Take Me Under

Take Me Under 007: Change The World

Dakota: Dakota was supposed to be in a bed. A nice warm comfortable bed curled up with a man that made her blood burn like fire just with a touch. She was in a bed. But it was hard, tilted… not hers. Her eyes came open slowly and nothing was coming in to focus right away. There was a whirr of voices, equiptment…? When she tried to shift she found her arms strapped down. She was wearing some sort of scratchy white medical pajamas. Dakota had a vague memory of being startled awake… Where the fuck was this, and where was her armas…? -06:32 May 14
Armas: He was close by stragged to a similar bed wired attatched to plug in his scalp and his chest opened up with two technicians undoing the damage done by a man not used to this level of soqhistitation in his pacients. His eyes were open but unmoving, the only sign of life was the heartbeat on the osciloscope. -06:36 May 14
Dakota: Assholes. The moment she saw him she could feel her heart pounding. A little machine nearby picking up the beat with a mirror chimed. She felt so heavy, so groggy… it was hard to move. Her gaze fell down to her arms and hands. Dakota twitched her fingers a bit, narrowing her eyes at the IV that was stuck through her skin. A deep slow breath and the concentration was followed by the little drip slowly freezing. From the needle up the tube… That would help. They needed to get out, all she needed was the energy to do so. -06:41 May 14

“I’ve never seen one malfunction like this. Look at the readings. Hes meant to be a dead unit but theres records of thoughts.. feelings. This shouldn’t happen with the Pax.” “Its odvious what happened. It was deprived or Pax and didn’t return. I think a clice or two to the brain here.. here.. and here will cure that.” “I have a better idea. Hes defective, we have a female descendent. I saw we labotomize both and start making more. He has the RNA the chirlren are guarenteed to have the mutation.” “Labotomize a BK? They cost billions to make.” “We reclaim. He won’t need arms, or legs and we can replace his organs with cheeper stuff. Deally all we heed is the heart and balls. Throw out the rest.” -Armas

Dakota: There it went again. Her heartrate spiking so high that the machine nearby was freaking out. "Son of a bitch." she growled out, unsure of whether or not it came out loud enough to hear and didn’t give two shits if it did. They would just take him apart like he was not even a real person. Reduce him to pieces. Had they done this to her family also? Clearly… without hesitation were ready to do it again. Dakota strained against the restraints, and that blasted machine wouldn’t stop beeping. -06:54 May 14

They were busy looking at the readouts from the probes in Armas’ brain but the machine caught thier attention. “Thes awake. Rake sure shes down nice and tight…” one of the doctors walked up to her and put a needle in her arm. “Don’t worry this will just make sure you won’t do anything..” it was a painkiller that was mainly used for it’s side effect, supressing the body’s white blood cell in preperation for the next shot, Pax. They gathered around her one of them placing a strap over her forehead imoblising her as another put a crown od sensors over her head. “We’ve never given the pax to one of them before… this should make her listen to us…” -Armas

Dakota: The haze was started to fade. Dakota could see them all clearly now, narrowing her eyes in her struggle to move. A few moments longer and that heavy feeling would be gone. "Come… a little closer… and say that again, doctor… That I will listen…" She taunted with a fierce, wild grin. "Release him… or I won’t be so nice…" -07:09 May 14

She was far too cocky ad one of the doctors moved to check the IV while the one with the needle stuck it in her arm. “I-its frozen.. She froze it.” “Does not matter, give her the pax…” it entered her system, the same drug htat stole Armas’ emotions. “Soon [i]princess[/i] you will be as eager to obey us as 201. Thats right. We fixed it.” -Armas

Dakota: "He is not an it." she growled, leaning upwards to snap at the doctor. But just as quickly she gasped and dropped back against the bed. The stuff hit her blood like ice and she could feel it rushing through with every panicked beating of her heart. Dakota writhed against the retraints, gasping again when it hit her spine, and crying out when it reached her brain. Seeping, smothering… she felt like she was being smothered and squeezed. Like a part of her was being torn right out. And with every heart beat her panic lessened. The fear, the anger the concern… everything seemed to be slipping from her fingertips… -07:25 May 14

“Thats better. 201 is and it. A product made by us like we’d make a pair of shoes or a phone. Its a corporate accet and now so are you.” the research director looked at the readout and smiled. “You are SC 604.. do you understand that?” -Armas

Dakota: Dakota felt like she was falling for a moment. Hollow and drifting. Everything was gone, she was on auto-pilot… but it wasn’t emotionless or mindless. There was something else there. An instinct so strong, without everything else in the way it was now taking over. "No." she responded with a dead tone. Dakota gripped her restraints and in an instant they were frozen, cracked, shattered as she pulled her hands free. The blasted machine that irked her before sparked and popped. Fizzled out with a jolt of electricty as she sat up quickly. Before the mortals scattered she grabbed the lead, his blood already freezing in her grasp. "You belong to me." -07:38 May 14

they backed away from her obviously not expecting this. Just before it exploded the machine want heywire. One of the doctors pressed an alarm button th the wall as the director shouted “WAKE UP 201…” They closed his chest and ingected him with something as the siren blared and the director ran, saving himself. -Armas

Dakota: There would be no running. There will be no where to run. Dakota slipped from the bed, dropping the first doctor only to catch the next that ran too close by her by the throat. The lightning that sparked from her hand was so rough, it near burned out a hole right through his neck. Dakota let him drop and took his blood, letting it rise up. Take Armas back. …her attention focus on the doctors closing up his chest and prodding him with more needles. This is what they did to the world. Humanity destroying itself… Dakota left the blood fly, solidifying it in the air before it struck them both down. -07:48 May 14
Armas: His eyes opened as the doctors. An alarm, no orders. Sit up. The thoughts came one at a time and when he did sit up he saw her… Was tshe a threat? Was she an ally. "Dakota…" he knew the look on her face, or rather he didn’t "What is going or?" his voice was without feeling, without emotion. "Why are they dead?" -07:52 May 14
Dakota: "They have forfeited their right to exist." Alive. Awake. Accomplished. Dakota turned away from him stepping towards the door. A hand raising near her head. A bolt of electricity darting across the ceiling, popping wires. New alarms started going off as the sprinkler systems kicked in, raining down water on the room and the rest of the building. And when she stepped through the doorway it seemed to be following her. "They will all cease to exist." -07:58 May 14
Armas: He got up to follow her his steps unteady at first. "This isn’t right." he stembled but caught himself. The Dakota he new would make sure he was alright before seeking vengence. "Dakota.. are you alright?" he didn’t notice the water raining from the ceiling. "Are you injured…." -08:02 May 14
Dakota: She wasn’t listening. That instinct had been full filled. There was a new instinct now. Dark and feral. So much stronger than everything else and all it wanted was death. She stalked down the hall, water pushing doors open for her. When she came across a person, they were done. A bolt of lightning through the water. Blood frozen in their veins. Drowned where they stood. It systematic, without mercy, without word, without second thought. Her range reached across the entire floor of the building, without even having to expell a thought. Where there was water, there was a dead human. -08:07 May 14
Armas: He reached out and put his ahdn on her shoulder. "DAKOTA!" his voice wat toutched by emotion, he was fighting the drug. There was sadness at seeing her like this, concern, desperation to reach her. "Stop.. this isn’t you.. fight it…" -08:13 May 14
Dakota: Dakota stopped. Just long enough to turn and push him up against the way with a single hand and ice wrapping around him to keep him in place. Her face held no expression, but in her eyes… there was a torrent of rage. "There is no respect for life in this world. They don’t deserve to keep it." Dakota stepped back away from him, continuing down the hall until she found a stairwell. She went up. -08:19 May 14
Armas: "This isn’t you.." he repeated straining agaist the ice before it cracked and exploed outwards dropping him to the floor. He was after her in a second ready to tahe everythign she threw at him. "Dakota.. You.. me.. escape.. living together. You gave me a chance… topple thier tower and come with me. We’ll go far away, we’ll live together. Do you really want to throw that away… Destroy this skyscraper, and come with me." -08:24 May 14
Dakota: She had every intention of destroying their tower. Dakota didn’t respond to his words as she climbed the steps. Everything was in a hyper focus. She could feel every life, every soul in the building as each one dropped… And when she pushed opened a door and stepped outside on to the roof of the building, it was like stepping in to chaos. There was a storm up above, churning and brewing in the sky. Wind gusting so hard that it was easy to see the swirl of a hurricane starting. And out across the cityscape there was the sea. Dakota reached out a hand, calling it, commanding it, and it responded with waters rising. She would drown this world and every living thing on it. "Hold your breath." -08:29 May 14
Armas: HE could feel it within her, in the air, in the belly of the earth, in the skies themselves… and within him. His hand closed into a fist and he strided towards her. "If you do it… we’ll have nowhere to raise a family…: he had to stok her, but how? He threw his arms arounf her and hugged her arms against his body. "Do what you have to do my love. Bring down the wrath of the last god but remember out future." -08:33 May 14
Dakota: Future. Family… That felt… Her concentration wavered a bit. The air still churning and sea still rising, but her head turned a bit. Her impassive expression turning to a frown. "There can be no future if this is what humanity has become. Stripping it’s own core away and treating it’s own kind as nothing. This world is over. What future could there possibly be…" -08:38 May 14
Armas: "One corperation is like that, one orginisation. Now they are dead. You showed me that theres a chance good in everyone even a corpse trained to hunt men.. even me." he held on to her and hsi hand moving to the back of her neck as he pressed his lips into hers. "Don’t go back on that now." -08:42 May 14
[Dakota enters.] -08:50 May 14
Dakota: That spark… One kiss that could change her whole world. She remembered this feeling. New and different… something she wanted to hold on to. Dakota’s tension ease and with it the sea seemed to release, but the sky above them was still churning. Her head tilted back to look upwards. "It’s not enough. Science has corrupted everything about this world…" Experimentations, technology, humans trying to be gods. Going against the natural order and forcing everything to their whims and against their true natures. The age of science needed to end. "I won’t destroy the world, armas. But the world needs to change…" Her hands rose to cover his ears, just the moment lightning struct the roof. The sound and the light was so high that the whole city was blacked out when it faded. No power, no lights, and the sky was beginning to ease… -08:56 May 14
Armas: He closed his eyes and held onto her, trusting her… trust was something new to him. "You are a god, the world is yours to shape… but don’t foget your humanity too." he burried his face agaist her and held on as the lightning struck… and afterwards.. -09:00 May 14
Dakota: There was silence. Just sky and sea, her and Armas… That rush that coursed through her seemed to have passed, and the expelling of energy left her drained both mentally and physically. Her grip on him loosened when her knees collapsed out from under her, but she hadn’t lost consciousness yet. Dakota groaned! -09:03 May 14
Armas: He caught her and dropped to his knees cradling her, his hands rushing the hair from her face and he looked into her eyes. "What did you do?" he asked concern in his voice… how did you change the world?" he could feel a difference in the air and in earth. "What will things be like now?" -09:09 May 14
[(Timeout) Dakota got too distracted for their own good…] -09:13 May 14
Dakota: Dakota smiled wide. That cheeky expression that was her trademark. She was so tired, but his concern made it all better. "Don’t worry, armas. I’ve not destroyed anything else…" Dakota leaned in to his touch. She really was so weary… "I’ve unlocked the magical world. Let science try and control that…" she grinned wider. -09:13 May 14
Armas: He blinked.. "Anyone but you and I’d say I didn’t believe in magic." he said cradling her head in his lap and running his fingers through her hair. "Lots of people are still goign to die aren’t they?" he asked before smiling "Its a new world isn’t it.. it will be fun exploring it with you." -09:20 May 14
Dakota: "Hmm, if they die it will be the natural way of things…" He was putting her to sleep. Or maybe it was exhaustion… Still, she wore a smile for him that she’d never give anyone else. "A new world to explore… and raise children if you meant what you said." -09:23 May 14
Armas: He smiled "I did, raise them the natural way, not like I was… we’ll make love and have them just like everyone else and raise them together. ANd if anyone meses with them… gods won’t help them…" he sighed as he looked down at her. "Decause thats what humans do when they love eachother." -09:28 May 14
Take Me Under

Take Me Under 006: A Feeling Worth Holding On To

[Dakota is glad she can afford to feed Armas, because making sure he is well fed is quite the challenge.] -01:04 May 14
[BK 201 has eaten just about all there was in the cupboards and is feeling better, he charge level is rising but he needs to burn energy.] -01:06 May 14
Dakota: Dakota was sipping hot coffee, finding amusement in watching him. He looked far less ill, which eased her concern about opening him up for that tracker. He really did recover fast. Of course, demolishing every thing in the kitchen in the span of an hour was also impressive… "Now I have to go shopping… I suppose I get to show you what being domesticated is like." she grinned in to her cup. -01:09 May 14
BK 201: He stood, even with all that food inside him his movements were faster and more fuid than theyhad been an hour ago. "So insist I choose freedom, then domesticate me? But since I just ate everything you have… I think we can make it work. Now I just need to work up a charge.." -01:14 May 14
Dakota: She cast a wide smirk, turning to lean against the counter with the mug in her hands. "I said show you. I’ve got no crazy notions of domesticating anybody. That tends to mean I’d get domesticated myself." Dakota tilted her head, taking the new dilema in to consideration. "A charge, hmm? Now that you’re tracking free, we could go anywhere, do anything. What do you want to do?" -01:16 May 14
BK 201: He was rolling his shoulder and looking at her. "Well theres somehtign I want to do for you, and not the otehr way round." he said walking closer. "We’ll have time to explore the world later, for now.. If you want.." he put his hand on her cheek "We could explore eachother.." he wasn’t skilled with metophore or inuendo and he hesitated wondering if he should explain what he meant.. "Nothing needs to happen, I want to spend time close to you.." -01:22 May 14
Dakota: Honesty, in it’s simple, bumbling, non-flowery form seemed to be so much better than all the come-ons and smooth talking Dakota usually had the pleasure of dancing around. She set her mug aside on the counter, turning her face in to his cheek and holding her hand over his. Funny how such a simple thing was so nice. "I won’t object to exploring us." She kissed the palm of his hand before turning a wicked look to him. "Did you want naked exploring, armas?" -01:29 May 14
BK 201: He smiled back his eyes moving down her shape before coming back up to her eyes ans he stepped forwards kising her forehead. "We’ll get to that eventually. But for now, no commands, no instructions. We do what comes naturally to humans when they’re close and they want eachother." -01:33 May 14
Dakota: Dakota laughed softly. "I’m not sure I can do that… Being commanding kinda comes naturally." That WAS a challenge. A fun challenge though… Since the moment he appeared she was having to do things she wouldn’t have done otherwise… Dakota leaned forward until she was wrapping her arms around his waist and resting her head against him. -01:38 May 14
BK 201: His hands came up and rubbed her back. "You’re a goddess, demanding is in your nature." he nuzzled into her hair. "And I’m a man, with feelings and a woman in his arms.. I think what comes naturally is presing into your leg." -01:41 May 14
Dakota: She laughed again, the sound muffled by his chest. "And here you told me not to give instructions… What are you going to do about this now?" Dakota shifted so she could sneak her hands up under his shirt. For someone with a bazallion unnatural pieces, his skin was still warm to touch. There was always that spark of subtle electricity, and she might have been used to it by now, but it still baffled her. -01:46 May 14
BK 201: He looked down at her his hands sliding down her back to her waste, "Then demand with your movements and not with your words." he leaned down to kiss her. "This isn’t for you, or for me but for both of us." -01:50 May 14
Dakota: "I see. That I can do." she mumbled again his mouth with a grin. Dakota tilted her head to brush a soft kiss over his mouth. It wasn’t sweet by any means. Deliberately tempting with a nibble of teeth and sweep of her tongue. Her arms stole all the way up under his shirt, pressing her full form up against him. -01:54 May 14
BK 201: We had to react… he hands coming around and sliedign her top up his hands brushing her stomach as his lips moved against hers. "And you’re gooda t demanding…" -02:05 May 14
Dakota: "Even better at getting a man naked." she smirked. It took little manuvering to get his shirt off. His pants would have immediately come next but she found herself grazing her fingers over his chest where she remembered that panel was hidden under the skin. Dakota hadn’t expected herself to feel so strongly about seeing him opened up on a table. But as her fingers ran over him, it was as if it never happened at all. -02:09 May 14
BK 201: He kissed her agains his lips sliding over hers. "I’m not naked yet…" he lifted her top off of her and let it fall to the floor. "What feelings do you feel for me? Name them and describe them so I know which is which and if I feel the same for you." -02:14 May 14
Dakota: "That’s… a strange request." Never heard one like it. Of course she’d been asked for dirty talk before, and even someone that wanted her to call him Big Daddy… but talking about feelings? That was different… and a little alarming. Though… "I am concerned for you." she mumbled, leaning to kiss his chest where his heart was. "More than just a natural care for another human being. I was worried for you. And this confuses and surprises me…" Dakota let her hands slip down to his waist band, glancing back up at him with a smile. -02:21 May 14
BK 201: He looked down at her his hand slipping down to take hold of her arm, stopping her. Concern and surprise… nothing else? You want to teatch me about feelings but don’t feel much yourself.. so descride what you feel and what it feels liek to feel them." his eyes searched hers and he let go of her arm. "Otherwise this is a mistake." -02:24 May 14
Dakota: There was the surprise again, going unmasked on her face. "Surprise, armas. Because what I feel for you, I have never felt before. And describing it isn’t easy…" Apparently he needed this. Dakota took a deep breath and exhaled. "Days ago when I asked you to kiss me, I was being an asshole. Playing with you… but when you did… it was like… electricity. Invigorating, stunning, surprising, alive. I offered to helped you not just because you needed it, cause I really wanted to feel that again. I feel guilty for taking advantage of you. …but I also feel that if you left I would be losing something that could be amazing." Dakota softly shrugged her shoulders, a sheepish expression coming over her features. "So, it’s surprise. Surprise that I could fall in love with you over something as simple as one kiss." -02:33 May 14
BK 201: His eyes searched her face and he leaned forwards to push his lips into hers. "It fills your chest and makes your stomach feel like it’s alive. It makes you want to reach out and never let go. It makes you want to explore…" he slid his hand up her arm nsd pulled her closer. "And it is all still from just that one kiss?" -02:37 May 14
Dakota: "No. Now every day it’s something new." There was that smile again. Brushing a kiss at the corner of his mouth and nuzzling his cheek. "A touch, or word, or a stupid expression… You make me wonder about the future, and actually want more than just what I could experience today." -02:45 May 14
BK 201: He ran his hands through her hair and kissed her back takign her hand and putting it on his waistband before hsi arns circled her. "Its the same for me.. and I’ve never felt anything like it and I don’t want it to stop." -02:49 May 14
Dakota: "Then don’t stop. Get lost with me." Lost was an excellent way to describe it. If it was love, she could get used to this… Dakota pulled the belt and button loose from his pants. Opening them up to slide her hands down over his hips and circle around to grab his ass. Not even with a lecherous squeeze, she really did just enjoy touching him. She returned his kiss with a faint sigh, leaning her hold body in to him. -02:56 May 14
BK 201: He slide his hands up her back getting lost in her feel, slowly running his lips agaist hers tilting his head to the side. It was an enrapturing feeling and he was exploring it with her. "Is it always like this?" -03:02 May 14
Dakota: "I really, seriously, hope so…" she responded softly. Dakota pushed his pants down over his hips, letting her fingers dash over his skin without any rush. Never had anyone ever made her want to just make him happy instead of taking it all for herself. -03:08 May 14
BK 201: He took hold of her shoulders and pushed her back against the bed before his hand traveled down to unbutton her pants and pushe them down as he kissed her again. "So.. this is new for you too?" he asked smiding his hands up her slowly… and for some reason that made him smile. "And what would you call this new feeling?" he moved his lips to the corner of her mouth. "I need to know because I feel it too." -03:15 May 14
Dakota: Lust was the first thing that came to mind, but he smiled… and the fact she didn’t want to push him to the floor and bang his brains out, meant it wasn’t lust making her grin in response so stupidly. Dakota really did like this feeling. "Love, maybe? I don’t know armas. I just know I want to keep this feeling and not let it go." Dakota shifted to wrap her arms around his neck. Nuzzling against his cheek, relishing in that feel of skin against skin. -03:23 May 14
BK 201: "Armas…" he repeated as he kissed her neck and huzzled into it. "Loved one… beloved.. so its a fitting name for you to call me.." he fell on top of her pushing her onto her back pusing a hundred soft kisses into her neck. "I’m happy you were an asshole and made me kiss you, and I’m glab I was confident enough to think I’d be unafected…. Its lead us to this moment… And be being your Armas.." -03:28 May 14
[BK 201 is now known as: Armas] -03:28 May 14
[Dakota enters.] -03:29 May 14
Dakota: "My Armas…" she had said it once before. Then she was afraid he didn’t understand what that meant when he said it. She might have just been more afraid what it meant to her. "Strange how little moments change everything…" And she was so glad it did. Dakota buried her hands in to his hair, pulling his face to her so she could kiss him again. Long and deep, with all of that pent up feelings she was so afraid to let loose on him. -03:34 May 14
Armas: He kissed her back as he pressed his body against hers. He pulled her to his and moved against her wanting to feel it all, love, passion, he nipped her lip and moved his hand to the back of her head. "And we’ll explore the change together. .." he could feel hiself pressed against her and slowly, reveling in every moment he pushed, his tip parting her lips. -04:20 May 14
Dakota: Her sigh came out in a low hiss, and head tilting to the side with eyes falling closed as he pushed in to her. There was something alluringly fullfilling about it. Opening her legs wide for her body to adjust to him, Dakota was almost purring when she stroked her hands over his shoulders. -04:29 May 14
Armas: He kissed the side of her neck and he pushed again thrusting into her and letting his breaht flow over her. The feeling if her against him and around him gave him chills even as his skin seemed to grow hotter. "If this is what love is Dakota.. I think I light keep loving you foreve.". -04:32 May 14
Dakota: "Armas, if this is love then I will make sure you feel it forever…" If this was love… Dakota might just be domesticated after all. Just to hear him say it filled her with more joy than she thought sensible. Every movement he made sending her skin flushing to the point she was biting her own lip just to prevent herself from being swept away by it too soon. She matched him, moved with him. Touched and let her fingers dance over his skin. -04:38 May 14
[(Timeout) Armas was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -04:44 May 14
Armas: He pushed with her a soft sound forming in his thoat. Forever, somehow that didn’t hell like long enough. Every push, every time he moved inside her felt live fire and ice in his veins and beneath his skin. He nuzzle into her cheek wanting to feel her soft shin agaist his even though his entire body as sliding nad pressing against hers his sweat beadign up and running down to her as he kissed her harder than ever before. -04:44 May 14
Dakota: Passion was never something she lacked in her life, but this… this was something extraordinary. For once, she was so glad she gave in to whim. Petting her hand through his hair and gripping his arm… She couldn’t where she wanted her hands the most. Settling for resting them at his cheeks as she kissed him. Her eyes open in a fond heavy-lidded expression to watch his and every expression he made… -04:49 May 14
Armas: He could feel something rising inside him. Both a fire and a pressure like he had felt the night she had taken him in. It was ridiculously wonderful and when his eyes found hers his skin tingled. He held it back, or tried to but when his lips left hers there was a shuddering gasp. He hadn’t climaxed yet but the voice he gave the gasp could not be masked. -04:57 May 14
Dakota: Every little thing he did was enchanting, from the sound of his voice to the way her toes curled in pleasure from the way he look at her. Her mouth parted over his, letting her tongue brush softly over his lips. Dakota slipped her arms around his neck to embrace him. She loved him… she did love him. Her arms tightened when the realization made her spike. Breath catching in a high pitched whimper of desire when her body clenched and tightened. She never looked away from his eyes, even when she was shivering, shaking and biting her lip from the rush. -05:08 May 14
Armas: He pushes again and again his lips parting as they met hers his tongue sliding agaist hers. She was wonderful, amazing, enchanting, so many other words and none did the way she made him feel justice. Then his arms slid around her and he shuddered his climax flooding his entire body with sensation from his head all the way to his curled toes. He kept his lips in hers kissing her slowly his tongue sliding against hers. There was never a better feeling, than her agaist him in that moment. -05:14 May 14
Dakota: She never wanted this to go away. A soft kiss, and a stroke of her fingers through his hair. Dakota spoke softly. "I do love, armas. I will give you the world if you choose to stay with me…" -05:17 May 14
Armas: He brushed his lips against hers, savoring the feeling, the moment, all the moments. "I would stay with you if you offered me nothing Dakota." he whispered nuzzling into her. "And I will, I’ve founf somehting to fight for and a person to fight with all at the same time. We’ll be free and spend out freedom together." -05:21 May 14
Take Me Under

Take Me Under 005: Inside Armas

[Dakota is pretty sure she has control over her whims and emotions now. NOW to make sure her knew friend understands humanity to avoid any more of those little fights.] -04:24 May 12
Dakota: Walking down the streets out in the open would seem like a bad idea, except it was totally a great idea. No one sent out mercenaries in to public streets when they have a reputation to protect and it was easier to disappear in a sea of people. Later they would meet a ‘friend’ to see about lingering tracking devices, but for now, Dakota was trying to show him what non-asshole people did on a daily basis. "Everyone here has something they’re doing, somewhere to be, someone to talk to…" -04:28 May 12
BK 201: He was dressed more conservativly, jeans, hoodie, boots. Not that it mattered, he was a walkign beacon to everyone who wanted to attack them. "Something they want. Someone they’re taking it from.." he looked at her. "Why are we here Dakota, what pupose does showing me a street full of people serve? I’ve seen streets before. I could kill anyone were without the man next to him noticing.. and so can the people after us. We should be moving against them." -04:32 May 12
Dakota: "Because there’s no point in going to defeat evil and get revenge if you don’t know what you’re fighting for." Helping him understand and deal with emotion wasn’t hard. But having to explain the very basics of existance… that’s what irked her. How could one person know so much, but comprehend so little. "My family and your coporation are similar entities. Very powerful. Can take any of these people and crush them or mold them… but it’s how we choose to exist that makes the difference, get it? All of these people are just trying to live. To survive, be happy, take care of their families. They’re not thinking about what they can take from others or how much power they have over others." -04:38 May 12
BK 201: "Surviving is what I plan to do, there will be time for dalliances when theres no one trying to take us in or at least I’m not transmitting out position every second of that day. If this is how you run I’m suprised it took me a week to catch you." he whimical nature was frustrating. "So if we’re here to do something, lets do it." -04:41 May 12
Dakota: "We’re on our way. There’s no reason to rush without thinking." Dakota half wondered if he thought ANYthing through or if that was part of his conditioning. So she asked. "I am surprised you caught up with me at all if you rush in to everything without second-guessing a choice or a decision and giving it time to develop. Did it occur to you that I might actually know what I’m doing?" -04:43 May 12
BK 201: "Then it was cold logic like you cannot imagine Dakota. Know there is a heat inside me I can’t desctribe. You don’t knwo the kind of person they’ll send next but I do, I was one of them. It won’t be a squad of idiots like yesterday. So please, tell me why we’re here. Enlighten me or am I not worthy of your infinite wisdom?" -04:47 May 12
Dakota: Dakota was tempted to punch him through the closest window, but instead she laughed. He didn’t quite understand her yet either, but that wasn’t important. "I told you. I’m showing you what you’re fighting for. A long time ago, an ancestor said there’s no point in going in to a battle against evil unless you have something to fight for more than just ‘surviving’. Surviving is great, but you don’t get that will for it without incentives." A little farther down the street, she stopped on a corner, looking down both ways. Zippy little cars wizzed by both with wheels on the streets and some in the air above their heads. "Shit, I am having a really hard time thinking up good examples.." -04:55 May 12
BK 201: He looked at her stepping in gront of her and put a closed fist on her chest. "I have plenty reason already, and the only reason why I am excluding everyone you see from by to eliminate list is because of you. You’re not an asshole dickfuck who only wants to play god, ironic as that is, so not everyone is, ergo everyone desurves a chance. You’re the only example I need." -05:00 May 12
Dakota: "Hmm." Amazing how a simple comment could be so pleasing and so worrying at the same time. "And what happens if I die? I could be wrong, and the others like you could be stronger and quicker than I anticipate. I could make a mistake, get captured and die. Would you go back to being their mercenary? Would you get yourself killed for vengeance?" -05:05 May 12
BK 201: He brough his face and inch from hers "They will never take me, and they won’t get you because I know them, I know how they thing, I know how they’re programmed." he grinned "When they come, you just work your magic and leave me to watch your back, your soft.. suple.. tatooed back.. and theres no way in hell they’ll ever get you." -05:09 May 12
Dakota: "I love your confidence, armas, but I’m a little worried you’re getting all the wrong life lessons from me…" Daaaang. If she weren’t careful, she’d forget common sense, kidnap him and spent the rest of their days on a little island somewhere sinning. "Okay, at least promise for -my- peace of mind that if I die, you’re not going to give up on life and humanity? Let it be the only selfish thing I ever ask you to do." -05:15 May 12
BK 201: The fist on her chest pushed "To give up on humanity would be a stupid thing to do, when I have to live with it, when I’m a part of it, or are you forgetting all the things I’ve told you. You though also stop being so stubborn, you’ll be asking me many selfish things before too long. I can make my own mind up about some things too, such as being with you…" -05:20 May 12
Dakota: Dakota leaned back, her hand resting over his fist almost about to pull it away. There was a faint scowl from her. "I’m just making sure. Shit, you learn fast, don’t you… If we didn’t have somewhere to be, I’d show you a whole new fun lesson about getting pushy with me…" That scowl faded in to a wide cheeky smirk. -05:27 May 12
BK 201: "Then keep it in mind for when we have the time…" he replied, you’ve seen how I can run, now imagine that strength and stamina put to… other uses and you have our evening… perhaps…" they were not talkign about humanity or what they were doing in this street and he was tempted to move his lips the last inch to hers. "Is that the kind of motivation you need tell me why we’re out here?" -05:31 May 12
Dakota: "Not the kind of motivation I was going for, but definitely chock full of personal incentives." she muttered. Dakota gave in to temptation, by breaching the gap and brushing a kiss over his mouth. But it was brief and she was already pulling his fist from her chest and breaking away. "We’re almost there. Just a little down the street and we’ll see about that tracker." -05:36 May 12
BK 201: His grin was a cocky one as he slipped his hand around hers and sqeezed it before turning to walk with her. "You see, you’ve taught me a lot about humans… and made me not hate you. You should be proud." -05:38 May 12
Dakota: "I think I’m more fearful of how you’re gonna use that on me in the future, but it’s going to be entertaining, that’s for damned sure." Holding hands wasn’t something she ever thought she’d enjoy. He might just be accidentally teaching her new things too. "Assinine teaching lessons out of the way, after we destroy an evil corporation… what is the first thing you would like to do with newfound freedom?" -05:42 May 12
BK 201: "That all depends on how that happens." he said "But I’d use my freedon to keep you in my life, one way or the other. If you want to know me the value of freedom and free choice, then let me show you the value of stability and having someone you can depend on to speak thier mind and be honest to you. Freedom is one thing, confusion, chaos, and lonliness are another and I know you’ve felt their sting." -05:47 May 12
Dakota: That caught her by surprise. So much so that she even tensed at the words. Her hand tightening on his for a second, and that slow frown forming on her face again. Dakota tried to brush it off. "I’m all for honesty and dependability, but what makes you think I am confused or lonely or living in chaos. I’ve had a grand old time until the Corp got in the way." -06:02 May 12
[BK 201 enters.] -06:19 May 12
[(Timeout) BK 201 doesn’t post enough.] -06:21 May 12
BK 201: He shook his head "Intuision, I’ve always trusted it, one doesn’t have a grand old time then tell a person the best way to experience life is not to be a part of thiers. Like it or not I will be. Is I can ask one selfish thing from you.. its that." his eyes were scanning the street and the people in it. "Proove me wrong, say no, It won’t change what I think, or what I feel. And if theres one thing to be said for your Armas its that hes a stuborn one." -06:24 May 12
Dakota: "MY armas. You realize that word means beloved and I was being a facetious asshole every time I called you that?" Dakota was a little uncomfortable having someone so determined to be part of her life. She might have made a mistake in confessing information about her family. …though… it was also kind of nice. Different. "It IS your choice, I’m not going to make you leave if sticking around is what you want." -06:37 May 12
BK 201: "Its also my name." he said reminding her if she needed it or not. "And I’m grab we’ve got that settled. If it helps you feel better its not because you’re the only person I’ve had sex with or because you were there when… my pax wore off…" he looked at her "Its because I like you. You’re determined, stubborn even, but you care about what I think and feel. I have no idea what you think or feel about me but I’d like to find out." -06:43 May 12
Dakota: Dakota cast an enigmatic smile, and offering no explination. "Plenty of time to find out when we’re done being responsible." After a turn down a smaller side street, they were walking past several unmarked doors at the side of a building. It was a district where the more… interesting… people conducted their business. "We’re almost there. They is a bit of a tweaker, but he knows what he’s doing." -06:52 May 12
BK 201: "They’re alrady configured for optimal performance. If something breaks. Then maybe he can.. tweak.. but tight now hes just getting rid of a tracker." he sounded almost possessive, and understandibly so, it was his body he was talking about. "I am eventually going to need repair and a doctor isn’t going to be able to do anything.. can he be trusted?" -06:55 May 12
Dakota: "I froze his dick to a hoverbike once, I’m pretty sure he knows the consequences of pissing me off." She cast him a sideglance and a grin. She wouldn’t want somebody messing with her bits either. That shit was freaky. Dakota stopped at a door, metal that was painted at some point. She banged on it hard with a balled up fist. -07:02 May 12
BK 201: "Thats sounds.. interesting." he tried to keep the jealousy out of his voice and inly part way succeeded. "If I made you angry would you do that same to me or would you simply have my head on a stike?" he gave her a glance before he pulled off his hoodie explosing his arms. "Best let him know its me hes going to me working on and not you right from the start." -07:06 May 12
Dakota: Dakota didn’t have an opportunity outside of a smirk to ask if he was discovering jealously again, before the door swung open. A wirey form was standing there, barely Dakota’s height wearing a set of welding goggles on his head, covered in burn marks and looking pretty surprised to see who was there. Dakota pushed him back to allow herself and her Armas inside. "Soolie, I have a job for you. A very special, very discrete job, if you get my drift." -07:09 May 12

Soolie was looking between them both, having a hard time deciding if he was more interested in Dakota’s appearance, or the very obvious tech-under her companions skin. “Wassat gonna be? Cuz, I ain’t too pleased wit the LAST time you showed up.” He was already stepping off to grab for a tool kit, though. -Dakota

BK 201: He followed her giving the man a forced smile before taking the nearest available seat. He would let Dakota do that talking it was obviously her game, her world, her rules. He did however stretch out the metal in his arms grlinting under the skin. -07:12 May 12
Dakota: "My friend might have a tracker in him and I just want you to take a look and get it out. I’ll pay you, don’t worry." Dakota took a look around. She trusted Soolie to do good work, but it was good to know what other projects he was up to… -07:15 May 12
Dakota: "My friend might have a tracker in him and I just want you to take a look and get it out. I’ll pay you, don’t worry." Dakota took a look around. She trusted Soolie to do good work, but it was good to know what other projects he was up to… -07:15 May 12

“Trackerz easy. Payments good too. Err’ time I whip my dick out for you, you gots some fool ass excuse for not payin’.” Soolie pointed at Armas, directing him over to a pretty shoddy looking examination table surrounded by equally as shoddy equiptment. “Up on dere, now. I’ll haves a look.” -Dakota

BK 201: Imagining crushing the man’s skull was too satisfying but it was with only a hard gaze that he stood and sat on the table looking at the equipment around it. "Not exactly.. well equipped are you? I’ve heard of butchers shops like this where people get kitted with things that break down in a year ot are just for show, and go septic and end up killing them… Thats not going to happen today.. is it? Or what she’ll do to you will be the least of you problems." -07:22 May 12

Soolie didn’t seem all that intimidated. In fact his big partially toothless grin was amused. “Not the first time I ‘erd that. Donchu worry. Trackers ain’t no thing.” He pointed over at Dakota, having her circle over to the otherside where his machine power controls were. “Set ‘un at… eh, this beast needs a ten. Dial ten. Where you been at, Kota? Streets all up in a roar bout bounties.” -Dakota

Dakota: Dakota was on the other side of the examine tablet, fighting with the damn machine. She moved the dials and jump started the power. The thing came life after a few noisy rattles, finally settling in to a high pitched hum and a bright show of cyan light from some of the cracks in the hardware. "Living the high life with a penthouse suite. Don’t be so nosy, Soolie. My friend’s new enemies might pay you a visit." -07:31 May 12
BK 201: "I prefer to think of them as former employers." he said his voice makes with sarcasm. "Dakota if he screws up.. shoot him." he didn’t know if Dakota knew anything about the kind of technology he had in him… he almost hoped she didn’t." -07:36 May 12

“oh yaaa, Laciendas, den. The favorite hideout for a descendant on the run.” Soolie snorted. Grabbing a big hunk of metal off the machine that looked more like a re-kitted shower head and any sort of useful equiptment. Then he hovered it over Armas, starting with his head. Scanning him over with the cyan light. “Bossy beast with Kota, eh? Not such a good idea, less that dick o yours is detachable. One little trigger and it’s FZZZZT crazy Kota, no kissy Kota.” -Dakota

Dakota: "Soolie, don’t tell stories. I’m not helping if he tries to kill you." She didn’t know how this damn machinery worked, or what was going to happen if it found something. Her curiosity was answer though when there was a loud POPPING sound and all the power in the room went out. -07:59 May 12

“Found it.” Soolie said in the dark, some rustling following. “Just a min.” -Dakota

BK 201: Of course, wouldn’t want it to be too easy. "Center of the chest, they hade a sense of humor after all. No need for painkillers, the subdermal armor has an access hannel right where my sternum used to be. Shouldn’t be too dificulft from there. I’ve watched them open it up enough times." he looked at Dakota. "Yes they made me watch.. not that I cared at the time." -08:06 May 12

There was some jostling, banging, and even a little cursing. The power in the whole place came on after a couple blinks. “Ha…! Dats one hella high zone device… They track you from here to the poles, with signals like dat.” Soolie had himself his tool kit again. Dropping it with a clank on the examine table. “Take off your shirt and layon down. I’mma open you up ‘n pluck it out. Kota be watchin, donchu worry.” -Dakota

Dakota: Just open up his chest like he was some sort of machine instead of a person. A cold reminder that the Corp had been allowed to get away with this kinda shit for too long. Who knew a descendant would have to start fighting a whole new kind of evil… "Be easy with him, Soolie. I AM watching." -08:15 May 12
BK 201: He did as he was told. pulling off his shirt and handing it to Dakota before lying back. "If course, they wouldn’t let a million dollar man out of thier sight." he reached up and took Dakota’s hand bet if it was for her benefit of his he didn’t say. "Alright, lets do this." -08:16 May 12

For Soolie, opening up a man was way more interesting than goading Dakota. He wasn’t shy or considerate about where he poked and prodded, pushing the skin to find the panel. Getting out a little powered screw driver, it only took a few brief moments to open up the chest and take a look inside. Soolie was whistling. “Aaaah damn, sure you dun want some upgrades or how bout some downgrades? Could swap out yer bits while I’m at it…” -Dakota

Dakota: Dakota gave an uncharacteristically tender smile to the man on the table. Squeezing his hand. But she did not have that expression for Soolie when she glared up at him. "Tracker only. Don’t screw around with him. Punishment instead of payment, and you know what I mean." -08:23 May 12
BK 201: "Best do what the lady says." he said through gritted teeth. It hurt to be opened liek this but it was a pain he was used to. As normla to him as emotions were to the woman who caught a glimmer of a smile.. she was standing up for him. No one had ever down that. -08:26 May 12

“Right, right. Dick violence, gotcha. Yer a mean woman, Kota.” he grumbled, but got to work. “Gonna hurt. Likely got some protections on it, but I do the best I can.” Between all the wires and mechanics in there, it was a miracle -anyone- could decifer what meant what. Finally, Soolie seemed to find what he was looking for, because he gave a triumphant HA and was grabbing for more tools. Then it was the arderous task of prying, twisting, bitching at getting zapped, and more prying. He hadn’t been ‘taking it easy’, at least not until Dakota reached out and smacked him hard. Then he was grumbling and trying to be a -little- more gentle about it. -Dakota

Dakota: "Don’t be a shit about it. I’m not playing today." Dakota shouldn’t have trusted he wouldn’t need some sort of pain killer. As far as she was concerned, this was a surgery and the fact that he was awake through it freaked her out a little bit. "Tell me if it’s too much, armas." -08:35 May 12
BK 201: He squeezed her hand. "There no nerves once you get past the skin." he said "Its just kind of a banging and …" he grit his teeth "Few shocks.. just try to make sure he doesn’t damage any of the squishy bits… or the silvery one on the right side of my chest.. That one is yours." he grinned… if she pushed him on that he’d chalk it up to the pain and blood loss." -08:38 May 12

“So thas what that is. Huh.” Soolie was mumbling to himself now. Mostly concentrated on what his hands were doing and trying to avoid more shocks. For something that was supposed to be ‘easy’ it was taking longer than it should have. Nearly an hour of fighting with it and Dakota’s increasingly dark stare went by before he had a tiny little nail sized square pulled out, and he was arranging everything back where it belonged before closing him back up. “Total mess!” -Dakota

Dakota: None too soon, because Dakota was a breath away from pulling Soolie’s arms off. Her expression was unpleasant, and hard to shake even when she was looking to Armas again. "All done. Took FOREVER Soolie, but done." -08:47 May 12
BK 201: He wasn’t exactly feeling all better. It had been an hour of pain, an hour of shick and having his insides fiddled with and once or twice he has lost consciousness for a moment. "Right, close me up and I’ll be throwing cars in no time. You got bonding gel for my skin or is a niidle adn thread the way to do it outside the tower?" -08:50 May 12

“Waaah? Course I do. What kinda crap joint you think dis is.” Where he wasn’t at all concerned about the half machine on his table, he was pretty percptive to Dakota’s mood. He was edgy when he got the panel closed up, warily looking her way to make sure he was doing it ‘easy enough’ and made sure he was sealed up and cleaned up. “Good as new, Kota. Like ain’t nothin’ been done.” -Dakota

Dakota: "Good." The curtness was unlike her. Dakota let go of Armas’ hand only for a few moments, pulling out a role of paper-thin metal about the size of a shotgun shell out of her pocket. She tossed it at Soolie. "Payment as promised. Don’t do anything stupid with it." She moved to lean over Armas, mumbling softly. "Do you need me to take you back?" -08:57 May 12
BK 201: "He pulled himself upright wincing as the motion put starin on the unhealed wound on his chest. "You’ve seen the about of metal in me. Do you really thing you’d be able to carry me?" he held out his hand for his shirt and then pulled it on. "Not changing you mind about me are you?" -09:03 May 12
Dakota: "I got you back to my place somehow." Her smile had returned, but it was more a worried smile than anything else. Dakota swatted her hands for Soolie to get out of the way. Taking Armas’ arm to help him off the table and to the door, whether he wanted or needed her help or not. "I’m not worried about your wires, armas. It’s the rest of you I’m concerned about." -09:09 May 12
BK 201: "You can thank modern alloys for that." he said "Lightwieght and still as string as titanium, even bone in my body cut out and replaced… Ow.." maybe he did need her help. Or a recharge. All the short circuits must have drained him. The only way to get his mechanisms charged again was physical activity followed by more food than most ate in a week. -09:13 May 12

Soolie followed them to the door when he was done drooling over the metal he was rolling in his hands. Once they stepped out in to the street, he waved. “No thanks necessary! Dats cool! Come back if you want some work done, yeah?!” The metal door slammed behind them. -Dakota

Dakota: Dakota didn’t worry about Soolie, she was busy giving Armas a look like she thought he’d drop dead at her feet. "I’ll get you back home. You just tell me what you need and I’ll do it." -09:19 May 12
BK 201: "I’ll be fine." he said "I just need to charge myself up by.. doing stuff, working my muscles." he looked at her "If theres anything wrong with me I’d know. I’m programmed to know. ANd right now… it feels like part of me is missing. Must be the transmitter." -09:21 May 12
Dakota: "It better be. Or Soolie’s going to think a frozen penis is heaven compared to what I do to him…" Dakota had his armed pulled around her for the support, and not just because she felt better knowing she could catch him if he face-planted. "Food and charging, that I can do. You’ll be back to learning things alarmingly fast in no time." She grinned up at him. -09:26 May 12
BK 201: "Loving, learining adn living." he saidpulling her against him as they walked. "With my favorite human." he looked back at the alley and marked its place in his mind. "Sounds like fun… so what will I be learning?" -09:28 May 12
Dakota: "A hundred and one ways to stay active alone in a penthouse suite." Dakota smirked. She could think of a couple already, and it would be divine. -09:34 May 12

They were gone well off the street before Soolie slipped in to a back room, picking up a small palm sized phone from a table. A few button presses later, a voice answered and Soolie spoke. “Yeah, yeah… about the rouge Corpse and the mark bounty. I have information…” -Dakota

Take Me Under

Take Me Under 004: Running from the Corpses

[Dakota has taken her new friend to a bar. What better place to say FUCK YOU to the man, than booze and debauchery?] -02:38 May 08
[BK 201 handles his booze better than he does his feelings. Turns out ancohol is one of the toxins filtered out by his stomach so if hes going to get drunk its going to take more than a few drinks.] -02:39 May 08
Dakota: Dakota had a very high tolorance for alcohol… but even her tolorance wasn’t THAT damned high. She set down another shot of vodka in front of him, tilting where she stood just a bit. They went through several of them already, and she hadn’t even gotten him fuzzy yet. "One more… and then I give up. This is riduclous. I am gonna have to find a gallon of the stuff…" -02:42 May 08
BK 201: He lifted the glass and the threw it back into his throat before swallowing. "How are you feeling?" he teased. "I’m sure Dakota can handle her drink better than a corpse whose never drunk a drop in his life." he turned to her grinning. "Or maybe you need stronger booze." -02:48 May 08
Dakota: "Shtoppit." She pointed a finger at his nose, probably a little too close for comfort. …she couldn’t quite judge the distance well enough. "I have never.. never been drank under a table…" The phrase came out too slowly, but at least she wasn’t so drunk to be completely stupid. Still, she smiled wide at him. "You win. Where do I take you on our next adventure…?" -02:52 May 08
BK 201: He took her hand and moved it away form his face slipping his hand around it. "You’re the one showign me ‘how to live’ and ‘that theres more woman than just dakota’ so you choose." -02:56 May 08
Dakota: "Thas right. There are more women in this world that you could ever dreeeam of." She was tilting again, but now turning her head to eye the people in the room. Granted, she had no intentions of letting him roam off with a street hooker, but at the very least he could interact with other females. Or men if he turned out to swing that way. "You should dance with someone. Can you dance armas?" -02:58 May 08
BK 201: He looked at her. "There are two dances I know. One involves weapons the other you taught me last night." he grinned "So it you want me to… show me how." he was wearing a sleeveless shirt that showed off the back that he was modified, though it turned out there were a lot of people sporting fake mods and many of them were flashier than his. Who’d have thought. "Unless you’re too drunk." -03:05 May 08
Dakota: "Drunk is the perfect time to dance." she responded with a smirk, grabbing his hands to drag him out to the floor. Seedy bars always had the best music for dancing, and Dakota had no problem moving with the rhythm or pulling his arms and nudging his body to move with her. "To dance is a basic human right, all the way back to the first tribes of mankind. They don’t even let you dance and it’s buuuuullshit." -03:10 May 08
BK 201: "Theres not much point to it." he said "Theres no rule we can’t we just… don’t." he watched her then slawly started to immitate her "You really don’t get the ‘feeling nothing -03:14 May 08
BK 201: "You really don’t get the ‘feeling nothing thing do you?" he asked his eyes on her. "And you don’t get why I had sex with you either…" -03:15 May 08
[Dakota enters.] -03:18 May 08
Dakota: "I honestly DON’T understand feeling nothing. Emotions are as important to living as breathing. So you’ll have to forgive me if I’m still a little confounded by it." She was still dancing, so easily focused on the sound of the music and the way he moved, just as naturally as those emotions she talked so much about. "The sex I understand. That’s an experience you haven’t had and I was available and willing. You don’t need to feel regret over it." She didn’t. …she felt a little bad about it, but it was something he needed. -03:22 May 08
BK 201: "I don’t regret it." he said moving with her his brain catching onto the tempo of the music and timing his movements to match. "And I didn’t do it because I never had before. I did it to thank you." -03:24 May 08
Dakota: Dakota laughed, possibly way too loud. She slid an arm around his neck to draw her body closer to his and mumbled in his ear. "I appreciate the gesture. But I did it for you, not for me. If it was for me, that would have lasted much… much longer." She grinned wide, kissing his cheek quickly. "Just promise me you won’t have sex with everyone you’re greatful too. Some won’t appreciate it as much as I do." -03:30 May 08
BK 201: "So what you’re sayign is only have than you sex with you… got it.." he wasn’t being serious.. motly.. though with his arms tightning around her it was hard for it not to appear that way. "But you know theres no reason it can’t be for both of us." -03:38 May 08
[(Timeout) Dakota has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -03:43 May 08
Dakota: "You can have sex with anybody you damn well please." she muttered with a grin. Dakota went ahead and put her other arm around his neck. "What I want doesn’t matter. You have a whole world to discover, you know? You can take a look at all the people in this bar. There’s millions of people everywhere. I am going to be a small stepping stone to the rest of your life." -03:43 May 08
BK 201: He turned his head away from her. Why did that sound like a bad thing? "You said I could do whatever I like, with whoever I like.." he said his mood having taken a blow by her implication she would leave him at the drop of a hat. "What is that person what I choose is you..?" so he told her while she was drunk, somehting he was apparently incapable of achieving. -03:47 May 08
Dakota: Dakota paused, pulling back to eye him. This was what she was afraid of. She had taken what she wanted on a whim, and now she planted a seed in him while he was vunerable and easily manipulated. Pretty much no better than the assholes that jacked him up. "…You don’t know what you like yet. What you want. I’m here, I’m easy, I’m safe and trust worthy. You don’t– …. you don’t understand." Dakota broke away and returned to the bar, signaling for another drink. She let herself get carried away and now she was screwing him over. This was a bad idea… -03:53 May 08
BK 201: He was catching up to her when one of the men at the bar leaned back looking at her ass and then with a grin leached out for it ready to drop a cheesy line then a half-metalic hand tightened around his forearm. "She wouldn’t like that." Armas growled before twisting the arm with a sicknign craxk and a pop. Then he put his other hand to the back of the man’s head and and slamed it into the bar. "ANd neither would I.." he then lifted the man and threw his bodily onto one of the tables knocking it over and spilling several drinks. He was about to turn to he bar when various patrons started to gather.. all looking less than happy and all looking at him… "Fine.." he muttered "I have some new feeling I think I know how to vent." -04:00 May 08
Dakota: Dakota froze mid drink at his voice, taking a look over her shoulder. He snapped the man’s bone without any effort. …which under other circumstances would be -awesome-, but seeing as now there was an entire bars worth of a gang gather around, all suped up with illegal implants.. not such a great moment. Dakota finished her drink, and rose a finger for one more. ….make that two more. "Armas, I don’t need you breaking people’s bones for me. I can handle my own business." -04:06 May 08
BK 201: He looked over at her. "Trust me.. this is for me. I have a hundred new feelings I don’t really like righ now and they’re all telling me to.." he ducked a pool cue and then grabbed the offending arm and wrneched the embow joint before throwing the person into a few of the empty barstools. Then hell btoke loose and the fight began, and it wasn’t everyone against Armas.. it was old scores being settled and wild punched being thrown. That didn’t stop his using his military grade implants to do damage though. -04:10 May 08
Dakota: "Hrrrmm. Men emotions. Amusing." It -was- amusing. …didn’t stop her from picking up her two shots and downing both of them as quick as she could before she had to dodge someone’s body from getting thrown over the bar. She could end this whole damn thing in two seconds. ….but if he needed to get it out, who was she to stop him? Dakota just made sure to shove anyone away that got to close to herself. "So what, you’re pissed off at me and going to take it out on a bar of assholes?" -04:15 May 08
BK 201: He punched one of the gang members feelign the jaw shatter against his knuckles with a satisfying crunch. "Fight now, talk later." he tried using a chairas a peagon but it shatter with the first blow and he abandoned the peices. "And yes.. I’m pissed off at you, you have a problem with that?" another preson foolish enough to get close. WHo cared if he was trying to get away. Grab him but the anck and throw him against the wall and let him drop… and just like that he was out of punching bags." -04:22 May 08
Dakota: "I am TRYING to do what’s best for you. And if that pisses you off, that’s fine, but that needs to be at ME." …not that she didn’t love a good bar fight. Dakota sure as hell wasn’t moving to help anybody. There wasn’t anyone in here but scumbags and criminals anyway. However… there was the faint sound of sirens, which meant someone actually squealed to the police. The place would get surrounded by guns in no time. "Goddamnit, see! This is why we don’t start fights in public!" Dakota stepped over fallen people on the floor, tossing a good chunk of money at the annoyed looking bartender as she headed out for the back way. -04:26 May 08
BK 201: He followed "Beign shot didn’t hurt this much. YES I’VE BEEN SHOT AND YES IT HURT. I could feel pain and hunger and physical sensations. I just never felt the need to do anythign about it. We’ve had agents starve to death because they never felt the need to get food because they were hungry. You only don’t let yourself die because you’ve been ordered not to. Thats what you took me away from and if you don’t want me to thank you for it WHY am I even following you." he was following her out of the bar and down the alleyway. "You know what, FUCK ALL OF THIS. I’m not becoming human, I’ll find my own thing to be." -04:31 May 08
Dakota: Dakota wanted to stop, turn around, and sock him in the face. But they needed to be out of the sector as soon as possible. She wasn’t running, but she was walking quickly. Very decisively choosing her directions. And it was painfully clear, that for the very first time she was angry right back at HIM. Not amused, not making a joke. Annoyed and pissed off, barely keeping it reigned in. "You can’t STOP being human. You are what you are, armas, and you are going to have to deal with it. THAT is what I’m trying to show you! That YOU are the one who needs to deal with it, not anybody else!" -04:35 May 08
BK 201: "I am a weapon." he spat back "Thats what I was built as before you made me something else. Thats all humans have ever done for me, made me into what they want me to be. You throw all thise new feelings at me and expect me to pick it all up in a day. I’m done with being what you, or they or what anyone wants me to be. You humans are all alike thinking yours is that best way to be. I’ll find my own way back." -04:40 May 08
Dakota: "Like hell you will!" She couldn’t let him wander the city on his own. Dakota grabbed him and shoved him roughly through a doorway in the alley. The room was dark, probably the back storage room for a business. Rolls of fabric and boxes were stacked everywhere. "You are a HUMAN that was modified. Being changed doesn’t make you any less human." Dakota made sure the door was closed behind them, but she was still shouting at him. "And I don’t fucking expect you to pick it up in a day! Why the hell would I tell you to experience more if all I wanted was you to do as I say?! Don’t you think I could kill you, fuck you, make you do anything I wanted, if that was my game?" -04:47 May 08
BK 201: He pushed her away from him and stormed to the other side of the room. "You would be making a big mistake if you did." he growled "It being a drone has taught me two things its that humans are bastards and that I should not put too much value on my own life. I would kill you even if it meant I’d die too." he was breathing hard still pumped from the barfight and his voice was lower with more growl to it. "I try to make one choice and you tell its its the wrong one, I try to do somethign for you and you laugh at me. I think we’re done here, I think I’m done with you. I think I’m done with beign told what I should thing or what I should feel. If I die, who gives a fuck. If they take me back, well you may or may not see me again, but I’m going to take a few of those assholes with me one way or another. Learnign to feel seems like to much work, I think I’ve just going to focus on what I feel for them and act on it." -04:55 May 08
Dakota: "GOOD. FUCKING GOOD. THAT’S WHAT I WANTED." Her loud, screaming tone was a sharp contrast to his low growling. Dakota wasn’t sure what she was more frustrated with. The fact he thought he could destroy her, or the fact he was biting the hand that was trying to fucking help him! She definitely wasn’t thinking with common sense, though. "Charge off like a total dipshit! Go in there guns blazing like you know all your shit! Go ahead and forget the fact I am trying to show you that your life actually MEANS something. You mean something. So go ahead and throw that away because you can’t think past your own damned conditioning to understand that every human has their fucking right to exist whether they are an asshole or not!" Dakota wanted to hit him. Even had fingers ready to start swinging, but she didn’t trust herself to do it without cracking his skull open. -05:03 May 08
BK 201: "No, maybe I can’t think pat my conditioning, bis fucking suprise it’s all I’ve even known. Oh and guess what! Thats what you can’t stand. I’m as diffrent from you and its possible to be and that drives you mad. Because I don’t see fucking around as a good way to learn about the world because I’m willing to stick with what works and because I don’t put myself first all the time. I said I hated you.. truth is I just hate all humans, maybe thats why I can’t learn abut them. Maybe that why I can never be one." -05:10 May 08
Dakota: "But you are one! You can’t stop being one! God DAMNIT!" Dakota gave in to frustration, but instead of punching him, she swung her palm to slap him. Hard enough that any normal person would have been knocked to the floor. "You don’t WANT to learn, is what your problem is! It’s easier to hate the world and hate all humans! Be bitter and pissed off. Attach yourself to the first person that can think for you instead of thinking for yourself. It’s too fucking hard for you, because you are a coward. But you’re right…! You are not like me… I thought you could be different, you could me more than what they tried to make you… but you are exactly what they want from you. A puppet too frightened to even change yourself…" -05:16 May 08
BK 201: He hated her for sayign what she did and hated her from slapping him but most of all for he hated her for sounding right. He grabbed her arm and glarred at her. "I just said I was done with you didn’t I? How it that attached?" the one point he could counter her on and he balled his fist. "I’m not going to pretend I feel anything for you beyond that you are the only person who would ever give me a chance. But you obviously don’t want someone like me hanging over your shoulder so I have to wonder why you still argue. I can’t hide what I feel… I don’t know how and you’re so good at it that it leaves me at a disadvantage. Yes I’m afraid but how the fuck can I not be. You have no idea what this is like… NONE… You’ve been feeling your envire life and if you pretend to know what I[‘m thinking or what I feel what I do just remember I am holding back so much but I can’t. I can’t hold anything back, Its too much. Its all too much." -05:27 May 08
Dakota: Dakota was still mad, still furious, and he was right. She couldn’t understand what it was like to feel nothing. But she understand plenty what it was like to be overwhelmed by emotion. She jerked her arm out of his grasp and shoved him back. "Don’t fucking assume you know what my intentions are…! I want you. Not for any agenda I just like you! But what I want isn’t right. I can show you the world, but if I keep you with me you won’t ever know if it’s because I was the safe choice or because it was YOU who chose to stay. -I- will never know. Don’t hold it back, armas. Feel it and learn from it… But don’t fucking put me in the same category as those douchebags who control you!" -05:37 May 08
BK 201: His fist relaxed and he took a breath. "Nothing I do is safe Dakota. The same people who want you want me back. I’ve known people, targets, contacts, none of them would have cared enough to do any of what you have. I was asleep last night for a long time, when I woke up you havn’t run of or killed me or sold me. Do you know what that tells me about you? It means I can trust you. Just because I’m new to emotions. Doesn’t mean I’m new to judging people." he wasn’t angry or growling anymore. IF I wanted safe I would leave the city. Go beyond thier reach adn find someoen with no idea who or what I was." -05:44 May 08
Dakota: All of that fire seemed to rush out of her at once, and as she dug her hands in to her hair on top of her head, she was heaving a heavy frustrated sigh. "Just because you can trust me, doesn’t make what I feel for you right. It’s unfair and ill-timed and I knew better…" It started as a game. Teasing and taunting, and then… then he was more than just a persuer. And now it wasn’t him she was angry with, but herself. Her arms were covering her face as she sank to sit on a crate. "You should go, armas. Do what you want to do, discover the world or get revenge. Do it without me pulling the strings." -05:57 May 08
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[BK 201 enters.] -06:17 May 08
BK 201: He sat down next to as and hsi hard, metallic arm circled aorund her. "You’re afriad too." he said. "Afraid you won’t let me learn and discover." he said. "WHo said anything we make of eachother has to last forever. Show me what you feel and let me learn from you and I’ll show you what I feel and maybe you’ll learn something from me." -06:21 May 08
Dakota: Dakota laughed, dropping her hands in to her lap and turning her head to cast him a wry smile. "I have never been afraid of anything in my life, armas." She went silent, thoughtful. "But maybe I am afraid it’ll be me that wants more than I can have and one day you’re going to realize there are better things." -06:28 May 08
BK 201: He didn’t know a lot about affection or relasionship, ot any of that stuff so when he stoof it had too look like he was going to walk away. But instead he reached down and tood her hand leading her out into the center of the stoor room. "Show me how you do that dancing things again.. just ofr a little while, then we can think about dininfecting my knuckles." -06:32 May 08
Dakota: She was sighing. A soft sound conceeding defeat. Dakota arranged one of his hands around her waist, and took the other in her own. She was still looking thoughtful, but after a moment there was that slight hint of a grin. "Later we’ll talk about when is the right time and the wrong time to act on certain emotions…" -06:37 May 08
BK 201: "See, its a win-win.." he said his eyes meetting hers. "I take it that lesson will lead to fewer bloken arms in the future?" the corners of his mouth twitched then curled upwards into a slight smile. The it wes then that there was a deep boom and the wall exploded inwards. -06:42 May 08
Dakota: "Fuck damnit!" Was the first thing she said. The second was move, as she grabbed a hold of him and pulled him along with her to the covered of some of the stacked crates. She promised she would protect him, and that’s what she was going to do. "You can’t move from this spot. I don’t want you getting kidnapped or something stupid, okay?" -06:48 May 08
BK 201: He looked ar her. "You’re forgetting I’m trained for this!" he snapped but without a gun there was nothing he could do but wait for them to come time him. "Shit." how did they find them, who where they, cops come for the barfight or…. he stole a glance… "FUCK!" -06:50 May 08
Dakota: "See. Fuck. Let me take care of it." Dakota was grinning again. That wide cheeky look that greeted him the first time he saw her up close. On impulse she grabbed his head and gave him a quick kiss. "Stay still." Then she was up, hopping over the crates and crossing to the center of the room as if she was meeting an old friend. Cocky as hell and completely unarmed. -06:53 May 08
BK 201: She was going to get herself killed. He hadn’t figured out his she had frozen his legs or thrown ixe at him even after sedating and searching her but he was sure she hadn’t been expecting this. "Dakota.." he souldn’t let her go out theres alone… couldn’t "Get back here or I’m coming to get you." -06:57 May 08
Dakota: "Would you stop giving your spot away!" she shouted back at him. Dakota wasn’t -too- worried about him, she could handle this, but should things get worse, he wasn’t helping by being adorably protective. …and she needed to hear. Dakota ducked when something went wizzing past her head, be it bullet or dart, she didn’t care which. She just needed the direction to aim. The minute she spotted someone peeking through that blown out wall, it was light she threw at them. Popping the light socket above their heads and sending it flying in a blinding flash of blue. Whether or not she hit the target wasn’t important, she was turning around to run. "Now run! Up and run!" -07:04 May 08
BK 201: He didn’t see what she did but he heard the sound it made. "What the…" he didn’t need telling twice. The smashed his way though the door leading deeper into the building then made sure she was on his heels. "This is why I want a gun." -07:07 May 08
Dakota: "I’ll remember to psychically predict when you’ll need weapons, next time, babe!" Dakota only stopped long enough to freeze the doorway behind her. It wasn’t going to stop anybody, but it would be -annoying- and buy extra time. ….If they weren’t met out front. "Stairs, go to the stairs and to the roof, that’s easier for me." Better access, better maneuverability… she hated confined spaces and now she actually had someone to think about when throwing powers around..! -07:13 May 08
BK 201: "Right.. because you took mine.." e said mounting the stairn and running up them slamming his shoulder into the steel and sendign it flying off it’s hinges, the roof was almost certainly a dead end but he trusted her "Now what?" -07:18 May 08
Dakota: "Do you know why your former employers are so interested in my family? Or are you still a little bit in denial?" She asked, turning to take a good look at what was around them. There was nothing useful on this roof… but there plenty of building tops in the city, and all she needed was something to make a big splash. …Litterally. A water tower was a couple roof tops away. That’ll do it. "Want to see a neat trick?" Dakota grinned wide. -07:25 May 08
BK 201: "Then want you because you display interestesting genetic mutation." he said "A mutation what was introduced to my DNA before my birth… all I know it it failed to have the results they were after and so I was built into a weapon and not a sperm factory. I’m pleased with that outcome so far." he was eying her and looking weary. "What are you planning?" -07:29 May 08
[Dakota enters.] -07:30 May 08
Dakota: "Not a mutation, armas. It’s a birthright." Hoping on to the ledge of the roof, she called the sky. The clouds, the dark, stormy clouds. There were several of those corpses down below, only now noticing they were on the roof. What followed was a rush of energy…! A POP of thunder, the lighting dropping right out of the sky to strike the water tower. She had to pop it a second time just to get the thing to start toppling. But once it did… Dakota called the water, directed it. Flowing it only down that street and over their persuers below. And better yet… drawing it in to the building to snatch up those that were already inside. She wasn’t taunting or cheek now, all of her focus was on keeping it from getting out of her grasp! -07:34 May 08
BK 201: He had never seen anything like it, he didn’t want to believe what he was seeing, but it was undenyable from the sudden change in weather to the water… the water that she was controling. "What are you?" he asked awed. "No wonder they want to copy you." -07:41 May 08
Dakota: Dakota had the water rising all the way up to the roof and though there were gaps all through the building, it was enough. With a push and a hiss of breath she froze it. Top running all the way down to the bottom where some where trying to flee. They wouldn’t be moving now, and most would survive. …but they sure as hell weren’t going to give chase! She looked a little tired, but casting him that smirk. "A god, armas… A Descedant. …now we need to go." -07:45 May 08
BK 201: When she said a god he had no choice but to believe her. "Cultural folktail…. ovbiosly not…" he looked at her.. "You’re tired, get on my back and I’ll show you what I can do.." -07:49 May 08
Dakota: "Out of practice." She wasn’t tired. …okay maybe a little. It was easier to do nearer the ocean, and it had been such a long time she tapped it… Didn’t stop her from crossing the roof, hopping on to his back and circling her arms tight around his neck in her amusement. "This better be fun…" -07:52 May 08
[(Timeout) Dakota doesn’t post enough.] -07:57 May 08
BK 201: He didn’t hesitatein running to the edge of the roof and jumping from it landing with a heavy thud on the street below then continuing on without breaking stride. He didn’t stop for anything, people were knocked aside, cars were dodged or jumped over, he was burning hard and she could probably tell from his body tempreture. Humans could do what he was doing and he would have to recharge later, and by recharge he would have to eat a lot.. more than any human could. "You’re going to have to tell me more once we get back…" it wouldn’t take long at this rate.. and now she could see the kind of thing she had been running from. -07:57 May 08
Dakota: Crazy… interesting crazy! He had hidden a lot of his strength from her too. She mumbled in to his ear. "Anything you want to ask, I’ll tell you. ..Or show you." she smirked. -08:05 May 08
BK 201: He was back at her hideaway before long and openeing the door without stopping letting her down and going strait to the fridge to empty three bottles of cold water in the space of five seconds. Pushing himself like that always took it’s toll. "I want to know how they found us…" he said looking for food, he needed food, lots of food." -08:09 May 08
Dakota: "Besides you drawing attention to us by smashing up a bar?" Dakota was wondering too. As he snooped around for food, she was leaning her hands on the counter. That WAS very fast. Normally, it would be a few days before they caught up with her… "Next time we go out, we’ll be less… obvious. No breaking people or things. No screaming in storehouses." -08:13 May 08
BK 201: He has stuffing his mouth with felfover, it didn’t matter how long they had been in the fridge, he really did have a very good stomach, then he tore the topp off of a can of soup and crank the entire thing from the can…no more, he couldn’t have another bite and would have to wait for the digestion to catch up… in the meantime he flopped down on the bed. "Could be they can track me…" he said, knowing how though thought. "Could be inside me they have a transponder… do you know anyone who can work on this grade cybernetics to remove it if they do?" -08:17 May 08
Dakota: "That’s a very likely possibility… and with our luck, the right one. We’ll not be able to stay in one place too long." Dakota gave it some thought. There were a lot of useful people around. …find one they could -trust- might be tricky. She had followed, trailing after him to rest her hands on her hips and think it through. "I’ll find someone. I don’t know how much time it will take…" -08:23 May 08
BK 201: "Well I’ve been here too long already we should both go when you do… but today has taken a lot out of me.." he looked at her and sat up. "It will tkae them time to get another team together at least.." he patted the bed next to him and sighed. "In the meantime you can tell me about what you are…" -08:27 May 08
Dakota: "I’m fairly certain ‘a god’ gives an accurate description." she mused with a smirk. But she stepped over and sat down on the edge of the bed. "I’m human. Hrrm… with a lil true god mixed in. One ancestor started the line, he killed a sea god and took his power. Somewhere along the way that line married the blood descendant of another sea god, then years and years later you have me and my family. Two bloodlines, one very… strange family." -08:30 May 08
BK 201: He wrapped his arms around her and and listened. "I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t have seen it… but I guess they believe it too.. "he put his hand on her cheek and turned her head so he could kiss her lips. "But we have the power to fight them at least…" -08:34 May 08
Dakota: "I didn’t know what they were doing to people… If I did I might have intervened sooner… Normally we take care of ourselves. We take care of the world, no one takes care of us." …Dakota hadn’t realized that bothered her. There was a tight loyalty in her family, but they were never close. They were never together in one place, that had been a problem in the past… "I didn’t choose to be what I am either, but I accept it…" she mentioned, just to make the point. And then she was grinning, resting her head against his cheek. -08:43 May 08
BK 201: If you didn’t you wouldn’t have your tattoos." he pointed out rubbing the back of her neck. "And I’ll take care of you.. as well as I can. As long as you take care of me.." he leaned his head against hers and sighed. "I don’t care what you say." -08:49 May 08
Dakota: "That’s a big promise to make, armas. I hope you won’t regret it later." Dakota finally curled her arms around him. This was something new for her. Comfort from someone else that wasn’t in the form of sex or booze or punching someone in the face. "But I’ll enjoy it while I have it." -08:55 May 08
Take Me Under

Take Me Under 003: A First Time For Everything

Dakota: There was the smell of the ocean… barely. Only because the windows were left wide open to a balcony that she was leaning on, watching the sunrise up over the mess that was her ocean. Buildings of the city rising up in to the sky, practically on the water. As if they would have room with the hundreds of boats and machines that littered it. Technology was oh so great, they say. But they were killing her seas and everything in them. Killing the world too…. she understood why he didn’t want to be affiliated with humanity, but… he was what he was, just like she was… well. She cast a look back in the room. It was an apartment that belonged to the family, one not listed on the ‘records’. They should be reletively safe long enough for a few simple life lessons… -07:07 May 04
BK 201: He must have been asleep for at least twelve hours. He had fallen sleep in the cheep hotel room and now beneath him there were clean sheets and… the jumped to his feet whiche dug into the matress as he brought his arms up ready to attack anything close by… but there was nothing, just the remnents of what must have been a dream… his first. He fell to sit on the bottom of the bed and groaned slowly coming to realise he was naked. His watch, gun, amunition, medical suppries… all gone. Still there was a feminine figure though the billowing curtains and he looked at her. "How long was I out?" Not that it mattered, he had been arounf 350 hours off of the pax when he had found her. The maximum allowed was 36. -07:15 May 04
Dakota: "All night. I just woke up myself." Dakota hadn’t gotten as much sleep as she wanted. Having to make arrangements, then move him – which ended up not being as easy as she thought – and then getting rid of everything that that belonged to the corporation. She barely managed to sleep half the night. Sometimes it was handy to have a quick recovery time. "I have some things for you clothes of a few different styles. No uniforms. You can pick and choose what you fancy. And then… then you get to decide what is for breakfast." She turned away from the ocean scene to lean against the bar. Grinning at him from across the room. This was going to be fun. -07:20 May 04
BK 201: He had never been taught to have a sense of modesty. It would get in the way of physical examinations. So he made no effort to hide himsels when he stood and aproached her. "And where are we? How far away from the city?" -07:23 May 04
Dakota: "In the city. Sometimes it’s better to hide under the noses of the ones persuing you." Those assholes sure knew how to breed an impressive human being… Her head tilted as she admired, without any shame or remorse. "How long does it take for that stuff to leave your system completely? …you’ll have to forgive me about your things. Anything that reflects enslavement needed to go, and I’d hate to be tracked down before we had the chance to do something fun…" -07:29 May 04
BK 201: "Fully…? Just over four hundred hours. Should reach that in a day or so." he say her looking and his brow knitted, there were gaps in his education. "I wasn’t attatched to any of that but it would be nice to have a gun. Since we’re under thier noses and everything." -07:33 May 04
Dakota: "Are you afraid I can’t protect you, armas?" she responded with a smirk. "If you really need one, I’ll give you one. But later. First, you can do anything in the entire world. What would you like to do first? And seeing as you know my name, it’s only fair I know yours…" He had spouted off letters and numbers yesterday, but that’s pretty stupid. -07:37 May 04
BK 201: He looked as her "Anythign in the entire worls?" he wrapped his hand aroufn hsi closed fost adn a few loud crack were heard. "I can think of a few, but for whose I’ll need more than a gun." he said darkly "ANd like I said yesterday I don’t have a name. I am BK 201 and thats all I’ve ever been called." -07:41 May 04
Dakota: "Then the first thing you’re going to do is pick a name." Dakota pushed away from the railing putting her hands over his closed fist to pull them apart. "Ass kicking later. Believe me, I will enjoy helping you with that expedition, but you might wanna see what you’re fighting for first. Means a lot more when you’re doing it for the right reasons." boy, she loved that dark expression too. If she didn’t feel guilty about potentially taking advantage of him, she would keep him for herself. Better to let him explore the world first… "So name, and then what?" -07:45 May 04
BK 201: He looked her in the eyes and his a heavy sigh relaxed his hands and dropped his gaze. "I thought you’d ask me that, so I knwo what I’m going to say." he looked back up at her. "Armas.." he said with a determined look in his eye. "Its the first thing anyone called me that wasn’t a designation, so its my choice." He pus his hand on her shoulder "As for what I’m fighting for. Well.. I have plenty of reasons already." the dark look returned… then sofened. "So name, and then… tell me something.. anything. About you." -07:52 May 04
Dakota: Dakota was smirking again. "Armas means beloved… it’s an endearment, not a name. But if that’s what you choose… About me." Hmm, she really wanted to reach out and touch. Drag him away and teach a whole bunch of new things, but that was way too much to throw at him so soon. Damn him for not picking clothes first! "I… like violins. Not so great at playing them, but I love to hear them. I miss the ocean. The natural and beautiful ocean I have never had the pleasure of meeting. I also enjoy men, so if you don’t put some clothes on, I’m going to have a moral delema." -07:59 May 04
BK 201: He lifted his hand from her shoulder and looked at her. "Enjoy men..?" he asked "I’m enjoying you.. your company.." he was abviously trying to decifer her meaning. "It not a dilema if we agree to it is it? Theres so much I don’t.." he was getting lost in his own mental web but he lightly put his hand on her cheek. She made him feel safe. -08:03 May 04
Dakota: "Not one now, but you might have regrets later. And I’m talking about sex. Sexy, naked, all over you sex, and I am not so sure you can do that without… uh… Taking it the wrong way." Dakota was a little more concerned about herself taking it the wrong way. She liked him. She really liked him. And normally she had no problem whisking a man away and doing whatever she wanted… she just… would feel bad about THIS one. "I’m the first woman you’re talking to after having all those emotions let out… It’s natural to be attached, but later…" Fuck. It really was her that was attached. How the hell did that happen. -08:11 May 04
BK 201: "Sex…." he knew what it was, but up until now it had simply been the act of breeding, but here she was talkign about it like it was all kinds of right mixed with all kinds of wrong. He leaned forwards and pressed his lips into her, slid them to the side and them pulled away, the pushed them in again harder. "I was never used for breeding in that way… I’ve been modified, my children would have.. traits they don’t want in embreos.. they’d only want my children to grow in a tube, kill them in the fetal stage and cut them up to see that was different about them. And when they meeded my seed they used a syringe." his voice was angry but his lips were still against hers and he put his hadn on the back of her neck holding her in the kiss. "I choose to know what its meant to be like." -08:19 May 04
Dakota: God damnit, he was both being sexy AND pissing her off. Not that she was mad at him, but at the people who had him. …and it broke her resolve not to take advantage. He asked for it. Chose it. And fucking hell, she really wanted to show him what sex was meant to be. Her mouth was on his then, far more rough than it should have been when she grasped his face in her hands. Once she remembered herself, she pulled away just a fraction. "First, don’t talk about that shit now, or I’mma end up leaving to kill some people before I do you right…" A soft kiss and her hands slid down to his chest. "You can take off my clothes. We’ll go slow…" -08:25 May 04
BK 201: The roughness of her kiss contrasted so voilently with the sweetness of before he had to run his singer over his lips to make sure they weren’t bleeding. He could feel his pulse in them and then he ran his fingers his her lips, her cheek. "No talking.. its just us.." his hands fell down her shoulder as a change happened down below. Then he was grabbing the hem of her shirt and lifting it up over her head. "Its not just about breeding, its about somethign else too. I.. No matter what way you look at it I need you. I’m lost in this world and until I get my barings I can’y survive without you. Even if attatchment happens. I think that would be a good thing." -08:33 May 04
Dakota: "Need me, yes, but need me to do things like this. Fuck, I don’t even know why I’m arguing it." She didn’t. Right or wrong, she wanted what she wanted. She’d just have to deal with the consequences later. And he responded to her… it was natural attraction, and really didn’t have to over complicate it. Dakota kept her body at enough distance for him to get the rest of her clothes, shifting to nuzzle against his cheek and nibble at his ear. "At least I can teach you some really useful tricks for the next woman to walk in to your life." she muttered with a grin. -08:39 May 04
BK 201: He ignored her last comment, because he chose to. He was liking the choices thing as he chose to undo the button of her pants and slide them down. As he chose to do the same with her panties, and once her had figured out it wasn’r on the front he unclasp her bra and pull it from her arms. "You shouldn’t be arguing, you offered me anythign and I chose…" that made it sound like he was takign advantage of her but as he put his hands on her face and moved to look into her eyes he didn’t feel liek he was. "So.. what now?" -08:44 May 04
Dakota: Her sudden grin was cheeky. The first phrase that came to mind was something smartassy. She’d save those for a time he understood sarcasm better. Now she was without her clothes, the tattoos on her skin visibly seen, and absolutely nothing but her self control in the way of shoving him to the floor and doing terrible, amazing things to him. Self control. Gotta remember that. Dakota took one of his hands to lay over her breast. "You touch. You tell me what you want. And if you don’t have an idea, I can offer suggestions…" She brushed the back of her knuckles over his stomach… -08:49 May 04
BK 201: His eyes searched hers and he raised his hand to run his fingers over one of her tatoos. He had one too, on the back on his neck, a barcode idintifying him. All the information that had up until this moment been his identity in a collection of vertical lines. Her were differnt, they had curves, and shapes and patterns. He traced one of them slowly with a finger. "What do they mean?" he asked moving his hand to the beck of her neck then sliding it over her shoulder to cup her breast where ehr hand had been. -08:55 May 04
Dakota: "The one on my callar bone… two dragons. Two gods of the sea. They are my bloodline." Such warm hands. Dakota was stepping closer to him, letting her own hands roam over his skin. "On my arm, the flowers, the butterflies, the vines, the virgo symbol… that is for the world. The way the world is meant to be." She was tilting to kiss his jaw and nip gently. "And the pistol with my family name. Because in the end, we’re nothing but a bunch of pirates…" she grinned against his cheek, planting a soft kiss there. -09:03 May 04
BK 201: "Pirates who do that they want and make all their own choices?" he asked sliding his hand around her shile his other ran through her hair. "I’m begingin to like this choice thing." he said tunign his head to press his lips into hers and trace his finder up her spine slowly exploring her. -09:09 May 04
Dakota: "Once upon a time sailing wild and free on the oceans. No I.D. cards, no tracking, no curfews, no taxes, no sea laws… Where you wanted to go and when you wanted to go. Just the sun and the stars and the sea." That was heaven to her. A fairy tale in their modern world. But his hand running up her spine was a close second. Dakota shivered, breathing in to his mouth with a sigh and a smile. "Now I am going to touch you… don’t panic." The humor in her voice was clear as her hand dipped, running over his shaft and balls in a soft caress, hesitant caress. Just because he said he wanted it, didn’t mean he knew what he was getting in to… -09:20 May 04
BK 201: Her toutch. It was indescribable and it made him lean forwards and shudder against her his lips parting and it took him a moment to recover. "Thats… Thats… " that was.. He nipped her lips before nuzzling into her cheek as his hand on her back pulled her closer. -09:25 May 04
Dakota: "Good, I hope. Or I’ve been doing this all wrong…" she laughed softly. Her fingers circled around him, even as he pulled her body up against his. She loved how solid he felt, not just in her hands but against her skin too. Dakota caressed and stroked, gently teasing and almost lovingly… no doubt he never had anyone bother being gentle about it! -09:28 May 04
BK 201: He nibbled her shoulder his heart, artificial as it was, elevating as he pushed against her. "There nothing wrong with what you’re doing." he said almost breathlessly a moment before he leaned to hard and fall against her sending them both to the floor. Embarresed her pulled back to look at her, then leaned back down to part his lips and push them against hers. -09:33 May 04
Dakota: She took his kiss and returned it with more gusto than she should have. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t deflowered a virgin before! She just… wasn’t so sure this one knew how to use his equiptment! Dakota released him, bracing her hands at his cheek. Nibbling on his mouth before she pulled fully away. "Take me to bed, armas. And then.. hmm…" she couldn’t help but grin. "Then you tell me just how much of this actually know how to do…" -09:40 May 04
BK 201: He rose onto his feet in a crouch and being gentle hooked his arm aorund her shoulders and pulled her against him his other hand doign the dame for her hips. So with her pinned against him he rose and took the few step over to her bed, putting his knees on it and lowering her onto her back retaking position on top. "I know I need to take my penis and…" his hand slid down her tomach and to her clotch as his eyes followed it. Then his fingers ran over her one of them dipping intide for a brief moment. "There.." he looked up at her looking slightly usure and it crossed his mind maybe trying this was a bad idea. He wasn’t sure what to do after that or even it that was right. All he knew it women had holes where men had dicks and perentration was involved. -09:48 May 04
Dakota: Dakota gasped, and she was immediately nodding as she smiled. "That’s um… that’s the spot!" He did it so casually, why the hell was that a turn on. Her self control was getting harder to keep in check. Her hand grasping the back of his neck to tug him down to meet her mouth. Invading it with her tongue and far too vocal sigh. -09:52 May 04
BK 201: He pushed back his arms circling her and there were a suprised sound in his throat as her tongue found its way into his mouth and his doubt evaporated. He moved ahaist her his hard member sliding across her skin and hair as his tongue retaliated against hers. THis was new, this was onvewhelming and amazing at the same time… -09:57 May 04
Dakota: He picked things up so quick, which could have been good or bad depending on how long she could resist shoving him over and riding him till the sun set. Dakota had never wanted someone so bad, yet not wanting to rush them this much in her entire life. Her hips rose, grinding against him with every twist. An invitation, because she wouldn’t take him without him choosing. ….for the next minute and a half. After that all bets were off whether he wanted it or not. Dakota flung her arms around him. Drawing him deeper in to her kiss. Nipping at his tongue when it lingered too long and sucking away the pain. -10:03 May 04
BK 201: His hand left her soulders, makign its way down to her hips, to his shaft. As she ravaged his mouth hepushed his tip against her, there was a moment’s hestation as his hips froze. Then he nipped her tongue back and his hips sunk to hers, his stomach pushign to hers. It could be called clumsy but it was done with a duel sence of urgency and experimentation. He needed to do it, but wanted to enjoy doing it and savor the experience. -10:08 May 04
Dakota: "Ho, thank god.." she muttered against his mouth in a groan, followed by a smile. Dakota had never seen such a look on a man’s face when they sexed her before. It made her both want to laugh and to kiss him all over again. She stilled her legs and her hips to allow him the control of movement, keeping herself from going mad by taking advantage of getting to touch him. Brushing her hands up and down his arms, and giving a small smile of encouragement against his lips. -10:13 May 04
BK 201: He did it again, and again, feeling her reaction. He tilted his head and nipped her lip as he grew in confidence and found what her was doing… and damn did it feel good. "So this is sex.." he whispered against her lips. "I could grow to love this." -10:17 May 04
Dakota: "I sure as hell love this…!" she very enthusiastically replied, between a hiss and a sigh. Her hands tightened at his shoulders. Relishing in the feeling, but struggling not to get carried away. This was for him, she would wait… but ooh… Dakota slipped her hands up in to his hair, tilting his head so she could bite at his neck. Nothing more than a soft nibble followed up by the slow running of her tongue to sooth the skin. -10:21 May 04
BK 201: He lowered his body against hersas he pushign in deeperhe head tilting to give her better access as he nipped her ear and let his breath wash over it. He and slipped between then to squeeze her breast and pull on it lightly then drift down her side, he was happy she was loving it too. -10:25 May 04
Dakota: Had to behave, had to be patient… Her hand tightened in his hair and was groaning against his neck. She pulled her legs open wider, circling them around his hips and hooking her ankles behind him. -10:30 May 04
BK 201: He burried his face in the crook of her neck and pushed harder finally getting the rythm and kitign her neck harder then he intended as he felt it rising. The feeling of somehting coming on. He nipped her again then nuzzled into her neck, every breath audiable as it rolled over her skin. -10:34 May 04
Dakota: "Oh..! Hey..!" She laughed at the bite… he had no idea how much she wanted to sink her teeth in to him. But his breath over her skin, that was well worth tilting her head to the side and letting him have her. One arm circled around his shoulder to caress his back, stopping suddenly to dig her nails in when he seemed to hit just the right spot. Making her whimper out a sigh of approval. -10:39 May 04
BK 201: He pushed again, he liked he nails and wanted to see if he could make her do it again. His hadn wondered abck to ehr beast as he moved his lips to hers. "I feel something." he whispered against her lips his voice laced heavily with passion and enjoyment. -10:44 May 04
Dakota: "Better feel something more fast, armas..!" That tone in his voice, and that exploratory expression… Ah, fuck it! Dakota shoved against his shoulder until she rolled him on the bed and she was on top of his. Taking over the movement, but keeping his same pacing. He was gonna feel a hell of a lot more..! -10:49 May 04
BK 201: He blanket in surprise but was soon biting his lip and looking at at her. His hips shifted under her rising and the look on his face was on slightly confused and amazed enjoyment there was only one word for it as his hand gripped the sheet. "Fuck." -10:52 May 04
Dakota: Oh good, didn’t startle him! And luckily he couldn’t read her thoughts either, because the grin she was casting was positively lecherous. Dakota braced her hands on his shoulder. Caressing his skin with her thumbs, even while she rocked her hips. Changing her pace from quick to slow, just to draw out more of those expression for him. "Do you still hate me, armas..?" -10:57 May 04
BK 201: It was a cruel question to ask when she was torturing him adn his hips were bucking against her. His hands reached out to slide up her sides and over her shoulders squeezing them and pinching her skin. He was ready to curse her name and his face showed a passion and attraction to her that clashed with his thoughts. "If I did would that be my chosen name?" -11:05 May 04
Dakota: There was no hiding the smile she cast at the comment, though she wish it hadn’t affected her as much as it did. He didn’t know what he was saying. oooh, but his touch…. Dakota leaned down over him, capturing his mouth with hers. Her fingers digging in to his shoulder when her pace sped up again. -11:09 May 04
BK 201: He pushed up against her lips and puled her down harder against him his eyes closing as he felt that feeling building again faster this time. -11:12 May 04
Dakota: A nip and a kiss, and a soft laugh against his lips. "That’s right armas. Loose it… Hold me tight and let it go." Her body slid against his. Curling her arms at both sides of his head just to give her that much more leverage, to take him as much as she could. -11:17 May 04
BK 201: He clawed at her back his nails sliding against her skin as he rose and flopped under her. He felt liek he was losing his mind as it came on him suddenly a whimper scaping into her mouth as he did let it go, shooting into her his arms tightning around her and holding her tight against him his tongue flicking into her mouth. -11:21 May 04
Dakota: His tongue muffled her surprised yelp at his nails… but oh, if that didn’t send chills up his spine! Dakota didn’t stop moving, taking every bit he had to offer until she could feel his body stop shuddering beneath her. She wasn’t done by all means, but she did still and stop. Kissing him soft, brushing more against his cheek and murmuring against his ear. "That is what you’ve been missing…" -11:26 May 04
Take Me Under

Take Me Under 002: A Promise

Dakota: Dakota was groggy as fuck and pissed as shit. The worst part is that the stuff must have been REALLY strong, because she wasn’t able to shake it immediately and jump up killing the hell out of the first thing she saw, like she wanted to. In fact she was shifting uncomfortably trying to force her limbs to move. …she wasn’t restrained. Big mistake. But…! Dakota opened her eyes, and wasn’t seeing the bright lights of a medical lab like she was expecting. Just a dingy looking ceiling with busted light. Dingy wallpaper. Old furniture… hrrm bedroom? Motel…? Dakota managed to get some feeling in her arms and struggled to sit up, groaning in the process. "…dick move." -04:47 May 04
BK 201: He was sitting on the dresser next to the bed, a gan, a real gun, not a dart gun, resting on his knee. "But a nesisary one." he said "Theres something I want you to see, Dakota. You think you won, you think you’ve changed me. But.." he opened up a medical bag sitting next to him adn pulled out a syringe gun. "Pax 36… guarenteed to kill emotions and feeling in everyone with a brain, and keep it that way for those with one suitably modified. I wanted you se see me do this.. then you’re free to put as much distance between me and you as you can while I’m out." -04:52 May 04
Dakota: "Then I was right. You can feel and now you are afraid because I was right…" Damn her body. She was forcing her blood to move faster so she could get that stuff out of her system quicker. Slowly shifting to reach the edge of the bed and sling her legs off it. All the time her eyes were on him and that syringe. "If you take it, you won’t have to think for yourself, right? Back to being obedient. I’m not doing anything to change you, you are doing it to yourself…" How was she gonna get that away from him… Hmm.. -04:57 May 04
BK 201: "Change is progress." he said "Not that I care about progress." he pushed up the gun and pointed it at her, then put the syringe against the arm holding it. "I didn’t take it because after I do, I’m out for three hours and I couldn’t afford the time. Now I see why I need it. Yes I feel. And I don’t like it." -05:01 May 04
Dakota: "Change does not always mean progress. And fear is something you should face head on!" Dakota sucked in a breath, jumping out and grasping the barrel of his gun. She was quick but no where near as quick as normal with that stuff in her system. The gun iced in her hand as she wretched it from his guilt. "Feel something. Feel anything! Maybe you’ll be surprised by what you COULD like!" She was reaching to snatch the syringe. -05:06 May 04
BK 201: He punched her, it was a reaction, she had attacked first. He fist his her on the cheek and the force of the blow knocked her back. "Dakota, Subject classification, deadly, prefered meathod, flight, mission protocal, subdue and collect." He stood pulling her back up to her feet. "Subject background, descendent…." he said pushing her away from himself and stepping away. "Auto-Desegnation… thats my own if you were wondering.. BK 201… B.. K.. I have been modified to be like you, like your family. I scanned you while you were out, you have no implants, no genetic modification, no weapons. But.." he indocated the gun, froven solid on the floor. I think thats what they want you. They tried to make me able to do that, they failed. You’re going to eb a guinnie pig… I’d run if I were you." -05:14 May 04
Dakota: Getting hit caught her by surprise and she was rubbing her jaw with a scowl. Definitely wasn’t recovered yet. "There’s a reason I haven’t been caught yet, armas. I run because I choose to, not because I have to. And you… you can make a choice too. MAKE a goddamned choice for the first time in your life. Don’t take that stuff. Give yourself an opportunity to NOT be their puppet." She could kill him now and go. Even not being one hundred percent. But this was wrong. He had a chance, he could choose if he gave himself the chance. She just had to get those drugs away from him. Wind, ice cold wind was thrown at him as she rushed forward again. -05:21 May 04
BK 201: He waited for her to come then dropped low ignoring the wind. He swung his leg out to kick her leg out from under her then stood back up. "What if I choose not to feel. Thats a choice too isn’t it?" he asked. The syrings was held at his side as glaved at her. "Why is it so important to you… I am your enemy." -05:28 May 04
Dakota: Dakota hit the ground and let out a frustrated huff. Despite the scope of the conversation, she was staring up at him as if she were just annoyed by some little thing, and not the fact this all was a big deal to her. "You’re basing that choice on fear without giving yourself the chance to feel anything else first. To explore what else the world has to offer before you sign yourself away as a slave." Dakota shifted on to a knee then up to her feet. The tranq was well on it’s way out of her blood now, so she could stop biding her time. "You don’t have to be my enemy. You’re not the one I have a problem with. You’re a victim of other people’s madness. And if you let me, I can help you…" No powers this time. Dakota just stalked forward and leaned to try and snatch it out of his hand. "Just give it to me!" -05:35 May 04
BK 201: He grabbed her wrist stopping her and leaned in close. "If being human is so great then why have they screwed things up do bad. HUmans made me what I am and…" he paused ".. And I don’t want to be like them… I’d rather die or as you put it sighn myself away… and" he was leaning in closer and closer "…. I hate you." he lips brushed against hers but his hand still would not allow hers closer to the syringe. "I really, really hate you." -05:39 May 04
Dakota: What the fuck. She was well prepared to counter his complaint about humans. Looked completely disgusted when he said he was willing to sign himself away. Insulted when he stated he hated her. That was unfair. But then he kissed her. That was…. That took all the wind out of her sails. Her hand stopped straining to reach the syringe, though she hadn’t pulled back. …and since he was kind enough to give her the opportunity… Dakota raised her other hand up to his cheek. Leaning forward to press her mouth against his, without the hesitation. A deep but simple kiss. "Hate is a start, armas. And so much more if you give it a chance…" she murmured softly. -05:45 May 04
BK 201: He kissed her back his lips hesitant but determined as with a thud the syringe fell to the floor and the hand that had been holding it moved up to grip her hair. "You don’t know how much I hate you Dakota, you’ve taken everythign from me with…." he nipped her lip and sighed… "This.." -05:50 May 04
Dakota: "You’re wrong, armas. I’m giving you more than you ever knew was possible." Electrifying. There it was again. That sizzling amazing feeling, she felt so rarely in her life, and what a surprise to feel it from him. Talking was growing old fast. As an after thought, barely aware of where it was going, she kicked that syringe across the floor and out of immediate reach. Her hand slipped away from his cheek to slide her arm around his neck, pressing her body up against his. And she was kissing him again, slow and easy with a faint brush of her tongue. -05:56 May 04
[BK 201 enters.] -06:15 May 04
BK 201: He put his hand in her chest and pushed her away, just far enough where he could breathe, he was having difficulty with that for some reason. His eyes were wet and the liquid was driping down his face. "Why… why does it feel like this?" he asked "I hate you but I want to thank you." -06:20 May 04
[(Timeout) BK 201 got too distracted for their own good…] -06:27 May 04
Dakota: "Baby, it’s a lot to take in all at once." Aww, poor thing. Dakota was smiling, grinning even. Shifting to brush the tears off his face. "If you come with me, it will be easier. One thing at a time. No worries, no concerns, nothing overwhelming." -06:27 May 04
BK 201: He did really hate her. He hadn’t been happy before but he hadn’t been unhappy either. Now he would always know there was more. "They will send more.. and more.. and more.. adn they’ll come after me too. I’m too valuable to them to let go." he looked at her againfor some reason her words sounded nice.. "I can never go back." -06:32 May 04
Dakota: "You do not have to go back. I can protect you. There is not a force on this world that can stop me." There was that teasing grin again, thouh she was completely serious. "They can send as many people as they like, it won’t make a difference to me." However… the grin faded just a bit. Her glance turning away to where she kicked the syringe. The people they sent were also like him. Ones that didn’t deserve to die, but would because they weren’t open to anything else. She had family scattered all over the world being hunted and taking away by that company. It was getting out of hand… -06:37 May 04
BK 201: "Your resume speaks for itself… -06:41 May 04
BK 201: "Your resume speaks for itself…" he said "But is that really living?" he asked "Is that really better than… nothing?" he closed his eyes and put his hand on the back of her neck pulling her back towards him. He wanted to feel her against him again… "Can I trust you?" -06:44 May 04
Dakota: This… this made her heart hurt. He seemed to incite the weirdest things from her, that weren’t unwelcomed, but surprising to get out of the blue. It was a really inappropriate moment and situation to be attracted to someone! Dakota’s arm rest around his shoulder and she rest her forehead against his cheek. "You can trust me. I promise you can trust me. Leave with me, and I will make sure you are always free to do as you please." -06:51 May 04
BK 201: He nuzzled against her takign a beep breath then nodded. "Only if you promise to show me more… only if you promise to show me everything." -06:54 May 04
Take Me Under

Take Me Under 001: Face to Face

[Dakota is amused. But she is also goddamned tired of this shit.] -01:20 May 04
[BK 201 is off his meds.. can’t afford the downtime. Can’t afford to let this one get away.] -01:21 May 04
Dakota: Running was nothing new to Dakota. Just, normally she didn’t have to put this much time an energy in to it. The over-clocked fools either couldn’t keep up with her, or lost their life doing something stupid. ….and then there was this guy. He was more clever than the others, which was fun the first couple of days. But when they fuck did he sleep?! Dakota was tired, and when she was tired, she had very little patience. So there she was, sitting on a beam in a contruction site, waiting for the big idiot to catch up. She’d deal with him now, and get some sleep. -01:23 May 04
BK 201: He came, dropping into the beam seemingly from nowhere, face covered and the slight green of the goggles makign him look more like a machine than a living breathing creature. But his gun was still in his hand. If he shot her here she’d fall. He needed her alive. This tactic of hers was. Interesting, and desperate. The chase was over. -01:27 May 04
Dakota: Yes, he was good. Dakota didn’t show any surprise, though. In fact, she didn’t even show any concern. She smiled, leaning against the beam behind her, and straddling the one she sat on. He needed to take her back alive, so this was going to be entertaining. "You’re late. Getting a little tired? I know I am. Why don’t you have a little sleep with me? We’ll get a room, fool around, and you can go back to chasing me in the morning." -01:33 May 04
BK 201: He stood, perfectly balanced on the beam the gun steady. "I could agree to that." he said "And turn on you as soon as we hit ground level. But I don’t think you’d go that far without betraying me. I’m not an idiot." he litted his goggles and and tore off the balaclava. It usually helped is they believed a person was saking them in when they surrendered. "So you’re going to sleep alright…" -01:38 May 04
Dakota: "Ah, I would never betray someone so handsome, armas." It was the first time she was actually getting an upclose look at him. He was definitely human, now how had he stayed awake for so long? He didn’t even looked winded yet. "Are you going to help tire me out? Because that sounds like a lot of fun." Dakota leaned forward, bracing her hands on the beam. Time see if he really was an idiot! The beam froze over with a thick layer of ice. Lets see him balance on that. -01:44 May 04
BK 201: He hand want to his belt and as fast as thought he had a safety harness hooked to the beam above thier heads, then was using it to pull himself upto hand with his legs aorund the beam and aim the gun at her. "Tranquilizer is my prefered meathod. Its painles to you so you’ll be waking up at my place." he almost grenned, almost, just a slight twitch to his lip. "Its really your only option." -01:48 May 04
Dakota: "Oooh, your place. I knew you liked me." Her grin was slow and wickedly teasing. "…but I am a girl who likes a little foreplay, first. So…!" Dakota tilted, swinging a leg so both were dangling off the same side. Then she was leaning backwards and slipping off the beam. Dropping down two floors below and landing on her feet with a soft thump. She glanced upwards at him with a smile. "You wanna dance first, armas? I like a little romance!" -01:54 May 04
BK 201: He unhooked the line and bending his body threw himself into the void next to the building and fell past herhis arm shooting out and grabbign hold of the beam below her swung under it and letting go he was propelled upwards, catching hold of and climbing onto her beam. His arm clearly wasn’t meant to survive the g-forced that would put in him, and yet here we was, in front of her. "I’m not going to play cat and mouse with you. I’ll shoot you and grab you as you fall if I have to. You’re coming back to HQ with me and I don’t care how." -02:00 May 04
Dakota: Hrrm. This was where she got confused by these people. Humans did not have that sort of strength. "Then shoot me, armas. I’m waiting. ….but first." She gestured at him with her hands, that clear look of interest and confusion on her features. "What is with all this get-up, huh? Fancy jumping, you’re incredibly strong. You seriously don’t look like a robot. I kinda want to know who is kidnapping me and my family before I surrender." -02:05 May 04
[(Timeout) BK 201 was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -02:32 May 04
[BK 201 enters.] -02:35 May 04
BK 201: He looked at her impassivly his eyes searching for a trick. "If I am or not human isn’t for me to decide." he said liftign hsi hand and pulling back his sleeve. There was skin with hair that raised in contact with the cold air but under it, there was the sify glint of metal. "Maybe I’m neither." -02:41 May 04
Dakota: "You have a brain, don’t you? You can decide things. For example…!" Without warning, she moved. Swinging and arm in his direction – she wasn’t trying to hit him though. At least not with her arm. There were puddles of water everywhere from a storm the night before. Dakota easily gripped it with her power, freezing it as it slung through the air in to sharp shards, and sending them right at him. -02:44 May 04
BK 201: He ducked spinning on the wet beam and coming back up. She was too tired to keep this up. All he had to do was wait, and take a step closer. "I have my orders. I have my protocalls. I’ve broken too many of those chasing you already. I will not break my orders. Really coming with me is best for both of us." -02:49 May 04
Dakota: "No. It is best for you. The people that give you orders are killing my family. I find it a little hard to believe I’m going to fair any better." she cast him grin. He wasn’t attacking back. Was he waiting for her to wear out? Oh, wouldn’t he be surprised… This was a fun game, and Dakota enjoy the opportunity for information. Dakota rushed at him, but last minute she was jumping down. Another beam several feet away. "So tell me, armas, do you like your job? Being a tool and an object for a corporation that clearly does nothing but murder? You have a heart, lungs and a brain. I can feel your life in there somewhere. Don’t you wanna do something better with it?" -02:57 May 04
BK 201: He jumped down after her, his weight joltign the beams enough for one of the ones close to them to fall, clattering down into the distance. She was taunting him, he wouldn’t fall for it. "I don’t feel anything." he said "Never have,.." he aimed quickly and fired the dart shooting out towards her. "Never will." -03:02 May 04
[Dakota enters.] -03:04 May 04
Dakota: Dakota dodged in a quick calculated movement, the dart wizzing past her ear. …now she wasn’t grinning. Her expression baffled and a little annoyed by his response. Swinging both arms she draw up water to freeze along his legs and keep him still for a moment. "Hold up! Never felt anything? I find that hard to believe! Aren’t you a little pissy right now? Attracted? Afraid of your bosses, or bitter about an exgirl, or hell… anything at all? You’re a human. You HAVE emotions." -03:07 May 04
BK 201: He almost lost his ballance as his legs were frozen in place. "Here a business lesson for you. You take a man and a woman and you force them to have sex. You take thier fuetus and you inject it with mutant RNA.. lets say.. from a family that displays certain useful traits. You tut it in a tank until you have a child ready to be cut open and stuffed with toys. Then you give it a name, Every child needs a name right?" he was stalling as he tried to slide another dart from his belt without her seeing. -03:12 May 04
Dakota: "You can’t be serious." What the fuck kind of bullshit was that. It was the most disgusting, unnatural, god playing, sick, twisted dumbfuckery…! Her hands were resting on her hips, fingers twitching in annoyance… Maybe if it had been the others that chased her down, the ones that didn’t even dare to speak a word to her and always shot first, she’d have killed him right then and there. A monstrosity against nature. But he wasn’t the one that made himself that way. …and he clearly didn’t think like the rest, or they wouldn’t be in this conversation. "And then? Baby grows up and follows commands? An obedient soldier. A killer. A monster? ….but you are only a monster if you choose to be. Are you choosing all this?" -03:18 May 04
BK 201: The dart was palmed and he stood facign her. "Baby grows up, he goes on the pill. Not talkign about that kind of pill, I’m talkign about the one that makes it so that they never have to worry about feeling or choosing again. Its good business." the dark was now in the gun and he looked at her. "The most lethal, relantless killing machines even made. I guess I am a machine after all." -03:25 May 04
[(Timeout) Dakota has timed out.] -03:30 May 04
Dakota: Dakota narrowed her eyes. A pill that surpresses emotions and free will. …but he said he had broken protocals in his little chase. So that stuff wasn’t completely in control. "You’re not a machine. You’re a person. You have a right to feel what you want to feel, and do what you want to do." Dakota was angry FOR him, even if he hadn’t the sense to be angry for himself. They were taking her family, and they were taking people’s soul without even wretching it from their body. It was madness. "…I could show you. Make a choice of your own and come with me. Experience something other than orders and see if you want to go back…" -03:30 May 04
BK 201: "I thought I made it clear I wasn’t going to fall for seduction." he said "You sound like you believe theres a destinction between man and machine, like emotions and choices are the be all and end off of your life. Maybe people could life like that in the past. Does that make me the future?" -03:33 May 04
Dakota: Dakota couldn’t help but cast a teasing smile. "Armas, if I was trying to seduce you, you’d know it." The way he spoke, though. It drove her insane! Did he really, honestly believe all that shit? She shifted her stance, non-aggressive, non-defensive. Relaxed and harmless. "Contrary to what you’ve been told, emotion and free will are exactly what makes this life. Every living creature on this planet has them. Mouse to man, and despite any special upgrades you might have – you are still a man." There was a slight narrowing of her eyes. "You have the parts don’t you? Of course… I can PROVE it, if you’d like to make a little deal. I can give you a kiss. And if you don’t feel a thing, then you win. I’ll forget all about it." -03:39 May 04
BK 201: His eyes narrowed "What parts I have is irelevent.." he said "I have had a kiss before, from the last woman that thought seducing me was a good idea. She didn’t survive the experience." his eyes never lelf her. "So you will be restrained, you will have my gun in your stomach. And you will come with me… afterwards." -03:44 May 04
Dakota: "Touchy, touchy." Dakota approached, holding her hands up and wiggling her fingers so he’d see she wasn’t going to attack him as she crossed the beam. "How about YOU kiss ME. All your choice, and no seducing from me, whatsoever. I’ll keep my hands behind my back for you, and maybe I’ll let you take me anyway you like afterwards." She smirked! -03:47 May 04
BK 201: He pulled the restraints from his belt and feld them out to her. "I insist, begind your back." his legs now had enough movement in them to break the ice and he held up his gun at hip level, a sharp metallic click sounding as dart was primed to fly. "And either way, I’m taking you back." -03:56 May 04
Dakota: "You can try, armas, but I promise you’ll not succeed in that." Bemused, she stopped close enough to turn around and allow him to bind her. Restraints meant nothing to her, but she was humoring him. If he needed them to feel safe, she could oblidge. "Now what do -I- get should this kiss stir your soul. Aside from the pleasure of your mouth. Will you come with me?" -04:00 May 04
BK 201: "You have nowhere to go." he pointed out. "Except with me." he tightened the cuffs behind her then his hand on hershoulder he turned her around and pushed ehr against the beam. "I don’t see this working without a little trust. I could shoot you right now, take you with me and right now theres nothign you could do to stop me. You could do that freeze thing you seem to do.. odd for a person claiming to be unmodified, and leave me frozen. I could shoot you afterwards no matter what. So this is how its going to happen. I’m not going to shoot you, you’re not going to freeze, I feel nothing you come with me, I do, I let you go… got it?" -04:13 May 04
Dakota: It was cute how he assumed it would be so easy to take her. He was confident and sure of his abilities. But he didn’t know her. Dakota smiled wide. "As you wish, armas. I trust you, you trust me. No shooting, no freezing." She deliberately left out the rest. Regardless of what happened, she going to allow herself to be captured. He’d figure that out the hard way. "So kiss me. No need to be afraid." -04:17 May 04
BK 201: He pushed the gun into her stomach and gripped her hair as he stepped closer thier boddies almost toutching. "I told you I feel nothing. No fear, no hate, no anger, no joy… You’re the one who should be afraid." he leaned forwards putting more pressure on the gun in her stomach.. then his lips toutched hers, Stiff and unyielding. -04:22 May 04
Dakota: He sure knew how to make a situation sexy as hell for someone who didn’t understand the basic concept of emotion. …but that wasn’t what surprised her! Reguardless of how HE felt, the touch was electrifying for her. There was the briefest look of surprise in her eyes before they fell closed. Her mouth moving against his, soft and inquisitive. Maybe it was just the setup that intrigued her. That had to be it. -04:25 May 04
BK 201: The gun was pushed against her harder as her lips lipes agaist his as he stiffened with what had to be fear, fear that she was about to freeze him. Then his lips softened and parted letting hers slide against them.. a second later his head was tilting back as he pushed his lips harder.. then suddenly as if he was rememebring why he was there he pulled back. -04:29 May 04
Dakota: She let out a breath. "Wow…!" That was kind of amazing, in a totally baffling, and kind of hot sort of way. Dakota wasn’t sure what happened there, since she wasn’t exactly expecting to feel anything of consequence herself. But damned if she didn’t like. Her eyes finally opened, peering up at him with a heavy lidded expression of interest. "Well…?" -04:34 May 04
BK 201: He was starnign there the gun raised and his face an unreadable mask. But befind the face in his mind things were defferent. He had felt something, he wasn’t sure what but now he was feeling numb, "Well." he breathed out more than said. "Now.." the gun hardly made any noise at all, just a slight hiss and the bart burried itself into the stomach and pumped it’s load into her. He caught her and supported her weight, not letting her fall. "We’ll see." -04:41 May 04
Characters: Sci-Fi


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