Priestess of Athazagorus

Priestess of Athazagorus 004: Question the Dead

[Isolde isn’t sure what help she is to her llyr, but she is with him and remain so. Even when things get a little…. weird!] -09:32 Jul 20
[Athazagorus needs answers and is ready to break nature and pervert magic to get them.] -09:33 Jul 20
Isolde: Before long it would be sunset and Isolde was feeling the length of the day. That wasn’t her llyr’s fault, there were things he needed done. So she hid her tiredness as well as she could, by being bright and pleasant. Most especially because he needed the smiles. The man never said a cross word to her, but she could feel how he was seething. "What next, my llyr?" -09:39 Jul 20
Athazagorus: He had spent a lot of the day in thought on that bery question, but as the sun sunk loger he felt he had an answer. "Now we get answers Isolde." he said. While the dead were still fresh he needed to ask, she had been right, some of the citivens of the city had been neutral, a few faithful and he called to those. Calling them to dring through the trees and over the hills to him, adn to bring the spirit of a noble with them, one wh had been close to the false king. -09:44 Jul 20
Isolde: Isolde watched him curiously. How he commanded the world around him wasn’t unlike in her dreams. It was strange to see it in reality, sometimes to feel it and sometimes not. Nothing about it gave her anything to fear, at least she had never fear much before. …up until there was spirits of the dead looming closer. Isolde almost squeaked, scooting to hide behind him, just under his wings. -09:51 Jul 20
Athazagorus: He rested his hand on her shoulder. He wished he didn’t have to have her here for this, he wished she didn’t have to see this war. His hand went to her while his other raised to stop the march of the dead. They were torn and bloody, a silvery glow surrounding them. "You have earned peace.." he said to them. "But I have things I must know before I can grant it." there was no sound in reply, only a change in the crowd that was undefinable. "Bring him to me." -09:56 Jul 20
Isolde: She could have easily closed her eyes or hid her face, but Isolde was finding it hard to look away. It irked her to see them this way, trapped between life and death. She stayed closed to him, holding tightly to his arm, not thinking that he might need it or that being in his space could be in the way. -10:02 Jul 20
Athazagorus: He took a breath as the unwilling of the number was brought forwards, then he reached out and took hold of the ghost’s forehead, toutchign it as his it was solid adn lifted it from It’s feet and spoke. "You served the king closely?" the reply that came sounded hollow and unreal. "Yes.. Emidio." "Then you can tell me what god he serves." The soul struggled but could not break free and Athazagorus’ fingers sunk into it making it whimper. The dead could still feel pain. -10:07 Jul 20
Isolde: Her hands went over her mouth to stifle another squeak. Maybe she couldn’t watch after all. Isolde turned until there was nothing but feathers in her vision. Only ever so often looking up to see the expression of her llyr. -10:12 Jul 20
Athazagorus: "The undorn god… beneath the mountain… that is all I know." "What mountain?" "I swear to you my lord I do not know." "Then you are useless to me." there was a sucking sound the the soul vanished, and he turned to the assembled others. "You have earned your place of rest." his expresion went from hard to sad as they too faded, so many dead for so little gain, but it was damage control, a first blow in a war that would not be forgotten. "They’re gone Isolde…" -10:20 Jul 20
Isolde: She had cringed at the sound too, looking all too apologetic when she shifted just the slightest to peek over her shoulder and see if they were truely gone. Isolde let out a soft breath, though she didn’t yet step away from the saftey under his wings. "Forgive me. I didn’t realize it would bother me to see them." -10:24 Jul 20
Athazagorus: He let out a sigh and took her hand. "Its natural. I did give you the choice of staying behind." he looked at her and managed a small smile. "But I am glad you are here." -10:27 Jul 20
Isolde: "Afraid or not, I am always going to be with you. I just hope it will get a little easier…" she returned his smile with a sheepish grin. It would get easier wouldn’t it? …but probably not until it was worse first. But Isolde was sure she could take it. She tugged gently on his hand. "Do we seek others for information or search mountains?" -10:31 Jul 20
Athazagorus: "I can search a lot faster in my dreams." he said "Right now… I need a break." a god admitting they needed a break, or was it for her that he called them to rest? "We should find somehting to eat." -10:35 Jul 20
Isolde: Time to rest would be a blessing. Her smile was soft and she still tugged gently at his hand. "I can make something for you, my llyr. If I had things to cook with. I think I’ve promised you many different things that I experimented on the high priest with!" The high priest who had turned out to be a betrayer! Her expression turned sour for a moment. That was going to be difficult to get used to… -10:39 Jul 20
Athazagorus: He smiled softly. "Something cooked by your hands. Sounds perfect." he turned back to the cotage and looped his arm around her. If you need something, just ask." -10:41 Jul 20
Isolde: "I need fish and fresh vegetables. Hmm… and herbs. You can sit and I will cook." Isolde very much liked this idea that she forgot her lingering weariness for a moment. Having meals together in a dream was nothing compared to really tasting. And this time it would be something special she made for him. -10:44 Jul 20
Athazagorus: He nodded and made sure those things were waiting on the table before they got back, showing off his power again, for her. If he could male meteor appear from nowhere, why not a little food too? "ANythign else he asked pushing open the door to reveal it waiting there for her. -10:54 Jul 20
Isolde: Isolde looked pleased and when she moved away to check over the ingredients on the table, it was the first time she moved further than a few inches from him almost the entire day. Happy with what was there, she bustled about looking for a good pan. "What about… something very nice to drink? And… flowers for my table?" Neither of which were necessary, but he asked as if he wanted the challenge. Flowers and drink weren’t challenging, but she was considering some other things. -10:58 Jul 20
Athazagorus: He put a jug on the table, where he got it from was impossible to tell but the smell was of a mixure of fuits. Then from brhind his wing he pulled a bunch of flowers and layed them out on the table. "I was talking about for the food." he teased. "I could do full meals but then I wouldn’t get to watch you cook." -11:01 Jul 20
Isolde: "When it is your turn to make dinner you can surprise me with something tricky." Isolde stopped her bustling about long enough to pick up one of the flowers to smell. She gave a soft sigh. They were some of her favorites and smelled a bit like honey. She leaned to tuck it between a few feathers in his wings before she resumed taking things over to a counter. "I don’t know how many times I have been in a kitchen talking to myself when I wanted to be in the chamber talking to you." -11:06 Jul 20
Athazagorus: "Now you can do both." he said sitting and lookign at the flower before pulling one leg up to lean against it. "You gave me more thna enough of your time though, even sneaking in at the dead of night." -11:08 Jul 20
Isolde: "A very nice bed of my own, but I still slept better being there with you. The priest that did the morning rounds was always startled to find me there." She knew how to use a kitchen knife at least. Chopping a nice mix of herbs while waiting for her pan to heat. "It was before you came to see me in dreams, and it didn’t matter where I fell asleep anymore." -11:13 Jul 20
Athazagorus: He slipped off of the counter and moved to her wrapping both arms and wings around her for a moment. "How could I not visit you after that?" -11:16 Jul 20
Isolde: Isolde set aside her knife to turn in to him, the comfort of embrace being too nice to resist. She laughed laughing. "I remember the first time. I was ill and unable to come and visit the chamber. You told me you were waiting for the rest of my story, and didn’t like to wait." -11:21 Jul 20
Athazagorus: "Well I don’t." he said releasign her and stepping back to watch her cook. "And the night after that was your birthday." he smiled. "I still wish I could have gotten you something." -11:27 Jul 20
Isolde: "i am fairly certain that having the god you’ve pledged your life to come to visit you in a dream is the best something to get!" Isolde had thought so anyway! Enough that she had talked about it to everyone, and had a temple full of priests and priestess scoffing at her. But she didn’t mind. Grinning, she turned back to the counter, cutting up vegetables quickly to toss in to the pan. -11:31 Jul 20
Athazagorus: "That was before you really knew me." he pointed out. "And now here we are in the flesh with you cooking for me like you always said you wanted to. Dreams come true sometimes. I just wish…" there wasn’t a war. -11:38 Jul 20
Isolde: "You wish it was better circumstances. But maybe it was destiny and fate after all that it’s happened this way. A plan of the universe?" Isolde like to think things happened for good reason. Even the terrible things. On top of the vegetables she layered the fish and sprinkled some of the chopped herbs on top. "You’ve slept for so long to protect the people in the world, and now you are up for something important. When it’s all over and done, you can finally have something to make you happy?" -11:43 Jul 20
Athazagorus: "I should still be sleeping." he said. "But you are right. I’m here, now and I will make the most of it. I’m happy you are here too. I know without you I would be out there causing more deaths right now. But here I can plan." -11:47 Jul 20
Isolde: "An angry, vengeful Emidio set loose on the world has rarely ever been a good thing." she cast him a wide teasing smile. Isolde didn’t doubt for a moment that he would burn the world and everyone in it. She was glad she could temper him and offer him peace of mind. While food was cooking, she moved to him to brush her hands over his wings. They were still a fascinating thing! "Are you going to return to the machine when it is all done?" -11:53 Jul 20
Athazagorus: "What choice is there?" he asked sincerely. "Someone has to power it to protect the world, someone with the power of a god." he looked down at her. "Who else is there that can? If I had the temple staff and a city full of magi I could maybe modify it so that I wouldn’t have to be in it all the time… But I do not." -11:56 Jul 20
Isolde: "I could find them for you…? New priests and priestesses and mages?" Isolde wasn’t sure how but… she wasn’t sure when it was time that she would be able to let him go. She was a terrible priestess! "…there is time to work on it at least! You can look for the unborn god and I can do the rest." -12:04 Jul 21
Athazagorus: "Its a deal.." eh said hopign she could furpill her promise. "Because as nice as your dreams are, I prefer seeing you in person, and feeling your heart beat when I touch you." he sighed. "Now what are you making?" -12:08 Jul 21
Isolde: She flushed, remembering to focus her attention on what she was cooking, rather than at him. It was far too easy to forget about everything when he said things like that. "Nothing extraordinary, but it smells nice, doesn’t it?" And fish always cooked quick, it was good she remembered the pan in time. Isolde found the plates to serve them up. "…I like having you here with me too." -12:15 Jul 21
Athazagorus: He took his plate and sat down before poaring them both a cup of cold juice. "The to us, mey we be togetehr for longer than just this war." he said "Because I never want to leave you Isolde, ever." he drank deep then tried the fish.. it was good. "ANd you are a good cook." -12:20 Jul 21
Isolde: "You haven’t eaten fresh made food in ages, you may think anything is good!" But she was pleased with the compliment and his words. Enough to sit there smiling for several moments before realizing she should eat too. If he wasn’t her god and the threat of a god’s war looming over them both, how easy it would be to think they were nothing more than a smitten couple. -12:26 Jul 21
Athazagorus: "I still rememebr what food tastes like." he said "And I still remember what I did and didn’t like." he poked at her with his fork "You should cook again tomorow." -12:29 Jul 21
Isolde: Isolde laughed, shying away from his poking and using her feet to push at his knees. "I will. I’ll make you something different every night and you can make breakfast in the morning when I am too lazy to wake." -12:31 Jul 21
Athazagorus: He chuckled. "You want me to cook? You are brave." he said jokingly. "I have to say though I’d happily have a hot meal appear in your lap evry mornign it if meant more time next to you." -12:34 Jul 21
Isolde: "You should be careful, my llyr. It’s very difficult for me to resist the temptation to just stay in bed." She was toying with her food more than eating, but it may have just been because she was distracted with poking at him with her foot. Isolde liked being able to touch him elike this. -12:40 Jul 21
Athazagorus: "I know my head priestess can resist temptation." he said "Unless my faith in you is misplaced." he was teasing her back and grabbed hold of ehr ankle to tickle her foot. "That kind of temptation anyway." -12:42 Jul 21
Isolde: "Not when it concerns the comfort of be- eee! no!" Apparently the priestess was very ticklish because she near fell out of her seat trying to pull her foot back and lean to swat him at the same time. -12:47 Jul 21
Athazagorus: He caught her hand as she swatted and help onto it smilign at her. "So you can’t resist the temptation of being in bed next to your god?" he asked with a grin. "That doesn’t sound liek somethign I’d mind." -12:54 Jul 21
Isolde: Isolde curled her fingers around his hand, and gave him a chiding look. "Maybe I can’t! To spend every evening with you in dreams, and now having you in reality, I might just prefer to stay wrapped up with you in blankets and feathers." -12:59 Jul 21
[Isolde enters.] -01:04 Jul 21
Athazagorus: "I think I might have the same problem." he said smiling at her. "But then you are a priestess and I am your god… whose going to call it wrong?" -01:11 Jul 21
Isolde: "Not I. But I am also irrevocably infatuated with a man who brings me flowers." Isolde stood and leaned over him to kiss his forehead. "No one can tell me it’s wrong, my llyr." -01:14 Jul 21
Priestess of Athazagorus

Priestess of Athazagorus 003: The City of Betrayal

[Isolde is wearing a dress that isn’t made of sunbeams, but is still lovely and feels very nice. She is with her llyr and heart to make his presence known!] -02:25 Jul 16
[Athazagorus is wearing his old armor that he hid in the cottage ages ago. Its simple enough but is known to have belonged to him, and his in the capitol to find out who is faithful, and who is heretic.] -02:32 Jul 16
Isolde: Isolde had vague memories of being in the capital when she was younger, but clearly the place had changed a lot since she remembered. Everything was so different there. …and worse, something about it made her feel uneasy. She blamed it on her frazzled nerves, and just made sure to stay close to her llyr. “The capital is surprisingly large. Was it like this when you were sealed?” -02:36 Jul 16
Athazagorus: He was displaying his wings proudly, many people stopping to stare. “Not this big, but I checked here often when I was in the achine. This road leads strait to the citidel.” he could have plown strait there but he wanted people t know he was back… they weren’t formine a impromtue parade behind him and if he didn’t know better he’d think they were looking at him with suspition. “Something is wrong here, they should recognize me.” -02:42 Jul 16
Isolde: “it has been a long time since you were here. And people so rarely ever visit the temple.” His pace was quick and ever so often she would have to dash to keep up. Random buildings or people catching her attenion, and forcing her to dash after him. The stares of people was uncomfortable. Isolde thought they would at least recognize a priestess, but she was not in her robes. She was in the dress he gave her, and she had to conceed to the fact they must have just looked like an odd pair of strangers. -02:48 Jul 16
Athazagorus: The lapsed into brooding and until they reached the citidel and he entered the gates and was greeted by a line of soldiers. “You stand before Athazagorus Emidio and his high priestess.” he growled at them. “Step aside and let me see the man who rules this city in my name.” There were looks exchanged among the men and they stood aside many of them looking at his wings, and then at the statue of him in the courtyard. -02:54 Jul 16
[Athazagorus is ehre to set things right… one way or the other.] -02:32 Jul 20
[Isolde is walking behind her llyr, not looking all too comfortable with the line of soldiers they passed through on their way through the citadel gates.] -02:33 Jul 20
Isolde: In fact, she was nervous in general. Which wasn’t because she had never been to the city before, but just… a general unease with the place. Isolde didn’t like it, but was trying to bolster her own confidence in her head. This was silly. There was no reason to be mistrustful of everything just because of one day. And her llyr was here! Isolde slowed a bit to look at the statue of him in the courtyard… that was fascinating! -02:36 Jul 20
Athazagorus: The soldiers in the lead he lingered only long enough to make sure she would follow then prosseded through the vaulted coorway into the pasade what in his fime have been lined with frescos of his forebearers. Not they were painted in shimmering gold, this disleased him but he remained silent, holdign his words for thr coming confrontation. He did however slow as to keep Isolde close. “If feels strange coming back and seeing all the changes.” he whispered. “I’m going to have to have a word with whoever is in charge here.” -02:42 Jul 20
Isolde: “It’s not like the temple, is it…” The temple was a wonderful place, and though it was well structure and beautiful… it didn’t have all the flash and overly grand architecure the citadel seemed to have. She had also never seen a statue of a descendant before. That was a bit strange to see a lifeless mold of the real thing. Isolde quickly caught up, now paying attention not to wander too far. -02:47 Jul 20
Athazagorus: They reached the end of the corridoor and passed through another vaulted arch entering a caverness chamber that held a ocuncel.. or had. Now a single man sat in a throne, a throne that was meant to be left empty waiting for an Emidio. “There have been changes here…” he observed “but they are not why I’m here.. the temple was destroyed and most killed, I am here to present my new high priestess.” -02:54 Jul 20

The man who sat in the chair leaned forward looking more than a little confused. There was only a slight movement of his finger, and several soldiers were lining up at both sides of the hall. “Explain yourself, and your reasons for walking in to my citadel claiming to be a dead god. Maybe I will let you live.” -Isolde

Isolde: Maybe the ill feelings were not so off the mark after all. Isolde took a step closer to her llyr, warily watching the soldiers and the presumptuous man on the throne. She might have asked who HE was to sit on the Emidio throne with the daring to threaten one, but she decided it was wiser to keep quiet! -03:01 Jul 20
Athazagorus: Insolence…. but her held his temper in check, he did however spread his wings wide and meet the man’s gaze. “I am Athazagorus Emidio, released from my slumber during the attack. If you want proof name it and you will witness it. Or do I have to ask why theres only one of you and why you’re in my seat.. my seat that I’l willing to take my force if necesary.. would an Emidio do any less?” -03:02 Jul 20

“I am Gobryas, King of this City for fifteen years. Placed on this throne BY an Emidio.” he said with all authority and smugness. “The people of this city call me their Sun Pillar. A real and tangible king. A god they can see and believe in.” He leaned back in his throne, pressing his fingers together. “If you are Athazagorus, it doesn’t matter. The people don’t believe in you any more. They don’t want your temples or your priests. They don’t want you. Now take your leave willingly, or my soldiers will make sure you and your priestess will not see the light of another sunrise.” -Isolde

Athazagorus: The ring became a silder list and formed into a sword in his hand that he leand loosely, fire dancing down it’s length in restless waves. “You style yourself a god King Godryas? That puts you at odds with the temple. Am I to believe you sent those men, who raped and murdered my followers. Answer carefully or I will show you what it means to be a true god.” -03:20 Jul 20

The man held no fear, boldy rising from his seat to stand as he stared them down. “A new god waits to be born, a predecessor of your own blood and the true power. The age of Emidio is done, and with it goes it’s temples and it’s people.” With a gesture he commanded his soldiers to surround and attack. And contrary to his bold statements, he was not staying to watch. -Isolde

Athazagorus: To the soldiers he had only one responce, before they could even move he pointe his sword at the group on the right an with a thunderous boom lightning arced though the air jumping between them killing the entire group, then the group on the right were froven in place by a gesture from his free hand… then with a rushing gale he lifted himself from hsi foot and shot after the man sword poised… he wasn’t getting away that easily. -03:30 Jul 20
Isolde: This wasn’t going well, and Isolde was very surprised to hear such things coming from a self proclaimed King. Are these the things she missed by not paying attention to the world outside her temple? The moment the soldiers moved, though, Isolde covered her eyes. Panic wanted to take over, but she trusted her llyr. …she just didn’t want to watch! -03:32 Jul 20

To say the man ran would be debated, but he definitely seemed to have a clear plan of escape. Even with a god on his heels, when he reached the far end of the hall he slipped through a passage. It sealed up so quickly, it was nothing short of magic that could have done it! -Isolde

Athazagorus: He had done it… him and his people.. and the bolt that smalled into the door stook the citidel to it’s foundations.. but the door held. “Isolde..” he called her to her striding up to the throne and kicking it over… they did it, they were all guilty. He held out his arm to her and got ready to fly. “We’re leaving…” a hood thing too as the sound of more guard coming came form the other apssage ways. -03:39 Jul 20
Isolde: More were coming, she could hear their stomping footsteps. Isolde didn’t hesitate to run for him. Keeping her hands blocking the sight of the dead soldiers lining the room blocked with her hands. She didn’t drop her hands until she was gently latching on to his sleeve. “Did he fall to madness? No one at the temple ever said they did not want you…” -03:46 Jul 20
Athazagorus: “There is another god in play..” he said grabbing hold of her and rising from the thrown room. “So let him be king of ash and dust…” he crashed though a staiend glass window and rise higher holding his hand out and throwing a fireball back into the throne room, then through another window, and another, then he was over the city and heading away.. it woule a lot more than a few fireballs to do what he wanted… he needed a hill where he could see then entire city, good thing he knew just the place. -03:51 Jul 20
Isolde: She held tight, keeping her arms locked around his neck. Her eyes squeezed closed when she burying her face at his neck. Flying did not bother her as much as her llyr’s anger. It was in his voice and the tenseness of his body. It almost emanated from him! “That is why they destroyed the machine…” she muttered soft, just speaking her thoughts aloud. They had meant to destroy him too with the machine, Isolde was certain. Or they never would have dared to attack him in the citadel. -03:57 Jul 20
Athazagorus: He nodded gliding down to the hilltop and setting her down. “They are lead astray…” he raised his hands and called on his power as above the city the clouds began to boil. “I will show them how a god makes war.” -04:03 Jul 20
Isolde: Isolde watched the sky, a faint frown across her features. Once she realized his meaning, she was a bit hesitant… but finally reached out a hand to tug gently at his sleeve. “Will you destroy the whole city… and everyone in it?” She bit her lip, almost not wanting to go on. But… she knew very well what an angry Emidio had done in the past to entire cities. “Even the people that have no idea what the King and his soldiers have done..? Even ones that are just trying to live?” -04:09 Jul 20
Athazagorus: The first one came, punching though the cloud so fast it was barely seen before it struck the citidel and the explotion was heard from there they stood, nothing visible in the entire inner city but debris and smoke. The meteor storn had arived. “You saw thier faces in the city. They do not know me, if there is another god then they are his now. Whose fault it is matters little.” the second hit, bidgger then the first and there were fires starting now, pillars of smoke rising to the heavens. “Thos that survive will knwo what it means when a war is fought between gods… but I cannot allow them to give the other god power, or we’re dead.” -04:17 Jul 20
Isolde: “I understand…” Isolde understood… but it didn’t mean she had to like it or to watch. Isolde turned away from the scene, wrapping her arms around herself and trying not to cringe every time a meteor slammed in to the ground and made it rumble. He would do what he needed to do, and she would pray for the innocent souls to be safe. -04:24 Jul 20
[Athazagorus enters.] -04:25 Jul 20
Athazagorus: Three more times before he was satisfied and his hand landed gently on her shoulder. “You are a sensitive soul.” he said softly. “I pray that when this ends, you still will be. Don’t change.” -04:28 Jul 20
Isolde: Isolde gave a shakey sigh. There was no sense in trying to hide that the destruction bothered her. But she did tilt her head up to offer him a smile. “Maybe I am too sensitive. I have the feeling this will not be easy and I’m going to make things harder on you.” -04:34 Jul 20
Athazagorus: He kept his hand on her shoulder and his eyes on hers as if reading the thoughts and feelings deep into her soul. “My family is known for going too far.” he said. “For spilling blood when none needs to be spilled, for taking what they see as thiers. If there is to be a war between gods you will see a lot of that. But as my priestess I will look to you for counsel, to stop be taking a step past too far. Can you do that for me?” -04:38 Jul 20
Isolde: “How will I know when it’s something you need to do and when it’s too far…?” she took a glance over her shoulder at the now burning city. They were far enough away that all she could see was fire and smoke. But it was easy to imagine what was happening in the streets. “If it were up to me, no one would die at all. …but I understand some people will have to.” -04:42 Jul 20
[(Timeout) Athazagorus was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -04:49 Jul 20
Athazagorus: “I will tell you if its somethign that needs to be done.” he said. “Then you will ask why.” his hand left her shoulder and snaked around her back go pull her agaist him. “Can you do that?” it was a serious question. -04:49 Jul 20
Isolde: “You tell me to question my llyr.” That seemed to break through her doubt, making her cast a soft smile and nod. “I can do that. I will be your conscience and your heart..?” -04:54 Jul 20
Athazagorus: “In a sense.” he said holding her against him. “I never wanted my return to be marked with fire and blood. I pictured celebration, and the temple being decorated and a priestess to be my councel and talk to me through the night.” he sighed. “Bit I guess not even gods can see the future.” -04:58 Jul 20
Isolde: She liked this, being held circled by his arms. Isolde gave in to the temptation to lean against him, to listen to his heart beating. “Were you meaning to return to the world, then? To be with mortals again?” -05:01 Jul 20
Athazagorus: He nodded. “For a time.” he said. “Long enough to esablish a new line with the angel of my choosing.” he looked down at her, the one he chose. “I don’t think you ever told me why you call me your llyr.” -05:05 Jul 20
Isolde: Did that mean he meant to sire children? She hid her face at his chest for a moment, before she was looking back up again to answer his question. “In my country it meant beloved sea god… It always felt right for you. You are both to me.” -05:09 Jul 20
Athazagorus: He smiled and folded his wings around her. “Then you are the right one to guide me. I chose you a long time ago Isolde. And I won’t let this change that.” then with his arms arounf her to took off again, it wsa time ofr them to go home. -05:19 Jul 20
Priestess of Athazagorus

Priestess of Athazagorus 002: To Make You Happy

[Isolde slept the entire day and night. And through blessing alone did not have any nightmares! It was a rest well needed!] -01:09 Jul 15
[Athazagorus HAs watched over his priestess all night, repelling her nightmares and calming her thoughts. He did not however enter her dreams because he needs to stay awake himself.] -01:10 Jul 15
Isolde: When she awoke, there was a moment of bleary confusion. Then a brief second of panic when she sat up, pulling that cloak around her… and finally a slow rush of breath when that final memory came to her. The temple had been invaded, machine destroyed and now she was with the Descendant God, live and in the flesh. …and now without the panic of yesterday she could cleary see he was without all clothes himself. Isolde squeezed her eyes shut. "Good morning, my llyr…?" -01:18 Jul 15
Athazagorus: "Good morning." he said from his position sitting next to her "You rested well?" he touched her cheek again and gave a small smile down at her. "I did some fixing in the night, the place now seems livable? Hmm..?" he put his hand around hers and placed an apple into it with another smile. -01:30 Jul 15
Isolde: She opened one eye, then the other. Being rewarded with a smile that she so instantly responded to with a wide one of her own. He was really there. She could stare forever! Isolde finally managed to control that impulse, though and took a look at the rest of the room. "I feel more like myself now, yes… Will we be living here now, or will we return to the temple..?" -01:36 Jul 15
Athazagorus: "The temple is useless without rpiests and guards. He’re safer here." he said "At least until he’ve been to the capitol and had them send reinforcments to the remple. I do not want to see it like it is now. You should eat." he stood and with a jug and chipped mug wanted her somce cool water to go with her apple. "I wish we could have met under better conditions." He had had plans for that. -01:41 Jul 15
Isolde: "But we already met, my llyr. Many times with much better circumstances." she knew what he really meant, but hope to lighten his expression with gentle teasing. Isolde ate and sipped her water, trying to keep her gaze focused on anything else in the room besides him. It was so hard not to stare! "May I have a bath? I think I can make some of clothes with this cloak… " -01:47 Jul 15
Athazagorus: "And I could weave you a dress out of sunbeams and laughter with a wave of my hand." he was teasing her back now. "You may, you don’t have to ask." he stood to fetch water and begin prepairing for her. "I am not a tyrant." -01:53 Jul 15
Isolde: "Can you, really…?" Teasing or not, Isolde was curious if he could. In a dream anyone could do anything. But in reality, god or not, some things were just impossible. ….like having a god draw a bath for you! Isolde was slipping out of bed the moment she was done eating, holding that cloak to her and following after him with a faint frown. "You are not a tyrant, but you are my llyr. I should be doing these things for you." -01:58 Jul 15
Athazagorus: He looked at her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "I don’t hold myself above you anf you’re not fully healed. So sit until your back is ready, then you can return the favor." -02:04 Jul 15
Isolde: "I am healed enough…" she protested. But it was a half hearted protest. This was why she -wanted- to be his priestess and do things for him, he was kind when he didn’t have to be. Still looking like she wanted to argue it, Isolde at least sank in to a chair. "I would have liked to make your return to the world much better than this…" -02:10 Jul 15
Athazagorus: "It was never going to be joyous." he said. "The seal was only to be broken in times or extreme danger when a god was needed with a mountain of magic adn a firey sword." he moved to the chair to lift her up and place her gently into the tub and place the soap next to her and sit on the side. "Or if I got selfish and decided there as something I wanted. But that would have lead to worse feelings when I was forced to return." -02:17 Jul 15
Isolde: There was a faint sense of shyness and embarrassment from her, but it was really more due to the strange role reversal. He was taking care of her and it should be the other way around! Still hot water was a blessing, and she sighed with relief. Sinking under it for a second to get her hair and head wet and popping back out to rub water out of her eyes. "I suppose I didn’t consider why you would come back to the world… But I can still make it better for you now, yes? Anything you want I will do or I will find a way to get for you.." -02:23 Jul 15
Athazagorus: "The temple being in danger, or a suitable angel being found." he said "I was about to return for both." he smiled down at her the stood to fill a kettle and put it on. "You make it better by just being here with me." -02:29 Jul 15
Isolde: He was embarrassing her again, but she hid it well. Isolde shifted to rest her arms on the edge of the tub and watch him. All of the countless times she saw him and spoke to him in her dreams, this still felt a little different. "Do Descendants have angels? I haven’t ever heard of one before… I am glad I can help you, though." -02:37 Jul 15
Athazagorus: "They don’t." he said getting two mugs and placign them on the table followed by a teapot into which he put herbs from around the cotage. "Theres never been one before, but then theres never been an Emidio thats been a complete god before." he looked at her and smiled. "Remember all thise times I called you and angel in your dreams?" -02:42 Jul 15
Isolde: "Hmm, yes. You would laugh when I huffed about it." she liked that he smiled. Resting her head on her arms and smiling too, though she remember she should be washing. He had a mission and she was wasting time. Isolde reached to snatch the soap and lather it up. "I think I was very small the last time an Emidio visited the temple. I can’t recall much about them, but they fussed at the high priest and didn’t seem to mind that I was snooping…" -02:52 Jul 15
Athazagorus: "We’ve always been lax about rules, even out own." he said "Though one I retrieve the guide from the capitol we’ll perhaps have an easier time finding who attacked. If you know anything now might be a good time to say." he stepped over to the tub and pulled a chair next to it, then put the tea and mugs onto the chair and stepped into the tub leaning against the oposite side as her. "Until then we should relax while we can." -02:56 Jul 15
Isolde: He was in the tub with her! It left Isolde a bit distracted, shifting her legs to make sure there was room for him and deciding how she felt about it… She settled on curiosity, and failed resisting temptation when she poked at one of his feet. "They wore clothes from the city had officer’s weapons. I wouldn’t really know much else, I only stay at your temple and I never cared for the news." -03:04 Jul 15
Athazagorus: His foot twitched and he furrowed his brow at her. "Yes I cen feel that." he said pokign her with his toe in retaliation. "You don’t mind me joining you, do you?" -03:07 Jul 15
Isolde: Isolde jumped, giving him a small splash before inching and turning her back to him to hide her smile. "No, I don’t mind… not with you. It’s just strange is all. A little different from dreaming." She never really realize just how much was missing from dreams when he was there for real. Isolde poked at his other foot. -03:12 Jul 15
Athazagorus: When she was turned he slid forwards and wetting his hands put them on her shoulders lettign the water run down her back, then takign the soap he latheres it and spread it over her shoulders and down her back. "I’ve done nothing but dream for.. how long?" he took a cloth and started scrudding her back. "It feels good to live again." he was sorely tempted to kiss the back of her neck but her resisted. She had just been raped and might not take kindly to his advances. "THough maybe you’d rather poke something other than my foot?" -03:17 Jul 15
Isolde: "I don’t think you would appreciate me poking you everywhere." His hands were soothing, and she wasn’t sure if she were confused or surprised, or really not surprised at all. Isolde thought she might be antsy to have someone touch her, but with her llyr it was a comfort. She tapped her fingers over his knee. "You were sealed in the machine years and years and years before I was even born. Has no one ever really talked to you? Did you ever visit someone else’s dreams?" -03:25 Jul 15
Athazagorus: "To visot someone’s dreams unwarrented is a violation of thier personal space." he said "I’ve only done it to issue commands or warnings, except with you." he wet the cloth and rinsed off her back with it and then let her go. "You it was different, I wanted to repay you for your time talking to me in the sanctum." -03:31 Jul 15
Isolde: "You didn’t have to respond to me. I was happy to talk to you." she took the cloth and soap from him, turning back around to face him again. It was her turn to wash him and do what a priestess should be doing! "But I’m glad you did! It was because you talked to me that I decided I made the right choice in being a priestess. I respected you before, but cared for you after…" -03:36 Jul 15
Athazagorus: He Smiled at her and didn’t turn, not until her leaned forwards and kissed her softly on the lips. "And becale the first to care about me and not what I was." he said then turned. "Which is why I’m glad you were in my sanctum yesterday dna not out in the temple." -03:41 Jul 15
Isolde: A kiss. If anything might have stopped time and her heartbeat it was that. Once he turned around, she was rubbing soap in to his shoulders casting an unseen wistful smile. She needed to focus on reality, but that was very hard to do! "I am surprised and lucky to even be alive. I’ve never had anything hurt so much." Isolde could still remember the pain so vividly, she could almost feel it all over again. She focused on massaging soap in to his back. " …Thank you for healing me." -03:49 Jul 15
Athazagorus: "I couldn’t leave you broken cousd I." He asked retorically. "And I need a high priestess don’t I?" it wasn’t why he had done it of course but it was true. "Thank you for remembering I like purple." -03:54 Jul 15
Isolde: She laughed, her breath falling against his back when she leaned forward to rub soap in to his hair. "You’re welcome, my llyr. I cannot fight invaders or make pretty candles, but I can remember things at the very least." -03:59 Jul 15
Athazagorus: He smiled over his shoulder at her. "You do much more than that Isolde." it was getting harder to resist and he was taking her hand to hold it and brush his lips against it. "You’re strong, and kind. Not a common combiation." -04:03 Jul 15
Isolde: He had no idea how such simple little things made her feel like she was the only person in his universe. That was a dangerous way to think! Still, she was leaning to rest her chin on his shoulder, unable to suppress a smile. "For you I am strong and kind. I wouldn’t put my faith in someone who hadn’t earned it. You put everything in to protecting the world, and still took the time to respond to one silly girl…" -04:15 Jul 15
Athazagorus: "just because I’m entombed in a machine for all eternity does not mean I have the name wants and needs as any other person." he said "Or that I don’t feel honored that you chose to give your time to me." he tuned to put his arm around her and looked at her. "Or that I don’t have the same feelings as others." -04:19 Jul 15
Isolde: There was that dangerous moment again. One she had so many times before. Only this time it wasn’t in a dream where giving in to her impulse was excusable. Except she couldn’t refrain from brushing her knuckles against his cheek with that terribly smitten look on her face. "I know you do. And I want to be here for you. I would follow you to the end of the world if you asked me to." -04:27 Jul 15
Athazagorus: he looked at her, then leaned forwards to kiss her lightly. "Then I won’t ask you to follow me, just stand by me and be there when I need you." he placed his hand on her cheek and kissed her again, softer but longer. Then slid away to take the soap and lather it up to wash his arms and chest. -04:31 Jul 15
Isolde: "I will." She was lost. There would be no priestess more devoted than her. Until she took her last breath! And not because he was her chosen god… Isolde moved away to rest her arms on the edge of the tub again. Closing her eyes and just smiling in contentment. They had so much to do, but for the moment she was pleased to savor it. -04:36 Jul 15
Athazagorus: Once he has his face clean, he smiled at her. "I like it when you smile like that." he said "It remind me of what it used to be like before I was sealed up in the machine. I had enjoyed life too. But maybe I’ve been gone too long. Theres things I missed, and had forgotten about until you came to me. Like sharing a tub with an angel. Seeing her smile like she could die happily but knowing she has a lot to live for. Thank you for reminding me." -04:41 Jul 15
Isolde: "You shouldn’t flatter me so much, my llyr. I’ll forget I’m your priestess." Isolde hid her face at her arms so he wouldn’t see her grinning. She hadn’t meant to get caught smiling. This was a time to be serious! She remember the mugs sitting on the chair and reached out to take one. Just cool enough to drink now. "What will we do about clothing? Or will your new temple abandon clothing all together? There is a temple across the sea that does that…" -04:47 Jul 15
Athazagorus: "I told you I’d weave a dress out of sunbeams didn’t I?" he said taking his own mug. "Do you doubt your god?" he grinned at her. "And don’t hide you face, I like your blush." he sipped his tea and leaned back. "And I think I’ll wear something too. Unless its just the two of us around." -04:53 Jul 15
Isolde: "I don’t doubt the god, it’s the man’s sewing skills I wonder about…" she didn’t hide her face this time, but rather bent the rules by turning away so he couldn’t see it. With mug in both hands she sipped, and smiled wider still. It was a mix of herbs she loved and bragged all about to him the first time she made it, and he remembered. -04:59 Jul 15
Athazagorus: He sipped his own and watched her. "I see why you like this brew so much." he said then stood and stepped out of the tub stretching and going over to the cupboard and opening it. "It not made out of sunbeams but I thought you’d like it." he said. "But you should dry off befor you put it on." -05:02 Jul 15
Isolde: A dress! Soft and simple without being plain. And far too pretty for a priestess to be wearing… but Isolde wasn’t complaining! Her opinion of it was very obvious in her pleased expression. She stood in the tub, still holding her mug with both hands and leaning just a bit to eye the trail of water he left across the floor. "You could use something to dry yourself with also! -05:12 Jul 15
Athazagorus: He grabbed a basket out of the bottom of the cupboard and throwd the cloak over his shoulder then grabbed his mug. "Bring the pot." he said before stepping outside into the sun and spreading the cloak on the grass next to the stream and lyong on it with the basket. Maybe he had this day too planned out." -05:17 Jul 15
[Isolde enters.] -05:23 Jul 15
Isolde: Isolde looked a bit dubious about this plan… but she trusted him. And if he felt safe out in the sun without any clothes, she would too. Stepping out of the tub, she took the pot and her mug with her as she stepped outside. …this made her smile too! The familiarity with a place that she had found beautiful and peaceful. When she sat next to him, there was that content smile again. The temple had been a lovely place, but she was particularly fond of this one… "Did you live here once before..?" -05:35 Jul 15
Athazagorus: "A long time ago." he said. "I hadn’t done anything much with my life but I was content." he said "This was my home before I chose to be the one sealed in the machine. My only request was it was left undisturbed." he looked a her. "Its a little sad coming back here after all these years but we are safe, and I like it here. Now what do you think is in the basket?" -05:40 Jul 15
[(Timeout) Isolde has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -05:44 Jul 15
Isolde: Her first, immediate guess was going to be bunnies. But that was nonsensical and unlikely. Isolde tilted her head as she considered a better guess. "Something for lunch?" -05:44 Jul 15
Athazagorus: "It is a picnic basket." he said "I was asking what you thought I got to eat." nhe looked at her and slimed, his eyes falling over her and he found himself staring, and something else happening that he moved the basket to conceal and opened it for her to see inside. -05:47 Jul 15
Isolde: "You cannot read minds, can you…?" Almost as if he knew she was thinking of bunnies. But then, he did know he well enough by now… maybe she was predictable. Oblivious, she scooted closer to peer inside the basket and snoop. There were several things and she was grinning all over again. "You have thought of everything today." -05:51 Jul 15
Athazagorus: He smiled and pulled out a plate of rolls and various spreads, a wedge of cheese, a knife, and carefullt wrapped baklava that if he remembered right was her favorite. It wasn’t all that was in there but it was enough to start. -06:02 Jul 15
Athazagorus: He smiled and pulled out a plate of rolls and various spreads, a wedge of cheese, a knife, and carefullt wrapped baklava that if he remembered right was her favorite. It wasn’t all that was in there but it was enough to start. "Not everything." he said. "I never thought it would feel like this." he said smilign again. But my mission today is to make you happy, the capitol can come tomorow." -06:03 Jul 15
Isolde: She opened her mouth to protest – again – that he didn’t need to. She had said that too often already. He didn’t need to, but he did. That was why she loved him. "I am happy. Very much so. I didn’t know what it would be like with you here, but it’s better than I dreamed about." -06:08 Jul 15
Athazagorus: He smiled at her and placed his hand on hers. "And you make me happy, you have for a long time." he moved the basket out the way and moved to her and pushed his lips into hers placing his hand on her cheek. "I love you, and always have." -06:15 Jul 15
Isolde: "I really do think you are reading my thoughts.." she mumbled softly. Isolde touched her fingertips to his mouth, and gently tapped his chin. This couldn’t be right to do, but it didn’t feel wrong at all. "Do you really love me? And not saying it just to make me happy…?" -06:23 Jul 15
Athazagorus: He frowned "I wouldn’t do that." he said with mote force that he mean to. "I am a god, its not my role to make simgle priestesses happy." he pulled away and put his hand on her cheek. "Do you honestly think I would say it just to make you happy?" -06:32 Jul 15
Isolde: She blinked in surprise. That angered him… and before she could stop herself she laughed! A soft laugh, followed by her grasping his face between gentle hands and giving him a quick kiss with hope that it would soothe out his frowning. "I believe if you loved me enough, you would say anything I wanted to hear… I don’t mean to question you, it’s just hard to believe you are not a figment of my imagination." -06:40 Jul 15
Athazagorus: He pushed her down and pressed a kiss on her from on top of her his naked chest pressing into hers. "You a figment of your imagination do this?" He traced a finger down her chest and cleavage. "Because you’ve been distracting me all day and I’m sure you’ve noticed.: -06:45 Jul 15
Isolde: "I hadn’t noticed…!" At least not until now, where she could feel almost his entire body against hers. Isolde was expecting some sort of fear or revulsion… granted there was nervousness, but it was only a small fragment compared to her curiosity of him. Isolde run her fingertips over his shoulder, with that baffled expression. "If I said that I have loved you since the very first moment you stepped in to my dreams, would that be a distraction too?" -06:51 Jul 15
Athazagorus: "Maybe." he brushed his fingers against her stomach as his eyes found hers. "But then I’m completely distracted as it is so I don’t see what differnce it would make. "He moved his hand to slide down the side of her neck and moved to kiss her again the sensation causinf a tightning in his chest before he pulled away and say up again. "But would it be because I am your god, or because you didn’t think I was real, or some other reason?" -06:57 Jul 15
Isolde: The feelings he drew from her just from simple touches were so intense. So much stronger than any dream she ever had. When he pulled away and ask his question, Isolde cast him a soft smile. She didn’t care if it was the right thing to do or say anymore. She wanted him to hear it. "I love you because you have been my friend. You’ve never spoken to me like I was a servent or employee. You listen when I talk about flowers or cry about terrible things. You never asked anything from me, but you came to see me every night. Sharing your special places and your favorite things. So no.. I don’t love you because you are my chosen god, or because I dreamt you up. I love you for all of the things you have done with me…" -07:04 Jul 15
Athazagorus: He grinned wide and rubbed the side of her neck. A god and his priestess in love." he nipped her lip and then rolled off of her to stare up at the sky on his back. "You know I don’t see anything wrong with that." -07:10 Jul 15
Isolde: Isolde rolled to her side so she could hook her arms around his and rest her head against his shoulder. "Someone might find fault with it… but if you love me, I don’t care what they think." The high priest had always been angry with her for spending too much time in the chamber. But that priest also betrayed the temple! Isolde didn’t have much faith in people’s reasonings now… -07:19 Jul 15
Athazagorus: He turned his head to kiss her horehead and smilled against it. "Who exactly makes the rules anyway?" he asked "I think I have some say in thats wright and wrong." he moved to slide hsi hand up and down her side and huddle close to her, he didn’t care if he did accidently poke her. "I’m just glad I get to spend time with you." -07:23 Jul 15
Isolde: She could feel him, and that was just another reason for her to smile. He was Emidio and an Emidio took what they wanted when they wanted it. But he wasn’t pushing himself on her. Isolde curled against him. "You can stay with me forever. This could be our home?" -07:31 Jul 15
Athazagorus: He didn’t know if it could, the mavhine would be rebuilt and someone would need to power it. "We will see what happens." he said his arms snaking around her to hold her. "But you will always have my love even if we have to live in the temple." -07:34 Jul 15
Priestess of Athazagorus

Priestess of Athazagorus 001: The Priestess’ Loyalty

[Isolde has the same routine every day. And every day that included several hours in the chamber where they say the very heart, soul and body of their Descendant lay sleeping.] -04:15 Jul 14
[Athazagorus Has been sealed for generations in a machine of his ancestor’s design. It feeds on his magical energy and prevents any new gods being born, yet in doing so has turned him into a full god.] -04:15 Jul 14
Isolde: Today was a day for candles and incense to break up the monotony of the metal and stone chamber. It never mattered to her that he couldn’t see or smell or even hear the stories that she told him. Isolde was just she anyone would appreciate the company if they had to spend their existance sleeping. Some didn’t even believe there was still a body in that machine. She wasn’t sure either… but she was sure his spirit was still there! "I made these myself from things in the temple gardens. They aren’t exactly pretty, but tomorrow I will bring some flowers. Maybe purple ones? I think you might like the purple." -04:21 Jul 14
Athazagorus: There was no reply from the machine, there never was. To emerge from it’s depths now in it’s deteriorated state would damage it. But he listened, sealed and unable to move, not that he had reason to, according to the priestess. But he did, he knew what was coming even before it arived at the temple. Robed figures blending in with the keepers until the time was right to strike. -04:27 Jul 14
Isolde: "Of course, the high priest told me to stop coming here everyday and wasting your time with flowers and candles." she said allowed with a smile. Lighting another to set on a small shelf hanging from the wall. "Normally he’s not so fussy… I suppose the stress of running the temple is getting to him. Tonight I was thinking I might take him some herbs to make a good tea. What do you think? A green tea or a rose tea? Maybe the green…" It never bothered her that he didn’t answer back. He was carrying the world on his shoulders, answering one talkative priestess wasn’t high on the priority list. Oh, but sometimes she had very nice dreams… Those were enough to make it worth the time. -04:36 Jul 14
Athazagorus: He could feel the figures movign among the faithful. The deaths start unarmed rpiests and priestesses slaughtred until thet got to the doors of the inner sanctum… the chamber where he rested… and the hight priest let them in with a key. He could hear them, the scream of those in the fires, and souls of the dead and dying flittering past him to thier resting places. There was nothing he could do to stop them the seals that held him in so long only able to be safely bloken by the high priest, and they were already here. -04:42 Jul 14
Isolde: With a last candle lit, she moved to step up a few stone steps to approach the machine and dust off what needed to be dusted. But she paused midway up, a confused expression across her features as she tilted her head. "I thought I heard… Hmm. Maybe not." Isolde thought maybe it was a scream, but the sound was so well insulated out within the sanctum, and the fact it wouldn’t be likely. But what she did manage to catch was the sound of doors. "Someone else must be coming to pay you a visit. That’s nice, isn’t it? I suppose I should give you privacy then. I’ll come back this evening before bed!" -04:50 Jul 14
Athazagorus: If he could have moved the sarcophagus he would ahve to warn her but it was too late. They entered the rool, weapons drawn to look at the machine they had come to destroy, thier leader grinning as he was the priestess. "Hey boys, heres one we missed, what do you say we have a little fun with her before we kill her and break her toy." the other four men laughed pigishly and looked at Isolde lecherously.. the high priest quickly hiding from her outside the door.. she wasn’t meant to be here! -04:54 Jul 14
Isolde: They weren’t part of the order. Her surprise quickly turned to fear, but she remained where she was standing. With the doors wide opened she could hear the screaming clearly now… their template had been invaded! In an instance she hopped down from the stairs, snatching up a tall candle holder, point the lit end at the intruders. It was almost too heavy for her to hold and very awkward. But this was her temple and her god, it was her life’s duty! "Leave this now, or you will not leave this place alive. I swear it! You are not going to desecrate the temple of my llyr!" -04:59 Jul 14

He leader gufawed and walked up to just outside her reach. “Come on you’re making this difficult…” he kicked out kicking the candle off the end and then stepped intide her guard grabbing the stick and gripping tight as his men moved in to grab her. “Oh wait, you’re not. Too bad none of your friends put up any fight. I’m pretty bored over here. You’re havn’t got anything to keep me entertained do you?” -Athazagorus

Isolde: "Murderous bastards…! How dare you attack a Descendants temple!" And to be so assinine about it… Isolde was trying to pull brass metal back out of his hands but it wasn’t budging. She settled for giving a hard kick to the shin. By the time she realized there were others advancing on her, she let go. Swinging a hand to slap the sense out of the closest to her and turning to run for the machine. She had left burning oils and matches there, it would be a better weapon! -05:09 Jul 14

“I don’t have time for this…” he pulled out a gun and shot her in the thigh as she ran then gestured for his men to move in. They were on her like wolves grabbing her legs and arms and lifting her up. “On the maching.. get rid of those candles and junk.” then oils, candles and incense were thrown to the floor and she was carried to the lod of the machine and dumped on top of it. “Her legs.. spread them.” -Athazagorus

Isolde: The pain was so searing, she was off the ground and dropped before she realized what happened. Yet the moment her sense returned she was screaming! Struggling, tugging, kicking out and fighting. If she were the only one left to defend her llyr, she had to fight! She managed to at least scratch one with her nails to the point of howling. "Let go of me…! Get out of my temple!" she shouted at them, trying to ignore the pain in her leg. -05:19 Jul 14

“Shut her up.” There was now a gun pushed agaist the side of her head. “You heard the boss. Play nice and you might live through this.” The boss as he was called was already stepping up to her and holstering his gun drew a knife instead reaching up to cute her robe exposing her thighs and stomach. Then he was gutting her undergarments. “I bed you’ve never been in bed with a man. You’ll be as tight as a nine year old.” “You’d know boss.” There was chortling around her as the boss unded his belt and pants pulling himself out, hard and throbbing. “Pull her legs wider and hit her if she struggles.” -Athazagorus

Isolde: These were horrible, horrible people… and for a moment she almost gave in to sobbing. Ceasing her struggling only for a moment when the fabric of her clothes were being torn away. …but she wasn’t afraid of death! She feared for her llyr and the world itself if they succeeded in destroying the machine. "No! No, no! Get out..!" Isolde was struggling again, her panicked screaming only getting louder when they tried to quiet her! -05:32 Jul 14

An impacient look clossed the leader’s face and he shiethed his knife and brew his gun again. “The only sound I want to hear from you is screams… Hold her leg.” he leg was held out and he pressed the gun into her kneecap and fired. “Next will be your elbows, then your shoulders. Use your imagination from there. Hold her.” holstering his gun again he placed his hand on her hips and held them in place, then took hold of his shaft to push his tip against her soft skin and ram himself into her.” -Athazagorus

Isolde: A gasping scream and with pain so blinding, she nearly fell unconcious. Isolde wished she had…! Though she squirmed and tugged her arms, she could no longer kick out her legs or try to wretch them free without debilitating pain. She could feel her skin rip and tear at his invasion, and all she could do was cry and gasp under the weight of being held down! -05:44 Jul 14

“Thats right you just ly there and take it.” he pushed again, and again in unrelenting thrusts that tore her wider and wider. One of the other men tore the top of her bobes open to watch her breasts as he body was pushed and pulled lustful gazes falling on gher from ever direction. The leader bit his lip and thrust harder his grip tightning and pace quickning. “You probably like this, you’re going to get a whole lot more before we’re done.” -Athazagorus

Isolde: Isolde squeezed her eyes shut, her only response a choked whimper and her hands curling in to tight fists. They would be done soon enough and she would be set loose… at least that is what she prayed! The pain, though was so hard to get past and even then she was hoping someone’s grip would slacken so she could pull herself free. -05:54 Jul 14

A sick grin crossed his face as he filled her and pulled out. “You’re weren’t bad, you’re ruined now but thats not my problem. Who else wants a go?” he took over holding her leg as as another of the group moved up. “Fuck no I don’t want your shit all over my dick.” he said “Turn her over, I’m going to get her back door.” she was lifted and turned onto her stomach and her legs pulled apart before he too forced his way in, this time to her ass as with a laugh the man holding her right arm pressed hsi hand down of her shoulder and at the same time wrenched her arm back makign ehr shoulder joint pop with a crunch. “She breaks easy… maybe I’ll break her hips too.” -Athazagorus

Isolde: Her groan of pain at being entered again quickly turned to another strangled scream when the bone popped. With her forehead resting against the cold metal of the machine she cried. Her body shuddering and shaking with the agony. Softly between tears she muttered a prayer. They could break her body, but she was still her llyr’s priestess. And every whispered prayer was to remind herself! -06:11 Jul 14
[Athazagorus enters.] -06:20 Jul 14
Athazagorus: "Then you’re going last." came the reply as her ass was penetrader deeper and forsed woder. Then it too was filled with seed and pilled out of. "Shit theres so much blood mixed in there.." "Shut your yapping its my turn.." "Hey whore priestess you know your gobs did this to girls right, really this IS worshiping them…" her hair was oulled to forse her head up as a gun was pushed against the center of the machine, the gem that heald the seal and she was entered again. "But this isn’t." The trugger was pulled and the gem shattered… then the machine exploded outwards filling the rool with smokes and everyone in it was thrown to the floor. Then came the screams of one of the men and a body hitting the floor followed by heavy footsteps. -06:27 Jul 14
[(Timeout) Athazagorus doesn’t post enough.] -06:33 Jul 14
Isolde: She was barely concious now, could barely move! Isolde was aware she was on the floor now and no one was holding her down. But she could only move a single arm to try and push her weight off the floor. There was such a bitter taste in her mouth and she collapsed… but she could feel a strong presence there. So strong… they broke the machine! She failed…! -06:33 Jul 14
Athazagorus: "No no no no no no no noooooo." blood sprawed across her from somewhere in the smoke and a body fell nearby. The leader of the group a gas from his shoulder across his throat all the way to his ear. The smoke was starting to clear and there was the silhoette of a wing that disappeared back into the smoke adn there was a gargling sound and another thud.. then the entire room was lit up by lightning and there was another thud. Then the smoke started to clear and he became visible, holding the last last lan foo his feet in a choke hold, then there was the snapping of bone and the man was dropped. "To me priest…" for a moment there was nothing and then then the timid footsteps of the head friest as he emerged from hiding fallling to his knees. He didn’t even have time to bed for mercy nefore his head was seperated from his shoulders and he too slumped to the floor. Then his eyes found the broken priestess. -06:43 Jul 14
Isolde: She couldn’t breathe. Eyes wide in fear and shame, it was him that she feared more than a room full of awful people. Isolde struggled to sit up, her only good arm managing to push herself up at least as high as her elbow. Covered in tears and blood and worse, she knew there was no helping it. They failed to protect his temple and the high priest was dead. She was next to follow. "I’m… so sorry… I tried. I could have tried harder. I accept my punished, my llyr." Her voice was raw from screaming, and it barely came out in an audible tone. Isolde squeezed her eyes shut again, waiting for her death. -06:49 Jul 14
[Athazagorus enters.] -07:06 Jul 14
Athazagorus: He stepped up to her his sword poised. "Presuming to know a god’s intentions…?" he asked a moment before his sword malted into mist and reformed as a ring on his finger. then he bent down and put his hand on ther injured shoulder, in and instant the jpines snapped back into place and the buising healled. The he did the same to her knee and thigh. He worked quickly up until the point where he saw the damage done to her croth. His hand balled into a fist and then he. Gently toutched her cheek lookign into her eyes in a wordless gesture, then put his hand over her and healed." -07:12 Jul 14
[(Timeout) Athazagorus got too distracted for their own good…] -07:19 Jul 14
Isolde: Isolde hadn’t expected to be healed. The first few touches came with her wincing and cringing, even flinching. But when he rest a hand on her cheek and looked in her eyes, it was different… she knew better and despite that still lingering fear, she gazed back at him with nothing but trust. "I failed you. I couldn’t protect the machine. I don’t deserve this…" For a brief moment she glanced back at the carnage of the room, but then her eyes were right back on his face searching and inquisitive. "…or have I already died…?" -07:19 Jul 14
Athazagorus: "You’re alive." he said pulling the cloak from the dead leader and draping it over her. Then he looked at the machine. "You remained faithful… thats more than can be sea for…" he looked at the priest. "Isolde, we’re going somewhere safe. You are not my high priestess." his voice lost it’s commanding tone. "Please don’t say you’ve failed me. I comanded the high priest to release me from the machine when I knew this was coming. I should have commanded you." he walked over to the flowers she had brough him adn picked them up, placeing them in her lap then picking her up and heading towards the door. "Theres nothing left for us here." -07:25 Jul 14
Isolde: Isolde pulled the cloak tight around her and before she knew it there were his flowers and she was in his arm. For a marveling moment all she could do was stare at his face. Then she realized what his words meant… "He betrayed the temple..? This was supposed to be a safe place." she glanced over his shoulder, but instead of seeing what was left of the room she was seeing wings. "I’ve dreamed of you. You are a little different. Just a little." Her eyes were back on his face again. "I couldn’t do anything to protect you. I can’t be your high priestess. They… you need someone stronger." -07:32 Jul 14
Athazagorus: "Everyone else treats me like a god, demanding favors and deseaching advice." he said stepping out the door into the fortified cortyard beyond. "You were the only one who came to talk to me and treated me like a person." he spread his wings and beat them to rise up. "I saw you in your dreams too. Thats why I want you as my high priestess." -07:37 Jul 14
Isolde: They were going to fly. Isolde curled against him and hide her face. In truth, she didn’t want to see what became of the rest of the temple. Of the other priests and priestesses. What she imagined might’ve been too close to reality if it even came close to what happened to herself. "It was really you in my dreams…?" she asked softly. The real Descendant. …after all of the silly things she said and did in those dreams! "You are a person… I might have been inappropriate with you…" -07:41 Jul 14
Athazagorus: "Now you’re treating me like a god too.." he soared high above the landscape and looked down. The machine was destroyed and that was what they wanted. He would have his revenge but first he needed to made sure his new high priestess was alright. "Isolde.. you don’t need to worry about the dreams, you if you did anything wrong in them I would have said. for now… I know a same place." he flew out over a forest adn up a mountain, over it and into a hidden valley, ove he had shown her in her dreams. "And I meant everything I said in your dreams and say you are my high priestess. Unless you refuse the position…" -07:45 Jul 14
Isolde: A lot of things had been said in those dreams. Things at any other moment would have her smiling. Right that moment, there were just so many awful things so fresh in her memory, and the surprise of him being there, Real and physical… she was overwhelmed. Isolde shook her head quickly. "I am not refusing. I will be your high priestess if that is what you want from me. I…" she paused, her curiosity of where they were drawing away her attention. "I remember this place…" -07:51 Jul 14
Athazagorus: He flew along the valley over the babling brook in it’s center and landed near an abandoned cottage. "You should remember it." he said carrying her towards it. "I brought you here once in a dream. I remember what you said when you say it." he pushed open the door with his shoulder and intered the single-room dwelling and placed her on the bed before standing strait and with a snap of hif fingers used magic to clean out and dirt, bodwebs and mustiness. "Are you okay Isolde?" -07:54 Jul 14
Isolde: "I said it needed more flowers and you told me I could plant them…" Isolde nodded slowly. Physically she was all right. She could feel her limbs and there was no pain. But the memory of it was still there. Playing out in her head over and over. Making her look twice at shadows and question whether or not the current moment was real or not. But she didn’t mention it. She didn’t want him to be concerned. "I should be the one taking care of you. I am your priestess." -08:00 Jul 14
Athazagorus: "A god takes care of his people. In that I failed you." he said"How the trechery was hidden from me I do not know but once you are rested we will head to the capitol where I will name you my high priestess and anounce my return. Then I will.. we will have justice." he said moving over to sit and pull her head into his lap. "You’re alive, and you’re awake. This is not a dream, but you should rest. I’ll be here when you awake. -08:06 Jul 14
Isolde: "I am not sure I can sleep." she admitted. When she closed her eyes she could see those men and the blood. And she was having a hard time holding her tears back to stay strong for him. But HE was comforting. More solid and warm than how his presence felt in her dreams. And the amount of trust she had for him was apparent in the way she let out a breath and relaxed over his lap. -08:13 Jul 14
Athazagorus: He brushed her hair with his fingers. "You are stong, the fact that you can talk after that prooves it." he lifted his fingers to her lips and kissed them before pressign them into hers. "I am sorry that happened. if I had been released like I commanded it wouldn’t have." -08:18 Jul 14
Isolde: With such a simple action, he reminded her why she was so loyal. Why she stayed at the temple and visited him every day and dared to face down invaders. Isolde smiled softly. "Next time I will fight harder. I won’t let anyone try to destroy you again." -08:24 Jul 14
Athazagorus: "I’m free now, I can fight my own battles." he said softly. "But you’re more than welcome to help me." he placed his hand on her cheek and smiled at her. "Thank you for visiting me every day." -08:27 Jul 14
Isolde: "I thought you might be lonely, sealed away for so long. No one ever seemed to want to just talk…" Isolde rest her eyes closed. Were the high priest there, he would be yelling at her for being like this. …but then the high priest had been a betrayer! The day had taken it’s toll and she was losing her battle to stay away. Faintly dozing, even in the middle of speaking. "I knew I would love you and be your priestess the very first time you visited me in a dream… " -08:34 Jul 14
Athazagorus: "I knew that too, that why I came to your dream." he said smiling down at her. "You were always my most faithful never asking for anythign and giving me your time, and not even though we cannot rest for long. We fonally have the chance to get to know eachother deeper." -08:37 Jul 14
Isolde: "Hmm…. I will have to learn to make prettier candles now that you can see them." Him being free in the world would not change. Even while they were on his mission, she would be his priestess and do what she had always done. …she would just be a bit more mindful of it! Those thoughts were making her smile wider, even as she was drifting to sleep. "Goodnight, my llyr…" -08:43 Jul 14
Athazagorus: "Goodnight Isolde." he whispered placing his hand on her forehead and wishing her pleasant dreams. "I’ll be here when you awaken." he humed to her in a small repaylent for all she had donw for him then leaned down to kiss her cheek softly. "Rest well." -08:45 Jul 14