Princess 101 001: Tutoring

[Adrian is the son of the famous business man, Damion Rubrum and is here in europe to learn for to rub shoulders with the highups of european society in order to break into the market and add europe tot he family financial empire… all to impress his father.] -10:00 Sep 02
[Autumn is Ysabelle. At least, that is what everyone believes. SO FAR!] -10:00 Sep 02
Autumn: The goal was to take a year backpacking through Europe, so she could have life experience and do something exciting and totally unlike herself before she did the expected thing and went to college. Instead, she met a PRINCESS with her face, switched places with her, and now she is trying hopelessly to pull this off. …Autumn is pleased with current progress. She’s not had to really talk to anyone, and she has been able to bullshit her way through studies! -10:03 Sep 02 Autumn
Dr. Summers: Sitting behind her desk the newton’s balls to the side swinging on thier own accord. Elizabeth has summoned two students to her office because one of then needs help from the other… "Come in." she called with the knock in her door, "Take a seat, help yourself to tea. Adrian should be here soon." -10:05 Sep 02 Adrian
Autumn: She was a High School Graduated, why did this feel like she was getting called to the principal’s office? Autumn slipped in to the room and took a seat. Reminded herself to sit up straight and try to look, what was the word Ysa used… smug? Autumn wasn’t pulling that off well. Instead she was busy fussing with the hem of her, er, Ysa’s skirt. "I’m not in trouble, am I?" Faking an accent wasn’t easy when you were nervous, especially when you were warned about having… a reputation for trouble! -10:10 Sep 02 Autumn
Dr. Summers: "You’ve only been here a week." she said with a reassuring smile. "We have a new student this year. Adrian Rubrum, he’s american and doesn’t have the proper… background for the trainins we offer here. I’d like you to tutor him in the basics." -10:17 Sep 02 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn hid her astounded look. Her? Teach the basics…? The basics of what…! "The… basics of what in particular, may I ask?" Autumn was crossing her fingers and hoping it was something to do with English, or even Math… she could handle Math! -10:20 Sep 02 Autumn
Dr. Summers: "Etiquette, the ranks and structure of the royal families, history, which conties are democracies and which ones the royaltu still have power in." she said before there was another knock on the door. "Come in!" the door opened and a suited man in his early 20s entered, despice his emaculate clothes and hair that looked like it hav been cut with a laser it was so expertly shaped there was the start of a beard and a half raised eyebrow as he saw the occupants of the room. "I was just asking Ysabelle to tutor you in the basics you might have missed out with your upbringing." -10:24 Sep 02 Adrian
Autumn: Crap, crap, crap! Oooooh, maybe I can research most of it… This whole finishing school business for upper class families was just insane. Why did anyone need to know any of this stuff? Autumn turned in her seat, fully expecting someone young and barely out of high school themselves. Apparently she was going to tutor a grown man. Well, not too grown. He wasn’t much older than her. Autumn stood, because that was the right thing to do. …right? And held out her hand to shake. "I am Ah-… Ysabelle. Obviously." -10:32 Sep 02 Autumn
Adrian: "And I’m Adrian." he said taking her hand in a firm shake. "Good to know I don’t need to bow and kiss your hand." he jokes with an easy grin as his artended arm revealed the flash of a -very- fashionable and expensive watch with more tricks in it than a james bond car. "Pleased to meet you, and you too Ms. Summers." he sat and leaned back like he owned the room while looks around and especially at the woman behind the desk. -10:36 Sep 02 Adrian
Autumn: Sitting…! Autumn quickly returned to her seat, second guessing the entire exchange. She WAS a princess now, so would hand kissing and bowing been more appropirate? How the hell do social ladders work? She smoothed out her skirt, thankful that Ysabelle gave her all her clothes, so at least she matched that upscale, incredibly expensive look, even if she didn’t FEEL it. "About the tutoring… however… I… am not so sure I am the best candidate for the job. After all, I am not exactly the example of perfect behavior and I’m… Well, I am just too busy to have to be concerned with these sorts of things!" There. That sounded plenty brisk and uppity and maybe even a little rude. Autumn almost cringed at herself. -10:40 Sep 02 Autumn
Dr. Summers: "This will keep you out of trouble and teach Mr. Rubrum what he needs to know, sorry but this is not open to discussion. I’ve heard a lot about both of you and I’ve made my decision." there was a smile as she sclasped her hands behind the desk. "Maybe you’ll learn from him too. Your grandmother was American wasn’t she?" -10:46 Sep 02 Adrian
Autumn: "Yes, but.." Whoops! Wait, was Ysabelle’s grandmother American? Was she supposed to agree to that? All of her check list notes were back in her room! Autumn cast a quick side-glance at her new problem. He didn’t look like he needed help with anything. "As you wish, then…" The girl was definitely not enthusiastic. -10:51 Sep 02 Autumn
Adrian: Adrian clasped his hands in his lap and leaned forwards with the air of a cat about to pounce, or someone about to close a deal that wasn’t looking good. "With all respect to the princess I don’t feel I need tutoring, My research before coming was very thorough and I am confident I’ll manage." he offered a warm smile that was met with a shake of Dr. Summers’ head. "I’ve made up my mind, have a good day both of you." and just like that they were dismissed adn Adrian was standing to turn to the ‘princess’ "I guess it’s up to use to arange times…?" -10:57 Sep 02 Adrian
Autumn: See, he didn’t want to be in this mess either. Autumn also stood. …he was ridiculously tall! She ought to of replied, but he was just… so tall! Somewhere between her brain and her mouth, words got all jumbled up. So instead of responding like a proper young woman, she just flushed and let out a strange huff before she turned and marched towards the door. It probably looked like a royal hissy fit, but he was just…. so tall! -11:01 Sep 02 Autumn
Adrian: He exited the office and waited for the princess to follow before he spoke again. "So we’re stuck together." he said. "WE ARE stuck together, I keep forgetting about contractions being impolite." -11:08 Sep 02 Adrian
Autumn: Contractions? Oh, right! Grammar stuff! Autumn would have prefered running back to her room and then trying to piece her stupid head back together. At least she found her voice. "Stuck together, but as little as possible…. if possible! Because I am very busy and I’m sure you’re super busy and stuff too." -11:19 Sep 02 Autumn
Adrian: "Actually I’m not allowed to be busy while I’m here." he said. "But you are correct. I will be anyway." there was a grin as his cool blue eyes examined her closely. "Shall we schedule tomorrow evening for a meetup, in the library or… dining hall? Is that the correct term? I just want to call it a caffeteria." -11:23 Sep 02 Adrian
Autumn: "I was calling it the lunch room…" He was looking at her, and she forced her chin up and tried to pull off that haughty smug look again. "I’m – I am most likely going to be very busy all week and not have time for meetings. Maybe we should get it all over with today?" She could teach him a bunch of things Ysabelle told her, and then tutoring would be as good as done! -11:27 Sep 02 Autumn
Adrian: He raised an eyebrow. "You really don’t want to spend time with me." he said with the flicker of a grin. "I get that a lot with my father being who he is. " she wmile became a rye one before he shrugged. "Whichever suits you best, princess." -11:35 Sep 02 Adrian
Autumn: "Your father, right. Because he is… a character." He wasn’t a prince or royal person, Autumn didn’t have a clue who his father was! Maybe his dad was a mob boss? Autumn took a better look at him. That fancy suit, the way he talked…. he could definitely be a mobster! All the more reason to make sure she talked to him as little as possible. "Um… Yes. Let’s get this over with as quickly as possible! First lesson, is that princesses are always super busy." -11:43 Sep 02 Autumn
Adrian: There was a small chuckle from Adrian. "You have no idea who he is." he said. "I thought the surname would be a dead givaway. My father is Damian Rubrum, the man who bought the world… or so they call him." he shook his head. "I knew he wasn’t big in europe but…" -11:51 Sep 02 Adrian
Autumn: "Of course I know who he is. That’s common knowledge for just about everyone." Bought the world? A mobster for sure! She picked up her pace a bit, pointing down a hallway for them to turn towards what she liked to call the Princess Wing! "You shouldn’t correct princesses either. That’s treason." …Autumn vaguely remembered some countries doing beheadings or something. Or was that in a movie? -12:00 Sep 03 Autumn
Adrian: He shook his head, "I’m in the habbit of correcting people when they’re wrong." he said coldly. "You should read a fortune magazine sometime. And no, it’s not treason. You’re just being a brat because you’re forces to spend time with me." -12:03 Sep 03 Adrian
Autumn: Oh nooo! She hurt his feelings! Autumn stopped walking and grabbed his arm. "No, no, no…! I’m sorry. I’m not trying to be a brat… I’m just a little jet lagged! Yes. Still because… my trip was really long and then I had to jump right in to studies and stuff, and you’re so tall, and I-" Autumn shut her mouth. That was a bit rambly and worse, she couldn’t remember if she kept up the accent through the whole thing! She was turning red again, released his arm and smoothed her hands over her skirt. "I mean… you clearly already know what you need to know, you have said so yourself. I don’t want to… inconveniance you." -12:10 Sep 03 Autumn
Adrian: "It’s okay Ysabelle, you’re a troublemeking brat, that’s your reputation isn’t it?" he said. "So we can agree to forget this whole thing and go our seperate ways." he turned to head the other way. "It would have been useless anyway and I only agreed to spend time with a princes for practice anyway." He plowly pulled a phone fromhis belt with an easy motion. "You’re clearly the wrong candidate for that." -12:16 Sep 03 Adrian
Autumn: How could one princess have such a baaaaaad rep? They were supposed to be nice! Autumn did the only thing that made sense. She snatched his phone out of his hand and half ran down the hall. "No, it’s too late! We HAVE to do this! Ms Summers said so and that is the way things are done! If you want this back, you have to finish a day of tutoring!" She had NO idea what she was going to teach him, but she hated that he was upset with her now and she had to FIX it! -12:23 Sep 03 Autumn
Adrian: "Are you five years old?" he called after her before he started following, at his own unhurried pace. She was not like any princess he expected, maybe Summers was tight to put her with him so that SOMEONE could figure her out and temper her… eccentricity. Inbreeding wsa a problem with many royal families, maybe this was the result. -12:35 Sep 03 Adrian
Autumn: "I am eighteen, almost nineteen!" Autumn cast a worried frown over her shoulder. He was following, at least. She knew a mobster rich kid couldn’t live without his phone. Stopping at her door, she waited for him to catch up. "How old are you, anyway? The age ranges here are a little confusing…" She really didn’t understand the entire purpose of finishing schools! -12:46 Sep 03 Autumn
Adrian: "Twently two." he called out "Twenty three by this timezone." He caught up and looked down at her. She would not be hard to overpower to get his phone back but that would be… rude. "So why the sudden change of heart? I though we agreed that it would be a waste of time." -12:53 Sep 03 Adrian
Autumn: So tall. Autumn leaned against the door and tried standing up on her toes a bit. "I… well. I changed my mind. You need my help and I would be remiss if I neglected my duties to um.. this school." That sounded elegant enough. She might be getting the hang of speaking! -01:03 Sep 03 Autumn
Adrian: He slowly shook his head. She was obviously not playing the truth but there was no deciet to her either. "So you’re doing it for the school?" he reached past her to try the door handle. "We’ll see. You know we met once… you don’t seem to remember though…" -01:09 Sep 03 Adrian
Autumn: "Of course, I remember. I just… forget." Ysabelle didn’t give her a list of people she knew…! The door opened and that was plenty excuse to spin around and push in to the room. Autumn bit her tongue trying to think of the best things to say. "I care about school, because I am a philanthropist!" Eek, there were her notes scattered on the bed. Autumn quickly worked on snatching those all up. -01:19 Sep 03 Autumn
Adrian: He examined the room and found a seat to rest in. "It’s still a waste of time and doesn’t help the school at all." he reasoned. "But if it will satisfy your obligationa nd get me my phone back then fine… Tell me what you know about polite conversation." -01:57 Sep 03 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn stashed all of her notes in to a dresser. …along with his phone! Then was smoothing her hands over her skirt again. "Obviously, with a Hello and Hi, How are you. And handshaking. …for guys! Kissing a lady’s hand is the most proper thing to do…" Wait, she had a book about etiquette around here somewhere. Yes! Autumn scooted over to the bookshelf and plucked up a book called Miss Manners Guide to Politeness. Then flipped through the pages. -02:12 Sep 03 Autumn
Adrian: He raised an eyebrow at her and folded his arms over his chest. She wasn’t acting like a princess… "You know that was a joke, right?" he asked. "I was never going to kiss your hand." -02:22 Sep 03 Adrian
Autumn: She stiffened, her back to him as she tried to casually glance over her shoulder. "I know that… I mean, hand kissing is only for formal settings. Like banquets and charities…" …this was exactly why she didn’t want to do this! Damn her stupid conscience! "Look, who knows more about these things? A Princess who does this kinda stuff every day, or… you. Business Guy." -02:25 Sep 03 Autumn
Adrian: "Technacally I’m the prince of a small island, but it’s population is only three." he said. "Well more if you include the next island over where the servants are." he drummed his fingers on the armrest watching her. There was definately something wrong with this picture. "And my name is Adrian, or ‘Yes sir Mr. Rubrum Sir.’" there was a wide smile as he rested his ancle on his knee. "That was also a joke." -02:32 Sep 03 Adrian
Autumn: "Mr. Rubrum. ….Mr. Prince Rubrum…?" Oh no… had she gotten all the details wrong, and here she was talking total nonsense to someone who was actually royalty? She knew there were small countries in Europe, but only three people…? "…I knew that! They only let princes and princessess in here, right?" She crossed the room and held out the book to him. Now that he was sitting he was far less… tall! "Here, you should read this." -02:42 Sep 03 Autumn
Adrian: "Actually I never told them i was and the island a micronation, it’s soveriegnty is not recognized by the world at large. I bought my way in. Old institutions like this are on the way out, they need… donations… to keep going and buying your way into places like this has been around as long as they have. Though I think YOU can use MY help." -03:02 Sep 03 Adrian
Autumn: "I… don’t need anyone’s help, what are you talking about." Now Autumn was just confused! So he wasn’t really a prince? How was she supposed to keep all of this information straight? She’d been there a week and everyone had a thousand different titles. She pulled the the book back and hugged it against her chest like a shield. "I’m only doing what I’m supposed to be doing…" -03:11 Sep 03 Autumn
Adrian: He shook his head and leaned back. "Then take a breath, relax, and tell me things." he said before standing, taking off his jacket and tie and moving over to sit on the edge of the bed to build a more casual atmosphere. "You’re nervous about the big fancy school, but it’s just a bunch of people learning obsolete tradition, it’s like acting. So act." -03:14 Sep 03 Adrian
Autumn: What was he doing on her bed. That was weird! Urg, she was an adult she shouldn’t be getting all blushy cause a guy was on her bed. …wait a second. "I don’t know what you mean…" her voice went an octave higher. "I’ve been to plenty of schools like this before. I just… graduated from a private school in… Russia." It was in Russia, wasn’t it? Something about the Mom having gone there too? -03:21 Sep 03 Autumn
Adrian: "Тогда тхис не должны меня проблема." he said. "Я слышу школ в Москве очень тяжело." ther was a smile and he winked. "It’s either the school, or it’s me. Despite what people might think everythign my fathers done has been legal, he taught me a healthy respect for the law, so maybe you’d prefer to do this over a drink sometime?" -03:28 Sep 03 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn cleared her throat, choosing to ignore the fact he spoke in a language she couldn’t recognize. It sounded Russian. "I can’t- don’t drink. And I’m not really sure what you’re getting at. You know, I don’t… like these silly politics games!" If that’s what it was. Autumn was glancing over at the dresser where she stashed the notes Ysabelle gave her along with his phone. Did Ysabelle drink at all? She was too young, but the Princess seemed to like getting in trouble despite it… -03:33 Sep 03 Autumn
Adrian: "I’m not piliticing you, I’m not a lawmaker, in fact I don’t like lawmakers generally speaking. I’m engaging you on an equal lever and giving you options you can accept or reject so that you can do… whatever you’re trying to do on your own terms in a situation you feel comfortable in because you don’t seem very comfortable now. I’m reaching out with cooperation if not friendship." there was a smile and a hand extended for a handshake. -03:37 Sep 03 Adrian
Autumn: She looked down at his hand as if he was holding a snake in it. Still clinging to her book as if it was going to have all the answers and magically make her know exactly what to say. "Except… I’m not really sure what you’re trying to offer and… for someone who doesn’t like lawmakers, you sure have a fine way of talking with flashy words!" At this point she had long since forgotten to mimic the accent like she was supposed to, she was so concerned with trying not to blow her cover. "I’m comfortable… see!" Autumn proved it by sitting down on the edge of the bed with him. Perfectly comfortable sitting with a stranger on her bed! -03:42 Sep 03 Autumn
Adrian: "I’m a businessman." he said. "My words are my livelyhood." he tilted his head to look at the book and then withdrew his ahnd slowly. "You want to teach me even htough I said it wasn’t needed, I’m offering you a chance to. That’s all." he thought it was obvious but apparently following conversations wasn’t aprt of royal training… though this girl didn’t seem trained at all. -03:45 Sep 03 Adrian
Autumn: "…then you should just say it plain and simple like that, not with all of the run around." How confusing! She hadn’t shaken his hand, though, and now she felt bad for that too. Autumn rest the book in her lap and heaved a big sigh. She held out her hand to him. "Okay…! We can shake on it. I tutor you like I’m supposed to, and I’ll try not to be a diva or silly things like that." -03:48 Sep 03 Autumn
Adrian: He took his hand gently in his and kissed it softly, hoe could he not? "Deal." he said shaking her hand. "And I’ll make sure to be on my best behaviour and not ask about the economic state of your contry adn hos open it is to foriegn megacorporations investing money in it’s wellbeing." -03:52 Sep 03 Adrian
Autumn: He might as well have been speaking gibberish. Even if she wasn’t completely flustered with having her hand kissed like she was some sort of princess. …and she was! For now! "R-right… because economics and investigating are all really dull topics anyway and nothing to do with.. hum… politeness and manners!" He had very blue eyes. Oh, why did she have to sit so close, this was a bad idea. For a man who wasn’t a prince, he was so much more princely than most of the ones she had vaguely interacted with all week. -03:56 Sep 03 Autumn
Adrian: "And you seem like the type of princess who would be married off and not know much about econimics." there was a grin and he tugged the book off her lap to look at the cover. "You know I just did all my research online…" he said running his hands over the title. "I think the tactile feeling of books is lost on many people these days…" -04:00 Sep 03 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn actually looked a bit offended, forgetting he was talking to Princess Ysabelle and not to herself. "I’m not a trophy wife type. I graduated in the top ten percent of my class, and I’m going to college as soon as I’m finished trav-!" Whoops! Oh no, she shut her mouth quickly, suddenly finding interest with staring over at the far wall. "What I mean is… I take my studies seriously, and of course I know all of the important things that I should about my country, I just thought since we are here studying and now tutoring, it’s gets old talking those topics over and over again…right?" -04:05 Sep 03 Autumn
Adrian: "Not really." he said. "But if you want…" he stopped, then reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out two peices of candy. "Want one?" he asked, holding one out. "I wouldn’t offer the prime minister of england candy but you? Sure. Now tell me about politeness and stuff." -04:11 Sep 03 Adrian
Autumn: Candy! Ysabelle told her to be wary or bribes and potential poison. This seemed safe enough, though. Autumn took the offering and was meticulas about unwrapping it. "Um, well, I’m not really sure where to start… I’ve never had to tutor someone before, at least not in this subject. If you wanted to ask me about key signatures or cadenzas or the pentatonic scale I could talk for hours." -04:17 Sep 03 Autumn
Adrian: "So you’re a music person?" he asked with sudden interest while the gears in the back of his head began turning. No, he shouldn’t. "Can you sing?" he asked No, this was bad… or was it? "Do you play anything?" -04:26 Sep 03 Adrian
Autumn: "I…!" She was flushing again. Autumn desperately tried to remember if Princess Ysabelle noted playing any instruments or singing. Would it hurt if she said she did? Surely it was pretty normal for most royalty to have some musical talent. …it’s just… Autumn was a little embarassed and not so confident about hers. "I can play a few… and sing. Maybe. I’m not really good with singing around people." There. That was actually honest, and if Ysa couldn’t sing, then it wouldn’t matter anyway! -04:31 Sep 03 Autumn
Adrian: "We’ll work on that." he said before he could stop himself. "Or just go back to etiquette, since this is your field of experties. How to you greet a member of a royal family?" -04:39 Sep 03 Adrian
Autumn: Phew! No more music questions. ….actually, that was a bit disappointing, she really did like to talk about music. Autumn had to consider the new question though. "It.. depends on the venue where you meet them? A formal setting you would obviously bow or curtsy, or on a knee and… um… stare directly to the eyes because that is respectful…" -04:41 Sep 03 Autumn
Adrian: "You know I think you sounded happier when I was acting about music, you also seemed to have a different accent… american music tutor?" that wouldn’t quite explain it but there were a lot of things with this girl that didn’t quite fit… "Also when can I have my phone back?" -04:53 Sep 03 Adrian
Autumn: "Oh, the phone…" Perfect distraction moment to completely dodge his question. Did her accent slip…? She completely forgot about it! Autumn jumped off the bed and fetched his phone out of the dresser. She held it out for him to take. "I’m sorry. I guess I shouldn’t have snatched it from you in the first place, but I didn’t want you to think I didn’t like you or hurt yourt feelings or anything. I’m just… a little shy, maybe." -04:55 Sep 03 Autumn
Adrian: He unlocked it and was immediatly on the internet and finding a recent picture of the princess while facing her so she wouldn’t see the screen and ready to lock it if she tried to look. "You’d have to work very hard to hurt my feelings." he said. "I don’t let many people near them. I however know you have a hidden passion for music… which is strangely coincidental." hew smiled and then muted his phone to sneak a picture while pretending to check his mail. "Pitty it’s technically impossible for me to hire you." -05:05 Sep 03 Adrian
Autumn: That was a bit of relief, that she hadn’t hurt his feelings. For the first time, she actually smiled, rubbing her arm with that unconcious nervousness. "I like music a lot, but it’s not really something I have time for…" She gave him a curious expression. "Hire me for what? I hope you don’t mean for anything strange!" -05:09 Sep 03 Autumn
Adrian: He shook his head and looked out the window. "It’s bisuness talk, I’m trying to break into thr european market and that’s why I’m here. Part of the plan is to fund the creation of a new europop star." he looked at her and shut off his phone. "So no, nothing strange." -05:16 Sep 03 Adrian
Autumn: A europop star? …and that’s when she just flat out laughed! Laughed at him, laughed at the thought of her being a star… at the whole thing! "Really! Then you definitely have the wrong person. I’m not a star anything. I can barely talk to a group of people, let alone play my music or sing it…" -05:19 Sep 03 Autumn
Adrian: And there went her accent again, interesting. "You asked, I answered, I was being polite." he said. "But thank you for your advice, that may have saved me time later, besides I can’t hire members of royal families." he smiled. "It’s good to hear you laugh though. Maybe I’ll hear it again sometime." -05:23 Sep 03 Adrian
Autumn: A compliment out of no where! She hushed up quick and there was that red faced blushing again. "Right! Um, of course you couldn’t hire me… I’m sure you’ll see me plenty with this tutoring stuff, anyway. After I get a few more books, I’m sure I’ll be a much better teacher." Ooooh, now she was thinking about him being all tall and blue eyed again. "…I can write notes for you!" -05:28 Sep 03 Autumn
Adrian: "That would help." he said smiling at her. "So we’ll be doing this again." there was a small smile spreading across his face. "I’ll have to be more prepaired next time, then maybe we’ll be able to stay on topic." he also wanted to hear her sing and find out what she played… and test out his suspicions. -05:35 Sep 03 Adrian
Autumn: "Yeeees, we can do this again. You can pick the place and I will bring my books." She definitely needed to brush up on some things before trying this again, for a bit there Autumn thought she had been totally caught. "A place and a time, Mr. Prince Rubrum and then I will be there?" -05:38 Sep 03 Autumn
Adrian: He held out his phone, the screen restored to it’ default state. "Put in your number and I’ll call you." he said with another smile. "And call me Adrian, according to most here you outrank me." he reached back into his pocket and held out andother sweet. "Seal the deal with a treat?" -05:44 Sep 03 Adrian

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