Soul Signature 001: The Boss

[Mark Is the senior manager of the downtown office of O.P.M. Holdings.. and today is the day he gets a new secretary.] -03:19 Jul 27
[Fawn is a demon. A runt of a demon. And apparently really BAD at being a demon. That is why she is here, taking up the appearance of a human and pretending to be a corporate asshole’s new secretary. She’s going to get his soul signature and prove she is not a shitty demon.] -03:20 Jul 27
Fawn: She had a folder which contained her ‘resume’ and the contract she was eventually going to slip in on this guy. Wearing a rather snazzy little business jacket and skirt, Fawn was -hoping- she looked femme fatale instead of angel-faced like her goddamned sisters kept calling her. Having already been hired, Fawn entered the building and her new front office area and got acquainted with her new desk. This should only take a couple days! -03:22 Jul 27
Mark: The boss was in his office and drumming his fingers on his desk then as soon as he say movement near her dest started counting seconds, and every second she delayed meeting him she would regret. -03:26 Jul 27
Fawn: In fact, what a smug little grin she wore! There were plenty of rumors about this human being particularly tasty when if came to bad souls. And she managed to get sneaky enough to take first bid on his contract! ….of course, she had to actually -get- the contract. …and she never actually signed a soul before… But she HAD this one. Bosses were always wrapped around a secretary’s fingers. Satisfied with her desk, Fawn left her folder on it as she moved to the door. She knocked once and let herself in. Confidently striding across the room with her best ‘I’m friendly!’ smile. "Good morning! I’m Miss Fawn Deringer, your new secretary." -03:34 Jul 27
Mark: "And you waited one minute thirteen seconds before coming into my office." he said snappishly. "Thats seventy three seconds." he grinned. "How do you think you’re going to pay for them?" -03:38 Jul 27
Fawn: "…What?" Okay. So he was a control freak about punctuality. Duley noted. "I was dropping off my papers at my desk. ….so I can get right to work for you!" she tacked on at the end. Must remember to be polite and all that nonsense. "Speaking of working, what is your to-do list for me? Answering phones, filing papers…? Signing contracts maybe?" -03:41 Jul 27
Mark: He stood and grinned. She was being stubborn about keeping her cool. "You look like an angel." he said. "And I always thought angels looked best after being dragged through the dirt a few times." he scooped up a handful of dirt and stepping up to her helt it up and blew it into her face. "Now where is my coffee?" -03:45 Jul 27
Fawn: Fawn scowled at angel. Mortals be damned. However was immediatelly baffled to have dirt bowl in her face, which left her coughing for a few seconds and trying to wave dust away. She nearly opened her mouth and called him an asshole! …better not. She needs to butter him up… "Right. Coffee. Just a minute." Fawn clamped her jaw tight as she quickly exited the room, wiping dust off her face with her sleeve, and muttering a few curses under breath as she stalked off to the small employees lounge just down the hall. A mug and hot black coffee. Fawn stalked back with it, taking a deep breath before she entered the room. Smile back on! She offered him the mug. "Coffee, sir! Would you like me to fetch you some cream or sugar?" -03:50 Jul 27
Mark: "No, I don’t." he said taking the mug and blowing across it and taking a sip. It burned and this wa good. So far she was acting like most secretaries would. "Are there any papers for me?" he asked eyeing her as he took another sip, then sat on the desk and placed the mug down next to himself. "Appointments maybe? If there papers bring them, if there appointment cancel them." he wouldn’t wnat to be siturbed. -03:57 Jul 27
Fawn: She grinned. "I’ll take care of that right now." Of course she didn’t expect to be as lucky as slipping in the contract today. But what a great thing if she did? Fawn exited to her own desk. There were only three appointments for the day, so it only took her a few minutes to call up each number and have them rescheduled. The paperwork was sitting in a "In" box, she gathered those up and in the process slipped in the contract too. Then she was right back in the office, setting the stack of papers on the desk in front of him. "Here you go boss. Your appointments have been rescheduled. I’ll have the dates put in to your calendar later." -04:01 Jul 27
Mark: "Good." he said taking a cursery glance over the papers then standing again, coffee in hand and grinning again, only wider. "Now… close the blinds and stand in front of me with your hands behind your back." The coffee had cooled a bit but it was still hot. -04:06 Jul 27
Fawn: Fawn gave him a weird look. …One that she probably should have controlled herself about, but the request was kinda weird. Whatever. He probably enjoyed sitting around like some sort of super-villain with his minion in the background. She could do that. "Yes, Boss." Fawn circled around the office, closing the blinds to all the windows. Then, she stopped in front of him to clasp her hands behind her back. An eyebrow raised at him, and an expression that probably wasn’t polite. -04:11 Jul 27
Mark: He was lookign at one of the papers, it seemed gibberish and not overly important.. something to send to an assistant manager or send to file 13. Placing it down on his desk he turned and grabbed hold of her hair pulling it back and speaking throung gritted teeth. "Keep your hands clasped." Then coofie picked up again he held it over her and tipped the mug, poaring it in a steady stream down into her chest. -04:15 Jul 27
Fawn: What the fuck! Not a yelp or a scream, just a choked surprised sound. And like an idiot she stood there letting him do it, just because it caught her by surprise! It burned a bit, but the hot coffee wasn’t the part that got her. Once her senses came back, she was growling, shoving him away and taking a step back to pull the wet shirt away from her skin. "Are you bloody insane!" Of course he was. She wouldn’t be there, otherwise. ….but jeeze! -04:20 Jul 27
Mark: Empty mug put down he looked at her with that same grin returning to his face. "That is the last time you call me insane." he said. "Now lock the door and come back here, I have a surprise for you." he chuckled sitting back down on the desk. "You did say you’d do anything for the job, didn’t you?" -04:25 Jul 27
Fawn: Blech… if she wasn’t pretending to be a human, she could dry this up in a second! Now she felt all sticky. Fawn was muttering under her breath as she stomped to lock the door. The ‘surprise’ part didn’t register until she had returned to the desk. "Are you going to dump more coffee on me? Because I am going to need a change of clothes." She responded darkly. Fawn was a little bit wary now, but he was just a human, after all. -04:30 Jul 27
Mark: "My thoughts exactly." he said reaching out to tear a button fron her shirt and send it bouncing along the floor. "Its completely ruined. Thats why I got you this. You look about the right size." on the word ‘size’ he pur a hend on her boob pusing it up and grinned again before opening a drawer and polding out what was obviously trying to be clothes but was really just thin stripe oa leaver joined with a matal ring that would sit on the navel, and there was also a black leather collar. "Remember to say thank you." -04:36 Jul 27
Fawn: Fawn watched the button bounce away with her eyes wide. Then she was looking down at his incredulously. …and then… What the hell kind of stupid outfit was that supposed to be. Where did he think he got this secretary? From a stripper store? "You have got to be kidding me. I’m not wearing that." Her -sisters- would wear stuff like that. Fawn was at least -trying- to pretend she was a real secretary. -04:39 Jul 27
Mark: He took hold of her hair again and pulled it back using his other hand to loop the collar around and fasten it.. tight. "Would you rather be naked?" he asked. "That can work too." He dropped the outfit to the floor and then keeping her hair in his hand pushed her down towards it. "But you’re going to have to kiss it to apologize first." -04:45 Jul 27
Fawn: Taking a tumble to her knees and gripping the hand that had her hair, she flat out refused to kiss some crazy outfit for an equally crazy boss. Who did this human think he was, anyway?! ….but she really needed this soul! "I am not going to apologize to clothes, damnit!" Fawn tugged at that collar with her free hand. So sorely tempted to stab him in the knee with something. "Now if you let go of me, I can get to work." That was what a good secretary would say, right? -04:50 Jul 27
Mark: He planted a foot on her hip and pushed her over then put the foot on her stomach pinning her. "You don’t wear the outfit. You don’t apoologize, if you don’t do what your boss says then what work will you do?" his tone was mocking. "You job is to do as I say. So do as I say.. or do you want those seventy three seconds to be hairs I pull from your crotch?" -04:54 Jul 27
Fawn: Fawn was casting a smug grin and opening her mouth before she could control the impulse. "I don’t have any hair down there, Boss." …crap. Fawn took a deep breath and huffed, shoving at his foot. "…I’ll put the stupid thing on, but I’m not apologizing." -04:58 Jul 27
Mark: He lifted his foot and then kicked th eoutfit towards her with the side of it. "If you wear it you don’t need to." he was grinning. "And once you have it on I’ll see how much you have down there." she was listening, good. Though she probably wou;dn’t completely and would have to be punished. -05:01 Jul 27
Fawn: Lifting the thing up, with obvious distaste, Fawn was really starting to question the wisdom of being his secretary. Maybe she should have posed as his boss. She grumbling again when she got off the ground, and started walking towards the door to leave and change. What a big jerk, no wonder he was on the list! -05:03 Jul 27
Mark: He grinned. "Bring me more coffee when you come back." he said closing the drawer and sitting down to look at the papers taking out his pen. He owuld ignore the strange form for now, the rest shouldn’t take more than a minute. -05:14 Jul 27
Fawn: "Of course, Boss." More coffee. If he dumps more coffee on her… There were a few curious stares when she stalked out of the office and down the corridor. Some even looked unusually symapthetic. So what, he dumped coffee on all his employees? Fawn changed in the bathroom, keeping her shoes. Her reflection in the mirror was… well. She wasn’t as curvey or as busty as her sisters, and she looked more like some poor slave girl than a demon. GRRR. Stupid collar… Fawn then stalked off to get his coffee. Wide-eyed stares from coworkers were met with her glare. But she got the damned coffee. She tossed her stained clothes in to her chair at her desk when she returned. Then she was marching in to his office with his coffee with the air of a superior queen. "Coffee, Boss? Have you finished all of your paperwork?" -05:19 Jul 27
Mark: "Most of it." he said picking up the contract adn holding it out to her. "Theres no letter head on this, find out who sent it and if it was one of ours make sure they ger fired, if it was another company tell then to sesend with a proper letterhead and written by someone who speaks english." he was looking at the undewear that was still visible under her outfit. "Then bring me a pair of sissors." -05:23 Jul 27
Fawn: Damnit. He had to be one of those bosses that actually read their paperwork. Fawn snatched the contract and stomped out of the office. On to her desk in the folder it went. She would have to reformat it and give it back to him with the next stack of paperwork. She dug around in her desk to find a pair of scissors, then returned. Holding them out to him as she debated on how to restructure the contract. Lawyerspeak? A fake company name? Maybe she should just stab him with these scissors and spill his blood on it. -05:26 Jul 27
Mark: He took the sissors and then grabbed hold of one of the leather strags around her and snipped though one of he bra straps, and another, then pulled the undergarment from her and handed it back to her. "Do the same for your painties then bring me cream and sugar." he slapped her ass and lifted his mug to blow across it. "Then I have questions for you." -05:30 Jul 27
Fawn: This was… starting to get a little demeaning! For a split second, her hands tightened on the scissors and it looked like she might jab him in the eyes with them. Finally, with clenched jaw, she made a very big show of doing as she was told. A few snips and a tug, and a flourishing display of her now ruined panties. What was the point of even HAVING a power business suit, if it was going to get ruined? Fawn threw the panties and the scissors on his desk out of spite. And when she stomped back out of the office to fetch his cream and sugar, she was glaring daggars so hard that people were darting out of her way in the hall. -05:33 Jul 27
Mark: She was getting angry. Good, that means she was about to slip up and he could break her. Once she got bakc he would of course humiliate her first, then see if she was ready for sex, gagged of course. -05:39 Jul 27
Fawn: The door was slammed when she returned. Fawn marched across the office and it took all of her effort just to set the cream and sugar on his desk instead of throwing it at him too. Her hands were then on her hips, tapping with impatience. "Anything else, boss?" -05:44 Jul 27
Mark: He handed her the completed papers and then got to adding sugar and cream to his coffee. "Take this to the filing room the floor under this one, then call the Easdown office and ask if they’ve gotten the shipment from Hong Kong yet and if not then where it is. Then once you’ve lost the surly expression on your face come back here." -05:47 Jul 27
Fawn: He was going to have her marched all over the damned building in this stupid getup! Was this even legal? "As you wish, boss." She might have growled that out. If this was some sort of test to make some poor little human secretary cry, he was going to be sorely surprised! Head held high, Fawn was off to do as instructed. Dressed like a collared stripper and all. Across their floor, down the elevatar and through the floor below. Anyone that stared at her got a wide, if strained, smile. Once the papers were filed, she returned to her desk, sat ON her desk and made the phonecall. The hard part was adjusting her expression. That required several minutes of taking deep breaths. Calm. She needed that soul. She’d do anything for that soul. When she got it, no one was going to call her runt again. That made her smile. Fawn finally entered his office with her mood renewed. Smiling even! -05:56 Jul 27
[Mark enters.] -06:17 Jul 27
[(Timeout) Mark has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -06:19 Jul 27
Mark: "Lock the door." he didn’t even look at her as she entered. "The sit on the floor as I ask you questions." He moved around his dest to sit on it and look at her "I want you here, at my feet." -06:19 Jul 27
Fawn: That smile faded just a bit. But Fawn locked the door. She was much slower about moving over to his desk. That wary expression as knelt on the floor and sat down. This guy thought he was some sort of King or something! "Questions, boss?" she asked slowly. What a weird way to conduct an interview. -06:35 Jul 27
Mark: He grabbed her hair again. "I told you to sit." he pulled her down onto her knees and then grinned. "Now look at the floor and do not look up." he waited for her to obey. "Have you ever sucked cock before?" he asked. "Or been fucked? How about anal?" he pulled something towards himself on the desk but didn’t lift it up just yet. -06:43 Jul 27
Fawn: She was gritting her teeth against about her hair and having to look at the floor. But as his question, her gaze shot up again. Eyes narrowing at the questions. So he was one of those fuck the secretaries bosses? "What exactly does that have to do with my job, boss? It’s none of your business." ….and because it was embarrassing! She was a female demon, her sexcapades should have been gloriously sinful, and the best she got was laughed in the face. Fawn looked cross again. -06:48 Jul 27
Mark: He slapped her, a backhanded strike across the cheek. "I told you to stay looking at the floor." he said before putting his foot under her chin to lift it. "Unless you’re rather I got more forceful? Hmmm?" he hopped off the desk and circles around to stand behind her. "So answer, the questions will help you keep your job. I don’t really care what the answers are since by the end of today, the answer to two of those will be yes." -06:53 Jul 27
Fawn: Slapped…! She held her cheek, and just faintly was growling under her breath. Uppity human…. she could bite his throat out if she wanted to. Fawn let out a slow hiss of breath. Soul. Anything for the soul. "I have had sexual conquests before…" Er, rephrased. "…experience, I mean. If you hit me again, I am going to hit you back."" -06:58 Jul 27
Mark: That just made what he already had planned even better. Takign her arm he put the cuff around it, then grabbed her other arm and bound then together trapping them at her lower back with a convenient hook on the back of the outfit. "You could try." he said placing a foot on her back and pushing forwards sharply. Knocking her into his desk. "Now get up. If you can." -07:02 Jul 27
Fawn: Did he just fucking shackle her?! Fawn’s patience was very quickly reaching it’s breaking point. ..she was also a bit stronger than she appear. Sure, she wasn’t as strong as she should be for a demon, but a lot more than some flimsy. Human. Very quickly huffing out her annoyance, she was shifting to get up, and kick one of her heels shoes through his knee if she could get it! -07:06 Jul 27
Mark: He stepped around her sitting on his desk and pulling his legs up to watch her struggle. ANd every time sho looked close he’d pumply push her down again and sip his coffee until it was gone, then he was puttling down his mug and leaching back to open a drawer and hopping off the desk to put a foot on her chest. "Need some help?" His grin was wider than before. -07:10 Jul 27
Fawn: Fawn was glaring, with a bit of heavy breathing. And the only reason she wasn’t screaming at him and calling him a dick was because she was clamping her mouth shut trying to keep from getting fangy. She had to be a human and do it the human way until she got that damned soul. Finally, she narrowed her eyes, but she was casting a slow almost sanguine sweet smile. "Yes, please. I would you like you to let me loose, boss." -07:15 Jul 27
Mark: "Thats not what I’m going to help you with." he said taking his foot off of her and leanign down to tak hold of her collar and pull her up to her knees with it. Her kness where she was the perfect hieght to press her face into his crotch, then sit her on his dest and move around to sit in his chair. "Are you ready to get back to work?" -07:19 Jul 27
Fawn: This was getting interesting. Or frustrating. Fawn couldn’t decide which, but she was fairly certain she wanted to shove one of her heels through his eye. Now sitting on his desk, she flexed her hands cuffed at her back. "…I wasn’t aware I was on break, boss." she grumbled with sarcasm." -07:23 Jul 27
Mark: "Good." he said with a smile and then pressed the spearphone and dialed a number. "Lawrence I’m sending my new secretart down for your report, if its not done then send up you letter of resignation instead." he hung up and then went to open the door for her without another word. -07:27 Jul 27
Fawn: She stared at him. For several moments even. Like THIS?! "…Are you going to unshackle me so I can GET those reports?" -07:30 Jul 27
Mark: "Turn around and have him put them in your hand." He said "I thought you were good at this." he looked at her with an impacient expression. "If you’re good you light get unshackled. Now go before I do somethign else then MAKE you go." -07:33 Jul 27
Fawn: "I’m not going like this." Fuck you. She’d prance around in his stupid little uniform, even deal with him being grabby. What demon wasn’t used to grabby? But there was no way she was marching through the damned halls with her hands bound behind her back. "Take them off and I’ll go." -07:36 Jul 27
Mark: He walked up to her and grabbed her hair and pulled her to the door pushign ehr out and closign the door right before there was a soft click of the lock. "Get someone to help you with the elevator if you have to." then there was the sound of his footsteps heading away from the door. -07:39 Jul 27
Fawn: "YOU SON OF A BITCH." Fawn kicked the door. Didn’t kick it down, but she was tempted to. Of course, now everyone in the office was looking her way. It was the sympathetic expressions that pissed her off the most. Fine. FINE. If this is the way he wants to play it. Fawn turned on a dime. She went to get the report. WITHOUT help. Hands behind her back and without cheating. -07:43 Jul 27
Mark: He sat behind his desk and waited. Lawrence was the biggest pervert in the building… second biggerst, he wished he could see, but at least her could listen in. -07:45 Jul 27
Fawn: Off to ‘Lawrence’ she went. If she wanted to do this shit, she could have just stayed in hell…. but the soul! Grr! "Give me the report." Fawn ordered the moment she walked in. She was in a rush, and unlike her new ‘boss’ she didn’t have to deal with any of these other humans. -07:50 Jul 27

Lawrence loved his job. His job involved moments like this thanks to the boss. “Hold on, hold on…. whacha gonna give me for these reports, huh, honey?” He was looking her up and down, licking his lips in the process as he waved the papers back and forth. -Fawn

Fawn: "…Just give me the bloody reports." Fawn wasn’t playing! No one ever took her seriously! She turned her back to him, gesturing her hand to demand the papers. Except… what went in to her hand wasn’t paper work. Lawrence had unzipped his pants and shoved his dick in to her hand. ….That was fucking it. Fawn gripped him so tight he yelp, she she backed all her weight against him until he was slammed up against the wall. Didn’t think a little lady could do that, did ya, shithead?! Fawn rammed him at least twice before he hit the floor blubbering. With a great of grace she knelt down and captured the paperwork. "Thank you, Lawrence!" she chirped. Flouncing off to return to the jerk she WISHED she could slam in to a wall. -07:59 Jul 27
[Fawn enters.] -08:07 Jul 27
Mark: Sounded like he had just roughed her up a little, he usually did more than that, odd, but at least she was on her way back and he could open the door and then sit back down and wait. At was getting on and he wanted to test her out. She was greeted with a smile and a command to close the door followed by a hand eager to take the report. "Have much trouble?" -08:07 Jul 27
Fawn: "None whatsoever." After all, there wasn’t a scratch on her and she was smirking like a cheshire cat. Fawn kicked the door closed and crossed the room. Turning around to hand him the paperwork. Beating the hell out of his employee was cathartic, leaving her much more amiable. -08:12 Jul 27
Mark: He took the papers and placed then on his dest, then stood in front of her and looked her up and down then took something out of his pocket, two things, and turned them on, humming softly as they vibrated. Then taking hold of her breat he clamped the forst one onto her nipple then repeated the process with the other nipple. "I think thats all the work I have for you." he said. "So get on your knees and lean forwards. He held something up, a small key. -08:17 Jul 27
Fawn: Fawn had sucked in a breath, kinda cringing a bit at the things! …and then.. well. Actually those weren’t so bad. Totally going to kill for it, though. And he had the key! That was enough to prevent her from complaining or making another threat, as she did what he asked. Fawn dropped to her knees and leaned forward. As soon as she was loose, she was going to have to try not to obliterate him. -08:22 Jul 27
Mark: He too her wrist and undid the cuff on it, then moved her hands to in front of her and recuffed. "Stay like that." he said going back to his desk and getting two final things and then tsanding in front of her, a hand going to her chin to lift it up. "I want you to understand what I’m going to do to you." he said. "I’m going to gag you because I don’t want you making a noise when I go behind you and fuck you." he looked into her eyes reading them. -08:26 Jul 27
[(Timeout) Fawn was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -08:33 Jul 27
Fawn: And cuffed again. Fawn was pretty miffed, yet she was still standing fuming until he took her chin. "..What..?" …Fawn hadn’t thought he was actually going to DO it! She almost had an ounce of respect for him. Pretty damned ballsy. If it wasn’t HER. "Like hell you are. I’m not your toy! I am a-" she almost said demon. "…I am a secretary, asshole!" -08:33 Jul 27
Mark: He put the gag around her head and pulled it into place. "Interesting that you call yourself that above … a woman..?" he moved behind her the plug her had already lubed up was pushed into her ass. "Thats two holes blocked, guess which one I’m going to use." -08:41 Jul 27
Fawn: Her sudden exclamation came out as a muffled cry of surprise. From reflex she was trying to pull her hands free, but moving her body with something shoved in her ass like this was… Fawn growled at him. The human was a presumptious fuck, and she refused to enjoy this! -08:48 Jul 27
Mark: He grabbed head head and pushed it into the floor, hard. Then he grabbed her hip and pulled it towards him. Then there was a zipping sound and he pressed agains her gripping her thigh making sure him nail dug into her skin and thrust. -08:51 Jul 27
Fawn: Another muffled cry of surprise escaped her. She hated being manhandled! …okay maybe she liked it a little, but having some human jackass do it was worse than demeaning! She was a demon, HE should be the one getting fucked on the floor! Fawn squirmed and struggled, the awkward position and the feeling of being filled drawing small whimpers and low growls from her. -08:56 Jul 27
Mark: He pushed harder his hand gripping her as his hips mer her soft flesh. He held her down and pushed again he was gringing and pushing her hips in time with it with his hand. "I like the way you feel, i’m going to enjoy feeling youe else where…" -09:00 Jul 27
Fawn: Mortals be damned it was starting to hurt in all of the good ways. She bite down hard on the gag, trying to keep her groaning under control so he wouldn’t get the satisfaction of hearing it. Fawn was still trying to fight him. Shift her legs to throw him off, or her body so he’d lose balance. -09:05 Jul 27
Mark: He lifted her and still inside her put her on his desk to push against it pushing her face against the varnishe surface as the report fell to the ground and papers went everywhere. If the desk had been lighter it would have shifted with every move he made. She did feel good, almost inhumanly good. -09:09 Jul 27
Fawn: Now she had nowhere to move! And with her hands bound in front of her and cheek grinding against the desk, there wasn’t any leveraging to get! She was squealing harder everytime he thrust, and it might have even seemed like a plead of stop it by some poor abused human with the way it was muffled. But it was so, so good…! She was already tilting both her feet of the floor with her toes curling. -09:20 Jul 27
Mark: Pushing and thrusting he looked down at heras he rubbed the curve of her aff in a covertous and stangly afectionate way, that he gtabbed her hair and pulled hes othet hand forcing her hips to remain still at her thust faster building up. -09:24 Jul 27
Fawn: A wince and a long groan…! Fawn wasn’t fighting him anymore, and she had gone limp… as limp as she could get when every muscle in her body had coiled tight from the combination of pain and pleasure. Every little bit of her seemed to twitch and clench around him. She couldn’t hold back the climax even if she wanted to! Her limbs shuddering as she screamed in to the gag. -09:32 Jul 27
Mark: So she did like it. And she liked the fay she clenched arounf him. He felt it coming but stopped it and pulled out, then ley it spray out over her back before walkign around his desk and sitting down lookign at her. "You’re good enough, you can keep the job." he lifted her chin and looked into her face. "I knew I made a good choice what I chise you. Theres something about you Fawn…" he tipped her onto her side and put the ket into the cuff and turned, then left her to do the rest herself as he sat back. -09:38 Jul 27
Fawn: Sonofabitch. Fawn had a rather dark expression as she got herself out of the cuffs, pulled that blasted gag out and threw it at him. In fact, she was pulling everything off and out to throw at him! Including his little uniform! And for about two minutes it looked like she was going to storm out of there in a screaming huff. Instead she leaned her palms on the desk and glared hard at him. "I don’t like you. In fact I HATE you. You’re a shitty boss, a terrible fuck, and you owe me a new suit. I’m not parading around this damn building in any more stupid outfits, and if you want to keep me, I expect a raise." -09:45 Jul 27
Mark: He looked at her placing the things aside and then puttinf his feet up on the desk. "Pick up those papers and then take the report to the sorting room. Naket or clothed I don’t care. And if you really want a raise get on your knees and suck your cum off of me before you go. If not I’ll see you after lunch." he looked at her and was still grinning. "And did you find out where that form came from? I’m running a business here." -09:51 Jul 27

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