Characters: Modern Fantasy


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Character Name: Phaedra


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Zerospace 009: No Regrets

[Tremdorias is asleep in a bed covered in feathers!] -09:24 Dec 02
[Phaedra was in the kitchen bouncing. Making muffins. And bouncing!] -09:26 Dec 02
Phaedra: Dancing along to music in her head, she was pulling muffins out of the oven. Tail swishing to the words she was making up. All sung in her head to avoid anyone actually hearing her. Maybe she didn’t have a job yet. But she had a boyfriend! A first boyfriend! And he was an angel covered in feathers in her bed. Finally things were looking much better! -09:28 Dec 02
Tremdorias: He had had dreams, he was sure they were dreams. Phaedra and sex and wings and her gasps couldn’t have been real. Still it had been a nice drea and he was rolling onto his side and reaching out to feels the empty space next to him… wait. He was in the bed!? -09:35 Dec 02
Phaedra: "Ow!" The pan was still hot. Why couldn’t she get heat resistance too? What did she even have besides a busy-body tail that made her a demon? Hrmph! It didn’t matter, as a few muffins were dropped on to a plate anyway. Phaedra poured two glasses of milk. And with the plate in one hand, a glass in the other and her tail wrapped around the second glass, Phaedra bounced and balanced back to the bedroom. ..and he was awake! And naked! Phaedra grinned wide. "Good morning, Tre!" -09:39 Dec 02
Tremdorias: He tunred and saw her in nothinf but a shirt and put his hand on his forehead. He has slept with her, again, and she didn’t even know it was wring, He had taken advantage of her and now she was going to be heartbroken for real instead of just scared and paranoid and he was going to have to leave! "Phaedra!’ he said doing his best to be bright and happy like her. "You made breakfast!" maybe they hadn’t actually done anything…. maybe, please?" -09:44 Dec 02
Phaedra: "It’s not a fancy breakfast, but since you’re working now I can do all the cooking until I find something too." Phaedra set the glasses down on the side table and plopped on the bed next to him. She gave a wide eyed, curious look at the few feathers that flittered away. …she made him molt! "I didn’t hurt you at all…?" -09:49 Dec 02
Tremdorias: She was worried she has hurt HIM… "Noo…" he said slowly moving up to sit against the headboard and pull the blanket along with his to cover at least up to his stomach. "Did I… you…?" he was worried he had, and laybe it was better if he had then she wouldn’t want to have sex with him ever again. -09:54 Dec 02
Phaedra: Modest squirmy angel… he was really very cute and Phaedra was trying not to giggle at him and hurt his feelings. She set the plate down on the table too, then scooted closer and closer until she was crawling to sit on his lap and placing a kiss against his cheek. "No, Tre… Very much the opposite, thank you." -09:56 Dec 02
Tremdorias: That was the worst thing she could say and do! Why did shat do that and make him put both arms around her and kiss her back and pull the blanket over her legs and… this wasn’t fair! He picks up a glass to hand to her to keep her busy and picked his up too. "I was worried I had gone too far." -10:03 Dec 02
Phaedra: A glass was in her hand and she took a sip, still grinning, and still leaning to kiss his cheek again. "You gave me permission to touch and maybe said you are a boyfriend..?" That she had to say in question, Phaedra wasn’t one hundred percent sure he really meant it and was ready for that. He seemed a bit surprised and hesitant this morning. "…do you regret what we did? I won’t feel bad if you’ve changed you mind, Tre." Well, she -would-, but better to know the truth than have them suffer through pretenses. -10:08 Dec 02
Tremdorias: He coul hear in her voice that she was very worried. "No, I don’t regret what we did." he said looking at her and putting a hand cold from the glass on her arm. "If I said I’m your boyfriend then I am your boyfriend and I’m happy we had a special nightogether even if it didn’t start well. And you can still touch me. I just want to make sure you have no regrets because.. I love you." the final three words were muttered into his glass as he averted hsi eyes and his cheeks redened. -10:17 Dec 02

Zerospace 008: That’s Not Dancing

[Tremdorias Is just getting home from hs first day of work. Money in hand!] -04:22 Nov 28
[Phaedra has arrived home from a day of job searching excited and bouncy! She nearly runs over Tre when she barrels through the door!] -04:22 Nov 28
Tremdorias: "Well you’re happy!" he said rubbing his elbow where the door had hit it. She must have been running for him not fto have seen her and only arived a few second before she did. "Here!" he said smiling hid and holding out an envelope. "I got a small advance for pay for things." -04:25 Nov 28
Phaedra: "Oh good…! That is extra good news then! Work went okay?" Phaedra took the envelope, but she didn’t look inside. She was near bouncy on her feet, trying to contain herself. His day first, then she would spill her news. "Did you boss give you trouble at all?" -04:28 Nov 28
Tremdorias: "No.." he said "And it was okay. They mainly had me packing shelves but I got a little reading done too… OH! And…" he turned around to pick up a packet, open it and take out one of the glass owls fro the shop. "Since people here seem to worship owls I got one of these. I’ll set up a small shrine to Athena soon and make it look good." He looked at her then tilted hsi head. "What are you excited about? You have news?" -04:32 Nov 28
Phaedra: "A shrine to…" Phaedra laughed…! One shop that just happened to have many owls, and now he thought that was the human norm. Good thing they didn’t visit one of her Papa’s favorite kind of shops. Who knew what weird thing Tre would bring home. Phaedra was bouncing on her feet again, though! "I found a job…!! It’s just like my mother’s place, but well.. I guess a lot small. Like a LOT smaller, but the manager was really nice and said he could really use someone just like me and I can start tonight!" -04:35 Nov 28
Tremdorias: "That’s great!" he said…. then looked aorund. "Hey, I’m done with work, want to go in early and show it to me? I’ll stay there all night until you until you go home so if you need someone I’m right there. Okay?" he was grinning af he pulled her into a hug. "This is great." -04:43 Nov 28
Phaedra: Hugs… now she was just giddy. Phaedra through her arms around his neck, even curled her tail around him, and squeezed him. It really would make her feel a lot better knowing someone was there with her on her very first job. "That’d be awesome… I could even serve your table and you can pretend to give me a tip!" -04:47 Nov 28
Tremdorias: "The biggest tip you could ever want! So I’ll need my money back…" he looked sheepish. "You knwo so I can pay from me, and you when you sit down. A night out with just us is good for celebrating even if you work for most of it." he smiled and kissed her forehead lightly. "When do we leave?" -04:52 Nov 28
Phaedra: Leaving would probably be a good idea, but there was that fluttering in her stomach and those smitten feelings again. Phaedra didn’t want to let go. In fact, she kind of wanted a snuggle. How did she ask for snuggles without making him uncomfortable? … and it really was a good idea to go on to work! Reluctantly Phaedra was letting go and handing him his envolope back, casting a wide grin in the process. "We can go now." -04:55 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He smiled and put the envelope into his pocket and paused long enough to kiss her on the cheek and then take her hand. "Okay, I can’t wait I’m going to love seeing it. What kind place is it?" he was grinning ear to ear and didn’t really want to go either. He wasnted more hugs but if she said they had to go then they had to go. -05:58 Nov 28
Phaedra: "Kind of like my mother’s night club, so there is a bar for drinks and food. But it’s reaaaaaaally small, so I don’t think they are as popular as hers." Phaedra tugged his hand, leading the way out the door. …only having to double back and make sure she actually locked it. There were still worries about things sneaking in. "I’m going to dance! The manager says he’s had a hard time getting dancers, especially demon ones. I’m not so sure if I’ll be good at dancing, but he says trying is all that matters." -06:10 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He didn’t know her mother’s night club, but that demon seemed to be against phaedra going anywhere dangerous. "Okay, so I can eat there, you should too before you start." he plipped his hand out of hers and around her waiste as he smiled at her. He liked being close to her and couldn’t help but grin whenevr hr felt her against him and he sighed. He was crushing on her so hard he knew t was a bad idea, but she needed him and his job to survive for now. -06:18 Nov 28
Phaedra: "I’ll eat, don’t worry. I should know the food of the place I work, right?" Phaedra bumped against him, but she was right back to bouncing again. This was her first official job. It was exciting! And she could share it too, which made it more fun and less scary. -06:25 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He smiled more, and wanted nothing more than to stop her and kiss her again and this made him a little sad. "Phaedra." he said quietly. "Would you mind if we kissed, I mean not now but sometimes, like when I want to and you here and so I don’t have to ask every time. You can say no if you want to It’s okay. I know it’s not the best idea to be kissing and… but… I don’t want to kiss anyone else and I like kissing you." -06:29 Nov 28
Phaedra: "I think I said I didn’t mind last time…?" Maybe angels were mind readers, and they could tell what you were thinking. That left Phaedra turning read and trying to clear all those thoughts out of her head, just in case! Only… she really did like the idea of kissing! "You can definitely kiss me whenever you want to and you don’t have to ask me. I trust you?" ..maybe that’s what he was worried about. If she’d be scared about it? Phaedra grinned and hugged him again. "I do! So don’t worry!" -06:32 Nov 28
Tremdorias: "That’s not why I’m worried." he said "I want to be opne about everything i am feeling and I think if we keep kissing I’m going to feel.. I like you Phaedra. I really do and if we keep kissing I’m going to maybe… love? I’d want to be your boyfriend." he stopped and moved his hand out from arund her. "And I don’t know if we should…" -06:37 Nov 28
Phaedra: "Oh… I see." …so he didn’t want to be a boyfriend? Phaedra looked disappointed for a moment, but hid it quickly. This was exactly why she was trying to behave herself and not get too attached to him! She was going to end up talking him in to things he wasn’t at all ready for or interested in! Trying not to let her feelings hurt was difficult, but Phaedra smiled anyway. "…then we don’t do any kissing at all. You don’t have to do anything with me Tre. I promised I wouldn’t take advantage of you, and I won’t." -06:46 Nov 28
Tremdorias: "Nooo!" why did this have to be dificult? "I want to kiss you, and I… I understand you don’t want to be my girlfriend." HE sounded dissapointed. "Come on we need to get you to work." he walked forwards without taking her hand, without putting his arm around her, without looking back. -06:50 Nov 28
Phaedra: What..? That’s not what she meant at all! She was trying to do the right thing for him! Phaedra was pouting now, following behind him, half wanting to grab and shake him and the other half just wanting to…well, continue pouting. They didn’t teach how to handle moments like this in school, and her Papa would just tell her to jump on him and drag him away. That wouldn’t work! Crossing her arms, she remained silent until she needed to direct him down the correct street towards her new job. -06:56 Nov 28
Tremdorias: Well now everything was ruined, by him. She didn’t like him and now he was sad. His chest hurt and he didn’t want to breathe because that made it worse. Hse was right too, which was the worst part. He didn’t desurve her. She didn’t dirurve someone who did what he had done to her but couln’t he e happy? Was he destinged to be sad? Maybe it was because he was an angel. Maybe if he wasn’t it wouldn’t hurt so much. -07:02 Nov 28
Phaedra: It was just not going to work this way, and Phaedra was desperately thinking of how she could fix it. He felt upset… and she didn’t have angel mind reading powers to figure it out. Asking would be kind of rude and… Bother! Phaedra ended up dashing forward to take his hand again. Hugging him would be better, but squeezing his hand would have to do. "I think we should talk about it after work before bed? That way there is time and no interruptions." -07:13 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He looked at her and nodded. What was there to talk about. Hse had already made her position clear. He was going to sleep on the couch if he was going to sleep at all. "Fine." his voice was quiet. "I’m still here for you Phae." he sounded distracted now, but he would be there and do his best to put on a brave face to make her forst day of work the best she would have, -07:21 Nov 28
Phaedra: Phaedra had already decided that they would somehow talk that out until she understood what he meant and he understood her. Honesty was the best way to work and keep from being confused. …and he was definitely confusing her now. If he was scared of her and wanted to leave afterward, then she would just have to live with it. Once she found the building, a place called Joe’s and just Joe’s, she pointed at the sign and led him inside. They place really was a down-trodden, not so great looking place. It wasn’t clean, wasn’t popular and even Phaedra knew the atmosphere wasn’t too good. But that’s how she knew they really needed someone like her working there. "You can picked out a table, okay?" -07:27 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He… he didn’t like this place. It had an unseting air of familiarity that put him on edge. "Okay…" he held her hand tightly and mooved to a table near the back and looked out over the bar and then it slowly seeped into his mind. "Is this a strip club?" he looked at her. "Did you get a job at a strip club?" maybe he had read her all wrong and she was a demon through and though and though, but the more likely answer was she didn’t know. "You’re getting a job as a stripper?" -07:32 Nov 28
Phaedra: She looked at him with some confusion, he was uneasy again. ..not that she blamed him, the last time they went to a place similar, he wound up in the bathroom with her Papa pretty annoyed. "A stripper of what? No, the manager said he needed a dancer, so I will try dancing for people and maybe waitressing. There are special uniforms and everything!" -07:35 Nov 28
Tremdorias: "A stripper od clothes, your own clothes… that is what dancers do here.. or in places like this." he took a breath. From the neon outlines of busty women to the waitress bringing then a menu… "We’ll eat and watch until you start your shift, you’ll see what people do here." he shok his head. "Is that what you want to do?" -07:39 Nov 28
Phaedra: "Oh! I see. …Wouldn’t that get chilly?" Phaedra was still failing to see a problem. As far as she was told, there was nothing wrong with being naked and nothing to be ashamed of! You just made sure to do it in appropriate places! And this was a place that didn’t seem to mind nakedness, so where was the problem? Phaedra looked a little less sure now, though. "Well… Maybe it’s like tribal dancing styles? They never have clothes." -07:51 Nov 28
Tremdorias: "Look around." he said. "This place for for men to come when they want to look at naked women, nothing more. That is what a strip club is. I can’t telll you not to work here but bad people come to this kind of place. Ones with poor self control and who want women to be naked and you might get hurt on your way home or…" he looked at the wall next to him. "I’ll keep quiet. It’s not my choice. I’m not the definition of right and wrong." -07:55 Nov 28
Phaedra: "I don’t want to work in a bad place…" she started slowly. "…but the manager said I would just be dancing and that people here weren’t allowed to touch dancers?" The place really was a lot like her mother’s club, and so far she hadn’t seen much difference. Her mother’s club was always perfectly safe! …but she DID trust Tre’s opinion… "I’ll watch and see what they do here, then! Okay?" -08:08 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He was ruining her first day at work. "Okay." he couldn’t make the decision for her, be could only support her even if he would rather be at home and asleep or anywhere else. "Order what you want. I’ll eat later." he leaned aganst the wall and closed his eyes he was suddenly feeling very tired. Then he forsed himself to sit upright and smile. -08:12 Nov 28

“Ciao and welcome to Joe’s, No not like in the Simpsons here we like to have fun~!” the waitress was hardly wearing anything and could barely be legal to work in a place like this. She was shewing something and looking at them. “Well aren’t you a cutie pie, I could just…” she was looking at Tre and reaching out to run a finger down his shoulder. “You know the buffalo wings here and my favorite, why don’t I get you an order? Then I can sit next to you and we can talk or whatever.” she flashed her best grin, guys like that liked it when you appeared to just want to talk but that didn’t stop her leaning down low and pushing her breasts together. -Tremdorias

Phaedra: Phaedra had every intention of watching and learning how the waitresses worked here. But… she got a bit distracted. The girl touched Tre, and she really wasn’t sure if that was a surge of jealously or over-protectiveness that was making her want to jump up and nudge that girl away. Phaedra just huffed a bit. "UM…" she made sure to get her attention. "_I_ would like something to drink. The special drink of the place, since I might work here and should try things?" -08:22 Nov 28
Tremdorias: Tre was lost for words… "Uhh, yes, and one of those drink for her too." he looked at Phaedra and then at the girl. He could see he was right about this place. ‘See?’ he mouthed at Phaedra. -08:25 Nov 28

“Alright, that would be the Concognito… our special little gagleblaster as Joe calles it.” she wrote down the orders on a pad and then smiled at Phaedra. “If you want to work here I know a guy who can hold you with your…” she grabbed her own breasts and lifted them up to show off thier size before placing a hand om Tre’s shoulder. “Not that mine are fake, but some of the girl here needed a little help.” she flashed him a grin and slid her hand up his chin with a giggle. “Maybe I’ll let you feel them if the boss isn’t looking when I get back” he dashed forwards to give him a quick kiss on the chin. “You have the cutest chin I have ever seen. Anyway be right back with your drinks!” she turnes and with an exagerated display from her hips walked towards the bar half turning to flash Tre a grin. -Tremdorias

Phaedra: She had no idea what the girl meant about her boobs, but she got the feeling she should be insulted. …or maybe she was just mad cause she kept touching Tre, and he looked so uncomfortable, and giving her that ‘Please save me!’ look. Phaedra couldn’t hit a potential coworker! ….But she -did- scoot closer to Tre. And only their earlier conversation kept her from climbing in to his lap to be a shield. She was frowning. "Touching is against the rules, so It wouldn’t be a good idea to touch. You’ll get in trouble." -08:33 Nov 28
Tremdorias: "I mean tdo you really want to have to act like that?" he asked looking at phaedra. "I mean I…" he was cut off by a slim figure slipping into his lip and putting a glass in fron if pheadra and with and arm around his neck putting his in his hand. He really wanted to keep talking but it would be rude and he reallu didn’t know what he could say now or what he could do! "Umm.. Hi…?" -08:39 Nov 28

“Hey stud.” she said leaning against Tre and wrigging in his lap to get comportable. “Sorry I didn’t tell you my name. I get excited then then I meet new people.” she was still flat out ignoring Phaedra! “I got myself an orange juice, hops you don’t mind paying for it?” she stuck out her chest and blinked slowly while rubbing the back of his neck. “Then you wouldn’t, You’re a hero.” she pushed a wet kiss into his cheek. “I’m Amythest by the way. Ask for me next time you’re here and I’ll give you special treatment. You know we have a VIP room in the back where thing can ger pretty wild.” -Tremdorias

Phaedra: Phaedra very quickly took her drink and swallowed it down as fast as she could, just so she could keep her hands busy and not do anything too rash. She hadn’t put together this behavior with the job yet. This waitress was breaking house rules AND being inappropriate with Tre! Her glass was empty, though and it hit the table pretty loud when she pushed it towards that waitress. "I’d like another one, please…!" Get off him and get it!! Shooo~! Slightly wicked waitress. Phaedra stared her down until she moved. And if she didn’t move, Phaedra debated shoving her anyway… -08:53 Nov 28
Tremdorias: Tre drunk his quickly too! Anything to not look at her and then placed his glass next to Phaedra’s before the waitress took them both and headed back towards the bar just before the rights dimmed and the light above the stage came on. "I’m not having fun." Tre coplained. It was funning he remembered that girl from another life, or it felt like another life. He remembered puttig his hand between her legs as she was in his lap, he remembered her wetness… he didn’t want to remember. "We should watch." -09:06 Nov 28
Phaedra: Phaedra scooted closer to him again. This time close enough to be touching and if that girl jumped in his lap again, she’d practically be in hers too. She shouldn’t have drank something so fast, it made her stomach burn a little bit. Especially after not eating! ..she’d rememdy that later when she wasn’t busy protecting Tre from coworkers. "If I do work here, you won’t have to come. In fact, it’s probably much safer for you if you didn’t! I don’t think she understands personal boundaries or rules at all." Did she sound mad? She didn’t mean to! Phaedra tried to soften her expression, but in the end she still looked huffy. -09:10 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He wanted to put his arm around her but she had made it clear she didn’t want to be his girlfriend so he just his his hands in his lap and waited. "Maybe she doesnt know how to be friendly any other way." he wasn’t defending her he was just trying to understand why someone would act like them, then there were buffalo wing on the table, two fresh drink and a waitress sitting next to him sith her legs folded in his lap her arms around him and her lips on his cheek as the show started. -09:16 Nov 28

“Here we go. hansome.” she said leaning against him and cuddling close. “You’re here to see the show so I’ll tell you the names of all the dancers and if you want a two person show in the back with me and one of them you just let me know. Rosemary is a freaky bitch. You like freaks don’t you stud?” -Tremdorias

Phaedra: On the bright side, the waitress wasn’t in his lap. On the downside, she was still touching. Kissing even! Kissing was not for strangers…! Even on the cheek, that was too familiar. That fresh drink was in her hands again. Phaedra didn’t have much of an appetite at the moment, but if she didn’t keep herself busy she might give in to sudden impulses. …Ones that were getting stronger just listening to the lady talk. Another empty glass was down and Phaedra was reaching over Tre to shove that woman’s legs off him. "No thank you! He came here to see me at my first day of work!" -09:20 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He wanted to cuddle phaedra an ddidn’t want to be cuddled by this girl and now the dances were starting and it was exactly what he imagined. "Amethyst… could you come back later I need to talk to Phaedra." surprisingly that worked. There was just anither cheek kiss, a Sure sweetie.’ and the waitress was gone. "Phae.." he said when they were alone. "I don’t want you working here, but …" the music started adn the dancer was gyrating on stage but he cut that out of his mind. "Just do what makes you happy, okay?" -09:28 Nov 28
Phaedra: Phaedra was glaring at that girl as she left, which really wasn’t a typical expression for her at all. "I like dancing and I need a job, but not this much…" He wouldn’t be able to come and visit her at work here. Not if waitresses we’re all touchy. WAS that what they were supposed to here? Now that she was staring down that other girl, she seemed to be doing it with all the men at tables. Phaedra didn’t want to crawl in -anyone’s- lap! Just on to Tre’s! "The manager is going to be really disappointed, but maybe he should more strictly enforce his rules about touching!" -09:35 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He broke the rules. He put his arm around her and rested his head against her. "I’m sorry. Maybe a theatre is more what you’re looking for. I want you to be happy Phaedra. I want you to be yourself…. do you want to go home? We’ll go to the bar to pay so we don’t get sat on again." -09:40 Nov 28
Phaedra: "Why are you sorry? She is the one that keeps touching and kissing on you when you don’t like it! I ought to go slap her and explain that’s not right!" That actually sounded like a really good idea, only she wasn’t thinking so much about slapping as much as…pushing her over a table! That was a little violent, Phaedra didn’t even like fighting. She just hugged Tre, he needed it! "Yes, we’ll go home and tomorrow I’ll explain that I can’t work here. I can find another place! One that you can visit." -09:45 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He sighed almost happily. "No, I mena I’m sorry you didn’t find what you were looking for." he hugged her back with both arms. "I don’t care about girls like that I only care that you gt your dream and get a job that you want and live the life you want." With or without Tre. "he put the envelope back into her hands and slid with her.. after drainign his glass, waste not want not… and stood, a little ensteadily leaning on her for mutual support and then bade a beeline for the bar. -09:50 Nov 28
Phaedra: He was sweet. Really, really sweet. And when he said things like that it made it really hard for her to resist doing things that he very clearly said he didn’t want. He was swaying. Or she was swaying. Either way, Phaedra kept a hold on him both so he stayed up right AND so she could move him away from evil touchy-feely waitresses with grabbing hands. "You say things that make me want to kiss you. If you don’t want me to, you shouldn’t do that! I should take you home before you fall over." -09:53 Nov 28
Tremdorias: "I do want you do!" he blurted out. "I do, and I do and.. I do." how did she think he didn’t. Hut yes, they were unsteady and half stumbling over eachother. "Why would you think I don’t. I ask you if it was okay and you said we shouldn’t and.." he stopped, one hand on the bar as the barman hot thier slip. "You’re an insanely kind girl lost in a big world but holding her head up high and good enough to trust someone like me when all I do is upset your… dad… mom… both of those. And Jayden too. I shout at people when you don’t want me to and they are biggoted assholes and… you’d be a beatiful dancer and you’d have fun with it. I want to see you dance." -09:58 Nov 28
Phaedra: "But you said we shouldn’t? Or you shouldn’t. Or couldn’t One of those! You said so first, though!" This man did not make any sense. This was exactly why she wanted to sit down at home and have it all explained. Once she knew how much they owed, she was carefully counting it out of the envelope and handing it over. Pulling the exact change out of one of her pockets. Then she was grabbing Tre’s shirt to pull him out! "I think you are the one that’s lost, Tre. And if you want me to dance for you, I’ll dance. I could dance right now!" -10:06 Nov 28
Tremdorias: "No… I said if we kissed, and snuggles, and hugged and…" he kissed her forehead as they walked. "Heee… if we did all that.. if we do all that and touching and smiling and holding… I’m falling in love with you Phaedra. I don’t know if you want that and… more… sex… I’m an angel but I know about sex. I’ve…" no he didn’t want to think about that… "You’re soo great, but you’re.. innocent and I love that about you. You’re so wonderful, and caring. I wish I was more like you and there… that’s everything. That is.. everything I feel.. right now." -10:13 Nov 28
Phaedra: "Oh…!" Well, that wasn’t what Phaedra was expecting to hear. And who knew a few words could make her so dizzy and so weak kneed that she couldn’t even walk straight? It was good she had a grip on him, but now her face was flushed and she didn’t know what to say! …other than grinning ridiculously and maybe squeealing ‘Yay!’. "So it isn’t a bad thing that I have a crush on you so fast? And want to touch you and gold you? And kind of wanted to hit that waitress? I’d like to try all of those things. Even try the sex too, I wouldn’t be afraid to try it with you. You wouldn’t hurt me." Touching..! His confession was pretty much full permission to touch him as much as she pleased! Which meant Phaedea was immediately hugging him again, no matter how awkward that made walking. -10:18 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He hugged her back and sighed. He would never hurt he… her words echoed in his head and he closed his eyes. "ou can touch, you can hold, you can do anything you want." he said still walking with her and reaching the corner to turn and still holding onto her. "You’d never hurt me. I know that." he stopped her in the middle of the street and drunk kissed her, hard, lifted her ching and pushed his lips into hers. :Just promise me if you ever want me to stop of you feel uncomfortable, you’ll tell me." -10:22 Nov 28
Phaedra: What did he say? Something about telling him things, or being uncomfortable… which she most certainly wasn’t! That must have been what being kissed stupid felt like, because she hadn’t any other thoughts in her head other than wanting him to do it again. Phaedra nodded slowly, having no control over that silly smitten look on her face. "I promise I will always tell you everything I am thinking? I won’t ever lie to you." -10:25 Nov 28
Tremdorias: "I know you won’t. You’re the best person in the world." he kissed her again and then with his arm around her started walking again. "We should go home, and get to bed, do you want me to sleep with you again?" he grinned. "All night nuggles and waky up snuggles and and… oh.. did you know I have two days off a week, and tomorow is one of them. Week ends are nice." -10:29 Nov 28
[Tremdorias still wth Phaedra in his arms is flumbling with the door handle and lock forgettin ghe needs a key!] -09:02 Nov 28
[Phaedra has no idea she is drunk. But she does know she is smitten and now has permission to gratuitously touch as much as she pleases!] -09:02 Nov 28
Phaedra: Phaedra giggled, his struggle forcing her to actually let go of him so she could pull out the keys. It was delicate work trying to get the door to be still so she could unlock it. Somewhere from the bar to the street back to their apartment, she had gone from perfectly fine to swating dangerously. As and as far as she was concerned, Phaedra thought it was infatuation! Once she got the door opened, though, she nearly feel right in to the room! -09:04 Nov 28
Tremdorias: Phaedra was unsteady and he fixed that by putting his arms around her from behind and walking in with her. "Your wings feel nice like this." he said closing the door with his foot and stumbling with her and nearly falling. "Bed? Bed sounds nice." but he didn’t move, instead he was nuzzling into her hair from behind and sighing. "I’m happy." and he was, the drink had just the right mix alcohol and fruitiness to leave someone feeling blisful, but it wasn’t the drink he was feeling. It was her. -09:09 Nov 28
Phaedra: "They are too small to fly and always in the way!" Phaedra giggled anyway, hugging his arm and tilting backwards until her head knocked against his shoulder. An embrace no matter from which direction was always so warm and fuzzy. But he asked for bed, so she was trying to pull him along towards the bedroom. "I’m happy too! Permissioned snuggling is a good trade off for no job!" -09:14 Nov 28
Tremdorias: "You could always snuggle me." he said… Umm…" he consentrated and brought out his wings almosy knocking the light off the ceiling. "You can snuggle those too." in the bedroom he let fgo of her and stood there swaying slightly and grinning. "Hmm…" he moved onto the bed and wihout taking his clothes off flopped down on his back with his wings spread still failing to realize it was another shirt gone. "There! Snuggling is easy now." -09:19 Nov 28
Phaedra: Phaedra clapped, tilting on her feet and admiring the view for a moment. Angel wings were so big, soft and fluffy looking. So different from demon wings! How could she resist something soft and fluffy? It was impossible? And with her new all-hands-on permission, Phaedra didn’t hesitate for a moment to move forward and crawl on top of him. Sitting on him and bracing a hand on his chest as she leaned to stroke feathers with that curious, fascinated look. "Do you shake feathers loose like birds do, Tre..?" -09:23 Nov 28
Tremdorias: "If I keep them out I have to, yes." he said reaching out to touch her cheek before looking down at another part of her, his tail. "Do you? I mean, you have feathers." he wanted to see hers too by they hadn’t turned on any lights and he didn’t want her to get up. Her touches on his wings were heavenly, and he knew where it was leading even if she didn’t. They were growing closer! -09:28 Nov 28
Phaedra: "Sometimes I lose feathers… more often people have tried to pluck them, though!" Petting his wings were abandoned in favor of hugging his arm and nuzzling his hand against her cheek. Phaedra hadn’t realized how much she craved the physical contact, and now she just wanted to roll with it. Her tail was even ticking back and forth in perfect time as she swayed with his hand. -09:31 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He slid his hand down to her shoulder and pulled her down against him to run his other hand through her hair and down her back. "That’s not very nice." he said finally deciding to get light to see her even if it was only the soft glow of a halo. "Then I walk with you I’ll have feathers too so they’lll think twice. And I like faving them around you." -09:39 Nov 28
Phaedra: "I love feathers…" How did that halo thing even work. Phaedra was always confused by it! But for the moment he was holding her and petting her, and curiosity in a shiny thing was forgotten. Replaced by nuzzling in to his neck and brushing her fingertips against his throat. He was warm and sweet, and nothing had ever made her feel this good! "I wouldn’t let them pluck your feathers, Tre." -09:44 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He smiled and rubbed his hadn along her spine. "If they do what does it matter? It’s only rude, that’s all. And angels are a lot rarer here than demons. Maybe seeing one around with you will show them demons are not all bad." he kissed the top of her head and moved his hadn up to rub the back of her neck. "I’ll make sure no one tries to her your feathers." -09:54 Nov 28
Phaedra: Phaedra half hummed, half purred. Burying her face at the crook of his neck and brushing her lips against the skin. Curiosity was sneaking through again and on impulse she flicked her tongue out for a quick lick. Did not taste like sugar… but he did smell very very nice. "It’s all right if they don’t like me. As long as you do…?" -10:00 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He shivered under her with the kiss and then with the tongue and he smiled wiiiiiiide. Bother hands were ing her back now rudding and exploring with soft pushes and kneeding as he nuzzled into her hair and sighed. "I do, but you’re a wonderful person and desurve to have people realize that. I… you just be yourself, I’ll be myself, and we’ll be happy. I want to be happy with you." he hooked his hands inder her shoulders and pulled her higher against him to nuzzled her cheek and slide his hand down to gently brush against the base if her tail, seeking permision to touch it. -10:07 Nov 28
Phaedra: She smiled against his skin, wanting to say she was never anyone else but herself. But she hadn’t expected that physical response from him from just a little lick, and now she wanted to see what else he would do! Her tail curled around his arm as she shifted to brush a kiss against his ear and mumble softly. "I’d like to be happy with you. We would never be list and this is a nice way to go to bed…" -10:14 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He turned and caught her mouth in a kiss the hand in her hair gently holding her in the kiss as he gently nibbled hi lips against hers his eyes sliding closed and a wing enveloping her. -10:22 Nov 28
Phaedra: Another surprising response..! Phaedra melted, pressing in to him to deepen the kiss and sighing all too contentedly. Feathers were so soft… Her tail uncurled from his arm to swish like an over-petted cat’s. She captured his face with her hands and brushed her thumbs against his cheeks. -10:27 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He opened his mouth to masage his mips into hers and the tip of his tongue delicatly touching her lip as his grip around her tightened. This was bliss, having her against him, kissing nad snuggling and all the things in between. And he was fit to purr! -10:41 Nov 28
[Phaedra enters.] -10:49 Nov 28
Phaedra: Her toes were curling in her shoes, leaving her kicking her feet a but until she was nudging the shoes off with her toes and letting them fall to the floor. She was tiiiiingling, a different sort from what she had since having those drinks. This one3 -10:50 Nov 28
Phaedra: Her toes were curling in her shoes, leaving her kicking her feet a but until she was nudging the shoes off with her toes and letting them fall to the floor. She was tiiiiingling, a different sort from what she had since having those drinks. This one had her stomach doing flips and her breath catching and every little bit of skin being warmed with his touch. Her mouth broke away only to follow along his jaw. Fingertips curiously brushing over his neck to feel his pulse and move down to gently tug at what was left of his shirt. -10:53 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He losened his hold allowing her to move freely and looked down at her. But she was right, he still had his shoes on too! Kicking those off to join hers he squirmed under her and sighed very contentedly. "Want that off? You can." his hand were sliding up and down what he could reach of her sides. This would end in sex, he knew it even if this was so wonderful on it’s own. He was already swelling under his pants and… He rolled taking her with him and now on top placed her hands on his shirt button as he slid his cheep past hers to nip her ear and then kiss along her cheek. -10:59 Nov 28
Phaedra: Now she was under him and there was no sense of alarm… just that curiosity, and now the weirdly shy feeling of trying something new. All of her thoughts and wanting to touch, and now she had free reign to do so and she felt shy! That was ridiculous! …wasn’t going to stop her though. Her fingers make quick work on the buttons of his shirt, not that she was rushing, but it did make it easier for her to slide her hands under the fabric and touch more skin. How could someone’s body be so hot and not burn… His nipping made her giggle! -11:05 Nov 28
[(Timeout) Phaedra was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -11:16 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He smiled and shrugged the shirt off his shoulders and let it fall to the bed. Then he slid his hand under hers to slid up her stomach and sides and then pulled her shirt up to her chest and presed his stomach against hers as he kissed her again, his head tilted and his tongue running along her lips. -11:16 Nov 28
Phaedra: She couldn’t fathom how warm hands made her shiver, but they did! Did hers do the same, she wondered? Phaedra would test and see. Mimicing the way he touched her on his own skin, but getting herself distracted and lost in exploring the contours of him with her hands. Soft places and hard places… Where muscles moved as he breathed or his spine bending when she shifted. Her own breathing was shallow and soft, so hard to keep under control when he could so easily kiss her in to a stupor! -11:24 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He was losting himself too. There was a squeak as she passed her hand over a ticklish spot that made his entire side clench and pressed his hips against her and… that felt good. He did it again and started grinding his pants against hers in a low cycle as he moved back to remove her shirt entirely and… her breast was in hsi hand and he was kneading it his kisses wondering down the side of her neck and to her shoulder taking his breath with it at it washed over her skin. -11:30 Nov 28
Phaedra: Oh. Ooooh. That was a new feeling. One that had her sucking in a breath, tilting her head back against the mattress and her eyes falling closed. She moved too, sliding a leg up and down against him. Her tail curling around his waist and tickling his side again. She could feel him breathing… Phaedra brushed her fingers in to his hair as she sighed. -11:38 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He moved up to kiss her again his tide tensing under her tail before he moved down to kiss her breats softly ash his hands slid down to undo his pants and push them down, then on his kees and with a ahnd next to her head he moved up to suspend himself over her, hsi hard member hanging down and pulsing with his heart before slowly reaching down to undo her pants too, giving her ever chance to back out. -11:43 Nov 28
Phaedra: A soft squeak might’ve slipped out when his mouth was on her breast. Like a jolt of electricity on super sensitive skin. Her eyes opened again when her moved, and her hand curled around the arm that was braced by her head. Phaedra chewed on her lip with that nervous indecision. She really, really, really wanted more touching… so much so that she could feel the need all the way down to where his other hand was tugging her zipper. But she was still worried too, and she did promise she’d never lie to him! "I’m… a little scared? I don’t want to stop.." she mumbled softly. -11:53 Nov 28
Tremdorias: Scared? He tpugged her pants down and slid his hand back up her thigh and over her stomach up to her bears and leaned down he kiss her softly. "It’s alright." he whispered. "I’m nervous too. If you want tme to stop you can say." bacj to was already lowering his hips and sliding his hand back down to touch her folds and guide his tip to herbreath catching and then shuddering as he sunk in., and then slowly, gently push his -11:57 Nov 28
Phaedra: Phaedra gripped his shoulders tight, the split fear that it would hurt almost over-whelming. But it didn’t hurt. It was so the opposite of hurt that Phaedra made a surprised gasping sound. Her body relaxed and her hands found their way in to his hair, pulling him close for a sudden kiss. -12:04 Nov 29
Tremdorias: He kissed her back as his back curled against her, then uncurled pulling him out before her thrust again. Her arms hooked behind hers and gripped her shoulders from behind he his skin slid against her from where her sink into her with each thrust all the way to thier chests. he wanted to feel as much of her as possible, to experience as much of her as possible. This was for her, and for him. And he was lost in it. She would know what god sex felt like… and he would know he loved her. -12:09 Nov 29
Phaedra: This was so different… an intoxicating mix of sensations, and all of them heady and heavy and consuming. Gentle movements seeming to make her throb from the inside out. Hot skin, and cool wet mouth being her only tether. Phaedra wrapped her arms tight around his neck, wanting to touch, but being so caught up in feeling she was stucking nuzzling against his cheek as she sighed louder. -12:16 Nov 29
Tremdorias: He moved faster, his hands clinging to her and driving deeper, legs shifting and a sigh and small sound escaping him. He wasn’t worried abou what had happened before, he coulsn’t even think further back than this moment, this wondrful exquisite moment. He moved to capture her mouth in another all consuming kiss nipping her lip gently. -12:23 Nov 29
Phaedra: Everything just seemed to make her climb higher. And no amount of clinging to him made it relent, nor desperately kissing him and nibbling on his mouth, or locking her legs and even her tail around him. Spiraling so quickly it was almost alarming. "Tre, I…!" Even before she could mumble the words, her resistance broke. A startled sound slipping out, followed by an even more surprised, pleased cooing. Her whole body was shaking, even the fingers that were clinging to his hair, and her gasp of breath she was trying so hard to take in. -12:33 Nov 29
Tremdorias: His name, the gasp, the felling of her shaking and at the same time losing direction and reisistanke. He pushed through deeper sespite her tighteneing arounf him and he was done. Emptying into her as he tightened his arms around her nad crushed his liks into hers. Then when a shuddering moan he relaxed, the kiss sofening until he was just drushing his lips against hers and breathing hard. -12:38 Nov 29
Phaedra: She felt like she had just ran for miles and all her limbs were useless. But instead of tired and achy, she was in pure blissful heaven. Floating and tingling, and wrapped up in something so wonderful… Phaedra was lost in his kiss, even when it softened and she was gently nibbling his lips and curling closer to nuzzle his cheek. She was still breathless, but she smiled wide. ",,,again..?" -12:42 Nov 29

Zerospace 007: Job Hunting with Phaedra

[Phaedra asked Tre to go job hunting with her. Because she’s a big coward and afraid to go by herself now.] -07:11 Nov 17
[Tremdorias is going along to make sure nothing happens to Phae and because he kinda needs a job too. Two birds with one stone.] -07:18 Nov 17
[(Logout) Tremdorias has logged out.] -((07:28 Nov 17))
[Tremdorias enters.] -07:40 Nov 17
Phaedra: Phaedra was wearing pants, because pants were safe. She also had that little keychain of pepper spray her papa gave her in case of an emergency. And Tre! Granted, she knew she was over-reacting a bit by not wanting to go out a lone but… she honestly did feel better having someone with her. Someone who -wasn’t- Papa, because that would have defeated the whole purpose of living on her own. "I have a whole list of places ready, and you can apply there too, okay?" -07:47 Nov 17
Tremdorias: "I do want a job to help out." he said happily while chewing of a frozen juice lollipop he had made while they moved bows to the street. "Maybe we cna work in the same place. I’d like that. Then we could talk buring our breaks and walk home together." he smiled. This was the fors day he was lokking forwards instead of back. The guilt was still there but he was able push it to the back of his mind. Today he was happy. -07:57 Nov 17
Phaedra: "That would be great! But maybe you would get tired of seeing me twenty four hours a day." she joked, bumping in to his arm gently. He seemed to be in much better spirits today, which in turn made -her- in better spirits. Some of the advice her Papa gave her was coming to mind, which left her swallowing and trying to refocus on where she was walking. -08:05 Nov 17
Tremdorias: He looked at her when she bumped him and cliled his lips slightly orange from the juice and the mow bare stick in his hand until they passed a bin. "You’re the kindest person I know, why would I ever get bored of you." he smiled wider. "If anything I should be finding more ways to spend time with you. I’m sure if I remembered angels wouldn’t be as nice as you!" if he really was an angel adn now a crazt shapeshifting demon that had lost it’s mind and only thought it was an angel. That thought was scary! -08:11 Nov 17
Phaedra: Phaedra laughed. "Right now I am the only person you seem to know! Aside from my Papa… There’s not much to compare to." She might have been blushing, but it was an easy enough feeling to push down. He didn’t need her making things awkward and complicated for him after he’s been through so much. "We’ll see if we get lucky somewhere, then." -08:14 Nov 17
Tremdorias: He skipped forwards and took her hand while dropping the stick into a bin and moving faster. "Yes and if I remember your map right the first place is just around the corner. So close to home we’ll be able to sleep late and still get there in time. What is it again?" -08:21 Nov 17
Phaedra: "It’s um… let me see." She held up her list and looked over it. The one around the corner? "It’s some sort of retail shop for knick knacks and things. Like glass owls and vases." Phaedra squeezed his hand and grinned. She kinda liked the idea of sleeping in. -08:32 Nov 17
Tremdorias: "Oh.." why would anyone want a glasz owl, they made terrible pets. Tributes to Athena maybe? "That sounds fun I bet yu could learn loads from talking to people in a place like that. Tail moght knovk things over so be careful." his turn to tease and bump into her. "I like your tail though. It’s all swishy. I kind of with angels had tails." -08:51 Nov 17
Phaedra: Her tail was a wicked thing, showing the embarrassement she managed to keep off her face, by curling around her leg. "It’s a well behaved tail, I can manuver in small places really well. But thank you!" He was sweet, and now Phaedra was trying to imagine angels with feathered tails. Not so far fetched, really! When they rounded the corner she could see the place’s sign. -09:11 Nov 17
Tremdorias: "Now just to be woulrself and make them fall in love with you like I have!" he said brightly and fussed a little with her bangs not really realizing what he had just said or what he was doing. "Oh! I forgot I bought you this." it was a simple shell necklace on a teather strip but it was the same color as her feathers. "For luck!" -09:22 Nov 17
Phaedra: "That’s so pretty…! A good luck charm!" Oh, he was sweet. it made her heart skip a beat. Phaedra bit her bottom lip for a moment, until she gave in to temptation and rose up on her toes to kiss his cheek. "Thanks Tre. I’ll do my best." -09:35 Nov 17
Tremdorias: He grined sooo wide from her kiss and almost forgot they had to enter the shop. "Uhh here." he said taking ehr hand and opening the door with the tinckle of the bell and lead her inside and up to the counter. "Remeber, show them you can sell yourself and they’ll believe you can sell thier… owls." -09:56 Nov 17
Phaedra: Phaedra giggled. There was so much more in the shop than the owls. But she waited at the counter until someone came up. "Hi…! Um, I was wondering if you’re still hiring and if I could fill out an application?" -10:22 Nov 17

The woman behind the counter looked at the pair. Such a cute couple. “Um… yeah. We hired one new person yesterday but we still need someone part time on thursdays and saterdays. So if you want to sublit and application uhh wait hold on a mo’.” she bent down and pulled out the applications and slid a blank one over the counter along with a pen. “The owner isn’t in today but I’ll tell you they stopped by.” -Tremdorias

Phaedra: "Okay! That sounds great!" A positive response, even if not the ideal one. Her tail was swishing happilly as she grabbed and pen and quickly scribbled out her information. "I could work any day really, would you let your boss know that? Any days any hours!" Phaedra even signed her name with a smilie face. -10:41 Nov 17

“Great I’ll let them know. Then I don’t have to come in of those days, Trish Winters. My mother owns the shop.” she offered her hand to Phaedra and smiled. You two really are a cut couple, your boyfriend seems to like owls.” -Tremdorias

Phaedra: "He’s not my- does he?" Out of curiosity, she looked over her shoulder to spy what Tre was doing. He was still a little bit strange about places and things, and Phaedra wasn’t quite sure how he would react. -10:47 Nov 17
Tremdorias: He was holding one of the yellow/golder glass owls and running a hand over the wing before he turned it over to look at the bottom adn almost dropped it! Setting it down carefully he looked aorund adn say Phae looking at his and waved with a grin before movign closer. "Any luck?" -10:52 Nov 17
Phaedra: "I got to fill out an application and she is going to talk to her Mom. Or boss, rather." Phaedra leaned to peer at the owl on the shelf. Pretty! "Do you like owls, Tre? Or just shiny angelic things in general?" she grinned, her tail swishing behind her again. -10:57 Nov 17
Tremdorias: "Owls symbolise wisdom." he said "Athena has a pet one and she is associated with beauty." he looked at it. "I didn’t know people still honored her." he didn’t even realize he was remembering things as he explained them. "But then I havn’t seen much religion here since I… woke up? Arrived? I…" he stopped himself he was starting to think he should talk to a priest about the demon inside him but didn’t want to mention that to Phaedra. "I like feathers, like yours. Also things seem to be going well here, shall we move on?" -11:04 Nov 17
Phaedra: Phaedra nodded, keeping that small bit of concern to herself. Sometimes her got that distant look on his face, and it made her wonder. SHe led the way out of the place, looking down at the next address on her list. "I have heard of an Athena before, in Greek mythology I think! I didn’t do a lot of studies about gods, though." -11:13 Nov 17
Tremdorias: "Yes, that is where she is from." he said happy he didn’t have to explain but also a little dissapointed he didn’t get to! He took her hand again and let her lead the way. "So where next?" -11:20 Nov 17
Phaedra: "Hmm, Kingdom Bookshop. You’ll get to see some religious things after all!" Holding hands again… Phaedra really liked that. She liked touching in general, when it felt safe and didn’t seem like it was encroaching on her. In fact, she really wanted to touch him more, but she didn’t think he would appreciate it. She settled for squeezing his hand and smiling at him. -11:31 Nov 17
[(Logout) Tremdorias melts away.] -((11:41 Nov 17))
[Tremdorias enters.] -11:55 Nov 17
Tremdorias: He squeezed her hand and back and skipped along besides her. "A religious book shop?" now he was curious. "Maybe I could get a job there, they would want an angel right?" he blinked. Of if he was a demon he migh burst into flames and die. What if Phae did? He would have to keep a close eye on her. -12:06 Nov 18
Phaedra: "I bet they would be more than thrilled to have an angel there. Who wouldn’t? …well, besides angry demons, anyway." Phaedra would definitely have to avoid taking Tre in to demon places. He would probably get eaten alive! -12:10 Nov 18
Tremdorias: He reached the door and hesitated but decided to relax. It wasn’t a place of worship, just a shop. Opening the door for her he entered the place and looked around. Everything looked so clean and it was so quiet. No bell, no one speaking nad the walls had to be sound proofed. Wierd. "Well go on and sell yourself, I’m right here for you." -12:15 Nov 18
Phaedra: Phaedra stepped in to the shop, looking around curiously at the shelves of books and religious things. Phaedra was always fascinating by this stuff! Even demons had their own styles of religion and worship. It often involved crucifying people too! "Um…! Hellooo?" Phaedra stopped at the clerks desk and rang a bell. -12:31 Nov 18

The store came out of the back room, clearly having been interupted from an early lunch. He looked at Phaedra curiously for a moment, but that tail wasn’t hard to miss. The friendly smile was gone, replaced by a more blank expression. “Can I help you?” -Phaedra

Tremdorias: Tre wandered too but stayed close enough to listen in. He wanted to be there for her but not to intrude, and get a look at the books, running his hand over them. -12:36 Nov 18
Phaedra: "I was wondering if you had any job openings or applications? I’m available for any days and any hours. Any time you’d like me to work!" Phaedra smiled bright. She didn’t seemed to notice his change of expression immediately, at least not until she noticed his eyes were following the swish of her tail. She curled it around her legs. -12:38 Nov 18

“We don’t allow demons in here. We definitely don’t -hire- demons. You’re not welcomed in here.” -Phaedra

Tremdorias: There was a thud as one of the books fell to the ground as Tre turned. "What?" he hissed before a pair of white wings exploded from his back and a ring of golden light appeared over his head. "You bigotted asshole. She’s part angel. I’m an angel, wouls you hire an angel?" he marched up to the counter and reached across it to grab the clerk’s shirt adn pull then half over it. "How about me? Would you hire me?" he didn’t notice if but his ither hand now clasped a sword, red flames dancing up and down it’s length. "Would you?" -12:44 Nov 18
Phaedra: "Oh, I s-!" Tre was grabbing that guy so fast and… Phaedra didn’t think she had ever seen him with wings and a halo. It took her a second to come to her senses and grab on his arm. "Tre…! It’s okay! Some people just don’t like demons I’m not upset about it…" Well. Not THAT upset about it! -12:50 Nov 18

“Y-yes we’d hire an angel…!” The guy probably never saw an angel in his entire life. This was enough to have him almost pee his pants! “I’ll hire you right now…! You can start work tomorrow?!” -Phaedra

Phaedra: "See, he’s a reasonable guy! Sort of!" Phaedra was pretty sure he was agreeing to hire Tre because he was scared to death. She tugged on his arm, and when that didn’t work, she sliped inbetween him and the clerk to push him away from the counter. "It’s all right now!" -12:54 Nov 18
Tremdorias: He let go and the sword, wings, and halo faded leaving him with a torn shirt that looked liek he had had a lawnlowed ride over his back. "Huh." did he just get a job? "We should leave." he said and started heading for the exit. "Sorry." this was to Phaedra. He hadn’t meant to loose it liek that! -12:58 Nov 18
Phaedra: "Thank you, sir!" Sorta. Phaedra didn’t really waste time in lingering. She turned Tre around and marched him right back out the front door and down the sidewalk. "That was a little uncessary…! I think you might have scared a devil out of him, if he had one…" -01:02 Nov 18
Tremdorias: That phrase! "Yeah.. I don’t think he had one, he’s just a bogit and I don’t really want to work for a bigot." he was still angry. "Sorry I lost it. I just don’t like people makinf assumptions about nice people because of something silly." -01:04 Nov 18
Phaedra: "That’s the way things are, Tre… people don’t like demons and they have every right to be scared. Most demons aren’t very nice." Phaedra fussed with his shirt, but there was going to be no mending it like this. "I think you should take the job any way. You need one, don’t you? And we’ll need to pay bills. You can always keep applying at places and change jobs later!" -01:06 Nov 18


[(Logout) Phaedra melts away.] -((01:13 Nov 18))
[(Logout) Tremdorias is off to feed the plot bunnies.] -((01:13 Nov 18))
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[Tremdorias is walking with Phaedra and might have a job.] -07:04 Nov 19
[Phaedra wasn’t quite as lucky, but she does need to explain to Tre the life of a demon!] -07:07 Nov 19
Tremdorias: "But you are nice, very nice, and if they spent just five minutes talking to you they would see that. I mean you…" he lapsed into a frustrated silence and lokked away. "At least we’ll get some money and keep the appartment." he said "I didn’t meant to scare you, or anyone. Some things get to me I guess." he looked at the sidewalk and sighed. "Where next?" -07:11 Nov 19
Phaedra: Phaedra grinned, taking his hand and squeezing it as she guided him down the sidewalk. "I’ve always been a demon and I am used to this kind of stuff. So you don’t have to worry about people hurting my feelings, okay? How about we do something fun now to celebrate?" -07:16 Nov 19
Tremdorias: "Something fun?" he asked turning to her with a grin from her hand being on his. "Don’t we still need to find you a job before you mother arived and the world ends?" he rmemebred that was a concern. "Not that I’d say no, it is the last day before I start working… -07:20 Nov 19
Phaedra: "Hmm, right… I do need to find one." She debated. A job before Mother tried snatching her away would be good. But Tre got a job and clearly needed something to perk him up… "I still have the rest of the day. Lets go for a walk and then later I’ll go back to hunting!" -07:23 Nov 19
Tremdorias: "Alright." he said "Where do you want to go? Should we get food?" he asked "Lunch would be nice somewhere quiet where we can just relax and be together. There was a breeze the creped though his torn shirt. "Maybe we should go home first." -07:33 Nov 19
Tremdorias: "Alright." he said "Where do you want to go? Should we get food?" he asked "Lunch would be nice somewhere quiet where we can just relax and be together. There was a breeze the creped though his torn shirt. "Maybe we should go home first." -07:33 Nov 19
Phaedra: Phaedra reached and plucked at his shirt again with a mix of amusement and concern. "Yeah, I think getting you a new shirt would be a good idea. I didn’t realize angel wings were so large… mine are small, even by demon standards. They always called me a runt in daycare." She liked his wings though. All of the feathers! Phaedra turned them around a corner to head back to their apartment. "Can you fly with those wings?" -07:35 Nov 19
Tremdorias: "I… don’t know." he said slowly. "I could try but I’ll need to igure out ho to make them come without losing my temper um…" he stopped walking and tried. Nothing happened and he went red. "Umm…" he looked away from her and closed his eyes before there was a rush behind him and he openeed his eyes to theck his shadow. "I… did it." -07:37 Nov 19
Phaedra: "Neat..!" Phaedra forgot about personal boundaries again, and went straight to touching. Feathers had all sorts of texture, there were soft downy ones and the longer strong ones. And they were about bigger than she was! "How do halos work? What are those? Is it pure light or like a summoning weapon?" Phaedra was curious! -07:44 Nov 19
Tremdorias: He froze when she touched him but quickly relaxed. "I…" he paused to close his eyes again and the ring of light appeared above his head and he put his hand up to feel it gingerly. There was definatly something there but it wasn’t solid, it felt strange. -07:48 Nov 19
Phaedra: This was interesting! Phaedra stopped to stand on her toes and reach up and test touch it too. Solid…ish! Her hand passed through it most of the time, and kind of tingled when it did. "Hmm… I can’t move it… it must be a soul projection or something like that!" She finally realized she was being too touchy and retracted her hand quickly. "Oh…! Sorry, Tre. I didn’t mean to be all over you!" -07:52 Nov 19
Tremdorias: "It’s fine." he said not moving. "If it was bad I would tell you to stop." he turned to look at her. Wondering if it was because she was a demon and he was an angel, but she was part angel too and shouldn’t be afraid to touch. "It makes me feel happy to be an angel intead of wondering if I would be better as a human with nothing special about me at all." -07:56 Nov 19
Phaedra: "Humans have plenty of special things about them too. I think everyone does!" Phaedra hugged him. A spontaneous impulse she wasn’t able to catch. She always thought her papa was being ridiuclous when he did things like that, but now she was realizing that impulse really was hard to control when you were very fond of something. …or someone! Tre just made her want to hug him. -08:04 Nov 19
Tremdorias: He hugged her back and pulled ehr against him, partly because it felt nice anad partly to hide the pensive look on his face from her. "Easier special things." he rested his cheek against her and closed his eyes hoping with wasn’t sounding distraught. -08:08 Nov 19
Phaedra: She liked this feeling! Her arms curled around his waist and she grinned. This was very quickly growing in to an infatuation, and she was both aware of it and not… "Special things are rarely ever easy. At least I know that much." Now she should be letting go. This was hard! -08:12 Nov 19
Tremdorias: He tightened his arms around her and just closed his eyes. "I don’t think we’re talking about the same things, but thank you." he whispered before pressing his face into her hair above her ear. "I just want to feel normal, and accepted, adn happy, and feel safe and that everyone around me is safe and to not have to wonder who or what I am because I really can’t remember anything." -08:16 Nov 19
Phaedra: Aw… Poor Tre. He was concerned about so much, and here she was being selfish and ridiculous and thinking about crushes. Phaedra tilted just enough to give him a soft kiss on the cheek. "Don’t be afraid. Or worry! I promise I’ll take care of you and make sure you get to a good place so you can be happy. I’ll help until you aren’t lost anymore." -08:23 Nov 19
Tremdorias: He turned and almost before she was done talking was crushing his lips against hers as he arms stayed wrapped around her. A full three seconds later he pulled away bright red adn feeling terrible. He shouldn’t kiss her, he had already… twice… no. Bad Tre. "We should get going." he pulled away and wings and halo danishing moved ahead of her to walk slowly ahead. -08:28 Nov 19
Phaedra: Phaedra was struck a bit speechless! He kissed her. She didn’t pounce on him or anything! And unlike those very uncomfortable prior experiences, that moment made her feel… light and fluffy. Nice. Completely smitten. There was a tinge of pink to her cheeks and she wasn’t sure if she should comment on it or leave it be. Phaedra settled for taking his hand again and walking with him. …it was impossible to repress her sudden grinning. -08:35 Nov 19
Tremdorias: He looked, she still took his hand and was acting.. happy? He flushes and grinned and didn’t know how to feel with his stomach doing flip flops and his chest feeling like it was glowing and… "Sorry I…" he exhailed and tried to calm himself. "Shouldn’t have done that." -08:42 Nov 19
Phaedra: "I didn’t mind. It was nice, Tre. Better than hugs." She liked it when he smiled too. Something he didn’t do near enough of! …and there went that impulsive want to squeeze him again. This time she resisted and just squeezed his hand instead. "I will tell you if I am uncomfortable, okay?" -08:49 Nov 19


[Phaedra has taken Tre back home so he can change his shirt!] -06:57 Nov 20
[Tremdorias is closing the door behind then but isn’t thinking about a shirt he’s thinking baout other things. Other things he needs to know for sure.] -07:02 Nov 20
Phaedra: It wasn’t the first time Phaedra had a crush, she at least knew how to recognize when she liked someone. …but they never really felt like this! She’d always want to be around or talk to, but this… she wanted to touch! And that was the one thing she really had to try not to do. Especially with this week! "So, a shirt and then more hunting. For me anyway! Although, I guess now you really don’t have to come with me if you don’t want to." -07:06 Nov 20
Tremdorias: "I want to." he said still distracted even as he fideted with his hands and then slowly pulled off the shirt to hang it over the back of the chair. "Phaedra?" he asked hugging himelf to try to cover his bare skin. "Did you like it when I kissed you just now?" he eyed her with a worried look on his face. "I mean did it feel nice and not just in a friendly kiss way?" he looked at the floor. "It did for me and I think I like you and not as a friend and I don’t know if it is too early or something so I think we shouldn’t rush things but if you did like it and wanted to kiss again or touch I think that would be okay… okay?" -07:10 Nov 20
Phaedra: "Yes, I did like it." Ooooh… how sweet…! It was hard to be embarrassed herself when he was being bashful and so shy. She almost felt like she was taking advantage of an inexperienced angel. …which was silly because she didn’t exactly know what she was doing either! Phaedra moved to take his hand and pull him over to the sofa. "I wouldn’t mind kissing again. And definitely wouldn’t mind touching… I’ve been trying very hard not to keep touching you. I wasn’t sure if that would upset you…" -07:16 Nov 20
Tremdorias: "I’ll tell you if it’s a problem, okay?" he said nervously putting his other hand on her shoulder and looking at her face biting his lip. "I mean I don’t know if you want to be my.. My…" he looked away and at the floor. "Girl… friend…" he let out pent up breath. "But I do like you" he looked at her and forsed himself to keep looking at her even though it was the hardest thing in the world. "I kissed you first last time so if you want to you do it this time." -07:20 Nov 20
Phaedra: Girlfriend! That was fast! Maybe he was not so shy and confused as she thought? Phaedra examined his face. There would be no way to know for sure unless she tried, right? A little hesitantly she stepped closer and leaned up on her toes. And as if she were afraid he might break or bolt, she gingerly brushed a soft kiss at the corner of his mouth. -07:24 Nov 20
Tremdorias: There was a spart of feeling and he tensed. "Maybe we should sit?" he whisperedsqueezing her hand and doing so quickly before his knees gave out. He was a ball of nerves and had no idea if this was right or not. Maybe he was taking advantage of her and after he did he didn’t desurve any of this. He should just leave now and never come back and certainly not put his arms around her like her was doign and pulling her down into his lap to cling to her. -07:27 Nov 20
Phaedra: She was on his lap…! Her instinct was to cling and hug and snuggle. To nuzzle and hold him… But he was so stiff and so scared. It made her heart hurt for him! Swallowing her stronger impulses, she brushed her hands against the sides of his face and nuzzled his cheek. This time she kissed him directly, still soft and testing, afraid he might change his mind. -07:33 Nov 20
Tremdorias: He pushed back softly, relaxing and running his hands up her hand where they found her wings. NErously he left where they joined her back and rubbed around them, they were so small and felt delicate, but soft and good to the touch. -07:36 Nov 20
Phaedra: She could purr.. or squeak! But the response came out in movement instead, Her swishing tail circling around one of his knees as she tilted farther forward and slipped her hands in to his hair. This was a soft nice feeling… kind of electric and kind of warm fuzzy. Just to see what he might taste like she flicked his lips with her tongue. -07:46 Nov 20
Tremdorias: He pulled his lips apart moving them against hers and slowly let his tongue join then on her lips as he ran a hand ovr the top and down the edge of her wing. He was starting to get lost and this was all new. His other hand trailed down her back and came to rest holding her aganst him. -07:50 Nov 20

Cupio was flustered. With Jayden here and demanding he show her where phaidra was staying. “She went out job hunting today, I don’t even think they’re here.” he said for the millionth time. This would be so much easier if he had man clothes! Knocking the distraction mocha out of his hands wouldn’t have been so easy then. He put his hands on the coorknob and pulled to head in and stopped. “Oh hey, JAYDEN…” he said turning around and staying in the doorway. “They’re here after all.” he stopped to listen for movment behind him and disquised the smell of thier emotions from Jayden with his own. “I’m going to make tea!” -Tremdorias

Phaedra: Mother! Phaedra felt a little bit like a spell was broken. …and she didn’t want to pull away. There was a very apologetic look on her face when she did. That wasn’t near enough time for exploring… Oh no! If her mother was -here-… Phaedra was off his lap in an instant, fussing with her clothes and then taking his hands to pull him off the sofa and usher him towards the room to fetch a shirt! -08:04 Nov 20

Jayden knew a damned ‘warning scream’ when she heard one. She pushed Cupio out of the way just in time to see her babygirl with some shirtless… Jayden took a deep breath and narrowed her eyes. Angel? A half naked, flushing angel and a red faced poorly acting daughter. “I am going to give you a head start to jump out that window before I crack every single bone in your body…” -Phaedra

Tremdorias: He looked the the two demons and looked at the floor as he moved to get another shirt and pull it on. "I did nothing wrong." he said looking up again. "I can’t, it’s physically impossible without consequences." how did he know that? was one of the consequences memory loss? He was really unsure of what to say and looked to Phaedra for help. -08:10 Nov 20

“Jay!” too late she was angry and her could smell it. “Stop it you’re over reacting. They havn’t even done anything, have you two? I mean look at the angel, could he even… they’re uptight wimps…” he realized the one he was talking about was right there. “No offence. Jayden… You know if he hurt Phaedra I’d be the first to kill him.” -Tremdorias

Phaedra: Phaedra very quickly stepped in between him and her mother. She wouldn’t doubt for a moment he’d end up out that window if interventions weren’t made. She gave her Papa a pleading look. She knew she shouldn’t have told him where she was! He was terrible at keeping things from Mother! "Yes! Would you please not over react? I am plenty old enough to do lots of things, even if we did anything. Which we didn’t!" Phaedra almost tacked on that they could, just out of defense, since Papa seemed to have a biased against angels. …but that wouldn’t have been so smart with her mother looking ready to breathe fire. -08:20 Nov 20

“OH. Oh really. Old enough to be out on your own, safe and unharmed. With an oh so innocent angel taking advantage of my traumatized and inexperienced daughter. Let me see. How did that happen? ‘Look! A nice sweet pretty girl that is scared and alone! Let me just weasel my way in to her home and her pants!'” She turned and pointed an accusing finger at Cupio. “As for YOU… I am not going to forget that you let her go. Phaedra, we’re going home.” -Phaedra

Tremdorias: "I would never hurt her." he half shouted. "I know I almost lost it today then someone wouldn’t hire her because she’s a demon and insulted her but I mean at least I scared them into giving me a job so I can pay for food and things?" he wasn’t doing a good job even if he did move to stand next to Phaedra and stood up strait. "You can’t keep her home forever and she wants to be out here. If you want me to go I will but don’t make her do things she doens’t want to." -08:26 Nov 20

Cupio was biting his lip in worry. “Jayden I just wanted her to be happy and to experience life and be her own person. Maybe I should… he huffed. Jayden, we are going home.” this was completely out of character for him liek this but he was grabbing her forearm and pulling her towards the door. “I’ll have to cancel the rest of the shoot but my wife and daughter come first.” -Tremdorias

“You want to be brave, angel? I’ll give you something to be -really- scared of.” Jayden was going to pluck out his uppity feathers one by one! Advancing foreward until Cupio grabbed her arm. For a split second she looked like she would smack him, but her expression softened. …if only for him. “Two days, Coop..! She was out on her own for two days and someone hurt her! And where is the body of THAT douchebag? You think this fluffed up pansy is going to protect my daughter?! Phaedra could beat the shit out of him! -Phaedra

Phaedra: "…hey…!" Phaedra was insulted for both herself -and- Tre! He could be strong and scary if he wanted to. …and so could she! This was enough, though. It was well past due to cut the tether. Mother was just going to have to learn to live without her. "I’d like you to go home with Papa. I am staying here. I didn’t have a great start, but things happen, Mother! You said so yourself, that sometimes we can’t avoid them! Things will happen to me and I have to deal with them." -08:38 Nov 20
Tremdorias: There was a ripping sound as for the second time today one of Cupio’s shirt was ruined by Tre’s wings and this touched the ceiling as he placed a hand on Phardra’s shoulder. "No, I am not brave, I am scared and I know it." he could feel the heat on the sword eve though it wasn’t anywhere, yet. "But that doesn’t mean I won’t bite back when bitten. Phaedra is the one person in this city who has been kind to no and if anyone hurts her they will beg for hell." -08:44 Nov 20

Cupio frooze when the wings appeared and hissed out of pure born demon instinct. Angel! Filty uptight [i[dnagerous[/i] angel. But he got control of himself and tightened his grip of Jayden’s arm. Suddenly afraid for HER. This wasn’t just any angel, it was a guardian angel and they were stubborn and stupidly protective at times. Cupio had fought with them before! “Jay… Smell him…” -Tremdorias

“He smells like he needs a fucking punch to the face.” As if she would be impressed by big flashy wings. Nor did she care that he smelled dangerous or that his aura amped up higher than she would have expected. …Maybe that did alter her perception a bit. But Jayden just as bit as stubborn, and if it weren’t for Cupio’s sudden reaction, Jayden would have assaulted him anyway. She finally released a breath. This was how it was, then? Jayden didn’t want to let her baby go… “…Fine. You can have a MONTH. I want to see bills paid, proper food, and if anyone hurts you Phaedra, I am going to hold your little angel friend personally responsible and barbecue his ass right in the middle of my club. Do we ALL understand?” -Phaedra

Phaedra: Phaedra took Tre’s arm gently. The last thing she wanted to see was a fight between him and her Mother. She was fairly certain her mother would win, if only because the woman didn’t fight fair at all. Her mother’s threat was completely unreasonable, but at least she was going to give her a chance! "…I can work with a month. But Tre isn’t responsible for me, I am responsible for me and I won’t let you cook him." -08:57 Nov 20
Tremdorias: He nodded. "If anything happens to you, I’ll hold me responsable enough for all four of us." he whispered just loud enough for Phaedra to have a chance at hearing. He would especially if it was him that hurt her. It wouldn’t be he wouldn’t let that happen again. He would protect her nad look after her and no one would hurt her. -09:02 Nov 20

Cupio was biting his lip worried for a whole bunch of other reasons now. A guardian angel was looking after Phaedra now and that uaully only happened when something bad was going to happen and they would be needed. Cupio knew this, up until not Cupio had usually been that something bad. But Jayden had just compromised and that means she desurved love once she calmed down. “My hotel?” he said softly to her. “We can talk about what I’m doing to kind that demon that hurt Phaedra. I have his scent. Literally.” -Tremdorias


Zerospace 006: Papa In Trouble

[Tremdorias is next to someone. In a bed.] -02:48 Oct 27
[Phaedra is sleeping well for the first time in a couple of days. …and late!] -02:52 Oct 27
[Cupio is sneaking in the front door the the kids forgot to lock!] -02:54 Oct 27
Phaedra: Soooo cozy and warm and safe. Phaedra was practically draped over him. An arm, a leg, and even her tail wrapped around one of his legs. Even if he had tried to leave in the middle of the night, she may not have let him. Phaedra was still sound asleep, with no signs of waking! It seemed she really did need sleep badly. -02:56 Oct 27
Tremdorias: He still had his arms arounf her and had his eyes closed though it was questionable if he was truly asleep. He felt good in her arms and had forgotten about the plan for leaving. She was just so cozy, and there was no way to get out without waking her up! -02:59 Oct 27
Cupio: He closed the door softly and looked around. No one on the couch, interesting. Dumping his bag on it and moving quietly to the bedroom doorway and hiding behind the frame and sniffed, ears pricked. Both of thier smells, he was still in the appartment, but nothing the smelled like sex… no sounds either. -03:02 Oct 27
Phaedra: Perhaps she had good instints, because she had that twitchy feeling something was watching. Phaedra didn’t want to wake up, but paranoia was a terrible thing. She was suddenly very tense, hiding her face at his shoulder and softly jostling him just a bit. Phaedra couldn’t even seem to squeak out a noise, she was so afraid there was a demon there! -03:09 Oct 27
Tremdorias: He made a foft sound and pulled her closer with her movement and breathed a deep sigh rubbing on her back to get ehr to relax. She was nervous as hell and it was his fault. Frowning slightly he mumbled at her to sleep and relaxed. -03:13 Oct 27
Cupio: He rounded the corner and smiled. They were all snuggly and Cupio would get to gossip with Phaedra later, but for now there was things to do. "I brought clothes." he saiddumping his butt on the foot of the bed and breathing deep through his nose. He sex smell, but they were getting there and he was grinning and eyeing the two. "So who’s ready for breakfast. I brought half a bakery and those chicken pies smell divine." -03:16 Oct 27
Phaedra: Phaedra jumped! And it was only the fact she had been too afraid to squeak that kept her from screaming. But instantly on recognition she sighed in relief. Papa was so darn sneaky! …and she was clinging to poor Tre like he was her pillow! Phaedra untangled her tail from him, and tried to sit up with at least -some- dignity. "Papa, doors are made for knocking, you know!" -03:19 Oct 27
Cupio: "They are also made for locking, you should do that next time." he dug into a paper bag and pulled out a pie for each of them and held them out. "Clothes are in the lounge angel boy. Both of you might want to shower before we go out. You can keep the whole bag as long as you need it, I’m going to stay like this!" he was trying not to burst right int the gossiping and was looking between them happily. "Oh, I also got iced coffees. Not mocha, I have things to do today. Speakign of which my night time shoot went great and I’m free until the afternoon!" -03:25 Oct 27
Tremdorias: He untangled himself from "Phaedra and sat up quickly stratening his shirt and propping a pillow up to lean against taking his pie and using nibbling a corner as an excuse not to say much. "Thank you…" the demon had clothing for him, he hoped it wasn’t like what ‘he’ was wearing, that would not go over well. Though he wouldn’t put it past Cupio. -03:26 Oct 27
Phaedra: How could she forget to lock the door…! Someone really could have snuck in so easily! Phaedra forced herself not to focus on that, though and on her Papa who was doing what he did best. Enthusiastically taking over! She broke a piece of the pie off the pastry and popped it in her mouth. "Tre can shower first, I think. Would you like to do something special today, Papa?" -03:30 Oct 27
Cupio: "Mall, then lunch." he said before taking a big bite of his pie and chewing, cheeks bulging. "I need to get you a housewarming present and an old knife and a can of mace doesn’t count." he shifted his legs fully on the bed and focused on Phaedra. After lunch I have to work, but we have all morning, what’s left of it sleepy heads." -03:35 Oct 27
Tremdorias: He listened to the plan and hoped it would go better than the previous day, speaking of which now was the perfect tiem to slip out of bed and head for the lounge. "Shower." he explained and went to look for hte bag on the couch and see what was inside. Okay these were definatly not tiny woman clothes, and in fact looked a little too big for him. He would ask Phaedra later, when it wouldn’t seem rude. If he was still around. -03:38 Oct 27
Phaedra: The room felt a little empty without him in it. That was a strange feeling! Phaedra was chewing thoughtfully before she grinned at her Papa. "Sorry… I didn’t mean to sleep late. I was having a hard time getting to sleep, and had to ask Tre to come stay in here with me. You nearly scared me to death sneaking in here!" -03:42 Oct 27
Cupio: "Yeah, I saw you two snuggling." he said srinning and his tail begining to swish from side to side. "Must have felt good, didn’t it? Warm and fuzzy and like you didn’t want to leave?" hereally wanted to know and lay down on his side in the spot just vacated to look up at his daughter. -03:45 Oct 27
Phaedra: Her face was red, and she did her best to be casual about it. Phaedra didn’t know why this was so weird for her. Maybe it was just because it was the first actual male she had been entangled with! "Well…. yes! It did! It’s not like you or Mother. Which is nice, but it’s a whole different kind of nice." -03:49 Oct 27
Cupio: "Oh, you like him. I don’t even have to smell to know that." he squealed and threw his arms around her. "I’mm so happy for you Phaedra. He’s kind and sweet and afraid. And if it doesn’t work out you’ll have learned from it. And your Papa will always be a phone call away, even if I have to fly here on my own wings." -03:55 Oct 27
Phaedra: Phaedra hugged him, but she didn’t look near as sure about it as he was. "You move so fast! I like him, but he isn’t my boyfriend just yet. I’m not sure he’s ready for anything like that. He’s a little fragile." -04:00 Oct 27
[(Timeout) Tremdorias was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -04:14 Oct 27
Cupio: "But you like him, and I think he likes you. Keep him closem snuggle with him at night and some time in the future feels light try giving him a small kiss. You can do this at yout own pace." he hugged her and leaned against her. "I’m just happy my little girl is growing up, and love is one of the best feelings in the world." he kissed her cheek and let her go. "Even if it’s not love yet, it still has a chance to grow." -04:14 Oct 27
Phaedra: Phaedra finally gave in to his whimsy. She always wanted to be level headed and smart like Mother, but her Papa was a romantic, and Phaedra really really loved that about him. "I’d love to fall in love… I want to meet someone like you did!" -04:18 Oct 27
Cupio: Oh if Phaedra knew hos they met and what followed… "You’ll do things your way. If you did what we did Jayden would murder the poor guy." he let go and leaned back pulling the bag closer and taking out creame horns for desert. "And I think you have a much better chance of falling in love than I ever did. You’ll do great." -04:25 Oct 27
Cupio: Oh if Phaedra knew hos they met and what followed… "You’ll do things your way. If you did what we did Jayden would murder the poor guy." he let go and leaned back pulling the bag closer and taking out creame horns for desert. "And I think you have a much better chance of falling in love than I ever did. You’ll do great." -04:25 Oct 27
Phaedra: "Wasn’t it easy for you? You’ve said you wanted to have sex with Mother since the moment you saw her!" Oooh, that was her favorite pastry. It was in her mouth in a heartbeat and she was licking her fingers in second. They would have to give one to Tre! He’d like them! -04:28 Oct 27
Cupio: He looked guilty. "Sex is not love Phaedra, I wasnted to have sex with yout mother but I didn’t love her. That came afterwards. I had just gotten out of hell and I didn’t even know what love was, it took Jayden to show me. But I don’t want you having sex with people who are not your boyfriend. All I’ve ever wanted is for you to have a good and happy life Phae. Which is why I got you out here, so you can be happier and live. You’re my daughter and I love you." -04:33 Oct 27
Phaedra: "Oh, Papa…" Phaedra moved to hug him tight and give him a quick kiss on the cheek. "I love you too! You don’t have to worry so much about me. You and Mother taught me everything important, and I’ll be just fine. I got a little wobbly there for a bit, but I can do it!" -04:37 Oct 27
Cupio: He hugged her back tight. "Better go make sure angel boy hasn’t browned himself in the shower, I’ll just check in with Jayden I promesed to call every morning buring my business trip." he leaped for the foot of the bed to dug around for his phone, there had been a few calls that he had ignored, hopefully nothing too important. -04:42 Oct 27
Phaedra: Phaedra hoped he wouldn’t be able to drown himself in the shower. Quickly she was hopping out of bed and off to the bathroom. Without thinking to knock, despite having chided her father for it, she was bursting in to make sure Tre was still alive! -04:45 Oct 27
[Tremdorias is next to someone. In a bed.] -04:46 Oct 27
Tremdorias: The door opened adn he was only covered by a towel and drying himself off. "Phaedra!" he jumoed back and knocked a few bottles off the shelf. "You… Hi I’m just done." he traped the towel around himself covering as much as he could. "I’ll just get out your way." -04:49 Oct 27
Cupio: He dialed Jayden’s number and put the reciever to his ear. "Sorry Jay, I have a photoshoot at night and slept in a bit. Rest is wondeful after dr… dinner followed by a shoot. The pictures will be in your inbox for approval by noon. I just had breakfast and lounging in bed, getting up is hard." -04:51 Oct 27
Phaedra: "Oh! Sorry! Um…" Maybe she wasn’t entirely sorry, she was giggling nervously, and wasn’t really making any effort to look away. So this was a naked man… Phaedra stepped to the side, though she was barely getting out of the way for him. "I had the silly misconception that maybe you drowned, but… that was silly!" -04:53 Oct 27

“Oh really? So all you did was have a little rest last night?” It was easy to tell her tone over the phone. In teh background there were a lot of voices. She clearly took that call despite there being several people around. -Phaedra

Tremdorias: "Drowned?" he was frozen in place and reluctant to move. "I wouldn’t drown in a shower even if I tried. I.. just… I’ll get dressed." he slipped past ehr brushing against her as little as possible and grabbing the bag to drag into into a corner and wait for Phaedra to close and bathroom door. -05:08 Oct 27
Cupio: "I went out a little, okay? Nothing fancy just a quiet drink and then to the hotel, then to the photoshoot that lasted until past midnight." his tone was less creary and more subdued, he was in trouble, he knew already. "Jayden, are you alright?" -05:10 Oct 27
Phaedra: "I know, I wasn’t thinking." Curiosity was a very peculiar thing. He looked very nice when wet! Instead of leaving, she just turned around once she realized she was staring. "…so Papa would like to take us out for shopping and lunch. Then he has to work… I was wondering if you would come with me while I do my job hunting? I know it’s probably more practical if we split up, but I’m a little nervous about going out alone." -05:13 Oct 27

“I’m doing just fine. For a woman who has been crazy with worry over her run-away daughter. By any chance have you -seen- Phaedra lately?” Ooooh, if she were there, she would eat him alive. No amount of puppy mcboobs eyes would save him. -Phaedra

Tremdorias: "I’ll be there with you." he promised as he dried his hair and quickly started getting dressed. The clothes were a little too big but they fit alright. And the shirst were a nice fabrick. He had to roll wear shorts thought, the pants were too long! -05:16 Oct 27
Cupio: "I told you, she’s not run away Jayden." he tried to remember the cover he had used. "There was a trip with a friend from when she used to come to the office and you were in a meeting and I caid she could go. But no I haven’t seen her, I’m not even in the right city Jayden." -05:19 Oct 27
Phaedra: "Great! I bet you could apply at all the places I do anyway. So it’s not totally a bad thing." Phaedra stole a glance over her shoulder. He must have been several inches shorter than Papa… She always forgot how tall he really was when he was a girl! "Are the clothes okay?" -05:20 Oct 27

“Funny, because I have a pciture here on my desk. Of my daughter, my Cupio, and some GUY. Together.” How many ways could she punish him without killing him? Jayden had a few good ideas! -Phaedra

Tremdorias: He looked at her. "It would be fun working together, even if I have no skills, I bet I could be good with people. "Hello, how maye I help you today ma’am. I’ll get right on that, are you alright to wait five minutes? Cerainly, thank you for stopping by." he grinned. "I think I need somehting that fits better for work… but these are gread for now!" -05:23 Oct 27
Phaedra: Phaedra like when he grinned. He looked so much happier and not so lost. Now she was smiling too, and had that terrible urge to go squeeze him! "You’re realy good at that. I bet it’s going to be super easy for you to get hired somewhere. I still have a bit of money, so we can get some better fitting clothes today… it will be fun!" -05:26 Oct 27
Cupio: BUSTED! "Jayden… I… Phaedra wanted to live on her own for a little, she has a right to that if she wants, and I’m here to make sure everything works out." motormouth explaining time. "She’s not a child anymore and she can make her own choices, so what if she’s not a virgin anymore, Tre is a sweet guy and Jayden. He’s and angel, literally! And they were snuggling when I walking in on them this morning! Our little Phae and an angel snuggling!" from explain more to excited gushing mode. "Oh he smells like cinamon and pollen, and he cried when Phaedra asken if he was going to rape her. CRIED! He’s a wuss but he’s trying. Be cna’t hold hos liquor for anything too. I don’t thinks he’s ever drunk a drop before. But it he hurts on hair on Phaedra’s head I’ll be getting and angel sou;d for you to play with all you want. Everything will be fine Jayden." -05:28 Oct 27
Tremdorias: He moved to sit on the couch, by the sound of things Cupio was on the phone but was talking to fast to make out, no that he was paying attention. "It will be, but you don’t have to spend money on me, I have… Okay I don’t but… you’ve done too much for me already. You’re a good person, I think you make a better angel than me." the last like was said as if it were a joke, and maybe it was… maybe. -05:32 Oct 27

Okay. Jayden was fine with the whole grown up, living on her own bit. But then it got bad. “She’s not a WHAT anymore?!” Clearly she shouted it so loud that everyone there silenced instantly. Then she was hissing in to the phone. “She’s been gone not even a week and some asshole has gotten his hands all over my kid? Oh I hope you’re with them right now, Cupio, because when I get, I’m going to rip his little wings off and then beat the shit out of you with them.” -Phaedra

Phaedra: "How am I going to make a better angel than the real deal?" Her tail was swishing in that pleasant shipper way. Pheadra really did like him. A good night’s sleep, a nice breakfast, and a little time with her Papa was enough to have her back in top form. "You’re fussing too much! It’s a roommate’s partnership, okay? You’re doing me favors too, so it all balances out! I am not so nice." -05:36 Oct 27
Cupio: Shit.. "Virgin…? Some human took advantage of her when she was asking for directions.. and a demon broke into ehr appartment, that was before I got here but I’m here now and so is Angel Boy. And I gave Phae the rulebreakes and a can of mace. And I have that demon’s scent. If I catch wind of him I’ll tear him to peices. Literally. Just stop worrying Jayden, I’ve got this, she’ll be fine. It anything happens I’ll tell you exactly where to find us and you can bring an entire army with you. Alright?" -05:37 Oct 27
Tremdorias: "You’ve only been nive to me." he said. "I’ll pay you back, somehow, dinner out when I get money, how does that sound?" wait, did he just ask her out? "As room mates. And you Papa too is he is still around." he was wearing the proof that that demon was a man at least some of the time. "Even if it is difficult picturing him as you rfather and not your mother. It’s strange seeing demons like this, so domestic and not being demon-like at all." -05:40 Oct 27

“Fuck that. I am coming to bring her home. I was fine with whole little adventure thing, but she’s been out for DAYS. -Days- and two people have already hurt my daughter. I don’t need you to tell me where you are. I WILL find you. And then I am going to lock her in the basement, and you in the attic.” And there’s where she hung up. Jayden’s threats were more like promises than anything! -Phaedra

Phaedra: "Just wait until you meet my mother! Or um… maybe not. …well, anyway, she is very demonlike! Much more than Papa. And it’s very funny." Phaedra was rocking on her heels. She wanted to be in his space… how was she supposed to behave and not be strange about it? This was so much different from people she felt friendly with. "I would love to go out for a dinner. That sounds like a lot of fun." -05:46 Oct 27
Cupio: "Jay…" the line was dead, Jayden was pissed, he would wait a bit then try calling again. He walked into the lounge. "Angel boy, food." he handed the bag with the cream horn to Tre and turned to Phaedra. "Your mama knows, she says she’s on her way. I’ll talk to her again but you should find a job quickly so she’s less likely to drag you back home." -05:54 Oct 27

Zerospace 005: Afraid of the Dark

[Phaedra is alone in her bed. She thought she would have Papa with her! But it was the middle of the night and was alone and can’t sleep…] -11:13 Oct 26
[Tremdorias is on the couch and about five seconds from getting up and sneaking out to leave Phaedra alone forever. It would be easier than telling her he’s leaving face to face in the morning.] -11:16 Oct 26
Phaedra: Just when she would get her eyes closed, she’d hear a little sound and jump. A dog barking, a car drive by or a drip from the sink. Even the creaking of the apartment! Phaedra was so paranoid something was lurking around in the dark where she couldn’t see. It must have been near two AM when she finally gave up. Rolling out of bed in her night gown and tip-toeing in to the living room. Very, very quietly, she knelt by the sofa and gently poked at his shoulder. "Tre…" -11:21 Oct 26
Tremdorias: He turned his head to look at her. "You should be asleep." he said. "Do you sleep?" if she didn’t then why were they pretending whe was? He would have to make his move as soon as her bedroom door closed again. He couldn’t be close to her and not hurt her it seemed. -11:24 Oct 26
Phaedra: "Yes, I need sleep…" she mumbled softly. And looked a little embarrassed by it. Now she had the index fingers of both hands gently tapping at his shoulder. "I don’t want to bother you but…" Phaedra took a deep breath and let out a frustrated huff. "I’m a little scared to stay in there alone. I can’t sleep. Every little thing is making my heart beat fifty miles a minute. …would you mind too much staying in bed with me…? I would ask Papa but he’s at his hotel and he spent such a long time on the bus." -11:29 Oct 26
Tremdorias: He sat up and looked weary. "You sure?" he asked "I don’t mean I wouldn’t It’s just that…" what if he did things to her? What if he snuck off and it made her feel worse. She was just trying to break away and make it on her ow. Stupid angel empathy. "I’d be happy to." he stood slowly but looked away. "I’m sorry." -11:35 Oct 26
Phaedra: Phaedra laughed softly and took his hand to lead him back to the room. "It’s not your fault. It’s stupid really. I mean, I am a grown woman, right? I shouldn’t be afraid. I’m sorry." She assumed this was a huge bother for him. Why wouldn’t it be? She nearly got him killed, she upset him by being careless with her questions, and now she was waking him up in the middle of the night. was kind of selfish! She paused in the room at the foot of the bed, not looking so sure any more. "Although if this makes you uncomfortable, I can always call up Papa and go stay with him." -11:40 Oct 26
Tremdorias: He shook his head. "Not uncomfortable." that was a lie. "And It’s too late at night to go all that way." he reached out and gave her a hestant hug. "Just remember, I don’t sleep so if you need something don’t be afraid to ask. Pkay?" -11:43 Oct 26
Phaedra: "You don’t?" So she hadn’t woken him at all! …that just meant he was lying on the sofa being bored out of his mind, maybe. Phaedra let go of him to crawl in to bed, shifting around the blankets and arranging the pillows so he would have his own side. There wasn’t too much extra room, the bed hadn’t been meant for more than one person. But Phaedra was small enough to make it work. She pat the empty space, inviting him to climb in. -11:48 Oct 26
Tremdorias: He slipped in and lay flat on his back with his arms either side of him staring at the cieling. "I don’t, which is nice when you don’t have a place to live. You can just keep coulf around and never have to worry aout where to sleep." -11:53 Oct 26
Phaedra: "Does that mean you can’t sleep at all?" It was strange, since for her it was a necessity… and she knew her Papa could sleep when he wanted to. Phaedra pulled the covers up over them both and layed down facing him. A little hesitant about touching him. He was so stiff and tense… It kind of made her want to hug him so he would relax, but she wasn’t sure he’d like it. "You have a place to live now, though. I’m really glad you’re here." -11:59 Oct 26
Tremdorias: That made a pang appear in his chest and he turned his head towards her and looked at her. "You are?" she was because she didn’t know. "Even though I might…" he couldn’t even say it but it did make him pull the blanket over himself and curl up. "What if I do…?" -12:05 Oct 27
Phaedra: Phaedra had no idea what he meant, but she was assuming again… He was afraid of something, and what else was there? Phaedra scooted closer to him, stealing his hand under the covers. "Yes, I am. Because I don’t have to be afraid all by myself. …you don’t have to either?" -12:14 Oct 27
Tremdorias: He tucking his face under the covers so she wouldn’t see it. "I’m not afraid for myself." he said. "And I’m not afraid to be alone. What if I hurt you without meaning to?" He plled away from her and felt the edge of the bed. "Phaedra, you know nothign about me but you trust me, why?" -12:22 Oct 27
Phaedra: Phaedra retreated. He would fall off the bed if she didn’t! She curled up with her pillow instead, shrugging her shoulders, though he wouldn’t likely see with his face covered. …she couldn’t resist, and ended up reaching out to tug the blanket down at least so she could see his face. "You’ve been nice to me. You haven’t done anything to make me not trust you. …and… um… I can see your strings…?" -12:29 Oct 27
Tremdorias: "My strings?" he asked genuinely perplexed and moving forwards to pull a pillow under himself and watched her. "What do you mean my strings?" he was worried she meant she could see into his sould and could see what he was. -12:32 Oct 27
Phaedra: "It’s um…" Phaedra tried to think about how to explain it. She normally didn’t even try to. People didn’t understand. "Uuum, they are strings on people and sometimes things too? They’re always tied to stuff or pointing in directions. And… you have um… a lot of strings. A lot of strings." -12:52 Oct 27
Tremdorias: "You mean fate?" he asked uncurling. "I don’t know if I believe in that. If there is so much fate then why do people make mistakes, why do people hurt eachother?" he moved closer to hear her answer better. "Believing in fate means there is nothing we can do to stop bad things happening, I can’t believe that is true." -12:56 Oct 27
Phaedra: "I guess it doesn’t work the way people always think? At least, they have never looked permanant. I can tug on them when I want to. Or pull them off completely. And sometimes they split in so many directions." He was almost close enough that she could feel his body heat. And that compulsion to curl up against him was really strong. She hugged her pillow tighter. "People pull their own strings most of the time, I suppose.. but then people like me can pull them too, and I guess that is where the bad stuff happens." -01:05 Oct 27
Tremdorias: "I don’t think you could ever make bad things happen." he said. "But then you say the same thing about me. You should sleep. I’m here if you need me." he closed his eyes and shifted to get comfortable. He would tell her he was leaving in the morning, and then she wou even thing ld be safe, safe with her father. So hard to think of that demon as a man. -01:10 Oct 27
Phaedra: "I have before, though…" she murmured, she was definitely getting sleepy but she liked talking to him… Against her better judgement she scooted closer again, just barely resting her head on his shoulder and curling her arm around his. "I pulled one of my mother’s string when I was too small to know what I was doing. And then she hurt Papa. I think she is afraid of me, sometimes." -01:15 Oct 27
Tremdorias: She knew what it was like to accidently hurt good people? "I’ve hurt someone I car about too." he said "And I never want to again but I don’t know how I can not do it again. I’m scared." -01:19 Oct 27
Phaedra: "Accidents happen sometimes. We just try out best to learn and not make them again?" Phaedra shifted until she entwined her fingers with his. He was lost and broken. With more strings she had ever seen on anyone. He needed her. "I’ll help you, Tremdorias. I promise I’ll take care of you. So you don’t have to be scared." -01:25 Oct 27
Tremdorias: She’d help him? He almost told her right then but intead he put an arm around her and pulled ehr against him. "You’re too good. Too good for what’s happened. "Promise me if it happens again you’ll fight back. Don’t let it happen again." -01:29 Oct 27
Phaedra: Breakthrough! At least one enough where he could trust her. Phaedra wanted him to trust her! She curled up against him, tucking her head under his chin with a grin. She was supposed to be comforting him and making him feel safer, but this was a nice feeling. "I’ll try to? I promse I’ll try to… I didn’t know what to do before, but I have a better idea now." -01:33 Oct 27
Tremdorias: He curled the otehr arm around her and sighed. "We’ll work on that, but unless you want to be asleep when your father gets here tomorow then you’d better get some now. I’ll be here." he nuzzles into her hair and sighed. Why did she have to make this so pleasent, and somewhere deep inside there was a spart of happiness, a spark of fufillment, and a spark of triumph. -01:39 Oct 27

Zerospace 004: Meddling Papa

[Tremdorias Is not having a good week when it comes to rememebring things.] -09:34 Oct 13
[Phaedra did not rest well, or much at all during the night. But at least it was morning now.] -09:35 Oct 13
[Cupio Is knocking on the door with bags full of things for Phaedra. Lots and lots of bags.] -09:36 Oct 13
Phaedra: She was clean and dressed in fresh clothes, but she still looked like hell. There were the three red scratched across her neck, accompanied by teeth marks. Bruises everywhere… and she definitely didn’t look rested. She was sore and stiff, and feeling rather dark. At first she was confused by the knock on the door, until she remembered the conversation with her Papa. Immediately she was rushing to it and swinging it open. "Papa!" -09:36 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He was asleep on the couch curled into a ball and hugging his own wings, he didn’t feel welcome to sleep anywhere else and the appartment only had one bedroom. -09:39 Oct 13
Cupio: "Phae!" He strew his arms around his daughter and squealed. "I’m here!" he checked his watch. Early too. But I brought you some food, some clothes and your plushes you left behind. I didn’t wany you to get lonely though…" he grinned showing off his wings and peered over his daughter’s shoulder to look into the appartment. "I hear that isn’t a problem… you look like…" she looked like a night after rought sex… THAT GUY WAS DEAD! DEEEAAAD! -09:41 Oct 13
Phaedra: Even after he released her, she was hugging him again! Maybe her mother seemed to have a different way of responding to him depending on his form, but for Phaedra this was Papa and only Papa. "Don’t give him a hard time, okay? He didn’t have a very good day yesterday either… It was my fault." -09:43 Oct 13
Tremdorias: She sounded and smelled worried and this made Cupio worried. He placed a hand on her shoulder and kissed his daughter’s cheek. "It’s okay Phae, what happened." His red eyes stared into hers. "And you know I can smell it when you lie. Did he do something bad to you?" -09:46 Oct 13
Cupio: She sounded and smelled worried and this made Cupio worried. He placed a hand on her shoulder and kissed his daughter’s cheek. "It’s okay Phae, what happened." His red eyes stared into hers. "And you know I can smell it when you lie. Did he do something bad to you?" -0 -09:46 Oct 13
Phaedra: Phaedra was just a bit taller than him like this, and her hair coloring was her mothers. But her eyes were the very same color as his and now she too was peering over her shoulder at the sleeping form on her couch. Phaedra bit in to her lip and shook her head. "No, Papa… he’s been really nice. I met him yesterday." -09:49 Oct 13
Cupio: "Doll…" he reached over and picked up two handpulls of bag handles and shoved the bad into Phaedra’s arms before grabbing the rest. "Something bad did happen though, I can tell." if they didn’t need to get stuff into the fridge then he would kick over the couch and meet this man. But is was a good thing that his shopping skill had improved since he had met Jayden and now Phaedra was getting the home starter kit. -09:53 Oct 13
Phaedra: Peering curiously in to the bags that were thrust in to her arms, Phaedra wandered over in to the small kitchenette to set them on the counter and start pulling things out. "Things haven’t been as easy as I thought they would be. But I have learned what the rape whistle is for! Next time I will remember to have it with me. I think I will put it on a keychain?" -09:57 Oct 13
Cupio: Cupio cursed his own foresight. "Phae, I brought you a present." he said opening a bad that had his clothes and pulled out a box, a box that Phaedra would have known since childhood, and a small canister. "I want you to keep these, you know what the knife does, and the canister is a spray that burns eyes and skin, I dought it in a self defence shop. They should help keep you safe." he then movd over to his daughter and leaned ahainst the wall next to the tiny fridge. "What happened?" -10:01 Oct 13
Phaedra: Phaedra slipped on to one of the high chairs at the counter, pulling the box towards her to peer inside. She remembered this knife! Not a toy. She didn’t look all that convinced about using it either. The girl shrugged her shoulders. Why was it so hard to tell him about it? "My first day I met a human who said he would give me directions, and he did. Kind of. He just wanted a fucking, is what he called it, and he wouldn’t let me go when I asked him to. He wasn’t really scary at all but it hurt a little bit…" -10:06 Oct 13
Cupio: There was a low growl. "Did you get anything of his?" anything, blood, a crap of cloth, anything with his scent… anything that can be used to track him down and kill… No Cupio, killing is bad. He sat in the seat next to her and put his ams around her. "Sorry Phae, That’s what this is for. He pulled the mace towards them. "One spray in the face and you run .Your mother make me carry some too when I’m like this. Are you alright?" -10:11 Oct 13
Phaedra: She nodded slowly before she was leaning to rest her head against his chest and circle her arms around his waist. Now that he was here, Phaedra was so glad! "Yesterday went better, at first. I met Tre in the park and bought him a sandwhich cause I kind of ran in to him. He’s kind of lost, Papa. He doesn’t really remember anything about himself. So I said he could he could stay with me, because it’d be nice knowing someone in the city, right? But it wasn’t really safe here." -10:14 Oct 13
[(Timeout) Tremdorias was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -10:18 Oct 13
Cupio: He was smothing ehr hair and holding her. "It is. I was lucky to know Jay. She gave me a place to sleep even when summoning me was an accident. You are like her in some ways." he was trying to comfort her but he had to ask. "And what do you mean it wasn’t safe here?" he brushed her hair with his fingers and frowned. He was now very worried. "Was it that human again?" -10:18 Oct 13
Phaedra: Phaedra shook her head, then was burying her face at his neck to the point where her voice came out muffled. "Tre was supposed to be here when I got back… but it was a demon instead. A really jerky demon and he said he’d kill my friend if I didn’t do what he said." Phaedra finally straightened, shrugging her shoulders and casting a grim smile. "I invited Tre to stay here and because of me he might’ve died. Only two days here and everything mother said was right…" -10:22 Oct 13
Cupio: "Shhhh…" he said softly shifting over to sit in bis daughter’s lap and then awkwardly cradles her head. "You can do this Phae, I believe in you. You can’t give up because one bad thing happened. You have someone who needs you by the sounds of it and I’m here now so you’ll be fine. It wasn’t easy for me either when I forst started out. I don’t think it’s easy for anyone. but you can make it. I know you can." -10:33 Oct 13
Phaedra: Taking a deep breath, she tilted her head to the side and smiled… just a little bit. "I know… I guess it’s better to hear it from someone? It was scary though! How am I going to take care of him if people are going to hurt him just because he’s here with me? That demon called me by name, Papa… I think someone really does want to hurt me…" -10:38 Oct 13
Cupio: "Then cut them off from their intent with the knife. Or just… thre are demons that can know a name by just looking at you. I would have been here sooner but Jay hadn’t left on business yet and… Just trust yourself and you’ll be fine. I’m taking you and your little man out tonight by the way, no man gets to live with my daughter unless I know he won’t hurt her. And then at least you’ll have someone you can trust here?" -10:42 Oct 13
Phaedra: That made her laugh! Loud enough that it eased a lot of her worries and she was grinning at her Papa. "He is an angel, though! I’m not sure he’ll like anything too strange. You won’t scare him, will you? I’m not sure he is still going to want to stay here after yesterday…" -10:44 Oct 13
Cupio: "Then we should ask him." he said spilling from his daughter’s lap and tail twitching stalked over to the couch to lean against the wall behint it with his hadn and look down at the sleeping figure. "Angel you say? I think I can convince him never to hurt you…" -10:54 Oct 13
Phaedra: "Papa, don’t do anything mean to him. He’s been the only person really nice to me since I got here!" she huffed as softly as she could, following after him to make sure he didn’t pounce or do anything startling! -11:00 Oct 13
[Tremdorias is about to get woken up.] -11:02 Oct 13
Cupio: "Don’t worry Phae." he said and simply grabbed the man’s shirt and pulled him up and let him fall back down. "Hi." -11:09 Oct 13
Phaedra: "….that isn’t really a nice way to wake someone up!" On the bright side, her mother probably would have just dumped the entire sofa down on top of him. -11:12 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He woke with a start and then looked up and saw another demon. He pressed himself into the bacl of the couch and looked at Cupio, then caught sight of Phae. "Phaedra…" he said uncertainly. Two demons… has he in the middle of a cult, this new on smelt of lust! -11:13 Oct 13
Phaedra: "I’m sorry he woke you, Tre! Papa just gets excited to meet new people." Phaedra swatted at his arm, trying to nudge him away a bit to at least give the man some space! -11:16 Oct 13
Cupio: "Someone hanging out with my daughter needs to know how bto be manhandled. Anythign I do to him will ne nothing compared to what your mother would do.." tail flick and grin. "So his name is Tre?" -11:21 Oct 13
Tremdorias: "Papa…?" this thing was her FATHER! And now it was here and he was going to… he was staying with it’s dauther and… his face was saying ‘please don’t eat me’ and his voice wasn’t saying anything. This was awkward! -11:24 Oct 13
Phaedra: "Tremdorias. Um… meet my father, Cupio! I know he looks very lady-like at the moment, but he is my Papa and he’s not going to to anything manhandling…" She squinted at him, giving him a good swat again. " -11:27 Oct 13
Cupio: "Well you knwo I can’t. Jayden would kill me." there was another flick of his tail and he took a step back. "But you might, and he doesn’t look up to much." -11:32 Oct 13
Phaedra: Phaedra looked briefly confused, but she was pretty sure he meant something naughty, which left her flushing red and looking a little exasperated. She had her own tail in her hands now, twisting it up with her fingers. "I told you… we had a bad day yesterday. But today will be worlds better now that you’re here!" -11:38 Oct 13
[(Timeout) Tremdorias has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -11:57 Oct 13
Cupio: He hugged Phaedra and sighed "Yes, nothign will hapen now. And we’re going out. All three of us. I hope angels can take thier drink…" he looked back at the man and frowned. Would an angel be enough to look after Phae, she was delicate and now hurt. "Phae, we should talk." -11:57 Oct 13
Phaedra: Unhappy Papa expression. Phaedra wasn’t sure if she was in trouble, or Tre would be in trouble… But she nodded, casting the man an apologetic look before she was taking her papa’s hand to lead him to the bedroom. -12:00 Oct 14
[Phaedra has taken her McPapa to the bedroom for what is apparently a private conversation?] -10:56 Oct 18
[Cupio Sits his daughter on the bed and get’s ready to have a talk with her that is long overdue.] -10:57 Oct 18
Phaedra: Sitting on the edge of the bed, Phaedra was a little concerned she might be in trouble. Papa had that serious expression and he so rarely had it when he was in female form. "Did I do something wrong..? I know I swatted at you, but I think Tre is a little delicate!" -10:59 Oct 18
Cupio: "No Phae, you didn’t." His voice was concerned. "I want to talk about what happened, with that human, and that demon, You’r my baby and I know it must have been confusing. But I can explain things. What did you mean by fucking?" he was trying to be as demicate as he could. If someone had touched his little Phae he would murder them, but he beeded to make sure Phae was okay. That was why he was down here, that and father daughter night out. -11:03 Oct 18
Phaedra: "That’s what the human said, fucking. Which I understand is sex. The demon just said rape but that wound up being the exact same thing as the human’s so I assume one of them was confused." This was a bit awkward to talk about with him, if only because he was being so serious and Phaedra really just wanted to forget all about it. She was twisting up the bottom hem of her shirt in her hands. "I am more worried about my new friend, I think that demon hurt him too, but he really doesn’t remember anything." -11:10 Oct 18
Cupio: Cupio reached out to his his fingers though Paedra’s hair. "Rape it when one of the people don’t want it, fucking, and sex, are when both want it." he said. "Sex feels good, rape feels bad for the person who doesn’t want it." he shifted closer and pulled Paudra down to rest her head in his lap. "I wanted you first time to be sex, or making love which is better, I’m sorry you got raped." he was ignoring the subject of the boy, he was not Cupio’s concern. "If you want sex, you should try to find someone you like as more than a friend, adn say no to everyone you don’t, if saying no doesn’t work it’s okay to hurt them to get away." -11:15 Oct 18
Phaedra: Phaedra sighed, burying her face at his lap for a long silent moment. She didn’t want to cry about it again, she did enough of it last night and it never really helped anything. "I don’t want to hurt anybody. …though I guess I kind of wanted to last night. I was scared and I couldn’t think of what to do. Is this going to happen all the time…?" Two days in a row, the odds weren’t looking good in her favor. Maybe she could take Tre home with her… -11:22 Oct 18
Cupio: "Nooooo." he said "It’s not, it just happens sometimes. I brought you the spray you cna use that if it happens again. You just need to find someone you like as more than a friend, maybe that angel in the other room, angels don’t tend to hurt people they don’t feel they need to and that one doesn’t look stuck up like the others." -11:27 Oct 18
Phaedra: "Mother says I shouldn’t even think about sex yet, and so far she seems right about a lot of things." she muttered. As much as she loved her mother, Phaedra was hoping she could prove otherwise and that this wasn’t a bad idea. She huffed. "I don’t understand why people want to hurt me, and they’re going to hurt him because of me too… Did that happen to you Mother?" -11:32 Oct 18
Cupio: He sighed. "You’re old enough, Phae. Your mother wouldn’t think you were if you lived to be a hundred. She is very protective because she loves you." he kept stroking and brushing her hair. "And yes it did, long before I met your mother, and once after that. But I had a wonderful daughter and a wife who loves me and I couldn’t be happier. You are human enough that you don’t have a lot of the problems I have, and you don’t need to have sex until you feel ready. All yo have to do to see if you like a boy is to kiss him. If you like what you feel, then you like him and he is a person you could have sex with when you feel you’re ready, so long as he is your boyfriend." -11:38 Oct 18
Phaedra: Of course her first thought was that she would never feel ready or want to try that again! But that was probably silly. Phaedra finally sat up, giving a curious stare and a tilt of her head. "So I’m allowed to have a boyfriend now? I’ve wanted to try one for years!" -11:42 Oct 18
Cupio: He smiled, the serious expression melting slightly. "You’re living in your own house, I can’t tell you what to do anymore, so yes you are allowed a boyfriend somlong as you don’t tell your mother and we go out tonight, all three of us. But remember you need to be able to trust your boyfriend, to don’t choose anyone who will hurt you." -11:50 Oct 18
Phaedra: "Yes, Papa. No mean boyfriends." Phaedra grinned wide. Maybe she was a little soft and she didn’t want to hurt people, but she wouldn’t let someone abuse her when she could help it. "I’d love to go out, and I think Tre might like it too!" -11:55 Oct 18
Cupio: "Well if yu plan on kissing him I have to make sure he won’t hurt you." he said. "I may be allowing you to have a boyfriend but I’ll still make sure you pick on that I like and won’t hurt you, so that I don’t have to come hack and get angry with him. And you know what happens when Papa gets angry." he lenaed down to kiss her forehead and then looked down at her. "Are there any good places nearby?" -11:58 Oct 18
Phaedra: "I am not so sure he will appreciate me trying to kiss him…" Not after what happened. Phaedra was still surprised he didn’t hate her and wanted to stay at the apartment with her. She looked thoughtful for a moment. "There is the park right down the street. That’s where I met him. But do you really have to interogate him? I think he might be traumatized enough as it is!" -12:02 Oct 19
Cupio: "Phaedra, if a man wants to move into your appartment it means he likes you and wants sex with you, that is an unavoidable fact, and if he hasn’t run away by the time we open the door then he still likes you, and no, no part. I’m taking my daughter out drinking and there’s nothing Jayden can do to stop me." He was excited enough for his wings to twitter and grin wide. "I’m going to make sure he’s a nice guy and that he’s good for my Phaedra by talking to him adn being friendly. That’s how you get to know people." -12:13 Oct 19
Phaedra: She looked a little surprised, casting a look at the door. Staying with her meant wanting to have sex with her? Phaedra wasn’t sure how she felt about that… "That’s okay then. Talking and being friendly. I really don’t want to scare him." -12:18 Oct 19
Cupio: "He’s an angel, his own shadow scares him." he said lifting her head and slipping onto his feet and lookign at the door. "Get showered, get dressed and we’ll go out together. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time." -12:22 Oct 19


Phaedra: Phaedra was happy to go out with her Papa and her new angel friend. …but she was slightly concerned about what her Papa had planned. He wasn’t as bad as mother, but when Papa was a female he was ever so slightly devious… He probably didn’t realize she was old enough to notice now, but she certainly did! Phaedra was wearing a simple black dress. Something nice for an evening out and hopefully a pleasant experience for the angel. -12:30 Oct 19
[Tremdorias enters.] -12:31 Oct 19
Cupio: Cupio was showered adn ready too, in ancle toots, jeans and a tshirt and jacket that were both too short to reach his belt. It wasn’t often he got to dress up without Jayden getting protective and he was regretting not packing a skirt, but at least her had his hair loose and long and brushed back. This was going to be great! All he had to do was get them talkign with eachother and see how they intercted and drunk enough to get all the details! -12:34 Oct 19
Tremdorias: He had woken up and was still wearing his one outfit as he sat on th ecouch and watched the girl get ready looking worried, it seemed the demons were up to something but at least one of them tried to smile reasuringly and the other, he didn’t want to tjink too much about that smile! He waited until the older demon.. ‘Papa.’ said they were ready to go before standing and following them towards the door. -12:36 Oct 19
Phaedra: He was so quiet and nervous… Phaedra wanted to tuck him somewhere safe! She gave him space, though, choosing to hold on to her Papa’s arm while they walked. She did feel a lot better about going out now that he was there too. Phaedra hoped that paranoid feeling would go away soon. "…So what will we do, Papa! Um… we’re going to go somewhere angel friendly, right?" Only now did she suddenly wonder if they’d end up visiting a demon club. -12:42 Oct 19
Cupio: Cupio grabbed the angel’s arm and pulling him up next to them as they walked. "Some place tame, quiet, secluded. I don’t want my Phae anywhere too rough when shes all nervous." he said still pulling the angel along but his arm. "My little girl isn’t the type to go anywhere I like to go and quiet is good too sometimes. I want to know how you’re doing and to talk, we can always go somewhere else for my next visit." -12:46 Oct 19
Tremdorias: Pulled aong with the purls he looked at the two and blinked. Next visit? Of course he wanted to be liked by his room lates apparent parent but he was buing manhandled. "I like the sound of somewhere quiet." he said quitely. "And I’d be happy to talk, about anything. I’m going to be staying with Phaedra after all.. I think." -12:48 Oct 19
Phaedra: "Yes! If you still want to stay with me." Her Papa was a hurricane who really didn’t understand that some people had their bubbles. Mother told her that! Phaedra released his arm and ducked around him, taking the middle spot so she could detach him from Tre. The man didn’t need to be dragged! "I’m doing okay now that you’re here.. I told you the first two days were a little rough, but I’m sure it’ll look up once I get the hang of stuff." -12:53 Oct 19
Cupio: "I’m here to help you with that, I’d be a bad parent if I didn’t at least do that." he looked at her, and then as him and slimed, she was protective of him and it. Was. ABORABLE. He had to try hard not to squee, like a little Jayden! Mama would be proud! If she ever found out. Proud and outraged. -12:56 Oct 19
Tremdorias: He took Paedra’s and and relaxed a bit. "Then I’m taying with you…" he looked at Cu[io and then at Phaedra, feeling like he was being fought over, or something, but he could relax arounf phaedra so he chose her. "And I’ll help too. I can do things and get a job and get money. It will be easier with two of us." -12:58 Oct 19
Phaedra: She hadn’t expected him to take her hand, and now that conversation of guys wanting to have sex when they moved in with you was flittering through her head. She was very nearly turning red and fumbling through her words. "Ri-right. Absolutely! I’m sure at least one of us will have a job really fast. I haven’t even applied to half the places on my list yet." -01:02 Oct 19
Tremdorias: Holding hands and blushing! SO! CUTE! It was getting hard to stay nuetral. "You could always ask me for money, I have enough." he said "Speaking of which We’re going shopping sometime. There are looks I’ve been wanting to try on you that Jayden would never let me. This is going to be so great. And we can get out hair done, and see a scary movie, and get you some food, and… I wish Jay was here and wouldn’t be bossy about it!" -01:06 Oct 19
Cupio: Holding hands and blushing! SO! CUTE! It was getting hard to stay nuetral. "You could always ask me for money, I have enough." he said "Speaking of which We’re going shopping sometime. There are looks I’ve been wanting to try on you that Jayden would never let me. This is going to be so great. And we can get out hair done, and see a scary movie, and get you some food, and… I wish Jay was here and wouldn’t be bossy about it!" -01:06 Oct 19
Tremdorias: Cupio seemed to be on a tangent and he took the time to get Phaedra’s attention. "You still want to to live with you? en when that happened?" he was a little surprised, she obviously bounced back fast. "Thank you, I’ll get a job and pay for half of everything. I don’t want to be a burden." -01:09 Oct 19
Phaedra: Her Papa was always enthusiastic about things, and Phaedra loved it! Well, maybe she didn’t want him to give her money when she was trying to do things on her own, but it was hard not to be cheered by his mood. Her new friend caught her a bit by surprise. "I actually thought maybe you wouldn’t want to stay there since I am trouble. I don’t want you to get hurt because of me, but I would love to have company and help." -01:13 Oct 19
Cupio: Cupio stopped talking to listen, while facing forwards and pretending not to. Even moving a little ahead to head into the elevator and hold the door to watch them coming, no longer able to keep himself from smiling. -01:16 Oct 19
Tremdorias: He smiled and squeezed her hand. "We will be fine, I guess I just need to lock the door, or something. I didn’t want to lock you out and." he looked away, somehow sure this was his fault. "We’ll have fun too though. Be best friends." -01:18 Oct 19
Phaedra: Phaedra laughed softly. "Best friends then. I can make a second key so you don’t have to worry so much. So don’t!" It was probably her Papa that was more worth worrying about. As they stepped in to the elevator she was giving him a suspicious look. -01:23 Oct 19
Cupio: He grinned at Phae pressing th ebutton and leanign against the wall. "So you met in a park, and you bought him a sandwicha nd then he suddenly moved in. You work fast Phae." he was joking, mostly. "There has to be more of a story." Or phaedra ahd picked up a stray and had put herself in danger! -01:27 Oct 19
Phaedra: "I bumped in to him and then bought him a new sandwhich. And then we had lunch together, and he said he didn’t really remember anything and I thought that was pretty bad being lost in the city by himself. Now he has somewhere to stay while he figures things out." And all of it sounded perfectly reasonable to her. He needed help, and she was in a position to give it! -01:31 Oct 19
Cupio: He looked between them. "So you didn’t do it because you like him?" he had his ahdns behind his back and wasn leanign against the wall in the perfect innocent post. "You didn’t think he was cute?" he knew Phaedra suspected this was coming, so it was good to give it now then pretend to move on. -01:33 Oct 19
Phaedra: There was the deviousness! Her face was probably red, but she gave an expression that was probably all too reminiscent of her mother. "Cuteness has nothing to do with these things, and I do like him or I wouldn’t have offered to help him." …And they were talking about him as if he weren’t right there and holding her hand. "…I’m really sorry if these questions are weird, Tre…" -01:37 Oct 19
Cupio: "If you like him you’ll kiss him." He loved seeing Phaedra being bashful and couldn’t help but sink his teeth into her reactions. "ANd if he likes you he’ll kiss you back. That is how you tell if you should date someone! So before we go o this date you two have testing to do!" -01:40 Oct 19
Phaedra: Oh, blast it all! Phaedra wasn’t prepared for him to be that wicked. Now there was no possible way she could look Tre in the eye, she was almost too embarassed. "It’s not a date when it’s three people, Papa…" She caught him on as technicality! -01:45 Oct 19
Cupio: "It is if there’s a third wheel, someone eto make sure you two don’t have sex in the middle of the resturant and make all the ones int he area ban demons from entering." so man buttons to press, this was too much fun! -01:47 Oct 19
Tremdorias: He was just listening and turning redder and redder. He wasnted to shrink and disappear but didn’t let go of her hand even if he couldn’t look at her, or her papa, at least the doors opened and he was able to step out! -01:49 Oct 19
Phaedra: Phaedra was thinking about hitting her own father. Thank goodness the doors were open… maybe she should just start running and drag Tre with her? Instead, she quickly applied distraction technique. "…I just remember. He doesn’t have any extra set of clothes, Papa. Do you think we can borrow some of yours until we have the money to get some?" Keeping her voice even was a challenge, but she suceeded! -01:54 Oct 19
Cupio: "I don’t think he’ll fit in what I brought with." he pointed out. "Shopping first! Drinks second! We’re going to try on EVERYTHING!" grabbed phaedra’s hand and pulled her thought he doors out onto the street. -01:58 Oct 19
Cupio: "I don’t think he’ll fit in what I brought with." he pointed out. "Shopping first! Drinks second! We’re going to try on EVERYTHING!" grabbed phaedra’s hand and pulled her thought he doors out onto the street. "ANd so is angel bow. I’ll get you matching tshirts, and new shoes. And get you and I matching outfits and we’ll get p… okay maybe no pictures, and we’ll get icecream. But no mocha, no mocha…" -02:00 Oct 19
Tremdorias: He blinked. "Does she always get liek this?" from sneaky and embarresng to excited and talking a mile a minute. "You don’t have to get me anything though." -02:01 Oct 19
Phaedra: "We can’t go shopping now, we don’t have the money for that yet…!" Phaedra was determined to make sure she didn’t borrow more money than what she left with! It completely contradicted her quest to things herself. "Yes, he’s like this a lot… And you do need more clothes. But Papa, let me worry about that. I don’t think we’re up for a shopping adventure today!" -02:04 Oct 19
Cupio: "I’m not allowed to but a present for your boyfriend? Never knew my Phae was the jealous type." he stuck out his tongue and sighed. "Fine, we’ll do it tomorow, but remember I love spoiling my daughter and I’m going to do that if she wants me to or not!" he glared at Phaedra. "Unless tomorow you two want to go on a date alone… Okay I’ll stop now." -02:08 Oct 19
Tremdorias: He was still comfused and it showed. "I’ll get a job and get clothes." he mumbled softly hoping no one would hear, these two had sent thier entire lives togetehr and he didn’t remember any of his. He wanted that. Looking down at thier held hands he blushed. "I think Phaedra is brave to want to do things for herself." -02:15 Oct 19
Phaedra: "I am so going to tell Mother later. …when I can." she threatened. He was going to terrorize her new friend, and he’d regret ever meeting her! Phaedra squeezed Tre’s hand, trying to keep that embarassment under control. "I don’t know about brave… I’m kind of nervous about how everything will go now after such a bad start. Buuuut, we’ll be working together and that’s good." Phaedra wasn’t even sure what she was saying now, or if it still made sense. Papa had her so flustered, she just wanted to talk to keep him from doing it. -02:22 Oct 19
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[Cupio enters.] -07:35 Oct 19
[Phaedra is having an awkward evening.] -07:36 Oct 19
[Tremdorias enters.] -07:37 Oct 19
Cupio: "If you tell mommy she’ll come here and you’ll never be allowed to live on your own again. Especially if she finds out what happened. I’m not telling you where you are and you’re not letting me have any fun!" he pouted and folded his arms and looked like he might refuse to talk another. "I’m hust happy that youo have found someone." -07:39 Oct 19
Phaedra: And all of a sudden Phaedra started laughing! Tail swishing behind still with that flustered twitch, but her laughing was easy enough. "Does that mean you’ve changed your mind about going out tonight, Papa? I was looking forward to it too!" -07:46 Oct 19
Cupio: "If least you need to stop taking what I say so seariously." he stuck out his tongue and then carried on walking. "You have your Mother’s temprament sometimes and I’m just here to have fun with my daughter, not me some medlesom parent." -07:52 Oct 19
Phaedra: She had been chastied by her father, and definitely looked like it. Complete with the sudden pouty lip and the ‘please dun be mad, papa!’ expression. Phaedra didn’t argue another word about it, though. She just squeezed Tre’s hand again. Maybe she wasn’t quite so grown up to handle her father after all! "…so then! Where did you have in mind to go? And since no mocha, I guess coffee is out of the question!" -07:56 Oct 19
Cupio: "I don’t know this city at all." he admitted looking around. "We will have to see what we can find." he was lying, he had read a guidebook and knew exactly where to go but wanted to make an adventure out of it. "Coffee is fine but not Mocha, I’m not lalowed to have Mocha unless Jayden is around." he spread his wings to stretch them after the long bus ride and looked around at street names. "We’ll try this way." -08:08 Oct 19
Tremdorias: He squeezed her hand back and looked at the two, he didn[‘t feeling liek he was contributing much to the conversation up to now. "I know a place.." he said beaking Cupio’s confident stride. "It’s close and nice." -08:12 Oct 19
Phaedra: "Really? Oh, that’s good… you know, it means you aren’t totally without memories. I think that’s a really good sign." …of course, it hadn’t occured to her until right that moment that she never asked just how far back his memory went. Phaedra clamped her mouth shut again. -08:15 Oct 19
Cupio: His tail twitched and he turned. "You do? Great! Do they serve demons there? Not to eat because if you eat anyone other than Phaedra I’ll kill you." he giggled after getting revenge for not allowing his to decide where they go without deciding where they were going. "Dammit neither of you are good at getting double meanings." -08:19 Oct 19
Tremdorias: "Eat Phaedra?" That didn’t sound very nice and he looked at her and shook his head. "I don’t ant to eat demon, and Phaedra isn’t full demon she.. I guess you know that already. It confuses me how who was dorn from a demon and a human." -08:21 Oct 19
Phaedra: She looked a little relieved at knowing she wasn’t going to be eaten. …then a bit suspicious at Papa pouting about double-meanings. Maybe she would ask about that later. "I don’t think it’s so weird, I mean, if they had me, then it’s bound to have happened lots of times before. I was doing studies about the cultural history in school." -08:25 Oct 19
Cupio: "Yes, Jaydens whole family have been angel, human, demon, mixes. Which is why I was ablr to get her pregnant. I didn’t even know I could when it happened but I couldn’t have been happier. Now where is this place of yours Angel? Lead the way, and if it’s kiddie land I’m laughing and getting myself a drink." -08:31 Oct 19
Tremdorias: He nodded, understanding a little more and then pointed in a direction across the street and started walking still holding Phaedra’s hand. "This way, it’s just over there." -08:35 Oct 19
Phaedra: It reminded her that she wanted to put together a timeline of Mother’s family tree. They’d never be able to trace Papa’s, but Phaedra wouldn’ve liked to know where she came from. "I like the kiddie lands. I haven’t played in a ball pit in forever!" -08:38 Oct 19
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[Cupio enters.] -09:13 Oct 19
Cupio: "Kiddie land is for kids… but a ball pit does sound like fun. I wish they had good drinks there or had one in a… not getting distracted." He was the one following now and his tail was swishing watching them together. Why did Phaedra have to be so cure holding a boy’s hand? Dammit Phae! -09:19 Oct 19
[Tremdorias enters.] -09:20 Oct 19
Tremdorias: "what is a kiddie land?" he was curious now even though this place wasn’t that, it was a tiny little bar/resturant and they were already outside of it, nearly invisible between a comic book shop and a larger cafe. "And what is a ball pit?" -09:23 Oct 19
Phaedra: Phaedra laughed again, swinging his hand back and forth. "It’s like a swimming pool filled with plastic balls, and it’s kinda crazy weird how you sink in them and can’t get back out. But it’s a lot of fun." She tilted her head, eyeing him curiously for a moment. "How much of your memory are you missing? You don’t seem to be missing too much vital stuff… just little things." -09:25 Oct 19
Tremdorias: "I haven’t been here that long either!" he protested. "It’s just… I don’t know if I want to remember, it’s hard to explain. I…" he lookes at Phaedra standing still and then just put his arms around her and hugged her. "I’m sorry I’m so incomplete." -09:31 Oct 19
Phaedra: She didn’t know why she was being hugged so suddenly, but Phaedra assumed he needed the comfort. If he had issues anything like what she had over the past two days, she definitely understood the need for hugs. So she put her arms around him and hugged him back, offering him a wide reassuring grin. "Don’t worry about it! You’re not alone, so we’ll get it all sorted out." -09:38 Oct 19
Cupio: From handholding to hugging, he was wierd but he could almost forgive him as he chanted ‘kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss’ in his head clutching his hand to his chest and almost, almost, squealing. "You two can join me when you’re done." he said stepping around them and slipping inside. "I’ll order you something to drink while I wait." -09:41 Oct 19
Tremdorias: He clung to her, happy to be alone and not letting go. "We will, I know you’re afraid too but you don’tneed to be so long as I’m here, so long as I am me." he sighed and glaned at the retreating demon. "We should go after her before she orders us somehting nasty?" he didn’t know Cupio very well, but demons were tricky and this one was definately no exception. -09:44 Oct 19
Phaedra: It was an unexpectled nice feeling to have someone who wasn’t one of her parents say something like that. Still grinning, Phaedra nodded. "I’m sure he won’t give us anything gross… but he’s clearly feeling mischevious today. He’s not bothering you too badly is he? I can ask him to stop pestering you." -09:48 Oct 19
Tremdorias: He shook his head. "I don’t want you todo that, he looks like she is having fun and trying to be friendly in her own way. I understand demons are not like me and likinf with different types of people makes life interesting, right? I know my life got more interesting after I let you." -09:55 Oct 19
Phaedra: Phaedra looked apologetic again. ‘Interesting’ could have easily meant ‘dangerous’ or ‘insane’ and she still felt so bad about it. "I just want to keep you safe, I guess. Even if it’s just from my Papa being weird." Phaedra took his hand again to lead the way inside. "But I’ll not worry about then, either! We’ll just enjoy tonight!" -09:58 Oct 19
Cupio: He was at a table and had ordered three drinks, nixe fruity, delicious, strong drinks and had already taking a sip when they arived. He had his wongs spread out to purposfully blocj anyone sitting hixt to him in the booth so that had to sit next to eachother and was pretending to play with his crazy straw. Apparently one of the staff had recognised him and they had been promised free hot buns and a plate od nachos to enjoy with thier meal. People were nice! -10:04 Oct 19
Cupio: "We’ll keep eachother safe, but I don’t want your family to have to act differently around me. If we’re going to be staying togetehr they need to like me and…" he looked at the stall offered Phaedra to sit first and changed subject. "What is this?" he was looking at the glass. -10:07 Oct 19
Tremdorias: "We’ll keep eachother safe, but I don’t want your family to have to act differently around me. If we’re going to be staying togetehr they need to like me and…" he looked at the stall offered Phaedra to sit first and changed subject. "What is this?" he was looking at the glass. – -10:08 Oct 19
Phaedra: Phaedra slid in to her seat with her tail curling on to her lap, and without hearing what the drink was called, was already taking a sip. Sweet! She liked that it was pretty and colorful too. "It’s not bad.. orange and pineapple and… hmm… Some other stuff, I can’t tell." -10:11 Oct 19
Cupio: He smiled. "You can’t just start drinking." he said. "This is a special night and we need to make a toast and… NACHOS!" the plate had arived and set in front of them. "I like this place, but anyway, a toast. To new lives and new beginings. My Phae is all grown up!" -10:15 Oct 19
Tremdorias: He didn’t know what to think about the toast but she was obviously a proud parent and that was touching. So see demons act like this was stange but heartwarming nad he smiled and took a drink… and it was nice and warming and… just nice. -10:19 Oct 19
[Phaedra enters.] -10:22 Oct 19
Phaedra: So much excitement over chips and cheese! Phaedra gave a nervous, embarassed giggle before sipping her drink too. Then setting it aside to steal one of the chips and pop it in to her mouth. "Pretty sure I’ve been grown up for awhile, but this new life stuff is definitely an adventure." -10:25 Oct 19
Cupio: "There you go, that’s the spirit. See youa re old enough to handle this. You two will do fine." he also stole and chip before pushign it out into the middle of the table and sipping his drink. "I’m just tockled to see you living in your own place, with a man, even if the man was a suprise but I think he’s too much of a wimp to hurt you. My little Phae with an angel." he did it, he squealed and if there wasn’t a table between them he would have jumped on them and hugged them both! -10:29 Oct 19
Phaedra: "That’s not nice! He might not be a wimp!" Anybody could be knocked out and surprised by an evil demon. …though Phaedra was casting the angel a small side glance to see how he took the comment. -10:34 Oct 19
Tremdorias: He was blushign adn he didn’t know why, glancing at phaedra and trying to hide it by taking a large gulp from his glass and putting it down, then turning to stare at the other seat. Again he was kind of left out of the conversation but that was fine, he was spending time with Phaedra. He caught her eye and took her hand under the table. "It’s fine, I don’t like fighting so wimp is a good word for me, but it’s a compliment. I will fight si I have to to keep you safe, but only if there is no other way." -10:36 Oct 19
Cupio: This was too cute for words and he just sat there grinning into his drink and watching. He picked up a creacy chip and nibbled on it and adly played with his tail. There was no doubt about it. Wimpy hos papa’s aproval! Now he just had to get them to kiss. -10:41 Oct 19
[(Timeout) Phaedra was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -10:47 Oct 19
Phaedra: The drink really was good, it was hard not to drink it fast. She squeezed his hand when she smiled at him. See, he understood how she felt about hurting things! …it took meeting an angel to find someone that agreed, but still! "I wouldn’t call that a wimp at all though. Chosing not to fight and hurt things is your choice, and I think that’s great! There’s so many more awesome things to do." -10:47 Oct 19
Tremdorias: He squeezed her hand again and leaned closer, his shoulder resting against hers and took another sip of the fruity drink. "I don’t mind what people call me, I don’t want to hurt people, or demons, or anything that can feel pain. I am happy with that, so what others say doesn’t matter. Being happy with yourself is what matters." -10:53 Oct 19
Phaedra: "See, that is how I felt too. But Mother fusses so much about me not learning how to fight things, and I said I’d never need to know! And- hmm." There was a trail of thought she didn’t want to get in to. Phaedra quickly shifted gears. "What kind of job would you like to look for, Tre?" -10:57 Oct 19
Cupio: Nooooo don’t tlak about work! Work was for when there wasn’t chemestry in the air. "Worry about work tomorow after I leave." he said cutting his daughter off. "Yes I’m leaving tomorow but only for a few hours since I do actually have work here. And since you don’t want me to have fun taking you shopping he can borrow my clothes, now back to talkign baout eachother, what do you think of him?" -11:04 Oct 19
Phaedra: "Papa, I already told you I liked him, he’s nice." She really didn’t get him sometimes. Phaedra sipped her drink again, frowning a bit when she realized it was gone already. "Um, I guess we -should- talk about us so we know what we’re living with… like um… was the couch comfortable?" -11:10 Oct 19
Cupio: Phaedra was hopeless with guys! "You like him! Sow what do you like about him? What don’t you like about him, how do you like him? Like a friend or like a boyfriend? How does it feel like to hold his hand, to look into his eyes and say that you like him?" -11:12 Oct 19
Phaedra: That was far too many questions at once, and she was feeling a little too hazy to be able to shoot back with responses quick enough! Phaedra got stuck on looking down at their held hands, twisting her mouth up in a thoughtful expression. "You could ask him questions too, you know, he is sitting right here!" Oh, that was mean of her. Siccing her Papa after him. But he did say he could handle it. …Phaedra just wasn’t quite ready to answer! -11:18 Oct 19
Cupio: "No, I want to know what my daughter thinks of the man she’s holding hands with, then I’ll ask him. I know what he thinks about you already, I can smell it. Phaedra, you’re the only one I can’t and that’s frustrating when you won’t talk to me." -11:22 Oct 19
Phaedra: Oh that wasn’t fair at all! He could smell what Tre felt? Now her face was red again, and she most certainly was -not- going to gaze in to anyone’s eyes. She liked him and he was nice. Phaedra couldn’t think of any other words for it… she liked holding his hand, and liked being hugged. And liked that he wanted to stay and help her and protect her even though she didn’t ask him to. "What do you think about me?" she avoided answering her papa, but not on purpose. Phaedra wanted to know what he was smelling! -11:30 Oct 19
Cupio: Yes, asking him, she was making moves and Cupio, love doctor was in the house to make sure there was hookup. He sipped his drinks, those two drank quickly and either was taking it very well. Things couldn’t be going better. Cupio might be the one on the couch tonight! -11:36 Oct 19
Tremdorias: "I…" he went led. "I like you." he said quietly examining the table with all too much intencity. "I think you’re gneerous and tusting and I don’t betray your trust want to. You’re the kindest person I’ve met and I want to be just as kind back to you if I can. And holding your hand makes me feel warm inside." -11:39 Oct 19
Phaedra: "I see…" She might have blushed redder if that was even possible. And she understood exactly what he meant by warm feeling, because the words were so sweet she was almost dizzy with giddiness. That was a weird new feeling! "I’m glad I ran in to you. You make me feel like it wasn’t an accident at all and that I was meant to meet you. I like that feeling." -11:48 Oct 19
Cupio: "He liiiiiiikes you." Cupio purred. "He wants to huuuug you. He wants to kiiiiiiisss you." he drained his glass and grinned. "My nose never lies, and you two are in danger of falling in love and I’m so happy mt daughter has found a soft gentle wimp to look after. I would hug you both if we were standing." -11:56 Oct 19
Tremdorias: He took refuge in draining his glass and blushing like hell. "I… Do… maybe?" he didn’t let ho of her hand and just kept his gaze anywhere but the two of them. "I want to talk aout somethign else." -12:05 Oct 20
Phaedra: It was too late now, they were knee deep in it, and now that earlier conversation with her papa was on her mind again. A man that moved in with you wanted to have sex! And so far she was 2 to 0. "If that demon hadn’t been there, would you have raped me, Tre? Or are you going to later…? Men move in because they want sex and I don’t know if I am ready for that yet, but I don’t want to say no…" -12:11 Oct 20
Tremdorias: He snapped to look at her and his hand left hers under the table. "N…NO! I… NO! Never I…" he was surprised and outrages and… he remembered. He had raped her, twice and… "I…" he wasnted to cry and quickly got up to walk away quickly, anywhere where he could be away from them, bathroom! -12:23 Oct 20
Phaedra: Phaedra looked bewildered for a moment, but soon realized she said the exact wrong thing. Insulting and hurtful and… she couldn’t believe she let that come out of her mouth without thinking first! Phaedra moved, having every intention of going after him! -12:28 Oct 20
Cupio: He got up too and caught up to Phaedra and put a hand over her shoulder to stop her, then stepped past her and pushed into the bathroom, he after all what a guy… right? "Tremor, she didn’t mean to hurt you. She just doesn’t want it to happen again, and I don’t want it to happen to her again either, did something happen to you that night?" -12:33 Oct 20
Tremdorias: "You don’t understand…" he said shocked to see the demon had followeded. "What if I do hurt her, what if I already have, what if because of what happened she needs to be alone for a while. I want her to be safe and hapy and what if she’s not take with me? She needs someone who can protect her, not a wimp!" -12:37 Oct 20
Phaedra: Left outside the bathroom, Phaedra was stuck standing there like an idiot, twisting her poor tail up in her hands. Why couldn’t she seem to do anything right on her own? It was the simplest thing in the world to have a friend, and just by being her she was messing it up! -12:40 Oct 20
Cupio: "That’s stupid. You said you would fight for her so fight for her. You’ll never get anything nice if you just give up on day one. Get back out there or I’ll bring her in here, she’s probably out there feeling bad for hurting you, whickh means staying in here is hurting her. So get out there or I’ll slap sense into you!" -12:44 Oct 20
Tremdorias: "So I hurt her no matter what I do, she is better off not knowing me. I should leave and never get close to her again." -12:51 Oct 20
Cupio: He stepped forwards clenching his hands into a fist. "You’re lying, I can smell it. You don’t really feel that, and if you run from her she will think it’s her fault and she will probably move back in with me and never step out of the house again because she would be too afraid to. Is that what you want for her?" -12:53 Oct 20
Tremdorias: "No.. I… I want her to be happy. There I said it, everythign you said is true but I would never hurt her. She has been nothing but kind to me and what have I done to her?" -12:55 Oct 20
Cupio: "What HAVE you done to her." Cupio was bristling, his voice a low hiss and once of the bathrool stall doors was knocked open with a crash as his wings came out. If he had hurt her he would die painfully, very painfully. -12:57 Oct 20
Phaedra: Phaedra was leaning her head against the bathroom door, trying to hear. But voices were too muffled to make out. She jumped when it sounded like something crashed, and in an instant she was pushing in to the bathroom, despite the fact girls weren’t allowed in there. It wasn’t hard to tell her papa was angry, and she was quickly putting herself between them with her hands up to stop her papa from advancing any further. "Stop..! Mother wouldn’t like you getting in trouble here! I can talk to him, please.." -01:03 Oct 20
Cupio: He stopped then Phaedra intervened. "are you sure this isn’t the man that raped you?" he hissed. "I smell fear, I smell guilt, I smell…" he hissed again and then blinked. "I don’t know what that is…" interference from another scourse? -01:11 Oct 20
Phaedra: "A human and a demon, and he’s not either!" but… Phaedra turned around to look at him again… really examine him. The other two, there were similarities. She didn’t want to think about it, but she was sure they had said very similar things. …He didn’t seem to be anything like them, though! "I’m sorry! I don’t want to upset you, I just… I don’t know…" -01:19 Oct 20
Tremdorias: He folded his wings and brew in a deep breath. "We should get him out of here. I’m taking everyone for icecream then we’re going home. No one is going to be angry." he took Phaedra’s arm and took her bloser to the man who was sitting on the floor and took one of his arms. "Things will be stresful for everyone but it will pass. You two are too cute together to break apart before you’ve started." -01:24 Oct 20
Cupio: He folded his wings and brew in a deep breath. "We should get him out of here. I’m taking everyone for icecream then we’re going home. No one is going to be angry." he took Phaedra’s arm and took her bloser to the man who was sitting on the floor and took one of his arms. "Things will be stresful for everyone but it will pass. You two are too cute together to break apart before you’ve started." -01:25 Oct 20

Zerospace 003: The Demon

Phaedra: An entire day of running around the city, and Phaedra still did not have a job. She was so sure she had interviewing down. But half the time they wanted someone with more experience, and the other half… people were really uneasy about obvious demons! Phaedra was frowning at her tail as she climbed the stairs in her apartment building. She loved her tail… hiding it would be terrible. There had to be a job that wouldn’t mind it. -02:43 Oct 13
Tremdorias: It lurked in her appartment, reen, scaly and nearly invisible in the darkness of the room. The light was broken and the curtains closed, the demon hybrid would be here soon, and claws, teethm tail, and intent waited for her. -02:46 Oct 13
Phaedra: Phaedra fumbled around in her pockets for her door key before she realized she had given it to her new friend. Oh! How could she have forgotten about that? She was actually really excited about that! Her first friend out living on her own. Her first room mate too! Phaedra was grinning when she found the door unlocked, already pulling off her jacket as she stepped inside and closed the door behind her. "I’m hoooo-ooome! That’s so much fun to say. Hmm… did I beat you here..? She mumbled, glancing around at the darkness of the room. -02:53 Oct 13
Tremdorias: Click. the lock slid closed and a mostly human shape was visible at the door, upside down clinging to the wall. Then fietly glowing eyes focussed on the hybrid. "Phaedra…" the voice was a throaty reptillian hiss before the figure lept at her. -03:03 Oct 13
Phaedra: That… wasn’t her new house guest! Hearing her name did stun her for a moment, but her reflexes were quick enough for her to jump out of the way and fumble across the room in the dark. "…How did you get in here! Where are you…" She lost him in the dark, but she could hear him moving. Blast it all, why couldn’t she have some sort of useful demon gift like night vision or super smell. "I am pretty sure you’ve got the wrong apartment, the landlord rented this one to me yesterday!" -03:06 Oct 13
Tremdorias: The fgure moved on al hfour a long muscular tail knocing over a chail as he whipped around and circled, body low against the floor, movements as silent as a cat. Then it leaped again colliding with her. "I’m where I want to be." it said on top of her claws curling around her wrists and tainl winding arounf hers. "Filthy hybrid." -03:13 Oct 13
Phaedra: Getting knocked to the floor and having her wrists grabbed wasn’t nearly as nerve wracking as her precious tail. Phaedra was immediately thrashing arms and limbs to throw him off and get her tail back, huffing in frustration! "You don’t have to be insulting! Get your… tail… off my tail! Who let you in here?!" -03:17 Oct 13
Tremdorias: Claws slashed her. "Silence!" three bloody lines forms on her throat. "Don’t make me kill you to get what I want." a long, very long, rongue ran over her wounds the the demon hissed with pleasure. "The filthier the blood, the better it tasts." -03:20 Oct 13
Phaedra: She cried out in pain, and the sudden shock of it had her stilling in fear. …this wasn’t a feeling she was familiar with, but she definitely recognized it for what it was! Once she finally shook that moment, she was trying to get loose again. …if only a little more wary this time. "…what do you want? If you want blood, I am happy to donate some…? I don’t want to get eat!" -03:25 Oct 13
Tremdorias: There was another thoaty hiss and the tail unwound from hers and instead wound around her leg pulling it aside. "I’m not going to eat you, filth, I’m going to rape you." the tongue ran across her face and the craws slashed her top open. "It’s better than you desurve." -03:29 Oct 13
Phaedra: She remembered that word. She had a whistle for that somewhere! …it wasn’t going to do her much good now when she couldn’t reached it. Phaedra cringed at the wetness of his tongue against her skin, and her tail was taking refugee under her out of reach. But it was when she finally connected this moment to yesterday that she started thrashing again. This was the same thing! That was rape, and she didn’t like rape! "NO! No you’re not! Get out of my apartment!" Phaedra had never hit anyone in her life, but she took a swing at him then, slapping him hard enough to sting her palm as she tried scrambling away. -03:34 Oct 13
Tremdorias: Knocked off of her the demon thrashed on the ground before springing after her c;aws finding her and digging in. "FILTH!" something he coould use… yes… If you want your friend to live, you will not resist. Yes… usefull… "Do you want him to die because of you?" -03:41 Oct 13
Phaedra: Phaedra was yelping in pain again, enough to draw tears to her eyes. She had every intention of running away as soon as possible, but the words made her freeze. Her friend would be hurt? That wasn’t fair…! Was he here too and already hurt? Phaedra was fearly shaking her head. "I don’t want him to die…! Leave him alone?" -03:45 Oct 13
Tremdorias: "He will be unharmed if you do not struggle." the tongue ran up the back of her neck. "Try to escape and I will kill him, then kill you." the oice was right next to her ear. "If you’re going to be a good hybrid, you’ll open your legs and let me in." -03:48 Oct 13
Phaedra: He made her shudder and the shaking didn’t stop. She was terrified! But it wasn’t fair her new friend should suffer, this was her fault! Phaedra finally nodded her head slowly, and her voice came out a cracked squeak at best. "I won’t run…" …but she couldn’t promise not to struggle. She was still thinking! -03:53 Oct 13
Tremdorias: She was turned onto her back and held down by her shoulders. "I could fack you from behind like you desurve, but I want to make sure you’ll keep you promise. When I am done I will leave you and you will never see me again, so like this easy from yourself." claws split the crotch of her jeans and exposed her, ripping into the skin. "You do want this over quickly. Don’t you?" -03:58 Oct 13
Phaedra: He wasn’t even trying not to hurt her, which left her more than a little afraid of what he’d do if she didn’t make it easy. Tears were streaming down her face as she nodded quickly this time. Why did she deserve it? She hadn’t done anything wrong…! Her arms had risen up to at least cover some of her exposed skin. She might not of been able to see well in the dark, but he could… and everywhere he touched seemed to end up clawed! -04:03 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He pushed into her and let his wieght rest on her. It was a simple act of mating with no passion or feeling behind it. The only thing the hiss detrayes was a feeling of satisfaction at having her relinquish herself so easily. And then he was moving in and pushing against her in a steady rythm. "Much easier." -04:09 Oct 13
Phaedra: Easier for him, but for her it was hell..! Phaedra wanted to fight, to scream… but fear of being hurt and what he might do to her friend had her biting her tongue. She couldn’t stay still though. Shifting uncomfortable beneath him when stillness was unbareable. There was a ball of tension coiled up so tight in the pit of her stomach that it was making her sick! -04:16 Oct 13
Tremdorias: The claws moved to her hips and he pushed harder, faster glowing eyes looking down at her teeth glinting in the drakness. "A real demon would fight back, you’re not a demon." Venomous spit splashed her throat. "Don’t you want to be, so much power could be yours. That poor sick fuck you have , bet he’s never bone this before." faster and faster, building up, grinning, watching. -04:20 Oct 13
Phaedra: Phaedra was gasping, making small uncomfortable sounds as she tried to keep from writhing under him. Whatever splashed on her burned her skin, worse where the cuts were exposed and she was whimpering in pain again. "…just finished…!" she pleaded in a choked sob. If he didn’t soon, she wasn’t sure she could keep her promise! -04:25 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He pushed harder and harder craps drawing blood form her. He wasn’t a creature of lust, he was a creature fo the hunt, the perfect predator, and lickign his lips he hissed. "Soon." and it would be soon but not yet. She didn’t get to choose. -04:27 Oct 13
Phaedra: Claws in her skin and the pain again…! Phaedra hated the pain, couldn’t think with the pain! She was twisting and squirming again, trying to get away from it and relieve that throbbing pressure. Grasping at anything around her to have enough leverage to pull away! -04:31 Oct 13
Tremdorias: Knuckles struck her face and he sped up again reaching a frezy. "You worthless little fuck." he caugh his breath. "When I’m done with you I’m killing angel boy…" he let out a laugh the thought of blood, even his own making him finish and pushed against her. "There we go…" he looked down at her, pulling out and leaning close. "Just one more thing…" fangs, long and venomous sunk into her skin. It would put her to sleep of a while but no more. -04:36 Oct 13
Phaedra: Phaedra gave a choked scream as she tried to shove him away, but just as quickly as his teeth sunk in, she was growing weak. Her already dim vision turning blurry as the venom set in. She mumbled soft tearful pleas for him not to hurt her friend, but it was only a moment before her limbs grew limp and she fell unconcious. -04:42 Oct 13

HOURS LATER!? -Phaedra

[Cupio is calling on the phone!] -04:56 Oct 13
Phaedra: Something was ringing. Vibrating even. She could feel it somewhere against her body, though it seemed to be the only thing she could feel. As Phaedra stirred from the sound, she felt almost paralyzed… and when the feeling came back to her limbs, she wished it hadn’t. Sharp and prickly all over. Her hands finally found what was making all the racket. Her cellphone stuffed in to a pocket. Phaedra barely had control of her shakey hands though and it ended up answered long before she even got it close to her ear. -04:57 Oct 13
Cupio: "… an you hear me? Phaaaeeeedraaaa…" the soft sweet feminine voice drifted though the handset. "Since you answered I asume you’re there and I can’t wait to tell you. I’m on the bus right now coming to see you. I told Jay I was going away for work but I’ll be there at nine tomorow morning. We’ll have a night out, the tailed terrors!"There was a barely contained goggle. " Soooo… what have you been up to? I’m not gong to have to rent a hotel room because you have yourself a little man friend am I?" -05:01 Oct 13
Phaedra: "Hi Papa…" she was so groggy. And when her eyes opened she was staring up at the ceiling of her new apartment. "I met a friend…" she mumbled. A new room mate and… Phaedra gasped, the phone slipping from her hands. She was rolling quickly on to her knees, wincing from the ache that came with it and now frantically looking around the apartment now that there was just enough daylight peeking through the curtains to see by. "Tre…! Tremdorias, are you dead…!" She was a terrible friend.. a terrible person…! -05:08 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He was lying in the floor in the bedroom a gash in his forehead but otherwise alright but didn’t move when she called. How could he, he felt tellible, he didn’t know where he was and he didn’t know who was calling him. He didn’t remember anything at all. -05:12 Oct 13
Phaedra: Not considering what her Papa was going to think with her dropping the phone and suddenly screaming in the apartment, Phaedra climbed to her feet and nearly stumbled head first over a toppled chair. Scooting around it, she was still calling out his name and without an answer her voice was cracking with tears. Phaedra found him by accident in the bedroom when she tripped over him. Then she was frantically scrambling to him and shaking him like crazy to see if he was alive! "Tre…! Tre are you dead?!" -05:17 Oct 13
Cupio: He moaned and flopped onto his side, then he pushed away from her in fright and bumped into the bed hitting his head. "Who are you?" he asked looking at her and then calming down. "Oh… sory Phaedra… sorry." he should be. "I…" he what? "Are you alright?" -05:20 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He moaned and flopped onto his side, then he pushed away from her in fright and bumped into the bed hitting his head. "Who are you?" he asked looking at her and then calming down. "Oh… sory Phaedra… sorry." he should be. "I…" he what? "Are you alright?" -05:23 Oct 13
Phaedra: He was scared. And hurt. But he was alive. He might not have been and it would have been her fault. Her relief was short lived as she burst in to tears. Two days on her own and she was covered in blood and more, her clothes shredded, had no job and nearly got someone murdered! What was she supposed to tell her Papa? She shook her head. "I am so sorry…!" -05:26 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He pulled her down to his and put his arms around her. "It’s not your fault." he said, how could he know, he didn’t remember things. He didn’t remember anything. "I’m sorry too. I should have tropped him before you got here…" stopped who? It was like he knew something he wasn’t telling himself. "I should have…" he sighed and shook his head. "I’m sorry Phae." -05:30 Oct 13
Phaedra: Still shaking, she couldn’t seem to get the crying under control. None of this was fair to him. Yet she was clinging and crying in to his chest and shaking her head still. "People want to hurt me, she was right and they hurt me… and they hurt you too just for being here…! I don’t know why! It’s not safe at all and I and I told you to stay here!" She really was a horrible friend! How could he stay here now, knowing this could happen. That demon called her a filthy mixed breed… -05:36 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He ran a hand through her hair and sighed. "We’ll make it safe here. We’re always going to be safer together no matter what. This morning I didn’t have a place to sleep or more than a sandwich to eat, and now… I’ll show you what I got!" still holding her he stood and started walking through to the lounge, but when he saw it he blinked… "It’s in the fridge… that is that?" he was looking at the phone. -05:39 Oct 13
Phaedra: "My Papa…!" Oh no..! Phaedra scrambled out of his grasp and was on her knees, picking up the phone again to press against her ear. "Papa, I am so sorry…!" As if he could see, she was brushing tears off her face with the back of her hand and trying to get some sense of propriety with the state of her ripped clothes. -05:42 Oct 13
Cupio: "Phaedra, what’s going on?" something was obviously wrong. "I can be there sooner if I fly all night. Do you need me to?" his voice was concerned and he was genuinely offering. "Is it your room mate?" -05:48 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He left her to it and moved over to the fridge to retrieve the take away pizza from the fridge. It wasn’t exactly a gouet meal but he couldn’t remember ever having one and the shop had smelled good! -05:49 Oct 13
Phaedra: "No, Papa, I’m okay, I just- …lost him for a minute." She couldn’t tell him and have him be worried. He was going to find out soon enough when he saw her covered in scratches and bruises. How was she going to explain that…? Why couldn’t she heal like demons did too! "I didn’t have very good luck the past two days… Kinda almost think Mother was right about everything. I really miss you." she muttered. -05:52 Oct 13
Cupio: "You mother is a worrier. It’s important for a young girl to have life experience. Maybe you’re going a little fast moving strait out but you’ll be fine adn I’ll be there in the mornign to help you settle in. I promise you everything will work out. You are after all my daughter and I somehow always made things work. I miss you too Phaedra." -05:55 Oct 13

wrap it up i have to go! -Cupio

Phaedra: Just hearing his voice did make her feel worlds better. Having him be there tomorrow was going to help a lot. Phaedra cracked a small smile. "I love you, Papa. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow." -05:57 Oct 13

Zerospace 002: The Angel

Phaedra: And thus…. Phaedra’s grand adventure day two. This time with a little less optimistic, but still determined to find herself a good job regardless of one tiny setback. Yesterday had been… unpleasant. But she wasn’t injured. She’d just be a little more wary about humans offering her directions. Now Phaedra was in the park with her map, after a morning of hunting places down. She remembered seeing a vendor around here somewhere that had sandwiches. -12:34 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He was small, and unlike yesterday had bessy blonde hair and a sandwich helb in both hands that he was nibbling the crust of when he bumped into someone and dropped it jumping back in surprise. Ragaining his balance he looked at the girl and froze. It was her and he was… "Uhhh…" he looked away and then down at the ruined food. "Sorry." -12:40 Oct 13
Phaedra: "I’M sorry! I should really watch where I’m going." Her tail was swishing behind her again. This time she was wearing pants and a jacket. They weren’t as comfortable as skirts, but she felt a lot less exposed this way. …and now the guy was without his lunch! "I’m really sorry. Actually, I was just about to get lunch myself, I could get you a new sandwich?" She straightened and held her hand out. "I’m Phaedra." -12:45 Oct 13
Tremdorias: "Uhhh…" he looked at her hand and slowly reached out to take it and give it a quick shake. "Tremdorias. You’re a demon, aren’t you?" more than a demon, he knew this… why did he know this. Who was she? Why did he know her? "And it’s my fault. I should have seen you." -12:51 Oct 13
Phaedra: "Mostly demon, and human and… there’s a bit of debate about the rest but all that’s good for is feathers! See?" She grinned at him, grabbing a hold of her tail before it got away to show him the little ploof of feather on the end. It was like holding an annoyed snake, silly tail. "Which direction was the vendor, that way?" she pointed back behind him, before she was heading in that direction. Phaedra was a little wary about walking too close to him, and still hadn’t let go of her own tail. -12:55 Oct 13
Tremdorias: "Angel." he said quickly. "It’s angel, just a little." he was turning and walking back towards the vendor. "This way on your left I…" he stopped. "You seem nice. Too noce for a demon." -12:59 Oct 13
Phaedra: Phaedra also stopped, laughing just a bit as she shrugged her shoulders. "My mother says that too! I can’t really tell if she is proud about it or frustrated. I guess I’m a little weird." She pointed over her shoulder, looking a little apologetic. "I don’t want to rush you, but I’m starving. Sandwhich first then we could chat? I don’t mind company." -01:04 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He nodded and started walking too. "Bad things happen to good people." he said. "I…" he stopped. "Thank you." He swallowed. "Your mother is a demon? Am I asking too many questions?" he caught sight of the vendor and pointed. "Maybe we should sit down to eat so no more dropping." -01:10 Oct 13
Phaedra: "I don’t mind questions. You’re the first person I’ve talked to that wasn’t interviewing me or- Um, anyway, I think my mother is like me. A least that’s what my Papa says. My Papa, though is nothing but demon and really proud of it." Food, thank goodness! All that running around in the morning, she forgot all about eating. At the vendor she asked for two sandwiches and a couple of drinks. Then she was digging around in her pockets to pull out some cash. "I don’t think you are human either, you feel a little different. You are.. hmm… unicorn?" She was having a hard time placing him, that was strange. -01:18 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He went wide eyed."No.. no unicorn, I’ve never even seen a unicorn I’m…" he pulled her away from the vendor once she had paid to an empty table. "I’m an angel… we don’t like people knowing though since we can’t defend ourselves all the time like demons can. I think you won’t tell though." he sat down the thought crasping his hands and placing them on the table. "I don’t remember much but at least I know what I am." -01:22 Oct 13
Phaedra: "I’ve never met an angel before, that’s kind of neat!" Phaedra sat across from him, handing him his sandwhich and drink before digging in to hers. "Don’t worry, I won’t tell. I have a secret myself. ….well, not really a secret more like a willfull running away from home." She cast an amused expression and shrugged her shoulders. -01:27 Oct 13
Tremdorias: "Living with demons that bad?" he asked lookign at her and nibbling on the crust of his sandwich. "They are your parents and love you right? Parents love their children, even demons… right?" -01:31 Oct 13
Phaedra: "Oh, I love my parents! They’re amazing!" she took a sip of her drink, laughing at the thought of them being anything other than amazing. "My mother is just a little over protective is all. It wasn’t so bad while I was still in school, but I wanted to try and live by myself and get and job. And she seems to think everything in the universe is going to try to eat me." Phaedra rolled her eyes, and then her grin wavered just a bit. Yesterday wasn’t good… but Phaedra wasn’t naive enough to think everyday would be perfect. -01:35 Oct 13
Tremdorias: "I don’t remember having any." he said before taking a bite of his sandwich. "When I try to remember bad things happen so I don’t want to try anymore. I don’t want to hurt anyone. Angels arn’t meant to hurt people. They’re meant to help people. You didn’t have to get me the drink, I didn’t have on to start with." -01:39 Oct 13
Phaedra: "I don’t mind. It’s nice having someone friendly to talk to." Behind her, her tail was in the hair, the feathered tip flipping back and forth behind her head. Apparently that meant she was pleased with lunch. She was grinning again, anyway! "I’ve met lots of helpful demons, so I think everyone should help people. Are you having a lot of problems remembering things?" -01:45 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He put his half eaten sandwich down and nodded. "I think I may have done a bad thing. And so they left me behind. I’m probably not even an angel anymore so I have no idea what that makes me. I will try and be myself and not worry about that though. I guess I need a job too." -01:48 Oct 13
Phaedra: "My mother always says we are what we are and to embrace it. Oh, I have something that might help!" Phaedra had devoured that sandwich in minutes, so she was crumpling up the paper and now digging in her pockets looking for her notepad. She flipped through the pages until she tored a few out and slid them across the table to him. "I’ve tried these places already and they turned me down. You might have better luck?" -01:51 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He [uffed the page into his pocket. "Thank you.. your mother sounds nice, so your dad must be too for her to love him. Everything is so different now. Demons are nice, the others are gone. I…" he poked at the half eaten sandwich "I’ll work it out somehow." -01:57 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He [uffed the page into his pocket. "Thank you.. your mother sounds nice, so your dad must be too for her to love him. Everything is so different now. Demons are nice, the others are gone. I…" he poked at the half eaten sandwich "I’ll work it out somehow." -01:57 Oct 13
Phaedra: He seemed a little lost. Phaedra reached across the table, placing her hands over his and offered him a big smile. "You will! If it helps, you at least know one person here in town now? If you want to talk or hang out and stuff, I wouldn’t mind having a friend in town too…" -02:00 Oct 13
Tremdorias: "I could use a friend." he admitted smiling. "I don’t have a phone though and don’t have a place to live and I don’t have anythign I don’t have money and all I really have is what I’m wearing and I can’t even remember were I got that and…I’m useless." he spoke fast but not he had run out of steam and to spare himself from having to talk he stuffed all fo the rest of the sendwich into his mouth and started chewing. -02:10 Oct 13
Phaedra: Wow! He didn’t have it together at all. At least she had a plan before she left home. Phaedra looked thoughtful for a moment, tilting her head as she watched him. "You could stay with me for awhile? My apartment isn’t very big, but two people having jobs and paying rent will mean lots of more money to do fun stuff with. -And- we’ll have company." -02:14 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He looked at her his cheeks bulging and slowly nodded. She really was kind and sweet and didn’t desurve what happened and he was staring to tear up with his mouth still overfull! -02:20 Oct 13
Phaedra: That expression of his almost made her laugh. Which would have been so rude…! Phaedra just grinned. "My address, um… here." She dug for her pen before scribbling down where she lived in her notepad. Complete with a description of the building in case he couldn’t find it. Then she was handing over that paper too. "Would you like my key? I should probably get going and see about more jobs before it gets too late." -02:24 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He took the paper and read it then looked around, swallowed and pointed in the direction he though was correct. "I’ll search too but not take to long to get there before you. I’ll have something nice for you to eat too." he licked up the ised coffee and sipped it. "You are the best!" -02:30 Oct 13
Phaedra: Phaedra turned a little red at the compliment, and her tail was doing that bobbing thing again. She slipped out of her seat, tossing her trash in a nearby bin and taking her drink with her. "Then I’ll see you later, Tre. It was a pleasure to meet you!" -02:33 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He waved and sat there finishing his meal and watching her go. She was nice, very nice. He should get someone very nice for her to eat and meet her at home! And with a growl he stood and started walking a smile slowly becoming a grin. She will be very nice. -02:37 Oct 13

Zerospace 001: The Human

[Phaedra is in a brand new city with a street map. She successfully acquired an apartment, and now she is trying to find a job!] -09:26 Oct 12
[Tremdorias so dright, everything… so bright. Human form… she is close.] -09:30 Oct 12
Phaedra: Phaedra was thrilled at how easy it was to get an apartment. Her landlord was really nice about checking her locks for her, and even said if she didn’t have next month’s rent on time, he had some ideas on how she could pay it off. But Phaedra was pretty sure she’d be able to get a decent job somewhere, she had a whole list of open positions and addresses written in her notebook. …it was just directions she was having problems with! -09:33 Oct 12
Tremdorias: "May I help you Sunshine?" her smell. Her body, she is the one. Not full demon. Not full angel. Subdue. Impregnate. Subdue. Impregnate. "You seem lost, maybe I could show you a place where we could be alone." -09:38 Oct 12
Phaedra: She paused, tail swishing behind her in an easy sway. Why bother hiding it? Phaedra loved her tail! "Yes! Perfect timing, um." She took a step closer and turned, showing him both the address and the map she had in her hands. "There’s at least three different Willow Streets and I can’t quite find the right one. Oh, I’m Phaedra, by the way!" She jostled the papers in to one arm before offering her hand to shake. -09:43 Oct 12
Tremdorias: Tail, feathered, other traits… Human. Demon, angel, human. Phaedra. Trusting. Ingregnate. Continue the charge. Lines blured. Words colliding. Continue the charge. Subdue. Imgregnate. "I…" he took the hand and used it to pull her closer copping a feel of her buttock when she was against him. "I had somehting else in mind Sunshine. I’ll take you places you’ve never been." 10,000 years of hibernation, "Come on, it will be fun." -09:49 Oct 12
Phaedra: He was friendly and seemed to like physical contact. That didn’t bother her too much, but it was a little sudden. Mother always told her to respect people’s personal space! Pressing a hand against his shoulder, she took a more comfortable step back. "Actually, places I have never been is exactly what I am looking for! I’m afraid I don’t have time for fun right now, though. I’m looking for a job right now." -09:53 Oct 12
Tremdorias: "I have a job for you. ANd I’ll pay you real good." he pulled her back to him and pushed him lips against hers. "What do you say? I’ll be done with you fast and then i’ll take you anywhere you want to go Sunshine." Subdue. "There’s something about your tail that says I just have to have you." -10:00 Oct 12
Phaedra: Kissed! The first kiss she had ever recieved, and from a stranger too. Her face was a little red and she was a little flustered. Phaedra kept her hand braced on his shoulder and was pulling back for space again. Her tail seemed to have a mind of it’s own, going from swishing listlessly to curling around her legs in what was probably embarassment. "What sort of job is it and how much does it pay? I have to make sure I’ll make enough to take care of my rent and food." -10:08 Oct 12
Tremdorias: "It won’t take very long, and I’ll pay you whatever you want." his hand was feeling her butt again while his other was on her cheek brushing his thumb against her lips. "And I think you know what it is, you’re playing the innocent card very well. For a demon." Angel.. human… "I’ll make this earier for you Sunshine." he grinned and moved his other hand to her rump and squeezing with both lifted her up. "Willow screet? What building?" -10:14 Oct 12
Phaedra: This touching was starting to get a little awkward and uncomfortable. Especially when he picked her up off her feet. What did he mean about innocent card? "It’s building two thirty six, and I really don’t know what your job is, you haven’t told me!" Phaedra was delicately trying to wiggle out of his hands. "Could you please put me down?" -10:20 Oct 12
Tremdorias: "Soon enough dove." he said. "Thought I’d save you the walk. But I meant a business name, doesn’t do me any good just to have a number." he was walking along the sidewalk and pulling the map from her hands to hold in one hand while the other pinend her pelvis to his side. He was by no means a small man. -10:25 Oct 12
Phaedra: Her tail was swishing again, a pensive sharp movement that matched the almost frustrated look on her face. She couldn’t remember the last time somebody carried her around like this. "I think it’s Baum Accounting. …I really would feel a lot more comfortable walking on my own feet." She was having to brace one arm around his neck just to make it a little less awkward. While her other hand was trying to reach for and take her map back! "And I kinda need that!" -10:30 Oct 12
Tremdorias: He turned into an alley and put her on her feet and took her hand to pull her further in. ""I’ll guide you… Don’t you want to spend a lettle time with me?" he stopped and turned. "You’re such a sweet little thing. I know I want to spend time with you." -10:34 Oct 12
Phaedra: "Well, I don’t really know you… In fact, you haven’t even told me your name yet." This was much better. Phaedra felt like she could breath again. Now she understood what her mother meant about the personal space thing. She was definitely not going to get in to people’s space anymore without asking. When he stopped, so did she glancing around and back over her shoulder with a frown. "Is this a short cut? All of my suggested routes used major streets." She was reaching for her map again. Not that she didn’t trust him, but she needed to get to the streets better. -10:38 Oct 12
Tremdorias: He tossed the map to the ground, then pulled her to him with a jerk and put both arms around her and sneffed her neck then bit it. "Drop the act Sunshine. You want a good fucking as much as any other demon." he pushed her back against the wall and pressed his body into hers. "You can’t tell me you don’t." Subdue, impregnate. Demons.. Angels.. Hum… Clasification not available. Subdue… "Put your arms around me and hold tight." -10:45 Oct 12
Phaedra: She yelped a small sound at the bite, hands gripping in to the fabric at his shoulder to push him back to a more comfortable distance. This was getting to be a little alarming. "I don’t understand what you mean by fucking, but this doesn’t seem like a job and I’d really appreciate if you’d let go of me." -10:49 Oct 12
Tremdorias: He didn’t stop. "Come on dove, havn’t you ever had sex before? A virgin demon? You have to be kidding me." Angel… virgin.. human.. impregnate. He moved a hand down and pulled ehr skirt up. "Not when you feel so good." -10:58 Oct 12
Phaedra: "I haven’t no, but that’s really not relevant to getting a job!" Unless, of course, the job was related to sex. But then she would definitely decline it. She wasn’t supposed to be doing that. ….and she really didn’t want to be doing this either. Phaedra grabbed at his hand to push it away, and then she was a little more forcefully trying to push his body back. "I’m really grateful for your help, but I should probably get going? If you could let go of me, please." -11:04 Oct 12
Tremdorias: He pul his hadn over her mouth and grinned. "I said I would take you to the place, didn’t I?" he said pinning her hips against the "Your back is against it dove… come on, this won’t cake long. Then you can go." his voice was deceptivly soft as he moved his hand and brushed his lips against hers. "You still have time, they’re not open yet." he nipped her lip softly. "Don’t you want to know what it’s like?" -11:10 Oct 12
Phaedra: "I want you to let go of me." Her alarm was a lot stronger than any curiosity she had at the moment, especially when she was certain she had asked him to let go of her at least three or four times already! Phaedra didn’t want to seem ungrateful for his help, but she didn’t like this at all. She slipped her arms between them so she had more leverage to shove at him with. "I want to go and I don’t want you to touch me anymore, if you don’t mind!" -11:15 Oct 12
Tremdorias: He grabbed her hand and moved it up to pinn it against the wall while his other freed himself from his pants and then moved to hook her panties and pull them aside. "You’re nothing but a slut and a demon. And you’ll take what I have to give or you will never reach your interview alive." he threatened as his tip pressed aaisnt her. "Now are you going to stop struggling and take my dick like the whore you are?" -11:18 Oct 12
Phaedra: "I am not a whore or a slut…!" He was insulting her and threatening her! Shuffling around between her legs, and giving her a very unpleasant chill down her spine. Even her tail was curling around her leg as she stilled. Phaedra didn’t know what to do with this! "Why are you being such a jerk…! I told you I wanted to go!" -11:25 Oct 12
Tremdorias: "and I told you I wanted to fuck." he said bufore he pushed in hard pressing his lips against hers again. "Put your arms around me, it will be over soon. Sooner if you relax." He grinned agaisnt her and moved his hand dowm to support her hips. "You don’t want this to hurt, do you?" -11:28 Oct 12
Phaedra: It already hurt. Enough that she was wincing and there was a dizzying flush of heat washing over her. She was shoving against his shoulder again and trying to twist out of his arms. "I don’t want this at all!" Her voice had lowered to a much softer tone and she gave a faint whimper. -11:35 Oct 12
Tremdorias: He pushes again and kissed her cheek as he felt her inside and sighed. "You really are a virgin. Were a virgin. I should call you Angel." he pulled her leg around him and pushed again, and again. "Come on, you feel wonderful… enjoy it. I want you to." -11:39 Oct 12
Phaedra: Phaedra shook her head quickly and her fingers curled in to the fabric of his shirt. This hurt, this was mean. And she couldn’t seem to find any more words, not that he seemed to listen to them! She stopped struggling when she realized it made it worse, her breath hitching everytime he pressed against her. -11:45 Oct 12
Tremdorias: He felt her break, the rush of blood surrounding him and he licked up the side of her neck as he moved faster. "You’re lucky to get a first time like this, I won’t take you home to keep you as a little pet. You’ll be free to go after this. And it’s better than getting drunk and waking up in a strange bed." he moved his ahnd up to stroke th eback of her head almost feeling sorry for her. IMPREGNATE. IMPERATIVE. He sped up. "Impregnate." -11:49 Oct 12
Phaedra: She was barely listening now, the words being so contradictory to the actions. Pain was not something she delt with well and this hurt! Another rush of it had her whimpering again, her body falling limp and curling against him. Where else could it go? "Please stop? I don’t like this!" she murmured out as a pleading squeak. -11:56 Oct 12
Tremdorias: He almost listened to her but he couldn’t. He pushed harder and moved fanter, covering her mouth so she wouldn’t talk again. He just wanted to finish, for this to be other. "Soon." -11:59 Oct 12
Phaedra: Her complaint was muffled against his hand, and she was stuck with giving him that begging expression! All of this pressure he was putting on her was making her skin burn, and the rush of blood and skip of her heartbeat had her dizzy. Soon wasn’t soon enough, and Phaedra was pushing against him and squirming again! -12:06 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He pushed still harder and faster knocking her arm out of the way and pilling it to the as he grunted and shook filling her. "There we go.." he said pulling out and away. He looked at her and swore… it wasn’t meant to feel like this. "I wasn’t lying, this is the place." then he was turning to go, tucking himself away and walking quickly. -12:15 Oct 13
Phaedra: Phaedra stayed leaning against the wall, trying to catch her breath. Done…! She almost shouted that he still owed her money for this ‘job’ of his, but she didn’t quite feel up to being cheeky. She felt more like she wanted to cry! After a moment she was snatching her map up off the ground. …today wasn’t a good day for job hunting. -12:20 Oct 13