Heartbreak and Romance 001: Heartbreak and Romance Make a Deal

[Hanael runs an international dating service. It is, after all, the best way for a modern angel of romance to bring people together.] -07:21 Jul 08
[Severance has come to watch those destined for heartache put the hearts on the line] -07:24 Jul 08
Hanael: Hana’s dating service was a very successful, and dare say, very lucretive business. After all, she was good. Supernaturally good. At the bare minimum, most of her pair couples had long lasting, successful relationships. And at the best…? Lifetime love! Today she was hosting a meet and greet event, even welcomed walk in traffic so long as people had a name tag. She’d match the perfect couple! -07:27 Jul 08
Severance: He entered his ticket clasped between his thumb and index finger. He wasn’t looking at the singles but at the couples as he met the woman who was greeting the guests… and he smiled. "You must be Hanael.." he said cheerily. "They call you the most successful dating service operator anywhere around.. I’m sure I’ll be a challenge for you." -07:31 Jul 08
Hanael: First thing she did was smile brilliantly, holding out her hand to shake his and make her usual introductions… and then it faded. Slowly. The widen eyes of surprise, followed by a narrowing squint and a forming frown. "…You are not an invited guest." Oh she recognized him. Though he might be one she had never met, feeling his aura so different from the rest was easy enough. -07:34 Jul 08
Severance: "I booked online." he said "Or I think I did, your sign said you allow guests anyway.. " He smiled at her as his hand arounf hers read her energies… and what energies. She wasn’t normal… "Though you’re right, we havn’t met. I would have rememebred." -07:44 Jul 08
Hanael: "I don’t think this is the right sort of place for you, anyway. Not with your sort of work." Hana retracted her hand quickly, glancing around for one of her staff. Of course, she didn’t want to kill the wonderful atmosphere she had going, but she would definitely have him thrown out. -07:50 Jul 08
Severance: He grinned. "So you do know who I am. And I insist that this is the perfect palce for me to work. I can watch, I can read…" he let go of her hand and turned to stand next to her looking out over the crowd. "Tell me how you do what you do, how you match pairs and spin fates together.. I don’t think its any different to what I do." -07:57 Jul 08
Hanael: "I am not gonna explain how I do things, so you can lurk around making a mess." She crossed her arms, tapping her fingers against her elbows. "I imagine you enjoy spreading discord through my perfectly happy couples." -08:01 Jul 08
Severance: "If they’re perfectly happy I’d have nothing to work with." he said. "I am a tool of fate, same as you. Without me unhappy couple would never split and couldn’t find thier true soulmates. For a new begining there has to be an end." he said softly. "For greater happiness later." -08:03 Jul 08
Hanael: She pursed her lips in annoyance. So what if he made a point? Unhappy couples weren’t good. "…you could at least find a better place to go ruin romance. This is my business." -08:08 Jul 08
Severance: He looked at her. "I’m not here to split couples before they’re formed." he said. "I’m here to keep an eye out for mismatches and see who might need my attention in the future. I was also curious…" he looked at her "Three millenia and I’ve never once met my oposite number." -08:12 Jul 08
Hanael: "My matches are most often very good matches." she said in defense. Hana was tapping her elbows again, no longer watching her people but turning to stare at him with a scowl. "I like being surrounded by happy and pleasant things. Sweet things, romantic things. I’ve never wondered what a demon might be up to." ….which was a lie. Hana was often curious. She just never thought to go seeking out her mirror! That was asking for trouble. -08:17 Jul 08
Severance: "Its what you do." he said "I’d expect you to be the best at it. I don’t think I’ve once seen your mark on an couple I’ve had to split up. BUt its a slow evening and what can I say. I break rules once in a while. I have to say I am impressed. If only there were another few of you I’d be out of a job." -08:21 Jul 08
Hanael: The compliment caught her off guard, and it seemed to visibly temper her scowl down to only a slight frown. "I take my job very seriously. …were you looking for a challenge then? Slinking in to my business to see if breaking one of my couples was possible?" She was rather curious to know what he was up to, even if she felt a little protective of her people. Hana didn’t like the idea of him poking at her couples! -08:24 Jul 08
Severance: He looked at her and rubbed his chin. "You really don’t like me do you? Bit unfair since we’ve never met… I don’t break couple up for fun. Its a job that has to be done. The wheel has to keep turning." he pointed to a man in the crowd. "Richard Bint… six months ago he was dating a girl called Sandra.. look how happy he is. He was one bad review away from suicide when I chanced upon him… Wheel has to turn, and we’re both turning it in the same direction, not oposites." -08:30 Jul 08
Hanael: "Doesn’t mean I like it. The breakups part. Where people are sad and hopeless and can’t see past tomorrow." Hana examined him out of the corner of her eye. Of course she hated him. Maybe. …hated what he did, anyway. "Do you know how hard it is to repair someone’s broken heart? Some are incredibly resistant!" -08:34 Jul 08
Severance: "I do…" he said lookign her in the face. "If theres anyone who knows more about breakup than you, its me… its forming relationships I’ve never understood. Its not like demons do that kind of thing. Humans really ahve it good don’t they?" -08:36 Jul 08
Hanael: That caused her a moment of confusion. Enough that every frowning expression was gone from her face and she was blinking at him with interest. "Why don’t do that sort of thing? It’s not like it’s against the rules. There’s just… other complications. And complications don’t mean a thing in the face of love." -08:42 Jul 08
Severance: "There are those who don’t want to, there are those who exist for only on purpose, there are those who try and I end up having to intrvene before someone gets killed and there is that one who believes that any relationship, lasting millenlia would eventually end. Wuld I be able to end my own ties? Could you?" -08:46 Jul 08
Hanael: There was an interesting question. It stunned her in to a momentary silence as she considered it. "…I like to think if I was unhappy I would have no problem ending it! Who is going to tell me when to start or stop, anyway? This is my field of expertise." She wouldn’t go around telling the Angels of Death who they could and couldn’t kill, after all. They can handle that business themselves. -08:53 Jul 08
Severance: "And if you were unhappy but your partner wasn’t? Vice versa?" he kept his gaze on her and folded his arms. "These are things I have to see ever day. WHo do I nudge, who don’t I nudge -08:56 Jul 08
Severance: "And if you were unhappy but your partner wasn’t? Vice versa?" he kept his gaze on her and folded his arms. "These are things I have to see ever day. WHo do I nudge, who don’t I nudge?" he shook his head. "Face it, those like up can never experience what we begin or end…" he looked out over the crowd. "So I should go." -08:57 Jul 08
Hanael: "Well, I don’t believe it!" she announced. Resting her hands on her hips, and giving him a defiant stare. "Romance is for everyone. Even fatalistic demons, and I can prove it. I can make a match for you." -09:00 Jul 08
Severance: This actually made him chuckle. "I’m the demon of heartache and you want to find me a match? Impossible, not human would be suitable nad no demon would be willign and no angel foolhardy enough. You’re better off trying to find a match for yourself. I do thank you for making me laugh, I havn’t done that in the while,’ -09:02 Jul 08
Hanael: "It’s not that funny! You did say I was the best, didn’t you?" So she was a little offended… but it was a challenge. A really good challenge. And if it meant proving to him that all was possible in the romance, she could smugly hold it as a trophy. "I can find a match, and all it will take is some of your time." -09:04 Jul 08
Severance: He shook his head looking at her before he actually though about it. "Theres a reason I’ve never had one before… But if you want to wast your time… its what you do after all. Just think about it for a secong though. You’re finding a match for the being responsable for ending relationships…" -09:07 Jul 08
Hanael: "Everyone should have love. Even heartbreak demons." She grinned wide at him, already making a little mental note of her first impressions. What she could draw from, what might work… Even circling around him as she eyed him up and down. "Are you afraid of a little romance?" -09:10 Jul 08
Severance: "How do you know I even can feel something like love?" he asked "Mayeb I gave it up for some favor or never had it in the first place. I am a demon… and as you said herache is a terrible thing I have a lot of reason to be afriad* -09:11 Jul 08
Hanael: "Hmm, how do I know…" he posed a good question. Thus, she looked for the answer on him. Taking another prowling turn around him, though it was mostly just for the intimidating dramatics of it. Hana poked a finger to the small of his back. "You can feel love, it’s right there." She circled back around to cast him an enigmatic look. "And you don’t have to be afraid. You said yourself that heartbreak is part of the cycle. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be, right?" -09:15 Jul 08
Severance: He turned around to face her. "And with it I’ve seen people to terrible things and none of them have had the power I have. You hate what I do now wait until I get vindictive about it." he looked at her. "But fine, find a match, if you can. Should be fun to watch you try and I’ll get to meet a lot of couples." -09:18 Jul 08
Hanael: "Why so wicked and vindictive? Have you loved someone before?" Another curious question, but it was important to know. In fact, she was going to have to ask a lot of questions. Matching a demon wasn’t as simple as a human. Humans she could see their entire line of fate… demons were tricky! "You’ll leave my couples alone, in any case! You’ll be busy talking about you so I know what to look for." -09:21 Jul 08
Severance: He narrowed hsi eyes and looked at her. "We should sit down…" he said "If you want three thousand years worth od personal details it might take a while.." he grinned "And no… never met anyone who would understand what I do… or who didn’t make me see why it wouldn’t work as soon as I met them… fate is a cruel mistress, as I’m sure you know." -09:24 Jul 08
Hanael: "You should meet Fate’s daughter and grandaughter… much more pleasant." Sitting down… Hana took a look at her party, tapping her mouth for a moment. Things were going well enough, she didn’t have to make any immediate meddles. Hana snatched his arm to pull him over to table booth nestled quietly in a corner. "I will start with your name!" -09:28 Jul 08
Severance: Sitting and pickign up a handful of the salted nuts that were on the table to pop a coupke in his mouth. "Severence…" he said "More of a title than a name but in lue of one I have to use the other.." he looked at her. "Is my name foing to open up a window into my sould and lay all my secrets bare for your perusal?" -09:32 Jul 08
Hanael: "A name can mean a lot, yes!" she cast him a wicked grin. Settled in her seat. When she was sure there were no eyes in there direction, she was pulling a clipboard from thin air. Writing his name at the very top. "Have you ever tried romance or sexual relations before? At all?" -09:36 Jul 08
Severance: He looked at her for a full second :I already said I hadn’t you know what I do, why would anyone try doing what I do. You I could understand but me… I end things, I don’t begin them." -09:40 Jul 08
Hanael: "All right, all right… I have to ask you know." She leaned forward, to take a closer look at his face. "And we are not talking about me. I am not the one we are going to match." Hana reached out and flicked his nose. "Now do you like boys or girls or both? …Or are you one those strange demons that like something else altogether…" That, she made a face about. It was also a question she had to ask. Some people were really strange. And romance was romance… -09:44 Jul 08
Severance: He wrinckled his nose at her and looked away. "I think we’re done here…" he shook his head and stood. "I’m not meant for relationships, with humans, demons, or anything Hope is not somehtign I have the luxury of affording." -09:48 Jul 08
Hanael: Hana was very quick to grab his arm and tug him back down in to the seat. "It’s too late! You already agreed. There’s no sense in getting scared about it now!" -09:51 Jul 08
Severance: He looked at her befusing to be pulled down. "Do you honestly have other bemons on you list, or angels that would concider me? I’m being realistic.. all you do are humans so… you have no chance of finding me anything." -09:53 Jul 08
Hanael: "I don’t have them on my list, but I haven’t failed a person yet! All I have to do is look for the right person, if you will cooporate." Hana wasn’t letting go. If she were going to succeed, she needed the time with him to know what would work! He couldn’t escape on her now. "I’ll know exactly what they’ll love about you, if you give me the chance to find out." -09:57 Jul 08
Severance: He relented and sat "What to love about me? Hmmm…. ?" his tone was sarcastinc… "Well ask away.. lets assume I like woman…" -09:59 Jul 08
Hanael: A triumphant grin was his reward. Hana settled back to the clipboard. "Women. When you are out breaking up poor couples, you notice things you like about those relationships.. right…?" Maybe that was more of a personal question, than one from her clipboard. Hana was curious… -10:05 Jul 08
Severance: He looked at her. "All the ones I see are sick beyond repair.. thats why I see them." he shook his head. "I’ve enver seen the point of them thats why I’ve never persued them. They’d distract me from my job." -10:08 Jul 08
Hanael: "Lots of people have romance and jobs. Just because yours is breakups, I don’t see why it would be a problem…" He was just being contrary. They could argue it all night if she gave in to it. "I will tell you what -I- like, and you can think of your own?" Hana leaned to point at a couple talking to each other by the bar. "They have connected. They’ve only met tonight, but talking to each other is natural. Like they’ve been doing it all their lives." She reached to poke his cheek and turn his head in another direction. "And those two by the window. This is the fourth time they’ve met, and every time he touches her arm she has this bright smile. And when she smiles, he immediately smiles too. Little things like that are nice." -10:13 Jul 08
Severance: He batted her hand away and looked at her. "And yet you’ve never had any of it?" he closed hsi eyes. "I can tell you what I hate most, that easy… lying, mistrust, false assumption and endless argument… thats all I see of relationdhips, what they turn into when they go sour." -10:17 Jul 08
Hanael: Hana leaned back, a little embarassed but trying to hide it by picking up her clipboard and scribbling on it. "I don’t have the time for romance myself. There’s a lot of people in the world and new ones born every day." she finally glanced over the edge of her clipboard. "You need to see more relationships that -haven’t- turned badly! Good ones, where the people are in love and have been in love and will always be that way!" -10:21 Jul 08
Severance: He checkled again. "Lots of people have romance and jobs." he mimiced "Just because yours is hookups…." he had a wicked grin on his face… you have as much work as I do.. maybe less since I take care of those who hook themselves up too." -10:24 Jul 08
Hanael: She blinked. …and then she clonked him on the head with her clipboard. It wasn’t very hard at all, just a light thunk to get her point across. "My job is really hard. And even with your teasing, I’ve had people be much, much more difficult! I have had ones that resisted for years." -10:31 Jul 08
Severance: "I’ve had couple resist for years, I don’t always succeed you know.. sometimes someone dies. that is hard. I have to know what buttons to push and what to smoothe out and that to not let come out. You want hard jobs? You try making peopl unhappy the right way." he leaned back and chewed on a few more of the nuts. "You expect me to be all open to things and then use my excuses.. I guess neither of us will ever find love and that is probably a good thing." -10:36 Jul 08
Hanael: "You’ve given up and you haven’t even tried." She scooted closer and squinted hard at him. Hana was trying to be intimidating. "And -I- am not even looking. If I was looking, I wouldn’t be all scared about it." -10:40 Jul 08
Severance: He flicked a nut at her. "I’m not looking either." he said "But here I am being interogated by the angel of love or whatever you call yourself. You knoe most demons would get you drunk and try to get one in you. I’m just enjoying a chat." he looked around We should make some sort of deal… if you’re heel bent of hooking a demon up, you should also keep your options open." -10:45 Jul 08
Hanael: Hana dodged the nut, dropping her clipboard in the process. She stuck a tongue out at him for his crassness. "My options are open well enough, just fine. I even know what I like! I’ve just not found it. So it’s an easy deal to accept!" -10:47 Jul 08
Severance: "And one I’ll hold you to." he said "Though as limited as my experience is what you think you like and what you find don’t always align." he flicked another nut at her. "More questions?" -10:50 Jul 08
Hanael: She flicked it back at him and huffed! "Lots of questions. Like what you do when you are not working? Do you like parties like this for romancing, or do you like moonlit walks? Do you even like the moon and stars?" -10:53 Jul 08
Severance: "Times when I’m… not…. working." he said "I… have no idea what you mean." he said after catching the nut in his mouth. "Its a full time job and I don’t have the… facilities… you do. Its a good thing I can take shortcuts through the underworls or I’d spend a LOT fo time travelign and never get anythign done." -10:58 Jul 08
Hanael: "This will be harder than I thought…" Hana had an incredulous expression. Really, even she didn’t work all the time. …well, just most of the time. "Do you not even have time to take a nice bath at night? Or a walk? Or having dinner somewhere pretty? Is breaking up couples really so intensive?" -11:01 Jul 08
Severance: "You make money off of twhat you do." he said "What am I meant to do, be a divorce lawyer? "I work part time to have money. I don’t need to eat but the occasional treat is nice. Mostly I hang out in bars, resturants, parks keeping an eye out. Moments where I can relax like this are very rare." -11:07 Jul 08
Hanael: "You work?" That was a surprise! She really did expect him to always be lurking around being dastardly. "Where do you work, and what do you eat? ….and is this really relaxing having me grill you with questions?" she gave him a sidelong glance. "And did you come here to work, or did you come here to be wicked and mischevious at me?" -11:11 Jul 08
Severance: "I…" he returned her glance "I work part time as a bistro.. int he kitchen mostly on the fish station but sometimes on the others too, and no.. don’t think I catered here.." he looked back out over the room. "Any tiem I’m mor weilding a knife or severing a life or two apart is relaxing." -11:14 Jul 08
Hanael: "I see. You should dance, then! A night away from severing things. I can watch how you move and talk to ladies, and it will be helpful for me and something different for you." It was a genius idea. How he talked to women was important in her decision. -11:19 Jul 08
Severance: He looked at her and rubbed his temple. "Last era a learned the dances for was then strapping steel on yourself was in style." he said "Well the formal moves for. I tend to end up in clubs more often than dances, you want tos ee me dance we’re going there. Different for you too I imagine." -11:25 Jul 08
Hanael: "Clubs aren’t exactly where people go for romance…" And she didn’t look so keen on the idea. A moment of chewing on her lip before she rolled her eyes and conceded. "… all right, since I need to see what you do on a normal basis." Hana was already nudging him out of the seat. -11:30 Jul 08
Severance: He stood and offered her his arm. "We’re ariving togther.. yes thats that way its going to be.. I know just the place and I’m a known face there…" he smiled at her KNOWING she’ll see all the rushed hookps for nothign but sex and broken relationships… "This is goign to be fun" -11:40 Jul 08

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