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  • Tying Down Royalty 003: Caught by the Guard (tbc)

    [Lilei got in to a lot of trouble for her unscheduled park picnic. So naturally she was sneaking out.] -10:07 Apr 13 [Deitrick ] -10:10 Apr 13 Lilei: Lilei didn’t normally do this sort of things. She was not known for trouble or being sneaky. But things were different now. She was no longer in […]

  • Tying Down Royalty 002: Rhineland Park

    [Deitrick has the car and a basket waiting. No ancohol though, he doesn’t brink outside of fundraisers and even then only a little.] -09:18 Oct 23 [Lilei is being sneaky. She has snuck out of her suite like a professional spy with the help of her assistant, and not a single guard knows! And especially […]

  • Tying Down Royalty 001: Childhood Frenemies

    [Lilei is at a fundraiser. One of her first public appearances in a very very long time!] -05:28 Sep 19 [Deitrick Is the son of Hanse and Yvaine and hes at a fundraiser as the host!] -05:29 Sep 19 Lilei: Imagine her surprise to find out the very first event she attended ended up being […]