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  • Avenger 003: Posting Bail (TBC?)

    Avenger 003: Posting Bail (TBC?)

    [Celosia told herself she didn’t care and he could run away as he pleased. But the next afternoon she still found herself following after that bond, and now spending every bit of cash she had just to bail a demon out of jail. ] -01:05 Nov 23 [Cupio is sitting in a cell, caged and…

  • Avenger 002: Hunting

    Avenger 002: Hunting

    [Cupio was ordered to sleep on the couch but somewhere around midnight slipped under the blankets!] -06:45 Nov 19 [Celosia is a restless sleeper and does not realize she has bed company.] -06:46 Nov 19 Cupio: He was next to her, his braid form pressed against hers, his hands on his hips, his face a…

  • Avenger 001: It Begins Again

    Avenger 001: It Begins Again

    [Cupio Is not here yet!] -09:53 Nov 11 [Celosia is a bounty hunter for hire. And right now, she is on a mission to kill and/or capture a mysterious summoner!] -09:54 Nov 11 Celosia: Technowitch, technomancer, mad scientist, whatever the name may be, Celosia blended her mix of gadgets with old world magic like it…