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  • My Demon Roommate 007: Baby Troubles

    [Jayden has taken to being a demon just fine. …Not so much to being a mother. ] -01:06 Mar 27 [Cupio is away at a photoshoot!!!] -01:08 Mar 27 Jayden: Being a demon seemed to grow ever increasingly easier the more Jayden just sucuumbed to it. This mothering business was a bitch and she was […]

  • My Demon Roommate 026: The Trouble With Demons

    [Jayden is wearing some of McBoobs’ clothes, but only because Coop was so amused by that. “Cutie and adorable” was not Jayden’s style. …However, here at the mall she was waaaaaay too distracted to care about what she was wearing!] -05:47 Nov 27 [Cupio Has gotten the newly demonified Jayden to the mall. Now maybe […]

  • My Demon Roommate 025: True Demon Jayden

    [Cupio Is stille covered in dry blood but Jayden is safe, and a demon… anyone else tries to bind Jay and they will wish they were in hell.] -06:06 Nov 13 [Jayden never did get her bath. She needed the rest so bad she fell asleep clinging to Cupio!] -06:09 Nov 13 Jayden: For the […]

  • My Demon Roommate 024: Meant to be Hell

    [Cupio is going to make Jayden happy if it kills him.] -06:03 Nov 12 [Jayden is having one of those not so great days.] -06:14 Nov 12 Jayden: She was at work. She was at work. Yet all she could remember at that moment was a very weird, pissed off demon and a seering pain. […]

  • My Demon Roommate 023: Taking the Blame

    [Cupio Is downstairs in cuffs talking to a deonic cop. He has also decided not to go Mcboobs for a while, a long while.] -06:33 Oct 30 [Jayden is sleeping… WAS sleeping…!] -06:35 Oct 30 It was that ladycop that show up, personally. Along with a couple people for ‘backup’. You never knew when something […]

  • My Demon Roommate 022: Jayden’s Inner Demon III

    Jayden: For a while the house was quiet and empty once again. Whatever Jayden wanted wasn’t there and Jayden left to find it elsewhere. When she returned again it wasn’t days later, just a few short hours. And as promised, she wanted sex and Cupio was her first choice. She was in nothing but pants […]

  • My Demon Roommate 021: Jayden’s Inner Demon II

    Cupio: The lounge was in a less than tidy state. There was a trail of blood across the carpet and the smell of it permiated every inch of the room. Cupio’s arms and the leather were covered in claw marks and that is where the blood came from. The constant strugling nad healing had worn […]

  • My Demon Roommate 020: Jayden’s Inner Demon I

    [Jayden has warmed up to being a mother over the past few weeks. At least when the baby is NOT screaming her head off. Little smiles and giggles are kind of nice!] -12:28 Oct 29 [Cupio has learned to let Jayden to the breast feeding and has spent a lot of the recent weeks as […]

  • My Demon Roommate 019: Hint of the Future

    [Jayden has been asleep for a longass time!] -04:20 Oct 25 [Cupio didn’t ger sex but got a nittle Jayden instead and is now tired and cuddling the little bundle. After helping Jayden through the birth he’s more tired that he thought!] -04:20 Oct 25 Jayden: They sent her home from the hospital sooner than […]

  • My Demon Roommate 018: Demon Baby Phaedra

    [Cupio Has his new house, the vest same day as showing it to Jayden! It’s the very best thing anyone has ever bought for him. Jayden is SO going to get fucked silly.] -06:54 Oct 24 [Jayden could make a lot happen with money and scary minions. As promised, a house for her honey, guys […]

  • My Demon Roommate 017: The Perfect House

    [Jayden was already awake an in the kitchen. Being all… domestic! ] -04:07 Oct 22 [Cupio after being rescues had a shower, alone, and went to bed and hasn’t budged since. He never wants to be Mcboobs again. Bed is confortable, but he’s wearing a shirt and boxers. Being naked isn’t fun anymore either.] -04:09 […]

  • My Demon Roommate 016: The Summoning

    [Jayden is getting man snuggles. Because, godamnit, sometimes a pregnant woman wants man snuggles.] -12:11 Oct 21 [Cupio is shirtlessly snuggling his woman and slowly nuzzlifn against her neck enjoying her scent and whispering sweet nothings into her ear.] -12:12 Oct 21 Jayden: After tons of chaos, it was great just spending a day in […]

  • My Demon Roommate 015: A Good Demon Lawyer

    Jayden: The next day, by the time Jayden awoke it was early afternoon. She slept so deep, she didn’t even dream, make a peep, or even move! In fact, the only hint that she was still alive was the soft rise and fall of her chest as she breathed. Even while she was aware she […]

  • My Demon Roommate 014: Making a Demon God

    [Jayden is going to try this shopping thing AGAIN, now that she’s rested and Cupio isn’t full of mocha.] -03:21 Sep 25 [Cupio if heading right back for the coffee stand, ready for another treat before getting down to shopping! And mayne revisiting that sex shop to look at human sex toys.] -03:23 Sep 25 […]

  • My Demon Roommate 013: Demon on Mocha

    Jayden: A good big breakfast made for a much less pissy Jayden. Especially when she was teetering on the thought of becoming a demon slayer and ending all demonkind for being a bunch of assholes was still a big thought on her mind. At least a bouncy, cheerful, over excited Mcboobs Cupio was really distracting! […]

  • My Demon Roommate 012: Do You Love Me?

    [Cupio has been spending a lot of time staring at his ring, and now in bed next to Jayden is doing it again.] -03:30 Sep 22 [Jayden is half asleep. Because that is what preggo, over-demon-sexed women do when they are exhausted.] -03:33 Sep 22 Jayden: Jayden was dozing and really had no idea if […]

  • My Demon Roommate 011: The Private Room

    Cupio: The club. So inocuous on the outside but once through the door the music was audiable. Cupio, practically dancing with every step grapped the first waitress he found and yelled in her ear to get a private room for him and his “morsel” and no there would be no blood to clean up. There […]

  • My Demon Roommate 010: Demon Shopping

    [Cupio has left jayden alone in med still semi tied up and is now in the bathroom witht eh door firmly closed!] -07:07 Sep 05 [Jayden woke up in bed alone and with her feet still tied by a belt. Good thing sex makes awkward sleeping positions a non issue!] -07:11 Sep 05 Jayden: Uuurrg… […]

  • My Demon Roommate 009: Pleasant Payback

    [Cupio Is still shorted than Jayden but immensly happy and rready to cook breakfast!] -04:54 Aug 31 [Jayden didn’t even get the sexing, but she’s still all tired and worn out! And cranky! And hungry!] -05:04 Aug 31 Cupio: Cupio was having the unique pleasure of handing his back against Jayden and having pulled Jay’s […]

  • My Demon Roommate 008: Photoshoot

    [Cupio has his photoshoot today, and is getting ready to go to it with his -girlfriend- that he still can’t believe he has.] -04:15 Aug 18 [Jayden is hiding the fact she’s in pain with lots of aspirin and maybe a little gangja. It’s not like SHE has job, nobody needs to know!] -04:20 Aug […]

  • My Demon Roommate 007: Going Easy

    Jayden: Jayden come to… in the morning…? She was guessing by the light that was irritatingly shining in her eyes from the window. Trying to lift an arm to block it came up with zilch results. Which should have been alarming, but being concerned over something -also- seemed to require more energy than she could […]

  • My Demon Roommate 006: Demon Club

    [Jayden is letting Coop pick their place out tonight. Why not? They’ve apparently taken over a mobster’s strip joint and he’s soon to work as a @$^$@# model. Might as well enjoy the money.] -12:00 Aug 11 [Cupio has heard about this place from someone at the club, they said it was just the place […]

  • My Demon Roommate 005: The Mobster’s Joint

    [Cupio if havign his second tryout and a new place, hes excited but worried too, last time it didn’t go so well.] -03:11 Aug 08 [Jayden is no where near excited, but a good room mate is supportive!] -03:17 Aug 08 Jayden: Jayden was dressed nice this time. Might as well look good when going […]

  • My Demon Roommate 004: Not a Great Day

    Jayden: Jayden did not have a good day. Jayden had a very BAD day. Which was not how she wanted to spend her day back at work after being bedridden with an unexpected cold. When she got back to the apartment, she was slamming the door closed and looked ready to kill just about anything. […]

  • My Demon Roommate 003: Morning After

    Jayden: It was Sunday and the last day of her weekend. She woke up sore and pissy… None of the bones in her hand were broken, but damned if it wasn’t still swollen. In fact, that was the only reason she was seriously thinking about rolling out of bed. If only she had some telekinesis. […]

  • My Demon Roommate 002: Interview Gone Awry

    [Jayden is going with her roomie to his job interview test thingy as moral support and out of curiosity. Hopefully he’ll start paying rent soon!] -04:32 Aug 01 [Cupio has his tryout today in a bar near the mottorsport circuit known as ‘Pole Position.’ its not weel known among the more upstanding members of the […]

  • My Demon Roommate 001: The Trouble with Roommates

    [Cupio was summoned during a drunken haloween party and is not stuck living with a human. Of all the places for a neat-freak demon of lust to end up!] -05:37 Jul 31 [Jayden has a new room mate. How SHE got stuck with a demon roomie pretty much proves why all her male friends are […]