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  • Take Me Under 007: Change The World

    Take Me Under

    Dakota: Dakota was supposed to be in a bed. A nice warm comfortable bed curled up with a man that made her blood burn like fire just with a touch. She was in a bed. But it was hard, tilted… not hers. Her eyes came open slowly and nothing was coming in to focus right […]

  • Take Me Under 006: A Feeling Worth Holding On To

    Take Me Under

    [Dakota is glad she can afford to feed Armas, because making sure he is well fed is quite the challenge.] -01:04 May 14 [BK 201 has eaten just about all there was in the cupboards and is feeling better, he charge level is rising but he needs to burn energy.] -01:06 May 14 Dakota: Dakota […]

  • Take Me Under 005: Inside Armas

    Take Me Under

    [Dakota is pretty sure she has control over her whims and emotions now. NOW to make sure her knew friend understands humanity to avoid any more of those little fights.] -04:24 May 12 Dakota: Walking down the streets out in the open would seem like a bad idea, except it was totally a great idea. […]

  • Take Me Under 004: Running from the Corpses

    Take Me Under

    [Dakota has taken her new friend to a bar. What better place to say FUCK YOU to the man, than booze and debauchery?] -02:38 May 08 [BK 201 handles his booze better than he does his feelings. Turns out ancohol is one of the toxins filtered out by his stomach so if hes going to […]

  • Take Me Under 003: A First Time For Everything

    Take Me Under

    Dakota: There was the smell of the ocean… barely. Only because the windows were left wide open to a balcony that she was leaning on, watching the sunrise up over the mess that was her ocean. Buildings of the city rising up in to the sky, practically on the water. As if they would have […]

  • Take Me Under 002: A Promise

    Take Me Under

    Dakota: Dakota was groggy as fuck and pissed as shit. The worst part is that the stuff must have been REALLY strong, because she wasn’t able to shake it immediately and jump up killing the hell out of the first thing she saw, like she wanted to. In fact she was shifting uncomfortably trying to […]

  • Take Me Under 001: Face to Face

    Take Me Under

    [Dakota is amused. But she is also goddamned tired of this shit.] -01:20 May 04 [BK 201 is off his meds.. can’t afford the downtime. Can’t afford to let this one get away.] -01:21 May 04 Dakota: Running was nothing new to Dakota. Just, normally she didn’t have to put this much time an energy […]

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