Tying Down Royalty 001: Childhood Frenemies

[Lilei is at a fundraiser. One of her first public appearances in a very very long time!] -05:28 Sep 19
[Deitrick Is the son of Hanse and Yvaine and hes at a fundraiser as the host!] -05:29 Sep 19
Lilei: Imagine her surprise to find out the very first event she attended ended up being one hosted by him. Personal enemy number one. …All right. Maybe a childhood vexation wasn’t really an enemy. Still, Lilei made sure to avoid him the entire night. She was very good at that, and as far as she was concerned, very unnoticable! -05:31 Sep 19
Deitrick: Another night, another cause. He was shaking hands with important people as they left and then taking his own leave, heading out the back to a waiting sedan and getting in the back. He pulled oof his bowtie and unbuttoened his top button… sleep would be heaven after this one. So many prominant fingers he was surprised he didn’t loose any fingers! -05:34 Sep 19

Not a moment later, someone was knocking on the car window. A smart looking young woman in a neat little suit, wearing an obnoxiously huge brooch. -Lilei

Deitrick: The window slid downwards smoothly with the low whir of the motor and the prince’s face appeared on the inside of it. "Becket! Did I forget to shake your hand. I’m pretty sure your ring lest a mark on my palm." an easy joke, and a good way to ask what the man wanted. -05:43 Sep 19

The woman clearly didn’t appreciate the joke! …aside from the smirk she was trying to hide. But the big tall security guard standing behind her cast a smirk. She spoke. “I am so sorry to bother you. But Princess Lilei’s car is not going to make it here. Would it be too much of an inconvience if you escorted her home? Someone familiar would be better than a stranger, and of course you can take Mr. Becket with you if you need a body shield…” Becket snorted to cover a laugh. -Lilei

Deitrick: Princess Lilei…. the name sounded half familiar but he couldn’t place it. "No need for a shield, I’ll just take her to wherever shes staying and then head back to the palace, it’s no big deal." he unlocjed the door and closed the window before scooting over and sitting ont he oposite side. Whoever this princess was he had apaprently met her before… but he met a lot of rotals at these things! -05:56 Sep 19
Lilei: So it was moments later, after Lilei was bidding goodbye to a couple that was overly chatty, and she collected her shawl, did she meet her personal assistant who was looking ever so slightly… guilty. "There you are, Gilly! Did you call for the car?" -06:07 Sep 19

“I’m sorry Princess. The car is going to be late, BUT we got you another ride and it’s waiting right out front! Mr. Becket and I will meet you at the hotel when the car gets here.” Mr. Becket coughed again behind the woman. He was better at keeping an impassive expression, but there was still the curve of amusement to his face. Ms. Gillian cast him a silencing glare. “This way, Princess.” -Lilei

Lilei: "All right…" she followed, though she was eyeing Mr Becket trying to decipher that look. Getting a replacement ride wasn’t unusual. Were she late in getting back, she’d miss the call from her father and then he’d have a fit. However, Gilly was being overly perky. Princess Lilei didn’t say a word about it, though! Not when they reached the sedan waiting at the curb. Not when Mr Becket opened the door for her. Not when she slid in to the back seat, rearranging the ivory fabric of her dress. …and not even when she turned to smile at her very kind escort. Because when she saw Deitrick, she was struck speechless! "….!" -06:07 Sep 19
[Deitrick enters.] -06:23 Sep 19
[(Timeout) Deitrick got too distracted for their own good…] -06:29 Sep 19
Deitrick: "Hello Princess Lilei." he said his eyes adjusing tot he light and then.. -06:29 Sep 19
Deitrick: "Hello Princess Lilei." he said his eyes adjusing tot he light and then… "Oh.." THAT princess Lilie! "Wow.. its been a while." he looked away running his hand through his hair suddenly unsure hor to act. "Uhh… where do I need to take you?" -06:33 Sep 19
Lilei: It would be so rude to start screaming…! Oh, Gillian was going to get an earfull once she was back at the hotel. Instead of having a fit, Lilei kept her eyes forward, now twisting the fabric of her skirt in her hands. "It has. To the Maritim Hotel, thank you." She would just have to be polite, the ride was a bit long, but it wasn’t forever! -06:37 Sep 19
Deitrick: "Marritim Hotel." he said to his driver before leaning back and doing up his seatbelt. "Orange juice?" he was poaring himself a glass and then offering her one. "After a lot of speaking I tend to want something cold, and never drink at these things…. I don’t liek to drink alcohol." -06:44 Sep 19
Lilei: Lilei shook her head quickly. For all she knew he’d slip a bug in it! ….maybe they were too old for that, but he might! "I am a little surprised to see you running a charity. I never imagined that would be something you were interested in." -06:46 Sep 19
Deitrick: He placed her cup in a holder and sipped from his as the car pulled away smoothly. "My mother got me into it. I’m more than happy to spend my time raising money for people who need it. I get to travel, I get to meet with people and discuss important issues with them and well… I get to make sure the money goes where it’s needed. Did you see my speech? I spent most of the week trying to translate that passage from Greek." -06:55 Sep 19
Lilei: Not the least bit surprised his mother got him in to it, she did finally steal a quick glance at him. He looked so different… "It was a good speech. I was a little surprised by that too… Everyone responded well to it." And he wrote it himself, that was something she had wondered about! -07:01 Sep 19
Deitrick: "You know I almost got a show of my own, on animal planet…" he was happy to see her and get to catch up and was lanching into full spill everythign mode. "But I think this does more directly and doen’t limit me to one subject, like last month I raised money to but the land under a stone age sight and domnated it to a university for thier practical classes. And who known maybe they’ll discover something new. Though I’m surprised you came. I didn’t know you came to these things or I would have seem you earlier." -07:04 Sep 19
Lilei: Now he had piqued her interested, against her own decision or trying to be distant. Lilei turned in her seat to face him though she was still twisting fabric in her hands. "I’ve been in a private finishing school in Russia! It was great, but so cold and we rarely were able to do much outside of the Academy. But! Now that is done and I’ve loved the charity work so… Maybe not the parties, but I like to work in the offices or visiting people in person. …I might not have came if I had known it was yours, though.." she admitted at the end, maybe just a little guiltily. -07:12 Sep 19
Deitrick: That surprised him. "Why not?" the words were out of his mouth before he could even think them over. He felt almost insulted. Had he been that much of a terror as a kid? He mostly just remembered it as fun times with Lilie. Were there rumors about him he didn’t know about? -07:20 Sep 19
Lilei: She looked equally as surprised… almost even laughed! "Why not..?" Lilei repeated the phrase slowly. "Where do I start? With the spiders? Or chasing me everywhere to the point of screaming! Or those terrible stories where I can’t even sleep in that guest room without a night light!" -07:23 Sep 19
Deitrick: He blinked…. "We were kinds!" that had been ages ago and she was still angry about that? "I’m not even tha same person…" he mouthed ‘wow’ she still held a grudge "Would it help if I said I was sorry, I was just a kid having fun. I’ll make it up to you with… a club tonight as friends, or lunch tomorow as friends, your choice." seriously holding a grudge all this time was… really? -07:27 Sep 19
Lilei: "Kids yes, and you were so mean!" As if being a kid is an excuse to torture a little girl with scary things! Lilei crossed her arms and frowned as she glaned out the window on her side. "No thank you. It would be much safer for me to go straight to the hotel. I’m not sure why Gilly and Becket thought this was a good idea." -07:31 Sep 19
Deitrick: "They thought it was a good idea because I always go strait home, I never date to that theres no one going to call me on the way back, and because they trust me with usually close on two or three million dollars at a time for this charity operation. And never once has a dime gone missing. Look Lilie, I was a kid having fun. If you’re really still that bent out of shape about it.." he sighed. "I’m sorry, I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. Kids to stupid things to those they concider their friends." -07:39 Sep 19
Lilei: He was making her feel bad… but that’s what he always did! He would always pout and say I’m sorry Lilie! and she would fall for it, and it would start all over again. Lilei promised herself she wouldn’t do that again, adults or not. …yet after several long moments of her huffy silence, she caved with an audible sigh. "It was a big deal to me…. I suppose not everything was terrible. I liked when we stole things out of the kitchens for picnics…" -07:44 Sep 19
Deitrick: "We’ll do that then." he said quickly. "A picknic int he park, I’m not taking no for an answer. There will be no spiders, I promise." he drained his orange juice and placed his cup in the other holder. "I’ll steal the very best lestovers from tinight and maybe something a little special." -07:50 Sep 19
Lilei: Lilei smiled, finally turning away from the window. "Not a dime missing, but the same can’t be said for left over catering?" With a soft giggle, she turned that idea over in her head as she fussed with her skirts. It couldn’t hurt… he made a promise. …Except her father would have a fit if she did anything outside of the plans. …if he found out! Better not tell him. "I accept your picnic proposal, then. And if there is a single spider, I swear I won’t ever talk to you again!" -07:55 Sep 19
Deitrick: "By the sounds of it that was you plan anyway." he pointed out. "Anf the leftovers go to waste if someone doesn’t eat it, I usually have a leam from it and the rest goes to a soup kitchen or shelter. I often thing that paste and pies are better a day after being made since its had time to maserate." he was still eying here. "You’ve really hated me all this time?" -08:00 Sep 19
Lilei: "Hmm." She took a second to consider it! Finally just shaking her head. "…maybe not hate! But you were wretched and you know, they always took your side and said ‘Boys will be boys’ and silly things like that. …I may have imagined you grew up to be a seven foot tall ogre…" Lilei admitted with a grin. -08:04 Sep 19
Deitrick: "That wouldn’t help me in my line of work." he said. "Doorways alone would be a nightmare. And what if I couldn’t find a suit large enough? So glad I’m an average human being. A couple of extra inches would be nice though…" -08:13 Sep 19
Lilei: Lilei was laughing again! All too easy to see him with a giant ogre body and a tiny little head. "It wouldn’t be the greatest image for a Prince either. You realize everyone’s armies would try to slay you at some point. And no one would ever dare kiss you." -08:15 Sep 19
Deitrick: "Eh.. I’d start a charity for ogre rights, and no one tried to kiss me anyway. So really I should be WISHING I were a seven foot tall ogre. I’d be the cencer of scientific attention. I could say I was an alien ambasador and get my own embacy to live in in luxury. Or get refugee status…" -08:18 Sep 19
Lilei: "Oh you would be center of scientific attention for sure, as every medical science in the world would want to cut you open to see how you worked. And by the time your ogre rights won refugee status, you would be stuffed in the nearest museum. But on the brightside you would be the symbol of ogre inspiration world wide? …We wouldn’t get a picnic though." It was so easy to fall in to these sort of silly conversations, even after years of not seeing him. And despite the fact a few moments ago she had sworn to not talk to him at all. -08:23 Sep 19
Deitrick: "You’re underestimating the speed I work at, you see first I’d et a proposition going, that until voted on would render me protected by law. Any compitant laywer I care to hire would be able to keep that in the works for years, more than enough time to get my legal rights recognised ot at least me, as the only ogre on earth, a protected species." he grinned in victory and looked out the window. "Its just a case of knowing how the legalities work. -08:28 Sep 19
Lilei: "Are you suggesting that I don’t know how the legalities work, Sir?" Her eyes narrowed at him as she folded her arms. "And what makes you think that would be the only deciding factor? You would be the only one on the planet, that is a world of humans and not all of them would care about treaties and laws." -08:31 Sep 19
Deitrick: "Well I’d still be a prince I hope so I’d have guards. And if not I probably would never have moved out of America or changed my name from bigfoot." he looked at her and then lifted her glass of juice to hold out again to offer it to her, the polite thing to do before stealing it. -08:38 Sep 19
Lilei: She still gave the juice a suspicious look, but this time she took it and sipped from the glass. "I think your parents would be appalled if they knew what sort of beastie they adopted." She smiled at him again, but her expression got curious. Lilei leaned towards him and lowered her voice. "Aren’t you a little old to have no kissed any girls? You’re a prince!" -08:44 Sep 19
Deitrick: "I’m a price, but.. I don’t know. I love my job and am not in it to meet girls. I just don’t want to date, and we’re not rulers anomore to there less presure of to…" his tone changed to a false serious voice "…Sire hiers." He looked out the window again. "I don’t to kissing girls, and they don’t come kissing me, it’s working out really well so far. What’s the point of it anyway?" -08:49 Sep 19
Lilei: "I see… you have grown up afraid of girls." Lilei set aside her glass, so she could go poking gently at his side to tease. Maybe adulthood would be better, and now she had the upperhand! A little playful revenge. "Afraid to get cooties and that all the King’s men won’t have a thing to save you!" -08:53 Sep 19
Deitrick: He quirked a brow at her. "Not afraid… just disinterested. Dating takes up time and energy and yes I’m sure its wonderful and exhilerating but. I really do love my job and I get all I need from it. Maybe one day I’ll want more but I’ll worry about that one day." -08:59 Sep 19
Lilei: "That sounds like fear to me!" A few more teasing pokes to his side, very deliberately trying to find the ticklish spots. If she grinned any wider it would start to hurt. "Do you remember ambush kissing me when we were really small? I think it was near Christmas because there was mistletoe everywhere… I cried for hours thinking we were married and that I wouldn’t be able to go to school because I was a wife!" -09:04 Sep 19
Deitrick: His expressions changed rapidly, from a frown from being called afraid, again, to sirprise as he tried to intercept her pokes, to barely suppressed amusment and embarresment. "I remember, I just wanted you to stop being sad that your father not spending christmas with you. You can’t blame me for that can you?" he was hiding his face by looking out the window looking at her hotel as they got closer. "I don’t think you ever have to worry about up getting married." -09:10 Sep 19
Lilei: Lilei stopped almost immediately, trying to get a good glimpse of his face before he turned away. "Was that why..? I didn’t know…" That put a completely different outlook to the memory. She straightened in her seat again, just the faint bit embarrassed with no idea why. "I am sure if I had opportunities to meet people I would not have worries about getting married. Papa barely agreed to the charity party. I haven’t thought that much about it…" -09:15 Sep 19
Deitrick: "Well at least we’re on the same page, I meet a lot of people, but don’t really want to marry any of them." No, no marriage was best. "But that menas I get free time to hang out, so if you ever manage to sneak out I’ll take you to lots of places with no spiders. Maybe show you some of the civil projects we’ve been doing around the city. The parks are only the start. -09:24 Sep 19
Lilei: "I am not sure how long I will get to stay in the country, but I think I could manage some time to get away. I feel like the only places I have ever seen are the insides of schools!" Could she extend her stay here? Her mother could help convince Papa, and it’s their friends country, so why not? And no spiders! The car stopped in front of the hotel, but she was busy grinning at him. "For a picnic, you will send someone for me tomorrow?" -09:31 Sep 19
Deitrick: "I’ll come myself, at around 11." he said "Be ready." he smiled back at her. "It’s good to see you again, and for you to know I’m not a seven foot tall green-skined orge." he didn’t know why he was smiling, seeing a childhood friend, had to be. -09:36 Sep 19
Lilei: "So far…" With that she giggled, slipping out of the back seat when the door was opened for her, only sparing a moment to lean over. "Goodnight Deitrick!" Lilei waved before she left him. Hugging herself all the way back in to the hotel, and completely forgetting she left her shawl behind. Maybe she wouldn’t yell at Gilly after all! -09:42 Sep 19

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