Avenger 001: It Begins Again

[Cupio Is not here yet!] -09:53 Nov 11
[Celosia is a bounty hunter for hire. And right now, she is on a mission to kill and/or capture a mysterious summoner!] -09:54 Nov 11
Celosia: Technowitch, technomancer, mad scientist, whatever the name may be, Celosia blended her mix of gadgets with old world magic like it was the most natural thing in the world. How many humans could boast that? In a derelict part of the city, she was climbing in through an apartment window. The building was some dump ran by a slumlord, housing whatever creatures had enough money to pay for rooms. In this case, the person she was after was using one of the floors for a ritual. Based on the soft buzzing at her wrist., Celo figured it was a powerpoint. Ideal for magic collection, sacrifices and summonings. She was already mumbling a few prep spells under her breath for likely scenarios. -10:00 Nov 11 Celosia
Celosia: The place smelled dank and moldy. Looked about the same too. With a twist of her hand she had a small glowing orb of light to help guide her way as she stepped over a few broken pieces of furniture on the ground. The room used to be a bedroom, probably long before it’s current occupant took over. The sigils smeared on the walls were fresh, though. Brownish red and applied within the past few hours. As Celosia stepped in to the hall, she could heard a voices. A low monotone, chanting familiar phrases. At the end of the hall she could see a flicker of candlelight, or maybe fire. She extinguished her own light as she crept down the hall and took a peek the corner. -10:08 Nov 11 Celosia
Celosia: Standing there head to toe in a solid black cloak (Celo sneered to herself. It was always a dramatic black cloak.), a figure stood at the edges of a circle. All around the room were the blood drawn sigils. Glowing red by the light of little fires in strategically placed spots. Celosia recognized a summoning circle when she saw one, and wasted no time rounding the corner. One arm held in front of her, with a gun’s barrel resting on it as she stepped forward. "Quit your chanting. I can take you alive if you behave. Dead if you want to be a jerk." The reply? An expected attempt to dodge and flee. What Celo WASN’T expecting was a near boiling hot pot of blood to be flung right at her! She shouted and staggered. Righting herself quickly before raising her gun and taking a few shots at the cloaked figure. -10:17 Nov 11 Celosia
Cupio: As the blood vaporised rising in a red mist from Celosia’s skin the sigils in the room pulsed, releasing thier own red vapor. The pulse traveled from the walls inwards towards the center of the room the screams of those creatures sacrificed filling the air before the air ruptured in the sented of the circle, the foul air of hell poaring out.. or at least it was meant to be foul… instead it was aromatic and almost playful like a field of a thousand flowers. Then a figure appreared, winges spreading from wall to wall, a horned head with thich rust-colorde hair and red eyes. Nostrils flared in anger. "I am summoned…" he breathed before hsi eyes focused on Celosia… "No… not again. Why you?" -10:31 Nov 11 Cupio
Celosia: "Sonofabitch." She had gotten there too late to prevent a summoning, or more likely this was all about her? Why would a demon say not you. Her power sensor was freaking, so Celosia was spinning to train her weapon on the demon. It needed to go back to hell first. …but her target was now dashing down the hall getting away! Celo growled. "Do not move from that circle. Do you understand me?" -10:38 Nov 11 Celosia
Cupio: "Fuck you Jayden." she demon growled. "Why did you bring me back?" then without waiting for and answer the wings evaporated and the nude demon was melting into a more human form before turning to look at the circle. "How the fuck to I go back? I’m not doing this again." -10:46 Nov 11 Cupio
Celosia: "I didn’t summon you." Her trigger finger tightened. Elsewhere in the apartment she could hear glass breaking. Her target was as good as gone. That was fine, though. She could track them down again. The demon was a bigger problem. Celo eased around the edge of the circle and kicked over on of the firepots. She could probably reverse the spell and send him backwards as long as he stayed within it’s boundaries. "I will send you back. But if you move, I will kill you." -10:54 Nov 11 Celosia
[(Logout) Celosia is off to feed the plot bunnies.] -((10:56 Nov 11))
[Celosia enters.] -10:57 Nov 11
Cupio: "With what? A gun? I’m no mere impling." he snarled shooting her a glare. "And it’s not going to work. The power has ebbed from this place. It was all used up to bring me here and I am soulbound. Again. Fuck." he was obviously angry. "With you… what happened? Blood get on you? Getting drunk with your buddies and thinking ‘oh let’s summon a demon? What could possibly go wrong?’" he growled his hands balling into fists. "I think he should go our seperate ways… I never want to see you again." -11:02 Nov 11 Cupio
Celosia: Her impassive expression slowly twisted in to a frown of confusion. She had faced freshedly summoned demons dozens of times, this was not the usual conversation. Give me your blood, mortal. or Hey, that’s a nice ass. even. This was an odd one, and clearly summoned up for the sole purpose of throwing her off. Celo shook her head, and continued her treck around the sigil. The rest of the firepots were kicked over. "I am not your summoner. I am a HUNTER. Now stop chattering while I figure out how to send you back. Unless you’d rather me kill you? Because I am not garden variety mortal." -11:08 Nov 11 Celosia
Cupio: He was fast, a tails apprearing from nowhere to wrap rounf her thigh an da wing to wrap around her to pull her closer. Then a hand was grabbing her shirt to hold it up and then he was leaning down to sniff it. "Blood." he said rearing the cloth to hold it up. "YOu don’t need to be the summoner if you touched the blood. If you were the one to touch it then you are the one I’m bound to." he realesed her and pushed her away. "Again." -11:12 Nov 11 Cupio
Celosia: Being grabbed wouldn’t normally alarm her. She could, fight, magic, grapple her way out of just about anything. But there was a scent, something spicy and sweet. Not familiar or even recognizable, but still felt familiar. Then sensation was gone as quickly as she was released. Leaving Celo to straighten her clothes and take several steps backwards. Bound to HER. "I cannot have a demon bound to me. Yet, it’s for the better. I can release your contract easier. Don’t touch me." The last statement was odd even by her own admission. Irked, and with the gun pointed back at him again, she searched for a book, or notes… if there weren any here, she’d have to take the demon with her! -11:19 Nov 11 Celosia
Cupio: "I don’t plan on it, Jayden." He said. "Humans are delicate and break so easily…" he was avoiding looking at her… Why? Why again? His wings folded back and he lifted his gaze to open his fanged maw and unleash a leircing sheik, one that tore though the air like a hurricane and when the dust and debris settle it was not him who stood there… but rather her, and there was the hint of a tear running down thier cheek. "I’m going to kill him." he said turning in the direction the man had disappeaared in. "I’m going to…" but he didn’t move… what would that solve. -11:29 Nov 11 Cupio
Celosia: The screech made her cringe, enough to cover her ears for a moment and throw up a quick defense spell in case he was attacking. Instead what she got was a shifting, female demon. Why? Because that was supposed to look more harmless? That simply left her more wary. "Would you stop calling me that? My name is Celosia. chel-oh-see-yah. And you’re not going anywhere. Except with me." There was a slight frustrated sigh out of her as she shoved over a chair. No paperwork, no nothing was left beyond. This place was definitely nothing more than a summoning port. Now she was gonna have to cart a demon back to her home. "I am going to put you in a box." -11:35 Nov 11 Celosia
Cupio: The demon was growing less hamless looking. Horns, claws, wings… even an etherial energy gathering around him. "An actual box?" He still refused to look at her. "I don’t want to do this again Jay… Celosia." This form was safer… She wouldn’t fall for it as easily. "Do whatever you want to be." the enegry faded, the horns melted away and all that was left was a pair of tiny wings and her tail. "And don’t fall for me." -11:50 Nov 11 Cupio
Celosia: "What." Don’t fall for me. Forget the air of stoic reserve she tried to keep as a professional front. Celosia burst in to laughter. Her gun was holstered away in quick motion, and her hand was resting over her stomach, as now it was starting to ache from how hard she was cackling. "Fall for a demon? I don’t care how pretty you are, I don’t touch demons." Celo should be looking for a binding item, but now she was standing with a hand on her him and reguarding the demon with a curious stare. "What were you summoned for?" -11:57 Nov 11 Celosia
Cupio: Her laughter was both a painful sting and a relief. This time it would be different. No mistakes would be made. He shrugged, hugging himself and using his tail to pick a scrap of cloth off the floor to take and wipe his face with. "Sex and power. That’s what humans usually want to me." he said before turning to face her. "Whatt can I say? I’m sexy and powerful." It was definately Jayden’t soul burried beneath this only half familiar face. "I would kill you if I wanted without you being able to do anything to stop me… or I could blow your mind and…" no no thinking about that. "You’ll probably want to look me up when you get wherever you keep your information on my kind. So I’m Cupio. Demon of Desire. Now where is this box?" -12:06 Nov 12 Cupio
Celosia: "I’ve heard that name before. Cupio." Where and when wasn’t coming to mind. But this was a familier thing Celosia definitely knew she heard before. Something about this demon wasn’t…. normal… however. Could it have been the binding spell, making everything feel different? Changing her perspective? Celo never had a bound demon or familiar, this was new territory. "You’re a cocky beast, without knowing anything about me. If I forget the box, will you behave? You don’t have to cry about it." -12:12 Nov 12 Celosia
Cupio: "It would be easier if I did know nothing about you…" he said looking her in the eyes. "Then I really would have nothing to cry about and probably would have tried to seduce you… again." there was a small pained smile before he took her hand from his shoulder and looked at the ground. "I will behave. I don’t think anything I caan say will make you trust me but you can… to a point. I won’t go against my word." -12:32 Nov 12 Cupio
Celosia: "I don’t get seduced. Especially not by demons." He said he was the demon of Desire, and he WASN’T going to try and seduce her? Celosia was almost insulted. It just made him more suspicious. Especially in this small female frame. Celo rolled her eyes and shrugged off her jacket, shuffling the demon’s arms in to it. "Then I won’t harm you. I don’t intend to trust you, but as long as you do as I say, I won’t harm you. Maybe you could even be useful…" Hmm… there was an idea… -12:39 Nov 12 Celosia
Cupio: "I thought you said you didn’t… oh.. NOT that way." he pulled the jacket tighter around himself and ran a hand over the material. "Soft… finely weaved." one of the things he had missed about earth was all the different fabrics, smells and… there was a glance towards the window. -12:48 Nov 12 Cupio
Cupio: "I will listen to you but I am a demon, and have always been a demon so my soul can never reside in anything but a demon… how do you plan to use me?" -12:51 Nov 12 Cupio
Celosia: "I am a hunter, and you are a demon of desire. What I hunt often enjoys bait. You can surmise the rest." With a wiggle of her finger, she beckoned the demon to follow. One hand remained on her gun as she stepped towards the window and threw a leg over it. "Details will require better planning, however. I need to know the nature of this bond and what I can allow you to do." Celo climbed the rest of the way out the window on to the window cill. "Now come out this way. I’m not taking a naked sex demon through that building." -12:59 Nov 12 Celosia
Cupio: "What I deal with is feeling, not just physical rutting." he said climbinh out the window and taking a moment to look out over the slums. "I’m not a succubus." there was an indignant flick of his tail before he put a hand on the rail of the fire escape and vaulted over, falling to the alley below and standing again. He could look after himself but it seemed Jayden had forgotten that… or was id cupio that she feared? -01:05 Nov 12 Cupio
Celosia: Celosia leaned against the rail, frowning down at the demon below. She stepped backward and after a quick leap and a brief fall, she landed on the street with no more effort than a quick crouch and a loud huff of breath. Demons had their magics, and she had hers. "I didn’t accuse you of being a succubus. But you need sex to survive, don’t you? I figure things out quick. You can sex as you please, distract who I need distracting, and I will worry about the slaying. You can just be pretty." -01:11 Nov 12 Celosia
Cupio: There was another indignant flick. "Yes, I need sex to survive. Passion, complete surrender and the moment when two souls touch gives me what I need to live You want me to be pretty, that I can do." He walked along the street, not caring that he was mostly naked. "It’s that’s all you want from me then that’s what I’ll do." -01:22 Nov 12 Cupio

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