Bloodlines 001: The Girl and the Amulet


[Jarrod one of the few, not only, descendents left is the captain of a shiny, sleek, fast, adn heavily armed airship. And hes out to rescue refugees…. since its seems liek they’ve already lost the war they do what good they can.] -12:31 Apr 17
[Zeren is running like hell down a street swimming in utter chaos!] -12:32 Apr 17
Jarrod: The Relentless Loomed over the fires of the battle as Jarrod watched the city beign raped and burned. Even uf here they could here the screams adn smeel the burning flesh. "There that clearing, we land there and pick up as many as we can, tell the gunners to hold them off." The siren sounded once, and they began to descend as Jarros went below decks to man the ramp and shoot anything trying to board that wasn’t human anymore. -12:35 Apr 17
Zeren: Almost limping and still covered in glass from her desperate jump out a window, Zeren didn’t look behind her. Her mother and uncle were dead, people on the street were getting ripped apart, and there was such a strong ringing in her head she could barely think. Ever so often she would try to help someone, but the effort often ended worse than she intended… Someone down the street screamed that rescue had arrive and now several fleeing survivors were heading in that direction. -12:39 Apr 17
Jarrod: Black as the night the spi descened until it was only a few meters form the ground and then the spotlights on beck opened up and the machine guns fired thier sound joined by the roar of the crew. "GIVE THOSE GRENDELS HELL." Jarrod roared as he lowered the ramp and drew his sword, the light formt eh door like a becom to those still running. "ALL ABOARD WHOSE SICK OF THIS PLACE!" he yelled "FINAL BOARDING CALL!" -12:43 Apr 17
Zeren: There were a surprising amount of people still alive giving the circumstances of the town. With the armed rescue, groups and stragglers rushed past gunfire to the safety of the ship. Zeren wasn’t the first, but certaintly wasn’t the last. Her pace only slowed when that amulet so frantically given to her warmed against her skin. But at a glance over her shoulder, Zeren felt it best to run up the ramp anyway! -12:48 Apr 17
Jarrod: Jarrod war standign flat against the wall as the civilian rushed past, it was the usual collection of destperate people stanpeedign without thinking about others. There wasn’t anything unusual about the one that looked behind her as she ran, she was cut up but so were many others, it was as she turned her head and something showed itself over the top of the hem… He grabbed the amulet and blocked her passage while still lettign the others past. "Where did you get this…?" -12:53 Apr 17
Zeren: She grabbed his wrist with both her hands, startled and prepared to throw him… or something else entirely. Why was everyone suddenly so wrapped up about this thing…! "My mother gave it to me." -12:56 Apr 17
[Zeren ] -01:01 Apr 17
Jarrod: "Right.." Without hesitation he grabbed her arm and pulled her away from the ramp and down a differnt corrdior than the other were boing pointed down. Up a gangway and through a door into a small bedroom. "Stay here, I’ll get you somehting to eat when this is over." -01:03 Apr 17
Zeren: "Why are you putting me in here…!" No one else was getting taken to small rooms, they weren’t even be led in this direction! As far as she was concerned, she was in trouble and had no idea why. "I don’t want to stay in here!" -01:05 Apr 17
Jarrod: The sound of the guns peetered out as the ship rose away from the city before it was overwhelmed, they had as meny as there were left alive to get. "Fist rule of a ship, captain’s word is law, I’m the captain." he said. "Now I will be back in a minute." he stepped out and closed the door and there was the click of a lock, and he was gone. -01:11 Apr 17
Zeren: She was at the closed door in an instant, rattling the knob and trying to get it open. Then she was turning to eye the room. It wasn’t a prison cell… but there weren’t any windows either. The floor felt strange, which she assumed was because the ship itself must’ve been moving. Away from the only place she had ever known, heading to who knew where. Zeren moved to stand behind the door… when he came back, she would pounce and escape. -01:15 Apr 17
Jarrod: It wasn’t long before the lock clocked again and he came back with a steaming bowl of what was ship’s rasion made into soup to try and make it more paletable. "Here…." He should have expected this. -01:17 Apr 17
Zeren: Zeren nearly jumped on him. Which was pretty clear was her intention when she hopped out, but stopped herself before colliding in to him. …he really did bring food. Which left Zeren taking several steps back and looking incredibly confused about the entire thing. Maybe she should try the question again. "Why am I in here? What about the other people?" -01:20 Apr 17
Jarrod: "They’ll be fed too don’t worry he said placing the bowl down with bread, butter and a spoon and knife on the table in the cramped quarters and letting her sit while he sat on the bunk. "We’re taking them to safety, and you too, but I have some questions for you first." -01:23 Apr 17
Zeren: She was glancing at the door again, still debating whether or not she was going to try and run. Zeren was still suspicious, but she slowly sank in to the chair. Yet, didn’t make a move towards the food yet. "Did you put them in rooms like this? I didn’t do anything wrong…" she was pretty sure she hadn’t! -01:26 Apr 17
[Zeren was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -01:33 Apr 17
Jarrod: "They’re all sleeping in the cargo hold." he explained "And will remain in there until we arive at the wall and he unload them." he didn’t move to close the door or block it. "The are refugees, you I would like to view yourself as my guest." he put it a simply as he could. "We’ve been looking for that amulet for a long time, we will not take it from you by force nor punish you for having it, you have done nothing wrong, but I would like you to join me and my officer in our meeting once you are done eating." -01:33 Apr 17
Zeren: In reflex her hand had moved up to touch the amulet. The moment her mother had came home thrusting it at her, everything had been utter chaos. "You can have it if you want it. It’s been nothing but trouble." Zeren took another suspicious glance at the food. She was hungry and incredibly tired. If she wanted to escape, she’d need to eat. …but what if it were filled with poisons! Would they do that? -01:39 Apr 17
Jarrod: "I don’t knwo if you’ve heard of us." he said "We are called The Descendents." he was starting from the begining . "It was out job to stop the rise of the god whose minions almost killed you tonight. If is still our job to seal him and all his creatures away. When we wailed to keep him sealed we knew we needed the amulet of fate. The one you wear. All I need you to do is show it to my officers, so they know we have it and then you can come back here, or explore the ship. Oce the meeting is over I will tell the men you have the run of the ship. Deal?" -01:46 Apr 17
Zeren: There was a strange expression on her face. The story was vaguely familiar, though she couldn’t recall where or how she heard it before. But for the moment it seemed like she wouldn’t be locked up or a prisoner. And though she didn’t relax, she at least seemed resigned to the idea. "I suppose that is acceptable… But you could just take it if you want it. I don’t need it." -01:49 Apr 17
Jarrod: "Because its yours." he said "I’ll explain more later." he looked from her to the uneaten food "I guess you looked hungrier than you were, I could have somethign given to you after the meeting if you’re not hungry now." -01:55 Apr 17
Zeren: Zeren shook her head, finally turning to the food and picking up the piece of buttered bread. She was still very skittish and occasionally eyeing him as if making sure he wasn’t going to make any sudden movements. But she finally conceeding to eating, and was very grateful that she did. "Do I get to go back with the others after the meeting?" -01:59 Apr 17
Jarrod: "If thats what you choose." he said "I only thought you would prefer the privacy of your own room instead of sleeping where everyone can see you in the cargo hold." he said "We cannot be sure Vardri doesn’t have followers among them though, it is a risk we take every time we rescue refugees." he tone was slow and carful, he was used to dealing people who have been through trauma. "Its safer up here, until we offload the refugees." -02:05 Apr 17
Zeren: "You’re singling me out…" There were red flags and she was uneasy again, but she didn’t stop eating. Zeren was trying to remain calm. To not panic. At least not until she felt like she was in more immediate danger. ..but the way he spoke about her definitely had her uncomfortable. "Because I have this..? My mother made me take it. Made me take it because she didn’t want them chasing her…" It was a dark sort of realization. Putting together the pieces of her frenzied escape. -02:11 Apr 17
Jarrod: "And if his followers see you with it they will do what the Grendels almosy did. I don’t want to alarm you but that amulet put a large target on your back." he sighed "But I will protect you… I am Jarrod, this ship is my home and though you do not know me I have been fighting Vardri’s followers ever since his rise. I would like you to consider me your host and you can ask anything from me." -02:17 Apr 17
Zeren: Zeren definitely didn’t want to find out what sort of people actually worshiped those monsters or the god that made them. Most of the food was eaten, and she didn’t seem to have the appetite for anything more. Zeren pushed the plate away with a soft sigh. "…we can go to your meeting now, and I will think about it?" Even if he said he would protect her, Zeren wasn’t so sure if she should trust him. Her mother always said no one should ever be trusted, very especially men. -02:22 Apr 17
Jarrod: He stood and walked over to the door. "This way then." he walked down the corridor and stopped at a door. "Anything you here in that room I need you to keep to yourself, I’m trusting you here." he opened the door and gestured her to follow, "Even though you havn’t told me your name." There were several men all leaning over a table. "Gentlemen." Jarrod anounced himself. "Any news from the Crimson Tide?" "None sir, itd likely they didn’t make it out in time…" "That is unfotunate…. We have it.." everyone looked at him suddenly "One of the refugees, a girl." he gustured at Zeren. "What aout the Divine Wind?" "She was spotted burning a week ago.. and all the other ship are too sar away." "Its up to us then…" -02:34 Apr 17
Zeren: Zeren followed, still debating whether or not she’d take off running, or even share her name at all. Once in the meeting room, she felt very out of place. …and worse when she was gestured at and suddenly there was a room full of very official looking men all staring in her direction. Without really thinking about it, she took a step to the side so she’d be partially hidden behind Jarrod. From the scope of the conversation she understood that her town was not the only one having been destroyed. Zeren couldn’t even begin to imagine how many of those monsters it would take to do that in multiple places. -02:39 Apr 17
Jarrod: "How, we’re less than fifty men and we’re under suplied?" "We make a strait run, simple, oce we’ve dropped our cargo at the wall we head north, get supplies and go for it, if we’re going to bring an end to this we need to do this fast while theres still a world to save." he reached abck and took Zeren’s hand, a gesture of comfort that sometimes worked. "If its really up to us then we can’t not take this opotunity." "What about her, the girl, we need her help or the amulet is useless…. is she going to help us?" -02:44 Apr 17
Zeren: She was trying to follow the conversation, but withoutunderstanding everything they were talking about, it was difficult. What really threw her off-kilter was the Captain taking her hand. The physical contact was a surprise…and she wasn’t sure how she felt about it! Zeren almost completely missed them gesturing towards her again. Her eyes were back up, confused as ever. "I can give it to you to use? I don’t want to keep it and you won’t have to worry about me." -02:49 Apr 17
Jarrod: Jarrod turned to her and looked down at her. "Thats not how it works, none of us can use it, it has to be you." he sighed ignoring the others. "We need YOUR help, without it we cannot kill Vardri and he will eventually kill everyone, you, me, there will be no survivors. I’m sorry but we need you as much as we need your amulet. You never asked for it but. You can help us stop him." -02:56 Apr 17
Zeren: Zeren looked completely uncomfortable with the idea, even taking a step backwards until she realized she was still holding on to his hand. It was strange how that contact did seem to make everything feel a little less condemning. Giving courage? She was still unsure. "…I will try, then. But I am not sure what I can do…" -03:02 Apr 17
Jarrod: "We… I will be there with you every ste of the way. We’re going to drop off these refugees, then we’re going to pich up supplies, then we’ll do what we need to do." he started walking with ehr away from the table. "Until then is there anything you need?" -03:04 Apr 17
Zeren: She gave a passing glance to the people at the table, that burning paranoia that the world was all focused on her making her incredibly antsy. Unconciously she squeezed his hand before her focus was back on him. "Can I see the top deck and look outside?" -03:06 Apr 17
Jarrod: "You may." he opened the door and went further along the passage with her, then up another gangway and then another before they came to the top deck. The fires of the city were still visible in the sistance as the winds carried tham further and further away. "I fill also have fresh clothes found for you, and real food once we’ve had time to prepare some. You’ve caught us at a abd time I’m afraid." so, maybe he didn’t have the best sense of humor. -03:10 Apr 17
Zeren: Zeren didn’t have any thoughts of food, fresh clothes, or even the fires that burned in the distance once they stepped out on to the deck. She even let go of his hand as she rushed over to the side, leaning over to look down at the sea below. She had such a sudden expression of wonderment on her face, that it was almost as if she had forgotten everything that just happened. "It’s the ocean!" Of course it was. But she could see it! Dark blue and huge and endless sea. It was so far down though… -03:14 Apr 17
Jarrod: "It is." he said smiling at the wind took his hair and we stepped out behind her. And it will be there the next few days." he turned around to sit on the rail and lean out over the side. "Theres nothing more beatiful than the ocean, I sometimes wish he floaten on it instead fo flying over it." -03:21 Apr 17
Zeren: "I’ve never seen it before. Sometimes from my window. She didn’t want me to go near it…" Zeren couldn’t imagine why. It really was beautiful and it was asking for her. She could almost hear it calling her name, telling her to come home… Without thinking she hopped to sit on the railing and turned throwing her legs over the side. It wasn’t that far down… -03:25 Apr 17
Jarrod: Imediatly he put his arm around her and pulled her back on the smile vanishing from his face. "Zeren, the fall would kill you." he said "And the water is his territory, his and those borm from the gods. Remember that, those Grendels, his beasts, came from the sea." -03:28 Apr 17
Zeren: Being pulled back seemed to snap her out of it… and now she was standing there with his arms around her tight and she wasn’t quite sure why! "I just want to see it up close." The thought that those monsters came from the sea wasn’t a nice one though. -03:31 Apr 17
Jarrod: "Theres a reason no one travels the sea anymore… You have to promise me you won’t get too close." his voice was a whisper in her ear " If you do I’ll show you a trick." -03:40 Apr 17
Zeren: It was incredibly strange standing there like that. Zeren wasn’t sure if she wanted to flee or poke at him to see what he was made up of. All of her contact with men-things had been from family, and it definitely wasn’t like this. Curiosity won out in the end, though, and Zeren nodded. "I promise. …Is it a usefull trick?" -03:44 Apr 17
Jarrod: "Might be useful… one day.." he said letting her go and taking her hand again and walking to the side again. "Look down." this time, when she did instead of seeing sea she would see clouds that looked like sea, but were close enough to toutch. -03:51 Apr 17
Zeren: Zeren leaned, that wide-eyed wonderment returning again. She reached to touch, it not feeling like water at all… or soft like she thought it might have been. This had a completely different interest to her. "Is this the trick?" -03:55 Apr 17
[Zeren ] -03:57 Apr 17
Jarrod: "Might be." he teased movign his hand ot over the side making what looked like a whirlpool develop in the clouds and a misty whale breach. "Its not that useful, but something to do when I’m out here. My family was a way with the sea.. and to be so far above it all the time… Its not always easy so I make my own where I can reach it." -04:00 Apr 17
Zeren: "I could do this." she said, without missing a beat. Zeren poked the top of the whale, drawing it from the cloudy sea. And with another tap, it poofed in to a flurry of very tiny snowflakes. For a moment she looked surprised that it even worked, but then she was grinning in triumph. It didn’t occur to her that it wasn’t normal. -04:05 Apr 17
Jarrod: He smiled but the smile was tempeted by somehtign else. So it was true, the draw to the sea, the control of the weather. "Seem out families share something." he said. "But that means that you are the one we need help from." She was his… his descendent. "I’m glad we found you." She was going to die. -04:09 Apr 17
Zeren: "I’ll try to help. I can draw very good maps. I’ve never really been anywhere before…" She was distracted now, playing with the clouds as she leaned over the edge. It was like having a new toy and she was swishing at it to see what she could actually do. When she glanced back up at him, her own smile faded to a look of confusion. "…you don’t seem glad. Am I in trouble? I know they do things, my family… but I’ve not left that house. She wouldn’t let me. But I could try to fix it if they’ve done something.." Now that she was -out- she didn’t want to go back! What was there to go back for? There was the world and the sea, and now she was worried that she had been kept in that house for a reason! -04:17 Apr 17
Jarrod: He slimed "Helping us is enough, stopping Vardri is what counts. Everythign we’ve done up until now will be lost otherwise. You could say stopping him is what I live for and I would give anythign to do it. You are not your family, I know this so don’t worry…" he put his hand on her shoulder. "With you here I have hope for the first tiem that the end may be in sight." -04:21 Apr 17
[Zeren has timed out.] -04:28 Apr 17
Zeren: He was touching her again. Zeren decided that she didn’t mind. It was a little awkward, but didn’t make her feel uncomfortable or want to hide somewhere. She also liked the way he spoke. Hopeful and kind, without any sort of trying to guilt her. It wasn’t something she was used to. Zeren smiled. "I’ll be glad to be helpful. Does that mean I stay on this boat and get to see places? More ocean?" -04:28 Apr 17
Jarrod: "Yes it does." he said "At least until its done, then, its up to you where you go." he leaned against the side and sighed. "Though if you’re going to be on my ship I should know your name." -04:32 Apr 17
Zeren: "I am Zeren Ásvaldr. And you are The Captain, law of this ship." she repeated what he had told her before. Anywhere she wanted to go. Zeren liked the sound of that. -04:36 Apr 17

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