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Character Name: Elisandre
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Species/Race: Witch


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Demon Vexed

Demon Vexed 005: The Village of the Dead

Elisdandre: Elisandra didn’t like this. "This" being, going on a mission with her "familiar" in tow. There was always leaving the demon alone in the glade. But how many different ways could a powerful demon get in trouble all by his lonesome? Throw in Lucretia to the mix and here Elisandre was. Stomping down a forest path towards a local village, now having to do her job with an unpredictable sex demon. "I wasn’t kidding about the clothes. Manifest something to wear or I’m going to do it for you." -10:07 May 12
Cupio: Cupio smiled and bowed his head. "I would hate to see wha you want to see me in… or would love to if you were in the mood." purple smoke swirled around him and formed into long flowing robes leaving his head explosed as he folloed the witch. "Why are we here anyway, the stench of the souless is on the air and they aren’t worht my time killing. No sould means no gain." -10:35 May 12
Elisdandre: She got distracted for a moment considering the things she might want to see him in. Maybe some pirate pants and a vest.. hrmm… Elisandre shook herself out of that thought to cast him a small frown. "Sometimes a witch is called out to do a good deed. Work. Assholes are out there giving a good witch a bad name, and tus we fix it… In this case people have been turning up missing in a village, and it’s likely to be some stupid sorcerer grabbing bodies for things. An easy fix." -10:39 May 12
Cupio: "Take voer the village to lure the sorceror out, then kill him, then harverst the village and move on." he said lookign at the small collection of huts before them. "You’re fight, easy, silmple, clean. Didn’t think it was your… oh… you want to help them don’t you." -10:43 May 12
Elisdandre: "Yes. HELP them. …but yes also kill the sorcerer and take what he’s hoarding." …and this was why she didn’t want to bring a demon. How did any witch survive having a demon familiar? Elisandre was rolling her eyes at him, up until the huts and small buildings came in to view and they crossed through the village border. Then her demeanor was completely different. Poised, wary… searching! There was a single human, beast, or otherwise anywhere to be seen. "….This is strange…" -10:48 May 12
Cupio: "It’s a trap." he said simply not stopping as he moves forwards into the village. "But I do like the idea of getting some good toys out of this, I wonder if any of it will be usable by demons ot might help break this link…" through who hoked in the back of his robes that hadn’t been there a secong earlier his wings unfolded af he gathered energies, prepairing himself. "You coming?" -10:52 May 12
Elisdandre: "It wouldn’t be the first trap set by some asshole sorcerer. I’m coming." she muttered, more wary about the demon now than the idiot she was going to have to kill. The lack of people was alarming. She walked with him, pulling a wand up out of her belt, reaching outwards…. nothing. Not a life. Not a soul. The entire village was completely devoid of it. So why was all the hair raising up on the back of her neck and her skin crawling! "Sorcerers do tend to have very nice ancient items scattered around their lairs." -10:57 May 12
Cupio: Coop reached the central square that contained a well and there was still not a single person to be seen, but coop her other senses. "We’re surrounded." he said taking a breath. "Any second now the trap will be sprung and we’ll be surrounded… Smells like undead.You didn’t say he wa a necromancer… that means… interesting. I’ll be sure to search his lair thouroughly." -11:00 May 12
[Vay is now known as: Cupio] -11:07 May 12
Elisdandre: She flinched at the word undead. And her heart might have skipped at the word necromancer. But there was no other expression when she took a deep breath and seemed to shift her casting energy immediately to direct aggressive attack. …and not a moment too soon! As if summoned by the demon himself there were suddenly strange groans. Grunts. Creaks and shuffles. Hands pushing out of doorways, bodies crawling up from under high standing buildings. Dead people circling around the huts, all circling around the two at the center of the village. "Gods all be fucking damned!" Elisandre popped off her spells, quickly and with deadly accuracy! Not a single one of those things were coming near her! -11:08 May 12
Cupio: Coop heard the groans, felt the shift in energy from elis and folding his arms sat on the edge of the well. "Time to see what a witch can do." he said holding up a hand and the same purple mist that made his clothes sworling in his hand to create, or rather summon from elsewhere, an apple that he bit into. "There are a lot of them.. say if you die do you think I’ll be free?" another bite of apple and coop grinned. Elis wasn’t in any real danger. IF they came close Coop always could grab her and fly away. -11:12 May 12
Elisdandre: "Glad to see you are AMUSED." The calm out exterior did match what was going on in her head. Elisandre didn’t fear the undead, this was an entirely different problem! When rapid fire shots wasn’t making a quick enough dent, she switched spells. A fist clenched in the air and a flick of her wand send out a pulse. Bodies dropped in an instant. A deep breath was taken in, trying to gather back that energy quicker than the new circle of zombie things shuffled their way. Another pulse. Another circle of bodies dropping…. it wasn’t reaching out far enough, and it was taking longer to recharge every time she repeated. How many people lived in this goddamned village?! -11:20 May 12
Cupio: "I think they’re coming out of the well too." he said standin slowly and slowly walking towards Elis, a wing shielding him from her pulses as if it was just a breeze. "They’re also getting back up… want to watch out for that. Don’t have any spells they work on the undead?" they were closing in too and now Coop was getting a little concerned. He’d expected Elis to be able to deal with this. "Don’t you know the first thing about neromancy?" -11:24 May 12
Elisdandre: "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?" Of COURSE they were getting back up! It’s not like she would get the EASY town of headshot zombies, no. She got the asshole ever-walk zombies that required the spells she couldn’t cast while she was desparately trying to keep them at a distance far enough away for her to even be able to look for their master. And none of this she could explain to him because her last pulse spell completely fizzled. Failed to hit. Her wand wasn’t channeling and her spells weren’t casting. She was switching to a knife snatched right out of her boot and the first undead that entered her personal space had it rammed right upwards through the jaw. Right. Only a a hundred left to go…? Elisandre was starting to stumble! -11:30 May 12
Cupio: He caught her and sat her down on the ground. "The run if negative energy, the oposite of life force, you either need to counter it with healing magic.. or take thier energy away from them." The voice that say this wasn’t his normal voice but a softer more feminine voice. "Leave this to me Elis." Lips were pushed against her before Cupio rose and the robes vanished back into smoke. Wind cane rushing towards then from evey direction as the demon rise from the ground. Thene there was a sucking sound as beneath cupio’s wings vark vortexes openes and though then long thin shadows emeged and immediatly punched into the chests of the neavest zombies. A cry of delight from the cemon adn they fell to the ground only for the process to be repeated, more and more shadown emerging from the vortexes, and more and more zombies disintergrating into ash. -11:40 May 12
Elisdandre: Elisandre was about to fight and stab the hell out of whatever grabbed her. Kissing was not what she was expecting, and not from… the tiny dangerous lady demon Cupio. All of her energy seemed to be put towards scowling at him. …Her. And the very strenuous activity of staying on her feet. "They’re dead… too dead. There’s nothing for me to take, only for me to lose and…" And she was dizzy again tilting forward muttering something about asshole necromancrs. -11:45 May 12
Cupio: They were gone, nothing but ash in the wind when Coop landed again and placed a hand on Elis’s cheek before kissing her hard. "Elisamdre?" there was another kiss, testing for a reaction and if she was awake. "They’re gone… whoever made those was skilled, thier energy tasted divine… not as in holy energy just really delicious. Are you alright sweetie?" -11:49 May 12
Elisdandre: "..why is this woman kissing me…" more muttering. She clearly forgot who she was talking to and where she was for a moment. Hmm, but kissing felt good, even if it was a woman. Warming. Iiinteresting. …awareness was coming back and Elisandre swatted him back a bit. "…I’m fine…! Just. Zombies." -11:51 May 12
Cupio: "Would sex help you feel better? I can fly up somewhere and then when we’re done we can find the necromancer." he flicjed the tip of his tongue againsr her fils and ran a hand down against her cheek. "You should really try healing magic next time… it turns zomnies back into simple corpses." -11:54 May 12
Elisdandre: "You’re a woman." there was a very distinct disdain that she didn’t have the energy to hide. And the fact the her body didn’t seem to care about him being a woman was just irritating and confusing. Elisandre was feeling well enough to push him back. "Everyone has a weakness, Cupio. I can’t cast healing magic on them not for long. I need life around me for any of my magic to work and that is the very complete and utter opposite of life…" -11:58 May 12
Cupio: Pushed away and.. insulted? "I’m not really life either…" an unsure demon pulled away and was quickly hidden back under the robes, this time a hood obscuring his head. "We should get you out of here then. Back to life. I will sniff out the sorceror." -12:05 May 13
Elisdandre: "You are the most alive thing around for miles. There is no one better for me than you." That might have came out strange. Elisandre didn’t seem to notice, she was picking dusting herself off and trying to regain some of her sense. "This is my job, I will carry it out. I’ve a very large dislike for getting nearly murdered." -12:08 May 13
Cupio: "You were never in any danger." he said, still small under the robes. "The energy they posess I FEED on. That was like a meal to me. They’ll need something more than zombies to get me, and I won’t let them get you." Now elis was getting hugged and there was a sigh beneath the hood. "You’re too fun to let die… and I’m still bound to you." -12:14 May 13
Elisdandre: Hugs, what..! Out of reflex Elis was putting her arms around the now-small demon. The scowl was still painted on her face, but she was gently patted his hooded head. "I’m not sure if that is agonizingly frustrating, or endearingly sweet. You do not need to worry about me, Cupio…" -12:18 May 13
Cupio: He pulled hsi hood back and looked at the witch. "I do, you frustrate me, and you insult me and you don’t liek the closest thing I have to a natural form but I do worry about you. If I can get out of this without hurting you I will you’re stupidly nice and I want you to like me, all of me and that’s really confusing when when I let you all I wanted to do wa s rip your heart out and capture your soul. I think I need to read about me more." -12:23 May 13
Elisdandre: How odd…! The way he just blurts things out in a whirlwind of silly blabbering, just like some addle headed village girl. Her scowl melted, and it was a reluctant witch that was grabbing his head to pull him forward and plant a gentle kiss on his forehead. "Then let me make a promise. I will take care of you and I will protect you. No one will bend your will. And when I break this bond you can do as you please. As long as you promise to do the same for me." -12:28 May 13
Cupio: "Do you really trust a promise from a demon?" he asked her looking into her eyes. "Because if you do then I promise." Then he was pushing his lips into her and pulling away the form under the robes shifting into the one she knew better. "Now, let us find thisn sirceror." -12:37 May 13
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[Cupio has saved Elisandre’s life, and has forgotten what form he’s in.] -07:53 May 14
[Elisandre is still wavering on her feet, and not sure how she feels about relying on a demon! At least she is less perturbed by now-man again Cupio than his female form.] -07:58 May 14
Elisandre: Elisandre never made promises she didn’t intend to keep. And she also never left a job unfinished, even when that moment she wanted to be in her bed and unconcious for the next week. She was pulling her wand again and tapping it on her palm to see how much magic she could pull up now that she wasn’t being sucked dry by zombies and had a few strangely energizes kisses from a lust demon. -08:02 May 14
Cupio: He haw still basking in the energy he had just tunsumed when he turned to Elis and raised an eyebrow al her feeble attempt to cast magic. "You draw on life for your energy, can’t you draw on the sun, the source of all life?" He tilted his head and offered her his hand. "Or I can take you, wherever you want to pick up the trail." -08:07 May 14
Elisandre: For a moment she had thought he meant the other taking and her face had turned crimson red. "The sun is energy, but it’s not living energy. It’s made up of entirely different stuff. We do need to find the source though and get that done." After deliberating, she went ahead and took his hand. -08:16 May 14
Cupio: "I can smell that you know." he said. "That rush of feeling, the hint of pheremone in the air. I know what you thought about." he teased her and pulled her to him, supporting her as he gazed around the deserted village. "East." he said turning his head. "That is where the spell came from, I suspect we’ll find a hilltop with traced of magic… sorceror is difficult for me to read and you seem to have trouble with necromancy… so why were WE sent? Maybe you need to call for help." -08:21 May 14
Elisandre: "East, then." She didn’t respond to his comment, she was too busy trying not to enjoy the fact that even just being so close to him was enough to make her feel worlds better. Elisandre frowned. "I’m a strong witch. I’m sure if the Matron knew it was necromancy, she would have sent someone else. It doesn’t matter now, we’re going to carry it through. As long as we’re not battling an entire zombie legion, I’ll be fine." -08:29 May 14
Cupio: "Pfft." he walked with her towrds the east and kept sniffing the air as they went. "A legion of corpses doesn’t scare me Elisandre. There is nothing a necromancer can summon that I can’t desctroy or turn against them. I only don’t have my own undead army consisting of those zombies is ecause then you’d be on the ground foaming at the mouth and you’re a lot more useful than zombies. Whoever set this thap knew your weakness but didn’t expect me to be here." -08:35 May 14
Elisandre: "Isn’t that comforting." It wasn’t. Elisandre was trying to think of who actually have a shit enough to want to kill her and was coming up short. …aside from Lucretia. Lucretia wanted the demon and the only thing in the witch’ way was herself. Elisandre siiiiiiighed and groaned out loud. "Great. A personal enemy. I was trying so hard to avoid those… If it IS true and we find them, they need to be dead on the spot. No toying around… I don’t want enemies escaping and lurking about." -08:39 May 14
Cupio: "That’ no fun. -08:40 May 14
Cupio: "That’s no fun." he said glancing at her. "When I get my hands on that witch that summoned me, I as going to tear her soul out inch by inch and I am going to imprison it. Then I am going to hand it over to the one being that will be able to take the apropriate revenge…" he grinned. "At lease I hope you do and you’re not flowers and rainbows and sex all the time." -08:43 May 14
Elisandre: "I would like to know exactly WHEN have I been nothing but flowers and rainbows?" That was… almost insulting! Of course she was a nature witch, and she -liked- flowers and rainbows. But she was clearly not a sunny disposition. Elisandre reluctantly cast a smile. "I believe in life and good things, but I am not above revenge. There’s never any excuse for being a horror and a terror. I’ve got no patience for it, and no naive misconceptions of redeeming the irredeemable." -08:48 May 14
[Cupio enters.] -09:00 May 14
Cupio: "You can’t take a pun, clearly." he said as they exited the village and he looked up a slope with a goatherd’s hut halfway up and a sumit overlooking the village. "This would be a good place." he looked at her, if they were going to a place with a lot of necromantic residue then Elisandre might have difficullty coping with it. "Sure you wouldn’t rather ‘rechange’ befor going up?" -09:08 May 14
[(Timeout) Cupio doesn’t post enough.] -09:14 May 14
Elisandre: Hrrnnnng. Why was it so hard now to resist the offer? Because she know wonderfully, delicious, rewarding it could be? And addicting too… if she weren’t careful… "Not now. Later…" and the way she said it sounded too much like a promise. Elisandre was huffing at herself as she started up the hill towards the hut, welling a bit of magic to pop off any instant spells she might need. "And the sooner we’re done here, the sooner we can get home!" -09:14 May 14
Cupio: "Are you asking me to rush the course of vengence so that you can get good sex sooner?" he checkled and advanced up the slope past the hut and looked at her. "It’s a good thing I’m a lust demon and not a vengence demon, but because it’s your gob I won’t rush. I wouldn’t want to have to kill those they send to take me away from you." -09:38 May 14
Elisandre: There went her face again, a flush of red and a slight scoff. "I would never want to rush through anything worth doing right." And perhaps for the first time ever, Elisandre flashed him a wicked sort of grin. -10:11 May 14
Cupio: He prabbed her chin and pulled her smile closer to lock his lips against it and slide his tongue across them, slowly. "You think about that while not rushing." he wrapped hsi tail around her leg and continued on, the air changing as they got closer. -10:16 May 14
Elisandre: Not rushing. No rush. It might have been the first time she had ever considered abandoning a job for pure, personal reasons. Once they reached the hurt, though, the change of atmosphere almost had her retreating instinctly backwards towards him instead. Simply because he was her living anchor. "Well, it is the right spot. There is no one alive here, either… " Even as she said it, she was pushing the door open and warily waiting for something jump out and attack. -10:22 May 14
Cupio: Nothign was in there, except a spell that triggered when he entered. It was a spell decised by someone who kney him, someone who had touched him, and someone who had tried to summon him. It didn’t break the bond between them but it changed it so that he couldn’t feel it. Life blared in the hut, and it was blown to peices as wings unfurled, robes vanished, adn a feral yell tore through the air. Cupion was out of control. -11:06 May 14
Elisandre: He was not the one she was expecting such a sudden reaction from, so when he shouted she jumped several paces away. Pulling her wand out and nearly shooting off a spell at him. Something stretched. Elisandre couldn’t put words or explination to what it was. Just a strange pulling, almost snapping feeling. ….and she didn’t like it! Because now her demon familiar was emitting feelings she had not gotten from him before. "…you’re practically sparking! What’s the matter with you?!" Another trap, that is what was the matter. For him this time, no doubt! -11:10 May 14
Cupio: His eyes glowed a sicjly yellow at he looked at her, throbbing with power. "You’re shaking." he stepped towards her the emotion on his aspect coming to the fore and seeping into the air. "Are you afraid, witch? I’m not going to kill you would make an excelent pet." -11:24 May 14
Elisandre: Elisandre was quickly running over the possibilities of what just happened, through a quick loop in her head. Spells, what sorts, potential ill reations… She took a deep breath trying to squealch that ill-at-ease feeling at feeling the bond stretched so thin… That’s what it was! His bond to her. The one fragile thing that kept him from raising a literal hell. Now she HAD to stay calm! "Cupio, I am not afraid of you. Worried about you, perhaps… And you terrible taste in pets…" -11:28 May 14
Cupio: He reached out and placed a hand on her head gripping her hair. "I can change you, make you mine." he slipped a claw under her rown and sliced downwards. "How would you feel about bigger… ‘accets’?" -11:34 May 14
Elisandre: "Bigger doesn’t mean better. I am right fine as I am." Calm. Caaaaalm. Her instinct was to fight him, physically or magically, it didn’t matter. This was a demon who was putting a very dangerous vibe… But demons loved a good fight, and this one had the misfortune of tapping in to how she felt and throwing it right back at her! "How do you feel about returning home with me Cupio. Away from this village." -11:38 May 14
Cupio: He grit his teeth his hand moving to her chin to hold it. "But this village is mine, I can populate it with servants, gather strength and kill any witches sent my way before I move against them more powerful than they ever imagined. Cities, or thier ruins will be mine. Countless souls… I offer you the position of my concubine and the freedoms that come with it. If you refuse yours will be the first soul I take." -11:43 May 14
Elisandre: She almost mimicked his expression. That gritting of teeth and just the slightest hint of a growl. "I am no one’s concubine, slave, pet or otherwise." There was more ferocity behind it than she meant to emit jerking her head away and simply from instinct gathering up the energy tp cast defensive spells. He had enough energy for her to pull from and nothing was a drain on her now! At least the bond had it’s uses! "Don’t test me Cupio. Not when I made you a promise." -11:47 May 14
Cupio: She was using making and his claws came out. "The promises of witchlings extends only as far as they are able to keep them, If I tear your soul from you and keep it as a plaything then what do I need your promise for?" he snarled at her. "Tell me, how exactly do you plan to stop me when all your power comes from me and I know your weakness?" -11:54 May 14
Elisandre: "The tricky thing about some souls is that they are not so easy to catch and bend to you will." she muttered. Had he completely forgotten who she was and the promise? He was… practically feral! But at the very mention of her weakness, she reacted from dubt and fear instead of common sense and was making the move first! Elisandre directed her energy and the spell to trying to seal his power! -12:07 May 15
Cupio: Elisanbre hit a button, and a big one. A rush of air erupted away from Cupio as he growled. "I WILL NOT BE BOUND. NOT AGAIN." he came at her his eyes focused on her to drive a shoulder into her. Who had to use magoc when mundane solutions were harder to block? -12:14 May 15
Elisandre: She was hit hard enough to send both of them to the ground when she lost her footing, and with just as much desperate hissing, she was shouting back at him! "AND MY WILL IS MINE." Elisandre didn’t have the physical strength, but with his bond she had the power! It was with another spell that she threw him off her and rolled away to clammer back to her feet. The bond, the bond… that’s what was at risk here! It was stretched too thin! "…but I could willingly give a kiss! Unless you are afraid of a witch’s kiss." The plan forming in her head was completely slap and dash, but a plan was a plan. -12:23 May 15
Cupio: He stood and growled at her. "You do not desurve it." there was a boom and dark lightning lept from the ground at Elis, wounds in the earth forming where it came from, sounds and smoke emitting from them, the screams of tortured souls. "Oblivioun is too good for you, witch of life." -12:30 May 15
Elisandre: "Oh gods be damned…!" He was going to use her weakness! Elisandre couldn’t think of a moment she had ever been more infuriated! A promise made to take care of him, and he was going to kill her without a second thought. Or worse. Try to bind her in ways she didn’t even want to begind to imagine. But there was already a bond, and he was NOT going to break it. In her fury through every ounce of thought and energy in to that. He wanted to bind her, well they would be bound! Stronger than before! -12:35 May 15
Cupio: He felt it and rebelled. "Bitch." he spat his claws clamping arounf his head causing blood to flow down his face. "You little witch I’ll…"he felt her, her desperation and he fell to his knees. "NO!" he slumped and his hands dropped to his side. "I was so… close." -12:41 May 15
Elisandre: Even when she felt it surge, Elisandre held it tight, fed it stronger. Maybe it was simply out of spite and fear that she needed to be the one in control of the bond! Either way, she didn’t let it go until she knew it was strong and she too was crumpled on the floor look weary and disappointed. Hurt, even. She knew that demon would turn on her the moment he had a chance, and he had just proven it… "I’m sorry." She shouldn’t be. -12:45 May 15
Cupio: "I was so close." he repeated lookign at his hands that were now clawless. "You want me bound… you want to use me." he stood, slowly. "I’m never going to get home." He turned away from her and started walking in the direction they had originally come from. He was alone. Who in this world would care about a demon?" -12:49 May 15
Demon Vexed

Demon Vexed 004: Surprising Results

[Elisandre is wide awake and downstairs working…. a whooooole lot of magic!] -06:07 Feb 20
[Cupio had sex… and then hoke her up for more in the middle of the night. Now he’s asleep and feeling much better.] -06:07 Feb 20
Elisandre: Pacing back and forth, to and fro all around the room with a giant book in her hands, Elisandre was making a lot more progress with chores and research. Especially seeing as she was multi-tasking without even lifting a finger. A potion in the fireplace was stirring itself. In the kitchen, breakfast was throwing itself together. On her desk with all of her vials and rocks, and stone was being whittled away, and a broom was taking care of any little accidents the spells made. Ever so often she would pause and wave a finger over her head, churning that flow of magic she had feeding all the spells. Elisandre had everything down to a science! -06:13 Feb 20
Cupio: There was a yawning sound from upstairs before the demon appeared behind her and slid his hands around her to kiss the side of her neck. "You seem perky." he said with a grin before untangling himself, his tail slapping her rump as he moved towards the kitchen to see what was cooking. "What’s going on, wasn’t what we did last night was it?" he meaned against the counter to face her giving her a grin, that was only half a joke. -06:17 Feb 20
Elisandre: "Good morn-Hey!" She rubbed her ass and gave him a scowl. "Of course not, what do you think I am, a succubus? I slept very well and you are a living thing… Living things are very energizing." Perky, please. What a completely ridiculous word to describe her with. Elisandre snapped her shut and let it fly off to the shelf, only to be replaced by an equally large volume. She was one again reading and looking pretty pleased with herself. "I have been working, however! You are an absolute terror, and though impressive, really does require a multitude of time, planning, and power. WHICH means your summoner has an extraordinary capacity for magic, even beyond needing the coven’s circle. I am fairly certain they didn’t even need the coven to summon you, which meant, she had a completely different motive for summoning you in the center of so many witches…" Elisandre kept pacing while she talked, going over the pages in her book. -06:24 Feb 20
Cupio: "Could have been a sacrifice to me." he said crabling a mug of water and eying her. "The covern that is. I am after all an absolute terror." he was pleased with that description and stalking back towards her. "So my little non-virgin witch, what else did you discover?" he stood next to her but wasn’t paying attention to the book. "I hope you have clues as to who it was, I mean we know who it was but because your covern has inconvenient laws you’ll need proof. I’d just kill her and be done with it, or claim her as my own, she may have uses. But then that’s me." -06:30 Feb 20
Elisandre: "You are not going to use Lucretia." She didn’t like the sound of it, and didn’t want to know what he meant about it. She did, though, look very pleased with herself when she wasn’t glaring at him. "I figured it would be a sacrifice. More than likely soul magic. Either for charming you in to a stronger bond spell, or taking an entire coven’s power for her own. On the bright side, the spell was an utter failure and you are bound to the wrong witch. On the downside, Lucretia is so much more dangerous than I ever realized… " Elisandre didn’t seem all that concerned about it. Hmm. He smelled nice. Just being near him had her skin prickling. Elisandre took a few steps away. She couldn’t make a habit of that. Only when he needed. "I will have to retrace your summoning spell to see what ever she may have done…" -06:36 Feb 20
Cupio: "I can’t not when I’m bound to you." he said sounding displeased about it. "Even with sex my time here isn’t going to be easy. I’m so loosly bount to you I know what I want to do but can’t that that final step to do it. It’s hard on a demon. On the other sand with you all perked up more than a kitten on sugar things should go quickly, so I’ll leave you to your work until breakfast is done. What is being done for breakfast?" -06:41 Feb 20
Elisandre: "Why don’t you find out? The spell takes care of itself in the kitchen, I haven’t paid it any mind." Elisandre was almost curious to know herself, but instead she was waving a hand for the kitchen to handle dishing up plates and cups and everything else in between. Her eyes were down on the book. "The weak bond is a problem. After she was here yesterday I don’t doubt she is going to try and take you back. I’ll either have to figure out how to return you or make the bond stronger. None of these books are being even remotely useful on that subject…! Why is every book of demons riddled with sex!" -06:47 Feb 20
Cupio: The table flew across the kitchen and hit the wall. "No you will not." his voice was a low hiss as his wings spread and a hot wind blasted out from his direction. "You will not enslave me more than I already am." his growled turnning towards her, non existant flames seen reflected in his eyes. "I don’t care what you feel the risk is I will not allow it. This one only took hold because I’m vulnerable when I’ve just been summoned and I wasn’t expecting it. I can hold my own against any witch when I’m here and I can see them, or else all those things you’ve read about me doing owuld have been stopped by someone with a bind spell." -06:53 Feb 20
Elisandre: Elisandre snapped her book shut and with a flick of her hand, she righted the table and everything right back where it belong. She tucked the book under her arm and clasped her hands together, giving him frown and a quirk of an eyebrow. "Yes, I will. If I cannot send you back, I will make the bond stronger. I am not going to let a witch like Lucretia have you. And despite the fact your reputation is quite fearsome, I can be to if I wish." -07:00 Feb 20
[Elisandre enters.] -07:02 Feb 20
Cupio: "Just you try and you’ll find out how resistant I can be." he growled again his own magic making the air around him hum and pushign that of the room away, destroying it’s flow. "I will tear this pathetic bond you have on me apart or I will turn it around, then this forest, the village, everything… you’ve read up on me, I don’t need to elaborate." it he weren’t naked his clothes would be incinerated. "I will not be a slave." -07:05 Feb 20
Elisandre: "My will can’t be bonded." He was seethingly angry, enough that he snapped her entire river of magic and all of her spells dropped. …but she wasn’t mad. In fact, she was still feeling so fine, that this entire exchange was actually amusing! Enough that while he was threatening to shred the very fabric all she held dear, Elisandre was just smiling wider and wider. She had realized something important. "Fear is a very strong weapon, Cupio. But I believe it works better on you than on me…" -07:13 Feb 20
Cupio: He was at her in a second and his claws cut into her thoat at he lifted her off the ground. "Then don’t push me or I’ll show you I’m a demon and not some puppydog so be bound and used. Witches are all the same, warlocks, mages, scorcerors… I will rid this worl of every single one of them if I have to." he let go and headed towards the back door. "I’m going to gorge on something fresh and raw. Don’t wait up for me." -07:17 Feb 20
Elisandre: That started her, and once she had her balance back on her feet, she ran her hand over her neck to see just how much blood he drew. Grimacing, and he truly did was prove her point! And she certainly wasn’t going to wait for him. Elisandre followed! "I am not trying to push you, you are pushing yourself! You are so terrified of being bound to someone, or being made a slave, that you instantly react. Can you even fathom how vulnerable that makes you? It’s not the summoning itself that makes you weak! And if you take the time to listen to me, perhaps you’ll find I am NOT the same old witch!" -07:22 Feb 20
Cupio: The tore the door off it’s hinges as he moved out and then stopped. "You want to bind me, just like everyone else. So sorry Elis but millenia have taught me, never trust anyone which is fine because you really cannot trust me. Don’t try and help me, you know what they sya about demons. And we’re all the same. You’ve seen what they write about me. All I care about is sensation. I am drawn to it and I create it around me. Sooner or later I will screw you over. Get rid of me as soon as you can." -07:29 Feb 20
[(Timeout) Elisandre was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -07:35 Feb 20
Elisandre: The door… damntaion. NOW she was irritated. Elisandre left her book at a table and now she was stomping after him. "Has it not occured to you that not once have I yet to try to use you, abuse you, bind you, or really truely force you to do anything against your will? That perhaps I actually care about finding a solution that will set you free with as little damage to everyone, including your highly erradict self, as possible? Maybe most demons are exactly as I expected, but you haven’t been. AND I AM NOT JUST ANOTHER WITCH!" That alone had her seething and his flood of emotions had her tipping off again, picking up on things she would never otherwise care about. "If I must bind you, it will be to help you, because you are CLEARLY not trying to help yourself!" -07:35 Feb 20
Cupio: "Then STOP latching only my emotions." he snarled. "You can’t help me if you’re feeding on my energy." He snapped. "You have emotions of your own, don’t you? ANd I do help myself, all the time and when I do people die. It’s my nature. You just havn’t seen it yet because I AM bound." he pulled on the invisible string the linked them, testing it. It he could creak free she would be his first victim. He’d end her inquiry, end her doomed belief in him. -07:41 Feb 20
Elisandre: "I can’t help it!" Now she was shouting, and desperately frustrated. For a demon who thought himself so wise, he was so unobservant. "I am fueled by LIFE. Living alive things! And YOU and the most gods be damned ALIVE thing from here to kingdom’s edge, and on top of it you’re bound to me so I can’t even TRY to disentangle myself from you! Do you have any idea what it’s like to live in the middle of a forest just so you aren’t constantly pushed, and pulled and twisted in every direction on the whims of insane human beings?! YOU SHOULD. YOU HAVE BEEN BELLOWING ABOUT IT FOR DAYS." Something in her head tugged in a very unpleasant way and a wave of dizzy washed over her. …stupid demon! -07:49 Feb 20
Cupio: "Then perhaps you understand after all." he said slowly, each word carefully sellected. "I’ve had a very long time to watch myself and you know what I found? I have no control." his tail flicked tracing a train of hot, lingering balls of energy in it’s wake. "I get pushed, I fush back. I get restriced I go everything I can to break free. I walk, I talk, but everything I do is powered by feeling. Maybe that makes me a beast mor than a man but I’ve never claimed either title. I am not chaos because I react and am govrened by my enviroment… I am not order because I spread disorder through my actions. If I stay here sooner or later I’ll be fed evil thoughts, and then I will embody them. You have to know that." -08:00 Feb 20
Elisandre: Elisandre couldn’t fathom how one conversation could use up so much, to the point that she now felt ill. That hadn’t happened with him before. She rest a hand on her stomach and took a deep breath. Now speaking through her teeth to keep from shouting again. "When I said if I needed to I would make our bond stronger, I didn’t mean so I could enslave you. You have no control, but I do. No one could bend your will or influence your thoughts if you were mine. The only one who could influence you would be me." -08:09 Feb 20
Cupio: "It is my nature to resist restrictions." he repeated. "I will resist not matter what you tell me." he felt a tug inside him and he stapped forwards taking hold of her shoulder. "You feel that? That is the most alive creature for miles. That is hell." -08:20 Feb 20
[Elisandre burned all of that precious precious energy screaming at a demon. How does he do this to her?!] -06:41 Feb 21
Elisandre: What she felt was a great deal of irritation, to the point her vision was getting spotty. Elisandre almost swatted his hand away, but the contact surprisingly made it a little better. That was weird. "You are making a hell for yourself. You are making a hell for me! At least you are consistent in the fact you will always be belligerent and difficult." she muttered at him. There was a slight temptation to lean forward and see if more contact would ease that ill feeling. "Resist, then. I will do what I need to, regardless." -06:47 Feb 21
Cupio: He drew her closer and slid his other arms around her, his nostrils flaring as he gauged her reactions. Weather her heard her or not was bedaitable because he was picking her up to cradle her against him and walk back inside with a wing moving around to cradle her as he loved deeper into the room. "You need to stress less." he said. "It is the oposite of release and depleates it faster." he was heading strait for the staircase. "I’ll take care of you, don’t worry." -06:51 Feb 21
Elisandre: This was weirder…! Demons didn’t do this, and she was trapped between the strong urge to curl up against him, and the need to stare at him in baffled confusion. "How exactly am I to stress less when I am the benefactor of a terror and potentially going to have to hunt a rogue witch? Do you have any idea how much work that is?" -06:56 Feb 21
Cupio: "Yes, yes I mose definately do." he said, but didn’t elaborate. "All the more reason so save your energy." he mounted the stairs and headed up, one at the time. "Killing them it harder, but you have a secret weapon." he ducked though the door and headed towards the bed. "You can manage your speels from up here, right?" he asked leaning down and gently placing her on the bed and sliding his wing out from under her. "Because you have a hungry terror." -07:00 Feb 21
Elisandre: She hadn’t understood what he meant yet, and was casting a haughty look. "I can. I told you, everything in the cabin is perfectly well placed so I can be anywhere I please on the property and still flow the spells exactly where the need to be without any trouble an- Why are you looking at me that way." He couldn’t possibly mean doing that. Now. -07:05 Feb 21
Cupio: He ran his thumb over her lips and sat next to her. "Shhhhhh." he said softly. "I know exactly what you’re feeling, and I’m going to make it all better." he leaned down to kiss her, harder than he otherwise would have but now this wasn’t her first time. "If I didn’t know you I’d experiment with my other form. But I doubt that’s your thing." his hand when to caress ther side of her neck as his other traveled down. "Just lean back and enjoy." -07:09 Feb 21
Elisandre: At the moment she was feeling like she completely lied about having any self control, because if she did, she wouldn’t have leaned in to a kiss she absolutely didn’t want, nor would she be completely amused with him saying lean back and enjoy. Elisandre did finally swat his hand away, and tried to force a serious, no nonsense frown. "There’s not time for all of that. Besides the fact you pricked me enough with those claws, I should wash this blood off." -07:18 Feb 21
Cupio: He grabbed her hair and pushed her back down and leaned in to run his tongue up her thoat. "I got it." he said tasting her clood and moving to slid on top of her, holding her in place as he lickd again getting more of it and his wings came up to pin her arms in place. She wasn’t going anywhere, not until she was energized. -07:20 Feb 21
Elisandre: "Cupio…! This is.. not acceptable!" Ihat made her stomach lurch, though not in a digusted way.. A strange, flushing feeling she was really getting annoyed at feeling everytime he was handsy. Elisandre squirmed to get her arms loose and cursed her suddenly dry mouth. "…you’re being impossible. …I am.. not a snack!" -07:26 Feb 21
Cupio: "This is for you." he hissed lifting the bottom of her robe and loving against her befor her pressed his lips into her throat and kissed up towards her lips. Then he kissed then his hand left her hair and slipped down her front to pull aside the last barrier in his way, and gently stroke her folds. -07:31 Feb 21
Elisandre: "This isn’t-" Oooh… blasted demon. She let out a soft plaintif hiss, shifting her hers to pull away but not finding much elsewhere to go. One little touch and it was like lighting her blood on fire! "m-mission accomplished, you can top now…" A breathless plea. They couldn’t just… do this at a whim! It was insane! -07:36 Feb 21
Cupio: "Not quite." he whispered pushing her lips apart and pushing his tip between them, thursting in and pushing his hips to hers. "Maybe you’ll understand…" he said before thusting again and running his hand though her hair. She was such a strange creature… but like it or not he needed her. -07:38 Feb 21
Elisandre: Elisandre gasped and tilted her head away. For a split second she had tensed, trying to retrieve her arms again and bucking up beneath him, but… How could such simple motions feel so wonderfully good? She was melting again, twisting and mumbling a complaint about it, just out of pure spite. -07:44 Feb 21
Cupio: His wings moved away as he thrust again, his lips nibbling au hrt jaw to chase her lips. Again and again gaining speeb, okay maybe this was a little for him too. He moved mercilessly, pushig her more than before. He was a demon and after her performance he wasn’t the most pacient, he would have her surrender completely in climax, if she wanted it or not. -07:48 Feb 21
Elisandre: Freedom…! Another, soft groan and she lift her hands to grip his shoulders. Then intent was to push at him, take some control of herself! Instead she was struck gripping, squeezing. Drawing her legs up, resistance was forgone there too. Elisandre pushed up against him, digging her teeth in to her lip to keep from groaning again. The sensation had coursed all the way to her toes, it was impossible to remain still! -07:56 Feb 21
Cupio: His hands went down, bother of them to grip her hips as he tail grabbed her ankle and pull her leg around him and he pushed harder, moved fasted. The air shimmered and becames sweet, nothing was spared to drive her inwards, faster and faster towards climax. He would give her what she needed to get on her feet again, and more. Biting his tongue he broke and surface and then leaned forwards without breaking rythm pushed the blood against her lips. -08:00 Feb 21
Elisandre: She hadn’t even the sense to be wary of kissing magic. Her arms went around him, hands diving in to his hair as she ravished his mouth. The taste was something else, a strange after thought mixing with the intoxicating scent in the air. She drew her tongue across his lips again, the soft sounds of her approval falling against his mouth everytime he shifted. -08:07 Feb 21
Cupio: He fed her, both his fis tongue, adn with the the way he pushed against her, strained and gripped. He was getting closer and he could tell she was too. They were linked and he could feel the blood affect her as it affected him. He shighed against her and it became a growl as it built faster than expected. "Finish, Elis." he hissed. -08:11 Feb 21
Elisandre: That demon had absolutely no command over her bo-~! "Oh hell…!" Maybe he had a better command of it than she did! Or at least the hiss of his voice, and that burning now coursing through her blood faster than her heart could beat. Her fingers tightened in his hair as he head fell back and she was gasping. Her back arced her body up against him when she let a small cry slip. Intoxicating wasn’t a good word, consuming was what it was! -08:16 Feb 21
Cupio: He shivered againse her and bit her lip as he emptied into her as well, pulling in her lip painfully and letting go once the all emcopasing wave of pure undiluted sensation passed over him adn he could breathe again, think again, move again. "There." he whispered slipwly moving off of her and giving her a slow lingering kiss as he caressed her cheek, claw marks clearly visible on her hips where he had gripped her. "Now you’ll feel better." -08:19 Feb 21
Elisandre: Elisandre had fallen limp, but it was completely different from exhaustion. She was very nearly writhing in the feeling. A soft, over pleased smile splayed across her mouth as she stretched like a pampered cat. Wait…. damnit! She froze, finally opening her eyes to give him an examining expression. "…is that what happened." she muttered, piecing it together in her head. A little bit of this and she spends a morning bussling around like mad. Elisandre could even feel it now, that nice warm strong feeling. "Sex magic." This baffled her! -08:26 Feb 21
Cupio: "If that’s what you want to call it." he said kissing the corner of her mouth again. "Now you can use your spells to work on the hunger I was actually talkign about, the one in my stoach that needs food" he said running his hand through her hair. "Food and something to drink." -08:29 Feb 21
Elisandre: "Of course. Food." If that was what he originally meant… the demon read her thoughts too well. With a defeated sigh, she rolled and curled up against him. Taking a moment to throw out an arm and start the magic flow back up again. An effortless motion, the triggered her very useful household spells. "You are insufferable." -08:32 Feb 21

Demon Vexed

Demon Vexed 003: Harmony

[Cupio has had a night of comunion with nature, which really just means masterbating under a stee in a spot with good enery.] -07:54 Feb 13
[Elisandre spent her day searching the Matron’s library for the right tomes, and answering nosey questions from young silly witches about her new “familiar”.] -07:55 Feb 13
Elisandre: At some point in the night, Elisandre had fallen in to bed with one of the books. Reading about ancient demons literally raising hell in the mortal world… and wondering if letting that beast loose without supervision was such a good idea. She was still curled up with her book and sleeping. -07:57 Feb 13
Cupio: He had curled up arounf her in the night, a wing folded over her to keep ehr warm and a hand slowly caressing her cheek as the sun rose. His eyes were closed though and his body was gressed up against hers. He drew energy from this kind of closeness too, he didn’t need it to survive but without it he became a lot more like how Elis obviously imagined demons. With it he was far more docile and accepting of humans who were not his slaves. -08:01 Feb 13
Elisandre: Her internal clock was trying to complain, which in turn was met by a huffy witch snuggling in to what she thought was her pillows hoping to get at least another hour of sleep. An entire dy fretting over book researching and placing her cabin back in order has been surprisingly exhausting. And when bed was so much more inviting… -08:05 Feb 13
Cupio: He smiles but his eyes remained shut and he slowly played with a strand of her hair and nuzzling into the back of it. He was warmer than a human and still completely naked, but that should hardly surptise anyone at this point. Haiving her snuggle back even if ir was inadvertaintly had a soft pur in his thoat though and HIM moving closer to HER. Perfect start to the day… okay it would be if ir lead to sex. -08:08 Feb 13
Elisandre: The fire was usually out by morning, being all nice and cozy warm when waking up was such a rare thing. The book in her hands wound up pushed aside so she could roll over and nuzzle in to the warmer side of bed. Had she changed the linens yesterday in her mad dash to straighten everything? There was that nice foresty smell she was trying to bury her face in to. -08:13 Feb 13
Cupio: Slowly and gently he ran his fingers through her hair and then rubbed his fingers up and down the back on her neck and sighed happily his tail thumping on the bed like a cat’s. The smile on his face was pure bliss now and the was responding wonderfly. He had been half afraid she was foinf to kick him out of her bed in a very literal since. "I really like this." he whispered. "Thank you." -08:16 Feb 13
Elisandre: "Hmm..?" Voice.. demon… Elisandre froze when the realization kicked in. That demon had snuck in to her bed again and apparently when she was so comfortably snuggling in to was not nice clean linens, but a naked purring demon. There was a slow hiss of breath as she just… gave in! He was warm and she was actually sort of relieved he did come back. She didn’t move. "Where did you vanish off to? I don’t want to find out any villages were burned yesterday…" -08:23 Feb 13
Cupio: "Just a little harmless masterbation in the forest." he said gently kissing her skin. "I only get killy burny when I don’t get cuddles." he kissed her skin again and gently ran his nails down the back of her neck. "This is saving villages right now." he grinned and then slid his hand around to her chin to prop himself up and gently plant a lingering kiss on her lips. "How long have I been here?" -08:26 Feb 13
Elisandre: She was too tired to argue and clearly exhausted with dealing with him. Which had to be the only reason why she wasn’t jumping out of bed and gaining distance, like the little voice in her head was screaming for her to do. "I was unaware that demons cuddle. …you’ve been here two nights now. More than enough time to sneak away and cause trouble." Why did little touches like that leave her tingling? He was using kissing magic on her again. Elisandre shifted nervously, trying to move without putting her hands on him. -08:32 Feb 13
Cupio: He stopped kissing her. "Two nights…" he shifted away and his hand withdrew from her and he looked at her face. Then a slightly sad look crossed his face and he sighed. "I’m sorry." he let his hand get back to sortly pettin gher hair and then studied her face. "If I don’t hae sex today it might not be safe for us to after this point. You’re a virgin and so I might… cause damage if we wait much longer. I don’t…" his hand moved across to gently cup her cheek. "Unless you’re ready to send me back before I get too desperate." -08:37 Feb 13
Elisandre: "I told you that you could have me. I am not able to send you back yet. I need more time." This was strange. Demons were not like this, at least no demons she ever encountered. Elisandre frowned. "You said you are affected by your environment. The books say you reflect the one you’re bound to. …what happens when the one you are bound to is just as sensitive to mood and environment? Waking up like this is… kind of pleasant. But it isn’t like this all day." -08:48 Feb 13
Cupio: "So you read up on me." he said slowly rubbing the side of her nack and moving forwards to gently take her lip between his teeth and tup on it before running his tonue over it as it was caught between his teeth before letting go and letting his hand slip fromher cheek down her side. "If that happns then I’m at the mercy of thier perceptions. Don’t even get angry or you’ll see a side of me that you’ll never forget." he presed his lips to hers and gently, very gently, pushed her down against the bed. "Is this still pleasent?" -08:54 Feb 13
[Cupio hand his hands all over the young virgin witch.] -06:01 Feb 13
[Elisandre is just going to say she was betwitched should anyone ask what she was thinking!] -06:03 Feb 13
Elisandre: She was laying down again, this time with a kissy demon, and still having no idea what to do with her hands. At the moment she was pressing them against his shoulders, still undecided if she was going to push him away, or see just how much that kissing magic could make her tingle! "Pleasant is.. um.. a word… for this. Yes…" -06:07 Feb 13
Cupio: He smiles and nibbled on her lip as he gently massages his fingertips against the side of her neck as the other hand moved down to slip under her top and rub small circles over her stomach. "I want you to enjoy this." He whispered before captureing her lips with his. "If you want to too, kiss me back." -06:10 Feb 13
Elisandre: "I’ve mentioned I don’t do this?" All the stuff she had studied and this had never been on the list. Demon hands were pretty damn warm. She really needed to not get caught up! Elisandre was frowning again, but this time it wasn’t directly at him. She was trying to shift up on to her elbows and scoot back, but she just wound up hitting the headboard. "What I want to do and what I should do is… hum… a bit of a problem..?" -06:21 Feb 13
Cupio: He moved both his hands down to take hold of her thighs and pulled her back down to genlt rest his hips on hers as he slowly kissed his way up th side of her neck. "You said I could have you." he said pushing her top up and gently stroking her breast. "I’m taking you." -06:24 Feb 13
Elisandre: "…ooookay." So much for the common sense idea. This was brain melting. Body melting! A fuzzy mix of things making it really hard for her to concentrate on anything beyond that woodsy smell and the way his breath on her skin was making her toes curl. Before she was even aware of what she was doing, her fingers were digging in to his hair and she was nuzzling the side of his face. He really did smell unearthly good. -06:29 Feb 13
Cupio: SHe melted and he grined wide a hand dipping down to push dorn her pants and brush acrosss her folds, but then as his fingers seased her delicade skin hs head turned and an infernal curse escaped his lips. "Someone is here." he whispered a full second before the sound of somone kncking on the deer came. "Blondy Mcangy." -06:32 Feb 13
Elisandre: She was tensing, damn near twinging in weird little spots she hadn’t even realized could do that, and -of course- this would be the way she confirmed the meaning of cock-blocking! Clearly frustrated, she pushed him off and away from her. Rolled out of the bed and tugged down her shirt. With a wildy discheveled look, and a sheepish red tint to her cheeks, Elisandre was downstairs and swinging open her door to be face to face with… "Lucretia. Wonderful." -06:40 Feb 13

“Were you still asleep, sister? Forgive me.” Lucretia didn’t sound apologetic. Nor did she wait for an invitation. She pushed passed Elisandre and let herself in to the cabin, searching around and not bothering to be subtle about it. “Where is that demon? I thought I might do a good deed for a needy little witch today.” -Elisandre

Cupio: He didn’t race down the stairs so much as fall though the floor, landing on his feet and spreading his wings as he turned to face the door, there was no way he was going to miss out on this. Apparentky he was being asked over and was right on cue to he waved and offered the other witch a grin. -06:44 Feb 13
Elisandre: "Would you like to come in Lucretia?" she said anyway, closing the door and turning to face the room with her arms crossed. "Last I checked, no needy witches lived here. Do YOU need something, Lucretia?" Elisandre almost said the woman’s name like it was a curse word. At the moment, Elisandre kind of wanted to say a LOT of curse words. Her heart was beating way too fast. Blasted demon and his lust magic! -06:48 Feb 13

Ignoring Elisandre completely, Lucretia practically glided across the floor as she offered her hand to the demon. “Cupio, Demon of Desires. More handsome than any tale has spun. There isn’t a witch in the reason not whispering about you and your… hmm… appearance.” Lucretia made sure to get a good look. -Elisandre

Cupio: "It helps that I have a large degree of control over what I look like." he grinned and took this human’s hand drawing in a slow breath laced with her emotions and his eyebrow quirked. "Seems like you’re no stranger to desire yourself even if the last time I saw you you looked like you were about to commit murder." a glance at Elis and he raised her hand to his lips and then he withdrew it there was a small nick in the skin and a small bead of blood reforming after being licked away. "I think you two have business to discuss?" -06:56 Feb 13

Lucretia smiled even wider. Withdrawing her hand only to run a finger over the bead of blood, then stick it in her mouth with a smirk and a wink. Though she was turning to speak to Elisandre, now she was taking a wide walk around the demon. Using the opportunity to run her hand up his arm. “One of our sisters did a very forbidden thing, using the circle to summon a demon. Not that I believe Elisandre capable of such a thing -at all-. Which is exactly why I am here, sister-dear. A purely average witch trying to control a powerful demon, I can already see how taxing it is on you. It would be such a simple thing to exchange his bond.” -Elisandre

Elisandre: She probably looked like she had been wrestling the damn demon. Subconciously, she was reaching a hand up to her neck, wondering if he managed to leave teeth marks in her or not. "I am glad you have so much…. faith… in me, but I do not need any assisstance. He is responsive to moods and emotions, you know. I can just imagine what you’ll end up with after taking him home." With as well as she knew Lucretia… Elisandre didn’t even want to begin thinking about that. "So if you would stop molesting my demon, you can trot back to the Matron and tell her that at least you offered." -07:09 Feb 13
Cupio: "I know what she’ll end up with." he commented before dancing away from both of them and plopping down on the couch. "One very lusty rapey frustrated and let’s not forget powerful demon. SHe should know too kn she was able to know my name without being told… you’ll have to tell me how sometime, maybe at the top of your lungs as a bury myself deep inside you." for once he wasn’t talking about sex but it sounded like he was. "I should warm up some stew…" -07:14 Feb 13

“-Your- demon, now? Elisandre, dear sister! You don’t think you can control that simmering, hateful beast, do you?” The demon was now out of her reach, and she was not the sort who gave chase. Instead she was pacing, moving to stand behind Elisandre and drap her arms around her in a sanguine hug. She turned her head to whisper in her ear. “Listen to the way he talks. Rape and no doubt murder. And you are not his summoner. How long before he snaps that bond and turns on you like a rabid, insatiable beast. Give me the bond. I am the most powerful witch in the region, even the Matron knows this…” -Elisandre

Elisandre: Elisandre didn’t bother to argue about power. That was a wasted effort. But for a moment, a small little moment she considered letting Lucretia have him. Every time she was alone with him, he consumed her senses. She wasn’t herself. But if he was Lucretia’s…. his mood and the whole atmosphere of the room had shifted the moment Lucretia entered the cabin. Elisandre couldn’t imagine anything good coming out of the two being bonded! "Yes, a powerful witch… but this is my problem to deal with. If you want a demon, I suppose you’ll just have to summon your own, hmm..?" -07:27 Feb 13

Lucretia’s voice lowered, so only Elisandre would hear. “Little sister, I am trying to be generous. Give me the bond and make it easier for yourself. Otherwise, I -will- kill you if he does not do it first. Think on it, Elisandre. Do not try to be more than what you are.” Lucretia let go, that sweet wide smile returned to her features as she stepped away. “I’ll pay another visit soon, darlings. Hopefully with better results. Blessed be, sister.” She blew a kiss to the demon, and politely let herself out. -Elisandre

Elisandre: "Fantastic. I have a new enemy because she can’t perform a proper summon…" Elisandre’s arms were still crossed. Now tighter around herself. Having Lucretia inside her spacial bubble was the complete opposite feeling the demon gave. And that was just it. The demon gave. Made her feel alert, alive, tinglie. Lucretia had left the cabin, seeming to take every ounce of energy Elisandre had in her. But at least now she was certain Lucretia had tried to summon the demon. …the question left was why! "I want you to stay away from that witch." -07:47 Feb 13
[Cupio enters.] -08:10 Feb 13
Cupio: "The is full of hate." he said, "Promises turned sour… She is insanely powerful but that isn’t enough for her." he got up slowly and stalked over to where the witch had been standing and the air around him seemed to shimmer as he read it and then he looked towards the door. "Can I kill her? Her soul will tell the truth." he seemed to grow in size as he stalked towards the door his wings fluttering restlessly and then he was watching the witch’s back though the small window claws tapping the glass. -08:15 Feb 13
Elisandre: Elisandre was watching him. How he responded to Lucretia was important. …it was also important to keep herself under control too. How much of her feelings bleed through because of the bond? "Challenging powerful witches isn’t a good idea. If she is the one that summoned you, she had a reason and plans for you. She will know how to hurt you." -08:22 Feb 13
Cupio: A have on intense heat exploded outward from him laking the petals of a nearby flower arangment wither and catch fire. "She is strong but not strong enough to face me." he growled. "If she if the one who tried to summon me she is foolish just like all the other mortals who have tried. All I have to do it wait for one little slip, then…" the heat dissapated and his form shurk back down to normal, and then smaller as he shifted forms his voice taking on a light, musical tone. "I can make myself very easy to underestimate." pressed up against the door as a woman he looked small, helpess, fragile then he turned to look back at her, red rivers of bloody tears staining his cheeks. "You wouldn’t hurt me… would you?" -08:32 Feb 13
Elisandre: She winced at the heat and his growling. At least it was a feeling she understood well! And for a moment was even worried he was picking that up from her. "That is the trick. You do not know how much she knows about you. Maybe she is aware you can look small and meek. Not that she cares a wit about the small and meek…" Elisandre frowned at this female form of his. Maybe HE thought that looked fragile. But Elisandre had that vague unsettled feeling that he was far more dangerous like this. "It doesn’t matter anyway. Stay away from her and I will deal with it." -08:39 Feb 13
Cupio: He turned around and as he did he shifted back and stretched his arms above his head and grunted. "No you won’t." he said. "You’ll just ignore her and continue as normal and that is not dealing with it but what do I care, so what if she’ll find another demon to summon and this time it’ll kill you all and she’ll get what she wants, not my problem. I mean it took the entire strength of your covern combined to summon and bind me and if she’s able to pull that off without anyone noticing until BAM! suddenly demon then what’s so say your next lesbian get together won’t end in blood at the wrong time of the month. -08:48 Feb 13
Elisandre: "I am glad to see that despite being bound to me, you also believe I can’t handle a rogue witch and her summons." If she weren’t so insulted, she might have found amusement in the fact he preached about underestimation and clearly had no grasp of how he was underestimating her. "What if, maybe, by a stroke of divine intervention, I might actually have everything under control. And the only thing making it all complicated is YOU?" -08:56 Feb 13
Cupio: He laughed and chucked a cussion in her direction. "Gods don’t talk about divine intervention. Gets me every time." he wiped away a pretend tear and then sprawled out across the coutch and meshed his fingers behind his head with a sigh. "No, no angels around here, I’d smell them. They tend to avoid me for some reason, can’t imagine why. I mean the last time I saw one was… well we fought I remember that much. So much bad blood. No one seems to understand I’m a lover, not a fighter, just because I am very good at both doesn’t mean I… never mind you probably don’t want to hear this. I did get out of hand and it was…" he clenched his teeth together and sucked in a breash in a hiss as his skin tingle and spine squirmed with the memory. It had hurt, a lot… and he has looooooooved it. "Fuck I’m horny." -09:05 Feb 13
Elisandre: He was a merry-go-round of moods, jumping to the next so fast. This time Elisandre was almost greatful for it. She had raised a hand ready to stop him from going on about bloody fights, but he switched again on his own. Her face flushed, but at least that feeling was better than the cold empty hollow one Lucretia had left in her wake. "Wonderful. You could make yourself comfortable in a depraved corner somewhere. You are…. going to be here a little longer than I planned." She almost winced when she said it. All of the complications that were going to come up… "I can’t send you back, knowing she’s trying to get you and will likely summon you again. I need to know what she’s doing…" -09:11 Feb 13
Cupio: "Elisandre." he said each sylable a note in a melody and it was unclear if he had even heard her at all. "Elis…" this time it was a low hiss that still somehow managed to reach every corner of the room as a wide grin spread over his face. "You’re a puzzle to me. Girls like Lucretia I can understand… she wants sex and power, I mean who doesn’t. Well… you don’t." he turned on his side and looked at her. "I’ll figure you out eventually. In the meantime I know you enjoy being petted downstairs and nibbled on first thing in the morning." he was swelling just thinking about it and with nothing on there was no way she couldn’t see. "She has the worst timing that one… on both occasions." -09:20 Feb 13
Elisandre: "I haven’t been anything other than honest with you. I am not a puzzle." …and there was the complication coming up, so very literally! Distance. She turned away quickly, crossing the room to fetch something to eat. Food and drink, anything to keep her hands occupied and her eyes off him. Either he was going to have to leave the cabin…. or she was! "I can take the books out to the river for reading. Unless you’d like to tell me why a witch would want to summon you." -09:26 Feb 13
Cupio: He hopped over the back of the couch to grab a bowl and head for the pot full of leftover stew. "You motives are a puzzle." he said. "The core of who you are, what you want and why." he was scooping up a large helping and was then reaching for her kitchen knife and ran a finger across the edge… might be sharp enough. "Most people either want me for sex, or for killing things." he said. "A few try to steal my power, HA!" his tail swished. "She wants all three I think… Fansies herself a demon queen or something. Don’t worry about it if she comes again I have a secret weapon to stop her hitting on me. I don’t think she likes girls." -09:33 Feb 13
Elisandre: "Being a woman isn’t going to deter her. She has never been caught doing anything, but there are rumors about her reputation." She was watching him warily again. He always seemed to inch is way closer to her those moments she was trying to get some distance. Elisandre poured herself a cold drink and took a sip. "And my motives aren’t a puzzle either. I like existing. I like making things grow. I like cool dark forests, peace and quiet. I like harmony. A demon isn’t harmony… and neither is anything Lucretia ever dips her hands in to." She paused, leaning against the counter and giving him a curious look. "Has anyone ever summoned you and been kind to you?" -09:38 Feb 13
Cupio: Her question gave her pause. "Nope." he said after a second before he moved his way back towards the cough with his food. "People who summon deamons aren’t exactly the kind type. You get used to it, and react in kind when the tables turn. Sometimes I hate ebing a demon but you’re right about one thing. I do not bring harmony." he played with the knife in his hands and then looked around. "Do you have a bottle?" he asked. "Something to collect something in… I hate wasting." -09:43 Feb 13
Elisandre: Sad. But that was how the world was. Kind of the same way people only seemed to contact a witch when they wanted to curse someone, or burn themselves a sinner. She nodded taping her glass against her mouth. The suspiciousness over the knife finally getting to her. "I do. Several bottles. What did you plan on collecting, and doing with that knife…?" -09:48 Feb 13
Cupio: "Hmm?" he glanced at her. "Blood, mine. For you to have around and maybe experiment on… or for me to drink later, either works." he looked at her. "I’m in the mood for pain…" he licked his lips and stared at the knife and then set it aside to pick up the bowl and start eating. No bleeding on and empty stomach. -10:00 Feb 13
Elisandre: She choked, and had to pause through a moment of coughing until she caught her breath again. "What? No! No slicing, cutting, bleeding, or pain! Did you foreget the environment conversation?! Are you -trying- to kill me?" Every just the thought had her skin crawling. She darted across the room in an instant to snatch that knife away. -10:05 Feb 13
Cupio: He gave her what could only be describes as a pout followed by a glare, then head tilt to the side that would have snapped a human’s spine. "You know so little about me UUUGHHHHH." he stretched out on the couch and rolled onto his side facing away from her. "Fine I’ll do it in the forest later and presurve your inviroment, speaking of which you’ve been moving things and…I don’t think I like this room anymore knowing I can’t fix it." -10:34 Feb 13
[Cupio is fetting closer and closer to flippinf out and raping the first thing that moves. Stress and an uncooperative witch is NOT helping.] -09:04 Feb 14
[Elisandre is scowling at the demon on her sofa. Her home is perfectly organized, and she is going to show him!] -09:04 Feb 14
Elisandre: "The room doesn’t need to be fixed, you just fail to understand it’s flow." Unbending, stubborn demon… Later she’d question why it even mattered to her that he found no comfort. For the time being, she swept an arm in a rushed huff and every candle in the cabin lit up, casting rising ribbons of smoke in to the air. "I want you to watch." -09:08 Feb 14
Cupio: He rolled off the couch and onto his feet. "It’s chaos." he said. "Flowing this way and that, directionless, self defeating, pointless." he growled at her the sound of his frustration filling the entire room. "So I will remove myself from it and go somewhere where I can actaully have something to feed on, when you’re done I’ll be in your bed." before she could stop him he was gone, hassing though the ceiling as if it wasn’t even there. She didn’t understand how much of a razor’s edge he was walking and it was only getting worse. If she wasn’t careful her first sexual experience would turn her off the entire concept for life. -09:14 Feb 14
Elisandre: She growled and with another wave of her hand, the candles were out. Even the fireplace went dead. There was no way to show him if he didn’t watch… she was trying to offer a hand of trust here! Resisting the urge to stomp up the stairs shouting at him, Elisandre took a few moments to breathe. He said not to direct anger at him, she had been listening. Once she had drawn down to a low simmer, she finally stalked up the stairs. There was still that tint of irritation in her voice, but there was no growling. "You are being obtuse and deliberately uncooporative." she huffed once entering the room. -09:20 Feb 14
Cupio: There was a pillow sailing thrhough the air towards her as soon as the door opened. "I’m trying not to loose control." he said using the time she was dealing with the pillow to clean up a little. "I am a demon trying to act human. I haven’y fucked in days and I am very, very close to losing it." he said in a low, growly voice as he stood and faced her holding up two finger, the width of a hair apart. "You’ve read up on me, you know what I can do but I’m trying my hardest not to. You want to know why people keep trying to summon me? Because my sensitivity to my enviroment and emotions makes me that much easier to control and I hate it. You are the only person with this weak of a bond that I haven’t killed on the first day because I’m giving you a chance. Because I think, eventually, you can help me." -09:31 Feb 14
Elisandre: That might’ve been the first time a demon ever threw something as ridiculous as a pillow at her. That had her standing there stupified for a moment until she was huffing again and stooping to sntach it up off the floor. "And I am TRYING to help you not lose control! Yet, when I offer to explain things or teach you or offer myself up like a demon kabob, you hiss and spit and escape!" Elisandre threw the pillow right back at him. Then with a narrowing of her eyes, eased forward closer. "You are the most confoundingly strange, non-typical, arrogantly clueless creature I have ever met!" -09:39 Feb 14
Cupio: The pillow was skewerd on a claw before being dropped to the ground. "And you don’t listen witchling." he said. "Personally I have no interest in the arangment of your room beyond hos it feels when I’m there and it’s effect on your ability to cast spells. I tried to help with the second and you regected me so I’m done helping." he stalked closer to her and started circling. "You say you offered yourself to me without knowing how it needs to be done, without knowing how the different ways sex can happen affects me. If I simply fuck you, you’d love it. I’d MAKE you love it but that would mean I take control and you might fond yourself bound to me instead of the other way around. If I simply stick my dick inside you and move it around until I ejaculate it will hurt you and unling me, you can’t get off on pain. Right now I am very tempted to just take you and treat you like I would any other virgin, but you’d hate me for it, your hate would then charge me with hate and then this little forest of yours, this little vinage, this entire kingdom would feel what hell is like first hand. That’s how it always goes. If you want to keep your forest and your soul… I recommend you listen, and you try to understand how what you feel affects me. I hate this bond, I hate all bonds. But right now it’s the only thing keeping hell at bay, so unless this spell of your keeps your emotions out of my head to I can rape the willing and be done with it I suggest you get horny." -09:49 Feb 14
Elisandre: "You talk too much and you don’t listen." The way he circled her had her feeling like a cat’s toy. Elisandre didn’t even know what she wanted to complain about first. The way he played himself up as both the villain and the victim, how he talked about her as if she was something fragile, or the fact he had her head in circles and it was keeping her from functioning like she normally would! Elisandre finally took a deep slow breath, and spoke through her teeth. "I have been tryyyyyiiiiing to explain, how you feel affects me too. If you could just stop rampaging from emotion to emotion long enough to let me figure them out and handle them one at a time…!" -09:59 Feb 14
Cupio: He stopped just behind her. "My name means desire, which is an emotion I was born a demon, I am the physical manifestation of raw emotiona and me being emotional suprises you?" he thought she had read about him. "Yes I am emotionally driven and just from one to the next, but asking me to stop that is like asking you to stop caring about little forest animals. You’re just going to have to block it or get used to it. As for that little irritation flaoting around you brain I am a victim and villian both. It it the tortured who in turn torture. I don’t pretend to be anything I am not around you. I am an evil creature and lettimg me loose here would be a very bad idea… I want you to understand that. But I also want your help so I want you to understand why I am what I am. I want you to make me harder to bind." -10:11 Feb 14
[Elisandre enters.] -10:14 Feb 14
Cupio: He stopped just behind her. "My name means desire, which is an emotion I was born a demon, I am the physical manifestation of raw emotiona and me being emotional suprises you?" he thought she had read about him. "Yes I am emotionally driven and just from one to the next, but asking me to stop that is like asking you to stop caring about little forest animals. You’re just going to have to block it or get used to it. As for that little irritation flaoting around you brain I am a victim and villian both. It it the tortured who in turn torture. I don’t pretend to be anything I am not around you. I am an evil creature and lettimg me loose here would be a very bad idea… I want you to understand that. But I also want your help so I want you to understand why I am what I am. I want you to make me harder to bind." -10:16 Feb 14
Elisandre: He evened out, or at least was at a level she could deal with. Elisandre held her hands out near waist level in front of her, as if that motion was going to keep it all held down. "I’ve read some, I haven’t read enough." she mumbled in response. For a situation where she was supposed to the master and him obedient to her, it felt very much like the other way around. "If you want my help, you have to also help me. …and I do not mean by doing anything you damn please and then getting offended when I am unhappy with it. I am not the only one here that has to comprimise." -10:20 Feb 14
Cupio: There was a growl behind her and he gripped her shoulder, his claws gigging into her. "Elisandre… You’re trying to make a deal with a demon." he said leaning in clise behind her and brushing her hair aside to lick up the back of her neck. "I am already doing everything I can to make it so that I don’t kill you, what exactly do you want? I refuse to help you in material ways, that ship has sailed and besides if I did your sisters could accuse you of using me. Wouldn’t want that in fact I think the lusty one already has. For everyone’s sakes it would be easier if I just picked a direction and went off nevel looking back. I’d cause trouble, but you’d enver hear of it." -10:35 Feb 14
Elisandre: Touching. That was the one she had the hardest time getting control of! It was always such an instant, surging response that left her befuddled and dizzy. One hand went up pull his from her shoulder, as she squeezed her eyes shut. …nope, closed eyes did not make that going away. "It’s ah… a little too late to avoid deals with a demon. You are mine to deal with now." As for what she wanted, it was hard to remember what that was when she was trying not to lean backwards. -10:43 Feb 14
Cupio: He nuzzling into the back of her neck as his other hand slid around her stomach to slide under her top and his fingertips circled around the rim of her navel. Her reaction had killed the last of his resistance and now there was no doubt. He was going to have her if she resistd or not, if she enjoyed it or not, there was only one need in his mind. Her body would be his. -10:50 Feb 14
Elisandre: That wasn’t the answer she was looking for. Not that she asked a question. There was a point she was trying to make somewhere! "What I was trying to say.. is.. um…" Why couldn’t they just do this all the time. Now she couldn’t help but lean back in to him. He was warm and having him wrapped around her made all those thing she was irritated about just disappear. "..something about compromise… bending together..?" -10:57 Feb 14
Cupio: "Bending…" he said glancing at the side board and grinned befor he lifted her and carried her to it placing her on top facing him. Then his lips were pressed against her and moving desperatly as he pressed against the edge his hand running through her hair and down her back. He wasn’t listaning to her he was beyond most words.. he needed this. His other hand foundher hip and caressed it, squeezed it and then snuck up her side under her shirt. He would have her, and the air around him spoke that in the form of his scent. -11:03 Feb 14
Elisandre: "Bending. Being flexible and… we have the same agendas." This was an example. At least she might have pointed it out as an example were she not suddenly very interested in running her fingers through his hair and pulling his head closer. Kissing magics, she could try that too. Testing motion of her mouth against his was a curious exploration of it! Somewhere in her head making notations of what made her stomach flip, and what made her skin burn. -11:13 Feb 14
Cupio: Bother hands went down and he pulled her shirt up and off of her breaking the kiss. Then he was looking down at her his hand sliding over her chest and carresing her breast before his eyes rose to meet hers. "Do you want this?" he asked leaning back close and pressing his lips into hers and nipping her lower lip with his fangs. -11:19 Feb 14
Elisandre: That was a ridiculous question, that had too many conflicting answers. Paranoia was screaming about power struggles, while common sense was chirping about it being an excellent idea, and the rest of her just wanted to revel in it. "It would be in our best interest to explore… all avenues of harmony…" He tasted like sin. Elisandre hadn’t realized sin had a taste. But she was arcing in to his hands, very much liking that way his touch made her blood rush, and was already exploring the curve of his shoulder with her fingers. -11:28 Feb 14
Cupio: He smiled and placed both hands on her hips, pulling her over tot he edge, over to him. His thoughts were racing but they all ended in the same place and his hand slid aorund her her thigh to that one place and rubbed it. "Harmony?" a curious word to use in this context, but it didn’t matter, not when he was miving his hip against hers and pressing his hand to rub her crotch though her clothes. It was feeding time. -11:38 Feb 14
Elisandre: Her breath caught on the reply, leaving her sighing and nuzzling the side of his head instead of giving a proper response. Simple, subtle touches were so intriguingly monumental. She had her fingernails tracing down the back of his neck. "Harmony. Two different, contrasting elements striking the same, complimentary notes.." Elisandre mumbled softly. At this point she wasn’t sure what she was explaining anymore. She was just very fond of the tenure of his voice. -11:47 Feb 14
Cupio: He pulled her clothes down her thighs roughly and then in a single movment thrust into her, slowling as he drove deeper. Then his hand was on the back of her head and his tongue entered her mouth as his hips pressed into hers capturing any sound she made as his breath caught and the air changes again… bliss. -11:51 Feb 14
Elisandre: There was a startled sound from her, and a quick gasp at the sudden pain. For a moment she even froze, hands tightening and nails digging in to his skin. Once her alarm faded, that flush of heat took over. A strange heavy, needy feeling, that had her squirming and mumbled out a soft groan. -12:00 Feb 15
Cupio: He captured everything she felt and it energized him. He moved back slowly and the thrust in again his hand tightening in her hair as his other supported his wieght on the side board as he thurst again, and again, slowly, testing her limits and gathering speed, pushing deeper. "This is what I wanted." he whispered against her lips. "For you to enjoy this." -12:04 Feb 15
Elisandre: She couldn’t comprehend why that had concerned him, and at the moment she didn’t care! It was like every brain-fuddling moment before was nothing but a drop in the bucket compared to this. Elisandre wrapped her legs around him, shifted and squeezed everytime a movement heightened and made her toes curl. Her eyes had fallen closed again as she leaned in to him. Catching his mouth with hers in a hard kiss, soaking in every delicious feeling! -12:14 Feb 15
Cupio: His arms wrapped arounf her, her kiss cutting off all over thought and with her legs around him he moved faster, his control abandoned as he let go and gave her everything, becoming one, harmony. -12:19 Feb 15
Elisandre: Something gave way and she was done in the moment his arms were around her. The sweeping fiery storm that made her whole body clench and shudder. Her teeth bite in to his lip, and her limbs melt with merry bliss. It was both andrenaline rushing madness and exhausting contentment all at once..! -12:27 Feb 15
Cupio: There it was, her release and his fllowed just after as his body shuddered and he clung to her, his lips slowly moving against hers. Then he was lifting her up and carting her to her bed to lay her downto rest in his arms his hand gently stroking the back of her neck. So much better than silly spells. -12:33 Feb 15

Demon Vexed

Demon Vexed 002: A Witch’s Vexation

[Cupio doesn’t snore, but does cuddle, a more, in his sleep.] -05:59 Feb 12
[Elisandre managed to get that demon out of her personal bubble long enough to get to sleep. Having a well rested sleep, well… maybe if she didn’t have really uncalled for dreams. ] -05:59 Feb 12
Elisandre: Morning couldn’t have come soon enough! Overly touchy demon dreams were not exactly good for her morale. …and apparently she was still dreaming. Snuggled up with a very well heated man creature, that smell so so good… Elisandre was petting through his hair before she realized she wasn’t still dreaming. "…. damnation!" -06:03 Feb 12
Cupio: His llips quirrked slightly. "Punny." he whispered. "Good to see you have a sense of humor." His eyes slid open slowly and he let a ahnd trail slowly down her cheek. "Did you have to stop with the hair though? I was enjoying that." He let the hand on her cheek trail doen her necl before he removed his other hand from her butt and stretched. "How did you sleep?" -06:07 Feb 12
Elisandre: "Miserable." The moment he stretched, she was rolling out of bed and putting as much distance between him and her. Too much touching. Elisandre shook out her arms. Her skin was all tingling. It was weird. "I am fairly certain I said no demons in my – nevermind. Stay in the bed." -06:12 Feb 12
Cupio: He hopped out of bed and stretched furcher his wings joining in the fun of dosobeying her and revealing that he was once again naked. "You didn’t seem miserable to me, and no that does not mean we did anything, I’m still hungry." he sat on the bed and rested his calf n his knee. "You’re sure you wouldn’t rather have me cook something for us?" -06:15 Feb 12
Elisandre: Elisandre caught herself staring. So the reply he got was a scowl. "You know what, that sounds like an excellent idea. You cook and I will go outside and gather things I need for a spell." Outside where the air was nice and chilly and she could jump in the steam. It was perfect. -06:22 Feb 12
Cupio: "Excelent." he said standing and once again getting all the way across the room in a single step he gently kissed her cheek. "I’ll see you in an hour?" she he was slipping away and down the stairs. He had meat and was in the mood for a stew. -06:24 Feb 12
Elisandre: "Hnngggg…. I don’t like this." she muttered to herself. Once he was out of sight, Elisandre snatched up her clean clothes. She completely bypassed going down the stairs so she could deliberately avoid coming in contact with him again, and choose to hop out the window instead. She had to roll when she hit the dirt, but it was a satisfactory burn of energy! Then she was stomping off towards the steam. Ice cold water was going to be bliss, and the second her feet hit the bank, she tilted face first in to the shallow water. Peeeeerrrrfeeect. -06:31 Feb 12
Cupio: In the span of an hour he not only had the food keeping hot on a low fire but the entire downstairs tidied and he was back to draping that wonderful quilt over a chair and sitting in it. Everythign was in it’s place and the room resonatide with harmony and the magic of the palce could flow freely. Not that he would tap into it, he was much more interested in tapping… what was taking Elis so long? Had she gotten herself drowned or were her spell components being tricky? -06:38 Feb 12
Elisandre: Elisandre had definitely considered drowning herself. In the end, she wound up spending almost the entire hour with her whole body submerged under the water. When her skin was pale and her fingers could barely bend, she finally crawled back to the bank and stripped off the wet clothes to pull on her dry ones. With her last few moments she gathered up some herbs and a couple things out of the garden to take back to the house. -06:50 Feb 12
[(Timeout) Cupio was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -07:12 Feb 12
[Cupio enters.] -08:53 Feb 12
Cupio: He greeted her with a smile and with the smell of fresh stew. As soon as she entered he pulled the pot off the flame and stirred to vegrously with a spoon before ladling out two portions and put hers on the table as he sat on the counter, still fully nude and picked up a steaming chunk of meat with his spoon and ate it. He liked things hot, very hot. "So you didn’t drown and you for good smell… hold up." he slipped off the counter and stalked closer. "That’s just what I was looking for, give me your bag." -09:01 Feb 12
Elisandre: She was cold enough to be almost shivering, and stepping back in to the cabin was like getting slapped in the face with heat. Whatever he did smelled really good. But before he could get any closer to her, she tossed him the bag and took a wide berth around him towards the table. "What, exactly, were you looking for?" -09:06 Feb 12
Cupio: He opened it a pulled out a bunch of the herbs she had getheres and the stepped over to the counter and smelled them all one by one until he found the right one and without explaining himself he chopped up a good potrion of it and sprinkled a little over his bowl and tipped the rest into the pot to stir it a before dancing over to her bown to dump the last small scraps into it. "Perfect." he said going abck to his bowl and taking another thich spoonful and swallowing it. "Muuuch better." -09:10 Feb 12
Elisandre: Elisandre slipped in to a seat, stiff and wary about where he moved. As long as he stayed a good distance away, it was all fine with her. She leaned forward to smell the bowl, then took a slow bite. "Where did you get the meat? I’d like to know what I’m eating." Or did she? As long as it wasn’t human! …or some other demon! -09:16 Feb 12
Cupio: "I killed it." he said. "You said to not let you see the bodies but if you have to know is was a couple of hares. They didn’t live long enough to feel much pain." He took another spoonful and sat on the counter with his legs open and his eyes always visible even when he lifted the bowl to his lips. He liked his stews thick, but there was still some water to be drunk… if only he wasn’t horny he’d be a very happy demon with this stew. -09:21 Feb 12
Elisandre: "I appreciate that. My aspect is giving life, I am not a fan of taking it." So he could listen and obey, when he wanted to. Elisandre relaxed a little bit more. A night of sleep tempered a freshly summoned and over enthusiastic demon. …and then she glanced around and nearly choked. "What the hell did you do to my cabin?!" Everything was… chaos! Nothing was where it should be…! Elisandre was already out of her chair, frantically trying to move back to their proper places! -09:28 Feb 12
Cupio: He was at her side instantly and gripping her forearm. "I titied it." he said or rather growled a a hint of fang made itself visible. "Nothing was in it’s proper place, there was no order, it worked against the flow of energy around this place." He pulled her into the center of the room his grim on her arm like an iron vice. "This is the focal point not open your mind and feel it. This place has so much power… This is where you should practice your magic, and where I should stand when you send me back. I know a sorceror would feel the flow of energy here… can witches do the same -09:34 Feb 12
Cupio: He was at her side instantly and gripping her forearm. "I titied it." he said or rather growled a a hint of fang made itself visible. "Nothing was in it’s proper place, there was no order, it worked against the flow of energy around this place." He pulled her into the center of the room his grim on her arm like an iron vice. "This is the focal point not open your mind and feel it. This place has so much power… This is where you should practice your magic, and where I should stand when you send me back. I know a sorceror would feel the flow of energy here… can witches do the same?" -09:34 Feb 12
Elisandre: "This is YOUR flow, this is not MY flow!" What she felt was a surge of things swimming with his aura so strong that everything very distinctly hers was scattered about all over the places. Elisandra tugged her arm away from her. "It was -perfect- order! A natural, organic, flowing river of power channeled exactly where I wanted to direct it to go, not trapped her in the center of the room for any asshole demon or witch to pop in and manipulate!" She was going to strangle him! Yes! Shake him to death! -09:39 Feb 12
Cupio: He narrowed his eyes as her and a low, warning growl escaped him. "Fine, I’ll break this curse myself." he leaned close to her as his lips parted revealing two strong fangs as both hands gripped her upper arms tightly lifting her from her feet. "I wouldn’t think about trying to kill me." he said in a quiet hiss. "This binding wasn’t meant for you and is shaky at best and gives me freedoms it wasn’t intended to. I’ve been testing it’s limits… You wish to test me without knowing anything about me. Get a black tome and look me up, if you even know my name." -09:49 Feb 12
Elisandre: "I am not going to try to kill you!" she shouted back! Ignoring the fact that a second ago she wanted to strangle him. It sure as hell wasn’t in whatever way her was thinking! His aura was charged, and despite the fact her feet wasn’t touching the ground any more, she was growling back at him. "You have ‘cleaned’ years worth of careful placing, did you think I was going to chirp about it?! You’re an arrogant presumptious demon, who perhaps need to learn more about the witch he’s bound to before deciding he’s so high and mighty and powerful!" Ha! Not the most eloquently given speech, or ..really… the best position to be shouting at a demon. But if he were talking about limits, he was testing HERS. -09:56 Feb 12
Cupio: He slowly opend his mouth and ran his tongue up the side of her neck. "You can’t match me witchling." he whispered brfore pinching her skin between his fangs and allowing merely a drop on blood to escape before he caught it with his tongue and smiled. Then he moved his lips to hers to crush into them and strape a fang across those too. "Now seriously, looking me up might help you figure out how to get rid of me." His tone has changed utterly in the course of a nanosecond and she was back on her feet with no evidence than the past conversation ahd happenes at all. "Cupio, ignore the stories, they’re mostly church propaganda against me… mostly, the one about the city of Aven is mostly true." -10:06 Feb 12
Elisandre: The switch was too fast to her senses. He was still dominating the room and Elisandre was stuck in a weird place where she felt threatened and felt… confused! She was definitely not chilly anymore. "You just bit me." she accused first. -10:14 Feb 12
Cupio: "Hmm?" he asked. "Are you sure?" He gave her a shrug and then looked around the room. "Eat, you can screw this up later. You’ll need the energy. In the meantime since you clearly do not recognize my name nor that of the city; though 500 years is long enough for ruins to be forgotten I guess, you little witchling have homework to do." -10:18 Feb 12
Elisandre: "Yes, I’m sure you bit me." What was she even supposed to do about that…! "Cupio. Stop touching my things." Elisandre swatted at him once a twice, breaking away to return to the table. Not because he told her to, but because she’d need to food to cast the spells. Even if she did already feel like she could run halfway across the country. -10:25 Feb 12
Cupio: "I’m not touchign anything." he protested before something, it was too fast to see what is was pulled her chair out from under her before he moved to sit back on the counter and grin innocently. "Be careful, it’s when you’re not thinking about what you’re doing that accidents happen." -10:32 Feb 12
[C enters.] -10:37 Feb 12
Elisandre: Elisandre nearly hit the floor. She grabbed a hold of the chair, planted her ass in the seat and glared at him. "Maybe for you it’s easy to switch from mood to another and completely forget everything prior, but I DON’T and I am very quickly losing my patience with you." If she was going to have to fetch tomes, there was no way she could take him. And he clearly wouldn’t behave. …maybe if she tied him to a bed. …No! That was a bad trail of thought! Bind him to a teapot. That would be better… -10:37 Feb 12
[(Logout) C escapes to a secret lair!] -((10:38 Feb 12))
[Cupio enters.] -10:38 Feb 12
Cupio: He drained his bown and then alighted gracfullin onto his feet, the tain that had been responsable for the chair’s movement swishing behind him as he wings extended and with the agility of a cat he hopped onto the table to ly on his side, legs curled and everything bared to tilt his yead and smile at her. "I don’t forget. I’m just very sensitive to the enviroment I’m in and the people around me. Very.. very sensitive." he chuckled and bared a fang to run his tongue across the tip. "You’ll never have comtrol of me until you get control of yourself. Every thought you have, every impurse you feel, I pick up. It’s up to me if I react to it or not…" -10:43 Feb 12
Elisandre: "Because you are bound to me." Obviously. Glaring again, Elisandre snatched her bowl off the table, and pushed her chair back away from it with her feet. Safe distance. Another bite, another glare, and a deep calming breath. "For your information, I generally have excellent self control. ~I~ am very sensitive to the environment, and at the moment you’ve taken it over. So you’re just going to have to excuse my completely human responses to a demon in my space." -10:50 Feb 12
Cupio: "Why do you have to try and contradict everything I say. If it’s because you don’t liek what I am then I’ve met less judmental angels… You act like I wanted to end up here but I had no more choice in this than you. I’m just trying to make the best of the situation, you lern to when you literally live in hell." he rolled off the table and alighted on his feet before he looked out the window. "If you’re going to take offence at everything I say and everything I try to do I’ll leave you to your solitude." and then he was pushing open the kitchen door and a second later was in the air, shooting towards the trees low over the ground. -11:01 Feb 12

Demon Vexed

Demon Vexed 001: The Unwanted Summon

[Elisandre is a witch. A white witch, a nature witch, and earth witch… a witch by so many names! And she is trying to rub spilled blood out of her robes right in the middle of the end of season ritual with her coven. Damn Lucretia and her weird potions!] -06:04 Feb 11
Elisandre: Elisandre was sure it was blood. Why Lucretia needed blood during a Spring Ceremony was beyond her. The witch was probably drinking it like a youth elixer. Glaring across the sigil circle, Elisandre almost missed her cue to toss her element in to the pyre. Which of -course- made Lucretia grin all the wider. Others followed suit as the Matron droned on. And in a few moments it would be done, and Elisandre could return to the peace and quiet of her cabin. -06:10 Feb 11
Cupio: The pyre flared brightly the flames suddenly springing up to the cieling. "Who dares?" the voice was deep and forboding as the flames burned brighter, shifting color all avros the spectrum to flood the clering with a deep indego light. Then a shape appeared in it, humanoid except for the hirns and large set of wings and then with a dright flash the fire swept outwards and then extinquished and in it’s place stood a demon who eyes then all, a clawed had shifting restlessly as a tongue slid across hie lips hungrily, then the naked for turned to Elisandre and stepped towards her a flash of anger showing on his face. "Why did you summon me whichling?" he demanded before the wings, horns, and claws faded. "And what is it you desire?" his voice was soft and enticing lick warm breeze after a harsh winter. "I am bound to you." -06:17 Feb 11
Elisandre: "WHAT?" She wasn’t the only one shouting. In fact there were several squealing witches, one or two fleeing. Lucretia fuming, and the Matron looking out-raged. "…Oh no! No no no no, I didn’t summon this! I don’t do summonings! I swear to the Mother I did NOT summon… th… THAT!" She pointed at the demon. Naked demon! -06:21 Feb 11
Cupio: He rolled his eyes once before stepping closer to her. "I can sense who I’m bound to and I hate being bound, so tell me your desire…" he reached out to brush his fingers against her cheek. "Anything you wish… and our contract can be completed." -06:24 Feb 11

Lucretia was stomping forward, nearly snarling. “She is not your master, demon!” But the Matron held out an arm. “Then who is, daughter?” Looking a bit startled, and then annoyed, Lucretia stepped back. “Using the circle to summon a beast is a punishable offence. If YOU did not summon this creature, Elisandre of the Glade, I suggest you explain who did.” stated the Matron, seeming to expect an answer straight away. Along with several other very curious, very interested witches! -Elisandre

Elisandre: "Don’t touch." Elisandre was in the middle of leaning back and slapping his hand way. Filthy demons… who would summon one of these?! "I have no idea who summoned it! You are more than welcome to send him back where he came from though!" -06:31 Feb 11
Cupio: He stood up strait his hand falling to his side. "Of the witch matron wasnts to test her powers against mine then I am sorry for what you are all about to witness." he said without taking his eyes off of the witch in front of him. "I am bound to you, I cannot leave until I am no longer, you knew that when you summoned me…" then he grabbed her robe and leaned down to smell the blood on it and grinned showing it to her. "See. It’s you." -06:35 Feb 11

The Matron did nothing more but raise an eyebrow while Lucretia was now behind her practically snarling in frustration. “Only his true master can send him back and…” The Matron did not look pleased as she gestured, “[i]You[/i] are whom he is bound.” After a moment of thought, the Matron waved away the other witches. “The evening is done and our ceremony complete, despite this interuption. ELISANDRE, I suggest you solve this problem by the next Season’s End. He is, after all, at your command…” -Elisandre

Elisandre: "No. nu, no..! This thing is not mine, can’tyoutakeitwithyou?!" Argh…! Everyone was staring, whispering, and now leaving. Even Lucretia was casting her some sort of murder glare as she followed the Matron in to the trees. Leaving Elisandre gripping the hair at the top of her head and wondering if she should go running, begging and pleading for the Matron to fix it. She dropped her hands, turned and glared at the beast. " ….Well… I command you to go back to hell!" -06:44 Feb 11
Cupio: "If only it were that simple." he said "I was having such a good time with a fresh soul." he leaned in close to her and took a deep breath through his nose, smelling her before he grinned and gently took her hand. "I am nothing more than a creature to you, a beast. That hurts you know when I could show you things you;ve never dreamed of and I can’t leave until I am released. And when I am… this world looks like fun." -06:48 Feb 11
Elisandre: Elisandre was leaning back, snatching her hand away and taking a few steps to the side. "You’re a demon, you don’t have feelings. Now get back in that circle so I can rig some sort of… reverse summoning…" What would she even need for that? She didn’t do that sort of magic! And ugh, naked… Elisandre closed her eyes and covered them with a hand for good measure. "I did NOT summon you, either." -06:52 Feb 11
Cupio: "I have feelings." he asreted, amused by her reastions to him but he dutifully stepped back into the circle and clasped his hands as he grinned at her. "I also have a name, do you know it? Hmm…?" he watched her and tappes his finger on her chin. "Oh I get it… you’re caught out and now you’re worried all the other little witchlings will turn on you. Well… I could get rid of them for you…" -06:56 Feb 11
Elisandre: "Oh yes, because an -intelligent- witch would summon a demon during a ceremony, and then deny she did it instead of immediately slaughtering the witnesses!" ….which, of course, he just offered to do. How did this even happen?! Once he was safely out of her personal space, Elisandre shuffled around the circle, eyeing all the symbols drawn on the ground, and dug through her robes for her element. "I don’t care to hear your name. In a few moments you will be gone and -I- will be returning home." -07:00 Feb 11
Cupio: "No, I won’t." he said "The spell on me is a lot more powerful than that." he took a deep dreath and tunrned to keep his eyes on her as she circled. "Really I’m lucky to have any free will at all. If it wasn’t you than whoever did this wanted to make me into a slave and if I ever find out who they were I’ll return the favor." he narrowed his eyes at her. "Even if they were you." he tilted his head to a curious slant and then folded his arms. "You’re a virgin… should have known." -07:04 Feb 11
[Elisandre enters.] -07:08 Feb 11
Elisandre: "Oooh nooo. A virgin witch! How rare and uncommon!" That sarcastic wiggle of her fingers drove the statement home. None of the symbols were out of the ordinary, and she couldn’t spot any off elements. …Elisandre fussed at the blood on her robes. That had to be it. "But you can rest easy, at least. I have NO intentions of making you a slave or keeping you here at all. …I’m going to need a wand. Don’t move." She’d have to trek all the way back to the cabin. Elisandre huffed and started stomping for the trees. -07:12 Feb 11
Cupio: Huh, don’t move. As if! He was taking to the air as soon as she was out of sight and gliding after her until she got to her cabim, then he dropped down right at the door no more than a yew feet in front of her. "Virgins don’t summon lust demons." he said simply, that means I don’t have to kill you. All you have to do now is figure out which of your sisters is giving it up for free… or for pay… and we’ll have a suspect who’ll know how to release me, see. I’m working in your interests because really casting slepps to set a demon free without knowing if they’ll send it to hell or not. Resky bussiness. I’m sure you know the implicatiosn of a demon out in the world out of control. Not that I feed off of bloodshed or anything. My tastes are a lot more fum… Or you coulf ask you mother for help… or you ceald just enjoy having me around I’m very pleasent company." -07:18 Feb 11
Elisandre: "I told you to WAIT BACK THERE!" Argh, naked demon! In her way. Elisandre was covering her eyes again. Especially now knowing he was a lust demon. If she weren’t careful he’d try using a demon charm on her. "Fine. It should be a simple matter of discovering who did the summoning. So MOVE. Get out of the way." -07:21 Feb 11
Cupio: He reached out to put his hands on her shoulders. "So… you don’t like looking at me? I heard stories about witch coverns… fine I read pornographic nodels about witch coverns but the point is…" he changed, shrinking and changing shape and then "his" arms were arounf her in a reasuring… sort of… hug. "Maybe this would be better for you." then he was opening her door without having to unlock it and dodging inside to see how she lived." -07:25 Feb 11
Elisandre: "Oh blessed be." He shape shifted, and she was pretty sure she felt boobs. At least that WAS a little easier to look at. So when she dropped her hands, she found herself glaring at a female demon. Elisandre stomped through the threshold. "I didn’t invite you in to my home. Don’t touch anything. Just be still for a moment while I find my wand and a few books." She shuffled over to a table where she did most of her brewing work. "….and for the record, covens are NOTHING like those blasted novels!" -07:29 Feb 11
[Cupio is exploring a new palce and is a perky naked and universally attractive demon, who has found a collection of magical gems.] -05:56 Feb 12
Cupio: He ignored everything she had just said and twirled through her living room his tail tracing pattens in his wake as he came to a stop in front of a set of shelves containing a collection of gems and stones. OOoooohhhh he was immediatly snatcing up an angel colored one and clutching it to his chest, feeling it’s energy as he leaned over and his tail swished happily though the air above him. "I’ve always wanted one of these… ground up and disolved in alcohol I heard they take you to a while new circle of hell." Still holding onto the gem he started rummaging through the others. "What I need to go with it is a touch of brimstone…" -06:02 Feb 12
Elisandre: It took her a moment before she looked up, then she was dropping her book to immediately cross the room and snatch things out of his… her…? hands! "I said don’t touch anything! You’re going to taint them, or snatch their vital parts… Just… go sit down!" Why was it STILL naked! Elisandre moved away to snatch up a quilt and threw it at the demon. -06:06 Feb 12
Cupio: He caught it and nuddled his cheek against it as he took in it’s scent. Rough and old… she had had this for a while… from a aprent? There were memories attatched to it and… "Mmmmmm." he spread it on the floor and lay down on it spreading his arms out and flattenign his chest against it to nuzzlign into the fabric, his hips sinking down slowly to goin in the sensory orgy of the cloth as his tail curled and uncurled in a steady rythm. "Elis…" her name was purred becoming a soft enticing hiss at the end right before his tongue flicked against the quilt. "I like this place, it resonates with energy… I can almost ignore the mess." -06:13 Feb 12
Elisandre: She must have stood there for a second looking like a dumbstruck deer. Elisandre wasn’t sure if she were horrified or about to kick the demon. A deep breath…! She was calm. Maybe grinding her teeth, but she was calm. "Stop that. You are being completely lascivious and it’s DISTURBING." Elisandre almost did kick him. Her. Grrr. She stepped over the demon back to her table. It needed to go NOW! -06:26 Feb 12
Cupio: "I can’t help my nature Elis, any more than you can help yours." More nuzzles into the quilt and she he was turning to look at the witch with a grin slowly spreading across his face. "Whover summoned me is missing out… I di know one thing though… they like men, overwise I would have appeared like this…" he rolled onto his back and spread his arms out and up to tuck his hands behind his head and his tain curled around his hip to scratch his stomach before flopping to the floor as he crossed his legs and watched her with the same grin adn his eyes half lidded before his tonue trailed over his upper lip and he imagined what she had to be like under those clothes. "Pity you’re not the type to take advantage of what you have right in front of you before sending me away. You have me anyway, may as well… That other witch… blondy angryface. Bet she would…" -06:33 Feb 12
Elisandre: Elisandre was trying not to watch him – her – despite the fact she was afraid looking away even for a second would mean him getting in to things. How a naked woman was even more weird than a naked men confounded her. At least until she realized there was a very subtle sweet scent to the air. In her frustration, Elisandre tugged off her ceremony robes and threw them at the demon. Underneath she was wearing a simple pair of pants and an embroidered tunic. "Clothes! Now! And stop secreting. I know what you’re trying to do to me." Evil sneaky lust demon… There was already tons of terrible imagery in her head, and now her hands were fumbling as she resumed the search for her wand. -06:39 Feb 12
Cupio: "Oops." ther was a giggle and the robes were pulled on then then he flopped down to slowly wruthe intise this new material. Soft… smoooth. Very smooth. "Didn’t realize I was releasing." He forsed himself to stand and then frabbed her to just gently brush his lips against the corner of her mouth. "That’s all I’ll take for now." Then he was moving off to a soft chair to plop down in it and watch her his tail slipping between his legs as he gripped the arm rests and then stopped. "What do you have to drink around here? Also do you think these robes will hit other me if I hold onto the until morning?" -06:45 Feb 12
Elisandre: "Almost prefer other you." she muttered under her breath. Had she cringed at a kiss? Elisandre expected some sort of spell to be cast on her. At worst the demon was just making her incredibly uncomfortable! "No drinks. You’re leaving." Ha! There was her wand. Elisandre snatched it up quick. Her book followed and she was thumbing through the pages as she crossed the floor and stopped in front of the chair the demon so casually claimed. "Reverse, reverse… here we go." The blood still on the robe should be enough… so a swish, swish flick of her wand and Elisandre tried the spell! -06:49 Feb 12
Cupio: There was a flash and he felt the spell but he didn’t move… "Nope! Still bound to you and still here. Unless this is a part of hell that looks exactly like your house… which I wouldn’t mind one bit." There were fang in his mouth now as he looked around at his new joke claim before he stood. "Got amymore? Can I make a few suggestions? Hmm…. you probably need an artofact like the dagger used to spill the blood, or whatever was added to it to give it that slightly minty taste. Toadwart?" He shrugged, but this was impormative. He could learn what she could do. -06:54 Feb 12
Elisandre: "Fantastic. An adventure in Lucretia’s bordello of sin…" Oh she didn’t like that idea at ALL. Elisandre flipped through a few more pages, tried another spell. And a third… none of them would take and more complicated spells took time to put together! Time she would be stuck with this demon…! The book snapped shut and Elisandre tossed it over to her desk. "….okay…. Then what is the nature of this bond? Are you supposed to kill someone? Do some deed? What does it take for you to leave?" -06:58 Feb 12
Cupio: Bordello of sin! That sounded fun! A place to take over once he was free and enjoy. "Well…" He stood and stepped up close to her. :I could be for sex, that is my aspect… it could be for murder, it could be forever. I’m really sorry I have no way of knowing. But at least you know I could have just sex sex to sleep with you but I didn’t. He placed his hand on the back of her head and brushed his lips agaist hers again, but only because it got to her the first time. "So those drinks… and food, you have to be hungey after all that magic. Don’t worry I don’t bite." another grin adn he was moving away from her towards what looked like a cross between a kitchen and an alchemy lab. "I’m in the mood to get hammered. No world, new posibilities… so much to celebrate!"" -07:04 Feb 12
[Cupio enters.] -07:06 Feb 12
Elisandre: Forever. With a demon that was practically oozing out sex pheremones to the point that she was going to have to put the fire out just to keep the room at a reasonable temperature. Elisandre plucked at the fabric of her tunic to get a decent breeze against her skin, and scowled at the demon. "Stop being a woman. The last thing I need is to feel molested by someone like my sisters. And if you are looking for booze you won’t find it here. Nor are you going to find any meat." Not that she had a problem with meat… she just had problems with killing poor forest animals. Elisandre pinched the bridge of her nose. How was she supposed to get supplies with a lust demon? Taking it to town would be a nightmare! -07:11 Feb 12
Cupio: And right then there was a change in him again, just like the last on but in reverse and the sound of ripping fabric. "That answers that." he called back getting water for himself and turning around to look at her. "I’d be perfectly alright with you rhinking baout be as a sister, so log as it’s an extremely sexy sister who wants to have sex with you." another grin and a sip of water before he dumped the rest over his head to cool off and started rummabign about until he found a hunk of bread. "Look it doesn’t really matter if you don’t have meat, I’ll kill my own, and as long as you say I can leave I’ll also take care of my other needs. You won’t even know I’m here." There was no end to his grin. -07:18 Feb 12
Elisandre: Maybe a male lust demon was a bad idea. Now he was wet. No, no he was talking about sexy sisters. Elisandre turned her back to him and stared up at the ceiling. Her fingers were tapping impatiently against her hips. "….seeing as this is going to take a little longer than I hoped, I have rules! First of all, you are not leaving this cabin. Second, you’re not going to touch me, You’re not touching anyone! No sexing, no oozing sex, no touching, no demon tricks. The last thing I want is you terrorizing people." -07:24 Feb 12
Cupio: "So.. you’re planning to kill me slowly through starvation then?" he said placing the cup down. "Well if you see me as nothing more than a dangerous beast then you’d be okay with that. I Can’t hurt you because of the spell but…" he shook his head. "Forget it, send me back as soon as you can. I’ll be here. Dying." -07:28 Feb 12
Elisandre: "That’s fine by me! One less demon in the world!" Demons were, after all, nothing more than beasts, human shells or not. …..Elisandre slowly deflated, turning as she crossed her arms to give him an annoyed, defeated look. "No, I’m not going to let you slowly die… Hunt if you have to. No killing people. And I don’t want to see what you’ve killed. And you absolute can NOT go near any of the villages. …that should be fine enough?" -07:32 Feb 12
[(Timeout) Cupio got too distracted for their own good…] -07:38 Feb 12
Cupio: The looks he gave her conveys a simple message. ‘What the fuck?’ then his face fell as it dawned on him and hr covered his face in his hand and and he let out a muttered phrase on the breath of a sigh. "Demons need more than food and water to live." he said slowly. "Hells you really do know nothing about us. I need sex, without sex I die, just like you would without food." he tore a hunk of bread loose and chewed on it as if to prove his point. "Before I’d die though.. I’d enter a frenzy, if that happened I don;t think you have a spell powerful enough to keep me away from the villages." -07:38 Feb 12
Elisandre: Right. Lust demon. How did she not realize… THAT was a bit of a problem, and her issue with it was as plain as day across her face. "Sex is not exactly going to BE an option. I can’t let you loose on hapless villagers, whores or otherwise! How do I know you’re not some succubus-incubus life sucking monstrosity when you sex things up?" -07:42 Feb 12
Cupio: "Hey!" he said. "I don’t need to steal enegry though sex, what I feed on is the act itself and what is felt by both parties. I have my pride so don’t call me a sex vampire." he spat and glared at her. "On the otehr hand… humand can’t stand up to a lot… I imagine they’re find the experience exhausting." he tapped his chin and considered. "Well then I’m back to starving to death. So yout problem I.E. me will solve itself, but I’ll make you feel worse than I do about it!" -07:48 Feb 12
Elisandre: "I am not going to allow you to guilt trip me over something so assinine! Can’t just… take care of it yourself!" This topic of conversation was… frustrating! Elisandre was plucking at her tunic again for another breeze. With a huff she flicked a hand at the fireplace to put it out. Candles lit around the room instead. "I am not going to let you starve and wither. I am not heartless. But I can’t let you run loose seducing people. You ARE a demon, I don’t trust you." -07:54 Feb 12
Cupio: "Smart girl." he said folding his arms. "I wouldn’t trust me either, and I know me. And no, masterbation only stakes off the inevitable. As I starve I’ll become more and more desperate too. I wouldn’t be able to help myself. I’d… ‘take care of myselt’ more and more until it was just a continuos thing and I filled this house with my desperate moans. Then when it got too much I’d come looking for you, and no trick would be above being used. You’re too young to experience being penetrated that roughly and being forced to enjoy it against your will… but then I was too. Small world." he chot her a look. "Well if you’re decided I can’t have anyone except you and not have you either. Do you ahve a nice qiet place where you won’t hear me too loudly? I’m go there for the next week or so and not tell me where it is. -08:00 Feb 12
Elisandre: The more he spoke, the higher her hands rose until finally they were covering her ears and she was staring at him with a mix between disgust and horror. What in all the hells was she supposed to do about that?! A perpetually masturbating demon was even worse, and she just really -really- could not punish some stranger with him. It was bad enough SHE was stuck with him! "FINE! Fine…!" she shouted, her arms now covering her head and most of her face. "I get it. You can have me then, but just.. Fast! No linger-touchy-stuff… I just. Uuuggh.." Now she was wishing she did have some wine. Another huff and Elisandre was stalking away to snatch that quilt off the floor and toss it over a chair. She would kill the witch that thought a demon summon was a good idea. -08:09 Feb 12
Cupio: "You make it sound like you’re the one stuck as a slave to a spell." he said before he looked away from her. "You can relax, It’s obviously not going to work with you… yet. As I said it workd off of what both of us feel so for f you’re not going to enjoy it, won’t let me halp you enjoy it. I have to be hungrier. It will make it faster too. So we’ll check back in a day or two." he was very unhappy with this. He wanted the touchy stuff, it fed him too in different ways. "Who knows, maybe I’ll be gone by then or you’d have convinced the boldello of sin to let me in. I can be very gentle when I want to be… and I’m not too hungry." -08:16 Feb 12
Elisandre: "Yes, I am quite sure claws and teeth and wings are quite gentle." He was right, though. The demon was supposed to be bound to her why was she making all of the concessions?! The thought of sending him to Lucretia was almost tempting. Elisandre was scowling again, arms still crossed. But at least now she was watching him and trying to figure him out. "You can’t go there. If she is the one that tried to summon you, it can’t be for anything good. I am miserable company, but I will take care of you and no one will get hurt in the process." -08:22 Feb 12
Cupio: "You might." he said. "As you keeo pointing out I am a demon… I can try to make things easier for you but that will put me under a lot of strain and it I snap someone if getting…" he scowled. "Things would be a lot easier if you’d let me seduce you rether than just giving me permision to jump you. You’re not the on in the contract so I have no hold on your soul. That hasn’t always stopped me in the past them those people desurved it, probably." -08:27 Feb 12
Elisandre: Elisandre laughed, but it was really more a nervous laughing than amusement. "What makes you think I can be seduced. I’ve no interest in what you have to offer and I am perfectly happy with how things are. …and even if you do snap I can take care of it!" A small moment of irritated pride. She frowned. "My magic is strong. Just because I don’t go boasting about it, or summoning up demons, and just because it requires a lot more thought than a swish and flick doesn’t mean it isn’t. I could bend your will if I wanted to – and you know, maybe some witches -prefer- not having to deal with constant nonsense and chaos!" Somewhere she got lost on a tangeant, and Elisandre was blaming the fact that scent was still in the air and he was annoyingly nice to look at. "Ugghh…! I can deal with this in the morning!" -08:33 Feb 12
Cupio: "Everyone can be seduced." he said. "I just thought it would be prudent to ask your permision first." he moved closer to her and gently took hold of her wrist and slid his hand about hers, his brow knitting and eyebrows raising in concern. "You’re right, you can deal with it in the morning." his tone was softer than the sound of falling snow. "You should relax, your world hasn’t ended and this is a good thing. If this hadn’t happened someone who wanted to use my power would have me and then you’d have to fight me and possibly kill me. "I don’t want to fight you Elis. I want to help you any way I can, as you help me." Again his lips brushed against the corner of her mouth but this time they lingered for a second. -08:40 Feb 12
Elisandre: It was true, a demon inside her space wasn’t really the end of all things. Were he under Lucretia’s spell a million and one worst things could be going on. There was nothing to get worked up ove-and how the hell did he get across the room! "Um..!" Elisandre raised a finger, her protest dying somewhere in her throat before she had to swallow and try it again. "Don’t… try to trick me. You’re using your wiley things." -08:46 Feb 12
Cupio: He pulled away and grinned at her, then pushed his lips against hers again, slipping his tonue out against her lips and slowly slid a hand down her cheek. "Yes I am." he said before pulling back again and playing with a strand of her hair that ran behind her ear. "And I can sense what you feel on your heart and in your mind… I can smell it. Your stress smells bitter and I don’t like it. Your uncertainty smell like lemon leaves after the rain. It’s just my way of help you stay calm even if it’s for just a moment, and maybe once I lose control and force you… if you know I can be gentle too you won’t hate me." -08:51 Feb 12
Elisandre: Were she not dumbstruck like a dimwit, she’d have been shaking her hands at him and hissing about kissing magic! Cause that’s what it was, body paralyzing, brain deadening, kissing magics. Her mouth was dry and it took her a moment before she was shaking her head, and very delicately pressing two fingers to his chest to move him away. "And what does it matter to a demon if I hate you? I don’t like having my senses meddled with. I can’t think like this." -08:58 Feb 12
Cupio: Both of his hands moved to masage the base of her skull as he stubbornly stayed close to her. "If you hate me, and I sense it I’m not likely to react well to it and I’d rather avoid that. You’re a victim in this and…" he pulled his arms back with her head still in them to pull her against him. "I empathize." there was a had slipping down her spine as he kissed the side of her head. "I’d rather not put myself in a position where I coult hurt you… and willing to play dirty to do it." -09:03 Feb 12
Elisandre: He popped what was left of her space bubble, and she may have audibly squeaked. At least if she were afraid, it would be so much more excusable than that weird this is nice! feeling she really did NOT want to have about a demon who was clearly trying to win her over with centuries worth of well practiced techniques. Elisandre cleared her throat and very delicately was trying to untangle herself from him. "…which is all well and good ifibelievedawordofanythingyousay…!" -09:08 Feb 12
Cupio: He let her go but not before planting naother kiss right on her mouth, his lips parting and his tongue pushign between hers and it lingered, hsi hand trailing up and down her back as his lips massaged against hers and his tongue explored, then he was pulling back himself and awith a hand bruthing against her cheek and a smile he was back to only holding her hand. "You don’t have to believe me to let it help relax you. you desurve some good out of this." Another kiss wouldnt hurt, this one of the corner of her mouth and breaf. "You get to explore things you have denied yourself and then I am gone forever once you find the right spell. A little enjoyment with no consequence." -09:14 Feb 12