Bloodlines 009: A Promise Kept

a week later aboard Jarrods new ship in Zere’s new room with HEAPS od clothes layed out for her a worried Jarrod sits on the foot of her bunk. -Jarrod

Zeren: Zeren’s sleep had been do deep that it could have easily been mistaken for death or a coma, had she not been steadily breathing. With in a couple days her body had healed as if nothing had happened at all. Leaving only the wonder if her mind was still the same after being twisted by an ancient evil and then taking it’s power. She didn’t even dream, her sleep was so deep… so when Zeren awoke to a warm room, with cozy lighting and soft blankets, she was pretty sure she was dreaming. -06:43 Apr 20
Jarrod: He was holdign her hand and watchign her stir “Zeren?” he asked movign closer. “You’re safe…” the regular motion of the ship on the waves was calming but he was still nervous.. shes was waking up, but what was she? -06:46 Apr 20
Zeren: “I can feel the sea.” Her eyes went closed again and she tugged his hand back and forth with the soft motion. Then she stilled. “Do you have to kill me now? The lady said I don’t have to die if I don’t want to.” What she really wanted to ask was if he wanted her to. Zeren remembered what she took… everything Vardri had and was. Now she was the only one left and it would be so easy to end the world… -06:49 Apr 20
Jarrod: He remained silent for a moment before he spoke, the words sounded liek they had been thought about all week. “No, because I trust you.” he said sowly and softly “If you can forgive me.” he sounded worried, and he was. He had been willing to kill her to save the world and not doing so might but he wasn’t going to kill her, if he was she’d be dead already. -06:54 Apr 20
Zeren: Her eyes were open again. Zeren sat up, leaning close to his face as she examined his expression. She was trying to see if he was lying to her. Finally she tilted back, looking a bit doubtful, but conceeding. “I forgive you. What I have now is… it’s not something good. So I’ll take it somewhere and bury it with me. And you won’t have to worry for the world.” -06:58 Apr 20
Jarrod: “I wasn’t worried for the world.. I was worried for you.” he said “You already saved the world… and I’m proud of you for doing that, and now… now its all over. Forever.” he smiled, “Time to worry about what we want.” -07:00 Apr 20
Zeren: “You have a boat on the sea now.” She tilted her head to look towards the window. It stretched out forever, with sunlight glittering over it. Perfect and beautiful, and nothing top stop her from jumping in it! Zeren tugged his hand to her, brushing her fingers over his skin where she could see the faint outlines of his veins underneath. “I didn’t want to hurt you and I thought I killed you. At that moment all I wanted was for you to be alive, and I got my wish? I can’t ask for anything else.” Even though she really wanted to. The world was safe, open, and free… and Zeren could have everything she wanted and more if she took it. She just… was afraid she would take too much! -07:06 Apr 20
Jarrod: “You can ask for more.” he said “You desurve to be happy too.” he stepped closer only the thickness of thier hands seperating them from eachother. “I want you to be happy Zeren.” he looked away out over the glittering sea… “Its ours now, your and mine… all of it.” -07:10 Apr 20
Zeren: “So I can ask for a kiss and I won’t get in trouble?” Ours. Zeren liked the way that sounded. As if they would be together with it, and she wouldn’t be alone. And the way it felt to hold his hand and be so close to him. Warm, pleasant, and safe. “We could make a home somewhere to live by the sea?” -07:15 Apr 20
Jarrod: His answer wasn’t words, it was to lean down and fress his lips into hers, slowly brushing them across as he nuzzles against her and his hand left hers ro allow his arms to close around her. He lingered for close to minute before he pulled back. “Yes, a house close to the sea.” -07:18 Apr 20
Zeren: Zeren decided she definitely liked kissing. It made her knees feel weak, but it was a good feeling. Zeren smiled wistfully. “Thank you, Captain. When we get there I can help you find a wife and kids.” -07:22 Apr 20
Jarrod: He blinked, “Zeren.. you know what a kiss means… and you know what a wife is… don’t you?” he put his hand on her cheek and looked into her eyes. “It means I some day want you to be my wife… if you would accept me.” he was being ernest “Thats why I decided I wasn’t going to kill you, because I love you. I really meant that part. Kissing, sex, marriage, kids… I want with you.” -07:25 Apr 20
Zeren: “I am not entirely sure what a wife is…” she admitted, but she had quickly figured it out. A wife was something special to him. The rush made her feel dizzy, but again it was a good feeling! Something that delighted her and made her smile, and a little embarassed too. She didn’t know what to do with confessions of love. “I love you…” she started, a little unsure of how she was expressing it. “I knew it was love when I felt my heart breaking for you… when I thought the was no you anymore. And when I saw you alive, I knew i would do anything to make sure you stayed even if it meant I had to be a terrible person…” It wasn’t eloquent and Zeren wasn’t sure it made sense. -07:33 Apr 20
Jarrod: Durign her entire confession he smiled at her then he leaned forwards and kisse her again his hand moving to rub the back of her neck slowly. “I’m sorry.” he whispered again “That I made you run and what happened to you.” he didn’t knwo if she even knew what had happened to her. “But I’m going to make if up to you, so ask for somethign else.. I got you clothes, and food and the sea, what else do you want?” -07:38 Apr 20
Zeren: “He tried to take my soul from me and he did not succeed.” Zeren was proud of that. Through pain and terror and everything, she had not been taken. …but it did draw a peculiar expression to her features. Zeren looked unsure again. “You told me that sex is better than kissing. That it’s what you do with people you love. And he… agreed with my mother that it was for taking souls. And it was awful, but you… You wouldn’t hurt me?” -07:45 Apr 20
Jarrod: He was still holding her close to him. his hand idly running through her hair at the back. “No, I wouldn’t… sex starts with kissing, long kissing usually and gets.. more btu its like a lot od kissing and other things that people do when they love eachother.” he was trying his best to explain “Its important to love eachother because its where kids come from.” -07:51 Apr 20
Zeren: “We make new souls with love.” …this she understood! An act of evil to take a soul, and love to make one… Zeren curled her arms around his waist and rest her head against his chest to hear his heartbeat. “We have enough love to make a lot of souls, don’t we? We could share with the whole world and make life everywhere?” -07:57 Apr 20
Jarrod: He laughed, it ahd been a long time since he had “Love is meant to be shared between two people.” he said, “Somethign they give only to eachother, love for family is different, what its shared between two people, well, its liek this.” he kissed her cheek as he sat on her bed with her “And not even death can break it.” -08:01 Apr 20
Zeren: “Something special just for the two of us?” Zeren liked the sound of that too. It would be theirs and only theirs. They could share the sea and the world, and help make the world better. But for the two of them, they’d have that special thing. “And you can show me? The more than kissing parts?” -08:07 Apr 20
Jarrod: He nodded “I can show you, I can lead you through them…” he said quietly “You con’t have to worry.. I can take it slow and if you feel like you want to stop you can tell me.” he sighed and ran his fingers through her hair again. “When you want to do it. If you do.” -08:11 Apr 20
Zeren: She loved how she felt when he touched her. Not just liked, loved! Zeren hesitated a moment before she leaned against him, tilting her face up to his and gently brushing her lips over his, mimicing a kiss. “I want to now…? I want you to show me.” -08:14 Apr 20
Jarrod: He caught her lips in a deep kiss his lips moving against hers and parting slightly as his hand slid up to the back of her head and held it as he pushed against it. “Then I’ll show you.” he said against her lips before he nipped her lips lip softly. “I’ll show you the more than kissing.” -08:19 Apr 20
Zeren: If the more part would also make her feel like she were floating, and give that sweet twinge of warmth through her just like the kissing did, Zeren was eager to learn. Zeren moved to crawl in to his lap so she could feel him around her, and curled her arms around his neck. She nuzzled her face against his cheek with shy affection. -08:23 Apr 20
Jarrod: He ran his fingers through her hair yet again as his hand brushed against her cheek and slid down the side of her neck and across her chest and he caught her lips in another kiss then slid his cheek against hers as his hand readhed the first button of the shirt he had dressed her in and undid it before sliding unberneath the fabric to brush just under her collarbone. -08:27 Apr 20
Zeren: His touch was soft and warm. And made her breath quicken. Zeren wanted to touch too, though. She brushed her knuckles against his jaw, planting a soft kiss there as she did. Before drawing her finger tips over his mouth and brushing a kiss there too. -08:34 Apr 20
Jarrod: He kissed her back his tongue flickign against her lip as he popped another button, and another this time when his hand slid under he toutched her breast cupping it and caressing it as he deepend the kiss againand a sigh escaped him. “How does it feel?” he asked her softly. -08:37 Apr 20
Zeren: Her response came out as a soft sigh, almost a purr. Zeren had never felt anything like it! Being unafraid, content, and so curious for more. “I think I might still be dreaming..” she mumbled softly against his mouth. -08:41 Apr 20
Jarrod: “This is no dear Zeren.” he asured her his thumb brushing against his nipple as he moved his kissing to he neck and down to her shoulder before he undid the rest of her buttons and opened her shirt. “And we’re still far from done.” -08:46 Apr 20
Zeren: “There is more than this?” Of course there was. She could remember what the ancestor did. …but this was certainly not like that. His breath moved over her breath and shoulder, making her giggle softly when it tickled. She plucked curiously at his own clothes. “…do you take off yours too?” -08:51 Apr 20
Jarrod: “You take them off.” he said “This time.” he rubbed her stomach and nuzzles his lips against hers “Eventually all our clothes will be gane, and we will be toutching eachother everywhere, its baout toutching and being toutched and makign eachother feel good.” he moved his hand up her side and back down. “ANd showing them how much you love them.” -08:54 Apr 20
Zeren: Zeren looked a bit doubtful that it was something so simple. She was expecting more magic… Still, she tilted back far enough so she could tug and pull at his shirt. Until it was over his head and she was tossing it backwards far out of the way. That curious expression was back on her face again. She had never seen a man without his clothes before. Her hands dropped to his shoulders, touching so softly as if she thought he might break or bite. -08:58 Apr 20
Jarrod: While she was leanign back he opened her shirt more and pushind it from her shoulder, down her arms and let it drop to the bed, then his hands rubbing up and own her sides he looked at her, from the expresion on her fa, down her subtle neck nad shoulders, to her collar bones, over chest and down her stomach. “You’re beatiful.” he said softly his hand coming up to cup and brush her cheek, and you can toutch more, feel, explore… I won’t hurt you and you won’t hurt me.” -09:03 Apr 20
Zeren: With the confirmation that she wouldn’t hurt him, it was enough encouragement for her to be less wary about touching. Zeren mimicked his movements at first… but mimicking was quickly replaced by the more thoughtful inquisitive look of that same strange girl who was interested in every little detail. Zeren moved close, and where her finger trailed she was watching curiously. Her breath falling over his skin, until she was moving off his lap to tug at the rest of his clothes. -09:10 Apr 20
Jarrod: He encouraged her more bu undoing his own pants and letting her pull then down revealing himself to her as he rubbed the back of her neck slowly then slid a hand down her stomach to return the favor, sliding the pants he had chosen for her down her ass and legs. He was hard, there was no hiding that now, and his eyes showed the want for her he was feeling as he looked at her. -09:14 Apr 20
Zeren: “This is not what I was expecting…” …Zeren isn’t sure what she was expecting. But it was very different. Zeren examined his face, before she reached down and gently poked at his member. Glancing from it, to him and being very observant to his reaction when she went from poking to brushing her fingers over him. -09:18 Apr 20
Jarrod: And she couldn’t know how it felt to have her touch him. Its had to be sinsitive that much was clear when she pokes it and his face reacted, the poking wasn’t the most enjoyable expecience but it was far from unpleasant. And the stroking.. he bit his lower lip and leaned forwards to kiss her again letting out a low “mmmm” sound “You have no idea how that maked me feel.” he whispered. “Its enough to drive me mad and its very hard for me to not show you how I can make you feel too. “He ran a hand down her stomach to her hair and gently, barely toutching her brushed a finger against her. -09:28 Apr 20
Zeren: For such a small motion, the sudden rush nearly had her tilting. Zeren sucked in a breath, that tingly warmth spreading through her. Maybe there was magic involved after all! Zeren shifted to take his face in to her hands, planting a messy but heartfelt kiss over his mouth. She wanted to show him that she loved him. -09:38 Apr 20
Jarrod: He kissed her back and his hands coming up to her face too he pushed her back his body pressing against hers and pushing her into her back where his hips pressed in on top of hers. -09:41 Apr 20
Zeren: Blankets soft and cool were such a contrast to his skin. Warm and solid. Zeren was unsure again, the expression only faintly coming across her face mixed with that strange new feeling. She wanted him to touch her more, guiding his hand from her cheek to caress over his skin. Even while she explored his mouth with hers. Gently flicking her tongue over his lips in a curious test of response. -09:45 Apr 20
Jarrod: He ran his fingertips against her skin lightly as his lips parted and his tongue flicked out to slide against hers. Then his fingers were enter twining with hers as his hips shifted against hers, slowly grinding as his other hand slid over her shoulder, down her side and up between them. -09:48 Apr 20
[Zeren is enchanted… in the good way!] -01:08 Apr 21
[Jarrod is being gentle.. as much as he can.] -01:10 Apr 21
Zeren: Zeren was finding a whole new world of experience opening up for her. Being so close to someone through touch and taste and scent and everything else had her swimming through so many different thoughts. She was lazily enjoying while impatient to try more all at the same time. She squeezed his hand, gently nipping his tongue. And why not? He had nipped at her too! -01:14 Apr 21
Jarrod: He moves agaist her his hips still grinding against hers as his tongue found and flicked agaist hers, he nip made him push deeper his other hand squeezing her breast and sliding down to her hip as he moved the tiniest distance from her breaking the kiss and looking down at her… searching her face. -01:20 Apr 21
Zeren: So different…! Like her blood was on fire instead of being chilled. Even her skin was flushed, and every little touch was drawing out such a needy feeling that she didn’t know how to vocalize it. He pulled away she leaned upwards. Nuzzling against his face and curling an around his shoulders. -01:27 Apr 21
Jarrod: He moved her kiss her shoulder his hand squeezing hers as he moved his hand down to his member pushing it against her and pushign in slowly at first, then faster he thier hips met again, he was inside her and his lips brushed her cheek as he nuzzled her and whispered her name. -01:31 Apr 21
Zeren: Her arm tightened around his shoulders and eyes widened in surprise. The breath she let out was a small squeaking gasp… but this was a good feeling too! A strange, and definitely involving magic feeling. The surprise was gone and she was moving with him. Every shift of her legs or rising of her hips making that jolt of energy run up her spine. And it was so consuming she was forgetting that she wanted more exploring..! -01:38 Apr 21
Jarrod: He moved with her letting her set the pace at first, his hot breath rolling over her shoulder the down her body, then he took controll of the pace pushing faster as he nipped her, then pushed his lips into hers. -01:42 Apr 21
Zeren: Zeren returned his kiss with ferver. What she couldn’t conjure words to say, she could easily express in a kiss or a gasping for breath, or the squeezing tight to his shoulder. There was a wonderment in her features mixed with desire. And the slowly building sensations were coiling so tight that Zeren was sure it would drive her mad! -01:50 Apr 21
Jarrod: He pushed harder against her his breath rushing into her, he quezzed her hand and pulled it closer as the madning buildup of pressure caused his control to slip further to the edge. There was no more going easy on her, there was only the desperate buildup and fererish need of a man on top of a woman. -01:53 Apr 21
Zeren: She couldn’t stand it. She loved it! Frustrating, but wonderful all at once. Zeren would push at his shoulder, only to hold tight when she sighed or groaned. He slid so easily in and out of her, and every thrust of movement felt like it reached all the way down to her toes. …but it was the sudden tensing that surprised her most! Zeren yelped with her body seized and all at once the wave of sensation hit her. Sweet and electrifying. So strong, that she couldn’t think it anything other than love as her rose off the bed and she bucked beneath him. -02:07 Apr 21
Jarrod: He thust a few more times with savage need before he bit his hip and shuddered against her he nails grippign her and his hip squirmed aginst hers, it was amazing, she made it amazing. He moved his hand to run though her hair as he kissed her his the sould of his breath a pant as he opened his eyes. "And that Zeren… is sex." -02:12 Apr 21
Zeren: Sex was tiring…! But so nice… That feeling didn’t subside right away. It just sort of swam through her body in lazy flowing streams. Leaving her still tingling from the sensation. Breathless, languid and above all feeling very very loved… Zeren circled both her arms around him and buried her face at his neck. Her voice coming out in a soft mumble. "I will let you have my soul, if we can keep doing that." -02:16 Apr 21
Jarrod: He nuzzled against her and rolled off to press his body in next to her. "No man will have your soul." he said "I only seek your heart." he cradled her in his arms and kissed her forehead. "And I’ll always keep you safe." -02:20 Apr 21
Zeren: "You can have my heart and the world and everything I have to give you!" Zeren was grinning as she curled up against him. Safe. And more importantly… loved. It was more than she ever thought she could have, and for this… she would give him the whole universe if she had the power to. -02:26 Apr 21
Jarrod: "It works bth ways, you know that right?" he said quietly, I’ll give you a home like I promised and a life that you help make with me…" he looked at her "Up to the challenge?" -02:30 Apr 21
Zeren: "A castle by the sea with animals and children and no bad people allowed. We could have a family and take vacations, and have dinner and lots of this sex stuff on the beach." Tucking her face at his neck, she giggled softly. "I want to do this forever." -02:33 Apr 21
Jarrod: "Then we’ll have all those things for the rest of our lives, and build our own kingdom and pass it on the our children.. We’ll never be apart again, I promise you that." -02:36 Apr 21

Bloodlines 008: Zeren Unleashed

[Zeren is dreaming and it’s one hell of a nightmare.] -01:18 Apr 20
Zeren: Darkness and starlight and a dark red moon. It was the Captain’s face she was staring at, but he wasn’t moving at all. The veins in his skin had gone dark blue, blood frozen solid in his own body. She was trying to melt it but the world was just getting colder and every step she took the sea beneath her would crack. Until she was falling and falling… Zeren awoke with a gasp, finding herself on a cold stone floor in a giant dimly lit room. Crumbled pillars, broken bones… It looked like she had woken up from one dream and landed in another. "Captain…?" -01:23 Apr 20
Vardri: "The captain is dead." voice as cold as death. "You killed him, froze him and left him to die…" heavy footsteps coming closer "You’re home now, home with me my child. And now its time." -01:25 Apr 20
Zeren: Dead. It wasn’t a dream. Zeren remembered now… she was so angry, and so sad… but she stopped didn’t she? She didn’t want to hurt him! Zeren sat up and climb to her feet, shakey and confused. "What is this place…?" Home was a strange word for it, yet it almost felt like she belonged there. But it was just so… empty. Heartless…? Her thoughts went back to the Captain. "I don’t think I killed him…" -01:30 Apr 20
Vardri: "You did.." he held up his hand and Jarrod’s face appeared in a flurry of snowflakes his eyes frozen and lifeless, then the image shattered revealing skull and brain fragments. An illusion of course. "But you don’t need him anymore, you have me, your ancestor come to bring you home at last." -01:42 Apr 20
Zeren: Frozen and shattered. It wasn’t a dream after all. Maybe she didn’t know what love was after all. She hurt him, because she was exactly what he feared her to be. A terrible terrible person…. Tears were streaming down her face as she wrapped her arms around herself. She should be scared. Fighting. Something… but she did a terrible thing… "This isn’t my home…" Zeren finally muttered. "I was going to have a new home." -01:47 Apr 20
Vardri: He put a hand on her shoulder squeezing tight. "I know what its liek to have no home. For centuries they have trapped me and put me though hell every time… you are the one who can give me a place here, forever. You are going to help me." -01:51 Apr 20
Zeren: She remembered this feeling too. Cold and empty. But such an underlying rage that it was overwhelming. Zeren broke away from his grasp, taking several paces back. "You make the grendals. You take people’s souls and you twist them up so much that they aren’t human anymore. I don’t want to hurt people…" -01:55 Apr 20
Vardri: Ice rose up around her trappign her and digginginto her sking. "You don’t have to do anything, you are mine, he knew it he could see it ever since that night you almosr killed him and his ship.. that cut on your arm…" he moved closer his hand grabbing her hair. "You just have to die." -01:58 Apr 20
Zeren: She almost killed the Captain that night? He didn’t tell her… but now it was too late! She killed him after all! The fear was starting to hit her. The all consuming need to escape. From instinct alone she made the ice melt almost instantly, the water dropping to the stone floor with a splash. But his hand still had her hair and she was grasping at his arm to pry him off. "I don’t want to die! I just wanted to be happy…!" -02:03 Apr 20
Vardri: He dug into her head showing her the events of that night, thier fight, her attacking Jarrod her trying to destroy the engine. "This is your purpose, you have been mine since the day you were born." he hit her knocking her to the ground then kicked hr so hard she flew across the room and hit the wall. "What you want doesn’t matter." -02:09 Apr 20
Zeren: Zeren crumbled on the floor, the pain in her body seeming to be an after thought to the invasion of memories in her head. There was more to it than what she was being shown…! Zeren braced herself against the wall, climbing to her feet again. She did remember. What you want, not what he wants. …but what she wanted was gone now. What was left? "I am not like you!" she shouted back. "I don’t have to be!" Right? Zeren pushed away from the wall, making to run for the doorway. -02:16 Apr 20
Vardri: The doorway froze over, he was stronger than her, much stronger, then her feet began freezing to the ground. "You don’t have to be anything, not anymore, once you are dead my presence here will be solidified and your world will be snuffed out. Really, what do you have to live for anyway, why not just die… before you do I could show you so much…" -02:29 Apr 20
Zeren: Zeren managed to shift the ice to slush, but couldn’t stop her forward momentum and ended up toppling to her knees. What did she have to live for? The Captain was gone, her family were gone, and soon the world would be slayn too. Zeren was quickly running out of reasons to fight and she hated that feeling… "If I die would it all be over..?" -02:34 Apr 20
Vardri: "Your sould will become part of this place and you will rest forever." he lied, a souls like hers, with her powers would be too valuable to waste. "It will all be over, no more pain, no more suffring, no more lonliness." he picked her up "Once I make you mine…" he tore her miniskirt and her panties. "He never toutched you there, did he?" -02:43 Apr 20
Zeren: Her head was screaming for her to run or fight, but Zeren was so startled she seemed to be frozen in place. With fumbling hands she was trying to tug her shirt down, as she shook her head. "No one has touched me anywhere." -02:46 Apr 20
Vardri: "A virgin.." he breathed, "Never had sex or been toutched by a man.." his breath reached her even where he was… then he reached to her neck and tore her shirt from the collar down. "Your mother told you about sex… that a man could steal your soul by it. She was right." he placed his ahnd on her stomach. "And now I take yours." -02:50 Apr 20
Zeren: Zeren felt exposed and vulnerable, and that feeling was almost as bad as she sudden twinge of fear. She shook her head quickly, pushing his hand away. "No. That is only for people who have love? You don’t love me…" Zeren didn’t care if it might’ve been a lie. She wanted to believe it. The Captain made it sound like something special, and she didn’t want that memory taken from her…! Zeren cast her wind, trying to disentangle herself from him. -02:57 Apr 20
Vardri: He laughed, a cold, cruel sound "You can’t use that on me. I’m the reason you ahve it." he turned her power on herself, everythign she tried to do to him would be done to her. "Its usless to fight, and you’re right, if you fight it its not sex, its rape… and it will hurt more than anything you have even felt." -03:04 Apr 20
Zeren: If words had power, just the sound of his made her shiver worse than the wind. Zeren shielded herself with her arms, before swinging one out in her frustration. She threw it back at him as sharp shards of ice, and then blocking him from her with a whole wall of it. With the distraction she dropped to find a weapon… her hands circling around a broken and sharp piece of human bone. -03:12 Apr 20
Vardri: The entire wall rushed towards her to curl around her exposed body the cold driving into her flesh to the bone. "You can’t fight me Zeren, or should I just remove your power entirely?" -03:17 Apr 20
Zeren: Zeren held her weapon tight to her, the cold biting in to her skin. She never thought she could feel so much cold. It was getting hard to combat the power. Every time he pushed it back, it was even more difficult for her to break through it. This time she shifted the ice wall to snow and had to stumble her way out of it. "You can’t take anything else from me! You already took everything that was important!" she screamed back in her anger. What did she have left? Her power? That meant nothing to her! The only thing that had made her feel anything was gone! And it was his fault… The fear was still there but her anger had returned. Instead of running from him, she was stalking towards him, slashing at him with her shard of bone. HIM she wanted to hurt! -03:25 Apr 20
Vardri: The bone did nothing other than bring more laughter from him. He reached out his hand and gripped her head his palm covering her entire face. The he locked it inside her, freezing her power so she couldn’t use it as he lifter her by her head and tossed her aside as effortlessly as he would a dead leaf. Then ice crept along the ground towards her, rising up to grow over her ankles. "Make it easy on yourself Zeren.. give up." -03:31 Apr 20
Zeren: It had knocked the breath out of her. By the time she had risen to her elbows and was trying to swat away the ice… nothing happened! No water, no wind, no ice… It felt like her mind was trying to slam up against a door that wouldn’t budge. In her panic, she bent forward trying to crack the ice away with her hands. -03:35 Apr 20
Vardri: He rushed forwards and backhanded her hard enough to knock her back onto her back. "You can’t escape, you can’t even move." the ice grew over her arms, biting into her skin "If you give up or not it doesn’t matter anymore, you are mine." -03:40 Apr 20
Zeren: Zeren yelped, tugging hard against the ice and meeting resistance. She struggled harder to break free, her heart pounding so hard it ached. Despite the tears streaming down her face she was growling him. "I am not yours! I’m not and you can’t make me..!" -03:44 Apr 20
Vardri: "Yes, I can…" he reached into her mind, feelign her feer and leeting her feel her intrusion "You’ve always been mine and I can make you into a grendel at any time…" he chuckled. "You have no idea how much control I have.." he gave her a taste of it by twisting her thoughts into those of grendel, only for a few seconds but enough for her to feel what it would be like. "You are mine." -03:49 Apr 20
Zeren: It couldn’t have been long… but it felt like a lifetime! The churning and the rage, the pure hate and lust for blood and violence… So over powering, for a moment all Zeren could do was scream. When it passed, she was sobbing shaking her head and begging him not to do it again! She would take anything but that…! -03:54 Apr 20
Vardri: "Then…" he put his hand on her cheek and turned her head to face him. "You’re not going to stop me taking what I want." he was cold against her, as cold as his power. One had to wonder it he wore the furs to keep warm or to keep the warmth out. Then he was reachign down an uncovering himself, his shaft and tip coming closer to her. "Are you?" -03:58 Apr 20
Zeren: Zeren was so afraid and there was nothing she could do. Her hands balled up in to fists, nails digging in to her palms. But she shook her head. She wouldn’t stop him. Even though she wanted to, she couldn’t stop him. -04:01 Apr 20
Vardri: He entered her, as cold as the ice around her, and slid in deep. There was no punse, no warmth, just a large mass that pushed into ehr and made her bleed. And it pushed again, and again, and again, harder and deeper. He had done thing countless times to countless women, and now came the sweet part, to leach into her mind as he raped her and leak in the same grendel-like thoughts he had given her before, slowly.. only enough to alarm her at first but slowly more and more. -04:04 Apr 20
Zeren: It hurt, it hurt so much that she was gasping and straining under him despite being unable to scoot away. He was invading every part of her. A frost burning chill clawing through her blood, and the hail of violence ripping at her mind. Zeren opened her mouth to scream, but could only let out a startled gasp. -04:10 Apr 20
Vardri: Her face, her thoughts her feelings, the feeling of her around… he pushed harder, pushign more madness into her brain. "I control everything, beign mine will be the last thing you even feel. And I will do this again and again and again when you are what you can feel yourself becoming." -04:14 Apr 20
Zeren: Zeren felt ill. Consumed, paralyzed from pain and fear. Her will was slipping and so briefly she thought it might be better to be a grendal and then never having to feel this anymore…! The endless rage and anger would surely be better! Her palms were bleeding now from how hard she clenched fists. Despite it all and her sobbing, Zeren was trying to resist it. That slipping of her mind in to oblivion. -04:20 Apr 20
Vardri: The harder they fought the better it was, and harder he fucked them. The cold hurt but it refused to make her numb as he pushed ever harder his hand reaching out to take her breast in hsi cold grip. "Scream, scream and it will be over. Scream for me to stop." -04:23 Apr 20
Zeren: Such a simple thing to do and it would be over…! Zeren was trying to scream, but all that she could get was the choked sobs or a whimpered plea begging him to release her. Her tossing as she strained against the ice holding her down, and struggling to find her voice! -04:29 Apr 20
Vardri: His coldness filled her and he crinned, she handn’t done what he told her but the ice around her was melting anyway. Then his hands were either side of her head and he was pulling her up, the cold of his hands numbign her cheeks. "Now see what you did for me.." he said grabbign the back of her hair and forcign her mouth open his his other hand before putting himself in her mouth.. his hand seeming to freeze her jaw. "Taste what you did for me." -04:35 Apr 20
Zeren: Now she was screaming, the futile sound coming out as nothing more than a muffled cry. Zeren squeezed her eyes shut trying to pry his hands away or push him back, but she hadn’t the strength and her body was growing weaker with every moment. -04:39 Apr 20
Vardri: He pleyed his her mouth around him pushign and puling inhis hand tighting in her hair as he reached further into her mind and picked at her sanity. "Too late for scream now… far too late." -04:42 Apr 20
Zeren: Too late. It was too late and she would die like this. She was done shouldn’t do this anymore. You are not his. You are not done. As long as you have a breath, you are yourself and you have a choice. Zeren didn’t know where the voice came from, the amulet burning against her skin when it echoed in her head. Above everything else and despite it. Zeren struggled again, fighting against his grip until somehow her hands circled around something again. Bone or dagger, she didn’t know if she had pulled it from him or from the ground. But Zeren gripped it tight and slashed the blade against his skin, breaking her mouth free from him and scooting away as she spat on the ground. -04:49 Apr 20
Vardri: She cut him, and it HURT. He half screamed half growled in pain and pulled back looking down at his cut member. "You.." all his hold on her mind was broken along with the lock on her power but he was angry, and his hand went for his axe. He went for her his power crackling in the air melting all ice in the area so she couln’t block, then he swung. -04:56 Apr 20
Zeren: She was released…! It was like her body melted and dropped like the ice of the room. But there was no relief as he was swinging a weapon down at her. By a hair Zeren rolled out of the way. He retalitation coming by a stab with the blade through his foot. -05:00 Apr 20
Vardri: The axe sparked in the floor and he howled in rage as she stabbed him, but he wasn’t done. He ingored the pain and kicked at her with his other foot then swung again , then punchedm then kicked. You didn’t beat a centuries old god by being lucky. -05:02 Apr 20
Zeren: Zeren could not seem to get herself off the floor..! Every time she nearly got to her feet, she was knocked back down. Through ingenuity and quickl reflex, she was able to keep the axe’s blade from lobbing of vital parts, but when it did hit she was screaming out in pain. She was using her power again trying to slow him, block him, so she could stumble and scoot away. So much blood.. she was seeing spots everywhere…! -05:07 Apr 20
Vardri: He laughed, she was slowed, she was weakened and soon she would be dead. "See everthing you have done has been useless…. now beg for mercy.." -05:10 Apr 20
[Jarrod to save the day! Kinda.] -05:10 Apr 20
Jarrod: "Shes not the one that should be begging…" the voice came form the doorway and jarrod stood, sword drawn as he advanced "Zeren.. you’ve made him bleed, now you can kill him, I know you can, then you won’t have to die…. I think…" -05:12 Apr 20
Zeren: She couldn’t move, it was too hard to move! Zeren was on the brink, fallen to the ground surrounded by her own blood. She thought he was an apparition. One of the loose souls stolen after death… but he wasn’t… he was solid. "I can’t… I can’t…!" She was too weak. But he was alive…! If she died it would be okay! -05:16 Apr 20
Vardri: Vardri saw Zeren’s weakness and grinned. "Now watch as I kill him.. since you failed to." he stepped awa from zeren clashign with Jarrod axe agaunst sword. Jarrod was quick enough to dodge but… -05:19 Apr 20
Jarrod: "Zeren!" my sword can’t hurt him it has to be you.. it…." he looked at her, there was blood, so much blood.. tpo much, hos got distracted and the axe chaught his shoulder and sent him flying crashign into the throne and over the back landing in a heap. -05:21 Apr 20
Zeren: Stop…! He was alive and she hadn’t hurt him. She was so tired… if she closed her eyes she could die and then he could save the world? Do you know why Vardri takes women? Because women have the power to give life. All he knows is destruction, but YOU have his power. You can take it. Take it and give this world life. The voice again and that warmth of the amulet against her skin. Her ancestor twisted souls and took them away. Turned everything to death… and she had that power too. It was a strange feeling when it all seemed to click in to place. When the fear was gone and something else took it’s place. Though she hadn’t risen fully off the ground, she was sitting, her palms on the stone floor. The temprature was dropping and ice was forming over the polls of her blood. "I can take it. I can take all of it." she repeated, looking up to glare at her ancestor. -05:31 Apr 20
Vardri: He was advancing on Jarrod to finish him off when he heard her. "You’re up.. then watch,: he turned away again axe in both hands as he gripped it tightly, standing over Jarrod’s crumpled form as he raised it high. -05:35 Apr 20
Zeren: "You watch." she hissed back. A sharp piercing wind hit the room. Wrenching the axe from his hands, freezing so solid as it flung through the air that it shattered in to pieces when it collided with the wall across the room. "This temple is mine… my inheritance…" she started as she rose off the floor. Her frosted over blood even rose off the floor with her, breaking up in to little red snowflakes to swirl around her, and then to circle him. Holding a hand out, it was HIS blood she was calling. His blood she urged to feeze and still. To pull from his wounds like little tiny knives. "You have no soul… no heart… you do not exist. Will not exist. You will no light of day, no star in the sky, not of a drop of the sea… You will not rise. Never. Again." Be it a curse or a spell, she wove it with such certainty and resonance. Drawing his power from him as easy as pouring water from a glass. -05:43 Apr 20
Vardri: Withough his power her was nothing, he couldn’t exist without it. More red snowflakes drifted from him as he stared, his skin meltign away and drifting in the wind.. "Nooo…" he turned to her and lunged, his leg freeezign and snapping like a twig, he hit the ground and his arm shattered chunks of the ice he was born from dancing along the floor. Without power he was only ice and snow… -05:47 Apr 20
Zeren: "You do not exist in this world any more." she murmured. It was hers, all of it hers… every soul he ever took, every life he ever twisted. All of those anguished voices that he savored and tormented to bind himself to their world. Zeren released them! There would be no more grendals, no monsters! No evil tainted souls, or eternal madness. And with the wind she blew him away. Every fleck of snow brushed aside and ice melted to puddles on the stone floor. -05:53 Apr 20
Jarrod: He had seen it all as he had struggled to his feet from where he had fallen. Zeren the small helpless girl had unmade a god.. taken his power and destroyed him utterly. He stared at her unsure of himself, then.." hes gone." he said… "You did it.. you savesd the world… you…" he wasn’t sure if she still hated him.. or of anything… "I’m sorry." -06:26 Apr 20
Zeren: She could breath. She couldn’t breath. Her ancestor was gone and now the Captain’s mission was completed. "I kept my promise…" It took her all at once and she slipped to the floor with a loss of consciousness. The bloodloss, the night, the power, everything too overwhelming. -06:29 Apr 20

Bloodlines 007: Back to the Sea

Several days later Rarrod has taken them to a port where he might find a ship and people friendly to his cause. Luck would have it that one of his family’s ships is there and he has assumed command, taking Zeren aboard. -Jarrod

[Zeren enters.] -05:14 Apr 19
Zeren: Zeren’s usual inquisitive about everything around her was more subdued in the wake of more serious thoughts. It was the first time Zeren had ever considered what her future could be like, had a choice in what it could be! She liked the Captain very much, and in order for him to like her too, she needed to make sure his mission was successful. But Zeren was still not sure how to accomplish that. For the moment she was stalking down the corridor of the new ship trying to think up ideas. -05:17 Apr 19
Jarrod: Jarrod and the ship’s erswhile captain, now his commander were talkign in hushed tones in the cargo hold, there Zeren wouldn’t come. It was his first time away from her since they arived. "Its really her.. isn’t is, the one we need." "She is, the last one as far as I can tell and she has the amulet." "Then we have a chance to end this, we need to take her to his temple and …. what why are you looking at me liek that?" "She isn’t his, not yet." [colot=green]"That doesn’t matter, we take her to his temple and end his riegn, its simple."[/color] "I don’t know if I can…" "Can what? Kill her? Its the only way, the only way to stop this you know that." "Yes, I can’t kill her alright, not…." "It doesn’t matter, if you don’t I will. Whats more important her, or winning?" "You’re… right…" -05:25 Apr 19
Zeren: Zeren had told him she could navigate the world with ease, unfortunetely that didn’t seem to be the same on a ship. Not that she minded, she was mostly exploring while she thought. She was passing a doorway when she heard the Captain speaking… Zeren stopped at the doorway, just around the corner. She didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but she didn’t want to interupt. …the conversation was odd. They were talking about her, it couldn’t be someone else. Kill who, her? Zeren waited and kept listening. -05:31 Apr 19
[(Timeout) Zeren was sacrifices to the gods of RPGs by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -05:36 Apr 19
Jarrod: "The prophecy is clear, the sons of Ferius kill the last of the blood of Vardri in his house, then he will be sealed forever." "I know the prophecy, you cdon’t need to tell me but she is an innocent, shes done no evil." "So you would doom the world. I won’t let you do that… as I said you will.. or I.." "No if anyone will kill Zeren it will be me… I will tell her first and why… I owe her than much.." "Next time you fall in love, make sure its not one of his." -05:36 Apr 19
Zeren: He was going to kill her. The entire time… he had planned to kill her. And Zeren did not how know to process it. She was angry, upset, so sad… she couldn’t breathe and her chest hurt..! Zeren hadn’t realized she was still standing there. The corridor had gone ice cold and the wall behind her was covered in frost. She didn’t say a word until he passed through the doorway. "You’re going to kill me." -05:42 Apr 19
Jarrod: He opened his mouth in surprise… she had overheard.. how much.. enough it seemed. "Yes. I have to." he said "Because its the only thing that can save the world… If there were any other way I’d take it but there isn’t. To save the world I must kill you… when I’ve already grown to love you." -05:46 Apr 19
Zeren: "But you lied to me. You’ve been lying to me… the whole time..!" That shocked expression she wore was replaced by angry tears. Her fists were balled at her sides, and now even the floors and ceiling were covered in frost. "Love isn’t supposed to have lies is it? …or is that not real either! I am not anything to do but someone to kill, and I was not anything to my mother, and I am not anything to anyone!" And that gave her the most pain. Everyone just wanted her to die. Zeren swallowed a cry and stalked past him. "Nothing you say is true…" -05:56 Apr 19
Jarrod: "Then you don’t care that I’m saying I would die in your palce if I could, that I was going to offer you a life with me running as far adn as fast as we could, that …." he followed after her his own face covered with tears, "Go, just go… you desurve to live, I’ll face the wrath of Vardri alone." -06:39 Apr 19
Zeren: She was angry, too angry to fully comprehend what he was trying to say, and too angry to any of it through. Zeren threw a hand back, tossing a blast of icy wind at him strong enough to send him stumbling backwards. There was only the briefest look of regret on her face before she took off running down the corridor. Zeren wouldn’t stay and let herself be killed, and she couldn’t believe anything he said now…! All of it was lies! -06:43 Apr 19

JArrod only watched her go. He had a ship to prepare and she had nowhere to go but to come back… she’d come back right? The sun beins to set and they’re almost ready to go…, then once again the screams, the howls.. a grendel attack. -Jarrod

Zeren: Zeren went to the one place she always wanted to go. The one place everyone kept forbidding her to be. On the beach, with her shoes gone, she was starting the tide water watching as it rushed back and forth past her ankles. There were howls and screams on the wind. Her skin prickling with the chill. She should run away and find a new place to be. But did it really matter now? She wasn’t even supposed to exist, and her life was why all of those people were dying… -06:55 Apr 19
Jarrod: "YOU GET THIS THING IN THE AIR AND YOU GO THERE TO PICK US UP!" Jarrod was yelling. "How do you know thats where shes gone?" "Because I know her, it calls to her as strongly as it does to us." He was runnign down the ramp heedless of the danger, they were following her, they had to be it was the only explination. He had brought death everywhere they had been. "ZEREN!" he was running as hard as he could up the beach. "ZEREN WE HAVE TO GO!" -06:59 Apr 19
Zeren: She didn’t turn, she didn’t even move. "I’m not going." He was going to kill her, so if she was going to die anyway, at least she could pick where and how! -07:03 Apr 19
Jarrod: "Zeren…." he was still runnign the rising feelign of dread that could only mean Vardri was close in the pit of his stomach. "We have to go, he’ll kill you." He could hear the wowls all around them, the scream of the tying and the turning and then he Falt Vardri’s eyes upon him as a huge dark figure appeared behinf Zeren. "NOOOO!" -07:07 Apr 19
Zeren: "It’s better if I’m dead!" she finally shouted in tears. "That’s what you want and what it takes to stop everything! So I’ll die and everything will be okay!" Zeren squeezed her eyes shut, her hands coming to her head. The voices and the screaming, and all of that anger and hate… it hurt so much! And there was the Captain trying to save her when he would only kill her himself later…! "Stay away from me!" -07:10 Apr 19

the hand of the norse god came down on Zeren’s shoulder “My child.” he whispered his voice as cold as Zeren’s power “You are my blood, I feel that and you feel it. Why listen to this mewling cowards when you know you can silence him, do to him what he wants to do to you… then I will take you home.” -Jarrod

Jarrod: Jarrod ran on drawign his sword "Stay away from her you bastard.. stay away." he threw his sword and it spun though the air.. Vardri seeing an opotunity sutly usef the wind to redirect it towards Zeren before catching it, appearing to have saved her life. -07:16 Apr 19
Zeren: Going home. He wanted her to come home… He always wanted her to come home. Zeren looked startled when the sword almost struck her… The Captain had never intended to give her a home. He kept lying to her… Zeren pushed a hand out in her rage. The force following, ice cold and striking against the Captain like an invisible wall. The chill penetrating deep… she could freeze his blood. Slow it and stop it. Turn it to ice right in his veins… "You want to kill me… everything you say is a lie…" -07:21 Apr 19

“More my child, feel his life ebb away.” Vardri threw the sword aside where it stuck into the sand. “Tske everythign from him adn make it your own. He tried to kill you, finish him.” -Jarrod

Zeren: Zeren could feel his heart beating as if it were there in her hand. How simple would it be to take a person from their body? The shiny bit like she saw in the destoyed towns before they shifted and turned to monsters… He hurt her, she shouldn’t let someone hurt her… She was drawing the heat right out of his body. But… there was hesitation. "I don’t…. I don’t really want to…" He hurt her, but Zeren didn’t want to hurt him back… Maybe there was some truth to love. He hand lowered. -07:31 Apr 19

if he was irritated he didn’t show it as he threw his cloak over her and carried her into the seaa ship rising to take them north, crewed by the Grendel creatures he commended. He had her, he had won. “Welcome to the sea Zeren… welcome home. -Jarrod


Bloodlines 006: One Small Request

[Zeren is trapped under ice and debris with the Captain. She has fallen asleep and the ice is starting to drip and melt.] -01:23 Apr 19
[Jarrod Wakes up to water dripping on his face.] -01:24 Apr 19
Zeren: There was no telling how long she had been asleep. It had to be dark outside, as almost nothing was visible in their little trap. Zeren had her head on his lap and an arm curled around one of his legs. -01:28 Apr 19
Jarrod: He sat up his hand going ot his face, the looked up.. the dome was cracking.. "Zeren." he whispered shaking her shoulder. "Time to go." he put his hand to the ice and toon it began to rain outsidem putting out the fires and hiding them as he got ready to move.. "First things first is to see if there a working skiff we can use in the wreckage." -01:31 Apr 19
Zeren: Zeren sat up, rubbing her eyes and just looking all around exhausted. Once she remembered where they were, she was looking upwards a little worried. "We’re not gonna get crushed to death and be buried alive forever?" -01:35 Apr 19
Jarrod: "No, we’re not we’re getting out of here." he said. "He placed his hadns on the ice and concentrated, he neded t get this exactly right or they were dead… Three, Two, One… Lightnign his the wreckage and blasted it apart, enough for them to not me under piles of rubble anyway… -01:41 Apr 19
Zeren: Zeren had ducked, just in case. Her arms over her head as she sat behind him. On peeking through her arms, it seemed safe enough. They could see all the way up, where there seemed to be a giant gapping hole right through the side of the ship. "That’s a neat trick!" -01:45 Apr 19
Jarrod: "So is yours with the ice." he said. "We make a good team." he ws crawling out of the dome and climbing out towards the hole, it was dark and cloudy and wet but he didn’t feel any Grendels or Vardri around, they were safe for now. "This way, we should get out of here as fast as we can." -01:50 Apr 19
Zeren: She grinned, happy with the compliment. "It’ll make saving the world and building it back up easier?" She followed, a little more awkwardly, but seeming to have plenty enough energy for figuring out how to climb or trying again when she slipped. "Where are you crew?" she asked curiously when they passed a door and she leaned to peek inside. Everything was tossed to one side, but she didn’t see any people. She didn’t hear anyone around either. The sounds around them were nothing more than the creaking of the crashed ship. -01:55 Apr 19
Jarrod: "Probably dead." he said continuing to climb until he was on the splintered deck of the ruined ship and began pushing planks aside until he found what he was lookign for, a battered but working skiff they could fly at leas as far as they needed to go. "Help me with this…" -01:59 Apr 19
Zeren: "Oh. …I’m sorry." Up on the deck, she moved to help him. Tossing debris out of the way and trying to keep her footing on the slick deck. "They were your family?" -02:04 Apr 19
Jarrod: "They were liek my family but no, not blood relitives, they were mostly on bogger ships like this doing that same thing I was, but I havn’t heard from them in months." he turned the skiff over and and checked it.. it started and had enough supplies already on board for them for a couple of weeks. "We’ll go just far enough to make camp… then continue in the morning." -02:12 Apr 19
Zeren: "Hmm… I’ll be your family now! You’ve taken care of me, so I’ll take care of you from now on." And to get started on her new mission, Zeren inspected the skiff and supplies. Making mental notes about how she would handle things and manage for both of them. She wasn’t great with cooking, but she could figure it out. "After we save the world we can get you a new boat, maybe one that sails on the water!" -02:17 Apr 19
Jarrod: "If we live through this." he said for the forst time expressing doubt. He got in and adjusted the controls as it hovered an inch above the deck then helped Zeren in and they were offheadign away from the town and towards the sea. He didn’t speak as they flew and seemed to be back in thought as the clouds cleared and the horison began the glitter in the moonlight, the waker and waves getting closer. -02:21 Apr 19
Zeren: "We’ll live! You’ve kept us safe so far? Even with a whole ship falling apart." Granted, she helped a little with that one. But that was the best part! They could help each other. Zeren scooted to sit next to him, pointing up at the sky. "Look! Are they pretty? They look like sparkles… I didn’t get to see so many looking out my window." -02:26 Apr 19
Jarrod: "You can use them to tell where you are." he said "We use them for that all the time, there is the north star." he said pointing forwards. "As long as we keep that in fron of us we’re going north." hs tone was quiet "If you cna draw maps then you though rememebr that, the skies have maps too." he brought them lower over the sand of the beachslowing them and prepairing to land. "We’ll sleep here.. if you feel anythign strange… tell me even if you have to wake me up." -02:31 Apr 19
[Zeren enters.] -02:36 Apr 19
Zeren: "I feel where the land is… that is how I draw maps." she responded, taking another look at the sky. That meant the stars where always right there? She would remember! They were along the beach now, and before he even had the skiff landed, she was hopping out, curiously kicking at the stuff. "Are you sure I should wake you? You will need the sleep…" -02:39 Apr 19
Jarrod: "There are things more important than sleep." he said spreading a blanket over the sand and pulling out some crackers, cheese, and a can of soup and a camping stove. "And if you promise to be careful I can sleep while you fly, so long as you can read the stars by then." -02:42 Apr 19
Zeren: "I can find our way with my eyes closed. See." Closing her eyes she wandered and spun on her toes around the blanket on the sand. But that was abandoned quickly when she become more interested in the sand itself. Zeren plopped on to the edge of the blanket and dug around. "When your boat crashed and I put up the ice, the thing that you did… was that sex?" she asked suddenly, and as casually as if she were asking about the weather. -02:46 Apr 19
Jarrod: He didn’t want to think about that.. mistake.. "No… that was… that was just a kiss." he said "And it didn’t mean what sex would mean." he said . He had been watching her dance but now distrcted himself with openign the can and setting up the stove. -02:50 Apr 19
Zeren: "So kissing doesn’t take your soul? My mother said sex is just a way for men to syphon your soul away." She found a shell! Zeren brushed the sand off it to give it a closer look. "I think I like the kiss, though. So I’m glad it doesn’t steal souls. it made my heart beat strange… in a nice way! Not the scary way." -02:56 Apr 19
[(Timeout) Zeren has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate] -03:01 Apr 19
Jarrod: He looked at her a spoon hanging from his mouth. "Sesh do.." he took the spoon away. "Sex doesn’t take your sould either." he said suprised she had been told that. "Nor to men.. only mad gods." he emptied the soup into two bowls and started cutting up cheese to drop in. "And I shouldn’t have kissed you, not without you knowing what it means." -03:01 Apr 19
Zeren: Zeren scooted to sit next to him, probably closer than she should have, but she was particularly interested in what he was doing and the topic of conversation. She set her claimed shell on the blanket in front of his bowl. "I see. …What does kissing mean then? It’s like a hug, yes? Because we were lucky and safe?" -03:05 Apr 19
Jarrod: "A kiss is more than a hug." he said "In the same way that sex is more than a kiss. A kiss like that.. means something close to love.. which Is why I shouldn’t have done it. -03:16 Apr 19
Zeren: "Oh." Zeren was trying to piece it together in her head, as she watched his face. A hug was for people you liked, which meant a kiss was for someone you cared for. And Zeren was happy to think he cared for her… but he shouldn’t have done it? Which left her tilting her head in confusion, still trying to understand. "You kiss me because you care about me, but you shouldn’t care about me? Or you don’t? …So I can’t ask for another one. Or could I just give you one, since I care about you. You don’t have to care back." -03:24 Apr 19
Jarrod: "I do care about you." he said, almost snapping "But its more complicated than that, we can’t be together. I’m the descendent of Ferius, another god that tried to kill Vardri but could only seal him away, you are… you are Vardri’s descendent…" -03:29 Apr 19
Zeren: That took her by surprise! Enough so that it shocked every other thought out of her head as she turned and scooted away to sit on the corner of the blanket. She was… the dark god’s descendant? Zeren didn’t want to believe it, yet… her family had always been so… There was no way it could be false. "So I am a bad person…" That seemed to hurt the most. Was that why she had never been allowed to go anywhere or do anything? Because she would be a bad person? "No one can care about me." -03:34 Apr 19
Jarrod: "You’re not a bad person." he said loudly, then his voice dropped "You’re a better person than me.." he took a spoonful of soup and then put the bowl aside "And I do care about you but … remember I said I need to find a wife and have children…" he shook his head "This is more complicated than it needs to be, thats why I shouldnt have kissed you, because I can’t care for you as much as I want to." -03:39 Apr 19
Zeren: "I’ve got bad blood and one day I’m going to hurt people." That’s what he was trying to say. Her family was evil… and worse they were the evil that was killing every village and making grendals and destroying the entire world. To care about her would go against his responsibilities, and he was already breaking rules even being nice to her… Zeren turned her back to him, hiding the fact she was tearing up and about to cry. She took a deep breath to try and keep her voice even. "I understand. I will keep helping you anyway like I promised. And you won’t have to care about me. I can leave after…" -03:47 Apr 19
Jarrod: He came up behind her and put his hadns on ehr shoulders "You decide who you are Zeren, and once he is sealed away he won’r be able to influence you. Your life is yours to do as you want." until I kill you… let her cry, she’ll be more accepting of her death. "By helping me you’re proving you’re a good person." -03:50 Apr 19
Zeren: Zeren pulled her knees up and wrapped her arms around them. "You don’t believe that. If you did, you’d be able to care about me." She ran her hand over the bandage on her arm. Something she didn’t even remember happening. Moments like that might happen a lot and one day she could hurt someone. Hurt him even. Why should he put himself at risk? Zeren laughed softly through the tears, brushing her arm over her cheek as she turned back around and tried to smile. "…can I have one kiss, then? I don’t have a lot of nice memories to take with me. I’d like one special thing. And I promise I won’t ever ask you again." -03:59 Apr 19
Jarrod: He looked away "I can care about you, but only after he is dead.. for good not just sealed away." he said "And that.. is not going to be easy btu its what I plan to do.." one kiss… one kiss and then … could he kill her? "One kiss.." he put his hand on her cheek and leaned on the other leaning closer "Then you will believe I care about you." -04:04 Apr 19
Zeren: Zeren nodded, but by his expression she knew that he didn’t believe he could kill Vardri. That even if he cared, she couldn’t stay. "You don’t have to make promises to me, Captain. I will understand." She pressed her own hand against his. It would be sad that she’d have to leave, when she had grown so attached. -04:10 Apr 19
Jarrod: He leaned forwards without andother word and put his lips to hers the hand on her cheek sliding to the back of her neck to hold her against him. He closed his eyes and just enjoyed the kill for waht it was… then slowly slide his lips against hers an dpushed them harder before he finally pulled away. -04:13 Apr 19
Zeren: Her eyes had fallen closed, and for something so simple it made her feel light headed and warm. If a kiss was something close to love, she really wanted to feel more of it! …but it was over far too quickly, and when he pulled away she looked disappointed. Zeren had to forced herself to release his hand. She had promised not to ask for another. "Thank you." she murmured with a soft, sad smile. -04:18 Apr 19
Jarrod: He handed her her soup and a spoon along with the cracks before going back to his, "If we’re both alive once this is over… there will be more of those…" he could give up now, live with her for the short time before Vardri found them.. did he have to kill her? -04:21 Apr 19
Zeren: She accepted the bowl with a sigh, crumbling the crackers in to it and stirring them around. Zeren wasn’t so sure they would be alive after, but it might have simply been her meloncholy and that near broken hearted feeling in her chest. She shrugged her shoulders in her silence, unsure of what she could say… and not sure she could trust her voice to respond without falling in to tears and making things worse. -04:29 Apr 19
Jarrod: He ate in silence, he didn’t feel like eating but needed to keep his strength up and when he was donw he put his bowl aside and waited for her, he took he bowl from her and then put his hands on her shoulders pulling her down onto the blanket. "Listen Zeren… I don’t know what you’ve been taught so.. tell me, what do you know about love?" -04:33 Apr 19
Zeren: Pulled down on the blankets, she curled up next to him on her side, resting her head on her arm. "It’s something special and strong and safe. And probably not real…" she finally admitted. It may as well have been a fairy tale. Her mother said she loved her plenty of times, but in the end… Zeren shrugged her shoulders. "I’m not sure anymore." -04:39 Apr 19
Jarrod: "Its when you care about someone so much you’re willing to do anythign for them, then you want to spend you whole life with them and when they feel the same about you. You said your heart beat funny… love feels kind of liek that." he rolled onto his back to look at the stars. "But all the time… only more when you kiss." -04:43 Apr 19
Zeren: "Like when holding your hand or playing with clouds?" If love was so simple, was that what she had the whole time? Zeren reached out to tug gentle on his sleeve. "Is it stronger than bad blood?" -04:51 Apr 19
Jarrod: "Sometimes." he said still oooking at the stars "Sometimes its only as strong as you can hold thier hand and sometimes it can survive the end of the world, and sometimes.. sometimes its strength is only surpassed but its surprise. Love is what you make of it." -04:54 Apr 19
Zeren: Zeren inched closer, linking her hand with his. If love could be as strong as that, maybe he could care for her after all? If they could protect the world. She rest her face against his shoulder. "Hmm. I think when we’ve saved the world, I know what I’d like to have, then. I’ll work hard for it." -04:58 Apr 19

Bloodlines 005: Her Last Meal

Zeren: There was nothing quite as confusing as getting a taste of the world, then finding yourself stuck in a small room with a locked door and having no idea what you did wrong. It must have been at least two days since she awoke in bed, alone, and with her arm bandaged all the way up to her elbow. Zeren didn’t know what happened, but assumed it must have been bad because she couldn’t leave her room and the Captain didn’t come to talk to her. She was miserable. -05:02 Apr 18
Jarrod: Another town, this one alive… they were docked and loading ont he fuel and supplied they needed… they’d be leaving soon, but Jarrod had a promise to keep. Zeren’s door unlocked and he opened it. “Ready to go keep our date?” he asked “Something to eat, just like I said.” -05:03 Apr 18
Zeren: “YES!” She was on her feet quick, rushing across the room to throw her arms around his waist and hug him in relief. Just as quickly she was letting go and escape through the threshold in to the hall, almost afraid he’d lock the door on her again. “I thought you forgot me!” -05:04 Apr 18
Jarrod: “You’re the most important thing on this ship, one of a kind where everything else, even me there are others that can replace us. “Th last one was a lie, the Fortitude have been destroyed with all hands a day before, he was not the last. He did however take her hand and go with her through the streets. “See anything you like? I’m not just talking about food you know.” -05:09 Apr 18
Zeren: Zeren held his hand, but it wasn’t the street or the buildings she was watching. She was smiling up at him and trying to contain that rush of glee of being out. “I thought you were angry with me. I haven’t seen you, and I’m not sure when I had an accident…” She raised her hand up to looked at the bandage in confusion again. The cut itself was pretty bad, she had peeked under the bandages. Zeren just couldn’t seem to remember what happened. -05:13 Apr 18
Jarrod: “There was an accident.” he lied, The lower decks are not safe and the upper deck unstable. You’re safest in your room.” he lied again “I’m sorry, but I’ve been busy… and you were hurt.” he changed teh subject my pulling her into a market and pointing to one of the stalls that sold clothing. “See anythign you like? You’ve been wearing the same thing since you came aboard.” -05:20 Apr 18
Zeren: “I understand.” He wanted to keep her safe and she didn’t doubt him. Zeren had no reason to, as the captain had done nothing so far but take care of her. Zeren glanced down at her current clothes. There were ripped spots and splotches of dirt and blood. It was definitely past due to wear something a little cleaner. “Do I get to pick what I want?” -05:25 Apr 18
Jarrod: “I wouldn’t ask you if you didn’t” he said letting go of her hand and smiling down at her. “Go on, whatever you like, choose.” -05:28 Apr 18
Zeren: Zeren had never been shopping before…! This was a new experience, circling around racks like she was some sort of predator. Plucking at fabrics to see how they felt in her hands, wrinkling up her nose at unpleasant colors or patterns. There were so many choices…! Zeren picked out a flowery skirt that was short, pants that were dark and long… and a light loose shirt. …and a scarf! She liked the scarf! Once she had her prize, she bounced back to present them to the Captain for approval. “These! ….. yes?” -05:34 Apr 18
Jarrod: “Perfect.” he said taking them and petting them put into a bag for her and paying. “Though for your feet?” he asked, “And then we can find unboxy food.” he took her to where the shoes were, inspecting a pair of leather boots for himself. -05:38 Apr 18
Zeren: “I’ve decided I don’t like shoes, and I might not ever wear them again.” she responded in all seriousness. She was bouncing around him now, half spinning, half dancing. “Look at the sky! It’s really blue today! We can make some clouds for it while eating?” -05:44 Apr 18
Jarrod: “You and I are the only two here who can do that you know.” he said with a grin, buying the boots and carring them along with her clothes. “So fine, as long as you don’t mind alarming the locals.” He looked up and smiled closing his eye for a second and making a cloud the shape of a whale form… he liked whales. -05:47 Apr 18
Zeren: Walking backwards so she could be facing him as she talked, she threw her hands in the air and with a fwaaah! and a flick of her wrist, his whale now had a bunch of upside down ducks listlessly drifting by it. “…um… hmm. I think I did that one wrong. Hey! Can I put on my clothes now?” -05:52 Apr 18
Jarrod: “Not unless you want to change where everyone can see you.” He said as he took her hand and took her to a restaurant, a proper restaurant with a kitchen and bathrooms and a roof, and everything, it was her last meal in civilization, may as well treat her. “Go into the bathroom and change, I’ll find us a table and then we’ll get food.” -06:39 Apr 18
Zeren: A real restaurant! Zeren skipped off to the bathrooms, where she made quick work in shrugging off her old clothes, and even took the time to freshen up before putting on the clean ones. She at least pulled her boots back on though, despite the fact she would have rather gone without them. When she caught her reflection in the mirror, she was a little hesitant… glancing over her shoulder. There was nothing there. With a shrug, she had her old clothes stuffed back in to the bag and was exiting the bathroom. Attempting to keep her bouncing under control. A lot of people were watching her bouncing, and she remembered the Captain saying it was better not to draw attention to herself. She slipped in to her seat. “New clothes are great!” -06:44 Apr 18
Jarrod: They are.” he agreed pushing the menu towards her “Anything you want, on me.” or course it was his treat, she had no money, “Then we can walk around a bit before going back to the ship. But not too long ok?” -06:48 Apr 18
Zeren: Zeren flipped through the menu with a grin. There were a lot of things she would like to try. “I’ll pick one thing now, and then one day when we come back I’ll try something else. Okay?” She glanced up at him. He was pensive again. He would smile but he wasn’t really smiling. “…are you sure you’re not mad at me..? We could go back to the ship now if you want to.” -06:53 Apr 18
Jarrod: “You should eat he said. This is out last stop for a long time, next time this town sees the ship tjw world will be saved.” he stifled a yawn “So what do you want to try most? Anything you’ve always wanted to try but never could?” -06:56 Apr 18
Zeren: He didn’t answer the question and she looked a little hesitant. “Chocolate cake for dinner? With ice cream? And french fries.” That sounded like a perfect combination. Zeren closed the menu and pushed it back towards him. …but she was watching his face carefully, not even hiding that she was trying to examine his expression as she leaned over the table. “When we’re done saving the world, what would you like to do? You’ve done a lot for me, I’d like to do something for you too.” -07:01 Apr 18
Jarrod: When she began examining his face he put the menu up between them. “I’ll have..” he wasn’t really hungry but he had to get something.. or why hold the menu up between them. “Just a felafel.. and a salad.” he said before finally lowering the menu… “All I want is to save the world, after that if I survive I’ll sail away, maybe find a life somewhere, help rebuild. Just because no man tells me what to do doesn’t mean I’m free Zeren, what I do is not my choice.” -07:10 Apr 18
Zeren: “That doesn’t seem fair…” she responded, resting her arms on the table and her chin on them. She was still watching him, but at least she wasn’t staring anymore. “You said you wanted to visit a beach, right? And sail on the ocean itself? If you save the world why can’t you do that for the rest of your life?” Zeren understood responsibilities, but as far as she could tell his one responsibility was saving the world… Once that was done, he should be happy! -07:13 Apr 18
Jarrod: “Because everything that’s happened here, everything since he came back is the fault of my father, and of my uncles, my family made this mess and I have to help fix it, to help rebuild, to find a wife, to have children… there are things a man has to and things a man wants to do. What he has to do comes before what he has to do.” He wanted to keep her alive, he wanted to sleep his her in his arms, he had to kill her. he had to save the world. -07:18 Apr 18
Zeren: “Hmm. …You can do both! I’ll help. We’ll do everything you have to do together, then it will get done faster and you can be happy. That’ll be my duty before doing what I’d like to do.” Perfect solution. It was important to work hard for rewards, and after all he’s done for her so far, Zeren had no problem offering her help back. “I promise!” -07:22 Apr 18
Jarrod: He looked at her, it was hard to believe behind her determined face a small part of Vardri lurked. “That would be very kind of you.” he said before their food arrived and he strew himself into eating he that he wouldn’t have to talk. -07:25 Apr 18
Zeren: Problem solved! Once there was food in front of her she stopped pressing him. Dipping fries in cake and then cake in ice cream, then making an entire mess of the thing but eating it anyway! Zeren reached to try his too, offering him a chocolate covered fry in return. As far as Zeren was concerned, it was a beautiful and amusing day. -07:29 Apr 18
Jarrod: It always started with the screaming. Never gunfire. Never sirens, or alarms, or warning of any kind. The screams, the spine-chilling howls… Jarrod froze, then rose from his chair and grabbed her hand. “Back to the ship…. NOW!” he pulled her form the restaurant and throught the market, this time there would be no stopping for survivors, no brave fight… Jarrod could feel something, something he feared, something he dreaded… him.. -07:34 Apr 18
Zeren: Zeren didn’t argue. The moment she heard the first scream, she knew those grendal things were near. Those she couldn’t stand. Terrified her and she never wanted to see them. But this came with a different feeling. Something really heavy, and despite what her instinct was telling her to do, Zeren was tugging on his hand towards the oncoming screams. “I hear… my name…!” -07:37 Apr 18
Jarrod: “NO!” he turned to her and using both hands throw her over his shoulder. “ITS HIM! I CAN FEEL HIM WE NEED TO RUN!” he was going as fast as he could towards the ship, already preparations were being made to leave, and they weren’t the only ones. “WE CAN’T FACE HIM HERE.” -07:40 Apr 18
Zeren: A soft hmmph escaped her, and she was bracing her hands on her back trying to look behind them. There was chaos, but she was trying to see… what was calling her name! Who was the voice in her head, so sharp above the other voices. “He wants me to come home… He says you’re lying to me…!” What did that mean..? -07:46 Apr 18
Jarrod: He didn’t answer as he ran up the ramp and it began to close. The engines whined and he didn’t stop running until he was putting her in her room. “Stay here, we don’t have much to to…” there was an explosion and all life seemed to leave the ship, then more howls… Jarrod turned to see a crewman coming up the passage stop.. and start to change.. the ship was spinning slowly in the air was it began to fall… “Gods.. nooo…” he pulled out his gun and fired at what used to be his crewman… “Not now.. not this time..” -07:50 Apr 18
Zeren: Her whole momentum was thrown off in the movement of the ship. Zeren was trying to get on her feet, but found herself tilting from side to side and falling against the wall with everything moving so much. Zeren finally grasped on to the door to hold herself steady. That call in her head was strong, but the warming of the amulet against her skin had started burning so hot, she immediately was trying to reach for the Captain. -07:54 Apr 18
Jarrod: He looked as her uncertain or who or what he was looking at, his gun was coming around, his hand trying to hold himself steady. “Zeren….?” they hit the ground, splintering wood and bending steel the only sound heard A Jarrod was thrown from his feet and down the corridor… His ship… their transport… their hope… gone. -07:57 Apr 18
Zeren: Her slipped through her fingers when they hit ground. Zeren found herself sliding down the floor as everything seemed to tip and buckle. She crashed landed somewhere next to him against a wall. Groaning out loud… but giving a startled yelp when broken bits of the corridor were dropping at them. Zeren wasn’t thinking when she swung an arm and flung herself over him. A thick arc of ice forming over them both, shielding them from the brunt of what was falling. It was hitting hard, making the ice crack and splinter… but it was holding so far! -08:02 Apr 18
Jarrod: Jarrod was knocked senseless his vision blurred and his head a mix of pain and panic, he held her and it cleared, not completely but enough, at their shelter was buried he put his arms around her and pulled her closer, his lips finding hers for a brief moment, and lingering a moment more… then he pushed her away, just enough to allow him to breath.. and remember what he had to do. -08:05 Apr 18
Zeren: “What was that…!” She liked that! Whatever that was… Zeren was now more startled by IT than the fact they were quickly buried under a mountain of ship wrecked debris and her ice shield was quickly cracking. In fact she was still staring at him in wonderment up until another loud crack caught her attention. Zeren was on her knees and pressing her hands against the ice above them, hoping to hold it in tact! -08:10 Apr 18
Jarrod: Jarrod was determined to forget that… he grabbed a plank and used it to prop up the ice roof and then another, and another, as many as he could find and wedge in. Then he took a deep breath. “We stay here until they leave.. until it gets dark at least…” -08:19 Apr 18
Zeren: The space was so confined and small. Trapped was what they were, and Zeren couldn’t imagine how they were going to to get out. But at least they were alive. She sat, bracing her back against the wall… or was it ceiling? It didn’t matter. The voices in her head stopped. All of them. Leaving the tiny space feeling really empty and really far away from the world. “Are we going to die in here?” -08:24 Apr 18
Jarrod: “We’ll get out.” he assured her “Didn’t come this far to die in a hole. Or did you think i was only good at shaping clouds?.” the ice was making it cold but it was better than the fires outside that could faintly be seen flickering. “He just have to wait a bit… and then find another way to get north..” -08:28 Apr 18

Bloodlines 004: Fight the Voices

Zeren: Zeren awoke, curled up comfortably against the Captain and unsure what had awakened her. There was that chill up her spine and she felt… something. But there was not a sound in the room. Silently she slipped from the bed to stand and glance around the room. Her eyes catching her reflection in the mirror. Blood… she lift a hand and it was there running down her arm in the mirror. But nothing was really there. …An then there was him. Tall and shadowy standind behind her, gesturing to the Captain on the bed. He was covered in blood too… but only in the mirror. Zeren wordless moved to the bed. Leaning over the sleeping form of the captain. A hand hovering over his chest before it reached down and circled around the hilt of his sword. Carefully she took it. Holding it over him with the point down. ….but no… she didn’t want that. Zeren backed away with the sword until she bumped in to the door. She turned and fled the room quickly. -03:24 Apr 18
Jarrod: Its was well pasr nidnight when he woke up. Zeren was gone, the door was ajar. He got up and looked around. "Zeren?" he walked over to the door and oulled it further open. On deck? He had told his men to keep watch at all time in case of trouble.. or she tried to jump again… -03:31 Apr 18
Zeren: Immediately on the wall a bloody handprint could be seen. Followed by a sparkling frosted red streak running haphazzardly down the wall. It wasn’t heading towards the deck, but the opposite direction deeper in to the ship and turning around a corner. -03:33 Apr 18
Jarrod: He followed up reachign for his sword… GONE! "ZEREN!" he "ASHTAD! SHADI!" he broke into a jog and followed the trail.. dread wasthign over him. -03:37 Apr 18
Zeren: She was deep in the ship now and could hear someone calling her name. More than one person calling her name… one echoing in the halls and the other whispering softly in her ear, telling her where to go. Her hands were at her sides, one dripping with blood and leaving a trail behind her. The other holding the sword, the tip dragging across the ground in a high pitched scrape as she walked. The engine rooms were nearby, she could smell the oil and feel the heat… -03:40 Apr 18
Jarrod: He broke into a run, whatever was going on it was his fault.. he should have locked her door. He shouldn’t have stayed. "ZEREN!" he saw her right at the door to the engine room, his sword in her hand.. "Zeren stop!" -03:43 Apr 18
Zeren: Zeren couldn’t hear him. Her bloody hand rose to take the door handle, freezing it so solid that at a push it shattered to pieces. She pushed the door open, continuing forward towards the roar of the engines. -03:46 Apr 18
Jarrod: He rushed after her and didn’t bother being gentle, she was armed, she was near vital sustems and she had blood on her hands. He grabbed her sword hand and twisted while at the same time aiming a punch at her head. He could apologize later. -03:49 Apr 18
Zeren: Zeren was running on instinct… or something else! She caught his hand, and hers felt like ice. With a surprising amount of force she managed to twist out of his grasp and shove him back. Sword pointed straight at, even though her eyes were unfocused and she didn’t even seem to see him. The room was starting to get cold, even despite the roar of the engines. Enough that their breath could be seen in the air. -03:53 Apr 18
Jarrod: He grit his teeth, she wasn’t Zaren, not right now… was she truly gone? It was time to find out. His hand crackles with electricite and he slapped the sword with his it sinding current into the blade, into her. He didn’t want to hurt her and that made him hold back. -03:56 Apr 18
Zeren: Zeren dropped the sword, but instead of being shocked by the electricity she seemed to have caught it in her palm. There was the fainted look of confusion on her face before it dispelled and fizzled. Retalization. She was under attack. Zeren swung her bloody hand, the force of it coming with a gust of icy wind to push him back. -04:02 Apr 18
Jarrod: His clothes froze and his chest hurt but he wasn’t going to let that stop him. The shock didn’t snap her out of it, then meant she was his now… Vardri’s "I won’t let you take her." he growled, "I’d rather kill her." his next attack was lethal levels of eletricty, enough to scorch the walls and arc over the metal housing of the engine. "You hear that? You can’t have her." -04:05 Apr 18
Zeren: She was turning away from him again. The only reaction she seemed to have was a brief flicker of doubt across her face. Zeren was walking towards the engines again, her steps being less focused and now weaving as she rocked shakily on her feet. -04:10 Apr 18
Jarrod: "FIGHT!" he said "FIGHT HIM OR FIGHT ME. THOSE ARE YOUR ONLY CHOICES." he said "Because on my step wowards that engine…" he threw himself at he making to tackle her to the ground. "Fight him Zeren… what you want, not what he wants." -04:13 Apr 18
[Jarrod ] -04:16 Apr 18
Zeren: Zeren hit the floor and she had turned under him to grab his shirt with her bloody hand, all intent to throw him off. Her hand pushed up, leaving a bloody print across his clothes, but no other force came. Zeren still didn’t see him, only looking past him. …until finally she gasped as her eyes rolled back and she fell limp. Unconscious! -04:19 Apr 18
Jarrod: He pulled the scord from her hand and Looked down at her… she would have to stay locked in her loom from now on and this.. made his sad, if she wanted to go somewhere… he would escort her. adn she could never, ever, be alowed near a weapon. "Sleep well.." -04:23 Apr 18

Bloodlines 003: Soulless Town

[Zeren has been a little off kilter today and has no idea why!] -12:21 Apr 18
[Jarrod is standing on deck when the clouds broke and revealed where the town had been, but wasn’t anymore.] -12:23 Apr 18
Zeren: Zeren was leaning on the railing watching everything directly below them. Something felt odd today, and her usual curiosity seemed to be replaced with something more pensive. -12:27 Apr 18
Jarrod: "Bring us down…" Jarrod doesn’t need to ask what happened, or if there seem to be survivors… theres only one thisn it could be and there aren’t. "Rouse the men and get them armed, if we didn’t need to scavenge supplies I’d say fly on… We take what we can find and leave. Fast." -12:31 Apr 18
Zeren: Leaning as far as she could, she was trying to get a good look at the town. Nothing was moving. No animals or people. No smoke from houses, or sounds from cars, or flashing lights. It didn’t look anything at all like the other place. "Where are all of the people?" she asked, turning back to the deck. -12:34 Apr 18
Jarrod: "There arn’t any, not anymore. Zeren, you should get below decks and stay there." he was getting ready to lead the party to search fro what they needed. "We won’t stay here long." -12:38 Apr 18
Zeren: "But I wanted to take a look…." He was on edge again. Zeren had figured out the way he stood when he was relaxed and unconcerned and when he was being Captain and doing something important. This must have been something wrong. "I said I would help!" -12:41 Apr 18
Jarrod: "Thos thinsg that attacked your town did this, there might still be some lurkign around. We’ve been fighting them for years and we’re not staying long. Help by staying safe." he made his way down the stairs and towards thr ramp. odviously not willing to argue. -12:49 Apr 18
[Zeren enters.] -12:54 Apr 18
Zeren: Zeren obviously did not want to listen, either. She waited until they had gone down the ramp and a good distance away from the ship before she followed suit. Staying far enough away to hopefully not be noticed. She promised to help, and she meant it! -12:55 Apr 18
Jarrod: They headed for the most intact-looking building the could see, weapons ready. "There.. there might be something.." it was a warehouse that thew cam to first, most of it’s roof was missing but there were many intact crates and boxes further in.. "Keep your eyes open…" -01:00 Apr 18
Zeren: The farther in to town they got, the less aware she was of the Captain’s crew. He was wrong. There were people here. She could see them standing and wandering. Their voices screaming in fear and rage even though their mouths weren’t moving. Zeren almost ran straight in to one, sucking in a breath when the person fell apart in a wisp of blue. Some of the others fell apart too… but not all. The ones that didn’t were the ones that scared her… they looked less wispy and more tangible. And much, much more angry… "…There’s bad people here…!" she called out, only now realizing she was alone in the street. -01:06 Apr 18
Jarrod: "These ones, here, take them." he said "And… great these ones too that everythign we need except fuel and we’re not finding that here." there were few men now as most were carting crates back to the ship.. then there was a howl. "Everyone back to the shi….t" -01:11 Apr 18
[(Timeout) Zeren got too distracted for their own good…] -01:19 Apr 18
Zeren: Zeren was both terrified and mesmerized by the strange transformation. Watching a people soul turn to a bitter, mad monster… and so mad… Both of her hands rose up to her head. The howl was sharp and ringing in her ears. There was that chill she could feel all the way down to her bones. They were all watching her now with interest, some crawling forward and others stalking on both feet. Zeren inched backwards. She should run to the sea… but the Captain! The amulet warmed against her skin, and on instinct she picked that direction and ran! -01:19 Apr 18
Jarrod: He felt her before he saw her, he could also feel them… "Zeren!" he ran towards her then stopped as the ruins behind her seemed to start moving… so many, there were so many… how were there so many and they weren’t seen from the air? "Run!." he started running too, still towards herm towards them.. they would not get her. -01:22 Apr 18
Zeren: She wasn’t running fast enough and she made the mistake of looking behind her. Zeren almost stumbled and it was enough for one of the things to leap and tackle her. They rolled and Zeren was stunned.. not from any physical harm, but the flood of emotion that hit her so hard she couldn’t breath! Rage, anger, insanity and more… there was so much and it was paralyzing! -01:27 Apr 18
Jarrod: She fell and didn’t get back up, he heard shouts behind him, help, or his crew ambushed, it didn’t matter. The first creature to reach here had it’s head shot off and the second it’s chest baved in by his boot. Then he was pullign Zeren from the ground and throwing her over his shoulder as they were surrounded… the Grendels keepin thier distance but trapping them. They wanted her alive… -01:38 Apr 18
[Zeren enters.] -01:45 Apr 18
Zeren: There was a different feeling now. Fear and concerned, but a sharp contrast to the burning rage that was so overwhelming. It cut through it, giving her something solid to grasp on to. Zeren found herself upside down staring at his behind. She braced an arm against his back, tilting her head to look up. They were everywhere, claws and grabby hands surrounding them. Reaching out to grab at them. "No!" she screamed, swatting hard at anything that reached for them! -01:48 Apr 18
Jarrod: He spun and the hand fell to the ground, severed at the wrist. But they were everywhere. He turned again just in time to stop another. Then again, there were too many, far too many. "Zarren.. when I tell you to I need you to run back to the ship and don’t look back, can you do that?" -01:52 Apr 18
Zeren: "I don’t know…" she admitted. it was so hard to think and to breathe. Something was pulling at her and she was so afraid the minute she let go of him that it would get her. Zeren finally nodded, even though he couldn’t see it. "Okay…! I can try?" If she couldn’t she would think of something. -01:55 Apr 18
[(Timeout) Zeren has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate] -02:00 Apr 18
Jarrod: "Then close your eyes tight and only open them when I tell you to run." he said takign a beep breath. He bit his lip and swung his sword catchign one of the creatures, then stabbed his sword into the ground. There was a pulst of eletricity like a lightning strike from where his sword hit and the Grendels were sent flying. "Run, now." -02:00 Apr 18
Zeren: She was on her feet and running. Almost forgotting to open her eyes so she could see where she was going. Zeren wanted to look over her shoulder,.. she was leaving him behind when she promised to help. But a Captain’s word was law! Zeren kept running until she hit the ramp of the ship, and was still running on the ship. She didn’t stop until she was in her room with the door slammed closed and she was sitting on the corner of her bed trying to catch a breath. -02:05 Apr 18
Jarrod: He only stayed long enough to give then another shock once Zeren was clear then he was on after her, the crew were already gettign the ship ready to leave and As soon as Jarrod was on he raised the ramp and gave the order to take off. Then he was knocking on Zeren’s door. "You alright?" -02:09 Apr 18
Zeren: Zeren wasn’t sure how long she had sat there in silence before there was a knock on the door. She had her blanket pulled up over her head and sitting cross legged with it wrapped around her. "…you can come in…" she said slowly, not entirely sure if it would be him or not. There was a voice in her head… a lot of voices. At least they weren’t screaming, but it was so hard to focus. -02:11 Apr 18
Jarrod: He opeend the door and the ship put as much distance between itself and the town as it could. "Are you alright?" he saved her so he could use her to save the world… and not because he was afraid to loose her…. he was sure of it. -02:17 Apr 18
Zeren: Zeren nodded. …but then she shook her head. She wasn’t physically hurt, though her head hurt a lot. But it was something she couldn’t really explain. Zeren pulled the blanket off her head only to twist it in her hands. "All of the people were still there, but only the bad ones stayed. They were screaming…" -02:20 Apr 18
Jarrod: He shook his head "The people are gone, those are are left… aren’t people anymore. Thats why we have to stop Vardri, or the only ones left will be them. They used to be people, and every man here would rather die than become one of them, thats why we still fight. We didn’t get everythign we needed, se we’ll be trying another town, we’re not landing in another ghost town… I know that much." -02:24 Apr 18
Zeren: She was trying to piece together what he said with what she actually saw. It left her feeling a bit sick… or worse. "I could be one of those… I know what they’re feeling when they reach out and touch. Like everything in the world has melted away and all that’s left is madness." It happened to her family, that kind of madness. And now she could hear voices and feel the anger and it could only mean it was happening to her too. Zeren pulled the blanket back over her head again. -02:30 Apr 18
Jarrod: He lifted the blanket from her face adn sat next to her, putting his arms arounf her and the blanket in an awkward hug. "You’re not one of them… and I won’t let you become one of them." ‘I’ll kill you first’ "You’re going to help us stop Vardri.. then no one will have to be one of them." -02:34 Apr 18
Zeren: "There is a voice in my head telling me to come home. And I don’t want to go." Zeren leaned forward hiding her face at his shoulder. It was the first time she had tears since jumping out her own window. He felt real and tangible, not eerie like the voice in her head, or frightening like the grendals. When he touched her, he was solid. A foundation that kept her from slipping off her feet. -02:41 Apr 18
Jarrod: "Right now, this ship is home, if you think of it that way." he said softly "MAybe you need to forget what the voices tell you and think about what you want, for you, not what people tell you or what you want to do for others, Whats does Zeren want?" -02:55 Apr 18
Zeren: No one had ever asked her what she wanted before. Yet he seemed to ask her often. Zeren was silent for a long moment before she finally crawled in to his lap and settled her head back on his shoulder. "I want you stay here a little while so I don’t have to be scared to fall asleep? I want to make a castle on a beach and swim in the ocean. And I do want some cats, and some horses and some ostriches. And I don’t want to be alone all the time, or be a crazy person…" It was a long list, but he did ask. She sat up wiping the wetness away from a cheek as she eyed him. "Is it too much?" -03:03 Apr 18
Jarrod: "No, it isn’t." his voice was soft. "Rememebr it and make it happen one by one, be your own person. " he lay back with her and brushed her hair from her face cradling her head against his shoulder and her body against his. "And I’ll ber here." -03:08 Apr 18

Bloodlines 002: A Grim Realization

Three days lated as a town simply called “The Wall” the ship docks and the refugees begin to file out, The Wall is the safest place left, set high on a mountain. If nothign else it can see dnages comign a ling way off. -Jarrod

Zeren: Zeren was slowly getting used to running in to strangers. For a day or so during her exploring of the ship, she’d get a little alarmed any time she ran in to someone that wasn’t the captain. Once she even alarmed someone back when she hit them, but after a lot of apologizing, they promised not to tell on her. Now Zeren was more than eager to take a look at a completely new place off boat, and was disappearing in to the crowd of leaving refugees for the chance. Occasionally bouncing to see over their heads. -04:47 Apr 17
Jarrod: Jarrod was bust calculating how much food they’d need and how mach they could pick up in The Wall that was usually short itelf but the refugees had eaten his ship bare and he had an extra mouth now… speaking of which where was Zeren? Hold this." he said wanding his work over to one of the crew and he made hsi way up to the deck where he expected to find Zeren looking out over the town… "Zeren?" -04:52 Apr 17
Zeren: There was no Zeren on deck. Mingled in with refugees who were now scattering in different directions, all frantically talking to others trying to figure out what they would do… she was a sharp contrast. Wonder and curiosity was pulling her down the walk. Eyeing the buildings with interest, or the sky… or the cliffside! Or the street! There was a street and the desire to explore where it went took over all other interests. -04:57 Apr 17
Jarrod: He shook his head and looked out over the crowd, sure enough…. ther was Zeren, walking around … Af anyone saw her, saw the amulet, they were taking enough risk staying as long as they were… he grabbed a rope and jumped from the deck, sliding down he panded on his feet and set off after her. He wasn’t going to loose her right after findign her. -05:01 Apr 17
Zeren: Wandering down the street, Zeren payed littled attention to who was around her and more attention to what. She stooped to pick up a rock to look at, then it was stuffed in her pocket. Then she found a flower! She never saw one like this before… She left it sitting on top of someone’s vehicle. …there was a cat! Zeren immediately followed the cat. -05:07 Apr 17
Jarrod: She seemed like a small child wonderign around, toutching everything as Jarrod followed her. Anyone thinking to question why he was were discouraged by his weapons. He was getting closer to her too, but watching her… she was innocent.. maybe the last innocent left. "Zeren.." -05:09 Apr 17
Zeren: Zeren was about to crawl under a building’s deck to go after that cat. So she was there on her knees and sitting up in surprise when she heard his voice. "I found a cat! It was a brown one. I don’t think I can fit under there though." she was on her feet again. Something new caught her attention and she was wandering off to see what it was. "How many people live here? Are all towns like this? ….are there a lot of cats too?" -05:13 Apr 17
Jarrod: He was still chasing after her "Zeren its not safe out there." he said "And no, most town are like yours, especiall like it is now." he reached out to put a hand on her shoulder, then was caught by a compultion. "Do you want a cat?" -05:17 Apr 17
Zeren: "I don’t know, I’ve never met a cat before." Zeren stopped but it was clear she wasn’t quite done looking around, and was itching to continue. "Most towns are destroyed." she repeated, trying to affirm what he said. "Why isn’t this one safe? Your people are here and the sea is way down below the cliffs." -05:19 Apr 17
Jarrod: He sighed. "There are people here.." he said "Remember how scared and frightened you were when we first met, like you couldn’t trust anyone? That is how I feel about people not in my crew, I can deal with them and talk to them but if they see your amulet and know who you are They might try to kill you, or take you to him." he took her hand again. "Its not always safe to wonder alone." -05:23 Apr 17
Zeren: "I see…" Now she was seeing the street in a different way. Less with that curiosity, and now with the wary suspicion. There windows and doors in buildings. Corners and hidey spots… That feeling that people might be staring at her again. She squeezed his hand and stepped closer. She really hated this feeling of being afraid! "Then we should go back? …I wanted to see the town, though." -05:27 Apr 17
Jarrod: "You can." he said squezzing her hand "But I will go with you, ok?" he walked with her more and they came close to a grill resturant, what they were grilling it was probably best not to think about. "Hungry?" -05:32 Apr 17
Zeren: "Outside of the boat to eat?" That was interesting and her thoughts quickly shifted from fear to interest again. "…it won’t taste like boxes, will it? i think I have had my fill of boxy soup…" -05:34 Apr 17
Jarrod: "This food has probably never seen a box." he said leadign her up to one of the chairs next to the grill. They were meant to just point at what they wnated and it would be cooked and served. There was also water and some kind of fruit juice that Jarrod didn’t recognize. "Anything you want.. go on." -05:38 Apr 17
Zeren: He may as well have told her she could have the universe. Zeren was grinning wide, pointing to anything that look unusual or especially strange…. but at least had some restraint and didn’t ask for everything. The moment that juice was sitting in front of her, she was running her finger over the rim, making it nice and frosty. She was pleased with that trick too. She reached over and did the same for his too. -05:42 Apr 17
Jarrod: He smiled "Thank you." his family didn’t have the power of cold, this only confirmed that she was his, maybe his last. "I’m sorry but I have to ask about your family… what happened to them." he tone was soft and he sipped his juice as the smell of cooking food drifted over them. -05:47 Apr 17
Zeren: She was tapping the top of her glass with both hands now, a grim expression falling over her face as she shrugged a shoulder. "A curse, I think… My mother said it was a curse. No one lives very long and if they do they are… a little strange." Zeren pulled her hands away to rest them in her lap. Her glass was frozen and she needed to stop! She chewed on her inner lip. "I never liked my uncles much. They were kind of scary, but they eventually never came around anymore. I had a cousin I liked a lot, but she vanished and they found her dead. Mother always said it would happen to me too if I left the house. That men would take me away or my uncles would hurt me. I guess she was right." That meloncholy feeling was back… where she thought she might cry, but she never did. Her mother always said it was to keep her safe, and in the end the woman pointed those monsters right at her. -05:59 Apr 17
[Jarrod enters.] -06:19 Apr 17
[Zeren ] -06:21 Apr 17
[Jarrod was sacrifices to the gods of RPGs by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -06:23 Apr 17
Jarrod: She had been betrayed by her mother who always said she would protect her.. now he was saying he would protect her while planning to kill her.. "I’m sorry.." he said as he almost stood and walked away, if there wasn’t so uch riding on this he would do that, leave her here where she might be safe. "Now you’re helping me save the world…" he kept his eyes on his juice, not even looking up when food arived. "Saving the world.." -06:23 Apr 17
Zeren: "I’ve not seen the world before. It would be nice to save it so I can see it." Food was a good distraction from sadder thoughts. Zeren trying tiny bites first just in case it was terrible. …very edible! Zeren was smiling again. "Are we going to be able to try things everywhere we go?" -06:29 Apr 17
[Zeren was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -06:34 Apr 17
Jarrod: "Not all the time." he admitted. "After the world is saved there will be rebuilding, villages will be remade, people will go on the sea again." he sighed. "The beach, I’d like to go there when its over, and just spend a day doing nothing but geting to know the sea again." he still wasn’t looking at her "We’ll be going somewhere else to resupply fully after this, it will take a few hourst to load everything. We’ll try things there too." -06:34 Apr 17
Zeren: "I want to go swimming. I’ve never gone swimming before… hmm. I’ll have to learn how." Zeren loved the idea of visiting a beach with sand and shells and getting to run around in the ocean. Out of all the things, visiting the world and seeing new stuff, the ocean was what she wanted to see the most. She was chewing thoughtfully as she turned to glance at him again. …he didn’t seem as happy about everything. Zeren supposed being responsible for the world was a difficult task with scary grendals out all over the place. -06:39 Apr 17
Jarrod: He wasn’t eating and just sat there idly swirling the juic in his class around. "We should head back soon." he said finally "Then need me to sign for the food we loaded up and then we’ll have fresher supplies than we had before. That won’t taste liek box." -06:46 Apr 17
Zeren: "We can go now." Yes, he was deifnitely pensive. With a tap her juice was unfrozen and she was swallowing it down as quickly as she could drink it. Then she was gathering up all the food with little sticks and napkins, and claiming it for herself. He might not want it now,…but she would eat it! "Don’t worry, Captain. I can help with that too?" -06:54 Apr 17
Jarrod: He payed for the meal and stood headign back to the ship. "Its nothing just signing papers and heading off." he said "We’ll be taking off right after." he looked back at her, she seemed happy with her haul, and it was easy to believe she had never been out of the house before. He had heard things about her family, bad thing… they didn’t seem to apply to her. he had been expecting to find a monster, a witch, someone he would need to imprison. Here was.. a little girl. "its the right thing to save the word.. right?" he asked, "at any price?" -06:59 Apr 17
Zeren: "What?" She turned around to walk, chewing on one of the sticks. "I think so? There are lots of people on the world, and it’s not right that someone is hurting them for no reason. We should do everything possible to stop it. I’ll help though! I said I would." -07:01 Apr 17
Jarrod: He managed a smile "You’re right." he shook his head, she has his family, that means that sooner of later the madness would take her, it would be better for her to die that to become that, and quckly rather than what he had in store for her. "Eat up, if anyone sees you with those they’ll want some too." -07:04 Apr 17
Zeren: Sharing didn’t sound like a fun idea, so she was more than happy to eat as quickly as she could. Saving the sticks to twist up in her hair. She liked the sticks. Once they had returned to his ship, there wasn’t anything left and Zeren was back to occasionally stopping and scooping up pebbles or shiny things from the ground. -07:12 Apr 17
Jarrod: He walkes next to her but without holding her hand this time, he felt he was too attached already to this seemingly innocent girl in the middle of a crapsack world. He would have to stay clear of her as much as he could on the ship, if that was possible. ‘I’m sorry Zeren.’ he said in his head. ‘I have to kill you to save the world.’ -07:15 Apr 17

Bloodlines 001: The Girl and the Amulet

[Jarrod one of the few, not only, descendents left is the captain of a shiny, sleek, fast, adn heavily armed airship. And hes out to rescue refugees…. since its seems liek they’ve already lost the war they do what good they can.] -12:31 Apr 17
[Zeren is running like hell down a street swimming in utter chaos!] -12:32 Apr 17
Jarrod: The Relentless Loomed over the fires of the battle as Jarrod watched the city beign raped and burned. Even uf here they could here the screams adn smeel the burning flesh. "There that clearing, we land there and pick up as many as we can, tell the gunners to hold them off." The siren sounded once, and they began to descend as Jarros went below decks to man the ramp and shoot anything trying to board that wasn’t human anymore. -12:35 Apr 17
Zeren: Almost limping and still covered in glass from her desperate jump out a window, Zeren didn’t look behind her. Her mother and uncle were dead, people on the street were getting ripped apart, and there was such a strong ringing in her head she could barely think. Ever so often she would try to help someone, but the effort often ended worse than she intended… Someone down the street screamed that rescue had arrive and now several fleeing survivors were heading in that direction. -12:39 Apr 17
Jarrod: Black as the night the spi descened until it was only a few meters form the ground and then the spotlights on beck opened up and the machine guns fired thier sound joined by the roar of the crew. "GIVE THOSE GRENDELS HELL." Jarrod roared as he lowered the ramp and drew his sword, the light formt eh door like a becom to those still running. "ALL ABOARD WHOSE SICK OF THIS PLACE!" he yelled "FINAL BOARDING CALL!" -12:43 Apr 17
Zeren: There were a surprising amount of people still alive giving the circumstances of the town. With the armed rescue, groups and stragglers rushed past gunfire to the safety of the ship. Zeren wasn’t the first, but certaintly wasn’t the last. Her pace only slowed when that amulet so frantically given to her warmed against her skin. But at a glance over her shoulder, Zeren felt it best to run up the ramp anyway! -12:48 Apr 17
Jarrod: Jarrod war standign flat against the wall as the civilian rushed past, it was the usual collection of destperate people stanpeedign without thinking about others. There wasn’t anything unusual about the one that looked behind her as she ran, she was cut up but so were many others, it was as she turned her head and something showed itself over the top of the hem… He grabbed the amulet and blocked her passage while still lettign the others past. "Where did you get this…?" -12:53 Apr 17
Zeren: She grabbed his wrist with both her hands, startled and prepared to throw him… or something else entirely. Why was everyone suddenly so wrapped up about this thing…! "My mother gave it to me." -12:56 Apr 17
[Zeren ] -01:01 Apr 17
Jarrod: "Right.." Without hesitation he grabbed her arm and pulled her away from the ramp and down a differnt corrdior than the other were boing pointed down. Up a gangway and through a door into a small bedroom. "Stay here, I’ll get you somehting to eat when this is over." -01:03 Apr 17
Zeren: "Why are you putting me in here…!" No one else was getting taken to small rooms, they weren’t even be led in this direction! As far as she was concerned, she was in trouble and had no idea why. "I don’t want to stay in here!" -01:05 Apr 17
Jarrod: The sound of the guns peetered out as the ship rose away from the city before it was overwhelmed, they had as meny as there were left alive to get. "Fist rule of a ship, captain’s word is law, I’m the captain." he said. "Now I will be back in a minute." he stepped out and closed the door and there was the click of a lock, and he was gone. -01:11 Apr 17
Zeren: She was at the closed door in an instant, rattling the knob and trying to get it open. Then she was turning to eye the room. It wasn’t a prison cell… but there weren’t any windows either. The floor felt strange, which she assumed was because the ship itself must’ve been moving. Away from the only place she had ever known, heading to who knew where. Zeren moved to stand behind the door… when he came back, she would pounce and escape. -01:15 Apr 17
Jarrod: It wasn’t long before the lock clocked again and he came back with a steaming bowl of what was ship’s rasion made into soup to try and make it more paletable. "Here…." He should have expected this. -01:17 Apr 17
Zeren: Zeren nearly jumped on him. Which was pretty clear was her intention when she hopped out, but stopped herself before colliding in to him. …he really did bring food. Which left Zeren taking several steps back and looking incredibly confused about the entire thing. Maybe she should try the question again. "Why am I in here? What about the other people?" -01:20 Apr 17
Jarrod: "They’ll be fed too don’t worry he said placing the bowl down with bread, butter and a spoon and knife on the table in the cramped quarters and letting her sit while he sat on the bunk. "We’re taking them to safety, and you too, but I have some questions for you first." -01:23 Apr 17
Zeren: She was glancing at the door again, still debating whether or not she was going to try and run. Zeren was still suspicious, but she slowly sank in to the chair. Yet, didn’t make a move towards the food yet. "Did you put them in rooms like this? I didn’t do anything wrong…" she was pretty sure she hadn’t! -01:26 Apr 17
[Zeren was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -01:33 Apr 17
Jarrod: "They’re all sleeping in the cargo hold." he explained "And will remain in there until we arive at the wall and he unload them." he didn’t move to close the door or block it. "The are refugees, you I would like to view yourself as my guest." he put it a simply as he could. "We’ve been looking for that amulet for a long time, we will not take it from you by force nor punish you for having it, you have done nothing wrong, but I would like you to join me and my officer in our meeting once you are done eating." -01:33 Apr 17
Zeren: In reflex her hand had moved up to touch the amulet. The moment her mother had came home thrusting it at her, everything had been utter chaos. "You can have it if you want it. It’s been nothing but trouble." Zeren took another suspicious glance at the food. She was hungry and incredibly tired. If she wanted to escape, she’d need to eat. …but what if it were filled with poisons! Would they do that? -01:39 Apr 17
Jarrod: "I don’t knwo if you’ve heard of us." he said "We are called The Descendents." he was starting from the begining . "It was out job to stop the rise of the god whose minions almost killed you tonight. If is still our job to seal him and all his creatures away. When we wailed to keep him sealed we knew we needed the amulet of fate. The one you wear. All I need you to do is show it to my officers, so they know we have it and then you can come back here, or explore the ship. Oce the meeting is over I will tell the men you have the run of the ship. Deal?" -01:46 Apr 17
Zeren: There was a strange expression on her face. The story was vaguely familiar, though she couldn’t recall where or how she heard it before. But for the moment it seemed like she wouldn’t be locked up or a prisoner. And though she didn’t relax, she at least seemed resigned to the idea. "I suppose that is acceptable… But you could just take it if you want it. I don’t need it." -01:49 Apr 17
Jarrod: "Because its yours." he said "I’ll explain more later." he looked from her to the uneaten food "I guess you looked hungrier than you were, I could have somethign given to you after the meeting if you’re not hungry now." -01:55 Apr 17
Zeren: Zeren shook her head, finally turning to the food and picking up the piece of buttered bread. She was still very skittish and occasionally eyeing him as if making sure he wasn’t going to make any sudden movements. But she finally conceeding to eating, and was very grateful that she did. "Do I get to go back with the others after the meeting?" -01:59 Apr 17
Jarrod: "If thats what you choose." he said "I only thought you would prefer the privacy of your own room instead of sleeping where everyone can see you in the cargo hold." he said "We cannot be sure Vardri doesn’t have followers among them though, it is a risk we take every time we rescue refugees." he tone was slow and carful, he was used to dealing people who have been through trauma. "Its safer up here, until we offload the refugees." -02:05 Apr 17
Zeren: "You’re singling me out…" There were red flags and she was uneasy again, but she didn’t stop eating. Zeren was trying to remain calm. To not panic. At least not until she felt like she was in more immediate danger. ..but the way he spoke about her definitely had her uncomfortable. "Because I have this..? My mother made me take it. Made me take it because she didn’t want them chasing her…" It was a dark sort of realization. Putting together the pieces of her frenzied escape. -02:11 Apr 17
Jarrod: "And if his followers see you with it they will do what the Grendels almosy did. I don’t want to alarm you but that amulet put a large target on your back." he sighed "But I will protect you… I am Jarrod, this ship is my home and though you do not know me I have been fighting Vardri’s followers ever since his rise. I would like you to consider me your host and you can ask anything from me." -02:17 Apr 17
Zeren: Zeren definitely didn’t want to find out what sort of people actually worshiped those monsters or the god that made them. Most of the food was eaten, and she didn’t seem to have the appetite for anything more. Zeren pushed the plate away with a soft sigh. "…we can go to your meeting now, and I will think about it?" Even if he said he would protect her, Zeren wasn’t so sure if she should trust him. Her mother always said no one should ever be trusted, very especially men. -02:22 Apr 17
Jarrod: He stood and walked over to the door. "This way then." he walked down the corridor and stopped at a door. "Anything you here in that room I need you to keep to yourself, I’m trusting you here." he opened the door and gestured her to follow, "Even though you havn’t told me your name." There were several men all leaning over a table. "Gentlemen." Jarrod anounced himself. "Any news from the Crimson Tide?" "None sir, itd likely they didn’t make it out in time…" "That is unfotunate…. We have it.." everyone looked at him suddenly "One of the refugees, a girl." he gustured at Zeren. "What aout the Divine Wind?" "She was spotted burning a week ago.. and all the other ship are too sar away." "Its up to us then…" -02:34 Apr 17
Zeren: Zeren followed, still debating whether or not she’d take off running, or even share her name at all. Once in the meeting room, she felt very out of place. …and worse when she was gestured at and suddenly there was a room full of very official looking men all staring in her direction. Without really thinking about it, she took a step to the side so she’d be partially hidden behind Jarrod. From the scope of the conversation she understood that her town was not the only one having been destroyed. Zeren couldn’t even begin to imagine how many of those monsters it would take to do that in multiple places. -02:39 Apr 17
Jarrod: "How, we’re less than fifty men and we’re under suplied?" "We make a strait run, simple, oce we’ve dropped our cargo at the wall we head north, get supplies and go for it, if we’re going to bring an end to this we need to do this fast while theres still a world to save." he reached abck and took Zeren’s hand, a gesture of comfort that sometimes worked. "If its really up to us then we can’t not take this opotunity." "What about her, the girl, we need her help or the amulet is useless…. is she going to help us?" -02:44 Apr 17
Zeren: She was trying to follow the conversation, but withoutunderstanding everything they were talking about, it was difficult. What really threw her off-kilter was the Captain taking her hand. The physical contact was a surprise…and she wasn’t sure how she felt about it! Zeren almost completely missed them gesturing towards her again. Her eyes were back up, confused as ever. "I can give it to you to use? I don’t want to keep it and you won’t have to worry about me." -02:49 Apr 17
Jarrod: Jarrod turned to her and looked down at her. "Thats not how it works, none of us can use it, it has to be you." he sighed ignoring the others. "We need YOUR help, without it we cannot kill Vardri and he will eventually kill everyone, you, me, there will be no survivors. I’m sorry but we need you as much as we need your amulet. You never asked for it but. You can help us stop him." -02:56 Apr 17
Zeren: Zeren looked completely uncomfortable with the idea, even taking a step backwards until she realized she was still holding on to his hand. It was strange how that contact did seem to make everything feel a little less condemning. Giving courage? She was still unsure. "…I will try, then. But I am not sure what I can do…" -03:02 Apr 17
Jarrod: "We… I will be there with you every ste of the way. We’re going to drop off these refugees, then we’re going to pich up supplies, then we’ll do what we need to do." he started walking with ehr away from the table. "Until then is there anything you need?" -03:04 Apr 17
Zeren: She gave a passing glance to the people at the table, that burning paranoia that the world was all focused on her making her incredibly antsy. Unconciously she squeezed his hand before her focus was back on him. "Can I see the top deck and look outside?" -03:06 Apr 17
Jarrod: "You may." he opened the door and went further along the passage with her, then up another gangway and then another before they came to the top deck. The fires of the city were still visible in the sistance as the winds carried tham further and further away. "I fill also have fresh clothes found for you, and real food once we’ve had time to prepare some. You’ve caught us at a abd time I’m afraid." so, maybe he didn’t have the best sense of humor. -03:10 Apr 17
Zeren: Zeren didn’t have any thoughts of food, fresh clothes, or even the fires that burned in the distance once they stepped out on to the deck. She even let go of his hand as she rushed over to the side, leaning over to look down at the sea below. She had such a sudden expression of wonderment on her face, that it was almost as if she had forgotten everything that just happened. "It’s the ocean!" Of course it was. But she could see it! Dark blue and huge and endless sea. It was so far down though… -03:14 Apr 17
Jarrod: "It is." he said smiling at the wind took his hair and we stepped out behind her. And it will be there the next few days." he turned around to sit on the rail and lean out over the side. "Theres nothing more beatiful than the ocean, I sometimes wish he floaten on it instead fo flying over it." -03:21 Apr 17
Zeren: "I’ve never seen it before. Sometimes from my window. She didn’t want me to go near it…" Zeren couldn’t imagine why. It really was beautiful and it was asking for her. She could almost hear it calling her name, telling her to come home… Without thinking she hopped to sit on the railing and turned throwing her legs over the side. It wasn’t that far down… -03:25 Apr 17
Jarrod: Imediatly he put his arm around her and pulled her back on the smile vanishing from his face. "Zeren, the fall would kill you." he said "And the water is his territory, his and those borm from the gods. Remember that, those Grendels, his beasts, came from the sea." -03:28 Apr 17
Zeren: Being pulled back seemed to snap her out of it… and now she was standing there with his arms around her tight and she wasn’t quite sure why! "I just want to see it up close." The thought that those monsters came from the sea wasn’t a nice one though. -03:31 Apr 17
Jarrod: "Theres a reason no one travels the sea anymore… You have to promise me you won’t get too close." his voice was a whisper in her ear " If you do I’ll show you a trick." -03:40 Apr 17
Zeren: It was incredibly strange standing there like that. Zeren wasn’t sure if she wanted to flee or poke at him to see what he was made up of. All of her contact with men-things had been from family, and it definitely wasn’t like this. Curiosity won out in the end, though, and Zeren nodded. "I promise. …Is it a usefull trick?" -03:44 Apr 17
Jarrod: "Might be useful… one day.." he said letting her go and taking her hand again and walking to the side again. "Look down." this time, when she did instead of seeing sea she would see clouds that looked like sea, but were close enough to toutch. -03:51 Apr 17
Zeren: Zeren leaned, that wide-eyed wonderment returning again. She reached to touch, it not feeling like water at all… or soft like she thought it might have been. This had a completely different interest to her. "Is this the trick?" -03:55 Apr 17
[Zeren ] -03:57 Apr 17
Jarrod: "Might be." he teased movign his hand ot over the side making what looked like a whirlpool develop in the clouds and a misty whale breach. "Its not that useful, but something to do when I’m out here. My family was a way with the sea.. and to be so far above it all the time… Its not always easy so I make my own where I can reach it." -04:00 Apr 17
Zeren: "I could do this." she said, without missing a beat. Zeren poked the top of the whale, drawing it from the cloudy sea. And with another tap, it poofed in to a flurry of very tiny snowflakes. For a moment she looked surprised that it even worked, but then she was grinning in triumph. It didn’t occur to her that it wasn’t normal. -04:05 Apr 17
Jarrod: He smiled but the smile was tempeted by somehtign else. So it was true, the draw to the sea, the control of the weather. "Seem out families share something." he said. "But that means that you are the one we need help from." She was his… his descendent. "I’m glad we found you." She was going to die. -04:09 Apr 17
Zeren: "I’ll try to help. I can draw very good maps. I’ve never really been anywhere before…" She was distracted now, playing with the clouds as she leaned over the edge. It was like having a new toy and she was swishing at it to see what she could actually do. When she glanced back up at him, her own smile faded to a look of confusion. "…you don’t seem glad. Am I in trouble? I know they do things, my family… but I’ve not left that house. She wouldn’t let me. But I could try to fix it if they’ve done something.." Now that she was -out- she didn’t want to go back! What was there to go back for? There was the world and the sea, and now she was worried that she had been kept in that house for a reason! -04:17 Apr 17
Jarrod: He slimed "Helping us is enough, stopping Vardri is what counts. Everythign we’ve done up until now will be lost otherwise. You could say stopping him is what I live for and I would give anythign to do it. You are not your family, I know this so don’t worry…" he put his hand on her shoulder. "With you here I have hope for the first tiem that the end may be in sight." -04:21 Apr 17
[Zeren has timed out.] -04:28 Apr 17
Zeren: He was touching her again. Zeren decided that she didn’t mind. It was a little awkward, but didn’t make her feel uncomfortable or want to hide somewhere. She also liked the way he spoke. Hopeful and kind, without any sort of trying to guilt her. It wasn’t something she was used to. Zeren smiled. "I’ll be glad to be helpful. Does that mean I stay on this boat and get to see places? More ocean?" -04:28 Apr 17
Jarrod: "Yes it does." he said "At least until its done, then, its up to you where you go." he leaned against the side and sighed. "Though if you’re going to be on my ship I should know your name." -04:32 Apr 17
Zeren: "I am Zeren √Āsvaldr. And you are The Captain, law of this ship." she repeated what he had told her before. Anywhere she wanted to go. Zeren liked the sound of that. -04:36 Apr 17

No More Dreaming of the Dead, It Becomes Undone

Screaming. Shrill, horrified screaming came from the streets outside. Such a contrast to the usual sounds of rail cars or street shop owners. Black market dealers or lost tourists. Though she was on the top floor of a large building, the screams still reached her open window. She pushed away from her desk and computer. The small little space in her room where she both lived and work. Right from home. Because how could she leave the house when her family couldn’t quite function without her?

It was them she was thinking about when she stepped down the hall. A tight churning coiled in her chest. An odd sensation of cold, chilling fear. Because of the screams? Because of a bad feeling? She wasn’t sure. But it seemed to be trying to wrap it’s way around her head in such a dizzying way, that she almost missed the sound of the door slamming and her mother running screaming her name shrilly. The woman was covered in blood, her slinky tight dress ripped and torn. A wild look across her face. Her mother had never quite been all there in her head, but this new expression was startling.

“What happe-” she was cut off.

“IT’S YOURS. Zeren, it’s yours! Take it!” her mother screamed as she crossed the room. She snatched an amulet on a chain off from around her head and grabbed Zeren’s arm. “Do you accept it?”

Zeren nodded. “Yes, but what’s-”

Her mother quickly draped the amulet around Zeren’s neck. “It’s yours. This is yours. Your inheritance. You are the one, not me. Not me.” she rambled on. The door opened again, but this time closing with a soft click. Zeren’s Uncle stood there. An equally unexplained look on his face, as he eyed his sister who was quickly shoving Zeren to the side and pointing at her. “It’s HERS! She accepted it!”

“What is going [i]on[/i]?” Zeren asked again. Her hands picking up the amulet and taking a better looked at it. She could feel a shiver down her spine. A strange mix of revulsion and curiosity. Her mother had always wore it, but Zeren had never thought to ask what it was.

Uncle crossed the room, taking Zeren by the shoulders. He smiled, but it was such a twisted look it left her feeling a little off kilter. “He’s coming. Coming now for us. We’ll all be together…!”

The door crashed open, wood splintering in every direction and taking out part of the wall with it. Misshapen bodies poured in as Zeren’s mother continued screaming, almost laughing hysterically. “IT’S HER! HER! I AM NOT THE ONE! N-NO…! IT’S NOT ME~!” Blood splattered everywhere when she was lept on, still screaming her strangled cries as they ravished and ripped her body.

Zeren’s uncle had released her, laughing himself. “Come for us! Take us to him. Take us!” He too was lept on, without even the sense to be afraid when his arm was tore right out of his shoulder. At sight of Zeren their movements slowed. Heads tilting as the inched forward. She backed away, nearly stumbling over the furniture. Heart pounding in her chest.

On impulse and running on pure auto-pilot, Zeren ran. The door was blocked, so she hit the window at full speed. The glass cracked and shattered, leaving her falling several feet before she hit the ground with a roll and kept rolling until she was out in the middle of the road. Covered in cuts and broken glass, Zeren pushed herself up on her elbows only to find the streets riddled with those monsters. People running and screaming in terror in every direction.

Zeren climbed to her feet and ran towards the sea, instinct hissing that it would be the only safe place.