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    The RenFest! A nice fun break! [Bronwen loved Dion\’s date idea so much, she wanted to go too! But little sisters aren\’t welcomed on dates, so she\’s taking MacBeth and Duncan!] -04:07 Apr 08 Cassius: *Cassius thought this was stupid. And he was going to boycott all this lovey dovey crap, but then Bronwen had […]

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    Brennen comes to ask for help, as there is problems with Lady Heather’s business! [MacBeth was outside the Hessing farm, helping out Fa Hessing with the chores!] -02:41 May 01 [Bronwen was doing what a good captain should be doing. Supervising others and plotting their next move!] -02:42 May 01 Duncan: *He was also outside, […]

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    Dion asks Bronwen and Mac for help in rescuing Ceri after she’s discovered and captured by Morgan’s men. [MacBeth was as good as new … and was the ship the trio had gotten!] -02:21 Apr 23 [Bronwen had to admit she missed the Briar Rose! And now it looked right shiney too!] -02:22 Apr 23 […]

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    The Shadowstars discuss what to do about MacBeth. Bronwen says Aaron can have her ship but she won’t kick off her crew. Aaron takes over and kicks Bronwen off for her own safety. After bandages, showers, and lots and lots and lots of sleep, the next evening… Dion: *Dion claimed himself the best seat. The […]

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    Aaron’s rescue. Everyone falls in to a trap. [Bronwen has her crew prepped for a rescue and they are landed on a grim looking planet where THE BEAR is being held prisoner.] -04:57 Apr 04 [MacBeth looked around at everyone!] -04:58 Apr 04 MacBeth: … Let’s run through the plan one more time. *He said, […]

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    MacBeth has to stay on the ship with Duncan while those Shadowstars pickup supplies. They are unaware about being drugged and having their greatest fears revealed! Later Dion runs in to Ceri and finds out she works undercover for Morgan. Back at the Hessings Dion decides he’s either going to kidnap Ceri or convince her […]

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    The crew sneaks on to a planet fortress to find the map for Aaron’s location. Cassius gets everyone injured! Another meeting with Banquo! They make it back for Dion’s date with Ceri. [Bronwen can\’t stand it anymore. She\’s bothering Dion!] -01:52 Mar 30 Bronwen: And just like that you ask her for a date. No […]

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    A break at the Hessings. Going to a fair! Time passed pretty quickly! In no time at all, Duncan was letting everyone know they’d be landing at the farm in a few short moments so this would be the perfect time to get ready for departure! And thank you for riding Shadowstar Express. We appreciate […]

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    Dion’s rescue! Second run in with McRaven! [Bronwen is rethinking not leaving Duncan and Tiny back on the ship.] -05:05 Aug 13 [MacBeth has been pretty silent so far … even for him!] -05:07 Aug 13 “Grreeoow! Greeeeooww! Grreeoow!” Tiny went! Duncan: Not me. *He muttered.* Let me ask. Anyone see someone selling bachenstrudels? Cassius: […]

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    Bronwen and MacBeth’s “date” with Cassius trying to sabotage. [Bronwen has taken MacBeth to the racetrack! Or was it the other way around?] -02:51 Jun 29 [MacBeth hasn\’t been to the track in quite awhile!] -02:52 Jun 29 Bronwen: *She pointed!* Move your ass snarglpuff…!! -02:55 Jun 29 Cassius: *Cassius hate a date. He didn’t […]

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    Brennen’s rescue. Run in with Banquo during escape. Bronwen asks MacBeth to take her out! Out in the dark vastness of space, near it’s current stop lurks Othello the mighty ship. It’s bleeming huge, and looks very much like a flying space bear. It was most certainly Aaron’s ship! Duncan: Alright, everyone. In position. *He’s […]

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    Morning comes and it’s macBeth and Cassius alone in the kitchen. Cassius explains he wasn’t going to actually hurt Bronwen, and MacBeth mutters that he scared her to death. Cassius asks if MacBeth thinks he’s going to be there to shoot everyone that scares her, and MacBeth says he’s awfully good at shooting! Cassius apologizes […]

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    Bronwen is working on the bridge, still mad about Cassius and seemingly annoyed about MacBeth being out having fun with a pair of gorgeous twins. Duncan arrives to show off his critter and asks if he can keep it. Bronwen is pretty doubtful, but since Duncan was nice enought to say she looked pretty, she […]

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    Cassius gets the big idea of challenging MacBeth to a bet of who gets the prettiest girl and a kiss, so he can discredit him and steal the spot as first mate. Duncan runs off on his own to have a strange adventure! Bronwen, finding herself annoyed with the whole bet business sticks with working […]

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    After time to heal up, Bronwen tests out MacBeth’s reflexes. If he can fight with her, he could handle whatever Morgan throws at them! They have a nice scuffle and were about to draw guns when Duncan interrupts and says everything is almost ready to leave. Ma Hessing sends them off with many, many gifts. […]

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    Meeting the Hessings for the first time! Bronwen wants to figure out how to be more “polite” so she can fix the fight she had with MacBeth. Cassius isn’t too keen on free roaming farm animals. Ma Hessing sends Bronwen and MacBeth in to her “cellar of doom” where they’re forced to talk. MacBeth apologises […]

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    In harassing Cassius, at a bar MacBeth teaches Bronwen to dance and sings for her. Bronwen and Cassius have a fight and she leaves. Cassius starts a brawl at the bar, while Bronwen is elsewhere and meets up with the Alien she beat in a drunken shooting game. They try another bet, of which she […]

  • 009


    Cassius has a plan for rescuing MacBeth and has Bronwen say she won’t shoot the place up in teh process. But the plan goes terribly wrong when Duncan is freaking out under the pressure. Quicking thinking gets McRaven distracted with Duncan long enough for Bronwen to get MacBeth of out the coffin he’s stashed in. […]

  • 008


    Duncan lets Bronwen know they’ve arrived at the place where Cassius is being kept. Because MacBeth is injured, she has to take Duncan. She lets him know that if she gets captured or hurt, he is to escape and in no circumstances is he to get killed. She takes Duncan inside as her ‘bounty’ but […]

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    Bronwen falls in to a brief melancholy about her lost time, of which MacBeth snaps her out of very quick. They arrive at a supply house, discussing things where Bronwen gets the idea of luring MacBeth in to a drinking contest just to test out his remarks. It works, much to his own surprise. They […]

  • 006


    Bronwen and MacBeth leave the Briar Rose to fetch supplies and figure they need to sell those weapons they stole from Morgan’s goons. They head to the Vixen’s Playground and meet with Lady Heather who seems well acquainted with MacBeth. Bronwen tries digging up MacBeth’s past relations with the Vixen’s Playground and he dodges questions. […]

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    Dressing Duncan as a slave, MacBeth as the owner and Bronwen as the guard, they sneak on to the planet. They have to stop somewhere to get some information. At The Shadey Lady Bronwen is trying to “sell” Duncan to get close to the guy for some information, but the deal goes bad and there’s […]

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    With feeling back in her limbs and a little bit of booze in her, Bronwen heads back down to the engine room to finish making repairs. But she finds something unexpected and screams! Duncan is the first to come to her rescue, hoping that saving the day with reward him with love. Bronwen on her […]

  • 003


    After a nap for all involved, there seems to be major trouble with the ship’s engines. After fighting with trying to fix things, they need to land somewhere for supplies. Bronwen explains to Duncan that there’s flirting around with her, of which he promptly ignores. On RyvN in a warehouse, Bronwen overhears someone bragging about […]

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    Morgan’s goons catch up with MacBeth and a drunken Duncan and give chase. Duncan isn’t all that great at shooting or fighting, but lucky! MacBeth is the opposite, but there’s far too many goons. They run back to the hotel to try and find Bronwen. Bronwen after her Shooting Duel with that alien is passed […]

  • 001


    Bronwen wakes up in a med lab on a ship that doesn’t belong to her family. She attacks the first person to come in the room (MacBeth) and demands to know what’s going on. She discovers she’s been in a cryo-freezer for the past 20 years thanks to Mad Morgan and is currently on the […]