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Your Starr 015: Last Night on Tour (TBC)

[Drake had just finished the last show of the tour. Always an exhilirating moment.] -09:22 Jul 02
[Madeline is at the FINALE CONCERT! The best concert of all! ….and she had to go and fall asleep backstage sometime during the break!] -09:23 Jul 02
Madeline: Maddie didn’t care what everyone said. She wasn’t too tired and the tour life wasn’t too much for her! She started the morning off with three energy drinks, squealed and bounced all through the day, and she had only meant to sit down for a few minutes on the dressing room couch to rest her feet. Before she knew what hit her, she was dozing away and curled up with one of Drake’s jackets. -09:26 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: Germany had been wished farewell and fans were buying tshirts on thier way out as Drake entered the dressing roomand folded his arms, leaning against the doorframe. Maddie was fast asleep and that brought a smile to her made up lips. Making a surprisingly small amount of sound for someone with in leather boots he walked over to the bencha nd sat on the corner. A hand gently alighted on her cheek before he leaned down and kissed her lips, lingering for just a second before behind him a throat was cleared. "I knoow." he said liftigng his head to look over his shoulder. "Sorry Maddie wardrobe wants to get me out of constume so they can pack up and go get free drinks." -09:34 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: She streeeetched and hummed and the grabby hands were already tugging gently at his shirt. "Hmm, but there is still a whole half of the show..?" Maddie blinked, taking a second to recognize which costume he was wearing. Final act… "I missed it! You let me miss the finale? Someone could have woke me!" Now she was sulking. The last show of a tour was almost the best one, and always had the encore songs and she slept through it like a total idiot! -09:39 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: He stood and stripped off his jacket to hand it to an intern before he flopped into a makeup chair. "If you’re rested during the morning and saved your energy drinks this wouldn’t have happened." he teased. "I kept telling you." she was talkignaorund a wet sponge taking off his stage makeup and an ifenimate man’s chest as he did his job. "Now though we have coffe on an celebrations to have!" -09:45 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: Maddie still hadn’t stopped pouting, but now she was sitting up and on the edge of the couch. End of the tour meant that they could sleep in late and that she was going to get him all to herself. Which was especially good now that she had him thuroughly seduced. She could do it all over again! She started grinning in the most ridiculous way. "You and me alone in the hotel room? I didn’t have a chance to use my feather duster…" -09:49 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: Drake reddened slightly but saved himself. "After parties." he said giving her a look. "The crew desurve one, they put on a great show and the place has been booked for months. It’s a very important part of a tour so try not to sleep through it, okay?" he was blatantly poking fun at her now. -09:55 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: Maddie never thought in her life that she would want to complain about an after party with Preston Starr. Wait, was he blushy? She couldn’t have made him blushy… She giggled, shifting in her seat. "I’m good and rested now, I won’t miss a thing. Unless you’d like to tire me out all over again? I could borrow an apron from the makeup crew." She was being flirtyflirty with his crew lurking around, it was his own fault for blushing! -10:01 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: He gave her another look before throwing a shirt from a nearby chair at her. "Behave. Last thing I need is the press getting word of my girlfriend being a costume wearing sexual deviant. You museum wouldn’t get any peace. On the plus side with that reputation you’d have no trouble getting a rich married man to have an affair with you if we ever broke up." -10:06 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: Now it was her turn to flush red. Maddie huffed and hid her face with the shirt, effectively muffling her voice. "I don’t want to have an affair with some other guy!" She peeked over the shirt to glance around the room. "Press people aren’t hiding around behind furniture, are they?" -10:21 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: Drake was finally bemadeup and free to start pullinghis shirt off. "They’re like cemera men in horror movies. Everywhere and all seeing, the real monsters but no one ever seem them swarming like rats in a basement." he pulled on a t-shirt and leached for a dark demin jacket. "Come on Maddie, I’m hungry, and Greg, see you at the party." reached out for Maddie’s hand. "I could go for a steak right now… but maybe we should try and fons something a little more Bravarian?" -10:30 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: Maddie hopped up and was at his side in an instant, taking his hand and swinging it between them. She flashed the makeup guy a brief grin, but she was really just all eyes for Drake. Lightly bouncing on her feet. "You’re going to make me all jumpy and give me nightmares. We could make a quickie appearance at the party and then run away together?" -10:34 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: Drake sighed. "I can’t do that, I’m the star of the show and the imminent boss of the operation. If I go running off then that’s bad for people frrling like a team." he said. "Especially when I told people I’d be there. Friends. People I want you to meet." he said. "Now what do you want to eat? Singing for a week works up and apitite." -10:40 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: "I knooooow." Chided again, Maddie gave in. Of course she understood it was important, but sometimes she wanted to be selfish. Stuck in another faint point, she swung his hand back and forth. "Lets eat something local? I’ll never have another chance to try real homemade German food!" -10:48 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: "Real honest to goodness bratwurst it is. I think I know of a place nearby. We’ll have to grab a taxy to take us though." he walked out with her asking to have one called to the back enterence as he did and before long they were in the beack seats and on thier way. In the cab Drake didn’t speak at first. There were things that he wanted to talke about but not in front of a txi driver. -10:53 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: Normally she would be thrilled at the prospect of an after party. Those things were the coolest. But maybe she was a tiny bit tired, and just a little bit huffy she couldn’t get him alone yet. Maddie rest her head on his shoulder in the backseat and tried to remind herself not to be a pain in the ass. What she really would have loved to do was seduce him all over again, and the thought made her grin. He told her to behave, though, and behave she would. -10:59 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: As they pulled up outide an expencive looking palce proclaiming proudly to have the best traditional german quisine in germany Drake sighed. "On of these days I’m going to go to a quiet country in and see how things taste there. Maybe for my after tour vacation." he payed the driver and leaned over to kiss Maddie’s cheek. "Come on, I’m actually really hungry." He stepped out of the cab and slipped his arm aorund Maddie when she joined him. -11:03 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: Maddie bit back the dirty joke about offering herself up for his meal. She slid her arms around his waist, which made for awkward walking, but satisfied her need to hug and cling on to him. "Are we even going to be able to read the menus? Hum, I guess they probably have english translations for all the tourists anyway. Unless you can speak German!" -11:09 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: Drake almost rolled his eyes, almost. "They’ll have english. If they didn’t the sign woulf be in German and just be about food, not GERMAN food. Ifyou’re talkign about the quiet country place though them… we’ll see. Want to go with me? We can leave yomorrow or the day after and take a couple of days." he clourly wasn’t concidering her work. -11:12 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: "Run away with you? I’d love to!" Oooh, what a great time it would be! Like all of her daydreams and fanfictions. Sadly, there was still reality to contend with. "…except my vacation is up soon. I used all of my vacation days for this tour. I’m already kind of on thin ice for all of the days I’ve missed…" -11:15 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: Drake stopped, broke away from her, turned, and have her his very best magazine cover puppy dog face. "I’m already appearing at the museul for publicity and satign what a great place it is… how about I promise a donation too? 25% of my take from the tour, including tshirt sales, album sales… It’s probably not as much as it sounds but should be enough to pay for a new exhibit or fixing an old one. -11:18 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: If she were the Museum Curator, she’d have caved in a heartbeat! Maddie was already having a hard time resisting the sad Starr face, which had her pouting and tugging at his coat begging him to stop. "I’m not the boss! I don’t get to make those kind of decisions and deals! If it were up to me, I would say yes and run off with you and just make money selling my paintings…" -11:22 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: He grinned. "That part is up to you." he said. "You’re in control of your own life and if you want to sell paintings for a living then what’s stopping you." he placed his hand on hers before turning and pulling her towards the resturant. He really WAS hungry. "Get you boss on the phone when it’s not godawful o clock there and I’ll talk to him." -11:27 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: "Well, no one is actually going to buy my paintings, so that’s kind of a stopper!" Happilly tugged along, she laughed the rest off. "You’re going to bribe my boss, then? That’s almost like paying for me, you know! You can’t buy me from the museum!" -11:31 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: This time Drake really did roll his eyes. "They [ay youand kee you around because you touch up aintings which makes them money through people paying to see them… I’m just compansating them for thier losses. Simple economics. But if you WANT to go back and force me to do this alone… and I wouldn’t even be able to pick up girls with cute accents with my sports car…" -11:33 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: Maddie swatted at him. "Don’t even think about cute girls with accents! They’re like catnip!" That had her, she pulled her phone out of her pocket and busily sent a few rushed texts to her boss about expecting phonecalls. "If I get fired, I’ll have to sell my place and move in with you. Just remember that!" -11:38 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: "I have plenty of room." he said pushing open the door and waving to a waiter. "I’m not sure if I can afford to feed you though. I’m just an honest pop star trying to get by. Would you say you cost more or less than a supercar?" -11:45 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: "If by supercar, you mean that monster you just bought, I am pretty sure I’m not even in the same universe." The place was very nice. Maddie wasn’t exactly up on her German or European culture, so she couldn’t tell the difference between what was authentic and what was stereotyped. But the place DID smell really really good. When they were led to their table, she slid in to her seat. "Your Nanny McMean probably won’t be too keen on you bringing home a girl to keep, though." -11:49 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: Drake sat down and opened a menu. "She’d probably prefer it to randome ones that never show up again. She wants me to get married and me ‘respectable’ instead of a nancy boy." he laughed. "Sometimes I can’t tell who is more disappointed in me, her or my mother." -11:56 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: "Your mom is a little bit scary." she admitted, turning pages of her menu and being glad she could read it. It was hard to concentrate on what to order, though, when she was thinking about how nice it would be to get back to a room and have no where to be in the morning. "I don’t think I can pronounce most of this stuff." -12:00 Jul 03 Madeline
Your Starr

Your Starr 014: Going All the Way

[Drake is eading for his hotel rool after a long day, but only a couple more and he gets a holiday.] -01:41 Jun 14
[Madeline was told to leave early, because apparently everyone thinks she is worn out! But it’s okay, this is giving her a chance to surprise Drake when he gets back to the hotel room!] -01:41 Jun 14
Madeline: He thought all her cleaning and cooking was cute, and Maddie had a vague memory of him liking costumes. …Maybe! Well, she couldn’t quite remember when and how she got the idea, but she was rolling with it. Dress in the cutest sexy French Maid outfit she could find, Maddie prepared the hotel room for a romantic seduction! Staring HER as the seductress! Dinner was already brought up, the room was lit with a dozen candles. And she was posed in her most sexiest of poses on the bed, ready for when he opened the door. …somewhere between trying the best pose for showing off her legs and trying to move a pillow to the right spot, Maddie fell asleep! -01:45 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: He enetered and… first thing he notices was maddie sprawled across the bed in typical sleep pose, the second was that several candles were in danger of voiding the room deposit! He dropped his bag with a thump and hurried around the room blowing them out and then stood over the bed with a smile spreading over his face before he say down onthe bed and gently put a hand on her shoulder to give her a small shake. "Maddie." he said softly before shakign again. "I’m starting to think you want to have sex with me." -02:02 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: "Hmm..?" Maddie swatted at his hand, still mostly asleep, but apparently so deeply determined to enact her scene, she was still mumbling about it. "would you like me to take your clothes… hmmm, offsir?" Her nose twitched a bit when she smelled smoke, making her finally sit up and rub her eyes. "Did you blow out my candles? How am U suppose to serve you in the dark?" -02:07 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: "Thyey were getting low and this is an expencive hotel, deposits aren’t cheep." He reached out to turn on a bedside lamp and get a good look at her. "You’re adorable, you know that? I don’t think I’ve ever had a girl do this for me before." -02:11 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: Maddie gave him a dubious look, leaning forwards on a hand towards him. "You’ve never ever had a girl try to seduce you in your hotel room? I don’t believe it! I am pretty sure you’ve been molested a few times and had your clothes ripped right off you. …at least that is what I was intending to do!" He called her adorable though, which was making her pout and flush just a bit. She was going for sexy, not adorable! -02:14 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: "Not putting this much effort into it anyway." he pulled on the outfit. "Where did you even get this? And why arn’t you trying. I really want to see that." she stood and started walking towards the door. "Let’s start again, this time with you awake, hmm?" -02:17 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: "I snuck it in with my luggage." He actually wanted to try again from the start. "It won’t be as good without the candles!" She was already bouncing back on the bed and getting ready to take her position. The whole point of this was to try and take him by surprise, now he was expecting a performance! Maddie swallowed her anxiousness about it, she really really wanted this! "Okay, go out and count to ten and walk back in again!" -02:22 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: "Sure thing Maddie." he said with a wink before he stepped out the door and it closed. "ONE!" he called out to let her know he’d started and then counted the rest of the way silentl. Two, three, four, five…. Maddie was cute and she actually cared for him , he was the one taking things slow? Why? He liked her, a lot. He was sure of that… maybe he was afraid of ruining things with her… ten… the door opened and Drake leaned against the door frame, arms crossed. -02:26 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: Maddie was sitting there on her knees in bed, cheeks a little more flush meaning she probably slapped herself a few times to wake up. Her hair fluffed up and smoothed out. In one hand she had a fancy looking feather duster ticking back and forth. "Welcome home, Mister Starr. Your bed has been turned down, would you like to be turned on?" She was struggling to keep a straight face with that line and her best suuuulty lips smile. The corner of her mouth was twitching. -02:30 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: She was obviously nearvous and he decided he wouldn’t point out that he was dead tired too nor would he make this hard for her. "Actually, Mediline." he said in his best faux english accent. "I think I would like some coffee first. You may serve it to me however you wish." there had to be coffee on the roon service cart, right?" -02:38 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: However she wished, huh? That wicked grin came out before she could hide it, but at least she managed to quell a giggle at his silly accent. Maddie slipped out of bed, as gracefully as she could. Took a wide arc, so she could pass by him and tickle under his chin with her feather duster, and then waltzed over to the service cart making sure to give that foxy french woman sway to her hips. "Coffee, tea, or a glass of champagne. Master Drake? The champagne is good with strawberries." Maddie planned well. The cart had a whole manner of things that’d keep well just in case he was late. And lent for fun playing. She held out a strawberry for him. -02:46 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: he grabbed her wrist and puled it just enough for it to twinge before biting off the strawberry leading the stalk in her hands. "Coffee, I need to staw awake." he said his eyes meeting hers as a grin spead across his lips. "Then champagne and strawberries." He drew a deep breath. "But first I want you to take my jacket, my shoulders are sore from work…" this wasn’t exactly true, he had showered before coming. -02:56 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: She was supposed to be the one doing the seducing, but dammit he was really sexy! It took some effort to stay in character. There might have even been a twitch of her nose giving away her struggle, a she turned towards the cart and tried to decide which came first; coffee or jacket. Maddie settled for pouring him a cup, just the way he liked it. Then moved back to him to push his jacket off his shoulders to take it from him. She made sure to give a great deal of gratuitous touching along the way. "Would you like me to rub your shoulders, Master Drake? Oooor anything else?" -03:02 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: He eased himself into a chair and looked at her. "You’re meant to be feeding me coffee, but while it cools you are wemcome to help my shoulders. His skin was ringling where she had touched it and he was hoping she would sit in his lap. Would she? That would be bold for her… this was her show though and he was very curious to see how she would handle it. -03:06 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: Feed him the coffee? Oooh, she loved that idea! She also seemed to be debating her next move. She could stand behind him and rub his shoulders properly, but then he wasn’t going to get the full effect of her very low collar line. She could sit in his lap very daintily… or go sex goddess with it. Maddie chose sex goddess. Her feather duster came with her on her way to his chair. She straddled his lap and set her duster down on the side table. Maddie looked really pleased about her choice, to the point of trying to hold her grinning back by biting her lip. SHe rest her hands on his shoulders and squeezed gently. "Better?" -03:11 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: He had been expecting the dainty laidy approach and to have her in his lap with her skirt open to him and…. that neck line. "I still don’t taste coffee." he teased as he put both ahnds on her waiste and forced his eyes up to her face. "But that’s okay because you’re meant to be giving my shoulders all your attention…" would she unbutton his shirt? would she…He squeezed her sides. She was going to be a naughty maid, either way… -03:17 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: "All of my attention might require more than just my hands." He was so, so sexy, and she couldn’t help but squirm on his lap when he squeezed her waist. Her head was screaming at her to just rip all his clothes, but she had a PLAN and was determined to stick with it! This was a seduction, not a molesting! Maddie rubbed his shoulders once or twice more, but then the opened the collar of his shirt wider. Unbuttoned one button so there was enough room for her to slip her hands under the fabric, and rubbed them again. And with that extra skin exposed, she leaned forward to brush a soft kiss against his neck. -03:22 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: She was squirmign and miving against his lap and he was more than aware what that was making happen downstairs. His hips twitched and he moved a hand to rub her lowr back. "What maid kisses thier master there?" he asked slipping back into his own voice in a soft tone. "I havn’t even had my coffee." -03:28 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: A giggle slipped out, but she managed to muffle it against his neck. When she sat up straight again, she had a very serious expression. "You’re right. You should have your coffee first." Maddie turned without getting off his lap, and reeeeaaaaached. It was a bit of a stretch but she managed to hook the cart with her finger and tug it closer. She picked up the coffee cup and made sure it wasn’t too hot. She was a little tempted to pour it down his shirt and pull the thing off him, but instead she held it gently to his lips. -03:32 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: He drew the coffee into his mouth and smiled at her. "Thank you Madeline." he said with a smile as he moved his arms to the tam rests and kept them there. "Just the way I like it… is that french press, there’s a hint of almond too?" He eally shouldn’t be having coffee this late, he had work to do tomorrow… though this late in the tour people mostly had the routines down… -03:40 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: If he didn’t stop being so adorably casual, she was going to lose it and start giggling. She was already chewing on her lip again trying to not smirk. "I didn’t make it, Master Drake. I only serve it." she chided. And she giggled… and she spilled! Just a little bit, and maybe just a bit on purpose too. "I’m sorry! Let me get that for you." She set the cup aside and use her thumb to brush away the bit of coffee from his chin. Then she was leaning to lick the corner of his mouth. There was that wickedly pleased Maddie grin again. -03:45 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: His eyes slipped closed and he turned his head to press him lips into hers, parting them slightly to allow her tongue in… before he pulled away. "Now look what you made me do…" he said. "Such scandal…" he grinned and leaned forwards again to run his tongue across her lower lip. "How about a strawberry?" -03:50 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: A soft sound escaped her and she almost cracked. Her hands were already curled in to his shirt, tugging gently and she was all dizzy from holding her breath. Maddie pried her fingers opened, but only one hand, and reached to pluck a strawberry off the plate. She held it close to his mouth, her face still barely an inch from his. "You probably shouldn’t do that again…" At that point it wasn’t clear if she meant it in character, or because she’d molest him! -03:56 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: He leaned back and tilted his head at her. She was really turned on by that and he was really tempted to do it again just to see what she would do. "Sorry, Madeline, I couldn’t help myself… we should finish that mug of coffee…" his hands were gripping the arm rests hard to keep himself fro lifting her and throwing her oneo the bed so her could see if there was underwear under the skirt or not. -04:00 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: Maddie wasn’t sure she could hold that cup of coffee without her hands shaking now! And when he leaned back, she tilted forward just a bit. That strawberry went in to her mouth instead. It was the only way she was gonna keep it busy long enough so she could seduce him properly! The hand clutching his shirt accidentally unbuttoned another of his buttons. She finally had sense enough to reach for the mug again, shifting slightly on his lap when he turned. "Are you sure you want to drink this? I bet I could keep you awake!" -04:07 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: "Are you… hitting on me?" he said in mock surprise as he looked at her and his eyes slid lower. The way the outfit shapped her cleavage was… he he gotten a good look af that before not counting the shower incident? He wasn’t sure. "Because I’d like you to… keep me awake." His hands moved back to her sides and his eyes settled on hers. "How do you plan to?" -04:12 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: By throwing his clothes off, dragging him to the floor and screwing him in about seventy different positions. But she had to play this cool. She was cool, sexy Maddie, and he was supposed to be the one wild with carnal desire! Thinking all of this was not helping her keep on her sultry face. She set the mug back down again, and smoothed her hands over his shoulders. Straighted his collar a bit. She leaned forward, her lips a hair’s breath from his ear and whispered. "I would give you a bath. With my tongue. Until there isn’t a bit of you that hasn’t gotten my full service." -04:19 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: He moved his hand to take the mug from her and place it down on the floor next to the chair before straitening back up an dlooking at her. He didn’t say anthing as his hands started at her sides and moved up to squeeze her breasts and run back down, onof then sneaking under her skirt to rub her thigh. "Really… Maddie?" he asked softly grinning as his eyes moved up to hers. Then his hands were moving again and he gripped her watste. "Hold onto me." that was all the warnign she got before her was slipping off of the chair and, holding her against him setting her own on her beck of the floor before nipping a line down the line of her jaw, the side of her neck, and to her shoulder as his hands repeated the mothough of squeezing her boobs again and sliding back down to disappear under her skirt and squeeze ehr butt… time to test for panties. -04:26 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: She was squealing in her head and it was miracle she wasn’t doing it out loud too. He had gone from Madeline to Maddie and now his hands were roaming everywhere, making her squirm and coaxing out a giggle. She definitely wasn’t wearing any panties, and seemed to be proud of the fact by the way she grinned smugly up at him. Oooh, she couldn’t help it now. That shirt of his was coming OFF and she was quickly working the buttons loose. -04:32 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: He helped get dir of the shirt before he looked down at her and flipped the skirt up to lie against her stomach, then he wes running her inner thigh as he lenaed down tot take the p top of her dress in his teeth and pull it down befire he nipped along the line of newly exposed skin. Then he was troking her hood with his finger and letting out a pleased sigh before moving away and taking her hand in his and palcing it on the clasp of his belt. "If you really want to have sex maddie, then I want you in that outfit while we do it.. but firt, in character… I want to know how you’re react to what I just did…" -04:37 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: In character! Maddie was barely able to think about herself when her whole body was aching and throbbing where he touched her. And there too. Maddie tugged hard on his belt, looking a bit frustrated about it not coming off and flustered with trying to use words when she just wanted to sink her teeth in to his bare shoulders..! "hum…! I think my character would be tearing your clothes off with a steak knife, and I am so so soooo about to do that myself…" Yep, she was already undoing his belt. And if he didn’t like it, well then he could just call the police on her! -04:47 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: He leaned down to nip a line doen her throat as she bussied herself with his belt and he kicked off his shoes. "Wait…" he whispered before moving away and standinf, his pants being kicked off as he moved towards the room service cart. "Did you order a condom?" she had wanted to seduce him right? She’d have one… becuase he didn’t! Dammit he really didn’t want to have to order one and then wait. -04:50 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: Condoms, what? It was too late for that now! Maddie shook her head, and wasn’t apologetic about her lack of foresight either. Because she wasn’t thinking about condoms and consequences at the moment. Not when she had him undressed and had gotten this far! She snatched his arm to turn him back to her, then was grabbing his head to drag him down in a hard kiss. Her hands tangling in to his hair and her body pressing up against him. "Shut up and get in bed with me please. Or the floor, or the table, the wall, now..!" That came out in a hushed mutter before she crushed her mouth to his again. -04:58 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: "Mmmmmfff" that kiss… "I hope you’re on the pill…" he muttered before he pushed her down to the floor again and kissed her back, just as thouroughly, his hadn moving down and pulling his pulsing member from his boxers. Even his own hand holding it made him shiver, and he couldn’t not then move forwards and push the tip against her slit until it parted and he was in her, his hand moving to grip her thigh as his hips moved to meet hers. This was it, they were finally doing it… -05:04 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: Every bit of her clenched. From her toes curling, to her hands tightening in his hair to the point of her nails digging in to his scalp. She let out a soft cooing whimper against his mouth, barely being able to take in a breath before kissing him again. Thrusting her tongue in to his mouth with all that pent up energy she had been holding back. She mooooved and purr, wrapping her legs tightly around his waist. She had waited so long for this and imagined it a thousand times and it was still even better than that! -05:11 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: He trust again, taking her tongue with his and letting out a keep groan. He had no idea why he had waited this long… now they were going to get to do this all the time. He thrust again, finding his gri[ and the traction he needed against the carpet to move faster and faster. He couldn’t help himself, Madeline that dress… he was desperate to feel it all with her, not havign had sex in a while factored in too and she was obviously loving it. -05:14 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: It felt so good it was almost most painful! And still she wanted more of him. Her hands stroked down the back of his neck. One down his shoulder and under his arm around wrap around him and hold him close. Maddie’s fingers would flex and grip against his shoulder blade, trying so hard not to dig her nails in to him, but doing so anyway every time she twist just the right way and groaned. Her other hand cupped his face, thumb stroking against his jaw as she kissed him feverishly. Nibbling and biting in to his bottom lip before her kiss turned softer and more tender. He had no idea how he made her feel! -05:23 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: He held her lower lip between his teeth gently before he pulled on it and trust at the same moment. "Meddie." he mumbled before he pushed his lips ahrd against hers, his rythm reaching a fever pitchm his hand positinging eher so he could trust in deeper. Her small touches drew him deeper under her spell as he tried to male it last. He wasnted her to come first after all. She was just… "Wonderful…" -05:32 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: Wonderful? She didn’t think he could have said anything better than that! Her whole body melted, and all of her tugging and clinging was replaced with pets and soft stroking. She captured his mouth in a long sweet kiss, nuzzling his cheek when she broke away to gasp for breath. "I love you, I love you…" Maddie couldn’t remember if she had said it before then, but sure as hell meant it now. She was hopelessly and completely in love and she wanted this forever. -05:38 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: "I love you too." he whisppered ruturnign her kiss and agressivly invading her mouth with his tongue. "I love you too." he held her against him, his pounding growing more desperate. He was gone completely and he didn’t care. -05:43 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: Loved her. Loved her and made her feel like she was in heaven. It couldn’t be lies because she could see it on his face as she caressed his cheek and took his mouth. She wanted to keep this all night, but her own limbs were working against her. Her hips rising to meet him and her thighs squeezing tight against his hips. "Hmm, Drake…!" She couldn’t hold on any longer! Her head fell back against the carpet as she gasped. Hands griping in to his shoulders and arms sliding around his neck to hold him to her. Maddie buried her face in to the crook of his neck as her body shook and clenched around him. -05:54 Jun 14 Madeline
[(Timeout) Madeline was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -06:28 Jun 14
Drake: He welf her go, like the tipping scales and for a moment that’s all he was aware of. The feeling of her around him and the looke of passionate bliss etched on her features. He didn’t even realize he had come too until he felt the post orgasm rush and he fell on top of her, his lips nuzzling against ehr cheek. "I’d say your plan worked…" he whispered before kissing the corner of her mouth. "Let’s do tht again… real soon." -06:28 Jun 14 Drake
[Madeline enters.] -06:29 Jun 14
Madeline: "All the time, forever." she murmured. Everything tingled and twinged. Her stayed around them, but it was clear they were about as useless as noodles. Maddie turned her head so she could kiss him again. Smiling ridiculously wide, and ridiculously infatuated. "I do love you." -06:34 Jun 14 Madeline
Your Starr

Your Starr 013: The Bribe

[Madeline will always be a hopeless fangirl.] -02:32 Mar 18
[A knock at the door is heard, early in the morning at the time Drake usually shows up.] -02:34 Mar 18
Madeline: Maddie is as awake as she could get, full of more caffiene than any human being should be taking. She hadn’t even had a cup of coffee yet. Maddie just made sure to swallow a few caffiene tablets to be sure she’d stay awake and on her toes all day. Already dressed, she was bouncing over to the door, more than pleased to swing it open and greet the expected object of her affection. -02:38 Mar 18 Madeline

The face that greeted her was not Drake’s but the stern visage of his mother, either side of her were two en who worked with the studio. “Take her.” she said before they stepped forwards and each took one of Madeline’s arms and dragged her out into the hall. “You’ll be getting a ride with me today.” -A knock at the door 02:51 Mar 18

Madeline: Well, crap. It was sad that was always the first thing she thought when she saw his mom. But today it was followed by a more alarmed vocal squeak when she was grabbed. Maddie did the wise thing and didn’t struggle or make a scene. It’s not like the woman was going to have her shot in the parking lot and shoved in to the trunk of a car. …Maddie was pretty sure, anyway. "Um…! And good morning to you too? The grabbyhands aren’t all that necessary." She tried smiling at the assumed body guards in hopes that’d melt them. -02:55 Mar 18 Madeline
[A knock at the door is now known as: Mary] -02:57 Mar 18
Mary: "Then Mark, you get us coffee and meet back at the limo. Ron, keep atight grip." they marched though the hotel and into the elevator where Mary turned to look intently at Maddie, not saying a word. -02:59 Mar 18 Mary
Madeline: One less guy holding on to her was better than nothing. Thank goodness she got dressed quick this morning, otherwise she’d have been dragged through the hotel in her pajamas. Maddie tried not to look intimidated by the women. This was clearly just a big show to freak her out. "Are we going to be meeting Drake? Or is this.. um… bonding time for us?" Please don’t let it be bonding time! Maddie doubted she wanted to be alone with the woman! -03:04 Mar 18 Madeline
Mary: "You could call it that." she said, no warmth in her voice or the smile on her face. As soon as the doors opened she started walkign through the foyer and out to a waiting car that she got in and Madeline was "Helped" into. Then she sat, her eyes on Maddie and clasped her hands together, agains not saying a word. -03:08 Mar 18 Mary
Madeline: Maddie supressed her crestfallen expression. Or it might have been a horrified expression. She sank in to her seat, twisting up the edge of her shirt in her hands, and finding a great deal of interest in looking out the window instead of at HER. "Aaaand what did you want to talk about? I think the tour is going really great." -03:11 Mar 18 Madeline
Mary: "My son." she said her gaze not shifting. "And what you want from him." she continued. "I know I don’t look like the best mother but I love Drake and since you’re not going anywhere…" she paused to examine Maddie again. "I need to know that you’re not going to break his heart." -03:17 Mar 18 Mary
Madeline: Was that all..? Maddie very visibly relaxed. She never wanted to think the worst about his mother, the woman was just naturally terrifying. If all she really wanted was what was best for Drake, then Maddie felt a lot more confident. Though she was still twisting up the edge of her shirt in her hands, now she was sitting straight and grinning at the woman. "I’m definitely not going to break his heart. I don’t think I have ever loved somebody this much." -03:20 Mar 18 Madeline
Mary: Mary didn’t relax. "He’s a celebrity. A lot of girls would take advantage of that and some have… If you hurt him I will make life very difficult for you." -03:36 Mar 18 Mary
Madeline: "I understand. I don’t want to hurt him or take anything from him." Maddie crossed her arms around herself, tilting her head to the side as she chewed on the tip of her tongue in thought. "I am a fan, and I do really love everything that he does, and it’s all amazing. But it’s not why I am still with him. None of that stuff is why I like him so much." -03:40 Mar 18 Madeline
Mary: The door opened and two plastic cups were handed to Maddie before the from passenger door opened then closed and the car started. "If it’s money then you can have one million rght now so long as you never see him again." this was the test. A shiney million all to themselves wouls send many girls running to the bank. She even pulles a briefcase into her lap and opened it. "I would make excuses for you abcense but if you ever went near him again…" -03:46 Mar 18 Mary
Madeline: Holy crap, was that actual real money? Maddie didn’t doubt it. With a cup of coffee in her hands, she chugged a few quick swallows. Finally she sighed and shook her head. "I really don’t want any money and I don’t WANT to leave him. I told you, I love him and I care about him." What would she even do with a million bucks, and no have Drake? Lots and lots of art, but she wouldn’t get pizza on the couch and snuggling. "How many girls have you paid off to leave? Do they actually do that? Take the money and run?" -03:59 Mar 18 Madeline
Mary: She closed the case and placed it on the seat next to her before openign the door next to her and got out. "The driver will take you anywhere you want to go." she said before closing the door, the case still on the seat as Mary walked towards another car, none of the questiosn answered. -04:05 Mar 18 Mary
Madeline: Maddie blinked in confusion, leaning in her seat to watch the woman switch to a different car. So she was just going to leave the money in there and hope she took off? Maybe? Maddie ran her fingers through her hair and huffed. "I guess I want to go back to the hotel!" She announced to the driver. Hopefully it wasn’t too late to meet with Drake. Otherwise she was going to have to try and catch up to him! -04:14 Mar 18 Madeline
[Mary the driver looked back. "Miss, we never left." he pointed out hands on the wheel. "I was meant to take you to the set to meet drake?"] -04:19 Mar 18

the driver looked back. “Miss, we never left.” he pointed out hands on the wheel. “I was meant to take you to the set to meet drake?” -Mary 04:19 Mar 18

Madeline: "R-right…!" Dammit, she was so wound up by all that caffiene and Drake’s mother freaking her out, she hadn’t even realized they never left the parking lot! With her face red, she took another sip of coffee, and cleared her throat. "Of course, um, yeah. I’d like to go meet Drake, please… I didn’t know he already left without me." -04:23 Mar 18 Madeline
[Mary The driver nodded and the car pulled away heading for the staduim where preperation would be being made, it wasn’t far and the only thing that happened during the drive was the brifcase falling off of the seat and onto the floor, but they were soon pulling into the parking lot and being waved into the crew’s parking.] -04:28 Mar 18

the driver looked back. “Miss, we never left.” he pointed out hands on the wheel. “I was meant to take you to the set to meet drake?” -Mary 04:31 Mar 18

The driver nodded and the car pulled away heading for the staduim where preperation would be being made, it wasn’t far and the only thing that happened during the drive was the brifcase falling off of the seat and onto the floor, but they were soon pulling into the parking lot and being waved into the crew’s parking. -Mary 04:31 Mar 18

Madeline: Maddie eyed that briefcase during the whole ride. One the one hand, it was kind of insulting to be offered money to leave. Like she would actually do that. On the other, she could totally see where his mom might’ve had the wrong impression. She was a fan from a contest and things moved really fast. She wasn’t exactly pop-star-girlfriend material and definitely not fiance material. They hadn’t even had sex yet, not for her lack of trying… and now that she thought about it, that might’ve just been to prevent her from having his love-child and running away! Now Maddie wasn’t sure if she was mad, depressed, or what! She shifted in the limo to grab that briefcase. If it really WAS full of money, she couldn’t just leave it there. She would give it to Drake. -04:34 Mar 18 Madeline
[Mary is now known as: Drake] -04:37 Mar 18
Drake: He was in the middle of things, as usual, making sure everythign was ready for the night. Right now he was sitting on his haunches while one of the roadies shecked the elecricals for the stage. As the door opened he stood. "Great, you’re here put ot over there with the… Maddie?" he looked surprised for a second before smiling. "How many times to I have to tell you you don’t need to help me. You can sit over there and I’ll be with you in a minute?" -04:40 Mar 18 Drake
Madeline: With a briefcase in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other, she probably looked like a lawyer or something! The thought almost made her smile. Instead, she rocked on her feet, giving Drake her best disapproving look. "You left without me! I bet you thought I’d sleep in and not be underfoot, huh?" At least she didn’t think HE sent his mom over. Although now her head was swimming with a bunch of stupid doubts again. Why did that woman always stir those up! "Did you have breakfast? I could go fetch something." -04:45 Mar 18 Madeline
Drake: "I’ll eat at lunchtime." he said before looking over her shoulder and pointing someone who had arived behnd her in the right direction. "And you keep tiring yourself out so I let you sleep. I’dlike for you to make it to the end on my concerts you know." he was teasing, obviously. "What’s in the bag? You bring papers from the hotel?" -04:48 Mar 18 Drake
Madeline: "I don’t need any sleep, I’m fine, see?" She bounced once or twice on her feet to prove it. "And breakfast is theeeee most important meal of the day, you should totally eat." Maddie looked down at the briefcase and frowned. She held it up a bit to shake it. "Your mom ambushed me with security and tried to pay me off like she’s some sort of mobster. This is full of money, I think, so I thought I would give it back to you and not leave it lying around." -04:52 Mar 18 Madeline
Drake: He rolled his eyes and took the handle. "You’re meant to leave it in the car, then she comes and ses if there’s any missing. I’ll handle this." he pushed past her with the case and disappeared outside to walk towards the second car. -04:58 Mar 18 Drake
Madeline: Maddie blinked again, watching him leave. There was rules to the whole bribery thing? That just proved how little she really understood about the famous world of famous people. Huffing again, she rest her now free hand on her hip, tapping a foot on the ground as she waited. She was almost tempted to follow and shout at them both just out of princical. Things did not need to be this kind of complicated. You liked a guy, you stay with the guy. …giving in to curiosity, she found up following after him anyway. -05:01 Mar 18 Madeline
Drake: Maddie’s delay in heading out made her miss the encounter and Drake was already walking back minus the case. He looked irritated and didn’t say anythign as he passed Maddie adn reentered the backstage area. -05:09 Mar 18 Drake
Madeline: She hated that look. He already had so much to worry about. Maybe she shouldn’t have mentioned anything at all about his mother… Maddie tossed her empty cup in the trash as she followed behind him, then quickly caught up. "It’s okay? Forgeting all of that stupid crap, breakfast is still a thing! I CAN go fetch something since you are so busy and I could bring it back for us." -05:13 Mar 18 Madeline
Drake: "It’s fine." he said dismisivly before throwing himself back into the fray signing a form and marching towards the stage itself to make sure everythign way on schedule. -05:18 Mar 18 Drake
Characters: Modern Realistic

Madeline King


Character Name: Madeline May King
Occupation: Art Restoration at a Museum
More: Older Brother: William August King, Older Sister: Emma June King


General Appearance:


Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality:
Inner Personality:


General History:

Present Life:

Special Historic Notes:

Celebrities appear on 'Extra'


Your Starr

Your Starr 012: Flight

[Madeline is going through AIRPORT NIGHTMARE SCENARIO. And she hasn’t even been able to make it through the gates yet! She is currently sitting in the security office, really annoyed, and also a little violated!] -11:36 Sep 03
[Drake has been waiting for Maddie for well over an hour, time is getting short but at least he’s had the presence of mind to ask around and he’s sure things will be resolved very soon.] -11:47 Sep 03
Madeline: Who gets mad about tweezers in a carry on bag? And why do unmarked metal water bottles show up as a suspicious item list? But at least those things shouldn’t have been too much of an issue. It was the fact that, despite having a ticket, she is apparently a suspicious person and lying about trying to get through security on to the plane! And the worst? A totally unwarranted strip search by what Maddie was SURE had to be the most worst security officer EVER. She was never going to make it on that plane! -11:50 Sep 03 Madeline
Drake: With his Maganger at one shoulder and his nanny at the other the security officer didn’t stand a chance. A national icon threatening to sue with his lawyer hovering in the background it was better to just let the man into the security office… And Drake opened the door slightly to poke his head in and make sure it really was the right Maddie. "Hey!" he called out before openeing the door fully. "I was worried about you." -11:55 Sep 03 Drake
Madeline: "Drake." Screw these dumb security guards! Maddie was out of her seat in a heartbeat, throwing her arms around Drake and clinging for dear life. If they wanted to take her to prison, they’d have to pry her off him! "These guys are just… I don’t think this is how airport security is supposed to work at all!" -12:01 Sep 04 Madeline
Drake: "In a sane world it isn’t that’s one of the advantages of having a fully qualified lawyer as your nanny. Now are we going to get on the plane or not? I managed to convince them you weren’t smulling nytroglisarine in your watter bottles." he hugged her back and smiled down at her. "You’re free to go, or come with me anyway. We’re going to Germany! I much less totalitarian state then it comes to security." -12:07 Sep 04 Drake
Madeline: "I am staying with you." She should have just met him in the morning and stayed with him the entire time in the first place, but Maddie wanted to stop by her work first and run some errands and she figured meeting him at the airport would have been a peace of cake. She was absolutely not letting him go, he was going to have to walk like this. "With my luck, the plane is going to crash right in to the Atlantic." -12:13 Sep 04 Madeline
[(Timeout) Drake was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -12:40 Sep 04
[Drake has been waiting for Maddie for well over an hour, time is getting short but at least he’s had the presence of mind to ask around and he’s sure things will be resolved very soon.] -12:40 Sep 04
Drake: "With mine it’ll soar to the stars and we’ll have an unforgettable and wonderful adventure. We’ll balance out somewhere in the middle." he pull her around until she was next to him and walked out into the cramped coridoor and headed abck the way he had come. "Your luggage is already being laoded and your handluggange is with Nanna so we’re all set to go. Ever traveled first class?" -12:43 Sep 04 Drake
Madeline: Maddie was clinging on to his clothes with no shame about it. At this point after being practically molested by security, she didn’t care who saw her being clingy. She shook her head! "I’ve never been on a plane before. Normally when we went on family vacations we’d just drive. And when I did trips by myself I took the bus. I blew all my money on the concert tickets!" -12:47 Sep 04 Madeline
Drake: He shook his head. "So you have it to my producer." he said shaking his head. "I’m starting to think you’re the biggest Preston Starr fan I’ve ever met." he chuckled. "Do you want the window?" They exited the corridor and made thier way into the departured lounge where Maddie’s handluggage and the rest of Drake’s enterage was waiting. "Iced tea Miss King?" an intern offered. "Still half an hour before boarding starts." -12:56 Sep 04 Drake
Madeline: "Maybe not the biggest Preston Starr fan in the world, but definitely the biggest Drake fan ever." Maddie cast him a big wide cheeky grin before she blinked at the intern. Maddie forced herself to detached from his clothes, and was now nodding about the tea. "Um, yes, please! A cold drink would be great right about now… And I would loooove the window!" Now that she was out of that disaster, Maddie was slightly bouncing on her feet. Trying to keep most of her excitement well contained, but not doing the best of josb at it. -01:02 Sep 04 Madeline
Drake: Drake sank into a seat and picked up a bottle to drink from before looking at the departures board and patting the seat next to him. There were a few guards around to keep fans away but to him they were in the background. "Everything on schedule the other side? I don’t want to have to rush the rehersals like Houston." -01:15 Sep 04 Drake
Madeline: Maddie plopped down in the seat next to him, surprised at how exhausted she already was just dealing with silly things all day. Mentally exhausted anyway. She was really itching to get up and go! Fly! See another country! A foreign Preston Starr Concert! It was impossible to quit grinning, and she curled her arms around his and grasped his hand. He could talk business with his dozens of assistants, while she sat there grinning like an idiot. Totally okay with her! -01:18 Sep 04 Madeline
Drake: "Last I heard everything was on schedule Mr. Starr." Drake didn’t even bother to correct. "Good, I’ll get a bit of sleep on the plane and we’ll see." he looked at his manager and then gave Maddie’s hand a squeeze. "After a movie or two." -01:25 Sep 04 Drake
Madeline: "I’ll be okay if you have to sleep, you know. Pretty sure I’m not afraid to fly, and if something goes crazy I’ll probably wake you up with my screaming." The grinning wasn’t turning off, even with Mother Manager lurking around and looking surly as hell. Maybe Maddie was getting used to the sour old woman? It was more likely she was just too ridiculously excited! Maddie was nearly bouncing in her seat again. "It’s an entire night on a plane, that’s really really cool!" -01:28 Sep 04 Madeline
Drake: He was shaking his head with a bemused grin. "Someone is having thier first international flight." he said glancing at her. "I don’t think I bounced this much and I was fourteen." he squeezed her hadn again and leaned over to kiss her cheek. "You’re not going to sleep are you? I would if I were you since I’m sure you want to come and watch the preperations. Your own backstage pass… is in my pocket. I wanted to give it to you when you arived but you had to get detained." -01:44 Sep 04 Drake
Madeline: "Hey, I sure didn’t get my ass grabbed by some handsy security douche on purpose!" By now, all that was completely out of her head… at least the being annoyed part. He was amused with her being excited, and she was too pleased to try and subdue it. Instead she was giggling and beaming, and probably every bit of the fangirl she was always accused of being! "Sleep is totally not going to happen! Do you have any idea how long it’s been since I’ve had a chance to go to a concert? And this one is in a different country too! Those always get the really stuff that people pitch stupid tantrums over in America! I’ll be in the front row for everything, yeah? The whole concert!" -01:49 Sep 04 Madeline
Drake: "Yes." he said. "Front and center." he pulled out her pass and hung it around her neck with on hand before picking up his bottle and taking another gulp. "That’s what I promised, isn’t it?" he glanced back at the board and then looked at where they’d be heading through. "And no I have no idea, I thought you went to all of them." -02:01 Sep 04 Drake
Madeline: "I would have, if I could afford it… I went to all of the local ones and the ones close enough for me to drive to and not miss more than a day at work." Maddie was immediately letting go of his arm to examine her pass. Her name and her face – how did they get that picture! – and all the import bits for getting backstage unmolested. At a Preston Starr concert. At least Maddie had the sense enough not to start squealing. Especially since it was still HOURS before they were even in the country for the concert. Once they were there, though, all bets were off. …bouncing was still on the table. She nearly hopped out of her seat to throw her arms around his neck and kiss his cheek. "You are amazing! You have no idea how amazing this is! I think I’m going to die!" -02:04 Sep 04 Madeline
Drake: "And you needed convincing you could." he reminded her. "Didn’t want me to pay for it…" his arm was around her shoulder and he was leaning against her with a smile on his lips. "It’s nice that I can get you like this by just taking you to work with me." -02:21 Sep 04 Drake
[Drake is walking thgough the passageway to the plane while his luggage is taken care of by the stage crew.] -07:11 Dec 30
[Madeline has never been on a plane before, so this is almost the coolest thing ever!] -07:17 Dec 30
Madeline: Maddie would always be a hopeless fangirl, and there was no trying to subdue it at this point. Even walking down the narrow corridor and holding Drake’s hand came with a half-bounce at every step. "Is it a private plane or a public plane? I don’t think you have a private plane, I suspect you’d rather spent that money on million dollar cars." she griiiinned, bumping against his shoulder. -07:22 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: "ANd you;re right." he said as they trooped up the gangway. "Cars a much cooler." his hand pulled out of hers and instead went arounf her shoulders to held her against him. until they reaached the plane door and the smiling flight attendant who greeted them and asked them to follow, through aa set of curtains itno the first class are. It looked more likt the interious of a tatch than a plane with huge seats the folded down into (almost) full size beds and there wee already several people there. "Well fellows." Drake said as most of them turned to look at him, a long-haired man, in a leather jacket, a a bald man with a goatee and trademark sunglasses… all of them famous musitions. "I’d like you all to meet Madeline King, she’d my plus one for the tour." -07:30 Dec 30 Drake
Madeline: There was no telling what she was bedazzled by more. The fact that this so didn’t look like the insides of a plane, at least no First Class flight she had ever seen, or the fact there very famous, very rich people that Drake so casually introduced her too as if he knew them. Not that she doubted he knew famous people, but it was the first time she had been introduced to them. "Hiiiiii." It was a starstruck squeak, accompanied by a tiny little wave. -07:36 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: They all greeted her in thier own way before they were shown to thier seaats, or booths as they moreclosely resembled and Drake sat down to lean back with his hands behind his head. "Welcome to the last 12 hours of relaxation we’ll be having for the next few days." he said turning his head to look at Maddie. "Well I will anyway." -07:40 Dec 30 Drake
Madeline: Maddie dropped in to her seat, but she was the very opposite of relax. Immediately she was poking at every button she could find to see what it did. Light. Sound. Little tiny tv. Summon button, which she assumed was for the stewartess. She squeaked in surprise when one of the buttons made her seat move, which then had her turning to inspect the back of it. "Don’t worry, I’ll be as helpful as I can while you’re working. I absolutely won’t be in the way." -07:43 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: "Good, because the show is for you to you’re needed in the crowd." he was obviously familiarwith the layout of the butting since he inclined his seat back and sighed. "And you should try and get some sleep on the flight." -07:47 Dec 30 Drake
Madeline: "I would miss this concert for all the money in the woooorld." she chirped. Getting sleep though, was definitely not going to happen. Maddie was sitting on her knees now, peering over the back of her seat to get a good look at the rest of the cabin. How could a plane be so… fancy! All of the seats may as well of been thrones. Decked out in lush fabrics and shiny trim. There was a woman in the back that looked like a forgein Queen. "I can’t see, I want to see when we get over the ocean!" -07:54 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: He sat up and pusshed the button uner the screen to purn it on, then a few gestures on the touchscreen and there was a menu to select external cameras. Then he was pulling the entire screen out of the chair and handin it to her like a bablet computer. "Have fun." he said. "But after dinner I’m definately getting some sleep. I’m going to need it." pullung her over for a kiss on her cheek he sat back down and started fiddling with his own screen, looking for music. -07:57 Dec 30 Drake
Madeline: "What on earth…" This was the most high tech thing she had ever seen. Maddie had no idea they could actually put cameras on the ouside of the plane and let people inside see what was going on. …she imagined that could be seriously terrifying if they were crashing. At the moment, their plane hadn’t yet taken off. Maddie slid back in to her seat the proper way, fiddling with the tablet to see what other angles she could see and what other programs would pop up on the screen. She griiiiinned right before she pounced to throw her arms around him and kiss his cheek back. "This is so, soooo cool, you have NO idea." -08:04 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: He laughed and smiled. "Yes I do. I’ve been on planes like this before." He gave her a raised eyebrow annd then went back to searching. "Have you ever flown before? -08:14 Dec 30 Drake
Madeline: "Nope. And now you’ve pretty much spoiled me for any other normal flights. This is grand." There was that signal going off about people taking their seats and putting on their seatbelts. Which was the only reason Maddie wasn’t climbing on to his lap to chirp about how neat everything was. She settled back in to her seat, strapped herself in and made sure her screen was ready so she could see what the take off looked like. "You do this all the time though, so I bet you have forgotten how crazy stuff like this for us normal people. Even a typical first class ticket doesn’t come with security cam screens." -08:18 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: "Well then you’re going to enjoy the flight, right?" he asked, doing up his own seatbelt aned smiling at the steawdess as she care to help them. "Bet you’re plad I insisted on paying now." -08:28 Dec 30 Drake
Madeline: "I don’t know. If I had gotten my own ticket I would be in a tiny budget seat somewhere at the back of the plane smushed inbetween two weird people. …but I wouldn’t have gotten molested by a TSA thinking I was a Preston Starr stalking weirdo either." With the tablet resting on her lap, she leaned over her armrest so she could pluck gently at his sleeve. "Have you fooled around in one of these planes before?" -08:35 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: "Fooled around?" he asked looking at her. "As in sex…" there was a smile and a hands brushed across her cheek. "Maybe one day you’ll find out the answer to that." a mischevious grin and he was taking her hadn in his. "Come on Maddie I can[t tell you absolutely everywhere I’ve done that…it might take too long." -08:47 Dec 30 Drake
Madeline: She grinned back at him, if she was jealous at all, she controlled it pretty well. Even SHE knew that a rock star was going to have tons of ‘experience’ under their belt. Maddie squeezed his hand. "You realized I pretty much just imagine the hugest sex spectacle I can. With crazy after show sex parties and threesomes in bathrooms and people tied up in hotel rooms. Not telling me is just feeding my over active imagination." -08:49 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: "wel I’ll continue to not tell you then so you can find somethign you like the idea of and let me know." he said smoothly. "Just… no threesomes. Bad idea. Truust me." he gave her a look ang then took a deep breath. They hadn’t done it hey and he knew they both wanted to… so why hadn’t he…? Maybe it was because she remonded him of how he used to be… -09:03 Dec 30 Drake
Madeline: Maddie stuck out her tongue, leaning back against her seat, but still holding his hand and his arm hostage. "I don’t think I could get in to a threesome anyway. That’s so.. um.. impersonal! Although I guess sex is just sex and people have it for the fun of it, but I like it so much better if it’s special." She was saying it even knowing how much she wanted to pounce on him and rip off his clothes a vast majority of the time. But it was still truth. Maddie wouldn’t want it if she didn’t love him, even if he WAS her most worshipped idol. The plane had started moving, and she squeezed his hand tighter. Maddie wasn’t afraid to fly, but apparently that didn’t stop her from suddenly being anxious about it. -09:10 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: It was awkward having her cling to him with the dividing wall between them but he didn’t say anything. "It will be special, trust me. With you how could it not be? Bit we’ll talk about that when we’re int he hotel in Germany." he squeezed her hand and relaxed as the plane took off. He was happy to be on thier way and almost forget to look at maddie’s screen for the cameras. "Smooth, we seem to have a good pilot." -09:25 Dec 30 Drake
Madeline: She was trusting his word that the take off was safe and smooth. Clinging to his hand with hers, and her other was tilting up her screen so she could see what it looked like to soooooar. It wasn’t the same as a window, but it was really neat. Maddie imagined looking out the plane’s front windows would probably be kind of nauseating. Then again, she really liked fast rides! "I betcha we’ll be way too busy to talk about sexy things. I can’t waaaaait for the concert. It really has been forever since I’ve been able to go to one. And listening to you in the studio and at home has been super awesome, but it’s not the same as a full all out stage presentation with the lights and the booming sound." -09:31 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: "Wait until you see this presentation." he said a gleam in his eye. "And hes I’ll be busy, you’re on holiday." another seeze of his hand and he was leaning back, closing his hand. "I’m happy to be doing a concert, they’re much more fun than recording albums." -09:41 Dec 30 Drake
Madeline: "Seeing you on stage is amazing. It’s why I have so many accidentally creepy paintings of you performing. Every time you’re on stage you come alive, and I just love painting those moments. Hrrm. I should have packed some of my paints…" Not that she couldn’t work from memory as soon as they were back, but sometimes it was best to get something out, right then when the image was fresh in her head. Maddie was still having a hard time settling, this was too exciting. The moment that seatbelt light was off, she unbuckled hers so she could lean over her armrest and be in his space bubble. "Are YOU excited then? About the new show and new songs and everything?" -09:48 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: "Well now that you’ve gotten to know me maybe you can see that I’m alive all the time." he teased. "And yes, I always am. Singing is what I do and even the chaos of backstage doesn’t change that. It’s different when you’re in front of the crowd too and can see everyone and know that they’ree there for your music. It’s what makes my job worth it. And before you talk about singing for the joy of singing I could do that without it being my job. I’m probably rich enough to retire…" -09:53 Dec 30 Drake
Madeline: "Don’t retire!" she squeaked. She might of even had a look of horror on her face at the thought. And then just as quickly she realized that was the crazy fangirl coming out and she had to force herself to relax and shove her back in a closet. "I mean, you love music and you love performing, so retiring would suck. Do it less would be good for you though. Everyday is like a tornado for you, and I swear the only time you ever get a few hours of peace is when you’re hanging out with me. You don’t have to work so hard all the time." -10:01 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: "I like my job." he said. "I like singing, I like my team, I like coming up with songs and music. It’s not really a job. It’s what I do. Relaxing with you is just how I remind myself I’m still a person and that… well you’re wonderful." -10:07 Dec 30 Drake
Madeline: "I’m wonderful?" It was when he snuck those comments in out of nowhere they had the brainmelting effect the most. Maddie’s smitten grin was wiiiide as she reached over to gently poke his cheek. "You’re wonderful. You’re taking me to another country for an awesome concert and a sweet vacation. You don’t know how much I appreciate it." -10:15 Dec 30 Madeline
[(Timeout) Drake doesn’t post enough.] -10:41 Dec 30
[Drake ] -10:54 Dec 30

The flight passed smoothly even with Maaddie almost successfully fighting sleeping pills and it wasn’t long after touching down that they dropped everythign off at the hotel and Drake immediately headed to the staduim that would hold the concert. It was huge and tickets had been sold out for months, and as soon as he got out of the car he was surrounded by a mix of press and crew leaving very little room for maddie… the day passed in a wrirlwind that only stopped when he was in the makeup chair and he was tellign Maddie she should take her seat in the crowd. -Drake 10:59 Dec 30

Madeline: Despite her excitement almost ruining sleep, she had plenty of rest. Which made for a very energetic Maddie through the whole process of the day. Rehersals were so much fun to watch. Seeing the stage crew tweak things for sound and light. And Drake directing things the way he wanted. Maddie didn’t even get perturbed by his Mommyzilla scowling about. Makeup was also fun, because apparently being the fiance of a popstar meant you also had to look fabulous even though all your were going to do was jump up and down screaming in the audience. She almost pounced and gave him a good luck kiss, but that would have made the job harder on all his face-painters, so instead she was waving goodbye and practically skipping along with her Backstage Security escort to find her way to her spot. Maddie didn’t even care that she had no idea what half the people were saying in German! -11:06 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: It was always the same when he stapped onto stage. The screams, the roars, all the faces, jumping fans, waved banners. He smiled as he walked up to the microphone. He was in his element but today was slightly different… he seemed slightly nearvous, or maybe it was shy. "Good afternoon Frankfert…" the introduction went all according to the script in hie head, right up until the first song, Tresspassing. And then the second, and the third… then… it was time for a short intermission. "But first…" he said looking at the crowd. "There have been a lot of rumors going around about me and the winner of the winadate competition, Madeline King." he glanced at the crowd. "Before the intermission I want to dispell those rumors, because they’re true! Maddie..come up here." He sat on his haunches aat the edge fo the stage and held out his hand. -11:18 Dec 30 Drake
Madeline: Maddie danced and sang along to every song she knew. Hopping and squealing and clapping and probably making a total ass of herself for someone who was supposed to be dating and seeing the guy on a regular basis. Maddie didn’t care! His concerts were stunning and she could die happy here today andomgdidhejustannouncehernametothewholedamnedstadiumandaskherupthere? A deer caught in headlights. Worse, a tiny meek, stupid bunny who was currently having a heart-attack and going to faint and die and be trampled by screaming fangirls. Ooooh, but how could she refuse an open handed invitation. Even if the whole world was staring, he made her kneeees weak. Using whatever was left of her sanity, she took his hand and tugged her way on to the stage. Now really. really glad his makeup crew had so much fun dressing her up. "What are you dooooing?" she questioned in a surprised whisper. -11:25 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: "I don’t like rumors." he whispered back. "And I don’t want to hide you…" he put an arm around her and looked at the crowd…. he had planned to have the crowd cheer for her but now he had a better idea. Taking her chin in his hand to swooped in and planted his lips on hers gently but firmly… and Maddie got her cheers. -11:29 Dec 30 Drake
Madeline: She was going to faint right there in front of thousands of people and there was no way out of it! Maddie could already feel her knees trying to crumble and had to make herself lock them them before she went all limp noodle. Totally didn’t stop her from sighing soft and almost melting against, or grinning with that silly lovesick smirk. A kiss on stage from her starr and cheering and lights. Who needed fanfiction? "Am I still asleep on the plane?" -11:36 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: "No you’re not. Now you’re going to come backstage with me and I’m going to have somethign to drink." Then he spoke into the microphone. "Thank you we’ll be back in a few monutes." he walked towardss the stairs at the back and as soon as he got there water was ahnded to him and he headed for a couch to sink down into it. But he didn’t get a moment as a makeup artist sat next to him to make sure everythign was in place and soneone was talkign about the night’s scedule being a few minutes off, and that the new album had finally arived in the stalls around the staduim. -11:46 Dec 30 Drake
Madeline: Maddie sunk in to the seat next to him and she was still beaming. What she wanted more than anything was to huge and kiss on him, but this was only the intermission and she didn’t want to delay things anymore, especially if someone was fussing about the schedule. He looked worn out already, but he never showed it on stage. And that made her itchy fingers want to run through his hair and pet him even more. Maddie settled for sitting close and tapping her fingers gently on his leg. "You didn’t have to bring me on stage, but you do know that you’ve fullfilled about a million of my dumb Maddie fantasies and now I am going to love you forever and ever for doing it? Your show is amaaaaaazing." -11:51 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: "No fantasies are dumb Maddie." he said his eyes on her. "If I hadn’t dreamed I wouldn’t be here, if you hadn’t you wouldn’t. They’re what make us take chances in life… Now I really need this water or my throat is going to suffer later." -12:01 Dec 31 Drake
Madeline: "Yes, right, drink! No more talking to Maddie until the concert is over!" If she could help him drink that water, she would have. She was chewing on her lip and watching him carefully. He really did work really hard. All of that running around in the studio and doing interviews was nothing like the energy put in to doing a concert. …and it was only half finished so far! "Tonight when everything is done, I will take care of you, okay?" -12:03 Dec 31 Madeline
Drake: "You always want to take care of me." he said. "But this is what I do" there was a small rub of his nose against hers and he then stood. "I need to get back, see you tonight." -12:12 Dec 31 Drake
[(Timeout) Madeline has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -01:08 Dec 31
[Madeline DOES always want to take care of him!] -02:10 Dec 31
Madeline: Was it the BESTEST DAY EVER? Yes! Yes it was! The concert was perfect and awesome and amazing. Afterwards there was a first show after party with all of the crew and ridiculously famous people she had no idea would be there, and pictures, and a whirlwind of activity. Maddie found it impossible to keep her enthusiam under control, but at least she didn’t pounce on, paw at, or otherwise molest anyone she was totally starstruck over. And without missing a beat Drake would be himself, alive and interesting and entertaining. He was a professional, a strong and amazing professional. She really was too impressed. Because the after party went so late, they were now directly back at the Hotel where Maddie was tugging him along. Once through the door, she pulled him to the sofa and made him siiiiit. "Stay! I already called ahead and ordered room service so you can get something realy to eat. Although, the party snacks were reeeaaaally good." she did all the talking as she dropped to the floor on her knees to go tugging off his boots. -02:20 Dec 31 Madeline
Drake: He collapsed onto the couch and sighed, it took him a moment to figure out he was being undressed. "Maddie?" his first thought were dirty… was she really going to…? No not with room service coming. "Food would be good." he was tired, he had barely had a chance to sit down since they had gotten off the plane and it was a full day again tomorrow. "Going to look after me?" he asked looking at her. "You’re not allowed to until you give me a kiss. Because that’s all the reward I really need for the day." -02:32 Dec 31 Drake
Madeline: "You shouldn’t even be talking with how much singing and stuff you did today. Shush!" Off went the boots and off went the socks too. Then she was standing again, leaning over him as she tugged off his belt, bits of costume and accessories he never had to time to take off before the party, and made sure his jacket was pulled off to. "I’ll you a kiss if-" A knock at the door announced room service. Perfect! She timed that really well. Maddie bounced away to answer the door. It was a long day, but she seemed to still have plenty of gusto. -02:38 Dec 31 Madeline
Drake: "I do this all the time and you didn’t complain about me talkign at the party." she was off and he was ordered to staywhich was fine by him. He was tired and had to be up early. It was like this on tour. Sleep hard, work harder but the rewards were worth it. He loved it more not that it was his own music he was performing. "What did you order?" -02:41 Dec 31 Drake
Madeline: Talking to the server went reletively uneventful. Maddie was kinda worried she’d need to know a lot more German than the few handy phrases she tried to memorize before the trip. She pushed in a cart aaaaall the way to the couch and uncovered a couple plates. "You know, I’m not really sure WHAT it is but sounded good and it smells really good. I also got some hot tea with honey and lemon. Which you should drink riiiight now." She even poured him a cup real quick before she stepped back and disappeared in to the bathroom! -02:45 Dec 31 Madeline
Drake: He knew that smell. "Sauerbraten? You got sauerbraten?" he couldn’t help but chuckle at that. "It comes with potatoe dumplings right?" He sat up to reach over and take the mug and blog over it. "YOu know you don’t have to wait on me hand and foot Maddie. You should relax too." he took a sip and sighed. the tea was dood but then this room cost more than most peoples’ rent. He eyed the bathroom door… what was she doing there? -02:50 Dec 31 Drake
Madeline: "I don’t have to, but I want to!" she called from the bathroom. There were sounds of running water before she reppeared in the door way, giving him a quick staring look to make sure he was actually drinking some of that tea. "All I had to do was jump up and down and scream all day." She had a washcloth in her hand as she crossed the floor. Carefully she took the cup from his hand to set aside, then she was straddling his lap and sitting. Brushing his hair from his face with one hand, she gently tried to get some of that makeup off his skin with the cloth. "You were working really hard. I didn’t know how much went in to a show." -02:55 Dec 31 Madeline
Drake: "All I had to do was jump up and down and sing all day." he countered "And there was a little big of screaming… but it’s what I do, it’s my job I enjoy it. It’s normal for me." he spead his arms out over the back of the couch and sighed melodramatically. "You have a job too." -03:05 Dec 31 Drake
Madeline: "I have never seen someone fuss so much about being taken care of! Aren’t you used to this with your Nanny McFurious?" She cleaned off as much of the makeup as she could, then leaned in and brushed a quick kiss over his month. "In my job, I just sit around and paint. It’s really not the same thing at all." -03:07 Dec 31 Madeline
Drake: "Yes, if I wanted to be taken care of I’m get nanny fussypants in here." he said triumphantly. "And you need to think and be very careful all day, I just stand and use my voice." he acaptured her shoulder and kissed her back. "But fiiiine, it it maakes you feel better." -03:11 Dec 31 Drake
Madeline: Maddie giggle and nuzzled his cheek. "If it makes you more comfortable I could shamelessly take advantage of you and molest you." Her nuzzling and soft nipping went as far as his neck before she straightened and leaned back again. "But, really, you should eat and get in to bed. You’re gonna wake up early tomorrow and I will be there and help aaaall day whether you complain about it or not." Maddie slid off his lap to sit next to him on the couch and pulled the food tray closer. -03:16 Dec 31 Madeline
Your Starr

Your Starr 011: Classic Day After

[Drake is in Maddie’s kitchen with a mixing bowl and a wooden spooin his briefs and shirt. The pancake mix is not cooperating.] -09:51 Aug 13
[Madeline has a HUGE headache! And something smells both delicious AND burned… huh…] -09:53 Aug 13
Madeline: Maddie might not have woken up at all, but something… almost smelled good. When she rolled over to peek at the clock and then stare at the ceiling, she was trying to remember the last thing she did before going to bed. It’s not like she was drinking, she was pretty sure Drake was over and they watched his new video and…. It was still a little fuzzy. Maddie sat up with a small groan. Yeah, something didn’t smell quite right, which had her curiously peering over the side of the bed to see his shoes on the floor and then at her bedroom door. Cooking, maybe? That was sweet! -09:56 Aug 13 Madeline
[Drake enters.] -10:04 Aug 13
Drake: Cooking wasn’t exactly the words for it, there was batter splattered on his face and shirt and he didnt even know how a bancake could be burned on the left and slightly raw on the right. At least the other side of it was even, if a bot crisp too. Scooping the mess off the pan he frowned at it and then started stirring the batter again, ready to plop more in. -10:06 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: She was peering around the corner with her hand on the door frame, half confused, half… totally amused! Pancakes were not rocket science. How did he even get that all over himself? Maddie almost snickered, but at this rate he was going to burn things and – oh crap she really didn’t want her place burned down. "That’s um…! You’ve got the pan in the wrong spot for one… and the temperature isn’t right…" Maddie skittered in quick to rescue her stove, slightly nudging him out of the way. She also hadn’t realized she was buttass naked. She fixed the heat setting! -10:17 Aug 13 Madeline
[(Timeout) Drake got too distracted for their own good…] -10:25 Aug 13
Drake: Nudges out the way from prepairing his own suprise he was about to say something but… "Well.. um… I’ll just stand back here" he placed the bowl down and retreated tilting his head at her back. "I was expecting you to put a gown on or something… and to be asleep for another hour…" he was starting to grin at her, getting an eyefu; while he could "Not that I’m complaining." -10:25 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: "A gown? I don’t think I even own a nightgown…" Weird, what was this, the 40s? Maddie gave the contents of the bowl a stir. Okay, this was all wrong… She fussed with adding ingredients until the batter was the right consistancy. It wasn’t until after she had everything all furiously whisked up that she caught a glimpsed downwards. A small clatter of her spoon was played off and Maddie forcefully kept a straight face. "It’s hard to sleep with a headache, I’m still… a little fuzzy about that…" She eeeaaased away from the counter to pluck an apron off the wall. Clearly she used the thing for painting more than she did for cooking, as it was splattered with colorful blotches. -10:30 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: "You hit your head in the shower." he said. "It was partly my fault." he explained as Maddie slipped the apron on. "Okay now all you need id high heels, stockings, and a frowwy short black dress." he teased taking in the effect of Naked except for aprons… "I should go to the lounge…" if Maddie wanted to get any cooking done he would have to not be in the room with her dressed like that. -10:34 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: Hit her head in the shower, yep.. that was starting to sound familiar! Maddie groooaaaned softly, rolling her eyes softly as she tied the apron around her waist and rinse out the mess he made in that pan so she could make some -proper- pancakes. No wonder he needed a Nanny. "No, no, that tears it! I totally give up on trying to be hot and sexy. I can’t even molest a hottie in a shower without Maddie-ing it up!" -10:38 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: He paused and turned. "You’re being plenty sexy right now Maddie, I’m just more hungry than horny." he gave her a mischevious grin and a wink. "Seems to be somethign about a girl in an agpron… or maybe it’s just you." he crossed the distance between them to put his hands on her waiste and turn her to plant a kiss on her lips before retreating. -10:43 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: "What, really…?" Mystified and tinglie, she watched him retreat. Turning back to her bowl and pan to make a proper breakfast. Maybe he liked the whole maid, nanny, chef stuff…? Even though she had claimed to never try again, Maddie was already plotting potential seduction scenarios… Red-faced and frowning as she cooked. She couldn’t believed she botched last night! SHE wasn’t more hungry than horny! "You are completely weird! But at least now I know you’re not safe alone in a kitchen. I wish last night hadn’t ended with me unconcious though. We’re not going to get any time together before the trip." -10:50 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: "Would habe ended with you unconscious either way." he said leaning against the wall with hsi arms folded. "Besides, you’re ute when your delerious. You feeling alright today? Any dizziness? Nausia?" -10:57 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: "I’m fiiiiiiiine. I feel unbelievably stupid and my head kinda hurts, but fine." Maddie was trying not to laugh at his joke, but wound up smirking anyway. She confiscated a plate, so when she had perfectly golden pancakes flipped, they were slid on to the plate. "You’ve got to be the first boyfriend ever that’s thought Maddisms are cute. And oh my god, I am so much worse with yooou!" She was glancing up at the ceiling with a sigh. If she looked at HIM while he was staring at her, she’d be so done in. "I like you… really really like you, and apparently that means I turn in to some sort of walking tornado of dumb." -11:01 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: "I’m sure I don’t need to tell you about the time I fell off of stage, it was published enough and maybe you were even there. We all slip up sometimes to just… forget about it. Not like I’m going anywhere… except after breakfastz when I need to go to work for last-minute preperations…" -11:10 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: "I’m pretty sure you falling off of stage is a little different from the dating life of Madeline King." she cast him a big cheeky grin, then held out a plate of perfectly non-burned pancakes for him to take. "Yeah, no, it’s okay. I’m just being weird and paranoid I guess? I don’t want to mess this up, or mess us up and I am totally over thinking it and blah blah. I’m going to miss not seeing you every other day, though." -11:14 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: He took the place and raided her bubboards for syrip and cutlery before steeting it down on a counter to eat. "Stop overthinking then and just be Madeline King. That’s who I come here to be with anyway, sex or no sex." he steffed a good half of a pancake into his mouth and chewed. "These are good." -11:20 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: "Nanny McBadass isn’t the only one who can’t cook! I gotta feed myself after all." Just be Madeline King, he says! That was easy enough. When she wasn’t bumbling around feeling stupid. Once she had her own plate, she leaned on the counter next to him. On the bright side, being naked in the kitchen with him was a lot easier now that she had already gotten through the shame of bathroom-knockouts. Maddie was never going to fear being naked again. "Better not tell her, though. She’ll think I’m trying to replace her.." -11:23 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: "You don’t have the posture, grammer, accent, or wardrobe she has, bur that just means it’s not wierd to hit on you." he stole one of her mancakes and folded it up to push into his mouth. "Besides she can’t exactly cook breakfast for me while I’m here." -11:34 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: "Although if you’re here enough, she might think you’ve moved in with me!" Another grin as she shifted so her plate wasn’t in grabbing reach. A girl needed to eat too, especially if she had to keep her strength up for the next enormously embarassing escape. -11:44 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: "I thought we talked about this, my neighborhood is better." he picked up his place and started heading for the table in the lounge, is MAddie wasn’t going to let him steal then he wanted to sit down. "Speaking of… can you get this batter out of my shirt? Your reward is being able to take it off of me." -11:53 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: "Are we sure that’s safe, after the last time I had you naked?" She followed, vaguely wondering if she should put ON some clothes. Walking around in her paint apron and being naked was what weirdos did! She slipped in to a seat anyway to eat, eyeing him and imagining all the ways to take off his shirt and make him forget about pancake batter! "Dunno if your nanny will like feeding an extra person full time…" -11:56 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: "You can’t take much looking after, you already cook and clean for youself." he said, sticking out his tongue before sitting and slicing up another pancake, his last. "Besides that’s future talk. I don’t want to steal your independence too early. : -12:04 Aug 14 Drake
Your Starr

Your Starr 010: Music Video Surprise

[Drake has pizza ans is geading up strairs towards Maddie’s place.] -06:53 Jun 15
[Madeline probably had the best date in the history of dates, now if only she hadn’t fallen asleep before jumping the bones of her real live popstar boyfriend. Next time she sees him, she’s gonna fix that!] -06:54 Jun 15
Madeline: Maddie was already plotting. Maybe she would show up at his place, wearing nothing but a trench coat and a pair of hot ass heels. Wait, wasn’t that the way creepy ass stalkers did it? Scratch that! She needed to charm him in a whole better way! Like… hrrm. Dammit. She really sucked at this. Maddie plopped on her couch in defeat. Texting him with silly flirting will have to do. -06:56 Jun 15
Drake: There was a knock on her door and a gruff voice on the other side spoke. "Pizza for Madeline." he said using all of his trained skills to disquise his voice. He wanted to see her face when she saw him without expecting to, it would tell him a lot about how she felt. -06:58 Jun 15
Madeline: Crap. Did she sleep order pizza again? They had to put crack in those pizzas or something. Maddie was huffing when she rolled off the sofa and stomped to the door. Since when do pizza guys even know first names anyway? Once she swung the door open, she looked surprised! And it immediately melted in to a big wide grin with her bouncing slightly on her feet. "I was just thiiiiinking about you. You’re not dropping your music career for being a psychic, are you?" -07:01 Jun 15
Drake: "No, I’m just keeping that to the secret agent gig on the side." he teased opening the box facign her. Olives, green pepper, all the cinds of cheese, tomato, and pepparoni all on the thinest, crispiest crust available… so can I come in?" he grinned back at her and was glad he didn’t seem to be interupting anything. "I want your coutch and your arms and maybe some tea." -07:05 Jun 15
Madeline: "Oh you can come in, all right." Smiiirking, oh gods that joke was awful aaaawful and Maddie was mentally kicking herself as she stepped aside for him to enter and closed the door once he was through the threshold. Great! She wanted to seduce him all sexy like, and instead she was gonna to be as awkward as the first night they met… "Um… I’ll make tea then! Secret agents need their tea." -07:09 Jun 15
Drake: He raised an eyebrow at the joke but stepped in to place the pizza on the lounge table and shed his jacket to step towards the kitchen with her. "I haven’y seen you like this since the nigth I proposed… no, I’ve never seen you like this… is this because I admitted my feeling for you?" -07:11 Jun 15
Madeline: Maddie was reaching for the kettle and nearly fumbled it. Was she so obvious? She was! Had it been any other guy on the planet it wouldn’t have mattered, but this was him. He probably had a million women try to seduce him. …she had to be outstanding! "You tell a girl you love her, she gets a little goofy. Or I do when you do. It’s um… jesus I don’t even know what I’m saying I just want to kiss on you." Whelp, being smooth was thrown out the window. She peered at him from over her shoulder. "If you wanna go running scared, now is a good time!" -07:19 Jun 15
Drake: "I don’t want to run scared." he said holding out his arms. "In fact a kiss sounds great." he grinned at her and held his arms towards her gusturing her closer with his hands. "Kiss, tea, pizza, coutch… can I spend the night?" -07:22 Jun 15
Madeline: Tea kettle was abandoned on the counter, leaving her pouncing over the empty space to throw her arms around his neck and kiss him. Really kiss him! No shy kisses, or awkward kisses, or kiss chicken dare kisses! There was a nip, a nibble and a giggle when she pulled back just enough to nuzzle his cheek. "Oh, so you love me and that means you now have to ask permission to stay the night? Live with me forever!" -07:27 Jun 15
Drake: "I just wanted you to know I wanted to." he closing his arms around her and kissing the corner of her mouth. "And I thought we agreed on my place, with an art studio and us… eventually. Right now though tea, pizza, coutch, there’s something I want you to see." he kissed her again nipping her lip and tugging on it. "Meet you back there?" -07:31 Jun 15
Madeline: "You seem to have this all planned out. Have you been writing your own Preston Starr and Maddie May King fanfics?" That would be hilarious! But forget that, she was busy standing on her toes to kiss him again. She wanted to stay on the kiss part of this plan! "I wanna skip ahead. What comes after couch?" -07:38 Jun 15
Drake: "No skipping, we’re going this date right adn that pizza was pricey." he kissed the tip of her nose and untangled himself from her. "Like I said there is something you need to see, then you can try your patented Madeline King sexual seduction tecniques, but only in you play ball first." -07:43 Jun 15
Madeline: She almost quipped back that there was something she needed to see, and it was in his pants. Thank goodness she held that one back, even if her face did turn red for a moment as she quickly got busy with filling the tea kettle and putting it on the stove to heat up. "Who says I am trying sexual seduction techniques! You don’t see me in heels and a trench coat, do you?" -07:46 Jun 15
Drake: "No but I bet I wood." he shot back without missing a beat. "Got those in your closet?" he flashed her a grin before stepping backwardes and then turning to head to the coutch adn turn on the tv and put it on the right channel before mutering under his breath. ‘sex chicken?’ -07:48 Jun 15
Madeline: "Well not anymore, mister call maddie out on her sexy techniques! That trench coat is staying in the closet." If he was looking her way, she would have stuck her tongue out at him. Instead she was digging some cups out of the cuppard and now curiously wondering why he’d come over just to watch TV! …and then wound up just smiling and being all warm fuzzy about it. Her boyfriend coming over just for the fun of being with heeeeer. It was the cutest and sweetest thing in the universe. ….Gods dammit, she REALLY wanted to jump his bones now! -07:52 Jun 15
Drake: "well then I know one person who’s not going to get tackled naked to her bed and ravages by a starr tonight." He called back before takign a slice of pizza and leanign abck with it to take a bite. "New York style…. better hurry before it’s gone." -07:55 Jun 15
Madeline: "Kiss, tea, pizza, couch, that’s the order you gave me." And the only reason she was arguing it was because she was trying not to go tackle HIM to the floor. Tea bags went in to the mugs and as soon as the kettle was whistling, she filled them up with the hot water. Almost a little too quickly, as she nearly splashed herself with boiling water. Maddie took a deep breath. No rush, right? He was spending the night! With both mugs in hand, she returned to the couch. Setting them carefully on the table before plopping on the seat next to him. "Give me that pizza. Though I’d rather be nibbling on you for dinner." -08:04 Jun 15
Drake: "You’ll have to wait to engourge yourself on me until after coutch time." he said leaning over to kiss her neck before lacing the pizza in her lap and stealing another slice. "You’re just in time too, I like this song, but the one on next I looove. I think you do too." -08:07 Jun 15
Madeline: Now he was just teasing her. Giving random, maddie-melty kisses. She pulled an olive off her pizza to pop in her mouth and looked entirely broody about it! "It better be one of your songs, then. Are you debuting the ones off the new CD?" …maybe she was less broody then. Maddie hadn’t realized he had been working on a new video! She loved his videos! -08:10 Jun 15
Drake: "Same one as in the club we went to just a brand new video, I think you’ll like it. I coriagraphed the entire thign and oversay the editing, you may know the song but I hop the ending surprises you… here it is. Thsi is what I wanted you to see." he put an arm around her and chewed on his pizza, then seeing she liked the olived picked one off of his slides and pushed it against her lips. -08:13 Jun 15
Madeline: She took the olive along with a nibble of his fingers too before she started laughing and swatted his hand away. She couldn’t watch the video and be fed at the same time! "Hmm, oh! That’s the clothes you were wearing for the photoshoot the other day too!" She was watching, taking a few bites of pizza and tilting her head a bit. It was kind of weird watching the new video and know that was her boyfriend on the screen dancing with some chick. -08:18 Jun 15
Drake: "Yup! We shot it the same day." and he really did mean ‘we’ hr knew who that girl was and was a little surprised that Leslie didn’t recignize the dress. He didn’t want to ruin it though and just glanced at her while eating his pizza. Was that… jealousy? -08:21 Jun 15
Madeline: "Really? Was that before you came to get me?" She doubt he had enough time while she was fussing in the dressing room with his crew. Her slice was gone and she was leaning forward to grab her tea and have a sip. "Aahhh… I see. That place we to for dancing was where you shot it! I wish you would have picken me up sooner, I would’ve like to watch." Especially since his costar seemed to be all handsy on him. Oh man, was she going to be one of those angry jealous diva girlfriends? Maddie was just a slight bit huffy. -08:27 Jun 15
Drake: "That really wouldn’t have worked." he said getting ready when the face of the dancer came into view he would be ready to stop her spilling her tea even if it meant burning his hand a little. "I know that dancer really well, and we might even have kissed." -08:31 Jun 15
Madeline: Damned right it wouldn’t have worked! Maddie knew that very moment she was definitely the jealous kind of girlfriend and might have tackled some poor actress just for following choreography. Now she was really huffy, and prepared to accept the fact some super hot dancer, probably way hotter than herself had been getting all up and personal with her boyfriend. And when she saw her face the recognition didn’t hit immediately. …but when it did, Maddie was choking on her own tea and quickly setting it on the table before she killed herself. "Whatintheholyneverfuckhowisthatmeeee!" -08:39 Jun 15
Drake: He couldn’t help himself, ha laughed and almost best double, then he was putiing his arm back around her and kneeewwww he was in trouble. "That club was full of actors, I rented the whole place out and had cameras hidden. I knew you would be stunning but also knew if you knew you wouldn’t be able to relax… so not my girlfriend is going to stab me through the eye with a pain brush and I probably desurve it, but in my defence she looks great in that dress." -08:42 Jun 15
Madeline: "You jackass!" Oh she was mad! Stunned! And now on her knees on the couch swatting at him, in mortified yet weirdly pleased fury! "I said all kinds of kinky things at you, I probably made a full of myself to an entire bar full of actors!" But she was in a music video, and it was… actually awesome! Argh!! She swatted at him more! -08:45 Jun 15
Drake: He caught her hand and leand forwards putting his arms around her and pullign her hands behind her back with them as he rose and thier chests touched and thier faced were milimeters apart. "So what are YOU going to do to ME?" he asked staying just out of her kess range. "Or is that the other way around, I hear pop starts are into some crazy kinks these days. What if I’m one of those stars… do you have any silk scarves around or will I have to use your underwear to tie your hands to your headboard?" He was a bad bad bad bad bad bad bad man but he could not resist. -08:49 Jun 15
Madeline: "I’m going to beat you senseless is what I’m going to do! And tie YOU to the headboard!" Yes. Tie him to the headboard, that would be deliiicious. Wait, she was mad here and why were her hands behind her back? Maddie squirmed trying to get her hands loose. "In fact, yes tying you up sounds like a great idea. Then I will tickle you to death and not give you any kisses." …which easier said than done, because he was just sooo close to kissing range, if she could just lean up a little further. -08:56 Jun 15
Drake: His arms clamped around her and he flipeed her over as hs slid off the coutch and she foudn her solf on her back with him on top of her with his hands brushinf her hair. "You sure about that? Is that the super secret Maddie May King seduction tecnique because I am not feeling very seduced. You on the other hand looke likr you need a kiss and your hands free." -08:59 Jun 15
Madeline: There was a yelp when they rolled, and she was suddenly staring up at him with a bewildered look. That quickly faded to a defiant twist of her mouth. …despite the fact her stomach was a twist of butterflies and she could have likely descended in to a fit of purring if it weren’t the principle of the thing. "You’ll know when I’m trying to seduce you! Cause you’ll be swooning and breathless and begging meeee for all of the kisses." Like she wanted to do! Why was she even fussing? Maddie gave up and moved to tug at his clothes. She’d undress him herself if she had to. -09:09 Jun 15
Drake: He leaned down and nuzzled his nose against hers, a soft teasing touch. "I said I wated to see it… am I going to be disappointed tonight? Am I going to go home in the morning with you not having put the moves on me? If you want I could get up, you could go to the bedroom and call me when you’re ready… I want all of the Maddie moves, I think you’d much rather be able to say that you seduced preston star…" -09:12 Jun 15
Madeline: "Maybe you should stop talking and let me kiss you." Pffff, go to the bedroom. Maddie couldn’t walk even if she wanted to, he was making her feel like jello and that was just soft touching! Maddie huffed a sigh when she circled her arms around him and buried her face in to his neck. Nipping gently at the skin. "I dun want to seduce Preston Starr…. I want to make love with Drake. Sweet and fiesty and maybe even kinky love, since you put scarves in to my head." Another nip and a nibble, and a soft kiss against his neck. -09:19 Jun 15
Drake: "See, that is getting you somewhere." he said pulling his hands either side of her head and pulling her lips tp his so he could gently nuzzle his against hers. "But you still havn’t told me what you think of the video and there is still something I want before sex… I know making you wait is unfair but I’m sure you’ll understand when you hear what it is…" -09:23 Jun 15
Madeline: She was not as gentle, taking his mouth with hers with a firmer kiss. Teasing his lipswith her tongue before grinning against his mouth. "I love it. I didn’t think I could ever look or be like that. It’s better you didn’t tell me." The second part Maddie was choosing not to hear. She had done an awful lot of waiting already. Her fingers were curling in to his shirt so she could tug at it and maybe steal it off him. -09:28 Jun 15
Drake: He pulled away and placed a hand on her cheek. "You know when I came here I wasn’t expecting this to lead to sex, seeing your face when you opened the door changed that." he brushed his thumb against her lips and then slowly stood. "But like I said, I need a shower first." -09:30 Jun 15
Madeline: There was now an exasperated Maddie lying sprawled out on the floor, giving another huff! Was this how guys felt when girls flirted like crazy? "Gah…! A shower first?" She rose up on her elbows and eyed him. "Do I get to be in the shower with you? Or am I gonna have to force my way in to my own shower and wind up arrested for assult, after all?" Were their laws against getting handsy on your own boyfriend? -09:35 Jun 15
Drake: "It’s your sjower, do what you want." he said stripping his shirt off the throwing it at her before heading for the bathroom and leaving the door open unclasped his pants to kick off his shoes and pull off his socks. -09:37 Jun 15
Madeline: Staring like some sort of dumbstruck fool. He was shirtless and in her apartment. And taking off his paaaants. A painfully audible squeak slipped out, then she was a flurry of motion to scramble off the floor. Sex was no longer the highest priority, she just wanted to see him in the shower! Maddie nearly tripped while trying to hop out of her own pants and left them abandoned on her bedroom floor. "Oh, I’ll do what I want!" Do it sooo hard! Now she was giggling like a fool too! -09:43 Jun 15
Drake: He was naked except for his briefs by the time she entered the bathroom and he turned to face her with not a grin, but a soft smile on his face. "And what do you want?" he asked before leaning into the shower and turning on the taps and feeling the water, then he was stepping past her to push the door closed, then he was pulling her against him and running his hands down her back. -09:48 Jun 15
[Drake is in the shower, nude, and wet.] -01:29 Aug 13
[Madeline is still standing in the bathroom only without her pants, cause she’s an IDIOT.] -01:30 Aug 13
Madeline: Madeline wasn’t sure how it got from point A underwear-clad Preston Starr hugging her in the bathroom, to point B, him getting naked and climbing in to her shower. It was entirely possible that she blacked out for a moment in crazy fangirl dream-come-true seizure. She was STILL standing there, too dumbfounded to even tug off the rest of her clothes and follow! Wait, how long had she been standing there like an idiot? "Oh um.. clothes off, yes, that would be good for a shower.." -01:32 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: He was already rubbing shampoo into his scalp when she spoke and then put his head under the head the rinse before glansing at her. "Yes, it would be." he said winking at her and picking up the soap. "Desides if the point of this is for me to see you naked you’re not doing your part." there was a mischevious grin and he held out the bar. "Want to get by back?" -01:37 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: That seemed to be the only encouragement she needed. Only instead of taking off the rest of her clothes, she was near stumbling forward to snatch the soap of his hand and hopping in to the shower. Shirt and all. By the time she realized that faux pas, Maddie was trying, trying to play it off as the coy calculated manuver! "Waaaaas the point of this to see me naked? I thought the point was for me to see YOU naked…" -01:47 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: He presented his back and rolled his eyes. "If I’m here to make your fantasies come true, then maybe. But am I?" he looked over his shoulder at her. "Maybe I’m just here to get lucky." he grinned again and then looked forwards. "Besides we want things to be fair, don’t we?" -02:01 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: Get lucky? He turned back around, so he couldn’t see the ridiculously stupid grin on her face or the fact she was dance-tilting back and forth in a little celebatory shuffle. Before he caught a glimpse of it, she lathered up the soap and pressed a hand to his back. Ooooh maaaan, when was the last time she actually had sex? And he looked so much better naked… "Uh huh…" Urk! Not smooth! "I mean, yeah. Fair is fair. I guess you’ll just have to get these clothes off me?" -02:03 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: Without hesitation he was turning around and grabbing the hem of her top and pulling upwards, realeaving her of her shirt and tossing it out of the shower then he was spinning her around to undo her bra and dropping then to the floor too. Then with his hands on her shoulders he turned her back and kept his eyes on her face. "Done." -02:23 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: Holy crap, he could undress a girl fast! So fast she was almost dizzy, staring him in the face with her usual bewildered look. Theeeeen she was looking down. A slow, ridiculous, completely unsubtle tilt of her head. …Maddie had to bite her lip to keep from erupting in to hysterical laughter. She really really was a hopeless fangirl. Dating him clearly did not prepare her for this at all. Her face was immediately being hidden at his chest when she stepped forward. He didn’t need to see her grinning like an idiot. -02:31 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: His chest tightened under her face. "Such a fangirl." he said softly while running his hand through her hair. "I thought you were going to help get me clean." he teased as his hand slipped down the back of her neck. "Or do we need to wait more for this… hmmm?" -02:40 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: "No, no,no, no, I got this…!" He wasn’t taking her candy away! Not when she finally got him naked, and oh gods a wet hand at the back of her neck. She siiiiiiighed and very nearly melted against him. Wait, damnit. Washing. Maddie cleared her throat and pulled back. She put on her serious, focused expression. "After all, you’re super dirty…" …possibly the lamest line ever! -02:44 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: He grinned, she was completely flustered. She wasn’t the frst girl to be that way with him but with her it was strangly endearing. "Is that the famous Madeline charm I’ve been hearing so much about?" he asked, unable to resist the oppotunity to tease her. "I think my heart skipped a beat." -02:51 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: Uuuggh, totally called on iiiiit! Maddie dropped all pretenses of having things under control. Her face was red as she lathered up more soap, and with a huff… and then a bite of her lip, she was rubbing it in to his shoulder. Soooo leeaaaan. "See, I told you I am a master charmer? Just wait until I get all warmed up?" -03:01 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: He leaned forwards and placed his lips next to her ear. "You look pretty hot already." he whispered, lis lips lingering clise to her ear until he could keep a strait face again and then he leaned back. If it was a battle of the charms he was going to go down swinging but with Maddie… he still had no idea if she would even be able to survive the first round. -03:11 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: "I dooo?" There went the melting again, only this time it was a soft squeaky sort of sound that she couldn’t keep to herself. She swallowed hard, at least trying to keep from seemingly totally mystified at the simple motion of rubbing soap over his chest. Oh she could rub so many thiiiings. "And you, uumm… Are very wet." ….Fuck it! Thinking was hard! Her hand slipped up to grip the back of his neck and then she pulled him down for a sudden quick kiss. …Well, not quick, she wasn’t letting go! Nibbling his mouth with every intention to nibble the rest of him too. -03:19 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: He smiled into her kiss, both hands sliding up her back as he flicked his tongue against her lips before his hands side up the sides of her neck to her cheeks for him to push her away by just half an inch. "I think I win." he whispered with another grin. -03:27 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: "Didn’t realize we were playing a game of kiss chicken, again." she murmured with a grin of her own. Completely infatuated, shameless grinning. "I have you naked in my shower, seems more like I’m winning." Maddie leaned up on her toes to give him a teasing nip, then stepped back. She was going to charm him right to the floor. …except that was when her still present undies caught on the facet lever. In trying to sexily get herself loose without letting it be known she was hung, the cold water was flipped on. A loud squeak and a jump resulted in a dropped bar of soap and…. Maddie wasn’t sure after that! She was seeing stars of a completely different variety! -03:36 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: "Maddie!" He caught her, but her panties were ripped and her head hit the side of the chower so that he was holding a stunned, naked woman in his arms and being sprayed with cold water. Picking her up and sitting her on the toilet he shook his head and then examined hers, moving her hair our of the way and letting out a breath when there was no blood. "You alright?" he asced pulling a towel from the rack and after eaching into the shower to shut it off, dabbing her face with it. "Maddie?" -03:42 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: "Heeey…! I know you…" she was grinning and reaching up to pinch his cheeks with both her hands. "You’re so cute… Did anyone ever tell you that you have nice teeth…?" So dizzy! The room was spinning a bit and she had to drop her hands to his shoulders to stay steady. "Whoa… staring in to your eyes really does make the world move…" -03:48 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: He smiled. "Now is not the time to be adorable." he said before burrying her head in the towel and drying her hair, then he was wrapping the towel around her and lifting her up to carry her towards the bedroom. "You need to lie down… you’ll feel better afterwards." -03:52 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: Oh noooo, now the world really was moving! Once she was in the air, her arms went around his neck and she was burying her face at his shoulder. That was better. Much less dizzy… where were they going again? "And you smell so good… We should go dancing when the earthquake stops." -03:58 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: "We’ll go dancing again soon." he promised as he placed the towel down and then placed her down on top of it. Sure her hair would get a little wet but he doubted under the circumstances she would complain so long as he stayed there holding her. -04:02 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: Maddie definitely had no intentions of letting him go anywhere, she was holding on tight. Only instead of sex predator look, there was that very silly grinning. "Every time you kiss me, I get dizzy… the whole world spins. I thought I would be used to it by now…" Man, it was coooold. And he was naked, so was she! No wonder it was chilly. Maddie reached over to grab at a blanket, tugging him along with her. -04:07 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: Shaking his head he grabbed the blanket and pulled it over both of them in one movement, then with a grin he moved in to kiss her lips softly. "You are a very silly girl Maddie, get some rest, you need it." another kiss and he pulled back, hand running through her hair. "Sleep well, Maddie, I’m right here." -04:23 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: "Last thing I want to do is sleep…" Yeeaaah, especially with soft kisses. He pulled away and she was inching cloooser. But instead of stealing more kisses, it was far more comfortable and warmer to curl up under his chin. "Yeah, hokay. Just a little nap. We will, hmm… resume this later…" -04:32 Aug 13 Madeline
Your Starr

Your Starr 009: Dance Club Secret

[Madeline has her mp3 player plugged in to the stereo and if she lived in a better neighborhood, she’d prolly be getting a noise complaint for playing Preston Starr for the whole south side to hear.] -07:16 Jun 07
[Drake Is about to call maddie hor a surplise date.] -07:18 Jun 07
Madeline: If you were going to do household chores while one of your paintings was drying, it was a lot more fun when the music was cranked up high. Of course half the time she was more busy singing to her underwear and dancing than putting up her laundry. -07:19 Jun 07
Drake: Madeline’s phone rang and on the other side a pop star waited. "Maddie!" he said when she answered and then outside her window pressed the horn. "I was wondering if you wanted to come with me to a photoshoot." -07:21 Jun 07
Madeline: "What?" Crap! She wasn’t thinking about the music when she answered, she had just saw his name on the screen and immediately answered. Now she was dashing across the living to turn off the music and actually be able to hear. "I mean, Hi…!" At the sound of the horn she was stepping over to the window and peering outside. Maddie grinned wide as she leaned on the window sill. "I know I said your fancy cars are gonna get stolen out here, but I can’t seduce you in to my bedroom if you won’t come to the door!" -07:26 Jun 07
Drake: He looked out the window and grinned up at her. "Like I said I have work to get to but I’d like you there too, come one as you are it will be fun… and there are showers and changes of clothes there." -07:30 Jun 07
Madeline: Eeee! In her head she was already squealing about getting to play around and try on some of the stage clothes they keep around for photoshoots. And why stay at home cleaning listening to the stereo when she could hug and kiss on the real deal all day? There was a soft sound of ridiculous giggling before the phone hung up and she disappeared from the window. After a few moments she was stepping out the door and locking up, having only tossed on a jacket and some shoes, and was clearly trying not to bounce her way to his car. "…so about that shower! Does that come with or without a pop star companion in it?" -07:35 Jun 07
Drake: He checked as she entered the car and he out it in gear. "So you already want to see me naked… but then you have since before you actually met me." he grinned at her. "I’ll be working…" he pulled the car away and started heading down the street. "After work though I have something special planned." -07:38 Jun 07
Madeline: Dammit, it didn’t matter how many dates they had been on, it was still embarassing when crazy stalker fangirl Maddie was brought up. She tilted just a bit to see if she could catch any redness in her window reflection. "Then I won’t distract you or get in the way while you’re working. But if you keep showing up like this on my weekends, you’re gonna have to let me borrow Nanny McBadass so I can actually get my chores done." -07:42 Jun 07
Drake: "She’s yours for a day if you want her, though I think she’d wather straiten you up than your appartment." he glanced at her with a warning look before he turned onto the road leading to the studio where the photoshoot would take place, which was actually pretty close to Maddie’s appartment. "I promise next time I show up during a weekend I’ll go in the front door and stay in." -07:46 Jun 07
Madeline: She was grinning again, despite the fact she could imagine all sorts of ways his Nanny would ‘straighten her up’. Maddie was pretty sure it’d involve a lot of stern shouting and a couple beatings. "I guess I don’t really reach the British standard of perfect popstar fiance. Now does that promise mean for the whole weekend or forever?" Of course she was teasing, but there was that little squeaky part of her hoping he’d say forever, and another screaming part telling her to stop being a psycho. -07:52 Jun 07
Drake: He glanced at her again and drummed his fingers on the wheel. "I was thinking when we reach that stage we could add an arty studio to my place. It’s bigger and in a better neighborhood." he started slowing so he wouldn’t miss the studio while at the same time wondering how serious Maddie was being. -08:00 Jun 07
Madeline: An art studio for her at his place when they reached it. She’d have melted in to her seat if she weren’t trying to subtly peer out the corner of her eye to spy and see if he were just playing the whole ‘what if’ game, or actually being serious. "I admit I’d sleep better not having to worry about you getting kidnapped out of my bed by some sort of crazy fangirl gang…" -08:06 Jun 07
Drake: "Believe it or not those are real." he said putting on the indicator and slowing the car further as the stodio came up on the right. D, a friend of mine had trouble with them." turning into the gated parking lot he found a spot and parked and killed the engine before turning to look at Maddie. "So you would give up your appartment?" -08:10 Jun 07
Madeline: Now was one of those moments she had to bite her tongue from immediately blurting out HELL YES and clambering out of her seat to molest him. Which just ended up with her looking like a lovesick puppy, dying for cuddles. "I’d get to wake up with you everyday, I think that’s a pretty good trade in for selling my apartment." …and that was too sappy! That was almost painfully embarrassing, and she looked as much. "Um, maybe we should get you to work and get me some of those dressing room snacks to stuff in my mouth before more stupid comes out?" -08:17 Jun 07
Drake: He reached out and placed his hand on her neck and pushed his lips into hers briefly before opening his door and getting out. "Right, I’ll take you to wardrobe and let you get kidnapped so you can pick out something to wear out dancing later, yes we’re going dancing and no on but Maddie is allowed to dance with me." he flashed her a grin as he pushed open the studio door and entered the building. -08:22 Jun 07
Madeline: A kiss ~and~ dancing! Dancing with him was probably the second best thing. Right behind getting to hear him sing, up close and personal. Maddie gave up trying to play it cool and contain excitement, she was bouncing up and down on her feet any time he wasn’t looking in her direction and there was no killing her grin. "Fancy photo clothes for dancing! This will be boss! Fashion model boots and sequuuiiiins, it’ll be just like a music video!" -08:30 Jun 07
Drake: "That is exactly what I had in mind." he said walking over to the coutch where two mugs of tea were already waiting in mugs with thier names on them and sat down pulling his towards himself and patting the coutch next to himself for her to join him. "I’m sure if you describe somethign they’ll be able to find something similar." -08:34 Jun 07
Madeline: Maddie plopped on the cushion next to him, and she was still bouncing and grinning like mad. The expression didn’t vanish until she picked up the mug and realized not only was there one waiting there like they expected her, it had her name on it too. That had to be the coolest thing EVER. Madeline King. Important enough for a mug. "I have my own cup now? Now I gotta try not to steal this… I don’t think they’ll let me walk out in their clothes and with the mug." She was grinning even while she sipped. -08:41 Jun 07
[Drake enters.] -09:04 Jun 07
[(Timeout) Drake was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -09:07 Jun 07
Drake: "There’s half a dozen in the kitchen, one missing isn’t going to hurt too much." he said winking at her. "Actually you should just ask for a clean one to take home." he sipped his tea and sighed, british nannys really did make the best tea. -09:10 Jun 07
Madeline: "There’s not actually a dozen of them with my name on it. That’d be crazy." Although she could totally see them doing that for those diva stars that liked to throw and break stuff. She nearly choked on her tea giggling at the thought. Maddie leaned to bump her shoulder against his. "So what’s the agenda? I play with clothes while you look pretty for pictures? Do I get to sneak some pictures out again too?" -09:14 Jun 07
Drake: "It’s for the interview we did, a big magazine wanting exclusive pictures. It won’t take very long, but right after that we’re going out. One of outr last chances to before Germany and I’m going to be deep in the hype maching for the build up to the tour and I have an appearence at a high school on Teusday. Tomorow though I want to wake up next to you." -09:18 Jun 07
Madeline: "…saying stuff like that makes me want to take off all my clothes, not go change them." Resist. Resiiiiiist. Futility! Her mug was set down, and though she was careful not to pounce and make him spill his own, she was still capturing his face with her hands and planting a hard kiss on him. "I’m gonna find the coolest damn outfit EVER and we’re going to dance until 3am so I am too tired to sex you in to a coma!" -09:25 Jun 07
Drake: Her kiss was returned and he smiled against her lips wickedly as he teased her lips with his after she had spoken. "What if I want to have sex tonight?" he mused placing his mug down and putting an arm around her. "But we’ll dance until late and see what happens." he pulled away and then picked up his mug again to take another sip. "I do want you to wear something nice for me. I know I’ll be dressed and made up." -09:29 Jun 07
Madeline: "You’re so lucky you have to work, cause you would sooo not be getting away with cockteasing if we were at home." Now Maddie was seriously thinking about throwing mugs just to jump on him. She very quickly stood up and pointed in what she hoped was the right direction. "That way?" -09:36 Jun 07
Drake: He looked at her and then grinned. "Right, find Andy and he’ll sort you out. I’ll finish my tea and then get to work. Take your time and find the perfect dress, this is an important night and I’ll tell you why later." he drained his mug and stood slowly to shrug off his jacket and dump it on the coutch. Then he was joining Maddie in the wak towards the wardrobe, behind her of course. -09:40 Jun 07
Madeline: He was behind her, so she couldn’t do her bouncy walk. But she was grinning like a fiend. Holding back the snappy come back of ‘As important as the night you proposed’ because she was too busy thinking about how neat it would be if he actually did it while she was sober. She’d die. When she found the dressing room door, Maddie was still floating on that grinny daydream cloud and completely forgetting she didn’t have any right to boss around his crew! "I need clothes! SEXY comfortable to dance in clubbing clothes! With sequins and leather and some really awesome boots!" She knew -exactly- what she wanted! -09:46 Jun 07
Drake: Drake went into another room and was met by a team that knew exactly what to do and in no tim he was undressed, redressed, had a towel arounf his shoulder and was in the stylist’s chair as he pulled the makeup and hairdressing tray over and got to work. It was ruitine and Drake liked to work with the same people each time so they all knew what they had to do. Drake liked to think about it as a racing team’s pit crew and he was the car… okay maybe that was silly but it was how it worked. Soon he wasbeing hurried down the harr towards the room where the camera crew and magazine’s editor were waiting. -09:53 Jun 07
Madeline: Maddie had an artists eye. She knew what she liked and what she didn’t when she was offered choices. Pink was never sexy, at least not the sexy she was thinking. Madeline King was thinking dance club bombshell seductress sexy! And she wanted sparkle. She was also pleasantly surprised at how nice and totally willing to play dressup with her they all were! Which was awesome! By the time she was done giggling like an idiot they had her glitzed and glammed up like some sort of super model. She was feeling very proooowly by the time she started down the hall where they directed her. She could seduce a popstar like this! -10:05 Jun 07
Drake: "Maddie!" Drake called as soon as he saw her. "We just need to do one last picture so get over here." He held out his arm for her to slip under it as the cemera man got ready. "Both of us and no smearing your lipstick!" He teased her lightly and grinned. "But first let me say this, you’re looking a lot like a pop star yourself… I mean wow. Looking to start your own career?" -10:09 Jun 07
Madeline: "Maybe! If I could sing a note without sounding like a wailing fish… I’m thinking more like best dressed restoration painter ever?" Forget the camera! Maddie was feeling pouncy and powerful. It was amazing how a little bit of make-up and a hot dress could make a girl feel like a million bucks. She curled her arms around his waist, raising up on her toes to nuzzle his cheek. "Are you sure you don’t wanna mess up my lipstick? Better to do it now when we can go down the hall and have them fix it." -10:15 Jun 07
Drake: "No, hecause you need to smile up the camera and look like you love me, not like you want to devour me like a feral beast." he kissed her forehead and then looked at the with an award winning charming sloghtly goofy and alltogether endearing and lovestruck smile that had been practiced over many hours before the camera clicked and the man behind it gave the thumbs up. "Like it or not we’re a celebrity couple and that’s just part of the Drake slash Preston package." -10:23 Jun 07
Madeline: Smiling like a love silly fool was easy. Because she was giggling and hugging him again and more than happy to do it for a picture she was definitely going to keep. And it was lucky the second part had come after the picture was already taken, because it was like a splash of cold water. "Celebrity couple, right…" Did HE smile for real for his picture? Now she was stepping back, giving that nervous weird laugh and trying to play it off like she got it. When really her head was spinning with all sorts secondguessing. "I know! I know, it’s the dress talking. I’ll behave…" -10:28 Jun 07
Drake: He felt the shift in her mood and his head turned sharply his eyes locking on hers and a hand coming up to rest against her cheek. "Not that kind of celebrity couple Maddie." he took a breath and placed the other hand on her waist. "Things are real between us Maddie but this… all of this is a big part of my life, it’s a big part of what you need to accept if you want to be a part of it too." He leaned forwards and panted his lips into hers not even noticing the camera clicking again. "I want going to wait until after Germany to tell you this Maddie but I love you. Now should he get your lipstick fixed and go dance like it’s the last night on earth?" -10:46 Jun 07
[Drake enters.] -11:02 Jun 07
Madeline: Oh. She was so dead. So melt to the floor, out of body, done in, bury her in the ground because she would never breathe again deeeead. "I love you." Not an I love you too, or an automatic response. A real, bewildered, dizzy with feeling… suddenly going to cry Maddie confession! Her arms went around his waist again and she was ducking her head under his chin to hide her face before that camera guy or worse, Drake saw her getting all teary and stupid. And tried to hide a sniffle with another laugh. "You always surprise me!" -11:02 Jun 07
Drake: His hand slid down to rub her spine before he transpered her to an arm under her shoulder to walk with her out of the shot and to another couch to sit with her where she could lean on him as much as she wanted. "That’s a good thing. I would never want you to get bored of me… and see tonight is already important so when you’re ready you can claim me as much as you want on the dance floor." He was smiling and brushing his fingers through her hair. -11:08 Jun 07
Madeline: "You surprise me and then I’m love struck and entranced and I don’t even know what to do with myself." She laughed for real that time, a soft breathy and completely at herself as she straightened and fussed with trying to wipe her fingers under her eyes to sweep any escapee tears before she wound up smearing makeup and looking like one of those train-wreck nightmare girls. "You’ve made a Maddie monster, you’re definitely mine for the night." -11:15 Jun 07
[(Timeout) Drake was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -11:19 Jun 07
Drake: "Well come on, we’ll get you fixed up and then head out, right now. I know where I want to go and we’re going to have fun, then I think you need food in you and maybe I do too. Teling a girl you love her is scary even for me." He stood pulling her up with him and started walking towards the door. -11:19 Jun 07
Madeline: Maddie was in loooove. Dressed like a fox and walking in to a club with Preston Starr, and all she could do was smile and stare. Lovestruck was such a good word, cause the moment those words had come out of his mouth she had been struck right off the planet and was now floating around in mindless bliss. She didn’t even seem to notice that the place was a lot more controlled than the typical club. -11:29 Jun 07
Drake: It was a typical club, just filled with actors and now the stars of the show. He wasnted Maddie in the music video but if she knew whe would clam up so he wouldn’t tell her and when it first aired she would be in his arms watching it in their hotel suit in Germany. He was nervous but used to hiding it as they entered and he guided her to the bar to sit for a little until he got the signal that everything was ready… -11:38 Jun 07
Madeline: She kept his hand even when they sat, at least until her crazy grinning was starting to make her cheeks hurt. Maddie couldn’t remember smiling that much in her life! She pressed her hands against her cheeks, willing some kind of control over her own expression, just winding up laughing in the process. "I can’t quit smirking! Now that you’ve already confessed your love, whacha gonna tell me at the end of tonight when we’re both silly drunk? I think we’re working backwards!" -11:46 Jun 07
Drake: "You’re probably right, I’ve shot my wad and now I have nothing… except you out with me, a drink, and you smiling so much I dont think I can not smile either. Your smile is infectious and you’re going to hive me smile wrinkles they they’re going to have to photoshop out of the pictures." he said with a genuine grin. "Now have a drink and we’ll dance until 3 am." -11:53 Jun 07
Madeline: "If that means I’m going to be with you until you’re all old and wrinklie, then I’m not even a bit sorry!" A drink, that was a good idea. She was giddy and bouncy and delerious. A drink would wind her back down so she wasn’t wanting to jump and squeal and giggle everywhere. Maddie really did want to spent the whole night dancing. When the glass was set in front of her it was gone in a second, complete with her being extra careful about that lipstick. The only way it was coming off was if he took it off. With his mouth. …and with that thought giggly Maddie was giving him that sly wicked look again. "Did you mean it about the maybe-sex tonight? Or are you still playing hard to get?" -12:00 Jun 08
Drake: "I said we’d see how the night goes, I’m giving you the chance to seduce me, much more fun for both of us than ‘I want to do a sex on you.’ ‘sure!’ or ‘let’s sex’ ‘okay!’ I’m sure you’ll agree. Now savor this one." Another drink was put in front of her and he sipped his. "I called ahead, this whisky has been aged for thirty years in oak barrels. Savooor it." -12:05 Jun 08
Madeline: That near-predator look was gone, and now she looked a little sheepish, and not too sure about it. Or herself, technically. She picked up the glass and siiiipped this one, not quite focused on the drink. "Uuuum, that’s assuming I’m any good at actually trying to seduce someone and not just…. Maddiying it up." -12:11 Jun 08
Drake: He turned towards her and smiled. "Maddie, just relax and enjoy yourself. I want to dance with you, I want to have fun with you and for you to have fun with me. So long as that happens I don’t care if you ‘Maddie things up’ because I love Maddie. He drained his glass and held out his hand, the signal passed and he smiled at her. "Mr. King, may I have this dance?" -12:23 Jun 08
Madeline: "You can have every dance." There was the smile again, wide and smitten. Her glass and stool was abandoned as she slipped out of her chair and took his hand. Just being Maddie was easy when he said stuff like that! -12:27 Jun 08
Drake: He lead her to the specific spot on the dance floor right as the music changed to a song he knew she hadn never heard before, one no one outside of the studio had ever heard before. "I hope you like it. It’s one of mine." -12:35 Jun 08
Madeline: "So that’s the big important thing!" New song! That was something worth getting whisked away to a special club date just to hear. Tugging his hand, she pulled him close. With her head tilted back as she grinned up at him and started to say. "This was a good reason to get dressed up and go dancing." -12:40 Jun 08
Drake: He put an arm aroung her and smiled down at her. "See I knew you’d like it." he kissed her forehead then he moved away to dance smoly at first, waiting for Maddie. "Come on, show me the girl I proposed to." -12:46 Jun 08
Madeline: Wild abandon dancing Maddie lost in an amazing song and blissful infatuation. That’s the Maddie she was imagining when she laughed. It didn’t take her long to mimic his movements, her focus on the song. She had to know the words, after all. The sound was different too, it wasn’t like his typical style! -12:52 Jun 08
[Drake enters.] -01:04 Jun 08
Drake: He was happy with what he was getting and lead Maddie in the direction he wanted the dancing to go and the rest of the people on the floor followed suit. "Don’t make me get you too drunk to remember again because i want to remember what happens tonight." he said with a wicked grin. "And I definatly want you to remember." -01:06 Jun 08
Madeline: Ooohooo, he was awful. Wonderfully awful. And hers. For real! …and he liked her for all her nonsexiness and stupid Maddie moments! She met his wicked grin with an unintentionally flirty smirk, reaching out to grip his shirt and pull him closer. "I won’t ever forget you love me, and I won’t ever let you forget how much I love you." She pulled him close enough and even leaned up on her toes and turned to head to kiss his cheek – but paused before she did. Giving a soft laugh and a wide grin. Maddie almost forgot her lipstick! No kissing yet. Just soft swaying to what was quickly becoming her favorite new song. -01:17 Jun 08
[(Timeout) Drake got too distracted for their own good…] -01:20 Jun 08
Drake: "Now who’s the tease?" he asked before the song ended and a playlist besigned for dancing started, Maddie was not getting off lightly and a few minutes later the clud would open for real, customers would come in and the actors would slowly filter themselves out in a seamless transition leaving Drake and Maddie to dance the nigth away. -01:20 Jun 08
Madeline: "I decided before we got here that this stuff isn’t coming off unless you kiss it off." And now she was the one giving a wicked smirk. Her free hand tugging his sleeve and pulling his arm around her waist so she could ease close enough to sway with bodies touching. "A game of… kiss chicken, if you will!" And this time it didn’t matter who won, Maddie would be pleased! She nuzzled softly against his cheek. "Iiiiif you’re brave enough?" -01:27 Jun 08
Drake: He would hve kissed her right there if it wasn’t for the cameras and he needed to make this last. "You already have your heard so set on winning, deciding like that." he whispered and turned to nuzzle his nose against hers is body grinding against hers. "But I don’t give up easily and you’re going to have to fight for every kiss you get." -01:30 Jun 08
Madeline: She loooooved this. Loud vibrating music, knowing he loved her, and thinking maybe there was a tiny little part of herself that really was sexy foxy Maddie and it wasn’t just the dress. Her smile was soft, even when she was leaning in to him. Sliding her hand back up his arm until her fingers were curling in to the nape of his neck. "The first time you kissed me, I thought the world had stopped turning." -01:38 Jun 08
Drake: "You were so starrstruck I didn’t know if it was me or my image you were kissing." he said "Now if you kess me tonight I’m sure it’s me you’re kissing and that’s all I need to know before I can have sex with you. So if you cave… and make the kiss good…" -01:43 Jun 08
Madeline: Urk…! Maddie could feel her stomach doing little butterfly flips. He wasn’t playing fair. He never did! …and somehow this was just one of a hundred and one reasons why she loved him! Her fingers curled in to his hair and she tilted her head, her mouth just barely brushing his ear when she whispered. "When I kiss you, there won’t be any starrs left in the world. Just Maddie and Drake. With your mouth on mine and every last scrap of clothes on the floor." -01:53 Jun 08
Drake: He turned his head to nip head ear with a wicked grin. "All you need is to put your lips on mine and you can like off your fantasies, out naked bodies tangled in the sheets, waking up still exhausted and spending the morning with nothing but each other. I understand if you want to wait though." -01:59 Jun 08
Madeline: One little nip sent her in to a fit of laughing before she was resting her forehead against his. Her fingers gently stroking the back of his neck, her body pressing up flush to his, hips smoothly swaying to the music’s tempo. "I could wait forever for one kiss from you. But I want you to kiss me. Kiss me now and I’m yours until it’s the last night on earth." -02:07 Jun 08
Drake: "I thought we agreed that is was." he said resting his head against hers as people started to filter in, that meant the filmis was over and… "Look at me." he de,amded and as soon as her lips were in a faverable position his found them, pushing in hard and he ran his tongue gainst them his hand sliding up her neck to grasp the back of it. -02:15 Jun 08
Madeline: He caved and her reward was sweet, knee weakening, brain fizzling bliss. Who cared about making a public scene, she wanted her kiss! A nip of teeth and flick of her tongue met his, her body melting against him while her arms circled around his neck. Maddie didn’t even breathe until she whimpered a soft dreamy sigh. -02:23 Jun 08
Drake: He massaged the back of her hand with his hand and then pulled away and taking her in his arm started walking off the dance floor. "You didn’t kiss me that means I still get to be a clit tease, so we’re going to my place, getting pizza, and then we’re going to be watching movies." -02:29 Jun 08
Your Starr

Your Starr 008: Frenemies

Madeline: By miracle Maddie made it to work on time. What -wasn’t- a miracle was her over curious boss asking a lot of really weird questions. It wasn’t until after lunch that she was shown a fresh printed page straight off an online gossip magazine that Maddie realized what all the staring was about. There it was a column by one Anna Heart. But instead of a nice little cheerful two or three sentences about herself and the usual praising of Preston Starr it was…. it was down right MEAN. Maddie spent the entire day being pissed off about it, even after work was done and she was stomping her way back home from the museum. -11:27 May 29
Anna Heart: And why was waiting on the corner outside the museum where Maddie had to pass on her way home? None other than Anna Heart, reporter! She was dressed in a simple shirt and jeans and looking very degected, one arm hugging herself and the other holding a bag with two plastic cups in it. "Madeline!" she called out seeing her and then took a causious step towards her. "Oh god you saw it didn’t you? I’m so sorry I wanted to do a little story but the editor thought it was too good to pass up, and excluside to the girl holding Preston Starr’s heart. He rewrote the phole thing adn I’m so. very. sorry. I handed in my resignation this morning." -11:56 May 29
Madeline: "DON’T EVEN try to talk to me!" Madeline stomped right past her, and didn’t even give the girl a second look. Which she should be THANKFUL for, cause Maddie kinda wanted to hit her. "Why should I even believe you! All cute and nice and ‘Yay Maddie!’ and the NEXT FREAKING DAY and suddenly I’m some gold digging slut?! You can suck it!" She was screaming this even while walking down the street regardless of whether or not the girl was following her. She wanted to be home where she could seethe in peace. -12:01 May 30
Anna Heart: "Because I came here to try and talk to you BEFORE you read it. I only foind out what he’d done to it when I way it published and I’m sorry." she was chasing after Maddie trying to keep up with her. "I don’t need to tell you what it’s like seeing your idol dating a fan just like you, it’s like fairytale come true, why would I want to ruin that? I quit my job over this and now I don’t know how I’m going to pay my rent or keep my cat. You don’t need to believe me you just have to hear me. I’m sorry Maddie." there were tears and a couple of sobs as she stopped walking. "I’m so sorry, I wanted to be your friend." -12:18 May 30
Madeline: Lying, stupid, bitch…! Even as Maddie was cursing a whole string of insults in her head, her pace was slowing to a crawl. Finally she just stopped and sighed. Sometimes bosses WERE assholes. And a real fan would never pull such a douchebag move, right? And the poor cat…! Maddie turned around, her arms crossed as she eyed Anna. "….No. It’s okay, gods, don’t cry!" And she was in it. Feeling bad for this girl, crossing the distance and giving her a hug. "You shouldn’t have quit your job! At least not without getting a new one first. It’s fine, okay?" -12:22 May 30
Anna Heart: "I don’t want to work with people who take my work and use it to tell lies just to get more readers. I became a journalist to tell the stories of the stars, the real stories, to make them human to the people who love them." she leaned against Maddie and put an arm around her. "I’m sorry you don’t want to hear this. I just feel so detrayed. I don’t know if I can keep writing anymore." -12:40 May 30
Madeline: "Well don’t do that." The last thing Maddie wanted to be was the end of someone’s career! Especially when she spoke so passionately about it. She herself would have a damn fit if anything got in the way of her painting. After another reassuring hug Maddie stepped back and offered a smile. "You know what? Fuck them! They had a totally awesome employee who had connections, and they blew it! I bet you’ll find a way better job now instead of some stupid online magazine. You should start applying at real magazine places!" -12:51 May 30
Anna Heart: There was a sniff and a small nod. "You’re right Maddie, you’re a wonderful person adn I’m glad Preston sees that. Oh! I got you an green tea… seems silly now I mean I though it would help you forgive me if I gave you somethign nice and warned you before hand." another sniff and she held up the cups. "I’m just… I wish this never happened. But at least I can freelance a bit now." -01:10 May 30
Madeline: Maddie took the cup gratefully and was happy that it actually tasted decent when she took a sip. She tilted her head in the direction of her house. "C’mon back to my place with me. We can print you out a resume and get some address of cool places to apply to. Freelancing had to be way cooler, anyway, right? You could submit articles to anybody and make them bid on who gets them!" -01:14 May 30
Anna Heart: "I’ll probably earn more too." she said actually cracking a small smile and sipping her own tea. "Thanks Maddie I knew you’d understand." Going to her appartment? Where she had Preston Starr all to herself? Scoop of the week right here. Now all she needed was an alias! -01:19 May 30
Madeline: "Yeeeaaah, I’m a dumb softie I guess." Maddie flashed a grin. A softie and a dummy, but it WAS nice to have a friend who understood. When Maddie reached her place, it was quick work to unlock her door and let them both inside. "Make yourself comfortable! I’ll go get my laptop, okay?" -01:27 May 30
Anna Heart: Oh to have a camera right now, this was it… She sat on the couch and ran her hand over the armrest. "It’s kind of funny trying to imagine Drake here." he said casually. "Has he been? Sorry I shouldn’t be asking it’s just… you’re dating the Preston Starr and… it’s almost too much like a story to be real." -01:33 May 30
Madeline: "I said aaaalmost that exact same thing yesterday! About it being like a Maddie heaven fantasy instead of like… reality!" she was responding from the other room, having shed her coat and left her cup sitting on the kitchette counter before she wandered in to her art studio looking for her laptop. "But yeah, he’s been here a couple of times! He’s calling it his third home now which is suuuuper cute. Although if I keep falling asleep in weird places, I’m gonna have to start leaving my clothes at his place. Work is getting super grumpy about me being late." There it was. She grabbed her computer and was back in the living in a jiffy. Plopping down on the couch as she opened it up. -01:37 May 30
Anna Heart: "Oh so you’re sleeping together? I should have expeted that with the proposal and everything." She moved closer to Maddie and glanced at the screen. "Before we get started do you mind showing me around a little bit? I know it’s a little bit on an intrusion but I’m curious… what do you say? I want to know the reall Madeline." -01:40 May 30
Madeline: "Um, not exactly sleeping together, no…" THAT was embarassing. There was no amount of want on Maddie’s part. And SHE understand the wait but… Liking this sudden change of subject, Maddie set the computer down and popped back up on her feet. "Sure! My place isn’t exactly big though. I mean, you can see pretty much everything from right here aside from the bedroom and my studio." -01:43 May 30
Anna Heart: "You have an art studio at home? Cool! All I have is a computer and photo printer and a shelf for my equipment. I’d make a joke about how much telephoto lenses wiegh but I don’t actually have one. I’ve always been more of a writer than a a photographer and those things are expensice of you don’t want distrtion." -01:47 May 30
Madeline: "Yeah! I rennovated the garage and the extra room and bathroom to be a studio! It’s actually pretty neat." Maddie led the way, pushing through the door that led in to big room. She flicked on the lights, and at least with Anna she was much less nervous at showing everything off. "I tried doing photography once but I bombed at it. Me and pictures just don’t get along. I can kiiiinda do sketching, but painting has always been my favorite! I paint every day. …except when Drake is around, he’s kind of distracting!" All the best kinds of distracting! Maddie wondered if she should leave him a text message just to see what he was doing… -01:51 May 30
Anna Heart: Lots of picturs of Preston… stalker? The crazy kind of fan? If Preston wasn’t sleeping with her then it could be spun that she had her claws in him and he knew it. The poor poor trapped starr. She needed a saviour. "I like them, you’re really good… if I even need an artist’s impression I’ll give you a call. Speaking of work… the sooner we get done the sooner I can get kibble for my cat and pay rent." -01:58 May 30
Madeline: "Oh, right! Yeah, looking at all my stuff isn’t all that helpful." A little embarrassed again (what is with her?! what was there to even be embarrassed about!) she led the way back to the living room and was once again plopping on the couch. She reached to the laptop and was already pulling up a resume program. "Start listing job qualifications, I can have this typed up in no time!" -02:01 May 30
Anna Heart: "Anna E. Heart, I studied journalism and photography a SNU from ’07 to ’10, graduated and intered ad Le Expose’ in Toronto for a year then got my cerrent job… writing your story was meant to be my big break… I don’t know if I should anymore." now she was looking sad again. -02:08 May 30
Madeline: "No, no! This is good! You quit, you weren’t fired. So your resume will look great!" Maddie was typing everything up quick. Adding a little bit here and there, knowing what potential bosses were always looking for. When she was done she hit print and the printer over on the kitchen counter was already printing it out. "Now I just gotta look up some good company numbers… what kind of magazines do you want to work for? The sky is the limit, you know." -02:11 May 30
Anna Heart: "I’ve always wanted to do celebrity news nad make it somehting other than sleezy infowhoring and printing lies for a buck, I guess I failed there. A celebrity news collumn in a good magazine would be nice. One where it’s not the main focus so no one will want to change my stories. I don’t want that happening ever again." -02:16 May 30
Madeline: "You’re gonna have hard work at that, but all the power to you! I wish more people in the world were like that." It took a bit of searching of a few job websites, but before long Maddie collected up a good number of different magazines, some local and some out of state that looked like they’d be cool places to work. Then they were sent to the printer! "Is there anything else I can do? I feel really bad about your job…" -02:23 May 30
Anna Heart: She shook her head. "No it’s my fault, I should have know they’d do this. The only thing that sells better than celebrity relationships is celebrity breakups and there are a lot of jealous girls out there who wish they were you and would want to swoop in if Drake got single again. You’ve done a lot already. Why don’t I give you my number?" -02:31 May 30
Madeline: "Um, sure! It’d be cool to have someone to talk to sometimes. I guess I don’t have a lot of friends outside of work." …that sounded like such a loser thing to say! It’s not like she was hurting for friends, she was just always so distracted with work or with painting. "Oh, hey, I’ll give you mine too! Maybe that’ll be way easier to contact me next time an unimaginable emergency happens?" Maddie gave a cheeky grin as she hopped up to get the papers from the printer. On one of them she scribbled down her cell phone number. -02:34 May 30
Anna Heart: This was perfect! "Great!" she scibbled down her number and took the papers, then hugged Maddie again. "Thanks so much for your help… if you ever need me to do anythign for you just ask. You’re a good person Maddie and us as friends will be unstoppable." -02:43 May 30
Madeline: "I don’t know about unstoppable, but definitely a force to be reckoned with?" Hugs were great! Maddie loved hugs! …she loved them better from Preston Starr, but beggers couldn’t be chosers! "You can call me and talk anytime if you want." -02:45 May 30
Your Starr

Your Starr 007: Fangirl Reporter

[Madeline is sleeping in the weirdest position ever. Half sitting propped up against the bed, with an arm that didn’t belong to her draped over her waist, and her fingers still lingering in his hair.] -07:30 Apr 23
[Drake is asleep in a pretty normal positiong, his head having migrated int her lap buring the night somehow.] -07:32 Apr 23
Madeline: She may have slept for two or three hours at best, and probably had every intention of sleeping for the rest of the day. But something was ringing. Her first fumble was for her own phone and teh ringing refused to stop. Instead it seemed to be coming from the man asleep on her lap. Exhasted and annoyed, she leaned and gingerly pawed at his pockets until she found his phone and didn’t sound at all pleasant when she answered it. "Hullo…?" -07:38 Apr 23
Drake: ,/nar There was a second of silence on the other end before the voice came through on the other end. "Madeline I presume?" the voice sounded annoyed but it was very hard to tell. "Were you the one who rescued Drake from his folly last night?" It was his nanny, calling to check up on him. -07:41 Apr 23

There was a second of silence on the other end before the voice came through on the other end. “Madeline I presume?” the voice sounded annoyed but it was very hard to tell. “Were you the one who rescued Drake from his folly last night?” It was his nanny, calling to check up on him. -Drake

Madeline: She sucked in a breath so sharp, it was probably audible over the phone. Nanny McScowly! Crap… now she was some kidnapper psycho hussy preying on drunk stars! "Uhm…" And she couldn’t lie, the woman already knew it was her. "Yeah… yeah, it’s Maddie. The bouncers at the club called me to come get him, and he said he didn’t want to go home like this. – Uhm!! I would have taken him anyway, but he was so smashed, I didn’t want to have to struggle with him..?" -07:51 Apr 23

“I see… the papers say something different. This one is my favorite ‘Museum painter picks up popstarr.’ You didn’t take advantage on him… did you?” her tone hadn’t changed at all and it sounded like she could be talkign about a dog turd she’d stepped in. -Drake

Madeline: "Yeah, I totally had hot sexy sex with him in between him throwing up in a bathroom stall and trying to pick him off my living room floor so he wouldn’t pass out there!" Whoops. She snapped back! …she couldn’t help it, the woman’s tone was kind of biting, and maybe it did look bad. But did Maddie really seem like that sort of woman? "…Sorry! I got called at 2am and I haven’t really slept and I had to call in to work today. I just – sorry. He’s all right, he’s just sleeping. Fully clothed, mind you." -08:02 Apr 23

“Madeline, you are a smart girl, you shouldn’t lower yourself to the levels of sarcasm. A crude practive better suited to those without real wit.” there was a silence from the other end and then a hand came up to touch Madeline’s arm. “Just see that he returns here safely, anf keep him away from the garbage they call celebity news.” -Drake

Madeline: Maddie jumped out of reflex, and it was reflex too that she started stroking his hair to sooth him back to sleep. A strange subconcious gesture as she was focused on the voice over the phone. "I’ll see what I can do, but I’m no miracle worker. …hmm no sarcasm included." she muttered at the phone, seeming to have been well chided by the woman. It was like talking to her mom! -08:12 Apr 23

“Good, then I won’t trouble you any further… don’t tell Drake I called.” the line went dead and in the wake of the call the pop star in her lap mumbled something and nuzzled into her leg settling down. Still mostly asleep. -Drake

Madeline: Wow, that call left her with a lurch in her stomach! The woman had to hate her. Maddie frowned at the phone for a moment, then she was leaning to set it down on the nightstand next to her own. He was shifting a bit, and she resumed petting his hair. Frowning and wondering if she should just lay back down or go make him some soft of hangover remedy. Just when she decided she’d go back to sleep her alarm clock across the room starting beeping. "…damnit!" Maddie tried to delicately untangle herself from the sleeping popstar! -08:20 Apr 23
Drake: He mumbled again and stretched before grabbing at a pillow and sitting up slowly. He looked around then yawned and flopped back down not seeing to notice Maddie. "Nan… I need coffee." he said his face against the pillow and hands gripping it. -08:32 Apr 23
Madeline: Maddie didn’t have the heart to correct him. She just darted across the room quickly and flipped off the clock. At least she didn’t have a headache. …but her back hurt from falling asleep like that and dropping back in to bed seemed so nice! Rubbing her head in a tired dazed, she stumbled off towards the kitchen, not realizing she was still wearing her coat from last night, and fumbled around on the counters to make coffee. Coffee and maybe eggs. Eggs were good for hangovers… -08:34 Apr 23
[(Timeout) Drake has timed out.] -09:05 Apr 23
[Drake enters.] -09:47 Apr 23
Drake: His head felt like a million horses had trotted over it and his stomach and throat felt like he’s swallowed glass shards. How much had he drunk last night? "Uuuuuuuuugh." he wanted to move but they seemed liek work… but something was bugging him… these weren’t his sheets…. had he… noooo… he hadn;t. He was still clothed and lifting his head he vaguely recognized the room. "Maddie?" -09:52 Apr 23
Madeline: Maddie was not there, still off in the kitchen. Though, it could be said she wasn’t quite ‘there’ either. The coffeepot was running, and she had the carton of eggs sitting on the counter. But somewhere between grabbing a whisk and reaching for a bowl, she was practically asleep on her feet. Leaning an arm and her head against a cabinet door, stirring in a bowl that had nothing in it. -09:57 Apr 23
Drake: He appeared in the doorway and leaned agaist it. He had a hand on his stomach and the other holding himself up by gripping the door frame. He hoped he wasn’t going to be sick but wasn’t going to promise anything. "You know what.. I’m not even going to ask what happened last night…" -10:06 Apr 23
Madeline: Startled out of her trance suddenly, Maddie jumped and fumbled the bowl and whisk. Then for a brief moment she looked down at what she was doing – or not doing – with a bit of weary annoyance. "Well, you didn’t throw up on me, that is a good sign?" Abandoning the bowl, she shifted until she had a bottle of asprin and a glass of water. She held out both to him. "Take some of those. Coffee is ready and I’ll have food done in just a minute." -10:10 Apr 23
Drake: "Don’t you have work?" he said dropping into a seat and downing the water with the asprin and groaning. "Wait what is the time?" he looked aorund for a clock and groaned. "Shit… where is my phone?" -10:15 Apr 23
Madeline: "I called in to work last night when I realized there was no way I would get any sleep." Maddie hovered by the counter, pouring him a cup of coffee and then brought that to him to set at the table. "Your phone is on the night stand and your Nan called. Um, I am not supposed to tell you she did, though." Damnit. It slipped out before she could catch herself… maybe the old woman would never know! -10:18 Apr 23
Drake: "Then I’d better call and pretend you didn’t say that." he said standing and moving towards the doorway. "Hope she isn’t too upset… but I think she likes you." he moved to the bedroom and grabbed his phone and then pressing buttons headed abck to the kitchen. "Hey Nan… Hello, better? Yeah… Yes. I’m an Maddie’s place. No, I woke up with my clothes on and I think I was much to wasted for that to happen so you can take that look off your face… No it’s good she’s making breakfast. Make it in the afternoon if it reeeeaaaallllyyy has to be today and have some of that stuff ready. Three? That works. Tell my mum I hope she falls and breaks her hip. Alright alright…" -10:26 Apr 23
Madeline: Like her? Ha! Maddie disagreed. However, she remained silent while he called, quietly and absent mindedly cracking eggs in to her bowl to mix and making sure a pan was heated through. The woman was indeed pretending like she hadn’t talked to her… How often DID he end up somewhere without his clothes? -10:30 Apr 23
Drake: "I’ll expect you there then and we’ll do what we always do. No not really looking forwards to it but as your people say, stiff upper lip." he hung up the call and groaned. "Press event at three. At least that means I… no wait there is no good side to that… coffee." he grabbed the mug and lifted it to smell the blend. "French press?" -10:36 Apr 23
Madeline: Maddie nodded as she poured the eggs in to her skillet and fussed them up a bit. "French press. I haven’t really noticed a big difference in taste, but it seems a lot easier to boil water and let it sit for five minutes than brew a big pot." She spied him out of the corner of her eye. He hadn’t made a comment at all about anything he said – or she said – last night. Drunk memory loss to the rescue! ….now if she could just forget he had been endearing and sweet and kissable… She had to shake her head and pay attention to what she was doing. -10:40 Apr 23
Drake: He sipped it and sighed. "Thanks for voming to get me." he said finally. "Who know where I’d have ended up if you hadn’t. Or how badly my nan would be lecturing me right now… not sure which is scarier." he gave her a smile and took another sip. "Sorry you’re missing work. Wish I could too though." -10:52 Apr 23
Madeline: "An off day now and then isn’t so bad. It’s the sleep I’m missing…" She turned the skillet over on to a plate, and after a little salt and pepper, she handed it over along with a fork. "Here. Eat that, it should help loads too. I can’t do anything about that press conference. ….would you like me to go with you?" Whyyyy was she offering! Other than the crazy need to fix everything for him! Crazy Maddie… -10:56 Apr 23
[(Timeout) Madeline was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -07:29 Apr 24
[(Timeout) Drake has timed out.] -07:29 Apr 24
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[Drake is in Maddies kitchen just getting off the phone.] -07:30 Apr 24
[Madeline has handed him a plate of scrambled eggs and offered to with him to his press conference. It’s cameras and talking, can’t be that bad!] -07:31 Apr 24
Drake: "I was going to ask, though just for moral support." he said standing and pulling her close and kissing her cheek. "Thanks." then he was sitting and using the edge of his fork to slice the eggs and shover some into his mouth. "Mmmmm…. Usually I’d go for toast and mustard too but this is good… gow do you get eggs liek this? Fried in butter? Marge?" -07:35 Apr 24
Madeline: "Whisking and real butter. Makes them fluffy." Suddenly a kiss on the cheek felt like the sweetest thing in the universe. Maddie was going to have to try and forget everything he said last night! She slipped in to a chair and yawned, testing her head down on the table. "Hmm, then I’ll be ready, when…? Three? Oh, you gave me this." Reaching down in to her jacket pocket, (why did she still have that on?) she pulled out his wallet and set it on the table. -07:39 Apr 24
Drake: "Oh thanks." he said reaching over and flipping it open. Teo smiling faces catching the kitchen light, Maddie’s and hos own from the date she had won. Then he checked the contents and sighed. "I drank a lot last night… I’m always amazed how much it costs." He sighed and pocketed it making a face. "I should know better by now. And yes we should leave here at two, quarter past, about then. Wardrobe will want to get hold of me and maybe you too. They were telling me how nice your hair was to work with… I think they’ll ask you a million questions about what shampoos you use." -07:44 Apr 24
Madeline: "Stuff I get at the dollar store. I never color my hair… maybe that helps?" She was vaguely pondering it, along with what they’d dress her up in. Last time it was the super pretty white dress by Preston Starr’s orders. Her fingers tapped on the table as she tried not to doze. "Hmmm, prolly not a good idea to take Rickie as your drinking partner anymore. That guy totally bailed. You’re supposed to have a solid wingman to avoid daterape and stuff." -07:48 Apr 24
Drake: "I think he probably went home to his wife." he said rubbing his temple and checking his watch. "Family emergensies are common for the man. the other teo don’t have an excuse though… at least I know I can rely on you though… next time you’re coming with me." he flashed ehr a smile that was only slightly too devious… he knew how he was spending avlentine’s day afte r the tour. -07:51 Apr 24
Madeline: "Dunno about that. I can’t remember the first night you took me drinking, and last night’s drunk didn’t look so fun." She peeked one eye open at him to catch what she like to call mad-hatter grin. Maddie wasn’t sure if it meant he was up to something, or just thinking something devious yet. But she grinned, and softly laughed. "At least pick a night that isn’t a work night?" -07:55 Apr 24
Drake: "If I promise a Starr showing at the museum I’m sure I can get you a day off." he said grinning wider and then leaning back and hiding the grin behind his mug. "First though I want to take you shopping, when it good for you?" Yes not just any shopping though.. she had had a glimpse of his expensive hobby and no other girl had. He wanted to show her how deep the rabbit hole went on that particular interest. -07:58 Apr 24
Madeline: Maddie laughed again. She had no doubt that him popping in to the Museum would cause a stir. She just wasn’t sure if her boss would love the drama, or just agree to anything to get rid of them. She shrugged her shoulders as she grinned. "Apparently I’m not working today, so today is good. If you don’t mind me walking around like a dead zombie. It’s not gonna be shopping for weird things like Arabian horses or something, is it?" -08:02 Apr 24
Drake: "Well then if we’re going to get to the press conference in time…" he draned his coffee and placed it down and then looked at her. "It’s good timing because it just arived." he reached fore his phone again and started flicking through the numbers. "I should get my shoes and then we’ll head off? Don’t worry we’ll get coffee there and I’ll get us something proper… well me somethign proper for this hangover at the event… so ready?" -08:05 Apr 24
Madeline: Blast, he shook off a hang over quick. Or her was simply just that excited about what "it" was! It had her grinning with amusement as she rose up from her seat and ran her fingers through her hair. "Yeaaah, still dressed, so.." Of course, she hadn’t realized yet that ‘still dressed’ was just her coat dragged over pajamas but she wasn’t anywhere near being awake yet! -08:10 Apr 24
Drake: "Great." he stood and headed back towards her bedroom and sat on her seat to pull on his doots and then dressed for a night on the town walked back into the living room with a shit eating grin and a string in his step. "Okay Maddie… I’m going to show you my third favorite place in the city. Ready? We’ll have to take a cab there…" but there would be testdriving back. -08:12 Apr 24
Madeline: "What’s your first and second favorite places?" she asked curiously. Getting ready just consisted of grabbing her phone off her nightstand and making sure her keys were in her pocket. Then she was back to eyeing him curiously and leading the way for the door. "It’s not like I have a car anyway. I had to bring you back here in a cab and hope you didn’t throw up in it." she grinned. "You said they get pissy about that." -08:17 Apr 24
Drake: "You’ll find out." he teased stepping out the door and waiting for her to close it before stepping out to the road and waiting for a cab. He looked as out of place in this neighborhood as his car had and like he was strat out of a music video. "you know I could loan you the money for a car. You’d look good in a Mazda… Mitsubishi?" There was a cab coming and he stuck out his arm. "This is how you do it…. right?" -08:21 Apr 24
Madeline: "You’re supposed to stick a leg out and flash a little skin." she smiiiirked, rocking on her heels. Sadly, the cab pulled over before she could see if he’d give it a try. Why did he look so great after spending all night drinking like a maniac? She felt awful and she hadn’t even been there! "I don’t really need a car… I mean the only time it would have been useful was last night, and really, if I had to drive I wouldn’t have been able to keep you in your seat, anyway!" -08:26 Apr 24
Drake: He opened the door for her and held out his hand fo help her in, then he sat in himself and leaned forwards to talk quietly to the driver and then sat back and looked at Maddie. "Not for shopping? For coming over and visiting me? For going out at night? Seeing the city a little? None of that?" he shrugged. "If you’re afraid it’ll get stolen then I understand. That’s why I didn’t offer a dodhe of something. I have a thing for cute gilrs with muscle cars… though you seem like you’d like a classic mustang." -08:29 Apr 24
Madeline: "It probably would get stolen. I doubt anyone is gonna be all that intimidated by me running outside screaming at them and throwing paint cans." He was absolutely not going to buy her a car. Or loan her money for one! But he liked cars, and she liked daydreaming, so there wasn’t much harm in letting him imagine! Maddie leaned until her head was on his shoulder. "’sides, I can do all that with a cab. And I work five days a week, so it’s not like everyday is a un day I get to spend with you." -08:37 Apr 24
Drake: He put his arm around her and kissed the corner of her mouth. "Little charmer you are." he said. "Still I’m getting you a mustang even if it sits in a garage somewhere, ’67 mustang if I can. Then we’ll see if you can make it around a track…" he chuckled and pulled her almost into his lap as the cab accelerated off towards the edge oc comercial district which was where he wanted to go. Maybe she’d feel less guilty about a little mustang when she was what he had his eye on. -08:41 Apr 24
Madeline: "You don’t even know if I can drive! I’ll warn you that I’ve had three accidents, that are allegedly my fault!" Maddie circled her arms around him, and if she could fully be in his lap, she would have. Sleeping soundly and cuddling, and just happy to hear his voice. …she should have just asked him to stay in bed with her all day! "Maybe if it’s midnight blue, with that cool sparkle paint…" -08:44 Apr 24
Drake: "I could get it painted that color.." he said runnign his fingers though her hair and sighing happily. "I like this… pity we’re almost there…" ‘There’ was a large two story car showroom behind a big fence. The entiore exterious of the building was glass and stainess steel and looked like it had just been polished. "I hope it’s in… I was told it was… They’re going to let me test drive…" he was getting excited and when they stopped he pulled out his wallet to pay the fair and then opening the door and holding out a hand to maddie. "Do you want to see what I plan to make my new baby?" -08:53 Apr 24
Madeline: Maddie took his hand to step out and when she did, she didn’t let go. No wonder he was so excited, he was shopping for a car! It made her laugh, and she was quickly nodding. "Okay, yeah! I’ve got to see it if it’s going to be your baby." When she got excited like that, it was usually over him! She wondered if he knew that… he probably did! -08:57 Apr 24
Drake: He flashed her a smile as if readign her thoughts and then loved towards the dealership the guards pulling open the gate before they reached him. "There she is." he whispered. "The silver one, groung floor, seconf to the right from the door. I’m want to get one of those made." he waited for the automatic main door to open before they were greeted by the dealer. "Mark… we spoke on the phone, I’m here for the huayra." he smiled glancing at the car. "Don’t worry I already know all there is to know about her… I just want to see how she drives." "Yes Mr. Starr… Do you want to test drive the red of the blue one?" "Blue… definately blue." -09:03 Apr 24
Madeline: Maddie wasn’t going to pretend she had any real interest in the car, or that she knew anything about it. That took way more energy than she had, and she never got why girls did that anyway! But him being so eager about it was awesome, and well worth not getting to spend the day sleeping. She squeezed his hand and rocked back and forth on her feet. "We’re gonna take a drive through the city then? All Fast and Furious style?" -09:10 Apr 24
Drake: "That’s actually illegal." he said. "It’s also one and third million worth of car and I really don’t want to crash it. They do have thier owntrack at the back though… but I have a press event to get to." he watched the man head to a safe to get the keys and rocked back on his heels. "I just wish they didn’t make a loss of every one they sell… they’re great though… just wait until you see the inside." -09:13 Apr 24
Madeline: "It costs that much and they’re not making a profit on it?" Maddie was still trying to wrap her head around the price tag…! They were actually going to let him drive off the lot with a car so expensive? That sort of thing should be sitting up on a big trophy case or something, and made of pure diamonds…! Those thoughts must have flittered across her face and she tried to shake it, but just ended up with that same bewildered expression. "ARE the insides made of diamonds…?" -09:18 Apr 24
Drake: "Leather and titanuim mostly." he said as the keys wwere handed to him. "Around the side and under the roof, have if back by ten please Mr. Starr." "Don’t worry I’m sure the old girl with reminds me… Maddie will too." he said. "See you before then Mark." then he was heading outside and headign around the side of the building to see the car he’d be test driving… and when he did he almost squealed. "There she is.. Gull wing doors…" he unlocke done and lifted it up and out to look inside… "She’s a work of art… I don’t think I can not but one now…" -09:23 Apr 24
Madeline: Maddie was biting her bottom lip, trying not to giggle at him. This was cute…! A boy and his favorite toy… Did he laugh at her like this when she was trying so hard not to squeal about him? "I have to admit, it does look super neat… There is an assload of detail work…" Sculpting wasn’t her medium, but that’s almost what it was like. Something finely sculpted down to the tiniest details of line and color. That was something she could appreciate about his shiny toy. Maddie leeaaned a little closer to look, but she was still really wary about touching something so damned expensive. "…what happens if we scratch it or spill something in the test drive? Do they get our souls?" -09:27 Apr 24
Drake: He checkled and loved aorund to get int he driver’s seat. "They have insurence." he said doing up his seatbelt and drummign his fingers ont he wheel beofre finally putting the key in and starting the engine. "Maddie… can you tell me the purpose of a supercar.. or even a hypercar like this… No it’s not what you’re thinking of. It’s to make grown men feel like nine year olds." -09:30 Apr 24
[Madeline has spent the day driving around the city with Drake in a test caaaaar! Which included a lot of giggling, a lot of cringing about corners, and teasing about still not knowing the difference between this one and the other one. …of course NOW she’s fallen asleep in the car on the way to the press thing!] -06:43 Apr 25
[Drake Wants this car. Any car that drives smothly enough for maddie to fall asleep in while he puts it through it’s paces on the road… well fine that has nothing to do with it, he just wants the car.] -06:45 Apr 25
Madeline: There had to be a measure of trust somewhere, that she could actually drift off to sleep while he was driving one of his maniac cars. Especially cause a tire blew and they nearly died in the last one! But he was well behaved on the city streets and she was so, so tired… Apparently babies weren’t the only ones lulled to sleep by a nice ride. -06:49 Apr 25
Drake: He pulled up behind the studio and undid his seatbelt to look over at Maddie a soft smile drifting across his face. She was dangerously adorable. Opening his door he got out and stretched before walking around to the other side and opening hers. "Maaaaaaaadie." he said softly undoing her seat belt and leaning over her. "if I have to carry you I will." then he kissed her fully on the lips and waited to see if that woke her. -06:53 Apr 25
Madeline: In response to her name she frowned. There was a vague recognition of a threat to move her from a very comfortable spot. She was right in the middle of sleepy growling when he kissed her, which stopped the growl in an instant and turned in to a soft sigh. "Hmrph… a kiss from the prince of starrlight." she muttered… then frowned! Hrnnng. That was painfully cheesy! "…I think I want your car for my new bed." -07:01 Apr 25
Drake: "One point three million is a bit much for a bed." he teased before leaning over to poke her gently. "Come on Maddie I don’t want to leave her either but I can’t leave you here. I have wardrobe, coffee, press… I’d like you do be there." -07:04 Apr 25
Madeline: Maddie was tempted to be super dramatic and throw an arm back and tell him to carry her! But reluctant sense won out, so with a little bit of stiff grumbling she grabbed on to his hand to help pull herself out of the shiny new car. Man… it really was nice to sleep in! "I’d promise to be there with you. And coffee sounds super awesome right about now." -07:08 Apr 25
Drake: He took her hand and closed the door before walking with her wowards the studio and no sooner was he in the door than there was a serious English face looking at him. "Nan… told you I’d make it. Do you have it?" "I do but you know what they say. Prevention is better than cure. Madeline, I expext you to keep him out of trouble. God knows it won’t be easy but you may be his last hope." she she put a vial in Drakes hand, placed a hand on his back and pushed his towards the wardrobes. -07:13 Apr 25
Madeline: Eeek! Nanny McClobber! Maddie had the crazy urge to hide behind Drake, but managed to stay where she was at. The woman just looked scowly even when she was giving… a compliment? Was that a compliment of hope? "Um.. I’ll try! What’s in the magic potion bottle?" The only way she was going to know was by asking. Otherwise she was just going to make up a bunch of insane things in her head. -07:17 Apr 25
Drake: "Hangover cure. Yes there is one." Drake said brewaking the stem and upending the vial over his mouth and drinking the whole thing. Then he sat at a small table just outside wardrobe that already has two hot mugs of coffee on it. "So this is what the real day is like, not like when we know there’s going to be a compitition winner guesnt." he said gesturing at the multitude of people running around. -07:22 Apr 25
Madeline: Maddie glanced around at the people scurrying this way and that. She couldn’t really pinpoint who did what, but everything seemed to know what they were doing. …unlike her! Beyond sitting and being there with him! The thought made her grin wide as she slipped in to the seat next to him and picked up one of the mugs. "Pretty much a lot of chaos and lemmings? I hope I’m not going to be in the way." -07:27 Apr 25
Drake: "If no one tells you you are then you’re not." he said "And right now you’re… oh shit." he leaned back and covered his face, then uncovered it as his manager came up to the table. She looked at Maddie, then at Drake and her only words were ‘we need to talk’ "Look Maddie I’ll be back soon. Just stay here and guard my coffee." -07:34 Apr 25
Madeline: "I… okay." His mother was some sort of force of nature. Maddie was sure every time the woman was present, every intelligent thought seemed to vanish out of her head. And that was worse than his Nan! Maddie just nodded quickly, bringing her own cup up to her mouth so she wouldn’t have to say anything. Or say something stupid. -07:39 Apr 25

With Drake gone Maddie was left alone for a couple on minuted before a girl who had to be about the same age as her sat down and sighed. He hair was brown and tied back in a quasi pony tail and she was dressed a little formally but looked like she had gotten dressed in a hurry. “You’re Madeline, right?” she asked looking at Maddie and slowly smiling. “Oh.. my… I was hoping to meet you. I’m a fan!” she coughed and calmed herself before stratenign her face and fought a look of excitement. “Sorry I should explain. I’m a reported adn I’ve been following your story. It’s like a modern day Cinderella… And you’re smart and creative too. Perfect match!” she grinned and then slapped his forehead. “Sorry… I should introduce myself. Anna Heart. This is my first big event… well it’s not that big but it’s my first!” -Drake

Madeline: "A fan of who? Me?" Of course that was the first thing that came out of her mouth, along with the incredulous look on her face. Maddie took another slow sip of her coffee and eyed the girl, trying not to let her face turn red or start giggling like a dummy. "I’m Madeline King… but I guess you know that. You can call me Maddie! Um… I wouldn’t call it a Cinderella story, though. I mean, that’s totally not me or Dra– Preston at all." Oooooh, she had gotten so used to calling him Preston, Maddie was going to have to watch that, especially with reporters! -07:49 Apr 25

“It’s okay.” she whispered. “I know Drake’s name.” she gave a look of overacted secretive winking and then setled down. “Still though your sudden engagement was big news. I’ve been a Starr fan for eeeveer and through colledge I listened to almost nothing but his songs. I was disappointed whe I didn’t win the dat but you two are cute together. And you paint… you see why I’m your fan? Sorry I shouldn’t blather on like this… I’m meant to be a professional now” -Drake

Madeline: "Oh thank god, I was having a mental freakout moment that I was gonna blurt out his name by accident. You are a good fan!" Without spilling the secret about his name being a problem, Maddie relaxed a bit. Casting the woman a sheepish sort of grin as she sipped from her mug. "It’s okay, on the contest date I was suuuuuper weird. Completely and utter embarrassing. I was trying to pull the smart mysterious girl thing, but I was so nervous I kept forgetting what to say and fumbled everything… So I was surprised when he wanted to go dancing after the date was over. I thought he’d wanna escape me as soon as possible!" -08:03 Apr 25

“Oh so you were drunk ruring the proposal? There’s a rumor that neither of you remembered it. That’s…” her expression said ‘Sad.’ “And…” her eyes caught something. “Are you wearing PJs?” -Drake

Madeline: "Um! Yeah, we were super drunk…" she paused and glanced down at herself. Yep, duckie pajamas. Why didn’t he tell her she was still wearing pajamas..! Maddie just wound up laughing! "Yeah, pajamas… I think we have a chronic problem where he gets super drunk and says the most amazing sweetest things. And of course by morning it’s all forgotten. But I told him if he asks me agai, while he’s sober if I’ll marry him that I’d say yes. It’s kind of crazy? I don’t love Preston Starr like that, not really, but I think I am in love with Drake." -08:16 Apr 25

“So you knowhim well enough to know the difference…” she beamed and then offered her hand. “I have to get back to the press area but we should be friends… You won’t tell anyone I was back here will you?” she pleaded. “I’m just glad I got to meet you in person Maddie… I’m going to write your story!” -Drake

Madeline: "My story? I doubt that’s gonna be too exciting, but okay!" she gave another embarassed laugh as she shook the woman’s hand. "I love making friends, though. I won’t tell anyone. Fangirl’s honor!" -08:24 Apr 25
[Madeline was trying really hard to stay awake and be supportive! But after his drunk pickup-call, Maddie was officially unconcious on the sofa in the back of the room!] -08:08 May 29
[Drake is also semi-unconcious on the back room couch with an arm around Maddie and the new supercar taken back to the dealer by a posh English nanny.] -08:12 May 29
Madeline: Squeezing in an hour of sleep while people were chattering everywere wasn’t exactly ideal. But it was easilly negated by the sound of his voice, even if it was answering a bunch of interviews. When -hadn’t- she fallen asleep to the delicious sounds of Preston Starr? Maddie wasn’t sure what woke her up now, in fact, she grumbled a complaint at it. And was finding herself leaning against a very near unconcious man sitting on the couch beside her. Grinning, she snuck her arms around him and more than willingly rest her face at the crook of his neck. Forgetting the time and the place, and just taking advantage of a sleeping moment! -09:04 May 29
Drake: He smiled at the feeling of her drawing herself closer and the arm around her squeezed he side. "Wondering when you’d wake up." he mumbled drawing her closer still. "If you want there’s a small studio flat attached to the building I sometimes use when recording runs late if you want to go there? just a single bed, nothing fancy but more space than a couch for two…" -09:16 May 29
Madeline: "At this point I don’t care where I’m sleeping. ….I’m really sorry I feel asleep during all your interviews." Totally not the greatest girlfriend/fiance move passing out when one is supposed to be all support and present. But he was all snugglie and didn’t seem to mind to much, so Maddie was more than fine remaining relaxed and limply half draped over him. "You’ll have to grab me by the feet and drag me. …how many secret hideaway places do you have?" -09:19 May 29
Drake: "I’ll do one better." he picked her up cradled against him without disturbing the position of her head and started walking. "And that depends what you mean by hideaway. I can’t really go anywhere without being recognized so I do have a hew places where I pay extra for privacy when I just want to relax, but places I actually own is just one, my home, this is owned by the studio but I used my Starr power to get it set aside just for me. there’s a lounge, kitchenette, and bedroom." All the time he was talking he was walking and now he was pushing open the door into the lounge area what had an assortment of chairs ranging from the couch to beanbags and everything in betweem, it also had a lot of music posters on the walls from as early as the 30s and a large screen TV and games console. -09:28 May 29
Madeline: Maddie was still giggling softly at Starr power if only because she was imagining the double Rs whether he meant it like that or not. She completely missed his description of the place, lost in that weird haze between sleepiness and girly appreciation for whatever cologne they managed to get on him before the interview. Once he crossed the threshold, though she was peering over his shoulder at the posters, fingers gently tugging at his clothes. "So you hijacked a wing all your own. I didn’t take Preston Starr for such a diva." -09:36 May 29
Drake: "You try singing until 1 AM trying to get that perfet take because you need to be on a plan the next morning to New York for a concert in front of fifty thousand people and see if you don’t just take the nearest bed available. I do all my songs as a continuous take, no cutting, no editing, It’s a point of pride with me. And I have to rest my voice after a few takes before trying again, sometime we try to do an entire album in a couple days, then I sleep here so I don’t have to travel back and forth all the time. In the buildup to concerts I spend more time here than at home so you can think of this as my second home and your third. Unless it’s third for both of us." There was no way ge couldn’t give her a dirty grin. -09:44 May 29
Madeline: "It’s why your music is always the best music." Dirty, dirty look he was giving her… Maddie just gave an amused smile before she was adjusting to wrap her arms around his neck. HER third home, huh? Maddie really liked the sound of that! "Are you counting my house as one of your homes, Mister Preston Starr? Did that come up in an interview I slept through?" -09:49 May 29
Drake: "That was a hint about me spending a lot more tim at your place in the future Maddie." he said as he carried her into the bedroom. "And no, it didn’t. That interview was strictly about the upcoming tour that you’re going to be with me on. "And it will be the best music because you’ll be there in the crowd for me to sing to." -09:55 May 29
Madeline: Oooooh. Her fangirl was showing again, cause her amused grin was now stupidly wide and she was kicking her feet. Sleepy or not, having your idol tell you that you’re going on tour with him was always a squee moment. Reality was trying to wrestle it’s way back though, and she gave a small cough. "…not the entire tour though. Just for the small trip. I do have job to get to and stuff. Blowing it off today was a special case!" -10:01 May 29
Drake: "You’ll be there when I sing, that’s enough for me." he said leaning down to lay her on the bed and settle down in her arms moving forwards to gently kiss her cheek. "You may be a fan Maddie but you’re grounded in reality. That’s one of the things I like about you. " -10:05 May 29
Madeline: Bed felt so good. And Maddie was tempted to just let go and pass out. But he was being so sweet and so cute, and really, really asking for a pouncing. Maddie locked her arms around his neck with no intentions of letting go, and nuzzled his cheek. "I don’t think I’m in reality right now, though. More like Maddie King fantasy paradise heaven." -10:16 May 29
Drake: "You mean a dream?" he asked rolling onto his back so that she was half on top of him. "Dreams sound nice. I really should have slept last night… at least I know I’ll wake up to you… and unless I miss my guess cornish pasties for both of us from the cafe across the street." -10:21 May 29
Madeline: "Like a dream only better. I’m pretty sure I wrote a fic or two like this before." In fact, fics that involved having Preston Starr in bed were never innocent when written by a sixteen year old obsessive fangirl. Maddie wore a smirk that mirrored those thoughts, and instead of curling up nice and sleepy she was back to nuzzling his cheek again. Only this time with a kiss and a nibble in between. -10:27 May 29
Drake: "So you’re not to sleepy after all?" he asked pulling his head away to look at her. "You know I want to wait a bit on that Maddie. It’s hard for me too though… you might feel that against your thigh." -10:36 May 29
Madeline: "Wait?" Uuugh..! With a huff of breath and defeat her body went limp on top of him, her face dropped at his neck again. At least until she did realize he wasn’t all soft. Her disappointed quickly errupted in to soft, almost embarassed giggling. It was one thing going all sexual-predator, it was another to realize maybe he actually did want to too. "You know, it’s not usually the guy wanting to wait…" -10:40 May 29
Drake: "I know." he said running his fingers through her hair and kissing the tip of her nose. "But we’re an unusual couple. It won’t be much longer I just have to be sure about a couple of things. You’re doing a very good job of making me attached to you without sex so it’s not going to matter one way or the other… I really like you Maddie." -10:48 May 29
Madeline: Damnit. There was no way to be mad about it, or even feel mopey over it. He was making her feel all melty and at this rate she was going to be head over heels in love with him and never going to let go! Maddie curled up, draping an arm over his chest and a leg over his. Content to nuzzle against his neck for the time being. Even if she was imagining a few less snugglie scenarios that would probably get her jailed for rape. "I like you a lot too, Drake. Even more than I ever thought I would, and I have some pretty big fantasies." she mumbled. -10:54 May 29
Drake: "I know you do, I’ve read some of them." he said smiling as he nestled his hand into the crooc of her neck and sighed. "You’ll be here when I wake up right? Not going to sneak off home and leave me here alone? I want dinner with you tonight. A date." -10:59 May 29
Madeline: "I’d never turn down a date with you." another soft giggle, and a long sigh. Maddie was itching to creep her hands under his shirt, but once she started touching she wouldn’t be able to stop. Instead, she relaxed and that sleepiness was catching up again. She yaaaawned. "A date, and bed… I think. Maybe I shouldn’t sleep now, I have to be alive for work tomorrow." she was mumbled out the words, but too far gone to actually act on them! -11:01 May 29
Drake: Drake was also too far gone to do anything but make a small noise and pet her hair. They’d be woken up on a few hours with food anyway and maybe Drake could teach Maddie the secret to living without a sleep cycle… Still he’d be a lot happier with her naked… naked maddie… this dream should be good. -11:12 May 29
Your Starr

Your Starr 006: Drunk Confessions

[Drake is drunk and at a club a 3 AM and wel.. things arn’t going to well.] -07:23 Apr 21
[Madeline is sleeping, because she has work in the morning!] -07:23 Apr 21
Madeline: A day of fast cars and then dancing around a pop star’s house would tire a girl out. At least she didn’t fall asleep there, despite the fact Maddie had been more than tempted to find an excuse to spend the night. She got to bed a little late, but thankfully all she’d have to do was shower and run out the door when she woke up in the morning. -07:26 Apr 21

her phone rang, and rang, as long as it needed to to get her to answer it it rang, the number was a landline number from the city and when it was answered a burley voice was on the other end. “Madeline? Yes, we need you to come done to the Blue 19… the person who gave us your number needs you to come and pick them up. Sooner is better than later.” -Drake

Madeline: "Huuwaaah…?" She was groggy,half asleep and didn’t recognize the number, or the name, or the voice. She raised up to squint at the time. It was 2am! "Who is thiiiis? Tell them to call me tomorrooooow." Maddie plopped back on the pillows with the phone still at her ear. -07:31 Apr 21

there was a sigh from the other side. “Look I’m tired of dealing with drunk celebrities so We’re on 31st street, Blue 19 club and just walk in the door. Your fiance is in no condition to drive.” then the line went dead. -Drake

Madeline: "Fiance?" Asshole hung up on her. Good! She wanted to sleep! Maddie rolled over and curled up with her pillow. After a few minutes the call sank in and she was sitting up quickly, confused and bewildered. "Seeeeriously?" …who was she even talking to! Maddie groaned to herself, flinging aside the covers as she hopped out of bed and scrambled for her clothes. In a few more minutes she had a cab and was heading out for some random club, half asleep in the middle of the night. When she arrived and bouncer stopped her at the door, she almost growled at him. "I’m supposed to go in there! I am here to pick up Drake, er… Preston Starr…" -07:39 Apr 21
Drake: The bouncer gestured to another to take his place and for Maddie to follow and entered the club. There were still a fair few partiers at this time but the bouncer skirted the edge and stopped outside a bathroom that had been closed off. "He’s in there, I’d have a bucket if you don’t want to have to clean your seats." If you need help moving him I’m right here. -07:43 Apr 21
Madeline: "Right, I got it, thanks." She should be asleeeeeep. Maddie wasn’t sure what she was going to see when she stepped in the room. She just hopped she wasn’t going to find him full of heroin and with bimbos on his lap. She wasn’t sure what would be worse, and wanted to kick herself for thinking it’d be girls. "Drake! Why is a bouncer calling me at 2am!" -07:49 Apr 21
Drake: There was a noice from one of the stalls and a foot sticking out of the open door moved. "Maddie?" he was leaning against a toilet on his butt on the thankfully clean floor and looking sick, though that might be the vomit sitting in the bowl. "Maddie! Hi." He made a weak attemot to get up but didn’t get that far and ended up just pulling his legs closer to himself. "Did I pass out or are you really here?" -07:54 Apr 21
Madeline: Man, she remembered this kind of drunk. She audibly huffed, stalking over to the sink to snatch some of the paper towels and wet them. Then she was stalking back to take his chin in her hand and clean his face. "It’s me. At 2am. When I -should- be sleeping cause I have work in the morning. How much did you drink to manage to piss off a bunch of bouncers?" -07:59 Apr 21
Drake: He looked at her and tried to pull away from the wet towls. "They’re not pissed, they’re cool… they…" he reacheout to take ould of her arms and pull her down to sit with him. "Maddie maddie maddie. I like that name, did, did you know that? You know usually they’d call my mum or my nan but I wasnted you. I havn’t had anything I trust to pick my up and mean anything… the other girls… I though they meant something but with you there is so much diference… Why do you make me fall in love?" -08:05 Apr 21
Madeline: Eep, not of the floor…! Maddie was trying not to cringe, and managed to at least stay on her knees. Leaning over him as he fussed and slurred and…. all of that irritated growling she had left in her melted. Fall in loooove? Wait, he was batshit crazy drunk right now. Maddie resumed scowling and focused on the present predicament. "You’re too drunk to say stuff like that and mean it… Now did you drive here or get dropped off? C’mon off the floor, I can’t pick you up by myself." -08:09 Apr 21
Drake: He looked up at her. "What about think it and mean it… because I did that today before I screwed up… and…" he got onto his knees and swayed. "Rickie should be here, we all came together. He drove. But look Maddie…" he used her to pull himself to his feet and leaned against her. "You’re an angel." -08:12 Apr 21
Madeline: "No, right now I am actually a really annoyed chick! A tired one!" Rickie, whoever that was, was not her problem. And frankly, if Rickie was so great a friend, he wouldn’t leave his buddy barfing alone in the bathroom. Maddie made sure he stay steady on his feet by wrapping her arms around his waist and guiding him towards the door. How the hell could he be so drunk, and still be so damned cute. "We’ll get a cab and I’ll send you home, okay?" -08:16 Apr 21
Drake: He shook his head. "No, can’t go home like this." he hugged her back and swayed humming a tune. "Your couch is closer. No barfing in the cad… they get annoyed and I don’t want to let you go." he grinned and started humming again. "maddiiee." -08:19 Apr 21
Madeline: She was gonna ask ‘Why Not?’ but one thought about Nanny McGrr and Maddie got the jist of it. It’s not like it was the first time he slept at her place. More huffing and she was leading him to the door. Weaving around other painfully drunk people, relieved looking bouncers and the guy at the door who gave her a thumbs up and – thank gods! – already had a cab called up for them. She had to hand it to those guys, they took care of their customers! Maddie shuffled Drake in to the back of the cab and fussed at him to get his seat belt on. "Yeaaaah, don’t throw up okay?" -08:23 Apr 21
Drake: He smiled at her and couldn’t take his eyes off her, then he was fumbling with his powet to pull out his wallet and after fussing with the leather just held the whole thing out to her and flopped back against the seat. "I’ll try not to… did you know your eyes are perfectly symetrical?" -08:27 Apr 21
Madeline: "I think that’s the weirdest observation anyone has ever made about me!" Maddie sighed and slipped his wallet in to her coat pocket, grumbled her address to the cabbie and plopped herself in her own seat. Minus the seat-belt! She was busy dabbing at his face with more of those wetted paper towels. Something cool always kept -her- from throwing up, it was worth the shot. "Why are you so dang drunk? You can’t just go out like this, or at least go out with friends that aren’t dirtbags and just going to abandon you there.." -08:31 Apr 21
Drake: "Rickie is a good guy alright, he was the only one available tonight adn I needed something… just having sex with you would have been smarter.. we should have sex… sex in maddie’s bed… with maddie!" not taht he had the energy to move right now and just smiled at her. "I’m not good at not having sex." -08:35 Apr 21
Madeline: That made her laugh out loud, and when she realized he could have been serious, she coughed and tried to keep a straight face. "I am pretty sure you’re all good well and fine when it comes to sex. Unless you’re one of those crazy kink maniac guys with the disturbing fetishes." They always said stars were in to weird things. And here she was imagining all the things she could do with him. But he was -drunk- and she was exhausted! "Okay, no talking about sex. Talking about music or stories or something! We’ll be home in a few minutes." -08:39 Apr 21
[Drake is drunk. And not just regular drunk, super amazing, staggering, speaking everythign that pops into his head drunk.] -07:33 Apr 23
[Madeline is in a cab with a very, very drunk Preston Starr and they are just pulling up to her place. Because that’s apparently where you take drunk pop stars!] -07:33 Apr 23
Madeline: "Thanks, keep the change." she mumbled the cabbie, passing him a few notes out of Drake’s wallet before it disappeared back in to her coat pocket. Then she was making quick work of getting his seatbelt off and trying to pull him out of the cab. "Waaaatch your head, c’mon now. You seriously need to go to bed…" -07:34 Apr 23
Drake: "What’s wrong with sex?" he asked when he was out of the cad and moving hsi arm searching for it to lean on when it had already pulled away. "I like talking about sex to pretty girls and like having it with them even more… you… maddie you.. are a pretty girl. And I’m not saying that because I’m a little drunk." he staggered towards the road and just caught himself before toppling over the curb. "I’ve always thought you’re pretty…" he was lookign at her and having hsi arms in her direction until then found her and he held on. "You… YOU… you just don’t give yourself enough credit. I’ve met some fucking crazy girls… trust me. Propper fangirl psychos wanting to get pregnant with my kid and trap me the whole deal… You… you’re just a fan. You… You’re amazing. You…" he held up a finger and turned to the side heaved a couple of times but nothing came out. "You maddie… what was I saying…? You.. you love me. As a fan but you ave a head and you use it. If I were an asshole you wouldn’t come get me late at night so you must think I’m pretty cool and I thik you’re pretty cool too… And I want to buy that painting…." at least he’d forgotten about sex. -07:42 Apr 23
Madeline: "It’s…" Oh gods. Maddie was almost kind of glad he WAS drunk cause she was probably ten shades of red. Of course, he was drunk, half the things he was blabbering on weren’t likely true. …she didn’t think so, at least. On the bright side, having him nearly hurl was pretty good for helping her not get caught up in a fantasy moment. "In the morning, you’re gonna feel pretty dumb about buying a painting of yourself." That’s was the safest thing for her to acknowledge as she grabbed on to him again and got him walk towards the front door. -07:48 Apr 23
Drake: He put and arm around her shoulders to keep himself upright. "In the mornign I’m going to feel like an idiot if I don’t say this…" He burped and then paused. "Not that.. that was an accident. I want to say that I really don’t care what my mother says. I really do like you Maddie." he cling to her and thumped his fingers into her chest for emphasis. "I like you and I’m in danger of falling for you. I’ve never felt this way before and I need you to tell me right now if you feel the same. Because if you do then I’m going to do a…. lot okay? A lot… and and and… you have exquisite eyes. did you know that? I’m going to write a song about them. -07:57 Apr 23
Madeline: Maddie wanted to punch him in the face, and dreamily sigh all at the same time! She huffed at him, shifting him to the side so she could fumble with her keys, one-handed to get the door unlocked and push it open. Well. He wasn’t going to remember any of this anyway, it didn’t matter what she said or admitted! "I’m glad you like me, but I’m pretty sure you’re going to break my heart." Iiiinn through the door, and kicking it closed behind them. Maddie ushered him straight towards her room. "I like you a lot. More than I thought I would, and I mean you. The guy that trolls girls on the internet, and plays kiss chicken, and driving scary cars, and gets weird on dates and gets stupid drunk and says crazy things. And it’s not that smart of me." -08:08 Apr 23
Drake: His face was a mix of distraght and delight but the former won and he pushed himself away from her to stagger backwards and fall over. "Maddie…." she though she was going to hurt her? He looked to the side trying to fight through the cloud of alcohol suffocating his mind to think of something to say. "I’m stupid drunk because I upset you." he eventually said. "Today with the fries and the press thing and the… I don’t want you to get hurt. You so… untainted. This life has an ugly side and you think you can handle it. You think you even know it." he saw close to a sob. "You remind me why I still do this. Why I want to song." -08:21 Apr 23
Madeline: He was on the floor and without missing a beat, she was stooping to grab him by and arm and try to pull him back up to his feet again. So he was off getting drunk cause he felt like an idiot…? That was kind of an idiot thing to do! But so sweet… Maddie was chewing on her lip as she attempted to drag him the rest of the way to the bedroom. "Getting drunk is a dumb way to deal with upsetting a girl! Flowers and snuggling is a better idea…. And you know, you don’t have to protect me? I’m a grown woman, I can handle my life. Now pleeeaase get off the floor, we need to get you in bed." -08:25 Apr 23
Drake: Instead of attempting to get off the floor he tried to pull her onto the floor. "I mean it… you reminds me why I sing… I didn’t want to for a long time when I started. I was unhappy with the oublicity and there was little joy in it. Then I met and fan and they we had a talk. They were smart and knew why they liked my music and… I want to make people like them.. like you.. happy. It sounds lame I know but if you’re driving to work, the mood you get there in will affect your whole day… I want good music on tha radio for good moods, I want people who are sad and lonely to have a voice there to comfort them, I want people out having fun to have something to dance to and I want to express myself and people singing my song to express themselves through them and… It’s a crazy I’m drunk… I… I’ve never bought anyone flowers…" -08:32 Apr 23
Madeline: The weird tug of war ended up with her nearly falling on him, braced on her knees which were definitely going to be bruised by morning. Which, now that she tilted and eyed a clock up on the wall, was no more than two hours away. Worse, he was making her want to kiss him. Kiss him and cuddle him and more. And she’d never forgive herself if she did! "Drake…" Maddie siiiiigh, giving in to the impulse to hug him and nuzzling her nose against his cheek. He deserved it, just this once. "You can’t make music with a bad hangover though. Tomorrow you can buy me flowers and write me another song, but you’ve got to sleep, okay? You can’t sleep here on the floor." -08:40 Apr 23
Drake: He turned his ehad an kissed her. "I’m going…" he whispered before struggling to get up and stagger towards her bed and fall onto it. "I want more of that though… I want to be close to you." he fumbled with his boots and jacket before falling back onto his back and yawning. "You’re a good person Maddie May… If you think I’m going to hurt you and let you leave my life so easily you’re… you don’t know me as well as you think you do." -08:46 Apr 23
Madeline: Maddie grinned, moving his boots and jacket out of the way, then leaned over him to fuss him fully on to bed and pillows. "I know that you turn in to a romantic when you’re super drunk. I’d like it if there was an Us, though." Maddie leaned to reach over and grab one of the blankets to pull over him. -08:51 Apr 23
Drake: "Isn’t there?" he asked looking at her. "I’m in your bed… we go on dates… we’re engaged… is there an us?" his voice was fading, the fact that he was in bed was the cue to his body to shut down adn take his brain with it, his eyes were already mostly closed. "Is there an us?" -08:54 Apr 23
Madeline: This was so cute…! Kind of heart-aching knowing he’d not remember any of it. Maddie sat down on the bed after tucking him in and brushed her fingers through his hair. She really, really wanted there to be an Us. "I hope so…? Yes… I’ll be yours forever if you ask me to. But you have to ask when you’re not drunk…" -08:57 Apr 23
Drake: "I’ll remember to." he said with a smile before putting and arm over her and nuzzling into the pillow and then going still. It wouldn’t take him long to fall asleep, not while this drunk. Soone he was breathing easily, slowly, and beeply, his mouth slightly open and eyes closed. Asleep and dreaming, and heading for a hangover. -09:02 Apr 23
Madeline: She was trapped! …pleasantly trapped. He was as good as unconcious and she couldn’t stop stroking his hair. With a sigh she shifted to snatch up her phone. It had been forgotten in the sheets in her mad rush to get out the door, and dialed her work number. "Hey, this is Madeline King. I’m not gonna make it in to work today, sorry…" she tossed her phone on the nightstand and leaned back with a yawn. Before long she had fallen asleep too, still in her jacket and shoes and fingers lost in the hair of a passed out Starr. -09:07 Apr 23
Your Starr

Your Starr 005: The Real Deal

[Drake Is in a new bed! will new to him…] -07:21 Mar 22
[Madeline is cuuuurled up sleeping in bed. Even, she was sure she fell asleep on the couch watching movies.] -07:23 Mar 22
Madeline: Arm slung over his chest and nearly in his face, Maddie was perfectly content with her sleeping arangements too. Face buried against an arm, sheets tangled.. if it weren’t for the fact she was still dressed it might have looked pretty condemning. When her alarm clock went off a pillow was snatched and her arm moved as she tossed it towards the dresser. Then it was right back around him, despite the now muffled beeping across the room. -07:26 Mar 22
Drake: "That is a useful trick." he mumbled as he resettled against her his nose brushing against hers which might back been on purpose. "I don’t think it would work on a british nanny though." he had watched movies with her until she had fallen asleep, and then had carried her to her bed and joined her in it, better than driving him in the middle of the night, even though he probably had a billion missed calls! -07:30 Mar 22
Madeline: "….I am not alone in this bed…" Why did she even say that out loud. He already knew he was there. After a few moments of being confused about this sudden-man predictament, and that wary, sleepy wonderment on how she got from point a to point b, she relaxed again. Ignoring that muffled beeping. Preston Starr was in her bed! Maddie suddenly could not turn the grin off. "I bet it would. But twice as likely to have something thrown back. -07:33 Mar 22
Drake: "Like a harsh talking to about respect and having ears pulled." he said draping an arm over her and mumbling something unheard about knowing how that felt first hand and having thrown a pillow at her… why he’d done so would remain unsaid. -07:38 Mar 22
Madeline: "I’ve had a couple harsh talkings to before…" Laaaame, it was MaddieMay to the rescue. In her head anyway. Maddie scooted up closer and tried to resist that urge to cuddle him and pet him and be his personal champion against the evils of nannys. That would be totally insane! "I told my mum she could shutup and go to school for me if it was "so damn important" and then she dragged me out of bed by the feet." -07:43 Mar 22
Drake: "I was pulled out of regular school." he said "You can’t do that and be a pop star at the same time to it was home school, guess who taught me. I told her she could teach me in bed, then stuck out my tongue at the face she made. It was worth it…" he sighed. "That leftover pizza is calling to me…" -07:55 Mar 22
Madeline: "It’s good to know you’ve always been a deviant." She smirked, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. Then reluuuuctantly was rolling out of bed and confiscating that stupid beeping clock from it’s smother-place. If it weren’t for this thing, she could have spent all morning in bed with Preston Starr! "I guess I actually have to put real clothes on today. You eat and I shower? That is, if spending the night with me doesn’t count as date two.." Spending the night and just sleeping. How did that keep happening? -07:59 Mar 22
Drake: "What if it does? Do we switch roles? You eat and I shower? Or do I have to eat in the shower? I can think of one sense of the words where that wouldn’t be unpleasent." he winked at her before climbing out of her bed and stretching. -08:02 Mar 22
Madeline: Maddie nearly dropped and knocked the clock back off her dresser. Eat in the shower…! That was just. She didn’t know if she were going to laugh, curse her luck, or die on the spot. Thank gods he couldn’t see the look on her face. "…I think it will be less distracting for all parties if I shower without you getting involved." When she turned she stuck her tongue out at him, and what should have been a graceful snatching up her towel from a hamper of clean laundry that never found it’s way put up, ended with her backing in to the bathroom door and having to catch it before it swung back and hit her. -08:09 Mar 22
Drake: "Smooth." he said before yawning and grinning as he headed out the door and towards the kistchen. He didn’t feel bad about being jegected, it wasn’t a serious offer, entirely. Still there were a couple slices, one each then heading out to beakfast… -08:14 Mar 22
Madeline: She might have taken a little longer in the shower than she meant to. But dealing with ice cold water and trying not to think about things you really shouldn’t be thinking about when you were trying to have at least SOME sense of self control was a hard quest! Then there was the trick of taking him serious about the whole… dress like you’re trying to impress thing! It was one thing trying to impress pop idol Preston Starr for a fan-date dream come true. But this… this was actual date. So when she finally stepped out of the bedroom, trying to fluff some of the dampness out of her hair, she was wearing some dressed up jeans and her favorite brown jacket. "Kay, I feel a lot less crazy now, but a lot more hungry. Sorry that took so loooong… " -08:28 Mar 22
[Maddie is wearing DATE CLOTHES cause now she’s going on a REAL date with Preeeeeston Staaaaaaaarr!] -07:27 Apr 20
[Drake is waiting at the door jingling his car keys and looking out the window. He doesn’t think he’d seen a neighborhood this rough in a long time.] -07:36 Apr 20
Maddie: "Still can’t believe you actually drove all the way out here. I’m pretty dubious you can even drive…" She was just kidding, of course. Well, about wondering if he could drive. She WAS still surprised he drove himself. Maddie made sure she had a small wallet shoved in to her back pocket and her keys dropped in to her jacket pocket before she was leading the way to open the door. "So what kind of car is it anyway, some crazy black SUV with giant – what the fuck!" She hadn’t taken more than a few steps out the door before she spotted it. Honestly, who could MISS that thing! "Are you completely nuts?! -07:42 Apr 20
Drake: He looked at her. "Look I know lambos tend to tail out in the corners and this is no exception but I like that. It’s a wild ride taking one of theses around the track…" he was not only completely missing the point but also concidering takin her to the track to show her how fun the car was. "Don’t tell me you’re a ferrari girl…" -07:46 Apr 20
Maddie: "No I mean, you’re lucky it’s still HERE." She was staring right back at him like he was crazy. Waiting until he was out the door before she locked it up. "The only people with nice cars out here are drug lords, and that’s only cause no one is dumb enough to jack one of their cars… -I- don’t even have a car. Cause IT was stolen! It wasn’t even worth stealing!" That thing was shiny, he probably kept it locked up in a garage somewhere most of the time. Her hands were on her hips. "Did you drive this out here to impreeeess me?" -07:51 Apr 20
Drake: "You should move in with me then." he said "No one ever steals anything there, and what if I did? She’s my favorite. You want to know the real Drake right? Not Preston well Drake believes the Itallians do three things right. Food, suits, and supercars. Thier political policies they can keep to themselves. Now come onwe have a date to get to. And wait until you see what I’ve done with the inside…" -07:55 Apr 20
Maddie: "I don’t really know anything about cars…" He made it so hard to tease when he out right admitted it. …and… Maddie was a little derailed by the casual invitation to move in with him! He wasn’t serious. …She also had thought he wasn’t serious about her marrying him, and then there was the drunken proposal at the club! She waaaarily approached the car, more than a little worried the slightest scuff or knick was going to have him in a fit. Car guys were weird about their cars. "Leopard print seats? Dice on the mirror? Neon lights maybe?" -08:00 Apr 20
Drake: He turned off the alarm and pulled open the driver’s door and flopped into the seat that automatically adjusted to perfectky cup hisbody mased on the pressures he put on it. It was tricked out but nothing was there that wasn’t fitted in the factory other than an umpty sluchy cup in the cup holder. The system he had spent the most on however was the sound. It had a complete song library that synced with his home library when it was in the garage and a total of 18 speakers made sur that no mattere where you were in the car you were completely immersed in sound. Chances were too that if maddie wanted a song it was on there. "Why don’t you pick the music and we’ll head over to my place so I can change." -08:07 Apr 20
Maddie: Maddie didn’t know what to think about this car. It was ludicrous and awesome and intimidating. How was a car even intimidating? Once she was seated and buckled in, though, a promise of picking the music was all it took for her to be grinning ear to ear and flicking through his playlists. "Oooohooo, what is best for morning drives. Bouncy party music, sweeet mellow jazz. Electrifying metal… Don’t even know why I’d be surprised a pop star has so much music… I haven’t even heard of some of these people…" Oooh. Maddie picked a song she loved, and wasn’t one of his songs. -08:11 Apr 20
Drake: "So you do have tastes outside of the Starr or is this your first time?" he teased popping the car inti gear and pulling away down the street. We really did like this car. On street settings she was a well behaved kitten, trach setting she was a roaring skidding monster. "Do you know much about cars?" he asked her while giving her a glance and pulling onto the highway, it being the fastest was across the city and he did not mind paying tolls. "Because you would not believe how tempted I am to show you what this one can do." -08:17 Apr 20
Maddie: "You might be my greatest love, but nope, you’re not the only one I listen to." The song was playing and she was still flipping through the music library. When he sped up on the highway, she did end up grabbing the sidedoor handle and warily looking up at the street. "I know art, I know a little music and clothes. But uhm, not a lot about cars… They are all pretty much the same, anyway, right?" -08:25 Apr 20
Drake: "Pffffft!" he laughed and petted the steering wheel as if placating the car after Maddie insulted her. "No… very much not the same." he said. "You havn’t seen many good cars, obviously. That’s a lot like sating all paintings are the same or all sculted blocks of stone are the same. They’re not." he was keeping his eyes ahead as they got close to a toll booth and he started slowing. "Do you know what? While we’re in Germany we’re being bad and disappearing to the grand prix." -08:33 Apr 20
Maddie: "I can’t believe you’re taking me to an overseas concert." Maddie want to squeal about it so bad. But she was still stuck in post-shock mode! You could only squeal and dance about something so much before you blew out your vocal chords! She leaned back in her seat grinning. "Watching cars spin around in circles doesn’t sound so great, but I bet you’re gonna tell me you drive on those tracks?" -08:36 Apr 20
Drake: "Those tracks are pricy. There are some around that you just a show up on a track day and go around with a bunch of other cars as much as you feel like without there beong positions or any sort of compitition. It’s the only kind I can really do under my contract." he glanced at her again and then payed the toll and pulled away. "Think of it as a couple hours alone with me in an enviromentally controlled bow with a one way window and more food than we can possibly eat before we head over to the concert I am most certainly taking you to. I need someone in the crowd to look at as I sing." -08:41 Apr 20
Maddie: What she really couldn’t believe was how her brain was somehow trying to put this new fact about Preston Starr in to a new fanfic. So many years since she wrote one, and she still had those dumb urges! Never agaaaain. Madie shifted in her seat until she was staring at him. A squinty eyed look as if she were still trying to figure out where the ‘catch’ to it all was. "I’m gonna have to use up my vacation days, but totally worth it! But I am pretty sure you’re gonna be super busy making with the magic-eyes to all your adoring fans to think twice about your dumb melting fiance in the crowd." Another teeease. -08:46 Apr 20
Drake: Fiance sounded wierd but only becuase he wasn’t used to the idea of having one. "You’ve been to my concerts and know how it is." he said yurning the wheel and pulling onto an offramp. "Coffee or tea though." he asked glancing at ehr as they entered a much nicer part of town. -08:50 Apr 20
Maddie: "I like coffee." Maddie couldn’t tell if she got him or not. She was still looking for that magic button that shook him a bit, or embarassed him, or… anything! Probably because she was clearly immature and had the mental capacity of a thirteen year old teenager with a crush. At that realization she just embarrassed herself and was turning to the window to look out at the houses. "Uhm…! Yeah. All the ones I could get to anyway. I think you’re a lot better live than over recordings. You always sound different when you’re performing for people." -08:54 Apr 20
Drake: "Studios are sterile." he said. "The only people I get to see listening are the sound technicians and my manager." he pulled over and killed the engine, the music staying on as he unded his seatbelt. "I still remember my first concert over in the riverside ballpark before it became an office block. A lot of people hated me back then because I was so young and they though it was all autotuning and sound correction. That was a long time ago…" -08:59 Apr 20
Maddie: "And you at you now. The Starr of every girl’s dreams and silly stories." Maddie gave him a cheeky grin. He was definitely the star of hers. At this rate she was gonna start giggling about nothing and looking like a lunatic. "I liked hearing you sing Nirvana at the studio, though. That was pretty awesome." -09:03 Apr 20
Drake: "you were there." he said flashing her a smile and sitting listening to the music and being with her for a bit before heading inside. "Speaking of there is a secret surprise at the concert that no one is allowed to know about beforehand. Not even you!’ now he was opening the door and exiting quickly with a cheeky grin and turning off the radio by turning on the alarm. Then he was heading for the front door that opened before he got there. "Nan!" he said giving the woman a one armed hug and looking back to make sure Maddie was keeping up. "Two mugs of coffee in the bedroom and I’ll be taking a shower, then you have the rest of the day off no matter what my mum says. Get yourself a manacure or something on me." -09:07 Apr 20
Maddie: "What! Hey..!" Special concert surprise! He couldn’t mentioned something like that and then run off. Maddie was practically on his heels ready to launch in to a barrage of questions to weasel the answer out of him. Maddie had to clamp her mouth shut when they ran in to his Nanny though! The woman probably wasn’t all that pleased to see her again. "Uh… Hi..! Nan… Me again, hellooo…" She didn’t even know the woman’s name. Madde definitely felt like she was a dumb kid. -09:14 Apr 20
Drake: She might have cracked a smile she might not have but she moved back into the house and Preston shed his jacked into a chair and then mounted the stairs two at a time heading towards the bedroom. He would have to match her look and then add a little Starr power to it. Easy enough he had a lot of things to choose from. "Maddie up here." he called back. "You can wait in the bedroom while I get clean." -09:19 Apr 20
Maddie: "You know, on any other guy I’d be cracking some ‘I’ll help you get clean!’ joke!" …aaand she said that too loud. His nanny probably heard that. Maddie cringed to herself and practically fled up the stairs. She remembered which room was his from her first interesting encounter with his home, so when she stepped in to the bedroom she wasn’t stunned by it. At least, not as stunned as the first time. Maddie still couldn’t get over how it looked like one of those posh magazine cover hotel rooms… "I think your bedroom alone is bigger than my place." -09:23 Apr 20
Drake: "Makes sense." he called from the ensuit before turning on the shower head. "It’s built for two." humming he grabbed the shampoo and got started for once happy that he hadn’t gone for the completely transarrent shower walls. -09:27 Apr 20
Maddie: "Built for twooooo." she murmured softly to herself. Oooooh, he had no idea how tempted she was to strip off all her clothes and step in the shower with him. Maddie had -plenty- of shower fantasies about Preston Starr. Thankfully that need to not mess up her date make-up and avoid getting a restraining order had her behaving. Maddie wandered around the room peering at his things. Stopping to take a look out the window, and plopping in to a desk chair. Just because she was nosy she poked around at the papers on the desk, glancing at notes here and there. He wrote a lot of notes… "You oughta be careful who you’re making propositions to, Mister! One of these days I’m going to accept and you won’t know what hit you!" -09:34 Apr 20
Drake: "I thought I’d already proposed." he called back interupting a soft song that was mostly drowned out by the running water. She had walked right into that one. Then he was back to scrubbing and humming, he wanted to make sure he smelled good for their date… even if where they were going had sipped his mind. -09:37 Apr 20
Maddie: Crap. She did totally accept his drunkie drunk proposal. "Blaaargh." That he couldn’t hear, as she pushed back and spun around in his chair a few times. Maddie made a mental note that she’d avoid all booze when Preston Starr was concerned. If she was gonna jump on him like a lovesick hussy, she wanted to do it sober! Once she stopped spinning, she was right back to flipping through papers. Leaning on a elbow and only half reading pages as she turned them over. A lot of the notes were ideas for lyrics, but something strange finally caught her eye and gave her pause. "Whaaaaat..? Nu uh.." At first it really didn’t seem like anything more than another song, but damned if it didn’t almost word for word mention things she had written in one of her dumb stories! In fact, she was pretty sure it was straight out of Prince of Starrlight! -09:46 Apr 20
Drake: The sunds of the water stopped and he stepped out of the shower to start drying himself. His clothes were there and like any good nanny coffee was already on the table without Madeline having ever noticed it placed there. He dressed in smartich black pants that still had a splash of color int he form of a red strip of fabric on the right hip and a prettymuch the same shirt he had worn in his last concert, if he was hinest with himself he had no idea how to dress it was his celebrity status that just immediatly furned any ensamble me put on into fasion. -09:50 Apr 20
Maddie: Maddie heard the bedroom door close, and thought it was Drake stepping out of the bathroom. Which left her making a fumble to pretend like she wasn’t going through all the papers on his desk and scooting backwards in the chair. …nope! There was coffee sitting there, as innocent as could be. Maddie wasn’t sure if that was worse or not. Nanny McMean catching her snooping red-handed. Why didn’t she say anything…? Before she wound up caught for real, Maddie scooted on over to pick up a mug and take a sip. He wrote a song about her fic. Inspired by her fic? Maybe it was a joke… but it actually sounded like a good song. Maddie was baffled! -09:56 Apr 20
Drake: He stepped out of the bathdoor and dropped into the bed to pick up his mug and take a sip. "You know you’re dressed too nicely. Trying to impress me?" he smirked at her before taking another sip and putting his still bare feet on the bed and settling down. "Lunch date with Maddie who is dressed up like she’s going to see the queen… I think she’d complain if I ended up taking her to Fishy Joe’s…" -10:04 Apr 20
Maddie: Maddie looked down at her clothes, which served as a momentary reprieve from wondering about that song. "…okay maybe I over did it a little. But you said I should dress like I was going out on a date, and when I go out on a date I dooo want to impress. So meet Maddie the Impressonator…? Or something like that!" She couldn’t think up a good name. That’s how stuck she was! She wanted to shake her coffee at him and ask him about the song! "…so um. What sort of things are you inspired by when you write..?" There. That was subtle. -10:08 Apr 20
Drake: "lately I havn’t really been inspired." he said. "That’s one of the bigger priblems with me taking control of things." he sipped his ug and looked into the murky brown depths of the coffee. "But usually… well I just know it when I see it." he gulped down more and then rested the mug in his lap looking at her. :Not stealth interviewing me for a magazine, are you?" -10:12 Apr 20
Maddie: "I think you know my writing well enough to tell I am totally NOT a journalist." Well enough to have remembered her story in a sea of other silly fanfics and write a song about it. …now she was melting with infatuation. With her mug in both hands, she was sipping and walking away to take a look out the window. He she looked at him, she was just going to blabber about her snooping. -10:14 Apr 20
Drake: "Been tricked before." he said keeping his eyes on her, she was definately up to something… "I’m sure you read The Scoop’s story on my a few years ago… that misquoting ittle… it’s amazing how celebrty journalists take things out of context and twist them into thier own vertions and visions… What inspires you to write?" -10:18 Apr 20
Maddie: "I suck at lying way too bad to even attempt to trick you." And that was the honest truth. Trying to hold back she snooped was now driving her insane, and it had only been a few minutes. His question, though, made her laugh and shrug. Maddie turned back to him and stuck out her tongue. "Obsession, I guess. Fantasy and pretend? All of my stories were dumb mary sue day dreams, although I guess some I had inspiration for. Kinda the same way I paint. I see something or hear something and then I want to put it somewhere." -10:26 Apr 20
Drake: "And i’m the unfortunate victin of your inpiration by virtue on being the focus of a lot of your obsession?" he grinned at her then his eyes fell on a pile of papers that were not quite where he had left them. "Hmmm…." he placed his mug down and stalked towards the desk. "Hmmm.." -10:30 Apr 20
Maddie: "Yeah and you made sure I suffered plenty for it by relentlessly trolling me." He was making that hmmm sound, which was some sort of crazy vocal truth serum. Maddie quickly had her back turned to him again and gulped down a huge swallow of coffee. She was so busted. Soooo busted. Reading papers wasn’t exactly a crime though, they were sitting right there…! -10:33 Apr 20
Drake: He reached he desk and picked up the papers looking at them and then turned to sit on the best looking at he as he tapped them. "You know snooping through studion property can get you sued right?" he said scanning the page left on the top and then placing them down on the desk next to him while using his foot to turn the chair Maddie was in towards him then resting it in her lap. "Unless you tell me what your thought of it, then you’re a paid consultant." -10:39 Apr 20
Maddie: "I wasn’t snooping." she defended,"… I was keeping myself distracted so I wouldn’t think about you in the shower." See. That was honesty. Embarassing honesty with a few details left out. "Some of the songs read really amazing though. Those are ones you’ve written all yourself?" -10:46 Apr 20
Drake: "Yes." he said folding his arms. "I did go trough singwriting school after all instead of regular school." he out his other foot in her lap and tilted his head at her. "You’re being honest and not a fan? They’re actually good?" -10:49 Apr 20
Maddie: She glanced down at his feet, so tempted to try and tickle, but she couldn’t reach the desk to set down her mug and she didn’t want to find out the hard and splashy way that he was a kicker. "Yeeees. They’re good. I don’t like your music just because you make it! I like it cause it’s awesoooome and there’s something special in it…" -10:54 Apr 20
Drake: He piked them up again and paged through them until he found the one he wanted, then used his feet to pull her closer and hold it out to her. "Take a loot at this one, it’s called "Following Starrdom" where I draw parallels between my fans and the three wise men from the bible and use that to try and say I don’t want a religious following of nutters and I want people to be obgective about my art and not just follow blindly through the three kings questioning thier own logic of following the brightest star… Sometimes I overthink things…" -10:59 Apr 20
Maddie: Maddie took the paper and looked it over, her nose and corner of her mouth twisting up as she read the lyrics and debated what she thought of the song. She was also trying not to be amused at him shuffling her around in that chair. "Okay, yeah, maybe you over thought this one a lot… But still, the idea is great and I know with a little bit of tweaking you could have a great song. …and then of course hoards of dumb fangirls would totally miss the entire meaning of the lyrics and do the exact opposite of what you were trying to say!" -11:03 Apr 20
Drake: "They do that no matter what I do so that’s no big deal." he said rolling hsi eyes and then sliding another page on top of the one in her hands. This one he did not say anything about he just waited, peering at her and folding his arms again. It was a fairly generic concept as far as pop songs went, and just about every singer har one.. the one about the girl who could never see tham as anything but what they were in public. He of course put hi own spin on it. -11:07 Apr 20
Maddie: Hell in a handbasket, he was going to give her one page at a time until she cracked! Now that she was close enough to the desk, she set her mug down and leaned back in to the seat. That felt a little more comfortable and a little less like being squeezed for information. "I like this one better. But maybe I am a little biased to these kinds of songs." Maddie couldn’t help it, his feet were in her lap and now that her coffee was out of the way, she tugged gently on one of his toes. -11:14 Apr 20
Drake: He ignored the tug, instead he held up the next page and scanned the lines and then started singinging slowly and clearly, broken open… reading wouldn’t do it justice and he knew EXACTLY how he wanted it to sound.. so why not give her the full experience? -11:17 Apr 20
Maddie: Mystified was a good word for that feeling. Maddie made a show of huffing and leaning forward to set the other two pages on the desk. But it was pretty plain across her face that he was doing something she liked, and she couldn’t hide it. Not the chewing on her lip to keep from grinning like a fool, or the shifting in her seat because she was trying not to sigh or squee when he was barely a foot away from her. He really, REALLY sounded so much better in person and in intimate spaces…! -11:21 Apr 20
Drake: He finished the song without stopping no matter how tempting it was to look at her instead of the words. Then he was smiling and leaning forwards. "I don’t think I’ve seen a gappier face since little Anna Smish and the Make a Wish Foundation… And she was 6 and getting a puppy plushie from me." -11:27 Apr 20
Maddie: Maddie was leaning too close, and he had noooo idea how much she wanted to jump and hug him, and probably kiss him until he was unconcious. She gave up trying to hide that stupid infatuated grinning. There was no way to control it. "Yeah, well… I am a hopeless fan, after all? On the bright side, I am not on the floor in a pool of my own drool, so I guess that’s something. I like it though, the song. Some of them give me chills, it’s neat.." -11:32 Apr 20
Drake: He took his pages abck and placed them on the desk, then he was leaning in to kiss her forehead and then lean back. "I think you’re overdressed for my bedroom…. and I do not mean that in a get undressed kind of way. I mean that in a we should either step out or you should shower and got that make up off so we can head over to the home entertainemnt system kind of way." -11:34 Apr 20
Maddie: She rolled her eyes and stood. But instead of stepping away, she was running on impulse to take his face in her hands and plant a kiss at the corner of his mouth. He earned and kissed, and if she didn’t do something, it was all just gonna build up on her until she tackled him to the floor! "The only way you’re getting this makeup off me, sir, is a date well had! So lets have this date?" -11:39 Apr 20
Drake: "he pushed the chair and her away before standing and stretching. "So if I smudge it you’ll keep it on.. gotcha." he started walking towards the door and then glances back at her. "Finish your coffee. I’m just going to try and find a fair of shoes that don’t look like they’re compeating for the most goth award." -11:43 Apr 20
Maddie: "I put on fancy date make up for you, you know! The least you could do is wait to smudge it until after the date part is over." Or wait. That sounded like it was open to all kinds of promises. Maddie quickly reached for her mug and swallowed the rest of her coffee as quickly as she could. -11:49 Apr 20
Drake: He did find a pair of plainish boots and then suck on a watch and waited in the living room. Where to take maddie? Clubs would be closed, nice resturant? She was dressed for it… French? He didn’t like overly fancy meals… steakhouse it was! -11:52 Apr 20
Maddie: Maddie hopped down the stairs with a strange mix of joy and… something weird! Warm fuzzie feelings of infatuation still lingering. If she was careful, she was going to get lost in some fantasy that she had no business being in. Still, at the bottom of the stairs she was grinning at him and rocking on her feet. "Where are we going then? And what is the big surprise at your oversea concert?" Might as well slip that in and see if she could get an answer. She hadn’t forgotten. -11:58 Apr 20
Drake: "Secret." he said getting his car keys and looking at her. "No talking about it where people can hear either. Got it? I shouldn’t have even gold you." he moved away and exited into the street before stretching and looking at the rows of houses. "Brunch…" with a girl so overdressed ti would be obvious to everyone she wanted in his pants. -12:04 Apr 21
Maddie: "Uuuggh… I hate surprised!" That was a lie. Maddie loved them… most of the time! She hated knowing there was a secret and she couldn’t know what it was. She followed, giving him the occasional obvious look that she was pouting about not getting to know. "Yeah, I know. Don’t tell anyone about super pop star secrets. I’m not a complete idiot, Drake. You can trust me." Maybe she should be insulted? For a brief moment she was a little self concious about it. "You’re eyeing me again with that unreadable look." -12:10 Apr 21
Drake: "The eyes are the ket to reading any look, they are the windows to the sould after all… I read that online once." he opened the car door and getting in. "You ever notice hos this car looks like the latest batmobile just you know, a car?" he asked petting the steering wheel and doing up his seat belt. "All angles and wedge shaped… I wasn’t allowed to install rocket launchers though. Now… Where do you think we’re heading?" -12:18 Apr 21
Maddie: "I think this car looks like a car. A really shiny fancy car." she was leaning back in her seat with her belt clipped and casting him a wide sheepish grin. Maddie kinda liked how enthusiastic about his car he was. It was pretty cool seeing what he enjoyed besides music. "And I dunno. I’m not really sure what to expect with you, you’re kinda unpredictable?" -12:21 Apr 21
Drake: He pulled the car off and pointed the car torwards the road out of town. Then he was smirking as he looked at her and drummed his fingers on the wheel. "Glad that I am even to my stalkers. Means I havn’t been eaten alive by the bizz yet. Still some hope left for Preston Starr. Now…" he was grinning as he pulled onto the interstate and acceletated outwards. "What did you say about all cars earlier?" -12:26 Apr 21
Maddie: "Yep, I think there’s plenty of life in you and years worth of mysteries to uncover. Um…" Maddie cast him a curious look. Was he going to lecture her about cars now? She was amused, but not even Preston Starr was going to get her interested about all those crazy details. She didn’t know an engine from a radiator! "That there’s not much different about them? I mean I know there’s differences. But this car, shiny as it is, really doesn’t all that different from the one I drove." -12:31 Apr 21
Drake: He looked at her and kept his eues on her as he slowly lowered his foot on the acceletator and the v8 roared as a higher and higher pitch, then there was a thump from nehind them as just behind eacj window a trianglar air scoop opened very much visible as if she looked, then he shifted up still keeping his eyes in her and the engine roared higher as they were pushed back into thier seats. "And this is her being behaved…" -12:34 Apr 21
Maddie: "Holy hell…!" She hadn’t meant for it to come out like a high pitched squeak. But the damned thing sped up in an instant and with enough force to shift her body. …and he was staring at HER instead of the road! "At least watch the street and where you’re going…! Oh christ." Maddie caught a glimpse of the speedometer when she had turned back around. Were they really going that fast? It went so smooth! "Okay, maybe I am a little curious at what ‘she’ does when misbehaved!" -12:39 Apr 21
Drake: He grunned and let ‘her’ slow down on her own lookign ahead again. "Good, that’s exacly what I had in mind." hider grin and a chuckle as he shifted in his seat and the air scoops folded back again becoming flush against the bodywork. "Because we’re eating at the Checkered Flag." He pointed ahead at the resturant just outside the race track. "But first.." he slowed and turned into the garage area where race cars would be being prepaired, only stoppug at the gaurd booth to open the window and pay the entry fee. "Five laps?" he asked as he pulled out onto the track, there were no other cars… good. Then he stopped and started pushing buttons, changing the car to tack mode even if the only way to tell for now was the car lowering slightly. Then he was tapping his fingers on the treatign wheel with his other hand idle tapping the gead paddle on the side of the wheel. -12:52 Apr 21
Maddie: "Now?" Another squeak. It wasn’t like she had a fear of cars or rollercoasters or fast things. Maddie loved those. She was just… a little dubious about a pop star’s ability behind the wheel while going a hundred miles per hour and making sharp turns. Maddie was giving im another dubious look. "Do you need a license for these sorts of things? You’ve never crashed before, right?" -01:01 Apr 21
Drake: "If I had I wouldn’t risk my car… well not this one anyway…" he said as he reved the engine, the whine of the turbo audiable even over the roar of the big v8. Well then, let’s misbehave…" then he they were off, the gforces pushing them back as the tires squealed leaving a trails of smoke behind them. Still there wasn’t much time to think beofre the first corner came up and he tured the wheel, the nose rurned the then…. the rear lost grip and slid around but he turned the wheel the other way before it became a spin and dropped his foot on the gas drifting around the corner. He laughed with a slight maniacle tone to it and grinned. "Never a lamborgini with a 8v that was any good that didn’t try to kill you in the corners." he said with a childish grin plastered over his face. "That’s what makes them fun." there was another corner coming up and he took it the same way the blue smoke behind them thick and he glanced in the mirror. "Eeeehhhh going to need new tires.." he said but that didn’t stop him flinging the car into the next corner in then letting her give the long strait all she had counting up the speed incriments in his head as he did so… he had a personal record to beat. -01:10 Apr 21
Maddie: "Eeee…!" A few other barely restrained exclaimations and squeals were heard out of her. Maybe even a curse word or two, especially when the turn almost felt like it would flip them, and when she turned around to look back at smoking tires. Could tires burst in to flames? That laugh was a little scary, and for a split second she might have been eyeing him like he was mad. But he loved this… he loved this a lot! That at the very least was infectious, and despite the fact her heart was pounding through her chest, Maddie couldn’t help but laugh in response. "So you LIKE your cars trying to kill you! That’s a little wild! Oh, eeii!" Another corner, Maddie slapped her hands over her eyes. She never could watch it coming. -01:18 Apr 21
Drake: "YES!" was his only responce as the spedomites clicked over and then he hit the breaks at the last second and twistd the wheel. "Shit shit shit shit shit." they were close to the rumble strip on this drift and getting closer. "Shiiiii." his cursing was barely audiable then the car lurched at the back clicked the grass and then they were on the strait and Drake’s knicled on the wheel were white. "Yes, I like it a lot." he said as they rockedted past the start finish line. "Now… just four more times…" -01:22 Apr 21
Maddie: HIM cursing was the last thing she wanted to hear! Her hands had moved away from her face, with one now gripping in to his arm and the other on to the solid door handle. If she was going to die, she wanted to see it happen! ….maybe! "Okayhowabout you -don’t- sounds like we’re a hair’s breadth away from utter carsplosion annhilation on the next lap…!" A deep breath! That was better. It really wasn’t -that- bad. The car just had her whole body vibrating and she swore she could feel every little nudge he made on the wheel. Weird! -01:27 Apr 21
Drake: "Then take your habd off e I really need to concentrate." he said as they continued getting faster despite the corner rocketing at them. Then they were going sideways again and he was feathering the wheel left and right as he kept the slide stable. -01:29 Apr 21
Maddie: Maddie yanked her hand back quick. There was nothing like the thought of potential death by distraction to keep you from over thinking a request. This corner went so much smoother, it was impressive! She turned to look behind them, giving a still shakey, but amused laughed. "…that’s a better turn, yeah? What is that rule, faster on corners, not slower?" -01:33 Apr 21
Drake: "The rule is to now ley the mad over engenered itallian beach box kill you." he said taking the second corner and then back onto the mong strait where hsi whole expression changed and he eyed the speed and the revs for the perfect gear changes. "Come oooon ….. so close." slower this time but further away from the grass on the exit. "Enjoying youself?" -01:38 Apr 21
Maddie: She was clinging on to her seltbelt now for something to hold on to, and cast him a quick glance. There was a twist of her mouth and a narrowing of her eyes while she debated, but she finally gave a sheepish grin. "It’s scary! ….but it’s like a good kind of scary. Safer feeling than a rollercoaster, but more completely horrifying at the potential for deathly fires… I kind of like it!" -01:41 Apr 21
Drake: "So do I." he said as he went into another corner, then there was a loud bang and the car lurched and spin completely around a couple of times as Drake held on tight and did his best to stop it as they bumped over the uneven grass and back to a stop. "Ohhh." he said as if he himself were physically hurt. "That was a tire going." he undid his seatbelt and opened the door to get out and walk around the cat seartching for damage but thankfully it was only the tire, now only a scrap of rubber clinging to the rim that was gone. "Tom will bring a tow truck meantime walk to the resturant?" he asked leaneng against the car and looking at her. -01:48 Apr 21
Maddie: That time she hadn’t even screamed. The loud pop and sudden spin may as well of made her swallow her own tongue. Maddie was still frozen in that death grip to her seat belt, giving him that are you insane stare at such a nonchalant question. Breathe! Breeeatheeeee. "Craaaa-zyyyy." she was muttering to herself, though it wasn’t clear if she meant him or her. Her seatbelt was unclicked and she climbed out of the car, more than a little shakey on her feet. She still felt all vibrating and the sudden ‘surprise’ had her a little edgy. "My legs feels all wibbly!" -01:53 Apr 21
Drake: He put an arm around her and closed her door then started walking. "Need to ride on my back?" he asked looking at the distance between then and the resturant. There was already the siren of the tow truck adn it would be taken to the on site mechanic to be checked over. "Maybe next tim I’ll bring soemthign else and you can tell e if they’re the same." He was back to grinning and and teasing. Adrenaline was a funny thing. -01:57 Apr 21
Maddie: She was very careful about how she stepped. More than once nearly losing her balance and having to grab on to him. Heels were only a piece of cake when your knees weren’t all creaky and your blood wasn’t running like crazy. Maddie took at least a quick moment to punch him not too hard on the harm. "You -should- carry me! That nearly scared the fuck out of me! I’m glad you think this is funny!" …and least it was obvious she wasn’t really upset. Maddie’s attempt at scowling was being ruined by the grin that so readily responded to his. "Next time check the tires first too…" -02:01 Apr 21
Drake: "You swear?" he remarked. "Shit, I don’t think I can date you anymore." and then that was enough teasing for Maddie as he sweapt her up into his arms and walked towards the eatery, puthed open the door with his foot, and plopped her down in a seat. It was mostly empty but almost immediatly they had menus put down in front of them. "I want the Indie special." he said without even looking. "And vanilla milkshake… Mddie you should have somethign sweet too." -02:07 Apr 21
Maddie: Maddie was all ready to respond with a sacastic ha ha ha, but in an instant she was literally swept off her feet. And that seemed to do more damage to her dizzy head than spinning in circles and being scared to death. "It was just a big scare, not like I’m dying of bloodloss or something." she finally got out. "…but yeah a milkshake! Strawberry. And the big burger and fries! A slice of pizza for breakfast just doesn’t seem to do it when your fiiiaance takes you on a wild ride." Maddie stuck her tongue out at him. Everything was still tingling, and she was tapping her feet on the floor to release that pent up energy. -02:12 Apr 21
Drake: He grinned at her then rolled his eyes. "You know we’re a gussy-uped girl and a guy with a fast car.. all we’d need is me in sunglasses and we’d be the ultimage douchbag couple." he made a face and leaned back as their menus were taken away and orders taken down. "Also, I’m stealing some of your fries."" -02:18 Apr 21
Maddie: "Next time you tell me I should dress how I normally would for a date, you should be more specific!" He was going to end up making HER think too hard on it. The last thing she needed was some crazy ‘did I do this right?!’ complex. She was trying really hard not to act like a neurotic lunatic. Maddie leaned on the table and rest her chin on her hand. "You dress all fancy all the time. I don’t get to, so dates are special and get special clothes. …and if you wanted fries you should have ordered your own. I’m not gonna feel bad about prodding you with a fork." -02:23 Apr 21
Drake: He leaned over, reached out, and pinched her nose. "You really have no idea how much this dates costing me with a new set of tires do you? I’m taking my fries and there’s nothing you can do about it Maddie. I’m not going to feel bad about stealing the entire plate if I have to to get my dues." -02:28 Apr 21
Maddie: She swatted his hand away from her nose, and was trying not to grin in the process. This was Maddie serious face for as long as she could hold it. "Hey, I let go of your arm long before you blew out that tire! That was all you, buddy. So if you want my fries, you’re going to have to fight me for them. And I’ll warn you, I’m pretty scrappy!" -02:32 Apr 21
Drake: "Who’s paying?" he asked. "Me, they’re mine." he stuck his tongue out at her and patted her on the head. "Don’t worry I won’t just you. They’re just you know. My fries. If you can’t accept that I guess I’ll just jave to go to germany alone to make sure my friend there stay mine." -02:35 Apr 21
Maddie: "Oh ho really, is that the way it is fancy popstarr? And what if I challenged you to, say, a game of kiss chicken, for the honor of those fries? Do you think you’ll win?" This was fun. She wanted to both smack him and kiss him. …so what better way to crush and ego and get a kiss. -02:39 Apr 21
Drake: "You just like kissing me don’t you." he said "No, not going to work. You’re just wanting an excuse to kiss me and I’m not giving it to you. I thought you could share with me, I guess you really can’t so I’l calling it quits." he leaned back and folded his arms. "I’ll order my own." -02:43 Apr 21
Maddie: Ouch! Maddie leaned back herself looking confused and maybe even a little bit wounded! When did that go from playful to… not! She frowned, tapping her fingers on the table. "So what if I do want an excuse to kiss you. I didn’t realize that was a deal breaker! But you- …nevermind." Maddie wasn’t even sure what she wanted to say, she was still stuck for a loop! -02:50 Apr 21
Drake: "Drunk nights out aside it’s a very bad idea for me to be kissing you in public Maddie." he said. "I though you knew that, unless you want a sea of reporters outside your house so thick you can’t get to work in the morning. A proposal is one thing, actual romantic kissing is another, it speaks to people much more than any announcement or… You don’t think I want to too? Then you had to remind me about it and I had to remind myself we can’t." -02:56 Apr 21
Maddie: "No, I get it. You don’t have to explain." She had forgotten about the whole public facade and image thing. And that most of it was all just a show. …she just had thought maybe he didn’t want to play by those rules! Now she was mad and didn’t have a right to be. There was a soft huff from her as she fussed with one of her earrings. "It’s fine, I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking." -03:03 Apr 21
Drake: He eyed her hard. "I’m trying to ease your intergration into my life, I’m trying to look out for you frankly PR would be more than happy with us making out in bachstreet diners but as much as you might think you do you don’t know how visious this life can be and I don’t want you to be scared off by it. I don’t want you to be scared off at all." he ran out of steam and rested his face in his hands, defeated. "I suck at regular dates." the last phrase was mumbled to himself. -03:08 Apr 21
Maddie: Now she felt bad for him, and like a jerk for getting pissy. …but it still sorta made her mad! Her expression softened down to her chewing on her lip. After a moment of silence, she was huffing again. Sliding out of her seat to scoot in next to instead. "Do you remember when I said lets not worry about reporters or managers or public relations and all that jazz, and for us to just… be us? I wasn’t kidding. I mean, I surived through high school, I think I can live through a bunch of stalker paparazzi and gossip columns talking about Preston Starr’s new girlfriend looking fat in her jeans and stuff. It’s hard enough trying to be normal and like like a crazy psycho fanmaddie, without you telling me that normal me is wrong too.." -03:16 Apr 21
Drake: He looked at her. "It’s not a few, I have millions of fans. Your entire street would be jampacked with people. Not just reporters but other fans too, some of them probably pretty jealous and throwing things. You’re aready open to that kind of thing. I worry about you." he said putting an arm around her. "Morso now that I’ve seen where you live." the milkshakes arived with a ‘Here you go Mr. Starr.’ from the waitor and then he was reaching for the milkshake. He really was bad at dating… -03:24 Apr 21
Maddie: "You’re exagerating. There’d never be that many people on the street. The cops would think it was a riot and send in the swat." Maddie was trying to make a joke, but it was probably in poor taste. She leaned to bumped her shoulder against him, and rest her forehead against hist cheek. "Look, my neighborhood isn’t that bad. My car getting stolen was the worst that’s happened in five years. I AM scrapy, I can take care of me. Okay? There’s nothing to worry about over me." -03:30 Apr 21
Drake: "It I worrk it menas I care." he said pulling her against him and sipping on his milkshake. "The press if both a fascinating and terrifying thing Maddie, never underestimate them." he said looking at her and leaning down to rest his ceek against her forehead. "And you know scrappy it the poster child for hated cartoon characters right?" -03:34 Apr 21
Maddie: "Then it’s perfect. I’m already every fangirl’s nightmare, running off with thier favorite idol. A name that fits, yeah?" This sucked…! She wanted to hug him and to kiss him, and ease all of his worries. Typical white knight MaddieMay for her Prince of Starrlight. …okay! That super lame trail of thought fix it. With a sigh, she pulled her own shake closer to take a sip. "I guess you’re not gonna smudge up my makeup after all?" -03:40 Apr 21
Drake: "You’d think a raw confession of feeling from their idol would be enough for most girls." he said nudging her. "But fine I’ll drive you to my place and he’ll continue this date there." -03:48 Apr 21
Maddie: "Some more Drake originals music and snacks provided by Nanny McBadass?" Maddie wasn’t so sure how that woman was going to respond to her hanging out there again. …especially after having seeing her snoop! Urrrg. She almost forgot about that. "Does that woman even like me…? I am pretty sure she’s given me the evil eye more than once." -03:52 Apr 21
Drake: "She gives the evil eye more often the Sauron." he said glancing at her. "It’s just the way she is, you’ll get used to it… Quite frankly I don’t thin she would believe me if I told her we haven’t slept together… well he have slept in the sme bed but there wasn’t any sex. Even with a lot of the looks you’ve been giving me. You’re not exactly good at hiding that you want to push me down adn make me see starrs." -03:58 Apr 21
Maddie: Maddie choked, coughed, and immediately groaned. "Gaaawd… you’re supposed to pretend like you don’t notice so I can keep on believing I don’t look like some sort of creepy sexual predator everytime you’re involved…" she muttered. That was great. Why did she even bother trying to hide it if it was so obvious? "It’s your own fault. If it was just the Preston Starr stuff I would have gotten over it after a day or two. But it’s not. It’s little things and it – you know what I’m just gonna shut up now!" -04:01 Apr 21
Drake: "I mention it because I wanted that reaction. He chuckled and sipped his milkshake. "And I don’t want you to shut up, I want you to be offended and deny it." -04:04 Apr 21
Maddie: "That’d make me a big fat liar. And we already know I’m a terrible liar…" Didn’t stop her face from being red though, and she was trying to take a sip of her shake with all the dignity she could muster. "But I would, you know. If I could get away with it. Push you on the floor maybe tie you up, and then later wind up in jail and have three different restraining orders." But ooooh, Maddie bet it would be so worth it. -04:07 Apr 21
Drake: So that was why she hadn’t. "I don’t remember that from your stories." he said glancing at her right before thier food was put down and he moved away to give himself room to eat. -04:19 Apr 21
Maddie: "I haven’t because you said you wanted to wait. I am a girl, I totally understand what wanting to wait feels like!" She picked up one of her fries to dip in her shake, and paused there baffled for a moment. "…you know, that’s never happened before. Me -not- wanting to wait. But I guess I never really met anybody that plays kiss chicken and gets me plastered on the first date, but doesn’t try to sleep with me." -04:24 Apr 21
Drake: He was already stuck into his food and chewing while she spoke. "When you say it like that I sound like the words date rape artist in recorded history. Add in the fact that I proposed to you and well that’s pretty damning." he sighed and looked at her. "I’ve never met someone I’ve wanted to wait with either but well… I really don’t want to screw things up." -04:28 Apr 21
Maddie: She blinked at him, before her face turned to a slow grin. "Really. See, you say things like that and it makes it worse. It’s prolly safer for you if you dun get me drunk again, I dunno what I’ll do." -04:32 Apr 21
Your Starr

Your Starr 004: An Innocent Dropin

[Madeline is at home on her weekend off! Which means doing dumb chores and if she’s lucky, time to paint and watch a movie!] -07:33 Mar 19
Madeline: Maddie had her hair in a messy twist and was wearing some yoga pants and a sleeveless top. Sure, a person was supposed to actually do yoga in that sort of getup, but she just found it comfy houseware. At least until she slipped in the bathroom while trying to scrub out her tub. Now she was half wet and covered in soap and stomping through her house to fetch a towel of the dryer. Maddie was pretty sure Preston Starr was probably somewhere fancy awesome and had three different housekeepers along with his scary Nanny to handle all of HIS stuff! -07:36 Mar 19
Drake: he was outside her door making sure his hair was just right, even though he hated the fact that image was everything he had been trained since he started siging that he had to look his best in case someone was around with a camera. Then he was looking for a door bell and not finding one knocked on the door with his knuckle. "Hello?" he said in a voice he loped did not sound too much like him. "I need to speak with the lady of the house." mean maybe but he wasnted to see her face when she opened the door, -07:49 Mar 19
Madeline: Holy crap, that sounded like a cop! Maddie was going to be so pissed off if the neighbors had the swat team out there again. She couldn’t even get to her car without mortal peril! Maddie was quick to run to the door and swing it open. Her cross expression very quickly turned to shock… and then poorly masqued horror at the fact he looked perfect. Perfect and gorgeous and dreeeaaaamy, and she looked like she had been rolling around on the bathroom floor fighting with a sponge. "You scared the daylights out of me! Um… Did you make an appointment, Mr Starr?" An excellent recovery. Maddie stepped aside to let him in. -07:54 Mar 19
Drake: He stepped inside and looked around. It was small, very small but… "Quaint." that was to her comment and her home. "I don’t need an appointment to see my Maddie do I?" he smilled at her even though she was wet adn in yoga cloths which make hi honder what kind of yoga she’d been doing. "Need help with anything?" -08:01 Mar 19
Madeline: "Your Maddie, huh…" Madeline was smirking, because it was pretty obvious she was thinking something wicked. And was even more tempted to crack some joke about him helping her out of her clothes. Once she realized she had that creeper face going on, she quickly turned around to close the door and was looking as impassive and innocent as possible. "No…! I was just cleaning and about to grab myself a towel. Have you escaped you hoard of guards and now come to live free in the wild?" -08:05 Mar 19
Drake: "Only for a short while, the wicked witch of the west knows where I am." he said. "I had to get your address form her." he rolled his eyes. "Besides she wanted someone to come and pay you off for youe cooperation." The word left a bad taste in his mouth. "And before you argue I agree that you should take the money even though I kind of hope you’re not hanging around me for it… I like to think I can get a second date without having to resort to bribes… or one sort or another." -08:10 Mar 19
Madeline: "I am going to argue anyway, I’m not going to get paid to hang out with you!" Not only was it stupid, because what fangirl wouldn’t LOVE to be his pretend fiance, but it was kind of personally insulted! As a matter of fact, Maddie actually kind of like liked him. More than just Preston Starr him. "Baaah,.. wait, another daaaate?" She was playing it off as it was no big deal, turning and walking through the living room to her tiny kitchen and the little closet her dryer was hidden in. She had a towel in her hands in moments and was trying to get that water out of her closet. "You think you can get a second date without all the glitz and glam? I wanna see this! This is very much an interest of mine." -08:16 Mar 19
Drake: "I know I can." he said raising an eyebrow. "Just tell me when you’re free and I’ll pick you up. Just me, no guards, no cameras, no fanfare. I’ll even wear street clothes." he shot her a smile. "I’ll even pay for dinner." -08:20 Mar 19
Madeline: "Out here in the normal people world, girls don’t just say yes without a little romancing first." She was trying to hassle him, but it was hard to keep a straight face when all she wanted to do was grin at him. Maddie tossed her towel at him, using the opportunity to quickly snatch up some of her dirty laundry off the floor and toss it in to the little closet. "Maaaaybe if you try a little harder I might say yes. …and you can’t cheat and sing!" -08:25 Mar 19
Drake: "Well it’s either go out with me or I well the world what a state your appartment was in when I payed you a visit." he said throwing the towel back as her and giving her a cheeky grin. "I mean I only have the press trying to follow me whever I go." another grin. "Just be glad I’m asking for a date and not sex, though we’re a date away from our third." -08:29 Mar 19
Madeline: "Oh gods…" He wouldn’t… wait, what did she care what the world thinks of her house? The recaptured towel wound up tossed in the closet too. Maddie turning to stick her tongue out at him. "If I didn’t know any better I’d think you were completely inept at romancing a girl who isn’t throwing her panties at you!" …aaaaaand now she was thinking about sex. With Preston Starr. Right there on her own living room floor. How many times had she wanted to snatch him right out of a tv and do just that? Oh gods, she was probably staring him down like a shark! Maddie suddenly found great interest in moving to the coffee table and stacking magazines! "I AM glad to see you, even if I am not exactly dressed for the occasion…" -08:34 Mar 19
Drake: "You look like you want to throw more than your panties at me." he commented before dropping into a chair and looking at her. "Would it help if said the reason I’m here is because I missed you and we both know you’re going to say yes to sto beating around the bush before ~I~ name the day and pick you up then without you getting the chance to say no. I’ll do it too, or just drag you out now dressed like that. And you won’t get the kiss I broughtfor you. -08:38 Mar 19
Madeline: And she nearly dropped her magazines. Why did she set herself up like this? He made saying he missed her and brought her a kiss sound like such a natural normal thing to do! Now she really was considering throwing herself at him and not just her panties. Maddie sat down on the coffee table before she threw herself on the floor and started rolling around in glee. "Okay…! Yes I would like another date. Should I choose another Maddie dream date location or should we go the tried and true traditional or maybe something totally weird?" Anything to talk and not jump right in his lap and ask about that kiiiiiiss he brought. -08:47 Mar 19
Drake: He was surprised at her reaction and wondered if he should pull her up off the floor and check if she was alright. "No, this time it’s my turn to pick and no, this time it won’t be a club. All you need to do is wear something nice and tell me when to come pick you up." he moved over on the armchair he was in an petted the spot next to him for her. "Now do you want that kiss?" he was smiling, another date with Madie and one without press orr the wicked witch even knowing about. This would be great! -09:09 Mar 19
Madeline: Resiiiiist. Resiiiiiist. Impossible. Before she knew it, with absolutely no control over her own body, instead of sitting next to him, she was hopping on to his lap with a wiiiide over-pleased smirk. "So your idea of a dream date then? How nice is dressing nice? Tomorrow would be fine for me. Or tonight is okay. Or you could just hang around here tonight that’d be okay too if you don’t mind cheesy movies and microwave popcorn." Kiiiiss. She leaned and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. -09:34 Mar 19
Drake: "Maybe not a dream date but one like I’ve never been on." he said putting an arm around her and leaning against her. "And nice is nice. Not ballroom nice but something you’d wear in public to show you’re putting an efort to woo the person whose arm you’re hanging off of." he tunred and kissed the corner of her mouth. "That’s how I’ll be dressed, hopeflly without looking too much like stage Preston Starr and getting spotted." -09:40 Mar 19
Madeline: "So basically what I wore on our first date?" Another smirk, and against her common sense she was sliding her arms comfortably around his neck and resting her forehead against his. "Okay. … do you want to hang around here today? It’s not exactly club dancing or a big fluffy suite that looks like it belongs in a furniture magazine. But I did kinda miss you too and I’d like the company? I could show you my studio." -09:47 Mar 19
Drake: "Movies, microwave popcorn and the grand tour. I can’t say not to that… or to this." he tightened the arm around her in a squeeze and then sighed. "We should order pizza." -09:50 Mar 19
Madeline: "Pizza is a good idea. I don’t there’s anything edible in my fridge at the moment." That involved getting up, though and Maddie was pretty content where she was. When was the last time she had a guy in her house? Ages! "And my promised kiss you brought? I’mma have to confiscate that." -09:55 Mar 19
Drake: He looked at her sideways his phone already in his hand to order, then he flipped it closed, tightened his arm around her and in a single movement gripped the back of her head and pulled her lips against his scraping his teeth against her lower lip before pushing his lips home and flicking his tongue across hers as his hand tightened in her hair. "You are, are you?" he whispered before sliding his lips across hers again and grinning into her. "I need one in exchange." -09:59 Mar 19
Madeline: That wasn’t a kiss, it was a double-kiss! Her toes were visibly curling and if that chair could recline back, she might have shoved him backwards and been on top of him instead of chewing on her teeth-grazed bottom lip and nuzzling his cheek. Some witty banter would have been great, maybe show she wasn’t just some riled up fan. …but that just went out the window in favor of giving him his exchange kiss! Her mouth pressed hard to his as she tilted her head. With no inclination of pulling back! -10:10 Mar 19
Drake: He pushed against her his lips kneeding against hers as he slid his hand down to the side of her neck and traced the lines on her muscle with his manacured nail. Then he was shifting in his seat to plant a hand directly in her hip and squeeze. An all new game of chicken! -10:18 Mar 19
Madeline: If she was involved in a new game, she had no idea! He kissed like he was Aphrodite’s kid, and Maddie was leaning in to him with all her weight until his back was against the chair. A soft nibble of his mouth was way better than pizza, and if he could touch, she could touch too. Teasing fingertips against his ear and find perfect excuse to stroke through his hair. -10:24 Mar 19
Drake: He pulled on her top and slid his ahdn up hoer side beneath it before biting her lip and pulling on it. "Hey, if you’re not careful I’m going to do things we’ll both regret. Well maybe not regret but it would be rushing and I don’t want to take advantage of our fandom." -10:38 Mar 19
Madeline: Maddie almost pouted. She also almost kissed him again anyway, worries be damned! Was it rape if he was kinda asking for it? Madeline leaned back, reluctant to do so and looking a little embarrassed by the whole thing. "r-right! Steamy make outs are totally a second date kind of thing." -10:44 Mar 19
Drake: "I don’t mind the madeouts." he said kissing her cheek. "Sex would be a problem though." he stretched and flipped his phone back open and placed it in her hand. "That I want to wait… I want to do at least one relationship right in my life." -10:49 Mar 19
Madeline: If he mentioned sex one more time, he was gonna get it whether he wanted it or not. That thought thankfully didn’t cross her face. Maddie was too busy reeling at the word relationship. Like, actual going through the motions, relationship. With HER. …and then her mind went right back to wanting to sex him up for it. Jesus christ Maddie, get controooool. Taking his phone, she hopped off his lap before she didn’t anything crazy. "…tell me what you like on your pizza then!" -10:54 Mar 19
Drake: "Olives, all the kinds of cheese, capers is they have, anchovies if they don’t, no pianapple, the rest defends on the company." he stretched out in his chair and gave ehr one of his treademark looks. "This does not get you out of making microwave popcorn, and you never answered me about fruit juice." -11:02 Mar 19
[Drake s ahving movie night with Maddie!] -07:15 Mar 21
[Madeline has a pop star in her house! That she has to not molest!] -07:16 Mar 21
Madeline: It only took a moment to order pizza with his phone. Lucky her for being a live-alone loser who orders a lot of pizza and knowing the number by heart! With that done, she was standing and very deliberatly making a show of snooping through his phone. He could fuss at her about it if he wanted to. Most specifically the pictures! Maddie wanted to see if he really did keep those pictures of them. "So I wonder, do you have anything incriminating or embarrassing on this thing? I bet the phone of Preston Starr has stories to tell!" -07:20 Mar 21
Drake: "No." he said immediatly. "Never know when you’re going to loose it and the press will get hold of it." There were pictures. Lutfits, places, thier first date, the sign advertising an upcoming fun fair… it seemed Preston Starr didn’t take many pictures. "But you should give it back unless you want my manager to call and I make YOU answer." he grined impishly and holding out his hand. "I want my grand tour." -07:27 Mar 21
Madeline: She really was expecting a lot more pictures than that. But was very pleased he still had the ones he snapped of them. "I could easily be a phone secretary. It’s not much more than a lot of yes ma’ams, right?" Maddie grinned back, teeeaasing before she handed him his phone. She was going to ask about some of the other pictures, but a tour was prolly the better idea. It’d keep her hands off him! "Welcome to the first room of the tooo-ooor." She gestured to the small living room and joined kitchen. "Not so grand, really! Buuuuut, if you follow meee there is something better…" -07:35 Mar 21
Drake: "The bedroom?" he asked cheekily catching up to her and grinning to himself as he clasped his hands behond him back. She was fun to tease even though it was fairly obvious he shouldn’t. He didn’t need to seduce her, she could already be putty in his hands if he wanted but he didn’t. Not yet. Not until he knew id she liked him, or his stardom and the image she had worshiped for years. -07:38 Mar 21
Madeline: "What? Noooo. Unless you think dirty clothes and an unmade bed is awesome. And if that’s the case, then you’re totally weird." Her face had flushed red for a moment, if only because in her head she had been cracking the same joke – only it wasn’t so much a joke! Walking backwards until her back hit a door, she pressed her hands against the frame in an over dramatic pose. "Now, what I am about to show you is, without a doubt, my pride and joy and life and everything! So no throwing drinks or setting fires or whatever you weirdo popstars do when you’re bored." Casting a cheeky grin, Maddie pushed open the door to allow entrance. The room was huge. Probably a combination of a garage and two bedrooms worth of walls knocked down to make one giant studio. There were stacks of canvas propped up against walls, most of which were already painted. -07:45 Mar 21
Drake: "Sex with girls is somethign I do… so none of that here then." he said right back at her as he stepped into the room and raised an eyebrow as an indication of being genuinely impressed. "You really like painting don’t you?" he asked moving along the wall and stooping to look as a few paintings stacked against it. Then one caught his eye and he pifted it. It was him, with a hairdo he couldn’t ever remember having, younger and looking directly at himself. "Well…" there were others too he could see, some painted version of photos he had had of him… but this one he recogized form a description he had read, and she had written. Facing her he held up the painting next t his face and looked at her with the expression closes to it he could manage. "So… did you capture my essence?" -07:52 Mar 21
Madeline: "Painting is kinda my thing, y’know the whole making it a caree-oh gods." Maddie had been prepared to go on an entire tour-style lecture about painting, and of COURSE the first thing he would find would be some of her work that involved him. Now she was resting her hands on her hips and trying not to look completely embarassed by it. "I don’t know. Did I? Mimicking pictures and poses is easy, it’s actually really hard to paint from what’s in your head. That one is one of my favorites. …um… not just cause you’re in it! But um, the technique and color and uuhm…" This was awkward! Maddie always thought she’d be thrilled to show him, but she was just terrified to know what he thought! "I have better paintings." -07:59 Mar 21
Drake: He held it and looked at it, tilting his head and screing his face up in a thoughtfull expression. "You know, it’s kind of creepy." he said. "Theres almost falf a reflection in the eyes I can’t quite make out what it is." he brought it closer and tilted the painting to the side slightly. "Did you do that on purpose? And how? Paints arn’t meant to be able to do that as far as I know, subtlety of shading in a small scale… did you draw that in?" he wasn’t going to be distracted from this. "Eyes the window to the soul… and you tried to draw my soul…" -08:03 Mar 21
Madeline: Creepy! Aw no, that was not a good word! Maddie inched closer with her hands out ready to snatch it. "The whole piece is supposed to reflect a certain mood and atmosphere… I’m not exactly thebest writer, but I can’t paaaiiint aaand, y’know it’s really not that big of a deal just a moment!" Ah ha, got it! Canvas pulled right out of his hands, turned around and set back down. Maddie gestured from him to look in another spot while she kept blabbering on. "…that particular moment was all about being lost and without control and without something to grasp on to and maybe I put too much in to it cause every painting reflects the artist just as much as the subject. And oh look, I have paintings of abstract fruit bowls too. Those are colorful!" -08:16 Mar 21
Drake: He looked at her and rolled his eyes. "Talk about what you want to talk about, not what is safe to." he scolded her. "And I like it by the way." he moved deeper into the room and started poking around her art supplies. "It’s a lot like my life." he rummaged though her paints looking for colores he liked and subcontiously putting them to one side. "You also included the slight crown tint to the upper half on my right iris, whichis edited out of most pictures released to the press…" -08:20 Mar 21
Madeline: He caught her trying to topic switch. Not that she was doing that great of a transition at it. Maddie now had her arms crossed and was frowning a bit. She wanted him in her space and to see her work, and now she just felt a bit exposed. "I wanted to paint you, I guess. The story was just for fun and amusement and kinda dumb… But my paintings mean things. It’s supposed to have life and emotion and passion in it. …and I sound like one of those crazy hipster artists." -08:29 Mar 21
Drake: "You sound like me talkign about my songs," he corrected her. stepping away from her paints and having a look as an unfinished paintine and then looking at her. "Which is your favorite? Out of all of them." he sa spepping back towards her his his hands clasped behins his back again. Be honest," -08:33 Mar 21
Madeline: "That’s like asking me which one is my favorite child." Maddie rocked on her feet, trying to shake that sheepish, shy feeling. Of all the dumb moments to be acting like a total girl. She shrugged her shoulders and iiinched towards one of the walls with another stack. "But I think my favorites are the dynamic portraits. There’s movement and the subject feels more alive." She pulled out a few of the canvases. One had a grinning cheerleader bouncing and look almost similar to Maddie. Another with a ballerina in pink. And reluctantly she pulled out one of him, that she must have done shortly after a concert because there was the stage and microphone and the colored tint of lights. "At the risk of sounding like a total creeper stalker, you really do make a good subject for paintings and I kiiiindooof have several…" -08:41 Mar 21
Drake: He stepped closer and took hold of the one she was holding and held it up. "Richmond Staduim concet, I was originally going to wear a jacket but it was lost during setup. I got it back though…. off ebay. I remember the welcome I gave my fans." he was smiling and looking at the portrait. "You don’t seem like the cheerleader type though Madie." a tease followed by a swoop and a kiss on the cheek. "Speaking of you have front row tickets for next month, already aranged… if you can spare the time off to go to Germany. My mother and I finally agreed on something." -08:48 Mar 21
Madeline: "That’s actually my sister. She’s always been the typical g-urr what? Germany?" That completely derailed any thoughts about the concert, or her paintings for that matter. Germany…! She’d never been out of the country before! "…I’m not sure I can afford something like that! I mean, time off is easy I’ve got plenty of vacation days, but plane tickets and a hotel and…" But a concert in Germany… Maddie tapped her chin, debating how much she had on her credit card balance. -08:53 Mar 21
Drake: "All taken care of. You’ll be traveling with the Starr." he said "I said afoord the time off, not afford the trip." he pulled on ehr ear. "Use it." he was grinning at her as he watched her face. "You’re an unofficial part of the team according to the crone and I really want you there. It’s a concert a night all weekend, friday to sunday, backstage pass with your picture… bring a friend if you want." he was grinning wider and wider feeling like the devil tempting a little girl. "Debut of the song you heard me siiiiing and others…" -08:58 Mar 21
Madeline: "Brand new song in concert debut…?" She could just imagine herself melting to the floor. It’s not like she could say no to an all expenses paid concert, and especially not for a song debute. And EXTRA especially not when he had that imp expression that made her insides all gooey. "I guess I cooould.." The worst casual yes she had ever given. It was painfully obvious she was ready to bounce and squeal. -09:03 Mar 21
Drake: He darted forwards and gave her a kiss before grinning and pulling back and takign her hand to head back towards the door. "Come on Maddie you have the rest of a house to show me." he said right before there was a knock on the door. "Or not… that’s probbaly the pizza. You want to get it or shall I?" he had that naughty look in his face again, pizza delivery guy or not he liked people’s reaction whe they met him unexpectedly. -09:10 Mar 21
Madeline: "The rest of the house is just a bedroom and a bathroom! And we already went over what’s in the bedroom." Maddie was still on her concert hiiiigh! Debating whether or not she was going to jump on him and get a few more kisses or if she was just going to hop and squeak with excitement. "You get pizza! I get plates!" It looked like hopping was the way to go cause she was bouncing all the way to the kitchen, somehow managing not to squeal while she did it. Conceeeert! Overseas concert! Backstage! -09:15 Mar 21
Drake: He went to the door and opened it to find a colledge age kid with freackles standing there. "You Pizza mister…" he craned around maybe hoping to see Maddie whome he had delivered to before. "Starr.. Mr. Starr." he said taking out his wallet and paying." "Oh… OH! Umm… unjoy it Mr. Starr… can you sign the bill I’m sure Cynd… someone will want it." "Sure… Patric." he said taking the offered pen. "To Cindy was it…? Here!" Then pizza in hand he was turning around to return to the lounge to watch movies! -09:20 Mar 21

Your Starr

Your Starr 003: Publically Engaged

[Drake ismeeting with Madie, with the press in tow!] -06:15 Feb 28
[Madeline is at work, buried in the back, working on the restoration of super awesome painting and trying to contain her inner squealing excitement about going on a lunch date with Preston Starr.] -06:17 Feb 28
Madeline: All morning felt like it was going on forever. And she was making it worse by checking the clock every fifteen minutes. Who knew you could meet someone once and then spend weeks dying to see them again! …ignoring the fact she had already previously been totally infatuated with him from afar for years. But this was a different sort of infatuation. Finally giving up trying to work, Maddie was already packing up all her paints so she could meet her daaaate, humming what was now her new favorite Preston Starr song and bouncing along to the tune. -06:23 Feb 28
Drake: He knew they were following him, he knew they were folming nad snapping away and he was in a bad mood. ‘Get Madeline to agree to pretend to be your Fiance for a few more weeks, make sure she knows when and how it will end, then let the PR boys do the rest. He knocked on the side door of the museum and waited. He knew she’d meet him here but when she opneed the door he pushed her in and closed it behind them. "Change of plans." he said quickly. "We can’t go back out there, there’s press everywhere. Oh and…" he frowned and threw his hands up in the air, how could he tell her? Pacing in what little space he had he cursed under his breath. "Maddie, I work for assholes. They want you, they want our engagement, to be a publicity stunt. You know what?" he grabbed her hand and headed strait back out the door. "We’re getting married, right now." -06:31 Feb 28
Madeline: "Hii~ Huh- Bu- Whaaaat?" From the moment he pushed through the door he was talking, and she couldn’t get a word in edgewise! Not a hello, not a glad to see you not a- Wait whaaaat the hell was he talking about? They were already back out the door, and before she could dig her heels in and ask him what was going on, there were flashbulbs going on. "…don’t you think we should talk first! What exactly is going on again?!" -06:36 Feb 28
Drake: He turned sharply, put a hand on either side of her head and pushed his lips hard against hers, then he pulled back feeling better. "Thank you." he said, a distinct sharpness still lingering in his voice. "The press is everywhere waiting for us. My PR department has decided to continue our ‘false’ engangement…" He gestures inverted comas when the said false. "… as a publicity stunt. I’m menat to tell you that we’ll continue for three weeks, you’ll be payed for your silence and any stress the press causes you, and then you’ll get a call from a man in a suit telling you when it’s over, I’ll get and interview and be told what do say, then we both go on our merry ways. Fuck. That. I don’t want a fake relationship. I want a re… Yell yeah." -06:41 Feb 28
Madeline: Well, now she knew what it felt like to be kissed stupid. And he picked one hell of a place and time to try and explain everything. Most of which she still didn’t get, and trying to piece it together while feel kiss-fuzzy and having obnoxious paparazzi asking a bunch of near-insane questions while she was trying to have a conversation was impossible. "How about we go somewhere quiet for lunch and THEN talk about getting married? Cause, um…" Holy hell, did he say real relationship? Maddie was going to faint! -06:47 Feb 28
Drake: She had to say that on camera! "Yes!" he grabbed her arm, pushed the reporter aside and peaded down the alley at a half run before turning and slowing down as they intered a crowd. "Know anywhere nearby?" he asked letting go of her and taking a breath. "I’m so sorry you’re being dragged into all of this." -07:06 Feb 28
Madeline: At least it was exciting! Maddie was a little out of breath, falling in to step with him as she glanced around at the passing crowd. Peering to see if they were still being followed and then taking a deep, relieved sigh. "There’s tons of cafes down the strip, we can pick one that doesn’t have windows." Maddie grabbed his hand and squeezed it with a grin. "So what was this about again? I didn’t think your keepers would actually want to run with the engaged stuff. I mean, I really don’t mind. But you don’t have to do anything for my sake. I’m not going to get the wrong idea and make you marry me…" -07:12 Feb 28
Drake: That was kindof dissapointing to hear adn he lost steam. "Well if that’s what you want then you’re hired. I guess" he said. "And you choose, is case you havn’t noticed I’m apparently not thinking strait." he kept his face turned away from her and shoved his hands into his pockets. "I’ll give Leanne your number." -07:16 Feb 28
Madeline: Maddie stared at him, bewildered. Was she.. imagining that look..? Wishful thinking of a dumb girl. She skipped ahead to stand in front of him, stopping him with her hands on his arms. "I don’t want to be hired for anything, that wasn’t what I meant…" She wanted to say that she’d love to marry him, but that was just the crazy talking. "You said you don’t want a fake relationship, and neither do I! So why don’t we ignore what everyone else is thinking and doing and just… um.. be… us." Maddie had no idea where she was going with that. She was going to say be a couple, but that seemed like she was reaching for something! -07:22 Feb 28
Drake: "Us?" he repeated his eyes finding hers. "Us? You, and me? Nothing faked?" he leaned in closer to her. "And what does the you part or us want?" he asked slowly. She had started thid before they had gotten to the cafe and now she would have to finish it. "Do you [i]liiiiiiiike[/p] me? Or was kissing you the worst faux pas in history?" -07:28 Feb 28
Madeline: "I uhhhm…" Why oh why did he have to look so damned sexy with that look on his face. She was trying not to be an obsessed psycho, and he was making it really hard! "I like you… I like you you and not just superstar you, although I like that you too, and kissing me is great and uhm…" Wow, that was smooth. Maddie tilted her head back to stare at the sky. Looking at him apparently made her stupid! "…and if I could get away with it, I would marry you now! But you’ve proposed twice now in the woooorst ways, and you know, I might be a fan, but I have romance standards too!" -07:33 Feb 28
Drake: "Not one to have fan fantasies furfilled then." he commented. "Or for the mad romantic dash to get spontaniously married." he pushed her hands off of his arms and moved past her. He was such am idiot and he muttered as much to himself. "Choose a place before they find us, wouldn’t want that would we." -07:36 Feb 28
Madeline: Oh hell, no. He was not getting mad at her for trying to use her sense and not just… fall in love with him on a whim! Maddie stomped after him. "Hey…! Maybe I don’t want a fantasy! Maybe I want a reality where you actually LOVE me and it’s not just pretend! If we run away and get married, I wanna run away and get married because you realized you can’t live without me and not because your PR department thought it was a great idea!" When she caught up to him, she grabbed on to his shirt to stop him. -07:43 Feb 28
Drake: "Then never anted us to get married." he said. "That was all me." he was still pushing through the crowd ahead of her. "In fact if we did they’d die." he dodges past a group of biker looking types and sunk onto a bench to wait for her to catch up. He looked completely at ease but with his experience he was good at putting up a front, and he even gave her a trademark Preston Starr raised eyebrown as she emerged from the crowd. -07:49 Feb 28
Madeline: "Then… what?" Once she stopped at the bench, she stooed there staring him down with that wide-eyed bewildered Maddie look again. "Well good then, I… uhm… I’m glad that- I would love to.. but.." There was that going to faint feeling again! But did he want to marry her for her, or because it’d piss off his PR people? Maddie was struggling to find her voice where there was a high pitched scream. A very recognizable sort of scream, and with a slight mix of horror and annoyance, Maddie turned to see just what she expected. A pack of excited, squealing teenage girls charging over with camera phones and beeeegging for pictures and autographs. One of which she was pretty sure said ‘Sign my boobs!’ Worse timing EVER! -08:00 Feb 28
Drake: PReston stood as the fansgirls approached and was quickly surrounded. "One group picture with all of you." he said. "I’m out to lunch now and have… I’m on a date." he finished sharply. She sooner they were away the better. -08:19 Feb 28

Your Starr

Your Starr 002: Unexpected Turns

[Drake is asleep in his own bed… all snuglie and warm.] -06:22 Feb 18
[Madeline slept like the dead, and can’t seem to move! But that’s okay because this is waaaay comfier than she remembered her bed being!] -06:22 Feb 18
Madeline: Maddie hated waking up with a headache. Usually she’d she roll over and call in to work and go back to sleep. But when she tried to roll she tangled in sheets and hit something solid. Which left her lying there in a grumbly stupor trying to figure out why her pillows were so lumpy, until she finally opened her eyes and found herself staring at an unfamiliar ceiling. "Whaa-haaaat..?" -06:27 Feb 18
Drake: "Sssshhhhhh." the sould came from next to her and a blanker was thrown over her a second later before his arm rested across her stomach. "Now is hangover time, talking time is afterwards." not that Preston got severe hangovers but he was still tired and wanted to stay where he was. even if he was next to… "Madie? Hey… good morning." -06:30 Feb 18
Madeline: In her head was a very high pitched ohmigaaaaaawd! and if she wasn’t in such desperate need of a glass of water and some asprin, she might have screamed it too. Whose bed was she iiin? Wait, she knew whose bed! The question, was hooooow did that happen! Maddie last remembered a lot of dancing and giggled and shots. WAIT. MORE IMPORTANT. "Did we… um… do… something.. last night?" she mumbled. -06:35 Feb 18
Drake: "Yeeeeeeeeees?" he said. "We hent on a date, he drank we ate burgers, we came back her, you took your dress off and said something about not wanting to get it creased then I took my sirt off to make it fair, then we had tea and got into bed. Did I forget anything?" he looked at her and then pulled her beeger under the blankets with him. "So yes… and no." -06:38 Feb 18
Madeline: She was freaking out and he was being cuddlie. So warm and cute and cuddlie, and… damnit! She couldn’t snuggle and not know! "Did we have sex, more specifically?" Do not cuddle Preston Starr. You’ll never leave this bed! -06:41 Feb 18
Drake: "No." he said. "We did not have sex." he grabbed her arm and pulled it around him. "I told you at the start of the date I wasn’t going to put moves on you, a little drink wouldn’t change that. Theres asprin and water next to the bed too. I can have food brought… so there’s no reason for you to get out of bed." there was a wicked grin and he squeezed her stomach with his arm. "What are you hungry for? -06:44 Feb 18
Madeline: Yooou. "Good. Thank god… not that I wouldn- I mean.. nevermind!" Okay, no drunken sex. That was a relief to know. …and enough to totally cave and curl around him and nuzzle her face in to his shoulder. She blamed the headache and being too sleepy to use common sense. "I don’t think I have the stomach to eat, I just want to sleep forever. Why did you let me get so drunk.. I think I yelled at a red headed giant." Everything was way too fuzzy to remember! -06:48 Feb 18
Drake: "You certainly did." he said, what about I can’t place but I want a cheese burger and fries with a mug of tea… tea for you." he closed both arms around her and shifted his wieght against her and mold his body to hers. "Heh, bet you didn’t dream you’d wake up next to me and not have the embarresment of sex to deal with. So long as you enjoyed last night I’d call it a success." -06:53 Feb 18
Madeline: She liked this. Way, way too much. Especially considering she should have been home last night and this afternoon was the last time she was ever supposed to see him. Stupid reality turning out to be as awesome as the dream… Maddie pouted a bit, and hid it at his neck. "I did have fun.. Best night of my life." she muttered and… couldn’t resist nuzzling against. He was letting her do it, it was his own fault. "Be better if you weren’t doing it all to humor me." -06:56 Feb 18
Drake: He moved his head to give her more skin to move against. "I stopped humoring you the moment we left the part, everything after that was because I wanted it. My rules remember." he reached over and picked up a phone reciever and pressed the one button. "Two cheese burgers with reies and two mugs on tea, thanks hun." he hung up and then was right back to brushing his fingertips against her cheek. "And I enjoyed the other parts too. If you want proof poot as the pictured on your phone." -07:03 Feb 18
Madeline: Seeing as she didn’t have her dress, Maddie wasn’t quite sure where her phone was either. It was both hilarious and kind of embarassing. And she wasn’t so sure she believed him. Then again. did someone like him really have to do anything he didn’t want? ….Yes he did. Wait. Ugh! It was too early in the morning to over think things! Maddie mumbled a few undecipherable things against his neck, and then more when she was tempted to kiss on him. "I give up.. I guess as long as I didn’t do anything stupid it’s all okay. Right?" -07:09 Feb 18
Drake: "I killed you." he said. "When the lights were dark in the blub, does that count?" he pulled away slightly to look at her. "I have you in your enderwear in my bed… does that count?" he chuckled and gave her another squeeze. "We can be snuggle buddies I’m sure. Besides if I were going to do anything stupid I’d wait for tonight." -07:13 Feb 18
Madeline: "Hey, you kissed me. That was all your fault." She couldn’t argue being practically naked in his bed though. And snuggle buddies… did he know how dangerous that was to offer to a fangirl? He was lucky she wasn’t crazy! He’d be pounced on so fast! Oooh, she really wanted to. Stupid headache. Maddie gave another scowling, sulky expression. "You’re not going to see me again after today anyway, remember? You have a world tour and I have a normal job to go back to. At best maaaybe you’ll troll me on the internet." -07:18 Feb 18
Drake: "I don’t know who you are on the internet." he said sticking his tongue out at her. "And I can bring people on tour with me you know, not that that is a really good idea, take things slow and…" there was a knock on the door. "Come in." it opened and in walked an aging woman with sharp features and a blouse and skirt combination. "Breakfast is served m’lord." her tone was slightly sarcastic but Presting was untangling himself from Madie and teaching out for a plate to pass to her. "Brought somone home? Skipped out on your obligations then?" her voice carried traces of the steriotypical strict english nanny but taking a bite of his burger Preston waved wer away. "First… there was no sex, secing this is her, Madie. Madeline meet my housekeeper. Best cook ever to cross the Atlantic." -07:25 Feb 18
Madeline: "…Are we not in a hotel?" she hissed at him. Maddie assumed they were! Now, apparently she was getting the eagle eye from an angry nanny and Maddie was busy trying to balance a plate and pull sheets up so she didn’t look like a take-home hooker! …it was probably too late for that. Maddie gave a sheepish grin. "Good morning…?" Wait, what did he mean by take things slow? Maddie shot him a look. -07:29 Feb 18
Drake: "The dress I found in the living loor has been dry cleaned and pressed, it’s readt for you whenever you wish to leave." her tone implied that the sooner that was the better. "And try not dribble on the sheets." and with that passing remark she was gone while Preson was far too bust eating to notice her look. "Don’t mind her." he said with his mouth full. "She’s like that to everyone. She won’t even let my mum cook anything because she insists that…" he mimiced her accent "… that woman has never once toutched a dish without ir immediatly setting itself on fire whilst at the same time half of it spontaniously turning into salt." he took another bite and chewed viciously. "Which is true enough. I did not have food like this before I got rich."" -07:37 Feb 18
Madeline: To everyone, which likely meant she was one in a long string of girls. Only, he didn’t exactly sleep with her. And unless there was a lot of kissing she didn’t remember, a split second in the dark wasn’t exactly a one night stand affair! Her stomach lied though. Now that she could smell food, she was definitely hungry and more than happy to eat. Even if she -was- now directing her glare at the door. "If I try to sneak out of here am I going to get the nanny-lecture? ‘Master Drake eats women like you for breakfast, don’t even think about trying to come back!’" She tried to mimic the woman’s accent and failed miserably. Worse, she didn’t realize she let his real name slip out, and she had been trying not to let on that she was that good of a stalker. -07:43 Feb 18
Drake: "I think she assumes that you’d already hae learned you lessong from…" he stopped heating and looked at her his eyes narrowing. "Such a fan." he said before taking another bite. "And I let you into my bed." he pushed the lats of the burger into his mouth and chewed before swallowing. "So what else do you know about me Madie?" he stuck his tongue out at her and then started on his fries. Not that it mattered… as she said this was the last time day they’d see eachother. -07:49 Feb 18
Madeline: What was he… oh. Shoot…! Maddie froze for a minute, unsure what to say. How could she be such a dummy! Why did she even think that name? Had to be cause he mentioned his mom… "Um… " she sighed, plate balanced in her lap as she plopped back against the pillows and threw an arm over her face. "I told you I was a fan…! I knew that one for years, it’s not like I looked it all up last week to seduce you with!" …which, he might not even thought and now that she said it sounded suspicious. Argh! Her other arm went over her head. "I don’t think I can get any less creepy, can I?" -07:55 Feb 18
Drake: "Only if you actually tried seducing me." he said chewing before picking up his mug and looking at her over it. "So stay here for a few more hours, shower and move?" he asked. "But with the looks you’ve been giving me can you last a few more hours without trying to kiss me?" -08:02 Feb 18
Madeline: "Is that a -challenge-?" Maddie at least moved her arms to give him a stare. Still totally embarassed and probably with her face red, but seeing as he spent the morning snuggling her in her underwear, she was feeling confident enough to barb him back. "I think I did a pretty good job considering I’ve been a step away from stalking you for years. Can YOU resist kissing me?" Maddie fussed to sit back up. It was a lot easier to be cheeky when sitting up! -08:06 Feb 18
Drake: "Of course. Now are we playing kiss chicken?" he asked sliding up next to her, his plate put aside and an arm sliding arounf her. "First person to kiss the other, or back away is the loser." he sninned and leaned back, raising an eyebrow and sipping his tea. "Take and asprin too, the food will help but you have to listen to me sing later." -08:13 Feb 18
Madeline: "Kiss chicken. And what does the winner get? It has to be something good. And seeing as I am going to win, you are gonna have to think of something really impressive to top a date with Preston Starr." Why did she like this so much. This was even more unrealistic than last night! Maddie did at least reach over to take the aspring and get herself a mug. If they were going to play this crazy game, she needed her whole brain to do it. -08:16 Feb 18
Drake: "A kiss isn’t enough?" he asked. "Let’s see, when I win you tell me your online name." he said sipping again. "And I have my arm around you. It’s your turn Madie. Try no to kiss me." -08:22 Feb 18
Madeline: No fair, her online name was her biggest secret… Frowning with determination, she set aside the mug after swallowing a couple pills, as well as her plate. Then she turned to put her arms around his neck. Totally not tempted to kiss him yet. "Okay, I guess that’s allowable since you aren’t going to win, anyway. And a kiss can’t be the prize, that’s the contest. The prize has to be something else." -08:25 Feb 18
Drake: "I named my prize." he said. "You name yours." he placed his other hand on her bare side and raised an eyebrow. "I’m going to cheat you know." he warned her. "Only fair since you’ve stalked me for years and I just met you." -08:28 Feb 18
Madeline: Her mouth twist up as she squinted at him, She nearly flinched when he touched her side and it tickled a bit. …and since this was a challenge, it was okay for her to run her thumb over his mouth. He really did have such a nice mouth! "Cheating is for people that know they’re going to loose. Hum.. when I win I want you to come visit my work and have lunch with me." -08:34 Feb 18
Drake: "So a second date?" he asked raising an eyebrow. "So you liked the first one that much what you want to go out again? Wondering in you ended up in your underwear the first time what the second date will do? Hmmm?" he lit his lip and sucked on it before grinning at her. "Someone has herself a little fancrush." -08:40 Feb 18
Madeline: "You got me drunk. You can’t get me drunk at lunch." …she could so bite that lip for him. This was getting a little more tricky. She had years worth of infatuation to battle against, he just met her! She brushed her fingers at the nap of his neck and pouted a bit. "And what if I do want to go out again, that’s not so weird. You had me drunk and in bed and didn’t sleep with me. That’s like, one in a million." -08:45 Feb 18
Drake: "So because of that you think I can be trusted?" he asked hefore breaking out the big guns. He ran his tounge across his lip and tilted his head ever so slightly his eyes staveling between her lips and her eyes as his expression melted. "All along I tried to pretend it didn’t matter. If I was alone, but deep down I know If you were gone For even a day I wouldn’t know which way to turn. Cause I’m lost without you." he sung sorftly has hand moving up to slide down her cheek and his eyes rooted to hers. -08:51 Feb 18
Madeline: Oh shit. He was an asshole…! A really really cute, way way too good at that asshole. "That’s cheating TOO much." she muttered, and leaned,,, and before she wound up kissing him, just nuzzled against his cheek instead. It was almost painfull. And too close. -08:55 Feb 18
Drake: He raised his hand up to rub it up and down the back of her neck as he kept singing, -very- softly into her ear then he moved his hand down to cricle a vertibra in her lower back. "How about you kiss me and you get that second date after all?" -09:01 Feb 18
Madeline: This was kiiiilliiiing her. Maddie circle her arms tighter around his neck until she was practically in his lap. Did brushing her mouth against his ear count as kissing? Noooo… "Lunch isn’t really a date." Now she was talking all soft. -09:04 Feb 18
Drake: He slowly slid his hand up her spine. "You were a kiss away from making it a date. You should have taken it." he was as soft as he knew how to be and pulling back to look at her. "It’s almost like you don’t want it to be a date. Well then I guess you don’t want a kiss after all." -09:11 Feb 18
Madeline: "Yes I do..!" Maddie almost pulled him back to her and planted a kiss on him then… but… she scowled and narrowed her eyes at him. "Lunch date is the prize if -I- win. You’re trying to trick me." And like an idiot she almost fell for it, just because he sang her favorite song and touched her all soft, and had those dreamy dreamy eyes… Oooh, it was on now. Maddie leaned forward till she touched the tip of his nose with hers. "Kiiiiss me. I’m asking for it." -09:17 Feb 18
Drake: "Kiiis me." he sung softly "Out of the bearded barley, Nightly , beside the green, green grass…" he was grinning and tilting his head back. "You want to." his hand slid up to rub tha back of her neck. "I want you to… you’ll never get another chance if you don’t now." -09:21 Feb 18
Madeline: "That’s a silly song." He kept moving away, which was just forcing her to closer again. This time tilting her head just far enough to barely touch his lips when she mumbled. "Kiiiiiss me. And I’ll kiss you later for free." -09:25 Feb 18
Drake: "I never loose." he whispered. "But you, you want to make your dreams come true, and you want me to message you online to arange future meetups…" a hand moved down to caress her thigh. "Kiss me and I’ll meet up wiyj you later for free." -09:28 Feb 18
Madeline: She was going to die! Worse, the promise of seeing him again anyway was too much to resist. Maddie caved, bridging that hairswidth of space to press her mouth against softly. A kiss she decidednly immediately she didn’t regret at all. -09:33 Feb 18
Drake: He pucjed back againse her and kissed her back his free hand going to lightly stroke the back of her neck and he grinned againse her lips. He wasn’t happy about winning but he was happy about the kiss. "If I had known it would feel like that I would have lost." -09:38 Feb 18
[Drake is stepping out of his limo and putting hi sunglasses on in a red shirt and black jacket and pants. It’s a recording day, with an audience.] -07:10 Feb 26
[Madeline is already at the studio, and it’s a good thing too cause she had to get a change of clothes after accidentally spending the night with Preston Starr!] -07:14 Feb 26
Madeline: Last thing Maddie needed was a big rumor about her spending the night with a pop star. ….well, maybe that would be a fun fantasy, but in reality she doubted any good would come of it! Especially since nothing actually happened, aside from a very dumb game of Kiss Chicken, and the fact that after today her fantasy was going to come to an abrupt end. Today she had a little visitor badge on so she could tour the studio and she was supposed to be meeting the manager! -07:17 Feb 26
Drake: He looked around, he has spent the morning getting preped and a hair trim, to shape it for the upcoming album cover shoot (that Madie was also going to be at, and get a posted size print for her wall) and as always didn’t look like he has spant the night drinking. The door was opened but the guard and he stepped into the suprisingly modest building into the waiting room where Madie should be and seeing her smiled. "There you are, was worried the shars ate you." he said as an inters walked up quickly and put a juice box in his waiting hand. "Thanks, got one for her too, grape, not orange." he sipped from it and slowlty counted down in his mind. 20… 19…. any second now… -07:23 Feb 26
Madeline: She stood quickly, mentally kicking herself a dozen times for still having that stupid squealing voice going on in her head just from the sight of him. A night out with Preston Starr followed by a half naked almost intimate morning really should have quelled her urge to jump up and down every time she saw him! "Noo.! I’m okay, just a bunch of curious people. And I got the whoooole rundown of today too." Man, she wished she felt as good as he looked. Maddie was never ever going to drink like that again. -07:27 Feb 26
Drake: 15… "There, drink that… and thank… Mandy she’s working hard, it’s her first week." The intern couldn’t supress and smile that the star remembered her name. 10… "So feeling any better since this mo…" the door opened and in walked a missle aged wman in a business suit a scowl. "Leanne!" Preston said instantly spreading his arms in welcome. "You’re six seconds early, something wrong?" The woman was Preston’s mother and manager and she looked mad enough tofry an egg of her face, and the intern wisely, left quickly. "You, adn you, in here, now." she pointed as Drake, then Madie, then at the door she had just come out of. "Leanne.. that’s no way to.." "Should have thought of that before, not dome of you are coming to see what I have tevoed… now." she walked back into the room without waiting for a reply, and Preson with a worried look at Madie followed. -07:37 Feb 26
Madeline: Maddie barely got a greeting out for the intern before the girl skittered away…. and Maddie didn’t blame her at all! It was one thing to see his mother and manager in pictures and film, but in person and looking like she was about to murder someone…. It was all Maddie could do to not slink and hide behind Preston as she followed. The moment they were in the back room, Maddie slipped in to a chair. "So um… It’s nice to meet you…!" -07:41 Feb 26
Drake: Preston remained standing and faced his mother. "Come on Leanne, you know what you keep telling me, image, this is a fan you don’t want to…" he fell silent as his mother pointed a remote and pressed a butting, then crossed her arms. "In celebrity news, pop idol Preston Starr was seen last night in an exclusive club in the garden distrct with a woman believed to be the winner of the recent win a date compitition." the footage was grainy, probbaly a phen cameta and slearly showed himself dancing wth maddie. "So… is this really…" Leanne just him off with the remove again fast forwading slightly. "Took a perhaps whirwind turn when the legend proposed with the woman with his WHO charity tour ring." Preston stared as his voice, distorted and fuzzy, but endeniably his. "You know what, I know it was a joke earlier, but screw it. You may be a total fan but you’re not a hopeless one, we should just get… Maddie.. Maddie… marry me. Wait.. here… put this on your finger and marry me." -07:48 Feb 26
Madeline: Madde wasn’t sure what they were in trouble for either. Other than the fact she looked pretty damned happy to be dancing. And so did he for the matter! That actually had her smiling pretty wide. And then… and then. AND THEN. WHAT. It was sort of surreal to see herself on tv, laughing hysterically and kissing Preston Starr. Accepting a marriage proposal she didn’t even remember. Slowly, and still in shock she raised her hand and stared at it. How the hell how she missed the ring..! Granted, she was wearing several rings, but…! Ten seconds later she was hitting the floor in a dead faint! -07:53 Feb 26
Drake: There were voices and a minute later there was a cold juicebox pressed against Maddie’s forhead as the was in the recording studio couch with Preston leaning over her. "Madeline." he said in a quit hiss batting his mother away… Madeline…" he had questions and so did she, but right now there was the issue with her having just taken a fall. "Hey." he said with a smile as she started to come around. "From your reaction I’d guess you don’t remember anything either." He picked up her hand to look at his ring on her finger and a look, gone to fast to make out crossed over his face. "Well.. drink this, the sugar will do you good." -08:01 Feb 26
Madeline: Maddie wasn’t sure how she got from way over there to the couch, but she was immediately sipping that juice with the strongest urge to find the nearest closet and lock herself in it. Sure HE looked all right. Calm and maybe even slightly amused, but his mothermanager still looked fit to kill and Maddie was… what? Engaged? That was crazy! The juice was empty in a second, and set aside in her almost frantic attempt to sit up. Maddie was trying to pull that ring off! "Oh god… I don’t know what happened! You can have this back, we’ll pretend it never happened!" -08:05 Feb 26
Drake: He pushed her back down and took the ring back but looked at it with what could be called a pout. Then his hand closed over it and he shook his head. "I gave it to you so you keep it, even if it’s just a present." there was a smile on his lips again as he took her hand and slipped it back on and his mother made an irritated gesture. "Now, Madie, Leanne, we have a recording session to do and an album cover to shoot and we’re already running late. "Mandy, get Madie another juice and one of my cupcakes from the tin, she needs sweet things." Then he was back to looking at Madie. "You sit right there, I’ll be the other side of the glass." then he was standing and facig his mother. "What? I’m contrctually oblidged to make sure that tour finishes." he gave her a shit eating grin and then started towards the door. "Never miss a stap." that last sentence was to himself. -08:14 Feb 26
Madeline: They needed to have some sort of serious talk…! And Maddie was in too much shock to protest beyond a few unheard buts. She was looking down at the replaced ring, and was so glad she was seated. She might have hit the floor again. And now she was stuck left alone in the room with a very angry looking woman and a totally bewildered assistant! "I…! I have nothing to do with all of that I swear..! I really just..!" Oh gods, was that really all over the news?! What if her family and boss recognized her?! -08:20 Feb 26
Drake: "I know you didn’t, Preston… used his stardom to charm you to get back at me." she then ignored Madie only pointing at a different chair next to the sound technician and taking one hersalf as the long haired and overwieght man held out a pair of headphones for Madie. "Sound test." his could said before Preston replied "Sound seem good my end… we set?" "Once out litte lade puts her ears on we’re good, this is Nirvana, take one." -08:26 Feb 26
Madeline: "R-right…" Of course he did. Anyone that did their obsessive research knew he tended to enjoy doing things just to barb his mom. …which kind of left her feeling a little disappointed. Which was -totally- nuts! Of course the proposal wasn’t real! He knew her for all of twenty for hours and they were black out drunk! Situated in her seat and pulling on the headphones, it was different hearing his voice come in so clear like this after a day of talking to him face to face. "I’m good." She should be so excited for this, but her head was spinning! -08:35 Feb 26
Drake: "Whenever you’re ready Preston." then he muted all the microphones except the one in the room where Preston was, she took off his glasses and hung them on the hem of his shirt. "Right…" he took a breath as Leanne and Jack exchanged looks. "Bit different with whose listening.. Okay… three…" he fell silent as he took a deep breath, closed his eyes and slowly reached up to hold his earphones and then… started singing." -08:39 Feb 26
[Madeline enters.] -08:43 Feb 26
Madeline: Okay… so maybe having a major bombshell dropped on her still wasn’t enough to mask the fact his voice could transcend reality and make her melt ten words in. She was also incredibly glad no one could read her mind, cause that had to be the dumbest thing she thought all morning next to agreeing to Kiss Chicken. She was twisting that ring on her finger and chewing on her lip as she watched him, hoping she had that crazy lovelorn puppy look under control. -08:46 Feb 26
Drake: The song moved though it’s movions and Leanne kept her eyes in the guessed and rolled her eyes muttering something that might have been ‘Such a fan.’ but was impossible ot hear over the song and when it was done Preston was taking a deep breath and looking at the window. [color=blue]"That was good, I’ll work my magic and tell Leanne if we need another take." sometime during the song juice and a cupcake had been put on the table behind Madie and Preston was standing and taking off his earphones to hang them up. "Great." he said once he was back in the room, so what do you think? If will sound better properly balanced with music buuut?" he was looking at Madie expectantly, waiting for an answer. -08:51 Feb 26
Madeline: "I think I’m in love!" it was out of her mouth before she could filter it. And under the circumstances, probably not the best thing to have blurted out. Madde coughed and corrected herself quickly. "With the song. It’s an amazing song." Cupcake. Maddie snatched it up and was immediatelly making sure to stuff a piece in her mouth before she said something else stupid! -08:54 Feb 26
[(Timeout) Madeline was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -09:10 Feb 26
Drake: He smiled at her and then caught the look on Leanne’s face and walked to the door to open it. "Photos next… it’s not usually like this, usually I can have a eat a relax a bit in between… but I have to get to wardrobe, is she coming or does she have to wait?" he was talkign as he walked, heading down a coridoor and stopping at a door. "That’s up to her, though I’ll meet you at the set." Without waiting for more Preston opened a door and was imemgiatly hugged. "Draaaake you made it honey." the costumer stepped back and smiled. "And you brought me a friend, oh you come on sweetheard and take a seat, I saw everything on the news you’re on lucky couple. You know I alwasy said Drake was going to swept off his feet by someone with gorgeous curls, and I was right! I just with it had been me but you know the rules, employees can’t enter, same drill every time but I guess his second biggest fan is a good choice." he manuevered Preston into a chair and then let the hairdressers get to work as he moved to a clothes rack. "In face sweetheard you can help me choose, they said they wanted a good loor, with just a touch of Prestor Starr’s trademark badboy attitude… do you think the jacket with the chains hanging off the shoulder.. or the one that’s midnight blue where it catches the light but looks black everwhere else?" -09:10 Feb 26
Madeline: "Um..!" Holy hell, if she didn’t somehow get her head out of engaged-to-preston-starr shock paradise, this entire day was going to go by in a huge blur. Maddie wasn’t even sure how she made it from recording to wardobe on her own feet, and now this person was talking a mile a minute! Maddie rest a hand on top of her head, trying to catch up. "…the blue-black! He doesn’t need the extra flash and glitz, not if that song her recorded today is a hint at the next album. His eyes should do all… the …talking…" Did that sound weird? Or creepy? She shut her mouth! -09:15 Feb 26
Drake: "That was the one I was going to pick anyway, I was just testing you and guess what!? You totally passed!" Maddie’s turn for a hug and so be pulled into a seat. "Might want to get the shirt on me before they gell my hair." Preston interjected causing Francis to pus his hand to his cheek snad pull a face. "Coming…" he sang out and dissapeared behind a racj as prestin had his jacket removed and his shirp pulled off, then Francis was back and putting a white shirt on Preston and then draping a towel over his shoulders to protect it. "Madie… you alright?" -09:21 Feb 26
Madeline: She had been caught staring again, and this time she was wishing it was her pulling his clothes off, and definitely not to be helpful during a wardrobe change. She WAS such a fan! Though it was rather pleasing to know she passed some sort of weird test by one of his crew. …why did it even matter! "Yeah…! It’s kind of a whirlwind, I don’t know how you manage to keep up with all of this all the time." -09:25 Feb 26
[(Logout) Madeline is off to feed the plot bunnies.] -((09:44 Feb 26))
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[Drake is about to have a photoshoot.] -07:06 Feb 26
[Madeline is still reeling, but she’s always wanted to see a photoshoot and who better than Preston Starr?] -07:07 Feb 26
Madeline: It was crazy how much fuss they had to do over make up for a photoshoot. His wardrobe diva even got after her a bit, which had Maddie flailing more than once. And then once again she was being whisked away, scrambling to keep up with the non-stop motion of Preston Star. Another area of the building, a big studio, already setup with lights and props. "Thiiiiiiis is cool!" -07:23 Feb 26
Drake: "This is… work." he said as several people instantly clustered around him and eshered him towards the white grand piano he’d be sitting on top of. It wasn’t real, just a prop, but it looked just like the real thing! -07:29 Feb 26
Madeline: "Well… work is looking pretty fun to me!" she had to raise he voice over the din of chatter and directions. Including getting shooed out of the way as people rushed around to adjust the light. Maddie found a place she -wasn’t- going to get ran over, and was trying her hardest not to bounce up and down on her feet. "What kind of pose do you think? Alluringly sexy-" Maddie paused long enough to strike her very best exagerated pose, "-or the mischevious bad boy look?" Maddie posed again, trying to mimic one of his signature looks. -07:32 Feb 26
Drake: He was layed out on the piano on his side the photographer stapping forwards to arange his limbs and he shrugged at Madie. It was a sexy pose, and he took to it once he was what they were going for, aranging his featured in an inviting way and looking directly at the camera. It was a look the screamed ‘come and join me on the piano and we’ll get closer. "Sexy apparently." he confirmed. Now I’d better stop talking, blured lips con’t make good covers." -07:36 Feb 26
Madeline: "It’s a little rigid…" she commented, which earned her a few eye rolls and a glare or two. Maddie pulled out her phone, hoping to sneak a picture or two for herself. "… I think you should be standing!" -07:42 Feb 26
[Drake enters.] -08:09 Feb 26
[(Timeout) Drake was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -08:09 Feb 26
Drake: "Oh -08:09 Feb 26
Drake: "Oh?" he asked tilking his head at her and earning a mutter from the photographer who looked at Madie and immediatly tried to snatch away her phone. "No it’s fine, let her." Preston pulled himself to the edge of the prop and swung his boots to the floor to lean against it and put his hands on the edge behind him. "So how should I be standing?" he placed his hand deliberatly on the back of his neck, a pose that pulled his jacket open and gave bother cameras a look that was carefully designed to convey the air of a soulsearching stare. Then with a tilt of his head he added a touch of innocence and a slight sence of being lost… then he broke and gave a very genuine smile. "You know my Idea had me standing against the piano and someone sitting and playing it, thier face hidden…." -08:20 Feb 26
Madeline: Maddie nearly shoved that photographer away by his own face for trying the snatch her phone. HER phone! Precious pictures… That was the crazy coming out, though. She held that phone to her chest, casting a quick narrow-eyed glance at the photograph before she turned back to Preston and was… knee-weak floored! "Y-yeah… something a little bit like that." And a smile, Maddie was going to die and it was impossible not to grin back, rock on her heels nod. "It’d be a great fit the mood of that song… Something more geunine and connecting to another person. I think that’d look awesome!" -08:27 Feb 26
Drake: There were clicks next to her as the photographer took pictures, catpuring the smile for ass production. "Right, if that’s the way you really feel, thank you for vollunteering." his grin became a wicked one and he rubbed hus hands together. "Someone her her a white dress, he’ll have her sit at the piano and take it from there!" he was taking control, more creative freedom was what he was after and he wanted to call some of the shots, and now he was! -08:33 Feb 26
Madeline: "Whaaat? Oh no, no, no.. I can’t do that!" There was that nervous laugh again as she shook her head and waved her hands. "I’m super great with suggestions, not so good when cameras are pointed at me – oh god, where are you taking me?!" Okay, so Preston Starr was the boss here and everyone jumped to do his bidding. Maddie would too! If it wasn’t her being pulled off for a wardrobe switch. "..there’s models for this!" -08:37 Feb 26
Drake: All he did was wave as she was dragged off to be made up and Leanne stepped towards him looking as if she wanted to slap him. "Do you really need to torture her?" she asked vehemently. "You’ve put her through enough with that… ring." "I’m not trying to torture her Leanne." he said "I’m trying to … let her enjoy herself, it’s what she’s here for isn’t it? If you were in her position would you want… you know what. I don’t care what you think, this isn’t me using her to get at you. I keep our fight between us. You’re the one who brought her into this. I’m just trying to make sure she doesn’t hate us for it." -08:54 Feb 26
Madeline: "Heeelp…!" Maddie was being a little over dramatic, but this was a tiny bit outside of her comfort zone! In ten minutes she got the full star treatment. Which apparently meant having several people wrestle you out of your clothes, have you stand there in your underwear while they debated on the right dres, while someone else kept your head hostage for makeup! She protested through the entire thing… up until she caught a look of herself in the reflection. It’s not like she looked like a different person, she just looked…. really pretty! Maddie skipped her way back to the studio, pulling her front out from the front of her dress. "I changed my mind! I looooove this dress, we need extra pictures! Look, it even sparkles." She twirled on a heel to show him, only pausing when she caught that dangerous look on his mother’s face. "…um. Pictures on the phone. Just the phone." -09:01 Feb 26
Drake: There were still daggers flying through the air between the two when she entered, but she had definatlely changed her tune. "Then give the phone to Alan and he can snap on with us next to eachother and you… you look really good in that." he moved her to the piano and the greenscreen and took her hand for the picture, and once it was taken he lenaed forwards to whisper. "It’s completely up to you if you want to sit and take the other picture, not like she’s let me use if for the cover anyway. But you’ll still get a poster of it for yourself." -09:11 Feb 26
Madeline: Fancy picture on her phone, Maddie was grinning again. His mother was pretty intimidating, but it wasn’t her presence that filled the room. "I want to take the pictures. A bunch of them! I’m neeever going to get to do this again, I should take the oppotunity, right?" Curse this room full of people! Kiss chicken was crossing her mind again, and a step forward and a challenge would be all it took. Maddie stomped that mischevious look off her face. "Um! How should I sit?" -09:16 Feb 26
Drake: "Just pretend your playing." he said looking down at her. "And you can’t while you’re taking pictures." there was the clicks of the studio camera and Preston sighed, he didn’t know why but we was suddenly sishing he wasn’t at work. Dealing with his mother was especially draining today and he still hav an entire evening of it once they were doe here and Madie left. -09:35 Feb 26
Madeline: Maddie gave him a curious look. For a split second he looked a little sad, and that nearly killed her. "Okay, I can do this!" Pulling open his jacket, she dropped her phone in to the inside pocket. There was no way she’d let that photographer get his hands on it. Maddie moved over to the bench and placed her fingers on the piano keys. They did a really good job for the replication! Pressing them gave no sound at all. Now to make him smile. Maddie hammed up a super serious pianist pose, and cast him her best stoic face. "Seeeerious dramatic music pose?" -09:40 Feb 26
Drake: He turned and put his hand on her stomach and the other on her back between her coulders at he pulled her stomach back and pushed her shoulders forwards. "No… more relaxed, like you’re playing to yourself, a soulful melody that only you can play that reflects that resonated in your very soul. You’re playing to yourself anf nothing else matters in the world except the feeling of what you express. You don’t even know I’m here. Your music is your art, your world. It’s one you live alone in… become me." he loved awya again and lened back against the side the piano, -09:46 Feb 26
Drake: He turned and put his hand on her stomach and the other on her back between her coulders at he pulled her stomach back and pushed her shoulders forwards. "No… more relaxed, like you’re playing to yourself, a soulful melody that only you can play that reflects that resonated in your very soul. You’re playing to yourself anf nothing else matters in the world except the feeling of what you express. You don’t even know I’m here. Your music is your art, your world. It’s one you live alone in… become me." he loved awya again and lened back against the side the piano, his back against it and his body facign the bamera, but his head turned towards her. "Got it?" -09:47 Feb 26
Madeline: He absolutely missed the cue that he was supposed to smile and relax. Even rolled her eyes a bit as he reposed her… at least until he kept talking! Her whole demeanor melted, and she chewed pensively on her lip and watched her own fingers tap gently on the keys. "Got it… not so sure I can do it. I’ll try?" There was a reason why she was an artist and not an actress or musician! It was nerve-wracking knowing they were being photographed. ..wait.. she started humming one of his songs. That helped! -09:52 Feb 26
[(Timeout) Drake has timed out.] -10:19 Feb 26
[(Timeout) Madeline was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -06:08 Feb 27
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[Drake Can’t get it out of his hea that she’s humming.] -06:14 Feb 27
[Madeline thinks this is really cool! If only it was a real piano and… if she actually knew how to play one!] -06:15 Feb 27
Drake: "I know that song." he said softly as the photographer started. "You really are such a fan." he took his posr and soon the phographer was giving the thumbs up and he was sliding onto the seat nect to her and taking out her phone. "You said you wanted to take some." he said nefore gesturing to the crew for a break. "Enjoying your day so far?" -06:18 Feb 27
Madeline: "I like applying music to everyday situations. Or any situation. It’d be cool to have background music going all the time." Maddie took her phone and flipped through the apps. Then then was leaning against his shoulder and holding it out for another picture. Score! "Second best day of my life! It kinda sucks that I have to go home soon. Arre you..?" She leaned away to peer at him curiously. -06:24 Feb 27
Drake: "Second best?" he asked nudging her and raising an eyebroe, maybe her first was yesterday… but he wasted to hear it from her. "And this is just another day at work, better company though. Not every day I wake up to find myself engaged." -06:27 Feb 27
Madeline: "Will be hard to top yesterday, even if you did get me crazy drunk and propose in the worst way possible." Propoooose. At least now she had calmed down enough to laugh about it! The whole thing was a dumb mistake and worst the news will make a big deal about it for a few days, right? Maddie grinned and bumped against his shoulder. "Next time you should try something a little more romantic than ‘you’re not a hopeless fan’." -06:31 Feb 27
Drake: "Contrary to populat belif, I’m way more roantic in my songs than I am in real life. It’s just easier to express myself that way." he said. "You’re not a hopless fan is actually pretty good by my standards. But then if you ask Leanne my standards are not very high." he sighed and leaned against her. "I’ve stopped trung to change her opinion of me. -06:35 Feb 27
Madeline: "She probably just wants what’s best for you. Parents do that, right?" Despite the fact she knew he was a real human being with the same old life stuff everybody had, it was still a little strange to hear the confession. Maddie rest her head on his shoulder and stole the opportunity to take his hand in both of hers and hold it. "You shouldn’t have to fight to change anybody’s opinion anyway. Mom’s have an obligation to love their kids, and everybody else can just deal with it." -06:40 Feb 27
Drake: "If you can get Leanne to show that she loves me or is anything but dissapointed in me I’ll aguse you of being an angel." he said. "You’d think making her a millionare and doing everything she asked would have been enough, but it’s aleays games and threats, like bringing you here. And not she’s angey it’s going kinda well for me. Which remind me you owe me internet details." -06:44 Feb 27
Madeline: Maddie could see that going over well. ‘HI! I’m you’re son’s biggest fan and I think you’re being an unreasonable old hag.’ The woman would probably eat her alive. She laughed softly and hid her face at his shoulder. "Doooon’t laugh. But I use MayUBMyStarr. May is my middlename, so I thought I was being clever… I’d makeup a new one, but I’ve had it for so long it’s just kind stuck now." -06:48 Feb 27
Drake: "Two Rs?" he asked to confirm before he gave her a look, then slowly shook his head. "Madiemay and the Prince of Starrlight." he said, the title of a fanfiction he had read years ago… and relentlessly trolled. Then he laughed. "Well, at least you can say we didn’t meet for the first time technically speaking yesterday." he was still chuckling as he leaned agaist the fake keys and shook his head again letting out a long breath. "Must have been… 10 years ago?" -06:53 Feb 27
Madeline: "Oh god. You just turned my biggest fantasy in to my greatest nightmare!" Noo, what were the chances he actually read that nonsense?! There were millions of shitty fanfics out there! Maddie leaned backwards on the bench, so sorely tempted to let herself fall back dead on the floor. Dying from embarrassment sounded like a really good option. "Give or take a few years? I can’t believe you read that… or actually remembered the name of the stupid thing! Writing wasn’t my big skill either." -06:58 Feb 27
Drake: "Reason I remember it is because of the evil queen comparing her to my mother." he admitted sheepishly. "You might need to unblock me though I can’t remember how far I took it with that." he pulled her back against his side and leaned against her again, his arm around her. "Tough I’ve forgotten almost all of it now. It’s not really important… what is is according to the public I’m engaged… and I’m not sure how RP will handle it." -07:03 Feb 27
Madeline: "You’re such a jerk! I remembering being so pissed off I ranted for three days, and that I never posted another fic online!" At now now she was snickering about it, though she was seriously tempted to swat at him. She was getting distracted by his arm around her, and he weirdest part was that it felt natural and she wasn’t having those squealing inner fangirl moments about it anymore. "Some circus press conference and confess it was a drunken moment of thoughtlessness. Or you could say I seduced you and then left you heartbroken! That would get lots of sympathy from faithful fangirls? As long as no one gets my address, I’ll be fine." -07:08 Feb 27
Drake: "Nah." he said. "Probably just let it fade away and dissapear." he siad almost sadly. "But that’s the biz… I’m not allowed whirlwind romances because thet can’t be used properly to make good RP or somesuch. The price of celebrity. Guess we’ll just have to keep talking." -07:12 Feb 27
Madeline: "Well, there’s always spitting in the face of adversity and getting married! Shocking all doubters with a wedding, and defing all expectations with a long and happy marriage. Nobody would see it coming." A fangirl’s dream come true, and the most unrealistic fantasy in the universe! Maddie laughed again, leaning close enough to brush a kiss against his cheek. "Let your keepers worry about it… Just make sure they’re not planning to assassinate me." -07:16 Feb 27
Drake: "Don’t kempt me." he said looking at her and then forwards. "Not when you’re dressed like that and looking like a bride." he rested his elbow on the piano and his chin on his hand. "Besides you know your name wouldn’t be Medeline Starr." -07:21 Feb 27
Madeline: Maddie glanced down at the dress with surprise. It did look almost like a wedding dress, and him here with his dark jacket. She laughed all over again! "I guess it wouldn’t, but it does have a nice ring to it, though, doesn’t it." Taking her phone again, she stole the moment to snap another picture. "I guess they really won’t be able to use any of the photos with both of us. It’ll look so much like a wedding announcement or something. Will you send me all of the pictures?" -07:26 Feb 27
Drake: "Of course." he said. "As soon as I get them I’ll foreard them right to you." he was looking at her dress againa nd thinkng many, many dumb things he shouln’t be thinking about. Like being married by sunset, and seeing her out of it not long after. -07:30 Feb 27
Madeline: "Good! I’d love to see how they turned out. I’ve never really been… all that great… with pictures." Her voice trailed off and she was caught up in that expression. Maddie couldn’t decipher it, and it almost felt like he was trying to stare down in to her soul and steal all her thoughts. Which was crazy. Worse because that little voice in her head was screaming erasing that look with a sudden kiss. You just didn’t do that to a popstar. Maddie leaned towards him anyway and mumbled. "If you don’t quit looking like that, I am going to challenge you to another game of Kiss Chicken." -07:39 Feb 27
Drake: "I wou;d loose almost immediatly." he said without thinking and then leaning forwards to kiss her forehead. Thne en was closing the hand in hers around herd and slowly rubbing his hairling. "This is really really bad. I can’t afford to be infatiated with a fan. Especially one where I only have one meeting planned with at no set date." -07:43 Feb 27
Madeline: Infatuated with a fan? Maddie didn’t hear him right! That had to be the only thing that would make sense. The alternative was too far-fetched. Maddie swallowed, and prayed that weird gooey feeling in her stomach would go away! "Um.. it’s not so hard setting a lunch date. Picking a day and a place. Maybe if I was planning to kidnap you, it might be bad… but I really don’t have a lot of room in my apartment for hostages." A light joke. Anything to keep her from asking him to kiss her! -07:50 Feb 27
Drake: "Just promise me a place in yout heart, and I’ll live there forever." he said before he broke and started laughing. The spell was broken and he was releaved, but he was still holding onto her tightly. "Marrying you right away would be really bad, you shouldn’t put ideas like that in my head. But I’ll send you my number and we’ll set up a date." -07:53 Feb 27
Your Starr

Your Starr 001: Madeline’s Dream Date

[Drake also known by his stage name Preston Starr is not happy about some fan’s arival for the laters WIN A DATE compitition.] -06:55 Feb 15
[Madeline was the luckiest girl in the world! Who else would get to win a date with THE Preston Starr? This was going to be the best night ever!] -06:56 Feb 15
Madeline: There she was being escorted to the super secret starting location where she was going to meet Preston Starr for the very first time. The date, of course, was all her choosing. A romantic evening she was -sure- he would love. Madeline did as much research about him as she could. ….in a non stalker way! She even wore his favorite color in the form of a simple but stylish dress. Maddie chirped to the bodyguard escorts as they walked. "Is he excited? He’s gotta be, right? I bet stars don’t get to do this often, they always have to work." -07:03 Feb 15
Drake: He was far from excited, in fact he had just gotten off the phone trying one last time to get this all called off. The starting location was the rooftop garden of a landmark building. There were guards there in case he ran, but he wasn’t going to. He was pacing, yes, but if this was going to happen, he’d buy himself a new leather jachet to make himself feel better, the one he was wearing wasn’t his, but it was the very, very latest. -07:08 Feb 15
Madeline: "You don’t talk much, do ya? I get it. Gotta keep a watchful eye out for stalker types, huh?" Maddie didn’t feel bad about being ignored. She wasn’t there to visit bodyguards. It did sort of make the elevator ride up to the roof -really- awkward, though. By the end she was rocking on her feet and humming her favorite Preston song. When the elevator doors opened out on to the roof, she had to refrain from squealing and running out like a lunatic. Had to prove she wasn’t a total maniac, right? So Maddie very calmly waaaalked her way across the patio, standing a few respectful feet away. THEN offered her hand. "Hi…~! I’m Madeline. Your date for this evening!" -07:14 Feb 15
Drake: "Madeline." He repeated taking her hand and putting on hi best interview voice. "I am Preston Starr." He haaaaated that name. "And it seems that tonight, I am at your mercy." he leaned in closer to whisper. "They haven’t told me anything about what you chose." -07:18 Feb 15
Drake: "Madeline." He repeated taking her hand and putting on hi best interview voice. "I am Preston Starr." He haaaaated that name. "And it seems that tonight, I am at your mercy." he leaned in closer to whisper. "They haven’t told me anything about what you chose." He was well trained at least, on how to treat fans but… hmmm… revenge might be better. "That does not mean I’m going to fall for the ‘They agreed to let me take you to a sex club.’ ruitine or the ‘you are contractually obridges to do me.’ Unless of course it’s a really good date." There now it should be awkward for her too. Perfect! Pulling back to took her other hand and smiled for the newspaper camera. "So, where are we going?" -07:22 Feb 15
Madeline: That got her! Maddie looked appalled and completely embarrassed. …and then kind wish she would have thought of it! Er, not about the sex stuff, that was too much, but about taking better advantage of the whole date thing! She could have planned something really steamy. Her smile for the camera picture probably looked totally infatuated since he took her hand for the photo. Maddie was trying not to squeeze or grab at him. "You’re funny! No.. um… I planned really normal stuff, actually. First is a private dining room at the best restaurant in the city!" -07:26 Feb 15
Drake: "Sounds quite." he commented. "Good, I like quiet." he squeezed her hand and then the music started, one of his own song which just made his eyes roll and he knew his mother was watching. "First though I think we’re expected to dance, do you dance?" -07:30 Feb 15
Madeline: He squeezed her hand and she could hear the music play, like it was a moment right out of a movie…! Of course, then she realized music was -actually- playing. Her face went red for a bit as she nodded quickly. "I can dance, kinda yeah. You know, like normal dancing." Holy crap, that sounded so lame. She was an adult for crying out loud! -07:33 Feb 15
Drake: "Normal dancing?" he asked taking slipping his arm around her and pulling her to him. "You are one of the most starstruck fan’s I’ve met who hasn’t screamed my hane the first time they saw me." he said sliding his arms around her and just falling into a slowdance, easiest, simplest, would probably make her evening. "I’ve known your name a week, how long have you known mine? Do you run a fansite? Is that how you knew what color dress to get?." Questions in the spotlight… -07:40 Feb 15
Madeline: "Um, a few years, no, sort of…" That was about all she could spit out in response to his questions. Which really sucked, because she had planned so perfectly everything she wanted to say to him, or how she would answer his questions if he had them. The smooth, mysterious fan, that was what she wanted to be. And they were daaaaancing so slow under the moonlight and here she was trying not to stare. "I’m, um… not good with webpages. I browse a couple fansites…?" -07:46 Feb 15
Drake: "It’s a hobby of mine to join those forums and troll them." he said as the dance continued. "Not the best hoby, probably, but it amuses me that there everyone is talking and… writing I guess is the right word, fantasizing works too… about me and they have no idea I’m right there. That is the biggest troll of all, except maybe when they get things wrong and I correct them and no one believes the troll. That has gotten me banned in one." -08:09 Feb 15
Drake: "It’s a hobby of mine to join those forums and troll them." he said as the dance continued. "Not the best hoby, probably, but it amuses me that there everyone is talking and… writing I guess is the right word, fantasizing works too… about me and they have no idea I’m right there. That is the biggest troll of all, except maybe when they get things wrong and I correct them and no one believes the troll. That has gotten me banned in one." -08:10 Feb 15
[(Timeout) Drake was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -08:13 Feb 15
Madeline: "Seriously?" That had her missing a step and having to look down at her feet to put them back where they belong. Maddie swallowed, looking a bit sheepish. "Do you.. troll a lot of forums that way? Um… how many of those things have you read?" Maddie was trying desperately to remember the last time she wrote one of those stupid fantasy fics. She had to be at least sixteen and that was years ago. He couldn’t possibly have been lurking around that long. Maddie swallowed. "But you do think it’s amusing? And not like… really creepy? Although I guess some are really creepy…" -08:13 Feb 15
Drake: "Some are, but those sites I generally avoid." he stopped as the music did and let go of her to step away. "Teenagers will be teenagers, right?" he said checking his watch as the news crew started to pack up. "I believe we have a resturant to get to." he said looking back at her. "At least none of them seem to know my real name." he said as he stepped back up to her and took her name. "That would be creepy, at least this way I can just say they’re talking about the public persona I’m forsed to maintain. -08:21 Feb 15
Madeline: Maybe this was a bad idea! A date with her idol. He probably thought she was a total psychopath. And… honestly, a lot of the stuff she knew about it, would probably only be known by an insane stalker. Like his name. Maddie laughed, nervously. Which was the total opposite of the light and cheery laugh she was going for. "Yeah! Totally creepy…!" She cleared her throat, using her free hand to point towards the elevator. "Do you like French food? I’ve actually never tried it before." -08:26 Feb 15
Drake: "The stuffed be full of it during the Starr Over Europe tour." he said eyeing her and narrowig his eyes. "You are such a fan." he commented shaking his head slightly. "Right, french cuisine it is. More than snails and frogs’ legs. I used to joke that that had to have started in the siege of Paris when food started running low and they had to eat whatever was crawling around the back garden." he eyed her again and got a thoughtful look on his face. What’s after that?" -08:34 Feb 15
Madeline: She was such a fan! So much for being his dream come true. Maddie almost wilted, but at least the smile she gave him was genuine, if not a little sheepish. "After dinner, I thought we could go to the concert in the park. There’s a local orchestra that practices there until midnight and I thought it’d be cool if you got to relax and listen to somebody else play for once…" It was probably another lame idea. An artist always loved playing his music! -08:37 Feb 15
Drake: "I listen to other people play all the time." he said. "No live but.. well sometimes live. In clubs mostly." Still it would be useful knowing they’d be in an open and impossile to guard properly area. "Sounds great." he grinned wide but didn’t reveal his plan. "Good idea to eat first." In a much better mood he pulled on her hand to hurry her up towards the elevator. "Come on, we have plenty of dating to do tonight." -08:45 Feb 15
Madeline: He was so cute. Maddie had that wistful look again, and prolly the silly grin. "Live music is great. Even better when you’re not cramped up in a smokey club. I mean I loooove your music and your concernts, but if you’ve never gone to a symphony you just have to. It’s the most amazing thing." Maddie waved at her new friends, the grumpy bodyguards, as they stepped in to the elevator. -08:49 Feb 15
Drake: He leaned back against the wall of the elevator and eyed her. "I have been to a few." he said. "It wasn’t exactly my kind of deal, but then going with your mother is completely different to going with a stranger." he chcked his watch again, then pulled out his phone, flipped it open and turned it off. Freedom for a night, he was with a girl after all. "You realize the official date ends at midnight right?" he queried. "So after the concert I have to take you to your hotel… wait you’ve been to my concerts? Which one?" -08:55 Feb 15
Madeline: Maddie could imagine a concert with her mom, and definitely agreed that couldn’t be fun. Her mom would chatter and blabber through the entire thing. He leaned against the wall and she stood there looking at their entwined hands. It was an actual concious effort to keep from swinging his hand back and forth and jumping up and down like an over excited teenager. "All of your local ones, actually! I think I spent a fortune on concert tickets, but I had a job pretty much all of high school. And then to one in Denver that I snuck out to during a family vaycay." -08:59 Feb 15
Drake: "Well I’m sure my boss thanks you for the money." he said glancing at her. "Was it the one in Denver that happened right after the meteor shower? What year was it…?" he honestly couldn’t remember. "I was suprised how well that one went, I mean it was right after my 21st and I had just discovered clubbing…" he looked at the ceiling. "yes the steriotype of a partying pop star with very few inhibitions applies to me, but you know wha they say about meeting your stars…" he shifted his gaze to the floor. "Now you have something to share about your date with the one and only Preston Starr." -09:08 Feb 15
Madeline: "That’s the one. My parents wanted to be in Denver, cause it was one of the best vantage points to view it. And I remember telling my sister ‘Only Preston could make the stars fall for his concert!’. I was seventeen and thought the whole world revolved around you." Maddie kiiind of almost did. At least in that, never-letting-go crazy fangirl way. But it surprised her a little bit how he looked almost sad about it. "I’m not going to brag about tonight, you know. Well, Unless you ask me to marry you. I couldn’t keep that to myself." She gave him a biiiiig grin to show she was joking. Oh god, she hoped he knew that was a joke and not an actual wish! -09:13 Feb 15
Drake: He stuck his tongue out at her and then gave her a look. "Ticket sales among single gorls and women would plumet. I’d be out of a job… that’s not a bad idea." he chuckled and then looked at the cieling again. "I’m pretty sure my boss would hit the roof, it’s be brilliant." he was grinning wickedly and all too tempted to just do it. "But that would be unfair on you, we just met." -09:20 Feb 15
Madeline: It was a joke. Juuuust a joke. Maddie had to put a hand on her stomach to keep it from doing flips. Her little lala-land imagination of what it would be like was a stupid fantasy. She had more common sense than that. But ooooo when he gave the wicked smirk, she just wanted to melt to the floor! "No way. Sure, tons of disappointed women would be crying in their beds. But then they’d get to chirp and beam about Preston Starr being a real romantic, and love at first sight, and all that gooey stuff." -09:24 Feb 15
Drake: "Hey you’re ruining my fantasies." he said giving her hand a vice-like squeeze. :preston Starr is not gooey.. he just wears a lot of eye liner and leather and the occational cat suit on stage. They’d twitter over anything anyway, bet there’s a million forum posts speculating what we’re doing right now. Oh mah gawd girlfriend, I bet they’re like kissing and that slutty preppy bitch it going to steal my Preeston. he mimiced his idea of a teenage binbo that thanks to years of vocal training was stangly believable. "Don’t reveal who you are on the sites… you’ll get flamed into next year." -09:29 Feb 15
Madeline: Oh god. Maddie hadn’t even thought about that. Fanrage was down right -brutal- sometimes. She nearly grimaced, squeezing his hand back out of reflex. "Yeah, kinda glad now I’m paranoid about internet anonymity…" His bodyguards probably through this was hilarious. They knew him, the real him, pretty well, right? And she was floundering. "Have you ever seriously dated? I mean, I know this isn’t a REAL date. So like… were any of those girlfriends printed in gossip ever actual girlfriends?" -09:34 Feb 15
Drake: "No." he said quickly. "I don’t really date." he added. "And half of those girls I’ve never even seen I mean…" he gave a frustrated sigh and pulled his hand away from hers to rub the back of his neck. He had many gripes about his life. "Hell if I did have one do you think I’d be available for this one? -10:09 Feb 15
Drake: "No." he said quickly. "I don’t really date." he added. "And half of those girls I’ve never even seen I mean…" he gave a frustrated sigh and pulled his hand away from hers to rub the back of his neck. He had many gripes about his life. "Hell if I did have one do you think I’d be available for this one?" he knit his hands together and tilted his head to look at her. "Of course there has been the occasional fan who has thought I was going to marry them right off the bat and I had it break it of with… but I get tired of tears. These days I don’t really date at all." -10:12 Feb 15
Madeline: "I don’t know, plenty of male starts do the date thing for publicity, even the married ones." Maddie must have hit a weird topic for him. How many times was she going to say something stupid? Oh man, where were he cheat notes…. Maddie turned away from him so all he could see was her back, as she very subtly tried to dig in her pocket and pull out a few slips of scribbled on pieces of paper. One of these would be a topic he liked and she knew enough about to hold a conversation! "So um, dating aside, what do you like to do when you’re not working…?" -10:15 Feb 15
Drake: "Any fantite would have a list of those, not just making conversation are you hmmm…?" he rubbed his chin and looked at the back of her dress reaching over to adjust the hem around her shoulder and then placing his hand on her shoulder and stepping up next to her. "Heres one you might not know, I’m an amature voice actor for online shows and abridges series. I won’t tell you the handle I use for that though." he put his arm arounf her shoulders as the elevator dinged and steered her towards the exit. "The limo awaits Madeline, and your French diner." -10:21 Feb 15
Madeline: The crumpled up pieces of paper were now balled up and hidden away in the palm of her hand. One little unexpected touch and Maddie nearly dripped to the fool as a pool of boneless arms and legs. Oh gods, she was never going to make it through the night if she didn’t chill! His confession caught her by REAL surprise though, and her head was turning sharply to stare at him. "Really? I mean, I knew you had a lot of vocal range but… That’s kind of awesome! Is it something you really enjoy doing?" -10:24 Feb 15
Drake: "Yes, and it’s my little secret, no one knows especially not my boss. The label acts liek they own my voice. I’m suprised you’re not being billed for every word I say." He sighed again as more press were waiting for them outside and another guard opened the door and Preston bundled her into the car. I’m looking forward to your speculation on what I’ve played… It’s difficult sometimes not being able to show your face because you know you’ll be recognized… I mean even that men’s underwear spread thew made me do was… everywhere." -10:29 Feb 15
Madeline: Maddie slid in to the car. That thing had to be worth more than she was. But Maddie was hooked on the conversation and the way everything just sounded…. sucky! "I guess it’s not something most people understand. It’s kinda hard for me to imagine always having people’s eyes on everything I do. …but you do at least get do your own stuff sometimes, right?" -10:37 Feb 15
Drake: "Sometimes, whem it fits with the schedule." he said. "Hey don’t look so… that. I’m not a prisoner. I just have a busy life and a strict contract, franky I think they’re afriaid to lose me. I don’t think I need to tell you how much I’m worth to them a year." he sighed as the door closed and the car pulled away and he settled into his seat. "I’ve been doing this a long time, I was just a kid when I started. I’ve seen recording of some of my earlier concerts and recordings… I don’t think I’d know how to live any other life." -10:42 Feb 15
Madeline: "Oh gods, am I giving the sad puppy face?" Maddie promptly settled her seat and made sure she was now looking out the window instead of staring at him. Apparently she was going to be weird AND insulting tonight. Discreetly, she tried unfurling one of the papers in her palm. "Um, I was kind of wondering, since you work under so many contracts do they like… edit your stuff a lot? You do get to publish stuff your own way?" -10:47 Feb 15
Drake: He grabbed her shoulder and pulled her down to place her head in his lap. There would be no secret notes and no stealth interviewing for internet articles later. "It started out that I was just the voice, nothing more. But since you’re -not- from some rag, I hope, I can tell you I’ve been working on getting more control over what get released." he was looking down at her and running his fingers through her hair. "But then I’m fighting my own manager, who if I could have fired I would have years ago." -10:51 Feb 15
Madeline: Her caught, and she was suddenly laying in the lap of her idol. Maddie might’ve died right there just from that alone, and quickly fell silent. Worse when she felt his fingers through her hair. It took all her willpower not to nuzzle in to his legs, squeak or snuggle. "n-no.. I don’t work for any zines or papers." This was sooo dreamy, she relaxed a little bit, taking liberty of tapping her fingers on his knee. "Creative control is good. I hate it when people tell me what I should and shouldn’t paint, so.. um.. yeah…" -10:57 Feb 15
Drake: "You paint?" he asked in suprise and sudden interest. "So you’re an artist too, a more literal one." he kept hsi eyes on her as he stroked her hair. "French cuisine, painting, classical music. If I didn’t know better I’d think you were independantly wealthy…" he was teasing, of course. "You’re not the kind of person I was expecting." -11:01 Feb 15
Madeline: That made her laugh! A real one, and not the nervous giggle. "Yeah, I like to paint. I’m not really a professional at it. Well, I’ve never sold anything or had a showing. I work in the restoration department in a museum… It’s um, really not as interesting as it sounds." Maddie paused for a moment, chewing on her lip. "What were you expecting? I kinda had this whole persona planned out, but that kinda blew up in my face… I’m really nervous." -11:09 Feb 15
Drake: "I was expecting either a giggling fangirl who’d sqeak at my every word… or someone trying to act mysterious and like they weren’t really about to squeal." he sighed adn looked aorund taking note of where they were going. "Instead I have someone who’s nervous, relying on notes, and seems to really be trying to to blow this even though if she just relaxed, she’d be fine. I doubt she’d listen if I told her though." he looked abck down at her. "Would she?" -11:13 Feb 15
Madeline: Maddie gave a big wide cheeky smile. Then she laughed again and it was replaced with the more honest, sheepish one. "I was actually trying to go for the mysterious not squealie type… That didn’t really go over well. But..! It just that I’ve loved your music for years, and I know it’s stupid and everybody always says it and thinks it, but it’s like you sing to me." …that’s when she covered her face with her hands. "I am so, so stupid…" -11:17 Feb 15
Drake: "If a way it’s true." he said with a shrug. "I sing to my fans, you’re obviously a fan so I do sing to you. At least that’s what I tell myself so it doesn’t feel liek I’m lying every time I step up to the microphone. And if what I do makes people happy and feel good and hell I’ve gotten fanmail about people saying hoe my songs have helped them through difficult times. It’s just nice to feel apreciated and makes me think that maybe what I do is worth it." -11:22 Feb 15
Madeline: She moved her hands off her face to cross her arms instead, which had her looking up at him with an embarrassed grin. "Yeah, you sing to everyone. Not just to me. It’s awesome that you touch so many people, though. Music is probably the most universal way to move people, and I always wished I could do something like that." -11:26 Feb 15
Drake: He tilted his head so that thier faces were angled only 45 degrees apart instead of 90. "If you want to you’ll find a way." he said. "Besides maybe you’ll make an actual difference rather than be paid to look and sound good. You help educate people about history." he shrugged. "I like history." he looked up again and then out the side window. "You have expensive tastes… I don’t even come to this part of town that often." -11:38 Feb 15
Madeline: "I’ll have you know, I am totally music inept." She grinned, before tilting to take a glance out the window. All she could see was the sky from her angle. "I’ve might’ve been in this area once or twice. If you’re going to go on a fantasy date, you should pick a place you’d never have gone to otherwise, right?" -11:43 Feb 15
Drake: "Like the moon?" he asked. "I don’t think I can afford that." he looked down at her again wondering if she’d sit up or not or if his plot to get her to abandon her notes had been too successful. "And I was refering to your art, I’m visual inept so we’re even." he stroked her hair again and kept an eye on where they were going. "I think we’re here, I see press… and guards. I was hoping we were done with both, ahh well." he looked back down at her and raised an eyebrow. "Let’s see what your dream date is." -11:51 Feb 15
Madeline: Press and guards? Oh hell…! For a few minutes there, she might have forgotten exactly whose lap she had been too comfortably laying in. Why did he even let her do that?! Maddie sat up quickly, running her hands through her hair to make sure to fell like normal. Then she was casting him that big cheeky grin. "After you, I guess?" -11:55 Feb 15
Drake: As the car stopped he took her hand and pushed over the door to step out and bring her out to put his arms around her shoulders again under the flashes of cameras and perfectly cal as if they wern’t even there started walking towards the doors. "Nothing to it." he said noting her nervousness. "Just focus on what you’re doing here." -12:04 Feb 16
Madeline: "You mean walking in a straight line and not falling on my face even though I can barely see?" With all those flashing lights, it WAS kind of hard to see where she was going. She was lucky he seemed to be well groomed for being blinded by paparazzi. Maddie doubted she even took a breath until they were inside the building, and she was rubbing one of her eyes to get that flash-bulb burn out. "How do you deal with that all the time?" -12:06 Feb 16
Drake: "Not all the time, but often enough." he said looking at the interiour of the resturant and lossening his grip on her and followed a waitor who would lead them to thier room. "Do you have a poster of me in your room?" he asked suddenly. "I know you probably used to, but now?" he was curious. "That too personal?" -12:15 Feb 16
Madeline: "Now? Nooo, noo. Too old to do that. People would come over and think I was crazy." Which was probably Maddie-talk for "i’d have one if people didn’t know!’. She looked embarassed again, but hid it with another sheepish green. "Do you? Have posters of your favorite stars? Probably less weird for a popstar to do it." -12:18 Feb 16
Drake: "Why would I need posters when I know the people they work for and can orginize get togethers?" He said. "Actually it’s not really like that but I’ve spoken to most of them, and am friends with a few other singers. Besides poswers that are not of movies wouldn’t really fit with the decor." he guided her into the room and looked around, it flambiant and overlooked the river which was nice. "Sit?" he asked for a second wondering if she was too discrated to realize they were there. "Another question… what’s your favorite song? And I won’t be offended if it’s not mine." -12:23 Feb 16
Madeline: "Sit, right." Maddie slid in to her chair, only now taking notice of the place. She really should have dressed… UP for the occasion! The restaurant was a lot more high class than she realized. But it was definitely beautiful. "My favorite song ever, uum…" She gave him a bit of a narrow-eyed glance, debating whether or not it was a trick question. "My all time favorite song is actually a Foreigner song. I want to know what love is. BUT, but, my second favorite song is yours! Better than I know myself. I just really liked that one.." -12:32 Feb 16
Drake: "See, honesty." he said sitting down and fixing his gaze on her. "I apreciate that." he took a look at that was on the table. A rose in a vase, utensils, plates… "Places like this usually have a set menu, don’t they? I might be slightly out of my depth here…" he shifted in his seat and looked up at her. "I usually avoid formal dinners like the plauge." -12:38 Feb 16
Madeline: "It’s pretty easy. You just read the menu and tell them what you want." A cheeky teasing grin followed, but when the well dressed waitor arrived to hand them their menus, Maddie found everything was in French. "…except when everything is in a language you can’t read. Kinda wishing I didn’t pass up on those courses…" -12:42 Feb 16
Drake: "Tarte flambée…" he said hoping they had it but it was something he remembered that he had enjoyed… "Ummm…" "The english in at the back…" the waiter said with an air of pacience and Preston turned a few pages and found the english menu and fighed in releaf. "So… I actually do what the tarte flambée… but I don’t see it." -12:48 Feb 16
Madeline: "Oh good, things I can read and not feel with dumb! Kinda have enough of that tonight!" She stuck her tongue out at the menu and crossed her eyes, before she flipped through the back and scanned the pages. "When there’s not something you recognize, try something new, right? …do you think I should be dangerous and eat snails or play it safer with a soup?" Maddie peered at him over her menu, curious at his expression. Did he really never sit down to a simple… or in this case, ridiculously extravagant dinner? -12:52 Feb 16
Drake: "Snails wouldn’t be the wort thing I’d ever eaten." he said scanning the menu. "But I want, and you should have, something filling, the night is far from over. So, soup, snails, and a side order of bread I think…." he glanced as her and grinned. Yes there was no way to back out of his plan now. She’d have her choice of datem then he’d have his. -12:56 Feb 16
Madeline: "Then, I guess what he said, then!" she spoke to the waitor, handing back her menu. Then Maddie was right back to giving him a curious look. Was that a wicked look or just a nice smile? It was hard to tell, and impossible not to grin back. "At least I know how to eat snails. There was this episode about them on the Travel channel, and a lady flung one clear across the room by accident.." -01:00 Feb 16
Drake: "So they’ll be great in a food fight. I’ll have to remember that." he Reached into the center of the table and got a bread stick to nibble on while theu waited. "I heard you have some other parts of the prize tomorow… a short tour of the studio and preview of the album I’m working on?" he said hopinh he remembered right. "I know because I was told to be there. Something to do with you getting to sit in on a recording. I didn’t read the compitition details. Then you return to your life with your stories and memories." -01:08 Feb 16
Madeline: Maddie nodded! "Yep. Dream date and studio tour. Although I am pretty sure if this whole date turned out totally creepy, you can veto the studio part. I think it actually said that in the forms I had to sign. ‘If you do anything crazy you get a restraining order!’" she chirped out the last phrase with a deep and serious voice before she shrugged. "So I’m trying to keep my crazy at a minimum if at all possible." Speaking of which, only now she was realizing she didn’t have those notes anymore. Well damnit! She must have dropped them in the car! Suddenly Maddie was chewing on the corner of her mouth and finding a great deal of interest looking out the window. -01:12 Feb 16
Drake: "You’d have to take to sitting in my lap, putting your arms around me, and talkign about our future babies for me to concider you crazy. As fans go you’re pretty sane." he chewed on his snack and followed her gaze out the window. "One more question: An I what you thought I’d be?" he was asking this ine just to get her attention back and to see how she’d react. -01:19 Feb 16
Madeline: Maddie really really liked the thought of sitting in his lap and wrapping her arms around him. Babies.. not so much! That was just weird. She did glance at him and shrug, lifting a hand to shake back and forth. "Eeeeh, a little bit yes, a little bit no? Obviously I had crazy fantasy night version, then there was common sense ‘Dumb girl he’s probably more like THIS’, and then like, crazy insane evil rockstar diva version… You are pretty sane too, um, still a little intimidating, though. It might just be in my head." -01:23 Feb 16
Drake: His voice dropped to a smooth tone as he meaned back. "You know, you’re the first girl who’s ever touched my soul like this, I think you should stay… with me…" he stuck his tongue out at her. "Like that? Or… I little like this." he avopted a high singing voice the descended in tone with a low hum. He enjoyed the degree of controll he had over his voice and then a really wicked grin crossed his face and he stood, and spinning his chair in a circle had it next to hers in a flash and slid into it, pressed up against her and brushed her hair away from her ear to leand close and whisper into it. "I’m really more like this." it was a low seductive hiss that he used. "I like getting close, touching, feeling. Intimacy…" he moved away from her and chuckled popping the last of his breadstick into his mouth. "On ‘dates’ anyway." -01:31 Feb 16
Madeline: And there went the nervous laughter, and Maddie’s clumsy atempt at swallowing a squeak. "Ye-heah! Stuff kinda like that…!" Oh that was too damned high. She swallowed again, and managed to simper down enough to huff out a quick breath and cast him that "I know you’re messing with me look’. "Cute, though! But yeah… perceptions are weird. And so much worse when you watch and obsess over someone for years. I’m glad you’re not a total asshole, though. I was really kind of worried about that the most." -01:35 Feb 16
Drake: He flashed her another grin and then swallowed. "You missed my total asshole phase." he said. "Probably a good thing, now I’m just kind of an asshole." he petted her knee before moving away and giving her a look of his own. "Good that you have a sense of fumor though, and if your want to try your hand at getting close to me, you’re more than welcome to. It’s date after all." -01:40 Feb 16
Madeline: "Whaaat? Nooo. No. Nooooo way." She shook her head and prayed she didn’t have that sleezy, checking him out like a sexual predator sort of side stare. Cause that was giving her an open door to all kinds of crazy. Who wouldn’t want to totally hit on him? "… I mean not that I wouldn’t want to it’s just.. you know… um…" Oh hell, now she was tongue-tied! Maddie’s head went down and clonked on the table. She rose up quick, though, giving him an exasperated sigh. "You’re still intimidating. I spent all day in a storage room painting stuff, this is kinda like my… first flight? Er, not dating I mean! I’ve dating before but like.. somebody who… um. Is like you." -01:45 Feb 16
Drake: He covered his mouth but his shoulders were shaking. "Don’t worry I was teasing." he said. "You’re not some girl I’d just sex up on the first date… even if for no other reason than they’d find out and you’re in the compitition and I’d that look and it would make things akward tomorow and I’d have to cancel which would be unfair. You did win and I’m on my best behaviour." he sighed and looked at her. "I just wanted to know what it would take to make you flustered." -01:54 Feb 16
Madeline: "Right. Of course." Mean! Amusing… Maddie huffed and gave hima half hearted glare. "You’re kinda a pain in the ass huh? I’ll have to remember that." If only to save herself from anymore dumb Maddie fangirl moments. She had at least SOME cool points left, right? "Since you’re getting me all riled up, what flusters YOU? Or do I have to find that out on my own?" -01:58 Feb 16
Drake: "Nothing." he said simply. "Though I think I’ve just destroyed whatever image of me you had in your head and for that… well I feel kinda bad." he admitted. "You came here to date that ideal and add to it. But then again maybe I didn’t." he was eying her carefully. "What did you write about me?" -02:04 Feb 16
Madeline: "I didn’t really join a crazy contest for a dream date to keep an ideal in my head forever. I wanted to meet you, not just my image of you." Of course he had to ask about what she wrote! Maddie nearly clonked her head on the table again. Instead, she tapped her hands on the table to a beat in her head while she glanced up at the ceiling. "Uuuhm. The last time I wrote a silly story about you, I was 16 and it was pretty much the typical goofy story about meeting you somewhere by accident and the ohgoshromance and the mushy stuff. Kind of goofy, really…" -02:11 Feb 16
Drake: "Ah… sweet sixteen… the age I was when I was ‘discovered’ and drought into the industry." he mused. "A long time ago… before that I wantd to be a… I can’t actually remember." he frowned and leaned back in his chair. "So long as it wasn’t because the crowd spontaniously decided to pick you up while I was crowdsurfing and he ended up bunping into eachother…. yes, I’ve read on like that… and one where the girl and I met because we bought leather jackets at the same place… or did she work there…" he looked out the window and checked his watch. He was actually getting hungry. -02:25 Feb 16
[Drake is on a date with a compitition winner.] -06:37 Feb 16
[Madeline is on a dreeeaaaam date with her pop star idol! ] -06:38 Feb 16
Madeline: Dinner at a fancy French place didn’t go as smooth and perfect and non-dumb as Maddie had planned, BUT she did manage to avoid slinging snails around like a weapon and tried something new too. And now they were on their way to date part 2. An orchestra concert in the park. After the flashing cameras at the restaurant, Maddie was a little worried a public place like the park might’ve been a bad choice for super famous Preston Starr. AND all of her notes were missing now! -06:42 Feb 16
[Madeline enters.] -06:46 Feb 16
Drake: He was back in the car and had his hands behind his head and humming slightly. He had his plan and now mothing was going to ruin it. "You know I always thought a fan’s idea of a dread date would be me taking them where I wanted to go, but apparent I’m wrong." he commented glancing at her. "Or me taking them where they want to do without them having to choose because on my mad telepathy powers or the magics of fanfiction." -06:48 Feb 16
Madeline: "Well. I was pretty sure you’re just a music sensation and not a psychic or a super hero." She had even given a quick glance around the floor boards. Not a scrap of paper in sight. One of those bodyguards probably snatched them all up and was hooting about how hilarious it was. Maddie leaned back, casting him a curious glance. "If I didn’t pick, what -would- you have done?" -06:52 Feb 16
Drake: "It’s probably better you don’t know." he chuckled and watched her search. "Also I really could be a super hero. They could camm me Glam man and I’d dazzle the villians with the power of glitz before busting out breakdance moves that serve as kung fu. Or something, then get shot because even Bruce Lee said if giver the choice, he’d use a gun in an actual fight." He glanced at her again. "Lost something?" -06:58 Feb 16
Madeline: "No, um… just admiring how fancy this thing is! Never been in one before." She settled again. Surely she knew plenty enough about him without having to use cheat sheets. Dinner went okay, right? "I think you should stick to music. Glam Man sounds like the worst super hero in the existance of super heros." -07:03 Feb 16
Drake: "I thought so too." he said giving her a ‘I know you’re lying’ look but not saying anything. "What did you expect on this date, if I can ask. Any lingering fangirl fantasies?" he grinned. "I promise I won’t laugh." -07:11 Feb 16
Madeline: Maddie crossed her arms. There was a tinge of color to her face, but she was determined to, this time, not let him tease her too hard. "I was envision a whole night of soft murmured words and petting and dancing and probably running away to Morocco for a elopement." She spied at him from the corner of her eye. "Um, actually.. I don’t know! I kinda had a bunch of different scenarios and I was crossing my fingers for the least awkward turn out." Maddie tilted her head as she pondered that over a little more. "Though the love at first sight fantasy IS always a favorite." -07:18 Feb 16
Drake: He was smiling and sliding up next to her to put an arm around her. "So you wanted to capture my heart and take it somewhere far away, hmmm?" he shook his head slightly and pulled her to lean against him. "You really are a fan… but there’s nothing wrong with that so long as you enjoy tonight. Are you enjoying tonight?" -07:24 Feb 16
Madeline: "I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have crazy fantasies. But they are pretty time at least." He was sooo doing this on purpose. It had to be all over her face, that struggle to keep her squealing urges under control. It would be so easy to hop in his lap and kiss him senseless! And get a restraining order, and maybe got o jail for molesting somebody… Maddie kept her hands to herself. "I’m having fun. Totally different from my usual nights." -07:30 Feb 16
Drake: "And what are those?" he asked looking at her, thier faces barely an inch apart. "Alone in your room on a computer, ot do you have a hidden side?" in a second he had flicked the tip of his tongue against the tip of her nose and was then leanineg back and barely able to supress a chuckle. "Sorry, just so hard to resist teasing you, and you did want to meet the real me. -07:36 Feb 16
Madeline: If they weren’t in a vehicle, Maddie might’ve thrown herself on the floor and started rolling. Maddie rubbed her nose and stuck her tongue out at him, before giving him a half hearted scowl. "I’m not gonna tell you any, that’s for sure! I reserve those for later dates." Why was she so easy to tease? And she couldn’t think of anything to tease him back with that wouldn’t get her in to loads of trouble! He probably knew it too. "Aside from skirting the line of the dark side, real you is kinda nice." -07:42 Feb 16
Drake: "I like to think the dark side is part of my appeal. I mean it;s been finted at in songs but I have to be subtle or my manager would block it." he squeezed her shoulders and sighed. "No more teasing." he said reaching over to take her hand as well and place it on his chest in his. "Just hard not to when you’re obviously a step away from infatuation… but like I said, I’m tired of tears and being an asshole so I won’t take advantage." -07:46 Feb 16
Madeline: "There’s not going to be any tears. I’m old enough to know the difference between reality and make believe." she mumbled. Touchiiiing. She could feel his heartbeat beneath the fabric and skin. This was one of those moments she couldn’t tell if her were being wicked, or unexpectedly sweet and sincere. It’d be so easy to lean and kiss him, if maybe she was just a little bit more smooth and smarmy. -08:07 Feb 16
Drake: "With one kind on fan there would be." he said. "Which is why I was against the idea of this compitition in the first place, but I give myself room to be surprised." he squeezed her shoulders and looked out the window. "And at least I don’t have to worry about you taking things the wrong way. Heh, you’d be perfect for a fake girlfriend to kepp the media off my back.. but then nothing would keep the media off my back." Another joke. -08:18 Feb 16
[(Timeout) Madeline was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -08:34 Feb 16
Madeline: Fake girlfriend? Maddie wound up smirking, and in the midst of her soft snickering dropped her head against his shoulder. "Yeah, I see that going over well… ‘Preston Starr attached to Mystery Girl. Tune in at 9 when we stake out her Museum Job and she has salad instead of pretzels for lunch.’ Really exciting for them." Maddie was imagining stepping outside after work and getting flashbulbed again. After a day or two she’d probably be fully blind. It made her laugh again. -08:34 Feb 16
Drake: "Misery loves company." he said watching the part enterence get steadily closer. "You’b be interviewed, pokes, harassed, photographed and everythin you’ve ever done will be published along with many things you haven’t done. Got a jewish grandparent? There goes my conservative christian fans… not that I have that many of those… can you imagine a priest standing in front of a congregation of the elderly quoting For Your Entertainment unironicly… I kind of want to see that…" -08:52 Feb 16
Madeline: "Hmm, so long as no one finds out my internet name, I think that’d be okay. They’d get bored of me pretty quick. Not really the rowdy lifestyle kind of girl." Maddie was stuck imagining a priest busting out in song during church. And it was just turning in to a choir backup, weird movie plot scenario. She should send that in to some producer. "Do you actually get stuck doing or not doing stuff just to appeal to certain fanbases or fix some faux pas? Like this whole fan date thing? Was this one of those?" -08:58 Feb 16
Drake: "I do, my manager makes me do things, but as a fan I’m sure you know that she’s also my mother so really she’s just being a mother. And yes it was. I can’t say what I was doing but I’ll just say that this is my punishment but I think it’s backfiring for her honestly. Don’t tell her I said that though or she’ll ahve me doing somethign else like a charity event or another photo op… talking of photos you haven’t taken a single one. Get out your phone and quickly before we get to the gate take one of us in the car." he squeezed her shoulder and raised his other hand in a peace sign. "Something to remember this by." -09:04 Feb 16
Madeline: Maddie hadn’t even thought about taking pictures! Now that the idea was planted in her head, she was quickly fumbling for her phone and flipping on the camera app. There was no faking the big ridiculous grin when she held back the phone and snapped the picture. "Sweet…!" This was going to be her background -forever-. "So your win-a-date is a punishment, and has turned out to be not so punishing?" Maddie’s grin was a smirk now. A little ego fluffing seemed to go a long way, even if it was completely unintentional. -09:10 Feb 16
Drake: "That is what I said." he said eying the picture and the smiles on both thier faces. "If you post that on facebook I’ll share it with the official fanpage… unless you don’t want every single fan whi follows the page seeing your profile, ut I’l sure they’ll find it anyway if they want to, your anme and picture should be enough. And… I think we’re here." He pulled out his phone, turned it on, held it up, kissed her cheek while snapping a picture and was then opening his door to climb out. -09:21 Feb 16
Madeline: "I think maybe I’ll skip out on the facebook posting. This one is just for me." Maddie didn’t even want to think about all the hate comments she’d get. …and right that moment, she was busy rubbing her cheek were he kissed her and trying not to flip out about it. Why did HE take a picture! That was cute and weird! Maddie followed him out, smoothing her dress once she did and tucking her phone away. Now she was tempted to take so many more pictures, but awkward posing every two minutes would just be over the top. "Are you ready for the totally awesome classic stylings of Beethoven and Bach?" -09:28 Feb 16
Drake: "Yes, yes I am." this sit eating grin was back as he hooked his arm around hers and stepped through the gates noting the positions of the guards and tthen checked his watch. "Two hours left in our date." he commented not really caring since he knew it would be longer than that. "Good thing the studio tour is in the afternoon, or we’d both not be getting enough sleep." he sighed taking a look around. "I still find it amusing you’re taking a pop star to a classical performance." -09:35 Feb 16
Madeline: Maddie was on a nice little happy cloud. For the next two hours she was going to be with Preston Starr at a concert. Touching like they were old friends, and talking, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and thankfully it looked like the park was devoid of snoopy photographers. This was definitely her perfect date. "It’s gotta beat listening to the competition, right? Aaaaannd you might even find some inspiration. I don’t think people do enough genre blends with music. I like when songs have an orchestral background." -09:41 Feb 16
[Drake is seeing that it’s almost midnight, if he’s going to move it has to be now.] -05:57 Feb 17
[Madeline is a lover of music, and it’s pretty clear by her ever annoying overly expressive face.] -05:57 Feb 17
Drake: The concert was winding down and it had been good enough but Preston was lookign forwards to what would come next a whole lot more. He took hold of her hand and tugged on it standing. "Madeline, come along." he saud without explaining where they were going all he did was move as past as he could go along the row of seats as eh could without umping into anything, then reaching the isle we moved off wowards the side of the part. "Do you want to go out with me." he asked her as then mover. "Away from the guards to my kind of night out." -06:01 Feb 17
Madeline: It was almost midnight, so Madeline had assumed the date was pretty much over and they were getting a headstart to beat sleepy wandering crowds. And of course asking her if she wanted to go out with him was met with a confused stomach flipping expression until he explained -night- out. Haaa.. what the hell was she thinking! "It’s midnight though. The date is over, right? Not that I would mind at all…" -06:05 Feb 17
Drake: "Good." he said pulling her into a grove it trees to the fence and found a gap and pushed though still not letting go of her hand. Luckely a cab was nearby waiting for the crwds to come out of the part to pick up a fair. "I know your date is over, but it’s my turn if you don’t mind getting back a little late. And who knows maybe you’ll have a little fun!" -06:10 Feb 17
Madeline: There was that urge to squeal again! Straight out of a music video fangirl kidnapping. …unless it was a -real- kidnapping and she wound up on the news in the morning. Maddie was opting for the more fun option though and now was grinning wildly. "So the Preston Starr idea of a perfect date, then? I think that’s worth waking up late in the morning." It was a miracle she even got that out without squealing. -06:13 Feb 17
Drake: "Not perfect." he said letting go of her hand and opening the cab door for her. "But still a great one." he got in after her and closed the door and leaned forwards to whisper soethign to the cabby and leaned back. "Right, my bate my rules, you sit against me and let me put an arm around you. Not like that isn’t what I was going to do anyway." he gave her and grin and did just that. "Might want to turn off your phone too." -06:19 Feb 17
Madeline: Trying to contain excitement was probably the most difficult thing in the universe. Off the records, not a forced, perfectly willing date with Preston Starr. Which apparently involved touching too! Maddie fumbled for her phone to switch it off. She definitely didn’t want anybody calling and asking where she was. Or worse, his keepers trying to track them down. She SO wasn’t going to let the opportunity slip by! "What IS the plan, then? I didn’t realize there were plenty of things to do after midnight!" -06:24 Feb 17
Drake: "I know a place, good music, good snack food, good people. We’re going there, we’re having a few drinks, we’re dancing. Then we’re soing what we feel like." he grinned at her and then checked his back pochet making sure he had money on him. "This is the kind of place where they don’t ask questions about who I am… its pretty exclusive. Who knows maybe I won’t be the only star there tonight." -06:28 Feb 17
Madeline: "Yaay! eee!" Resistance broke and there went the squeaking and the slight bouncing in her seat. "I like dancing! I haven’t had time to go out somewhere cool in forever, and sure as hell no where exclusive. This will be awesome!" -06:33 Feb 17
Drake: "And I thought you liked your choice of date." he teased pulling her into his lap and poking her nose. "But you sound a lot more excited about mine… maybe next time you’ll pick differently?" next time? Would there be one? "I guess the only question is… burgerst first?" -06:38 Feb 17
Madeline: The man couldn’t just pull her in to his lap and not expect her to get touchy right back. And she had no self control left! Maddie slid her arms around his neck, but at least she kept from clinging and nuzzling. She shook her head. "Forget food, I want to dance! You know, I was trying to make sure that date wasn’t going to be the tired old cliche fangirl date and bore you to tears. Um, although I guess french food and classical music is more a museum artists good time than a pop star’s.." -06:42 Feb 17
Drake: "So you were overthinking it." he said with a chuckle. "Fine but burgers after." he was glad she was finally not holding back, all it took was the promise of a dance. "But hey you get both so maybe you made the right call afer all." he kept an eye on where they were going to make sure they were heading in the right direction but otherwise all his attention was on her. -06:50 Feb 17
Madeline: "…maybe over thinking it a little bit. But it’s kinda weird, you know? I’ve known a lot about you for years, but you don’t know anything about me. ANd you know, I’m not one of those lunatics that was just going to assume we’d have this insant familiarity especially for a date. That crosses a looot of stuff off the possibility list if you don’t want to look like a total psycopath." Maddie was talking a mile a minute now, occasionally leaning to take a peek out the window to see where they might be going. But far more interested in getting the up close and maybe inappropriately personal look at him. "Your eyes are darker in person." -06:55 Feb 17
Drake: "We are in an unlit car." he said in response to her observation. "But I guess you have a point. I think they only let the winner choose to punish me, egein that kin of backfired for them." he looked at her and tighened his arms around her giving her a squeeze. and a smile. "Did you ever think you’d win?" -07:00 Feb 17
Madeline: "Not in a million years." she gave a dreamy sort of sigh. "I think I’ve entered every content that’s ever had your named on it, and I’ve never won anything. So I really didn’t think I would win this one either. And I guess you are kind of lucky it was me and not one of the serial killer fans. If people behave in reality anything like the way they act on the internet, you might have wound up chained in some nuts basement tonight…" This was too comfortable. She’d melt in to him if she weren’t keeping herself busy talking. And her fingers were itching to run through his hair. -07:06 Feb 17
Drake: "Well maybe you are nuts." he said. "And I haven’t found out yet." He looked away for a secind and back to her. "Don’t have a boyfriend, fiance, or husband do you? Not that it would be instant game over if you did but I don’t want you going back to accusations because I kidnapped you for a longer date." yes that was kindof important. But then she would have said no if it was going to be a problem." -07:09 Feb 17
Madeline: Maddie grinned wide. "What’s the matter? Afraid you are going to have an angry mad boyfriend or hubby chasing you down later?" That was kind of funny. Not that she would blame any guy for being pissed off if his girl was on a date with Preston Starr. Especially with half the things she was thinking about doing to him. Maddie doubt most fangirls would have the self control. ….she sure wasn’t resisting too well. "No boyfriend, fiance or husband. I kind of work too much to really meet people." -07:17 Feb 17
Drake: "No, I have enough guards not to worry, but you don’t." sighed and then smiled at the club came into view ahead of them. "There we go Electum…" he said grinning. "It’s time we danced. Anything you want to do after that?" -07:19 Feb 17
Madeline: "I’m totally fine with dancing until the sun comes up. …besides, I thought this half of the date was your chosing?" A cheeky grin. What she really wanted to do was snuggle him. Amongst other not-good-to-do things. Maddie finally unlocked her arms from around his neck too. The less temptation, the better. -07:23 Feb 17
Drake: He moved across to the door and pulled monet out of his pocket to pay the fare, then he was openng his coor as the cab stopped and held out his hand for her. "My choice, yes, which means I set the rules, which means I can ask you your mind if I want to." he looped his arm around hers and started walking for th door, the bouncer recognizing him and stepping aside. "Alight Rick?" he asked as they got closer. "Meet Madeline, the date winner." -07:32 Feb 17
Madeline: "Hiiiii Rick." Maddie was still amused at him ‘setting the rules’, so she was forgetting to overthink..or underthink… and was a lot less fumbly and nervous. There was a crazy line for the place, even this late at night! "How long does it take for people to get in there… or do you have to be on the list?" -07:36 Feb 17
Drake: "Usually one or two hours, some nights five, if you’re on the list you don’t have to wait, good to see you again Drake, Madeline." he opened the rope and Preston walked though and entered the club there the lights twisted and the music pounded. "First things first." he said loudly. "Coctails, to the bar. Then we dance." he pulled her around the dance floor towards the dark panneled bar and sat down. "Two Syberian Sundances.. and two for her too." -07:40 Feb 17
Madeline: Maddie was already swaying to the music. Art might’ve been her talent and career, but she really really loved music. Once they were seated, she had to scoot up close to him just to make sure he could hear her. "Two, even! Are you trying to get me drunk?" That made her giggle too. She was already hyped up, she didn’t need to be drunk! -07:44 Feb 17
Drake: "My rules." he reminded her as he payed and the drinks were served and he raides his first glass. "Congradulations on winning your first comitition with my name on it, and good luck with future ones." he took a gulp and watched to make sure she did the same. "Seriousy, congradulations." -07:47 Feb 17
Madeline: His rules! Okay, Maddie took the drink toasted and drank it down as quickly as she could. It wasn’t that she never drank, it was just that… well, she really did want to dance! She was grinning wide again and leaning closer. "Thank you! It was worth the wait, I think. Wouldn’t of been half as fun if I was still a teenager and had to go home early. That would have sucked!" -07:50 Feb 17
Drake: "You wouldn’t be drinking either." he said pushing her second glass closer to her and gulped his first down. "And I wouldn’t have done this in my teens. "I wasn’t all that into taking wither back then." he picked up his second glass and drained it too feeling the rush of alcohol to his head before standing. "Drink up, dance time." -07:54 Feb 17
Madeline: He didn’t have to tell her twice. That drink was gone in an instant and she was already clammering out of the booth. There was a slight whoooosh in her head when she stood, but seeing as for the entire night she had been feeling pretty light and whooshy, she didn’t even notice. Maddie was even bouncing on her feet again and clapping, barely waiting long enough for him to catch up before she was weaving her way to the dance floor. -07:57 Feb 17
Drake: He reached out and placed his hand on her shoulder. Maybe her drunk wasn’t such a good idea, but he steared her to a clear spot he turned her around and was immediatly moving close to her and swaying, sloly wonring himself into a simple routine in time with the music. This wasn’t a coigraphed music video, just him having fun, deosn’t mean to say he didn’t work a couple of moves she should know in here and there to see if she’d pick up on them… The music was too loud to take here and but he didn’t care, it was just dancing, and she certainly looked happy. -08:06 Feb 17
Madeline: Dancing Maddie was a whole different person from regular Maddie. Alcohol infused or not. She knew how to move and when to move and did it without second thought, or self concious worrying. When she knew the words to the song, she sang along with them , regardless of whether or not she could right! Touching wasn’t a problem now either! He may as well been anyone else in the club, kidnapped to dance with her. -08:11 Feb 17
Drake: Well sge had him smiling and putting his hands on her, partly because he ahd to look after her mostly because he wanted to, then as the first song ended and then next began, in the split second the room was plunged into complete darkness he lips found hers for the briefest moment and by the time the lights came back on he was back where he bhad been as the next song tore though the air not giving her time to think. -08:14 Feb 17
Madeline: Kiss. Kiiiiiiiss. The word was chanting through her head now like a weird little anthem, almost to the tune of whatever new song was playing. She didn’t miss a beat with dancing, moving in to the song with that automatic natural fluidity. But she sure wasn’t singing anymore! There was that faint tingle to her lips which made her give them a lick, and now she was stuck staring him down. Confusion fading to a more examining narrow eyed expression. …it HAD been him right? Not a stranger in the dark kissing some random girl? Maybe she imagine it! -08:22 Feb 17
Drake: He grinned at her and without breaking rythm placed his finger on her lips and then to his. Then he was back to dincing like normal. That had been her reward for her coming out with him, making his fan’s night with a little kiss. He shot her another look and a wicked grin, yes it had been him. -08:29 Feb 17
Madeline: She couldn’t speak with words in the middle of a crowd, too close to booming music for any sound to be audible. But her expression could speak volumes! That surprised, startled look of a blushing fangirl. The accusing stare thinking he was up to something evil. Finally, the laughing and falling in to a pleased, almost flirting smirk. Throwing herself back in to dancing, Maddie was officially infatuated. She was just going to have to deal with being that girl who fell in unrequited stupid love with her idol, and enjoy it while it lasted! -08:37 Feb 17
Drake: Another song passed but this time he didn’t kiss her, instead he took her hand so that they wouldn’t be seperated and continued dancing, adrenaline and alcohol mixing in his hea until he pulled her close and danced against her. So what if they’d never meet again, so long as she enjoyed herself and didn’t object he’d keep on trying to make her smile like that again. -08:40 Feb 17
Madeline: This was why she loved music and dancing. It was a completely different world to be in when you didn’t have to speak and fumble around like an idiot. Here, she could slide an arm around his neck and touch and dance close. She could smile the way she wanted to smile without worrying about him thinking she was crazy, or a big slut, or daffy. And when he smiled back she could laugh without swooning to the floor! -08:49 Feb 17