My Demon Roommate

My Demon Roommate 007: Baby Troubles

[Jayden has taken to being a demon just fine. …Not so much to being a mother. ] -01:06 Mar 27
[Cupio is away at a photoshoot!!!] -01:08 Mar 27
Jayden: Being a demon seemed to grow ever increasingly easier the more Jayden just sucuumbed to it. This mothering business was a bitch and she was going to kill this baby. Presently standing with her hands on her hips and scowling at the child, Jayden was debating whether or not she would miss this child if she mailed it to someone else. Phaedra had an innate talent for pulling strings off things, and once she did there was a magical consequence. …In this case the house was now full of living, toothy, monster furniture. -01:10 Mar 27 Jayden
Jayden: Phaedra didn’t seem to have a problem with any of this. She was giggling away and shaking a toy that was wriggling in her hands trying to escape and take a bite out of her chubby little arms. Jayden watched for a moment, wondering how many fingers she’d lose. …but when a foot stool came barreling in and snarling, she stomped across the floor to kick the thing away before it swallowed up her daughter. "No, fuck you! This is enough of this shit! Why couldn’t you have aged like a demon!" …Idea! Jayden’s scowl turned in to a sloooooow grin as she rubbed her hands together. She had her own magic now, she could fix all of this. She didn’t waste any time concentrating, Jayden just flat out used the magic. -01:29 Mar 27 Jayden

All of the snarling living furniture ceased to be alive. But the more important thing was the small, black haired woman with feathered wings sitting on the floor looking bewildered. …and starting to cry. It was a very adult Phaedra body, with a very baby Phaedra mind. -Jayden 01:29 Mar 27

Jayden: "God dammit." She almost had it. Jayden huffed and snatched out her cellphone to call Cupio. Waited until she heard his voice and hissed in to the phone with irritation. "Tell me how to reverse spells. Actually, come home so we can pack up our daughter and marry her to a weird mortal." -01:29 Mar 27 Jayden
Cupio: Coopio was lying on a squishy couch with phone in hand. "I caaaaaan’t. -01:30 Mar 27 Cupio
Cupio: Coopio was lying on a squishy couch with phone in hand. "I caaaaaan’t." the voice was obviously female and slightly whiney. "Fine, I’ll reschedule but we’re not marrying off my baby. I’m not done squishing her face yet. Pauline! My girlfriend put a spell on out baby and I need to go fix things." The muffled voicecalled out. "Okay, five minutes… You’d better have coffee on." the line went dead. -01:32 Mar 27 Cupio
Jayden: Good, Cupio would fix this and take Phaedra, and Jayden could get back to her own devices. She leaned over the crying women, almost nose to know with the girl. Phaedra made such a pretty adult. Prettier than Cupio… prettier than her! There was a very violent surge of jealousy that had Jayden straightening quickly and surprised with herself. Did she really just imagine stabbing her own daughter to get rid of competition? Jayden backed away from Phaedra until she was climbing up on to the dining room table with her tail curled around her and her knees pulled to her chest. The last time she felt that way was as a mandemon. Jayden didn’t want to be that way again…. this was bad! -01:41 Mar 27 Jayden
Cupio: The door opened and a demon in a corset and thigh high boots entered. "JAY!?" he rushed to her and grabbed her hand placing the other hand on her shoulder. "Whats… who… Phaedra?" He had noticed the woman bawling in the corner and looked at Jayde again before slipping away and pulling the ties on the corset to pull it off and change back , the boots becoming tighter but he didn’t flinch. He sniffed the air around the woman, defiantely Phaedra. "She did this?" -01:49 Mar 27 Cupio
Jayden: "Don’t bother asking her, she’s still a baby. Take her away from me." Jayden shifted on the table, but was actually genuinly afraid to climb down and go closer to her own daughter. The urge to kill her was especially strong, and though Jayden knew that wasn’t how she really felt, it was still strong and hard to control. All too much like that urge to fuck and chew on every delicious human in sight, or to drag Cupio away and make him scream. "She turned everything in the house ALIVE, Coop. I had to do SOMEthing about her. I want to eat her. She’s so fucking pretty." -01:56 Mar 27 Jayden
Cupio: "I was asking you, Jayden… but you’ve answered that…" Cuptio cupped Phaedrat’s face and smile. "You are pretty, but right not I need you to be a baby." with a snap of his fingers he broke the spell and lifted the bawling girl into his arms and shrink down again giving over a nipple to keep her quiet. "Jayden don’t eat out baby. If you do I’ll cry." he did his best to make a pouty face as he sat on the table next to her. Now what is the matter with YOU!?" -02:13 Mar 27 Cupio
Jayden: Jayden inched away to the edge of the table, still eyeing Phaedra with distaste, especially now that she had HER Cupio. "I don’t WANT to eat our baby, that’s why I called you." The more vicious feelings were starting to subside, at least and Jayden slowly started to relax. Uncurling from her perch on the table and finally jumping down on her feet. "I am bored of hiding in this house and taking care of a baby. But when I go to work I want to play with all of the toys, and YOU get mad at me. But I can’t have you because you’re gone to be sexy for someone else. I want to kill things and eat them and fuck them ALL THE TIME. When is this supposed to go away?" -02:22 Mar 27 Jayden
Cupio: He tilted his head at her and stood to step up to her and put an arm around her. "Jaaaaay." he said softly. "It doesn’t but I fight it for you… also EATING people? Jayden you sound like a succubus…" There was a hint of worry in his voice as he rested his head against her shoulder. "How’s this… we bind Phaedra’s powers until she’s oldneough to handle them… then I’ll take you to the bedroom when she’s asleep?" -02:39 Mar 27 Cupio
Jayden: "I don’t want to hurt her. I don’t want to lose control." He smelled so, so good. She nuzzled in to the top of his head and dug her fingers in to his hair to stroke softly. The only thing stopping her from groping at him was the baby in his arms. "Maybe when she is not magicking all over the place, it will be easier to take care of her." Resistance was hard when he smelled so sweet. Jayden couldn’t resist tilting her head and nibbling on his ear. -02:45 Mar 27 Jayden
Cupio: The pheremones hung thick in the air and he let out a small moan before he had to push Jayden away. he was holding thier baby. "Binding first! Then sex, then maybe I can help you with your… hungers. It would be easier if we knew what kind of demon you were." he gave her a quick kiss before turnign and startign to walk away. "I’ll do the binding, you… meet me in the bedroom." -02:50 Mar 27 Cupio
Jayden: Jayden almost reached out to grab him by the hair and pull him back. Baby. Do not molest while he has the baby. She stood there struggling for a moment, tail swishing listlessly behind her, before she finally forced her feet to move and headed towards the bedroom. It used to be her that was responsible and thought clearly. Thoughtfully undoing the buttons on her shirt, that slow wicked smile crept it’s way across her face. She could charm him and draw him to her. Never let him leave her bed… -02:55 Mar 27 Jayden
Cupio: The ritual wasn’t as simple a snap of the fingers… and he was worried about Jayden. She was a new demon and not in control fo her powers and that was distracting but stil… soon there was a bracelet on Phaedra’s chubby little wrist cvoerting a tiny pinprick od skin that shone like a star, all her power cencentrated in on place where she couldn’t use it. The he was huffing. It was a fun shoot he was missing but instead he was stuck here… getting sex almost made up for that… almost. -03:02 Mar 27 Cupio
Jayden: Now quite pleased with her idea, Jayden was undressed. Her dark hair pulled over one shoulder and her assests… boosted a bit. The difference was subtle, more of a glamor or pheremone than a physical shift. Her wings were gone, but her tail remained, swishing baaaack and forth as she leaned in the doorway of their bedroom, waiting as patiently as possible. That patience did not last long before she was beckoning for him. Being bound had it’s special perks, and she wanted him noooow. "Cuuuupiooooo…" -03:08 Mar 27 Jayden
Cupio: "You’re distracting me." came the call from the other end of the house before Coop appered int he landing. "Do you want me to accendently… hi…" still in girl form he could feel himself react to the scent inthe air and just the way Jayden stood. He walked forwards slowly, almost dumbstruck. This was new… this was… intoxicating. "Jaaayyyydeeeen. You learn fast. This isn’t even faaaaiiir." -03:15 Mar 27 Cupio
Jayden: "Ssshhh. Come here." Jayden wiggled a finger to draw him closer, a wicked wicked smile on her face. Once he was within reach, she brushed her thumbs against his cheek while she pushed her fingers in to his hair. A quick dart of her tongue licked his lips and she nuzzled gently against his cheek. "I missed you. I can’t stand when you’re away from me." Jayden murmured the words nice and soft, shifting to nuzzle against his ear and have a little nibble just under the lobe. -03:19 Mar 27 Jayden
Cupio: "that’s just another way of saying that you want to fuck and ear all the things…" he complained TRYING to keep his head but it was a losing battle when his head tilted giving her everything she wanted. His hands going to Jayden’s hips, claws aplying pressure to her skin. It really wasn’t fair! He couldn’t even transform adn his own pheremones were mixing wither hers and he could hardly think. It was like he was paralised and increadebly horny at the same time. Maybe Jayden WAS a succubus! -03:36 Mar 27 Cupio
Jayden: "I want to eat and fuck you." she whispered. Fighting her was soooo cute! Her silly little Mcboobs. There was a scrap of her teeth against his neck, followed by a cool flick of her tongue. "I want to eat you and make you scream my name until you are hoarse and whimpering." One of her hands slipped from his hair, the tips of her fingers only barely touching his skin as they made their way down his neck and skimmed his collarbone. The hand in his hair tightened, tilting his head even farther so she could nip sharply at the place his pulse was beating so hard. -03:43 Mar 27 Jayden
Cupio: His head was spinning. "Jayden." he was fighting for control of himself and losing. Alreading his claws wer gliring up Jayden’s sides as the ceiling of the room filled his vision to stop at her breasts, hesitating before cupping the mounds. -03:47 Mar 27 Cupio
Jayden: Her teeth scraped his neck, drawing small little beads of blood. Her lips clamped down over the skin and sucked hard, swishing her tongue over the spot to sooth away the pain and lick it clean. Jayden’s hard brushed over his breast, only lingering long enough to give a squeeze before wandering down lower to his hip. Pushing against him, she backed him up several paces until she was pressing him in to the wall with her body. Her fingers had slipped between his legs to rub his inner thigh. -03:53 Mar 27 Jayden
Cupio: He moanes with her bite and knew he was lost, hrabbing her hair he tried to keep her there as he bit his lip, adding demon blood to the things making him wet. They hand there made his legs open as he let out a long, hot breath he hadn’t even realized he was holding. He wasted to ask her if they should move tot he bed or if she wanted mancoop but she was far beyong words now and there was only a pathetic moan as he tried to form them. -03:59 Mar 27 Cupio
Jayden: She grinned against his skin, savoring every little sound of pleasure of he made and soaking it in like it was sunlight. Sliding her hand up, it cupped his bare sex, her middle finger pressing gently to stroke and invade. Jayden tut-tuted at him. He never did wear underwear like she told him to when he was wearing those short skirts. It made it so much easier to do things like this! Her tail curled once around his leg, the end shifted to caress his ass before it slinked between the cheeks. "Do you want me, Cupio?" she murmured over his neck, kissing his shoulder and then nipping his collarbone. -04:07 Mar 27 Jayden
Cupio: His tail twisted around hers but didn’t interfere as he swallowed HARD so that he could attempt to speak, but it wasn’t until he turned his head away and shook himself that he could finally exclaim "YES." a hand bashing against the wall as he tried to use the pain to distract himslf from the way his sex tried to tighten around her caress. -04:14 Mar 27 Cupio
Jayden: Jayden delighted in having him mindless with need. She pressed her finger harder, parting his lips only to just barely skim between them before pulling out again. "Yes, what?" she asked, moved her other hand to take his chin and make him face her. "Yes what, Cupio?" Jayden liiiicked his mouth, pressing her hips in to him as her tail inched it’s way further down. -04:19 Mar 27 Jayden
Cupio: Lip still bleeding and now blood dripping to the floor from the palm of his hand where his claws had broken the skin fillinf the air with it’s sweet scent he caught his breath. "Yes Jayden please fuck me." it was loud enough to almost wake up Phaedra. It didn’t take a genius to work out what was going to happen next and that made it worse and then there was this ENERGY inside Jayden that was now and the slight sense of danger only server to highten his sneses. -04:28 Mar 27 Cupio
Jayden: Jayden licked up the trail of blood that was slipping down his chin and planted her mouth over his in a hard, hungry kiss. Her tongue darted in to his mouth as she slipped her knee in between his legs, pushing them even farther apart. The tip of her tail prodded and invaded his ass with a sudden thrust, while her hand gently stroked him. Fingers caressing deeper and deeper in with every motion until they were slick. She could feel the way his body shuddered and it filled her with such a delicious spark. -04:40 Mar 27 Jayden
Cupio: He clung to her as a fresh moan escaped him. He couldn’t remember the last time someone had been up there. His arm thrown aorund her shoulder was the only thing keeping his full wieght from driving down on her tail and hands. He was losing it. "Jayden…" his voice was weak, issued between a shuddering gasp and a moan as his body shuddered. He was so close it was maddening. -04:57 Mar 27 Cupio
Jayden: She could feel the way his body shuddered and it filled her with such a delicious spark.She drank him in, feeding on his pleasure and desire, murmuring his name softly as she kissed and nipped her way down his neck. Her fingers thrust in to him at a lazy inconsistant pace compared to the hard, steady pumping of her tail. Her thumb circled and massaged his swallow nub. Jayden shifted herself lower cupping one of his breats in her hand, then kissed his nipple before nipping it with her teeth. -05:03 Mar 27 Jayden
Cupio: He hovered at the tipping point, his knees giving out as he clong in with what little strength he had left until finally he moaned her name and clenched both holes, a renewed wave of sweat busring from his skin as he gushed and squirted over her hand. Barely conscious his only thoughts were that he wanted more and and he hissed the word, his hips trying to move against her in encouragement, but he was gone, no strength left and about to collapse to the floor. -05:09 Mar 27 Cupio
Jayden: Jayden withdrew her hand and tail, circling her arms around him to hold him up and steady. She nuzzled in to his neck, giggling soft and squeeeezing him tight. He tasted and smelled so divine, but her poor Mcboobs was so tired. Jayden practically dragged him to bed, dumping him on the matress before she curled up next to him. Wrapping her arms and legs and tail around him. "Hmm, I love you. I love you…" -05:25 Mar 27 Jayden
Cupio: "Love…" it was the last work out of his mouth as his head rolledto the side and he smiled weakly, his eyes deifting closed and with hsi ahdn closing aorunf hers he fell asleep. There was no doubt adout it, Jayden was a succubus, bt right now Coopio was far beyind caring. His only thought was her last words to him nefore he heard no more. -05:33 Mar 27 Cupio
My Demon Roommate

My Demon Roommate 026: The Trouble With Demons

[Jayden is wearing some of McBoobs’ clothes, but only because Coop was so amused by that. “Cutie and adorable” was not Jayden’s style. …However, here at the mall she was waaaaaay too distracted to care about what she was wearing!] -05:47 Nov 27
[Cupio Has gotten the newly demonified Jayden to the mall. Now maybe she’ll understand that shopping is fuuuun. You get to feel things, and smell then and to many things to experience.] -05:47 Nov 27
Jayden: Something had her attention, but it wasn’t shops or stores. People, people everywhere and before she had been so annoyed and so disinterested with crowds. This really was a whole new experience. Being aware of each and every individual, or their smell and their mood. Jayden flashed someone a smile as they walked past them. Ohoho… toys…! -05:52 Nov 27
Cupio: Pressing a plastic cup of ice chocolate (not mocha!) into Jayden’s hands cupio sipped his own and walked next to Jayden close enough for then to touch occationally as they walked his tail swicking happily and his grin so wide it almost made his cheeks hurt. "I told you being a demon would be fun." he had never said anything like that. "Wait until we get to the shampoos. They’re… smell… You get to choose which one I slather you with when we get home." -05:56 Nov 27
Jayden: "I pretty sure it was more like "If you were a demon I could fuck you harder"…" Drink! Jayden took a sip, icy cold and perfectly sweet. Such a contrast to her mood. It was hard to keep her attention on him when there were so many toys everywhere. And they would turn and notice her too. Not just a little Mcboobs! For once, Jayden could flash a look or a grin and she could have a guy near tripping over his own feet. Amazing what a little extra boob and a little charm could do! -06:02 Nov 27
Cupio: He sipped his drink and grinned looking forwards. They were nearing the demon only part of the mall and this time Jayden would have no problems getting in and his tail would about her thigh as he slipped an arm around her. "I need to pop into the little succubuss’ room." he whispered and kissed her cheek putting his cup in her hand. "I’ll be right back." -06:06 Nov 27
Jayden: "There’s really no way to make that sound sexy, Coop!" Before he got away she gave him a quick kiss. Then stealing his chocolate for herself, she wandered, and swaaaaayed. Tail swishing in a listless, very interested motion as she eyed people when they passed. It was easy to tell which ones she liked the most. They had the best smells. And were so easily charmed! Jayden paused to wave at one, giggling to herself when his girlfriend swatted him. She could steal toys too? That was awesome! -06:18 Nov 27
Cupio: He moved quickly slipping into the mensroom and stealing a stall to do his business and was out quickly to wash up in front of surprised mortals and slip out to… Where did she go? There Jayden was sipping his chocolate and smiling at boys? His wings spread but stayed at their reduced size and his trail flicked as his eyes narrored. THen he put in a smile while the other mood givaways remained in place and slipped though the crowd, past a group of just talking about Jayden in a not very subtle manner and with a flick his barbed tail left a tear in one of their jenas and a thin pinprick of blood without breaking stride before he slid up in front of Jayden and grabbing her head in both ahnds kissed her hard a very obvious scent of jealoucy around him. Then he was taking her arm as a hey in the crowd whooped. "Shall we get started?" he had completely forgotten about the stolen chocolate! -06:24 Nov 27
Jayden: Jayden had been right in the middle of testing just how far she could reach out and beckon somebody to her… and it was Coop that gave her the hard kiss! She didn’t even get to put her arms around him and snuggle him before it was back to the ‘shopping’ business. Hrrm. He was huffy… jealous? Oooooh… Now Jayden was grinning even wider. That wicked, coniving look of a women with terrible, terrible ideas. What a turn of tables for him to be jealous. Jayden couldn’t ever remember him being that way before. "What exactly did you want to shop for, anyway?" Hmm, someone had fresh blood on them. Her senses zeroed in on that guy. It was like he had a big bulleyes on him! She waved at him and winked! -06:31 Nov 27
Cupio: "I just want a day out with my girlfriend." he said tail curling arounf her thigh posessivly. "The one I have a child with and who I rescued from hell." his tone was deliberate and his eyes smoldered almost literally as he caught the wink back at Jayden and glared at the guy. Then he was cute smiles again his wings fluttering into a relaxed position but the scent of his mood remaining along with the tail around her thigh. If anything it tightened. -06:34 Nov 27
Jayden: This felt like a game. For one, it served Coop right to know what it felt like to be jealous, when every man in the world was staring at your lover. And second… she really wasn’t thinking that deeply about it! It was just like going grocery shopping when you where hungry. But instead of hungry, she was mad crazy to fuck the hell out of somebody and that impulse was impossible to ignore. Especially when they were so many eligible, tasty smelling somebodies parading around practically gift wrapped. She was giving in to impulse again when they walked passed someone and she touched their arm just to see how solid they were until that stupidly tight shirt they were wearing. Niiiiice…! -06:42 Nov 27
Cupio: The tail unwrapped but his grip tightened before he let go entirely and turned away. "Wait right here." he was walking off without looking back. Jaydn usually acted odd in public but this was different odd and it was making him act like Jayden. Cupio didn’t care, he knew what he needed and he walked right into a returant to get it. One beer, payed for, downed right at the counter, then something stronger and in under a minute he was walking back out. He darely left the drink, but it was there, he was angry, about what? Who knew! Now where was Jayden? -06:47 Nov 27
Jayden: Jayden was over sitting by a water fountain. Or more accurately, sitting on someone’s lap by the water fountain. Petting their hair and giggling as she poked their nose. What a cute little human! He pretended to be all shy and bashful, but Jayden could smell the difference. He liked sex a lot, like a crazy a lot. He was practically oozing, which amused Jayden to death. Who knew that smell was so good? That stuff could be marketed as a sex drug… Jayden leaned to whisper something dirty in the guy’s ear. THAT managed to shock Mister Do-all and she laughed! -06:58 Nov 27
Cupio: Wings spread he marched forwards water vapor trailing alter him as his skin heated up. He was ciming up behind Jayden and and then put his arms around her grabbing her boob to pull her backwards off that man’s lap shooting him a look of pur murder. "What the fuck are you doing?" he hissed in her ear before letting go. "Seriously." -07:02 Nov 27
Jayden: Grabby hands! Jayden was surprised by his response, but that was a short lived emotion replaced real quick with awareness. He was hoooooot and angry. That was pretty damned sexy. Jayden grinned wide at the toy she picked out. "Playing? He’s so tall, Coop and he smells like hmm… dark chocolate. I bet he tastes like it too, doncha baby?" Jayden leaned, brushing against Coop. "You’re pretty when you scowl like that…" -07:08 Nov 27
Cupio: He was hotter and as he pusshed Jayden to the ground there was smoke rising from him before the hems of his clothes caught fire and then in a flash of heat and ligth he stood naked with small straps of fabrich raining fown seceral still burning. He was looking has her with anger, jealoucy and pur unadultarated intensity his lips parted in a silent snarl is his chest heaved. "So the young demonette wants to fuch mortals?" he hissed. "none of them measure up to a proper rape by a demon. Have you forgotten that? Do I need to remind you?" rape… did he just .. fuck it that’s what he sais an thats what he was going to do. Bystanders pulling out cameraphones or not. -07:15 Nov 27
Jayden: Jayden scooted back on the ground just a few paces, giving him another surprised looked. He was hot… seering hot, she could feel the heat off him from there and it was deliiiiicious. She was chewing on her lip, debating whether or not she was a little bit concerned or really fucking turned on. For the moment, though, Jayden had completely forgotten about all those tasty morsels scattered about in the mall! "Don’t be angry, Cupio… there is only you! But you -did- want to coming shopping, and that one looked take home ready!" Hell, she didn’t even know what she was saying. Damned could he look so sexywhen he was pissed off… -07:25 Nov 27
Cupio: He stepped forwards following her the heat of his mody coming off in wave and his hair flowing in the hot currints so that it looked like a river of fire down his back. "I came here to be with you." he hissed looking down at her. "Not for you to confuse food with fucktoys." he wasn’t in cute little mcboobs mode, that was washed away entirely by an angry demon. A jealous angry horny demon. "I’m going to rape you, right here, because even if you’re the only one here not food to me doesn’t mean I can’t eat you." -07:30 Nov 27
Jayden: That made her shiver. An intoxicating mix of fear and wanting running up her spin as she kept scooting backwards. He was so angry she could feel it vibrating off him, and that evil, stupid, wicked part of her wanted to taunt the hell out of him just to see how far she could get away with it. That was the part that had her glancing around curiously at the few humans who seemed to be trained to their spots watching with mortified interest. Then there was that buried bit of common sense that knew taunting angry Cupio was a terrible idea. It seemed to be drowned out by an over active sex drive. There was that wide smile again. "Are you jealous Cupio?" -07:38 Nov 27
Cupio: He pounced hr, very literally. Diving to grab her belt nad pull her closer. "Whatever gave you that idea." he snarled before his fangs glistened nd he bit down on her crotch and pulled away the zip and a alrge part of the crotch of her pants hanging from his mouth, then he was sitting on her stomach hsi heat melting and scorching her shirt and leaning down to grab the hair on either side of her head. "Now you be a good little neophite and eat me out." he snarled gripping hard and pushing her by her hair so that she slid along the floor fer face with under his folds, then with a jerk her pulled her up against him. "Show be just how much of a demon you are." -07:44 Nov 27
Jayden: There was a soft squeal of surprise, and maybe for a split second fear won out over the desire. …for a second! Then she was melting in to a puddle of submissive obedience, a tongue darting out to lick his sex just as he demanded. There was something really, really sexy about bossy pissed off Cupio. To the point of having her squirming with need under him. -07:50 Nov 27
Cupio: He hissed with pleasure as she obeyed his tail twitching against her stomach and purposfully flopping onto her crotch. "Do you remember when you drunk my cum Jayden, you’re going to do that again. So you have a lot more work for your tongue to do. You want a fuck?" he slid his tail against her, teasing her folds. "You do have a tongue like mine now, don’t you?" as if to demonstrate he looked down and fliched the tip against his own nipple. -07:58 Nov 27
Jayden: Jayden groaned, squeezing her legs together and trapping his tail between them. So sensitive and so wet, made all the worse by him flicking that crazyass tongue of his so easily. Jayden wasn’t so sure hers was quite like that, but if he wanted a good servicing, who was she to deny him when he so sweetly asked…? Her tongue dove deep, and with a nip of sharp teeth she found that sensitive nub and sucked hard. Her hands were itching touch him, and they did. Sliding up the over heated skin of his legs. -08:03 Nov 27
Cupio: He threw his head back and moaned happily before laughing letting go with one hand, then other still pulling her up against him. "My little demon does as she’s told. She should be rewarded." his tail vibrated against her before biding in between her folds and vibrating again as he purred. "You will take aeverything I give you." -08:08 Nov 27
Jayden: How the fuck did he do that…! Jayden was giving a squeaking groan again as she shifted and squirmed under him. She might’ve pulled away to gasp if he were holding her head so tight. It was all she could do to force herself to focus on nibbling, suckling, licking… anything but that rise of feeling that was making her toes curl and all her muscles clench. -08:12 Nov 27
Cupio: He oaned again biting his lip he massaged his own breast his legs clamping aroung her head and his head tinling forwards to look down at her. He was hot and wet, but Jayden was foing to come first, he was determined he would make that happen and he grinned wickedly. He puled his tail deeper, curling it and vibrating it harder. "So you like what I can do? Don’t worry Jayden, It’s all for you. And I’ll teach you how." -08:19 Nov 27
Jayden: Trapped and pinned, not that Jayden had any sense to even attempt to throw him off and turn the tables. Her fingers dug in to his skin, sharp nails clinging and scraping but not quite drawing blood. She matched him, though. Darting her tongue harder, faster. Knicking him with a fang, and softly sighing with that mixed taste of blood and sex.. -08:26 Nov 27
Cupio: Pain, and pleasure blended perfectly into one. He inclamped her head un pulled his tail out of her and pulled away, only to turn around and put his folds right back against her face and clamb back down. Then with a checkly he leaned down to return her nips, plitting a fang under her hood and along it’s underside. Then he wsa diving right in and pushing his togue into her as far as it would go, swirling nad swiggling it around. -08:30 Nov 27
Jayden: There was a short muffled scream against him, and a tensing jerk of her body followed by a hiiiisss of melting. Jayden would be kicking if she could get her legs to obey, and now it wasn’t so easy getting her tongue to obey either with the way she was moaning and listlessly shifting. -08:34 Nov 27
Cupio: He had her now! He chuckled against her before he sucked, hard, and blew over her his slick tongue seeking out every spot that made her jump. -08:37 Nov 27
Jayden: His breath against her delicate skin was what broke the damn, sending her in to a fit of strangled gasping as he nails dug in to him and her whole body shuddered. Almost screaming whens he clenched, Jayden was absolutely delerious with it! -08:44 Nov 27
Cupio: Victory! And he cdrank itm licking up her delicious wetness and then the pulled back to gloat her chin and lips were glistening with it. "My little demon slut came before me?" he asked panting. "Don’t you fucking dare come before me when you’re being punished." he pulled away and looked down at her, kneeling next to her to take hold of her hair again and pulling her off the floor only to slam her back down. "You little flirt." he leaned down to push his lips against hers, then clamped his fangs arounf her lip hard enough to draw blood as his hand caught hold of her tail and pushing the tip between his fold. "Now show me what you’ve learned." -08:54 Nov 27
Jayden: Oooh, that was so good, she could have wallowed there on the floor from the delight of it. If she weren’t getting roughed up and called a slut and a flirt…! There was a brief flash of annoyance across her face… That bit of warning that even a sex drunk demon Jayden would only take it for so long… And he was quit lucky she was once again consumed with the taste of blood, this time her own, and the over-sensitiveness of her tail that was now, none too gently probing at him and pushing in to that depth of warmth. Her tail was no where near as easy to control, but she had every intentions of fucking the shit out of him wildly or not! -09:01 Nov 27
Cupio: He gasped as she hit the right spot and moved closer to her. The rough demeanor melting he puts his hand on her crotch to rub her as he leaned down to rest his head on her shoulder. He was letting go of his resistance, is point made. "I love you, never forget that." he whispered putting his leg over hers and dipping a finger into her. -09:06 Nov 27
Jayden: There was her sweet Mcboobs. The one Jayden fell pray to no matter how horny, how pissy, or how anything she was. Jayden curled her arms tight around him, digging her hands in to his hair until her mouth found his again and kissed him hard. That rough pressing of her tail shifting to a much more soft affectionate movement. "You know there is only you. It’s always you. Forever, Cupio." -09:09 Nov 27
Cupio: He moaned and put his arms around her kissinf her skin and all that built up tention from the jealousy, the sex and the now the sweet Jayden reachign a head. "Jay… I’m about to…" he but himself off as he pulls himself up to push his lips into her and let go, the delicious rush washing though him as he ravaged her mouth with a muffled scream. It had come so suddenly and left him panting. -09:13 Nov 27
Jayden: Feeling him clench around an over sensitive tail, had her squeezing him tighter as her own body shivered again. Jayden held on to him, nuzzled in to his hair and breathed deep. There was no better scenet than her Cupio all pleased and hot and sweet. No single wretch in the entire city had this smell…! -09:18 Nov 27
My Demon Roommate

My Demon Roommate 025: True Demon Jayden

[Cupio Is stille covered in dry blood but Jayden is safe, and a demon… anyone else tries to bind Jay and they will wish they were in hell.] -06:06 Nov 13
[Jayden never did get her bath. She needed the rest so bad she fell asleep clinging to Cupio!] -06:09 Nov 13
Jayden: For the first time in a very long time, Jayden was waking up with a smile. No grumbling at the sun, no hissing at Cupio for waking her up. No squeeling upset child interupting sleep. She was rolling on to her back and… cringing! What the hell was she laying on, a purse?! NOW grumbling, she sat up slowly and rubbed her head. Cupio’s tail was on her lap. She picked it up to gently set it aside and–!! “Oh come on…!” -06:18 Nov 13
Cupio: He stretched and flattened his wings to roll onto his back and look up at Jaydey still stretching and tilting his head. “Something wrong?” he took a deep breath and focused his vision and then squealed. “OOh Jay!” he sat up and grinned “You shouldn’t mistreat yoour wings, you need then to fly.” he duged closer to her and looked her over. “My little Demon Jay… I have just the outfit for you!”” -06:22 Nov 13
Jayden: “You already want to dress me up…!” Uurrrgh. If she didn’t love and adore him, she might punch him. After her usual morning irritation with an over cheery Mcboobs, she was much more interesting in examining the tail… Tugging, twisting… sensitive! Twitchy little things. “Wait, what? Wings?” Tail dropped and she was stretching and rolling trying to grab at them. Wings! She didn’t have these as a man…! “I seriously don’t understand this shit…” she muttered. -06:26 Nov 13
Cupio: Typical Jayden! He put his arms around her and leaned against her. “I actually meant those flaired jeand and green shirt you like on me.” he said resting his chin on her shoulder. “And if you don’t understand you can ask, I’ve been a demon my whole life I’m sure I can answer a few questions. But if you don’t want then just picture yourself without them and want to look like that. It’s easy. Even if.” he ran a finger across the folds of her wing and at the same time strokes her tail with his other hand. “They’re very sensitive.” -06:31 Nov 13
Jayden: Oh, oooooh she liked that. So much that in a split second it was no longer confused annoyed Jayden, but a still, narrowed eyed Jayden. He smelled so sweet like this. A dainty, blood covered little Mcboobs being all snugglie and cute. She gave a slooooow grin. “Cuuuupio… you look so pretty…” -06:38 Nov 13
Cupio: SInce when did Jayden say that? It made him smile and look at her with his face slightly turned away. Sure he had chosen this form because it was attractive but it was flustering when she said it. “So are you.” he said a little squeakier than he intended to before he leaned forward and kissed her cheek. “You always are.” -06:43 Nov 13
Jayden: Reaching up she ran her fingers gently through his hair. Even colors were so much more vibrant. “I love this color… it matches the way you smell. Spicy and sweet…” Jayden curled her arms around him and smelled his hair. -06:51 Nov 13
Cupio: He couldn’t take her being like this and remain the calm emplaining older demon and he placed both hands on her shoulders to pull hack adn look into her face biting his lip and then slowly taking in all the changes to her as his tail and hips twitched, then he rocked forwards and kissed her lips squashing thier chests together. “You really are being seductive right now even if you don’t mean to.” he whispered. -06:56 Nov 13
Jayden: “Have I told you how much I love your soft skin…” Oooh… Her hand moved, fingers brushing over his ear before tapping over his shoulder and down his arm. So soft! She noticed them before, hadn’t she? But not quite like this. Jayden nuzzled against his cheek for a moment, but her attention seemed very focused on touching him. Caressing her fingers over his collar bone. -07:07 Nov 13
Cupio: He held onto her and closed his eyes, it’s like she couldn’t hear him but he loved the attention and resting his cheek on her shoulder to nuzzle into the side of her neck. He was horny now there was no way around that nor was thre any way out of Jayden smelling that any second now. “I love your new smell too.” he said softly. “It still smells like you, spicy and seductive and sweet all at the same time now it’s just a little bit spicier.” he was now completely taken in and moving into her lap to hold onto her with his legs circling her. She was good at this. -07:13 Nov 13
Jayden: Skiiiin! Wonderful, soft bare skin. Jayden circled her arms around him and buried her face at his neck. Taking in a deep breath before she laughed softly and flicked her tongue over the crook of his neck. All she could seem to think about was sensations, nice, pleasurable sensations… Jayden stretched out her wings to wrap around them both. That was easier than she thought it would be. But then, all she wanted was to be wrapped around him. “Do you like my wings too, Cupio?” she whispered in his ear, her breath feeling hot and soft. -07:19 Nov 13
Cupio: Being the one wrapped in her winge for a change was a surprise and feeling hers against his had him purrring. Her wings were soft and smooth and warm. “I love your wings.” he said softly pulling back to place his hands either side of her face and kiss her hard flicking his tongue against her lips to taste her. So similar but just a little bit different. He wanted more of her and reaching behind her he broung her tail between them and leaning down his other arm slipping around her he kissed the tip before running the tip of his tongue against it and giggling. “I love everything about you.” -07:25 Nov 13
Jayden: He shouldn’t have done that. It flipped some sort of crazy switch from intimate affection to fuck his brains out, and in a split second she was pouncing. Pinning him to the floor with her body and touching every ounce of skin she could get her hands on. Her mouth covered his in an almost desperate kiss. Nibbling at his lips and thrusting her tongue between them. She needed him so much..! -07:30 Nov 13
Cupio: “…!” Yes! Yes! This was… he welcomed her kiss with his tongue finding hers and his arms pulling her closer. He couldn’t speak against he lips and even if he could it would be a torrent ot affection and need. He neeeded her and successfully trigering Jayden’s demonsex mode was just the icing in the cake. He ran his claws up her back as he squirmed undeer her, his tail wrapping around her thigh. -07:38 Nov 13
Jayden: There were so many things she wanted to do to him..! Lick and taste every inch of skin she could get her tongue on… Jayden’s hand ran down his chest, between the breasts to rub his stomach. Her teeth nipped gently at his jaw and down his neck until she was sucking hard at the skin. Jayden wanted to taste all of him. Sharp teeth grazed his collarbone without breaking skin as she slid down against him. -07:48 Nov 13
[Cupio enters.] -08:02 Nov 13
Cupio: He didn’t want her moving further away from him but his tail unwrapped from around her thigh and brushing against her crotch wrapped aeound his own instea as he ran his fingers through her hair and cooed softly to encourage her. He was breathing hard already and biting his lip as he watched her feeling the heat building between his legs in anticipation. Was she really going to….? -08:07 Nov 13
[(Timeout) Cupio has timed out.] -08:12 Nov 13
Jayden: She laughed softly, her breath falling against a breast before she nuzzled at the nipple with her nose. “You’re very cute when you’re squirming with wonderment…” She kissed the nipple flicking her tongue over it only briefly. Tail, hmm… It took a swish or two before she seemed to get control of it, then it was slithering it’s way up his leg. -08:12 Nov 13
Cupio: “I’m used to human Jay.” he said a little breathlesly. “It’s been a while since I had sex with a demon that I actually wanted sex with.” he said petting and stroking her hair. “Whatever you do don’t stop.” he felt her tain and that made the squirming worse . Enough for him to again move his tail to brush against hers. He hoped he would have the presence of mind to match where her tail was headed. -08:16 Nov 13
Jayden: “I don’t want you to have presence of mind…” she muttered against his skin. Either she was mind reading, or she was body reading. Jayden wasn’t sure which, and she didn’t waste any time pondering it. She was in just as much wonderment as he was. Her senses filled with him The little sounds he made, and the way his scent shifted the more she did…. Her tongue dipped in to his belly button, about the moment her tail tested the wetness between his legs. A soft probing that matched the tickling of her fingers at his side. -08:22 Nov 13
Cupio: He bit his lip and groaned his thighs shifting and twisting as he felt her. “This is unfair.” he muttered as his back arced towrds her and he moved a hand up to grip his own chest and the other battled to find something to hold onto. -08:28 Nov 13
Jayden: “I could always stop… but you would pout and I can’t take it when you pout.” She didn’t want him pouting. She wanted him cooing and sighing and moaning! Jayden pulled her tail back, it swishing from side to side behind her as her tongue took it’s place. One long, wet lick up the length of his clit. Followed by her running her tongue over her lips and smiling wide when she glanced up at him. “For a demon, you taste like heaven, Cupio…” -08:38 Nov 13
Cupio: He lost it, two mined of fresh, shiny red were wandering down his chin as he whimpered and moaned spreading his arms as his legs locked into place when she touching him and then squirmed uncontrolebly when she spoke. “Like hell you’re going to stop.” he said in what was meant to be a defiant growl but instead was a happy, flushed, wanting, breathy voice. “I need you to fuck me, right now.” -08:45 Nov 13
[Jayden enters.] -08:47 Nov 13
Jayden: Jayden was giggling, giggling as she gave him another darting flick of her tongue. When she stilled the giggling she kissed his lips, pressing further until her tongue dipped in. Lapping at the sensitive flesh with soft, teasing movements. She’d fuck him like this until he was screaming! -09:07 Nov 13
[(Timeout) Jayden has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -09:13 Nov 13
Cupio: There! With claws out he could grip the floor and with his feet moving up against the floor her could open his legs wide for her and moan blissfully as his breathing skyrocketed. So jayden didn’t want his to keep his mind together? It was melting anyway. He was melting and cooing and letting her do anything she wanted. He wanted more, he needed more but what she was giving him was bliss itself and he couldn’t think about anything else. Only the tiny few inches in skin where her attention was focused. -09:13 Nov 13
Jayden: That’s exactly what she wanted. Him falling to peices at the tip of her tongue. Jayden hummed softly in response, sinking her tongue inside him, once, twice… several times before her lips circled his clit and sucked on it hard. She was burning between her legs herself, but this was for him… maybe partially for her too! Giving him everything he needed and having that pleasure of knowing just how much he loved it. -09:27 Nov 13
Cupio: Sucking! That had him raising his hips and crying out. He didn’t mean to be that loud but he didn’t care, or maybe he just didn’t notice how loud he was until it passed. He couldn’t think about it long enough to figure it out every breath had it’s own sound and would even if Jayden stopped. Soft cooes, sighs, groans, they were all the same now. There was the agonizingly slow buildup and the fire down below. He wanted more. He needed more. -09:36 Nov 13
Jayden: Jayden was nearly purring. She could feel his desire almost like it was her own, and it was delicious. A hand ran up and down his stomach to hold him in place, while she gently teased at his opening with a finger. A tickling touch, then pushing her fingers inside with ease, pulling them back out only to repeat again with a quicker thrust. -09:46 Nov 13
Cupio: His stomach moved against her hand, he couldn’t not, even the pressure of her hand made him tingle and burn. There was a half stifled yelp and his hips jumped then her finger touched on just the right spot and he looked down at her, every breath a moan and his face red. It was impossible to tell how close he was, he was lost completely! -09:54 Nov 13
Jayden: She was giddy, amusement, turned on so much she almost wished he was in the right form for her to pounce. But this was too irresistable in itself! Jayden thrust quicker, deeper. Licked her tongue between his folds, kissing and sucking, drinking him in and savory every little twist and twitch he made at her touch. She was nearly at her wits end, but she needed this just as much as he did! -09:59 Nov 13
Cupio: His shreak echoed off the walls as he climaxed and he felt the gushing of moisture and every muscle in his body tensed before he flopped back down and breathing uncontrolibly and the skin of his entire body flushed started at the cieling, the only movement he seem to be capable of was his tale swicking happily and wrapping around Jayden’s forearm. -10:12 Nov 13
Jayden: Oooh, that tasted even sweeter. She could live off of this. Jayden kissed and nuzzled her way back up his torso until she was stopping at his mouth to keep him a deep kiss and a wide smile. “Again, beautiful Cupio…?” -10:16 Nov 13
[Jayden feels better than she has in a logn time. And THAT means trouble for everyone.] -06:49 Nov 14
[Cupio still feels like jelly and might not be able to get up for a bit but he doesn’t need to to snuggly Jayden.] -06:54 Nov 14
[Jayden enters.] -07:00 Nov 14
Jayden: Jayden was not done by a long shot. But she was trying to behave. Holding him close and petting his hair softly, even though her thoughts were far more on the rapey-fun side of the spectrum. But the good kind! Where he’d be squealing and begging for more of her… Jayden was grinning as she squeezed him tighter and nuzzled in to his hair. -07:01 Nov 14
Cupio: He was nuzzling into her as he tangled his legs with hers and covering her shoulder with soft kisses even as he still tingled down below and his lags were very shakey. "You really want more?" he asked. After mean raper manjay and then sad sulky Jay this was bliss. "I wish my legs were working then I’d have a dick inside you so fast it would be your turn to scream." he teased her with the truth. "But after demon Jayden I don’t think I can trust them with my wieght. You really do make a very good demon my love." -07:08 Nov 14
Jayden: She pouted, but it was a shortlived expression. It was hard to be disappointed when she was so damned pleased with herself. Jayden shifted until she was nibbling at his ear, almost considering taking him again just because she could. "I feel different like this… Better. More like myself than I have in ages. Would been nice to not have to be a psycho man demon, and then die first, though." -07:14 Nov 14
Cupio: He poked her lip, she had pouted, that bemanded her slip his arms around her neck and kiss her, hard and check her mouth for fangs with his tongue. "I like this Jayden, my Jayden. The Jayden who even as a human could keep page wuth a demon while fressed against the one way glass of a nightclub. The woman I love." he kissed ehr again, softer and sweeter this time. "And if you really want me to fuck you I can use my tail without needing my legs." -07:17 Nov 14
[(Timeout) Jayden has timed out.] -07:28 Nov 14
Jayden: Jayden grinned against his mouth, returning his kiss with a nip of her teeth. Sharper and more pronounced but certainly not as fangy as him. She gave this offer some consideration, but inevitably shook her head and resumed nuzzling against his cheek. "I want well rested Cupio. …and it’s probably a good idea to go rescue my kid from whatever crazy sitter you managed to bully in to watching her." She missed her Phaedra. Jayden hadn’t thought she would feel that way. …at the very least she wanted to see her and make sure she was in one piece! -07:28 Nov 14
Cupio: "I wouldn’t give her to someone I didn’t trust." he said kissing her again and running his togie over her teeth before pulling back. "Then I call mall trip. I want to show you off and breakfast out would be fun. I want you to wear my jeans and shirt. You’ll look great in them. And maybe I’ll get two take away iced mochas on the way home to put into the fridge for when Phaerdra is asleep." -07:32 Nov 14
Jayden: "My Cupio all sexed up on iced mocha." Oooh hoho. That would be fun. Just thinking about it had her twitching and wanting to roll him over and… Damnit! Only now Jayden was realizing since the moment she woke up, the only thing she could think about was sex. She really needed some sort of self control. This would be practice? Giving him another quick kiss, Jayden reluctantly untangled herself from him. Rising to her feet to stretch her arms and her wings over her head. "Now why am I wearing your clothes again? Because you want a hot Jayden Mcboobs to parade around?" she smirked. -07:37 Nov 14
Cupio: "Yes. That." he said with a grin. "And you need to practice changing back before we heda out with you looking like anything other than how you hoke up. You don’t want to unexpectedly change without realizing it and have your tail rip out your pats." he rolled onto his stomach and then sat on the side of the bed testing out his legs. "And it’s your turn to be a sext sexy demon girl no one, not even the girls, can take their eyes off of. My instincts tell me you’ll enjoy that." he shoe her a grin before stnading a little wobbly. "now I need to get this blood off of me." -07:41 Nov 14
Jayden: Jayden pretended like she didn’t love the idea of being the one everyone stared at. She loved him, but that never stopped her from being jealous of him. After another bit of stretching, he wings vanished. That was easy. Jayden was taking to wings very well. It was the damned tail that seemed to have a mind of it’s own and she was swishing in annoyance. …The promise of naked showering Cupio though… Jayden bite her bottom lip with that wicked look again as she sliiiinked towards him. "I could help you wash…" -07:46 Nov 14
Cupio: "I’d like that." he said maybe oblivious, or maybe testing her. Whatever the case he was stepping into the bathroom and turning on the water, making sure it was hot and stretching happily basking in the warmth and the leefing of getting cleaner after having gone to hell. "There’s a fresh bar of soap next to the basin if you could grab that you’d be my hero." -07:49 Nov 14
Jayden: She grabbed the soap. but instead of handing it to him, she just stepped behind him to wrap her arms around him and pull him back against her chest. Her thoughts had flipped-flopped again, from sex to just being glad to have him her like this without the fear or the trauma or anything else. "I love you, Coop. I didn’t realize how much." -07:55 Nov 14
Cupio: This was nice. "I love you too Jayden, more than anything." he pyt his hands on her arms around him and closed his eyes just allowing the water to flow over him. "And you know what?" his tail was against her too but he didn’t bother to move it. "I’m glad to have you back. I was so worried I was going to loose you forever especially when you didn’t knwo what to do with yourself. Having my Jayden back is the best thing I could have asked for my one year anniversery of coming to earth." -08:02 Nov 14
Jayden: "Has it been a year?" Leave it to Mcboobs to remember random dates… Her arms tightened and she nuzzled in to his wet hair. "I’m sorry I scared you… That’s not going to happen again. None of it is. I know where I belong and who I belong with, and not heaven or hell is going to change it now." -08:08 Nov 14
Cupio: "Demon 101 Jayden. Angels are self righteous windbags who couldn’t lie thier way into a nightclub." he was rubbing at the blood with his hands freeing it from his skin and letting it flow away with the water. "And good, because you already know I’d go to hell and back for you, you can smell what I feel and I can smell what you feel, so there is no need for us to not be ourselves. And I love it when you hold me like this. I know we’re going to have long happy lives togethr with Phae." -08:13 Nov 14
Jayden: "So you know how much it turns me on, knowing you would slaughter your way through legions to come and fetch me?" Hell sucked. Hell was bad. It was terrifying and awful, but Jayden was not a damsel. It didn’t affect her as much as when she hurt him. She kissed the top of his head and squeezed him. -08:24 Nov 14
Cupio: "I -08:27 Nov 14
Cupio: "I’m not going to sit up here and cry aout it when there is something I can do." he said turning in her arms to hug her and kis her cheek. "So long as I can do something I will do it, and you don’t have to worry abour bindings or anything. I can cut them all. Anyone who tries to take you from me will wish they were in hell." he kissed her gains and sighed happily. Jayden really was the best. -08:29 Nov 14
My Demon Roommate

My Demon Roommate 024: Meant to be Hell

[Cupio is going to make Jayden happy if it kills him.] -06:03 Nov 12
[Jayden is having one of those not so great days.] -06:14 Nov 12
Jayden: She was at work. She was at work. Yet all she could remember at that moment was a very weird, pissed off demon and a seering pain. No wait, she remembered a shiny light too. A very sweet voice… Then it was grabbing hands and that feel of falling. Now she was…. she didn’t know where she was, this wasn’t no fucking hospital! -06:19 Nov 12
Jayden: “Look at this… all grown up, spitfire and ice…” Something rather sharp jabbed her and she scrambled to sit up. What the hell was she doing in a cage? Jayden grabbed at her chest, finding her clothes covered in blood but there wasn’t a mark on her. But it was who that was speaking to her that had her surprised. Alarmed. Angry. “You sonofabitch!” -06:38 Nov 12

“Little girls don’t talk like that. Especially not little part angel girls…” He smirked, jabbing at her again with another prod then chortling about it. “My baby girl… a nice little prize for hell, isn’t she? Every demon out there wants a little piece of you. So glad I didn’t trade you off with your mother. You’re worth so much more now.” -Jayden

Jayden: What the fuck. Jayden didn’t understand a damned word he was blabbering on about. And he kept on going to! She was still stuck on the fact he was here. Then she realized where here was and that sinking feeling of dread kicked in. She was at the cage door in a second shaking the shit out of it and trying to see if she could squeeze through the bars. -06:39 Nov 12

“Don’t fret, baby girl. You’ll like it here. I traded that self righteous bitch to be here, and now you… you were born to be a demon, weren’t you baby.” He chuckled again, hitting the cage with the prod to stop her from making that racket. He was dragging the cage along down a wide corridor. Smirking every time they passed by an overly interested demon. Before long they were in a big grand room. He was presenting the cage and hitting it again to make a good attention grabbing sound. “I BRING YOU…” he shouted first, before sneering at the girl in the cage. “Jayden… Mixed blood, vicious child… the one that stole Cupio, demon of desire. The one that had one taste of being a demon and thought she would take hell. The one that took the soul of hell’s most wanted and gave it to her lover. For this very precious prize, what will you give ME?” -Jayden

The high demon surveyed the offering. “Who says I should give you anything.” this was how it always started, intimidation before negotiation. “Havn’t I already given you everything you have and allowed you to keep it through my generocity.” he stood and the handle of the mace as tall as he was, which was at least twice as tall as most other demon pounded on the floor as he walked circling the cage. “So this is the lover of Cupio?” he stopped circling. “Why did you bring both? I would pay far more for a matched set.” -Cupio

Jayden: She was dead and in hell…! With her father who did what, now…? Jayden was growling now, grabbing on to the bars again and eyeballing that demon. She delt with demons every day, being in hell was not going to make a difference. “Get me the fuck out of this cage! I am nobody’s fucking property!” -07:04 Nov 12

“Chance and happenstance. Baby girl had a little accident. Human bodies are fragile things. Thought you might like her straight away,…. but I can sell her to somebody else. So many want this one.” He was smirking wider now! -Jayden

“Do that an I will have your tail.” he said stapping up to the cage and looking down at the occupant. “Five hundred cubits, she would be useful.” he said naling a criminally low price but at the tame tip placing a hand posessivly on the cage. “So you know Cupio.” he said to the said to the occupant. “You know my child… once I get you to my bedroom I’ll show you how they were treated.” -Cupio

The man was either desperate, or didn’t want to tempt his fate. He jumped at the price, rubbing his hands in anticipation. “Baby girl all yours. Pay up now, ain’t got all day.” -Jayden

Jayden: Of course the man didn’t show an ounce of care of her, and Jayden wasn’t expecting any. Had she not been preoccupied with this other demon, she would of had words for him. “Let me out of this cage and I’ll show you what I do to shithead demons…!” -07:17 Nov 12

The money was handed over readily and he smiled. “Close the door chamber on your way out.” he said waiting until it was done and then tilting the lange cage easily to get a better look inside. “If you insist.” he said throwing open the door and leaning down to enter the mace left outside and far too heavy for Jayden to lift anyway. “Tell me how is my child, mix breed?” -Cupio

Jayden: Sold her just like that. Asshole. Jayden backed away, easing against the bars with every intention of bolting. This demon was huge and she wasn’t stupid. ..he was talking about Cupio..? “You’re what? His maker? His daddy? I’m not telling you shit!” She ducked and ran for it. The second she got her hands on something sharp, she was going to kill him. She didn’t like being bought, and she didn’t like that slowly stirring feeling of dread, and she sure as hell didn’t like letting people who hurt Cupio to continue living. -07:30 Nov 12

“I’m Cupio’s father.” he said leting her run, there was nowhere to go and the only weapon was the mace. “Come here I’ll tell you things about your lover you have never heard before.” he held out a hand and tendrils of shadow rose from the floor to wrap arounf Jayden’s ancles. -Cupio

Jayden: Ha! Weapon. She grabbed it, and growled when it didn’t budge. Still, she was trying anyway up until her ankles were grabbed and she hit the ground. Jayden kicked and tore at the tendrils with her hands to get loose. “I don’t give a shit who you are…! Don’t you even fucking talk about him!” Cupio had said he had no idea who his parents were. That he might’ve even fucked his own parents and never new. She didn’t want to hear it and she didn’t want to know! Sure as hell not like this! -07:38 Nov 12

“I will talk about who I want.” he said picking her up easily with one hand and the mace in the other before he throw her into the air and using the mace like a once-handed bat swatted her into a mass of waiting tendrils. “Here, I rule.” he said walking towards her. “And Cupio was my lover before yours, I think it’s time he completed the triangle. You are mine now.” -Cupio

Jayden: Shit. Whatever she landed on felt weird, but she wasn’t able to digest that when being struck had knocked the wind out of her and despite there not being an open wound, she could still feel that burning pain like there was still a bullet lodged in her chest. She would kill him. She’d kill him for Cupio, even if that meant she was going to spend forever in hell. Jayden was scrambling to get loose again, the minute she could breathe. Almost snarling at him! “You don’t rule me and you aren’t going to touch him and I am going to fucking kill you!” -07:55 Nov 12

He let the mace fall to the ground as the tendrils held her and stepped up to her. “Yo are dead, a ghost, a soul. A plaything at best, food at worst. What do you plan to do?” he leaned down and gripped her head tightly in her hand. “I could turn you into a demon, I sould give you a small measure of power, if you;re willing to show your gratitude. Who knows, maybe you’ll see Cupio again.” -Cupio

Jayden: Jayden struggled and squirmed. Hissed and growled. She would kill him, that’s what she would do. But she couldn’t move and the moment he mentioned her being a demon she stilled. That jolt of fear and horror, something she thought she had gotten over, running up her spine. She couldn’t be a demon again. She did bad, bad things. “No! No, no, no… I am not going to be a demon!” -08:03 Nov 12

He grinned, pure malice on his lips. “I heard about your previous demonhood, and I can feel what Cupio did to you. But demon you will be.” he gripped her head tighter and entoned the spell that would give Jayden demonhood, but he lept the male side of her severed from the rest. It would hurt, like a million heated knives. “This is how you are meant to be.” he said binding her to him. “Now you will listen to me. Understood?” -Cupio

Jayden: Jayden shook her head, or at least tried to. The sudden pain had her cringing, freezing, straining against the tendrils. Until it was more than she could deal with and she fell limp and whimpering. It wasn’t like before where it was sudden and painless… this was fucking torture! -08:24 Nov 12

the tendrils disappeared as the binding was complete and he looked down at her releasing her head to lift her chin if to look as him. He needed a simple command to test the spell out. Something she wouldn’t say yes to. “You will do as I say, changling, when I say it and without delay.” he could smell her changed scent, lust. “Now, rise. I want you on your knees” -Cupio

Jayden: Hurt, this hurt so much. It wasn’t the same. “Fuck. You.” She wasn’t going to obey. …she was compelled to obey! There was a look of shock and horror on her face as she struggled with it. Shifting to her knees even when she wanted to do anything else. Her senses felt overwhelmed she couldn’t differentiate between anything! -08:32 Nov 12

He grabbed her hair and made her look upas he reached down to free himself from the folds of his ceremonial garb. “You will not hurt me, you will do everything you can to pleasure me and you will love doing so.” he let go to looked at her. “Now little lust demon whore. Suck me off, and make it good.” -Cupio

Jayden: There was a power, power she had as a demon and surely despite that ebbing pain she could jerk herself away and beat the shit out of him. But she couldn’t move. She was stuck, bound. Couldn’t disobey. …and this was what Cupio’s life was. A tiny helpless little mcboobs that couldn’t say no. Jayden swallowed the tears that threatened. She wouldn’t give an asshole demon the satisfaction. Leaning forward she took him in to her mouth, making a soft sound of complaint even if she did have to listen. -08:43 Nov 12

He made a satisfied gruns when she took him in and looked down at her. “See, you have to listen to me demon whore, and when Cupio comes you will have company, I’ll take you both into my bed, and you’ll be made prettier.” he was gripping her hari again but letting her move. “This is the life you were born for.” -Cupio

Jayden: She would be changed and altered and fuck knew what else. A demon’s dick in her mouth and it wasn’t Cupio, Jayden wasn’t imagining anything good. Worse, she didn’t want Cupio here! Cupio trapped here again! Her jaw tensed for a moment as if she were going to bite him, but she just couldn’t will it to close. Another whimpering sound escaped her as she flicked her tongue over his length. She couldn’t stop, and worse the scenet of him was sending her senses in to crazy overdrive. -09:02 Nov 12

He smiled before wrencing her hair back and let her rest for a second faintly wondering if she would be fores to fight him to get back to sucking him… then he gripped her and turned her around pushinf her down onto all fours. “You’re going to enjoy this.” he said kneeling behind her and holdign her in place with one hand on her shoulder and other on her hip. “I don’t want you to try and stay quiet. I want you to make every sound your body wants to, and when you come, you will thank me.” he pushed in gripping ehr tighter. He was rough, not bothering to make it gentle for her despite his size. “You feel a lot like Cupio…” -Cupio

Jayden: Her relief was short lived, before she was letting out a loud scream! She wouldn’t let him hear a peep but now she was ordered to, compelled to, and she was stuck. Crying out in pain as her body was forced to adjust. Groaning with a sob, when it ebbed to a slick smooth motion as she grew wet and pain started to shift to that familiar, currently unwanted feeling. She didn’t want this, she could resist this. And her squirming wasn’t helping get her away, but making all of those feelings worse. “Fuck..! Stop! No, don’t…” No don’t stop? She screamed in frustration! -09:18 Nov 12

He laughed at her, knowing full well what she was going though as he comtinued to thrust, going faster. New demon, so much fun, abd he would make her prettier, maybe make her loot exacly like Cupio, little twins, one born to him the other made by him. Both of then in bed at once. “Let it out.” he said going faster feeling himself building up. “Tell me how good it feels.” -Cupio

Jayden: “I don’t… want this!” It was apparently the only honest thing she could shout out that wasn’t curbed by that bond. She bent forward until she head was resting against the ground, throwing her arms over her head and pulling her own hair. She didn’t want to touch him..! “So good…” her voice came out in a choked sob, and it was the truth too. Her skin flushed and her blood on fire, she hated it and the way her body responded anyway. The way she began to clench and how she moaned and whimpered. -09:34 Nov 12

He reached a fever pitch biting his lip with the way she moved. Her sounds, her words. He loved owning her like this. She was well worth the price he was payed. He was getting so close, so close he could smell it. “Come.” he commanded. “Let go adn let me feel you.” and a second later, he did, filling her with a growl followed by a deep sigh before he let her go and let her fall to the floor, standing up. -Cupio

Jayden: Jayden was shivvering when she dropped to the ground and wrapped her arms around herself. Despite the heat of the place, despite the fact her blood was boiling and that rush of coming was mixing like a bad cocktail with that torrent of other emotions. She was stuck here. She deserves this! This was what she did to Cupio, and now she was where she belonged. Fucking a demon at his beck and call. -09:42 Nov 12
[Cupio like hell is Jayden staying in hell!] -06:35 Nov 13
[Jayden is resigned to her fate of being a demon whore for some shithead fuck-face. It’s no less than she deserves.] -06:36 Nov 13

Ge was on his throne with his subjects before him and his new little prize told to not stop miving her lips on his dick. He liked her, and once she learned to change her appearence he would like her even more. “Enough.” he said looking down at her. Sit in my lap and look at everyone you will be servicing before you’re through.” -Cupio

Jayden: Even bound and resigned, it was impossible to wipe that haughty, pride-filled expression off her face. She had her moment of tears and she was done with that. They enjoyed it too much. So when she rose and slipped on to his lap it was with all the dignity of a pissed off queen. Maybe she did still want to cry, but like fuck was she going to show it. -06:43 Nov 13

his large hand movved to cup her breast as he looked over the court and fondled her. He could see all thier eyes on her, but what he did not expect were his doors to suddenly burst off it’s hinged and a spread of purple winge to appear in the doorway, yellow eyed burning malevolently from their surfaces. He stood tossing Jayden to the floor as he did so. “Cupio.” -Cupio

Cupio: It was Cupio, firey orange hair fulling perfectly despite the splattering of demon blood of his body. "Muphisto…" he hissed his eyes only darting to the fallen Jayden. "You sick fuck, I thought I would find you with what is rightfully mine." -06:47 Nov 13
Jayden: Jayden was on the floor and didn’t even bother to pick herself up. Seeing Cupio was not a surprise, but him as Mcboobs…! The pretenses she was putting on nearly shattered. Jayden wrapped her arms around herself and squeezed her eyes shut. He came back to this place when she didn’t deserve it. This place that was so terrible, where he was going to get stuck here and be another fuck toy for his own father. She couldn’t stand it! -06:52 Nov 13

“You forget, you are still mine so everything you call yours belongs to me.” he signalled to the gathered demons and they started to move towards Cupio. “I will make you suffer for what you did to me.” -Cupio

Cupio: "I killed you favorite fucktoy and left you, wasn’t that enough of a message?" he has had enough and rose up off the floor above the heads of the crowd and arms reides deep purple clouds formed aorund him and black lightning arced blasted the front of the crowd again, then he was swooping towards Jayden. -06:57 Nov 13
Jayden: Jayden didn’t even reach for him, and she didn’t trust herself to say a word. Didn’t he realize he was just going to make things worse for himself? She couldn’t protect him now. She never could protect him! "Cupio, just leave it be…!" -07:03 Nov 13

the mace swung around and batted Cupio back into the crowd. “Rape, I don’t care if the little shit survives.” he bellowed before looking down at Jayden. “Watch, watch your lover get torn apart. This is what happens if you try to resist.” he grinned. “Then when they’re done I’l throw you to them, and you will survive, if barely.” -Cupio

Cupio: Knocked into the crowd and under a press of bodiesand clawd at, things were not loking good but there was no was he was going to die here and leave Jayden to him… No way, not even in hell. He screamed as something broke and power rippled around him, a blinding like that sent screaming bodies and hunks of torn flesh flying ourwards, and in the middle of the crowd he hovered, wings spread as eight tentacles exloded outwards each penetrating the head or chest of a demon and searing out thier souls that were drawn to Cupio and transfored into fanges monsters, far more beasial than even demons and translusent as if made from smoke. "Kill them all." the things obeyed, attacking the remaining demons as Cupio, wings still but still hovering, the air around him alight with power floated closer to Jayden and her tormentor. "Give her back to me, and I’ll make your death quick and only mildly humiliating." -07:11 Nov 13
Jayden: "Coop..!" He disappeared in to a pile of bodies and all she could do was sit on her knees at the foot of a demon lord and sob. Whether it was the binding, or fear, or futility, it didn’t matter. Jayden was rooted to the spot. But it was a surprised to see him rise, the blood the beasts… the feral rage. ..This was not her little helpless mcboobs! -07:16 Nov 13

“I’m going to enjoy this.” he helted the mace and without even looking at Jayden rushed towards Cupio, swinging several times but each tme the spikes bounced off of the air as it it were solid. Then a delicate hand caught the mace and a secind later is crumbled into dust. -Cupio

Cupio: He reached out and took hold of the demon’s throat and one handed lifted his large frame fron the floor. "I can smell your fear." he said his lips curling into a smile and glancing at Jayden with eyes of pure, luminesent red. "I will taste it…" his tonue came out and he pushed his lips against Maphisto’s as the other demon started to jerk and squirm. Cupio’s tail was twitching when finally the demon’s movements stopped and his stomach exploded outwards before his limp body was dropped to the floor and cupio looked at Jayden, blood running down his chin. Then he held out a hand to her ignoring the screams behind him to alight on the ground and step towards her, his arms sliding arounf her. "It’s over now Jay, you’re coming home with me." -07:25 Nov 13
Jayden: Holy shit. He was almost terrifying. Slaughtered the room and a demon lord within moments. She felt like some stupid petrified rabbit, and couldn’t even shake herself out of it! But the moment she felt his arms around her, she circled her own around his neck and buried her face against him. Jayden didn’t have any more tears to give, but she was still shaking and clinging so tight it would take a crowbar to pry her off. "You could have been stuck here." she mumbled. -07:30 Nov 13
Cupio: "Then I would have been with you." he whispered and within moments they were standing i thier bedroom leaving the chaos of hell behind but he didn’t let her go. "I want to be with you Jayden, with your good side and your bad side. I know what he does to those her gets." he was pulling her closer and rubbing her back with his arm. "I had that for three hundred years, and I did that too, to others. But I’m happy with you. Please, never forget that." -07:33 Nov 13
Jayden: Jayden didn’t even realize the space shifted until there seemed to be a huge relief to her senses. There was no more roaring of sound or scent or strong feeling. Just Cupio and that soft quietness of their home. Her arms tightened. He came to hell for her, and suddenly everything that happened really didn’t matter. "Cupio, I love you. I love you so much… I don’t want to be anywhere if it’s not with you." -07:42 Nov 13
Cupio: He moved to kiss her and sighed against her lips. "I’ll look after you, you’re full demon now…" he paused and slowly smiled. "I have so much to teach you… Like how to get wings, and a tail, and fangs, and horns, and how to change how you look. You could look just like me." he was sounding both releived and excited. "First, my Jayden needs her restm and I’ll be here with her all night. And in the morning we’ll pick Phaedra up from the babysitter. Hows that?" -07:48 Nov 13
Jayden: Jayden nodded gently. He would take care of her. That concept had been impossible before. But after watching him rip demons apart like they were nothing… Her not so helpless Mcboobs. She was never going to look at him the same again! "I think… I’ll be fine looking like Jayden." she mumbled with a grin. Leaning to kiss him, a soft, relieved kiss. Jayden was never going to let go of him. "I am going to be with you forever, Coop. I promise." -07:55 Nov 13
Cupio: "Not going to stop me from teaching you how." he said walking wih her towards the bed. "I love how you look, but in you line of work being able to look different might come in handy, right now I’m just happy you’re okay. I was really woried when they found your body. Don’t die on me again, okay?" -07:58 Nov 13
Jayden: "It’s not an experience I want to repeat…" Jayden thought she could handle hell. She was so so wrong… demon or not, she had never felt so out of control. Jayden kissed him again, taking in a deep breath. There was that add mix of blood and him. She could smell it so strong now. "If I do, I know you’ll come for me." she gave a small half grin. -08:04 Nov 13
Cupio: "I had then get rid of it, I hope that’s okay. I don’t want word getting out you died and I don’t think you want to see your own body." he pulled her down to sit on the bed and nuzzled against her. "ANd I’ll go back a thousand times if I have to, so long as you do the same for me, and Phaedra. She needs you too. Now what does my Jay want tonight?" he really wanted to know, turning demo wasn’t easy and he was taking care of her, anything she wanted he would give. -08:08 Nov 13
Jayden: "A boiling hot bath. You. Softness…" There were so many differences being a demon like this compared to being a man. Her urges and thoughts were so different. Before all she card about was power and sex. Now… sex was still pretty high up there, but it wasn’t violent or with the want to cause pain. Jayden curled her arms around him again. "I just want to be lost with you." -08:12 Nov 13
Cupio: He pushed his lips agaist hers an dpulled her down with him to rest on top of the blankets and put his armsa round her almost protectively. "You can smell be, and what I feel now, right?" he asked eyes, long back to normal searching hers. "Try it, find out what I’m feeling right now. You will never not know again." maybe Jayden needed to know she could do that, so that she could tell all he wanted right now was her, and her happines. -08:16 Nov 13
Jayden: Jayden curled in to him and closed her eyes. Taking a deep breath and just sighing. Feeling…! She didn’t even have to try. Feeling him came so natural. So obvious, that she couldn’t imagine how she never noticed it before. If there were any doubts left in her about how he felt, they were gone. Jayden didn’t have any doubts about herself either. She thought she didn’t understand what love was, but she did. This was love. Jayden smiled against his skin. "Feels like soulmates." -08:25 Nov 13
Cupio: He smiled swide and curled up with her, smiled running his hands over her and kissing softly where he could reach. "That is how you’ve smelled to me this whole time. We’re going to be together forever, and nothing is going to change that, I promise. I love you Jayden." -08:28 Nov 13
My Demon Roommate

My Demon Roommate 023: Taking the Blame

[Cupio Is downstairs in cuffs talking to a deonic cop. He has also decided not to go Mcboobs for a while, a long while.] -06:33 Oct 30
[Jayden is sleeping… WAS sleeping…!] -06:35 Oct 30

It was that ladycop that show up, personally. Along with a couple people for ‘backup’. You never knew when something would go bad. As far as they could tell so far, the house was clean. But they still hadn’t talked to the human. “I am not sure I believe this story.” -Jayden

Cupio: "It’s simple, I flipped out. You’ve been to hell, you know how it stays with you and how the right trigger can send you right back into how you were down there. Fresh starts are not always fresh. I hurt my wife, I almost hurt my child. I don’t want it to happen again, that is my only wish." there was no hiding that it was a demon of lust that commited the killings, and Jayden was fully human now, so she was safe. "I have no excuses, I’m confessing." -06:42 Oct 30
Jayden: This is what Jayden walked in. She had on pajamas she didn’t remember changing in to, in fact the last the she remembered was trying to walk out. And now Cupio was in handcuffs getting taken away for something she did? Why was she so groggy! Jayden had a hand on her head when she stepped in to the room. "That’s not what happened." she muttered. They weren’t going to take him because of her. -06:50 Oct 30

“It’s NOT what happened is it?” Just the one the cop wanted to talk to. Her eyes were narrowed as she spied the two. Tilted her head to signal one of her minions…er… officers to go examine the human for traces of trouble. -Jayden

Cupio: He shot her a peircing glance one that went beyond a mere look, one that momenteraly brided thier minds and let her feel what he was feeling. The grim determination to protect her in the face of anything. To not let anything seperate them. "You were under a spell Jayden. One I jut on you. I’m sorry." It wasn’t a lie. "But I have to live with the consequences. I have agreed to let them mark me." -06:56 Oct 30
Jayden: Jayden opened her mouth to contradict him. He wasn’t going to suffer for her! …she just… couldn’t get the words out. Jayden wrapped her arms around herself, shying away from the officer that came near her. She didn’t want anyone touching her, she wasn’t sure what she would do. "Don’t take him, I need him here." -07:00 Oct 30

The Officer confirmed that the human had a spell on her. Some pretty strong ones. No traces of demon. As far as the demon cop could observe, the human looked pretty gunshy… a far cry from the snappy woman that had been in the station before. …but something here wasn’t right! “We have major damages in the city. Humans and demons murdered. This is the third time, yes THIRD time if you think I wasn’t aware of another incident, that you two have been involed in something major. What makes you think a marking is going to be enough?” -Jayden

Cupio: "You will know before something will happen, you will be able to find me wherever I am and will know if I’m in trouble." he said. "I don’t want things to keep happened. I want to raise my daughter and have a life with my wife. If I could I would give up being a demon but I was born one, there is nothing for me to go back to. If you really think a mark won’t be enough, then your only other choice is to send me back. I would rather go back than hurt Jayden or Phaedra." -07:10 Oct 30
Jayden: "You can’t send him back…!" Uurragh! She couldn’t scream at the whole lot of them that it was her! She did it! They couldn’t punish him for this! She couldn’t say it. Jayden was on the verge of complete flip out. "I can’t raise her by myself! What do I do with a demon daughter? What do I do without him? She’ll die!" Somewhere in the mess of words she was spitting out was her fear that she would hurt their kid. And where normally she’d threaten every last one of them for trying to take him, now she was just collapsing in to tears. This was a mess she couldn’t fix…! -07:19 Oct 30
Jayden: gm There was a surprise for the ladycop. The woman’s arms were crossed as she watched the human meltdown. Whatever happened was a doozy. Another officer came by to whisper in her ear. Not a trace of blood, evidence, bodies, or souls. Just a child upstairs sleeping. So what, no evidence at all? No pictures. Just her instincts and a man’s confession. This job was bullshit. "Put the mark on him and take off the cuffs. …I warn you, though. There <i>will</i> be consequences… You aren’t going to be lucky forever." -07:21 Oct 30

There was a surprise for the ladycop. The woman’s arms were crossed as she watched the human meltdown. Whatever happened was a doozy. Another officer came by to whisper in her ear. Not a trace of blood, evidence, bodies, or souls. Just a child upstairs sleeping. So what, no evidence at all? No pictures. Just her instincts and a man’s confession. This job was bullshit. “Put the mark on him and take off the cuffs. …I warn you, though. There will be consequences… You aren’t going to be lucky forever.” -Jayden

Cupio: As soon as the cuffe were off and the band fixed around his wrist he was standing and putting his arms arounf Jayden. "It’s alright." he whispered. "I’m taking care of everything." His tone was soft and calm. "Nothing will keep us apart. I promise." He kissed her cheek and keepign her in his arms turned to the cop. "I will cooperate with you, but this is my fault. If yu do anything to me, look after my family." -07:26 Oct 30

“It won’t be me you have to worry about.” She didn’t elaborate, nor did she look pleased that this was all she was going to get. Without proof though… They owed her big. “Everybody out.” Out went all of her minions, and with one last stare at them, as if she could figure it out just by looking… the cops were gone and out the door, leaving them alone. -Jayden

Jayden: Jayden had her face buried, and she was hugging herself rather than him. She still didn’t want to touch him. The cops left and didn’t take him. …that was a small relief. She still felt like she could breathe. "You lied to them." -07:32 Oct 30
Cupio: "Yes, I did." he said. "Because I took your demon side away, but I can’t let then take you away from me. Then you would have seen what I can do when I have nothing left to loose. You are everything to me Jaten. You and Phaedra are all I care about. If I loose either of you I woud never forgive myself." -07:36 Oct 30
Jayden: "I shouldn’t be here around Phaedra, Cupio. Just because you took the demon, doesn’t mean it’s not still me. Everything I said I actually felt… it wasn’t lies." That was the worst part. Knowing that she honestly wanted to hurt them. Jayden took a step back from him. "I should go back upstairs." -07:41 Oct 30
Cupio: He pulled her back against him. "You have that inside you. So do I. I live with that every day and it almost made me run from you too but I didn’t. You can live with it if I can so don’t run from me Jayden. I can’t raise Phaedra on my own. She needs her mother. Who else is going to tell her stories, or tell her not to date boys? I loose you right now, I don’t know if I can hold the demon back." -07:43 Oct 30
Jayden: That was unfair. Using Phaedra to keep her there. Phaedra needed him so much more than he needed her, and Jayden didn’t want her to be a lost demon orphan with her parents crazy and evil. Jayden conceeded, only evident by the way she sighed. She still wasn’t going to touch him, though. "…Okay. I’ll stay here. Maybe we can build a basement dungeon or something." she muttered. That’d work, right? A nice distance between them. -07:48 Oct 30
Cupio: "The only dungeon we need is our sex room." he said. "You’re still sleeping next to me, and you’re having sex with me. You’re still Jayden, so what if the pregnancy had an unexpected side effect. You’re fine now. You’re my Jayden again, and that’s all I wanted, was my Jayden." -07:51 Oct 30
Jayden: Jayden shook her head, tilting away from him enough to scowl at him. She had thought it would be awhile before they had this conversation. She was surprised he even brought up sex after what she did. "No more sex, Cupio. I can’t do it.." -07:54 Oct 30
Cupio: He placed his hand on her cheek and started walking with her. "Not immediatly, but we will." he was heading up the stairs and when they were halfway up the sunds of Phaedra crying were heard. "Right on cue, she’s hungry." he always knew what the crying was about from the sound and feeling behind it. "I don’t have boobs, this is your job." -07:56 Oct 30
Jayden: "I’m not doing that either…!" How the hell did he get her upstairs. She was running on auto-pilot! And now she sounded a little bit more panicked. She didn’t even want to be in the same room as Phaedra. That run-reaction was kicking in and she was untangling herself from him. "You feed her…!" -07:59 Oct 30
Cupio: He gripped her shoulder. "You feed her, I can’t transform." he sounded insistant. He knew if he did he would solapse into a sobbing mess and probably rape Jayden to come and feel a little better and a crying rapy Mcboobs wasn’t what anyone wanted. "She needs her mother now. I will be right there with you." -08:02 Oct 30
Jayden: "Yes you can. You have to. She needs it and I can’t." Not just because she was afraid she’d hurt her… Phaedra is what sparked off that demon in her. In pregancy and the other day too. It could happen again! "You can do it, can’t you?" -08:05 Oct 30
Cupio: He shook his head a sad look in his face. "Do you know what I did?" he asked her. "I cut out your demon side, you don’t have it anymore. Go and feed your daughter. For me. For her. You can’t be afraid to touch her forever." -08:09 Oct 30
Jayden: Jayden knew what that look meant. He didn’t want to be mcboobs. She hurt him in the absolute worst way possible, and now he was afraid. ..and she couldn’t even tell him it was safe to be himself. Because it wasn’t true. "I don’t want to be alone with her." She conceeded again. If he couldn’t, she would have to. There was no way around it. -08:16 Oct 30
Cupio: "I’ll be there for you." he said before putting his arms around her and kissing her softly. "You need to put this behind you, I want you the way you were, that’s why I did this." he let her go. "Your daughter needs you." he took her hand and started walking. "We can’t leave her waiting." -08:18 Oct 30
[Jayden enters.] -08:22 Oct 30
Jayden: A kiss… she hated to admit how much she really needed more of those. Jayden almost kept her feet planted to the floor, but inevitably was entering the room with him and leaning over the crib at peering down at one very upset, hungry baby. A helpless baby that had a horrible mother. "I don’t think I’m ever going to be what I was." -08:26 Oct 30
Cupio: "You will, if I can recover, so can you." he looked at her, then let go of her hand to lift Phaedra from her crib and shush her before handing her to Jayden. "You’re going to be a wonderful and protective mother, treat this as a lesson, there are demons like that out there, and I was like that ar one point, now you better understand our world and why I want her to have a good life nad never end up like that." -08:31 Oct 30
Jayden: All of that time it took for her to be able to hold her own daughter without fear had been completely abolished. Jayden was awkward again, very wary of the little girls hands, even when she moved to sit down in a chair. She was also very concerned about making sure he was close by. Before long she was nursing and Jayden was vaguely wondering if children could inherit evil through boobies… "I can’t let anything like that happen to her… I don’t want her to be like us." -08:35 Oct 30
Cupio: He nodded. "She needs to have a better life, a perfect life, as good as we can give her, but I can’t do that without you." moved his chair next to her and put his arm around her. "You’re her Mama and she needs you, I need you." he burried his nose in her hair and inhaled ehr scent, her human scent. "I love you." -08:39 Oct 30
Jayden: Need she understood. Love… not so much anymore. Everything was wrong, and she couldn’t figure out how he bounced back so quick. Or did he? He didn’t want to be himself anymore. ….she hated this constant feeling of wanting to cry! It was such a stupid girl thing! "I’m not going anywhere, I guess…" Something so small needed people to protect it. Without her and Cupio, who knew what would happen. Jayden leaned closer to him. She wanted to touch, but she was barely holding on to this baby without freaking out. -08:43 Oct 30
[(Timeout) Jayden has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -08:49 Oct 30
Cupio: He sighed as he watched her feed thier daughter. "Good." that was a huge wieght off his mind. "I still need to regain energy. I need your help with that, I’ll explain later." he stood slowly and started heading for the door. "I need to lie down." -08:49 Oct 30
Jayden: "Don’t leave me in here!" That came out way, way more high pitched than she intended. She took a deep breath, and rephrased. If she flipped out, she’d scare Phaedra. "She’s just… she’s almost done. Can you put her to bed?" -08:54 Oct 30
Cupio: He lingered and nodded, taking Phaedra when she was done and smiling down at her when the baby tried to grab his hand and squealed but she settled down when he put her to bed. Maybe Phaedra cold tell what he needed and was cooperating, then he held his hand out to her. "Come with me, a demon has needs, and so do you." -08:59 Oct 30
Jayden: Ignoring the urge to say no, she rose out of the chair. …taking his hand took a lot more effort, but she did and frowned while she did it. "All I need is sleep." -09:03 Oct 30
Cupio: "Good, because we’re going to be bedroom." he started walking and as they did he released his musk and gripped her hand so that she couldn’t pull away. A demon had needs and he would not use anyone but her. -09:04 Oct 30
Jayden: Was being led back to the bedroom, resigned to being pulled along. But nearly dug her feet in to the floor when she realized he was trying to use his demon charm on her. But she didn’t. She was just frowning more at him. "I mean it… I just want to sleep." -03:59 Nov 03
Cupio: "Jayden.." he said softly. "You’re beating yourself up, but I’m fine." he looked at her. "I’m just tired. Demons like me need things to survive. Food, drink, air, and sex. We need it like we need to breathe. I went days without food, or drink, or sex, I’m just a little weak right now. You have nothing to feel guilty about." he put his arms around her and nuzzles into her hair if she would let him or not." -04:04 Nov 03
Jayden: She was trying to wiggle out of it without actually touching him or putting pressure to it. Almost as if she were afraid she might actually hurt him if she did. "You are making this so much harder. Go eat something and then go to sleep." -04:07 Nov 03
Cupio: "No Jayden. You are what I care about most, I need to make sure you will be okay." he moved sideways and pushed her gaianst the bed and then fell on top of her. "I already ate, and I know you don’t want to do this." he shoved her down and then fell on to of her to pin her down adn put her lips against hers. "But I need this Jayden. And I’m not going to get it anywhere else." -04:10 Nov 03
Jayden: Making this sooo difficult. It physically hurt how her want to touch him and be close to him was warring with her fear. He needed it and she didn’t want to tell him no… but saying yes after all that happened didn’t seem right either! "You could find someone else. I won’t be mad. …I did it. Fair is fair…?" Of course she didn’t believe that was true, but… Jayden grabbed his arms with the intent to roll him off, but didn’t have the heart to move him. -04:14 Nov 03
Cupio: He kissed her again. "I choose to have you and only you. No one can convince me otherwise. Not even you Jayden." he said. "When that man had me before you rescued me, all I could think about was you." he popped her button and unzipped her pants planting another harder, more insistant kiss on her lips as his wings spread to anchor himself to the bed and hem her in. "I need you to come around me Jayden. Or I’m going to snap, and you will have a much worse time than I did." -04:19 Nov 03
[Jayden enters.] -04:19 Nov 03
Jayden: She almost caved with the kissing. Getting lost in him would so easily make her forget everything for just a minute. But she didn’t deserve to forget. "I don’t believe you. Nothing is worse than what I did to do…" No, it could have been worse. She remembered perfectly clear what she did to others and what would have happened to him too. "…you’re so damned impossible!" -04:23 Nov 03
Cupio: He ppushed her pants down and then pulled himself out his hand dissapearing under her top to glide up her side and his teeth scraping across her lip. "I know that isn’t true, from experience." he flicked his tongue against her lip and then brushed his hand down her neck. "But I need you to leg go and enjoy this, for me." -04:26 Nov 03
Jayden: She hated him for this… or loved him for this. Which ever it was, it hurt and she couldn’t stop the sudden sniffling. Her hands moved to his cheeks, and even then when she touched him it was very soft as if she thought he’d break under her fingertips. "You know I can’t ever tell you no… this isn’t fair.." -04:30 Nov 03
Cupio: "I can’t either." he whispered before he was pressin in on her and his tip slowly parted her folds to push inside. "I love you Jayden. I will always love you." -04:32 Nov 03
Jayden: He was too sweet, and so easily crushed, and all she wanted to do was fix everything for him. If this was the only way she knew how… Jayden circled her arms around his neck, digging one of her hands in to his hair when she pulled him down to kiss him. Her crying was keeping her responding with words, and she just went with all she had left! -04:39 Nov 03
Cupio: He thrust and pulled her close, holding onto her and brushinf his lips across her cheek to her ear, thruting and pushing in a steady rythm. "I need you to love this Jayden. I need you to feel good." he was whispering, soft and needy, and every word was true in more than one way. -04:43 Nov 03
[(Timeout) Jayden was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -04:49 Nov 03
Jayden: She wished he wouldn’t say it like that when she was trying so hard to stay sane. He didn’t know how much she needed him to hold her. She hadn’t know how much she needed this. To touch him and be close to him and not have it all be violent or frenzied. Jayden buried her face in to his neck, tightening her grip on him and trying to hide her muffled sigh. -04:49 Nov 03
Cupio: He pushed harder, holding her tight and pulling her close as he moaned softly. He loved her, he needed her and he needed her to climax first so he paced himself, grinding into her and letting a hand wonder up and down her side, then he was pulling backk without stopping and resting his horehead against hers, his lips kissing her. -04:53 Nov 03
Jayden: Jayden was slowly melting. How long had it been since they had it like this? Sweet and soft and… so not demon sex? Had it been when she first caved in to the impulse and pounced on him? She couldn’t remember, but her resistance was definitely gone. She kissed him deep, suddenly unable to keep herself from not touching him. Running her fingers through his hair and nibbling on his lip with a soft defeated sound. -05:00 Nov 03
Cupio: He began to grind harder, his hand under her shirt cupping her breast and his lips nibbling hers. He needed this, needed her to respond and he encouraged her with his tongue sliding against her lips and a gasp against her mouth. This is what first made him like her as most that a lay. And maybe he needed this too, and not just to feed on it. -05:05 Nov 03
Jayden: She wanted to love him. She really wanted it to be love… Jayden wasn’t sure of anything anymore, but at least she knew she could give him this. The one honest thing she felt even when she was batshit crazy, that little spark that pulled her to him. And when she gave in to it, tensing around him with a sobbing cry, it was such a blissful release..! -05:11 Nov 03
Cupio: He felt her clench and sighed in relief, only taking a few more thusts to finish and then putting back hands in her hair and pullinf her into a hard kiss. "Thank yo Jayden." he whispered before pulling her arms tighter around him and pulling away to look at her. "I’l going to do something, but you have t trust me." he said as he slowly shifted forms and placed a hand on her cheek sliding in close to kiss her forehead, trying to link thier feelings again. "Now go to sleep, I’ll be right here." he clung to her. "I’ll be right here when you wake up." -05:20 Nov 03
Jayden: NOW he wanted her to sleep…! When she wanted to cling to him and there was that slight fear he would do something crazy when she couldn’t help him. Still, she curled against him as she sniffled and whether she liked it or not she was drifting off with a complaining mumble. -05:24 Nov 03
Cupio: He did stay with her, only leaving to get Phaedra when she started crying and let her be in the snuggle too and cover Jayden with a blanket. He really did want Jay to feel better. And right now it seemed like snuggling her to death was the answer, and a little Phaedra. -05:31 Nov 03
My Demon Roommate

My Demon Roommate 022: Jayden’s Inner Demon III

Jayden: For a while the house was quiet and empty once again. Whatever Jayden wanted wasn’t there and Jayden left to find it elsewhere. When she returned again it wasn’t days later, just a few short hours. And as promised, she wanted sex and Cupio was her first choice. She was in nothing but pants now, covered in more blood and smelled like a mixture of both human and demon. She didn’t care about the footsteps she left on the floor, or the hand print she was dragging across the wall as she rose up the stairs and wandered to their bedroom. She could feel him anywhere… Even when she took others, he was always the one she thought of. He was like some sort of curse in her head. She should fuck him and kill him… Jayden pushed open the bedroom door. -08:17 Oct 29
Cupio: He was on his side facing away from the door. "Jayden.." he said a twinge of fear in his voice before he sat up. He had used his time wisely, his knife was hiden somewhere nearby and he was dressed in a delicate gown, and had eaten. "I am ready for you." He say up to turn to face her sitting on the edge of the bed and slowly undid the ties on the gown. There was a resigned quality to his movements as if he knew his fate was unavoidable, but there was a hint of fightin his eyes. -08:23 Oct 29
Jayden: She wasn’t stupid. Jayden knew he would not be so easily broken. So what… he thought he would play a frightened mouse and maybe she wouldn’t hurt him? Fine. She would play the game. Jayden crossed the room without saying a word. Stopping in front of him to brush her hand against his cheek. Deliberately smearing blood on his face. So pretty. Always so much prettier. Her hand circled around his throat and squeezed. "How are you going to please me?" she muttered in question. -08:28 Oct 29
Cupio: He swallowed against her hand. "However you want me to." he opened his legs and he was still bruised, not having gathered quite enough energy to heal. Shill he pulled his face away from the blood. He didn’t want to ger intoxicated, not when he was so close to fixing everything. "You are the master here. I am your sex toy." -08:31 Oct 29
Jayden: "Are you?" she questioned again. Stepping closer and squeezing more pressure on his throat. "You’re a liar. I don’t like being lied to." Still… her little toy. Her very precious little toy that she couldn’t seem to forget… Jayden’s other hand moved up to his shoulder to push away that gown. Always so fucking perfect and pretty. -08:34 Oct 29
Cupio: He did his best not to move as she squeezed. Then he lay back pulling away from her hand and lay down on his back pulling the gown open on one side and looking up at him pulling one foot up on the bed to keep his thighs open. "I showered and got clean for you. I can’t beat you so I must do whatever you want to stay alive for my baby. I am your toy do do whatever you want to. For Phaedra." -08:40 Oct 29
Jayden: "For Phaedra…" That made her smirk. Jayden climb on the bed over him, her face hovering an inch from his. "I hope she grows up to be as obedient as her father. I could have you both like this." Her hand grazed over a breast as she dipped to capture his mouth with his. A hard, greedy kiss! -08:44 Oct 29
Cupio: He pushed back in the kiss and hand moving to pull him further in as his tongue slid against her lips. "I’mm make sure she makes you very very happy." he bit her lip and tugged on it as his other hand slid down her side getting smeared in blood before sliding under the pillow as a the foot on the bed circled her and drew her hips closer. "And you are the best fuck I’ve ever had, even though I hate you and would kill you if I could." -08:49 Oct 29
Jayden: She smirked against his mouth, licking his lips and then the blood from his cheek. "If you could." she whispered in to his ear, pressing her weight down on top of him. One of her arms curled under him as she kneaded at his breast. Running a thumb over the nipple until it grew taunt. -08:53 Oct 29
Cupio: He bit her lig again letting his body respond to the attangion to his nipple, the leg tightning slightly around her and chest rising towards her hand as his hand grippling the knife slipped out from under the pillow and in a quick movement plunged the blade into her back. "If I could." he gripped the handle and wished for his Jayden hack, the human Jayden without the powerhungry demon side, the Jayden that loved him, that took care of Phaedra. HIS Jayden. -08:57 Oct 29
Jayden: She looked completely stunned…! Betrayed… then unsurprised. Jayden snarled, but it came out choked when she coughed up blood along with it. Her arms shifted. That hand coming up to strangle him, but it didn’t reach it’s destination before she was collapsing half on top of him and crying out in pain! -09:01 Oct 29
Cupio: He panicked pulling the blade out and pushing her off of him and grabbing her wrists. "Jayden!" he wanted her back, not her dead! "Jayden, can you hear me?" Then he was pulling his arms around her. "I’m sorry, I’m so sorry… I don’t want you hurt I jus want my Jay baack. -09:03 Oct 29
Jayden: This time the shift hurt! Something literally had been cut from her, and with it took somethat that was buried so deep it was agonizing to feel! By the time she stopped screaming, the wound was healed as if it had never been there and she was a very disoriented near-unconcious female Jayden! -09:08 Oct 29
Cupio: When he felt the change he lefted his head and then pulling himself close to her started sobbing. He had hurt Jayden, but part of it was the massive wave is releif that swept over him. "Jay… I lvoe you Jayden." he whispered. "Please tell you you’re alright." he was worried and relieves at the same time. Phaedra was safe, he was safe, it was only Jayden he seeded to worry about now. -09:11 Oct 29
Jayden: After all that she had felt. Experienced… now she just felt numb. From head to toe, head to heart, the numbness was near paralyzing. Everything was processing so quickly that she couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe. All of a sudden she pushed him away. "Don’t touch me…!" Scrambled off the bed but didn’t have the energy to stay on her feet and collapsed to the floor. She hurt him. She hurt their daughter. She hurt people… She could feel the blood and smell it on her. And every memory was right there…! -09:17 Oct 29
Cupio: He ignored what she said and joined her on the floor and pugged her, changin as he did so even if it tore the gown. "It’s over Jayden, It’s over, you’re back and I love you." he ran his hand though her hair while nuzzling into it. "I’m here for you, and I need you to stay, Phaedra needs you." -09:21 Oct 29
Jayden: "Don’t! I hurt you…!" Jayden was trying to push him away again, and she couldn’t hold back the sudden choked sob. He didn’t understand. It was unforgivable, she did the worst she could have ever done…! She would do it again! There was something horrible in her and it was her! -09:24 Oct 29
Cupio: "Shhhhhhh…. I would have done the same to someone else if I had’t have met you." he said. "That is what demons do, you’re just not ready to handle it yet, but you will be, that’s why you have me." He was running her back and nuzzling her ear. "Without you, without Phaedra, I would do exactly that, and I’ll make sure you never have to again either." -09:27 Oct 29
Jayden: "I was going to hurt her..! I was going to rape her and eat her and do horrible things…! And you…" This hurt. More than being stabbed or beaten, or anything else she had ever felt. She [i[killed[/i] people for the fun of it…! Not to protect him, or for good reasons. Just to murder people. She hurt him and made him cry. …she’d go to prison. She would never see them again. …maybe that was good. This hurt…! Jayden couldn’t seem to push him away from her and she finally just crumbled against him. Everything would be taken from her. She didn’t know what to do anymore. -09:33 Oct 29
Cupio: He slowly ran his hand though her hair. "Jayden, you are part demon, you were dorn part demon, this was going to happen eventually, but I made sure it won’t happen again. I was to afarid I had lost you, the real you, the you I love. The you I never want to loose. If I ever go like that you have to stab me too, promise me you can do that. I am not going to loose you Jayden, not to demons, not to humans, not even to yourself." -09:38 Oct 29
Jayden: "I can’t promise. I can’t stay here anymore. They’re going to take me away. What if I hurt her…" That numb feeling was coming back. So many dead faces. Jayden had been fine with killing people, and now look what she did. He was born a demon, he didn’t understand… Jayden stopped her crying, but only because she was slipping in to a defeated melancholy. -09:44 Oct 29
Cupio: "Thay’re not taking you away Jayden. I won’t let them. Come." he listed her and with his arm around her walked with her to the nursery where Phaedra was asleep happily in her cot. "See, we have a life together. She needs you, I need you. You’re needed at the club. I would fight trough hell, literally to keep you. Now I think your daughter needs feeding, would you do the honors? -09:49 Oct 29
Jayden: "No. I won’t touch her." The girl was sleeping. So lucky to even be alive, having a mother so readily willing to kill her… all those nights she thought about it just out of frustration. Never knowing she actually had it in her to do it. And she claimed to love them! If she loved them she wouldn’t have hurt them. Jayden just shook her head. She wasn’t going to touch Phaedea, she wasn’t going to touch him. Ever. "I should go to the police." -09:53 Oct 29
Cupio: He grabbed her shoulder and shook her. "We will go together tomorow. I’m nt losing you. If I lose you then this city burns. All I could think about was getting you back and if I have to go thrugh all that again to keep you I will. I’ve been through worse Jayden. But here I am and I’m not losing the best person ever to enter my life because she discovered her power before she was ready to handle it. Do you hear me? I. Am. Lot. Losing. You." -09:56 Oct 29
Jayden: Jayden just frowned at him and shook her head again. She had said the same thing to him before! And then she hurt him. She didn’t deserve him or their life. "If you burn the city you’re going to ruin her life. Just leave me alone, Cupio. I don’t want to argue with you…" -09:59 Oct 29
Cupio: "Too bad." he said pushing her out the door and into the bedroom still gripping her shoulders. "If I have you have sex with you to get you feeling better I will. I will sex you so hard you’ll be singing from the rooftops for weeks. You are not meaving this room until you’ve smiled at me, now get naked and I’ll join you in the shower." -10:02 Oct 29
Jayden: "If you touch me I am going to hit you. I’m going to hurt you. Obviously I can do it." There was that faint lit of sarcasm to her tone, but she was still frowning. Weary and defeated… and obviously couldn’t stay there. Jayden shrugged his hands off her to brush past him. -10:06 Oct 29
Cupio: He caught her but the arm. I really did not want to do this." he said before smacking her forehead with a sleep spell and catching her. "It will all be better when you wake up, I’ll make everything better." the spell took the last of her energy too and he stumbled. "I’ll do it of die trying." -10:09 Oct 29
My Demon Roommate

My Demon Roommate 021: Jayden’s Inner Demon II

Cupio: The lounge was in a less than tidy state. There was a trail of blood across the carpet and the smell of it permiated every inch of the room. Cupio’s arms and the leather were covered in claw marks and that is where the blood came from. The constant strugling nad healing had worn him out too and he was reduced to lying agains the couch, crotch still yet and hornier than he had evet been before and everywhere, but especually down there was sensitive as fuck. There breeze made him squirm and there was a cussion wedged between his legs that he just couldn’t get close enough to rub against himself. -06:29 Oct 29
Cupio: The lounge was in a less than tidy state. There was a trail of blood across the carpet and the smell of it permiated every inch of the room. Cupio’s arms and the leather were covered in claw marks and that is where the blood came from. The constant strugling nad healing had worn him out too and he was reduced to lying agains the couch, crotch still yet and hornier than he had evet been before and everywhere, but especually down there was sensitive as fuck. There breeze made him squirm and there was a cussion wedged between his legs that he just couldn’t get close enough to rub against himself. -06:30 Oct 29
Jayden: There was no telling what she did while she was away. It had been at least two days and she was wearing a different set of clothes. Ones stained with everything to blood to sex to god knew what else. When she stepped in to the house she tilted her head, smelling the air. And prowled. Maybe she had gone full feral demon for a bit. Either way, she was practically crawling across the floor after the trail of blood. Her grin a little wild when she caught sight of him and crept closer. "Still here…? I missed you…" -06:36 Oct 29
Cupio: He lifted his head and looked at her. He was weak and needed sustinance, there had been crying upstairs and he had been unable to do anything about it. He was shaking with thirts, hunger and his entire body ached for relief. "Here…" he said dropping the cussion and pressing his legs back together even if his entire crotch tightened and quivered to see her. Water, food, sex, anything would do, even to drink her cum would help, enough of that and a demon of lust could survive with nothing else. -06:41 Oct 29
Jayden: "You’re pathetic, aren’t you… so easily broken." Her voice was oh so deceptively soft. The moment she was over him, she was running her hands over his body. Weak, helpless, fragile little demon… Bent to her will without effort. Jayden slipped her hand between his legs and stroked with an agonizingly soft touch. "Do you want me? Do you need me..?" -06:48 Oct 29
Cupio: ‘No! I hate you. Leave me alone and go and die in a fire. I have a baby that needs me that I am more than capable of raising without you.’ was what he wanted to say. But instead every soft touch got a response, his side pushing up into his ahnd and his thigh flexing under it, legs parting ever so slightly. "Let me go…" it was a weak plea. "I need…" he hated how weak his voice sounded and how his entire body flushed with her hand where it way. "I need to be fucked." he didn’t say by her… anyone but her at this stage. She had cheated on him and that was the worst part, and he could do nothing bet welcome her back with open legs. "Get you hand off of me." -06:55 Oct 29
Jayden: "Hands off…?" Jayden obeyed. But it was clear from the look on her face, it wasn’t because he asked. She pulled back her hand, but remained leaning over him. So close to touching but not laying another finger on him. He was still being obstinate. "I can’t fuck you and not touch you, Cupio… Do you want me..?" she repeated again. Leaning close enough for her breath to fall against his cheek. -06:59 Oct 29
Cupio: He couldn’t meet his her gaze without flushing and squirming, didn’t mean he didn’t try, and when he did squirm he closed his eyes. "I want to be fucked, hard, I want to me used, I want to be abused and by the nine hells I need to cum so hard my legs fall off." all of with was in a squeeky whisper in a rush. "I want anyone other than you." -07:06 Oct 29
Jayden: "Good." she breathed in to his ear, reaching behind him to undo the belt and the binding spell. She pulled it free and tossed it aside in one fluid motion. Then her tongue was licking against his neck and her teeth were sinking in deep to his skin. Jayden’s arm slipped tight around his waist while her other hand ran down his side and to his leg. "Obey me, Cupio. And you will always be my first.." -07:10 Oct 29
Cupio: At first her didn’t even move, then stifly he was moving his hands to grip her shoulder nad hair and pulls her towards him to bury his nose in her shirt, absorbing the smells. "I want to be your first." he breathed he was hardly thinking anymore and was going more feral by the second. "Are you going to fuck me like a demon?" -07:16 Oct 29
Jayden: Jayden didn’t even reply. There was something so absolutely perfect about have him being so totally subservient. He was pinned to the floor in an instant and she had barely got the buttons of her jeans undone before she thrust roughly inside him. His blood was so thick with days worth of desire, and the taste was nearly as intoxicating as the smell…! She would have him bleeding all over the floor with not a limb moving! -07:21 Oct 29
Cupio: He cried out and gripped her shirt moaning uncontrolibly. "Fuck…" he looked down at his brotch sure he had climaxed with the first thrust and has moaning with almost every breath, once was not enough it seemed. "More…" He hated letter her do this to him, he hated loving it so much but he needed this is he was going to have any strength at all. He would need strength to do what he had to do. A claw slashed over the side of her neck and he put his lips ot the wound sucking in her blood his legs rising to circle her. -07:25 Oct 29
Jayden: Wonderful, wonderful pain…! Jayden relished it, loved it. Wanted it as much as she wanted to give it. But his desperation had her so much on edge and instinct that the only word she had running through her head was fuck and she fucked him hard. Her breath heavy in his hear as her hands gripped his hips tight. Nails digging in to his skin deeper every time she drove in to him. -07:29 Oct 29
Cupio: He pressed his hips up against her and whimpered against her skin, claws dipping into her back and peicing the fabric of his shirt. The blood made it more intoxicating and the pressure in his crotch was excrusuating. It had been a long time cince he had been fucked like this. He pulled away to moan next to her ear and stare up at the ceiling, He was beyond anything he had had since Phaedra’s birth. "I hate you Jayden… I hate you so much… fuck me harder I’m yours, I’m yours forever." -07:35 Oct 29
Jayden: She loved this. She wanted to wrap her fingers around his throat and watch him gasp as she fucked him to pieces. But her hands were running up his sides, one to dig deep in to his hair and drag his head over so she could sink her teeth in to his neck again. That sanguine sweet taste of blood… Her other hand gripped his ass as she pounder harder. Giving him what he wanted if only because him begging for it and hating it was so fucking divine. -07:40 Oct 29
Cupio: He bit his lip tasting his own blood and tightening around her feeling like she was flooding himself as he climaxed with a long drawn out moan with his arms tightning around her and spots appearing in front of his eyes. Then came the feeling od relief mixed with shame and loathing, and holding her tighter, not wanting her to go. -07:47 Oct 29
Jayden: A few quick thrusts more and she was done in. Gritting her teeth as she emptied. And after a breath or two, there was that dark laughter. He was clinging to her like some poor little sheep. It gave her a great deal of satisfaction to shove him off and leer over him while on her knees. "Going to behave now, my little slut? We’ll do that again after I have a meal…" In fact, she could vaguely hear something crying upstairs. What an irritating sound… Narrowing her eyes, she rose to her feet to stalk after it. That would be a good meal… -07:52 Oct 29
Cupio: Somehow he know what she was thinking. "No…" he was a weak plea. "My baby." he couldn’t stand bat he could grab her ankle. "Anything you want, just don’t hurt Phaedra. She needs me. Please let me go to her." he would do anything for that child, literally anying. At least unil he broke and became like Jayden is now, which would happen if anything were to happen to Phaedra, adn then there would be a battle and it was in question who would win. -07:56 Oct 29
Jayden: Jayden kicked him off her ankle, ready to ignore him all together. But… A demon was so much easier to control when there was something they wanted. "Shut her up. And I might let you keep her. Otherwise I have her soul for dinner." -08:00 Oct 29
Cupio: He still couldn’t stand but he could pull himself up by the balustrade and hobble up the stairs without another word and enter Phadra’s room and close the door. "It’s okay baby." he said weakly reaching the crib. "I’m here to change you and feed you and give you snuggles until your mommy needs me again." he lfted a change of daiper out of the hanper and immediatly got to work changing and washing little Phaedra and applying lotion to the rash that had developed, then it was collapsing into a chair and letting the baby have it’s way with his boobs. "I’ll make everything okay again, don’t worry little girl. Papa will take care of you." -08:05 Oct 29
My Demon Roommate

My Demon Roommate 020: Jayden’s Inner Demon I

[Jayden has warmed up to being a mother over the past few weeks. At least when the baby is NOT screaming her head off. Little smiles and giggles are kind of nice!] -12:28 Oct 29
[Cupio has learned to let Jayden to the breast feeding and has spent a lot of the recent weeks as a man being manly for a stressed but happy Jayden. Right now though he’s enjoying a little mcboobs time asleep on the bed after playing matching dressup with the baby while Jayden was at work, they’re still in matching cloths and little baby Phae is making noises and pulling on a sleeping Papa’s hair while wrapped in his arms.] -12:39 Oct 29
Jayden: Jayden clearly did not have that special ‘mommy instinct’ that made her love everything about being a mother with unconditional feeling. In fact most of the time she was struggling against wanting to smother her town child and the father too. …until moments like this. Coming home to see her Cupio and her Phaedra in bed being adorable. It made all of those shitty days worth it. As quietly as she could, she kicked her shoes in to a corner and softly tip toed over to the bed to confiscate Phaedra. "What are you doing, huh? Poor Papa is tired… Lets get you in to your own bed." -12:44 Oct 29
Cupio: With the abducion of the child Cupio stretched and opened his eyes to smile up at Jayden. "She fell again trying crawl, I think she’s getting better at it, and she’s not giving up." Seeing Jayden adn Phaedra always made him smile. "I need a shower though, she’s had me running around all day. I’ll do that quickly while you put her to bed?" looking after a baby was a lot of work. But it was worth it. Seeing Jayden’s soft side even after the awkward ‘I’m going to break it’ phase had passed was adorable. -12:52 Oct 29
Jayden: "Of course she’s not giving up. There’s nowhere to go but up, right baby?" Phaedra was still so small, but at least now Jayden didn’t feel like holding her would break all her little bones. "And managing to tire out a McPapa too? Even I have a hard time doing that…" Jayden cast him a wicked soft of smirk before she turned and bounced herself out of the room with Phaedra. Baby to bed, a bite to eat and then… hmm. A little fooling around before bed! That sounded like a good plan to her. -01:00 Oct 29
Cupio: So Jayden might he joining him in the shower? Sounded fun… He gor up and stripped off the dress before changing and slipping into the bathroom to turn the water on and bask in it. Before Jayden arived he at least wanted his hair clean and so he didn’t wast too much time before shampooin it up and humming to himself. And if Jayden got distracted by the baby then there was always bed sex. -01:06 Oct 29
Jayden: "You look like a little doll today. I think you are very much Papa’s girl." In to the babyroom she went. A nice soft room, in warm yellows and creams… her gift for Phaedra. It was a happy room a little girl could grow up. Jayden carefully sat Phaedra down on the changing table, switching her little outfit to some nice warm pajamas. Getting all these clothes and diapers on and off when Phaedra seemed to like having a tail wasn’t easy. Jayden wasn’t even sure where Cupio found all these demon tail clothes! "All done! Yaay! Hmm, what do you have here…?" She had Phaedra in her arms again and just about to lay her down… but Jayden was pulling something from her tiny little hand. It looked like a thread of a long shimmery piece of spider webbing. But by the time she lay Phaedra down, she had lost it. "Hmm, weird. Goodnight, baby girl." -01:14 Oct 29
Cupio: He had his hair and most of the rest of himself clean wehn he half opened the curtain to see if Jayden was in the bathroom, but there was no one there and he was out of the shower towel in hand to start drying himself off and stepping into the bedroom still nude. He looked at the bed and around the room wondering how to set up a nice scene for Jaysen to walk into. A man Cupio spralwed out on the bed or behind the door to close it soon as she walked in? -01:19 Oct 29
Jayden: Jayden watched Phaedra for a few moments. How easy it was for that little girl to curl up and fall asleep after a day with her Papa. There was that small pang of envy. And something else… just a weird feeling as she took a deep breath. Kind of like waking up in the morning and her senses becoming focused and clear. Jayden was rubbing her head as she wandered back towards the bedroom. Maybe she was more tired than she thought. She could almost feel the house vibrating… and the little details of the stuff around. Jayden hadn’t had that feeling since the day she had Phaedra! -01:24 Oct 29
Cupio: When Jayden did walk in Cupio was sitting on the bed facing away from the door, all preperation forgotten in the light od a smell, a smell he knew he knew but didn’t know why he was smelling. Jayden as a full demon, it didn’t make sense. When he heard the door and the smell intensified he was grinning to himself. The answer was obvious, she had hotten herself some demon blood or something to make sex better. "You know you should tell me before you take stuff like that." he said "I know just how much to give you." he stood and shook his head again. "So how to you want me to sex you?" he said before turning. -01:28 Oct 29
Jayden: She hadn’t taken anything. …Jayden felt like she had, though! She could smell him. Like honey sweet desire and a little mix of something spicy. She could hear him breathing and could almost feel his heart beating without even having to touch him. There was a different sort of rush running through her, though. So strrange, but familiar at the same time. Jayden watched him like a hawk as she tugged off her clothes. "I feel a little…. different." she murmured soft and low. The shirt and bra was gone when she paused at the button of her pants and frowned at her hands. She was looking a little different too. That felt weird… -01:36 Oct 29
Cupio: He stared. "Jayden?" he was concerned, he could smell her confusion, her… "You’ve gone full demon." he said, worry and strangly a slight pur in his coice. "You’ve also transformed. You’re a man." he sounded almost amused. I’m going to miss your boobs but I can always teach you how to change back. How did this happen?" -01:43 Oct 29
Jayden: Jayden was so very disoriented…. there was just so much to be aware of, that trying to focus on any one thing, or even the levity of what happened, was just… nearly impossible! She was very fascinated with looking down and poking at her chest. …or lack thereof. "Hrrm. Not quite sure…" Her voice was different. Much lower… She was still the exact same height, and her hair the same length… but all of her features were definitively male. A very lean, very angular male… Jayden rubbed her hands together testing out a sudden thought, and opened them up to reveal a little flame. A powerful male… A slow wide smirk spread across her face. "I think I like this…" -01:48 Oct 29
Cupio: He was stepping ofrwards. Having a child mest have been the trigger, she would need him. "I always knew you wo…" he caght what she was feeling, the pure unrivaled power Cupio also resonated with. Jayden was powerful. But no halfling could be as powerful as a born demon. Or so Cupio thought. "There is so much more, cupio’s mind was stil on sex, it alwasy was, but showing Jayden how to be a demon also sounded fun. And getting Jayden not to blow up thier house was important. "You need to put away the flame, out daughter is in the next room, you don’t want to accidently hurt her." -01:54 Oct 29
Jayden: Oh, she really, really liked this feeling. How much more could she pull out? This little flame was nothing! She could do other things. All she had to do was tap in to it… But Cupio… he was stepping closer and suddenly her senses were fill with him. The flame was gone and she was examining him now, a rather predatory look that wasn’t completely unlike her… "She is a demon, she could take it…" she muttered, inching towards him. Was this what he felt like all the time…? -02:02 Oct 29
Cupio: He pur his hands arounf her prists and held her at a decent length. "And our house?, what if that gets destroyed?" Jaysed was obviously overcome with that Cupio dealt with on a daily basis, and smelling her being taken in by it make it five times harder for him. "Jay..? Are you alright?" he was worried this was too much for her, but he was also tempted to change himself and see what demon Jayden could do. -02:10 Oct 29
Jayden: "You wanted me to feel this. Are you afraid now?" That was amusing. Little tiny Mcboobs intimidated by her… she felt intimidating. Jayden was sure she could burn down the house and half the street with only a thought…! It took so little effort to twist her wrists out of his hands, and grab his instead. Jerking him hard against her body. Being make felt so so different, and the way she thought about him was so different too… Jayden bent to nuzzle against his ear and murmur soft. "I am going to fuck you. And then we’ll see what I can do with all of this power.." -02:17 Oct 29
Cupio: Okay that was sexy as hell but it didn’t stop him strugling. "I wanted you to be able to handle feeling like this." I’m just as strong at you Jayden and I have a lot more experience with power…" fucking sounded nice… "But I’m here to get you back to bhaving like yourself while still feeling all this. That’s what I want. And you’ll like it." he looked at her and felt afriad. He really didn’t want to have to hurt Jayden, but he would if it would snap her out of this. -02:21 Oct 29
Jayden: "I know you…" she murmured soft, releasing one of his wrists to run her hand up his arm and rest on his shoulder. "You say you’re brave, when you tremble on the inside." She moved her hand again, gentle fingers brushing against his neck. Then she suddenly gripped it tight. Her mouth never left his ear. "But you don’t know me. You don’t understand me…" Jayden squeezed tighter, pushing him with her body back towards the bed. He never really understood her. He said he did, but then he was always infuriating her. Taking her place, taking her roles… Her roles. -02:29 Oct 29
Cupio: "If you could handle thi you would know what I’m feeling." he said planting his feet and pushing back gripping her wrint to pull her hand away from his throat. "I know you Jayden." this is what he had been like, before he and Jayden had met. "I know you and you know me. That is why we’re still together. So stop this and let me help you." -02:33 Oct 29
Jayden: "Maybe I don’t want your brand of help." she almost snarled. She sure as hell didn’t let go of his neck. Not even when she was pushing all of her weight in to him until his back was against the mattress and she was pinning him down by the throat. Jayden leaned down, tilting his face to the side as she breathed in deep at his neck. He smelled so, so good… "You take everything. Everything that was mine, everything that was me. You get my job. You get to be beautiful. You get to be soft. You get to be powerful. And I care for you, and I protect you, and I give you everything. Always what Cupio wants, and Cupio needs." He was going to try and take this from her too. She was strong and powerful. She could snap his neck right now… Jayden’s free hand crept up his side, brushing over ribs and then a breast. Or he could be a toy… -02:46 Oct 29
Cupio: "No." he squeaked when she grabbed him. "No Jayden. You wern’t happy with your job, I gave you the club, we have a child together. I offered never to change again. Jayden, I love you." he ws still struggling hokkingi his lege under her to pushe as hard as he could. "Please stop. You’ll still be strong, you’ll still be semon I just want to help you get yourself under control." -02:50 Oct 29
Cupio: "No." he squeaked when she grabbed him. "No Jayden. You wern’t happy with your job, I gave you the club, we have a child together. I offered never to change again. Jayden, I love you." he ws still struggling hokkingi his lege under her to pushe as hard as he could. "Please stop. You’ll still be strong, you’ll still be semon I just want to help you get yourself under control." -02:52 Oct 29
Jayden: "You want to control me." He was struggling. Pleading with her… and amused her so much. Jayden smirked, her lips brushing against the skin at his neck before her tongue flicked out for a slooow lick. She could smell his blood pumping through his veins. "I don’t believe in love." Jayden’s hand traveled back down the length of his body to a knee, then she was wretching his legs open and pressing her full weight down on top of him. Had she ever really believed in love, or was that just another thing she gave to him because he wanted it? -03:04 Oct 29
[Cupio enters.] -03:05 Oct 29
Cupio: That hurt, that really hurt and something inside him snapped. There was a flash of light and Jayden was thrown backwards and Cupio was on his feet flame traveling all the way from the tils of his finger to halsway up his forearm. "Then you are not Jayden and I don’t have to feel bad abou hurting you." he snapped. "Jayden would never hurt me, or anything you are trying to do." -03:10 Oct 29
Jayden: "But I have hurt you, haven’t I? I’ve stabbed you, I’ve hit you… I am your Jayden, and you are mine." There was no fear of him, but then, there never was! She crossed the room so fast, she had his arms gripped and was slamming him up against the wall hard enough to put a dent in it within the blink of an eye. "MINE." Jayden’s eyes narrowed. If weren’t enough she had other ways to prove he was hers. Blood ways. Her grip tightened on his arms to the point of bruising, letting out a hiss of breath as she tested that connection… snuffed out that fire like she was commanding some sort of weapon. "Mine. Obey me, or you mean nothing to me…" -03:20 Oct 29
[(Timeout) Cupio has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -03:24 Oct 29
Cupio: "You’re hurting me." oh right she didn’t care. He could feel the spell spressing in on him but he pushed back. "I will not be bound again, not by you not by anyone. Jayden would never bind me, she loves me and you are not her." he put his hand over his face and tried to push him away. There was only one thing needed to complete the binding, the demon’s true name. -03:24 Oct 29
Jayden: "If I am not Jayden, you are not Cupio!" Uppity little shit…! Jayden shoved his hand away and then she struck him! Backhand across the face, with no restraight. And in disgust with him, dragged him away from the wall only to throw him across the room to the floor. Uppity, self righteous little shit… "The minute you were summon, you were bound to me. I am your master. And if you want to cry and complain, I will fuck you until you are all used up and find me a new demon." Even while she spoke she was crossing the room and advancing on him again. Every intent on keeping that promise! -03:31 Oct 29
Cupio: On the floor there was little to do but wait. He couldn’t win because he couldn’t hurt Jayden and he couldn’t run because of Phaedra. "Jayden, please stop this. That contract was satisfied." he was pulling himself to sit up but didn’t have the time to stand, and his cheeks were getting buised and wet. "You said you’d never hit me and now…" there was no figh left, no strength to argue. He could only think of little Phaedra in the next room. "Do what you want to me. I will find a way to fix you." -03:37 Oct 29
Jayden: She was behind him, grabbing him by the hair to pull him back. Her voice was low in his hear and she was smirking. "How valiant of you. Play the giving martyr and then cry your little tears. You’re a fucking hypocrite." All she could think about was wanting to hurt him. Or sex him. Or both at once…! Jayden hauled him off the floor by the hair and with a tight grip on his arm, only to bed him over the bed. Her hand left him only long enough to unzip her pants while one of her knees pushed between his legs and used her own to push them apart. "Haven’t you done the same to me? Haven’t you? You like this, don’t you, you lying demon bitch…" -03:48 Oct 29
Cupio: There was nothing he could do except try to block her with his tail. "You’re not the first to do this to me and I hate it." he said tail firmly wedged over his folds and wrapped arounf his thigh. "Please not like this Jayden. Make love to me, have sex with me, fuck me for all I care but don’t rape me. When I say no I mean no." He knew at this point it made little difference. Jayden’s power trip had triggered a responce in his body and he was ready for her if he wanted to be or not. "Let me help you then you can have me al you want. However you want." -03:56 Oct 29
Jayden: "It’s not what Cupio wants anymore. It’s what Jayden wants." Beg, plead and cry. It only made her smirk wider. She could have seduced him if she really wanted. But she didn’t. Jayden wanted to show him who had the control. Reaching down she grabbed his tail and jerked. He was either going to move it or get it broken. Using her knees, she was pushing his legs farther apart. Tail or not, she was going to get what she wanted! -04:02 Oct 29
Cupio: "Jayden wants us to be happy, both of us, together. That’s what my Jayden wants." He lifter his head to look hack at her, that look on her face. That wasn’t his jayden, the tail went limp and he hooked one knee on the edge of the bed to try and pull humself away, this opened his legs wide but it was his only chance of getting away. -04:06 Oct 29
Jayden: He made a mistake and shifting, making it so much easier for her to grab him. With a jerk of his tail, she was pulling him back. Grabbing his hips with both hands and pressing her erection against him. Lying bitch loved this and she could feel it…! And knew just how to use her new attachment too. Jayden was laughing when she found just that right spot and rammed in to him. So hot and so wet, all his struggling was such bullshit. He wanted this. "We’ll be happy. You’ll be my favorite. I’ll take this city and maybe I’ll take hell too.." She wrapped his tail around her wrist incase he thought to try and squirm away again. Holding it tight and pulling hard every time she thrust inside him. Her knees were on the bed now too and her free hand squeezed his hip before running up his back. -04:19 Oct 29
Cupio: He cried out in pain when she thrust inside and gripped the sheet gritting his teeth. She had his tail, why? He liked his tail and he did not like it used for this. He couldn’t struggle any more but he wouldn’t give her the satisfaction either. "You want me… as a concubine." he said pushing back the feeling trying to build. He would be reduced to a sex object, taking care of Phaedra alone and being raped whenever Jayden chose. Before meeting Jayden that wouldn’t have seemed so bad. It hurt, but Cupio loved it when it did and he was faking a very hard time keeping his hips still, and with breathing quiet. -04:27 Oct 29
Jayden: "You liiiike thiiis~!" she chimed, such a typical thing for her to say, while doing a very untypical thing. This felt so different and she loved it. The amount of control and the ease of movement… The way he squirmed and squeezed around her. Jayden pushed hard, leaning forward until she dug her hand in to his hair. Putting all that weight on to his head to hold him down and still against the mattress as she pushed harder. "You are… so good..! Hrrm… Maybe I will keep her too when she’s all grown up. I bet she’ll be just like you… just like you." -04:34 Oct 29
Cupio: "No!" that made him stuggle again which was a big mistake, as soon as he started squiming he couldn’t stop. His face was going red with the effort needed to stay in controll as there was the sound of tearing fabric as claws tore onto the sheets. "I hate you." the sound was a half moan half sob and at that moment he really did even with the now almosy uncontrollable buildup, and how just plain appealing this all was to his demon side. Raiseing thier child to be a good little fucktoy for both of them… but one of them needed to stay in control… Cupio needed to resist the urge to demand to be fucked harder and slash at Jayden to get her to return the favor latting pleasure and pain merge into one feeling. He had to for Jayden and for Phaedra. -04:44 Oct 29
Jayden: Oh, that was even better! The fight and the hate, and feeling the truth through his body and the way that smell told otherwise. Sharp and overwhelming, Jayden was laughing all over again. Giddy from it, almost consumed by it. She was tilting her own body back when she jerked his head and body up. Curling an arm around his waist while her other hand left his hair to wrap around his throat. His back was against her chest and she was hissing in to his ear. "Do you regret that wish for a demon Jayden? I don’t." And just like that she was done, grunting in to his ear as her hand suddenly tightened hard on his throat. Filling him as her hips jerked, and letting out a slow hiss with the rush that came with it. -04:55 Oct 29
Cupio: He could feel his pulse between his leps has her choke hold cut off his answer. He was seeing spots and wanted to curse her name for everything. He was so close to finishing that not litting him was top of the list right now. He took hold of her arm claws and all and gripped it as his other hand went to brush over his crotch and her where she disappeared inside him. A demon of lust dealing with the temptation of hard rough sex like this every day, the irony was thick. -05:01 Oct 29
Jayden: "I’m done with you." Jayden licked the side of his face all to way to his ear. Claws were nothing, pain was nothing… she felt strong. Powerful. Invincible. Jayden released him and shoved him away. Backing off the bed herself and flexing her arms and shoulders. The smirk on her face was most likely assinine, but what did she care? This felt amazing. It was only going to get better. A new conquest in mind, she was zipping up her pants and moving to stalk out of the room. A powerful demon needed minions and souls… -05:06 Oct 29
Cupio: Used and then cast aside, yes there was hate, serious hate and the need to use it and keep that freak out of Phaedra’s room. He followed not caring that he was naked, disheveled and has a cristh full of sex. "I’m still on my feet." he called back. A little wobly but true. "You can’t even fuck a demon off his feet and you expect to take over everything." That drive, the sexy aluring dgive. If it wasn’t for Phaedra he would willingly himself to the role of favorite for a demon like this, and maybe a decade or century down the line take over. "You can’t even satisfy a lying bitch whore demon?" -05:12 Oct 29
Jayden: Jayden stopped, only barely looking over her shoulder at him with a raised eyebrow. Oh, stupid little demon. Really, was she to fall for that? Still, she turned around and was marching back for him. That look of a stalking predator when she smiled. "That wasn’t enough for you, Cupio?" Maybe she should just kill him now and save herself the trouble. …but he really was such a good lay. Jayden had him by the shoulders and without warning was pressing her mouth to his in a hard kiss. Invading with her tongue and biting at his lips. Too sweet to kill, something would be better. A good lesson for her lust demon… -05:20 Oct 29
Cupio: He put his claws on her chest and let him in his tonue wrapping around hers. "You didn’t make me scream or pass out Jaden." he growled back. This was fast becoming part of a rapidly put together plan, convince her to stay for sex, get the rulebreaker, fix this. "You know my aspect, yu know I am bound to you, you know how frustrating it is for me to be so close and so far so the only way you are leaving is if I tear your dick off first and use it to finish myself off." demon talk… and the entoxicating closeness. "Did you think I’d let the best fuck I’ve ever had walk off without showing me what they’re really capable of?" -05:26 Oct 29
Jayden: "Isn’t it funny how you bend and swat when it’s me who holds the cards." she murmured, taking his hands in hers and letting his claws drag down her chest. Breaking skin, spilling blood. The was nothing but a prick, but the smell of him when he caught the scent of blood was divine. A horny, fiesty, little demon wanting so much more than he was allowed to have. Still gripping his hands, she twist his arms behind his back and pulled him flush against his. Murmuring soft in to his ear again. "Would you like to know what else I know how to do now, Cupio…?" -05:39 Oct 29
Cupio: Blood, demon Jayden blood, the plan was slipping his mind in lador of licking as the gash in her shest and tasting it and malting in her arms. "I want you to fuck me Jayden, I want to know everything you can do." he was trailing kises and nips aling her shoulder and letting him do whatever he wanted in return and the throbbing between his legs was returning. "Bruise me, make me bleed. I’m a demon like no other, I can take everything you can give." -05:44 Oct 29
Jayden: What sweet, delicious words. Jayden had every intention of taking advantage of that promise. But he had a lesson to learn. A very important lesson about who demanded what… Jayden pulled her belt off while still holding him against her. Dropping down to her knees with him getting pulled down along with her. In an instant she was binding his hands and his feet, even his tail all behind his back. Weaving a spell just from pure instinct to bend and pull the leather. Binding him tight not just in the physical sense, but making sure that no demon strength or quick spell was going to get him loose. Once he was bound, she ran her fingers between his legs, stroking those wet folds as she nuzzled his neck. "You don’t get to make the demands, bitch." Jayden pulled away and stood, leaving him awkwardly tied on the floor. "When I want you, I’ll come for you. If you manage to get loose, feed the kid. Don’t want her dead before Mother gets to play with her, do we?" That smirk was on her face again as she backed away. -05:52 Oct 29
My Demon Roommate

My Demon Roommate 019: Hint of the Future

[Jayden has been asleep for a longass time!] -04:20 Oct 25
[Cupio didn’t ger sex but got a nittle Jayden instead and is now tired and cuddling the little bundle. After helping Jayden through the birth he’s more tired that he thought!] -04:20 Oct 25
Jayden: They sent her home from the hospital sooner than what was normal for the typical human. One night there and the next day she was out, declared right as rain and baby fine too. Jayden wasn’t so sure about that. She healed up quick, like demon quick, which she believed was leftover preggers stuff. But Phaedra was tiny! Way too tiny and small and breakable looking. Still, the moment they got to the house Jayden passed out in bed and slept like she was in a coma. Waking now, there was no Cupio or baby in immediate sight and she was slipping out of bed to reclaim them. -04:27 Oct 25
Cupio: Cupio was in the couch wigh his legs fonlded and his shirt gone. WHile jayden had been sleeping he had aranged the kitched, lounge, and packed the fridge. Then he had been spending all his time with the little bundle of joy he and Jayden had produced. "See Paedra you’re not the only one who just woke up." the baby was cradled in both arms and a wing and was feeding happily from McBoobs’ nipple as the demon beamed at Jayden. "She sleeps just like her Mommy, and has tiny black feathers on her wings. She’s perfect." -04:37 Oct 25
Jayden: "How the fuck are you even-" Wait, she didn’t want to know. Jayden leaned in the doorway watching for a moment. He was so happy, and it was sweet… domestic. Yet here she was feeling so detached. Frowning, she crossed the floor and slowly sank down on the couch next to him. Leaning slightly to peer down at the little thing that they made. "She’s so small, Coop…" -04:42 Oct 25
Cupio: He leaned against her and moved to kiss the side of her neck. "She’ll grow. I’m a little worried we didn’t feed her enough when you were pregnant but one should have been enough. We’re not raising a destroyer of worlds. That’s your job." he pulled the wing away from phaedra to fold it away and look at Jayden. "Want to hld her?" -04:46 Oct 25
Jayden: One wha…? That’s when she realized he fed her a soul. And had it been a different moment, where she wasn’t looking down at a pale and fragile little squishy thing, she might have shouted at him. She looked really, really doubtful about holding her. "..what if I drop her. Or squeeze her too much?" -04:50 Oct 25
Cupio: Cupio wasn’t having it. He pulled his nipple away from the baby’s mouth and shifted her into Jayden’s lap and kissed Jayden on the cheek. "You hold me softly enough, you can handle a little baby." he put an arm around her. "Your turn to feed her, she’s still hungry." -04:54 Oct 25
Jayden: He had no idea how much she was freaking out. It was one thing being pregnant. The baby wasn’t real then. Now here she was, in her arms. All tiny and fragile and so easily breakable! And how come he so naturally had those mothering instints and she just… didn’t! Jayden shifted uncomfortably, moving her shirt and the bundle who even seemed to know what -she- was doing more than Jayden did. A little hand was curled around her finger. "Didn’t know demons had feathers too…" -05:01 Oct 25
Cupio: He changed, a longer, thicker arm around her. "We don’t." he said softly. "That has to be from you." He ran his hind through the back of her hair and yawned. "Your little touch. SHe is one of a kind." -05:06 Oct 25
Jayden: "Humans don’t give out feathers, Coop…" Now that she had her… she was kind of getting used to her. Jayden poked at her little cheeks in fascination. "She has your eye color… and your Mcboobs face. She’s going to be too pretty." -05:09 Oct 25
Cupio: Babies are meant to resemble thier fathers." he said "But demons do not have feathers, only angels do. You must have an interesting family history Jayden." he stood slowly and then grabbed her head an pulled her chin to look up at him and kissed her forehead. "Bacon, egg, adn cheese grilled sandwiches with peas and orange juice? -05:15 Oct 25
Jayden: Jayden almost paniced. He was going to leave her alone with this baby?! But food sounded good, and how would she feed a little Phaedra if she didn’t eat too? This was freaking weird. "Yeah. …but I am coming with you to the kitchen." Where it was safe and if she screwed up, he could fix it. -05:20 Oct 25
Cupio: He kissed her lips then moved away stretching in the nude as he grabbed a chair an placed it where Jayden could watch him and got started pulling out the ingredients and the pan. "We should get started completing the nursery, then do the sex room. I think I like being domestic and staying at hime with the baby, but I do have to go to work sometime too. I’ll take her back with me though. They have a nursery there with trained staff. ANd you don’t have to look like one wrong move will shatter her Jay. She’s demon, she can take you holding her a little tighter. -05:27 Oct 25
Jayden: "I’m glad you’re so confident." she muttered, following him while delicately trying to balance her squishy little demon without jostling her too much. Once she was settled back in to a chair again, she looked a little more comfortable. …and then the kid smile at her! A big toothless smile! Jayden nearly started crying. "…I think she likes me!" -05:38 Oct 25
Cupio: He was looking when it happened and smiled too. "Of course she does. Who wouldn’t." he put the pan on the stove and started heating it. "You’re going to make a great mother just look at you. Holding her, getting her to smile. She will be our pretty young bouncy baby Phaedra with two overprotective parents to keep her safe. You are the best person I could ask for to do this with. And you never stop suprising me." -05:43 Oct 25
Jayden: "I barely remember my own mother, I really don’t know how to do this stuff." And of course she was all confident -before- when she wanted to reassure him. It was different holding something helpless in her arms and knowing how easy it would be to hurt it. "She really is too pretty. Everyone that sees her will fall in love with her… Mama and Papa are going to murder so many boys, aren’t they, Phaedra." …Oh hell, so cute…! -05:47 Oct 25
Cupio: "Gods I hope not." he said sliding the bacon into the pan. "Raising a succubus is hell. I should know!" he chuckled and then started aranging the bacon in the pan. "She still doen’t smell like anything specific. I guess that means she doesn’t have an aspect I can recognize. Maybe she has an angelic one." -05:51 Oct 25
Jayden: Jayden shifted her bundle gently, giving her a small sniff. She had a fuzzy head… and smelled like. Hmm… like honey. That was weird. Jayden leaned back in her seat so she could hold her just right, and take a look at those wings. tiny…! "I sure as hell don’t feel part angel… Do they even make baby books on what to do if your baby is a demonic angel?" -05:58 Oct 25
Cupio: "Well if I tasted some of your blood I might be able to tell, but you really have all the proof you need in your lap." he was sliding the bacom onto the bread and layering on the cheese and putting ht eggs in the pan now. "I certainly don’t have any angel in me." -06:06 Oct 25
Jayden: Jayden glanced up to cast a very naked Cupio a very wicked look. Her previous declarations and threats of never having sex again must have been forgotten. "So you wanna take a bite out of me, Cupio? I might just let you." Then she was grinning down at the baby. "Mama and Papa have to watch what they say now, too, huh? No more instantaeneous fuckery or sex talk around my angel princess!" -06:24 Oct 25
Cupio: "If you put it that way, I’ll see you upstairs when out little angel is asleep." he slid the epps into the sandwiches and then stlid then into the pan and started lightly toasting the ouside of the bread as he grabbed a plate for each of them and the placed the orange juice on the table behind Jayden. And then breakfast was ready and the kitchen smelled like a kitchen. -06:28 Oct 25
Jayden: Jayden was trying to figure out how she was going to eat while holding Phaedra… because she didn’t want to let her go. She was almost afraid the second she did, she wouldn’t feel so affectionate anymore! But a promise of time alone with Cupio… it had been way too long for her liking! A couple days was torture. "I have no idea how we’re going to pull this off. I almost wish I had like… married friends with kids so I could ask them when they get their sex." -06:36 Oct 25
Cupio: "Like I said, little Phaedra sleeps, I don’t so I can look after her in the dead of night when you need yours, so we’ll get time." he kissed her and then placed her plate down and then his. "I got this then you were asleep too, I know you might have wanted to help pick it out but…" he looked guiltu as he opened a broom cuboard and pulled a high chair out of hiding and placed it next to Jayden’s chair and say the other side of her. "It’s hard for me not to want to buy her everything she could ever want." -06:40 Oct 25
Jayden: "We have years to buy things together." He really was so excited about having this baby. And even though Jayden was happy to have her, and really couldn’t help but grin looking at her… this was definitely Cupio’s baby girl. She couldn’t be jealous of a baby! Very carefully she made sure the seat settings we just right and was placing Phaedra in it. Straps and all! "You’re surprisingly natural with all of this.." -06:48 Oct 25
Cupio: "I’ve been reading while you sleep." he admitted. "I knew you would be nearvous so I wanted to have everything in hand when the day arived, even if it arived earlier than I thought it would." he took a bite of his sandwich and started to chew. "Like I said I have no experience with babies and have had my own concerns Like how I was raised would not be how I would want to raise her. If she ends up how I did… I was a bully." -06:54 Oct 25
Jayden: Jayden was watching that baby carefully… almost as if she was afraid she’d start flapping those little wings and try to fly off somewhere. Jayden finally settled in to eating and curiously eyeing Cupio. …they never actually talked about what life was like before they met! "I’m having a really hard time imagining you as any sort of bully… All I can think of is you having tons of sex all the time." -06:58 Oct 25
Cupio: "That too." he said. "But even before I reached maturity I was making other do what I wanted. Part of my makeup I guess. I have no idea what demons spawned me so…" he finished his sandwich quicker than he planned and looked down at his plate. "We need to get groceries soonish, before next week." -07:04 Oct 25
Jayden: "I never bossed anyone around. I just sort of… existed." She was still watching him… sometimes she wished she knew what he was thinking. He alluded to stuff, then changed the subject so quickly. Good old demon life. "…So what kind of dad do you want to be, then?" -07:08 Oct 25
Cupio: He shrugged. "I’m just going to me myself and do what ai think is right for her. What kind if dad I am will be seen. I don’t have evenything planned out step by step." he leaned back and took a sip of juice. "I also kind of axxidently got one of hte baby backpacks… frontpacks… for mall trips." -07:12 Oct 25
Jayden: "Oh.. accidentally, right." That made her grin. Didn’t have everything planned out, huh. Well, he had a bigger head start on it than her. Jayden finished eating, and drank down the juice quick. After sleeping so long, she was famished. "Maybe we should rotate who takes her to work.." -07:19 Oct 25
Cupio: "That would work. You have many big strong men to protect her and she needs her Jayden time, just like I need mine." he grabbed her plate nad glass and headed over to the sink. "We can do this Jayden. ANd nothing can stop us." -07:22 Oct 25
My Demon Roommate

My Demon Roommate 018: Demon Baby Phaedra

[Cupio Has his new house, the vest same day as showing it to Jayden! It’s the very best thing anyone has ever bought for him. Jayden is SO going to get fucked silly.] -06:54 Oct 24
[Jayden could make a lot happen with money and scary minions. As promised, a house for her honey, guys were moving their stuff in, and she had every intention of banging her boyfriend tonight.] -06:56 Oct 24
Jayden: …if she weren’t nesting like crazy. At some point she went from wanting to sex the hell out of him, from realizing they had their -house- now and it needed to be ready. Now. It had to be perfect. But it was evening and places weren’t open and it was driving her nuts. -06:58 Oct 24
Cupio: He was practically dancing inside the upper floor marker pen still in ahnd from putting up the sex room sign on the door of the room that was the center of it all. Secinf closest the center actually, the closest was marked as the baby room. "Jayden! Out room has it’s own bathroom with jets in the bath, and a shower, and…" there was a sqeal he he leaned over the balestrade to watch Jayden direct the muscular men. "You’re going to have fun directling my man muscle tonight." -07:00 Oct 24
Jayden: "That sounds really weird coming out of the mouth of a tiny woman, Coop." She growled at someone when they nearly dropped one of her boxes. It’s not like they had a lot of stuff in the apartment, but she sure as hell didn’t want them dropping the few things she have. Everything was a little dusty too… Jayden was seriously thinking about taking a broom to just about everything, and she hated doing chores. "Hmm… I bet that bathroom needs a good cleaning too. This place has been empty for at least a year or two…" -07:08 Oct 24
Cupio: "I already cleaned upstairs." he said, and he had, without any suplies. Being a demon had it’s benefits. But right now he way moving down the stairs to pop up and give Jayden a kiss. "I love this house, thank you." he was estatic and was now heading towards the kitchen area r do some more cleaning. No dirtd would be allowed to make this house heel any less special than he wanted it to be. -07:11 Oct 24
Jayden: "We need blinds and curtains. And fresh light bulbs." Jayden snatched a box from someone to carry with her as she followed him in to the kitchen. She paused in the threshold for a minute, grinning just a bit. The kitchen was nice… she could imagine him in here making breakfast and dancing around swishing his tail like he always did. "We’re gonna need a bigger table for this kitchen.." -07:18 Oct 24
Cupio: He spun and grinned at her. "I’m sad you can’t feel this house Jayden. You’d love it! It’s… It’s like habing your nipples played with when you’re blindfolded and your hands are tied. Fells a lot liek that but not just on the nipples." he stole her box to look inside it and then skipped over to a cupboard and openeing it frowning at the dirt inside and placing the box to one side as he rubbed hsi hands together to get ready to disintergrate the dust. "Maybe I’ll show you tonight." -07:22 Oct 24
Jayden: "We’re gonna have to get that bed put together too…" Normally with talk like that she’d be all over him in a heartbeat. Show HIM some over stimulated nipples… Instead she was so focused on what felt missing that sex was the furthest thing from her mind. She moved to the counter to pull things out of box, when she paused to wince. "She’s kicking the shit out of me again." -07:28 Oct 24
Cupio: He sprung up and has his ear to her not even a second later. His hands cupping her little mound and feeling as he looked up at her with the widest grin his could make. "She must feel the house too, our house and…" no, he couldn’t tear up now. Not now when there were things to do. "We’re really doing it Jayden." -07:32 Oct 24
Jayden: "Yeah and if she doesn’t cut it out, she’s going to kick a hole right out of my stomach." Oooo… he was cute like this! That crazy heartwarming, just want to hold him and snuggle him kind of cute. Jayden tugged him up to give him a quick hard kiss. -07:43 Oct 24
Cupio: He kissed her back and nskaed his arms around her pressing his stomash and chest aainst hers. "Thank you Jay, for making me be myself. You’re the most wonderful mate a demon could ask for and I love you." he was standing on his toes to burry his nose into her hair. "Anyone tries to take you, human or demon and they die. I’ll kill them." -07:46 Oct 24
Jayden: Jayden smirked, not commenting on the fact that it was still hard for her to see him going on a murder rampage. She was wincing again though when she hugged him, resting her forehead against his shoulder and nearly groaning. "Cooooop, make her stop it. I think I’m gonna be sick…!" -07:53 Oct 24
Cupio: Sick! That had him pullinf her over to a chair and makinf her sit before sitting in her lap an dputting a hand on her stomach. "She’s just excited for the new house, she’ll be fine, you’ll be fine. Out little Phaedra will he the cutest little thin ever when we finally get her after we have her room set up. And you’ll get to see us in out matching outfits and everything!" -07:55 Oct 24
Jayden: Sitting helped a little bit. If at least because now she wouldn’t hit the floor blacked out from pain. It was starting to hurt a lot more than just the typical kicking, and when she thought maybe this kid really was going to try and burst her way out of her stomach, Jayden was visibly paling. "… I think that is gonna be a lot sooner than you think." -08:00 Oct 24
Cupio: He was nuzzling her shoulder when she spoke and pulled away suddenly to look into her face. "You mean…" he was suddenly flying into action shopping off of her lap to point at the closest employee. "You get the car ready. You bring that box over here." he tore the box open to grab a baby blanket and was then rushing back to Jayden. "Stay calm Jay I’ve got this." he kissed her hard before pointin at soeone else. "You help me with her, we need to get to the hospital. I’m going to be a daddy!" -08:03 Oct 24
Jayden: That was so cute…! A little Mcboobs squealing about being a daddy! …this lurching of her stomach was not so cute. Jayden bent forward, growling in pain again… and then looking more than a little concerned! Had it even been long enough?! This kid was too small! She couldn’t come out now! -08:07 Oct 24
Cupio: He was pulling Jayder arm around his shoulders as outside the car started and on the otehr side of Jayden the employee listed her other arm. "I have her go open the back seat." moving Jayden’s wieght was managable and he would carry her if needed out the front door. "Its okay Jayden, just relax and breathe and mind yur head and…" he helped her into the back and pushed her onto her back on the back seat movign to crouch in the foot well next to her taking her hand. "I’m right here Jay… Don’t drive like an old woman, my Jayden is in labor here!" -08:11 Oct 24
Jayden: "She’s too small, Coop. I don’t think I can do this…" Relaxing wasn’t going to happen. Her insides were chruning, this beast was probably trying to claw her way out of her stomach, and she was starting to see spots. "Nevermind, get this thing oooouuuut of me!" -08:15 Oct 24
Cupio: "She’s fine." he said. "Demon pregnancies are like this to keep the mother sext and fuckable at all times." he leaned down to rest his head on her chest. "And she’ll come out the right hole, I wondoe if she’l have a tail, and wings and maybe little fangs. We’re going to be parents Jay!" he was too excited to notice her discomfort and was practically chirping. "I love you so much Jayden." -08:17 Oct 24
Jayden: "What did you do to me?! Fuck…!" At this rate she was thinking about clawing the kid out of her own stomach! Instead she was grabbing him by the shoulders and shaking him! "If you don’t get her out I’m going to kill you…! And Jimbo too!" Poor Jimbo was just trying to drive the car, but he was in it and this fucking hurt…! -08:21 Oct 24
Cupio: "I had sex?" he said blinkign at her as he was shaken. "Jim.. I thin you want to go faster." he placed his hand on her forehead and looked worried. "Jay… we’re almost there and fuckit." he put his finger in his mouth and bit down breaking the skin and suckng in his breaht from the pain before stickign the finger in Jayden’s mouth. "Suck on that it should help." -08:24 Oct 24
Jayden: Sticking his finger in her mouth probably wasn’t the wisest move, cause the moment he did, she bit him and she wasn’t letting go. …not that she was meaning to! There was just that sudden jolt of pain mixed with the taste of blood and… If she weren’t writhing in pain, she might’ve jumped on him and -ate- him. After a moment of two her teeth did let go, when the blood seemed to sate some of the pain. "Oh fuck, I can’t do this…" she muttered at a much lower tone, but her hands were still gripping him and she was still considering killing him… -08:29 Oct 24
Cupio: He slid his hands around her and held her rending his head on her chest again. "Yes you can Jay. You’re a very strong woman, and you even refused to let me carry the baby so you always knew you could to this>" he raised his head a looked out the window, "We’re there Jay, I’m sure the doctors will give you something." -08:32 Oct 24
Jayden: "Get me out of this fucking car." Was this demon pregnancy? Unimaginable pain and the desire to murder your mate? He was lucky he was so damned cute and that blood seemed to temper some of her desire to kill everybody. She was almost craving it. -08:40 Oct 24
Cupio: He lened back to open the door and pulled her hand to sit her up and help her out as Jimbo dissapeared to her a wheelchair and a nurse. Cupio helped her sit down and they were off him takign over the job of pushing it forcfully. "I’m the father." he proclaimed proubly to the nurse who looked dumbstruck. "It’s okay Jayden, you’ll be in a bed soon enough. This is fun!" -08:43 Oct 24
Jayden: "This is NOT fun..! Why didn’t I give you this monster…! We should have named her Satan! She’s trying to kill me!" Jayden had no problem snarling at nurses too. Why were they giving her Cupio weird looks? She’d eat those damned nurses! Jayden gripped her stomach. She could feel the little beast moving in there… -08:50 Oct 24
Cupio: They were being rushed into the elevator directly to the maternity ward. "I’m a demon and this is my child, don’t wory this size is normal for demons and my little girl is right on time. I’m so excited. Ooh Jaden do you have your phone I was to take a picture!" he was talkign the nurses ear off. "I think Jayden need a painkilled can you get her one, one that is okay for babies, since she is part demon adn also part human I’m sure your medicines will be fine with her. We’re naming her Phaedra. Look! I brought her a blanket… I’m going to be a father!" The door dinged and the nurse prudently look control of the wheemchair and was joined by several more and a doctor as Cupio followed on thier heels. "It’s too late to give her to mee Jay you should have done that when she was tine, but I’ll take the next one!" -08:55 Oct 24
Jayden: "We are not taking pictures of a demon popping out of my vagina!" That’s the only thing she got out of his flurry of words! And next one. Fuck no, never again! There was never going to be another demon baby in her! She was never ever having sex again! Now she was just groaning with pain, even when she was helped in to bed. It was almost a reflex when they were trying to keep her still to give her the pain meds and she nearly knocked out a doctor. "Just… just get her OUT!" -09:02 Oct 24
Cupio: "She means the baby not me." Cupio said quickle before taking Jayden’s hand and leanign over her bed. "You’re doing great Jay they’re here with your painkiller and…" the syinge was jabbed into her shoulder and the painkillers inserted into her bloodstream. "This should be quick you just have to breathe and remember I love you." he kissed her as the doctors started setting everything up. "If you want you can give me your phone and I’ll callto get clothes so I can change. But either form I’m here for you." -09:06 Oct 24
Jayden: Holy shit, that stuff kicked in fast. Better than a bottle of vodka. Jayden was feeling a little less murderous towards her mate, and now… smiling? "Sooo heeeeey, our daughter is going to pop out of my guts. Don’t leave me in here alone when I die from bloody demon birthing." There were too many damned doctors bustling around. She didn’t want all of these people poking around at her. Fuck…! She really had no idea how this worked! -09:18 Oct 24
Cupio: "You’re not going to die Jayden. And if you do I’ll go strait down to hell and get you. Nothing is going to keep you from raising this child with me." They were aranging Jayden’s legs and getting everything ready. "You’re going to be fine Jayden." he wanted to climb onto the bed with her but when he tried we wea pulled off before he got more than a knee on. "She won’t even have horns coming out." -09:21 Oct 24
Jayden: "Oh god…" Now she was imagining the kid popping out with horns and spikes and wings and a tail and probably shredding up everything on the way out! She really wasn’t ever going to have sex again! Jayden gripped on to his hand and squeeze with a hell of lot more force than necessary. "Take her now, it’s not too late, right?" -09:28 Oct 24
Cupio: "It is Jayden." he said. "And you’re hurting my hand." he settled for sliding up to sit on the bed next to her. "You’re not going to die. I love you and I promise You’ll be out of here in a few hours with a councy little phaedra." he was worried adn it showed on his face. Demons didn’t go like this during birthing. "I cou’d to one thing but with the painkillers I don’t know if it would work." -09:31 Oct 24
Jayden: "Please tell me it involves killing everyone in here and knocking me unconcious." she muttered. So it wasn’t the doctor’s and nurses fault, but she couldn’t seem to turn that urge to kill things -off-! At least she loosened her grip on his hand. -09:37 Oct 24
Cupio: "No.. we need them to make sure out Paedra is alright when she comes out." he roese to look around the room then leaned down low over her and kissed her forehead his otehr hand coming to rest on the top of her head and he pulled her mind and his closer together so he could feel what she was feeling a vice versa. Taking some of her pain on as his own , then he was pulling aaway to smile at her the pain leaking into his expression. "I’ll help you." -09:42 Oct 24
Jayden: That was… a really weird feeling! A sort of consuming feeling… surprising. She could feel how happy he was, and that crazy bouncy mcboobs excitement. And the pain wasn’t so bad, she could actually breathe without freaking out! "Don’t let go, okay…?" -09:46 Oct 24
Cupio: "I won’t." he said leaning down to kiss her again before being shooed off the bed and gived a high chair to sit in. He gripped her wand tight as the doctor took up position.. "Okay we’re going to need you so start pushing, ready? On three." -09:50 Oct 24
Jayden: Jayden didn’t want to do this anymore! And had Cupio not been there holding her hand, she might have flat out refused! Maybe she -would- have screamed at them to knock her out and just cut the baby out of her. But there was no turning back now, and even though she was cursing at every last one of them she was pushing! -09:55 Oct 24
Cupio: He could feel her pain and had to clench his teeth to stay quiet holding her hand to his lips and closing his eyes. "You’re doing great Jayden." he said "Remember this is for us. For our life together." -09:58 Oct 24
Jayden: He was being too sweet and that was so sharply counterbalancing her want to scream at him too. She was squeezing his hand again, cringing and barely aware of what was going on beyond discomfort. But just like a snap it was suddenly all over! A dull ache replacing all that pain, and the sudden desire to pass out in relief. And a little shrieking squeal of something tiny drowning out the sound in the room! -10:05 Oct 24
Cupio: In that instant the link between then was broken but not before an incling of pure excitement, relief, and enthusiastic energy reached Jayden thought it. And then the baby was being wrapped up and handed to her and Cupio was squeaking to himself trying to contain it looking at the bable’s soft features. "We did that Jay… That is ours." then he couldn’t cotain it any longet and he squealed and hugged her. "I love you so much." -10:09 Oct 24
My Demon Roommate

My Demon Roommate 017: The Perfect House

[Jayden was already awake an in the kitchen. Being all… domestic! ] -04:07 Oct 22
[Cupio after being rescues had a shower, alone, and went to bed and hasn’t budged since. He never wants to be Mcboobs again. Bed is confortable, but he’s wearing a shirt and boxers. Being naked isn’t fun anymore either.] -04:09 Oct 22
Jayden: Jayden was no a cooking sort of person. She was a take out or order Cupio to cook sort of person. So the fact she was in the kitchen making breakfast was a testament of love! And she knew he needed this by the fact he didn’t sleep naked. That NEVER happened. So when she returned to the bedroom it was with a tray of hot oatmeal with honey and some tea. She set it on the bedside table before she sat on the edge of the bed to lean over him and brush gently over his hair. "Hey…" -04:14 Oct 22
Cupio: He turned his head. Demons never slept so he couldn’t pretend to me. "Calling in sick today." he said. Demons didn’t get sick either. He smelled food though and even of he didn’t feel like eating he was hungry. He took hold of her hand and moved it away from his face. Maybe he was sick. Demons were meant to feel thier aspects, always, but he wasn’t feeling very lusty. Maybe a little but he didn’t want to pay it any attention. -04:20 Oct 22
Jayden: "Hmm.. a couple days away from work would be good for you. But you can’t stay in bed forever." Jayden just shifted from petting hairs hair to rubbing his arm instead. Seeing him like this just… kind of sucks! She didn’t know what to do with it, and it wasn’t like all the moments he was being an over dramatic female! "How about breakfast and internet shopping? A couple of cute dresses for you and baby princess?" -04:25 Oct 22
Cupio: "We heed a house moore than clothes." he said "I don’t want any more dresses." he loved away from her to sit up and lean against the wall and look at the oatmeal. Jayden had cooked and he hadn’t heard any explotions. "Find us a house for… Princess isn’t a very good name." -04:27 Oct 22
Jayden: "Then help me pick a better name and we’ll go out looking for property today. Can’t trust pictures when it comes to houses." Jayden scooted closer to him, but this time she wasn’t touching. Turning down cute matching clothes? That wasn’t like him either. "No matching dresses though? What about little plaid skirts and some baby combat boots? That’d be kinda cute. I might even wear that too." -04:32 Oct 22
Cupio: "We can find listings online adn then go out to them." he said pulling the hot bowl into his lap as an excuse not to have Jayden sliding into it. That ensamble did sound good though. "Then you can. I just think it’s better if I stay like this from now on. This isn’t about you being worried, this is about our daughter getting to have both parents." he didn’t look at her, he was concentrating on the oatmeal, or at least pretending to. -04:35 Oct 22
Jayden: "She’s not going to have both parents if you’re afraid to be you…" Her expression was soft, and she really really wanted to hold him. She also wanted to shake him. All that time she wanted to sock Mcboobs for being such a girl, and here was the open door to never feeling like he was taking her role as the chick. …and she didn’t like it. It wouldn’t be him… "I promised I wouldn’t let anyone hurt you again." -04:40 Oct 22
Cupio: He glanced up at her after placing a spoonful in his mough and swallowing, the heat of the oatmeal not bothering him at all. "It’s a team effort. You’ll do your part, I’ll do mine." he wanted to change the subject. "Fae is a nice name, even if that has unfortunate meanings." -04:44 Oct 22
Jayden: "Probably wouldn’t be cool to have a fairy baby…" She watched him for a moment. So tempted to just pounce on him and kiss him until he stopped worrying… "Who is going to show her how to be all cute and adorable and bouncy if not you? She sure isn’t gonna get it from me." -04:50 Oct 22
Cupio: "I’d be fine with a tough, take charge kind of daughter." he said. "Besides you’re obviously more and more demon every day, I think we might be bringing a monter into this world. Unless that’s all you." he shoveled more oatmeal into his mouth. "Are you going to have a hook at houses online? I don’t know how to use those things." -04:54 Oct 22
Jayden: "I’ve never exactly been normal…" He couldn’t stay in this house forever! And she couldn’t sex him until he passed out. She wasn’t good at this! Mcboobs was perfect at being cheerful and erasing bad moods, and she was just… hmm. Jayden crawled on to the bed, sitting on her knees and staddling over his legs still hidden under the blanket. Then she pouted. Full on pleading, sad puppy-eyed pouting. "I already have an address list I got offline. I want to see the houses we might be raising our non-monster daughter in. And so you can see if the space feels right for you?" -05:00 Oct 22
Cupio: He pscooped up a spoonful, placed the bowl aside and then took hold of her chin and pulled her mouth open to push the spoon inside before slipping out of bed and standing to stretch. "Do we have anything to drink? Anythign hard to drink?" -05:05 Oct 22
Jayden: Grr. She chewed and swallowed before slipping out of bed too. Abandoning the spoon and bowl at the bedside table. "No… but we can go get coffee! Chocolate mocha? Vanilla chai?" Jayden reached out to tug gently at his shirt. "A walk in the park would be cool… y’know looking for playgrounds and stuff?" -05:13 Oct 22
Cupio: "Tea." he said. " Black Celon tea." he picked up the bowl again and started walking with it towards the living room. It did NOT belong on the bedside table. "Or we could do it my way." he said. "My way there would be no wasted time, and no doubts. I’ll need a phone though." -05:17 Oct 22
Jayden: "Wouldn’t it be a lot more fun to have an adventure with it?" Jayden stole the bowl from him! And she bounced off to the kitchen to wash the dishes. If she didn’t occupy her hands she was going to jump on him. This was so much harder than she thought it would be. "Never really thought time out with you was wasted time." she mumbled… -05:22 Oct 22
Cupio: He shook himself. "I just want out own place" He sighed "I have spells to weave." the last part what a whisper. "Where did you put my knife?" he wanted it on him, maybe in case soemeone came after him, maybe because the second he was apart from Jayden he was going to rib himself of mcboobs. "Why do you stay with me?" -05:27 Oct 22
[Jayden enters.] -05:30 Oct 22
Jayden: "Because I care about you. I feel whole when I’m with you…" She didn’t answer about the knife. It was tucked away somewhere safe just incase. Jayden had been expecting a very upset Mcboobs and she didn’t want to take any chances. "You said you weren’t going to leave me." Jayden wasn’t sure where she went from trying to act like Mcboobs, to that sudden moodswing of actually thinking like a dumb girl. As far as she was concerned, him not being himself was the same as leaving her and that was upsetting! -05:38 Oct 22
Cupio: "Do I looke like I’m leaving you?" he asked, turning. "I’m doing everything I can to stay with you, to not have to leave you. Humans are making it very hard but I’m going to fight. And if anyone tries to take me from you I will kill them. But I don’t want them to even try. I’m quitting my job and I’m never transforming again. Maybe then we can live forgotten by everyone and get some peace." -05:42 Oct 22
Jayden: "So I just get half a Cupio instead of the whole thing. I get half a life and that half is going to be spent hiding away from the world. I’d like to know how that’s not leaving me." She didn’t even sound as angry as she should have. Jayden was just exasperated… sad! She grumbled to herself while putting away the dishes. "I would understand if it was just for awhile… but you want to do it forever." -05:47 Oct 22
Cupio: He growled. "I’m Cupio, I’ll be here, how is that leaving?" he grabbed a jacket and started pulling it on inly to realize it was several sizes too small and has holes for wings. He growled again and threw it onto the couch. "I’m trying to preotect you, and our child. If this were only me I wouldn’t give a toss. Actually if it were only me I’v he the demonic leader of a cult and be being hunted by humans and demons alike. I’m going to be hunted so ling as people know who I am. What if they decide to target you, or our daughter, to get to me? I want her to have a better life than I have." -05:54 Oct 22
[(Timeout) Jayden got too distracted for their own good…] -06:01 Oct 22
Jayden: "A better live than you have. So the life you have with me is not enough." That hurt… she couldn’t protect him from cultists and she couldn’t protect him from asshole summoners. Of course he wasn’t going to feel safe with her or believe she could take care of their kid. "Okay… we do it your way then…" -06:01 Oct 22
[Cupio enters.] -06:10 Oct 22
Cupio: "That is NOT what I meant." he snapped. "I mean the constant killing, the constant hunt or be hunted, being raped. I don’t want that to ever happen to out daughter. Sife with you is the safest and happiest it’s ever been Jayden. I’m just trying to make it that much safer. Why can’t you see that instead of taking everything so personally. You’de already killed one person, you could go to jail for life. If you have to do that agai they’ll take you away from me and I’m SURE they have ways to stop me getting you back." -06:14 Oct 22
[(Timeout) Cupio was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -06:28 Oct 22
Jayden: "Shit happens, Cupio. It happens to everybody. All the time. And maybe we get more than our fair share, and I want us to be safe and our kid to be safe. But not if that means we can’t do what we want to do." Why was she even arguing it? He was going to do it anyway despite what she said! "I’m not afraid of bad guys and I’m prepared to do whatever I need to do to keep us safe without compromises. I wish you would trust me." -06:28 Oct 22
Cupio: He struck out and a vase shattered on the floor. "I wish this was the old way." he said staring down at the broken pottery. "I would rise up and slaughter the city. All would fear me, none would challenge me. The sould of the dead would make amusing pets and loyal, unkillable soldiers." he suddenly dropped to his knees and started picking up the plass with his hands. "I do trust you Jayden. It’s everyone else I…" he looked at his hand, a thin band of red growing wider and he dropped the glass again to thrust the wound into the pool of spilled water to trap the scent before it could spread. "What would you do?" -06:34 Oct 22
Jayden: "I would do the exact same thing. I killed someone for you, Cupio. I’m probably going to do it again someday." she muttered, stepping away from the counter to help pick up the pieces of glass. Jayden wasn’t being patient, she was giving in. "We can’t slaughter cities, though, and we can’t make undead soldiers. And I can’t intimidate people away from you, or prevent stuff from happening. So you’re right. We might as well not to anything and just stay in hour fortress." -06:50 Oct 22
[Cupio enters.] -06:50 Oct 22
Cupio: Jayden, don’t be like that… he stood and stepped away. Then he was tearing his shirt off and heading for the window to wrench if open. "My way." he said lounting it and wearying his wings. They were going to have a happy home one way or the other. He would kill for it. -06:54 Oct 22
Jayden: "I don’t know what I’m supposed to be like. You don’t want to be yourself anymore, and you tell me to stop acting so much like a demon. I care about you enough to be what you want me to be." Not Jayden who screams at him for being a stupid ass, because that’s the Jayden who’s not afraid of shit. With the glass picked up and thrown away, she was stalking to go snatch up his shirt. Not messy chaotic Jayden either. Because that Jayden wasn’t concerned about stuff either. -07:00 Oct 22
Cupio: He paused and turned. "You are meant to be you, nothing else. I don’t care what you are just be it." he growled in frustration. He had just made her argumant for her. "Can you live like this? Where I can be summoned and rapes at any time, where you might watch me vanish and not be able to find me again. He looked down at his hand, the ring still not there from being summoned. "Can you live with that?" -07:05 Oct 22
[(Timeout) Cupio got too distracted for their own good…] -07:11 Oct 22
Jayden: "Why ask, Cupio? You already made up your mind." Jayden went to toss his shirt in the hamper then she was stomping to the living room and dropping on the sofa. She couldn’t touch him without wanting to touch him, so she was taking a page of out of Cupio book of giving up and not even trying. "Fearless Jayden would make sure it never happened again, because Fearless Jayden will do anything it takes to live with Cupio. A whole and complete Cupio. But that’s not what I’m getting, so I think I’m just going to sit here and wonder if I can order booze off the internet…" -07:11 Oct 22
Cupio: "The only thing I’ve decided is I’m going to find a house I can enchant so that mothing can be sommoned from it, which means a big yard…" he clenched his fist. "Fine you win. I’l going back to the bedroom and I’m getting under the blankets, and I’m going to me you little girlfriend who is afraid to come out and do anything." he stripped off his boxers and throw them at her before walking past the couch and into the bedroom and crawling under the blanket making good on his threat. -07:15 Oct 22
Jayden: "My girlfriend isn’t afraid of anything either!" She shouted at him, not moving off the couch. She was twisting up his boxers in her hands and thinking about strangling him with it. -07:17 Oct 22
Jayden: "Infact my girlfriend has no problem facing down demons or humans while prancing around in cute little skirts! Because she likes being what she is inspite of the world! Kind of like my boyfriend before he decided to be homebound pussy!" Now she might’ve just crossed the line to being a real bitch…. but she could only be understanding and compassionate for so long! So he was hurt! He needed to get over it! -07:24 Oct 22
Cupio: "JAYDEN!" the call came from the bedroom and it was muffled enough to not be able to tell what kind of voice it was stomping from the bedroom and Cupio, red eyes ablaze adn bright orance hair swept back and put a foot up on the couch. "Then let’s go and find a house and fuck everything else. I’m going like this of I have to, dressed like this if I have to to proove all I want is to be happy with you and everythign else can burn for all I care." he was naked and was already moving away from the couch towards the door. "You’re coming with me or coming to stop me, either way you’re getting of that couch." -07:31 Oct 22
Jayden: "No! Fuck it! You were right and everything is pointless and blahblahblah!" Yep, deliberately being a pain in the ass. Jayden crossed her arms, and her legs and gave the most belligerent angry pout she could muster. -07:39 Oct 22
Cupio: The door opened and a naked Mcboobs stepped outside and closed it behind himself. If Jayden wanted to sulk then he really was searching for a house his way. ANd that was to picture the entire city in his head and go in the direction the felt right, and if Jayden wasn’t catching up with clothes, then… he was already heading down the stairs and passing people on their way bah to thier appartments and giving them falsely cheery waves. -07:42 Oct 22
Jayden: Jayden sat there for about two minutes before she realized he really did leave the house buttass naked and as a woman. She was off the couch in a second, running to grab the first couple of clothes she could find both mcboobs and not to stuff in a bag. Then she was chasing, yelling down the sidewalk as she caught up. "The least you could do is not get arrested…! We’re not going to be able to afford baby stuff if we have to pay a dozen fines for public exposure!" -07:50 Oct 22
Cupio: "It got you off you couch, didn’t it." he pointed out and kept going. There was an area of town up ahead he got a good feeling from. "You were meant to stop be before I left." He stopped and looked at her. "So what did you bring me? Going to parade me around in a tight little skirt? This reminds me, once we’ve found where I’m going we’re going to the mall. I need to order something." -07:55 Oct 22
Jayden: Jayden paused and frowned at him. "No. I brought you a choice. …Cupio… I understand if you don’t want to be a woman for awhile. I’m okay with that. I just don’t want you to do it forever. I don’t want you to be afraid." -08:01 Oct 22
Cupio: "I won’t be afraid one we have a house and I’ve set it up so that no one inside it can be summoned. There are countermeasures, and thinks we can do to make it safer. It’s never one hundred persent but nothing ever is. I’m getting a very good feeling about this direction too, but I should get dressed. What did you bring?" he hopped up and rewarded her with a kiss while taking the bag and opening it to look inside, take out the mcboobs outfit and start getting dressed right there. He was proving somethign to her and she had beter not forget the lesson. -08:06 Oct 22
Jayden: He was staying like this. And she might’ve still looked a little concerned, but at least her stance relaxed a bit. "That sounds like a good start… and then we can make sure there’s no way to summon you elsewhere too. There’s always a way." Jayden crossed her arms while he dressed, occasionally glaring at anyone that cast them a weird look when they passed. "And in a few days when you’re feeling better, you’ll go back to work?" -08:12 Oct 22
Cupio: He was in underwear now and then pulling on the pants Jayden had brought and the shirt. "There is a way, but I don’t want to do that until we get that baby out of you, it’s too dangerous otherwise." he wasn’t going to elaborate as he pulled on and wipped up the boots and then looked at Jayden. "I’ll go to work when we’re settled into a new place and at least have had sex. You don’t knwo how much it gets to me that the last person to fuck me was that animal. Thit is not the first time I’ve been raped Jayden. I’ll get better." -08:16 Oct 22
Jayden: "I’ve been wanting to sex you since I woke up this morning…" she muttered. She’d pounce on him right then in the street if she could. But she wanted him feeling safe more than she wanted the sex. Jayden finally just heaved a heavy sigh and grabbed him to hug him. "We’ll look at that house and I’ll have the damned contract before the day is done." -08:22 Oct 22
Cupio: "What house?" he asked. "I have no idea where I’m going, all I know is I get a good feeling from this direction." he gave up and hugged her back, finally able to drop the act and just melt. "Don’t ever give up on me Jayden, or I’ll have to rape some sense into you." he nuzzled the side of her neck before letting go and looking in the direction he had been eading in. "Any places on your list about three blocks that way? Near the park, kind of a block away from the school. That are is in a good area, one that feels good anyway." -08:26 Oct 22
Jayden: The brief contact wasn’t enough and Jayden was pulling him right back to her to cling to again. He had no idea how much he jerked her feelings back and forth all the time! "There’s a couple… and even if the best house has people already in it, I’ll throw them out and take it." she mumbled in to his hair. Finally she did let go, reluctantly, digging in her back pocket until she pulled out a crumpled piece of paper that had house listings circled messily with red pen. -08:32 Oct 22
Cupio: It was his turn to grab hold of her again and jump up to talk into her ear. "I love you Jayden. No matter what happens." then he was holding onto her hand with both hands and walking with har his cheek against her shoulder. "You’re just trying to do your best. I’m just not going to be right for now. I’m sorry. But I’ll still be here adn I’ll still do anything to proove I love you." -08:36 Oct 22
Jayden: "As long as you’re you, Coop, you don’t have to do anything. …but I AM glad you’re out to look at houses. I’m having these annoying urges to clean things and paint walls and make socks and crap… I don’t think Princess wants to sleep on a couch." Jayden squeezed his hand and glanced down at her stomach to poke at it. It had to of been a couple months and she just looked like she had been drinking too many beers. The kid was either going to be really small, or she was gonna explode out of her like some sort of alien. -08:45 Oct 22
Cupio: "We need a name. Princess it’s a good name. I want a real name, one that is hers and not a word." he looked up at her and then down the street. "ANd we’d at least her her a crib. I don’t think couches are baby safe. I don’t know what is baby safe. I know nothign about babies." he was just realizing that. He had been raised in a nursery but everyone had been the same age. "Jayden, I’ve never seen a baby, not even a demon. What are we going to do?" -08:48 Oct 22
Jayden: "Uuum… well, I think if we don’t accidentally kill her in the first couple of weeks, we’ll be okay." She eyed him a moment before she grinned. "Babies have happened since the beginning of time, they’re probably pretty idiot-proof for parents that really want it… What about Angelle? It’d hilariously ironic and I think it’s a family name…" -08:53 Oct 22
Cupio: "She’ll be out little angel but I don’t think a bemon called that would be very kind on her. She’d get teased." he kept walking and soon pointed. "Coffee thop, close to where I want to go, and a park. If we get the house we’re getting take away double chocolate mocha or whatever they’re called. Yes Jayden, mocha." he was playing it up for her, he was still feeling mad and horrible inside but he was looking at her hoping to see that smile that made everything better. -08:57 Oct 22
Jayden: A half smirk slipped out, despite the fact she was biting on her lip to keep from doing it. Jayden leaned to kiss his temple. "I think a new house deserves celebratory mocha. We could name her Sugar! A little sweet thing, that is probably full of it the way she kicks me all the damn time." -09:03 Oct 22
Cupio: He put a hand on her stomach and sighed. "No, not Sugar. She’ll me out sweet little angel but if she’s as bouncy as me we’ll be run into the ground inside a week." Talking about the baby was nice. Somehting to look forwards to. Somethign that was scary but wonderful at the same time. "Phaedra. I like Phaedra. She will be out bright shiny light and remind us we have a normal life together." he was still looking up at her. "More of an angel anme than a demon one too. Our little angel." he was actually smiling now too. "If not I have a few demon ones… cursed names, evil names." he was joking but the grin that formed was all too wicked. -09:13 Oct 22
Jayden: A good name was important to Jayden. Cupio’s name meant desire and he was… exactly that! Her own name didn’t really mean anything, and what did she have most her life? Jayden grinned, taking his face in her hands to give him a gentle kiss. "Phaedra is perfect. I like Phaedra. We probably have enough demon to deal with without giving her a crazy name to live up to." -09:18 Oct 22
Cupio: "Takign away my dreams of watching my daughter become supreme empres of the mortal plane?" he poked her in the side. "I’d rather she had a normal life tooOOOOOH!" there was a four bedroom house in a row of ones exactly the same, but this one was the one he had imagined remembering the city and he gripped her arm tighter looking at it. He had no idea if it was for sale or not but it was the one that felt right. Weather it was because of what was arounf it, or because it was magical in some way, or ebcause Cupio was a demon and knew what he wanted when he say it he had no idea. "Theres the one I want." -09:24 Oct 22
Jayden: Now she was smiling. This was her chipper excited Mcboobs. There was a decent sized gate, which Jayden liked. She stepped up to peer through the bars and examine the property. "No one lives here… but there’s no sale sign either. Might be owned by the bank." She turned to grin at him again. "Are you sure you want this one? We can always sneak inside and look." -09:28 Oct 22
Cupio: He was already leting go of her arm and sliding over to the fence to close his eyes and breathe deep. "Come over here Jaydemon." he said "Let go of everythign and feel the suroundings here. You should be able to if I saw correctly yesterday. While you have the baby in you you may as well learn what it’s like to be able to feel eveything around you." -09:37 Oct 22
Jayden: "You want me to get all nature demon?" That was so ridiculous… but Jayden stepped over to him, closing her eyes while still wearing that smirk. "So what am I supposed to be feeling, exactly?" -09:40 Oct 22
Cupio: Heslid sloser to her and leaned close. "Not nature demon Jayden. Lust demon. And you’re meant to be feeling everything. I do, all the time. He half tunrned and looked down the street. Here, let me help." He bit down hard on his tongue and let the blood pool before he grabbed Jayden’s head and pushed his lips into hers, pushed her lips apart and forsed the blood into her mouth and quickly pulled away. "Swallow." he said leaning back against the fence trying not to fall victim to the effects of his own blood but already feeling the hightened sensation, the slight headiness and the feral desire taking hold. Then he was clibling over the fense to get a closer look at the house. -09:46 Oct 22
Jayden: Why did he think he could kiss her and just shimmy away. She felt something all right, but it wasn’t ‘everything’. Strange though that the taste of blood was actually pleasant and gave such a nice warm feeling, kinda like drinking down a good shot. Jayden made sure no one was looking, then she was just as quickly hopping over the fence to follow. "i never have any problems feeling lust…" -09:52 Oct 22
Cupio: He giggled and turned to her. "I’m not talking about lust Jayden." he said turneing and walking backwards to grin at her only stopping when his tail brushed against the stair warning him it was there. "Jayden, don’t you remember I told you I’m very sensitive to my enviroment. That if placed in a room aranges just right I could get so worked up I would need to be constantly fucked or masterbating to stay satisfied, that another room could make me blisful, or a single object out of place in a room is like nails on a chalkboard. "This entire neighborhood is centered around this house, probably an accident btu I feel is Jayden. Vibrating in my bones. There is power here. Sweet seductive power and I can shape it into a spell to prevent summonings, or the horniest place in the city, or both. He was backed up against the door him and pressing himself against it subcontiously. The blood, the subject and the location not the best thing to be haing when he was trying to get Jayden to feel things other then just and he was feeling that himself. "Tell me you cna pick a lock Jayden. I don’t want to have to buy a new door." -10:04 Oct 22
Jayden: "One day I will tell you what I got in to as a teenager…" She wanted to be as sensitive as he was, as aware of every little detail… and she could feel some of it. When she paused and opened herself to it and tried to -not- concentrate on the fact he smelled so, so good and him talking about their potential home with that sweetly erotic tenor. Once she followed him up the steps, she really wasn’t all that concerned about the door. Bracing her hands on either side of him and leaning so she could nuzzle her nose against his cheek. -10:12 Oct 22
Cupio: "Whoever they were they’re really lucky." he said turnign his head to give her better access and placing his ahdns in her sides to hld her against him. It didn’t seem to accur to him she might not be talkign about a person. "But Jayden is mine now. Anyone wanting her is dead, or worse." His tail wrapped around her thigh and he could have purred. "I want this house Jayden." -10:16 Oct 22
Jayden: Jayden laughed, taking the opportunity to steal a kiss, and really, really wishing she could get lost in fucking him senseless! "Then I will get this house for you. And if I don’t have the keys by tonight, then you can just tie me up and punish me… " -10:20 Oct 22
Cupio: "I might tie you up and reward you anyway if your do." he said almost breathlessly sliding his arms arouond her and mving in to nuzzle her neck. "Either way you’re getting laid tonight Jayden, and you get to choose which Cupio gets to fuck you. -10:23 Oct 22
My Demon Roommate

My Demon Roommate 016: The Summoning

[Jayden is getting man snuggles. Because, godamnit, sometimes a pregnant woman wants man snuggles.] -12:11 Oct 21
[Cupio is shirtlessly snuggling his woman and slowly nuzzlifn against her neck enjoying her scent and whispering sweet nothings into her ear.] -12:12 Oct 21
Jayden: After tons of chaos, it was great just spending a day in bed with Cupio doing absolutely nothing. If she could purr like a cat, that’s what she’d be doing right then. Eyes closed and curled against him in contentment. This was the way she liked her days! …aside from the very nice gratuitous sex. That was also good. -12:17 Oct 21
Cupio: He sighed and slowly ran his hand though her hair. "Her scent is stronger." he said. "Our little girl." he rowned suddenly and waved hsi arm befing his head as if shooing off a fly, as his brown knit… someone was calling his name… -12:22 Oct 21
Jayden: "She’s infuriatingly chipper for something that’s barely even a person yet." she muttered against his skin. Though she shifted when he suddenly moved, giving him a curious look. "Suppose she has a personality already?" Jayden snatched his hand. He wasn’t allowed to be distracted when it was her snuggle time. -12:27 Oct 21
Cupio: "She has a soul." he said. relaxing and swooping in for a kiss. "So she has a personality, and is a person. "There is was again and his whole body reacted hitting him harder because he was relaxed and he shuddered clenching his teeth. "Jayden." he breathed. Realixing what it was even as he felt the change begin, his pants getting looser, his chest swelling and he whimpered in pain. "Summoning.. somone is summoning me…" He cling to her desperatly focusing everything he could on resisting, but it was a strong spell. "Help me." she voice wasn’t thay of mancoop, but the frightened whimper of his more delicate form. -12:35 Oct 21
Jayden: Summoning HER Cupio? Her already summoned, belongs to her and only her Cupio? He was terrified, and her stomach lurched with panic. She was already trying to grab on to him in hopes of keeping him with her, or going with him and kicking the ever loving shit out of whatever was trying to take him! -12:38 Oct 21
Cupio: He pressed his face against her and then was gone, clothing, Jayden, the tears pooled in Jayden’s shoulders, his ring, all left behind. He though he was done with this, he should he was bound to Jayden, this wasn’t meant to be possible, and he couldn’t keep himself from screwing his eyes closed and wanting to sob! -12:45 Oct 21

And there she appeared! In the center of a circle with symbols drawn in fresh blood. An amazing amount of fresh blood… in the center of a room that looked incredibly well decorated. Expensive furniture, clean modern lines. Everything was immaculate, save for the bloody floor… And there there, just outside the circle was a very pleased looking man. Tall and lanky, with both hands covered in red. One holding a knife and the other holding a stained picture. “I… I did it…!”

Cupio: Fear was turning to anger and slowly he stood. Past the smell ing the blood there was his scent. "You have summoned me, human?" killer instincts were taking over and he turned slowly towards him, tenativly taking half a step forwards to check for wards before he slasped hsi ahdns behind his back and tilted his head town and away, but looking at the man with his eyes. "Why don’t you take a step closer and claim your prize?" A fistful of claws ripping your heart out. -12:55 Oct 21

“Your true name is Cupio. I summoned so many others by mistake trying to find you… but I did it…!” He voice was young, but he couldn’t be much older than Jayden. He stepped closer, yet didn’t cross the outline of the circle. His wide-eyed, amazed stare narrowed. “You’re beautiful. And dangerous. You know that… I have wanted a woman like you for so long…” It was the knife that raised up to point at her. “You have to obey me. I made sure. With enough blood any demon can be stolen from it’s master.”

Cupio: There was a glimmer of uncertainty, he sounded like he knew what he was talking about. "Dinding demons against thier will is illegal now. Before you summoned me I was happily in bed next to a very beautiful adn very naked woman, what makes you think the sacind this circle is broken I won’t leave you and go back to her?" There was the smell of the blood again, both human, and demon. "Demons have to be earned, one way or the other." -01:09 Oct 21

“Because you can’t.” His mouth curved in to a cheshire grin, the tip of the knife tilting from side to side in perfect time. “With every one I summoned by mistake, I learned. The symbols to draw. The spells to chant. The more blood spilled, the stronger the spell. Every. single. one. is here now… on this floor.” And by that he must have meant each demon he summoned, and then some. All bled in and smeared in to his summoning circle. The picture in his hand dropped to the floor. He had the real thing now. “I want you on your knees. Call me your master.”

Cupio: He felt the wieght of his words, but it was not a direct order, he didn’t have to obey, still his knees bent just enough for it to show. Cupio was caught, but the man would have to play his hand very carefully. Still there was a sinking feeling in stomach. "How many, master." the second part had been an order. "How meny died to bring me to you?" Each one would be avenged. -01:22 Oct 21

The knife lowered and his smile remained. He began pacing. Taking slow, deliberate steps around the very outside of the circle. “Twenty eight demons, seventeen humans, two angels… those were especially hard to get.” He paused. “Get on your knees.”

Cupio: He had been turning to follow his progress then his second order struck him adn his felt his muscles respond, lowering him to first one knee then the other, He tried to transform, maybe seeing a man would ruin this for him, but he couldn’t and trying bage the burning pain return adn he whimpered. "What makes me special enough to be bought with all that? Surely one of those demons sould have satisfiied you?"he was still looking at him as best he could. "Why did you decide it had to be me?" -01:30 Oct 21

“Because I love you… [i]Cupio[/i]…” He said her name with such a revered tone. Once she was on her knees, he was walking again. Only this time, crossing in to the circle in a slow spiral. “Demons are such cold evil creatures. But you… Cupio… every picture filled with warmth. Innocence even. A dangerous, innocent beauty…” He was close enough now to touch her, reaching out his hand to brush his still blood-wet knuckles against her cheek. “You are everything I want.”

Cupio: HE shuddered with his tough, pulling his head away from hsu hand. "Those are staged, I am a demon, no different from any of the others." he had though he had been helping the image of demons with those, why would someone fall in love with them. "You’re jest feeling the effects of my gift, ny name after all means Desire." he didn’t want to look at the man but he forced himself to, pulling his hair back the look up at him, fear and wetness more visible in his face than he wanted them to be. This man said he loved her, but he didn’t smell like he knew what love was at all and that was sad. Maybe Cupio would take a night to try and show him, maybe if he didn’t have Jayden and a baby. Jayden! He’d see her again, no one would stop her. But now wasn’t the time to think of sad things! -01:45 Oct 21

“A special demon. A very special demon.” He stopped in front of her, suddenly grabbing her chin to force her head back. “Do not shirk away from me. You look so sweet like this, Cupio. You don’t need to be sad…” One minute he was forceful and the next… he was caressing her face softly and brushing a thumb over the wetness of her cheek, only seeming to make it worse by smearing blood on her face. “You love me too. I see it in your face.” He broke away, crossing the room and leaving bare bloodied footprints over the carpet. He sat down on a white chair, draping his arms over the armrests. The knife clutched loose in his hand. “Get up and come here, Cupio.”

Cupio: He had broken the circle by stepping on it and noy Cupio could leave it. Every command he gave was tying him closer with his will and slowly Cupio stood. "Do you know what love is?" he was walking slowly towards him to stand in srong of his chair. "It’s warm, and tender, and is shared and never demanded. It’s naturan and never forced. Have you ever felt like that?" he stood trying to cover himself up with his hands. -02:03 Oct 21

“Don’t hide yourself from me.” He leaned back in his chair, gazing over her from head to toe. A worshiping sort of look, pure and unadulterated appreciation. “Love is passion. Desire. A consuming force of nature that swallows up your every thought and want until all you can think about is that one thing… Having that one thing.” The knife in his hand was tilting back and forth again. “Come straddle my lap, Cupio. Show your master love.”

Cupio: He had to obey and moved to place his knees either side of the man’s hips on the chair to sit on his legs. "That sounds like obcession." he was finally able to look into th eman’s face and not flinch. She did he feel so sad for him not to know what love is. "I don’t like calling you master, you have to have a name, why can’t you tell me that?" he was reaching out to touch the man’s cheek, maybe appearing to his humanity would work. We was just a lost soul that wanted love but didn’t know what it was. -02:15 Oct 21

“Love. Obsession. Desire. Hate. Lust. Fear. They are all the same.” He didn’t move, or even try to touch her. Rather he stared her straight in the yes without blinking, and without anything else but that adoration. “You will call me Master.” he stated slowly, as if she wasn’t quite understanding. He finally moved then, raising the hand with the knife between them, pressing the blade against her collar bone and dragging it against the skin. It was so sharp it cut a thin line of red without an ounce of pain. “Call me Master, precious Cupio. Or your every mistake will be marked in blood.”

Cupio: He was afraid again and pulled his hand back, finally understanding. "Yes, Master." he bropped his gaze and pulled away sitting upright. Everythign he said demons were, cold, manipulative, confused, desperate, that was what he was, and he wanted to hbe more human. Cupio, or what he saw in the pictures was what he wanted, and wanted to be. "I’m sorry." Sorry you’re so confused inside. Smelling his own blood though always had the same effect on him, desire, desire to kill, desire to fuck, detire to feel, maybe this man knew that and that thought chilled him, how much did this man know? -02:31 Oct 21

The cheshire smile was on his face again. This was, exactly, what he wanted. He straightened and leaned forward, one arm curling around her waist. His hand pressing against the small of her back, cold and wet with blood. His nose nuzzled against his collarbone, taking in a deep slow breath of her scent. “You feel it, don’t you, precious Cupio. Your true instinct. Your real purpose. …that woman did not know how to use you.” he muttered in contempted against her skin. “Get up and take off my clothes.”

Cupio: He had been moving to hug himself, but he had to obey. "Yes, Master." Sliding back and kneeling over his he moved his hands forwards to undo the top button of his shirt and then the next, adn the next the quick succesion. He didn’t want to think about his smell, but it was everywhere, along with the scent of the other blood and the feeling of it against his skin. Under any other circomstanced this would drive him crazy. "That woman loves he." he said. "She doesn’t need blood or tricks or spells to get me to do what she says." Half the buttons were undone and he would stop if he could. ANd he really wished there wasn’t any feeling between his legs right now. -02:49 Oct 21

The man gave a sudden snarl. His perfectly complacent temperment was gone as his hand shot up to grip the back of her neck and yank her an inch away from his face. The knife was pressed up against her cheek now, metal biting in to smooth skin. “She doesn’t love you the way I love. I love you. Never speak of her again. There is only me. Do you understand?” Just in case she didn’t his grip on the back of her neck tightened and the blade pressed harder against her cheek.

Cupio: He swallowed against his hand and closed his eyes. "Understood, Master." He hated calling this man Master, but the work came no matter how much he fought it. He was still and fought to keep still his hands pressed against tha man’s chest to keep stable. -02:57 Oct 21

“Good.” His voice softened again, as did his grip. His hand slide from around her neck to brush his fingers over her collarbone, graze the cut he had made there and then finally to cup a breast. He was teasing the nipple with his thumb as he leaned back again, resting his other arm back on the chair. “Continue. Then get on your knees before me. If you want to use that mouth, you’ll use it to please your master.”

Cupio: He nodded his mouth suddenly unablr to function. He got to the last button and pulled it free and pulled the shirt from his shoulders and opened it, pulling his forward and pulling it off his arms. He had been ordered to remove it. Then he slid from the man’s lap and knelt in front of the chair to pull the clasp of his pants open and undo the zip, then he looked up at the man’s fave in almost a silent plea as he rocked back to pull of his shoes. -03:09 Oct 21

“You’re beautiful like this. Pretending to be coy, when I know you live off this. Thrive on it like the air you breathe.” Again the knife was tilting back and forth in his hand, like a nervous tick. “Don’t waste time. Put your mouth around my dick and show master what love feels like. precious Cupio.”

Cupio: His hands moved up to pull his pants open and reach inside to stroke against his shaft and oull it out as he moved up and closing his eyes tight parted his lip and shudered when he felt them touch him. He wished he wasn’t a demon, that he didn’t have to d this, that the smell in the air and constant horniness didn’t make it feel almost good, and that only revolted him more. There was a wimper as holding the base of his shaft he sunk down. He could only hop it would be over soon. -03:23 Oct 21

A low hiss of breath escape the man, and his body was tense. That touch of her lips was even sweeter than he imagined, making him twitch and swell in her mouth. His hand reached down to gently caress her hair, lovingly even as her murmured his encouragment. “Do you love me, Cupio? You will. Every day you will love me…”

Cupio: What me spoke about love it made him want to shout at him, but right now that was impossible, slowly he slid back up, tongue wrapping around his girth like a snake. Cupio was under orders to show him how he woulf do it to someone her loved, that was a worst hard. Having to do the extras, the special things, like brushing a lenngth of tongue against the tipbefore pthing down and giving just the barest nick of fang at the bottom as he rubbed the base with his fingers and moaned to add viration against him. All the time while holding back tears. -03:36 Oct 21

Fingers curled in to her hair, until he was gripping a handful of it in a tight fist. He shifted, growling under his breath as he gave a quick sudden thrust in to her mouth before her jerked her head back. Pulling her up by the hair, he hand her on his lap again. His arm with the knife curling around her waist, the blade pressing up against her spine. “Fuck me. Now.”

Cupio: He almost chokes when he trust and it hurt to be pulled up and he cried out falling agaist his chest and cross his stomach. "No…" he whimpered even as his legs loved to straddle him. "Yes, Master." he took hold of his shaft again and moved bown fellling his tip parting his ford adn he screwed his eyes shut and bit his lip not letting himself make a sound ever as his hadn gripped the man’s shoulder for stability and he shifted up to fall back down. He had to obey and he haded his body for doing it. -03:51 Oct 21

“Look at me when you fuck me.” He enjoyed this… even moreso because there was that look of pain and resistance on her face. Releasing her hair, his hand ran down her body again. Over the shoulder blade and her side to brush over her breast and give her a tight squeeze. The flat of the blade was cold against her back. Shifting upwards to rest between her wings.

Cupio: He opened his eyes and looked at him still biting his lip and moving up and down, feeling a small part of him welcoming the sensation and whimpering. Thi was not love, this was not making love, this was not even sex, and still he was riding him and looking at him his eyes getting wet again and his other hand gripping the wrist of the hand on his chest. The man was enjoying this and that made it ten times worse. Jayden was right, modeling was a terrible idea. Oh Jayden, please don’t hate me for what I’m doing. -04:03 Oct 21

His grip tightened to the point of being painful before he let go. The man’s arm circling around her waist and suddenly pu;;ing her hard against him. His arms were locked tight, as he thrust upwards with his hips. Grunting from the exertion and his breath falling against her skin in short sharp huffs. He was controlling the pace now, that chesire grin so wide that his clenched teeth could be seen. His arms squeezing her to the point that the blade of his knife was starting to cut in to her skin.

Cupio: He held onto the man, there was nothing else he could do, arms thrown around his and hands cluching hus back. He moaned with the pain of the knowe coupled with the spreading warmth between his legs before he bit his tongue hard enough to draw blood. Big mistake. If the smell of his blood was bad, the taste was a hundred times worse and he stuch out his tongue to aboud tasting it, resting his head sideways against the man’s chest. -04:17 Oct 21

His precious demon was melting all around him, and with just a few more hard thrusts he was done, stiffening with a low grunt as he came. When his body relaxed his hands were roaming over her skin. Rubbing her own blood up and down her back as he so affectionately nuzzled against her hair. “Didn’t you like it, precious Cupio?” he mumbled in to her ear. “I am going to make you cum next. Until you cry out for your master.”

Cupio: He was already throbbing but hadn’t come. He could feel the man’s juices inside him and is made him feel sick. He didn’t want this, he didn’t want this at all. He looked up at him and pulled his tongue back into his mouth the wound hading already closed even if there was still blood on his chin. "Havn’t I satisfied you, Master?" He wanted a subserviant demon that loved his mistreatment, he could smell that and the longer he was here the more that will woud inforse itself on him. "Are you not pleased?" -04:31 Oct 21

“No, you haven’t. Not yet.” he muttered, his thumb brushing over her chin to wipe away a line of blood. Really only smearing it worse. That just resulted in him tilting forward to lick it from her chin. “In a minute you will scream for me.” He stood with her, depositing her with no gentleness on to her feet before leaving her there and crossing the room. The knife was abandoned on a side table. Another bloody marr on the otherwise perfect room. From a drawer he pulled out a collar and a leash. And when he returned to her, he was hooking it around her neck nice and tight. Too tight.

Cupio: He almost fell when he was dropped and had a hand on the chair and his knees bent to stay stable and so wasn’t watching his and was surprised when he almost choked him with the collar and put her other hand on it to the and pull it to give it some slack. "Master?" he looked at him and felt another throb between his legs. Before he forsed himself to stand uprighthis eyes on him constantly, searching, insure as a mix of spell, blood, desire and fear crashed around his mind. "Please…" he couldn’t ask him to stop, he didn’t want him to so he just gave and sobbed. He couldn’t take any more, he didn’t want to come for this monster. -04:46 Oct 21

“You’re going to come for me. To beg for me.” He jerked hard on the leash until he had her on her knees before him. His smile was gone and his expression was cold. “Touch yourself for your master.”

Cupio: He looked at he him and her hand obeyed moving down to his still wet fonds and running a fingir over him and the sensation made him wimper and avert his eyes. But his hips welcomed it and shidted forwards against his hand. Better this that that asshole. Much better. He sucked on his lip as the sensation started to seep back, this time with less holding back. -04:57 Oct 21
[Jayden enters.] -05:11 Oct 21

She was beautiful and perfect like this. That sweet, innocent face flushed red with desire and carnal sins. “Look at me.” He pulled hard on the leash, pulling her head upwards as he stepped close. “I want to see your face as you pleasure yourself and suck me off.”

Cupio: He looked up and whimpered, lips parting as he glanced down at him. No he didn’t want to feel this way with him. He reaced out and put a hand on his hip to hold him back his other hand still obeying and dipping a finger inside, feeling his juice still there and he wasted to him his lip but couldn’t to stop himself from moaning before his mouth needed to stay ready for him. This wasn’t right. -05:20 Oct 21
[(Timeout) Jayden was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -05:34 Oct 21

Leash in one hand, pulling her forward, his other rest on top of her head to grip in to her hair. He reveled in this. That coy game she play, when he knew how much she loved him. He tilted her head sharply to the side when he thrust himself in to her mouth again.

Cupio: As soon as that hard mass was him his mouth Cupio was sucking and moaning, his long tongue caressing the shaft and tip as he moved forwards the hand as his own crotch moving faster and rubbing against his clit, he was getting closer and he couldn’t stop. HE was going to come and that made him sob against the dick filling his mouth and then whimper. Was this better than coming while being fucked? Any better at all? -05:39 Oct 21
Jayden: One. Two. Three. That’s all it took for the doorframe to splitter and Jayden to kick it open. When she stalked in to the place, she looked as if she had thrown on the nearest tshirt and jeans she had found and just ran the entire way. But despite that discheveled look there was the fury, a hard feral look… almost even fangy as she snarled. Jayden smelled it before her vision even registered. The blood, sex, more blood, Cupio, sex… that human. In her hand was the Rulebreaker. And as she stalked across the floor she stooped, dragging the tip of it straight through the blood circle on the floor, leaving a gash burned through the carpet. "You. took. what’s. MINE." The sigil was cut but that wasn’t enough. Her rage was so strong, it was almost tangible! -05:48 Oct 21

The man was shocked, almost to the point of being dumbfounded. He never expected to be found! And that woman almost looked like a demon herself. He was stepping to the side, still with a tight grip on Cupio’s hair and the leash before he shoved her forward towards the other woman. “Get rid of her. Kill her if you need to.”

Cupio: He stood and tuned. "Jayden." she voice was a feral hiss as he moved his hand away from himself, wet and shiny in ht e low light. Wings frew and spread outwards in Cupio’s typical thread display and he licked his lips talking forwards leaping at Jayden and wrapping his arms around her and pressing his lips into hers running his tongue against those fangs at the two of them fell down in a heap, then his hand closed around Jayden’s throat and started to squeeze. "You shouldn’t have comer said I can’t talk about you.e, Mast -05:58 Oct 21
Jayden: "Master." she growled, her voice even lower than before. No. No amount of kissing or smell of sex would deter her. Not even her typical want of avoiding hurting him. Jayden grabbed his wrist and twisted hard. Using a surprising amount of strength to shove him off her. Then it was Jayden on top of him, hand pressed down against his chest to hold him against the floor as she was straddled over him. He was covered in blood…. his own blood. She could smell that human all over him. As she looked up at the man she was narrowing her eyes. "Don’t move, Coop, or I WILL hurt you before I hurt him." She was going to do more than hurt him. -06:05 Oct 21
Cupio: He grappled with her and growled. His hand wrenched from from her throat and bruised taking hold of her wrist as his other hand took hold of her hair and oulled her downwards wings joining in. "You won’t hust me. You won’t hurt me. You never hurt me." -06:09 Oct 21
Jayden: He was getting in the way of what she wanted. And right now what she wanted so vastly out-weighed the love and care that she had for him, Jayden didn’t think twice. Pushing herself up with the hand that clutched the Rulebreaker, she back-handed him with the other! And even while she was trying to disentangle herself from him, she was keeping an eye on that bastard human. He wasn’t going to escape and he wasn’t going to use her Cupio against her. -06:16 Oct 21
Cupio: Jayden hit him? That just made him go limp and not able to move looking up at the ceiling. He gave up, all emotion and tention melting away before the shock of it leaving him limp on the floor with no energy to move. That would come later, but for now, Jayden him him, and nothing else mattered. -06:20 Oct 21
Jayden: Apologies would come later. For not it was murder. The human was running. He started the moment Cupio went limp. But Jayden was quick. Pouncing like… well, a demon! Her nails were long and sharp when she grabbed him and slammed him against one of the walls. Her thumbanil digging up in to his chin. "You think you can take the father of my child from me? You thinking binding someone against their will is fun? I will show you a whole new world of fun, you still little fuck." And up it went, the Rulebreaker. Right through his gut. And as he twitched, she twisted the blade, stepping backwards and pulling him with her like a human shishkabob. Jayden didn’t pull him loose until she was throwing his body on top of his own summoning circle. Then she was stabbing the blade in to the carpet. The whole thing lit up like fire, the man shrieking and writhing on the floor until he was gone. All that was left was a still raging Jayden, kneeling at the circle with a shiny little orb in her hand. -06:28 Oct 21
Cupio: He was on his side watching the whole thing, the noor now full of nothing more the the smell of rurning flesh and the soft glow of the orb. "We have to give it back." he said. "To the police, I already kept one for you, we can’t keep any more." his voice was weak and he was still in shick. Jayden had acted exactly like a demon, and it was scary. Jayden had hit him, and that was. THe worst thing in the world, worse than that asshole. -06:33 Oct 21
Jayden: "No." It was all she said about that subject. That feral look had passed and her expression softened almost immediately. Jayden was up and at his side in an instant. Setting the knife on the floor as he made quick work of getting that fucking collar and leash off. The her hands were gently brushing his face and over his hair, checking to see what damage was done…. getting pissed off all over again! No one was getting that soul. That soul was hers and the little shit was going to suffer for the rest of eternity. -06:37 Oct 21
Cupio: He didn’t look at her. He didn’t want to. He had fucked someone else and she had hit him. He did reach out to put a hand on the rulebreaker though. "I should cure you, cure you of being a demon. Being a demon was dangerous adn he wanted to protect Jayden even if Jayden hated him now. "If you don’t kill me too. I want." he wanted a happy safe Jayden, adn a happt safe baby. Demons were never safe, n matter where they were or what they did. -06:41 Oct 21
Jayden: Jayden pulled him up in to a sitting position, then she was pulling off her own shirt. Taking his arms to put through the holes and tugging it down over his head. "Do you understand why I hit you, Coop?" she murmured softly, taking his face in her hands and forcing him to look at her. "You were bound. You couldn’t stop yourself, and I couldn’t let you stop me from getting to him. I needed to save you and you were not letting me go." -06:46 Oct 21
Cupio: He closed a hand arounf her forearm and closed his eyes. "I’m never going to be safe Jay." he said still nt using any of his own strength to stay upright. "There in nothing I can do for me. I am nothing but demon, you can’t use the knife to take away all I am. I don’t want to de a demon anymore. I want to be safe and I want to have a daughter and I want to have a life and…" he threw his arms arounf her and burried his face against her stomach. "I’m never going to be safe Jayden. You acted like a demon today, how can I know you won’t be safe too." He curled up against her and shook. "If you’re not giving it back, eat it, eat it and be done with it." -06:54 Oct 21
Jayden: "No. I am not going to eat it." This time he refusal was much more gentle as she spoke softly. Petting his hair softly and rubbing his arms. She could see streaks of blood seeping through the shirt, even with his wings keeping the fabric directly off his skin. Eating it was not enough. "You are what you are, just like I am who I am. Our daughter will be part of us both. We can’t change it… and why should we? Because there are assholes in the world? I’ll protect you, Cupio. This will be the last time I ever fail you. I will kill every person in this world if that’s what it takes to keep you safe. I’ll sell my soul to devils, and I might even have to hit you to save you from yourself… but I promise I will keep you safe." -07:04 Oct 21
Cupio: "You can’t sell what is mine Jay." he said firmly looking up at her sharply. "I won’t allow you, and I will kill any devil that tries to take it. I will raise hell to the ground and take on every demon there is to rule the ashes if that is what it takes. No selling your soul." -07:09 Oct 21
Jayden: She cracked a smile, taking his face in to her hands as she leaned forward to brush a kiss against his mouth. "Okay. Everything but sell my soul. Just please don’t leave me. I’ll do everything you need me to do, so you feel safe." -07:14 Oct 21
Cupio: "I can’t leave you Jay. I Don’t want to leave you. I was so worried I would never see you again and I had to do everything he said and he made me fuck him Jayden. I have him inside me." he looked down. "I don’t want to have him inside me, I want him gone, get rid of him." -07:19 Oct 21
Jayden: She actually pouted…! It was hers. To squeeze every ounce of pain and vengeance out of until the little thing was nothing left but a little spark of pure anguish. But Cupio… Slowly she offered him her hand, opening it up for him to take the little orb. He needed this, more than she did… "Take it, then. Do what you want to him. Just don’t give him to the police." -07:27 Oct 21
Cupio: He actually shifted away from the orb and hid behind Jayden’s leg. "I don’t want him." he said. "I just don’t want him around me, my jayden, or my daughter, and stop acting like a demon Jayden, I know you become more of one the more the baby grown but I’m the demon in this relationship and if you go full demon on me I’m going be stuck giving you lessons." -07:32 Oct 21
Jayden: "Then take him from me, Cupio. Because if I keep it, I promise you I will be spending at least one hour every day for the rest of eternity testing ways to torture a soul and being as demonic as possible." she muttered. He was scared of it. That just made her want to keep it and torture it more. Now she was regretting having killed him so fast… she should have taken all night to do it! -07:36 Oct 21
Cupio: He looked up at Jayden and grabbed the soul and sucked it into his mouth and swallowed, then closed his eyes as the energy spread though him and sighed. "Can we go home now? I Have human all over me adn I want it gone, then we can talk about how sexy you are with fangs." he moved to try and get up and almost fell back down, still dressed in nothing but Jayden’t bloodstained shirt, "Where are we anyway?" -07:39 Oct 21
Jayden: "Fuck if I know, I’m not sure how I even got her." she muttered, Jayden kept her arms around him as she rose off the floor to keep him steady. "It doesn’t matter. Let’s just get home." -07:42 Oct 21
Cupio: He held into her and moved forwards using her for support. "My demon Jayden is growing up. The day you crow wings and a tail is the day you don’t see anything but the inside of the bedroom, you smell like lust Jay, pure demon of lust, just like me, It’s out little girl I can’t place, she’d not lust, I don’t think she is anything." -07:45 Oct 21
Jayden: Jayden hugged him close, shifting to kiss his temple with a grin. "She’s a little you… bouncy and kicking me all the damn time. Frustratingly happy all the time. What do you think about naming her Princess?" -07:49 Oct 21
My Demon Roommate

My Demon Roommate 015: A Good Demon Lawyer

Jayden: The next day, by the time Jayden awoke it was early afternoon. She slept so deep, she didn’t even dream, make a peep, or even move! In fact, the only hint that she was still alive was the soft rise and fall of her chest as she breathed. Even while she was aware she was awake, Jayden wasn’t keen on moving from her spot. She was nice and warm, and facing the day seemed like too much trouble! -07:41 Sep 26
Cupio: He didn’t move all night except to snuggle closer to her. He was aware of the variation in her breathing, her pulse against his skin and even smell she made. His arms hold her close, half pulled up on top of him and he was never, ever wanting to let her go. If he had to tell the truth he was shaken by the experience and if he did sleep wouldn’t have been able to. There was no way he could simply slip away from this one. -07:48 Sep 26
Jayden: She was going to sleep for the rest of the week. At least, that was what she was telling herself up until her stomach churning had her hungry enough to wanna take a bite out of him. Jayden took a deep, annoyed breath, curling in to him further. She really didn’t want to get up, but baby McCoop was probably going to bust out of her gut like some sort of tentacle eating monster if she didn’t. Jayden muttered to herself. -07:54 Sep 26
Cupio: He turned his head to look at her and tightened his grip around her. She was so peacful he could just lick her face. But instead he moved his hand to rub the side of her neck and massage the muscles. He didn’t really want hBut there were dead police officers and parts of jayden’t clothes all over a crime scene. Thier date might have to wait. -07:59 Sep 26
Jayden: "Hmm… now I really dun wanna tell you to make me breakfast before I eat you…" she mumbled softly, shifting an arm up just far enough where she was lazily flicking her fingers through the hair at the nap of his neck. Jayden liked waking up this way. It made up for the chaos of yesterday! -08:03 Sep 26
Cupio: "Breakfast?" didn’t sound bad, "I have something you can wrap your lips around." he grinned and brushed his thub against her lips before he rent back to rubbing her neck. "I think this is the slowest you’ve woken up all week." -08:10 Sep 26
Jayden: Jayden smiled, though she had opened her eyes yet. "Sex is easy… babies and demon girlfriends not so much. Just tired is all. And hungry." Hungry but… really, really liking the feel of his hands. There was the perfect temperature of heat coming off him and he smelled divine. -08:15 Sep 26
Cupio: "Me too." he said. "And realizing just how much you would do for me. And I might have to do just as much for you." he closed his eyes as his hand moved to rub between her shoulders. "I don’t know how I went so long without this." -08:19 Sep 26
Jayden: "I’d say I wish I did this sooner, but I’m glad you’re the one that… hmm… tamed the wild Jayden?" Maybe not tamed. Nothing she wanted to do with him was tame. But for the moment she was far too relaxed, and he felt way too good for her to worry about climbing on top of him and sexing him in to a coma. …she’d save that for after their date! Jayden was grinning again. "What do you want to do for a human-demon style date, Cupio…?" -08:23 Sep 26
Cupio: "Food, then finding a place for our daughter to grow up." he said "Is what I wanted to do. But I think we’re going to have to go and see the police, and tell them everything about yesterday. So that they don’t come here looking for me." -08:26 Sep 26
Jayden: Ugh. She forgot about that part. There was no way they’d get out of being caught this time. He had clearly been seen, and Jayden had a feeling there was shreds of her clothes and blood still there. If they didn’t find him personally, they’d be able to find her. "I’ll get you a lawyer.. one those sneaky demon ones that can get anybody out of anything." -08:30 Sep 26
Cupio: "Best place for that is at the club." he said. "We should both go. Today before it opens." he looked down at her. "I might be better among my own kind anyway, they’ll be more understanding, you’ll be there too of course. You will need to explain how you cured me too." -08:33 Sep 26
Jayden: "Yes, officer. After my girlfriend was possessed and bound by cultists and sexed me stupid, I stabbed her back to reality!" It was easier to grin about it now that she had a decent night’s worth of sleep and they were both safe in bed. "…I’ll make sure to explain it a little better. Not gonna leave there without you." -08:35 Sep 26
Cupio: "Probably need to go there in the form they saw, I don’t want them to know I’m a shapeshfter." he knitted his brow. "I’ll have this form as a backup." he didn’t like the situation they were in, nor did he want to change since jayden obviously drew comfort from this form. "I’ll change at the club before we head over. Don’t want to be arrested before I have a chance to turn myself in." -08:40 Sep 26
Jayden: "Yeah, I’m really not in the mood to get arrested for punching a cop…" Which meant she had to get up. She wasn’t going to let him go through all that alone. Hiding her wince, Jayden slowly sat up and ran her fingers through her hair. So much for having a nice nonstressful day! …but she did cast a small sly look. No reason why should wear that corset, though. -08:45 Sep 26
Cupio: He arced a brow at her and then looked at his clothes trying to decide which he wanted to tacle first. "You have that look Jayden, that one where you’re thinking of things I’ll like." -08:49 Sep 26
Jayden: "We not be getting a date today, but no reason why I can look nice for my boyfriend." Blech! Moving was a bitch, after they were done with all this mess, she might just have him rub her down good. …really good. Jayden slipped out of bed and tried to stretch. "You can make me breakfast before I seriously try to eat you, and I’ll get dressed." -08:53 Sep 26
Cupio: He gave her a look curious about what she meant. "Naked cooking it is." he said slipping out of bed and heading to the door. "dress too nice and you’ll delay breakfast, just giving you fair warning." he went into the lving room and stretched before heading towards the kitchen. He was hungry, very hungry, moreso than he should be after yesterday. -08:57 Sep 26
Jayden: That sounded more like a reward than a threat. Jayden liked rewards. She also liked getting an opportunity to stun and distract. He felt bad for things that weren’t his fault. Jayden washed up quick, even going the route of a little makeup. Mcboobs style sweet and adorable, because the clothes… the clothes were vixen! That red corset and her suit jacket. And instead of slacks the dangerously short skirt. So when she finally pulled on a pair of heels and stepped in to the kitchen, Jayden was feeling much more perky. -09:03 Sep 26
Cupio: He had a pan on the spove and toast on when her smell reached him and he turned. If he had a tail it would have twitched. "Jayben, I think I made the right call on that." he said his voice low and he put the eggs down on the counter and stepped towards her every thought and attention on her, then he circled her. "You know I got perfume thats designed to drive demons of my type wild with desire, I was saving it for your birthday… but now I don’t even think you need it." -09:10 Sep 26
Jayden: Jayden was pleased with the response, but was totally playing it coy. Especially since she oh so enjoyed when he was naked and all predator-circling. "Do you think so? Here I thought you wouldn’t want me walking down the street smelling like hot sex and getting the attention of every lusty demon in town…" -09:13 Sep 26
Cupio: There was a loud throaty growl deep within his chest. "I thought you had seen enough blood Jay. You don’t want to see me fight other demons." He stopped behind her to lean close and smell her. "Even though you smell like the mother of MY child." -09:18 Sep 26
Jayden: "Yes, and the mother of your child and the child in question are very hungry. …though what we’re hungry for are two completely different things." There went the idea of a non strenuous day. All he had to do was growl and lean close and she wanted to pounce on him. -09:22 Sep 26
Cupio: HAnds back to rest on ther shoulders from behind, gripping them as he leaned close to her ear. "I know what I’m hungry for." he said pushing her down onto her knees and sinking with her. "You on your hands and knees and me right behind you. Like an animal." he kicked the side of her neck and then bit it, not hard enough to mark her though, they were going out. -09:25 Sep 26
[Cupio Is about to try a new position with Jayden.] -03:23 Sep 27
[Jayden has found herself on her knees and in a skirt. That’s an interesting way to start a day!] -03:27 Sep 27
Jayden: Cupio had a fun way with words, enough to make her completely forget being tired and hungry. A half smirk quirking up at the corner of her mouth, she turned her head towards him and mumbled. "After I took all that time to get all dressed up for you, Coop? You’re going to wrinkle my suit." -03:32 Sep 27
Cupio: "Maybe not.." he said pushing her down onto her hands and lifting her skirt at the back. "I’m just going to get it a little wet." he pushed her panties down her thighs and pressed his hips up behind her. "You shouldn’t dress like this Jay… You’re irisistable to me as it is. Lucky I’m already undressed." -03:36 Sep 27
Jayden: Yes, he was very underdressed and she was getting a very interesting look at him from over her shoulder. Jayden was still very, very pleased to know she made a fine choice in clothes, and the expression she threw him spoke volumes. "Then don’t buy me hot clothes? Otherwise…" she laughed! -03:43 Sep 27
Cupio: "I’m going to buy you all the sexy clothes Jay." he said grinding his hips into hers from behind his hands gripping her hips. "So many you’ll need a room just for them all." both hands still on her he moved his tip to her with his tail, another use for it and then pushed. "And I’ll make you wear thing just for me." -03:50 Sep 27
Jayden: Biting her tongue as she gave a soft groan, Jayden rolled her hips against him. It seemed she was always hot and ready for him, even when she wasn’t planning for a quick fuck. "Good thing we’re going to have a private sex room, huh..?" -03:55 Sep 27
Cupio: "Very good." he said sofly pushign against her and hipping her hips as he started to grind. "You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had and evey time you dress like this it’s ans open invitation.." he pushed hands tighting in her hips. "My little sex addict mortal." -03:58 Sep 27
Jayden: He was giving her all sorts of ideas. Fun and terrible ideas. Bracing one hand on the floor, the other was up griping his on her hip. Every push was making her wetter, and the position had him hitting some very nice buttons. Mouth parting open, she was sighing aloud again. -04:04 Sep 27
Cupio: He sped up, this was meant to be a quicky after all, and drank in her feel, sound and face all as one. The hands on her hips turned to claws but he didn’t push then hard anout to mark her… that would come later, when everything was done. -04:07 Sep 27
Jayden: A fever producing thrill of sensation was heating her blood and making her skin tingle. Limbs feeling weak if only because her blood was pumping so hard she was dizzy. Both of her hands were on the kitchen floor again as she pushed back against him, almost purring out his name in a soft plaintiff groan. -04:18 Sep 27
Cupio: She was so wet it make it east to go as fast as he wanted a long drawn out groan encaping him as he pushing himself towards the endge. "Jayden…" he whispered as the feeling welling up inside him reached critical mass. "You’d better fucking cum soon or you’ll be itching all day." -04:20 Sep 27
Jayden: Oh she would have given him such a great response. Some sarcastic bit of wit. But knowing she had him so wound up and wrapped around… well, her, that was hotter than anything! Her small bit of laughter was cut short when she clenched. Making her give a sudden shout and dig her teeth in to her lip. Jayden bent foreward until her head was resting against the floor and her hand was pounding against it. -04:29 Sep 27
Cupio: He kept pushing, and grinding until his hips shook and he filled her. Breathing hard he rubbed her hip and groaned in satisfaction before he pulled out and smiled down at her. "Dress like that again tomorow." he was putting his arms around her to picke her up adn place her in a chair before leaning down adn kissing her forehead. "Now what do you want for breakfast?" -04:32 Sep 27
Jayden: If only she could roll on the floor and not get her clothes all dusty and wrinkled. Instead, Jayden was squirming in the seat he placed her in, still savoring that vibrating afterglow. She finally just leaned foreward to rest her upper body on the table. Jayden grinned. "Everything. Eggs and steak and bacon and you and pretty much anything that’s edible." She smelled like sex now… that was going to drive her crazy for the rest of the day! -04:36 Sep 27
Cupio: He stepped into the kitched to oblidge and curned ont he stove. Thier paltes would be piled high but he didn’t came. He was glad that Jayden was enjoying her present and her morning when she had the biggest chest in the house. "Everything it is… rare." he started piling things on the counter and got ready to cook. -04:39 Sep 27
Jayden: Laying her head on her arm, she watched him bustling around naked in the kitchen. This was a great view! And she felt better. Stress was gone at least for the moment, and she should be able to give a nice demure ‘oh I am just a nice human trying to save my sweet demon girlfriend’ act for the police. Last thing she wanted was her Mcboobs in a prison. A demon prison, no less! "I think I want to get more serious with running the club and those mob minions we claimed…" she finally muttered. -04:50 Sep 27
Cupio: "You have the outfit to run a palce liek that." he said from behind the stove as the smells started to drift around the appartment. "And the attitude, you’d make a great mod queen, and get us money to raise our kid." he started transfering things from the pan to the plates and grating cheese on top of prettymuch everything and then carried the plates to the table. "Let me see you mob face when you have someone moving in on your turf." -04:54 Sep 27
Jayden: Jayden sat up and tried… but her fake angry face was stuck with her trying not to snicker. The real thing was better. The second her plate was sat down, Jayden was snatching up a fork and eating like she hadn’t had a bite in weeks. "More than just money. Having a bunch of gun trained goons would come in handy. I don’t like the idea that there’s maniacs out there kidnapping helpless demons and god knows what else." -04:57 Sep 27
Cupio: "The cops need to know everything we do so they can stop this." he started eating slowly with his brow furrowed. This whole thing put him ill at ease. -04:59 Sep 27
Jayden: "I don’t know about everything… Vigilante justice isn’t exactly their favorite thing to hear about." She was eating as quickly as she could, but still took the opportunity to rub her foot against his leg from under the table. "Don’t worry about the details. A good lawyer can work all of that out, and where he can’t some money and maybe a threat or two might…" -05:08 Sep 27
Cupio: He smiled at her and started eating faster, he still had to put a set of mcboobs’ clothes in a bag and get dressed himself. "Everything about the cult we know. I know they used holy water to weaken me before they started, they know a lot about demons, and hos superstitions, actual hands on knowledge." -05:10 Sep 27
Jayden: "So they got a big bad leader somewhere, or a library or big organization thing. We can tell the police about that and what they were trying to do. …we’ll just not tell them what I’m gonna do to them if I find them first." There was the scary not-so-sweet Jayden grin. Her plate was empty and she felt worlds stronger, at least enough to stand on her own two feet. She was up out of her chair and back bustling around the kitchen to make a sandwhich and pour a glass of juice. -05:19 Sep 27
Cupio: He polished off his plate and was then heading into the kitched to slap Jayden’s ass and get a bag to put clothes in, then he was groping Jayden on his way past to head to the bedroom. "I love it when you get murdrous but I’m sure they won’t. So let’s keep that kind of talk to when I can fuck you for it." -05:22 Sep 27
Jayden: She was grinning again. Less wicked now and just… pleased in general. Sex was the best breakfast ever. "Don’t worry, I know how to behave with cops. I’m just more worried that they’re not gonna give two shits about what we say." Drinking her juice and chewing on her sandwich, Jayden wandered in to the living room where shopping bags filled with baby things were still sitting. Yep, this was that shining wake up call. What if this happened with her girl when she’s older? Insane cultists… Jayden was going to wipe every last one of them off the planet before that happened. -05:29 Sep 27
Cupio: He pulled on pants and his pavorite shirt and jacket befoore throwing the bag over his shoulder and putting on socks and his boots. "They will. They have to." he took his knife and put it into the bag as well before exiting the bedroom and nodding to her. "Ready to go Jay, Let’s get this over with." -05:38 Sep 27
Jayden: Sandwich gone and glass put away, Jayden still didn’t feel like she had enough to eat. Maybe because she was bloodthirsty for some dead cultists! The thought both humored her and made her a little sick. Down, baby! No people eating. "To the club then for a little demon aid." Jayden led the way out, making sure the door was locked tight behind them once he followed. -05:44 Sep 27
Cupio: He put a hand on her shoulder gripping it and locking her in place, then her turned her aroudn and placed a hand on her shoulder opening her mouth and pushing something inside. He could smell the demon in her stronger, not just the baby but from her. And as far as he knew she had never devoured a soul, somehting that would do her and the baby worlds of good, so that’s what he pushed into her mouth before overtaking her and heading down the stairs. -05:52 Sep 27
Jayden: Well. That was both sweet and almost sexual. Jayden wasn’t sure how to respond other than swallowing…. and what a nice over-pleased feeling that followed! It seemed to do the trick, but Jayden assumed it was just the attention itself rather than what he fed her. Her hand hooked with his as they walked down the street. -05:57 Sep 27
[Cupio enters.] -06:12 Sep 27
Cupio: HE gripped his hand and headed towards the club, lookign at the poeple around them with mild interest. They had seen Jayden and bothe Cupios often enough and he kind of wondered what they thought. "You’re lucky you have me around." he remarked. "I know exactly wht a growing demon baby needs." he grinned myseriously at her before squeezing her hand. "And what a Jayden needs apparently." -06:15 Sep 27
Jayden: "Apparently huh? I guess I am not doing a good job of being infallible lately." Which, kind of irritated her to know she wasn’t invincible. But at the same time… she really kind of liked having him take care of her. She never knew how much she like it until she was being the caretaker for Mcboons. …yet, Jayden really kind of liked doing that too! Jayden rest her head on his shoulder as they walked. "I like life better with you in it. I feel like I was missing something before." -06:22 Sep 27
[(Timeout) Cupio got too distracted for their own good…] -06:25 Sep 27
Cupio: He stopped to put both arms around her and hug her tightly. She had no idea how much his oen feelings mirrored hers. "Then let’s make sure I stay in your life." he said softly before heading towards the club again. "Because I never want to leave it." -06:25 Sep 27
Jayden: "Don’t worry Cupio… I’m feeling a hella lot more confident it’ll be find. Food and rest and sex did me good. No matter what they say, you’re staying with me." Maybe she was finally blending both sides of him in her head instead of thinking of him as separate forms. Because even with male Cupio she wanted to ease his fears and pet him today. "One step at a time, though. Club, cops, then we spend the rest of the day being domestic?" -06:33 Sep 27
Cupio: He kissed her forehead as they walked. "And other things helped too." he was still being myseterious "But yes, club, cops, appartment hunting date." it didn’t take them long to get there either and Cupio was knocking on the door to get them let in, the doorman a lttle surprised to see poeple. "We need a lawyer." was all he said and they were let in and directed to wait at a table. -06:37 Sep 27
Jayden: "Oh really? What other things?" she asked, if only for the amusement of seeing why he was giving that mystery smile. She liked wicked Cupio. Once in the club though, she was happy to slide in to a seat and look around. It wasn’t the time of day where it was packed with sweaty demon bodies. It kind of felt… lackluster! Clearly she was spending way too much time with demons and clubs. -06:40 Sep 27
Cupio: They were served drinks, on the house and left to their own devices, the glasses contained nothing more than a blankd of exotic juices but Cupio had his gone in the thrice, demons knew what demons liked. -06:42 Sep 27
[Heris enters the club in the daytime.] -06:43 Sep 27
Heris: He was shown where they were and went over to pull a chair up to thier table uninvited. "I hear you need a layter, that about the party down the street last night. I hear a demon od lust was involved adn both of you fallen angels smell pretty lusty. What’s the deal?" -06:44 Sep 27
Jayden: Jayden very nearly choked and spit out her drink, when the young… completely sweet… probably man version of little Mcboobs was now sitting in front of them. Before she started cracking up, Jayden swallowed that snicker and put on a serious expression. It was serious. "How do you like a band of psycho human cultists kidnapping a demon off the street and trying to fuel her with crazy murdering god powers and use her as a puppet? Cause that’s pretty much what went down." -06:48 Sep 27
Heris: He frowned and drummed his fingers on the table. "I’d say I didn’t like it at all. It’s what I thought happened, there have been rumors. I take it you were the demon?" he was talking to Jayden! -06:51 Sep 27
Cupio: "No that would be me. Shifter, Cupio. And It’s exactly what Jayden said. They used holy water and painted me in blood and bound me to what they wanted me to be. And it worked. Jayden was the one who saed me with this." He took out the dagger and placed it on the table. "Are you a lawyer?" -06:53 Sep 27
Heris: He frowned and looked at Jayden then at the knife. "Good thing you had it, I’m the owner here. I’ll get you a lawyer. I won’t ask you for payment yet but we’ll have to get this sorted out. The last thing we want is police hunting down demons." he bit his lip before signalling for more drinks. "Don’t worry I’ll take care of you. I have just the guy." -06:59 Sep 27
Jayden: Because she was pregnant with a little beast and Cupio was a man, she didn’t think it odd that she was mistaken for the demon. "We have our own club and people too. And I am more than happy to work out a payment later." It didn’t need to be said, but… well. Jayden didn’t know what she was thinking, she was eyeing this guy curiously just trying to figure out what sort of demon he was. He didn’t make the impression of demon lord at all, and that kind of amused her! -07:02 Sep 27
Cupio: "We’re going to the police as soon as he leave here to make a statement. They may want to hold me." Cupio was worried they would. Human justice was about keeping people off the street, so wierd. "Also payment will not be a problem…" he glanced at Jayden. "I have enough." -07:06 Sep 27
Heris: "I know your club, Virgin Street, quaint little place, not the kind of place I’d take the girlfriend though. I’ll have my man go down to the station to meet you there, I wouldn’t want a pregnant couple getting seperated. I should get Georgia and myself some rings. Speaking of which shes asleep in the back, I’ll make some calls then get back to her. Anything you want on the house." he got up and started walking off. "Congradulations on the new life." -07:10 Sep 27
Jayden: He had a girlfriend too! At least that seemed normal. Jayden was taking a sip of her drink again before she was turning in her seat towards Cupio. "I guess I smell pregnant? Do I look pregnant?" She tilted back to look at her stomach. Not in this corset! "What are you paying with anyway, souls? I think I’d prefer souls to you working here…" -07:19 Sep 27
Cupio: "Yes, souls, I have the souls of the cultists I killed. And your boobs are bigger, not a lot but noticable." he said sipping his second drink. "Demons don’t look pregnant until about a month before the birth, to keep then sexy and fuckable for as long as possible… now I should change." he started sheding his jacket and hunt it on the back of the chair. "You really are so much like a demon." -07:24 Sep 27
Jayden: Jayden was looking down at her boobs now, poking at them a bit. With all they had been up to, she hadn’t really noticed. Probably because she lived with the damn things. "Not sure how it’s gonna roll with me… She’s kinda playing havoc with my senses all the time. Not really too bad except when I’m worn out." Jayden watched him while he got undressed. That was always a good show, even if there wasn’t any time for more sex. -07:30 Sep 27
Cupio: He smiled at her when he noticed she was watching. "Like childbirth, not mch else to say, and we’ll be happy to have our bouncing baby girl." he was not standing completely naked and shrinking down into his other form and grabbing clothes out of the bag. No underwear just a skirt , shint, thigh lenth socks and ankle boots. "Not the best thing to wear when going to the cops but it was the first thing I saw." he said pulling a hoodie on and putting the hood up making sure two loose stands of hair fell down either side of hsi chest just right, then he was really regretting not having any panties. "We’ll stop to get undies along the way. But first…" he slid into Jayden’s lap and kissed her cheek. I want to thank you for being the best GF ever." -07:36 Sep 27
Jayden: That’s her Mcboobs. Forgetting the necessity of panties for important things. Jayden put her arms around him and squeezed, resting her head on his shoulder. "I’m pretty amazing, yeah." she responded with a wide grin. -07:40 Sep 27
Cupio: He kissed the side of her neck and then slipped out of her lap and shoveled all his other clothes into the bag. "We can come and get it later right? I Really don’t want them to know I have another form so I have one to run to Rio with you as. Somthing but sunsets and out daughter." he sighed then looked at her still nervous about the whole thing but trying not to let it show. Though his tail was still and his tiny wngs were closer to his back than normal. But when he stood up strait her tossed his head in a self assured manner. -07:44 Sep 27
Jayden: "Yeah, we’ll come back after." How cute. The pretending to be totally fine hairflip thing. …fuck, did she do that too? Jayden hoped not! She took a moment to take his face in her hands and give him another quick, reassuring kiss. Then was taking his hand to lead him out. "There’s nothing to worry about. Even with a good human lawyer a dude can get you out of murder. I’m pretty sure a demon one can even one up that. If not… I kinda like the idea of Rio!" -07:51 Sep 27
Cupio: Was he so obviously worried? He was trying to act fine. The kiss was nice though and make things easier. "I’m not worried Jay, I have you, my scary pregnant Jayden." he squeezed her hand. "Nothing will ever keep us apart, even if I have to destroy the police station to get out." -07:55 Sep 27
Jayden: "Have I told you how sexy you are when you get all angry and violent?" she grinned, keeping an arm around him as she led him out. "And you’re right. Nothing will separate us, so there’s no reason to worry about that. Worry about how many rooms we need in a nice house. Or about where we can go for dinner where I can eat all I like and not have to pay a fortune." -07:59 Sep 27
Cupio: "Us to sleep, baby to sleep, sex, three bedrooms." he said "More it we want a library, I like books, though you keep me distracted with sex." he kissed her arm and clung to it with both arms. "I’m not afraid so long as you’re here. And I bet I can out eat you." -08:03 Sep 27
Jayden: "Yeeeah, no. I have two people to feed now, I totally got that in the bag." Of course it wasn’t out eat that she heard. Her mind was perpetually in the gutter. And she was even taller than him than usual with these heels on, so she had to tilt just a bit to account for his tinyness! "I kinda like the idea of a library. With one of those big gothic fireplaces and a big furry animal rug or something." -08:08 Sep 27
Cupio: "Leather chairs and a drinks cabinet in the corner and a shotgun mounted of ther fireplace?" he asked looking as at ehr and not beign able to help a grin. "That sounds nice. Demons like me love.. loooove… loooooooove luxury Jayden." -08:11 Sep 27
Jayden: "Good! I didn’t get purple and gold luxury in hell, so I’m kinda liking this idea of building us the perfect house and just rolling in it." It helped that the idea of spoiling a Mcboobs Cupio to the point of him giggling and purring was a really pleasing idea too! Mcboobs and daughter in a gorgeous house with cute clothes, being ridiculous and having princess tea parties. Jayden liked that idea a lot. -08:14 Sep 27
Cupio: He grinned. "That would be perfect, designing out own enviroment and living in it. The best home ever. Thank you Jay. " he sighed. "You make life… perfect Don’t knwo what I would do without you.." -08:22 Sep 27
[Jayden enters.] -08:25 Sep 27
Jayden: "Probably have tons of boring demon sex with tons of strange demons. I’d be doing the same.. minus demons! And working in a tiny cubicle with boring numbers and paperwork… ugh. I think getting me fired was the best thing you ever did!" Jayden hated that job… granted, she was pretty pissed when she got fired. But now…? Now she was glad! -08:27 Sep 27
[(Timeout) Jayden has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -08:47 Sep 27
Cupio: "It ws fun." he said with a grin, then sighed agaist her. "I felt bad though, not just for losing your your job, but for sleeping with people without checking if it was okay with you first. I didn’t ant to do that after that and I had to do a lot of thinking. Demons don’t get like that but I did with you. Guess I liked you." -08:52 Sep 27
Jayden: "You weren’t mine to claim yet, so I wasn’t so mad about that…" She squeezed his hand again, leaning to kiss the top of his head. "Hmm… hey, what do you think we’ll name this kid? She’ll need a good strong name to grow up with. Something cute but fearsome!" -08:57 Sep 27
Cupio: He rubbed his cheek against her arm. "I just think of her as a little Jayden McBoobs, I hope she gets your fortitude and my power. I could show her how to kill quickly and bloodily." that had his tail twitching, then he whispered. "Probably shouldn’t say that when we’re right outside the police station." -09:00 Sep 27
Jayden: Jayden smirked. "No, not a good idea at all." Holding his hand tight, she led them in to the station. On the brightside, no one turned around on sight and pointed loads of guns at them. Which at least meant there wasn’t some huge task force with targets on their faces. But when she took her Mcboobs up to the front, the guy behind the counter looked pretty surprised. "We’d turn in information about the whole bloody cultist massacre… Our lawyer should be here to meet us." -09:04 Sep 27
Cupio: He did the self confident hair flip again and lowerd his hood. "I’m the demon you’re looking for fron yesterday. I’m turning myself in and offering a full explination. My lawyer will be here soon." He was leaning against Jayden for comfort. -09:17 Sep 27

The cop behind the desk almost didn’t know what to do, but he was calling over one of the higher ranking guys. Some old dude who looked like he had already spent the entire day in a bad mood. He took one look at the two ladies, scowl and snatched up a clipboard. “Follow me.” -Jayden

Jayden: Nice, they were getting stereotype cop guy. This was probably going to go over great and screamy. Maybe he’d make Mcboobs cry. She’d have to not want to punch him in the face long enough for the crying to work up sympathy. Jayden kept an arm around him though as they followed the cop around the corner and down the hall. At least it didn’t look like they were getting arrested on the spot! -09:27 Sep 27
Cupio: That guy did look angry but Cupio wasn’t back to droopy tail and cowering against Jayden. He had let go of Jayden’s arm and was moving to want ahead of her with as much magestic grace as he could muster, which being the kind of demon we was, was a lot. But he did glance back at Jayden. The very realy posibility that they would be seperated in his head. -09:31 Sep 27
Jayden: Jayden smiled wide, even if on the inside she was just as worried about the whole thing as he was. She just… also knew she’d leave the place shooting and with him thrown over her shoulder if that’s what it came to. The cop stopped at a door and opened it up. He stood there scowling, tilting his head for both of them to enter. It was one of the sparse intimidating looking interrogation rooms. Nice and empty. Jayden had her hands on his shoulders up until they were in the room and she was pulling a chair for him to sit in. She choose to sit on the table herself. But to her surprise, the cop didn’t follow them in. He just closed the door, leaving them alone. "Guess there’s no chatting till the lawyer gets here… How do you feel, pretty?" -09:36 Sep 27
Cupio: "We forgot to get underwear." he said looking up at her and then he placed both arms on the table and used them as a pillow the facade of calm disipating and now all he wanted to do was close his eyes and forget about things. "I did wee they have bigger weapons, thier small ones I can handle I don’t know about the big ones." everything in the room was probably being listened to. "I’m going to tell them the truth Jay, that the cult wanted a god to.. I don’t even know. Why did they grab me? Why me? I didn’t do anything to them. They had demon blood that they painted on me. They’ve been killing demons, who knows for how long. I just want a normal life with you. And our baby." -09:42 Sep 27
Jayden: "Ah, honey…don’t…" Not this! Anything but teary Mcboobs, that always broke her heart! Jayden slipped in to the chair beside him and slipped her arms around him and stroked her fingers through his hair. "Who knows what they wanted? Everybody knows cults are batshit crazy… They saw a demon easy to grab, that’s all. We’ll be out of here soon." -09:46 Sep 27
Cupio: "Yes, we will, one way or another." he heaved a deep breath and then burried his face aganst Jayden and threw his arms around her. "I’m afraid Jay. They knew exactly how to trigger me, they then exactly how to turn me into what they wanted and there was nothing I could do. I’ve never felt so violated." he looked up at her and his voice teatering on the verge of breaking. "I almost killed you, you were… a disposable servant to me." his eyes, were wet and looking into hers. "How was that even… I used to be like that all the time. Maybe demon should go back and leave humans alone." he closed his eyes and rested his head agaist her chest. "You’d have to come with me." -09:54 Sep 27
Jayden: "I’m not demon expert, but I don’t think demons would be here if they weren’t missing something and wanting more than just hell…" Jayden hugged him tight, having no problem cradling him in her arms and letting him cry it out. "It’ll get better with time. If not, I’ll go with you anywhere you want to go. To hell, to heaven, to mars. Anywhere." -10:04 Sep 27
Cupio: "I’ve found what I was looking for, when I didn’t know I was looking for it." he said still clinging to her, then he loved up to kiss her softly and rest his head on her shoulder. "I hope it gets better. Hell isn’t a very nice place."" -10:08 Sep 27

the door opened and in walked a tall man with pitch black eyes and a hooves poking out below the booting of his suit pants. He had a breifcase and a set of bluetooth headphones in his hear and as soon as he entered his nostrills flared. “Don’t worry, they can’t do a thing.” he said placing the briefcase in the table and poppin the latches. “Foedus, your new lawyer.” he offered Jayden a hand. “In all your matters, Or Cupio’s matters, whichever of you is the title holder in your…” He looked at the ring is jayden’s fingger. “Arangement. But really you have nothing to worry about, I have one word that will make everything better. Technicality.” -Cupio


[(Logout) Jayden melts away.] -((10:26 Sep 27))
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[Jayden was now eyeing their brand new demon lawyer! At least HE looked like she expected him to! ] -04:07 Oct 02
[Cupio is only slightly reasured. And still a lot scared. Killing and blood are easy, laws are tricky.] -04:08 Oct 02
Jayden: "Technicalities sound about like what we need." muttered Jayden in response. That guy’s handshake felt like he could crush all the bones in her hand if he just twitched a little. That was pretty cool. "It’s really not Cupio’s fault." -04:13 Oct 02
Cupio: Cupio had to use both hands to shake the big demon’s and then settled into a chair and leaned against Jayden with a sigh. "It’d really not… They bound be to them and it wasn’t for sex. They wanted a god to kill for them." -04:16 Oct 02

Foedus’s face didn’t react, instead he opened his briefcase and started taking out papers and sliding them towards Jayden who seemed to be the one in charge. “I’ll need you and your.. partner… to sign these, they’re so you’re recognised as a single entity in all matters, like a married couple in the human world, and then Cupio needs to sign this, before company arives.” He was all business adn all efficiency, and why not. His legal shenanigan was foolproof. -Cupio

Jayden: Married couple. That sort of sent her head reeling for a moment, but she was pulling the papers over and giving them a quick scan. Sure, he was -their- demon lawyer, but Jayden liked to know what was in the fine print. ….married to Cupio! What an alien concept! "You’ll have to point out anything unusual to me.." she muttered at Coop. -04:22 Oct 02
Cupio: He was reading over her shoulder and frowning. "This gives us ownerwhip of eachother’s souls." she said pointing at a part of the contract that was nothing but arcane runes, presumable the same that was in english but in a much older language. "And says that we’re alowed to have secrets between us that no one can ask us to speak. I like the sounds of that." his tail was begining to twitch again and he was grinning. "And here this says no legal action can be takes against one of us without the other being there. I think you’d liek that one." -04:30 Oct 02
Jayden: "That does make me feel better for the next time you get in trouble…" Ownership of each other’s soul too? At least that she wasn’t worried about. Jayden cared about him to an insane extent. Maybe it was just the stigma of marriage that freaked her out! Her fingers were tapping nervously on the table. Better not mention that to Mcboobs, though. He’ll have another crying fit that she can’t fix in the middle of a police station. "It’s perfect, then. I want to know you’re taken care of." -04:33 Oct 02
Cupio: He picked up the offered pen and sighned the marriage contract, then pulled the other paper towards himself, this one made no sense! -04:36 Oct 02
Jayden: Jayden was taking the one contract and signing it even with that slight twist of a frown to her lips. Then she was casting a sideglance at Cupio, narrowing her eyes at his expression. "Hmm? What now?" -04:43 Oct 02
Cupio: Cupio was reading it and then looking at the lawyer who was sstill standed for lack of a chair big enough for him. "It’s… remember when I said they wanted to use me as a spokesperson for demon kind and that I could be in public like this, this makes that official." he was signing it anyway and looking confused. "Why?" -04:46 Oct 02
Jayden: "Why is a really good question." Jayden wasn’t sure how she felt about Cupio being the spotlight of anything! He always got more attention than she liked in the first place. She couldn’t imagine how much worse that could get. Jayden was very definitely scowling. -04:53 Oct 02

He gathered up the pepers and placed them on top of his briefcase. “Then we’re ready.” he said with a smile and cracked open the door and gestured to a cop outside. “You’ll be out in a matter of minutes.” -Cupio

What came through the door was a cop, only didn’t seem like a cop. Wearing some classy outfit that looked straight out of a New York fashion magazine, with her badge and I.D. hanging around her neck, this one didn’t give off that gruff intimidation. She almost even appeared charming. Which made it all the more suspicious when she sat on the opposite side of the table, leaning forward with a sanguine sweet smile and tapping her clipboard with a perfectly painted fingernail. “Did he say only ten minutes? No, no… You see, we have a very big problem and the two of you seem to keep popping up…” -Jayden

Cupio: He gripped jayden’s hand under the table back leaned forwards against it at the same time. "I didn’t want to do anything, I just want to make a statement." he was both releaved and scared to see a demon police officer. "You have to understand, I was bound." she would understand that right? She was a demon. -05:14 Oct 02
Jayden: Jayden squeezed his hand, giving this cop a wary look. There went the opposite of her expectations again. This flip flopping thing was driving her nuts. And to make it worse, she suspected this woman was a demon too. She just couldn’t place her finger on why! Something about the way she moved. "Kidnapped right off the street and bound, mind you." -05:22 Oct 02
Cupio: The lawyer stepped in. "I remind you officer that my client is here to give a statemen of her own free will, any badgering or attemting to get her to incrimidate herself and I’ll have to ask for her immediate release. You have nothing to hold her on. -05:24 Oct 02

The lawyer stepped in. “I remind you officer that my client is here to give a statemen of her own free will, any badgering or attemting to get her to incrimidate herself and I’ll have to ask for her immediate release. You have nothing to hold her on. -Cupio

“How about we quit the bullshit, Foedus? We both know I’m not one of those fumbling humans ready to believe whatever web of crap you’ve woven up.” Even while she said it, she was still smiling. That frustratingly ‘understanding’ smile that had a bite behind it. “So why don’t we skip to the chase. Little birds tell me you’ve been in a couple scrapes long before those cultists grabbed you. The humans getting murdered kinda scrapes. Now explain to me how I should trust the two of you aren’t masterminding something devious.” -Jayden

“You don’t need to trust them, in fact the one on the right isn’t even a demon. I know they’re guilty, but I know you have to let them go.” he pushed the papers at the cop. “Cupio is a spokesperson for the greater understanding of demons among humans, and the human and her are in a romantic arangement. This gives them both diplomatic immunity.” she grinned wide, a watertite technicality. “You can’t even hild then for a minute minger than they choose to stay. So let’s cut the crap. They don’t have to tell you a thing.” -Cupio

Jayden: Jayden was inwardly cringing, even if the lawyer did seem to have everything under control. The fact they were already on the police’s radar pretty much threw all her assumptions they were fine and safe right out the window. And Cupio being this ‘spokesperson’ was only going to keep them right there under the spotlight. She was squeezing Cupio’s hand again. He was probably flipping the fuck out! -05:43 Oct 02
Cupio: He was looking in amazement following the canversation. They’de be able to get away with anything so long as he kept taking pictures, that made them seem like a nessecity and not fun. She felt her hand squeezed and looked at Kayden, suddenly puttig his head in her shoulder and closing his eyes. He had come here to share his side of the story not to hget into a legal battle, and they knew about the lynching… and the mobster. "I’ll give them back." he said "I’ll give their sould back, those I still have." -05:47 Oct 02

There she was shaking her head, not at all looking convinced as she looked over the paperwork she was handed. “All that means is that I can’t arrest them or hold them for murder. However~!” she chirped in a sing song voice, finally getting up off the table to set her clipboard down on it. She turned it around for the happy couple to read. “As spokespeople for demonkind, it’s your duty by bound contract to give full cooporation with the police when it’s requested. I will, of course, happily take those souls off your hands. In fact, do not concern yourselves about the cultists or your saftey. BUT… when I give you a call, you’ll be a nice sweet little couple and help in any way you can, won’t you?” -Jayden

“I’ll have coppied filed by tomorow, and sent to the holders.” he said taking them back and placing them in his breifcase. “I’ll stay here to make sure my client’s rights are not infringed upon.” -Cupio

Jayden: Jayden felt a lot like this woman had their balls in a vice or something! She was all too ready to agree with the lawyer’s paperwork and let them get away with murder. For what, chatting it up? Jayden had the feeling this was going to bite them in the ass later. "Yeah, will cooporate just fine with the police. We haven’t done anything wrong." -06:01 Oct 02

“Sure you haven’t. Protecting your family, right? I’m sure if you didn’t have all of these handsome demons on a leash that excuse would work wonders.” Out of her pocket came a little box, once she sat down in front of Cupio. “Souls, please. I promise, those at fault will be punished.” -Jayden

[Cupio enters.] -06:20 Oct 02
[(Timeout) Cupio has timed out.] -06:25 Oct 02
Cupio: Where whe took them from could not be seen but at least a dozen glowing orbs here placed inside the box. "I didn’t mean to…" his voice was on the verge of breaking again. "I’ll never take another, I’ll let them all escape." so they would be going home but he felt worse, liek he was being bound but in a legal sense. "I just want to raise my…" he cut himself off and bit his lipburrying his face in Jayden’s shoulder. "I’ll do anything for her." -06:25 Oct 02
Jayden: Jayden wrapped her arms around him, casting that cop one hell of a glare before she turned her attention to the fussing Mcboobs. Stroking his hair softly and resting her chin on his head. "She said she’d take care of things. And I’ll take care of the rest. Don’t worry about it. This wasn’t your fault." -06:32 Oct 02

“Your missus is right, anyway. Those cultists have been trouble for awhile now, you just won the lucky draw.” The cop was examining the souls carefully before closing up the box and tucking it away neatly in her jacket. Satisfied with the contents, she was picking up all of her paperwork. “You’re free to go. But remember, if I need a little favor for police business, I’m coming to collect. That’s going to come in handy with you two running that little mobster club and dipping your fingers where you shouldn’t, hmm?” -Jayden

Cupio: He put his arms arounf her and sighed his muscles tensing up as he slipped off his chair to sit in her lap. Then he was taking deep dreaths and trying to feel better. "Let’s go Jay, I need ot get out of here, I need to be someplace I can call my own." -06:38 Oct 02
Jayden: She didn’t bother replying to the cop. Jayden was slipping out of her seat, righting Cupio on his feet without letting go while she was at it. This stuff was driving him crazy, but it was done. Jayden was serious when she said she’d take care of the rest! "Home sounds good. We’ll do some house searching online, okay?" -06:46 Oct 02
Cupio: He herclinging to her arm and leanign against her. The same question of why him running though his head, but before they could leave the lawyer held out a card. "In case you need me." he said "Today’s fees have already been covered by a friend." -06:49 Oct 02
Jayden: Jayden took the card, eying it with that same suspicion she was giving everything. Then she was quickly leading Cupio out before anyone decided to change their mind about this stuff. She wanted Cupio home where she had full control over everything! "Thanks." -07:01 Oct 02
Cupio: Once they were out of the room Cupio seemed to relax and just walked with Jayden. "So what now?" he asked. "Are they going to ask me to infiltrate the cult as thier leader and get them all to turn themselves in?" it was a joke or was trying to be. "I… I need sex Jay, that’s what I need." -07:04 Oct 02
Jayden: "They can’t ask you do to that.. even as a spokesperson. You’re still a civilian." Jayden leaned to brush a kiss against his temple. "I told you not to worry about it, I’ll handle everything she wants. When we get home we’ll do cute snugglie sexy things, and you won’t have to give it a second thought." -07:06 Oct 02
Cupio: He didn’t seem convinced but didn’t say anything more on the subject. "What do you mean search for a house online? I… ypu mean with a phone?" something new to watch and learn about maybe. Jayden handling business was always good to watch even if it was a dozinf Cupio on the couch in Jaydes mobster office doing the watching. -07:10 Oct 02
Jayden: "The internet is a wonderful magical place where lazy people can cuddle in bed and still go shopping." He was still pensive, and Jayden understood why! She didn’t want to be stuck as a pawn for anybody. All she wanted was Cupio and their kid. Jayden slid her arm around him and was playing with his hair. "Owning each other’s souls really is like being married? The whole family package?" -07:15 Oct 02
Cupio: "It’s a new one on me." he said "That’s not usually how it works. It’s usually just an agreement on what each person wants and a period of time both will try and make it work. Last like all I wanted was sex any time I said the word and help in any fights I started. Which were a few. I think it’s a way to explain to demns what love feels like, or something to try and make it so that they don’t want to do it purly for the legal protection or other conveniences. Since no demon would give up thier soul." -07:20 Oct 02
Jayden: "I hear a lot about this ‘demons don’t feel love’ stuff, but it’s kinda looking like they feel it so hard it gets them in trouble…" That was a weird sudden thought. But rang true the more she thought about it. It reflected her own feelings a lot too. Jayden took a deep breath, putting on that more upbeat cheerful mood for him. Anything to rock Mcboobs out of post-trouble melancholy! "What do you think about an impromptu honeymoon night you’ll never forget, pretty?" -07:26 Oct 02
Cupio: He stepped away from her when she spoke about demons feeling love, then was instantky distracted by something new. "Honeymoon night?" they were barely out of the police station and he was swishing hit tail from side to side looking at her before remembering what he had been about to say. "Jayden… do you remember what I saud about being sensitive to my enviroment?" he turned and started walking towards home. "Previously my enviroment was hell. And it gets under your skin, you become part of it, it becomes part of you. I don’t think you know how bad hell is and how bad demons are there. You saw me yesterday. That demon is a part of me and.." he hugged himself and stopped walking to lean against a wall. "In hell, I was worse than that. This place changes us, let’s us be more than that. In hell demon’s can’t love. Up here, I don’t think we’re all that different to humans. We’re just not used to it." He was kicking the ground and looking down. "To us, your worls is better than we could ever have imagined." -07:33 Oct 02
Jayden: Jayden stopped too, stepping up close to brush her fingers against his cheeks and kiss his forehead before tilting his chin up. "That’s why they call it hell, baby. I suppose heaven is probably all cupcakes and birthday parties and nobody knows what real life is like. I know it’s a part of you and I don’t care, okay? I love you, when you are a girl, when you are a crazy homicidal demon, when you reorganize all my stuff, and when you make my smile for no reason. All that matters is where we are now." -07:38 Oct 02
Cupio: Why did he feel this way? Did he feel like it was too good to be true? Was it too much after hell? He just put an arm around her and sighed. "I love you too Jayden. I’m just not used to all these… human things. And right now I need to be home, with you." Still holding on he started walking. "I’m sorry. It’s already ovewhelming and then.. this. You’re right, love does get me into trouble. But I wouldn’t give it up for the world." -07:46 Oct 02
Jayden: "You know that wasn’t what I meant by love getting demons in trouble. It’s way more complicated than I can explain, especially when I just want to give you everything you need to feel better." Hell, putting together her own thoughts was a pain in the ass just as it was! This was way bigger than either of them needed to deal with. Jayden rest an arm over his shoulder. "How about we just stop thinking about human stuff or demon stuff and just worry about us stuff? Nobody else matters anyway." -07:49 Oct 02
Cupio: "That’s only true if you mean all of us." he said brushing a hand against her stomach. "I want to get home and I want to snuggle with you and I want to find a new home for all of us and I want to forget everythng else." he stopped and snuck a kiss onto Jayden’s cheek. "Thank you for being here for me." -07:53 Oct 02
Jayden: "Yes, I do mean all of us. Unnamed baby beast included. She won’t have to deal with Hell, you know. She’ll get to grow up here safe and happy with us. Think about all the things we can do with her! Like.. um.. going to the park and ballet. Maybe some karate." -08:02 Oct 02
Cupio: "My daughter is going to know how to take care of herself and use her scary demon powers for her own protection." he agreed. "And we can take to see more of her world, and she will alwasy be safe, because I’m immortal and I own your soul so effectivly you are too." he grinned at her. "Youre going to have a very long and happy life together, big boobs." -08:05 Oct 02
Jayden: Big boobs! There was an oddly embarrassed look on her face as she glanced down to her chest. Jeezus. Most of it was the corset! Why the hell was that even embarassing? Jayden stuck her tongue out at him. "Immortal, huh? The world’s in trouble now! What do you think about having sex in every major city of the world?" -08:08 Oct 02
Cupio: "Over too quickly, we’d need to do ever famous building in the world is twe want it to last." he said sticking out his tongue. "I can fly us anywhere." They were almost home, his clothes still at the club but retrievable later. "Right now, I’m just happy I don’t have to worry about any other demons taking your soul, if they tried I’m kill them and feed thier sould to out little daughter to make her strong." -08:12 Oct 02
Jayden: Jayden made a face at the soul eating. "Not so sure if I can feed her souls… I’d say I’d be okay with bad people souls, but then I’d just be thinking about whether or not it’s healthy to eat a jackass…" she mutter, but was grinning. Pulling him close for a quick hug. "Besides, if anyone tried to take my soul, I’d beat the shit out of them. No one gets me but Cupio." -08:18 Oct 02
Cupio: He was smiling all too wide and hugging her back. "We’ll do it together, and you let me worry about the demony side of things. Our daughter will know everythign about her body and powers she needs to." They were outside thier appartment and ther was only their tangled limbs stopping them from entering. "Thank you for… everything." -08:22 Oct 02


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[Jayden is done with crazy bullshit and just wants to enjoy her day!] -04:46 Oct 03
[Cupio is finally home and all knotted up with emotions and frustrations and just wants to hide under the blanket forever!] -04:47 Oct 03
Jayden: Jayden leaned down in the doorway brushing a kiss over his forehead. "Don’t thank for me for stuff, I’ll get all spoiled and lazy." She pulled away to unlock the door, then push him inside. This wasn’t exactly how she wanted to spend the day but… it was really great to be back at home in their own space! -04:57 Oct 03
Cupio: Pushed though and not allowed to hang back he was hugging himself and headign for the bedroom. He would feel better there, but when he entered, he didn’t and to started picking Jayden’t washing up off the floor and tidying. Everythign was out of alignment, the room, the apartment, the entire world. -04:59 Oct 03
Jayden: Keys tossed on to a table and her shoes kicked off, it took her a moment to realize he was neat-freaking. And when she did, she was scowling. He only did that now when he was getting needlessly upset over stuff. The only major downside to him being a chick! When she stepped in to the bedroom she took the laundry out of his hands to drop in the hamper. "Are we going to do this again? Because this doesn’t look like forgetting about everything and enjoying the evening." -05:06 Oct 03
Cupio: "Thank you." he said about the clothes then realised she was lecturing him. "I’m cleaning up Jayden. Don’t you want things tidy, and orderly and nice and where you know where they are?" he went to the bed and picked up a corner of the blanket then re concidered and let it drop and in a second was burried under it curled into a ball with hsi shoes on the floor. "There relaxing." -05:11 Oct 03
Jayden: "I don’t care about things, I care about people, more specifically person, and that person is having all of my moodswings for me…" Jayden kicked off her shoes before she crawled on to the bed, over on top of him despite the fact he was curled under the blanket. She braced her hands on either side of his head and bounced the mattress. "What are you wound up about now, Coop? I told you I’d take care of everything, there’s nothing for you to worry about anymore." -05:18 Oct 03
Cupio: "I’m relaxed." he insisted. "I’m Cupio, the demon that is there for Jayden when she needs it and I’m relaxed." he pulled the blanket over his head to proove his point. -05:21 Oct 03
Cupio: Then h cracked. "WHy is everyone trying t control us Jay? Trying to bind us with laws and spells and favors and… I’d have killed them all if I wasn’t here, if I were how I used to be. Now look at me I’m crying nad I’m weak and I can’t do anything without sodding at one point or another? How can you love someone so weak?" -05:26 Oct 03
Jayden: "First of all, thanks a lot for saying if I wasn’t here, I’d have done something! and totally making me feel bad. If I was one of those crazy girls, it’d be me curled up crying under the covers now." But it wasn’t that Jayden was frustrated with. It was the fact she couldn’t seem to fix it for him! Jayden bounced the mattress again. "Being manipulated and threatened IS a big deal. And it hits girls harder than guys! It’s not weak to be upset. It’s normal." -05:38 Oct 03
Cupio: He frowned. He had upset jayden, and had been called a girl. "I’m not a girl I…" well that was sinvincing in a shrill breaking voice and he pulled the covers from his face and threw his arms around her. "Maybe I am acting liek one." he sighed. "I just don’t know what I can do. My usual solution of kill everything in my way will only make things worse now." -05:42 Oct 03
Jayden: At least he wasn’t hiding under the covers now. Jayden plopped on to her side and slid her arms around him. Burying her face at his shoulder and in to his hair. "What’s so hard about letting me handle it? I don’t expect you to be able to take on the world, Coop. Anymore than me being able to do it by myself." -05:51 Oct 03
Cupio: "I could." he said "You could too, I know you could. Call it a demon’s intuition." he was curling up against her. "Am I really such a girl? I don’t mean to be. I just feel more free and fun and… I’ll change." -05:54 Oct 03
Jayden: "I don’t care if you’re a girl. That doesn’t matter to me. I care when you’re freaked out about stuff and can’t get over it." Jayden could strangle him for it just as much as she wanted to hug him. The hugging is what he got, though. With her hands wandering up and down his back. "I just want you to be what you want to be when you want to be it, and not be crying in the process.." -06:02 Oct 03
[(Timeout) Cupio was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -06:27 Oct 03
[Cupio enters.] -06:27 Oct 03
Cupio: He was trapped and unable to undress to change. "I get over things easier when I’m not a girl." he said, this wasn’t true, he’d still be freaked but he’d have more control over himself. "I should be the one comforting you I…" he gave in and nuzzled against her. "I don’t want you to have to ride to my rescue, or not do things because I need your arms. Let’s just find a house for our little girl, okay?" -06:30 Oct 03
Jayden: "When you break, I fix. When I crack, I know you’ll take care of me. Why make such a huge fuss over it?" Jayden strung her fingers through his hair with one hand, while sneaking the other under his shirt against his back. "It’s what couples do. Especially married ones." -06:37 Oct 03
Cupio: Jayden hadn’t taken the bait of distraction and Cupio would be frustrated if there wasn’t a hand on his spine that felt too good for how he was feeling otherwise, still there was a small sound in his throat and he pushed closer against Jayden and stopped talking. What was there to tay except "Thank you." there was a familiar feeling that for once he didn’t want to feel, but being a lust demon alwasy did even when completely overwhelmed with other emotions and it was enough to make him blush. -06:41 Oct 03
Jayden: How simple it was to push his buttons, and she was always glad to know she could do it so easily. Especially knowing how easily he did it to her. Jayden tilted her head, burying her face at his neck and brushing her mouth against the skin, just soft enough her could feel her breath as she mumbled. "It’s so much easier when we just accept things… I figured that out the first time we had sex. Why fight something good?" -06:48 Oct 03
Cupio: He was really trying not to be horny right now but just that tone of voice let alone what it said was making him pick at the bottom of her courset at the back. Was Jayden talkign about fighting sex or about fighting law? "Is it good?" he asked the strain gone from his voice and he was nuzzling against her as his tail swished and tiny wings stretched. Bad Cupio, you’re meant to be hiding that this was a huge tirn on and you were now as turned on as.. well… a demon in heat. -06:55 Oct 03
Jayden: "Everything you do is good, Cupio." she mumbled, still softly breathing against his neck until her mouth found his ear and she gave a small nibble. Her arms curled tighter around him until she had his body crushed up against hers. Mcboobs was so soft and squeezable! -06:59 Oct 03
Cupio: "Jayden?" she was doing this on purpose and that was as sexy as hell. He braped a leg over her and moved a hand to place it on her neck and noved to flick his tongue against her ear. "I thought you didn’t like it when people got all handsy with me like this." -07:01 Oct 03
Jayden: "I don’t like other people touching my Cupio." Jayden muttered. She didn’t even want to -think- about that! Down her hand went to squeeze his ass before gliding down over his leg. Jayden was grinning as she nuzzled against his cheek. "Me, though, I can do what I like with what’s mine.." -07:04 Oct 03
Cupio: "Spoken like a demon Jayden." he said breathlessly as he gripped her and ran his fangs agaist the side of her neck and not he was grab he wasn’t wearing any underwear. "Do you want me to change?" he didn’t want to mover thougn and was pulling on the tie of her corset to undo it. -07:07 Oct 03
Jayden: "Nope. Busy." What a difficult demon. Such a girl! Her hand slipped back up his leg, this time drawing her nails over the skin of his thigh and all the way upwards under his skirt. She did like it when he got fangy! -07:14 Oct 03
Cupio: As soon as her nails came out he was pripping a fold of her skin in his fangs and whimpering against it. It wasn’t even fair for him to ber this turned on and for him to be clawing at her back this early as he hooked his leg around hers opening himself perfectly for Jayden is she has has anything between her legs. "Huh…" there was a small about of blood coming out from Jayden’s neck and he was kissing and flishing his tongue aainst that spot. Blood… Jayden’s blood. -07:19 Oct 03
Jayden: There was a wicked sort of grin on her face, at least until she was biting in to her own bottom lip. She liked that sound too. A little whimpering Mcboobs in the palm of her hands. And that hand was now sneaking between his legs, teasing fingers just barely touching. Deliberately teasing! -07:26 Oct 03
Cupio: He drew a deep breath and then let out a needy whimper as he moved both hands to grip her hair and moving his lips to hers to gress them home and run her tongue against her lip. He was wet and hot and about to go crazy. How did Jayden do this? -07:32 Oct 03
Jayden: Jayden laughed against his mouth, even while she was returning his kiss with a sharp nip of her teeth to his tongue. She rubbed her hand gently against his folds until she could feel that moisture at her fingertips. Her middle finger slipped between his lips, wickedly teasing further with nothing more than a soft, far too subtle bit of movement. She had all night to distract him! -07:42 Oct 03
Cupio: He cooed against her lips only getting wetter and than bit her lip hard enough to draw more blood and suck on it tasting her. He wanted to give hack and his tail was brushing against her thigh as he continued gripping her head. "Is, is this out wedding night?" he breathed pulling on her lip. Didn’t they have that a while ago? -07:45 Oct 03
Jayden: "Hmm, contractually bind, soul to soul wedding night…" The concept was still a little strange for her, but at the moment worries about marriage were the last thing on her mind. Jayden wanted that sound again. Adding a second finger and pushing in deeper, until her palm was cupping his sex and she was circling his clit with her thumb. Still, she was unrushed, taking in every sound he made with a flick of her tongue against his lips. -07:53 Oct 03
Cupio: Jayden got what she wanted adn her cooed breaking the kiss to burry his face against her shoulder and bite it as he felt his internal muscles clench. His tail erapped around her thigh and the tip rubbed againse her panties. Nothing else woulf listen to him long enough to move. -07:57 Oct 03
Jayden: Jayden might have swat his tail away if she had the hand free to do so! How was she supposed to focus on him when he was sneaky the sense out of her? The arm wrapped around him curled tighter until her hand dug in to his hair and she was grazing her teeth against his ear again. "I love the way you melt for me, Cupio…" she murmured softly, slipping her leg up higher between his to push his legs further apart and increasing the rhythem of her fingers just a fraction. -08:07 Oct 03
Cupio: His leg unculrd from ehrs so thay his thighs could open wide for her. How could he reply with anythign other than a moan and to grip her toghter. There was pressure building and he still hadn’t touched her. There was no way that this was fair. He was able to wrench a hand away to pull on her panties to allow his tail to slip inside as rub against her clit as he tightened around her fingers. -08:10 Oct 03
Jayden: He was cheating and being distracting. Enough that her hand stopped a moment as she muttered and sighed against his neck. That wouldn’t do. This was for him! Jayden shifted until she was on top of him, grabbing his tail to pull it away and with one hell of a wicked smirk, stuffing the tip in her mouth to hold with her teeth. Now with better access, she was tugging his top down. All the while, her fingers never haulting their gentle probing. -08:21 Oct 03
Cupio: His tail was extremely sensitive and even with her holding it in her teeth there was pain, but a good kind of pain. And now her was on his back his lags open and accepting her attention as he gripped her back. He reall had melted, the tention building excrusiatingly slowly. -08:24 Oct 03
Jayden: Her teeth released when she sucked on the tip of his tail, just long enough until he was squirming. Jayden didn’t let go until she was leaning over him, nuzzling his cheek and hovering her mouth a milimeter away from his, but never quite kissing. "You don’t know how much I love having you like this." she mentioned softly, drawing the tips of her fingers over his now exposed chest. Feather soft touches compared to the usual roughness they always gave. -08:38 Oct 03
Cupio: He extended his tongue out to run across her lips before he pulled it back adn whilgered his hips lifting from the bed towards her hand. Her light touched on his cest were sending shivers thought him and his eyes were lidded but locked on hers. "Jayden likes a girl." he breathed a smile playing on his lips. -08:42 Oct 03
Jayden: "Jayden loves a girl." she whispered, brushing that kiss at the corner of his mouth. "And I love making love to that girl." At his beckoning she increased the pace. Her fingers pushing and probing, almost matching the eratic rhythm of her heartbeat. Her hand caressed over a breath before her head dipped and she was taking a nipple in to her mouth. That same painfully slow teasing as her tongue licked over his skin. -08:50 Oct 03
Cupio: He groanes and his hips seemed to quiver ans his hands slipped from her back. THe presure was building faster now and he her his head tilted to the side and was gripping the sheets. "I love this." he said after the groan had trailed off. Jayden was doing this for him, which was what he loved most. -08:53 Oct 03
Jayden: Her teeth grazed over the nipple before quickly being sooth by a sweep of her tongue and the enveloping of her mouth. She sucked on it until the nipple grew hard, then she was repeating the process with the other breast. She loved this too, taking away everything that concerned him until there was nothing but the two of then and him squirming at her touch. The moment he gripped the sheets, she pressed faster. Thrusting in and out in long quick movements. Making sure her hand slid against his clit every time she shifted. -09:01 Oct 03
Cupio: His hips were moving with ehr hand as id hypnotised and he was making a sound with eyery breath he took. Legs as wide as they could go he watched her sucj and catess until he closed his eyes and tilted hues head back his body a squirming mass of muscle wrything against her as the pressure inside him became so uch as it and Jayden were all he could focus om, his lips tightening around her hand. -09:06 Oct 03
Jayden: "That’s my Cupio…" she murmured, moving up quickly to plant a hard kiss to his mouth the moment she felt him tightened around her. She drank it in, almost as if she could taste what he felt just with one dWhen she pulled out, she was wrapping her arms around him and pulling him against her as she snuggled in to him.eep kiss. -09:11 Oct 03
Cupio: He was breathing hard having not realised he had climaxed until a secind after the sact when a delayed sensaton of white heat shot through him meaving him almost unable to taking in the fact that Jayden had shifted position enough to place a hand on her back and leat out a long breath. He tangled his legs with hers and sighed nuzzling into her and smiling. "Is that how you do it to yourself?" he was strokin the back of her neck repeatedly and smiling. Jayden was the sweetest thing in the world. -09:19 Oct 03
Jayden: "I can’t remember the last time I did it to myself… kinda had my hands full." Grinning and nuzzling against him, Jayden held him tight. Locking her arms around him until her hands were dug in to his hair again and her face was buried at his neck. He smelled the best like this, over pleased and snugglie! -09:22 Oct 03
Cupio: "You have your own personaly demons of lust Jayden. Horny all the time even just after sex, I’d hope you haven’t hed to do it yourself otherwise I’d be very bad at my aspect." he trailed a claw down the back of her neck on her spine. "And it seems around you I can’t hide it even when I want to." -09:25 Oct 03
Jayden: "Then don’t hide it, Coop. Be what you are so I can give you everything you need." And the comment was more than a little suggestive, purred softly at his neck and followed with a quick bite. "I want you to be happy with me. Not have any regrets or feel like you’re forced to be bound to me…" -09:29 Oct 03
Cupio: "I’d rather be bound by you." it slipped out in an aswering purr as he looked down at the corset pull of boob squshed against his own chest. "Or the other way around." he moved in to kis her lips softly. "And jey, if I never hit it and always acted on it you would never get any sleep, you’d never eat, you’d never have any clothes on. I’d either be fucking you, or myself, all the time." -09:32 Oct 03
Jayden: "Hmm… I think I could live with that. Cupio’s human fucktoy." At least it gave her some pretty fun mental images for daydreaming about. Especially in their own private room of sex. -09:35 Oct 03
My Demon Roommate

My Demon Roommate 014: Making a Demon God

[Jayden is going to try this shopping thing AGAIN, now that she’s rested and Cupio isn’t full of mocha.] -03:21 Sep 25
[Cupio if heading right back for the coffee stand, ready for another treat before getting down to shopping! And mayne revisiting that sex shop to look at human sex toys.] -03:23 Sep 25
Jayden: "No. No more mocha." Grabbing him by the shoulders, Jayden directed him -away- from the evil stuff and onwards down the street. "You can have it on the way home! That way, we don’t lose daylight and crazy sex Cupio can keep me up all night." -03:24 Sep 25
Cupio: "Fine but we’re also visiting that shop on the way back there were things in there I want a closer look at." he captured one of Jayden’s arms and held onto it tight. "You’re much more efective at putting me in the mood anyway. -03:27 Sep 25
Jayden: "And which mood is that? Adorable baby shopping mood, or carry Jayden off for instant sex mood? Cause at this rate, we’re never gonna get the stuff we need!" She was amused, anyway. Amused and… really thinking it was going to be hard to get everything done in just a few months! It’d be easy enough to delegate it to someone else, but what was the fun in that? -03:31 Sep 25
Cupio: "Both, I’m affected by your moods, by your smell. Did you know I can smell when you’re turned on, and when you’re angry, or afriad. You human really do put out more smells than you realize, like when you plsured yourself and I was in your living room. One of the best smells I’ve ever encountered is your skin after you’re had and orgasm, or your cum Jayden. Oh, is that a baby clothes shop?" he let go of her arm and dashed forwards clearly not having learned his lesson! -03:34 Sep 25
Jayden: Lame! He knew what she was doing before they hooked up? That’s kind of embarrassing! …well… Bah. He really knew how to talk things up, though. Jayden wondered if she could just go ahead and have sex all the time, and forget about everything else. She followed with her arms crossed and that scowl again. "I don’t think we’re going to be able to raise a kid if all we do is fucking. …not that I mind at all, but it might be weird for her." -03:38 Sep 25
Cupio: He tunred to walk backwards facing her. "That would be something." he said. "Tuck her in, while fucking, make her breakfast, while fucking, bathe her, while fucking, take her to school, while fucking. I don’t think you have the stamina though." he turned back and pressed his face against a shopfrone peering inside. "Oooh Jayden there’s….. things in here." He didn’t know what they were but they had wheels and pedals and looked fun. -03:43 Sep 25
Jayden: "Yeah, lets not do that. Well just keep it in our special sexy room." Jayden stopped next to him to peer in the window too. "Bicycles. …..I do too have stamina." Frowning again. There was a kid in her eating up all her energy, her usual stamina was way better than this! "She’ll be too small for these for a while though. We should be hunting clothes and plushies. A furniture we like." -03:48 Sep 25
Cupio: "Not for her…" Cupio said palcing back hands on the glass and staring. "What are they for? What do they do? Are they like cars?" he licked the glass window and used his siliva to clean the glass for a better view, adn it got rid of an annoying smudge that did not sit well with his OCD. -03:50 Sep 25
Jayden: Jayden smirked. This was sickenly cute. …and disturbingly sexy with all that licking! There were better ways to put that tongue to use. Grabbing his shoulders again, she turned him to face the street, waited a moment, then pointed when she caught someone riding by. "Works like that. Have you not been paying attention when you flounce around town?" -03:55 Sep 25
Cupio: "You’re very distracting…" he said ducking under Jayden’s arms and moving again a slight sway to his walk as he watched the cyclist and then looked at the next shop window. This one was boting just rows of computers and people using them, then he turned to Jayden and put his hands behind his back and legs crossed as his tail swished slowly. "Do you know what I like most about you Jayden?" he smiled sweetly, ot what was trying to ne sweet but came out naughtier. -04:01 Sep 25
Jayden: "Is it my clever wit and totally awesome sense of humor?" Sweet and naughty, that was her Mcboobs. They were seriously -never- going to get anything done when they were together! Maybe getting a computer and doing all their shopping from bed would be a more productive idea. "What is it, then?" -04:04 Sep 25
Cupio: "You care about me." he said simply. "You’d tear the guts out of anyone looking to hurt me, ot our daughter, and then fuck me in thier blood. You’re a lot like a demon Jay, but you’re also a lot like a human. If we were to get you a demon body that could take being fucked non stop week in and week out then we really would never get anything done." Stepping up to Jayden he hooped up to brush his lips against hers and then took her hand and started walking forwards. "But which shop are we looking for?" -04:13 Sep 25
Jayden: "The one with the crazy disturbing looking bears all over the front windows." Pulled along without resistance, Jayden was smiling again. Yeah, she didn’t regret saying she loved little Cupio Mcboobs. This was a good feeling. "What do you think we’ll cover her room with? Ducks? Frogs? Zombies?" -04:20 Sep 25
Cupio: "Demons?" he grinned back at her and slapped her leg with his tail, by accident or not it was impossible to tell. "We’ll see what looks good, I’d like something nice for her, better than the stone walls I had. OOOH purple, I like purple, I had purple everywhere when I came to rule my little section of hell, purple and gold." -04:23 Sep 25
Jayden: "Purple and gold are excellent colors for a little demon princess." Jayden tugged on his hand to pull him close, leaning to smell his hair before laughing to herself and kissing his temple. "Any colors would be good. We can paint every room of the house with different colors." -04:27 Sep 25
Cupio: That… that would clash horribly with Cupio’s sense of enviroment, but having Jayden pull him close and smelling and kissing was heaven and it was very easy to just close his eyes and sigh happily. "We’ll see, I’d be happy to live anywhere if you live there with me." -04:31 Sep 25
Jayden: "Uh huh… ‘we’ll see’ is Cupio-speak for ‘fuck that shit’." Grinning, she nuzzled against his head before she was throwing her arms around him from behind to hug and walk at the same time. "I promise, every room will be a perfectly amazing and well put together environment. Whether you want one nice and relaxing for snuggling, or one all fired up and stiiiimulating." Jayden made sure to purrrr that last word. Mcboobs wasn’t the only one who could be distractingly teasing. -04:37 Sep 25
Cupio: Arms around her it was hard not to clench with her purr. It was unfair! Jayden was a human, and humans seemed to be satisfied after sex but demons… always horny all the time and it made him giggle. "You don’t need a room to stimulate me." he said "But if we did put together you have no idea what that would tdo to me. It would be like the club, but more because it’s just ours." he had had one, and when he was in it when he wasn’t sexing he was masterdating. It had been like catnit… demon nip and the memory of it was doing things, making his all warm and not wanting to shop anymore. "We should talk about baby clothes." And sounding breathless! -04:43 Sep 25
Jayden: "I like when you’re a girl, Coop. It’s very easy to rile you up." She mumbled, kissing his ear and stiffling another laugh. She had never cared for girls before, but Cupio being adorable was apparently the exception to the rule. Jayden did pull away, though. At least one of them had to have some sort of self control! "Baby clothes, then! I want to see you and her in cute matching outfits. Little dresses with lace and stuff. That would be pretty cute." -04:50 Sep 25
Cupio: He was letting go of her and looking away towards the shop front, both hands swinging at his sides as he tried to think of anything but his own smell, and few smell. She smelled like a sexy Jayden adn he smelled like on hella turned on demon, a wet hella turned on demon. But there was a distraction. "YES! And we could take pictures, and don’t think you’re getting out of the latching outfits, even if you do were the guy versions of them." he turned to stick out his tongue at her and then turne back. "Creepy teddy bears 11 o clock!" -04:55 Sep 25
Jayden: "I’m sure as hell not wearing any frilly dresses… and I’m not dressing like a guy! …Unless it’s a nice suit. I do like suits." He was all bouncy again, and that was good! Jayden snatched his hand to drag him through the doors and in to the shop. Thankfully these sort of stores were the least sexy thing ever! All pastels and that baby powder smell. Jayden probably never felt more out of place. "Well this is going to be interesting." -05:00 Sep 25
Cupio: If Jayden elt out of place it was nothing compared to Cupio, sudenly plunged into a world of soft smells and delicate things he drew closer to Jayden and even wrapped his tail around her leg to that it didn’t break anything. "They’re so small." he said lookign at the selection of baby pajamas. "I don’t think I was ever that small…" -05:03 Sep 25
Jayden: "I don’t think she is going to grow as fast as a demon either. Doesn’t seem to be. She’ll be small like that for awhile." Weird… she was actually going to have one of those things. …But Cupio was being so cute! Resting an arm around his shoulders, she puuuussh him onwards to go snooping. He was going to be far more thrilled and entertained with this stuff than she was! "She’s happening though. So shopping it is!" -05:10 Sep 25
Cupio: Cupio was shoved away from the wamth and comfort of Jayden! And was now standing awkwardly in the middle of the shop eying all the little things and afraid to touch any of then since small things were delicate, and usually he had no problams with breaking things but this was thier daughter! -05:14 Sep 25
Jayden: "It’s too late to panic now." she whispered in his hear as she passed him by. The first thing she did was browse a shelf, then she plucked off a tiny little infants dress and promptly handed it over to him. Along with a squeakie bath duck and a plush giraffe. "This stuff is made to be thrown and dropped and chewed on. You’re not gonna hurt anything." -05:18 Sep 25
Cupio: Chewed on… that got his attention, he opened his mouth slowly and tilted his head, fangs clearly visible and he held up the giraffe. It didn’t smell very appitizing but… the investigation og the dress would have to wait until aftre the taste test of the giraffe! -05:20 Sep 25
Jayden: It was kind of like watching a slow motion train wreck. Jayden was laughing out loud and getting the attention of the whole shop before she quickly covered his mouth with her hand to stop him. "…how about we buy things -before- you shred them with your teeth?" -05:22 Sep 25
Cupio: He looked at her over her hand, then flicked his tongue against it and closed his mouth nodding. Then he held up the dress and tried to imagine a little Jayden in it. "What do babies mool like?" he said finally examining the distorted proportions of the garment. "I only know a little about demon babies since someone I knew had one and had it taken away but I’ve never seen one." -05:25 Sep 25
Jayden: "Like um… " Jayden moved away again, browsing a big shelf of books until she found one that had plenty of pictures. One of those lame coffee table books with baby photos in it. …sometimes Jayden was pretty sure she was better off a demon too, cause it was kind of ridiculous. She opened up the book and handed it to him. "Those are babies. Human babies, anyway. They’re kinda squishy." -05:32 Sep 25
Cupio: The book was almost dropped with the dress, a det of pajamas, tiny slippers, the giraffe, a plush cat, and it all in his arms. But the soind he made could inlu be describes as an ‘Awwwww’ "We’re having one of these… They’re squicky but Jayden will beat up any squichers, and I’ll get her a suit!" he grinned at her, Jayben in a sexy suit would look great. Then the book was put down and a plush dog added to the growing armful, and a plush dophin that actually kinda looked tasty. -05:37 Sep 25
Jayden: Better. Jayden knew once he got past the small and squishy hurdle he’d be all over everything. …and before there was a disaster, Jayden grabbed a shopping basket and was taking things out of his hands to put inside it. A basket full of adorable things. How the hell were they going to pull off being parents? Maybe he could, but… "Beating up people will probably be the one thing I’m good at." -05:41 Sep 25
Cupio: Arms free he was able to rifle through things and find a cute little outfit that he held up to try to imagin a little thinkg inside, then that was tossed into the basket along with a baby blanket. "You’ll make a great role model too Jay, and I know you’ll dote over her and spoile her just as much as I will. Now… thich of these do I give to Jento make in adult sizes for pictures?" he held up two outfits. "And I’ll need your measurments!" -05:46 Sep 25
Jayden: Jayden pointed to the one she liked, but then she was frowning. "I don’t have measurements, and I don’t do matching! It’s cute for you and a baby, but not for me. Pictures and me don’t get along." Ooo, the blanket was soft. Why did baby stuff always feel better than adult stuff? -05:52 Sep 25
Cupio: "If I wanterd to sneak a dress for you I’d change into you and get them that way. No I have something else in mind." he was grinning and thinking back to the sex shop. "Maybe I’ll do it that way anyway." he tossed her choice into the basket and looked around. "That’s about everything I like in here…." which was most things, good thing it was a small shop. -05:55 Sep 25
Jayden: She was going to have to give him a cash card and set him loose in the city. ….after she found them a house! Otherwise, Jayden was sure she would come home one day to find herself unable to even set foot in the apartment. She took a moment to brush her hand against his cheek and give him a soft kiss. "Good. Any more and the cashier would be stuck ringing us up for hours. I’ll pay for this…" -05:58 Sep 25
[Cupio enters.] -06:15 Sep 25
Cupio: There was a soft "hmm" with her kiss and he smiled. "Well that would give me time to go and get my present for you." he said grinning and reaching into his pocked to pull out a small wad of money, then bouncing up to Jayden and kissing her cheek. "I’ll be right back honey then we’ll go home and have all that sex we were talking about." without waiting for permition or giving Jayden time to veto the idea he was heading for the door! -06:18 Sep 25
Jayden: Now she was a honey, huh? And a present too. Jayden was smugly pleased that her day out did exactly what it was meant to do. Make him stop worrying so much about everything. She took the basket up to the cashier and went through the arduous process of ringing up and paying. An evening of sex and snuggles did sound like a nice way to wrap up the day. -06:23 Sep 25
[(Timeout) Cupio got too distracted for their own good…] -06:29 Sep 25
Cupio: The moment Cupio exited the shop he was being followed, and blissfully unaware he reached the sex shop and started pokign though the coursets, something to make Kayden feel like a sexy woman. One in the right size wasn’t hard to find either and no eyebrows were raised when he said it was for his ‘little girlfriend’. People who worked at these palces were the best! -06:29 Sep 25
Jayden: Thank god for huge bags. At least this stuff wasn’t heavy. Had Cupio gone nuts about furniture, it would have been a pain in the ass. Jayden took her sweet time too. So long as Mcboobs wasn’t off trying to sneak another mocha without her, then Jayden wasn’t all too concerned about being in a rush. …Except wondering what that present was. Knowing Cupio it could be something insane… -06:33 Sep 25
Cupio: Boxed up and bagged the courset was in his hand as he exited the shop. It was an understated paper bag whos was odd, it should have a picture of boobs, or a penis on it since it was from a sex shop. Still he was on his way back to Jayden with it a wearing a wicked grin today was great! -06:37 Sep 25

two of them came, a wall of flesh that parted before Cupio and then they each had an arm pripping his. Cupio hissed but almost instantly something was pressed into his shoulder and the world haded from his mind, everything going weak and tail, arms and legs going limp. Holy water, the undoing of any demonm and Cupio was loaded into a waiting van, the box “To Jayden <3" magic markered on the side abandoned on the sidewalk. -Cupio

Jayden: Distracted with several bags, when she stepped out of the shop, she was waiting on the sidewalk for a bit mumbling about maybe needing a car. When she glanced up and down the street, looking for an overly bubbly demon, she sure wasn’t thinking of vans speeding away. Only the absense of a female boyfriend. Figuring he probably did run off to get that mocha, she started down the sidewalk. Only pausing when she nearly tripped over a box. With her name on it too! A narrow eyed stare glanced up and down the street again. A Cupio trap? Pickup the box and get sexed in the street? Jayden warily stooped to pick it up, and ready to dodge if he jumped out. Nothing! …now she was -really- suspicious! -07:10 Sep 25
Cupio: The van was dark and Cupio was so weak he couldn’t even list his own arms. What he did know what his clothes were beign cut away and blood was ben painted on him, the smell sugested a mix of human and demon. He tried to move but was pushed back down and groaned, feeling symbols being drawn on him. "Enough, we’ll do the rest on the altar, this one is powerful adn will make a suitable god." -07:15 Sep 25
Jayden: Jayden was clearly someone who did not like surprises. Maybe it was just because she had a really eerie feeling. One that kinda made her feel quesy and twinging in her stomach. When there was no Mcboobs at the mocha stand, Jayden went straight home. Depositing bags on the sofa and scowling at the empty apartment. He wasn’t there either, and that feeling was strong enough to make her nauseous. Jayden scowled and patted her tummy. "No, I don’t like it either.. can’t do anything about it if I feel sick though." she muttered. Of course she was just talking to herself and the speck that couldn’t hear her, but it made HER feel better. …almost. -07:21 Sep 25
Cupio: The van stopped and the demon was dragged out and pulled into an abandoned appartment building, he couldn’t tell hos far he was carried before he was laid upon a ston smad in the center of a room, and as soon as he was he could feel the room, the enviroment, everything about it was focused roght above the slab, right into the space he occupied. "No…" he sobbed "Shhhh." the room was full of people, all of then whispering. He could hear evey whisped, feel every symbol, the smeel of blood. Blood, delicious blood. He was surrounded by food, food and souls reaby for the taking. He lifted his hand and licked some of the blood painted on it. Definatly some demon in there, so intoxicating! -07:32 Sep 25
Jayden: With arms crossed, standing in the middle of the apartment with a dark expression, she waited all of fifteen minutes before that feeling was too much to bare. Something was wrong, and she didn’t care how she knew it was wrong, she just wanted to fix it. And Jayden’s brand of fixing things was going to involve violence. In fact, Jayden made sure she had her new little pistol and a jacket before she stepped out the apartment door. She wasn’t concerned how she would find him. Cupio had a way of drawing attention to himself, all she had to do was look for signs of chaos! -07:38 Sep 25
Cupio: Blood, blood, blood, eveywhere. Cupio could practically sing. It was on the walls, it was on the floor where he lay soaking in it among the bodies of this who were not fast enough. The police had known about htis little cult for a while and now were forsed to act. Shots had been fired but those were boring details. There were still some cultists alice, this who had been smart enough to try promise serviture for thier lives but they were boring nad hed been told to keep the cops busy. Cupio was perfectly happy in his pool of blood abscently laping it up off the floor. Every inch of his skin and hair covered in a thick layer of it. -07:44 Sep 25
Jayden: At least Jayden found solace in the fact that Cupio was predictable! Where there was trouble, there was him. The moment she heard sirens she followed, and the moment she heard gunshots she was almost freaking out. What she -wasn’t- expecting was to run around a corner and find crazyass cultists waging some sort of hell battle with cops. But she knew this was the right place because… well… she could smell him! What THAT meant, she didn’t think on. Jayden took the long way around, completely circumventing the chaos to find another way in to the building. She was going to grab her too-pretty boyfriend, yell at him for three days, and probably ban him from ever leaving home again! -07:53 Sep 25
Cupio: Covered in blood and with all the hearts of the dead eaten out he was back on his altar, abscently licking at the blood on his arm. There was so much of it. He threay his head back and laughed in pure dilight. Maybe he should go and see how the battle was going, maybe enslave a few police officers. That sounded like a good idea so he hopped off of the altar and stepped over the bodies towards the gunfire. "Blood…. blood dripping … mmmmm." there was someone in the ahllway, someone…. "DEAD!" his tail whipped around the corner and wrapped arounf the cop’s throat choking them befrore the barb shot though thier eye into thier brain, then Cupio peeked around the corner to watch them fall. Then he freed his tail and sat on the body and sloly started licking the blood and brain from his tail. -08:04 Sep 25
Jayden: Holy shit, there was goddamned blood everywhere. The sickening part was that it kinda smelled both really appetizing but really sickening all at the same time. Jayden blamed the kid. She had that gun out and ready to start shooting, fully expecting stabby cultists or summoned demons running loose. What she wasn’t expecting to see was a tiny little Mcboobs Cupio, covered head to toe in blood and chewing… on what she hoped wasn’t human body parts! "Cupio…! What the bloody fuck!" -08:09 Sep 25
Cupio: There was a hiss and the demon turned to the new threat, the desecrated body abandoned in favor of a new snack. He leaped adn caught hold of the wall and climbed it, claws tallons and winfs all doing thier part to get him to th ceiling nad crawl along it towards Jayden. But this himan didn’t smell like good… no.. her scent shut down the need for blood and to consume and instead started and itch between his legs. She smelled like sex. -08:13 Sep 25
Jayden: Okay… That was actually seriously creepy. Like, horror movie creepy. Jayden kept standing there, though. Lowering the gun and scowling at him. "Cupio. We need to go home. There’s a mess outside and if you get caught in here like this it’s not going to be pretty." -08:16 Sep 25
Cupio: "Stop talking." this human’s first command. Right before the full wieght of this demon fell onto her with as much force as it could generate in a single leap, then his tongue was running up her cheek as his claws tore open her top. -08:19 Sep 25
Jayden: Jayden hit the floor with a shriek and was too surprised to shove him off her! She did, however, raise up on her elbows and grip his shoulder with a scowl. "What did I say, Coop? We’re not screwing around in here! There’s dead people everywhere and if the cops catch a demon covered in blood, the shit’s gonna hit the fan!" -08:25 Sep 25
Cupio: Strength, every demon hat it and he pused it to pushe down her shoulders and then srcape his fangs down her throat. "You are mine." a possesion, a fuck toy. And to prove that he ran his tongue up between her breasts before ripping her top open further and running his claws hard over her breast. "I’m going to fuck you my little pet. Right here, in all this blood." -08:30 Sep 25
Jayden: "Have you lost your goddamned mind?!" Something here definitely wasn’t right! He didn’t even sound like her normal perky Mcboobs. He was all… demon succubus crazy woman. If she wasn’t concerned about the potential of trouble, it might have been really, really hot… This time Jayden did slap a hand away and shove at him. "No. Are you listening? No sex here. You want to sex, we can do tons of sex. But my kid’s daddy isn’t getting carted off by cops or cultists if I can help it. We’re going home." -08:35 Sep 25
Cupio: He struck her back then tore at her pants rilling the front clean out of the crotch. "I’m going to fuck you." he repeated. "Don’t ever say no to me." he punned heer hands to the floor with his and hel her down beofre his tail came up and ran against his slit bringing forth a soft sounf from his throat, then it snaked down to her to rub against them both, -08:39 Sep 25
Jayden: "You crazy jackass…!" Nobody freaking hit her, not even Cupio in the middle of hot sex! Jayden struggled and hissed and… oh, sweet hell. That felt really, really good and… Damnit! This was serious, what the hell was wrong with him? "I SAID NO, I’M SAYING NO, AND YOU’RE GOING TO GET THE FUCK OFF ME AND TAKE ME HOME IF YOU WANT A FUCK OR I’M GOING TO BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU AND DRAG YOU BACK BY YOUR GODDAMNED TAIL." And she had to scream it, because if she didn’t she was going to cave like an oversexed bimbo! -08:46 Sep 25
Cupio: He pushed his lips into hers and pushed his tail into her , it’s length rubbing against him and the tip wriggling inside her. There was no more talking, this wasn’t a distussion, he’d rape her if her needed to. Her scent, her feel, it drove him wild. She was his and he wasn’t going to let her prevent that. It was sex, right now, right here. Fuck the danger, in fact that made it more exciting. "Cum for me pet. Then I’ll take you to our safe place." -08:50 Sep 25
Jayden: Jayden could kill herself for enjoy this, especially when timing was so important! The worst time -ever- for sex! "You can take me there now, damnit!" Jayden was still trying to wretch her hands free and pull her legs closed. This was not good for her adorable little image of Mcboobs! -08:56 Sep 25
Cupio: He moved down to bite her breast and run his tongue across it as his tail continued to service them both. "You’re enjoying this." he whispered. "I can feel it, I can smell it. Why do you fight me pet?" he kissed her nipple nad sucked it into his mouth before releasing one of her hands to grab her other breast. "You are my chosen." -09:01 Sep 25
Jayden: There was no hiding that hiss of breath she let out through clenched teeth. What could she say? Cupio knew how to hit her buttons, and it was pretty obvious she was a freak. …but there was still a time and place! Jayden took the opportunity to grab his hair and jerk his head back. "I’m your chosen, but I’m not your pet. I would love to fuck you from dusk till dawn in every way imaginable, but we can do it at home where you’re safe." Most of that the had to growl out through her teeth between squirming. He was driving her nuts! -09:06 Sep 25
Cupio: He sucked in a breath and tel out a moan. "Pull it more…" he practically cooed the words as he pet go of her other arm that was then pinned in place by a wing so he had both hands free to knead and pull in her breasts. "Hurt me. Pull it out." -09:09 Sep 25
Jayden: What?! No! She wasn’t trying to be sexy! Jayden growled louder, losening her grip only to pull his head down and give him a hard kiss. "Cupio, I love you. But you’re scaring the shit out of me and I’m not gonna have any part in crazy bullshit!" He liked the fight. So she had to do the hardest thing ever. Jayden dropped her arms and forced herself to go limp. No participation, no fucking back, no nothing! She might not have the physical strength to tussel with him, but she could definitely take all the fun out of it. -09:15 Sep 25
Cupio: Like a mouse playing dead to a cat it only changes the rules, not end the game. He pulled his tail out and moved down to lick her lipsturning around to rest his body on top of hers. This helf her hands competely free bu it was his slimy tongue dipping into her nad his fingers rubbing her lips and clit as he had his tail all to himself, the tip pushing into him and making his knees either side of her squeeze her. -09:18 Sep 25
Jayden: Jayden’s fist hit the ground, because if it didn’t it was going to hit him and for all her threatening, she was still having a hard time wanting to hit Mcboobs! Staying limp now was even harder. A flick of his tongue, wet and eerily cool made her tense for a moment, but she willed herself to relax again… thing of something that -wasn’t- sexy! Old people! Kittens! Dead babies! …that one was actually kind of sad, and Jayden was giving a very strange mix of pleased but sad whimper! -09:23 Sep 25
Cupio: Fingers dipped inside her as he raised hsi head to moan. "You have no idea how you taste to me, I want to taste it all, cum for me I’ll share it with you. The flaster you cum the faster I take you away." it was all one string of words loaded with need and mounting desire, then his tongue rejoined his fingers but the fingers remained, she really did taste like hevem, and hell and all things in between. -09:26 Sep 25
Jayden: Fuuuck, he had no idea how hard it was to take and not touch. To not move or wrap herself around him, or shove his ass to the floor and screw the demon out of him. Her teeth dug in to her lip for a moment, until she could taste her own blood. Then Jayden was giving another frustrated growl! "Hrrmmragh! OKAY…! Tell me what happened here and you can have me, christ!" -09:31 Sep 25
Cupio: He grinned and turned back around to push his lips into hers and push his tail back into her. "They changed me pet. Though out the side I was before I came here." there was an evil chuckle. As he nipped her throat his tail working furiously on both of them. "I love the way you smell, you feel. I’ll tell you all if you cum, your sweetness I need it. Cum and I’ll show you everything s you can pleadge yourself to me. I…" he gasped as his own feelings mounted and he stated clawing at her chest. "You, me and our sire will rule this world I will give you anything you’ve ever dreamed of." -09:39 Sep 25
Jayden: Putting the pieces together while he was setting her blood on fire was was near impossible. For a moment Jayden very nearly almost gave in. Her head tilting back and forth as she struggled to keep it under control. She finally grabbed at his hands, tugging him down hard until she could throw her arms around him. Hugging him tight and burying her face in to his neck. "I don’t want the world, I just want you." She muttered against his skin, almost in a pained hiss. He was getting what he wanted, just this one thing! Her arms tightened around him and her hands dug in to his hair when she toppled with a whimpered cry. -09:45 Sep 25
Cupio: Sweet, so sweet and delectable. There was a slow purposful moan as the end of which he sheddered against her then slid up against her to bite and pull on her lip. "Follow." he sparng up his tail going to his mouth to suck her from him as he went through the door into the altar room. -09:52 Sep 25
Jayden: Fucking hell. Dating a demon was rough. Jayden rolled, cursing all sorts of things under her breath as she snatched up the shredded bits of her clothes and finally just gave up! She just ended up snatching the blood covered jacket off a dead cultist and pulling it on. Almost stumbling as she followed through the doorway. Her body was shot! "Cupio, you got your sex. We need to go home. I’m not hearing the guns anymore." -09:57 Sep 25
Cupio: He was stepping over the dead and then sitting on the altar. "This is where they did it. They used holy water to weaken me, then plainted me in blood and said thier words. Now…" he tood a long lick of blood from his arm. "I can’t get enough. You are not my high priestess, this is my church, you are home." -10:00 Sep 25
Jayden: Jayden cast a cool look around. Maybe cool wasn’t the right word… it was good that all the cultists in the room were already dead. There were symbols everywhere and it wasn’t hard to get the jist of things. They were either trying to summon something or bind him. A god or a warrior or some other insane cultist bullshit. Whatever it was, HER Cupio was bow a blood thirsty maniac! "…I see." …what the fuck was she going to do about this?! "…but this isn’t OUR home. This place is a trashed mess filled with assholes. If you want to make a church, Cupio. OUR home is a better start. In my bed where we belong." -10:03 Sep 25
Cupio: He gestured her closer. "Come on pet, these men failed to devote themselves to me fast enough, that is why I ended thier pathetic lives. You don’t want to make their mistake do you? Now when you so obviously enjoy my attention." there were several loud bangs and a scream close by but Cupio dismossed the sound. If they came, they would die. -10:07 Sep 25
Jayden: "I’m not your pet, Cupio. I am your girlfriend and the mother of your kid. If you want me, it’s not going to be in some shitty abandoned building with hordes of cracked out minions." She was speaking calm, but she really wasn’t calm at all. Jayden was freaking out! She was ready to drop, she was starving, the blood was driving her nuts for totally contradictory reasons and any second a swat team was going to come piling in there and probably kill both of them! "Coop, I can’t do this! I want to go home, with you and not be afraid you’re gonna get taken away from me or that my kid is gonna die before it’s even born! I want to GO. And I’m not going without you." -10:11 Sep 25
Cupio: He stood and stepped up to her and placed an ear to her chest. "Be calm, nothing can hurt you as long as I am here, you are always safe with me. The door bust open and in an instant he was standing apart from her the unshots lighing up the room, but none of the touched jaybed and with a shake the bullets fell from his wings. "Interlopers…" he hissed before looking back at at Jayden. Killing them would put her in danger. -10:18 Sep 25
Jayden: Jayden pressed her hand to her forehead. The gunfire had actually made her cringe, and unlike taking on a couple mobsters at a club, this was so far out of her league… she was almost to the point of tears, and she never fucking cried! She could fix it! There was that fancy ass knife of his! That had to do something useful, right? "Take me home. Before THEY decide to use more than guns. Baby Mcjaycoop isn’t happy and neither am I!" -10:30 Sep 25
Cupio: He was on her and picking her up before heading out the large window on the far wall. "Nothing will ever happen to you my pet, my love." he soared over the roofs and landed on the fire escape on the side of her building before collapsing against the wall. "Safe." he said before throwing his arms around her and nuzzling into her chest. -10:37 Sep 25
Jayden: Jayden held he breath the entire time, until they were back on solid ground and she was curling her arms around him and resting her chin against his head. "Not safe, not yet." Jayden muttered, running her hands over his hair for a moment. "We’ll go inside and get your new knife. Afterwards I’ll know what to do about the police, then you and I can be alone." -10:44 Sep 25
Cupio: "My knife…" there was a dark chuckle and he slipped from her hands and pried open the window and climb into the bedroom and moving towards it’s hiding place to draw it out. "High priestess.. you know what this knife is. Why do you want it." his tone was suddenly suspicious. "I would trust you with my baby but with my knife that could do so much against me. What do you plan to do?" -10:48 Sep 25
Jayden: Jayden near fell in to the room. This was tiring. Between baby, and him, and guns and sex… she was fucking tired! Jayden didn’t pounce on the knife, he was too edgy and she was too frustrated to put up a fight. She just pulled off that bloody jacket she wore and tossed it to the floor, then wandered towards the bathroom to fetch a towel for all the blood. "I plan to make sure my Cupio has everything he really, honestly wants. And I need that thing to do it." -10:51 Sep 25
Cupio: He followed her into the bathroom. "ANd I can trust you? You swear you’ll never do anything against me or my wishes? I want to trust you. You are my favorite and I really don’t know what I would do without you. Other than burn it all, useless creatures." -10:55 Sep 25
Jayden: "Cupio, I love you and you are my world. I would kill everyone on this planet to keep you safe, and if you wanted me dead too, that is what I would give you. But I will need your knife to give you what you need." Jayden was so tense that it was starting to make her head hurt. She ran some water in the faucet to soak her towel then was scrubbing blood from her face. -11:00 Sep 25
Cupio: He took her hand and placed it on the handle of the knife. "Ever betray me and baby or not I will suck your soul out of the gaping wounds I leave in your body." he said gripping the handle with her. "Only to my hight priestes would I give the honor of holding this." He let go. "Now about that alone time…" -11:02 Sep 25
Jayden: "I love you. You can trust me." The moment her fingers were wrapped around it… it was like tapping in to something she never knew she had in her. Of course she believed it was her child that helped. Showing her how to tap in to what she needed. And all of it seemed to happen in a split second. Without another word she thrust it foreward right in to his gut. She would have HER Cupio back, by any means necessary…! -11:09 Sep 25
[Cupio has never felt more betrayed in his entire existance.] -03:26 Sep 26
[Jayden hopes she was right, otherwise she’s pretty dead!] -03:27 Sep 26
Cupio: Pain, so much pain! He cried out even as the sensation made him tighten in all the right placed. He lokked at her, anger and betrayal in his eyes. "YOU BITCH! I’ll cut my baby out of you and carry it myself!" claws were raised and he was ready to strike, the knife in his stomach humming, waiting to know what to sever, physically, emotionally, metaphorically. -03:32 Sep 26
Jayden: "That’s not what you want, Cupio!" How did she even know what she was doing! This felt instinctual! Jayden knew exactly what to zero in on. The power binding spell that seemed to have every other part of him locked away save for blood thirst and power craving. It was that she focused on when she ripped the knife free to make the cut! -03:38 Sep 26
Cupio: Tears welled up, tears of pain, tears of anger, tears of sadness. The next sound that came from him was a whimper and he fell to his knees colliding with Jayden’s legs and sank to the floor clutching his stomach. The wound would be a mortal danger to a human, but on Cupio it was already closing, the blood only adding to that already there, his eye were closed not in pain, but in tears. -03:42 Sep 26
Jayden: Jayden sank to the floor too, setting the knife down on the tile before reaching out to pull him to her and wrap her arms around him. She ran her fingers through his hair and mumbled softly. "Say you’re better now, Coop. I don’t know if I can do that again." -03:47 Sep 26
Cupio: His arms reached around her and cling to her. "What happened." he mumbled pressing his face against her shoulder. "I don’t want to go back to that Jayden, I.." he moved closer to her his hands and arms gripping her tightly. "I don’t want to go back to how I was in hell. Earth is different, it changes us. I don’t want to go back." he was scared, he had wanted to kill Jayden and now, that seemed like what he wanted to do the least." -03:51 Sep 26
Jayden: "Cultists happened. Can I really not leave my little pretty alone for ten minutes?" She was making light of it, but Jayden was so relieved she was almost shaking. Not once in her life had she ever been so afraid of something! She buried her face in his hair. "I told you that you were my world Cupio." -03:55 Sep 26
Cupio: Melting into her embrace he clung to her, then moved to kiss her softly. "Thank you Jay." he whispered. "Your present…" it seemed trivial now but he needed something else to focus on. -04:01 Sep 26
Jayden: "In the other room scattered with crazy adorable babythings. We can worry about it in a minute." First, she was going to make sure he was actually healing. She did stab him, after all. Brushing a hand against his cheek, she moved him back just far enough to run her hand down his side. "Hmm, we should get rid of all this blood too. As hot as you are in red, you’ll feel better clean." -04:10 Sep 26
Cupio: There were parts cleaning themselves of blood, his eyes and he looked away. "I killed a lot of people today." he said it as if he were surprised more than regretful. "For no reason… Jay…" he slowly moved to stand as the mast of his skin knitted itself together. "Stay with me in the shower?" he wanted her there, didn’t want her to be more than a few inches away from her. -04:14 Sep 26
Jayden: "I’m sure as hell not letting you out of my sight for awhile." Despite being worn, Jayden was up with him. Guiding him to the shower and reaching to flip the water. Nice and scalding hot, just a step shy from being too hot for herself. Then she was pushing him in and stepping in too. -04:19 Sep 26
Cupio: He held onto her more for confort than stability. Just when the water hit him he sighed with the warmth and leaned back welcoming it and shaking himself. There was another sigh as he started working it into his hair with one ahnd, holding onto Jayden’s shoulder with the other. -04:29 Sep 26
Jayden: She was teetering on her feet, which left her leaning against the wall. Jayden reached out for the soap and in a few moments had a nice lather going. Her hands brushed gently over his skin, washing away any bloody spots he missed, and only ever so slightly because she wanted to make sure he was completely unharmed by those assholes. -04:34 Sep 26
Cupio: There was a soft ‘mmmmm’ sound as she started to wash him and he stilled, leaned forwards to give her better access. And hten moved up to her and was placing his hands on her stomach. "I never wanted you to see me like that." -04:38 Sep 26
Jayden: Jayden didn’t stop her washing of him, she just frowned a bit. "It was bound to happen sometime or another. I was just hoping it’d be rage murdering our kid’s first boyfriend or something." -04:40 Sep 26
Cupio: He wanted to touch her, feel her, make sure it was over but he was shaking and half wanting to hide from her. "Maybe she’d be better of with girlfriends." it was a half joke. "I know I love mine." -04:43 Sep 26
Jayden: "If she is anything like you and me, I’ll have to hide her for a thousand years." Jayden slid her arms around him to draw him close, and then she was burying her face in his hair. She didn’t think it would be this hard pretending to be fine and calm, when she wanted to go raise hell and wipe every cultist off the planet. Or drag him to bed and never leave it. -04:50 Sep 26
Cupio: He pressed his face against her shoulder and cling to her, finally letting the tears flow and his shoulders shake. "I want her to have a better life than me, I want her to be happy, adn safe, and to never be raped, ot bound, and for her to find a love as sweet as my Jayden. I want her to be loved and happy and secure and not have to deal with…" what followed was a sob and his jumping up to cling to her with arms and legs and burry his face where her neck and shoulders met. -05:00 Sep 26
Jayden: Oomph..! That was just one step far than than her body could take! Her back hit the wall and Jayden slid to the shower floor, cradling a sobbing demon on her lap. Petting his hair and rubbing his back. Ever so often brushing a kiss against his temple or cheek or mouth. "I know baby. She won’t have to be afraid of anything, I’ll make sure. You won’t have to either. I’m always going to take care of you Coop…" -05:10 Sep 26
Cupio: He took her head in both hands and kissed her hard. "I’m never afraid when you’re here Jay." he said softly and then moved off of her to curl up at the bottm of the shower with his head in her lap. "I’ll protect you too, any way I can, nothing will harm you ever again." -05:14 Sep 26
Jayden: Jayden grinned, resting her hands on his head and stroking his skin with her thumbs. "Big promises for a tiny little wench. Maybe I’ll just keep you tied up in bed where I can keep an eye on you." -05:27 Sep 26
Cupio: "Bed, that reminds me of your present." he said lifting his head and sitting up to rub more of the blood of of himself then, standing to turn off the water. The changing form he gripped Jayden’s shoulders and lifted her off of the floor to brace her against his sholder and grab a towel. "I’ll show you in the bedroom." -05:30 Sep 26
Jayden: "At least I know it’s not another mocha meltdown." she was smirking. Jayden was pretty curious about the present, but she was also missing the nice heat of the shower and would definitely kill for something to chew on. And now he wasn’t a tiny and fragile Mcboobs anymore. Which was all the permission she needed to wilt against him. -05:38 Sep 26
Cupio: He turned off the water and started drying her as he carried her into the bedroom. When she was mostly dry he sat her on the bad and started drying her front, then he stopped to look into her face and smile. Smile still in place he wrated drying her hair and then leaned forwards to kiss her forehead. "Thank you for coming for me Jay. And for being here. That’s what I would be like if I had never met you." The he was taking her to the head of the bed and pulling the blanket over her. "I’ll be right back." -05:42 Sep 26
Jayden: Jayden didn’t realize just how mentally and physically exhausted she was until her head hit the pillow. Even sex didn’t wind her down so bad. And worse, she was pulling a total Mcboobs and wanted to grab on to him and cling before he left the room. Jayden resisted that impulse though, and just threw her arm over her face. He had crazy demon issues to deal with, she couldn’t fall apart the first time he went manic. -05:50 Sep 26
Cupio: He dried homself and left the room entering the living room adn quickly finding th emound of shopping. Then it was a simple case of returning to the bedroom and sliding in next to her. "Jayden I know I’ve been changing forms a lot on you lately, and I can’t really help if, you make me feel secure no matter what I look like and like how I did when I was a child. But you are and the woman in this relationship, and you are drop dead sexy in a lot of ways, so to reling you that I an your boy friend I picked this out for you." he placed the box in her lap and then put his arm around her. "I love you Jay, and that’s never going to change." -05:55 Sep 26
Jayden: "I didn’t think I was complaining about you changing forms on me…" She didn’t know why the hell she was embarrassed. Because sometimes he hit the right button at the right moment, when she didn’t have the energy to put up a front? Before tackling the box, she was wrapping her arms around him to hug him. That pungeant smell of blood was gone now, replaced by just him and that was so much more comforting than he realized. She finally pulled away and was carefully opening the box. -06:06 Sep 26
[Cupio enters.] -06:09 Sep 26
Cupio: He nuzzled her hair briefly as the box came open and a red sating an leather courset was revealed. It was exactly Jayden’s size, just as he has threatened. "To the most sexy woman in my life, something to wear when you’re feeling as sexy as you look." he whispered into her ear. -06:14 Sep 26
Jayden: This wasn’t what she was expecting! Jayden was expecting some crazy, kinky maybe. Or worse, something frilly and lacy since he was threatening to dress her up all matchy-matchy for pictures. This was a much more fun surprise. Her fingers brushed over the satin and then she was tilting her head to brush a kiss over his mouth. "You realize, this is now what I’m going to be wearing with my mobster suit instead of that cleancut white shirt…" She cast him a wicked grin. -06:21 Sep 26
[(Timeout) Cupio doesn’t post enough.] -06:27 Sep 26
Cupio: "You do want to ever get out the door without being pounced on and fucked don’t you?" he asked putting both arms around her and smiling and nuzzling into her hair. "I just want my Jay to feel girly and loved. And for ehr to have something tight to wear as I fuck her brains out. -06:27 Sep 26
Jayden: "I don’t think feeling well loved is something I lack." She had been spending too much time with Mcboobs! Now all she wanted to do was snuggle him and grin, and chirp happily in that completely oboxious way! Jayden just opted for sliding her arms around him again and burying her face against his skin so all she got was the sound of his heartbeat and the smell of his skin. "You can fuck me in to a coma as long as you’re here." -06:35 Sep 26
[Cupio enters.] -06:47 Sep 26
Cupio: He rubbed her back masaging along the lines of muscle and smiled down at her. "We’re going on a date tomorow, and I’ll be like this in my favorite leather jacket and boots. A nice lunch and a look at baby furniture, then house hunting. The fucking into a coma thing can wait until the evening." -06:51 Sep 26
Jayden: "You know, I don’t think we’ve ever been on a date either." she mumbled. There was always a whole lot of sex and a little bit of going out… but dates were not something they did. In fact, Jayden was having a hard time trying to remember going out on a date ever. Jayden leaned back with a slight frown. "Cupio, I have never been on a date." -06:58 Sep 26
[(Timeout) Cupio got too distracted for their own good…] -07:05 Sep 26
Cupio: He furrowed his brow. "Never? I thought that was something humans did… Then I guess we’re both going on our first dates together." He brushed his thumb against her lip. "Since demons don’t date. I just hop I can get through an entire day without sexing you up. Or we can at least find someplace private. -07:05 Sep 26
Jayden: Jayden grinned wide. "I got drunk and had a lot of sex. Lived more like a demon than a human I guess." Jayden caressed his cheek before she was digging her hand in to his hair and pulling him down for a soft kiss. "We’ll do a date our way. All the cheesy date stuff, with sex snuck in between." -07:10 Sep 26
Cupio: Only today had she seen how demons truly lived in hell. And she still acted like she lived like a demon. That was kind of a dorable when she was trying to be flat out sexy and he had to spress his urge to make an awwing sound. "Sex all dat and date all day it is." he said kissing her back. "I’ll be carrying you at the end of the date if I have to be." he glided a hand down the side of her neck and nipped her lip. "You know I miss having a dick when you’re around and holding me." -07:15 Sep 26
Jayden: "I didn’t realize how much I missed being held, myself." she muttered, looking almost embarrassed by it. She had gotten so used to coddling and cuddling a tiny Mcboobs, having him hold her now was a pretty big reminder of how much she liked it better that way. And how much she liked touchy him and thinking about all the dirty things she could do to him. -07:24 Sep 26
Cupio: "I missed this too." he admitted. "If you ever want me to change you can ask you know." he said rubbing the back of her neck. "No matter what I look like, or what parts I have I’d do anything for you Jay. Yes, even stick around for decades and raise a baby with you, staying in one form instead of running of to fuck and kill my way into the history books. I choose you over the world." -07:34 Sep 26
My Demon Roommate

My Demon Roommate 013: Demon on Mocha

Jayden: A good big breakfast made for a much less pissy Jayden. Especially when she was teetering on the thought of becoming a demon slayer and ending all demonkind for being a bunch of assholes was still a big thought on her mind. At least a bouncy, cheerful, over excited Mcboobs Cupio was really distracting! “You know, we really are going to need a new place if you’re going to want to buy everything adorable that you see…” -08:40 Sep 22
Cupio: He looked at her. “The only shiny I got was a knife, a very important knife… and the rings.. and… fine we’ll get a bigger place but you have to admit having money is nice.” he was dressed in his mall clothes and ready to go out with Jayden, his girlfriend, the best one ever. “And you’re taking the money!” he stood up from his chair and grinned drinking the last of his juice and placing his cup down. “I don’t think we should get a puppy though. They’re small and helpless… and smell delicious. Not good for babies!” -08:48 Sep 22
Jayden: “Yeeeaaah, so not giving a half demon baby anything easy to eat…” -That- hadn’t even occured to Jayden. Holy hell, what was this kid going to try to eat? Taking the money didn’t seem to be a problem for Jayden. Neither did spending it. In fact, it was pretty damned awesome not having to worry about money. Space on the other hand… Damnit. One thing at a time! “Get a coat. And spending rules means clothes and toys… no furniture until I work out where we put it.” -08:51 Sep 22
Cupio: He grabbed a jacket with wing holes and pulled it on. “Little clothes that are good for a little Jayden… We’ll see what we find. And we should look for a bigger place if you want one. I want somethign with a lot of air, and a big window. You don’t know how great it is having a SKY that you can SEE. Oh and can we get some mocha from the corner stand?” -08:57 Sep 22
Jayden: “Maybe we are safer with a little Mcboobs Cupio. I am not so sure a mini me is the greatest of ideas.” No doubt she would be a little terrorist and impossible to handle. Cupio seemed to have a much better temperment… Jayden led the way out, making sure to lock up the door behind them. Then it was off down the street for his mocha. It was a good day for a walk! -09:01 Sep 22
Cupio: “Come one Jay, our daughter will be great and I hope she looks just like you. I don’t want purple streaks in mu daughter’s hair.” he stuck out her tongue and rabbed Jayden’s arm. “This will be fun. Thank you for making me feel better by doing this. I know I can be a handful sometimes.” -09:08 Sep 22
Jayden: “I’d say you were a handful and then some.” Jayden gave him a wicked look. It wasn’t often she cracked a dirty joke at Mcboobs, but he was kind of asking for it now. “I like it when you’re smiling. Even if that means you’re driving me nuts. …Besides… I kinda like the idea of shopping for baby things. The whole mommy business is growing on me.” -09:13 Sep 22
Cupio: He kissed her shoulder and let out a soft giggle. “You’d know Jayden I can’t think of a place your hands havn’t been. And good, if I can be a father, you can be a mother, and you’ll make a great one.” he nuzzled into her shoulder again “And I like you smiling too, not angry Jayden looking like she wants to rape me, unless she actually rapes me then I like that too.” -09:18 Sep 22
Jayden: That was a weird enough comment to give her pause, and then she couldn’t help but start laughing! “So I get rape face, huh? Well, I guess I’m glad I know how to control some impulses… But I’ll keep your rape permission in mind…” That might actually be kind of fun. -09:20 Sep 22
Cupio: “You wouldn’t.” he teased. “Not your delicate little Mcboobs. Who is a demon. And can take punishment.” the idea of Jayden getting rapey actually had him tensing in all the right places. Good thing a distraction popped up before an alley did. “Theres the mocha… its like chocolate and coffee combined. Where are we shpping anyway?” -09:23 Sep 22
Jayden: “I think you know damn well there’s very few things I wouldn’t do. Even to my delicate and precious little demon girlfriend.” That was a challenge if she ever heard one. Jayden was almost tempted to show him right now, but she wasn’t quite in the right frame of mind for that at the moment. Besides… the element of surprise was more fun. “There’s a lot of shops on Main street. We might as well look at everything we see since we’re getting a new home and making life together. Things we both pick out.” Jayden really liked the thought of that. Building an actual family. Not the demon chaos he had to deal with, or the absence of everything she had… -09:30 Sep 22
Cupio: Building a life together that had him putting his hadns wither side of her head and pulling her into a hard kiss and then skipping off to stand next to the coffee thand to place his order. “Just looking bow then? And buying a little. I want to see eveything. Everything Jay. And maybe we can grab apartment listings on out way back to read at home?” -09:34 Sep 22
Jayden: Jayden was grinning wide. It was very easy to make Mcboobs Cupio happy. She was pulling out cash and ordering something for herself too. “Maybe even something bigger than an apartment? Maybe a nice glass and steel tower and I’ll fill all the floors with booby traps and giant spiders.” -09:39 Sep 22
Cupio: “Giant spiders? I remember them. No, I don’t want them near out daughter!” he sipped his mocha and grinned, it was delicious. “I house might be nice though, with a yard and a tree and a hot tub… I read about them. They sound like the perfect thing for this climate, and bubles tickle. ” he took another sip and started walking slowly. “And a baby room, and a… no if they’re getting a baby no sex room.” -09:43 Sep 22
Jayden: “Locks, Cupio… we can put locks on doors. If you really want a sex room…” Because hey, that actually sound really inticing. What the hell would go in a sex room? Jayden had some fun ideas! She fell in to step next to him, occasionally brushing her hand through his hair or just touching his back. “We could -build- a house. Something close to the city, but with a good and tree and hot tub. Hmm, with lots of windows.” -09:48 Sep 22
Cupio: He grinned and put and arm around her. “That sounds nice. Out own little castle, complete with dungeon.” he glances at her with a wicked grin. “I may look sweet Jay, but all domens are capable of tying a mortal down and incoving carnal sins that would make grown woman cry, or cry out. Or so we like to think. He also like to think that such human things as love is beyong us. But we both knw what’s not true.” -09:52 Sep 22
Jayden: “You realize, it’s really hard for me to take you seriously as a sexy demon of lusty goodness, when you look so damn adorable.” If he had been a man and said it, Jayden would probably hit the sidewalk face first from slipping in her own drool. But Mcboobs? A kitten growling. Snickering to herself, she leaned to kiss his temple. “I’d say we’ve prove a lot of demony impossibilities wrong.” -09:58 Sep 22
Cupio: With a mischevious look he hopped up to bite the side of he hack, hard, then slipped away ahead of her taking another sip of the energetic brew in his hand. “We have and I feel free. And happy, and…” he spun and walked backwards in front of her. “I’d be more than happy to chase you down and fuck you in the street if you’d do my the favor of turning around and running right now.” it wasn’t McBoob’s voice, it was Cupio’s male voice coming from McBoobs’ mouth. Then there was a very wide grin and a wink before the coffee cup was emptied of the last of it’s contents. -10:03 Sep 22
Jayden: Oh no… maybe giving him coffee was a bad idea. But his little tease did the trick and Jayden nearly tripped. She was frowning again, but it was a real frown, as she followed after the beast she just created. “And if we spend all of our time fucking, we’ll never find a place to raise this baby! I’m probably going to spew out a thousand babies at this rate, Cupio!” -10:06 Sep 22
Cupio: “My very own legion? Glorious!” He threw up his ahdn and turned to walk forwards. “A legion of demons at my call… Hey Jay, want to be the demon queen of earth?” The empty cup was tossed in a bin and Cupio was skipping off towards the shops. “We’ll need uniforms for them! Something bullet proof and produced in bulk!” -10:09 Sep 22
Jayden: Demon Queen of Earth. That had a nice ring to it… Jayden wasn’t quite that ambitious though. And sure as hell not popping out babies to make him a legion of demons! She was still sipping her own coffee and debating whether or not her little mcboobs would ever get any again. “Uniforms sound so… conforming…. how about we not have a million babies and just stick with one super cute demon princess?” -10:14 Sep 22
Cupio: Wings folded out to full size adn he turned a perrfect SQUEE face and he looked like he might pounce Jayden. “I don’t want to rule the world if you don’t want to Jayden. I just want you, and our baby and… This shop looks good.” he turned and tstepped intide the bell on the door ringing and he blinked. It didn’t look like a baby clothes shop… it looked like a … he stepped abck out of the sex shop and grabbed Jayden’s arm. “I’m distracted, you lead the way. You smell good.” -10:19 Sep 22
Jayden: How cuuuute! Overly energtic and totally going to be trouble, but he was so cute! Jayden was smirking as she led the way down the sidewalk. “The only sex shop this side of town and you manage to walk right in it by accident. What am I supposed to do with you…” Her tone was teasing, and that earned him another kiss to the forehead. She would love a daughter that is adorable like this! …maybe less hot, though! -10:24 Sep 22
Cupio: “I know what I like.” and right now it was next to him and warm and had a hilt of the bubble bath smell still clinging to her. CUpio let go of her arm and in a second was jumping onto her back and locking his legs around her waist and arms arounf her nck, his awings closing around both of them like a bat’s as his tail whipped around and pushed down thte front of her pants and his teeth latched onto her neck. -10:28 Sep 22
Jayden: Holy shit! Jayden didn’t shriek often, but this was one of those moments! In a split second she had a wicked horny demon on her back, and she had to precariously regain her balance, not spill her coffee, nor throw him off her back just out of reflex! “Cupio…!” She had to stop walking, otherwise they’d end up in the middle of the street. “…as asmused as I am… not the time and place?” Oooh… though, biting was always nice… -10:31 Sep 22
Cupio: A long, rough tongue was run over where she had been bitten before the winges stretched out and beat down wardsm flapping furiously to lift them both into the air. His lags were still locked arounf her and his hands were gripping his shoulders as he soared out over the morning fraffic. Somewhere private… he needed somewhere private. A rooftop would do! -10:35 Sep 22
Jayden: “Heeeeeeeey! Flying and me don’t mix…!” At least not when she had coffee! Okay, maybe tiny little mcboobs was hella stronger than she looked, but this was still nervewracking! -10:38 Sep 22
Cupio: He set her down on a flat rooftop adn was stripping his jacket and shirt off, there was no underwear so once shoes, socks and jeans were off he changed into his male form and was pulling her shirt off too. -10:42 Sep 22
Jayden: “Cupio, you-” Damnit! Before her shirt came off, Jayden chugged the rest of her coffee. She paid for it, she was going to drink it! After that, she was just fine with being stripped, and was even laughing almost hysterially. “What happened to happy snuggly shopping morning..!” -10:44 Sep 22
Cupio: “Sex happened.” he said undoing her pants and pulling them down and pulling her into a deep kiss his weight pushing her over and bearingdown on top of her. “This is what you would have gotten if you had run.” he said grinning against her lips. “Not an aborable little McBoobs.” -10:47 Sep 22
Jayden: Man, he could take her mood from pleasantly cuddling a bouncy mcboobs to wanting to fuck the hell out of him in about three seconds. Jayden dug her hands in to his hair to pull his head back. Might as well put up a fight if he’s going to be feisty! “Did you want me to run, Cupio? Instead of taking my girlfriend out for a nice morning?” Now she was the one smirking. -10:53 Sep 22
Cupio: “This isn’t a nice morning?” he asked pulling her head up to him to claim her mouth as his other hand pushed down her panties to rub her lips. “I want you Jay, I want to fuck you hard and when I’ve bruised you to the point where I can’t held back then we had continue our morning.” -10:56 Sep 22
Jayden: This was definitely a good morning. A hot, toe curling, now squirming under him at his touch, good morning. Jayden was gasping for a breath, but that didn’t stop her from giving him a hard kiss of her own and making sure to give a good bite while she was at it. “How about hard enough you have to spend the day carrying me on your back and maybe I’ll let you do it.” -11:02 Sep 22
Cupio: He grinned and his claws tore through her panties tossing the torn slip of fabric aside, her punishment for that remark as he pulled her hips closer to his and pushed… ho that wasn’t the right word, He slammed into her, thier hips meeting with enough force to send a physical shock up his spine as the electrical one that made him growl and then whimper against her lips. She had a demon inside her, a demon baby, she could take him, even when his harns were growing and tos tongue pushed into her mouth all the way to the back of her throat. -11:07 Sep 22
Jayden: That was enough to send her shrieking in surprise again, and slap a hand against his shoulder to shove him. But just as quickly dug her nails in to his shoulder. She wasn’t worried about being too rough… in fact that never seemed to be an issue with Cupio! He tasted like that mocha coffee and she was more than happy to suck hard on his tongue before sinking her teeth in to it. -11:11 Sep 22
Cupio: She bit and he pushed claws penetratig the skin of her side as he held her in place, the smell of her blood reathing his nostrills and making his eyes flicked as his hips slammed into hers again. The intensity of the moment and his cafien fueled drive caused the world to simply cease to be. His other hand dug it’s claws into her hips, there thrust causing them to scrape against her skin before they found purchace. To him she wasn’t a demon, or a mortal right now, she was a lover to be fucked to the delicate balance of life and death. This was demon sex, the kind that not all survived. -11:18 Sep 22
Jayden: The subtle difference of how he treat her didn’t register, Jayden was so caught up in the moment. She might have winced and her body tensed in response to the pain, but it was such an exquisite feeling mixed with the rush of frantic movement. Jay was groaning, her head falling back against the rooftop and tilting listlessly as the pressure started to climb. -11:27 Sep 22
Cupio: He hifted her hips up to get better leverage and pushed her to HIS limit. A hand pulling her head up so that his wings slipped under her to cradle her so that none of her was toughing the roof. There was a growl as he felt himself edging closer to climax, his head pulling away to look at her, his tongue still in her mouth. -11:35 Sep 22
Jayden: A yelp was followed by a long sigh, rather loud sigh. Her legs curled around him like a vice, and were he not holding her so tight she might have been bucking against him. This was almost a new feeling, so white hot that she was already seeing spots. Her fingers dived in to his hair again to both pull hard and hold him tight. Especially when she was on the brink, and her every limb seemed to be sizzling from the charge. -11:44 Sep 22
Cupio: He crushed his lips into hers and moaned into her. Claws moving up to grip her scalp he pushed ahrder than he ever had before, then he climaxed and stiffened pulling her against him. He was breathing hard, tired after one round, but not too tired to keep kissing her and whispering sweet nothings against her lips. -11:51 Sep 22
Jayden: It was like smashing a night of endless Cupio sex in to one far too brief moment! When her body stop quivering and shaking, and when she could finally seem to draw herself out of swimming in that sea of bliss, she returned his kiss with a soft grin. “I dun wanna go shopping anymore…” she grumbled. -11:55 Sep 22
Cupio: He collapsed on top of her and held her tight. “I want to be back in bed.” he said “Get dressed and I’ll fly you home.” -11:59 Sep 22
My Demon Roommate

My Demon Roommate 012: Do You Love Me?

[Cupio has been spending a lot of time staring at his ring, and now in bed next to Jayden is doing it again.] -03:30 Sep 22
[Jayden is half asleep. Because that is what preggo, over-demon-sexed women do when they are exhausted.] -03:33 Sep 22
Jayden: Jayden was dozing and really had no idea if it was still night or if it was morning by now. Nor did she care that Cupio pulled another switch on her and she was snuggling a busty Mcboobs instead of a nice solid man. He was warm and she wanted to sleep for a week, that’s all that really mattered! -03:36 Sep 22
Cupio: He looked at her and then back at the ring. She couldn’t he stop looking at it? There was a plaintif sound as he snuggled back down and then poked Jayden in the ribs. “Jay?” His face was close to hers. Why did he want to talk to her most when she was asleep? Why did humans even sleep? -03:38 Sep 22
Jayden: She grunted, swatting that poking hand away. “Sleeping. Poke me again and loose that hand…” she mumbled with very little force behind it. Didn’t demons ever have to sleep? You’d think with all that sex they’d need to recharge -sometimes-. -03:41 Sep 22
Cupio: The next poke was to her stomach. “Jayden…?” then arms going arounf her and face burried in her chest where it was warm. “… ooo .. uv.. ee…” his voice was muffled but he didn’t repeat himself instead he turned his head and said the next part. “Because I think I love you.” -03:46 Sep 22
[Jayden enters.] -03:46 Sep 22
Jayden: There wasn’t the chance to swat him for another poke before he was snuggling her to death. Jayden just grumbled and wrapped her arms around him, and resettled. “Uh huh…” The sleepy reply was all she gave as she nuzzled against that mess of organgey red hair. Only vaguely did she ponder what he said. -03:50 Sep 22
Cupio: “Jaaaay…” he was baring his soul and she was doing that sleeping thing and it was frustrating! And hurtful! And… the the snuggling felt good. “If demons can feel love I mean, I want to be with your Jayden, forever and I care about you and what you feel adn what your think adn it’s not because of our daughter or the sex… mmm the sex… Are you listening to me?” -03:53 Sep 22
Jayden: “Yeah, hmm sex, together forever… we already talked about this…?” What the hell was he rambling on about? The sun was barely even up yet and Jayden was sleeping good! She grumbled, nuzzling in to him again, rubbing her hand up and down his back and petting his hair softly. Soothe the demon to sleep. -04:00 Sep 22
Cupio: “More than sex Jayden… I’m talkign about love… I love you. And all you’re doing is.” he nuzzled against her. “Aren’t you going to tell me if you love me too?” this was suddenly very important, for some reason, and he felt scared of what she’d say why was love to hard!? -04:04 Sep 22
[(Timeout) Jayden has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -04:14 Sep 22
Jayden: Love, really? A demon was having a temper tantrum about love. Were he not a tiny little Mcboobs, pouting at her in that ‘going to cry if you say the slightest thing wrong’ tone, Jayden might’ve just shoved him out of bed. She didn’t know a damned thing about love. …but at least she knew she’d kill for him. That was close enough? “Hmm… yeah, of course I love you… Can we go back to sleep now?” -04:14 Sep 22
Cupio: “You’re being such a…. guy!” he moved away from her and sat on the edge of the bed. “You didn’t mean that..” so Jayden didn’t love him. So cupio pulled the blanket off of her and war preapping himself up in it to be as far away from her as possible while still being on the bed. -04:20 Sep 22
Jayden: And there went her snugglie warmth! And she was just accused of being a guy, which not only was laughable it STUNG. Jayden was tempted to boot him off the bed, boobs or not now. She sat up and glared. “You want to have serious conversations at six o’clock in the morning, then get pissy at me when I’m not romantic and sweet? Give me that goddamned blanket and stop being such a chick!” Jayden snatched for it. -04:28 Sep 22
Cupio: He yelped as the blanket was torn away and then punched Jayden’s shoulder. “That’s it Jayden.” he gave her a shove towards the edge of the bed. “I’m going to stay like this and you’re not getting my other form for sex until I know how you feel.” -04:37 Sep 22
Jayden: Little pain in the ass was lucky that she’d never hit her girlfriend! Jayden wrapped herself in the blanket now, giving him a quirk of her eyebrow. So he was gonna play that game? “Ooohoho really? You think I’m not gonna sex you up like that if I want it bad enough? I’m not playing the no sex game, Coop! You’re the one that doesn’t want to believe me!” -04:43 Sep 22
Cupio: He was getting up and turning to her. “You made it sould mike you were only saying it to apease me. I can smell how you feel Jayden.” he put his finger to his nose. “Forget it. Demons arn’t meant to love and they’re not meant to be with humans!” he stormed out of the bedroom trying to pull the ring from his finger but it wouldn’t budge, then it was pulling on a shirt and sitting on the couch folding his arms against the cold of predawn. -04:49 Sep 22
Jayden: “Oh for the love of fuck!” Really, he was going to pull the demon smelling thing! When he was being an over emotional female! Jayden rolled out of bed, keeping that sheet wrapped around her as she stomped after him. “Lets play it then, Coop! Demons aren’t meant to love and be with humans! So then why are you making such a big deal about it? Maybe I don’t want to say I love you, because that’s going to make it suck ass for me when you decide you’re bored and want a nice young fresh human! Or maybe I don’t want to say it because I don’t believe in love! Or maybe I just fucking sleeping at 6am and getting ambushed kinda pisses me off!” -05:01 Sep 22
Cupio: “Go to sleep then Jayden.” he was kneeling on the couch now to look over the beck of it at her. “Demon’s don’t sleep so I’ll be here wondering what teh fuck I’m feeling if it can’t be love. Or maybe I’ll decide I’m bored of you and leave you and my daughter to find a demon lover who know how to treat a boobed, pissy, bitey, succubus because that’s totally something I’d do. So just go the fuck to sleep. I’ll rejoin you when the world makes sense.” -05:07 Sep 22
Jayden: Jayden stomped across the room until she was bracing her hands on the back of the sofa and leaning over him to scowl. “Oh no, pretty. We’re in this now. We’re gonna deal with it.” She leaned farther down until she was nose to nose, and lowered her voice. “So what do you want me to say? Three words? Or how I really feel. That I would kill anyone that hurt you or tried to take you from me. That my existance was nothing but going through motions until I met you and you gave me a life. Do you want me to say I love you? Or do you want me to tell you that you mean the world to me, and I can’t imagine a future without you, man or woman or demon or not?” -05:14 Sep 22
Cupio: He colapsed and lay on his back looking at her, his eyes getting wet. “I don’t want you to lie to me. I want to know what you fell. I want you to know that I’m not running off on you because I’m bored. THAT HURT Jayden. I would do it to anyone else, but not you.” inder the onslaught of her look and the confusing emotions he covered his face with a cussion. I don’t even know what love is but I feel that I love you. Maybe I’m wrong. Just please go to bed.” -05:20 Sep 22
Jayden: Tears! No, aaaargh… apparently Jayden was not only weak to his pouting, she was weak to tears. Sighing, she circled around the sofa. Sat on the edge to lean over him and took the pillow away from his face. “That’s how I feel, Coop… You are my world. And I [i]don’t want to lie to you. If being my world means I love you, then I do.” Brushing a hand against his cheek, Jay leaned down to kiss those blasted tears off his face. “But it would be nice if you’d stop forgetting I’m also a girl… I worry about not being enough for you, or you doing things just to keep me placated too.” -05:34 Sep 22
Cupio: Eyes closed he circled his arms around her and moved his head into her lap. “Demons don’t cry.” he said for no reason. “Demons don’t love and Demons don’t have babies with mortals, thats meant to be physically impossible. Everything is different with you and… Jayden I’m a demon and look at me. I’m crying and talking about love with my pregnant mortal girlfriend. We’re going to have a little girl together and I want to make sure we’ll both be here for her. Demons don’t get to meet their parents, even those that are born as demons. I don’t know who mine were, I don’t know thier faces, I don’t know their names… I could have fucked both of them and not known it. I want our girl to have parents that love eachother.” -05:40 Sep 22
Jayden: See, stuff like that just made her want to go out and kill the fuck out of every demon that ever even looked at him cross-eyed. Jayden brushed her hands through his hair, still frowning but at least now feeling a little less pissy. “That’s what she’ll get, Coop. She’ll have parents that are together and love each other and love her too. I’m not the poster chick for good girlfriends, but I care about you more than I can put in to a few short words.” -05:50 Sep 22
Cupio: He sighed and nodded and pushing himself up. and was then putting his arms around her and pressign his face into her shoulder. “We’ll be okay parents, our little girl will be alright.” he let go and brushed his lip against hers before leaning back on the couch. “Back to bed?” -05:59 Sep 22
Jayden: He was retreating, but Jayden was climbing after him. Leaning to kiss him, hard enough to have him pinned against the couch. Then tilting back with a grin. “No, I’m awake now. How about I take my pretty little girlfriend out shopping for baby things. We can get a headstart on being okay parents…” -06:15 Sep 22
Cupio: The kiss had him putting his arms around her and nuzzling into her neck. “Will they be open now?” yes it was nice to nuzzle adn know Jayden wouldn’t want to turn things dirty. A small sigh escaped him, the cry seemed to make him not want sex, and not wanting sex was weird. -06:32 Sep 22
Jayden: “By the time we have a shower and breakfast, I am pretty sure everything will be open.” Jayden circled her arms around his waist, and whether he liked it or not was pulling him up off the couch and on to his feet. It helped he was super tiny like this and she… well… Jayden was suspecting having a demon baby came with random awesome benefits. Having more strength than normal came in handy. “Do you want to make breakfast or do you want to shower with me?” And for once it wasn’t even a sexual offer! She was busy cradling him in her arms and hoping she had fixed that sniffling girlfriend problem. -06:38 Sep 22
Cupio: Shower sounds good. There was the problem of tried tears and just not wanting to let go to be concerned about. “I want to be clean and water sounds nice.” He was hopping up to cling to her his legs circled around her waist. The only way he could keep nuxxling behind her ear with her standing as short as he was like this. -06:42 Sep 22
Jayden: “oop!” Blast it, she was stronger but not by much! Jayden nearly toppled with him back on to the sofa before she caught her balance again. At least he wasn’t upset! It was tricky work carrying him off to the bathroom while still wearing a sheet. And by the time she got there, she was grinning and almost laughing. Especially because she was pretty sure he’d get girl-pouty if she mentioned his weight. “Now pretty, shower or bath?” -06:50 Sep 22
Cupio: That was a tough decision. “I don’t think we’ve bathed together before and showers are for sex, so bath.” he said removing his legs from around her and slipping back onto the floor to move away from jayden and grab his stool to stand on to look into the mirror. Ugh there was gunk in his eyes and that was easy enough to get out. Then he was taking off his shrt and hanging it over the towel rail. Do I look okay after crying? -06:59 Sep 22
Cupio: That was a tough decision. “I don’t think we’ve bathed together before and showers are for sex, so bath.” he said removing his legs from around her and slipping back onto the floor to move away from jayden and grab his stool to stand on to look into the mirror. Ugh there was gunk in his eyes and that was easy enough to get out. Then he was taking off his shrt and hanging it over the towel rail. “Do I look okay after crying?” -07:00 Sep 22
Jayden: Oh hell, what was the right answer for that? No wonder guys always felt like they were in the middle of mental warfare! Jayden opted from grabbing his face and giving him a quick kiss. “You are as beautiful crying as you are trying to rip the heads off asshole humans. Would you like bubbles?” -07:06 Sep 22
Cupio: That had him smiling. “You’re a charmer Jay.. and yes! Bubbles!” he hugged her around the middle, she liked him when he was trying to rip heads off! Then he was leaning down and kissing her stomach (one for the baby!) and then stealing the blanket to take it back to the bedroom. -07:10 Sep 22
Jayden: Score one for Jayden. She was grinning again, twisting on the hot water and the cold, and testing the temperature before plugging the drain. A nice hot bath for a nice hot demon. Another day she’d show Cupio that baths were for sexing too! -07:14 Sep 22
Cupio: Blanket stowed he was back and closing the door to keep the warmth and steam in the bathroom where it belonged, then he was jalking towards the bath grinning at Jayden before sitting down and dippin ghis tail into the water. “You really like it when I go kill move over you?” Because I would kill for you, and for our child. And I’ve killed a lot of demons, never met one I couldn’t if I wanted to, I’m nto letting anything hurt either of you.” -07:19 Sep 22
Jayden: “I’m not on board for senseless violence, but yeah… I am kinda happy you can kill the fuck out of anybody that hurts us.” Jay poured some of the bubble stuff in to the water before she straightened and thought about it some more. “…it’s kinda hot, actually. A primal instict sort of thing, I guess.” -07:23 Sep 22
Cupio: He was grinning again and brushing some of his hair down his front. “Nobody messes wirh my Jayden or my little girl, and if they do thier souls are mine. Mine to play with for all eternity.. or to give to jayden if SHE wants to play with them.” -07:26 Sep 22
Jayden: She leaned to kiss his forehead. “Souls aren’t quite my thing, you are welcome to them. Or maybe our daughter! She might like them.” Jayden moved and stepped in to the tub, using her foot to flip off the faucet when it was filled enough. Hot water was sheer heaven! Mcboobs made a good choice. -07:31 Sep 22
Cupio: He slipped in with her and sighed happily. “This is nice, your world is cold.” he sunk in and splashed water over his chest. The he was scooting forwards to use Jayden’t stomach as a pillow and curl up in the how water. -07:34 Sep 22
Jayden: “Maybe we should move to the tropics. Or somewhere warmer, anyway. Hmm… You think this kid is going to think it’s cold out here?” Something to think about…. there were a lot of things to think about, and the Mcboobs hissy fit meltdown kinda put it all in to perspective. The fact he might’ve screwed his own parents just because he didn’t know them, and all the crazy shit demons did… “…how DO demons grow up?” -07:39 Sep 22
Cupio: All I know is I was given to the wardens, like all other demon chldren. They’re demon’s who though punishment or contract have lost thier souls. They’re pretty mindless but they fed us and instructed us and waited for us to reach maturity. When we did we were released and were free to do what we wanted. It was boring, eight years of souless demons and children for company. I was happy when I reached maturity.” -07:43 Sep 22
Jayden: “Eight years? I suppose that’s crazy super fast demon aging years?” Reaching for the shampoo, she squirted a little bit in her hands before she was reaching down to run it through his hair. -07:47 Sep 22
Cupio: He moved his head to give her access and gave a long, happy sigh. “Eigh years and I looked like you see me now, only I had my hair redder and chose to be a bit taller. I really used to like red back then. I had a purple streak right down the middle, like a luminous violet. I had my eyes different colors too, I really wanted to stand out and be noticed. It didn’t take me long to change that though. I came to use my other form more after I matured…” he trailed off and closed his eyes to let her rub. “That feels nice.” -07:51 Sep 22
Jayden: “Hmm… so you started as a girl and decided to be a guy?” A little mcboobs wanting to be noticed was no surprise at all. It was hard -not- to notice him like this, and she didn’t even dig chicks as much. Jayden massaged her fingers in to his hair. She definitely liked it better like this and without purple… -07:56 Sep 22
Cupio: “I don’t know what I warted as.” he said, I could change even when I was a child, and was the only on there who could. But I left more fun as a girl, more free. So I spent most of my time as one. There was no sex, no relationships so it didn’t want much diference. Then things changed and were not so simple anymore. Don’t gat me wrong, sex is great. Very great but it came as a shock. And it took me a while to be comfortable with being a girl again, and even then I changed how I looked.” -08:00 Sep 22
Jayden: She paused for a moment, a slight frown coming across her face. Then it was back to rubbing, only slower more hesitant motions. Jayden didn’t like where this was going, and had a feeling she was going to not like it. ….but she really wanted to know more about the pre-summoning Cupio. “Lots of empasis on the sex there Coop…” she muttered. “Why was that such a shock for a lust demon?” -08:04 Sep 22
Cupio: You’ve seen a TAME demon club Jayden. You imagine being an eight year old virgin in the wildest one known. Buring haze night, with a look you designed yourself to be noticable and a collar on that locks your powers. Demon or not when you’ve never had sex before that is not something you want.” he listed his head to look at her. “Part of the reason we’re raising our girl ourselves adn shes not going into a club until I’ve shown her how to rip heads off.” -08:09 Sep 22
Jayden: Yeah. Pissed off wasn’t quite the right word for it. Jayden couldn’t even think of a word that worked. That feeling was going to have to be bottled and taken out on someone later. After a slow, attempting to still herself hiss of breath, Jayden placed her hands againsts his cheeks and leaned forward to kiss him softly. “No.. no one will ever do that to our kid. Even if I have to put her in a tower and then burn every man and woman on the planet. We’ll give her a sword and guns and teach her how to break someone’s neck just with a pinky.” -08:13 Sep 22
Cupio: He crawled up and lie on top of her and kiss her back. “I want her to be happy, and free, and as strong as me. She’ll be able to burn her own men if she wants to. I’m happy I have a strong mothing for her to help me. My deflowering was a long time ago but hers will be to someone she choses, when she is ready.” he pushed away from her and then turned aroung to rest his back agaist Jayden. “Our daughter will be happy.” -08:17 Sep 22
Jayden: “We’ll see if she meets someone good enough.” mutter Jayden with a grin. Nuzzling against his ear and wrapping her arms around him. Maybe she did love him after all. She wanted to fix everything that ever hurt him and make sure the rest of his life was nothing but joy. “We’ll be happy too, Cupio. That’s an easy promise to make.” -08:21 Sep 22
Cupio: It was easy to close his eyes and smile. “You already make me happy Jayden.” he said scooping water up and poaring it over himself delicious heat running down his skin. “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.” -08:23 Sep 22
My Demon Roommate

My Demon Roommate 011: The Private Room

Cupio: The club. So inocuous on the outside but once through the door the music was audiable. Cupio, practically dancing with every step grapped the first waitress he found and yelled in her ear to get a private room for him and his “morsel” and no there would be no blood to clean up. There was a new song playing, one suned to be close to the resonance of demon bone so that every fluctuation in the tune could be felt in his entire sceleton. Being lead upstars he couldn’t help but grab Jayden’s hand bite her shoulder. No, Mcboobs couldn’t hold it together in a club. Inly the treat he had planned for Jay would make him wait until they got to the room. -04:57 Sep 09
Jayden: Jayden loved the music in clubs. She wasn’t always fond of a large crowd of people, but it more than made up for it with the music. The fact she could hear new subtle tones in it now made more sense. A benefit to being a preggo? Maybe! But Mcboobs was all fired up and fiesty, and Jayden was fine with playing hard to get. One little bite and she was inching out of the way, but never letting go of his hand. -05:11 Sep 09
Cupio: He they were swown into a room with it’s own speakers a bar, and a large window with a view of the party happening below and Cupio left Jayden’s side to walk once aroudn the room taking note of where everythign was and giving another evil chuckle as he notived he did indeed have what he needed. Then he was dragging jayden into a chair and sitting in her lap leanign against the side of the chair. “So what can I get you to drink?” he asked. “Since your butt is not leaving this chair until I say so. If you want to see everythign I have planned for you.” -05:16 Sep 09
[Cupio enters.] -05:18 Sep 09
Jayden: Jayden rest her arms around him, even as she was giving a raise of her eyebrow. Somehow, she felt she should be -more- worried when it was Mcboobs being all wicked. “I guess some kind of juice. Am I ordered to stay in this chair then, hmm little fiesty Cupio?” -05:21 Sep 09
Cupio: “Juice it is.. and yes, I’m your personal waitron tonight.” he got up and headed over to the mini bar to poar a glass of orange juise with ice adn the tiniest hint of rum before dancing his way over to Jayden and leaning low with a good view of everything as he handed her her drink. “A watron for no one but Jayden.” he snatched up a remote from the table and perrching on the arm rest placed it in Jayden’s lap. “Now would the sexy highroller parton of Club Cupio like a dance, one of those buttons should get a pole down from the ceiling.” -05:27 Sep 09
Jayden: The first phrase that came to mind was are you serious, but well… she knew he was! Now she just wasn’t sure if she was amused or exasperated! “Didn’t we already have the Mcboobs is not a sex object conversation?” ….But from curiousity Jayden was trying the buttons anywhere, even as she took a sip of the juice. -05:30 Sep 09
Cupio: He leaned down close to her and whispered. “Once I get naked I won’t be Mcboobs. You’re gong to have a male demon with all the accesories dancing just for you Jayden. With no ruled saying you can’t reach out and touch, or bemand a lap dance, or the pleasure of giving him one.” -05:32 Sep 09
Jayden: “I thought you said I have to keep my butt in this chair.” she smirked, very deliberately copping a feel when he leaned over her. Boobs and all! “So this means I get to be bossy Mob Boss Demon Lord, huh? That might no be such a good idea!” -05:37 Sep 09
Cupio: He glanced down at her hand then put his arms around her neck. “So you don’t like that I’m doing it for you?” he grinned. “Even if I like the sound of demon Jayden. All that sex and power, and getting to see you with wings.” -05:41 Sep 09
Jayden: “I can give you plenty of sex without needing power and wings.” She pulled him close enough to nuzzle his cheek with a wide grin. “I’ll take you present, though. And maybe if you’re really awesome you’ll get that whole five you’ve been gunning for.” -05:45 Sep 09
Cupio: That had him grinning and nuzzling against her “Then I’ll stop spiking your juice if you let me go so I can get started.” he sat in her lap obviously not wanting ot go anywhere just yet. -05:47 Sep 09
Jayden: “Spiking my juice is not the way to keep me awake and active, Coop.” It might’ve been the way to get more sex before, but… Jayden didn’t need to be fueled by booze when it came to him! He was back in her lap again and she took the opportunity to nibble on his ear. Two can play the seducing game, and when he was a girl, Jayden had the upper hand! -05:49 Sep 09
Cupio: He put a hand on her shoulder to rub it smiling nad wiggling his hips in her lap as his hand slid up to circle behind her ear. If he wasn’t still clothed he’d de tempted to change right then. “So are you going to strip me or an I going to do a striptease?” Really at this poing he could go for either. -05:52 Sep 09
Jayden: “Oh ho. I want the full strip tease.” He went through all the trouble of getting their private room, and insisting she stay in the chair. Jayden was going to take full advantage! “I want to see if you’re any good at stripping and if I need to lock Mcboobs away from men everywhere.” -05:55 Sep 09
[Jayden enters.] -06:00 Sep 09
Cupio: He moveed to nuzzlign into and then bite her neck before moving away an closing his eyes for a moment and then fell into beat with the music capturing the feeling in his bones and just going with it. Winge came out and fllowed with him as he moved to the center of the room and began the dance with a hip snap and a pose that turned into a bent over look down his top again and an evil grin at jayden. -06:02 Sep 09
Jayden: She leaned in her seat, resting an arm on the rest and her chin in her hands. Just because girly Mcboobs didn’t get her hot and bothered didn’t mean she wasn’t completely entertained with him dancing for her. And being such a damned bimbo about it too. That left Jayden smirking and trying not to snicker as she sipped her juice! -06:06 Sep 09
Cupio: Cupio was dancing for fun and was defineately having that, forst to go were his shoes and socks since they were the most dificult to get off withut draking rythm and then there was his top, pulls slowly upwards as his hips keps bouncing with the beat and he slowly turned so that his back was to Jayden and pulled it completely free and looked over his shoulder with one hand pullign his hair out of the way and the other undoing his pants his hips making little circles as he pushed the jeans down bending over as he did so. -06:11 Sep 09
Jayden: Now if she wasn’t order to stay put, Jayden might’ve hopped up just to pop little Mcboobs on the ass. That would have been delightfully wicked and amusing! Her glass was set aside when her juice was gone, leaving her tapping her fingers on the arm of the chair and watching him with that wide grin. “I see you’ve had a lot of practice, Cupio… I hope all the people you’ve danced for are already dead…” -06:14 Sep 09
Cupio: “Either way they’re in hell.” he said now turning with his hands covering what they could and swayed and wrythed to the music. “I told you I used to work in a place like this.” his winegs came forwards and Jayden’s pantied dropped to be stepped out of and then the wings rose slowly, very slowly the hand going with them all the way up until he was completely naked. “Another juice?” -06:20 Sep 09
Jayden: “Yes… and try not to get me drunk! It might be okay for demons, but I dunno how human this baby is going to be.” Even still watching a swaying Mcboobs, Jayden kinda liked the idea of having a daughter cute like this. …without all the sexy stuff! But a little Mcboobs might be really cute. -06:23 Sep 09
Cupio: He stepped over and took her glass back to the bar and filled it with pure juice and then walked back to sit in Jayden’s lap and place the glass in her hands. “The next dance will be move sexy for you.” he said using her shoulder as a pillow and kissing her neck. “Like this I might not be a sex object for you but the feeling is far from mutual, I hope you know this.” -06:27 Sep 09
[(Timeout) Jayden has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -06:35 Sep 09
Jayden: Jayden set the glass aside to quickly wrap her arms around him and hug him tight. “I hope you don’t think that’s some sort of insult to you, Coop. Because I do think you’re beautiful and sexy like this. I can promise, if I was a guy I’d be fucking the shit out of you like this night and day.” -06:35 Sep 09
Cupio: “You just don’t like girls. I het that.” he was nuzzling into her shoulder. “I’m still proud that I got you to…” his hips shifted as he clunched from the memory. Okay he was one horny demon and it was maybe time to get things moving. “Ready for the next dance?” -06:39 Sep 09
Jayden: “Got me to make you scream? That wasn’t too hard at all.” she smirked. She might not be in to girls, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t fine with screwing one. But she might spring that on him later. It was more fun as a surprise! “Yes, I am more than ready to see you dance again. But I’m not so sure guy Coop is going to move as well!” -06:42 Sep 09
Cupio: He was musking and he couldn’t help it. Nor could he really help kissing her on the lips. “Demons are powerful, flexible, creatures. I may surprise you.” he moved off of her lap and moved out of her reach before changing and looking at her tapping his foot and just as a new song started lanching into what looking like a choreographed routine a far cry from Mcboob’s on the spot dance. It included joint pops and even leaning back supported almost sentirely by his tail, and at no point did he try and hide any part of himself. -06:48 Sep 09
Jayden: A man dancing was never as sexy as a woman dancing, but she definitely loved this a whole lot more! Enough that she was slinkling lower in her chair with her chin in her hand again, trying to hide that dreadfully lecherous smirk that probably DID make her look like a creeper demon mob lord. Maybe because he looked both ridiculous and awesome at the same time. -06:52 Sep 09
Cupio: He moved closer and then stopped to steal a sip from her glass and stand over her. “You seem to be enjoying yourself.” he said with a grin fully aware that he was within reach of her. “If I didn’t know better I’d think you liked having your own personal shapeshifing demon.” -06:57 Sep 09
Jayden: “It does have it’s benefits…” she murmured. Close enough to touch, so of course she was taking the opportunity to reach out and run a finger down his thigh. “I can take a lady out shopping and for couch snuggles. Or take you… well. Just take you.” Jayden grinned up at him! -07:00 Sep 09
Cupio: I want to show you something.” he said moving behind the chair and pushing it forwards all the way so that she could see the club and then sitting in the arm rest. Its started, but up here, its just us. And I’m just itching to be taken. Without shyness or warning he reched down to put a hand down her shirt and prip her. “Its time for one of five.. or more.” -07:03 Sep 09
Jayden: He really wasn’t kidding about demon orgies being a common thing. And why the hell would something like that get her so hot and bothered just thinking about it, let alone getting the perfect birds-eye view without all the stress of dealing with grabby demons. ….nevermind! Here was a grabby demon! Jayden laughed out loud, and swatted his hand away. Twisting to lean away without getting up from her seat. “That’s a grave voice, Lust Demon Cupio… say it again with a little more fang and a growl.” Yeees, she was -so- going to play up this bossy thing! -07:07 Sep 09
Cupio: He leaned in low after withdrawing his hand. “You.. me.. sex pressed against the glass or on the floor, or maybe on this chair…” he ran a claw over the arm rest and straddled her lags facing her. “Sex. Fucking… Intercourse.”” -07:17 Sep 09
Jayden: “You sure know how to talk a girl in to things.” she teased, though her voice was low and now she was very delicately pressing her middle finger to his chest and drawing circles. He had her weeks ago, this was just a matter of how! “I don’t see why we can’t do all three and then some.” -07:24 Sep 09
Cupio: “You want ne to be seductive?” he slid into her lap and places a hand on her cheek his wings falling either side of him and pressing up against her. “Mortal girl, you are no strangers to the passion a denom can bring. I am here to offer myself to you in body so that you may be satisfied in ways you’ve never dreamed of. Physical pleasure eyond the reach of most humans. All you have to do is place your lips against mine.” -07:29 Sep 09
Jayden: Damn. She should really be careful what she asked for. Because seductive Cupio was near enough to have her squirming in her seat and all done in just from words alone. Something about tenor of voice, or maybe that very heady scent… It took several dumbstruck moments to stop her staring and tilt to brush her mouth against his. “Sometimes I wonder if you have me wrapped around your fingers, Cupio…” -07:32 Sep 09
Cupio: He grinned. “I’d like it if I did.” he pushed his lips against hers and started pulling her shirt up discarding it on the floor with his then copping a feel of her breast and nuzzling his lips against hers. “But you might have a demon around yours.” -07:35 Sep 09
Jayden: “Mutual infatuation?” Jayden had no problem with that. Smiles and all, she nipped at his mouth. Stealing the chance to run her hands up his legs. His skin was really really hot, which suited her already heated senses just fine. -07:47 Sep 09
Cupio: He grabbed her hair to pull her head back and push her mouth open with his to ley his tongue slip inside and claim her and his hand unduttoned her pants and slipped down the front. “Whatever you want to call it its a good thing we have it. It means a lot of sex and a home for our child. You’re going to be the sexiest demon mother on or off earth” -07:51 Sep 09
Jayden: She was shifting again, twisting her legs and curling her toes in her shoes. Jayden returned his kiss with another nip of her teeth at his tongue. Her hands slipping around his waist to run her nails gently down his back. She didn’t stop until she was getting ahold of his tail and giving it a gentle tug. Complete with smirk! -07:57 Sep 09
Cupio: He curled his taila round her arm and rubbed her panties with his fingers as he nipped ehr back his tongue playign across her lip and his other hand pushing her bra up to pull on and caress her nipple. It fels almost as good to touch her as it was to be touched but soon he knew that the need to be inside her would consume all else. -08:02 Sep 09
Jayden: Nothing was ever enough. She could give a little or take a little, but when it came to Cupio, she always wanted that much more. Her body arc towards him as she groaned. Another tug of his tail to draw him closer, enough to use her free hand to tease the skin of his inner thigh with the softest of touches. Gods, he could have her wet in two seconds and always she just wanted to shove him to the floor and take everything! -08:16 Sep 09
Cupio: He moved away, leaving ehr alone on the chair to turn and face away from her, then with a tug he pulled off her shoe, adn then the other, then took care of her socks as his taile took the place of his fingers rubbing her panties and he watched the party below. “You have no idea hoe sensitive my tail is do you?” he asked without turning. “Its sometimes like a second, longer, flexible penis.” -08:20 Sep 09
[Jayden enters.] -08:28 Sep 09
Jayden: It was impossible not to start laughing at long flexible penis. She just wasn’t a serious sort of girl. Of course any laughter would start getting choked up when he put that tail to use. Jayden was squirming in her seat all over again, now chewing on the corner of her mouth and at least trying to give him that narrow eyed stare. …that too was pretty difficult. There was something about staring at a naked man’s back that was just sexy as fuck. “So hum… how sensitive?” She had to ask! -08:33 Sep 09
Cupio: “I can tell when you clench through tha fabrib, then your hips shake and then your breath catches. And I can feel the vibration of your talking.” he turned and put a hand on her hip and pulled her panties down her legs and then pulled her up out of the chair to stand and push her front against the glass his hand comign around to knead her breast as his tail resumed it’s not unhindered rubbing. “Look down there, you see hte rampant fucking. I chose you over that. You’re a better fuck than a club full of horny demons.” -08:38 Sep 09
Jayden: He could feel all that. It definitely made her very self aware of every little twitch and response her body gave. From the coolness of the glass against her skin, to the tightening at the apex of her thighs. Jayden rest a palm against the glass just for the sake of balance, or maybe so she felt a little less like she was going to melt to the floor. He wanted her over all of that. A lust demon’s free heaven. If he hadn’t already knocked her up, that might’ve just been the deal maker right there! -08:48 Sep 09
[(Timeout) Jayden was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -08:52 Sep 09
Cupio: He turned her away from the view and pushed her back against the glass as he took hold of her leg to pull it around himself and pushed his lips into hers his hot body pressing her against the cold glass. Hit tail moved away only for his tip to press against her and then with a hard thrust he pushed in unable to wait any more. There was a deep breath and a soft sigh followed shortly by another thrust. She was much better than what was going on below, no matter what form he was in. -08:52 Sep 09
Jayden: Jayden yelped out loud from the sudden thrust, but just as quickly, she was wrapped around him. Arms locked around his neck for her hands to dig in to his hair. Jerking his head to just the right angle to give him a hard kiss and invade his mouth with her tongue. Both of her legs curled around him, squeezing his hips while she hooked her ankles together. Having everything hitting her senses, from a hoard of demons to just the smell of him… but knowing she had him all to herself. This was bliss! -09:01 Sep 09
Cupio: With her open to him he could thrust deeper and faster, not sparing her and using his wings for stability and wrapping his tail arounf her leg as his tongue responded sliding and wrapping around hers. If there was one thing he knew it was Jayden could take punishment and he was joing to take full advantage of that. -09:03 Sep 09
Jayden: There wasn’t a man on the planet that could wind her up so fast. She took his mouth until she could no longer breathe. Breaking away only to rest her head against his, gasping for air between those soft mewling sounds that slipped out. Hitting her hard was the best part. That coiling pressure building so tight she was almost whimpering at his ear. -09:11 Sep 09
Cupio: His hand came up to grip her hair to hold her in place as he pumped harder his head leanign down to bite her shoulder hard his tongue sliding over her skin as he sucked before pulling away tasking the minutest amount of blood. “Fuck Jayden, I think you’ve spoiled me.” -09:14 Sep 09
Jayden: Spoiled could have been an understatement for her… There couldn’t ever be someone else. But those words were lost another moan and a very loud sigh. Just a little bit of pain and she was tipped over the edge, far too soon for her wanting but oh so grateful for the flood of release. Even as it had her twisting limbs and gripping tight with dug in nails, to savor each little jolt. -09:22 Sep 09
Cupio: He kept going gripping her tighter and with his claw gripping the support bewteen panes of glass he pressed himself agaisnt her so hard a small alarm went off in his head about the strength of the glass but that was quickly pushed aside with the buildup of feeling. -09:26 Sep 09
Jayden: She wasn’t even holding on to him now, his weight keeping her pinned flush to the glass. Her legs had unraveled from him, feet now braced up against the glass too. Giving her the leverage to push against him or open wider. Both becoming the habit as her hips twist and she gasped in response. Even her hands released him, running through her own hair if only because touching him too much was almost overwhelming! -09:37 Sep 09
Cupio: His lips found hers and me whimpered into her his hips thrusting the twisting with hers it wouldn’t he long, and he grunted when he held backlig lips shaking with his breath as he supponed his wits. “Come… now.” and on the second word he emptied into her, maybe it hadn’t been enough to build her up again, but there was going to be more tonight. -09:40 Sep 09
Jayden: Coming on demand, this was becoming a habit too! Though it surely helped that it took so little for him to have her on fire and for her blood to be sparking. Jayden bit her lip so hard it was bleeding, but that was absolutely nothing compared to the tingle up her spine and the throbbing between her thighs. Her arms dropped back down to cling around his neck when her head followed to rest against his shoulder. -09:46 Sep 09
Cupio: He fell back onto the chair taking her with him and was soon brushing her hair with his fingers and holding her to him. “You are amazing Jay, I’m not stopping that when the baby arives, its a good thing one of us never has to sleep, I’m sure we’ll both find that useful.” -09:49 Sep 09
My Demon Roommate

My Demon Roommate 010: Demon Shopping

[Cupio has left jayden alone in med still semi tied up and is now in the bathroom witht eh door firmly closed!] -07:07 Sep 05
[Jayden woke up in bed alone and with her feet still tied by a belt. Good thing sex makes awkward sleeping positions a non issue!] -07:11 Sep 05
Jayden: Uuurrg… how many times was she gonna wake up feeling like she had a hangover? Or at least waking up wanting to throw up. And Coop wasn’t in bed so she could sulk and make him fetch her some juice. Jayden rolled out of bed, forgetting her feet were tied and nearly landed in the floor before getting that belt off. Then it was off to the bathroom where… the door was locked. Jayden leaned against it and thwacked on the door. "Opeeeeeen." -07:14 Sep 05
Cupio: H was in front of the mirror stanfing on a stool to get a good view od everything. Smaller boobs, more defined cheeks to break the heart shape of his face and hair a duller orangy red… but with the wach on the door where was a clatter as the stool fell over and Cupio caught himself on the sink. "Don’t come in!" he shouted in reply deciding to hide in the shower even though the door was locked. "I’m… busy!" -07:18 Sep 05
Jayden: He was back as mcboobs again. And there was a clattering in there. Jayden was really in no mood to battle another woman for her bathroom! Jayden banged on the door a little louder! "What the hell are you doing? Get out of there!" -07:21 Sep 05
Cupio: Well fine if she wanted in… a wing streatched out and unlocked it and was quickly withdrawn back into the shower and the curtain was cows as the wing disappeared all the way into his back. His horns were nowhere to be seen either. This was a form jaden could walk around with and not have to worry about… hopefully. -07:24 Sep 05
Jayden: Jayden pushed her way inside and he was nowhere to be seen. Hiding in the shower? Seriously? Now if it were man Cupio, she’d not think anything of it. …but this was Mcboobs. And girls were completely insane. Jayden would know… So she stepped over to the shower, and stood there. With her arms crossed and not pulling the curtain. …Yet! "So what exactly are you doing in here?" -07:27 Sep 05
Cupio: "Nothing!" he was backed up against the back wall. "Just… trying a new look. Its not done yet!" he regrew his wings and hid behind those too. "I just don’t want you to worry about me when we’re in public." -07:30 Sep 05
Jayden: Jayden shove the curtain out of the way. Now staring at him hiding behind wings. "I’m always going to worry about you in public. It doesn’t matter what you look like." Jayden resumed staring. "…oh for fuck’s sake, let me see!" -07:32 Sep 05
Cupio: He moved the wings and kept his eyes in the floor before the wings disappeared entirely. "No one will see I’m a demon and they won’t try and grab me." he glaned at her and then looked away again a hand going to grip her own forearm. "And this way I won’t look better than you." -07:34 Sep 05
Jayden: Her hands were resting on her hips as she leaned forward, scowling. "Demon or not, assholes try to grab cute girls. And me being jealous doesn’t mean you change yourself. That’s MY problem to deal with, not you." She could strangle little Mcboobs! In fact Jayden had to drop her hands to squeeze his shoulders instead of shaking him to death. "I don’t want you to be anything other than what you are! Even if that means you are a super hot, sexier than me, mcboobs that all men want to fuck!" -07:40 Sep 05
Cupio: He looked at her and a glimmer of a smile passed over his lips. "I want to be your equal in this… relashionship and I don’t want you to feel underpreciated. I know the different ways you act arounf the different mes and I sometimes wonder if you even like McBoobs." he shifted back into his usual girly form. "I just want you to be happy with me." -07:49 Sep 05
Jayden: Stupid stupid girl Cupio! Didn’t get it at all! A very exasperated Jayden kissed his forehead, even though wanting to shake him was still a big desire. "I don’t think you understand how much I love Mcboobs. Yes, I am jealous. But that’s not stronger than my care for you. That’s a completely different problem that has nothing to do with you." -07:56 Sep 05
Cupio: He shrugged off her hands and put his arms around her pulling himself close. "I want you to be happy Jayden. As happy as I can make you. Even if it means I have to do silly things and try and surprise you with them." he nuzzled into her neck. "Sorry I made you frown so much." -08:01 Sep 05
Jayden: Jayden rest her chin on top of his head and gave him a few reassuring pets. "Then don’t try to be or do something other than what you are. Just ignore me and my stupid moodswings… I just haven’t felt well lately and it’s making me weird." she muttered. On the brightside, she didn’t want to throw up anymore. Now she was just plain starving, and Cupio smelled good enough to eat! -08:06 Sep 05
Cupio: He slimed then moved to kiss her lips lightly. "I know you have and part of this is me trying to make it easier for you. So… Do you want to go to the new section that were talking about on the news in the mall. The one where they keep all the things demons like to have?" -08:08 Sep 05
Jayden: "I suppose…" That DID sound interesting. Jayden wouldn’t mind seeing a demon store just for the sake of sating her curiosity. "And we may as well get groceries while we’re out. Too much sex and not enough food makes for a cranky Jayden and a potentially beaten Cupio." She gave little silly Mcboobs a very tight squeeze. Cupio was so different when he swapped genders, for a small brief moment Jayden wondered how different if she were a guy herself. -08:19 Sep 05
Cupio: "Are you going to beat me?" he asked tail giving a twitch. "I’ll get dressed while you do what you wanted to here." he ducked out of her arms and headed back into the bedroom moving right through into the lounge stealing some of Jayden’s underwear on his way past… well panties anyway her bras were too small, and then getting a box out from under the couch. They was a surprise for Jayden. Cupio in jeans, ancleboots, and t-shirt modified for a tail and wings. He wasn’t really meant to be showing them, but since he was getting pictures published in a magazine he was being spoken to by soe in charge demon types about being a spokesdemon and they were relaxing they rule for him! So long as he was in Mcboobs form. -08:26 Sep 05
Jayden: It didn’t take Jayden long to finish up in the bathroom. A couple rounds of sex and she was as flimsy as a twig. She was seriously gonna have to see if Cupio was like an incubus or something, cause this was getting ridiculous. When she stepped out to fetch her clothes, she was eying the new little outfit he was wearing. Damnit, her girlfriend was such a typical model bimbo! That shouldn’t make her smirk. "Where did all that come from?" -08:31 Sep 05
Cupio: "This came from a shot, and then I had Caroline at the modeling agency fix them up for me. Its a little surprise for you so I don’t have to keep stealing your clothes whenever I want to go out like this. And these ones fit!" he turned for her to see then grabbed her hadn adn started pulling her towards the door. "We’ll get coffee on the way, my treat!" and he did have a healthy amount of money, enough for a ring, and one for Jayden if she wanted and a car if Jayden could drive.. or they could get one of the men at the club to drive. But Cupio liked the appartment so he wasn’t going to move to another! "And you can name anything you want to eat too." -08:35 Sep 05
Jayden: Jayden was now not so sure if shopping with mcboobs was such a great idea, but he was so enthusiastic… It was aaaalmost cute. "I think I could eat a person at this point and still be hungry." she muttered. "I guess we can get you more Mcboobs clothes too since it will be the mall." -08:40 Sep 05
Cupio: "You’ll get to eat me later, or the other way around, but if you don’t choose breakfast I will." he opened the door and pulled her through and closed it, taking a nervous glance up and down the corridor out of habit before closing the door and then heading for the stairs. "I wasn’t planning of going out like this too often, but when I do it would be nice to have a choice of what to wear.. and you get to help me pick!" -08:45 Sep 05
Jayden: Sarcastic Jayden was thinking Oh yaaay, life sized demon barbie! But less cranky, amused Jayden supposed that might be at least a little bit entertaining. She made sure their door was locked before following, running her hands through her hair and coming to that slow realization that money was no longer an issue for them! That was a nice feeling! "Then choose breakfast, Coop. I’m not picky. I just want to eat." -08:48 Sep 05
Cupio: He was out the appartment door and waking for a cab before she was and pulling out a wallet with a skull and the unuin jack on it to make SURE he had money on him. "We’ll see what there is as the mall, I…" mortal food… mortal food. Moooortaalll foood… "Pancakes? Or maybe.." a cab stopped and he pulled open the door to get in and just wait to tacklehug Jayden as soon as she was in too. "What is good breakfast food?" -08:54 Sep 05
Jayden: "Right now, I am thinking about extra rare steak or burgers with lots of pepper." The thought of sugar-sweet breakfast foods was making her queesy again. So when pounced by an over-excited bouncy demon, instead of simply hugging him, Jayden was burying her face at his neck and clinging to him like it was a floatation device! -08:57 Sep 05
Cupio: He told the driver where to and to stop watching two girls hug in the back of his cab. Then he was pulling Jayden down to rest her hair in his lap and btuch her hair with his fingers. "Rare and bloody?" that was making him lick his lips and salivate. "Fresh almost raw meat… I’ll have that." -09:00 Sep 05
Jayden: Hmm. Now she knew why guys liked this so much. A girl’s fingers were wonderfully soothing through the hair. Jayden almost laughed at him. "I think you’re drooling, Coop… that’s not attractive on girls, unless you’re filming a porn…" -09:04 Sep 05
Cupio: He swallowed and looked down at her keeping his fingers gliding through her hair. "Your fault for talking about raw, delicious meat.. and that made me think of yours." he was leaned over so he could whisper low enough not to be overheard. "I promise, next tme you seem me drool I won’t be a girl." -09:16 Sep 05
Jayden: Raw delicious meat was so not sexy mental imagery! ….but the thought of an almost drooling masculine Cupio definitely was. "Any more sex from you, Coop and I am probably going to die from exhaustion." Jayden didn’t bother lowering her voice. That cabby could thing whatever he liked. This WAS her girlfriend! -09:19 Sep 05
Cupio: He turned her head and kissed her lips. "There will be more sex. There will always be more sex. I’m -that- kind of demon." now he was talking louder. "I need it as much as I need food, or air. Well maybe not but I don’t do well without it." -09:23 Sep 05
Jayden: Jayden grinned up at him. "Then you’re gonna have to sex me up without leaving me laid up in bed all week. I have a club to run now, and I hate letting you go to shoots alone…" Although after that last incident, they might not ever let her back there again! -09:28 Sep 05
Cupio: "You’ll heal up fast enough." he said cradling her cheek in his hand as he looked out the window to see where they were. "Or are you setting a limit of three times a night on me? You know I want to do at least five withough you passing out at some point… also we’re pulling into the parking lot…" -09:30 Sep 05
Jayden: "Hmm, we should take a weekend vacation." Jayden was really regretting leaving the apartment now. Snuggles with Mcboobs was quite comfortable. Reluctantly, Jayden sat up and ran her hands through her hair again to straighten it out. "Besides, I wouldn’t dare put limitations on your sex drive, Coop…" -09:34 Sep 05
Cupio: He grinned wildly at her and then handed her his wallet. "You are in charge of that. Knowing me I’d just buy everything and then we wouldn’t be able to get a car to came one of the guy at the club drive us around." he cupio wanted that. "And thats a very good thing Jayden, because right now it all focused on your. Which is why today I’m getting a ring." -09:36 Sep 05
Jayden: Jayden used the money out of his wallet to pay for the cab, then she was climbing out and grabbing his hand to help him out too. "A ring, hmm? That special, "i’m a spoken for demon, back the fuck off’ ring?" She was grinning at first, finding that mental image hilarious. …of course, then she was realizing the commitment of it! "…are you sure you want to do that…?" -09:44 Sep 05
Cupio: He put an arm around her once he was out and leaning against her pulling her arm around him and looking up at her. "Yes, that kind of ring, and yes I’m sure, I wore one for you one already and today we might find one that can change shape with me. They’re rare even down there and not used often but I’m staying with you Jayden, and I know you want me to. So I’m getting a ‘Property of Jayden’ ring. And if you want you can get a ring too, if thats okay for your culture." -09:48 Sep 05
Jayden: Usually a ring meant getting engaged or married…and Jayden just… wasn’t quite ready for that idea yet! But she did know she’d freaking kill anyone who tried to get her Cupio. HER Cupio. A ring didn’t sound like such a bad idea. Jayden leaned to nuzzle and kiss his cheek. "Okay, a jayden-property ring for you, and a ring for me too. If you wear one, I wear one." -09:51 Sep 05
Cupio: He beamed up at her and walked with her into the mall looking for the signes and not looking for picketers, they had been taken care of by the police but there might still be one or two anti-demon straglers. "Steakhouse!" Food for Jayden, then rings and browsing! -09:53 Sep 05
[Cupio has devoured lunch and now has a bag of clothing to be modified, all picked out with the help of Jayden.] -01:24 Sep 07
[Jayden guesses you can change the form of the demon, but not their ravenous toothy mauling of fresh meat.] -01:27 Sep 07
Jayden: Dressing up Cupio as a girl was totally weird. But on the bright side, Jayden managed to pick him out some clothes that wouldn’t make him look like a trashy bimbo! She wasn’t gonna get dragged around by a bimbo. And now that she had eaten, she was feeling worlds better. Sorta. Weird, though that she couldn’t shake that feeling. -01:32 Sep 07
Cupio: He was standing there looking at it. The barrier that seperated the mall from the new section, and a security guard standing there with a scanner. This was problematic. If Jayden had to be a demon to enter… Well that wasn’t going to stop them trying! He pulled her along and then stopped in front of the scanner and held out his hand. The machine buzzed and the guard nodded. "Can I bring my girlfriend?" he asked the gaurd who sighed. "Everyone who enters has to pass the scan, those are the rules. Hold out your hand ma’am." -01:40 Sep 07
Jayden: "Fancy." Jayden muttered. She got the general idea, though. Letting humans in to a demon section could cause all sorts of problems. Jayden held out her hand, fully expecting the rejection, but willing to try it just so Coop wouldn’t make the pouty mcboobs face at her. -01:45 Sep 07
Cupio: The machine buzzed and the guard nodded. "Right, you’re both clear to enter." Cupio blinked and then grinned and put his arm back around Leslie. "That was easy.. Come on I want to show you everything." -01:48 Sep 07
Jayden: "Really?" Jayden might’ve question the guy further, but Cupio was already leading her off. That WAS a demon scanner, right? "Hrm… right, shopping… We’re not gonna see bodies strung up on display are we? Or is this gonna be more like those crazy sex or smoke shops?" -01:54 Sep 07
Cupio: "No bodies… those have to be fresh." he said looking around and then stalking towards a shop of random clutter to search for rings. There were no promises that it wouldn’t look like a sex shop inside though. -01:58 Sep 07
Jayden: Now that they were there, Jayden was very interested in looking around. She made sure to capture Coop’s hand so he didn’t wander away like this and get in to trouble. There was the spiking moodswing again. The want to carry him off and lock him away while he was like this. Buuut… they were shopping for rings. That was a moment of being placated. "What kind of rings will we get, Coop?" -02:03 Sep 07
Cupio: "Theres only really one kind here." he said. "Wrackstone, its what everything that needs to change shape with the wearer is made out of. But you can get something else if you con’t like it. I’d be suprised if we even found one. They’re not very common and I may have to ask someone to search." He stopped to let ehr get closer then hung on her arm with both hands and entered the shop… yes, defineatly like a sex shop, crossed with a medievil armory, crossed with a pawn shop, crossed with a meat deli. -02:11 Sep 07
Jayden: The sad part, was that Jayden was sure she had been in a shop like this before. She almost laughed! Instead though, she was yawning and then groaning about it. Food should have helped! Hrmm… her wheels were turning again. "I dunno what wrackstone is. Fancy demon stone or metal?" she mumbled. -02:14 Sep 07
Cupio: "Both, with a few other things mixed in. I once made some myself but none of my things were brought with me when I was summoned." he pulled her along and then let go of her arm to lift a katar from the shelf and examine it before putting it back down and edginf along to a display case and looking inside… "Ooooh I want that…" -02:19 Sep 07
Jayden: "Have you thought about going back to get your stuff?" Jayden didn’t really have anything personal that she cared that much about… Which, she really didn’t think was so sad until just now! She leaned over the case to peer inside, eyeing the contents with a frown. "What the hell is that thing?" -02:25 Sep 07
Cupio: "If I go back then I won’t be able to come back here very easily." he said still staring at the dagger under the glass. "This is the Rulebreaker. Its not very good as a weapon but it can cut anything else. Contracts, bonds, idioligies, memories, feelings, obligations. Jayden.. I want it." he slid his fingers against the glass and then looked around for anyone watching, there were so he backed away. "I’m going to have it." -02:28 Sep 07
Jayden: "You’ve got that mad psychotic look of a woman who just saw shoes on sale…" she muttered with amusement. …at least until she realized he probably intended to steal it had nobody been watching! Jayden promptly grabbed his shoulders and turned him around to such pushing him away and towards something else to look at! "If you want it, you can buy it! Fuck knows, I don’t wanna see what happens when demons steal from each other!" -02:32 Sep 07
Cupio: "I don’t even want to think how much it will cost…" it was a genuine one of a kind deal and if this wasn’t the mortal realm Cupio would subjigate the shop owner and take it, and his business. But there was a pretty outfit… pretty if you liked a lot of heather and sharp hooks and what looked like bear traps for restraining the wearer’s wings. "I haven’t worn one of these in ages… this ones been used though. I don’t want a used one." -02:36 Sep 07
Jayden: "Looks more like a torture device than an outfit!" She was trying to imagine him in it. But that was just one road her imagination didn’t want to head down! On the brightside, he wasn’t thinking about that knige dagger thing. They had one too many close calls that week. "Focus, Coop! We’re after rings. Shiny rings!" -02:40 Sep 07
Cupio: "I’m after that dagger. If I can get it then I’ll be able to unbind demons and even seperate out dimentions if I have to. I can’t stand around and let power like that be sold. It will be mine." He turned to her and then took her hand and pulled her to another display case and looked inside. "That is a nice pendent though and…. dammit I want that knife!" he dodeged past her and walked up ot the display case and pressed a finger into the glass. "I am taking this, how much do you think you can get in exchange?" -02:46 Sep 07


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[Cupio WANTS THAT BLADE.] -12:33 Sep 09
[Jayden can’t shake the blahs and is really starting to wonder why!] -12:33 Sep 09
Jayden: One minute Coop was standing next to her looking in to a display case, and the next…? Ran off to get his ass in trouble, probably. Just frustrated in general, she ran her hand through her hair and stepped out of the shop to wait for him. She wasn’t familiar with how demons worked when it came to stealing and killing, but she definitely didn’t want to be involved when it happened. …And now that she was thinking down that road, why did they scan her but then let her through? She wasn’t a demon at all. And unless sexing the hell out of her left plenty of Cupio in h- …… -12:37 Sep 09
Cupio: It only tool a minute but Cupio was bounding out of the shot with a newspaper-wrapped bundle and a big grin. Then he was grabbing the back of Jay’s nack to pull her into a hard kiss and slipping something into her hand and then showing Jayden his own ring. "They had two, and I got the Rulebraker. I didn’t even have to steal anything. Things are so much easier when you do business like demons. Now… lets go home and have all that sex we were talkign about." -12:42 Sep 09
Jayden: Jayden was still stuck in robot mode, even after a kiss she’d normally be all over. In fact, she was slipping the ring on her finger and examining it even as they were walking out of the demon section. She wasn’t just sick. They didn’t let humans in here. She sure as hell wasn’t a demon. By the time they walked out in to the main hall, Jayden cracked! "You got me pregnant?!" Probably not the sort of thing to be screaming in the middle of the mall, but she was stopping and staring at him in disbelief! -12:48 Sep 09
Cupio: Cupio stopped and turned his hand instantly taking Jayden’s. "Yes…?" His hand went to her neck and he pressed up against her. "Didn’t you know? Didn’t you.. choose?" Cupio was confused. The thought thay Jayden could be pregnant and not know it… "Didn’t you smell it? I though you wanted…" -12:51 Sep 09
Jayden: "No I didn’t choose! Humans don’t just know these things! …well -I- don’t know these things. It’s–" Choose! Demons could do that? Did he choose to knock her up? She was still working through the shock when she took his shoulders and backed him up a step. "There’s a demon baby in here!" she pointed at her stomach. Holy shit, what was she going to do about that?! What if they popped out like aliens! -12:57 Sep 09
Cupio: He put a hand on her cheek and pouted slightly. she was distraught and he had really though she wanted a child with him and it ahd been the sweetest thing ever. "Jay…" he looked into her eyes. "I’m here… Your bidy has adjusted… if you want I’ll take the abby and carry it?" -01:01 Sep 09
Jayden: "What? No. That’s insane." Cupio Mcboobs carrying the baby! And Jayden thought she couldn’t get any more jealous! Before she could tell Cupio exactly where he could shove that idea, a couple people approached. Busy body anti-demon picketors from the looks of them. Jayden let out an exasperated huff. "We over heard you have a -problem-. Do you need help with this… demon?" Jayden grit her teeth and nearly rolled her eyes. "No, you can mind your own business." The taller male shook his head sadly. "Having a demon’s child is an abomination. There are clinics to have it remo-" He didn’t get any farther than that, because Jayden was swinging a fist hard enough to knock him to the floor. She shook out her hand. "It’s MY kid! You can fuck off!" -01:09 Sep 09
Cupio: Cupio had staepped away from Jayden just in tilme to avoid get caught in the swing. But Someone had threatened him baby. He was livid and his wings were spread in thier full glory, eyes appearing on the surfacr stare at everyon else, yellow and unblinking as he pounced the man’s chest and extended his claws. "No one threatens my Jayden or my baby." the ribs of the wings extended into tentacles each tipped with a talon that hovered in the air keeping the crowd at bay. This was HIS kill. -01:18 Sep 09
Jayden: Jayden was turning to Cupio to finish their one-sided discussion, but now he was pouncing that idiot. ….on the one hand, Jayden was pretty sure the asshole deserved it. She sure as hell wouldn’t regret seeing him dead. But on the other? There was a mall full of people staring, and the last thing they needed was to get arrested for murder. "Coop…! ….first of all, you look fucking creepy as shit! Second, I am SO not gonna be a fucking single mom because your stupid ass murdered somebody in public!" Man, he really did look creepy like this. Jayden was a little off-kilter seeing tiny little Mcboobs all ragey monstrosity! -01:24 Sep 09
Cupio: He let loose a low growl and narrowed his eyes at the man. It would be so easy… So easy… He even had a long black tonge ready to strangle him from the inside out… but he stood and in a second was back to usuall McBoobs and pushing Jayden awya from the scene. "Hes lucky…." he hissed heading for the nearest exit. "I would have taken it slow." -01:29 Sep 09
Jayden: "As sexy as that sounds, there’s a shit load of more important things to deal with." She was getting pushed around by Mcboobs. Normal Mcboobs. Jayden just kept walking, hoping her brain would catch up. "You thought I knew I was preggo? Exactly how long…!" -01:32 Sep 09
Cupio: "I first smelled it on you the mornign after the club." he said taking her arm and putting at arounf himself and putting his around hers. "I thought is was the most touching thing ever that you had chosen to have my baby.Humands don’t choose to have babies?" he was looking up at her as they stood near the exit. "Do you want to have my baby, have a baby with me?" -01:35 Sep 09
Jayden: "If humans could choose, I think there would be less babies in the world." He had no idea how weird it was having a girl asking her about having her baby. DID she want to have a baby? …she was going to be a horrible mother! All she ever thought about was sex, drinking, and sleeping! "I don’t know how I feel about it yet. I’m not exactly mom material. But it’s ours and as long as it doesn’t come bursting out of my stomach with guts flying everywhere, we’re having it." -01:39 Sep 09
Cupio: "They usually come out of…" he pus his hand over her and gripped her rither there. "Hornless so you don’t have to worry abou tthat eother. Demons are not meant to even be able to have babies with humans so I have no idea what will happen. But I can tell you this. She smells like a girl to me." he kept walking towards the exit and then remembered the knife. "Do you want to put this in your purse? It’s now the most expensive thing we own." -01:42 Sep 09
Jayden: Hornless. Jayden hadn’t even -thought- about horns yet. For all she knew, she’d be having a tentacle monster baby! She eyed the knife though, as it was a pretty good distraction from wondering what she was gonna do with a demon baby. "MOST expensive? What exactly did you trade for that knife, anyway?" -01:45 Sep 09
Cupio: He grinned at her mysteriously and then rested his head against her shoulder. "The soul of the previous owner of the club, and those assholes in the appartment, and the promise of eight more to be payed over the course of the next century." he sighed leanign against her more. Really I only got it so cheaply because I’m a lot stronger than the owner and he knew it. But I really didn’t feel like having a demonic war in the same mall that has my Jay." -01:49 Sep 09
Jayden: "Your Jay appreciates not being in the middle of a demon war, when she apparently has preggo moodswings and will either kill people or barf at a moment’s notice." …well, at least she knew why she was so weird lately. And he was going to have to pay for his new toy in souls! Why did Mcboobs have to be so perky and cute! It made the whole eight soul thing not sound nearly as bad. "….did you want rings just because I’m pregnant?" she suddenly asked. -01:53 Sep 09
Cupio: He looked at her. "No, that woulf be entrapment and demons don’t react to entrapment by getting rings, they react by killing whoever tries." his voice had taken on a different tone, but now it reverted. "I wanted rings because you are mine and I am yours. I don’t want demons thinking they can mate with me, or with you while we’re together. Thats like a normal human couple right? Ones that feel things for eachother?" -01:57 Sep 09
Jayden: Jayden nodded. Feeling things for each other! She didn’t even have -that- worked out in her head yet, and here they were going to have a baby. She finally leaned to plant a kiss on the top of his head. "…so you think demons find me super hot?" she teased. -02:00 Sep 09
Cupio: "I’m a demon and I do. -02:01 Sep 09
Cupio: "I’m a demon and I do." he said grinning up at her. "And if ay demon did try ti take you away from me a demon war is exactly what you would get. Like troy, although I’l sure Helen wasn’t nearly as good in the sack as you are. Speakign of which we should get groceries before heading but for sex… or…" he jumped up without warning and wrapped his legs around her to grab her head and push his lips into hers. Strait from violence to sex. The pattern wasn’t hard to spot. -02:04 Sep 09
Jayden: She gave a muffled complaint as she wrapped her arms around him and nearly toppled to the ground before catching her balance. Mcboobs wasn’t exactly heavy, but Jayden only had so much in her! After a moment of savoring the sudden kiss, Jayden was scowling. "I’m not sexing you in the middle of the street. And we need food at home. I wasn’t kidding about that sudden desire to eat people, and I really don’t want to find out if I will…" -02:09 Sep 09
Cupio: He dropped back down to his feet and looked dissapointed. "I’d sex you in the street. I guess thats going to have to wait until we’ve been home and I’m the taller one." he looked at her "I suppose I’ll be thinking up things to do to you while we’re etting food." -02:12 Sep 09
Jayden: "I’d sex you in the street too, if I wanted to find out what happens to demon-preggo humans in jail!" Jayden took his face in her hands to give him a quick kiss. Pouty Mcboobs was terrible. "I’m sure you’ll think of something brilliantly interesting that will leave me rolling in bed for a week." -02:17 Sep 09
Cupio: "You show up as a demon now of the scanners so maybe you’ll go to demon prison with me adn I’ll eat the faces of whoever tries to mess with my Jay. Though I have no idea if we have prisons ehre, we don’t at home. Those who break the laws of those in charge are usually just enslaved which is a lot like being bound but a lot more restricting. I had a few enslaved to me before I was summoned. I’m sure they’re free now and made off with all my stuff. Thats how summoning works. It used to be a punishment, Demons would be put in the pool to be summoned by humans. I… It felt really wierd, I hope you know that." -02:22 Sep 09
Jayden: "I seriously don’t like the idea of enslavement. Even for assholes." Jayden cast him a weird, thoughtful look. "Were you in the summoning pool for punishment, or was it just the fun of sex roulette?" -02:26 Sep 09
Cupio: "SOMEONE said my name during the ritual." he said. "And since you were the one I was bound to it had to be you." he stuck his tongue out at her and pulled her into the groceries section heading towards the deli. "I could have been the next ruler of hell… but tons of great sex with a mortal is also good." -02:28 Sep 09
Jayden: "I’m not gonna complain if you still want to be ruler of hell, but raising a demonbaby and having sex with a mortal is definitely going to take up a lot of time." Jayden was so drunk that night, all she remembered was calling people stupidfucks for messing with magical artifacts and then offering naked cupio her place to stay. And now she was having a baby. When was -that- shock gonna wear off? "…we’re gonna need a bigger place." -02:34 Sep 09
Cupio: He grabbed a basket, seemingly having to do all the shopping while Jayden was fussing about babies. "I like your appartment." he said. "It could use a little redecorating but its nice. I don’t forget where the rooms are like my old place. And raising a baby doesn’t take more than a month or two." -02:37 Sep 09
Jayden: "…demon babies maybe. But it’s part human too. That’s years of raising!" She really was just following him like a lost sheep. He pretty damned calm about all this! "The apartment doesn’t have enough rooms… A girl should have her own room." -02:39 Sep 09
Cupio: Years…? YEARS? He stopped. "Yes, more room." and meat.. and milk and juice and chis and whatever that bottle had, the smell was good and a potato, and what was vinegar? Well he’d find out when he got home with it and… OOOOH BOOZE! Totally what a pregnant Jayden would need! -02:42 Sep 09
Jayden: Precious booze…! She was going to have to quit drinking! Holy crap, that was going to be hard! And little Mcboobs was… apparently terrible at food shopping. What the hell were they supposed to do with -one- potato. Finally shaking herself from her zombieness -at least- to get through shopping, Jayden occasionally dropped things in the basket to supplement whatever he grabbed on a whim. "Which means buying a new apartment or a house or something. …and then we’re gonna have to start acting like parents! I’m going to suck at this!" -02:47 Sep 09
Cupio: "How do parents act? No couch sex?" This was pretty neat… a peeler that doubled as a slicer… but they had both already… "Humans look after thier own babies don’t they…" this was unexpected so that means that yes being a parent was going to mean changes. "Thats it. Jayden tonight I am taking you out. Club, private room, we’ll talk over drinks and have great sex there also what are these?" she had found the pharmecy and a box of condems. -02:53 Sep 09
Jayden: Fuck that. She was still getting couch sex. Jayden blinked at the box. "…those are things we should have been using. But totally don’t need now." A private room at a club, alone with Cupio… that actually sounded grand! If her entire world was going to be upside down, might as well do it with a bang! "So demons -don’t- raise their own babies? How do they even survive hell?" -02:58 Sep 09
Cupio: He put them down again and looked at her. "I’m sorry. Demons can choose when they get pregnant or not its just… something we do. And… " he didn’t know what to do now.. he should have told her when he realized it. What if Jayden really didn’t want to be a parent? What if she wanted to leave Cupio but didn’t want to say… did this ruin everything between them? Suddenly Cupio was feeling very insecure and looking down at his ring. -03:02 Sep 09
Jayden: "Don’t make that face, Cupio. I’m not upset." She was a girl herself, she knew that stupid girl-look when she saw it. Jayden leaned to kiss his cheek and mumble in his ear. "I never do anything I don’t want to do. I might not have decided to make this kid, but I definitely choose to have it and keep it. So don’t get all emotional on me. That’s MY priveledge." -03:07 Sep 09
Cupio: He nodded and put his arm around her. "What are relationships meant to be like?" he asked ignoring her claim to the emotional side. "There are feelings right? And if we don’t have them then can we raise a kid together for YEARS? I don’t know what I’m meant to do now." -03:09 Sep 09
Jayden: "Plenty of people do it without feelings. But I don’t think that will be a problem for us." Jayden knew she cared about him. Enough to have his baby and kill somebody if they ever took him from her! So even if she was a little shakey on the idea of love, she at least knew she cared. Jayden took the basket from him to take over shopping. Otherwise they were gonna be there all day. "You just be with me, and we’ll figure out the rest. I’m not exactly the authority on relationships and families, myself." -03:14 Sep 09
Cupio: "Demons don’t do families. We let others take care of our young, those of us who can even have them. We never meet our parents unless they seek us out. Which hardly ever happens. I’m not good parent material. But I want to try with you." he was clinging to Jayden’s arm and had his eyes closed. "I want to be with you no matter what." -03:18 Sep 09
Jayden: "We’re going to be really weird parents." Jayden couldn’t even count on two hands all the reasons why. She just kinda hoped they weren’t going to birth the next apocalypse or something. Once she was sure they had everything they’d need, at least for the week, it was off to checkout and finally leaving a store without trying to kill someone. This was progess! -03:24 Sep 09
Cupio: Cupio didn’t talk again until after they left the mall had just held onto Jayden’s arm and nuzzled into it slowly until they were hailing a cab. "If we do birth a threat I’ll have to kill it." he said softly. "Or break it’s power bringing it down to size. Good thing I got that dagger." -03:28 Sep 09
Jayden: "I’m not even going to -start- thinking about having a psycho baby. We’re going to have a totally cool, non-evil, perfect kid. I’ll kill anything that tries to muck that up." …yeah it was a good thing he had that knife. It’d be good for killing demons? Nobody was going to touch her kid! Jayden leaned to rest her head on Mcboob’s shoulder once they were in the cab. And grinned wide. "If it’s gonna be a girl, though, I want a better name than Mcboobs Jr." -03:34 Sep 09
Cupio: Cupio pushed Jayden onto her back on the back seat and then snuggled up against her in an oddly non-sexual way. "I don’t think you’d like Cupio for her either with what it means. I think even from birth they knew what kind of demon I was going to be. I bet the constantly changing gender was a clue. And I don’t have a last name, so she’ll be getting yours." -03:38 Sep 09
Jayden: Oh nooo… Just the thought of a daughter getting in to random sex capades or being summoned for sex was enough for Jayden to decide her kid was -never- having sex! Ever! ….but she wouldn’t mention that to Cupio. When he was Mcboobs he always took things so personally! She hugged him instead. "We’ll think of a good name. Something pretty and sweet. ….or we could always be assholes and named her after how she was concieved. Alcohol Induced demon Orgy?" -03:45 Sep 09
Cupio: "Orgy is too common a name." he said nuzzling against her. "And Cage is too masculine, what if they can’t change? Hmmm…. this is why I’ve never had kids. Naming is difficult." -03:47 Sep 09
Jayden: "Orgy is seriously a name?" She really should have expected that…! Jayden started laughing. "If that’s going to be the hardest part, then we’ll have nothing to worry about. …I think I kinda like the idea of having your baby." Of course, the cabbie was looking pretty damned confused and interested, but Jayden wasn’t paying HIM any attention. She was busy petting Mcboob’s hair. -03:51 Sep 09
Cupio: "You really souldn’t be surprised with the circle of hell I used to live in Jayden. ANd thats probably where you’re going and I’ll be sure to be the one to take you there, then bring you back here if thats what you want. I get sex with you forever and you get to come back after you die. Seems fair to me." the hair petting was nice and made his sigh and press in closer to her. "This is good, might be one of the best parts of having a girlfriend." -03:57 Sep 09
Jayden: "Snuggling is a bonus, I have to admit…" To die, hell and back again. That was way way far in the future. Jayden could only focus on one thing at a time! And for the moment that was a very snugglie Mcboobs and a cab pulling up to the apartment. Jayden paid, then she was fussing Cupio and all of his new goodies out and in to the apartment. "Why don’t we take it one step at a time and deal with great sex in the mortal world!" -04:03 Sep 09
Cupio: He grabbed his bags and got out to wait for Jayden and head upstairs. "Sex with you, so much but never enough." He grinned back at Jayden. "I’ll just gave to get out of these clothes." -04:06 Sep 09
Jayden: "You’re such a girl!" For a brief moment, she wondered just how much practice he had at being a girl to do it so well! Of course that led to her thinking about other people getting their hands on her Mcboobs, and that made for a scowly, stompy Jayden. "I’ll deal with groceries and you deal with clothes. Or will we never make it out the door to go to the club?" -04:18 Sep 09
Cupio: "Fine I’ll go like this, I was going to go with a penis but I’ll help you with the groceries instead. I can always change once I get naked there if I feel like it." he placed the bags of clothes on the couch and then moved to help Jayden with the groceries. "Yes, I’ll go like this…" there was an all too evil chuckly that foolowed. -04:23 Sep 09
Jayden: "Yeah, you definitely got being a girl down…" Jayden narrowed her eyes at him when she set bags on the counter. Woman with an evil plan look if she ever saw one. He was more of a girl than she was! Which had her wanting to strangle Mcboobs again. Wicked female wiles was supposed to be -her- thing! "I think you enjoy driving me insane." -04:26 Sep 09
Cupio: "Technically I have no gender Jayden." he said opening the fridge to pack things away. "I an what I want to be, so naturally I’d be good at it. Is there really that much of a difference though?" -04:29 Sep 09
Jayden: "There’s a huuuuge difference. And I’m not even talking about the physical! It’s like… a complete change in how you behave and think and smell and these weird little…. trigger things I respond to." That part was the weirdest part and the hardest to explain. Being around each Cupio simply felt different. "…do you seriously not notice the differences?" -04:33 Sep 09
Cupio: "I notice that you act different, that you respond differently, that you’re a lot less attracted to me when I’m like this. But I feel more fun when I’m like this, more impulsive and…" wow… she was right ".. more worried about what you’re thinking, and what you’re feeling, and wanting your affection more, to touch and be touched. Not that I don’t feel that way with a dick its just… You are right." -04:39 Sep 09
Jayden: "HA! See!" A victory! ….Not that she actually won anything, or… there was any sort of argument about it. But Jayden felt vindicated. …and maybe a little smug. Thus the reason why she was leaning down to grin in his face. "See. Different. And It’d be nice if you -wouldn’t- be so worried about what I think of girl you. I adore girl you. I just like male you better when it comes to sexy stuff. I don’t want to sex Mcboobs, I want to snuggle and hold and protect Mcboobs… Which, by the way I haven’t ever felt about ANYone." -04:43 Sep 09
Cupio: That made him grin and swoop in for a kiss and with his prize secured close the fridge with his tail and then grin at her again. "Then you’ll love what I have planned once we get to the club. Its going to be all about you Jayden. I think its time I put some of my skills to work. And then put the skills you know me for to work." -04:48 Sep 09
My Demon Roommate

My Demon Roommate 009: Pleasant Payback

[Cupio Is still shorted than Jayden but immensly happy and rready to cook breakfast!] -04:54 Aug 31
[Jayden didn’t even get the sexing, but she’s still all tired and worn out! And cranky! And hungry!] -05:04 Aug 31
Cupio: Cupio was having the unique pleasure of handing his back against Jayden and having pulled Jay’s arm around himself in the night. Demons never slept, not fully, but with the sun on the curtains he turned to look up at her and grinned at her closed eyes. Jayder had sexed him in the form he was snuggling against her as. Nothing could have made the demon. He couldn’t help bue squee at the memory and kiss her, thne pull away to slip out of bed and tail trailing behind him head for the kitchen. -05:10 Aug 31
Jayden: Jayden was kissed awake, which might have been okay if she weren’t so tired and if it weren’t a giggling McBoobs doing it. She rolled to watch him bounce and swish out of the room and rolled her eyes before she rubbed her head. Great. He was all puffed up and post-sex happy as a girl! Clearly boosting his ego was a bad idea! -05:13 Aug 31
Cupio: He heard her stir behind him and half turned to grab something off the sideboard at her before spinning and fibling with the music player in hsi ahnds as he entere the kitchen and putting on his music and leaving it on the counter. The tiny speakers didn’t to the untrasonics justice but it was good ehough to dance to as he bent low his tail sticking strait into the air and nothing hidden from view to grab a pan for the cupboards. “One egg or two?” he called to herlooking at her between his legs and grinning again. -05:20 Aug 31
Cupio: He heard her stir behind him and half turned to grab something off the sideboard and grinned at her before spinning and fibling with the music player in hsi ahnds as he entere the kitchen and putting on his music and leaving it on the counter. The tiny speakers didn’t to the untrasonics justice but it was good ehough to dance to as he bent low his tail sticking strait into the air and nothing hidden from view to grab a pan for the cupboards. “One egg or two?” he called to herlooking at her between his legs and grinning again. -05:20 Aug 31
Jayden: “My girlfriend is a bimbo…” she muttered to herself, grabbing the blanket to pull up to her chin. “Two and more than just eggs! Fajita omelettes.” Jayden ran her hands over her face. She was starving lately, and she felt like she had a hangover! Maybe she was sick again. That’d be her luck. -05:25 Aug 31
Cupio: He took out four eggs and put the pan of the stove. “I have no idea what a Fajita omlet is but I’ll cube some salami and pre fry it sothat its scrispy then add the eggs and maybe a couple of veg?” he was already moving to the fidge to get the meat and pull a knife from the block before jumping to pull a cutting board down and put it on the counter. The music was gaining in tempo and he spun smiling to himself knife still in hand. -05:33 Aug 31
Jayden: She’s heard this song before. Some of Cupios crazy demon music, although it sounded a little different today. Remix? Bah.. she didn’t care. His perky good mood was annoying her, but she didn’t have the heart to harass him about it. Stupid mcboobs. “That’ll do, I guess… And your music is too loud!” -05:43 Aug 31
Cupio: Without breaking stride he grabbed the music player and turned down the volume then started cubing the meat and tossing it into the pan and grabbing a spatula to spreat it out to an even layer to cook evenly with occational stiring. Then he was festing out coffee and bread to toast and a few vegitables to cut up and add to the egg when it was in. He hadn’t even notived Jayden’s mood. “Oh Jayden.” he said. “Do munand fo anything when they want to spend a long tim ein a relationship?” -05:53 Aug 31
Jayden: “They get married. It’s kind of like a binding, but you do it by choice instead of summoning. ….Or at least most people do it by choice.” There was that stirring of jealousy again. The one that wanted to tie him up and leave him in bed so she wouldn’t have to worry about someone stealing him. But for the time being, she pushed that thought aside. -05:57 Aug 31
Cupio: “Hmmm..” the eggs went in and he lowered the heat so they would cook evenly all the way through. “Marriange? Like binding? So they can’t act against eachother and have to do everything the other says or does that only apply to one?” -05:59 Aug 31
Jayden: “What? No! Not like that!” Jayden sat up, scratching her head and running her fingers through her hair. How the hell did you explain the concept to a demon? “It’s like… uhm… a mutual commitment to each other and only each other. There’s no obeying involved, and you’re you own people. You just promise to make a life together.” -06:03 Aug 31
[(Timeout) Cupio has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -06:42 Aug 31
[Cupio enters.] -06:48 Aug 31
Cupio: His tail flicked as he thought his hips swaying slightly to the music somehow giving the imprwssion of wieghtlessness. “And that is different from what we have.. how?” he was tendign the the eggs and pulling out the coffee at the same time, then puttign the omlette on a plate, folding it in half and then slicing it in two sliding the other half onto another plate, then adding toast and jam then takign them to the table and putting one in front of her and going back for the coffee. -06:52 Aug 31
Jayden: He was so damned girly! Even Jayden herself wasn’t that girly, and it was a total threat to the household dynamic. Yet, it was really hard not to just watch him bouncing around and being all domestic as they sat there talking about marriage of all things. Jayden was immediately eating though. Food was apparently the cure to her foul mood this morning. “It’s mostly just symbolic. A representation of love and commitment and all that jazz. Plenty of people stay together forever without being married, and others feel like it’s a cherry on top of the relationship cake.” -06:58 Aug 31
Cupio: “Love.” the word seeme foriegn. “Relationships have love?” he brought out a mug of coffee just gor Jaydem liked them and placed that nect to her plate then sat down with his and sipped it with both hands and set it down before taking up his knife and fork and cutting off a peice of omlette to eat. “So I don’t need to worry about marriange then?” -07:03 Aug 31
Jayden: “Most of them do… it’s usually a big part of them, but not all of them.” She picked up her mug to take a sip of coffee and for a moment looked thoughtful. Love wasn’t exactly something she was familiar with either… When had she EVER loved somebody? Did she even love him? “I don’t think I am the marrying type…” -07:12 Aug 31
Cupio: “Demon…” his way of saying ‘me too’. In the moment she had looked away in thought he had changed back and had abandoned the knife to sinply cut the egg witht he side of his fork. “Humans are wierd and complicated. I’m plad I have one that I can at least understand.” -07:15 Aug 31
Jayden: Jayden wasn’t sure about the love part, but she did know she cared about him and would kill anyone that tried to take him. That was a pretty strong feeling! Whether he was Mcboobs or Cupio! Speaking of which, by the time she glanced at him again he was a man again. And that one small thing seemed to make her relax a -lot-. Another thing for her to think about. “Demons are complicated too, you know. This whole gender back and forth thing is weird, and demon culture, and just you in general.” -07:24 Aug 31
Cupio: “Its our nature I guess.” he said. picking up his toast and biting a large chunk out of it. “We do what we want to do and be what we want to be. Its when theres a lot of us together that hell lives up to it’s name. It can be great, or it can be not so great. That club was tiny compared to what I’m used to. I…” he put down his toast then pusged it into the exact center of his plate. “We’re from two different worlds. Literally.” -07:36 Aug 31
Jayden: “That club was pretty badass… totally intimidating and scared the shit out of me in a kinky sort of way. But interesting.” Demon stuff in general was interesting, which was half the reason why she was sitting there sipping her coffee and eying him. “Now that demons are more common on the human world, what do you suppose is gonna happen in the future? Hell on earth? Something else?” -07:44 Aug 31
Cupio: “That club was nothing, nothing by comparison. Thousands, and I mean literally thousands all in one place. Demons laking music with it being channeled out of the ouths of statues… that is what my part of hell was like.” he made it sound like it was literally his. “Demons naturally change thier surrounding to suit themselves. A trait humans share, but no. I’ve been told numbers are being limited to avoid big changes to your world. Thats how we see it. Its your world, we’re guests here. Even with some of the things that happened…” anger flashed accross his face. “We know, and we act.” -07:51 Aug 31
Jayden: Jayden tapped her fork on her plate, still watching him warily. “Do you wanna go back home? I know you stayed here because of the summoning, but the bond was broken ages ago.” For a very brief, crazy moment the little voice in her head was saying she’d kill him if he left. Why the fuck was she so violent this week?! Seriously! -07:55 Aug 31
Cupio: “No.” he said “In fact I’m filing for eternal residency.” he smiled at her. “I’m not leaving you Jayden. You’re stuck with your demon room mate. Cursed with a demon for the rest of.. however long we choose to remain together.” -08:01 Aug 31
Jayden: She finally cracked a grin. How she responded to male him was much better than female him! “You know humans can live almost to a hundred, right? That could be a longass time.” -08:02 Aug 31
Cupio: His first reaction was ‘Is that all?’ but he didn’t voice it. “Well then I’ll have to savor every moment.” he said lifting his mug one handed and takign a big gulp of coffee before restign the mug on the table and drumming his fingers against it. He was wonderign when she was going to tell him she was carrying his child, thats what the smell on her was, that why she was healing faster. He had let her drink demon blood at the club to experience things like a demon would but this had to be ten times stronger. “So you want to go back to the club?” -08:06 Aug 31
Jayden: “Uuum… I want to but…” Just how she responded to that one demon putting his hands on Mcboobs. What if that happened again? Now that she could think a little clearer, that was a totally insane thing for her to do. …and she was pretty sure in a whole room full of horny grabby demons, she’d raise hell in ways those demons would never expect. “Maybe that’s not such a good idea? I am like… insane lately? Sick I guess. I’d feel bad if I killed somebody…” -08:13 Aug 31
Cupio: He furrowed his brow. “You’re not sick.” he said. “You don’t smell sick.” he picked up his toats again and crammed all of it into his mouth and chewed then took another gulp of coffee. “And we won’t go while you’re like this don’t worry Jay. It will be demon male me and my sexy little Jayden. Though I’ll resurve a private room with a view of the action. And now I’m turned on. Counter?” -08:17 Aug 31
Jayden: Not sick, huh… she felt sick. And a little crazy! Like she was on drugs that screwed with her emotions a bit. She could use some now. Maybe some of that along with their private room being voyers with demons. …then Jayden nearly spit out her coffee when he went mirroring her thoughts and she connected the dot to what ‘counter’ meant. “What no romance and buildup? After I fucked you stupid last night too!” she teased with a wicked grin. -08:24 Aug 31
Cupio: He grinneda t her. “Demon. When I want sex I’ll either seduce you and fuck your brains out. Or I’ll just say I want to fuck your brains out then fuck your brains out.” he said before standing and putting her up by her arm and into a kiss. “Jayden, I’m going to fuck your brains out.” -08:26 Aug 31
Jayden: “Cupio, I really want to say no, slap you and run just for the fun of it.” That would have been really entertaining. But now she was close to him, could smell that very Cupio scent so much stronger than usual. He was hers. And now she was so glad she had breakfast, because he was going to be brunch. -08:36 Aug 31
Cupio: “I’d chase you down.” he said putting an arm around the small of her back. “I’d hold you down.” he grabbed a fistful of her hair. “Then I would fuck you harder than you’ve ever been fucked. Club night included.” he pulled her into a deep kiss by her hair and pushed her back against the table. “Then I would tie you down with your ass in the air.” he bit her lip hard. “And I would fuck you again without you being able to do a thing about it.” he tilted his head an forsed her lips apart to dip his tongeu into her mouth. “Then I would turn you over, blindfold you, tie your legs open, and fuck you for a third time, and if you’re still awake after that I’d untie you and fuck you slowly until you screamed.” -08:40 Aug 31
Jayden: Her ears were burning and if a man could make a woman come with just words alone, that might’ve done it! Jayden lay her hands on him, drawing her nails over his skin and trying to take a deep breath just to keep her heart from beating so fast. “That sounds like a fun day, Coop. If you could catch me and all.” Who was she kidding? Jayden was busy throwing her arm around his neck and locking her mouth against his! -08:47 Aug 31
Cupio: He lifted her and sat her on the table so happy he was still naked, her though…” he unded her buttons and pulled the shirt from her shoulder returnign her kiss with every bit of pressure she gave him as he pulled her top off and rakes hsi claws over her back as he slid his hips against hers. “I wouldn’t let you get too far Jayden. I wouldn’t want you tired before the main event.” -08:50 Aug 31
Jayden: “I had a pretty good night’s sleep.” Jayden didn’t know if she wanted to kiss him until he was gasping her name again or just shove him to the floor. And she was suddenly grinning wide against his mouth at the memory of him screaming her name. Even if he was a girl! One arm locked around his neck, her free hand was dancing trails down his shoulder and then to his side. “Though I wonder who will really be the one screaming.” -08:56 Aug 31
Cupio: He lifted a hand to run his claws down her throat his hand momenteraly closing over it to give it a queeze. “You are sexy Jayden. On body and mind.” he lifted her from the table and turned to kneel and put her back on the floor. “But you can’t beat me.” he unclasped and unzipped her skirt tp pull it off of her. “You got a free pass last night, today is mine.” -09:00 Aug 31
[Jayden riled up Cupio and is now on the floor! She still has every intention of making him scream her name, though. She’ll be two for two!] -09:18 Sep 03
[Cupio Is having a great morning, Sex, breakfast, sex, and soon, more sex!] -09:19 Sep 03
Jayden: "That didn’t seem like such a free pass to me, Coop. More like a squealy demon begging for more." She enjoyed teasing him. Perhaps the only good thing about Mcboobs was making her scream! In the mean time, though… Jayden pushed against his shoulder, with every intention of being difficult just for the fun of it. "And I haven’t gotten my shower yet." -09:23 Sep 03
Jayden: "That didn’t seem like such a free pass to me, Coop. More like a squealy demon begging for more." She enjoyed teasing him. Perhaps the only good thing about Mcboobs was making her scream! In the mean time, though… Jayden pushed against his shoulder, with every intention of being difficult just for the fun of it. "And I haven’t gotten my shower yet." -09:23 Sep 03
Cupio: He was grinning down at her his tain making an apprearence to wiggle the tip ainst her crotch, this morning she wasn’t getting a break, even when he wasn’t fucking her. "You’ll get your shower after sex. I’d hate for you to get clean just to fuck you dirty again." he ran his claws through her hair. "You are an entracing creature Jayden." he said grabbing her arm and pulling her up to carry her onver his shoulder a wing cradling her making sure she didn’t slip off the side as he headed for the bedroom. "Your record is three, I want five, at least." -09:27 Sep 03
Jayden: His tail sneaking up on her made her yelp, and then she was near upside down! That escalated quickly, and she was trying to surpress a laugh. "I’m surprise you can even keep count, Coop! I sure as hell can’t." Jayden knocked on his back with a fist and kicked her feet trying to get loose. Not that she was trying too hard, this was amusing! -09:35 Sep 03
Cupio: He chuckled. "Come on Jayden, its not that surprising. I’m a carnal demon, sex is the sole purpose of my existance." he dumped her on the bed and crawled up next to her. "And here I am living with you… arn’t you a lucky mortal?" he leaned down to kiss her deeply. "Though I think I’m the lucky one." -09:41 Sep 03
Jayden: "Here I thought you sole existance was to make me breakfast in the morning." …and the sex! If ever an accidental spell summoning was a -good- thing, he definitely was. Jayden slid her arms back around his neck to return his kiss. A slow and lazy pressure followed by a nip of teeth. -09:44 Sep 03
Cupio: He ran his tongue against her teeth. "No that would be a cullenary demon. Too bad for you I never came with a reciept so theres no taking me back to be exchanged. Besides I think you like the sex more than the food." he nuzzles against her then paused raising his head his hand tightning on the sheet. Then he lowered his head again to nip her lip. -09:50 Sep 03
Jayden: "I wouldn’t try to exchange you for all the hot demons and all the money in the world." What a weird moment to suddenly feel very affectionate towards him. Lately it seemed when she felt something, she felt it hard! And now she was stuck smiling broadly and running her fingers through his hair with a soft pet, while she kissed him again. -09:56 Sep 03
Cupio: He wondered if she really meant that or if it was the pregnancy talking but it still made him smile broadly, before he lifted his head again and looked at the window. There was something in the air, and ultrasonic cries… his body responded before he did. Lang razor-sharp claws. Fangs, his skin reddened in a spiderwed pattern and his worns grew and curles as his hair blackened. As he moved slowly from the bed as if in a trance a starp barb appeared on his tail and short back spines appeared on his shoulders and joints of his wings. Then he lifted his head an gave a feral screach before moving to the window, where several other winged forms were circling in the sky. -10:03 Sep 03
Jayden: It happened so quick, Jayden was stuck in a startled silence watching him move, before she rolled off the bed to follow. Since he had been around, she was annoyingly sensitive to the atmosphere… or was it his moods? Either way, something had her skin prickling. It sure as hell wasn’t sexy times. "What’s the problem?" -10:06 Sep 03
Cupio: He let out a low growl… "Blood." he was at the window and pushing it open before he mounted the sill. "Demons been killed. Revenge is called." He made it sound like in inter-species gang war but that was their way. talloned feet on the sill he pumped out landing on a nearby fire escape and headed upwards. -10:10 Sep 03
Jayden: "Are you serious?!" she leaned out the window calling after him. And that meant what? Show down on the streets? Of course, all she could think about was him getting in trouble with the law! Jayden scrambled to tug on a pair of pants, then she was climbing out the window, barefoot and all to at least try to keep up with him. -10:13 Sep 03
Cupio: He reached the roof and strambles up and was soon joined by other demons, and they kept going jumping to the next roof in a group and then, around half a dozen in all waited. None of them said anything but all of them were looking at an apartment aross the street where ears pricked drunken laughter could be heard. Another low growl as the entire group tensed. The smell was stronger here, demon blood, death, decay. They were on the hunt, there was no need for words. And then as one they launched themselves off the edge and glided, as silent as the grave across the street, several people stopping to watch as then landed and clung to the sheer walls around the windows of the offending appartment, still invisible from the inside. -10:18 Sep 03
Jayden: By the time Jayden had climbed her way up to the roof top, they had already lept to another. Which was leaving her bitching a whole lot about demons and their wings. She had to settled for leaning over the edge bracing a hand over her eyes to shield it from the sun to spy what they were up to. She recognized the building though! Some of the assholes she had been drinking with weeks before lived in that building. -10:24 Sep 03
Cupio: They waited, tense, then without a sound passing between them they all busts through the windows. Howls, shouts and scream errupted from inside as every living human inside was leapt upon and killed. Then there was a flash and a bang, a gunshot, then another, and then a third and final one before there was one last, long scream that was cut mercifully short. -10:27 Sep 03
Jayden: Holy shit! She could hear that all the way across the street! And when she looked down at the people below, they clearly did too. People were scattering, which meant someone was going to call the cops and… Jayden swore she could almost smell the blood, but that had to be her imagination going. "Cupio!" she screamed out to get his attention. Stupid ass was worse than Mcboobs! -10:30 Sep 03
Cupio: There was silence once again, just hints of monement from inside as the bodies of the humans were torn onen and thier essence collected, and the petite. broken body of demon was filfted and carried outside to be taken away and the demones scattered in different directions one of them flying to circle her and land on the roof, covered in blood, and still very naked. -10:35 Sep 03
Jayden: Now the smell of blood was almost overwhelming. And not even in the sickening way like she would expect, just… Jayden turned to eye him. "What happened…?" she asked slowly… It wouldn’t be hard to take a good guess at it, but she wanted to know for sure. And it looked pretty clear to her somebody just got their asses murdered. -10:39 Sep 03
Cupio: He shook himself returning more to normal. "Revenge." he said. "They summoned a demon and bound it, then killed it while it couldn’t act against them. Now they are ours. At least two of them were familiar… Was that what I was meant for?" -10:43 Sep 03
Jayden: "What the fuck…?" Summoned a demon and killed it. Jayden moved to lean over the wall again, counting the floors to the apartment. …they -would- be familiar. She knew who lived there. Now she was imagining them summoning up little Mcboobs and…! "I’m glad they’re dead then." -10:48 Sep 03
Cupio: He could smell her anger. "I need to get off the street." he said "And clean.." he reached up and turned away from her, not wantinf her to see him pry a small lump of lead out of himself and drop it to the roof. "Home?" -10:53 Sep 03
Jayden: If they were not already dead, she would kill them herself. How many were there at their little summoning party? All of them, she hoped… if not, she was going to make really good use of their mob friends. Jayden almost hadn’t heard him. "Yeah, you should be clean…" she turned away from the wall to trail after him. Had he not been bound to her by accident, he could be dead now! -10:56 Sep 03
Cupio: He reached the fire escape and started down it stopping oposide her window for her to get her to climb onto his back for the jump across. Twice now he had killed humans in thier world. "You don’t have a problem with me killing your kind, do you? I think you’ve just seen I would if you killed mine." -11:01 Sep 03
Jayden: "I don’t have a problem with you killing people that deserve to be killed." An honest answer… which, was a little surprising to herself when she thought about it. She really didn’t have an issue with murder. That was insane wasn’t it? Jayden was clearly insane! And -that- was what had her unsettled. Not holding on to him as a demon and covered in blood, or the fact he murdered people. It was her being okay with all of it. -11:05 Sep 03
Cupio: He leaped and pulled himself through her window pausing to let her off and then moved closer to the bathroom before he stopped. "Good, because as I said before, we a sensual creatures. I am not always in control of my actions. The same is true for any demon. If that had been you they were after it would have been demons I’d have been killing, and I’d be a lot worse off." -11:10 Sep 03
Jayden: And just like that, her unease was turned off like a flip of a switch, in favor of that warm pleasure of knowing he’d slaughter people for her. …which was also crazy. But a kind of crazy she could get behind. Without saying another word, Jayden crossed the room to take his head in her hands and pull him down for a hard kiss. -11:14 Sep 03
Cupio: There was blood on his lips but if Jayden didn’t seem to mind he certainly wasn’t going to. He grabbed her hair and kissed her back his body against hers tranfering blood onto her too… "Looks like I won’t be showering alone." he mused running hand through her hair with a grin. -11:17 Sep 03
Jayden: Tasting blood should have bothered her too. Not satisfy whatever twisted little part of her that almost seemed to crave it. She pushed that thought aside too. "Ruining more of my clothes, Coop. I’m not gonna have anything left at this rate." Yet she was still circling her arms around his neck to draw herself closer, nuzzling against his cheek. -11:21 Sep 03
Cupio: He gripped her back with his claws and ran them up fo her neck the thought of showering rapidly evaporating from his thoughts. He sighed against her before wrapping her in his wings. "I’m starting to think you can control my feelings with your scent." he said softly. "That or you’re sexy enough for a demon to never be able to get enough of you." -11:27 Sep 03
Jayden: Cradled in his wings enough to shut out most of the light… it seemed to mirror how she felt. Getting drawn in to the dark and there just being her and him. Jayden grinned, tightening her arms around him and it was definitely insanity that made her lick his cheek, blood and all. "If I am controlling you with my scent, what do you supposed I want from you right now?" she mumbled against his ear. "We were interrupted…" -11:31 Sep 03
Cupio: "I don’t need to smell your emotions to know that." he said with a chuckle. "My little Jayden wants what she was promised, she wanted me inside her thrusting and making her moan. Thats what she wants." he nipped her ear pulling it between his teeth. "She want the exact thing I want." -11:35 Sep 03
Jayden: "You’re pretty confident." she was being contrary on purpose. Despite the fact, it was pretty clear by the way the held on to him and the soft sound of her voice, it was exactly what she was after. "I think the plan was making you scream my name again? Maybe this time have neighbors beating on the door…" -11:41 Sep 03
Cupio: He moved to bite her lip. "No… pretty sure I promised to tie you up.." he said before licking her lip. "So… shower sex then bondage sex?" there was a low chuckle to his voice. "Either way I’ll still love every minute of it." and if she did press her makinf him scream he was more than ready to change forms. -11:45 Sep 03
Jayden: Bondage sex… that had her pausing and giving a wary, but interested look. But first… "Showering first." A clean Cupio was a happy Cupio. And a happy Cupio always made for very nice days. …and Jayden rather liked the idea of washing him off and getting her hands on him. She broke away to grab his arm and pull him off towards the shower. -11:48 Sep 03
Cupio: He folloowed movigh to the other side of her so that the arm of the hand she was holding was resting across her back. "Mmmmm soap makes everything slippery, I like spillery." he leaned to flick a tongue against her ear and grin before lingring to straiten the towel on the rail, and move the handwash to the correct side of the sink. Why was this place so untidy? -11:53 Sep 03
Jayden: Jayden laughed under her breath, leaning against the wall to turn the shower on and making sure the temperature was nice and hot. She liked it hot. Then it was a matter of peeling off her blood stained pants and shirt… and with that same, irksome tease she always did, just dropped them on the tiled floor. With a finger and a sly smile she was beckoning him in to the shower. -11:59 Sep 03
Cupio: He grabbed up the clothes and hung them over the shower wall before stepping in with her spreading his wings to catch the water and be cleaned. "I know you like them." he said gesturing to them. "Do you want to wash them? They’re very sensitive…" he was ginning at her. "Or are we skipping forplay?" -12:05 Sep 04
Jayden: "If I wanted to skip all the fun parts, we’d be in bed right now." Jayden did like his wings. That was probably her favorite part of having a demon boyfriend. She made sure to lather the soap up in her hands real good before she was touching and exploring. More curious touching than cleaning. He took up almost the entire shower like this and gave her perfect excuse to be close to him. -12:08 Sep 04
Cupio: H eput his hands around her as she explored closing his eyes and smiling as he felt her toutch. They were sensitive and founf twitch when she touched a joint or the leathery span between the ribs. "You know I wouldn’t let any other demon toutch them. They heal slower than the rest of me and without them I’m significantly less mobile." -12:16 Sep 04
Jayden: "You need to quit saying things that make me wanna skip the fun stuff and just fuck your brains out." she chided him, amused with the way just little touches could make him respond. And very, very pleased she was the only one who could do this to him. Once she was satisfied that his wings were free of blood, she was after bare skin. -12:21 Sep 04
Cupio: He folded his wings but they remained in place as he rubbed little circles on her back with his hand. "You do that to me all ther time Jayden, and you’re way past playing any kind of innocent. I’d just sex it right your of you as soon as your tried, and yes that is a promise." the bullet wound was already little more than a red scab covering new skin. "Even though I do love the way you touch me." -12:26 Sep 04
Jayden: "I could totally play innocent." she muttered with a wide grin. …yeah, even she knew that was utter bullshit, but it’d be fun to try. Jayden had her hands lathered up again so she could massage the soap in to his skin. Lingering in places in ease tension in the muscle. …and lingering in other places very deliberately to cause tension. Jayden and innocent didn’t seem to go together. -12:31 Sep 04
Cupio: It was becomign harder and harder to resist taking hold of her and pushing her against the wall. Not every mortal could wind a demon around her finger but somehow… "Dammit Jayden." he grabbed her shoulder and shoved her back against the wall. He was horny, he was a demon, and he was getting impacient. -12:34 Sep 04
Jayden: The shower wall was ice cold compared to the hot water, but Jayden was laughing loud! "What happened to the foreplay! We’re not done washing yet." Even when she said it, she was pushing her hands up his chest to find rest against his neck. Pulling him close and rising on her toes to nuzzle against his cheek and bite at his jaw. He always somehow took over all her thoughts, there was a satisfaction in knowing she did the same to him! -12:38 Sep 04
Cupio: "Wash after, sex now." he said his lips pressing into hers and his hands running down her sides. "You’re too aluring for waiting." he was already lifting her leg to put it around himself and holding it there with a tail wrapped around her ancle. -12:41 Sep 04
Jayden: That tail of his sure had it’s extra uses! Jayden was laughing against his mouth. Stealing kisses and sharp nibbles amidst snickering. She reached between them, running her knuckles down his stomach until she dipped low enough to grip his shaft with no amount of shyness. -12:47 Sep 04
Cupio: He glanced down and then grinned at her taking his hand and rollinf her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. "And what are you going to do with that?" he asked trying to keep his voice level. "Nothing.. sinfull.. I hope." -12:50 Sep 04
Jayden: "If sex is sinful, when I die Hell is going to be a very fun place with you." -12:56 Sep 04
Jayden: "If sex is sinful, when I die Hell is going to be a very fun place with you." she almost purred. There were a lot of things she wanted to do with him, but picking just one…! Her hand stroked, a maddeningly slow caress of fingers. The smile she wore grew wider. -01:00 Sep 04
Cupio: "Eternity with you?" he nipped her lip. "I’ll finally be able to show you ‘my place’ and all the sun things there… I wonder how long it would take for you to decome a demon…" he chuckled and kissed her hard hushing his hips against hers before his ahnd sipped down to return her caress with a light rubbing to her lips. -01:04 Sep 04
Jayden: "Not long… I think I’m a little crazy…" It was hard to think about that now, though. Jayden released him just so she could brace her hands at the back of his neck and left herself to wind her other leg around him. It left her looking down at him, brushing wet hair from his face and drawing her tongue over his lower lip. "’Course we have plenty of fun here too…" -01:10 Sep 04
Cupio: And as soon as he was released he was guiding himslf with his thumb to push against and into her biting her lip as he did so. "Theres always fun when you’re around." he siad pulling her other leg up and around him. "If this carries on we’ll never do anything except fuck eachother’s brains out." -01:14 Sep 04
Jayden: "No complaint here, Coop." the response came out as a sigh as she rest her head against his. Her eyes fell closed and she savored the moment. Screwing McBoobs was entertaining, but it wasn’t near as fullfilling as this! Her nose brushed down his before she captured his mouth with a deep kiss. -01:21 Sep 04
Cupio: He kissed her back pushing her head against the wall as he did the same to her hips. He tried to think of Jayden the first few days he had been here and how she had been activly avoiding sex with him and playing with his need for tidiness and now they were in danger od starving ebcausr they were having sex instead of going shopping. But with her willing body against his there was nothign else he’d rather do. -01:26 Sep 04
Jayden: With the wall as leverage, her limbs wrapped around his body and nothing but hot water and soap between them, it was simple work to move. Rise and fall against him, delighting in that friction of skin against skin. Jayden bit his lip, sucking on it gently. He had no idea how much he made her feel, and just how strong it was! -01:33 Sep 04
Cupio: He pushed harder his hips moving with her as he grabbed and pulled her hair. Jayden as a demon. Jayden as a demon. Jayden as a demon. He couldn’t get that though out of his head and it was driving his wild. He was pushing harder and faster and some of the changes she had seen earlier were occuring, the slight redening of his skin, the spines, the stronger, thicher tail, and animalistic drive to keep her pinned and the spines… Jayden… as a demon. -01:39 Sep 04
Jayden: There was a shift, almost like she could taste it. One of her hands pulled away from him, before coming back to rest on his shoulder. Fingers dancing over the skin and a spine too. There was a slight hiss of breath from her as she opened her eyes. Regarding him first with curiosity then heavy lidded desire. She liked demon Cupio. Really, really liked demon Cupio… Jayden took his mouth in a hard, demanding kiss. Grazing teeth against his lips and invading with her tongue for a taste. -01:48 Sep 04
Cupio: He lips parted, eagerly taking her in and the tognue that greeted hers was thick and sinewy. His wings pressed against the wall his added leverage as he pushed ever harder a hiss of pleasure esaping into her. His tongue seemed to reach all the way to the back of her thoat as he pulled her in deeper. He hadn’t used her this hard since she had passed out. -01:52 Sep 04
Jayden: Jayden was on the brink, intoxicated with the scent of him and every little touch that seemed to have her blood on fire. She didn’t pull away until she was forced to gasp for breath, and even then while breathing hard and still gasping she was nuzzling against his cheek and down his jaw until she was sinking her teeth in to his neck. She had to! For it hit her so suddenly, she might’ve been screaming otherwise. Her groan came out muffled against his neck and shoulder as she tensed and locked around him. -02:01 Sep 04
Cupio: He kept pushign if anything only encouraged by her climax to go faster, harder. He licked her ear the pain from her bite sending a tingle down his spine. "Bite harder." he whispered his grip on her tightening. "I want you to taste blood." and he wanter the pain, and pain of her bite with the pleasure of her tensing around him. She was so much like a demon it was easy to imagine her as one. -02:05 Sep 04
Cupio: He kept pushign if anything only encouraged by her climax to go faster, harder. He licked her ear the pain from her bite sending a tingle down his spine. "Bite harder." he whispered his grip on her tightening. "I want you to taste blood." and he wanter the pain, and pain of her bite with the pleasure of her tensing around him. She was so much like a demon it was easy to imagine her as one. -02:07 Sep 04
Jayden: Biting harder was not an issue. He was still pushing, and she was still climbing! Nails digging in to his back and shoulder as she clung. And when she did taste blood, smelled it even, it was with such a strange thrilling jolt of satisfaction! -02:11 Sep 04
Cupio: He clenched his teeth as he chought himself to the edge and held himself there pushing and flexing against her as he groaned and nuzzled aainst her.. then he was shaking as he tasted his own orgasm, his claws jus puncturing her skin. -02:16 Sep 04
Jayden: Jayden was still gasping for breath, it falling over his skin in soft puffs. She licked over the spot she bit, kissing it softly before her head fell against his shoulder. Getting lost in him was intense… and she hadn’t quite pried her fingers off him yet. -02:21 Sep 04
Cupio: He kissed the side of her neck and nipped the skin before nuzzling against it and sighing into her. She had the best of both demon and human in her… "One one a kind, Jayden, thats what you are… now how clean do we need to be for round three?" -02:25 Sep 04
Jayden: Her smile was felt against his neck, and though her hands hand open to pull her nails out of his skin, she was still clinging tight to him. She loved being wrapped around him. "Clean enough not to stain my expensive sheets…?" -02:28 Sep 04
Cupio: He didn’t let her go, instead he took the soap and laning back just enough for the water to hit her chest lathered his hands and rubbed the soap into her chest. "I can make that happen." he was smiling at her and caught ehr chin with his hand. To tilt her head up towards him. "I’m happy you’re taking this so well." He was talking about her carrying his child, assuming once again that she knew. -02:31 Sep 04
Jayden: "What being well sexed and pampered afterwards? Or the part where I’m not unconcious?" she teased. Not unconcious… tired! But definitely enough stamina to test his to-do list. -02:36 Sep 04
Cupio: He rinced the soap off of her and leaned forwards to kiss her. "Everything." He pulled away from the wall and brought her with him, his tail releasing her leg and his hand turning the water off. "Drying time, then we’ll use your expensive sheets." he was still looking demonic but not as much, just how he usually did. "I can’t wait for this." -02:40 Sep 04
Jayden: There were so many benefits to being carried around. For starters, she could nuzzle his cheek and nibbled his ear without having to worry about anything more than keeping a good grip on him. Jayden was grinning again. "You have been excited about ‘this’ all morning, you’ve got me curious." -02:45 Sep 04
Cupio: He grabbed a towel and handed it to her while he kept his arm around her and leaned forwards to kiss her. "You’ll find out, but I did say what it was earlier." he pulle on her lip when he pulled away and started drying her slowly. -02:48 Sep 04
Jayden: "Hmm… I vaguely recall something about bondage before you screwed every thought out of my head." she mumbled, deliberately not being helpful at all and amusing herself with running her fingers through his wet hair. "Going to make sure I don’t run away, Coop?" -02:56 Sep 04
Cupio: "If that was my ownly goal there are funner ways to make sure you can’t walk." he said with a mischevious look on his face as he continued to dry her as best he could. "Like making you pass out. Or just holding your in place. Or fucking every though of escape out of your head." he hand glided over her stomach. "Besides, I think I know you’ll stay." -03:01 Sep 04
Jayden: "I’m glad you’re confident." Jayden pulled herself tighter around him again to nuzzle his cheek and plant a soft kiss over his mouth. "You’re mine. I’m not ever going anywhere. And if I run it will be for fun, and I fully expect you to come chasing." she smirked wide, with a suggestive quirk of a her mouth. -03:05 Sep 04
Cupio: "So you like the though of being leaped upon my a winged horror from hell and fucked mercilessly however you fall?" he teased returning her kiss and taking her though to the bedroom where he lowered her onto it and then started drying his own hair. "Those poor witnesses." -03:08 Sep 04
Jayden: "After a very public production in a demon club, I doubt I’ll be too embarrassed about anywhere else." Jayden flopped back in to bed and sighed. Stretching her arms and legs out, and every other little muscle that had previously been coiled tight around him. She was rolling in bed like an over-pleased cat and with a grin to match. "And I doubt you give a damn about witnesses either!" -03:12 Sep 04
Cupio: "They’d think it rape how I’d go about it." he said "But no, real rape would have more blood." he dried himself off, cheating with the wings ba making them vanish, brying his shoulders, then making them re-apear. "Now Jayden, what toys have you been hiding from me? What do you have that might help me keep you ties dowm or am I going to have to use your wardrobe?" -03:19 Sep 04
Jayden: "Toys, huh…" The first thought that came to mind was the nice little vibrating monstrosity she had stashed in a drawer. That, though, wouldn’t exactly keep her tied down! She sat up and braced her hands behind her, just giving a shrug of her shoulders. "Poor demon, afraid you’re gonna have to get creative. I didn’t exactly bring drunken screws back here to my place for kinky fuckery." -03:23 Sep 04
Cupio: He grinned at her. "We’ll have to fix that. Maybe we should go shopping this afternoon." he pulled his belt from the floor and held it one hanb on each end looking at her. "Anything I get for you you could always use on the othr me." -03:29 Sep 04
Jayden: Jayden looked a little dubious about that! "Don’t count on that! Little Mcboobs is a tiny demon princess. You don’t tie up and fuck the hell out of princesses!" …well. SHE didn’t. That just wasn’t the way she seemed to respond to Mcboobs! -03:39 Sep 04
Cupio: He stalked up to her and placed the belt down across her stomach adn headed for her drawers. "’Little McBoobs’ is a demon, and demons can take a hell of a lot of mistreatment Jay, but then so can mortal girls I’m learning." he opened her drawers and pulled out a scarf, and thinking of McBoobs spied some of her underwear and turned to flash her a grin. "You wouldn’t be afraid of pushing my buttons, would you?" -03:46 Sep 04
Jayden: "Pressing your buttons is the last thing I am afraid if!" she responded with a mild huff. Seriously? If that’s what he thought… It’d be a piece of cake to take Mcboobs on a wild ride, it was only that she didn’t want to do mean things to Mcboobs! "Mcboobs is my girlfriend and I take care of my girlfriends. …you on the otherhand I am thinking about smacking around a little!" -03:52 Sep 04
Cupio: He sat on the bed next to her and rubbed her stomach with his palm. She thought his forms were so different and they were both him. It puzzled him. "Well you’re a lot more fun when I’m like this then." he said before taking the belt and looking it around both her legs and tighening it. Then he too her wrist and brought her finger to his mough to nip her fingertip and flicj his tongue against it. "Now we should go for round three, maybe in your four you’ll get your chance." -03:59 Sep 04
Jayden: "Get my chance to smack you?" Not that she really wanted to. But he tended to stir up a darker side of her that she really never thought she had. Jayden twist her legs a bit, testing the belt. Only tugging her wrist away from him when his tongue tickled a sensitive spot. "You’re a lot more fun too, when I’m not worried about someone trying to steal you.." -04:10 Sep 04
Cupio: He pulled her wrist back and down to the mastess where he pinned it eith his knee and tied one end of the scarf around it then reached over for the other pulling the first by the scart to loop the scarf under the balt arounf her legs and tie her other wrist to it. "No one is going to steal me Jayden. Especially not now. You have me for as long as this works out." -04:14 Sep 04
Jayden: Now she was testing out how tight the scarf was tied. He had very often pinned her down and to things, but being tied up was a first. A kinky, delightfully erotic first… but now she was wondering how she was going to get her hands on him! "Sweet things have such a weird new tone when said while being tied up." she muttered with a smirk. -04:21 Sep 04
Cupio: He tickled the bottom of her foo with his fingers. "Well this meant you can’t run from your feelings." he teased before his other hand reached around and kneeded a breast. "But you should already know what I just said, so when you’re snuggling ‘McBoobs’ tonight just remember neither her not I are going anywhere." -04:25 Sep 04
Jayden: He was doing it again. Saying those things that immediately stirred that part of her that made her want to pounce on him. Jayden squirmed against the bindings a bit, now a little frustrated with them… but ever so slightly placated by being fondled. "That’s good to know…. because I’mma give chase to if you’re gone! You’re mine. All of you." -04:31 Sep 04
Cupio: That made him grin and he rewarded her by bending down to kiss her thigh, and then grin at her having an idea. "All of me?" he asked a shit eating grin plastered across his face. "Give me an example of what is yours." -04:34 Sep 04
Jayden: "What? Really?" So she sounded a little suspicious. Why wouldn’t she be, that was a wicked look if she ever saw one! Jayden was squirming again, but took up the bait! "You mouth is mine… wings are mine. And your…" she cast that wide wicked grin right back at him! "All mine." -04:37 Sep 04
Cupio: "My mouth…" he moved to kiss her… right there. His wings moving forwards with his hand to hold her legs in place as he wiggled the tip of his tongue against her clitoris. "Yes, I have to agree." He kissed and sucked on that spot before bringing one of his hands down to circle it lightly with a finger. "And this is mine." -04:41 Sep 04
Jayden: It wasn’t what she was expecting, so she wasn’t able to supress that yelp of surprise! Those few moments between shower and bed clearly weren’t enough to calm her senses down, and she found herself chewing on the inside of her cheek until she could not focus so much on how his finger was making her tingle. "uhm… um… Right. Mine. Yours." -04:47 Sep 04
Cupio: He was grinning. She was melting to his hand and he loved it. Taking a breath he blew across her and brushed his finger over her clit before leaning down to rub his lower lip against her and then running his thick tongue over his lip. "You’re wet Jayden, this is going to be fun." he put his lips to hers and his finger still circling issed her as hard as he would if it had been her actual lips. -04:52 Sep 04
Jayden: Holy shit. This was not going to be good. Well, no, it was going to be totally awesome. But she could only squirm in his grasp and couldn’t tug on his hair and… She flinched when she gasped and groaned. "you… hum.. learned something from me last night, huh…?" -05:01 Sep 04
Cupio: He pulled back and licked his lips. "Maybe. Or I’ve been wanting to do this since we met but just love having my dick in you too much." he eased his tongue out of his mouth and ran the tip over her right from the bottom to the top and then in a circle around ehr clit, then back down dipping inside her, lapping against her and then his finger went being to it’s circling. A demon giving without recieving… what did you do Jayden. -05:05 Sep 04
Jayden: There was no hiding her moan that time. A low plaintiff cry from the back of her throat. Her toes were curling and she was grasping on to the scarf bound around his wrists. Her snappy comeback was lost somewhere amidst her futile squirming, and ever increasing gasps of breath. That tongue had been in her mouth earlier, and she had a pretty good idea how far it could reach! -05:10 Sep 04
Cupio: He dipped it again, pushing it in deeper and then withdrawing it. Then again, the tip finding and tasting the frons wall inside her. He was pushing in gradually further each time before in a rush he pushed his lips against her using then to spread her and pushed with his songue as it’s entire wriggling slippery mass moved into her, curling, probing, feeling, exploring as he pushind his finger into her clit to grind it itno her. -05:14 Sep 04
Jayden: "Coop..! Holy hell!" she cried out with an arch of her back. She was burning with it. And worse being so conciously aware of every tiny little flicker inside her to the point he had her writhing and whimpering in her hands! -05:28 Sep 04
Cupio: He found it, the small spongy area that signified where she was lost sensitive, or so they said, and he attacked it without mercy rubbing against it while keeping her immobile. He was going to make her cum like this, and share the taste with her as he took her again. Never enough, he could never get enough of her. -05:31 Sep 04
Jayden: "Coop..! ….stop! …no don’t stop!" Jayden whimpered again between shakey gasps. Twisting her body and finding no respite, but wanting that release so, so bad! How could he get so deep with just his… The fact that she was open and unable to just wrap around him made it that much more intense. When she came she was almost howling a groan. And if anyone were in ear shot it might’ve sounded like she was being tortured! -05:45 Sep 04
Cupio: He grinned and pulled his tongue out, he was soaked in her juice, it seemed Jayder had a lot of it left to give. Still grinning he pushed her legs onto thier side and crawled up to push his lips into hers and push his tongue into her mouth as his hands moved her hips and his tip to rub against her. -05:50 Sep 04
Jayden: She was still giving soft whimpers, even when she lift her head off the bed to return his kiss in kind. She could taste herself when his tongue invaded her mouth, that subtle scent of sex filling her senses and it was completely insane. His rubbing up againt his while she was still twitching, was almost too much! -06:01 Sep 04
[(Timeout) Cupio has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -06:27 Sep 04
[Cupio enters… yes, yes he does.] -06:27 Sep 04
Cupio: He pushed in and bit her lip in the same instant and groaned with the feeling of her around him and still so wet. "I like you wet… but then I loke you all the time." -06:30 Sep 04
Jayden: Oooh hoo… Jayden could feel herself clench around him. And compared to the twisting of his tongue, this was smooth and filling… but no less tormenting! Her head fell back again as she groaned. "I think… I like you fucking me until I see spots..!" -06:37 Sep 04
Cupio: He pushed again. "I like that I can too." his hands and wings moved to grip her, holding her in place as he pushed up against her. "I like a lot of things about you Jay. I don’t think I could leave you if I wanted to." -06:39 Sep 04
Jayden: "Oh gods, don’t say nice stuff right now…!" Jayden was still hovering on the edge. Biting in to her tongue as she sucked in a breath every time he pushed and left her reeling. He had her tied up and pinned to the mattress, yet she still felt like her world was spinning! -06:44 Sep 04
Cupio: The sound of her voice! So full of feeling! It drove thought from his mind and made him push faster. "Keep using that voice and you’ll make me fill you to bursting." he whispered in a hiss as he listed her hips to pushe her down against the matress. -06:49 Sep 04
Jayden: "Cupio…!" She groaned in exasperation. Jayden couldn’t comprehend what voice he wanted, all she knew was that he was driving her mad! She was building all over again, and more her held her still the more she tried to move. Twisting her legs and her hips. Hitching her breath when a thrust caught a tender spot, or murmuring his name between shaking gasps! -06:58 Sep 04
Cupio: He held on firmly and pounded his hips against hers, he was losing himself rapidly and growled. He wanted it to last longer… but… "Come Jayden… I can’t held on…" -07:01 Sep 04
Jayden: Can’t hold on was such an understatement! Almost as if she had been waiting for his permission, she let go. His name slipping out as a sigh when most of her body went slack, aside from the convulsing around him. There were the spots… fuck, she loved those spots…! -07:06 Sep 04
Cupio: He rocked agaisnt her and shook as he released before he let her hips fall to the bed and dropped down next to her his hand immediatly going to the back of her neck as he kissed her and picked one of the knots on the wrist loose. "Damn if I don’t love it when you scream my name." -07:10 Sep 04
Jayden: As soon as her hand was free it was going to his face to stroke against his cheek. The spots were vague and she felt like she had been drinking some wine and just freefell in to bed. The smile she gave him was nothing short of blissfull. "I love it when you make me…" Jayden was pretty sure he said the exact same thing to her last night… -07:13 Sep 04
Cupio: He was grinning against her and sliding his arms around her. "Good because I plan to do it again, and again, and again…" he chuckled nuzzling into her. "And again, and again… I’m yours.. all of me." -07:16 Sep 04
My Demon Roommate

My Demon Roommate 008: Photoshoot

[Cupio has his photoshoot today, and is getting ready to go to it with his -girlfriend- that he still can’t believe he has.] -04:15 Aug 18
[Jayden is hiding the fact she’s in pain with lots of aspirin and maybe a little gangja. It’s not like SHE has job, nobody needs to know!] -04:20 Aug 18
Jayden: Jayden didn’t even want to think about the fact that it only took a day or two for all the cuts, scrapes, bruises, and soreness to mostly go away. Whatever was left over felt more like a hangover crossed with a bad period, and apparently left her with the moodswings to match. She was glad that Cupio was excited about his new little modeling thing… while at the same time she kind of wanted to kill him and every other man in the world. Why was adorable Mcboobs always getting the attention? -04:25 Aug 18
Cupio: He was stepping out of the shower with his hair still slightly wet and all over the place when he saw her, his nostrils flaring as he smelled something and gave her a long, though not disaproving, look. “Are you ready to go?” he asked “I have the directions it shouldn’t take us too long. Thank you for coming with.” -04:29 Aug 18
Jayden: Jayden crossed her arms, tapping her elbows with her fingers as she watched him. Wet haired Cupio was always a very nice image for pouncing… Jayden quickly nodded. “I’m ready, I’m ready. You’re the one being a total chick and taking forever…” she muttered. -04:34 Aug 18
Cupio: He stuck his tongue out at her. “I wanted to give you time to finish, don’t think I couldn’t smell that.” he offered her his hand and a grin. “Next time share, okay?” he could also smell somethign else on her, somethign he couldn’t place but felt like he should be able to. If he didn’t know Jayden he might suspect it was the smell of another demon. -04:38 Aug 18
Jayden: “Oh that…” she mumbled sheepishly. Why she was even embarrassed for a -demon- to find out, she had no idea! “…not that it was for fun, mind you! I just feel a little shitty still.” Jayden took his hand and stepped up close to kiss his cheek. It was just supposed to be a moment of affection, but one deep breath of freshly cleaned Cupio, and she was really regretting him having an appointment. “Do you really -have- to go do that photoshoot? You could always do me, instead.” -04:44 Aug 18
Cupio: He grabbed the back of her neck and kissed her on the lips, a hard lingering contact. “Yes I do, but its not going to take very long then we can come abck here and take another shower, both of us.” he stepped away and pulled her along by her hand. “Also I might need yout to teach me how to drive a car before I try to get us one.” -04:47 Aug 18
Jayden: “There’s not a lot to driving. Probably take fifteen minutes to teach you.” So she was going to have to suffer through who knew how many hours, of Mcboobs having her photo taken. Jayden almost sullenly lagged behind him. “What kind of photoshoot is it, anyway?” -04:51 Aug 18
Cupio: “Its just a demo shoot with differnt clothes, no underwear shots don’t worry. They said they’ll provide all of them and makup people too. All you have to do is meet the guy and see how much money you can get from him. None of these pictures will end up in the magazine they’ll just be handed over to the editor to see if he wants to use me.” he exited the door and waited for her to lock it before setting off. “Do you want me to carry you, it will be faster.” -04:55 Aug 18
Jayden: “I guess faster is better. I want it over and done!” Jayden locked the door. She had no idea why she was even being so pissy about it. Even just at the words ‘use me’ she was bristling and ready to lock Cupio up in her apartment and never let him out again. Sure, she was a little over-protective of McBoobs, but this was a different feeling altogether. -04:58 Aug 18
Cupio: He stooped to allow her to get on his back then once she was on was walking down the corridor. “I’ not fure if this is allowed but I want to try it.” he was grinning almost ear to ear as he passed right by the starcase and headed for the fire escape. “You’re not scared of heights are you?” -05:02 Aug 18
Jayden: Jayden was STILL frowning, even when she was nuzzling his ear. “Afraid of heights? Naw… I don’t think so anyway. Just don’t do anything that’s going to make me throw up.” -05:03 Aug 18
Cupio: He pushed open the window at the end of the corridor and stepped out into the fire escape and started heading upwards. “I’ll try not to but we’ll see.” he liked carrying her like this and he liked flying so this should be fun. He hadn’t flown since ariving here and he suspected it was against the rules, but demons and rules… what you going to do? -05:06 Aug 18
Jayden: She took a look down, and her arms tightened around his neck. She hadn’t ever been afraid of heights, but she sure as hell didn’t like the idea of getting dropped either. “Okay then, make me barf if you dare. It just means skipping the photoshoot and staying at home in the shower all day!” -05:08 Aug 18
Cupio: “You’d make me go alone?” he asked takign a nip at ehr arm and then getting tothe top floor and looking down, there should be enough space here. “Carful…” his wings erupted from his shoulders and spread out. “Holding tight?” -05:10 Aug 18
Jayden: “Nope. I’d make you stay with me.” Jayden eyed his wings with interest. She hadn’t ever seen him use them before. ….besides for sex! This ought to be interesting. She made sure her grip was solid before she was nodding and mumbling in his ear again. “I’m ready.” -05:16 Aug 18
Cupio: The pushed himself up until he was bamanced ont he rail, then tilled forwasrds catching himself with his wing in a long downstroe his tail coming out for balance.. and he’d need a new pair of pants, he should have planned for that, but it was too lake now he had three coty blovks to fly, not very far but it was still fun. “I miss doing this.” -05:20 Aug 18
Jayden: Christ! It was a little unnerving to be on someone’s back and not secured with seatbelts or something! Still… once the initial shock was over, this wasn’t too bad at all. She even slackened her grip a bit so she wouldn’t flat out strangle him. “So why haven’t you been flying around to places? It’s not like demons don’t do it all the time.” -05:26 Aug 18
Cupio: “We don’t not in your world. There are rules.” he said. “They told me all the rules when I got my papers filed and my ID card. There are a lot.” he wuld look at her but he was soaring int he thermal upcraft of the city and feadign down the street withough having to flap. “Its about not letting humans be able to tell demons from humans and how many of us there are so you don’t get shocked. I suspect there more peperwork to do if I’m going to be a demon for photoshoots but they said they’d take care of that.” -05:30 Aug 18
Jayden: “Basically, just a bunch of political bullshit, then!” Okay, maybe she could see where letting the entire population know just how many demons there were out there might be a bad idea… but on the otherhand, it was all still pretty stupid. “I bet there will be paperwork. Are you sure those people are trustworthy and not trying to take advantage of Mcboobs? Photographers and Film Directors are particularly sleazy…” -05:33 Aug 18
Cupio: He chuckled and shook his head at her nickname for his other form. “They have other demons, or so they said and I made it very clear I wasn’t going to he humping the boss. I have a girlfriend, and human girlfriend who isn’t afraid to use a bat.” -05:36 Aug 18
Jayden: “I’m not afraid to use a gun, either, just to be clear.” And if he didn’t quit snickering about it, she might use the gun on him too. “But good. I’ll make sure to reiterate the fact while I’m there bullying them about your contract too!” -05:40 Aug 18
Cupio: “You know I like it when you get fiesty.” he said bringing them lower and landing a short was in front of a startled taxi driver stopping to pick up passengers. “Here we are, the photography studio…” he didn’t wait for her to get off and just carried ehr through the door to the reciption desk. “Cupio and manager… I’m Cupio.” -05:44 Aug 18
Jayden: Jayden would so show him fiesty in a minute. Now if they weren’t in public with a confused and crossed looking secretary staring at them and typing away at her computer. “Second floor. They are already waiting for you.” -05:47 Aug 18
Cupio: “Thank you.” still with Jayden on his back he headed for the elevator and pressed the call button and waited for the door. “So you’re going to meet the guy I’m workign for and intimidate him into treatign me with respect whil I get changed?” -05:51 Aug 18
Jayden: “That’s why I’m wearing the power suit, Coop. Our new mobster friends said it makes all the difference for intimidation.” Of course, so did packing a gun. But she wasn’t able to get her hands on one of those yet. Next time. Jayden was nuzzling his neck now. Why the hell did he smell so good? What a shitty day for an appointment! -05:53 Aug 18
Cupio: He stepped into the metal box when the doors opened and then stooped again. “As nice and distracting as that is being carried in is not the best for intimidation.” -05:57 Aug 18
Jayden: Jayden let out an annoyed breath. “I guess not.” Huffing again, she slid off his back and took the time to straighten her clothes. Then it was back to arms being crossed and looking a mix between bored and angry. There was still nothing for her to be angry about, she was just stuck with that mood. So much for the ganja calming her down! “I guess you better get Mcboobs on too.” -06:00 Aug 18
[Cupio enters.] -06:18 Aug 18
Cupio: “Why do you call me that?” he asked just before changing and suddenly being in very ill fitting clothes and tying the shirt to bare some midrift and stop it hanging down to past his croth and just abbandoned the torn pants completely standign there in short boxers. Then he circled his arms around one of thens and rested his cheek against her shouler. “You smell good.” -06:22 Aug 18
Jayden: “Because you’re pretty much nothing but a walking stick with boobs like this.” It was so annoying how the shift seemed to change her entire response to him like some sort of switch being flipped. Jayden wondered if it was some weird demon thing, or if it was just her personally that was doing it. Either way, when the elevator doors opened, she was stepping out with a short girl on her arm and probably looking like she’d stab the first person to eyeball her girlfriend. “Who exactly are we meeting?” -06:26 Aug 18
[(Timeout) Cupio was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -06:30 Aug 18
Cupio: He couldn’t help but smile with excitement even though her words made him wonder if she really though he was unatractive. “He said studio 2, on the right. There it is.” he was pulling her by her captive arm and still keeping his cheek against her shoulder to get more of her smell. “You didnt use a new soap did you? I’m serious thre is something to your skin today than makes me wish we had stayed at hime in the shower.” -06:30 Aug 18
Jayden: It was the first smile Jayden had cracked all morning. She took the opportunity to lean and whisper in his ear. “You should have. Because nibbling you chin to tail would be so much more fun than taking pictures.” -06:34 Aug 18
Cupio: That actually make him tingle. “Fuck you for saying that. Now thats going to be on my mind and… hmmm…” he paused and slipped behind her to push her hair aside and flick his togue agaist the side of her neck. “Now how would it look if I had to drag you in there. You first, then we can get this over with and I can fuck you for saying that.” -06:37 Aug 18
Jayden: “You’re awfully short like this. I think it might be fucking you instead. All too easy to bend you over my lap and-” Jayden cut off deliberately, she was the first one walking through the door after all. And now she was smirking wide, as if she had this entire thing under control the whole time. “Where is the boss of this little operation.” she announced. “No one is using my Cupio until terms are set.” -06:44 Aug 18
Cupio: And so he followed her through and stood next to her practically brimming with excitlment, enough for his tail to swish from side to side and to bite his lip. And frankly the though of Jayden taking charge sounded delectable and he eyed her with a predatory gaze for a little too long in front of everyone. Take charge Jayden was sexy. -06:47 Aug 18

Tehre were several people there, a photographer, a director, a custume artic who didn’t seem happy seeing what the new demonette model came in wearing. “I am honey.” the man was overwieght, that was for sure, not obese but definatly hanging our and but he wore a clean suit and expensive watch adn it was clear the suit was cut to fit adn his haircut couldn’t have been cheet either adn not the typical thing comeone in thier mid 40s would have. “So you’re the manager Cupio told me about, or [i]girlfriend[/i] as she put it, and you must be Cupio nice to meet you in person. Sandra over there will sort you out with wardrobe… Now Jayden, was it? Do you want to look over our standard contract?” -Cupio

Jayden: “You can call me Ms. Green.” Jayden already wanted to kick this guy in the balls. Luckily, no one there could tell she was totally bullshitting through her teeth this whole business manager thing! Reluctantly she was unhooking Cupio Mcboob’s arm from hers. The faster this was over, the better! “I do, as a matter of fact. All shoots need to be approved by me first. As for payment… Hmm. That’ll depend on the work required.” -07:02 Aug 18

Cupio jumped up to kiss Jay’s cheek an bounce off towards the wardrobes still as excited as ever, practically skipping away as the man grinned at the display. “Today is just a strait shoot, your girl puts on the clothes picked out in the orcer picked out, we have a few props, backdrop. Just to test her out, I’ve worked with demons before sometimes they can get tempramental. We might have her pose with one of them later. You have no idea how well demon on demon sells right now. Though for today being a demo shoot, there is no payment.” -Cupio

Jayden: Demon on demon. She was getting all sorts of touchy about phrasing today. Despite Coop’s bounciness, Jayden looked just as scowly as ever. “If there won’t be payment today, then I want a copy of all photos taken to add to her portfolio. She doesn’t work for nothing, demo or not.” If he thought demons were tempermental… -07:10 Aug 18

He shook his head. “Everythign we shoot today is property of my company, it all in the waver you’ll sign. If you want portfolio shots I know a cheep photographer, hes right over there. I run a tight business and even if your girlfriend is as cute as hell.” he grinned at his own pun. “You should read the contract before you make adendums, unless I get soem alone tiem with her, or you, I guess you’ll do.” -Cupio

Jayden: She grit her teeth. Cupio was excited about this job… she couldn’t punch him in the face. “Then you’re going to make an exception today. I will get copies of the photos.” She was snatching that contract to give it a quick look over. Pulling a pen out of her jacket pocket. One she was currently imagining stabbing him in the eye with. “By the way, if you even so much as breathe on her, I’ll be digging your lungs out of your chest to give her as a present.” Jayden didn’t even look up from the contract as she spoke, she was busy crossing off items and circling important things. -07:20 Aug 18

he didn’t brak his grin. “I’m not one of thoes niave enough to believe demon eat human meat.” he said “I’ll let you pick out ten pictures, if you sign and exclutivity clause sayign you’ll never sell them to other publications.” he was eying her differntly now. “You know I’ve never seen one that acts so happy to be bound.” his voice almosy has a tome of profesional respect. Almost. -Cupio

Jayden: “I don’t think you understand. We don’t need this job, she wants to take pretty pictures. So I let her take pretty pictures under my conditions or I can take her to another gallery who would be happy to fullfill my simple little requirements in order to have a very flexible demon subject.” Jayden handed him the ‘corrected’ contract right back. Now she was smiling herself, a rather sardonic look! “I will, of course, be happy to sign an exclusivity contract and not work with anyone else, provided she’s treated to my specifications.” -07:31 Aug 18

He read over the contract and then crumpled it up. “Do you think I’m an idiot?” he asked “I’m not going to be able to scedule a shoot with those requirments. I run a business and I need to know you’ll have her show up when I need to and be able to shoot what I need to with her.” he reached into his jacket and pulled out another contract, a more generous one he kept in case the first one was refused. “Agree to this and I’ll make sure she doesn’t do anything [i]she[/i] doesn’t want to.” -Cupio

Jayden: Jayden kind of liked this! Being bossy and in charge. She never really cared about amition or power before, but getting this guy all riled up was entertaining. Jayden took the new contract and looked it over. It was a lot better than the first. Not ideal, but better. “I can work with this. As long as I get a copy of all pictures, she can be available when ever she’s needed for a public shoot. I’ll even waver having final say over what gets published if I get to be present for any shoots she wants my company in.” -07:43 Aug 18

“He looked at her. “Fine, I’ll get that added into the contract, we’ll sign once this shoot is done. But if any of those pictures get published by a rival I’ll sue you to hard you won’t be able to affors the tissues to dry your eyes and I’ll unbing your friend, that soon to be illegal you know.” -Cupio

Jayden: “Then it’s a good thing she’s my girlfriend and not bound to me, then, huh?” Jayden’s grin was awfully smug. “Don’t worry, I have no intentions of selling the pictures. Were it up to me, she would be in my bed, not taking photos for the world to see.” That really just reminded her how much she hated this whole photoshoot thing to begin with, despite how amusing ‘negotiating’ was. Cupio better appreciate this! -07:51 Aug 18

He gave her a sceptical look but apreciated the mental image of a half demon lesbian couple in bed. I’ll get the revised contract drawn up, wardrobes are though there if you want to talk to your [i]girlfriend[/i].” he moved off and headed for an office, he would get his little revenge when the other demon got here. -Cupio

Jayden: “Uh hmm.” Jayden definitely wanted a gun. Then again, it was probably better she didn’t have one. She moved off to wardrobe to check on Cupio. Arms crossed again and feeling just as annoyed as ever. To top it off, she was starving! Thoughts of taking a bite out of that guy actually sounded appetizing. -07:59 Aug 18
Cupio: Cupio was having his hair trimmed into shape and brushed to frame his face, they apparently thought the color was good as it was since they left it as is. He was reating a courset that really made the nicname Mcboobs more apropriate than usual that ended with a small skirt at the bottom. Cupio was unsure about it though especially since the top was breatening to either burst or he was going to have to push his chest back in again. “Jay!” he called out making the makeup artics click his tongue. “How did it go?” -08:04 Aug 18
Jayden: “A second ago I was thinking about eating him, but I think he’s reluctantly agreed to my demands.” Her hands uncrossed to rest on her hips, there was that scowl again. Why did McBoobs Cupio have to be so -cute-? There was no way Jayden could pull off a look like that! “You’re barely dressed. Is that thing even comfortable?” -08:07 Aug 18
Cupio: “Not really, its tight and they had to put on poweder so it wouldn’t rub on the skin too much. I could make it more comfortable but they said I shouldn’t. They said I’b be wearing a costume next.” -08:10 Aug 18
Jayden: “If something isn’t comfortable, you shouldn’t have to wear it. You can tell them no when you want to. It’s going to be in your contract.” That, and she’d beat the hell out of them. but Jayden was trying to get that sudden need for violence under control again. Clearly she had been hanging around a demon far too long. “I can’t wait until we are home and alone.” she was even eyeing the makeup artist. Even he would want to steal Coop from her. Coop was the best of both worlds. -08:14 Aug 18
Cupio: “I want to see how the pictures come out and how I look.” he said before having his head turned and hair sprayed. “Why are you looking so mad? We’ll get home soon enough and I’ll have a gurprise or two waiting for you.” -08:18 Aug 18
Jayden: “Because I don’t like to share, for one. People are going to be touching you and taking pictures of you and I just have to stand around and watch.” Nothing beat honesty, there was no reason to lie or pretend about it. “And second, you look like a sleezeball’s dream girl. All it takes is one asshole trying to paw at you. Hrrm. Maybe I should have brought some of the guys from the club…” Bodyguards. That might help. -08:21 Aug 18
Cupio: Hes stood and walked over to her making the makeup artist sigh and call the job done. “Remember what happened to the last juy who tried?” he asked “And if you worry all the sime you’ll tire yourself out with stress, your recond is three, I want to break that some day.” “When you’re finished there the crew is ready.” -08:24 Aug 18
[Jayden enters.] -08:26 Aug 18
Jayden: “I don’t care what happened to the last guy, I don’t want anyone even -thinking- about touching you.” He didn’t really grasp the extent of this rage-issue she seemed to have. Then again, she really didn’t get it either. Jayden leaned forward without touching him, to mumble in his ear and not mess up his pretty hair or makeup. “Then lets get this done fast, Coop. I’d rather spend the rest of the day getting fucked unconcious than standing around wishing I could rip your clothes off.” -08:33 Aug 18
Cupio: He grinned wide and let a hand slide over Jayden’t cheek. “Well then lets get started.” he moved throught back into the studio and wens to sit where the photographer indicated, in a crypt set on a sarcophagus, and then draped himself over the stone top, beign handed a plastic skull and looking down at it contemplativly. “Is this normal for shoots?” -08:39 Aug 18
Jayden: Jayden stayed out of the way, letting the crew do what they would. She just kept an eye on things. “Photoshoots always have weird themes and settings they’re going for. Stuff gets paired with holidays, or topics in magazines and stuff like that. I guess they are going for the whole… grimdark demon thing.” Aside from the fact he looked like a trashy goth slut. Jayden was frowning again. -08:46 Aug 18
Cupio: He sat in cross-legged ont he ston and rested the skull in his lap. “I never though they had themes, that actually cool, and stop frowning you’ll make me pout…” and he did, and the camera got it. -08:48 Aug 18
[(Timeout) Jayden doesn’t post enough.] -08:56 Aug 18
Jayden: Her hands were resting on her hips again, and she cast him that raised eyebrow look. “Don’t think for a second that pouting is going to work on me. If I want to stand here glaring like a jealous boyfriend, and threatening to kill people, I’m gonna do it.” She even made a point of squinting at one of the lighting crew. This was taking forever. “Bah… lean forward like this.” Jayden finally mumbled and tilted forward as an example. The photographer was going to want the ‘perfect shots’, might as well help and get it done faster. -08:56 Aug 18
Cupio: He did lean forwards and squeesed knowign what Jayden was getting at, then looked at the camera at an angle and tried a her expressions. The was told to lie plat on the top like sleeping beauty. -08:58 Aug 18
Jayden: Those mcboobs were gonna pop out of that thing if they weren’t careful. Jayden had the brief thought of tossing her jacket over him and carrying him out. She wasn’t exactly strong, but she had enough leverage to sling a girl over her shoulder. “What IS the theme of this shoot anyway?” -09:01 Aug 18

“Alright next costume, our other is here, so is the revised contract.” he made a beeline for Jayden and handed it to her and cupio ogt up and heaved back towards the changing room. “While your dove is changing, you may as well meet Dragus.” Dragus it turned otu was a demon, a tall demon who looked like he would ahve to duck to get through doorwards and had deep deep skin all over his body. He had no wings but two lines of horns ran down from his forehead all the way back to the base of his skull. “Dragus you head to your wardrobe, alright people hospital set lets go.” -Cupio

Jayden: Jayden actually had to lean backwards just to get a view of this ‘Dragus’. She even mouthed the word whoa, watching him head off to wardrobe as she took the new contract in hand. She liked her Cupio better. Even little McBoobs. ….who could probably be snatched up and squished by someone like Dragus. Jayden was scowling all over again as she looked down at the new contract. “Hospital set, huh…” she muttered. -09:07 Aug 18

There is no real theme today, then a could of sets, one alone which is what we just did and one with another model, that you just met.” It seemed Dragus didn’t need makup, he just came otu wearing a white labcoat big enough to make a tent out of. He also didn’t seem to speak much. “Its got the clauses added so you don’t need to worry. and since I like your little girl so much I even added a hundred bucks on for today.” -Cupio

Jayden: “Aren’t we lucky.” she grumbled under her breath. Jayden was eyeing that demon warily, waiting on Coop. This was another new feeling. It was one thing having a bunch of regular people around, but now there was a demon. She felt…. threatened? Like her territory was being encroached on! It was insane, and she was fully aware of it being insane. Gritting her teeth, she went ahead and signed the paperwork. Cupio wanted this, she would have to deal. -09:16 Aug 18
Cupio: “Dragus?” it was cupio’s voice and it sounded surprised. He was in a nurse’s outfit with hsi hair in a bun and wearing glasses and the first thing he did was go up to the large demon and take his huge hand in both of his. “I havn’t seen you since… hell.” the large demon looked down at Cupio and cracked a smile. “Didn’t expectto see you here either, it was been a while.” -09:20 Aug 18
[Jayden enters.] -09:21 Aug 18
Jayden: Jayden handed the contract over to the jerk. Which was more like thrusting it at him than handing it. Then her hands were on her hips again, tapping slowly. If an expression could kill, that demon should have been bursting in to flames by now. But he wasn’t and Jayden was stalking forward like a cat getting ready to pounce. “Cuuuupio. So you have met before?” -09:23 Aug 18
Cupio: Cupio looked at Jayden letting go of the demon’s hand who want to sit on the ward bed in the set. “A long time ago before I was summoned, maybe.. eighty years. Hes great, its always good to see familair faces.” [color=yellow]”Alright Nurse Cupio, you need to go and sit in Doctor Dragus’ lap.” Cupio gave Jayden a goncerned look then went and complied. “Poses people.” Copio went to a lookign at the camera over his glasses quile holding the stem look for the first set of pictures but was then grabbed by the demon she was sitting on with one arm around him and the other pullign her hat off and and hail loose, the look of suprise the camera snappign away madly caught was all too real. -09:30 Aug 18
[Jayden enters.] -09:30 Aug 18
Jayden: Ooh. That was like hitting a blackout button. There was only two thoughts left in her head at the moment. One was setting the whole place on fire, the other was seeing how much blood that demon could spell all over the floor. Jayden was standing so still, the only part of her that moved was the single single that lifted to point. “I don’t like him touching Cupio.” Her voice was soft and she was trying not to growl. That was her only warning. -09:36 Aug 18
Cupio: “Alright, thats enough, next pose.” the man was grinning seeing Jayben get so wolked up but he couldn’t smell what cupio could, or what Dragus could. Cupio slid off of his lap and stopped when a hugs and caught his arm and turned. Dragus lifted cupio to stand on the bed so that thier head were just about level. “You… how?” “I don’t know…” they were having a whispered argument all of a sudden. “Its not meant to be possible… I’ll make sure.” he pulled off his heels and hopped off of the bed and started walking wowards Jayden his sace set but was intercepted by the director. “Shoots not over, get back into place.” -09:44 Aug 18
[(Timeout) Jayden doesn’t post enough.] -09:50 Aug 18
Jayden: Without a word Jayden turned to walk away while Cupio was speaking with the demon. She stepped just outside of the room. When she returned, she had a fire extinguisher in her hands and the director was getting in Cupio’s way and telling him to get back in place. No. That is not what Jayden wanted. It took two seconds to cross the room, and there was the loud THONG when she cracked the man over the back of the head with it. He dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes. And for a second, it looked like she was going to make sure her was dead when she rose the thing over her head and was preparing to hit him again with it! -09:50 Aug 18
Cupio: Cupio wasn’t playing around either. He grabbed Jayden’s arm tught and pulled her away from he director. “We’re going home. NOW.” he said pulling her out of the room not bothering to change. “And then you’re going to get all the sex you could ever dream of.” -09:53 Aug 18
[Jayden wants to go back and rip a demon’s horns off.] -04:36 Aug 28
[Cupio is barefoot, with ruffled hair and in what ismeant to be a sexy nurses outfit. But His Jayden desurved a good fucking.] -04:38 Aug 28
Jayden: "I wasn’t done!" Jayden was practically snarling by now, and fuck if she knew why she was so mad. Aside from the fact she hated people touching on her tiny McBoobs, especially giant horny horned demons. "I wasn’t actually going to kill anyone." …maybe. -04:41 Aug 28
Cupio: Cupio was grinning and his tail was swishing madly like a cat’s as he put one hand on each of Jayden’s shoulders and jumoed onto her back to nuzzle her neck as they neared home. "I don’t want you to think about them right now. I want you to think about me. She was practically cooing already smelling Jayden’t scent and how different it was, and then licking the back of her neck. -04:43 Aug 28
Jayden: That caught Jayden a little off guard. Grumbling as she tilted forward to compensate for the extra weight on her back, and stiffening a bit at the licking. That would have been a lot nicer of Jayden wasn’t pissy and feeling a smidgen on the murderous side! "I AM thinking about you! You and some massively HUGE demon with dicks and boobs everywhere!" An exageration, but knowing the few things about demons that she did, Jayden wouldn’t at all be surprised. -04:47 Aug 28
Cupio: Claws were run down the side of her neck and then she was sniffed. "I’m thinkign about me too, me, and you." he nipped the back of her earlobe and then closed hsi arms aroung her neck and shoulders. "My Jayden, who I would choose over any demon, and who smells better than them all. -04:51 Aug 28
Jayden: "You’re not going to sweet talk me out of going back there and sawing that demon’s horns off. I bet they’d make great beer mugs." If he didn’t have the mcboobs right now, she might have been a little swayed. Like this, though…. Jayden had the idea of tying him up and leaving him in bed. Yes! In fact, that was exactly what she was going to do! Mcboobs was never leaving the house again! -04:57 Aug 28
Cupio: That actually shocked him. "You know threatening to take a demon’s horns is just about the worst things you can do, and actually doing it would shame them forever." he couldn’t leave her neck alone if seemed. "You know you should have told me, Should have… Mmmm I’m going to… Do you want to be able to walk tomorow?" -05:01 Aug 28
Jayden: "I can’t take care of you if I can’t walk. And GOOD. I’m glad you think that’s the worst I’m gonna do to him, cause it’s going to make everything else I do a fun surprise!" Boy, Jayden was checking off a whole list of things. Just needed a gun, some chains, maybe some cacti… Jayden had to hold Mcboob’s legs just to make it up the small hill to her door. "Scratch that. Neither of us are leaving the house tomorrow." -05:06 Aug 28
Cupio: Cupio was grinning madly at that and nuzzling into her neck like it was the only think in the world. "Then we get to fuck as much as we want tonight." they were barel in the door and he was reacing down to grab her boob without getting off her back. "I don’t think I’m getting any sleep tonight." -05:08 Aug 28
Jayden: "You’re going to be too busy being tied up for any of that." It was a really weird thing to have a woman groping at her, but only because sexing him was the last thing on her mind at the moment! Cupio was hers and Jayden was going to make sure he stayed that way. The door was kicked clothes and Jayden was stomping off to the bedroom. At least the good thing about Mcboobs was that it took no effort at all to suddenly throw her body weight and flip Cupio over her head in to bed. Now what she needed… Jayden looked around in her bedside dresser for something useful. How do you tie up a demon? -05:15 Aug 28
Cupio: Jayder was being so… fun! Cupio rolled on the bed and scrambled to his feet to jump at her in order to kiss her. "Yes tie me up, I always knew you’d like that." so a horny demon couldn’t catch that she was not talking about sex. That shouldn’t come as a surprise. -05:18 Aug 28
Jayden: Jayden dodged the kiss and the bouncy demon! Scowling even as she shoved the Mcboobs back on the bed and resumed her search. "It’s not for sex! I’m gonna make sure you never leave the house and get groped by someone other than me EVER again!" -05:25 Aug 28
Cupio: There was the predatry look in his eyes. "Jayden jealous a demon I didn’t even sleep with?" she was being silly and yet it was strangly attractive. He stood and moved slower this time taking hold of her arm. "Come on jayden you knoe I’m all yours, and this time could be better spent consumating that…" -05:27 Aug 28
Jayden: "Didn’t sleep with but COULD sleep with, whether you liked it or not!" Damnit. Could he not sit still for a few minutes so she could do this. Jayden was pulling his hand off her and pushing him back on the bed. Mcboobs was easy to shove around. …and this was exactly why she was pissed off! "Stay there! I have some zip ties in my closet!" -05:33 Aug 28
Cupio: "I could have killed him you know, just like that mob man." he sat and watched her. "Why do you think then just because I look like this I’m suddenly a delicate flower that need thelter when all I want to do if fuck my girlfriend. So you’re going to stop look for zip ties and you’re going to get naked." -05:36 Aug 28
Jayden: "I don’t think you understand the monumental difference of auras you put out from guy form to chick form!" Jayden paused long enough to gesture at him in frustration! "Like this I want to protect you and take care of you and pet you! You’re small and cute and snatchable. And mine. Yet every asshole with a dick is trying to grab you! Have you any idea how much that drives me insane?!" -05:41 Aug 28
Cupio: He stood and just started unbuttoning his top to pull it open. "You need to calm down Jayden." he took her hand and held it in his pulling it up to put on his cheep, then her other to put on his chest and then he put both is his on her sides. "I’m yours, and nothing will change that, especially not now." his eyes drifted down to her stomach then back up to her face. "If doesn’t matter what I look like, I can still kick ass and I can still fuck you senseless." -05:47 Aug 28
Jayden: Jayden snatched her hands back, holding them up over her head. Nobody fucked mcboobs and that included her! At least… right this second, when she was seethingly mad and he wasn’t getting that she was in kill-mode, not sex-mode! "I am not going to calm down! You are not going to fuck me! I am going to tie you to bed, go back to that shoot and pre-emptively kill anyone that looks like they’re going to touch you. THEN I -might- let you leave this house." -05:51 Aug 28
Cupio: "No, you’re not." that was meant to sound firm but even Cupio didn’t think it did. "I don’t want you going to prison, or getting into trouble because of me." there was poutiness, she said she didn’t want to fuck and was ignoring everything he threw at her so it was time to show her that Cupio, mcboobs or not was not helpless. Jayden could for five him later. He pulled his arms around her tighter and suddenly his wings were a lot bigger. The pushed against the air and then the wall knocking a side table over as he pulled her with him landing on his back on the bed and clamping his arms around her and grabbing the hair at the back of Jayden’s head to pull her into a kiss. "You’re not going naywhere tonigh and no one else is allowed to touch me but you. Anyone tries you’re more than welcome to kill them if I don’t first. -06:05 Aug 28
Jayden: There was a loud growling huff from Jayden. If that whole grabby display of demon strength was supposed to prove something, his pouty-face was ruining the entire effect. So Jayden was trying to push herself back up on her hands, leaning only long enough to kiss his forehead. "That’s cute. You’re adorable even, Coop. Too adorable. How about I promise not to murder or get caught? I’m sure a few thugs from the club can give me a hand…" -06:13 Aug 28
Cupio: He clung to her. "You’re not going anywhere." he insisted. "I want my Jayden to stay right here with me and…" dammit! He was slipping out from under her to right the table and then turning. "You’re not going anywhere, and I mean anywhere, without me." -06:16 Aug 28
Jayden: Jayden sat up and ran her hand through her hair. Even casting angry little Mcboobs a smirk. "Well I could drag your around tied up. You’re not that heavy. Hmm…" That was a good idea! Who was to say demons wouldn’t show up here to the apartment trying to snatch him? Better with her than alone! -06:33 Aug 28
Cupio: He moved back onto the bed to sit in her lap and put an arm around her. Humans really got weird when it came to stuff like this. "You’re not dragging me through the streets tied up Jayden. I’d rather just change into a form that would leave you in no doubt that I can look after myself. Now are you going to fuck me or am I going to get changed and drag you back to that club and fuck you there? Oh and if ts the latter I’ll be going like this." -06:40 Aug 28
Jayden: "You’re driving me insane." Which was another really good reason that Jayden didn’t do girls! Such high maintenance! There was only room for one girl! She was reluctantly wrapping her arms around him, though and resting her chin on his shoulder. "You’re not going to a club like this. We’ll stay here and I won’t go terrorizing the streets. Does that make you feel better?" -06:47 Aug 28
Cupio: "Much." he was grinning and giving her a kiss as her reward and then went to stroke the side of her neck with his claws. "Though tell me Jay…" he didn’t want to have to ask this but the way she acted… "Do you find this attractive, or are you just embarresed to be out with this form?" -06:50 Aug 28
Jayden: She eyed him with a look of dubious surprise. "Do you really think I am embarrassed with you as a woman? It’s not the boobs that bothers me, Coop. I’ve told you that a million times now." -06:52 Aug 28
Cupio: "But you act like you don’t even find me attractive. I want you to like me for what I am, both forms." he was moving to place his hands on her shoulders and push her down. "I want you to like all of me." -06:55 Aug 28
Jayden: Jayden plopped on her back if only because she was exasperated! "I DO like you like this! Why do you think I am so damned pissed off when everyone keeps putting a hand on you? It’s just… like, hum…. pure insane jealousy in every way shape and form. About everything."" -06:58 Aug 28
Cupio: Now he was on top and looking down at her a hand playing with the top button his her shirt and then pulling it open. "Do humans feel that a lot? Would you feel it if a woman hit on the other me?" he was rubbing the exposed skin lightlyletting his claws slip under her shirt. "Would you put your hands on me?" -07:01 Aug 28
Jayden: As ever so slightly awkward as it was having a girl on top of her, it was also a comfortable feeling. Not the electrically charged thing she seemed to get while he was a man, but it was a nice fuzzy feeling. Though it might’ve just been cause she was still pissy, and thought his whole female insecurity thing was amusing. Jayden lift a hand to brush her knuckles over his collarbone. "I would punch the shit out of a woman hitting on man-you too, yes. Jealousy in humans is pretty normal, yes. My jealous about Mcboobs is.. hrrrm… I don’t know. I think it’s just you." -07:05 Aug 28
Cupio: She hadn’t answered his last question. But he didn’t re-ask, inteas he put his ear to her shest to listen to her heart as he kept rubbing then he looked up at her and moved to kiss hew chin. "I don’t think I’ve felt jealous but it do know I want you all to myself and anyone putting a hand on my Jay would loose that hand, and them a lot more." he pricked her skin with his claws just to make his point, then straddles her stomach to let hsi hair trail along her face and he leaned down to kiss her. "How did you manage to ensnare the feelings of a demon?" -07:15 Aug 28
Jayden: Her breath hitched at the pricking, and she frowned just a bit. Jayden really doubted he knew what jealously felt like for real, or he wouldn’t be such a pain about it now. And she couldn’t pitch a temper tantrum and have a fit about it when he was being such a chick! Jayden took his face in to her hands instead, returning the kiss with a soft one of her own. The scowl was still there. "I don’t know. I’m lucky, maybe? Or maybe because you’re weird and the only one that likes a Jayden instead of everyone else’s prefferences for a Mcboobs." Okay, maybe she couldn’t stop herself from bitching about that too. -07:23 Aug 28
Cupio: "Theres different types of people right? So I get the creeps and you get the demons with a strange liking for.. whatever it is you have." he ran his claws down the side of her neck and then kissed her again. "I should be jealous of you for beign so lucky but I find it hard to be when I have you instead." -07:25 Aug 28
Jayden: Jayden sighed. At some point her anger had dissipated. How did he even do that? He had weird girl wiles. Jayden ran her hands up his arms, that slight frown on her face again. "What IS it that I have? I know what you have… sticky-factor." -07:40 Aug 28
Cupio: "You have great looks, great smell, great touch. But if it were only that I would ahve unbound myself and left. You make me feel warm and content, and make me want to sigh." he kissed her again. "And I would stay with you even if it wasn’t for…" he nipped her lip. "Its not every mortal that can take a demon, and not every human that can make one feel. You’re kind, you look out for me… What don’t you have?" -07:45 Aug 28
Jayden: "Hmm. Repeat all of that again later when you’re a man so I get the sexy voice with it." Jayden was pacified, though. Enough to circle her arms around him to the point of squeezing and nuzzling against his cheek. He was too soft! But he did smell good, and it really didn’t matter if he were man or woman, she wanted to be close to him. -08:11 Aug 28
Cupio: He ran his hand though her hair nad nuzzles her back his other hand still caressing the side of her neck. :I will Jay." he promised, though right now he just wanted to be close to her and deal with the serious cae of the hornies he was still having. He moved his hips to rest on hers and caught her lips int a kiss that he deepened as he pushed hard. Why did she make him feel like this, she had even without the smell of demon on her. -08:15 Aug 28
Jayden: This was like making out with her best friend! She hadn’t did that since high school! Stupid Mcboobs… Jayden nipped at his mouth, running her hands down his back to grip his behind. There was a small debate on whether or not she’d roll him over and escape for a shower… or if she’d rather just stay like this! This wasn’t terrible! -08:24 Aug 28
Cupio: His butt tensed as she grabbed it, well not Jayden was getting into the swing of things. He nipped hand and then flicked his tongue against her lip his hand moving from her neck to her boob just lightly brushing over it. This was getting good, it seemes she did like this form after all. -08:27 Aug 28
Jayden: "Are you trying to seduce me, Coop? Pretty sure I said I was too mad for the fucking…" Too mad before, but now bitey mcboobs had Jayden wanting to pin him to the bed and show him how you really fuck a woman. She wasn’t sure she had the energy for that right now! She did slide her hand back up his back until she was gripping the back of his neck and digging her hands in to his overly red hair. -08:32 Aug 28
Cupio: "Maybe…" he said grinning against her lips before kissing her again. "I have a big problem with your smell turning me on and you being estrememly sexy when you’re riled." he moved his hand to masahe her scalp behind her ear and sighed. "No matter what form I’m in I like it when you toutch my hair Jay." -08:35 Aug 28
Jayden: "Me being angry is not fun, and one of these days I’mma direct it at you and you’re going to be stuck as cute little Mcboobs, and not gonna be able to defend yourself." Jayden was pretty much just bullshitting now. He had her resting her eyes closed, even as she was stroking a hand through his hair and rubbing the back of his neck. Affection was that other thing she always got with Mcboobs! She nuzzled his cheek before grinning against it and giving a slow liiiick. -08:45 Aug 28
Cupio: The licks cut of any reply and replaced it with a low laugh and him leaning closer his hand wondering down to pull at her shirt again, then undo the next button. He likes Jayden being like this. "And I’m sure I’ll love every minute of it Jay, because it will be you. And You;re the one being I’d let do anything to me." -08:49 Aug 28
Jayden: "Anything? Cause the things I think up aren’t always so nice." Leaning up just a bit, she was nibbling on his ear and running her tongue against that too. Her hands dropped from his hair to run up his legs and steal underneath that stupid nurse’s skirt her was wearing along his thighs. "You should take off this silly outfit." -08:56 Aug 28
Cupio: "Anything." he said letting her explore before he sat up and moved off of her to push the outfit from his soulder and look at her though and he wanted her to take it off of him and wondeered if it showed on his face as he looked at her biting his lip. "And what would you do to me if I really was completely helpless and at your mercy?" -09:01 Aug 28
Jayden: Maybe she was wrong. Even with Mcboobs, there was still that impatience to get her hands on him and frustration at this sudden pouty face. Jayden grumbled as she reached up, tugging at the fabric not at all concerned about being gentle over it. "I’m gonna fuck you stupid if you don’t biting your lip at me. I’d make sure you were screaming so loud, everyone in the complex would think you were being murdered." -09:07 Aug 28
Cupio: That made his grin and avert his eyes for a split second. "Big words for a human." so her helped fer with the outfit and was now completely naked other than a pait of pantied he had had in his pocket on the way over. Jayden’s panties. ANd he was looking at her resisting the urge to pounce on her and turn her threat around and even now was rubbing a hand up and down her upper arm. "Can you back them up?" -09:12 Aug 28
Jayden: Jayden rolled her eyes at him. …at least until she realized her was wearing -her- panties. Clothes snatching demon..! When the hell did he get those? Growling, Jayden was shoving him off her and rolling on top. Snatching his hands to pin at the sides of his head. "I can back anything up! Where the hell did you get my panties from? Were you carrying those around?" -09:16 Aug 28
Cupio: "From your drawer. he said settling into place with a wriggle beneath her. "I had then in a baggie on my way over, I wanted somethign to wear under the outfits since they’d be short enought to see up and I didn’t want you attacking anyone. So yes, I stole them, because I’d rather wear yours than some pair that belongs to the studio." -09:19 Aug 28
Jayden: "Nothing is going to stop me from attacking someone." she grumbled, leaning down nose to nose. "And you wearing my panties isn’t a turn on either. But you seem to think I can’t rise to a challenge and everything today is pissing me off…" Another growl and she was kissing him hard enough to bruise that soft pouty mouth he was sporting. She made sure to add to it with a sharp nip of teeth before she was invading with her tongue. If Coop wanted angry Jayden, he could have angry Jayden! -09:25 Aug 28
Cupio: So this was a suprise, he hadn’t even been thinking of turn ons when he has stolen them, but there was no space for thought in his mind when she kissed him like that and he circled his arms around her to push back and lick his lip where she bit him. He had meant to growl back but with her kiss there had only been a soft whimper that didn’t sound threatening at all, just.. wanting as his lips parted ans his tongue slid against hers. This was so hot coming from Jayden. -09:30 Aug 28
Jayden: Jayden decided she must have just been around a demon far too long, because one soft whimper from Mcboobs, and her own wicked streak kicked in to overdrive. It was a slow, dirty grin that curved it’s way on to her face. Jayden lay a hand over his collarbone, her touch was soft as she drew her hand down, brushing a hand over one of the breasts to squeeze. "You’re in trouble now, Coop." -09:37 Aug 28
Cupio: So now he had goaded angry Jayden into sex and she was takign it roughly. It was a good thing thier lips were togetehr where he could nibble at hers instead of makign a suprised face. Though his ahnds on her back were gripping and trying t find purchase on her cute secretary top. -09:42 Aug 28
Jayden: "Lets see.. I believe I mentioned something about making you scream.." she murmured, breaking away from his mouth to lick down his jaw and sink her teeth in to his neck where it was most soft and vulnerable. And he was getting touchy, that wouldn’t do… Jayden snatched his hands to take in one of hers and pin over his head. It was lucky Mcboobs was small! She slipped one knee between his legs and then another to push them open. Leaning her weight to keep his hands pinned, she softly flicked her fingers over his bare stomach and hooked one at the hem of her panties. -09:48 Aug 28
Cupio: His neck tensed and he clenched his teethsquirming under her as he whimpered again. He was pinend and trying to pull his arms free AND keep his legs shut at least until he could figure out what Jayden was planning but it was a losing battle and when Jayden took hold of his last civering he couldn’t do anything except look at her, waiting, tensed and already wet. "Dammit Jayden what do you do to get me thise way." it was a soft murmer that was darely audiable and he didn’t even realize he said it until it was alreadt out there. -09:53 Aug 28
Jayden: "Hmm… some kinda sciencey mumbo jumbo about auras and response and scent and all that crap… Explain it later." Because right now, Jayden was very focused on how he responded to what she did. She pulled the ban and snapped it. He wanted to steal them, he could wear them! So without pulling them off, Jayden was shifting over him to get a better angle. Sliding her hand between his legs to rub and caress through the fabric. Watching his face with heavy-lidded interest as she did. -09:59 Aug 28
Cupio: The snap almost made him jump. "W-what is I don’t belive in science.." it was nonsense really, a reply just to have one. "It can’t e-explain demons can it." Okay her attention was making it hard to talk so he just closed his eyes and kept them closed biting his lip and tried to keep his hips still. He was a demon he should be able to take more than this without a sweat, how Jayden did it was really a mystery. -10:03 Aug 28
Jayden: Jayden narrowed her eyes, and for a brief was second was a little annoyed. If only because the whole how these feelings worked really did pique her interest, and she couldn’t debate about science while fucking him! "Science explains everything, even demons. It’s cause and effect, action and reaction. Like if I do this…" she muttered, slipping one finger beneath the fabric to push between his lips. He was definitely wet! That made her give a wicked grin. " will…?" Jayden pulled out and pushed again, waiting for the response. -10:09 Aug 28
Cupio: He tried to pull as arm free, one tiny tease wasn’t enough he wanted to touch her, tough himse, change and turn this around but he couldn’t. Was it her desire that kept him in place? This wasn’t fair! But his hips definitely shifted and his lips parted for the briefest moment and he let out an involintary tiny gasp. "How?" what he was asking about was far from certain! -10:14 Aug 28
Jayden: How was a good question! Because Jayden really didn’t care for girls at all, but this…. him like this? She really like pressing his buttons. Jayden pushed in again, this time adding a second finger and putting a little force behind it. "Because you’re a girl that was asking to get fucked, Coop." -10:21 Aug 28
Cupio: He tried pushing his legs closed, it just felt so… There was a soft whimper which was almost as surprising as the intensity of the feeling. Wasn’t he Cupio, the demon that demanded more even after other demons were tapped out? Who sexed other demons to death and here a mortal had him helpless and cooing. "Then fuck me Jayden, make me scream like I’m being murdered." -10:29 Aug 28
Jayden: "What was that? I don’t think I heard you." Jayden widened her stance, effectively pushing his legs further apart with her knees. She pulled her fingers out instead of thrusting again, she was very softly running her fingers up and down him. Circling her thumb against his clit. "Say it louder." -10:36 Aug 28
Cupio: He tried to close, tried to do anything but turn his head to the side and moan but that what he did. It was torture. "Fuck. Me." he said before turning to face her. "Fuck me and make me scream as I cum, treat me however you want to just please Jayden. FUCK! ME!" -10:40 Aug 28
Jayden: "Say it again. Say my name." Oh, she was definitely loving this! See him squirm and getting the pleasure of watching and giving without being distracted! Jayden was smirking wide. She dipped her fingers inside him again, pushing in deep and relentlessly hard. Even leaning her hips in to him as she bent to lick at his neck. -10:48 Aug 28
Cupio: Bloody hell if he could he’d grab her and fuck her brains out. "Ooh." he anched his back and tried to look down at her hand and then up and to the side giving her better access to his neck. "Jayden… Fuck me. Fuck me silly. Please just… Fuuuck meee." there was the obvious tone of pleading to his voice as he tried to keep his breath steady. Only Jayden could make this hot. -10:55 Aug 28
Jayden: Jayden was thrusting her hand harder, but still made sure it was agonizingly slow! He wasn’t near screaming yet. Another flick of her tongue against his neck, and then she was kissing. Sucking… nipping sharply with her teeth. Jayden finally released his hands to run down an arm and brush over a breast. Thumbing a nipple until it peaked. -11:03 Aug 28
Cupio: His hips were pushing back against her hand, or trying to as he moaned again. It was getting uncomfortable downstairs and he was caught between wanting to cling to the sheets and wanting to pushe her off on him and.. No, not enough strength in hsi lehs to do that, se with his back arched and his shoulders turned to raise the nipple getting the attention closer to her hand and he bit his lip as he grippd ther sheet with one hand and put the other around her. -11:11 Aug 28
Jayden: Picking her favorite spot at his neck she nipped and sucked hard enough to bring blood to the surface of the skin. When she was satisfied with the dark mark left behind, she kissed a trail over his collarbone to the soft mound of flesh her hand was gently kneeding. There was a flick of her tongue over the nipple and a soft rush of her breath over it as Jayden gave a small laugh. A twist of her wrist changed the angle of her thrusting and she sped up the rhythm. "I don’t hear you, Coop…" her mumble fell soft over his skin before she took the full breast in to her mouth. -11:24 Aug 28
Cupio: His lips parted and he groaned, the attention to his nipple and the thrusting making every breath have it’s own sound. "Jaaay." it was all he could manage to say his hands gripping tighter as he whimperes again and bucked his hips trying to encourage her to go faster. -11:34 Aug 28
Jayden: "Jay what?" she asked before gently biting the nipple and pulling. Jayden pinned his hips down with her free hand. Pushing hard and faster now that she had him stationary! -11:40 Aug 28
Cupio: He cried out gripping the back of her top and finding himself almost completely imobile. "Jay.. I’m going to.." his voice held a desperate pitch There was another cry half muffled as he tried to hold on his face turned to the side. -11:48 Aug 28
Jayden: "Scream it, Coop! Scream my name!" Jayden rose up on her knees, letting go of his hip just to grip the back of his neck and his hair to make him look at her. Oooh, the wicked look on her face, pushing him hard behind the thighs, a thumb circling that senstive nub. Who knew that dominating the hell out of Mcboobs would be so damned hot! -11:52 Aug 28
Cupio: He did look at her and the look in her face was familiar, one he had worn so often. "Jeez, fuck…." he tensed his hips giving a desperate twist before he screamed "Jaaaaay." he couldn’t keep his eyes open and the way his hips shook as he came almost his entire body lifting off of the bed as his back arched. He was going to have to try this again sometime. -11:56 Aug 28
Jayden: Jayden could feel him squeeze around her fingers and didn’t relent until his body fell slack. She pulled out, leaning down to plant a hard kiss over his mouth. "I love it when you scream my name." she smirked! -11:59 Aug 28
Cupio: The returned kiss was weaker than he thought it would be buy it was still hard. "I love it when you make me." and so now his cum was staining her pantied adn this little fact, along with that he had just experiences made him smile. I’m lookind forwards to all day tomorow together." -12:02 Aug 28
My Demon Roommate

My Demon Roommate 007: Going Easy

Jayden: Jayden come to… in the morning…? She was guessing by the light that was irritatingly shining in her eyes from the window. Trying to lift an arm to block it came up with zilch results. Which should have been alarming, but being concerned over something -also- seemed to require more energy than she could dig up. She couldn’t feel anything she was so numb. …No wait. She could wiggle her fingers and toes. That was something. Finally she groaned out of sigh. Even that was a pain! Her voice was hoarse. Why in the he- Oh wait. Jayden remembered… -05:15 Aug 11
Cupio: He was stepping out of the bathroom humming to himself when he noticed she was awake and he gave her a smile. "Hey Jay." he said strolling over to the bed to len down and give her a kiss and grin down at her. "How are you feeling? That was quite the night, I’m sorry you passed out. But I got you home before three." -05:18 Aug 11
Jayden: "You are ridiculously chipper." she mumbled just above a whisper. Jayden tried shifting again, which really didn’t do anything more than make her wince. Oh no, she did -not- want feeling back if it was gonna be like that. She fell in to her pillow again. "…did I pass out at three?" -05:21 Aug 11
Cupio: He shrugged. "Closer to eleven I think." he said. "But no one else got you or me, I know we’re exclusiv now to I satisfied myself and left you to sleep." he was sitting on the bed and rubbing her leg. "Are you.. okay?" she hasn’t really moved and he was beginging to get worried. -05:48 Aug 11
[Jayden enters.] -05:59 Aug 11
Jayden: Eleven! Did that he kepted on fucking her like crazy even while she was passed out? Not fair…! Jayden couldn’t even grip a pillow to throw at him. She shifted to at least show she could -move- a slight lift of her leg and a raise of her arm to drape over her stomach. But that came with more wincing, worse this time and a grumble of pain. Jayden definitely liked the numb feeling better. This was going to hurt bad once her blood got moving. "…so exactly how many times between eleven and three…?" -06:03 Aug 11
[(Timeout) Jayden was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -06:09 Aug 11
[Cupio enters.] -06:09 Aug 11
Cupio: He rubbed the back of his neck. "Well I didn’t even notice you had passed out." he said "Maybe four… five?" he was still looking concerned and he placed his hand on her cheek. "Couldn’t you ahve counted?" -06:12 Aug 11
Jayden: "Unconcious people can’t count, Coop." She grumbled. Jayden really wanted to just wail in to him. He kinda deserved it! Not because she had a problem with it, but only because she felt like she missed out. …But he had to go and look like he felt really bad about the entire thing, and it was becoming increasingly hard to keep up her scowling. "Maybe if I was just sleeping I’d feel plenty, but not fucked unconcious!" -06:17 Aug 11
[(Timeout) Cupio doesn’t post enough.] -06:21 Aug 11
Cupio: He blinked processing thins new information. "Humans can’t feel after they pass out? That… wow… sorry…" he was leaning down and kissing her again. Usually when he passed out he’d just change into Mcboobs and enjoy the ride until he woke up later in a pile of bodies… no wonder humans had to drink well volotile things and not do.. that… "I payed though so don’t worry we didn’t run out on the check.. so… breakfast? I have blood to replenish adn you … you…" she really was a weak as a kitten. "You need food and fluids." -06:21 Aug 11
Jayden: "I’ll be fine, you don’t have to look like you just broke me." she muttered. Jayden winced past the pain to grab his hand. …more of touching than grabbing. Damnit. Even scowling at him hurt. "I don’t heal as fast, but I’m not gonna fall apart. Just go easy on me for awhile?" -06:26 Aug 11
Cupio: "Okay Jay.." he said "But I’m still making you breakfast." he really had no idea what else to do. "Unless you want me to go easy on you before I get cooking." there was a mischevious grin on his face now as he looked down at her. -06:30 Aug 11
Jayden: Jayden looked tempted… really, really tempted! "Hmm… maybe." With a twist of her mouth, she finally decided against. If only because her stomach was growling and she was getting increasingly aware that she was starving. "Breakfast first. A big breakfast. With everything! I need strength to keep up with my boyfriend." -06:40 Aug 11
Cupio: Leaning down to brushed his nose against her and caught her lips in a quick kiss. "Everything on toast it is. I’ll be right back." then with two quick pet on her thigh he was standing and tail swishing behind him, the only demonic feature he was displaying, he mover off towards the kitched humming to himself. The same impossibly fast tune that had been in the club. -06:43 Aug 11
Jayden: "I want steak too..! Steak and pancakes…!" she croaked out. Argh, even her jaw was sore? Seriously? Jayden cast a narrowed glare at the door as she rolled over and curled up with a pillow to prop her arms and legs. Jayden could only imagine what he did with her. She hated only getting to imagine! -06:58 Aug 11
Cupio: "Juicy, and tender, rare, so very very rare.. just how I like them." he called back geting out the pan and getting to work. He was hungry too and soon he has the steaks on and was mixing up the pancakes. "So do you want coffee or juice?" \ -07:02 Aug 11
Jayden: "Coffee and juice." Jayden wondered if he was talking about steaks or her ass. Her ass was pretty tender and raw at this point too. Jayden was tempted to fall back to sleep, but who knew what would happen with her body if she did! She audibly scoffed. -07:06 Aug 11
Cupio: He cooked up the steaps and splettered them onto ttwo palves, washed the pan then got down to the pancakes and put the coffee on. Then he started flipping. "Oh by that way, I have my first shoot tomorow, you gonna be there?" -07:09 Aug 11
Jayden: "If I can walk. Or maybe you can push me around in a wheelchair and I’ll just use a gun if I have to kill someone." …yeah. She needed a gun. Jayden could get one easy from their new mobster minions! She was now looking pretty damned pleased about the idea. -07:10 Aug 11
Cupio: Butter, a huge stack of pancakes, steaks, coffee, juice… he needed a bigger tray, he almosy forgot the syrip and cutlery as he left the kitchen and headed for the bedroom. "So Jaden wans a gun hmmm… she going to shoot me if I misbehave?" -07:14 Aug 11
[Jayden enters.] -07:17 Aug 11
Jayden: "If YOU misbehave, it’s no sex." Food smelled like heaven. With a groan she was inching to sit up. If she was going to make it with him tomorrow, she needed something heavy. Prescription painkillers or morphine! "Going to shoot everyone else though if they touch you." -07:20 Aug 11
Cupio: He helped her sit up then slid her steak into her lap and then put her kife nad fork into ehr hadn and grabbed himself a mug of coffee. "So how was it?" he asked with a grin. "I know I loved every second of it." -07:24 Aug 11
Jayden: "Oh, the sex before I passed out in to oblivious?" she teased. Even holding utensils was a pain in the ass, but she managed to do it. One piece of meat popped in to her mouth, and it was like soothing a savage beast! Probably the best thing she had ever tasted her entire life. "Amazing. Overwhelming. Brilliant. Would love to know why my jaw hurts, and very much need a good bath… but I guess it was acceptable." -07:28 Aug 11
Cupio: "Your jaw? " he chuckled… "Sorry about that." he must have put half of his steak into his mouth and chewed it quickly. "Oh, do you happen to know any doctors familiar with demons?" it was an out of the blue question. "When I played last night I think they took too much but I feel fine so I’m wondering if it might have been something they gave me. They were very surprised you were human by the way I had to pay for both of us. -07:33 Aug 11
Jayden: "I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about." And she was too busy eating to care! She mixed steak and pancakes. Savory and sweet.. even better! "I think I’m pleased that demons are surprised I’m human? Sounds like a compliment…" -07:36 Aug 11
Cupio: "I think they were more surprized a demon would bring a human then use her exclusivly for the night." he stuffed the otehr half in his mouth and chewed. "They wanted payment in demon blood, and you don’t have any… well not pure enough. You only had one glass. So I payed but…" he was sliming wide. "It was nice to be in a place like home. Did you see how tidy it was. Theres another clud across town for those other demons." -07:40 Aug 11
Jayden: "…not pure enough…?" she gave him a side glance and sipped from her coffee. Haha, maybe he fucked her enough she was going demon! Jayden very nearly smirked. "What ‘other’ demons? Some you don’t like?" -07:42 Aug 11
[(Timeout) Jayden was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -07:49 Aug 11
Cupio: "Those who prefer chaos to order, mess to tidiness, violence to.. excess." that last word was said with a grin and a lecherous look. "Don’t worry the demon blood will be out of your sustem before the end of the day, I have their word for it. He was sipping his coffee now and smiling at her. It just hieghtens awareness, sensation, and sex drive in humans. They gave me a pamphlet on the risks of long-term use, mutation, horns, half-formed wings, one picture had a mouth in the middle of thier chest…. but I won’t lef you overdose. Don’t worry." -07:49 Aug 11
Jayden: Jayden nearly choked on her coffee! She started coughing and had to take another swallow just to stop. "You had me drinking demon blood?! …No wonder I was high as a kite!" Jayden stared him down, that knife in her hands tilting back and forth. "You think I need help with my sex drive, do you…?" -07:52 Aug 11
Cupio: "Not in the least.. I just wanted you to experience the atmosphere like I do." he said "To feel you touches, the kisses, the smells. Thats what its like for me all the time in an atmosphere like that, and its impossible not to find one like that where I’m from. "I do get homesick sometimes and I… wanted you to know what my home before I came here was like." -07:56 Aug 11
Jayden: Her mood was shifting up and down way too fast. She supposed that was a lingering effect of the stuff. Jayden was ready to stab him before, which was just unusual itself, and now she wanted to cuddle him. She set down the knife and fell back against the pillows. "It was amazing. A little overwhelming… but it would be nice to get the full Cupio package without being drugged or gone easy on… just you and me and nothing extra?" -08:02 Aug 11
Cupio: The full package? There was a full half of him she hadn’t yet embraced and he griined his tail twitching like a cat’s. "You’ll get the full package when you can walk on your own." he said "I promise you git you with it when you least expect it." he set down his mug and went for his pancakes scarfing them down on next to no time. "And next time it will be just you, me and nothign else, no blood, no club." he kept eating and then he grinned at her. "I’m going to enjoy finding your limits." -08:07 Aug 11
Jayden: "Hmm… I feel like I’ve just given you permission to something wicked.." She couldn’t help but be amused with his expression, though. She’d figure out what her limits were too at this rate, and Jayden was thinking they were pretty damned lax after last night. -08:12 Aug 11
Cupio: "You have, but its a surprize." he said. "Oh, two things." he chuckled and then looked at her with his head slightly tilted. "So a day in bed together? Doing that snuggling thing I’ve heard so much about?" -08:15 Aug 11
Jayden: "You’re going to give me a bath, and then it’s snuggles and cuddles. In bed or on the sofa, I don’t care which." She was even more amused by his severe lack of snuggling. Demons were weird. -08:17 Aug 11
Cupio: He looked at the bath and it was clear his mind was still in the gutter. "I’ll go and run it for you." he said getting up and heading for the bathroom. "Did you ever think you’d get a demon boyfriend when we started showing up?" he called "Or was I a surprise?" -08:21 Aug 11
Jayden: "I really wasn’t expecting to have a boyfriend at -all-. Let alone a demon one… Was pretty sure I would sex one up eventually, though." Jayden sat up again to finish off her breakfast. All of it! Coffee and juice included. Even when her plate was clean she didn’t feel entirely satisfied. But she only had the patience to eat so much. They really were going to have to learn to pace her body. -08:23 Aug 11
Cupio: "So you were going to fuck and leave me? You are so like us." he was standing in the doorway as the water ran. Good thing you summoned one, really its amazing how long it took us to get busy." -08:30 Aug 11
Jayden: "I think it’s pretty obvious that you weren’t getting fucked and left." Jayden set the tray aside, then she was flopped back in bed again. Passing out for the day would be great too, but she smelled way too much like sex and felt a little… icky! "I have -some- self control you know! I’m usually drunk before I hookup with people. I like sex, but I don’t… I guess I don’t really like people all that much." -08:34 Aug 11
Cupio: "Am I a people?" he asked sticking is tongue out at her. "You may have but me? Hoi… If I wasn’t locked in a contract to let you have first go… But I’m glad we did, and that we are… You know demons don’t really do that. And the last explusive sex deal I had didn’t turn out so well. This is very new ground for me." -08:39 Aug 11
Jayden: "You are a people, but… a surprisingly not like other people kind of person." Jayden rolled until she was at the edge of the bed, and then it was a very delicate, wincing, growling effort to sit up again. "It’s new territory for me too, you know! I’ve never been exclusive before either. I’ve never been -jealous- before…" Then she was trying to stand, and that resulted in a yelp as she went for the floor! -08:45 Aug 11
Cupio: "Jealous.." he rolled the word around his mouth. "What does that mean?" he was looking at her questioning ly before he ducked back int the bathroom to check the levels and turn on the cold. -08:48 Aug 11
[Jayden enters.] -08:49 Aug 11
Jayden: Jayden gave up standing and just decided crawling would work. Except, god damned he knees were bruised all to hell too! She plotted a few scenarios she could get some vengeance… maybe bruising him up good. "Jealous is… um… Not liking to see someone else have what you wanted." -08:51 Aug 11
Cupio: He came out of the bathroom adn frowned. "I’ll carry you." he bover to her and lifted her easily and carried her to sit her on the toilet as he tunded to the bath. Then satisfied with the tempreture beign fleasantly warm (for a demon) he moved to lift her up and lower her into it and hand her the soap beffre climbing in the other side and relaxing. "Need me to wash you too?" -08:55 Aug 11
Jayden: "Yes. Yes I do." She didn’t really, it wasn’t so bad she couldn’t move for herself. But Jayden wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity. The water was deliciously hot too. That was an almost instant ease to the ache in her joints and muscles. She sighed out loud. "We should always have after sex baths. Why don’t we do this all the time?" -08:59 Aug 11
Cupio: He took the soap and lathered it in his hands. "I almost though you said after bath sex there. Both would leave us in an endless cycle, and I don’t see a downside." he started with her feet rubbing the soap into her toes. "I wonder if humans have a pleasure threshhold…" -09:07 Aug 11
Jayden: This she actually had to ponder seriously. "I’m… not sure? I suppose it could be just as much a body could take before passing the hell out. I dunno." She slipped lower in to the tub, resting her head on the edge and closing her eyes. She could get used to this! -09:09 Aug 11
Cupio: He worked his way up her calf to her knee before changing legs starting at the foot again. "I know theres been humans who have had heart attacks from too much…" he was looking a little worried. "Not goign to die on me are you, I really reaaly like having you around and hell is a long way to go for a soul… and if you don’t end up there I’ll never see you again." -09:13 Aug 11
Jayden: "That’s a good question. I wonder where I -would- end up." It was hard to be concerned about it when someone was doing a very fine job of rubbing her down. She was almost purring and couldn’t wipe the grin off her face. "Don’t think I’m at risk of dying though… at worst passing out again, unless you actually break me." -09:16 Aug 11
[(Timeout) Jayden has timed out.] -09:19 Aug 11
Cupio: "I’ll try not to…" he said grinning back then shifting foward to take her arm and start with her fingers. "And for startes you fuck demons… but other than that you’re a nice person who took in a homeless guy without a job. and who rides to the rescue of maidens set upon by wolves. Its quite the puzzle." -09:19 Aug 11
Jayden: "If just fucking demons is against the rules, they’re some pretty shitty rules." She flexed her fingers at him, and returned his grin. "I just don’t like it when people take advantage of girls. That bothers me. Some inner demon, so to speak, I guess." -09:23 Aug 11
Cupio: "Inner demon." he repeated with a chuckle getting to her shoulder and going to her other arm. "And I’m glad you like fucking demons, otherwise I could be out of a home." he leaned forwards to steal a kiss and then start rubbing her shoulders. "I really like fucking you too." -09:29 Aug 11
Jayden: "Lucky you, lucky me." she mumbled. One kiss was never enough, so she was leaning forward to nuzzle his cheek and give him another soft kiss. "Right place and right time and right people?" She grinned. -09:36 Aug 11
Cupio: He was grinning. "Or I’d still be living in a constant rave with sex pile-ons every night instead of kneeling in water massaging a human’s boobs." and that was exactly what he was doing, well, washing if you wanted to be technical. -09:38 Aug 11
Jayden: "Maybe we’ll just have our own private rave and sex pile on…" she smirk. That sounded like a very fun idea. -09:44 Aug 11

My Demon Roommate

My Demon Roommate 006: Demon Club

[Jayden is letting Coop pick their place out tonight. Why not? They’ve apparently taken over a mobster’s strip joint and he’s soon to work as a @$^$@# model. Might as well enjoy the money.] -12:00 Aug 11
[Cupio has heard about this place from someone at the club, they said it was just the place for a homesicj demon to go to, so to celebrate getting money hes taking Jayden there.] -12:02 Aug 11
Jayden: After spending a week with Mcboobs Coop discovering the ins and outs of their new ‘business’, it was nice being with male Coop so Jayden could finally relax and not be worried about needed to break someone’s neck. She supposed that’s what men felt like. That constant fear someone was gonna steal and bang thier chick. Weird! Jayden ran her hand through her hair, swatting a bit at Coop. "So are we here for work or pleasure?" she teased. -12:06 Aug 11
[Cupio ] -12:06 Aug 11
Cupio: "Pleasure." he said grinning. "They say this is the place all demons come when they’re feeling homesick, so its perfect for me. And you’ll get a taste of what my life was like before I met you." he was grnning wides as he knocked on the steel door in the side of the unmarked building. The peep hole opened and a greff voice sounded. "Password." Cupio didn’t say anything, but his horns sprung from his hair and he grinned showing off his fangs. "Right, you can come in." there was a clang as the bolt slid open and Cupio moved to enter. "Don’t worry, just stay close." -12:12 Aug 11
Jayden: "So you’re taking me in to a demon’s den. Kinda glad I’m not a virgin…" she was amused. Fuck knows, she’d prolly end up a virgin sacrifice, otherwise. Isn’t that always what happened? Jayden was pretty interested to look around though. Demons happened, but you never really saw a lot of them all in one place and rarely ever -obviously- demon! -12:14 Aug 11
Cupio: Cupio was wearing a vest, and now it was obvious why. His wongs came out to hold behind himself against his hand at he walked through the coridoor and though a curtain into the club. The room was dominated by a statie of a naked demon, half man and half woman, the groin covered conveniently by the tail, that had barbs running down it’s entire reanth. The music, far faster than any human beat an going into ultrsonics pounded and Cupio have an involentary shiver as multicolored strobes ached lazily over the floor. "Fuck. Yessss." he hissed taking it all in. It seemes the only one not displaying wings and horns was Jayden. -12:21 Aug 11
Jayden: Talk about sensory overload! Maybe it was just because she was a human and not demon. It was almost a little intimidating to see nothing but demons in such an environment. …Almost! Jayden was pretty damned interested. "It’s like a demon fetishers secret playground in here." she almost laughed. -12:28 Aug 11
Cupio: "You should be at home then." he said flashing her a grin as he moved deeper into the club past a waitor that was commpletely nades except for a bag hooked over their shoulder. "This was every night for me." he said putting an arm around her as he slipped though the crowd and strait to the dancefloor snaggin them a couple of drinks and swallowing his in a single gulp, ot burned going down and made his lips glow. "I should have worn a ring…" -12:32 Aug 11
[(Timeout) Cupio was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -12:36 Aug 11
Jayden: "Afraid I’m going to start a fight if someone hits on you? I only do that when you’re a girl…" Which was weird all in itself, but she wasn’t concerned about that tonight. Jayden sipped her drink, swaying slightly with the music. Normally she’d suck it down quick, but for once… she kinda wanted to be aware what was going on! Out of curiosity she reached out a hand to brush a thumb over his mouth. Also weird! -12:36 Aug 11
Cupio: He didn’t take his arm away from around her, he didn’t want her slipping off or getting grabbed either. She smelled human, and every demon around them knew it. "You’re not the one in danger of starting a fight tonight." he said squeezing her side and grabiing himself abother drink. "I havn’t had this stuff since you summoned me…." "She summoned you? Not bound are you?" the voise was that of a waitress. "No, but she is mine. How about you get us the real stuff, I’m sure she can take it." -12:44 Aug 11
[Jayden enters.] -12:44 Aug 11
Jayden: Jayden was grinning wider. Apparently she also had a secret love for the danger factor. Because any sane person would not want to know every demon in the place knew exactly what she was and was probably eyeballing her like a meal. "All yours, huh! Your totally hot human sex slave?" Why did that make her want to -snuggle- him of all things? Jayden refrained. Snuggling was probably the last thing that should be going on in a demon club. Jayden did bounce on her feet, though. Dancing with him a bit. A very wide smirk on her face. -12:48 Aug 11
Cupio: "All mine as in you’re here with me, and I don’t think you can take five demons at once. You can take a lot but I don’t think that much. Especially since I’ve always held back, and in this enviroment no demon can." he grinned at her and leaned forwards to flick his tongue against her lips and then modes to dance with his his hands on her hips his body twisting with surprising subtlety and his tail thrashing behind him. -12:59 Aug 11
Jayden: "Five at once? How often does that happen?" Jayden was trying to figure out how that even worked. …she’d think about that more later. Sensual over-pleased demon Coop was a very fun thing to play with. Jayden moved with him, stealing a touch here or there. -01:02 Aug 11
[(Timeout) Jayden was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -01:12 Aug 11
Cupio: He liked her touches and touched back his face fixed in a grin. "I think I’m going to come here more often." he said drinking in the atmosphere. It made him wings and hirn grow talins appearing on the joints of the wins and a second set of smaller horn appearing behind the first. "It happens Jayden. Could happen right here on the dance floor. Don’t worry, I’ll jealously hiss at anyone who tries." he checkled as he ran his claws over her cheek the drinks he’d ahs combining with the atmosphere, then the waitress was back and handing them each a glass. The red liquid inside glowed snightly and bubbled. "You’re a lifesaver." he said to the waitress and knocked this back too his head rolling back and wings shaking as his spine tingled and the glass was taken from him… "You too human, before it eats though the glass. That stuff isn’t cheep you know." -01:12 Aug 11
Jayden: Jayden was snickering and about to comment on the hissing… but she was interrupted by a very dangerous looking drink! She cast it a distrusting stare, especially since it could eat through the -glass-. Then after taking a deep breath, went ahead and drank it down! -01:15 Aug 11
Cupio: He was grinning at her and he threw his wings up in the air and grabbed her hands to dance wildly, like he hadn’t in a long time even before boming here, but he was giving his best moves, for her. Toutching, brushing, feeling, smelling, musk… -01:22 Aug 11
Jayden: That drink gave her a really, really weird feeling… like it was laced with something a little extra. Jayden had been down that road before! Lucky for her, that tingling wasn’t too bad and she trusted the demon that seemed to be quite happy in his own element for once. His mood was infectious, and far more intoxicating than the drinks. In fact, as they danced, she was thinking about all the fun things she was going to do to him when they got home. It was hard not to! -01:26 Aug 11
Cupio: He wasn’t the only one adding to the smell of the room. Then he was sliding both hands either side of her neck to grip her hair and pull her to him pushing his lips into hers and biting them, hard. There was a growl in his thoat as he pulled back and licked his lips staring at her his breath coming hot and heavy. -01:34 Aug 11
Jayden: It was really easy to forget the rest of the room when he was like this. …or when she was like this. Cause Jayden wouldn’t deny she was hot for him almost all of the time. She ran her hands up his chest, sucking on her bottom lip where he bit her. Almost too hard, but she never was shy about being rough either. Jayden stepped up real close to him, nuzzling against his cheek with a wide grin. -01:37 Aug 11
Cupio: His hand moved to grip the back of her head as he moved to kiss her again his other hand going to grep her ass as he ran his tongue against her lip then he loved to his her forehead and flick his tongue against her there too… it was then that he noticed, they weren’t the only ones getting touchy. At hisr this made him thin, but there were other demon closing in on his human now to get touchy. The first tame up behind her to press against her and Cupio pulled her away his wings closing around her hiding her almost completely from view. "I think we have a problem…" -01:43 Aug 11
Jayden: With Cupio she had no issues being touchy-feely in public, but on the instant of being touch, there was that instinct of wanting to kick someone in the face. It happened in the blink of an eye too, that instant switch from emotion. Was she that drunk already? She didn’t -feel- drunk though. Just… very very aware! Jayden curled her arms around his waist and nuzzled against his chest. "The go home early for fun kind of problem, or the Jayden’s about to stab someone sort of problem?" she mumbled against him. -01:53 Aug 11
Cupio: Even with her cluched agaisnt him with hidden from view his hand was pushing down the back of her pants. "The orgy has started.." he said and as if on cue there was a groan from not far away as one pairing started baring skin. His entire body burned as he moved to tongue and suck the top of her earlobe. More and more skin was visible in the flashing lights, more smell, the air becoming thick with it, sounds. The drink busned in his stomach and seeped up his spine. Jayden was in more danger than even he realized. -01:58 Aug 11
Jayden: "The what now…?" She wanted to turn and take a look, but she was a little distracted with his attention and trying to supress a sigh. …suddenly she tensed. What a damned minute. Demon orgy. She pulled back just a bit to narrow her eyes at him. The hilarious part was that she wasn’t mad about the whole room full of potentially sexing demons. She just didn’t want to share. "You’re not getting in to a demon orgy, I’ll slay every demon in here if I have to." -02:03 Aug 11
Cupio: "No one is getting you." he growled grabbing her arm and pulling her to him her back against him and pushing his ahnd down the frint of her pants this time as he bit her shoulder, then pulled away, looking for a safe place… "The cage, go…" he said pushing her and following closely. "It will just be us…" -02:10 Aug 11
Jayden: To the cage. That was the last thing she ever expected anyone to ever say to her. Jayden was being pushed before she could protest. What they should be doing was going home. Even as she was nearly stumbling in to the cage, she was very aware of what was going on around them. Twisting touching bodies, groans of pleasure. Boy, he imagination had nothing on the real thing and Jayden was realizing real quick she was probably on the tame side when it came to being freaky. "…okay, I might be a little unqualified for all this!" Especially when it was consuming her senses. Almost like she could feel it running through her, and it was the weirdest sensation! -02:16 Aug 11
Cupio: He entered after her and pulled it closed his wings folding to fit. And then he was eying her. Every groan around them, there gasp, every rip, every smell, blood, there was that, musk, he seemed to be growing. "Jayden…." hsi voice was full of warning, and desire. The sounds, smells and sights echoing in his head. Then his hand was one her thoughder gripping tightly as his other tore at her shirt with his claws. -02:23 Aug 11
Jayden: "Hey…! -02:24 Aug 11
Jayden: "Hey!" she growled, swatting his hand away with more force than she normally would. "Hold the phone! I’m all for rippy passion, but let’s not not kill my GOOD clothes in a room full of horny demons!" He looked hella dangerous like this. It was both incredibly sexy, and a little bit frightening. Good thing Jayden had an underdeveloped sense of fear. "We should go home." now she was warning. -02:27 Aug 11
Cupio: There was another throaty growl as he pushed her back against the bars. "I want you." he said his voice different, deeper, growlier. "Jayden… I can’t.." there was another rip and he was stepping closer. He really couldn’t help himself. His skin burned and blood boiled. She was lucky he was able to go as slow as he was. "I can’t hold back this time." -02:31 Aug 11
Jayden: "My clothes, damnit!" Of all the much more dangerous things going on, THAT was what was pissing her off. Probably because, despite it, the entire thing had her breathing heavy and ‘her loins afire’ like those damned books she liked to read. Jayden never got that phrase until now. She gripped HIS vest and ripped. "How do YOU like it." she muttered. That wasn’t going to help anything, but it made her feel better. Or fiestier. Both! -02:35 Aug 11
Cupio: The skin under the vest was tight and in this state ever nuscle was engorgesd and ready making him look even more like a male model than he usually did. With her rip the last of his resustance unraveled and a hand shot out to grip her throat pinning her to the cage as his other hand tore the crotch right out of his pants and then undid hers his member coming out and trobbing with his pulse. -02:39 Aug 11
Jayden: Oooo, was a stupid thing to think. Jayden was wrestling with want, and that last shred of sense she had somewhere in her head. She gripped his hand trying to pry it off her, and lift a foot to press against his chest and push him away. If anything she was flexible. "Coop! For fuck’s sake!" -02:49 Aug 11
Cupio: He grabbed her ancle from his chest and moved closer bending the leg upwards. He was strong, very strong, and his claws dug into her. Then his lips were against hers, her leg pinned between thier chests as his hand slipped from her neck to grip the bars and pin her between him and them, then he was pushing against her with his tip. "Ffffuuuuck." he was in and his eyes found hers as his tail went to twist arounf her thigh. It wasn’t enough.. it… The look of need swisted with a grin as his tail unwound and already slipery twisted around behind her to push into her other hole. -02:57 Aug 11
Jayden: One minute she was gasping, the next she was yelping! Her expression went from surprised to smoldering. Okay. If they were going to do it, then they were going [i[do[/i] it. Jayden could rise to an occasion, and it helped she was fueled with booze that spine tingle and an atmosphere that made desire feel like an inadequate word. Jayden reached up and grasped the bars behind her, twisting in his grasp and groaning from the feel of it. -03:08 Aug 11
Cupio: He pushed and soaked in the feeling of her, but it was still not enough, there was a grown and he pushe harder his muscles tensing and he breath rolling over her. "Fuck it Jayden…" she was making it worse.. much worse. No he couldn’t hold and with a purly beasial snarl he lat her have it the snarl turning into a groan. -03:12 Aug 11
Jayden: Jayden gasped louder, her hands tightening on the bars. But she met his growl with one of her own. He was always holding back on her, and she was done with that! "Fuck me, Coop." she hissed through her teeth. The hardest part was forcing her body to relax, to take him in as much as she could get. Even just the scent of him had her clenching around him. This was insane! -03:23 Aug 11
Cupio: His hand dropped to hold her hip wher he wanted it as he pushed her against the bars, deeper, harder. His breath in time with his movement. He wasn’t holdign back and her clenching couldn’t slow him. He was a damin, fully riled and buting her shouder his tail writhign and thrusting he realized he didn’t want to do this with anyone but her. Pulling his head back to pushed his lips into hers his tongue forcing it’s way into her mouth. In this room full of demons and sex, he couldn’t view her as anything else, anything else but Jayden, the human who could take it all. -03:28 Aug 11
Jayden: She moaned against his mouth, which sound very much like blissful agony. It hurt just as much as it drove her wild. Jayden returned the kiss with eager ferver, releasing one of the bars to dig her hand in to his hair and jerk his to the side and give her a more comfortable angle to bite his tongue. -03:34 Aug 11
Cupio: He returned her grip and groaned it was going to happen soon, he could feel it building and he pushed deeper, and harder. "Fack Jayder I’m going to…." he kissed her again desperatly his voice fulled with nothing but extacy as his claws dug into her. -03:37 Aug 11
Jayden: "Then do it, baby.." her voice was strained from the effort of trying to breath and not be all consumed. …Jayden finally just let it go when catching his eyes. Her head falling back against the bars, and her other leg curling around his when her body began to squeeze and shake. Jayden’s nails dug in to the back of his neck when his claws dug in to her, and she was gasping at the sensations coursing through her. This was one hell of a ride! -03:46 Aug 11
Cupio: He did, pushing against her and biting his lip as he thrust and spilled into her his eyes locked on hers and hands pripping her. His breath was heavy as he leaned forwards to kiss her and run his claws down her back his tail pulling out of her and disapreaing into the pile of torn fabric on the floor to clean itself. "More…" he breathed snaking his arms around her and stepping back to rumpe her on the floor and ly on top of her pripping the bars at her shoulders and pushing in again. "More… Dammit Jayden you make this so hot." -03:51 Aug 11
Jayden: "More…? Oh..!" Her question turned to another gasp! She was still trying to catch her breath, and her limbs feeling loose and tingling when he dumped her on the floor and entered her again. She wasn’t too drunk this time, though, and Jayden more than welcome the more. Her body squeezing around him, twitching from the continued thrusting. Her hands circled around his wrists just for something to hold on it, and with a growl she bucked up against him now that she had the leverage to do so. -03:57 Aug 11
Cupio: He pushed his mouth against hers once more and using the leverage pushed her against the bottom of the cage and without polding back or being able to hald back thrust biting her lip and letting out his breath in a rush. Too much, not enough, need burned deep within his eyes titilation sensation seeming only to add to it and he growled in frustration as he pulled back to look into her face. If he hurt her… no he wouldn’t she could take it. "You’re the best." -04:02 Aug 11
Jayden: Mind numbing… worse when he said things that made her laugh and made her stomach lurch with pleasure and the desire to just give him everything she had! Her hands rose up his arms, tracing a line with her nails until they were digging in to his hair again and grabbing a hold of his horns. She tugged him down sharply until his mouth wasn’t more than a fraction from hers. "And you… taste like pure sin…!" A hard kiss followed, invading his mouth with her tongue and running it over his fangs. -04:09 Aug 11
Cupio: His tongue fought back sliding against hers and penetrating deep into her mouth. To have her like this, giving her everythign he had and having her return it. It was heaven. Not holding back he thrust deep feeling it build again faster this time but he didn’t break the kiss, he wanted to take her breath from her mouth as she came. -04:15 Aug 11
Jayden: The second time was always too fast. Skin and muscles already fine tuned, and humming from the friction. Jayden was trying to fight it, to prolong it. Twisting beneath only making it hit harder. Her hands fell to grip at tattered fabric under her. Her fingernails digging in to her own skin deep enough to draw blood. She was screaming in to his mouth when it broke, body siezing up almost violently as she bucked against him. -04:21 Aug 11
Cupio: He pushed seeming to swallow her scream and then he was filling her and kissing her hard a heavy grunt becoming a long sigh in her mough as he moved his hands to run through her hair and over her shoulders. He was breathing hard when he pulled away and stood on his knees looking down at her. "More.. Still not enough." he turned her hips and pulled her onto her knees and gripping her hips tight pushed agaist her and sunk in. There seemed to be no stopping him his apitite unquenchable and he showed no signes of tiring. -04:26 Aug 11
Jayden: "Still…!" Thank god she wasn’t drunk! By now she would be passed out in well loved bliss. Still, her limbs felt wobbly, and when he push in again, it wasn’t a soft yelp but another scream. ..oh man..! Jayden was still riding the last one and she was immediately responding. Twitching shuddering that forced her to raise her torso and grab on to the bars to hold on for support. There was no thought left in her now but that mix of lust and desire. Heady waves of pleasure making her every sense vibrate at the feel of him. -04:33 Aug 11
[Jayden enters.] -04:37 Aug 11
Cupio: In this position there was nothing stopping him from going as deep as he could and push her hard, red dots welling up around where his claws dug into her. He pushed and moaned. Letting it take over and pull him along. "I can’t.. get… enough.." he said between heavy breaths and deep thrusts. It was already building, slowly, so slowly his shaft tingling with overstimulation. And all he could look at was her. -04:40 Aug 11
Jayden: Jayden couldn’t form a witty reply like she so vaguely wanted to do. Her response was just a whimpering sigh, that hitched every time he rammed in to her. So good, and so numbing that all she could feel was that solid mass pushing in and pulling out. Taking her body with it like a tide. Her arms were curled around a bar to hold herself steady, but it was slipping. Especially when that climax struck her again. This time without tensing motion, but like a breaking damn. Rushing out in delicious, tormenting waves and taking her with it. -04:48 Aug 11
Cupio: He pushed until he felt it too, the delicious rigors of orgasm that shot through him. His chest was heaving as he pulled out and pulled her towards him turning her on her back and pulling of top of her to kiss her and run a tongue over her lips. "Lets only have sex with eachother from now on." he said "You’re my girlfriend and I really really really want you all to myself." -04:52 Aug 11
Jayden: "Hokay." Not the most elegant response, but Jayden was smiling wide. Blissed out, heavenly, infatuatedly in love sort of wide. She was more limp than a noodle, only vaguely moving with her legs rubbing together and the curling of her toes. How she even managed to lift an arm to run her fingers gently in to his hair was a mircle. And her kiss was feather soft compared to the previous fucking. "Only you and me, then." she mumbled, almost purring. -04:57 Aug 11
Cupio: He kissed her back and was then moving her legs and going to stand on his knees pulling her hips up off the floor. "If anyone could make a demon fall for a human its you." he said holding her hips and licking his lower lip and he pushed in her lips parting easily. "Its a good thing that you seem to feel better every time." -05:03 Aug 11
[(Timeout) Jayden has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -05:10 Aug 11
Jayden: He had no idea. Her plaintive moan was low and soft, and her head tilted to the side as her eyes fell closed. There was no resistance from her, no tightening, just her face flushed with heat and her arms dropping by her head with her fingers curling in to her hair. Jayden tried to fight the exhaustion, to feel him again. But she was done in and slipping in to unconciousness, rocked by soothing, sweet motions. -05:10 Aug 11
My Demon Roommate

My Demon Roommate 005: The Mobster’s Joint

[Cupio if havign his second tryout and a new place, hes excited but worried too, last time it didn’t go so well.] -03:11 Aug 08
[Jayden is no where near excited, but a good room mate is supportive!] -03:17 Aug 08
Jayden: Jayden was dressed nice this time. Might as well look good when going out, on the off chance she can talk herself in to a job somewhere too. …not that she was having the most faith in the next place Cupio wanted to work. As they walked, Jayden was getting the feeling he only applied at specific kinds of places. "…well, I hope this place is less trashy." -03:21 Aug 08
Cupio: He looked at her. "I have no idea what its like." he said "I’ve never been to it." he felt like he had just been insulted wince that kind of place was all he knew. "It should be coming up on the right just." he stopped and blinked. "That is…." there was a steel bace shaled like a naked body it’s legs spread adn by some trick it was filled with dancing flames. ".. impresive." he stared for a second before he started movign again. "Are you going to meet me inside again?" -03:24 Aug 08
Jayden: "Yeah, I can meet you inside. I-" and she trailed off. …Virgin? Really? What an ironic name… Jayden was grinning now. "Yeah, I’ll get a drink and meet you inside. I think this one might actually be amusing." -03:27 Aug 08
Cupio: He moved into the back and was greeted with a surprized look. "Who the hell are you?" "Cupio… I’m trying out tday." "I have your name on my list but… Oh woah did not expect that.. go with in erm.. miss…" this place has a guard, that was good, one with a wapon too, a big one. At least they’d keep the riff raff out. Cupio had a good feeling about this. -03:37 Aug 08
Jayden: Jay went through the front. It helped being a good looking chick dressed all nice, and name dropping to get in. The place was rather snazzy! Old school class with a bit of a theme. WAY better in terms of atmosphere than the last sleezyass place. Inside she ordered a drink at the bar, and spied around. Aaaaalmost made her give stripping a second consideration. Almost. -03:40 Aug 08
Cupio: Okay this uniform certainly hid more skin, it was really more a dress with a very low front hardle any back, and ending a long way above the knee, still there were nice shoes to go with it… still he had to modify it a little to allow for tail , the wings were fine though. "Right new girl you’re on, the boss will be watching you to see hos you do. Remember your job is to keep the clients company, let those on serving duty worry about getting them drinks." Then he was out and on the floor finding Jayden and tapping her on the shoulder. "Hey, I have a bit of time before I have to start working properly, what do you think?" -03:48 Aug 08
Jayden: "You look like a girl." the response was deliberately assinine. She was still painfully jealous of his female form. Jayden shrugged a shoulder. "You look cute, I guess? Getting lusty looks already. Apparently men like dainty little demons." -03:51 Aug 08
Cupio: "I meant the place Jayden." he said facing the other way next to her "I kind of like it. Its… warm." he looked at her and poked her arm. "Whatever you’re drinking I’ll have one, just one though I don’t think I’ll be out of here for a while. Baring what happened last time. THough this place is… tidier, is this what you meant by class?" -03:54 Aug 08
Jayden: Right! The place. Jayden really needed to get a gripe over herself. She leaned over the bar to order a drink for her girlfriend, then was glancing around again. "Yeah, this is more classy… not like top of the line classy, but way better. I think they keep a tight reign on things at least. I’ve never seen a place where bouncers packed guns." It was unusual, and they hid them pretty well. but you just can’t mistake a gunholster when you see one. "Are you going to do the fancy dancing or the drinks serving?" -03:59 Aug 08
Cupio: "Tonight I just have to kep them company until told otherwise… oh you should have seen the gun on the guard at the back it had to be…" he held his hands out a couple of feet apart. "This big…" he took the drink and took a sip. "Thank Jay." turning he kissed her on the cheek and then leaned on the bar. "How long you thinking of hanging around?" -04:05 Aug 08
Jayden: Jay rolled her eyes, but grinned all the same. She shrugged her shoulders. "I guess I can stay until it’s time for you to go home. It’s not like I have anywhere else to be." No job in the morning, just bleak, broke existance! She tried to imagine the gun in the back. That was… even more weird. Why did a strip joint need so much security? -04:08 Aug 08
Cupio: He frowned and poked the corner of her mouth. "You don’t look like you’re enjoying yourself. Have another drink, relax, Jay…" suddenly the bar didn’t seem important, Jay did. "Come, I’m taking you to dance." -04:12 Aug 08
Jayden: Jayden smirked. "That’s going to get you a lot of brownie points, dancing with a girl…" No sarcasm there. Men loved hot ladies all over each other. Jayden was just amused enough to forget being jealous. She finished off her drink, but didn’t order another one. "Fine, dancing and trying to relax. I kinda feel like your pimp!" -04:15 Aug 08
Cupio: He pilted his head and stopepd to pull her closer and cup his ahdn to whisper in her ear. "Just remember who gets to see me on my other form and who get to have sex with me." he pulled her onto the dance floor. It was classic swing on a live band, not something Cupio had ever heard ebfore but the movements of the other people aroun wer easy enough to copy and the music had a simple tempo.. it almosy made his long for demon music… that was more challenging. -04:19 Aug 08
Jayden: "Great, now I’m imagining you in bed dressed like THAT!" And as much as that didn’t sound sexy at all, it DID make Jayden laugh and improve her mood a little bit. Jayden wasn’t exactly a world class dancer, but it was easy enough to follow a rhythm when she wasn’t drunk as hell, and even easier to take the lead when he had to be so damned petite. -04:25 Aug 08
Cupio: "If you were into it…" he said leaving the sentence unfinished letting her take the lead… still though this was fun and he was smiling. "In fact if you’re into anything all you have to do is say so Jayden. I’m a demon I’m sure I can take it and more. Its not exactly strait sex all the time in hell all the time." maybe not the best thing to be talking about on the dance floor but it was something he had been wanting to bring up. -04:29 Aug 08
Jayden: "I don’t dig girls, Coop, I already went through that phase!" she rolled her eyes about that. Jayden had enough problems dealing with herself without having to throw other females in to the mix. Even if the female was also a guy. Then she was just laughing about the rest! "You’re pretty much offering yourself up as my kinky sex slave, then? What makes you think that’s going to be a good idea?" It was funny! Mostly because none of the stuff Jayden was thinking up right now really seemed like it would be out of line for a demon. And she was trying really hard to think of something terrible! -04:39 Aug 08
Cupio: "I didn’t mean that Jay." he said dancing closer to herso that they could talk. "If you leave me hanging I’ll have to take the initiative." a wicked grin that was pure evil no matter the face he wore crossed over his features and his eyes droped to purposfully check her out. "You can take a lot for a human, I already know that much. I’m curious about just how much you CAN take." -04:46 Aug 08
Jayden: If this had been one of her girl friends, Jayden wouldn’t have been so uncomfortably awkward feeling. It was just the fact she had plenty enough hot sex with this guy that there was the tension even though he had biggers boobs to her, and that irked her to the point of turning red. Jayden deliberately played coy. "Whatever do you mean, Coop? I only try to keep up with my demon room mate, he’s some kind of sex fiend, I think!" -04:51 Aug 08
Cupio: His eyes rolled upwards and fangs appeared on top of his lip as he tried he best to look unharmful. "Thats actually a very accurate description." he said "Hedonism is one of the traits demons of my kind are known for. You’re just so much fun though, and different even from other humans. I just want you all to myself sometimes." his hand went to the back of her neck and he was biting his lip again a hungry expression crossing over his features, and there it was, the musk… -04:56 Aug 08
Jayden: "It’s not like I hang out with anyone else, lately." she muttered. Aw damnit. An arm around the mini-Coop’s waist and Jayden was nuzzling his cheek. Girl or not, there was always something about him that made her want to fuck his brains out. She was going to kick his ass for this later! Before she could even open her mouth to complain…. or more likely sneak a kiss… a hand clamped on her shoulder. Jayden’s annoyed frown quickly turned to a glare. It was THAT guy! -05:04 Aug 08

“Ah, so we meet again.” He murmured with that slick smile. The guy didn’t look so pissy tonight. Dressed to the nines himself, and apparently holding a great deal of amusement. “Allow me to apologize for the other night. Not a great day for myself. What a coincidence that your…girlfriend is now here working at MY joint.” Slick smile to a smug one. He really was amused. -Jayden

Cupio: He was grinning ear to ear at the reacton from Jayden when they were interupted… Cupio shifted away from Jayden to make sure his dress was pulled down and then blinked at the man "Your joint…" he wouldn’t have come if he had known that but his arm hooked around Jayden’t and he looked at the man. ‘Self control you need this job, you need this job.’ -05:08 Aug 08
Jayden: "She’s not working here yet, and I think she probably won’t. I’m not keen on her working with douchebags." Jayden hissed back. She clearly wasn’t thinking about the job, self control, or anything close. She was very keen on the idea of breaking his face. -05:20 Aug 08

His eyes ran up and down the demon’s body, and his smile was even more smug. “You wound me. I am trying to apologize.” He signalled over to the bartender. “Have any drink you like. On the house. In the mean time, I need to make sure this beautiful lady gets the proper kind of interview.” -Jayden

Cupio: He tugged on Jay’s arm. "Jay, we need this job. Or did you forget I lost you yours. And I’m still sorry about that." this was all said in a whisper. "Its just an interview, talking, he tries anythign more and believe me you will hear my reaction and you can come running. Alright?" -05:28 Aug 08
Jayden: "If he does, it’s gonna take more than a puffed up bouncer with a gun to stop me." Jayden didn’t bother to whisper. She wanted the asshole to know what she was going to do to him. She did, however, back off. Coop felt bad about the job thing, she didn’t want him to feel worse… -05:33 Aug 08

“Have a drink. Please. I’ll only have her for a minute.” All too smooth he held an arm out for the demon to follow him, and led the way through the club towards the offices that were in the back. The back rooms had two security men standing there too preventing anyone outside of those approved from getting in. -Jayden

Cupio: "I’ll be fine." he let go of her arm and bounced away after the guy trying to catch up in the dress and shoes. If only he could have his wings bigger and flown. This footwear wan’t exactly practical. Two big beefy guards though… He looked back at Jayden as the doors closed. Well there went backup, anything happened he was on his own. -05:41 Aug 08
Jayden: Jealous, over-protective girlfriend. That’s exactly what she felt like. Jayden stomped on over to the bar and ordered another drink. Might as well take advantage of the offer! Why the hell did Coop have to be one of -those- girls when he was a chick? -05:51 Aug 08

Once he stepped in to his office, he held the door open for the tiny woman and closed it behind her. Locked it. Moving away from the door he put a hand on her back, thumb caressing the skin as he guided her further in to the room. It was actually quite large and looked more like a posh lounge than an office. Complete with sofa and table, and it’s own private bar. “Your gir