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  • Phaedra


    ABOMINATION CHILD of Jayden and Cupio. A prophesied creature.

  • Zerospace 009: No Regrets

    Zerospace 009: No Regrets

    [Tremdorias is asleep in a bed covered in feathers!] -09:24 Dec 02 [Phaedra was in the kitchen bouncing. Making muffins. And bouncing!] -09:26 Dec 02 Phaedra: Dancing along to music in her head, she was pulling muffins out of the oven. Tail swishing to the words she was making up. All sung in her head…

  • Zerospace 008: That’s Not Dancing

    Zerospace 008: That’s Not Dancing

    [Tremdorias Is just getting home from hs first day of work. Money in hand!] -04:22 Nov 28 [Phaedra has arrived home from a day of job searching excited and bouncy! She nearly runs over Tre when she barrels through the door!] -04:22 Nov 28 Tremdorias: "Well you’re happy!" he said rubbing his elbow where the…

  • Zerospace 007: Job Hunting with Phaedra

    Zerospace 007: Job Hunting with Phaedra

    [Phaedra asked Tre to go job hunting with her. Because she’s a big coward and afraid to go by herself now.] -07:11 Nov 17 [Tremdorias is going along to make sure nothing happens to Phae and because he kinda needs a job too. Two birds with one stone.] -07:18 Nov 17 [(Logout) Tremdorias has logged…

  • Zerospace 006: Papa In Trouble

    Zerospace 006: Papa In Trouble

    [Tremdorias is next to someone. In a bed.] -02:48 Oct 27 [Phaedra is sleeping well for the first time in a couple of days. …and late!] -02:52 Oct 27 [Cupio is sneaking in the front door the the kids forgot to lock!] -02:54 Oct 27 Phaedra: Soooo cozy and warm and safe. Phaedra was practically…

  • Zerospace 005: Afraid of the Dark

    Zerospace 005: Afraid of the Dark

    [Phaedra is alone in her bed. She thought she would have Papa with her! But it was the middle of the night and was alone and can’t sleep…] -11:13 Oct 26 [Tremdorias is on the couch and about five seconds from getting up and sneaking out to leave Phaedra alone forever. It would be easier…

  • Zerospace 004: Meddling Papa

    Zerospace 004: Meddling Papa

    [Tremdorias Is not having a good week when it comes to rememebring things.] -09:34 Oct 13 [Phaedra did not rest well, or much at all during the night. But at least it was morning now.] -09:35 Oct 13 [Cupio Is knocking on the door with bags full of things for Phaedra. Lots and lots of…

  • Zerospace 003: The Demon

    Zerospace 003: The Demon

    Phaedra: An entire day of running around the city, and Phaedra still did not have a job. She was so sure she had interviewing down. But half the time they wanted someone with more experience, and the other half… people were really uneasy about obvious demons! Phaedra was frowning at her tail as she climbed…

  • Zerospace 002: The Angel

    Zerospace 002: The Angel

    Phaedra: And thus…. Phaedra’s grand adventure day two. This time with a little less optimistic, but still determined to find herself a good job regardless of one tiny setback. Yesterday had been… unpleasant. But she wasn’t injured. She’d just be a little more wary about humans offering her directions. Now Phaedra was in the park…

  • Zerospace 001: The Human

    Zerospace 001: The Human

    [Phaedra is in a brand new city with a street map. She successfully acquired an apartment, and now she is trying to find a job!] -09:26 Oct 12 [Tremdorias so dright, everything… so bright. Human form… she is close.] -09:30 Oct 12 Phaedra: Phaedra was thrilled at how easy it was to get an apartment.…