Starcrossed 001: Fate’s Unusual Design

[Kendra was sitting on a old old old well making some stupid, childish wish when…. crazy happened!] -03:15 Jun 29
[Evander was standign apot a mountain in a lighning storm challenging the gods themselves when he was… struck by lightning?] -03:23 Jun 29
Kendra: One moment she was thinking, wishing, being lost in bitter miserableness. The next, it sounded like there was an explosion and the ground rumbled. The world went dark and she had that sensation of falling, so she might have assumed she fell right in to the well and cracked her head. …if she hadn’t been so completely aware and eyes wide open the entire time! Then the crazy happened. There was Evan, not the way she remember him at all, but his face was unmistakable. She was reaching out to grab him and all in a split second it was over and Kendra was hitting the ground hard and letting out a groan! -03:29 Jun 29
Evander: Twi howling with and driving driving snows hadn’t tereted him from making his challenge. Faist raised adn voice screaming he demanded the gods return her to him, then thre had been a flash, then darkness then… Her hair wasn’t done up like it usually was but it was her. It was Kendara but he didn’t have time to smile before he felt the wayning chasm of space open up before them and shilded himself, the air glowing electric blue around him before he hit the ground. He heard a groan and was on his feetm rushing to the prone figure his face alight with concern as he turned her onto her back and… "Ken….?" -03:35 Jun 29
Kendra: Kendra was dizzy, but she was pretty sure she didn’t break anything. At least up until she was looking up in to the face of Evan. It felt like her heart had stopped beating for a moment! Kendra sat up quickly grabbing his head and planting a rushed kiss on his mouth. Lingered there a moment before… she pulled back in some confusion. That didn’t feel the same. "Evan…?" -03:53 Jun 29
Evander: The kiss was a surplise but he put his arms around her tightly and with his hadn gripping the back of her head returned it. He felt so good to hold her again his cheeks were moments from becoming wet. "Kendara.." he whispered once she pulled back, it was the differnces that stood out… And illediatly he let her go a dissilusionment spell crackling in the air as he tested to see if she was real… "You’re not Kendara…" -04:02 Jun 29
Kendra: "Kendra. My name is Kendra." He just… he looked almost exactly like him. But… the hair was different. His face a little harder… Didn’t kiss the same. This was weird. Kendra scooted back, scrambling up to her feet and ignoring the wave of dizzyness that came with it. She wasn’t out on the property, or in the well. This place didn’t look familiar at all. Her hands rose up to her head. She didn’t FEEL unconscious! "What the hell is going on here?! And who are -you- and what your doing with my fiance’s face?" The rush of confusion had her pulling her gun to point at him. There was no telling what sort of crazy shit was going on! -04:07 Jun 29
Evander: He stood slowly his eyes on her as he silently cast another dissilusionments spell specifically on her face. "I am Evander." he shis narrowed gaze on her face. "Master of the three diciplines. You have the face of my wife, Kendara. Are you a god come to punish me for my challenge?" Her face was softer, better cared for, her body was less toned but he could see her shape.. If it was a god then this fors was the perfect on to taint him with, so similar but so different. -04:17 Jun 29
Kendra: "Evander." she repeated his name, like she was unsure if her were telling the truth or just messing with her. Kendra kept her gun trained on him, trying to get a better sense of their surroundings without taking her eyes away from him. "Evan was my fiance’s name. -I- am not the person screwing around here." There was that faint sensation of a crackle, but it didn’t look like he had an advanced weapon on him… in fact his whole ensemble was so old fashioned, she doubted even the outer rim worlds dressed like that. "Tell me where we are and I might not shoot you." -04:24 Jun 29
Evander: Shoot, so it was a weapon she was pointing at him. "Who are you going to shoot?" he asked as as he turned in both directions at once and split into two. The real Evander had never moved, the two not invisible were illusions. "You want the truth?" he asked the mouths of the illusions speaking as on with him. "I have no idea where we are. Moments ago I was somewhere very different and now I’m here and the only reason I can see for that is you Kendra. What are you? Why do you look so much like my wife?" -04:31 Jun 29
Kendra: What the fuck. That same thought was very apparent across her features too, and she made no effort to hide it. Her gun swayed from side to side in a quick, confused motion until she resettled back at the one in the center. The sound of his voice seem to start there. What kind of crazy hologram imagery was this?! "I’m a person, human being. I have no freaking idea who your wife is, I am more concerned why you’re wearing the face of my dead fiance!" He seemed to be as confused as she was, and the fact they seemed to have the same… problem… was incredibly odd. Unreal sort of odd. Insane. That gun wasn’t moving. Not until she felt less crazy. "What are YOU. Hallucination? Alien? Robot…? There’s not anything to gain from fucking with me!" -04:40 Jun 29
Evander: The one on the left stepped forwards. "I am Evander, master of the three diciplines." he repeated. "My wife, Kendara, is dead, rockfall while on her horse… you wear her face, you share her reliance on weaponry… I am a person too, human, mage… but I assure you, this is my face." -04:48 Jun 29
Kendra: Kendra took a step backwards and focused the gun on the Him that moved. She had half a mind to just shoot at all three of them and pick up the pieces later. Half the things he said made no sense. His wife had her name, kinda… and her face. And he had her fiance’s name and face…. If it was coincidence, it was the weirdest fucking thing she had ever seen. And she had seen a lot. "Okay… fine… this is my face too. My fiance was Evan. …he died too. His ship crashed. All this, though, is really fucking strange. I don’t like it." And she didn’t know how to respond to it. They didn’t exactly teach this shit in school! -04:53 Jun 29
Evander: The two on the sides disappeared and there was only the one in the middle left. "I challenged the gods themselves to give her back to me, and it seems they’ve given me you. Maybe its a joke on thier part…" he looked up at the sky, similar but different just like her and he snorted. "I’d have prefered it if they just struck me down." -05:01 Jun 29
Kendra: Her hand wavered a bit. Until she finally lowered the gun and put it away. She relaxed only a fraction, still wary and still poised to moved. "Doesn’t feel funny that’s for damned sure." Kendra finally turned away, looking around again. There was something off about the landscaping. None of the flora looked familiar. There was a road nearby, kinda dusty but definitely high traffic. Out further in the distance there was a city, but the buildings didn’t look familiar in structure either. Everything looked like it would in a dream. Familiar but different. She just didn’t feel like she was dreaming. "I was just sitting and thinking. Wishing I could see him again and have our life back. Pretty sure I didn’t fall down that damned well…" -05:06 Jun 29
Evander: He looked at her, then moved his hadn up to tug at his hair, a gesture he often did when he was thinking. "Two wishes… two dead lovers… if only more were known about the different planes I might be able to say for sure. You are Kendara, aren’t you with the mole above your navel and a love for horses…" he looked down at his hand. "And I must be Evan.. only different." -05:14 Jun 29
Kendra: He must have gotten the information correct, because she froze a moment and cast him another weary look. How would he know something like that? "It’s impossible. Stuff like that doesn’t happen. A coincidence at best… just a really weird coincidence…" Still, she wasn’t sure how they got -there-. After watching him a moment, she turned to start walking towards the street. "I’m probably going insane. Somebody in town will be able to tell me where we are and I can get back home." -05:19 Jun 29
[Evander enters.] -05:19 Jun 29
Evander: She had to have gone insane if she was walking into town alone, one she ahd never been in before. "I should go with you, streets are benerous alone. I don’t have to know you to keep you safe, and if I try anything shoot me. Deal?" he was already walking after her. "And no its not because you look and sound and even move like Kendara, its because I don’t want to walk in there without somone wathing my back either." -05:27 Jun 29
Kendra: "I don’t need some man’s protection in the ‘big bad city’. I know how to take care of myself." she cast a look over her shoulder at him. Old fashioned. Or sexist… one of the two. Traveling to new places was an everyday thing. Only puffed up politicians and old royal lines had escorts. "I’m not going to refuse company, though… I suppose you are as confused as I am." -05:32 Jun 29
Evander: He nodded catching up to her. "This is nowhere I’ve seen, I don’t ever recognise these plants, or the face of the moon, and theres only one…" he looked at her again. "Is you world different too? I don’t see a god’s mark on you…" -05:36 Jun 29
Kendra: "God’s mark…?" She cast him another weird look. "My planet doesn’t have a moon. Different moons on differents worlds isn’t so unusual, though. I just don’t think I have even been to this one before." At least now she surmised that he was a single-worlder. Had to be from one of the outer rims, and severely lacking in a more universal knowledge. The fact he looked so much like Evan, though… it was hard to keep from staring at him and focus on the road. -05:39 Jun 29
[(Timeout) Evander got too distracted for their own good…] -05:46 Jun 29
Evander: "Your people travel between worlds?" THAT surprised him "We travel between planes, sometimes, but none are really worlds and theres little profit in going there. He tapped the symbol on the clasp of his robe. "Aisha, godess of light, what better godess for an illusionist who sticks to the shadows?" -05:46 Jun 29
Kendra: "Half the time colonies die out if there’s not imports from other worlds. So you are a magician…?" she asked, curiously. Worshipping of old gods was a cultural thing. At least being a magician explained his illusion trick. -05:49 Jun 29
Evander: "A mage… begiuler if you want to be technical, mecenary if you want to be boring. Kendara was a mercenraly too, she used a bow and a sword, I use shadow, light, illusion and sometimes firse if I want to be direct. Magician makes it sould like I’m on a stage. I do have some profesional pride. You’re a merchant?"" -05:52 Jun 29
Kendra: "I’m a mechanic. I work on machines. Ships, generators, transports, hand helds…" A mercenary using bows and swords and magic? Magic. Kendra didn’t hide her mirth and the smirk that came with it. Obvisouly, she thought he was a little whacked. "Right, so you use ‘spells’. I’m sure that’s real effective." She even snickered about it under her breath. He definitely wasn’t like Evan. Her Evan was a realist. -06:03 Jun 29
[Evander enters.] -06:12 Jun 29
[(Timeout) Evander was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -06:25 Jun 29
[Kendra enters.] -06:25 Jun 29
Evander: "You. like most underestimate the value of illusion. I could make you invisible right now and you could sneak up behind someome and.. wel.. do whatever you wanted. I could make it look like theres and army with us, or that theres no moon, or that the ground we’re waking on is made of skin and flesh. Kendara always saw the value of coming at a problem a little sideways. She also loked to tinker, little things mostly like her locket that she built a complete music box into I…" he rememebred finding her broken body, blood and tettered flesh everywhere. It had been difficlut to tell where she stopped and the horse began. She was shill been alive and her last act had been to give him her locket, her smashed locked that he sould feel against his skin. "She was amazing with mechanics." -06:30 Jun 29
Evander: "You. like most underestimate the value of illusion. I could make you invisible right now and you could sneak up behind someome and.. wel.. do whatever you wanted. I could make it look like theres and army with us, or that theres no moon, or that the ground we’re waking on is made of skin and flesh. Kendara always saw the value of coming at a problem a little sideways. She also loked to tinker, little things mostly like her locket that she built a complete music box into I…" he rememebred finding her broken body, blood and tettered flesh everywhere. It had been difficlut to tell where she stopped and the horse began. She was shill been alive and her last act had been to give him her locket, her smashed locked that he sould feel against his skin. "She was amazing with mechanics." -06:31 Jun 29
[(Timeout) Kendra was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -06:43 Jun 29
Kendra: "Anyone with sense can see through and deal with illusions. It’s not solid, nor real." Kendra could have said more. But where his words headed, had her thinking about things she didn’t want to. His wife was a mechanic too… probably a better mechanic than her. Because she couldn’t even get a damned ship fixed, that might’ve spared her fiance’s life. And unlike HIM, she wasn’t comfortable talking about it. "…so when we get to town and I figure out where we are, I can take you home." -06:43 Jun 29
[Evander enters.] -06:53 Jun 29
Evander: "Never really had a home." he said in a subdued tone the sting of memory still fresh in his mind. "The road was my home. I.." he was almost glad to be away "We’ll see about going back. So long as I can work my trade here, and maybe show you how real illusions can be, we’ll have coin to survive. Food, and a roof over out heads, an inn probably. Thats what we should be seeing to." -06:58 Jun 29
Kendra: There was that smirk again. It was easier for her to focus her attention on his… weirdness…. than it was to think about memories. "Listen, honey… I don’t think you really have the jist of how things work off-world. Let me worry about the details and you just… try not magic yourself in to some trouble, all right?" -07:01 Jun 29
[(Timeout) Evander was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -07:06 Jun 29
Evander: His characteristic snort resnt the air. "I know there one universal rule no matter where you are. To survive you need money. And I don’t think my gold is worth face value here, wherever hare is. You havn’t even hear of King Ludwig have you? So you won’t respect his gold. So we need money to get food. To get money we could work, or we could steal. Those were always the options when Ken and I were in a tight spot. The second would be faster." -07:06 Jun 29
Kendra: "I have money, it should be good on all worlds. The city looks advanced enough, anyway." She was eying him again, that slight quirk of her eyebrow. "Gold is workable, too, regardless of whose face is printed on it. Metals are precious commodities. You don’t have to act like I have no idea how society runs. Getting a transport is not that hard." -07:15 Jun 29
Evander: He loooked at her, then at the city, then at her again. "Elves…" he muttered seeing some od the citizens. "Should have guessed beware of knives in your back. They may be sexy bisexual freaks but they’d sooner shiv you than talk to you." hall of this was said quietly as they passed though the town gate. "Then again you’re oh so worldly and don’t need my advice." -07:20 Jun 29
Kendra: Pointy ears… that wasn’t really unusual. It was just… Kendra’s stride had slowed a bit once they were through the gates. For everything that was familiar and perfectly normal to her, there was just as much that was… not right. Seeing different species of people was a typical thing, but there should have been… more diversity? She felt like she just walked in to some silly fantasy festival. "I understand people well enough. No one has ever wanted to call their people an elf. Look for an Infodex, most cities have them in their main squares." -07:33 Jun 29
Evander: He raised his hand and a bright blue cloud surrounded it and in an instant they were silently made to look liek locals, even thier clothes coppied the style Evander saw. It was a flawless illusion, and an every day thing. "I don’t know what taht is or.. what a lot of these things are, and trust me these are elves, I’ve seen enough of them, they’re usually waving pointy things in my direction though. I don’t see a single bow anywhere." -07:37 Jun 29
Kendra: "They got guns though." Kendra had never known an illusion to come with a sensation. But she could feel it when it fell over them even as she saw it. It was unsettling. She didn’t like that feeling of not being sure what she was doing or where she was going. "…then we find the first hotel we see and ask the clerk. Easy." So they needed to figure out where the business district was in this city. -07:41 Jun 29
Evander: He glanced at her. "My illusions cn’t make you speak the language, it bac make it look like you are to someone who doesn’t but thats it." he looked ahead of them. Challenging the gods it turned out let to challenging scenarios. "And as you live to point out I’m from a primitive world… what is a gun?" -07:44 Jun 29
Kendra: Kendra hadn’t been worried about language… until now. She knew most of the common languages and had herself a translator. But on a quick glance to the signs and words on the sides of buildings… that was going to end up being a problem! "A gun is a weapon. A firing weapon. Instead of arrows or bolts, it’s bullets or lasers, or anything you can load in to one to fire…" While she was responding, she was turning to glance around. They would pass people on the street and she could pick up the conversation. Not a word understood… that really was going to be a huge problem! -07:49 Jun 29
Evander: "Inn is this way." he said shooting her a grin then turning. "So they’re weapons, and what you have is them… " he shot her another glance. "I don’t understand all of these words like…" he pointed to a sign above a subway enterence. "But I wouldn’t be very good at doing the sneaky stuff if I didn’t speak a little elven." -07:53 Jun 29
Kendra: Her eyes narrowed at him, and it was pretty clear her expression said you son of a bitch even if she didn’t voice the words out loud. He was just lucky they were in a strange place, or she’d be pulling that gun out to pistol whip him right there. "Then you aren’t entirely going to be a pain in my ass. Good. One thing doesn’t mean you know how this place works…" -07:57 Jun 29
Evander: "Teamwork, its what kept Ken and me alive… well.." he went silent again. "We both have strengths, so we both should use them, thats what I’m saying." he looked at her. "Ys that what you’re looking for?" he pointed to a hotel, but in the distance behind it there was also the gargantuan shape of a spaceport. "Thats some castle t…. In shoboth’s name.." as the mage watched a ship took off and straked uptards trailing smoke. "Someones .. doing something.. colledge mages?" -08:02 Jun 29
Kendra: "It’s a ship. A space shuttle. It’s just…" Not a design she ever saw before, and it looked pretty old… He was right, though, as much as she hated to admit it. Where ever they were, it was a strange blend of familair and unfamiliar and neither of them were gonna get home without a little help. …she really needed somewhere quiet to get her thoughts together! "Walk a little faster, I want to get out of the open…" she brushed past him, a faint scowl across her features. -08:07 Jun 29
Evander: "Noisy for a ship." he said knitting his brow before he looked at her then at the elves, then at the hotel and the column of smoke reaching for the stars. "To think I could have been in a tavern getting drunk instead of a mountaintop wishing for Ken back. "But at least I have her back, in a way. Wonder if theres a planar gate around here somewhere ir a scroll shop I can use to open one. Faster than taking a ship." -08:13 Jun 29
Kendra: Kendra turned around, walking backwards as she glared at him. "It’s a space ship, it’s gotta be noisy. And I’m not her, so unless you want me to start comparing you to Evan on how you say ship with the same accent, or squint your eyes up when you’re thinking… cut it out." Kendra wasn’t even sure why she felt so violently about it. Maybe it was feeling like she almost had him back, only for it to be some sort of cruel joke. Either way, if he didn’t stop bringing attention to it, she was going to end him. -08:21 Jun 29
Evander: He looks at her and put his hand in his hair againunable to meet her gaze. "Shes gone, I’ll never have her back. I know that…" he raised his hand again and his features appeared to change "Is that better?" -08:27 Jun 29
Kendra: "I don’t have a problem with what you look like, it’s what you’re talking about!" Kendra didn’t know how he could talk about it at all. She finally just growled as she turned away to resume walking. The sooner they were secluded away out of the public, the sooner she could lock herself in a bathroom and start sobbing. Even the way he’d glance away was a reminder, and it was starting to get really difficult to keep her cool. -08:32 Jun 29
Evander: He didn’t say anything more, the illusion masked his expression as he followed her to the Hotel and they entered. "Its not easy for me either." he said "I talk to remind myself shes gone. Otherwise I might feel for you what I did for her and .." he stepped up to the desk and spoke, asking about travel and accomodation quickly finding bargainign and haggling were not encouraged, but he traded his gold by wieght and a gem, the apparently was not as rare as was thought and a gem inspectore care to test is magical properties and was satisfied, damn goblins knew thier gems and he had stolen that one from a nobleman. But they had a room and he had some of the local paper money in his hand. -08:39 Jun 29
Kendra: He did know what he was doing. At least in that instance. Kendra didn’t say another word. Not until they were in the room. And even then she crossed the room in a stomp to the bathroom and slammed the door behind her! With her back against it, she slid to the floor letting those tears she had been holding in slip out in a stiffled sob. The universe was an asshole. She wished for Evan back and this is what she got. A man just like him, but nothing like him. Put in to some weird place where she had no idea what she was doing, and wanted so much to just hold on to him so she didn’t feel so fucking lost. This sucked. -08:45 Jun 29
Evander: The room was emty excapt for him, and he didn’t like it, white mains and strange lights and fixtures. So he chnaged it, ot at least made it look different. Wooden walls, an actual view od the mountains outside, not that tehre were mountains outside, not hereally, the bed coveres in a red sheet and flowers on the bedside table. The slowly he took out the locket and changed it’s appearence too, to make it look fixed. "Kendara… where are you now?" he whisperedbefore allowing himself a sob. "Why do I have your shade instead of you?" -08:53 Jun 29
Kendra: What she should have wished for was death, since it was so readily out granting wishes. Though it would be a piece of cake to pull her gun and blow her brains out. A sardonic thought for a woman sitting on the floor wallowing in her grief. After a few moments, she was wiping the back of her hand against her eyes and crawling up off the floor to the sink and mirror to splash her face with cold water. She didn’t believe in wishes, in magic, or in fate. But she had to deal with what she got, and it was pretty obvious she awake and living. When she finally did step out, she pretty much looked the way she felt. No sense in hiding in. ….and was a little surprised to find the room different. She squeezed her eyes shut and gestured to the room with both hands. "Turn this off." -09:04 Jun 29
Evander: The room did fade back to its normal form and not because of her command but because the mage looking at the broken device in his palm didn’t have the energy to keep it up. His features were back to normal as he looked up at her his cheeks shining. There were so many things he didn’t enderstand about this new world, and about how someone could be so like Kendara and yet.. he closed his hand around the locket and threw it aside it bouncing off the floor and sliding into the corner of the room. "Why didn’t they strike me down instead?" -09:10 Jun 29
Kendra: "That’s not going to help." …there was a small comfort in knowing he was just as wrecked as she was. Just a small one. Kendra wouldn’t have wanted anyone to feel that way. She crossed the room in a few short strides, stooping to pick up what he had thrown. Gnarled bits of metal, and few springs… very simple design. She didn’t think about what she was doing as she tinkered with it, but she was pretty sure he wouldn’t want to be so careless with it. "Why is a good question, though… Stuff like this doesn’t just happen. An experiment maybe. Crazy scientists… new aliens. Just wish it would have been something a little less…. hurtful." -09:16 Jun 29
Evander: "Enough with the words.. I don’t know what aliens, or guns, or starships are. I’m lost here and evey minute I’m reminded of the person I want to forget. Thinking about her is.. " he stalled and went quiet. "I’m sirry its not your fault. I just wish there was something I coulld do to make this easier for both of us. But I’m an illusionist, nothing I make is real." -09:23 Jun 29
Kendra: "It’s painful. It sucks. It’s like getting punched in the face over and over. I know…" Having her attention focused on something in her hands helped, a tiny bit. She walked as she fussed with it, taking a tiny little screw driver out of her back pocket to help shift the smaller pieces. "It’s better to know what’s real anyway… I hate feeling like I’m teetering on the edge of insanity and everything just keeps changing on me." Kendra finally stopped in front of him when the bits in her hand gave a soft click. So it was a music locket. She wound it up, then held it out for him. "Nothing is going to make it easier." -09:30 Jun 29
Evander: He took it and held it in his fingers as the lulaby played. "I…" he looked up at her a small amount of gratitude on his face before he stood and pulled her into a hug his cheek resting agaist her ear. "Thank you.. I could never have fixed that.. I didn”t really want to. I.." he let her go… "Loss isn’t easy, and… I always though we’d die together in a fight, biting off more than we could chew. I though I’d go first, when was always better with a blade, then she’d avenge my death until she surcumbed. Its.. you have to die sometime somehow. I always though I was a dead man walking until she gave me somehting to live for." -09:38 Jun 29
Kendra: Kendra was stiff for only a brief moment, and when he let her go, she wished he hadn’t. She was aware he wasn’t Evan, but the contact was so nice after so long… Her expression had softened now, and she gave a slight shrug of her shoulders. "We didn’t have a dangerous life… I fixed stuff, he’d ship it back and forth. We were supposed to get married months ago. Planned on kids and making the business bigger. Get old together. I told him not to take that stupid ship before I fixed it…! He was always so damned cocky.." She was tearing up again. Kendra didn’t think she had said word about what happened since his funeral. -09:46 Jun 29
Evander: "Sounds perfect." he said. "We didn’t really get married, we did our own ceremony on the road as a tiny shrine half overgrown and mostly forgotten. He spoke about chirldren but with us always moving and so much fighting it would be difficult." He was still looking at the locket in his hand. "I used to tease her she’d never settle down because she loved her horse more than me… but we were looking at getting enough to get a farm to breed them. Thats never going to happen now…" -09:53 Jun 29
Kendra: "Nope. They’re dead. Dead and gone, and wishing just got us this." she laughed, a soft shakey sound that really didn’t have any enthusiam in it. "He would have laughed about this. Said everything that happened was meant to happen. ‘Suck it up and deal with it, Kendra, everything will be fine.’ I don’t know how this is supposed to be fine…" -09:59 Jun 29
Evander: He looked at her and put his hand in his hair. It did sound like him… "Some things arn’t meant to be fine right away… time heals all wounds or something. I know it doesn’t feel like it. Not for me anyway, but we can’t be falling apart and trying to get somewhere at the same time. Its like when.. Kendara’s father died, head in the mission, do what you have to do and worry about mourning later." he had almost said ‘your father’, that would have been wrong. "Its easier to say than to do though." -10:06 Jun 29
Kendra: She snapped a finger and pointed at him. A very slow wink to go with it. "There’s a difference right there. My Dad is still alive." That helped? At least now she didn’t feel like some other woman’s clone. She grabbed his hand to pull it away from his hair. It wasn’t something that Evan ever did, and it didn’t bother her… but he would tug himself bald at this rate. "Easier to say, harder to do, but we’ll figure it out. We’re different people from different worlds, right? A lot of similar things, but a lot of different things too. And we both made a wish. …so what… crazy magic science? Magic is a nice little crock, but I really can’t think of anything else.." -10:11 Jun 29
Evander: "That is good." he said his hand holding the one that had pulled it away. "Cave crawlers are a horrible way to go.." he sighed and then put his other hand on hers too. "Where I’m from magic is very real.. theres usually more of a process though… its a lot like a science, studied, prepaired, then cast. Every spell you’ve seem me do are pre-prepaired as a different tatoo, the ones I don’t have tatoos for are a lot harder to do… like telelportation, Kendara was always on e about not being able to cast that, usually when we were cornered." he was talkign to fill the room with something other than thier hands being clasped and their mutual lonliness. -10:24 Jun 29
Kendra: "Then we figure out the magic science and make everything right again. That is probably the thing to do." Even when she said it, she could hear Evan’s cocky voice in the back of her head saying it was all for a reason. Looking down at their hands, she chewed on her lip as she gave it thought. If this was all for a reason, she was going to figure it out. Then she was going to shoot it. -10:31 Jun 29

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