Myth and Legacy 001: Return of the Sea Gods

Myth and Legacy

[Kate is a tour guide with the side-job of smuggling. She was just wrapping up a tour and sending people on their way so she could have a night of beer and sleep.] -01:31 Mar 28
[Raul has sat through the “tour” and listened to the “authentic legends” and now hes about ready to strangle this woman whose paradign around his recently murdered mother’s necklace claimign it to be an ancient antifact….. the fact tha is is is besides the point!] -01:32 Mar 28
Kate: “And so to this day they say ever so often the old aztec sea god will rise from his sleep to reign terror on the seas. Forever bitter about the loss of his mortal love. They say sometimes he comes to shore and tries to kidnap a new bride, but no woman is ever good enough and she’s sacrificed to the sea. ….And that, sweeets is your tour! That will be the agreed on amount.” Kate hopped on to the deck helping young ladies climb out of the boat, giving men a flirting smile and happily taking payment from each and every individual. The Tours didn’t pay awesome… but that wasn’t where she made all her money anyway. -01:37 Mar 28
Raul: “In the late 1700s the ‘sea god’ kidanpped a pirate, and sacrificed his godhood in order to marry her.” Raul said his voice a mix of anger and inpacience over his accent. He didn’t make to leave, not did he make any attempt to pay her. In fact as the last guest left he reached out and grabbed the necklace. “And this belongs to my mother.” -01:40 Mar 28
Kate: “That wasn’t today’s tour myth.” was what she responded with first. Sadly, getting grabbed at wasn’t a surprised and shouldn’t be something she was so used to. Kate grabbed his wrist before he went snatching what she claimed… and tried not look like she just had her hands caught in a cookie jar. “And I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about! So fork over my money and get goin’.” -01:46 Mar 28
Raul: He moved to twist his twist out of her grip and at the same time throw her off balance. It seemed he was used to snatching. “You sell half of a story and expect to get paid full price.” he growled and let go. “Return that amulet and anythign else belonging to my family you have. I’ve just learned in the onely one left so forgive me if I’m not in the mood to play games.” -01:50 Mar 28
Kate: Kate stumbled back a pace before righting herself. Well, shit! There was a brief look of surprise on her face, but she masked that quickly. She hopped off the dock back to the deck of her boat and was making untying the ropes and pulling up anchor reeeaaaal quick. “….Sorry for that and all, but it’s late and the tour is over. So I’ll be seein’ ya!” Getting caught in the middle of her bullshit wasn’t all that new either, but this was…. one of them special cases. If police got involved, she was going to look real guilty! -01:56 Mar 28
Raul: No, she wasn’t getting away. Not when she was the only lead. Before her boat gathered speed he was pullign himself over the rail. “Somethign to hide?” he asked. “Lets try this again. I’m Raul, thst my mother’s necklace. Shes dead along with the rest of my family. I want to know who did it.” -02:00 Mar 28
Kate: “It sure as hell wasn’t ME!” Kate bit back in defense. She was a little alarmed he jumped back on board, but she wasn’t above throwing him in to the ocean. So Kate made quick work of setting course with navigation before she was pushing paperwork around to find her gun. “I didn’t KILL anyone, they were long dead before I got there.” -02:03 Mar 28
Raul: He stepped forwards. “If you know your legends you know of my family and where you took that from. You also know that you’re not mistaken, that is the amulet you’re claiming it is… and you know what the death of my family means….” -02:07 Mar 28
Kate: “Look, I’m real sorry your family is dead, but telling stories and believing stories is a whole different bag of crazy.” Of course she knew his family. All the locals did. They were a bunch of lunatics, and probably more dangerous than the shady people she had a bad habit of making deals with. The fact they all ended up dead didn’t surprise her in the least. …but what WAS a problem was that she did kinda steal some stuff from that island, and now she was in trouble. “…so I hate to be an asshole about this, but you’re getting OFF my boat.” And that’s when Kate pulled her gun. It was designed to look like a replica, but it was definitely in working order. -02:13 Mar 28
Raul: Oh like she was the first one to gull a gun on him. “Careful with that.” he said. “Bringing a gun just means theres soemthign around to get shot with.” he took a deep breath and temted his head to the side then let his breath out as a sudden wind blew creating a wave in front of them. The still moving boat hit the wave with a shock adn Raul used the opotusity to kick the gun out of her hand and then grab her by her shirt and throw her agaist the cabin and the boat turned out of control. -02:19 Mar 28
Kate: “gah..! Fuck!” HE didn’t cause that wave. No way. But her squinting was cut short pretty quick while she was being -assalted- on her own boat. Her gun was lost somewhere to the floor, and now her boat was sailing wildly off course and they weren’t even yet out of the harbor to keep from hitting something. “You’re gonna get us killed, jackass!” Kate pushed away from the cabin wall to rush back to her navigation — but not without grabbing one of her fishing hapoons off the wall to swing at his head with. -02:23 Mar 28
Raul: He ducked, running in pursuit and half tackled her to the deck, then was forced to jump on the cabin roof and make a grabd to the wheel to turn it sharply, the motion making his fall off the roos adn onto the deck the other side from Kate. -02:25 Mar 28
Kate: Kate had rolled and she didn’t what she hit, but it was going to bruise bad and left her cursing up a storm. “I want you to get the hell off my boat!” They were heading out the harbor now, which mean all immediate hits were out of the way. …but she would have to worry about the course AFTER she got that lunatic off. While he was still down, she was trying to kick the hell out of him. With every intentions of rolling him off the side of the deck. -02:29 Mar 28
Raul: After taking a few kicks he finally managed to grab her ankle and pull while kicking out at the other one. Then he was getting onto his feetm bleeding from a kick to the forhead and bruised in several other places. “So, you didn’t kill my family. I think I know who did…” he looke down at her. “So why don’t you tell me who told you where the island was?” -02:35 Mar 28
[Becca enters.] -02:38 Mar 28
Becca: Becca watched from afar as the pair fought. She knew she should probably step in, but she has having too much fun watching them squabble, and fight. -02:39 Mar 28
Kate: (Pssst! This is not a public scheduled rp and not taking any new players! ;__; But you can stop by the Cbox main and see if someone wants to chatrp!) -02:41 Mar 28
Kate: “Everyone knows where the fucking island is, it’s just that no one is stupid enough to go there!” she shouted in duress. That tumble hurt like hell, but she was scrambling up to her feet as well. Prepared to start swinging or shoving, and definitely looking defensive. “I was asked to steal some stuff, okay? And when I got there everybody was dead. So I got the hell out of there as quick as possible.” …not without taking some stuff. But she wasn’t about to leave empty handy, dead people or not. -02:44 Mar 28
Raul: “Asked to…. let me guess, tall, clean shaven, bald, possibly a red tatto on his cheek?” if it was true then this girl swas either very ignorant of the more recent legends or was just plain stupid. “Talking about amulets, and swords, or did you not hear beyond cash reward?” he was about ready to facepalm… -02:48 Mar 28
Kate: “You know what, sound all smartassy if you like, but a job is a job. I don’t ask what people are doing with the stuff!” He was distracted again, which gave her a moment. Kate jumped at him again, with every intend of shoving him off the edge of the railing and in to the sea. -02:51 Mar 28
Raul: He reacted faster than he should have been able to meeting her jump with by grabbing her arm and twisting. then he bent it around her back and pressed his finger into her forehead like one might a a small child who had knocked over the bird cage again. “You do not make deals with crazy cultists.” -02:58 Mar 28
Kate: Kate was looking surprised again, but that was back to being annoyed with how uncomfortable the position was. “…a lesson I have learned real well after finding an island of dead bodies. So you can get the hell off my boat now.” she was sounding a bit sheepish and was still alarmed. And she was really wishing she knew where she dropped her gun. -03:02 Mar 28
Raul: “Do you even know what they plant to do?” he asked ignoring her, but at least his grip loosened enough so that she might slip away if she caught him off guard. “There wasn’t one god, there were two… Ferius and Delilah sealed the second one away. These guys want to bring him back. That means everythign dies… EVERYTHING.” -03:06 Mar 28
[Becca has timed out.] -03:11 Mar 28
Kate: She immediately took the opportunity to slip out of his grasp, backing away several paces and rubbing her arm. She was watching him warily, but not attack him again. ….yet. “I KNOW all the stories, damnit. I’m not stupid! I do the research.” Christ, it’s not like she could tell the same version of a legend on every single tour. People would get bored. …but he talk about it all like it was the real thing. She shouldn’t be surprised, considering he was part of that wacko family… “It’s sounds shitty and all, but it’s not my problem. I had a job, and by the way I totally DIDN’T do it after I found out they’re a bunch of murdering assholes, if that’s any consolation.” -03:11 Mar 28
Raul: “It is your problem, what part of everythign dies don;t you get. You’re part of everything.” she was getting frustrating. “If you know the stories I don’t need to tell you got important that amulet is.” it was all sliding into place. The amulet would find it’s wielder. “It is very much your problem.” -03:22 Mar 28
Kate: Kate suddenly started laughing, which sounded just as nervous and stressed out as she looked. He was -definitely- crazy. “Right, RIGHT. End of the world and all that shit! Because -that- has ever came true.” She eyed him. Damned if he didn’t look serious as hell, though. …she supposed finding your family dead would probably not leave someone in the best of moods. Her expression softened. “…Fine, if you want it back, you can have it back. Will that get you off my damn boat?” -03:26 Mar 28
[Kate enters.] -03:32 Mar 28
Raul: “I don’t want it back.” he said folding his arms “Didn’t find any story books while you were pocketing thing did you? Journals… one in particular by a certain sea god?” -03:41 Mar 28
Kate: “I might have…” Kate was back to looking stunned again. So what? He -didn’t want his mother’s necklace back? Then what the hell was all this shoving her around crap! “Look, if you want everything back you can HAVE it all back. I’ve got it all below. As long as, you know, you get lost when you get it. I’ll even drop you off on the coast instead of drowning you overboard.” -03:43 Mar 28
Raul: He looked at her and couldn’t supress a smile. “I don’t think thats going to happen, you’ll have to live with your part of the curse…” you was enjoying teasing her now, KNOWING she though he was talkign gibberish. “Show me where you’re ….” there was the sound of an engine and he turned “Perfect timing…” -03:49 Mar 28
Kate: “The only curse right now is you.” Kate grumbled back. Damnit! That had to be the coastguard. No doubt their crazy peel out of the habor made them assuming someone was drunk at the wheel. …and the last thing she needed was THIS guy telling the police she stole from an island of dead people. “It’s just down here!” Suddenly MORE than happy to lead the way below deck where the single main cabin resided, Kate had him follow all the way to the back where there was a hefty sized trunk. Large enough to fit at least two people in, it was pretty much the only storage unit on her boat. Kate opened it up, and the moment he leaned to check what was in it – she shoved him hard and slammed the lid down. There was the faint sound of a lock. “…You know, I’m really sorry about this and I WILL let you out. But not until AFTER the coastguard is gone. Can’t have you sending me off to prison.” -03:55 Mar 28
[Kate has timed out.] -03:59 Mar 28
Raul: He understood her need to keep him out of sight. But that was not the coastguard! He could feel it. “HEY!” he yelled but he could hear her getting further away. “IF YOU DIE AND LEAVE ME STUCK IN HERE I’LL FEED YOU TO SHARKS!” -03:59 Mar 28
Kate: “Pff, right.” Like she’d care, she’d already be dead. Kate returned back up on deck, shuffling around until she grabbed that harpoon to put it back where it belonged… and ah ha! Her gun! She snatched that back up and stashed it away in a drawer below her equiptment. Don’t want to be caught with a weapon. …the fact she just looked like she been in a fight would look suspicious, but as long as her ‘guest’ stayed quiet down below, she could bullshit her way out of this one. -04:03 Mar 28

The coastguard boat approached in quick time. Stopping close enough for the forms to be seen in the dim light of the sunset, but not clear enough to get recognition. It wasn’t until both boats were connected by a plank and the pair had stepped on to Kate’s boat that the red tatoo could be seen on their cheeks. Cultists in coastguard uniforms. “You were supposed to meet us one week ago, Katherine White. There was an agreement.” -Kate

Kate: …Kate was having the shittiest luck today. If she had recognized them a little bit sooner, they wouldn’t be ON her boat and she’d be speeding away right now. This was going to get real awkward, real fast. “Yeah, about that… You ask me to steal a bunch of stuff. No one ever said anything about killing people, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s a deal breaker. No deal.” -04:11 Mar 28

The second leaned closed to his partner, whispering as he gestured towards Kate. The first narrowed his eyes as he nodded, then spoke. “Give us the amulet and the rest of what we requested. Or our master will make this unpleasant for you.” He drew out a small knife that looked like it was made of ivory or bone. The second had a more modern weapon. A gun he didn’t hesitate to point at Kate. -Kate

Kate: Kate was about to tell them both to fuck off — and then the weapons came out. This REALLY wasn’t a good day. “….okay then! The stuff you requested. Not a problem. That’s down below deck in my trunk, if you’ll just follow me…” She turned immediately on her heels to lead the way. -04:16 Mar 28

The first made sure to grab the back of her neck before she got to far and tried anything stupid. His grip was tight and he had the knife up at her throat to make sure she got the point. “It better all be there. When you meet the master, he’ll be disappointed otherwise.” His partner took the lead instead. Stepping down in to the cabin first and gesturing his head towards the big trunk in the back. He eyed Kate, waiting for her nod of affirmation to the correct spot. Then he was kneeling down next to the trunk and popping the lock open. -Kate

Kate: “Yep… tha-that’s the box. You could-” she winced, “not grip so tight, y’know.” One unarmed, but weird guy she could take on. But not two of them. …So she wasn’t exactly apologetic that they were about to let loose the guy that was looking for them. But she DID wonder about what all that “master” crap was about. Cultists were freaking nuts. -04:25 Mar 28
Raul: It ust have looked like a jack in the box. As soon as the locl was popped the lid flew open and Raul lept from the box and his hand gripped the cultist’s head as he pushed him to the deck. There was a brilliant blue flash and a sound like thunder and the Cultist screamed. The Raul was charging across the deck at the other, a burn on the cultist’s face in the shape of Raul’s hand. Raul roared as he slemed his shoulder into the man kockign him out onto the deck and Kate the other way. She was free but Raul and the cultist were now wresting on her deck, once the cultist regocnized Raul hatred shoen in his eyes equal to Raul’s own. -04:28 Mar 28
Kate: “What the fu-” Kate’s exclamation was probably the same as that cultist who had her. Except HE was now tusseling with a very pissed off Raul, rolling around on the deck trying to stab the man as he wrapped his hand around his neck. Kate was rushing back to retrieve her gun, but the other cultist was suddenly blocking her way. A big handprint burned across his face, and looked so crazy pissed that Kate didn’t hesitate a second before she was swinging a fist a cracking him square in the nose. He howled in pain, leaving Kate to rush past him. But he grabbed on to the back of her shirt and before she knew it she was hitting the deck and wrestling with the gun-guy. Why did SHE get the gun guy?! -04:34 Mar 28
Raul: Punch kick, grab, slam. Its was I fight that was leaving them both bloody, but they were ouside on beck… Raul grabbed the knife and twisted it from the cultists grip, at the cost of now being on the bottom. Just as planned. A slash Across the cultist’s face and then a kick with both legs pushign the cultist onto his feet, just in time to be washed from the deck by a freak wave that also seperated the two boats! -04:39 Mar 28
Kate: Kate’s struggle was less bloody… except for getting pistol whipped by that fucking gun. Which she rewarded the jerk with a knee to the groin. What caught her by surprise was when the cultist snarled at her, reaching down for what she assume was a death strangle at her throat. But instead seemed to catch the amulet. There seemed to be a jolt and a startled scream from him as he stumbled up and away, holding his burning hand. Kate kicked him at the knees as hard as her heel could hit. The cultist went tripping backwards of the railing and landing with a loud SPLASH overboard. -04:44 Mar 28
Raul: Raul was at teh controls and pusing the thottle forewards as far as it could go as the sea began to get rougher everyhwere but where thier boat was. Thier miracle calm patch followed them as the cultist’s boat foundered and almost capsized. “Even if you don’t believe the stories.” he said over the gathering storm. “Know that there are those who do enough to make them dangerous.” -04:52 Mar 28
Kate: “That’s fan-fucking-tastic.” she growled out, spitting blood out while she was at it. She managed to bite her cheek in that whole struggle. Her head hurt like hell, she was covered in bruises, and now she had to deal with the consequences of a deal gone bad. REALLY bad. ….and wait a minute, he was freaking hijacking her boat! “Get the hell out of there!” She struggled to her feet, a little disturbed at the nature of the ocean waves, but keeping her focus at the boat-thief. Kate swatted him away from her helm. “I can take care of my own shit! You can have all your stuff back, and staying the hell out of it.” -04:58 Mar 28
Raul: As he grit his teeth thunder pealed across the sky, where it had been sunny a minute ago the sky was now as black as night. “You cannot read the ocean like I can.” he said holding onto the wheel so tightly his knuckes were white. “And it can’t read you.” A massive wave rose before them, twice as tall as thier boat was long, the as it reached their calm spot ti split and went around them only to re-join and swamp the other boat. “It you want to survive this you want me at the wheel.” -05:05 Mar 28
Kate: Kate visibly cringed at the thunder. No one on the sea liked storms, it was impossible to deal with them when they got bad enough. And the fact the sun hadn’t even set yet and the sky was so black was -terrifying-. That splitting wave though had her staring in wide-eyed panick behind him as it past, then she was focusing that startled look at him. “Are you fucking NUTS?” Kate grabbed his arm and was going to shove him back but…. well, whether believed him or not, he was sailing her boat through the storm so far. She still gripped tight to his arm though, apparently still debating the subject. -05:11 Mar 28
Raul: “Three…” more thinder as lightning cracked seemingly from horizon to horizon. “Two….” walls of rain belted by still not toutching thier boat, the other boat had capsised and was far behind.. “One….” the clouds boiled away and the shone shone through the sea returning to its calm state as if nothing had happened…. Then Raul slumped his skill pale and eyes closing as he took a breath. “Sons of sea gods and mad cultists… you now have your own story to tell…” -05:17 Mar 28
Kate: “I don’t want my own story to tell!” her complaint sound liked a tempermental child’s whining. The skies cleared, leaving a perfect view of the sunset ovear a calm and glittering sea. In a matter seconds. Like it didn’t look like HELL a moment ago. Kate was still holding tight to his arm, the whole thing having her so freaked out she didn’t know if she was going to shake him to death or immediately drag to the rail and throw him overboard. ….or just give up all together and accept the fact she gotten herself in to some shit she had no idea how to clean up. …Kate wasn’t one to admit she screwed up. “WELL THAT WAS FUN.” She suddenly said, several octaves too high. “Get off my boat. I am going to fucking Africa!” -05:22 Mar 28
Raul: He was tired. “You do that.” he said then poked the amulet on her chest. “You found that for a reason, that storm didn’t toutch and …” he turned to give her a cocky smile and raised his hand “Lets see if you can figure it out.” he clicked his fingers and a lightning flash appeared in the distance. “I need those journals. I need those swords. For now we’re stuck with eachother.” -05:27 Mar 28
Kate: “You’re NOT hijacking me and my boat. I said I’d give all your stuff back.” See, that lightning stuff she could deal with…. when he’s not ON her boat freaking her out. Kate didn’t want any part of insane people’s quests. But it was pretty clear on her face that she had no idea how to get rid of him, and was now just putting up the fight in a feeble attempt to look like she had control of the situation. -05:36 Mar 28
Raul: “Would you prefer I wasn’t here next time those guys come knocking?” he asked pushing himself away from the wheel. “The amulet chose you, I’m here and the island is 20 miles off out bow. I’m goign to look for thos journals in your trunk. If I feel any deviation of course…. I can’t promise there won’t be another storm.” -05:40 Mar 28
Kate: “Listen, Ra-ooool.” she deliberately pronounced his name strange as she followed him. Near stepping on his heels. “I’ll take you to your island, but I am getting the hell out of here the moment you’re off this boat. I can handle my own business. And you’re just… you’re just REALLY in to some crazy stuff.” Kate wanted to mention the island of dead and the fact it already -really- bothered her the first time, but she did have a little compassion. That was his family and prolly didn’t need to hear her talking about it. -05:44 Mar 28
Raul: “I tried to get out of it.” he said, “the past five years I’ve been living in florida. But being the last one left means.. I’m cursed to come back here and fight this thing. Can’t help what you’re born into right?” he was kneelign at the trunk and rummaging through it, Kate had really taken a lot of stuff… but nothing he needed. “They’re not here…” -05:48 Mar 28
Kate: “I told you. I didn’t stay for very long. I just grabbed what was in front of me and ran for it.” she spoke softly, probably for the first time sounding a little apologetic. She crossed her arms, tapping her fingers lightly at her elbows. Damned did she hurt. “I -am- sorry. About what happened.” -05:52 Mar 28
Raul: That did make him stop. She was apologising…. “What is your name?” he asked still lookign down into the trunk of stolen memories. “I’m sorry you got dragged into this. -06:19 Mar 28
[Raul has timed out.] -06:25 Mar 28
Kate: “I’m Kate.” He was just staring in to the trunk. That really did kinda dig her her teeny tiny conscience a bit. “…no big deal, I guess. My own fault for picking the wrong business partners. Normally they don’t end up being crazy. Just assholes.” -06:30 Mar 28
Raul: He reached into the trunk and pushed aside an antique plate and lifted a jewelry box from the bottom. He recognised it. “This time they’re both….” he opened it and removed a shell pendant. “This was made for me on my 18th birthday.” he said. “I gave it back when I left, to show I would never return. I want this, the rest you can keep.” the contents of the crunk were worth a small fortune, more than enough to buy a boat like the one they were in. But were nothing compared to what else lay on the island. “I have to see it for myself, and search for the journals… Then I will kill the men who killed my family.” -06:40 Mar 28
Kate: “…Sounds like a plan, I guess.” Totally couldn’t blame him. If she HAD a family, she might have felt the same way too. Kate was the slightest bit jealous… “Anyway, I’ll drop you off there and you can do what you like.” -06:45 Mar 28
Raul: He closed the trunk and stood looping the chain of the pendant around his neck. “… thank you.” he wasn’t sure why he was thankign her, maybe it was because he was exhausted. “I’m going to need rest before we arive.” he turned his back on the trunk. “That storm took it out of me.” -06:53 Mar 28
Kate: Rubbing the back of her head, she frowned and gestured towards the only bed on her boat. She didn’t know why he was thanking her either, and it was really hitting her conscience worse. Kate was gonna shoot him and throw him off her boat and now she was offering him her only bed. “Sleep, I guess. I promise I won’t kill you while you’re sleeping.” -06:56 Mar 28
Raul: “I’ll gold you to it.” his voice was indeed tired but his voice hinted that he;d sleep with one eye open. Just because she had the amulet and said she wouldn’t kill him didn’t mean he trusted her. She could still make good on her promise of fleeing to africa. -07:01 Mar 28
Kate: “I said you’re getting it, so you’re getting it.” she arguing to be contrary again, and also had no problem shoving him so he’d fall on to the small bed. It was the only act of kindness he was going to get, while she was still feeling guilty. He needed the sleep and he was gonna have it. “I have to make a new course anyway for tomorrow. Just sleep and don’t do anything freaky.” -07:05 Mar 28

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