Myth and Legacy

Myth and Legacy 012: Sealed Away

[Raul got sleep as soon as the huriicane was no longer needed. Then took shifts with Kate. There hasn’t been a lot of time with them both awake since then.] -01:50 Apr 16
[Kate isn’t above molesting a man when he’s sleeping, but half the time she was too exhausted and too busy to bother.] -01:54 Apr 16
Kate: In fact, she was at the helm dozing off already. In her whole life she had never made such a long journey, and never went this far up north. Shit was cold and the seas were a weird color, and it was so dreary compared to the carribean! -01:55 Apr 16
[Kate ] -02:10 Apr 16
Raul: Raul came up on deck, a skintight thermal jacket coreling his torso and another in his hand. In his other hand was a thermos of coffee. "Captain.." he said as he held out the Jacket and began unscrewing the thermos unhookign the mugs from his fingers. "We’re almost there, should see land in less than an hour." -02:13 Apr 16
Kate: Having been startled back awake, Kate was pretending like she hadn’t been dozing. She pulled on the jacket and zipped it up tight. Huffing and then huffing again just out of the amusement of seeing her own breath. "It’s fucking cold as hell! Who actually -likes- living up here?" -02:15 Apr 16
Raul: "Maybe he doesn’t thats why hes such a dick." Raul joked "I know I would be too if I was forced to prend centuries up here." He handed her a steaming mug and cluched his own on his hands. "Either way I’ll be glad to get out of here." -02:35 Apr 16
[Kate has timed out.] -02:39 Apr 16
Kate: Gratefully accepting the coffee and taking a sip, she leaned back in her chair and rested her feet up on the controls. "I keep expecting him and his grendals to rise up out of the sea like some sort of sea monster and swallow us up whole. …I think I dreamed that…" He wasn’t kidding about them getting close. In the distance she could see the faint outline of something solid. Greenland! Which ironically, wasn’t green at all. "How are we supposed to do this exactly? Sneak on in to his fortress and just… poke him with the swords or something?" -02:39 Apr 16
Raul: "That would be inamely stupid." he said "First off killing him with the swords would turn you into him, in the losest sence." he sipped his coffee. "And I don’t think either of us want that. But the only place we can defeat him is his temple so we go there and see what can be done." not the best of plans. -02:43 Apr 16
Kate: "I dunno, Kate King of the Sea sounds kinda cool." Of course she wasn’t serious. She knew the stories well enough to know that killing a god meant getting a curse one way or another. And curses were rarely anything pleasant to live with. Which meant what they had to do was seal him again… could it even be done in the same way? "How about we get some of those rockets and blow the place up?" -02:47 Apr 16
Raul: He shook his head. "Wouldn’t work, but I have a plan on that front." he said "By the time this happens again there will be laser canons and flying ships." he chuckled but it showed he knew it would happen again. -02:50 Apr 16
Kate: Kate grimaced. So even if they won, it’d happen all over again. "I guess if we don’t die today, the future will be better prepared." Land was coming up fast now, and Kate had to gulp down the rest of her coffee and get back to her feet so she could take manual control. Despite the cold and teh dreary look of the sea, Kate had to admit that the land was really pretty being all sparkling white with snow. -02:54 Apr 16
Raul: "It will be." he said "We’ll make fur of that." he set down his mug and went back into the cabin returnign with two packed bags. "You need to get the swords yourself ocne we land. Turns out I can’t even strap them to a bag." -03:00 Apr 16
Kate: "Who ever made those swords probably had no idea they were leaving humanity in the hands of totally inequipt people. I mean, how is the average human supposed to even survive during shit like this?" Kate was mostly voicing her own worries and insecurities about it. Raul knew what he was doing. His whole family was dedicated to this stuff… and she might know the legends, but in the end she didn’t have a clue what to do. But here she was, checking the horizon to see if anyone was sneaking up on them and pulling her boat up to what looked like an old abandoned village dock. Buried in the snow was derelict houses and crashed up on the beach were some old rotted boats. The village had clearly been wiped out ages ago, just barely preserved by the snow. -03:07 Apr 16
Raul: "We’re no ordinary people." he reminded her and Fowollowed the now riutine task of mooring the boat before grabbing hsi backpack… and somethign else! On close inspection it was obvious what it was, onr of the huge man-portable machine guns from the island. The find that could sink boats and were too big to fire standign up without a tripod. -03:11 Apr 16
Kate: "Speak for yourself, sea god! I’m still pretty normal!" As normal as she could be, anyway! Kate fetched the swords, and made sure she had her gunbelt on too. And a good pair of gloves so her fingers wouldn’t be too frozen to pull the trigger. Of course, Ru had to have the biggest baddest gun ever and she was half wondering why they couldn’t just blast everything to pieces THAT way. …aside from the curse. Kate was hopping off the boat in no time, ready for their trek in to enemy territory. -03:20 Apr 16
Raul: Raul had his hands full with machine gun, ammo, and assault rifle, and so handed the gps to Kate before snappign snow shoes onto his feet and looking inland. "I think thast the mountain we’re looking for, I’ve packed us skis for the track back down… you can use skis right?" -03:24 Apr 16
Kate: Kate looked at him like he was crazy. Skis? Really? "I can’t believe you just asked me that… No! But I’ll figure it out. It can’t be much different from surfing, right?" With GPS in hand and a direction to head in, Kate started walking. "Skiing, seriously… like there is snow in the bahamas." -03:28 Apr 16
Raul: "Didn’t stop me learning." he said "But then I’ve been training for this my whole life." he followed and soon they had left the docks behind. Raul seemed sure of the direction they needed to go in and only needed the GPS as a backup, in case his memorised data was out of date.. it probably was. "As soon as we… oh no…. I can feel him." he stepped up the pace almost pushing Kate towards the mountain. "He knows we’re here." -03:31 Apr 16
Kate: "Of course he does! This couldn’t go and be EASY!" she responded, throwing a look over her shoulder to see if anything was looming in the distance. She definitely wasn’t hesistating in speeding the hell up, even if all the snow make it a pain in the ass to get running. "Just don’t panic! Then I’LL panic and we’ll be in all kinds of shit!" -03:34 Apr 16
Raul: "I have a gun the thickness of my arm over my shoulder, if I panic I’ll fall and it will drown me in the snow." he said not needing to turn around to knwo that they were rising from the sea. "There that dark spok on the base of the mountain. That is our way in." Movign as fast as he could with all his equipment Raul still stopped to pull a smaller bag velcroes to his main bag loose and drop it near the enterence. "Strait as far as we can go." he kicked off the snow shoes and left them lying where they fell. "Throne room, go!" -03:39 Apr 16
Kate: "I’m goin’, I’m goin’!" Boy, he really knew how to make a girl feel secure about a situation. It was pretty clear to Kate that they were going to be bullshitting their way through it! In to the mountain they went, and though that urge to stop and explore the carvings on the walls or figure out where passages led, she kept her focus on following the little arrow of the GPS. The little thing was serious as shit, all the way down to the precise room of location, apparently. -03:42 Apr 16
Raul: As soom as they entered Raul dropped his pack, unfoldere the trippob and fed the amunition belt into the gun, then with it cocked he set up a spotlight on the ground pointing outwards. "Here comed the fun part…" he said getting behind the hurredly set up gun and turning on the light as hoorific howls and screams filled the corrridor. "I hope my ancestor has more tips for you." -03:47 Apr 16
Kate: "Help would be really nice right now, yeah!" Hell, she was even hoping to spot something. Anything. So far, though, there was nothing of use. Kate near tripped over the broken and smashed up pieces of wood that used to be a door when she stumbled in to the throne room. It was…. kind of surreal to be there. Red splotchy stains were across the floors. Human bones scatted to corners. Even the throne itself seemed to be partially made of bone. A scene straight out of hell. All it needed were fresh bodies, and here she and Ru were offering themselves up. "Okay…! Now how did all that shit go last time..!" -03:51 Apr 16
Raul: "I thi… Fe…. But I cam’t be….neved been a full god." His voice was drowned out by busts from the heavy gun. Thew were still a ways down the passage but this baby had a long range and a lot of ammo. "There was soemthign about the amulet in the book but I don’t think Ferius knew the details himself." Another burst and inhumen screams of anger and pain from down the passageway. "Theres more than I thought…." -03:55 Apr 16
Kate: "Hey Kate, lets go in to the den of an evil sea god and not have a clear idea how to destroy him! Sure, Ru! I’d love to be suicidal and offer myself up as a sacrifice to ancient demons! Best honeymoon ever!" He should know these things! The amulet was important, at least she knew that much. The amount of stories it appeared in even before Raul’s family legends stated, was a LOT. The southern sea god was always at odds with the northern sea god and…. Damnit, it was really hard to think with all of that gun fire and hellish screaming! "What else! I need tid bits or.. something I can work with!" -04:02 Apr 16
Raul: More gunfire, a long burst. Raul was biting his lip. Vardri had made his appeearence and the bullets were doing nothing against him. "A bone spearhed, a bone blade.. " he was naming artifacts, artofacts they should have or…" Check the throne." He could see adn ehad the bullets thuddign into Vardri’s chest but the the god just grinned and advanged, Raul had to ignore him adn focus fire on the Grendels around him, but Vardri’s massive massive body was actin liek a sield for them.. "Uhh KAAAATE." Raul watched as Vardri raised hsi axe and threw it. Raul dove to the floor and the axe smashed itno the gun cutting in clean in half!. "Kate we’ve got problems." Raul was rolling to his feet and unslinging his looted rifle. "One big one and lots of little ones." -04:08 Apr 16
Kate: "I’m working on it!" Dread, hellfire, piss and shit. Kate’s head was going through more curse words than ideas, and Raul’s freaking out wasn’t helping HER not freak out! Then Vardri himself showed up, and Kate was leaping at the throne to shove bits of old bone away, look for markings or anything useful. …that spearhead! She dug around in her pocket until she pulled it out. Delilah Red unleashed Vardri when she opened a box and took out the spearhead, right? So it could reseal him, surely! ….if she could figure out how! "Don’t die, I almost got it!" -04:15 Apr 16
Raul: "NNNGRRAAAAA. -04:17 Apr 16
Raul: "NNNGRRAAAAA." Raul was firing wildly with on hand and brandishing his sword with his other, Vardri however was more interested in Kate. "Now so fast asshole." raul jumped on him back from behind. "You want my wife you’re going through me." He spoke, his voice made from the very nature of hate "Worm….. You family is nothing to me.. chosing mortality." he reached back and threw Raul to the ground like a ragdoll before turning to Kate. "All I need is the blood of a woman and I will have eternity to torture you." He reached for Kate as Raul struggled to his feet, then the entire chamber was filled with blue light as Raul again tackled Vardri sendign lightnign coursing through the god. "Well I’m not done with you… You never, ever turn your back on an Emidio." -04:24 Apr 16
Kate: "Hoooly shit." Don’t panic Kate! You got this! She was trying to ignore the scuffle and the fact that god’s voice sent all the wrong soft of shivers down her spine. Wait, blood of a woman… Ah ha! She might have almost laughed if she wasn’t frantically kicking around looking for just what she needed. Those grendals were seeping in, getting in her way. The fact they weren’t jumping to attack her immediately was more than a little alarming. Kate spotted what she wanted, some old chipped clay jar on the floor. Dodging one of the creepers she snatched it up and went running back to the throne. …all she needed was a few more minutes…! -04:31 Apr 16
Raul: While Kate was being ignored by the grendals Raul, wasn’t. He wasn only saved but the face that he was fighting with Vardri and they seemed to be afraid to get in his way. "Its useless to fight me…." Raul had to dodge, he had gotten Vardri’s attention and was almost regretting it. Almost. "Kate how are we doing?" Raul had lost his weapons and was now grappling Vardri thier faces inches apart. "Give me good news.." Vardri picked raul up and hurled his across the room where he landed in a heap of bones. "Watch girl as I kill and worm that claims to be your husband… then its your turn…" -04:41 Apr 16
Kate: Jar on the throne. Spearhead in her hand. Now what the fuck did she do?! There it was, the help she needed…! The amulet burned against her skin again and she could see that faint shape. It felt more like a memory than an apparition. Bone cutting across the hand… Kate took the spearhead, as sharp as ever and drew it across her palm to cut it. Wincing and cursing in the process, it left a dark red slash against his skin. That seemed to send the whole room of beasties in to a frenzy, be it just from the scent of her blood, or what she was trying to do. Kate covered the spearhead in her blood and held it over the jar. "Guess what, asshole! You’re not gonna do shit!" ..and before he came charging across the room or something else jumped at her, she dropped that spearhead in to the jar. Snatching up the lid and sealing it up tight. Kate just prayed that was enough! -04:49 Apr 16
Raul: The scream that filled the chamber was deffening and Raul who was staring up as an axe from the pile of bones on the floow had to cover his ears. Its wasn’t just Vardri streaming in rage but all the Grendels screaming in pain as thier ties to the mortal plane were cut…. it lasted longer than a minute but when it was over Raul uncovered his ears and struggled to his feet. "You.. did it." -04:56 Apr 16
Kate: Kate barely heard him. Her ears were still ringing from the screams, and she was still clinging tight to that jar trying to keep the lid on it, as if she were afraid everything was going to start popping out like some sort of creepy jack-in-the-box. Even her eyes had been squeezed shut and now she was peeking them open. "…are you sure?" -05:01 Apr 16
Raul: "Still alive arn’t we?" he asked moving to pick up a weapon with speed that sugested he still wanted to be safe. "Thats it… Don’t ever open that in fact…" he reached for his pack and retrieved a roll of duct tape handing it to her. "We should make sure no one ever does… then we can get back to were its warm, move into our new home… start living.." -05:08 Apr 16
Kate: Kate took the tap and was immediately wrapping the blasted thing up so tight that it was probably waterpoof. She practically used the entire roll. At the very least, it wasn’t going to open by accident unless someone smashed it. "Can we bury it here? Kill the entrance and make sure no one else can ever get in here?" -05:11 Apr 16
Raul: "You read my mind." he said with a grin and pulled somethign else from his bag. A detonator just liek tha one he had used to blow up her boat. "We’d best be getting out of here." he picked up his sword but before going for his bag closed the distance between them and kissed her cheek. -05:14 Apr 16
Kate: She was rocking on her feet. Still a little unbelieving that it was done. Over. Everything was silent and still. No more evil god, grendals, and even if there were more cultists, no one was getting back in this place once they were gone. Before he broke away she was tossing her arms around his neck for a hug. For the first time, that’s all she wanted! "Then lets trash this joint, and go have life!" -05:17 Apr 16

Myth and Legacy

Myth and Legacy 011: Family Heirlooms

[Kate and Raul are on the search for mythic swords. Except Kate has found -other- more interesting things…!] -01:28 Apr 14
[Raul is the more focused of the two it seems… except when it comes to having sex every time thier lives are in danger but thats not his fault.] -01:30 Apr 14
Kate: Kate was totally focused on the mission. She -was- looking for the swords… except… she stumbled over a trunk filled with much MUCH more interesting things. Clothes, a couple weapons, some jewelry… Journals! In between turning pages she was switching out her clothes. She didn’t give a shit if it was childish hero worship! -01:36 Apr 14
Raul: Raul was doign things the right waym searching the more hidden places first, there was gold.. but he’d go back to that, he wasn’t in fact in sight of kate at all. He had found a hatch reading down into a tiny storw room and was rummaging thought he chests in there… then he found them. He had to be them because his fingers fassed right through the handle when he tried to pick them up! -01:41 Apr 14
Kate: Ferius and I seem to have a disagreement in the proper education of our sons. I for one, don’t approve of kidnapping local girls when it’s just as simple to charm them with a pretty face. We’ll see how Ferius likes being kidnapped and locked up in the cellar. Kate had changed her clothes. Something Delilah herself wore hundreds of years ago. The best part though… the belt Kate was pulling around her waist and the very, very nice guns. They weren’t typical of the era, something clearly made special. They were never mentioned in any of the stories! Kate closed up the journal and tucked it back where it belonged. If she didn’t die, she would come back to finish it. "Ru, I didn’t find any swords yet. But I think I want to live here!" -01:48 Apr 14
Raul: "Thats because I found them." he said standing, the size of the room and his height bringing the flloor of the great cabin to halfway up his chest. "Live he.." he stopped looking at her. "If you had red hair I would think I’m seeing things.." he said though his raised eyebrow was not out of diapproval. "You look like you’re having fun." -01:52 Apr 14
[Kate enters.] -01:55 Apr 14
Kate: Kate posed, by pulling one of the guns and aiming it at him with a smirk. They weren’t loaded…. yet! "I figure if I’m gonna do that job of a pirate queen, should look like one, right? Asshole sea gods will fear the rule of Kate Emidio." -01:59 Apr 14
Raul: He pulled himself out of the hatchway and stepped closer to the bed. "Is that so Kate? Tell me am I one of those ashole sea gods?" he leaned forwards his eyes running over her as one hand closed over the hand holding the gun and the other closed aorund the back of her neck pullign her into a kiss." because your new swords are in the chest down there." -02:03 Apr 14
Kate: Kate pulled the trigger, the gun going off with an empty click. She was smirking. "You ARE a pretty big asshole. But I think I’ve got you pretty tamed by now." Kate was itching to get her hands on those swords. So kiss or not, she was pulling away to go claim them! -02:06 Apr 14
Raul: "Come back up here when you get them and we can test out those new chothes." he said sitting on the bed and watchign her disappear down the hatch. Then he looked around the cabin. "You know I think you’re right. We could live here." -02:09 Apr 14
Kate: Kate landed softly, immediatly moving to the trunk. There they were… just as shiny and brilliant as if they were brand new and freshly cleaned. So gorgeous…! She picked one up to admire it and then the other. They were probably worth a fortune. Priceless. Taking them up with her, Kate awkwardly climbed out of the hatch. And standing up straight once again she was testing them out in her hands. Raul made a good target to point at. She clearly had -no- idea how to properly hold or swing a sword. "It’s easy as hell to convert a ship in to a home. Why let it sit here ignored and abandoned?" -02:15 Apr 14
Raul: Raul watched her. "Do you know how to use those?" he asked standing with a grin on his face, going over to an obviously non-enchanted sword on the wall and taving it down. "Would you like to know how?" -02:19 Apr 14
[Kate has timed out.] -02:24 Apr 14
Kate: "I can shoot a gun, Ru… Swords aren’t exactly the modern day choice in weapons." She didn’t look too sure about it, but seeing as she was going to have to use these things to distract an evil sea god before he raped and murdered the universe. "Show me your fancy sword skills then. ….and I apologize in advanced if I kill you!" -02:24 Apr 14
Raul: "You think I’m going to just jump strait into swinging these things at you?" he asked "Someone whos only hand;ed replicas until now? Well you’re exactly right.." he pulled the sword from it’s sheath and grinned at her. "Try not to get blood on those clothes.. you look ravishing on them." -02:28 Apr 14
Kate: "I dunno how I feel about compliments and blood in the same sentence…" she mused. Okay, so… if he wanted to go all gung ho about it. He could handle himself. So Kate went swinging without warning to see how close to swatting his head off she could get! -02:30 Apr 14
Raul: He ducked easily and side steppedstrikign her hip with the flat of his blade. "What you wan is speed and misdirection… you need to think like a pirate…" -02:32 Apr 14
Kate: "Ow!" Thinking like a pirate wasn’t a problem. Handling a couple swords was just awkward for her! Huffing, she was swinging at him again. This time with both. "Don’t go swatting me, Ru!" -02:37 Apr 14
Raul: There was the ringing of steel a he deflected her blows upwards and dodged closer to her kissing her on the cheek oviously showing off. "You’re still being predictable. Wait for me to make a move, and set me up." -02:39 Apr 14
Kate: Kate kicked his shin out of frustration, then steps back. "This would be hella easier without using two of them." she muttered.. but did as instructed. She held the swords ready and waited for him. With no damned idea what she was supposed to do about it! -02:43 Apr 14
Raul: He grinned "Now Kate, don’t get angry… it makes me want to jump you." he stepped forwards and thrust, the tip of his sword driving a path through the air towards her. -02:46 Apr 14
Kate: Kate just moved enough so her arm was lifted up and the sword missed her side. Then she was catching his arm with hers, locking it against her side so she could poke the other one up at his chin. It was less like fancy sword play and more like cheap self defense movements… but it worked! "I’m not angry, I’m -annoyed-! I’m not gonna learn this shit in fifteen minutes, and ‘Come at me bro!’ is so totally not helpful!" -02:50 Apr 14
Raul: He lifted a finger to toutch the blade under his chin. "Then what is this?" he askedpushign it away. "Quick, simple, no energy wasted in frair. That is what kills. Well done." -02:53 Apr 14
Kate: She looked a little surprised, but then was scowling and letting him go. "It’ll be hella different when someone is actually trying to kill me and not BE killed by me." Sheepish and still annoyed she reverted to trying to hassle him and poke at him with that sword. Not necessarily trying to hurt him, but definitely being an asshole and seeing how he responded to the swords. -02:58 Apr 14
Raul: He was clearly not liking tose swords coming towards him but in the interests on giving Kate experience with them went on the defencive blocking her blows.. until one did connect and just broke the skin, but to Raul it was like dipping his shoulder in acid. He let out a cry and put his hand over the cut, it was small bu tit would refuse to close for days. "Now you’re getting the hang of it." -03:02 Apr 14
Kate: Kate winced, she hadn’t meant to actually hurt him. ….this time! But it was also, really damned badass. It put her on an aaaalmost equal footing with him. Almost! Now she was deliberately trying to press her advantage on him. "I got a bit of a one up on you, but hey… I’ll take the compliment and kick your ass!" -03:08 Apr 14
Raul: He pushed back changing hands so that he was fighting with his left hand, always disconcerting fo ran oponeny not used to it. He pushed back thrusting and slashing but never actually trying to hit her. "Might want to try getting behind me sinch thats where my ass is." -03:17 Apr 14
Kate: Just when she thought she had the hang of this shit, he was doing something different… now here entire balance was thrown off! In her frustration, she finally just growled and rushed at him to tackle him. No one said she had to use swords the entire time! -03:19 Apr 14
Raul: He could have let her impale herself on his blade but instead went down into his back his sword knocked out of his hand by the force of his landing. But he wasn’t giving up. He grabbed her wrist and rolled his other forarm across her colorbone. If it had been a real fight it would have been on her throat. "Fighting dirty? Theres the pirate I married." -03:23 Apr 14
Kate: "Well…. I don’t wanan hurt my fragile husband.." she huffed, breathing heavy and trying to blow her hair out of her face. She got the feeling she wasn’t winning this playfight at all, but that never stopped Kate from bullshitting her way through it. "I’m pretty sure you’re dead now. Win for me!" -03:27 Apr 14
Raul: He leaned down and kissed her, hard his hand tightning on her wrist and his forearm pressed down of her harder. "The way I see it I get to see you in that outsit and work up a sweat with you, I don’t fee lik ei’ve lost. -03:30 Apr 14
Kate: God damned, he could make the stupidest things feel sexy. Kate wasn’t sure if she wanted to throw him off an hassle him a bit more, or give him a hard time if a whole different way..! "You’ll think different when I tie you up in this boat’s brig… I bet there’s a whole buncha chains." -03:34 Apr 14
Raul: "You don’t know the half if it." he chuckled "But theres a bed right here and we havn’t broken it in yet." there came a problem, he was literally unable to hate the swords from her as he pulled her up and over to the bed, but it really did complete the outfit. "And besides, you know what bed this is.." -03:37 Apr 14
Kate: Kate cast a look at the bed, that sly expression coming across her face again. He really did know exactly what she liked. "And who says we have time for that, Blood Pirate Raul? We have a world to save." -03:42 Apr 14
Raul: We have to wait until nightfall to sneak out of here anyway." he said sliding his fingers down her neck then pushing her down onto the bed. "And did you really think you could dress like that and not make love to me?" -03:44 Apr 14
Kate: Kate plopped on the bed, giving a thoughtful and coy look as she knocked his hand away with one of the swords. "I’m not trying to seduce you this time, Ru… Maybe I’ve decided to take you prisoner and not give you any as a punishment!" -03:49 Apr 14
Raul: "Prisoner?" he asked. "You husband on his home island." he grinned "I think you’re trying to get me riled." he grabbed her wrist with the sword and pushed it down only the bed. "Either way you though reconsider who is taking who prisoner." -03:52 Apr 14
Kate: "Might be your home island, but I’m Captain Kate and I’m the boss of this little operation. Who has the big bad swords huh?" Okay, he pinned -one- of her wrists, but she had two of the things! She slid it up between them, pressing the flat of the blade against his chest. "You are my MY prisoner, and what I say goes." -03:56 Apr 14
Raul: "The boss of this operation?" he asked. "I though I was the one who hired you." he corrected sliding his hand along the blade against his chest. "If I hade to get forcful with you I will, though I thing that might be what you want.." his other hand closed around he wrist. "Me forcing you on the same bed as it happened to her…. Do Kate’s fnatasies really go that far?" -04:01 Apr 14
Kate: Her grin was cheeky and wide. And completely unapologetic. "I’m no Delilah Red. …and you aren’t nearly as forceful McMean pirate as you think you are." How far her fantasies went when it came to the Gloom and his family stories was pretty damn far. He really had no idea! "I think you love me too much, Ru!" she cackled, shifting her weight to try and shove him away from her. -04:10 Apr 14
Raul: He bared his teeth. "A little les love then…" he twisted her twist and pushed onr of the the swords against the matress in an attempt to get it out of her grip. "I like where you are.. right there. I think I’ll take you there." -04:13 Apr 14
Kate: Kate gave a yelp and released it. Huffing and swinging up a leg to knee anywhere she could strike. "Don’t think it’s gonna be so easy! You get everything way too easy!" -04:16 Apr 14
Raul: Again, with the other wrist before undoing his belt and pulling it out to wrap around her wrist and pull it towards her other. "Then make it hard, show my how you can fight. Either way I’ll still be on top." -04:19 Apr 14
Kate: "We’ll see about that..!" Without the swords in her hands, she was less concerned about actually hurting him. So Kate had no problem jerking her other hand out of his grasp and slapping him pretty hard with a laugh. Then she was trying to get her other arm back, belt or not, so she could scramble away. -04:24 Apr 14
Raul: He brought his wieght down on her giving ehr a backhand of his ownthen closing his hand around her neck. "Still too easy?" he asked moving to sit on her hips. "Now I’l going to belt your arms together. You got a problem with that?" -04:26 Apr 14
Kate: Oh man…! She hadn’t expected him to hit her back, and never did she think she’d find something like that hot! It had her thrown off a bit, but she was quickly recovering her bravado. "Go ahead and tie me up, if think that’ll work..!" she dared, kicking a leg up again trying to hook it around him and toss him off. -04:30 Apr 14
Raul: He did get knocked off but still managed to secure the belt with her wrist to the corner of the bed. Then he was afte her other wrist and pulling on her belt from her pants. "I intend to and then I’m going to work you until your wrists are raw." -04:35 Apr 14
Kate: Kate was scooting backwards until her head and back hit the headboard. Swatting at him with her loose hand before she managed to brace a foot against his shoulder and shove him away again. There was that loud laugh of triumph. "You’re gonna have to land me first, Ru, and you can barely do that!" -04:38 Apr 14
Raul: Once her had recovered he grabbed her ankle and pulled her back across the bed. "I’m not playing anymore." he said grabbig her loose belt and pullling it free. "Just like you tied me up, its time for revenge." -04:40 Apr 14
Kate: Oh yeah. She almost forgot about that. Kate had him pretty good then,…which meant she was in a hella lot of trouble. Suddenly there was a whole new thrill! "…you know that was all in good fun, right! Revenge totally isn’t worth it!" Kate rolled trying to reach up and undo the other belt around her wrist before he got her! -04:42 Apr 14
Raul: He grabbed her shoulder and rolled her back onto her back then put his knee on it as he grabber her wrist and looked her belt around it. "Not worth it for who. I’d do this with or without the revenge… it just makes it all that sweeter." -04:45 Apr 14
Kate: "Kinda think you’veIt was uncomfortable and awkward, and so unbelievable erotic that she was actually getting kind of annoyed he had her wrists cause it meant she couldn’t tackle him to the floor and do unspeakable things to him. Kate was struggling to get loose for a whole new reason! "I’ve half a mind to think you’ve been waiting for a chance to tie me up, just like a pirate!" -04:51 Apr 14
Raul: "Its in the blood amor mio." he said as he finally got her other wrist tied to the other corner of the bed. "Now how abut I get you out of some of those clothes and finally show you how Emidios get wives.." -04:54 Apr 14
Kate: "Kinda already got yourself a wife, Raul… whacha got left now?" she taunted. Kate twist, seeing if she could slip her hands loose from the belts. …he had her pretty tight! It was lucky she wasn’t one of those delicate girls. …and she definitely didn’t like the idea of not being able to get her hands on him! -04:58 Apr 14
Raul: He opened the pants and pulled them down her legs. "I got you, and I’m goign to take you like this." his hands where on her thighs trying to push them apart. -05:01 Apr 14
Kate: And she wanted him to, she really really wanted him to. So much so the anticipation was killing her and her heart was already beating too fast. …but there was a part to play! Kate held her legs together, moving to twist out of his grasp. Trying not to snicker while she did. -05:06 Apr 14
Raul: He growled his eyes travelign up to her face. "Come now Kate you don’t want another slap do you?" He grabbed her knees and again tried to push them apart his hips comong up in anticipation . "Because you’re goign to be fucked like you never have before, that is a promise." -05:09 Apr 14
Kate: He was always stronger than she could keep up with and her legs came apart… but it might’ve also been because he made it sound like such a nice promise. Despite the fact her face was flushed from desire, her expression was just as haughty as ever. "Dunno Ru, I think you already burned yourself out today. Nothings gonna top that." Her voice was even, but it was laced with a breathy purring. -05:13 Apr 14
Raul: "I’ll take that as a compliment for earlier." he said a gloating tone coming to his voice. "But you’re wrong." his hips slid to hers and he looked down at her triumph written in his his voice and on his features. "I still have prenty to give." Then he pushed in his hands holding her hips still at he thrust fast right from the start his hands holdign her hip off of the bed and at the right hight for his to push her against the matress to that she only toutched the bed halfway up her back." -05:17 Apr 14
Kate: A smug Raul was a very attractive one. Kate was gasping when entered her. She was already so wet and still a bit sensitive from before. Kate found herself groaning and curling her fingers around the leather binding of the belts. She dug her toes in to the sheets, but wasn’t yet going to give him the satisfaction of her pushing back! -05:22 Apr 14
Raul: She was being dificult, and why was that so hot? With her not moving he had to do all the moving himself and tha hands on her hips tightened as he pushed harder hip hipa pushing against hers. The looke on her face was the cherry, defiant but flushed, it made his hungry grin widen and his tip get pushed deeper. -05:25 Apr 14
Kate: "Gods damn…!" Slowly she went from just take it, to uncomfortable squirming… to full on thrashing about. She twist under him, her legs coming apart further. Her head tossing as she groaned out loud when he seemed to thrust against her in just the right spot to send a rush of feeling soaring through her. Kate strained to fight it, but that just seemed to make it so much stronger…! -05:32 Apr 14
Raul: He gripped harder keeping her right where she was, she could thrash and squirm but her hips stayed. the only movement he allowed them was that which helped him. He sounds and exclimation wowever were making his brain oveloadm everything was focused on her and driving deeper that there was nothing left to cight the feeling, sooner rather than later he would finish. -05:36 Apr 14
Kate: "Stop..! Stop! …no, don’t stop…!" It was way too soon, and not soon enough. Kate pulled hard against her restraints, wanting to desperately to touch him and make him crazy. Dig her fingers in to him and make him kiss her…! But she was already screaming, her inner muscles contacting tight around his member while the rest of her body writhed and twist from the overwhelming wave. -05:43 Apr 14
Raul: He felt her around him.. it wasn’t like any time before… He couldn’t helo on, nor could he stop himself, and when he exploded into her it was a happy face tha looed down at her… he was panting as he put her hips down and glided his hands against her skin and bent down to kiss her. -05:49 Apr 14
Kate: Kate was still riding that euphoria, soft whimpers and stiffening when he moved over her. She returned his kiss, with a soft languid sort of passion. Moving her mouth against his until she finally muttered against his lips. "You are some kinda god…" -05:53 Apr 14
Raul: He reached over and released one of her wrists before hsi ahdns slided over her neck and shoulders as he continued the kiss. "About time you realized that." he said. "And theres not a lot of women who can take what you can, nor give it back. I love you Kate." -05:55 Apr 14
Kate: Finally..! Her hand was immediately in to his hair and curling at the back of his neck. Holding him close as she kissed him again, longer, breaking away only because she needed to breathe. "I love you, Ru. And every crazyass thing about you… especially the crazy things about you.." she murmured soft. -06:02 Apr 14
Raul: He leached over and relaeased her other wrist as he nipped her skin. "I hate to spoil a good party but.." he couldn’t not continue kissing her. "… Its getting dark." -06:04 Apr 14
Kate: "We ought to stop doing this before big escapes… I’m really damned tired." Kate grumbled. With both hands free, she had a hold of his head and kissed him one last time. Then very reluctantly she was letting go to sit up. "I guess everything gets serious now..?" -06:08 Apr 14
Raul: "Pretty much." he said handing her her pants and retrieving his belt. "Don’t worry though there will be plenty of time alone on our trip north." -06:10 Apr 14
Kate: Kate made a face. A trip up north was clearly not enjoyable for her. Especially since it was coming with a side order of evil. "There’s my honeymoon in Africa." She pulled on her clothes and had belt back where it belonged. Her body was a bit sore now. They would -have- to stop screwing around…! "How the hell are we gonna get back to my boat?" -06:13 Apr 14
Raul: "They’ll be waiting for us but They won’t be expecting us." he said cripticly "You’ll be safe on your boat and out in the ocean before midnight, but we’re not going back by the tunnel, I’d put somehting practical on." -06:16 Apr 14
Kate: "Are you saying Delilah Red didn’t dress practical?" she retorted with a smirk. Kate was keeping these clothes! If she were going down in a fight, it’d be with style. She did make sure to get HER gun though. Modern weapons were a better idea. And the swords, couldn’t forget the most important part. After tugging on a pair of boots, she was as ready as she was going to get. "I am almost afraid to ask what you have in mind. Do I get the hurricane now?" -06:22 Apr 14
Raul: "Maybe a little one." he grinned and headed further into the ship. "We need to fing the cargo hold… I’ve always wanted to try this." -06:24 Apr 14
Kate: "Yeeess…! Hurricane!" Never in her life would she be hoping for a hurricane, but she married a sea god… this was going to be worth it! Kate followed, beaming good mood despite the nature of their escape. -06:25 Apr 14
Raul: "This should be it…" he said as they enterer the gun deck, the canons gleaming in the fading light as if they had been polished the day before. Raul was walkign quickly as if he knew the ship be heart.. and one had to think back on his words that his ancesters were helping him, always. They were right on the keel when he sound what he was looking for. "Sailcloth.. spare topsail and rope. Help me get this out on beck." -06:29 Apr 14
Kate: Kate had no freaking idea where he was going with all this. So with a shrug, she just did as asked. It was just easier that way! Still, everything looking like the boat had just been marooned yesterday was really disconcerting… and really really awesome. -06:33 Apr 14
Raul: It was as if he could read her mind. "Its Ferius’ temple. Or the closest he ever got to one. Temples to true gods don’t age or colapse, and this is to him and our family." he dumpred the sail on deck and unrilled it immedtatly tying the roped around him like a harness and tying her one too, then tying the ropes to the sail. "Ty yourself in tight, theres a storm coming and its time to see if gods can fly." -06:36 Apr 14
Kate: "That’s pretty amazing, a family temple and all. And this ship too..!" Kate had herself tied good and tight…. before she realized what he was getting. "Wait what?! I don’t want to fly…!" -06:38 Apr 14
Raul: It was too late, Raul was lifting the sail above his head and a wind blew up catching it and pullig them upwards. Out over the trees raul’s feet brushign the leaves of one of the taller ones. Then the sky began to darken and rain fall, through luck or care on Raul’s part none of it came their way. But there was no doubt about it, they were flying and gaining hieght. "My first time flying.. and conguring the strorm too… tonight is going to be fun.." -06:42 Apr 14
Kate: …and all at once Kate realized there was something out there more horrifying than facing down sea gods! She had a death grip on her ropes and her feet pulled up as if the ground was going to bite them off. "Holy shit..! No. no no…! This was a stupid idea…! I want back on the GROUND!" First time? Fiiirst time? That made the entire thing worse! Kate was going to kill him. -06:45 Apr 14
Raul: "You can hold onto me you know." he said as they crested a ridge adn the dock came into view. "Besides anythign else they’d expect it. And you get your hurricane." He pulled on the ropes turnign them and headed for the docks "Actuall u’m going to need you to hold onto me when we land." -06:48 Apr 14
Kate: "No! Fuck you! You’re never getting another Kate touch again! …oh shit." Her threat lasted all of two seconds before she was latching on to HIM with a grip that could strangle an amazon anaconda. By now she was squeezing her eyes shut and muttering all kinds of curses at him. -06:51 Apr 14
Raul: The ground was barely disible as they cam in, stil the storm was providing cover. As they got closer Raul drew the sword he had claimed and put his other arm around Kate, then he cut the rope. The dropped the last couple of feet tot he dock adn immediatly Raul was pullign her towards her boat. "Perfect landing, now lets get out of here." -06:55 Apr 14
Kate: "I take back everything said, I think I still hate you!" she shouted at him, though still running. Now that she was back on the planet again, she could breathe! Were they not in a rush she’d have been beating the shit out of him. Instead, Kate was climbing up on to her boat and heading for the controls. "Get us unhitched, I’ll have the engines going!" -06:58 Apr 14
Raul: It was quck the slash the rope and jump on board his new favorite gun stowed and the wind starting to howl. "Hurry we’ve been spotted." -07:00 Apr 14
Kate: "Lemme just wave my magic wand and get everything going for ya, then!" she bit back sarcastically. it was a very nice boat with an engine that actually worked like it should. Getting it reving didn’t take long at all. She already had them moving out of the docks and heading for the sea. "Oh baby, you’re a good little Vixen, aren’tcha… Mama won’t neglect you for those other shiny boats." Kate pat the helm with affection. She was gonna take care of this one! -07:03 Apr 14
Raul: "Toutching…" there was the sound of other engines but Raul stopped talkign and lighting flashes as outside of the docks hugs waves began to pitch and role. -07:05 Apr 14
Kate: "Don’t knock it! I love my boat almost more than I love you!" Kate was unconcerned about the ones following. At least…. she trusted that Raul could handle them. As long as they didn’t have a giant frigate and Raul didn’t get any ideas about blowing up her new boat. -07:08 Apr 14
Raul: Raul was grippign the railing as once again they were spared the main fury of the storm. "Dammit what now?" he could feel the storm fighting him, treatening to swallow the up as well. Somethign was resisting his controll. "Somethign not right.." -07:12 Apr 14
Kate: The mercenaries were being left far behind and Kate’s vision was focused forward. Out in the mess of the storm a sillouette could be seen…. and Kate was curisng herself for jinxing the whole thing. "There’s a ship out there…! And I swear to go if you try to ram it, it’ll be the last thing you ever do!" -07:15 Apr 14
Raul: He squinted. Lights, but not moving with the swells, large windows.. "Kate, its him." he said "Its that bastard…. get us close." he was pulling one of the bags out from under the bench and zipping it open pulling our a stunted looking tube flared at one end and with a tripper in the middle, then he pulled out a rocket and fitted it the front end. "Time to give him somehtign to think about." he swung it aroudn and braced his leg against the bench. -07:21 Apr 14
Kate: "I’m NOT ramming him!" she reminded… but she was swinging them close. Way closer than she ever wanted to get with her shiny new vixen. "….what the fuck is that thing!" -07:24 Apr 14
Raul: He steadied himself against the waves and flipped up the site. "You’ll see." with a roar of flame and a woosh the rocket shot over the ro of the waves and exploded against the side of the ship spitting molten copper clean though the other side. "Right get us out of here, lets finish this." -07:26 Apr 14
Kate: "HA! Hahaha! Sonofabitch is probably pissed as shit! ….oh hell." yeah, that guy was going to be REALLY mad. Kate spun the helm hard to make a sharp turn, and gunned the gas to get their speed going as fast as it could reach. There was no way in hell she was gonna stick around to find out! -07:29 Apr 14
Raul: He almost fell overboard with the sharpnss of the turn. Almost. Grabbing hold of the side of a cabin he saved himself and dropped the launcher to the deck. "We did it.." he said as the wounded ship disappeared into the gloom. "Just one thing left to do." -07:31 Apr 14
Myth and Legacy

Myth and Legacy 010: The Moira’s Gloom

[Kate is a married woman. She thought she’d feel different or more… wifey-like. But no. She’s still Kate.] -01:54 Apr 13
[Raul Has discovered wedding night sex is better that I can’t believe you fucked my sister sex… ] -01:55 Apr 13
Kate: Kate was only half dressed. Tired as hell and making sure she didn’t crash her new boat as she was pulling it in to the dock of Raul’s…wait no… THEIR island. "Hahaha… Kate’s Island." she mused to herself out loud. Course it was probably cursed with the souls of the dead, but hey. Can’t be picky when your hotass new husband gives you a permanant home, right? -02:00 Apr 13
Raul: Raul was at the bows ready to jump off onto the docl as soon as the fender made contact. Rope in one hand his feet his the dock adn he imediatly grabbed hold of the gunnel and brouh the boat to a stop before moorign her properly. "Welcome home." he said brightly. "Lets hope theres no uninvited guests waitinf for us." -02:03 Apr 13
Kate: "Welp. That pretty much seals the deal for an ambush." she muttered in response. She was grabbing for a shirt to pull over that bikini top. She was already wearing a pair of capri pants. If they were going to get attack, since Raul was nice enough to jinx them, Kate wanted her clothes on. Stepping out on to the deck and resting her hands on her hips, she admired the island view again. "So what do we need. Just some old stuff?" -02:07 Apr 13
Raul: "Swords, those that can kill a god. They’re on this island somewhere and we’ll need them. They were Delilah’s you know." he knew that would make her want them even if they were useless. "Before that I’d like to get some more modern weapons for the cultists and those… things." -02:12 Apr 13
[Kate enters.] -02:16 Apr 13
Kate: "Yeah, we can’t just keep calling them things. Or assholes… what the fuck are they?" Blasted monsters looked mostly human, but blew in to town like the apocalypse. Kate would be happy to never see another one again. Kate hopped on to the dock, the promise of antique swords from her very favorite story definitely more interesting than waiting around for Raul to get back. -02:18 Apr 13
Raul: Raul knew exactly where the weapons were, he headed up the path towards another hidden vault and before long would have Kate’s boat loaded with enough firepower to level a large city. "Demon zombies… Dembies… Zomons… I don’t know.." -02:21 Apr 13
Kate: Kate snickered. "Wow… How about you stick with saving the world, and I’ll work on clever names for the stories." Remaining on his heels, this time Kate was making a conscious effort to know exactly where they were going. It’s HER island now, after all. Soon she’d be hiding stolen treasures in hidden vaults here too… or more amusingly, seeing what was -in- those hidden vaults. "…shit, this is harder than I thought." -02:30 Apr 13
Raul: He stopped at a cliff face, adn stared at it for a few seconds. "Theres a lot to do once this is over." he said walking over to the stone face and and running his fingers across itthen putting his eye to a small, barely visible crack. There was a beep and part of the cliff slid back. "One of those is adding you to the security database." he pushed the secret door open further and threw the light switch. Greeting that was a room that looked like that scene from the matrix. Shelves and shelves of guns, rocket launchers, grenades, tripod-mounted machine guns. "Welcome to the stock room Kate. this is what my family sell." he grabbed a dufflebag from a shelf near the door and began gradding guns and ammo, then another buffel bag and we walked deeper into the room. "If theres anythign you want, take it now I’d rather not hand around." -02:37 Apr 13
[Kate has timed out.] -02:43 Apr 13
Kate: For all of her bravado, Kate was not keen on the idea of gun fights. Sure, she could shoot. Didn’t mean she liked it. …but she also wasn’t stupid. He grabbed whatever he needed and Kate was choosy. Making sure she had a solid belt and a moderate sized weapon in her hand. She practiced aiming by pointing it at him. "You know the story about Grendal, right? They kind of remind me of what’d happen if Grendal went on a raping spree and had a twisted army of babies… Might just call them grendals." -02:43 Apr 13
Raul: ‘Or course I kneo the story." he said walking back towards her with two full bags and a mac-10 slung over his shoulder. "Ready to go treasure hunting?" he asked "The journal doesn’t say where they are, it does however say they’re not to be moved from where they were left, that means the last person to toutch them was him or Delilah… and since gods, nor thier children can carry them… that only leady one person who could have hidden them… and it means you’re going to need to hold onto them. -02:47 Apr 13
Kate: "Well fuck. I am seriously starting to regret promising to help…" Kate didn’t really mean it, but… she already had a pretty big target on her back already without being the one to cart around a couple of Godslaying swords! She might as well just invite their enemies over for a Kate-killing party. "…can’t we just hire an army?" -02:52 Apr 13
Raul: "The only army for hire in the area is trying to kill us." he pointed out. "And besides once we find these swords we’re not sticking around, we’re going far, far away, just like you wanted.." he left the store room and began heading back down towards the boat. -02:55 Apr 13
Kate: "Yeah, far, far away in to the belly of DOOM to find an ancient sea god by ourselves! Which, by the way, totally sounds like an awesome story – but living it is a tooootally different matter!" Kate knew he was determined to do it anyway, but that wasn’t going to stop her from complaining about it. If she didn’t bitch, she’d probably freak out, take the boat and run away to Africa like she intended in the first place. It probably -was- the smarter option… she just… wouldn’t feel right about it now. Kate was on his heels again, scowly as ever. "Remind me how great and amazing our life is going to be if we actually survive?" -02:59 Apr 13
Raul: "Money, guns, boats, this entire island ours, babies, hired help! We’ll live like royalty!" his tone was sarcastic. "And beside it will be sun, seeing new places, shooting Zomons, taking in the sights, eatinf soup out of a can. Fun!" -03:02 Apr 13
Kate: "Shooting grendals. And I don’t know where you keep getting this babies idea." Kate hit him in the shoulder when she caught up to him. His sarcasm… though oddly attractive what the hell… was not helping at all. "I’m serious Ru! -You- have a whole lifetime of, whatever the fuck you’re trained to do. The only reason I’m not pissing my pants right now is the promise of seeing two very shiny mythic swords. After that, you better have a damn good Kate-distraction." -03:08 Apr 13
Raul: "Well theres always sex." he said giving her a grin. "lots and lots of sex, so long as you don’t get bored of it." he climbed aboard and began stowing the bags but held onto the smg. "Now to head off to a part of the island I’ve never been…." -03:11 Apr 13
[Kate ] -03:14 Apr 13
Kate: "Me bored of sex… pff." Not where he was concerned. Kate was pretty sure Raul was the most unboring person she ever sexed up. She remained on the dock, her hands on her hips again. "Do we need to take the boat around or are we walkin’ it?" And will she need a crate for stealing stuff with! Although, maybe it was a good idea not to steal from her husband. And herself. "…wait, you’ve never been there before? I thought you weirdos would all know the ins and outs of your island?" -03:17 Apr 13
Raul: "Sure we are but there are some placed just to inaccesablre to go to unless we need to. I’ve never needed to go there. It would probably be better to take one of the smaller boats though. Wouldn’t want you baby running aground… the hidden boatyard is this way." He jumped back on deck and started walking down the dock. "You thin you’ve seen boats… you havn’t seen my… our boats yet.." -03:21 Apr 13
Kate: That did the trick. Sending Kate from brooding about their inevitable death, to being overly interesting in a yard full of what promised to be badass boats. All for her! She followed after him a moment before leaping on to his back. "Boats! Ru, why didn’t you mention these boats before… How many boats? Sizes..? Any antique boats? Sail boats? This is very important." -03:26 Apr 13
Raul: "Most of them are small high-power speed boats for "business" we also have a couple of old fishign traulers, though what they catch isn’t fish its crates sunk for us to collect. It worked for 17th century smugglers so why not us." they were walking up a narrow path that looked like a hiking trail but a careful eye could see it was well-used and paved beneath the dirt. "I forget if its three of four luxury yatchs to impress political figures with.. and then theres the Diosa.. our pride. Antique sloop, no engine just sails… If you were hoping for the Moira’s Gloom…. thats what we’ll be looking for out in the jungle." -03:32 Apr 13
Kate: "The Moira’s Gloom, the most fearsome ship in the Carribean Sea…" There had never been such a dreamy, love filled sigh out of Kate. …not even for Raul. The man just did not appreciate the dozens of different little details in that story, and it was his own family! "You have no idea how much I’ve wanted to see that ship!" -03:38 Apr 13
[Kate has timed out.] -03:40 Apr 13
Raul: "With luck, today you will. For now…" the rounded a corner in the path and in fron of them was a hidden lagoon with one way in or out between the cliffs. "I hope you like our fleet." he continued on not knowign that this was where they were being waited for, the trap loaded and the hunters watching. -03:40 Apr 13
Kate: "Boooats!" The only thing that might’ve had her more excited was a giant pile of money, or the Gloom itself. Kate hopped off his back to go skipping forward. And had they not been on a time limit, she might have been throwing all her clothes off and tackling Raul to the sand for a very rewarding tussel. She almost pass through the natural stone walls in to the lagoon when she stopped. The amulet she wore was tingling hot, but that wasn’t what had her squinting out at the water. Someone pointing… a lady?… up at the cliffside with a fearsome scowl. "…I don’t think we should go in there." -03:49 Apr 13
Raul: "So you plan to hike over that mountain and search for a ship from the landward side?" he asked continuing on reguardless. "We’ll take the Hermes.. she small and can outrun anything short of a hydrofoil… And shes my old boat from before I left." -03:52 Apr 13
Kate: "Shuddup a minute, Ru, I’m serious!" She caught his arm and was dragging him back. "I just got a weirdass feeling about it! There’s somebody on the cliffs and out in the water." -03:55 Apr 13
Raul: He stopped.. "Where, I don’t see any…" the ground arupted a gew inches from hsu feet and the sound of a shot sounded a split second later, echoing in the confinds of the lagoon. A sniper from a long way off. This didn’t stop Raul from grabbing Kate and diving for cover. "He owuldn’t have givin himself away without you getting spooked and without kackup… SHIT…" -04:00 Apr 13
Kate: "I TOLD you!" Ha! Her smugness was short lived, seeing that now someone was trying to SHOOT at them, and Raul’s confidence there was probably an assload more. "Do your god thing and hurricane them or something!" -04:02 Apr 13
Raul: "Too dangerous without knowing where they are.. but.. I can take that sniper out of the picture…" he blew and a fog began to rise. "Can’t shoot what you can’t see…" he unslung the smg and began moving down the path, careful not to make a noise and stay at the edge of the path… he had been trained since he was ten in how to fight in a jungle.. For the first tile Kate owuld see Raul as a killer. Makign their hunters into his prey. -04:07 Apr 13
Kate: This was great. They were going to get shot to death by cultists. Kate wanted to vocalize her opinion about the whole thing, but she was wise enough to keep her mouth shut. She just hoped he really did know what he was doing and they hadn’t just been insanely lucky up until now. As an after thought she pulled out her own gun. Might as well be useful! -04:12 Apr 13
Raul: It was eerily silent in the lagoon as Raul, instead of runnign back the way they came went further and further. Cultists on other islands he could run from but this was his home… he faused a a figure appeared in the fog then Raul sunky into the undergrowth… if he had more time to prepare it would be eadier but all he had was his wits, and a gun that wouldn’t peirce a kevlar vest. -04:15 Apr 13
Kate: Kate was having a really hard time staying quiet. And staying close. And staying still. Her instinct to run like hell was in over-drive, and the silence was driving her insane. She had about a thousand crazy ideas in her head, everything from being a running screaming distraction, to shooting herself just to get it over with. "Ru, I am going back to my boat!" she hissed as quietly as she could get out! -04:19 Apr 13
Raul: "And I’m sure the men waiting there for you will be happy to see you." he hissed back. "Its a trap, they’re not reaving a way out of it… " he muscles tensed as the an got closer and Raul gestured for her to stay still and quiet and for god’s sake to stay down.. then just at the man was passign them Raul broke cover and barreled into him forsing the smg against the man’s chin and fired.. then he was letting the body drop and slinging the smg back over hois shoulder and picing up a gut that could pierce kevlar… "These are not cultists…" he said moving once again away from Kate’s boat. "They’re mercinaries." -04:26 Apr 13
Kate: "Fuck him, and fuck them worse if they mess up my boat." Now she was really wanting to turn back and protect her property. She didn’t care how many boats Raul had, it’d be her luck that the one made just for her would be blown to bits. …But she stayed trailing after him. No cringing at his shooting, and no looking at the dead. "…I still think a hurricane is a good idea. What the hell can a mercenary do in a hurricane." Kate was trying to keep her voice down, but the entire thing was nervewracking and batshit insane. -04:33 Apr 13
Raul: A hurricane would wreck all the boats here and smash yours against the dock. Then what would we do?" The fog was getting thicker and it was getting very hard to see, which make it all the more surprising when automatic gunfire sailed thought he fog from someone they could -04:35 Apr 13
Raul: couldn’t ever see. "I can see you you fanatical prick. a voice called out "Themal imaging and you smokescreen is useless." -04:37 Apr 13
Kate: Kate growled back. "Looks like we’re getting shot regardless." This was stupid. There was no way he could sneak around and take them all out. If these were the ones that managed to get his family… they were pretty screwed. If that damned apparition was going to help again, now would be a good time! Kate was squinting through the fog… and there was that feeling again. The feminine shape and dark red hair, backing slowly in to what looked like a solid cliffside, but beckoning with a finger. Kate swatted at Raul’s shoulder to get his attention, but she didn’t explain what she was up to when she started sneaking off towards the cliffside rocks. -04:46 Apr 13
Raul: Raul at the moment of the shoulder tapping was shooting back, the stolen guy was silenced, had good balance and had reflex sights on top of the fact that the cilinder under the barel could only me a granade launcher. If only he had searched the body for grenades… still it was a nice gun.. Raul night be falling in love… He continued ti fire busts into the fog as hr backed away after Kate… "Great, dead end.." -05:02 Apr 13
Kate: "That whole not exploring the whole Island until you -need- to thing is totally ending with us." Kate responded in a huff. She wasn’t fucking crazy. There had to be something here… A hand appeared again, at a spot cut out in the rock. Kate motioned at it, fully expecting him to see it too! But at his confused expression, she just growled again. Leaning to shoved her hand through the potentially hazardous indention in the rock and only pausing when her fingers ran in to what she assumed was a lever… Kate gave it a tug and the rocks in the side of the cliff shifted. Just enough for a person to duck and slip through. "Ha…! Dead end my ass." -05:09 Apr 13
Raul: Rau wasn’t waiting around for Kate to finish goating before he shoved her though the hole and followed right after, then pulling out a torch he found another lever and closed the door. "Those are the men who killed my family." he said "They know fow to fight us, how to… "I AM GOING TO KILL EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM." he roared "But not until you tell me how you knew that was there…" he didn’t for a second think that Kate had been playing him and was working wit the assholes outside.. but thats how it seemed. -05:14 Apr 13
Kate: Kate hadn’t seen him this pissed off since the day she met him. …and this time she actually cared that he was pissed off. So up her hands went in defense, just incase he got any crazy ideas that she was trying to kill him again and she backed up a step. "Whoa. Relax. I just… don’t think I’ve gone psycho, but she kinda show me it was here…" Kate didn’t look like she believed it herself, but she had already learned that it was just easier to accept the crazy shit for what it was. "I’m kinda thinking your dead ancestors haunt this island forever, or at the very least this amulet… She pointed out the creepers in the lagoon, and she pointed out this doorway, so I’M going to go walk my ass on down the corridor to safety and just trust it. ….Okay..?" -05:20 Apr 13
Raul: What she was saying made no sense "Who.. what ancestor?" he was still holdign the gun in his hands "Kate if you’re tellign me that the amu… the amulet is helping you…" now it make sense "Then we had better listen to it.." -05:23 Apr 13
Kate: Whew. For a second there she was worried he’d shoot her. Letting out a breath of relief, she took the lead and continued walking. If only because now that apparition was appearing more regularly and the burning of the amulet wasn’t stopping. There were a lot of turns and multiple passages, and Kate had no idea where she was going… she just… followed the feeling! "Man… I hope when I die I haunt this thing too. That’ll be badass." -05:26 Apr 13
Raul: "I hope you don’t find out if you do or not too soon." he said marking passageways in his mind, memorising the way. If there were passageways the family didn’t know about…. who knew what could be in them, he’d come back later. "At least I know where I’ll be after I die…" -05:29 Apr 13
Kate: "…Can we not make it sound like some horrible hell? Because I think this is actually pretty cool." Ancestors helping future generations to defeat great evil? That was a fantastic story, and made the future feel a little less… grim, maybe? The path seemed to dip, so at some point there were no longer walking through the cliffside but below ground level as well. Kate was getting ready to start cursing the size of the island when it started climbing back up again and she could hear the sounds of the ocean waves up ahead. -05:36 Apr 13
Raul: "My ancestors are helping me all the time." he said "Where do you think I get scary stormy stuff from. I was never this strong in Miami…" he shook his head "They’re all helping me, I can’t see or hear them but I feel thier power, thier heartbeats then I use them. They’re always helping me and I will help my descendents…. our descendents." -05:40 Apr 13
Kate: "There you go talking about babies again…" Although this time, she kinda like the idea. Continuing a legacy and knowing she helped create it… Those thoughts were quickly gone though as the passage opened up in to a huge sandy cave. Outside the opening was the view of another lagoon. An enclosed jungle and hidden patch of beach. But most eye catching was the ship. Beached for who knew how long and yet barely showing it’s age… The Moira’s Gloom. "Oh man… if I could fuck a ship…" -05:45 Apr 13
Raul: Raul stood and stared. Kate couldn’t understand, his entire lifepeople had spoken about the ship that his ancestor sailed is fevered whispered. This wasn’t finding an hierloom, or where a pair of swords might be hidden… it was areligious experience. His reply was one words before he began walkign towards it "Dibs." -05:49 Apr 13
Kate: "Oh HELL no! This is MY dream!" Once she snapped out of her confusion, Kate was taking off past him, even shoving him as she passed to throw him off balance and take the lead. It might be his family, but this was her life’s work…! All that studying ancient culture and local myth and legend! To get a chance at something like this! -05:53 Apr 13
Raul: He took off after her tackling her to the ground. "My ancestor, my inheritance. My family has been looking for this ship for three hundred years…" he pulled her up by her shirt. "Remember why we’re here, swords." he didn’t let her go, intead he threw her over her soulder and clamped his arm around her legs and walked toward the waiting ship. "We can argue when theres no gunships lookign for us." -05:58 Apr 13
Kate: "I found it – I have a right to explore it FIRST!" Kate could barely kick her feet, but she still had hands to beat on him with. "I just want to touch it! Find something shiny… Roll around in it! God damnit Ru, put me down!" This was completely ruining the atmosphere of her greatest discovery. -06:02 Apr 13
Raul: "If I didn’t know better I’d think having sex on the Moira’s Gloom would turn you on." he said as his feet thudded up the gang plank and he dropped her onto her feet on deck. "I mean This is Kate Emidio I’m talkign to.." -06:06 Apr 13
Kate: "….Could we?" Kate asked it with such a serious expression, there was no way in hell she was joking. There were mercenaries, cultists, zomon grendals and an anciet god out to kill them. But this was the sexiest pirate ship that ever existed. "…you know what, fuck your permission!" She was on him faster than a zombie after brains, crushing her mouth to his. Five minutes was all it would take! -06:10 Apr 13
Raul: He kissed her back his hands going to grip her arms tightly as he parted his lips ender hers and flicked with his tongue. It didn’t matter whose ship it was he wanted he on it’s decks if only because it would make her more eager. But she also made one very sexy pirate. "Now if only you had your outfit…" -06:13 Apr 13
Kate: "Don’t got time for clothes." she growled in response. Kate was serious. Grabbing at his waistband to pop the button and tug down the zipper. "Take off that gun. …no wait. Keep the gun. Take off my clothes." Kate had him by the hair, jerking him down to her level to ravish his mouth. -06:19 Apr 13
Raul: He undid her cargo pants and pushed them down withough breaking the kiss. "I like it when you’re demanding" he whisperedusing his feet to push her pants the rest of the way his lips locking on hers as he moved to pull timself out, already hard. -06:22 Apr 13
Kate: As soon as her pants were off, she was jumping on him. Locking her legs around his waist and curling and arm around his neck to hold herself steady. "Shut the hell up and show Cap’n Kate how a modern pirate takes a wife." She bit his lip, teeth grazing his skin as she nibbled down his jaw and nipped again at the sensitive spot below the ear. -06:29 Apr 13
Raul: He pushed in her hard, a lot like the first time he entered her. Pushing her against the wooden deck he bit her ear and pushed in harder "And you show me how a pirate queen takes being fucked on the deck of most famous ship in caribean history." -06:32 Apr 13
Kate: "Holy shit…!" She was taking it pretty damned well, if she even had the sense to think. Kate nearly came right then, just from the over-excitement and how damned sexy he had to make it sound. Her hands dug in to his shirt even while her hips were moving to greet his. "Gonna live up to your ancestors reputation, Ru…? Cause I don’t think you got it..!" she taunted in a rush of breath. -06:40 Apr 13
Raul: He pushed harder a growl escaping him "Well amor mío You’re about to learn what I got." he pulled her to him the hand grippign her hair hilding her face against his neck as he found the angle he wanted and his hips oushed against hers. His voice even now has laced with fiery passion at her taunt. -06:45 Apr 13
Kate: Kate sunk her teeth in to his skin, it barely muffling the sounds of her groaning and pleasured cooing. Her body met his with equal forced, her legs tightening around him like a vice. She was throbbing and the pressure was wound so tight it was like torture. Such, amazing, burning, delicious torture…! -06:51 Apr 13
Raul: He grunted in pain as she bit him but he didn’t stop, nothing douls stop him. "Gods Kate…" the pleasure wasn’t comig in waves it was rising steadily and it burned setting his skin on fire and his heart and breath racing. He selt as if they were in dnager of pushing fallign through the deck if they pushed harder and he did, giving it everything adrenline pounding in his veins. -06:56 Apr 13
Kate: She couldn’t take it. It was awful, it was amazing, it was so hard and so mind numbingly insane…! When she tenses and siezed up, it seemed to make it worse. Better. Her choked out cry almost sounded like she was in pain when her head tilted back and she gasped his name. Climax hitting her like a never ending torrent, that just kept quaking and rushing through her. -07:02 Apr 13
Raul: He pushed her pushed her down and held her there as he gave her a few more thusts his eyes on her face. So full of extasy. He stopped his hips shaking as his closed his eyes his brain seeming to freeze up as he felt the orgast right from his groin to his scalp… "Fuck… dammit Kate…" -07:05 Apr 13
Kate: Kate was still shuddering, soft whimpering between trying to catch her breath. "I don’t think… I have ever.. had something so good…!" -07:12 Apr 13
Raul: He kissed her hard and still. even now needy "You are amazing, I’ll give you that amor mio, he ran his hand down the side of her neck. "But we should find those swords." -07:15 Apr 13
Kate: "Whatever you want, Ru. Whatever you want." she sighed, still in that wave of bliss. "Swords, saving world… anything." Probably not the smartest promise in the world to make, but if he could do that again another day, she’d do pretty much damn everything! -07:18 Apr 13
Raul: He got her pants and helped slide them onto her, then picking her up he carried her brridal style to the great cadin. -07:20 Apr 13
Kate: She kept her arms around his next, eyeballing the cabin as they entered. Kate was itching to get her hands on everything…! Damned Ru and his incubus sexing! "All of this should be rotted away by now…!" -07:25 Apr 13
Raul: "You’re on a mythical island with a half-god on a ship shrouded in legend and a little magic surprises you." he said "I’ll show you more though, in time." -07:29 Apr 13
Myth and Legacy

Myth and Legacy 009: An old Ex and an Island Wedding

[Raul only has pants… hes going to have to send kate out to get him some clothes.] -12:05 Apr 08
[Kate docked their boat in Dominica and left to pay docking fees as quickly as possible. Their wedding wouldn’t be big or beautiful, but it would be a real ceremony…. and Kate was kind of excited!] -12:05 Apr 08
[Kate enters.] -12:12 Apr 08
Kate: In fact, she was so excited she might just wear a dress for that ceremony. Something Carribean and colorful. And afterwards… Kate would make sure Raul remember what he had to live for! As she walked down the boardwalk, she was a little wary about sea demons popping up, but nothing was going to get in the way of her current mission. -12:13 Apr 08
Raul: Raul remained on board rearanging the cabin and seeing if there wasn’t a shirt on board, he had been naked most of the voyage to keep his one peice of clothing fresh but it was still dirty and ripped, he needed soemthign to get married in. And so in torn jeans and pendant he emerged onto the deck to search the foot lockers. -12:16 Apr 08

Out in the shipyard, not far away at all was someone else spying in surprise. Dark sunkissed skin and a look that screamed siren, she was narrowing her eyes at the boat across the dock. A face – and a body! – she recognized. Hopping off her own boat and crossing the dock, she snuck aboard the other without any invitation or warning. Her approach so quiet, she was behind him before she even spoke. “Rauuuul. It’s been a very long time.” she purred. -Kate

Raul: He frooze, it had been years but he still knew that voice. "Not to long that people forget it seems." he said closing the foot locker and standing. "Didn’t expect you here, or anywhere. Last I heard you ran foul of a storm, or feds, I don’r rememebr which.." -12:22 Apr 08

She gave a fluid shrug of her shoulders, stepping closer as he stood to run her fingers down his arm. “The sea is unpredicatable but I make it out all right. I see you look very well, Raul.” She was already pulling up her other hand to brace against his chest. “What do you think about getting reacquainted?” -Kate

Raul: He put his hands on her shoulders to push her away. "You are right, th sea is unpredictable, and fickly, you think you have it one moment and the next you’re lost." he paused as the sound sof the dock filled the silence "Its been a long time, and I’m on a job, only stopping here a day at the most. Besides theres someone who would object." -12:30 Apr 08

“Sweetie, please. When have -you- ever objected?” Her laughter rang out before her mouth turned in to a sly smile. “Hard to get isn’t your style.” Shrugging his hands off her shoulders, she moved up close again. Gripping the waistband of his ripped up shorts and pressing herself close. “You used to make me do all kinds of things. I want to return the favor.” -Kate

Raul: He had to admit she was right, he never said no, not until he met Kate. "You’re right, I don’t play hard to get.. This isn’t hard to get." He stepped back, away from her. "And if you stay my partner will be back." -12:37 Apr 08
[Kate has timed out.] -12:41 Apr 08

“Oh? No reason why we can’t have a little fun with your partner too.” When he stepped back, she stepped forward. Popping open the button on his shorts and slipping the zipper down. “I kind of like this Raul. You being all shy and bashful. Now I understand why that turns you on…” She gave him a little help in backing in to the cabin, by shoving pretty hard at his chest. -Kate

Raul: He grabbed his shorts and tried to push her back with his other hand. "No, you don’t get it.." he was frustrated, there was a time when he would have loves this behaviour from her, and the though of the two of them plus Kate all… "No.. You need to get off this boat, I have someone." -12:46 Apr 08

That did seem to make her pause a moment. A dubious look of surprise on her face before she cackled out loud! “A girlfriend, Raul? Really? This is a fun game…” Clearly he wanted to make a production about it. She knocked his hand away again before full on tackling him to the ground. She stradled his waist and leaned over him to give him a hard kiss. “C’mon sweetie. Show Daisy why all the girls call you a dirty pirate…” -Kate

Raul: He bent his legs upwards and tried to push her from him. "I’m serious we’re getting married today.." damn her for knowing his buttons.. he’d be lying if he didn’t want to if he wasn’t with kate. But he and kate had made it clear, there were no third parties. -12:56 Apr 08

That seemed to make her laugh even harder! So much that she couldn’t seem to formulate any sort of reply. “You…! Married…!” The new smirk she wore was evil at best. Bent over him with her voice real low, she flicked her tongue over his mouth. “I’mma fuck that nonsense right out of your head, sweetie.” -Kate

Kate: Kate’s trip took a little longer than expected. There were a couple shop stalls close by the dockhouse. and she figured Raul could use -something- to wear. Not that she minded him roaming around naked on her boat. But getting married naked? Naw. So when she returned, she had a bag in her hand. "Ru! I gotcha some… Hmm. What do we have here." There was a peculiar look on Kate’s face. -01:02 Apr 08
Raul: He was still trying to push her off when Kate arived. "Kate!" he rolled the girll off of him and sat up quickly… "Adoncia.. this is Kate.. my fiance." -01:06 Apr 08

She didn’t look apologetic at all. Leaning to Raul’s shoulder playfully. “You didn’t tell me about your fiance! And here we were about to… Well.” She cast Kate a sanguine sweet smile. -Kate

Kate: "Have hot sex on my boat? I charge a service fee for that." Kate was eyeing the woman for a moment, but whatever she decided, it was decided quick. She leaned in the doorway and crossed her arms. "Are you done? Because we have plans." -01:16 Apr 08
Raul: "I said I was here to get married." Raul snapped, his eyes staying of Kate, she wasn’t reacting the way she expected her to.. He stood shrugging thgril from hi shoulder. e -01:20 Apr 08

“-Actually-, you did kind of interupt.” Raul stood, so she stood. Slinking closer to him to grab on to his arm. “He and I used to be very well acquainted. I thought he was joking about the whole married thing. Cause ‘cmon… my sweetie and one woman..?” She started laughing again. -Kate

Kate: "Me and timing have never gotten along. How about you step outside with me for a sec, and we’ll work out how long you want me to vanish while you guys have some fun. I’m not kidding about the service fee, though. I expect cash." Kate said it all with a straight face, only leaning for a moment to set down that bag she had in her hands. -01:25 Apr 08

The woman pat Raul’s stomach affectionately, breaking away from him with a cat-eat-canary smile. “I knew Raul had good taste. I’ll be back in a moment, sugarpie. Then we’ll continue our conversation.” She walked past Kate with a swish of her hips, leading the way to the deck. -Kate

Raul: By now Raul had done his sorts up and was about a confused as he could be. "Don’t I get a say in this?" he asked. "Because I don’t know how to feel about my fiance pimping me out on our wedding day." it was true, he had no idea what to feel about it. threesomes he could understand, if Kate was really wantign money then.. maybe she was more of a pirate.. -01:29 Apr 08
Kate: Kate eyed Raul for a second. "You just shut up and stay here." Kate didn’t explain as she left, following the girl out on to the deck until they were on the bow. Kate crossed her arms again. "Now, about my fiance…" -01:32 Apr 08

“He’s a total dish. How much did you want for him? A couple hundred for an hour?” She was serious, already pulling cash out of her back pocket and counting it up. -Kate

Kate: Kate just plucked the cash out of her hands. "This will take care of the time you’ve wasted. About the rest-" And there it went! Kate’s balled up fist cracking the girl in the jaw, and with a a violent shove sent her against the ship’s railing and flipping right off the boat in to the seawater below. Kate pocketed the cash and leaned on the railing, grinning down at the woman now coughing and sputtered and trying to splash back to the dock. "Step on my boat again, or lay a hand on Raul and next time we meet isn’t going to be so friendly, bitch!" She even gave her a little salute. -01:38 Apr 08

Climbing up on deck, the lady spit out sea water as she pointed up at Kate. “He’ll be bored with you in a couple days, tops! Then he’ll be right back in my bed where he belongs.” -Kate

Kate: "Come up here and say it to my face, you cocky little slut. I DARE you." Kate might’ve been smiling, but her tone was dead serious. Kate even waited, beckoning with a hand for the girl to climb up on board and make good on it. -01:49 Apr 08

The girl looked unsure now. Finally the whole confrontation ended with her growling and stomping back down the dock to her own boat. -Kate

Kate: Kate watched until she saw exactly where she ended up. Made a mental note of the boat name, and waited longer still to make sure she wouldn’t go trying to sneak back. Once satisfied, Kate returned to Raul. Stepping through the cabin door with that peculiar expression again. "And that was…?" -01:51 Apr 08
Raul: "Raul was ooking through the bag Kate has put down the shirts and pants layed out on the table… "Adonia.." he said turning towards her. "We met a while ago when I was running guns for the family, havn’t seen her in seven of either years. There were rumors the sea had got her." He looked Kate over. "You finally got to throw someone overboard then?" -01:56 Apr 08
Kate: "You could say that…" Kate rest her hands on her hips, still examining him. …she seemed to be debating. "I don’t have a problem with exes, but… I don’t want you to see THAT one ever again. She’s batshit bonkers. Like… not my kind of crazy. The scary kind of crazy." -01:58 Apr 08
Raul: "We’re here, we’re getting married, we’re leaving. Hers and mine wasn’t a buniness arangment, I have ne reason to see her again." he said pulling one of the shirts on to try it out. "I’m getting a ring on my finger, that means I’m not going to be running off with exes." -02:01 Apr 08
Kate: "You aren’t the one I’m concerned about." …however, the statement appeased her. Most of her concern WAS about that girl, but apparently Kate was a little jealous and a little worried too. Raul definitely didn’t seem like the getting married type, so she was going to have to make sure he never got bored. "I’ll change my clothes." Kate snatched a colorful slip of fabric out of the bag and skipped away. -02:05 Apr 08
Raul: Raul was lookign forwards to see what Kate would wear for thie wedding, he had a nice shinrt and pants, blue and black respectivly along with the shoes kate had bought him. He couldn’t believe he was getting married and to a woman like Kate. He stepped out onto the deck to wait for her as in the distancethe horn of a ship sounded. Today would be thier day of sanity, before they faced hell. -02:10 Apr 08
Kate: Kate was taking this wedding business seriously. Yes, their entire affair had been a whirlwind and came on so fast. But Kate liked to trust her instinct. If she were wrong… well, they were probably going to die anyway! When Kate finally stepped out on deck, her hair was pulled up in to a messy twist and held in place with a bright red hibiscus. Her dress fell just above the knees in such a wispy thin fabric in bright colors, it was a surprise not to see through it. "Now to charm a preacher!" she announced, debating whether or not she prefered dirty scruffy Raul better, or nice and handsomely dressed Raul… -02:17 Apr 08
Raul: HE turned and smiled. "You’ve transformed…" he said "The pirate queen is replaced by a maiden.. a bride.." he was teasing her and offered her his hand "Lets go find one, there seems to be a chenrch over there. I’m sure with enough of a donation we can get one of the preasts for an hour or so…" -02:20 Apr 08
Kate: "Pirate queens are women too, christ." Kate was a little embarrassed and did not hide it well. Still she took his hand so they could leave. "How about fifteen minutes at most, so we don’t have to listen to an old man giving a very boring speech about commitment and God? I’m thinking we’ll have enough of gods later." -02:24 Apr 08
Raul: "You know, I think I agree." he said walkign with her towards town. "We just need to say our vows, then we’re back on your boat and consumating out marriange." he gave her a grin. "Sounds like a good plan to me." -02:28 Apr 08
Kate: A slow wicked smile spread across her face and Kate didn’t even bother to hide it. Their honeymoon night would be special indeed. Kate was pleased as hell as they walked through town, saying very little as her thoughts were more focused on possible futures. Tours during the day and sexy nights… she could get used to that! As they neared the church, she tugged on his hands. "So I’m gonna be Kate Emidio? Or is that just the scary name you terrorize locals with?" -02:32 Apr 08
Raul: "It is the one we legally adopted a while ago.." he said "ITs the only one I know, no one knows what Ferius’ last name was. Not even us. But scarign the locals is nice." he smiled at her, "Or Kate Red…" he grinned "Kate Emidio has a nice ring to it though, a very nice ring.. speaking of rings. Did you get those along with your dress?" -02:37 Apr 08
Kate: "I hadn’t thought about rings." Kate confessed. If she HAD, Kate might of very well spent every ounce of cash she had on her getting something overly shiny and totally impractical just on impulse. She really liked shinies. "I guess we’re picking out rings like responsible married couple do?" -02:40 Apr 08
Raul: "So we’re at the church without rings.." he smiled in spite of himself. "I guess we are.. Unless we do that after the ceremony.. but we should have them before." he looked around "We should find a jewelery shop thats open." -02:43 Apr 08
Kate: Kate grinned. Who knew she’d be so pleased at the idea of Raul wanting to do it all ‘right’? "Going to make sure so more crazy sluts hit on you?" Kate tilted to point down the street. "There’s tons of open business over there." -02:45 Apr 08
Raul: "I’m walking hand in hand with my fiance who already has bruised knuckles. Whose going to hit on me?" he asked as he went down the street adn spotted a promising looking shop and steared her inside. "And retty soon I’ll be wanking with my wife whi habd a ring on her bruised finger." -02:48 Apr 08
Kate: "That amuses you, doesn’t it. Me knocking out some dumbass for you." Speaking of bruises fingers, the minute they were in the shop Kate was having to keep her itchy fingers to herself. Now was definitely not a moment to be stealing things. …she could always be a pirate later. -02:50 Apr 08
Raul: "I like a girl who can stand up for herself." he said as pulled her over to one of the displays and looked down throuhg the glass and the keeper moved up to them. "Weddign bands." Raul said "I like that green stone…" -02:53 Apr 08
Kate: Kate wasd chewing on her lip, trying to surpress what might’ve been a lecherous smile. "Alexandrite… it looks a lot like the Carribean sea. I like it." Kate definitely liked the color… she -so- wasn’t traditional, that’s for sure. -03:05 Apr 08
Raul: He let go of her hand and slid his arm arounf her. "Its a nice colour, ." he agreed pointing at it so that it was brougt out for them to see, he held it up next to her and smiled. "It does contrast your eyes.. though blue might be nice too.. or rudy red.." -03:09 Apr 08
Kate: She blinked, the smallest of frowns coming across her features. "Ru, if you don’t quit saying things like that, I’m going to molest you right here in this store and then we’ll never get around to getting married." -03:12 Apr 08
Raul: He gave her a grin. "Hell what if I say you don’t get to molest me until we’re married." he leaned forwards to kiss her lips softly. "Stones with the colour of the sea then…" he oulled away he take her hand again and push the ring onto her finger. "Just to make sure it fits." -03:17 Apr 08
Kate: "You remember what happened the last time you told me no.." Kate didn’t linger on the thought for long. She was admiring the ring on her finger, that surprisingly felt like it was made to be there. That stupid sense of romanticism kicked in again and Kate found herself smiling and sighing like a total idiot. "…yeah, definitely this one! Now can we hurry up and get married?" -03:22 Apr 08
Raul: Raul seemed to agree as he puleld out HIS money to pay for two rings and makign sure his was the right size. "This isn’t a no Kate, it a lets get married first…" he took her hand again and startd headign back for the street, only stopping long enough to make sure there were no crazy exes waiting in ambush. -03:25 Apr 08
Kate: A cheeky grin was her response. Kate should have been more concerned about what was going on around her, but the excitement was much more overwhelming to her senses. Even when he stopped, she was all but dragging him by the hand. "Then we should be getting married a little faster!" -03:29 Apr 08
Raul: He walked with her back to the church and inside. It had been a while since he had been in a church and the rast time there had been bullets, it was best if he didn’t think back on it. " Well here he are…" he said walkign up to the alter where a priest was busy changing candles. "Disculpe padre, mi novio quiere casarse." -03:33 Apr 08
Kate: Kate couldn’t even remember the last time she was in a church. Probably during a vague wish to be religious, that ended just as quickly as it started. Still, the excitement didn’t waver, but being -in- the building left with her with a very odd, this is for real that seemed a lot more serious than her realization that she was helping to fight evil sea gods. -03:40 Apr 08
Raul: Raul spoke questly to the preacher who nodded and smiled at them, accepted the fold of bills Raul slid into his hands and then spoke some more. He was focused on the marriange, making it happen. "We’re either going to have to say our own vows or you’re going to have to tell me you can to this in spanish.." he said. "Father Veras, doesn’t speak any english…" -03:43 Apr 08
Kate: It was a sly enigmatic look Kate gave him. "He can speak in Spanish, and we can say our own vows. Always better making personal promises instead of generic ones right?" And if Raul didn’t remember her little slip a few days ago… she wouldn’t remind him. Sometimes a woman needs a secret. -03:46 Apr 08
Raul: He smiled and nodded to the preis then took her and slidign the ring from her finger and pressing his nto her palm. "Agreed, we’re no generic couple…" he sighed as the priest began talking, and straitened his collor and nervously hiddled with his hair.. "Definatly not…" -03:49 Apr 08
Kate: "They make movies about weirdos like us." Kate whispered with a grin as she leaned forward. He was nervous…! That was awesome! ….that priest needed to talk faster. Kate didn’t know much longer she could resist jumpin him, especially if he kept doing stupidly attractive things unwittingly. -03:52 Apr 08
Raul: "Well theres an idea, write up our story and sell it to hollywood." he joked squeezing her hand straitning his posture. "We’ll be famous!" -03:55 Apr 08
Kate: "Not the best of ideas for a couple of pirates, Ru…" He straighted, and all she wanted to do was lean closer. Casting him that wide, promising smile. -03:57 Apr 08
Raul: The priest stopped but Raul was too busy gazing at Kate’s eyes adn grin to notice at first, when he did he caught himself. "I.. er.. Raul Emidio.. promise to .." he took both of Kate’s hands in his " To take you, Kate White, excrlusivly and irivocably, to be my pirate queen, to look after you when you need it, to not blow up your boats or hit you with lightning.. especially those last few.. for the rest of our lives.. and never go back on my words." -04:02 Apr 08
Kate: Kate almost laughed! And it was pretty damn lucky that priest couldn’t understand english, because this was probably the weirdest ceremony he’d ever hear. "And I, Kate White, promise to never steal from you, try to murder you when you’re sleeping, or betray your trust in me. I’ll be there when you need to save the world, and I’ll make sure your life is never, ever boring for as long as we live. You’ll be the one promise that I keep." -04:07 Apr 08
Raul: He smiled wide as he took her hand and slipped the ring onto her finger for the second time and waited for her to do the same. "Yo os declaro marido y mujer, se hace besar a la novia." Rual didn’t even wait for the end of the sentence before he pressed his lips into hers… -04:11 Apr 08
Kate: It only took a second to slip the ring on his finger, and he was kissing her before she could think twice. Leave it to her to feel stupid romantic about the whole thing AND want to screw him right there in the church. Kate threw her arms around his neck, returning his kiss with much more passion than was appropriate for the setting. -04:14 Apr 08
Raul: He tilted his head forwards. -04:14 Apr 08
Raul: (DAMMIT) -04:15 Apr 08
Raul: He tilted hsi head forwards breakign away from the kiss. "Save that for the boat." he whispered before pulling back and thankign the priest. He tooke her hand and began thier journey back. "I’m really suprised at you for coming up with this.. but I’ve never been happier." -04:17 Apr 08
Kate: That grin never left her face. "Living in the moment and all that jazz. Find something good and keep it, right? And I think, IF we actually survive… that we’ll have something really good. Worth taking a risk for." And it was definitely a risk. Not the sort Kate was usually used to running with… this was her life she was messing with. -04:23 Apr 08
Raul: "You may be right." he said as they left the cherch. "I know I like what we have.. and through all of this I know I’d liek somehting to fight for, can’t think of anything better then you." -04:26 Apr 08
Kate: "Not what you expected when you decided to kick my ass for stealing?" Kate gave him a cheeky grin. He sure as hell wasn’t what she expected either. Kate was pretty damn serious about dumping him in the ocean, especially after blowing up her boat. Hell, she was STILL mad about that. -04:30 Apr 08
Raul: He put his arm around her. "Not at all… You are full of surprises." they were within sight of the boat now, no close to privacy and consumating thier marriage though if he was honest he was close to pushign her down to the dock and havign her there… "Now lets get to that private time.." -04:32 Apr 08
Kate: "Honeymoon private time." Kate broke away from him to turn around and walk backwards in front of him. There was her smirking again. Very wicked smirking. "A special honeymoon. You’re sure as hell not going to get bored of me, Raul Emidio." Kate cackled, running ahead to skip up the boat ramp and across the deck. Disappearing in to the cabin along with a bag she snatched up. Without explaining a word of what she was doing! -04:36 Apr 08
Raul: "That even a thought?" he called after her before shaking his head. He had just married a funny our, ut the good kind of funny, he could only wonder what she was thinking up.. somehting kinky maybe… this made hims grin wider as he mounted the ramp. -04:38 Apr 08
Kate: In took her a few moments. Locked up in the bathroom throwing off that dress and taking her hair down. When Kate slid the door open, it was a whole different kind of transformation. A loose white shirt with a tight corset belt. A ragged slip of fabric as a skirt and boots up to her knees. Her hair was tied back with a scarf. And if it were for the fact she wasn’t wearing any pants, she might’ve looked very authentic pirate. When she stalked out and strode over, she stopped at a fair distance and turned. Using one finger to pull up the edge of her skirt at her thigh. Kate wasn’t wearing any panties either, and her grin was a sly one. -04:45 Apr 08
Raul: He looked at her as she immediatly captivated his attention. he had loosened his shirt but seeign her it wasn’t his shirt that was tight. "Kate.." he said as he took a step towards her.. "When I called you my pirate queen I was being affectionate…" -04:49 Apr 08
Kate: He got a few places closer and she pulled out a switch blade to poke against his chest. Kate could not get that wicked look off her face. "What’s the point of doing anything if you’re not going to do it right? You want a pirate queen, you get a pirate queen. Now I suggest you take off all those clothes before I get mad and stabby." -04:53 Apr 08
Raul: he loo at her as he reached up to unbuttom the rest of his shirt. "You’re robbing me of my clothes on out wedding day? Gods help me I think I’ve married a woman whose trying to take advantage of me. -04:59 Apr 08
Kate: "It’s not your clothes that I want, Ru." Kate helped expidite the process by unbuttoning and unzipping his pants with her empty hand. She kept that knife trained on him, though. That was part of the fun. -05:02 Apr 08
Raul: His hand brushed the hand holding the knife. "then you’re goign to rob me of my innocence?" he grinned "Big bad Kate stealignt he virtue of young married men…" he couldn’t keep a treait face. -05:05 Apr 08
Kate: "Fuck that, I’m kidnapping a Pirate Sea God and breaking his spirit, so he’s a meek and mewling servant to my commanding wiles." He was taking too long, so without any sort of gentleness, Kate was turning him and shoving him down the cabin towards bed. "Get those clothes off before I tear them off!" -05:08 Apr 08
Raul: He stepped out of his pants and sat on the bed to pull his socks off, his eyes staying on her. "You know you look really good dressed up.." he was naked now, and still his eyes were upon her. "Promise me you’ll do it more often." -05:11 Apr 08
Kate: "Oh, I promise all right." He had his clothes off and she was climbing on to his lap. She was definitely not wearing anything under that skirt. Curling an arm around his neck, she tapped his knife against his chin before leaning down to kiss his cheek. "Now this is what we’re gonna do…" she spoked softly, running kisses along his jaw. "You’re gonna call me Captain Kate and if you’re a good prisoner, I’ll let ya see my booty…" -05:18 Apr 08
Raul: He leaned away from the knife.. "Yes.. Captain.. he put his hand on her back at hus eyes looked over her. "Anything else?"h hsi lap wa moving under her as he shifted on the bed. -05:25 Apr 08
Kate: The fact he was being obedient had her snickering! But his movement was very distracting… she was going to have to something about that. Kate opened her legs wider, bracing her knees on the bed. She pulled him right back to her, pressing her body flush with his as she nipped gently at his ear. Flicking her tongue at the sensitive place just underneath. "I want you begging for mercy." she whispered softly. -05:29 Apr 08
Raul: His hand slip up herback and into her hair. "You to do you? You wish to tame the sea and make it your own?" he gripped her hair as he nipped her neck "I want to proove that even pirated are at the mercy of the winds and waves…" -05:32 Apr 08
Kate: Ever so often Raul had a way with words that was just down right sexy as hell. Kate almost tossed the game to the winds and fucked him right there. Instead, she tilted back just a fraction, resting her forehead against his. Her knife tapped gently against his cheek before she was drawing it down his neck and over his chest. "Big words for a prisoner. But I’m the one with the knife." The phrase was murmured against his mouth before she brushed her lips over his in a feather soft kiss. -05:36 Apr 08
Raul: He kissed her back his hand grippign her hair "I’m on your bed, in your cabin, on your boat Captain Kate. But you’re on my sea and if you’re not careful the sea will get rough on your boat and leave you looking for somehting to hold onto…" -05:40 Apr 08
Kate: "Like that scares me." she grinned against his mouth. Biting his bottom lip before sucking away the pain. Then just as quick, she shoved him on to his back, having to tilt forward with his hand in her hair, but not at all looking worried about his words. Grinding against him with a subtle movement of her hips, Kate cast him a lopsided smile. "Better shush now, or the Captain’s not gonna let her prisoner have any fun until she’s all done." -05:46 Apr 08
Raul: He couldn’t hide his smile as he looked up at her, expectant, eager. "That might not end well.." he advised his hands pulling her further down on top of him and his hips shifted under her again. "But on a ship a captain is god.." he let go of her hair as he continued to look at her… -05:52 Apr 08
Kate: "Goddess Kate has a nice ring to it." She took his mouth in a hard kiss, forcing her tongue past his lips to flick at his. Her empty hand ran over his and chest. Deliberately grazing her nails over a nipple as it traveled down. Kate shifted, lifting her body off him with her knees until she grasped his cock. The stroking of her fingers were gentle, but she knew exactly where to give pressure and how. -06:00 Apr 08
Raul: The quid died on his tongue as his muscles tightened and his hands went to her sides. "Captain Kate.. godess of the seas…" he purred as his hips moved with her hand and his went to the back of her neck. -06:04 Apr 08
Kate: She loved it. Every little expression on his face when she did things like this. Her hand pumped up and down. Ever so often brushing his tip with her thumb, and thruroughly enjoying the way he’d tighten every time she did. She tilted again, pressing her lips against his neck before nipping his skin with her teeth. -06:12 Apr 08
Raul: He pulled her closer he back riding from the bed. "This is unfair.." he breathedas he tried to find her lips for a kiss. Then hi shands moved up to her shoulders and he ran his nails over her skin a smirk crossing over his face as he roved to roll on top of her. "Maybe its time I made it fair." -06:16 Apr 08
Kate: "Hey…! There’s no such thing as fair for prisoners." She released him, only to push up against his chest. That knife not forgotten when she brought it up under his chin. "I’m not done tormenting you yet." -06:20 Apr 08
Raul: He pus his hand on the writs holding the knife. "So the fing on my finer is a shackly holding me to your will?" he teased lifting his chin away from the knife. "And if the catpain want to torment, she just does… so…" he moved his hips against hers. "She should.." -06:22 Apr 08
Kate: Kate had a really good response. She did. Except it just wasn’t coming to mind as she squirmed beneath him. Arcing her back so her hips and stomach met his skin and curling one of her legs around him. "…hum… y’know, I think we can skip the torment part…" -06:30 Apr 08
Raul: He grinned as he kissed down at her his fingertips ticklig the back of her neck as his other hand moved to rub up and down her inner thigh. "Its ok, you’re still Captain, Kate, my pirate queen." -06:48 Apr 08
Kate: "So smug when I’m letting you free." she muttered, dropping her knife down to the floor so she could grab his head and drag him to her for a rough kiss. She might have abandoned her ruse, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t gonna rough him up. -06:53 Apr 08
Raul: He kissed her back equally rough as he grabbed her hair again and help her there. His body shifted position against hers as hi hand lifted the miniskirt out of the way and he nipped her lower lip. "How its time to see what sea gods do to pirate queens…" he chuckled flicking his tongue against her lip. -06:57 Apr 08
Kate: "..should I start screamin’? Cause I know your family history.." she muttered back, unsure if that was sexy as hell, or potentially terrifying. One of her legs slipped upwards and the look on her face as she bite at his tongue suggested she was more than ready to give him a good fight for it. -07:03 Apr 08
Raul: "Depends on the kind of screaming." he advised pressing himself into he thigh so she could feel him throb. He bepayed the bite to his tongue with a nip down her neck. "Its a pitty I like you in this outfit.. or I’d have you naked…" -07:09 Apr 08
Kate: "And I was gonna let you take it off me too…!" Her voice was coming out breathy, more than she wanted it too. Kate took advantage of the moment, throwing her weight against him so she was back on top again. Swooping over him to bend down and run her tongue down his chest. -07:16 Apr 08
Raul: He let out a low growl the melted into a sigh as his hands went to her shoulders and his eyes watched her. Beneath her tongue his chest sightened his body flexing. "How do you make me feel like this?" he asked out of the blue. -07:21 Apr 08
Kate: "Comination of sexy and madness?" she breathed against his skin, a gentle nip at his stomach followed by a wicked snicker at the response. Kate continued all the way down until she was kissing a trail up his shaft. And without warning taking him deep in to her mouth. He’d be the one begging for mercy yet! -07:25 Apr 08
Raul: There was only one place for his hands to grip, the bed, and the seetes were pulled tight around the corners as he gasped in surprise. "First you hands now…" his voice was breathless as he sucked in between his teeth and his hips rose without him meaning them to. "Mmmm Kate… Never stop suprising me.." -07:28 Apr 08
Kate: She hummed in response. That along with the way her mouth was grinning being felt all too easily. Her tongue ran over his head in slow teasing swirls as she sucked. A hand drawing her nails over his stomach and pressing his hips back down when he moved. -07:33 Apr 08
Raul: He raised his shoulders up on his elbows to watch heras he sucked his bottom lip beteen his teeth. Then he threw back his head and moaned he couldn’t help himself. He fact the she wouldn’t let him move his lips seemed unfair. He whispered her name again and fem back down… she was really good at this… -07:37 Apr 08
Kate: As pleasing as her name sounded whispered, that wasn’t near enough. Her hand shifted to grip the base, her thumb and fingers helping to caress where her mouth and tongue couldn’t reach. The bobbing of her head was slow and deliberate. Making sure her felt every caress of her tongue and gentle grazing of her teeth. And the more he shifted on the bed, the quicker she moved! -07:42 Apr 08
Raul: He couldn’t stay still, with every rie and fall of his breath his arms tensed and relaxed. His hip tried to do the same bet with Kate’s hand where it was they couldn’t move. He lifted his head to watch her again and sucked a breaht between her teeth. THis was not what he pictured her doing on thier wedding day but he couldn’t find room in his head to complain. "You’re alazing at this." he managed to whisper, though her slow pace was getting to him "Faster.. more.. Kate.." -07:46 Apr 08
Kate: Kate gave another hum, which might have been a laugh. He was lucky she was kind enough to consider that a plead. Adjusting herself for a better grip, Kate did just as he asked. She quickened her pace. Faster with her tongue, sucking him harder and taking him as deep in to her mouth as she could. -07:52 Apr 08
Raul: He pulled on the sheeat and bit his lip. then was forsed to open his mouth as a shuddering breath came out of him and his back arced. "Fuck…." his legs twowtchedas she moved and he could feet pressure building alarmingly fast. -07:55 Apr 08
Kate: If she didn’t have her mouth full of him, she’d be taunting him. As it were, Kate was trying not to giggle, her lips firmly around his shaft, now slick from her attention and letting her hand and mouth move with ease. She could taste precum, leaving her aware just how close she had him…! Her free hand shifted to grip his balls and give a gentle squeeze. -08:01 Apr 08
Raul: His eyes closed and he gunted his hips shifting under her. God this has so good he was having trouble thinking anythign at all. He sould feel his mind slippign and what little he didn’t growled, thatsexactly what kate was after…. "God.. Kate.. I…" he came his eyes openeing as his back arched again…. his hands ballign into fusts as the pulled the corners of the sheet from the matress. -08:06 Apr 08
Kate: She squeaked out of reflex more than surprise, but her mouth never left him. Kate sucked and swallowed and licked until there wasn’t a thing left, and his body stopped jerking to fall still against the bed. She finally lift her head, leaning on her arm and brushing her thumb over her mouth to wick away any lingering wetness. "Any good Captain can bend the sea." Kate was grinning like the devil. -08:13 Apr 08
Raul: He was panting as he looked bown at her and grinned back. There was n space in his head for comebacks or witty retorts, he simply sat up, grabbed her and pulled her into a needy kiss hia kipps pressing into and sliding across hers. -08:15 Apr 08
Kate: Kate was laughing all the way down until his mouth was on her. Her giggling quickly faded to a soft sigh as she returned his kiss with equal ferver. -08:21 Apr 08
Raul: He rolled pissing her down with his hands on her shoulder as he flicked his tongue against her lip his hips sliding up against hers. Then hi shands were after the lases of her outfit to pull them loose and pul the hem of her top down explosing her breasts. -08:25 Apr 08
Kate: "Now you take off my clothes." she breathed out in a taunt. Knowing she had him melting in her hands before had Kate on a power high, and his sliding up against her was getting her all riled up. Biting her bottom lip, she squirmed beneath him. Running her hands up his arms. -08:29 Apr 08
Raul: "Maybe waiting makes to sweeter?" he breathed softly as he leaned forwards to kiss and suck on her nipple as he gathered the bottom hem of bothe layers of her top and pullsed them up over her head, thne he has back to holdign her down and grinding his hips into hers hi hand going to guide his tip to her lips. -08:34 Apr 08
Kate: Kate sighed, her head tilting back against the bed. Her muscles were already flexing and twitching in anticipation. Kate brushed one of her hands in to his hair. "…hard already, Ru.. and I thought I had you so good…!" -08:38 Apr 08
Raul: "You did." he admitted kissin up her neck. "But you foret I’m more than human." he pushed into her has his lips reached her, slifing in easily thanks to the attention she anready gave him. "There are benefits to dating a demigod.. and Its not just a botfriend who throws lightning." -08:40 Apr 08
Kate: "Oh!" she responded first in a gasp. It didn’t take long for her body to adjust to him. Solid and fullfilling, Kate couldn’t help but rocking her hips against him just for that subtle movement. "That’s… that’s pretty damn awesome…!" she was practically purring. Curling both of her hands through his hair now in a soft pet. -08:44 Apr 08
Raul: He pushed in deeper and ran his tongue over her lip. He loves the warm feeling inside her and the way she moves when he did. "You’re telling me.." His hand ran his nails up her side so that his hand could curl under her shoulder and his chest moved against hers. -08:51 Apr 08
Kate: "So freaking hot.." she murmured, before pulling him in to a hard kiss. Kate nipped his mouth, growling playfully against him. Her skin was tingling from her head to her toes! "Then you better fuck me all night or until I pass out Ru and prove it." -08:59 Apr 08
Raul: He kissed her back murmoring against her mouth. "WOuld I spend out wedding night any other way?" His hans moved back to pul her leg up next to him and he pushed in deeper with another thrust and let s half purr half growl escape from his thoat. -09:02 Apr 08
Kate: She loved that sound. Throaty growling Raul. Kate nuzzled against his cheek, kissing along his jaw until she found his neck and breathed in deep. Her tongue grazed over his skin, followed by another long sigh. "Shit, you make me feel so..!" Kate couldn’t even think of how to describe it. Her whole body was vibrating with the sensation. She braced a foot on the bed so she could push up and grind against him. Every muscle in her stomach was coiled tight. -09:10 Apr 08
Raul: He put a hand on her hip and pushed in deeper loving the attention to his neck ".. you too.. Kate.." he was talking between breaths ne he pushed his body as close to hers as he could trying to feel as mush of her skin as possible. -09:14 Apr 08
Kate: Kate twist, locking her legs around his hips by hooking her ankles together. She couldn’t keep her hands from roaming. Grazing his arms, his shoulders. Tugging on his hair, or dragging her nails down his back. Squeezing his ass to push him harder. Kate was all but whimpering against his ear. That churning in the pit of her stomach rising to a frenzy. -09:20 Apr 08
Raul: His hips moved, his back and legs bending to allow him to go in deeper, to move faster. "Mmmhmm Kate." he breathed as he kissed at every part of her he could reach and sweat colelcted on his skin. He was in heaven. -09:35 Apr 08
Kate: "Say my name like you really really love me, Ru.." she hissed in to his ear. Her teeth clenched tight trying to keep herself from gasping or moaning… but failing terribly when one slipped out. Kate was writhing under him. Her head tilting from side to side as her arms dropped above her head to clench in to the wrinkled sheets. -09:39 Apr 08
Raul: He pushed in harder his hips sliding and pushing into hers. "ooog Kate." he purred his hand going to the bakc of her neck to grip it. "I love you Kate…" his hips pushed and shook he has close, do cnose he could only press his face into her as he continued to whisper her name. -09:45 Apr 08
Kate: "Oh my god, I so sooo love you…!" The gasped phrase came out in a rush, followed by a cooing squeal! Both of her arms being thrown over her face to muffle the sound of her sudden screaming. Her body jerking upwards as that coiled up tension released all at once. She tightened around him, all the way from her core to her legs. Locking him closer with every toss and shudder. -09:50 Apr 08
Raul: He moved to her his shart sliding as deep as it could with her shuddering and he released. "I love you too." he whispered as he kiised her shoulder his panting breath washing over her sweaty skin. "I married on hell of a woman…" -09:53 Apr 08
Kate: She couldn’t breathe. And it wasn’t because he was on top of her, or because she near smothered herself in near bliss. Kate wrapped her arms tight around his neck, nuzzling his cheek with such a pleased sigh. It was just the only sensible thing she could respond with! -09:57 Apr 08
Raul: He pulled her close and up next to him under the blanket. "We’ll take a short break.. then see about all night…" -10:00 Apr 08
Myth and Legacy

Myth and Legacy 008: The Beginning of the End

[Raul has finally put the book away havign gotten what he needs from it. Its back in it’s case!] -01:21 Apr 07
[Kate is sleeping. Because it’s a fantastic bed, and she’s hella tired no thanks to Raul!] -01:22 Apr 07
Raul: He snapped closed the case then turned to the other side of the bed where Kate lay, sliding closer and runnign his hand down the side of her neck. “Kaaate.” he whispered softly his lips a fraction of an inch from hers his eyes on her closed lids. “Kaaate…” his hand went blow the covers to her side… “Guess what…” -01:25 Apr 07
Kate: Having already done everything -she- needed to for Raul’s little quest, Kate was getting to enjoy a vacation. A vacation involving sleep. …that Raul was now trying to ruin. Kate swatted at him as she moved to roll over. “Dun care… call me when the boat is done.” -01:27 Apr 07
Raul: He frabbed her shoulder and rolled her onto her back, She was talkig that mean she was awake enough to hear, and feel… He put his lips to her as he pulled the blanket off of her his hadn going to her hip. “Book is done.” he said efore his lips alighted on her throat. “Now I’m lookign to do somehtign else..” -01:29 Apr 07
Kate: Kate grumbled wearily, reaching for her blanket with one hand and trying to push Raul away with the other. “Buggar off. I’m trying to sleep! Go to bed…” Kate resumed her grumbling. Did he EVER sleep? She spent all day running HIS errands while he sat around reading…! -01:33 Apr 07
Raul: He threw the blanket onto the floor then slid his hands under her shirt pushign it up. “Come on Kate, it time to wake up…” who cared if it was almost midnight, he nipped her neck and pulled her shirt over her head. “Its time for sex.” -01:36 Apr 07
Kate: She snorted out a soft laugh. “Time for sex…? worst come on ever…” Wait, where the hell did her shirt go? Now her eyes were open and blinking wearily. Kate caught him by the hair to pull his head away from her neck and scowled at him. “Sleeping. Kate sleeping time.” -01:39 Apr 07
Raul: “Very articulate of you.” he teased grabbign her hair with both hands and trying to pull her into a kiss. “You were vocal enough about wanting it earlier..” -01:42 Apr 07
Kate: “I was -awake- earlier.” she complained. When the hell did it get so hot for a guy to be annoyingly persistant. Kate allowed herself to be pulled in for a kiss. But it was a chaste, quick one. Then she was trying to shove him away so she could roll over and go back to sleep. A very wicked smirk across her features. -01:48 Apr 07
Raul: He let her roll over, all the better to pull whatever she was wearing on the bottom down her legs and let it join her shirt and blanket on the floor. Then get his hands rubbing her ass… “If you want ot from behind thats fine by me…” he said as he bent down to nip her ass cheek. -01:51 Apr 07
Kate: Kate jumped. Then she was hitting the mattress with a fist and groaning in to pillow in annoyance. “You’re such a jeeeerk!” Kate rolling again, this time sitting up as she did and kicking a foot out to send him off and away from the bed. “You want it, then bring it! But I’mma make it as hard as possible and then your ass is going to passed out for the next week!” -01:55 Apr 07
Raul: He caught her foot and used it to pull her closer. “Do you have to make it so dificult?” he asked “Don’t you want to make me as hard as possible instead?” he kiss her the leg he held just above the knee. “Or does kate want me to have to tie her down?” -01:58 Apr 07
Kate: “There’s an idea.” Her tone was sarcastic, but… tying down huh? Kate kept that idea for later and masked her amused grinning behind another scowl. “I’m tellin you, Ru…. Don’t get me all feisty, cause it’s not gonna be me tied up in this bed.” In fact, where were those scarves? She could tie him down now, fool around a bit and then sleep! Let him waste the night horny as hell and he’d be all the more appreciative in the morning. Kate scrambled for the edge of the bed. -02:02 Apr 07
Raul: He grinned. “Because that went so well last time…” he said his hands sliding up her thigh and back down. “Or did you like what happened after that so much you want to do it again?” he pulled her closer again his ahdns sliding up to her hips before he jumped on her his hadn going to pin her shoulders down. “I personally want to be on top.” -02:07 Apr 07
Kate: Kate was pounced and there was a soft squeal from her. Her squirming was minimal though… His body was warm and as much as she did want to sleep, Kate was quickly forgetting why. “Oh? What makes you think I like anything you do?” Kate twitched her fingers. Since she was awake now… her hands slipped under him to get rid of those pants. -02:12 Apr 07
Raul: He looked down at he hand as they stripped him “I have my reasons for suspition…” he said before pressing his lips into hers his hadn going to rub against her hip “I personally love what you do.” -02:25 Apr 07
Kate: Between her hands and a little help from her feet, she had his pants stripped off quick without even having to move away from his mouth. Kate’s scowling was long gone and replaced with that wide assinine grin. One that grew even more smirky when she grabbed his balls and squeezed without any sort of warning or trepidation. “Love me now, but you’re gonna be begging me to stop in a minute. You have no idea the things I’mma do to you…” she murmured, throwing an arm around his neck as she took him in a hard kiss. -02:31 Apr 07
Raul: There was a surprised purr into his throat he as nipped her lip. “Is that a promise?” he asked his prip on her shoulders tightning. “Because you know I do love you, and thats not going to change.” he wiggles his hips against her his legs slidign betwen hers to push them apart. -02:36 Apr 07
Kate: Aww damnit. There went her fight and feist. All because he had to say something so unexpectedly sweet that stupid inner-romantic Kate was squealing in delight. Kate released him, so she could curl her other arm around his neck. Nuzzling against his cheek so he couldn’t see that sudden smitten, love-sick expression that fell over her face. “Do you have to say things like that…? You get me all stupid when you do…” she murmured against his ear. -02:44 Apr 07
Raul: he kissed her neck and ran a tickling hand down her side. “Maybe I like that…” he whipered movign to kiss her likes “Maybe I like Kate when shes my Kate, adn not against me Kate…. sometimes.” -02:48 Apr 07
Kate: “Your Kate.” she grinned against his mouth, letting out a soft snicker when he tickled her side. She loved the sound of that. Just as much as she loved the sometimes tacked on to the end. “Didn’t realize romance was your style, Ru…” She never thought it would be hers either, for that matter. Kate kissed him soft, pulling her arms down to brace her hands at his cheeks. -02:53 Apr 07
Raul: “Well it would have to work both ways…” he pointed out as he moved agaist her his lips brushing hers as his hips began to grind. His quickie was turning into somehtign else… something sweet. “That doesn’t mean I won’t still tie you down. -02:57 Apr 07
Kate: “I’d love to know why that makes me love you more…” Kate tossed all ideas of frisking him up and leaving him unsatisfied out the window. He had her wanting a lot more than just a fast fuck. She nibbled on his lips, sucking gently on the lower as her hands curled gently in to his hair. “How about making love to me and we’ll talk about typing up later.” she whispered. -03:03 Apr 07
Raul: “It would be a pleasure.” he whispered his hand sliding to her hip as he moved into position against her his tongue sliding against her lip. and his tip pushed against her…. an it was then that the window shattered and SOMETHING hit the wall above them and hent strait through. -03:08 Apr 07
Kate: Not the kind of screaming Kate was -wanting- to do. But she was pretty quick to shove Raul and roll them both to the floor, where it probably wasn’t safe, but at least within grabbing distance of a weapon. A shattered window and a hole in the ceiling. There was nothing she could -see- yet, but now very audible screams could be heard in the distance. “Well FUCK!” -03:14 Apr 07
Raul: First thing Raul grabbed here pants, throwing Kate hers and pullign his one fast, second was his gun and the case with the book… Then he listened.. adn felt.. “Its him..” he said without any doubt, it didn’t break into his mind like last tiem but Raul could feel Vardri’s presnese. “To the boatyard… he need to get off this island..” -03:20 Apr 07
Kate: “Something’s always gotta ruin the good shit!” she was bitching, but only so she had something be angry about instead of giving in to panic. The last time Raul mentioned Vardri he had gone all scary defeated Raul, and Kate wasn’t sure how she’d handle that yet. She had her pants on quick and pulled a shirt over her head. Anything that was loose she stuffed in to her small bag. …then it was all about grabbing her pistol and making sure it was loaded. Kate wasn’t forgeting she had it this time. -03:24 Apr 07
Raul: He only seemed to grab two things other than the book and his gun, and that was his wallet and satellite phone, then he was out the bedroom door and gun in hand waiting at the front door. Then when Kate caught up he opened it… and the burning city greeted thier eyes. It looked liek Vardri had brought and army of his pets… and gunfire was sporadic as overhead a news helicopter circled in the night “Right lets move!” -03:27 Apr 07
Kate: Kate was hoping on one foot trying to get her other shoe on, and nearly ran back in to the room once she saw the hell in the distance. “What kind of shit did you get me in to?! ….don’t answer that!” Kate didn’t want to know and the faster they left Barbados the better. Kate didn’t get far on to the boardwalk before one of those humanish creatures came darting out like some sort of speedy demon. She didn’t think twice about raising her gun and firing. …and Kate was a surprisingly good shot for someone who thought a conch on a stick was a good idea. -03:36 Apr 07
Raul: The gunfire woulf only attract more of them and Raul grabbed her and and bagan to run, ignorign the noisr then here making. “When you saw your boat did it look lik it would sail?” he asked “Because I think its time we took it for a test drive.” He fired at one of the things moving to block thier way hitting it int he legt despite being running. “We grab fuel and we get out of here.” -03:40 Apr 07
Kate: “Just missing a little spit and polish and far as I — Fuck!” There had to be some sort of monster magnet on them, because it wasn’t just one or two of the things popping out now. More and more were creeping right up out of the ocean and on to the docks, and Kate made the mistake of looking behind them. She didn’t have enough bullets for this! By the time they reached the shipyard, the shits must have been psychic as they were trying to demolish everything that was already waiting out on the water. Tearing other fleeing people apart and blocking the walk to the boathouse where her new precious was -hopefully- hidden and waiting to be launched. -03:46 Apr 07
Raul: Raul cracked his knuckles and handed Kate his gun. He didn’t want the bunnets to go off in the magazine accidently. “Stay close behind me and kill any that get too close he sait the the wind started to pick up around them, the gusts in time with Raul’s breathing. “This is not going to be pretty…” WHat he did pick up was a peice of steel reinforcing rod… comethign conductive and heavy, Thing were going to get bloody before this was done. “ANd we have to hurrym hes getting closer.” -03:51 Apr 07
Kate: “Here I was looking forward to a midnight tango.” Kate hissed back. For all her coolness, she was freaking the hell out. Kate readjusted her bag so the strap was across her chest and it was out of the way. Somehow she thought it would feel a lot more badass with a pair of guns about to face down a hoard of monsters, but she was really just terrified. …However it didn’t stop her from popping one in the face with a bullet when it jumped at them. And never did she step out of Raul’s shadow. -03:55 Apr 07
Raul: Raul swung the bar with both hands catching one of the creatures across the face. Then there was a flash of blue light and the cackle of eletricity as he pushed the creature back into it’s felows and several of them fell, dead. The storm was picking up too, a miniture reverse tornado forming aroudn them, the constant flow of air pusign away from them instead of sucking towards. “We should grab a few cans of fuel just in case..” he said over the gathering gale. “We don’t want to run out before we get anywhere.” -04:00 Apr 07
Kate: “Just get us in the goddamned building!” she spat back. Kate only had so much she could focus on at once. If Raul didn’t want her slipping in to a puddle of crazy, she needed to keep feeling like she was being effective! Kate didn’t waste bullets. She relied a lot on Raul being quick enough to swing at most. Those he missed or got too close she let get just close enough so when she shot, they went down and weren’t getting back up. No itchy trigger finger, despite the fact she -looked- like she was flipping out and two toothy bastards away from running off screaming. -04:07 Apr 07
Raul: “Gettign in is easy.” he said right before a lighting strike sent most of the creatures to the ground and Raul dashed forwards pulling kate along with him. He kicked one of the then looked like it might be getting back up in the face on his way past. “Hope the boat is still intact…” he ducked through the door into the workshop where it was being built and immediatly turned to baricade th door once Kate was though. Not that there wern’t and uglies in the workshop, but there were less of them than out there. -04:11 Apr 07
Kate: “OH HELL NO, GET THE FUCK OFF MY BOAT.” …Nope! Panic over. The minute she saw one of those things jumping on to her shiny new home, Kate was ready to rip them apart with her bare hands. The boat was tied and tilted, ready to slide off it’s bracers for launch. Kate was running up the ramp, shooting the first bastard she saw and then ramming the second with her shoulder until it toppled off the side. She unhooked her bag, letting it drop to the deck. Immediately heading to the controls to make sure everything worked and COULD leave. -04:15 Apr 07
Raul: Raul threw the case onto the boat followed by a coupel cans of fuel, he didn’t join Kate on deck though. His job was to launch the thing. There had to be a lever… There.. adn only three between him and it. I/ll have your boat in the drink in ten seconds.” he warned her as the bar crackled with energy.. “Come on …” they charge him and he swung… sidestepped, and kicked the level sindign the boat sliding downwards.. without him. -04:19 Apr 07
Kate: Kate couldn’t think about what he was doing and where he -wasn’t- yet. She kept her footing as the boat groaned and slid it’s way in to the water. There was that first holding of her breath, hoping it wouldn’t sink as soon as it hit. Breathing out in relief, Kate got the engines going. The tank was already full and the controls seemed to be working okay. Navigation was spot on, her wheel was okay…. And then she felt herself colliding in to the wall as something rammed in to her. She scrambled to reach one of the dropped guns, as a clawed hand circled around her ankle and was trying to drag her out of the cabin. -04:28 Apr 07
Raul: Raul was in the water and swimming to the boat, grabbign the side and pulling himself on board. “KATE!” he called out looking for her. The he heard a crash from the cabin and ducked inside. “KATE?” he could hear splashes as more of them came for the boat.. shit they needed to get out of here. -04:31 Apr 07
Kate: Raul was met with the sudden swinging of a clawed hand slashing towards his face. Kate was released and scrambling across the ground to turn and aim her gun… but if she fired she’d hit Raul! Trusting that he could protect himself, Kate climbed to her feet, wiping blood from her forehead with the back of her arm. Pushing the gas on the speed control to propell the boat forward and out of the dock. -04:38 Apr 07
Raul: Raul took a gash to the throay, only just deep enough to peirce the skin, his reataliation was a jolt and a blow with the bar, the boat moved beneath them and he pulled the thing out on deck, hit it again and threw it overboard, then a flash of lightning his the water and fried a good portion of those in it… they were moving there was no way those left would catch up… and raul fell onto the closest bench panting.. then Looked over at kate.. “We made it… are you hurt?” -04:42 Apr 07
Kate: Kate didn’t leave the helm. Eyes glancing from the sea in front of them back down to the navigation. Everything had to work. Their lives depended on it! Once she realized he spoke to her, she blinked a moment in dizzy confusion. A hand rising to her head to check just how badly she got herself banged up. “Less than I thought…” -04:49 Apr 07
Raul: “The island…” he said “My family’s island we need to go back there… I know there the Moira’s Gloom is hidden.” he stood again walking up to her. “You’re going to see the ship from all those stories you sell to the public.” -05:32 Apr 07
Kate: “…I’m pretty sure we’re probably going to die.” Kate responded. Everything seemed to be hitting her all at once. Just how bad it really was, and how much worse it could get. “There’s no way we’re gonna live through that! Look at you. Look at me! We’re so fucked!” -05:36 Apr 07
Raul: “Hey!” he grabbed her shoulders and shook her. “We can do this. We’re still alive and together aren’t we? We got a boat… YOU have a boat, plenty of fuel.. and I know how to get magic swords. We can do this.. together.” he put his arms arounf her and pulled her close, still only werign his pants and nothing else.. “Who else kicks more ass than us.” he had nown this moment would coem for her, it had come for him back when he learned his family was dead. That was the moment all of this became real… -05:41 Apr 07
Kate: Kate didn’t want to be comforted! She wanted to steer the boat off to Africa and hide somewhere in an elephant graveyard where no one would find her. But she leaned forward, bury her face at his chest, trying to reclaim some form of indignant anger so she could function. “This is too fucking hard! I am not the one supposed to be doing this! I give tours and steal shit! I don’t battle monsters and kill sea gods!” -05:48 Apr 07
Raul: “N one knows more about the legends than you, at least no one that didn’t grow up living them. And to fight legendary monsters who better than someone who knows them, can use a gun, and can tame the heart of the man who once loved nothing but the sea. You are more than qualified to be a pirate queen, and it was a pirate queen who defeated him last time…” -06:37 Apr 07
Kate: “Bunch of stupid bullshit and it’s just my luck to go and DIE just when I finally get something awesome!” She could hear the words, and it helped to hear them. But at the same time she was pretty damn sure most of her stories ended with tragic sacrifices. Kate pushed him back to punch his shoulder. “You better not fucking die and pull some crazy heroic shit! If we do this, nobody is dying!” -06:42 Apr 07
Raul: “No one died last time.” he pointed out. “I promise no one will this time either. We’ll survive this, and move to the island, hire some people, and do what we do best. We’ll be rich and heads of the biggest gun running empire this side of the russian border… just you and me for the rest of out lives. I promise.” -06:46 Apr 07
Kate: “I’m going to hold you to that promise. I know some voodoo Hatians…” That wasn’t going to help her if SHE died, but it was a start. Kate pulled back, examining his face for a moment. “…Hey Ru…. You wanna marry me?” -06:53 Apr 07
Raul: He looked at her surprise on his face… “You are a captain, technically…” he said “You could to it right now, if you’re willing to rebuild the family with me…” his voice was soft. “I do want to marry you… I do want to be yours forever and have you be mine.” -06:57 Apr 07
Kate: “I want to get married, not make babies.” Kate hadn’t even meant to just blurt out asking him to marry her. It just… happened! But it felt right, and it was easy imagining the rest of her life with Raul, even if all they did was screw around on the sea and jumped from island to island. “I want a real ceremony though. With a preacher…. before we go face ancient evil. Then you’ll remember you have a wife who freaking insane enough to go with you and we’ll both survive.” -07:01 Apr 07
Raul: “Then set a course for an island with a preacher.. and a jewelers” he leaned down and kissed her softly his lips lingering in hers. “We’ll get everything sorted out… And have that wedding.” -07:04 Apr 07
Myth and Legacy

Myth and Legacy 007: No Saying No

[Raul is finally at the part of the journal hes been looking for. The informative stuff.. Ferius was far too long-winded when he wrote this thing.] -10:58 Apr 02
[Kate spent a couple days doing what she was -supposed- to be doing. Prepping supplies and preparing for a journey. She even got to see the almost completed boat today! …and now she is in a very, very good mood.] -10:59 Apr 02
Kate: Kate arrived back at their suite, tired from running around all day, but incredibly excited. The new boat was turning out even better than she expected. All shiny, amazing, custom… and he was building that for her BEFORE the whole very awkward dating conversation. Now she was itching to get her hands on him and show him just how much she appreciate it… Kate kicked off her shoes. "How long have you been reading that, Ru…" -11:02 Apr 02
Raul: [i]the creation of theses godslaying swords is long and complex. I have left my notes from the translation here, though have never created one myself. They are unable to be wielded by the gods themselves, nor any of thier line…’ "Not long enough.." he didn’t lift his eyes from the book as he turned the page… but then stopped. "Did you get everythign you needed?" he gave her a smile his finger marking his place. "I’m finally getting somewhere over here…" -11:05 Apr 02
Kate: "I got to see the boo-aaaat." She said in a sing-song voice, complete with sounding like boow-ahht. Kate’s prowling across the room looked less like a predetor cat and more like some wicked child up to no good. She leaned over Raul to brush a kiss against his cheek and plucked gently at his shirt. "It’s probably the best boat in the universe, which makes meeee a happy Kate looking to make her new boyfriend just as happy… Iiiif you know what I mean." -11:09 Apr 02
Raul: He shifted away from her payung up his hand to block her lips withough takign his eyes from the book. "I’m at the part I was looking for." he said "The part that tells me how to kill Vardri and what hes weak against… You don’t know where we can get a sword do you?" -11:14 Apr 02
Kate: "There’s stores everywhere." she reponded with some annoyance. Kate swatted his hand away and simply jumped in to his lap. "How about five minutes in heaven! You and me and a peppermint? Yeees?" Kate understood saving the world and all, but five minutes was all it would take! -11:16 Apr 02
Raul: He pushed her off of his lap and rolled over. "It has to be an old sword." he said "A sword that has taken a life." He was ignorign her, this was the crux of the issue, the sooner they got this sword the sooner they could leave barbados. -11:21 Apr 02
Kate: "…Raul. I want you to have sex with me right now." Clearly, she wasn’t being -obvious- enough. Kate advanced, snatching the diary out of his hands. "How about your forget the book for a minute and I’ll go looking for your sword?" She cast a wide, cheesy smile. -11:23 Apr 02
Raul: "I heard you the first time." he growled. "Any other time and I’d say yes but not now Kate." he turned over to face her and snatched at the journal. "Give it back.: -11:31 Apr 02
Kate: "….Are you telling me NO?" she responded, baffled. First of all, no one had ever turned her down before. And second… HE was the one that was all grabby mcforceful hands. "You are NOT telling me." She pulled the journal out of reach, shoving his hand away. -11:41 Apr 02
Raul: "Yes I’m telling you no." he said forcefuly "If you lose my place I’m going to spend MORE time finding it again. And then we’d haev to stay here longer.." So now of all times she was willing… GIRLFRIENDS! -11:45 Apr 02
Kate: Kate closed the journal with SNAP right in front of his face. Then she tossed it over to the night stand. "I am not taking no for an answer." Instead of pouncing on him, though. Kate rolled right off the bed. She stomped over to the closet where she dragged out her bag and dug around. In her hands were a couple of scarves. So when she returned to the bed, she was grabbing one of his arms and tying a knot to his wrist. -11:50 Apr 02
Raul: "Don’t throw a n iriplacable centuries old munuscript thats the key to saving the world." he snapped as she danced away to the closet and he made a leap for the journal. "KATE!" Now what was she doing, he twisted his wrist in his grip and and tried to break free. -12:03 Apr 03
Kate: Kate wasn’t the strongest woman in the world, but she was pretty damned determined. And annoyed. She had to SIT on him to keep him still, but she managed to get his first arm tied up against the bed post with a handy knot. Then she was struggling with him to get the other. "Stop fighting! It’s only going to take longer!" -12:05 Apr 03
Raul: "WHAT THE HELL KATE…" he pulled of the scarf and growled "You know some might consider this rape." it wouldn’t be surprising if days ago she had resisted him.. in fact at any other time this would be SEXY… sexier if reversed. -12:22 Apr 03
Kate: "I like to call it sexy surprise! Quit your squirming." It was a fight to get his other wrist tied to the second post, but she did enjoy how pissy he was being about it. Meant it was gonna be incredibly entertaining wiping that look off his face! -12:25 Apr 03
Raul: He pulled on both scarves until they cut into his wrists. "Kate." there was venom in his voice. "Let me go.." He was clearly serious.. and angry that his place and train of thought were already lost. -12:29 Apr 03
Kate: "Forget it." Kate stood on the bed, backing up a pace or too as she worked on unbuttoning her shirt. The grin she cast down at him was definitely wicked, and not at all apologetic. "And the longer you fight it, the longer this is gonna take. So you should just get comfortable!" -12:34 Apr 03
Raul: He glared up at her. "You really don’t enderstand how important that is do you?" he said once again ignorign her. "A weapon that can make him bleed, that can make any god bleed…" -12:39 Apr 03
Kate: "Hey. I get it just fine. …but I also get that the entire point of being alive is gratuitous sex with your girlfriend and a happy life." With her shirt unbuttoned, she slipped it off her shoulders and tossed it across the room. Then she was undoing her pants and sliding them down her hips to kick them away too. Kate modeled the simple string bikini she was wearing. As it turned off, if she was gonna keep getting dunked in the ocean, it was a lot more comfortable to wear that under her clothes than underwear. -12:42 Apr 03
Raul: He growled, partly becuase of her answer and partly because her stipping had its intended effect. "There will be plenty of time for living when Vardri is back where he belongs…" God damn that was a nice bikini. -12:46 Apr 03
Kate: Kate bounced on the bed a bit and a ridiculous little dance. Knowing exactly how it was going to make her boobs shake and how it would look. "I’m pretty sure he’s not going to be swooping in over the next fifteen minutes… twenty if you’re -really- good." Kate dropped to her knees with another bounce. Crawling forward on the bed until she was hovering over him and her hair was tickling the skin of his chest. "Now the question is… I have you all tied up, what to do with you first…" -12:51 Apr 03
Raul: He shifted on the bed as his eyes remained on hers. Her dance had him hard and if he was free now it wouldn’t be the book he’d be grabbing. His eyes wondered down to her boobs, nestled in the bikini top the showed them off nicely… "You didn’t steal that did you?" he asked… it would be so hot if she had.. -12:54 Apr 03
Kate: There was a sheepish look on her face. "…Maybe a did. …I have a problem, okay! I can’t just stop stealing in a day." she muttered. At least he quit blabbering about that stupid journal. Kate pressed a hand against the headboard at the side of his head. Her other hand had risen, fingers wiggling. Like unwrapping a present, she delicately brushed his open shirt further open and off one shoulder. Then ran her hand across his chest before pushing the other side off too. Then it was a matter of sliding one finger over his skin from the very base of his neck all the way down to his navel. With all the patience in the world. -01:02 Apr 03
Raul: "No.. I like that you stile it.." he said as she exposed his chest his eyes going back to hers his hands stoping thier struggling and holding the scarves. Of all the things she did he focused on that she stole.. "You should steal more.. maybe somethign frilly.." -01:07 Apr 03
Kate: "Yeah, I don’t think I can pull off frilly, Ru." He had a thing for pirates… it figured! Kate kept that in mind for later. She leaned forward, gently nipping at his chin. Kate nuzzled against his neck and flicked her tongue at his collar bone. She was following the path her finger had trailed. It currently hooking in to his waistband, with her thumb popping his pants button loose. "And thought you were mad about me stealing things." she murmured against his stomach. Kissing the skin with feather light softness. -01:11 Apr 03
Raul: He telted his head giving her access he breath waking over her as he kissed her neck his fingers flexing against eh scarves and his feet shifting as his toes curled. "Its one thing to steal…" he said "Its another to steal something to wear for sex.." his voice made it sould liek they were at different as munder and donating to charity.. -01:24 Apr 03
Kate: "Don’t assume it was for this. …not this time." Kate had pre-planned this little encounter. She didn’t expect him to be -difficult- about it. But it was a piece of information to remember for later! His pants were unzipped and she was taking both her hands to pull them and everything else down his legs. Kate tossed them away over her shoulder, an eyebrow raising in smug amusement. "For someone who doesn’t want it, you sure look ready for it, Ruuuu." -01:28 Apr 03
Raul: "And now you’re stealign my lines…" he looked at her his erection impossible to hide, but if she wanted to be this way he would not make it easy for her. Turning his hipson thier side he bought his knees up to his chest. -01:30 Apr 03
Kate: Kate growled. "Seriously Ru?!" She crawled over him, in no way graceful, until she was sitting on his hip and trying to use her leverage to force him back where she wanted him. "I’m about to steal a lot more from you in a minute!" -01:42 Apr 03
Raul: He looked at her his eyes and smirk isuing a changange as he resisted her weight, but he had no leverage and slowly they tipped. "I always knew you were a pirate Kate." he said low. "And you do make a good queen." -01:46 Apr 03
Kate: Kate narrowed her eyes at him. And NOW he was all compliments and soft voice? Kate wasn’t buying it. Now that his ass was back on the sheets again, she was straddling his stomach… but with her back to him! The only view he was going to get was strings and spine. "Raul, you’re a terrible prisoner. But, that’s okay… you’ll be begging for mercy in a minute." Reaching down, she let let her fingers spidercrawl over his lower torso. Brushing over his erection with that same gentle touch. -01:57 Apr 03
Raul: His hips twitched and leg bent "Well too bad, I never wanted to be one." he pointed out. He wanter to sit up and grab her grom behind… she was such a perfect target.. if only it weren’t for these scarves… he pulled at them again. -02:10 Apr 03
Kate: Curling her fingers around his shaft, she squeeze. Running her thumb over the head. "Too bad! You are one!" Caressing just enough to make sure he felt it good, but not enough so it’d be frustrating, she pumped him good. Kate reached behind her head to pull her hair over one shoulder. Might as well make his view good, right? -02:20 Apr 03
Raul: He hips tried to luft under her, adn laa he could watch was the way her shoulder moved. It did feel good. "Kaate." he purred still a dangerous edge to his voice. "You sure I’m going to stay that way?" -02:31 Apr 03
Kate: "I double knotted. I’mma have to cut you loose!" she responded, rather proud about it. Kate tilted backwards until she was laying on him Her bare back against his skin and head on his shoulder. It was much easier for him to see her smug grin that way, even if the bending was a little awkward. "The question is, do I torture you first or get it over with so you can get back to work?" -02:35 Apr 03
Raul: He moved his stomach under her and glanced her way. "Double knotted?" he gave one of them a tug. "You want to torture me?" his chest moved under her as he breathed in… his hands gripping the scarves and just a little zap.. his arms closed around her his left holding her on her back against him and his right going down to her inner thigh. "Tell me how you plan to do that.." -02:47 Apr 03
Kate: "Holy crap!" she shouted. Immediately trying to jump and roll away. How the hell did he get out of that?! …oh. Hrrm. Kate resumed trying to escape! "By driving you crazy, no less than you deserved!" -02:51 Apr 03
Raul: The burned ends of the scarves still hung from his wrists as he held her agaist him not letting her roll or escape as his hands brushe over her crotch feeling every detail. "You know I think I like surprising you like this. Now maybe it time fo me to ask you if I should torture…" -02:56 Apr 03
Kate: Now why did that sound terrifying? Kate tried to bullshit her way out. "…I wasn’t really going to torment you. All I wanted was a few minutes of you time..?" Her trying to sound sweet lasted all of two seconds before she was fighting to squirm out of his grasp again. He was making her whole body flush! -03:01 Apr 03
Raul: "Shhhhhhh" he said quietly. "Theres no need to fight I’m just giving you what you wanted." He bit her neck and continued to rub her crotch. "You want sex… you’re about to get it. Now what do you want?" -03:05 Apr 03
Kate: "Nooo, Ruuu. No biting!" Kate was pretty sure it was going to be revenge and not at all what she was intending. She was still squirming. Drawing her legs up and trying to twist away, even though it was so mind numbingly divine. "I want.. five minutes?" -03:08 Apr 03
Raul: "Five minutes of what?" he asked tonging her ear as a finger slipped inside her his arm pinning her hips to his. "Come now, amor mío, there must be somethign you’ve been wanting." -03:11 Apr 03
Kate: "I’m uh.. really not.. picky?" Kate was closing her eyes as she tilted her head back. …this wasn’t too bad! Her wiggling stopped, but she was still scowling. -03:15 Apr 03
Raul: He kissed her neck, then nuzzled into her. "Nothing?" he asked "Kate, the woman who so eager to rape her boyfriend is now as meak as a kitten? How about giving me a purr?" he slid out from under her his hand never stoppign rudding her as he lay on his side next to her his lips finding hers. -03:20 Apr 03
Kate: Kate siiiighed, and if he decided it was a purr, well. She couldn’t stop him. Now that he wasn’t holding her down, she could resume trying to pounce on him, but he had her by the…! Kate grumbled against his mouth, reaching a hand up to dig in to his hair. "Meek, nothing. I just wanted to fuck your brains out for a minute or two." …In fact, forget being meek! Kate shoved his arm away, climbing over him again and stealing a kiss while she had him! -03:25 Apr 03
Raul: He places his hand firmly on her ass and squeezed his other hand going to the back of her head nad pulling her deeper into the kiss as nipped her lip and slid his lips against hers roughly before tryign to roll to regain the top, his motion carryign them over the side as they ran out of bed. -03:29 Apr 03
Kate: There was a yelp from Kate as they hit the floor, and a growl when she found herself the bottom tier. She went grabbing the scarves still tied at his wrists to hold his hands captive, and pushing up her torso with her legs to send them rolling again. -03:32 Apr 03
Raul: He landed on top of her but before her would get stable she was rolling again and he was on the bottom. He was getting frustrated and it showed as he forced his tongue between her lips and pulled against her grip on the scarves. -03:38 Apr 03
Kate: His tongue all most got her. She warred with his for a moment before she was sitting up. "HA! Haaaa! Kate White wins." She held tight to those scarves, scooting over him until she could feel his erection pressing up against the fabric of her bikini bottoms. "We could have been done fifteen minutes ago if you didn’t have to be a shit about it." -03:41 Apr 03
Raul: "Its been fun though hasn’t it?" he teased. "Poor Kate getting hot and bothered.." he grinned but knew he was more than ready too his hips shifting in anticipation. "Just one thing in the way of your victory.. I wonder how you’ll get past it without letting go of my hands.." -03:45 Apr 03
Kate: "Imagination, Ru. Imagination." Kate inched her way back up again, until she was pushing his arms to the floor and bracing her knees on his arms to hold them down. That was step one! She rose up a bit to wiggle out of the bottoms… the tricky part was how would she get them off without letting his arms free… -03:48 Apr 03
Raul: He tilted his head making full use of the view in front of him his eyes trailing up her hips and up her body. And now?" -03:53 Apr 03
Kate: "Shh. I’m thinking!" …it took a lot of bending and awkward balancing. But when she lift one knee, she held that arm down with a single hand. Then slipped her leg through the first hole. Then Kate was doing the same to the other. It was definitely awkward and she doubted the view was the best, but she was cackling in triumph! -03:56 Apr 03
Raul: "Bend over a little more… widen those legs Like that Kate.." he was obviously enjoying himself too. And there was an almost disapointed "aww" when she was done. "Wel done." said "I guess now you’re going to claim your prize?" -04:04 Apr 03
Kate: "That’s the plan, Ru." Delicate rebalancing, she pinned his arms with her hands again and slid down his body. Now there was nothing between her and his erection, so it was with pure delight she rocked her hips over him, not quite taking him in, but enjoying the expression on his face. -04:08 Apr 03
Raul: His hips shifted trying to press into her as he bit his lip to sto[ himself from making noises that would make her cackle. "Well..?" he askes impasience showing in his voice… -04:15 Apr 03
Kate: "You’re really making me want to go the torture route again, Ru and I’m hella losing my mind here!" Kate released his arms, reaching down to grab his shaft to guide it exactly where she wanted it – and wasn’t being gentle about it! She sank down on top of him, that relieved rush of breath being a surprise even to herself. Why’d he have to go and make even sex complicated! -04:20 Apr 03
Raul: His hips rose up to her as he entered her and he rewarded her with a low sound close to a hum. "Then we’d never finish.." he said his voice cracking with suppressed passion. "You don’t want that do you?" -04:29 Apr 03
Kate: "Hell no." she growled out. Kate was remembering exactly what she wanted in the first place. A nice quick banging, which was -supposed- to be his reward for making her all happy. Kate almost slapped him just out of spite, but instead rode him faster and braced her hands on his shoulders. "…such a pain in the ass!" -04:33 Apr 03
Raul: The slap made him put his released hands on her sides adn bog his nails in as his hips moved against hers. "Such a vixen.." he retorted though clenched teeth. -04:39 Apr 03
Kate: "That’s what I’m naming my new boat~!" Kate chimed back. Gods, she loved it when he gripped her tight. "Get off the floor ravish me hard, Ru!" She leaned forward, whispering in his ear. If he wanted to call her vixen, she could be a vixen! "Make me scream if you can." -04:46 Apr 03
Raul: He slid out frm undernearth her and pulled her into a rough kiss. "Lets soo if you can take the force do a sea god." he teased Guiding her to the edge of the bed and pushing her onto it her back on the bed and her feet over the edge. Then he was coming up between her legs and pushign into her roughly with no pause or hesitation. "If you want to be my pirate queen you’ll have to take being fucked like one." -04:53 Apr 03
Kate: That was so much better! Kate threw her arms over her head, gasping in between her loud giggling. Her hips would move and turn in his grasp, and her legs hooked at the side of the bed trying to keep herself stationary and grinding against him. -04:57 Apr 03
Raul: His hands gripped her hips he his pushing in harder. Allt eh frustration from the battle for domination and being interupted being worked out on her as he drive in deep. But there was also lust and love.. He did love every second with Kate, making her growl and fight, making her gasp and moan. -05:01 Apr 03
Kate: So hard and so rough, and Kate took it all! Every thrust making her body bounce, and sending her stomach churning. Her hands went in to her own hair, digging her fingers through the strains as she let a quiet groan slip out. -05:06 Apr 03
Raul: One of his hands mover to her boob to squeeze and rub it though the bikini top, then to slip under the fablic and tease her skin and his other pressed her hip into the bed, his thrusts getting fasted, a sence of despiration rising in him. "No, not yet!" -05:10 Apr 03
[Kate enters.] -05:25 Apr 03
Kate: His words brought her momentary confusion, but she was so lost in at all that they were just as quickly forgotten. The touch of his hands felt seering hot against her skin. Kate’s back arched as her body rose to meet them. She finally curled her legs around his waist, the soft sound of her moaning and whimpering getting increasingly louder. -05:27 Apr 03
Raul: He grit his teeth and sucked in his breath throwing his head back, then forwards his eyes closign as he forced himself to wait. Its was a whimper that excaped him and then… "Tan bien amor mío eres la mejor…" barely above a whisper… "Yo nunca voy a dejar. Quédate conmigo para siempre." -05:33 Apr 03
[Kate has timed out.] -05:41 Apr 03
Kate: "Christ Raul…" she hissed through her teeth. "Si–Siempre me quedaré c-con usted..!" she gasped out in a stutter, not realizing she let it slip out in spanish and she revealed the one secret she was trying to keep. At the moment Kate didn’t care. Her body was writhing, shaking. She was screaming his name and slapping her hand over her mouth trying to muffle the sound as climax took her. -05:41 Apr 03
Raul: He words did it… he came into her and his eyes opened. He didn’t even realise the language she had spoken them in until he was panting, mouth agast… "Always with the surprises kate." he said as he masaged her neck. "What am I going to do with you?" -05:45 Apr 03
Kate: Kate was still trying to catch her breath. Still not realizing she let the words slip. She brought her arms down to brush against his cheeks. "I have a few ideas…" -05:48 Apr 03
Myth and Legacy

Myth and Legacy 006: Confession Part II

[Kate is a little off-kilter. It’s not easy going from righteous anger to…. whatever this is!] -12:39 Apr 02
[Raul Wants to know what the hell Kate meant. First she wants a boat, house adn money thats east to understand. NOW WHAT?] -12:40 Apr 02
Kate: Kate entered their room first, after fumbling with the keys and the door. Granted, having a crappy associate murdered with demigodly power was enough to make anyone a little jumpy, but that wasn’t had Kate all awkward and weird. If she had any sense she wouldn’t be there! But for the time being, she was kicking off her shoes and moving to look for dry clothes. -12:47 Apr 02
[Kate enters.] -12:54 Apr 02
Raul: Raul had been tho only one to remain relativly dry. But with Kate escaped from his arm he moved to the bedroom and kicked off his shoes and removed his damp hants and landed on the bed his feet on the floor. "FUCK." he wasn’t swearing at Kate of at anythign in particular.. just.. "You and your surprises." -12:54 Apr 02
Kate: "What did -I- do?" Kate wasn’t so sure she wanted to know the answer. They had already begun a very weird conversation that was treading way too close to ‘relationship’ territory, which was kind of crazy for someone she met days okay tops. Kate could barely manage a business partnership without it going haywire… She dug her clothes out of her bag and ducked behind a closet door to pull off her shirt. It had to be the sex. She would need to put her foot down and not do it again. -12:59 Apr 02
Raul: He turned half on his side propping himself up. "Its not what you did." he said for some reason wanting to make that clear. "Its just you…" he scowled "Kate.." he wated to say something.. "We need to get things strait." -01:06 Apr 02
Kate: "I’m pretty sure we already did that. You said I help you and we’re done. And I said, boat, house and money. To be done." She kicked off the rest of her things and bent over to squeeze the rest of the water out of her hair. She’d need another shower. …but after last time, maybe it was safer for a bath. "And the conditions are pretty straight forward too. Absolutely nothing to talk about!" -01:09 Apr 02
Raul: His look only darkened. "You say that but then you say other things too." He got back on his feet and "I’m going to ask you again what you want from me, other than whats in contract. If there wasn’t anything then would woulf be in it for the money and you already said you weren’t." -01:13 Apr 02
Kate: "Look, just cause I don’t like my business partner getting shot at, doesn’t -mean- I want anything." Kate pulled a long tshirt over her head. It was enough for propriety’s sake so she could step out without being naked. No more nakedness with Raul. That’s what started this mess! In fact she didn’t even look at him when she passed to grab a towel from the linen closet. -01:17 Apr 02
[Kate has timed out.] -01:23 Apr 02
Raul: "I’m helping you because of you." he mimiced her "Well now I know never to trust anythign you say longer than five minutes." he kicked the bed "And to think I let that line get to me. Well done Kate." He had half a mind to storm out but wanted to shout at Kate more. "You’re a pirate, you know that." -01:23 Apr 02
Kate: Kate stopped suddenly at the linen closet door, spinning around with her fists clenched at her sides as she stomped a foot. "What the fuck, Ru! YOU’RE a pirate!" Snarling a cry of frustration, she swung open the door to snatch out a towel. Kate was thinking about throwing it at him. "Can’t I want to help you without wanting something?! Do I seriously have to go down a long list reasons why?!" -01:26 Apr 02
Raul: "So then coming from me its a compliment?" he growled back. "And don’t start with me Kate. You want a work other than pirate? Hows Vixen? And you know a pirate is one hell of a step up from smugler. Just… Don’t say another word. I’m done being confused by you." -01:30 Apr 02
Kate: …she did throw the towel at him! "YOU are the one making everything confusing! I offer to give your stuff back and you complain about that. I don’t ditch you on your island and you complain about THAT. You get mad cause I want to get paid for my boat, and then you get mad when I don’t care about the money! What the hell do YOU want! Think about THAT!" She pointed and accusing finger at him. Twice! And stomped past him for the bathroom. -01:35 Apr 02
Raul: He throws the wowel of the floor and followed. "What did I say?" he barked "You say you only want the money and that you don’t care about it. So the only reason you’re here is the nice room? The hot water? You’re always changing tactics. So If you’re only here for the boat, the money and the house. I’ll give you all three and we’ll be don tomorow." -01:41 Apr 02
Kate: "Get out!" Oh no… he wasn’t following her this time! Kate turned around and was trying to push him right back out again. Hands firm against his chest as she shoved. "And then you’ll just get pissy at me and say ‘Oh Kate! Why are you still on my island?’ or ‘Why didn’t you kill me last night’ or ‘Why did you stay here instead of leaving with a boyfriend’ and start this stupid fight all over again! What is wrong with just leaving it alone?!" -01:47 Apr 02
Raul: He pushed back bracing his arms against the doorframe. "Whats wrong with a strait answer?" he glared at her. "Tomorow, money, boat house and you’re out. If you want." he was repeating himself but Kate had ignored him. "Or you can admit that theres more to it that that. Because I can’t have you under my skin and not sharing and still keep you around." -01:52 Apr 02
Kate: Kate resumed trying to shove him out, this time using her shoulder and trying to use the full weight of her body. "I gave you staight answers before and all you did was overcomplicate it!" she shouted. "I don’t know what I want, I just wanted to be here! Why does it have to be anything more?! You do things that make me grin, or make me feel things, and I enjoy your stupid company when you’re not being a total asshole about everything!" -01:57 Apr 02
Raul: He let go of the door suddnly and grabbed her pullign her out of the bathroom with him. "You make me feel things, nothing is simple with you." he was standign in the coridoorwit his arms wrapped around him and he didn’t even realise his voice had dropped low. "I liked it when you said it wasn’t about the money…" there was a feeling in his chest and he couldn’t place it. "And I don’t really want you to go." -02:05 Apr 02
Kate: "I never said I was going to go. You’re the one telling me to leave." His tone had changed suddenly, which always seemed to catch her off guard. Kate wasn’t trying to shove him anymore, but she was tense and debating whether or not she was going to duck and cover or not. "You say you want me here now because you need me here. But once it’s done and over, you’re not going to any more and I really, really don’t want to get attached and then have to leave." An honest confession. Not that she couldn’t have just said it before… but who ever wanted to talk about these things, when it could have all just been simple? -02:11 Apr 02
Raul: He sighed, then swallowed, partly to buy time and partly to moisten his throat after shouting. "I don’t really want you to go." he repeated. "When this is over." He didn’t say anything more he hust stood there holding Kate his breathing slow and deep, a false front of calm as he looked at her his face trying it’s best to remain unreadable. -02:16 Apr 02
Kate: Kate could have kicked herself for suddenly feeling elated… but it was just as much mixed with terror. She very slowly shifted, pulling his arms away from her as she stepped back. Holding her hands out signaling him to stay right where he was. "…and that’s um. That’s an offer for…? I want to stay. I really want to stay, but staying as employee, or partner or… something else?" Argh! She was breaking her own rule of complications by even asking. And the fact she felt like an idiot for getting so worked up about something that normally she’d handle without a second thought, was driving her bonkers. "…you asked for straight answers first, so…!" -02:23 Apr 02
Raul: He looked at her his hands doing to her arms. "What do you want to stay as?" he asked his voice low but as high as he dared take it and keep it stable. "I know I want you to stay, and I know …. I just want to …" he let out the breath that threatened to catch even as he spoke. "I want to continue what we have an explore it." a vague answer.. "I want you to stay as.. " this was going to sound bad, it was going to… "My woman." -02:32 Apr 02
Kate: "That’s a pretty possessive and dominating term…" Kate responded, the turn of her head and the narrowed side glance she gave him didn’t seem to match that surprised, almost amused tone of her voice. The fact she could even breath, though, was a miracle. No one ever actually asked her what she wanted to stay as before. They just made assumptions or told her what she was. This was different… kind of felt all mushy and romantic… and was a little terrifying. "I could… be your girlfriend? Exclusive girlfriend..?" She clarifying, of course. -02:37 Apr 02
Raul: He tilted hsi ehad down but kept his eyes on her as his hands slid up her arms to her shoulder. "And exclusive girlfriend to and exclusive boyfriend?" there would be no room for doubt. His hand found her hair and he wound it around his finger. "Then you could be a pirate, just like me…" -02:46 Apr 02
Kate: "Yes. Definitely exclusive boyfriend." Now did she feel relieved, or like she had just entered some sort of contract that was way more dangerous than saving the world from an ancient evil god? Kate was a little dizzy. "…okay! That’s, um… that’s all settled then. Problems solved." That meant she could stop holding her hands out like she was trying to stop herself from getting ran over. But now that it was settled, suddenly Kate was feeling shy. Of all the stupid shit…! -02:51 Apr 02
Raul: He pulled her close againg his arms cradlign her agains him. Partly he feel her against him and partly so she wouldn’t see his face. "Settled." he said. "Captain White, you’ll have to name your ship apropriately…." -02:55 Apr 02
Kate: Awkward…! However… she did rest her head against his chest. This being held by your boyfriend feeling was a warm and fuzzy one. "I’ll have to think about it. And I guess you don’t have to buy me a house now." -02:59 Apr 02
Raul: He kisses where her neck and shoulders met on impulse. "Not if you don’t mind sharign mine, it is pretty big…" Tracign her spine with his finger and crawign her closer was ok, right? She was after all his girlfriend now. -03:03 Apr 02
Kate: "On Dead Island?" Tactless as always. But it did sent her thoughts in to motion on the entire range of things that would pop up when someone wasn’t just your boss, but your boyfriend. Kate kept her face well hidden, so her voice was muffled. "A live in girlfriend then? ….are you going to end up killing all of my associates and exs?" -03:09 Apr 02
Raul: "If they try to take you away from me." he said "Though with you on board they might be useful.." he said moving to look down at her his heart deing funny things in his chest. "We are after all going to have a business to run." -03:14 Apr 02
Kate: "Right. Tourism and Slaying Evil." Kate tilted her head back glance at him. …now what! Does she shove him against a wall for intense making out, or drag him to bed for adorable dating snuggling, or just screw the daylights out of him or… Kate decided it might be better if she didn’t think about that at -all-. Be normal. ….as normal as she could be. "You’ll make a miserable tour guide, though. -03:19 Apr 02
Raul: "Who knows the legends better than me?" he asked. "Or can give practical demonstartions of the power in them?" he ran his fingers through her hair, somehow enjoyign the tease… but she naked agaist him again, and the feelign in his chest wouldn’t go away. If only there were a way to stop that part of him pressign into her.. -03:25 Apr 02
Kate: "Not a good idea for demonstrations." She’d like to give him a demonstration. Why was it suddenly so hard to deal with now that she was -allowed- to do whatever she wanted to him? Kate circlered her arms around him, taking in a deep breath. He smelled like sea water, and despite those urges to shameless molest him, it was equally as nice just being held without any sort of reason behind it. Even her fingers were softly caressing at his back. -03:31 Apr 02
Raul: He blushed his lips agaist hers his afingers tracing each vertibra. Then softly he kissed her a deep sigh comign from within him. He always though getting a steady girlfriend would be followed by imediat and rough sex then nagging about chores…. but this was different and somehow.. yes he wanted to pushe her to the floor and fuck her brains out but standing and kissing in the coridoor… felt right. -03:35 Apr 02
Kate: She was done in. A simple kiss seeming to have more power behind it than after danger sex or angry shower sex. Her response to his kiss was a soft mewl, and she was pretty sure she was flushing like a twit. Kate leaned in to him, savoring the kiss with a oddly tentative flick of her tongue. -03:43 Apr 02
Raul: Her mewl crought a purr from him, deep within his throat.. He was sure he hadn’t made that sound before and for a second though it had come from Kate as well. His lips parted letting her tongus pass as his own mover out to walcome it his hand movign up to the back of her nack. -03:47 Apr 02
Kate: Kate supposed it was what a crush felt like. That wistful feeling in her head and tingly feeling in her stomach. So much different from lusty wanting. The awkwardness was still there, but it was quickly vanishing in favor for that smitten romance. Kate was leaning up on her toes now, leaning further in to the kiss with a tilt of her head and the smallest of grins. She curled her hands at his back, very much liking how a simple embrace seemed to make a world of difference. -03:58 Apr 02
Raul: "Dammit Kate." he whispered as hebroke away for a second. His chest was heavign and seemed to be pullign his towards here when she was already pressed against it. His eyes searched hers and then he pressed his lips back into hers a soft sigh escaping him. This could get addictive…. -04:05 Apr 02
Kate: "I didn’t do anything…" she muttered against his mouth. If it were for that frustrating need to breathe, she might’ve just stayed that way forever. Now she was chewing on her bottom lip, tilted back just far enough to be staring at his mouth. She was trying to retrieve her arms out from around him, but all she got for the trouble was caressing his skin all the way down his back and around his sides until she was brushing her knuckles over his stomach. -04:12 Apr 02
Raul: He tilted his head and lowered it to kiss her neck down to her shoulder and brush his rough cheek against her skin, then he flipped his arm out from around her and his other still running her lower back begand to mead her towards the bedroom. -04:16 Apr 02
Kate: The amount of stupid things running through her head was ridiculous. Everything from ‘should I play coy’ to ‘should ride him like a race pony’. All of which left her now clasping her now free hands together as he led her away. Back to the bedroom no less, where any thoughts of being the VIXEN he accused her of being was lost in a flurry of Oh god, what do I do with a boyfriend!? Before even nearing the bed, Kate was suddenly halting her steps in what was probably going to be the stupidest panic attack she ever had. "…so I was going to take a bath…!" -04:25 Apr 02
Raul: "Oh no Kate.." he said softly his hand on her cheek and his lips on the other. "You don’t want to miss out on this." he bent down and hooked his forearm behind her legs and lifter her up his other hand suppotign her abdn and her midrift pressed into his shoulder. Then he stepped over to the bed and dumped her onto it quicklu fallign on top of her and pushign her shirt up he nipped her chest his mouth tracing a line to her nipple before he pressed his lips into it his tongue slipping out to lick it softly. -04:32 Apr 02
Kate: "Wait! I’m not ready for it!" came her panicked response when he picked her up. Which was kind of dumb, seeing as it wasn’t exactly the first time with him. Before he was over her before she could roll off the bed, and his mouth was…. Oh hell, what was she complaining about again? Her choked sound of protest sounded far too pleased. And even though she had grabbed the hem of her shirt to pull it back down, now she was just twisting her fingers in to the fabric. -04:38 Apr 02
Raul: He sucked the nipple into his mouth tonguing it gently as fingertips brushed the other. Then he was kissing down her stomach his hands trailing down her sides as he moved lower, his tongue flicking into her navel as he passes. "You’re more than ready." he said his nails trailing over her hips. -04:45 Apr 02
Kate: "No… No I think that maybe… I have.. um…" Christ where was her train of thought, again? Something about boyfriends. But it was hard not to focus on his tongue, and how his breath tickled her skin enough to make her gasp and her stomach to sink in a flinch. "…I forgot what I was going to say." -04:49 Apr 02
Raul: His hand slid ot grip her inner thighs and push her open as his kisses go lower, he chin just brushing the top of her hood as he moved.. then he let his breath wash over her again his hand comign around the run down either side of her lips. "Then do you really need to say anything?" -04:53 Apr 02
Kate: "Yes?" She was asking. She didn’t know! He made her shiver and Kate found herself biting her lip again. Though he barely touched her, she was already throbbing and her senses were jazzed up to a dizzying degree. Kate released her shirt, leaning up on her elbows to wiggled her way backwards and away from him. Hell if she knew what she was escaping from, but maybe him chasing was part of the thrill. -05:01 Apr 02
Raul: His hands went back to her hips, gripping her and pulling her back. He smiled, leaning down and kisseing again, just to hight to tough anything inportant giving her skin the slightist nip imaginable. Then he let her go to see if she’d run again as his fingertip lightly blushed over her lips. -05:07 Apr 02
Kate: Kate was slid back across the mattress, which had her elbows slipping and her head falling against the sheets. She hit the mattress with a hand, squirming at the all too light touch of his fingers. She wanted to snarl orders at him, yet at the same time (and probably for the first time!) she couldn’t seem to formulate the words. "Holy shit…" she breathed out…! -05:14 Apr 02
Raul: He kissed them, her exclamation all her needed. Circling his arm around her leg he slid his hand down her stomach to rub her hood lightlu as his tongue ran up her pussy flickign against her clit the fingers of his other hand comign up to rub either side of her… "What was that Kate?" -05:18 Apr 02
Kate: "Gods… fucking hell..!" Okay, she was going to have to not talk! Kate clenched her jaw tight, one of her hands swinging up to slap over her own mouth. Those inner muscles already twitching from just the barest of attention. -05:24 Apr 02
Raul: His lips parted and his tongue fliched agaist her tasting her, teasing her. It pushed past her lips and up detween them darting out and the tip runnign a circle around her clit and then flicking agaist it. "Well this is somethign I havn’t done before.." he whispered before he pressed his lips into her pussy his tongue pushing he lips apart and his mouth sucking. -05:28 Apr 02
Kate: "That’s a… a little-" Her hand had left her mouth, if only because it was now clinging to the fabric at her shoulder. "little hard to believe…!" she gasped out. Her hips turning as her legs twist. His breath was so hot in camparison to the almost cool feel of his tongue, and it was crazy! -05:32 Apr 02
Raul: He pushed his lips agaist her harder slowly sliding them up and down agaist her as his tonue moved into her again, one of the fingers slid from next to her and fushed in from below goungin his tongue in rubbing her wall. It was ompossible not to have some of his breath blow against her as he expelled it from his mouth and nose. He never though he would do this to a girl.. give pleasure and not take it, maybe that was part of havign a girlfriend, maybe it was just Kate. -05:40 Apr 02
Kate: She was whimpering. Her teeth biting in to her own lip trying to hold back any further exclamations. She couldn’t think of the sensation as anything other than seering. Penetrating so deep in to her skin than she was writing against the sheets and digging her nails in to the mattress. "Gods, Ru… stop it..!" It felt so good it almost hurt! -05:49 Apr 02
Raul: He mover deeper his finger pusing and rubbign her clit. Her cries wouldn’t stop him. "But Kate…" he whispered gainst her "You taste good." his tongue pushed further, spreadign her as he waited to see if she’d cum. -05:53 Apr 02
Kate: Kate didn’t know how any woman took it without losing her mind. All her screwing around, and no guy ever made her– "Fucking Christ! I-" There it went, taking her so suddenly her upperbody rose off the bed before falling back down with a plop. Her body clenched so tight, and was so hyper sensitive she could feel her folds squeezing around his finger. Her gasping whimpers and writhing shudders mirroring every movement of his tongue and finger. -06:09 Apr 02
[Raul ] -06:18 Apr 02
Raul: He sucked again lapping up her juice then fulled away his face wet "See, you’re more than ready…" he said crawling up over her pushing his lips, still covered in her, into hers. -06:21 Apr 02
[Raul has timed out.] -06:29 Apr 02
Kate: There was a strange sort of eroticism in tasting herself on his mouth. Kate was still wallowing in that lazily sweet euphoria. Having little energy for more than raising a hand to brush against his cheek as she returned his kiss. Yet, it didn’t seem to take more than a moment before it shifted from soft and over-pampered to fervent and needy. …Did he even realize how he made her feel?! She might just be in love..! -06:32 Apr 02
Raul: He kissed her back as she semed to read his mind. He was hard, throbbing and more horny than he had been when they had started. He ran his hand down her throat to her breart to sqeeze and rub his palm against it sliding her nipple between his finger and thumb. -06:38 Apr 02
Kate: "I don’t know what you do to me." she murmured against his mouth. More than willing to be compliant for just about anything at that point. Kate was in bliss. Brushing her fingers through his hair in an almost loving pet, not even realizing her expression might have looked just as smitten. She nuzzled his cheek and kiss along his jaw. -06:45 Apr 02
Raul: "I could say the same thing." he murmored before kissing down her neck his hand still caressing her. Then he pulled back a warm smile on his face as his eyes drank her in. "I don’t think I’ve told you how good you look." he said tilting his head as his eyes traveled from hers, down over her crumpled shirt and her ecposed breasts and lingering in her stomach as his other hand bagan to rub it, thn down to her wet lips. He could feel every time his shaft throbbed and it was enough to brive him crazy. "Take me out.." he whispered. "I want to feel how much I want you." -06:52 Apr 02
Kate: Kate was biting her bottom lip again. Pleased with the compliment and being admired in a way that, for once, didn’t make her want to sock someone in the nose. She leaned up on an elbow, surpressing a sigh when his hand was trailing south again. She brushed her own fingers against his chest. Glancing up at his face when they lingered just above his waistband. With her thumb she undid the button. A finger to slide down the zipper. Then she was slipping her hand in to his pants to graze over his cock. So hard, she could feel it pulsing in her hand as she drew him out and gave him a gentle squeeze. -06:59 Apr 02
Raul: His eyes slid closed lazily as his hand on her breast sqeezed in time with her. A sigh escaped him and the hand on her stomach went to push his pants down and away. "You feel that? That all you.." he said as his looked at her again. "Thats this." he moves to run the fingertips of both hands over her face, "And this…" he ran them through her hair. "…this.." down her neck and shoulders. "…these…" cupping her breasts, thumbs brushign the nipples. "This.." down hers sides his his thumbs trailing over he stomach. "This… these.." under to her ass and down her thighs "And this…" back up and to her crotch. "And everthything else about you." -07:06 Apr 02
Kate: Kate was definitely in love. If someone else had said it or if she had seen it on a movie, she’d find the whole thing ridiculous. But the look on his face and the soft touch of his hands… The honesty was so compelling, she doubted another compliment would hold any weight against it. Kate took a hold of his head, her hands digging in to his hair as she practically dragged him on top of her. Her mouth crushed against his in a frenzied, unexpected passion. And the desire to give him every reason to love her too. -07:14 Apr 02
Raul: He kissed her back his body fallign on top of hers. He could feel the effect his words had on her ne her need, her despiration and it didn’t take long for him to return it and start grindign agaist her his dick presign against her but not penetrating. "Dammit Kate." he said again as his eyes almost closed. "You had to make me fall for you didn’t you…." -07:23 Apr 02
Kate: "Gods, Ru, if you don’t quit talking I’mma flip all over again and there won’t be a dick in the mix." Fall for her… she took him in another kiss. Circling her arms tight around his neck. He had her toes curling in to the sheets already. -07:33 Apr 02
Raul: He bit her lip, as he moved his hand down to her lips, feeling them and giuding himself to her. "There are other places dicks can go." he said his ahnd lifting her hip. "I just really like it here…" he pushed in and let her know jsut how much with a low groan he his hips settled agaist hers, teasing her with stillness for a second before he began to move, the need to tease her evaporating and replaced with his previous hunger. -07:38 Apr 02
Kate: "Is that so…!" she hissed through her teeth. Already so sensitive, having him push inside her was not only gratifying it was sensational. Kate matched his movements. Any former tiredness gone in the wake of renewed lusting. ..or loving! She wanted to tease and taunt him. To argue and fuss. But Kate wanted just as much to please him and draw out that wicked grin, and make him so tired he’d do nothing but lounge in bed with her the rest of the night. -07:44 Apr 02
Raul: His kiss because rougher he he moved hiside her. His throbbing member so sentitive he almost came from pushign into her. "God.." he breathed agaist her as he gripped the bed either side of her before hsi hand found and gripped hers, his heart pounding already. -07:49 Apr 02
Kate: She loved that tone he had when he was lost in it…! Kate bucked against him suddenly, using the surprise to roll him so that she was the one on top. Her knees braced at either side of his hips and her hands linking her fingers with his to pin them against the sheets. She didn’t stop moving, but rather took control of the pace. Slowing, pulling him deep. "Tell me what you want, Raul…" -07:57 Apr 02
Raul: HEr move caught him but suprise and the next thing he knew he was looking up at her as she moved on top of him. It took him a moment to realise she was even talkign to him and he looked up at her his hips moving with ers beynd his control… "You Kate… I want you." -08:02 Apr 02
Kate: The sideways smirk she cast could only be described as wicked. Kate leaned over him, bracing his arms aboved his head with her hands still linked with his. "That’s not what I’m asking this time…" She murmured against his lips, still with that smile. Kate slid upwards, his shaft coming out all the way to the tip, where she held her hips for a long excrutiating moment before sinking down again. Slow and deliberate. "What do you want to do with me?" -08:08 Apr 02
Raul: His hips rose and sunk with her, if she wasn’r holding his arms he’d throw her down and fuck her brains out. "Tie you down and have you until you passed out…" he grolwed in frustration. "And if I had a collar and a pair of cuffs I’d have you unable to move your hands more than three inches from you neck." -08:14 Apr 02
Kate: It wasn’t the response Kate was expecting, but it delighted her all the same in to a quiet fit of giggling. Her breath fell over his cheek with a mix of laughter and desire. And his reward was her griding her hips just a tiny fraction quicker, to where the pace was not excrutiatingly slow, but merely frustratingly slow. "Well. You can’t." she giggled softly again. "But if you tell me what you’d like me to do for you…" -08:21 Apr 02
Raul: It was everything he could do not to spit every cursework in the book at her as he squirmed and tried in vain to get her off… She has goign to make him say it, and with his toes curling and legs bent he looked her in the face. "You can get on your hands and knees and let me fuck you from behind of.." he couldn’t believe that this was the one he wanted, and his voice lost the hard edge to it when he said it.. "…you can ride me… faster.." -08:32 Apr 02
Kate: "Faster… Or the first? Better pick, Rauuul…" His name came out like a soft purr in his hear. Kate did increase her pace. Having to release his hands just to brace one arm at the side of his head. Her free hand gripping hard in to his shoulder every time she slid against him. -08:40 Apr 02
Raul: He squirmed, even moreso because he knew she was enjoying it but he was poweless to stop her… "Faster amor mio." he said. -08:46 Apr 02
Kate: "As you command…" she whispered, before taking his mouth in a hard kiss. Kate savored his mouth and his words for a moment before she was sitting up straight. Rocking her hips hard and quick. Her own breath coming out in short gasps as she bit her lip and tried to surpress her own tension in favor of watching his. -08:53 Apr 02
Raul: He kissed her back, hard and needy, his hipy rocking with hers as he suppressed a shudder. Watching her above him, feeling her around him… it drove the thought of getting back at her out of his mind… "Kate.. I think I love you." his hips twitched and writhed beneath her… he had never been ridden before. -08:58 Apr 02
Kate: "Ru…" There went all ideas of making him cum first.. or even her! Kate nearly fell on top of him when she grabbed his face in her hands and kissed him again. " I know I love you..!" she muttered between frenzied kisses. If she had any doubts before, she sure didn’t now. Just his expression and his words and rocking hard…! Kate gasped against his mouth, coming before she wanted to, but unable to stop the violent quaking as she tightened. -09:07 Apr 02
Raul: He kissed her hack his handsgrippinf her and pullign her closer as she came around him. Then he pushed her off of him and pulled out, grabbing her hips and rolling onto her stomachhis hands lifting her ass as he took position behind her, he hadn’t cum yet and he would… He held her stead as he pushed in from behind his hips movign he hers and grinding hard. He wasn;t holdign anythign back… it was strait to making him climax… and it wouldn’t be long. -09:12 Apr 02
Kate: "Sonofa fuck…!" she exclaimed in surprise! Now it was getting too much. Her body hadn’t even quit it’s shuddering. His reentry left her squeaking, over stimulated nerve endings on fire with the different angle. Kate buried her face in the sheets to quiet her groaning. Arms curling around her head with nails clawing at the bed. -09:19 Apr 02
Raul: He gripper her hips now in a position he was far more used to. He thrust deep and fast his nails digging into her skin. "You feel good like this too." he said his voice toned with exertion and passion. "I can’t get enough of you." he was going to cum, and soon. "Shit…" he moaned as he tried to hold it back even now. He wanted more of her before he climaxed. But he couldn’t.. he amlost double over on top of her he his hips slid against hers shaking. -09:25 Apr 02
Kate: Kate couldn’t count how many times her body gave way, all she knew was that it never ended. She was near screaming in to the sheets, hitting the mattress with a balled up fist, and was even still quivering even when it had all abated and the only sound left in the room was the two of them gasping for breath. "Holy… hell, Ru..!" -09:29 Apr 02
Raul: He released her, sliding from her and falling to the matress besides her his arm movign arounf her weakly. "Kaate." he purred deep and low between pants. "You’re really quite something…" there was no thought ot shower, or bath, he just wanted to be there with her and recover. -09:32 Apr 02
Kate: "Gods.. I’m never leaving you.." It was a strange confession to make over something as simple as sex. But it.. it wasn’t just sex! Kate stretched out like a cat, though she didn’t roll over or scoot. His arm around her felt like heaven and she turned her head so she could peer at him with one open eyed. "Do you really love me? And weren’t just saying it?" -09:35 Apr 02
Raul: He lifted his head and dragged himself closer. "I really meant it." he said befores pressign his lips into hers. "Why do you think I was so confused by you?" he molded his body to hers looking on leg over hers. -09:38 Apr 02
Kate: "It’s what happens when things get complicated." Kate was smiling in exhausted bliss. "I was trying not to love you, but you kinda fucked that up for me by being you…" she mumbled. Kate didn’t want to fall asleep but her eyes were falling closed despite herself. -09:43 Apr 02
Raul: "Lucky me.." he breathed nuzzlign against her cheek. "But if you ….." he wasn’t going to start an argument over somethign that didn’t even matter anymore. That could come later. "I’m not leaving you either. Not now, not ever." -09:46 Apr 02
Myth and Legacy

Myth and Legacy 005: Confession Part I

Kate: Kate was in excellent spirits after having a great bed to sleep in (even if she had to share it) some really good food, and…that really awkward showersex thing. THAT she was trying to forget even happened. If she started thinking about it, she’d start acting stupid and feelings would happen and just. …Complications. TODAY, she was determined to show Raul which bought he was going to buy her. Because he WAS going to buy her a new boat. “Small enough where it only needs one person to manage it, but it has to be big enough for tours. When I am done working for you, I am going back to doing tours.” -08:22 Apr 01
Raul: If there was one thign Raul knew otehr that the business and legends it was boats. Kate had surprised him with her knowledge before so he was assuming she was compitent too. “A girl like you knows what she likes.” he said a hint of a tease in his voice. “Thak makes me thing you already have one in mind.” he looked at her. “It had better not be a hydrafoil, those things just beg the guats guard to come and have a look.” -08:26 Apr 01
Kate: “Hell no, I want a legit boat.” she muttered. It wasn’t that she was insulted, she did a lot of unsavory business. But with a brand -new- boat and enough money to back her up, she could run a legitimate business without having to deal with assholes. If she stole things, she could do it for fun instead of necessity. “And since you’re buying me a house, I don’t need to live -on- my boat. So we can get one with two levels and great windows for viewing.” Kate was walking down the shipyard dock. That area that had all the ones up for purchasing or renting. “Hmm… but on second thought, having a cabin is great too in case I want to go on a long trip. Okay, two levels -and- a living quarters with enough space for two or three people. It needs to have a good freshwater tank and proper plumbing.” -08:32 Apr 01
Raul: “So Kate white givign up a life of crime to ferry tourists?” somehow he didn’t see it happening. “A cabin cruiser, not goign to be very fast unless its pretty big as well. You are being exactling. So.. out of all theses here of that they can make which do you want. He already knew it was going to cost a bomb, but at least if she neamed one he could beat her, then the shipyard down. -08:38 Apr 01
Kate: “I LIKE giving tours. I don’t do it for the money.” Cause there sure as hell wasn’t a lot in it. Kate walked down the dock, eyeing each of the boats. There were things she liked, and things she didn’t… and none of them were -her- boat. But she finally stopped in front of one. It wasn’t the most expensive (she did want to get the MOST out of him) but it was the one that she liked the best. “This one. It’ll need adjustments though. I’m not keen on the helm or the deck… And we’ll have to see inside.” -08:43 Apr 01
Raul: He nodded, taking notes in his head. “Those can be changed.” he stepped onto the beck not even bothering to check if it was allowed, then held out his hand to helh her do the same. -08:48 Apr 01
Kate: Kate caught herself grinning, and quickly wiped it off her face. With a much suitable, serious expression, she took his hand to hop on deck and released it just as quick. Kate took the lead on inspecting, since it would be -her- new baby. Kicking at the rails to make sure they’d be solid for clingy tourists. And most especially the main controls for navigation and communication. She wouldn’t want to get lost or stranded out at sea. She could sail by the stars, but that was a bitch during a storm… “It isn’t bad at all… I will have to give her a good name.” -08:53 Apr 01
Raul: “Save that for when its built.” he said “Then you can watch her launch.” he opened the cabin door for Kate to look inside and looked out over the warf. “Because if I’m buying a boat its goign to me brand new and built to specification.” -08:56 Apr 01
Kate: “Really?” That had her curious. Not that she would object to having one made exact. It just… left her a little bit stunned and giving him the suspicious eye again. “…made to MY specifications? Or are you going to try a pull a fast one on me and take it back when your whole world saving bit is through?” -08:59 Apr 01
Raul: “If theres one thing that my dad taught be abut boats its that the only person who can say what it must be is the person whose life will depend on it. You know about boats so…” he did not move to enter the cabin, instead he sat on one of the benches. “I fyou’re going to go sailing out of my life when this is done I may as well mak sure you do it in style.” -09:01 Apr 01
Kate: Now why did sailing out of his life sound like something she didn’t want to do? Stupid feelings! This was why sex was always a bad idea! Kate stepped in to the cabin to inspect it… just as much as it was to get some distance from him. Other than making it more comfortable and tayloring it to her interests, it would do fine. “Did you really leave your family just to get out of the whole ‘family business’ thing…?” she called out. He said it before while they were screaming at each other, but she never thought about asking until now. -09:07 Apr 01
Raul: He looked at the open door. “Wouldn’t you?” he asked there was a tone to his voice that hinted the question was not one he would answer. “They did after all deal with some heavy… ‘business’ at you now know.” he knew of course why he hadn’t been there during the attack, so that he could be here now. His motehr had been right… ‘A man often meets his destinint on the path he takes to avoid it, blah blah blah. “Once you have your specifications I’ll talt to the manager.” -09:13 Apr 01
Kate: “Kinda funny you ended up knee deep in it, in a shitty sort of way.” Kate pulled a slip of paper out of her back pocket, along with a short pencil. She stepped out of the cabin, bracing the paper against the wall as she wrote down all the things she wanted and what she’d complain about if they weren’t there. Even wrote it on the note. Will cockpunch you if this is missing. And then handed him the paper. “My requests! Totally reasonable and shouldn’t put you in the poor house. After all, you still have to -buy- me a house. Hmm… maybe we can do that next…” -09:18 Apr 01
Raul: He folded up the paper and slipped it into hsi pocket but made no move to get off the boat. “So this, a house and money and you’re out of my life?” sure he said it like that but maybe he didn’t want that. “A deals a deal…” he help the swells agaist the deck for a minute more then stood. “We shoudl talk to the manager..” -09:24 Apr 01

CLICK. There was not a moment for Kate to respond, as the sound of a gun being cocked caught their attention. Three scraggly looking men had climbed up on the boat. Two of them armed with guns and another with a knife. Up from the top of the cabin came a familiar voice. “You got that right, son. A deal is a deal. Ain’t no woman backin’ out on me.” -Kate

Kate: “God damnit, you’re stupid as shit, you know that!” Even Miguel couldn’t be so dumb to go pissing off one of the Emidio family. Yet here here was with a couple of his thugs and some guns. -09:41 Apr 01
Raul: Raul Closed his eyes for a second before adressing the thugs. “Hes got paying you enough for this, turn around and go home.” he shook his head. “I though that knowing who I was you’d do the smart thing. You had one chance, you don’t get another.” he turned :You don’t even know why they call us Emidio do you?” -09:44 Apr 01

Miguel up on the cabin, just gave his careless smirk. “Don’t really give two shits about it, since you’ll be sinking in the deep. No one believe’s Katie’s fucking stories.” he laughed. “Go on now, kill him. I need Katie alive though, so don’t go roughin’ her up!” Those thugs weren’t messing around. They immediately started shooting. -Kate

Kate: “Fucking shit!” Kate shouted above the gun fire, stumbling backwards down the deck and rolling around the corner before she wound up shot full of holes by trigger happy assholes. There she found herself face to face with Miguel who had jumped off the top cabin to the lower deck. He had his own gun pressed up under her chin before she could start swinging at him. “Seriously, Miguel! Seriously?! There’s hundreds of captains on this island!” -09:51 Apr 01
Raul: Raul never back down from the likes of these thugs. But it was two guns agaist his wits. He took cover behind the wheelhouse adn cursed. He was going to pay so much in damages. Eletricity crackled around his hand and as the first thug came for him he was met with a faceful of it, from Migue’l therespective there was a cracking sounf, a scream and then the smell of burned flesh. The second guy was caught off guardand was met with nothing more then a punch to the face and a toss overboard… then there hes just a knife guy left.” -09:56 Apr 01

The guy with the knife must have been smarter than the other two guys. He didn’t go rushing in. Not after the electricity and how quickly his other partner went over board. He ducked down low to the deck, trying to circle around and get the jump on Raul. Meanwhile, Miguel was grabbing a hold of Kate’s shirt and pulling her along with him. “None fuck as good as you Katie.” he snapped back. His gun never leaving it’s position under her chin. As soon as he reached the railings, he lifted her up and tossed her overboard. Miguel could always hunt her down later. But killing that asshole needed to get done now. -Kate

Kate: Getting thrown overboard was not where Kate expected to end up. So she was splashing around in the water bitching up a fit about Miguel and her soaking wet nice new clothes. She swam for the dock, with every intention of getting back up there and kicking Miguel’s ass, but apparently that other gunman was still alive and she found herself thrashing around near the dock trying to stop the other from reaching the ladder. “sonofa-*COUGH!*movestupid!” -10:08 Apr 01
Raul: Grabbed from behind Raul caught the knife hand just in time, but now he was training to keep it from his throat. “You should have run..” he said through clenched teeth. An elbow to the kidney and a heave and he had brought the man in front of him. Twist his arm and strike and there was a snao-popping sound. Then a forhead to the face and a push overboard.. with a broken arm…. and a footstep behind him. “Do you know why they call us Emidio…?” he asked. “I could give you a practical demonstration. -10:10 Apr 01

There was Miguel, aiming his gun at Raul. He didn’t rish forward or even give the slightest look of fear, despite how quickly his men had dropped. “Good tricks, son. Lotsa people got them. What I don’t appreciate is some scum coming up on my island and snatching what’s mine. Like I ain’t gonna retaliate.” He fired. -Kate

Kate: The gunfire made Kate cringe, which was enough distraction for the guy in the water to dunk her and get to the ladder first. He was fleeing down the dock instead of going back to see if the job though, which left Kate cough and screaming COWARD! as she dragged herself up on the dock. “Ru!?” she called out next, decided if he got himself shot before saving the world, that it would be the most anti-climatic destiny she’d ever heard of. “Ru, if you’re alive, I’m coming to save you from that dickhole!” -10:17 Apr 01
Raul: The bullet never hit raul. He side-stepped at the last minute as a wave hit the boat and picked it up and slamed it into the warp, the a spilering soung the deck buckled and ass it took was a little hel from Raul’s foot to break beneath himself and Miguel sendign them both into the storage space below. Raul landed on his feet at water began poaring in though a crack in the hull. “You know what it means?” he asked as a second freak wave almost tore the boat in two. -10:21 Apr 01

Miguel barely managed to stay on his feet, having fel to one knee. He still had the gun, and thought he looked more than a little freak out, he was still aiming to fire again. “Fuck, son. I don’t know shit!” he shouted back in panic. Pointing at Raul to fire three more times. -Kate

Kate: “RU! YOU CRAZY ASSHOLE!” Kate didn’t even bother to stand. What was she gonna do, summon up a tornado and fly herself over to the battered bunch of chaos Raul was causing? She was just glad no one else was out there to see it. …especially since she was the only one standing there for them to accost for payment. -10:30 Apr 01
Raul: Miguel’s air was ott, his hands his hands were shaking but still one of the bullets grased Raul’s neck and blood began running down to stain his shirt. “You can’t hurn me.” Raul spat “Not in any useful way..” Raul kicked aimign for Miguel’s face. “You’re out of your depth.” The boat split, the front section sinking rapidly but the starn saying afloat in the face of physics. Raul was obviouly beyond reasoning. “Emidio meand half-god…” he growled Grabbin Miguel’s Collar and pullign hi to his feet as he held up his other hand eletricity dancing between his fingers. “I’m going to count to five…” with his grip in Miguel’s collar he pushing him into the sea. “One. Two…” -10:34 Apr 01

Miguel’s gun was gone and blood was oozing down his face from the nose. He was grasping fighting and swinging to get himself loose. “FUCK! YOU CAN FUCKING HAVE HER! THERE’S PLENTY OF CHEAP WHORES! I won’t send any else after you!” he begged and pleaded in terror! -Kate

Raul: Raul let goinstead turning to make sure Kate was out of the water. “Three.” he bgan climbing as the stern finally bgant to sink. “Four.” reaching the top he look down, takign no note of any further pleas. “Five.” a click of fingers and a lightning strike hitting the water the thunder almost loud enough to deaffen. Now all he had to do was jump from the stern and pull himself onto the quey. -10:43 Apr 01

The was no startled man’s scream, only the crack of thunder and that sizzle of electricty. When that tingling feeling abated, all that was left seen in the water was the the last bits of the ship disappearing in to the blue. -Kate

Kate: Kate had covered her head and face at the flash of lightning and crack of thunder. For all she knew and expected was another explosion, and worse, she wasn’t entirely sure whether or not Raul was pissed off enough to kill himself in the process too. Her arms remained over her head and eyes squeezed tight even when it was silent. “Ru..! RU..?!” -10:47 Apr 01
Raul: He pulled himself up his shirt staned but wound already drying up. “So you do care..” he stood as peopel started to look, it woulf go down as a freak accident and the insurence would pay… “Now.. we have a boat to order?” -10:51 Apr 01
Kate: “Stupidass! Of all the crazy shit..!” She dropped her arms only to start beating him with them. Kate slapped him too for good measure. But she stopped long enough to run her fingers over the wound at his neck. “That was too close — ARE YOU STUPID?” -10:54 Apr 01
Raul: He grabbed her wrists. “Next time I’ll just kill the boyfriend on site shall I?” he said glaring at her. “But anyone who looks to take away idependance like that desurves far worse.” He gave her a kiss, unhurried and slow, then let go of her wrists and turned to walk back towards the manager’s office. -10:58 Apr 01
Kate: Kate huffed. Standing there a little baffled for a moment before she turned and trailed after him. He really needed to stop doing that. “He -wasn’t- my boyfriend, you reckless ass.” -11:01 Apr 01
Raul: The manager was on his way to see what the hell just happened whan Raul grabbes his shoulder, spoke a few words in spanish then handed over Kate’s psper. He then continued towards the exit. “Well hes not anymore.” Raul had to supress a grin that he his from Kate. “The there many more I should be worried about running into? Don’t tell me I’m going to need to summon a kracken.” -11:10 Apr 01
Kate: “Any more ASSOCIATES, yes, yes there are. He’s the only one I owed money to though. And a couple of exboyfriends.” she muttered. Kate was pretty close on his heels, though, thinking about hitting him again. “Not that it’s any of your business! Your my boss, not my new boyfriend. Okay?” -11:13 Apr 01
Raul: “Fine.” he snapped. “But its legitimate business concern since one of them just tried to kill me.” he turned around “I could have let him drag you off, let him make you suck his dick then I wouldn’t need to pay you. I’m sure he’d have let me keep the amulet. You call me reckless but I just did what I did to keep you out of his hands. Frankly I should be sisting that whatever you owed him comes out of your pay as a way of paying me back bit I’m not. Do you know what?” -11:19 Apr 01
Kate: “What the fuck are you pissed at me for?! I was just worried you’d get your stupid ass killed! Throwing water around and breaking ships in half and getting shot at!” Kate was offended, and worse, she felt stupid for being offended. She didn’t care what he thought about her, so why should she feel anything about it? Huffing, she shoved past him. “Nevermind.” -11:25 Apr 01
Raul: He grabbed her. “No, you listen.” he was close to shaking her. “Its not OK to just… fine.” he let her go. “Next time one of your boyfriends comes knocking I’ll do nothing unless you ask me to.” -11:29 Apr 01
Kate: Kate had never felt so awkward in her entire life. Things were easy, cut and dry. Hate or like. And Raul was pretty much wrecking it all to shit. “…why did you have to make everything weird!” she finally blurted out, turning around to lead the way with an exasperated sigh. -11:37 Apr 01
Raul: “Because you’re no ordinary woman.” he muttered under his breath. “If all of this is my fault, then why did you choose me over him. Becuase I promised to pay you more? Or because to me sex and business are seperate?” -11:40 Apr 01
Kate: She paused her steps. Once again finding herself stunned and caught off guard by him. He seemed to do that a lot. Kate stuffed her hands in to her wet pockets, not wanting to turn around. She felt stupid enough as it was, did he have to make it worse? “Why is he even an issue? I don’t care about the money, or your whole world saving thing. I wanted to help you. If you’d stop making me like you I do the whole business and sex thing no problem! But you gotta go and be all sad, or in danger, or brave or heroic and it’s fucking with my head!” -11:49 Apr 01
Raul: He stopped the expression on his face meltign as he stared for several seconds. “Kate White..” he said, she had never told him her surname but he had done his research while she had done her shopping. “Hes not an issue, not anymore.” he stepped up behind her and put and arm arounf her leading her th rest of the way to the Invincible. “But did you stop to concider I wanted you around becuase I can’t face this alone, and because I don’t want to not have you with me?” -11:57 Apr 01
Kate: Her hands came out of her pocket to cross over her chest. Kate was still frowning. Offended, a little mad, and really not sure what she was even thinking anymore. If she had any sense she’d say ‘No deal’ and walk away. “I don’t want to leave you alone. …and not because you’re bribing me with money or really great at sex. But if you’re going to get all pissy at me, it better be about shit I actually do.” That sounded reasonable to her. “…and stop thinking I’m gonna run off with assholes! I said I wasn’t going anywhere!” -12:05 Apr 01

Myth and Legacy

Myth and Legacy 004: Associates

[Kate has fresh clothes that aren’t covered in sea water and blood. A few girly things and all stuffed in to a small messenger bag now hanging over her shoulder. But she still wants a shower. So there she was waiting for Raul on an empty corner, and counting the cash she had left. Pretty pretty cash!] -02:58 Apr 01
[Raul launs against the market stall his eyes inthe pages before him the faded ink showing up against the aged paper suprisingly well in the sunlight. Stil he’d prefer to read it in thier room that he had booked for them… five star hotel, assumed names as a honymoonign couple…. He had a feeling kate would be pleased witht he room.] -02:59 Apr 01
Kate: Who knew how much better someone could feel with clean clothes and a little cash in her hands. Granted, it wasn’t half a million. But a hundred bucks was nice pocket change! A fair start to her having to replace everything in her entire life. As she was thumbing through it, counting it for the tenth time, a hand clamped on her shoulder and there went her precious shiny money. Snatched right out of her hand. "Hey! You sonofabitch! That’s mi- Oh. …Miguel." -03:04 Apr 01
Raul: He heard her voice and looked up, snappign the book shut and slippign in into the bag he had bought for himself, hey no rule against him settign stuff too. "Kate.." he called out, it seeemd she was being acosted by some lowlife… -03:07 Apr 01

Not exactly the most attractive of people, Miguel stood a few inches taller than Kate, wearing nothing but a ratty pair of shorts and a hawaiin shirt. Now HE was thumbing through her money as he circled around her. “Katie Kate. Where’ve you been? Way past due for that monthly payment. Lucky for you, I gots a job for ya.” -Kate

Kate: Blast it. She was really liking that money. "I already have a job right now. So I’ll just be taking a raincheck. And that’s my expense money!" She reached out to snatch it back. -03:09 Apr 01

He held the money out of reach and then stuffed it in to his pockets. “Cute, Katie. Gonna be enough to pay for that big old boat shipment you lost? Nice try. C’mon, I got people waiting and we need your boat.” -Kate

Kate: Kate didn’t move, just kind of scowled. Not only did she NOT have a boat, but she had promised to help Raul with his whole destiny thing. She couldn’t take off now. "I don’t HAVE a boat anymore. I’ve got better job, a pretty decent one in fact. With a guy that isn’t a big douchebag and is gonna pay me what I SHOULD be getting paid. So you can screw off." -03:14 Apr 01

Miguel still looked kind of amused bit her whole fit. “That’s how it’s gonna be, Katie? After I was nice enough to forget about the thousands of dollars you lost me?” His hand came around to the back of her head and gripped her hair as he jerked her forward. “Boat or not, you owe me. How about you be a good girl, pay your debt, and get on your knees and blow me?” -Kate

Raul: "She said she didn’t have a boat." Raul said behind Miguel. "And the inly has you’re getting blown is she same way as her boat.." his hand clamped on Miguel’s shoulder and squeezed. Raul was no weakling, the dockside rat was going to have buises and that was even if Rau didn’t give him a little jolt. "And shes workign for me now." -03:23 Apr 01

Miguel let go of Kate, and he might have even cringe about that clamping on his shoulder. Otherwise, he still seemed pretty relaxed. “Yeah…? I got dibs, son. Little bimbo already HAS a job and she ain’t finished. You can take her back when I’m done, eh?” He cast a big old wide grin at Kate. -Kate

Kate: "I AM finished! I’m not working for you any more, and you know what, that debt is a bunch of bullshit too!" Kate had a good mountain of things she’d love to say, but… she was getting a bit distracted with that look on Raul’s face. She was trying not to grin about it. -03:31 Apr 01
Raul: "Look, buddy in case you didn’t hear her she says shes working for me so you can take your job, your dock rat ego, and your ‘offers’ and see if a squid will take you up on them before I have to show you who you’re dealing with." -03:35 Apr 01

The guy laughed. After all, this was Kate he was dealing with. Her companions are pests at best. Miguel snatched Kate’s arm, pushing Raul back as he started down the walk dragging her with him. “Good joke, son! I gots people waiting and this shit is wasting my time. We’ll get another boat Katie, but it’s gonna cost ya somethin’ fancy. So dun wanna hear non of your complaining when I’m doin that ass a favor.” -Kate

Kate: "Sure as hell never felt like a favor." she muttered out rather bitterly. Kate was trying to pry his arm off her hand. "You’re pissing off my new boss!" -03:44 Apr 01
Raul: That it… Raul held up two fingers and electricict arced between them, then he grabbed the scum’s arm and pressed the fingers into his neck. "Maybe you favn’t heard of the Emidio family." said just before he let the electricity loose into Migue’s nervous system. "We’ve made her a better offer." -03:46 Apr 01

Miguel gave a surprised grunt, not just from the sudden jolt but from the last name too…! Not the sort of connections he was expecting from Kate White. The guy tryed to growl out some of retort or threat, but his tongue was as useless as his arms and legs were becoming. His grasp slipped from Kate as he dropped to the ground, twitching in pain. -Kate

Kate: Kate look down at Miguel with little remorse… in fact, she was rather pleased about the whole thing! She leaned over him long enough to go pilfering through his pockets. Retrieving her money -and- everything of value out of his wallet. An extra couple hundred of bucks all hers. Leaning back up again, it was incredibly hard -not- to cast Raul a wide, wicked grin. "So, I’ve decided you’re my favorite boss now, even if I don’t like you." -03:54 Apr 01
Raul: Trust Kate to rob the guy instead of just leaving him. "So to the hotel?" he asked grinning back. "I’ve got us a room at the beach… well I guess you’d call it a suite it anything." he grinned wider takign her hadn and pullign her away from Miguel and pointed ahead if them. The Invincible a replica sloop perminantly beached and converted into a bingalow for rent. He wouldn’t admit it but he only rented it because Kate seemed like she’d prefer it to a regular room. "Don’t worry its got all the utilities." -04:02 Apr 01
Kate: Her grin faded for a more surprised look. She pretty much demanded all the cash he dared to fork over and a real, non shitty bed earlier that day. She hadn’t expected him to get anything more than some cheap motel room just to spite her. So when he took her hand, she was holding it with both of hers… and giving him a suspicious look. "A -working- shower? No holes in the ceiling and actual mattresses on the beds?" -04:05 Apr 01
Raul: "Hot and cold runnign water, soap, fluffy towels, I had them make sure there gowns and yes, tiled shower with metal fittings. And the bed is huge." he places inphasis on the fact that there was only one bed. It was after all mostly used my honeymooners. -04:08 Apr 01
Kate: "And where are YOU going to sleep? Or do sea gods not sleep?" she asked, narrowing her eyes at him. One tiny, desperate moment of mutual sex and suddenly he thought she was going to forget all about him blowing up her boat? Granted, he won some points dropping Miguel like a pancake, and maybe she shouldn’t be holding his hand like a lovesick twit… but there were -principals- to these things. -04:10 Apr 01
Raul: "I promised you a hotel, a bed, and a shower and I got them. They think we’re honymoonign asking for another bed would have been suspitious." he have her a "yeah thats why I did it." smirk "Its only for a few days, then we’re back on the seas. Meantime we’re going to need some things. Food, suplies amunition. Don’t want to be stuck in a fight and forgetiing we’re armed again." -04:20 Apr 01
Kate: "…I didn’t forget." She totally forgot. Panicked like a dumbass. But… he pretty much said guns would be useless against those things anyway, so what the hell was he bringing it up for! Kate punched his shoulder. "I’ll worry about the rest -after- a shower and sleep. That’s MY job right? All the little bullshit things while you take care of saving the world?" -04:23 Apr 01
Raul: "Well unless you were taught to read the code in Ferius manuscript at the same time as you were taught to read English then yes, thats your job. The good news is I was able to go to the bank and my name is still listed as having signing power so…" he held up a roll of notes "We won’t have to live off of what you steal from youe ex boyfriends." -04:28 Apr 01
Kate: "He is NOT my exboyfriend." No matter how much -that- disgusted her, she was far more interested in that cash. Itchy fingers and all, she was trying to snatch it out of his hands. "I did jobs for him and lost one of the shipments in the storm. And he said he’d forget about the money if I did him sexy favors. At the time it seemed like a really good idea, since otherwise I’d have to give him my boat." Kate was too casual about it, but she really did a lot of stupid shit to keep HER boat. And now she didn’t have one anymore. There was a very malcontented huff from her. -04:33 Apr 01
Raul: He slipped the miney into his pocket and and stopped in front of the gangway up to the door installed on the side of the ship. "Well so long as you’re workign for me seeing people like him in that way is a dealbreaker." he said trying to keep the growl out of his voice. "And if he bothers you again I wouldn’t complain if you removed him." he owuldn’t explain what that meant… but we did know that if Kate was less likely to use it on him he’d tell her to but a stun gun." -04:40 Apr 01
Kate: "I will gladly scream the next time I see him, just so I can watch you zap his brains out." Blast. Money out of her sight. If she didn’t know better, she’d go beating him up for it and running away with it. In the meantime, she held a hand out for door keys, then bounced her way down the gangway to check out their rooms. Definitely NOT the kind of place she was expecting. So Kate was dropping her bag near the door and leaping on to the bed to land with a happy sigh of delight. "A BED…! A real bed…! No coils, no rocks… just bed! I’m never moving again." Kate stretched herself out, grinning wide as she rest her eyes closed. -04:45 Apr 01
Raul: "You’ll have to if you want to shower." he said carefully puttign down the bag and takign off his shirt. He was going to beat her too it too since she was so busy claiming the bed. Shoes off, socks shirt, go forwards to find the linnen closet. "I’m glad you like it. It wasn’t cheep." -04:49 Apr 01
Kate: "Wait, damnit! That’s mine first!" Kate rolled off the bed far sooner than she wanted to. Her mad scramble of kicking off her shoes, and shoving past him for the bathroom first having to look semi comical. Kate even slammed the door in his face, cackling loud! -04:51 Apr 01
Raul: He shook his head, towel over his shoulder and Banked on the door. "You’ve forgotten somehting." he said "You nood a towel.." he looked the the doorknob, then thier it, the door opening inwards. "And that I”m in there first." He threw the towel of the rail and unded his belt pusing his pants sown righ in frone of her. If she didn’t want to see she could get out. -04:54 Apr 01
Kate: Kate didn’t have a problem looking. She probably SHOULD have though. Clothing still on, she was shoving past him again to step in to the shower. Holding the stall hostage by bracing her arms on both sides of the walls and glaring at him. "I haven’t had a shower in DAYS and I’m covered in everything from seawater to blood to YOU, so this shower is mine." He’d have to pry out her cold dead body before she gave it up first! -04:58 Apr 01
Raul: He didn’t pry hea out, he just stripped naked, got in with her, closed the door and turne on the water, stole the soap and and bahan lathering it on his hands. "You’re not the only one." he said as he began massagign the soap into his shoulder clearly planning on taking his time. -05:01 Apr 01
Kate: It was just like him invading her boat. Except this time it was the shower and he was naked. Growling more to herself than at him, Kate just elbowed him out of the way. And continued to deliberately swat, smack and kick him as she pulled and shrugged off her wet clothes in the tiny space. "You’ve got a real problem with other people’s space, don’t you!" Kate tossed her clothes over the door so they’d be out of her way. …at least the hot water was great! -05:04 Apr 01
Raul: "I’ve got no problem with it." he said. "Its other people with the problem of me being in it." he lathered up the soap again and then with it on both hand reached out and rubbed it across her shoulders his fingers followign the lines of her muscle. "Some more than others." -05:07 Apr 01
Kate: "If you’d stop invading it like some sort of… invader." Pirate more likely, but he WAS a pirate, so accusing him of being one would be kind of stupid. Kate was going to swat and elbow him again but… but that actually felt really good, especially after being battered about for days. When she caught herself humming from delight, she quickly bit her tongue and made herself busy with leaning to wet her hair. "…I can’t even -begin- to list all the problems I have with you. You’re nothing BUT a problem!" -05:11 Apr 01
Raul: "And yet you were offered a boat by the other guy and am still here." he liked jointing out all the outs she could have taken, but suspected she probibally have closen police custody over that stumbag. He worked it up to her neck and along the base of her skull. "And you’ve repeatedly threatened to drown me and probibally would never have let me out of that trunk it not for the cultists." -05:15 Apr 01
Kate: "Christ, I steal a few little things and you think I’m some sort of man killing psycho." she muttered. It was how a little soapy touching could keep her from turning around to throttle him. Right about now she should be screaming at him. "I haven’t threatened you anything less than you deserved. You assalted ME remember? AND blew up my boat. I’m not going to forget just because you’re really good at being distracting." So good… she should be washing her hair, not leaned back in to his hands. -05:19 Apr 01
Raul: It was all he coulf do not to chuckle. "So the moment I stop you go back to trying to beak me to death with the shampoo bottle?" he working his way down her back and stepped closer. "Sounds liek we’re going to need more soap." -05:23 Apr 01
Kate: "What…? Why would I waist good shampoo." Crap. She was in one of those situations again. And this time there was nothing she could blame on, like being crazy upset. Kate quickly turned around, swatting his hands away and pressing her hands against his chest to push him back. "No. NO! That’s enough of that. You’re not using your voodoo on me. I’m going to -shower- and sleep and hate you. No touching. You got me in to enough messes as it is without being complicated too." -05:30 Apr 01
Raul: He put hs hands on her forearms and pushed her arms downthen pulled her closer to that their chests were toutching. "And its not complicated?" he asked "Or are you unable not to cake it complecated?" the waper polled slightly between then and he looked at her his eyes peircing. "You can still hate me no matter what we do." -05:35 Apr 01
Kate: "It’s not like… totally out of control complicated. Yet." she muttered, shifting her hands to try and push him away again. "Well, it is, because of your whole.. destiny stuff, and I’m homeless and all, but — Can you get your hands off me, I can’t think like this!" She could feel her heart beating through her chest, and her whole ‘casual shower sharing’ plan wasn’t working out at -all-. This is exactly what she meant by complicated! -05:39 Apr 01
Raul: "Its simple." he said. "We hide out a couple of days and then we get what we need and do what we have to." he knew she wasn’t talking about that. "Does anythign need to be more complicated than…" he put his hadn on the abck of her head and kissed her. "That." -05:44 Apr 01
Kate: She was purring and leaning forward and…! Growling the minute he broke away. "Damnit Ru. Cut it out." Kate gave him a hard swat. "When it’s done I want to take my money and my house and my boat and leave! And I can’t leave if you’re being all sad or grabby or weird." Christ, she didn’t even know what she was blabbering about now. It was all steamy in the shower and it wasn’t just the hot water. Kate wiggled out of his grasp with a little twisting and the aid of soap. "Stay on your side." -05:49 Apr 01
Raul: He turned around and rubbed slop onhis chest feelignt he drim melt away and heaved a sigh… what did she mean? No matter what she didthe outcome of her blurtign was the same. "The house, the boat adn the money. Thats all you want." he turned to face her. "Then you can walk away. " he stepped into her side pushing her back against the wall and sliding his ahnds down her sides sanwedging her between the wall and his body. "you won’t need to look back to see what I’m doing." -05:55 Apr 01
Kate: "I want a lot of things but doesn’t mean I’m gona-Hey! Heeeey! What did I say about personal space!" she almost squeaked it out. The shower tile coming up cold against her skin, which was such a sharp contrast to his body. "I have to watch everything you’re doing. You’re sneaky as hell." Sneakier than her, she was beginning to realize and that was a little alarming. Kate was trying to escape his hands before she lost her train of thought again. -06:00 Apr 01
Raul: He pressed his lips into hers his arms and hands holdign her where she was. HE wasn’t letting her out, he wasn letting her talk. He knew she would return his kiss and that she woulf melt as his nail traced small circles on her hip. -06:03 Apr 01
Kate: Kate’s returned kiss was obviously from reflex and mixed with obvious annoyance. She was waiting for the break so she could complain at him again, but when that didn’t come she was in the very difficult position of pushing at his shoulder to get him to move while… really not wanting him to. This was the complicated. Kate growled against his mouth, the best warning she could throw at him. -06:08 Apr 01
Raul: He ignored her warning his hands snaking behind her and grippign her inner thighs from behind, liftign her up agaist the wall and forcign her legs apart. He kept his llipa agist hers, lis tongue well away from her teeth. He’d done this before. -06:10 Apr 01
Kate: There really wasn’t anywhere she could move unless she really wanted to start swinging at him. Kate balled up her first to bound against his shoulder since he was ignoring her vocal protest. Why the hell did he have to be so sexy while pissing her off?! Kate finally managed to tear her mouth away from his, breathing hard just from the struggle of trying to resist. "Don’t you know the meaning of Quit it?!" she gasped out. -06:14 Apr 01
Raul: He nipped her neck his hips agaist hers "I guess I don’t. Kate." he purred as he lufted her further his tip sliding aganst her into position. Then he growled softky into her ear his grown slowly shanging itno a put as he lowered her onto him. -06:18 Apr 01
Kate: Arrgh, Kate. She shouldn’t have gone begging him to say her name the last time! Kate almost whimpered, dropping her head against his shoulder as he filled her. One of her arms slid around his neck to embrace him. But she still hit his other shoulder with her fist again. "this is… this is really not fair…!" she breathed in to his neck. -06:24 Apr 01
Raul: He moved his hips to her his hands holdign her weight as he kissed her shoulder. "Whats wrong?" he asked his voice still low "You feel good to me. Kate White." -06:27 Apr 01
Kate: Revenge came briefly to mind, but then he was saying her name again all low and foxy. Her fist disappeared and she was gripping hard on to his shoulder. Everytime he moved she wanted to pull her legs around him and ride him until next Tuesday! Kate hissed under her breath, kissing his neck only to sink her teeth in to it. -06:34 Apr 01
Raul: His mucle tightened under her bite as he sucked in a breath. She didn’t realise but things were getting complicated for him too. But he just didn’t think about that at times like this. Times when he wes thusting into her and his breath and pressed his chest against hers. -06:40 Apr 01
Kate: Oho… she liked that. Kate grinned against his neck. Running her tongue over his skin before nipping first soft… and then very very hard! Giving in to her desire, Kate was curling around him. Her back arcing away from the tile of the shower wall just to feel as much of his skin against hers as possible. -06:46 Apr 01
Raul: Again his mucles tightened and the hiss of breath. But his head angles to give her more neck to play with as the breath was let out to flow over she shoulder. He felt her surender, her arc and knew he could push her harderm encouraged by her teeth. -06:50 Apr 01
Kate: Kate bit and nibbled and brushed her tongue against his skin. Nuzzled at his nose with his nose, and took delight in running her hands over his shoulders and up his neck to tap her fingers along his jaw. She didn’t wrap her legs around him, but rather braced her feet against the wall. Forcing him to keep her held up, and allowing her to hold her legs as open as she could in the small confines of the shower. -06:55 Apr 01
Raul: Hsi ahnds gripped her legs as he retuened her attention catchinf her in a brief kiss. With her hips pinned agaist the wall and her legs sprea he push in deep his hips, stomach and chest sliding against hers, he let out a low moan followed by a soft coo "Ooooh Kaaate." he loved the efect it had on her. -07:00 Apr 01
Kate: "That’s right, Ru… say it good." She breathed against his mouth. Loosing both of her hands in to his hair and holding on tight. She held his at an angle, perfect to ravish his mouth with a hard kiss. Forcing her tongue past his lips with little resistance, only to withdraw and glide it across his mouth. -07:05 Apr 01
Raul: He kissed her back hard his shaft perentrating deep into her and his breath catching, for a moment to wondered what it would be like to have her take charge. His tongue joined hers and he sighed deeply a small groan at the end. -07:09 Apr 01
Kate: He drove her crazy, and litterally up a wall! And Kate adored it. Couldn’t get enough of it fast enough. His groan was met with a frustrated growl. The woman rising and squirming in his arms as she nipped at his lips. "More, Ru… harder..!" her breathless demand wasn’t anything less than commanding! Her nails digging in to his shoulders to reiterate the demand. -07:18 Apr 01
Raul: He complied his movements increasing as he gripped her harder "Kate." he whispered. "I like that name.. Ru.." His voice was laced with pasion as he pressign his lips back agaist hers. Kate White, a girl who could take it all and bemand more after beinf forces… thing were going to get complicated indeed. -07:22 Apr 01
Kate: "…so much better…!" she sighed out loud, practically melting against him as she buried her face at the crook of his neck. She was whimpering again, both of her arms circling around his shoulder in a tight embrace. Kate groaned rather loud. The sound muffled against his skin, when her body tensed and tightened. The sudden onslaught of climax sending shivers up her spine! -07:30 Apr 01
Raul: He pushed into her the tight wetness of her climax making him join her in it. "Mmm Kate, you really know how ot make a man feel like a man." he said softly his voice still raced with pleasure. Keep it us and I’ll have to make you hate me more." -07:36 Apr 01
Kate: "Ah, hmm..? You’re an asshole…" So casually spoken and sounding more like a endearment with the way she breathed it out against his neck, the insult couldn’t have been taken serious. Kate rest against him, her face still nestled at his neck and her arms around his shoulders, with no indication that she cared to move. "Now you have to give me a bath before the hot water is gone." she muttered. She was too dang tired to it herself, and she wasn’t giving up the shower. -07:41 Apr 01
Myth and Legacy

Myth and Legacy 003: Do you understand now?

[Raul is face down in the sand after almost killign himself and Kate with a tsunami and kissing her as it broke over them.] -01:19 Mar 31
[Kate is pretty sure she’s dead. Laying on her back in the stand with her arms over her head and wishing the reaper would just get it over with!] -01:20 Mar 31
Raul: He rolled over his arm floppign into somethign soft, he groaned.. hsi head pounding as he felt arounf wonderign what it could be…. then he say up and turned… "Kate…" he peiced together what had happened, the boat, the wave.. the …. "Are you alright?" -01:23 Mar 31
Kate: "Go away. I’m dying." she groaned out. Had she any energy she would be punching him in the face right now. As it were, she wasn’t yet ready to open her eyes and was still hoping she’d DIE already. Take her body to the briny deep along with her precious boat…! -01:24 Mar 31
Raul: "No you’re not." he said standin and looking up and down the beach. "We’re on shore.. what shore I don’t know." he had been angry with her, so angry he had most control. "So you’l have to hait for the tide if you want to drown there." -01:26 Mar 31
Kate: "Stop talking to me! You are BANNED from talking to me!" Kate finally sat up. The motion making her groan again from the pounding in her head. It took her even longer to get up to her feet. …no shoes! Might as well add that to her list of things she lost. Now all she had were the clothes on her pack and the few pocketable items she stole from him. Kate looked around for the nearest rock to throw at him. -01:29 Mar 31
Raul: "Fine I’ll talk to this tree then." he growled, they were standed on a possibly deserted island and she was worrying about being argumentative. "Or maybe I’ll do somethign useful liek look for somewhere that is’t in the sun after we’ve swallowed who knows how much salt water." -01:33 Mar 31
Kate: Failing her quest to find a rock to chuck at him, Kate settled for kicking sand in his direction. "GOOD! And do it without me! Cause I’m done! Gone. Leaving! You and your lightning striking, boat killing, girl kissing, BOAT KILLING ass can get eaten by canibals for all I care..!" Kate had better words for it somewhere, but she was too tired to be articulate. She just turned on a heel to march down the beach. -01:37 Mar 31
Raul: "You says boat killing twice." he spat back, "And if that boat was all you had you really should not have been in the game. You think you’re the center of a world out to get you and that everything can be solved by running. You can’t run from this… if you could I would not be here, if destiny could be avoided I’d be cooking fisj in Miama nd not trapped on an island with YOU." -01:49 Mar 31
Kate: Kate whirled around to point a finger at him. "Don’t throw that shit at me! Destiny can kiss my ass! Destiny didn’t just sink my HOME and everything I owned! Where am I supposed to live?! I have no money and no job and now I don’t even have clothes. I have no under wear and no shoes! All I’ve got is an amulet, a spearhead, an older lighter, and a soggy pack of a gum! And [i]three of those things are yours[i]!" She spun back around again, but not without flipping him the finger first. "Screw you! I’ll get off this island myself!" -01:53 Mar 31
Raul: "KATE!" he started after her. Even if shes tried to kill him he couldn’t let her get herself killed. "You’ll get yourself killed." he grabbed her shoulder. "I don’t care how angry you are with me I"m not going to see you get captured but those maniacs." -02:00 Mar 31
Kate: "Don’t go touching me!" With a surprising amount of energy she swung around to punch him. She didn’t care if he could strike lightning or move the seas, he killed her boat! "I’d rather be sank with my boat than deal with you!" -02:03 Mar 31
Raul: Her blow struck his cheek and he spun her around so now he had a hand on each of her shoulders. "Hell guess what, I’m your only chance off of here. If you want to spend the rest of you life here go ahead and leave. If not…" he paused, there was a feeling like a gathering storm that sent shills down his spine… -02:10 Mar 31
Kate: "My life was going perfectly fine before YOU showed up!" She was going to have to learn to punch harder. Kate paused when he did, though. The look that suddenly came across his face giving her concern. …no wait, that’s how he kept getting her! Kate shoved him away. Growling in frustration as she continued her escape. "Stay away from me." -02:14 Mar 31
Raul: DAMMIT He didn’t have time for stupid feelings distracting him. "No you listen to me. YOu…" the feelign was fettign stronger. "KATE!" He grabbed her again, somehtign bad was comign and he didn’t know what he turned her again his eyes focusign on hers. "Listen!" -02:17 Mar 31
Kate: "To what? To you? I don’t want to talk to you!" Kate was getting frusrated to the point of tears. If she couldn’t be pissed off at him, she was going to end up crying and that was the LAST thing she wanted to do. She fussed to get out of his hands again. "Just leave me alone!" -02:20 Mar 31
Raul: "This is serious." he said tryign to calm her while symaltaniously trying not to freak out himself. His holf had turned int an awkward half hug his his eyes remained focused on hers. "I’m sorry, But you have to listen to me somethings not…." why, why did his mind have to flash on thier kiss now… why… and why was he leanign closer? -02:25 Mar 31
Kate: "I don’t care." It was the first time he really looked worried about something and Kate was about two seconds away from slipping in to a depressed round of tears and crying on his shoulder. A kiss for comfort actually would have been really nice, and she- ….no she was doing it again! She was supposed to hate him! Kate pushed him back again. Stepping a few steps back herself, looking confused, alarmed… and still very upset. This time she didn’t say a word as she turned around and ran down the beach. -02:35 Mar 31
Raul: His butt hit the sand as he turned to the ocean.. the surface rippling in an unatural way.. it wasn’t him doign it… couldn’t be. "Then he falt it like a tentacle wrappign around his mind and slowly crushing it. "KAAAAAAAAAAAATE." he screamed struggling to his feet the mental onslaught "FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU…" it was a cry, not a shout his voice wavering and cracking as his held hi head. Another glance at the sea showed it to be boiling… He looked after Kate and beyind her saw.. something… somethings crawling from the water. -02:39 Mar 31
Kate: Her was shouting after her and she was trying really hard to to turn back. Kate was -determined- to not forgive him. She was pretty far out of earshot when she finally stopped. Kicking at the sand in a frustrated huff. At first she didn’t notice the oddly crawling forms crawling out of the sea. "H-hey…?" Kate assumed someone else had been ship wrecked. Like those cultists. But the closer they crawled, all weird and jerky and… unnatural…. she found herself backing up a few paces. "…what the hell…!" -02:45 Mar 31
Raul: Lightning… it fell fro the sky around him, he couldn’t help it. It helt as if his mind was beign compressed and through the cracks, hatred and anger flowed unhindered. It wasn’t his but he couldn’t resist it. The lightning arced over the water, blasted beachsant to glass and set trees on fire. A wind swept up and flowed aorund him… "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO." he fell to his knees his eyes still on kate.. the need to take out the emotions not his on her strong. -02:52 Mar 31
Kate: Kate was past the point of thinking she was seeing things. When those human-ish creatures started their crawl in HER direction, she was immediately turning back to fun for Raul. There was lightning, and wind.. and now even she could feel that weird electricity of the air. "Ru…!" she had to skip to a stop a good few paces from him, just from surprise and a hella lot of concern. "If you’re summoning up hell because you’re pissed at me…! I swear to god!" She glanced over her shoulder where those beasts were advancing. They didn’t seem to be in a rush, but rather deliberately making the whole damn thing as creepy as possible! -03:00 Mar 31
Raul: He looked at her, she was so close… it would be se east to make her fry, smell her burned flesh, hear her scream… "Move…" his voice was low and dangerout.. so long as she was in his sightlines shes was all he could focus on…..except… A spout a water shot up from the sea and a boat crashed into the beach.. his last act before his mind slipped further… "I believe you were running…" -03:05 Mar 31
Kate: "You’re scaring the shit out of me! Cut it out!" …a big boat rising up from the waters took her full attention. …that couldn’t be good. In fact that churning dread in her stomach was probably a good sign that everything was about to get so much worse. "FINE. I’LL HANDLE IT!" Raul was going inside, or worse and she couldn’t leave him wallowing in the sand to get eaten by demons or kidnapped by cursed pirates. Scrambling through the sand, she managed to find herself a good solid piece of driftwood and a pointy conk shell. Kate had to pull her scarf out of her hair to tie the shell to the stick, and it was probably the shittiest weapon in the world. But it WORKED when she cracked it over the head of a skittering minion. "SCREW OFF!" -03:10 Mar 31
Raul: "The boat…" Raul hissed grabbign her and pushing her towards it before turning to the creatures. He raised his hands and closed his eues and the lightning stikes all seemed to mover in front of him, where the creatures were coming from. It seemed to work until… he.. appeared. -03:20 Mar 31
Kate: "I’m trying to save you here, stupid!" Yeah, so lightning worked better than a conch on a stick. The point was that she was trying to protect him from disturbing danger while he was busy rolling around in anguish. …but then there was someone else. Her conch fell to the sand, leaving her with just a stick. And Kate was reaching out a hand as she stared, tugging sharply on Raul’s sleep. -03:27 Mar 31
Raul: He didn’t need to see the figure.. he coulf FEEL it. Ans when he did all his power seemed to disapear. "Its him…" he whispered fear and hatred gripping him… he could feel Vardri’s power.. his anger, his hate.. "Its Vardri.." there was nothign he could do, nothing, he was barely aware of what was goignon around him.. he just needed to get onto the boat and it out to sea… That was all. -03:32 Mar 31
Kate: "THAN DON’T STAND THERE LIKE AN IDIOT!" Now she was panicking! This was NOT ‘has all his shit together Raul’ this was ‘oh god we’re all fucked’ Raul, and Kate wasn’t keen on that. She circled to the front of him and near tackled him to start pushing him towards the boat. "MOVE! Run! Flee!" -03:36 Mar 31
Raul: He did. Putting his arms around her, lifting her up and making for the boat. He didn’t have to look to know he was following them. He broke into a sprint, the water already rising to take the lifeboat out as he reached the side and dropped her over it and began pulling himself up. There was not though in his mind other than the water he needered to float the boat out to sea. "Take the controls, I’ll take the ocean." -03:39 Mar 31
Kate: Kate didn’t think they were being followed, but she had the distinct feeling it would matter if that was really an ancient sea god there to kill his enemy bloodline. She scrambled to the controls, saying fuck all to coordinates and just got the damn thing running and sailing out to sea. It wasn’t big and it wasn’t going to be fast, and…. well, she tried not to think about it! -03:42 Mar 31
Raul: The ocean around then calmed and smoothed, moving under the boat in the current that helped them move all the faster. It took all of Raul’s cencentration and he closed hi eyes. A strom was easy, chaos was easy, changing the very currents of the ocean, the most powerful forces she had… was hard. -03:46 Mar 31
Kate: For once Kate wasn’t shouting at him. Once she had navigation set and the wheel steady, she was moving out beside him and watching the quickly disappearing island to see if anything would follow. She really, really, hoped not. Anything that scared Raul like that was a bad, bad thing. -03:51 Mar 31
Raul: He was breathing hard, his head and heart throbbing. Its had been the first time in his life he had been sure he was going to die. But somehow they hadn’t. "Now do you see?" he asked, it wasn’t boastful or i told you so. It was breathless and scared. The escape, rippign his mind free or Vardri had taken a lot out of him. -03:54 Mar 31
Kate: Kate couldn’t honestly tell him that she believed the entire thing. …but she couldn’t deny any of it now either. And the fact he looked shaken bothered her. Kate rest her hand on his arm and squeezed. "Yeah, I see. Should have let me at him with the conchstick." -03:58 Mar 31
Raul: He stood, his ahdn comign to rest on her shoulder. "A shell tied to a stick can’t kill a god." he said. Maybe me but not a full-blooded god. Only one whing can, and we need to find what. "His hand slid up to her head his other holdign the other side and he made her look at him. "I never asked you to do this. But now you see the stakes." -04:02 Mar 31
Kate: She rest her hands against his. Kate didn’t want to get involved… really didn’t want to find out what happens when you cross demons and ancient gods. But she felt compelled to. If at least because he made him less… defeated looking. "You have to get me a new boat. And a house. …and if anybody stabs me, I’m gonna be pretty pissed." -04:06 Mar 31
Raul: He nodded. "A boat, a house, half a million…" he rested his forehead agaist hers his hands pulling her closer. "No stabbing.." his lips brushed hers then pressed home harder his hands pulling her further in. -04:12 Mar 31
Kate: Kate really should have slapped him or shoved him off the boat. She HAD promised to pissed at him forever. But kissing him was unexpectedly sweet. Leaving her with that dizzying headrush, she vaguely remembered disbelieved was real right before the tidal wave took them. In hesitation she slipped her arms around his waist, but even that was quickly vanishing when she matched his kiss. -04:16 Mar 31
Raul: "…" she was returnign his kiss, he didn’t think she would have. Tention vanished from his shoulders as he pushed her back against the cabin door his hands slidign into her hair and runnign though it and body comign up to hers. They had just alsmost died and now… she hated him right? But her lips on his fest so good soon he was sliding his hands down her bakc and grabbign her ass. -04:20 Mar 31
Kate: Damn. Later she’d kick herself for thinking it was all sexy as hell, and letting emotion and libido take over her common sense. ..but for the moment it felt so good to connect with someone and she knew he probably needed it as much as she did. Kate didn’t say a word as she skipped messing with shirt buttons and simply pulled it up over his head. She found his mouth again, kissing him with a sound that sound very much like a relieved sigh. -04:25 Mar 31
Raul: She was as eager as he way.. the fact she wasn’t an inocent flower likely to try to back out was even better. He slid his hadns up her sides pulling her shirt up and it joined his on the beck followed shortly by her bra, then with his hands ruring down her chest he kissed her harder. -04:29 Mar 31
Kate: The only thing that would have made it more perfect was her boat. As it were, Kate tangled her hands in to his hair. Pressing up against him without any sort of shyness or second thoughts. She nipped at his mouth, running her tongue over his lips to taste salt and sea. -04:37 Mar 31
Raul: His lips parted tempting her tonge inside as he pulled her gun fron her pants and chuckled placing it down on the cabin roof. After all this time she still have it and hadn’t thought to use it… but then he had one too. His tongue caught hers and he pulled on her pants his thumb movign to push the button through the hole. -04:41 Mar 31
Kate: Kate didn’t think twice about the gun, and growled at him in confusion at his chuckling. It sure as hell wasn’t a time for laughing, and she made her mission to show him. Deepening that kiss and sucking hard on his tongue, as she closed her arms tight around him. Her breasts pressing up hard against his chest. Her heart had to be beating a thousand miles per hour..! -04:45 Mar 31
Raul: He pushed back to equal forcethe button poppign and zip sliding down as his hadn slid down under her pants to grab her ass again his chest ehavign agaist hers. A low pur of desire escaped him as he pushed his crotch agaist hers. I liked that she was as eager as he was.. -04:50 Mar 31
Kate: He was making it worse. She was itching and impatient, and there were too many things in the way. Had she not been pressed up hard against the cabin wall, she would have lept on hi. She settled for letting loose of his hair and running her hands down his chest. Taking a firm grip of his pants to pull them open and push them down. The only moment she left his mouth was when she shifted to nip at his jaw. -04:55 Mar 31
Raul: He stepped out of his pants and pushe hers down makign sure to catche any underwear she was wearing and get rid of those too. He growled as she nipped him, now free of clothing he lifted her up and fell with her onto the deck thier scattered clothing, cussiond and wood makign thier bedding. He kissed her hard pressign her head hard downwards his throbbing member movign into position agaist her. -05:00 Mar 31
Kate: A soft hrrmph escaped her as they fell against the deck, but didn’t phase her in the slightest. Her hips rose to meet him in a completely unmasked invitation. A single leg circling around his, while curling toes grazed the back of his calves. One hand found it’s way in to his hair again. The other brushing up to caress his cheek while she returned his kiss, nibbled down his jaw and nipped at his ear. -05:04 Mar 31
Raul: The way she moved…. He nipped down her neck as he puched into her his hands holdign onto the deck as his body adjusted to hers. There was a low "Mmmmmm" as he sunk in. "Kate." he cooed movign to catch her lips again. -05:08 Mar 31
Kate: "You just keep sayin’ my name like that.." she muttered against him. Her unabashed pleased sighing breathing against his lips. So tense and so wanting, finally having him moving within her was like lighting her on fire. Kate caught his mouth in a passionate kiss, taking him on full throttle, just like she did everything else. -05:14 Mar 31
Raul: His hand went to grip her shoulder as he kissed her back his lips sliping agaist hers. "Better hold onto something." he whispered he he sunk in in deeeper the moveent of her hips agains him enough he send tinglign up and down his spine. Then he thrust harder, he wasn’t going to hold back from the get go. -05:19 Mar 31
Kate: Her witty retort, where she stop him to stop being weird was lost in the mixed of her soft moan. Her hand fell from his cheek to cling on to the arm that had her pressed against the wood deck. Possibly the only thing keeping her from bouncing across the flood… and a good thing too because Kate wasn’t getting enough. Her hips matched his, movement for movement. Her coming out in short, ragged gasps as the pressure mounted. "Oh gods, Ru…!" Kate’s head tossed back and forth listlessly against the deck. -05:25 Mar 31
Raul: Every time she matched him he pushed harder, searching for her limit with his toned muscles pushign him deeper and deeper, faster and faster. "Fuck…" she was handling it better than he ever thought she would, always full of surprises. "Kate you.." He nipped her lip his heartbeat through the roof as he panted her name. -05:29 Mar 31
Kate: The accent, had to be the accent when he said her name. It did her in, leaving her locking her legs around his waist as she gave a startled yelp. And he was still moving still, while her body clenched and shudder… amplying those sensations so high that she hit his shoulder pretty hard before she graps it and dug her nails in to his skin. She couldn’t catch her breath enough to scream, but it was so good…! -05:34 Mar 31
Raul: He could feel her clench and he kept thrusting the tightness only making it better. His lips locked agaist hers as he kissed her hard his hands grippign the deck until the slats amlosy broke before his hips rocked agaist hers and he shuddered every nerve in his body alight with pleasure… -05:38 Mar 31
Kate: Every muscle she had seemed to melt when the wave finally released her. Her returning kiss being nothing more than a languid and lazy brushing of her lips against his. Even her hand pried it’s way off his shoulder to fall limp against the deck. But it was all pure delight and her pleased humming wasn’t at all disguised. -05:42 Mar 31
Raul: He ran his hand down her body his nerves still tingling as his kiss softened and he pulled himself from her. Then have a contented sigh and a whisper "Well Kate you are full of surprises." -05:45 Mar 31
Kate: "Don’t get any ideas. I am still mad at you." even when she said it, it didn’t have any force behind it. …later. Later it would! For now, she was just too damned satisfied to care about her own objections. There was something to be said for dangersex… -05:47 Mar 31
Myth and Legacy

Myth and Legacy 002: Nothing Left to Lose

[Kate didn’t sleep well and she’s sore as hell. Now she’s following around a lunatic on a deadman’s island.] -01:24 Mar 30
[Raul onoy slept as much as he needed to, and with one eye open. Now hes home, to see the bodies of his family.] -01:26 Mar 30
Kate: Kate didn’t even know why she got off the damn boat. Cause she sure as hell didn’t want to see dead people again. The LAST time she ran away crying after seeing a poor dead kid, and now she was walking around with that kids’ brother, uncle, cousin, whatever and who knows what he’d do. Turn around and kill her for being involved maybe. Crap. She shoulda brought the gun. "Isn’t it like… the WORST idea to be here now..?" -01:31 Mar 30
Raul: Raul didn’t speak as he walked up the path from the beach, he knew what he would hind here and he knew how he’d feel about it. The island stank of death and the walls of the cabins that made the island look lieka holidat resort were stared with bullet holes and severeal had bunred down. It was at ofe of the blacked ruins that he stopped, the scorched steel frame supporting shat was left of a body. "Lo siento tio." he whispered as he reached under the bed and pulled open a hatch, retrieving a metal box from underneath. Opening the lid he pulled out a gas mask and a pistol… the forst was for the smell of bodies and the socond was just in case. -01:36 Mar 30
Kate: She might not have believed in ancient legends, but that didn’t make dead people everywhere less creeptastic. Who was to say they wouldn’t rise up as angry cursed zombies. …or more likely, that those cultists wouldn’t be lurking around here waiting for someone else stupid enough to come back. Kate was having to turn off that human part of her brain and try to focus on more shiny things. She picked up something off a chared desk and stuffed it in to her shorts pocket. "Seriously, though… There’s enough room in Africa for fleeing sea gods too." -01:44 Mar 30
Raul: "You might like the idea of leaving the rest of the world to die but I don’t." he said throwing her a mask too then fitting his over his face. "And nowhere is safe. This island used to be the safest place imaginable… used to be." he stepped over the collapsed wall and proceeded up the path stoppign as he saw another body, rot begining to bloat the skin. Still he pulled a large leaf from a plant and closign the eyes covere the face with the leaf. "Ferius fue el primero, no se le unieran en la vigilancia." he whispered before standign again, he had the feeling it wouldn’t be the last time he’d speak those words today. -01:49 Mar 30
Kate: Kate fumbled as she caught the thing. Putting it on only because it helped block her vision just as much as it blocked the smell. She was muttering a whole lot of uncomfortable curse words as she caught up to him again. Keeping close at his heels, but keeping a fair distance away from anything dead. In fact she’d find a sudden fascination with the sky any time they came across someone. "I don’t get why they ask me to go through all the trouble of sneaking in and taking stuff, if they were just going to kill everyone first… They could have stolen it all themselves." she muttered. It didn’t take a genius to realize that was weird. -01:53 Mar 30
Raul: "Yes. I’ve been wordering." he said, ever body he wound it was the same thing. Close the eyes, cover the face, and say the words. All the way past the village to the cliff face beyond, there a steel door with a keypad waited. Teh door was of course open, kate had been though it before. It was where some of the stuff had been kept. But she didn’t know that it want deeper than it first appeared, a trap door hidden under the floor. -01:56 Mar 30
Kate: At least she knew there weren’t any dead kids in there. It was the first place she snooped through, before she realized the place was covered in dead. "Do we really HAVE to be here?" Futile complaining wasn’t helping the situation any, but Kate needing to talk so it wouldn’t be all eerie and brooding. "I could be hours away right now." -02:03 Mar 30
Raul: "Yes you could, but you’re not… odd." he said as he knelt down and reached under a shelf and pulled a lever. The floor in the center of the room slid down, then across with an electical hum. This kind of security wasn’t cheep but they had never exactly been poor. Raul began down the revealed stairs and into a suprisingly rough stona pasage, electical light turning on in the ceiling. This used to be griund level where the door is now. He said as he reached the bottom and waited for her, removing his mask and hooking it on the wall. "Tell me kate, have you ever heard of the remple of the aztec sea god?" he gestured down the passage. "Of course you have…" -02:09 Mar 30
Kate: "Odd inde-…god damnit." Kate realized herself that she coulda took off on her own at any moment. What the fuck was she thinking? Her irritation disappeared quickly, though, when she found herself following Raul through a -secret- passage. Her own mask was taken off, and Kate was trying not to look as interested as she really was. "I know about the template, yeah… no one could ever prove it was real, though…" -02:13 Mar 30
Raul: He smiled "Becuase we didn’t want anyone poking around here." he said as he walked deeped into the mountain. "It would be bad for business, and if the cultists knew how to find it we’d be in shit. So if you tell them I’ll kill you." it wasn’t entirely a joke. "But this should be proof enough." they were at the door to the central chamber, and t was over, light filterign in from above and sevelal flood lights set up in the corners. "The throne room. -02:18 Mar 30
Kate: "Kill me, yeah, yeah. I’ve heard that before." It was strange when he smiled. Could make her forget he was -totally- nuts. In the central chamber, though, her hands up and fingers twitching. That ridiculous look she tended to get when something was such an amazing thing and piqued her interest, that no amount of bullshitting could help her play it off. An ancient undiscovered temple, tied to myth and legend… all right here! Imagine what was -in- it..! Kate was already snooping. "And what is so important here anyway. I don’t see any treasures." Course she looked like all the cared about was treasure – which was also true – but the stories. So many good stories! -02:25 Mar 30
Raul: Raul payed no attention to the inscriptions on the walls or the layout or anything, he had been taught it all since childhood, they all hed been. He was the last descendant of the sucessor of this temple’s god, the it was to his, Raul’s own thrown that he walked. Sitting in the sae of the throne was a small wooden box. Ferius journal that he made for his child, detailign everything. The original namuscript. For a family the fought cults they were a like like one themselves. -02:34 Mar 30
Kate: Leaning near nose to stone with one of the walls, Kate was trying to read some of the symbols. She might never had made it to college, and probably didn’t sound like the smartest person in the world. But someone’s passion lent a thirst for learning. And Kate’s passion was definitely for South American and Carribean myth… Her understanding was shoddy at best, but she could pick it up quick. "Holy hell. Vampiric curses really are universal…" Shifting her attention down, she plucked up a bone spearhead and held it up to the light in confusion. "…this isn’t local." -02:40 Mar 30
Raul: "So you can read it." he said "I should give you more credit in future." he said He had the box under his arm as he stood next to Kate, but then knelt down to turn a particularly battered body over. "She pust hav fallen though the skylight while being chased…" he glanced at the spearhead.. then was forced to hide a sly smirk. "You keep that, it will bring you luck… also here a tip. You want to know where my family keeps the relly valuable stuff and heaps of money we have…. switzerland… best banks in teh world.." he closed the body’s one remaining eye and stood. "We’re done here." -02:46 Mar 30
Kate: Kate kept her eyes averted from the body. Focused on the spearhead, before slipping it in to her pocket. I wasn’t anything valuable, and she sure as hell doubted it would be lucky. But it’d be worth keeping to spite a bunch of asshole cultists. "Hey, I don’t care about your gobs of cash. Cash isn’t unique." Kate did wonder if they kept treasure in banks though. Did they have vaults for that? She followed him again. "…so ready to get out of here. Where do you want me to drop you off? Brazil? Florida? Haiti..? Africa is still a good idea." -02:51 Mar 30
Raul: "No its not." he said. "I can’t seal away a god in Africa. And even if I could it would be the wrong god." he make his way back towards the stairs. He could tell Kate wanted to explore more but there wasn’t time. "I wonder what the odds are they’ll be waiting for up off shore…" -02:55 Mar 30
Kate: "Pretty good now that they realize there’s still one of you left. If I was their evil god master and I found out MY stupid minions didn’t wipe out the entire bloodline that could stop me, I’d be pretty damn pissy until they got it done." ….not that she believed it. That was just what would make sense if it -were- true. "Just for the record, if they’re waiting, I’m throwing you at them. It’s nothing personal, but I’m still hurting from the -last- time." -03:00 Mar 30
Raul: "Don’t worry, I have a plan." he walked up the stairs and grabbed a waterproof case form the shelf and placed the box inside it. Then took it and another case, large and red, and placed them by the door before closing the secret passageway. "There won’t be any boardign of boats or fight on beck. I can promise you that." -03:05 Mar 30
Kate: "Hrrm. Do you." Kate had the feeling she wouldn’t like his plan. Considering his first plan was to assault her after one of her tours. ….and now that she thought about, why the hell was she still acting like she was a -part- of his crazy? He and his cultists weren’t her problem! "…Actually, I think I’ve wasted waaaay too much time with you already. I think I’ll just take my boat and leave you to your nonsense. I’m pretty sure you have your own boats." -03:07 Mar 30
Raul: "So you’re going to brave them alone while they’re lookign for your boat?" he askes picking up both cases. "I’m sorry, I can’t let you do that." He started walkign back down towards the shore, wanting to get away from this place as fast as possible. -03:14 Mar 30
Kate: "Dude, you don’t have any say in what I’m doing. Seriously." If it weren’t for the fact, she was sure he was still pissy about the whole stealing thing, she’d have thought his comment was kinda sweet. In that protective knight sort of way. Kate stayed at his heels. "And for your information, I’ve been dealing with douchebags and assholes for a LONG time and I’m still alive and doing just fine. A bunch of cultists are not going to be an issue." …of course, she was looking back at the village where those same cultists killed an entire island full of people… That was… well. It was easier for one person to disappear when they knew they were in trouble. They weren’t going to catch HER by surprise. -03:18 Mar 30
Raul: "They have ships, they have helecopters, they have enough weapons to start a war. Do you know about Darkstone.. the multi million dollar ‘military contractors’ thet owned by them. You’ve delt with lowlives. This in an army of zealots." he continued bacl towards shore without even slowing down… "But if you wnt incentive. FINE! I’ll give you half a million dollars to hire you until we agree that your contract is up.." -03:23 Mar 30
Kate: "Half a mil- gah!" So bedazzled by a sum, Kate tripped over a branch as they reached the beach and nearly faceplanted in to the sand. She was quick to right herself and stalk back after him. "Hire for what? You want me to drive you around in my boat? That’s reasonable, I guess. …but I’m not getting in to any fights. And if somebody starts shooting at me, or stabbing, or anything like that it’s gonna cost you -way- more than half a million." Kate had never negotiated payment in her life, and that was over meager, unfair sums for the sort of jobs she did. But he had money to spare and a reluctance to leave her alone. So why not bank on it? -03:27 Mar 30
Raul: "Final payment can be negosiated after the job is complete." he said heavign firs teh red case, then the one containigng the journals aboard. "But 500 000 is a nice round number to use as a base." He untied the mooring line and jumped aboard without even waiting for her. "Lets get out of here, far away… but not Africa…" -03:32 Mar 30
Kate: "It’s a good start. Yeah. I’m good with negotiating later." Kate was pleased. So much so that she looked rather smug about the whole deal. Not realized she had just been played and bribed. It likely wouldn’t have mattered even if she were aware. Kate was already thinking about the upgrades she could make on her boat and decided where she was going to make her permanent residence. …she could finally own a REAL house! Suddenly, Kate was in a much better mood. "Not Africa, check! We’ll go to Barbados. No one ever goes to Barbados anymore." -03:40 Mar 30
Raul: "All I need to time to read, then I’ll know what to do next." Raul said. "I don’t care where that time is… knock yourself out." Well she was in a better mood and being much more cooperative… if only he had bribed her sooner. "And one more thing. Throw me overboard and you get nothing." He took the cases below decks and stashed the red one in the bow thile the journals he opened the checked over. They looked good for thier age. "Ferius’ Guide to defeating an enraged sea god." he said. "Perfect reading while on the ocean." -03:47 Mar 30
Kate: "I’m not STUPID, Ru! Don’t kill the hand that feeds you and all that jazz. Not that I go killing people on a regular basis, jesus christ." she called after him, and then continued to rant on to herself. Kate made herself comfortable at the helm. Setting in her coordinates to navigation for Barbados and checking the local weather casts. It’d prolly be her luck that they get sank in a hurricane before she ever got her money. "Katherine White, Carribean Tours. …Carribean Cruises? K.W. Godslayer Adventure Safari…" she mused out loud her future business titles, taking no looks back at Raul’s island as she kicked back in a chair and daydreamed. -03:53 Mar 30
Raul: Hours passed and Raul spent them with his nose in the journals translating the archage writing in his head. But a couple of hours into the trip he felt something… Puttign the journal away he emerged on deck adn grabbed Kate’ binoculars scannig the horison. The weather was amazingly clear an it didn’t take him long to find what he had been dreading. "Christ…." he pulled Kate over and handed them to her. "They have a fucking frigate out there…. a frigate…." -03:58 Mar 30
Kate: Kate was swatting at him at first. At some point she had dozed off in her chair. But she was taking her binoculars and looking out where he pointed. "Wow… they’ve got a lot of cash to afford one of those." She was admiring their ship for several moments before she finally realized what that meant for them. "….oh shit, I don’t think I have enough gas to sail that fast!" Tossing her binoculars to a corner, she went fussing over the controls. There was bound to be a way to get some speed somewhere! -04:02 Mar 30
Raul: Raul disappeare below decks and made strait for the red case. He flipped it open and typed in a code and flipped a switch.. it deeped adn a red light appeared. "Right.." he grabbed the remote and closed the case and ran back to the help. "Payback time…" he took the wheel and breathed in deep. Then breathed out a fog rising from nowhere to hide them. Then he turned the boat strait for the frigate! -04:09 Mar 30
Kate: "Hey.. hey… g’damnit! Get away from that!" This stealing her wheel shit had to stop! Kate was away from her controls and shoving him out of the way. "What are you trying to do, RAM it? It’ll crash my baby to pieces! No, you just keep up with that… crazy… fog stuff and I’ll worry about the fleeing!" -04:13 Mar 30
Raul: We can’t outrun a frigate and they have radar." he said "The fog only stops them aimign at us." he said.. just then there was the sounds of shooting and traced was seen ahead of them in the fog… "Now fing somethign that foats, you must have a life raft on this thing…." one hand still of the wheel he pulled the cap off the detonator with his teeth. "QUICKLY KATE!" -04:17 Mar 30
Kate: "Well, YEAH, I got one right over there, but we’re not gonna nee- Wait. What the fuck are you doing." She had been pointing to the emergency raft hanging up on the cabin wall, but now she was staring at him in a cross between annoyance and confusion. …and that slow realization she was NOT going to like what was coming. "…don’t you get any ideas with my boat! We are NOT hurting my boat. I’m turning this damned thing around!" -04:20 Mar 30
Raul: He acted fast, grabbing her, the case, and the raft and jumping from the boat. Only adrenaline and surprise allowed him to do it before Kate could stop him. In the fog ahead of them there was a loud crash.. then Raul pressed the button. The orange fireball shone through the fog and Raul dropped the detonator and began working on the raft. -04:24 Mar 30
Kate: Kate was in the water before she knew what hit her. She was shouting obscenities at Raul right up until the CRASH and the CRUNCH and the BOOM. And Kate was silent. Stunned. Alarmed…! "…..YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Hell had no such fury! Kate was diving for him, hands out stretched and the minute she got them on him she was trying to drown him! -04:30 Mar 30
Raul: Great just as he had one strap of the self-infating raft ondone he had a crazy woman trying to drown him. If that wasn’t bad enough there would be survivors and they’d be angry. He sputtered then pulled himself up onto the casing and pulled the last stap. The raft inflated under him the side hitting Kate in the face as it balloned outwards. -04:35 Mar 30
Kate: Now SHE was going to be nearly drowned. That didn’t deter her anger whatsoever. Kate pulled herself up and in to the raft, if only because it was going to give her better access to comitting murder. "You stupid…! Fucking…! God damnit! That was my HOME!" If anything, at least being soaked head to toe meant he couldn’t see her crying while she was trying to get a hold of his head before HE got in to the raft, and shove him back to the sea where he belonged! -04:40 Mar 30
Raul: Her anger ignited his that he had been supressign since the island. Slick with water he slepped though her grasp and fell onto the bottom of the raft. "And it saved your life.." he growled. "If you’resad about your boat, fine I’ll give you one of mine, you want me dead, after this you’ll never see me again. You want to hurt me they beat you to it. I’m sorry I blew up your boat, but now they won’t blow up your head." If you really want to kill me, you know what. Do it, do it… I’ve already lost everything. But wait until I’ve done what I need to do." -04:47 Mar 30
Kate: "I don’t want your stupid money and I don’t want your stupid help..!" she was still shouting, and the fact he was in the raft wasn’t stopping her either. Kate pounced on him, trying to get her hands around his neck to she could strangle him! "MY HOME! Mine! The only thing that has ever been mine…! And you. just. destroyed it. in two seconds..! EVERYTHING I OWNED AND WORKED FOR. MY. ENTIRE. LIFE. WAS THAT BOAT! aarghh!" This was just… she was sympathetic about his family, but he went and destroyed the only thing she had! It was -over-! -04:51 Mar 30
Raul: He grabbed her arms and pulls them away from his neck with all his strength. "Your life is over? Everythng is gone?" his voice was soft and deadly "I’ve spent the entire day picking over the bodies of my own family, smellign thier rotten bodies and praying for thier souls." a sudden swind blew the fog away, shrill and sharp as behind Raul beyind the sinkign frigate th sea began to churn and rise in a solid wall. "We’re dealign with the end of the world, I’ve help it in, I’ve kept the peace. These MANIACS want to kill EVERYONE. That includes you, that includes Africa, that includes every single human on thins planet." the wave grew rushing towards them…. -05:00 Mar 30
Kate: " I felt bad for you…! I really did. You didn’t have to go and take everything from me too!" She was fighting to her her arms loose, too lost in her anger to realize how futile it was. …or the giant wave that was rushing their way. "You always had a home and a family and crazy sea god magic, and that boat was all I ever got and I had to do it myself…!" Kate didn’t even know why she bothered screaming at him still! He didn’t give two shits about anything outside of saving the world! And that point, Kate didn’t give a shit about the world when she had no where to live in it! She was still trying to get at him until she realize the raft was starting to tilt oddly on the waves. -05:06 Mar 30
Raul: He didn’t even notice the wave as the saft began to be lifted up and caried along with it, rapidly increting in height and speed. "I never wanted to be here, I never wanted to be in this family I never asked to be the last on left who has to do what a god almost died doing. "Everything you’ve lost can be replaced but I will not stop for anythign until the assholes who killed my family are dead and thier plans stopped. "Any boat you want you can take with enough treasures to decorate it like a pharoe’s tomb for all I care. Vardri will be stopped, that is what has been given to me and to you." -05:13 Mar 30
Kate: "It’s not about the money, you jackass!" and Kate really, -really- wanted to drive that home along with her fist to his nose. But as the raft tilted, it nearly capsized them both and she found herself clinging on to him just for something solid to hold on to. Despite losing the only thing she had, Kate wasn’t keen on drowning in the middle of the ocean. "I hope you drown with me!" she hissed, with every bitter hope that he would. Just so he couldn’t complete his vow and her angry ghost would feel vindicated. -05:18 Mar 30
Raul: His eyes stared into her eyes with such intinsity it looked like he was twying to make her head explode. "And this isn’t about you." he hissed "Its not about you. Its not even about revenge. Destiny is a curse. And we…" The lip of the waze crested and broke over them and as the raft tipped over and was lost to the sea his lips pressed into hers his hands still holdign her arms in a deathgrip before the water worced them apart. -05:27 Mar 30
Myth and Legacy

Myth and Legacy 001: Return of the Sea Gods

[Kate is a tour guide with the side-job of smuggling. She was just wrapping up a tour and sending people on their way so she could have a night of beer and sleep.] -01:31 Mar 28
[Raul has sat through the “tour” and listened to the “authentic legends” and now hes about ready to strangle this woman whose paradign around his recently murdered mother’s necklace claimign it to be an ancient antifact….. the fact tha is is is besides the point!] -01:32 Mar 28
Kate: “And so to this day they say ever so often the old aztec sea god will rise from his sleep to reign terror on the seas. Forever bitter about the loss of his mortal love. They say sometimes he comes to shore and tries to kidnap a new bride, but no woman is ever good enough and she’s sacrificed to the sea. ….And that, sweeets is your tour! That will be the agreed on amount.” Kate hopped on to the deck helping young ladies climb out of the boat, giving men a flirting smile and happily taking payment from each and every individual. The Tours didn’t pay awesome… but that wasn’t where she made all her money anyway. -01:37 Mar 28
Raul: “In the late 1700s the ‘sea god’ kidanpped a pirate, and sacrificed his godhood in order to marry her.” Raul said his voice a mix of anger and inpacience over his accent. He didn’t make to leave, not did he make any attempt to pay her. In fact as the last guest left he reached out and grabbed the necklace. “And this belongs to my mother.” -01:40 Mar 28
Kate: “That wasn’t today’s tour myth.” was what she responded with first. Sadly, getting grabbed at wasn’t a surprised and shouldn’t be something she was so used to. Kate grabbed his wrist before he went snatching what she claimed… and tried not look like she just had her hands caught in a cookie jar. “And I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about! So fork over my money and get goin’.” -01:46 Mar 28
Raul: He moved to twist his twist out of her grip and at the same time throw her off balance. It seemed he was used to snatching. “You sell half of a story and expect to get paid full price.” he growled and let go. “Return that amulet and anythign else belonging to my family you have. I’ve just learned in the onely one left so forgive me if I’m not in the mood to play games.” -01:50 Mar 28
Kate: Kate stumbled back a pace before righting herself. Well, shit! There was a brief look of surprise on her face, but she masked that quickly. She hopped off the dock back to the deck of her boat and was making untying the ropes and pulling up anchor reeeaaaal quick. “….Sorry for that and all, but it’s late and the tour is over. So I’ll be seein’ ya!” Getting caught in the middle of her bullshit wasn’t all that new either, but this was…. one of them special cases. If police got involved, she was going to look real guilty! -01:56 Mar 28
Raul: No, she wasn’t getting away. Not when she was the only lead. Before her boat gathered speed he was pullign himself over the rail. “Somethign to hide?” he asked. “Lets try this again. I’m Raul, thst my mother’s necklace. Shes dead along with the rest of my family. I want to know who did it.” -02:00 Mar 28
Kate: “It sure as hell wasn’t ME!” Kate bit back in defense. She was a little alarmed he jumped back on board, but she wasn’t above throwing him in to the ocean. So Kate made quick work of setting course with navigation before she was pushing paperwork around to find her gun. “I didn’t KILL anyone, they were long dead before I got there.” -02:03 Mar 28
Raul: He stepped forwards. “If you know your legends you know of my family and where you took that from. You also know that you’re not mistaken, that is the amulet you’re claiming it is… and you know what the death of my family means….” -02:07 Mar 28
Kate: “Look, I’m real sorry your family is dead, but telling stories and believing stories is a whole different bag of crazy.” Of course she knew his family. All the locals did. They were a bunch of lunatics, and probably more dangerous than the shady people she had a bad habit of making deals with. The fact they all ended up dead didn’t surprise her in the least. …but what WAS a problem was that she did kinda steal some stuff from that island, and now she was in trouble. “…so I hate to be an asshole about this, but you’re getting OFF my boat.” And that’s when Kate pulled her gun. It was designed to look like a replica, but it was definitely in working order. -02:13 Mar 28
Raul: Oh like she was the first one to gull a gun on him. “Careful with that.” he said. “Bringing a gun just means theres soemthign around to get shot with.” he took a deep breath and temted his head to the side then let his breath out as a sudden wind blew creating a wave in front of them. The still moving boat hit the wave with a shock adn Raul used the opotusity to kick the gun out of her hand and then grab her by her shirt and throw her agaist the cabin and the boat turned out of control. -02:19 Mar 28
Kate: “gah..! Fuck!” HE didn’t cause that wave. No way. But her squinting was cut short pretty quick while she was being -assalted- on her own boat. Her gun was lost somewhere to the floor, and now her boat was sailing wildly off course and they weren’t even yet out of the harbor to keep from hitting something. “You’re gonna get us killed, jackass!” Kate pushed away from the cabin wall to rush back to her navigation — but not without grabbing one of her fishing hapoons off the wall to swing at his head with. -02:23 Mar 28
Raul: He ducked, running in pursuit and half tackled her to the deck, then was forced to jump on the cabin roof and make a grabd to the wheel to turn it sharply, the motion making his fall off the roos adn onto the deck the other side from Kate. -02:25 Mar 28
Kate: Kate had rolled and she didn’t what she hit, but it was going to bruise bad and left her cursing up a storm. “I want you to get the hell off my boat!” They were heading out the harbor now, which mean all immediate hits were out of the way. …but she would have to worry about the course AFTER she got that lunatic off. While he was still down, she was trying to kick the hell out of him. With every intentions of rolling him off the side of the deck. -02:29 Mar 28
Raul: After taking a few kicks he finally managed to grab her ankle and pull while kicking out at the other one. Then he was getting onto his feetm bleeding from a kick to the forhead and bruised in several other places. “So, you didn’t kill my family. I think I know who did…” he looke down at her. “So why don’t you tell me who told you where the island was?” -02:35 Mar 28
[Becca enters.] -02:38 Mar 28
Becca: Becca watched from afar as the pair fought. She knew she should probably step in, but she has having too much fun watching them squabble, and fight. -02:39 Mar 28
Kate: (Pssst! This is not a public scheduled rp and not taking any new players! ;__; But you can stop by the Cbox main and see if someone wants to chatrp!) -02:41 Mar 28
Kate: “Everyone knows where the fucking island is, it’s just that no one is stupid enough to go there!” she shouted in duress. That tumble hurt like hell, but she was scrambling up to her feet as well. Prepared to start swinging or shoving, and definitely looking defensive. “I was asked to steal some stuff, okay? And when I got there everybody was dead. So I got the hell out of there as quick as possible.” …not without taking some stuff. But she wasn’t about to leave empty handy, dead people or not. -02:44 Mar 28
Raul: “Asked to…. let me guess, tall, clean shaven, bald, possibly a red tatto on his cheek?” if it was true then this girl swas either very ignorant of the more recent legends or was just plain stupid. “Talking about amulets, and swords, or did you not hear beyond cash reward?” he was about ready to facepalm… -02:48 Mar 28
Kate: “You know what, sound all smartassy if you like, but a job is a job. I don’t ask what people are doing with the stuff!” He was distracted again, which gave her a moment. Kate jumped at him again, with every intend of shoving him off the edge of the railing and in to the sea. -02:51 Mar 28
Raul: He reacted faster than he should have been able to meeting her jump with by grabbing her arm and twisting. then he bent it around her back and pressed his finger into her forehead like one might a a small child who had knocked over the bird cage again. “You do not make deals with crazy cultists.” -02:58 Mar 28
Kate: Kate was looking surprised again, but that was back to being annoyed with how uncomfortable the position was. “…a lesson I have learned real well after finding an island of dead bodies. So you can get the hell off my boat now.” she was sounding a bit sheepish and was still alarmed. And she was really wishing she knew where she dropped her gun. -03:02 Mar 28
Raul: “Do you even know what they plant to do?” he asked ignoring her, but at least his grip loosened enough so that she might slip away if she caught him off guard. “There wasn’t one god, there were two… Ferius and Delilah sealed the second one away. These guys want to bring him back. That means everythign dies… EVERYTHING.” -03:06 Mar 28
[Becca has timed out.] -03:11 Mar 28
Kate: She immediately took the opportunity to slip out of his grasp, backing away several paces and rubbing her arm. She was watching him warily, but not attack him again. ….yet. “I KNOW all the stories, damnit. I’m not stupid! I do the research.” Christ, it’s not like she could tell the same version of a legend on every single tour. People would get bored. …but he talk about it all like it was the real thing. She shouldn’t be surprised, considering he was part of that wacko family… “It’s sounds shitty and all, but it’s not my problem. I had a job, and by the way I totally DIDN’T do it after I found out they’re a bunch of murdering assholes, if that’s any consolation.” -03:11 Mar 28
Raul: “It is your problem, what part of everythign dies don;t you get. You’re part of everything.” she was getting frustrating. “If you know the stories I don’t need to tell you got important that amulet is.” it was all sliding into place. The amulet would find it’s wielder. “It is very much your problem.” -03:22 Mar 28
Kate: Kate suddenly started laughing, which sounded just as nervous and stressed out as she looked. He was -definitely- crazy. “Right, RIGHT. End of the world and all that shit! Because -that- has ever came true.” She eyed him. Damned if he didn’t look serious as hell, though. …she supposed finding your family dead would probably not leave someone in the best of moods. Her expression softened. “…Fine, if you want it back, you can have it back. Will that get you off my damn boat?” -03:26 Mar 28
[Kate enters.] -03:32 Mar 28
Raul: “I don’t want it back.” he said folding his arms “Didn’t find any story books while you were pocketing thing did you? Journals… one in particular by a certain sea god?” -03:41 Mar 28
Kate: “I might have…” Kate was back to looking stunned again. So what? He -didn’t want his mother’s necklace back? Then what the hell was all this shoving her around crap! “Look, if you want everything back you can HAVE it all back. I’ve got it all below. As long as, you know, you get lost when you get it. I’ll even drop you off on the coast instead of drowning you overboard.” -03:43 Mar 28
Raul: He looked at her and couldn’t supress a smile. “I don’t think thats going to happen, you’ll have to live with your part of the curse…” you was enjoying teasing her now, KNOWING she though he was talkign gibberish. “Show me where you’re ….” there was the sound of an engine and he turned “Perfect timing…” -03:49 Mar 28
Kate: “The only curse right now is you.” Kate grumbled back. Damnit! That had to be the coastguard. No doubt their crazy peel out of the habor made them assuming someone was drunk at the wheel. …and the last thing she needed was THIS guy telling the police she stole from an island of dead people. “It’s just down here!” Suddenly MORE than happy to lead the way below deck where the single main cabin resided, Kate had him follow all the way to the back where there was a hefty sized trunk. Large enough to fit at least two people in, it was pretty much the only storage unit on her boat. Kate opened it up, and the moment he leaned to check what was in it – she shoved him hard and slammed the lid down. There was the faint sound of a lock. “…You know, I’m really sorry about this and I WILL let you out. But not until AFTER the coastguard is gone. Can’t have you sending me off to prison.” -03:55 Mar 28
[Kate has timed out.] -03:59 Mar 28
Raul: He understood her need to keep him out of sight. But that was not the coastguard! He could feel it. “HEY!” he yelled but he could hear her getting further away. “IF YOU DIE AND LEAVE ME STUCK IN HERE I’LL FEED YOU TO SHARKS!” -03:59 Mar 28
Kate: “Pff, right.” Like she’d care, she’d already be dead. Kate returned back up on deck, shuffling around until she grabbed that harpoon to put it back where it belonged… and ah ha! Her gun! She snatched that back up and stashed it away in a drawer below her equiptment. Don’t want to be caught with a weapon. …the fact she just looked like she been in a fight would look suspicious, but as long as her ‘guest’ stayed quiet down below, she could bullshit her way out of this one. -04:03 Mar 28

The coastguard boat approached in quick time. Stopping close enough for the forms to be seen in the dim light of the sunset, but not clear enough to get recognition. It wasn’t until both boats were connected by a plank and the pair had stepped on to Kate’s boat that the red tatoo could be seen on their cheeks. Cultists in coastguard uniforms. “You were supposed to meet us one week ago, Katherine White. There was an agreement.” -Kate

Kate: …Kate was having the shittiest luck today. If she had recognized them a little bit sooner, they wouldn’t be ON her boat and she’d be speeding away right now. This was going to get real awkward, real fast. “Yeah, about that… You ask me to steal a bunch of stuff. No one ever said anything about killing people, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s a deal breaker. No deal.” -04:11 Mar 28

The second leaned closed to his partner, whispering as he gestured towards Kate. The first narrowed his eyes as he nodded, then spoke. “Give us the amulet and the rest of what we requested. Or our master will make this unpleasant for you.” He drew out a small knife that looked like it was made of ivory or bone. The second had a more modern weapon. A gun he didn’t hesitate to point at Kate. -Kate

Kate: Kate was about to tell them both to fuck off — and then the weapons came out. This REALLY wasn’t a good day. “….okay then! The stuff you requested. Not a problem. That’s down below deck in my trunk, if you’ll just follow me…” She turned immediately on her heels to lead the way. -04:16 Mar 28

The first made sure to grab the back of her neck before she got to far and tried anything stupid. His grip was tight and he had the knife up at her throat to make sure she got the point. “It better all be there. When you meet the master, he’ll be disappointed otherwise.” His partner took the lead instead. Stepping down in to the cabin first and gesturing his head towards the big trunk in the back. He eyed Kate, waiting for her nod of affirmation to the correct spot. Then he was kneeling down next to the trunk and popping the lock open. -Kate

Kate: “Yep… tha-that’s the box. You could-” she winced, “not grip so tight, y’know.” One unarmed, but weird guy she could take on. But not two of them. …So she wasn’t exactly apologetic that they were about to let loose the guy that was looking for them. But she DID wonder about what all that “master” crap was about. Cultists were freaking nuts. -04:25 Mar 28
Raul: It ust have looked like a jack in the box. As soon as the locl was popped the lid flew open and Raul lept from the box and his hand gripped the cultist’s head as he pushed him to the deck. There was a brilliant blue flash and a sound like thunder and the Cultist screamed. The Raul was charging across the deck at the other, a burn on the cultist’s face in the shape of Raul’s hand. Raul roared as he slemed his shoulder into the man kockign him out onto the deck and Kate the other way. She was free but Raul and the cultist were now wresting on her deck, once the cultist regocnized Raul hatred shoen in his eyes equal to Raul’s own. -04:28 Mar 28
Kate: “What the fu-” Kate’s exclamation was probably the same as that cultist who had her. Except HE was now tusseling with a very pissed off Raul, rolling around on the deck trying to stab the man as he wrapped his hand around his neck. Kate was rushing back to retrieve her gun, but the other cultist was suddenly blocking her way. A big handprint burned across his face, and looked so crazy pissed that Kate didn’t hesitate a second before she was swinging a fist a cracking him square in the nose. He howled in pain, leaving Kate to rush past him. But he grabbed on to the back of her shirt and before she knew it she was hitting the deck and wrestling with the gun-guy. Why did SHE get the gun guy?! -04:34 Mar 28
Raul: Punch kick, grab, slam. Its was I fight that was leaving them both bloody, but they were ouside on beck… Raul grabbed the knife and twisted it from the cultists grip, at the cost of now being on the bottom. Just as planned. A slash Across the cultist’s face and then a kick with both legs pushign the cultist onto his feet, just in time to be washed from the deck by a freak wave that also seperated the two boats! -04:39 Mar 28
Kate: Kate’s struggle was less bloody… except for getting pistol whipped by that fucking gun. Which she rewarded the jerk with a knee to the groin. What caught her by surprise was when the cultist snarled at her, reaching down for what she assume was a death strangle at her throat. But instead seemed to catch the amulet. There seemed to be a jolt and a startled scream from him as he stumbled up and away, holding his burning hand. Kate kicked him at the knees as hard as her heel could hit. The cultist went tripping backwards of the railing and landing with a loud SPLASH overboard. -04:44 Mar 28
Raul: Raul was at teh controls and pusing the thottle forewards as far as it could go as the sea began to get rougher everyhwere but where thier boat was. Thier miracle calm patch followed them as the cultist’s boat foundered and almost capsized. “Even if you don’t believe the stories.” he said over the gathering storm. “Know that there are those who do enough to make them dangerous.” -04:52 Mar 28
Kate: “That’s fan-fucking-tastic.” she growled out, spitting blood out while she was at it. She managed to bite her cheek in that whole struggle. Her head hurt like hell, she was covered in bruises, and now she had to deal with the consequences of a deal gone bad. REALLY bad. ….and wait a minute, he was freaking hijacking her boat! “Get the hell out of there!” She struggled to her feet, a little disturbed at the nature of the ocean waves, but keeping her focus at the boat-thief. Kate swatted him away from her helm. “I can take care of my own shit! You can have all your stuff back, and staying the hell out of it.” -04:58 Mar 28
Raul: As he grit his teeth thunder pealed across the sky, where it had been sunny a minute ago the sky was now as black as night. “You cannot read the ocean like I can.” he said holding onto the wheel so tightly his knuckes were white. “And it can’t read you.” A massive wave rose before them, twice as tall as thier boat was long, the as it reached their calm spot ti split and went around them only to re-join and swamp the other boat. “It you want to survive this you want me at the wheel.” -05:05 Mar 28
Kate: Kate visibly cringed at the thunder. No one on the sea liked storms, it was impossible to deal with them when they got bad enough. And the fact the sun hadn’t even set yet and the sky was so black was -terrifying-. That splitting wave though had her staring in wide-eyed panick behind him as it past, then she was focusing that startled look at him. “Are you fucking NUTS?” Kate grabbed his arm and was going to shove him back but…. well, whether believed him or not, he was sailing her boat through the storm so far. She still gripped tight to his arm though, apparently still debating the subject. -05:11 Mar 28
Raul: “Three…” more thinder as lightning cracked seemingly from horizon to horizon. “Two….” walls of rain belted by still not toutching thier boat, the other boat had capsised and was far behind.. “One….” the clouds boiled away and the shone shone through the sea returning to its calm state as if nothing had happened…. Then Raul slumped his skill pale and eyes closing as he took a breath. “Sons of sea gods and mad cultists… you now have your own story to tell…” -05:17 Mar 28
Kate: “I don’t want my own story to tell!” her complaint sound liked a tempermental child’s whining. The skies cleared, leaving a perfect view of the sunset ovear a calm and glittering sea. In a matter seconds. Like it didn’t look like HELL a moment ago. Kate was still holding tight to his arm, the whole thing having her so freaked out she didn’t know if she was going to shake him to death or immediately drag to the rail and throw him overboard. ….or just give up all together and accept the fact she gotten herself in to some shit she had no idea how to clean up. …Kate wasn’t one to admit she screwed up. “WELL THAT WAS FUN.” She suddenly said, several octaves too high. “Get off my boat. I am going to fucking Africa!” -05:22 Mar 28
Raul: He was tired. “You do that.” he said then poked the amulet on her chest. “You found that for a reason, that storm didn’t toutch and …” he turned to give her a cocky smile and raised his hand “Lets see if you can figure it out.” he clicked his fingers and a lightning flash appeared in the distance. “I need those journals. I need those swords. For now we’re stuck with eachother.” -05:27 Mar 28
Kate: “You’re NOT hijacking me and my boat. I said I’d give all your stuff back.” See, that lightning stuff she could deal with…. when he’s not ON her boat freaking her out. Kate didn’t want any part of insane people’s quests. But it was pretty clear on her face that she had no idea how to get rid of him, and was now just putting up the fight in a feeble attempt to look like she had control of the situation. -05:36 Mar 28
Raul: “Would you prefer I wasn’t here next time those guys come knocking?” he asked pushing himself away from the wheel. “The amulet chose you, I’m here and the island is 20 miles off out bow. I’m goign to look for thos journals in your trunk. If I feel any deviation of course…. I can’t promise there won’t be another storm.” -05:40 Mar 28
Kate: “Listen, Ra-ooool.” she deliberately pronounced his name strange as she followed him. Near stepping on his heels. “I’ll take you to your island, but I am getting the hell out of here the moment you’re off this boat. I can handle my own business. And you’re just… you’re just REALLY in to some crazy stuff.” Kate wanted to mention the island of dead and the fact it already -really- bothered her the first time, but she did have a little compassion. That was his family and prolly didn’t need to hear her talking about it. -05:44 Mar 28
Raul: “I tried to get out of it.” he said, “the past five years I’ve been living in florida. But being the last one left means.. I’m cursed to come back here and fight this thing. Can’t help what you’re born into right?” he was kneelign at the trunk and rummaging through it, Kate had really taken a lot of stuff… but nothing he needed. “They’re not here…” -05:48 Mar 28
Kate: “I told you. I didn’t stay for very long. I just grabbed what was in front of me and ran for it.” she spoke softly, probably for the first time sounding a little apologetic. She crossed her arms, tapping her fingers lightly at her elbows. Damned did she hurt. “I -am- sorry. About what happened.” -05:52 Mar 28
Raul: That did make him stop. She was apologising…. “What is your name?” he asked still lookign down into the trunk of stolen memories. “I’m sorry you got dragged into this. -06:19 Mar 28
[Raul has timed out.] -06:25 Mar 28
Kate: “I’m Kate.” He was just staring in to the trunk. That really did kinda dig her her teeny tiny conscience a bit. “…no big deal, I guess. My own fault for picking the wrong business partners. Normally they don’t end up being crazy. Just assholes.” -06:30 Mar 28
Raul: He reached into the trunk and pushed aside an antique plate and lifted a jewelry box from the bottom. He recognised it. “This time they’re both….” he opened it and removed a shell pendant. “This was made for me on my 18th birthday.” he said. “I gave it back when I left, to show I would never return. I want this, the rest you can keep.” the contents of the crunk were worth a small fortune, more than enough to buy a boat like the one they were in. But were nothing compared to what else lay on the island. “I have to see it for myself, and search for the journals… Then I will kill the men who killed my family.” -06:40 Mar 28
Kate: “…Sounds like a plan, I guess.” Totally couldn’t blame him. If she HAD a family, she might have felt the same way too. Kate was the slightest bit jealous… “Anyway, I’ll drop you off there and you can do what you like.” -06:45 Mar 28
Raul: He closed the trunk and stood looping the chain of the pendant around his neck. “… thank you.” he wasn’t sure why he was thankign her, maybe it was because he was exhausted. “I’m going to need rest before we arive.” he turned his back on the trunk. “That storm took it out of me.” -06:53 Mar 28
Kate: Rubbing the back of her head, she frowned and gestured towards the only bed on her boat. She didn’t know why he was thanking her either, and it was really hitting her conscience worse. Kate was gonna shoot him and throw him off her boat and now she was offering him her only bed. “Sleep, I guess. I promise I won’t kill you while you’re sleeping.” -06:56 Mar 28
Raul: “I’ll gold you to it.” his voice was indeed tired but his voice hinted that he;d sleep with one eye open. Just because she had the amulet and said she wouldn’t kill him didn’t mean he trusted her. She could still make good on her promise of fleeing to africa. -07:01 Mar 28
Kate: “I said you’re getting it, so you’re getting it.” she arguing to be contrary again, and also had no problem shoving him so he’d fall on to the small bed. It was the only act of kindness he was going to get, while she was still feeling guilty. He needed the sleep and he was gonna have it. “I have to make a new course anyway for tomorrow. Just sleep and don’t do anything freaky.” -07:05 Mar 28