Bronwen wakes up in a med lab on a ship that doesn’t belong to her family. She attacks the first person to come in the room (MacBeth) and demands to know what’s going on. She discovers she’s been in a cryo-freezer for the past 20 years thanks to Mad Morgan and is currently on the Crimson Nyx. Morgan has found the ship and demanding that they give up their cargo. Bronwen’s first sight of Morgan since ‘that day’ results in a nasty bunch of insults and Bronwen hitting a button that she assumed was for weapons fire. Somehow it creates a major engine malfunction ripping the ship in half between two black holes.

Bronwen and MacBeth find themselves alone on a desert planet with the front end of the ship. None of the Crimson Nyx’s is anywhere to be seen. Bronwen enlists MacBeth as her First Mate, of which despite insanity he seems to agree. Bronwen shows a talent for electronics..and trouble. But Macbeth seems to take it all in stride. They meet Duncan, a flirty pretty boy scavenger. Bronwen asks if he can get her a pilot and ship while MacBeth doesn’t trust him. Duncan happily volunteers and takes them back to town.

In town Bronwen is disoriented by how different everything is, but shows ease at adaption. She “hooks up” Duncan with a lady for cash, while she and MacBeth split up to make some extra money. MISSING LOGS: MacBeth shows off his gambling skills at the dice/cards tables. Bronwen shows off her talent for shooting even while drunk and wins a key card/ship off an alien.

Bronwen woke up naked save for a thin sheet on a medic table in a strange place. This is a very bad thing. [03:19 Nov 18]
Except for a few frost burns, possibly a hangover and not having any clothes, Bronwen Shadowstar is good and healthy! The medic lab is not her father’s ship, not one of her brother’s ships, and not HER ship! That bodes danger! (03:21 Nov 18)
Bronwen: *Danger, that sounds fun! Last she remembered her birthday party was crashed by that old hag Morgan, and she got her ass kicked by a couple of goons! Bronwen hops off the table quickly, and makes herself a nice little toga. Ooh, and grabs herself a weapon. A laser scalpal will do it.* [f | 03:23 Nov 18]
MacBeth: *Is making his usual rounds in the ship although Cap specifically wanted him to check on the female they’d found in cryogenic. The 5’11”, medium built, lean first mate with the jet-black hair and emerald green eyes is wearing pants, boots, and shirt. The shirt used to be tucked in but now half of it is hanging down. He’s only packing light weaponry.* [m | 04:49 Nov 18]
Bronwen: *With hearing footsteps from down the hall, she presses herself against the wall, and flips out the lights! She waits for the stranger to enter!* [f | 04:51 Nov 18]
MacBeth: *Pulls out a metallic card with a specially designed strip down one side and slides it through the scanner. He punches in a few numbers, his personal I.D. code for the ship, but finds it strange that the lights are off. Doc always left his lights on … He pulls out the laser firearm.* Doc, you in there? [m | 04:55 Nov 18]
Bronwen: *She waits until he steps just past the door… Then grabs him from behind, pointing the scalpel threatening at his face! She’s got to stand on her toes, but she’s got a strong grip around his neck!* All right, snake! Where the hell am I, or I’m going to gouge out your eyes! [f | 04:57 Nov 18]
MacBeth: ‘Morning to you, too, sunshine. *Arches his eyebrow at the crazy woman with the scalpel.* You’re on the Crimson Nyx and I’d appreciate it if you put that thing away. [m | 05:08 Nov 18]
Bronwen: Yeah? And I appreciate waking up with clothes on! *She angles the scalpel threateningly again.* That’s not one of Fa’s ships. You work for Morgan? Cause if you do… *That scalpel lingered too close for comfort!* [f | 05:12 Nov 18]
MacBeth: *Something registers on his face: surprise? shock? horror? but it’s gone in a heartbeat. His eyes narrow and he glances over his shoulder.* Morgan? What the hell would you want with the likes of her? ‘Sides, she’s on the wrong side of two-thirds of the crew. The other one-third were the smart ones who never got mixed up with her in the first place. [m | 05:16 Nov 18]
Bronwen: Her guts slayed on the floor would be a start. *Her hand hesitated… But it seemed she believed him well enough to release him suddenly and shove him forward. She crossed her arms and eyed the scalpel, as if she hadn’t just been threatening him with it.* If you’re not Morgan’s… It’s safe to assume you’re not slavers either… Don’t look the type. [f | 05:19 Nov 18]
MacBeth: *Regains his balance fairly quickly. As soon as the scalpel’s off his neck, he turns and the gun is back in his hand and aimed at her.* It’s safe to assume you’re crazy as hell. But you running around ass-naked won’t help. Got a name? Or should I just call you the ‘crazy chick with the scalpel’? [m | 05:21 Nov 18]
Bronwen: Turning a gun on me, you’ve got some nerve. *She flicks a finger at the rather meager little sheet she managed to wrap around herself.* I HAD clothes. Don’t know what you bums did with them. My name is Bronwen Shadowstar… and you are Nameless Crewmate Number 462? [f | 05:23 Nov 18]
MacBeth: … Shadowstar? *Pushes his gun back into the holster and starts marching for the door.* Now we’re in real deep shit. *Mutters under his breath.* [m | 05:26 Nov 18]
Bronwen: Yes, Shadowst- Where the hell are you going? *She gave a confused blink as he marched past her for the door.* [f | 05:28 Nov 18]
MacBeth: Getting you some clothes. *Stops adruptly and turns to her.* Word of advice: you don’t want to start announcing to the galaxy you’re a Shadowstar. *Then he’s gone, off to raid the cargo hold which hopefully has something a female wouldn’t mind wearing. The only female on the ship is Matilda and she’s at least five times wider than the crazy-ass female.* [m | 05:33 Nov 18]
Bronwen: He’s got to be shitting me. *Not mention her name at all? Since when did the Shadowstar name become a dirty word? Oooh… Morgan’s fault, it’s got to be. She’s going to op the tits off that hag.* Argh! [f | 05:35 Nov 18]
Suddenly the ship rocks so hard, it tosses anything not bolted down off counters and out of shelves and drawers! (05:38 Nov 18)
MacBeth: *Is in the middle of one of the corridors, nearly to the cargo hold when it happens! It catches him by surprise and he’s hurled against the wall, clutching one of the pipes.* … Shit. [m | 05:38 Nov 18]
Bronwen: *SPLAT! She goes tumbling backwards flat on her ass as the ship jolts… She lets out a curse about damned stupid pilots lack of flymuttermuttergrowl!* [f | 05:39 Nov 18]
On the bridge, Cap is in his command chair while the two pilots are struggling to right the craft. A couple of people behind him are estimating the damage taken by the ship after being struck by that shot. He swears! Who in their goddamned mind would be behind this?! (05:41 Nov 18)
MacBeth: *Gets to the nearest comm-system and links it to the comm-system on the bridge with a quick number code.* Cap, what’s happening up there? [m | 05:42 Nov 18]
Cap flicks on his own comm-system. He informs MacBeth that the Crimson Nyx took damage from a surprise shot. He’s getting a status report on the damage inflicted and measures needed to keep the ship flying. Wait, they’re being hailed. (05:44 Nov 18)
Bronwen: *Muttermuttercursegrowl. Bronwen climbs back to her feet and straightens her sheet.* God damned… people can’t fly..! [f | 05:45 Nov 18]
Cap informs MacBeth that the person hailing them is none other than Morgan herself aboard her ship, Avalon. She is ordering them to release every ounce of their cargo, every crate, every container, everything to her or get fried where they stand. MacBeth is to report to the bridge immediately, is that understood? … MacBeth? MacBeth?! (05:48 Nov 18)
MacBeth: *Has long left the comm-system–and Cap–to reach the cargo hold, easily locating the container he’s looking for and grab a handful of clothes and women’s boots. He returns to the medic bay and drops all the things on the bed.* You got what you wanted. [m | 05:50 Nov 18]
Bronwen: Clothes? Good… Your treatment is awful. This boat is rocking all to hell! *Bronwen doesn’t waste any time throwing the sheet off (at his head) and pulling on the clothes. She’s stuffing her second foot in to a boot before she steals a glance at him again.* Oh, don’t tell me. Ship’s under attack? [f | 05:53 Nov 18]
MacBeth: *Pulls off the sheet.* It’s not what’s happening to the ship you should be worried about. It’s who’s behind it. The bitch will blow us sky high unless she gets what she’s looking for. Or in this case … who. [m | 05:55 Nov 18]
Bronwen: *She paused in the middle of fluffing out her hair.* Morgan? …. Not if I get the hag first! Where’s the control room! An escape pod! The weapons systems! *She stomps for the door! Morgan earned herself a one way ticket to hell, and Bronwen was happy to oblige!* [f | 05:57 Nov 18]
MacBeth: *Watches her stalk out.* … Should’ve stayed in the military. *Mutters under his breath but then runs to catch up with her.* You’ll get yourself killed before you even get to her. [m | 06:03 Nov 18]
Bronwen: *Wait, where the hell is she going anyway? Better to not walk somewhere blind. She stops in the corridor to stare at him.* Then tell me where I can get a ship and some weapons. Prefferably BIG guns, and a few explosives. [f | 06:05 Nov 18]
MacBeth: Tch, you don’t need just any ship with big guns and explosives to get close to her. The ship may be twenty years old at the least but it’s still at the top of its class. No one makes ships like those anymore. Or if they do, Morgan hoards each and every one of them. [m | 06:14 Nov 18]
Bronwen: Like hell. Morgan had some scrapper so beat up, the engines were popping off the back! We could fire a cannon on her and blow her to smitherines! [f | 06:16 Nov 18]
MacBeth: … She doesn’t have it anymore. Her ship’s the Avalon. Has been for the past twenty years. [m | 06:19 Nov 18]
Bronwen: A..avalon? My Avalon? That crazy old hag stole my ship and she’s sa-… Twenty years?! *Cryogenic chamber… twety years… Holy shit! She’s fourty years old!* That BITCH! [f | 06:21 Nov 18]
Cap is on the comm-system. By the sound of it, he’s linked the one on the bridge to all others throughout the ship. He’s telling MacBeth to get his ass to the bridge and bring the woman in the medic lab. (06:26 Nov 18)
MacBeth: *A Shadowstar. Avalon’s true owner. He doesn’t even want to think about why Morgan could want her. Unless the rumors were true …* We don’t have much time. I can get you to an escape pod and launch you out of here. The pod has a jamming device so her radars shouldn’t pick you up until you’re far away. [m | 06:29 Nov 18]
Bronwen: Ooohoho… *She’s rolling up her sleeves.* I’m not going anywhere. Send me to the bitch packing heat. I’m going to fry teh skin off her bones and spit down her throat. *She’s serious! And already picking a direction that look like it made sense towards the command room!* [f | 06:31 Nov 18]
MacBeth: I hope in my next life I remember to mind my own fuckin’ business. *Follows her to the bridge where the door opens to admit her inside.* [m | 06:34 Nov 18]
Bronwen: *Bronwen commands a room like… it was her own ship!* Where’s the com link? Tell that skanky old whore that if she wants me, she can come and HAVE me! [f | 06:36 Nov 18]
Cap looks up. What the fuck? He looks to MacBeth for an explanation but all the first mate can do is shrug. Then he turns to the crazy female and asks if she realizes what she’s doing? (06:37 Nov 18)
Bronwen: I’m kicking Morgan’s ass is what I’m doing. Locking my in a cryo tank.. Probably killed my parents and enslaved my brothers too, filthy slut! [f | 06:40 Nov 18]
Cap thinks that’s the most stupid idea he’s ever heard but … his ship is at stake and so are the lives of his crew and … well, that ship of Morgan’s is nothing to get into a battle with. He hails Morgan and her image appears on the screen, replacing the image of the stars outside. She looks even worst than Bronwen remembers, especially with that all-knowing grin she wears when she recognizes the girl on the bridge. (06:44 Nov 18)
Bronwen: Eeyeech! *Oh, she makes the sound and the face to go with it. Morgan looks like hell! Like she’s rotting from the outside! Bronwen shakes her head and points a finger at the screen.* Surrender my ship, Morgan. Or the hell I’m going to reap on you will be nothing compared to your face! [f | 06:47 Nov 18]
Morgan’s grin disappears! Insolent whelp! How dare she speak to her that way! Avalon is hers! Everything the girl ever loved or cared for is hers! And there’s nothing she could do about it! (06:53 Nov 18)
Bronwen: Ohoho. Don’t think I won’t blow up the Avalon with you in it! You have three seconds to surrender or I’m firing every cannon we’ve got on this boat, you decaying harlot! [f | 06:55 Nov 18]
Morgan scoffs! She’d like to see the girl try, especially since she’s talking about attacking her with that floating tin can! If she goes down, the girl will never find out what happened to her family! And the Shadowstar name will forever be tainted! (07:00 Nov 18)
Bronwen: Better to see you dead, hag! *Browen moves forward, no asking, just assuming, and presses the big red button that always means fire the weapons! Let the bitch burn in hell!* [f | 07:04 Nov 18]
MacBeth: *Sees her going for the big red button that can only cause MORE trouble!* No, not that–! [m | 07:05 Nov 18]
BEEP! The ship’s generator which is responsible for all the energy the ship requires to run suddenly kicks into overdrive! It generates so much energy that the ship’s battery cannot contain it and instead, releases it in a blast of energy that knocks Morgan’s ship away … and creates two small black holes on either side of the ship. The ship is literally torn between the two holes and half of the ship along with Bronwen and MacBeth disappears into one while the rest of the ship and crew disappear into the other! Everything goes black! (07:09 Nov 18)
Bronwen: …shit…! *That was NOT the weapons button! Forget pride, she’s holding on to the closest thing to her and praying they aren’t sucked in to the vaccums of space and imploded in on themselves!* [f | 07:11 Nov 18]
PLOP! What a strange sensation being blipped through a black hole! It’s as if all your molecules were being ripped apart and put back together again! …It is now a strange desert planet! Hot dreadful sun, mounds and mounds of sand… and half of a space ship! (02:37 Nov 21)
Bronwen doesn’t know if she’s going to scream or cry. [02:38 Nov 21]
MacBeth has been thrown through a black hole thanks to one crazy-ass female! [02:38 Nov 21]
MacBeth: *THUD!* Pphhh–Oooof! *Lands face down in the sand and lifts his head to start spitting out mouthfuls. Even then, he can feel the grains sticking to his tongue, threatening to clog his throat, his nostrils. He lifts his entire body up and shakes the sand off, like a dog trying to shake water off!* [m | 02:39 Nov 21]
Bronwen: *THWUMP! She lands on something hard and twitching! Eeyaagh! Oh! It’s that guy! She rolls off of him in to the sand, disoriented and a little bit feaked out. That… was not a pleasant experience! She slowly checks herself over to make sure all her body parts were intact.* [f | 02:41 Nov 21]
MacBeth: *Again THUD!* Mpphhhffff!! *Lifts his head, spits out more sand, raises his entire body … then glares at the woman rolling off of him!* Blasted female! Phhfff! *Spits out a little more sand! He spies the half of the ship that came out with them.* Shit. [m | 02:43 Nov 21]
Bronwen: Oh, stuff it. Who attaches generators to big red buttons anyway? Everyone knows big red buttons mean weapons fire! *She stands on shakey feet… man, that black hole was a doozy! Her gaze follows his to the ripped half of the ship in the near distance. Her hand raises quickly to her head and she groans!* Well, shit…! How am I going to pay for that!? [f | 02:46 Nov 21]
MacBeth: Big red buttons are DO NOT TOUCH buttons. And what kind of crazy-ass female goes gung-ho on a ship she knows nothing about? *Gets to his feet and dusts sand off of him while looking around.* Worry about paying later and worry about surviving now. I don’t even know where the hell we are. [m | 02:49 Nov 21]
Bronwen: I’ve been on and around plenty enough ships to know how they work, that was just some designers faux pas… *At least the seriousness of the situation has her looking around for some sort of plausible escape.* I guess we can see if there’s anything salvagable in the wreckage. Maybe I can put together a communicator, navigation system so we know what planet this is… [f | 02:52 Nov 21]
MacBeth: <.< Yeah, sure. *Mutters under his breath. He checks his holsters. At least he still has his laser guns. For as long as they're useful.* You salvage for parts for whatever you need, I'll salvage something edible and maybe something we can give you for a weapon. *He starts stalking toward the ship which appears to have been split right in half from the bridge all the way to the generator. All he can do is hope that Cap and the others are safe. And not in Morgan's clutches.* She's fuckin' done it again. [m | 02:56 Nov 21]
Bronwen: By she, I assume you mean Madam Morgan McCunt, scourge of the seven systems? *A clever name for the hag to be sure. The sun was unbarably bright as she shield her eyes tomake sure she can see which direction she’s walking.* [f | 02:59 Nov 21]
MacBeth: *Glances over his shoulder at her.* Not that it’s any of your business but yeah. *Stops as they get to the ship but they have to walk around to get to the inside which is easier than messing around with the door to try to get it to open.* You might as well start there. *Nods over to the front where half the bridge sits.* All of the useful electronics are there. I’m sure we have some junk in the back if it wasn’t blasted out into space or with the rest of the crew. *Moves further down to the center where the medic bay and galley were.* [m | 03:04 Nov 21]
Bronwen: *Mutters under her breath as she heads towards the front end of the ship. She gets the feeling that somehow he’s blaming her for this whole mess! SHE isn’t the most evil creature in the universe! It was a big red button, one little mistake! Bronwen digs around aiming to find some useful and non damaged electronics!* [f | 03:07 Nov 21]
MacBeth: *Oh, this is perfect. What’s left of the medic bay is under piles of crates and junk and metal debris and it takes him ages to clear enough of it away to put a single foot in. He curses the day he met Morgan, the day he left the military, and the day Cap decided to grab a seemingly innocent crygoenic chamber.* [m | 03:09 Nov 21]
Bronwen: Everything is filled with SAND! Raaagh!! *She curses as she manages to pick up a few items and arrange them by usefulness and damage. Just sand! Everywhere! At least she found some tools and she situated herself to opening up a hand held computer to try and clean out the system.* [f | 03:12 Nov 21]
MacBeth: C’mon, Doc. Know you’ve got something in here we can still use. *Grumbles as he heaves more junk out of the way, only to pause to wipe the sweat off his brow with the back of his hand. He’s managed to clear a path to the cupboards but he’ll still have to work a bit more in order to open them.* [m | 03:15 Nov 21]
Bronwen: *She blows out as much of the sand she can, earning herself plenty of mouthfuls on more than one occasion. At least she wasn’t kidding about knowing how to fix things, she managed to put together the handheld computer with a couple of items dragged out of the ships navigation system to make a global GPS! It was lucky she found that map data in the system!* Ha ha! You’re a handy little device, aren’t cha? Get cha back civilation side, you’ll have a pretty little screen… *She chatted away to the little device as if it could talk back!* [f | 03:20 Nov 21]
MacBeth: *Unfortunately, once he gets one of the cupboards open, he finds it all the boxes and containers and bottles in a state of chaos. He smells alcohol, something that smells like ship oil, and old mold. He breathes through his mouth and gets to work cleaning it out. He wonders how the woman is doing but figures that since she hasn’t screamed yet, she must still be alive.* [m | 03:24 Nov 21]
Something huge moves under the sand, not far from the head of the ship! Suddenly, it pops out of the sand.. a huuuuge lizard with obnoxiously long teeth! It stands on it’s back legs and snaps at Bronwen! (03:27 Nov 21)
Bronwen: ..what the shit?! *She didn’t even hear the thing sneak up! Bronwen throws her feet up to uppercut the beast to the jaw! Stuffing her new toy in her pocket, she jumps to her feet and grabs a large bit of the ship’s debris to defend herself with!* Heahlzbub lizards! I hate this planet! [f | 03:29 Nov 21]
MacBeth: *Stops when he hears her shouting.* Shit. *One unopened brown bottle in hand, he goes racing to the front of the ship, kicking up sand and dodging thrown out debris. He skids to a stop when he sees the Heahlzbub lizard attacking the woman. He throws the bottle at the lizard but all the bottle does is break and cover the lizard with some type of strong-smelling liquid. He pulls out his gun and starts moving to get a better shot at the weak underbelly of the creature.* [m | 03:33 Nov 21]
The lizard, having bitten it’s own tongue after getting kicked in the face was not happy! It was charging after her again when a nasty smelling bottle crashed against it! It hiiiiissed and turned around… It started charging the male! (03:35 Nov 21)
Bronwen: Oh no you don’t! *She swings that piece of debris and clangs it against the lizards backside!* Hey! Look at me, stupid! Tasty morsel right here! Damn, I hope you have a good aim…! *She darts for the ship before the beastie turns around!* [f | 03:37 Nov 21]
MacBeth: That’s it, tall, scaly, and ugly. *Curses when the woman does something stupid … again. He makes a mental note to strap that woman to the floor or … something! He doesn’t waste any time in shooting for that weak spot, though!* [m | 03:41 Nov 21]
PLOOOOF! The ugly beast is set aflame! Which makes things all the more dreadful when he’s flailing about and fling liquidy balls of flaming fire death all over the place as he twitches to his death! (03:44 Nov 21)
Bronwen: *Twists and ducks! Well THAT was a great idea! Bronwen slides behind a stray crate and tucks her feet close to wait out the raining fireballs!* Hate this planet so much! [f | 03:46 Nov 21]
MacBeth: *Puts his gun back and starts glancing around for something. He grabs a large metal plate and with a grunt, he slams it over the lizard to help smother some of the flames. He repeats that with a few other metal plates lying around until the lizard is completely covered, the fire is snuffed out, and the thing is dead.* [m | 03:48 Nov 21]
Bronwen: *She peers around the crate slowly… Satisfied there’s no more flaming death, she stands and dusts herself off – as futile as it is.* I definitely need some guns. On the plus side, I know what planet we’re on and I fixed us a navigation system. [f | 03:50 Nov 21]
MacBeth: I haven’t gotten to the guns yet. Good work on the navigation system. So far, I have a first aid kit. Of sorts. It’s missing a lot. Doc never got around to replenishing much of the stuff. Since you seem to be more or less done, you can help me check out what’s left of the galley or cargo hold. [m | 03:58 Nov 21]
Bronwen: Aye, aye, Bossman. *It was very hard to tell whether or not she was being serious, or a smartass. Either way she had a wide grin splashed across her face as she kicked sand over the scrap covered lizard and headed towards the back end of the ship!* So tell me, Mac. Why is it that old crone is calling the shots in MY ship and not a damned person has done anything ’bout it? [f | 04:02 Nov 21]
MacBeth: *Decided not to respond to that little smart-ass remark of hers. He’d just be wasting his breath. He glances over his shoulder as he heads for the back of the ship.* Apparently being in crygoenic sleep has fried your brain cells. Or what remains of them. People used to give a damn … but that was a long time ago. Now everyone’s too busy trying to lead their own lives and stay out of her way. [m | 04:09 Nov 21]
Bronwen: Ugh… let’s not remind me that 20 years of my life has been wasted away. I’m going to string that bitch up by her toes. *She was frowning now… thinking of how many ways she could torture Morgan…* I’ll need a new fleet. You wanna be my first mate? [f | 04:12 Nov 21]
MacBeth: *Wonders if she’s kidding about being her first mate.* Why not …? At this rate, I’m currently out of a job anyways. Cap is probably light years away from here. *He gets to the back of the ship and starts clearing debris.* Well, who built that Avalon ship? [m | 04:16 Nov 21]
Bronwen: My Fa designed it and had it built. He did once for each of my brothers, and Avalon was supposed to be the finest one of all. *She eyed the mess, tapping her finger on her chin, trying to decide on the best way to tackle it all.* I need a good way to make some fast money. How do you feel about being a mawhore? [f | 04:19 Nov 21]
MacBeth: *Snickers.* Not on your life, Shadowstar. You have more chances of stealing money from Morgan than making money off of me. [m | 04:21 Nov 21]
Bronwen: Oho. There’s an idea. Think we can make off with one of her cargo ships? I bet they all belong to Shadowstar anyway. *There’s an opening! She crawls under a few crashed over things to try and reach the back of a compartment. The good things are usually tossed in the back.* [f | 04:23 Nov 21]
MacBeth: *Smirks a bit.* Why not? She’s got her claws in everything nowadays. Sources say she’s got a hidden stockpile somewhere. Every piece of treasure she’s collected she hoards there. *Glances around to check for danger while deep in thought.* [m | 04:26 Nov 21]
Bronwen: So then, all we really need are a few good guns.. a little info… We sneak in, steal the booty and start a fleet from there! *Ah ha! She’s made her way to the back end and uses her feet and legs to shove heavy crap off of the storage crates. Once it’s moved, she pries one of them open with a few growls and rumages inside.* Hey! I found some guns and–… someone’s porn! What the shit? This guy liked robots… [f | 04:29 Nov 21]
MacBeth: Hm … *Crosses his arms.* Sounds like Davidson’s junk. *Gets deep in thought again. If the rumors were true, the location to Morgan’s secret stockpile could only be found when you combined pieces of info from all four of her so-called Knights.* Better get out of there before you find something more shocking than robot porn. [m | 04:32 Nov 21]
Bronwen: We need supplies. There couldn’t be anything worse than robo-… Oho what the shit… this guy was freaky! *She’s holding up a pair of leather thongs with metal spikes detailing… What kind of crew was that?!* Are you sure you won’t do any manwhoring? Cause we’ve got the gear… [f | 04:34 Nov 21]

MacBeth is wondering what is taking Shadowstar so long … besides her obvious … find. [01:48 Nov 26]
Bronwen is entetained! [01:51 Nov 26]
MacBeth: *Would check his time-keeper … if he’d had one to begin with but all he can do is glance around, keeping an eye on things.* With all the time you’re taking, you’d better have found something we can eat or something we can fly on to get us the hell out of here. *He chances turning away from the arid landscape to look into the hole Shadowstar disappeared through.* [m | 01:54 Nov 26]
Bronwen: I’m coming, I’m coming! Keep your panties on! *After dragging out a few useful things, she turns carefully to craaaaawl back out of the hole.* [f | 01:55 Nov 26]
MacBeth: With your fascination with Davidson’s crap, I’d be more worried about you keeping your panties on. *He turns around to look at the desert.* Shit. We don’t even know how long until Morgan finds us. [m | 01:56 Nov 26]
MacBeth: … Or with your luck, I’m thinking one of her Knights. [m | 01:56 Nov 26]
Bronwen: Me? Puhlease. Men are nothing but trouble. *She pops out of the hole, to again futiley dust the sand off herself.* I found three sets of keys, but I don’t know what good they’re gonna do us. [f | 01:58 Nov 26]
MacBeth: *The look he gives her says it all. The skeptical “You’ve got to be kidding” and “I got stuck with this type of shit” looks all rolled into one.* So speaks the female who got us into this forsaken mess. And that’s all well and good if you want to eat those keys for your next meal. Let me see ’em. [m | 02:00 Nov 26]
Bronwen: *She frowns and hands him over the keys!* I meant men aren’t to be bothered with in the foolin’ around sense. That’s what got Morgan all pissy in the first place. [f | 02:02 Nov 26]
MacBeth: Whatever, Shadowstar. *Mutters under his breath and gives the keys a look.* Of all the keys in the ship, you found the three sets not even Cap could figure out what they were for. Guess we could hold onto ’em. *Squints through the sun and the sand.* And let’s hit the galley, or what’s left of it, before we hightail it out of here. *Without waiting for her to reply, he trudges off toward the front of the ship. He starts rifling through the debris.* [m | 02:06 Nov 26]
Bronwen: Why the hell would you have a set of keys and not even know what they’re for? *She follows… there’s not much else she can do, unless she gets creative and they try to fillet up that lizard!* [f | 02:12 Nov 26]
MacBeth: *Drops one metal plate onto the sand beside him.* That’s the problem. *Turns and kicks out some steel dishware littering the floor.* Cap didn’t get the keys because he wanted them. *Pulls out a loose metal pipe and throws it down next to the metal plate.* According to him, someone gave it to him. For doing them a favor way back when. [m | 02:14 Nov 26]
There is the sound of a motor, or engine in the near distance! (02:16 Nov 26)
Bronwen: And he didn’t even ask what they were fo-.. Someone is approaching. [f | 02:17 Nov 26]
MacBeth: *Tenses when he hears the sound and pulls out his guns and looks around for the direction the sound came from.* Shit. In that case, time to get under some cover. *He puts the guns away to grab a thick canvass blanket from under some of the debris. It’s the same color as the sand. He motions for Shadowstar and takes cover next to the ship that shelters them from the wind. He kneels, pulls out the guns and lies on his stomach, ready to pull the blanket over himself and Shadowstar.* [m | 02:20 Nov 26]
Bronwen: *She’s down on the ground with him without question, casting a jealous look at his guns! She’s got to get some of those! For the moment, she clamps her mouth shut and waits!* [f | 02:23 Nov 26]
The engine sounds stop somewhere near the debris of the ship, just out of sight! Footsteps on the sand is heard, followed by a low whistle and some mumbling of random phrases! (02:23 Nov 26)
MacBeth: *Can’t make out the phrases but they’re right smack in the middle of nowhere … The chances that this is just some random passer-by are pretty slim! He waits but sneaks a peek, lifting the blanket just the slightest crack.* [m | 02:26 Nov 26]
Duncan: *There is… a man! A manly man with stylishly cut blond hair, plenty of guns, and he seems to be scavenging!* What’s this? A Garbalizer 4490? Oh baby, where have you been all my life! *He stuffs it in to a sack and digs around some more debris!* [m|02:30 Nov 26]
Bronwen: He looks like a bumpkin.. *She whispers..* Think we should shoot him and steal his stuff? [f | 02:32 Nov 26]
MacBeth: *Is at a crossroads. On one hand, he can take the chance and ambush the guy, try to get his ride and his guns and get him and Shadowstar out of this hellhole. On the other, he could let the guy go and attempt to avoid confrontation as much as necessary. Scavengers are scumbags at best and at worst, nothing more than graverobbers. He glances over at Shadowstar.* Got no choice. *He whispers back and hands her one of his guns.* Know how to handle one of these? [m | 02:33 Nov 26]
Bronwen: *Oh the catlike grin of a woman who has been given a most dangerous toy!* Of course. *And with that and not waiting for instruction she’s out from their little hideaway aiming a weapon at a complete stranger!* HEY YOU. Drop the shit and give me your ride. [f | 02:35 Nov 26]
MacBeth: *Somehow resists the urge to smack his forehead with his hand. A thousand curses spring to mind but he isn’t quite sure if it’s for him for giving her the gun or for her for being so … freakin’ stupid! He stays right where he is, though. There’s no reason to give away his position just yet.* [m | 02:38 Nov 26]
MacBeth: *Unless … She does something stupid. Again.* [m | 02:38 Nov 26]
Duncan: Whoa! Babe with a gun! *He holds up his hands, giving a big movie star toothy grin, but doesn’t seem to be all that worried!* Crash landed in this boat, didja babe? But uh.. If you be needin’ a ride, I’m willin’ to give a lift. [m|02:40 Nov 26]
Bronwen: *She wrinkled up her nose, but didn’t change her stance.* A lift sounds like a great idea. I might even pay ya if you behave like a gentleman. [f | 02:43 Nov 26]
MacBeth: u.u *Of course, the bastard wouldn’t be worried! Why would he? What the hell had he gotten himself into? He mumbles something about women being more trouble than they’re worth to himself but just watches Shadowstar at work. After all, it was her fault they were in this stupid mess in the first place!* [m | 02:43 Nov 26]
Duncan: Oh. Damn. *He frowned, but it was short lived.* I dun know about being all gentlemenly like, but if ya pay me, babe, I’ll do whatever you want! Ain’t much paying jobs around these parts. [m|02:45 Nov 26]
Bronwen: *Bronwen cast him a look before lowering her gun…* Anything I want huh. Can you get me a ship and a pilot? [f | 02:46 Nov 26]
Duncan: I can pilot your ship, babe. Gettin’ one might be a little tricky… But if I get a little dough and a hot lady, I’ll steal one if I gotta! *Those shiny white teeth could blind an army!* [m|02:49 Nov 26]
MacBeth: *It was official! If he had to listen to this bastard’s crap anymore, he’ll end up shooting himself just to end it all. But even if he had to admit she was making progress so he might as well bear it awhile longer.* <.< [m | 02:54 Nov 26]
Bronwen: Blech… just stick to flying and we’ll be okay. *She turned her back to him to signal all was safe to her new first mate, whom she assumed was laying in wait for attack incase this weirdo turned out to be dangerous.* Mac, I have us a pilot! ..Hey what’s your name anyway? *She glanced back over her shoulder.* [f | 02:57 Nov 26]
Duncan: *His crazy grinning disappeared as he finally put his hands down and rest them at his belt. What was that? She was WITH someone?* Duncan Hessing. Don’t tell me I’m not going to enjoy your company all my lonesome? [m|02:58 Nov 26]
MacBeth: *Mutters something under his breath but pulls the blanket off as he gets to his feet. He doesn’t put his gun away, though and he keeps it leveled with the so-called ‘pilot’.* Tch. I’ll be glad to leave you two lovebirds alone. When we’re someplace with a working communications system. [m | 03:00 Nov 26]
Bronwen: *Completely ignoring all eluding to any sort of romantisizing, she just crosses her arms gun in hand.* Well now we have a ride to the nearest town and a pilot. I think we’re doing pretty good! [f | 03:13 Nov 26]
MacBeth: … Until the shit hits the fan. *Glances at her.* We still have no clue where the rest of the Crimson Nyx is or her crew. [m | 03:31 Nov 26]
MacBeth: *Raises an eyebrow at the scavenger.* Hessing … We met before? [m | 03:32 Nov 26]
Duncan: *He rubs his chin with thought.* I gather there’s some heavy stuff going on, so I’ll hold off my discussion of payment until later. *Boldy he rests and arm around Bronwen’s shoulder!* Met? Naaww… not unless you’ve seen the amazing Duncan Hessing the show-stopping racing pilot from Gavinbar 10! How about you, babe? You got a name? [m|03:34 Nov 26]
Bronwen: *She pushed his arm off with a finger, not bothering to hold back that disgusted look. What a freak!* Bronwen Shadowstar. I hope you fly as good as you yap. [f | 03:34 Nov 26]
MacBeth: *Still suspicious about the guy. He’s been to Gavinbar 10 before but he’s certain that’s not where he’s met this fellow! He gives in to the urge to rub his temple though when Shadowstar reveals her last name. Apparently she didn’t hear too well!* [m | 03:36 Nov 26]
Duncan: Man, what a name, babe! That’s like old school heritage right there! Imagine the look on Mad Morgan’s face to hear there’s still a Shadowstar round these parts! *He laughs heavy as he hefts up his sack and makes his way back to his transport car.* C’mon then before this sunlight gets much hotter. [m|03:39 Nov 26]
Bronwen: *She sighed, rolling her eyes… Welp, no reason to scare the guy to death before they get back to civilization! She hands Mac back his gun before tagging after the fruitcake!* [f | 03:41 Nov 26]
MacBeth: *Takes his gun back and puts it away but he keeps the other out just in case! He also makes a mental note to never–under any circumstance–allow Shadowstar to get ahold of his gun again. That’s just asking for trouble right there. Even if they do walk away with a ride and a pilot. For however long that lasts. He follows at the rear.* [m | 03:46 Nov 26]
Duncan proves to be an… interesting fellow as he aids them on to his transport, and takes great pride in recounting just how awesome of a pilot he is! He’s apparently a big time racer, and looooves spending time with the ladies! He doesn’t stop talking until they are back to civilization! A backwater ship stop. There’s not much to the place! (03:49 Nov 26)
Duncan: And then, like a firecracker I shot out past the belt and the bastards crashed right in to each other! No one tries to box in Duncan Hessing. Hey, let me help ya there, babe. *After grabbing his sack out of the transport, he offers his hand to Bronwen!* [m|03:56 Nov 26]
Bronwen: *pointly ignoring him still, she hops out on her own. Drawing up a hand to her eyes so she can get a good look at the place.* It all looks so… different. [f | 03:57 Nov 26]
MacBeth: *Is ready to either shoot Hessing in the head or himself in the head just to end it all. He gets out the other side of the transport, thankful there are two or more ways out of this small death trap.* Welcome to the future, Cap’n. [m | 03:57 Nov 26]
Duncan: Future eh? Ha ha, what’s the matter babe, been locked up in prison somewhere? Oh man, don’t tell me! Better to keep them secrets in case we get captured. *He leads the way towards a near rundown looking old building that has SALOON written in some crazy foreign language on it’s sign!* Don know about you, but I’m in need of a drink! No sense in sweatin’ the moisture out of us until we procure a boat! [m|04:01 Nov 26]
MacBeth: … You realize you could get away with telling him you were a celebrity locked in cryogenic slumber in a freak publicity stunt. *He watches Hessing go for a drink. He glances around and heads for a building that says LODGING in the same foreign language as the SALOON.* [m | 04:04 Nov 26]
Bronwen: I don’t even recognize half these buildings…*She muttered… What was the whole universe going to be like this? Totally different and backwards? This might be a lot harder than she thought… Wisely she decides Mac is the lesser of two evils and trails after him.* I can see that opening a can of worms. I gotta make some quick cash around here… Maybe I can try some dice gambling. [f | 04:06 Nov 26]
MacBeth: *Is forced to stop to allow a couple of rather huge figures swathed in black to pass. He glances at her.* Dice gambling. Now there’s a game. You can also try pitting that new pilot of yours against a few others. [m | 04:09 Nov 26]
Bronwen: Gonna need a ship first. *She eyes the figures… Those guys never came around around back in her day… Her day?*.. I’m so old! *She said out loud without meaning to!* [f | 04:11 Nov 26]
MacBeth: Point taken. Though in this place, the stakes could be a lot higher than some credits and a ship. *The room they walk into is large, much larger than it seems from the outside. Creatures of different shapes and sizes are lounging and relaxing on the various couches and chairs scattered here and there. A large counter takes up one side of the room and everything looks like it’s seen better days. Or worst, depending on your perspective. The air is loud with everyone trying to talk over the other, a combination of grunts and growls and harsh-sounding words on alien tongues.* [m | 04:14 Nov 26]
Bronwen: *It’s like being lost in the wilderness, but she’s not going to mention that. And why should she? She’s a Shadowstar and can work all this out. Afterall, she’s already got a first mate and a pilot! She’s doing great! That’s enough to erase that brief insecure moment!* Not a problem. Hell, I can table dance if I gotta. Better yet, make Hessing do it. He’ll proably like it. [f | 04:18 Nov 26]
MacBeth: Yeah, he’s a real ladykiller that one. *He still can’t shake off the feeling that he’s met the guy before and not under ideal circumstances.* On second thought, let me see what I can dish up on your new pilot. *He goes over to the counter and talks to a fat, pudgy creature a head shorter than he. Its skin is gray and it wears a long robe and looks like a cross between a squid and … something squishy. After a short convo with it, he turns to Shadowstar.* According to this fella, lodging for a night will cost us about 500 in credits and 200 more if we expect a room that’s not a closet. [m | 04:24 Nov 26]
Bronwen: Unless you got cash on ya, I’m gonna have to hit the street. *She’s tapping her chin again, considering what she can do at that Saloon for a bit of cash… or make Hessing do, since her First Mate is so picky-picky about not being a manwhore!* [f | 04:29 Nov 26]
MacBeth: Me and you both then. *He walks away from the counter.* That Saloon looks like our only place to start doing much of anything. *He goes over to the Saloon and just as they get to the door, both he and Shadowstar stand off to the side. A split second later, a figure comes flying out the swinging double doors and barrels out onto the street.* [m | 04:35 Nov 26]
Bronwen: Aye, it’s-! *She blinks! Didn’t look like it was Hessing, but damn!* What the shit was that! [f | 04:57 Nov 26]
MacBeth: *Studies the figure in the street.* Hm. It could be him. *Although, Hessing might be the type who always seems to come out of danger unscathed. Somehow. A walking, talking jinx to everyone around him. Great, this whole Morgan-Shadowstar thing had him thinking in useless circles. Focus, MacBeth.* [m | 05:02 Nov 26]
Bronwen: Oh brother. *Rolling her eyes again, she strides in to the Saloon as if she owns the place! No reason to stand around waiting for answers, she’s gonna get em!* [f | 05:07 Nov 26]
Duncan: *Duncan Hessing is right as rain at the bar with a fiiine greenskinned lady with a few extra arms. Grin as wide as the third moon!* Yeah sugar, I like to… Babe! *He stands quickly moving the pretty chick away a good foot.* I.. uh.. It’s not what it looks like, babe! [m|05:09 Nov 26]
MacBeth: *Just hopes doesn’t end up like the last saloon/bar he went to. That was not a pretty sight. He spies Hessing and has a sinking feeling it’s going to end up exactly like that.* [m | 05:09 Nov 26]
MacBeth: *this [m | 05:09 Nov 26]
MacBeth: *Stops behind Shadowstar and to one side of her.* … Permission to shoot him and be done with it. [m | 05:10 Nov 26]
Bronwen: *Bronwen blinks. Not replying to Hessing, but rather the woman he’s with!* Tutang nog tu eto fedong 500 cred hetaku, 200 cred. *Thens he points at Hessing!* [f | 05:11 Nov 26]
MacBeth: *Has perfect muscle control so … he doesn’t snicker. Or laugh. Or even grin. Nope, business-like. Although he’s slightly disappointed that he doesn’t get to shoot the airhead.* [m | 05:13 Nov 26]
The lovely lady crosses both pairs of her arms as she glances from Duncan to Bronwen. “Fedong 400 cred hetaku, akata rafashk. Garak 200 cred.” (05:13 Nov 26)
Duncan: Wait… what are you guys doing. Babe…? [m|05:13 Nov 26]
Bronwen: Ushak. 400 cred hetaku, 200 cred. *Bronwen holds out her hand as she nods!* [f | 05:14 Nov 26]
The lady smiles, dropping the approved amount of credits in Bronwen’s hand before slinking her arms around Duncan again! She’s ten times more friendly than she was a few moments ago! (05:15 Nov 26)
Duncan: Whoa! I don’t know what you said, babe.. But I like it! *He seems not to mind the sudden ease of his lady friend’s attentions!* I’ll see you chaps later! [m|05:16 Nov 26]
MacBeth: *Decides it’s better not to pay any attention to Hessing.* So, Cap’n, what next? *He glances around and sees more than a few tables where players are going at it with card games and dice rolls.* [m | 05:17 Nov 26]
Bronwen: Whatever. *Waves a hand for him to get lost as she double checks the payment and turns back to MacBeth.* You know, if I can throw him at a few more women we might have a ship by sunset… Unless you got a talent for rollin’? [f | 05:18 Nov 26]
MacBeth: Well, why not keep at it until no one wants him anymore? No reason to stop using something that’s working well so far. Actually rollin’ and cards, believe it or not. [m | 05:21 Nov 26]
Bronwen: *She divvied out the 200 credits and handed them over to him.* Hessing’ll be busy for a good two hours, so you can show me what you’ve got! [f | 05:22 Nov 26]
MacBeth: *Takes the credits and does a small salute.* Will do, Cap’n. I’ll see you in a couple of hours then. Where do we meet afterwards? [m | 05:25 Nov 26]
Bronwen: *Bronwen glanced around, but in the end there was not much else choice!* At the bar I suppose. We’ll probably all end up there, anyway! [f | 05:26 Nov 26]

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