Zerospace 001: The Human

[Phaedra is in a brand new city with a street map. She successfully acquired an apartment, and now she is trying to find a job!] -09:26 Oct 12
[Tremdorias so dright, everything… so bright. Human form… she is close.] -09:30 Oct 12
Phaedra: Phaedra was thrilled at how easy it was to get an apartment. Her landlord was really nice about checking her locks for her, and even said if she didn’t have next month’s rent on time, he had some ideas on how she could pay it off. But Phaedra was pretty sure she’d be able to get a decent job somewhere, she had a whole list of open positions and addresses written in her notebook. …it was just directions she was having problems with! -09:33 Oct 12
Tremdorias: "May I help you Sunshine?" her smell. Her body, she is the one. Not full demon. Not full angel. Subdue. Impregnate. Subdue. Impregnate. "You seem lost, maybe I could show you a place where we could be alone." -09:38 Oct 12
Phaedra: She paused, tail swishing behind her in an easy sway. Why bother hiding it? Phaedra loved her tail! "Yes! Perfect timing, um." She took a step closer and turned, showing him both the address and the map she had in her hands. "There’s at least three different Willow Streets and I can’t quite find the right one. Oh, I’m Phaedra, by the way!" She jostled the papers in to one arm before offering her hand to shake. -09:43 Oct 12
Tremdorias: Tail, feathered, other traits… Human. Demon, angel, human. Phaedra. Trusting. Ingregnate. Continue the charge. Lines blured. Words colliding. Continue the charge. Subdue. Imgregnate. "I…" he took the hand and used it to pull her closer copping a feel of her buttock when she was against him. "I had somehting else in mind Sunshine. I’ll take you places you’ve never been." 10,000 years of hibernation, "Come on, it will be fun." -09:49 Oct 12
Phaedra: He was friendly and seemed to like physical contact. That didn’t bother her too much, but it was a little sudden. Mother always told her to respect people’s personal space! Pressing a hand against his shoulder, she took a more comfortable step back. "Actually, places I have never been is exactly what I am looking for! I’m afraid I don’t have time for fun right now, though. I’m looking for a job right now." -09:53 Oct 12
Tremdorias: "I have a job for you. ANd I’ll pay you real good." he pulled her back to him and pushed him lips against hers. "What do you say? I’ll be done with you fast and then i’ll take you anywhere you want to go Sunshine." Subdue. "There’s something about your tail that says I just have to have you." -10:00 Oct 12
Phaedra: Kissed! The first kiss she had ever recieved, and from a stranger too. Her face was a little red and she was a little flustered. Phaedra kept her hand braced on his shoulder and was pulling back for space again. Her tail seemed to have a mind of it’s own, going from swishing listlessly to curling around her legs in what was probably embarassment. "What sort of job is it and how much does it pay? I have to make sure I’ll make enough to take care of my rent and food." -10:08 Oct 12
Tremdorias: "It won’t take very long, and I’ll pay you whatever you want." his hand was feeling her butt again while his other was on her cheek brushing his thumb against her lips. "And I think you know what it is, you’re playing the innocent card very well. For a demon." Angel.. human… "I’ll make this earier for you Sunshine." he grinned and moved his other hand to her rump and squeezing with both lifted her up. "Willow screet? What building?" -10:14 Oct 12
Phaedra: This touching was starting to get a little awkward and uncomfortable. Especially when he picked her up off her feet. What did he mean about innocent card? "It’s building two thirty six, and I really don’t know what your job is, you haven’t told me!" Phaedra was delicately trying to wiggle out of his hands. "Could you please put me down?" -10:20 Oct 12
Tremdorias: "Soon enough dove." he said. "Thought I’d save you the walk. But I meant a business name, doesn’t do me any good just to have a number." he was walking along the sidewalk and pulling the map from her hands to hold in one hand while the other pinend her pelvis to his side. He was by no means a small man. -10:25 Oct 12
Phaedra: Her tail was swishing again, a pensive sharp movement that matched the almost frustrated look on her face. She couldn’t remember the last time somebody carried her around like this. "I think it’s Baum Accounting. …I really would feel a lot more comfortable walking on my own feet." She was having to brace one arm around his neck just to make it a little less awkward. While her other hand was trying to reach for and take her map back! "And I kinda need that!" -10:30 Oct 12
Tremdorias: He turned into an alley and put her on her feet and took her hand to pull her further in. ""I’ll guide you… Don’t you want to spend a lettle time with me?" he stopped and turned. "You’re such a sweet little thing. I know I want to spend time with you." -10:34 Oct 12
Phaedra: "Well, I don’t really know you… In fact, you haven’t even told me your name yet." This was much better. Phaedra felt like she could breath again. Now she understood what her mother meant about the personal space thing. She was definitely not going to get in to people’s space anymore without asking. When he stopped, so did she glancing around and back over her shoulder with a frown. "Is this a short cut? All of my suggested routes used major streets." She was reaching for her map again. Not that she didn’t trust him, but she needed to get to the streets better. -10:38 Oct 12
Tremdorias: He tossed the map to the ground, then pulled her to him with a jerk and put both arms around her and sneffed her neck then bit it. "Drop the act Sunshine. You want a good fucking as much as any other demon." he pushed her back against the wall and pressed his body into hers. "You can’t tell me you don’t." Subdue, impregnate. Demons.. Angels.. Hum… Clasification not available. Subdue… "Put your arms around me and hold tight." -10:45 Oct 12
Phaedra: She yelped a small sound at the bite, hands gripping in to the fabric at his shoulder to push him back to a more comfortable distance. This was getting to be a little alarming. "I don’t understand what you mean by fucking, but this doesn’t seem like a job and I’d really appreciate if you’d let go of me." -10:49 Oct 12
Tremdorias: He didn’t stop. "Come on dove, havn’t you ever had sex before? A virgin demon? You have to be kidding me." Angel… virgin.. human.. impregnate. He moved a hand down and pulled ehr skirt up. "Not when you feel so good." -10:58 Oct 12
Phaedra: "I haven’t no, but that’s really not relevant to getting a job!" Unless, of course, the job was related to sex. But then she would definitely decline it. She wasn’t supposed to be doing that. ….and she really didn’t want to be doing this either. Phaedra grabbed at his hand to push it away, and then she was a little more forcefully trying to push his body back. "I’m really grateful for your help, but I should probably get going? If you could let go of me, please." -11:04 Oct 12
Tremdorias: He pul his hadn over her mouth and grinned. "I said I would take you to the place, didn’t I?" he said pinning her hips against the "Your back is against it dove… come on, this won’t cake long. Then you can go." his voice was deceptivly soft as he moved his hand and brushed his lips against hers. "You still have time, they’re not open yet." he nipped her lip softly. "Don’t you want to know what it’s like?" -11:10 Oct 12
Phaedra: "I want you to let go of me." Her alarm was a lot stronger than any curiosity she had at the moment, especially when she was certain she had asked him to let go of her at least three or four times already! Phaedra didn’t want to seem ungrateful for his help, but she didn’t like this at all. She slipped her arms between them so she had more leverage to shove at him with. "I want to go and I don’t want you to touch me anymore, if you don’t mind!" -11:15 Oct 12
Tremdorias: He grabbed her hand and moved it up to pinn it against the wall while his other freed himself from his pants and then moved to hook her panties and pull them aside. "You’re nothing but a slut and a demon. And you’ll take what I have to give or you will never reach your interview alive." he threatened as his tip pressed aaisnt her. "Now are you going to stop struggling and take my dick like the whore you are?" -11:18 Oct 12
Phaedra: "I am not a whore or a slut…!" He was insulting her and threatening her! Shuffling around between her legs, and giving her a very unpleasant chill down her spine. Even her tail was curling around her leg as she stilled. Phaedra didn’t know what to do with this! "Why are you being such a jerk…! I told you I wanted to go!" -11:25 Oct 12
Tremdorias: "and I told you I wanted to fuck." he said bufore he pushed in hard pressing his lips against hers again. "Put your arms around me, it will be over soon. Sooner if you relax." He grinned agaisnt her and moved his hand dowm to support her hips. "You don’t want this to hurt, do you?" -11:28 Oct 12
Phaedra: It already hurt. Enough that she was wincing and there was a dizzying flush of heat washing over her. She was shoving against his shoulder again and trying to twist out of his arms. "I don’t want this at all!" Her voice had lowered to a much softer tone and she gave a faint whimper. -11:35 Oct 12
Tremdorias: He pushes again and kissed her cheek as he felt her inside and sighed. "You really are a virgin. Were a virgin. I should call you Angel." he pulled her leg around him and pushed again, and again. "Come on, you feel wonderful… enjoy it. I want you to." -11:39 Oct 12
Phaedra: Phaedra shook her head quickly and her fingers curled in to the fabric of his shirt. This hurt, this was mean. And she couldn’t seem to find any more words, not that he seemed to listen to them! She stopped struggling when she realized it made it worse, her breath hitching everytime he pressed against her. -11:45 Oct 12
Tremdorias: He felt her break, the rush of blood surrounding him and he licked up the side of her neck as he moved faster. "You’re lucky to get a first time like this, I won’t take you home to keep you as a little pet. You’ll be free to go after this. And it’s better than getting drunk and waking up in a strange bed." he moved his ahnd up to stroke th eback of her head almost feeling sorry for her. IMPREGNATE. IMPERATIVE. He sped up. "Impregnate." -11:49 Oct 12
Phaedra: She was barely listening now, the words being so contradictory to the actions. Pain was not something she delt with well and this hurt! Another rush of it had her whimpering again, her body falling limp and curling against him. Where else could it go? "Please stop? I don’t like this!" she murmured out as a pleading squeak. -11:56 Oct 12
Tremdorias: He almost listened to her but he couldn’t. He pushed harder and moved fanter, covering her mouth so she wouldn’t talk again. He just wanted to finish, for this to be other. "Soon." -11:59 Oct 12
Phaedra: Her complaint was muffled against his hand, and she was stuck with giving him that begging expression! All of this pressure he was putting on her was making her skin burn, and the rush of blood and skip of her heartbeat had her dizzy. Soon wasn’t soon enough, and Phaedra was pushing against him and squirming again! -12:06 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He pushed still harder and faster knocking her arm out of the way and pilling it to the as he grunted and shook filling her. "There we go.." he said pulling out and away. He looked at her and swore… it wasn’t meant to feel like this. "I wasn’t lying, this is the place." then he was turning to go, tucking himself away and walking quickly. -12:15 Oct 13
Phaedra: Phaedra stayed leaning against the wall, trying to catch her breath. Done…! She almost shouted that he still owed her money for this ‘job’ of his, but she didn’t quite feel up to being cheeky. She felt more like she wanted to cry! After a moment she was snatching her map up off the ground. …today wasn’t a good day for job hunting. -12:20 Oct 13

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