Take Me Under 001: Face to Face

Take Me Under

[Dakota is amused. But she is also goddamned tired of this shit.] -01:20 May 04
[BK 201 is off his meds.. can’t afford the downtime. Can’t afford to let this one get away.] -01:21 May 04
Dakota: Running was nothing new to Dakota. Just, normally she didn’t have to put this much time an energy in to it. The over-clocked fools either couldn’t keep up with her, or lost their life doing something stupid. ….and then there was this guy. He was more clever than the others, which was fun the first couple of days. But when they fuck did he sleep?! Dakota was tired, and when she was tired, she had very little patience. So there she was, sitting on a beam in a contruction site, waiting for the big idiot to catch up. She’d deal with him now, and get some sleep. -01:23 May 04
BK 201: He came, dropping into the beam seemingly from nowhere, face covered and the slight green of the goggles makign him look more like a machine than a living breathing creature. But his gun was still in his hand. If he shot her here she’d fall. He needed her alive. This tactic of hers was. Interesting, and desperate. The chase was over. -01:27 May 04
Dakota: Yes, he was good. Dakota didn’t show any surprise, though. In fact, she didn’t even show any concern. She smiled, leaning against the beam behind her, and straddling the one she sat on. He needed to take her back alive, so this was going to be entertaining. "You’re late. Getting a little tired? I know I am. Why don’t you have a little sleep with me? We’ll get a room, fool around, and you can go back to chasing me in the morning." -01:33 May 04
BK 201: He stood, perfectly balanced on the beam the gun steady. "I could agree to that." he said "And turn on you as soon as we hit ground level. But I don’t think you’d go that far without betraying me. I’m not an idiot." he litted his goggles and and tore off the balaclava. It usually helped is they believed a person was saking them in when they surrendered. "So you’re going to sleep alright…" -01:38 May 04
Dakota: "Ah, I would never betray someone so handsome, armas." It was the first time she was actually getting an upclose look at him. He was definitely human, now how had he stayed awake for so long? He didn’t even looked winded yet. "Are you going to help tire me out? Because that sounds like a lot of fun." Dakota leaned forward, bracing her hands on the beam. Time see if he really was an idiot! The beam froze over with a thick layer of ice. Lets see him balance on that. -01:44 May 04
BK 201: He hand want to his belt and as fast as thought he had a safety harness hooked to the beam above thier heads, then was using it to pull himself upto hand with his legs aorund the beam and aim the gun at her. "Tranquilizer is my prefered meathod. Its painles to you so you’ll be waking up at my place." he almost grenned, almost, just a slight twitch to his lip. "Its really your only option." -01:48 May 04
Dakota: "Oooh, your place. I knew you liked me." Her grin was slow and wickedly teasing. "…but I am a girl who likes a little foreplay, first. So…!" Dakota tilted, swinging a leg so both were dangling off the same side. Then she was leaning backwards and slipping off the beam. Dropping down two floors below and landing on her feet with a soft thump. She glanced upwards at him with a smile. "You wanna dance first, armas? I like a little romance!" -01:54 May 04
BK 201: He unhooked the line and bending his body threw himself into the void next to the building and fell past herhis arm shooting out and grabbign hold of the beam below her swung under it and letting go he was propelled upwards, catching hold of and climbing onto her beam. His arm clearly wasn’t meant to survive the g-forced that would put in him, and yet here we was, in front of her. "I’m not going to play cat and mouse with you. I’ll shoot you and grab you as you fall if I have to. You’re coming back to HQ with me and I don’t care how." -02:00 May 04
Dakota: Hrrm. This was where she got confused by these people. Humans did not have that sort of strength. "Then shoot me, armas. I’m waiting. ….but first." She gestured at him with her hands, that clear look of interest and confusion on her features. "What is with all this get-up, huh? Fancy jumping, you’re incredibly strong. You seriously don’t look like a robot. I kinda want to know who is kidnapping me and my family before I surrender." -02:05 May 04
[(Timeout) BK 201 was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -02:32 May 04
[BK 201 enters.] -02:35 May 04
BK 201: He looked at her impassivly his eyes searching for a trick. "If I am or not human isn’t for me to decide." he said liftign hsi hand and pulling back his sleeve. There was skin with hair that raised in contact with the cold air but under it, there was the sify glint of metal. "Maybe I’m neither." -02:41 May 04
Dakota: "You have a brain, don’t you? You can decide things. For example…!" Without warning, she moved. Swinging and arm in his direction – she wasn’t trying to hit him though. At least not with her arm. There were puddles of water everywhere from a storm the night before. Dakota easily gripped it with her power, freezing it as it slung through the air in to sharp shards, and sending them right at him. -02:44 May 04
BK 201: He ducked spinning on the wet beam and coming back up. She was too tired to keep this up. All he had to do was wait, and take a step closer. "I have my orders. I have my protocalls. I’ve broken too many of those chasing you already. I will not break my orders. Really coming with me is best for both of us." -02:49 May 04
Dakota: "No. It is best for you. The people that give you orders are killing my family. I find it a little hard to believe I’m going to fair any better." she cast him grin. He wasn’t attacking back. Was he waiting for her to wear out? Oh, wouldn’t he be surprised… This was a fun game, and Dakota enjoy the opportunity for information. Dakota rushed at him, but last minute she was jumping down. Another beam several feet away. "So tell me, armas, do you like your job? Being a tool and an object for a corporation that clearly does nothing but murder? You have a heart, lungs and a brain. I can feel your life in there somewhere. Don’t you wanna do something better with it?" -02:57 May 04
BK 201: He jumped down after her, his weight joltign the beams enough for one of the ones close to them to fall, clattering down into the distance. She was taunting him, he wouldn’t fall for it. "I don’t feel anything." he said "Never have,.." he aimed quickly and fired the dart shooting out towards her. "Never will." -03:02 May 04
[Dakota enters.] -03:04 May 04
Dakota: Dakota dodged in a quick calculated movement, the dart wizzing past her ear. …now she wasn’t grinning. Her expression baffled and a little annoyed by his response. Swinging both arms she draw up water to freeze along his legs and keep him still for a moment. "Hold up! Never felt anything? I find that hard to believe! Aren’t you a little pissy right now? Attracted? Afraid of your bosses, or bitter about an exgirl, or hell… anything at all? You’re a human. You HAVE emotions." -03:07 May 04
BK 201: He almost lost his ballance as his legs were frozen in place. "Here a business lesson for you. You take a man and a woman and you force them to have sex. You take thier fuetus and you inject it with mutant RNA.. lets say.. from a family that displays certain useful traits. You tut it in a tank until you have a child ready to be cut open and stuffed with toys. Then you give it a name, Every child needs a name right?" he was stalling as he tried to slide another dart from his belt without her seeing. -03:12 May 04
Dakota: "You can’t be serious." What the fuck kind of bullshit was that. It was the most disgusting, unnatural, god playing, sick, twisted dumbfuckery…! Her hands were resting on her hips, fingers twitching in annoyance… Maybe if it had been the others that chased her down, the ones that didn’t even dare to speak a word to her and always shot first, she’d have killed him right then and there. A monstrosity against nature. But he wasn’t the one that made himself that way. …and he clearly didn’t think like the rest, or they wouldn’t be in this conversation. "And then? Baby grows up and follows commands? An obedient soldier. A killer. A monster? ….but you are only a monster if you choose to be. Are you choosing all this?" -03:18 May 04
BK 201: The dart was palmed and he stood facign her. "Baby grows up, he goes on the pill. Not talkign about that kind of pill, I’m talkign about the one that makes it so that they never have to worry about feeling or choosing again. Its good business." the dark was now in the gun and he looked at her. "The most lethal, relantless killing machines even made. I guess I am a machine after all." -03:25 May 04
[(Timeout) Dakota has timed out.] -03:30 May 04
Dakota: Dakota narrowed her eyes. A pill that surpresses emotions and free will. …but he said he had broken protocals in his little chase. So that stuff wasn’t completely in control. "You’re not a machine. You’re a person. You have a right to feel what you want to feel, and do what you want to do." Dakota was angry FOR him, even if he hadn’t the sense to be angry for himself. They were taking her family, and they were taking people’s soul without even wretching it from their body. It was madness. "…I could show you. Make a choice of your own and come with me. Experience something other than orders and see if you want to go back…" -03:30 May 04
BK 201: "I thought I made it clear I wasn’t going to fall for seduction." he said "You sound like you believe theres a destinction between man and machine, like emotions and choices are the be all and end off of your life. Maybe people could life like that in the past. Does that make me the future?" -03:33 May 04
Dakota: Dakota couldn’t help but cast a teasing smile. "Armas, if I was trying to seduce you, you’d know it." The way he spoke, though. It drove her insane! Did he really, honestly believe all that shit? She shifted her stance, non-aggressive, non-defensive. Relaxed and harmless. "Contrary to what you’ve been told, emotion and free will are exactly what makes this life. Every living creature on this planet has them. Mouse to man, and despite any special upgrades you might have – you are still a man." There was a slight narrowing of her eyes. "You have the parts don’t you? Of course… I can PROVE it, if you’d like to make a little deal. I can give you a kiss. And if you don’t feel a thing, then you win. I’ll forget all about it." -03:39 May 04
BK 201: His eyes narrowed "What parts I have is irelevent.." he said "I have had a kiss before, from the last woman that thought seducing me was a good idea. She didn’t survive the experience." his eyes never lelf her. "So you will be restrained, you will have my gun in your stomach. And you will come with me… afterwards." -03:44 May 04
Dakota: "Touchy, touchy." Dakota approached, holding her hands up and wiggling her fingers so he’d see she wasn’t going to attack him as she crossed the beam. "How about YOU kiss ME. All your choice, and no seducing from me, whatsoever. I’ll keep my hands behind my back for you, and maybe I’ll let you take me anyway you like afterwards." She smirked! -03:47 May 04
BK 201: He pulled the restraints from his belt and feld them out to her. "I insist, begind your back." his legs now had enough movement in them to break the ice and he held up his gun at hip level, a sharp metallic click sounding as dart was primed to fly. "And either way, I’m taking you back." -03:56 May 04
Dakota: "You can try, armas, but I promise you’ll not succeed in that." Bemused, she stopped close enough to turn around and allow him to bind her. Restraints meant nothing to her, but she was humoring him. If he needed them to feel safe, she could oblidge. "Now what do -I- get should this kiss stir your soul. Aside from the pleasure of your mouth. Will you come with me?" -04:00 May 04
BK 201: "You have nowhere to go." he pointed out. "Except with me." he tightened the cuffs behind her then his hand on hershoulder he turned her around and pushed ehr against the beam. "I don’t see this working without a little trust. I could shoot you right now, take you with me and right now theres nothign you could do to stop me. You could do that freeze thing you seem to do.. odd for a person claiming to be unmodified, and leave me frozen. I could shoot you afterwards no matter what. So this is how its going to happen. I’m not going to shoot you, you’re not going to freeze, I feel nothing you come with me, I do, I let you go… got it?" -04:13 May 04
Dakota: It was cute how he assumed it would be so easy to take her. He was confident and sure of his abilities. But he didn’t know her. Dakota smiled wide. "As you wish, armas. I trust you, you trust me. No shooting, no freezing." She deliberately left out the rest. Regardless of what happened, she going to allow herself to be captured. He’d figure that out the hard way. "So kiss me. No need to be afraid." -04:17 May 04
BK 201: He pushed the gun into her stomach and gripped her hair as he stepped closer thier boddies almost toutching. "I told you I feel nothing. No fear, no hate, no anger, no joy… You’re the one who should be afraid." he leaned forwards putting more pressure on the gun in her stomach.. then his lips toutched hers, Stiff and unyielding. -04:22 May 04
Dakota: He sure knew how to make a situation sexy as hell for someone who didn’t understand the basic concept of emotion. …but that wasn’t what surprised her! Reguardless of how HE felt, the touch was electrifying for her. There was the briefest look of surprise in her eyes before they fell closed. Her mouth moving against his, soft and inquisitive. Maybe it was just the setup that intrigued her. That had to be it. -04:25 May 04
BK 201: The gun was pushed against her harder as her lips lipes agaist his as he stiffened with what had to be fear, fear that she was about to freeze him. Then his lips softened and parted letting hers slide against them.. a second later his head was tilting back as he pushed his lips harder.. then suddenly as if he was rememebring why he was there he pulled back. -04:29 May 04
Dakota: She let out a breath. "Wow…!" That was kind of amazing, in a totally baffling, and kind of hot sort of way. Dakota wasn’t sure what happened there, since she wasn’t exactly expecting to feel anything of consequence herself. But damned if she didn’t like. Her eyes finally opened, peering up at him with a heavy lidded expression of interest. "Well…?" -04:34 May 04
BK 201: He was starnign there the gun raised and his face an unreadable mask. But befind the face in his mind things were defferent. He had felt something, he wasn’t sure what but now he was feeling numb, "Well." he breathed out more than said. "Now.." the gun hardly made any noise at all, just a slight hiss and the bart burried itself into the stomach and pumped it’s load into her. He caught her and supported her weight, not letting her fall. "We’ll see." -04:41 May 04

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