Demon Vexed 001: The Unwanted Summon

Demon Vexed

[Elisandre is a witch. A white witch, a nature witch, and earth witch… a witch by so many names! And she is trying to rub spilled blood out of her robes right in the middle of the end of season ritual with her coven. Damn Lucretia and her weird potions!] -06:04 Feb 11
Elisandre: Elisandre was sure it was blood. Why Lucretia needed blood during a Spring Ceremony was beyond her. The witch was probably drinking it like a youth elixer. Glaring across the sigil circle, Elisandre almost missed her cue to toss her element in to the pyre. Which of -course- made Lucretia grin all the wider. Others followed suit as the Matron droned on. And in a few moments it would be done, and Elisandre could return to the peace and quiet of her cabin. -06:10 Feb 11
Cupio: The pyre flared brightly the flames suddenly springing up to the cieling. "Who dares?" the voice was deep and forboding as the flames burned brighter, shifting color all avros the spectrum to flood the clering with a deep indego light. Then a shape appeared in it, humanoid except for the hirns and large set of wings and then with a dright flash the fire swept outwards and then extinquished and in it’s place stood a demon who eyes then all, a clawed had shifting restlessly as a tongue slid across hie lips hungrily, then the naked for turned to Elisandre and stepped towards her a flash of anger showing on his face. "Why did you summon me whichling?" he demanded before the wings, horns, and claws faded. "And what is it you desire?" his voice was soft and enticing lick warm breeze after a harsh winter. "I am bound to you." -06:17 Feb 11
Elisandre: "WHAT?" She wasn’t the only one shouting. In fact there were several squealing witches, one or two fleeing. Lucretia fuming, and the Matron looking out-raged. "…Oh no! No no no no, I didn’t summon this! I don’t do summonings! I swear to the Mother I did NOT summon… th… THAT!" She pointed at the demon. Naked demon! -06:21 Feb 11
Cupio: He rolled his eyes once before stepping closer to her. "I can sense who I’m bound to and I hate being bound, so tell me your desire…" he reached out to brush his fingers against her cheek. "Anything you wish… and our contract can be completed." -06:24 Feb 11

Lucretia was stomping forward, nearly snarling. “She is not your master, demon!” But the Matron held out an arm. “Then who is, daughter?” Looking a bit startled, and then annoyed, Lucretia stepped back. “Using the circle to summon a beast is a punishable offence. If YOU did not summon this creature, Elisandre of the Glade, I suggest you explain who did.” stated the Matron, seeming to expect an answer straight away. Along with several other very curious, very interested witches! -Elisandre

Elisandre: "Don’t touch." Elisandre was in the middle of leaning back and slapping his hand way. Filthy demons… who would summon one of these?! "I have no idea who summoned it! You are more than welcome to send him back where he came from though!" -06:31 Feb 11
Cupio: He stood up strait his hand falling to his side. "Of the witch matron wasnts to test her powers against mine then I am sorry for what you are all about to witness." he said without taking his eyes off of the witch in front of him. "I am bound to you, I cannot leave until I am no longer, you knew that when you summoned me…" then he grabbed her robe and leaned down to smell the blood on it and grinned showing it to her. "See. It’s you." -06:35 Feb 11

The Matron did nothing more but raise an eyebrow while Lucretia was now behind her practically snarling in frustration. “Only his true master can send him back and…” The Matron did not look pleased as she gestured, “[i]You[/i] are whom he is bound.” After a moment of thought, the Matron waved away the other witches. “The evening is done and our ceremony complete, despite this interuption. ELISANDRE, I suggest you solve this problem by the next Season’s End. He is, after all, at your command…” -Elisandre

Elisandre: "No. nu, no..! This thing is not mine, can’tyoutakeitwithyou?!" Argh…! Everyone was staring, whispering, and now leaving. Even Lucretia was casting her some sort of murder glare as she followed the Matron in to the trees. Leaving Elisandre gripping the hair at the top of her head and wondering if she should go running, begging and pleading for the Matron to fix it. She dropped her hands, turned and glared at the beast. " ….Well… I command you to go back to hell!" -06:44 Feb 11
Cupio: "If only it were that simple." he said "I was having such a good time with a fresh soul." he leaned in close to her and took a deep breath through his nose, smelling her before he grinned and gently took her hand. "I am nothing more than a creature to you, a beast. That hurts you know when I could show you things you;ve never dreamed of and I can’t leave until I am released. And when I am… this world looks like fun." -06:48 Feb 11
Elisandre: Elisandre was leaning back, snatching her hand away and taking a few steps to the side. "You’re a demon, you don’t have feelings. Now get back in that circle so I can rig some sort of… reverse summoning…" What would she even need for that? She didn’t do that sort of magic! And ugh, naked… Elisandre closed her eyes and covered them with a hand for good measure. "I did NOT summon you, either." -06:52 Feb 11
Cupio: "I have feelings." he asreted, amused by her reastions to him but he dutifully stepped back into the circle and clasped his hands as he grinned at her. "I also have a name, do you know it? Hmm…?" he watched her and tappes his finger on her chin. "Oh I get it… you’re caught out and now you’re worried all the other little witchlings will turn on you. Well… I could get rid of them for you…" -06:56 Feb 11
Elisandre: "Oh yes, because an -intelligent- witch would summon a demon during a ceremony, and then deny she did it instead of immediately slaughtering the witnesses!" ….which, of course, he just offered to do. How did this even happen?! Once he was safely out of her personal space, Elisandre shuffled around the circle, eyeing all the symbols drawn on the ground, and dug through her robes for her element. "I don’t care to hear your name. In a few moments you will be gone and -I- will be returning home." -07:00 Feb 11
Cupio: "No, I won’t." he said "The spell on me is a lot more powerful than that." he took a deep dreath and tunrned to keep his eyes on her as she circled. "Really I’m lucky to have any free will at all. If it wasn’t you than whoever did this wanted to make me into a slave and if I ever find out who they were I’ll return the favor." he narrowed his eyes at her. "Even if they were you." he tilted his head to a curious slant and then folded his arms. "You’re a virgin… should have known." -07:04 Feb 11
[Elisandre enters.] -07:08 Feb 11
Elisandre: "Oooh nooo. A virgin witch! How rare and uncommon!" That sarcastic wiggle of her fingers drove the statement home. None of the symbols were out of the ordinary, and she couldn’t spot any off elements. …Elisandre fussed at the blood on her robes. That had to be it. "But you can rest easy, at least. I have NO intentions of making you a slave or keeping you here at all. …I’m going to need a wand. Don’t move." She’d have to trek all the way back to the cabin. Elisandre huffed and started stomping for the trees. -07:12 Feb 11
Cupio: Huh, don’t move. As if! He was taking to the air as soon as she was out of sight and gliding after her until she got to her cabim, then he dropped down right at the door no more than a yew feet in front of her. "Virgins don’t summon lust demons." he said simply, that means I don’t have to kill you. All you have to do now is figure out which of your sisters is giving it up for free… or for pay… and we’ll have a suspect who’ll know how to release me, see. I’m working in your interests because really casting slepps to set a demon free without knowing if they’ll send it to hell or not. Resky bussiness. I’m sure you know the implicatiosn of a demon out in the world out of control. Not that I feed off of bloodshed or anything. My tastes are a lot more fum… Or you coulf ask you mother for help… or you ceald just enjoy having me around I’m very pleasent company." -07:18 Feb 11
Elisandre: "I told you to WAIT BACK THERE!" Argh, naked demon! In her way. Elisandre was covering her eyes again. Especially now knowing he was a lust demon. If she weren’t careful he’d try using a demon charm on her. "Fine. It should be a simple matter of discovering who did the summoning. So MOVE. Get out of the way." -07:21 Feb 11
Cupio: He reached out to put his hands on her shoulders. "So… you don’t like looking at me? I heard stories about witch coverns… fine I read pornographic nodels about witch coverns but the point is…" he changed, shrinking and changing shape and then "his" arms were arounf her in a reasuring… sort of… hug. "Maybe this would be better for you." then he was opening her door without having to unlock it and dodging inside to see how she lived." -07:25 Feb 11
Elisandre: "Oh blessed be." He shape shifted, and she was pretty sure she felt boobs. At least that WAS a little easier to look at. So when she dropped her hands, she found herself glaring at a female demon. Elisandre stomped through the threshold. "I didn’t invite you in to my home. Don’t touch anything. Just be still for a moment while I find my wand and a few books." She shuffled over to a table where she did most of her brewing work. "….and for the record, covens are NOTHING like those blasted novels!" -07:29 Feb 11
[Cupio is exploring a new palce and is a perky naked and universally attractive demon, who has found a collection of magical gems.] -05:56 Feb 12
Cupio: He ignored everything she had just said and twirled through her living room his tail tracing pattens in his wake as he came to a stop in front of a set of shelves containing a collection of gems and stones. OOoooohhhh he was immediatly snatcing up an angel colored one and clutching it to his chest, feeling it’s energy as he leaned over and his tail swished happily though the air above him. "I’ve always wanted one of these… ground up and disolved in alcohol I heard they take you to a while new circle of hell." Still holding onto the gem he started rummaging through the others. "What I need to go with it is a touch of brimstone…" -06:02 Feb 12
Elisandre: It took her a moment before she looked up, then she was dropping her book to immediately cross the room and snatch things out of his… her…? hands! "I said don’t touch anything! You’re going to taint them, or snatch their vital parts… Just… go sit down!" Why was it STILL naked! Elisandre moved away to snatch up a quilt and threw it at the demon. -06:06 Feb 12
Cupio: He caught it and nuddled his cheek against it as he took in it’s scent. Rough and old… she had had this for a while… from a aprent? There were memories attatched to it and… "Mmmmmm." he spread it on the floor and lay down on it spreading his arms out and flattenign his chest against it to nuzzlign into the fabric, his hips sinking down slowly to goin in the sensory orgy of the cloth as his tail curled and uncurled in a steady rythm. "Elis…" her name was purred becoming a soft enticing hiss at the end right before his tongue flicked against the quilt. "I like this place, it resonates with energy… I can almost ignore the mess." -06:13 Feb 12
Elisandre: She must have stood there for a second looking like a dumbstruck deer. Elisandre wasn’t sure if she were horrified or about to kick the demon. A deep breath…! She was calm. Maybe grinding her teeth, but she was calm. "Stop that. You are being completely lascivious and it’s DISTURBING." Elisandre almost did kick him. Her. Grrr. She stepped over the demon back to her table. It needed to go NOW! -06:26 Feb 12
Cupio: "I can’t help my nature Elis, any more than you can help yours." More nuzzles into the quilt and she he was turning to look at the witch with a grin slowly spreading across his face. "Whover summoned me is missing out… I di know one thing though… they like men, overwise I would have appeared like this…" he rolled onto his back and spread his arms out and up to tuck his hands behind his head and his tain curled around his hip to scratch his stomach before flopping to the floor as he crossed his legs and watched her with the same grin adn his eyes half lidded before his tonue trailed over his upper lip and he imagined what she had to be like under those clothes. "Pity you’re not the type to take advantage of what you have right in front of you before sending me away. You have me anyway, may as well… That other witch… blondy angryface. Bet she would…" -06:33 Feb 12
Elisandre: Elisandre was trying not to watch him – her – despite the fact she was afraid looking away even for a second would mean him getting in to things. How a naked woman was even more weird than a naked men confounded her. At least until she realized there was a very subtle sweet scent to the air. In her frustration, Elisandre tugged off her ceremony robes and threw them at the demon. Underneath she was wearing a simple pair of pants and an embroidered tunic. "Clothes! Now! And stop secreting. I know what you’re trying to do to me." Evil sneaky lust demon… There was already tons of terrible imagery in her head, and now her hands were fumbling as she resumed the search for her wand. -06:39 Feb 12
Cupio: "Oops." ther was a giggle and the robes were pulled on then then he flopped down to slowly wruthe intise this new material. Soft… smoooth. Very smooth. "Didn’t realize I was releasing." He forsed himself to stand and then frabbed her to just gently brush his lips against the corner of her mouth. "That’s all I’ll take for now." Then he was moving off to a soft chair to plop down in it and watch her his tail slipping between his legs as he gripped the arm rests and then stopped. "What do you have to drink around here? Also do you think these robes will hit other me if I hold onto the until morning?" -06:45 Feb 12
Elisandre: "Almost prefer other you." she muttered under her breath. Had she cringed at a kiss? Elisandre expected some sort of spell to be cast on her. At worst the demon was just making her incredibly uncomfortable! "No drinks. You’re leaving." Ha! There was her wand. Elisandre snatched it up quick. Her book followed and she was thumbing through the pages as she crossed the floor and stopped in front of the chair the demon so casually claimed. "Reverse, reverse… here we go." The blood still on the robe should be enough… so a swish, swish flick of her wand and Elisandre tried the spell! -06:49 Feb 12
Cupio: There was a flash and he felt the spell but he didn’t move… "Nope! Still bound to you and still here. Unless this is a part of hell that looks exactly like your house… which I wouldn’t mind one bit." There were fang in his mouth now as he looked around at his new joke claim before he stood. "Got amymore? Can I make a few suggestions? Hmm…. you probably need an artofact like the dagger used to spill the blood, or whatever was added to it to give it that slightly minty taste. Toadwart?" He shrugged, but this was impormative. He could learn what she could do. -06:54 Feb 12
Elisandre: "Fantastic. An adventure in Lucretia’s bordello of sin…" Oh she didn’t like that idea at ALL. Elisandre flipped through a few more pages, tried another spell. And a third… none of them would take and more complicated spells took time to put together! Time she would be stuck with this demon…! The book snapped shut and Elisandre tossed it over to her desk. "….okay…. Then what is the nature of this bond? Are you supposed to kill someone? Do some deed? What does it take for you to leave?" -06:58 Feb 12
Cupio: Bordello of sin! That sounded fun! A place to take over once he was free and enjoy. "Well…" He stood and stepped up close to her. :I could be for sex, that is my aspect… it could be for murder, it could be forever. I’m really sorry I have no way of knowing. But at least you know I could have just sex sex to sleep with you but I didn’t. He placed his hand on the back of her head and brushed his lips agaist hers again, but only because it got to her the first time. "So those drinks… and food, you have to be hungey after all that magic. Don’t worry I don’t bite." another grin adn he was moving away from her towards what looked like a cross between a kitchen and an alchemy lab. "I’m in the mood to get hammered. No world, new posibilities… so much to celebrate!"" -07:04 Feb 12
[Cupio enters.] -07:06 Feb 12
Elisandre: Forever. With a demon that was practically oozing out sex pheremones to the point that she was going to have to put the fire out just to keep the room at a reasonable temperature. Elisandre plucked at the fabric of her tunic to get a decent breeze against her skin, and scowled at the demon. "Stop being a woman. The last thing I need is to feel molested by someone like my sisters. And if you are looking for booze you won’t find it here. Nor are you going to find any meat." Not that she had a problem with meat… she just had problems with killing poor forest animals. Elisandre pinched the bridge of her nose. How was she supposed to get supplies with a lust demon? Taking it to town would be a nightmare! -07:11 Feb 12
Cupio: And right then there was a change in him again, just like the last on but in reverse and the sound of ripping fabric. "That answers that." he called back getting water for himself and turning around to look at her. "I’d be perfectly alright with you rhinking baout be as a sister, so log as it’s an extremely sexy sister who wants to have sex with you." another grin and a sip of water before he dumped the rest over his head to cool off and started rummabign about until he found a hunk of bread. "Look it doesn’t really matter if you don’t have meat, I’ll kill my own, and as long as you say I can leave I’ll also take care of my other needs. You won’t even know I’m here." There was no end to his grin. -07:18 Feb 12
Elisandre: Maybe a male lust demon was a bad idea. Now he was wet. No, no he was talking about sexy sisters. Elisandre turned her back to him and stared up at the ceiling. Her fingers were tapping impatiently against her hips. "….seeing as this is going to take a little longer than I hoped, I have rules! First of all, you are not leaving this cabin. Second, you’re not going to touch me, You’re not touching anyone! No sexing, no oozing sex, no touching, no demon tricks. The last thing I want is you terrorizing people." -07:24 Feb 12
Cupio: "So.. you’re planning to kill me slowly through starvation then?" he said placing the cup down. "Well if you see me as nothing more than a dangerous beast then you’d be okay with that. I Can’t hurt you because of the spell but…" he shook his head. "Forget it, send me back as soon as you can. I’ll be here. Dying." -07:28 Feb 12
Elisandre: "That’s fine by me! One less demon in the world!" Demons were, after all, nothing more than beasts, human shells or not. …..Elisandre slowly deflated, turning as she crossed her arms to give him an annoyed, defeated look. "No, I’m not going to let you slowly die… Hunt if you have to. No killing people. And I don’t want to see what you’ve killed. And you absolute can NOT go near any of the villages. …that should be fine enough?" -07:32 Feb 12
[(Timeout) Cupio got too distracted for their own good…] -07:38 Feb 12
Cupio: The looks he gave her conveys a simple message. ‘What the fuck?’ then his face fell as it dawned on him and hr covered his face in his hand and and he let out a muttered phrase on the breath of a sigh. "Demons need more than food and water to live." he said slowly. "Hells you really do know nothing about us. I need sex, without sex I die, just like you would without food." he tore a hunk of bread loose and chewed on it as if to prove his point. "Before I’d die though.. I’d enter a frenzy, if that happened I don;t think you have a spell powerful enough to keep me away from the villages." -07:38 Feb 12
Elisandre: Right. Lust demon. How did she not realize… THAT was a bit of a problem, and her issue with it was as plain as day across her face. "Sex is not exactly going to BE an option. I can’t let you loose on hapless villagers, whores or otherwise! How do I know you’re not some succubus-incubus life sucking monstrosity when you sex things up?" -07:42 Feb 12
Cupio: "Hey!" he said. "I don’t need to steal enegry though sex, what I feed on is the act itself and what is felt by both parties. I have my pride so don’t call me a sex vampire." he spat and glared at her. "On the otehr hand… humand can’t stand up to a lot… I imagine they’re find the experience exhausting." he tapped his chin and considered. "Well then I’m back to starving to death. So yout problem I.E. me will solve itself, but I’ll make you feel worse than I do about it!" -07:48 Feb 12
Elisandre: "I am not going to allow you to guilt trip me over something so assinine! Can’t just… take care of it yourself!" This topic of conversation was… frustrating! Elisandre was plucking at her tunic again for another breeze. With a huff she flicked a hand at the fireplace to put it out. Candles lit around the room instead. "I am not going to let you starve and wither. I am not heartless. But I can’t let you run loose seducing people. You ARE a demon, I don’t trust you." -07:54 Feb 12
Cupio: "Smart girl." he said folding his arms. "I wouldn’t trust me either, and I know me. And no, masterbation only stakes off the inevitable. As I starve I’ll become more and more desperate too. I wouldn’t be able to help myself. I’d… ‘take care of myselt’ more and more until it was just a continuos thing and I filled this house with my desperate moans. Then when it got too much I’d come looking for you, and no trick would be above being used. You’re too young to experience being penetrated that roughly and being forced to enjoy it against your will… but then I was too. Small world." he chot her a look. "Well if you’re decided I can’t have anyone except you and not have you either. Do you ahve a nice qiet place where you won’t hear me too loudly? I’m go there for the next week or so and not tell me where it is. -08:00 Feb 12
Elisandre: The more he spoke, the higher her hands rose until finally they were covering her ears and she was staring at him with a mix between disgust and horror. What in all the hells was she supposed to do about that?! A perpetually masturbating demon was even worse, and she just really -really- could not punish some stranger with him. It was bad enough SHE was stuck with him! "FINE! Fine…!" she shouted, her arms now covering her head and most of her face. "I get it. You can have me then, but just.. Fast! No linger-touchy-stuff… I just. Uuuggh.." Now she was wishing she did have some wine. Another huff and Elisandre was stalking away to snatch that quilt off the floor and toss it over a chair. She would kill the witch that thought a demon summon was a good idea. -08:09 Feb 12
Cupio: "You make it sound like you’re the one stuck as a slave to a spell." he said before he looked away from her. "You can relax, It’s obviously not going to work with you… yet. As I said it workd off of what both of us feel so for f you’re not going to enjoy it, won’t let me halp you enjoy it. I have to be hungrier. It will make it faster too. So we’ll check back in a day or two." he was very unhappy with this. He wanted the touchy stuff, it fed him too in different ways. "Who knows, maybe I’ll be gone by then or you’d have convinced the boldello of sin to let me in. I can be very gentle when I want to be… and I’m not too hungry." -08:16 Feb 12
Elisandre: "Yes, I am quite sure claws and teeth and wings are quite gentle." He was right, though. The demon was supposed to be bound to her why was she making all of the concessions?! The thought of sending him to Lucretia was almost tempting. Elisandre was scowling again, arms still crossed. But at least now she was watching him and trying to figure him out. "You can’t go there. If she is the one that tried to summon you, it can’t be for anything good. I am miserable company, but I will take care of you and no one will get hurt in the process." -08:22 Feb 12
Cupio: "You might." he said. "As you keeo pointing out I am a demon… I can try to make things easier for you but that will put me under a lot of strain and it I snap someone if getting…" he scowled. "Things would be a lot easier if you’d let me seduce you rether than just giving me permision to jump you. You’re not the on in the contract so I have no hold on your soul. That hasn’t always stopped me in the past them those people desurved it, probably." -08:27 Feb 12
Elisandre: Elisandre laughed, but it was really more a nervous laughing than amusement. "What makes you think I can be seduced. I’ve no interest in what you have to offer and I am perfectly happy with how things are. …and even if you do snap I can take care of it!" A small moment of irritated pride. She frowned. "My magic is strong. Just because I don’t go boasting about it, or summoning up demons, and just because it requires a lot more thought than a swish and flick doesn’t mean it isn’t. I could bend your will if I wanted to – and you know, maybe some witches -prefer- not having to deal with constant nonsense and chaos!" Somewhere she got lost on a tangeant, and Elisandre was blaming the fact that scent was still in the air and he was annoyingly nice to look at. "Ugghh…! I can deal with this in the morning!" -08:33 Feb 12
Cupio: "Everyone can be seduced." he said. "I just thought it would be prudent to ask your permision first." he moved closer to her and gently took hold of her wrist and slid his hand about hers, his brow knitting and eyebrows raising in concern. "You’re right, you can deal with it in the morning." his tone was softer than the sound of falling snow. "You should relax, your world hasn’t ended and this is a good thing. If this hadn’t happened someone who wanted to use my power would have me and then you’d have to fight me and possibly kill me. "I don’t want to fight you Elis. I want to help you any way I can, as you help me." Again his lips brushed against the corner of her mouth but this time they lingered for a second. -08:40 Feb 12
Elisandre: It was true, a demon inside her space wasn’t really the end of all things. Were he under Lucretia’s spell a million and one worst things could be going on. There was nothing to get worked up ove-and how the hell did he get across the room! "Um..!" Elisandre raised a finger, her protest dying somewhere in her throat before she had to swallow and try it again. "Don’t… try to trick me. You’re using your wiley things." -08:46 Feb 12
Cupio: He pulled away and grinned at her, then pushed his lips against hers again, slipping his tonue out against her lips and slowly slid a hand down her cheek. "Yes I am." he said before pulling back again and playing with a strand of her hair that ran behind her ear. "And I can sense what you feel on your heart and in your mind… I can smell it. Your stress smells bitter and I don’t like it. Your uncertainty smell like lemon leaves after the rain. It’s just my way of help you stay calm even if it’s for just a moment, and maybe once I lose control and force you… if you know I can be gentle too you won’t hate me." -08:51 Feb 12
Elisandre: Were she not dumbstruck like a dimwit, she’d have been shaking her hands at him and hissing about kissing magic! Cause that’s what it was, body paralyzing, brain deadening, kissing magics. Her mouth was dry and it took her a moment before she was shaking her head, and very delicately pressing two fingers to his chest to move him away. "And what does it matter to a demon if I hate you? I don’t like having my senses meddled with. I can’t think like this." -08:58 Feb 12
Cupio: Both of his hands moved to masage the base of her skull as he stubbornly stayed close to her. "If you hate me, and I sense it I’m not likely to react well to it and I’d rather avoid that. You’re a victim in this and…" he pulled his arms back with her head still in them to pull her against him. "I empathize." there was a had slipping down her spine as he kissed the side of her head. "I’d rather not put myself in a position where I coult hurt you… and willing to play dirty to do it." -09:03 Feb 12
Elisandre: He popped what was left of her space bubble, and she may have audibly squeaked. At least if she were afraid, it would be so much more excusable than that weird this is nice! feeling she really did NOT want to have about a demon who was clearly trying to win her over with centuries worth of well practiced techniques. Elisandre cleared her throat and very delicately was trying to untangle herself from him. "…which is all well and good ifibelievedawordofanythingyousay…!" -09:08 Feb 12
Cupio: He let her go but not before planting naother kiss right on her mouth, his lips parting and his tongue pushign between hers and it lingered, hsi hand trailing up and down her back as his lips massaged against hers and his tongue explored, then he was pulling back himself and awith a hand bruthing against her cheek and a smile he was back to only holding her hand. "You don’t have to believe me to let it help relax you. you desurve some good out of this." Another kiss wouldnt hurt, this one of the corner of her mouth and breaf. "You get to explore things you have denied yourself and then I am gone forever once you find the right spell. A little enjoyment with no consequence." -09:14 Feb 12

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