My Demon Roommate 001: The Trouble with Roommates

[Cupio was summoned during a drunken haloween party and is not stuck living with a human. Of all the places for a neat-freak demon of lust to end up!] -05:37 Jul 31
[Jayden has a new room mate. How SHE got stuck with a demon roomie pretty much proves why all her male friends are a bunch of pussy douchebags. As long as he gets a job and pays half the rent, though… she won’t mind too much!] -05:37 Jul 31
Jayden: Jayden was just getting home from work. A crappy desk job at a boring accounting firm. At least it was money! She had a bag of takeout in her hand, and was immediately kicking off her shoes, throwing her jacket on a chair, the mail on a table and tromping through the apartment. -05:42 Jul 31
Cupio: Looking out over the edge of the couch and rolling to his feet Cupio strided across the room to grab her shoes and stick then next to eachother by the and the -fold- her jacket and put ot on the corner of the table. It was what he always did. He smell of her was still clinging to his hands strong enough for HIM to smell when he entered the kitchen after her an stepped on the sink and turned on the tap to wash it off of him. It wasn’t because he sisn’t like it, he did, the smell of any mortal, especially one wearing persume set his nose ablaze and his mind sliding off to thoughts… "Hey Jay." -05:47 Jul 31
Jayden: "Did you find a job yet?" Her tone was friendly, but curious. Jayden rolled his eyes at his picking up after her, though. Not once had she ever thought a demon would be such a pain in the ass about keeping things -clean-. Setting her bag on the counter, she pulled out a couple boxes. One of which she opened up and immediately took a bite out of a very overloaded chili dog while she leaned against the counter. -05:50 Jul 31
Cupio: "I’m fighting a lot of pregidice here." he said leaning against the sink and looking at her. "New perfume?" she hadn’t been near him all day, but he could smeel it from where he stood, do could smell everythign in the appartment, even the spider’s next he hadn’t gotten to yet. When he was smeeling most right now though was food! -05:53 Jul 31
Jayden: Jayden paused to sniff her arm, pretty sure the scent had worn off after that many hours at work. All she could smell was chili and onions, anyway. Jayden gestured at the other cartons she layed out on the counter. Hey, she was a thoughtful roommate! "There’s some for you too. You are applying at places, right?" He didn’t looked like he spent all day hoofing it around town looking for jobs. He looked freshly showered! Jayden on the other hand, now had chili on her face and her hands… and now her shirt as she took another couple bites. Skipping lunch to save on cash probably wasn’t a good idea. -06:00 Jul 31
[(Timeout) Cupio has timed out.] -06:35 Jul 31
[Cupio enters.] -06:35 Jul 31
Cupio: "I have." he said stepping up to the table and sitting, pulling a box towards himself and making sure to eat over it. "Bank said I was the wrong kind of demon, the." he gave an exagerated cough "Theatre, was too dirty for my liking but I have a STRONG application for a bar, they say they’re looking for someone theres tryouts next week, I have a slot." he grinned. "Nice cleam place, thyey even said I could help clean if I got there early or I was there late." -06:39 Jul 31
Jayden: She rolled her eyes again. Weren’t demons supposed to be all about chaos and stuff? This guy was insane. "You seriously gotta stop being so picky. I mean, you might as well work at a laundromat or something at this rate." Jayden popped the last bite in her mouth, managed to dodge another drop landing on her shirt, but there was now chili in the floor. After snatched up a dish towel to try and get the spot off her shirt, she dropped it on the floor to try wiping it up with her foot. It honestly, would have been a piece of cake to bend over and clean it up right, but she kinda liked irking the neat freak. -06:45 Jul 31
Cupio: "Hey I said I had an interested boss. I even had a mini-tryout while I was there. I think they like me because I can fit the uniform." carefully finishing his food he closed the box and sent to rinse off his hands. "I’ll take you there then I have my tryiouts, you’ll like it." He opened the cupboard and pulled out the mop and pushed her out of the way mopping up the spill and then going to rinse the mop under the tap in the sink. "How was your work anyway?" he took both of thier boxes and tipped then into the garbage bin. Even a still moment with her around. -06:52 Jul 31
Jayden: Jayden briefly wondering just how neurotic demons were. She was leaning against the counter again, now wiping her face with the back of her hand and licking her fingers. Why waste good chili? "You gotta try out for a bar?" Well, Jay supposed people would need to know how to mix drinks. She shrugged her shoulders when he asked about her own work. "Same thing, every day. File papers, make copies, type stuff." -06:56 Jul 31
Cupio: Finally he had the chance to sit down again, and think. And when he had time to think he started wanting to be busy. He was a demon, and his type of demon only though about one thing. He turned and looked at her smelling her perfume again. She was a good room mate but that was all she ahd been and Cupio wanted to avoid making a mess of his home situation. Still there was the thinking… and ugh she was a slob! "I’ve already showered so if you want to go ahead feel free." -07:01 Jul 31
Jayden: "What’s the matter, am I a mess?" she cast a wide smirk at him, knowing damned well she looked like a train wreck at the moment. Jayden -did- want a shower. She walked past him, deliberately running an unwashed hand over his shoulder, followed by a pat on his head. She was still smirking when she walked out of the kitchen. -07:05 Jul 31
Cupio: He stripped off hsi shirt and took it to the basket outside the bathroomto throw it in. He didn’t mind dirt so much as mess. Mess was the worst thing imaginable, disruptions of patters, patters that build homes, experiences, sensations. "Mmmmm…" the shought of sensations and his previous home made hin excreat a musk that both hightened desire and encreased sinsitovoty to those who smelled it but he caught himself and went to go and sit on the couch. The news would be on. -07:09 Jul 31
Jayden: Jayden was much more careless about where she tossed her clothes. Leaving articles here and there in the hall on the way to the bedroom. That, at least, wasn’t done on purpose. She was used to living by herself and tossing her stuff everywhere. When she came back out to the living room, she was wearing a short robe and looking cross. "What did you do with my towel? I can’t shower without my towel." Oh hey, he wasn’t wearing a shirt! Were she not mad about the towel, she might have smirked again. -07:13 Jul 31
Cupio: "Linen cuboard." he said. "Get a fresh one, yours is drying." he was watching a report on growig discontent about something, she has distracted him. "I’ll be along to clean up after you when you’re done." -07:16 Jul 31
Jayden: "Okay, clearly you don’t remember the long list of boundaries about this apartment…" she responded with some annoyance. Did he light incense in here? Something smelled nice. "My towel is off limits. I’ll wash it when I’m ready to wash it! And while we’re on it, I can clean up after myself too. You don’t have to scuttle around here like some sort of d-" demon. ha! "Crazy maid." -07:20 Jul 31
Cupio: "I’m sensitive no my enviroment." he said "I like it to be just.. so…" he turned on the couch to face her muting the TV. "And without a job I’m here all day alone, maybe when I’m not you’ll find your messe where you left them." he wasn’t irritated or trying to be cleaver, this human seemed to be attatched to her messes, some demons were too saying the untidiness increased their sense of chao and wild passion.. that had been a -frustrating- relationship. "And you used it to mop up tea this morning." -07:24 Jul 31
Jayden: "Hmm…" so she did. "Maybe I like smelling of tea when I get out of the shower." she muttered. "I can use it damp! Don’t be here all day alone if you hate so much." Jay was tapping her fingers on her hips in that mild air of annoyance. There really wasn’t any reason to argue with him. "Bah, whatever!" she finnally huffed, then stomped off to fetch HER towel. -07:30 Jul 31
Cupio: He turned back to the TV and now with the weather on changed over too a movie but his mind was elsewhere. It was hard to think of this place as home just yet, but he was stuck here so, still, sex was wierd here, as in he wasn’t having any. -07:32 Jul 31
Jayden: Her towel was all nice and freshly clean, with that soft detergent scent. It wasn’t making that incense smell fade though, that one she couldn’t get out of her head. Jay dropped her robe on the bathroom floor and stepped in to a nice…hot.. shower. Ooo, that felt good. Just letting the water run over her, and wiping away the day with soapy hands. Biting her lip and thinking about shirtless demons while– Whoa, what the hell! She is SO not doing that when there was a person in her apartment. Why the hell was she all riled up anyway. Jayden grumbled under her breath as she tried to more speedily wash. -07:39 Jul 31
Cupio: No, tv wasn’t distracting him. Just makig him secreat more must when the raunchy scene came on so he flipped it off and picked up her clothes tossing them into the hamper with a thunking sound and going to the fridge to get out a bottle and head back to the couch and swallow half of it in one gulp. He had his tryout on saterday.. noy if only he knew what a saterday was. -07:44 Jul 31
Jayden: When was the last time she had sex, anyway? It would have been last weekend had she not been cockblocked by a demon… Bah. For the best really, nothing was worse than finding out the guy you wanted to date was a total coward. Jayden washed her hair quick, but even thinking about the dullest things somehow turned really raunchy. When she stepped out of the shower and out of the bathroom there was this whole pizza-guy scene playing out in her head. In her robe and drying her hair with the towel, she wandered in to the living room just to glare. This was his fault, somehow. -07:48 Jul 31
Cupio: So when she walked in he had caved and was watching the sex scene again, his arm over the back of the couch and the hand of the other holding the bottle on top of his crotch to seel the cold glass on his throbbing… "Hey, he said without looking, hsi skin tingled with the very essence of his surroundings, the neatness of it, the only disruption was her and the two full bottles next to the couch. -07:54 Jul 31
Jayden: "Are you drinking all of beer and watching porn?" she accused. Undecided if it was the beer or the porn that irritated her more. Jayden marched across the living room, blocking the tv as she bent over to claim one of the full bottles. That scent was even stronger in here. It was kinda like having a couple beers without having a drink. It made her scowl more. Jayden plopped on the couch next to him, tossing her wet towel on the coffee table. -08:00 Jul 31
Cupio: He glared at the disruption. It was like a red stain in a golden room. He got up to head towards the table. In this state tidiness was like a color to him. "Its not porn." he said as he folded the towel and put it in the exact center ot the table under the miniture cactus. She was a different color too, an attractive color that captivated his eyes as soon as he saw her and he practicaly oozed musk as he took the other bottle and sat down next to her. "I haven’t seen any since I arived here, otherwise I would be. Theres something about tonight that…" he smiled wide at her and hooked his arm over the back of the couch. -08:06 Jul 31
Jayden: Did her -seriously- just fold her towel and tuck it neatly on the table? Jayden looked a little baffled by that, opening her bottle and taking a drink. But her thoughts were very quickly shifting from folded towels to wondering if he’d neatly fold and set his pants on the table too if he took those off… She bet he looked real nice under tho- Damnit. Jayden lift a foot to kick at his knee. "Lets NOT talk about your crazy former demon sex life. I’m sure it’s rife with pervy stuff." …why did she even say that? Obviously she was hoping it was. That’s what she was imagining anyway. -08:12 Jul 31
Cupio: He looked at her questioningly. Reverse psychology? "Pity is what quite a life." he said taking a gulp from his bottle and sighing. "I haven’t seen anything on this planet that comes close. So much sex, so much… this is the longest I’ve been without." he took another gulp and looked at her. "Humans don’t seem to be into it as much as we are, I havn’t seen it break out in the streets yet, forst one or two, then a dozen, then everyone, bodies everywhere all moving, moans and gasps filling the air. The freedom to grab whoever you want and…" there was a grown as an animalistic grown came to his throat, his eyes were looking at the screen as he remembered and the smell seemed to intinsify. "Humans are strange creatures." -08:21 Jul 31
Jayden: Holy shit. He really did know how to make something totally batshit insane sound really hot. Her over active imagination was in over drive. The contents of her bottle were downed in two seconds, and Jayden was shifting uncomfortably on the couch. "Humans have a hella lot more self control." she muttered. She wished she had more of that at the moment. Right that second she was thinking about shoving him to the floor and showing him just how dirty she could get. Why were they watching this! Jayden reached over him for the remote. -08:28 Jul 31
Cupio: He leaned lerwards to smell the side of her neck, his nose just not touching her skin. "I do like this perfume.." it was like lavender, maybe it was lavender, and rose, and… there was somehting else, something subtle but THERE, a womanly smell and itmade him laught, softly and lightly. Then he leaned back and put both his arms out on the back of the couch, his bare upper half on display. "I have self control, I just use it on different things. I guess we could say we’re a differnt culture. You with your… non-porn TV and us with out spontanious, stringless, wanton, no obligations…" his next word was chosen to both get her attention and let her know exactly how he meant it. "Fucking." -08:35 Jul 31
Jayden: Jayden paused over his lap when he leaned, her faced had flushed and she was pretty damned glad he couldn’t see. She grabbed the remote, and moved back far too slowly. She had gotten just a bit distracted with his chest and his really interesting choice of words. "Humans do plenty of that too, you know." Her voice was low and she was biting her lip. ..and she should stop leaning over him! Jayden plopped back against the couch, focusing her eyes on the tv again. -08:41 Jul 31
Cupio: "Really?" he asked. "Oviously not as much as we do since we haven’t." he looked pointedly at the tv. "Its been five days? We haven’t even seen eachother naked since that first time you hit he for, is it because I thought you were trying to be kinky?" it didn’t matter he was horny as hell adn his lege were not crossed, why should that be the fact that he was near splitting the front of his pants wide open was a compliment. "Its been a frustrating five days for me learning your celebate ways. -08:46 Jul 31
Jayden: "I am NOT celebate!" she responded crossly. "You just can’t go running around naked in MY apartment." Not that she wouldn’t really, really appreciate it at the moment. Jayden stole a sideglance at him. Down his chest and…! Okay then, at least she isn’t the only one uncomfortably shifting. Jayden tugged the hem of her robe down over her thighs. "Why don’t you just go fuck somebody and stop acting like you’re in a monastery!" -08:50 Jul 31
Cupio: "Tradition." he said "You sunnoned me, I like in your palace…" he looked around the tine appartment. "Than means you get first fuck off the demon guy. I thought you knew that, its in the spell." he looked at her once again captivated by her unique color. Why did she have to smell so good? "I can’t fuck anyone else until you’ve claimed your right or released me." -08:54 Jul 31
Jayden: oh damn! He had NO idea how deliciously tempting that was. Jayden’s very own demon sex slave! She was licking her lips. …and promptly bit her tongue when she realized it. "A whole pack of people summoned you. Are you sure it wasn’t one of the guys that gets first fuck?" She was eying his face now. Was she actually seriously thinking about this? -08:58 Jul 31
Cupio: He eyed her, did he really think he didn’t know how to tell him own summoner. "They’re the one that said my name, they ran before the spell was fully complete, you are the summoner…" he was eyeing her more, turning his hips and leaning forwards. "You really had no idea what you were doing, did you? Well you shoulding mess with things you don’t understand." his voice was a low purr in her ear. "You never know what you might have to do to get yourself out of a contract." -09:02 Jul 31
Jayden: Despite the fact she was pretty sure that purr had her wetter than a bimbo in heat, Jayden just barely leaned back away from him and narrowed her eyes in response. "And what kind of contract is it? Besides a fuckening and an annoying room mate?" -09:07 Jul 31
Cupio: He put his arm over the side of the couch and smiled at her. "You called for a booty call. Once you’ve satisfied your itch I can start looking for a way back. Unless I do find a job, then I might stay if you’ll let me. It no strings attached sex. Just like you asked for in the spell." -09:10 Jul 31
Jayden: Jayden open her mouth in surprise, the promptly clamped it shut. She was pretty damned sure she wasn’t thinking about a demon when she was drunk, hot and bothered. She had someone else in mind. At the time, anyway. Right there second he was grinning, draped over her couch and making such a nice offer. ….Jayden played it coy! "If that’s the way it is. Not so sure you can do the job, though. You cringe when things get a little dirty." -09:14 Jul 31
Cupio: He looked at the ceiling and tapped a tooth with his fingernail. "I’m a sensual creature, i am aware of everything in this room, Every bump in the curtain, every chair, every piece in your chess set, every fly, every microscopic detail even those I cannot see I know are there." he was taking her hand in his and he explained, her soft skin making his glance down at it and smile wider. "It feely liek the air is filled with the resonance of the room." he placed her hadn in his cheek to nuzzle slightly against it. "I am also a creature who prizes luxury, decadance, if the loom is like music, then something out of place is like a sour note in your favorite song. There are those demons that revel in the passion of chaos, I bask in the sesuality or resonance." -09:21 Jul 31
Jayden: "Oh." Jayden wished that hadn’t come out so breathless and needy sounding. Her other hand was itching to touch him too, stopping just over his knee before tapping it in indecision. "And I suppose I drive you crazy. Tossing my stuff everywhere and pushing things out of place." …suddenly Jayden had a very wicked, sly expression. Her hand reached out and… tipped one of the empty bottles right off the table. It clattered to the floor. -09:29 Jul 31
Cupio: There was a shary intake of breath and he lifted his head looking at the bottle, then at her. "You kno where theres a room with about twenty demon all grinding agaist eachother, moans, gasps, limds flopping haphazardly on the floor things ger knocked over, broken, dirtied. We’re not above waiting antil we can move again after sex." he grinned at her. "Its a compultion, an irritation, not a mandate within us. He nuzzled into her neck and then stood, stooped as if to reach for the bottle, but instead he pushed his pants down and draped then neatly over the back of the couch before leaning back again. "Thats more comforatable." -09:35 Jul 31
Jayden: Seriously, she was NOT in to crazy orgies. …yet he made that shit sound sexy as hell. Jayden almost tugged off his pants herself when he nuzzled his neck. Why did he smell so good? But then he took them off himself. And she was staring. Didn’t fold them, though. Jayden quickly shook her head and leaned back in to her own space. This was driving her nuts! She shifted, nudging his knee with her foot again. "So you just sort have at it with a dozen demons all at once. Nothing more intimate?" Shouldn’t be letting her foot rise up his thigh, but why not? Jayden narrowed her eyes at him a bit. -09:49 Jul 31
Cupio: He looked at her his arm on the back of the couch and his head resting in his hand. "Then the mood hits, you find someone, you see if they’re receptive, and you do it, if theres others in the room they join in or they don’t. Sometimes theres demons that offer themselves to eachother exclusivly, I was in that kind of deal once… it got bloody so we seperated while there were still two survivors." -09:52 Jul 31
Jayden: "Is that how it is?" Normally she’d be pretty curious about the details. Ask what the hell her meant about survivors. But she was busy teasing her foot along his hip and then up his side. It’d be even better if it were her hands, but she was at least trying to keep some sense of self control. She was biting her lip again and tilting her head. Jayden leaned over to the coffee table and tugged at the neatly folded towel until the cactus tipped off it and there was dirt on the table. She dropped the towel on the floor. "I kinda like chaos myself." -09:57 Jul 31
Cupio: He closed his eyes and than grabbed her foot, rubbing it between his hands and her ankle. "You can’t seen chaos." he kept his eyes closed the flow of musk had stopped though it still hung in the air. The mess though was drilling into his brain and memories combined with it had dampened his mood. "I will never understand you humans." -10:02 Jul 31
[Jayden enters.] -10:06 Jul 31
Jayden: Jayden was so intuned to him at the moment that she actually picked up on that subtle shift in his mood. That was a first! "The feeling is mutual. I don’t understand demons either." She might’ve let him keep rubbing her foot… but it really wasn’t where she wanted his hands. And since he seemed ever so slightly less enigmatic, Jayden shifted on the couch. She knelt over him with a knee between his legs, then leaned to mutter in his ear. "I’m pretty curious to find out more, though." -10:16 Jul 31
Cupio: He knew that tone of voice, that hint of wanting. "Jay…" he said quietly loving his fingers to brush down the side of her neck. "Have you ever had sex with a demon?" it was an important question. If she had she might know what to expect, if she hadn’t.. she was in for a treat. "If you want to theres onto a then layer left before you can see everything that you’ve summoned…. everything." -10:21 Jul 31
Jayden: Jayden smirked. She thought about smugly stating she wasn’t after sex. …but that would have been an obvious lie! She was stradling his leg, for fuck’s sake. "I don’t exactly run in to demons while filing paperwork." She was already giving in to temptation to nuzzle against his cheek. He really did smell so intoxicating! A little spicy, a little sweet. She could take a bite out of him… and did when she nipped at his ear. -10:26 Jul 31
[(Timeout) Jayden was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -10:34 Jul 31
Cupio: He ran his hand down her side, then pushed her onto her back on the couch and bit the side of her neck. "So you have sex while filing paperwork? Interesting…" he leaned back to open her robe then grab his boxers and then with a pull tore the elastic and fabric and his eyes teasing her dropped the tattered garment as to the floor his already hard member, large for a human moving with his pulse and her looked down at her and leaned down to lick her nipple. -10:35 Jul 31
Jayden: A thrilled gasp at a bite, a loud laugh at the thought of having sex at work… and then it died quickly as she groaned. Jayden dug her fingers in to his hair, and was at least trying not to squirm under him. "..not unless I wanna get fired! …or promoted!" Oh! So much for sounding casual. There was no casual in this sexing. -10:43 Jul 31
Cupio: He moved her hand to gently masage her other breast as he moved his lips up to give her a long, deep, kiss and slide his body up against hers before he pulled one of her leg up next to him and moved to bite her neck, hard. So this was how humans did it, or maybe it was just her… he’d find out soon enough. Movign his hips against her he mived his shaft, without needing his hand to rub against her. -10:46 Jul 31
Jayden: Jayden moaned in to the kiss, having little problem returning it with a lift of her head to push against him. So much for resisting! …even though her libido probably decided way back in the shower she wanted to have him. Her hip rose to meet him as she curled her leg around his. The biting though… that had her smirking like a fiend and very deliberately digging her nails in to his shoulders. -10:52 Jul 31
Cupio: His shoulder tensed as he drank in the slight pain. Running his tongue against her lip a moment before he bit it, and then pushedm his tip parting her and sheft sinking in. Letting go of her lip he opened his louch and teashed her lips with his tongue, hoping for hers. -10:56 Jul 31
Jayden: She was so glad she had done this before, because she couldn’t imagine taking him in otherwise! Her tongue met his, luring him in to her mouth only suck hard on his tongue and bite it. The laughter that followed was a wicked giggle, that didn’t match the increasingly wanting look on her face. -11:05 Jul 31
Cupio: His hips met hers and he moved both his hands down to her hips and lifted them as he sarted to move, pulling away to watch her face as he did. "So this is that human feels like." he purred his look matching hers. "I think I like it." -11:10 Jul 31
Jayden: He looked sexy as hell giving her that expression… Jayden braced herself up on her hands and circling her legs tight around his waist until she was well lifted off the couch. "Better show me what a real demon feels like… fuck me harder!" The spur of the moment demand came out in a quick gasp, and she didn’t regret it! He was hers for the time being, so why not take full advantage? Jayden was biting her lip again to supress a groan. -11:16 Jul 31
Cupio: Leaving her hips his hand slid up her bidt feeling every tense muscle, every siney. She had asked for it and now he would oblidge. He thrust and moved a grim on his lips as he decided not to hld back. If she wanted to be treated like a demon he would treat her like his kind of demon. Claws on hsi hands how he used hen to pin her in place as he thrust and moved wastching her body’s responses as well at feeling them as he leaned down again so hink his teeth into there her neck and shoulder met, only where there were teeth there were now also two fangs. Sliding the claws against her leaving red lines he purred agaist her skin. Human was good. -11:22 Jul 31
Jayden: There was a startled cry from her and for a split second she was seriously freaked out. But oh…! That little prickle of pain had her writhing, the pleasure making her twist and grind upwards against him. "holy shit, that’s good…!" she breathed, her mouth parting open with an intake of breath. -11:29 Jul 31
Cupio: He grinned wider against her runnign his tongue against her skin before letting go and circling his arms around her back to push harder him lips brushing her with a chuckle and a nip. "Hm Hm Hm Jaden…" he nipped again his mine absorbed with her for the moment and able to push away the dearay of the room. -11:36 Jul 31
Jayden: Her nails were digging in to his shoulder’s again and every time she gasped it came with a long high pitched sound. Quite suddenly her legs released him as she growled. Bucking hard against him until they both went rolling on to the floor with her on top of him. "Ha…!" Jayden didn’t miss a single pace, nor did her grip on his shoulders lighten as she rode him. This was so worth it…! -11:43 Jul 31
Cupio: He licked his lips lookign up at her his hips moving with her as he pu his hands on her hip to feel her move. Then he looked at her, all the pleasure he was feeling reflected of the look of lust and want on his face. Reaching upwards he ran a claw across her sheek as he grinned at her hors hoking from his hair, soon he would pinn her, sooon, soon "MmmhMmmmfuuuck." his hips jolted and squirmed as he moved to grip her side and shoulder. Tight! -11:48 Jul 31
Jayden: Almost too tight..! Almost. Her eyes squeezed closed as her head tilted and she bent backwards. Her hands left his shoulder to clutch at his hands. Ho boy…! She couldn’t hold it back anymore, that searing buildup of pressure releasing in a swift shuddering rush and a stiffening of her body. -11:54 Jul 31
Cupio: He released too and they shared thier moment his fingers, now clawless gliding over her cheek. "I think I like humans." he said softly. "Well one of them anyway. Are we going to share a bed tonight?" it was a pertianny question, snuggles would be nice. -11:56 Jul 31
Jayden: Jayden practically fell over him, nuzzling against his face with that just-fucked over pleased grin. "Not gonna get all pissy about my dirty sheets and crumbs in the blanket, are you?" -11:58 Jul 31

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