Priestess of Athazagorus 001: The Priestess’ Loyalty

Priestess of Athazagorus

[Isolde has the same routine every day. And every day that included several hours in the chamber where they say the very heart, soul and body of their Descendant lay sleeping.] -04:15 Jul 14
[Athazagorus Has been sealed for generations in a machine of his ancestor’s design. It feeds on his magical energy and prevents any new gods being born, yet in doing so has turned him into a full god.] -04:15 Jul 14
Isolde: Today was a day for candles and incense to break up the monotony of the metal and stone chamber. It never mattered to her that he couldn’t see or smell or even hear the stories that she told him. Isolde was just she anyone would appreciate the company if they had to spend their existance sleeping. Some didn’t even believe there was still a body in that machine. She wasn’t sure either… but she was sure his spirit was still there! "I made these myself from things in the temple gardens. They aren’t exactly pretty, but tomorrow I will bring some flowers. Maybe purple ones? I think you might like the purple." -04:21 Jul 14
Athazagorus: There was no reply from the machine, there never was. To emerge from it’s depths now in it’s deteriorated state would damage it. But he listened, sealed and unable to move, not that he had reason to, according to the priestess. But he did, he knew what was coming even before it arived at the temple. Robed figures blending in with the keepers until the time was right to strike. -04:27 Jul 14
Isolde: "Of course, the high priest told me to stop coming here everyday and wasting your time with flowers and candles." she said allowed with a smile. Lighting another to set on a small shelf hanging from the wall. "Normally he’s not so fussy… I suppose the stress of running the temple is getting to him. Tonight I was thinking I might take him some herbs to make a good tea. What do you think? A green tea or a rose tea? Maybe the green…" It never bothered her that he didn’t answer back. He was carrying the world on his shoulders, answering one talkative priestess wasn’t high on the priority list. Oh, but sometimes she had very nice dreams… Those were enough to make it worth the time. -04:36 Jul 14
Athazagorus: He could feel the figures movign among the faithful. The deaths start unarmed rpiests and priestesses slaughtred until thet got to the doors of the inner sanctum… the chamber where he rested… and the hight priest let them in with a key. He could hear them, the scream of those in the fires, and souls of the dead and dying flittering past him to thier resting places. There was nothing he could do to stop them the seals that held him in so long only able to be safely bloken by the high priest, and they were already here. -04:42 Jul 14
Isolde: With a last candle lit, she moved to step up a few stone steps to approach the machine and dust off what needed to be dusted. But she paused midway up, a confused expression across her features as she tilted her head. "I thought I heard… Hmm. Maybe not." Isolde thought maybe it was a scream, but the sound was so well insulated out within the sanctum, and the fact it wouldn’t be likely. But what she did manage to catch was the sound of doors. "Someone else must be coming to pay you a visit. That’s nice, isn’t it? I suppose I should give you privacy then. I’ll come back this evening before bed!" -04:50 Jul 14
Athazagorus: If he could have moved the sarcophagus he would ahve to warn her but it was too late. They entered the rool, weapons drawn to look at the machine they had come to destroy, thier leader grinning as he was the priestess. "Hey boys, heres one we missed, what do you say we have a little fun with her before we kill her and break her toy." the other four men laughed pigishly and looked at Isolde lecherously.. the high priest quickly hiding from her outside the door.. she wasn’t meant to be here! -04:54 Jul 14
Isolde: They weren’t part of the order. Her surprise quickly turned to fear, but she remained where she was standing. With the doors wide opened she could hear the screaming clearly now… their template had been invaded! In an instance she hopped down from the stairs, snatching up a tall candle holder, point the lit end at the intruders. It was almost too heavy for her to hold and very awkward. But this was her temple and her god, it was her life’s duty! "Leave this now, or you will not leave this place alive. I swear it! You are not going to desecrate the temple of my llyr!" -04:59 Jul 14

He leader gufawed and walked up to just outside her reach. “Come on you’re making this difficult…” he kicked out kicking the candle off the end and then stepped intide her guard grabbing the stick and gripping tight as his men moved in to grab her. “Oh wait, you’re not. Too bad none of your friends put up any fight. I’m pretty bored over here. You’re havn’t got anything to keep me entertained do you?” -Athazagorus

Isolde: "Murderous bastards…! How dare you attack a Descendants temple!" And to be so assinine about it… Isolde was trying to pull brass metal back out of his hands but it wasn’t budging. She settled for giving a hard kick to the shin. By the time she realized there were others advancing on her, she let go. Swinging a hand to slap the sense out of the closest to her and turning to run for the machine. She had left burning oils and matches there, it would be a better weapon! -05:09 Jul 14

“I don’t have time for this…” he pulled out a gun and shot her in the thigh as she ran then gestured for his men to move in. They were on her like wolves grabbing her legs and arms and lifting her up. “On the maching.. get rid of those candles and junk.” then oils, candles and incense were thrown to the floor and she was carried to the lod of the machine and dumped on top of it. “Her legs.. spread them.” -Athazagorus

Isolde: The pain was so searing, she was off the ground and dropped before she realized what happened. Yet the moment her sense returned she was screaming! Struggling, tugging, kicking out and fighting. If she were the only one left to defend her llyr, she had to fight! She managed to at least scratch one with her nails to the point of howling. "Let go of me…! Get out of my temple!" she shouted at them, trying to ignore the pain in her leg. -05:19 Jul 14

“Shut her up.” There was now a gun pushed agaist the side of her head. “You heard the boss. Play nice and you might live through this.” The boss as he was called was already stepping up to her and holstering his gun drew a knife instead reaching up to cute her robe exposing her thighs and stomach. Then he was gutting her undergarments. “I bed you’ve never been in bed with a man. You’ll be as tight as a nine year old.” “You’d know boss.” There was chortling around her as the boss unded his belt and pants pulling himself out, hard and throbbing. “Pull her legs wider and hit her if she struggles.” -Athazagorus

Isolde: These were horrible, horrible people… and for a moment she almost gave in to sobbing. Ceasing her struggling only for a moment when the fabric of her clothes were being torn away. …but she wasn’t afraid of death! She feared for her llyr and the world itself if they succeeded in destroying the machine. "No! No, no! Get out..!" Isolde was struggling again, her panicked screaming only getting louder when they tried to quiet her! -05:32 Jul 14

An impacient look clossed the leader’s face and he shiethed his knife and brew his gun again. “The only sound I want to hear from you is screams… Hold her leg.” he leg was held out and he pressed the gun into her kneecap and fired. “Next will be your elbows, then your shoulders. Use your imagination from there. Hold her.” holstering his gun again he placed his hand on her hips and held them in place, then took hold of his shaft to push his tip against her soft skin and ram himself into her.” -Athazagorus

Isolde: A gasping scream and with pain so blinding, she nearly fell unconcious. Isolde wished she had…! Though she squirmed and tugged her arms, she could no longer kick out her legs or try to wretch them free without debilitating pain. She could feel her skin rip and tear at his invasion, and all she could do was cry and gasp under the weight of being held down! -05:44 Jul 14

“Thats right you just ly there and take it.” he pushed again, and again in unrelenting thrusts that tore her wider and wider. One of the other men tore the top of her bobes open to watch her breasts as he body was pushed and pulled lustful gazes falling on gher from ever direction. The leader bit his lip and thrust harder his grip tightning and pace quickning. “You probably like this, you’re going to get a whole lot more before we’re done.” -Athazagorus

Isolde: Isolde squeezed her eyes shut, her only response a choked whimper and her hands curling in to tight fists. They would be done soon enough and she would be set loose… at least that is what she prayed! The pain, though was so hard to get past and even then she was hoping someone’s grip would slacken so she could pull herself free. -05:54 Jul 14

A sick grin crossed his face as he filled her and pulled out. “You’re weren’t bad, you’re ruined now but thats not my problem. Who else wants a go?” he took over holding her leg as as another of the group moved up. “Fuck no I don’t want your shit all over my dick.” he said “Turn her over, I’m going to get her back door.” she was lifted and turned onto her stomach and her legs pulled apart before he too forced his way in, this time to her ass as with a laugh the man holding her right arm pressed hsi hand down of her shoulder and at the same time wrenched her arm back makign ehr shoulder joint pop with a crunch. “She breaks easy… maybe I’ll break her hips too.” -Athazagorus

Isolde: Her groan of pain at being entered again quickly turned to another strangled scream when the bone popped. With her forehead resting against the cold metal of the machine she cried. Her body shuddering and shaking with the agony. Softly between tears she muttered a prayer. They could break her body, but she was still her llyr’s priestess. And every whispered prayer was to remind herself! -06:11 Jul 14
[Athazagorus enters.] -06:20 Jul 14
Athazagorus: "Then you’re going last." came the reply as her ass was penetrader deeper and forsed woder. Then it too was filled with seed and pilled out of. "Shit theres so much blood mixed in there.." "Shut your yapping its my turn.." "Hey whore priestess you know your gobs did this to girls right, really this IS worshiping them…" her hair was oulled to forse her head up as a gun was pushed against the center of the machine, the gem that heald the seal and she was entered again. "But this isn’t." The trugger was pulled and the gem shattered… then the machine exploded outwards filling the rool with smokes and everyone in it was thrown to the floor. Then came the screams of one of the men and a body hitting the floor followed by heavy footsteps. -06:27 Jul 14
[(Timeout) Athazagorus doesn’t post enough.] -06:33 Jul 14
Isolde: She was barely concious now, could barely move! Isolde was aware she was on the floor now and no one was holding her down. But she could only move a single arm to try and push her weight off the floor. There was such a bitter taste in her mouth and she collapsed… but she could feel a strong presence there. So strong… they broke the machine! She failed…! -06:33 Jul 14
Athazagorus: "No no no no no no no noooooo." blood sprawed across her from somewhere in the smoke and a body fell nearby. The leader of the group a gas from his shoulder across his throat all the way to his ear. The smoke was starting to clear and there was the silhoette of a wing that disappeared back into the smoke adn there was a gargling sound and another thud.. then the entire room was lit up by lightning and there was another thud. Then the smoke started to clear and he became visible, holding the last last lan foo his feet in a choke hold, then there was the snapping of bone and the man was dropped. "To me priest…" for a moment there was nothing and then then the timid footsteps of the head friest as he emerged from hiding fallling to his knees. He didn’t even have time to bed for mercy nefore his head was seperated from his shoulders and he too slumped to the floor. Then his eyes found the broken priestess. -06:43 Jul 14
Isolde: She couldn’t breathe. Eyes wide in fear and shame, it was him that she feared more than a room full of awful people. Isolde struggled to sit up, her only good arm managing to push herself up at least as high as her elbow. Covered in tears and blood and worse, she knew there was no helping it. They failed to protect his temple and the high priest was dead. She was next to follow. "I’m… so sorry… I tried. I could have tried harder. I accept my punished, my llyr." Her voice was raw from screaming, and it barely came out in an audible tone. Isolde squeezed her eyes shut again, waiting for her death. -06:49 Jul 14
[Athazagorus enters.] -07:06 Jul 14
Athazagorus: He stepped up to her his sword poised. "Presuming to know a god’s intentions…?" he asked a moment before his sword malted into mist and reformed as a ring on his finger. then he bent down and put his hand on ther injured shoulder, in and instant the jpines snapped back into place and the buising healled. The he did the same to her knee and thigh. He worked quickly up until the point where he saw the damage done to her croth. His hand balled into a fist and then he. Gently toutched her cheek lookign into her eyes in a wordless gesture, then put his hand over her and healed." -07:12 Jul 14
[(Timeout) Athazagorus got too distracted for their own good…] -07:19 Jul 14
Isolde: Isolde hadn’t expected to be healed. The first few touches came with her wincing and cringing, even flinching. But when he rest a hand on her cheek and looked in her eyes, it was different… she knew better and despite that still lingering fear, she gazed back at him with nothing but trust. "I failed you. I couldn’t protect the machine. I don’t deserve this…" For a brief moment she glanced back at the carnage of the room, but then her eyes were right back on his face searching and inquisitive. "…or have I already died…?" -07:19 Jul 14
Athazagorus: "You’re alive." he said pulling the cloak from the dead leader and draping it over her. Then he looked at the machine. "You remained faithful… thats more than can be sea for…" he looked at the priest. "Isolde, we’re going somewhere safe. You are not my high priestess." his voice lost it’s commanding tone. "Please don’t say you’ve failed me. I comanded the high priest to release me from the machine when I knew this was coming. I should have commanded you." he walked over to the flowers she had brough him adn picked them up, placeing them in her lap then picking her up and heading towards the door. "Theres nothing left for us here." -07:25 Jul 14
Isolde: Isolde pulled the cloak tight around her and before she knew it there were his flowers and she was in his arm. For a marveling moment all she could do was stare at his face. Then she realized what his words meant… "He betrayed the temple..? This was supposed to be a safe place." she glanced over his shoulder, but instead of seeing what was left of the room she was seeing wings. "I’ve dreamed of you. You are a little different. Just a little." Her eyes were back on his face again. "I couldn’t do anything to protect you. I can’t be your high priestess. They… you need someone stronger." -07:32 Jul 14
Athazagorus: "Everyone else treats me like a god, demanding favors and deseaching advice." he said stepping out the door into the fortified cortyard beyond. "You were the only one who came to talk to me and treated me like a person." he spread his wings and beat them to rise up. "I saw you in your dreams too. Thats why I want you as my high priestess." -07:37 Jul 14
Isolde: They were going to fly. Isolde curled against him and hide her face. In truth, she didn’t want to see what became of the rest of the temple. Of the other priests and priestesses. What she imagined might’ve been too close to reality if it even came close to what happened to herself. "It was really you in my dreams…?" she asked softly. The real Descendant. …after all of the silly things she said and did in those dreams! "You are a person… I might have been inappropriate with you…" -07:41 Jul 14
Athazagorus: "Now you’re treating me like a god too.." he soared high above the landscape and looked down. The machine was destroyed and that was what they wanted. He would have his revenge but first he needed to made sure his new high priestess was alright. "Isolde.. you don’t need to worry about the dreams, you if you did anything wrong in them I would have said. for now… I know a same place." he flew out over a forest adn up a mountain, over it and into a hidden valley, ove he had shown her in her dreams. "And I meant everything I said in your dreams and say you are my high priestess. Unless you refuse the position…" -07:45 Jul 14
Isolde: A lot of things had been said in those dreams. Things at any other moment would have her smiling. Right that moment, there were just so many awful things so fresh in her memory, and the surprise of him being there, Real and physical… she was overwhelmed. Isolde shook her head quickly. "I am not refusing. I will be your high priestess if that is what you want from me. I…" she paused, her curiosity of where they were drawing away her attention. "I remember this place…" -07:51 Jul 14
Athazagorus: He flew along the valley over the babling brook in it’s center and landed near an abandoned cottage. "You should remember it." he said carrying her towards it. "I brought you here once in a dream. I remember what you said when you say it." he pushed open the door with his shoulder and intered the single-room dwelling and placed her on the bed before standing strait and with a snap of hif fingers used magic to clean out and dirt, bodwebs and mustiness. "Are you okay Isolde?" -07:54 Jul 14
Isolde: "I said it needed more flowers and you told me I could plant them…" Isolde nodded slowly. Physically she was all right. She could feel her limbs and there was no pain. But the memory of it was still there. Playing out in her head over and over. Making her look twice at shadows and question whether or not the current moment was real or not. But she didn’t mention it. She didn’t want him to be concerned. "I should be the one taking care of you. I am your priestess." -08:00 Jul 14
Athazagorus: "A god takes care of his people. In that I failed you." he said"How the trechery was hidden from me I do not know but once you are rested we will head to the capitol where I will name you my high priestess and anounce my return. Then I will.. we will have justice." he said moving over to sit and pull her head into his lap. "You’re alive, and you’re awake. This is not a dream, but you should rest. I’ll be here when you awake. -08:06 Jul 14
Isolde: "I am not sure I can sleep." she admitted. When she closed her eyes she could see those men and the blood. And she was having a hard time holding her tears back to stay strong for him. But HE was comforting. More solid and warm than how his presence felt in her dreams. And the amount of trust she had for him was apparent in the way she let out a breath and relaxed over his lap. -08:13 Jul 14
Athazagorus: He brushed her hair with his fingers. "You are stong, the fact that you can talk after that prooves it." he lifted his fingers to her lips and kissed them before pressign them into hers. "I am sorry that happened. if I had been released like I commanded it wouldn’t have." -08:18 Jul 14
Isolde: With such a simple action, he reminded her why she was so loyal. Why she stayed at the temple and visited him every day and dared to face down invaders. Isolde smiled softly. "Next time I will fight harder. I won’t let anyone try to destroy you again." -08:24 Jul 14
Athazagorus: "I’m free now, I can fight my own battles." he said softly. "But you’re more than welcome to help me." he placed his hand on her cheek and smiled at her. "Thank you for visiting me every day." -08:27 Jul 14
Isolde: "I thought you might be lonely, sealed away for so long. No one ever seemed to want to just talk…" Isolde rest her eyes closed. Were the high priest there, he would be yelling at her for being like this. …but then the high priest had been a betrayer! The day had taken it’s toll and she was losing her battle to stay away. Faintly dozing, even in the middle of speaking. "I knew I would love you and be your priestess the very first time you visited me in a dream… " -08:34 Jul 14
Athazagorus: "I knew that too, that why I came to your dream." he said smiling down at her. "You were always my most faithful never asking for anythign and giving me your time, and not even though we cannot rest for long. We fonally have the chance to get to know eachother deeper." -08:37 Jul 14
Isolde: "Hmm…. I will have to learn to make prettier candles now that you can see them." Him being free in the world would not change. Even while they were on his mission, she would be his priestess and do what she had always done. …she would just be a bit more mindful of it! Those thoughts were making her smile wider, even as she was drifting to sleep. "Goodnight, my llyr…" -08:43 Jul 14
Athazagorus: "Goodnight Isolde." he whispered placing his hand on her forehead and wishing her pleasant dreams. "I’ll be here when you awaken." he humed to her in a small repaylent for all she had donw for him then leaned down to kiss her cheek softly. "Rest well." -08:45 Jul 14

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