Starcrossed 004 Truth: (TBC)

[Kendra was awake early…. with good reason!] -05:31 Sep 10
[Evander is just waking up and in hungry!] -05:32 Sep 10
Kendra: Waking up early was a typical thing for Kendra, but now it was just… maybe guilt? Confusion? She might have decided to roll with it and see what happens, but that didn’t mean it sat well with her. She was fully dressed and working on the engine when he stirred. "You sleep too long." -05:34 Sep 10
Evander: He frowned at her. "Magic takes a lot of energy." he looked away though, he had slept wth this woman and it had felt great but this was not Kendara. "It woke me up." he god up and still undressed moved to put a hand on the crystal of the engine. "Its in pain, there is no flow there should be a way to turn the crystal, just move it a little it has been still too long." he had decided to ignore what had happened. They were two adults and had comforted eachother. -05:40 Sep 10
Kendra: "These things aren’t alive are they?" It would figure that magic would have no scruples about using living beings to fuel something. Science had ethics. She kept the comment to herself though… arguing with him had landed them on the floor, which… was great. And that was exactly the problem. It shouldn’t have been. Kendra snatched up a another tool to see if she could shift the crystal around. -05:44 Sep 10
Evander: "They can feel, but not think." he said. "One of the reason we need more in here, without a stronger glow theres no way we will have enough energy. You can’t feel it can you, when you touch the crystal. Those born with magic can, and some who arn’t. I can’t enagine a world without them. They’re just not usually… bound… like this. Bound in a machine, used. For good reason. There is a kind or magic like this that even on my world is looked down on. I hope for both our sakes that this is not it." -05:50 Sep 10
Kendra: "Maybe I can make some sort of renewable energy cycle with it." she muttered. Well, that was great. Bad magics… Kendra didn’t want to be a crystal murderer, or whatever the hell that entailed. "A renewing cycle would mean it could recharge during down time. No draining. Just means a few less fancy quicks in my new little ship." She could deal with that. Kendra managed to get the thing in to a new position. She didn’t mention she could feel it humming under her hands. She had thought it was just a quirk of the power source, not some magical sense mumbo jumbo! -05:54 Sep 10
Evander: He ran his fingers against the warm surface and looked deed into it. "I really havn’t seen one this size before. I can feel some of my own magic into it to keep it fed until I have find more crystals to transport their energy into it until its big enough to take care if itself. But that means I need energy, which means I need food. Before then though I want to see where the controls are." -05:57 Sep 10
Kendra: "Not getting any bright ideas about trying to fly it, are you?" she had a wry sort of grin as she stood and wiped her hands on her pants. Still, she was turning to lead the way down the corridor to the flight controls. Kendra had been so wrapped up in tinkering and thinking, she had completely forgotten about food. "Most of the panels are working fine, but I’ll have to reconfigure everything with the updated engine. Try not to fritz anything." -06:04 Sep 10
[Evander enters.] -06:17 Sep 10
Evander: He entered the cockpit and furrowed his brow. There should be something here… something to… he growled in frustraction. "It said theres a way to get it energy from the sun and that is in this room, enough so that I don’t kill myself trying to feed it an maybe for it to remember more of the ship." -06:22 Sep 10
Kendra: "It said. Not really negating the whole living being thing." Kendra eyed him for a moment before she was quickly looking away to search the controls. She snapped her fingers and pointed when she found them. Sliding in to the seat with ease, and fussing with the buttons. Ever so often she’d tap her foot while she was fussing with it. "The hull has solar panels on all side, but most of them seem to be damaged. I’ll have to fix them. I guess that’ll be priority number one to save our new crystaline friend?" -06:26 Sep 10
[(Timeout) Evander doesn’t post enough.] -06:31 Sep 10
Evander: "Like I said I’ve never seem one this big, so it might be different from the ones I know. And yes, if it dies then we need a new crystal, and one that size would buy a continent where I’m from. Or get you executed if you tried to house a demon in it." he was poking around the controls and feelign the energies around each. "So are we going to eat then get back to work. And he would need to put clothes on. -06:31 Sep 10
Kendra: "Gonna have to eat if you want me to do this right." Kendra very nearly swatted his away from the controls. "I’m great with you going on like that, but maybe some pants are in order. ….and supplies. We’ll need to get supplies for the ship too while we’re out. I can’t find everything here in the junkyard." -06:34 Sep 10
Evander: "I’ll get my robes and language skills." he said moving away back towards the engine room. Money, that was going to become an issue fast if they were not careful. "I hope you like elf food, we’ll be stopping at the mocal produce market.. if they have one. I don’t want to sell absolutely everything I own just to eat." -06:37 Sep 10
Kendra: "I’ve probably eaten worse…" Kendra vaguely wondered if he had only met storybook races, and what he’d do the minute he saw a true alien species. Would he think it was a demon? She was giving that some thought as she watched him leave. He was pretending like nothing happened. Which… she was doing too. So why did it bother her? Kendra scoffed. -06:40 Sep 10
Evander: He got dressed and then took another look around the engine room placing a hand on the crystal. He could learn a lot from it, maybe even expand his power. So many people undervalued illusion. In the past he had traded a stone for the most lavish mean he and Kendara had ever eaten my giving it a permonant illusion of being whatever the looker wanted it to be. Somehow he guessed that Kendra would not approve. -06:43 Sep 10
Kendra: Kendra locked up the controls, making sure nobody else was gonna sneak in there and steal her new prize. Then she was making sure she had a weapon on her. A good solid gun was a hell of a lot more reliable than fancy magic tricks. When she rejoined him, her arms were crossed and she was a little wary. But at least not nearly as surly as she was yesterday. "I’d like to get back here and back to work as soon as we can…" …and maybe only slightly because she was surprisingly uncomfortable with the idea that she didn’t have a clue how to behave here. -06:47 Sep 10
Evander: "Then we should go." he turned to head out of the ship through the modest cargo hold and towards th exit of the junkyard. He wasn’t looking at her, he didn’t want to. What would he see? Her eyes or Kendara’s. She didn’t feel like Kendara anymore, and yet he wanted her again even though he didn’t want to. They were getting off this planet. -06:51 Sep 10
Kendra: She followed, ever so often casting him a side glance. Of course he wasn’t going to look at her. He probably regretted the entire thing as much as she did! …except, she didn’t. Which was worse. Maybe not thinking about it and pretending it didn’t happen was the best idea. Her hands were stuffed in to her pockets, as she warily watched where they were going. The place was so much like her home, but the differences… She hated feeling out of place and out of control. "Are you going to be able to deal your way around a market?" -06:56 Sep 10
Evander: "I can haggle." he said. "Elve are terrible businessmen, its the goblins you have to watch out for." he stole a quick glance at her then refocused on looking ahead. ‘You hust keep an eye out for things we need and do not let it show in your body language how much we need it or I’ll have to cast a spell on you." -07:00 Sep 10
Kendra: "Cast a spell on me, and I’m going to shoot you. I’ve done plenty of dealing myself." Of course she was more irked by the spellcasting than the insult about her bluffing skills. Kendra didn’t have her own shop for nothing. Her arms were crossed again and now she was frowning. "I’ll let you know when I need something." -07:04 Sep 10
Evander: Business like talks here safe. "Likewise." he didn’t take her threat seriously though. Unless she suddenly could speak the language. "Its strange being around someone who has no magic on them." -07:06 Sep 10
Kendra: "Well, it’s strange interacting with someone who doesn’t understand technology, and still acts like they have shit down." she muttered. To keep from looking at him again, she trained her focus on studying the people out on the street. Almost everyone was a pointy eared elf… There were others. Maybe a couple humans here and there, but they skittered around so quick, Kendra was wondering if it was such a good idea to be out. "I’ll be glad to get out of this stupid city." -07:12 Sep 10
Evander: "Me too… Elves…" he spotted what looked like a market and headed towards it. "I’ve seen what they do to towns…" he had to supress a shudder. "We should also discuss sleeping arangements, and find out how many rooms we have." -07:14 Sep 10
Kendra: "Three sleeping chambers, a common room, supplies closet, cargo hatch, control panel, combined shower and laundry which kinda sucks space wise." she rambled off the list from memory. After all, she really needed to know her ship in order to fix it and fly it…. and soon live in it. With him. For gods knew how long. That didn’t seem so bad anymore, outside of the fact they weren’t -talking- about things. Kendra stayed close to his heels. The market was more crowded and she had no desire to get lost in a place she couldn’t talk the language. -07:22 Sep 10
Evander: Well played, ignoring an invitation to talk about things, si you obviously don’t want to. So be it. He took a deep breath and distracted himself with the first food stall and having a look at what was on offer. Nothing stood out to him though. -07:24 Sep 10
Kendra: "There’s a tech shop." Her tone might’ve sounded a smidgen more excited than she meant it to. Despite her unease with the place, and this awkward…thing… they had going, Kendra really did like to tinker. She was also ready to fill the silence with anything familiar, with or without food. "If I go to look and promise to keep my mouth shut, I can tell you if there’s something worth getting." -07:32 Sep 10
Evander: "Go, I’ll get food and meet you nack here in twenty minutes." he turned away from the stall. "Not talking won’t help you either you’re not disguised." he walked off not looking back to see if she followed, this food was different from what elves normally ate. Phoenix lives pate was popular, and bevaise fo the nature of peonixed the livers had to be removed while it was alive. But there was a shop nearby the smelled of pastry. -07:35 Sep 10
Kendra: Kendra flipped him the finger when his back was turned. It was better than screaming at him in the middle of the street. Why the hell couldn’t she just… Argh! She bottled it. Stalking off towards the techshop. This was so much harder than it had to be. -07:39 Sep 10
Evander: Chaos could be caused here, and he could cause it. He was tempted to just to relieve frustration, but instead he was walking into a bakery to buy bread and a couple of pies and orginising for fresh bread to be delivered every morning to the ship. So she regreted it, and was probablt hating him, that didn’t matter they were still in the same boat together. All he needed to do was get back and read. Why was he so worked up anyway? -07:43 Sep 10
Kendra: "Should try amiable smilie priss, see how that goes over…" she mumbled under her breath as she stepped in to the shop and took a quick look around. Almost immediately, she felt a little bit more at home. Almost like going through the doorway was a nice barrier away from what vexed her. She could swallow her pride and just deal with him. But would he? Mister so damned cocky? …At least on the shelves she could spot a good handful of things they’d need. Kendra made a mental list of them. -07:48 Sep 10
Evander: Sohe had food that they could have without a way to cook, and a need to punch someone, thse two usually didn’t go together. Now he was in a bookshop thumbing though books on technology, they were hard to read but with a wave of his hand they translated themselves. Illusion magic was useful, no matter what anyone said. He’d shove thos book in her have to shut her up and then get around to his reading. WHY WAS HE SO ANGRY ABOUT THIS? -07:52 Sep 10
Kendra: At least most of the tech here didn’t involve the crystals. Those crystals seemed to fuel bigger ticket items. The clerk seemed to be watching her, almost staring her down. Jackass probably thought she was likely to steal something! Kendra cast him a cheeky grin, and followed that up with a quick exit. She had her list, for her new overlord and room mate. That was a nice term of phrase for him. Overlord. Once back on the street, it took her a moment to remember the direction, and then she was stalking off to meet him. -08:03 Sep 10
Evander: He moed to the meeting place and saw her on her way too so he came up next to her and put a pie in her hand. "I have a present for you." he said producing the book and holding it out to her. "It should help you understand what these people do with and without crystals." He took a large bite from his pie and then chewed. "Find anuthing useful?" -08:07 Sep 10
Kendra: Kendra looked a little surprised by the ‘present’. But almost immediately she was scowling again. He thought she couldn’t figure this stuff out on her own. She snatched the book, juggling it and pie with one hand so she could flip through the pages. …she could read it. He used illusion magic on it too. "Fantastic." she grumbled. "And I did. The techshop has a lot of the tools I’m going to need. Just the basics so I can do a better diagnostic on the ship." Kendra wanted to take this book and smack that look off his face. But she was repressing it. For the greater, long term good, right? Can’t kill your partner. -08:12 Sep 10
Evander: "Then we should head back there next." and as usual he would pay for everything because she couldn’t part with her guy or whatever else she had. "Or do you want me to give you money so you don’t have me hovering over your shoulder the whole time?" he honestly though she’d apreciate the book, well looked like she apreciated nothing. He’d be better off throwing himself over a cliff. -08:15 Sep 10
Kendra: "I’m helpless without a translator around, remember? I need them now." Of course she would -prefer- doing everything her damned self! Hadn’t he already made it perfectly clear that she was screwed without him? Kendra stalked passed him to lead the way to the shop. The faster they got what she needed and they were back on the ship, the quicker she could dive in to working and not have to deal with him. -08:19 Sep 10
Evander: "Its not dificult to put thing on a counter and shove money onto thier faces." he followed after her anyway. "But fine I’ll do it just put everything you want in a bag and lets get this over with. The sooner you’re not snapping at me the better." -08:22 Sep 10
Kendra: "Right, because I am the only one with a problem today." See. This. This was exactly why it was better off without speaking. He knew he had the upperhand, so he could be all high and mighty as he pleased. …Of course, she was ignoring the fact she -might’ve- did the exact same thing to him prior to last night. But she was busy stuffing that pie in her mouth, the book tucked under her arm, and entering the tech shop to grab what she wanted. Kendra got herself a box to keep everything from getting clattered together and made quick work of snatching up the stuff they needed most. -08:27 Sep 10
Evander: "Clearly, but I guess one of up has more regrets than the other an ddoesn’t want to talk so fine, I’ll leave you alone for the rest of eternity. I should have gone the other way the moment I met you. Things would be a lot simpler even though then I’d be the one with regrets. -08:30 Sep 10
Kendra: Kendra was swallowing that last bite, just in time to shove that filled box in to his arms. "Oh. What was that? You wanna have that fight -here-? Cause I am more than happy to let you know what I think about men who fuck you and spend the next morning treating you like a gods damned bimbo knowing she’s screwed without you." -08:34 Sep 10
Evander: He put the box on the counter to be totaled and then turned to confront her. "And I’ll let you know what I think about girls that screw you, then blame everything on you and pretend that they’re all helpless and taken advantage of when I’m just as fucked without you as you are without me. He just about threw the money at the guy without even haggling. "And another thing I get you something I think you’d find interestng and you act like you want to kill me with it. I’m done here. Take you box and find your own way back." he stormed out and disappeared, literally fading into invisibility. He wasn’t going to put up with her playign the victim. -08:39 Sep 10
Kendra: Playing the victim? As if she even wanted to -be- one…! Kendra growled snatched her box, paying no mind to the overly interested clerk as she left. So it was good she was paying attention on the way there. Vanish on her and leave her to deal with shit by herself. Fine. She wasn’t scared. And that twinge she felt was probably just the aneurism he was giving her. …how the hell did they even get back to screaming at each other again! -08:45 Sep 10
Evander: He pushed through the crown adn was toon in the jaryard. He didn’t want to be back but where else was he going to go. He followed the trail of energy he had left and was soon entering the delrelict and putting the food away before laying claim to one of the bedrooms and closing the door. He didn’t want to see her and he didn’t want to talk to her and he had a bottle. -08:50 Sep 10
Kendra: It took her much longer to get back. First of all, she was carrying a heavy ass, awkwardly shaped box full of tools. Second, the streets were clearly designed by idiots because they wound around in nonsensical ways. Kendra just got lucky enough to remember landmarks and strange buildings. So when she got back, she was so damned glad he wasn’t in visible sight, as she might’ve just killed them both in a fit of psychotic rage. Kendra set her box down in the engine room and was immediately diving in to working. -08:53 Sep 10
Evander: He was kicking something as he upended the bottle and drank. He sure as hell didn’t know what an intercome was nor that it made a hissing sound on every other intercom on the ship when he pressed it, or that when it was pressed she could hear him.. or would be able to if he were speaking. "You are an idiot Evander." well maybe he was. "Of course she was going to regret it. Like you should." -08:57 Sep 10
Kendra: Kendra had crawled up under some of the machinery and was hyper focused on twisting coils, sautering bits, and stripping out bad wiring. So when she heard his voice, she had assumed he entered the room and bolted upright. Only to clang her head on the steal above her. "Shitfuck!… ow…!" Wait, what…? He wasn’t in there. Nor talking to her… so who regretted what now? …and where the fuck was he? -09:02 Sep 10
Evander: He was takign another drink and could feel the buzz starting and his rant gaining momentum. "So you fucked her, like an idiot, you wake up and shes dressed and working and you know how that makes you feel? Not relieved like you should but hurt and defencive. Like you’re not good enough, like you’re some cheap dick to make her feel better and then tossed aside. So much for having the fist good night’s sleep in.. ever…. I’m going to need more booze." there was a bang as his feet hit the deck and he stood, leaned agaisnt the wall and took a drink from the still half full bottle. "In a bit." -09:08 Sep 10
Kendra: What the hell was all that… Kendra crawled out from under the machinework, and rose a hand to touch her head. With a wince she pulled it back and spied the small bit of blood. Great. So apparently she knocked her head so hard she was hearing things. …what she wanted to hear? No, that wasn’t what she wanted to hear. It just made her feel BAD. Remaining knelt on the floor she pressed her palm to her forehead, a little disoriented. …then she heard the small crackle of the intercom. Ah. …..oh. Kendra got back to her feet, and moved to lean against the wall. Hesitating before she finally pressed the button. "…Evander. I can hear you…" -09:13 Sep 10
Evander: There was the sound of breaking glass and swearing. "What? Fine like I care do whatever it is youre doing I need a mop." and another bottle, adn to get away from the voice in the wall. "How?" it didn’t metter he was pulling open the door and heading for the common area to search for a mop if they had one. He suspected they didn’t. -09:16 Sep 10
Kendra: "I don’t regret what we did." Kendra didn’t answer the question. She just held the button. He’d hear it, anywhere, even if he didn’t know how the damned thing worked. After a long silence, she continued. "…I’m not good at this. I know I say I can handle it and I know what I’m doing. …I hate feeling out of control. I hate being afraid of what’s going to happen next. Last night was the only thing I’ve felt connected to in a really long time. You don’t know how frightening that is." It was easier not being face to face with him. She could say what she wanted to say without having to see the look on his face. -09:24 Sep 10
Evander: He didn’t answer, he had instead made himself at home int he common area with another so far unopened bottle and found the voice was coming from close to a button labled ‘push to talk’. "And I’m excelent at handling sleeping with and then being ignored by the first person who I’ve felt any trust for. We should just agree that the sex was great and even for a moment it made up feel okay. We’re staying in the same ship and it was bound to happen at some point. The inportant thing is what happens now. -09:29 Sep 10
Kendra: Kendra hit the wall in frustration. Almost as good as hitting him. She held the button again, almost growling at the intercom. "Do you think this is easy for me and that I do this on purpose? I feel like I should be guilty, but I’m not. That I should feel bad, but I don’t. I don’t want to fight with you, but there is that voice that says you’re going to leave me. And then I wonder when the hell I lost my mind! …so now I don’t even know if I am pretending to be mad, or pretending to not care, or if I am even thinking anymore at all." It came out as a rush of words. It sounded like complete nonsense, from thought to mouth without any filters. -09:38 Sep 10
Evander: "I’m here arn’t I?" he snapped. "This is a bog city and there had to be someone who speaks human around, you could just as easily leave me. I don’t want to get emotionally attached to anyone but what went out the wondow the moment I slept with you. I don’t even know you but I have three bloody knucked from being angry at myself for leaving you behind. f I were someone else I’d punch me in the face and tell me to stop beign an idiot." -09:42 Sep 10
Kendra: She rest her head against the wall, going silent for several moments. They were right back at square one all over again. What they wanted and what they needed were the exact same thing. So why did they keep doing this? …why did she keep doing this? "You told me last night not to worry about right and wrong and just go with what I feel. …but I feel everything when it comes to you, and I don’t know where it’s coming from. I want to hit you, I want to love you… What am I supposed to do with that? Tell me what you want me to do." -09:52 Sep 10
Evander: He put the bottle down and rested his head on the couch. "Come up here and talk, don’t want to look at a metal box. That is what I want you to do." he stopped talking and started thinking, he really didn’t know what he wanted either, other than her here, in his arms. -09:55 Sep 10
Kendra: Talk to him in person. …Kendra wasn’t so sure she was going to be able to do that. She obviously couldn’t function where he was concerned. Still… she pushed away from the wall, abandoning her work and her sanity to find him. It wasn’t a big ship and it only took a moment before she was dropping next to him on the couch. With her arms crossed and eyeing the bottle. Where did he get that? She could have used some of that… -09:59 Sep 10
Evander: "I don’t know what I want either." he said. "But I am not too drunk to know that I did enjoy last night and I an attatched to you, what you make of that I don’t know. I wanted you up here so that I could have my arms around you. Maybe I am drunk." -10:02 Sep 10

Starcrossed 003: Collision

[Evander Seems to have made adeal to stick with the woman who clearly doesn’t want anything to do with him… right?] -02:58 Jul 01
[Kendra doesn’t know what the fuck she’s thinking anymore. She’s just going to roll with it and see what happens.] -03:00 Jul 01
Kendra: Junkyards. They were one of Kendra’s favorite places. Tons and tons of old bits and pieces, lost and neglected. In perfectly good condition if you knew how to repair them. At the gates she haggled a nice little deal… well. HE did the talking, but she did the instructing. Anything she could get out of there in a small ship was theirs, for a nice little price. Now was a matter of finding just the right thing for a Magician and a Mechanic. -03:03 Jul 01
Evander: Well the deal was done, they had free reign of the junkward and aff they had to do was find a ship and fix it up. THey had been taken to a bunch of battered wrecks. Evander looked sceptical but then he had no experience with these ships. He did notice however a few components he knew to be magical… Incliding one with a missing panel and an explosed crysta that it looked like someone had tried to wrench out and broke it in the process. "For someone claiming to be able to fix these… they seem to have a lot of technomagical components…" -03:10 Jul 01
Kendra: "Technomagical… there’s a fun new word." She stooped to pick up something interesting. He was right, though. A lot of this stuff had been built with… unfamiliar science. Which was going to be her new phrase for magical nonsense. It didn’t mean she wouldn’t know how to put it all together but… "Good thing I have a magician, hmm? Pretty sure I can take care of the hard stuff, and you and make it all glitter-glowy with the spells." -03:13 Jul 01
Evander: He pulled the broken chrystal out of the coupling and looked at it with an almost sad look in his eye before be blew of it and the crack repaired itself bit there was no glow from inside, no fire. "I shouldn’t have sold that blasting wand.." he muttered pocketing the chrystal and turning to her. "So what are these things?" -03:20 Jul 01
Kendra: "Spare parts from…. just about everything under the sun. Ships, generators, machines, robots… A graveyard of neglected technology." She pointed down a path and started walking. In the farest back corners of the yard there were much MUCH bigger pieces of gnarled metal. Vessels of various sizes. Some of which had Kendra’s fingers twitching and that wicked look of wanting falling over her face. Buuut… they had to take something smaller. She stopped near the ones that had a reasonable size for two people. "Hmm. So take your pick, Magician. Which of these beautiful babies would you like to live in?" -03:25 Jul 01
Evander: They looked like delapidated metal birds. "I liked the bigger ones." he said "But they looked like bricks.. these…" he knew which one he wanted but had to see the rest too. but he couldn’t resist.. he stepped up the ramp and into the dark interiour raiing his hand to congur a ball of light to follow him. Hanging wires and debris but mostly intect… maybe.. what were these things meant to look like?" -03:30 Jul 01
Kendra: Kendra was watching his expression. He really was so much like Evan… she could see those little ticks and know which he liked and which he didn’t by the tiniest of changes. She followed him, knocking a hand against one of the walls on the interior and glancing up at the roof. "They can look like anything, really. Most ship designers aren’t exactly creative, so you get a lot of boxy things…" Light balls. Those were useful, not even a flashlight in his hand. Hrrm. -03:37 Jul 01
Evander: He looked around running his hand on the dusty wall. "Not this one though, its not sleek but it has shape to it…" he mounted a metal staircase leading up and peered into a corridor. "WHat is this ship like? Do you know it’s type?" -03:44 Jul 01
Kendra: "I will have to see it’s engine to know for sure. It looks like a long distance shuttle. So it would have one hella badass power source." In fact… she very much wanted to take a look. If she could stop looking at him and waiting for his approval. …she wasn’t even the one picking out the ship! Why did it matter! "Seems to be enough room for two people. Passengers too if we wanted. Or cargo." -03:50 Jul 01
Evander: He pointed to the ball of light, then at her and it floated over to hover abover her shoulder. "Lead the way, I’d want to see it too, and the rooms, and everythign else." he likes what he ahd seen so far, is was tight but not cramped, and if they were getting oassented he could make the interious look very homely. -03:56 Jul 01
Kendra: Kendra leaned away from the ball of light, almost like she thought it was alive and going to snap at her. With a faintly cross look, she turned and led the way through the corridors. There wasn’t far to go, a pass through a common room. A step down some stairs and through a hatch. Once she found her engine room, Kendra was both pleased and vexed. The majority of it was completely recognizable. She knew every bit and piece down to the wire and bolts. But the part that should have been tank of fuel, or a power coil, or a reactor chamber… was one of those damned crystals. Larger than any damned gem she’d ever seen. Kendra leaned forward and squinted. Yep… just like his. It wasn’t very bright, and barely a flicker, but that weirdness was in there. "What the hell am I supposed to do with this." -04:00 Jul 01
Evander: He stepped forwards and placed the gingertips of both hands on the surface of the crystal and closed his eyes. "Vigilaveris Musa et dare nobis lux." there was the feeling like he was being looked at then the room lit up, parially. "This will take work.." he muttered "And materials.. but the crystal is undamaged." -04:10 Jul 01
Kendra: "Well then. Looks like you won’t be so useless on board, after all, Magician!" There was the slight curve of a smirk to her lips, despite the fact she was crossing her arms and more than a little annoyed that her ship ….. THE ship was going to be magic powered. The question repeated in her head. What the fuck was she supposed to do with that? Pray the damned thing worked and they didn’t fall out of the sky when his little illusions suddenly failed? -04:13 Jul 01
Evander: "This is wrong." he said "This is all wrong. Al of thene out here abandoned like garbage.. if we can find more crystals like this in the other ships I can bring thier sparks to this one, with enough we’l be able to get… a lot of power…" he mind was working overtime as he gauged gow much energy the system in gron of him was designed to take. "I have a book that might help, but you’ll have to know the basic of hos crystals and magic work first.." he was tracing a cable and reading the symbols on it… "But this… its different from anythign I’ve seem orread about.. maybe you’ll be able to fill in the gaps." -04:23 Jul 01
Kendra: "So you want to go rock hunting in a graveyard of metal." Digging around the junkyard looking for crystals when what she needed was something serious. Kendra didn’t know if she wanted to laugh or just chuck him out there to keep him busy while she did the real work. "Okay… you can find your little rocks and I will do the real work. I’m sure once I get all of the wiring repaired I can figure out how this damned thing works. It can’t be that different from a coil…" -04:31 Jul 01
Evander: He looked at her. "Where I’m from a crystal this size could buy a kingdom, but you see the problem here is.." he pointed into the core of the crystal it should be filled with fire.. its almost empty, you’d be lucky to get a lame mule for it like this. Think of it like this. Its a lantern that almost out of oil. What I’ll be doing is finding other lanterns and takign thier oil to put into ours. Then we can her enrgy in this ship and look for breaks in cables and see about turning things on." his voice was impatient and iritated at her contempt. "Unless you want to run out of energy in the air, that would be fun." -04:40 Jul 01
Kendra: "Thank you, no, I understand how shitty it’d be to drop out of the sky." He hit a button. A really bad button, and the worst part was that she knew she was reacting to it and couldn’t control it. "It’s not like I haven’t repaired ships my entirely life and killed my own fiance from fucking it up, but thanks!" And there went the sarcasm. Kendra clamped her mouth shut as she gave a soft growl. Turn away, let it go. So she did. Stomping across the room, to see what bits and pieces were scattered around that needed to be put back together. "I’ll ask you for your magic mumbo jumbo when I need it, for the time being you can go digging." -04:46 Jul 01
Evander: The ball of light disipated plunging then into darkness with only the feeble glow of the crystal and the glowing runes on his neck for light. He couldn’t not feel and it made his magic difficult. Just like it had when he had seen her falling, a spell could have saved her. "Last I checked I spent my entire savings getting this ship." he said "That in any world’s law makes it mine. I intend to make it my home for however long it takes to repair and however long I choose to reamin on it after that so if anyones giving orders here its me." his tone was low but charged with emotion. "Unless you’re going to pull a weaking on me again which would not be wise…" the glow awakened in his eyes making them bright blue, he had no control over it and it was doubtful he even was aware of it. "So can you fix this ship or did I just waste everything I had?" -04:57 Jul 01
Kendra: The room went dark, and she wondered if he knew how much it bothered her. And was annoyed even further to think that he did and he was using it on purpose. He looked like a demon in the dark, but at least that faint glow would give her something to aim at. "You wouldn’t have this ship at all were it not for me, nor will you be able to fix it without me. Money doesn’t mean shit if you don’t know how to use it…" Kendra didn’t give a remark about the weapon. She was already laying a hand on her gun, tempted to pull it just to press HIS buttons and see how far she could test him. "You can barely hold your tricks together, if anyone is gonna to keep this ship in the air, it will be me." -05:07 Jul 01
Evander: "Stupid.. arogant… ignorent…" he slosed his hands into fists and slowly lifted them, as with the creaking of metal the ship shudered and lifterd a few inches from the ground, then feww beck and he didn’t even stumble. "You’re right, I wouldn’t have this ship if it wasn’t for you, I’d be out of the city finding a bacin in the mountains, or a small farm, or maybe just murbering preople for money. Who the fuck cares. Its not too late for me to get my money back, leave you here and go and find my own life. You want to know why I bought this ship? Because I wanted to go on an adventure with you. Do not make me change my mind about that." he took a step forwards. "Because if you do I’ll take my sword back and leave you here." -05:15 Jul 01
Kendra: "Oh, I’m sorry. Am I too much to deal with? Not as congenial and understanding as your dead wife?" Now she was down right being a bitch. It didn’t matter than her conscience was screaming at her, and her better sense was groaning. He had done nothing but sigh over that woman, and try to vex her with his spells, and she was looking for any excuse to lash out at something. "I’d like to see you try and take back that sword. You think those illusions of yours are so damned grand, but they aren’t nothing but parlor tricks." -05:25 Jul 01
Evander: He punched her in the back "I don’t need magic for everything." he growled grabbing her shoulder and pulling her back up to push her agaist a wall. "Stop treating me like an ignorent villager or some kind of child. I’m a grown man who tried, once to live a peacful life and I failed. So now you’re here saying I’m useless and treating me like some loadstone around your neck I will show you what I can do without magic." -05:30 Jul 01
Kendra: Son of a bitch was sneaky and it was her own fault for not immediately being ready for a fight. "I don’t care two shits about where you’re from and what you’ve done! I just know you’re here!" That was probably the weakest comeback she’d ever given. That didn’t matter either, because she was pulling out her gun and swinging it to sock him with the butt. She didn’t have to use firepower either, but that didn’t mean she would kick his ass without a weapon. -05:37 Jul 01
Evander: There the was grunt of pain and he pulled away, grabbed her arm and flipped her onto her back on the floor twisting the wrist that held the gun, then pinned her to the floor and one thand holding her worist down adn the other squeezing her throat as he pushed his full wieght down on her, sitting on her to keep her down as he leant forwards to put his face adn inch from hers. "I am here, and I don’t like the way you talk donw to me. I don’t give half a shit what you think about me but if this is going to work you can at least fucking acknowlede I’m not a helpless little baby." -05:46 Jul 01
Kendra: Kendra was on the floor faster than she could blink, which made it really hard to hide that look of surprise. Evan had never been so quick to move, and as she struggled against his weight with a bit of twisting and squirming, she was aware he had never been that strong either. Kendra couldn’t throw him off her, she could only grip his wrist with her free hand and dig her nails in to his skin. Despite the position she gave him that assinine smirk. "Who says I want it to work. Maybe I don’t care about that or anything else. I’ll get us both killed and not think twice about that either. Could be better to just kill me now." She was really just trying to goad him, but there was a small dangerous truth to her words. -05:54 Jul 01
Evander: He squeezed her troat harder his thumb pinching her windpipe. "Getting yourself killed? It would be faster for me to just do it myself, ot you to do it yourself.. I don’t intend to die, I still have a life to live and places to see… if youcan’t see that then you’re already dead…" DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT WHY WAS HE FEELING SORRY FOR HER… "And…" there was not and, only him lips meeting hers. Maybe now she’d stop her whining and… no and there either… this felt good. -06:05 Jul 01
Kendra: A squeezing hand on her throat she saw coming, a kiss… not at all! The surprised sound and the slight jump that follow only seemed to press her mouth harder to his and… she couldn’t seem to find the will to turn away. Kendra wanted the fight. Her legs twist and attempted to pull up, and she tried to slid her pinned arm free. She wanted… all that resistance seemed to melt the longer she kept returning his kiss. Why couldn’t she just turn away! -06:14 Jul 01
Evander: He could have grabbed her wrist again but he needed that hand to bury in her hair as he slid his lips agaist hers and gave an all too preased sigh.. but her struggles… he bit her lip and growled gripping her hair tightly and pushe his hips down on top of her… Gods he was being aggresive with her when he should be not toutching her at all! -06:22 Jul 01
Kendra: Kendra hissed a growl back at him. Shoving roughly against his shoulder, just a natural instinct to fight against him. But… that same instinct was fighting with that little bit of her that couldn’t stop the kiss. Glaring and squirming and all, her fingers were digging in to the fabric of his clothes and her mouth teasing his with a relaxed bit of pressure and a slip of her tongue. Couldn’t she do anything without contradicting her own thoughts?! -06:28 Jul 01
Evander: He met her tongue with his and slipping his legs between hers. This was wrong… it hadn’t been.. no he couldn’t think… not about anything but Kendra against him as he pulled her shirt up to feel her bare skin his sking tingling as he toutched her stomach… -06:34 Jul 01
Kendra: It was all out of control. Every moment since she saw him had been out of control. She never felt like this. Not even with Evan. Her fiance had never made her feel so out of control, and out of herself. Her hand slipped to the back of his neck, squeezing it and pulling him down to ravage his lips with a nip of her teeth. -06:45 Jul 01
Evander: He tore her top from her more than took it off and grabbed her breast roughly. He couldn’t stopm not even if he wanted to.. this was for her right, to show her there was always more to live for… He presed his lips hard against hers and unclaped his robe on the chest and waist giving her full access to everything. -06:49 Jul 01
Kendra: Kendra gasped, mutter swome curse at him against his mouth. Who knew the simple sound of ripped fabric would be just as jolting as the rough touch of his hands against her skin. That needy achey feeling all the way down to the pit of her stomach had her whole body working against her. Her hands slipped to his shoulders, raking her nails down over them as his chest. Slipping fingertips over his tattoos with that mild sense of feeling the power underneath, but being too wrapped up in how he made her feel like a live wire to even notice. She hated herself for wanting it so bad, but had no will to give any protest beyond a faint groan! -06:57 Jul 01
Evander: He unclasped her pants and pulled away to pulle them off, it was the diffences that stood out more than anything, this wasn’t his wife, bt she was dead and he had a right fo move on, this was the start of something new and exciting. Moving to grip her shoulders and pull her up agaist him he took control and moved hsi hit so hers his tip rubbing agaist her. Then he was kissing her again as he sunk in the feeling of her lip parting making him rush to thrust in and grind and nip her to stop himself grunting too loudly. -07:06 Jul 01
Kendra: Her arms went around his neck, forehead pressed against his as she stared in to his eyes. Kendra wasn’t searching for anything beyond what he was feeling right in that moment. If it mirrored the intense, overwhelming passion that seemed to take precedence over her every thought. Her legs wrapped around him too, hips grinding and rocking to feel every inch of him. Every motion rushing that sense of electricity through her and making her skin tingle. -07:16 Jul 01
Evander: His eyes did miror her pasion and desperation he was griping her tughtlu to her and pressign ehr agaist the back as he pushe and thrust. There was a sound in his thoat now, half growl half groan and all bite. He wanted to feel more, feel it all.. everything she could give him… and evey nernve and movement echoed his need. -07:23 Jul 01
Kendra: The fenzied kiss she gave him, all breathless, soft and urging, didn’t match the way her arms tightened or her nails dug in to his back. The way she dug her hand in to his hair and pulled hard, leaving her access to nibble and lick along the line of his jaw and release quick whimpering sigh at his ear. She was falling to the point of toe curling agony, that alarming sensation of being carried away but too delicious to give up! -07:32 Jul 01
Evander: SHe was going to drive him insane or worse, she was already driving him to grind into ehr harder than he ever had before… he ahd her cisrled in his arms and his mouth was open, every breath an audiable hiss. SHe was going to drive him past the point, but he didn’t want this to end. -07:38 Jul 01
[Kendra enters.] -07:41 Jul 01
Kendra: She couldn’t stand it. Kendra was throbbing all the way down to her core. Catching her breath to the point of not being able to breath, and gasping with every shift and squeeze of his arms. That list bit of resistance gave way, and Kendra sank her teeth in to his shoulder to stifle the sudden moan that came with her body’s response. The tightening, the shivver up her spin. All of it coming with a wave of dizzying euphoria. -07:49 Jul 01
Evander: His hand mover to grip the back of her head as his shoulder thoughtened under her teeth. He was usually very causious about damage t his skin but there was not sign of that now. He rocked agaist his muscles straining before he whimpered and filled hermoving to hols her ear gently in his teeth panting as he did to. Its was amazing… and unlike anything before it. -07:55 Jul 01
Kendra: It was so intense she was left clinging to him for several moments. Her face resting against his shoulder as she tried to catch her breath. There was that feeling of her twitching and tapping her fingers against his back. The way she seemed to do when there was something particulary interesting to her.. and she didn’t even realize she was doing it! Even shifting against him left her sucking in a quick breath from the feel. So sensitive that even after it was still a thrill. -08:02 Jul 01
[(Timeout) Kendra has timed out.] -08:09 Jul 01
Evander: He settled agaisrt her and let his eyes close as he kissed her forehead his hand moving to trace a tingernail in patterns on the base of her skull, thet were meaningless patterns with no magical value but the feeling deep inside him was a lot like magic. There was a chuckle as he moved to kiss her lips, long, slow, and tender. "Never had it quite like that before…" he whispered. "May need it again…" -08:12 Jul 01
Kendra: Her hands were at his cheeks, softly moving her thumbs against his jaw. The most perplexed expression across her features as she gazed in to his eyes and down to his mouth. "I don’t know up from down because of you." she mumbled, leaning to kiss him again. Looking so completely marveled at the way it felt. "Everything is wrong, but it feels right…" -08:17 Jul 01
Evander: Rubbing the side of her neck. "Then down’t worry about right or wrong and go with what you feel." he said quietly. "I don’t know what to think right now either but Kendra.. I know what I feel." -08:24 Jul 01

Starcrossed 002: A Different Sort of Plan

[Evander just stent the nigth sleeping with a woman who looks and acts like his wife but with just enoug differences to make being in the same room as her madning.] -03:35 Jun 30
[Kendra didn’t mean to fall asleep and sure as hell not with the man that has he dead fiance’s face, and double definitely not in the same bed. But grief and exhaustion will do that to a person!] -03:36 Jun 30
Kendra: The worst thing about sleeping was the dreams. Convoluted, bittersweet dreams. Kendra hadn’t let herself sleep so deep in a long time and when she woke, she really wished she hadn’t. Kendra let out a sigh and threw an arm over her face. -03:43 Jun 30
Evander: He slept on his front his cheep on the pillow. He hadn’t meant to sleep at all but it had been a long day and the bed was a lot softer than he was used to. He didn’t want to wake up, Kendara was in his dream, but already her manerisms and expresions were fading. In the dream he had cried and in the morning his face was marked with dry tears. Being awake only meant having to open his eyes, something he didn’t want to do, not as long as he could see her. -03:48 Jun 30
Kendra: This was madness. First of all, she couldn’t lie in bed the rest of her life. She had already been telling herself that for months. It wasn’t any different now than yesterday. And maybe now there was more of a reason to force herself out of bed. Kendra couldn’t bring her fiance back, but she could figure out why life was throwing her such a dick move. She finally rolled over in the bed, taking a peek at the man in it. He seemed less like Evan now. Maybe she was growing accostomed to the differences in his face. -03:54 Jun 30
Evander: Her movements on the bed made him open his eyes and blink away the sleep from then. Seeing her eyes made him take a breath but he slowly let it out without speaking remembering where they were. "Kendra…" saying her name and not Kendaras was feeling less strange and he kept his eyes looking into hers. "Copper for your thoughts?" -04:00 Jun 30
Kendra: She was caught staring, but didn’t feel too guilty about it. Her mouth just twist up in to a slight frown. "Thinking about this mess and what I’m going to do about it." she mumbled softly. Kendra hadn’t taken well to being completely displaced and somewhere unfamiliar. "Where we are and where to go from here. Whether or not I even want to bother." she finally admitted. That was an issue too. -04:05 Jun 30
Evander: He propped himself up on hsi elbow. "Whats not to bother, you have a home, more than I’ve ever had." he looked at her a thoughtful expresion on his face. "You have somethign to go back to.. your father.. I… everything I own is on me. Maybe you’ll feel better after something to eat?" -04:10 Jun 30
Kendra: Kendra cast an enigmatic grin. "Everything I wanted died with my fiance. All that’s left there is just… an old life, I guess." Of course she wanted to go back, she couldn’t stand feeling out of place and out of her element. There was her dad, though. That was worth going back to. Kendra sighed and rolled again until her face was in her pillow and her arms were curled around her head. Her voice was muffled. "Never can be easy can it. Food is good, we’ll get somewhere." -04:16 Jun 30
Evander: He put his hand on her back, he didn’t know what else to do. "Getting ehre would be better, eating in privacy and not levving the elves hear us speac in non-elvish." paranoia was always a required caution with elves. "And its not meant to be easy, but we don’t have the luxury of falling to peices… -04:20 Jun 30
Kendra: Kendra lift her head to give him that dubious look. "Elves. I’ve seen so many different races, and none of them were ever elves… If they were so bad, wouldn’t they have been interested in us when we entered the city?" If he was going to freak out about stuff, he needed to at least make sense with it. "Don’t worry, magician, I can keep you safe in a high tech world…" -04:24 Jun 30
Evander: He looked at her his eyes flashing. "I don’t know about where you’re frm but on my world elves… kill for fun, I’m suprised we havn’t seen more dead bodies or been attacked, even disguised…" he kept his eyes on her "Not that men are but different, and orks… you do not want to meet an ork tribe.. they’re like large, strong, psychitic babies.." he sighed. "If thing are different anywhere else, I don’t want to go back." -04:28 Jun 30
Kendra: "Orks…! Honey, I can tell you about people twice as large and vicious things. All teeth and muscle, and much more frightening than a story books villain." Kendra got a wicked sort of amusement in taunting him. Especially the way he’d give those restrained glares. It was much better than when he looked so sad. "Why don’t you just stay here then? I can get back on my own and this place is just as good as any other if you want a new place to live." -04:33 Jun 30
[Kendra enters.] -04:37 Jun 30
Evander: He snorted. "I’m not staying with elves and I’m not abandinign you until you’re away from them. We’re in this together and you need someone who speaks the language. Once we’re away we’ll see about coin and parting company… if you want to.." he let himself fall back down to the matress. "Golden rule of travel: Don’t alone." -04:37 Jun 30
Kendra: "It’s cute that you are so old fashioned. But I am not one of your fantasy world princesses, and I know how to handle myself." She scooted to sit up, leaning over him just the slightest with that smirk present on her face. "With or without knowing the language. I’m more concerned about you and your wide-eyed bafflement at all the tech. If someone starts firing a gun at you, your magic tricks aren’t going to be so useful." -04:46 Jun 30
[Kendra enters.] -04:49 Jun 30
Evander: "I naver said you couldn’t take care of yourself." he said "I jusy said both of us would be safer not beign alone." her second statement sounded like a challenge though. "So people with guns can shoot what they cannot see? Will not shoot that which looks exactly like me and bleed, and acts apropriatly when shot… They’ll stand there when a ship appeares out of nowhere with all the bulk and noise and trains weapons on them and demands their surrender whil we sneak away? Theres more to illusions whan making card appear from your sleeve Kendra." He put his hand on her shoulder and rested it there. "I chose that school of magic because it could do so much without hurting.. even if recently I wished I’d focused on necromancy…" -04:51 Jun 30
Kendra: "Illusions fool the stupid and the impatient. Maybe you’ve been in a world filled with idiots, but where I come from, people are irritatingly clever. You have to be. You don’t know what someone has hidden on them, be it some crazy projector, or a grenade, or fuck… virus guns, tentacles… It’s limitless." Strange how a simple touch could have her feeling a little… tense? She didn’t remember little touches being such a big deal with Evan. It had to be the residual feelings of bitter dreams. Kendra cast him another wicked smirk. "Nice to know you’re all soft about killing people, though… I’ll keep that in mind if we get in to trouble." -04:59 Jun 30
Evander: He looked at her again "I’ve killed, don’t worry about that, and illusions aren’t my only tricks, they’re just what I enjoy using the most. Kendara was the fighter, I was the expert, picking locks, sneaking around, noticing things she didn’t, making men thing thier arms were melting.. bringing their greatest fears to life before thier eyes. All to survive.. and its a storm and a spooked horse that killed her…" -05:04 Jun 30
[(Timeout) Kendra got too distracted for their own good…] -05:11 Jun 30
Kendra: He was slipping again. There was a difference between them both. Kendra was always fighting thinking about her fiance. To think about Evan hurt so much, she didn’t want to speak his name. She just tried to forget and move past it, do what he always told her to do, until those late night moments she cracked and it all hit her at once. Suicidal crazy moments where she lost it. …but this man, all he ever did was think about his wife. Talk about her. Relive her memory over and over. Kendra was sure that was hella worse. She shoved his shoulder roughly. "You don’t look so tough and dangerous to me. You’re heartbroken by a woman you’ll never get over. Now how about you quit talking about her and fetch us something to eat. Then we’ll leave the big scary Elf City and find somewhere that doesn’t frighten you." -05:11 Jun 30
Evander: The look he shot her sugested he was about to show her how deadly he was, a flash of anger as the line of his mouth hardened. "Fine…" he rolled away from her nad onto his feet taking the money from the bedside table and in an instant looked like one of the elves again. "I’ll be back." he pulled open the door and stepped out heading for the stairways ignoring the elevators. -05:16 Jun 30
[(Timeout) Kendra doesn’t post enough.] -05:21 Jun 30
Kendra: "Better… and least I can help one of us." she muttered once he was out of the room. If he was pissy and fired up, he wouldn’t miss her so much. Kendra wished that same tactic worked for herself. Rolling out of bed, she crossed over to the window. Pushing it open and leaning out to look over the city streets. At least the view was amazing, she would give it that much. Maybe if she hadn’t been dropped there, she would have enjoyed the trip and exploring. -05:21 Jun 30
Evander: He eventually reached the lobby and asked about food, and was directed to a place that didn’t seem to be serving human, or elf… which was encouraging. He bought who take away meals and some bubbly stuff which when he asked if it was a potion everyone thogught it was a joke. Friendly elves, nothing was more worrying…. But at least he had food, and cloths for them both to change into. -05:26 Jun 30
Kendra: It was a long way down. She could save herself a lot of time and trouble by jumping out. But by the time he returned, Kendra was sitting in the window, a foot propped up against the sill. She was still trying to think of what to do next, but most of her ideas just involved death or harassing him just to fill the time. Worst existance ever. She cast a quick look at him when he stepped through the door. "Did an elf try to kill you yet, or can we deem this city safe for the time being?" -05:35 Jun 30
Evander: "He show her and tossed one of the bags onto the bed. "I got you some clothes." he said not taking his eyes off of her. "And no.. not unless you count a prostitute offering me take the frown from my face no one has tried to eat me, but I did get food and…" he held up a bottle of soda. "Something that isn’t a potion.. apparently." -05:40 Jun 30
Kendra: "That’s cola… I thought that was a normal thing?" Okay, maybe since it had been a part of the universe for maybe thousands of years, it seemed natural to her… When DID carbonation get invented? Kendra dropped off the window sill, moving to open up one of the bags and confiscate her meal. At least food here was normal too. She half expected him to come back with a loaf of bread and some wheels of cheese. "Should’ve taken that hooker up on her offer." -05:43 Jun 30
Evander: He scowled at her "I’m not that desperate, not have I forgotten my wife that easily." he turned away from her then looked determinedly out the window. Now wasn’t the time to think about her. "And I’m not going to jump into the arms of the first whore I see to forget her. All I can do to honor her memoy is to keep being the man she loved, even if its hard." -05:50 Jun 30
Kendra: "Have you ever thought about being a different man?" This, she asked without her smirking. It was a genuine question. Kendra sat on the edge of the bed taking a few bites of food and washing it down with soda. She gestured at him. "Someone might say you already are a different man. She’s not a part of your life anymore, you don’t live life the same. Things you did that she loved you probably don’t do anymore. After awhile it all changes." -05:56 Jun 30
[Evander enters.] -06:16 Jun 30
[(Timeout) Evander doesn’t post enough.] -06:24 Jun 30
Evander: "Instant to instant never the same person for more than that space of a breath, a heartbeat, a thought… I’ve read a few books on philosophy." he retorted. "But it takes time. Time Kendra. No matter how together you are healing takes time. The only reason I didn’t go to a tavern to drink is because it would have made me feel worse." She definatly wasn’t Kendara, kendara had been a devited wife, as much as could have been possible on the road, fleeping under the stars. "And I have things to take care of like fuguring out what to do with my life." -06:24 Jun 30
Kendra: "Certainly not gonna figure out what to do with your life, if you’re still dwelling on the old one." Ha. Caught him. Goading him was indeed something amusing to do, especially if it had him mad at her instead of brooding. "So, mister ‘read a few books on philosophy’, what is your grand theory on this mess of ours? I’m sure it’s something oh so mysterious and meaningful." -06:28 Jun 30
Evander: "I’m done talking to you." he said "If fucking a whore a week after you wife dies is what you think the propriate way is of moving on then I was wrong, You’re nothing like her and I have no interest in talking to you anymore. Enjoy the room, I’m going to make a life." he headed back to the door an pulled if open "Maybe I’d fack you if you didn’t have her face but.." he slammed it and headed abck towards the stairwell. He was through having his emotions toyed with." -06:32 Jun 30
Kendra: ….and that was a little madder than she wanted him to get. And it caught her by surprise on what he focused on. The hooker thing was just to quick off comment…! Annoyed right back now, she finished her food as quickly as possible, then she was getting up to stalk after him. -06:37 Jun 30
Evander: He didn’t make it all the way down the stairs. He only bade it down a couple of flights before he broke down and sat on them to rest his face on his arm and his arm on his knees doubled over. There were no tear or sobs he just sat there with his eyes shut and wished as hard as he could not to feel anything. To be a stone. -06:41 Jun 30
Kendra: When she stepped out in to the hall, the elevator wasn’t going. …she had a feeling he wouldn’t know how it worked anyway. Kendra took the stairwell. She walked down them silently, not expecting to see him sitting on the steps. She stopped the above him and leaned over the railing. Staning there in silence, with her hands clasped together as she watched him. There was that faint feeling of regret… It’s not like she wanted to make his pain worse. But she was trying to help in the only way she thought made sense. "First of all, I didn’t realize it was so recent for you. So I apologize for that. Secondly, I’m NOT anything like her. I’m not trying to be, I don’t want to be. You piss me off every time you say it, and I have half a mind to show you just how different I am…" -06:50 Jun 30
Evander: "Whats the point?" he asked "If you’re like her or not shes gone and nothing will bring her back." he stoke quietly afriad that if he spoke louder his voice would crack. "You’re not her, I don’t care what name you have or how you look, you’re an entirely different person, I knwo that, but every similarity feels like a slap in the face of her memory, something I miss. The only thing we roully have in common id our grief, and that neither of us is having fun." -07:04 Jun 30
Kendra: "I kinda want to slap you and tell you to get the fuck over it, but then I wouldn’t have been too keen on having the same happen to me." Kendra fell silent for a moment. Staring down at her hands clasped together. The easiest thing to do would be walking away. She didn’t even know why she felt so compelled to keep pushing it. "…then lets have some fun. Screw going home, we’ll do something else. Leave everything behind, let it all go, forget the future and just… exist for awhile." -07:10 Jun 30
Evander: He lifted his head to look at her side-on quesioninglly one eyebrow raised and his forehead wrinkled. "Head anywhere, find something to do and do it? How much do.. ships.. cost anyway, to own…" -07:13 Jun 30
Kendra: "Depends on the ship and where we want to go. Hmm… pretty cheap if we grab one from a junkyard and repair it." There was an idea. She hadn’t worked on a ship since before… well. Kendra leaned over the rail to peer down at him. "We can check out prices. Refurbing while we see what this stupid world is all about. And when we’re done you can have it." -07:17 Jun 30
Evander: "ANd I know how to work one?" he looked at her. "As you so love pointing out I’m pretty useless in a world like this, I’ve never seen one up close and I sure as I’m going to hell I don’t know how to fly one. Unless I get someone to show me." he turned to face her and put on foor on the stair he was sitting on. I could always… make it look nice…?" -07:21 Jun 30
Kendra: Kendra cast an almost assinine grin. "Y’think I am going to build that ship all by myself? That shit is heavy and needs man power. You learn how to do it. Maybe I’ll make you teach me your fancy magician moves." she wiggled her fingers at him. "Sword fighting or something. I could use a new hobby." -07:23 Jun 30
Evander: He stood and reached under his robe and with the ringing of hardened steel drew a rapier and held it out to her hande first. "I have others, but this is my best, and I’d pladly teach you any of the diciplines you wish to learn.." he cracked a smile. "If you cut out the grabbing and twisting of emotions." -07:28 Jun 30
Kendra: Kendra reached down and took it. Holding it up to eye the metal and appreciate the work in it. "Oh really? Tell me, magician… when do you feel more like yourself. When you’re dark and meloncholy, or when you’re all fired up and pissed off at me?" -07:30 Jun 30
Evander: "I’ll feel myself when I’m showing you how deadly magic can be." he said slitting the sheith from his belt and handing it to her as well. "You have a gun so you don’t need a bow, or crossbow, they take years to pick up anyway. Now I should eat." -07:34 Jun 30
Kendra: "Yeah, magic is going to be the trick." Kendra still had no belief thart magic was going to hold up to a gun or a good solid weapon. Her smug look mirrored those thoughts. But she sheathed the sword and waited for him to come up the stairs. "You wanna play first go junkyard diving?" -07:37 Jun 30
Evander: He notiched her expression and as they walked he unclasped his robe and pulled open the top to expose his chest, then slipped his arm out so that the right sleeze hung down his back and his right rise was naked down to the wast. His entire body was covered in dark blue tatoos and he looked at her. "This symbol here.." he said tapping his shoulder over a simple spiral that revered direction several times. "Trace it with your finger from the outside in then point at something and let the magic loose." it was for a simple magic bolt that hiy harder than a crossbow bolt.. with her unfocused mind though it would be less effective, it was her first time after all. But the feeling of casting it should let her know what she was dealing with. -07:45 Jun 30
Kendra: Whoa, near undressing in the hall. A faint familiarity to Evan after all… But Evander was covered in more tattoos than she had thought. Kendra didn’t look too convinced. In fact, it sounded like a load of bullshit and she was pretty sure he was going to pull one of those illusion tricks on her to make it look good. So with a bit of defiance, she touched a finger to the spiral. That alone was a little sizzling, but warm skin tended to do that… She traced, intently with a soft touch and a twist of curious annoyance to her features. When she pulled her hand back, it was with relief and almost as if she were trying to shake the feel of him off, she flicked her fingers towards the wall. -07:53 Jun 30
Evander: The places shot pain chips and plaster from the wall and made a painting fall down, not only that but it drew on her will and file force to do it.. it was good for a first try and Evander pushed open the door and pushed her in before anyone came to investigate. "You’ve cast your first spell, congradulations." he said "I don’t need to trace them since they’re literally under my skin… but I think you should learn to cast without tatoos first. Then we’ll worry about shortcuts." he grinned at her as he pulled off the rest of the top of the bode so that it hung to the floor from around his waist and spread his arms, ther had to be hundreds of them, some large and complex, others as small as a fingernail and as intricate as embroidery. "How did it feel?" -08:00 Jun 30
Kendra: Kendra looked like she was cringing, with her hands up and flexing her fingers as if she had just touched something hot or shocked herself while working on something. "That was bizarre!" It sure as hell didn’t feel natural at all, and now she was staring him down like he was some sort of alien. He just had no idea what an alien was. "So you do more than illusions after all. I don’t like the way that felt… it’s like that all the time? Just right out of you? I’ll keep a weapon that’s not going to suck out my soul with it!" -08:05 Jun 30
Evander: "You need to train your mind." he said placing his hands on her shulders. "You need to use your will and not your spirit. Thats why not everyone can cast without it draining them. Some people feel too much and don’t face the will to want to do damage, and not need to. Do it through thought, and not emotion. Thats why I’m a lot weaker now, but I’ll get stronger again.. most after loss can’t cast at all, some loose the ability forever, but I’m not going to let that be the case with me." -08:09 Jun 30
Kendra: There was that frown again. "There’s emotion in everything I do, even if it’s pulling the trigger on someone. I’m not going to do it without some sort of feeling about it. Even if the feeling sucks." Ugh… the words come out of her mouth, and she never follows her own advice. How many weeks ago did she decide she’d never feel anything again, and here she is now preach the opposite? "I’ll learn it, but it’ll be my style. My way… Then we’ll see who does it better, hmm?" The smirk again. -08:15 Jun 30
Evander: Just like Kendara, doing things her way. "There is one branch that need feeling to do… healing. Its always been my weakness." he let go of her shoulders and tilted his head. "Funny, yesterday you didn’t believe in magic." -08:19 Jun 30
Kendra: "Yesterday I was thinking about drowning myself in a well, wishing for my fiance back, and got you instead. I can change my mind." Release again. Kendra was starting to get really peeved with that feeling of being untethered every time he touched and pulled away. "…besides, I didn’t say I believed in it. Yet. You’re gonna have to show me more than palor tricks for that.": -08:22 Jun 30
Evander: He stepped past her to the bed to sit down and retrieve his food, open the parcel and start eating. "I’ve seen enough magic around here that you should run into it often enough, until then.." he reached into a pouch on his belt and tosed her a gen that seemed to have a fire burning inside it, it was exactly like the one he had used to pay for the room only cleared and the fire seemed to be in the form of an endlessly dancing figure. "On me wrld this would but a smallholding big enough to raise livestock on or face a field of wheat, maybe it will be enough for a ship…" -08:28 Jun 30
Kendra: Kendra held it up, eying the thing with interest. There wasn’t… any sort of mechanism in it. So it was natural, somehow. Elements were weird. Bouncing it in her hand, she tilted her head to watch him again. "Sounds about right, price wise… If you want to live in the ship, there are single home shuttles. Otherwise just a transport could work and the rest could be saved for other things…" -08:33 Jun 30
Evander: He gave her another look. "You’re going to have to live too." he said "What about that?" the food wasn’t bad but he wasn’t in love with it either, probably wouldn’t finish and he was hesitant to try the bubly stuff. "Where do you want to live?" -08:37 Jun 30
Kendra: "Me?" Kendra laughed. It hid the sudden pain in her chest. She pulled that weapon he gave her and pointed it at his nose. "No idea. I had land, animals, and business before… I might just become a pirate. Scavenger maybe. Or hrm, mercenary?" -08:44 Jun 30
Evander: He batted away the sword with the abck of his hand. "Lesson one: Swords are not toys, its very easy to accidently hurt someone with them." he looked at her with as expression that was joking but with an undercurrent of seriousness. "And I mean will you live on the ship.. with me, or not?" -08:46 Jun 30
Kendra: She backed up a step, but was right back to pointing it at him. It wasn’t like a damned gun, she couldn’t accidentally cut someone open unless she was stupid. "What a proposition, magician. Yeah, I’ll be living with you for awhile. Someone has to teach you how the ship works and how to fix it. Until then, I am your roommate." -08:49 Jun 30
Evander: "Room mate, first mate…" he pushed the sword out of the way with his finger and stood stepping past it up to her. "We should find one for sale, sould like we have exploring to do. "We should also find maps and figure out where we are.. I’m used to navigatin on land.. on a horse… and being able to gongure a map in fron of me.. also you should have this…" he unhooked one of the pouches on his belt and from the small leather bag pulled out a large tome, a dagger and a coiuple more of the chstals along with another srod and wht appeared to me a pair of gogles. Can store almost as much as you want in there, I have several. Just don’t turn it inside out.. that would be bad." -08:56 Jun 30
Kendra: "That’s… interesting! How does that thing work…" It could be done with science, she was sure. There wasn’t any mechanics to IT either, though, and of course when he said don’t turn it inside out, it was the one thing she wanted to do. "And you are going to give me this?" -09:03 Jun 30
Evander: "Put your sword in it and no one will see it until its naked and in your hands. He said. "You don’t ahve one and they’re about one of the most useful thinsg there is. Why do you think I don’t have a backpack?" he looked at her. "Is it that hard to believe I’d give you something nice? You got the sword didn’t you? Its tools of the trade if you want to be a mercenrary." -09:08 Jun 30
Kendra: "I didn’t think you were actually giving it to me." Kendra had been certain she’d be handing it back to him one she was done swinging it around, or he finally got pissed off at her pointing it at him. Kendra handed him the sword, stepping back to un do her belt and situate the pouch somewhere ideal. She ended up swapping the side she kept her gun. Kendra could draw a gun with both hands, but sneaking a sword out of a pouch was a little more tricky. "Ha… you’re going to regret this, when I’m constantly pulling a weapon on you… Drawing practice." -09:12 Jun 30
Evander: "Untill I make your gun invisible when you leave it lying around. Or you arms, or your shoes, or your clothes. Careful who you point weapons at." he was grinning wide as he looked at her. "You could grow to hate me very easily with the things I can do with just a thought. Or just the oposite…" -09:17 Jun 30
Kendra: "What makes you think I am not gonna see through your little tricks. An illusion is an illusion… invisible arms can still wield invisible weapons." Now he was asking for it too. Quick as could be she was turning, pulling her gun and pointing it to his head in a split second. -09:20 Jun 30
Evander: It wasn’t her gun the disappeared, it was him, the room, and everythign else. Only darkness that seemer to be spinning arounf and around, then when it bcleared he was behind her his chin on her shoulder. "Can’t shoot what you can’t see… universal law… you don’t want to fight me and iI don’t want to fight you… I don’t want loaded weapons pointed at me either… Makes me nervous.." -09:23 Jun 30
Kendra: He had absolutely NO idea how unsettling it was to be in complete darkness, when you had been out in space before. Worse that it was dizzying enough to make her tilt and she even flinched just a bit with him at her shoulder. Kendra nearly shot him out of spite. "Point taken." she muttered darkly. "A trick only works on me once though… But don’t worry, magician. I don’t intend to hurt you. I do intend to learn, and I do that so much better by a little live practice…" -09:29 Jun 30

Starcrossed 001: Fate’s Unusual Design

[Kendra was sitting on a old old old well making some stupid, childish wish when…. crazy happened!] -03:15 Jun 29
[Evander was standign apot a mountain in a lighning storm challenging the gods themselves when he was… struck by lightning?] -03:23 Jun 29
Kendra: One moment she was thinking, wishing, being lost in bitter miserableness. The next, it sounded like there was an explosion and the ground rumbled. The world went dark and she had that sensation of falling, so she might have assumed she fell right in to the well and cracked her head. …if she hadn’t been so completely aware and eyes wide open the entire time! Then the crazy happened. There was Evan, not the way she remember him at all, but his face was unmistakable. She was reaching out to grab him and all in a split second it was over and Kendra was hitting the ground hard and letting out a groan! -03:29 Jun 29
Evander: Twi howling with and driving driving snows hadn’t tereted him from making his challenge. Faist raised adn voice screaming he demanded the gods return her to him, then thre had been a flash, then darkness then… Her hair wasn’t done up like it usually was but it was her. It was Kendara but he didn’t have time to smile before he felt the wayning chasm of space open up before them and shilded himself, the air glowing electric blue around him before he hit the ground. He heard a groan and was on his feetm rushing to the prone figure his face alight with concern as he turned her onto her back and… "Ken….?" -03:35 Jun 29
Kendra: Kendra was dizzy, but she was pretty sure she didn’t break anything. At least up until she was looking up in to the face of Evan. It felt like her heart had stopped beating for a moment! Kendra sat up quickly grabbing his head and planting a rushed kiss on his mouth. Lingered there a moment before… she pulled back in some confusion. That didn’t feel the same. "Evan…?" -03:53 Jun 29
Evander: The kiss was a surplise but he put his arms around her tightly and with his hadn gripping the back of her head returned it. He felt so good to hold her again his cheeks were moments from becoming wet. "Kendara.." he whispered once she pulled back, it was the differnces that stood out… And illediatly he let her go a dissilusionment spell crackling in the air as he tested to see if she was real… "You’re not Kendara…" -04:02 Jun 29
Kendra: "Kendra. My name is Kendra." He just… he looked almost exactly like him. But… the hair was different. His face a little harder… Didn’t kiss the same. This was weird. Kendra scooted back, scrambling up to her feet and ignoring the wave of dizzyness that came with it. She wasn’t out on the property, or in the well. This place didn’t look familiar at all. Her hands rose up to her head. She didn’t FEEL unconscious! "What the hell is going on here?! And who are -you- and what your doing with my fiance’s face?" The rush of confusion had her pulling her gun to point at him. There was no telling what sort of crazy shit was going on! -04:07 Jun 29
Evander: He stood slowly his eyes on her as he silently cast another dissilusionments spell specifically on her face. "I am Evander." he shis narrowed gaze on her face. "Master of the three diciplines. You have the face of my wife, Kendara. Are you a god come to punish me for my challenge?" Her face was softer, better cared for, her body was less toned but he could see her shape.. If it was a god then this fors was the perfect on to taint him with, so similar but so different. -04:17 Jun 29
Kendra: "Evander." she repeated his name, like she was unsure if her were telling the truth or just messing with her. Kendra kept her gun trained on him, trying to get a better sense of their surroundings without taking her eyes away from him. "Evan was my fiance’s name. -I- am not the person screwing around here." There was that faint sensation of a crackle, but it didn’t look like he had an advanced weapon on him… in fact his whole ensemble was so old fashioned, she doubted even the outer rim worlds dressed like that. "Tell me where we are and I might not shoot you." -04:24 Jun 29
Evander: Shoot, so it was a weapon she was pointing at him. "Who are you going to shoot?" he asked as as he turned in both directions at once and split into two. The real Evander had never moved, the two not invisible were illusions. "You want the truth?" he asked the mouths of the illusions speaking as on with him. "I have no idea where we are. Moments ago I was somewhere very different and now I’m here and the only reason I can see for that is you Kendra. What are you? Why do you look so much like my wife?" -04:31 Jun 29
Kendra: What the fuck. That same thought was very apparent across her features too, and she made no effort to hide it. Her gun swayed from side to side in a quick, confused motion until she resettled back at the one in the center. The sound of his voice seem to start there. What kind of crazy hologram imagery was this?! "I’m a person, human being. I have no freaking idea who your wife is, I am more concerned why you’re wearing the face of my dead fiance!" He seemed to be as confused as she was, and the fact they seemed to have the same… problem… was incredibly odd. Unreal sort of odd. Insane. That gun wasn’t moving. Not until she felt less crazy. "What are YOU. Hallucination? Alien? Robot…? There’s not anything to gain from fucking with me!" -04:40 Jun 29
Evander: The one on the left stepped forwards. "I am Evander, master of the three diciplines." he repeated. "My wife, Kendara, is dead, rockfall while on her horse… you wear her face, you share her reliance on weaponry… I am a person too, human, mage… but I assure you, this is my face." -04:48 Jun 29
Kendra: Kendra took a step backwards and focused the gun on the Him that moved. She had half a mind to just shoot at all three of them and pick up the pieces later. Half the things he said made no sense. His wife had her name, kinda… and her face. And he had her fiance’s name and face…. If it was coincidence, it was the weirdest fucking thing she had ever seen. And she had seen a lot. "Okay… fine… this is my face too. My fiance was Evan. …he died too. His ship crashed. All this, though, is really fucking strange. I don’t like it." And she didn’t know how to respond to it. They didn’t exactly teach this shit in school! -04:53 Jun 29
Evander: The two on the sides disappeared and there was only the one in the middle left. "I challenged the gods themselves to give her back to me, and it seems they’ve given me you. Maybe its a joke on thier part…" he looked up at the sky, similar but different just like her and he snorted. "I’d have prefered it if they just struck me down." -05:01 Jun 29
Kendra: Her hand wavered a bit. Until she finally lowered the gun and put it away. She relaxed only a fraction, still wary and still poised to moved. "Doesn’t feel funny that’s for damned sure." Kendra finally turned away, looking around again. There was something off about the landscaping. None of the flora looked familiar. There was a road nearby, kinda dusty but definitely high traffic. Out further in the distance there was a city, but the buildings didn’t look familiar in structure either. Everything looked like it would in a dream. Familiar but different. She just didn’t feel like she was dreaming. "I was just sitting and thinking. Wishing I could see him again and have our life back. Pretty sure I didn’t fall down that damned well…" -05:06 Jun 29
Evander: He looked at her, then moved his hadn up to tug at his hair, a gesture he often did when he was thinking. "Two wishes… two dead lovers… if only more were known about the different planes I might be able to say for sure. You are Kendara, aren’t you with the mole above your navel and a love for horses…" he looked down at his hand. "And I must be Evan.. only different." -05:14 Jun 29
Kendra: He must have gotten the information correct, because she froze a moment and cast him another weary look. How would he know something like that? "It’s impossible. Stuff like that doesn’t happen. A coincidence at best… just a really weird coincidence…" Still, she wasn’t sure how they got -there-. After watching him a moment, she turned to start walking towards the street. "I’m probably going insane. Somebody in town will be able to tell me where we are and I can get back home." -05:19 Jun 29
[Evander enters.] -05:19 Jun 29
Evander: She had to have gone insane if she was walking into town alone, one she ahd never been in before. "I should go with you, streets are benerous alone. I don’t have to know you to keep you safe, and if I try anything shoot me. Deal?" he was already walking after her. "And no its not because you look and sound and even move like Kendara, its because I don’t want to walk in there without somone wathing my back either." -05:27 Jun 29
Kendra: "I don’t need some man’s protection in the ‘big bad city’. I know how to take care of myself." she cast a look over her shoulder at him. Old fashioned. Or sexist… one of the two. Traveling to new places was an everyday thing. Only puffed up politicians and old royal lines had escorts. "I’m not going to refuse company, though… I suppose you are as confused as I am." -05:32 Jun 29
Evander: He nodded catching up to her. "This is nowhere I’ve seen, I don’t ever recognise these plants, or the face of the moon, and theres only one…" he looked at her again. "Is you world different too? I don’t see a god’s mark on you…" -05:36 Jun 29
Kendra: "God’s mark…?" She cast him another weird look. "My planet doesn’t have a moon. Different moons on differents worlds isn’t so unusual, though. I just don’t think I have even been to this one before." At least now she surmised that he was a single-worlder. Had to be from one of the outer rims, and severely lacking in a more universal knowledge. The fact he looked so much like Evan, though… it was hard to keep from staring at him and focus on the road. -05:39 Jun 29
[(Timeout) Evander got too distracted for their own good…] -05:46 Jun 29
Evander: "Your people travel between worlds?" THAT surprised him "We travel between planes, sometimes, but none are really worlds and theres little profit in going there. He tapped the symbol on the clasp of his robe. "Aisha, godess of light, what better godess for an illusionist who sticks to the shadows?" -05:46 Jun 29
Kendra: "Half the time colonies die out if there’s not imports from other worlds. So you are a magician…?" she asked, curiously. Worshipping of old gods was a cultural thing. At least being a magician explained his illusion trick. -05:49 Jun 29
Evander: "A mage… begiuler if you want to be technical, mecenary if you want to be boring. Kendara was a mercenraly too, she used a bow and a sword, I use shadow, light, illusion and sometimes firse if I want to be direct. Magician makes it sould like I’m on a stage. I do have some profesional pride. You’re a merchant?"" -05:52 Jun 29
Kendra: "I’m a mechanic. I work on machines. Ships, generators, transports, hand helds…" A mercenary using bows and swords and magic? Magic. Kendra didn’t hide her mirth and the smirk that came with it. Obvisouly, she thought he was a little whacked. "Right, so you use ‘spells’. I’m sure that’s real effective." She even snickered about it under her breath. He definitely wasn’t like Evan. Her Evan was a realist. -06:03 Jun 29
[Evander enters.] -06:12 Jun 29
[(Timeout) Evander was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -06:25 Jun 29
[Kendra enters.] -06:25 Jun 29
Evander: "You. like most underestimate the value of illusion. I could make you invisible right now and you could sneak up behind someome and.. wel.. do whatever you wanted. I could make it look like theres and army with us, or that theres no moon, or that the ground we’re waking on is made of skin and flesh. Kendara always saw the value of coming at a problem a little sideways. She also loked to tinker, little things mostly like her locket that she built a complete music box into I…" he rememebred finding her broken body, blood and tettered flesh everywhere. It had been difficlut to tell where she stopped and the horse began. She was shill been alive and her last act had been to give him her locket, her smashed locked that he sould feel against his skin. "She was amazing with mechanics." -06:30 Jun 29
Evander: "You. like most underestimate the value of illusion. I could make you invisible right now and you could sneak up behind someome and.. wel.. do whatever you wanted. I could make it look like theres and army with us, or that theres no moon, or that the ground we’re waking on is made of skin and flesh. Kendara always saw the value of coming at a problem a little sideways. She also loked to tinker, little things mostly like her locket that she built a complete music box into I…" he rememebred finding her broken body, blood and tettered flesh everywhere. It had been difficlut to tell where she stopped and the horse began. She was shill been alive and her last act had been to give him her locket, her smashed locked that he sould feel against his skin. "She was amazing with mechanics." -06:31 Jun 29
[(Timeout) Kendra was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -06:43 Jun 29
Kendra: "Anyone with sense can see through and deal with illusions. It’s not solid, nor real." Kendra could have said more. But where his words headed, had her thinking about things she didn’t want to. His wife was a mechanic too… probably a better mechanic than her. Because she couldn’t even get a damned ship fixed, that might’ve spared her fiance’s life. And unlike HIM, she wasn’t comfortable talking about it. "…so when we get to town and I figure out where we are, I can take you home." -06:43 Jun 29
[Evander enters.] -06:53 Jun 29
Evander: "Never really had a home." he said in a subdued tone the sting of memory still fresh in his mind. "The road was my home. I.." he was almost glad to be away "We’ll see about going back. So long as I can work my trade here, and maybe show you how real illusions can be, we’ll have coin to survive. Food, and a roof over out heads, an inn probably. Thats what we should be seeing to." -06:58 Jun 29
Kendra: There was that smirk again. It was easier for her to focus her attention on his… weirdness…. than it was to think about memories. "Listen, honey… I don’t think you really have the jist of how things work off-world. Let me worry about the details and you just… try not magic yourself in to some trouble, all right?" -07:01 Jun 29
[(Timeout) Evander was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -07:06 Jun 29
Evander: His characteristic snort resnt the air. "I know there one universal rule no matter where you are. To survive you need money. And I don’t think my gold is worth face value here, wherever hare is. You havn’t even hear of King Ludwig have you? So you won’t respect his gold. So we need money to get food. To get money we could work, or we could steal. Those were always the options when Ken and I were in a tight spot. The second would be faster." -07:06 Jun 29
Kendra: "I have money, it should be good on all worlds. The city looks advanced enough, anyway." She was eying him again, that slight quirk of her eyebrow. "Gold is workable, too, regardless of whose face is printed on it. Metals are precious commodities. You don’t have to act like I have no idea how society runs. Getting a transport is not that hard." -07:15 Jun 29
Evander: He loooked at her, then at the city, then at her again. "Elves…" he muttered seeing some od the citizens. "Should have guessed beware of knives in your back. They may be sexy bisexual freaks but they’d sooner shiv you than talk to you." hall of this was said quietly as they passed though the town gate. "Then again you’re oh so worldly and don’t need my advice." -07:20 Jun 29
Kendra: Pointy ears… that wasn’t really unusual. It was just… Kendra’s stride had slowed a bit once they were through the gates. For everything that was familiar and perfectly normal to her, there was just as much that was… not right. Seeing different species of people was a typical thing, but there should have been… more diversity? She felt like she just walked in to some silly fantasy festival. "I understand people well enough. No one has ever wanted to call their people an elf. Look for an Infodex, most cities have them in their main squares." -07:33 Jun 29
Evander: He raised his hand and a bright blue cloud surrounded it and in an instant they were silently made to look liek locals, even thier clothes coppied the style Evander saw. It was a flawless illusion, and an every day thing. "I don’t know what taht is or.. what a lot of these things are, and trust me these are elves, I’ve seen enough of them, they’re usually waving pointy things in my direction though. I don’t see a single bow anywhere." -07:37 Jun 29
Kendra: "They got guns though." Kendra had never known an illusion to come with a sensation. But she could feel it when it fell over them even as she saw it. It was unsettling. She didn’t like that feeling of not being sure what she was doing or where she was going. "…then we find the first hotel we see and ask the clerk. Easy." So they needed to figure out where the business district was in this city. -07:41 Jun 29
Evander: He glanced at her. "My illusions cn’t make you speak the language, it bac make it look like you are to someone who doesn’t but thats it." he looked ahead of them. Challenging the gods it turned out let to challenging scenarios. "And as you live to point out I’m from a primitive world… what is a gun?" -07:44 Jun 29
Kendra: Kendra hadn’t been worried about language… until now. She knew most of the common languages and had herself a translator. But on a quick glance to the signs and words on the sides of buildings… that was going to end up being a problem! "A gun is a weapon. A firing weapon. Instead of arrows or bolts, it’s bullets or lasers, or anything you can load in to one to fire…" While she was responding, she was turning to glance around. They would pass people on the street and she could pick up the conversation. Not a word understood… that really was going to be a huge problem! -07:49 Jun 29
Evander: "Inn is this way." he said shooting her a grin then turning. "So they’re weapons, and what you have is them… " he shot her another glance. "I don’t understand all of these words like…" he pointed to a sign above a subway enterence. "But I wouldn’t be very good at doing the sneaky stuff if I didn’t speak a little elven." -07:53 Jun 29
Kendra: Her eyes narrowed at him, and it was pretty clear her expression said you son of a bitch even if she didn’t voice the words out loud. He was just lucky they were in a strange place, or she’d be pulling that gun out to pistol whip him right there. "Then you aren’t entirely going to be a pain in my ass. Good. One thing doesn’t mean you know how this place works…" -07:57 Jun 29
Evander: "Teamwork, its what kept Ken and me alive… well.." he went silent again. "We both have strengths, so we both should use them, thats what I’m saying." he looked at her. "Ys that what you’re looking for?" he pointed to a hotel, but in the distance behind it there was also the gargantuan shape of a spaceport. "Thats some castle t…. In shoboth’s name.." as the mage watched a ship took off and straked uptards trailing smoke. "Someones .. doing something.. colledge mages?" -08:02 Jun 29
Kendra: "It’s a ship. A space shuttle. It’s just…" Not a design she ever saw before, and it looked pretty old… He was right, though, as much as she hated to admit it. Where ever they were, it was a strange blend of familair and unfamiliar and neither of them were gonna get home without a little help. …she really needed somewhere quiet to get her thoughts together! "Walk a little faster, I want to get out of the open…" she brushed past him, a faint scowl across her features. -08:07 Jun 29
Evander: "Noisy for a ship." he said knitting his brow before he looked at her then at the elves, then at the hotel and the column of smoke reaching for the stars. "To think I could have been in a tavern getting drunk instead of a mountaintop wishing for Ken back. "But at least I have her back, in a way. Wonder if theres a planar gate around here somewhere ir a scroll shop I can use to open one. Faster than taking a ship." -08:13 Jun 29
Kendra: Kendra turned around, walking backwards as she glared at him. "It’s a space ship, it’s gotta be noisy. And I’m not her, so unless you want me to start comparing you to Evan on how you say ship with the same accent, or squint your eyes up when you’re thinking… cut it out." Kendra wasn’t even sure why she felt so violently about it. Maybe it was feeling like she almost had him back, only for it to be some sort of cruel joke. Either way, if he didn’t stop bringing attention to it, she was going to end him. -08:21 Jun 29
Evander: He looks at her and put his hand in his hair againunable to meet her gaze. "Shes gone, I’ll never have her back. I know that…" he raised his hand again and his features appeared to change "Is that better?" -08:27 Jun 29
Kendra: "I don’t have a problem with what you look like, it’s what you’re talking about!" Kendra didn’t know how he could talk about it at all. She finally just growled as she turned away to resume walking. The sooner they were secluded away out of the public, the sooner she could lock herself in a bathroom and start sobbing. Even the way he’d glance away was a reminder, and it was starting to get really difficult to keep her cool. -08:32 Jun 29
Evander: He didn’t say anything more, the illusion masked his expression as he followed her to the Hotel and they entered. "Its not easy for me either." he said "I talk to remind myself shes gone. Otherwise I might feel for you what I did for her and .." he stepped up to the desk and spoke, asking about travel and accomodation quickly finding bargainign and haggling were not encouraged, but he traded his gold by wieght and a gem, the apparently was not as rare as was thought and a gem inspectore care to test is magical properties and was satisfied, damn goblins knew thier gems and he had stolen that one from a nobleman. But they had a room and he had some of the local paper money in his hand. -08:39 Jun 29
Kendra: He did know what he was doing. At least in that instance. Kendra didn’t say another word. Not until they were in the room. And even then she crossed the room in a stomp to the bathroom and slammed the door behind her! With her back against it, she slid to the floor letting those tears she had been holding in slip out in a stiffled sob. The universe was an asshole. She wished for Evan back and this is what she got. A man just like him, but nothing like him. Put in to some weird place where she had no idea what she was doing, and wanted so much to just hold on to him so she didn’t feel so fucking lost. This sucked. -08:45 Jun 29
Evander: The room was emty excapt for him, and he didn’t like it, white mains and strange lights and fixtures. So he chnaged it, ot at least made it look different. Wooden walls, an actual view od the mountains outside, not that tehre were mountains outside, not hereally, the bed coveres in a red sheet and flowers on the bedside table. The slowly he took out the locket and changed it’s appearence too, to make it look fixed. "Kendara… where are you now?" he whisperedbefore allowing himself a sob. "Why do I have your shade instead of you?" -08:53 Jun 29
Kendra: What she should have wished for was death, since it was so readily out granting wishes. Though it would be a piece of cake to pull her gun and blow her brains out. A sardonic thought for a woman sitting on the floor wallowing in her grief. After a few moments, she was wiping the back of her hand against her eyes and crawling up off the floor to the sink and mirror to splash her face with cold water. She didn’t believe in wishes, in magic, or in fate. But she had to deal with what she got, and it was pretty obvious she awake and living. When she finally did step out, she pretty much looked the way she felt. No sense in hiding in. ….and was a little surprised to find the room different. She squeezed her eyes shut and gestured to the room with both hands. "Turn this off." -09:04 Jun 29
Evander: The room did fade back to its normal form and not because of her command but because the mage looking at the broken device in his palm didn’t have the energy to keep it up. His features were back to normal as he looked up at her his cheeks shining. There were so many things he didn’t enderstand about this new world, and about how someone could be so like Kendara and yet.. he closed his hand around the locket and threw it aside it bouncing off the floor and sliding into the corner of the room. "Why didn’t they strike me down instead?" -09:10 Jun 29
Kendra: "That’s not going to help." …there was a small comfort in knowing he was just as wrecked as she was. Just a small one. Kendra wouldn’t have wanted anyone to feel that way. She crossed the room in a few short strides, stooping to pick up what he had thrown. Gnarled bits of metal, and few springs… very simple design. She didn’t think about what she was doing as she tinkered with it, but she was pretty sure he wouldn’t want to be so careless with it. "Why is a good question, though… Stuff like this doesn’t just happen. An experiment maybe. Crazy scientists… new aliens. Just wish it would have been something a little less…. hurtful." -09:16 Jun 29
Evander: "Enough with the words.. I don’t know what aliens, or guns, or starships are. I’m lost here and evey minute I’m reminded of the person I want to forget. Thinking about her is.. " he stalled and went quiet. "I’m sirry its not your fault. I just wish there was something I coulld do to make this easier for both of us. But I’m an illusionist, nothing I make is real." -09:23 Jun 29
Kendra: "It’s painful. It sucks. It’s like getting punched in the face over and over. I know…" Having her attention focused on something in her hands helped, a tiny bit. She walked as she fussed with it, taking a tiny little screw driver out of her back pocket to help shift the smaller pieces. "It’s better to know what’s real anyway… I hate feeling like I’m teetering on the edge of insanity and everything just keeps changing on me." Kendra finally stopped in front of him when the bits in her hand gave a soft click. So it was a music locket. She wound it up, then held it out for him. "Nothing is going to make it easier." -09:30 Jun 29
Evander: He took it and held it in his fingers as the lulaby played. "I…" he looked up at her a small amount of gratitude on his face before he stood and pulled her into a hug his cheek resting agaist her ear. "Thank you.. I could never have fixed that.. I didn”t really want to. I.." he let her go… "Loss isn’t easy, and… I always though we’d die together in a fight, biting off more than we could chew. I though I’d go first, when was always better with a blade, then she’d avenge my death until she surcumbed. Its.. you have to die sometime somehow. I always though I was a dead man walking until she gave me somehting to live for." -09:38 Jun 29
Kendra: Kendra was stiff for only a brief moment, and when he let her go, she wished he hadn’t. She was aware he wasn’t Evan, but the contact was so nice after so long… Her expression had softened now, and she gave a slight shrug of her shoulders. "We didn’t have a dangerous life… I fixed stuff, he’d ship it back and forth. We were supposed to get married months ago. Planned on kids and making the business bigger. Get old together. I told him not to take that stupid ship before I fixed it…! He was always so damned cocky.." She was tearing up again. Kendra didn’t think she had said word about what happened since his funeral. -09:46 Jun 29
Evander: "Sounds perfect." he said. "We didn’t really get married, we did our own ceremony on the road as a tiny shrine half overgrown and mostly forgotten. He spoke about chirldren but with us always moving and so much fighting it would be difficult." He was still looking at the locket in his hand. "I used to tease her she’d never settle down because she loved her horse more than me… but we were looking at getting enough to get a farm to breed them. Thats never going to happen now…" -09:53 Jun 29
Kendra: "Nope. They’re dead. Dead and gone, and wishing just got us this." she laughed, a soft shakey sound that really didn’t have any enthusiam in it. "He would have laughed about this. Said everything that happened was meant to happen. ‘Suck it up and deal with it, Kendra, everything will be fine.’ I don’t know how this is supposed to be fine…" -09:59 Jun 29
Evander: He looked at her and put his hand in his hair. It did sound like him… "Some things arn’t meant to be fine right away… time heals all wounds or something. I know it doesn’t feel like it. Not for me anyway, but we can’t be falling apart and trying to get somewhere at the same time. Its like when.. Kendara’s father died, head in the mission, do what you have to do and worry about mourning later." he had almost said ‘your father’, that would have been wrong. "Its easier to say than to do though." -10:06 Jun 29
Kendra: She snapped a finger and pointed at him. A very slow wink to go with it. "There’s a difference right there. My Dad is still alive." That helped? At least now she didn’t feel like some other woman’s clone. She grabbed his hand to pull it away from his hair. It wasn’t something that Evan ever did, and it didn’t bother her… but he would tug himself bald at this rate. "Easier to say, harder to do, but we’ll figure it out. We’re different people from different worlds, right? A lot of similar things, but a lot of different things too. And we both made a wish. …so what… crazy magic science? Magic is a nice little crock, but I really can’t think of anything else.." -10:11 Jun 29
Evander: "That is good." he said his hand holding the one that had pulled it away. "Cave crawlers are a horrible way to go.." he sighed and then put his other hand on hers too. "Where I’m from magic is very real.. theres usually more of a process though… its a lot like a science, studied, prepaired, then cast. Every spell you’ve seem me do are pre-prepaired as a different tatoo, the ones I don’t have tatoos for are a lot harder to do… like telelportation, Kendara was always on e about not being able to cast that, usually when we were cornered." he was talkign to fill the room with something other than thier hands being clasped and their mutual lonliness. -10:24 Jun 29
Kendra: "Then we figure out the magic science and make everything right again. That is probably the thing to do." Even when she said it, she could hear Evan’s cocky voice in the back of her head saying it was all for a reason. Looking down at their hands, she chewed on her lip as she gave it thought. If this was all for a reason, she was going to figure it out. Then she was going to shoot it. -10:31 Jun 29