 21
Corona: Corona was smiling again, weaving back and forth on her feet until she leaned far enough to kiss him. Quick and soft, with that cheeky grin to follow it up. "I have been helping. Since before you were awake..!" She flourished an arm towards her open room of shelves and contraptions. And nearly toppled in the process. "I have studied and collected and prepared to save the world and survive after." Corona pointed a finger at him, nearly poking his nose. "Now I am your help. Your destiny…" Suddenly Corona was glad she felt as high as kite, because at any other moment such a revelation might not have been so well recieved. -08:11 Jun 21
Athos: He looked at her… "My destiny?" he put an arm around her and grinned back at her letting his nose toutch hers. "Suddenly it doesn’t seem like a curse…" he kiessed her back his lips sliding slowly against hers. "I think you might have the makings of an Emidio." -08:17 Jun 21
Corona: Definitely power in a kiss. She leaned in to him, both because she had the trouble standing and because it just felt right. Corona was too weary to argue with herself about it. "What if, none of it is a curse… and every rotton horrible, shitty thing that’s happened comes with a reward for surviving…" -08:23 Jun 21
Athos: He kisses her once more softly his hand gliding down the back of her nack. "But I didn’t survive…" he pointed out "… but that doesn’t mean I’m going to waste my second chance if you can really give me one.." he let his hand slide around teasing her neck. "Because if you are my destiny, then destinlt must be met." -08:28 Jun 21
Corona: "You set me back a bit… a virgin’s magic is the best for life magic." she spoke soft as he eyes fell close, raising her hands up in a subtle sweep of her fingers to cast her solidity spell. It was without her wand, but the shard was still in her hand. "But I can still bring you back. …and I can give you more than one kind of second chance." Those trackers could number her and nullify her magic, but they couldn’t take her common sense. So it wasn’t from delerium that she had come to this new conclusion. It had been on her thoughts from the moment they left his family home. "I could give you a second chance." -08:39 Jun 21
Athos: He rested his forehead agaist hers and put his hand on her cheek and kissed her again, if he lept doign that neither of them would get another word out. "I want to live…" he said slowly. ".. with you." he said it, and not it was fact… "I want to help you, not because of what you can do for me.. but because of what i can do for you… I want…" what did he want? "How will you give me a second chance?" a distraction… maybe… please? -08:46 Jun 21
Corona: Amazing how something could just click, after weeks of frustration and confusion and annoyance. How it could make perfect sense where it hadn’t before. She finally opened her eyes again, speaking as serious as she always seemed to be. "I can give you a second chance with me. To do it right. No fear or rage, no doubts or regrets…" -08:52 Jun 21
Athos: He pulled back to look at her not believing what he was hearing even as his fingers pulled on her robe. "A second change.. to show you what its meant to be like?" he said straitning, then pulling her up agaist him his lifs brushing hers , with all the passion and pleasure you missed out on." -08:55 Jun 21
Corona: It would be a risk, the biggest risk she ever took. But if she wasn’t wrong it could be the start of something spectacular. Corona nodded, that brief smirk coming across her features. "I better be impressed, ghost. My standards are nigh unreachable…" -08:59 Jun 21
Athos: "Tough talk for basically a virgin…." he said "But I’ll take my time.." he brushed his hand agaist her neck sliding it up to rub behind her ear. "And make sure you enjoy it. You desurve to know what thats like." -09:02 Jun 21
Corona: "I’ve told you before… I don’t need the experience to know what it should be like." And so far it was an interesting thing. There was still that residual weariness but that came long before their run in with the trackers. Now she was very carefully and very curiously trying to touch his face. "’Course the consequences of your failure is me being the crotchety old witch of the tower. No man wants to be the cause of that." -09:10 Jun 21
Athos: He presed his lips into hers. "That impleas you’ve payed some attention to yourself…" he said before pressign them home again as he ran his fingers through her hair. "Nto that taht would be a baf thing… but I will make sure you enjoy this… I want you to." he put his other hand in her hair and kissed her harderm his fingers sliding through her hair then letting it trail down her back. -09:18 Jun 21
Corona: "I’m a sorceress, not a priestess.." she murmured. All that talking and not enough touching. Corona slipped her arms around his neck, and though she seemed a little hesitant, it wasn’t about sex itself… more of how that was going to work with him as a ghost. He did it once, but that was a very sudden, very high energy situation. -09:23 Jun 21
Athos: He brought his hands rhough and unhoober he robe then lifted it up over her body letting it fall to the floor before putting his hands on her back and tracing hsi nails over her as he kissed her neck. "I wasn’t sure hs the whole vinginity magic worked.." he said before nipping her skin. "Never tried it myself." -09:28 Jun 21
Corona: There was no shyness from her about bare skin, or the situation itself. But the only thoughts she was displaying were the curiosity of touching and the faint grin or snicker at his breath against her neck. "That’s a simple matter of being hole… I am more interested in wondering why a ghost has clothes at all…?" -09:35 Jun 21
Athos: "Something to do with how I see myself I think.." he said "This is what I see when I think Athos…" he sighed and concentrated for a moment, the clothes shifting and melting into his skin leaving his bare before her. "And this is how I am… or was. I don’t think theres anything left of my body…" There was a tatoo on his chest, the compass rose with each carbinal direction being two swords back to back. "There.. now we’re ever… if your spell is good you should be able to touch…. anywhere…" -09:41 Jun 21
Corona: "Anywhere. Such a word has never had so much meaning." she was teasing again, but her attention was completely focused on placing her hands again his chest and testing the feel of him. For all of her studying and all of her researching, this might’ve been the most interesting thing she had ever wanted to get her hands on. For someone who did not have a solid body in this world, he sure as hell felt alive. -09:47 Jun 21
Athos: He let his hand trail over the side of her neck and down her back to cup her buttox and lift her up off the floor and carry her to her desk to sit her on it before he let his ahnds trail up her sides and chest. "Just put your hands where you want them and worry about the consequenses lafer.." he said moving closer up agaist the bdesk his hands brushing her stomach. -09:52 Jun 21
Corona: "Hmm, less worried about consequences, more concerned about mechanics…" But those concerns were quickly getting over taken with every touch of his hands. As for hers… Exploring was definetely a high priority. From the scape of his shoulders to his chest. To slide over his hips and reach around to grab his ass with an all too amused streak of grinning. The best part was that touching him was just as electrifying as being touched. -10:00 Jun 21
Athos: He cupped her neck and squeeshed her muscle his hand massaging deep into the flesh all the way down her shoulder then slip behind and trace a nail down her spine. "For that you just need to put your legs arounf me and I’ll do the rest." he said softly leaning down to kiss a nipple, then flish his tongue agaist it as his hand went to rub the other with his fingertip. -10:05 Jun 21
Corona: "That’s not the..! Hum.. mechanics I was thinking of…!" Corona let out a slow sigh. Screw ghost mechanics! This was working out just fine! Enough that she was absolutely melting. The thrill of desire for something swimming through her newly discovered way. She shifted on the desk, scooting closer to him so she could curl her legs around him. Not because he instructed her to, but because in a few moments she was going to take over and he’d have lost his opportunity to take on his second chance himself! -10:18 Jun 21
Athos: He put his hands on ehr hips and held them in place as he moved closer and then… "…" … "…." he passed strait through her. Not just his tip but his hands sunk into her and he became tranclucent… "I…" there was a geowl of frustration. "Cast your slepp again." -10:22 Jun 21
Corona: That was a strange feeling. Having a ghost pass through you when you were… well… Corona flourished her hands at him, casting the solidity, giving a smirk at where her thoughts were headed with such a spell at her disposal. Then very expectantly stared him down. -10:25 Jun 21
Athos: He watched himself grow solod then putting her hand on her breast guided himselt and…. "Son of a…" He looked at her and down at himself and then up at.. the amulet was glowing slightly.. "Can’t be…." -10:31 Jun 21
Corona: "Are you fucking kidding me?" Corona was waiting for the joke. That just kidding moment. He was serious…! Her hand brushed over the amulet he was now scowling at. It felt warm. Not burning or angry, just warm to the touch… it was negating her spell. "…what kind of bullshit magic is this! I can’t say yes?! All fine and dandy to jump out and assault a woman, but oh no, say FUCK ME and that’s just too much!" She was so frustrated she was seeing spots, having to pinch the bridge of her nose and clench her teeth before she started flinging spells at semi-innocent ghost gods who probably didn’t deserve it… -10:35 Jun 21
Athos: He grabbed for the amulet but his fongers passed right through that too. -10:37 Jun 21
Athos: He grabbed for the amulet but his fongers passed right through that too. "I…" he was beyond words but the looke that he gave Corona was one of pasionate longing that burned and ached. "I… I can’t fucking believe this." he said "Why the fuck… I…. BULLSHIT!" -10:40 Jun 21
Corona: "That’s wonderful. You get awakened, fullfill your desire to father a child on the first woman you see and get no-…guh…" Corona cut-off in a choked intake of breath. A descendant. He was released and his greatest wish was for a descendant so he could die. And there was her… and through all of the frustration and chaos not once had she stopped and noticed. Taking a slow deep breath, she didn’t mention her thoughts out loud. She played it off. "It was probably a bad idea. I should be getting what I need to ressurect you." -10:48 Jun 21
Tower's Calling

Tower’s Calling 004: Something to Live For

[Athos Drifts though long dead corridors and past empty decaying rooms.] -05:20 Jun 20
[Corona is claiming artifacts as her own and feeling a little… off-kilter!] -05:24 Jun 20
Corona: The sword and belt cinched tightly at her waist, the fragment slipped in to a pocket to be close at hand… Everything else Corona found useful or particularly interesting, she slipped in to a small sack. She wasn’t greedy about it, nor did she grab what was most powerful. Her choices were carefully selected. All the while she was thinking. A strange mix of anger and frustration that she couldn’t quite put her finger to the source of. Yet knew it was all teh ghost’s fault. A second person’s life…. or death in this case… made everything so much more complicated. Once she had what she needed, Corona left the vault to hunt him down. -05:34 Jun 20
Athos: He had arived in the meeting hall of the Emidio. When he had been a child there had been dozens of them, then the gods rose and it was war, a war that did not go well. When he had last left this place he had been expecting to be back with a wife, maybe a child, start the clan anew. He went to the far end of the room where a throne rested on a daised dias. "I’m sorry." he said slowly to the emty seat. "I’m working on fixing this.." he looked up and then rurned to the room. It had a strong sence of decayed splendor. But he couldn’t see it as it was now, only how it was back then. A sancuary, home, a place he could always return to. Slowlu he sat in the throne and looked out over the room, the entire complex resonated with the power and magic of his family even now. -05:44 Jun 20
Corona: There was so much magic to place. In wards, in construction. Just residual bits of old centuries. Her tower had this same sort of resonance. Corona had pride in that, but there was that grim knowledge that despite all their wards, their safe places, their power… every single Emidio died. Power alone was not enough to survive on. She finally found him, sitting on that throne in what used to be a grand room. Looking like some forlorn shadow trapped for the rest of eternity. Corona rest her hands on her hips as she stopped a few feet away. "I suppose you wish you could just sit there and cease to be?" -05:51 Jun 20
Athos: He was still swimming in memories when he looked at her. "We’re staying." he said his voice having the term of someone decided. "Everythign we need is here and its safer than the tower. No one will find us here." he looked at her and stood, as much a a ghost could stand. "This is the place of the Emidio and if you plan to raise one from the dead, theres no better palce." -05:55 Jun 20
Corona: Corona frowned as she gave it some thought. "I don’t have ties to this place. To cast creation magic, I need a space that feels natural to me. And if something went wrong…" she trailed off as she glanced over her shoulder at the room. "You wouldn’t want that to happen in your family home." -06:02 Jun 20
[Athos enters.] -06:09 Jun 20
Athos: "This place wasn’t chosen at random." He said "This blasted wastland where no plants grow and only creatures toutched by magic calll home. This is where it happened, this is where Dakota shattered the veil." He moved towards her "You were born with magic, so you hold a connection to this place as much as I do the ceramony can be done elswhere, but we stay, and we plan here." -06:14 Jun 20
[(Timeout) Athos got too distracted for their own good…] -06:28 Jun 20
Corona: Now she was scowling. Fingers tapping against her hips. "That’s grand, amazing even. But this isn’t my space. We will stay and plan in my tower where I have all of my research and my things." -06:32 Jun 20
Athos: He was standing right in front of her, inches away. "Stop talking. Stop thinking and listen, feel." he said. "Do you know why gods are so powerful within thier domains?" he had the tone of an impatient teacher "And why thier bound sould give so much power? Because magic is not some invisible force, ormindless tool. You need will to wield it, to control it, and it is alive and if left alone will listen to only the will of gods and it’s own design. There the barrier is thinest, here magic is more powerful but has a mind of it’s own. If you think I shouldn’t trust you then I must trust it." -06:39 Jun 20
Corona: "I don’t need lessons from you about magic. You, who went blindly fighting a star god on your own, knowing it was stupid and suicidal. You, who barely understands his own family history. You, who wants to knock up the first chick you get your hands on just so you can die and escape your legacy just because it got a little shitty for a few hundred years." She shouldn’t have said it, but who was he to lecture her? He might have once been a god, but now he was a ghost. What he thought he knew was wrong. -06:46 Jun 20
Athos: "So you would have me let millions die to save my own life." he said coldly. "Have it your way the sooner I’m alive the sooner I can come back here and rebuild." he floated through her and headed deeper into the complex going through another sealed door and towards the crypts. -06:51 Jun 20
Corona: Corona growled in frustration as she turned and stomped after him. He didn’t get it…! "It’s no wonder you’re dead! You can’t look past your own nose to even think about other possibilities! If all of you were like this, then good riddance! All the power and knowledge of gods, yet no understanding the science and working of your own magics and your own prophecy and your own way of things. Didn’t you ever think about finding a new bearer? Getting others to help you destroy that god? Are you even thinking NOW?" -06:57 Jun 20
[Athos enters.] -07:07 Jun 20
Athos: He turned and threw a lightningbolt that blasted the floor at hew feet. "YES! I WANTED TO DIE!" his voice was dripping in sarcasm. "There was no time, the amulet was in the hands of the enemy, It was act first or he would act and probably kill me anyway. FUCK! Its like you think I did this on purpose. I don’t care what you think, but don’t EVER imply that I didn’t do everythign I could to not die. Because the end of my family and millenia of tradition and fighting was what you seem to think I wanted all along. You’ve never been fighting for you life, or the lives of others. All you’ve done is hide and steal things. You don’t know what thats like and you never will until you experience it. When you have to make a choice like THEN you can judge." -07:13 Jun 20
Corona: She cringed at the bolt, but she didn’t take a step back and her hand was hovering an inch away from pulling her wand. "There you go making your stupidass assumptions again! No one has suffered as much as you! No one knows sorrow like you do, no one knows pain! Did you think I spent my entire life in that tower learning my craft for fun? For thrills and adventure? You and your family have been gone, but evil gods and villains still exist! My father raped and murdered my mother, but I did not march to his goddamned fortress and throw my life away! When I go, I’m going without a shadow of a doubt that I will succeed. ….So…. fuck you!" It wasn’t the way she wanted to cap off that speech, nor did she even want to make it! Her frustration was too high and she was sick of dealing with him. It was futile effort. Corona hissed through her teeth as she turned around to leave. She didn’t need him before, she didn’t need him now. -07:21 Jun 20
[(Timeout) Athos was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -07:29 Jun 20
Athos: "Oh nice for you to have the option to wait. I did not have that luxury. ANd you’re the one making assumptions about how I feel, how I did things. So fuck YOU. You lost your mother. I lost mine too, and my father, and my brothers, and sisters, and aunts, uncles, cousins, the girl I loved. So just go if you really think I’m a reckless ass who got himself needlessly killed, take what you want and never come back. Just leave the amulet so I stay here. With all that you should be able to defeat him without my help." -07:29 Jun 20
Corona: "I am throwing it back to the SEA where you and your family belong!" she shouted back at him, taking just long enough to turn and flip him the finger in the process. She tried to help him. She tried to be patience, she really did. But he wanted to wallow in his old life. He could have it and haunt the ocean for eternity. Corona shouldn’t have allowed herself to be distracted by someone else’s destiny, anyway! -07:36 Jun 20
Athos: All the doors shut, every single one and the walls began to sing with power. "I said put it down." His voice came from every direction at once he care up behind her to grab her arm and twist. "Put it down or I will kill you, either way it stays." the amulet was glowing, fighting him but he didn’t notice. -07:43 Jun 20
Corona: She could feel it burning against her skin. It felt the same way she did, that annoyance, the frustration. The desire to punch him in the goddamned face. Corona didn’t realize when she turned around to shove him away that she didn’t need to cast her solidity spell just to do it. She pushed him back and pulled her wand to point at him. "No. You say it chose me. It belongs to me now. I’ll do as I wish." -07:48 Jun 20
Athos: He held out his hand and th shard floated out of her bag to hover above it. "And this… is mine, it belongs to the family, it listens to me." he looked at her, glared was more the word. "I can’t believe I wanted to help you, that I felt like I should kill your father. You’re right, I don’t know if you’re the evil one, maybe hes good." the crystal descended into his hand and he closed his fingers around it. "So far I’ve seen nothing but anger and hate from you. I didn’t know the amulet could be tricked like that." -07:57 Jun 20
Corona: "From me? From ME?! You reawaken and raped me, and you thought that I was going to instantly get over it?! You are lucky I’ve offered to help you at all!" How dare he try to turn it on her, as if she were the one that was the problem. He could keep the damned shard. Corona turned away again, and with a snarl used her wand, perhaps even the amulet to swing open the doors with a spell. But before she could walk through them, there was that force… it made her pause. You are being stubborn. For him to hear you, you must also listen. No, HE was being stubborn. History repeats itself time and again, will you allow the outcome to be the same? Knowing you could make a difference? Why should she help someone that didn’t want help. Corona didn’t leave though. "What do you expect from me? What do you even want?" She didn’t even know who she was asking. Him or the voice. -08:14 Jun 20
Athos: "I trust you, you tell me not to. I don’t you get offended." he telled at her as if he didn’t notice her conversation. "I Try to help you you snap at me, I offer to give you the most powerful thing in existance and you threaten to trow me into the sea. What am I meant to think?" All you want to do is disagree with me no matter what I do or say. As long as you do that I can’t help you and you can’t help me." -08:20 Jun 20
Corona: "I am not disagreeing with you about everything, I am just trying to make you hear me! To think!" Patience. Corona took a slow deep breath and turned around. It was obvious she was struggling to regain composure and speak evenly. "You don’t even understand why this is all a struggle for me. You say you think about the world, about other people, but everything you’ve done so far is about you. You can trust me, but you can’t expect me to do everything you ask when I know that everything I do is just to help you die." -08:30 Jun 20
Athos: "And suddenly you care if I die?" he asked. "I don’t want to die but what else is there for me? I want to have a full life with someone I love but I watched the only person I’d ever loved die because of who I am. I want to father children but even child I have will inferit my curse and have to fight gods just like I did. No one want to die, but not everyone wants to live either." -08:36 Jun 20
Corona: "I know what you feel. The desperation, frustration. The bitter resentment of what you are, and your resistance to a fate that has taken everything and given you nothing." she respondedly softly, almost apologetically. But that tone was quickly gone. "But I know if you let it all go, it could be different. It doesn’t have to be a curse. And I can’t stand watching you squander away potential and possibilities just because you feel like there’s nothing to gain." -08:44 Jun 20
Athos: "You’ve spent your life preparing to kill your father and avoiding everyone else, how is that any different. You based your power on your virginity which garenteed you wouldn’t try to make connections. Alone on your tower all day every day except when you were out hunting artifacts. How are we any different? Whats you plan after hes dead?" -08:48 Jun 20
Corona: "We are different, because when I am done ridding the world of that man I am going to live. I won’t have to stay in my tower just so I can survive. I can see the world, the stars, the people in it. I can love, I can exist. And I will be able to do it without fear and without regret." She had a future and she wanted her future. They were completely different. -08:53 Jun 20
Athos: "Do you even know how?" he asked "I plied the skies and saw evey landmass this planet had to offer, I fought battles, I had parties, I read and wrote novels, I loved, I laughed… have you done any of that?" the feeling he got then he realized she probably hadn’t was sadness. Flaoting up to her he put her hand on her cheek. "If you can trust me, and I can trust you, when this is over I’ll show you how. Life isn’t meant to be spand divoted to revenge, you could have left him and takes a ship and lived." he was lookign dorectly into her eyes. "And you havn’t loved until you’ve loved, until you’ve learned what its like to trust someone and open up to them. to hold someone in your arms and feel like you can tell them the world. Until you’re shared a moment of pure unrelenting passion with them. You havn’t lives until you’ve loved." -09:02 Jun 20
Corona: "Just because I haven’t before doesn’t mean I can’t imagine what it’s like and know that I can have it." she mumbled. How could someone so fatalistic talk that way. When did their roles reverse? "And I’m not hiding from it. I am just waiting for my moment. When I can enjoy it and not have it taken away from me. …You shouldn’t be preaching to me about all this, when you were going to give it up." -09:09 Jun 20
Athos: "You don’t wait for it either…" he said "You work at it and make it happen. And when it does, you let it." he was closer to her now "I knew what it was like once… To let go and…" he pushed his lips into hers again harder this time as he put hsi ahdn on the back of her head to held her there. -09:13 Jun 20
Corona: She didn’t know how they had gotten to that point, or how she could touch him without falling right through him. Or why that kiss from him felt more like a promise than anything else. Corona found herself giving in to it, returning his kiss with the confused curiosity that was now so overwhelming to her senses. -09:19 Jun 20
Athos: He put his arms around her and held her agaist him as best his could not being fully solid. "Sweet surrender to another and finding something to live for, for both of us. That is what love is." -09:22 Jun 20
Tower's Calling

Tower’s Calling 003: A Shard of Truth

[Corona has spent a couple weeks having to do research on necromancy, reincarnation, life-giving, ancient gods, and new forms of magic. All with a ghost looming over her shoulders.] -05:45 Jun 19
[Athos Has been reading every book he can get his hands on, weather Corona was bust with them at the time or not.] -05:48 Jun 19
Corona: Research never irked her. She loved learning, reading, discovering new things. What she didn’t like was someone in her space oozing out every little emotion he felt, giving her a case of bipolar mood swings. She wasn’t always sure when it was him or her. For the time being they were out of the tower. Off to claim power relics so she could bring him back to life. "When this is done, I might put the effort in to learning teleportation…" she was grumbling to herself. Corona was tired, and had been all week. Unfortunetly, this was necessary… -05:52 Jun 19
Athos: Places changed but the barren rock where the vault was never did, hidden where no one would be crazy enough to look it had taken them days to get as far as they had, and Athos’ offer to carry her hadn’t gone over all that well. "I used to know it, but my ability to cast spells is limited without a body, for now I just have my inate abilities. Still it could go faster…" -06:18 Jun 19
Corona: "A ghost is only a ghost, after all." Corona wasn’t in the best of humor. There were a lot of things that would have been easier if he weren’t around. The only bright side of it was getting her hands on ancient magical artifacts from a famous bloodline. For that, it was worth climbing over rocks, crossing waters, dodging thugs and doing it all with a headache. "This will do, anyway. It’s likely teleportation would attract attention I don’t want at the moment." -06:30 Jun 19
Athos: "Yeah rub it in that I’m dead." he snapped. "Because I really rub your nose in your situation." he glared at her as he flaoted effortlessly over rocks and rivines. "And theres only one kind of attention you want isn’t there, the kind where there is none locked away in your tower as the world passes you by. I Don’t even kno why the amulet chose you, you’d make a terrible mother to the child of a long line of adventurers." -06:39 Jun 19
Corona: "You sound a little angry, ghost. Are you feeling inadequate in your after life?" He hit a button, and she played it off. Corona was insulted, but she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing. "Don’t presume that spending a couple weeks in my tower means that you know me. I know what I’m doing for the world, and I don’t need to be acknowleged while doing it." -06:44 Jun 19
Athos: "HA! You might say that but you know what? Everything I built in my life is gone, I gave up everything to try and help people, I saved millions. And I’ve read every single book you have… Even the ones on the Emidio family and you know what? I’m not in them. Everythign I’ve ever lived for, everything I gave my life for has been forgotten. You come back in three centuries and say it wouldn’t be nice if SOMEONE cared enough about why you died to write it down." he botinued to glare at her as he drifeted into a rocky outcropping just like the thousands of others strewn across the broken ground, then drifted out again. "Coming? the door is right here." -06:50 Jun 19
Corona: Corona rest her hands on her hips and glared at the rockside. There was something humming here, so subtle that had she not been stuck with this ghost she may not have ever noticed it. She reached out her hands to test the rock. "Someone has to actually survive to pass on a story, you know." She could have said something worse. Pointed out his failures… but one of them needed to keep control! "How do I get this damned thing open…" -06:58 Jun 19
Athos: His face come out of the rock right in front of her. "The amulet, use it." he said it as if it should have been obvious. "And everyone knew what I was doing, Everyone expected me to do it. Its the people that I saved that forgot about me. I was meant to have help, the girl that had the amulet before you. I loved her you know but she died before I could face the god. So I chose to face it alone instead of turning and escaping like I could have. They all saw it." He disappeared again and did not reappear, not until the opened the door. -07:12 Jun 19
Corona: A bitter hero. As if she needed more reasons to feel sorry for him. Grumbling under her breath about him, she placed both her hands on the stone. It wasn’t difficult to tap in to the amulet and make the door slide. Magic came natural to her. She just wished the amulet didn’t! "What I don’t understand is why you want to continue brooding about the past, when you have a second chance. The moment you popped out of this thing you’ve been running on all the rage and resement the universe has to offer… All you’re missing is a little bloodlust and you’ll be nothing better than the gods you’ve destroyed." -07:20 Jun 19
Athos: "Well thats what happens when you seal gods away isn’t it?" he said in a condacending tone. "They get narked. And what gods get narked thing happen. Trust me though if you say mt bloodlusing you wouldn’t say that what I have not is anything close to that." his glow was lighting the corridor as they continued furthere, then there was a slight click and blades came out the wall passing right through him, and without looking he raised his hand and a colum of ice sprang up to block them before they reached Corona. "This i a good mood for the situation I’m in. -07:25 Jun 19
Corona: Corona had already pulled her wand and had shifted to cast her spell. He beat her to it. She let out a slow breath before stepping around the ice covered blade. She should have been aware of potential traps in the first place instead of bickering with him… "What I’m saying is what happened, happened. You died. You were trapped a few hundred years. You’re out with a sorceress’ help. You could stop brooding on it and give me some blasted peace." -07:32 Jun 19
Athos: The floor opened up under his revealing only a huge plunger into backness below but he was floating and with anothe wave of his hand a new floor was born made of ice. "If you ahd the choice to release me you wouldn’t have." he pointed out. "If I had been myself I wouldn’t have done what I did either. So everyone I’ve ever known is dead and no one remembers my name, and you lost half your spell arsenal. I’ll be happy once I’m dead for good. Thats what seperates me from thos other gods. I have a goal that doesn’t invlve the deaths of millions." -07:37 Jun 19
Corona: At least he knew what he was doing and where he was going. Corona was hesitant to step on to the ice, but she did so carefully. Minding her step to not slip as she walked. "You don’t know what I would have chosen. You don’t know me." His fatalistic mood annoyed her. Crazy that a ghost would be suicidal, but that’s what he was. He had completely given up on the universe. And Corona didn’t know why she ever cared enough to want to change his mind. "I think your goal is selfish and stupid. But what do I know? You’ve already worked the whole thing out." -07:43 Jun 19
Athos: "I know you don’t think much of gods, or my family." he said. "And that you’ve identified the amulet as blood magic, and in time would have figured out it’s connection to my family. And that you valued your virginity too much to risk it by invoking the blood magiv in the amulet." He floated backwards as lasers began eminating from the celing and he onverloaded them with a burst of lightning. "And I know not to expect any favors from the universe." -07:51 Jun 19
Corona: Lasers, god damnit! The minute she heard the sound she was casting a shielding spell. …yet he fizzled those out too without a second thought. As useful as he was, she was really starting to find herself feeling a little inadequate. She heaved a heavy, frustrated sigh and stalked after him. "See, there you go making assumptions again. You assume I hate the gods and your family, you assume I have issues with blood magic, you assume fate and destiny are out to get you. Have you ever stopped to question why you died, and why it took three hundred years to reawaken? That there’s more to it than you just being an utter fuckup and fate being an asshole?" -07:56 Jun 19
Athos: "He looked at her as if she might tell him the sky were purple. "So you’re sayign we’re meant to meet? Puh! I already said that. Adn we’re going to kill the evil guy that you hide in your tower from and then fate will be done with me. Unless I’m trapped forever in a cycle of trapped and awakening as a pupper to the amulet which would also make sense. I’ll see you on the other side." he drifted through a thick bault door and was gone a full five minuted before he returned. "Right only and Emidio cam open this thing.." he put hsi ahdns to it and instead of passing though muttered somehting under his breath and there was a deep rumble before the door slid back and they were on a ramp that lead down into the cavernous vault that seemed to have everythign from ancient ston tablets to full sized spacecraft. "This is my home. Or was… lets get what we came for." -08:04 Jun 19
Corona: At least he was who he said he was. Corona had her doubts… There was an old, old magic to the place. She ran a hand up her arm to sooth the goosebumps that it caused. She could see how seeking these things out were a high priority for anyone wanting power. Just being in the room with them, it vibrated with it. Forgotting for a moment why they were there, Corona snooped, touched… got familiar with anything that was with in reach. "You’re so wrapped up in your own sorrow that you don’t even consider the world around you." she muttered, not caring so much if he were listening anymore. "Probably how you died. You can’t face things alone." ….and with that comment she fell silent. That hit a little too close to home and the realization was unsettling. -08:14 Jun 19
Athos: He turned to her his face an odd mix of emotions. "Some things have to be done, alone or not. It was a choice between living and alowing millions to die, and can I ask you, is that really a choice at all?" he got the impresion that wasn’t what she was talkign about but its what he could respond to. "Besides, who exactly do I have, you said you wanted to get rid of me and everyone else I know is dead. Theres not always a choice." -08:18 Jun 19
Corona: "There’s always a choice. Your own family preached that." Idiot. Though who was the bigger idiot, him or herself, she wasn’t sure. It seemed obvious enough to her that his fate was giving him everything he needed, but he wasn’t seeing it. …But she had to wonder how hers came in to play. Why was it so much easier to read someone else’s destiny than your own? She scoffed, resuming her snooping. What she needed was relics for amplifying power. The bone dagger was a start, but she needed something personal too… "I am here to help you, and I am doing it of my own volition and not just to get rid of you. So do stop being so damned grim and show me what I can take." -08:29 Jun 19
Athos: "Choice…" he was right behind her and foating around to be half inside the sword stand in front of her. "You want my choice? You want me to choose be do something?" he grabbed her head and and held it "Choice is always dependent on whats in front of you." without warning he kissed her his lips pushing roughtly into hers nefore, a second later he let go of her and fassed strait through her. "There is choice for you. And take whatever you want, the owners dead." -08:35 Jun 19
Corona: There was a lot of power in a kiss. It was a special kind of magic in itself. The contrast between that simple action compared to the night he awakened was so dumbfounding, Corona was left reeling. She hadn’t even yet pieced it all together when she reached out to take the sword and examine it in her hands. When she did finally speak, her voice was soft. "You won’t be dead for much longer. It’d be wise to expand your field of vision and know what you’ve thrown yourself in to…" -08:47 Jun 19
[Corona enters.] -08:55 Jun 19
Athos: "Give me a reason to live and I might." he said. "And you need to be careful with those, they counteract the bloodmajoc of my line. They’re made to kill gods, especially us and those like us." he looked at her. "In fact you take that one, if you need it to feel safe from me." he turned to face her. "Its your choice." -08:55 Jun 19
Corona: She cast him an annoyed look, pointing the sword in his direction, much like she often did with her wand. "I’d like to point out that you are the one that keeps bringing up what you did to me. I am pissed off about it, and I don’t intend to forgive you any time soon. But I am not afraid of you and I am not so blinded by rage that I can’t understand you. You could give me some credit." Corona did take the sword, but not because of him. Something like that would be valuable later. She did stalk away to claim some other items too before she found herself tempted to see if it worked on ghosts. Why did she even feel insulted? Why did she even expect him to see behind himself? "I should be the one brooding and pissed off at the universe." she growled under her breath. "I’m the one alive, fated, and having to save the world from my own blood." -09:04 Jun 19
Athos: He floated after her. "You want me to admit it? I will. I hate what I did and I cannot forgive myself. That is not what sex is meant to be and I took away the srourse of a lot of your power. I had my chance at life and I gave it up. I don’t desurve another chance but you’re giving me one anyway. No one I’ve known would do that and I did something terrible to you. I’ve saif I’m sorry but it doesn’t feel like enough. Its sad to me that you’ll probably never know what its meant to be, that you’re too intereted in your tower and books to see a lot of the things I saw when I was alive. Life is about experiences and freedom, and yes, choice. And what you’re looking for is over there, the shard of the universe that Dakota broke." -09:13 Jun 19
Corona: "When are you going to stop making assumptions about me and start asking me why I live in that tower?" It should have made her feel better to know he was writhing in mental agony and regret. It didn’t. Not even a grim satisfaction. Sighing, Corona crossed the room to the shelf. She knew it the moment she saw it… just by the nature of it. It looked like a piece of stone or metal, metallic with a lot of color like peacock ore. Corona was very careful when she reached out to take it. "Do you have any idea what a person could do with this…!" -09:21 Jun 19
Athos: "End all magic, end the universe. Its the most powerful thing in existance." he said "So why do you live in that tower?" if thats the way she wanted to talk he’d ask "Why are you helping me? If you asked me to leave you alone I would." he put his hand on hers that held the shard. "If its not for this." he was looking at her. "Tell me what I have wrong, and why." -09:28 Jun 19
Corona: The smirk she cast was wide, almost assinine. It could have even been considered a flirt if the situation were different. "You should have asked me earlier. For all you know I could have been manipulating you to learn of this space and take everything that belonged to your family. You’ve been so wrapped up in yourself that I could have bound your soul three different ways and used you to fuel the next apocalypse." Her smirk faded as she looked down at his hand. She really did hope it was a side effect of the amulet that he emoted so much emotion just by touch. "The sorcerer that had this amulet and the bone dagger would have done exactly that. That tower is the only place I can practice the magic I need without him seeing." -09:37 Jun 19
Athos: "The amulet wouldn’t awaken for someone like that." he said "As much as I hate it its been a harsh guide for the family…" keepin ghis hand on hers he reached out to take it in his hand. "I never chose Leona… I tried to forse it to because I loved her and it let her die. If you believe in destiny, then she wasn’t the one destined, you were, I was just a few centuried early, but you still havn’t told me why you’re here. And why I shouldn’t freeze you hand off before you can use the shard…" he let go of her hand "Other than that I trust you." -09:42 Jun 19
Corona: Corona didn’t want to think about herself being destined for the amulet, especially with what the implications could be. Thankfully he released her hand and she was clutching that shard, with a look that suggested it wasn’t such a great idea to trust her. "Hmm. He is my father. He doesn’t know he is, not yet…" She opened her palm to look at the shard. "He’s been claiming things like this since before I was born. Powerful items, particularly ones that can summon or create. Took my mother because she had life magic. He’s batshit crazy and thinks he wants to be a god. A little ironic, don’t you think?" -09:50 Jun 19
Athos: He floated away from her and turned as he did so. "Now you have the most valuable artifact in the universe. And the ghost of a god. And when I try to make things easier, you make them harder. Find what you want, then find me, theres some places I need to see again before we leave." -09:53 Jun 19
Corona: She makes them harder? Corona didn’t bother to argue. She simply shrugged and nodded. There were a lot of things here she could use, and she wasn’t going to waste an opportunity to claim them. -09:55 Jun 19
Athos: He had tried to lay down a little trust and all she had done was try to make him question it. So what if she did destroy the universe… What he was looking at was an empty cave with a dried up river bed, what he had expected adn remembered was a garden, with fruit, and trees, and a lake… time didn’t stand still for the worled like it did for the trapped. He really had nothing left, except the one the amulet had chosen, and she was forsing him to question if he even had that. So if he had nothing, she dould ent it all if she really wanted. -10:03 Jun 19
Tower's Calling

Tower’s Calling 002: A Deal with a God

[Corona has awoken. She is clean, refreshed and recharged. And still really pissy.] -06:54 Jun 14
[Athos Is comcerned… the amulet is bount to someone and theres only one person that could be… and every Emedio would know what that meant.] -06:58 Jun 14
Corona: Corona decided she would ignore the ghost for now if she caught sight of it. Now that she was going to have to completely relearn everything and had an evening to sleep and wasn’t running on pure rectionary responses, she was -definitely- not to keen on helping a ghost. Hot tea was the first thing on her agenda, then it was cleaning up the gods be damned mess he made of her tower. -07:05 Jun 14
Athos: "Have you figured it out?" he asked, speaking for the first time in almost two hours. "Something is coming… Something an Emidio is needed to stop. The amulet binds itself to a woman and an finds an Emidio, then then defeat a great evil. It bound to you, I’m an Emidio… something is coming." -07:08 Jun 14
Corona: Corona didn’t acknowledge him outside of the twitch at the corner of her mouth. She had a vague recollection of common magical myth and legend, she was a sorceress. But understanding the rest would require more research and oh look! All her books and papers were scattered across the tower in a flurry of chaos. She gave him the briefest cast of a glare as she stooped down to retrieve a few books. -07:11 Jun 14
Athos: He wasn’t looking at her to see the glare. Instead he was looking at one of her books, her collection wasn’t very complete. "I know where we might find information too." he said "If its still there my family had a secret vault with everything we’d ever collected since the coming of magic including books we wrote ourselves. We’re all dea that means whoever finds it forst owns it." it was a shameless attempt at a bribe, "Not just books either but artifacts, many of them unique…." -07:15 Jun 14
Corona: "It’s likely most of it has already been claimed by someone." she muttered, taking the few books she picked up to replace them on the shelf. She couldn’t put them back on her desk because someone burned it to near cinders. It would have to be fixed again. "Either way, if you are looking for a vessel, you can go elsewhere. I don’t have the patience to deal with you." -07:20 Jun 14
Athos: He looked at her. "You dom’t know how good we are at hiding things." he said "If the vault had been discovered you’d know about it, so tell me if the moonshard has been found? Don’t know what that is? If thr scourse of all magic, it came into existance when Dakota Emidio shattered the wall between planes. Even a part-time virginitymancer like you should know if thats been found." -07:27 Jun 14
Corona: "Oh, how grand! A ghost to instruct me on the wide and varied world of magic! How could I be so lucky!" Corona didn’t bother hiding her sarcasm, she also didn’t care about taking him seriously. …granted… An artifact born as a pure magic source would possibly be the most important and likely most dangerous item known to mankind. ….But he was also an asshole, who could just as easily BE an evil god trying to get himself released to wreck havoc on humanity, rape all it’s women, and burn the planet to cinders. That’s how trapped gods worked. Corona resumed picking up her papers, bitching under the breath when she came across ones burned or frayed… -07:33 Jun 14
Athos: "Well that interesting." he said "You didn’t even bat an eye, that either meant you good adn have no ambition, or you’re evil and waiting until you have some sort of hold over he, both are equally stupid. Hows this, a compramise.. you get me a body, I leave, you never see me again." -07:39 Jun 14
Corona: "A reasonable comprimise, but that would require me trusting you to NOT be an evil god. And so far the odds are against you." There was her wand! Corona snatched it up and gave it a good look over. Nothing important out of place. After a swish and a flourish, she directed the spell at her desk. The char and ash blew away like it was nothing more than dust, leaving her desk once again in tact. That spell was so handy. "As annoying as you are, I have my own things to worry about. So what I intend to do is put you back in that amulet, spin you off to Saturn and not deal with you again." -07:43 Jun 14
Athos: "Sooooo…. you think going head to head against me in a clash of powers is a GOOD THING?" he asked "Because you didn’t exactly win last time. Granted it shouldn’t have happened." and it might again with what he felt looking at her "But use you brain. You don’t want to to against me." -07:46 Jun 14
Corona: "Don’t assume that losing one part of my magic makes me an easy target. You won’t take me by surprise again." Her tone was casual, even her movements as she continued to put things away. But her thoughts were completely different. He was stronger than she cared to admit, which meant there was no way he’d be defeated by strength of magic alone. It’d have to be how she used the magic. Not impossible, but anxiety would muck up her judgement if she weren’t careful. -07:56 Jun 14
Athos: "Would just be so much easier if we just worked together since neither of us want me here." he said "It will be faster, and less messy, and you won’t have to worry about me coming back very very angry." -07:58 Jun 14
Corona: Corona gave him a fierce smile. "I’m sorry, is the wee dead ghost trying to make a threat? Because from where I’m standing YOU don’t have a lot to bargain with, do you?" Taunting an evil ghost probably wasn’t the best plan, but she definitely couldn’t cast on him if he knew what she was doing. Now that most of her things were put away, she pulled a book from her shelf and paced near the walls. Every so often she touch an item or shift it slightly. -08:03 Jun 14
Athos: "We’ve been gone too long." he said "Even the people who knoe who wer are don’t know what we can do. Fine, do what you want but its not going to work. Hit me with your best shot if it will help you feel better. But just be careful of I migth hit back." -08:06 Jun 14
Corona: Corona wasn’t sure if that meant he was aware of what she was doing, or just a challenge to see what she could do. Either way, the spell was started and there was no going back now. When she finished circling the room she snapped the book shut and dropped it to the floor. That simple movement activated her spell, runs, lines and sigils seeming to have been already pre layed out lighting up over the floors and walls and even ceiling in a detailed pattern. It was her tower, built with her magic and not even a dead god was going to threaten her in it! With the tower itself to amplify her spellwork, Corona pointed her wand at him to summon him back in to the amulet. -08:13 Jun 14
Athos: The tower whook as the magic resonating inside it fought with his, and the aof the amulet which glowed and then the runed on the walls floor and ceiling cracked and broke as Athos yelled in pain, he was hurt but so was the tower, then the runed esploded out of the stonework and strayes bust all over the room. "That hurt." he growled "You’re lucky I actually want to help you." -08:17 Jun 14
Corona: That did hurt! Corona could feel the shattering of her runes just as much as if they were bones in her body. The amulet too had burned against her skin in protest. She was breathing hard enough for her chest to be heaving, but she kept the pain to herself. Wand still pointed directly at him as her mind whirled trying to formulate the next step. The tower was her strongest personal power source and he didn’t even look like he had almost succumbed to the spell! Corona finally dropped her arm and screamed in frustration! "This is total bullshit…! How much of my magic are you going to BREAK?! I have other things I have to do! Get the fuck out of my tower and find some other woman to mother your god children and put up with your shit!" -08:23 Jun 14
Athos: "Don’t you think I would already have done that if i could." he snapped back "In case you havn’t nothing I’m having a wonderful time. eign dead for three hundred years, raping a mage without really feeling nay satisfaction whatsoever, having to resist doing so again because I really don’t want to but can’t move away from her because I’m bount to her through stuppid bloodmagic I didn’t even want to be born with. If I coulld be anywhere else.. ANYWHERE. I would be. -08:27 Jun 14
Corona: "You’re a fucking god, you can do whatever the fuck you want to do!" Excuses, they all sounded like excuses to her and regardless of what made sense and what didn’t, she was still just plain pissed off. "I have my own destiny to deal with, without your ancient bloodlines, prophecies, and tragic past! So I am going to obliterate you by nightfall if it’s the last thing I do!" Yes. Obliterate! Pure magic wasn’t enough, obviously! Wheels turning in her head, Corona strode across the room looking for the right artifact. What she needed was to mix some science! -08:32 Jun 14
Athos: He grabbed her and turned her to face him. "So you thing I can do whatever I want? I want to go home, I want to see my brothers, and sisters, and parents. I want to lay down and finally be allowed to die, or at least find someone who doesn’t hate me…. you know what, oblitorate me, it would be better than this, oblitorate me and destroy the amulet. Just make this end." -08:36 Jun 14
Corona: Corona froze when he grabbed her, that instant, frustrating wave of fear striking her first. The other rush of emotions followed just as strong, but unlike yesterday now she wasn’t so certain they were all entirely hers. Corona cast her solidity spell on him, the one spell she knew would work, so she could shove him away. "Stop messing with my head! How am I supposed to believe anything you say?! Do you know how many items come in to this tower cursed? How often there is some poor trapped soul that turns out to be an ultimate evil! How easy it is to make a mistake and get fucked over by a sob story?! I am NOT your sacrifice, your tool, or your heroine! Just stop feeling things so I can fucking think straight!" -08:45 Jun 14
Athos: He let go of her… "If I could just stop feeling things because I was asked tom I wouldn’t be very human would I?" he walked away from her to the oposite corner of the room. "And if I could I would. I feel like shit and liek I should say I’m sorry. But sorry never fixed anything and won’t give you your power back." -08:50 Jun 14
Corona: "Power can be reclaimed. I am pissed off because you make me feel helpless, ineffectual… like I have no choice, no will, no ability to decide what is happen! And I… can’t figure out if that is me of if that is YOU!" Her blurted out confession made the realization dawn on her. It wasn’t entirely her own feelings. On her own she had control, but when he touched her she was overwhelmed by them. That was… probably an effect of his stupid cursed amulet, but it was useful to know. …even if she had no idea what to do about it! -08:55 Jun 14
Athos: Thats how I’ve felt my whole life." he said. "I was destined to find the amulet, I was destined to slay the god, I was destined to doe alone and cold and unremembered." it was all said in an overdone heoric voice. "And ever after I’m dead it won’t let me go. There is nothign I hate more in the universe than that amulet." -08:59 Jun 14
Corona: Compassion was a curse in itself. What she was wanted was to feel nothing but her hate. Exact her revenge, disentangle him from her and send him away to suffer for eternity for the way he hurt her and what he took. Yet there was that tiny, frustration sliver of compassion. The part of her that felt for him, a kindred spirit stuck with fate and trapped in a life they didn’t want. That one, stupid, tiny part was really fucking up her day. "I don’t even know if I can help you… I’ve tried to destroy you, all I have left is necromancy and that’s… unpleasant." -09:06 Jun 14
Athos: "SO thats going back to what I said.." he said "Get me a body and I leave you forever, I’ll face whatevers coming on my own, I killed it last time and either way you’ll never soo me again, win-win for you." he was looking at her, not liking talkign about himself like that but feeling he desurved it. "And I promise you’ll never see me again." -09:09 Jun 14
Corona: "I have to learn a new way to do creation magic. A decade to learn it unless I had a source of power." Corona was still dubious. She didn’t want to trust him. But she couldn’t get rid of him on her own. "How do I know you won’t use me once you’ve been pulled back in to this world? That I won’t be a sacrifice, a vessel, or worse? Am I supposed to just trust your word?" -09:16 Jun 14
Athos: He looked at her and shook his head. "theres not a lot I can do that you will believe, I’m a ghost, I have nothing, but what use yould you be to be dead? what use would you be to me? What I need is an hier and there are millions of other girls out there. I’ll never bother you again." -09:21 Jun 14
Corona: "That’s hardly convincing." But she wanted him gone. If she had enough power and built the spell correctly, she could make sure he wouldn’t be able to touch her… It was all a huge risk and she would get nothing but him removed from her tower. "…I need more than that. You are risking my life and wasting my time. I need a place of power, something stronger than this tower. I need artifacts and more magic. And I need to be able to use it even after I’ve helped you. There are things of my own that I have to do…" -09:27 Jun 14
Athos: He looked at her. "So what do you have in mind?" he pulled his legs up against him and hugged them, his entire future depended on her… unless… "Unless theres another mage around to help?" -09:29 Jun 14
Corona: There was a grim sort of smile on her face. She sat down on her desk, crossing her arms over her chest as a dark expression came over her. "There is. I took the bone daggar from him, and I’m assuming the amulet had been there also. He has a tower of glass and steal in the old city. However, he is more likey to find a way to take all of your power for himself than to help you. He’s already done it to others…" -09:33 Jun 14
Athos: "Sounds evil to me." he said "Maybe its him I need to kill." he though it over for a moment. "Sounds about right, so get me out of here and I’ll make sure he never bothers you again." -09:35 Jun 14
Corona: "So easily agreed to?" She had to admit, there was the sudden spark of elation at the thought of having a god’s help. It took her so long to learn what she had, and it wasn’t anywhere near enough to face him. On her own it would still be years away. "…then it is a deal. I will bring you back to life and you can help me defeat him." -09:40 Jun 14
Athos: "And then I can work on the not existing on the mortal plain anymore thing. Perfect. Shake on it?" he help out a hand. "A god’s work is stuck to, this god’s anyway." -09:44 Jun 14
Corona: Her mouth twisted up in thought. But she finally stood and crossed the room, taking his hand with a little hesitation. The solidity spell was still in effect. "If you betray me, I’ll make sure you suffer a worse fate than this amulet could ever do, though. Fair warning." -09:46 Jun 14
Tower's Calling

Tower’s Calling 001: Awakening

[Athos Has been dead for 300 years. Dead and trapped in an amulet that won’t let him pass on without a heir. The curse must have a bearer.] -05:08 Jun 12
[Corona Flare is a sorceress. A technomage if anyone wants to get specific. And she has just returned to her tower with a sack full of stolen magical artifacts.] -05:10 Jun 12
Corona: Corona tossed her bag on top of a desk that was littered with various books, papers, scrolls, trinkets and tools. Her coat was tossed off next. Thrown over a patched chair near a very shoddy looking fireplace. Boots pulled off and left next to the chair… and then she was wiggling itchy fingers to really examine what she grabbed. The sorcerer she stole them from had a very fine collection, but he was a fool and had no idea how valuable some of it was. He didn’t know the history of half the things he kept. But Corona… she made sure to study very well. Thus, she pulled the bits and pieces out of the back. Taking the time to look over each. Books, weapons, jewels… all had a power and it would be interesting figure out what each did. -05:15 Jun 12
Athos: Trapped, nothing but blackness, he couldn’t sleep, he couldn’t see anything, he couldn’t do anything. The only memory he could bring to mind was his own death. He had been a reckless ass from a family or reckless asses, and they were all dead, including him. That’s why he was trapped in a trinket. Trapped for what felt like forever. -05:19 Jun 12
Corona: A gun. Really old model… before the second world war and even enchanted? Interesting, but not her style and not going to be useful, she set that aside on a shelf. A book about nanotechnology and it’s uses for medical science. Also interesting, worth saving even. That was set on top of a stack of books on her desk. Dagger made of bone, ancient Aztec most likely. No enchantments, but might be appropriate for spell use. She stuck that in a drawer. Amulet, also Aztec… Didn’t even remember picking that one up! Corona turned it over in her hands. Pure gold medallion with written inscription. She could translate that in a moment. She draped that around her neck so she wouldn’t forget. Another item out of the bag, examined and cataloged… -05:36 Jun 12
Athos: He was in a room… A ROOM! He couldn’t believe it until he saw himself.. ghostly glowing cold blue. He didn’t make a sound.. couldn’t it was hard to remember how to do things and he wasn’t breathing. There was someone else in the room.. a woman.. a… he hadn’t seen one in 300 years or been able to touch himself. He reached out not even sure if he could touch her. But her did… he was thinking very, very dirty things, but didn’t want to, but dammit he was. He needed and heir so he could die, properly. He grabbed her shoulder and pushed her over the tackle, junk spilling onto the floor. He was going to feel bad for this but.. "Dammit.. Dammit all…." -05:44 Jun 12
Corona: There was a prickling of her skin, that sensation of something being activated. Had she known there was an entity she would have reached for her wand, but nothing could get in to her tower. But there she was yelping in surprise when she was pushed over her own desk. Very quickly she was bracing a hand against the wood and twisting to swing an elbow back, fully expecting to strike an assassin or something similar! -05:49 Jun 12
Athos: Her hand passed strait though him but he still stepped back in surprise releasing her. Then it dawned on his she couldn’t hit him and he gripped her again and pushed her onto her back the look on his face a twisted mix of desperation, foreboding, impending regret and… "I have to do this." he said not even knowing why he cared what she thought. He was going to rape her. There was no going back from that. -05:55 Jun 12
Corona: "Shit." she hissed. A ghost. Better than an assassin… but harder to deal with if she couldn’t physically touch it. Especially if it was going to be aggressive! "You’re dead! Haunting the living isn’t going to help you now!" she shouted back, now reaching out and fumbling her hands over some of the items still scattered on the desk. Her fingers circled around her wand, wood and metal entwined with crystal to channel energy. The first spell she cast was to banish apparitions! -06:00 Jun 12
[Athos enters.] -06:10 Jun 12
Athos: The spell hit him and he hurt but failed to banish him. "Bitch…" his temper gave and he slapped her. He was a god, and a slayer or gods. And now sh attacked him? He picked her up off her desk and threw her bodily across the room his body getting more solid, gaining more of a foothold in reality. "You use magic against me? Do you know who I am? My family brought magic to this universe. Do not think to use it against me." -06:20 Jun 12
[(Timeout) Athos got too distracted for their own good…] -06:32 Jun 12
[Corona enters.] -06:32 Jun 12
Corona: "Son of a fuck..!" Hitting the wall was bad enough, but she had to cover her head when several items came tumbling down around her. At least she still had her wand. Corona rose to her feet quickly, pointing the wand and standing ready. Looking more wary and annoyed than anything else. "And now you are a GHOST in MY tower. An inconvenience I don’t care to deal with." Her banishment spell didn’t work, so he was a higher power ghost… A flourish of her arm she tried a new spell, something reseal him back to the item he popped out of. She’d figure out which item was cursed and lock it up once he was gone! -06:41 Jun 12
Athos: The spell hit him as he started towards her again and crackled against him as he continued to advance throwing lighting across the room. "You weren’t listening to me." he hissed as the spell faded and he closed a hand around her throat "I am a god, I am a slayer of gods, and you have made me angry…" he reached out and grabbed the wand twisting it from her grasp. "Why don’t you do the smart thing and go with it?" -06:45 Jun 12
[(Timeout) Corona doesn’t post enough.] -06:51 Jun 12
Corona: "Yes, because allowing yourself to fall prey to gods is a SMART thing to do!" she growled back. Gods be damned. She would need a stronger spell than what was in her immediate arsenal, that required a book, and she had a hand locked around her throat before she could grab one! Corona was struggling to take a hold of HIM but her hands were still passing through him. This was some unfair ghost bullshit. Now without her wand to challenge, she was going to have to cast magic by will alone and that required twice as much energy. A new spell SOLIDITY. -06:51 Jun 12
[Athos enters.] -06:59 Jun 12
Athos: That one seemed to work, he because solid and his skin, while still glowing gained a little bit of color. But he was pinning her against the wall and tearing her robe open. "Don’t try it." he growled "You don’t want to see what I can do." -07:03 Jun 12
[Corona enters.] -07:05 Jun 12
Corona: "The fuck are you even trying to accomplish!?" she snarled. Thank god, at least something worked. Corona gripped his wrist with one hand, and slammed her other against his chest. She would siphon his energy for the next spell. There was already that crackle of violet at her fingertips. A new sealing spell, a fresh one to lock him away. -07:12 Jun 12
[(Timeout) Athos has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -07:17 Jun 12
Athos: He grabbed her hand that was on his cheek. "You want my energy? Then take it." electricity jolted though her and in the tame instant he tore a strip from her robes and let it fall to the floor. "Had enough?" another jolt, stronger. "You won’t get rid of me that easily…" He lifted her and pushed her against the wall "I could do that with every thrust.. and will if you don’t behave." -07:17 Jun 12
Corona: A startled shout of pain left her immobile for a moment. Gripping his wrist tight and gasping for air as if oxygen could sooth that electric burn running through her veins. She boasted to be a strong wizard, but she wasn’t weak either… and this was seriously starting to piss her off. "I am not. A tool. For a dead god’s stupid. fucking. ideas." He was ripping her clothes, and only then did she realize where his plans were headed. "…like hell…!" Motivated by sudden desperation, she struggled, kicked, and summoned up the first spell that came to mind! -07:27 Jun 12
[(Timeout) Corona has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -07:35 Jun 12
Athos: The spell was well aimed and hit him in the face, but he didn’t seem to react, even as the flames surrounded and stream across his features like a flying creature bent of suffocating him. His hand fas in her leg and lifting it as his other clamped her against the wall. His head was still reathed in flame as he glared at her, then cold filled the room and the fire melted away. "Three hundred years I’ve been trapped, with nothing but blackness and empty space to call my name, all because I failed in my duty, I will not be stopped by an apprentice mage." then he was pushing against her, and parting her lips as he pulled her leg up higher. "All I want is to be allowed to die." -07:35 Jun 12
Corona: That was a little frightening. The ineffectualness of her spells. Corona didn’t care for that feeling of helplessness that was washing over her and she was quickly running out of the energy to conjure new spells from scratch. "I’ll be glad to help you die, get the fuck off me..!" The magic wasn’t working, but that didn’t stop her from fighting harder! Her hand dropped to her belt to find a knife. He might’ve been a ghost, but he was currently a solid one and she was running out of options! -07:42 Jun 12
Athos: He her arm that held the knife and pinned it against the wall and thrust into her in the same moment. He didn’t fell any satisfaction when he entered her, or triumph. It was something that needed to be done so he could die. "I can’t die." he said thrusting again. "And you are helping me." thrust pushing that little bit further into her and feeling her break against his tip. "To die, I need an heir." -07:47 Jun 12
Corona: "…what?!" Holy shit, fucking crazy ass ghost…! She was gasping again, cringing from the pain. Her body tensing stiffly from the invasion before she resumed squirming between him and the wall. So much for being a virgin sorceress, that was half her spell arsenal…! "Ghosts can’t have heirs, you stupid ass…!" Corona was still trying to wretch her arm free, clutching the knife tight. She was going to obliterate his soul for this! -07:54 Jun 12
Athos: He growled again and froze her arm to the wall encased in ice. "I can’t stop." he couldn’t he could feel it now, the amulet resting against her chest, the one that had kept him prisoner for so long. He hated it, and it was in control of the situation. He growled again, more angry that he had been in his afterlife, but that didn’t stop him pushing. Once again his family was being saved by rape. "I will have an heir." The amulet had said so. -08:00 Jun 12
Corona: She was being overwhelmed by rage, fear, anger, desperation. All of which she was sure was her own, despite the tone of his voice. Corona was breathless, seething, now weakly trying to push against him with the only arm she had free. Frustrated tears were slipping down her cheeks, but she wasn’t giving in to the futility. "You’re dead! Ghosts. can’t. breed…!" she snarled back through clenched teeth! -08:06 Jun 12
Athos: He clamped his hand over her mouth. "I will die." he snapped. "I have to die, I won’t go back to…. that." he was pushing hanred before he finally came closing his eyes and holding her against the wall for a moment, then he moved his hand away frpm hers frozen to the wall and lifted the amulet from her chest and spoke to it. "Can I die now?" -08:15 Jun 12
Corona: At least the pain was long gone and all she felt was numb and unpleasant. Her muffled growling against his hand wasn’t anything more than a string of confused curses. He spoke to the amulet and now she knew what he was bound to. Corona even paused in her struggles, waiting for a response from the artifact just like he did. But nothing was happening, and as she expected he was nothing more than a confused ghost operating on assumptions…! She managed to wretch her mouth free to speak in a hiss. "You’re a ghost, and that’s how it is… now get off." Her voice was lacking the fire to it now, leaving her sounding like she was pleading instead of demanding. -08:24 Jun 12
Athos: He moved away from her looking confused, distraught, and angry. "Why am I still here?’ he asked, to her, the room, or the amulet it was unclear. "I should be gone, with my ancestors, I should have been there centuries ago. This is my punishment for failure. I killed that son of a bitch star god just to starve to death on the barren rock it called home. AND THIS IS WHAT I GET. If you’re right, I’m never going to be able to die." -08:31 Jun 12
Corona: He was ranting and she was barely listening. Taking the opportunity to get her frozen hand off the wall, and then finding her knees too weak to support her right away and slipping to the floor. Too much energy wasted on spellwork that didn’t even have an effect on him. "Oh, trust me, you are going to die." she grumbled, tugging the ripped fabric of her robes back together to uphold some form of her dignity. She was so gods be damned angry that she didn’t know where to start. At least for the moment, he wasn’t outright attacking her anymore and she could recharge and plan. "You come from this amulet do you?" That’s where she would start. -08:36 Jun 12
Athos: "That think has been a curse on my family since before man could cast spells. Since before electricity, before.. anything." he was exaggerating on that last one but he didn’t care. "And someone in the family needs to have the curse and I died being the last one killing that bastard Belteshezzar." he was ranting. "How long ago was that? THAT’S HOW LONG I’VE BEEN TRAPPED IN THAT THING. DESTROY IT! PLEASE! THAT MIGHT LET ME DIE." -08:41 Jun 12
Corona: "I don’t care about the details, ghost." she snapped. Corona was on her feet again, pulling the amulet off from around her neck and moving to drop it on top of her desk. Her body ached… the fact she had any tolerance for him at all was only because she couldn’t immediately destroy him. Corona stepped over to her book shelf, searching for what she needed. "I don’t know where you got the idea raping a woman was going to work. Of course, why should I even be surprised? That is the nature of ghosts and gods." Now SHE was ranting. Because of him, she was now without a great deal of powerful magic. It took her years to develop virgin spells, she would have to learn an entire new field..! -08:48 Jun 12
Athos: Her spell was wearing off and he was fading back to a more ghostly transparency. "I am tired of having my free will subverted by… you know what.. I’m just going to leave. Bugger this." he slipped though the door and was gone, for all of three seconds before the amulet glowed and he reappeared back in her room. "OF COURSE ITS NOT THAT EASY I.." he pointed at the amulet and a bold of lightning shot out of his finger causing most of the contents of the room to be blown to the far end and even though the desk was a smoldering ruin the amulet remained untouched. "Of course…" -08:55 Jun 12
Corona: Corona paused mid pulling a book from her shelf. The rush of wind and very important things getting thrown across the room left her clenching her teeth again. A soft growl in the back of her throat as she turned around to glare at him. She was poised for more spellcasting, but she seemed to retrain herself. Choosing instead to stomp over to her charred desk to drop her book on top of it. "Yes, lets destroy the contents of all my research and magic so I can’t find a way to get rid of you. THAT is certainly going to expedite the process!" Growling more curse words under her breath she stomped to snatch a small flat computer looking pad off the floor and dust it off. "Focus your energy on something less stupid for a moment." -09:01 Jun 12
Athos: What use was being a god if you couldn’t even die? "So I’m an idiot, I knew that, I killed a bloody god just to starve to death slowly. A credit to the family, maybe its because they’re ashamed of me…. I WILL FIND A WAY TO HURT YOU." the last line was yelled at the amulet. "You hate me, I get it, I’d hate me to. But we both want me dead. -09:08 Jun 12
Corona: The fact she felt the tiniest amount of sympathy for him really pissed her off. A testament to her beautiful mother’s kind genetics, maybe. Corona wished she was heartless, just this once. She opened her book at the desk, scanning through the pages until she found one that had a rough sketch of an amulet very similar in nature. Looking for the important bits on the page, she rest the amulet on top of the flat screen pressing down on it’s corners until a shimmering larger version of the amulet appeared translucent above it. Now she could read it’s inscriptions better. "Without descending in to a blithering ramble, tell me if I am correct. You are… from a cursed family line. A powerful one? Bound to this amulet in life, and apparently after death too… You are – were – the last one, and you believe you need an heir…" He was dead. It was impossible to make an heir now. Nothing on this amulet mentioned anything about heirs though! Simply the curse of a sea god. Blood magic… really old blood magic… -09:14 Jun 12
Athos: "The family." he said. "From Ferius, to Dakota…. its been us. We killed Vardri, we gave humanity magic. And every time its been the last of the line to make things happen. I made things happen, I just didn’t have a backup plan. That’s what I get for having the amulet bearer die on me and deciding I couldn’t wait for another one. The amulet always comes with a bone knife, whoever has bother will help the descendent defeat a rising evil. That’s the way its always worked… What you have there is humanity’s oldest surviving magical artifact. And I hate it." -09:20 Jun 12
[Corona enters.] -09:33 Jun 12
Corona: "Emidio?" THAT was actually a surprise. Enough that she was looking up from the book to him. There were a lot of myths, a lot of legends. Most of which were pure bullshit. A ghost claiming to be an Emidio… that was not a good thing. Not a good thing at all. Now getting rid of him and the amulet was a very big priority. "…then this amulet needs to go. I have my own problem to deal with, a Descendant is beyond my control!" Corona snatched up the amulet, stalking over to a window and pushing it open. The smell of sea air was immediate. "You came from the sea didn’t you? You can go back to it!" And out the window the amulet went, dropping to the waves below! -09:37 Jun 12
Athos: He watched it go, half expecting to disappear back into nothing but blackness. "Well that was entertaining." he said "And yes Athos Emidio. The last of the Emidio, or at least I was before I died. I tel you were all glad to get rid of us." he looked at her accusingly. "I’m not going down to get it." -09:45 Jun 12
Corona: "Well, fuck." There went that idea. At the very least he should have gone with the damn thing. …which meant he was bound to more than just the amulet now. Groaning out loud she ran her hands through her hair and stomped across the room towards the door. "This is a nightmare. A complete nightmare." -09:49 Jun 12
Athos: "I don’t know about you but this is the most fun I’ve had in centuries. And that is saying absolutely nothing. Time to see if being dead has any perks." he slid though the wall and drifted downwards though the air to meet her at the bottom floating just above the amulet.. apparently not allowed to pick it up. -09:53 Jun 12
Corona: Corona had stomped a path all the way down to the foot of the tower to the rocks that littered the shoreline. Still barefoot, still in ripped clothes, and wasn’t at all pleased to see him hovering over the amulet. "Move." Corona hated that fact she was afraid of him. Justified or not, it wasn’t an emotion that sat well with her. "About ten feet THAT way." she gestured to the side. -09:58 Jun 12
Athos: He put his feet in the ground and walked in the direction indicated. "So what now?" he called "Is there anyone you have that I can vent centuries worth of anger on?" -10:00 Jun 12
Corona: "It would have been nice of you to ask that BEFORE you touched me." she grumbled, stooping to pick up the amulet. Corona debated throwing it in to the ocean itself, but if that wasn’t enough, finding it again would be a pain in the ass. She settled for putting it back on. "I would prefer if you vanished all together. Even if I find a way to be rid of you, it will take me time to learn a new method of magic. Thanks to you." -10:05 Jun 12
Athos: "Eggs and baskets." he said looking at his hand, then pushing his hand through his other hand. "I really wish I wasn’t dead right now. And for what its worth, I’m sorry, I though once I did that I could die. You can’t know what its like spending as long as I have wanting to die. So whatever I can do to make it up to you…" -10:09 Jun 12
Corona: "There is an idea." she responded after a pause. Corona was eying him again, even as she took a wide circle to get around him and head back to the tower. "When you’re dead, someone has to take all that power. And since you so neglectfully have taken a good portion of mine… that MIGHT be a fair trade…" -10:18 Jun 12
Athos: "Would if I could. Find a way and its a done deal." he said following her. "Find a way that DOESN’T involve you eating, adsorbing, destroying or otherwise interfering with the passing on of my soul that is." could never be too careful with sorcerers. -10:23 Jun 12
Corona: She didn’t like him following her and it was evident in the way she was stiffly walking and occasionally spying over her shoulder. She’d quicken her pace any moment he got too close. "You don’t get a choice in the matter. You gave that up when you took away mine and pissed me off. YOU get to be silent and out of my way until it’s settled." A silence spell. She needed one of those and something to block him from her space. Something strong enough, seeing that her previous spells hadn’t done any damage.. the only one that worked was the solidity and even that wore off quickly. -10:27 Jun 12
Athos: "You forget, I’m a god." he said "Or I was… No magic a mortal can conger that wasn’t developed to kill me can. But does that matter if I’m dead? This is complicated. Can’t I just go back into the amulet and not rape the first girl I see?" -10:35 Jun 12
Corona: "I’m sure as hell not stopping you from returning to the amulet." she muttered. Corona was exhausted and hurting, and with her work scattered about the room thanks to his outburst, it would take hours to reorganize and even -begin- to deal with him. "Go back to the amulet. Stay in the amulet. And if I feel kind enough after a night of rest, I might help you…" -10:40 Jun 12
Athos: "I don’t choose, it does, its the curse and it does what it wants." he said "I hate it… but I’ll stay out of your hair. If we’re going to get something done.. its the least I can do,: -10:43 Jun 12