Genetic Bride 026

Genetic Bride 026 012: Done

[Baldor has been in chef school, all paid for by the woman he doesn’t love anymore. Resigned and defeated he thinks he’ll never see khloe again.] -12:13 Apr 06
[Khloe is a product for consumers, and that is not a nice thing to be.] -12:14 Apr 06
Khloe: Khloe is in the crate. The cold and terrible crate. Still in the nightie she wore for Baldor and clutching the coat she managed to grab while she was being dragged right out the door. Technically she should not even be awake in the crate, so when her eyes opened and she realized she was still sealed in, she panicked and started kicking and screaming! -12:23 Apr 06 Khloe
Baldor: The door slammed shut and Baldor sunk into his favorite… no his only chair, checking his phone, and placed his head in his hands. It had been a hard day and he was tired… but he hardly ever slept anymore. If he had been stronger … if he had been smarter. Nw Khloe was dead… -12:30 Apr 06 Baldor
Khloe: She couldn’t get it open. It wouldn’t open from the inside. The thing was like a sealed coffin, and the thought had her choking on her own tears. There was a slight buzz of the machinery at work and all her limbs felt tinglie. She could even see her breath, just barely in the eerie glow cast by one of the status lights. Khloe quit shoving and clawing at the lid, her fingers curling in to her coat and clutching it tightly. This was bad, this was very bad. She didn’t know how long she had been in stasis or where she could be. -12:41 Apr 06 Khloe
Baldor: He sat there, beating himself up as the minutes ticked by, then he picked up his phone to check the time… hold on… maybe. THey wouldn’t be that stupid, would they? He brought up Khoe’s number and stared at it. Her phone was probably somethwere around… he hadn’t found it but it had to be somewhere. Maybe he shuld find it. Her having it would be… no too far fetched bu he hit dial anyway. -12:46 Apr 06 Baldor
Khloe: Khloe felt a bit delerious, sliding in and out of awareness. And now there was a ringing in her ears, or music, or… phone? The silly ringtone she chose for Bai. Assuming she had fallen in to a nightmare, she almost ignored it completely, until she realized the sound was coming from her slightly vibrarting coat. Her hands fumbled in the small space to shove it around and dig in to the pockets. The battery was almost dead and there was almost no signal but it was ringing! "Bai! Bai…" she could barely croak out his name. -12:52 Apr 06 Khloe
Baldor: He was pacing, listening for the ringtone then there was a beep, then hollow bumbing, then a weak voice. "Kloe?" he asked… "Where are you?" his voice was a mix of disbelief and excitement. She was alive? -01:00 Apr 06 Baldor
Khloe: "I don’t know…" Baaiii. She sniffled and suddenly she found herself at a loss for words. That woman was his real girlfriend and she had been sent away. Sent to her real husband, sent back to the company, where she was supposed to belong. "I’m sorry Bai.." she mumbled in a barely audible whisper. -01:03 Apr 06 Khloe
Baldor: He was thinkign fast… quickly getting the location of her phone and running out the door, not even closing it after him. "Khloe I’m on my way just stay there…" the dot was moving.. this wasn’t good. "You’ve got nothing to be sorry for. I’ll find you and then we’ll be happy.. Kloe I want to be happy with you." -01:09 Apr 06 Baldor
Khloe: She shook her head, not that he could see it. Didn’t he understand? She hasn’t his. She wasn’t going to be happy. That wasn’t the live she was made to have. There was a heavy jostling of the box, and whatever the jolt was it must’ve kicked the cryosystem back in to gear again. Her toes were feeling numb. "I didn’t get to say goodbye. But I love you. I hope I remember you." The battery was going out, and she was so, so tired.. -01:14 Apr 06 Khloe
Baldor: It was travelign along the road towards him and he ran out into the middle of it. "No goodbyes. You’ll see me again Khloe." the signal went and he didnt know if she heard him… it was a good thing he had to dress well for his new school he couldn’t imagine flagging down a truck with hos he used to dress and trying the bluff he had in mind. -01:17 Apr 06 Baldor

The driver blared it’s horns at the idiot in the middle of the street and was then forced to slam on his breaks. The truck just barely skidded to a stop a few inches away from hitting Baldor. Now he was leaning out of the window, shouting obscenities and ordering the guy to get the fuck out of the way! -Khloe 01:25 Apr 06

Baldor: "That is no way to taljk to me." he hissed, drawing on every ounce of pent up anger he had to make it convincing. "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA OF WHO I AM? Of course you don’t you just drive trucks for a living. The only reason why I’m lowering myself to talk to you is that in the back of yours you have something of mine." He waved his phone. "Just spoke to Patrick Conworth himself and he has his aid send me where I could find you. Give what is mine back to me now or I’ll make sure you’re fired." -01:29 Apr 06 Baldor

That driver had no idea what the fuck was going on! But it was hard to ignore when some rich douchebag was threatening your job, again. He sure was sick of these jerks always complaining about the shipments. He stormed out of his seat, leading the way to the back of the truck. “Aye, whatever! Can’t make up your damned minds about what’s going to the burner and what’s not, don’t know how that’s my problem.” With a key, he opened up the back. There were lots of metal crates in there. -Khloe 01:33 Apr 06

Baldor: "What was that tart’s name? Kloe… yes. You’ll find wer well marked." it was a good thing the driver wasn’t facign him because he couldn’t keep a strait face. This was insane… even if he got kloe where could he go? He wouldn’t be able to go to school anymore… he still had that job openign though… -01:39 Apr 06 Baldor

He muttered, climbing up on the back of the truck and snatching up a clipboard. He went down the list until he found the right name, then he had to shuffle crates around to pull the right one out of the back. “Here, take it! I’m not making any house deliveries, I have a schedule to keep.” He was prepared to shove the crate right off the back, but now his was squinting and trying to see if the guy even had a way to transport the crate. -Khloe 01:43 Apr 06

Baldor: He spat. "I have no use for a box. Open it up and give me the product… and if it becomes a problem again I’ll dispose of it myself." he did his best to glareat the crate indicated… Was this actually working? -01:48 Apr 06 Baldor

He looked ready to argue, but that was probably because he wanted to punch the guy in the face. Muttering under his breath, he pressed a few buttons on the box and pushed the lid open. He looked a bit confused at the thing having clothes in there – they usually didnt – but hell, HE wasn’t the dumbass that screwed this one up. “That better, your highness? The right one? You want me to carry it for ya too?” -Khloe 01:56 Apr 06

Baldor: He stepped forwards to pushe the man out of the way and throw the girl over his shoulder and stepped away. "You’ll nocite there isn’t a car, that’s so you don’t see any licent plate. I value my privace and if you tell anyone what hppened here…" he started walking towards a side streep, quickly before Kloe woke up and they just had second thoughts. He was almost expecting to be stopped anyway and then he’d probably just run. -02:01 Apr 06 Baldor
Khloe: The driver didn’t follow, but he did have a perculiar expression as he watched the guy walk off. Maybe he wouldn’t call it in. Khloe was frosty cold and very limp, but without the crate’s effects she was slowly coming around and very, very confused. -02:08 Apr 06 Khloe
Baldor: He got just ut of sight before moving her down into his arms to look at her. She wasn’t movign muck. "Hey Kloe…" he said. "I told you I’d come for you…" he walking into a diner, it was all he could think to do. SHe was freezing and could probably use some food. It was a good thing she had her coat. -02:14 Apr 06 Baldor
Khloe: "You’re different…" She wasn’t sure if she were awake or dreaming, she was too cold and her body was still all numb. Real or dream, Khloe curled up against him anyway. If she was headed back to the company, this was a cruel thing to do to her before she was recycled! That had her sniffling! -02:19 Apr 06 Khloe
Baldor: "No I’m npt." he protested before pulling her up off the bench to sit her next to him and put an arm around her. "I just had to act a little differently so they would give you back to me… now… we’re going to have to figure out where we’re going to hide… -02:22 Apr 06 Baldor
Khloe: "Hide?" Khloe didn’t understand what he was saying, but now that feeling was coming back to her limbs and her brain was a little less fuzzy, she was realize this was the real Bai. She was not in that awful create. Khloe threw her arms around his neck and clung on for dear life. "What did you do…? You’ll go to jail! They’re going to come and take me away again.." -02:28 Apr 06 Khloe
Baldor: "I don’t care." he said firmly. "You’re a real person and desurve to live… now what do you want to eat? Are you hungry? Are you hurt?" he put his arms around her and rested his head on her shoulder. "I’m not ever letting you go again." -02:33 Apr 06 Baldor
Khloe: She shook her head and clung tighter. "Your girlfriend won’t like it. She won’t let me stay." Khloe remembered her face very cleary. All it would take was another call and Khloe would be gone again. And next time Khloe doubted she would be so lucky to have him find her! How long had it taken this time? His hair was a bit longer when she ran her fingers through it. -02:42 Apr 06 Khloe
Baldor: "And why won’t you like it?" he asked. "Now that I have you back I’m calling her to break up tonight. I don’t care what she thinks. I won’t mention you but U want you to be my girlfriend. Not herIf you want to." -02:46 Apr 06 Baldor
Khloe: "Baaaaaiii. I want to stay with you forever. I want to have a restraunt and get married and have a house and golfish. But if they look for me again? I don’t want you to go to jail. They have strange problems with soap in jail!" she nuzzled against his cheek. Kloe knew she was going to stay, despite all comments. She could never stand to leave him! They would have to drag her kicking and screaming all over again. -02:51 Apr 06 Khloe
Genetic Bride 026

Genetic Bride 026 011: Date

[Baldor is about to go on a date… though he isn”t feeling very smily.] -08:16 Apr 11
[Khloe is nothing BUT smiles! And wearing what she is now calling ‘super cute maid-like lunch date bai-bait’ dress for the occasion!] -08:18 Apr 11
Khloe: Wearing cream and yellow, lots of lace and a little bit of ruffles… and a skirt that might have been a little -too- short, Khloe bounced in to the room clasping her hands behind her back, impatient to get going. Dates with Bai were way better than when she tried it with others. Especially now that the no-touching rule was abolished and she officially belonged to him. "I’m reeeeeadyyyy!" -08:22 Apr 11
Baldor: He was pulling on his sneakers when she entered and… well… now he was feeling under dressed. "It’s just lunch." he said standing and jingling his keys as he picked them up. No, it wasn’t her fault and he couldn’t be mad at her. It was his and now he had to make sure she wasn’t hurt. Still seeing her made him smile. "I think it’s time you discovered pasta." he said "Not just any pasta, Enconi’s pasta." always helped him when he was feeling down. -08:28 Apr 11
Khloe: "It’s lunch with my boyfriend, I should look extra nice!" Khloe tuuuurrned on a heel to show him, tempted to give a flash of what she was wearing underneath but… Surprises were good! He liked surprises, and she liked giving them. "Is Enconi pasta made of something special?" It was starting to get difficult to keep track of everything new she tried or discovered! -08:32 Apr 11
Baldor: He looked at her and then put as arm around her to hold her against him. Why did she have to be so adorable? "Elconi’s is a resturant, a fancyer resturant that the ones we’ve been to and the one you work at. And by that I mean it’s a family resturant that has good pasta so that’s where I’m taking you." -08:37 Apr 11
Khloe: "So it IS special pasta!" Even fancier than where she worked? A family place. Khloe circled her arms around him and nuzzled in to his chest. Only pausing for a moment when a perplexed look crossed her face. "…what exactly is a family? Are we one of those?" -08:41 Apr 11
Baldor: He blinked at her and then deflatedlooking away and rubbing the back of his neck. "No, we’re not… families are husbands, wives, brothers, sisters and cousins, and aunts and uncles…. like if two people are married, they are a family, and if they have children then all together they are a family… given what I know about genetics… which isn’t a lot… you might be the only person I know that isn’t related to me…" he looked at her and then hugged her back. "A family resturant just means that we need to behave… and that that dress might be a little short." -09:12 Apr 11
Khloe: "You are must husband now though. There is even proof." In fact, to make sure he was reminded of said proof, she took a step back to pull up that short skirt and show him the barcode on her inner thigh. It made HER happy to see it, anyway. A short skirt made it easier to look! "Hum… would you like me to change my clothes then? I can if you want me to." -09:15 Apr 11
Baldor: "I’m not your husband, at least not according to law, or the culture we live in. I’m pretty sure from a legal standpoint a case could be made that I stole you." he didn’t look. "Families stay with eachother forever. Do you really want to stay with me forever?" he took a deep breath. "You don’t have to change if you don’t want to, it’s your choice. Just don’t pull it up in public." -09:18 Apr 11
Khloe: "Of course I want to stay with you forever. You make me happy." He, on the other hand, didn’t look so happy. He had looked a little off all morning, and super cute outfit didn’t seem to of shaken that mood of his. Khloe frowned. "I’ll change, I don’t want you to worry about me while we’re on a date. It should only take a second… unleeesss…" she tugged gently on his arm and took a step backwards towards the bedroom. "Unless you want to help me change?" -09:23 Apr 11
Baldor: He looked at her then pulled her towards the door. "No I said it’s fine. You don’tneed to change and if you should it should be for you not for me. You don’t have to do everything in your life just for me." he pulled open the door and waited for her to take the mead stepping out. He really didn’t need to dig his hole any deeper by having sex with her AGAIN. -09:54 Apr 11
Khloe: "Okay…" Khloe wasn’t so sure. Especially since her whole existance was just supposed to be for him! Well. For someone. She was silent when she did finally step out the door and lead the way down the hall. What on earth would she do if she didn’t do things for him? "Is going out on a date for you? Because I like dates too." -09:59 Apr 11
Baldor: "dates are meant to be for doth people." he said after locking the door and sticking his hands into his pockets. "If you don’t enjoy a date you can say so so something different can be done." he was meant to be looking out for her, making sure no one took advantage of her and now he was doing exactly that. These dates would maybe help her learn though. He stopped walking. He would help her learn, then he’d let her down gently and then she would never see him again… maybe he desurved that end. He was a cheat, as good as a liar, and she did desurve better than that. He would just have to not have sex with her. -10:07 Apr 11
Khloe: "I’ve already done that with other guys. But you’re waaaay different!" Lots different! Doing things with Bai always made her happy, and more than once gave that twinge in her stomach. Khloe was skipping ahead until she realized he had stopped. Then she was turning to eye him curiously. "And you do want to go on dates with me? Because we are boyfriend and girlfriend?" -10:15 Apr 11
Baldor: He smiled at her and caught up takign her hand. "If I didn’t I wouldn’t. It would let when little money I have left go a lot funrther. Facy family resturants don’t come cheep." he moved down the stairs and headed up the street intent on waving down a cab to take them across town. -10:30 Apr 11
Khloe: "I thought we agreed that you don’t have to worry about paying for things until you have a new job?" Khloe was placated, for the time being. All it ever really took was a smile or a touch. Now she was back to grinning again, lightly bouncing on her feet. -10:36 Apr 11
[Baldor is taking a girl out on a date and feeling terrible about it.] -02:22 Sep 06
[Khloe is wearing her cutest outfit for date night with Baaaiiii!] -02:24 Sep 06
Baldor: He gave her a look and set off down the street. "But I still should, It’s my appartment and you’re my guest…" yes it would be better if she was just his guest. "We should also talk about something else while we’re out." somethign that wouldn’t make him want to bash his head against a wall would be nice. -02:31 Sep 06 Baldor
Khloe: Holding his hand and smiling like she was in the best place in the world, Khloe was perfectly content and pleased with life. …It was Bai she was a little concerned about. He was worried about something. "But a girlfriend is not just a guest, she is a partner! I am your partner and I can take care of things." Khloe walked along with him and swung his hand back and forth. "…but all right! Do you like fish? I think a fish bowl would be fun thing!" -02:34 Sep 06 Khloe
Baldor: "Fish need to be looked after, and fed, and thier tank cleaned…" he said. "I’ve never had the time with work and everythign else for pets." she was saying the girlfriend word again. "Khloe… why do you like me? I did a bad thing." -02:39 Sep 06 Baldor
Khloe: She blinked back at him, confused! "Have you done a bad thing?" Just in case she missed something she looked behind them and around at the street. Didn’t seem like he did. Khloe squeezed his hand and latched on to his arm. "You make me happy. I tried dates and they were okay, but they didn’t make me happy or make me feel the way I feel with you… Like my tummy is doing flips! Or tingly feelings! I like those." -02:46 Sep 06 Khloe
Baldor: He took a deep breath. "I cheated on my last girlfriend with you and probably made her very sad, especially with the way she found out. I hurt someone and I am a bad person… maybe I’ll hurt you too." -02:50 Sep 06 Baldor
Khloe: Oh. Her. Khloe was devoloping a very distinct feeling about this faceless woman, and it was not a nice one. She at least TRIED to keep from scowling as she talked about her. "She hurt you first. Didn’t you even notice? You told me people are supposed to be with each other, and take care of each other, but she was never hear. You never talked to her. If she was a girlfriend she would be with you. I won’t ever leave you or let you be lonely." -02:54 Sep 06 Khloe
Baldor: "That’s not how it always works. We have different lives and she couldn’t alwasy be here with her university being so far away. That’s just how life works sometimes. It wasn’t her fault." he kept walking though. "You’re too cute and niave for a guy like me, for a cheater." -02:58 Sep 06 Baldor
Khloe: Khloe was completely indignant about the whole thing. She was understanding the concept of cheating more and more, but it still wasn’t quite right. "You have to be with someone to cheat. You were not with her. No one is at fault, because nothing bad has happened. She isn’t here, and I am… and I make you happy, don’t I?" ..that is what she was most concerned about. He had said he was happy, but here he is…. not happy, again! "I choose you, that is enough?" -03:01 Sep 06 Khloe
Baldor: He glanced at Khloe. "She was my girlfriend, that was together enough for it to count." he stopped to draw her into his arms. "You’re fun, your wonderful and you’re adorably niave and you make me happy, but right now I’m not making me happy. It’s not your fault." he kissed her forehead lightly. "Now talk about happy things so we can enjoy our date." -03:06 Sep 06 Baldor
Khloe: Khloe slipped her arms around him and clung on tight as she glanced up with a grin. "Would you like to consummate in a bathroom again? It made you very happy last time." -03:09 Sep 06 Khloe
Baldor: There was a sigh. "Sex doesn’t solve everything Khloe, and that should really wait until we get home anyway. Let’s just eat and talk for now, okay? You’re really sweet for wanting to make me happy but save that for surprises too…" -03:24 Sep 06 Baldor
Khloe: No touching..? She frowned… but only a bit. He told her that she didn’t have to always obey orders, and could do what she wanted to do. So she was grabbing his hand and pulling him around the first corner she saw, off of the street and out of the "public". This could count as a surprise too! She immediately pounced and threw her arms around his neck and nuzzled against his cheek. "No consummating, then, but I won’t leave this alley until you are smiling! Real smiling!" -03:29 Sep 06 Khloe
Baldor: He put his arms around her to stop her falling down and stood there. "Khlooeeee…" she was being adorably sweet again. "Talk to me and be yourself and eat. That will make me smile." Carrying her like she was he walked out of the alley and started towards the resturant again. Why did dhe have to be so sweet? -03:36 Sep 06 Baldor
Khloe: Eep! Her feet dangling, off her went with her straight as planned. Not accordingly to HER plan of using appropriate seduction techniques she was conditioned to know. Apparently that was not her strength. She held on to his neck, though! "But… I am already being myself? Myself wants to give you stomach butterflies too! Then every time you look at me that is all you will think of, and not keep worrying about things?" -03:41 Sep 06 Khloe
Baldor: "Give me time." he said. "You’re a very sweet girl and I like you, but nothing can be fixed instantly. You’re really sweet, absurdly sweet. And if you keep doing what you’re doing we won’t go to the resturant at all and and up bakc home instead." -03:48 Sep 06 Baldor
Khloe: Khloe couldn’t figure out if that meant they’d go home because he was upset, or because he wanted to consummate in private. She also wasn’t sure what she was doing besides bickering with him at this point. Huffing, she hopped a bit so she could wrap her legs around his waist and be able to lean backwards to stare him in the face. Better! "You always say I am sweet or naive. Maybe I didn’t know many things when I came out of my box, but I’ve learned plenty fast. You worry too much about everything, Bai." He might worry about the world at this rate. With a resolved sigh, she leaned and kissed his forehead. "What would you like to talk about, if you won’t let me kiss you?" -03:55 Sep 06 Khloe
Baldor: He didn’t get very far carrying her, partly because he was tired and partly because he didn’t want to walk into a family resturant carrying his date so instead he sat down on a bench and held her. "I want to know about us, Khloe. Why, other than feeling you chose me… I like you, I really do but right now I feel like no one should like me… and that I’m taking advantage of you in some way." -04:06 Sep 06 Baldor
Khloe: She looked surprised at the comment. Surprised and confused, so when he sat down, she unlocked her legs from around him so he could sit back, but did not leave his lap. She smoothed her thumbs over his mouth with a frown. "You told me what I should be wary of when dating. No men that just want to have sex with me, men that I like to talk to, men that are nice to me and don’t ask for anything from me. You wouldn’t consummate me at all when you could have so many times! You’ve taken care of me when you had very little money. You are always nice to me, and teach me things. You are nice to strangers you meet on the street. And when I am with you, I don’t care about anything else?" -04:13 Sep 06 Khloe
Baldor: He sighed and rested his head on her shoulder. "All of those things a friend would do too." he said closing his eyes. "I see all the ways a person could take advantage of you and I worry about you. I just want you to be protected and happy and be able to make your own decisions. It’s not your fault you don’t know how the world works and I want… If I hurt you you have toi break up with me, okay?" -04:33 Sep 06 Baldor
Khloe: "You won’t hurt me. I will never leave you." He called her sweet and naive… Khloe was starting to think that was him and not her. He had been hurt, and did not realize he was hurt, now he was so afraid it was all his fault. Taking his face in her hands, she leaned forward and gently brushed a kiss over his lips. "I chose you. I will stay." -04:37 Sep 06 Khloe
Baldor: He didn’t want to move, he wanted to stay right there and he wanted to not feel what was threatening to spill over into guilt. "You’re a better person that I am… in your own way." he said turning his head so she couldn’t kiss him again. "We should go eat. I’ll feel better after food." He moved her off of his lap and stood to turn towards the resturant. -04:45 Sep 06 Baldor
Khloe: Khloe didn’t want to have dinner. She wanted to pull him down to a soft patch of grass and pet and stroke all his fears away. But he was determined to refuse her. Taking his hand, she walked at his side again. "That is a good idea. You can’t be sad after good food! Food has not made me angry yet. We’ll have pasta?" -04:48 Sep 06 Khloe
Baldor: He looked at her. "You’ve never had a camzone and I’m going to pic that." he said. "And you can have pasta if you want but have a look at the menu first. There’s so many things you havn’t tried and this place makes better food that the diner." he looked better already, but looks could be decieving. -04:54 Sep 06 Baldor
Khloe: "I’ll be very selective." He was always excited about food. This made Khloe smile. She was still smiling when they walked in to the resteraunt. It was definitely a different sort of place.. they had to wait a few minutes before being seated. When they had a table, Khloe made sure to slip in to the seat right next to him. There might not be consummating, but she wanted to touch and be touched. "It smells different from the diner… maybe you can work in a place like this?" -04:57 Sep 06 Khloe
Baldor: "I’d like to." he said. "But these places like cooks with more experience and training than I have." he looked around. "I should apply anyway…" he stood. "Keep our table, I’ll be right back." -05:09 Sep 06 Baldor
Khloe: Khloe nodded, watching him as he left the table. He liked to cook so much, and he needed to learn more? Maybe he could go to a school, they had schools for everything it seemed. Khloe had her elbows on the table and was tapping her chin with all ten fingers as she thought about it… She could work and he could go to school, then he could have a nice place just like this. Then he would be happy! -05:11 Sep 06 Khloe
[Khloe knows just how to cheer up Bai!] -11:39 Sep 08
[Baldor is enterign the resturant and asking for a table!] -11:39 Sep 08
Khloe: She already had it all planned out. Or at least… a good idea! Bai would have to tell her how the details worked for schooling and running a business, but Khloe figured it would all work out just fine. Like when he found her! Now she was bouncing and grinning with that usual look she got when she had ideas. -11:40 Sep 08 Khloe
Baldor: He wasn’t lookign at her face though, he ws leading her though the resturant after the waitor and helping her into her seat before sitting down. "So what will you have to drink?" the waitor asked and Baldor looked at the menu. "You cheepest bottle of red wine for both of us… I promise you’ll ge tot try other drinks soon but Ive always wanted red wine on e date." -11:44 Sep 08 Baldor
Khloe: For a moment she was distracted from her plotting and looked interested! "Wine is an alcohol things, right? I have not been conditioned with a tolorance for alcoholic beverages. Does that mean I am going to stumble and fall over a lot?" -11:47 Sep 08 Khloe
Baldor: "Not if you only have a little, which is all you need really and you can order water after that." he turned to the food and looked at the menu. "See anything you like? I’m tempted to order pizza." -11:57 Sep 08 Baldor
Khloe: "You said today we try pasta, so I am going to try pasta!" Khloe made a note of only drinking a little wine to avoid stumbling around like silly. While looking over the menu, she was baffled by the choices. There were a lot more different sorts of foods than at the diner. "There are a lot of things… Do you know how to cook all of these things?" -12:01 Sep 09 Khloe
Baldor: "A lot of them, I’ve worked in more places than that one diner." he said. "But that’s why I want to go to school for this, so I can learn. Okay if we’re going pasta I’ll have the beef lasagna. You can try some of it from my palte if you want." -12:04 Sep 09 Baldor
Khloe: "I will try Alfreeeedo, it sounds like a man’s name. And I will try yours too!" At the mention of school, Khloe was beaming. Closing up her menu and tapping her fingers on the table. "Woud you like to try school now? You could! I can work and you can go to school. And if you are worried, you could work part time too when you are not at school? We could have a place like this and I would be your waitress!" -12:07 Sep 09 Khloe
Baldor: He shook his head slowly. "I’d love to go to school but I would have to work part time… it’s a good dream but it’s not realistic. Unless I get into some sort of aprentership programme which I’m nowhere near good enough to do… I don’t think it’s going to work. I’ve thought about this. A lot." -12:14 Sep 09 Baldor
Khloe: "You have thought about it when it was just you, though? Now you have me and I can help with things. And how do you know if you’re not good enough? Have you tried it? You can try it now! You tell me to try things." Khloe was pretty determined about it. It’s what he wanted, so why would it be unrealistic? "And while you’re at school, we can plan the kind of place! It could be Bai’s Bistro, or Bai’s Buffet, or… Bai’s Bar and Grill! Or maybe we should think of a different kind of name… I heard of a place called Fishstick Skipper’s and thought that was pretty funny…" -12:21 Sep 09 Khloe
Baldor: He looked at her. "Fine I’ll look for cheep night schools with cullenary courses." he said. And I’ll apply here. We’ll see what happens." She was ridiculously optimistic… he was almost jealous of her world view. And worried it would cause them problems. -12:39 Sep 09 Baldor
Khloe: "Good! And if it doesn’t work out, we can try something different." She reached across the table to grab his hand. "Right? Do you want to be a head chef at a fancy place, or have your own place?" -12:44 Sep 09 Khloe
Baldor: "Is it’s work I’ll take being in charge of garnish." he said. "But having my own place would be nice. I wouldn;t have to worry about anyone not allowing me to experiment at little… or using the kitched to cook for myself." he looked at her and tilted his head. "Whya re you asking?" -12:47 Sep 09 Baldor
Khloe: "Because we should do things that make us happy. If I am supposed to do things for myself, then you should do things for you too." Khloe shrugged as she rest her chin in her hands and grinned. "I think a restaurant sounds like a lot of fun. I like being a waitress at the diner and getting to talk to all of the people that come in. If we had our own, I could a cute uniform for us. And paint the walls with a nice sunny color!" -12:50 Sep 09 Khloe
Baldor: "That doesn’t really sound like a bistro." he said with a small chuckle. "Before you plan anything you should find pictures online and show them to me for approval. We won’t be opening a cocktail car." -01:05 Sep 09 Baldor
Khloe: Khloe grinned and giggle. "The sunny walls or the cute uniform? I’ll find you lots of pictures though, you can pick your favorite things… And I would like a fish tank! But not the ones where you know you’re going to eat the poor fish in them!" -01:08 Sep 09 Khloe
Baldor: "You mean an aquarium then." he said, you look after the fish then.. and we’ll get all our seafood frozen and shipped." he looked around. "We might also need to hire more waitresses if we get a big place." -01:15 Sep 09 Baldor
Khloe: "Yes! Because I can’t work every night. Sometimes I want to stay at home to rest my feet or go out on dates with you." An aquarium, that’s what she wanted! She liked all the little fishies. "And we could have a small fish bowl for at home? Non edible fish." -01:18 Sep 09 Khloe
Baldor: "Most fish are edible, but we just won’t eat them. And we can be closed mondays, that’s a good time for resurants to be closed after the weekend rush." -01:21 Sep 09 Baldor
[Baldor is on a proper date with his girlfriend.] -03:36 Sep 22
[Khloe is sitting on a real date with Baaaaiii!] -03:37 Sep 22
Khloe: And for once, not trying to pounce on him! This conversation about the future is nice. Khloe never really got to consider the future beyond "just being happy". There were a lot of details to consider. "Yes, closed on Mondays would be good. We could go see movies on mondays and eat at the restraunt competition!" -03:39 Sep 22 Khloe
Baldor: "So you don’t want my cooking?" he asked, teasing her. "If we have the money and nothing in the kitchen needs to be eaten, sure." he said looking at her with a tilted head. "You really want the quiet, simple life? Never being more than well off, at best. Having to work for the rest of your life until you can’t anymore? Can you even have children?" -03:44 Sep 22 Baldor
Khloe: "I cooould be lost in the woods, or with someone I don’t like very much. I like working! Um…" Children! That was a new and interesting question Khloe never considered before! Her chin was in her hands again, staring at him with a wide-eyed, thoughtful expression. "I can be enabled to have children, but was not conditioned to be a mother. I never thought I would have babies. What do you do with them when they are so tiny?" -03:48 Sep 22 Khloe
Baldor: "Simple, you feed them, clean them, and play with them." he said eying her. "You know I still can’t believe you’re here." he said… "You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and I’ve acted wierd since we met. I was jealous and I didn’t have a right to be but you’re here on a date with me talkign about future dreams. How did I get so lucky?" -03:53 Sep 22 Baldor
Khloe: "People who do good things and work really hard are rewarded with good things in return?" Khloe griiiinned. She loved knowing she was that good thing for Bai. He was definitely hers. There was a whole world open to her now and he gave her that. "I might like to have kids one day. In a few years! It will be nice learning things and starting a business. We can save money for a nice house? One with a yard so we can grow food in the garden." -03:56 Sep 22 Khloe
Baldor: He shook his head and looked at her. "You really believe that?" she was talkign about karma, or something like that. "Anf yes, maybe. We’ll have to see. It might not be as easy as all that but we can certainly try." She was so new to the world… "If we’re willing to fight for that." -04:01 Sep 22 Baldor
Khloe: "We can do anything we want to do. You showed me I could." She was still grinning the waitor arrived with dinner and the wine she reminded herself not to drink too much of. And she was more than happy to give Bai a bite of her food to try. "The important thing is that we’re happy right now, yes? If we’re happy, we’re doing things right." -04:10 Sep 22 Khloe
Baldor: He tried her food, then he tried his, then picked up the salt ot sprinkle some on and try again. "Excuse me for one second." he said before standing and heading over towards the waiters’ station to talk to them. Then a mna in a dress shirt came out and Bai spoke to him too, then left and then Bai was given a peice of paper and walked back, then entire thing took about ten minutes. -04:18 Sep 22 Baldor
Khloe: She watched him curiously when he left, and was still curious when he returned. Her head tilted as she tapped her mouth with her fork. "Are you giving secret chef tips to the competition?" -04:25 Sep 22 Khloe
Khloe: She watched him curiously when he left, and was still curious when he returned. Her head tilted as she tapped her mouth with her fork. "Are you giving secret chef tips to the competition?" -04:25 Sep 22 Khloe
Baldor: "No, the food tasted different, turns out thier head chef just died recently so they’re searching for a new one and I got an application." he said. It was your idea for me to try and work here." he looked at the form and then patted his pockets. "Do you have a pen?" -04:27 Sep 22 Baldor
Khloe: "Oh! See! Lucky!" Very lucky. Khloe decided she must be good luck for him. Were genetic brides infused with luck? She fumbled in to the tiny purse she brought with her and pulled out a small, but totally functional little pen. Khloe passed it over the table. "This is a nice place too, I bet they will appreciate your work a lot more." -04:33 Sep 22 Khloe
Baldor: "I hope so, but it will be harder work." he said putting his name down and starting to fill out the form. "Hows the food though? maybe I’ll make you my versions of these dishes soon and you can see the difference. I really hope they give me a chance. Maybe I can cook for them and show them I can make this stuff better. -04:38 Sep 22 Baldor
Khloe: "It’s good, but I bet you will definitely make it way better." As far as she was concerned, Bai could cook anything. Khloe switched between taking bites and leaning over the table to peek at his application. "You could make some at home and bring it in… or maybe they have chef try outs? That’s what I would do if I was looking for a head chef…" -04:40 Sep 22 Khloe
Baldor: "Well maybe they’re not as smart as you." he said. "And that could use a lot of ingredients that would then be wasted." He finished the form and then held it out for her to read as he got back to his food. "And they might not hitre me as the head, but even a cookign job wou;d be good. -04:49 Sep 22 Baldor
Khloe: Khloe nodded, reading over the application. Not that she really could give any advice on it, she just wanted to see! "That is true. Any job is fine for now since you’ll want to be going to school. But I bet they like it when you have lots of experience in something, right? That’s always how things work." It’s brides were educated while in conditioning too. Some things they needed more experience in than others! -04:52 Sep 22 Khloe
Baldor: He took back the form adn stood. "Hopefully enough." he said before walking back towards the station and handing in the form, exchanging a few words and walking back to sit down. "Have something for desert too! I think I might be getting a job soon." -05:06 Sep 22 Baldor
Khloe: Khloe classped and nearly bounced in her seat. When that drew a few curious glances their way, she settled down. Back to that ridiculously wide grin. "Good! Are you going to be hired and have to start today like I did? That’d be nice… but I think I would rather have one last free date with you before you have to start working. Maybe we could take dessert home and watch a movie?" -05:10 Sep 22 Khloe
Baldor: He shook his head. -05:18 Sep 22 Baldor
Baldor: He shook his head. "No not today, they said they’ll let me know but I have a good chance, they’ll call tomorrow. I want waffles and icecream for desert and you can have whatever you want." he was smiling. "And takign them home sounds nice." -05:20 Sep 22 Baldor
[Baldor is openening the door to the apartment with his key!] -05:22 Dec 01
[Khloe has icecream waffles and is quite pleased about it!] -05:22 Dec 01
Khloe: Dates were nice, especially dates with Bai. And more especially because they had future plans. Not even just for herself, but he was thinking about future things too, which Khloe felt was especially important because he deserved being happy. With bag of sweet contriband in hand, Khloe bounced straight to the kitchen counter to set it down. Humming as she fetched a couple spoons from a drawer. "Waffles are the weirdest things, I think you can make them for any kind of meal. Do you think we should serve waffle everything at your restaurant?" -05:28 Dec 01 Khloe
Baldor: "Waffles are easy." he said placing the keys on the table after locking the door up tight behind them. "But you can’t ahev them for everything. They’re a sweet cnack with icecream or cream and syrup. Save the putting other things on it for frozen waffles at home… which we could get." He watched her and placed a hand on the table… thinking as his eyes slid down to her short dress, where in ended tantilizingly close to… she was supportive and nice and she made him happy. Not just because of sex… -05:34 Dec 01 Baldor
Khloe: "But they aren’t always sweet? Sometimes the diner serves chicken and waffles. …although I guess people put syrup on that too…" Khloe was putting far too much thought in to those waffles, but decided what kind of menu he’d serve at a cafe would be just as important as her uniform! She pulled one of the takeout boxes from the bag and popped it open. A spoonful of ice went directly in to her mouth as she turned to lean against the counter and grin. "Maybe if you make them and then we freeze them? I like what you cook the best." -05:40 Dec 01 Khloe
Baldor: "I like to do things from scraatch. It takes longer but waffles don’t been much prep and with an industrial moxer it’s not that much longer. Even a cheepass foor procerssor or mixing wand thing would work on a small scale. If you’re talkign about home though get a waffle iron and I’ll frow you the difference between frozen and fresh." he moved away from the table towards her a half smile on his face. She was a dreamer… unconstrained by means or practicality adn maybe that’s what he had been needing all along, to relearn how to dream… -05:45 Dec 01 Baldor
Khloe: "Yes, for at home! We’ll be busy running a place, so we might be too tired to cook things at home too. We can make bunches and put them in the freezer, and then I can fix you breakfast sometimes so you don’t have to rush." Another bite went in to her mouth and once he was within reach, she held out a spoonful for him to eat. "This is very good too though. I’m glad we brought it home." -05:50 Dec 01 Khloe
Baldor: Without touching the spoon with his hands he took her wrist in his hand before taking the peice for the spoon with his mouth and then taking the spoon with his other hand and putting it down in the box hefing her as he swooped in and pressed his lips against hers. "You do enough fro me already…" he whispered before hsi hands slid down her sides and slipped under the dress to rest on her hips that had in their own way be teasing him the entire date. -06:00 Dec 01 Baldor
Khloe: Oh! That was sudden. Leaving Khloe dizzied and flushed, and completely enchanted. It was so rare when he’d kiss her without her trying to charm and coax him, and rarer still when it was unrelated to the conversation. Her grin was probably silly and smitten as she rest her arms around his shoulders. "I don’t, not yet. You take care of me and I want to take care of you too." -06:07 Dec 01 Khloe
Baldor: There was another kiss. "You do." he said before kissing her again. "More than you know Kloe." His voice was barely above a whisper as his inexperience betrayed him and he froze for a moment… what did he do? Slowly he staarted rubbing her hips as he kissed her again and again, his crotch pressing against her and pushing her back against the counter. -06:13 Dec 01 Baldor
Khloe: He was being so shy and so cute, Khloe wanted to grab him and drag him to the sofa and kiss him silly. It took a lot of restraint not to jump on him, to the point of her chewing on her bottom lip as she nuzzled against his cheek and tightened her arms around his neck. "You make me feel all fuzzy, Bai." …A little bit of touching wouldn’t break the spell, would it? Cause she couldn’t help but run her fingers through the hair at the nap of his neck. -06:24 Dec 01 Khloe
Baldor: "I hope that’s from this…" he said kissing her again. "And not neckfuzz." he pulled away to look at her and move a hand up to brush the hair out of his face. "Sorry… I wasn’t taught to… sex like you were… I’ve only ever with you…" -06:33 Dec 01 Baldor
Khloe: Khloe giggled, retracting her arms so she could brush her fingers against his mouth. "If this is not knowing, and you make me melt with just a few kisses then I can’t wait to see what you can do to me years from now." Rising on her toes her fingers were replaced with a soft kiss and a gentle nibble. She smiiiiled. "I’m glad it’s only been me. You are all I ever want to know." -06:39 Dec 01 Khloe
Baldor: He moved his hands to her head to grip it and drive his lips hard against her. She was amazing and her words were… how did he ever get so lucky as to find her, literally. His lips parted to capture hers between then as his hands slid down her neck to puc under her shoulders and lift her up onto the counter… then he paused. "We should put the waffles in the fridge…" -06:42 Dec 01 Baldor
Khloe: "No…" the plaintiff sigh was soft and breathless. If he let go, he would stop and she absolutely didn’t want that. Her fingers curled in to the fabric of his shirt, clinging tight and making sure he didn’t leave her. To garuntee it, she was nuzzling against his cheek again. Nipping gently at his jaw until she was nibbling at his ear. "Stay with me?" -06:48 Dec 01 Khloe
Baldor: He ran his hand through her hair and then kissed the corner of her mouth softly. "Just for a second." he said. "Khloe… you could always go and wait for me in the bedroom… or right here. and then after… sex… we can finish them." -06:51 Dec 01 Baldor
[Baldor is happier thna he has been in a long time.] -02:39 Apr 02
[Khloe has the peeeeeeerfect life!] -02:39 Apr 02
Khloe: Khloe had changed in a whirlwind of quickness, choosing a cute little nightie instead of her super sexy seduce Bai outfits. It may have barely been considered a shirt, but was nice and soft and silky. She jumped on to the bed, bouncing on her knees for a moment trying out different poses to decide which would make the best come to meeee look. But in the end she was too happy to stay still and was just waiting and bouncing. -02:43 Apr 02 Khloe
Baldor: The sounds of runnign water reached the bedroom as he splashed his face and made sure that his hands were clean… the other times he hadn’t been expecting sex but this time he wanted to do things right… if there was a right way tod do this. When he reached the bedroom door he paused just smiling as he put a hand on the doorframe. "You look… happy." -02:56 Apr 02 Baldor
Khloe: "You are very responsible." It made her giggle again, gripping his head and planting a quick kiss on his nose. He was thoughtful about everything. "Okay, I will go and wait for you." He wanted to take the time, and Khloe wanted more than anything for him to do things his way. She would be thoughtful about it too and put on something very cute. Khloe slid off the counter, and ever so reluctantly untangled her hands from his shirt. -07:00 Dec 01 Khloe
Khloe: She laughed, bouncing a bit again as she tilted her head and shrugged her shoulders. "I’m very happy! We get to plan a future, it’s really exciting and today was so much fun." And she was getting time with Bai, that was the best part. She could make him smile and laugh too! Khloe held out her arms making grabbyhand motions at him. -02:59 Apr 02 Khloe
Baldor: He stepped forwards, taking her hand and pulling her across the bed to him. "I like you choice of clothes." he said before givig her a quick kiss to the corner of her mouth, then a longer deeper one as he sunk down to first sit om the edge of the bed, then to lie across it, bringing her with him. -03:02 Apr 02 Baldor
Khloe: Khloe giggled, scooting closer to him and nuzzling in to his cheek. She threw a leg over his and while nuzzling, was plucking gently at his shirt and trying to remove it as subtly as possible. "Do you? I picked it out because it’s your favorite color!" Subtly was not working well for Khloe, as it never seemed to do. She was already pushing his shirt up. -03:32 Apr 02 Khloe
Baldor: He took her hands in his gently and gently pushed them away before grabbing the hem of her nightie and pushing up up above her chest and sliding down to gently kiss a nipple, his tongue flicking against it. "I do, butI still prefer your skin. -03:56 Apr 02 Baldor
Khloe: She sucked in a breath, which was quickly followed by another giggle and her squirming. Her always made her feel so tinglie! Her hands weren’t going to behave though, and they were already returning to run through his hair and then pluck at the fabric covering his shoulders. "I like yours Bai. I don’t ever want to see anyone else’s again, even that strange guy that flashes me when I work the late shift!" -04:01 Apr 02 Khloe
Baldor: "What?" there was surprise and anger in his voice right before the door crashed open in the next room and voices filled the tiny appartment. "Dammit who…" "Here, in the bedroom." -04:05 Apr 02 Baldor

SHE entered first. A small woman with a delicate frame and silvery blond hair. The dress she wore made her look several years younger than she actually was, and across her face was the most disapproving frown. She didn’t look sad or upset, just inconvenienced and very put out. “I didn’t want to believe it, but I had to see for myself. Did you want to hurt me that bad, Baldor?” -Khloe 04:11 Apr 02

Khloe: The sudden intrusion was confusing and a big surprise! Especially with Bai so confused too. Worse, Khloe recognized the uniforms of the men behind the pretty, cranky woman. She sat up quickly tugging her nightie back down (Bai insisted that clothing was the proper thing), and tried not to look too alarmed. "Bai, those people…" she didn’t even want to say it! -04:13 Apr 02 Khloe

“You were right m’am. You will get the reward promised. Now you four reposess company property.” they flooded into the room, grabbing Kloe roughly and yanking her off the bed. -Baldor 04:16 Apr 02

Baldor: "Denise… HEY HANDS OFF HER." he didn’t waste time in springing from the bed at the men but only to be caught in mid air by another and punched in the gut before a pair of plastic cuffs was tightned arounf his wrists and ancles. -04:17 Apr 02 Baldor
Khloe: "Wait, wait, wait, you can’t take me! I belong to him!" Poor Bai, they shouldn’t be hurting him! She struggled and kicked trying trying to weasel her way out of their grip and rescue Bai, but it wasn’t working. Denise stepped aside from the doorframe to let them pass, not even giving Khloe a second glance. "Baldor, you don’t seem to understand how embarassing this is for me." She held up a hand to instruct the men not to take him just yet. "I never imagined you would result to theft…" -04:36 Apr 02 Khloe
Baldor: "We’ll leave him with you, we have what we came for." She was dragged away as the leader sneered. "I didn’t steal her, I found her and gave her a home, found her a job. KLOE!" he tried to follow, bounds as he was. "Don’t take her… Kloe. I love…" a kick to the gut sent him down again. "Makes ure he doesn’t follow. -04:51 Apr 02 Baldor

Denise nodded and waited patiently for them to leave, her hands clasped in front of her. She didn’t say another word until the front door slammed close. Once the room fell silent and they were alone, she wandered aimlessly about, plucking up things that obviously belonged to that girl and giving them her critical frown. “You realize, they should be taking you to prison right now. That genetic toy is worth millions and belongs to someone else. I do so much for you Baldor, I can’t believe this is how you repair me. What do you have to say for yourself?” -Khloe 04:58 Apr 02

Baldor: He coughd several times before he looked at her, it felt like a rib was broken. "She is not a toy, she is a personand if she had wanted to go back I would have taken her… how she was born is not her fault. Don’t you think everyone has a right to decide how they live thier lives?" he closed his eyes, trying to calm his breathing, then he rolled onto his stomach to rise to his knees and try to stand. -05:01 Apr 02 Baldor

“Oh darling, I know you did not get a lot of education, but do you really think she is a person?” Denise clicked her tongue, now looking very sympathetic and pitying. She stopped her snooping to pause in front of him, leaning slightly so they could be eye to eye. “They pieced her together like a puzzle, gave her that body and that personality at the designs of someone else. Grown in a glass tube and then her brain programmed to obey and love the very first thing she saw. It’s just like little baby ducklings…” She shook her head sadly. “She wanted to stay because she saw you first. I am so sorry I’ve neglected you Baldor and let this happen…” -Khloe 05:06 Apr 02

Baldor: He shook his head. "She dated others before me, I…" was she right? HAd he just been babysitting a sex toy? It couldn’t be true. Kloe was a real person. "Maybe that’s what they told you, but I spoke to her. she’s a person with dreams and likes and dislikes and… she’s just been sheltered… She cares about me, she’s been paying for everything since I lost my job. Would a puppet do that when I told her she shouldn’t?" -05:18 Apr 02 Baldor

“Did you tell her to date people? Did you tell her she needed to think for herself? Of course she did it all, she was told to. They are obedient and will do anything their owner asks.” Her bottom lip poked out with a sympathetic pout. “You should have called me and told me you lost your job. Haven’t I taken care of you all this time? I have been a terrible girlfriend to you, I am so sorry Baldor. I told them you were confused and had no idea she was a Genetic Bride. They won’t arrest you and take you to prison now. But Baldor, this looks very bad for me… we will never be able to get married like this. I am going to help you go to school, okay? After you have humiliated me to my friends and family, I know you won’t object…” -Khloe 05:23 Apr 02

Baldor: He had been hopping to the kitched and was now trying to saw a steak knife against the cuffs on his hands to break free and go after Kloe, but when he heard a van driving off his heart sank. "Embarressed you? That’s the only reason you care about this? Not that there is an innocent person being carted off to be someone’s sex slave? Or that we’ve had five minutes on the phone every coupe of months and that hasn’t been because of me… is that really a relationship, Denise? Do you even care about me. Kloe does." -05:31 Apr 02 Baldor

“I know you don’t understand these kind of things, Baldor. You didn’t grow up educated, but you have to know the risks I am taking for you!” she was still pouting, following him where he hopped and making no motions to help him out. “My family’s reputation is at stake, my future on the line. OUR future even as man and wife. Don’t you remember all of the promises you made me? That you would wait until I was finished with my schooling? Promises, and you are trying to break those because you found some thing lying on the side of the road that was made to pleasure. You are so foolish and naive…” -Khloe 05:36 Apr 02

Baldor: The tie gave and he bent over to cut the one around his ancles. "YOu made promises to Denise, and if you expect me to waste my life waiting on you to make good on them when it’s convenienve to you while I am here in this trashy appartment. I’m going to be a chef and I’ve already applied to for a new job. I don’t need your pity." -05:44 Apr 02 Baldor

“You are very indignant for someone who was just caught cheating on his girlfriend with another woman.” she clipped with irritation. “For several months and you never once tried to tell me. Who is the one in the wrong here? I have done nothing but been supportive of you and here I am even trying to spare you from jail and even willing to forgive you for humiliating me and you just throw it in my face? Don’t you love me, Baldor? Don’t you have any sense of honor?” -Khloe 05:48 Apr 02

Baldor: All the guilt he had been feeling welled up inside him and he closed his eyes, tears runnning down his face. "I should have told you… I didn’t want to end up with her… " bang the knife penetrated the counter top. "I’m sorry for that but that changes nothing else." -05:53 Apr 02 Baldor

Denise stared at him in silence for several minutes. That judging, unhappy stare she was so famous for. Finally she stuck her nose up in the air and shrugged her shoulders. “I suppose you want to break up with me and be with her? I’m afraid that isn’t an option. She is being shipped back to her real owner as we speak. IF he doesn’t report the product as damaged and returns her for a proper refund. They destroy damaged product you know. ….Baldor… I know you are upset with me, but you shouldn’t ruin your whole life over this. I am giving you once last chance to make the right decision. This doesn’t have to ruin our relationship.” -Khloe 05:57 Apr 02

Baldor: "Our relationship was already ruined when I became your lowest priority." he shot back pushing her out the way and grabbing his jacket as he headed for the door. "And if they have killed her I will blame you." he had no idea what he was going to do. Run after the van? Finding out where thier facility was and then takign the bus was probably a better plan… -06:15 Apr 02 Baldor

Denise let him storm out, however, SHE was not done with this conversation. As he stomped down the street, she stepped off the sidewalk in to an awaiting limosine. She didn’t run him down or try to stop him, she simply let him keep walking and wandering and come to his own conclusion that he was acting like a fool. Her driver was instructed to follow him at a far enough distance to not immediately draw attention. After some time, the limo pulled up along side him, slowly keeping pace as he walked. “Baldor, this is ridiculus. There is nothing that can be done now. Get in and let me take care of everything.” -Khloe 06:25 Apr 02

Baldor: He ignored her, tapping away on the GPS app trying to find where they were taking Khloe. Then he stopped and stared at the screen, there were no places nearby… they had to rent a warehouse from another company. "Your version of fixing everythign is to get everythign what way you want it without caring about what others want. Why do you even need me in your grand plan?" -06:29 Apr 02 Baldor

“We fit together, Baldor. We grew up together and made our promises. You told me that you wanted to run a restaurant. Did you think I forgot? I promised you that when I was finished with school we would make your dream come true too. We could start you in school now. It’s a little sooner than planned, but you can have your studies, and then when we both are settled in new jobs we can finally get married.” -Khloe 06:35 Apr 02

Baldor: He kept walking, not replying until he started to slow down, fatigue taking it’s toll… then he sank to his knees, he had failed her. Both of them, he had cheeted on Denise and let Kloe be taken. "I’m sorry…" -06:41 Apr 02 Baldor

Denise was pleased. “I forgive you. You were lonely and weak. But I am here for you now. Here, get in to the limo and I will take you home. We will pack up all your things and I will get you a new apartment so you never have to think about this again.” -Khloe 06:45 Apr 02

Genetic Bride 026

Genetic Bride 026 010: Public Exposure

[Baldor is on a movie date.] -06:15 Nov 11
[Khloe loves going to the movies! And now she is behaving like a good non-rapey girlfriend!] -06:18 Nov 11
Khloe: The back of the theater was always the best place to sit. Not just because no one can see you consumating, but because you had the best view of the screen! She was happily in her seat with her arms wrapped around his and her head resting against his shoulder. -06:22 Nov 11
Baldor: He had his arm around her and his eyes on the screen. THe movie though was dissapointing and there was something stuck in the back on his mind, something about sex in the back of a movie theatre… and revenge for eatign in a diner where everyone hed hears Khloe from the bathroom. He glanced at her and placed his other hand on her knee before loking back at the screen. He was going to have fun watching HER. -06:25 Nov 11
Khloe: Khloe hugged his arm tighter and gave a happy sigh. It was nice having him touch her and not be afraid to. She liked touching and snuggling like this! She was focused on the movie though. It was exciting, flashy… how did they do all that stuff without people getting hurt? -06:29 Nov 11
Baldor: She had her eyes glued to the screen and thatmade him smile, but he still wanted his revenge, and so see if she could manage sex in the back row. Sliding his hadn up her leg halfwat to her miniskirt and back down as his eye drifted abck to the screen. Then his hand travels back up her leg almost reaching her skirt before turning around. -06:31 Nov 11
Khloe: Now she was a little bit more aware of the touching. Shifting slightly in her seat and giving him a quick curious glance before her interest was on the screen again. He already said consumating in public wasn’t allowed, but this… was a bit of a mixed signal! Khloe decided it had to just be her, and that she needed to behave. Chewing on her lip, she tried to ignore it. -06:39 Nov 11
Baldor: He looked back at her when she looked at the screen, then he leaned down and kissed the cirner of her mouth right as his hand slipped under her skirt and felt it’s way up her thigh to her folds to brush agaist then before he pulled away to look at the screen fis hand going the thirt distance back dowh out from under her skirt before sliding between her thighs. -06:42 Nov 11
Khloe: There was a soft squeaking sound from her. That struggling attempting to not squeal and have people turn around. She held her breath. Was it a test? Of course she wanted to jump on to his lap and dispell that sudden tingling feeling, but maybe it was a lesson? Either way, she was squirming a little more in her seat. Clinging to his arm tightly, and trying to pay attention to the movie. No consumating at the movies, that was a rule! -06:49 Nov 11
Baldor: He leaned his head against head and watched the screen while listening to her as his hand traveled upwards again. "You’ve already has sex with me once in public today." he said softly. "Don’t you want to again?" he touched her folds again not taking his eyes off the movie as he started to rub his lips. "Don’t tell me you’ve suddenly decided to listen to me." -06:52 Nov 11
Khloe: Ooooh, this was mean. Or really nice! He was always so shy, this was so very much the opposite that it almost had her senses reeling more than the touch of his fingers. Khloe squirmed. "You said not at the movies…?" she mumbled, her face burning hot. Khloe refused to look at him. If she did, she would pounce! -06:57 Nov 11
Baldor: "I also would have said not at the diner if you had asked before you made me want to tear your clothes off." he said slowly. "If I habe to take your top off I will but I’d much frefer you just got into my lap or something however you were planning to do this. Really I have no idea how people would." -07:00 Nov 11
Khloe: He wanted to tear her clothes off? That made her smile wide! And then he proposed a challenge… Khloe was still unsure if this was a test or not… but now it didn’t much matter! As silent as could be, she shifted out of her seat and straddled his lap. The trick was pushing the armrests up and out of the way so she could spread her knees. Khloe had his face in her hands as she gave him a gentle kiss. "There are many ways for consumating in small spaces…" -07:04 Nov 11
Baldor: He kissed her back and then looked at her in his lap. She looked perfect, but then that was how she was made. "You know if I were more contrloing I’d make you wear underwear all the time." he chuckled. "But that would make this harder…" not that we wanted to make a habbit of this! Still with his hands pushing her shit up tp rest on the bare skin of her sides he wasn’t complaining. -07:07 Nov 11
Khloe: "I would do anything you asked me to. I am yours." That had so much more meaning when she was grinning the way she was. Shifting over his lap quite deliberately to press herself against him in every way possible. Another soft kiss was follow by a tease of her fingertips at the back of his neck. -07:11 Nov 11
Baldor: He was almost taken in.. almost. "What I have been trying to teach you since I found you is you are yours. If you do something it shouldn’t be becaues I tell you, but because you want to, okay?" he leaned forwards to kisee her deeply his hand running up and down her sides. "So right now, do what you want to do, it’s okay with me." -07:14 Nov 11
Khloe: What she wanted was to make him happy. He made her happy. And it wasn’t hard to figure out what he wanted. …he initiated after all! Khloe looooved it. "I want you." she murmured, nipping at his lips, his jaw, and finally whispering in to his ear. "I want to feel you and nothing else. And I will try not to scream…?" She giggled! -07:21 Nov 11
Baldor: He brushed his lips against hers and ran his hand up her back as he mover hi hips under her. "That would help, there are people everywhere after all." he flicked his tongue against her lips and looked up at her. "You can have me, since I am yours too." -07:31 Nov 11
Khloe: "You are mine…?" That was a new concept. One that made her stomach churn in all of the best ways. Khloe wasn’t sure how to express that feeling with words. She merely grasped his face in her hands and gave him a deep kiss. Affectionate and sweet.. which didn’t match the way her hand was stealing down between them to tug at his belt. He made her want to do this all the time! -07:37 Nov 11
Baldor: His hands tightened as he kissed her back, hard, his lips moving against hers. She was so sweet in her own way and he loved that about her. he owuld be sweet to her to in his way. He had so many things he wanted to do with her too, but right now all hr could think about was where her hands were going and what would follow. mabe she was turning him into an adict. -07:40 Nov 11
Khloe: They were in a big room full of people, for his sake she had to be quiet… and fast! He would be upset if they were seen or caught. Almost the very second she pulled him out of his pants she was sinking down on top of him. Her breath coming out as a slow hiss in his ear. She did not realize she would enjoy consumating so much…! Khloe returned his kiss with ferver, pressing his head up against the back of the seat as she moved. Rising and falling with a gentle twist of her hips. -07:48 Nov 11
Baldor: He make a sound against her and his arms slipped around her pulling her closer his lips pulling back to allow his teeth to nip and pull on her lips desperatly, encouraging her. He was aware of where whey were, how could he not be but he couldn’t resist her. Hell when they got home he wous prbably going to pull her into the shower! "I love this." he whisered, he really really did. -07:51 Nov 11
Khloe: He had no idea how much it pleased her to know he loved it. That was… making it really hard to stay quiet and subtle! A small moan might have escaped, thankfully eclipsed by the sounds of the movie, and by her ravishing his mouth like he had all the oxygen she needed to breath. Pressed tight against him, she moved as quick as she could without making her breathing to audible. Which really just made it sweetly, agonizingly slow! -07:59 Nov 11
Baldor: e gripped her, crushing his mouth against hers to keep imseof quiet, hip shifting and squirming beneath her as he moved with her. He could feell himself building but it was so slow he could swear it was burning. He started moving faster ender her, slowly taking control as he trust his tongue into her mouth. -08:02 Nov 11
Khloe: She could taste that faint sweetness of syrup, and it was so deliciously intoxicating. Warring his tongue with hers kept those soft hums and squeeks to a minimum. Up until she could feel her body starting to tense, and the blood rushing through her so quick that her heart was pounding against her chest. Khloe’s fingers dug in to the fabric at his shoulder’s, clinging as she desperately tried to stay silent when all she wanted to do was gasp and squeal! -08:12 Nov 11
Baldor: He held her against him as he controlled the pace, faster than she has had it and edging closer. He placed a hand on the back of her nack and pulled her her lips harder up against hers as if he were drinking every sound she made. This helped him keep quiet too and he needed all the help he could get, small gasps and groans muffled by ther presense of her mouth on his. -08:15 Nov 11
Khloe: It was strangely intense trying to stay quiet and contained. It made the pit of her stomach coil even tighter, and that moment her body clenched she didn’t dare take her lips off him. Khloe shivered and twist in his arms. Tugged hard at his shirt before a hand released, only to slap back down on his shoulder and dig her nails in. A physical exclamation of that tidal wave of feeling she couldn’t scream out in the dark! -08:24 Nov 11
Baldor: He couple more thrustd and his hips twisted under her and he was done his hanrd squeezing her tight and toungue curling as he whimprered against her and breathed heavily. They had done it… -08:27 Nov 11
Khloe: Khloe kissed him still, though now it was less frenzied and hard, and now soft and affectionate. Slowly she was catching her breath and ever so often she would still tense up, followed by a very contented sigh. If she could wrap around him and take a nap right there, she might have. Instead she was rather busy nibbling at his lips. "You are happy?" she mumbled softly. -08:33 Nov 11
Baldor: "Very." he whispered returning every touch and gesture with one of his own. "Are you?" she was tauht to mke other people happy, but he wabnted her to be too. He wanted to make her happy like she did him. -08:36 Nov 11
Khloe: "Yes." The smile she was was wide and bright, and Khloe couldn’t resist kissing him again. A sweet soft touch of her lips. Even though he said no, he did this anyway. Because he wanted her and cared for her. It made her feel so warm and fuzzy. "We missed a lot of the movie." she giggled, nuzzling against his cheek. -08:40 Nov 11
Baldor: "We’ll get it on dvd/" he said softly holding her. "Then watch it together at home, I have thay and so many other boyfriend girlfriend thing to show you. It will be fun." -08:42 Nov 11
Genetic Bride 026

Genetic Bride 026 009: Bathroom Dash

[Baldor is about to go on a date, and is feeling guilty as hell.] -02:18 Nov 09
[Khloe is going out with her husband. At least her husband as far as she is concerned!] -02:23 Nov 09
Khloe: Khloe had been very tempted to wear one of her new costumes. She could be a cute witch, or demon, or nurse… but this was a special date! With her boyfriend. Dates needed cute outfits. After the date they could play and consumate again! So Khloe was wearing a dangerously short skirt, and a top that hung on her arms and exposed her shoulders. And at the moment she was bouncing on her feet waiting for Bai. "I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m ready!" -02:29 Nov 09
Baldor: He was in a long sleeved shirt and jeans and prettymuch looking tho oposite of her, but he smiled even if he didn’t feel it. "Me too." he would never know where she kept getting her clothes but it was her money so he couldn’t stop her. "I was thinking we grab lunch and then a movie." he said "Sound good with you?" he offered her his hand and pulled open the door. He would have to call his gir… ex girlfriend later, if she would even talk to him. She desurved to at least yell at him at least. -02:32 Nov 09
Khloe: She had his hand in an instant, smiling up at himwith a world’s worth of affection. "It sounds perfect! Will we make out at the movie and consumate in the back row?" She was pretty sure that is was what you did at movies. Khloe was glad she wore the short skirt! -02:38 Nov 09
Baldor: He went red and looked away. "I… how would you even do that without being… in public?" he put his face in his hands and then decided it would be better to just get going that to point out everythign that was wrong with that. "Let’s focus on lunch first. Since I’m paying, we have a choice between food court or the diner on thierd street." -02:41 Nov 09
Khloe: "Would you like me to pay? I have money!" Khloe still felt bad that he didn’t have his job… She could make everything so much easier for him if he would let her. She squeezed his hand. -02:45 Nov 09
Baldor: "The guy pays for dates." he said. "That’s how it is. You’re already paying for prettymuch everything else so…" he felt like he had taken advantage of her. She was all about sex and he should have stayed strong but he had slept with her and now she could never find another boyfriend with that mark. His mark on her. "I’m in the mood for waffles anyway so the diner is good." waffles smothered in butter and maple syrip. Comfort food. -02:48 Nov 09
Khloe: "I think waffles." Khloe was very carefully watching his face. Naturally attentive, it wasn’t hard to see that he wasn’t entirely happy. It made her frown just a bit. Did she do wrong? In the morning he seemed pleased… "Do you prefer being the provider…? I could not work once you have a new job?" -02:51 Nov 09
Baldor: He stopped and looked at her. "No, you can do whatever you want, you like wonking so don’t let me stop you." he was being selfish and letting his bad mood ruin the date for her, that was for her. "I’m just feeling bad that I probably made someone sad. But I won’t let that affect me so long as we’re on a date. Okay?" -02:55 Nov 09
Khloe: "You mean your girlfriend?" Khloe was having a hard time understanding that one. With everything that he told her about what girlfriends were supposed to be, and how his was… Well, she didn’t think that girl deserved any sympathy! Bai was sweet and kind, who wouldn’t want to be with him every day? "You’re going to smile, then? No more frowning?" -03:02 Nov 09
Baldor: He put on a smile and nodded before continuing to want he grabbed her and pulled her into a hug. "Look, I know this is probably for the best and that she will be happier without someone like me, and I’ll be happier with someone I can touch and talk to. But it’s going to take a little bit of time to adjust. But I’m happy, I really am." -03:06 Nov 09
Khloe: Khloe almost announced that the girl was stupid and didn’t deserve him, but he might not appreciate her saying bad things. Instead, she let go of his hand to wrap her arms around his waist as they walked. "I’m glad you’re happy! I promise I’ll keep making you happy! Every morning and every night and sometimes for lunch!" -03:09 Nov 09
Baldor: "Your inuendo is becoming more subtle." he said "Good, people don’t usually talk about sex directly, it’s strange. I never really talk about it and have enver really had it until…" he changes subjects… "What do you want for lunch? If you want something I can’t afford you can pay and I’ll just get the movie tickets." -03:11 Nov 09
Khloe: Was she making innuendo? She had no idea! Khloe hugged him again. "Waffles do sound good, with blueberry syrup… Many of my dates wanted to talk about sex. I think maybe you are just very special, Bai." -03:14 Nov 09
Baldor: "That’s probably because sex is all they wanted from you, they didn’t care who you were or what you wanted they just wanted sex and that really…" he was on a half jealous rant and he stopped himself to breathe out slowly. "I just want you to be happy, that’s all. We can worry about who pays for what later, let’s go get waffles." -03:17 Nov 09
Khloe: "That’s easy then. I am always happy with you." Khloe was smiling wide again. She liked that giddy feeling he always gave her. Even without consumating being involved. Khloe stopped her chirping at him, now stuck on grinning so ridiculously pleased that by the evening her cheeks were going to hurt. -03:22 Nov 09
Baldor: He exited out onto the street and headed looked both ways before starting to cross the road with her. "And not just because I’m the one that found you, and the only non-douchebag you’ve spoken to?" she would probably meet more good guys if she dressed differently. -03:26 Nov 09
Khloe: "Some of my dates were very nice and polite! But they were not… um… I am not sure how to explain it…" They were not interesting? But some were very interesting! Khloe liked them very much. They just lacked… whatever it was that made her feel like there was something skipping around in her stomach. Or made her want to do things for them. "Maybe if you consumated me in the beginning I might wonder a little bit if it was only because I belonged to you. But I am very confident that is not that case!" She even nodded in affirmation. -03:35 Nov 09
Baldor: "Good, because I don’t want to take advantage of you" he said looking at her. "You really are too kind and…" she was offering to pay for everything and he could just easily inagine someone taking everything she had and using her. She really did need someone to look out for her. "You have me." even if it was just as a friend, ot as a boyfriend, or.. he was getting comfused but he just needed to protect her. -03:40 Nov 09
Khloe: "And you have me. I’ll take care of you, Bai." Like he had taken care of her, without requests, without conditions. Simply because he wanted to and was a good person. …Khloe was biting her lip. That urge to pull him away, or even better just jump on him right there and wrap her legs around him, was pretty strong. But he had said none of that was good in public! They barely started this date, and it was already much different than her previous ones. "Bai, do diners have rooms for conumation?" -03:47 Nov 09
Baldor: He blinked. "No, they’re just for eating. In fact they have seperate bathrooms for boys and girls so no one looks at eachother while they’re in there." he looked at her and wondered what she was thinking. "I’ve heard sometimes people.. do that… in resturant bathroms but… I don’t know I’d hope it would be a clean one." -03:51 Nov 09
Khloe: "I see." Now Khloe was grinning even wider. She did not have a costume with her to pretend to be a waitress, but this time it would just be Khloe poucing on a boyfriend. She had a sort of wicked look like she was plotting. She had his hand once again and was swinging it back and forth, occasionally skipping as she walked. -03:53 Nov 09
Baldor: "You should also decide if theres anything you want to do for fun, other than the movie, I know you grew up away from things but there has to be somehtign you want to try. And if we can’t do it today then we have a lot of other days to try things." he was watching her. "I don’t have a job so all my days are free." -03:56 Nov 09
Khloe: That distracted her. New things to try… oooh, she had so many things! "I would like to go to a carnival. And on a cruise! Oh, and visit a beach. To try driving a vehicle. Hmm… I want to taste every fruit in the world!" Khloe laughed, smiling again. "I’m glad we have time. I don’t think we could do everything today. I am content with lunch and a movie and spending time with you." -04:00 Nov 09
Baldor: "You’ll need a teacher to teach you how to drive." he said. "I could do that, if I had a vehicle." he stopped at the corner to push the button on the traffic light and wait. "We’re almost there it’s right across the street, I think I can smell waffles already." -04:03 Nov 09
Khloe: "I bet making waffles doesn’t take very long." Khloe was tilting her head and pondering again. Ways to get him alone. Or maybe she didn’t need him alone… Maybe he was in luck that her stomach was growling! -04:06 Nov 09
Baldor: He clossed the street with her and sat down in a booth oposite her and looked out the window. "What do you want to drink?" he asked when he realized we was getting distracted again. "I think I want coffee." -04:08 Nov 09
Khloe: "Coffee is good!" He was on the opposite side, which meant it was now impossible for her to crawl on his lap or slip her hand between his legs. ….so khloe slipped off one of her shoes to rub her foot against his leg, and leaned forward with her elbows on the table. It was impossible not to grin. All she wanted to do was touch him and be close to him. -04:12 Nov 09
Baldor: He jumped and looked at her, and caught the look. He turned her and looked away and again mumbling their order to the waitress when she came. "You like making me shy and embarresed don’t you." he said peeking at her and taking a breath. -04:15 Nov 09
Khloe: "I want to touch you. I would like to try making love again." Not just consumate. Khloe paused for a moment while the waitress was there, but then she was right back to sneaking her foot up his leg. "Do you not want me to touch you?" -04:18 Nov 09
Baldor: "I doo…" he said with a tone of voice he had never used before and he gave him pause. "But we’re in public, people can see and you’re there dressed like you really really want to be touched." he hid his face in his hands. There should be a rule, sex and bathroom before leaving the house. -04:23 Nov 09
Khloe: That just made her smile even wider! So he did notice her clothes! "I do want to be touch! I would like very much if you held me, and touched me, and made love to me… I want to see you smiling and show you how you make me feel…" Khloe slid low in her seat, letting her slip her foot between his knees and against his thigh. She was almost giggling! -04:28 Nov 09
Baldor: He closed his legs and hid behind a menu. "People will start looking Khloe, I know you’re my girlfriend but we can’t just make love where everyone can see. That’s not what people do." he was sliding in his chair towards the window to be more hidden in the booth because she was clearly not stoppign and if she didn’t he was going to need to go to the bathroom! -04:32 Nov 09
Khloe: Khloe sat up straight again and put her foot back on the floor. But she was reaching across the table to pull down his menu. A very interesting mix of devious and wanting look on her face. "…then we should go somewhere they can’t look and see? I am educated for maneuvering in tight spaces!" -04:36 Nov 09
Baldor: Never had a simple sentence sounded to sexy. "What about our food? What if it arives adn we’re not here." he didn’t want to have sex in public even though he was red as hell. "Where could we anyway?" -04:38 Nov 09
Khloe: "People go to the bathroom before their food arrives all the time. I have set plates down on lots of empty tables and the people come back." He was uncomfortable, but… he was not completely unopposed to it. She could see it in the way he looked at her! Khloe leaned forward. "We can… go to the bathroom?" -04:42 Nov 09
Baldor: He looked at her and bit his lip not trusting himself to answer. She has taken his virginity and now was being a complete deviant. What had he gotten himself into? "You really want to go and have sex in a diner bathroom?" he asked. Should never have told her that was a posibility. -04:46 Nov 09
Khloe: "I would make love with you right here on the table, but you said I am not allowed to and that isn’t what people do?" It was hard to think of the words to explain her want to touch him. And she certainly was never taught about self control and appropriateness of sexual desires. All Khloe understood was that she wanted him, and it wasn’t just to please him. She wanted him. -04:51 Nov 09
Baldor: He looked at her before finally he gave in and nodded, holding out his hand to let her take the lead. There was no way out of this without directly saying no and this date was for her. Let her get it out of her system so that she didn’t do what she said and have sex with him in the back of the movie house. -04:54 Nov 09
Khloe: Khloe almost gave a joyous yay! but since he wanted to be subtle… Taking his hand, she led him across the diner. Thankfully the bathrooms were around a corner in a small hall which meant no one could see where they were slipping away to. Figuring he would be more comfortable in there, she pushed her way in to the men’s bathroom. No males seemed to be in there at the moment… which gave her the freedom to immediately throw her arms around his neck and jump on him! -04:58 Nov 09
[Baldor enters.] -05:26 Nov 09
[(Timeout) Baldor has timed out.] -05:28 Nov 09
Baldor: He fell back and his the door with a bang. "Ow.." he said quickly putting his arms around her and held her against him his eyes on hers. He wondered if they were designed to be sexy, to draw you in until before you knew it you were leaning forwards to press your lips into hers… or if that was just him, right now. -05:30 Nov 09
Khloe: She giggled, but that was shortlived as she ravished his mouth. Before she had always been thoughtful, decisive, very deliberately -trying- seduce to and please him. But now… all she wanted was him! Uncontrolled, instinctual wanting. Khloe nipped at his mouth with her teeth, drinking in every sound he made. Her feet were off the floor when her arms tightened around his neck. Quickly circling her legs around his waist. -05:35 Nov 09
Baldor: He didn’t know how to take this, she was so rough, so raw. He reached up to grip her hair tightly and turned so that it was hur back pressed against the wall. He was making small sighs and grunts with every new sensation, she had done an expers job of working him up. -05:38 Nov 09
Khloe: This was a new feeling too! And Khloe went with it without hestitation. Unlinking her arms only to slip them down and tug impatiently at his shirt. She was gping to pull it right off him! There would be wonderfully hot skin and nothing in the way… Her breath had shallowed in her rush, but she was trying really hard not to rip anything and that took a lot of concentration while she was invading his mouth with her tongue. -05:46 Nov 09
Baldor: He made another sound when he felt her tongue and was struggling with holding her and pull her shirt up at the same time. He wasn’t any good that this… sex… thing. Finally he had ti pulled up above her mound and cupped one in a hand to squeeze. -06:01 Nov 09
Khloe: Ooooh, he made her feel like her skin was on fire and all the oxygen was sucked out of the room. With the wall braced against his back she was grinding her hips against him. Somewhere in the process his shirt was gone and dropped to the floor. Giving her perfect access to run her hands over his skin. But even that was short lived when she was reaching down between them to jerk on his belt. More things off, she needed the gone! -06:26 Nov 09
Baldor: He grabbed the hemm of her dress to pull it up and flip it up. "No underwear again?" he asked in a panting breath as he pulle dher shirt the rest fo the way off and leaned back giving her access to his pants while still trailing kisses along her collarbone. -06:30 Nov 09
Khloe: "This is a date with you, none is okay, right?" She wasn’t really seeking confirmation this time, though. His belt was undone in a second, followed by the button in his pants. Then her hand was stealing away inside to caress and grip. The slow quick of a grin at the corner of her mouth to find him responsive to her. -06:44 Nov 09
Baldor: He flushed and pushed his lips hard against hersand pressed his hips forwards. He couldn’t even answe, not with her toughing him like that. This time it was his tongue coming out to run against her lips and draw her lips between his teeth. -06:48 Nov 09
Khloe: A soft sigh.. followed by an impatient groan. He was amazing. He made her feel like all her limbs were filled with electricity. Khloe guided him to her, releasing him to wrap her arms back around his neck and draw him closer with her legs. Khloe nuzzled against his cheek, softly muttering his name. "Bai, I want you in me.. that would mae me very happy." -06:57 Nov 09
Baldor: "Me too." he whispered before he thrust into her and his handts tightened digging his nails into her. It was okay for him to do that right? Grinding her agaisnt the door he groaned and bit his lip before he started thrusting. Why did she have to be so intoxicating? -07:01 Nov 09
Khloe: This was what she was craving! She was wet and more than ready for this. Setting out a far too loud groan in his ear as she twist her hips and turned her body to take him in. She still couldn’t breathe and her cheeks were flushed red. Khloe nibbled and sucked on his ear when she wrapped tighter around him. Drawing her hands up and down the bare skin of his back. -07:07 Nov 09
Baldor: He was all too aware of where they were but that didn’t seem to mater anymore. He thrust harder and faster adsorbins every sound she made and moaning in responce. Hearing her let him knos he wasn’t completely useless, and he loved the sounds she made. -07:13 Nov 09
Khloe: "Oh Bai, please…" there was no telling what she was begging for, what he was doing was more than enough! She squeezed her legs, locking him tight. Gasping as she bounced against the wall. Khloe wanted to make sure he was well pleased, as happy as she was, but she was so consumed by that rushed needy feeling, she was far too gone to realize it. Her nails dug in to his back when it struck her without warning. Making her scream out in surprise and echo in the tiny bathroom, as she shuttered and squirmed around him. -07:21 Nov 09
Baldor: He pulled her head aside and moved as fast as he could, nuzzling into her ear and grigging her tightly. Then he was gone with a long, low moan that was acoompanied by a shudder and him hetting go of her hair to pushed in close to her and put his lips to her, ravaging them. -07:31 Nov 09
Khloe: Fullfillment, wonderful, tingling, blissful fullfillment. Khloe was nearly purring, with that soft pleased sound she was making as she curled her arms and legs tighter around him. Returning his kiss without hesistation until she was pulling back to finally catch her breath. She was panting so hard her chest was heaving, but the grin she wore was so wide as she nuzzled him. -07:34 Nov 09
Baldor: He placed his hand on her chest to feel her breathing and heart. "That was different." he said softly catching his breath. But be had done it again. Had sex with Khloe before properly breaking it off with… he was an idiot. But it was hard to feel bad when he could place soft kisses on the corner of her mouth. "What were we needing to get back to again?" -07:38 Nov 09
Khloe: "Waffles!" she chirped, laughing in the process and too unwilling to let him go. Of course, that was when someone was trying to enter the bathroom and met with resistance. The door was shifting against her back. … Khloe started laughing louder. "Occupied…!" -07:42 Nov 09
Baldor: Resistance, a girl’s voice and the sounds that had just been made, there was no way the person could not know what was going on. Baldor leaned forwards to kiss her again before he rubbed her thigh and pulled back slightly to grin at her. "I could get ued to this, but we should eat so we can catch out movie." -07:45 Nov 09
Genetic Bride 026

Genetic Bride 026 008: Waking up Happy

[Khloe is curled up sleeping with (as far as she is concerned) her official owner, husband, and boyfriend.] -02:42 Jul 29
[Baldor might have just made the biggest mistake of his life, or the best move of his life.] -02:43 Jul 29
Khloe: For Khloe, the world had been set straight! No more questions or concerns. She was quite happily snuggling in bed with not a worry to think about. -02:46 Jul 29
Baldor: Baldor was sleeping off the brink he had had last night, and snuggling the form next to him very closely, the even slept through the phone the first two tomes it rang chosing instead to nuzzle Khloe and rest his arms around her. AFter all snugglign wasn’t cheating. -02:50 Jul 29
Baldor: Baldor was sleeping off the brink he had had last night, and snuggling the form next to him very closely, the even slept through the phone the first two tomes it rang chosing instead to nuzzle Khloe and rest his arms around her. AFter all snugglign wasn’t cheating -02:50 Jul 29
Khloe: Khloe giggle softly, tilting her head to kiss his neck and nip gently at it. There was nothing stopping him from waking up happy this morning! Khloe let her hands sneak down over his skin. -02:57 Jul 29
Baldor: He sighed and settled against her a feeling of deep satisfaction sitting deep in his core. "Khloe.." he mumbles still mostly asleep resting his head as close to her as possible -03:01 Jul 29
Khloe: "Yes..?" Her name sounded like an endearment. It was very sweet. Khloe shifted away from him just far enough to brush a soft kiss over his mouth. Her hand, though, was being less sweet… more like deviously wicked as it crawled over his stomach to caress much more sensitive areas. -03:04 Jul 29
Baldor: His hips shipted and his hand slid up her arm as he kissed her back with smalll movements before he opened his eyes to look into hers. She was naked and so was he, her hand was… had they? Did he? "Morning…" he mumbled trying not to think himself into a headache. -03:08 Jul 29
Khloe: "Good morning." she responded with a smile and another kiss. Her fingers circled around his shaft, but didn’t grip. She nipped at the corner of his mouth. "Did you sleep well?" -03:12 Jul 29
Baldor: He looked down at her hand, then slipped his to where her mmark was as if he might be able to tell if it had changed by feel. Not that he needed to see it to remember now, he had cheated and it wad felt great.. he groaned and fell onto his back covering his face. "Well enough." surprisingly. -03:16 Jul 29
Khloe: A touch on her thigh was a very tantilizing thing. When he rolled over on to his back, she crawled on top of him. Resting her elbows on his chest and her chin in her hands. She was smiling wide! "Would you like to sleep in today? I could go and fetch us something for breakfast and we could stay in bed." -03:21 Jul 29
Baldor: "That sounds nice.." he said looking at her. It really did, havinf her as his gorlfriend didn’t have to be a bad thing… even if she desurved somone who didn’t cheat… "Can I see your mark?" he asked "Its meant so shoe me now right?" -03:24 Jul 29
Khloe: The request wasn’t unreasonable at all, so she had no problem sitting up, and rising up on to her knees. Her legs were already open, braced at each side of his waist, so it was easy to see the little lines and dots that looked like a barcode now over the owernship line. "See? If I am ever scanned it will say I belong to you." -03:28 Jul 29
Baldor: He looked and then up at her face. "SO you’re my girlfriend.." or his sextoy on the side, but he could never think of her like that. "I should tell… " he should but wasn’t looking forwards to it. "food on bed sounds great.. maybe I’ll get a call about a job. -03:32 Jul 29
Khloe: "Don’t be sad. I’ll be a good girlfriend." Khloe leaned down to kiss him. A soft compress that was shifting harder when the phone rang again. She huffed, rolling off him to take care of that blasted thing once and for all! "Hello!" she answered. "….Who are you? Khloe blinked. "I’m Khloe. Can I help you?" "Where is Baldor." Khloe glanced over at the bed. "He’s tired after a night of consummating, can I take a message?" There was a gasp on the phone followed by a growl. Khloe found herself hung up on and peered confused at the phone. She hung it up and bounced back to the bed. "I’ll get dressed and fetch us food, then?" -03:40 Jul 29
Baldor: "Who was it?" he called not having heard what she said as he ran a hand down her arm "And don’t forget panties, okay? Its not goot dor anyone other than your boyfriend to see your… " his eyes wondered downwards. -03:43 Jul 29
Khloe: "They didn’t say." she followed his gaze, and gave another wide grin. Khloe knelt over him again to kiss his cheek and brush her mouth against his ear. "You could touch if you want to. I am yours…" -03:46 Jul 29
Baldor: "So food can wait?" he was still feeling bad for cheating, very bad. "You’d better go do tht first." he said looking up into her eyes. "Then we can talk about our relationship." -03:49 Jul 29
Khloe: Khloe sat on the bed instead, brushing her fingers against his cheek and casting a small frown. He wasn’t exactling smiling either! "Are you changing your mind about me…? I promise I won’t do anything you don’t want me to!" -03:52 Jul 29
Baldor: "I cheated on my girlfriend and now I have to breat up with her, she desurves better than a guy whose cheated on her, and I do want to be your boyfriend, but I’m a cheater." -03:55 Jul 29
Khloe: She was still frowning and she kind of understood. Barely. Khloe was still pouting. "She is never here, and you never talk to her… it isn’t much of a girlfriend." Khloe huffed, That other girl was always going to be a problem…. and she was never here! Bai was Khloe’s now and… and despite conditioning, she really didn’t like the idea of him possibly choosing that other girl. -04:01 Jul 29
Baldor: He lifted his head to kiss her softly, "Don’t worry, right now being with you is the wrong thing, but I’m going to do the wrong thing in the right way." He kissed her again and ran his hand through her hair. "You’re my girlfriend if you want to be." -04:04 Jul 29
Khloe: "I don’t want to be the wrong thing. But I want to be your girlfriend…" Not quite conjoled, but on her way, Khloe returned his kiss and leaned in to it until he was pressed back against the pillows and she was half laying on top of him again. -04:07 Jul 29
Baldor: He placed his hands on her back and sighed. "You are nt the wrong thing." he said. "But I didn’t do the right thing." his finger traced up her spine. "But maybe I’ll be happier now, with a girlfriend here I can see every day." -04:10 Jul 29
Khloe: "I do want you to be happy." Being touched made it all the better, especially like this where she could only feel his skin against hers. She finally nuzzled against his cheek and down to his neck. "And I will be here every day. And we’ll do this every morning, and have dinner together and go for walks?" Every time she said ‘and’ she paused long enough to kiss and nip her teeth at his neck, moving upwards to his jaw. -04:16 Jul 29
Baldor: He grinned wide and rubbed the back of her neck. "Any time spent with you…" he heaved another deep sigh as he nipped in the exact right spot. "You make it so easy to love you…" he pulled her into another kiss nad held her there flicking his tongue against her lip. -04:20 Jul 29
Khloe: There was that word again. Now to hear it gave her chills. All the good kinds. Khloe captured his tongue with her teeth, sucking on it gently to sooth the bite. "Would you like to explore me, boyfriend? I am here for you.." -04:25 Jul 29
Baldor: He slid his hands down her sides in response cupping her round ass and squeezing. "I think I do." he rubbed her thigh and kissed her again nipping her lip. "So it will be like this every morning? No matter what?" -04:29 Jul 29
Khloe: "Always! Unless you are sick, then you will have to rest. But I’ll give you all the snuggles you want?" she grinned, nuzzling against his cheek and brushing her fingers over his neck in a soft tacing motion. "You’ll smile every morning and be too tired to go to work." -04:33 Jul 29
Baldor: "That last one could be a problem." he said "BUt not today… but you desurve to be happy too, what can I do to make you happy?" he rubbed her shoulder then slipped his hand down between then to feel her breast. -04:39 Jul 29
Khloe: "To make me happy?" There was that question again and Khloe was a little bit baffled by it. However, being touched was definitely a wonderful first start. She leaned in to his hand as she bit her lip. "Hum.. I am already happy. I have everything I hoped. A place I like and someone who is nice to me and makes me feel giddy." Khloe pulled her hand down over his chest too. Splaying her hand over his heart to feel the way it beat in response to her other hand, stroking teasing fingers to tickle his side. -04:44 Jul 29
Baldor: He was tickinsh and recoiled anlost tipping her off and he moved, then grinning did tip her off and rolled on top ot her to lean down and kiss her sweetly. "You know what? Spending the day in bed sounds great. Before we get fod what do you say we try that consumating thing again, and let me hear you call it making love… hmmm…?" -04:49 Jul 29
Khloe: Exciting…! Having him making the offer was like a brand new thing! Khloe almost wanted to tease and play coy, or hard to get. But she was so pleased, she didn’t want him to get away. "Making love? Hmm, I think I would very much like to make love with you." she mumbled with a grin. -04:53 Jul 29
Baldor: He kissed her again and moved his bdy against hers runnign his hand up her thight before to wondered down her forearm and gripped her hand. Then he was pulling her up and heading for the bathroom. "Come on Khoe I thing its shower time, for both of us." the grin he gave her was laced with want and mischief! -04:56 Jul 29
Khloe: Khloe was eying his expression with surprise and curiosity. She had never seen that look before, and it was very intriging. She followed him in to the bathroom regarding him with a tilt of her head and a squeeze of his hand. "We are going to wash first?" -05:04 Jul 29
Baldor: He pulled her into the shower and turned on the water. "In a way.." he grabbed the soap and lathered it in hsi hands before placing both of them on her breasts and rubbing then in circles. "We are going to rub eachother… everywhere.. like I wanted to when you were in that maid dress. -05:12 Jul 29
Khloe: That made her grin even wide. He did like her outfit! "You liked it a lot then?" She was biting her lip again, being touched like this and with that look on his face… it was a lot different than the typical shower. Did she always look like that when she was trying to consumate him? -05:33 Jul 29
Baldor: He rubbed her stomach and up her sides."I don’t think I’ve seen anything on you that I didn’t like." he siad stepping closer and pushing his lips into hers. "Don’t you want to touch too? Go on, I’m yours too." -05:37 Jul 29
Khloe: Oh. Ooooh. Hers too. And he said it. Khloe thought she might melt to the floor from adoration. Wasting no time, she had the soap in her hands. Then she was rubbing it in to his shoulders and down his arms. She was getting a free pass to touching, and she intended to touch everywhere! "No more no touchy rules?" -05:41 Jul 29
Baldor: :THose rules were because I was not your boyfriend." he said rubbing her hips and drawing then to him before going to rub the sides of her neck. "I am now.. riight? So you can." he kissed her then nipped her lip. "That is if you want to… I won’t make you.." -05:47 Jul 29
Khloe: Khloe smiled against his mouth. It was a very wistful thing and affectionate. A sharp contrast to wear she was dipping her hands. "I want to touch you. And kiss you and make love with you. You make me feel a lot of things." Rising on her toes, she pushed a kiss against his mouth and slipped her tongue over his lips. -05:50 Jul 29
Baldor: He pushed her back against the shower wall his replay lost as he drew her tongue into his mouth with his. He gripped her thigh and drew it up next to him as he pushed his hips against hers not caring if her hands were in the way. -05:54 Jul 29
Khloe: The tone had shifted, which didn’t bother her in the slightest. In fact it was giving her those twinging butterfly feelings in the pit of her stomach. Returning his kiss with a soft sigh and teasing his tongue with hers. Her hand gripped and needed his sack, slick with the soap and water allowing for ease of movement. Her other hand move along his side with a soft petting caress. -05:58 Jul 29
Baldor: His hand descended, sliding down her side and across her hip to her crotch, he wanted to feel her lips, to rin his finger along them and push and wiggle in between. He loved feeling her and it put a warm feeling in his chest. Using two of his finger he pushed her lips apart and dhe rubed his shaft against them, grinning against her. -06:04 Jul 29
Khloe: Her reaction was very physical, nearly slipping her footing when her knees wobbled and she gave a wide-eyed gasp over his mouth. The surge of feeling was electic, almost leaving her senses vibrating. Even her grip slipped, forcing her to grab on to his keeps just to steady herself. "You surprise me…" she mumbled, her infatuated smile brushing against his cheek as she nuzzled him. -06:11 Jul 29
Baldor: He Guided his tip to push against her and nipped her lip affectionatly. "You did too." he said "More thna I was prepaired for. "He nuzzled into herkissing her ear, then her neck, then with a move of his hips he was in her, pushing her against the shower wall." -06:14 Jul 29
Khloe: Khloe moaned softly, turning her face in to his wet hair. Her arms were up next, digging her fingers through tendrils as she nuzzled. There was a slight hop from her when she pushed off the ground to wrap her legs around his hips. Drawing him closer and sating that need to be wrapped around him. -06:26 Jul 29
Baldor: He held onto her keeping her in place as his other hand caught the top of the wall to kee himself stable as he pushe against her his heart begining to pound as he -06:28 Jul 29
Baldor: He held onto her keeping her in place as his other hand caught the top of the wall to kee himself stable as he pushe against her his heart begining to pound as he slide his hand up between then over her breast and then around her arm to retunr her hair clasping gesture. He was in the lead this time, and he liked it. -06:33 Jul 29
Khloe: He was making love to her, and not her trying to consumate him. It was such an amazing, tighening feeling! Khloe gently tugged his head back, planting soft kisses along his jaw until she found his mouth and kissed him deep. Her eyes were heavy lidded but open, watching his with unhidden adoration. Loving to see every little expression he made as she moved her mouth or twist her hips in greeting to his. -06:41 Jul 29
Baldor: He pushed, loving eyes move she make in responce to him with sucj intensity it make his lips curl and almost made him lose his grip in the wall, but he kissed her back so hard he pushed her head back against the wall and ravaged his lips with his as his hips started slipping out of his controll and pushed her purther up the wall. -06:53 Jul 29
Khloe: Her eyes never left his, even when she was gasping and groaning. Matching his intensity with fevered passion. Khloe held him tight to her with the squeezing of her legs and the clutching of his hair. His body sliding up against hers and her breasts pressed hard against his chest was even to make every nerve in her skin come alive. -07:02 Jul 29
Baldor: It was almost too mucj, almosy. The smell of the soap, the feeling of her pressed up agaistt him and her movements in response to his. There wasa groan against her lips as he quickened and pressed both hands agaist the wall either side of her and bit her his eyebrown lowering but his eyes remaining staring deeply into hers. It was a moment of perfect bliss. -07:05 Jul 29
Khloe: The pressure had build so much, Khloe couldn’t kept herself still. Squimring and clinging in ways that made it all the worse. It felt like fire rushing through her skin, making her flush and curling her toes. Before she knew it, it hit her. Her entire body siezing as her back bent and pushed away from the wall. She couldn’t even breath to gasp, but it was amazing and flooding through her like a wave of sparks. -07:13 Jul 29
Baldor: "I love you Khloe…"he spilled into her his head tilting to press his lips hard against hers as he breathed hard and made contented sighing sounds against her. :Bes mornign I’ve had in a long time." -07:16 Jul 29
Khloe: Loved her. She could kiss him forever. Khloe’s arms and legs were much less tightly wound around him, but she didn’t want to let loose at all. In fact she was burying her face at his neck, wearing such a wide smile. "But I am too tired to fetch your breakfast now… can we go back to sleep?" -07:20 Jul 29
Baldor: "Sounds wonderful" he said reaching to the side and shutting off the water, then moving away from the wall, still holding her and stepped out of the shower before kissinf her neck. "We’ll go out on a date this afternoon for food and fun." he nuzzled against her before grabbing a towel. "And you can wear whatever you want." -07:25 Jul 29
Khloe: Whatever she wanted just made Khloe grin wide against his skin. She had the feeling he wouldn’t approve of one of her new outfits if she tried to wear it in public. But she was awfully tempted! "I’m glad you found me, Bai. I don’t want to be anywhere else." -07:27 Jul 29
Genetic Bride 026

Genetic Bride 026 007: Imprinted

Khloe: The next day when Khloe awoke, Bai was no where to be found. Her feelings were still sore and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to talk to him anyway. He may as well had said she had no emotion at all. But he wasn’t there and there was breakfast left for her on the counter. …maybe she wasn’t so mad still after all. -06:31 Jul 26
Baldor: So he was still in a bad mood and that wasn’t good for filling in applications, so he didn’t have enough money to restock his kitchen or get anything nice or to have lunch out. He it was a bar out of a vending machine for lunch and a bagel because that wasn’t enough and he was looking down at the last few coins he had on him and ciscling the park to go to apply at the bistro. -06:51 Jul 26
Khloe: Morning involved getting ready for her date. Mister James was the one guy out of all of them that she liked almost as much as Bai. And this was the fourth date, and that meant -extra- things. …Even though now she was wondering if that was even a good idea. Was she all physical and no emotional? By the time she was at the bistro, sitting at a booth with Mister James she had at least forgotten about that part of the conversation. She had emotion. She knew cause she could feel it on this date! -06:57 Jul 26
Baldor: So coming up to the bistro armed with a pen, a half-eaten bagel and walkign past the window putting his hand on the door and… perfect.. red top.. black skirt.. boots.. and.. James.. His hand ran down the glass and he turned away, walking past the rest of the front window and taking a seat outside, out of sight clising his eyes. Then closed his fist and stood back up, pushing open the door and heading for the manager. He was going to apply and no aloung of confused eotions or wetness in his eyes would stop him. -07:02 Jul 26
Khloe: Khloe was laughing, leaning close to the man who had his arm around her. The conversation was nice! They could talk and it was friendly. Touching was friendly! The holding hands, or the soft hugs. Kissing was friendly. Mister James stole a kiss and Khloe just smiled wide. It wasn’t bad at all. ….only, it really wasn’t really… entrancing? Her day was turning out to be confusing. -07:07 Jul 26
Baldor: Kissing… he turned away and filled out the forn as quickly as he could then handed it over, excused himself and turned making sure his eyes stayed on the door as he left, maybe slamming it a little and walking away into the park. He knew what he wanted to do, but he had left the phone she had gotten him at home to stop him throwin git into the pond, a smart move apparently. Well there wwas at least beer in the fridge… time to go do that. -07:15 Jul 26
Khloe: There was something pretty great about Mister James. Khloe liked being around him and she was trying to take that next step. It was the right thing to do? After their lunch they walked in the park. And she couldn’t stop comparing everything to Bai. …when she thought about it, she seemed to compare all her dates to her time with Bai. They passed a couple in the park, and Khloe watched the way they looked at each other. That hopeless infatuation and blissfull smiles. Frowning just a bit, she glanced up at Mister James. She really didn’t have that feeling when she looked at him, no matter how much she wanted to. But Bai… -07:23 Jul 26
Baldor: He made the ristake of looking back, they were out of the bistro and she was lookign into his eyes and.. No more looking, he would be drunk by the time she got hime, if she got home… Fuck that thought, Beer and couth and no thinking about Khloe and how if he imprinted her she wouldn’t end up with an asshole, and how he wanted a girlfriend like her more than one he never saw. -07:26 Jul 26
Khloe: A few hours later, Khloe was on her way back home feeling a little. …distressed! Mister James had taken her to his place. There was the snuggling and petting and kissing… and could have been the consummating if she really wanted it. But it just… lacking. There was not a spark, or that gut feeling that made her dizzy and giddy. There really wasn’t -anything- to it, and Khloe wondered if Bai had been right after all. Maybe she was lacking emotion. When she let herself in to the apartment, she was ready to talk to Bai about it if he were at home and still awake. -07:32 Jul 26
Baldor: He was home, and the if the bottles litterign the floor were any indication he had been busy. Right now he was playing with hsi shoe with his foot and brooding but hearign the door he turned away from it and rested hishands in his lap playing with his thumbs not letting her know she had heard her come in. -07:37 Jul 26
Khloe: Khloe dropped her pures and keys on a table and pulled off her coat to drape over a chair. She was chewing on her bottom lip when she crossed the room… pausing long enough to step over a few bottles before she tripped over them, and plopped on to the sofa. She was a little wary as she tilted her head and glanced at him. "I missed you this morning." -07:42 Jul 26
Baldor: "Did you really?" he asked still looking at his thumbs stubbornly. "You looked to be very distracted." he stopped himself and clasped hsi ahnds together in his lap frowning at himself. He was jealous and he shouldn’t be. "I’m just glad you’re happy." he didn’t sound glad. -07:45 Jul 26
Khloe: "You really sounds the opposite of glad…" she mumbled. Khloe just fell against the back of the couch and sighed. Then she realized he said she looked distracted. "…how do you know? Did you see me today?" -07:48 Jul 26
Baldor: "Yes." he said still not looking. "When I was applying for jobs, in the outfit I like, kissing." he turned and stood in one motion almost falling and putting his hand on the arm rest to keep his balance as he looked down at the bottle sparing a second to try and count them. Then gave up and sat on the arm rest and put his face in his hands. Too much to drink and too many feelings. -07:55 Jul 26
Khloe: "I think you might have made yourself drunk." Khloe sighed again… she wanted to talk to him about yesterday and about today. But he looked like he might be ill at this rate. Khloe got up, moving to him to take his arms to pull around her and help him stand. "I’ll take you to bed? Tomorrow you can tell me how the job hunting went." -07:59 Jul 26
Baldor: He didn’t want her to touch him and tried to pull away. "Why do you have to be so perfect?" he asked giving in and letting himself be taken. She should be his, his and his alone, he still remembered what her mark looked like, if he saw it he’d know if something happened or not. -08:03 Jul 26
Khloe: "Yesterday you said I didn’t know anything about emotional needs. I don’t think that is so perfect." He fussed, but he really did need to be in bed. She wasn’t sure how drunk a person had to be before they got sick! Khloe led him off to the bedroom and to bed. -08:05 Jul 26
Baldor: "That was a mistake." he said grabbing her by her shoulder and pulling his arm free then sitting HER down on the bed and lookign down at her his hands on her shoulders. "You are perfect and I wish I had a girlfriend like you." he tilted his head slowly rubing the side of her neck then reaching down to take hold of her knee and pull it up to both check her mark and see if she had anything under her skirt. -08:09 Jul 26
Khloe: Khloe was turning red, not because he was tugging her leg, where incidentally she -had- worn panties this time, but because he said he wished he had a girlfriend like her. …That. That was the feeling she was lacking with Mister James. The little twinge of butterflies in her stomach and that thing that made her catch her breath. "You could have a girlfriend like me. …if you really wanted." she responded softly. -08:12 Jul 26
Baldor: "I could…" he said running his hand over her code. "I could… let you.." he was moving closer between her legs and rubbing the side of her neck as he leaned down to kiss her forehead. He wanted her as a girlfriend, he wanted her in general. "Consumate." her mark was unchanged, he wanted to see his genetics in it, he wanted her. "Then you could be my girlfriend?" -08:19 Jul 26
Khloe: His hand over the skin of her inner thigh was sending more than just giddy feelings through her. She could feel her whole body warming, and his words were making it worse. Khloe was afraid to try and touch him, though. Her hands clenching in to the bed’s blankets as she chewed on her lip. "I think I would very much like being your girlfriend. …if you wanted me to be." -08:24 Jul 26
Baldor: He half sat fhalf fell onto the bed and looked her up and down, going so far as to pull her top off and look at her more intently. "Do you really mean that?" he asked "You have to be sure…" he couldn’t stop touching her though and rubbing her stomach and up to her… this was definatly cheating. -08:29 Jul 26
Khloe: Khloe had spent an entire day being confused, this was the one moment that -wasn’t- confusing! Her shirt was gone and he was eyeing her… for the first time she actually felt shy! "I spent all day wishing I was with you. I am sure." Gingerly she reached out to touch his face, still wondering if he might change his mind and push her away. -08:32 Jul 26
Baldor: He leached down and pulled his own shirt off, then placing his hands either side of her head pulled her into a sloppy and very rough kiss. "Khloe…" he unfastened her skirt and pulled hit away then took her hand and put it o his crotch.. she had been thinking if him… or was just saying that. "Its okay. I want your to…" he kissed her again nipping her lip! -08:37 Jul 26
Khloe: It was getting harder and harder to be concerned about whether or not he’d change his mind. All it took was a kiss that made her senseless and forget to breathe. Still, there was a little hesitation when she popped the button of his pants and slid down the zipper. This was the real test! Khloe slipped her hand in to his pants to feel him. -08:41 Jul 26
Baldor: He nuzzled into her and smiled agaist her as she touched him, getting onto his knees to help her push his pants and boxers down, and then falling on top of her with a chuckle. "I think you might have to take control." -08:45 Jul 26
Khloe: "Will you push me again if I do?" she teased, her voice and a little breathy. He smiled and laughed… and adored that he did! She would be his and he would be with her. Khloe curled her legs around his hips, grabbing his head with her hands to pull him down for a hard kiss. This was the kiss she wanted too! -08:51 Jul 26
Baldor: He kissed her his hand trailign up and down her side. "No pushing, I promise." he was grinning and touching, and feeling, and nipping and kissign and it felt wonderful. "Because I want it and won’t stop you if you do too." -08:53 Jul 26
Khloe: Every little touch was agonizingly sweet. It had her skin on fire, and Khloe had completely forgotten he was drunk! With her arms folding around his neck, she kissed him deep. Flicking her tongue over his mouth before she nibbled along his jaw and mumbled in his ear. "You will take me, and I will help you. And I’ll be yours and only yours. I’ll be with you forever." -09:00 Jul 26
Baldor: He loves the sound of that. Smiling wide against her he loved his hand down to run ocer her breast, down her stomacj adn feel the softness of her lips. "Tell me how." -09:03 Jul 26
Khloe: Khloe gave a small gasp. The feeling that shot through her was very nearly electrifying. Her hips moved up against his hand out of reflex. "All you have to do is make love to me." she grinned against his ear. Slipping her hand between them to grasp his shaft and guide him closer. Massaging him gently with her grip. -09:09 Jul 26
Baldor: He liked that.. liked that so much, but what he really wanted was… he felt himself against her and he sighed deep his hand going to hold her boob as he pulled away slightly to look into her eyes. The feelign was hypnotic and exhilirating and he couldn’t help but… push… -09:12 Jul 26
Khloe: She squeaked as her eyes widened. A hand falling to rest on his shoulder, while her hips rose to take him further. It was… so consuming of her senses. Making her body throb and her muscles tighten in such a delicious way! -09:15 Jul 26
Baldor: He looked down at her his mouth openign as f he was trying to speak, he he bit he lip and leaned down t press his lips into hers pushing in further and grinding his hips against hers feeling fightheaded and strangely … he couldn’t even put words to it. -09:21 Jul 26
Khloe: Khloe gave a moaning sigh against his mouth. The further he pushed the better it was until all of a sudden something snapped and she was gasping! At first it was a sharp pain, but the flood of feeling after it was so intense that she was groaning all over again. Legs locking tight around him to pull him as close as he could get, as deep as he could go! -09:25 Jul 26
Baldor: He was pulled in and his hand went to grip her hair as his hips ground harder against hers. "I love this.." he whispered. "I love you.. your Khloe." -09:27 Jul 26
Khloe: Love… this was definitely love. Khloe knew because when she placed her hands at his cheeks and looked in to his eyes, he made her smile. He always made her smile! And he loved her too. So wrapped up in that feel that was building, she couldn’t speak the words! Her mouth was on his, kissing, ravishing. A passion she hadn’t found for anything else but him! Khloe pushed at his shoulder until they both rolled and she was on top of him. She’d show him how much she loved him! -09:33 Jul 26
Baldor: Well.. this was probablu for the best, he could grip her, run his nails agaist her skin and grip her hips as he kissed and nipped her back. There was a half moan half whimper in his throat as he felt himself edging closer and closer to climax his eyes remaining open to seek hers out. -09:36 Jul 26
Khloe: Khloe never looked away from him, not when she leaned to kiss him again, soft and sweet. Or when she took control of the pace, with slow almost sensual movements of her hips. She wanted him to feel it like she felt it. That wonderful aching that had her almost shivering every time she rose and fell on top of him. -09:40 Jul 26
Baldor: His hips moved under her.. thsi was getting into unexplored teritory.. soft, sweet, almost madeving and he reached up to cup her cheek with his hand smiling and moving under her getting comfortable. -09:42 Jul 26
Khloe: That smile… she’d do anything for that smile. Her hand covered his her face turning in to it to kiss his palm and close her eyes. Khloe audibly sighed, nipping at his palm when that pressure mounted. It was making her lose all sense of thought, there was only that fiery rush running through her blood and that sinful pulse between her legs. -09:49 Jul 26
Baldor: He moved his other hand hto her side feeling the way she moved. There was a moan from him as he hips pushed agaist hers his shaft tingling and brain unable to muster a single thought, so close he could… he couldn’t hold it back not even for a second once it came, his face turning red with the rush. -09:53 Jul 26
Khloe: Khloe could feel him filling and it completely consumed her! She kept moving, until he was empitied out and she was gasping from her own body’s sudden coming. She felt shattered as she collapsed over him. Shattered to pieces, and floating away on a sea of bliss. When the tension ebbed, she practically melted on top of him. Her face buried at his neck as she took quick, shakey breaths. -10:00 Jul 26
Baldor: Running his hand up and down her back he finally closed his eyes and pulled her against him sighing deeply and contentedly. "Was that as good and you hoped it would be?" he asked the thought in the back of his lind forming that he was a cheat now and nothing would change that… but right now he was too blissfully sleepy to care. -10:07 Jul 26
Khloe: "It’s all I ever wanted…" she mumbled soft against his skin. Khloe was comfortable, in bliss… so wonderfully happy! She hugged him tight. -10:15 Jul 26
Baldor: "Good." he pulled her up and snuggled agaisnst her kissing her softly as he settled down. "I’m happy." he said "Very happy." -10:17 Jul 26
Genetic Bride 026

Genetic Bride 026 006: Fired

[Baldor has been called to the manager’s office.] -03:18 Jul 26
[Khloe had a morning date, which at least didn’t SUCK. And on her way home is getting Bai a present!] -03:19 Jul 26
Baldor: He got home early, before her, he wasn’t meant to be there when she got back but now he was lying on the couch trying to get a nap befre Hloe got there. -03:23 Jul 26
Khloe: For a couple weeks, Khloe had been stashing money! Since Bai always fussed when she tried to help with bills, there was little else to do with that money. So Bai was getting a present instead. Khloe thanked the employee that helped her, checking the gift in the box to make sure it was the right one. Then was off to do chores at home! Only, when she got home, she was very surprised to see him on the couch when he was supposed to be at work. Very quietly she leaned over him to see if he was awake and alive. -03:25 Jul 26
Baldor: His eyes were open but he hadn’t moved until he was keaning over him, then he turned his head towards her and looked up at her not saying a word. What was there to say, he was noiw unemployed and short for rent and if he didn’t find another job… He did however curl his legs up to give her room to sit. -03:29 Jul 26
Khloe: "Are you sick today?" Normally he’d at least say hello! Khloe reached down to check his forehead with the back of her hand. No fever… Twisting her mouth up in a frown, she set her small box, purse and jacket aside and fussed with checking the rest of him. Gently prodding to see if hurt himself at work or was ill elsewhere.side -03:33 Jul 26
Baldor: He waved her away and sat up. "I’m fine." he said putting his firehead in his hand and taking a deep breath. "Well not really, I’m not going to be able to order pizza like I promised." he leaned back and looked at the ceiling. "Not for a while anyway." -03:36 Jul 26
Khloe: "No?" He was very upset. Frowning, she knelt on her knees in front of him, gently tugging at his sleeves. "If we have to save money, that’s okay. I still have some in my purse if you want it?" -03:39 Jul 26
Baldor: He turned his head and looked at her. "I don’t want your money, I just lost my job thats all." he stood and started walking towards the kitchen to get himself something to drink. "How was the date?" -03:42 Jul 26
Khloe: Khloe looked stunned! But he was working so hard… "It was okay… Why did you lose your job?" She got up off the floor to trail after him. No wonder he was upset! Once she caught up to him, she was circling her arms around his waist from behind and hugging him. "I’m sorry. Do you want me to go and yell at them?" -03:45 Jul 26
Baldor: "No." he said a little disconcerted at her arms but ignoring it to take a gulp from his bottle and then attempt to move back to the couch. "They said I was getting too distracted at work, and its true so.. leave them be." -03:48 Jul 26
Khloe: …oh that was bad. If he was distracted at work, surely it was because she was always there. If not when she had a shift, then because she took her dates there. Khloe didn’t let go. Inching across the room with him as she held on to hug him tighter. "…but that’s not fair! You really were working very hard and you’ve been there so long! I can tell them I will quit and not go there again if they don’t hire you back." -03:50 Jul 26
Baldor: "That will just leave both of us without a job." he said not really wanting to talk about it so taking a long drink from his bottle and then putting it down on the floor and leanign abck to close his eyes. "I’ll find another one." -03:53 Jul 26
Khloe: Khloe moved and shuffled him about until he was seated on the couch, she was on his lap and still hugging him. She finally just took his face in her hands and gave him a soft kiss. "I’ll take care of everything. Don’t worry. I’ll work more there and get a second job too. You can find a job that you like even better?" -03:57 Jul 26
Baldor: "Don’t…" he said closing his eyes and tilting his head down. "I don’t want your money or you to work more than you want to." he put his hand on her leg and sighed. "I’ll go looking tomorow, we’ll be fine." he really didn’t want her money or her to go out of her way, it was his problem. -04:00 Jul 26
Khloe: "You’re so stubborn! I live here too, it’s the right thing to do for me to take care of things when you can’t. I won’t accept no for an answer." He had taken care of her all this time, when he didn’t need to pick some strange girl up off the street. Now it was her turn to take care of him, and he was going to take it! Khloe tilted his head up forcing him to look at her. "I want to work for you." -04:05 Jul 26
Baldor: "In case you were not listenign I don’t have money to pay you." he said purposfully misinterpreting her meaning. "And why are you always trying to do things for me I don’t desurve?" He stopped short of snapping at her but not very short. "I’ll find a job and if I need money.. I’ll borrow from you. Alright?" -04:08 Jul 26
Khloe: He was arguing with her, and Khloe couldn’t fathom why she thought that was cute. She was trying to repress a smile. He didn’t need her ill-timed smiles while he was hurting. "You’ll take my money. …now do you want a present? I got it for you today and I was going to save it for your birthday, but I think you should have it now…" -04:12 Jul 26
Baldor: He shook his head. "Do you even know whenmy birthday is?" he asked running his hands though his hair and putting a foot on the couch to make his lap inaccessable. "You don’t need t get me anything, you earn your money so you should use it to make yourself happy." -04:14 Jul 26
Khloe: "As a matter of fact, I know it was soon!" Khloe ignored his blocking off her, and ignoring his fussing too. She just rolled on the couch until she snatched up the small box off the table, then she was plopping next to him and handing him the box. "And maybe getting you a present does make me happy. I saved for a few weeks to get it and I asked a sales person for help." -04:18 Jul 26
Baldor: He let out a breath in surrender and put an arm around her to pull her to him and kiss her forehead. "Still think you’re wating your money." he said "You should be getting pressents for you boyfriend not some guy you did somethign with once." still he let go on her and turned his attention to the box. He was curious, of course and wanted to know what was in it. -04:22 Jul 26
Khloe: "Until then, you can take this and not fuss!" She waited for him to open it, very eager to see his response. Inside was a new phone, almost identical to hers with just a few extra fancy things. He had told he missed his old phone, and she remembered well. It took forever trying to explain to the salesperson what she needed! "It’s good, right? You can use it for job hunting!" -04:30 Jul 26
Baldor: Once he saw it he looked at her and then without a work pulled her into a hug. "I’m not going to ask how much it ws because I think I’d strangle you if I knew." he sighed. "Why do you have to be so sweet?" he was smiling though, and hiding it against her shoulder. -04:35 Jul 26
Khloe: Khloe grinned wide. He liked it! She curled her arms around him to hug him. Almost giggling in the process. "I connected our numbers too, so it doesn’t cost any extra to call me or send me messages. I was hoping I could send you messages while I am out. But now you can send them to me when you’re job hunting." -04:39 Jul 26
Baldor: "Well your work calander said you’re free tomorow." he said. "You going to come with me?" he asked taking the phone out and looking at it. "Hey this one can send picture messages…." -04:44 Jul 26
Khloe: ….that made her smile vanish. Khloe leaned back and looked very apologetic. "I can’t tomorrow. I have a date with the Mister James again. …but I will come with you for all of your other ones!" -04:48 Jul 26
Baldor: "Oh…" he let go of her and moved back to stand and put the phone down on the table. "I’ll make food then." retreating to the kitchen and opening the fridge he started searching for somehting he COULD cook. "Did you eat?" -04:51 Jul 26
Khloe: "It has been a few hours…" Khloe wondered if he knew how much he emoted through his movement. Or maybe she was just that attentive? He was unhappy again, and those she could figure was that he didn’t like her choice in dates. One mention of them and he was cold. He was the one that said she needed to in the first place! "I could cancel it if you’d like me to…?" -04:56 Jul 26
Baldor: "Don’t be silly." he said beciding on just makinf a few sandwedges since where was so little else around. "You need your fun, I’ll worry about work." he worked quickly without paying much attention to what he was doing. "Besides wouldn’t want to disappoint ‘Mister James’ or anything." it was once he had them togetehr that he realized his didn’t feel much like eating. "So do you want or are these going into the fridge for breakfast?" -05:00 Jul 26
Khloe: "You say his name like he’s a super villain. He’s been really nice, and honestly the only one out of all these awful dates that I actually like." Khloe stepped in to the kitchen, and at first she thought it was to fetch her food. But instead she was tugging at his arm and turning him to face her. "I -can- cancel, you know. You lost your job, that’s more important than my date. And I will, if I can’t cheer you up tonight." -05:04 Jul 26
Baldor: "I’m fine." he said pulling his arm away and openign the fridge to put the sandwedges inside and stalk off towards the bedroom. "I don’t nees you to find a job so theres no need for you to cancell." -05:08 Jul 26
Khloe: "You’re not fine, you’re upset!" Khloe followed him, relentlessly! Gripping the back of his shirt when she caught up to him, and making him turn around to face her again. "What is so wrong with letting me help you? You don’t have to do everything by yourself!" -05:13 Jul 26
Baldor: He turned to look at her. "Maybe I do." he said. "Maybe I’m just used to it. Used to having no one there when I need someone, anyone to just… forget it. Its my problem and I would feel guilty if it got in thee way of you having a good time. So don’t cancell, for me, Now goodnight." he shed the shirt and was bundled under the covers before she had a chance to react! -05:16 Jul 26
Khloe: He was frustrating her. Khloe kicked off her shoes and climbed in bed, no gentleness involved when she pounced on top of him, blankets and all. She shook him! "Someone is here for you, right now! And you’re being a … butt about it." Khloe refused to let him go to bed upset, even if that meant sitting on him, and shaking him some more. She pushed at his shoulder. -05:22 Jul 26
Baldor: He tried to ignore her and succeded for a bit before he he was forced to uncover his face and look at her. "When you have a boyfriend and to to love with him, then what? I’ve always done things for myself so thats what I’m going to keep doing.Its how I’m happiest." -05:25 Jul 26
Khloe: "Liar." she accused. Now that he uncovered his head, she was trying to steal the blanket from him. "If you were happy you would smile more. You rarely ever smile. Who says I can’t come back here to spend time with you? Or about right now when I could make you feel better if you would just let me?" -05:28 Jul 26
Baldor: "Your way of making people feel better is sex, all you know is physical comfort but what do you knwo about deep emotional needs?" he asked "I don’t need sex, or notsex, I need… I’ll figure that out eventually." -05:30 Jul 26
Khloe: That… hurt her feelings. Khloe leaned back and there was no hiding her expression. "I see… I’m sorry that I can’t understand." She slipped off him and then out of the bed. This was another new feeling. She didn’t know why his words hurt so much. "I’ll let you sleep…" Khloe stepped out, making sure the lights were off when she did. -05:34 Jul 26
Baldor: He watched her walk out and immediatly felt bad. When she leached the door he called to her and got out of bed to try and hug her. "I’m sorry. I am stressed and I shouldn’t snap. You’re only trying to help." -05:37 Jul 26
Khloe: Khloe dodged his hands, which was probably the first time she had ever refused someone touching her. Her chest hurt and her eyes burned, and taking a deep breath just made tears spill. Khloe was mad and hurt… and she didn’t know what to do with it. "You are upset. Just go to sleep." -05:44 Jul 26
Baldor: "I ruined your present giving." he said. "Fine I’ll sleep, but I’m taking the couch." he moved past her and flopped down in the lounge and put his head on the arm rest frowning at the wall. He really knew how to take a happy moment and stomp all over it. -05:47 Jul 26
Genetic Bride 026

Genetic Bride 026 005: If it’s not Cheating

Khloe: Life with Bai seemed to fall in to a decent routine. Meals and work days. Snuggling and bath time. Sometimes she would break a rule and sneak a touch or a kiss, but Khloe was learning how to keep her hands to herself. With a little practice help from Dating. Dating was a complicated and tricky thing. In fact, most dates turned out to be not so great. After a few, she figured out why touching without someone’s permission kinda of sucked. And none really gave her that feeling she was searching for. At the moment she was sitting at a table at Bai’s work, her chin in her hands as she listened to her current date talk. Wishing it was over already! -08:26 Jul 25
Baldor: Bai was in the kitchen though at the moment there was nothing to do but sit on a stool and watch out the window as Khloe was on another date. She had been on a few and every one make him frown and distracted. At least he had managed to keep and eye out for her though, thats what friends did right? Still the whole thing was stressing him out and hardly anyone was odlivious to it. -08:32 Jul 25
Khloe: Khloe almost wished this one would get handsy just so she could slap him and storm away. But he just kept talking about construction work! Which, might have been something Khloe was interested in had he not spent three hours talking about it. As luck would have it, a coworker must have seen the lost look on her face, because there was Miss May sauntering over. "Oh honey, I know yer on a date an all, but we’re totally short a few people so can you give us a hand." "YES!" Khloe exclaimed immediately, almost a little too loud. She coughed and gave her date an apologetic. "…I’m sorry. Work is important? Maybe I will call you!" The guy looked a little disappointed, and even offered to linger but May was already shooing him away. They need that table after all! -08:48 Jul 25
Baldor: An order came in and he skid to his feet grabbign the pre-prepaired ingredients and slappign them together and trabbing a patty and puttign that in too then handing it over to the counter staff and then sitting back down. Her happiness, thats what mattered. -08:48 Jul 25
Khloe: "I am thinking about giving up on this dating stuff…" Khloe said darkly, once the guy was gone and May was sitting down at the booth with her for a break. "For realz? Girl, why ain’t you tapping Bai like he’s tasty piece of meat? Err’body knows he sits back there brooding like a sonofabitch when you bring a man in here." Khloe cast a quick look over to the back, shrugging her shoulders and frowning. "He has his girlfriend and he loves her. I’m not supposed to consummate with him or he’d be a cheater." May just laughed. "Honey, please! If that girl ever was any kind of woman she wouldn’t let no other girl be living with her man! He only smiles at you now. If you had any sense you’d take that boy home and fuck him good whether he liked it or not! Give him a thing or two to think about!" Khloe looked a little confused but… maybe it was a good idea? Miss May was a woman, after all. She knew how these things worked. -08:58 Jul 25
Baldor: Things were getting bust and there was little time for brooding, he was happiest at work when things were bussiest, in fact there were rumors of a new kitchen manager being needed soon and Bai was hopeful so he was doign his best, but kept looking at the front… all too often. -09:00 Jul 25
Khloe: Once May’s break was over, that left Khloe alone to sit and think! Most dates were awful, though there was one or two that was okay. One guy she had seen two or three times. But none of those dates had ever felt as nice as her date with Bai. And lately he had been even more unhappy than usual! Scowling and huffing, even thought she had been following his rules. And really, she believe May was right. If Bai’s girlfriend was so great, why wasn’t she making her boyfriend happy? Khloe would do anything to make him happy and she wasn’t even his girlfriend. ….and she would tonight! She waited patient for his shift to be over so she could head home with him. -09:10 Jul 25
Baldor: He worked half an hour extra to rest though the rush and then pulled on his jacket, clocked out, and headed out from behind the counter. "Hey." he said giving Khloe a small, strained, smile. "How did it go." he would always ask even though he never enjoyed listening tot he answers. -09:13 Jul 25
Khloe: Khloe made a face. Very obvious that it wasn’t great. "Not the worst… but if I have to listen to another lecture about the different types of cement again, I am going to scream." Khloe took his hand, and lightly leaned against his arm. That wasn’t his real smile… all the more reason for Operation: Seduce Bai! "It was busy today, was work okay? Lets go home." -09:19 Jul 25
Baldor: "It was alright." he said leaving out the door with her. "I’m just working extra hard to try and ger more money to pay for food and rest this mnth, also theres rumors of a new kitchen manager being chosen and I might get the position." he sighed. "Its dies make the shoulders ache though. I’m looking forwards to a nice shower." -09:23 Jul 25
Khloe: Khloe smiled. A shower would be a great start. "I will try to work more shifts so you don’t have to worry so much." She linked her fingers with his and rest her other hand on his arm, squeezing his arm gently. He never asked her to work or asked her for money when he really should have. -09:27 Jul 25
Baldor: He smiled at her likign the feeling of her next to him. "You don’t have to. I’ll have enough after next week, which reminds me I’m workign on Thursday instead of taking the day off." he receah back with his other hand and kneeded a spot on his neck. "See anything you want to spend you money on yet?" -09:32 Jul 25
Khloe: She nodded, a more mysterious grin coming across her features. "Yep. I will show you later!" Khloe made no effort to explain as they walked down the street back to his apartment. And once the key was turned and they were stepping inside, she was helping him get his jacket off. "You should go ahead and get in the shower!" -09:35 Jul 25
Baldor: He pulled off his shirt and threw it into the pile. "I’ll do that.. would it be too buch to ask for you to help me with my back in a few minutes? Theres a knot right under the shoulder I can’t reach." -09:40 Jul 25
Khloe: "I would be happy to help, yes!" Khloe was already slipping out of her shoes and setting her purse aside. She wore a smug little cheshire grin, and maybe it was lucky he wasn’t paying attention because the expression would ruin her entire plot! Khloe nudged him on towards she shower. -09:42 Jul 25
Baldor: Shoes, socks, belt, pants, all off and into the bathroom to take off his boxers and into the shower to turn on the water and get it into his hair to cool him off with a sigh. -09:46 Jul 25
Khloe: Almost giggling wickedly, Khloe made quick work of throwing off her date clothes. What she changed in to was something special she was saving for the right sort of time. And May’s advice tonight gave Khloe a very good excuse to wear it! When Khloe stepped in to his shower behind him, she was wearing a very cheeky little maid’s dress. It probably couldn’t even be called a dress! More a form fitting tight corset and a sorry excuse for a skirt and apron. "Now, Mister Bai… where would you like me to help first..?" -09:55 Jul 25
Baldor: He was facing the wall and hadn’t seen her outfit as he handed her the soap over his shoulder. "Work your magic fingers on my back." he said. "Then I feel I can sleep for a week." he wasn’t joking there was a lot of tention abck there from watchign guys hitting on her. -10:00 Jul 25
Khloe: Lathering the soap in her hands and setting it aside, Khloe wasted no time in laying her hands on his back and working her fingers in to his spine. She took her time and worked soft. Stepping close enough that he could feel her breath on his back and ever so often a nuzzle from her nose. "You could use a good rest, I think." -10:04 Jul 25
Baldor: I think so too." he said grunting as she hit a spot and leaning against the wall and sighing. She really was good, but then he tensed up again thinking about her doing it to someone else. -10:13 Jul 25
Khloe: "And you have to relax if you want this to actually work…" she mumbled softly, leaning forward to press her body against his back and let her hands run down his sides. -10:18 Jul 25
Baldor: He sighed and cleared his head just relaxing into it or trying anyway. "Sorry." he mumbled, he should be sorry he was unhappy at her happiness and that was stuped. -10:21 Jul 25
Khloe: Her hands went up to grip his shoulders and rub his neck, making her raise up on her toes to be able to reach comfortably. "When you are done in the shower, would you like me to rub your feet too? Or anything else…?" And with that ‘anything else’, Khloe deliberately let her hands slip down his back to squeeze his behind. She almost giggled. -10:28 Jul 25
Baldor: He jumped and frowned still facing the wall. "You don’t have to he said trying to recover and sighed ridding himself of more tention. "You’re being extra sweet tonight, whatsup?" -10:35 Jul 25
Khloe: "I’ve been busy and a bad room mate… You’re always working and you haven’t been very happy. And I miss seeing you smile." Khloe took his arm, forcing him to turn around and cast him a wide grin as she backed him up against the tile. "So it’s my mission to make sure you go to bed smiling…" -10:38 Jul 25
Baldor: "I.. waoh!" he saw what she was wearing an blinked the water of the shower only making it stick to her more. "What do you mean by go to bed smiling?" she hadn’t tried anythign in ages.. what was going on? -10:43 Jul 25
Khloe: "I want you to be happy and relaxed and smiling. There isn’t a lot to it…" Khloe advanced closer, pressing her hands against his chest, only to let one dip low and brush over his shaft and balls. -10:49 Jul 25
Baldor: He let out a whimper and grabbed her shoulders pushing her away to the partition between the shower and toilet pressign her against itas he stepped closer to her he lips parting and eyes on her. Then he dropped his gaze and bit his lip. "Is that what you want? And just to make me happy?" -10:53 Jul 25
Khloe: Khloe almost thought she was being rejected again, but he stepped closer and his expression almost derailed her entire plan! "Yes. I want to make you happy. It’d me me happy too…" Khloe wasn’t sure which part would make her the -most- happy, but being encouraged by his body language she was letting her hands run over him. -10:58 Jul 25
Baldor: He bit his lip and looked at her from her outfit to her expression to her cleavage to her hand touching him. "Its hard to hide that I want to." he said his breath rising and falling and his eyes taking her it, one of then going down to push her boob and spide it out of her dress further. "I just…" he took her wrist, takign ehr from him, and her other so that hand couldn’t tough him either and then.. kissed her hard pushign her head back into the wall of the shower his lips ravaging hers. "Can’t…" -11:04 Jul 25
Khloe: This wasn’t quite going how she planned it, nor was he responding the way she expected…! Kissing her like that made her whimper, and the sudden rush of feeling that had her stomach doing flips and her head all fuzzy was making it very hard for her to remember she was trying to seduce him. "Not even just a little…?" she breathed, arcing her back just a bit to press her body against his. "I won’t make you consummate…" -11:12 Jul 25
Baldor: He let her hands go and placed a hand on her cheeklooking into her eyes. He didn’t answer but her did kiss the corner of her mouth and cling her against him breathing deep. "I… what do you mean?" -11:17 Jul 25
Khloe: "I can make you happy and it won’t be sex…" she mumbled soft, stealing the opportunity to kiss him again with a quick turn of her head. Her initial plan was abandoned in the wake of just genuinely wanting him to smile and not to be worried or conflicted about what they did. Khloe wanted him to want it and not say no! -11:21 Jul 25
Baldor: He let go of her and turned off the water pulling a towel from the rack and burrying his face in it. "I can’t cheat… but if its not cheating.." he handed her the towel. "I’ll see you in the bedroom." -11:29 Jul 25
Khloe: …he didn’t say no! By the time that sank in and the surprise had passed, he was already out of the bathroom. Khloe dropped the towel on the bathroom floor, not wasting time with drying. She made a very wet exist to the bedroom, where she all but tackled him in to bed. Khloe kissed him hard and nipped at his jaw. Hands running all over him when she shifted to softly sink her teeth in to his neck. "You will not cheat… you won’t have to do anything, I promise!" -11:35 Jul 25
Baldor: The wet tackle was a surprise but hsi ahnds came up and he burried then in her wet hair. "I trust your promise." he said turnign his head to look at her. He really hoped this wasn’t cheating… -11:41 Jul 25
Khloe: Her tongue flicked over his skin as she straddled herself over him. She was most definitely not wearing anything under that now clinging wet excuse for an outfit. So there was nothing between the sensitive skin between her thighs and him. But she promised no consummating, so there would be no consummating! Khloe squirmed over his lap a bit, biting her own lip to feel him so close. -11:50 Jul 25
Baldor: He put his hands on her sides as he felt her against him. It was almost unbearable and he let out a small whimper his hips squirming and body moving under hers. Then he settled and looked down at her wondeing what she was going to do what wouldn’t count as sex. -11:53 Jul 25
Khloe: Oh..! He shouldn’t move… that was… Khloe very nearly gasped. She could feel heat rushing through her body and there was hardly anything to it yet. Khloe brushed a kiss over his mouth before she sat up. Resting her hands over his as she ever so subtly rocked her hips. It wasn’t sex if she didn’t take him in, but he could feel her and she most certainly could feel him..! -11:59 Jul 25
Baldor: He watched her sucking in a breath and biting his lip. She was doing this for him but looked like she was enjoying it too. He didn’t know if it counted or not but he wsnted more of it couldn’t have been able to stop it if he wanted to. -12:07 Jul 25
Khloe: She was wet and it wasn’t just because she didn’t dry off from the shower. It was slick and so easy to move. Grinding her hips over him, and finger tightening her fingers over his hands every time a movement seemed to make her gasp. Khloe wanted to stay focused on him, but she hadn’t expected it to feel like this! -12:13 Jul 25
Baldor: He let go me his lip a low deep sound coming from deep within him. Hi ships moved with her and his eyes went to hers. He had never felt like this before and it was tantilizing and intoxicating, and already pressure was building. If this wasn’t sex.. then what did sex feel like? -12:16 Jul 25
Khloe: He really wasn’t supposed to move… it was so very distracting! She had to focus on him, not on herself. Khloe released his hands, tilting forward to brace them at both sides of his head. It let her spread her legs wider and press harder against him. But the feeling…! Her mouth parted open as she stared down at his eyes. She was so tempted to take more! -12:23 Jul 25
Baldor: He looked up at her his back rising from the bed. It was ovewhelming, too much, he wouldn’t be able to hod it. He plced on han on her side to feel her move and she other on her cheek for a moment as his hips churned under hers responding to the change beofre he closed it’s ahnd around her arm and closed hsi eyes.. soon, so soon. -12:27 Jul 25
Khloe: She loved to watch him like this! To see him writhing with pleasure, and wondered if it was the same as she felt then. Khloe increased her pace, holding her breath when it seemed to set her senses on fire. The soft sound she let escape was quickly silenced by biting her tongue. -12:34 Jul 25
Baldor: He gripped her and and whimpered clixaxing over her stomach as his back jerked up ad shuddered and he fell back panting his eyes only half openeing as he looked at her. -12:41 Jul 25
Khloe: Success! There was that vague wishing that she could have drawn him on for longer, and she still very much tingling from the touch of him. But Khloe leaned down, brushing a kiss at the corner of his mouth and smiled softly. "Are you happy, Bai…?" -12:44 Jul 25
Baldor: "MMmmmmmmmmmm…" vame her answer as he put an arm around her to pull her against him.. "Thank you." his eyes were still heavy and his mind dancing in sensation. "I am." -12:47 Jul 25
Genetic Bride 026

Genetic Bride 026 004: A Practice Date

[Khloe is an early riser.] -02:57 Jul 24
[Baldor wants to sleep late on his day off.] -02:58 Jul 24
Khloe: Khloe awoke with arms wrapped around her, which was a really, really nice feeling. Warm and cozy. …but she was also getting poked! She shifted, curiously peering at his and brushing a finger over his chin. He was too tired for things last night, and refused her like he often did. But it was pretty clear to her what he needed. Khloe could give him a very nice wake up! Her hand slipped between them, under the covers. Ever so carefully stealing away in to his boxers to curl her fingers around his shaft. …strange! She never expected the skin to be so soft on something so hard! -03:07 Jul 24
Baldor: He hadn’t dreamed he had just had a few hours of blackness like always. He wanted to sleep latem because he could, it was his one day when he had nothing and could spend the entire day in bed and relaxe. “mmmmm” he nuzzled into his pillow and drifted away from contiousness again having been partially awoken by her waking up he really didn’t want to surface, not even when she was touching his morning wood. -03:14 Jul 24
Khloe: Even after pouncing on him several times and trying to consummate, it was the first time she ever actually touched one! Just as much as she wanted him to wake up happy, she was curious about it… which led to very gentle touches of exploration, followed by a deliberate squeeze when he made a sound. -03:19 Jul 24
Baldor: His mind was going placed as he started drifting upwards again, naughty places, the stimulation from her touches makign him surface and smile at the images in his head his hips shifting as his arm reached out to where she was and found only air.. and a pillow than to drew to his chest and hugged. Somehting was feeling very good and although realization hadn’t dawned yet he was grinning with his eyes still shut. -03:26 Jul 24
Khloe: He liked this. …and Khloe very much liked seeing him smile. It was so rare! Well placed pumping of her hand had him in a firm grip, and she was biting her bottom lip as she watched him. And she could do so much more… Khloe shifted position again, never releasing her grip as she leaned down and flicked a tongue over his tip. -03:33 Jul 24
Baldor: There was a soft moan from him as he rolled his hips and arched his back his breath quickening as his eyes eyened slightly the pillow being abandoned as his hand wondered downwards towards where she was working. Then his eyes opened more and the ceiling came into view and his lips was sucked in to be leld lightly between his teeth and then… “Khloe!” it was realization and not climax that made him shout out, but climax was coming.. unless she stopped. -03:38 Jul 24
Khloe: Having her name shouted was nice too! Plenty enough encouragement to take him fully in to her mouth. Running her tongue up the underside of his shaft and making sure he was good and wet. Fingers gently massaging at the base. She’d get him this time! -03:43 Jul 24
Baldor: There was another soft moan and his hips squirmed highing his command to pull away from her. He sat up and gripped the sheet. “Khloe.. s-stop.” His face was red and he was trying not to feel good but the was making that very hard. -03:47 Jul 24
Khloe: Stop? But he didn’t sound like he wanted her to stop… Khloe had difficulty in decided if she should follow the command or the body language… she settled on lifting her head, but not releasing her grip. Still moving her hand over him in gradually quickening motions. “You need this… do you really want me to stop…?” -03:51 Jul 24
Baldor: He looked at her propping himself up on his elbows and really trying to want her to stop. “I need you to stop..” he said his voice taking on a desperate tone. “This is like sex.” he said “Its cheating.” he was breaking hard and really not wanting her to stop at all… but her had to. -03:58 Jul 24
Khloe: Khloe looked dubious about that… but she didn’t want to cause him distress. Very reluctantly she released him. Moving to sit up herself and resting her hands in her lap, looking all too much like a chided child. Complete with that faint pout. “I wanted you to wake up happy.” -04:00 Jul 24
Baldor: He covered himself and sighed trying to get over how good it had felt. It took several breaths for him to compose himself and fight the feeling hack, and even then not completely. “I’m sorry.” he said. “You did make me happy but I can’t, not when I have a girlfriend.” he didn’t want her to pout so he pulled her into a hug. “Its not that I don’t want to.” -04:06 Jul 24
Khloe: Khloe put her arms around him and buried her face at his neck. A hug did make things a little better… but there was still that vague feeling of being rejected that she didn’t quite understand. “She should be here doing these things for you.” she mumbled. -04:09 Jul 24
Baldor: “If she were, she wouldn’t.” he said soltly. “Shes like me, unconsumated and not taught anything about how to do things. Its not the way he were realised.” he sighed “It will be years before we’re married.” -04:14 Jul 24
Khloe: “What reason is there to wait so long…? That is how you get stolen and used and thrown away.” …though Khloe suspected it probably didn’t work -quite- the same for normal people. Still… what was the point of having a companion if they weren’t actually -there- to be a companion. Khloe was sighing herself, breaking away to plop back in bed and curl up with a pillow. “Lives are overly complicated.” -04:19 Jul 24
Baldor: He sat down and put a hand on her shoulder. “The only way I would get stolen is if I cheated on her. Or loved someone else and told her I didn’t want to be her boyfriend anymore.” he said. “People don’t get stolen.. But I will take you on a date today, if you want I don’t have work and we’ll he able to do something nice.” -04:23 Jul 24
Khloe: Khloe brooded about it a bit. She wasn’t sure if she was upset about being rejected, about him being unhappy, or was just starting to feel the pressure of not knowing what she was doing… but trying a date did sound nice. And she would be learning! Khloe sat and finally nodded. “Okay. Dates are how people find wives without buying them, right?” -04:26 Jul 24
Baldor: “Yes.” he said. “First girlfriends, then fiances, then wives.” he smiled at her to try to get her to smile. “But no sex on the first date, or the second.” he said. “You ahve to know if its the right person before that.” he poked her nose. “Think you can handle a date with me?” -04:29 Jul 24
Khloe: “No sex on dates…? What do you even DO on them?” Khloe twitched her nose and swatted lightly at his hand. …but at his smile, she did eventutally crack a small one of her own. “I can handle anything. I learn fast.” -04:33 Jul 24
Baldor: “You remember having orange juice at work before we started working. That was kinda like a date.” he said “Also going shopping together could be a date.” he said. “The impoerant part of a date is enjoying eachother’s company and having fun.” he stretched and sighed.. then rewarded her smile with a kiss on the cheek. “Now are you hungry? -04:40 Jul 24
Khloe: The kiss left her touching her cheek, a little bewildered at the feeling that came with it. Subtle… but a nice feeling. Khloe nodded again. “I am a little. What should I wear for this date?” -04:43 Jul 24
Baldor: He stretched and looked at her his shoulder popping. “For dates, that bepends on where you’re going and what you’ll be doing.” he said “Our will start with breakfast then have up wonderign around. So you want somehting for every day but a little cute. Then we’ll come back here in the afternoon and change, then I’ll take you out properly, and thats where you get to wear anything you like… except maybe costules or anything too wierd. But first I need a shower.” -04:50 Jul 24
Khloe: That might require careful planning of her date attire to make sure she had something casual cute for the most of the day, and something very very sexy for the end of the day. Khloe slipped out of bed to go digging through her piles of clothes. “I’ll pick something out very nice, then!” -04:53 Jul 24
Baldor: He prabbed a towel and headed into the shower to turn on the water and get in. This mornign had been a surprise and he was still worked up from it… he looked back at the door and called back “Good thats what date clothes are meant to be.” he put his hand against the wall and curled his fingers around himself. It was this or spend the rest of the day worked up and around her in something ‘very nice’. -04:58 Jul 24
Khloe: Something nice… but nothing too sexy… Khloe tossed around a few shirts and some pants. Skirts and dresses. She wasn’t sure what was best for a day date! Khloe finally just put on a simple white dress. The hem was pretty short, but not -too- short and the neck wasn’t so low that he’d get mad at her for not wearing a bra. Bras just weren’t comfortable. Khloe then stepped in to the bathroom to examine her reflection in the mirror. “I think I found a good one. You will have to look and tell me if it’s okay!” She hadn’t invaded his shower yet, she was picking up a brush to run through her hair. -05:09 Jul 24
Baldor: She was in the room but he couldn’t stop. He needed the releif and was near bursting from all the tention and her attelpted wakup. He was thinking about it, how good it had felt and hos badly he wanted it. If it happened again what would be the harm in just letting her, letting her suck and pump and.. ishe wouldn’t know the difference and she could do it whenever he wanted, but he couldn’t go down that road… but if he did it woulf be.. a gasp escaped him and he bit his lip. She was in the room adn he was masterbating. This was madness. -05:13 Jul 24
Khloe: He didn’t answer her, at least the small sound she -did- hear wasn’t a response. She peered curiously at the shower door and his cloudy figure through the glass. Work must have been tough yesterday, and here she was forgetting to help offer to wash him. Khloe sat down the brush and pulled off her dress. Hanging it on the doorknob so she wouldn’t get it wet. Then the was stepping in to the shower, remembering not to warn him because he always protested! She had the soap in her hands, lathered up and her fingers on his back before he could blink. “You should tell me when you need help, I am happy to do it…” -05:18 Jul 24
Baldor: He almost jumped when she touched him, it felt liek an electric shock and he whimpered, why was she here, with him doing her rubbing when he was doing his rubbing. He tried to stop, even turning to face her but his ahnd was still around himself and he cursed himself for it. -05:31 Jul 24
Khloe: Khloe had fully expected him to actually be washing with as often he always curbed and pushed her away. Finding him like this was a surprise… and she almost reached for him. Almost! She didn’t want to be rejected for the same thing twice… but she wanted him to finish. Khloe retracted her hands and took a step back. She even turned around, pretending not to see a thing. He wanted to do it himself, she could be a visual aid! Stepping in to the water spray, she pulled her hair over her should to give him the full view of her back and busied lathering herself with soap instead. -05:35 Jul 24
Baldor: He let out a shaky breath and leaned against the back wall looking at her, staring at her. “What are you doing?” he asked for the second time that day his hand massaging his tip rather that pumping at he yought with himself. He knew she saw. -05:39 Jul 24
Khloe: “Getting clean for our date? I need to wash my hair.” Khloe was a very quick learner. He was embarrassed by these sorts of things. It was cute… and it made her want to pounce on him and make those worries go away. But this would be the next best thing. She ran her hands over her shoulders and her sides, washing just as much as she was making subtle movements to display her form. She never looked over her shoulder at him, no matter how much she was tempted to. -05:44 Jul 24
Baldor: She was very good looking, very and he was so tempted to reach out and touch her, but her didn’t instead he half turned and looked at her. Was this cheating? He didn’t even know. Did she know? What if he got her to turn around so he yould touch her. “Mmmm.” he bit his lip again puping furiously just wanting releif so he could stop, so he could think. He did reach out and put his hand on her soulder as much to hold himself uptight as keep her facign away from his and anything. -05:49 Jul 24
Khloe: A touch on her shoulder and the soft soft of his voice. …this was an interesting new feeling! That twinge in her stomach, and the small delight to know what she made him feel… One of her hands rose to cover his over her shoulder, and she didn’t really mean to step or lean back but she wanted to feel closer to him… -05:56 Jul 24
[Khloe enters.] -06:01 Jul 24
[Baldor enters.] -06:11 Jul 24
Baldor: He stepped forwards his hands slidin up her neck, feeling her skin and he cintinued biting hsi lip, not that it bade a difference the sound of his movements downstairs was clear and unhidden. The with a whimper a splash of warm white hit her lower back and he gripped the side of her neck a long deep sigh coming from him. “I… I should wash your back.” he said. -06:15 Jul 24
[(Timeout) Khloe was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -06:35 Jul 24
[(Timeout) Baldor was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -06:35 Jul 24
Khloe: Khloe nodded, not finding the appropriate words to say. It was something she was conditioned and well educated to do, helping a man be satisfied… but she was really unprepared for that rush running through her. …and the small little desire to take it further. She shifted only slightly to pass him the soap from over her shoulder. -06:35 Jul 24
Baldor: He took the soap and lathered it in his hands hand rubbed in into her neck. He was glad she coldn’t see his facem he had to be as red as a tomato. Massagign the soap into her shoulders he smiled though. “I’m not as good as you.” he said.. she had to know what he did and he couldn’t get it out of his head enough to talk about anything else. “I’m sorry… You really know how to work a guy up.” -06:42 Jul 24
Khloe: “It’s what I was made to do.” Something new again! Having him rub her shoulders and his hands on her. Khloe closed her eyes just to lean and feel, trying not to get too wrapped up in it so she could stay aware. “…but you do feel better now, right?” -06:45 Jul 24
Baldor: Even though she wasn’t facing him he looked away. “Yeah…” he massaged her shoulders more and then worked his way down her back. “It may be what you were made to do but I still like to think you are more than that.” he stepped almost close enough to have his chin on her shoulder. “Odd thing is I don’t even know if it counts as cheating.” -06:49 Jul 24
Khloe: He was closer and she could feel his breath falling over her wet skin. It made her suck in a breath and hold it for a moment. Was this what it felt like when she rubbed his back for him? It was nice..! “I wouldn’t know if it were or not.” she finally mumbled out softly. Her eyes were still closed and she was so tempted to pull one of his arms around her. “I was told to accept multiple people.” -06:55 Jul 24
[Baldor enters.] -07:07 Jul 24
Baldor: He finally got her her lower back and rubbed along the spine even as he frowned. “I don’t think I could.” he said. “When I choose someone to be special to me I don’t want them having other people being the same kind of romantic special to them.” He sighed pulling back and lathering more soap onto his hands and spreadign ir over her rump. “Though if you ask me this is what relationships are meant to be like.” he shook his head. “Doin things for eachother and being happy together. Friendship can be like that too, but relationships are deeper, and can have sex in them.” -07:12 Jul 24
Khloe: “For both people?” That was also a new concept. Her existance was supposed to be about pleasing her husband, and she was supposed to accept that and be happy with it. But here she was very much enjoying the way he touched her and how it made her skin tingle. It could go both ways? “So when it is two people, it is giving to each other and something special. That is what love is?” -07:17 Jul 24
[(Timeout) Baldor has timed out.] -07:22 Jul 24
Baldor: He ruab the soap up her sides then stepped away to let the water hit her. “Kind of.” he said “Love feels warm intide your chest and it feels like your skin is pulling sigh over your hears when they say of do something wonderful, when you feel like you would do anything for them because you want to, becayse doign those thinsg and making them happy would make you happy. Then you see thier smile and it makes you smile, and whn you can’t help but want to talk to them, even when you have nothing to talk about.” he smiled and leaned against the back wall of the shower bit trying to cover himself up. hse had put it in her mouth what harm woulf seeing it do… still better hip his ahnds in pront of it to make sure. “Its complicated, but I think you’ll know it when you feel it.” -07:22 Jul 24
Khloe: Khloe rinsed through her hair and over her skin, thoughtful expression over her features even when she’d steal a glance over to him. She understood the idea of it. It sounded amazing… but was still unsure of how to decipher the feelings. “And dating is a precursor? It helps you find the right people to love?” -07:28 Jul 24
Baldor: “Dating is about spending time with someone and seeing in you like them, and if liking them will become loving them.” he said. “Usually if you get a good feelign when you kiss someone or touch thier hand it means you like them and you should date them to see if you love them.” he said. “I think. I’m not one hundred percent sure, I’ve had the same girlfriend since when I was a child.” he sighed again. “But I still like someone else.” -07:34 Jul 24
Khloe: “You will show me the proper way to date, then.” Khloe finally cast him a smile. “Because I don’t think dates happen in showers?” she teased, flicking a bit of the water at him before she was stepping out and grabbing a towel to dry herself with. She liked him and he said that their shopping and their lunch were like dates. So this would be the third one and it was good practice! -07:39 Jul 24
Baldor: “They can end in them though.” he said “I’m sure you know what can happen in showers.” he held the soap out to her. “Your turn.” he turned around and leaned against the wall. “Remember what I said though dates are about spendign time together and if you go by that showers are good places for dates.. but they’re also about going out. So not really.” he looked back at her. “You are the first girl to see.. or touch me though and the first one I’ve seen naked.” -07:47 Jul 24
Khloe: An invitation. A confusing invitation, but one none the less! Khloe was also a little baffled about being the first! She abandoned the towel and was almost instantly putting her hands to him. Her fingers were itching to touch more than just his back, and it wasn’t just for the sake of pleasing him this time… another confusing feeling! “You have not ever consummated once and never done anything at all?” Khloe had suspected because he was so shy… but it still surprised her! “I haven’t either. My designated husband did not want me touched. Everything I know is through the conditioning. You are the first man I have ever seen or touched like this…” -07:52 Jul 24
Baldor: He smiled back at her nad relaxed. “I know you want to help me.” he said. “And make me happy, and if I could I would, and if you agreed I might even imprint you so your husband wouldn’t want you back and you’d never have to be used by him. And I do like you.” he make a soft sound as she hit the right spot. “But things are never simple.” -08:00 Jul 24
Khloe: There was that feeling again. Not the one that gave that interesting twinge at the pit of her stomach, but the one that made her smile. Pleased, and wanting to nuzzle him or better yet to kiss him… “It’s too bad things aren’t simple. But I’ll learn. You’ve been really kind to me when you didn’t have to, and I won’t forget.” -08:06 Jul 24
Baldor: “You won’t be moving out right away.” he said before turning around and shutting off the water. “Now lets go get something to eat before this shower goes much further.” -08:16 Jul 24
Khloe: “Yes!” she agreed. …though almost reluctantly. Khloe climbed out to retrieve her towel again, drying her hair and mulling over that mix of feelings. He was right… things weren’t simple, and just when she thought she had it all figured out, it was complicated and confusing again. She really hoped a date would help educate her a bit better. She pointed at the dress she had hanging on the doorknob. “Is that a good date dress?” -08:18 Jul 24
Baldor: “Yes it is.” he said smoling as he dried himself off, then wragged his towel around himself and headed for the bedroom fo get boxers, jeand and a putton up shirt, adn was then back to comb his hair. “Anything you want to try and eat?” he asked. “I think we have brunch first, then I’ll show you around a bit.” -08:22 Jul 24
Khloe: “Um…” Khloe wracked her brain and her memories trying to think of something to suggest. Once she was dry and her hair was only slightly damp, she pulled on the dress. Forgetting underwear seemed to be a common problem for her. “Something romancy picnic like? I think that makes sense.” There did not seem to be a lot of nice pleasant things like that in her head, that was second hand knowledge and not something from the conditioning. -08:27 Jul 24
Baldor: He smiled at her. “I’ll decide.” he said straitning his collar and heading out to grab a pair or panties for her pile and re-enter the bathroom and drape it over her shoulder before heading off to find socks and shoes and wallet. “Bring some money we’ll get you a purse, and a phone of your own.” -08:32 Jul 24
Khloe: Panties! She stretched them in her hands before she was stepping in to them and slipping them on. Then she was hoping off to the kitchen, tugging her shoes on on the way, and scooping up her wad of cash from the counter to stuff in to various pockets. “I can buy you something too? I think I made enough..” -08:40 Jul 24
Baldor: “I don’t really need anything.” he said grabbing the keys and his phone and stuffing them into various pockets and then leading the way out the door. “But if you want to I’d think it the swetest thing ever. Buing thing for eachother is a good thing to do on dates, but its usually meant to be the bot buying for the girl because thats the tradition.” -08:47 Jul 24
Khloe: So far he had bought everything for her. Literally everything. The only thing he -hadn’t- purchased was her herself! Khloe almost laughed about it! He definitely deserved a present. She would have to put a lot of thought in to it… As she followed, she took his hand, unaware that she was craving the physical connection. “What else is a tradition on dates? We’ll be very traditional!” -08:50 Jul 24
Baldor: “I’d prefer it if this time we were just ourselves instead if being traditional.” he said heading down the stairs and out into the street smilign at her and swinging thier hands slightly. “Come on back tot he shops, its time you leanres about icecream and well get you a purse and phone and then see about food. You’re learning fast. I wouldn’t be surprised if they gave you a brain smarted than the husband you were meant for.” -08:55 Jul 24
Khloe: That did make her laugh! “I have heard some brides come back and say that happened! We are constructed with prime genetics. I suppose sometimes people don’t know what they are asking for?” It made her think! Tilting her head in wonderment about what sort of Husband would specifically request someone like her. …and how much of her was hers alone, that he might not be happy about at all. “What kind of bride do you think I was supposed to be? Outside of consummating? I wondered…” -09:00 Jul 24
Baldor: “Housework.” he said simply. “Thats what you said you were conditioned for. Sex and houswork.” they were abck among the shops and he was walking her down the stalls. “If you see something you like feel free to stop as and have a look.” he said “Phones are a little bit further and there should be lot s of purses between here and there.” -09:06 Jul 24
Khloe: Khloe was now imagining days filled with cleaning up a house and doing chores, mixed in with lots of consummating. Only instead of a faceless husband it was him she was thinking about. …it really didn’t sound all that bad. Every so often she would stop to look at something that caught her eye. Things that were shiny, bright colored… or just plain unusual looking that drew odd questions out of her. Purses were apparently really fun things, because they had lots of little pockets and cubbies to hide stuff in! It didn’t take her long at all to pick one out that had a long strap and plenty of little zippers for putting away money, or the random other silly things she was thinking about stashing in it. “Maybe you should have one of these too!” -09:13 Jul 24
Baldor: He grinned at her. “Guys don’t get purses, another tradition.” he said. “Because dresses usually don’t have pockets were pants do and girls tend to carry around more things… you don’t have to worry about those thinsg do you?” wow a girl that never had to worry about pads or tampons or periods… “So.. phone time!” he pulled her to another stall where they were arrayed out on display. “I’ll help you choose here, since I’ll want you to have certain features…” he smiled mysteriously. “But the final choice is yours.” -09:18 Jul 24
Khloe: “It just has to be able to press numbers and talk to people, doesn’t it?” Khloe immediatly pointed to one that was as simple as that. Tiny and small, with no special features or fancy gadgets. Though she was leaning over to read some of the descriptions of others with a confused frown. “Why does a phone need an application? Do you have to apply to use them? Oh! This one plays music!” Phones, apparently, were much more complicated than she thought they were! -09:22 Jul 24
Baldor: “You’ll also want one with a camera.” he said. “And application are little programs than let you do things with the phone. Here..” he pointed to one and had it handed to them. “I used to have one of these, its got a camera, gps, you can use the internet with it, download a ton of free applications and listen to music.” he handed it to her to let her see it. “I kind of miss my one like it.” -09:25 Jul 24
Khloe: “You should have one too, then. So I can call you when I want to talk to you?” Khloe didn’t know what the internet was or gps, but a camera sounded like fun. She managed to find the buttons and held it up to take a picture. She really did learn quick. -09:28 Jul 24
Baldor: “I have a phone, its just not like this one.” he held up his, which basically bould just call and sms. “So don’t worry about me, I… Are you pointing that camera as me?” -09:30 Jul 24
Khloe: “It takes moving pictures too!” she laughed at his expression, and laughed again when she figured out how to zoom in on his face. “You should smile so my new phone isn’t filled with pictures of an angry man!” -09:32 Jul 24
Baldor: He stuck his tongue out at her and he phone then cevered the lens with his hand and stepped forwards to look at her over the top of her phone. “So this one or another one?” he asked lookign at her the basest hint of a smile on his lips. -09:36 Jul 24
Khloe: She pulled the phone back to cradle against her shoulder. The other would be fine, but she did like the idea of having pictures with her all the time! “I like this one. The camera is fun!” and while he was smiling she held it back up again almost to take a quick picture! -09:40 Jul 24
Baldor: He dodged out of frame then lifted the phone out of her hands and placed it back on the counter ans started talking about plans with the salsperson and when he was happy he showed her the ammount she would need to pay. “So thats the sjopping done, now for food” he took her hand again and started walkign back out into the main street and towards a corner cafe with seats in the parkoverlookign the duck pond. -09:47 Jul 24
Khloe: She would have to make more money… that way she could get him a new phone just like hers! Khloe squeezed his hand… and with her new phone was trying to get pictures of everything! Ducks! “What is good for brunch dates? …not ducks?” Ducks conveniantly near a cafe. It could have been the perfect fresh meat! -09:54 Jul 24
Baldor: “We’re not eating the ducks.” he said. “Thats not even an option, its not even legal.” he took her to sit down then realized he had forgotten the icecream, oh well that would be for the way home. “So..” he handed her a menu and opened one for himself “What do you feel like eating? I am paying so get whatever you want.” -10:05 Jul 24
Khloe: Khloe sat with her elbows on the table and her chin propped in her hands as she looked over the menu. She had tried cheeseburgers where he worked, eggs, and noodles… “I will try a salad with chicken. Chickens aren’t illegal, right?” -10:12 Jul 24
Baldor: “No thery’re not, nor is duck but its illegal to catch them inside the city.” he said “I want a club sandwedge.. and a mug of hot chocolate.” -10:15 Jul 24
Khloe: “Chocolate! I would like that to!” Chocolate to drink? Khloe might’ve just discovered the next greatest thing in the universe! Her phone was up again, held out over the table to snap another picture of him. She’d get him! -10:18 Jul 24
Baldor: He was distracted with the menu and didn’t even notice teh picture being taken and was then handing it back and looking out over the park. “We’ll go for a walk after this… I’ll show you where we first met.” -10:19 Jul 24
Khloe: Another picture and Khloe was giggling. Scrolling the few she managed to take and keeping the best ones. “Where you found me in the forest? …I am still not sure how I wound up there…” -10:23 Jul 24
Baldor: “It was on the radio when I was at work.” he said “Your delivery truck crashed, you were the only loss. Im sure they’ll claim from insurence and move on. Byt the way, how are you finding life?” -10:25 Jul 24
Khloe: Khloe was resting her chin in her hands again, grinning at him. “Complicated… new! Interesting! I really like it so far. It’s not anything like I expected it to be.” -10:29 Jul 24
Baldor: “And what are your thoughts on going back?” he felt an unwarrented tightness in his chest as he asked as if he were terrified of one of the possible answers, and leaned forwards to listen only interupted by thier beverages arriving. -10:31 Jul 24
Khloe: Khloe was still thinking about her answer when a mug was hot chocolate was sat in front of her. This time she was careful not to drink something hot right away. She lift the mug to blow softly at the liquid and then take a sip… Chocolate was awesome! Khloe was beaming smiles all over again. “I think I like being out and having dates like this! And if they’re not looking for me, then I really don’t have to go back…” -10:36 Jul 24
Baldor: He lifted he mug up and sliked at her. “Then lets toast to your life, and promise we’ll keep it yours.” he smiled wide and put hsi other ahdn on hers. “ANd we’ll always have eachother’s numbers.” -10:39 Jul 24
[Baldor thinks be managed to coble together a passable outfit for going out, and now hes taking his charge out for the second time that day.] -03:12 Jul 25
[Khloe decided to wear the red and the black and the boots. Because that was ‘bad’ in the right way!] -03:14 Jul 25
Khloe: Dates weren’t too bad at all. A nice brunch, a walk in the park. Talking and shopping and holding hands and watching people. They were all really nice things that Khloe enjoyed. Now for part two of this date, Khloe figured it was the right time for the sexy bad clothes! It -should- be time for sexy things, right? -03:18 Jul 25
Baldor: He had a white shire with short sleeves and luninous patterns that were only visible in dim light. He held her hand as they entered the bar and looked at her. "You had to wear that, didn’t you." he looked around and sucked his lip. "First up, let me get you a drink." -03:22 Jul 25
Khloe: "Was it the wrong thing to wear…?" Sometimes what he said really didn’t match his body language. He was always confusing her that way. For the time being, Khloe was very interested in watching all the people in the bar. It was a setting she had a vague information imprint about. Probably for roleplay scenarios! "A drink would be very nice!" -03:25 Jul 25
Baldor: "Its the right thing to wear in this situation if its what you want to wear." he said. "So long as you have underwear." he took her to the bar and pushed the drinks menu at her and just getting a breezer for himself. -03:28 Jul 25
Khloe: This time she did remember underwear. Just because he kept reminding her about it. Khloe looked over the menu, pointing at something that looked interesting and had an amusing name. "We dance in a place like this, right? Or do we just drink things and get phone numbers?" -03:36 Jul 25
Baldor: "Dancing it done over there." he pointed to the dance floor and then looked at her. "Though its generally a bad idea to get phone number when you’re on a date with someone, they might get jealous." he lifted his bottle in a small toast and smiled at her. "To your first drink." -03:39 Jul 25
[Baldor ] -03:44 Jul 25
Khloe: Khloe took a big swallow of her drink, then gave the luiquid an examining stare. A little sweet, a little sour, a strange after taste and…! Oh! A little burn too! That was interesting! Khloe drank the rest quickly. "I DO know how to dance! It was a key part of conditioning. I know pole dancing, and lap dancing, and a few other kinds too." -03:45 Jul 25
Baldor: "You don’t do either of those kinds here." he said. "ANd slow down you’ll get drunk at that rate." he sipped his and looked at her with a small smile on his face, coming out with her first was a good thing, he would show her how to not come off as a slut or stripper or hooker, just a wild girl.. or something. "What other kinds do you know?" -03:47 Jul 25
Khloe: "Um…. just regular dancing, I suppose!" she set down her empty glass. Tilting curiously when a light feeling spread over her. Interesting was a word she was using a lot to describe these things, but it was such an accurate word! "What is drunk? Is that good?" -03:50 Jul 25
Baldor: He lifted his bottle showign her. "The drinks here had alcohol in them, drink alcohol and you’ll start to feel it affect you, drink to much and wel.. you won;t be able to control yourself very well and… I was drunk on the ngith I found you. You’ll be unable to walk just like I was." -03:53 Jul 25
Khloe: "I see…! I thought maybe you might have been sick or had an accident like I did." So the light feeling was from alcohol! Khloe took his bottle to take a sniff and a sip… blech! Too bitter. That one she wouldn’t drink. "Better to remain walking so you don’t have to carry me home." -03:56 Jul 25
Baldor: "I’d happily do it." he said "But getting too drunk means you usually have a big headache the day afterwards like I did yesterday." he ordered her another drink and smiled at her. "Now drink slowly and think about what you want to eat." -03:59 Jul 25
Khloe: "It’s safe to assume that I will eat anything I have not already tried!" Another drink, and this time she was trying to sip it slowly. With music playing, she was swaying just a bit from side to side. But Khloe was most interested in the way he smiled. He was doing a lot of smiling today, and she was very glad of it. "Do you like dancing?" -04:02 Jul 25
Baldor: "I do." he said. "But I’m not very good." he tilted his head at her and sipped his drink. "How about a plate od chips to share?" -04:03 Jul 25
Khloe: Khloe nodded and inched a few steps closer to him. "I could teach you some dancing? It’s just like consummating, you are supposed to move when it feels right?" -04:06 Jul 25
[(Timeout) Baldor was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -04:11 Jul 25
Baldor: He smiled and finished his drink freeing himself to turn to her. "I would like that." he said lookign around the bar and thinkign maybe that would be batter at hoe where he wouldn’t be so shy, but the alcohol was starting to feel good. "Nachos…? -04:11 Jul 25
Khloe: Drinking slowly was no as easy as it seemed. If it was in her hands, she was going to drink it. Which meant a second glass was now empty and being pushed towards his bottle. "Nachos is a dance?" It sounded like a dance. But he was smiling again, and she was reaching her hands up to pinch his cheeks and run her thumbs against the corner of his mouth. He should smile all the time! -04:16 Jul 25
Baldor: He checkled and closed his hand around hers pulling it away from his face gently. "Its a food." he said "With cheese and salsa, and chips and… A plate of nachos to the table over there." he said pointing and then "And one more round." he dragged her towards the table and sat her down nipping her finger playfully before remembering the purpose of the date. "Dance after eat. I promise." -04:19 Jul 25
Khloe: There was that tiny thrill again. The quick twinge in her stomach that made her a little giddy. Khloe made sure to sit close to him, leaning to nuzzle against his cheek a second before kissing it. "All of the drinks and food here have strange misleading names. Do they do it on purpose?" -04:23 Jul 25
Baldor: "They’re not misleading once you learn them." he said putting an arm around her and leaning back. "Theres a drink called sex on the beach.. its not bad." turned t look at her. "But if you drink to much you won’t remember your date and that would make me sad." -04:26 Jul 25
Khloe: "I won’t forget out date. I remember things very well." Khloe had a fantastic memory. She needed to if she was going to remember all of these things. She leaned back with him, liking that he was relaxed and smiling so much… He was happy, and that seemed to make her want to be even more affectionate, so he would smile even more. Khloe rest a hand on his leg, grinning from ear to ear. "You won’t forget either?" -04:31 Jul 25
Baldor: "Of course I won’t." he said happily looking at her. "Its a date with a gorgious girl in an outfite she chose because I like it and shes being sweet and nice." he said all in one sentence at their order arived and he pushed her glass towards her then picked up a chip with lots of cheese and put it in front of her mouth to feed it to her. "Try it." -04:34 Jul 25
Khloe: Nachos looked like a big mess, but she leaned to take a bite. Giggling when she had to wipe wipe a bit of cheese from her mouth. Spicy, sharp… she liked this flavor too! Especially when it was being fed to her by someone who was paying her very pleasing compliments. "It’s good! Burns different than the drink." Speaking of, she picked that up to take a sip again. -04:41 Jul 25
Baldor: He grabbed some of the nachos and stuffed them into his mouth too and shewed. "I like it. Used to eat it every time I came here." he sighed the arm around her sliding down to put his hand on her side and he picked up his drink. "I’m glad we’re doing this. Thsi si what a date is meant to feel like." -04:44 Jul 25
Khloe: "Talking and smiling and touching?" The way he said it made her suspect that he’d not have a good date before… and he had a girlfriend! So where was the girlfriend and why did they not have happy dates? Khloe was leaning again until she was nuzzling his cheek and resting her head against it. "Why don’t you do this more often, then? If you really like it?" -04:49 Jul 25
Baldor: "Because Delora is enver around.." he said "I do come with friends but thats nto the same. Its funny it takes finding a genetic bride to get me to go out on a date, its ironic." he sighed againa nd ate more fo the nachos washing it down with his drink. "Its not like I look for girls to date." -04:51 Jul 25
Khloe: "She should be around. There were so many happy faces at the park, like the couple on the bench. Where they were smiling soft and it reached all the way to the eyes. That looked like a nice feeling." She lift a hand to his cheek, pressing a finger at the corner of his mouth trying to turn it back up to the smile again. -04:57 Jul 25
Baldor: He turned to her and kissed her finger before it could escape. "We used to be together a lot, every day, but we were young and didn’t do anything. Then we got older and I came here, she went there and.. I see her sometimes." he was repeating himself "Sometimes I feel .. forget it.." he took another drink and leaned hsi ehad against hers. "Tonight is not about her, its about you." -05:03 Jul 25
Khloe: He was being affectionate, and it was such a nice giddy feeling. He was no happy with that girlfriend, how could he be? But he must have cared about her an awful lot to still be so loyal. Khloe pressed a hand to the opposite of his face, and tilted her head so she could kiss his cheek and the corner of his mouth. Kissing was against the rules, but she was going to have to break it just this once. "Tonight are you happy? You aren’t sad or lonely?" -05:10 Jul 25
Baldor: He put his arms arounf her and pulled her into his lap, not somethign he’d usually do but her kisses felt good and he wanted her closer. "Yes I’m happy." he mumbled as if not wanting to admit it, he had his eyes closed, it he didn’t look it didn’t feel like cheating, even though he knew it was Khloe, but it was Khloe making him feel good. -05:13 Jul 25
Khloe: Being pulled in to his lap seemed to make that giddy feeling all the worse. Complimenting it with a desire to snuggle him, despite the fact they were out in public. In fact, she wasn’t concerned at all about being public. Khloe slipped her arms around his neck, drawing herself as close to him as she could get. Nosing against his skin until she was gently nipping at his ear. " -05:28 Jul 25
Baldor: His hands flipped up her back and moved to pull her head back away from his as his eyes opened and he looked into her face, then he pulled her back to him and pressed his lips into hers his bidy tensing as her felt a jolt od emotion hit him. This was bad, and very very good. -05:31 Jul 25
Khloe: Illegal kissing…! She might have kissed him herself before… but this time it felt different! It made her face flush and her breathe halt. Her heartbeat quicken… It was completely different. Khloe leaned further in to him, returning his kiss with no shyness, but an exploring pressure and soft nibble. -05:38 Jul 25
Baldor: He brushed his fingers against her cheek and slowly moved his lips against hers as his nails played across her neck as lightly as to be barely felt as he tilted his head to get a better angle his lip parting invitingly before he leaned back again. That had felt good, too good. -05:41 Jul 25
Khloe: Khloe was intoxicated. If kissing was supposed to feel like this, she wished she had more aggressively been after him for kisses more. She didn’t want to let him go. Tightening her arms around his neck and bringing her mouth back to his with a much more impassioned urgency. Could she have easily straddled his lap, she would have done so! -05:52 Jul 25
Baldor: He gripped her hair as if to pull her back but he didn’t. Instead he flicked his tongue against her lip and sighed his other hand going to slide up and down her lower back. "This is wrong." he mumbled. "But feels right." -05:55 Jul 25
Khloe: "Should I stop…?" She didn’t want to. This was a good feeling and it did right. Khloe shifted over his lap as she nuzzled against his cheek again. Letting her mouth nibble over his jaw in soft teasing nips. -06:17 Jul 25
[(Timeout) Baldor got too distracted for their own good…] -06:27 Jul 25
[Baldor enters.] -06:30 Jul 25
Baldor: "I don’t want you to." he said softly, but you should." he kissed the corner of her mouth softly. Peopel arn’t meant to just kiss liek that on dated anyway." he said "Not where everyone can see." he distracted himself by taking a long gulp from his drink and sighing. -06:32 Jul 25
Khloe: "It’s not appropriate date behavior?" No more kissing. Khloe looked a little bit disappointed, but he had that sad look on his face again. The one she was trying to make sure he’d -not- have. She picked up her drink too, swallowing the rest of it in one gulp, then she was tugging at his shirt. "…then we should dance! We’ll dance all night and then go home." -06:36 Jul 25
Baldor: "After two or three dates when you’re somewhere private its alright." he said before allowing himself to be pulled out towards the dance floor. "Just not int he middle of a bar unless you’re really really drunk." taking her hand he stepped out with her. "Now show me how you dance." -06:41 Jul 25
Khloe: Her first thought was to take her clothes off in the process, even had a hand at her shoulder tugging gently at her collar and sleeve… but she quickly remembered the no nakedness in public rule! So instead, Khloe was taking his hands to she could dance and make him move with her. "How drunk is really really drunk?" -06:45 Jul 25
Baldor: "When you can’t stop and you’re in danger of throwing up." he said stepping up to her and moving with her. Then you just want to have sex and don’t care where you are, in public, in the park… though some people get that without being drunk." -06:49 Jul 25
Khloe: Khloe made a face, complete with sticking out her tongue to show her distaste for the idea. "Then I definitely don’t want to be drunk. I don’t want to throw up, and I can consummate everywhere without it!" Khloe placed his hands on her hips which gave her the freedom to put her hands on him. Gentle touches both for the excuse of touching, and to nudge him or pull him when she wanted him to move with her. She seemed to have an affinity for fluid movement and rhythm! -06:53 Jul 25
Baldor: Watching her dance was having dangerous thoughts run though his head again, but that made him step closer still and follow her guidance. "You are good." he commented. "I’d be tempted to ask you to show me those dances you mentioned earlier once we get home…" but that would also be wrong… the more time he spent with her the more he wanted to be with her. -06:56 Jul 25
Khloe: "All you have to do is ask. And I will show you anything you would like to see." That smile she wore could have been alluring. Yet, she really did mean it. Not just because she was supposed to be obedient. Khloe was finding she really did want to see this particular man happy. He was close enough their bodies were almost touching. Another thing Khloe added to her list of stomach tinglie thrills. Now if she had him alone and in a bed doing this… -07:00 Jul 25
Baldor: No… he couldn’t…. he.. hands spreading out across her back ha pulled her against hims and again pushed his lips into hers closing his eyes tight and almost sendign them both to the floor. He couldn’t keep doing this, he really couldn’t. "If I do that again in pudlic, slap me." he said breathlessly, "I shouldn’t." -07:04 Jul 25
Khloe: He caught her by surprise! Another breathless moment. He wanted her to slap him the next time… but if he did that again, she was going to break his rules and do things to him that he would get mad about! "Should we go home, then? I don’t want to hit you…" -07:11 Jul 25
Baldor: He pulled back and looked around the bar. "Tab first.. then home." he moved to the bar and payed their tab before putting his arm around her and started heading for the door. "If I do anything with you, you know I’ll have to leave my girlfriend and she won’t be my girlfriend anymore." he said once they wre outside. "She shouldn’t be with a man who cheats on her." -07:14 Jul 25
Khloe: That was a bit like having cold water splashed in her face. Khloe fell in to a thoughtful silence as they walked. She didn’t want him to be dishonest or cheat on his girlfriend. Not when he loved her so much. …but at the same time she was aware he wasn’t happy. If he loved her, why was he unhappy. …It was so complicated! "I want that feeling…" she finally muttered. "That you have for your girlfriend and like I saw the couples at the park. Loving someone so much that they’re the only one you see and talk about…" -07:22 Jul 25
Baldor: "You will." he said. "Thast why we’re yeaching you about dating so you can find that and be happy and live a life you want to." he walked her home wondering how drunk he was to have kissed her twice. "We’ll find it for you." no matter how much he wished it was him. -07:33 Jul 25
Genetic Bride 026

Genetic Bride 026 003: Khloe’s First Job

[Baldor has just gotten his troublesome charge home and needs to get ready for work.] -01:25 Jul 23
[Khloe now has her very own clothes! And they are all spread out on his bed while she happily plays with them!] -01:26 Jul 23
Khloe: What to wear first. Khloe had been so certain she’d be naked most of the time, and clothes have turned out to be a very fun thing. She couldn’t decide if she wanted to wear pants or a dress. And soon he would be gone to work. …should she go with him to work? What would be good work clothes? Khloe decided she would ask! And that meant invading his shower! -01:31 Jul 23
Baldor: He grabbed his uniform and a pair of black jeans and headed into the backroom. "Put on somehting thats okay for every day use." he called through the door. "And not overly sexy…" why was he even trying.. if anyone saw them together and word got back to his girlfriend he’d be toast… -01:37 Jul 23
Khloe: Not overly sexy. That crossed off the outfit he said was bad. That one she would save for later… but… she still didn’t know what to wear. It would be easier if he just told her what to wear. Khloe slipped off her shoes and marched after him. "What is best for every day! Am I going to work with you or do I have to stay here? If I stay here I will do chores, but I want to see where you work too…" -01:40 Jul 23
Baldor: He turned on the water and stepped in. "I want to show you what the world is like." he said. "Its a short shift foday, just a few hours so you cna hang out inside while I work." he said before takign the shampoo and rubbing it into his hair. "Just wear somehting thats comportable but doesn’t show too much. Jeans would be good." -01:46 Jul 23
Khloe: In to the bathroom she went. "Where do you work? Do you like it?" He was already in the shower and she tilted her head… she hadn’t seen him without all of his clothes yet. Once again without invitation, she was climbing in to the shower with him, not bothering to pull off her own clothes. "Would you like help getting clean? Four hands are faster than two." -01:50 Jul 23
Baldor: This had him turning and recoiling to the far side of the shower his shoulder basking the faucet and making him exclaim softly. "You’re not meant to be in here…" he said. "Your clothes are wet and.." she didn’r have a bra on. "You can’t go out in wet clothes…" he covered himself and wedged himself in the cornet staring at her. -01:56 Jul 23
Khloe: "Oh.." she looked down at her clothes with a frown. "That’s all right, I have to change them anyway!" He was hiding in the corner, which thought was a little strange… but Khloe didn’t worry over it for too long, as she was taking the soap to lather up her hands and immediately reaching out to help wash him. "Let me get your back for you! Apparently those are very hard to reach by yourself." -02:00 Jul 23
Baldor: Well since she was there and he did have trouble with his back and it would hid his… "Thank you." he turned and backed out of the corner to let her wash him. "I could do the same for you next time." he -02:05 Jul 23
Khloe: "That would be nice! I like getting to shower myself and play with the soap." Once he was turned around, her hands were on his back. Rubbing up and down, over his shoulders. Paying very careful attention to massaging through muscles to ease tension. He was very tense! -02:09 Jul 23
Baldor: He bowed hsi head and closed his eyes. She had good hands, very good hands. But he didn’t want to think about how good it felt, he was getting clean and that was the main thing, his only concern. "Down a little, to the right of the spine." she would out him to sleep at this rate. "You’re good at this." -02:14 Jul 23
Khloe: Khloe decided she liked when he gave instructions. It was a nice contrast to when he was being kind. She did as instructed, and then she was letting her hands explore maybe a bit more than she should have been. Being instructed on how to touch didn’t really seem to compared to -actually- touching. "I have been conditioned for many different sorts of physical pleasures." -02:19 Jul 23
Baldor: He sighed, weather from what she said of thin the tention melting away it was hard to tell. "You shouldn’t really talk like that, it makes you sound like a product, not a person." he said forgetting around getting clean for a moment and half turning to look at her. ""Which are you?" -02:29 Jul 23
Khloe: That was… an interesting question. Khloe looked a little unsettled for a bit, her hands pausing at his hips. "I am a product. I was made to fullfill someone’s specifications and desires. I’m not supposed to question it or disobey it, I’ll get erased and reconditioned… but…" But what? There were no other options. At least… she didn’t think they were! Until now… -02:34 Jul 23
Baldor: He looked at her. "If you are a product then you are nothing but a sex toy and I can use you for my own perverted pleasures like you were made out of rubber. But I see a person, who just doesn’t know how to be a person. I don’t want to see you as a product." he turnd around fully. "Now I should dry off or I’m going to be late." -02:37 Jul 23
Khloe: Khloe nodded and took a step or two back out of his way. She was a person, of course she was a person. All genetic brides were real human beings, that’s what made them special. But she was still property too. Owned by the labs until she was owned by a husband. ….except for right now where she wasn’t owned by anyone! Could she do that? Khloe pulled off her wet clothes, leaving them behind in the shower before she stepped out to follow him. "Why don’t you use me? Is it because you are afraid of consummation? Or because you have chosen to only consummate one person?" -02:44 Jul 23
Baldor: He grabbed a towel and started drying his hair. "I don’t love you." he said "I don’t want to have sex with someone I don’t love. Nor do I want to use you when it would feel liek taking advantage of you. I could tell you never to leave this appartment and use you every morning and every night but that is not the kind of person I am. I care about you and want you to live. LIVE not exist." -02:59 Jul 23
Khloe: Love was still something she was figuring out, but Khloe understood what care meant. He cared about her. Not as a tool or an object, but as a person. …that was baffling! She didn’t know what to think about it as she sat on the edge of the bed and watched him. "I am living…" she responded, unsure what he meant by it. "There is more to it? Like working and shopping?" -03:07 Jul 23
Baldor: "More like thinking and feeling for yourself." he said.pulling on his jeans and work shirt, then covering it with a jacket and putting in his shoes. "Is there nayhting you want for yourself?" -03:10 Jul 23
Khloe: "I wanted to like my new life and be happy with my designated husband?" It was the only thing she ever hoped for! Khloe realized he was dressed already, so she quickly grabbed one of the dresses from her pile of clothes and pulled it on over her head. She forgot about under things all together. "I was hoping my designated husband would be nice and that I would like him and he would like me. A lot of genetic brides come back in terrible conditions and I didn’t want that…" -03:14 Jul 23
Baldor: He was shakign his head again. "So you were raised as a sex slave, like a maiden house or…" he was angry and he didn’t know why. "What do you want for yourself, not for some husband?" -03:18 Jul 23
Khloe: "For me? Just to be happy! I don’t really have any specific wishes…?" He was getting upset and she wasn’t sure what she said that bothered him. Khloe moved to hug him. -03:25 Jul 23
Baldor: She was being huggy and that disarmed him. "And now you’re just trying to make me happy, don’t choose me as a husband Khloe, I’m taken." he was sure where wasn’t sadness in his voice and that he was imagining it. "We should go, its a little walk. You don’t mind going?" -03:29 Jul 23
Baldor: She was being huggy and that disarmed him. "And now you’re just trying to make me happy, don’t choose me as a husband Khloe, I’m taken." he was sure where wasn’t sadness in his voice and that he was imagining it. "We should go, its a little walk. You don’t mind going?" -03:29 Jul 23
Khloe: "I don’t mind. I want to see where you work and see new things too." She couldn’t choose him as her husband. That was a little sad… but this was something she already knew. Khloe released him so she could slip on her shoes, then she was ready to go. "I will try not to get in the way. Observations only!" -03:32 Jul 23
Baldor: What he had meant to say was don’t choose a husband but instead he just grabbed his keys and headed for the door. "So are you ready for the real world?" he asked. "And to talk to people." -03:41 Jul 23
Khloe: "I’m ready! I remember the rules. No being naked in public. Do not have sex with strangers. Are there more rules?" she was practically on heels, more than a little excited to try out this new experience. If it was anything like trying on clothes, she was sure to like it. -03:43 Jul 23
Baldor: "Don’t touch strangers in inapropriate places or let them touch you.. don’t take upp yout underwear unless you’re alone… and be polite." he said lockign the door and starting towards the staircase. "I should get you a phone too, but I can’t affort that. Not yet anyway. I…" having ehr around was getting expensive but he didn’t mind. So long as she tried to be normal. -03:48 Jul 23
Khloe: "Should I get a job too? I have not been taught any job skills, but I know a lot about sex and hoursekeeping." Don’t take off her underwear unless alone? Luckily she wasn’t wearing any, she forgot! Being polite wouldn’t be difficult at all. -03:52 Jul 23
Baldor: He looked at her. "If you want to but you don’t have to." he said descending the stairs. "But I’ll worry about you when you’re away… I don’t knwo if you’re ready to go out on your own, people might try to take advantage of you." yeah he wasn’t hetting her out alone or even out of his sight for too long. -04:02 Jul 23
Khloe: "I don’t want to spend all of your money. So when you are ready to let me, I will find a job." Khloe was smiling again. He cared a lot if he was afraid she would get in trouble. It was too bad he wasn’t her designated husband. He would be a good one. Once they were down the stairs, she was leaping on to his back, just for the fun of doing so! "You haven’t told me where you work though! What do you do there?" -04:06 Jul 23
Baldor: He almost fell forwards and had to take hold of her again… no underwear.. again.. too late he ws going to be late for work. "I make food." he said. "Fast, cheep food for people to eat, so you can eat lunch that I made tehre too… though honestly I don’t have a big role in how it turns out." he walked along the street and sighed. "If you really want to help out you might get a job in the same place on the same shifts?" -04:11 Jul 23
Khloe: "So I could work with you? That might be fun!" Khloe held on tight, nuzzling against his ear with an affectionate grin. "I will have lunch there and meet people while you work. And learn some things! I could learn to cook food?" -04:16 Jul 23
Baldor: "You could." he said "Or you could take the food to hungry people." he gave up on tryign to tell her not to nuzzle, she was happy and it wasn’t hurting anyone. "Just remember the rules and you’ll be fine. And be careful." -04:18 Jul 23
[Khloe enters.] -04:20 Jul 23
Khloe: "Don’t worry, I’ll be careful." it should be simple. People did these things everyday and she was made to serve. The rules were easy to follow, and she wouldn’t forget them. Khloe liked the way he smelled when he was nice and clean. -04:24 Jul 23
Baldor: He put her down in front of a fast food place and then took her hand to walk inside. "This is where I work." he said. "I’ll be in there in about half an hour, in the meantime I’ll be in the front with you." he found a stall and sat her down in it and sat oposite her. "We’ll just be here four hours.. okay?" -04:28 Jul 23
Khloe: Khloe nodded. She was already looking around the place. Getting to know where everything was… and more specifically watching the people. "I have never seen so many different shapes of people before." It was curious! "…There are little tiny people!" -04:32 Jul 23
Baldor: Thats caught him off guard… "Those.. those are children." he said "You’ve enver seen children before?" he blinked at her. "Never.. ever…?" -04:34 Jul 23
Khloe: "That’s a children?" she eyed them. They were so small… and weird looking. "No, we are disabled from having children and it has to be requested if a Husband wishes to make them." -04:39 Jul 23
Baldor: He stared blankly for a moment and a lott of sadness and empathy that was becoming irritatinly ruotine crossed his face. "Well thats a child and …" she couldn’t have children… she was just a glorified sex toy.. "never mind." -04:42 Jul 23
[(Timeout) Khloe was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -04:48 Jul 23
Khloe: "And? What are they for? Oh wait, they are young people." Ha! She figured it out. So that is what people looked like before they were of proper age. Khloe had never seen anything younger than sixteen! "How long does it take for them to get bigger? A few months?" -04:52 Jul 23
Baldor: He tilted his head. "Khloe, I am twenty one, I will be twenty two next month." he said. "I think hes is around 8 so… about twelve yeard before hes twenty." he looked at her. "Thats the way it is out here." -04:56 Jul 23
Khloe: "That’s so long…" It took years for people to grow? "You must be a genius, then, having so much time to learn things. Where do you go for your conditioning?" -04:58 Jul 23
Baldor: He sighed. "We don’t really ahve that either… we have school." he said "Where they teach us things, and not tell up how to think and behave, our parents do that." he called over the waitress on duty and ordered them each an orange juice. "We figure things out for ourselves too." -05:05 Jul 23
Khloe: "Parents. I don’t understand that word either… These are a lot of new words." Khloe rest her chin on her hands, watching what the waitress did… and then turning her sight back on him. "You say that a lot about thinking for myself and doing stuff for myself… that’s what everyone does?" -05:09 Jul 23
Baldor: "Most people do." he said "I do that too, I look after you because I choose to. Seeing me carry you in the street most people will assume you are my girlfriend but I don’t mind that either. You need a hand and I’m happy to help." he accepted the glasses and put it on his employee tab pushing her glass towards her. "Most people just want to be happy." -05:13 Jul 23
Khloe: Khloe smelled the liquid first before taking a sip… she liked this better than coffee! "So if I want to be happy, I need to do things and choose things myself." Rule noted. That would probably be the most difficult rule of all. Khloe found it easier to follow instructions rather than stumbling around confused and not knowing what to do with herself… That thought even seemed to be clear on her expression as she looked around the place again. If she wasn’t directly persuing something, she really didn’t know how to behave. "Should I sit and observe..?" -05:17 Jul 23
Baldor: "Thats a good idea." he said. "Talking to peole is also a good idea and just figuring out what you want for yourself." he sipped his orange juice. "Now just wait here I’ll be right back." he slipped out of his seat and ducked behind the counter to talkt to the shift manager and brought him back tot he table. "So you want to work this shift to try out?" he asked her. "We’re short a waitress, if you don’t mind borrowign a uniform you can start in twenty minutes." -05:30 Jul 23
Khloe: "I can do it today?" Ooh..! Khloe didn’t think it would be that easy! She was already jumping out of her seat and near bouncing on her feet. "Yes, I would, thank you! I think I have a good idea how it works and I don’t mind borrowing at all!" -05:33 Jul 23
Baldor: The manager smiled and departed headign for the store room and the uniforms and Bai say down and took another sip fo juice. "You just tell the person behind the counter what the person wants to eat and take it to them when its finished." he told her. "And make sure they pay, or you will pay for them, thats the way it works… think you can do that then I’ll take you home and you’ll have your own money." -05:40 Jul 23
Khloe: "That should be easy! Thank you, Bai!" Whether he was ready for it or not, she was leaning down to throw her arms around him for a hug and kissing his cheek! "I’ll do a really good job, then I will buy things for you!" -05:43 Jul 23
Baldor: He froze.. and blushed, just happy she was happy, of course, adn then the manager was back and placign the uniform on the table before heading back behind the counter and getting back to his job. "You don’t have to buy me anything." he said. "But if you want to I won’t stop you." he was smiling. "Though remember when you’re working not to get distracted with too much talking. Talkign tand being friendly to customers is important but you also need to work." -05:49 Jul 23
Khloe: He smiled…! Khloe couldn’t remember if she had seen one of those from him yet. At least a genuine one! She was grinning wide when she snatched up her new uniform. She almost almost undressed right there, but remembered quick about the no-nakedness in public rule. Khloe bounced off to the restrooms! -05:53 Jul 23
Baldor: Well she was gone and it was almost time for him to get into the kitchen. Already a lot of the staff were looking at him and obviously wondering what he was doing with a boince girl like that and drawing conclusions. -05:57 Jul 23
Khloe: Once she was out, she was dressed nice and neat in her first official uniform. The shirt was a little tight, and the skirt wasn’t very sexy at all… but she thought she looked cute! An authentic waitress! One of the current waitresses gave her a run down of procedure. The left side of the room was hers. She had to be nice and ask people what they wanted to eat, write it down, and give it to the people in the back. Then when food was done, give it to the right people! Easy. Khloe got on that with a great deal of enthusiasm. -06:01 Jul 23
Baldor: Bai got up and put her glass in her hands. "Finish it, we’re on in five minutes." he said then pointed though the window at the kitchen. "I’ll be in there if you need me but if you ahve questions then you can just ask one of the other staff on duty.. And Khloe.. good luck." -06:25 Jul 23
Khloe: Khloe drank her juice quickly. It would be just the energy she needed, then handed him the glass back. …she leaned on her toes to kiss his cheek again. Offering him a wide grin. "You’ll be proud of me, just wait and see." -06:29 Jul 23
Baldor: "I already am." he said "Now, do well and you get to ask me anything." he promised. "now I’m needed in the kitchen, come see me if you have the time." and with that he was pulling his jacket off and ducking behind the counter. -06:34 Jul 23
Khloe: Ask him anything? Did that mean a question or a favor…? Khloe thought on the fact, until the other waitress shooed her off to get to work. Right! Step one. Approach customers sitting at one of her booths. Notepad in hand, she stopped where a couple of old men sat down. "Hello! How I can I please you today?" She smiled wide, and both of the older men smiled right back. This was so easy…! -06:39 Jul 23
Baldor: He was doing what he did, making sure the meat was cooked and the chips were the right colour. Easy as pie. makign pre-packaged meals for minute-fast delivery, he almost forgot to look up to check on Khloe." -06:42 Jul 23
Khloe: After a few tables and a few near-disaster accidents, Khloe was finding it wasn’t AS easy as she thought. A couple times she got people’s orders mixed up. She almost spilled someone’s drink all over them. Luckily most people seemed to be patient with her, especially since it was her first day. She liked to talk to them..! Some even gave her extra money to keep for herself, which was really nice. The male customers seemed to like offering her money the most. They would give her a pat on the shoulder or the behind or kiss her hand. One even asked if she wanted to leave with him! If she wasn’t busy working, she might have said yes! -06:47 Jul 23
Baldor: He say some of what went on and it made him frown and stop looking, he needed to keep his mind on the job and making sure he didn’t get his hand in the slicer. Though witht he lunch rush over and the resturant empty for a bit he sighed. What was he going to do with himself? -06:50 Jul 23
Khloe: Khloe decided her favorite part was talking to people and asking them about their day. There was a brief moment with no one at her tables, and she was leaning over a counter to peer behind it at the kitchen area. "I had no idea there were so many different kinds of jobs! I talked to a man that said he is an underwear inspector! I didn’t know they needed to be inspected periodically. Sadly, I had to tell him I wasn’t wearing any today and he’d have to come back another day." -06:56 Jul 23
Baldor: He shook his head. "There is no such job, he just wanted to see your underwear because he is a pervert." he looked at the clock on the wall. "Get you something? We should take lunch." -06:58 Jul 23
Khloe: "Oh… why on earth would he lie about it? I would have showed him anyway." Khloe leaned again, looking at the menus. She reached up to point. "I want to try that! Everyone asks for it the most, so it has to be good. What’s your favorite thing?" -07:01 Jul 23
Baldor: "He probably wanted to have sex with you." he said nodding to her order and mooking at her. Then grabbing her food and what he wanted, not telling her what it was, and telling her to follow him as he went into the back to where the staff ate. "We’ll talk more back here." -07:08 Jul 23
Khloe: "I see…" Khloe was not surprised. After all, the entire importance of making sure you were consummated right away was because other people would try to snatch you up and steal you. Khloe followed him in to the back, taking interest in this new area. "I would have said no thank you, though, because you told me not to have sex with strangers." -07:11 Jul 23
Baldor: "Only because I said so?" he asked playing thier food and drinks on the small table and sitting down. "Khloe as strange as this sounds I don’t want to be a huge controlling influence in your life. I just want you to be happy." -07:14 Jul 23
Khloe: "You are the only person I know. You are the only influence in my life!" she said matter-of-factly. She was already picking at her food to take a few bites, and pleased with the results. Khloe didn’t realize how hungry she was. Working built up an appetite! -07:17 Jul 23
Baldor: He pulles a cheeseburger out of it’s wrapper and held it out to her. "Take a bite, I made it… and that that you’re eating, but this is my favorite." he also held out one of his chips for her to try. "Not very healthy but good." -07:21 Jul 23
Khloe: She took a bite of his, there differences were very subtle… but there! Khloe put tasting new food on her list of things she really enjoyed. She was grinning again, kicking her feet back and forth in her seat. "How long have you worked here cooking things? A lady today told me she was a chef and cooked for a living too. Are you a chef?" -07:26 Jul 23
Baldor: "No." he said "I’m just a cook. It I were a chef I would have a nocer house and maybe a wife, and car.. you need to study for years to be a chef." he started eating and was soon halfway done. "I’m really not that well off.. I barely make rent most months. I don’t think i could ever afford to buy you if you went back, not in my entire life. Which sucks" -07:31 Jul 23
Khloe: Khloe tilted her head, thoughtfully chewing and thinking over his words. Did that mean he would buy her if he could? "Are you happy…? Do you like this job where you can barely pay rent and can’t have a wife or a car?" He sounded unhappy, but she couldn’t be sure… -07:35 Jul 23
Baldor: He looked at her. "I take care of myself and no one pays for my living expences. Thats.. inportant to me." he said dodging the question. "I would like more in life but so does everyone. I take care of myself and that gives me independence. I’d like to move back home and closer to my girlfriend but I have friends here, adn a job, and an appartment, and feel good enough baout my situation to help a person in need. Who needs more than that?" -07:38 Jul 23
Khloe: She looked a little dubious. Khloe didn’t know a lot about people and the world yet, but despite what he said he didn’t seem all that happy. She changed her question. "Then if you could have anything or live any way you like, what would you want now? …I would like to know, so I can have examples so I can make a good choice too?" -07:42 Jul 23
Baldor: He put down his burger unfinished and avoided her eyes. "I want… to be happy." he said "I want this soda, I want to be able to buy something just for me without looking at the price tag. I want this burger. I want to feel loved, I want to … I just want to be happy." he said "Everyone does. I don’t have any good examples to you." he drunk from his cup and then finished the burger and tipped half the chips onto her plate. "Maybe you have it figured out better than I do.. maybe I have too many rules." -07:48 Jul 23
Khloe: "Then you should change the rules, I think. If you want to be happy, and you are suppose to choose things for yourself, then you can change the rules and do want you want to do. …Right?" Made perfect sense to her! Khloe eagerly ate everything he gave her, without complaint. It was well worth the eating! And now she could tell customers what she liked off the menu too. "While you help me, I will help you too. That’s a fair trade, isn’t it?" -07:52 Jul 23
Baldor: "he looked at her and didn’t even sigh thi time. "We’ll talk about it at home. Theres only an hour left here then I’ll make food and then we’ll talk." he pushed her soda towards her. She was trouble, she was deginately trouble to keep arond. "But you care about me, enough to offer, thats all I need to knwo for now." -07:56 Jul 23
Khloe: A talk. That sounded serious… she might have said the wrong thing again. Khloe took her soda and drank it quickly. So quickly she ended up giving herself the hiccups. "You’re kind to me so I want to b-Hic!" She slapped a hand over her mouth and laughed. That was different! After a good deep breath, it didn’t happen again. She’d be careful about drinking sodas! "Okay, we will talk at home. And you can count how much money I have made!" -08:00 Jul 23
Baldor: "Sounds like fun." he said finishing his own soda and standing. "I’ll see you in an hour. Remember people asking to see you naked is bad and there is no such thing as n undewear inspector." he was ready to go back to the kitchen when and fisich up his shift. -08:03 Jul 23
Khloe: Asking to see her naked is bad, and no such thing as underwear inspectors. Rules noted! Khloe returned to working. Just in time for it to be busy again. And now she had new things to think about and discuss with customers. Along with asking people about their day or what they did as a job, she was asking people what made them happy and got all sorts of interesting responses! On the bright side, she didn’t spill anything on anyone or mess up any more orders. -08:07 Jul 23
Baldor: The kitchen was less then smooth, they ran out of onion and has a sause spillage but after and hour most thinsg there sorted out and he was back in his jacket and coming out from behind the counter looking tired, but smiling when he sw her and waiting to walk her home. -08:10 Jul 23
Khloe: Her head was filled with all sorts of new things. A LOT of new things. For her first 24hours of being awakened, she had discovered tons of new stuff… and none of it was even about sex! Once she was told she was allowed to go, she changed out of the uniform and back in to her own clothes. Then greeted him with a smile. …she wasn’t so bouncy on her feet now, in fact her feet really hurt! Being on her feet all day was not something she was conditioned to do, that’s for sure. "I am done working! Miss May said I didn’t do too bad for a first day. And she said you’re going to be really happy about my tips and give me a good time tonight." -08:14 Jul 23
Baldor: He offered her his hand and started heading for the door. "The manager said he might want to hire you regularly." he said. "I told him to call me ifsomething came up." out the door into the twilight and he let loose a sigh. "I think you did okay too.. but no going home with customers eitherm thats also sex." hsi shoulders hurt and head was buzzing and he wanted a drink but he had to get her home. -08:18 Jul 23
Khloe: Khloe held his hand and once they were outside she was looking up at the sky. She never saw the sky those colors before. It was pretty! "You’re confusing. I thought everything led to sex, but then you say it doesn’t mean sex, and now you say it does… How am I supposed to know when it’s time for the consummating?" A serious question! Because with him, nothing was supposed to be about sex. …but it seemed with everyone else that was all there was! -08:23 Jul 23
Baldor: "When you’re with a guy who doesn’t just want you for your body." he said "One that cares about you." he sighed. "One that takes care of you as much as you want to take care of them." he Looked at her. "You are going to make a guy very happy, but don’t let yourself be used. You can alwasy say no to anythign if you don’t want it. No matter what you are conditioned for." -08:29 Jul 23
Khloe: She huffed. Twisting up her mouth in a half frown, half scowl. Now how was she supposed to know the difference between someone who just wanted her body and someone who cared about her. …Khloe supposed they would act a lot like him! She was smiling again. "I get it. I have to find someone like you! Hum… tomorrow I will try meeting men and see if I can find one! I will write a list of things they have to be like and ask them lots of questions. Like… Husbands do for Genetic Brides~!" ha! See, she was learning very fast! -08:35 Jul 23
Baldor: "Thatd not very subtle." he said "Just talk to people…" the thought of her meeting other guys didn’t sit well with him though and his voice dropped in cheeriness. "Maybe you need to learn more about the world before you date." -08:37 Jul 23
Khloe: "Is that what it’s called? Date? You mentioned taking me on a date before…" Khloe squeezed his hand, picking up on that subtle change in his voice. He really was confusing, she could never quite tell what altered his moods so much. "You can show me what a date is supposed to be like, and then I will do it right?" -08:40 Jul 23
Baldor: "Sure." he said enterign the building and heading up the stairs. "Though they’re meant to be fun, thats really the most important part, fun adn about getting to know the other person." he pushed open the door and entred letting go of her hand. "Right now lets see what I can cook." -08:44 Jul 23
Khloe: Once inside she was taking off her shoes and immediately finding somewhere to sit! Khloe slid in to a chair and pulled her legs up cross-legged to take a look at her feet. That was a long day… and he had to do that everyday. His feet were bound to hurt too! "Do you want to rest first? I can rub your feet or your back and shoulders. Or you could sit in the bath and I could rub you there?" -08:48 Jul 23
Baldor: He was pulling out a pot and putting it on the stove. "If I stop not I’ll be down all night." he said then filled the pot with water and put it on to boil, took out a couple things of noodles and a few vegitables and started cooking. "Maybe after eating I’ll bath." he yawned and dupled the noodles into the water and fetched down two bowls. "Or save that for the morning. I’m tired." -08:52 Jul 23
Khloe: Khloe watched him with curiosity… already deciding that she was going to give him a good before bed treat whether he asked for it or not. She had figured out when she offered he always declined, but when she just did it, he rarely refused. "Do you like cooking?" she asked, a new thought in her head. "Maybe if you were a head chef you might make more money and get to live somewhere with a wife and car?" -08:56 Jul 23
Baldor: "I need more money than I make to study to become a chef." he said growing in a little sause with the noddles, sticking a fork in it and putting it in front of her. "And more tallent to get a bersery." he sat down and poked his with his fork but didn’t eat right away. "And who said I wanted a wife and car." -08:59 Jul 23
Khloe: "You did, kind of…" More money to study with? That reminded her! Khloe dug in to her pockets and pulled out a few wads of cash and crumpled up papers with names and numbers on them. "Here’s some money! Is this enough to learn how to be a chef? Or should I save some more?" With her pockets emptied, she was focused on the bowl of noodles. Taking one bite too quick and waving a hand in front of her mouth to cool her tongue. -09:02 Jul 23
Baldor: "Thats your money." he said "For what you want." he looked at her. "Maybe you could study.. of buy a car.. He blew on a forful and stuffed it into his mouth his cheeks bulging as he chewed and stallowed. The he stood and got two glasses and filled them with milk. "You could get a phone with that…" then all the guys would call her. -09:08 Jul 23
Khloe: "What IS a phone?" She picked up one of the crumbled pieces of paper with the numbers. "Lots of people asked me for a phone number but I didn’t have one. Do I need one?" She put the paper in to a stack along with all the others and seperated it from the money. "And I want to give you this money. You are letting me stay here and buying things for me. I am giving you money back for it?" -09:11 Jul 23
Baldor: He pulled out his phoen and put it on the table. It was a cheek knock off just like everything else he owned but it worked. "This is a phone." he said. "You push the numbers and then you can talk to the person.. but.. usually giving someone thier number is because you want to date them. They do it because you’re pretty and talk easily." he sighed. "People liek that if girlfriends.. or people they just have sex with once and never talk to again." -09:17 Jul 23
Khloe: Khloe picked up the phone, mashing lots of the buttons to see what it did, inbetween taking safer bites of noodles. "Do you talk to your girlfriend with this a lot?" -09:19 Jul 23
Baldor: "Not a lot." he said "But we’re both busy so.. she has to keep a high grade to be a researcher when she finishes learning." he said before stuffing more noddles into hsi mouth and pushing his glass at her. "But I understand. We’ve been together for a long time." -09:22 Jul 23
Khloe: "Why aren’t you living together close by? Don’t you miss her?" That was the part she was most confused about. Having a girlfriend or a wife meant being close to each other, and as far as she could tell… he never was. He hadn’t even consummated the woman! Khloe picked up the glass to sip from. -09:25 Jul 23
Baldor: He reathed into his jacked pocket and took out a chocolate bar and put that on the table too. "For after your noodles." he said. "We used to live a lot closer but then I came here and.." he looked at her. "Things like this happen. it was stay with her or break up with her and not be her boyfriend anymore." -09:29 Jul 23
Khloe: "I wouldn’t want to live away from you… Doesn’t she want to see you?" After her noodles? Khloe tried to eat quicker, which resulted in resulted in getting noodles on her face and dropping one down her shirt. She had to pause for a moment to try and dig it out. "Why don’t you go and move in with her now?" -09:32 Jul 23
Baldor: "Because we’re not married." he said "And she doesn’t want to before then, adn she doesn’t want to get arried ebfore she has a degree and a job." he shook his head. "When you’re done eating I’ll give you an old shirt of mine to wear when you sleep." he said in responce to her spilling. before he fifted his bowl up and hurried too. finishing quickly then gulping down his milk. -09:36 Jul 23
Khloe: "That’s okay! I made sure to get a nightgown today." …that’s right, she wanted to show him! Khloe gave that candy bar a look… she wanted to try that… but first night gown! She hopped off her seat, and took a few wobbly steps. Her feet hurt even worse now that she had been off them for a while. Weird! But then it was right in to the bedroom where she threw off her clothes and changed in to the gown. Once she returned, she turned for him with her hands on her hips. It wasn’t much more than a little bit of black lace and satin, and the hem was so high there was the very visible lower curve of her rear when she turned around. "It should be nice and cool to sleep in, right?" -09:41 Jul 23
Baldor: "That…" he said "That…" the tried to find the words. "That doesn’t hide much." he said "Its… very sexy but another thing thats not for every day or sleeping next to someone you’re not having sex with." he said. "Because thats the kind of thing you wear to make people want to have sex with you or to show that you want to…" yep… he had a presure problem downstairs and a redness upstairs. "It looks good anf if you were my girlfriend we would be in the bedroom right now…" -09:46 Jul 23
Khloe: Khloe was getting mixed signals again. He didn’t approve of it… but liked it? She liked the way his face turned red, though… Khloe crossed the room deliberately standing next to him and his chair as she leaned to snatch up that chocolate bar and unwrap it. "So you do like it?" She broke off a piece of the chocolate to pop in her mouth and…! She closed her eyes and sighed. That had to be the best thing she had ever put in to her mouth. Ever. It tasted like bliss! -09:51 Jul 23
Baldor: "I would if I were allowed to fell what it was made to make guys feel." he said taking her cistraction with the chocolate bar as his opotunity to stand, stretch, and walk towards the bedroom tearing off his work shirt and pulling on a sleep shirt with a band logo on it, take off his shoes and jeans and socks and crawl onto bed to stare out the window. We wondered what Delora was up to now. -09:55 Jul 23
Baldor: "I would if I were allowed to fell what it was made to make guys feel." he said taking her cistraction with the chocolate bar as his opotunity to stand, stretch, and walk towards the bedroom tearing off his work shirt and pulling on a sleep shirt with a band logo on it, take off his shoes and jeans and socks and crawl onto bed to stare out the window. We wondered what Delora was up to now. -09:56 Jul 23
Khloe: So good… so distracting! When she opened her eyes he was already gone off to bed. Khloe took the candy bar with her to the bedroom, hovering in the doorway as she popped another piece in to her mouth. Now it was time for Operation; Make Bai Relax! Khloe hopped in to bed, brushing a hand over his calf and letting it craaawl up towards his inner thigh. "I will help you sleep." -10:00 Jul 23
Baldor: He froze and turned to look at her his legs sliding togethet to shild his inner thighs against eachother. "Khloe?" he said questioningly. "What are you doing?" -10:03 Jul 23
Khloe: "Work isn’t as easy as I thought, and my feet hurt, so I know you hurt too. I’ll make you feel better!" He always got so stiff when she touched him… that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Khloe moved her hand farther up his leg, and leaned over him to nuzzle his cheek. She remembered the no kissing rule! -10:07 Jul 23
Baldor: "You worked too." he said grabbing and blanket and pulling it over himself covering himself fron his knees to his neck. "All I need it sleep." -10:09 Jul 23
Khloe: "And I will help you sleep." Khloe thought he was cute like this. There might’ve been a blanket in the way, but that didn’t prevent her from running her hand over his crotch and copping a good feel. She even nipped gently at his jaw before her mouth trailed it’s way to his ear. "It will only take a minute." she whispered soft. -10:14 Jul 23
Baldor: He rolled rnto hisback and very obviously tenting took both her hands in his and hild them when she coun’t touch him. "Khloe…" she was making this very difficult. "What exactly are you planning to do?" -10:18 Jul 23
Khloe: Now that she couldn’t hold herself up with her hands, she just had to straddle him so she could press her body against him. "Don’t worry, you said no sex. So it won’t be sex. I can do a lot of nonsex things. I don’t even need my hands." To prove that point, she shifted her hips to grind against him. He DID like her! Why did he resist so much? -10:22 Jul 23
Baldor: He let hos of her hand and balled his into fists as a surge of seering shot though him and he closed his eyes screaming at himself in his head that this was wrong and he had a girlfriend. He openeing his eyes and put his hands either side of her head… he really wished he were single right now and it was evident with the tortures expression on his face. -10:28 Jul 23
Khloe: What an interesting expression…! It made her want to kiss him… Khloe ran her hands up his arms until they rest over his wrists. Then she was pulling his hands down to touch her breasts and down her sides, making them grip her hips instead and feel the way she moved. "You can relax. Let me make you happy…" -10:32 Jul 23
Baldor: He had been close to kissing her himself before she had moved his hands. "I really wish I could." he said taking his hands away from her to put then on her shoulders and try to push her sideways off of him. "If you really want to hel me sleep then… rub my back like you did in the shower." -10:35 Jul 23
Khloe: "Is that all…?" Refused again. This man must be the most complicated man in the universe! Khloe conceeded, sliding off him and then tugging his arm so he’d sit up. She scooted to sit behind him and rub his shoulders. A little disappointed at being refused, and not sure why! "You must love her more than anything." -10:39 Jul 23
Baldor: He gabbed a pillow and hugged it to his stomach. "Shes my girlfriend. I have to love her." he pressed his face into his knees witht he pillow lodged in between and sighed not admittind then his eyes were getting wetter. "You’re really sweet, you know that?" -10:42 Jul 23
Khloe: Have to love a girlfriend? She was pretty certain that earlier he had said you were supposed to want to love! Or was that something else? There was a very confused expression on her face as she gently massaged his back. "Am I really? It wasn’t something on my behavior list… I guess it means it’s something that is just me?" Being sweet was definitely not one of her husband’s behavior wishes. It kind of made her happy to know that there was a part of her that was hers. -10:47 Jul 23
Baldor: "Well you have to be sore yourself but you still take the time to wantt o help me relax, you want to give me your money, and if I were nayone but me I would take hold of you and keep you for myself." he turning and symultaniously fell forwards to roll and end up next to her facing the opposite direction on his stomach. "It makes me afraid you will end up with someone who will just take all the time and never give you anything in return and not try to make you happy." -10:52 Jul 23
Khloe: Khloe shifted until she was laying down too… only it involved scooting as close to him as possible so she could feel the heat of his body and rest her face against his back. "But you are teaching me to make good choices. I’ll find someone who is good to me too, then you won’t have to worry about me." -10:55 Jul 23
Baldor: "I’ll still worry." he said "Since I’ll still care enough to worry. " he tried to reach back and put his hand in her arm. "I’ve never asked myself if I was happy or not until today. I hop I’ll have an answer soon." -10:59 Jul 23
Khloe: That made her smile. Really smile! Khloe curled an arm around his waist to hug him and nuzzled against his back. "I hope it’s a nice answer. Goodnight, Bai?" -11:05 Jul 23
Baldor: He tunred onto his side to pull her up next to him. "Goodnight Khloe. I hope you enjoy tomorow as much as you did today." -11:06 Jul 23
Genetic Bride 026

Genetic Bride 026 002: Until You Decide

Khloe: Awakening a second time, it was more like it was supposed to. Opening her eyes and the first person she saw being her assigned Husband. Only, her head still ached and he was asleep. That wouldn’t do. It was morning, and she was now allowed to kiss! Shifting on to an elbow, she curiously examined her Husband’s face. Was this a typical Husband? He didn’t really look anything like she expected… -06:43 Jul 22
Baldor: Beerpinduced sleep, deep and lingering. He didn’t want to wake up not even when he was rolled onto his back. He mumbled something an kept his eyes closed, his hand searching for the blanket to pull over his face but finding skin instead.. that made him open his eyes. -06:46 Jul 22
Khloe: And now he was looking back at her. She blinked in surprise. But that quickly passed, and her instructions back to being her number one agenda. Step One, Awaken. Step Two, consummation! Shifting over him to stradle his hips, she wasted no time in leaning over to kiss him. -06:51 Jul 22
Baldor: Okay, what had happened last night? What was a naked girl doing in his house and being naked and kissing him? Did he meet her at the bar and? These thought went though his head as she kissed him and before he put his hand on her shoulders and puuushed. Had he crought this girl home and… oh fuck what was he going to tell his girlfriend.. what was he going to do with this girl. "… Who are you?" -06:55 Jul 22
Khloe: Leaning back, but still sitting on her, there was that confusion again. "Khloe. Model 026, Customized to your specifications. We have not consummated yet, and if you don’t wish to return me because of the damages, we should consummate. The longer you wait, the higher risk of stolen merchandise." -07:00 Jul 22
Baldor: Now he was more comfused. Way more. If only he didn’t have such a headache. "Look I…" he tried to remember. "Have not consumated… that means we haven’t had sex right?" -07:07 Jul 22
Khloe: "We have not had sex." she confirmed. "You told me not to kiss you until morning, and then told me to sleep." And now it was morning! Seeing as he was finally waking up a bit more, she got to work on getting his clothing off. "What would you like me to call you? Husband? Master? My love, dearest, sweetheart? Sir? Or do you prefer being called by name?" -07:10 Jul 22
Baldor: That was a relief.. or it was until his shirt disappeared and he had to push ehr off of him again and retreat to the other side of the bed. "L-look.. Khloe.. I just found you.. I.." He fell off the bed in his retrat knocking over the table and breaking the lamp and landing in a heap… if only he had been lucky enough to be knocked out. It did however shake him enough that it helt like he was going to vomit and a wave of panic washed over him. -07:14 Jul 22
Khloe: He was fleeing. Which stopped her advancing. Khloe sat perched on her knees on the bed, resting her hands on them and tilting her head in confusion again. "Are you… untouched..? Your information package said otherwise but…. If you require me to be delicate, I am more than happy to change my approach to something more pleasing." This was… really not what she was expecting at all. Everything she had been briefed about had so far been completely inaccurate, from her awakening to the details about her Husband. What was she supposed to do! She wasn’t educated on dealing with unexpected problems! -07:18 Jul 22
Baldor: Bathroom would be a good idea, though getting himself off the floor was the first step. And then lean with his chin on the bead and look at her as the nausia passed. "I’m called Bai.." he said finally. "And if I remember correctly you were naked when I found you.. what happened?" distract her from the conversation… "Also is your head better?" -07:23 Jul 22
Khloe: "What happened?" That was a strange question. She assumed he wanted to know how she was shipped and obtained damages. "I was placed in the freezer box to be sent away and then… um… Then I awakened in the forest." Her hand raised to touch the spot on her head. Messily bandaged by him the night before. It hurt a little bit and she had a bit of a headache, but otherwise she didn’t feel any other lasting effects. "It hurts a little but the damages aren not permanant. Are you going to return me to the box and send me back…?" She didn’t want to be sent back! The Conditioning was a cold and heartless place. Khloe was really hoping life with a Husband was going to be better! -07:28 Jul 22
Baldor: He pushed himself to her feet and pointed to the park out of the window. "Thats the ‘forest’ where I found you… and…" wait he ahd read about stuff like this before… it all fell into place and he slapped his hand to his face for not seeing it sooner. "You’re a… genetic bride…" he said falling back to sit on the bed. This was bad… he was in posession of stolen property… but if he returned her and explained what happened nothign should happen right? He turned to look at her and sighed… then got curious. "But you think and feel right? You can want things for yourself…?" -07:32 Jul 22
Khloe: "Of course I think and feel…" she looked a little insulted at comment, but she was pretty quick to correct her demeanor and her words. "I mean, I think and feel what you require me to think and feel. I want what you want me to want, as per requested." She glanced from the window and then back to him. A frown falling over her face. "You did request me didn’t you?" -07:36 Jul 22
Baldor: Tis was kinda sad. "No. I did not." he looked at her and sighed. "And i don’t want to control what you think and feel either." he held his head and thought, why did thinkign have to hurt so much? "I should do it… but I won’t take you back if you don’t want to do." -07:38 Jul 22
Khloe: He was…. not her designated husband! That would explain some things, but…! She did not know what to do with this information, and the panic and sudden loss of what to do was written all over her face! "But I… I am supposed to imprint on the first person I see, and you’re not… I don’t know if they will…" Would her true husband take her like this? Damaged and imprinted on someone else? She hadn’t consummated, which was the important part but… but they might want to re-condition her anyway! "…what should I do?" She didn’t want to go back, but she had no idea what the other alternatives were! -07:42 Jul 22
Baldor: He knit his brow. "That is up to you but…" he sighed and hut his head in his hand not believing what he was about to say. "You can stay here until you decide." Great he ahd put his foot in it, and probably lost out on a reward for turning her in which would be useful so make ends meet. "You can stay here as long as you want… now.. how do you like your eggs?" -07:45 Jul 22
Khloe: "I have never had eggs before…" She could stay there until she decided. That was a small relief. Khloe knew the correct thing to do would be going back. But she had spent so much time hoping her designated husband would be better than the labs, and no she was in the wrong place still with that question in her mind. This wasn’t a bad place to be… "I should call you Bai?" -07:48 Jul 22
Baldor: He looked at her and nodded. "My name is Baldor, Bai is more a nicname, you can use whichever you like." He headed for the door and into the kitchen area to get a pan out and put it on the stove, melt some butter into it then break in a few eggs, cubed cheese, and bacon bits. Bachelor cooking at it’s finest… then he paused ling though to put toast and coffee on, almost forgetting to double up for two people. "Never had eggs? Well I can’t say I make them best but I liek how they turn out. Maybe you could try more things too…" -07:53 Jul 22
Khloe: She was up and following him, curiously watching everything he did… and not seeming to care at all that she was still completely nude. Khloe picked up one of the eggs to examine. "I have been conditioned for sexual activities, roleplaying sexual activities, and housework. There are a lot of things to try." She licked the egg shell. …didn’t really seem all that special to her. She shook it, and with a squeezed too hard it cracked and egg went everywhere! Khloe looked a little stunned! -07:59 Jul 22
Baldor: He scrambles the eggs in the pan and then puleld the mop out of the corner. "I’ve got this." he said. You go and clean yourself up and put whatever you want on out of my clean clothes pile. We’ll get you some clothes later before my shift." he picked up the shell and cleaned up the white then went back to move the egg in the pan and put the toast into a couple of plates and ladle the eggs on. Then put the coffee on the tablr with two mugs and get cutlery. "So all you’re taught to do is… sex?" -08:04 Jul 22
Khloe: It only took her a moment to wiped herself off and pull on some of his clothes. They were too big and she had to take one of his belts to cinch tightly around her waist. When she was back in the kitchen, she was shaking her feet amused with the flopping of the pants legs. "Yes. A model is customized based on the request of their designated husband. Mine only required a basic knowledge of sex, an ability to roleplay a specific set of scenes, and extensive knowledge of housekeeping. Some models are in conditioning for ages for all sorts of things." Khloe took a deep breath… eggs smelled very good! -08:09 Jul 22
Baldor: He pointed her at a seat with eveything already laid out and then sat down himself. "I can’t imagine being trained my whole life just to suit the pleasures of someone else… Would it be bad if I showed you what you were missing to help you decide what you want?" he was looking at her with his fork frozen halfway between his plate and his mouth. "I feel kind of bad for the mix up but won’t take you back if you don’t want to.." -08:14 Jul 22
Khloe: "I am only five months old, so it was not too long. There was not much for me to learn." Fork in hand, she tried the eggs first, chewing thoughtfully. There were lots of flavors to it.. that was neat! After a swallow she picked up the coffee to sip… that resulted in a very unpleasant expression. Bitter, not very good at all… "I really don’t know what I should now, but I would like to try more things! I should probably go back… but if they really want to retrieve me, they will come to fetch me, I’m sure. My Designated Husband won’t recieve his shipment and there will be questions." -08:19 Jul 22
Baldor: "You’re five month old?" he was surprised by that.. very surprised. "Uhhh here put some of this in the coffee.." he pushed the sugar at her and then a bottle of milk. "I don’t know what will happen." he didn’t mention that he could be arrested for keeping her, that was his risk. "But you should decide for yourself and take your time." He gave her a small smile. "Just don’t try to have sex with strangers anf you should be okay." -08:24 Jul 22
Khloe: First she tried some of the sugar by pouring it in to her hand and licking. Sweet! After she was taking a quick drink from the milk… Then, it was like she was conducting a science experiment. Little amounts of sugar with a dab of milk, a sip of coffee. Repeat. Until she seemed satisfied with the results. "I will only have sex with my designated husband, unless he instructs me otherwise." …of course, now she was without a husband. And that wasn’t good, because there were all sorts of warnings about what happened to genetic brides when the consummation wasn’t immediate. They were very often stolen, used, and tossed away. Brought back to the labs in horrible conditions… "Am I going to meet a lot of strangers?" -08:31 Jul 22
Baldor: He wanted to shake his head again, but instead he just took a large gulp of coffee. Then picked up his toast to tea it with his hands. "Hundreds." he said "Thousands even. But Khloe… I’m not your desegnated husband… first thing you’re going to have to learn about living for yourself is you get to choose who that is, and there might be more than one over time." he finished off his toast and sucked the butter off his fingertips. "Though they’d be called boyfriends and choosing a nice guy is important." -08:36 Jul 22
Khloe: "Choose my designated husband..?" She paused in the middle of a sip, the thought just sort of… blew her mind! "But I am made for one person, custom. On his likes and requests. Should I print out my qualities for review…?" More than one husband over time didn’t sound great either. Did that mean once a month or a year? Or did it go through five year intervals? "I am only warrantied for ten years…" -08:42 Jul 22
Baldor: He looked like she was freaking out and he stood and circled the table. "No.. you just talk to people." he said "And you be yourself, adn if theres someone that makes you feel happy you spend more time with them and do what feels right.." that was as best as he could explain it. "And forget about warranties, I don’t have one and never have." -08:51 Jul 22
Khloe: "Be myself. ….this is getting really complicated." Khloe wasn’t entirely sure who ‘herself’ was supposed to be. She was supposed to get intructions and orders and rules! "So I just talk to people. No sex. And see who makes me happy. …and forget about warranties because people don’t have them. So I won’t be sent back to the lab after it’s done?" -08:56 Jul 22
Baldor: He sighed. "Its not complicated.. Nothing is simpler." he was probably making a mistake in hugging her and sighing again but when he pulled back he checked her face to see if it helped. "Just do what you want to do.. but be careful doing it. And if you can’t do that.. I’ll take you back. But I’ll look after you until then to make sure you stay out of trouble. And if you want to live for yourself, then there will be no time limit.. unless something bad happens after ten years…" -09:02 Jul 22
Khloe: Being hugged… that made her feel happy! He really was a nice person. Khloe shook her head and smiled wide. "Ten years the age warranty expires, and husbands are able to trade in for a new model or choose to keep the current. Most are traded in for reconditioning." Turning in her seat she placed her hands at his cheeks and leaned to give him a kiss again. This time just a quick soft one. "I like you. Thank you for being kind to me and not stealing me." -09:07 Jul 22
Baldor: At least this kiss wasn’t a rape kiss and he shoult he could live with it. "I don’t steal.. or I try not to anyway, and I don’t want to take advantage of anythone either." he said pulling his mug off the table and takign a sip from it. "So you’d have been treated like a disposable slave…" he said, then there was a hint of determination in his voice. "I will show you what life as a person is like so you can make the choice you want, I’ll even take you out on a date is I have to, but first we should go shopping and get you somethign to wear." -09:12 Jul 22
Khloe: "That is what a Genetic bride is for, isn’t it?" she held up a finger to quote the tagline. "’A loyal, obediant bride, cultured to be the woman of your every desire. Engineered with genetic lifebond technology for guaranteed ownership.’ I can show you!" Without hesitation she was standing, undoing the belt and pulling down her borrowed pants. She placed a foot on his knee to open up her legs and show the odd tattoo markings on her inner thigh. "Once consummated, the designated husband’s dna signature will appear there. So I can be returned when stolen." -09:19 Jul 22
Baldor: He did not want to see anything in her… not that he hadn’t already but still he was shielding his eyes to look only where pointed. "Thats a little wierd." he said "So what you’re saying is the first man to…. have sex with you will be your owner?" she was treated like a product and not like a person.. and people payed money for this. It was almost enough to make him hug her again but she was virtually naked from the waist down. -09:23 Jul 22
Khloe: "Yes. …so I apologize for trying to consummate with you so aggressively. That is what I am supposed to do to avoid theft." He looked uncomfortable, which she thought was peculiar. Khloe pulled away and pulled up her pants. "These things bother you. Has your girlfriend not ever consummated with you before?" -09:27 Jul 22
Baldor: He shook his head and looked for somewhere to point his eyes that wasn’t at her. "No shes too… cultured… for that, and she doesn’t live nearby." he settled for staring into his coffee mug. "I usually only see her once or twice a year." -09:29 Jul 22
Khloe: "You would see her more often if you made her yours and consummated properly. Do you want me to teach you?" This seemed like a good idea! He was being kind enough to help her, she could return the favor by helping him. Without invitation, she was straddling his lap again and resting her hands on his shoulders. She gave a wide smile. "And I can teach you without being consummated myself! I know everything there is to know about it, and you can practice most things on me. I’d be happy to do it since you are helping me, and it wouldn’t be a bother!" -09:33 Jul 22
Baldor: He would hide his face if the onluy available spot wasn’t her cleavage.. and he almost did anyway. "That would be cheating.." he said. "People with boyfriends and girlfriends and husbands and wifes are not meant to do that kind of thing with others." he said "And she wants to wait until mariage, which might be years from now but…" he gave up halfway through the sentence "I don’t see her because she lives far away." -09:37 Jul 22
Khloe: "Cheating… I do not understand this word…" She made him upset again, and she seemed to mirror his expression. Khloe put her fingers through his hair to help sooth him. Petting was an appropriate way of making a man feel better. "I was told that I should be prepared for multiple wives or girlfriends in my Husband’s home. Is this not the normal standard?" -09:40 Jul 22
Baldor: He shook his head just closing his eyes so he didn’t look at the twin bulges in his shirt on her. "Its meant to be one person to love at a time, at least its that way for me I.. I shouldn’t even be inviting you to stay but I can’t leave you out on the street either and I trust myself to do what is right and try to teach that to you. Even if what you think is right and what I think is right are not the same." Her hands did feel good and that was even more confusing. "You are right, it is complicated." -09:46 Jul 22
Khloe: "Love. What does that mean? Is that similar to obeying?" At least she knew she was doing -something- right, because he was responding positively to her hands. Khloe rubbed his temples and massaged the back of his neck. Chewing on her bottom lip and wondering if kissing had been forbidden again. "Don’t worry, I will always do what you tell me to do." Decided kissing might be against the rules, she nuzzled against his cheek instead. -09:52 Jul 22
Baldor: "Love is a feeling you get when your like someone so much it becomes more than just liking." he said turning hsi head unside of how to react to her nuzzling. "When you odey because you want to, not because you have to. And I don’t want you to always do what I say. I…" there was a deep sigh and he fell back in his chair. He had never had tender affection like this before and wasn’t sure if it should be allowed. "You’re bluring lines Khloe." but it did feel nice. -09:57 Jul 22
Khloe: "Blurring the lines of love or of cheating or of obeying?" Khloe was sure it would be less complicated if he were her designated husband. There would be very simple to follow rules. All of these things he was trying to explain just sounded like a mess to her. And surely didn’t match his physical cues! When he leaned back she leaned forward. Letting her hands fall to his shoulders to rub and nuzzling against his ear. "What do you want me to do, then?" -10:11 Jul 22
Baldor: "I…" it was a good question and he put his arms around her as he thought it over. She had been destined to he sint to a man who would tread her as a glorified sex tow and now she was in his lap making him sigh with delight with the lightest touch. "I.. I want you to take off your clothes and…" he took a breath.. "And get into the shower.. we’re going shopping." -10:16 Jul 22
Khloe: It was not the request she was expecting, but it was still a request. "As you wish!" And because he told her she didn’t have to obey him all the time, she snuck a kiss to his cheek. Khloe slipped off his lap pulling away the shirt and pants she wore and tossing them aside as she marched off to the bedroom shower. "Am I showering alone or should I save room for you?" -10:21 Jul 22
Baldor: He was careful not to look at her as she stripped and then started clearign the table. "Can you wash by yourself?" he called back. Because that would be the only reason he’d enter teh shower with her… unless… unless she was ‘programmed’ to seek out new owners other then the first just she saw in which case ‘imprinting’ her might be the inly way to keep her safe…. but having sex with her to stop her having sex was… idiotic. -10:25 Jul 22
Khloe: "I know how to take a bath." she grumbled with a roll of her eyes. Khloe hopped off to the shower which… was -slightly- more tricky than the labs. There were a few sounds of thumping, squeaking, something falling over in the shower and a squeal when she ended up with cold water instead of hot. But she figured it out! -10:29 Jul 22
Baldor: He did the dishes and had another mug of coffee to ease his head as he waited, then tried not to think about her nude int he shower. He had gotten a pretty good look at her nude. "You okay in there?" he called fro the door. "Need a towel?" -10:32 Jul 22
Khloe: Shampoooo! That stuff was fun! She had soap and bubbles everywhere, but at the sound of his voice she stepped under the water to get it rinsed off and flipped off the water. When she opened the bathroom door she was dripping water and smelling her arm. "I like your soap! It smells nice and look! My hair is shiny! Um yes, I need a towel, thank you." Right towels… there was water everywhere! -10:35 Jul 22
Baldor: He wasn’t expecting her to OPEN the door. "Oh…. Kay…" he was looking at her hair… and face.. and everythign else… "A.. towel.." he turned away going red and fled to a cupboard to open it, take the first one he found and chuch it at her from a safe distance. "You do look good… though.. we should get you clothes…" -10:40 Jul 22
Khloe: "Last night you said I was pretty." she was beaming at the compliment even as she caught the towel. She didn’t even wrap herself with it, she was tossing it over her head to dry her hair. "What kind of clothes will we get me? Will they be little costumes? I can do your housekeeping, maybe I should have a maid uniform.." -10:45 Jul 22
Baldor: "Just street clothes." he said with maybe more force than was needed. "You can help with the housework in them." he was scowling for no apparent reason and hid it from her but turning to put away the last of the dishes. "Just for now… I have to budget and.." what was he saying. "If you want I can pick you out a present though it can be anything thats not too expensive." -10:52 Jul 22
Khloe: "Budget…" another unfamiliar word. She was going to have to find a way to learn things faster. Khloe had her hair mostly dry, until it was only a little damp. Dried off her skin and dropped the towel with the rest of her discarded clothes. Once they were done with shopping, she would prepare her chores list. Hopping in to the kitchen, she knelt on the counter watching him put away the last dishes. "I’m ready to go now." Yet she didn’t have a thing on. -10:56 Jul 22
Baldor: "No you’re not." he said leanign against the counter. "You can’t go outside naked, just… find somethign that fits about right and once we buy somehting you can wear that. People don’t go outside naked.. even, you can be arrested for it and then you’d be snet back." so much to learn. "Then I’d have to save up for ten years to buy you back." the last part was a tease. -11:00 Jul 22
Khloe: She took it serious. "By ten years I would be owned by someone else, and then you would have to buy me from them and the price might be steeper. …I will put on clothes!" Quickly she was off to his room, rummaging around his things to find something that could fit well enough. She opted for a shirt long enough it could pass as a short dress. She even put a belt on it to make it look more so. When she returned, she modeled the look for him, then glanced down at her feet. "All of your shoes fall off, though…" -11:03 Jul 22
Baldor: It looked like she had rummages though her boyfriend’s things after a night that left her clothes unwearable. But it was what he expected. "Would it sound repetitive if I called it nice?" he said before thinking on the problem of shoes. "I have a pair of adustable sandals that should work.. and I can carry you most of the way so you don’t blister?" -11:06 Jul 22
Khloe: Bouncing slightly on her feet, she clasped her hands behind her back and offered him a wide smile. "I have never been shopping before! And most certainly not ever for something just for me. I’m ready to go!" She was at the door before she remembered to stop and wait for him to fetch her shoes. Then she was resting her hands on her hips and waiting for him with that faint air of reigned in impatience. -11:10 Jul 22
Baldor: He changed his jeans and shirt quickly and was at the door stuffing his wallet into his pocket and heading out locking the door behind them. Then it was down the stairs and heading out. They would walk it wasn’t far but first… "Get onto my back." he said bending down slightly for her. "I know an allew with a ton of cheep clothes for sale, theres even a small department store with changing rooms so you can try things on. I get most of my thinsg there." -11:15 Jul 22
Khloe: There was no hesitation as she hopped on to his back and latched her arms around his neck. Her chin resting on his shoulder. Khloe was very interested in seeing everything there was to see. Everything she had ever seen had been in pictures or imprinting! "The sun is really bright. What is your favorite color? I can get your favorite colors." -11:18 Jul 22
Baldor: He almost rolled his eyes… almost. "I’ll tell you my favorite color after you get what you want he said. These clothes are for you, not for me." he waked forwards he he gripped her thighs to spootr her wied crossing his hand behind his lower back to hold her and coming to a surprising conclusion by feel that he should have expected… she had no underwear. "Oh uhh…" he walked on and sried to ignore how perfectly smoothe her skin was. "Uhh.." he turned into an alley and then walked between two building into a back alley market. "Shoes… here…" ever possible kind from thigh-high boots to dainty sandals.. all knock off or no name brand but all cheep andhe knew hot to find ones that would last. -11:26 Jul 22
Khloe: "Not for you to enjoy on me?" That was weird, but if that’s the way it was… She held tight to his neck, pointing out the styles she liked and which she didn’t. Khloe finally settled on boots at the knees for when it was cool or rainy, and some simple slip on shoes for the rest of the time. Those would be good for house work. Later she would get sexy shoes when she needed them! -11:32 Jul 22
Baldor: He payed for her choices and then put her down on a bench to take off the sandals and slip on her shoes. "I’m sure I’ll like what you pick." he said.. but you can try things on.. if you use the changing rooms to change and rememebr to close the door and I’ll tell you what I think…" next was into the departmant store that had the entire ground floor devoted to woman’s fasion. -11:38 Jul 22
Khloe: A department store full of clothes might have been the neatest thing she had seen yet. What she wanted to do was try on everything but at least she had sense enough to be mindful of time and.. budget! She was figuring out that meant not spending a lot of money. As she sifted through clothes on the racks, she was debating what she thought would be best… Khloe pulled out a ‘dress’… if it could even be called that! It was barely even a slip of fabric. "What do you think of this! This is sexy?" -11:51 Jul 22
Baldor: "Sexy? yes. Good for everyday wear? No." he said "Theres dresses here… like the one my frirt is pretending to be on you.. theres jeans here.. shirts.. enderwear.. socks.." he was pointing everything out to her. "You should really get underwear if I’m going to be carrying you again." -11:56 Jul 22
Khloe: "I need everyday nonsexy wear…" That… was outside of her conditioning, but if it’s what he wanted. And underwear! She didn’t even think that was necessary! Khloe gathered essential things first. Things she wouldn’t be able to try on until she was back home. …then it was a matter of picking out simple, not super sexy clothes and vanishing in to the dressing room to make sure they fit better than his shirt did! "I am not sure how I feel about these clothes. How do I know if it looks okay if there’s no sexy to it?" She stepped out wearing an almost tight pair of jeans and a simple shirt. She even pulled up her shirt to show how low they fell on her hips. "I guess I kinda like it! It’s comfortable." -12:02 Jul 22
Baldor: "Then its good." he said with a smile. "Comfort is important." he wanlked arounf her looking har her from ever angle, then pulled out a slightly tighter sleeveles top from the rack and holding it in front of her before shaking his head.. the top was red… he sholdn’t be giving her sexy things to buy…. -12:05 Jul 22
Khloe: Snatch! It was out of his hands and she was vanishing in to the dressing room before he could even change his mind. When she stepped back out again she was wearing that red top, and a little black skirt that was trying to ride up her legs with every step she took. Khloe was turning trying to see if it rode up in the back too. "Is this one okay? I am not sure if I can bend…" She even leaned over to give him a view of her backside and uuup the skirt went. She was eyeing him with her head upside down. "Is this good or bad for everyday wearing?" -12:08 Jul 22
Baldor: "B-bad…" oh so bad in a very very good way and he had to try to slip his hand into his pocket to try to hide a bulge and failed doing that on the first three attempts.. and he couldn’t hide the look on his face or the colour it turned. "But I can get it for you if you ask me if its okay to wear it to something before you wear it.. but only because it will go well with the boots.. that intire ensamble you have on.." -12:13 Jul 22
Khloe: bad? But he wanted her to have it. So… it was the good kind of bad! Pleased with that realization, she bounced back in to the dressing room. After trying a few other things, she had a fair amount of clothes. Enough to mix and match for a week or two. Khloe decided that she really enjoyed shopping and trying on clothes. Especially getting to see his responses in the different things she wore. "This should do well, I think. I even found a night gown!" -12:17 Jul 22
Baldor: He looked at the pile and counted up the amount of double shifts he would have to do to tay for it… then he nodded and smiled. "Then thats what we get." he said putting it all in a basket and heading for the tills. "So we’ll go home and then you get to see where I work…" -12:22 Jul 22
Genetic Bride 026

Genetic Bride 026 001: Girl in the Park

[Baldor got kidnapped for frinks after work and was left behind, but its okay because he can walk home easly and tiotally isn’t drunk at all.. totally!] -04:39 Jul 22
[Khloe Model 026, Genetic Wife -was- packed away nice and safe in a refridgerated box on her way to her future new husband. …Then disaster happened!] -04:40 Jul 22
Khloe: SHRIIIIIIIIEK!CRASH! The night had been rainy and cold. Slick, invisible ice spots all over the roads and one newbie driver couldn’t keep control of his car. Swerving all over the road, causing one delivery truck to slam on it’s breaks, skidding and tipping over on the streets. All of it’s contents getting flung out the back… including one smashed open box and a very confused Custom Model Wife somewhere amidst the grass and bushes of the local park. -04:44 Jul 22
Baldor: Cutting though the park since it was late, and wet to get home, it wasn’t far and it was warm and dry and sleeping take would be good. He seldom went out like this but at least he had the morning free tomorow. He didn’t notice the crash as he went in another enterence and his feet took him off the path on a familiar rout. He didn’t notice he wasn’t aline, not until he tripped and landed face down in the dirt. -04:47 Jul 22
Khloe: She sat up slowly, flexing her fingers and testing her arms. A vague memory of instructions were running through her head. …but Step One didn’t say anything about grass and trees when waking up… Her eyes fell on the form laying sprawled in the dirt next to her. Husband confirmed. It was step one after all. She moved to reach out for him, but winced…! There was a great deal of pain in her head. That wasn’t in the instructions either. -04:52 Jul 22
Baldor: He groaned and pushed himself off the ground and then helt a soft touch and turned in surprise. His slowed reactions made him flop onto his back and look at the woman lying there looking at him. "Whaaa…" okay maybe he was drunk.. why was she naked? Maybe closing his eyes and opening them would make her go away… -04:57 Jul 22
Khloe: She touched her head and pulled a hand back. Red! "I have been damaged in transit…" Confusion! There hadn’t been instructions on what to do if damaged right out of the box! "Would you like to continue consummation? I don’t believe anything else is damaged." She wiggled her toes and shifted her legs to check. Several bumps and scratches but nothing seemed to be broken. -05:02 Jul 22
Baldor: Sat up and touched her forhead too. "You’re hurt…" he said ignoring that she had already said that. "Aww.. man.." where were his manners. He shed his jacket and held it out to her. "Put this on, you shouldn’t be naked outside." what was he doing? You din’t give stuff to stangers. "Look if you don’t need to go to hospital I’ll take you home.. where is home anyway.." he looked around trying to remember where he was. One too many… always one too many. -05:06 Jul 22
Khloe: "I have not been told where home is yet?" Shouldn’t be naked outside. Rule noted! She pulled the jacket on. She stared at him waiting for the next instructions. Yet he looked as confused as she felt. She must not be following instructions properly. Step Two was supposed to be consummation! Without warning, she grasped his face in her hands and kissed him. -05:11 Jul 22
Baldor: That completely blindsided him amd he just stayed there in shock for a minute before pushing here away and brinking at her. "Wait.." he was figuring it out. "Look I’m drunk and I…" no he shouldn’t say he was drunk. "If you home is too far you can crash at my place." he said. "But just.. don’t kiss me again until morning." and in the morning he’d give her something to wear and send her home. Nothing had to happen, he had a girlfriend! -05:15 Jul 22
Khloe: "Don’t kiss you again until morning. Understood…" Instruction noted. He didn’t want to consummate while she was damaged. "Where is home located? …is it here in the woods?" She didn’t want to insult her new husband, but living out in the woods didn’t sound like what she was conditioned for. It was rather strange! She was glancing around at the trees suspiciously. -05:18 Jul 22
Baldor: "You must have hit your head pretty hard." he said pushing himself to his feet. "The exit to the park is this way.." he pushing himself up using a tree and leaning against it for stability offered her his hand. "My apparently is in a building just across the street." -05:20 Jul 22
Khloe: Taking his hand, she pulled herself to her feet. …a little rocky on them herself! The damage made her head pound a bit. …his hand was warm, though. And he seemed to be a nice husband so far. "Do you need my assistance…?" He also seemed to be unwell. Perhaps there was an accident while taking her to their home. That would explain the setting and the delay. -05:25 Jul 22
Baldor: "I’m fine.." he said standing on his feet and smiling as if to proove it. "This wa…" which way was witch.. wait there was the red light of the tv mast on top of the ball building down the stret so home was this way. The stambled them looked down at his feet. "Just a little drink but don’t worry I son’t make you do anything…" he moved through the trees and reached the park gate… "Okay a little help might be good…" the road looked wiiide. -05:28 Jul 22
Khloe: Her arms circled around his waist to hold him steady. She had a good solid grip at least, and followed his steps where he led. "I will not refuse you anything. …unless you want me to refuse you? I am conditioned for several types of roleplaying in addition to daily duties." -05:35 Jul 22
Baldor: She was talking gibberish but he didn’t have to listen. He just put his arm around her neck and held on. It was a good thing she was here too, the stairs would be impossible without her. "Look I’m drunk and will probably just pass out on the couch." he said "You take the bed and I’ll see about getting you something to wear in the morning." she was wierd… seriously wierd but he was just helping her out.. who knows why she was naked in the part.. maybe she was traumatized after something bad… he didn’t want to have to get involved in a rape case as a witness… -05:40 Jul 22
Khloe: Drunk! Too drunk? That didn’t mingle properly with her instructions. How long was she supposed to wait until he was ready? She was confused again, helping him up the stairs and trying to think about what she was supposed to do. "Do you want me to just sleep tonight? You don’t even want to share a bed with me?" -05:44 Jul 22
Baldor: He put his hface over his hand and tried to think. "I know I’m brunk but that doesn’t mean I’m going to sex everything I see ir tried to pick you up just because you were naked and good looking. This is my door." he fumbled with the key in his pocket before pulling it out and missed the lock and having to slide the key around the door until he found it. "I have a girlfriend so you don’t need to worry." At last the door wielded and he was inside the living room/kitchen. -05:48 Jul 22
Khloe: "I have been conditioned to accept being a part of a multiple household." …not that she LIKED it. But she didn’t know the word for that emotion yet. Making sure the door was closed behind them, she circumvented the living room to guide him for the bedroom. That is where the head of the house belonged. "I will help you undress. Do you desire something to help you sleep, also?" -05:58 Jul 22
Baldor: Didn’t he say he would take the couch, and what was she talkign about? Jeez.. okay.. "I don’t.. have any tea.." he said trying to get out of her arms and head for the couch. Damn that booze. "And I’m going to sleep like a baby.. trust me, maybe even wake up late.." with a handover no doubt. -06:02 Jul 22
Khloe: He was fighting her, but he didn’t give a new instruction, so she assumed he was playing at being difficult! Thus, she resumed trying to get him in the room and shoving towards bed! The ache in her own head, and the complete botching of her awakening was starting to make her cranky. "Do you want me to touch you? I’ve learned both oral and hand style of pleasing. It would be a simple thing to do if you won’t want a consummation tonight." -06:07 Jul 22
Baldor: Even drunk he knew what she meant. "I just want to sleep and you don’t owe me anything." he said finally giving in and sitting on the bed. He took it back no one who had been raped would want to jump into bed with the first guy she saw. Lying back he curled on his side and pulled a blanket over himself not even taking off his shoes. -06:10 Jul 22
Khloe: "Only sleep…? If that is what you wish…" What was wrong with her? Was she not made to his specifications? Had he changed his mind? Maybe the damage was a problem… A frown on her face, she tugged off his shoes and tucked the blanket around him. Then she was sitting on the bed looking more than a little confused. "Goodnight, then." -06:13 Jul 22
Baldor: Now she was making him feel bad. He rolled onto his back and looked at her. Then got to his feet and and make his way to the bathroom. "Wait here…" he opened the medicine cabinet and pulled out a ger things and went back tot he bed and grabbed her pullign her head into his lap and and dabbing disinfectant onto a swab and applying it to the gash on her forehead. "You’re really pretty." he said without lying. She looked like she stepped out of a fasion magazine, or more acutately a porno mag. Catching the disinfectant from runnign fown her face with the swab he appled gause and then a bandage.. not the base gob in the world but one he was good enough doing. "Super pretty… but I have a girlfriend and you took a bunp to your head and might be more confused than I am.. if it will make you feel better we can snuggle but no sex." -06:21 Jul 22
Khloe: Now she was more confused! He was being gentle and kind, even if the stuff he put on her did sting a little bit. But he did not want to consummate and said she was confused…? Was he worried her brain was damaged? She finally just nodded her acceptance of the conditions. Sitting up to climb in to bed and waited patiently for him to lay down with her. -06:24 Jul 22
Baldor: He was too tired to argue any further anyway and crawled over to the head of the bed and put his head on the pillow. It was a good thing he talked her out of sex… what a strange girl. -06:28 Jul 22
Khloe: As soon as he was laying down she was throwing an arm over him and resting her head on his shoulder. Her entire body pressed up against him. …and somewhere along the way she had taken off his jacket! Still confused, but very tired, it wasn’t hard for her to fall asleep. -06:30 Jul 22