Your Starr 001: Madeline’s Dream Date

Your Starr

[Drake also known by his stage name Preston Starr is not happy about some fan’s arival for the laters WIN A DATE compitition.] -06:55 Feb 15
[Madeline was the luckiest girl in the world! Who else would get to win a date with THE Preston Starr? This was going to be the best night ever!] -06:56 Feb 15
Madeline: There she was being escorted to the super secret starting location where she was going to meet Preston Starr for the very first time. The date, of course, was all her choosing. A romantic evening she was -sure- he would love. Madeline did as much research about him as she could. ….in a non stalker way! She even wore his favorite color in the form of a simple but stylish dress. Maddie chirped to the bodyguard escorts as they walked. "Is he excited? He’s gotta be, right? I bet stars don’t get to do this often, they always have to work." -07:03 Feb 15
Drake: He was far from excited, in fact he had just gotten off the phone trying one last time to get this all called off. The starting location was the rooftop garden of a landmark building. There were guards there in case he ran, but he wasn’t going to. He was pacing, yes, but if this was going to happen, he’d buy himself a new leather jachet to make himself feel better, the one he was wearing wasn’t his, but it was the very, very latest. -07:08 Feb 15
Madeline: "You don’t talk much, do ya? I get it. Gotta keep a watchful eye out for stalker types, huh?" Maddie didn’t feel bad about being ignored. She wasn’t there to visit bodyguards. It did sort of make the elevator ride up to the roof -really- awkward, though. By the end she was rocking on her feet and humming her favorite Preston song. When the elevator doors opened out on to the roof, she had to refrain from squealing and running out like a lunatic. Had to prove she wasn’t a total maniac, right? So Maddie very calmly waaaalked her way across the patio, standing a few respectful feet away. THEN offered her hand. "Hi…~! I’m Madeline. Your date for this evening!" -07:14 Feb 15
Drake: "Madeline." He repeated taking her hand and putting on hi best interview voice. "I am Preston Starr." He haaaaated that name. "And it seems that tonight, I am at your mercy." he leaned in closer to whisper. "They haven’t told me anything about what you chose." -07:18 Feb 15
Drake: "Madeline." He repeated taking her hand and putting on hi best interview voice. "I am Preston Starr." He haaaaated that name. "And it seems that tonight, I am at your mercy." he leaned in closer to whisper. "They haven’t told me anything about what you chose." He was well trained at least, on how to treat fans but… hmmm… revenge might be better. "That does not mean I’m going to fall for the ‘They agreed to let me take you to a sex club.’ ruitine or the ‘you are contractually obridges to do me.’ Unless of course it’s a really good date." There now it should be awkward for her too. Perfect! Pulling back to took her other hand and smiled for the newspaper camera. "So, where are we going?" -07:22 Feb 15
Madeline: That got her! Maddie looked appalled and completely embarrassed. …and then kind wish she would have thought of it! Er, not about the sex stuff, that was too much, but about taking better advantage of the whole date thing! She could have planned something really steamy. Her smile for the camera picture probably looked totally infatuated since he took her hand for the photo. Maddie was trying not to squeeze or grab at him. "You’re funny! No.. um… I planned really normal stuff, actually. First is a private dining room at the best restaurant in the city!" -07:26 Feb 15
Drake: "Sounds quite." he commented. "Good, I like quiet." he squeezed her hand and then the music started, one of his own song which just made his eyes roll and he knew his mother was watching. "First though I think we’re expected to dance, do you dance?" -07:30 Feb 15
Madeline: He squeezed her hand and she could hear the music play, like it was a moment right out of a movie…! Of course, then she realized music was -actually- playing. Her face went red for a bit as she nodded quickly. "I can dance, kinda yeah. You know, like normal dancing." Holy crap, that sounded so lame. She was an adult for crying out loud! -07:33 Feb 15
Drake: "Normal dancing?" he asked taking slipping his arm around her and pulling her to him. "You are one of the most starstruck fan’s I’ve met who hasn’t screamed my hane the first time they saw me." he said sliding his arms around her and just falling into a slowdance, easiest, simplest, would probably make her evening. "I’ve known your name a week, how long have you known mine? Do you run a fansite? Is that how you knew what color dress to get?." Questions in the spotlight… -07:40 Feb 15
Madeline: "Um, a few years, no, sort of…" That was about all she could spit out in response to his questions. Which really sucked, because she had planned so perfectly everything she wanted to say to him, or how she would answer his questions if he had them. The smooth, mysterious fan, that was what she wanted to be. And they were daaaaancing so slow under the moonlight and here she was trying not to stare. "I’m, um… not good with webpages. I browse a couple fansites…?" -07:46 Feb 15
Drake: "It’s a hobby of mine to join those forums and troll them." he said as the dance continued. "Not the best hoby, probably, but it amuses me that there everyone is talking and… writing I guess is the right word, fantasizing works too… about me and they have no idea I’m right there. That is the biggest troll of all, except maybe when they get things wrong and I correct them and no one believes the troll. That has gotten me banned in one." -08:09 Feb 15
Drake: "It’s a hobby of mine to join those forums and troll them." he said as the dance continued. "Not the best hoby, probably, but it amuses me that there everyone is talking and… writing I guess is the right word, fantasizing works too… about me and they have no idea I’m right there. That is the biggest troll of all, except maybe when they get things wrong and I correct them and no one believes the troll. That has gotten me banned in one." -08:10 Feb 15
[(Timeout) Drake was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -08:13 Feb 15
Madeline: "Seriously?" That had her missing a step and having to look down at her feet to put them back where they belong. Maddie swallowed, looking a bit sheepish. "Do you.. troll a lot of forums that way? Um… how many of those things have you read?" Maddie was trying desperately to remember the last time she wrote one of those stupid fantasy fics. She had to be at least sixteen and that was years ago. He couldn’t possibly have been lurking around that long. Maddie swallowed. "But you do think it’s amusing? And not like… really creepy? Although I guess some are really creepy…" -08:13 Feb 15
Drake: "Some are, but those sites I generally avoid." he stopped as the music did and let go of her to step away. "Teenagers will be teenagers, right?" he said checking his watch as the news crew started to pack up. "I believe we have a resturant to get to." he said looking back at her. "At least none of them seem to know my real name." he said as he stepped back up to her and took her name. "That would be creepy, at least this way I can just say they’re talking about the public persona I’m forsed to maintain. -08:21 Feb 15
Madeline: Maybe this was a bad idea! A date with her idol. He probably thought she was a total psychopath. And… honestly, a lot of the stuff she knew about it, would probably only be known by an insane stalker. Like his name. Maddie laughed, nervously. Which was the total opposite of the light and cheery laugh she was going for. "Yeah! Totally creepy…!" She cleared her throat, using her free hand to point towards the elevator. "Do you like French food? I’ve actually never tried it before." -08:26 Feb 15
Drake: "The stuffed be full of it during the Starr Over Europe tour." he said eyeing her and narrowig his eyes. "You are such a fan." he commented shaking his head slightly. "Right, french cuisine it is. More than snails and frogs’ legs. I used to joke that that had to have started in the siege of Paris when food started running low and they had to eat whatever was crawling around the back garden." he eyed her again and got a thoughtful look on his face. What’s after that?" -08:34 Feb 15
Madeline: She was such a fan! So much for being his dream come true. Maddie almost wilted, but at least the smile she gave him was genuine, if not a little sheepish. "After dinner, I thought we could go to the concert in the park. There’s a local orchestra that practices there until midnight and I thought it’d be cool if you got to relax and listen to somebody else play for once…" It was probably another lame idea. An artist always loved playing his music! -08:37 Feb 15
Drake: "I listen to other people play all the time." he said. "No live but.. well sometimes live. In clubs mostly." Still it would be useful knowing they’d be in an open and impossile to guard properly area. "Sounds great." he grinned wide but didn’t reveal his plan. "Good idea to eat first." In a much better mood he pulled on her hand to hurry her up towards the elevator. "Come on, we have plenty of dating to do tonight." -08:45 Feb 15
Madeline: He was so cute. Maddie had that wistful look again, and prolly the silly grin. "Live music is great. Even better when you’re not cramped up in a smokey club. I mean I loooove your music and your concernts, but if you’ve never gone to a symphony you just have to. It’s the most amazing thing." Maddie waved at her new friends, the grumpy bodyguards, as they stepped in to the elevator. -08:49 Feb 15
Drake: He leaned back against the wall of the elevator and eyed her. "I have been to a few." he said. "It wasn’t exactly my kind of deal, but then going with your mother is completely different to going with a stranger." he chcked his watch again, then pulled out his phone, flipped it open and turned it off. Freedom for a night, he was with a girl after all. "You realize the official date ends at midnight right?" he queried. "So after the concert I have to take you to your hotel… wait you’ve been to my concerts? Which one?" -08:55 Feb 15
Madeline: Maddie could imagine a concert with her mom, and definitely agreed that couldn’t be fun. Her mom would chatter and blabber through the entire thing. He leaned against the wall and she stood there looking at their entwined hands. It was an actual concious effort to keep from swinging his hand back and forth and jumping up and down like an over excited teenager. "All of your local ones, actually! I think I spent a fortune on concert tickets, but I had a job pretty much all of high school. And then to one in Denver that I snuck out to during a family vaycay." -08:59 Feb 15
Drake: "Well I’m sure my boss thanks you for the money." he said glancing at her. "Was it the one in Denver that happened right after the meteor shower? What year was it…?" he honestly couldn’t remember. "I was suprised how well that one went, I mean it was right after my 21st and I had just discovered clubbing…" he looked at the ceiling. "yes the steriotype of a partying pop star with very few inhibitions applies to me, but you know wha they say about meeting your stars…" he shifted his gaze to the floor. "Now you have something to share about your date with the one and only Preston Starr." -09:08 Feb 15
Madeline: "That’s the one. My parents wanted to be in Denver, cause it was one of the best vantage points to view it. And I remember telling my sister ‘Only Preston could make the stars fall for his concert!’. I was seventeen and thought the whole world revolved around you." Maddie kiiind of almost did. At least in that, never-letting-go crazy fangirl way. But it surprised her a little bit how he looked almost sad about it. "I’m not going to brag about tonight, you know. Well, Unless you ask me to marry you. I couldn’t keep that to myself." She gave him a biiiiig grin to show she was joking. Oh god, she hoped he knew that was a joke and not an actual wish! -09:13 Feb 15
Drake: He stuck his tongue out at her and then gave her a look. "Ticket sales among single gorls and women would plumet. I’d be out of a job… that’s not a bad idea." he chuckled and then looked at the cieling again. "I’m pretty sure my boss would hit the roof, it’s be brilliant." he was grinning wickedly and all too tempted to just do it. "But that would be unfair on you, we just met." -09:20 Feb 15
Madeline: It was a joke. Juuuust a joke. Maddie had to put a hand on her stomach to keep it from doing flips. Her little lala-land imagination of what it would be like was a stupid fantasy. She had more common sense than that. But ooooo when he gave the wicked smirk, she just wanted to melt to the floor! "No way. Sure, tons of disappointed women would be crying in their beds. But then they’d get to chirp and beam about Preston Starr being a real romantic, and love at first sight, and all that gooey stuff." -09:24 Feb 15
Drake: "Hey you’re ruining my fantasies." he said giving her hand a vice-like squeeze. :preston Starr is not gooey.. he just wears a lot of eye liner and leather and the occational cat suit on stage. They’d twitter over anything anyway, bet there’s a million forum posts speculating what we’re doing right now. Oh mah gawd girlfriend, I bet they’re like kissing and that slutty preppy bitch it going to steal my Preeston. he mimiced his idea of a teenage binbo that thanks to years of vocal training was stangly believable. "Don’t reveal who you are on the sites… you’ll get flamed into next year." -09:29 Feb 15
Madeline: Oh god. Maddie hadn’t even thought about that. Fanrage was down right -brutal- sometimes. She nearly grimaced, squeezing his hand back out of reflex. "Yeah, kinda glad now I’m paranoid about internet anonymity…" His bodyguards probably through this was hilarious. They knew him, the real him, pretty well, right? And she was floundering. "Have you ever seriously dated? I mean, I know this isn’t a REAL date. So like… were any of those girlfriends printed in gossip ever actual girlfriends?" -09:34 Feb 15
Drake: "No." he said quickly. "I don’t really date." he added. "And half of those girls I’ve never even seen I mean…" he gave a frustrated sigh and pulled his hand away from hers to rub the back of his neck. He had many gripes about his life. "Hell if I did have one do you think I’d be available for this one? -10:09 Feb 15
Drake: "No." he said quickly. "I don’t really date." he added. "And half of those girls I’ve never even seen I mean…" he gave a frustrated sigh and pulled his hand away from hers to rub the back of his neck. He had many gripes about his life. "Hell if I did have one do you think I’d be available for this one?" he knit his hands together and tilted his head to look at her. "Of course there has been the occasional fan who has thought I was going to marry them right off the bat and I had it break it of with… but I get tired of tears. These days I don’t really date at all." -10:12 Feb 15
Madeline: "I don’t know, plenty of male starts do the date thing for publicity, even the married ones." Maddie must have hit a weird topic for him. How many times was she going to say something stupid? Oh man, where were he cheat notes…. Maddie turned away from him so all he could see was her back, as she very subtly tried to dig in her pocket and pull out a few slips of scribbled on pieces of paper. One of these would be a topic he liked and she knew enough about to hold a conversation! "So um, dating aside, what do you like to do when you’re not working…?" -10:15 Feb 15
Drake: "Any fantite would have a list of those, not just making conversation are you hmmm…?" he rubbed his chin and looked at the back of her dress reaching over to adjust the hem around her shoulder and then placing his hand on her shoulder and stepping up next to her. "Heres one you might not know, I’m an amature voice actor for online shows and abridges series. I won’t tell you the handle I use for that though." he put his arm arounf her shoulders as the elevator dinged and steered her towards the exit. "The limo awaits Madeline, and your French diner." -10:21 Feb 15
Madeline: The crumpled up pieces of paper were now balled up and hidden away in the palm of her hand. One little unexpected touch and Maddie nearly dripped to the fool as a pool of boneless arms and legs. Oh gods, she was never going to make it through the night if she didn’t chill! His confession caught her by REAL surprise though, and her head was turning sharply to stare at him. "Really? I mean, I knew you had a lot of vocal range but… That’s kind of awesome! Is it something you really enjoy doing?" -10:24 Feb 15
Drake: "Yes, and it’s my little secret, no one knows especially not my boss. The label acts liek they own my voice. I’m suprised you’re not being billed for every word I say." He sighed again as more press were waiting for them outside and another guard opened the door and Preston bundled her into the car. I’m looking forward to your speculation on what I’ve played… It’s difficult sometimes not being able to show your face because you know you’ll be recognized… I mean even that men’s underwear spread thew made me do was… everywhere." -10:29 Feb 15
Madeline: Maddie slid in to the car. That thing had to be worth more than she was. But Maddie was hooked on the conversation and the way everything just sounded…. sucky! "I guess it’s not something most people understand. It’s kinda hard for me to imagine always having people’s eyes on everything I do. …but you do at least get do your own stuff sometimes, right?" -10:37 Feb 15
Drake: "Sometimes, whem it fits with the schedule." he said. "Hey don’t look so… that. I’m not a prisoner. I just have a busy life and a strict contract, franky I think they’re afriaid to lose me. I don’t think I need to tell you how much I’m worth to them a year." he sighed as the door closed and the car pulled away and he settled into his seat. "I’ve been doing this a long time, I was just a kid when I started. I’ve seen recording of some of my earlier concerts and recordings… I don’t think I’d know how to live any other life." -10:42 Feb 15
Madeline: "Oh gods, am I giving the sad puppy face?" Maddie promptly settled her seat and made sure she was now looking out the window instead of staring at him. Apparently she was going to be weird AND insulting tonight. Discreetly, she tried unfurling one of the papers in her palm. "Um, I was kind of wondering, since you work under so many contracts do they like… edit your stuff a lot? You do get to publish stuff your own way?" -10:47 Feb 15
Drake: He grabbed her shoulder and pulled her down to place her head in his lap. There would be no secret notes and no stealth interviewing for internet articles later. "It started out that I was just the voice, nothing more. But since you’re -not- from some rag, I hope, I can tell you I’ve been working on getting more control over what get released." he was looking down at her and running his fingers through her hair. "But then I’m fighting my own manager, who if I could have fired I would have years ago." -10:51 Feb 15
Madeline: Her caught, and she was suddenly laying in the lap of her idol. Maddie might’ve died right there just from that alone, and quickly fell silent. Worse when she felt his fingers through her hair. It took all her willpower not to nuzzle in to his legs, squeak or snuggle. "n-no.. I don’t work for any zines or papers." This was sooo dreamy, she relaxed a little bit, taking liberty of tapping her fingers on his knee. "Creative control is good. I hate it when people tell me what I should and shouldn’t paint, so.. um.. yeah…" -10:57 Feb 15
Drake: "You paint?" he asked in suprise and sudden interest. "So you’re an artist too, a more literal one." he kept hsi eyes on her as he stroked her hair. "French cuisine, painting, classical music. If I didn’t know better I’d think you were independantly wealthy…" he was teasing, of course. "You’re not the kind of person I was expecting." -11:01 Feb 15
Madeline: That made her laugh! A real one, and not the nervous giggle. "Yeah, I like to paint. I’m not really a professional at it. Well, I’ve never sold anything or had a showing. I work in the restoration department in a museum… It’s um, really not as interesting as it sounds." Maddie paused for a moment, chewing on her lip. "What were you expecting? I kinda had this whole persona planned out, but that kinda blew up in my face… I’m really nervous." -11:09 Feb 15
Drake: "I was expecting either a giggling fangirl who’d sqeak at my every word… or someone trying to act mysterious and like they weren’t really about to squeal." he sighed adn looked aorund taking note of where they were going. "Instead I have someone who’s nervous, relying on notes, and seems to really be trying to to blow this even though if she just relaxed, she’d be fine. I doubt she’d listen if I told her though." he looked abck down at her. "Would she?" -11:13 Feb 15
Madeline: Maddie gave a big wide cheeky smile. Then she laughed again and it was replaced with the more honest, sheepish one. "I was actually trying to go for the mysterious not squealie type… That didn’t really go over well. But..! It just that I’ve loved your music for years, and I know it’s stupid and everybody always says it and thinks it, but it’s like you sing to me." …that’s when she covered her face with her hands. "I am so, so stupid…" -11:17 Feb 15
Drake: "If a way it’s true." he said with a shrug. "I sing to my fans, you’re obviously a fan so I do sing to you. At least that’s what I tell myself so it doesn’t feel liek I’m lying every time I step up to the microphone. And if what I do makes people happy and feel good and hell I’ve gotten fanmail about people saying hoe my songs have helped them through difficult times. It’s just nice to feel apreciated and makes me think that maybe what I do is worth it." -11:22 Feb 15
Madeline: She moved her hands off her face to cross her arms instead, which had her looking up at him with an embarrassed grin. "Yeah, you sing to everyone. Not just to me. It’s awesome that you touch so many people, though. Music is probably the most universal way to move people, and I always wished I could do something like that." -11:26 Feb 15
Drake: He tilted his head so that thier faces were angled only 45 degrees apart instead of 90. "If you want to you’ll find a way." he said. "Besides maybe you’ll make an actual difference rather than be paid to look and sound good. You help educate people about history." he shrugged. "I like history." he looked up again and then out the side window. "You have expensive tastes… I don’t even come to this part of town that often." -11:38 Feb 15
Madeline: "I’ll have you know, I am totally music inept." She grinned, before tilting to take a glance out the window. All she could see was the sky from her angle. "I’ve might’ve been in this area once or twice. If you’re going to go on a fantasy date, you should pick a place you’d never have gone to otherwise, right?" -11:43 Feb 15
Drake: "Like the moon?" he asked. "I don’t think I can afford that." he looked down at her again wondering if she’d sit up or not or if his plot to get her to abandon her notes had been too successful. "And I was refering to your art, I’m visual inept so we’re even." he stroked her hair again and kept an eye on where they were going. "I think we’re here, I see press… and guards. I was hoping we were done with both, ahh well." he looked back down at her and raised an eyebrow. "Let’s see what your dream date is." -11:51 Feb 15
Madeline: Press and guards? Oh hell…! For a few minutes there, she might have forgotten exactly whose lap she had been too comfortably laying in. Why did he even let her do that?! Maddie sat up quickly, running her hands through her hair to make sure to fell like normal. Then she was casting him that big cheeky grin. "After you, I guess?" -11:55 Feb 15
Drake: As the car stopped he took her hand and pushed over the door to step out and bring her out to put his arms around her shoulders again under the flashes of cameras and perfectly cal as if they wern’t even there started walking towards the doors. "Nothing to it." he said noting her nervousness. "Just focus on what you’re doing here." -12:04 Feb 16
Madeline: "You mean walking in a straight line and not falling on my face even though I can barely see?" With all those flashing lights, it WAS kind of hard to see where she was going. She was lucky he seemed to be well groomed for being blinded by paparazzi. Maddie doubted she even took a breath until they were inside the building, and she was rubbing one of her eyes to get that flash-bulb burn out. "How do you deal with that all the time?" -12:06 Feb 16
Drake: "Not all the time, but often enough." he said looking at the interiour of the resturant and lossening his grip on her and followed a waitor who would lead them to thier room. "Do you have a poster of me in your room?" he asked suddenly. "I know you probably used to, but now?" he was curious. "That too personal?" -12:15 Feb 16
Madeline: "Now? Nooo, noo. Too old to do that. People would come over and think I was crazy." Which was probably Maddie-talk for "i’d have one if people didn’t know!’. She looked embarassed again, but hid it with another sheepish green. "Do you? Have posters of your favorite stars? Probably less weird for a popstar to do it." -12:18 Feb 16
Drake: "Why would I need posters when I know the people they work for and can orginize get togethers?" He said. "Actually it’s not really like that but I’ve spoken to most of them, and am friends with a few other singers. Besides poswers that are not of movies wouldn’t really fit with the decor." he guided her into the room and looked around, it flambiant and overlooked the river which was nice. "Sit?" he asked for a second wondering if she was too discrated to realize they were there. "Another question… what’s your favorite song? And I won’t be offended if it’s not mine." -12:23 Feb 16
Madeline: "Sit, right." Maddie slid in to her chair, only now taking notice of the place. She really should have dressed… UP for the occasion! The restaurant was a lot more high class than she realized. But it was definitely beautiful. "My favorite song ever, uum…" She gave him a bit of a narrow-eyed glance, debating whether or not it was a trick question. "My all time favorite song is actually a Foreigner song. I want to know what love is. BUT, but, my second favorite song is yours! Better than I know myself. I just really liked that one.." -12:32 Feb 16
Drake: "See, honesty." he said sitting down and fixing his gaze on her. "I apreciate that." he took a look at that was on the table. A rose in a vase, utensils, plates… "Places like this usually have a set menu, don’t they? I might be slightly out of my depth here…" he shifted in his seat and looked up at her. "I usually avoid formal dinners like the plauge." -12:38 Feb 16
Madeline: "It’s pretty easy. You just read the menu and tell them what you want." A cheeky teasing grin followed, but when the well dressed waitor arrived to hand them their menus, Maddie found everything was in French. "…except when everything is in a language you can’t read. Kinda wishing I didn’t pass up on those courses…" -12:42 Feb 16
Drake: "Tarte flambée…" he said hoping they had it but it was something he remembered that he had enjoyed… "Ummm…" "The english in at the back…" the waiter said with an air of pacience and Preston turned a few pages and found the english menu and fighed in releaf. "So… I actually do what the tarte flambée… but I don’t see it." -12:48 Feb 16
Madeline: "Oh good, things I can read and not feel with dumb! Kinda have enough of that tonight!" She stuck her tongue out at the menu and crossed her eyes, before she flipped through the back and scanned the pages. "When there’s not something you recognize, try something new, right? …do you think I should be dangerous and eat snails or play it safer with a soup?" Maddie peered at him over her menu, curious at his expression. Did he really never sit down to a simple… or in this case, ridiculously extravagant dinner? -12:52 Feb 16
Drake: "Snails wouldn’t be the wort thing I’d ever eaten." he said scanning the menu. "But I want, and you should have, something filling, the night is far from over. So, soup, snails, and a side order of bread I think…." he glanced as her and grinned. Yes there was no way to back out of his plan now. She’d have her choice of datem then he’d have his. -12:56 Feb 16
Madeline: "Then, I guess what he said, then!" she spoke to the waitor, handing back her menu. Then Maddie was right back to giving him a curious look. Was that a wicked look or just a nice smile? It was hard to tell, and impossible not to grin back. "At least I know how to eat snails. There was this episode about them on the Travel channel, and a lady flung one clear across the room by accident.." -01:00 Feb 16
Drake: "So they’ll be great in a food fight. I’ll have to remember that." he Reached into the center of the table and got a bread stick to nibble on while theu waited. "I heard you have some other parts of the prize tomorow… a short tour of the studio and preview of the album I’m working on?" he said hopinh he remembered right. "I know because I was told to be there. Something to do with you getting to sit in on a recording. I didn’t read the compitition details. Then you return to your life with your stories and memories." -01:08 Feb 16
Madeline: Maddie nodded! "Yep. Dream date and studio tour. Although I am pretty sure if this whole date turned out totally creepy, you can veto the studio part. I think it actually said that in the forms I had to sign. ‘If you do anything crazy you get a restraining order!’" she chirped out the last phrase with a deep and serious voice before she shrugged. "So I’m trying to keep my crazy at a minimum if at all possible." Speaking of which, only now she was realizing she didn’t have those notes anymore. Well damnit! She must have dropped them in the car! Suddenly Maddie was chewing on the corner of her mouth and finding a great deal of interest looking out the window. -01:12 Feb 16
Drake: "You’d have to take to sitting in my lap, putting your arms around me, and talkign about our future babies for me to concider you crazy. As fans go you’re pretty sane." he chewed on his snack and followed her gaze out the window. "One more question: An I what you thought I’d be?" he was asking this ine just to get her attention back and to see how she’d react. -01:19 Feb 16
Madeline: Maddie really really liked the thought of sitting in his lap and wrapping her arms around him. Babies.. not so much! That was just weird. She did glance at him and shrug, lifting a hand to shake back and forth. "Eeeeh, a little bit yes, a little bit no? Obviously I had crazy fantasy night version, then there was common sense ‘Dumb girl he’s probably more like THIS’, and then like, crazy insane evil rockstar diva version… You are pretty sane too, um, still a little intimidating, though. It might just be in my head." -01:23 Feb 16
Drake: His voice dropped to a smooth tone as he meaned back. "You know, you’re the first girl who’s ever touched my soul like this, I think you should stay… with me…" he stuck his tongue out at her. "Like that? Or… I little like this." he avopted a high singing voice the descended in tone with a low hum. He enjoyed the degree of controll he had over his voice and then a really wicked grin crossed his face and he stood, and spinning his chair in a circle had it next to hers in a flash and slid into it, pressed up against her and brushed her hair away from her ear to leand close and whisper into it. "I’m really more like this." it was a low seductive hiss that he used. "I like getting close, touching, feeling. Intimacy…" he moved away from her and chuckled popping the last of his breadstick into his mouth. "On ‘dates’ anyway." -01:31 Feb 16
Madeline: And there went the nervous laughter, and Maddie’s clumsy atempt at swallowing a squeak. "Ye-heah! Stuff kinda like that…!" Oh that was too damned high. She swallowed again, and managed to simper down enough to huff out a quick breath and cast him that "I know you’re messing with me look’. "Cute, though! But yeah… perceptions are weird. And so much worse when you watch and obsess over someone for years. I’m glad you’re not a total asshole, though. I was really kind of worried about that the most." -01:35 Feb 16
Drake: He flashed her another grin and then swallowed. "You missed my total asshole phase." he said. "Probably a good thing, now I’m just kind of an asshole." he petted her knee before moving away and giving her a look of his own. "Good that you have a sense of fumor though, and if your want to try your hand at getting close to me, you’re more than welcome to. It’s date after all." -01:40 Feb 16
Madeline: "Whaaat? Nooo. No. Nooooo way." She shook her head and prayed she didn’t have that sleezy, checking him out like a sexual predator sort of side stare. Cause that was giving her an open door to all kinds of crazy. Who wouldn’t want to totally hit on him? "… I mean not that I wouldn’t want to it’s just.. you know… um…" Oh hell, now she was tongue-tied! Maddie’s head went down and clonked on the table. She rose up quick, though, giving him an exasperated sigh. "You’re still intimidating. I spent all day in a storage room painting stuff, this is kinda like my… first flight? Er, not dating I mean! I’ve dating before but like.. somebody who… um. Is like you." -01:45 Feb 16
Drake: He covered his mouth but his shoulders were shaking. "Don’t worry I was teasing." he said. "You’re not some girl I’d just sex up on the first date… even if for no other reason than they’d find out and you’re in the compitition and I’d that look and it would make things akward tomorow and I’d have to cancel which would be unfair. You did win and I’m on my best behaviour." he sighed and looked at her. "I just wanted to know what it would take to make you flustered." -01:54 Feb 16
Madeline: "Right. Of course." Mean! Amusing… Maddie huffed and gave hima half hearted glare. "You’re kinda a pain in the ass huh? I’ll have to remember that." If only to save herself from anymore dumb Maddie fangirl moments. She had at least SOME cool points left, right? "Since you’re getting me all riled up, what flusters YOU? Or do I have to find that out on my own?" -01:58 Feb 16
Drake: "Nothing." he said simply. "Though I think I’ve just destroyed whatever image of me you had in your head and for that… well I feel kinda bad." he admitted. "You came here to date that ideal and add to it. But then again maybe I didn’t." he was eying her carefully. "What did you write about me?" -02:04 Feb 16
Madeline: "I didn’t really join a crazy contest for a dream date to keep an ideal in my head forever. I wanted to meet you, not just my image of you." Of course he had to ask about what she wrote! Maddie nearly clonked her head on the table again. Instead, she tapped her hands on the table to a beat in her head while she glanced up at the ceiling. "Uuuhm. The last time I wrote a silly story about you, I was 16 and it was pretty much the typical goofy story about meeting you somewhere by accident and the ohgoshromance and the mushy stuff. Kind of goofy, really…" -02:11 Feb 16
Drake: "Ah… sweet sixteen… the age I was when I was ‘discovered’ and drought into the industry." he mused. "A long time ago… before that I wantd to be a… I can’t actually remember." he frowned and leaned back in his chair. "So long as it wasn’t because the crowd spontaniously decided to pick you up while I was crowdsurfing and he ended up bunping into eachother…. yes, I’ve read on like that… and one where the girl and I met because we bought leather jackets at the same place… or did she work there…" he looked out the window and checked his watch. He was actually getting hungry. -02:25 Feb 16
[Drake is on a date with a compitition winner.] -06:37 Feb 16
[Madeline is on a dreeeaaaam date with her pop star idol! ] -06:38 Feb 16
Madeline: Dinner at a fancy French place didn’t go as smooth and perfect and non-dumb as Maddie had planned, BUT she did manage to avoid slinging snails around like a weapon and tried something new too. And now they were on their way to date part 2. An orchestra concert in the park. After the flashing cameras at the restaurant, Maddie was a little worried a public place like the park might’ve been a bad choice for super famous Preston Starr. AND all of her notes were missing now! -06:42 Feb 16
[Madeline enters.] -06:46 Feb 16
Drake: He was back in the car and had his hands behind his head and humming slightly. He had his plan and now mothing was going to ruin it. "You know I always thought a fan’s idea of a dread date would be me taking them where I wanted to go, but apparent I’m wrong." he commented glancing at her. "Or me taking them where they want to do without them having to choose because on my mad telepathy powers or the magics of fanfiction." -06:48 Feb 16
Madeline: "Well. I was pretty sure you’re just a music sensation and not a psychic or a super hero." She had even given a quick glance around the floor boards. Not a scrap of paper in sight. One of those bodyguards probably snatched them all up and was hooting about how hilarious it was. Maddie leaned back, casting him a curious glance. "If I didn’t pick, what -would- you have done?" -06:52 Feb 16
Drake: "It’s probably better you don’t know." he chuckled and watched her search. "Also I really could be a super hero. They could camm me Glam man and I’d dazzle the villians with the power of glitz before busting out breakdance moves that serve as kung fu. Or something, then get shot because even Bruce Lee said if giver the choice, he’d use a gun in an actual fight." He glanced at her again. "Lost something?" -06:58 Feb 16
Madeline: "No, um… just admiring how fancy this thing is! Never been in one before." She settled again. Surely she knew plenty enough about him without having to use cheat sheets. Dinner went okay, right? "I think you should stick to music. Glam Man sounds like the worst super hero in the existance of super heros." -07:03 Feb 16
Drake: "I thought so too." he said giving her a ‘I know you’re lying’ look but not saying anything. "What did you expect on this date, if I can ask. Any lingering fangirl fantasies?" he grinned. "I promise I won’t laugh." -07:11 Feb 16
Madeline: Maddie crossed her arms. There was a tinge of color to her face, but she was determined to, this time, not let him tease her too hard. "I was envision a whole night of soft murmured words and petting and dancing and probably running away to Morocco for a elopement." She spied at him from the corner of her eye. "Um, actually.. I don’t know! I kinda had a bunch of different scenarios and I was crossing my fingers for the least awkward turn out." Maddie tilted her head as she pondered that over a little more. "Though the love at first sight fantasy IS always a favorite." -07:18 Feb 16
Drake: He was smiling and sliding up next to her to put an arm around her. "So you wanted to capture my heart and take it somewhere far away, hmmm?" he shook his head slightly and pulled her to lean against him. "You really are a fan… but there’s nothing wrong with that so long as you enjoy tonight. Are you enjoying tonight?" -07:24 Feb 16
Madeline: "I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have crazy fantasies. But they are pretty time at least." He was sooo doing this on purpose. It had to be all over her face, that struggle to keep her squealing urges under control. It would be so easy to hop in his lap and kiss him senseless! And get a restraining order, and maybe got o jail for molesting somebody… Maddie kept her hands to herself. "I’m having fun. Totally different from my usual nights." -07:30 Feb 16
Drake: "And what are those?" he asked looking at her, thier faces barely an inch apart. "Alone in your room on a computer, ot do you have a hidden side?" in a second he had flicked the tip of his tongue against the tip of her nose and was then leanineg back and barely able to supress a chuckle. "Sorry, just so hard to resist teasing you, and you did want to meet the real me. -07:36 Feb 16
Madeline: If they weren’t in a vehicle, Maddie might’ve thrown herself on the floor and started rolling. Maddie rubbed her nose and stuck her tongue out at him, before giving him a half hearted scowl. "I’m not gonna tell you any, that’s for sure! I reserve those for later dates." Why was she so easy to tease? And she couldn’t think of anything to tease him back with that wouldn’t get her in to loads of trouble! He probably knew it too. "Aside from skirting the line of the dark side, real you is kinda nice." -07:42 Feb 16
Drake: "I like to think the dark side is part of my appeal. I mean it;s been finted at in songs but I have to be subtle or my manager would block it." he squeezed her shoulders and sighed. "No more teasing." he said reaching over to take her hand as well and place it on his chest in his. "Just hard not to when you’re obviously a step away from infatuation… but like I said, I’m tired of tears and being an asshole so I won’t take advantage." -07:46 Feb 16
Madeline: "There’s not going to be any tears. I’m old enough to know the difference between reality and make believe." she mumbled. Touchiiiing. She could feel his heartbeat beneath the fabric and skin. This was one of those moments she couldn’t tell if her were being wicked, or unexpectedly sweet and sincere. It’d be so easy to lean and kiss him, if maybe she was just a little bit more smooth and smarmy. -08:07 Feb 16
Drake: "With one kind on fan there would be." he said. "Which is why I was against the idea of this compitition in the first place, but I give myself room to be surprised." he squeezed her shoulders and looked out the window. "And at least I don’t have to worry about you taking things the wrong way. Heh, you’d be perfect for a fake girlfriend to kepp the media off my back.. but then nothing would keep the media off my back." Another joke. -08:18 Feb 16
[(Timeout) Madeline was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -08:34 Feb 16
Madeline: Fake girlfriend? Maddie wound up smirking, and in the midst of her soft snickering dropped her head against his shoulder. "Yeah, I see that going over well… ‘Preston Starr attached to Mystery Girl. Tune in at 9 when we stake out her Museum Job and she has salad instead of pretzels for lunch.’ Really exciting for them." Maddie was imagining stepping outside after work and getting flashbulbed again. After a day or two she’d probably be fully blind. It made her laugh again. -08:34 Feb 16
Drake: "Misery loves company." he said watching the part enterence get steadily closer. "You’b be interviewed, pokes, harassed, photographed and everythin you’ve ever done will be published along with many things you haven’t done. Got a jewish grandparent? There goes my conservative christian fans… not that I have that many of those… can you imagine a priest standing in front of a congregation of the elderly quoting For Your Entertainment unironicly… I kind of want to see that…" -08:52 Feb 16
Madeline: "Hmm, so long as no one finds out my internet name, I think that’d be okay. They’d get bored of me pretty quick. Not really the rowdy lifestyle kind of girl." Maddie was stuck imagining a priest busting out in song during church. And it was just turning in to a choir backup, weird movie plot scenario. She should send that in to some producer. "Do you actually get stuck doing or not doing stuff just to appeal to certain fanbases or fix some faux pas? Like this whole fan date thing? Was this one of those?" -08:58 Feb 16
Drake: "I do, my manager makes me do things, but as a fan I’m sure you know that she’s also my mother so really she’s just being a mother. And yes it was. I can’t say what I was doing but I’ll just say that this is my punishment but I think it’s backfiring for her honestly. Don’t tell her I said that though or she’ll ahve me doing somethign else like a charity event or another photo op… talking of photos you haven’t taken a single one. Get out your phone and quickly before we get to the gate take one of us in the car." he squeezed her shoulder and raised his other hand in a peace sign. "Something to remember this by." -09:04 Feb 16
Madeline: Maddie hadn’t even thought about taking pictures! Now that the idea was planted in her head, she was quickly fumbling for her phone and flipping on the camera app. There was no faking the big ridiculous grin when she held back the phone and snapped the picture. "Sweet…!" This was going to be her background -forever-. "So your win-a-date is a punishment, and has turned out to be not so punishing?" Maddie’s grin was a smirk now. A little ego fluffing seemed to go a long way, even if it was completely unintentional. -09:10 Feb 16
Drake: "That is what I said." he said eying the picture and the smiles on both thier faces. "If you post that on facebook I’ll share it with the official fanpage… unless you don’t want every single fan whi follows the page seeing your profile, ut I’l sure they’ll find it anyway if they want to, your anme and picture should be enough. And… I think we’re here." He pulled out his phone, turned it on, held it up, kissed her cheek while snapping a picture and was then opening his door to climb out. -09:21 Feb 16
Madeline: "I think maybe I’ll skip out on the facebook posting. This one is just for me." Maddie didn’t even want to think about all the hate comments she’d get. …and right that moment, she was busy rubbing her cheek were he kissed her and trying not to flip out about it. Why did HE take a picture! That was cute and weird! Maddie followed him out, smoothing her dress once she did and tucking her phone away. Now she was tempted to take so many more pictures, but awkward posing every two minutes would just be over the top. "Are you ready for the totally awesome classic stylings of Beethoven and Bach?" -09:28 Feb 16
Drake: "Yes, yes I am." this sit eating grin was back as he hooked his arm around hers and stepped through the gates noting the positions of the guards and tthen checked his watch. "Two hours left in our date." he commented not really caring since he knew it would be longer than that. "Good thing the studio tour is in the afternoon, or we’d both not be getting enough sleep." he sighed taking a look around. "I still find it amusing you’re taking a pop star to a classical performance." -09:35 Feb 16
Madeline: Maddie was on a nice little happy cloud. For the next two hours she was going to be with Preston Starr at a concert. Touching like they were old friends, and talking, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and thankfully it looked like the park was devoid of snoopy photographers. This was definitely her perfect date. "It’s gotta beat listening to the competition, right? Aaaaannd you might even find some inspiration. I don’t think people do enough genre blends with music. I like when songs have an orchestral background." -09:41 Feb 16
[Drake is seeing that it’s almost midnight, if he’s going to move it has to be now.] -05:57 Feb 17
[Madeline is a lover of music, and it’s pretty clear by her ever annoying overly expressive face.] -05:57 Feb 17
Drake: The concert was winding down and it had been good enough but Preston was lookign forwards to what would come next a whole lot more. He took hold of her hand and tugged on it standing. "Madeline, come along." he saud without explaining where they were going all he did was move as past as he could go along the row of seats as eh could without umping into anything, then reaching the isle we moved off wowards the side of the part. "Do you want to go out with me." he asked her as then mover. "Away from the guards to my kind of night out." -06:01 Feb 17
Madeline: It was almost midnight, so Madeline had assumed the date was pretty much over and they were getting a headstart to beat sleepy wandering crowds. And of course asking her if she wanted to go out with him was met with a confused stomach flipping expression until he explained -night- out. Haaa.. what the hell was she thinking! "It’s midnight though. The date is over, right? Not that I would mind at all…" -06:05 Feb 17
Drake: "Good." he said pulling her into a grove it trees to the fence and found a gap and pushed though still not letting go of her hand. Luckely a cab was nearby waiting for the crwds to come out of the part to pick up a fair. "I know your date is over, but it’s my turn if you don’t mind getting back a little late. And who knows maybe you’ll have a little fun!" -06:10 Feb 17
Madeline: There was that urge to squeal again! Straight out of a music video fangirl kidnapping. …unless it was a -real- kidnapping and she wound up on the news in the morning. Maddie was opting for the more fun option though and now was grinning wildly. "So the Preston Starr idea of a perfect date, then? I think that’s worth waking up late in the morning." It was a miracle she even got that out without squealing. -06:13 Feb 17
Drake: "Not perfect." he said letting go of her hand and opening the cab door for her. "But still a great one." he got in after her and closed the door and leaned forwards to whisper soethign to the cabby and leaned back. "Right, my bate my rules, you sit against me and let me put an arm around you. Not like that isn’t what I was going to do anyway." he gave her and grin and did just that. "Might want to turn off your phone too." -06:19 Feb 17
Madeline: Trying to contain excitement was probably the most difficult thing in the universe. Off the records, not a forced, perfectly willing date with Preston Starr. Which apparently involved touching too! Maddie fumbled for her phone to switch it off. She definitely didn’t want anybody calling and asking where she was. Or worse, his keepers trying to track them down. She SO wasn’t going to let the opportunity slip by! "What IS the plan, then? I didn’t realize there were plenty of things to do after midnight!" -06:24 Feb 17
Drake: "I know a place, good music, good snack food, good people. We’re going there, we’re having a few drinks, we’re dancing. Then we’re soing what we feel like." he grinned at her and then checked his back pochet making sure he had money on him. "This is the kind of place where they don’t ask questions about who I am… its pretty exclusive. Who knows maybe I won’t be the only star there tonight." -06:28 Feb 17
Madeline: "Yaay! eee!" Resistance broke and there went the squeaking and the slight bouncing in her seat. "I like dancing! I haven’t had time to go out somewhere cool in forever, and sure as hell no where exclusive. This will be awesome!" -06:33 Feb 17
Drake: "And I thought you liked your choice of date." he teased pulling her into his lap and poking her nose. "But you sound a lot more excited about mine… maybe next time you’ll pick differently?" next time? Would there be one? "I guess the only question is… burgerst first?" -06:38 Feb 17
Madeline: The man couldn’t just pull her in to his lap and not expect her to get touchy right back. And she had no self control left! Maddie slid her arms around his neck, but at least she kept from clinging and nuzzling. She shook her head. "Forget food, I want to dance! You know, I was trying to make sure that date wasn’t going to be the tired old cliche fangirl date and bore you to tears. Um, although I guess french food and classical music is more a museum artists good time than a pop star’s.." -06:42 Feb 17
Drake: "So you were overthinking it." he said with a chuckle. "Fine but burgers after." he was glad she was finally not holding back, all it took was the promise of a dance. "But hey you get both so maybe you made the right call afer all." he kept an eye on where they were going to make sure they were heading in the right direction but otherwise all his attention was on her. -06:50 Feb 17
Madeline: "…maybe over thinking it a little bit. But it’s kinda weird, you know? I’ve known a lot about you for years, but you don’t know anything about me. ANd you know, I’m not one of those lunatics that was just going to assume we’d have this insant familiarity especially for a date. That crosses a looot of stuff off the possibility list if you don’t want to look like a total psycopath." Maddie was talking a mile a minute now, occasionally leaning to take a peek out the window to see where they might be going. But far more interested in getting the up close and maybe inappropriately personal look at him. "Your eyes are darker in person." -06:55 Feb 17
Drake: "We are in an unlit car." he said in response to her observation. "But I guess you have a point. I think they only let the winner choose to punish me, egein that kin of backfired for them." he looked at her and tighened his arms around her giving her a squeeze. and a smile. "Did you ever think you’d win?" -07:00 Feb 17
Madeline: "Not in a million years." she gave a dreamy sort of sigh. "I think I’ve entered every content that’s ever had your named on it, and I’ve never won anything. So I really didn’t think I would win this one either. And I guess you are kind of lucky it was me and not one of the serial killer fans. If people behave in reality anything like the way they act on the internet, you might have wound up chained in some nuts basement tonight…" This was too comfortable. She’d melt in to him if she weren’t keeping herself busy talking. And her fingers were itching to run through his hair. -07:06 Feb 17
Drake: "Well maybe you are nuts." he said. "And I haven’t found out yet." He looked away for a secind and back to her. "Don’t have a boyfriend, fiance, or husband do you? Not that it would be instant game over if you did but I don’t want you going back to accusations because I kidnapped you for a longer date." yes that was kindof important. But then she would have said no if it was going to be a problem." -07:09 Feb 17
Madeline: Maddie grinned wide. "What’s the matter? Afraid you are going to have an angry mad boyfriend or hubby chasing you down later?" That was kind of funny. Not that she would blame any guy for being pissed off if his girl was on a date with Preston Starr. Especially with half the things she was thinking about doing to him. Maddie doubt most fangirls would have the self control. ….she sure wasn’t resisting too well. "No boyfriend, fiance or husband. I kind of work too much to really meet people." -07:17 Feb 17
Drake: "No, I have enough guards not to worry, but you don’t." sighed and then smiled at the club came into view ahead of them. "There we go Electum…" he said grinning. "It’s time we danced. Anything you want to do after that?" -07:19 Feb 17
Madeline: "I’m totally fine with dancing until the sun comes up. …besides, I thought this half of the date was your chosing?" A cheeky grin. What she really wanted to do was snuggle him. Amongst other not-good-to-do things. Maddie finally unlocked her arms from around his neck too. The less temptation, the better. -07:23 Feb 17
Drake: He moved across to the door and pulled monet out of his pocket to pay the fare, then he was openng his coor as the cab stopped and held out his hand for her. "My choice, yes, which means I set the rules, which means I can ask you your mind if I want to." he looped his arm around hers and started walking for th door, the bouncer recognizing him and stepping aside. "Alight Rick?" he asked as they got closer. "Meet Madeline, the date winner." -07:32 Feb 17
Madeline: "Hiiiii Rick." Maddie was still amused at him ‘setting the rules’, so she was forgetting to overthink..or underthink… and was a lot less fumbly and nervous. There was a crazy line for the place, even this late at night! "How long does it take for people to get in there… or do you have to be on the list?" -07:36 Feb 17
Drake: "Usually one or two hours, some nights five, if you’re on the list you don’t have to wait, good to see you again Drake, Madeline." he opened the rope and Preston walked though and entered the club there the lights twisted and the music pounded. "First things first." he said loudly. "Coctails, to the bar. Then we dance." he pulled her around the dance floor towards the dark panneled bar and sat down. "Two Syberian Sundances.. and two for her too." -07:40 Feb 17
Madeline: Maddie was already swaying to the music. Art might’ve been her talent and career, but she really really loved music. Once they were seated, she had to scoot up close to him just to make sure he could hear her. "Two, even! Are you trying to get me drunk?" That made her giggle too. She was already hyped up, she didn’t need to be drunk! -07:44 Feb 17
Drake: "My rules." he reminded her as he payed and the drinks were served and he raides his first glass. "Congradulations on winning your first comitition with my name on it, and good luck with future ones." he took a gulp and watched to make sure she did the same. "Seriousy, congradulations." -07:47 Feb 17
Madeline: His rules! Okay, Maddie took the drink toasted and drank it down as quickly as she could. It wasn’t that she never drank, it was just that… well, she really did want to dance! She was grinning wide again and leaning closer. "Thank you! It was worth the wait, I think. Wouldn’t of been half as fun if I was still a teenager and had to go home early. That would have sucked!" -07:50 Feb 17
Drake: "You wouldn’t be drinking either." he said pushing her second glass closer to her and gulped his first down. "And I wouldn’t have done this in my teens. "I wasn’t all that into taking wither back then." he picked up his second glass and drained it too feeling the rush of alcohol to his head before standing. "Drink up, dance time." -07:54 Feb 17
Madeline: He didn’t have to tell her twice. That drink was gone in an instant and she was already clammering out of the booth. There was a slight whoooosh in her head when she stood, but seeing as for the entire night she had been feeling pretty light and whooshy, she didn’t even notice. Maddie was even bouncing on her feet again and clapping, barely waiting long enough for him to catch up before she was weaving her way to the dance floor. -07:57 Feb 17
Drake: He reached out and placed his hand on her shoulder. Maybe her drunk wasn’t such a good idea, but he steared her to a clear spot he turned her around and was immediatly moving close to her and swaying, sloly wonring himself into a simple routine in time with the music. This wasn’t a coigraphed music video, just him having fun, deosn’t mean to say he didn’t work a couple of moves she should know in here and there to see if she’d pick up on them… The music was too loud to take here and but he didn’t care, it was just dancing, and she certainly looked happy. -08:06 Feb 17
Madeline: Dancing Maddie was a whole different person from regular Maddie. Alcohol infused or not. She knew how to move and when to move and did it without second thought, or self concious worrying. When she knew the words to the song, she sang along with them , regardless of whether or not she could right! Touching wasn’t a problem now either! He may as well been anyone else in the club, kidnapped to dance with her. -08:11 Feb 17
Drake: Well sge had him smiling and putting his hands on her, partly because he ahd to look after her mostly because he wanted to, then as the first song ended and then next began, in the split second the room was plunged into complete darkness he lips found hers for the briefest moment and by the time the lights came back on he was back where he bhad been as the next song tore though the air not giving her time to think. -08:14 Feb 17
Madeline: Kiss. Kiiiiiiiss. The word was chanting through her head now like a weird little anthem, almost to the tune of whatever new song was playing. She didn’t miss a beat with dancing, moving in to the song with that automatic natural fluidity. But she sure wasn’t singing anymore! There was that faint tingle to her lips which made her give them a lick, and now she was stuck staring him down. Confusion fading to a more examining narrow eyed expression. …it HAD been him right? Not a stranger in the dark kissing some random girl? Maybe she imagine it! -08:22 Feb 17
Drake: He grinned at her and without breaking rythm placed his finger on her lips and then to his. Then he was back to dincing like normal. That had been her reward for her coming out with him, making his fan’s night with a little kiss. He shot her another look and a wicked grin, yes it had been him. -08:29 Feb 17
Madeline: She couldn’t speak with words in the middle of a crowd, too close to booming music for any sound to be audible. But her expression could speak volumes! That surprised, startled look of a blushing fangirl. The accusing stare thinking he was up to something evil. Finally, the laughing and falling in to a pleased, almost flirting smirk. Throwing herself back in to dancing, Maddie was officially infatuated. She was just going to have to deal with being that girl who fell in unrequited stupid love with her idol, and enjoy it while it lasted! -08:37 Feb 17
Drake: Another song passed but this time he didn’t kiss her, instead he took her hand so that they wouldn’t be seperated and continued dancing, adrenaline and alcohol mixing in his hea until he pulled her close and danced against her. So what if they’d never meet again, so long as she enjoyed herself and didn’t object he’d keep on trying to make her smile like that again. -08:40 Feb 17
Madeline: This was why she loved music and dancing. It was a completely different world to be in when you didn’t have to speak and fumble around like an idiot. Here, she could slide an arm around his neck and touch and dance close. She could smile the way she wanted to smile without worrying about him thinking she was crazy, or a big slut, or daffy. And when he smiled back she could laugh without swooning to the floor! -08:49 Feb 17

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