Genetic Bride 026 001: Girl in the Park

[Baldor got kidnapped for frinks after work and was left behind, but its okay because he can walk home easly and tiotally isn’t drunk at all.. totally!] -04:39 Jul 22
[Khloe Model 026, Genetic Wife -was- packed away nice and safe in a refridgerated box on her way to her future new husband. …Then disaster happened!] -04:40 Jul 22
Khloe: SHRIIIIIIIIEK!CRASH! The night had been rainy and cold. Slick, invisible ice spots all over the roads and one newbie driver couldn’t keep control of his car. Swerving all over the road, causing one delivery truck to slam on it’s breaks, skidding and tipping over on the streets. All of it’s contents getting flung out the back… including one smashed open box and a very confused Custom Model Wife somewhere amidst the grass and bushes of the local park. -04:44 Jul 22
Baldor: Cutting though the park since it was late, and wet to get home, it wasn’t far and it was warm and dry and sleeping take would be good. He seldom went out like this but at least he had the morning free tomorow. He didn’t notice the crash as he went in another enterence and his feet took him off the path on a familiar rout. He didn’t notice he wasn’t aline, not until he tripped and landed face down in the dirt. -04:47 Jul 22
Khloe: She sat up slowly, flexing her fingers and testing her arms. A vague memory of instructions were running through her head. …but Step One didn’t say anything about grass and trees when waking up… Her eyes fell on the form laying sprawled in the dirt next to her. Husband confirmed. It was step one after all. She moved to reach out for him, but winced…! There was a great deal of pain in her head. That wasn’t in the instructions either. -04:52 Jul 22
Baldor: He groaned and pushed himself off the ground and then helt a soft touch and turned in surprise. His slowed reactions made him flop onto his back and look at the woman lying there looking at him. "Whaaa…" okay maybe he was drunk.. why was she naked? Maybe closing his eyes and opening them would make her go away… -04:57 Jul 22
Khloe: She touched her head and pulled a hand back. Red! "I have been damaged in transit…" Confusion! There hadn’t been instructions on what to do if damaged right out of the box! "Would you like to continue consummation? I don’t believe anything else is damaged." She wiggled her toes and shifted her legs to check. Several bumps and scratches but nothing seemed to be broken. -05:02 Jul 22
Baldor: Sat up and touched her forhead too. "You’re hurt…" he said ignoring that she had already said that. "Aww.. man.." where were his manners. He shed his jacket and held it out to her. "Put this on, you shouldn’t be naked outside." what was he doing? You din’t give stuff to stangers. "Look if you don’t need to go to hospital I’ll take you home.. where is home anyway.." he looked around trying to remember where he was. One too many… always one too many. -05:06 Jul 22
Khloe: "I have not been told where home is yet?" Shouldn’t be naked outside. Rule noted! She pulled the jacket on. She stared at him waiting for the next instructions. Yet he looked as confused as she felt. She must not be following instructions properly. Step Two was supposed to be consummation! Without warning, she grasped his face in her hands and kissed him. -05:11 Jul 22
Baldor: That completely blindsided him amd he just stayed there in shock for a minute before pushing here away and brinking at her. "Wait.." he was figuring it out. "Look I’m drunk and I…" no he shouldn’t say he was drunk. "If you home is too far you can crash at my place." he said. "But just.. don’t kiss me again until morning." and in the morning he’d give her something to wear and send her home. Nothing had to happen, he had a girlfriend! -05:15 Jul 22
Khloe: "Don’t kiss you again until morning. Understood…" Instruction noted. He didn’t want to consummate while she was damaged. "Where is home located? …is it here in the woods?" She didn’t want to insult her new husband, but living out in the woods didn’t sound like what she was conditioned for. It was rather strange! She was glancing around at the trees suspiciously. -05:18 Jul 22
Baldor: "You must have hit your head pretty hard." he said pushing himself to his feet. "The exit to the park is this way.." he pushing himself up using a tree and leaning against it for stability offered her his hand. "My apparently is in a building just across the street." -05:20 Jul 22
Khloe: Taking his hand, she pulled herself to her feet. …a little rocky on them herself! The damage made her head pound a bit. …his hand was warm, though. And he seemed to be a nice husband so far. "Do you need my assistance…?" He also seemed to be unwell. Perhaps there was an accident while taking her to their home. That would explain the setting and the delay. -05:25 Jul 22
Baldor: "I’m fine.." he said standing on his feet and smiling as if to proove it. "This wa…" which way was witch.. wait there was the red light of the tv mast on top of the ball building down the stret so home was this way. The stambled them looked down at his feet. "Just a little drink but don’t worry I son’t make you do anything…" he moved through the trees and reached the park gate… "Okay a little help might be good…" the road looked wiiide. -05:28 Jul 22
Khloe: Her arms circled around his waist to hold him steady. She had a good solid grip at least, and followed his steps where he led. "I will not refuse you anything. …unless you want me to refuse you? I am conditioned for several types of roleplaying in addition to daily duties." -05:35 Jul 22
Baldor: She was talking gibberish but he didn’t have to listen. He just put his arm around her neck and held on. It was a good thing she was here too, the stairs would be impossible without her. "Look I’m drunk and will probably just pass out on the couch." he said "You take the bed and I’ll see about getting you something to wear in the morning." she was wierd… seriously wierd but he was just helping her out.. who knows why she was naked in the part.. maybe she was traumatized after something bad… he didn’t want to have to get involved in a rape case as a witness… -05:40 Jul 22
Khloe: Drunk! Too drunk? That didn’t mingle properly with her instructions. How long was she supposed to wait until he was ready? She was confused again, helping him up the stairs and trying to think about what she was supposed to do. "Do you want me to just sleep tonight? You don’t even want to share a bed with me?" -05:44 Jul 22
Baldor: He put his hface over his hand and tried to think. "I know I’m brunk but that doesn’t mean I’m going to sex everything I see ir tried to pick you up just because you were naked and good looking. This is my door." he fumbled with the key in his pocket before pulling it out and missed the lock and having to slide the key around the door until he found it. "I have a girlfriend so you don’t need to worry." At last the door wielded and he was inside the living room/kitchen. -05:48 Jul 22
Khloe: "I have been conditioned to accept being a part of a multiple household." …not that she LIKED it. But she didn’t know the word for that emotion yet. Making sure the door was closed behind them, she circumvented the living room to guide him for the bedroom. That is where the head of the house belonged. "I will help you undress. Do you desire something to help you sleep, also?" -05:58 Jul 22
Baldor: Didn’t he say he would take the couch, and what was she talkign about? Jeez.. okay.. "I don’t.. have any tea.." he said trying to get out of her arms and head for the couch. Damn that booze. "And I’m going to sleep like a baby.. trust me, maybe even wake up late.." with a handover no doubt. -06:02 Jul 22
Khloe: He was fighting her, but he didn’t give a new instruction, so she assumed he was playing at being difficult! Thus, she resumed trying to get him in the room and shoving towards bed! The ache in her own head, and the complete botching of her awakening was starting to make her cranky. "Do you want me to touch you? I’ve learned both oral and hand style of pleasing. It would be a simple thing to do if you won’t want a consummation tonight." -06:07 Jul 22
Baldor: Even drunk he knew what she meant. "I just want to sleep and you don’t owe me anything." he said finally giving in and sitting on the bed. He took it back no one who had been raped would want to jump into bed with the first guy she saw. Lying back he curled on his side and pulled a blanket over himself not even taking off his shoes. -06:10 Jul 22
Khloe: "Only sleep…? If that is what you wish…" What was wrong with her? Was she not made to his specifications? Had he changed his mind? Maybe the damage was a problem… A frown on her face, she tugged off his shoes and tucked the blanket around him. Then she was sitting on the bed looking more than a little confused. "Goodnight, then." -06:13 Jul 22
Baldor: Now she was making him feel bad. He rolled onto his back and looked at her. Then got to his feet and and make his way to the bathroom. "Wait here…" he opened the medicine cabinet and pulled out a ger things and went back tot he bed and grabbed her pullign her head into his lap and and dabbing disinfectant onto a swab and applying it to the gash on her forehead. "You’re really pretty." he said without lying. She looked like she stepped out of a fasion magazine, or more acutately a porno mag. Catching the disinfectant from runnign fown her face with the swab he appled gause and then a bandage.. not the base gob in the world but one he was good enough doing. "Super pretty… but I have a girlfriend and you took a bunp to your head and might be more confused than I am.. if it will make you feel better we can snuggle but no sex." -06:21 Jul 22
Khloe: Now she was more confused! He was being gentle and kind, even if the stuff he put on her did sting a little bit. But he did not want to consummate and said she was confused…? Was he worried her brain was damaged? She finally just nodded her acceptance of the conditions. Sitting up to climb in to bed and waited patiently for him to lay down with her. -06:24 Jul 22
Baldor: He was too tired to argue any further anyway and crawled over to the head of the bed and put his head on the pillow. It was a good thing he talked her out of sex… what a strange girl. -06:28 Jul 22
Khloe: As soon as he was laying down she was throwing an arm over him and resting her head on his shoulder. Her entire body pressed up against him. …and somewhere along the way she had taken off his jacket! Still confused, but very tired, it wasn’t hard for her to fall asleep. -06:30 Jul 22

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