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  • Voodoo 004: Hollywood Tour (TBC?)

    Voodoo 004: Hollywood Tour (TBC?)

    [Amber is “off work” today. And by off work, that means she didn’t have to run around town. Instead, she…. did some research!] -04:54 Sep 01 [Sigfried fed and then slept, leaving his assistant with the day free.] -04:56 Sep 01 Amber: It started as a simple bit of checking facebook to threaten her "friends" […]

  • Voodoo 003: Old Friends

    Voodoo 003: Old Friends

    [Siegfried has woken to find the house empty. His newest purchase is out late…] -01:11 Aug 31 [Amber has spent a few days being a personal assisstant and evening dinner for a vampire. It’s been okay. Except TODAY where she’s running $^%%&#^@ late cause she had to be in five million meetings and still have […]

  • Voodoo 002: Job Expectations

    Voodoo 002: Job Expectations

    [Sigfried has rested… and it’s a new day.. or night as it were.] -11:15 Aug 19 [Amber is not so rested… but under the circumstances, that should be understandable!] -11:16 Aug 19 Amber: The moment the automagic window… thingies… started rolling up, Amber had picked herself up off the sofa to wander over to the […]

  • Voodoo 001: Undead

    Voodoo 001: Undead

    [Amber was at the greatest party ever with her boyfriend and friends! ….except she doesn’t remember that at all!] -09:11 Aug 15 [Sigfried is old, much much older than he appears, and is standing in a small windowless, featureless room in front of the gir; shose name he doesn’t knowm after restoring her mind.] -09:13 […]