Category: Heartbreak and Romance

  • Heartbreak and Romance 004: Working Together (TBC)

    [Severance thinsk hes made a sex adict out of an angel without doing anything!] -04:49 Sep 14 [Hanael has discovered a fun new thing! And now…. it’s making work difficult!] -04:50 Sep 14 Hanael: It was one of her typical singles events at the Service. Which meant lots of moving from person to person, chatting […]

  • Heartbreak and Romance 003: Better Than Watching

    Hanael: COME MORNING… Hanael was not asleep on her big fluffy sofa in her business lounge or the one in her office. She was curled up in a bed with a big fluffy blanket and a warm body. So snuggly…! She nuzzled against it, almost purring and hugging it tight. This was a wonderful way […]

  • Heartbreak and Romance 002: Can’t Take a Hint

    [Hanael is on the job! But is not so sure how she feels about nightclubs. Those are not romantic at all.] -02:29 Jul 09 [Severance Gets to take an angel to a club, the place where the worst hookups happen (except mayeb the internet) and he knows she won’t take it well.] -02:31 Jul 09 […]

  • Heartbreak and Romance 001: Heartbreak and Romance Make a Deal

    [Hanael runs an international dating service. It is, after all, the best way for a modern angel of romance to bring people together.] -07:21 Jul 08 [Severance has come to watch those destined for heartache put the hearts on the line] -07:24 Jul 08 Hanael: Hana’s dating service was a very successful, and dare say, […]