Voodoo 001: Undead

[Amber was at the greatest party ever with her boyfriend and friends! ….except she doesn’t remember that at all!] -09:11 Aug 15
[Sigfried is old, much much older than he appears, and is standing in a small windowless, featureless room in front of the gir; shose name he doesn’t knowm after restoring her mind.] -09:13 Aug 15
Amber: She swayed on her feet a bit. Not all that surprising, because… um… Couldn’t really remember why just yet, but it would come to her soon enough. A hand rose up to her head, rubbing slowly in her confusion… She didn’t recognize this place at all. Or this guy. "….where is this? Who the hell are you?" Now a little more awareness was coming back. She took a step backwards and glanced suspiciously at the room. -09:21 Aug 15 Amber
Sigfried: "Good, it worked." he said before pulling out a pen light and shining it in her eye while holding it open with his thumb. "Do you know who you are?" he asked when he was done, his deep crimson eyes focusing in hers. "What do you remember last?" -09:25 Aug 15 Sigfried
Amber: Momentarily blinded, she scoffed and swatted his hand away. Another step was taken back. What did she remember? This was weird and wrong. Wrong enough she had goosebumps and had to run her hands up and down her arms. She took a glimpse down at her clothes for a clue… These clothes were ridiculous. Party! Something fun with lots of people. THIS place was sure as hell no party, and now she was squinting at his very strange colored eyes and stepping a few more steps backwards. "…I remember I dun belong here that’s for sure. Where is this and who are you?" It was the second time she asked! -09:30 Aug 15 Amber
Sigfried: He slipped the pen light into his pocket and looked at her. "You are confused, but you are perfectly safe." he asured her. "You are in Holywood. Los Angeles, whatever you want to call it." he said waving a hand dismissivly before he laned over to look apst her. "I wouldn’t step back any more if I were you. That book pedistal is an antique and the book far older." he clasped his hand behind his back and went back to looking at her. "Are you hungry?" -09:43 Aug 15 Sigfried
Amber: Absently, her hands went to her stomach as she took a quick look behind her. Another step away from tripping over something. She was hungry. Like, crazy starving hungry… She refused to acknowledge it. "I’m not… supposed to be in LA!" Still struggling to remember exactly she was last, though. Only small pieces of it was coming back, and none of it was really useful in curbing her alarm. SAFE was not what she was right now! "I should be in a hospital. Or talking to police right now. I shouldn’t be here." Now she was looking for an escape. Maybe she didn’t remember stuff, but she knew instincts! …and there weren’t any windows! That was totally weird! There was a door, though. She headed towards that, only wavering slightly on her feet. -09:50 Aug 15 Amber
Sigfried: He cut her off, but not to block her but to open the door for her, and what greeted her was a -very- large and open living area with a stunning vista of the city lights below. "You are hungry. You should eat." he said stepping through and moving to a phone that he picked up and ounched a few buttons. "Take a seat, you will have food, then we can talk about your future. Helf yourself to anything you want to drink, and if you remember anything, tell me." -09:56 Aug 15 Sigfried
Amber: She was wavering on her feet again, standing in the doorway looking completely perplexed. This wasn’t the sort of place she was expected. Nondescript, creepy rooms, yeah… out in some cabin or a basement maybe… This was a city skyline and a place that looked crazy expensive. Could kidnappers be super rich? Did she even know what real kidnappers were like? Walking seemed to be tricky, she was stiff and wobbly. Before she knew it, she was having a seat, whether she willed herself to do it or not. "I was at a party… " Lots of faces and costumes, and she was struggling to see if she could remember his. -10:03 Aug 15 Amber
Sigfried: "That must have been in New Oleans." he said before the call came through and he tossed the phone into her lap for her to order food, then he was pulling a bottle of chilled water out of the fridge and a glass and carrying them over to place them on the table in front of her. "Order anything you want, he will buy it and bring it here, after that… we will talk." -10:07 Aug 15 Sigfried
Amber: She looked at the phone in her lap like it might have been a bomb. Or a trap. Soon enough it was in her hand and at her ear, and she was placing a mumbled and confused order for spaghetti. She didn’t even know where she was ordering from or if that was a menu item, it was just the first thing to pop in to her head. Then it was right back to staring in confusion at the phone. "That’s right… for Mardi Gras. I went there for a party and… I hadn’t been there before." See, things were coming back, if waaaaaay slower than she wanted. She still couldn’t shake the creepie crawlies running through her skin. The phone was set on the table and she was rubbing her arms again, scowling about the whole thing. "Somebody is probably looking for me. My friends.. or my family." There were definitely friends! Yes! She remembered that too! -10:15 Aug 15 Amber
Sigfried: "That was four months ago." he said plainly, his hands clasped as he leaned forwards. "I do not know what happened, all I know is that you were put up for sale and I bought you." he paused to let that sink in, leaning back to adjust the colalr of his white silk shirt and look at the window. "I know you will be concerned, and confused by what is going on but I must repeat that you are safe. I don’t squander investments by hurting them or letting them fall into danger, but I did but you as a mindless zombie… I’m pleased I’ve been able to restore some of your personality." -10:23 Aug 15 Sigfried
Amber: "Bought me as a what..?" …okay, so he was crazy! That explained everything now. Maybe not how she got there, and why no one was looking out for her, but at least she knew she was with a crazy. "I can’t just lose four months and zombies aren’t even real! I dunno where you picked me up and it’s nice and all to keep repeating ‘you’re safe’ like I’m totally gonna believe that, but this isn’t cool… You can’t BUY people, or at least you shouldn’t especially if they are drunk or drugged at some stupid party." And now she was mad. Face flushing, frustrated, out-raged kind of mad. There was lots of drinking, for sure! But you don’t ditch your buddies and let them get picked up by strangers! Someone was going to get an earful. As soon as she recalled WHO. -10:30 Aug 15 Amber
Sigfried: He meshed his fingers and then leaned forwards again a bored and slightly frustrated look on his face. "You don’t believe me." he said. "I expected that, you’re not the first one I’ve bought who didn’t. I find the best way to change that is through demonstration. Stay where you are." he stood and walked back into the kitchen, then pulled a cleaver out of the drawer. Then walking back to the coutch he placed it on the table and upbuttoned the cuff on one of his sleeves and rolled it up before placing his arm on the table. "Cut my hand off." his voice was in the exact same tone as his other commands, because it wouldn’t work. -10:36 Aug 15 Sigfried
Amber: She watched curiously until he came back with the cleaver. For a moment wondering if he was going to start chopping parts off of her cause she was supposed to be a zombie. Putting his on hand on the table had her baffled. "You’re crazy, I’m not going going t-" What noooo, hand what are you doing. How did that damned cleaver get in her hand? "I’m not-!" She shrieked the same time she was swinging down. Whatever she hit, arm or not, she had her eyes squeezed shut and couldn’t see it. The cleaver had bounced off and slipped out of her hand to clatter somewhere on the floor. "Oh god, oh god… what the fucks is all this about!!" Maybe it was like illusionary magic tricks? Did he hypnotize her so when he said a key word she did things subconciously? "I am so out of here! You’re a lunatic!" -10:48 Aug 15 Amber
Sigfried: He leaned over to pick up the cleaver and then looked at her. "No you’re not, you’re going to watch." he said before lifting the blade over his head and swinging down. he hit right on his arm and with the handle ov thre cleaver stayed in his hadn the blade boundes up, flipped three timed in the air before landing an embetting a corner into the table looking like the hood of a car after hitting a tree. "I was never in any danger." he said lifting his arm and hloding it up for her to see the undamages skin, even the hairs on his arm were undisturbed. -10:55 Aug 15 Sigfried
Amber: Watching wasn’t going to happen. But it did anyway! And with every hit she cringed and squirmed in her seat. Waiting to see sprays of blood and gore or… anything. There was just a messed up cleaver and an unharmed crazy person. "It’s a trick. …of some sort. A trick or I am dreaming or something. This stuff doesn’t happen." Was it too late to get up and run for it? Call the police? Call the police! She went reaching for that phone. -10:59 Aug 15 Amber
Sigfried: Before her hand reached the phone he had a new command for her. "Go and get your food, thre will be no need to pay anything." two seconds later the doorbell rang and he reached out to pull the cleaver blade from the table and turn it over in his hands. This one was being stubborn and skittish, maybe he would ahve to get down to brass tacks. -11:08 Aug 15 Sigfried
Amber: Up she went to fetch the door before she even realized she was following an order. Her pace slowed when she reached it, but she still answered. Giving the person there some sort of bewildered look, yet not being able to blurt out anything along the lines of "I’ve been kidnapped!" or "Save me!". Once the door was closed and she was returning, clutching a hot bag of food like it was some sort of shield, she was right back to scowling again. Bewildered, but stubborn scowling. "I don’t like this. You’re messing with me somehow, and I seriously don’t like it." Amber plopped on to a seat. Hating this or not, her stomach was now growling loud enough for her to hear it. No matter what was going on. she needed food for strength! She rustled through the bag. "….Amber!" -11:19 Aug 15 Amber
Sigfried: "I told you, when I bought you you were a zombie, not the hollywood style, the voodoo style. You’re still bound to follow my commands, I really don’t want to have to use that, so eat and enjoy your order… Amber, while I’ll tell you why you’re not still and doll-like anymore. I want to offer you a job." -11:23 Aug 15 Sigfried
Amber: "Voodoo…?" That seemed to spark some sort of vague recollection… but it was gone just as quickly before she could remember how or why that was important. She ate slowly despite her hunger, keeping her eyes on him and still very plainly not trusting a word he said. "Why? Why buy a… zombie.. and then make her unzombie and offer her a job? How long have you had me…?" She still wasn’t so sure she had been unconcious for four months, but her disbelief of things were getting a little jarred around. -11:26 Aug 15 Amber
Sigfried: "About nine weeks." he said. "People buy zonbies for lots of reasons, slaves, glorified sex dolls, ritual sacrifice… my main problam with them is that they can only follow very basic instructions and use absolutely no imagination while doing so. Thier personalities and creativity is gone and the only use I have for those is food, or boring and unsatisfying sex. I need an assistant, not a robot." -11:32 Aug 15 Sigfried
Amber: That was a little over two months, which meant someone else had her first and – cough! Near choking on a bite, she reached out to grab the water and take a big swallow. "…and what exactly did YOU do with me for nine weeks? None of the sex stuff? No. You didn’t. Don’t tell me. …what do you mean by food? Are you a canibal or something? Why does a canibal need an assistant?" Or a zombie for that matter, but she wasn’t exactly doing great on the piecing things together part. -11:38 Aug 15 Amber
Sigfried: "No, I didn’t, like I said it’s glorified masterbation." he said looking at her. "I was getting you wo where you are not, able to think and remember things, and eating." he tilted his hed to look at her shoulder. "The only reason you’re dressed like that is because that is what you were wearing when you were zombified so I needed it to undo part of the spell. Do you want me to show you where you’ve been sleeping? There is a selection of clothes there that fit you. After you eat." He stood and walked up to the glass window, no reflection even though the interiour of the room was brightly lit. "And no, a canibal eat thier own kind." -11:55 Aug 15 Sigfried
Amber: "So I guess that counts you being a zombie off the list…" Whelp, that explained being in the same clothes for months. Now that she had eaten, she was feeling much, much better. No more of that foggy headedness and her limbs didn’t feel so heavy and unresponsive. Couldn’t remember a damned useful thing, but this was a good start. "I don’t need any clothes, I am not going to stay. Not that I’m not super greatful about the whole unzombifying me thing, but… you don’t own me. You can’t own a person. And what kind of sense does it make buying a zombie for an assistant anyway? Why didn’t you just put out a job add in the paper? You can’t just buy girls off the street. And I’m sure someone is looking for me and missing me." -12:00 Aug 16 Amber
Sigfried: He turned abck to face her. "I did not unzombify you." he said with the traces of a laugh. "I simply removed part of it, and yes I do own you. I didn’t wan in money but something infinately more valuable and I’m not going to waste my investment." he was looking at her intently, she was having a lot of misconceptions about her situation that he was going to correct. "I want an assistant but if you don’t want to cooperate then you can always return to your previous state and serve me like that except maybe I’ll meave you aware of what if going on around you only trapped behind a subserviant zombie mind that you can’t control." -12:08 Aug 16 Sigfried
Amber: Amber looked down at herself. She seemed pretty alive and not zombied in her opinion. There was that vague memory about voodoo again, and her mind scrambling at trying to recall how that worked. It wasn’t coming. Which left a very annoyed Amber standing up to square off with her new ‘owner’, hands on her hips and staring him down like she had shrieked earlier about the whole cleaver thing. "You can’t tell me you own me and expect me to cooporate! Or think a few nice things means I’m going to be all happy and obedient cause some dark knight saved me off the street! That’s not how it works. And you’re not going to get away with threatening me either. I might not remember anything clearly yet, but I will. And I can remember plenty well enough I don’t let jerks manipulate me. Besides, you already said you don’t want an unresponsive doll. So obviously none of this is going to work." -12:14 Aug 16 Amber
Sigfried: "Dolls are still useful to me." he said "A man has to eat after all. I hold no pretenses of being a hero, Amder. I do not subscribe to your niave senses of morality and importance of things we cannot remember. Whne it comes down to it memories are all we have. Now, you could go stumbling down to a police station without knowing who you are and witht he world believing you’re dead so they have no idea how to get you back to a life you know nothing about and friends who abandoned you… or you can listed to what I have to offer, a much better job than you could ever hope to have gotten otherwise which will leave you with contact that will serve you well if I ever do let you go and you get your memories back. Concider it an internship until I feel I’ve made back on my investment." he turned back to look over the city lights and placed a hand on the glass. "Do you see that? All of that… I run it." -12:26 Aug 16 Sigfried
Amber: "It sounds like making a deal with a devil and I don’t like making deals with people I don’t know or trust." See, she remembered that part too. Amber had trust issues! Now if she can remember why! …still curiosity seemed to be a thing of hers too and before long she was inching her way across the room at a safe distance from her, looking out over the city. "You can’t run all of L.A. Unless you’re like.. the governor or something. Shadow government, I don’t know." A soft huff slipped out. He could pretty much tell her anything at this point and it wouldn’t matter, cause it’s not like she knew the difference. "Okay, what is this big awesome offer and job then? Something you needed to by a girl for?" -12:40 Aug 16 Amber
Sigfried: "It didn’t have to be a girl, specifically, but someone who would go out during the day running erands, so yes, you will be going out there on your own." he didn’t sound worried. "You will meet with the heds of all the major film studios, you will collect documents, and you will deliver messages. You will be paid for this, generously but you will continue to live here. Your money can be saved for when you return to whatever old life you had. For all of this there is only one concession, and the reason I wanted a girl." -12:48 Aug 16 Sigfried
Amber: "You had to BUY a girl for this? Because why? Because you are a weird not human person…?" That at least had sunk in. Unless the whole arm thing was illusion, but she was finally getting the point that it wasn’t. Something was wrong with her, he wasn’t normal, and a really annoying little part of her was screaming about how great a job in L.A would be compared to her own life plan. She didn’t even know what it WAS to know it was better! "I guess… it doesn’t sound too bad. Better than staying in a hospital while I try to remember things…" -12:55 Aug 16 Amber
Sigfried: I need someone who I know will follow my instructions." he said looking at her, and taking a step closer. "While I do have the power to turn people into servants with thier own wills and initiative I do not enjoy doing so." he smiled taking another step towards her. "So you’re taking the job? Even though you are correct that I am not human? You don’t even know the concession I’m asking for." -01:01 Aug 16 Sigfried
Amber: Amber squinted at him and shifted on her feet a bit, but didn’t shirk away. "You said I’m safe here and I can leave when I want to, so long as I do my job. I just figured your concession thing is because you’re… well… clearly needing someone trust worthy that isn’t going to out you to public… Right?" -01:07 Aug 16 Amber
Sigfried: He stopped right in front of her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "I already know you’ll listen to me, the concession is because I am not human." he said staring into her eyes. "Do not be frightened, I promise you that I will only take enough to make you feel a little fient." His arms slipped around her and his head weaved to kiss her neck. "Be still." Another kiss, and then another, then his teeth sunk in." -01:17 Aug 16 Sigfried
Amber: She was too confused to do anything but be still, had turned furiously red at the touch of his lips against her neck, but it was the bite that startled her the most! Amber tensed and it was her instint to shove him away, but her fingers only curled in to the fabric of his clothes instead. She couldn’t seem to do anything other than the ordered be still, which left her giving a soft frustrated sound. …Wait, ooo, maybe it… didn’t feel too bad. Kinda of warm and- what the fuck, what was she thinking! Another frustrated hmmrph squeaked out! -01:25 Aug 16 Amber
Sigfried: He licked her neck when he was done and his arms supported her. "You can move now." he whispered into her ear. "I’ll show you to your room…" there was a beeping and the automatic blinds started to close as the barest hint og brightening appeared on the horizon. "It’s mater than I thought it was…" -01:36 Aug 16 Sigfried
Amber: "You’re a vampire?" Her voice was shakey and so were her legs. So much for having control over her limbs again. He wanted personal assistant FOOD! Oh hey, formerly zombie girl, he’s a great job offer. All you have to do is be dinner every night. Amber was right back to scowling at him. "How is Amber ala Tartar supposed to be SAFE? Who wants their dinner to talk back to them?!" -01:40 Aug 16 Amber
Sigfried: His bloosy lips formed into a grin. "Yes, I am." he said licking the redness away. "And you are safe, I wouldn’t hurt my assistant and food source, would I?" he looked into her eyes and narrowed his. "It is true you’d be a better leam if you just stood there and took it but that’s a sacrifice I have to make. I don’t enjoy having to eat in this way and I’m pretty sure you don’t want me to buy another zombie just to feel on." -01:48 Aug 16 Sigfried
Amber: "It’s bad enough to bought one." Now there were a million questions to ask. How old was he. How many times had her bought people just to be dinner. Did he hunt for dinner? Were they usually willing and she was just a rare pain in the ass? Amber was dizzy, annoyed, confused, and completely without any control over the situation. "…I guess it is what it is. You’re not going to have any vampire parties with me as the buffet, though. Fuck that." -01:52 Aug 16 Amber
Sigfried: "That needs me to know other vampires who wouldn’t kill me if they had the chance." he said taking her hand and moving towards a passage. "I’m sure you don’t mind if I speed things along, the sun is rising and I need rest." he stopped at a door and pushed it open, was well furnished and had a view of a large, well-kept garden. "This is your room, clothes are in the closet. You can help yourself to anything in the kitchen or order in. Do not look for me during the day, that is my one rule." -01:57 Aug 16 Sigfried
Amber: "What if I need to ask questions? Or if there is an emergency? ….What I am supposed to do all day today!" So he was going to wake her up after being a zombie for four months and then abandon her to go… be a sleeping vampire! "I just wander around not escaping?" -02:02 Aug 16 Amber
Sigfried: He walked into the room with her and sat her down. "You will need rest, you’ve been awake for twelve hours while I westored your mind, after that you can do what you want so long as you’re around when I wake. We’ll deal with your expenses tomorrow," he stood, leaving her sitting. "As for questions, write them down to ask later." -02:13 Aug 16 Sigfried
Amber: "You just make it sound so clear and easy." Sarcasm was clearly one of her things too. Maybe she was tired. She was also scared to close her eyes and then wind up in Moscow or something sold to starving werewolves, or some equally crazy place. Or maybe she would wake up and realize this was all just a drug induced dream? "Fine. Make sure I am here at sundown, check…" -02:17 Aug 16 Amber
Sigfried: He placed his hadn where he had bitten her. "You’re going to be a difficult one… but remember, I alwasy keep my promises." then he was turning around and walking out, closing the door behind him. -02:22 Aug 16 Sigfried

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