Category: Soul Signature

  • Soul Signature 003: House Demon (TBC)

    [Fawn has made a deal with a human, just like a real demon! Now she just has to fullfill her end of the bargain before she can collect!] -03:41 Sep 16 Fawn: Not that she likes getting called on a Saturday, to some random address that isn’t even the work building to do whatever bullshit […]

  • Soul Signature 002: Serving for a Signature

    Fawn: Apparently no one actually expected her to show up for a second day. Of course, none of them knew she was a high class demon. ….okay, she was a runt of a demon. But she was still a DEMON and no asshole mortal human was going to beat her. Sure, her first day hadn’t […]

  • Soul Signature 001: The Boss

    [Mark Is the senior manager of the downtown office of O.P.M. Holdings.. and today is the day he gets a new secretary.] -03:19 Jul 27 [Fawn is a demon. A runt of a demon. And apparently really BAD at being a demon. That is why she is here, taking up the appearance of a human […]