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  • Drinking contest with the Shadowstars!
  • Cassius ends up in Ma Hessing’s cellar by “accident” while escaping Betty. Ma Hessing asks MacBeth and Bronwen to go fetch him! MacBeth and Cassius have to decide what is more important… hating each other or saving Bronwen!
  • Banquo strikes a near fatal blow to Bronwen and with a ship under self-destruct, is there time to get out?
  • Men have to deal with Bronwen actually being seriously injured! Much freaking out!
    Betty stows away on the ship as a nice surprise to Cassius… who also gets a surprise from several women having his childrens!

  • Brennen presents everyone with condoms and birth control!
  • Bronwen and MacBeth and an angry fight! Cassius tries to goad it on and helps by accident!


    1 – Erikson Shadowstar (18y) a well known flirt gets his own ship and starts his own shipping business.
    2 –
    3 – Erikson Shadowstar (21y) meets Octavia (17y) while he’s flirting with her customers at a bar. She calls him a manwhore and he says she’s an uptight prude.
    4 –
    5 –
    6 – Erikson Shadowstar (24y) makes a famous name for himself with his “Can handle anything” shipping business. Not space pirates, not smugglers, not anyone prevents him from delivering the goods.
    7 – Erikson Shadowstar (25y) is sleeping around with Morgan (??y) along with several other women. He chases after a Toru princess and gets rejected!
    9 – After a few years throwing insults back and forth, Erikson Shadowstar (26y) and Octavia (23y) finally hookup after a big dangerous adventure. Erikson is no longer interested in other women!
    10 –
    11 – Erikson Shadowstar (28y) and Octavia (25y) get married! Morgan (??y) attends the wedding and makes a HUGE scene. Octavia makes it clear that no one is taking her husband.
    12 – Aaron is born. Erikson Shadowstar (29y) Octavia (26y).
    13 –
    14 –
    15 –
    16 –
    17 –
    18 –
    19 – Brennen is born. Erikson Shadowstar (36y) Octavia (33y). Aaron (7y)
    21 –
    22 –
    23 – Cassius is born. Erikson Shadowstar (39y) Octavia (37y). Aaron (10y). Brennen (3y)

    24 –
    25 –
    26 –
    27 – Dion is born. Erikson Shadowstar (42y) Octavia (40y). Aaron (14y). Brennen (7y). Cassius (4y)

    28 –
    29 – Bronwen is born. Erikson Shadowstar (44y) Octavia (42y). Aaron (16y) Brennen (9y). Cassius (6y). Dion (2y)
    30 –
    31 –
    32 –
    33 –
    34 –
    35 –
    36 –
    37 – Morgan gets herself pregnant by Ian Gordan. He is delighted to have a child and happy to get married!

    38 – MacBeth is born. Bronwen (9y)
    39 –
    40 –
    41 –
    42 –
    43 –
    44 – Shatriste Veraux is born?
    45 – Bronwen (16y) gets traumatized by “the talk” with her brothers.
    46 – MacBeth’s father is murdered by Morgan. His last job was the completion of Avalaon. MacBeth (8y) is whisked away by a caring Nanny.
    47 –
    48 –
    49 – Bronwen’s 20th birthday! Morgan crashes the party, killing Erikson and Octavia. Bronwen is put in the cryosleep chamber. MacBeth (11y) ends up with Aaron (36y) months later. Brennen (29y), Cassius (25y), Dion (22y).
    50 –
    51 – MacBeth (13y) is passed to Brennen (31y).
    52 – MacBeth (14y) is passed to Cassius (28y).
    53 – MacBeth (15y) is passed to Dion (26y).
    54 – MacBeth (16y) runs away for teenager freedom, meeting a few interesting people.
    55 –
    56 –
    57 –
    58 –
    59 – MacBeth (21y) returns to Shadowstar employ, barely. He still moved from brother to brother.
    60 – MacBeth (22y) and Arasia meet?
    61 – Duff McRaven’s son and Arasia’s brother, Nate dies asking McRaven to not work for Morgan anymore.
    62 – Arasia dies after being discovered as a traitor and spy. – Killed by Banquo.
    63 – Morgan has taken control of most of the galaxy. The Shadowstar clan can no longer work on things seperately and choose to pool together to deal with her directly.
    64 –
    65 – Talk of rescuing Bronwen is brought up by MacBeth (27y). At first they all thought it would be a good idea, but after their attempts, Morgan starts threatening to harm her trophy. They decided to leave that be and try something else.
    66 – The Shadowstar brothers are finally captured and subdued, especially when Morgan makes more direct threats to her frozen trophy. (Making sure they see the cryochamber and the things she can do to the one inside!) With the Shadowstars all captured and now being Morgan’s “Knights”, MacBeth decides to find Bronwen on his own.
    67 –
    68 – Squidpirates attack one of Morgan’s cargo ships. This ship contained Bronwen’s cryochamber in the cargo. It along with the rest of the cargo was lost when the ship was raided and destroyed.
    69 – The Crimson Nyx finds the cryochamber with Bronwen (20y/40y) and opens it. MacBeth (31y) meets Bronwen. Morgan (??) now knows Bronwen is released.

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    The RenFest! A nice fun break!

    [Bronwen loved Dion\’s date idea so much, she wanted to go too! But little sisters aren\’t welcomed on dates, so she\’s taking MacBeth and Duncan!] -04:07 Apr 08

    Cassius: *Cassius thought this was stupid. And he was going to boycott all this lovey dovey crap, but then Bronwen had to go and tell MacBeth she was going to be a princess and that’s just ASKING for trouble! So now Cassius was at a Rennaisance Festival eying some very sweet as hell black armor a big flowy cape…*

    [MacBeth was going to keep a close eye on Cassius!] -04:21 Apr 08
    Bronwen: *~Princess~ Bronwen was going to take this awesome opportunity to pretend to be a girl! She even wore a nice pretty dress and had ribbons in her hair. …It’s not like anyone could see the guns she had hidden under her skirt anyway! She was now adjusting a nice feather hat on Duncan!* There! Now you’re a ranger or something! -04:25 Apr 08

    Dion: *Dion thought a festival like this would be ideal for another date with Ceri. Give her the opportunity to really be a knight. …or his princess! Or both! Either way, Dion was smiling, pulling Ceri off and away from his siblings before they got in to a fight!*

    MacBeth: *He was dressed in trousers, boots, a shirt. Pretty much the same thing he always wore. Go figure!* -04:28 Apr 08

    Ceri: *She was still looking around, taking in the sights when Dion grabbed her hand and pulled her away! She smiled.* Stealing me away already? *She teased!*

    Dion: *He laughed a bit!* Cassius has that look on him, and he tends to take dressup very seriously… So we may very well be safer in the forest, My Lady.

    Cassius: *Yes… very serious indeed! Rubbing his hands together, Cassius had disappeared in to a shop and by the time he returned he was… THE BLACK KING! Laughly loud enough to turn heads, he placed a crown on his head! He’d knock anyone in the face if they tried to dispute him!*

    Betty: *She clapped her hands behind him!* Oh, Cassius, you look positively gorgeous! *If it was at all possible, she’d have swooned by now!*

    Duncan: *he blinked!* Wow, I do? *He looked up at the hat on his head.*

    Cassius: EEYAARGH! *Cassius jumped at least two feet in the air with a clatter of armor! He turned around slowly, his imperious kingly expression on his face as he gave her a scowl!* …Of course I look gorgeous, wench! I am the King!

    Betty: *She ran forward and threw her arms around his neck.* Hm … What a hunk of a King, too … *She traced patterns on his chest! He really did look gorgeous!*

    MacBeth: So … What should we do first? *He glanced around.* -04:41 Apr 08
    Bronwen: Yes. Now you are all set to rescue some damsels, eat dragons, and loot…. evil kings? *Bronwen ended up distracted by the end of that sentence, with Cassius making such a racket not too far away. Although, now he was getting mauled by Betty, so maybe he’ll not be trouble today!* …I think we should have an adventure that isn’t going to to accidentally set something on fire or get in Dion’s way. …Just this once. -04:43 Apr 08

    Cassius: *Growling under his breath, he was prying Betty off him and pushing her away at a good armlength’s distance. …and then he considered his options! An Evil King cannot spend all day running away from a woman when he has princesses to capture, princes to ruin, and knights to destroy.* …Woman, how am I supposed to conquer this kingdom without a Queen! I need a wench of firey passion if I’m going to lay waste to my enemies!

    Betty: *Her face lit up!* Oh! Oh! Please let me be your Queen! *She clapped her hands!* I’ll help you any way I can!

    Ceri: *She laughed softly.* It’s a good thing I have you to watch out for me. Are you going to be my prince then?

    Duncan: *He was thoughtful for a moment!* Um … Okay. An adventure sounds like fun!

    Dion: *Dion cleared his throat, hoping he wasn’t embarrassing himself by blushing.* I do believe I am your prince for the day. Now, what would my Lady Knight like to do first?

    Cassius: *HA! His lan was working better than he imagined! With an evil Queen at his side, every last one of them would be doomed!* Excellent! I demand you dress yourself in the finest of threads! Then we will wreck havoc on these pathetic weaklings!

    Brennen: *He was dressed in robes and already sampling the finer things in life! Like this apple pie! He hadn’t noticed everyone else had wandered away already!*

    Aaron: *He refused to dress up and a single glare at the man who had insisted he had to dress had silenced him. So he found a table to sit at in the food court so he could smoke his pipe!*

    Betty: *She was all smiles!* Of course, Your Majesty! *She clapped and squealed in delight as she went to do as told! This was going to be fun!*

    Bronwen: *Now she had to put some thought in to it… If she was going to be a princess, she couldn’t go beating up pirates, fighting duels and jumping on dragons. And all of those things sounded like a lot of fun… …Well, no one said she had to be a GOOD princess.* Lets find a dragon! -05:09 Apr 08

    Duncan: *Speaking of which … He looked around.* … Has anyone seen Tiny?

    Cassius: *Having acquired himself a sword, Cassius pulled it out to point at some people!* YOU. Lowly Peons! I demand that you spread word around the king about… The Black King’s Tournament! Let’s see if anyone dares to think they are as powerful or as amazing as I!

    Ceri: *She found herself blushing!* There are a lot of things to do. I’m just glad I get to do them with you. *She couldn’t help herself, she leaned toward him and kissed his cheek.*

    MacBeth: *He smirked.* You want a dragon. Look no further than Cassius. -05:14 Apr 08

    Dion: If that is the case, Lady Knight… *Dion replied softly, he was taking her by the arms and pulling her off to a nice secluded area behind the trees! Where he promptly snuck in one hell of a kiss!*

    The people blinked but one look at Cassius and they weren’t about to argue with him! They scattered and spread the news!

    Bronwen: *She was glancing around looking for Tiny when MacBeth mentioned Cassius. She grinned!* We could tackle him, but I think he’s playing with Betty. …Hey! There’s unicorns! *What was it it about unicorns that stole a girl’s attentions! She was skipping away to see if they were real!* -05:19 Apr 08

    Cassius: *With his announcement made, it was time for some EVIL DEEDS! Cassius gave a good look around.. Ah ha! He approached a large alien-fellow!* YOU THERE! TROLL! I, The Black King, am in need of your services! There is a Knight that must me crushed!

    The alien loved to roleplay so he was ready for this! … And in some ways, wishing for something like this! He bowed! “Yes, Your Majesty!”

    The “troll” looked offended at being called such, but he finally shrugged. It sounded like a good time! Trollem required payment for crushing of Knights, though!

    Cassius: For you, my dear Troll I will give a feast if you crush the one known as MacBeth and then grab that little redheaded Princess he escorts! Feel free to break his bones and eat his entrails!

    MacBeth: Tiny will turn up sooner or later. *He said, nudging Duncan.* Let’s go escort the princess, Flyboy. -05:27 Apr 08

    Duncan: *He blinked but reluctantly agreed!* Okay … *He kept looking around as he followed Mac and the Captain!*

    Betty: *She returned and twirled around for Cassius! She wore a form-fitting black dress with a low neckline and an even lower back! There was a long cape and a crown to match!* What do you think, Your Highness?

    Bronwen: *Bronwen was trying to climb on the fence and lean over to poke one of those unicorns without anyone catching her do it! They LOOKED real enough! They probably had real horns, but she bet they sprayed glitter all over them!* Here, horsey…! *…wait, these weren’t those virgin eating unicorns, were they?!* -05:30 Apr 08

    Cassius: Hrmph. *Cassius eyed his new Queen critically… Yes, yes she did look like a mighty fine evil queen!* Perfect! Now we will capture a castle whilst my Troll does his work. There is a tourney to prepare for! *Cassius offered his armored arm to his Dark Queen!*

    Betty: Oh, Cassius! *She stopped herself in time before she squealed in delight and composed herself! It wouldn’t do for an evil Queen to be giggling like this! She took his arm and gave him a wicked smile.* As you wish, o godly one.

    MacBeth: *He stopped to watch Shadowstar poke the unicorns!* Here’s something you don’t see everyday. -05:36 Apr 08

    Cassius: *That brought the hugest of smirks to his face!* Godly one. I like that. *He escorted his Queen to the big waiting castle, and drew out his sword again!* Where the thyne pathetic king, so I might cut his throat open and spill his blood!

    His Royal Highness, the King of the Festival stay up in the tower looking down at Cassius. “Hark! Yon Knight! This is mine castle! Go find your own!”

    Duncan: Oh, sweet. These are real, purebred Elysian mares! They look amazing! *He bent forward on his knees to examine them!*

    The troll had to do some searching! There were a lot of princesses and knights here! But that Black Knight had mentioned the princess being redheaded so he started asking around!

    Bronwen: What the hell, they actually glitter all by themselves! *That was really strange… but it was an awfully pretty unicorn!* How the devil did people ride these critters without getting thrown off? They look kind of wild! -05:43 Apr 08

    Cassius: You flaming coward! Come down from your tower and defend your honor before I piss on your castle and crushing the souls of your people! *Cassius shook his sword at the bastard! Pussy!*

    Duncan: Well … the mares are alright, once they’re in a closed space, if sensitive about people pulling their mane, tails, or messing with their horns. It’s the males you have to worry about. *He stood up and shielded his eyes, looking for a male to show the Captain!* Ah, there’s one now! *He pointed to one galloping from the far end of the corral! It was a huge horse! Solid black with red eyes and a spiralling white horn!*

    WHAT? Nobody pisses on the King’s castle! The reigning king stomped down the tower’s steps until he came out the door, armed with a sword and ten of his best knights! “CHARGE!” They all rushed forward to teach Cassius a lesson!

    Cassius: HA HA HA! Is this all the men you have?! My Queen and I will smash their skulls! *Yes, Cassius was very much enjoying himself! Swinging his sword wildly, throwing out arms and tossing men over moats!*

    Betty: *Now this was what she was talking about! She clotheslined the first man who came at her, then grabbed another man by the hair and threw him into the moat, too!*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen sloooowly hopped off the fence and blinked! That thing was huuuuuge! A scary looking! Kind of like a demon! She leaned close to ask,* …do they really only eat the flesh of virgins? Or is that just a story to scare people? -05:53 Apr 08

    Duncan: Um … *A sheepish grin!* Actually it’s the males who are the flesh eaters. And … they do have a thing for virgin flesh. As long as that fence stays in one piece, we’ll be fine.

    Bronwen: Just like a man! *Bronwen responded with a smirk!* They’re really gorgeous, anyway. It kind of reminds me of your Fa! -05:55 Apr 08

    Gasp! All of the King’s knights had been defeated! He did the only thing he COULD do. He ran away, dubbing Cassius the King of the Festival!

    Duncan: *He blinked!* Mine? *He scratched his head!*

    Bronwen: Your Fa has all kinds of weird animals. ….Although most of them eat men and aren’t really virgin specific… *Still, it sounded like something he would have on the farm, anyway!* -05:57 Apr 08

    Cassius: Muaa HA HA HA HA! *Cassius posed victorious at the foot of his glorious new castle!* See, my Queen… we are the ultimate power is this grim little universe! Soon, my epic talents will be known thruough the land as I squash every knight and get my revenge on that MacBeth!

    Duncan: *He laughed and scratched the back of his head!* Heh heh. Oh yeah.

    The troll finally found the redhead by the Elysian mares! He tapped the man standing behind her on the shoulder! “You MacBeth?”

    MacBeth: *He turned and looked the troll over!* … Yeah. Why …? *He raised an eyebrow.* -06:06 Apr 08

    The troll curled up his fist and swung for Mac’s jaw!

    MacBeth: *When you get into so many fights, you more or less develop a reflex for when people try to hit you. In this case, Mac ducked as the fist went flying over his head, stood up just as it past, turned and grabbed the troll by his fist! Then he flung the troll over his shoulder–and straight into the corral!* -06:11 Apr 08

    CRASH! The troll broke through the corral’s fencing and looked like he was about to say something before he fell back!

    Duncan: *He blinked as the Elysian male stood there, staring at the open corral.* … Now we panic.

    Bronwen: *Bronwen blinked as was smart enough to get out of the way of a flying Troll!* …People just like hitting you, don’t they..? *Panic? …Aw crap! Virgin eating unicorns were going to get loose! ….Bronwen hopped in to MacBeth’s arms… she may as well play the part!* Quick! Save the princess! -06:14 Apr 08
    MacBeth: … Guess it’s just part of my charm. *He muttered, trying to figure out why the hell the troll had done something like that. He’d never seen him before! He snapped out of it when Shadowstar jumped into his arms!* Whatever you say, Your Highness. Flyboy, let’s go! *He was holding onto her and dashing for the tents!* -06:15 Apr 08

    Duncan: *He didn’t need to be told twice! He was already dashing after Mac, even faster when he heard the Elysian male break down more of the corral!*

    Bronwen: …Luckily, none of my brothers are virgins! *There WAS humor in it! Despite the fact a very scary demon unicorn was now trying to escape and quite possibly devour THEM!* -06:18 Apr 08

    Betty: *She couldn’t stop staring at him! He was a living masterpiece!* You are magnificient, Your Highness. No one stands a chance against your might.

    People were in a panic as word got out that the Elysian horses were loose!

    People were in a panic as word got out that the Elysian horses were loose!’

    Cassius: *Meanwhile Cassius had found his thrown and was ordering around everyone in ordering distance!* Work FASTER! This will be an ultimate display of my winsome skills! I demand archery! Slaying! Fights! …..Someone find me a fool to ridicule and entertain my Queen! *Of course Betty’s compliments were only puffing him up more!* My dear, I will give you the entire world!

    Ceri: *Speaking of Bronwen’s brothers, she was still blushing and hadn’t quite recovered from the kiss Dion had given her.* Dion, you are … that was …

    Brennen: *He was munching on some ham! He turned to Aaron!* … What’s all the fuss about?

    Aaron: *He gave a small shrug and kept puffing on his pipe!*

    Dion: That was only the beginning… *He was whispering in her ear, but… now there was screaming and as he peeked around the tree, of course there was trouble.* But it might wait! *He was pulling Ceri off, away from the madness! There had to be somewhere quiet to hide!*

    MacBeth: It’s not your brothers I’m worried about. *He glanced over his shoulder to see the Elysian male coming! He glanced around … then ducked under a table at the last possible moment! The male went sailing over the table!* -06:24 Apr 08
    Bronwen: Holy hell, that guy could eat a least twenty people… *She muttered, holding on to MacBeth’s neck! That unicorn was even bigger up close and in person! …They were going to end up thrown out of the festival at this rate!* -06:27 Apr 08

    Duncan: *He found himself cornered by an Elysian mare and gulped! He closed his eyes as he huddled in the corner with his arms over his head.* Nice Elysian mare … Nice Elysian mare … *He was going to get eaten for sure! He was going to wind up buried as a pile of bones! He was–getting his hair nuzzled?! He opened one eye and then another! The Elysian mare was there, rubbing her nose in his hair!* Uh … Didn’t see this coming …

    Betty: *The jester was dancing and talking away but Betty only had eyes for the handsome King who had people at his beck and call!* Hm. May we find a bard to sing your praises, Your Highness, so that all may know the glorious god to whom they are indebted to?

    Cassius: *Cassius rubbed his chin!* Yes…! I do believe a bard is a fine idea! *Seeing as how his Troll hadn’t returned with a princess yet…* WHO In this realm is brave enough to go on a quest for the king?! I want that Knight MacBeth as my singing bard! He’ll sing my praises until the die he dies! Oh ho ho ho ho!

    MacBeth: I’d rather we didn’t end up on the menu. *He said as the male’s attention was diverted by some people running away!* -06:37 Apr 08

    Ceri: *She blinked as he pulled her away again! She couldn’t begin to imagine what had happened this time!*

    Duncan: *He verrrry carefully reached out to pet the Elysian mare on the nose, half-expecting her to bite his hand off! All she did was sniff his hand and then his hand was petting her nose!*

    Bronwen: They’re bound to catch them in a minute. …Unless the owners were already eaten. *…which was a pretty high possibility. But they couldn’t go shooting someone’s pets!* -06:50 Apr 08
    [Bronwen was hiding under a table with MacBeth while virgin eating Elysian unicorns were loose… And Cassius was taking over the festival with his Evil Queen!] -01:30 Apr 09
    [MacBeth looked around and saw the coast was clear! Time to move!] -01:30 Apr 09
    MacBeth: *He stood and bolted for a very large tree not too far away! He heard the sound of hooves behind him but he wasn’t about to glance over his shoulder right now! He stopped by the tree and looked up! The lowest branches were at least a dozen feet off the ground! The Elysian male was back and it was galloping for them but at the last minute, he moved behind the tree! He hoisted Shadowstar as high as he could!* Go for it. -01:32 Apr 09

    Betty: *She studied Cassius’ face!* MacBeth for a bard …? *Of course, she had no idea how well MacBeth could sing! It seemed a strange order from someone who wanted him crushed.*

    Duncan: *He slowly stood, still not sure what to do about the Elysian mare. He didn’t want to take any chances.* Um … I sure hope you don’t decide to have me for lunch.

    Ceri: *She looked around when Dion finally stopped.* Are we even on the fair grounds anymore …?

    Bronwen: *Not exactly graceful trying to hop in a tree wearing a dress, but no one is going to complain about that with flesh eating unicorns! Bronwen grabbed a branch and pulled herself up! She scooted and hung down so she could hold her hands down for MacBeth!* -01:35 Apr 09

    Cassius: YES. That will be his divine punishment before I break all of his limbs and throw him in to the fires of my might! *Cassius pointed his sword at a few of the roaming knights!* You there! Fetch me MacBeth!

    The Elysian male turned and dashed back for Bronwen and Mac!

    Dion: *He glanced around at the trees… Technically they were outside of the main festival town, but there was still some fencing in the near distance with the decorations… They must have added in the trees for the ‘forest’.* I think we are. …But the forest is always a safe haven for fleeing heroes. *He cast her a soft grin!*

    MacBeth: *He turned and rolled out of the way! Then he was up and running back to the corral!* -01:40 Apr 09

    The male stopped just as it was about to hit the tree! It had pretty quick reflexes! It shook its head, snorted and galloped after Mac!

    Ceri: *She blinked and found herself blushing again!* Dion, you’re such a sweetheart.

    Betty: *She gave a deep sigh!* Hm. I love it when you talk rough, Your Magnificence. The people will quickly learn that your might is the only one that matters.

    Bronwen: Hey…! *Bronwen had contemplated jumping on that horse, but thank goodess for some common sense!* Damnit! -01:44 Apr 09

    Cassius: Aye, as they should! Those wretched siblings and that upstart MacBeth will rue they day they ever challenge The Black King! *Once again Cassius laughed loudly! Everything was going as planned!*

    Dion: A sweetheart for the prettiest knight in the whole kingdom. *He was pulling Ceri in to his arms for a dance! There was no music, but who needed it? They had a forest to themselves!*

    Duncan: Um … You uh, stay here. *He was telling the mare.* I’m gonna um … go find my captain. *And so he left the corner he’d been huddling in! But the mare kept following him! And if that wasn’t odd enough, the mares they passed followed him, too!*

    Ceri: *She was still blushing! What a romantic! She followed his lead and started to hum in time with the dance!*

    MacBeth: *He spotted a long coil of rope someone had left next to one of the tents and picked it up as he past! Then he hopped over one of the unbroken pieces of the fence and wrapped some of the rope loosely around one hand!* -02:06 Apr 09

    Betty: So what other plans do you have, Your Greatness? *She asked, curious.* You know I will help you in whatever way you desire.

    Bronwen: Duncan! * She called when he nearly passed under her!* …You whole a whole flock of mares following you! -02:13 Apr 09

    Cassius: *Cassius rubbed his chin giving it great thought!* I intend to win this tournament, destroy MacBeth, humiliate my sister… and possibly get vengeance on my brothers! …and speaking of which, Dion is on the top of that list!

    Duncan: *He looked up and waved!* Hey, Captain! *He looked around when she mentioned the mares!* Uh … Yeah. I’m kind of confused about that, too! *He patted his pockets.* I don’t have any treats … I wonder if it’s the hat. *He touched it where it still sat on his head!*

    Betty: Ah yes, my sister’s boyfriend. *She rolled her eyes.* The romantic. No doubt making out with my sister as we speak.

    Bronwen: It might be the hat. *Bronwen replied with a grin. …Of course it was more likely that Duncan was an animal charmer. She finally hopped down out of the tree and primly fixed her skirts!* We better go save MacBeth from the stallion though, or he’s going to end up devoured. -02:23 Apr 09

    The male stopped on the other side of the corral from MacBeth and looked like it was wondering what to do!

    Duncan: *He looked around.* With all the mares wandering around, I’m surprised no one’s tried to round them up yet.

    Bronwen: …That IS kind of weird! The whole festival is hopping around preparing for something, but we were too busy running to see what it’s about. *Bronwen eyed one of the mares….* …. we better lure these back to their corral before they stop being so friendly. -02:41 Apr 09

    Duncan: Good idea. Um … I think I saw some boards we could use to patch it up in the tent on the far side of the corral. *He started heading back there and the mares continued to follow!*

    Meanwhile, there was a group of knights heading out to capture MacBeth! Only when they found him, there was one of those Elysian horses loose! ….Maybe they’ll just wait a minute!

    [Bronwen and Duncan were looking for MacBeth!] -03:17 Apr 18
    [MacBeth saw his chance as that Elysian male came at him!] -03:18 Apr 18

    Duncan: *Still not quite believing there were a herd of Elysian mares following him, he scratches his head!* … I hope they didn’t eat anyone.

    Bronwen: I don’t think they did. No one seems to be in TOO much of a panic. …They must get loose on a regular basis. *…Or maybe most of the fair consists of manwhores and sleazy women, but she didn’t care to think about that!* -03:22 Apr 18
    MacBeth: *He looped the lasso around the male’s neck, grabbed onto its mane and hoisted himself up as the male started kicking out and thrashing! He held on with clenched teeth!* -03:23 Apr 18

    The male refused to let the human stay on for much longer! It thrashed and kicked! When that didn’t work, it galloped through the fair and was headed straight for Bronwen and Duncan!*

    Bronwen: *A disbelieving blink!* ….That isn’t MacBeth riding an angry unicorn and heading right for us is it…? -03:26 Apr 18

    Duncan: *His eyes grew wide! He wasn’t about to find out first hand if it was his imagination or not! He pushed the captain out of the way but was still going to be run over!*

    MacBeth: *He opened one eye and then another, then pulled on the lasso HARD! He turned the male to the right of Duncan!* Damnit, Flyboy! Get that corral open! -03:29 Apr 18

    Duncan: *Ack!* Going …! *He threw open the fixed corral gate–amazing what some rope and a lot of cement adhesive will do–before getting run over when Mac came back a little while later!*

    Bronwen: You heard him, open up the gate! *One of these days she’ll ask MacBeth where he gets these bright ideas… but for now, she was getting the hell out of the way!* -03:34 Apr 18

    The Elysian male went galloping into the corral! MacBeth jumped off at the last minute, rolled, and landed in a crouch as Duncan shut the gate!

    MacBeth: *He smirked as he stood, dusting off his clothes!* … Your Highness. -03:36 Apr 18

    Those Knights that were waiting to grab MacBeth were now scratching their heads! ….A guy riding around on an Elysian Stallion wasn’t going to be easy to grab! They needed a new plan!

    Duncan: *He walked back to them, scratching his head under the cap!* … Did I just … And did you just … And did we just …? *He seemed in shock as he pointed from Mac to Bronwen to himself and back again!*

    Bronwen: We saved a fair from virgin eating unicorns… Ones that MacBeth let out, mind you. I thought we were going to stay out of trouble today! -03:42 Apr 18
    MacBeth: *He probably should be getting upset about her blaming this on him but … That brought up a real good question! … Who the hell was that guy ANYWAYS?!* It seems to find us. Speaking of which … it’s been too quiet. *He glanced at Shadowstar and quickly added.* Cassius-wise. -03:44 Apr 18

    Duncan: *Inhale … Exhale … Inhale … Much better!* I think Fa would have loved to see the Elysian mares! And the male, too! They really are beautiful!

    Bronwen: That’s true… I haven’t seen Cassius all day. Do you think he found himself a women? *Bronwen smiled at Duncan! Just like Fa Hessing with the scary critter charming!* -03:47 Apr 18
    MacBeth: … We brought Betty, remember? No woman is going to get within six feet of him without her there. I say we go check things out. Looks like everything has calmed down. -03:50 Apr 18

    Speaking of Cassius and trouble…. Those Knights appeared behind them and cleared their throats! “AHEM! Ho there, patrons of this fine fair! We would like to issue you a personal invitation to…. The King’s Castle!”

    Duncan: *He blinked at them! Real Knights! He even poked at the man closest to him! Sheesh, that armor must weigh a ton!*

    Bronwen: The King’s Castle would be interesting… a lot more than tracking down Cassius and finding him doing unspeakable things with Betty. *Ack! She was going to have to quickly erase that mental image out of her head!* -03:57 Apr 18

    Duncan: *The idea of going to the King’s Castle made his face light up!* Yeah, let’s go. I’ve never been to the King’s Castle before! *Then again, he’s never been to one of these fairs either!*

    “Yes! And you shouldn’t refuse the King of the Festival, or it’s off with your heads!” A Knight offered Bronwen his arm, while the others motioned for Duncan and MacBeth to follow!

    MacBeth: *He arched his eyebrow when the Knight mentioned getting beheaded for declining the invitation! He didn’t like the sound of that … and it had to do more with the tone of the Knight’s voice than anything else! But he followed after Shadowstar and Duncan!* -04:00 Apr 18

    Duncan: *March and march and glance around! They hadn’t gone very far when he scratched his head under the cap again!* … Have any of you seen a small furball about this big, cuddly looking, blue eyes? *He held his hands apart to give an approximate size for Tiny!*

    And thus the Knights were very nice and charming, and led them off towards the festival castle! Out in front of the tower, they stopped. “Before you meet the king, there are prepreations! The Madam can visit the Lady’s Waiting room, while your Sirs can follow us!”

    And nay, none have seen a little furball!

    Duncan: *He huffed and sighed at their reply!* … I sure hope Tiny’s not eating anyone … *He muttered but he got distracted by the Knights leading them somewhere else!* I guess we’ll see you later, Captain.

    Bronwen: Don’t worry. Tiny knows how to behave. …so I hope you two can stay out of trouble for fifteen minutes while I seemingly go to weird girl stuff. *She cast them both a grin!* -04:06 Apr 18
    MacBeth: *He smirked!* We’ll do our best, Your Highness. *He told her just before the Knights started leading him and Duncan away!* -04:07 Apr 18

    Duncan: *He grinned sheepishly! He felt aLOT better about Tiny roaming around alone! He gave her a salute!* Will do, Captain!

    Leading Bronwen away to the Tower, the Knights cleared their throats and motioned for Duncan n’ MacBeth to follow them in to the Castle! They finally came to a big empty throne room with two large thrones! And sitting there was…

    Duncan: *He blinked a couple of times! And then a couple more!* … CASSIUS?! And … BETTY?!

    Cassius: Well done, my Knights! …Welcome to MY castle, peasants. All you see before you is the domain of the Dark King Cassius! Now you will do my bidding!

    MacBeth: *He had his arms crossed and he wore his smirk!* … And I always thought you didn’t have a sense of humor, Cassie. -04:17 Apr 18

    Duncan: I’ve never been to one of these fairs before but … aren’t you supposed to be elected the King or something?

    Cassius: *Cassius scowled for a moment, but he was right back to grinning like a fiend!* HA. I do indeed. That is why you have been brought here before me. YOU are the new court Bard. You are going to sing for the King or be put to death!

    MacBeth: I’ve never been to one of these, either. *He told Duncan. He looked at Cassius.* Keep talking and you’ll bore me to death. Besides, I only sing for Bronwen. -04:21 Apr 18

    Cassius: *Cassiues eyed his Knights, and at visual confirmation… he grinned even wider!* You’ll never sing for Bronwen again! Ha ha ha! She’ll be locked away and never found. So you’ll be singing for my Queen, or my Knights are going to behead you and feed your insides to the vultures!

    MacBeth: What’s the matter, old man? Can’t take care of me yourself? *He was still smirking!* -04:27 Apr 18

    Duncan: *He glanced around and moved a little closer to Mac!* Uh … Mac …? *He whispered, eying the Knights! The odds didn’t look too good!*

    Cassius: *A Snort!* I could crush you with my bare hands. …But then we wouldn’t have such an exciting show. …Knights… destroy him!

    Destroying people wasn’t usually in the script, but this King seemed to know a lot about putting on a show. …All the Knights drew their swords and charged!

    Betty: *Ahem!* Be sure to leave Duncan alone! I promised Ma Hessing to look after him!

    Duncan: *He blinked!* Uh … Thanks … Betty …? *Just how many people did his Ma ask to look after him?!*

    Cassius: *Siiiigh… Well, he had no problem with Duncan, anyway. Just his monster.* Spare the kid and just destroy MacBeth, as the Queen orders!

    MacBeth: *The taunt worked a hell of a lot better when he was younger! Oh well! He pulled one of the sword hilts out and a blade appeared! He stopped an incoming swing for his head, kicked out to stop another knight charging from the side! Then he pushed the knight crossing swords with him backwards so he could duck another incoming swing! He slipped his blade under the swinging knight’s belt and SHHLICCK! off went the belt and the knight’s pants!* -04:34 Apr 18

    Cassius: *He should have known…. Damned MacBeth was always too good in a fight for a bunch of goons to handle themselves! Cassius stood up and bellowed!* Ready to start singing yet, kid? Or does King Cassius need to teach you another lesson?

    MacBeth: *He stood up, kicked a knight in the ass as he bent over and sent him falling head over heels!* I got a better idea, old man. Give me back my captain. *He stepped back as another sword went swinging down to cleave him in half, then punched out the knight who’d done it!* -04:42 Apr 18

    Enough was enough! A bunch of Knights could only take so much of a beating! They were scurrying out of the way with many apologies to their King!

    Duncan: *He was on the sidelines and really enjoying the show! A lot of the other people around seemed to be enjoying it as much as he was!*

    Cassius: Forget it! If the fox wants to prance around like a damned princess, then she’s goin’ to sit up in the tower like a princess! *Damned useless Knights! He’ll have to take care of this himself!* Of course, if you enter my tournament and think you can win the prize… I ~might~ let her loose. …but… I think I’d rather have you destroyed and you never see your Princess Captain again! HO HO HO HO! *Cassius made sure to give his very best of evil laughs! This was HIS festival!*

    MacBeth: I’d win your little tournament but I doubt you’ll keep your word. You always were a sore loser, Cassie. -04:52 Apr 18

    Cassius: HA. Sounds like the words of a coward! Too chicken to compete against me, MacBeth?

    MacBeth: *He smirked.* Just thinking of your old age and well being, old man. Fine. How about a wager? I win your tournament, I get my captain back. -04:56 Apr 18

    Cassius: *He sure as hell wasn’t going to give her back… But he doubted MacBeth would be able to win his challenges. Ohohoho!* FINE. ~If~ you win the tourney, you can have her! And when ~I~ win… You’ll stay away from my damned sister, and you’ll proclaim to the world about your awesome King Cassius!

    MacBeth: Just remember that a Shadowstar keeps his promises. You break this one to me and Morgan is the least of your worries. -05:06 Apr 18

    Cassius: *Cassius only smirked!* I have no worries, MacBeth. You won’t win my tournament. *Faking a huuuuge yawn, he waved a hand!* Get out of my sight! The tourney begins tonight. I am a considerate King. Enjoy your last few hours of freedom!

    Duncan: *He was about to walk over to Mac when he looked down! There was Tiny! He picked it up!* There you are, Tiny … I need to ask you for a favor …

    And that was how, not too long after, Tiny found itself perched on the sill of a tower window! “Greeowww!” it called into the darkness, looking for the human female with the comfty chair!

    Bronwen: *This Princess business was pretty dull! She was about to trick someone in to opening the door and punch a guy in the face when she spotted Tiny!* There you are! Duncan was worried about you. *She moved to the window and took a peek down. …How did Tiny climb up that?* …I’m going to assume Cassius is up to something, huh? -05:14 Apr 18

    “Greeowww!” Tiny replied. Tucked into its collar was a folded up piece of paper. It simply read \”Cassius is the King. Need to win tournament. Where are you? -Mac\”

    Bronwen: How the hell did he manage that? *King Cassius? As if his head could get any bigger! She scribbled quick reply and tucked it neatly in Tiny’s collar!* Okay fuzzy. Better run fast before Cassius gets worse. -05:19 Apr 18

    “Greeowww!” And off Tiny went! It just jumped off of the sill and seemed to fall straight down! Except it started to jump off the walls, slowing its fall! Was there anything that furball couldn’t do?!

    Bronwen: *…Bronwen leaned out the window! SHE could do that! ….maybe. Jumping out windows and down walls couldn’t be that hard if the fuzball could do it!* -05:29 Apr 18
    MacBeth: *He was outside of the castle, trying to figure out a plan. There was no way Cassius would let him win … He looked up as Tiny arrived with a note! He took the note and read it!* … Between me and Shadowstar, we could win the tournament. *Then he smirked.* Tiny, I have another job for you … -05:33 Apr 18

    It was almost dark when Tiny returned, perched on the tower sill again! This time the note read \”Need your help. Between the two of us we can win the tournament. Tiny will get you out. -Mac.\”

    Cassius: *Meanwhile, Cassius was making sure his tourney was going to be impossible for that MacBeth!* MUAHA HA HA HA! Everything is complete! I will have his bones between my fingers!

    Bronwen: *Bronwen blinked at the letter and then blinked at Tiny!* …All right then, how exactly are we getting out of this tower? And it better not involve eating anyone. -05:37 Apr 18

    “Greeowww!” Tiny went. It hopped off of the sill into the room and grew into its larger size! Then it lay down, perfect for Shadowstar to climb on top of its back!

    Betty: *She clapped her hands!* Everything is set up, my King. Perhaps I shall kidnap that annoying brother of yours? What better revenge than to let him witness MacBeth’s demise at your hands!

    Cassius: *Stroking his chin, this idea did sound splendid!* Hmyeeess. Dion has been damned uppity about taking MacBeth and Bronwen’s side… Worse now with his pretty little girlfriend. Maybe we should take his woman too!

    Betty: *She smiled! She could hardly contain herself! She’d get Ceri back for “slaying” her all those years ago! No one slays the princess and gets away with it!* We can snatch her as soon as she realizes her boyfriend is gone. The way those two cling together …

    Bronwen: *Not so sure if she was going to like this idea, but Bronwen climbed on Tiny’s back and held on tight…. and closed her eyes! She was probably not going to want to watch!* -05:45 Apr 18

    Cassius: HA HA HA HA! Excellente! You have your task, my brilliant Queen! Strike Dion down and steal the Lady Ceri!

    Tiny got up and walked over to the door! Then it turned and Bronwen could feel its muscles tense and ripple under its fur! It crouched down, really low … Then it suddenly took off. It landed on the window sill for a split second and then sprung off! There was falling, and then Tiny landed on something else, they fell again, Tiny recovered by landing on something else! It was quite a ride going down but in no time at all, they had stopped!

    Betty: As you wish, my magnificent King. *She curstseyed and motioned for two of the Knights to follow her! She refused to soil herself by having to hoise those lovebirds back!*

    MacBeth: *hoist -05:51 Apr 18

    Duncan: You made it! *He grinned and hugged Tiny!* Good … g–I mean, Tiny. *He still wasn’t sure if Tiny was a girl or a boy or what Tiny was exactly!*

    Bronwen: Well that was a wild ride! *Bronwen hopped of Tiny quick and gave a good pet!* You’re such a good little rescuer! -05:56 Apr 18



    Brennen comes to ask for help, as there is problems with Lady Heather’s business!

    [MacBeth was outside the Hessing farm, helping out Fa Hessing with the chores!] -02:41 May 01
    [Bronwen was doing what a good captain should be doing. Supervising others and plotting their next move!] -02:42 May 01

    Duncan: *He was also outside, helping Fa Hessing out! It was hard work but he had missed his parents during his travels! Not that he’d ever think about settling down just yet!*

    Ma Hessing: *She walked outside to where Bronwen sat, supervising the men and plotting!* Bronwen, look who came to visit. *She stepped aside to reveal Brennen who looked like he’d been through hell.*

    Brennen: *He took a deep breath!* Brownie … I need your help. I really, really need your help. The kind of help that I’d beg to get and love you forever if you give it to me.

    Bronwen: *With a very flat screen in her hands, she was looking up boring blah databanks to find out where Morgan usually sets up her.. everything. Man… the galaxy sure was different.* Hmm…? *Like she did with Dion (whom she now forgave, but Bree didn’t need to know that) she just scowled at him!* And why should I! You’re a pussywhipped baby and let Aaron push his balls around! -02:46 May 01

    Brennen: *He deserved that!* Aaron did what he felt he had to do. I did what I could. Come on, Brownie. I’m sorry I didn’t do more. I love Mac like a brother, you know that.

    Bronwen: Tch, sorry. …What’s wrong with you anyway? Big mean brothers should be able to take care of their own business. -02:50 May 01

    Brennen: *He looked embarassed.* I would but … this concerns Heather. Someone’s leaning on her business and customers are disappearing from her place. *He looked hopeful.* So … can I get your help?

    Bronwen: … What is with you idiots and not protectin’ your womenfolk? *…Dangit. Bronwen grumbled under her breath as she stood and marched off across the yard.* I’ll tell my boys… -02:53 May 01

    Brennen: *He gave her a look of relief!* Thanks, Brownie. I know I owe you big time.

    Bronwen: You owe me money and compliments! Just like Dion! *She called out over her shoulder!* -02:56 May 01

    Ma Hessing: *She smiled.* Would you like something to eat, Brennen? You look famished. *She was already leading the way to the kitchen!*

    Brennen: *Sheepish grin! The kind of grin that said he had more compliments than cash at the moment!* Yes, ma’am! You wonderful, brilliant woman!

    MacBeth: *He stopped and looked up when he heard Shadowstar yelling!* What’s up? *He asked her when she got close enough.* -02:57 May 01

    Dion: *The last person he was expecting to see was Brennen when he popped down to the kitchen just to grab some snacks for himself and Ceri. …Like hell he was going to leave her out of his sights for longer than 10 minutes!* Bree? …No. Wait. Let me guess. Trouble.

    Bronwen: Another rat showed up asking for a favor. In the mood for some more rescuin’? -03:03 May 01
    MacBeth: *He smirked!* You’re a saint, Shadowstar. But you know I’m with you. Hey, Flyboy, ready to play calvary? -03:05 May 01

    Duncan: *He blinked and looked up! He grinned!* Ready when you are, Captain and Mac.

    Brennen: *He blinked!* Dion! *He flashed an embarassed grin.* … How’d you guess?

    Dion: Besides that look on your face? No better way to solve trouble than to ask trouble for help. *Dion cast a wide grin.* Good timing, anyway. A few days sooner and you would’ve had to wait your turn.

    Bronwen: Good, good. We’re going to be saving some pretty ladies. So you might wanna wear a nice shirt, Duncan. *Smiiirk!* -03:11 May 01

    Brennen: *He laughed and scratched the back of his head.* Really …? *He blinked.* Wait … Ceri …?

    Dion: Ceri is all right. Found out as a spy and nearly publicly executed, but all right. …I have to admit Bronwen is impressive when she’s not terrifying.

    Duncan: *There was a look of wonder on his face! This would be a dream come true for him!* … You really think I stand a chance of making a good impression with them, Captain?

    MacBeth: *He smirked and ruffled Duncan’s hair.* Look on the bright side, you’ll have them all to yourself. -03:16 May 01
    Bronwen: I think you’ll get mauled with kisses, Duncan. Mauled. ..Now c’mon then. Sorry Fa! Make Dion stop hovering over Ceri and help! *She waved at the old man!* -03:16 May 01

    Fa Hessing: *He grunted, but just nodded a head!*

    Duncan: *A big grin!* Yes, Captain. I’ll see you later, Fa! *He ran to put his shovel away and get a clean shirt!*

    Brennen: I’m glad she’s alright. *He laughed.* What kind of trouble did she cause this time?

    Dion: Cleared an entire stadium of Morgan’s men. By herself. …and didn’t get shot in the process. Throw in grenades, smarting off to Morgan over the comsystem… and… It’s a wonder that girl is still alive and managed to get any of us free. *He replied sheepishly… It really was!**

    Brennen: *He let out a breath and laughed softly.* I think that’s what Mac is for.

    Bronwen: *watching Duncan run off..!* I wonder if he’ll realized they’re whores. …He hasn’t figured out when I hook him up with women yet… -03:30 May 01
    MacBeth: Whether he realizes it or not, he seems to enjoy their company anyways. *He smirked.* So, this is Heather we’re talking about. What did Brennen say? -03:33 May 01

    Dion: He’s doing a damned good job at this rate. Ahem. …Speaking of…. Something wrong with Heather?

    Bronwen: Someone grabbing her customers, I think. Kidnapping. Doesn’t really sound like Morgan’s style. Might be a rival or smugglers or something… Rabid Werewhore? -03:35 May 01
    MacBeth: *He chuckled, still wore that smirk of his.* Rabid werewhore … Looks like you’ve been thinking too hard and too long, Shadowstar. We won’t know for sure unless we check things out for ourselves. It might even be disgruntled customers. -03:41 May 01

    Brennen: Someone’s leaning on Heather to shut her business down. Meanwhile, customers are disappearing from her place and you know how people are, they talk. Heather’s getting a bad rep.

    Bronwen: Hey. I still think Morgan might be a rabid werewhore, so don’t go knocking it off. *She stuck her tongue out at him, but headed off for the house!* -03:43 May 01

    Dion: Ah. Not good. Was good to ask for help… whomever it is, they’re sure to know you. *He looked up at a clock on the wall… Ten minutes were up! If that woman was trying to sneak out of bed, he would catch her!* Good luck, Bree. Make sure you come back in one piece. *He cast a quick grin before managing to snag some drinks and a couple of Ma Hessing’s wonderful fresh baked muffins!*

    MacBeth: *He smirked.* Yeah, well … ‘rabid werewhore’? *He followed after her.* -03:51 May 01
    Bronwen: Uh huh. Best not to let her bite you next time you get in a fight. *She was serious. Nobody that hideous could be human. The old hag should be dead by now. Bronwen stepped in the house looking for her Duncan, who was taking far too long picking out clean clothes, and that good for nothing brother!* -03:55 May 01

    Ceri: *She looked around. Maybe it was safe to move now … She had told Dion, Ma Hessing, and everyone else she was perfectly fine but they insisted on keeping her in bed! She hissed under her breath when she sat up a litle too quickly. Then she swung her legs down and tiptoed toward her clothes. Or rather, Ma Hessing’s clothes. She’d been generous enough to give them to Ceri. Very nice clothes, too! A nice light blue dress with a long skirt and a modest neckline!*

    Dion: Woman. *Now, normally a line like that would come out of Cassius’ mouth and Dion never thought there’d be a day where he’d use it… But here she is trying to escape!* …Back in bed.

    Duncan: *He was digging through clothes trying to pick the right one! The red shirt! Nah. How about the yellow? Hm … Maybe not. He was throwing shirts this way and that!*

    Ceri: *She froze with her hand on the dress!* Dion … I’m perfectly fine. *She stood straight and attempted to look well … in fighting condition! But he looked so adorable with that look on his face, even if it did infuriate her too.*

    Dion: You’re barely standing! Get back in bed and give me a few more days. Then I’ll make it up to you with something amazing. I promise. *Of course, if she didn’t agree he was just going to grab her and hold her down like he did yesterday. The woman was stubborn.*

    Bronwen: Duncan! ….Duncan! Just grab all your damned shirts! I’m not pussyfotting around when there’s dames to rescue! -04:17 May 01

    Duncan: But–But–! *He looked around and started grabbing every shirt he could get his hands on! You could never have enough clothes, right?! By the time he was done, he could barely see … that’s how big the pile in his arms was!*

    Ceri: *A sheepish grin!* How about a little walk? Five minutes? You won’t even know I’m gone. *She had to stretch her legs and well … get some fresh air!*

    Dion: I’ll open the window and you can have a seat. No comprimises. *It was hard not to smile. Why was it so sweet when a girl was trying to be sneaky.*

    Bronwen: Duncan y-… Hell. *She let the dummy drag out all his shirts. Why not!* Breeeeennen. If you’re done stuffing yourself with Madam Hessing’s treats, we better get off! -04:43 May 01
    MacBeth: *He raised an eyebrow! It was a miracle Duncan managed not to walk into the door or trip over something with those shirts of his!* -04:44 May 01

    Brennen: HMmm!! *He had definitely missed these treats! He tried to smile at Ma Hessing but he was afraid crumbs would fall out! He gave her a thumbs up instead, swallowed some of the cake and drank some milk! Then he gave a bow to Ma Hessing and shot out to join Bronwen and company!*

    Ma Hessing: *She laughed softly and waved to Brennen! When he was gone, she sighed softly with a smile on her face.* Those Shadowstars …

    Ceri: *She winced when he said no compromises.* Not even a teeny-tiny compromise?

    Dion: Not if you want to spend your days a freedom loving woman, instead of tied up to bed for the next three weeks. *Maybe not three weeks. One week for sure.*

    Bronwen: Now, *She started on the way to the ship and waving a finger!* since I figure it’s not likely to do with Morgan, and since you’re all sweet on ‘mlady Heather, my boys can flirt with ladies. -04:55 May 01

    Ceri: *She blinked!* … You wouldn’t.

    Dion: I didn’t go rescuing a lady to have her die on me before we can have our next date. *How he said it with a straight face, he wasn’t sure.*

    Brennen: *He swallowed the last of the cake! Madame Hessing was the best baker ever! He nodded.* Mm … Yes, O beautiful, graceful, best sister ever.

    Bronwen: …you don’t have any money either, do you. *She muttered. Really, how did they survive this long? MacBeth? Into the ship they head, Bronwen thinking out a few different kinds of plans depending on what’s appropriate! She may not be able to get away with whorin’ Duncan and MacBeth was out of the question! Brennen would be useless ’cause he’s there all the time…* I wonder if Cassius left his dress on the ship… -05:06 May 01

    Ceri: *She looked at him. He was right … But she was stubborn.* Can I go downstairs and get myself a snack?

    Duncan: *He blinked.* His dress …? I um, I think so.

    Dion: No. *He presented her with the pilfered muffins from downstairs!*

    [Bronwen logged out of the chat.] -((05:52 May 01))



    Dion asks Bronwen and Mac for help in rescuing Ceri after she’s discovered and captured by Morgan’s men.

    [MacBeth was as good as new … and was the ship the trio had gotten!] -02:21 Apr 23
    [Bronwen had to admit she missed the Briar Rose! And now it looked right shiney too!] -02:22 Apr 23

    Ma Hessing: She looks mighty fine, sweetie. *She kissed his cheek and then threw her arms around Fa Hessing!* And you haven’t gotten rusty at all, have you, love?

    Fa Hessing: Aye. *He muttered out with his usual gruffy growl. The ship did look like a nice piece of work! Probably one of his best!*

    Duncan: *His cheeks went red!* Ma … *He got himself together.* But yeah, we did a great job on the Briar Rose. It’s a good thing Cassius installed that engine from McRaven!

    Ma Hessing: Oh that old engine. I had to torque things a bit. Just because it’s new and such doesn’t mean you can’t make it better.

    MacBeth: Looks like we’re almost ready to go, eh, Captain? *He gave Shadowstar a sideways glance. The Hessing farm was great and all but they still had a mission!* -02:26 Apr 23

    Duncan: MA! *He winced.* Just how many things did you … torque? *He asked slowly. He was already pretty sure he wouldn’t like the answer!*

    Bronwen: I think we’re golden. It’s about time we dig up some goodies on the old hag! *Things had a way of working out for the better! Briar Rose with a little of Ma Hessing’s crazy Toru princess magic… they were going to blow Morgan to bits!* -02:28 Apr 23

    Ma Hessing: *She blinked and turned to look at Duncan!* … Oh, Duncan. You worry too much. Your Fa and I are just looking out for your welfare and those of your crew-mates.

    MacBeth: *He smirked and saluted!* Ready to get digging, Captain. She won’t know what hit her. -02:30 Apr 23
    Bronwen: Yeah, you worry too much, Duncan. We need all that Toru voodoo if we’re going to plaster Morgan’s gut across space. *She gave Fa Hessing a quick kiss on the cheek!* Brilliant job! We’ll cannon someone just for you! -02:32 Apr 23

    Fa Hessing: *Fa snorted loudly, but his cheeks were good and red! He only grumbled as he crossed his arms over his chest!*

    Ma Hessing: *She gave Bronwen a cat-like grin.* Ah, the cannon. It reminds me of the time Fa stuffed me into one and tried to blow me into the icy, deep, soul-sucking, never ending emptiness of space.

    Duncan: *He grinned sheepishly.* Sorry. *He mumbled under his breath. He didn’t seem surprised to hear that coming from his Ma about being stuffed into a cannon!*

    Dion: That couldn’t possibly be true. *There was Dion, as if he had appeared out of no where… and he didn’t look too happy!*

    Bronwen: Look what the wolves dragged in. A deserter. *She was still pretty damned pissed off, but he didn’t seem so great either.* -02:38 Apr 23
    MacBeth: *He glanced from Dion to Bronwen and back again.* … What happened? -02:39 Apr 23

    Dion: *He was frowning.* Do we want to start where I found out there’s a leak with those galactic officials, the part where my girlfriend got herself captured, or my favorite; a planned public execution?

    Bronwen: …That all? Here I thought it was something serious. *Out of all the girls in the universe he hooked up with, he had to go and pick Lady Undercover Spy!* …I guess we’ll have to put Operation Kill-a-hag on hold for a bit… -02:44 Apr 23

    Duncan: *He blinked!* Oh crap … Wait, Ceri isn’t a secretary somewhere?

    Tiny, in large form, grabbed another basket from Ma Hessing and was already getting on board!

    Dion: *Dion gave a wry smile as he rubbed the back of his head.* No, Duncan… I’m afraid not.

    Bronwen: Hmph. And where are the rest of my good for nothing brothers? -02:47 Apr 23
    MacBeth: Let’s go then. Madame, Sir. *He turned to the Hessings and nodded.* Thanks. *He started for the ship and as he passed Duncan, he grabbed his arm and dragged him inside!* -02:47 Apr 23

    Duncan: *His mouth kept opening and closing, like a fish out of water!* Bu … Wha … Huh … She …

    Dion: They don’t know. Rescuing someone isn’t exactly Aaron’s strong suit. That, I believe, is yours. …are you going to give me a hand?

    Bronwen: We’re getting on the boat aren’t we? *She tilted her head towards the hatch, giving Ma and Fa Hessing a good wave before boarding!* -02:50 Apr 23

    Ma Hessing: *She smiled and waved.* Have fun, kids. And be safe.

    MacBeth: *He plopped Duncan down into his seat and slapped his face a couple of times.* Snap out of it, Flyboy. We gotta move. -02:51 Apr 23

    Tiny put the basket in the cargo hold and prepared for what could be a rocky take off!

    Duncan: *He blinked! This made no sense to him whatsoever! Ceri was the most normal girl he’d ever known! She didn’t do stuff like this! … Did she?*

    Dion: *With a sigh of relief, Dion wasn’t wasting no time getting his ass on the ship!* It’s a space station off Corasoa. And damned likely to be a trap. The whole thing was practically broadcasted across the damned galaxy.

    MacBeth: *He wasn’t sure whether to start threatening Duncan or bribing him with something! So he slapped him!* Damn it, snap out of it, I said. You and Ceri can talk about it AFTER we rescue her. Got it? -02:55 Apr 23
    Bronwen: Hey! If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll see Morgan herself! *Bronwen headed straight for the control room to drop in to her chair! Sitting there as if MacBeth slapping around Duncan was an everyday thing!* Corasoa Space Station and better make it fast, flyboy. We don’t want to be late. -02:56 Apr 23

    Duncan: *SMACK! His head whipped to one side and he rubbed his cheek. But he finally nodded!* Yeah. Got it. Thanks. *He started the ship as Mac sat down.* Okay, everyone, buckle up!

    3 … 2 … 1 … BLAST OFF! The ship took off, headed for Corasoa Space Station!

    MacBeth: … Nothing like a family reunion. *He remarked.* The Rose is flying smooth as ever. -02:59 Apr 23

    Dion: *Duncan was lucky enough to find himself a seat before getting flung to the back!* Pretty damned resourceful, I have to admit. Didn’t think you’d already have a ship when I showed up.

    Duncan: We should be there pretty soon. *He looked over his shoulder at Dion and beamed!* It’s the Briar Rose. My own fine ship. We found her and fixed her up.

    Bronwen: I had two ships the day I got out of that damned freezer, but no one thinks to ask Bronwen about her plans! -03:04 Apr 23
    MacBeth: *He smirked.* Speaking of plans, I’ll go take a quick look at Madame Hessing’s basket. *He stood and went to the cargo hold.* -03:05 Apr 23

    Dion: …Basket? *…Dion decided to save that question for later!* Look Brownie, I didn’t agree with Aaron’s choices and I’m pretty damned sure Bree didn’t either. But it ain’t likely either of us would have made much a difference.

    Tiny was there, curled up around the basket in its large form, sleeping!

    It woke up and lifted its head when Mac came in!

    MacBeth: *He pulled a piece of jerky out of his jacket.* Time to check the basket. *He offered the jerky to Tiny! It was his last one!* -03:10 Apr 23

    Duncan: *Checking the engine, the filters, everything! He should probably leave Dion and the captain alone but … he was the pilot. He had to stay at hand in case something happened!*

    Bronwen: Uh huh. But you stood aside all the same. Don’t think I’mma just forget that because you came and ask me for help first! You owe me an assload of compliments, and… some cash too! -03:11 Apr 23

    Tiny sniffed the jerky and then ate it! It shrunk into its small form and left Mac alone with the basket, finding its way into the control room to curl up on Mac’s vacant chair!

    Dion: …compliments and cash. *At least that was confirmation that he was forgiven. …enough to wear he wasn’t going to have to worry about her kicking him off the ship, or worse… sicking MacBeth on him!* Well, my charming, brilliant sister… I hope you like compliments the best, I used the last of my cash to get us security passes for that space station.

    MacBeth: *He opened the basket and, of course, found a hell of a lot! It was just like the first with tons of boxes and items in it! The first things he found were food and water. Then he pulled out weapons, ammo. Was there anything Madame Hessing DIDN’T pack?* -03:16 Apr 23

    Duncan: *He glanced over his shoulder!* Wow, security passes. Uh … Speaking of which, we’re almost there, Captain.

    MacBeth: … I swear, Shadowstar and Madame Hessing think alike. *He muttered loud enough for everyone to hear as he walked back in. He bribed Tiny off of his seat with a meaty leg he’d gotten from the basket.* -03:20 Apr 23
    Bronwen: At least you’re good for something. *She leaned to cast MacBeth a smirk.* Hand Duncan those codes, Dion. If we can pass off as a cargo ship, we’ll at least be able to dock. As for the rest… I figure the bitch is probably waitin’, and like any dramatic old hag she’ll be expecting something sneaky and steathly like. …so maybe we’ll distract her with a good bang. -03:21 Apr 23
    MacBeth: You wouldn’t happen to have a layout of the place, would you, Dion? The more running around we do, the less time we’ll have to rescue Ceri. Much less get out of there in one piece. -03:23 Apr 23

    Duncan: *He was watching Tiny chew on the bone.* It’s too bad we can’t have Tiny just sniff Ceri out. I bet Tiny’s got one hell of a nose.

    Dion: *Dion was getting out of his seat and pulling some datapads out of his back pocket, as he cast a quick look at Tiny!* …if Tiny COULD sniff out Ceri, and Brownie pulled one of her ‘big bangs’, how fast do you think we could make it out of there?

    Bronwen: I could have that whole damned place blowing up in thirty minutes. … Fifteen if I try not to kill anybody. -03:29 Apr 23

    Duncan: Thanks. *He told Dion as he took the codes.* So, Tiny, is your nose up to it?

    “Greeoww! Greeoww!” mewed Tiny!

    MacBeth: *He smirked!* I think our biggest problem would be keeping up with Tiny. -03:31 Apr 23

    Dion: That’s not going to be a problem. I want Ceri out of there as fast as possible, if I have to strap a rocket to my rear to get there. *And damned if he wasn’t serious. If Cassius were on board he’d have a jetpack!*

    Duncan: *He looked up as the space station came into view.* So … our usual Duncan-stays-everyone-else-goes routine?

    Bronwen: Yep. Who else is gonna save our ass and fly us out of here if we lose our pilot? You’re the most important person on this whole boat! -03:35 Apr 23
    MacBeth: … Not to mention I feel sorry for whoever delivers the bad news to Madame Hessing if anything happens to you. Speaking of which, she was generous enough as always to pack some party favors for this big bang of ours. -03:36 Apr 23
    Bronwen: I wonder if that basket has a door to her cellar. …You think she spies on us? *Probably not the time to bring that up, but it had her curious! She pushed up out of her chair.* Might as well arm up. I am just going to point out if anybody gets shot this time, your ass is in so much trouble. MacBeth. -03:38 Apr 23
    MacBeth: Yes, ma’am. *He saluted and grinned over at Dion.* By the way, I think I saw some armor in that basket. Looked a lot like the one you used when we got Aaron out. -03:40 Apr 23

    Duncan: *He scratched his head.* I don’t know. Then again … there’s lots of things I don’t know about Ma and Fa Hessing. *He was starting to think all the bedtime stories she told him as a child were true after all!*

    Dion: Good to know. *He didn’t hesitate to get up, allowing Bronwen to lead the way to this mystical “basket” they keep talking about!*

    The basket was right where Tiny had placed it! There were a few boxes stacked on either side of the basket already. One side was food. The other side was everything else!

    Bronwen: *Bronwen took a good look at everything, a grin ever widening at the lovely little treats Ma Hessing made sure to send with them! Of course he favorite were the very nicely designed explosives… As long as she didn’t over do it, they would do the trick!* -03:45 Apr 23

    Duncan: *Meanwhile the Briar Rose had been hailed by the space station! The security passes were accepted! He flicked on the intercom.* Alright. So they accepted those security codes. We’re about to dock.

    Dion: *That basket didn’t look anything special. But he was more concerned with armoring up! He wasn’t about to get himself shot on this rescue mission, not with Ceri at risk! And then when he got her, he was probably going to yell at her for a few hours while he made sure she was in one piece!* All suited, Captain. *…complete with one nasty gun.*

    Bronwen: Beautiful Amazing Captain, that you love and adore. *Bronwen had her favorite guns, a good string of explosives, grenades, and… some kind of flying disk robot thing with a button! She wasn’t sure what they did yet, so that was going to be fun to try out on someone!* We’re going to storm in like kamikaze terrorists, so try not to panic or anything. You just worry about grabbing your girlfriend and getting back on the ship before.. uh… there isn’t a station anymore. -03:55 Apr 23

    Up front, with some tinkering on Duncan’s part, a screen appeared showing a large crowd gathered in front of a stage. Someone off screen announced, “Ladies, gentlemen of all shapes, sizes and colors! We’re here to witness a one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime event! A public execution of a traitor and the worst kind!” There was no picture of Ceri but the crowd was getting wild!

    Duncan: … Holy crap. *Morgan spared no expense! He was beginning to worry a bit as he docked and the ship parked but … he was going to handle it fine. Just fine!*

    MacBeth: *He stood and patted Duncan on the shoulder!* Just hang in there, Flyboy. We’ll do the rest. -04:02 Apr 23

    Duncan: *A sheepish grin!* Thanks, Mac. *He turned to Tiny.* Okay, Tiny, it’s up to you to find where Ceri is. I know you can do it. *He gave Tiny one last scratch behind the ears for good luck!*

    Dion: *A slow deep breath.* All right then. Lead the way. Just make sure I don’t have to come rescue you too.

    “Greeoww! Greeoww!” Tiny was in small form and as soon as the door opened, it ran down, stopped and sniffed the air. It turned its head one way and then another. And then it ran off down the corridor at their left!

    *after getting something Ceri had touched from Dion to sniff!

    Bronwen: HA! Happens once and a girl can’t live it down. *With Tiny taking off down the corridor, Bronwen dashed for the opposite direction! This was going to be a fun rescue!* -04:07 Apr 23

    Dion: *Fuzzy critter was fast, but Dion was on his heels in an instant with that gun ready to shoot down anyone that met in the halls!*

    Security was light but there were always a few guards about! The first few guards Dion met were caught unawares, in the middle of taking a smoke!

    MacBeth: *He gave Dion a headstart before he ran after him! If anyone caught Dion, they probably wouldn’t expect back up to come a little while later!* -04:11 Apr 23

    Bronwen found a few guards as well! Man, they really wish they could have gone to that public execution!

    Bronwen: *Bronwen was going to have to contain her laughter while shooting people after the irony of idle conversations! Nobody is going to want to be at the execution was she gets in that room! There’s going to be a nice little riot!* -04:13 Apr 23

    Dion: *Dion didn’t even stop in the halls when he ran in to someone. A few quick shots was all it took as he darted after Tiny down the corridors!*

    As Bronwen drew closer to the arena where everyone was gathered, the noises of the crowd were getting louder! She approached the first pair of doors that led inside the arena! There were a total of sixteen pairs of doors down the hall, all leading into a different seating section!

    Tiny skidded to a halt in front of a door at the end of the hall. The door was marked “AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY!” but all Tiny could do was scratch at the door! Unfortunately it was a door with another DNA signature lock, so only Morgan and her trusted goons could come and go without setting off a nasty alarm!

    Bronwen: Sonofabitch… *This was one grand-all affair for killing off a spy… Morgan really WAS trying to catch herself a couple of Shadowstars. …stupid damned bitch. Entering in the place, she subtly moved past several people before she bumped in to someone.* Oh, hey. Hold this for me, please. *She handed the guy a grenade with a pulled pin… and very quickly was scooting off in to the crowd!* -04:19 Apr 23

    Down below, four guards and a man in a suit stopped in front of one of the cells. Unlike the others, this one was occupied! The man in the suit smirked down at the woman in the black uniform now stained and torn in many places. “Show time, love,” he sneered. He used his handprint to open the door and gestured for the guards to grab her!

    The guy looked at the grenade for a bit. No one ever expects someone to hand them a grenade in the middle of a busy crowd! When he finally realized what it was, he swore and tried to throw it but it blew up before it left his hand! BOOM!

    Dion: Never makes this easy does she? *He couldn’t shoot the damned thing out but… Ah ha! He had MacBeth!* Hey, magic hands, I think this one is for you.

    Ceri: *Hands cuffed behind her back, her wrists were raw, her lip was bleeding, she had nasty bruises and don’t even get her thinking about those nasty lashes on her back! She clenched her teeth as they grabbed her arms and pulled her up! She stared at the monster in front of her. Oh, if only half the people who thought they knew him really knew who he was.*

    Bronwen: Oh my god! It’s a Shadowstar! And he has grenades! *Bronwen was shoving a couple grenades in to someone else’s hands the moment after that last one exploded! ….And was dashing quickly out of the way!* -04:25 Apr 23
    MacBeth: Haha. Very funny. *He muttered as he stopped in front of the door beside Dion and saw the familiar lock! He pressed his palm against it!* -04:26 Apr 23

    BEEP! The lock glowed green and there was a CLICK! of the door! As soon as Dion had opened it, Tiny scurried into the elevator and scratched at the lowest floor’s button!

    There were shouts of “Where?!” and “A Shadowstar!” all over the place! The guy Bronwen gave the grenades to panicked and threw them into the air! They blew up in mid-air! BBBBOOOOMM BBBBBOOOOMM!!

    Dion: *In to the Elevator he went, and he might have grinned if it weren’t HIS woman they were after! This wasn’t going near fast enough for him!*

    Henrik smiled. “Smile. You’re about to be a celebrity.”

    Ceri: … You are disgusting. *She replied, wishing she could spit in his face. Then again, he’d probably get a kick out of that! She was suddenly dragged toward the elevator when Henrik tilted his head to it.*

    Bronwen: *Man, she was going to have to get a little creative here and try something more…well… crazy. There wasn’t near enough mayhem! …Ah ha! Bronwen pushed through crowds of people and hopped down stairs to head for the stage! Of course, not without dropping a bomb in to someone’s pocket here and there!* -04:32 Apr 23

    The elevator stopped! Tiny streaked out, to the left! They’d been running for awhile when there were shouts “Hey, what the hell is that!” and “Shoot it!” Henrik grabbed Ceri as the four guards rushed between them and the rescue party.

    All eyes would have been on her … if everyone hadn’t been too busy, panicking to notice! The guards around the arena were pushing down everyone and going for Bronwen!

    Dion: Devour and conquer! *Dion shouted to Tiny! His own gun was raised and he was firing without mercy! And with his armor on, he had no damned problem rushing in at them!*

    “Greeoww! Greeoww!” went Tiny. It was here. That scent was here! It was too small and quick for it to be hit by the soldiers’ shots!

    MacBeth: … Damn crazy Shadowstars. *He muttered. He pulled out his gun and was already dashing forward!* -04:38 Apr 23

    Tiny morphed into its larger form and tackled the last guard to the ground! The guard was yelling and trying to shoot at Tiny before the gun was knocked away by a big claw! One guard went down from getting shot by Dion! The other two began to retreat as Henrik began dragging Ceri further, back the way they’d come!

    Ceri: *She didn’t think much about the guards shooting at something but she blinked when she heard Dion’s voice! Surely this was a dream!* D–Dion?! *She strained to see him but Henrik had a death grip on her arm and was dragging her away!*

    Bronwen: *Now she was getting somewhere! Bronwen took a running slid to roll right through someone’s legs until she reached the edge of the stage! Grabbing on to a cord she jerked.. and got just what she wanted! A microphone!* AHEM! I’d like to give a big thank you to Mad Morgan for taking such good care of those Shadowstar men for me, you ass faced wrinkly old gutter sniping devil winged whore! I’d like to see your skanky cu- oh shit- *Her shout out to Morgan was cut short as she had to dodge someone’s gun fire! She swung the mic cord to clobber the guard in the face with it.. making a very nasty TWIIIIIIIIING reverb through the whole place!* -04:43 Apr 23

    Down went the guard Bronwen hit with the mic! People clapped their hands over their ears but kept running! This wasn’t the type of “entertainment” they had in mind! More guards arrived to fire at Bronwen!

    Dion: Ceri, I’d like to apologise for my sister’s language! *He said, gunning down after those other guards! It was that guy holding Ceri he REALLY wanted, but he sure as hell didn’t want to risk a shot at her!*

    Ceri: *She was blushing! Even in the middle of a gunfight, he was sweet enough to apologize! She found herself hoisted up with Henrik’s arm around her waist and then she was moved over his shoulder! It must have looked ridiculous as Henrik was a head shorter than she was and looked as thin as a twig! Oh, if only people knew!*

    Bronwen: *Ducking to the ground and making a quick roll, she found herself right under the stage! Crouching on her feet, she pulled out a few more of those grenades…. and gave them a good hard roll out in random directions for that crowd!* -04:49 Apr 23

    BANG BANG! Those guards went down, one after another. But for a guy with a woman over his shoulder he was moving really fast! He seemed to have disappeared when Dion and Mac found themselves at the end of the corridor! There was no other way out, just the rows of cells on either side of them!

    By now, only the guards remained! There was a rapid succession of explosions and seats blowing up!

    Dion: *He slowed… last thing they needed was an ambush!* …MacBeth if you can shoot the bastard down and not hit Ceri, I’ll owe you one mighty big favor. *Dion muttered quick… He didn’t trust his own shot, but MacBeth’s..! Once they grab Ceri, he was going to shove a grenade down the guy’s throat!*

    MacBeth: … It’d be the least I could do for you. *He replied as he looked around. He looked back the way they’d come.* -04:57 Apr 23

    Tiny trotted up to them, in large form. It started to sniff around and finally stopped at the last cell on the left!

    Bronwen: *Without all those nice people to hide behind, looks like she was going to have to pull her guns… While those guards were distracted with those explosions, she snuck out from under the stage, dashing behind rows of seats. She popped out just long enough to take a shot at someone and duck again!* -04:59 Apr 23

    The shot took down a guard! The others quickly began to scatter and shoot in the direction the shot had come from!

    MacBeth: *He moved to one side of the door and nodded at Dion, gun ready. He motioned for him to get ready to act. The locks to this cell and all the others except Ceri’s hadn’t been activated so they could be opened and closed easily. He took a deep breath, then kicked the door open!* -05:04 Apr 23

    Dion: *Gun aimed, Dion rounded that cell door with a scowl!* End of the line. Let her go and we might not kill you. …painfully.

    Henrik was there, holding Ceri against the wall with one hand squeezing her neck! The other was covering her mouth to keep her from giving away their location! He smirked and snorted. “I think I’ll just go ahead and execute the bitch.”

    Dion: You don’t want to see what happens if you do that. I can promise it’ll be worse than what Morgan’ll think up for ya. *And he was dead serious. More serious than he’d been his entire life! That trigger finger was itching!*

    Bronwen: *Boy she was glad she didn’t have those giant breasts like Betty! Trying to crawl under these chairs would be a bitch! What was taking those guys so long anyway, were they having a tea party with the guards?!* -05:11 Apr 23

    Ceri: *Henrik had one hell of a grip on her! She finally managed to twist her head slightly and bite down on Henrik’s hand!*

    Henirk howled in pain! He glared at Ceri and slammed her against the wall, knocking her unconscious! BANG! One shot of Mac ripped into the arm holding Ceri to the wall! BANG BANG! Two more shots severed his arm entirely and he dropped Ceri!

    Dion: *That was enough! Dion was rushing forward, but it wasn’t to catch the girl! He was ramming the muzzle of his gun right in the guy’s mouth and pulling the trigger! Of which later he was going to be worlds glad that Ceri didn’t see!*

    SPLAT! Henrik never knew what hit him as Dion pulled the trigger and then his body fell to the ground!

    MacBeth: *He rushed to Ceri’s side and checked her pulse! When he heard the SPLAT!, he raised his eyebrow! This was a side of Dion he’d never seen before! He picked Ceri up and put her over his shoulder.* Come on, D. It’s time to move. -05:22 Apr 23

    The guards decided to play it smart! They started to fan out. One of them was bound to get the little Shadowstar female and then Morgan would have her public execution!

    Dion: *He hit his comlink!* We’ve got Ceri and we’re heading for ship. *Then he moved to take Ceri from MacBeth! Not that he didn’t trust him, but damned if he were EVER going to let her go again!* You cover fire, me carry.

    Bronwen: *Good! She’d love to reply to that message, but she was trying to be QUIET here! Smart guards seemed like an oxymoron, but she kept her mouth shut and made sure to stay out of sight as she crept for one of the doors!* -05:27 Apr 23
    MacBeth: Yes, sir. *He said without his usual sarcasm. He nodded to Tiny.* You heard the man, let’s go. *They ran back to the elevator and rode it back to the ground floor! True to Bronwen’s word, there were no guards or people around!* -05:27 Apr 23

    Duncan: *He was beginning to get a little nervous … more nervous than when he’d first felt the space station shaking or heard the panic outside! Staying in the ship while everyone was out on a mission could be nerve whacking!*

    Oxymoron, indeed! The guards hadn’t noticed her creeping for one of the doors yet! They were jumping at their own shadows or the slightest noise!

    Dion: *That sister of his was something else. He’d be sure to thank her later… and possibly be very VERY afraid of her in the future. With Ceri as his top concern, he rushed back the way the came, heading for the ship!*

    Bronwen: *Fighting the urge to wave and taunt the guards, Bronwen sliiiipped through the doors silent as a cat! She’d just save this nice big bomb as her goodbye present! She ran!* -05:33 Apr 23
    MacBeth: *He shot down any stray guards they came across and Tiny tackled a few as well! They entered the docking area!* -05:34 Apr 23

    Duncan: *He looked up as they came in!* Phew, you guys are here. *He started the ship up but he was going to wait for the captain before taking off!*

    Dion: *First thing he did was take Ceri straight to the Infirmary! She looked like hell, and if Bronwen blew up the whole station he’d be pretty damned glad of it!*

    Bronwen: *Stumbling in to the docking bay, she stopped long enough to turn around and fling that cool looking disk out! And with button in hand, she charged quick for the ship!* Is everybody on board?! -05:42 Apr 23

    Duncan: Aye aye, Captain! *Now he started flicking switches and buttons and took off!*

    Bronwen: Is anyone shot? *She had to ask!* -05:45 Apr 23

    Duncan: *He blinked! There was no way he could have gotten shot!*

    MacBeth: *He smirked.* Not me. *He turned serious.* The one who’s worst off is Ceri. -05:45 Apr 23
    Bronwen: Actually I think that space station is the worst off. *She held up the button clicker for a moment before she pressed it! Then she was following the trail to the Infirmary!* -05:48 Apr 23

    Dion: *Having Ceri in the Infirmary was a bit of a weird predicament, so he was damned happy to see his sister in one piece. He thrust a medkit in to her hands.* Fix her.

    Bronwen: *She was going to complain she wasn’t a doctor, but she’d had plenty of practice by now! Ceri didn’t look THAT bad. Nothing a little patching and a good drink couldn’t fix.* You’re not going to hide in the hallway, are you? Because I’mma take credit for rescuing her if she wakes up. *Opening the kit, she held a few of the gauzy things in her mouth while she looked for the needles!* -05:58 Apr 23

    Dion: I’m not going anywhere. *He just wasn’t going to mention that he’d like to avoid accidentally killing his girlfriend with those damned things. Dion grabbed a chair and sat it down next to the bed. He at least helped get some of those clothes off Ceri so they get tend those wounds better.*

    Ceri: *Bad condition, indeed! They had to get those cuffs off of her and then it took awhile to patch her up! She still hadn’t stirred!*

    Bronwen: Damn, I hope I don’t look like that when I’m fixing MacBeth. You look like a sad puppy. *With all those cuts and scrapes, Ceri was going to be in itching pain. But it’s not like she was shot or anything!* -06:24 Apr 23

    Dion: A sad greatful puppy. You’re my hero, Brownie. A merciful goddess. A divine angel. The shining light of space that graces us with her ever-

    Bronwen: OKAY. I get the hint. Pay with cash not compliments. You’re so weird. *Gagging at him, she left him aloooone. They were probably going to be too cute for her to stomach anyway.* -06:27 Apr 23

    Dion: Thank you, Brownie. *He called after her, with a grin.*

    [Bronwen had helped Dion patch up Ceri, and promptly escaped the infirmary before Dion got all mushy on her.] -04:08 Apr 25
    [MacBeth was getting himself a drink–he deserved it!] -04:09 Apr 25

    Duncan: *He had set the ship on auto pilot under invisibility cloak and was pampering Tiny!* Who’s the adorable, fuzzy furball? *Petpetpet!*

    Ceri: *It seemed like ages before she stirred and began opening her eyes!*

    Dion: Ceri… *Dion had been sitting there, watching her carefully… Trying not to give in to that urge of flying off in to a crazy man-killing rage! It’s surprising how pissed off you can get about these things!*

    Bronwen: *For once, a mission went without someone getting hurt! …well, besides Ceri, but the one getting rescued normally was expected to be injured upon retreival. Now to hand out goldstars to her very good crew!* And whoooo is the best pilot in the entire galaxy? *Bronwen gave Duncan his own pat on the head and a scratch for Tiny before she escaped to get MacBeth!* -04:15 Apr 25

    Ceri: *She opened her eyes, still feeling a little groggy. She didn’t know where she was but she was too weak to do much of anything but lie there. When she heard Dion’s voice, she turned her head and opened her eyes a bit more.* … Dion …? *She winced as she started to sit up but couldn’t. She was bandaged up and she was itchy.*

    Duncan: *His cheeks went red.* Heh heh. Thanks, Captain. *He looked up and watched as she walked out. Then he went back to giving Tiny much petting!*

    “Greeoww! Greeoww!” went Tiny! It looked mighty proud, lying in Duncan’s lap, as majestic as any lion!

    Dion: *Don made sure she wasn’t moving anywhere. And as much as he wanted to kiss her, pet her, and do many other things… he had a very cross look on his face.* My sweet, I hope you realize I am never letting you out of my sight ever again.

    MacBeth: *He grabbed himself a shot glass and a bottle of hard liquor! He was going to pour the liquor into the glass but changed his mind and drank straight from the bottle!* -04:19 Apr 25

    Ceri: *She closed her eyes. He sounded very serious and she couldn’t blame him. She was surprised he wasn’t flying off the handle … yet. He probably would in a little while.* I’m … sorry, Dion. I shouldn’t have gotten you involved. *She said after a moment or two of silence.*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen watching MacBeth for a moment… just incase he was trying to sneak by with an unmentioned injury…* Are you not even gonna save any for the rest of us? -04:22 Apr 25
    MacBeth: *He stopped and glanced over his shoulder. Then he smirked.* I’m the one with a demon spawn as a mother, remember? -04:23 Apr 25

    Dion: *He had to lower his head and hide the sudden grin that came across his face.* I believe being a Shadowstar makes me already involved. *He replied, just barely keeping that stern tone in check.* Have you any idea how scary it is to try and rescue a girl while your sister is throwing around grenades?

    Bronwen: You wanna trade? I’ll give you Cassius. *Bronwen wouldn’t have any qualms about shooting Morgan in the face… but now she wondered if MacBeth might. Could blood out weigh loyalty…? Moving in to the kitchen, she took the glass and the bottle to pour herself a drink… then handed him the bottle back.* -04:27 Apr 25
    MacBeth: Thanks. *He took the bottle back and looked at it for awhile.* … It doesn’t matter to me. -04:39 Apr 25

    Ceri: *She blinked and although she was tempted to smile, she knew this was probably not the best time to.* I … can only imagine. *She tried to sit up but then she realized …* Where are my clothes?

    Dion: *Clearing his throat, that stern and serious expression had suddenly vanished to be replaced with a deep red blush. Dion was no stranger to women, but for some reason this case just seemed…. different.* Er… well. There were a lot of cuts and bruises that we needed to get to and… I can fetch you something.

    Bronwen: The trade or Morgan in general? *She leaned on the counter to take a sip from her glass and watch him. * -04:45 Apr 25

    Ceri: *She blushed a red as deep as Dion’s face! She’d assumed Dion’s sister had taken her clothes. But … he had and …* It’s … quite alright. *She drew the blanket a little further up her body.* Right now I’m too itchy to put anything on. *She looked at him thoughtfully.* Dion … what happened to Henrik?

    MacBeth: *He smirked up at her.* … You can keep Cassius. *The smirk disappeared.* I meant Morgan. She made her choice a long time ago and I did, too. -04:47 Apr 25

    Dion: He is dead. *…he would spare her the details about how. He hadn’t quite been thinking when he did it, but he sure as hell didn’t regret it either.* You won’t have to worry about him again.

    Bronwen: Some things are more important than blood, right? *She said as much to Aaron, but telling your brothers to go to hell wasn’t quite the same as a mother. Even if the woman was a scheming, murderous whore.* If you wanted to bow out, I would understand. Not that I don’t plan on shooting her in the face anyway, but… I wouldn’t drag you through it if you don’t want to deal with her. -04:51 Apr 25

    Ceri: *The look on her face, the shock, said it all! But then she suddenly sat up and winced. Sitting up like that … not a good idea when one was injured so badly.* Oh Dion … He’s … He wasn’t the one to worry about. *She stopped, trying to figure out how to put this.* … Do you know Tsugoro, one of Morgan’s worst men?

    Dion: Ceri, stay still. *He muttered, pushing her back gently on the bed.* I know of him, yes. …I didn’t just earn m’self another black star on someone’s hit list, did I?

    MacBeth: *He smiled a bit.* Thanks, Shadowstar. I appreciate it. But like I said before, I’m your man and I’ve got a few scores to settle with her and her men. -04:56 Apr 25

    Ceri: *And back onto the bed she went! She had such a sad look on her face.* Henrik was Tsugoro’s younger brother … *There was a few moments of silence. She smiled a bit.* I’m more trouble than I’m worth, aren’t I?

    Bronwen: *She always liked the sound of ‘her man’! Bronwen cast him a wide grin.* In that case we might as well drink to her invitable demise. Besides, you deserve a reward for going through a mission without getting shot up. -05:00 Apr 25
    MacBeth: *He smirked and raised his bottle for a toast.* To Morgan’s demise and those of her bastard men. May we do it and rub it in your brothers’ faces afterwards. *He laughed.* -05:02 Apr 25

    Dion: *Ah… Killed a man’s brother. That was going to be a problem on down the road. But… he’d handle it.* Trouble, you say? Anything worth having is worth a little trouble, but I think I owe you some change. *He smiled, leaning to brush a kiss over her forehead.*

    Bronwen: Oh Mac, you’re a man after my own heart. *She tilted her glass at him with a smirk before taking another drink. In her brothers faces indeed! How did they get on without her?* -05:06 Apr 25

    Ceri: *She blushed!* You’re the sweetest. *She looked up at him.* … Where you serious when you said you’re not letting me out of your sitght?

    MacBeth: *sight? -05:11 Apr 25

    Ceri: *were

    Dion: I intend to keep you for a good long while. *He hesitated a moment.* ..That is… if you want to be kept. ..I mean, not KEPT but… *Cough! There went his elegant approach!* Exclusively my lady. …girlfriend?

    MacBeth: *He took a drink and smirked.* You made good use of Madame Hessing’s toys, I see. -05:18 Apr 25
    Bronwen: *There was a dangerous smile in response!* What sort of repuation do you think I’ll be earning for single handedly clearing out a stadium of goons and shouting out an insult during one of her special executions? It’s amazing how much easier it is to get away with stuff the more people there are… -05:21 Apr 25

    Ceri: Sweet! I … oh dear … *She was blushing! Oh dear! But it was hard to look dignified when one was stuck to a bed and pretty much naked!* I uh … What I mean to say is … *She cleared her throat.* I would … love … to be your girlfriend.

    MacBeth: *He smirked.* You mean besides being a wild, unpredictable woman with a knack for insanity and enough grenades to blow us sky high? -05:24 Apr 25

    Dion: *Dion laughed softly, leaning forward to give her a quick kiss… Anymore than that and he might carry off her of, and she was in no condition for that!* Then, Ceri my sweet… I am yours. There will never be another lady for me.

    Bronwen: There should be a cool name for me. Bronwen the Invincible… or something. Or the Amazingly perfect Captain Shadowstar. -05:30 Apr 25

    Ceri: I must be dreaming. There’s a real hot guy who just said he’s all mine. Maybe another kiss will prove I’m not dreaming after all? *She said with a smile.*

    MacBeth: *He chuckled.* There aren’t enough words to describe your incredible skill or your breathtaking beauty, Captain. *He said, raising his bottle in another toast.* -05:41 Apr 25

    Dion: I don’t know. My mother always said you should never wake a lady when she’s having a good dream. *That didn’t stop him from leaning and kissing her again, this time lingering a bit longer.*

    Ceri: *Her cheeks were red again! She laughed softly and kissed him back, then rubbed her cheek against his.* Your mother sounds like a very intelligent woman. I’ll have to hold onto you.

    Bronwen: Alas, things a first mate has to say or face unimaginable torture from his captain! …you didn’t go saying stuff like to my brothers did you? *Of course he didn’t. But it was funny to imagine anyway!* -05:47 Apr 25
    MacBeth: *He snickered.* To Cassius once. We were drinking and I was feeling suicidal at the time. That’s youth for you. -05:50 Apr 25

    Dion: That would be wise. I am afraid the only other Shadowstar worth dating is Bronwen and I just don’t think Cassius is going to let her loose. *Dion brushed the hair from her face, casting her grin.* …are you sure you’re up for this kind of insanity?

    Bronwen: *She blinked, before she laughed!* I am really tempted to get you snockered and see what happens. -05:56 Apr 25
    MacBeth: *He smirked.* Ask any of your brothers. Me and getting drunk never go well. -06:04 Apr 25
    Bronwen: I don’t know… I think last time resulted in us actually scaring away squird pirates. …Though THEY probably wouldn’t say it went well. -06:07 Apr 25

    Ceri: *She smiled.* I think I’ll survive. We undercover cops have to be tough after all. *She nodded matter of factly.*

    MacBeth: *He snickered.* Nothing like a bunch of squid pirates to make your drinking game. We should have a drinking game with your brothers sometime. -06:44 Apr 25
    Bronwen: It’d serve them right, really. We’d have them under the table in an hour… Then you’d be stuck with me. *A grin!* -06:48 Apr 25



    The Shadowstars discuss what to do about MacBeth. Bronwen says Aaron can have her ship but she won’t kick off her crew. Aaron takes over and kicks Bronwen off for her own safety.

    After bandages, showers, and lots and lots and lots of sleep, the next evening…

    Dion: *Dion claimed himself the best seat. The one that wasn’t anywhere within swinging distance of Aaron. Luckily, Cassius was probably going to be getting the brunt of affections with the way he had been moaning all day. Dion lit up a ciggy!*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen was scowling at Cassius from over the table. Maybe it was more like a staring contest. The mother fucker had one of those foolass grins on his face like he had this whoooole thing under his thumb. She kicked his knee!* -03:32 Apr 06

    Brennen: *He sat at the table, too worried about all of this to eat any cake! He rubbed his temples at the staring contest between Bronwen and Cassius!* ….

    Cassius: *GRINGRIN-ARGH FUCK! He reached under the table to rub his knee, muttering some curse words at Bronwen!* You just wait.

    Aaron: *He was at the head of the table … and Cassius was within striking distance!* Alright. So let’s cut to the chase. We’re having this meeting to figure out what to do about MacBeth … now that you all know he’s Morgan’s kid.

    Dion: …Now that we all know…? *Dion asked curiously. Aaron tended to learn things far sooner than the rest of them, but this was one of those ‘big’ things.*

    Cassius: *Cassius was still rubbing his knee.* Does it matter anyway? He’s fucking dangerous and needs to go.

    Bronwen: The only person that needs to go is you, Cassius! -03:38 Apr 06

    Brennen: *He was scratching his head.* Cassius, you’ve always thought Mac needed to go. You weren’t too keen on taking him on the last time we had a meeting about him.

    Cassius: *Cassius flashed Bronwen a toothy smirk.* I don’t know why we got stuck with some kid and had to raise him. And look what we got for it. Morgan’s brat making the moves on our sister. I liked him just fine up until he started putting his hands where they didn’t belong!

    Aaron: We got stuck with this kid because I gave my word to someone. A Shadowstar keeps his promises. *He looked ready to knock Cassius out of his seat as he cracked his knuckles.*

    Bronwen: Why don’t you stop blabbering bullshit for a minute and actually think for once, Cassius. When has MacBeth every done anything against this family? -03:43 Apr 06

    Cassius: WHEN? How about when he fucking tried to kill me! On more than one occassion! *He was warily shifting his chair to the side!*

    Brennen: … You’re not exactly an innocent bystander, Cassius. *He eyed him!*

    Dion: …According to Duncan, Cassius stuffed Brownie in a shipping box and that was the start of it. *A puff on the ciggy!*

    Cassius: Oh right, it’s MY fault and we’re going to ignore how Bronwen yaps her mouth like a bitch in heat everytime that kid is around.

    Bronwen: You sonofbitch! *Bronwen stood up pulling her gun! Screw the meeting, she was going to shoot Cassius’ face off!* -03:48 Apr 06
    MacBeth: *THWACK! Out came Aaron’s hand again toward Cassius’ face, easily crossing the distance between the older Shadowstar and the one shooting his mouth off!* -03:49 Apr 06

    Brennen: *He quickly stood and put a hand on Bronwen’s wrist! He shook his head!*

    Aaron: *THWACK! Out came Aaron’s hand again toward Cassius’ face, easily crossing the distance between the older Shadowstar and the one shooting his mouth off!*

    Cassius: *FUCK! He tilted backwards and nearly fell out of his chair! Cassius rubbed his face.* She pointed a fucking gun, and you’re hitting ME?

    Bronwen: *Damnit. Smacking Cassius wasn’t nearly as much as he deserved. Bronwen sat down, but she didn’t put her gun away.* Asshole. -03:51 Apr 06

    Aaron: Watch your mouth. *He cracked his knuckles again.* We’re getting sidetracked. If all of you remember, I was the one who called that meeting those years ago and told you about an eleven year old boy I had promised to care for.

    Dion: *Clearing his throat…!* Now that I think about it, it was pretty strange for you to do, Aaron. Especially after Ma and Fa were killed. Would have been nice if you told us.

    Brennen: *He blinked!* Yeah … This isn’t the type of thing you usually keep to yourself.

    Bronwen: *Forgetting Cassius for the moment, there was a peculiar look on her face. That made her about ten years older than MacBeth, but now it’s like he’s ten years older than her and…. Damned cryosleep chambers.* Does it really matter if he told you? Would it have made a difference at the time? -03:56 Apr 06

    Cassius: Fucking would have made a difference to ME. We taught that kid everything we know. Who is to say he’s not going to decide to turn around and join mommy-dearest and use that against us? *His face fucking hurt. He scowled darkly at Aaron and back at Bronwen again. Aaron could have at least hit her too!*

    Aaron: It isn’t the family you came from that makes the difference. It’s the family who raised you. Mac isn’t just Morgan’s kid. He’s Ian Gordon’s son, too.

    Dion: Ah… That Tech King. Fa had Ian Gordon doing most of the work on Brownie’s own ship.

    Brennen: You know … it stands to reason … if Morgan’s best locks are DNA signature, we might have a way of one-upping her.

    Cassius: Yeah, and it also stands to reason that Morgan is going to be fuckall pissed and be scouring the galaxy with her goons twice as much. Having him around is asking for more trouble.

    Bronwen: Morgan is already pissy, already dangerous, and could easily be blown to pieces if we just go GET her. And Frankly, it’s a lot easier to accomplish with MacBeth helping. -04:09 Apr 06

    Brennen: … She has a point. And it’s not like we shy away from trouble in the first place.

    Dion: But do we know how MacBeth will deal with it? He never did quite feel right with any one of us up until Bronwen, and scourge of the galaxy Morgan may be, she is still his mother. …That’s bound to mess with a guy’s head.

    Cassius: And what if Morgan has some mind control psychic bullshit in her bloodline and one day he wakes up and slaughters us? It HAPPENS.

    Bronwen: Loyalty is about a hella lot more than blood. He’s not going to turn in to a Morgan-zombie (you stupidass) and he’s not going to drop the ball elsewhere either. I trust MacBeth. -04:23 Apr 06

    Brennen: But he still stuck by us, even when he knew we were going up against Morgan … And he was went on a wild goose chase to get Bronwen after Morgan split us up.

    Cassius: Went after Bronwen after we told him NOT to. And then let her come after us where she could have gotten her kamikaze gunslinging ass killed.

    Bronwen: Uh huh. And I didn’t get killed. AND you’re all free as birds with all your limbs still attached with MacBeth half dead in the medbay. -04:28 Apr 06

    Dion: *Dion couldn’t help but grin around his ciggy.* …Brownie wins the point. If he didn’t find her, we might all still be Morgan’s toys. It didn’t look like we were getting out any time soon.

    Cassius: MacBeth saves the day, big hero. Whatever. I ain’t dealing with some cocky asshole pushing his knives in my face every chance he gets!

    Brennen: Things were looking real bleak but we can’t deny, they’ve done good so far. *He was thoughtful.*

    Bronwen: Then you can get the hell off my ship! We shouldn’t even be having this conversation. He’s my crew and I say he stays. -04:36 Apr 06

    Cassius: Aaron is the oldest, and I’m pretty damned sure he makes all the choices around here.

    Bronwen: Oh ho really. Well Aaron is more than welcome to have my ship. But it’s still MY crew and if any damned one of you is fool enough to try and boot him off, you’re booting me off too! -04:39 Apr 06

    Aaron: … Bronwen is staying out of this. *He gave his no-nonsense look at Bronwen in case she had objections!* She’s been put into too much danger as it is. We’re taking her somewhere safe and then I’m rallying my men.

    Bronwen: Like hell I am! I didn’t spend twenty years in a freezer not to blow off Morgan’s damned face myself! *Fuck his no-nonsense face! He was an old man, and she could take him!* -04:45 Apr 06

    Cassius: Now, Brownie, Aaron knows what’s best for you. *Cassius grinned like a cat!*

    Dion: …Cassius. *Dion warned… and scooted his chair back slowly. This was about to get ugly quick.*

    Brennen: *He was glancing between Cassius, Bronwen, and back again! He was definitely not getting into this one!*

    Bronwen: Piss off! *Bronwen slid in her chair to kick under the table and send Cassius’ chair tipping backwards!* -04:49 Apr 06

    Cassius: *Cassius flailed a minute before righting his chair and standing up. He pointed a finger across the table.* How would you like to go in another damned freezer until we’re done!

    Bronwen: *She only growled as she lept up from her chair again, and this time was shooting her gun at Cassius!* -04:54 Apr 06

    Aaron: … *He reached out and grabbed Bronwen by the back of her shirt, then took the gun away from her! He released her to turn and press the intercom!* Duncan. Land this ship at a safe place. Your captain is getting off.

    Duncan: *He blinked!* Uh … Um … *He wasn’t sure what to do!* Um … Captain …?

    Cassius: *Cassius had to duck and dodge to avoid gunfire, but oh did he look smug as hell!*

    Bronwen: …Land the ship. We’re getting off. *Just so…angry…! She couldn’t even put it in to words! Bronwen stopped out, only making sure to flip them the finger as she did! She went to fetch MacBeth!* -04:58 Apr 06

    Dion: *Cough..!* That went slightly less bloody than I expected…

    Brennen: *He finally opened his eyes!* … It’s over …?

    Duncan: *He blinked!* Uh … Yes, ma’am! *He did as told and set the coordinates for the Hessing farm! Ma and Fa would know what to do!*

    MacBeth: *He’d heard the intercom announcement Aaron had made! They’d made their choice … He wasn’t sure how he felt about that …* -05:04 Apr 06
    Bronwen: *Just snatch her gun and drop her off. IGNORE she totally saved their asses and so did MacBeth too! Take her ship AND try to take her crew with Cassius and his fucking grinning…!* MACBETH! *…She didn’t really mean to growl out his name so loud! Bronwen took a deep breath!* MacBeth. …Would you like to stay on board with the Shadowstar assho-… men. Or will you be leaving with me. -05:05 Apr 06

    Cassius: Ah, nothing like having a REAL Captain on board. I guess she’ll be mighty pissy for awhile. *Grinning so much his face was hurting, but boy was it worth it!*

    MacBeth: *He smirked a bit. As if she needed to ask … He was grateful that she had, though.* … I’m still your man, Captain. No matter whose blood is in my veins. I just need to get Madame Hessing’s cane from my room. -05:07 Apr 06
    Bronwen: By all means, feel free to beat the shit out of anyone you meet in the halls too. *…at least knowing he would stay with her eased the anger a little bit. Bronwen immediately turned tail to head up to the controls with Duncan.* …Hey… I have a question, Duncan… -05:09 Apr 06
    MacBeth: Aye aye, Captain. *He nodded, knowing she was very serious. He slowly sat up and was making his way to his room while she went to find Duncan!* -05:10 Apr 06

    Duncan: *He blinked and turned to her.* Uh … Yes, Captain? *The look on his face showed just how confused he was about all of this! What had happened?!*

    Bronwen: I know I said this ship was for you, but Aaron is going to be taking it for awhile. I am not it’s captain anymore. Would you like to stay on board or would you rather leave with me? -05:13 Apr 06

    Duncan: *He blinked.* Um … I’ll go with you, Cap–er, Bronwen. *He glanced at Tiny sitting in the captain’s chair.*

    Tiny hopped off and went over to Bronwen. It sat down at her feet and placed one paw on her boot. “Greeoww greeoww!” it growled!

    Brennen: … I still feel weird about this. *He muttered as he sat up.*

    Bronwen: *Giving Duncan a grin, she leaned down to scoop up Tiny.* Yes, you can come too. Oh, I’m still Captain. Just not captain of this ship. We have a mission and we’re gonna finish it. -05:18 Apr 06

    Dion: No kidding. *He muttered in reply to Brennen.* Granted I’d rather not see her involved any more either, but… I don’t know.

    Duncan: *He breathed a sigh of relief!* That’s good to know. It’s weird calling you by your first name. Oh, I set us to land at my family’s farm. I hope you don’t mind.

    Cassius: You’re just a couple of pussies that can’t say no to a women, even if she’s your own sister. Bronwen doesn’t have any business doin’ this shit.

    Bronwen: That sounds perfect, actually. We really need some rest first. I like staying with your parents. *She was scratching Tiny’s ears… Bronwen was still pissed off, but like she said… it was HER crew. She can always get another ship.* -05:25 Apr 06
    MacBeth: Shut up, Cassius. *He shot a glare at him. He looked over at Aaron.* I’m sorry, Aaron. I’m asking that you drop me off at Heather’s place. I need time to think. -05:26 Apr 06

    Brennen: Shut up, Cassius. *He shot a glare at him. He looked over at Aaron.* I’m sorry, Aaron. I’m asking that you drop me off at Heather’s place. I need time to think.

    Aaron: She should never have been involved in this the first place. *He suddenly had a cigar and was lighting it! He had finally sat down and looked at Brennen long and hard before nodding once.* Aye. We will come back for you.

    Dion: …I think I’ll be getting off with Bree, myself. I’d like to take care of some things. *It was a relief to know he wasn’t the only one having second thoughts about all this.*

    “Greeoww greeoww!” went Tiny. It closed its eyes and rubbed its head against her fingers!

    Aaron: *A hard, long look at Dion! But he finally nodded once.* As you will. *His eyes went to Cassius.* Cassius …?

    Cassius: *Cassius snorted. Bunch of babies.* Hell no, I’m staying.

    First stop … the Hessing farm!

    Bronwen: *Bronwen was still angry enough that she was giving every last one of those brothers the silent treatment! She had her guns and everything she needed!* I guess that’s it. And I so liked that ship too. -05:42 Apr 06

    Duncan: *He looked over the ship with Tiny on his head.* Me, too. I guess we can start looking for a new one.

    Cassius: *Cassius would have loved to say “goodbye”… but he knew which planet this was, and he wasn’t taking any chances being spotted by Betty! He stayed on the ship to take over the flying!*

    Dion: *Dion sighed with a wry grin. He wasn’t going to press Brownie, he understood why she was mad.* We’ll be seeing you again soon, don’t worry. Take care of your Captain.

    Brennen: *He was still real troubled about this!* Be careful. I’m sorry it had to end up like this.

    MacBeth: *He nodded once to Dion and Brennen.* Same here. If you need anything … you know where to find us. -05:51 Apr 06

    Aaron: We’ll come back for all of you once this is over. *He promised.*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen couldn’t resist and ended up flipping Aaron the finger again before turning her back on him! Just like Fa indeed!* -05:53 Apr 06

    Dion: *Biting back a snicker, he nodded his head to the others and reboarded the ship!*

    Duncan: Bye, Brennen. Bye, Dion. *He was sad to see them go. He really liked them!*

    “Greeoww! Grreeoww!” Tiny made sure to jump on Brennen’s shoulders and rub up against his cheek! Then it jumped onto Dion’s shoulders and did the same to say a fond farewell!

    Dion: *A small (manly) snuggle for Tiny and a wave for Duncan. …It was a damned shame to lose a good crew!*

    Brennen: *He scratched Tiny between the ears and waved before he disappeared into the ship after Dion!*

    Aaron nodded to Cassius for them to take off!

    Cassius: *And thus Cassius, though not nearly as smoothly as Duncan and possibly very badly took off with the other Shadowstars – minus one – in tow!*

    Duncan: *With Tiny in his arms again, he watched the ship take off! And tried not to shudder at Cassius’ flying skill!* Uh … I’m gonna tell Ma and Fa we’re here.

    Bronwen: I’ll wait here a minute. *She muttered in reply. It HURT to be left behind! …Bronwen finally sighed!* Shadowstars are free, yaaay. …jerks. -06:01 Apr 06
    MacBeth: … They don’t stand a chance against her. *He said after watching the ship fly away and moments of silence! This felt exactly like the last time, except for the fact Morgan didn’t have Bronwen to threaten.* -06:03 Apr 06
    Bronwen: They really don’t have a clue, do they? *She leaned to rest her head on his shoulder, just in case someone decided to pop out here and caught her looking all girly and teary eyed!* We’ll just handle it ourselves. I bet we’d bury her before they even knew what happened. -06:07 Apr 06
    MacBeth: … Ian Gordon. What do you know about him? *He asked.* -06:15 Apr 06
    Bronwen: *Leaning back up again, she blinked at him!* You don’t know? -06:18 Apr 06
    MacBeth: No. There was mention of him every now and again but no one ever went into detail. -06:19 Apr 06
    Bronwen: *Boy… MacBeth was finding out all sorts of surprises…* Aaron said Ian Gordon was your father. He was Fa’s friend and did all the designs and work for his ships. They called him the Tech King. …I guess that kind of makes you the Tech Prince. *A slight grin.* -06:22 Apr 06
    MacBeth: *He smirked a bit.* Very funny, Shadowstar. *The smirk disappeared.* She called me Ian back there. Said I’d run off with another woman just like your Da had. -06:26 Apr 06
    Bronwen: *Ugh..! The look of horror on her face..!* You saw Morgan herself? That really was a nightmare trap! *…Which meant he likely got stabbed by Morgan herself too!* ….That raving bitchwhore! I’m going to stab out her eyes and dump acid down her throat! -06:28 Apr 06
    MacBeth: … She was wearing something. I thought it was just for show. I shot her. *He looked down at her face now, met her eyes.* But it got deflected. -06:30 Apr 06
    Bronwen: …That’s kind of disturbing. Unless her skin is so rubbery it bounced off, she must have some high tech suit or armor… *She bit her lip, taking it in to consideration..* We’d not be able to out right attack her then… -06:37 Apr 06
    MacBeth: Unless we’re willing to go through trial and error or we know someone who might have worked on it, we might have to find the plans for the suit. If it deflects bullets, who knows what the hell else it does? -06:39 Apr 06
    Bronwen: Ugh…! *She leaned forward again to knock her head against his shoulder!* And I wanted to shoot her in the face so bad. ..hmph. When you are fine I’ll get us a new ship. Finding a fancy suit designer shouldn’t be too hard… -06:42 Apr 06
    MacBeth: *He smirked a bit.* Didn’t say you couldn’t. You’ll just have to wait a little longer, that’s all. -06:46 Apr 06

    Duncan: *He stepped out on the back porch and cupped his mouth!* CAPTAINNN!! MMAAACCC!! YOU HUNGRY?!

    Bronwen: *She turned and blinked at Duncan!* …I guess we better feed you. You’ll need that strength for all the songs you owe me. -06:51 Apr 06
    MacBeth: My throat -07:00 Apr 06
    MacBeth: My throat’s dry already. *He smirked as he started moving for the house.* Too bad we can’t send Betty to Cassius right now. -07:01 Apr 06
    Bronwen: *A wistful sigh as she fell in to step beside him!* I know. Just the thought of the romantic surprise is enough to stir my little fluffy girly heart. -07:02 Apr 06
    MacBeth: *He still wore that smirk!* I missed the thought of Cassius getting a taste of his own medicine. -07:14 Apr 06

    Duncan: *He waited for them to get there before explaining.* Ma and Fa said it’s alright to stay here for as long as need to.

    Bronwen: *Bronwen grinned at Duncan.* They’re really nice. When we go out hunting, what kind of ship would you like? Something shiny? Or maybe something more subtle? -07:19 Apr 06



    Aaron’s rescue. Everyone falls in to a trap.

    [Bronwen has her crew prepped for a rescue and they are landed on a grim looking planet where THE BEAR is being held prisoner.] -04:57 Apr 04
    [MacBeth looked around at everyone!] -04:58 Apr 04
    MacBeth: … Let’s run through the plan one more time. *He said, although they’d done it at least a hundred times alredy!* -04:58 Apr 04
    MacBeth: *already -05:02 Apr 04

    Dion: *Dion looked dressed in his normal clothes, but underneath was that nice bit of armor he picked up. He was serious about not getting himself shot.* It’s a bit like storming a fortress. Aaron’s is going to be somewhere in the mid-levels, likely in a steel reinforced tank. Something he can’t bust out of with bare hands. Assuming they know we’re coming, the whole place is going to be littered with me. We’ll have to split just to increase the chances of someone getting there fast. ….And we want to do it SILENTLY. *All eyes turned to Cassius.*

    Cassius: Yeah, yeah, I get it. Keep my damned mouth shut. *He snorted.

    Dion: *littered with men! and not Dions!

    MacBeth: (Ceri would have loved it if that was the case! *lol*) -05:04 Apr 04
    Bronwen: Once someone reaches Aaron, then we alert everyone else via the comlinks and then you can blow up as much stuff as you like on the way out. *Bronwen gave a big grin. That was always the best part.* -05:05 Apr 04

    Duncan: And me and Tiny stay on the ship in case anyone needs back up or something. *He replied, nodding.*

    Dion: Right. We’ll need to be ready to fly out the moment the last person steps on board. *…Dion gave a heavy sigh.* I think that’s it. We have to play it by ear once we crept through that door.

    Brennen: Let’s go then. The sooner we get Aaron out of here, the sooner we’ll be tossing back drinks.

    Cassius: Oh, hell yeah. That’s what I wanted to hear! *With drinks on the mind, Cassius worked his magic on the door with a good little hacking… And led the way inside!*

    Like most fortresses, this place was all hallways, doors, and sharp corners! It was a maze to navigate, so it was a good thing they decided to seperate. The search could take awhile!

    MacBeth: *He looked over at Shadowstar beside him.* Hey, Shadowstar. Have fun. -05:23 Apr 04
    Bronwen: *Bronwen gave him her best smile.* Don’t get yourself killed. You promised. -05:24 Apr 04

    Cassius: Ugh. Makin’ me sick. *It was Cassius who broke off first… choosing his direction and heading down it. With nothing but his first, a single gun and his knife to arm him!*

    MacBeth: *He smirked a bit.* Wouldn’t dream of letting you down. *He looked like he was about to say something else but then he gave a smirk and disappeared down a different direction than Cassius!* -05:27 Apr 04

    Brennen: *He took a deep breath.* Take care of yourself, Brownie. *He smiled.* You’ve come a long way. *And then he, too, was off!*

    Dion: *Dion pat his sister on the head.* Be safe. …if you have to come rescue us again, leave Cassius for last. *A joking smile and Dion picked his direction to disappear!*

    Bronwen: *A deep breath… And it’s go time! Bronwen moved forward in to the dark fortress of creepy… quiet… doom. Jeeze. You’d think there’d be people in here somewhere.* -05:34 Apr 04

    Creepy and quiet was definitely the words to describe the place! This fortress could easily hold thousands of people, yet the halls were empty and devoid of sound. The lighting didn’t even seem to be working properly, as they’d occasionally flicker in the halls!

    Brennen: *He was armed with a gun that looked more like a shotgun. It was heavy and it only held so many bullets but it packed quite a punch! He slowly moved down the corridor, finding the total silence more disturbing than any sound he’d ever heard!*

    As Brennen walked down the hallway, suddenly one of the doors opened right beside him! ….But nothing was there!

    Brennen: *He quickly turned and aimed the shotgun into the darkness beyond the door! He glanced around, side to side. It was probably a stupid idea but he had to check it out, make sure it was all clear. He took one step, and then another, and then another …*

    As soon as Brennen stepped in to the room, all the other doors in the hallway opened up! …But those rooms weren’t empty! Tons of goons wearing the finest of bullet proof armor came pouring at, and all of them were rushing for Brennen!

    Brennen: *He pressed his comm link and raised his shotgun butt to slam it into the nearest guy’s face!* Hey guys! We got a problem! *He held the shotgun like a club and slammed it into another man’s face! Then he lowered the shotgun and shot holes in thugs’ feet, taking advantage to push them over each other and try to fight his way through the mob, back to the ship!*

    BZZZZZZZ! Brennen’s comlink was only giving a weird buzzy sound in reply! They must have been jamming up his signal! Brennen might have taken out a few goons, but there were an awful lot of them! He couldn’t even make it out of the room before… THWACK!

    Dion: *…This quite WAS a bad thing. It was never good when things were quiet. His comlink gave an odd sound… did someone try to page him? With a frown, Dion turned a corner with his gun ready!*

    As Dion turned a corner, he finally heard something that broke the silence! Was that … crying?! It was faint but it was definitely close!

    Dion: *Crying wasn’t something out of place in a prison fortress. Checking around at all sides of him, he headed for the sound… It might have ben a woman or a child, and despite this being an Aaron rescue mission, he wouldn’t leave someone else behind if they were trapped too.* …Hello? Who is out here…?

    He neared the door the crying seemed to be coming from … Whoever it was, was on the other side! Now he could make out words! “Help me … Help me … please!” It was a woman wailing and she was beginning to pound on the door! But the pounding was little more than a light tap so she must have been weak and in dire need of help!

    Dion: *Damn…! Glancing around again to make sure no one was coming, Dion put his gun away. He pressed his comlink.* There’s another prisoner in here and I’ve got to get them out. *Taking out one of Cassius’ little door crackers, he was able to get that door open in no time!*

    The door opened and there was a woman lying against the door frame, dressed in only a white slip! She had long, unkempt dark hair but she wasn’t pale and she wasn’t skeletal thin either! “Help … me …” she gasped, raising an arm weakly toward Dion and suddenly dropping it!

    Dion: *Dion moved to her side quickly, pressing his fingers to her neck to make sure she hadn’t just died then and there!* Don’t worry, I’ve got you now. We’re going to get you somewhere safe. *He pulled her up to her feet… why hadn’t anyone replied yet?!*

    The woman had to lean against Dion for support! “Th … thank you …” she sighed, leaning her head against his shoulder! From out of nowhere, one of her arms came up, wielding a nasty needle which she swung down toward his neck!

    Dion: Gu-uh…! *Dion shoved her away, his hand reaching up to yank that needle out of his neck! He was trying to press that comlink again as he dropped to his knees… and passed out!*

    The woman was laughing! “Sweet dreams, dear prince!” she sneered as he dropped to his knees in front of her!

    Cassius: *Cassius was doing GREAT. He was running in to goons here and there and dispatched them with perfect ease. Usually with a swift fist or boot to the face. Twice now the comlink fzzed, but he was too busy punching people in the face when it happened!* Boo yah, Eat my fists of steel, assholes.

    It looked like nothing could stop Cassius when he was on a roll! Oh no, a trap door opened right in front of Cassius but a few yards away!

    *small (trap door)

    Cassius: *Cassius hopped backwards quickly, pointing at the trap door.* HA! Not me, mother fucker! I’m too fast for you!

    … Unfortunately, Cassius had missed the much larger trap door which opened behind him as he hopped back from the first trap door!

    Cassius: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-UUUUUUUUUUUCCCKK…..!! *Was the scream of Cassius as he fell..!*

    Bronwen: Would you assholes quit buzzing me if you’re not going to say anything? *She hissed, poking at the comlink. The place was already annoying quiet enough without Cassius’ damned coms fritzing out!* -06:21 Apr 04

    It was still so very quiet! It didn’t help that all the doors she passed by were open but appeared to be empty!

    Bronwen: *She had a bad feeling about this! Bronwen was extra antsy as she passed every open door… being careful to check. This had the makings of a hundred goon ambush, or tricking you to think there’s ambush so a trap door can open! She looked at the floor too, just in case.* -06:24 Apr 04

    It was difficult to say how many doors she had passed! But then she heard a buzzing sound coming from somewhere up ahead!

    Bronwen: *That sounded almost like the noise that kept popping out of the comlinks… She had both her guns up and ready, as she inched forward towards the noise!* -06:28 Apr 04

    She found the source of the buzzing sound in an open doorway! It was some kind of recording that kept playing over and over!

    [MacBeth was unaware of the trouble befalling the Shadowstars!] -03:33 Apr 05
    [Bronwen had just found some device in a doorway that was making that weird buzzing!] -03:34 Apr 05
    Bronwen: …what the hell is this…? *She muttered quietly! Was it a machine on the fritz? * -03:35 Apr 05

    Someone sneaked up and grabbed Bronwen from behind! One hand on her mouth, the other around her waist! Then someone else grabbed Bronwen’s legs!

    Bronwen: *…G’damnit…! It was a distraction! She was kicking and struggling, and trying to swing up a gun to SHOOT at them!* -03:39 Apr 05

    They were pulling her somewhere! A thick rope wrapped around her body, trapping her arms to her sides and someone managed to get an opening in to knock her out!

    Bronwen: *And that was the grim end of Bronwen Shadowstar…!* -03:43 Apr 05
    MacBeth: *He was moving down the hall, tapping his comm link. There was something wrong. All he got was this buzzing sound and he couldn’t get a hold of anyone! But he couldn’t panic because he wasn’t sure what was going on here.* -03:45 Apr 05

    It was still dead silent in the halls. But… then there was the faint sounds of foot steps nearby.

    MacBeth: *He pulled his gun out and started moving toward the footsteps, softly but quickly!* -03:49 Apr 05

    Clopclopclop. Pause. Clopclopclop. The footsteps kept moving forward, turning corners here and there… but always remaining just out of sight! They were leading pretty deep in to the fortress!

    MacBeth: *He didn’t like this at all but it wasn’t like he had much of a choice … So he followed the footsteps! He tapped the comm link every so often but still got nothing!* -03:59 Apr 05

    Clopclopclop. Shink! When MacBeth turned another corner it was a dead end hallway! But at there end there was an open door. It sounded like the footsteps had walked in there!

    MacBeth: *He stopped at the corner and looked around. No one in sight and he was following a ghost. But he had little choice so … he moved to the door, sticking to the wall and glanced inside! -04:04 Apr 05

    The room wasn’t very large and it looked empty. There was a strange, thick barbed war anchored to the floor in the center of the room. On the far wall was a big window screen displaying static and another door with a lockpanel! …Those footsteps were now clopping in the room. Pacing even!

    MacBeth: *What the hell–?! He glanced around. The comm link hadn’t started working yet. He didn’t see anyone and the only one he heard was whoever he had followed in here. He stepped into the room and aimed the gun at the person!* Freeze. -04:09 Apr 05

    The footsteps stopped but the person remained unseen! “Ian… running off with some woman, just like Erikson. After I gave you a son. With a Shadowstar, no less.” There was a clicking of her tongue, but the croaky voice was unmistakenly Morgan!

    MacBeth: *The surprise on his face was quickly replaced with one of barely controlled anger! That gun was still aiming at her!* You’re more senile than I figured you for, Morgan. *He squeezed the trigger, aiming straight for her!* -04:16 Apr 05

    CHINK! The shot hit SOMEthing but it ricocheted right off it! Morgan chortled with laughter! “OHOHOHO~! Murderous bastard. Would you like to have a duel with me? Or would you be more interested in those Shadowstars you have betrayed me for…” The giant fuzzed screen suddenly flipped to clear images of the Shadowstar Men! Everyone one of them captured and trapped in some nightmarish torture setup! “My Knights are back where they belong. But.. am I forgetting one…?”

    MacBeth: *Damnit! He could growl when he saw that bullet get deflected! But the thing that pissed him off even more was the mention of "one". He’d seen all the Shadowstars except–!* Where the hell is Bronwen. *He growled. If guns didn’t work, he’d just have to go the old fashioned route! He pulled out a sword!* -04:26 Apr 05

    “That little Shadowstar trophy. I did want to keep her alive in one piece. But you just HAD to intervene in my plans.” Morgan snorted. Footsteps echoed across the floor as the screen changed. Blindfolded and hanging by the wrists with that same thick barbed wire that was anchored to the floor. Over a room full of deep murky water! “You might save her. IF you can get that door open… Ah, and the catch. You’ll have to drop her to even get to the door.” At that, the sound of a gun being pulled. BLAM! Morgan shot the anchor on the floor and the wire was slipping away… as the Shadowstar fell towards the water!

    MacBeth: *He dropped the sword and was dashing across the room for the barbed wire! He grabbed hold and felt the wire go taunt but the barbs were biting into his skin! He clenched his teeth and started to pull it back! If he could get it high enough … Aggh! He hissed under his breath!* -04:37 Apr 05

    Morgan cackled! Her footsteps moved across the floor, stopping right next to him. “How long does it take someone to drown? Hm. I forgot something.” SHIIINK! Quick and sudden, she had pulled out a small knife and stabbed it in to his lower back! “For your betrayal! Watch the little girl die by your own sad little hands!” Loud laughter echoed as the footsteps faded and she left him to his fate!

    MacBeth: *Aggh! He dropped to one knee and his hold loosened on the wire, causing it to loosen! Damnit! He made another low hiss as he forced himself to focus, pulled back on the wire! That knife in his back … He swore under his breath!* -04:56 Apr 05
    Bronwen: *Bronwen was awake… but was beginning to wish she wasn’t! With something biting in to her wrists enough to break skin, she could feel blood dripping down her arms! Another sudden lurch as she dropped and a cry of pain! …Then panic! She was kicking at water with her feet! Bronwen tried to pull herself up – maybe if she could get a grip on the wire she could climb… but couldn’t find the strength to pull herself very high!* -05:00 Apr 05
    MacBeth: *He looked up at the screen and shut his eyes! If he could pull enough of his strength together … Grunting softly, he tightened his hold on the barb wire as he got up and began to step back! But every step meant a searing pain in his back that made him stop and nearly forget what he was doing!* -05:03 Apr 05
    Bronwen: *This hurt…! She was being pulled up again, but that wasn’t stilling the panic at all! Her fingers were tingling from the cutoff of circulation… and she was trying so hard not to start screaming at give that evil bitch the satisfaction!* -05:08 Apr 05
    MacBeth: *He finally had to stop! This … was getting him nowhere … The door. Morgan had mentioned the door … He swallowed. There was something wet and sticky on his hands. He knew it was blood without having to look down at it but if he looked at it, he might lose it. Things were hanging by a thread as it was. The door … Concentrate on the door!* -05:10 Apr 05

    The door was there at the wall, next to the giant screen. It was a sealed door, and the only way to open it was by the panel sticking out of the wall next to it! But it was sure to be locked with an elaborate code that’d need to be cracked!

    MacBeth: *Gritting his teeth, he wrapped more of the wire around his hand so he wouldn’t leave any slack as he made his way to the door! Then he slowly walked over to it. The room was beginning to tilt and he was starting to see double … He reached the panel. If he could just hold on a bit longer, maybe he could figure out how the hell to open it before blacking out …* -05:17 Apr 05

    The panel didn’t seem to give any sort of hint how it should be opened! It was just a wide blank screen! But… the moment he tried to touch it and blood dripped on the panel, it flashed green! The door slid open revealing the trap room! There was a large dropoff and a ladder from the door, leading down to the pool of water below and the Shadowstar dangling in the middle! It was impossible to be able to reach her without having to drop her first!

    MacBeth: *Had he been in better condition, he probably would have wondered what the hell had just happened as the door opened!* Br … Bronwen … *He gasped as loud as he could!* -05:26 Apr 05
    Bronwen: *Hearing the door, she was not sure what to expect and thinking it might be the worst…!* MacBeth..?! *A mixture of relief and more panic!* I – I can’t get down…! -05:31 Apr 05
    MacBeth: There’s … a ladder but … I have to … lower you first. *The barbed wire was still biting into his flesh but he was beginning to feel light headed. The room was spinning again!* -05:34 Apr 05
    Bronwen: *Not down there…! It was so hard to think! Was he holding her up..? How deep was the water! Bronwen struggled to stay calm! She would trust him!* I… will hold my breath! -05:38 Apr 05
    MacBeth: *He smiled a bit!* I’ll be … right down … *He loosened a bit of the barb wire as he got down to the ladder, and as he scaled down, he loosened more and more so he was lowering Shadowstar steadily. By the time he had gotten to the bottom, he had let go of the barb wire entirely and he had to reach behind him to pull that knife out!* -05:41 Apr 05
    MacBeth: *She trusted him! He wasn’t sure why but that made him all the more determined to save her. -05:42 Apr 05
    Bronwen: *She wouldn’t panic.. she wouldn’t panic…! Bronwen tried to keep breathing as water came up higher and higher! Finally when the wire was released she took a quick a breath and prayed she could hold it!* -05:44 Apr 05
    MacBeth: *He tested the water and then swam for her! By now, he couldn’t talk, much less focus on what he was doing! But he just kept his eyes on Shadowstar and when she went down, he managed to dive for her!* -05:46 Apr 05
    Bronwen: *Bronwen pushed that blindfold off, but it was impossible to see under the murky water! Twisting panfully, she unraveled the wired wrapped around her wrists, having to use her teeth to pry the last bit off! As soon as she could feel him there, she was clinging on to him for dear life!* -05:50 Apr 05
    MacBeth: *He winced as he surfaced with her clinging to him!* … Easy … Shadowstar … *He murmured as he got them to the ladder. He clung to it and moved to the side.* Go on. -05:52 Apr 05
    Bronwen: *Ignoring pain, and forcing her fingers to function she started climbing up. Only slipping once, she crawled out on to the floor only to turn around so she could reach down and make sure he got up too. She could see the blood at his hands and he was white as a sheet!* … god damnit! you should have let me fall! -05:58 Apr 05
    MacBeth: *He smirked weakly.* Brothers … trap … Morgan … *He winced as he turned over on his back, the spot Morgan had stabbed him.* -06:01 Apr 05
    Bronwen: Jus a damned minute. We’ll get them. *Bronwen fumbled in her pockets until she pulled out one of those medsticks to stick him with. He had to at least be able to get up so they could walk out in one piece! All that water was making it look like so much more blood…!* -06:05 Apr 05
    MacBeth: *She could say that because she hadn’t seen those damned traps. But he was in no condition to argue and the last thing he wanted was to kill over on her … Who knew how many songs he’d owe her then! He closed his eyes and tried to focus on something …. anything at this point.* -06:09 Apr 05
    Bronwen: *Sticking him quick, that’d at least kill some of the pain and slow the blood! Bronwen grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him up in a sitting position.* You promised you wouldn’t die! So get up…! We’ll grab those idiots, get soem booze and go to bed in a minute…! -06:14 Apr 05
    MacBeth: *He winced and looked up at her.* I know … I know … *With her help, he managed to get to his feet! He was wishing he’d brought Madame Hessing’s cane with him!* -06:21 Apr 05
    Bronwen: *Bronwen had no idea how she was going to pull this off..! She was trying the comlink again, keeping a good grip on MacBeth so she could force him to move. Pulling him in to the hall, there were other doors here… with panel locks like the room they just left! Bronwen glanced behind them! …Was Morgan cocky enough to put them all in the same place?* How did you get the door open? -06:26 Apr 05
    MacBeth: *Even now he had to remember … Then he took a deep breath and raised one of his hands.* My blood … *He didn’t quite understand it himself and he was pretty damn sure he wasn’t going to like the answer!* -06:28 Apr 05
    Bronwen: *She didn’t question how that worked. Bronwen was worried about more important things! She shuffled him to the first panel and placed his hand on it!* -06:32 Apr 05

    Just like that the panel blinked green and the door opened up wide! There was growls and manly bellowing inside!

    Cassius: *It was Cassius who say the door open was was running like fucking hell right through it! He was practically beating the panel to close the door when he stumbled out! Clothes ripped and looking like he just saw a whole pack of Tinys!* FUCKING SHIT WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG.

    MacBeth: *He was breathing heavy and had he been able to, he would have smirked. Except he’d seen the trap Cassius had been in.* -06:35 Apr 05
    MacBeth: *so smirking didn’t seem right at the moment -06:36 Apr 05
    Bronwen: Stop whining and help me get these other doors open! *She was already moving MacBeth to the opposite side of the hall to the other door to try the next panel!* -06:39 Apr 05

    Cassius: What is the co- *Cassius stopped in the middle of asking what the open code was… These were DNA signature panels. He looked at the blood on his hand, that was left on the panel he just closed up. MacBeth’s blood! ….There was an odd sound from Cassius as he darted down the hall, pressing that bloody hand to the other two panels!*

    MacBeth: *With Bronwen’s help, Mac got to the next panel and pressed his hand down on it. He was going to need one hell of a drink after this!* -06:42 Apr 05

    Cassius: *All of the panels were blinked green now, opened up the last three doors! Cassius had just charged in to a room with Dion, punching some creepy as fuck looking nurse in the face and dragging him off a table!*

    The door MacBeth opened up was the room with Brennen… a room filled with giant cockroaches and big flying beetles! All over the place!

    Brennen: *Needless to say, Brennen was not taking the bug room very well! He was struggling for all he was worth and trying to get the damn bugs off of him! And then he looked like a man possessed when he tossed his head back after a bug got stuck in his hair and one tried to crawl up his nose!*

    Dion: *Dion was shakey on his feet, but he was following Cassius out fast towards the other open door.* Never thought I’d be glad to see you, Cassius.

    Cassius: Whatever. *Cassius was still trying to figure out those dna panels as they charged in to the other room! Here was Aaron bogged down with so much Aaron that he couldn’t even stand up!* You look like shit old man!

    Bronwen: Brennen! The door is open! *She hiiiiissed! Bronwen would have helped with a gun, but he was flailing around so badly!* -06:53 Apr 05

    Brennen: GGAAAHHH BUGS! *He shrieked as he went flying out of the room and began dancing around!* Get ’em off! Get ’em off! *He was jumping and waving and trying to dust out his hair!*

    Cassius: *IRON aaron koff!

    Aaron: *He looked up at Cassius and just raised an eyebrow.* Shut up and get these things off of me.

    Dion: *Dion was already working on pulling off those chains!* You’re in for a real treat, Aaron. MacBeth brought you a surprise.

    Cassius: Fucking MacBeth there’s more than one damned surprise out of him. *Cassius growled. He couldn’t WAIT to bring that one up…!*

    Brennen: *It took awhile but he was finally convinced he was bug-free–Wait, there was something in his pants! GAH! He ran up and down the hall, trying to shake it out!*

    Bronwen: *As amusing as watching Brennen fly up and down the hallway was, there were scarier things here! Like MacBeth bleeding to death! She was already pulling him down the hall so they could head back to the ship!* C’mon Bree! -07:05 Apr 05

    Aaron: What did he do this time? *Once the chains were off, he stood straight, stretched, and then cracked his knuckles. If it wasn’t one thing, it was another with the boy.*

    Dion: *Dion was grinning… though he looked at Cassius with a curious expression.* He found Bronwen. …Although if we don’t get the hell out of here quick, we might end up in trouble all over again.

    Brennen: *He blinked as he was dragged back!* … Huh? Oh right. *He grinned sheepishly.* Sorry, Brownie. *He ruffled his hair real quick to get rid of any stray bugs, then combed it back, nice and composed.*

    Cassius: I second the damned motion. We can beat the shit out of MacBeth when we’re back on the ship! *Cassius was already headed out!*

    Aaron: *He was silent but he looked at Cassius with that stern look of his that had become his trademark.* Let’s go then. *He stalked out of the room and then toward Bronwen, Brennen, and MacBeth! He looked at Bronwen and there was a smile at the corners of his mouth.* I’ll take the boy. Go. *He was already moving to Mac to hoist him onto his back.*

    MacBeth: *He was drifting in and out of consciousness! He thought he heard Aaron’s voice and someone carrying him before he blacked out again!* -07:10 Apr 05

    Brennen: *The warm Shadowstar family reunion would have to wait! But it was great seeing Aaron again! He was already heading for the ship!*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen blinked…! She was a little startled at first! He looked… just like Fa! She let Aaron take MacBeth, not that she wanted to let go… and was already charging down the hall following her brothers!* -07:11 Apr 05

    Duncan: *He was drumming his fingers against the panel as he paced up and down the bridge! What was taking them so long? Why weren’t they answering the comm links?!*

    There was no goons or men to intercept them – Morgan had been so sure it would be impossible for them to escape! The way back to the ship and out of the fortress was good and clear!

    Cassius: *…That made Cassius all the more pissed off! But he didn’t say a word yet as he boarded the ship first, shouting at everyone to hurry the fuck up!*

    Duncan: *He could hear Cassius yelling even from here! He started up the ship’s engines and waited for everyone to board before taking off!*

    Brennen: *He stopped as soon as he was inside the ship and had to catch his breath! His body hurt like hell! Those bastards had bruised him up bad!*

    Dion: *Dion had to hoist up Bronwen and drag her the rest of the way on the ship.. seemed like MacBeth wasn’t the only one bleeding themselves out!* Bree, you’re going to have to stitch her up.

    Bronwen: Not until after I fix MacBeth..! *She was too numbed to care at the moment, and her first mate took precident! Bronwen waited until Aaron was on board too, before she ordered Duncan to take off!* -07:19 Apr 05

    Brennen: *He raised a finger.* … Right. Just … a moment … *He took several deep breaths!*

    Duncan: Yes, ma’am! *He flipped the last switches to close the ship up and then he told them to hold on as the ship took off!*

    Aaron: *He had already found the med bay and put MacBeth on the bed. He rubbed his shoulder and flexed it!*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen was quick to follow Aaron! In the medbay she was already digging for supplies she’d need to handle MacBeth herself!* -07:24 Apr 05

    Dion: *Dion didn’t want to go anywhere near that medbay, but Cassius was already packing one of those looks. That didn’t bode well.* Brennen…

    Brennen: *He looked up and stood up.* Cassius, what are you doing? *Now he was worried!*

    Brennen: *what are you going to do, not what are you doing XD

    Cassius: *Cassius stopped to turn around and scowl.* Those were DNA locks. Only someone with matching genetic code should be able to unlock those fuckers. Morgan HAD us. There is no fucking way to crack that shit. and what happens? A little of HIS blood and suddenly we’re free. There’s some serious bullshit goin’ on and I am to beat the fuck out of him until I find out!

    Brennen: *He blinked!* … So Mac is … *His voice trailed off.* Oh, shit.

    Dion: *Dion was silent for a moment…* There’s got to be some kind of mistake. He’s covered in blood, it could be anybody’s.

    Brennen: *He nodded. He didn’t want to believe what Cassius was implying!* … That’s right.

    Cassius: Yeah? So how about we go on in there and find out! *Cassius was already turning on a heel and stomping for the medbay!*

    Brennen: *This could not end well! He quickly went after Cassius!*

    Aaron: *He was standing by the door so when Cassius came marching by, he held his arm up and barred him from entering.* What is it, Cassius?

    Cassius: …DNA Panels. You know what I’m talking about. HE *He pointed a finger!* opened them with his own blood.

    Aaron: *He raised an eyebrow.* And …?

    Bronwen: *Bronwen was vaguely listening… but she was busy! Having gotton MacBeth’s shirt off, she was patching up that stab wound on his back! That evil cuntfaced old hag! She was going to skin the bitch alive and dip her body in a pile of fire ants!* -07:38 Apr 05

    Cassius: AND that means he’s likely some spawn of Morgan herself! Don’t you think it’s weird how shit has gone down over the years?!

    Dion: *Dion was crossing his arms in the hall.* I don’t recall MacBeth ever doing anything to comprimise us.

    Aaron: The boy has proven his loyalty many times before. Even when some hardheaded jackass put him up to a fight in the first place. *He was looking at Cassius.*

    Brennen: He’s been with us for a long time. We can’t suddenly suspect him of being evil because of something he can’t help, like who his mom is.

    Cassius: Then how do you feeling about the boy shacking up with OUR little sister! He’s got her wrapped around his damned fucking finger!

    Bronwen: Damnit Cassius! Go find someone else to bitch at! *She was going to kick his ass in a minute…! With that stab wounded stitched and bandaged, Bronwen was cleaning up MacBeth’s hands. …of all the stupid things he had to go and hurt himself doing! She couldn’t stop herself from sniffling!* -07:49 Apr 05

    Dion: …I’d say it was more the other way around. He’s stuck with Bronwen more than he has with any of us.

    Brennen: *He sighed and scratched his head.* This is a lot to swallow. Our Mac … and Morgan …

    Cassius: He doesn’t belong on this ship. Morgan’s blood is a dangerous liability. What do you think MORGAN is going to do when she figures it out?

    [Bronwen was patching up MacBeth, but was seriously thinking about throwing scissors across the room at Cassius.] -01:45 Apr 06
    [MacBeth was still out cold!] -01:47 Apr 06

    Aaron: We are all tired and injured. This is no condition to be speaking of matters like this. Everyone is to wash up, rest up, and eat. We will discuss this later.

    Brennen: Right. *He nodded. Aaron always made a lot of sense but he still felt uneasy about all of this.* Uh … I’m sure there’s … some leftovers somewhere in the kitchen.

    Cassius: Fuck that, we’re going to discuss it now before the asshole wakes up and starts pointing a damned gun at me again! Oh ho ho. You don’t KNOW the shit he and Bronwen have been pulling! Fucking broke my nose! TWICE.

    Dion: …it’s about to be a third time… *Dion leaned to mumble at Brennen softly.* I could use a good drink.

    Aaron: *His eyes narrowed onto Cassius. His hand whipped out and smacked Cassius straight on the cheek with enough force to possibly knock him off his feet and onto the floor!*

    MacBeth: *Cassius’ face -01:52 Apr 06

    Cassius: *Cassius went sprawling back with a THUD! He was cursing up a storm, with Aaron’s name mixed in with it… But he was stomping off to the Kitchen as ordered!*

    Brennen: *He winced as Cassius flew! Man, even he was hurting!* Uh yeah … Let’s uh, go. *He nodded to Dion and the two of them followed after Cassius.*

    Bronwen: Stupid asshole. *Bronwen muttered under her breath. She had finished one hand and moved to MacBeth’s other. It had the wire cut all the way around it. She looked at her wrist in comparison. ….She was going to kill the fuck out of Morgan!* -01:55 Apr 06

    Aaron: *He watched Cassius march down the hall and toward the kitchen! Then he turned and watched Bronwen patching Mac up!* It’s been too long, Bronwen. *He said after several moments of silence!*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen paused only a minute to cast him a grin over her shoulder.* For you, maybe. You look just like Fa now…. -01:58 Apr 06

    Duncan: … Captain …? *He poked his head into the Infirmary! Tiny was in his arms!* Me and Tiny … We uh, just came to see how you and Mac were doing …

    Aaron: *He was about to say something when Duncan and Tiny arrived! He turned and looked the pilot and furball over!* And who is this …?

    Bronwen: This is Duncan Hessing! Probably the best pilot in the galaxy, even if he is a little weird. And Tiny. *She held up and waved a finger, then went back to bandaging.* This is my oldest brother Aaron. He’s a bear. -02:01 Apr 06

    Duncan: *He blinked and made a nervous grin!* Uh, hello, sir. It’s uh … nice to um, meet you!

    Tiny looked Aaron over and flicked its tails. “Greeoww greeoww …”

    Aaron: *He raised an eyebrow at Tiny!* An interesting choice for a pet. *He looked over at Bronwen.* Point me to the nearest shower. I need to change out of these things and eat something before I deal with Cassius again.

    Bronwen: Hmm, you can have the third room down the hall. *She stole a peek at him again… He just looked so old!* -02:08 Apr 06

    Duncan: Um … I’ll show you there if you like! I uh, I got lost myself when we first got this ship …

    Bronwen: That’s a good idea. We can have that chat later. -02:17 Apr 06

    Aaron: Very well. *Then he followed Duncan out of the Infirmary!*

    As Duncan was leaving, Tiny hopped out of his arms and hopped on top of the bed Mac was on, beside his head!

    MacBeth: *He stirred! And then he slowly opened his eyes!* … Shadow … star …? -02:21 Apr 06
    Bronwen: *She had just finished up patching that second hand, Bronwen eyed him critically as she sat down on the edge of the bed.* Do you have any idea how mad I am right now? -02:22 Apr 06
    MacBeth: *He closed his eyes.* What’d … I do now …? *His lips were dry, his throat was parched, he hurt like hell … and even his eyes were too damn tired to keep open!* -02:27 Apr 06
    Bronwen: I ask you to do one little thing like ‘not get hurt’, and then you go to the exact opposite. *Frowning, she got up just long enough to fetch him some water and bring it back.* -02:30 Apr 06
    MacBeth: *His eyes opened when she came back with the water and pressed the cup against his mouth. He drank a little and now he could speak a little more easily.* I … did try. -02:38 Apr 06
    Bronwen: At least I know I’m more afraid of you bleeding all over the damned place than drowning. *Her scowling slowly faded to a soft grin.* Pretty impressive. I don’t know what I’d do without you. -02:41 Apr 06
    MacBeth: *He smiled a bit and then the small smile faded!* … The doors … How did they … *His voice trailed off. He didn’t want to know the answer but … he had to know.* -02:48 Apr 06
    Bronwen: Hmm. I don’t know if I should tell you yet. You might freak out and stab yourself with a scalpel. *She was examining his face again… There was really nothing about him that was anything like Morgan…* Cassius said it was a DNA lock. With Morgan’s signature. -02:51 Apr 06
    MacBeth: *He closed his eyes for a moment and tilted his head back! Then he opened his eyes and looked at her face.* It’s alright. I know I don’t want to know. -02:52 Apr 06
    Bronwen: On the bright side, I think you’re going to age a lot better than she did. *Another soft grin. If anybody thought Morgan’s blood was going to make a difference to her, they were gonna be sorely disappointed!* -02:55 Apr 06
    MacBeth: *He snorted!* … What did your brothers say …? -03:02 Apr 06
    Bronwen: Cassius pitched a fit as expected. Brennen and Dion looked a little weirded out and Aaron said we’ll talk about it later. So it’s going to be… interesting. What are you going to say about it? -03:04 Apr 06
    MacBeth: *He was silent for awhile!* … I don’t know. I don’t remember her. But … someone once told me that it wasn’t the family you came from that makes a difference. It’s the family that raised you. -03:07 Apr 06
    Bronwen: Yep. It’s much too hard finding a first mate worth keeping to go and throw him out just because of a little blood. …Unless he goes bleeding it everywhere. -03:11 Apr 06
    MacBeth: *He smirked a bit.* Guess it helps that I’m out of action for awhile. -03:13 Apr 06
    Bronwen: Out of action again. So you probably owe me more songs than you’ll ever be able to sing. Oh, but hey, we have matching scars! *Now she was being a bit sarcastic, but at least she wasn’t thinking about beating him unconcious again out of principal.* -03:15 Apr 06
    MacBeth: *He snorted, which was probably the best thing next to a laugh he could manage at the moment!* Heh. Or maybe you just saw how great mine looked and wanted to get some, too? -03:21 Apr 06



    MacBeth has to stay on the ship with Duncan while those Shadowstars pickup supplies. They are unaware about being drugged and having their greatest fears revealed! Later Dion runs in to Ceri and finds out she works undercover for Morgan.

    Back at the Hessings Dion decides he’s either going to kidnap Ceri or convince her to stop working for Morgan.

    A week later …

    MacBeth: *He winced as he looked down at his foot! It had been a goddamned week and his foot still hurt like hell! Well … only when he tried to put his weight on it which was often … he had a tendency to forget he was still wounded!* -06:58 Apr 01

    Duncan: *He poked his head into the living room Mac sat in!* Hey Mac. The captain wanted me to check on you. How are you feeling?

    MacBeth: Bloody useless. *He muttered, glaring darkly at his foot!* She told me I can’t move from this spot until she says I can. -07:00 Apr 01
    Bronwen: *MacBeth was lucky she was out with her brothers running an errand! Luckily, Duncan was a good spy!* I think we need grenades and lots of them. All of you were in special places, and Aaron’s bound to be in something we have to blow up. -07:02 Apr 01

    Duncan: *He grinned!* You know she means well. Do you want something to eat or drink? *He asked as he walked inside, followed closely by Tiny.*

    Cassius: Yeah, I can see Aaron’s face when we start chucking grenades at him. *Cassius, oddly enough, had not been his usually bothersome self. He was still pretty tired and stiff… but that didn’t stop him from giving everyone long meaningful glares and occasionally calling them assholes.*

    Brennen: Still pretty hard to believe that we just get Aaron out and we’ll be all back together. *He snickered.* It’s almost scary.

    Dion: …which means we better get him a pipe and some tobacco to make up for it. *Dion cast a grin at Brennen.* Who do you think he’s going to hit first?

    Brennen: I dunno. It’d be our luck that his hand still moves at light speed. *He grinned back at Dion.*

    MacBeth: *He huffed, ran his fingers through his hair!* No, I’m good. Just getting pissed at having to sit out. -07:11 Apr 01
    Bronwen: *Bronwen replied with a frown. How different was Aaron going to be? He was practically an old man now.* Well I hope it’s Cassius. Last time Aaron hit me, I think my arm went numb! -07:12 Apr 01

    Cassius: You’re about to have a numb arm again, sister. *Growled Cassius. But that ended quickly when he pointed across the street.* That’s Holland’s place. He’s always got some good stuff. …A little on the illegal side, but ain’t nothing better when you’re dealing with a space witch.

    Brennen: Now, now, kids, let’s play nice. *He said with a grin.* Haha. Last time I checked there weren’t any cops for miles around to spy on our illegal activities. *He leaned forward and covered his mouth as if sharing a secret.*

    Bronwen: …Where ARE the police anyway? Or did Morgan eat all of their souls? -07:16 Apr 01

    Brennen: Nah. She just chased them all away from her territory, which seems to be everywhere nowadays. They don’t get involved because she killed the last cops who did.

    Dion: And I pity the poor fools that do try and deal with her. Morgan’s no joke, even for us. *Dion lead the way across the street and to the shop. Inside was just like any other junk and weapons place!*

    Bronwen: Good thing I’m awake now. You idiots were lost with me. *Bronwen looked around the place… it sure wasn’t one she had ever been to or recognized!* -07:22 Apr 01

    Brennen: *He chuckled softly!* Guess we have Mac to thank for that.

    Cassius: *Cassius was waiting at the counter, about to ring that damned bell for Holland when he turned around with another glare!* After we told him NOT to. Don’t forget that.

    DING! Someone came out from the back, but it was Mr. Holland! He eyed them all curiously before clearing his throat to get their attention. “What can I do for ya?”


    Cassius: *He glared at the guy… After a moment, Cassius shrugged his shoulder.* We need one of Holland’s… specials. Where is the old man?

    Brennen: *He grinned.* Maybe we taught him too well. *He remarked, glancing at Dion.*

    Bronwen: Probably got his knack for getting his ass kicked from Brennen. *A cheeky sister grin!* -07:30 Apr 01

    “He’s out on vacation. Come on in the back and I’ll see what we’ve got.” replied the guy, eying them all curiously. He turned around to lead the way in to the back room.

    Brennen: He can kick ass just fine when he has a mind to. His luck just stinks from time to time.

    Cassius: Quit talking about that sister stealer and come on. *Snorted Cassius, following the guy in the back.*

    Bronwen: At least he doesn’t throw out his back like Breeeee. *Chimed Bronwen, practically skipping after Cassius!* -07:34 Apr 01
    MacBeth: *Seeing as how he had nothing else better to do, he was examining the cane Madame Hessing had given him! Sure, on the surface, it looked normal but … As he ran his hands along the side, he felt something like small engraving on the cane. Writing? But when he held it up in the light, he didn’t see anything.* -07:35 Apr 01

    Dion: *Dion was coughing back a laugh as he followed too. The went down a hallway before reaching a pretty huge store room in the back. Here there were lots of crates, barrels, boxes. Most of them were opened so you could see inside.* This isn’t bad. Nice pick, Cassie.

    Brennen: *He stuck his tongue out at Bronwen and shot a glare at Dion before he followed them!*

    The guy motioned a hand around. “Everything is ready to be closed up and loaded. I’ll let you make your selections and return in a moment.” He left the room, closing the door behind him!

    Cassius: Alright. Bronwen wants big shiny explosives. So who has a more practical shopping list. *He snatched a timer bomb out of Bronwen’s hands when she picked one up.*

    Bronwen: Explosives ARE practical, stupid. Aaron could probably take out a hundred men with one swing of his fists. I bet we’ll have to take out entire legions. -07:40 Apr 01

    Dion: Armor would be nice. Like hell I’m going to get shot again and have Madam Hessing firing darts at me. *Dion knelt down next to a crate in the back to dig through it’s contents.*

    Hiiiiiiisss~! The air vents came on. The heating system most likly, as it was pumping in some war air in to the back room. It smelled faintly of burned bachenstrudels, but it was hardly worth noticing.

    Brennen: We could have the galaxy’s entire supply of explosives and it wouldn’t be enough, Brownie. Maybe light and smoke grenades to give us some cover. *He started searching in another crate.*

    Bronwen: I think you’re grossly underestimating the effectiveness of a good bomb. *Blargh. What of idiot runs the heat in a place like this! …Ooh! A very nice pistol!* I guess some kind of armor would be handy. We don’t want such a nice girl like Ceri to worry! -07:49 Apr 01

    After a few moments the heat went off. Not long afterwards the guy returned. “I hope everything looks square. If you don’t mind, what will you be needing these supplies for?”

    Dion: Yeah, I don’t want her to worry. *That dealer returned, and Dion shrugged his shoulders.* We’re going on a rescue mission. So we’re going to need the best you’ve got.

    Brennen: *Was the air getting warmer? He wiped the sweat off his brow with the back of his hand.* Yeah, a rescue mission where I don’t end up wearing a bra and a thong to please my cross-dressing brother.

    Cassius: Well excuse me if I LIKE wearing women’s clothing sometimes. It’s hella kinky.

    Bronwen: …Oh, ick… *Bronwen made a face!* THIS is why I’ve never had sex. Years worth of thinking about you guys and… eew… *She shuddered!* -07:57 Apr 01

    Brennen: Reminds me of the time Heather suggested we try something new. My thighs were chafed for a week after that, thanks to that thong. But at least she didn’t stick me in a box or something. *He shuddered.* I hate small spaces.

    The guy raised a curious eyebrow as he stopped next to Bronwen, offering her up another gun to take a look at. “Luckily a good gun will take care of most your fears.”

    Dion: For mine, I’m sure. I was afraid I might hit poor Madam Hessing when she came at me with that medkit… Everytime I think about nurses and doctors, I end up with nightmares.

    Bronwen: I hate boxes. But I guess you could shoot your way out of one. *She examined the gun carefully… yeah you could shoot the hell out of a cryochamber with this!* I’m just glad there’s no lakes in space. Ever since Cassius tried to drown me, I freak out. -08:04 Apr 01

    Cassius: Fucking shit, Bronwen! I didn’t try to drown you! I was teaching you how to swim. It’s not my damned fault you’re a wussy girl. Now if you want a REAL fear, that little demon Duncan keeps cuddling with could swallow any one of us whole while we’re sleeping! You’d be eaten alive by acid!

    MacBeth: At least you guys don’t have nightmares about bugs crawling all over you, trying to eat you alive. *He muttered under his breath, rubbing his arms as he said that.* -08:08 Apr 01

    Brennen: At least you guys don’t have nightmares about bugs crawling all over you, trying to eat you alive. *He muttered under his breath, rubbing his arms as he said that.*

    Cassius: …Bugs, Brennen? Really? You can squash ’em. try squashing that ill-named furball and see what happens.

    Bronwen: I could squash a gatorbat, but that doesn’t make it any less scary. …Who gets scared of a housepet? *Bronwen asked, grinning at Cassius!* -08:11 Apr 01

    Dion: The same man that likes dressing in drag. *Dion said with a laugh!* I think we got off the subject. Did we decide what we’re taking?

    Brennen: That’s because they’re so many of them! They get everywhere!

    Cassius: *Cassius snorted!* Aye. We’re going to need the laser cannon, grenades, your stupid baby armor, and spare ammunition charges.

    Bronwen: *Bronwen rolled her eyes…* This is why I like MacBeth. He’s not afraid of anything stupid, so he’s always so reliable in a fight… -08:16 Apr 01

    The guy nodded with a grin! “I’ll get your cargo list ready right away and have it sent to your ship.” and scooted out.

    Brennen: Phew. Good, we’re finally done. I was beginning to wonder if we’d be here forever.

    Cassius: If I heard one more word about MacBeth… *He pointed a threatening finger at Bronwen!* I might just drown you for real!

    Brennen: Quit it already, Cassius. *He warned.*

    Dion: *Dion gave a warning frown at Cassius.* Let’s get going then. We shouldn’t be lingering around here for too long.

    Bronwen: *Meanass jerk! Bronwen almost told him he’d be sleeping with Tiny tonight…!* I’M going anyway. I hate leaving my crew on the ship… *She flipped Cassius the finger on her way out!* -08:24 Apr 01

    Speaking of Tiny, it had decided Mac’s chest would make a comfortable and warm bed as the first mate reclined on the seat!

    Cassius: *grumbling, Cassius was following too. Only to stop in the front for a moment to sign the papers and pay for their purchase…*

    Duncan: *He was checking the ship’s systems, engines, sensors, etc. Everything seemed fine and dandy!*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen arrived back to the ship… sneakylike, as she intended to try and catch people not following orders! But as always, MacBeth stayed put as told and Duncan was keeping an eye on things. She grinned!* So nothing looks broken… -08:32 Apr 01
    MacBeth: *He opened one eye and then another.* Not yet. How did the shopping go? -08:33 Apr 01

    Duncan: *He looked up and waved!* Hey, Captain! Welcome back!

    Bronwen: Okay, I guess. We found some stuff. But Cassius always opens his blabber mouth and said he was going to drown me, and apparently Brennen hates bugs. -08:37 Apr 01
    MacBeth: Heh. Reminds me of the time I tried sneaking a bug on board. I thought it’d be cool to have a roach for a pet. *He gave a small shrug!* -09:21 Apr 01
    Bronwen: …A roach of all things? Scarabs are a lot neater. They have these little horn thingies and- …*She shook her head!* Anyway, they’ll be back in a few minutes now that no one goes trolling for women anymore. -09:26 Apr 01

    Tiny lifted its head and looked at Bronwen! Then it yawned and put its head back down to take its nap!

    MacBeth: *He smirked a bit!* I was a kid. You don’t get picky when you’re a kid. What’d you guys get? -09:30 Apr 01
    Bronwen: *Bronwen blinked back at Tiny!* Some explosives, ammunitions… Cassius listed off some stuff. As long as I have my guns and something to throw at people I’m good. Dion is all up and fussy about having himself some armor though. -09:32 Apr 01
    MacBeth: *He raised an eyebrow at that.* When the hell did he start making a fuss about armor? -09:34 Apr 01
    Bronwen: Said he didn’t want Ceri to worry! Which means he’s totally infatuated, just like that! …Can you really look at someone and just know immediately that you want to be with them? -09:38 Apr 01
    MacBeth: I haven’t seen anyone like that yet. *He said with a shrug!* But I guess anything can happen. -09:50 Apr 01

    Brennen: *He poked his head inside!* Seen anyone like what?

    Bronwen: Love at first sight. Did that happen with you and Heather? -09:58 Apr 01

    Brennen: *He grinned!* Did it ever. Here, it was, a classy brothel. And then this vision of loveliness decided to come by and check on how we were liking things.

    MacBeth: *He raised an eyebrow at Brennen but kept silent! The Shadowstar was lost in his own world!* -10:01 Apr 01
    Bronwen: *Bronwen made a face… mostly because Brennen looked like a star crossed idiot.* So it happens like that for everybody? You just see someone and you’re suddenly in love. -10:06 Apr 01

    Brennen: *He blinked, as if suddenly realizing where he was! He grinned sheepishly!* Uh, I guess?

    Dion: Didn’t happen that way for Ma and Fa. *Said Dion, bringing in one of the guns for MacBeth to take a look at.* Fa said he ran in to her a dozen times while he was chasing after other women.

    Bronwen: … Well, now I’m just confused, thanks a lot. *She frowned, resting her hands on hips.* I shouldn’t have quit dating. I’m missing something! -10:16 Apr 01
    [Bronwen was having a serious conversation! At least she thought it was serious.] -04:27 Apr 02
    [MacBeth was still restricted to staying on the ship–damn leg!] -05:00 Apr 02

    Brennen: *He downed his drink!* Okay. So … what are we talking about again? *His mind was awfully distracted!*

    Bronwen: I was asking about Ma and Fa! Are you drunk already?! -05:06 Apr 02

    Brennen: *He blinked!* ‘Course not … *He frowned a bit as he stared into his mug. Strange … He never got drunk this early … Ah well. Maybe they were making tougher stuff nowadays!*

    Cassius: Shit, can we stop talking about women? For once I want to concentrate on booze and killing people.

    Duncan: *He had had to leave Tiny behind with Mac but the captain had said it’d be good for him to get out! He was enjoying these crispy chips and the hot dip that came with them!*

    Dion: *Dion was just as distracted… but Cassius not wanting to talk about women did make him raise his eyebrow!* …Why have you been asking all of these questions, Brownie?

    Bronwen: I just want to know is all. You’re all hooking up with women. First you and Brennen. Soon it’ll be Cassius and Aaron.. And then Duncan and MacBeth will find girls and I’ll be flying a ship and going on mad rampages like Morgan! -05:11 Apr 02

    Brennen: *He blinked and stared at Cassius!* Cassie and Aaron … stick to one woman? That would be the day. *He lifted his empty mug at the passing waitress!* Refill!

    Cassius: *Cassius snorted!* You start acting like Morgan, I’ll be more than happy to shoot you between the eyes and put you out of our misery. *He sure didn’t deny Brennen’s comment. One woman! HA!*

    Bronwen: I didn’t think you or Dion would meet women either. And now you are practically married and Dion wants second dates. You’re all going to get married and have tons of kids and families. -05:17 Apr 02

    Duncan: *MUNCH! MUNCH! These things were delicious!*

    Speaking of Morgan, a few of her goons pushed their way into the same bar they were at and grabbed themselves a table!

    Dion: …Are you jealous, Brownie? You know we’re not just going to run off and forget you once we’re married. And I highly doubt Duncan or MacBeth will either. *Why was it so easy to imagine himself marrying Ceri?*

    Duncan: *He blinked at the talk of him and marriage! It wasn’t quite so easy for him to picture being wed! Tying the knot … The old ball and chain … He gulped!*

    Cassius: *Cassius cleared his throat, nudging Dion as he tilted his head towards the riff-raff across the bar.* We might want to pick a new place. Unless you’re up for a good fight.

    Bronwen: Maybe. *She replied, slowly. Cassius was tilting his head at some other table. Goons maybe? Bronwen was tempted to throw a mug across the room and clobber them in the head out of spite.* …I’m going back to the ship. Have fun. -05:27 Apr 02

    The goons were getting pretty loud and acting like jerks! Behind the goons, a blonde-haired woman in a black uniform complete with skirt and boots went to the bar. She had a few words with the owner, slipped him something, and then left. When she turned and brushed past the Shadowstar table, she didn’t even glance up but she looked so familiar … But there was no way that could be Ceri?!

    Brennen: May I remind you that we need every ounce of strength …? We can’t be wasting it on goons. *He replied.*

    Dion: *Dion watched Bronwen leave with a frown.* I think Bronwen is upset about something. She’s acting a litt- *He stopped suddenly, giving a blink! Impossible. Dion looked at his beer. But she…* I’ve got to go. *He was up and out of his chair quick!*

    Cassius: …Yeah Bronwen is acting weird. *Cassius responded… but franky didn’t care where Dion was off too. He had a beer to drink!* Right, right. Save the ass beatings for later. Not that ~I~ am the asshole that through out his back just falling over.

    Duncan: *He blinked! This was proving to be one strange night! First the captain acts strange and then Dion leaves real quick!* Uh … I think I’ll go back with the captain. *He said as he stood and followed after her.*

    Brennen: Haha. Very funny. *He muttered and downed his refill! He put his mug down and went to pay the owner! He overheard the owner telling a worker that the woman who had just left had paid for Morgan’s men, their drinks and any damage they might do!*

    It was easy to spot the woman! She wasn’t in any hurry as she stood right outside the bar for a moment to straighten her clothes and headed for the ship bay! The black uniform was plain to see now! It was a uniform worn by someone working for Morgan!

    Dion: *Ceri wouldn’t be in a place like this. But there was just something about the way she walked. Dion kept on following, at a safe distance. He was going to figure this one out real quick.*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen didn’t announce her arrival back at the ship, just snooped until she found one of those bottles of they had stashed in the kitchen. …Stupid men and their stupid girlfriends! And injuries! And doing stuff she didn’t like!* -05:42 Apr 02
    MacBeth: *He heard some strange noise and decided to investigate! Tiny was sound asleep on the captain’s chair!* … Shadowstar? Did you and Cassius go at it again? *He was using that cane as he walked into the kitchen!* -05:43 Apr 02

    The woman moved through the crowd and didn’t take a real long look at the place around her which meant she knew where she was going! She did glance from side to side as if keeping an eye out for something! She walked through the thick crowd of people and into the ship bay! The ship she was headed for was a carrier, a large ship Morgan used to carry slaves and prisoners!

    Bronwen: Nope. There were goons at the bar and I wasn’t in the mood for a fight… *A glass or no glass… Bah, no glass. She paused to eye him!* You’re not supposed to be up. -05:45 Apr 02
    MacBeth: *He smirked a bit!* We’re at a strange port. Not gonna just sit there while who knows who is lurking ’round here. *He moved to sit down at the counter.* Besides, the cane is doing real good. I should be off of it real soon. -05:46 Apr 02

    Dion: *Dion slid out of sight when he needed to, and wasn’t surprised when they arrived at one of Morgan’s ships. This definetly could not be Ceri. That was enough proof for him, he was turning around to head back!*

    “Look what we got here,” someone announced! “Looks like someone trying to follow Miss Conway!” another guy said! And then they clobbered him a good one!

    Duncan: *He walked into the ship and looked around! There was no sign of the captain or Mac but they had to be here somewhere! He did find Tiny curled up on the seat!* Hey, Tiny. How’s it going?

    Bronwen: Possibly injecting you with crazy Toru healing powers. *She mumbled, hopping up to sit on the counter. She took a swig from the bottle!* -05:50 Apr 02

    Dion: Shi- *THUNK! He was out good!*

    MacBeth: *He snickered.* As long as it gets me ready to fight when I need. I’ve been behaving, after all. *He smirked again!* -05:50 Apr 02

    “Greeoww! Greeoww!” growled Tiny after it had lifted its head and stretched!

    The men were snickering as they leaned over him. “What do we do with ‘im?” one guy asked. “We throw ‘im in. Boss will know what to do with ‘im.” Someone grabbed his ankles. Someone else grabbed his arms. “Holy shit, do you think this is one o’ ’em?” asked the first. “Those Shadowstar bastards?” asked the second. “Miss Conway will know,” he replied when his pal nodded. Then they hauled him into the ship.

    Bronwen: How long before Cassius and Aaron will meet girls, do you think? I think you and Duncan would before Cassius, anyway… -05:54 Apr 02
    MacBeth: *He gave a small shrug.* Not in the market to go looking for love. *He replied!* But Cassius and Aaron are definitely bachelors. -05:58 Apr 02

    Brennen: Have fun, Cassius. *He said as he waved and walked past. He was going back to the ship to find out why Bronwen was acting so crazy!*

    Cassius: *Cassius saluted Brennen with his glass! He was still debating starting a fight!*

    Bronwen: You say that now, but you’ll probably see some girl and be all twitterpated before long. *Bronwen scowled at her bottle.* Brennen said it’d be just like old times, but it’s not really. Everyone is very different now. -06:03 Apr 02
    MacBeth: *He shrugged a bit!* Yeah, you’re just catching up to them. It’d probably take a long while to get used to who they are now. -06:06 Apr 02

    Duncan: *With Tiny in his arms, he started looking for Mac and the captain! He heard voices in the kitchen but when he saw it was the captain and Mac, he sneaked away!*

    Bronwen: I’m only two years younger than Dion, you know. But not really anymore. They’ve all moved on without me. -06:11 Apr 02

    Dion: *Dion woke up somewhere… he really didn’t want to be! He was cursing under his breath as he sat up and rubbed his head. …Damnit, he didn’t have a com link on him either. This was great.*

    MacBeth: Hm. *He nodded.* But they did miss you. Now they’ve got you back and you can … start over. -06:14 Apr 02

    Someone passing by stopped by his cell! He sneered down at him! “We’ll get to you in a minute, buddy. Just you wait.” Then he was chuckling to himself as he threw something at Dion through the bars! It was a card marked “Shadowstar?”

    Duncan: *He rubbed Tiny’s head!* I don’t think I should get into that one. *He told Tiny.* Hey, you can look for gatorbats while you’re up.

    “Greeoww! Greeoww!” Tiny growled, stretching when Duncan put it down on the floor! It sniffed the floor and started moving toward the cargo bay.

    Bronwen: *She shrugged her shoulders and scowled!* I guess I should shut up before I start sounded like Mad Morgan! -06:17 Apr 02

    Dion: *Nice, they gave you I.D. Cards? Where was a pen when you needed one. Dion got to his feet to peer out from the bars! This ship shouldn’t be TOO hard to escape.*

    MacBeth: *He smirked a bit.* Better now than later. You can start sounding like her but you’re certainly too pretty to look like her. -06:19 Apr 02

    Brennen: *He was just getting into the ship when a streak of white flew past him!* Whoa. *He looked up to see Duncan coming toward him!* … Tiny?

    Duncan: *He grinned and nodded.* Yeah, I asked it to go looking for gatorbats. Captain hates those. Oh, Captain and Mac are in the kitchen if you want them. *He said before he trotted off!*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen blinked… and grinned!* I guess that’s a point for me. Maybe another hundred years and we’ll see. -06:23 Apr 02

    It wasn’t long before Dion heard voices! An armed man came by and opened the cell! He had the gun aimed securely at Dion’s chest! It looked like he was about to shoot him when … “Stand down and leave us,” someone from behind the guard ordered. The guard glanced over his shoulder. “But–!” he started. “Stand down and leave us,” the voice repeated sternly. “If I have any problems with this one, I will call.” “Yes, ma’am,” the guard sighed. He gave Dion a dark glare before he marched off. That left Dion with the woman from earlier who stepped into the cell and promptly locked it behind her! She had a small computer in her hand. “You must be the Shadowstar who was …” She looked up and stared at him hard. “Following me …” Her next words were a whisper!

    MacBeth: *He smirked a bit.* You shoot better than she does, I’m sure. It’s not like she got this far by her shooting talent. And if it comes down to it, you’ll drink her under the table and break the table over her body. -06:25 Apr 02

    Ceri: … Dion …?

    Dion: *Dion was preparing for one of those uncomfortable interrogations. They tended to come with a good fight and some shocksticks… What he didn’t expect was Ceri’s voice, nor to have her standing right there in front of him on the other side of those bars! The surprise on his face quickly turned to a frown.* …You work for Morgan?

    Brennen: *He gave Duncan a quick salute and watched him disappear! He smiled a bit. Leave it up to Duncan to go and think of something to keep him and Tiny occupied!*

    Ceri: *She hugged the computer to her chest and looked ashamed!* … It isn’t what you think. *She glanced around and stepped closer.* But … You’re a Shadowstar …? *She squinted at him.* The Wolf …

    Bronwen: And then set her on fire just to be sure. *She felt better… but that was why she liked talking to MacBeth.* Then we’d dance on her grave and drink to her death? -06:29 Apr 02

    Duncan: *Leave it up to Tiny to sniff those things out! It had a real good nose as it led the way into the dark corners of the cargo bay! But to be on the safe side, he stayed out in the hall and let Tiny handle things on its own!*

    Dion: That’s going to take a lot of explaining. *Dion said curtly. He was mad. REALLY mad. It wasn’t like he hadn’t had a secret too.. But MORGAN?* I’m Dion Shadowstar, yeah. I think you can guess who my brothers and sister are.

    MacBeth: *He smirked a bit.* Wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ll even sing until I lose my voice and we’ll drink the good stuff. -06:32 Apr 02
    Bronwen: Speaking of songs, you so owe me one for getting hurt again. That’s on the top of the tree of troublemaking. *She grinned!* -06:35 Apr 02

    Ceri: *She shouldn’t be telling him what she was about to! She really shouldn’t and yet … Even to Dion, it was clear her heart was breaking! She swallowed hard!* I’m working for Morgan to get evidence on her. *She finally answered.* My family thinks I’m a businesswoman for some company far away. I’m really … I’m really an undercover police detective. *She pressed a few buttons in her computer where a compartment opened. She handed him something. It was a genuine police badge.*

    MacBeth: *He blinked!* But that wasn’t my fault! Cassius shot his big mouth off! -06:37 Apr 02

    Dion: *…That was the last thing Dion had ever expected to hear out of her! He wasn’t sure if he was relieved, elated, angry or… just plain worried! He handed the badge back to her quick.* Do you have any idea just how dangerous what you’re doing is? If anyone finds out, you will be lucky if they just kill you on the spot!

    Bronwen: That might be true, but the man that can fight squidpirates should be able to dodge sentinalbots so his Captain doesn’t get worried. *Let him try and wiggle out of that… she wanted her song!* -06:41 Apr 02

    Ceri: *She quickly slipped the badge back into the computer. She glanced away from his face.* I know. *When she spoke next, her voice was firmer, more confident.* But that’s why I’m getting you out of here. Hand me the card they gave you.

    MacBeth: *He looked at her for a long moment … then finally smirked!* You got me there. Fine. I give in. What song do you want me to sing for you? -06:44 Apr 02

    Dion: *He held out the card for her to take, but grabbed her arm.* Ceri. You’ve got to leave here with me.

    Ceri: *She looked up at him.* There’s no way I can leave with you without arousing suspicion. And I need to act fast before someone tells her they captured you.

    Bronwen: *Bronwen tapped her chin, giving it some thought!* I think a good song about how awesome I am. I don’t get to hear that enough. -06:51 Apr 02

    Dion: I mean leave this nonsense all together. It’s not safe snooping around like this. …I don’t want to see you get hurt.

    Ceri: *She swallowed!* I’m sorry, Dion … *She stepped away, still holding the card and turned to the door! If only so she didn’t see the look on Dion’s face!* Guard!

    The guard quickly returned! “Yes, ma’am!”

    Ceri: *She held up the card and threw it at him!* A Shadowstar?! Just because someone looks like one doesn’t mean he is! You’re wasting our boss’ time bringing me strays you find in the street!

    The guard blinked! “But ma’am! The men who brought him said–!”

    Ceri: I don’t care. Kick him out and if you bother me one more time with a mistake, Morgan will have your head! *And then she stalked out!*

    The guard growled and glared at Dion! This was a bunch of croc! But orders were orders! He opened the cell and grabbed Dion by the collar of his shirt! “Come on then!” He marched him out of the ship and then threw him out! “And stay out, you bum!” he growled before disappearing inside!

    MacBeth: *He smirked a bit.* As you command. Let me get a drink first. *He got up to fix himself a drink.* -07:03 Apr 02

    Dion: *Dion almost turned around and tried marching back after Ceri, but…. In his head he was cursing up a storm! He stomped back to their own ship. Mad as hell!*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen held out the bottle for him!* Even though you’re not supposed to be walking around? Now it has to be a really good song! -07:06 Apr 02

    Duncan: *He was pacing the hall, listening to sounds of Tiny and gatorbats! He was beginning to regret not telling Tiny to not damage anything!*

    MacBeth: If you had your way, I’d do nothing but sing for you. *He smirked a bit as he took the bottle and sat down again.* -07:06 Apr 02

    Brennen: *He was in his room, lying down and taking a nap! He figured he might as well take his own advice!*

    Bronwen: Yep! But then I wouldn’t have a First Mate that can keep up with me. *She grinned!* -07:08 Apr 02

    Cassius: *Cassius was finally stumbling his way back when he nearly ran in to Dion on the way up the ramp!* Heeey, little brother. What has you lookin’ pissier than a bitch in heat?

    Dion: I found out where Ceri works. *He stomped inside past Cassius… looking for Brennen! If you need to rant, you talk to Brennen.* BREE. *He kicked the man’s bed!*

    Cassius: Say what now…? *Whatever it was, it was juicy gossip. Espcially since nothing ever pissed of Dion. Cassius followed to see what the big deal was.* What’s the matter now? She a hooker too? Man… you guys have some fucked up taste…

    Brennen: *Zzz … Heather … Zzz… Chocolate cake … Zzzz … BREE. And then a jolt that made his entire body rock! He sat up!* Ow! I’m up, I’m up! *He rubbed his head and squinted!* Dion! Cassius! What the hell is wrong with you two … *His voice trailed off when he saw the look on Dion’s face.* Dion, stay. Cassius, get the fuck out.

    Cassius: Hell No! I want to hear this shit! Hey – wait, damnit, DION. *There wasn’t any time to argue, Cassius was shoved out of the room fairly violently and the door slammed in his face.* …. Fuckers.

    MacBeth: *He smirked a bit.* Point taken. Hm. Songs that say how awesome you are … This might take some thinking. -07:16 Apr 02

    Brennen: *He sat on the edge of his bed and ran his fingers through his hair.* Okay, D. Spill.

    Dion: *Dion leaned an arm against the door as he rubbed his face.* Ceri works for Morgan. Don’t – *He held up a hand!* Not for real. She’s an undercover cop, Bree. They have a women working undercover.

    Brennen: *He was speechless! He rubbed his chin and took a deep breath.* A cop. I’ll be damned. *He was thoughtful for a moment.* But that makes the most sense … How the hell did you find out where she worked?

    Bronwen: I guess it’s hard to put something so amazing in to one song. There’s time to think about it though. I’m occasionally patient. -07:24 Apr 02

    Dion: I thought I saw her at the bar… so I followed. I…er. *He coughed.* Got myself captured. She came to check on the prisoner, and you can guess how that went… She had me thrown out.

    MacBeth: *He took a drink.* Yep. After all, we have to include your excellent marksmanship, your ability to drink men under the table and make them eat their words, not to mention your looks and your way with people. -07:27 Apr 02

    Brennen: *He blinked!* You WHAT?! *He sighed, rubbed his temple!* Okay, so, focusing on what’s important … Now that you know what Ceri does, what are you going to do about it?

    Bronwen: *She was nodding in agreement to everything… except the last one!* ..Isn’t my way with people usually pointing guns at them or punching them in the face? -07:29 Apr 02
    MacBeth: *He smirked.* And it’s working for you so far, isn’t it? -07:30 Apr 02

    Dion: Make her stop. I think we can hijack that ship and then we’ll kidnap her. *Dion looked completely serious.*

    Bronwen: *That took some consideration as she gave him a dubious expression.* …I guess it worked on Duncan. I don’t think I’ve landed a real hit on you yet. -07:33 Apr 02

    Brennen: *He burst out laughing when he heard that! He stood and clapped Dion on the shoulder!* Haha … You know for a moment, I thought you were … *He looked at Dion’s face and stopped laughing! He blinked.* Shit, you’re dead serious about this. Dion, we can’t just go hijack a ship and kidnap a woman. We still have to get Aaron out of there and you have no idea of knowing if Ceri found whatever the hell she was looking for.

    MacBeth: *He raised an eyebrow.* Point taken. We came close that time we were at the Hessing farm but other than that … we’ve been too busy babysitting. -07:35 Apr 02

    Dion: If she finds what she’s after, she’s going to get herself killed in the process. I seriously think we could hop over there and grab her. *…He sighed and dropped his head.* All right… maybe not. Damnit… I wish I had known. We’re going to be halfway across the galaxy. If something happens to her…

    Brennen: *He sighed.* She is a grown woman … I’ll tell you what. Let’s ask Cassius to put something together for her. A comm link or something. Something she can at least use in case she’s in trouble.

    Bronwen: And getting our asses kicked. I’d like to have a good fight with you again when we’re not all banged up and see who wins. -07:41 Apr 02

    Dion: I guess that is all I can do for now. …IF I let her leave next time I see her.

    MacBeth: *He smirked.* You’re on. And then we can trade horror stories on who had it worst with your brothers. -07:45 Apr 02

    Brennen: *He patted Dion on the shoulder.* It’d work out. *He poked his head outside.* Cassius! I need you to do something.

    Bronwen: Oh ho… You think your stories can compare? Sex talks aren’t as traumatizing when it’s man to man, I bet. -07:47 Apr 02

    Cassius: *Of course Cassius was still there. He was trying to listen in, but fuck if this wasn’t a good ship.* NOW you let Cassius in? I see how it is.

    Brennen: We need a special comm link, one strong enough to reach across the galaxy. Can you make one?

    Cassius: Yeah. What’s it for? *He eyed Brennen and Dion.* For Ceri? …. IS she a hooker?

    Brennen: *He was giving that “Cassius, you’re getting out of line” look!* All you need to know is that we need one as soon as possible.

    Cassius: *He snorted.* Whatever. You both owe me some sweetass booze, though. *Scratching his head, he stomped off for his room to grab some of his tools!*

    MacBeth: *He couldn’t help but chuckle!* Pick a long night when we’re not fighting the old hag and we’ll compare notes. -07:53 Apr 02

    Dion: We’ll have to stop by the Hessings’ again. *He said once Cassius was out of sight.* I think she’ll go there herself so we can talk.

    Brennen: *He studied Dion.* You sure about this …? About everything? Like your commitment to her?

    [Bronwen was chatting with MacBeth while Dion was discussing Ceri with Brennen!] -02:21 Apr 03
    [MacBeth was still trying to think of a song to fit Shadowstar\’s requirements!] -02:23 Apr 03
    MacBeth: *He took a swig from the bottle!* You know, Captain, you drive a good bargain. *A smirk!* -02:23 Apr 03

    Brennen: *He looked doubtful.* I don’t know, D. It sounds like a long shot for her to be at the Hessings place.

    Duncan: *He decided this was probably a good time to check on Tiny! He went over to the door of the cargo bay and slowly opened it!* … Tiny?

    Dion: Maybe so… But I figure if she’s not there, at least Ma Hessing can figure something out. Brownie gets all worked up about weird things, but she’s not usually wrong…

    Bronwen: I have to keep you on your toes… You’ll get all comfy and lazy otherwise, and then what am I supposed to do? -02:28 Apr 03
    MacBeth: Point taken. Can’t leave you alone with your brothers. Especially not Cassius. -02:29 Apr 03

    Brennen: *He grinned a bit.* Yeah, like the time she said Old Woman Pathburg was a conniving witch. Then it turned out she really did kill her husband for all that money.

    Tiny was sitting right there in front of the door, licking its paw! Its stomach wasn’t bulging but it seemed content!

    Duncan: I sure hope you ate gatorbats and vermin and nothing the captain would make a fuss over. *He remarked, eying Tiny.*

    Dion: Although a Toru princess I find hard to believe. That’d make Duncan a prince. *He cast an amused grin!*

    Brennen: *He laughed and patted Dion on the shoulder!* Thinking of the one Fa almost ran off with?

    Bronwen: Damned Cassius. One of these days he’s gonna run in to someone who will break his bones for that mouth… *Bronwen hopped off the counter just so she could jump in MacBeth’s lap.* Or maybe he’ll marry Betty! That’ll be just as good. *A grin!* He’ll be so busy trying to run off, he’ll not think twice about anything else! -02:40 Apr 03

    Dion: Tried to run off with. Ma said he was trying to pick her up in the bar and he got shot down so hard his butt was sizzling for a week.

    MacBeth: *He smirked! He was getting used to Shadowstar jumping into his lap although he couldn’t tell if that was an entirely bad thing … * Betty looks like the type of woman to snatch Cassius and get hitched right then and there. I’m sure you’ll give the happy couple your blessings. -02:43 Apr 03

    Brennen: *He grinned!* If Duncan’s mother turns out to be one, then boy will we have our hands full. *He ruffled Dion’s hair.* Why don’t you go get a drink or take a nap or something? Get out. It’d do you some good.

    Bronwen: I guess I could let him go, as long as you promised not to run off and marry another woman too. It’s nearly impossible to find someone decent to run a ship with. -02:46 Apr 03
    MacBeth: *He was still smirking!* I’m your first mate, Shadowstar. Can’t get rid of me so easily. -02:48 Apr 03

    Dion: *His HAIR! Dion cast Brennen a light frown as he brushed his hair back in to place.* I guess I could use a nap. …Figure out what I’ll do about Ceri before we go after Aaron. *What he’ll “do” meaning how he plans to kidnap her and get her off Morgan’s ships. Didn’t Bronwen say she had some crazy basket…? *

    Cassius: *And that is when Cassius walked in to the kitchen still tinkering with that device, and stopped. Scowling. They were sitting and smirking… inappropriately! … Wait, everytime he gets pissed off they do something evil. Maybe a bit of reverse psychology! Yeah! …So Cassius walked on by and IGNORED what they were doing!* Is there any of those Bogger meat sticks, or did the demon eat them all?

    MacBeth: *He gave him a sideways glance! He was up to something! He was going to impart some words of advice, some pearls of wisdom but … this was Dion and he’d had enough experience dealing with the opposite gender!* Man, you really are serious about this one. I’m off for some cake! *And then he was headed for the kitchen!* -02:55 Apr 03

    Brennen: *He gave him a sideways glance! He was up to something! He was going to impart some words of advice, some pearls of wisdom but … this was Dion and he’d had enough experience dealing with the opposite gender!* Man, you really are serious about this one. I’m off for some cake! *And then he was headed for the kitchen!*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen blinked as Cassius walked by…without even growling or pitching a fit even. Was he sick?* I guess… What are you working on? -02:59 Apr 03

    Cassius: Fuck if I know. Some comlink thing for Brennen and Dion. Likly for whatever big secret about Ceri neither of the fuckers want to tell me. *Cassius disappeared behind the counter, rummaging around. Occasionally he’d take a peek to see what they were doing.*

    [MacBeth enters.] -03:05 Apr 03
    MacBeth: *He glanced over at Cassius. He never tinkered with something unless he had a reason but why it would be so important the brothers would make one for Ceri was beyond him.* -03:05 Apr 03

    Brennen: *He poked his head into the kitchen a few minutes later!* Do we have anymore of Madame Hessings’ pies or cakes?

    Bronwen: What am I, a serving wench? Find it yourself! *Still not a complaining peep out of Cassius…* What’s this stuff about Ceri? -03:13 Apr 03

    Brennen: *He frowned.* Man, no respect. Sorry. Not for me to say. *He remarked as he started rummaging through the food, too!*

    Cassius: *Cassius bitback his comment about her looking more like an unpaid whore!* Sounds to me like there’s a whole spying on Ceri thing… Dion find out the pretty little chit isn’t so awesome? *He found those Bogger meat sticks and leaned against the counter as he chewed.*

    MacBeth: *He lifted his head to level Cassius with a glare.* What won’t be so awesome is my standing up to beat the shit out of you, Cassius. -03:17 Apr 03

    Brennen: *He lifted his head to level Cassius with a glare.* What won’t be so awesome is my standing up to beat the shit out of you, Cassius.

    Cassius: *Cassius lift his hands in silent compliance. So it was pretty big if Brennen was all up and defensive of Dion’s new girlfriend. Whatever. He could do without thinking about her or that hippo sister!* Whatever, whatever. Just concerned for the well being of my younger siblings and all. You know… ones hooking up when they ought not to be. *He pointed a thumb over his shoulder at Bronwen and MacBeth!*

    MacBeth: Tiny brought a bunch of gatorbat dung into the kitchen last night, same time I was cooking those meat sticks. You don’t suppose … *He glanced over at Bronwen as his voice trailed off, his face perfectly blank!* -03:23 Apr 03

    Cassius: *COUGH! Cassius choked on the piece he was chewing, banging on his chest as he started coughing! … God damnit…!*

    Bronwen: Naw… Tiny is pretty careful about where he leaves his.. uh… toys. Like that dirty laundry someone left all over the hall? -03:26 Apr 03
    [MacBeth has timed out.] -03:30 Apr 03
    MacBeth: Quite the mess. *He was silent for a moment.* I should start cooking. What are we having for dinner tonight, Captain? -03:30 Apr 03

    Cassius: … *COUGH! Swallow! Cassius got himself a glass of water and cleared his throat.* Ahem… woo.. Ha. ha. Got me good that time. You guys… such a great team!

    Brennen: *Meanwhile he was disappointed to see that there were no more desserts!* No respect. *He sighed.* Ah well. I guess I’ll go back to sleep then and dream about Madame Hessings’ wonderful sweets.

    Bronwen: You need to lay off the sweets anyway… or Lady Heather is going to get a big surprise. *She turned to grin at MacBeth.* So you think you’re allowed to get up and cook, do you? -03:35 Apr 03
    MacBeth: *He smirked a bit.* I figured so. Or we could be looking at eating leather tonight for dinner instead. -03:36 Apr 03

    Cassius: …You’re both making me sick. *Cassius muttered around his glass of water… he better head this off!* I know… ~I’ll~ make dinner! So you two can just sit there and do whatever the fuck you’re doing.

    Bronwen: That’s awfully nice of you Cassius. What a great idea! *He was definitely up to something… Cassius was never helpful!* Don’t forget to make something for Tiny too. *…So to test out Cassius… She wrapped her arms around MacBeth’s neck! It was comfy, anyway!* -03:45 Apr 03
    MacBeth: In that case, I can go ahead and give you your song, Captain. I think it’s fitting. Cassius taught it to me. *He smirked.* -03:50 Apr 03

    Cassius: *He was reaching for some pots and pans, grumbling about Tiny when he caught that. There was a loud CLATTER as he dropped one.* …You’re going to sing again?

    Bronwen: *Bronwen looked a bit doubtful… Any songs out of Cassius might be weird, but then again… It might be really amusing!* …well. Now I am curious what sort of songs Cassius would teach you… -03:56 Apr 03
    MacBeth: *He winked at Shadowstar.* I do owe her a few songs. Let’s see … there was one for getting injured by that robot … two for disobeying her orders … did I owe you another one for something else? *He asked Bronwen!* -03:58 Apr 03
    Bronwen: I so won our challenge at the fair. So I should get a song for that too, plus the running from razortooth rabbits! …That’s a lot of songs, Mac. It might take all night. -04:01 Apr 03

    Cassius: *All night huh… He’s faced worse challenges than this! There was a loud CHOP as Cassius cut in to a hunk of meat with a cleaver… A cleaver he was imagining himself lodging in to MacBeth’s brain!* I’d like to hear something romantic myself. What, with all those lovey dovey bullshit going around.

    MacBeth: Alright then. *He cleared his throat.* Don’t pretend you’re sorry, I know you’re not, You know you got the power, To make me weak inside, Girl you leave me breathless, But it’s okay ’cause, You are my survival, Now hear me say, I can’t imagine life, Without your love, Even forever don’t seem, Like long enough … ‘Cause everytime I breathe, I take you in, And my heart beats again, Baby I can’t help it, You keep me, Drowning in your love, Everytime I try to rise above, I’m swept away by love, Baby I can’t help it, You keep me drowning in your love … -04:18 Apr 03
    Bronwen: *Bronwen didn’t bother hiding her grin! Cassius wanted romantic, it couldn’t get more mushy than that!* -04:22 Apr 03

    Cassius: *CHOPCHOPchop.. chop… chop… Cassius made quite the disgusted face as his chopping slowed. What the fuck was that shit? He didn’t teach him any GIRLY songs like that! He cast a frown at them. The shit? Was she falling for that crap? Stupid sister…!* What a … nice… song… *That last word growled out!*

    MacBeth: Thanks. *He looked over at Shadowstar.* I believe that’s one song down. Any requests, Captain? -04:29 Apr 03
    Bronwen: i think I like this romantic song stuff. It’s just too bad we can’t dance too. *Another grin!* -04:32 Apr 03

    Cassius: *Cassius was making faces, mimicing the both of them… But so far his restraint was holding out! He was going to turn this around! …somehow.*

    MacBeth: In that case, I’ll owe you a dance when I feel better. So a romantic song it is … I’m taken just the way you are, Imperfect words inside the perfect song, I feel you closer than you are, But I’ve been waiting far too long, too long … It’s my declaration to anyone who’s listening, You’re my inspiration as I stand alone against the world, ‘Cause you love and you bleed and you stole my soul to set me free, It’s my declaration, So tell me you can hear these words tonight, It’s my declaration … -04:41 Apr 03
    Bronwen: *This song she loved..! Cassius might not appreciate the songs, but she sure did! Bronwen laughed softly as she hugged his neck and rest her head against his.* -04:52 Apr 03

    Cassius: *Now.. Cassius was pretty sure that last song was bullshitting, but this one, he very nearly threw that cleaver across the room! Wait… POISON! Ha ha! He should poison dinner! …No, that’s too much… Maybe he’ll break MacBeth’s legs and stuff Bronwen in that damned basket.* … Heh, heh, heh…. *Now Cassius was grinning quick wickedly!*

    MacBeth: *He was carefully watching Cassius although he did lean his head back against Shadowstar’s.* How am I doing so far? *He asked, meaning both the songs and irking Cassius.* -05:05 Apr 03
    Bronwen: Boy, I could kiss you! You always pick the best songs. *Yet, Cassius went from scowling to grinning like a feind… that didn’t bode well!* -05:08 Apr 03

    Cassius: *SHINK! Fuck..! He almost caught his whole hand that time! Fucking Bronwen! DO IT! Double dare! Do it and watch him fling fifty knives across the room! …Wait. Now, Cassius. That’s what they want. Fling a knife and MacBeth will get all uppity about saving his ‘captain!’ SNORT!* Ha, ha… Like to see your try and get a kiss on him. Turns tail and runs from the hottest women in the galaxy.

    MacBeth: *He studied Bronwen thoughtfully.* … Maybe I just hadn’t found the right woman to kiss. *He replied.* -05:13 Apr 03
    Bronwen: Luckily I’m not one of the hottest women in the galaxy! *She grinned!* I did say if you asked I’d give you a kiss. An honorable Captain always keeps her promises. -05:17 Apr 03

    Cassius: *She did WHAT? Cassius was lifting up that cleaver and nearly threw it! …but he caught his own hand and forced it down. They were bullshitting him! Clever sonsofbitches! CHOPCHOPCHOPCHOP.* Aye, right woman makes a difference, doesn’t it! *CHOPCHOP!*

    MacBeth: *He was thoughtful.* Hm. I almost forgot about that one. What the hell … Captain Shadowstar, may I have a kiss from you? -05:23 Apr 03
    Bronwen: *She gave a smirk! It was good she wasn’t shy.. must be that brazen Shadowstar blood!* Since you asked so nicely. *Bronwen shifted in his lap for a better position, and leaned forward to brush a soft kiss against his mouth. ..It wasn’t like kissing someone just to be a smartass. It was.. different!* -05:29 Apr 03

    Cassius: *The brat isn’t going to do it, she’s a damned pru-CLANG! Cassius dropped his cleaver… and his jaw! For once shocked in dumbfounded staring!*

    MacBeth: *He tilted his head up as her head came down and he fought the urge to kiss her back. He had asked her for a kiss and she was giving him one. He was not going to overstep those boundaries and take more than he was being given.* -05:37 Apr 03
    Bronwen: *Maybe she lingered longer than she should have.. but no one said anything about time limits! And sneaking in a second kiss wasn’t asked for either, but he did give her several songs. Bronwen leaned back with a faint smirk!* Well, I guess you’re not running, so it’s not too bad? -05:43 Apr 03

    Cassius: *…Cassius was pushing up his sleeves as he picked that cleaver back up. …And set it on the counter. If looks alone could kill, the whole ship would be dead! He was so mad, he couldn’t even scream the millions of really large cursewords he had going through his head! …Oh no, he was going to COOK THE HELL out of dinner! And then…. DEATH.*

    MacBeth: *He smirked back!* Not bad at all. Thank you, Captain. -05:54 Apr 03
    Bronwen: After all that, you’d think dinner would be done by now, though… *She cast a glance over at Cassius. At least now he looked like his usual self. She shrugged her shoulders.* -05:59 Apr 03

    Cassius: Excuse me if having a couple of morons making out in the kitchen is ruining my g’damned concentration! *He snarled… But he reminded himself that his awesome plan was foolproof! Brennen was napping, Dion was missing… and MacBeth couldn’t chase him down! He smirked around.* It’s almost ready. Maybe you should get Duncan, Brownie.

    MacBeth: Actually I have to use the first mate’s room. *He replied and smirked a bit.* -06:03 Apr 03
    Bronwen: I guess i can let you get up for that. You can grab Duncan on the way back. *Bronwen hopped out of his lap and moved to lean on the counter.* -06:07 Apr 03
    MacBeth: I’ll go get Brennen and Dion while I’m at it. *Using the cane Madame Hessing had given him, he got up and walked out of the kitchen.* -06:08 Apr 03

    Duncan: *He was scratching Tiny’s stomach as it lay on its back in his lap! They were on the bridge, just keeping an eye on everything!*

    Brennen: *He was lying in bed in his room, writing a letter back to Heather! One of the letters he’d found in that package of hers lay beside his head on the pillow! He couldn’t wait to see her again!*

    Bronwen: *Griiiinning at Cassius!* When you’re not being a total dick, you’re a good brother. I’ve been looking for a good excuse to kiss him all week! -06:10 Apr 03

    Cassius: *That was the staw that broke the camels back. …Cassius turned off the heat, dusted off his hands… And charged around the counter like an angry bull! He made sure to clamp a hand over her mouth before she went cursing at him and was hauling her out of the room kicking and growling like a little beast!* You ASKED for it! Let’s see where I’m going to stash you while I break off your boyfriends toes and feed them to him!

    Bronwen: *Cassius was damned strong when he was pissy! But she wasn’t laughing! At least he wasn’t suggesting to drown her again! Bronwen bite him good though until he let go!* You’re so damned jealous..! Can’t you lighten up EVER? *Bronwen grabbed the door frame and clung!* -06:19 Apr 03
    MacBeth: *He hadn’t been lying when he said he had to go! … But that took a back seat to keeping an eye on Cassius! He was waiting for him when he dragged Shadowstar out!* … -06:21 Apr 03

    Cassius: *DAMN. Suspicious sonofabitch. ..wait a second… Cassius made sure to swing Bronwen around and use her as a shield!* This is brother-sister business, you just wait your turn! I wasn’t going to stash her in a damned box if that’s what you’re about. Learned that lesson last time. *Cassius said with a smirk.*

    MacBeth: Don’t you remember, old man … I was never good at waiting my turn. *He tapped that cane against the wall a few times. TAP-tap-TAPTAPTAP! TAPTAP-tap-tap-TAP!* -06:27 Apr 03
    Bronwen: *This was so stupid… Bronwen was looking pretty unamused at being a shield! MacBeth promised not to kill Cassius.. yet… and Cassius was probably going to push it…* Oh, hey, you figured out what it does? -06:28 Apr 03
    MacBeth: *He nodded once!* Hmm hmm. And I learned something else too. *He was still tapping that cane against the wall! tap-tap-TAPTAPTAP! TAP-TAP-taptaptap!* -06:30 Apr 03

    Cassius: …You have to be kidding. Are we summoning the furball? *Cassius almost looked worried… They always pulled out this crazy shit on him!*

    MacBeth: *He smirked a bit!* Guess we’re about to find out. *He spun that cane in his hand and between his fingers very nicely!* -06:34 Apr 03

    Cassius: … You’re bullshitting me. Cassius said with a snort! The man was injured and he wasn’t going to hurt his stupidass bigmouthed captain. Cassius hoisted her up again… to back up in to the kitchen! He could barricade him out for days! They had all the food in there!*

    “Greeowwww!!” came that familiar growl from behind Cassius!

    MacBeth: … That’s right. There’s an entire air vent system running through this ship. *He remarked.* -06:39 Apr 03

    Cassius: *Shit! He was summoning up the little demon! Cassius turned around quick with Bronwen still as a shield! Tiny wasn’t going to eat her too!* …I wasn’t DOING anything, fur for brains!

    Tiny had shifted from its smaller form to its larger form and now sat on the floor, regarding Cassius with that “Oh, please” look on its face!

    Bronwen: Tiny! You’ve come to save me! You’re my sweet fuzzy hero! … Damnit Cassius, get off me already! -06:46 Apr 03

    Duncan: *He ran and skidded to a stop in front of the kitchen!* There you are, Tiny! I was wondering where you– *He blinked and pointed.* Cassius, what are you doing with the captain?

    Cassius: …Hell no! Your fucking mate and ball of furry evil intimidated me the last few times, THIS time Cassius gets his revenge! *…Quick! Something for revenge, just so he can at least have SOME satisfaction!* … Cutting her hair! *He whipped out one of those knives from his belt!*

    MacBeth: *He raised an eyebrow.* You’ve got to be kidding me. *He muttered under his breath.* -06:50 Apr 03
    Bronwen: What?! *A small shriek and she was pulling her gun! Screw the no-kill Cassius rule! She pointed at the floor and was shooting as his foot!* -06:51 Apr 03

    Cassius: YES. Let’s see you find a bald captain attrac-SHIT! *Cassius dropped her quick, stumbling out of the way of gunfire! She popped a hole in his shoe!* G’damnit, woman! Put that gun away!

    When Shadowstar shot at Cassius’ foot, Tiny went from large form to small and launched itself at Cassius’ face, claws flashing out to rake across his face!

    Cassius: *DUCK! DODGE! CURSE! First he was dodging shots, now he was dodging tiny! Cassius weaved around everyone and was off like a rocket for his room!*

    Brennen: *He came running out, passing by Cassius and stopped in front of the kitchen! He had to catch his breath!* Okay. Now what the hell happened?

    Bronwen: *She stopped shooting at him once Tiny pounced. Bronwen swished her gun back where it belonged!* Cassius was going to cut my hair! -06:57 Apr 03

    Brennen: *He lowered his head and sighed!* He never learns …

    MacBeth: *He smirked a bit.* So, who’s ready to eat? -06:58 Apr 03

    Nearly a week later, they arrived at the Hessing farm!

    Duncan: *He stepped out and stretched with Tiny on his shoulders!* Man, it’s good to be out and about. Right, Tiny?

    “Greeoww! Greeowww!” the little furball replied, sitting on one of his shoulders!

    Dion: *Dion was the ship in a heartbeat, a mission on his mind! If he played his cards right, he wouldn’t have to give Ceri the comlink!*

    Dion: *off the ship!

    MacBeth: *The good news was that his leg had healed rather nicely! Now the cane sat in his room just in case!* Seems like we can never get enough of this place. *He remarked!* -07:04 Apr 03

    Ma Hessing: *She looked up as Dion burst through the back door! She was making some tea!* Oh, Dion. Welcome. Would you like some tea or coffee?

    Bronwen: *Bronwen was yawing… Cassius had taken to more subtle methods of harassing by sneaking little noisemakers in her room! …But that’s okay. She had Tiny hunt them down and returned the favor!* I kind of like it here. It’s nice having somewhere to come back to. -07:05 Apr 03

    Dion: Er… No, I am fine, thank you. Have you seen Ceri lately?

    Brennen: *He walked out behind them, hands clasped behind his head!* Maybe now Mac can learn some of Madame Hessing’s recipes!

    Cassius: *Cassius was playing it smart. He stayed on the damned ship. Let’s see Betty try and catch him here!*

    Ceri: … Dion … *She was standing in the doorway that led further into the house like a deer caught in the headlights.* I’m sorry, Ma Hessing. I–I have to leave. *Then she was turning and running back the way she’d come!*

    Dion: *…Wise to his game plan! Dion took off after her, with a great deal of speed! He was in top form by now thanks to good care and decent food!*

    Ma Hessing: *She blinked.* Ceri? *She watched Dion bolt after her and sighed softly, shaking her head. Then she turned to find Duncan on the back porch!* Hey there, sweetie. Come on in. You too, Tiny.

    Ceri: *She was headed off of the Hessing property! But she figured she’d be safe hiding behind the small old barn the Hessings no longer used. She closed her eyes and wet her lips. When she opened them, she didn’t see or hear Dion. She took a step away from the barn, ready to bolt for her mother’s home–even if it was a couple of miles away.*

    Duncan: *He smiled and kisses his mother on the cheek.* Hello, Ma. Coffee and tea. Do you have company over?

    Bronwen: We’re going to have to change Brennen’s name to Sasquatch at the rate he’s eating everything. -07:16 Apr 03
    MacBeth: Good point. *He looked over at Brennen.* Why don’t you learn to bake instead? -07:16 Apr 03

    Ma Hessing: Ceri was here a moment ago but she ran off. Dion after her. But Betty is still here. *She reached up to scratch Tiny between the ears.*

    Dion: *The woman was fast…! It was good he had his strength back! He reached the barn and didn’t see any movement. She had to be hiding. Dion ducked low to the ground, tip toeing quietly around the side for an ambush!*

    Brennen: *He looked down at his belly and patted it!* It’s not fat! It’s muscle!

    Ceri: *She turned around but didn’t see Dion. Her heart was beating so fast, she had to put a hand over it! But it wasn’t long before she had to run her fingers through her hair to brush it back and clasp her hands together against her chest like she always did when she was nervous! She was so busy keeping an eye and an ear out for Dion, she didn’t even realize she was walking backwards toward him!*

    MacBeth: *He raised an eyebrow!* … Sure it is. *He spotted Duncan stepping outside of the house to wave them inside!* -07:23 Apr 03
    Bronwen: We’ll have to put you on a diet or something. I don’t want Lady Heather blaming us for your awful habits! -07:23 Apr 03

    Betty: Here, Ma Hessing. *She walked in, carrying a large basket of eggs! All of them were big but some were pure white, others were dark purple with yellow spots, a few were dark green with white stripes!* I got the eggs just like you wanted.

    Dion: *Sneak, sneak… He flexed his fingers before he pounce! Dion lift her up quick to throw over his shoulder!* I don’t think you’ve had a tour of our ship yet, Ceri! I was thinking Bronwen needs a lady around and since you need to get out of Morgan’s employment anyway…

    Ma Hessing: Ah, thank you, Betty. *She took the eggs from Betty to place on the counter!* Pa’s chickens can be so sensitive sometimes. Must be old age.

    Ceri: DION! *She shrieked, struggling to get off his shoulder! If she could only get a firm hold on something, she would stand a better chance of getting free!* Dion, put me down! What do you think you’re doing?!

    Brennen: *He sighed softly.* You’d think a guy could get a little more slack after having to go without treats for so long. *He muttered under his breath as he followed them to the Hessings’ home.*

    Dion: *Dion made sure to give a wiiiide birth of anything she could grab!* Saving your life is what I’m doing. Not even a Shadowstar is fool enough to try long term undercover work under Morgan’s command. …And since you won’t listen to reason, then I’m going to handle it.

    Ceri: *She liked to think of herself as a patient person but in this case, her patience was wearing thin!* Dion, kidnapping me won’t solve anything! … Don’t make me arrest you! *She might not have her badge or her cuffs on her at the moment but she’d be damned if she let that stop her!*

    Betty: Anytime, ma’am. *She noticed Duncan.* ‘Morning, Duncan. Just get in?

    Duncan: ‘Morning Betty. *He nodded.* Yep. Me and the captain and all. I don’t know how long we’re staying though.

    Betty: *She grinned!* Mm … Is that right …? *She leaned toward him!* And what about that delicious

    Betty: *Cassius? Is he here, too?

    Dion: …Now, I don’t want to sound like I’m challenging your authority as an officer or anything, but I’d like to see you [i]try[/i] and arrest me. *Dion said with all confidence. He might not fight with her, but that doesn’t mean she’d catch him either!*

    Dion: …Now, I don’t want to sound like I’m challenging your authority as an officer or anything, but I’d like to see you try and arrest me. *Dion said with all confidence. He might not fight with her, but that doesn’t mean she’d catch him either*

    Ceri: Put me down and I’ll show you. *She said, still struggling! Although somewhere in the back of her mind, she had to admit he had a pretty strong grip!*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen stepped in the house… and what a pleasure to see Miss Betty questioning about Cassius! …Bronwen had her best smile!* …Cassius? I think he’s still napping back on the ship. Do you want my keycard to go say Hello? -07:38 Apr 03

    Ma Hessing: *She was pouring the coffee and the tea for Betty and Duncan. She looked up.* Mac, Bronwen, Brennen, good morning. Tea or coffee?

    Dion: Not a chance, love. I put you down, you start running, and then I’d have to chase you all over again. No- I think we’re right to the ship and I’m… going to tie you to a chair or something until we takeoff.

    Betty: *Her face broke into a wide grin!* Oh, he is! How wonderful! *She looked ready to squeal in delight when Bronwen offered to lend her her keycard! She clapped her hands together.* I would be much obliged if you did.

    Ceri: *She huffed! … Wait, did he just call her ‘love’? Blushing! She had to stop blushing! Focus, Ceri!* Dion, this investigation is important! I’ve worked too long and too hard for this to slip by! I nearly have all the evidence I need.

    Bronwen: *Bronwen dug out her card, handing it to Betty!* I think I need coffee, Madam Hessing. …Oh, Cassius’ room is the third door down that second corridor. But sometimes he hides in the kitchen or the engine room if he’s working on something. *Bronwen slid slowly in to a chair.. this will teach Cassius not to keep her awake all night!* -07:45 Apr 03

    Dion: *…With a heavy sigh, Dion finally stopped stomping for the ship and set her down. …He had a firm grip on her arms though, just in case.* I understand. I really do. But if you get caught, you’re dead. No prisons, no long years of torment. Just dead. …I want the opportunity to know you, Ceri. I won’t let you before I get that chance.

    Betty: If Ceri returns, tell her, not to wait for me. *She said as she took the card.* Thank you! I can’t wait to say hello to my Cassie-Poo! *And then she was suddenly out the door, moving faster than someone her size should be able to move! She used the keycard to get into the ship and then glanced around! Hm … Third door. Second corridor. *She was giddy enough to start calling out for him but stopped herself! She was going to give him one hell of a wake up call! She tiptoed to his room and chanced a look inside!*

    Ceri: *He had her arms but she didn’t want to have to hurt him.* Dion, I’m a cop. I put my life on the line so that innocent people won’t suffer. *She shook her head and closed her eyes.* I should never have told you about my being undercover …

    Ma Hessing: *She poured Bronwen some coffee.* Scones? Crumb cake? *She offered!*

    Brennen: *He’d found himself a seat and smiled.* I’ll take a scone, thank you, Madame Hessing. What flavor is it? *But he was already nibbling on it!*

    Cassius: *Cassius was sound asleep with his pullow stuffed over his head, and a little machine next to the bed good and smashed. Apparently he found the noisemaker. He was snoring away!*

    Betty: *She started to giggle before she put a hand over her mouth. She tiptoed oh so quietly next to the bed.* Oh, Cassie-Poo … *She whispered into his ear. She could barely contain herself!*

    Dion: No, you should have told me sooner. If Morgan or any of her goons find out you let a Shadowstar loose.. There’s.. there’s not even words to describe how shitty that would be! *He was raising his voice, and he had to take in a deep breath.* I’m not going to be able to talk you out of it am I. You really are a Knight.

    Bronwen: *Bronwen took a sip of coffee before resting her head on the table. She was too tired to complain about Brennen eating again or even say yes to a treat!* -07:56 Apr 03

    Ma Hessing: *She smiled.* White chocolate and rumberry scones. There are plenty so eat up.

    Cassius: *Snoooooore… grumble.* don wan none… go’way… *Snoooorre*

    Ceri: *She smiled a bit.* That’s … what we Knights do. *She cupped his face and closed her eyes.* What are the chances of me meeting up with such a great guy like you? A Shadowstar, no less. *She swallowed. She wasn’t going to cry. She wasn’t going to cry.*

    MacBeth: *He took a sip of his coffee and watched as Brennen and Tiny both went for the same scone–until Tiny swallowed the scone and Brennen’s fingers whole!* -08:02 Apr 03

    Brennen: *He blinked!* Yikes! *He pulled his fingers out of Tiny’s mouth and checked to make sure they were all there! He breathed a sigh of relief when he found them all accounted for!*

    Dion: Ceri… *Amazong how you can meet someone and it just changes… everything! He pulled her forward and kissed her forehead.* I’ve got something for you. A comlink incase there is trouble. It’ll call me…

    Tiny wore a smug grin on its face as it finished off that scone! That would teach humans to pick up the same scone!

    Ceri: *She opened her eyes and blinked up at him … then she shook her head, stepped back.* I–I can’t. If they find that on me, they’ll track you down. I can’t put you or your family in danger. *But that was so sweet of him! So thoughtful! But she had to stay firm on this!*

    Bronwen: *One eye watching Tiny and Brennen, there was a soft snicker from her.* -08:09 Apr 03

    Betty: *She started to giggle again and then stopped herself as she tiptoed to the door and locked it. How convenient that it locked from the inside! Then she slipped under the covers and groped him!* Rise and shine, sleeping beauty!

    Brennen: *He raised an eyebrow at Tiny.* Very funny. *He snatched a scone and turned away from Tiny to eat it in piece. He occassionally stole glances over his shoulder at the adorable furball sitting on the table.*

    Dion: *Dion just pulled her back!* …You can either take the comlink, or you’re going to be living in my room tied to a chair and with Tiny as a guard. …and I have five people that’d help me do it.

    Cassius: *snoore grumble…* Hrrmm.. hey, baby… *He reached out to grab… one hell of a huge boobie! Cassius’ loud bellowing could be heard for miles!*

    Tiny sat up and its ears twitched!

    Ceri: *She looked up at his face. He was serious! On the other hand … it would feel so much better if she knew someone was there for her. Even if it was selfish and stupid. She sighed.* Alright. I’ll take the comlink.

    Dion: *With a sigh of relief, he released on of her arms to dig in his pocket and pull out the comlink. …He had even gone the extra step of talking Cassius in to making it look subtle. Like a jacket broach! He placed it in her hand.* It’ll work both ways. … So next time I get myself captured, you can give me another rescue. *He cast her a wry grin.*

    Ceri: *She curled her fingers around the comm link and pressed it against her chest. Then she tilted her head up to kiss that grin of his!* Thank you, Dion. I guess this means you’ll be going for awhile. To rescue your brother.

    Dion: *Sheepishly and with a blush he nodded!* I suppose it means you’ll know exactly what kind of ruckess we’ll be getting in to. He’s on the other side of the Galaxy, we might be gone longer than usual…

    MacBeth: *She smiled a bit.* Just take care of yourself. And remember … you promised me you wouldn’t get shot again. *It was nice talking to someone like this. Maybe she’d been spending too much time keeping to herself and shutting people away.* -08:32 Apr 03

    Ceri: *She smiled a bit.* Just take care of yourself. And remember … you promised me you wouldn’t get shot again. *It was nice talking to someone like this. Maybe she’d been spending too much time keeping to herself and shutting people away.*

    Dion: *That brought a wide grin from him.* A Shadowstar keeps his promises. I found a nice bit of armor that shoulder handle any more oncoming gunfire. *Now… he gave in to temptation and pulled her in to his arms to rest his chin on her head.*

    Ceri: *Oh no, she was blushing again! He always made her blush! But she slipped her arms around him and rested her head on his chest.*



    The crew sneaks on to a planet fortress to find the map for Aaron’s location. Cassius gets everyone injured! Another meeting with Banquo! They make it back for Dion’s date with Ceri.

    [Bronwen can\’t stand it anymore. She\’s bothering Dion!] -01:52 Mar 30
    Bronwen: And just like that you ask her for a date. No running off to a tent, or her house, or hiding behind a tree for some crazy public sex. An actual date. *Brennen suddenly wants only one woman, and now Dion is dating… this is weird!* -01:54 Mar 30
    [MacBeth looked from Bronwen to Dion and back again.] -01:55 Mar 30

    Duncan: *He was wondering what was so odd about Dion wanting to go on a date with someone like Ceri. She was a really great girl! Must be a Shadowstar thing!*

    Dion: Yes, a date. You ought to try one, Brownie. *Dion was taking it pretty easy, just puffing on his cigarette as he looked over one of Brennen’s maps.*

    Cassius: Go on a date and I’ll kill the guy. Just so you know. *Cassius replied from a corner, making sure to give MACBETH a good sharp threatening look. He knows what they’ve been doing…! And he’s ain’t happy about that big woman carrying him off either! …She was rough! ;__; *

    MacBeth: You’re welcome, Cassie. *He replied, wearing a smirk! Oh, he’d seen the way Cassius had been limping and moving slowly, as if every bone in his body ached! And he knew it wasn’t just age catching up to the old Shadowstar, either!* -01:59 Mar 30

    Brennen: *He cleared his throat!* Excuse me. If you could all concentrate on the task at hand and not the other person’s love life …

    Duncan: So … there’s no other way to do this? Siren’s Rock is pretty tough. Morgan will be expecting us for sure.

    Bronwen: *Easily ignoring Cassius, she continued poking at Dion… until Brennen chimed in. She crossed her arms.* You’re just mad I found one of your love letters. *She muttered!* Morgan underestimates how much we can accomplish in a small amount of time… She keeps sending these single goons. I doubt it’ll take us longer than an hour at best… -02:02 Mar 30

    Dion: More than an hour. Siren’s Rock is a big place, and there’s no telling where they store their star charts. We’ll have to split up, and assume there’s going to be one of Morgan’s miniature armies…

    MacBeth: Let’s not forget McRaven. He’s been everywhere. -02:06 Mar 30

    Brennen: *He aimed a sharp glare at Bronwen!* I told you not to go snooping around in my stuff! If I wanted someone to read it, I’d have published it somewhere like one of Cassius’ dirty notes.

    Bronwen: *Bronwen gave a wicked smirk! Baited and point!* Cassius could probably take out a small army with just his face, so I think MacBeth and I would be ready for McRaven. -02:11 Mar 30

    Cassius: *Cassius cast a big toothy growly face at Bronwen!* Aye, I might at that. If I wasn’t half dead molested by some backtown hippo. We’re better of sneaking in and hoping no one spots us.

    Brennen: *He raised an eyebrow at Cassius and then glared at him!* If it involves wearing a bra and a thong, so help me, Cassie, I’ll throw you to Morgan herself.

    Dion: Let’s… not speak about the two of you in drag again. I am still having nightmares about that. *It was hard to tell if he was serious or not!* It would be nice to run in and run out without a fight. I don’t want to end up banged and bruised before that date.

    Bronwen: *Pointing a quick finger at Dion, she scoffed!* See! You even want to look your best and be in top form! How do you even know she’s worth it? -02:23 Mar 30
    MacBeth: … Always the optimist. *He murmured.* -02:28 Mar 30

    Dion: The way she puts her fingers through her hair when she’s embarassed. Now, if we can get back on point– Having Brennen hunt down the charts themselves with me, Cassius, Duncan and Tiny could take care of any reinforments if we get caught. Brownie and MacBeth can handle any..ah.. special problems if they come up.

    Cassius: *Cassius snorted.* You aught to stick MacBeth with Duncan. I don’t want to be around that furry demon, and Brownie might be able to shoot a damned gun but she ain’t shit for balls at taking out goons hand to hand.

    Brennen: Hahaha. Very funny. *He muttered, casting a dark look at Dion now!* Dion’s plan is a good one. Well, you and Brownie aren’t too keen with each other in the first place. It’d be our luck you two decide to argue on who is going to shoot which goons.

    Bronwen: *Bronwen was going to question Dion again, but there went Cassius’ fat mouth!* Heyo, I can take YOU out, I can take out any dumbass that comes at me. We’ll do it Dion’s way. -02:34 Mar 30

    Cassius: Oh, right… I didn’t realized Dion was captain now! Does that mean after his turn, I finally get the honors? *He respondedly with thick sarcasm!*

    Brennen: *He ignored Cassius!* Alright. So we got the plan. We can all rest up and get ready because we’re going to need all we got.

    Dion: Let’s try not to get distracted while we’re there. *Dion commented, lighting up a new cig.* I don’t want to make a bad impression on Ceri.

    Bronwen: …So if Brennen is probably going to marry Lady Heather, and now you’re all twitterpated over Ceri… when exactly, did you figure out you only want ONE girl when there’s always been millions? -02:44 Mar 30

    Brennen: *He massaged his temple!* I think this is my cue to go and have a drink. Anyone else up for some …? *He asked as he walked for the door!*

    Cassius: Lost their damned minds is what happened. …I want a beer! *Announced Cassius as he escaped. Who wants to hear all that love bullshit anyway?*

    Dion: Thanks for the backup, Bree. *Dion said, at least half amused… The questions were THAT bad. …So far.* Sometimes you want more, Brownie. That’s all.

    Dion: *weren’t!

    Brennen: *He paused before he walked out.* Just let it be. These things happen. You’ll only hurt yourself trying to dissect everything.

    Duncan and Mac followed suit and left to do whatever they needed to do!

    It was the next day when the ship approached Siren’s Rock. It was the largest asteroid in a belt, housing a huuuuuuge space station. By luck, their ship was auto-recogized as one of Morgan’s vessels and was allowed to land without question. Inside the docking bay, it seemed fairly void of people! Occasionally there was a speaker announcement by a very bored sounding individual about what the day’s specials were in the cafeteria.

    Tiny had done a little “shopping” and sneaked in some uniforms! Good Tiny!

    Bronwen: *Bronwen liked disguises… maybe not as much as Cassius. But getting to switch out her clothes and play a part was always entertaining. She made sure to hide her guns nice and secure!* And so we remember… No causing trouble so Dion makes his date. *Brennen’s comment yesterday might have confused her, but that hadn’t stopped her from being curious. Unfortunetly, that would have to wait!* -03:06 Mar 30
    MacBeth: *He slipped one of the uniforms on and packed in the swords and a few grenades just in case. One could never be too careful!* -03:07 Mar 30

    Duncan: *He slipped on a uniform and had a gun with him, in case of an emergency! But the gun was a last resort since he had Tiny, after all!*

    Brennen: *He straightened his uniform and was packing a single gun, too!* Too bad trouble finds us instead.

    Cassius: *Cassius is pretty damned sure there was a conspiracy going on, cause HIS uniform was too damned small. You could see his ankles and his chest was about to pop out. He was looking ready to kill someone!* I hope they do. Someone is going to pay for this shit.

    Brennen: Everyone’s comm links good and working?

    Dion: Try not to draw anyone’s attention, Cassius. *Dion was well prepared, waiting by the door to make sure everyone was settled.* I’m good.

    Bronwen: Yeeees. Can we get going before Cassie’s buttons pops one of our eyes out? -03:14 Mar 30

    Brennen: *He nodded once and joined Dion!* Let’s go.

    Everyone was ready and the door opened to let them through!

    Cassius: Damned furballs own fault. *Muttered Cassius along with a few other phrases! He was out after Brennen and Dion, not waiting for Duncan to catch up. (Not that he needed too, sore body and tight clothes made for some awkward walking!)*

    Tiny was snickering! Duncan had hidden Tiny in a satchel he was carrying! If anyone asked, the satchel held classified documents not to be opened by anyone!

    MacBeth: You look ready for a rematch, Captain. *He remarked softly so only she could hear as they moved out.* -03:21 Mar 30
    Bronwen: *It was hard to keep a straight face with Cassius looking so stupid. But all remaining comments were kept to herself for now.* I hope that’s not a subtle challenge. Don’t think you can keep up. *She mumbled in response!* -03:23 Mar 30
    MacBeth: *He wore a hint of a smirk before it disappeared as quickly as it had come!* -03:25 Mar 30

    There were a lot of guards here! They were stationed everywhere and they at least looked competent! They were standing at attention, their guns were clean and polished, and their uniforms were nice and clean!

    Dion: *This is where confidence in what your doing comes in to play. Dion didn’t say a word, striding along with Brennen as if they were always meant to be there.*

    Cassius: *Cassiues just wanted to hit somebody. He looked like an ass, felt like a pincushion, and all of these pricks were just standing around in the halls all officially like. Who the fuck stands that straight and clean looking on some backassward asteroid that no one ever goes to!*

    It didn’t take them long to come to a pair of large iron doors about twice as tall as Cassius! But sitting at a desk just outside of the doors was a thin man wearing tiny spectacles on his nose and a crisp uniform that was dark blue compared to the gray ones they wore! He was shuffling through papers and didn’t even look up when they approached. “Just leave the documents here.”

    Dion: I am afraid these documents are to be delivered in person. *Replied Dion, almost mimicing the man’s tone.* In a hurry to get back, if you don’t mind.

    Bronwen: Just tell him to open the fucking doors. *Snorted Cassius from behind. … At least he was -trying- to keep his voice down.* -03:51 Mar 30

    Cassius: Just tell him to open the fucking doors. *Snorted Cassius from behind. … At least he was -trying- to keep his voice down.*

    Perhaps it was the tone in Dion’s voice or something he said that made the man stop shuffling! He looked up at Dion from behind the spectacles! “Impossible. Improbable.” He reached up to push the spectacles up his nose. “No one delivers these in person.” He beckoned at them. “Come, come, give me the documents and I will deal with it after I deal with more important matters.”

    Dion: *Ignoring Cassius behind him, Dion only shook his head, patiently replying!* I’m afraid not sir. Classified documents from Morgan herself. If I don’t get them there in person, she’s likely to cane the lot of us.

    Cassius: This self-important prick isn’t going to listen to reasoning. *Complained Cassius again! …The asshole was asking for it with his whole ‘important matters’ bullshit!*

    The man was beginning to hesitate … until Cassius spoke up! He leaned to the side slightly, trying to get a look at who’d spoken! “Such language is inappropriate and for that I will have your pay docked. I will have all of your badges at once as well as your employee numbers.” He whipped out a computer and began typing in something!

    Cassius: I got my numbers for ya. *Muttered Cassius, who clearly meant the five fingers of his FIST as he was doging around Dion to grab at the twerp behind the desk!*

    Brennen: *He was ready to smack Cassius senseless!* Pardon him, sir. *He did his best to block Cassius off but man he was big!* It has been a long day.

    Dion: *Dion was snagging Cassius back the back of his collar as Brennen tried to block his way.* He has a case of brain chiggers. Doesn’t have a clue what he’s saying half the time.

    Bronwen: *Bronwen rubbed her forehead… Cassius was such a twit…!* -04:05 Mar 30

    The man’s eyes grew wide and he tilted so far back from his chair, he was likely to stumble out of it! “Your badges and employee numbers. Now,” he demanded, looking quite angry at this case! How dare that brute try to come at him!

    Cassius: *Shaking Dion off, Cassius pointed a finger around Brennen with a rather fierce snarl!* You’re going to open up that door or I’m going to pop your head like a weasel.

    The man’s anger quickly disintegrated at this point! He scampered backwards and tipped over! THUD! He scrambled to his knees–and hit a large red button hidden on the side of a drawer! The alarm went off as he scurried under the desk!

    Brennen: G’damnit! *He growled and broke away to jump over the desk and start pushing away papers!* The key! *He threw the silver card at Dion!*

    Duncan: *He opened the satchel and let Tiny jump out!* Plan B!

    Dion: *Dion didn’t often curse, but he was doing it now! He caught the key and was opening up the door!* I’m going to be late for my date, and she’s going to think I’m.. I’m a Cassius! *He spat out as the door was opened!*

    The alarm was a loud one and red lights were flashing! Reinforcements were coming!

    Bronwen: Cassius, you big mouthed dick! Can’t you control yourself for fifteen minutes?! *Bronwen hissed, pulling out her gun to turn around and keep them covered!* -04:15 Mar 30

    Brennen: *He was already in the room and glanced around!* G’damnit! *There were shelves upon shelves of maps and charts!* I’ll take this side! *He darted off to one side!*

    MacBeth: *He moved behind the desk, grabbed the man hiding there by the collar and threw him to the side!* Hey, Flyboy! Help me move this out and tip it over! We’re gonna use this as a shield! -04:16 Mar 30

    Duncan: *He flinched as shots were already being fired but did as told! He and Mac managed to get that desk moved, as heavy as it was, before tipping it over, top facing the approaching men!*

    Cassius: We’re fucking inside the room aren’t we?! Fucking pretty words and nice talking don’t do shit! *Cassius cracked his knuckles, good and ready for the men charging down the hall.* Should have cut his neck in the first place. *He rushed forward, like a charging bull, barreling in to the arriving men! Swinging fists like he was in a bar!*

    MacBeth: *He threw his thumb toward the room Dion and Brennen had disappeared into!* Flyboy, you go in and see if you can help. -04:20 Mar 30

    Dion: *…This could take longer than an hour and Cassius already screwed their cover.* ….Shit! *Dion was on the opposite side, riffling through maps as quickly as he could pick them up and look!*

    Duncan: *He quickly nodded!* Right. *He turned to Tiny, sitting there!* Be careful, Tiny. *And then he was gone! The first Shadowstar he ran into was Dion!* Can I help?

    Dion: Take the middle! You’re looking for anything that says Shadowstar, Aaron, or The Bear.

    MacBeth: We’re going to need to look for another way to get back to the ship. *He told Shadowstar as he spotted a map on the wall of the compound! Hell be damned! It had a marking on it that read "You Are Here"! -04:22 Mar 30

    Duncan: *He quickly nodded and was scrambling away to the middle of the room!* Uh … Got it! *He pulled out map after map, looking and looking!* Shadowstar. Aaron. The Bear. Shadowstar. Aaron. The Bear.

    Bronwen: *Bronwen was already moving behind the desk, remaining standing so she could get clearer shots… And she wasn’t being nice about Cassius either! Someone of those shots came a bit close to hitting him!* There’s other hallways, right? Just need a detour route and then send the big mouth down a different one as a distraction! -04:24 Mar 30

    Brennen: *He was pulling out those maps and checking them, then flying them over his shoulder or just letting them drop on the floor!*

    Cassius: *PECHEW!* …WATCH WHERE YOU’RE FUCKING SHOOTING, WOMAN! *That one went right between his legs to shoot out someone’s knees! That was a close call! Cassius head butted the nearest goon, and clobbered another!*

    MacBeth: *He crawled over to the map and pulled it off! The chart room was pretty much smack in the middle of the base. The main hallway was the one they’d come through and the one the soldiers were coming down!* Our only chance is on the other side of the chart room. *He stuck his thumb over his shoulder!* There’s a short corridor that breaks off into two separate directions but they both lead to the loading dock. -04:31 Mar 30
    Bronwen: *Bronwen glanced over to get a good look at the map,… not even pausing to stop firing her gun at on coming goons!* Then we hold them off until they find the chart and send Cassius down the other way. …Tiny can always save. I guess. -04:34 Mar 30

    Cassius: FUCKING SHIT! *That’s if Bronwen didn’t kill her own brother! He stumbled out of the way, a shot flying past his chest, and YELPED when he nearly got shot in the ass!* BRONWEN, PAY THE FUCK ATTENTION!

    MacBeth: I’m going to go help look. Do you need Tiny out here? -04:39 Mar 30
    Bronwen: *Bronwen smirked.* Oh no, I’ve got it. *Taking out goons was easy! This was nothing!… Cassius was helping!* -04:41 Mar 30
    MacBeth: *He glanced over at Tiny who was apparently enjoying watching Cassius nearly get his ass shot off!* C’mon, Tiny. Chart-looking duty. *Then he ducked into the chart room with Tiny right behind!* -04:42 Mar 30

    Dion: *Not it, not it… not it… He could hear screaming out there by Cassius, which frankly is what he deserved at this point! They could of been taking their time! But no! Dion was going to get shot and have to explain to Ceri why he was dead!*

    Tiny and Mac split up! Tiny went to help Duncan look after Duncan told it to look for a map that said “Shadowstar, Aaron, or The Bear.”

    Cassius: THAT’S IT. *Bronwen was ASKING for trouble! Cassius picked up the nearest two goons to come at him and threw them at her! Maybe then she’d stop popping off that gun!*

    Brennen: *He growled under his breath!* I’m going to kill Cassius. *He muttered! Why the hell couldn’t they put these things in alphabetical order!*

    Some goons took advantage of Cassius being distracted! They stopped coming at him and started shooting at him instead!

    Bronwen: *What the shit! Bronwen ducked behind the desk as someone went flying over her head! She was having to turn around and kick a boot to his face while shooting at the other before he could scramble to his feet and get a gun out!* -04:48 Mar 30

    Dion: *Not it, not it either, a map of the tropical planetary system of Dbai… He stashes that one in his back pocket. Not it, no-* GOT IT!

    MacBeth: *He dropped the map he’d been holding.* This way! *He dashed to the opposite end of the room and pulled out the silver card key Brennen had taken and Dion had dropped! He pulled the gun out and the door opened!* -04:55 Mar 30

    The short corridor on the other side was clear!

    Duncan: *He poked his head out of the chart room and saw the captain kicking some ass–literally!* C’mon, Captain! This way!

    Bronwen: Casius, it’s go time! *She shouted, turning around picking off the goons he was fighting with!* Or you could just stay! Take the right corridor! *Stashing her gun, she was up and dashing in to the room to follow the others!* -04:58 Mar 30

    Dion: *Dion stuffed the starchart in his shirt where it wasn’t going to get lost, and headed for the door!* I’m assuming you have an alternate way out?

    Cassius: WHAT? *Sonofabitch! Leave him to fight off the entire base’s soldiers! He saw how it was! Lifting up one of the goons, he flung the guy at his buddies before stumbled for the room!*

    MacBeth: Better than waiting for Cassius to clear that way. *He muttered as he turned left and kept running! It was obvious no one ever used this corridor as there wasn’t so much as a spaceball rolling through here! They came to the end where there was a simple door and Mac looked through a crack! There was another room, a class of sorts with desks and a board at the front! It was empty! He stepped through first and only motioned for the others to come when it was clear!* -05:03 Mar 30
    Bronwen: *Bronwen slipped in to the room quick… They had a good head start.* He’s going to be so pissed off. *…she stopped inside to lean agains the wall and grin.* -05:08 Mar 30

    The class was at the end of another hall but the hall was clear, too!

    Duncan: *He bent forward to lean on his knees and catch his breath!* That’s … a lot of … man power. *He panted, meaning the goons!*

    Cassius: *Cassius, with now several armed and shooting men at his heels tripped over charts in the floor, crashed through the door (where those buttons of his shirt finally popped… GOD DAMNIT) and turned down the right side! …Where he was now having the barreling over more goons! Did they even GO this way?!*

    Brennen: *He patted Duncan on the back!* Come on. We better get going. Brownie, where the hell is Cassius?

    Bronwen: He’s doing us a favor and being a decoy. He’ll meet us at the ship. …or Tiny will fetch his body. What ever happens first, really! *Bronwen didn’t doubt he’d live, but there was hopping that he’d get his ass shot off at least.* -05:12 Mar 30

    Dion: All right, let’s make sure we get to the ship before he does. We’re going to want to fly out quick.

    Duncan: *He sucked in a breath and nodded, standing straight.* Okay. I’m ready.

    Everything was nice and quiet when they got to the loading dock! There was the ship, waiting for them but no sign of Cassius!

    Bronwen: *Bronwen made sure to have her gun out and ready again when they reached the ship…* Everyone on board… we’re keeping a lookout for the dumbass. Get the ship ready for immediate takeoff, Duncan. -05:30 Mar 30

    Duncan: *He didn’t need to be told twice! He was dashing for the ship with Tiny right on his heels!*

    Duncan: Yes, Captain!

    Dion: We’ve got it now, Brownie. You can get inside with Duncan and we’ll wait for Cassius. *She might be the Captain, but she was still the little sister! …And Cassius was probably going to have an army of men on his butt!*

    Bronwen: Ha ha ha. No. Now stop goofing off, mpa-holder or you’ll get all shot full of holes and your girlfriend will be freaked out! *At least Dion wasn’t a complete douche like Cassius was!* -05:37 Mar 30
    Bronwen: *map -05:38 Mar 30

    Cassius: *Speaking of now shirtless Cassius! He nearly exploded out of the other corridor, getting it slammed closed behind him.* Thanks a god damned lot for that one…! Where the fucking hell were YOU?

    “Nothing like a little family reunion to stir the blood,” someone remarked from behind! Banquo was sitting on the edge of a large crate!

    Bronwen: If it isn’t sleepdisk, guy. *Bronwen muttered… And this was the guy that taunted MacBeth about murdering girlfriends. She had been WAITING for this one! Gun ready and aimed, she wasn’t taking her sight off him!* Boy, you’re about to get it. -05:44 Mar 30

    Banquo grinned! The crates around him opened and red eyes–no lights, turned on, revealing sentinel robots that climbed out!

    Brennen: *He raised an eyebrow!* You have to give him credit … He comes prepared.

    Dion: Just keep your head out of firing range, Bree! *Dion joked, as he ducked for cover, pulling out his gun to open fire on those robots!* You first, Bree!

    Those robots wasted no time in raising their cannons for arms and firing at them!

    Duncan: *He blinked and held on as the ship rocked! The ship’s sensors hadn’t picked up any damage to the ship!* Awh man! *He held on and glanced around to find Tiny curled up on the captain’s seat!* Tiny, emergency!

    Cassius: FUCK this shit..! Get on the ship! *CLONG~!… SONOFABITCH! ..Punching a sentinal bot is a bad idea! Granted, he dented the thing’s face, but it hurt like a bitch!*

    Brennen: *He fired a dark glare at Dion and ducked!* G’damnit, Dion! *He growled! A shot took out the crate he was hiding behind and he flew back! He winced and lay there for awhile! He hurt like hell!*

    Bronwen: *The ship could wait a minute! Bronwen ducked under and between bots… There was a bigger fish to shoot at! She was aiming fire at Banquo, and damned if she wasn’t going to kill him!* -05:54 Mar 30

    Dion: I told you to watch your head! *He shouted! Dion cursed under his breath, hopping up from his spot to dodge fire and bots and drop next to Brennen. Smacking his brother on the chest twice, he made cover fire!* Rise and shine, sleepin’ beauty!

    Tiny rushed out of the ship, transforming to a larger size in mid-stride, and tackled the first sentinel robot it saw! The robot tried to fire at Tiny but shot holes into the ceiling instead! Tiny chomped on its arm and tore it off, then did the same to the other arm, dismantling it in little time!

    Cassius: Just like Brennen, always fucking passing out in a fight! *Cassius just picked up one of the damned things and threw it across the room! He took off to help Dion with that fool Brennen!*

    Banquo was already jumping down and taking cover behind a sentinel robot! He pulled out something, something small and black–and flew it toward them!

    Brennen: *He winced and coughed and tried to sit up!* … Ooww … Friggin’ robots …

    MacBeth: *He saw the small, black thing flying at them and pulled out a sword! He just hoped it wasn’t the type of explosive that exploded on contact! He got into position where he figured it would land and then swung the flat of the blade as it came sailing down! He sent it flying back the way it’d come!* -06:02 Mar 30

    Cassius: Yeah, yeah! You damned pussy! *Cassius was hauling up Brennen over his shoulders and marching him back to the ship! If Dion wasn’t a shithead, he’d be behind him!*

    Tiny was already moving on to its fourth robot and tearing it apart! The sentinel robots were still firing but now there was a lot less fire, thanks to everyone’s combined efforts!

    Dion: *Dion was right behind Cassius, up until the BZZZRT of something catching him across the shoulder! He curse aloud and stumbled a bit, but he kept on running! …Thankfully it wasn’t his date shirt!*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen was going to keep running forward and kill the bastard, but not when MacBeth smacked that bomb back at him! She skidded to a halt real quick, doubling back the way she came!* -06:07 Mar 30
    MacBeth: *The desire to dash across and follow Shadowstar’s example to kill Banquo was so very strong! But he had to get back to the ship! As he ran for it, something caught his ankle and he fell to the floor with a THUD! There were stars in his vision for a bit and his whole head throbbed! The robot who had grabbed his leg tightened its hold! It felt like it was going to tear his foot off! He grabbed his gun and turned around to shoot it square in the face! He shook his leg free and half-staggered, half ran into the ship!* -06:13 Mar 30

    Tiny looked up and raced up after Mac, disappearing into the ship!

    Cassius: *It was Cassius that shut the doors quick as the last man and critter came stumbling on board!* AND FUCK YOU TOO. DUNCAN, GET THIS BOAT OFF THE GROUND!

    Duncan: *The engines were fired up as he flicked switches and pressed buttons! The ship’s sensors said the ship was at peak condition! As soon as he got word, he closed the ship up and drove the ship through the door!*

    Meanwhile at the Hessing farm …

    Ceri: Ma Hessing … do you think Dion and his family are alright …? *She sounded and looked worried as she sat in their living room, cradling a cup of tea in her hands.*

    Bronwen: Mission accomplished. Stupid Cassius. *She muttered, leaning against the wall and sliding the floor.* -06:19 Mar 30

    Cassius: Thanks to me, there’s not an army on our as-.. Who the fuck shot my sister?!

    Brennen: *He winced as he tried to move!* So. Gonna make you. Pay for … this. *He panted, glaring at Cassius!*

    Bronwen: What? Nobody shot yo- *Aw hell, maybe they did. She brushed her hand over her arm at the blood there, and then realized one of those sentinalbots must have grazed her side.* …Damnit, I liked this shirt. -06:21 Mar 30

    Tiny was sitting on the captain’s chair, in its minature form again, licking its paw!

    Dion: *Dion himself was trying to adjust his shoulder and wincing like hell everytime! There wasn’t going to be any romancing like this… He cast Cassius the worst glare he had ever give!*

    Duncan: *He huffed, ran his fingers through his hair!* Okay. We should be home soon. Real soon. *Man that had been a close one!*

    Cassius: You’re not seriously going to blame me for this shit, are you? *Cassius didn’t have to be guilty about nothing!* Brennen’s fool ass shouldn’t have been standing around, and Brownie was running out there like some kind of demon… And don’t you get me started on MacBeth!

    Ma Hessing: *She studied the girl sitting across of her and leaned forward to put a hand on her arm.* What makes you say that, sweetie?

    Brennen: *He lifted his hand and imitated Cassius’ talking with it!* Yadda yadda yadda … If you’d kept your damn mouth shut, we’d be home free and injury free, too!

    Cassius: Oh no. I could have broke that guy’s neck on the spot. Dion wanted to play it smooth talker! What about Brownie nearly taking off my head with that recklass damned shooting, and sending me on a head on collision with them goons! You all deserve what you got!

    Dion: You’re walking on a thin line, Cassius. I didn’t want to show up for my date like this, and nearly every one of us is on the floor.

    MacBeth: *He checked his ankle and stopped the bleeding by tearing off his sleeve and binding the wound with it! Then he got up and limped out of the room! He returned a little while later with some things he’d retrieved from the medical bay!* Who wants to get stitched up first? -06:32 Mar 30

    Dion: *Dion visibly cringed at the thought! Then beckened his hand over at Brennen and Bronwen!* Those two. Don’t let her pass out and I’m guessing Brennen through out his old man back…

    Brennen: Haha. Very funny. *He muttered, too tired to lift his head and shoot a glare at Dion!* I’ll get you back for that one, D. Just you wait.

    Cassius: *Cassius snorted. That was as good as being dismissed, and he noticed that cringe. He might be the biggest asshole on the ship, but he could drop it now. Growling out something sour, he stomped out!*

    MacBeth: *He moved and with some difficulty, managed to get down on the floor to kneel beside Shadowstar!* Here, let me see it. -06:37 Mar 30
    Bronwen: It’s a scrape. What did you do to your foot? *Somehow she missed half of that exchange, but at least caught on with Dion saying "her" and Cassius stomping out! And MacBeth was limping around! She just barely moved her arm so he could see… but mostly cause she was trying to lean and see what he did to himself.* -06:40 Mar 30

    Dion: That’s if you’re not having to carry around one of those walkers. *Dion said with a grin. Boy, his shoulder burned and ached, but he wasn’t bleeding. He was fine for now. …This was really going to put a wrench in his date, though! Better avoid any games…*

    MacBeth: I’ll survive. *He replied. He clenched his jaw as he shifted to hide his ankle so he wouldn’t hiss under his breath from the pain! He examined her arm.* I’ll clean it and bandage it up, anyways. -06:42 Mar 30

    They landed not long on the Hessing farm after Mac had finished tending to the captain and then moved on to check Brennen!

    Fa Hessing: *Fa Hessing was waiting outside of the ship with a shovel. Seems he looked in mind to hit someone with it.*

    Duncan: *He poked his head out and gulped when he saw his Pa with that shovel!* Heh heh … Uh, hi, Pa! I uh, I can explain … really!

    Dion: *Dion hurt, but Dion was fast! There was a pretty girl waiting after all! He managed to dodge MacBeth and get himself some nice clean clothes before leaving the ship. He gave Fa a nod as he trotted past him!*

    Fa Hessing: *Fa nodded as Dion walked past… and just nodded at his son too. He was waiting for something!*

    Ma Hessing: *She patted Ceri’s hand.* Everything will be fine, sweetie. I’m sure he’s coming as fast as he can.

    Brennen: Ow! *He winced, cried out, and tried to shrink away from Mac!* Why’d you do that for?! *He growled!*

    MacBeth: *He held up the needle he’d stuck into Brennen’s arm!* Stop crying. You were the one who wanted the pain killers. -06:52 Mar 30
    Bronwen: *Bronwen didn’t really get off the floor… but walked on her knees to follow after MacBeth. She was getting a good look at his leg and foot when he moved to Brennen and checking him over.* Don’t be such a girl, Bree… -06:52 Mar 30

    Dion: *Dion stopped at the front door, and gave a loud knock! That was the polite thing to do! He straightened his shirt, giving a small wince.*

    Brennen: *He winced!* That’s easy for the two of you to say! You aren’t writhing in pain here, forced to just lie here and all!

    Ma Hessing: *She stood and took the cup out of Ceri’s hands, placing it on the table and taking her hands.* Let’s go. I believe that knock is for you. *She led her over to the door and when Ceri paused at it, turned to look at her, she gestured her to go ahead!*

    Ceri: *She took a deep breath and opened the door! She looked up at Dion and blinked!* Dion! You made it! You’re–Are you alright?

    Bronwen: How am I supposed to pout and get all the attention if you’re crying like a big baby! *Hmm… Well he could semi stand on it. His foot wasn’t broken. But was it a bad sprain or a deep cut… Bronwen poked MacBeth’s leg to find out!* -06:58 Mar 30

    Dion: *He was pale, and he felt washed out, but she looked like a princess and he was suddenly smiling like an idiot. ….he caught himself quick with a cough.* I’m alright. We had a little trouble, so.. ah… if Ma Hessing doesn’t mind babysitting Brennen for me. He’s getting too old for this stuff.

    Cassius: *Cassius was still brooding, but when he finally realized they landed, he was marching off the ship. He needed a bee- THONG. He dropped to the ground like a ton of bricks!*

    Ma Hessing: Oh dear. *But she smiled and nodded.* Of course, I’d be delighted to care for him. You two go out and have some fun now. *She was already scooting Ceri out the door and closing the door behind her!*

    Fa Hessing: *Fa Hessing’s swing hit good and true. Tucking that shovel under his shoulder, he picked up Cassius’ legs and was hauling him off towards the barn, without a word.*

    Ceri: *She blinked as she suddenly found herself outside! Ma Hessing was a quick and strong woman! She looked over at Dion with a worried expression on her face!* Thank you for coming. *She smiled.*

    MacBeth: *He clenched his teeth as pain shot up his leg from the touch!* I’ll be … fine. *He turned back to Brennen.* Nothing broken or bleeding. Looks like you were just hit real hard. -07:05 Mar 30

    Dion: Wasn’t a thing in the universe that was going stop me from getting here. *He said with a grin. And he meant it!*

    Bronwen: *A good keen look… there was a gash and he probably twisted a muscle pretty good. Fine her ass.* If Brennen is all right, then it’s your turn. So you better sit down. -07:07 Mar 30

    Ceri: *She blushed a bit.* So … uh, what did you have planned today? *She had to change the subject or she’d be staring at him with a puppy-like expression on her face!*

    Dion: I hope you like long walks under the moons, because that’s about all I have planned.. *He laughed softly at his bungled ideas, and reached up to rub the back of his head. Ack– wrong arm! A wince and an urg… the he tried to hide wide a cough! Cough!*

    MacBeth: *He gave a sigh, glanced over his shoulder at her!* … Not gonna get anywhere if I try arguing with you, right? -07:11 Mar 30

    Suddenly the door opened and a basket was thrust into Ceri’s arms!

    Ceri: *She was so startled, she just stood there, staring at the basket for a few moments!* Uh … How about … a picnic? *She smiled sheepishly!*

    Bronwen: Not unless you want a good fight. I’m tired but I could still take you down. *The tone of her voice suggested she would be fine either way!* -07:13 Mar 30

    Dion: *Well… seemed like someone planned ahead for them! Dion grinned again and offered her his arm — his good arm!* Sounds like a real pleasure, Lady Ceri. Shall we?

    Ceri: *She smiled again and took the arm he offered her!* I could think of no one else to share this yummy food with. *As they walked, she glanced at his other side, trying not to be obvious but not succeeding very well!*

    MacBeth: … Fine. Let’s get this over with. *He clenched his jaw again as he got and plopped down into the nearest chair!* -07:20 Mar 30
    Bronwen: You’re not going to cry like Brennen are you? *Bronwen got up from the floor just long enough to grab what she needed, then sat down at his feet with the things in her lap. She tugged off his shoe, trying to be mindful of not taking his foot off too!* -07:22 Mar 30

    Dion: *Ah, she was very smart… Dion would love that at any other time. He kept his smile though and ignored that burning on his shoulder!* Let’s see… how about way over there with all that nice tall grass?

    [Bronwen was checking on MacBeth\’s foot while Dion was out on his date!] -03:15 Mar 31
    [MacBeth sat back and let Shadowstar check his foot.] -03:17 Mar 31
    MacBeth: I just need some time off of it. *He replied, teeth still clenched.* -03:17 Mar 31

    Duncan: Hello, Ma. *He kissed her cheek as he walked into the house, followed by Brennen!*

    Brennen: *He had decided he would take it slow … and get himself a piece of Ma Hessing’s fantastic pies! Or cakes! Or whatever she had on hand at the moment!*

    Bronwen: Yep. That means no working, no dancing, no fighting, no trouble… *He had a good gash, so once she cleaned that up she applied some of the liquid stitches! Then she worked on wrappinging him up.* -03:20 Mar 31

    Ma Hessing: *She smiled!* Duncan! Brennen! Hello! *She blinked.* Where is Cassius and Mac and Bronwen?

    MacBeth: *He smirks a bit!* Does that mean I have to go to bed early too? *He teased. His leg was feeling better.* -03:23 Mar 31
    Bronwen: Uh huh. No playing, going to bed early and eat your vegetables. You’re going to be miserable! -03:26 Mar 31

    Fa Hessing: *Fa returned, without a shovel and without Cassius!* …

    MacBeth: Heh. I’m sure you have tons of practice making your brothers miserable. -03:48 Mar 31

    Brennen: Greetings, Madame Hessing. May I bother you for some of your delicious pie? *He gave a sheepish grin!*

    Bronwen: Making people miserable must be what I do best. *She stood and put things away, rubbing her arm with soft grumbling. Dumb Brennen’s whining, now she couldn’t get away with pouting herself!* Now the trick is getting you in the house. I guess I could throw you over my shoulder. *She turned to tilt her eyed as she eyed him!* -03:57 Mar 31

    Dion: *Meanwhile, Dion was trying to spread out a picnic blanket and his shoulder was giving him hell! At least flapping that thing around masked the look on his face!*

    Ma Hessing: *She smiled.* Of course, Brennen. Come inside the kitchen. You, too, dear, you look absolutely starving. *She said to Duncan who was carrying Tiny!*

    Ceri: Here. Let me help you. *She smiled as she took the other side and helped anchor it down with the basket.* And they say chivalry is dead.

    Betty: Ma Hessing! Did Ceri’s date get here yet? *The large woman sitting in the kitchen demanded to know! She had her arms crossed and was tapping her foot!*

    MacBeth: *He would have smirked but she looked damn serious about throwing him over her shoulder!* Weren’t you the one who said no walking, no running, and what not? *He glanced around and hoisted himself up so he stood on one foot. He was leaning against the wall!* -04:13 Mar 31

    Ma Hessing: *She smiled!* I’m afraid he got here and swept Ceri right off her feet. You’ll meet him when he gets back, dear. Oh, Brennen, meet Betty, Ceri’s sister.

    Dion: I have to say, you’re the prettiest Knight I’ve seen. *Dion had himself a seat, taking a quick peek inside that basket!*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen pointed at him accusingly when he stood up! …then huffed as she moved to put her arms around him and help whether he liked it or not.* I did and now look at you disobeying orders. -04:17 Mar 31

    Ceri: *She laughed and took a seat, too!* When I was little, I always dreamed of being a knight. *A sheepish grin!* My sister always played the princess. Except I always pretended like she was the dragon.

    Inside the basket were all sorts of goodies! Sandwiches and some wine and a couple of glasses! Not to mention a box of homemade chocolate and some fruit salad!

    Brennen: *He blinked at the woman in the kitchen! She looked ready to lop off someone’s head!* Uh, hello. It’s nice to meet you. *He tried not to stare at Betty but … she looked nothing like Ceri!*

    MacBeth: *A slight smirk!* A guy’s gotta know when to disobey orders, Captain. I guess I owe you a song. -04:23 Mar 31

    Dion: *Dion pulled out the glasses, handing them both to Ceri so he could open the bottle and pour.* You sound a bit like my sister. She was always more interesting in saving the damsel than being one. Of course, the damsel ended up being me or Brennen, which made for some interesting costume problems.

    Bronwen: You sure do. A song and a lot of ‘You’re an amazing doctor, Captain.’ and some ‘I’d die if it weren’t for you.’ …at least this time it’s just a foot. *Bronwen debated about where to shuffle him, to bed where he belonged, or to the Hessings where they could both snoop about Dion…* -04:28 Mar 31

    Ma Hessing: Betty, this is Ceri’s date’s brother, Brennen. *She cleared her throat.* I was just telling him about what a fine fiancee he has.

    Betty: *There was a glint of interest in her eye as she looked Brennen up and down! … Until Ma Hessing mentioned a fiancee. Then she pouted.* Awh, shucks. Well, nice to meet you. *She waved and then threw a kiss at Brennen.*

    [Bronwen has timed out.] -05:05 Mar 31

    Ceri: *She smiled and watched as Dion poured the wine.* Costume problems, huh? *She laughed softly* That must have been some playtime.

    Brennen: *He gulped! Why did he feel like he’d just narrowly escaped something he was better off not knowing about?

    [Bronwen did nothing of the sort.] -05:08 Mar 31

    Dion: There’s some things a man should never wear, reguardless of how old he is. *Dion remembered that nurse get-up Bree and Cassius had been sporting and shuddered! That was definetly one of them.* So then, Lady Ceri. Did you managed to slay the dragon/princess?

    Ma Hessing: *She smiled and patted Brennen on the shoulder.* Let me get you some pie. Have a seat. Betty was telling me all about the man who swept her off her feet a couple of weeks ago. It’s all she can talk about.

    Ceri: *She laughed!* Yeah but I had to endure sitting in the corner and doing extra chores. I didn’t mind doing the time, though.

    Duncan: *He waved!* Hey Betty! I haven’t seen you for awhile! How are you?

    Betty: *She smiled at Duncan, a friendly, not flirty smile!* Alright, thanks. Your ma keeps telling me about you flying all over the place now.

    MacBeth: Yes, ma’am! *He saluted! He coughed!* Captain, I would die with you. You’re an amazing doctor. I’m blessed to have you. -05:19 Mar 31

    Duncan: *He grinned sheepishly!* Yeah. But it’s nice to come home.

    Dion: *Dion was digging in that basket again, pulling out the fruit salad and offering her a piece.* A girl that plays it a little dangerously. I knew I liked you. *He grinned.*

    Ceri: Thank you. *She blushed and laughed softly.* Are you and your mischievous ways going to rub off on me? *She teased.*

    Ma Hessing: *She served Brennen a slice of her pie and disappeared.* Pa, would you like some pie? I made an entire pie just for you. Your favorite. Chocolate pecan with mint and caramel.

    Ma Hessing: *to look for her husband!*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen grinned up at him. So he ad-libbed a little bit. It was still nice. She ought to stop standing here with him so they could sit down and rest, but it was nice too!* I think you forgot to call me pretty, the best shooter in the world, and supreme winner of our challenge. -05:25 Mar 31

    Fa Hessing: *Fa Hessing was sitting in HIS chair with his fork ready in a heartbeat, that big scary grin all over his face! Of course he wanted his pie!*

    Dion: *He reached out to brush the hair from Ceri’s face, still grinning.* I don’t know now, maybe you’re the influence instead.

    Ceri: *She was still blushing! Hell, she was blushing even more as she ate the fruit salad piece!* This from a man who scales trees and dodges razortooth bunnies for sport.

    Ma Hessing: *She laughed softly and planted a kiss on his forehead.* Of course, silly me. *She got out an entirely different pie and cut it into slices but then set the whole thing in front of him!* I’ll fetch you a glass of milk. Anyone else want some …?

    Duncan: I’d love some, thanks, Ma. *He said, finding himself a seat with Tiny!*

    Brennen: *He smiled.* Much obliged, Madame Hessing. Thank you.

    MacBeth: *He grinned at her!* Forgive me. *He cleared his throat.* Oh, Captain Shadowstar. You are the most beautiful, most elegant and sophisticated shooter ever to grace this galaxy. You are the supreme winner of our challenge and I am not worthy of your good grace. -05:32 Mar 31

    Dion: *Dion leaned forward a slight bit.* I’m also bad about picking the right moment to ask for a kiss. *If she blushed any more, he was going to kiss her asking first or not!*

    Betty: *She sighed and huffed!* Oh, this is taking so long … *She tapped her foot and looked out the window!*

    Bronwen: I stuck you with too much painkillers, didn’t I? You’re lucky you’re far too injured for me to take advantage of you. *She grinned anyway, moving his arm so it rest around her shoulders. They were gonna get out of this ship and bum food from Ma Hessing!* -05:40 Mar 31

    Ma Hessing: *She smiled.* Sweetie, it’s a date. Relax. Why don’t you uh … *She paused.* Pa, did you need help with anything outside?

    MacBeth: *He smirked!* Maybe. But I don’t hold that against you. *He started to move his good leg and limp out with some help from Shadowstar!* -05:43 Mar 31

    Fa Hessing: *He was having to swallow an entire piece of pie he just shoved in his mouth.* Them chickens need to be locked up. They’re manhaters too.

    Ma Hessing: *She smiled.* Yes. If you could care for the chickens. Thank you, dear. *She said as Betty moved to the door and disappeared!*

    Brennen: *He blinked!* Do all of your animals hate men?

    Fa Hessing: Yep. *Replied Fa as he stuffed another piece of pie in his mouth!*

    Ceri: *She was blushing even more and she couldn’t help it!* Uh … um … right moment …? *Her heart was beating awfully fast!*

    Bronwen: I have enough against me already! *MacBeth was a hell of a lot heavier than he looked. Just because he was shorter than all of her brothers didn’t make him lighter! But, they got to the house just fine and in the front door!* -05:53 Mar 31

    Dion: That right moment. Where you’re looking at a girl and the only thing you can think about is giving her a kiss. *Dion leaned forward, intending to get that kiss… But leaned on the wrong arm! This time he couldn’t hide the ‘argh’ of pain, as he lowered his head and clenched his teeth!*

    Ceri: *She blinked as he lowered his head!* Oh no, Dion! *She was up on her knees and putting her arms around his chest to help him sit up and off of the arm he was leaning on! In her worry over him, she didn’t notice how close she was holding him or for how long!*

    Ma Hessing: *She walked out when she heard the front door open!* Oh dear! Dion didn’t mention Mac being hurt as well! *She quickly went over to Mac’s other side!* Here, to the chair! *She started moving him toward the nearest chair!*

    Dion: *He raised a finger, very embarassed…* It’s not as bad as it sounds. *Dion was trying to lean off her, but damned if he didn’t push it this time… That burning he had been trying to ignore was now seeping right in to the joint.* We.. ah… got a little banged up. I’m sorry.

    Bronwen: Probably because Dion had girl on the brain. *Replied Bronwen, helping to sit MacBeth in the chair, then straightening up to take a deep breath!* Man… You’re banned from getting hurt ever again. -06:04 Mar 31
    MacBeth: *He smirked a bit!* Aye aye, captain. May I remind you that the reason I’m wounded in the first place is because Cassius shot his damn mouth off again? -06:08 Mar 31

    Ceri: *She shook her head.* You don’t need to apologize. Unless you intended to get hurt in the first place. *She added as an afterthought.* Maybe I should take you back to the Hessings so you can get taken care of.

    Dion: I didn’t end up shot so I could end this date early. *Said Dion… then he realized he probably shouldn’t have mentioned getting shot.* …You’re going to drag me back anyway, aren’t you.

    Bronwen: We’re all hurting thanks to Cassius’ big mouth. *Bronwen sighed!* But you always end up with the worse of it. I think I’m going to wrap you in bubbleplastic. -06:14 Mar 31

    Ma Hessing: *She smiled and made Mac comfortable on the chair, using extra pillows.* Men will be men. Would either of you like something to eat or drink?

    MacBeth: *He leaned back in the chair!* Just lucky, I guess. -06:16 Mar 31

    Ceri: You were shot?! *She took a deep breath and then smiled.* Just because I drag you back to the Hessing farm doesn’t mean our date has to end, you know.

    Bronwen: Something hot and sweet would be nice, I want to be awake when Dion gets back. *Bronwen spied something interesting on a shelf and picked it up.. AH HA! A Toru puzzle game! She sat on the edge of MacBeth’s chair while she fussed with it!* -06:19 Mar 31

    Dion: *Dion finally managed to sit himself up properly, but he was taking advantage of having his arms around her to brace himself.* As long as you promise. I can make it up to you later. *He smiled*

    MacBeth: *He closed his eyes for a bit. It seemed that those painkillers wore off and left you feeling crashed!* -06:24 Mar 31

    Ceri: *She couldn’t help but smile back at him!* Oh, I’ll make sure you will. *She laughed softly.* Although I have to admit … I like having you all to myself.

    Ma Hessing: *She smiled and nodded.* Coming right up. *Then she disappeared back into the kitchen!*

    Dion: Next time you can have me, and I won’t be growling pained obsenities under my breath. *And embarassed expression.* I guess we better get back, I’d hate to pass out on you.

    Bronwen: *Bronwen turned so she could drap her legs over MacBeth and the other arm of the chair, and blinked! She leaned closed to his face and eyed him carefully…* You’re not falling asleep are you…? *She said softly!* -06:30 Mar 31

    Ceri: *She nodded and let go of him so she could gather everything togther! Once they were all back in the basket, she helped him up and they folded the blanket before putting it away.*

    MacBeth: Hm? *He opened one eye and then another to look up at her.* Looks like. Those drugs work wonders but man, do they have one hell of a crash. -06:39 Mar 31

    Betty: *She finished up the chickens and walked back through the front door!* Ma Hessing, I’m done with the chickens! *She yelled!*

    Ma Hessing: Good work, Betty. Thank you. Betty, this is Bronwen and Mac, friends of Duncan. Bronwen, Mac, this is Betty, Ceri’s sister.

    Dion: *Thankfully he could still walk on his own two feet. Nothing was more embarassing than having a girl help you around. They headed back to the house!*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen’s mouth dropped open… then it snapped shut and there was a twitch of a smirk at the corner of her mouth!* You know… I think we’ve met before. At that dance competition. …right MacBeth? -06:42 Mar 31
    MacBeth: *He looked up at Betty and raised an eyebrow. Hm, what were the chances of something like this!* Yeah. The woman Cassius was so smitten with. -06:46 Mar 31

    Betty: *She giggled!* Hmm hmm. And he is such a hunk. *She sighed!* Mm … Speaking of hunks … *She smiled, eying Mac!*

    Ceri: *As they walked, she held the basket and even started humming to herself, very softly!*

    Bronwen: *She blinked at Betty and then blinked at MacBeth. …Luckily, she was practically sitting on him, so the Amazon wouldn’t be able to carry him off like she did to Cassius!* Yeah, MacBeth is very handsome. But I bet you don’t want to get Cassius all jealous. He talked a lot about you. -06:52 Mar 31

    Betty: *She blinked!* Oh, he did? What did he say? *She quickly asked, forgetting all about flirting with Mac!*

    Dion: *Smiling at the sound, Dion caught her free hand to hold.* A muscical talent too.

    Bronwen: I think his exact words were that he hadn’t had a night like that in his entire life! -06:58 Mar 31

    Ceri: *She blushed, and then smiled!* I think I’ll take that as a hint and bewitch you with some fine pieces of music.

    MacBeth: *He nodded!* He couldn’t stop talking about it. It’s part of the reason we’re here. Cassius was dying to see you again. -07:00 Mar 31

    Betty: *She clapped her hands and gasped!* He did! *She started looking around!* Oh, where is he? Where is my Cassie-poo?

    Dion: I think I am already enchanted. *He said with a grin!*

    Bronwen: …Actually, I have no idea. Where is IS Cassius? -07:06 Mar 31

    Fa Hessing: *Fa snorted loudly from the kitchen!* Doing a errand.

    Ma Hessing: *She blinked as she came back outside with a nice hot drink for Bronwen and Mac!* Cassius? Isn’t he back in the ship?

    MacBeth: *A smirk!* I guess he’ll be back soon then. -07:07 Mar 31

    Ceri: *She laughed softly and smiled up at him.* Well, Mr. Enchanted, how about we set our next date?

    Bronwen: He must be getting all cleaned up before seeing Betty. *Bronwen set that puzzle box in her lap so she could accept the drink!* -07:10 Mar 31

    Dion: That sounds like a grand idea. *They stopped at the front door, with Dion turning to face her.* We’ve got something we have to do as soon as everyone is all healed up. ..But afterwards I would very much like to come back and see you again.

    Ceri: *She looked up at him and raised an eyebrow, a small smile tugging at her mouth.* Hm. *She looked at him thoughtfully.* Is there a chance you could get shot again?

    Ma Hessing: *She saw the puzzle box and smiled.* I see you found the puzzle. Did you have a chance to get a go at it?

    Dion: *He paused, considering whether or not he should tell her the truth. Would he be too much trouble for her?* Yeah. There’s a chance. …but for a kiss I’ll make sure I don’t.

    Bronwen: It’s pretty complicated but I have the top layer solved. Interesting how many Toru artifacts you have around here. *Bronwen was sure of it, and Ma Hessing probably knew she knew, but it sure would be nice to get the woman to crack and spill the beans!* -07:17 Mar 31

    Ceri: *She smiled.* Okay. I’ll give you a kiss now and give you a lot more kisses when you return to me. Deal?

    Ma Hessing: *She smiled.* Isn’t it? I think they give the room a cozy atmosphere. *She turned to Betty.* Do sit down, Betty. You look ready to bore holes into everything while you wait for Cassius.

    Dion: Sounds like the best deal I’ve had all year. *Dion leaned forward and lowered his head, just barely brushing a kiss at the corner of her mouth.*

    Bronwen: *Cozy…? Toru stuff practically screamed adventure, danger, and one hell of a good story! Cozy wasn not the word!* -07:24 Mar 31

    Ceri: *She smiled, cupped his cheek, and turned his head a bit more so the kiss she gave him landed right on his lips. She pulled back a bit, still holding his cheek.* I can tell danger is a part of your life. Just come back to me, please. Alive and in one piece.

    Betty: *She was sitting down but she was obviously anxious as she sat right on the edge of the seat! She had her hands clasped together in her lap! Then she straightened her hair and her dress!*

    Cassius: Christ, you’re a couple of romance novel characters aren’t you. *There was Cassius. He had been standing there at least long enough to watch them making out, as he rubbed his aching head. Damned Fa Hessing. …But hey… If this was Ceri, she’s pretty damned hot!*

    Dion: *Dion was leaning in for another kiss – and then Cassius opened his big mouth. Again.* …Cassius. *He tilted his head towards his brother.* The bad brother.

    Ceri: *She tilted her head at Cassius so she could get a look at him but didn’t break away from Dion.* Hello. It’s nice to finally meet you. I’m Ceri.

    Cassius: Aw jee. I’m interrupting your score. I’ll just go inside and leave you two alone. *Cassius gave a huge smirk, stepping on to the porch and brushing past them to enter the house.*

    No sooner had Cassius set foot inside the house when …

    Betty: Cassie-Poo! *For a woman her size, she moved awfully fast! She was out of her seat and had her arms around Cassius quicker than anyone could believe! She wasted no time in kissing and cuddling him!*

    Ceri: *She smiled a little sheepishly.* Is he always this charming? *She asked.*

    Cassius: WHAT TH-?! GRPMH! *He was being SMOTHERED by a hippo! GOD DAMNIT! This was an ambush!*

    Betty: *Smootchsmootchsmootch!* Mm … I thought I’d never see you again! *Smootchsmootchsmootch!* Oh, this is wonderful! *More smootching!* I’ve missed you so much!

    MacBeth: *He smirked!* Nice of you to join us, Cassie. -07:36 Mar 31

    Dion: He’s got his good moments. …Rarely. *They could hear Cassius’ bellowing from out here! Dion looked a bit confused.*

    Bronwen: This is Betty, Ceri’s sister! Isn’t that such a funny coincidence? *Bronwen had never seen anything as funny in her whole life!* -07:37 Mar 31

    Cassius: Ceri’s… sister?! *Cassius was trying to pry the woman off him, so he could turn around and run back out the front door! There was NO family resemblance! NONE! …These assholes tricked him!*

    Ceri: *She reluctantly broke away from Dion but still held his good hand as she walked in the door.* Oh. Cassius has met Betty, that’s all.

    Betty: *She finally had him and hell if she was going to let him go after they’d just been reunited!* It was written in the stars for us to be together again! *She didn’t even seem to feel him pushing and struggling against her!*

    Dion: *Dion stepped inside with Ceri, casting the scene a curious look. …Bronwen looked like the Cheshire cat, MacBeth was giving that smirk… and Cassius looked ready to start slugging punches. ….Dion smiled!* Evening, everyone! I see the night is going well.

    Ceri: *She blinked at her sister smothering Cassius!* Betty, what are you doing to him?

    Cassius: I don’t – think – that’s what happened! *Croaked Cassius, trying to psuh her at an arm’s distance. Crazy woman was strong as hell!* Mmmrrph!

    Betty: *She looked up but didn’t loosen her hold!* Ceri, this is the man I told you about! The one from the fair! We shared a wonderful night of passion and love!

    Bronwen: You know, it’s just like a fairy tale. Two brothers meeting two girls on the same day. Not realizing they were sisters. It’s romantic, isn’t it MacBeth? -07:44 Mar 31
    MacBeth: *He was still smirking!* Very romantic. But … something is missing. Dion and Ceri had a date. I think it’s only right Betty and Cassius go on a date of their own. -07:47 Mar 31
    Bronwen: That’s right! We’re all so tired from that mission, but Cassius is in top form! He could use a night out after he so heroicly helped us out. And it’s such a beautiful night. -07:50 Mar 31

    Dion: *Dion shouldn’t be throwing Ceri’s sister to the wolf, but Betty looked like the type of lady that could handle herself just fine.* You could take our picnic basket, if you like, Betty. We had to come back early.

    Cassius: *Cassius was giving them the glare of DEATH but was having an awful hard time trying to voice his very CLEAR REJECTION of this BULLSHIT IDEA with arms wrapped around him like a viper!* Not… going…!

    Betty: *She was all smiles!* That’s a wonderful idea! *She threw Cassius over her shoulder with as much ease as a ragdoll, scooped up the picnic basket, and was already marching out the door!* Don’t wait up!

    Bronwen: *…As soon as Betty and Cassius were out the door, she slid in to MacBeth’s lap with howling laughter!* I can’t believe it! Did you see the look on his face? I think he found his true love! -07:56 Mar 31
    MacBeth: *He finally got rid of the smirk as he sat back.* Hm hmm. That should keep him busy for a few hours. -08:15 Mar 31

    Dion: *Dion found himself dropping in to the nearest chair, but unable to let go of Ceri’s hands.* Not sure what just happened, but it did look.. interesting. *He left a hand to rub his shoulder.*

    [Bronwen was snickering about Cassius still…. But now that Dion was back…!] -03:49 Apr 01
    [MacBeth leaned back and was relaxing!] -03:52 Apr 01

    Ma Hessing: *She looked at Dion and Ceri!* Welcome back. But why are you two done with your date so soon? Is everything alright?

    Dion: *Dion coughed and stopped rubbing at his shoulder.* Just, ah… A little tired. Didn’t really get any rest before we got here.

    Ceri: *She looked over at Dion and raised her eyebrow! She was obviously wondering why Dion just didn’t mention his shoulder!*

    Dion: * He cast a sheepish smile at Ceri and lift a finger up to his mouth. Ma Hessing was a very kind mothering figure… she’d probably nurse him back to help. Nurse… shudder!*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen was trying that Toru puzzle again, but did cast a suspicious look over at Dion.* …Didn’t you get hit in the shoulder? -03:59 Apr 01

    Ma Hessing: *She smiled and shook her head, with a soft sigh!* Ah, youth. Always running here and there. *But then she looked over at Dion and gave him a stern look when Bronwen said that!* Duncan, dear. Get me my first aid kit. It’s still in the kitchen in the cupboard over the sink.

    Duncan: *He blinked! He hadn’t heard his mother use that tone for quite awhile!* Yes, Ma. *He was gone and came back a little while later with a large white box! He handed it to her!*

    Dion: …Thank you, Bronwen. *Dion muttered with a dark look at his sister! He was standing up fairly quickly for someone who had just dropped in to a chair exhausted!* Madam Hessing, I assure you that I am perfectly fine. There’s not any reason to worry. A little rest will do me good.

    Ma Hessing: Thank you, sweetie. *She took the box and was already moving toward Dion!* A little rest and some stitching, Dion. Now sit. The sooner I get this done, the sooner you can go get some rest.

    Ceri: *She looked up at Dion!* Would it help if I stuck by you …? I can um, distract you somehow.

    Dion: *It wasn’t easy back off without looking crazy, but Dion moved fairly quick himself to step behind the chair and point a finger at Ma Hessing.* Madam, I hate to be a bother, but I am telling you, I’m fine.

    Ma Hessing: Dion, whatever reason do you have to refuse some medical attention? *She asked but she stayed where she was. If he kept acting like this, she would have to take drastic measures!*

    Bronwen: *Pausing with her puzzle, this was too curious not to watch!* -04:15 Apr 01

    Dion: Woman, if you come any closer with that thing, I might do something we all regret! *And boy did he look serious about it! He stalked for the door!*

    Ma Hessing: *She sighed but as Dion was headed to the door, she was already reaching into the kit! She pulled out a small handgun which she quickly loaded and then fired at the back of Dion’s neck! A few shots of tranquilizers!*

    Dion: guh-! *A hand reached out to touch the back of his neck… before he fell face first to the floor!*

    Ma Hessing: *She put the handgun away and dusted her hands together!* The men of your family are so stubborn. *She sighed as she walked over to Dion, removed the darts and then rolled him onto his back. She slung him over her shoulder and then lay him down on the couch!*

    Bronwen: *Blinking slowly…* …Why do you have a tranq gun in your med kit? -04:26 Apr 01

    Ma Hessing: *She looked up as she rifled through the medical kit!* Oh, sweetie, everyone should have a tranq gun in their first aid kit. Ceri, be a dear and open his shirt please. I’d hate to have to rip it off of him.

    Ceri: *She was blushing but she nodded. She was certainly not going to tell Ma Hessing no! It was a reasonable request after all … * Yes, ma’am. *She did as instructed.*

    Bronwen: I suppose it’s useful for escape artists… But you have one in your med kit. *Just one more weird thing to add to the list about Ma Hessing! ….and she was a really good shot too!* He must be antsy about needles and things. -04:31 Apr 01

    Ma Hessing: So antsy his common sense goes out the window altogether. *She sighed as she checked his shoulder. There was some bad bruising, so dark it almost completely hid the gunshot wound! She pulled out a rather wicked looking set of medical pliers and some liquid stitches and cleaning ointment! It was a good thing Dion was out cold!*

    Bronwen: *Yeah… even Bronwen didn’t like the look of those pliers! She looked away to focus on the puzzle again, tilting her head to reguard MacBeth with an examining stare. He looked like he fell asleep.* Dion is going to be pretty pissy when he wakes up. …Then again, maybe he’ll just be glad you shot him and he didn’t have to see it. -04:40 Apr 01

    A few minutes and a lot of cleaning later … Dion was sleeping and nicely bandaged!

    Ceri: *She sighed softly and brushed the hair out of his eyes!* Hm … *She looked at the bullet Ma Hessing had pulled out!* That’s a big bullet for just anyone to have shot.

    Ma Hessing: It’s a custom round for a Sentinel Robot CLS-5000. It has a nasty side effect of poisoning the blood stream but I got it out in time and made sure to clean the wound thoroughly. It will hurt like hell for awhile. *She started putting her things away.*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen grinned big. She probably shouldn’t blab about what Dion really does! Of course Ma Hessing went and described the thing in perfect detail! …Even Bronwen couldn’t do!* …I swear, you’ve got some kinda secret going on. *Bronwen muttered under her breath!* -04:45 Apr 01
    MacBeth: *He opened his eyes and looked up at Shadowstar.* Can I grab myself something to eat now, Captain? -04:46 Apr 01

    Ma Hessing: *She smiled at Ceri and patted her cheek gently.* Dion’s a strong boy, Ceri. He’ll pull through. Let’s get you something to eat and let Dion rest a bit. Is anyone else hungry for something?

    Bronwen: I thought you were sleeping. *Bronwen hopped off his lap and set the puzzle back on the shelf. She’d try solving the rest later!* I guess I am kind of hungry too. Ceri can tell us how awful Dion is on a real date. -04:51 Apr 01

    Ma Hessing: Mac, you wait there. I’ll be right back with something. *She patted his shoulder and disappeared!*

    Ceri: *She was blushing at the mention of Dion as she walked into the kitchen!*

    Fa Hessing: *Fa Hessing was just finishing up his last slice of pie! He always liked taking his time with the last one!*

    MacBeth: Yes, ma’am. *He waited and raised an eyebrow when she returned with a tall, black cane topped with a silver knob!* Thank you. *He took it and weighed it in one hand.* -05:00 Apr 01
    Bronwen: Does it shoot lasers? *It was a serious question. Nothing Ma Hessing had was normal. …and it didn’t matter that Bronwen was now bordering on obsession about it!* -05:01 Apr 01

    Ma Hessing: *She smiled.* You’re welcome. *She looked up at Bronwen.* No, I’m afraid it doesnt. *She said with a soft chuckle.* Although it is special. *She walked into the kitchen and gestured for Ceri to have a seat.* Did you enjoy the pie, Fa? *She smiled and hugged him from behind.*

    MacBeth: *He studied the cane before he planted it on the ground and stood up!* Got a feeling I’ll find out how soon enough. *He headed for the kitchen!* -05:05 Apr 01
    Bronwen: *Bronwen followed, at least hoping they don’t find out in a bad way! She’d be pointing a finger and going I KNEW IT… but Ma Hessing would just explain it away again!* -05:07 Apr 01

    Fa Hessing: *Fa Hessing nodded, patting his stomach as well as Ma Hessing’s arm!* Always perfect.

    Ma Hessing: *She smiled and kissed the top of his head, giving him one more hug before she let go!* Oh, Fa, you’re the sweetest. *She blushed slightly as she moved to make some sandwiches for everyone!* I do hope Cassius and Betty’s date is going along very well.

    Bronwen: *Slipping in to an empty chair, she was grinning!* I’m sure she’s giving him lots of exercise. ….*She blinked at Ceri. Oh yeah, Betty was her sister!* Is Betty completely crazy or does she like big dumb and stupid men? -05:13 Apr 01

    Ceri: *She smiled sheepishly!* Betty has a taste for bad boys who are … forgive me for saying … jerks. The bigger and badder, the more in love with them she is. But she hasn’t talked about anyone except Cassius since the fair. It looks like she’s found the one.

    MacBeth: They haven’t come back yet. That means something. -05:16 Apr 01

    Ma Hessing: We have turkey, roast beef, some chicken sandwiches. Anyone have a preference?

    Bronwen: I’ll take anything! …Maybe he’s finally jumped off the deep end and he’s trying to bury her in the back yard..? *It was a terrible joke! But really, Cassius was either halfway across the galaxy by now or maybe Betty had him tied to a bed somewhere. ….Eeeew! Bronwen rest her head on the table!* -05:19 Apr 01
    MacBeth: *He smirked a bit as she put her head down.* Caught yourself an image you wish you hadn’t …? *He asked her!* -05:21 Apr 01
    Bronwen: *She lift a hand to point at MacBeth – a confirmation that he hit spot on! – as she groaned!* I think I need to wash my brains now…! -05:24 Apr 01
    MacBeth: No preference for me, Madame Hessing. -05:24 Apr 01

    Ceri: Same here, thank you.

    Brennen: Well, I’m stuffed. *He said after finishing off the pie Ma Hessing had given him!* I think I’ll go take a nap. Thank you again, Madame Hessing.

    Ma Hessing: You’re welcome, Brennen. Sweet dreams. *She made the sandwiches and served them to the others.*

    Ceri: So … what exactly does Dion do? *She asked out of the blue!*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen had sit up and was about to take a bite of her sandwhich when she paused!* Er… He’s a language specialist. …At least I think he still is? *She blinked at MacBeth! None of them really seemed to do what they used to, but then again they had all been Morgan’s puppets for awhile…* -05:31 Apr 01
    MacBeth: *He nodded.* Yep. *He took a bite out of his sandwich. Ma Hessing served them some coffee!* -05:34 Apr 01

    Ceri: Oh, I see. *She nodded.* Thank you.

    Bronwen: He likes horribly boring books and things like that. …If you’re worried about him getting shot, that was Cassius’ fault. We would have been just fine if Cassius didn’t have to go and piss some guy off. *It was the truth without having to make up stories. Not, that Bronwen wouldn’t spill the beans…. but she LIKED Dion, so she’d behave.* -05:45 Apr 01

    Ceri: *She smiled a bit sheepishly.* I guess that’s pretty obvious to see. *She said, meaning her worry about him being shot. She was silent for awhile as she finished her sandwich.* I’ll go check on him. *She stood and washed her dishes before walking out. She slipped onto the couch he lay on and put his head in her lap.*

    MacBeth: She seems alright. *He said once Ceri was out of earshot.* -05:49 Apr 01
    Bronwen: She’s so nicey nice… and smart. I don’t remember Dion ever going out with a girl like that before. *Of course there was a lot of years worth of habits she missed. Bronwen was frowning in thought again as she ate her sammich.* -05:51 Apr 01

    Dion: *Poor Dion was still knocked out like a light thanks to those tranqs, but it was for the best! He needed the sleep, and who knows how much screaming he was going to do when he woke up!*

    MacBeth: *He shrugged a bit.* He was up to the same tricks when I left him. Must have been something about that hospital. Reminds me. We still gotta figure out what Morgan intends to do. -05:52 Apr 01
    Bronwen: I thought she was just a crazy old hag, but she does seem to be up to more, doesn’t she? When you want revenge you just kill everybody. Even if she wanted us all to suffer, 20 years of working for her isn’t exactly effective… -05:56 Apr 01
    MacBeth: *He nodded.* Aaron might have a clue but it’s tough to say. If Morgan is really paranoid, she won’t trust anyone with the type of information we’re looking for. -06:00 Apr 01
    Bronwen: Frankly, I don’t know if I care what she’s up to… Once we grab Aaron we might as well just find out where she is and blow her up. Problem solved. *She picked up her cup of coffee to take a sip.* -06:06 Apr 01
    MacBeth: *He smirked a bit.* Aye, aye, Captain. -06:08 Apr 01
    Bronwen: *She tilted her head, giving it some thought..* …unless she’s making an army of Morgan clones. That would be a problem. -06:13 Apr 01
    MacBeth: She’s doing something. But an army of her clones …? *He gave a small shrug.* She’s capable of anything. -06:14 Apr 01

    Ceri: *She brushed the hair out of his eyes and studied his face. But she was soon yawning and she finally lay her head back and closed her eyes as she dozed off!*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen cast him a grin.* If I were an evil witch of the galaxy, I would probably make a huge army. …But I guess that would be a non-crazy thing to do. …Which means she could be trying to waken an ancient demon or do something to fix that hideous face of hers. -06:16 Apr 01
    MacBeth: *He smirked a bit.* In the meantime, I think I’ll try going to sleep again. Thanks for the meal, Madame Hessing. *He stood with the help of that cane and went to wash his dishes!* -06:27 Apr 01



    A break at the Hessings. Going to a fair!

    Time passed pretty quickly! In no time at all, Duncan was letting everyone know they’d be landing at the farm in a few short moments so this would be the perfect time to get ready for departure!

    And thank you for riding Shadowstar Express. We appreciate your patronage and wish you all a happy trip. *He ended the comm-link and grinned at Tiny who was sitting on the chair across of him.* What do you think?’

    Duncan: And thank you for riding Shadowstar Express. We appreciate your patronage and wish you all a happy trip. *He ended the comm-link and grinned at Tiny who was sitting on the chair across of him.* What do you think?

    “Grreeeooww!” Tiny went!

    MacBeth: On the bright side, we won’t have to tell Cassius to behave. *He remarked to Shadowstar.* -03:58 Nov 08

    Brennen: *Had a nice nap, a great shower … Wasn’t wearing a bra! Yes, he was feeling much better!*

    Bronwen: That’s probably the best news all day! *Although it was nice listening to her brothers bicker over stupid things! Cassius was stuck in the middle!* -04:00 Nov 08

    Duncan: Thanks. I was worried I sounded … fake. *Slowly landed the ship! And hopped out of the chair, picking up Tiny! He met the others by the door!* I called ahead to my Ma and Fa, by the way. Hope you don’t mind.

    Bronwen: I don’t know why I’d mind, unless you were planning to amush us, Duncan. -04:02 Nov 08
    Bronwen: *ambush -04:03 Nov 08

    Duncan: *Smile!* Wouldn’t dream of it, Cap’n! *He stepped out into the sunlight when the door opened and stretched!*

    Tiny had already hopped out of his arms and was stretching!

    Dion: …Do they do that sort of thing? *Dion asked curiously, pulling yet another ciggy as he trailed behind Brennen!*

    Cassius: Aye… watch the old man. He’s got a mad swing with a shovel.

    “DUNCAN! BRONWEN! MACBETH!” a familiar voice called out! Ma Hessing was waving at them from beside a fence with a basket against her hip!

    Brennen: Not a clue. *He muttered to Dion as he stopped. He blinked at Ma Hessing!* Who the hell is that!

    Bronwen: *Waving with a bright smile, Bronwen greeted her pleasantly!* Madam Hessing! I have brought you more men to play with. -04:07 Nov 08

    Cassius: That would be a devil in angel’s clothing, Bree. *Cassius was clearly being foul mooded!*

    Ma Hessing put the basket down and walked over to them! She smiled. “What a treat!” She clasped her hands. “You can never have too many men to play with! Hello.” She waved to the Shadowstar men.

    MacBeth: Madam Hessing, these are Bronwen’s brothers. Brennen and Dion. -04:09 Nov 08

    Brennen: *Glanced over at Cassius! He raised an eyebrow at him.* That thong of yours isn’t riding up your ass again, I hope.

    Dion: An angel, indeed! *Dion gave the madam a graceful bow and a large smile!* It’s a pleasure to meet a lovely new friend.

    Cassius: You just wait an see. *He muttered. Casting at scowl at Dion’s stupid chivalry act!* Stop mooning at her like a bafoon, she’s married.

    Ma Hessing smiled, putting one hand to her cheek. “Mr. Dion, you’re far too kind! My husband is out in front getting everything ready. But I’m sure he’ll be glad to meet you all when he’s done!”

    Bronwen: *Bronwen blinked.* Getting ready for what? We’re not getting in the way of anything are we? -04:14 Nov 08

    “Don’t be silly! Duncan explained to me and Fa how you all needed somewhere safe to stay for a bit. We could never turn away people who needed us.” She suddenly had an idea and clapped her hands. “I got it! You can all go to the fair with us! You see Fa entered his best stock and produce in the country fair this year. There’s lots of food and games. Plenty of fun!”

    Duncan: Ma! *He gave her a big hug!* Oh, hey, I want you to meet Tiny!

    Dion: I could sure use some fun and good company. *Said Dion with that smile again!*

    “Grreeooww!” Tiny went!

    Ma Hessing smiled. “I’m sure you’ll find more than your fair share here.” She turned to Tiny who promptly jumped into her arms and curled up as if it belonged there!

    MacBeth: Where’s your husband again, Madam Hessing? I’ll be glad to help. -04:20 Nov 08

    Petting Tiny, she turned and pointed to the house! “Just go around the corner. He’s probably still hitching things up and making sure everyone is nice and secure. The last time one of the straps was so old it broke. The bull broke out and … You get the picture.”

    Cassius: *The corner of his eye twitched! The witch! He knew there was something weird about her!*

    Brennen: I … think I’ll go and help you. Wait up, Mac! It was a pleasure to meet you, Madam Hessing. *And then he went to catch up with Mac!*

    “Why don’t you come and have some tea with me, Bronwen? Gentlemen? I’m sure it’s been a long trip.” And then she made her way to the house!

    Bronwen: *Aw man… They ditched her with Cassius! She’ll get them for that… Bronwen followed Madam Hessing!* What sort of fair is it, anyway? -04:23 Nov 08

    Fa Hessing with was silent as ever and only grunted out instructions when men appeared to help!

    “Just a country fair. Farmers enter their prized goodies and measure it up to each other’s …” She chuckled softly. “Then again, when you think about it, that’s what all men do, isn’t it? They even have dance competitions and games and eating contests …” She entered the house from the back, walked into the kitchen and placed Tiny on a soft cushion on the counter that was just its size! She started the tea.

    Cassius: *…She even has a cushion for it! Cassius was practically shooting mind bullets at the furball as he begrudgingly dropped in to a seat!*

    Dion: *Dion wasn’t sure he wanted to know why Cassius was staring death rays at the Furball. He was more interested in the beautiful Madam Hessing and her humble home!* Has anyone ever told you that you’re as pretty as a Toru Princess?

    MacBeth: *Followed Pa Hessing’s instructions and worked alongside with Brennen!* -04:31 Nov 08
    Madam Hessing: *She smiled at him.* Why thank you. *She brought out some cups and some tea packets.* Why don’t you tell me a little about your adventures? I bet they’re quite the tale. -04:35 Nov 08

    Whoever could possibly want to shoot mind bullets at something so soft and adorable and furry! Especially since Tiny was just lying there, napping!

    Dion: Ah… Nothing too exciting for me in a long while. Except the rescue staged by my little sister. Imagine a man’s surprise waking up in a drugged stupor to see his two older brother’s dressed as nurses – not very pretty nurses – and thinking you’ve met your maker.

    Cassius: The damned plan worked, didn’t it? The whole lot of you rag on my disguises, but they do the trick! *Lying there napping his ass! That thing was probably planning the next attack of his sock drawer!*

    Madam Hessing: *Smiled.* I can only imagine what that was like. *She began pouring the hot water and handing everyone their tea.* I also have some crumb cake left over if any of you would like a slice. Fa loves his treats. -04:41 Nov 08
    Bronwen: *Accepting tea but declining cake… Bronwen hid her smirking behind her cup!* -04:43 Nov 08

    Dion: A piece of cake would be a slice of heaven. Say,… do you have any younger sisters, Madam Hessing?

    Madam Hessing: *Served Dion a slice of the crumb cake and was thoughtful for a moment.* Why yes, I do. I haven’t seen them for such a long time. But it’s so hard to stay in touch with family when they live so far away. -04:46 Nov 08

    Dion: That is very much the truth. Then again it’s hard to stay in touch when they’re right across the room glaring at innocent animals too. *Dion enjoyed his piece of cake! It’s been ages since he’s had real food!*

    Cassius: *Caught giving that hairball attention. Cassius forced himself to pay attention to more important things. Like shooting mind bullets at Dion.* Speaking of family, don’t you think Brownie needs a good cocaptain? That’s a bigass ship for one little girl.

    Bronwen: Here we go again. *Bronwen muttered in to her cup and rolled her eyes!* -04:52 Nov 08

    Dion: You know… He might be right. Have you asked MacBeth about it? He’d make a good partner.

    Cassius: *Cassius choked on his tea!*

    Bronwen: He’s already first mate. When I get Avalon back, maybe. *Instead of smirking at Cassius like she wanted, she had a serious expression!* We’ll talk about that later. -04:58 Nov 08
    Madam Hessing: *Still wearing that very innocent smile, she sat down to have herself some crumb cake and tea!* -05:05 Nov 08

    Cassius: Grand old Brownie thinks she can handle MacBeth on the long term. Why don’t you tell her what he did to you, Dion. That’ll be an eye opener!

    Dion: *Dion paused mid bite, looking confused!* … Besides a lot of back talk and walking right in to a fight without thinking, he was pretty good crew. He was too restless to stay, though.

    Cassius: *Cassius rubbed his face with his hand.* You’re not helping the cause, here, Dion. *And the witch was smiling all pretty and silent with the hellbeast curled up like a lion in waiting! He’s was pretty restless himself! If he weren’t for Fa Hessing and that shovel, he’d be outside!*

    [Ma Hessing was serving crumb cake and tea!] -05:06 Nov 10
    [Bronwen thinks Cassius is going to walk in to another fist in his face.] -05:06 Nov 10

    Brennen: *Staggered into the kitchen!* Can I … have some water, please?

    Dion: *Dion just lightly shrugged his shoulders staring over at Brennen.* …All of those muscles really are just for Heather, huh?

    Ma Hessing: Oh dear! *She stood up and took some water right away.* Come, sit. -05:08 Nov 10

    Brennen: Hey! *He droppd into the chair Madam Hessing had offered him and glared at Dion!* Farm work is something my body isn’t used to!

    Ma Hessing: *She gave him a cup of water.* Here you go. Drink up. -05:09 Nov 10
    Bronwen: Speaking of Heather, she gave Brennen and package and he still hasn’t told me what was in it! -05:09 Nov 10

    Cassius: *Cassius snorted!* Some romance novel filled with poetry and sex, no doubt.

    Brennen: *Glared over at Dion.* Anyways, what are you doing over here? Don’t you think you should be outside, helping? *He blinked over at Brownie!* Actually … I haven’t opened it yet. *Sipped the water.* Jealous again, Cassius?

    Cassius: *The grin on Cassius face suggested he was much happier with the ladies at Heather’s place than any ideas of Heather herself!*

    Ma Hessing: Having a cocaptain is so exciting! *She passed by Tiny and gave it some petting.* -05:12 Nov 10
    Bronwen: Why the hell no-*She paused a moment giving Madam Hessing a stare. She liked the woman, but she was still sneaky! Crazy cellars indeed…* not. Aren’t you the least bit curious? -05:13 Nov 10

    Dion: *Of course Dion was just nodding in agreement, though not really specifying who he was agreeing with. My this crumb cake was delicious!*

    Brennen: I just haven’t had time, that’s all. What with getting out of there and then getting Dion and all the little adventures along the way.

    Bronwen: Not five minutes to open a little package, huh. *For someone smitten with a woman, Brennen sure did act weird when Lady Heather came up…* -05:19 Nov 10

    Cassius: This is what happens when I man tries sticking to one woman. His brains get all muffled up and he starts acting like a baffoon. *Smirked Cassius!*

    Ma Hessing: You just haven’t found the right one, Cassius. *She patted his head.* Crumb cake and tea? *She asked Brennen.* -05:22 Nov 10

    Brennen: *Sheepish grin.* I really shouldn’t … I left Mac out there with your husband and Duncan.

    Cassius: Madam, one woman is like telling a dog he can only chew one bone! It’s a nightmare.

    Ma Hessing: And yet you expect a woman to do quite the opposite? Stick to one man? -05:25 Nov 10

    Brennen: *Saw the way Dion ate that cake, though …* On the other hand … I have time for a little treat before I head back. *He took the offered cake.*

    Cassius: Now, if a woman wants to strut around with several men, that’s her own business! And they tend to get paid well for it too!

    Bronwen: …On that completely stupid notion, I think I’m going outside. *For if she didn’t, she was going to shoot Cassius herself! Bronwen set her cup down and excused herself!* -05:27 Nov 10
    Ma Hessing: Oh, Cassius … *She tsked once Bronwen was gone!* -05:27 Nov 10

    MacBeth: *Was still outside, toiling hard with Duncan and Pa Hessing! He took a moment to wipe the sweat off his forehead.*

    Brennen: Now what’s this about cocaptain. We’re not trying something like that again, are we?

    Dion: Cassius had the excellent suggestion of making MacBeth Bronwen’s cocaptain.

    Cassius: Like hell I did! That was your stupidass idea!

    Brennen: *Raised an eyebrow and glanced from brother to brother.* Mac seems like a real good choice.

    Fa Hessing looked like he could work another 20 hours without breaking a sweat! Of course, he was delegating a lot of work too. That was one huge wagon of goodies to load up! Upon seeing Bronwen he thrusted a basket of bunnies at her!

    Duncan: *Was tightening the straps for the crates and making sure they were nice and sturdy!* Okay, Pa! Nice and tight on my end!

    Dion: Haven’t had much time to chat with him, but he does look good and grown up now, doesn’t he?

    MacBeth: *Was on the other side of the crates doing the same thing! He finally nodded and whistled to signal his was tight too!*

    Brennen: This crumb cake is delicious, Madam Hessing. *He smiled at her and then nodded at Dion.* Definitely. I think we’ve done fine jobs of raising him. Especially since he gets along with Brownie so well. Never thought I’d see the day where she could stand another man besides us that she wasn’t ordering around.

    Bronwen: *A basket of bunnies. She looked down at the fluffy little things… and wondered just why in hells bells were they in a basket?!* …What am I supposed to do with these? -05:34 Nov 10

    Cassius: Oh yaa, gets along real great with all that dancing, busting my balls, and anti-cassius mumbo jumbo. Real great!

    “Cook ’em.” said Fa Hessing with a straight face. Ather expression, he suddenly let out a big toothless grin! “They’re mah show bunnies. You watch ’em. They don’t like mens.”

    Dion: That is pretty great. I didn’t think anyone could get Brownie to dance! She any good at it?

    Brennen: Awh, come on now. You know you love that kid. *A grin at Cassius!* She was good enough to beat the hell out of Cassius from what I hear!

    Bronwen: Men hating bunnies? *Of course he first idea was harassing Cassius, but instead she might as well make sure the furry things didn’t run off. A cage would have made more sense.* -05:41 Nov 10

    Cassius: Confused the hell out of me, is all. SANG while he did it too, then she broke my damned nose.

    [Bronwen thinks there’s something wrong with a basket of bunnies.] -03:45 Nov 11
    [MacBeth was finished getting the straps tightened for those crates of produce!] -03:45 Nov 11

    Brennen: To tell you the truth, I don’t know why you’d bring up a co-captain. The last time we did, we got into so much bickering Fa threatened to disown us.

    Fa Hessing was hitching up his bull and admiring a job well done!

    Duncan: *Hopped off of the crates! He dusted his hands!* Phew! Haven’t done that in awhile! Hey, Cap’n! How’s it going?

    Cassius: Bronwen and running a ship is just bad news is all I’m sayin’! She’s gotten down right uppity and MacBeth just backs her up like a, like a-

    Madam Hessing walked outside to see how things were going! “Fabulous! You really did it this time, Fa!” She walked over to her husband and gave him a kiss after he was done getting the bull hitched up!

    Dion: A good first mate? Man, he’s doing better than I thought. Half the time he’d be flipping me off if I barked out an order.

    Brennen: *Snickered!* At least he stuck around with you. He was always off somewhere else when I wanted him to do something.

    Bronwen: I’ve got a basket of bunnies, Duncan. I’m not sure. *Tearing her gaze away from the adorably cute fluffy things, she leaned to look at MacBeth!* -03:51 Nov 11

    Fa Hessing grinned like he was seeing sun for the first time! “It’s all ready to go.”

    “Fa’s prized bunnies. Be careful with them, dear. They’re Borivian Razorteeth bunnies.” She clapped when her husband said they were ready to go. “I can’t wait!”

    Duncan: *Blinked!* Borivian Razorteeth bunnies! *He shuddered!*

    Cassius: …You idiots aren’t seeing the point here. Bronwen needs a good steady, reliable, cocaptain to tell her what to do and keep her out of trouble.

    Brennen: *Sipped his tea!* You know, this is some fine crumb cake.

    Dion: You know, he’s right Bree. We ought to stop second guessing MacBeth and just see what he can do for our sister!

    Brennen: *Sighed!* … Alright. Alright. You’ve got a point. But you realize we can’t use the same tactics we’d use on any other guy that might be interested in Brownie.

    Bronwen: Razorwhat? *…And they’re in a basket?!* …Here Duncan! *She handed him the basket quickly!* -03:57 Nov 11

    Duncan: *Eyes went wide!* ACK! No! Not again! *He ran away!*

    Dion: He knows all the tricks, anyway. Hell, we taught ’em to him. Might just have to leave him be.

    “Oh dear!” She ran toward the basket and caught it. “There, there, sweeties!”

    Fa Hessing took the basket from his wife, tut-tuting at the scared young people of today. Poor little furry angels. He packed them up in the wagon!

    Brennen: You know that’s a very good point …

    “Oh, speaking of which! Duncan, I have a present for the adorable furball you brought home! It’d be a shame to make it stay here while we were away.”

    Cassius: *His jaw dropped for a second, before he shook his head.* He’s NOT interested in Brownie. No one is interested in Brownie.

    Duncan: *Poked his head out from the front of the vehicle they were taking.* Uh … I don’t know, Ma. Everytime I take Tiny somewhere with lots of people … Uh, things happen.

    Brennen: *Innocent blinking.* I thought we were talking about co-captains. But Mac and Brownie … Hm …

    Bronwen: *Sheepish, Brownie made sure to inch her way around the wagon before Fa Hessing handed her any other dangerous furballs!* -04:04 Nov 11

    “Oh, shush, Duncan,” Ma Hessing scolded. “Your Tiny has a voracious appetite but I’m sure it will behave.” She took his hand and started for the house. “Now come on.”

    Duncan: *Sighed!* Yes, Mother … *He went with her, wondering what she had in mind!*

    Dion: There’s a thought! Now that I think about it, I couldn’t imagine someone better for our little sister… Well… if they even like each other. What do you think, Bree?

    Cassius: *Cassius slowly stood up and was pushing up his sleeves! At some point his brothers dun lost their damned minds, so he was about to sock some sense in to them!*

    Brennen: One way to find out. There’s a fair coming up and we’re all going to go … You’re brilliant, Cassius!

    Just then Ma Hessing walked into the kitchen, holding Duncan’s hand and Duncan trailing behind her. “Cassius, how nice of you to roll up your sleeves before you washed the dishes!”

    Cassius: I’m what?! *Of which he replied to both Brennen and Madam Hessing! He was about to shake his fist at the woman but… No! It’s alright! A Fair was the perfect way to see how you DON’T like a person! Cassius was grinning with ideas as he picked up the dishes!* Right away, Madam Hessing!

    Dion: That was the best cake I’ve had in my entire life, Lady Hessing. Brennen and I are really looking forward to the fair. *Dion didn’t seem too worried about Cassius’ trademark up-to-something grinning!*

    Madam Hessing smiled. “I am pleased you enjoyed it so much. I’ve entered some of my pies in a few of the contests. Maybe if you have some time, you’ll be able to sample some.”

    Brennen: That sounds delicious. I think I’ll go and see how everyone is doing outside.

    Dion: Don’t forget to check on Operation Co-Captain. *Dion winked, not neglecting a grin at Cassius!*

    MacBeth: *Looked over everything packed up for the fair.* Never been to a country fair before. -04:27 Nov 11

    Brennen: Or Operation Match-Maker? *He laughed softly as he walked out.*

    Bronwen: *Christ, that old man disappeared! Not that he was creepy or anything, but… She wasn’t made for critter sitting! It was hard enough keeping men out of trouble!* It’s almost like a party. But with less booze and bar fights. -04:29 Nov 11

    Cassius: *Cassius nearly dropped one of those teacups, but he kept his cool! He had PLANS! Good unshakable plans! And this time, there wasn’t going to be any damned old ladies getting in the way!*

    Madam Hessing turned to Duncan and gave him a lovely black collar with blue jewels. “Now. Just put this on the little angel. As long as it behaves, everything should be fine.”

    Duncan: *Looked at the collar his mother had given him and then over at Tiny.* Uh … Okay. *He walked over to the sleeping furball who woke up and stretched when he stopped beside it.* Here, Tiny. *He put the collar around Tiny’s neck and fastened it.* You have to leave this on or I can’t take you to the fair. Understand?

    MacBeth: Probably why I never went to one. -04:34 Nov 11

    Tiny watched Duncan put the collar on! Once it was fastened, Tiny’s form and features shifted until it had become a beautiful but average white cat with blue eyes. “Grreeoow.”

    Ma Hessing scratched Tiny between the ears. “Tiny, you’ll have to behave at the fair. That means leave this collar on and no eating something Duncan doesn’t get for you.”

    Cassius: Aye, like people or little children. *Muttered Cassius from the sink!*

    Bronwen: Then you are in for a wonderful treat of… animals! And… I was going to say clowns, but if we don’t see any of those, that’ll be just fine for me. *Making sure Fa Hessing wasn’t looking, she leaned against the wagon!* -04:39 Nov 11

    Madam Hessing turned away from Duncan and Tiny. “Oh, Cassius, you have such a sense of humor!” she said, having overheard him somehow! “As soon as you’re done, come and join us. Duncan, Tiny, let’s go.”

    Dion: Yeah, real funny, Cassie. *Said Dion as well, making sure to follow Madam Hessing and Duncan out quickly before something sharp was thrown at his head!*

    MacBeth: Same here. Dion once took me to see some clowns and I ended up punching one out. -04:46 Nov 11
    Bronwen: *She blinked. …then laughed!* All right. You’re welcome to punch some clowns today, but if you get caught by angry farmers, that’s a song for me… -04:49 Nov 11

    Brennen: *Poked his head around the wagon!* So … who are plotting to run over with a truck?

    Brennen: we (plotting)

    Bronwen: Clowns. If we want to get lynched by a mob. -04:55 Nov 11

    Brennen: Lynched by a mob or go and enjoy the fair … I’d have to go with the fair.

    Fa Hessing appeared like a grissly bear out of a fog! “If yer goin’ git on!” He said, gruffly pointing a finger at the wagon!

    Bronwen: We’ll just let Cassius ride in the back with the Razorteeth bunnies. *Bronwen hopped up on to an empty spot and offered a hand to MacBeth!* -05:06 Nov 11
    [Bronwen and her crew (along with really suspicious looking brothers) escorted Duncan\’s family to the fair!] -04:37 Mar 23
    [MacBeth was going to the fair!] -04:48 Mar 23

    Brennen: Well, this should be fun. What do you guys think? *He asked as they stopped and everyone got out!*

    Bronwen: I think I’m good as long as there’s no clowns and those cute fuzzy bunnies stay in their basket. -04:52 Mar 23

    Fa Hessing gave a snort. He had his little babies and was taking them personally!

    Mama Hessing chuckled softly. “Those precious bunnies of yours are sure to win first prize, love.” She gave Fa Hessing a kiss on the lips.

    Cassius: *Cassius through an arm around Bronwen’s neck, his best toothy smile!* You’re not afraid of clowns? Does the poor lil’ sister need her big strong brother to babysit her today? *…And then he was giving a grimace at the Foxy Ma Hessing kissing on that old coot!*

    MacBeth: … Not too keen on clowns, Captain? *He asked, coming up from behind.* -04:55 Mar 23

    Brennen: *He had a different reaction to Mama and Papa Hessing kissing!* That’s awfully sweet. Good luck on the contest, Pa Hessing

    Bronwen: *Bronwen shoved Cassius, and was about to kick the idiot in the shin when she changed her mind. She rest her hands on her hips instead.* No, I don’t like clowns! ..but I’m not afraid of them. *She hissed at Cassius!* -04:57 Mar 23

    Dion: Hey Cassius, is that one of the models from the Miss Galaxy pageant…? *Said Dion, pointing off somewhere in the distance.*

    Duncan: *He was looking around, taking everything in.* Wow. It’s been so long since I last came to one of these. *His mouth twitched for a bit.* Not much has changed.

    Cassius: Huh, where?! *Any rebuttal died when he spotted a thin pretty blond!* … I’ll be back. *Cassius took off in to the crowd of people!*

    Brennen: *A soft chuckle!* That’s Cassius for you. He could spot a woman with a pulse for miles around.

    Mama Hessing reached over to pat Duncan on the cheek gently. “Of course, it hasn’t, son. That’s the beauty of it.”

    That Fa Hessing was dead silent with a goofy grin on his face before he suddenly coughed, grumbled something about being late, and was carting his bunnies off towards the contest tents.

    Dion: I wouldn’t mind meeting some pretty ladies here myself. *Dion mentioned as he pulled a cig from his pocket and lit it up.* Madam Hessing has been the only pretty girl I’ve spoken to in months.

    “That’s so sweet of you, Dion. But I’m sure you’ll find the girls here very friendly.” She smiled a bit sheepishly. “Sometimes … a bit uh, too friendly.” She blinked as if she’d just remembered something. “I better get going myself. I don’t want to miss the contest.” She waved. “Have fun, dears. Duncan, you and Tiny stay out of trouble.”

    Bronwen: *Bronwen waved as Ma Hessing pranced away.* … Too friendly? …Guess someone better guard Brennen or his Lady Heather will get jealous. -05:04 Mar 23

    Dion: *A large grin from Dion!* How IS Heather, Bree?

    Brennen: *His sheepish grin disappeared when he coughed politely into a fist.* She’s uh … doing quite well, thanks. Uh, yeah … Quite well indeed.

    Duncan: I’m going to get Tiny something to eat. I’ll see you guys around. *He waved with Tiny in the crook of one arm and disappeared into the crowd.*

    Dion: Food, there’s an idea. Come on, Bree. You can tell me how Heather is, while I keep the ladies to myself. *Dion flashed a smile at Bronwen and MacBeth.* Have fun. …leave those clowns alone.

    Bronwen: *Blinking, she tapped her fingers as everyone decided to run off. Bronwen gave an examining look at MacBeth, expecting him to do the same!* -05:12 Mar 23

    Brennen: Haha. Very funny. *He muttered but walked over to Dion and Duncan.* But that’s if Cassius doesn’t screw them all first …

    MacBeth: *He glanced over at her.* So, how about a friendly competition? -05:13 Mar 23

    Duncan: *He scratched Tiny behind the ears as they neared the food court.* Guys … do you think the Captain and Mac will get into trouble or anything around here?

    Brennen: *He blinked at Duncan.* What do you mean …?

    Bronwen: *Giving him a dubious expression, she mused over the suggestion!* …It’s not a girl chasing challenge, is it? I think I have the upper hand. -05:14 Mar 23

    Dion: It is Bronwen. …And MacBeth. I can only imagine what they get in to working together. *Replied Dion with some humor.*

    MacBeth: *He smirked.* Something less Shadowstar-like. Say a competition to see who can win the most games before we leave. -05:18 Mar 23

    Duncan: Uh, yeah. My point exactly. They’re great and all but the trouble they get into … *His voice trailed off as if not quite sure how to describe what he meant.*

    Bronwen: You realize most of these games are going to involve shooting things, I am ever so good at shooting things. *She responded with a grin, but it was too late for him to back out now! She snatched his arm to drag him off.* What am I getting when I win? -05:20 Mar 23
    MacBeth: We’ll see. *He looked over at her as she dragged him away.* Well, what would you like to win? -05:21 Mar 23

    Brennen: *A chuckle!* Is more than any two people should ever legally be allowed to get into before being thrown into prison for the rest of their lives?

    Dion: *Dion stopped at a stall to get himself a good mug of ale, and puffed on his ciggy.* Shouldn’t be too much trouble at a Fair. ..It’s Cassius I’m worried about. I think he’s jealous.

    Brennen: Jealous of who …? Brownie or Mac …? *He raised an eyebrow as he also got himself some ale.*

    Bronwen: The universe, mostly. But seein’ as how that might be a bit troublesome, I’ll settle for a star or a small world somewhere. *All of these games… Best to start with the easiest ones first. Shooting ducks!* -05:25 Mar 23
    MacBeth: *Another smirk.* Yeah, well … last I checked a star or a small world was well out of a first mate’s pay. No matter how big the booty. -05:28 Mar 23

    Dion: *He laughed softly and shook his head.* Both, no doubt. Little sister steals our Cadet, then Cadet steals little sister. Throw in a bruised ego and I’m surprised Cassius hasn’t tied them both to chairs and given his “I’m the King” speech.

    Bronwen: I don’t know… I’m pretty sure Morgan’s entire battillion and scores of goons have to be worth a planet or two. *Bronwen handed him the shooting gun… Let him try first!* If you’re so clever, what do you suggest? -05:31 Mar 23

    Brennen: *He laughed.* Point taken. *He gave a soft sigh.* I always figured Mother favored him a little too much when we were kids.

    Duncan: Um … One of those giant Mneorian steaks please. *He ordered.* And some fries. Oh, can you make sure it’s a steak with a really big bone in it?

    The guy taking Duncan’s order looked at him strangely but then agreed before he disappeared to give the order to the cooks.

    MacBeth: *He took the gun.* How about a giant rock I can tie Cassius to and send him flying into the empty, soul-sucking, darkness of space? *He aimed and fired–and actually shot the first duck!* -05:37 Mar 23

    Dion: Middle son Syndrone. Bet she feared he wasn’t getting enough attention and then smothered him in it. *Grinned Dion as he leaned down to give Tiny a good pet.* Now if we could just find him a lovely Lady like Heather…

    Tiny purred as it was pet! It liked this one!

    Bronwen: Lucky shot… *She muttered… Well, she already knew he wasn’t a BAD shot. That’s what was going to make it sweet!* I think that’s more of a reward on the off-chance you win. -05:40 Mar 23
    MacBeth: Like you haven’t thought of doing something like that. *He shot a couple of other ducks but missed the fourth one! He handed her the gun.* -05:42 Mar 23

    Brennen: I bet we could find him a match if we put him on auction or something.

    Bronwen: Yeah, but he’s still my brother. …when he’s not being a total asshole. *Taking the gun, she aimed. PING! Duck down! PINGPING! Two more ducks down! Now… that last little duck…* Besides, it’s not a prize if I already promised to get rid of him. -05:46 Mar 23

    Dion: *Dion tilted his mug to share with Tiny. He wasn’t afraid of the critter biting his hand off.* Until he opened his mouth. What do you think, Duncan?

    Tiny sniffed the ale but then took a tentative lick of it. Then it took another and another until it tilted his head back and licked its chops.

    MacBeth: True but you’re far more humane. *He replied, hands in his pockets, watching her take aim.* -05:50 Mar 23

    Duncan: I honestly don’t know about Cassius. Or if there’s a single woman alive who could handle him. *He took the steak and fries on a tray and went to sit on an empty table.*

    Bronwen: I guess I’m a sucker for family loyalty. *PING! Dead duck! A piece of cake. Bronwen cast him her best grin.* My game. How about we get me a ruby tiara and lock Cassius up in Ma Hessing’s doom cellar alone with Tiny? -05:55 Mar 23

    Dion: You have have a point there. *Laughed Dion, taking one of the other seats to finish off his cigarette and sip on his ale.* In that case, we better do what we do best and meddle.

    Tiny found itself on the table, watching that steak as if it was going to grow legs and run away. When no one was looking, it bent down and devoured that steak–which was at least two inches thick and a foot and a half wide–in one swallow! It belched up the giant bone and started to chew on it with its small mouth.

    MacBeth: *A smirk!* Hmm hmm. And I bet this would happen sometime after we get Aaron. -06:00 Mar 23

    Brennen: *He chuckled softly.* Indeed. This brings up the discussion we had with him back at the Hessings. He mentioned a co-captain … probably to keep Brownie and Mac in line.

    Bronwen: You promised no Cassius-killing until after fetching Aaron, so if Cassius related doom is your prize you’ll have to wait and wait and wait..*She trailed off, managing to confiscate a stray fair paper and steal a old pencil from one of the booths. She marked up a little score card. One for Bronwen, 0 for MacBeth.* You get to choose the second game at least. Help your chances a bit. -06:03 Mar 23
    MacBeth: And even then, I know I’ll never get a chance to kill him. *A smirk.* At least, not with your permission. -06:05 Mar 23

    Dion: No doubt he was talking about himself. Unless he thinks he’ll convince Aaron to take charge… Mind you, Aaron is probably going to do it anyway, but Cassius’d likely spin it in his favor…

    Bronwen: *Bronwen eyed him carefully and gave him a hard stare!* Would you really kill Cassius? Even with my permission? -06:07 Mar 23
    MacBeth: Next game is this way. *He replied instead and walked over to the next booth. This one had a dozen rows of bottles with ten bottles in each row. The object was to toss the rings and get them to land around a bottle’s neck.* Captains first. *He handed her the dozen red rings.* -06:11 Mar 23

    Brennen: I just hope Brownie doesn’t feel hurt when he does. Aaron’s a good guy but he was always a bit more strict on Brownie than on the rest of us. Takes after Da.

    Bronwen: *Bronwen snatched the rings, giving him that look cause he know damned well he didn’t answer the questions. Bronwen tossed one of the rings and.. missed. …With a frown she tried a few more. Most were misses!* Sonofabitch! -06:16 Mar 23

    Duncan: *Looked up at them as he finished a fry.* Uh … This Aaron guy sounds scary already.

    Dion: Aye… She’ll let him have the ship, but she’s going to be damned pouty about it. *Out came another cig… He’d be chain smoking the things since they landed!* Aaron’s great. Takes everything a little to seriously, occasionally smacks the hell out of ya, but he does it out of love.

    MacBeth: *He watched her.* So, what are you going to do when this business with Morgan is over? -06:22 Mar 23

    Brennen: *A soft chuckle.* Egoes were bruised more often than our bodies, that’s for sure.

    Tiny was lying down, still chewing on that bone.

    Bronwen: Family business, I suppose. *One, two… Damnit! Even with her last ring that was only a good 5 out of twelve. And Bronwen was a sore loser! Crossing her arms, she stepped back for his turn.* I was supposed to get Avalon and run cargo like my brothers. -06:27 Mar 23

    Dion: And when it comes to Cassius and Brownie, ego bruising is probably the worst punishment you could give them. *Dion grinned, it might as well of been true.*

    MacBeth: Sounds like a stable business. *He replied, getting his rings from the person manning the booth. He took a moment to aim and then tossed it gently to the bottle in the center. It bounced … bounced … and then landed around a bottle neck.* -06:34 Mar 23

    Brennen: *He smiled.* Yep. And we have a lot to catch up on. *That was when he noticed…* Hey, D. You alright …?

    Bronwen: *Oh the murderous scowl she gave. Beginners luck, she told herself again. This game was clearly impossible!* Stable, reliable, pays well… I wanted to be a Pirate Bandit. Chase down thugs and steal their stuff. -06:37 Mar 23

    Dion: You got double D’s here, Bree. Better be specific. *He knew who Brennen was talking to, but Dion wasn’t one to offer up anything freely.*

    Brennen: *A soft sigh!* Of course. Dion Dominick Shadowstar, why the hell have you been smoking like it’s about to be outlawed?

    Dion: *Dion paused, casting a wry grin at his brother.* You try spending a few months locked up in a hospital without smokes, [i]Ma[/i]. *At Brennen’s expression, he sighed himself.* Just concerned is all.

    Brennen: Sorry, bro. *He raised an eyebrow slightly.* Concerned … about everything?

    Brennen: Sorry, bro. *He raised an eyebrow slightly.* Concerned … about everything?

    MacBeth: *He tossed a few more rings and got each one around a bottle.* That sounds more your style. I guess Aaron will take over when he’s free. *He took careful aim and tossed the next ring … that also went around a bottle neck.* -06:52 Mar 23

    Dion: *Another long puff of his cig as he remained silent for a moment.* Morgan’s really earned her Mad namsake… Obssessed with recapturing her youth. I look good for my age, and now she’s thinkin’ Shadowstar blood is the elixer of life or something…

    Bronwen: *That scowl of hers faded to a small frown.* Yeah. Aaron’s always in charge. …There’s no way in hell he’s banning me from sticking it to Morgan, though. I deserve the right blow her face off in person. *Taking out her little slip a paper… One for MacBeth!* -06:56 Mar 23

    Brennen: *He narrowed his eyes at Dion.* You’re not thinking about that old story Da used to tell about some treasure and the secret of eternal youth, are you?

    Dion: *He goft a soft laugh.* Not me. I’m fine leaving well enough alone. But Morgan didn’t have me up in that hospital for a checkup. She’s lookin’ to live forever be it crazy miracles or stealing a damned body.

    MacBeth: Your choice. *He walked over to her.* -07:14 Mar 23
    Bronwen: Then I better pick something good. *Bronwen paused a moment to slowly turn around and survey what was available… Something she’d be really really good at! Throwing sharp stuff! Perfect! Bronwen led him over to a booth with a wall of balloons. Offering him a handful of darts, that grin was back again.* So you’re good with blades, but these require much more accuracy. -07:19 Mar 23
    MacBeth: I didn’t pick blades because you don’t need a lot of accuracy. *He said in a tone that sounded like he wanted to say more but wouldn’t. Typical Mac!* -07:23 Mar 23
    Bronwen: Uh uh. … Why did you pick blades? Almost no one ever used them. I don’t think that’s something that changed in twenty years… *Bronwen found herself curious. They might be fancy light blades, but it was still old fashioned…* -07:25 Mar 23
    [Bronwen was having a friendly competition with MacBeth… that she is so going to win!] -02:53 Mar 25
    [MacBeth had followed Shadowstar to the next game … darts!] -02:54 Mar 25

    Tiny was still chewing on that bone, despite it being at least five times bigger than it was!

    Brennen: All this talk about Morgan and her quest for eternal youth is giving me the creeps. Whatever happened to that poor bastard she married?

    Dion: Dead, I believe. Flat out murdered. …Aaron would know better about it. *Dion himself couldn’t figure out how anyone would take a shining to someone like Morgan. Their Da must have been hella drunk.*

    MacBeth: *A shrug!* Just always had a knack for ’em. Guess that’s why your brothers never trusted me with sharp objects. *He took careful aim … and the first dart hit!* -03:02 Mar 25

    Brennen: Figures. *He drank some of his ale.* Ha. Aaron knows a lot of things he’d rather not know.

    Bronwen: *If that was a subtle hint that he was good at darts too… Bronwen tapped her fingers on her arms.* If you were so wild and unruley, they probably thought you might shank one of them when they turned around. *She said with a grin!* -03:06 Mar 25

    Dion: Think we all do now. *Dion lit up yet another cig… But that serious expression slowly faded to an easy smile.* Haven’t seen a sight of Cassius yet. He’s either caught his girl or about to ruin Bronwen’s day.

    MacBeth: *A smirk.* Except Aaron. *The second and third darts hit, too … but he missed the last couple of shots.* Your turn. -03:16 Mar 25

    Duncan: *He’d finished his fries and was looking around now.* So … what are you guys going to do after this stuff with Morgan is over?

    Bronwen: Aaron isn’t afraid of anything. A knife would probably shatter on his skin or something. *Her turn… Darts were a little more difficult to aim than a gun, and not as easy to throw as knives! She missed a few, but was still enough to beat him and earn her point. A satisfied grin!* -03:20 Mar 25

    Cassius: Good shot, Brownie. *And that was when Cassius appeared right behind Brownen and leaning low enough to be staring her in the face when she turned around. …Wearing full clown makeup!*

    Bronwen: Cassius yo-RRAAGH! *The first thing she did was swing a fist and sock him in the damned face!* -03:21 Mar 25

    Cassius: *THOCKHONK! There was a squeek of his big red nose as Cassius stummbled backwards to nurse his face!* G’damnit woman…!

    Dion: *Dion tilted his head as he thought about it a moment…* Throw a party. Big fancy party with many pretty ladies. There’s people I haven’t seen in years.

    MacBeth: *He smirked at Cassius.* Serves you right, old man. You should know better. I guess you get to choose the next game or is my turn to choose? -03:24 Mar 25

    Brennen: *He grinned.* I’d go spend some time with Heather. Maybe even ask her to marry me. *A small shrug.*

    Bronwen: It’s your turn to choose. *Bronwen was still casting Cassius a scowl, and looked about ready to hit him again… but she grabbed MacBeth’s arm instead to pull him away!* -03:26 Mar 25

    Cassius: *Argh.. his poor damned nose! That honking foam didn’t spare it at all. But Cassius was quick to follow them both, swinging an arm around Bronwen’s neck to pull her away from MacBeth.* Not playing games are you? How about you and me go try out that haunted house. Betcha there ain’t nothin’ in there scarier than us!

    MacBeth: *He raised an eyebrow.* We’re in the middle of a competition. Can’t you wait until later? *He asked Cassius.* -03:28 Mar 25

    Dion: And how about you, Duncan? Going stay in the employ of a Captain Shadowstar?

    Bronwen: Yeah.. buggar off somewhere. You’re giving me the creeps. *She said with a frown. Clowns were bad enough, but Cassius just look disturbing with that makeup on. She pushed his arm off!* -03:31 Mar 25

    Duncan: *He was thoughtful for a moment.* Um … I think so. I mean … things weren’t looking very well for me when I first met her and Mac. *A sheepish grin.*

    Cassius: You’re gonna deny your big brother quality time with his favorite sister? That’s cold Brownie, real cold. *He responded, completely ignoring MacBeth!*

    “Ladies and gentlemen! Gather ’round! The dance competition for our annual country fair is about to begin! Everyone grab a partner and come over to the center!” an announcer’s voice suddenly boomed!

    MacBeth: *He looked over at Shadowstar.* Want to try out the dance competition? *A small shrug.* -03:33 Mar 25
    Bronwen: *Pausing before telling Cassius he could kiss her ass, she blinked over at the competition and then at MacBeth. She grinned!* That sounds like an idea! Let’s try it. *Sticking her tongue out at Cassius, she tugged MacBeth away!* -03:35 Mar 25

    Cassius: DANCE competition?! *Cassius stood there dumbfounded for a moment, watching their escape… Oh hell naw. HE was going to teach these two a lesson, and if they can do fancy footed shit, he could do it too. …Thus Cassius sweet-talked himself a rather round and rolly-polly milk maid in to trying the competition with him!*

    Dion: Ah… And how do you like your Captain and her First Mate? They run a good ship at all?

    In the center was a very large dance floor, more than enough to accomodate the people beginning to gather! There were two people walking around for the contest. One carried pieces of paper with numbers on it and passed it out. The other, beside him, scribbled names on a paper and their respective numbers! They got to Bronwen and Mac. “Why hello there, Miss. Gonna try our dance competition today? First prize is a grand old trophy and plenty of goodies and drink.”

    Duncan: *A grin!* One thing’s for sure, it’s never boring. *Then he went thoughtful and silent for a bit.* I know we’re a small crew but I think we’re doing better than we could be. Between the two of them, Mac and the captain have taken down bounty hunters, squid pirates, and Morgan’s goons. *He reached over to pet Tiny.*

    Bronwen: I do like trophies and drinking. *Grinned Bronwen. And that’s about when she spotted Cassius pulling some poor (although happy looking) woman up on to the dance floor… And started laughing!* Oh, this is going to be far too much fun…. -03:49 Mar 25

    Dion: *Dion was looking pretty thoughtful himself!* That’s pretty impressive… Squid pirates even? People don’t normall walk away from them alive, let alone without losing an arm or two.

    The man nodded and handed her and Mac two pieces of paper with the same number 52. The other man jotted down \”52.\” \”Names please.\”

    Bronwen: *Bronwen gave their names, minus any mentions of Shadowstar, and against he desire to give something silly just to get Cassius all riled up. He was already over there plotting up something! She nudged MacBeth to point a subtle finger at Cassius.* -03:57 Mar 25

    Cassius: Heh heh heh… *This idea was so perfect, he couldn’t stop the cat-eat-canary look on his face. He had way more experience at lady-wooing, and dancing was a cinch. …Plus he planned on playing dirty and using this big woman’s rear end to his advantage.* Now, you just follow my lead, sweetcheeks and we’re gonna get us that trophy.

    MacBeth: *He oh so casually glanced over at something in the general direction Shadowstar had pointed and easily caught sight of Cassius and his dance partner. She wasn’t Cassius’ type. So if he hadn’t chosen her for the eye candy quality, he obviously had something dirty in mind.* Somethings never change. *He remarked.* -04:06 Mar 25

    The man scribbled down the names, nodded, and he and the other man moved on.

    Duncan: I don’t remember a lot. I was hiding at the time. But I remember hearing the captain yell something over and over at the squid.

    Dion: …I’m going to have to ask them about that one. Last time I had a ship run in to squid pirates they took out half my crew and blew a hole out my cargo hole. You remember that time it took us three days to dodge the bastards, Bree?

    Bronwen: Scared of Cassius and his behemoth? *She asked with a grin.* I think these people are going to get a show… -04:11 Mar 25
    MacBeth: *A smirk!* Indeed. Nothing like bruising Cassius’ ego to help round up things, eh, Captain? -04:14 Mar 25
    Bronwen: It always makes my day, anyway. *She moved a step closer to MacBeth, but was keeping a good eye on that brother of hers… She wouldn’t put it past him to start shooting people…* -04:21 Mar 25

    It took a few minutes but everyone finally had a number and was registered. The announcer stepped up on the platform. “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your patience. We have wrapped up registration and are ready to begin. The rules are quite simple. We will play music and while you dance, you will be judged. If your dancing isn’t up to the standard, we will tap you or your partner on the shoulder and ask you to sit. The last couple standing wins a trophy along with fine treats and drink.” This was followed by the introduction of the judges and then the music finally began. It was a nice upbeat kind of song to warm them up!

    Brennen: *He shook his head in disbelief.* No kidding. We were late with the cargo and the client was so pissed. Didn’t even believe us when we told ‘im there were squid pirates. Jack ass.

    Bronwen: *Bronwen held out her hand to MacBeth!* I’ll have this dance, if you please! -04:45 Mar 25

    Cassius: *If Cassius could get away with cackling, he might have! Instead, he whisked his big busty lady in to his arms and prepared for an easy dance! He was real sly about edging too close to other partners, getting all in their way. It was easy thanks to this woman’s huge rear end!*

    Dion: Can’t say that I blame him. Most people that say they survive the squid pirates are lying. *Dion flashed Duncan a bright smile.* You might just be their lucky charm!

    Duncan: *He blinked!* Wow. You think …? *He scratched the back of his head.* I always figured I was more like dead weight …

    Dion: Can’t call a good pilot dead weight, now… I figure you’re far more helpful than you realize. *He said honestly… A good judge of character, Dion was certain Duncan was a good crew mate… and both his sister and MacBeth seemed fond of him. …So did the lil fuzzy angel, and those things didn’t like anyone.*

    MacBeth: *He gave a half bow and took her hand.* No one else I’d rather dance with. *He glanced over at Cassius as they danced and made sure to stay clear of him and his round partner.* -04:59 Mar 25

    With a little back planet town like this, these people took their competitions seriously! Cassius wasn’t the only one trying to dance a little dirty! One guy ended up tripped right off the dance floor! They weren’t going to go easy on them outsiders either. Slinging a foot out here and there to try and catch people unaware!

    “Duncan! Is that you?!” someone gasped! Duncan was suddenly assaulted from behind when a beautiful woman threw her arms around his neck! “Wow, you’ve grown!” She had dark red-brown hair and dark brown eyes, dressed in a milk maid’s dress and apron!

    Duncan: Ooof!! *He looked up, startled, but then relaxed.* Oh, hey, Ceri! It’s great to see you! Did you move back or something?

    MacBeth: Heh. And I thought Cassie was our biggest problem. *He said with a smirk as he spun Shadowstar around to avoid a foot she was about to trip over.* -05:08 Mar 25

    Dion: *Dion was about to light up another ciggy when he paused! …Slowly, he put that lighter and ciggy away as he cleared his throat and stood from his chair.* Who might your charming friend be, Duncan?

    Bronwen: *A quick swing and a step out of the way! Bronwen looked a bit surprise at those villagers… Damned, they WERE serious, weren’t they!* I guess we’ll keep an eye out for knives! -05:11 Mar 25

    “No. Just home for a little while. And you …?” the woman was asking Duncan.

    Duncan: No, just uh– *He blinked!* Oh, sorry! Uh, Ceri, these are my friends, Dion and Brennen. We all needed a little vacation. Dion, Brennen, this is Ceri. She’s an old friend.

    Cassius: *Speaking of Cassius, he hadn’t expected the additional competition himself! But he got his revenge! Cassius made sure to make a wide turn with Ms. Betty, with full intent on running his sister and her first mate down!*

    Brennen: *There Dion goes. He stood and waved, then sat back down and drank his ale.* Pleased to meet you.

    Ceri smiled. “Hello, the pleasure is mine. Are you all enjoying the fair today?”

    Dion: *Dion was the first to move forward and offer his hand!* Most certainly please, Ceri. …To meet you. *He corrected quickly, and swallowed! This was interesting, normally he was a little less nervous. Too much time in that hospital.* The fair’s been very nice so far. I have to ask about this lovely dress you’re wearing…

    MacBeth: Knives? I was thinking trap doors and land mines. *And it was impossible to tell if he was joking or serious. He saw Cassius coming and wrapped an arm around Shadowstar’s waist. He pulled her toward him and turned away and dipped. He quickly pulled Shadowstar up so they could stay clear of the other dancers.* Ma’am. *He met Cassius’ partner eyes and bowed his head before he and Shadowstar moved away.* -05:18 Mar 25
    Bronwen: *That was close! Bronwen laughed softly, managing to pass Cassius a grin when they turned!* You shouldn’t say that out loud. You might give someone ideas. *A small nudge to get them changing direction, saved them both from some crazy woman’s swinging body!* -05:23 Mar 25

    Ceri blushed after taking Dion’s hand and shaking it. “Yeah … I got entered in the uh, milking contest. Mother thought it’d be a great idea.”

    Dion: *Dion didn’t release her hand, but instead turned it to take a look.* That takes some skilled work. Do you do any painting or play music with these hands? *Now Dion had the vague idea he was ignoring Bree and Duncan, but at the moment they might just have to forgive him!*

    Cassius: *Grumbling, Cassius had to stop himself from screaming GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY SISTER. … Especially because it some seemed some other sap was already doing that to another couple. Only it was “Wife” and the guy tackled the man! …That’s when Cassius got another bright idea! He and Ms. Betty swooped in close and with a quick switch… he was trading partners and trying to steal Bronwen!*

    Duncan: *He looked over at Brennen as he sat down, then tilted his head at Dion and Ceri.*

    Brennen: *He shook his head at Duncan and then gave a small shrug, indicating he shouldn’t disturb them and it was no big deal. This was Dion, after all.*

    “Th–thank you.” Ceri blushed even more. “I used to play music but I not anymore.”

    -the second I

    Dion: That’s a shame, I bet you were beautiful when you play. …What you played was beautiful. *A small cough from Dion, who then realized he’d been holding on to her hand a little too long. He let go.* Would you like to get a bite to eat? …Unless, I’m stealing you away from Duncan? *He turned to eye the other man questioningly!*

    Duncan: *He quickly looked up and shook his head.* Oh no. You two go right ahead. I have to uh–go check on Ma. *He stood and picked up Tiny.* I’ll see you two later. *A smile and a wave!*

    Brennen: I think I’ll go sample some of his mom’s treats. *He grinned.* Have fun, you two. See you later. *He disappeared with Duncan and Tiny!*

    Ceri waved then turned to Dion. “Well, I uh … guess I’m all yours. I haven’t had a bite to eat for awhile. Too busy seeing everything.”

    Dion: I think their leaving so quick was a suble suggestion that I need to get out more. *Dion replied with a wide smile. He offered her his arm.* I think trying a little bit of everything is in order.

    Ceri laughed softly and took his arm. “I’ve never had such a cute escort before.” She smiled.

    Dion: *Dion had to clear his throat. He’s not a blusher but there might have been a twinge on his face.* What would you like? There’s the brilliant Hessing family pies, cotton candy, a very strange looking creature on a stick… * He said, casting a curious look at one of the food stalls!*

    MacBeth: Miss. *He found himself face to face with Cassius’ partner and his partner–with Cassius! Well, two could play at that game … He bowed and then proceeded to dance with the fine lady, noting that her bottom easily swept away the competition.* Ma’am, has anyone ever told you how beautiful your eyes are? *He raised an eyebrow when she gi* No? That’s funny. Cassius, the man you are partnered with, told me they were the most beautiful he’d ever seen. -06:31 Mar 25
    MacBeth: *giggled -06:31 Mar 25

    Betty giggled again and playfully waved him off! He must be teasing her!

    Bronwen: Cassius, I am about two steps away from throwing your ass in front of a stampeding pack of snarglpuffs. *Dancing with Cassius was…. was just weird! …So she tried to subtly stomp on his damned foot!* -06:34 Mar 25

    Cassius: *Cassius was just a smirking though, dodging her attempts to stomp on him and easily moving her farther and father away from MacBeth. In fact, he was about to make sure she went spinning in to the nearest barrel of beer!* Don’t you love dancing, Bronwen? The music, the ladies… Me winning a great big trophy and smashing it over that boy’s head…?

    MacBeth: Not at all. He also told me you were the most graceful woman in the fair. That must be why he asked you to partner up with him. But … he’s too shy to admit it. *He spied Cassius and Bronwen not too far away.* Just between you and me, he changes his mind awfully fast. So it’d be best if you went right for him and didn’t give him a chance to. *Then he took her hand and spun her around, right at Cassius!* -06:44 Mar 25
    Bronwen: *Bronwen opened her mouth and — agreed!* I do! Dancing is wonderful! *That’s when she quickly stepped out of his hands and backed out of the way, for a nice easy turn back to MacBeth!* -06:47 Mar 25

    Cassius: *Cassius was going to reach out and snatch her back, but upon turning around and opening his arms his was MAULED by a giant Betty! He lost his footing at the edge of the dance floor and went tilted backwards. Only the loud sound of an OOMPH as Ms. Betty landed and giggled on top of him!*

    By now there were only six–no, five more couples left on the dance floor!

    Bronwen: *Bronwen made sure to lean forward and snicker!* I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone launch a woman like that before. -06:57 Mar 25
    MacBeth: Captain. *He gave a small bow before taking her hands and leaving Cassius to enjoy the affections of Ms Betty.* Oh, she was more than ready to fly at Cassius. I just aimed her in the right direction. *A smirk!* -06:59 Mar 25
    Bronwen: I suppose Cassius is going to have another busy evening! *This was more like it! Moving around with MacBeth was smooth and natural! And she didn’t want to kick him in the damned shins!* I’m sure you gave her plenty of ideas. -07:05 Mar 25

    Ms Betty had her arms around Cassius and obviously had no intention on letting him go anytime soon!

    Cassius: *There was quite a bit of muffled complaints from Cassius, but he thought his back might be broken so he wasn’t able to escape just yet…! He was going to KILL MacBeth!*

    MacBeth: Oh, I have a feeling she has a few ideas of her own. *A grin!* Women are a lot like men at times. They dream about things they’d like to do with the right person. In Betty’s case, that person is Cassius. -07:08 Mar 25

    Ms Betty finally got off of him after smothering his face with kisses! But only so she could pick him up and carry him off!

    Bronwen: *That accented with catching a glimpse of that woman managing to pickup Cassius and haul him off had her laughing far too loudly!* If she’s dreaming up the same kind of things Cassius normally dreams up… then he’s in for ride! -07:14 Mar 25
    MacBeth: I’m sure we’ll find out when he gets back–whenever that is. *He wrapped an arm around her waist and dipped her!* -07:18 Mar 25

    Suddenly the music stopped, there was thunderous applause, and the announcer walked up to them! “Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of our annual country fair dance competition! Ms Bronwen and Mr MacBeth!”

    MacBeth: *He pulled her back and released her so she could accept the rather large and heavy trophy!* What do you know. -07:21 Mar 25
    Bronwen: *Already…! Not that she didn’t completely had faith in their savvy winning capabilities, but she rather thought she’d be paying more attetion! All this applause was kind of embarassing! …But damned if she didn’t take that trophy!* My, I would like to thank my dear sweet brother Cassius, who was such an inspiration! *Oh, the cheeky grin she gave!* -07:23 Mar 25
    [Bronwen and MacBeth had a trophy! That was sweet!] -01:57 Mar 26
    [MacBeth couldn\’t help but grin at Cassius and Betty.] -02:00 Mar 26
    MacBeth: It looks like you’re going to have one hell of a party, Captain. *He said, eying the goods.* -02:03 Mar 26

    Cassius: *Cassius was getting hauled off by a viking of a woman! He was howling for help, but CLEARLY those sonsofbitches didn’t care about his precicous body..! He and Ms. Betty disappeared in to the crowd!*

    Bronwen: An even bigger one when I win our challenge. *She was eyeing that nice little trophy carefully! Shiny! It was going to be hard to think up a prize now.* It’s your turn to choose the game too, or shall we just call it my win? -02:05 Mar 26

    Duncan: *He and Brennen stopped by the pies his mother was selling with Tiny perched on his head like a furry hat!* Hey, Mama. How’s it going?

    Brennen: *He took a whiff of the pies!* Mmm … They smell divine, Madame Hessing. Just divine. *Oh, was that the smell of rumberry coming from this pie right here?*

    Ma Hessing turned to the three of them. “Hello, sweeties. It’s going just fantastic.” She clapped her hands and beamed at Brennen. “I see you got your eye on my rumberry pie. A fine choice. Would you like a slice?”

    MacBeth: *A smirk!* I never admit defeat. But I could use a snack and something to drink. -02:09 Mar 26

    Brennen: *That pie looked so delicious! But … he glanced down at his belly! He really shouldn’t! … On the other hand, when was the next time he was going to have a chance to have rumberry pie? It’s not like Mac was too keen on baking …* You know, I’d love a piece. Thank you.

    Ma Hessing smiled and cut the pie up into slices. “What about you, Duncan? And that adorable furball of yours? A slice?” She offered Duncan a plate with two slices, one for him and one for Tiny after handing Brennen a plate with a slice of his own.

    Duncan: *He blinked and accepted the plate!* Uh … Thanks, Ma. *He looked like he wasn’t quite sure what to do with it!*

    Bronwen: Then a break for lunch it is. I can give Duncan this trophy for his weird collection of stuff. -02:12 Mar 26

    Tiny, on the other hand, sat on his head and hunched down to take a better look–and a better whiff of it! “Greeeoww! Grreeooww!” it went!

    Ceri smiled. “So, Dion, you must have quite the tale to tell.”

    Brennen: *Had long since grabbed a fork and taken the first bite!* MMmmm!! *The look on his face told everyone who was looking just how wonderful this pie was!* Oh Madame Hessing, you are a godsend. *He said, once he had finished swallowing that bite and savoring it!*

    Ma Hessing laughed softly and waved Brennen off. “You’re the second man to say that to me, Brennen.” She winked. “The first is my husband.” She leaned to the side to catch a glimpse of her spouse on the other side of the fair and waved.

    MacBeth: *He followed after her.* Guess next year, you’ll be defending your title. Huh, Captain? *A smirk!* -02:19 Mar 26

    Dion: *Dion cast her wide, almost embarassed smile.* You have no idea. I have to say, for once I’m happy to spend a day doing something normal and talking to someone interesting.

    Fa Hessing gave a big toothless grin from across the crowd! Waving a big razortooth rabbit and nearly sheering someone’s head off!

    Bronwen: *Bronwen blinked and shook her head!* It’s your title too, so unless you’re going to be here, I’ll happily set aside for Cassius and his woman. -02:22 Mar 26

    Duncan: *He looked embarassed!* Ma … *He winced and looked up at the furry thing about to fall off his head and onto the plate! He grabbed a slice but made sure to keep as much of his fingers off of it as possible!* Easy does it, okay, Tiny? *He gulped!*

    Ceri blushed. “You look like the exploring type, goes places, do things most people only dream of doing.”

    Tiny hunched down and eyed that slice of pie as if it was prey! Its tails flicked back and forth and it licked its chops! The rest of the world had disappeared! It was only Tiny and that slice of pie!

    Ma Hessing gave a lovesick sigh and cupped one hand to her cheek. “Oh, that man …”

    MacBeth: *A smirk!* I’d be more than happy to defend our title. -02:28 Mar 26

    Dion: *He laughed as he stopped by one of the food stalls, gestering to one of the cups honey dipped nuts!* You’ve got a good eye. Let me take a guess at you… Ah… Smart girl with a good career that… secretly wants to run off and battle evil?

    Duncan: *Another sigh and he closed his eyes!* Gah … Ma … *He whined!*


    Bronwen: I swear, if you smirk any wider you’ll never be able to cast another scowl at Cassius again. *Bronwen said with a snicker. Speaking of brothers, there was Brennen with Duncan and Tiny swallowing a pie whole.* Heeey! …Where did Dion escape to? -02:31 Mar 26

    Duncan: *His eyes flew wide and he froze! That was the sound of Tiny chomping on that pie! But had it also chomped on something else it wasn’t supposed to?! He gulped!* Uh … Did I just … Did it just …?

    Ma Hessing waved to Bronwen and Mac! “Bronwen! Mac! Do you want to try a slice of rumberry pie?” But she was already putting slices on plates and offering it to them! My, she was fast!

    Brennen: *He looked up at Duncan’s head, at the furry little thing curled up!* Uh … Nope. Your hand’s still there. Nothing left of the pie except crumbs. *He laughed!* And somehow it managed to swipe that slice of yours off the plate, too!

    Cheri laughed and scratched her head. “Looks like I’m not the only one with the good eye. But somehow, running off to battle evil takes a backseat to a bunch of other stuff.”

    Duncan: *He blinked and looked down at his plate! What the hell! He sighed and closed his eyes! … Well, it wasn’t like he hadn’t tasted his mother’s rumberry pie before …*

    Brennen: *He turned to Bronwen and Mac and grinned.* This old friend of Duncan’s came by and before you know it, our Dion was whisking her away for a tour and something to eat.

    Ma Hessing blinked, looking interested. “Old friend …? Which one, sweetie?”

    Bronwen: She must have been extra his type. *Bronwen moved to slide over next to Duncan and presented him with the trophy.* Here! MacBeth and I got it special just for you! -02:42 Mar 26

    Dion: *Dion gave a wicked look!* This is where I offer to whisk you away from your job and family and take you on an adventure… But I think I’ll spare you the danger and ask if you’d like juice or some hot coffee.

    Duncan: Uh … Ceri, Ma. She said she’s only back for a little while.

    Ma Hessing nodded and smiled. “I ran into her mother …” She blinked. “But her sister, Betty, was supposed to help me at the stall awhile ago. I hope nothing bad is keeping that poor girl.”

    Duncan: *He looked at the trophy and picked it up!* Wow! Really?! *He read the plaque!* I can’t believe you guys won the dance competition!

    Ceri gave him a sideways glance, still smiling and laughed. “Speaking of family, I’m not tearing you away from some lucky girl, am I?” She glanced around.

    Still perched on his head, Tiny was peering at its reflection in the trophy. “Greeoww! Greeoww!”

    Brennen: *He eyed the trophy!* I see you two have been busy. *He whistled.*

    Bronwen: Sshhh… Don’t say that so loud. *She motioned a finger over at Brennen… Who ever wants to get teased by a brother anyway. …What the hell was he doing with that pie, anyway? Making love to it?* -02:47 Mar 26

    Brennen: *He moved closer to Bronwen!* What’s up, Brownie?

    Dion: There are many lovely ladies all over the galaxy, but none quite right for me. *He said with a grin.* I might change my mind though if you tell me you’re single.

    Ma Hessing chuckled softly. “I’m pleased you two came out of that competition in one piece.”

    MacBeth: *A smirk!* You’re not the only one. For a moment there, I thought the worst person we’d have to watch for was Cassius. So much for that thought. -02:51 Mar 26
    Bronwen: Speaking of Cassius, *She said to Brennen.* He’s going to be… uh.. busy for awhile. *Now MacBeth had her doing that evil smirk too. But it really was appropriate!* -02:53 Mar 26

    Ceri laughed and held up her left hand, wiggling the fingers. “Never married. Not even close. It’s not that I’m not looking … just not er, actively … pursuing it.” She gave a sheepish grin as she felt around for the right words.

    Brennen: *He blinked a couple of times! Had she just smirked?!* Huh? Did he land himself that blonde he was eying earlier?

    Bronwen: No, he grabbed some lady about the size of a mamoth and tried to kill us in that competition. ..And then she grabbed him! -02:57 Mar 26

    Dion: Not one of those grab and run girls, eh? *Speaking of grab and run, he could have sworn he saw Cassius being carted away by a woman. Dion shook his head, grabbing some food from the vender and paying up. He offered Ceri one.*

    Brennen: *A soft sigh, a moment to close his eyes!* He’s got issues, that one. *He opened his eyes.*

    Ma Hessing shook her head. “He best be careful. Many girls around here and their families think nothing of kidnapping a man and forcing him to marry a girl.”

    Duncan: *He was still checking out the trophy! But now, he was huffing on it and polishing it! This was going to make a fine addition to the collection!*

    Ceri laughed softly. “Thank you.” She shook her head. “Nope. If I find the right man, then I find him. If not, then well … I guess I’ll be buying myself a dog for company.” She smiled and winked to show she was teasing.

    Bronwen: *Bronwen blinked at Ma Hessing!* …I’d feel sorry for the girl trying to marry Cassius. *She pointed at the pie.* Can I have some of that? -03:02 Mar 26

    Ma Hessing smiled and offered Bronwen a plate with a slice on it with a small fork. “Not all, sweetie. But a man like Cassius is bound to have sown his wild oats in just about anyone.”

    Dion: I have a feeling that there’s not a sane man in the universe that’s going to let you live alone and unloved. *That might have been a bit silly even for him. Dion coughed and rubbed the back of his head.* … Hobbies! We should talk about hobbies before I say anything else weird.

    Bronwen: *Blech! That put a sour look on her face!* Let’s… not talk about Cassius and his oats please. That gives me horrible flashbacks of the the talk they all tried to give me about sex. -03:07 Mar 26

    Ceri smiled sheepishly. “Ah, good idea! I’ll uh, go first. Horseback riding, swimming, playing the violin … kickboxing ..”

    Brennen: *He flashed a grin!* You startled us all, Brownie. Of course, you gave Cassius the worst images.

    Bronwen: Thanks to you four everytime I think about sex there’s Cassius in my head screaming penis and Aaron spouting off nonsense. *Even now she was trying to take a bite of that pie without thinking about it!* -03:23 Mar 26

    Dion: *He nooded at every one, pausing when she mentioned kickboxing, to give a slow amused smile.* Kickboxing? You’re definitely planning an escape to defeat evil…

    Ceri cleared her throat, still wearing that sheepish grin of hers. “So … your turn.”

    Dion: Ah, right. Me… well. I guess you can call me one of those book dweebs. I like to read, learn new languages, the occasional bar fight, and slay dragons. *The last part he said with a perfectly straight face. Morgan was dragon if there ever was one.*

    Brennen: *He coughed politely and looked slightly embarassed.* Cassius just got worked up. You know how he gets when you’re involved.

    Bronwen: *Rolling her eyes she glanced over at Macbeth.* Did they ever give YOU the talk? Or did you get the lucky first hand experience? -03:33 Mar 26

    Ceri laughed softly. “You’re a lot more active than many of the other men I’ve met. So … are you pretty confident in dancing?”

    MacBeth: *He finished his pie before he answered!* They tried the first hand experience. It didn’t go well. -03:35 Mar 26
    Bronwen: *This she was really interested in, setting down a fork to lean closer.* At one of those brothels, or worse? -03:37 Mar 26
    MacBeth: … Heather’s place. *He replied.* -03:37 Mar 26

    Dion: Dancing is another one of those hobbies. *Dion said with a grin.* Care for a dance?

    Bronwen: *She cast a quick chiding look over at Brennen.. he was probably off enamored with Heather and not paying attention!* What happened exactly? -03:40 Mar 26

    Brennen: *A quick grin!* Heh heh … *He scratched the back of his head.*

    Ceri smiled. “I’d love to.” She even gave a small curtsey before they headed to the dance floor! There were only a few couples, enjoying a nice slow dance played by a live band.

    MacBeth: Chickened out. *He said after several moments of silence.* Told the girl she was pretty but I couldn’t do it with someone I wasn’t comfortable with. -03:45 Mar 26
    Bronwen: Sounds like you have Brennen’s romantic notions. *She was going to pretend like she wasn’t pleased to know that!* And Duncan’s. I think he’s going to marry his new trophy. -03:48 Mar 26

    Duncan: *He looked up! He had his arms around it and his chin resting on the top of the trophy!*

    “Grreoow!! Greeoww!” sighed Tiny, sitting straight up on Duncan’s head and flicking its tails!

    Dion: *Dion was very gentlemanly, and very professional with his dancing… but today he was a bit off! A little stiff in movement, especially when she’d smile. He gave quite a strang lopsided grin.* I think I’m a little rusty, you’ll have to be patient with me.

    Ceri smiled. She couldn’t help it. Dion made her want to smile when she was usually quite the opposite! “At least we missed the dance competition, that would have been tough to be in and dance to.”

    Dion: *Dion laughed!* That actually sounds like my family’s kind of competition. No fun unless someone’s getting hurt. *He grinned and turned with her.* Although, I’m liking this uninterrupted dancing.

    Ceri blushed. “There’s a reason the Infirmary stall is right over there.” She nodded just across the dance floor to it where there were still people from the dance competition being tended! “Oh. You must have some family.”

    MacBeth: *A smirk!* I’m sure he’ll be happy with it. Right, Flyboy? -04:00 Mar 26

    Ma Hessing chuckled softly. “You can’t find anyone better to care for something so precious.”

    Dion: *Dion took a look over at the infirmary stall… Yeah, that’s Shadowstar style, all right!* Three older brothers and a little sister. We maybe very well be the scourge of the galaxy. *He said jokingly!*

    Bronwen: Indeed. *Bronwen tugged on MacBeth’s sleeve.* Are you ready for more embarassing game losing? -04:10 Mar 26

    “And yet you end up in this little place.” Ceri smiled and blushed. “I’m glad.” She let Dion spin her before each of them raised one hand and pressed their palms together. Then they circled each other once before she turned back to him and put one hand on his shoulder, and held his other hand with her own.

    MacBeth: *A smirk!* We’ll see who loses. *He stood.* See you all later. Madame Hessing, thanks for the pie. -04:15 Mar 26

    Ma Hessing smiled and waved. “You’re welcome. Have fun.” She leaned to one side to catch a glimpse of Pa Hessing and blow him a kiss!

    Bless Ma Hessing’s beautiful heart, Fa Hessing made such a fuss to catch that kiss, a couple razortooth bunnies got loose. That wasn’t going to be good for anyone under 3 feet.

    Bronwen: *Bronwen waved to Ma Hessing… and grabbed MacBeth’s hand so they could flee before they got stuck helping catch those man-hating bunnies!* -04:19 Mar 26

    People turned to stare at Ma Hessing for distracting her husband! She smiled widely. ‘Heh heh. Oops,” she said before they all fled!

    MacBeth: *He gets pulled away from the commotion!* I chose the dance competition. Your turn to pick. -04:26 Mar 26
    Bronwen: But that wasn’t part of the challenge, that was just for the fun of it. *She pulled im away until she couldn’t hear anymore frightened people screaming about rabbits.* …Which means I get to choose something randomly fun for us to do. -04:28 Mar 26

    Dion: *Dion took a riskof getting slapped by pulling Ceri good and close.* I’m glad too. I think we might stop here for a visit more often.

    Duncan: *pulls out a pitchfork to stab the chat with!*

    Duncan: *He closed his eyes and gave another deep sigh … while standing on a table, still clutching the trophy!* … This cannot be normal.

    “Greeoww! Greeoww!” Tiny hopped off of Duncan’s head and landed neatly on the table in front of Ma Hessing! “Greeoww! Greoww!”

    Ceri looked a bit surprised when Dion pulled her close but she didn’t pull away and blushed instead. “It would … be nice to see you again.”

    MacBeth: Minus the clowns and you got yourself a deal. *He replied.* -04:39 Mar 26

    Dion: Then… *He started off slowly, thinking about the best word.* How about a date? Maybe… two weeks from now?

    Bronwen: Unless it was killing clowns. *She said with a frown! Bronwen plotted the best thing for them to do… The "fun" house was totally out – clowns, after all.* There’s a feild maze, but I’m not sure how safe that is with razor-tooth bunnies on the run. We might get ambushed. -04:45 Mar 26

    Ma Hessing raised an eyebrow at Tiny! “I want those bunnies back unharmed,” she said in a serious tone, crossing her arms. “There’s a reward in it when you do,” she continued in a lighter tone as she bent down to undo Tiny’s collar!

    Duncan: *He stared at his mother as if she had grown two heads when he saw her undoing the collar!* Ma! What are you doing?!

    Brennen: *Yeah … There was no way he was moving off of this table–the same table Duncan was on!*

    Ceri was still blushing! “Um … two weeks …?” She was silent for awhile and then she smiled and nodded. “Alright. Two weeks. Where should we meet?”

    Dion: *With her acceptance, he was smiled brightly.* I’ll probably be staying with the Hessings again, and I’m sure Ma won’t mind a visit from you first.

    Ma Hessing undid the collar completely. “It’s called trust, sweetie. You understand.”

    Tiny hopped off of the counter and onto the ground where it grew a little bigger, big enough to get those rabbits but small enough not to send everyone into a full panic! If they weren’t already there, already! It spotted a bunny and went streaking off after it!

    Duncan: … This cannot end well. *He muttered, watching Tiny zoom off.*

    MacBeth: Good point. Last thing I want to do is piss off Pa Hessing because I killed his bunnies. -05:05 Mar 26

    Ceri smiled. “Well, she and her husband do enjoy Ma’s chocolate. It’s her specialty.”

    Speaking of those bunnies, they were pretty fast little suckers! They were scattering all over the fair and one was leaping after MacBeth’s leg for a bite!

    Bronwen: G’da-! *She nearly pulled her gun and shot it, but Fa Hessing would have a FIT! Instead, she was tugging MacBeth to run off again! There had to be somewhere in the fair to hide! ….Looks like they were sneaking in to the… Love house?! Oh come on!* -05:08 Mar 26

    Dion: Really? I wouldn’t mind trying it m- *Before another word was out Dion was scooping Ceri up in his arms and taking a few quick steps backwards. There was one of those damned rabbits! He hadn’t even realized people were running and screaming!* Well…! Looks like Fa’s critters got out!

    MacBeth: *He was just about to pull out his knife but Bronwen was already grabbing his arm and tugging him away!* Damn those things! -05:12 Mar 26

    Ceri clung to Dion but quickly loosened her grip a bit when she realized she might be choking him! “Oh dear.”

    There was a white streak that ran past Dion and Ceri! It seized that bunny and when it stopped, there stood Tiny with the bunny in its mouth by the scruff of its neck! Its tails flicked as it looked at Dion and Ceri and then Tiny was off again! It handed the bunny to Ma Hessing before it disappeared again!

    Bronwen: *There was a good bit of cursing from her, and she couldn’t decide what she was more mad at! Having to run from bunnies, or having to pull MacBeth in to a boat covered in pink hearts! She hated the water, but so did razor-tooth rabbits…. so it was probably the safest place in the whole fair.* Who gets so smitten that they let loose hell on a fair! -05:14 Mar 26
    MacBeth: *A smirk!* I know you don’t need me to answer that. *He helped launch that boat off so they started to float!* -05:18 Mar 26

    Dion: Quick little furballs. *Dion glanced around quick. Tiny might be on the job, but one never knew how many rabbits were loose, and they breeded quicker than you could shake a fist. Dion carried Ceri over to on of the nearby trees.* I hope you can climb. There’s a branch that’s just out of jumping reach.

    Ceri knew now was not the time to argue! She climbed up that tree and onto the branch Dion had pointed out! She offered her hand out to help him up!

    Bronwen: Fa Hessing. You’d think after so long he’d have some damned sense. *Bronwen sat down quick just so she could hold on to the edge of the boat. Last thing she wanted was the thing to tip over. She leaned to peek at the water and guess how deep it was. … It couldn’t be more then a few feet, but it had to be all murky with no bottom!* -05:22 Mar 26

    Dion: *Dion took her hand and hauled himself up on to the branch too. They had a good view of the chaos now. Dion grinned!* This ought to be a nice little break spot. I’m sure they’ll get those bunnies rounded up in a minute.

    For only a basket of bunnies to get knocked over, there sure were a LOT of rabbits zooming around trying to bite legs off now! They really did breed fast! Fa Hessing was chasing them around himself making smacking noises and trying to offer carrots!*

    Of course, Ma Hessing was also on the scene but she went for the less subtle approach and rounded up the bunnies trying to jump into trees to get to people finding shelter there.

    MacBeth: *A shrug!* Let’s just hope those things are caught by the time we’re off this thing. He sat back and glanced around.* -05:31 Mar 26

    Tiny zipped up and around, here and there!

    The small boat drifted in to a building that had… some very unsusual decorating choices! It seems either the designers couldn’t decide to do a horror ride or a couples ride… And if that wasn’t it then the person must have just gotten a divorce! There were cherubs hanging from branches shooting old hags holding brooms but dressed for wedding!

    Ceri looked down and then up at Dion! “I know there’s no one else I’d rather share a tree with.” She laughed softly.

    Dion: You’re a lot prettier and more pleasant than one of my brothers, love. ..Ceri! Ceri. *Cough! Dion had nearly lost it! Thank goodness it was just him and Ceri. And the bunnies.*

    Bronwen: It’s like romantic hell in here. *Bronwen said, blinking at hags in wedding gowns… There were arrows sticking out of their hearts with blood and everything! That was almost cool, except… everything looked so cheerful!* -05:40 Mar 26

    Ceri blushed. “Dion, you’re so sweet.” Then she laughed softly. “What a way to spend an afternoon, huh?”

    MacBeth: *He raised an eyebrow at the decorations.* Now here’s something you don’t see everyday. *There was even a flower-girl bent forward with arrows in her back!* -05:42 Mar 26

    Worse yet, there was the groom smiling happy as could be, but there was a ball and chain wrapped around his neck as he hung from a tree! Then there was a familiar chirp and growl.. and the flapping of tiny wings! Gatorbats! Up in the rafters!

    MacBeth: *He glanced up at the rafters and huffed softly.* … What the hell are the odds …? *He muttered under his breath!* -05:48 Mar 26
    MacBeth: *He glanced up at the rafters and huffed softly.* … What the hell are the odds …? *He muttered under his breath!* -05:48 Mar 26

    Dion: *He was sweet. …and he was turning beet red. Another cough!* Strange afternoon, but well worth it.

    Bronwen: Oh my god… it is a horror house! *Bronwen slid off her seat to the bottom of the boat and pulled out her gun! Those bastards better stay up there on the damned ceiling!* I’m going to drown and get eaten by gatorbats. But before I die this most horrible death, I would like you to know that you’re the best first mate I ever had! -05:51 Mar 26
    MacBeth: *He raised an eyebrow at her as she hid on the bottom.* Hate to break it to you, Captain, but you have a date to keep. You can die after you kick Morgan’s ass and scatter her ashes. -05:53 Mar 26
    Bronwen: I’ll have to meet her wrinkliny whore face in hell! *She muttered, glancing up quickly at the sound of more flapping and chirping! There was at least twenty of them… who kept those things around?!* -05:56 Mar 26

    Ceri didn’t dare move! The last thing she wanted to do was make this branch break and send her and Dion to some very painful death! “So, uh … your brothers … are they like you?”

    There was a BOOM! and a CRASH! Something furry and white streaked alongside the river that ran through the horror house!

    Dion: Ah, no… Well, Brennen and I are most alike. We get along the best. Cassius is a bit of a prick, to put it bluntly, and Aaron thinks he’s our father half the time. What about your siblings?

    There was a nice wave on the water now, giving the boat a good shake. Gatorbats up above darted down to chase after the furry white meal!

    Ceri took a deep breath. She just had to keep her mind off of you know what! “Ah well. Me and Betty are nothing alike. She’s always looking for a husband, she loves to cook and clean, and she’s scared silly of anything even a little dangerous. We get along alright, though. The only big fight we ever had was when I told her that guy she was hankering for was a worthless, backstabbing jerk.”

    Tiny had to skid to a stop from chasing after that bunny when it heard gatorbats! The bunny disappeared and then the gatorbats were coming! “GReeowww!! Greeoww!!” it roared as it jumped up and caught a gatorbat in its mouth! It had already swallowed it when it landed and wasted no time in turning to flick its tails like whips and bring down a couple more!

    Bronwen: *A quiet yelp as she grabbed on to the sides of the boat! Damned Tiny! Couldn’t he more gentle chase and eat things! She was at least trying to look relieved that gatorbats were getting eaten!* -06:06 Mar 26

    Dion: She likes those bad men, does she? We’ll have to keep her away from Cassius then. He’s probably as bad as they come for women. *Not that he, himself, had ever been a one woman guy… But he was really reconsidering that now.*

    MacBeth: *He found the oars and got down a bit so he could get the boat stable by sticking the oar straight down and finding the bottom!* -06:14 Mar 26

    Ceri nodded. “Yep, that’s her.” She was thoughtful for a moment. “On second thought, I guess she does live dangerously.” She looked at Dion. “Cassius? So, what does he look like? Although it might be too late to warn Betty. She can spot a bad boy a mile away.”

    As expected, the bottom wasn’t more than a few simple feet. Shallow enough to stand in. The gatorbats were now trying to flee Tiny, flapping all over the place!

    Tiny was able to swallow a few more that couldn’t get away! The rest it chased when it went “Greeoww! Grreeooww!!”

    MacBeth: *He slowly started to row for the end of the ride! This was one place he could do without!* -06:25 Mar 26
    Bronwen: *There was no where to hide in a boat! Bronwen opted for scooting closer to MacBeth!* Well that’s it. Next time we’re just going to fight the rabbits. -06:25 Mar 26

    Dion: Reddish brown hair, built like a horse, a good deal taller than me. He’ll probably stand out in a crowd like this, I’m surprised I haven’t seen him complaining about these rabbits. *That was unsualy for Cassius!*

    Ceri was thoughtful. “I hope he’s alright.” She sighed softly. “I just hope my sister is just hiding and not doing anything she might regret.”

    MacBeth: *He kept rowing and nodded.* Agreed. *He was still not quite sure what kind of person would think up something like this1* -06:35 Mar 26

    That person was… Blocking the way out of the place! He was standing in the water holding a big stick! He was a bit curious about the gatorbats getting eaten up, but he had more people halt! “HALT, Ye passengers through the Love Tunnel of Doom! You must pass the test or forever be chained to the horrors of unhappiness!”

    [MacBeth logged out of the chat.] -((06:49 Mar 26))
    [Bronwen logged out of the chat.] -((06:53 Mar 26))
    [Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -06:53 Mar 26
    [Bronwen and MacBeth were in a boat and stopped by a crazyman with a stick, talking about a \”test\”. …SOME one fell off his rocker.] -03:24 Mar 28

    Dion: *Dion was still in a tree with Ceri, but it looked like those rabbits were finally getting under control.* If she’s as smart as you, I’m sure she’s fine.

    [MacBeth eyed the nuthead.] -03:30 Mar 28
    MacBeth: What the hell kind of test do you call that? *He pointed his thumb over his shoulder!* -03:31 Mar 28

    Ceri: *She laughed softly!* With Betty’s luck, she probably kidnapped some poor man and is giving him more than he bargained for. *She glanced over her shoulder at him.* Are you worried about your siblings down there?

    “That wasn’t the test.” the guy replied, looking mildy annoyed before he got back in to character again. “THE TEST will be answering mine three difficult questions! Then if ye should pass, you may move on to the stage of life! But if ye should fail… THAT-” he pointed behind them! “Shall be your fate!

    Dion: *There was a very loud laugh from Dion!* Oh no. I am fairly certain they’re handling things just fine. Must be better than normal. Nothing seems to be on fire…

    Bronwen: I’ve got an answer for your questions. *Bronwen growled pulling her gun to point at the guy!* Stop screwing around and move! -03:35 Mar 28

    “Come on lady, I’m getting a bushel of Garslok wine if I do this every time!” he complained, not being all that concerned with her gun. Seems he had a lot of those pointed at him today!

    Ceri: *She gave him a curious look.* So you weren’t joking when you said your siblings were probably the scourge of the galaxy?

    MacBeth: *He glanced over at Shadowstar and then back at the man.* Okay then. Those three questions … -03:40 Mar 28
    Bronwen: *Bronwen put away her gun put she didn’t look pleased about it!* -03:41 Mar 28

    Ma Hessing: *She dusted her hands as she caught a few more bunnies–to add to the countless others, she’d caught by now–into the basket. But not after giving them a firm lecture about scaring all those people!* You should all know better than to start breeding like you were the last razortooth bunnies in the galaxy. *She gently chided.*

    Duncan: *He glanced around! It had been awhile since he’d seen a Borivian razortooth bunny hop past so … it might be safe by now! But still …* Uh, Ma. Is it safe for us to get down now?

    Dion: Ah, well… There’s good moral values for the most part, but trouble seems to be a favorite passtime.

    Ma Hessing: *She put her hands on her hips and looked up at Duncan! Her poor baby! He looked so embarassed and so frightened too! She smiled.* I’m sorry, sweetie, but not until your Da and Tiny return. It won’t be long.

    Ceri: *She smiled.* In the genes …?

    “Right!” He cleared his throat, back in to character again, and waved his stick! “If thyne were being tortured by the Mad Maniac of the Galaxy and had to choose between thyne true love or the lives of hundreds of kittens… WHAT WOULD THOU CHOOSE?” How he said it with a straight face was a miracle.

    Brennen: *He was patting Duncan on the back!* You have to admit, your mother is one skilled bunny-catcher. Between the three of them, they’re doing great.

    Fa Hessing: DARNSARNED IT BLOODY BEASTS! *Screamed Fa Hessing, who seemed to have lost his patience for his little pets and was now actually kicking them in to baskets when he caught up to them!*

    MacBeth: *He blinked. He raised an eyebrow … and then he coughed once! He glanced over at Shadowstar.* Do you want to have a go at this one? -03:47 Mar 28

    Duncan and Brennen stood there, blinking and speechless!

    Bronwen: …*She blinked at the guy. Then at MacBeth, and back at the guy.* Between kittens and my true love? *What sort of stupid question is that?* ….I’d use a clever trick to escape, shoot the Mad Mor- Maniac in the face, and rescue BOTH my true love and the kittens. -03:49 Mar 28

    Dion: *Dion grinned back at Ceri.* You could say that. *Glancing around, there didn’t seem to be any more bunnies in sight. Dion lept down from the tree branch and offered his hand to Ceri!*

    Brennen: … On the other hand, it’s a good thing your parents have so many bunnies now.

    Tiny had returned by now with three rabbits in its mouth, by the scruffs of their necks! It dropped the bunnies into the baskets and sat down! “Greeowww! Greeowww!!”

    There was an answer the guy hadn’t heard! “Uh..okay… You have Passed the first question!” He waved his stick over his head! “Your second question… THYNE FAMILY HATES your true love and you have run away to get married at Lunari 17! What is your wedding song?! CHOOSE WISELY!”

    Ceri: Thank you. *She said after she’d taken his hand and jumped down!* No better ice breaker than getting chased by bloodthirsty bundles of cuteness and teeth.

    Ma Hessing: *She laughed softly!* You have such great aim, Da. Tiny, thank you. I’ll cook you something special tonight.

    Bronwen: What kind of… *Bronwen just shut her mouth to nudge MacBeth.* All yours. -03:59 Mar 28

    Dion: It could have been worse. *Dion grinned.* My brother met his current love in a brothel.

    MacBeth: *He glanced over at her when she nudged him!* You’re too kind. *He said dryly. He turned to the guy.* Do I have to sing it? -04:06 Mar 28

    Ceri: *She studied his face, smiled.* So you really can find love anywhere. That’s amazing.

    Once again here was an answer the guy wasn’t expecting! “Not unless you think that’s gonna get you bonus points, buddy.” Hey, guys do just about anything for the chick!

    MacBeth: *He glanced over at Shadowstar!* Captain …? I do owe you a song anyways, don’t I? -04:08 Mar 28

    Dion: *laughly softly, he nodded, leading her off to see if they could catch up with Duncan and Brennen.* He’s even talking about proposing. Pretty damned impressive, I think.

    Bronwen: I guess throwing an innocent woman at Cassius does count as getting in trouble. *Bronwen was trying not to smirk about it too!* -04:11 Mar 28

    Ceri: *She smiled and laughed softly, too.* Wow. And what about you, Mr. Tall, Fair, and Handsome? I’m sure women are fighting at the door for you.

    Dion: *That had Dion blushing and he coughed lightly!* As interesting as that sounds, I don’t think I’m the guy women fight over. I get one on the mind and that’s all I tend to see.

    MacBeth: *He cleared his throat!* [i]"I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long, An answered prayer, I know you are the one, I give to you my heart and soul, With a love that will never grow old … In my life, I can see, That you were made for me, You’ll be there to catch me if I fall, All the days, I have prayed, And the love that I have saved, With this ring, I’m giving you my all … In my life, I can see, That you were made for me, I’ll be there to catch you if you fall, All the days, I have prayed, And the love that I have saved, With this ring, I’m giving you my all… *He was silent for several moments after he finished the song.* After that, I’d pay a visit to my family and tell them to go to hell. *A smirk!* -04:21 Mar 28
    MacBeth: *He cleared his throat!* "I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long, An answered prayer, I know you are the one, I give to you my heart and soul, With a love that will never grow old … In my life, I can see, That you were made for me, You’ll be there to catch me if I fall, All the days, I have prayed, And the love that I have saved, With this ring, I’m giving you my all … In my life, I can see, That you were made for me, I’ll be there to catch you if you fall, All the days, I have prayed, And the love that I have saved, With this ring, I’m giving you my all… *He was silent for several moments after he finished the song.* After that, I’d pay a visit to my family and tell them to go to hell. *A smirk!* -04:21 Mar 28

    Ceri: *She was still smiling, that gentle grin of hers!* She’s going to be one hell of a woman. Oh, there they are! *She waved at Duncan and Brennen just getting off the table!* Are you alright?

    Duncan: *He waved, while still clutching that trophy!* We’re er, still alive! Ma and Da went to put the bunnies back in the wagon. Where did you two go?

    Dion: Sure is. *Luckily she didn’t see him grinning at her now! Dion had to force himself to give a more appropriate expression. There was no reason to be senseless about it, he wasn’t so young anymore.*

    Brennen: *He grinned and ran his fingers through his hair!* And not a moment too soon, by the way. *He looked the two over and then at Dion! Oh, he knew that look!*

    Bronwen: *She really did like listening to him sing… why did he always pick those perfect songs? Bronwen matched that smirk.* What a lucky girl. I hope you take plenty of guns. -04:26 Mar 28
    MacBeth: *He chuckled!* Guns, a grenade or two, and just to finish things off, some old fashioned bear traps. -04:28 Mar 28

    The guy wasn’t sure if that was sweet or just plain crazy! He coughed, Loudly to make sure they were paying attention! “WELL THEN… What a touching moment. Your final question, and this is going to be easy for you two, since you have to be so damned smitten, What do you like the most about your true love! Or face your doom, yadda yadda.” He pointed behind them again, a little less enthusiastic than before!

    Dion: A little lunch and a dance. Then were sat up in a tree until the commotion was over. *Ah, Brennen caught him. Dion flashed his brother another grin.*

    Ceri: *She was blushing a bit, then she smiled!* Chances are, there won’t be razortooth bunnies on the run for food on our date.

    Duncan: Wow, a date? *He blinked and smiled!* That’s great! I hope you two have fun!

    Brennen: *He didn’t know whether to laugh, smile, or just keep blinking at Dion until he looked like a bloody owl! He settled for giving Dion a sideways glance, especially when there was a mention of a date!* Excuse us, real quick, please. *He snagged by the elbow and was already carting him off out of earshot!*

    Brennen: *Dion

    Bronwen: That is an easy question. I’m not impressed. *Bronwen muttered! She was expecting something with a little more… random insanity to it!* Respect and loyalty… And it really doesn’t hurt with fantastic skills in a fight… -04:35 Mar 28

    Dion: What’s this now? You’re not getting jealous are you? *Dion joked, but he had a feeling he was about to get a bit of a lecture..!*

    Ceri: *She was still blushing, maybe blushing even more! Her cheeks certainly felt warmer!* In a couple of weeks. I’ll uh, still be around or if not, I’ll make it back.

    Brennen: *He just stared at Dion and then he wagged a finger at him and shook his head.* Oh no. Nonononono. This is far too juicy to pass up. You are the very one who never sees a woman twice. *He placed the back of his head against his forehead.* Hm. A little warm … You feeling okay?

    MacBeth: *A nod!* Same thing here. -04:40 Mar 28

    The guy looked a little disappointed! “That’s it? Over shooting a hag in the face for a daring double rescue and singing a wedding song… All you got is respect and loyalty? And I thought you guys were different!” He grumbled as he stepped on out of the way and waved his stick. “Go on! Have your merry life together!”

    MacBeth: *He smirked!* Do you think we should tell him? *He asked as they walked for the exit!* -04:47 Mar 28
    Bronwen: *Bronwen shrugged her shoulders and grinned!* Naw… Next time I’ll tell him it was the great sex and explosions. -04:48 Mar 28

    Dion: *Looking a bit sheepish, he brushed Brennen’s hand away.* Maybe I’m just looking up to my older brother and thinking about settling down?

    Brennen: *He studied Dion! He was serious! He finally sighed and clapped him on the shoulder!* After the shit, we’ve been through, it’s only natural. *He ruffled Dion’s hair! Something he hadn’t done since they were kids!* C’mon then. We’d better round up the clan. *He walked with Dion back to Duncan and Ceri, still chatting!*

    Dion: *Not his hair…! Dion was brushing it back in to place again as they returned.* I guess Cassius is still absent? Or is he off harassing Bronwen and MacBeth?

    Brennen: Brownie and Mac said something about him being busy and having found some woman or other. So, Duncan, if you and Ceri were such good friends, and I may be so bold, why h aven’t you hooked up yet?

    Ceri: *She blushed a bit!*

    Duncan: *He grinned sheepishly and was much redder than Ceri!* Ceri was … well, she was my babysitter when I was younger. Ma and Da were away a lot and Ceri and her family are our closest neighbors.

    Dion: *Another sheepish look from Dion, but at least he wasn’t the hitting type. …Although he was pretty damned tempted.* Way to be subtle there, Bree.

    Brennen: *He flashed a quick grin at Dion before turning back to their companions.*

    Ceri: Duncan’s like a brother to me. *She smiled.* His parents were real kind to mine when we needed help.

    Dion: You know, Brennen here is the one I was telling you about. My brother in love. You ought to tell her about your romance with Heather. *Turnabout was fair play.*

    Bronwen: What about Lady Heather? Is he telling us what was in that package she had me give him? *Said Bronwen, arriving with MacBeth!* -05:05 Mar 28

    Brennen: *His jaw dropped! Oh, that was low! But he cleared his throat.* Well, look at the time, we really should get going … *He blinked! Oh no!* It was uh, nothing, I was just going to uh … *He started to sneak away!*

    Dion: Package, eh? Just for Bree? I think I’d like to hear about that, myself! *Dion reached out to snag Brennen by the collar.* You might as well tell us, because I’d hate to assume it might be something dangerous and then have to go looking for it. *It was just an empty threat from him. …But Bronwen would likely run with the idea.*

    Bronwen: I wonder if Tiny has a good sniffing nose. He did just hunt down all those rabbits. *Brennen was turning red, it must have been something good!* -05:11 Mar 28

    Brennen: *He blinked and winced!* Oh no! Tiny would tear up the letters! *He realized what he’d said and gulped!* I mean, uh, you know, ruin the er, really pretty box it came in! Yeah, that’s it!

    Dion: Love letters. *Head leaned to say to Ceri, with that grin on his face.* Ah, pardon me… Ceri, this is my little sister Bronwen and her First Mate MacBeth. This is Ceri, a friend of Duncan’s.

    Ceri: *She laughed softly.* That’s sweet. *She waved to Bronwen and Mac.* It’s nice to meet you. Are you two enjoying the fair?

    Brennen: *He was very red at this point! He coughed politely.* Not that it’s any of your business but it’s not like she could send them to me.

    Bronwen: *Why was Dion introduci- Oh. Dion was flirting. ….There was that terrible mischevious smile on her face.* It’s been exciting for a fair. …Have you tried that Tunnel of Love Horrors yet? I bet it would be sooo romantic. -05:21 Mar 28

    Ceri: *She laughed softly.* No thank you. I once chased my sister and a date of hers down there. Well, I tried to sneak after them but that’s rather hard with gatorbats in the rafters.

    MacBeth: *He nodded when Dion introduced them. He gave a smirk when she mentioned the gatorbats!* -05:25 Mar 28

    Dion: *Dion just grinned wide at Brennen.* Gatorbats in the rafters? Well, we know where Bronwen won’t be going. *He leaned closed to Ceri again.* Completly horrified. She’ll start crying…

    Bronwen: …I do not start crying. *Bronwen crossed her arms with a frown… She’ll just not mention they were already in there and she was pretty sure they were going to die until Tiny showed up!* -05:26 Mar 28

    Ceri: *The sheepish smile on her face disappeared when she remembered something. She blinked and looked around.* Speaking of sister, I should go look around for her. She’s usually back by now.

    Dion: That’s a good idea. I look forward to meeting her next time. *Dion took Ceri by the hand and kissed the back of it with a grin.* In two weeks, then?

    Ceri: *Oh dear, was she blushing again! She smiled!* Two weeks then. Thank you for the fun time. *She reluctantly pulled her hand away and smiled .* It was a pleasure to meet all of you. Goodbye. *And then she disappeared into the crowd!*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen leaned to whisper to MacBeth.* ..You learned all that from Dion, didn’t you… -05:36 Mar 28
    MacBeth: *He raised an eyebrow at Dion!* I see you’ve been busy. -05:36 Mar 28
    MacBeth: *He glanced at Shadowstar!* More or less. -05:36 Mar 28

    Dion: Bye, Ceri… *He was watching her leaving and waving… Then had to cough loudly!* Ceri is very attractive. …And very nice to talk to. It’s not easy finding a girl like that.

    Ma Hessing: *She returned with a very small Tiny in her arms and she smiled.* Are we all set to return?

    Bronwen: *First Brennen and now Dion! What was with this change of romantic habits?* Cassius is still missing, but he knews his way back. -05:40 Mar 28

    Fa Hessing: *Fa Hessing appeared with his rabbits now securely caged instead of in baskets. …But he did have one big golden ribbon!*

    MacBeth: *He stretched!* We never did finish our competition. Looks like we have to find another way to settle this. -05:42 Mar 28

    Ma Hessing: *She smiled!* Congratulations, darling. All that hard work and love you gave paid off. *They started for the wagon!*

    Bronwen: I could drink you under the table again if you’re that eager to give me my prize. *She said with a smirk as she followed after Ma Hessing… and away from Fa’s bunnies!* -05:45 Mar 28

    Dion: *Dion fell in to step, thinking about what he’d do for that date until he cast a grin at Brennen.* Are they dirty love letters?

    Brennen: *He quickly went to a dark red shade!* They’re not dirty! They’re personal!

    Dion: A good dirty love letter is nothing to be ashamed of, Bree. It’s perfectly thrilling. *…he kept his straight face for a good minute before he finally laughed!*

    Brennen: *He shot a glare at Dion but then sighed and ran his fingers through his hair!* Hahaha. Very funny.

    Dion: Better me than Cassius. I think you’re lucky he’s more interested in what those two are doing. *He replied with amusement.*



    Dion’s rescue! Second run in with McRaven!

    [Bronwen is rethinking not leaving Duncan and Tiny back on the ship.] -05:05 Aug 13
    [MacBeth has been pretty silent so far … even for him!] -05:07 Aug 13

    “Grreeoow! Greeeeooww! Grreeoow!” Tiny went!

    Duncan: Not me. *He muttered.* Let me ask. Anyone see someone selling bachenstrudels?

    Cassius: *Of course, Cassius is waaaay on down the street hitting on some hookers. Cassius has never had to pay a women, and he ain’t about to start now!*

    Brennen: Not I, said the kitty cat. *He said as he looked around.* This is … quaint. *He remarked, eying their surroundings.*

    Bronwen: I don’t think this sort of place sells your bachenstrudels. Maybe coyote on a stick. *What the hell was Cassius do-… Nevermind, it was better she didn’t think about it!* -05:10 Aug 13

    “Greeoow! Greeeooww!” Tiny replied at the mention of coyote on a stick. It eyed the mechanical horse just off that way!

    Cassius: *The sharp sound of a slap followed by a rather grim looking Cassius returning and rubbing his cheek!* Ain’t very hospitable here. Don’t see why not, there’s barely a good lookin’ man in town besides myself.

    Brennen: Those women don’t know what they’re missing, Cassius. More is the pity. *He nodded sagely.* I’m sure we can stop off somewhere a lot more friendly … after we take care of some family business. Speaking of which, dear sister … *He turned to Bronwen.* Do you have a plan?

    Bronwen: I’m not sure yet. …there’s a severe lack of security here, and I don’t know if that’s good or bad. Might have to try something unexpected. *…That critter had the look of deviousness on it. She really should have made them stay on the ship!* -05:19 Aug 13

    Cassius: *He propped up an elbow on Brennen’s shoulder, still rubbing his cheek.* Unexpected, huh? I might have an idea or two. ‘Course, Brennen ain’t gonna like it.

    Brennen: *Sideways glance at Cassius!* I will give you the benefit of a doubt, Cassius, and hear you out on this … idea of yours. *He had a sinking feeling he wasn’t going to like Cassius’ or Bronwen’s ideas one bit!*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen crossed her arms and scowled!* This isn’t another one of your stupid dressup plans, is it? I’m not prancing around in anymore of your outfits. -05:24 Aug 13

    Cassius: *A hand at his heart, he gave his best wounded look!* I’m hurt, Brownie. That plan was pretty damned solid. …Besides, this time you won’t be in a skirt. *Cassius grinned wide at his brother!* We will. Nurse’s uniforms, actually.

    Brennen: … You have got to be joking.

    Bronwen: *The corner of her mouth twitched, but she didn’t laugh. Yet.* …and that idea is supposed to work, how? -05:31 Aug 13

    Cassius: Because it’s crazy. Besides, I’ve seen the damned nurses in that hospital, ain’t a damned one of them feminine, we’d fit right in. You can sure as hell bet they’d be expecting a little redheaded fox sneaking in the joint.

    Bronwen: Uh huh. And what would the rest of us be doing while you and Brennen prance around and blinding people? -05:37 Aug 13

    Cassius: *A wide grin splashed across his face!* What you do best, little sister. Rescue MacBeth when he gets himself kidnapped. …Otherwise known as ‘be a distraction’.

    Brennen: … You’re freakin’ nuts, Cassius. *He mumbled under his breath! Yes, he definitely didn’t like this idea!*

    Bronwen: …I suppose you’re right. They’ll be expecting me to sneak in there. *That twitch at the corner of her mouth turned in to a wicked grin!* No getting around it, Brennen. -05:44 Aug 13

    Brennen: Like hell there isn’t! *He growled!* Why don’t you just go recruit Duncan? *He pointed to where Duncan was … or had been!* … Where’s Duncan?

    “AAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!” A bloodcurdling scream from around the corner!

    Bronwen: …This is why! *She stalked down and around the corner, prepared to pull her gun and shoot whatever trouble that idiot and his pet got himself in to this time!* -05:47 Aug 13

    Cassius: And he faints under pressure. ‘Sides, he’d be too pretty in a skirt. Wouldn’t look natural.

    There was chaos! Well … just a very large Tiny with its mouth wide open and some idiot stupid enough to put his hand in there! He had a grip on a steel hoof and was pulling for all he had! Duncan, in the meantime was trying to get Tiny to cough whatever it had eaten! But Tiny was a stubborn furball and was steadfastly refusing!

    Bronwen: Duncan, you promised. *Bronwen was sorely tempted to shoot all three of them. It would probably save her the trouble!* -05:51 Aug 13
    [Bronwen is going to beat the devil out of Duncan and lecture Tiny for days.] -02:49 Oct 24
    [MacBeth was … somewhere! But there was time enough to think about him!] -02:52 Oct 24

    Duncan: I’m really, really sorry, Cap’n! I swear! I don’t know what happened! *He had his arms around Tiny’s neck!* One moment, Tiny was behaving! And the next … this!

    Bronwen: Well… stop it! We’re supposed to be.. causing a distraction or something while Cassius tries out his stupid idea! -02:54 Oct 24

    Duncan: *Blink blink!* Uh … This isn’t a big enough distraction?

    Cassius: *Speaking of Cassius, there’s that shit-eatin’ grin as he’s still trying to convince Brennen it’s a great idea and sneak ’em both through the back of the hospital!*

    Brennen: For mercy’s sake! Fine! Let’s just get this over with! And if you breathe one word ’bout this to anyone, Cassius–! *He grumbled as he followed!*

    Bronwen: … You’re right. Okay then, let the little critter loose. If he eats the entire town, though it’s on your conscience. *Bronwen glanced around… where the hell did MacBeth go!* -02:56 Oct 24

    Despite being one of those retro old west towns, the special Hospital is top of the line technology. Including android doctors and security cameras. In the back a couple of double doors were open as orderlies where dragging out the dirty linens and thing for laundry day!

    Duncan: *Gulp!* Yes, ma’am–OOooffff!! TINY!! *Tiny suddenly threw him off and went racing down the street!* Holy crap! *He scrambled to his feet and ran after it!*

    Cassius: Not a word, Brennen, not a word. *Cassius said with a grin. He didn’t mean it. Those orderlies gave ample opportunity, though as Cassius snuck along the wall, behind one of the men and socked him clean in the face! Poor guy was knocked out, while Cassius drug him around the corner!*

    Brennen: *Had a feeling Cassius would be blabbing about this little cross-dressing incident for years to come! Before the other orderlie could sound the alarm, he moved behind him, grabbed him from behind. He dragged him backwards with his arm across the guy’s neck and beat him senseless before pulling the man after Cassius.*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen half expected Tiny to try and eat an entire building… Which, really wouldn’t be that bad of a distraction. She followed after Duncan!* Take a chunk out of building! -03:07 Oct 24

    Cassius: *Dusting off his hands, Cassius dived in to the dirty laundry. Had to be something good in here somewhere… Ahah! Nurse uniforms for androids! He thrusted one of them at Brennen along with… a wig?! Where the hell did he get that from!* Get dressed. *Smirk!*

    Duncan: *He glanced over his shoulder when he heard the Cap’n! Take out the building?!* … I hope Ma doesn’t hear about this … *Was all he could say!*

    “Reeooww! REeeooww!” Tiny skidded to a stop at the corner of a building and tore off a piece of it with seemingly no effort!

    CRUNCH! A whole corner was swallowed up by the beast, drawing quite a few stares and attention! The person that owned the building stomped out screaming! “WHAT’S THE BIG IDEA CHEWIN’ UP MY PROPERTY! I’LL SHOOT THE WHOLE LOT OF YA!”

    Brennen: *Took the uniform in one hand and the wig in another! He gave Cassius one of his “You’ve got to be joking” look!* You’re a freak, Cassius. *He stomped a few feet away into the corner and started to change.*

    Duncan: *Sweatdrop and sheepish grin!* I am really really sorry, sir! You have no idea how sorry I am right now! I mean … I’ve never been this sorry before!

    Tiny turned to the building owner and spit the piece of building it ate at the man’s feet. “Rreeoowww! Reeeooww!” It growled as it leaped for the man!

    A startled scream from the guy, who was now pulling out a gun and shooting at will!

    Duncan: *Hit the ground and covered his ears!* I really wish he hadn’t done that! *He yelled although whether he meant Tiny or the man was anyone’s guess!*

    Cassius: *Cassius chuckled making sure to change his own clothes… After all, he gave the sexy nurse outfit over to Brennen! He made sure to stap on his guns somewhere good and subtle under his skirt!*

    When the man pulled out that gun, Tiny instantly went back to its small form! It ran forward, zigzagging, easily dodging bullets with its minature size! Once it was inches away from the man, it reverted to its larger form and clamped its teeth around that gun!

    Bronwen: Hey now, those are my pets! *Shouted Bronwen, drawing out her own gun to either shoot the guy or the gun out of his hand! Instead she had to change directions quick as a couple of his buddies game dashing out of the building! Now it was going to get interesting! -03:20 Oct 24

    Duncan: *He glanced up at the two men coming at them and groaned!*

    Brennen: CASSIUS, YOU SONOFA–! *He growled as he stalked back to him, wearing wig and sexy nurse uniform!* What the hell am I supposed to do in this?! *He crossed his arms again and looked down at himself!*

    Wait a second, is that a Shadowstar?! Daring to trot in to Morgan’s town like it’s nothing! Someone blew some sort of horn alarm, as a couple guys were rushing to take out Duncan (no one wanted to get near Tiny!) and shoot at Bronwen!

    Cassius: Look drop dead gorgeous and flirt with anybody that gets suspicious? *A wide grin splashed across his face, he wasn’t wasting any time bantering with Brennen, as he headed in through the back of the hospital like he ran the place! His own uniform was perfectly modest, and his wig was so pretty and fluffy!*

    Brennen: *Felt very self-conscious! As he followed after Cassius, muttering under his breath, he couldn’t help but adjust his wig! He wondered if this would work at all! They were taking a huge risk here!*

    “Rrreeeooww! Rreeeoowww!” Tiny was going after as many men as it could but thanks to that alarm, more were joining the party!

    At least Cassius wasn’t kidding when he said all the current nurses in the building weren’t much to look at. In fact, compared to some of them, they might have even downright cute! They were some masculine nurses! A nurse at the desk who looked as if she were growing a nice mustache barely even looked up as Cassius stopped at the desk. “You don’t look like one of our staff.”

    Duncan: *Looked up! Those guys werecoming after him, too! He scrambled to his hands and knees and shuffled towards the Cap’n!* IdunwannadieIdunwannadieIdunwannadieIdunwannadie!

    Bronwen: Get out of the way, Duncan! *Bronwen ducked behind the nearest wooden pillar to dodge any gunfire coming her way, and quickly shot out anyone getting too close to herself or Duncan!* -03:29 Oct 24

    Brennen: *Straightened his skirt and clasped his hands behind his back! He was very casual about this, although … Did he really have to wear the fishnet stockings?!*

    Cassius: We’re the new temps from the agency, ma’am! *Replied Cassius in a soft little voice that sounded like he was trying to mimic Bronwen when she was trying to get something!* Doncha have those patient list papers for us or somethin?

    Duncan: *He didn’t need to be told twice! He ducked behind a corner and covered his ears!*

    Tiny was doing what it did best … beating the crap out of people! It chewed on guns, slashed at people, and chased after them, scattering more than a few of the attackers!

    The nurse snorted, throwing a clipboard up in front of Cassius. “When the alarms go off, that means lock down. All rooms should be locked and no one is to get through the doors. At 5 it’s Scrabble time in the rec-room.”

    Cassius: Thank ya kindly, ma’am! *Cassius said with a grin, snatching up the clipboard and sashaying down the hall like a runway model! He was flipping over the papers looking for the room!*

    Brennen: *Somehow he managed not to grimace at Cassius’ walk! He followed after him but with less … swaying.*

    Thanks to all that noise and the giant Shadowstar beast that was outside, there didn’t seem to be a lot of security in the hospital! But when the came across a long hall, there was a couple of goons guarding the door! “Now, now, little ladies. This here patient is a high risk, we can’t have you coming in here right now.”

    Bronwen: C’mon Tiny, you can do better than that! There’s still dozens of them left! *BANGBANGBANG! That furball was the best idea Duncan ever had!* -03:42 Oct 24

    Cassius: *He poked out his bottom lip all pouty as he turned to Brennen!* But we have a job to do. Isn’t that right Brenda? If we don’t give him his shots, we’ll be in soooo much trouble. Can’t you just let us in this once?

    “RReeooww! Rreeowww!” Tiny pinned one man down to the ground with a paw on its chest and pinned another man down in the same way with its other paw! It bit off a light pole and spat it out, pinning more men under the heavy object!

    Those guards just gave a chuckle, one of them slapping Brennen on the ass! “Sorry there, ladies! Protocol is protocol! But we sure don’t mind a lil bit o’ company, if you know what I mean!”

    Brennen: *BRENDA?!* Oh! *He blinked when he got slapped on the ass and it was all he could do not to punch this guy’s lights out!* But if we don’t give him his shots, he might … he might … He might die! *He clasped his hands together and gave the best damn sad-eyed look he could!* And then … and then … we’ll all be in trouble! I hope our boss doesn’t fire us! I need this job so badly!

    Cassius: *Keeping a straight face and that pout was pretty damned hard when all Cassius wanted to do was laugh out loud!* Yeah… you know what happened at our last job when we didn’t get to that guy fast enough, and then we had to spend three months down in Morgan’s torture lock down watching bad videos and getting needles driven up our toenails? It was terrible!

    The two guards look pretty horrified at the thought of that! They looked between each other and nodded. “You know… we need a five minute bathroom break, and if someone just happens to slip in there, who’s to know! Five minutes!” They scuffled down the hall and disappeared behind a door. No way in hell were they watching those videos! People they had Morgan herself in them!

    Brennen: … Needles driven up our toenails? What the hell! You’re a sick man, Cassius. A sick man. *He muttered as he opened the door, took a look around!*

    Dion: *Strapped to a chair, here come the nurses with his- …. The nurses looked like his brothers. Dion looked thuroughly disturbed. Whelp, he’s finally lost it. Goodbye cruel world, this is the end of Dion Shadowstar!*

    Brennen: *Luckily those straps weren’t too hard to undo!* C’mon, D. Snap out of it. This underwear is riding up my ass and the fishnet stockings are chafing my thighs.

    Cassius: Hey, it supposed to sound sick! *In behind Brennen, he had a great big smirk on his face as he spotted Dion!* Aw, look at him… he thinks he’s crazy. Do a little lapdance, Bree and let’s see if he starts screaming.

    Dion: *Giving Brennen a good expression of “What the fuck..?!” he only groaned in Cassius’ general direction!* Oh God… I’m gone to hell.

    Outside, thanks to Tiny, there wasn’t an a man left daring to even think about stepping a foot out on to the street! Nobody wanted to get swallowed alive!

    Brennen: Shut up, Cassius. *He undid the last strap and stood.* Hurry the hell up, Dion. *He grabbed his arm and hoisted him up.* Don’t have much time, especially with how often our plans go wrong.

    Bronwen: *Hesitating a minute, Bronwen peeked out from behind her hiding spot.* …That felt a little too easy. Not an explosion or anything. *She stepped out to go give Tiny a good well done pat!* -04:05 Oct 24

    “Rreeooww!” Tiny purred and glanced around the street.

    Cassius: *Grabbed up Dion’s other arm, Cassius was just a smirkin’!* This was my plan and it’s working out perfect. Ten minutes and we’ll be back in space drinking some v-*He whipped out his gun and shot the guard coming down the hallway!*odka and swappin’ stories.

    Dion: *Dion was pretty sure he was either really fucking high, or pretty damned dead. Brennen in fish nets. That was… He was pretty sure he was gonna yak!*

    Duncan: *He uncovered his ears after noticing that everything had stopped. He poked his head out and looked around!* Can we go back to the ship now?

    Bronwen: *Patting Tiny, she checked the time…* Yeah, go get the ship ready… They’ve got five minutes before I go set that hospital on fire. -04:10 Oct 24

    Duncan: *Phew! He stood and motioned for Tiny.* Let’s go, Tiny! *He said as he started for the ship.*

    “Rreeooww! Rreeeooww!” Tiny, in small form again, bounded after him.

    Brennen: *Moved even faster for the door! They needed to get out of here and fast!*

    Cassius: *Cassius pressed his com as they shuffled down the hall.* Mama bear and Papa bear have picked up Baby bear. Time to roll, kids!

    Apparently someone finally noticed a very important patient was now missing! The BIG alarms started going off!

    Brennen: Oh, to hell with this! Cassius, get moving! *He grabbed Dion and hoisted him over his shoulder before taking off down the hall!*

    Dion: You’re pretty strong for a girl. *It was impossible to tell whether Dion was being sarcastic or not!*

    Cassius: *A guy just can’t have any fun can he… At least without having to heft Dion around, Cassius whipped the gun out from under his skirt and made cover fire as she booked it out of the hospital!*

    Bronwen: *One of those bad feelings, all of this is just a little too easy! Bronwen had her gun ready as she headed down the street quickly, towards the hospital! And if MacBeth was off getting himself kidnapped, she was gonna kill him!* -04:30 Oct 24

    Just as it seemed that they were home free, Cassius and Brennen came face to face with … Duff McRaven! Who wasted no time in levelling a hefty cannon at them and firing a missile!

    Cassius: DUCK! *He hit the ground like a ton of bricks and if Brennen had any sense, he’d be doing the same! And thus the comlink!* So, uh, we got a little problem downtown, so if anybody’s got cannon repellant I’d be much abliged!

    Brennen: *As soon as he saw that cannon and the missile, he and Dion both dropped! He looked up!* Who the hell?!

    Bronwen: *Another Cassius plan bites the dust! Bronwen high-tailed down the street, pulling out both her guns! Let’s see mister Duff McFunnyname get away from her this time!* -04:56 Oct 24

    Fortunately for the trio of Shadowstars, that cannon only held one missile at a time! Unfortunately, McRaven was already stalking toward them with that cannon hefted over his shoulder!

    Cassius: Lemme Introduce Buffy McPavement! He’s a real nice guy when you get to know him! *Cassius rolled himself out of the way and up in to a crouching position as he aimed his gun and started shooting!*

    Brennen: Old friend of yours, Cassie? *He muttered as he scrambled to his feet. He picked up Dion and unceremoniously dragged him toward the back of the hospital!*

    Dion: Buffy’s a great name, don’t you think darlin’? *Said Dion, giving Brennen a sort of dreamy smile! He was still pretty sure he’s in hell, but he might as well enjoy it.*

    McRaven took cover! But he returned fire as well! He had another nice little toy that had rapid fire and managed to take out chunks in the walls!

    Bronwen: *Stumbling in to the hospital on the opposite side of McRaven, she gave a loud whistle!* HEY! How about you come get yourself a real bounty and leave those girlies alone! *And to make sure she had his attention, she was trying to take a shot for his head!* -05:05 Oct 24

    It was too bad McRaven had other plans! He ignored Bronwen except to throw a smoke grenade into the hall! Then he disappeared into the smoke!

    Cassius: Shit! Everyone get to the damned ship quick! *Cassius was already back on his feet darting for Brennen and Dion!*

    Brennen: What do you think I’m trying to do?! *He growled, pausing only long enough to heave Dion over his shoulder again and take off! Fortunately, now that he had ditched the high heels, he could run a lot faster!*

    Bronwen: *There was a low growl in her throat as she duck low to the ground, to creep through the smoke after McRaven. All those dirty curses she kept to herself!* -05:14 Oct 24

    Brennen: *Had to duck behind a corner! More guards were blocking the way out!* Tell me you got a plan to get us out of this, Cassie!

    Cassius: Keep your damned panties on! *Sure, he had a plan! He was pulling out a hand radio and pressing the button before he chucked in down toward’s the doors and all of those men!* Cover your ears!

    KABOOOOOM! There wasn’t much time to prepare as the little radio practically exploded on impact, sending surprised guards and debris flying in everywhich direction!

    Brennen: Freakin’, cross-dressing, sadistic–! *He turned away from the door and made sure Dion was nice and shielded! As soon as he had recovered from the explosion, he was already turning the corner and running toward the door again!*

    McRaven burst through the smoke and began shooting at the trio again!

    Cassius: Where the hell is MacBeth! *Cassius growled the phrase of the day! He had no intentions of stopping as he barreled on forward, reaiming his guns and firing at will! …Why couldn’t HE have badass rapidfire wallchunking bullets!*

    McRaven pulled out another gun and when he pulled the trigger, a net shot out for Cassius!

    Bronwen: *Maybe if Cassius would shut his damned mouth it would be so easy for McRaven to follow them! Bronwen was a quick little thing… using her big stupid brother as a good distraction to sneakup on McRaven! Just a little closer and she’d shoot him point blank! What the he-* NET GUN! -05:30 Oct 24

    Cassius: *Cassius stopped, dropped, and rolled out of the way, flinging up his pistol! BANGBANGBANGBANGCLICKCLICKCLICK! CLICK. CLICK…* Sonofabitch!

    McRaven fired the net gun at Cassius again while still running toward him!

    MacBeth: *Dashing toward Duff, he caught the net with his sword which wrapped around the blade! Then he twirled the blade and sent the net, now untangled, back at Duff!* Catch! -05:33 Oct 24

    Cassius: Hell shit and cock damned! *Shouted Cassius, who was sure hell glad to have to BOUT DAMNED TIME backup, but not so pleased at his lack of ammo! He was back on his feet after Brennen and Dion!*

    McRaven dropped the net gun but resorted to his rapid-fire gun! He squeezed the trigger for all it was worth!

    Brennen: *His lungs were on fire, he couldn’t breathe, his legs were aching …!* I’m too old for this crap! *He yelled as he was still racing down the street!* Damnit, Cassius, I’m gonna kill you! Just wait!

    Cassius: Maybe if Dion wasn’t such a damned pussy, he’d be running on his own legs! *Shouted back Cassius! ..On the bright side, watching Brennen run around in that outfit with a man over his shoulder was pretty damned hilarious!*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen took a running slide across the floor, firing her guns at McRaven, and fully intending to sweep his feet right out from under him!* -05:41 Oct 24

    Brennen: Yeah! Well, I’m gonna smack the hell out of him! But it was your hare-brained scheme that landed us in this! And I can’t breathe in this freakin’ bra!

    McRaven turned just as his gun ran out of ammo! Bronwen’s bullets hit him but he didn’t go down! Fortunately, she took out his legs and he landed with a THUD! on the floor!

    Dion: A bra is a terrible thing to waste. *Said Dion as he pulled the bra strap from under Brennen’s uniform and let it POP! Hell was pretty disturbing.*

    MacBeth: *Jumped up and swung his blade down to cleave Duff in half!* -05:46 Oct 24

    Brennen: What the fuck?! Damnit, Dion! *The ship was coming into view! And not a moment too soon!*

    McRaven stopped Mac’s blade with his rapid-fire gun and the two were locked in a stalemate!

    Bronwen: *She was rolling out of the way as McRaven crashed to the ground and MacBeth was leaping at him, She was already springing to her and tilting to the side to aim and shoot around MacBeth!* -05:48 Oct 24

    Cassius: *And Cassius was now barking with laughter so hard he nearly tumbled face first in to the dirt! Had they not been running like hell, he’d be pointing and laughing!*

    McRaven grabbed Mac’s blade with one hand and sent it flying over his head! Then he was throwing the empty gun at Bronwen before pulling out another identical firearm and firing at her!

    Brennen: *Got to the ship and marched inside! He dropped Dion into the first open seat he found on the bridge!* Here, you can watch him! I’m gonna go change! *He muttered as he left, trying to pull his underwear out of his ass!*

    Dion: *Thrown in to a torture chair where he was going to spend the rest of eternity lookin’ at these ugly women that looked like his brothers. ….And that guy over there. Dion gave Duncan a confused stare!* … you doin’ time in hell too?

    Duncan: *Glanced over from the controls to check out the new Shadowstar. He really did look a lot more like the Cap’n than Brennen and Cassius.* … *He raised an eyebrow when Dion asked him about being in hell.*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen ducked, doing a swift spin until she was standing behind McRaven and gave him a pretty rough kick towards MacBeth!* -06:03 Oct 24

    Cassius: He’s stark raving mad, flyboy. He’ll kill ya. *Smirked Cassius as he leaned over the controls for a com.* There are two people that aren’t on this damned ship, and Brennen is getting his panties in a wad about it! Stop screwing around!

    Usually McRaven could have taken the rough kick and given one in return but there was a jolt of pain from one of his circuits which left him vulnerable. Bronwen’s kick sent him flying back!

    Dion: Aaron and MacBeth…! *Dion said fairly loudly as he stood up and pointed a finger in the air!* Boy my Darig Romance Novel! *He tumbled back in to his chair!*

    MacBeth: *Twisting in mid-air, he landed neatly on the floor from Duff’s throw. He ran forward to close the distance between himself and Duff, pulling out a large needle and stabbing it into the base of his neck!* -06:15 Oct 24

    McRaven is out like a light! Time to escape!

    Bronwen: *A smirk thrown at MacBeth, she took off for the ship! Better not to go pushing their luck!* -06:18 Oct 24
    MacBeth: *Dashed off after Shadowstar!* -06:19 Oct 24

    Duncan: Damnit, where are they? Maybe I should ask Tiny to go get ’em … *He stole a glance at the small ball of fur sleeping on the Cap’n’s chair!*

    Dion: *Dion looked over at the chair too and gave a start!* Oh god! Hell beasts too! Oh g-… …. Look at it just sleeping there like a little angel…

    Bronwen: *Thanks to Tiny there didn’t seem to be anyone left in town! At least not anyone brave enough to come outside to try and stop them! Bronwen scrabbled on the ship with MacBeth close behind her!* Okay, okay, okay! All present! -06:24 Oct 24

    Brennen: *Returns! Dressed comfortably in mens’ clothes again! He’s still muttering about Cassius being a freak!*

    Duncan: *Flipped switches, pressed buttons, pulled levers …!* Okay, we are out of here! *He got the ship into the air and then they took off!*

    Cassius: *Smacking his face, Cassius very nearly slapped the hell out of Dion too! Of course, he didn’t have any problem standing around in his nurses uniform still!* Alright, so who wants to tell me who messed up my perfect plan!

    Bronwen: *Bronwen stopped to lean in the doorway, trying to catch her breath!* It was either when Cassius took forever fetching Dion, or when Cassius ran out of bullets. What do you think, MacBeth? -06:30 Oct 24
    MacBeth: So hands down, Cassius screwed Cassius. Sounds like a normal day to me. *He replied.* -06:31 Oct 24

    Dion: *Slowly blinking…* I’m a little confused… is this hell or a nice dream? Because I see Brownie and MacBeth, but Cassius looks like a nurse stripper. And I’m pretty sure Brennen was wearing a bra.

    Bronwen: *Bronwen pranced to hop in to Dion’s lap, wrap her arms around his neck and plant a big kiss on his cheek!* I’m real, they’re real, and unfortunetly so is Cassius! -06:34 Oct 24

    Cassius: Aye, I can take a hint. I’ll go change my damned clothes. *He was muttering under his breath about looking right pretty as he stalked out!*

    [Bronwen was giving her other favorite brother some attention while Cassius was busy somewhere moping!] -03:21 Nov 08
    [MacBeth dropped into a seat to relax a bit!] -03:21 Nov 08

    Tiny was still looking fuzzy and adorable, curled up on the captain’s seat!

    Duncan: Uh … Cap’n? Where are we going, exactly?

    Bronwen: *Thinking on it for a moment… Dion was in no shape to go anywhere dangerous at the moment. Fetching Aaron was going to be the most difficult of all, so it was going to require extra planning…* Hmm… How about we pay your parents another visit? -03:23 Nov 08

    Duncan: *Blinked and then nodded!* Sure thing! I can’t wait to show her Tiny!

    Brennen: Your parents? *He looked over at Duncan.* Where do they live?

    Dion: Parents house… Haven’t heard that in a long time. ….Have any cigs, Nurse Bree?

    Duncan: Orlu. They’ve got a nice farm. You’ll probably like my mom. I know Cassius did.

    Brennen: *Winced!* Nurse Bree? Crap. I’ll never live this down. *He muttered.* And it’s Brennen! And no … I don’t have cigs.

    Bronwen: She is the epitome of everything that is good and naughty in the world. But a good safe place to get our barings again. *Bronwen hopped out of Dion’s lap to scoop up Tiny and drop him on Dion!* …You shouldn’t be smoking anyway. -03:32 Nov 08

    Dion: Don’t deny a man his cigs, Brownie. *Dion looked down at the furry little demon with caution before giving it a gentle pat on the head. That’s a good beast of hell!*

    MacBeth: … Yeah. Who else do we know has a rock creature in her cellar? *He muttered, opening one eye. He was leaning back in his seat with his legs stretched out and his hands folded on his stomach.* -03:35 Nov 08

    Tiny blinked when it was picked up! When it was dropped into Dion’s lap, it looked up at him! “Grreeooww!” Its tails flicked.

    Cassius: *Then Cassius appeared looking good and manly again, scowling at that demon getting petted, then throwing a pack of cigs at Dion’s face!* Oh yaa, make nice with the little shit. Don’t come cryin’ to me if he bites off an arm.

    Not to be irked so easily, Tiny stretched on Dion’s lap and curled up! It had found its new bed for the time being!

    Dion: *Smack! The pack hit him in the face to fall in his lap, and without missing a beat he picked it back up and stuffed a ciggy in his mouth.* Never got over that trip to the zoo, eh, Cassie?

    Duncan: *Blinked as he finished setting the coordinates for Orlu, not to mention checking up on the ship’s systems and fuel and thousand of other things a pilot should know to keep the ship running!* Trip to the zoo …?

    Bronwen: Cassius thought he’d be a badass and found a way in to the habitats. Fa said if he was smart enough to get in there, he was smart enough to get himself out, so he spent the whole day getting chased down by a variety of fuzzballs. *Bronwen cast a wide smirk over her shoulder!* -03:43 Nov 08

    Brennen: I’m getting out of here and taking a shower. *He said as he stood and walked out of the room!*

    Duncan: *Looked over at Cassius.* Wow. How old were you?

    Cassius: Har har. Brennen has the right idea. Get off your ass and get rid of that critter, so I can drown you in peace.

    Tiny got up, turned around and flicked its tails at Cassius in its own version of “Kiss my ass” before hopping off of Dion’s lap so he could smoke in peace!

    Dion: He was about fifteen. Old enough to know better. *Dion said with a smile. As Tiny jumped down he rose slowly to his feet and winced as he stretched.* I’m curious to see this ship of Brownie’s anyway.

    Duncan: We should be at Orlu in a little while, just to let everyone know.

    Cassius: Can’t wait. *Boy if Dion wasn’t wrecked to hell already, Cassius would be smacking that boy in to next week! He muttered some phrases under his breath as he led the way out!*

    MacBeth: *Maybe he could get some rest now. He closed his eyes to take a nap.* -03:55 Nov 08



    Bronwen and MacBeth’s “date” with Cassius trying to sabotage.

    [Bronwen has taken MacBeth to the racetrack! Or was it the other way around?] -02:51 Jun 29
    [MacBeth hasn\’t been to the track in quite awhile!] -02:52 Jun 29
    Bronwen: *She pointed!* Move your ass snarglpuff…!! -02:55 Jun 29

    Cassius: *Cassius hate a date. He didn’t WANT the date, but that damned old woman wouldn’t stop following him! How was he supposed to covertly keep an eye on MacBeth and his sister with some old hag cracking him over the head every ten minutes?!* Damnit woman, get lost!

    Little old lady hadn’t been to the tracks in years! And not with such a big handsome young man… that still owed her 200squid, so he better stop squawking and pay up before she enters him as one of the race horses!

    Snarglepuffs are big giant balls of furr with several rows of teeth, and apparently impossible to control. They did make for one exciting race, however, as more often than not they’ll escape the race track and try to eat the people on the sidelines!

    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit. Well, at least the track hadn’t changed.* Let’s watch a race or two and then we can start taking our chances at picking winners. *He suggested.* -03:00 Jun 29
    Bronwen: I wonder how you pick a winner with them always trying to eat everything. It really is a gamble. *…but it was amusing! She dragged him down for a closer look!* -03:01 Jun 29
    MacBeth: *Somehow he was surprised that she was dragging him down there.* -03:02 Jun 29
    MacBeth: *wasn’t -03:02 Jun 29

    Cassius: Woman, you’re about three shakes away from- On the track huh. *Crazy old bat gave Cassius an idea. So MacBeth was gonna take his little sister to the tracks where you get women all excited- well he’s gonna give ’em some excitement! WHOOPS! Did he just kick over the gate that kept them snarglepuffs from getting loose in the stands? Ho ho ho!*

    That little old lady clobber Cassius over the head with a cane that suspiciously felt like solid iron. Look what he gone and did! That gate costed some pretty money too, and everybody knows them snarglepuffs hadn’t been fed yet!

    MacBeth: … Crap. Time to leave. *He pulled out his gun.* Hurry the hell up and get moving! *He glanced at Shadowstar as he aimed and fired!* -03:06 Jun 29

    Snarglepuffs were getting loose all over the place! Eating bleachers, licking children, swallow bad toupes. One latched it’s teeth around Cassius’ leg!

    MacBeth: *Shot! Shot! Kicked a snarglepuff and sent it rolling away! Shot it, too!* -03:07 Jun 29
    Bronwen: … *She was doing good not to point and laugh. But she was still smirking as she hopped over a snarling furball to head for the exit!* Well, MacBeth… this is more excitement than I bargined for! -03:08 Jun 29
    MacBeth: It was my pleasure, my lady. *He managed to give her a bow–right before pulling out his hilt which instantly generated a blade and running one snarglepuff through.* -03:09 Jun 29

    Cassius: Son of a fuck..! *Cassius pried the little bugger off his leg and threw it while he stomped off! ….As an after thought he stomped back to heft that old hag over his shoulders and leave. Can’t let her go runnin’ around blabbin’ about ditching old ladies to the snarglpuffs.*

    That little old lady was going to howl and moan about Cassius man handling her, but them snarglpuffs were becoming an organized mob and taken to chewing on people’s feet, so she was just going to shake her cane and thwack anything that jumped at them!

    Bronwen: *She grinned at him!* Now they’re gettin’ a little wild… *She pulled out that gun from under her skirt, blasting little fuzz buckets out of her way! A clean escape… after all, they’re just critters!* -03:13 Jun 29

    Four snarglepuffs pounce for MacBeth’s hands at once!

    MacBeth: *Held his sword at an angle until the last minute.. SHLICK! SHHLICK! SHLLICK! SCCHLICK! Just a few quick slashes and the snarglepuffs fell to the ground with a THUD!* -03:16 Jun 29
    Bronwen: *She aimed her gun at him and tilted… BLAM! Right past his ear to the furball jumping for his!* You’re showing off, MacBeth. I don’t think our friends like it. *Smirk!* -03:19 Jun 29
    MacBeth: *Smirked right back at her.* What’s the point of having a toy if you can’t show it off every once in awhile? *He pulled out his gun again and fired!* … ‘Sides, you’re showing off, too. -03:20 Jun 29
    Bronwen: I’m not showing off, I’m saving your tail. *Two shots for his feet, after a couple sneaky little buggers.* Besides, if I were showing off I’d do this. *She aimed wild and fired towards a metal pillar. The shot ricochetted off, wizzing back between them to pop an obnoxiously large snarglpuff between the eyes before it swallowed the head of some old man!* -03:25 Jun 29
    MacBeth: *Watched the shot ricochet and smirked a bit.* … You can’t tell me you didn’t want to do that. *He kicked one snarglepuff into another and shot them both! Then he ran one through and another and another! Snarglepuff shishkabob!* -03:27 Jun 29

    A big burley man dressed in a fancy suit stomped behind Bronwen and grabbed her by the shoulder. “You’re killing the merchendise. Boss don’t like poachers.”

    Bronwen: What?! I don’t see anybody trying to catch the little shits, do you? -03:30 Jun 29
    MacBeth: *The blade disappeared and Mac went back to shooting a few more of the furballs with teeth.* And it’s not like we were the ones who let them go. -03:32 Jun 29

    The big burly man didn’t look open to negotiation! “Boss wants payment for every single one down, and ain’t a one of you leavin’ till he gets it!”

    Bronwen: If that’s the way you feel, you can take care of them! *Bronwen caught one of the buggars with her foot and slung it in his face!* Here! -03:35 Jun 29

    That snarglpuff was all teeth and trying to gnaw the guy’s face off! He went tumbling down the stairs trying to pry it off!

    MacBeth: *Chuckled softly as the man tumbled down the stairs, snarglpuff on face.* I should take you out more often, Cap’n. -03:36 Jun 29
    Bronwen: If you want the opportunity, you better start running! *She was already stuffing her gun back under her skirt and running for it!* -03:37 Jun 29
    MacBeth: Aye aye. *Took off after her as he slipped the hilt back into his belt and put his gun away!* -03:39 Jun 29
    Bronwen: *She didn’t stop running until they were a good distance from the tracks and hopefully free from snarglpuff escapists or race-bouncers looking for some compensation from the whole mess! She leaned against a wall laughing while she tried to catch her breath!* -03:41 Jun 29
    MacBeth: *Looked around as they stopped.* I don’t know about you but I worked up an appetite. -03:43 Jun 29
    Bronwen: I’m starving. I bet pleaces around here are gonna have a great deal on snarglpuff tonight. *She flashed a wicked grin.* -03:45 Jun 29
    MacBeth: I’d rather eat something that didn’t try to eat me. *He said as he moved in the opposite direction of the track.* -03:46 Jun 29
    Bronwen: *She fell in to step beside him and linked her arms around his.* Eat or be eaten, is that one of the laws of nature? -03:49 Jun 29
    MacBeth: So I’ve heard. But hey, if you want to try snarglpuff for dinner, I certainly won’t stop you. Might even taste like chicken. -03:51 Jun 29

    Cassius: *Cassius had just pluck the last tooth out of his leg when he finally spotted them again. Not a scratch on either of them! They were pretty slick. Hey, what they was she doing hanging all over him? Cassius spit on the ground before sneaking after them!*

    The little old lady clobber Cassius over the head again for spitting in public. Yep, she still wasn’t leaving until she got her 200squid and an extra 30 for the trauma at the track! Where’s her money, you filthy young heathen!

    Bronwen: Do you think so? I might be safer letting you pick the place. You’re the chef. -03:54 Jun 29
    MacBeth: It depends on what type of food you like. I might end up taking us somewhere that you don’t like the type of food they serve. -03:57 Jun 29
    Bronwen: Damn, then I’ll run down the quick list… I don’t like squishy things, no slimy things, nothing too spicey, I hate those weird little things that pop in your mouth, and I rather think I want to avoid fishies and fishmen. …Too much? -04:01 Jun 29

    Cassius: *Cassius just growled at the hag, seriously considering shoving her out in the middle of the street to get ran over by a shuttle. No one would see him do it, right? …Where the hell were they going now! Just walking around chatting like idiots!*

    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Believe it or not no. A friend of mine owns a restaurant not too far from here. We should be there soon. He’s not too hot about fish or slimy stuff either. Something about allergies and ulcers. Anyways, he doesn’t serve them so you should have a lot of things to choose from. That sound good? -04:03 Jun 29
    Bronwen: Sounds just right… Exactly how many friends do you have lurking around the universe, anyway? -04:06 Jun 29
    MacBeth: Heh. You can never have too many friends. *He looked up and stopped.* Here we are. -04:08 Jun 29

    The place they’d stopped beside was called “Angelo’s Bistro” and took up the ground floor of a building. The sign was large but simple, basically the name in red lettering over a white background. There wasn’t a line to get in but looking through the windows, there were already about a dozen people inside.

    Bronwen: Angelo’s Bistro. Such a classy looking place for a scruffy man like you, MacBeth. *She grinned!* -04:11 Jun 29
    MacBeth: *Led her inside. The inside was cozy and pleasant. The wallpaper was a light blue and there were small oil paintings of scenery: forests and lakes and even a desert or two. There were tables that could fit four people scattered here and there and they could be combined to fit more. There was a counter with a computer and menus near the door. At the back were the double doors to the kitchen. There were about three or four serving people hustling around. -04:13 Jun 29
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Gee, thanks. -04:13 Jun 29

    “Hello hello! How can I help you …?” A slender woman with a gray streak in her brown hair, wearing a dress and an apron hustled right out of the kitchen, across the restaurant, and to the two of them.

    MacBeth: *Watched the woman approach.* For starters you can tell that old dog, Angelo, to get his ass out here before I kick him out the curb. -04:15 Jun 29

    Cassius: *He wasn’t going to take her in th- He DID! That low down sister thieving mongrel took his sister to Angelo’s! A man doesn’t take a cheap screw to Angelo’s he takes-… He glanced at the old hag.* We’re going to dinner.

    Buttery her up with dinner wasn’t going to make her forget that 230squid! But the old lady was more than happy to have a meal with a handsome young heathen like himself. All her manfriends will be so jealous!

    The woman looked up, in the middle of drying her hands on her apron. Her eyes went wide. “Oh! MacBeth!” She wrapped him into a tight hug and suddenly released him. “ANGELO! ANGELO! Look who’s come to visit! And he’s brought company!” she yelled after turning to the kitchen.

    Bronwen: …She’s not sweet like Madam Hessing and going to lock us in a cellar, is she? -04:18 Jun 29
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* I’ll be surprised if she found the time. *He murmured back to her. He stopped as soon as the woman turned back to them.* Lizzie, this is Bronwen. Bronwen, Lizzie. She’s the woman behind the restaurant. -04:21 Jun 29

    Lizzie smiled and shook her hand. “It’s nice to meet you.” She turned back toward the kitchen. “Oh, where is that man …?” she muttered under her breath. “ANGELO! PRONTO!” And then she started rattling off in a mix of languages. A couple of moments later, a thin man with more gray than brown hair came out, wiping his hands with a towel before hanging it over his shoulder. “What in the name of lassagna are you yelling about, woman?! I told you never to call me out unless–” “ANGELO! It’s MACBETH!” Lizzie hissed. She looked ready to sock him one.

    Bronwen: *Bronwen was grinning and trying her darndest not to start snickering!* -04:25 Jun 29

    Cassius: *Cassius was practically pressing his nose up to the window!* Put a sock in it you old woman, you’ll get your damned money. *Showing his sister off like a trophy, was he! And there she was just a smirking like a damned maniac! He oughta go in there and wring their necks!*

    The little old lady was peering in too. What WAS his problem anyway? Did the fine young man go and steal his girlfriend? Well, no wonder he was raving mad, he should just go in there and punch the guy’s lights out!

    Angelo quickly looked up. “Oh … OH!” He crossed the room and clapped Mac on the arm. “Ah, it’s been awhile, my friend. Awhile indeed. Welcome senorita. I am Angelo and this is my humble restaurant.” He took a bow, Bronwen’s hand and kissed it.

    Cassius: That’s my little sister, you crazy hag. If you ain’t gonna be useful, go the hell home!

    Bronwen: I’m Bronwen. *Grinning like a cat, she was!* I’m very impressed so far. -04:30 Jun 29

    OH, family matters! That made a world of difference. The little old lady had meddled in all of her siblings affairs and the lived better for it too. Why doesn’t he just sneak in there and poison the man’s dinner? That’ll solve it!

    Angelo gave her a wide, proud grin. “Grazie! I would be honored if you and Mac would stay and have a meal. Nothing but the finest.” “Let me show you to a table,” Lizzie offered and led the way to a table next to the window with a fine view of the street outside!

    Cassius: I can’t just kill him, he’s my- *Well shit! He snagged the old lady and drug her for the door before they were spotted at the window. He was just going to go inside and have a quiet dinner with his old granny! That’s all!*

    MacBeth: *Walked to the table and pulled the chair out for Shadowstar.* Ladies first. -04:35 Jun 29
    Bronwen: A sword fighting knight and and gentleman. Interesting… *She flashed him a grin as she sat down.* -04:36 Jun 29

    Lizzie arched an eyebrow and tilted her head. “Sword-fighting …?”

    MacBeth: … It’s a long story. *He sat down.* -04:37 Jun 29
    Bronwen: I saved his life before he was viciously eaten by a pack of wild snarglpuffs. -04:38 Jun 29

    Lizzie chuckled softly and handed them their menus. “Wild snarglpuffs! I would love to hear the whole story later. In the meantime, I will let you two look things over and be back in a few minutes. What would you like to drink? We have water, tea, coffee, and juice. No alcohol except red wine. Angelo loves his red wine.”

    Bronwen: I like red wine. *She thought she saw Cassius, but Cassius wouldn’t be escorting some cute little old lady out in public. She just shook her head as she looked over the menu!* -04:42 Jun 29
    MacBeth: Water. Thanks, Lizzie. *He started checking out the menu.* -04:43 Jun 29

    “You’re welcome.” She excused herself and disappeared into the kitchen again.

    “You’re welcome.” She excused herself and disappeared into the kitchen again.

    Cassius: *Damn that kid, she almost saw him. But they scored an emtpy table out of sight, and this stupid hag was providing some useful cover!* Alright you meddling old witch, how do you stir up trouble at dinner?

    The old lady suggests sending in a pregnant exgirlfriend! That usually does the trick quick! But she still thinks he should poison the man’s dinner.

    Bronwen: I suppose you met all of these people while running around the galaxy with my brothers? -04:48 Jun 29
    MacBeth: He’s added a bunch of stuff since I last ate here. *He couldn’t help but remark as he looked it over.* -04:48 Jun 29
    MacBeth: Some, I did. Others, I met while wandering by myself. *Smirked a bit.* So if Cassius catches us here, he’s going to have a snarglpuff. -04:51 Jun 29
    Bronwen: Cassius would have a litter of kittens over anything. How long were you running off by yourself? -04:53 Jun 29
    MacBeth: *Was thoughtful for a moment.* Mm … About 13 years. I ran off when I was 16. -04:57 Jun 29

    Cassius: He ain’t me, he wouldn’t have any exgirlfriends. *Cassius snorted! Maybe if he poisoned HER dinner. No wait, this old hag was getting to him!*

    Lizzie returned! “So, have we figured out what we’re having?”

    Bronwen: Latest that long with my brothers, hmm? *She smirked and blinked at Miss Lizzie!* Um.. this? *She pointed at something on the menu, and she wasn’t quite sure what it was but it looked interesting, and as long as it wasn’t squishy she’d be fine!* -05:01 Jun 29

    Lizzie leaned forward and squinted. “Ah. Angelo’s Chicken Marsala. A very good choice.” She took the menu from Bronwen and turned to Mac. “And you, Mac?”

    MacBeth: Not like I had much of a choice. *He smirked a bit. He looked up and handed the menu back to Lizzie.* I’ll have the Italian Steak Pinwheels and the Italian Chicken Salad. Thanks, Lizzie. -05:07 Jun 29

    The old lady thinks this young heathen is just pussyfooting around, and obviously scared of either his sister or that fine man! So, like any wonderful and gracious old woman (and because he’ll owe her twice as much) she is going to handle it for it! She eyes the couple with devious glee!

    Oh dear! She’d forgotten their drinks! She’ll be right back! Lizzie disappeared into the kitchen with menus in hand!

    Oh dear! She’d forgotten their drinks! She’ll be right back! Lizzie disappeared into the kitchen with menus in hand!

    Bronwen: *She grinned at the fleeing Lizzie!* I’ve only been to dinner like this once when Aaron took me. It’s kind of strange. -05:13 Jun 29

    Cassius: …I ain’t afraid of either one of them, and if you want to go on over there and get your nose broken or your blue hair shot off, don’t go cryin’ to me about it. *Then again, he would sure laugh his ass off if the old women got a boot to the nose.*

    MacBeth: *Watched Lizzie disappear!* What’s kind of strange about eating out? -05:15 Jun 29
    Bronwen: No one is slinging a gun. Or fist… or dinner. -05:19 Jun 29
    MacBeth: Hm. I see your point. Let’s just hope it stays peaceful. Angelo isn’t the type to tolerate drama. And neither is Lizzie. -05:24 Jun 29

    The little old lady skittered out of her chair over to the pleasant couple. “Fortune for the youngins?” She didn’t wait for a reply she took both their hands and pressed them together. “I sense… mayhem and doom in your future! A sleezy whore coming between you, and a man that won’t let go!…. 5 credit and I shall tell you more!”

    Bronwen: So much for peaceful… *She muttered. Unsure of whether or not she was amused or annoyed by the creepy old lady.* -05:29 Jun 29

    Cassius: *Cassius smacked his head on the table. That stupid old hag…! How the hell was that even remotely effective?!*

    “Grandmother, I told you not to come back here. Not after the rukus you caused last time!” Lizzie’s voice cut through the din of the restaurant. She marched to Mac and Bronwen’s table, drinks in hand and placed them in front of their respective owners before turning on the woman, hands on hips.

    “Grandmother, I told you not to come back here. Not after the rukus you caused last time!” Lizzie’s voice cut through the din of the restaurant. She marched to Mac and Bronwen’s table, drinks in hand and placed them in front of their respective owners before turning on the woman, hands on hips.

    That old women released the couple and waved a careless hand! “What good is an old woman who can’t do fortunes. Besides, that Shadowstar male over there owes me 230squid and I aim to get it one way or another!”

    Lizzie’s face fell. “It would help if the old woman in question actually foretold something useful! That’s what you told the last customers you read for.”

    Lizzie’s face fell. “It would help if the old woman in question actually foretold something useful! That’s what you told the last customers you read for.” –

    MacBeth: … Shadowstar male, huh? I’ll give you 300 squid if you show him around town for a few hours. -05:36 Jun 29

    Well, well, well! That deal sounds just fine for her! She holds out her hand waiting for her payment!

    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit and handed the squid over.* Oh, and feel free to be a bit rough with him. *He leaned forward.* He likes it rough. -05:38 Jun 29

    The old woman cackles taking her money and returning to that Shadowstar! She makes sure to tell him she knows exactly where his little sister and friend are going next.

    Bronwen: *She blinked!* …I wonder how long before he figures out you one upped him. -05:41 Jun 29
    MacBeth: *Sipped his water and grinned behind the glass.* It’s a win-win situation. The woman gets her money and Cassius gets a date. -05:43 Jun 29
    Bronwen: *She took his hand and pressed hers against his palm to palm like that weird old lady did, and smirked!* I see… a very angry Shadowstar in your future. A man that won’t let go! -05:45 Jun 29

    Lizzie was glad that was taken care of! She excused herself again and went to go check on their food.

    MacBeth: On the bright side, now he has a reason to be mad at me. And you know, I don’t feel like killing him. For now. A change in the wind, sense I. -05:47 Jun 29
    Bronwen: It helps knowing that he’s going to be pawed at by a creepy old woman, doesn’t it. -05:48 Jun 29
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Oh yeah. -05:49 Jun 29

    Lizzie returned! With their food! Chicken Marsala for Bronwen! Steak Pinwheels and Chicken Salad for Mac! She laid down their napkins and utensils and wished them a good meal. She’ll be back to refill their drinks!

    Bronwen: I… am going to try and eat without being disturbed with thoughts of Cassius and an old lady! -05:52 Jun 29
    MacBeth: Thank you, Lizzie. The food smells delicious. *He told her before she disappeared. He sprinkled some of the salad dressing she’d left for him before taking a bite.* Mm … -05:52 Jun 29
    Bronwen: *She caught herself eyeing him, and quickly snapped her attention to her dinner! She tried a bit first, and was pleasantly surprised!* It’d be wrong of me to kidnap Angelo, wouldn’t it. -05:57 Jun 29
    MacBeth: If you ask Lizzie, she’d tell you to go right ahead. But then she’d end up missing him. I could ask him for the recipe later. -06:03 Jun 29
    Bronwen: Hell, if you make this for me, I might just marry you. *She took a sip of the wine.* -06:04 Jun 29
    MacBeth: That good, huh? *He took another bite out of his salad. In no time at all, he was done and eating his next order. -06:07 Jun 29
    Bronwen: It’s perfect.. Aaron would be so jealous… *She ate, and tried to ate least eat slow enough to enjoy her dinner!* -06:11 Jun 29

    Lizzie returned with a pitcher to refill Mac’s water and the bottle of red wine from which she’d gotten Bronwen’s drink! She apologized for not opening it in front of Bronwen as customary.

    Bronwen: *Surprised blinks!* That’s alright… and thank you! All of this is really very nice! -06:17 Jun 29

    Lizzie smiled and thanked Bronwen. She would check on them in a little while but if they needed anything before then, they should feel free to wave down any of the servers here. She disappeared into the kitchen again.

    MacBeth: *Chuckled softly.* I swear, she and Angelo move a mile a minute. -06:24 Jun 29
    Bronwen: And how exactly did you meet them? -06:25 Jun 29
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Found this place on a stormy night and decided I would steal myself some food. Your brothers taught me never to become a thief but I didn’t have any squid. I figured no one would miss a bowl of food or two. Angelo caught me but it was Lizzie who convinced him to let me work for the food. -06:29 Jun 29
    Bronwen: Then you stayed here long enough to be well adored. *She grinned!* -06:31 Jun 29
    MacBeth: And pick up some cooking. *He added and sipped his water.* -06:33 Jun 29
    Bronwen: I have to wonder what other interesting things you can do. -06:36 Jun 29
    MacBeth: * -06:41 Jun 29
    MacBeth: *Was thoughtful for a moment.* Not sure myself. I’m just a well-rounded guy who’s traveled lots of places and met lots of people. -06:41 Jun 29
    Bronwen: I don’t know about well rounded. You were batty enough to go looking for another Shadowstar. Bet you’re thinking twice about that now. *A wicked smile!* -06:43 Jun 29
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Actually, I’m not. *He finished off his food.* I’d do it again if I had the chance. -06:44 Jun 29
    Bronwen: If we end up shipping Cassius to Morgan, you might have to. *She offered him the last of the wine in her glass.* -06:46 Jun 29
    MacBeth: *Accepted the wine.* Thanks. *He sipped it.* Well, he’s another matter. He may stay in Morgan’s clutches for awhile. -06:47 Jun 29
    Bronwen: *She smirked!* He might wanna go himself after his date… -06:50 Jun 29
    [Bronwen is interested in MacBeth. …’s history! MacBeth’s history!] -04:00 Jul 01
    [MacBeth sipped his drink.] -04:00 Jul 01
    MacBeth: So that’s basically how I met the two of them. Didn’t stay very long but I dropped in every so often. -04:01 Jul 01

    Cassius: *Speaking of Cassius.. he was now across town with an old woman and he was getting the feeling she didn’t know a damned thing about where she was going.*

    Bronwen: I’m thinking you didn’t stick around anywhere for too long. -04:03 Jul 01
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* I’d be lying if I said I did it solely for the mission. I was a kid. I was ready to take my chances with the galaxy. To stretch my wings as Brennen put it. -04:04 Jul 01
    Bronwen: And without a posse of overbearing, control freak, slightly senile brothers around? -04:05 Jul 01
    MacBeth: *Chuckled softly* Yeah … that, too. But it was also because … I never felt like I belonged anywhere. I was moved from brother to brother. I know they were doing it for the right reasons but … it just didn’t feel right. -04:08 Jul 01
    Bronwen: Now I know why you’re mister tall dark and brooding. Well… I hope you weren’t planning on taking off again when all is done and through. I’ve already claimed you. *She flashed him a ridiculously wide grin!* -04:13 Jul 01
    MacBeth: … You’re insane, Shadowstar. *But he raised his glass.* To insane captains. And their equally insane first mates. -04:14 Jul 01
    Bronwen: Though this be madness, yet there is method in it. *She leaned on the table, still grinning.* A perfectly befitting quote. Might as well change the ship’s name to Insanity at this rate. -04:18 Jul 01
    MacBeth: *Chuckled softly.* Point taken. *Another sip of his water.* And what better way to defeat a bitch like Morgan than being more insane than she? -04:20 Jul 01
    Bronwen: I think I’ll just walk up to her and hand her a grenade. Hey Morgan, how ya doing, here’s a present. -04:22 Jul 01
    MacBeth: Well, we’re still a journey away from here. Might as well pick up Dion and Aaron and let them in on the fun. -04:24 Jul 01
    MacBeth: *her -04:24 Jul 01
    Bronwen: I’m half wondering if we should go ahead and get them their own ship… -04:29 Jul 01
    MacBeth: With the crap Cassius is pulling, that sounds like a brilliant idea. -04:31 Jul 01
    Bronwen: Maybe if you’ll dance with me I might spend a little extra cash to put Cassius on his own boat! *A smirk!* -04:34 Jul 01
    MacBeth: Put Cassiuis on his own ship and glue his ass to the floor if need be? -04:40 Jul 01
    Bronwen: Hmm. I don’t know… Glueing him to the floor would cost a little extra. -04:41 Jul 01
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Like what/ -04:44 Jul 01
    MacBeth: *? -04:44 Jul 01
    Bronwen: I think it’s definitely worth another song! -04:45 Jul 01
    MacBeth: *Thoughtful.* Hm. If I gave you another song, you’d have to make sure his ass stayed on the ship. And the rest of him with it. -04:49 Jul 01
    Bronwen: I’ll use really strong glue. And tape. Possibly a few thumb tacks and a staple gun. -04:50 Jul 01
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Alright then. You do all of that and I’ll give you another song. -05:01 Jul 01
    Bronwen: It’ll take a little time of course. So.. a dance now and a song later should be acceptable. -05:02 Jul 01
    MacBeth: You drive a hard bargain, Captain. -05:05 Jul 01
    Bronwen: *Grinning she pointed and finger at him.* If it were too easy, you’d be suspicious! -05:09 Jul 01
    MacBeth: Hm. Good argument. Fine. A dance now and a song later. -05:19 Jul 01
    Bronwen: *A cheshire cat smile.* Now you’ll just have to take me somewhere for a dance, unless you want to show off for your friends. -05:23 Jul 01
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Very funny. *He looked up.* Lizzie, the check, please. -05:31 Jul 01

    Lizzie came bustling out of the kitchen, wiping her hands on her apron. She stopped at their table. “The check? You are leaving already?”

    MacBeth: Yeah. *He looked over at Shadowstar.* I have a date to take dancing. -05:32 Jul 01

    “Ah, dancing! What a wonderful idea! But please, no check. Angelo and I couldn’t possibly think of charging you or your date.”

    MacBeth: It’s either the check or I make a ridiculously large donation to Angelo’s bistro. -05:33 Jul 01
    Bronwen: *Now how was she supposed to tease him about dancing when he had to go and call her his date!* …it’d be real easy to sneak a donation too. -05:34 Jul 01

    Lizzie swatted Mac on the arm and sighed softly. “I suppose it would. I will be right back.” But she smiled as she said that and she was shaking her head and murmuring about “stubborn kids” as she left.

    Bronwen: I think you learned that trick from Brennen… -05:38 Jul 01
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Whatever do you mean, Cap’n. -05:39 Jul 01
    Bronwen: A clever first mate, but I am on to your tricks. *She at least tried to keep a straight face!* -05:41 Jul 01
    MacBeth: *Grin.* You’re only on to my tricks because they’re tricks you already know. Wait until I pull an original. -05:43 Jul 01

    Before Bronwen can ask more into that, Lizzie returned with check in hand! “Is there anything else I can get you? A bag to put the food in or–” She stopped. “Did you enjoy the food that much?” she asked, glancing at the empty plates.

    Bronwen: *An original, huh! She’d like to see that…* I did. It was possibly the best meal I ever had. -05:45 Jul 01

    Lizzie smiled. “I am glad.” She turned to MacBeth. “On the other hand, I suppose this means Mac here has to have a little

    Lizzie smiled. “I am glad.” She turned to MacBeth. “On the other hand, I suppose this means Mac needs a review.” She arched her eyebrow. “Cooking with Angelo and Lizzie 101.”

    Bronwen: I could keep him in my kitchen for lots of practice. *A wicked grin!* -06:04 Jul 01
    MacBeth: … If you had your way my bed would probably end up in there. *He muttered.* -06:05 Jul 01
    Bronwen: That’s terrible. Then I couldn’t hide in your bed when I wanted peace and quiet. -06:06 Jul 01

    “Hide in your bed?” Lizzie chuckled softly. “I think I will leave you two alone now.” She disappeared into the kitchen again.

    Bronwen: *If her face was red, she was just going to flat out pretend it wasn’t.* Look what you did. -06:14 Jul 01
    MacBeth: *Raised an eyebrow.* I did no such thing. You were the one who mentioned hiding in there. -06:15 Jul 01
    Bronwen: Oh, you did it alright. Do you need me to pay for that check? -06:17 Jul 01
    MacBeth: I’ve got it. *He pulled out the credits and stood.* And I couldn’t have done it without your help. *He went over to the entrance and the counter and paid the waitress there.* -06:19 Jul 01
    Bronwen: *She grinned as she stood, leaning over the table for a moment to scribble ‘thank you!’ and a smilie face on a paper napkin, before following after him.* -06:22 Jul 01

    Before they left, Lizzie and Angelo came out to say farewell. Angelo made sure to invite them back again and Lizzie made Mac and Bronwen promise they would take good care of each other. Then they went on their way and soon found themselves walking.

    Bronwen: *She ws pretty sure they had no idea how hard it was to keep MacBeth from getting himself killed. She was even counting on her fingers how many near misses as she walked.* -06:32 Jul 01
    MacBeth: *Looked over at her and realized she was counting something.* What are you doing? -06:39 Jul 01
    Bronwen: Trying to figure out how many times you’ve nearly died since I met you. …I think I ran out of fingers. -06:40 Jul 01
    MacBeth: … Very funny. Better I almost die than someone else. -06:44 Jul 01
    Bronwen: There isn’t anyone else. Just Duncan and Brennen…and Cassius, but I think we’ve already decided that he doesn’t count. -06:46 Jul 01
    MacBeth: Yes. Had it not been for the fact we’d have to rescue his ass again, he would be back in Morgan’s clutches. -06:47 Jul 01
    Bronwen: *She couldn’t stop herself from grinning. He was so damned serious about it.* Yeah, I know. But I promised to keep you all not-dead, and I just realized how hard that’s gonna be. -06:49 Jul 01
    MacBeth: We can always use Cassius as bait or a decoy and try not to shoot him. Too badly. -06:57 Jul 01
    Bronwen: That sounds an awful like a devious plot to me, first mate. -06:59 Jul 01
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Wistful thinking. *He stopped in front of a building and looked up.* Well, here we are. Almost there. *And he went inside.* -07:07 Jul 01
    Bronwen: I’m considering sewing little bullseyes to his clothes and giving you a set of needle tipped darts. *She eyed the building skeptically and followed!* -07:10 Jul 01

    The building they entered looked simple and not the sort of place one would find a dance room. Inside, it was also simple and plain. But Mac led the way into the elevator.

    MacBeth: Now you’re talking. *He pressed the button for the roof and waited.* -07:11 Jul 01
    Bronwen: *She smirked to herself. macBeth chasing Cassius around with darts would be worth the hell she’d get for it later!* Where exactly are we going now? -07:13 Jul 01
    MacBeth: The roof. *Was the only reply she got.* Here we are. *The elevator stopped and they found themselves in a circular room with glass walls and doors that slid open. He led her through one of the doors and out to a dance floor with a canopy over head. It could fit at least sixty people on it at once and there was a small area with tables and waiters when the dancers wanted to sit and watch.* -07:17 Jul 01
    Bronwen: *Surprised blinking! It wasn’t quiet what she was expecting when he said ‘roof’!* …you’re really making sure I get rid of him, aren’t you! -07:20 Jul 01
    MacBeth: I’m making sure you get your bargain’s worth. Besides, we’re stories away from the nearest bar, fishmen and squishy thing. Unless you order a sushi. -07:30 Jul 01
    Bronwen: Fishman and squishy thing free… I think you’ve won me over. -07:31 Jul 01
    [Bronwen and the dancing Knight. That makes Duncan a flying Prince and Cassius a bimbo Technician?] -03:26 Jul 06
    [MacBeth figured there was nothing wrong with this place.] -03:30 Jul 06
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* So, Shadowstar, may I have the pleasure of this dance? *He gave a small bow and held out his hand.* -03:32 Jul 06
    Bronwen: *She took his hand with a most dramatic flare possible.* Oh, of course you may. It would be my pleasure! -03:34 Jul 06
    MacBeth: *Chuckled softly and stood, then led her to the dance floor. A nice, slow song was playing as he stopped, slipped one arm around her waist.* -03:37 Jul 06
    Bronwen: *She rest a hand at his shoulder before giving him a curious look.* Did you call all my brothers Shadowstar too ’till they got all confused? -03:41 Jul 06
    MacBeth: *That got her another of his trademark smirks.* They took it really well. I just wanted to see how long they’d put up with it before they got pissed. I think they drew the line when I called out ‘Shadowstar’ and all four of them bumped into each other. It was a laugh, though. They’d been moving cages around and suddenly you had all these furry little creatures hopping all over the place. ‘Course, that meant they needed to be rounded up and all the other guys in the warehouse had to get involved. Still took them about 13 hours to get those critters back into the cages. -03:46 Jul 06
    Bronwen: *Blink! Followed by a slow grin!* That’s what I thought… A bunch of huge clumsy men chasing around a bunch of furballs must have been hilarious… -03:49 Jul 06
    MacBeth: *Snickered.* Can’t wait to do it when all four of them are together again. Nothing like reliving a fond ol’ memory. -03:55 Jul 06
    Bronwen: *Bronwen eyed him carefully.* I’ll have to wary, less you catch me in too. -03:57 Jul 06
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Sorry, but I can’t see you lifting up a crate and carrying it around with your brothers. You’re the type telling them to do it. -03:58 Jul 06
    Bronwen: I supposed one of us has to be smart enough to do the bossing. *She frowned.* I could do the work too, though. -04:00 Jul 06
    MacBeth: *Stopped smirking. He looked serious now.* I know you could. But someone needs to give ’em direction … unless you count Aaron. -04:01 Jul 06
    Bronwen: Aaron is really good at being in charge. I suppose he’ll take over when we get him. I’m not so sure I want to get growled at for telling him to buggar off. -04:04 Jul 06
    MacBeth: Hopefully by then, everyone will have their own ship. *Smirked again.* Just remember, your promise about Cassius and his own ship. And glue. Lots of glue. And even a staple gun or two. -04:10 Jul 06
    Bronwen: Ship, glue and staples guns. Is there anything else you want with that? *She mimicked his smirk even!* -04:12 Jul 06
    MacBeth: Anything else you can think of that’d get him to stay put would be much appreciated. *He chuckled softly and slowly whirled her around.* -04:44 Jul 06
    Bronwen: I could tell him.. Duncan is madly in love with him and that we were planning a wedding? -04:46 Jul 06
    MacBeth: *Snickered.* Miss, you have the most delightfully evil ideas. -04:47 Jul 06
    Bronwen: I’ll bring him a tuxedo and say you’l be his best man and that I want to be the bridesmaid. He’ll think we’ve gone mad and insist he needs to leave. -04:50 Jul 06
    MacBeth: *Chuckled softly.* Brilliant. When can we start? -04:58 Jul 06
    Bronwen: We sort of have to get Dion and Aaron first. *She grinned!* And I have to find him a ship. …and warn Duncan ahead of time so he doesn’t think we’re serious. -05:00 Jul 06
    MacBeth: *Arched an eyebrow.* If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were buying time so I wouldn’t kill Cassius before then. -05:01 Jul 06
    Bronwen: Really? *Bronwen gave him the most innocent look she could muster!* I’m pretty sure if you killed Cassius you’d feel bad about it afterwards, no matter how much he’s asking for it. -05:03 Jul 06
    MacBeth: You never know until you try. *He slowly stopped.* In either case, consider the dance the down payment. I’ll give you your song when you keep your end of the bargain. We should go check on Flyboy. *He started back for the elevator.* -05:08 Jul 06
    Bronwen: *Bronwen sighed as she trailed after him!* You’re madder than I am about it, and that’s weird… -05:10 Jul 06
    MacBeth: *Walked into the elevator and waited for her to get in before releasing the “OPEN” button.* Nothing about this mission is what you would call normal. -05:12 Jul 06
    Bronwen: It doesn’t have anything to do with the mission or you’d be mad at me instead for getting us in to this mess. *She leaned against the railing to examine him.* -05:14 Jul 06
    MacBeth: *Just stood beside the elevator control panel.* … Guess it doesn’t. *Was all he said after a lifetime of silence.* -05:17 Jul 06
    Bronwen: ..and you’re going to do that dark mysterious thing again aren’t you. *She slowly crossed her arms.* -05:18 Jul 06
    MacBeth: *He tilted his head slightly at her.* What do you want me to say, Shadowstar? About Cassius, about the incident, about everything that’s happened so far? -05:20 Jul 06
    Bronwen: I’d settle for anything reassuring so I don’t have to worry about you or wonder if you’re slightly batty. Or if I’m batty. I did offer to glue my brother to a floor… -05:23 Jul 06
    MacBeth: We’re all insane. We’re just as insane–no more so–than Morgan herself. -05:25 Jul 06
    Bronwen: Hmm… that sounds like a “I’m crazy, Shadowstar. You better not let me out of your sights.” to me. -05:28 Jul 06
    MacBeth: No, that is an open-minded and very true statement. *He ran his fingers through his hair.* I don’t see anyone else launching a resistance against her. -05:31 Jul 06
    Bronwen: Cause she’s a crazy old whore with power and money to back her up. *She looked down at the floor, frowning with thought.* I don’t understand why no one has tried… Even if I have to die trying. But I suppose that’s what makes me crazy… -05:37 Jul 06
    MacBeth: … I don’t know either. She just went on a binge of destruction and plunder. It was weird. Some old kook once told me that when Morgan brought down the Shadowstars, it was like she snuffed out something important. Like someone just threw a bucket of water on a small candle. *The elevator stopped.* Sounded like ranting at the time. Maybe it wasn’t too far from the truth. *He stepped out.* Fine. -05:39 Jul 06
    Bronwen: That’s a whole lot of stock in a band randy misfits… *She muttered softly before stepping after him.* … Fine, what? -05:41 Jul 06
    MacBeth: *He glanced over his shoulder at her.* I promise I won’t kill Cassius. Not until we get Dion and Aaron. That doesn’t mean I won’t beat him within an inch of his life. *He started on his way again. Flyboy had better not be in trouble again.* -05:43 Jul 06
    Bronwen: *Bronwen stopped for a moment before she smiled and followed.* You promise to take me dancing again too? -05:46 Jul 06
    MacBeth: *Arched an eyebrow at her.* What? Promising not to kill your brother isn’t enough for you? -05:48 Jul 06
    Bronwen: Did you really think anything could be enough for me? *Her best innocent grin! Well.. maybe not so innocent!* -05:49 Jul 06
    MacBeth: … You enjoy pushing your luck, don’t you? -05:59 Jul 06
    Bronwen: If I didn’t you’d think there was something wrong with me. *She clasped her hands behind her back and put on a blank expression.* Let me see if I can be serious for you. -06:02 Jul 06
    MacBeth: Point taken. But no. No trying to be serious. -06:07 Jul 06
    Bronwen: It’s too late. I am your very predictable, unteasing captain. *It was unbelievably hard not to smile at him. She had to think of something awful. Cassius kicking puppies?* -06:09 Jul 06
    MacBeth: You’re insane. *He said as he stopped and studied her with a raised eyebrow.* -06:12 Jul 06
    Bronwen: Clearly, I am perfectly not insane and one hundred percent average. *She stopped to blink at him… and keeping her straight serious expression. Cassius kicking puppies. Duncan falling off a cliff. Brennen in a dress.. wait no, Brennen getting shot by his girlfriend!* -06:16 Jul 06
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Sure you’re not. *Then he turned and started walking back to the ship.* -06:23 Jul 06
    Bronwen: *As soon as his back was turned she was grinning again!* You’re intimidated by me, I know. -06:24 Jul 06
    MacBeth: Say whatever you want, Shadowstar. I’m going to get some sleep for a long time. -06:27 Jul 06
    Bronwen: I might very seriously jump up and down on your bed to harass you. *That really would be insane. But it might be amusing to try it just once…* -06:29 Jul 06
    MacBeth: Oh no. You want to go jump on a bed, go jump on your own. -06:32 Jul 06
    Bronwen: Not unless you’re sleeping in it. And I don’t think mine is big enough for you sleeping and me jumping at the same time. *Not as easy to tease as Duncan, but much more fun! How long before he’d get frustrated, she wondered?* -06:36 Jul 06
    [MacBeth didn\’t know if he was relieved or not that the night was almost over!] -03:50 Jul 24
    [Bronwen enjoys teasing MacBeth.] -03:50 Jul 24

    Cassius: *Up ahead… there was Cassius! And Cassius looked like he had been mauled by a pack of cats with the way his hair was all messed up and his clothes with interesting scratchmarks! He was stomping right for them!*

    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Look what the cat is dragging in. *He murmured, loud enough for Bronwen to hear. But he knew she’d spotted Cassius too. With Cassius the way he was, who couldn’t? The smirk vanished as soon as the male Shadowstar had gotten close enough.* What a surprise, Cassius. -03:53 Jul 24
    Bronwen: *Looks like Cassius evening with that old woman went well… She tried to keep her expression as impassive as possible.* …Bad night? -03:54 Jul 24

    Cassius: Oh AYE, bad night. Someone gave this batty old woman the idea that I was her date this evening. …Do you have any idea how fiesty that old bitch is?!

    MacBeth: *Quirked an eyebrow.* That’s no way to talk about your elders. I’m sure she hasn’t had a date in quite awhile. Perhaps she was making up for lost time. -03:57 Jul 24
    Bronwen: You probably even made an old lady’s dreams come true. *…Yeah she couldn’t help it. A chesire cat grin as she rocked on her heels.* -03:59 Jul 24
    MacBeth: Either way, the evening is about done. I was just telling your sister we should head back to the ship–as soon as we locate Flyboy and his pet. -03:59 Jul 24

    Cassius: Why don’t you find him. I think I’ll be telling Brownie exactly how my night went. *Cassius practically growled! He was gonna tell her, all right. Tell her in big loud words while she’s swinging upside down by the toes!*

    Bronwen: …Or I’ll just go looking for him! Shouldn’t take more than a second to find people screaming about Tiny. *Big smirk!* -04:03 Jul 24
    MacBeth: *Took Bronwen’s hand and kissed the back of it.* Thank you for the company. -04:04 Jul 24
    Bronwen: *Bronwen blinked!* I.. you’re welcome. *She pointed down the street before easing away.* I’ll just be going that way. -04:06 Jul 24
    MacBeth: Alright then. I’ll go this way then. *And he went in the opposite direction!* -04:07 Jul 24

    Cassius: *He almost reached out, socked MacBeth in the nose and ran off with his sister. Almost! Cassius stared with gaping jaw until MacBeth past him… then with hands raised he followed behind him, with the look of a man about to strangle someone!*

    MacBeth: *Suddenly stopped and turned! He smirked a bit.* Did you forget where the ship was already, Cassie? -04:10 Jul 24
    Bronwen: *He only did it to piss of Cassius, but he went and caught her off guard. Bronwen called herself a bunch of stupid names, as she looked in windows and around street corners for signs of a Duncan-disaster and his furry babysitter. Hopefully he didn’t get himself killed before she found him.* -04:11 Jul 24

    Cassius: *Dropping his arms, Cassius just scowled!* What did you do with my sister all night?

    MacBeth: *The smirk disappeared.* You should know, Cassius. You followed us half the night. *He started walking again.* -04:15 Jul 24

    Strange … everything is quiet! Perhaps Bronwen should keep looking!

    Cassius: Aye! Until you threw me in to the arms of that ancient viper. Now I want to know what you did, so I know if I should pop that head off your shoulders or just bleed you a little bit. *At least for the moment, Cassius sounded like he just wanted to bellow a bit more than he wanted to actually break some bones as he fell in to step just behind MacBeth. …Then again, he’d occasionally raise up a hand as if he were going to strangle the man!*

    Bronwen: *Great… Duncan and Tiny behaved tonight, so it was going to be impossible to find him? Or worse, he wasn’t outside of that ship longer than ten minutes before he was beaten and kidnapped and burried under a building somewhere. Why was it so easy to imagine Duncan in trouble? Bronwen tried a few other places, even stopping to ask someone once or twice!* -04:20 Jul 24
    MacBeth: I did nothing of the sort. You owed her squid. I paid the debt. It seemed only fair for you to do what you do best. *He stopped and quirked an eyebrow.* Now, either help me find Flyboy or go back to the ship. I have other things to worry about than dealing with your overprotective, big-mouthed, whoring ass. -04:23 Jul 24

    Suddenly Bronwen heard! “Man on the run coming through! Uh … And one very hungry pet of his coming through, too!” The crowd in front of her began to part!

    Cassius: *Cassius stopped, and it seemed he couldn’t decide whether or not he was pissed off or insulted! Instead it seemed something dawned on him as he rubbed his chin.* I could make good squid cheering up old ladies.

    Bronwen: *A sigh of relief! A least he wasn’t dead. She could bail him out of anything else! Bronwen eased past people to find him.* Duncan! -04:29 Jul 24
    MacBeth: *Mac’s current problem was wondering if he should shoot Cassius now or just run him through. Until he remembered that promise he’d made to Shadowstar. He glanced around.* Hear that? -04:30 Jul 24

    Duncan: *Was running like Morgan herself was on his heels! Right behind him was a giant Tiny! And behind Tiny was … a rainbow wave of … little furballs!*

    Bronwen: *This was… interesting! With a hand on her head, she wasn’t sure if she were going to laugh or cry!* … Please tell me Tiny didn’t have babies…! -04:33 Jul 24

    Cassius: Sounds like a stampeade. *Assuming it was Bronwen’s fault, he was already heading back the way they came!*

    Duncan: *Still running! That wave of little furballs wasn’t about to stop! People and animals and carts had already been trampled by it!* Um … Uh … I’m not exactly sure!

    Bronwen: *Bronwen stood there a for moment, even after Duncan ran past her, before she realized it was probably a good idea to run like hell! No gun was going to stop that!* What did you DO?! It was only a few hours! -04:37 Jul 24

    Duncan: I swear! I didn’t do anything! Ask Tiny! *He threw his thumb over his shoulder!*

    “Grroeeoww! Grrreoooww!” was Tiny’s reply!

    Bronwen: That better be critter speak for ‘I had nothing to do with it’! -04:40 Jul 24

    Duncan: What I wanna know is–how do you stop it?!

    Bronwen: Feed them a crew member and hope for the best?! *Speaking of which, there was Cassius! Bronwen said not a word as she dashed around him!* -04:47 Jul 24

    Cassius: Hey- Wait-… What the hell, Bronwen?! *He turned around to watch her and that damned pilot with his giant demon taking off down the street. What the hell were they- he stared as he turned around to see a whole ocean of colorful furballs!* ….Shit!

    “Grrreeoow! Grrreeooww!”

    Duncan: I’m open to any suggestions! Any suggestions at all! I don’t want to be rainbow-colored furball food!

    Bronwen: Tell your pet to eat them! …Ladder! *Her hands caught the bottom end of a ladder, as she pulled herself up the side of a building! At least they weren’t crawling up walls, this was better than nothing!* -05:03 Jul 24

    “Grreeoow! Grreeoow!” Tiny went!

    Duncan: You never know until you try! *He started scrambling to the top of someone’s scrap heap! The wave of furballs were coming closer and closer! And Duncan’s balance was shaky at best!*

    Cassius: *There were the strangled cries of Cassius as he was lost in a wave of fur! On the plus side, it didn’t sound like he was being eaten as there was plenty of “OOF!ARGH!GWAH!OW!SHIT!” being snarled!*

    Tiny skidded to a halt! Then it waited and waited … CHOMP! CHOMP! It ate one furball and then another … and then another and another! It was lost under the wave of furballs as well–CHOMP! CHOMP! CHOMP!

    The wave suddenly stopped–and ran back the way it came!

    Cassius: *Once he was uncovered, Cassius sat up… looking even worse than he had before and covered in hairs. Cassius groaned as he got back up to his feet.* … What the hell, man?!

    Bronwen: *Bronwen wasn’t so sure it was safe to come down, or that Tiny wouldn’t explode furballs every where. But she did finally hop off the ladder to land neatly on her feet.* I’m all for getting back to the ship before anything else happens. -05:19 Jul 24

    One of the furballs tried to squirm out of Tiny’s mouth only to get chomped and swallowed again!

    Duncan: *Dropped and landed on the ground! He grinned!* Heh heh … Um, sorry?

    Bronwen: Oh no. Don’t be sorry! I’ve learned a valuable lesson! Never leave Duncan and Tiny alone in the city! *An icky face at Tiny chomping that furball, before she led the way back to the ship!* -05:21 Jul 24

    Cassius: *Groaning still and now having to hobble awkwardly as the furry bastards had trampled all over his goods, Cassius was behind them.* I hope Brennen’s night was as miserable as mine…

    Duncan: It wasn’t our fault! *His face fell!*

    Bronwen: Yeah, we’ll see if MacBeth doesn’t think its your fault either. *It was a relief to se the ship again and know they got back in one piece! …As long as Tiny didn’t burp them things back up!* -05:31 Jul 24

    “Grreeoow! Grreeoow!”

    Duncan: *Sighed!* What it said. *He didn’t like the idea of never being left alone in a city!*

    Cassius: I have the perfect solution! *Cassius caught both Bronwen and Duncan around the neck with his arms, smiling like a bear!* You two be city-partners, and leave MacBeth babysitting the ship. It’s a win-win for all of us!

    Bronwen: And what are you gonna do, escort old ladies from bar to bar? *She pushed his arm away with a finger… Who knows what he did with that old woman!* -05:42 Jul 24

    Duncan: I dunno. It’s kind of hard just getting around the city with Tiny. *Scratched his head!*

    Cassius: *Cassius pulled her back in again, holding tigher this time and giving Duncan a good pat on the head and hair ruffle!* Cassius’ Escorting Service. Has a ring to it. We’ll use Tiny as the mascot, and maybe my favorite little sister can give us some good pointers. Like say, things you enjoyed while out all night with MacBeth?

    Bronwen: Well that was subtle, Cassius. But you don’t have to worry, I wouldn’t do anything you wouldn’t do. *Bronwen very quickly slipped out from under his arm and took off for her room!* -05:59 Jul 24

    Cassius: There’s nothing I wouldn’t- …sonofabitch! *Cassius freed Duncan, none too lightly, then was charging down the hall after his sister! He was met with a door in the face, and was promptly banging on it!* Open this damned door so I can beat some propriety in to you!

    Duncan: *Recovered from being tossed aside!* I think this would be a good time to grab a bite to eat from the kitchen. *He skittered off with Tiny right behind him!*

    Bronwen: *There was only her laughter as she moved around the room changing her clothes!* What was that? I couldn’t hear you behind all the bullshit! -06:06 Jul 24

    Cassius: *Cassius muttered all kinds of curse words as he pulled a small pack out of his back pocket. A few handy little tools he picked through before he screwed open the panel by her door.* You just wait until Brennen gets back. He ain’t gonna like a damn word!

    Duncan: *Discovered Mac in the kitchen! He and a tiny Tiny plopped down at the counter!* Hey, Mac! Where were you?

    Bronwen: He’s probably not getting back until morning, Cassius! You’re gonna be waiting awhile! *Speaking of which… She pulled the cover off one of the air ducts, checked the size… Well, that’d be a tight squeeze, but it’d work! She crawled on in it and pulled the cover back up behind her!* -06:17 Jul 24
    MacBeth: *Cooking something up but what it was, was anyone’s guess!* Here. Why? -06:18 Jul 24

    Cassius: Plenty of time for me to sit on you and drool until you give up! *A few little tweaks and adjustments… HA! He got the door opened and stomped inside!* Now you’re gonna-… What the hell!? *Cassius turned around and marched right back out!*

    Duncan: You missed a huge wave of tiny rainbow-colored furballs! And Cassius getting squashed and the Captain jumping on a ladder and me scrambling over scrap heap! It was insane!

    Cassius: *Cassius entered the kitchen not saying a word, but certainly investigating! He checked under some chairs and in the cabinets… And boy did he look confused!*

    [Bronwen vanished like magic!] -04:18 Jul 25
    [MacBeth was just innocently cooking!] -04:18 Jul 25

    Cassius: *Cassius was.. searching for his sister! Nope, not in the freezer.* …damned witch.

    Duncan: *Watched Cassius look in the freezer, mumbling something about a witch.* Maybe she went back out into town?

    “Grreeooww! Grreeoow!” the minature Tiny mewed. Although it was anyone’s guess if it did that because Mac had just given it a big heaping of food or if it was inserting its own two cents.

    Cassius: Naw… She was cornered in the room and the only way back out was the door. …damnit! *Cassius went running back out again!*

    Duncan: *Watched as Cassius went running back out again. He glanced at Tiny wolfing down that food and then looked up at Mac, beating at someting in a bowl.* Uh … What just happened?

    MacBeth: Idiocy. *Replied as he kept beating and beating at what he had in the bowl.* At its finest. *He turned and poured the batter into the pan on the stove.* -04:23 Jul 25
    Bronwen: *As soon as Cassius was gone, Bronwen slid aside the air vent and dropped neatly from the ceiling! She dust off her sleeves!* Good evening, gentlemen. -04:24 Jul 25

    Duncan: *Blinked! He pointed at Shadowstar!* Wha … *He pointed in the direction Cassius had gone.* Who …

    MacBeth: *Emptied the omelette onto Duncan’s plate.* Eat. *And then he went back to cooking.* We’re having omelettes. What do you want in yours? -04:26 Jul 25
    Bronwen: Just salt and pepper. *She slid in to a stool next to Duncan and gave him an enigmatic smile!* What’s the matter Duncan? -04:28 Jul 25

    Duncan: *Blinked! Still pointing! Opened his mouth to say something!* …. *Closed his mouth! Pointed in the direction the Captain had come from! Stopped! He finally shook his head.* Uh … You know what … never mind. *He finally took Mac’s advice and started to eat.*

    Bronwen: *She snickered to herself…* It’d do you good to know your way around the ship, Duncan… -04:34 Jul 25
    MacBeth: *Started fixing Shadowstar some omelette! He had a whole bunch of things available to add. Vegetables and meats all sliced and diced by hand.* -04:35 Jul 25

    Cassius: *There was some loud cursing heard from Cassius before he finally marched his way back to the kitchen!* Where is sh-! *Now he looked about the same as Duncan had, looking behind him and then back in the room. He slumped over and rubbed his face.* I need a drink.

    Duncan: *Now enjoying his food. He sipped his drink and looked up as Cassius came in.*

    Bronwen: *Resting her chin on her hand, she watched MacBeth!* Why are we be treated to a MacBeth specialty tonight? Something I should know about? -04:41 Jul 25

    Cassius: Guilt for evil deeds, I’m sure. *So Cassius muttered as he fumbled around the cabinets for the strongest liquer he could find!*

    MacBeth: Corrupting a captain of mine takes a lot out of me. *He replied dryly, glancing over at Cassius.* I’m surprised you know what “guilt” is, Cassius. -04:46 Jul 25

    Cassius: *Cassius snorted! Pouring amber liquid in to a tall glass.* I’m surprised you’re not shot on the floor after kissin’ on my sister.

    Bronwen: *Bronwen dropped her head to the counter and groaned! Can’t a man just shut the hell up and let something go?!* …Don’t you have some old ladies to cuddle up on, Cassius? -04:52 Jul 25

    Duncan: *Glanced over at Tiny and just enjoyed his food! No reason to get involved with this little show!*

    Cassius: *Snatching up his glass and the whole bottle, he cast a glare at Bronwen!* I’ma go on to my room, and try not to have nightmares about my poor innocent little sister runnin’ around like a hussy with a bum that knows every Shadowstar romancin’ trick in the book!

    Bronwen: *He was asking for it, but she resisted comment! Bronwen sat up long up enough to flash him the poor innocent little sister hussy smile!* Goodnight Cassius. Sweet dreaming. -05:02 Jul 25

    Cassius: *An indistinguishable growled phrase before he and his booze stalked out!*

    Bronwen: *Head back to the table! Cassius was one moodswing after another! Now if she could moodswing him off this damned ship. She tapped her fingers thinking about it!* -05:07 Jul 25



    Brennen’s rescue. Run in with Banquo during escape. Bronwen asks MacBeth to take her out!

    Out in the dark vastness of space, near it’s current stop lurks Othello the mighty ship. It’s bleeming huge, and looks very much like a flying space bear. It was most certainly Aaron’s ship!

    Duncan: Alright, everyone. In position. *He’s gotten the hang of this baby by now and doing a grand job if he could say so himself.* Is everyone ready to start the party?

    Bronwen: *Bronwen dropped in to the chair beside Duncan.* As soon as they open the doors for that other ship to fly in, you’ll have to be quick… -06:07 Jun 24

    Duncan: *Leaned forward in his seat and licked his lip. Man, this was gonna be one tough job!* Will do. *He’d been practicing a lot and hopefully it’d pay off.*

    The ship Bronwen had indicated came into view and it seemed like ages before Othello opened its doors …

    Bronwen: On the plus side, if you crash in to something they won’t know what the fuck is going on. *Bronwen grinned at him!* -06:12 Jun 24

    Duncan: Okay, Ghost. Time to shine. *He made sure the cloaking system was on and grinned back at the Cap’n.* Point noted and taken, Captain. I’d rather not take that chance though. *He started to guide the ship in nice and easy and at a good speed, not too fast and not too slow.*

    Cassius: if we’re going to be cracking jokes the whole damn time, I’m glad my partner is the furball. *Cassius was not in the best of moods. And not just cause of Tiny, either. This kind of stuff was dangerous, and it was worse when the plan was crazy and his sister was involved.*

    Tiny was sitting on Bronwen’s captain’s chair, ever so innocent.

    Duncan: *Despite the distraction and the jokes, he continued flying with a steady hand. Then they were in and he set the ship down in an empty spot. There were a few other empty spots so he chose the one less likely to be picked as a parking space for another ship.* We are in.

    Bronwen: Get a grip. We didn’t even really plan getting you out, this should go a lot smoother. *Bronwen hopped outof her chair as soon as the ship was settled. Scooping up Tiny and dropping him on Cassius’ shoulder!* Ship stays invisible. Comlinks when vitally necessary, no getting killed, and no screwing around. We got it? -06:22 Jun 24

    “Grreeoow!” Tiny mewed as it was suddenly picked up and dropped. It steadied itself rather quickly, though.

    Duncan: *Nodded.* Yes, Cap’n.

    Cassius: *It’s touching him, it’s touching him..! AAaargh..!* Aye, aye.

    “Grreeooww!” Tiny mewed although it sounded like it was snickering. It hopped off of Cassius’ shoulder and walked over to the bridge’s entrance, only to stop as if waiting for Cassius.

    Cassius: *Cassius snorted, but he walked after the little beast and past it. Leaving the ship with gun raised, he made sure there wasn’t a person in sight as he darted across the floor to a little corner at the far wall. A control panel hookup was all he needed as he pulled the right plug out of Hessing’s cracker and jacked in. He pressed the comlink.* Plugged in. You’ll have fifteen minutes before the realize there ain’t no video. Get moving.

    Tiny kept up with Cassius and when he was plugged in, it found a place to keep watch. The top of a crate closeby which provided a spectacular view of the surrounding environment. It lay low and waited.

    Bronwen: *She twist her hair up on top of her head and double checked her guns.* Find the room he’s in, Cassius. We’re leaving now. -06:32 Jun 24
    MacBeth: *Made sure all straps were tight. In case of an emergency, he’d thought to bring a small satchel strapped across his back. Fortunately everything inside was strapped in as well, eliminating the chance of the bag making a sound. He had a gun and the swords, along with what was in his pack.* Fifteen minutes. Plenty of time. -06:34 Jun 24

    Cassius: Oh right, like it’s that easy to find shit. *He muttered under his breath, occasionally looking around to make sure that hairy demon wasn’t getting him killed!*

    Oddly enough, despite the silver fur and probably due in part to its small size, Tiny was nearly impossible to see. It wasn’t making a sound as it kept watch, ever vigilant.

    Bronwen: *A gun in hand, Bronwen slipped out of the ship, wary for passing people. With the coast clear and seemingly empty, she made it quick for the doors to leave the docking areas!* -06:38 Jun 24
    MacBeth: *Followed after Shadowstar. He stepped lightly and quickly and kept as close to the wall as possible without hitting it and making noise.* -06:41 Jun 24

    Cassius: Second floor, third door. Good luck getting past all of those goons.

    Bronwen: If that’s all we’ve got to worry about. *Direction chosen, gun ready! She slipped around the corner, keeping her gun aimed. She didn’t stop moving until she found the elevator door, pressing the button and quickly stepping inside.* When the doors open, you go first. Get anybody I don’t shoot. -06:48 Jun 24
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit. He activated the sword hilt and it silently created the blade.* Ready when you are. -06:50 Jun 24

    The elevator doors opened to reveal the second tier! Unlike the first floor, there was a few armed personel up here! This was where their precious cargo was stored!

    Bronwen: *Taking in a deep breath… as soon as the doors opened, she stepped behind MacBeth and started firing over his shoulder! He could dart and weave any way he damned well pleased, she shot around him!* -06:56 Jun 24
    MacBeth: *Dashed forward and kept low to the ground. Because the guards were scattered, he was forced to zigzag. SCHHINK! SCHIINNKK!! SHHINNK!! went the sword. He was awfully fast, too. He got to the other side of the room in record time, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake.* -06:59 Jun 24

    It was quick! Too quick for any of those goons to even know what hit them! The whole hallway was cleared in a matter of seconds!

    Bronwen: *One, two, three… she counted the doors as she stepped over fallen guards.* This one! Crack the door, Cassius. -07:04 Jun 24

    Cassius: Gotta do everything around here. *He was typing it in quick… The door’s keypad gave a green light!* Nine minutes, Brownie.

    MacBeth: *Went to stand next to the door and keep a watch out for anymore unwelcome company.* -07:07 Jun 24
    Bronwen: *As soon as the door open, she entered with gun ready. Cassius could have easily screwed up the room!* -07:08 Jun 24

    Brennen: Go away. I’m trying to sleep. *A voice muttered from the corner, followed by muttering.*

    Bronwen: That’s a nice way to great your sister, grumpy old man. -07:11 Jun 24
    MacBeth: … Bronwen?! *There was a movement and then someone was standing.* Holy crap, I think Morgan’s finally done it and poisoned me. *He muttered in disbelief as he stared at what looked and sounded like his sister.* -07:13 Jun 24

    Brennen: .. Bronwen?! *There was a movement and then someone was standing.* Holy crap, I think Morgan’s finally done it and poisoned me. *He muttered in disbelief as he stared at what looked and sounded like his sister.*

    Bronwen: She might have, but then she wouldn’t have her hot manslaves anymore. Now if you’ll stop staring at me, we have to go. -07:15 Jun 24

    Brennen: Heh. *Grins!* Whether you’re the real deal or just a figment of my imagination, lead on. *He started to follow her and then paused.* Uh … Lemme go pull my boots on first. *It took him a couple of minutes and some boot-threatening but he finally joined her. When he got to the door, he stopped at the sight of Mac.* Holy crap. Looks like you’re the real deal after all. MacBeth, you’re a sight for sore eyes!

    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* And you’re a sight best saved for the blind. *He glanced at Shadowstar.* Let’s get going. -07:19 Jun 24
    Bronwen: We can have hugs and cuddles as soon as we’re off this boat. ..Cassius, do your hacker thing! *She led the way down the hall and back for the elevator!* -07:20 Jun 24

    Cassius: Tell Brennen to move his saggy ass. You got three minutes to get down here before they notice something’s up.

    MacBeth: *Let Brennen follow Shadowstar and he took up the rear.* -07:22 Jun 24

    Tiny finally hopped off the crate. It pawed at Cassius’ hand. “Grreeoow!” Something was going on!

    Bronwen: Shit. Hold on, fuzzy. I ain’t through. *If he didn’t get that shit worked in to the system, they weren’t gonna be able to fly out of there even if they did bring Brennen back in one piece!* -07:25 Jun 24

    Cassius: Shit. Hold on, fuzzy. I ain’t through. *If he didn’t get that shit worked in to the system, they weren’t gonna be able to fly out of there even if they did bring Brennen back in one piece!*

    “Grreeooww!” Tiny hissed but left him alone and sneaked back to the crate. This time it just poked its head out from behind the crate and watched the men coming through the side door! It was a completely different door from the one Bronwen and company had gone through but if they came out at the wrong time, they’d be seen!

    Cassius: The demon is pitching a tantrum. Somebody is down here. *He muttered in to the com link! Just a few more things, he’s almost done…*

    Bronwen: This is going to get interesting… *She flashed Brennen a grin as she stopped at the door.* Our ship is invivisble. So you’ll have to follow Mac while I make sure we don’t all get shot. I hope you’re not too old to run… -07:33 Jun 24

    Brennen: *Flashed her a grin.* I hope you’re not too young to know how to use a gun. Don’t want you shooting yourself. *He winked.*

    MacBeth: Don’t do anything stupid, Shadowstar. *He said, moving beside her.* Can you tell how many men? -07:38 Jun 24

    Tiny was getting tense. The man needed to move but he wasn’t! Gah! So frustrating! The ship wasn’t too far … but he would need cover!

    The first man to come out of the side door stopped. “Usual inspection. Morgan’s orders. Move it.” There were at least a dozen lightly armored, lightly armed men with him. They began to fan out.

    The first man to come out of the side door stopped. “Usual inspection. Morgan’s orders. Move it.” There were at least a dozen lightly armored, lightly armed men with him. They began to fan out.

    Bronwen: I’m not the one who ended up captured last time. …there’s a lot. I could shoot ’em all, but you’ll have to not get shot too in the process. -07:41 Jun 24
    MacBeth: Worry about yourself. Here. You might need this. *He reached into his pack and handed her something. Smoke grenades. A simple push of the button and as soon as it hit the ground–or anything else for that matter–it’d provide a cover of smoke.* -07:44 Jun 24

    Cassius: … gotcha. *He muttered under his breath, quickly packing up the cracker and getting ready to bolt! Now he could open the doors from inside the ship, so long as they didn’t reverse his hacking! Hitting the comlink!* Done, cept there’s a shitload of dudes out there now.

    Bronwen: This will work. *She peeked around the corner… It’d be a miracle if this even worked!* Okay, on three everyone makes a mad dash for the ship. One… two… three! *She hit the buttons and slid two of the grenades out in opposite directions!* -07:50 Jun 24
    MacBeth: Shadowstar’s gonna cover me and Brennen. Get ready to move when the fireworks start. *He pressed the comlink.* -07:50 Jun 24
    MacBeth: (Ah well. Ignore post. ^^;; ) -07:50 Jun 24
    Bronwen: (just reverse the timing!) -07:51 Jun 24
    MacBeth: (Oh! Brilliant idea!) -07:51 Jun 24

    “Grreeooww!” Tiny mewed and dashed for the ship.

    Cassius: *Fuck! Why was it always Bronwen’s ideas! Cassius took off after the furball!*

    MacBeth: Come on, Bree. *He led the way and kept close to the ground, heading straight for the ship!* -07:54 Jun 24

    Brennen: *Didn’t need to be told twice! He was right on Mac’s heels, trying not to get shot! The first real action in twenty-something years and he didn’t have a gun!*

    “Fire! Shoot anything that moves!” the man in charge ordered above the chaos. The men began to fire and were smart enough to either take cover or hit the ground.

    Bronwen: *Covered by the doorway, she picked off anyone that was getting too close to her boys, or looking like they were aimin’ to shoot someone they weren’t supposed to!* -07:55 Jun 24

    MacBeth and Brennen were almost there and the guards were dropping one at a time! Unfortunately Brennen lost his way in the smoke and ended up getting lost!

    Brennen: Mac! Brownie! … Hey, where’d everyone go?!

    MacBeth: *Swore under his breath as he started back. Someone had to hook a leash on that man! He pressed the comlink!* Shadowstar, delay. Brennen got separated. I’m gonna retrieve him. -08:01 Jun 24
    Bronwen: Damnit! I thought Cassius was the stupid brother! *She stuck her fingers in her mouth and whistled good and loud! That ought to get everyone’s attention to her and not the idiot!* -08:02 Jun 24

    Just as Mac was about to swear off rescuing anymore Shadowstars, he saw Brennen not too far away!

    MacBeth: *Rushed over to him.* Bree, you idiot. Hurry the hell up and let’s get going already. *At this rate, he would have to throw him over his shoulder and carry him to the ship!* -08:03 Jun 24

    “I’m afraid he can’t hear you. Poor guy. So tuckered out, he decided to take a nap,” said an all-too-familiar voice. Meanwhile, the men with the guns were too busy trying to take out Bronwen as it was!

    Bronwen: Come out from behind those crates, you cowards! *They had to go and get smart on her… But she was patient. She’d wait to shoot until she spotted a head or gun and popped them off!* -08:06 Jun 24

    When Mac turned Brennen over, he discovered a metal disc the size of a large coin on the back of Brennen’s neck. It was called a Morpheus-D. Short for Morpheus Disk and also known as an SD (Sleeping Disk). You threw it onto the target where the disk latched onto the skin and injected powerful tranquilizers into the bloodstream. It worked fast and easy without a mess. But it was nearly impossible to get off!

    “You know, I’m not surprised you came, MacBeth. I was … sort of hoping you would. After all, we haven’t seen each other in … ten years? So much to catch up on. Like current girlfriends I can kill.”

    MacBeth: *Stood up and slowly turned around.* Banquo … *He hit the comlink.* Send Tiny out here. -08:11 Jun 24

    Duncan: *Is watching the show!* Uh … Tiny? Uh … why? *He blinked and looked down at the creature sitting beside him oh so innocently.*


    Eventually the men got bold! Now they were sneaking out all together in an attempt to outnumber Bronwen and take her down!

    Cassius: Just send the demon out there! And where the hell is my sister?

    Duncan: Okay! Okay! *He turned to Tiny.* You gotta go, Tiny. One more job to do before we can leave.

    Duncan: Go, find Mac!

    “Grreeoww!” Tiny didn’t want to but … it dashed out of the ship and found Mac rather easily.

    Bronwen: *She might have laughed, but apparently things were going as planned and people aren’t all on the damned ship yet! She left her com open!* If I knew I had to kill everyone on board, we shoulda just took over the damned ship! *She fired at the dummies closest to her!* -08:16 Jun 24
    MacBeth: Grab him and get back to the ship. *Mac tilted his head over his shoulder to the unconscious Brennen.* -08:16 Jun 24

    “Grreeoww!” Tiny hopped over to Brennen and in an instant, had grown to its massive size. It picked up Brennen by the collar of his shirt like a cat with its kitten and dashed for the ship!

    “No, no, no. Can’t be letting you leave the party so soon.” Banquo drew his gun and fired at Tiny!

    MacBeth: *Pulled his gun around the same time and shot at Banquo’s gun. He didn’t shoot it out of his hand but he shot it enough to tilt the muzzle away from the target. -08:19 Jun 24
    MacBeth: ** -08:19 Jun 24

    Banquo sneered at him. “… Son of a bitch. You need a lesson in manners.” He pulled something off his back, something wrapped in cloth.

    MacBeth: And you need to learn to shut up. *He went for his sword, which still had the blade from earlier.* -08:21 Jun 24

    “OOhh!” “Aaggh!” cried the guards! But just when Bronwen figured she had it in the bag … one of the guards was smart enough to activate a Sentinel-bot. Basically a tin can on wheels about seven feet high packing enough firepower to take out an army!

    “Hmph. Bring it.” He flicked his wrist and the cloth fell off to reveal the serrated-edged saber.

    “Hmph. Bring it.” He flicked his wrist and the cloth fell off to reveal the serrated-edged saber.

    MacBeth: *Dashed forward and made two quick successive slashes for Banquo’s unprotected chest!* -08:24 Jun 24
    Bronwen: *Bronwen ducked behind the corner and blinked! Well… what the shit! Who lets robots lose on a ship anyway?!* Cassius! How do you hack Sentinel-bots?! -08:25 Jun 24

    Cassius: Sentin- Damnit Bronwen! Don’t fuck around with bots! Get your ass on this ship! Ihave to pull a disk out of Brennen’s fat head!

    B. nearly loses an organ or two! He backsteps once and then catches Mac’s blade on the second slash! He flies out with a roundhouse kick to Mac’s side!

    Bronwen: *She’s getting shot at and he’s worried about Brennen’s head?! Hrrmph… She tosses her gun down in the doorway!* I surrender! Oh, please stop shooting at me! Come and fetch me! *She waited, pulling her second gun from her belt.* -08:29 Jun 24
    MacBeth: *With his blade caught, he saw the kick coming and stops it!* You tried that on me once already. *He growled! The blade suddenly disappeared from the hilt, forcing B. to lose his balance briefly. It gave Mac the perfect opening to punch him square in the face! But he was still holding onto B.’s leg so B. fell straight to the ground with a THUD!* -08:30 Jun 24

    The Sentinel-bot stopped although it didn’t lower its guns. It was designed to deal with all matter of threats but it stopped whenever a threat stopped being a threat. The guards waited, still wary. After all, this little bitch had shot down so many of their comrades already!

    “Here’s a new trick!” B. wrapped his other leg around one of Mac’s and tripped him! Then he was climbing over him and strangling him with his bare hands!

    MacBeth: *Coughed and gasped for air! B. was using his weight to push down on his throat. He ignored the impulse to try loosening B.’s grip. Instead, he reached up to grab B.’s collar and jerked him down to slam his head against his!* -08:36 Jun 24
    Bronwen: *A moment to catch her breath. If MacBeth was getting himself killed, she might just go shoot him herself!* I’m afraid to come out, or your scary robot will shoot me! Can you come in here and get me so I know it’s safe? -08:37 Jun 24

    B. hadn’t seen that coming! He hits his head so hard, he nearly blacks out! He lets go of Mac’s neck and falls off of him, clutching his head!

    Duncan: Tiny … We’re gonna have to send you out one more time. Get the Cap’n back here or else we’ll be stuck here forever!

    “Grreeowww!” the still-large Tiny growled and ran out of the ship. The first thing it set its eyes on … the Sentinel-bot. It tackled the bot to the ground which caused the guards to get momentarily distracted, leaving themselves open! What the fuck was that thing?!

    Bronwen: *A smirk! That would be the furry little mascot! She rounded the corner…hestitating only for a second at Tiny chewing on a robot… and was shooting to kill anyone dumb enough to stand around!* -08:43 Jun 24
    MacBeth: *Sat up and knocked him out with a punch in the face again. Banquo wasn’t the only one who’d learned some tricks. He stood and retrieved his sword and gun.* … Next time. *He looked up to see Tiny and Shadowstar off in the distance. Time to get back to the ship. He hit the comlink.* Heading for the ship. -08:44 Jun 24

    Most of the guards went down but for those who didn’t, Tiny picked up the robot in its mouth and threw it at them, buying the woman some time to get to the ship! “Grreeooww!” Tiny transformed back to its adorable size and ran off.

    Bronwen: *Resisting the urge to flip them the middle finger she ran for the ship!* You’re not dead yet, are you MacBeth? -08:47 Jun 24
    MacBeth: … Didn’t you hear? I’ve got nine lives. -08:48 Jun 24

    Cassius: If everyone is fucking on board, can we get on with the getting out of here? *Cassius had stolen Bronwen’s chair, typing away at the cracker!* Opening the doors now!

    Duncan: *Has already started the ship. Once the doors are opened, he guides it out as fast and as clean as he can!*

    Cassius: *And as soon as they’re out he made sure to close them doors back… and jam them! There wasn’t going to be any chasing them down for a good long while! Cassius sat back and rest his hands behind his head.* Well, seems like my plan worked after all.

    [Bronwen is going to kick Cassius for taking credit for HER plan.] -03:04 Jun 26
    [MacBeth isn\’t in the mood to shoot Cassius or run him through like he probably should.] -03:05 Jun 26

    Duncan: *Grinned down at the minature Tiny as he flew them well and away from Othello!* You were awesome, Tiny!

    “Grreeoww!” Tiny mewed as it curled up on the captain’s chair!

    Bronwen: What’d you do with my NICE brother, Cassius? -03:07 Jun 26

    Cassius: You mean the one that got himself shot with a Sleep Disk? In the medroom. I probably cracked his skull open getting it off. …There’s a hole in your shirt.

    MacBeth: … What’d you do with the disk? -03:09 Jun 26
    Bronwen: *She glanced down at herself and finally her arm. Ha! So she got shot after all. It was just a little scratch, at least. She was already heading for the medroom!* -03:10 Jun 26

    Cassius: Left it back there. You aiming to use it on somebody, MacBeth?

    MacBeth: … You’re not that lucky, Cassius. *He turned and disappeared. He wanted to sleep again but first he’d have to patch himself up. The last thing he needed was for Shadowstar to come barging into his room and lecture him about "bleeding to death." He finds her already in the medroom, patching herself up.* This beats using Flyboy’s room. -03:12 Jun 26
    Bronwen: How badly did you get your ass kicked, and how mad am I going to be about it? *She was trying to tie a bandage with one hand and her teeth…* -03:15 Jun 26
    MacBeth: Amazingly enough, just some scratches and bruises. Looks like Banquo got the worst of it. *He started rummaging for some antiseptic spray and some bandages of his own.* -03:17 Jun 26
    Bronwen: I’ll double check in a minute. *She leaned over Brennen, opening up one of his eyelids.* I get my favorite brother back, and he goes and knocks himself out like a big stupid dope. Do you hear me Brennen? -03:22 Jun 26
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit and took a seat to start cleaning those wounds. There was one here, and one there … and over there and right next to that … All in all, not a bad rescue.* -03:24 Jun 26

    Brennen: *His only reply is snoring!* Zzzz … zzzz …

    Bronwen: As if he didn’t sleep enough already. *She left her snoozing brother be to move over to MacBeth. She let him patch himself up, but she examined him herself just to make sure he wasn’t hiding anything serious. Prodding pokes and all!* -03:27 Jun 26
    MacBeth: Gee, it’s nice to know you trust me. *Said dryly as he looked up after she’d prodded him at least a dozen times.* -03:29 Jun 26
    Bronwen: For all I know you’d be shot in the back of the head and never admit it. I suppose you’re safe and sound… -03:31 Jun 26
    MacBeth: *Chuckled softly.* Point taken. What about you? You gonna live or are you gonna leave me with the likes of Cassie and Bree? -03:32 Jun 26
    Bronwen: I’m invincible… shots just bounce right off me. *The look on her face, she might’ve very well been serious!* -03:34 Jun 26
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* You’re insane, Shadowstar. *Then he frowned a bit.* I never expected him to be there. -03:37 Jun 26
    Bronwen: The shirtless weirdo? I suppose he looked more dangerous than the usual riffraff Morgan has around… -03:39 Jun 26
    MacBeth: Banquo. Ten years ago, he killed Arasia. *He finished patching himself up.* I could do with some rest. *He got up and started for his room.* -03:44 Jun 26
    Bronwen: Oh… *That had to be a real kick in the face for him. She gnawed on her bottom lip when he left the room. She should have rescued him and killed that guy when she had the chance!* -03:48 Jun 26

    Brennen: ZZzz … But Mom … I dun wanna share with Cassius … Zzz … He can get his own … Zzz … blanky …

    Bronwen: *Blinkblink! …Bronwen hopped up to move to Brennen again. …She held his nose!* Breeeeeennen. You sister neeeeds you. -03:51 Jun 26

    Brennen: *Snores and then … Cough! Cough! He sputters and starts trying to pull away from Bronwen’s grasp!* Bro … Brownie!

    Bronwen: *She let go!* Are you awake yet? I can pull your ears next. -03:54 Jun 26

    Brennen: Crap! Not the ears! *He clapped his hands over his ears.* Man, you haven’t changed a bit, have you?

    Bronwen: *She frowned.* It’s not like I did much in a freezer. You’ve got grey hairs! -03:58 Jun 26
    MacBeth: … I meant personality-wise. *He sighed and then he gave her a sideways glance.* Gee, thanks for noticing. *He ruffled his hair a bit.* Now, what do you need me for? It better be important to be interrupting my nap. -03:59 Jun 26

    Brennen: … I meant personality-wise. *He sighed and then he gave her a sideways glance.* Gee, thanks for noticing. *He ruffled his hair a bit.* Now, what do you need me for? It better be important to be interrupting my nap.

    Bronwen: I want love and attention from my favorite brother. MacBeth is too busy. -04:01 Jun 26

    Brennen: *Grinned.* So he hasn’t changed either? *He chuckled softly and studied Bronwen a bit.* Man, I missed you. Come here and give your big bro a hug! Wait, I know how you feel about giving them … *So he sat up and hugged her instead, firmly but not hard enough to suffocate her.*

    Bronwen: Ick.. hugs! *The obligatory complaint as she slung her arms around him!* I was mad about you sending a babysitter after me, but I decided to keep him after all. -04:05 Jun 26

    Brennen: In the Shadowstar male defense, we did everything short of tying him up and throwing him into a closet to stop him. But he’s a lot like you. Stubborn to a fault. *He finally let her go and sat back.* Also, in our defense … it worked. *He grinned, that smug Shadowstar grin.*

    Bronwen: *She grabbed him by the face and stretched his cheeks!* Yes it did. And incase you think of trying, you can’t have him back. Cassius already tried! -04:11 Jun 26

    Brennen: *Frowned!* Seriously? *He swatted at her hands.* Okay, okay. I promise not to steal Mac away. Just let go of my cheeks, woman!

    Bronwen: *Setting him free, she frowned right back.* He tried taking over my ship too. I think he’s pissed off at me for what happened. -04:15 Jun 26
    MacBeth: *Blinked and rubbed his cheeks.* Cassius did that …? *Then he paused.* Hm. Yeah, that sounds like something Cassius would do. Okay … so … what happened? -04:16 Jun 26

    Brennen: *Blinked and rubbed his cheeks.* Cassius did that …? *Then he paused.* Hm. Yeah, that sounds like something Cassius would do. Okay … so … what happened?

    Bronwen: He tried telling my boys he was the new captain, but that didn’t fly. And then when he stuffed me in that box MacBeth nearly killed him. -04:19 Jun 26

    Brennen: *Was thoughtful for a moment.* I’ll keep an eye on Cassius. And try to keep Mac from killing him. I’ve never known Mac to get that pissed at Cassius before. But if he was ready to kill him once, I doubt that urge is going to go away anytime soon. *He frowned a bit.* But it sounds like Cassius has been on one hell of a trouble-making roll with you.

    Bronwen: I’m pretty sure he blames the whole damn thing on me. You coulda kicked that crazy bitch’s ass. -04:29 Jun 26

    Brennen: *Chuckled softly.* Aaron wants that pleasure. *He was thoughtful again.* But don’t get worked up over Cassius, Brownie. He lives to blame people. Remember how he once blamed everyone because he couldn’t walk straight? But it was only because his pants were too tight and he didn’t listen to Fa or Ma about getting rid of them.

    Bronwen: I’ll get over Cassius, I always do. I don’t know about MacBeth… -04:35 Jun 26

    Brennen: Heh heh. Mac … is another matter. If he tried to kill Cassius, I’m surprised Cassius isn’t dead by now.

    Bronwen: He promised he wouldn’t until we got you first. *She blinked slowly and cast a look at the door.* …I hope he didn’t mean that litterally… -04:40 Jun 26

    Brennen: *Coughs into his fist.* This is Mac, we’re talking about. He can be one sneaky son of a dog when he wants to be.

    Bronwen: Tall, dark, broody and mysterious, I know. …I guess I better shadow him. -04:47 Jun 26

    Brennen: Speaking of which … who cooks around here?

    Bronwen: MacBeth does, or I’d have killed us all by now. -04:48 Jun 26
    MacBeth: *His face lit up!* Lead me to the galley then! I want to see if there are any leftovers! -04:51 Jun 26

    Brennen: *His face lit up!* Lead me to the galley then! I want to see if there are any leftovers!

    Bronwen: *Bronwen grinned, leading the way to the galley!* He can even cook carrying me around like dead weight. So I’m pretty by now that there’s nothing he can’t do. -04:53 Jun 26

    Brennen: *Laughed softly.* I didn’t know he could do that! *His stomach growled. He grinned sheepishly.* Heh. Sorry about that.

    Bronwen: *She eyed him.* I don’t think left overs would be enough for you. Maybe I’ll have to make you something after all. -04:58 Jun 26

    Brennen: *Blinked!* Uh … You’re talking about something like a sandwich or soup … right?

    Bronwen: I watched MacBeth, I bet I could do it. … or maybe I’ll just ask him. -05:02 Jun 26

    Brennen: My stomach can wait until you get Mac back here … No reason to rush you, you know. You’ve had one hell of a day and you should get some rest yourself.

    Bronwen: *She scoffed and leaned against the wall to press the comlink.* Mac, Brennen is hungry and he thinks I’m going to poison him. -05:06 Jun 26

    Brennen: *Lowered his head.* The way you make it sound, I’m as paranoid as uh … paranoid can be.

    MacBeth: *Put on the comlink.* You can’t. I used all the poison for Cassius’ food. *He sounded dead serious though! But sure he was just joking!* -05:08 Jun 26
    Bronwen: *Blink! She pressed the button again.* Then you better c’mere and write his name on it before someone has an accident. -05:09 Jun 26
    MacBeth: *A pause.* … I’m joking, Shadowstar. Are you gonna try cooking Bree something or should I just come down there and save you the trouble of him having a panic attack? -05:11 Jun 26
    Bronwen: I was going to, but he started crying like a little girl. You better rescue him. -05:12 Jun 26
    MacBeth: Yeah. Be right there. -05:13 Jun 26

    Brennen: *Waited until his sister was off the comlink.* Damn it, Brownie. Why’d you do that for and tell him something like that?

    Bronwen: It’s not like he believed me! …. you haven’t actually started bawling like a girl before, have you? -05:15 Jun 26

    Brennen: Of course, I haven’t! *He said a little too quickly.*

    Cassius: Yes he has. If it’s not blankets, it’s his dinner. *So says Cassius who appeared!*

    Brennen: Maybe I wouldn’t have started brawling, if you didn’t make it a habit of stealing my dinner! And my blankies!

    Cassius: Wouldn’t of had to steal your dinner and blankets if ya didn’t have to go cryin’ like a woman all the damned time and gettin’ them all.

    Bronwen: *…She’s trying to imagine Brennen sobbing like a baby and it’s just… not working. She snickers!* -05:20 Jun 26

    Brennen: … Why change something that obviously works? *Muttered.* Anyways, it’s such a pleasure to see you again, Cassius. Have you been behaving yourself? I know how you love to have fun.

    Cassius: Oh Aye. Being ball busted by my little sister and the kid has been a real learning experience. *He grinned big.* Kicked the shit out of my ego and danced while they did it.

    MacBeth: So … just another day then? *He looked up as the door opened again.* Speaking of which … Good er … evening? Mac! Hope you got some rest. -05:24 Jun 26

    Brennen: So … just another day then? *He looked up as the door opened again.* Speaking of which … Good er … evening? Mac! Hope you got some rest. –

    MacBeth: *Yawned as he walked in.* Yeah. Lots of rest. *As soon as he’d gotten to his room, he’d dropped into bed. Which meant he was still packing the weapons he’d taken along–minus the pack. He started pulling out some alcohol and a few other things as well.* -05:27 Jun 26
    Bronwen: *She hopped on to the counter and had a seat.* We should have you cooking for us, seeing as we saved your life and all, Brennen. -05:29 Jun 26

    Cassius: Don’t know about that. Fancy he cooks worse than you do, Brownie.

    Brennen: But I’ve just been rescued out of the clutches of that hag, Morgan! Don’t you think I deserve to rest and recuperate first?

    Bronwen: I suppoooose one night of rest is alright. *Grin!* -05:32 Jun 26

    Brennen: Ha ha ha. You’re just jealous of my skill and good looks. *He stuck his tongue out at Cassius.*

    Bbbzzt! goes the blender Mac is using! BBbzzzzzttt! Bbbzzttt

    Cassius: You know, with that skill and good looks you an I could commender this ship and get this little girl out of trouble.

    Brennen: *Put his elbows on the counter and his chin on his knuckles.* What are you talking about, Cassius? *Oh no … If Cassius started talking mutiny with Mac there … This was going to be a long night or er, day?*

    Cassius: Talkin’ some sense in to your sister, that’s what. If you weren’t busy getting knocked out cold you woulda seen high fightin’ off some dozen men and a bloody Sentinel-bot.

    Bronwen: The hell, Cassius. It was like shooting at goldfish. I didn’t even get hurt. -05:41 Jun 26

    Brennen: … I got lost in the smoke and struck with an SD. It’s not my fault. *Muttered to himself. He looked up when someone put a glass of thick brown liquid in front of him.*

    Brennen: Thanks, Mac. What is it?

    Cassius: *He pointed at her arm.* Yeah, didn’t get hurt. I oughta lock you in a closet next time you get any bright ideas.

    MacBeth: Liquer. Vodka. Coconut rum. And sugar minus the lemon wedge. *He poured himself a glass. Then made one for Shadowstar and even Cassius. But only because he was feeling generous.* -05:46 Jun 26
    Bronwen: You mean the sort of bright ideas that get you out of trouble? *She accepted the drink and grinned at MacBeth!* -05:48 Jun 26

    Cassius: *He pointed over and Bronwen and leaned closer to Brennen.* You see that? She gets to be captain, and now she’s all damned cocky.

    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit at Shadowstar before turning back to start cooking. He popped some frozen meat into the instant defroster while getting out the other ingredients.* -05:52 Jun 26

    Brennen: *Glanced over at Bronwen and then gave Cassius a sideways glance.* Cassius … we were all captains and each one of us was cocky. Even Aaron was cocky once.

    Cassius: Aaron’s got plenty to be cocky about. If she didn’t go charging in to shit that’s too big for her, we wouldn’t of been in this mess.

    Brennen: *Lay his head on the counter. He was really hoping he could get some peace and quiet …* Before we go any further, can we please talk about this later? Like say, after dinner.

    Cassius: *Cassius snorted, but he shut his mouth. ….about that.* Hey Brownie, since you’re one of us men now, how about the next planet we swing by we pick you up a hooker too?

    Bronwen: *Bronwen nearly choked on her drink.* The hell? Are you just running out of shit to harass me with? -06:02 Jun 26

    Sizzle! Sizzle! Goes whatever Mac is cooking up. Chopchopchopchopchopchop! Goes the knife!

    Cassius: Aw, thought you’d want to have a little fun, sister. But y’know seeing as how you’re the only Shadowstar lady, maybe we oughta get you one of those mail order husbands. What do you think Brennen?

    Brennen: *Blink blink! What the hell?! He stays silent though. He glanced over at Cassius.* You said so yourself. No one is good enough for Bronwen … *He sneaked a glance.* Hm. Except maybe Mac.

    Cassius: That’s stupid Brennen. You’re stupid. *Cassius scowled.* Ain’t no controlling MacBeth, we’re better off hooking her up with some pretty faced stay at home doctor.

    Bronwen: …You morons. I’m sitting right here. -06:09 Jun 26

    Brennen: *Blink blink!* Just saying. Mm. My tummy’s growling. Whatcha cooking, Mac?

    Bronwen: … don’t want a boy prettier than me. *She muttered in to her cup while she drank!* -06:10 Jun 26

    Cassius: Someone good and ugly, then. Big fat blob with lots of money?

    Brennen: *Sweatdropped!* Cassius!

    Brennen: You know, there’s more to ‘hooking up’ than just money and looks and power.

    Cassius: Hey, she’s the one that said she didn’t want anyone prettier than her. There’s not much left!

    Brennen: *Sighed softly* ….

    Bronwen: Are you saying I’m ugly?! -06:14 Jun 26

    Cassius: How the hell would I know? You look like a stupid sister!

    MacBeth: *Served Brennen some food first.* … She hasn’t forgotten about you. -06:16 Jun 26

    Brennen: *Looked up at Mac but didn’t lift his head from the counter.* She? You mean …?

    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* The one and only. I think Shadowstar’s still got the package she sent us to deliver to you. Probably in the cargo hold with the rest. -06:17 Jun 26
    Bronwen: *She was glaring at Cassius but did remember about that package!* Was she your girlfriend, Brennen? -06:18 Jun 26

    Brennen: *Small grin.* Yeah. She’s something else. I told her we couldn’t see each other ’cause of Morgan and all … Did she … did she say anything about me?

    Bronwen: You mean besides wistful romantic sighs and longing looks? -06:21 Jun 26

    Cassius: Christ, all this mush is about to make me sick.

    Brennen: She did that? Man, I really do miss her. *He finally noticed the food.* That smells delicious!

    Bronwen: We ought to go for a visit. You can have your ruinion, lots of petting and make Cassius sicker! -06:26 Jun 26

    Brennen: *Blink bilnk!* But uh … Dion and uh … Aaron …! We can’t possibly have any er … time!

    Cassius: …Meaning he’s pussyfooting out of wanting to see his girlfriend.

    Brennen: *Sideways glare!* … At least I have a girlfriend. The closest you ever came to one was that blow-up doll you hid in your room.

    Bronwen: Why the hell would you be afraid to see her? I know she’s pining after you, and you’re obviously a sucker for her. -06:33 Jun 26

    Cassius: *Cassius snorted.* The only Shadowstar here that can’t get laid is THAT one *he pointed at Bronwen!* and that’s all good with me.

    Bronwen: Damnit Cassius, shut your stupid mouth! -06:35 Jun 26

    Brennen: *Sighed softly and went back to eating his dinner. At the rate this was going, he was going to start eating his meals in his room! Er … as soon as he found one.*

    Cassius: Don’t get mad at me, Brownie. Try dressing more like a whore, you might get some attention!

    MacBeth: *Suddenly there was a sword at Cassius’ throat and Mac was standing to one side. He hadn’t made a peep and seemed to have appeared out of thin air. Another sword lay against the back of his neck.* ….. -06:41 Jun 26

    Cassius: Heh. Did you need somethin’ MacBeth? *He was stiff as a board! And good thing too, once slip and he’d get a pretty close shave!*

    Brennen: Uh … *Glanced over at Bronwen. He’d never seen Mac like this and he was afraid one wrong move and Mac would go snip! on Cassius’ neck!*

    Bronwen: *She’s very seriously debating on whether or not she should let her brother get beheaded!* Hrrm. Mac… -06:47 Jun 26
    MacBeth: … Yeah? *He didn’t move though and he didn’t take his eyes off of Cassius.* -06:50 Jun 26
    Bronwen: I’d kinda like to have my dinner without blood all over the place. -06:52 Jun 26

    Cassius: Gee, Bronwen. You sound real concerned about your brother here.

    MacBeth: Wouldn’t dream of it. But I get clumsy sometimes … I might slip. Get up, Cassius, you need a time out. -07:07 Jun 26

    Cassius: You have to be kidding me.

    MacBeth: … It’s either a time out. Or I’ll be serving Tiny Cassius cutlet. Get up. *He squeezed the swords so that Cassius could feel the blades against his neck.* -07:10 Jun 26

    Cassius: *He was growling, but he was getting up, mindful of those damned swords!* I think I can talk to my own damned sister, MacBeth.

    MacBeth: Didn’t think you would be stupid enough to forget the difference between talking and insulting. Get to the cargo hold. -07:14 Jun 26

    Cassius: Someone better save me some damned dinner. *He muttered and got to moving!*

    MacBeth: *Once they got to the cargo hold, Mac took Cassius to Mrs. Hessing’s basket. It had already been cleaned out of all its items so only the empty pocket dimension remained.* Get in. -07:23 Jun 26
    Bronwen: … I should have told him not to kill him in there either. Damnit! -07:23 Jun 26

    Brennen: *Eating his dinner.* You’d better go stop him then.

    Cassius: *He eyed the basket. Now if he weren’t afraid MacBeth would slice his head off in the process, he would have laughed!* Alright, I’m going in the basket. Is this for trying match-make my sister, calling her ugly, or telling her to dress like a whore?

    Bronwen: … double damnit! *She slid off the counter and dashed for the cargo hold!* -07:26 Jun 26
    Mac Beth: *Presses the swords a little closer.* … Keep standing around here and you’ll find out a hell of a lot. -07:40 Jun 26

    Brennen: *Soft sigh as he eats his dinner!* So much for peaceful family reunions …

    Cassius: *He was climbing in the basket but still talkin’!* And I didn’t even get to call her a crazy bitch yet. <

    Mac Beth: …. *As soon as Cassius was in, Mac took the swords away and kicked the cover shut. Then he pulled something out of his pocket, a little something he’d found in the packages labelled "Basket remote" and pressed the small red button in the top corner. There was a loud click followed by softer clicks as at least a dozen locks and iron plating appeared to cover the basket.* … It works. -07:47 Jun 26
    Bronwen: *She rounds th corner and eyes the cargo hold. Not a Cassius in sight.* …he’s still alive, right? -07:49 Jun 26 <
    Mac Beth: … For now. *One of the blades disappeared and he put the hilt away. He walked over to her and handed her the remote.* Press the red one when you think he’s done his time. *Then he started walking away, back to the galley.* -07:51 Jun 26
    Bronwen: Wait a second. *She snagged his arm.* -07:52 Jun 26 <
    Mac Beth: *Stopped and looked back at her.* Yeah? -07:52 Jun 26
    Bronwen: *She leaned up and kissed his cheek.* Thank you. -07:53 Jun 26 <
    Mac Beth: *Grinned slightly.* You’re welcome. *He started on his way again but paused at the door.* Just for the record, you’re far from ugly. And you attract plenty of attention without having to dress like a whore. *Then he was gone, headed for the galley.* -07:55 Jun 26
    Bronwen: *She absolutely was not blushing. She didn make sure to kick the basket before following him back to the galley.* -07:57 Jun 26 <

    Brennen: *Was eating dinner and chatting with the newly arrived Duncan and Tiny!* So … it’s all about trust and feeling the music. *He looked up to see Mac and Bronwen arrive.* It’s about time you two got back … Uh … Cassius?

    Bronwen: Got stuffed in a basket. What are we talking about? *She slid in to a chair to return to sipping her drink and looking perfectly normal!* -08:00 Jun 26 <
    [MacBeth went right back to serving food.] -03:22 Jun 27
    [Bronwen wasn\’t still flustered, damnit. ] -03:22 Jun 27 <

    Duncan: Brennen was telling me about the basics of dancing. *He looked at the Cap’n, then at Mac, and back again.* Did me and Tiny miss something?

    Brennen: *Sweatdrop!* And what’s this about Cassius being locked in a basket?

    Bronwen: Better a basket than a casket. Going to get lessons from Brennen too, huh? -03:25 Jun 27 <

    Brennen: *Swallows all of his drink.* … Yeah.

    Duncan: *Sheepish grin!* Yeah … I hate to see it but when I watched you and Mac beat Cassius by dancing, I figured there was something to learning about it. Not to mention, women like men who can dance. Don’t they, Cap’n?

    Duncan: *say

    Bronwen: I didn’t know we could do that either. But I suppose you’ll catch some more girls if you can dance. -03:29 Jun 27 <

    Brennen: *Blinked!* Wait … you and Mac did what … and beat Cassius?

    MacBeth: *Filled up a few more plates and served one to Duncan, one to Shadowstar, and one for himself. He noticed Tiny licking its chops at Duncan’s food and gave Tiny a heaping helping.* -03:31 Jun 27
    Bronwen: Danced. Jeeze, don’t look so surprised… it’s just like fighting, but I suppose there’s a rhythem to it… -03:33 Jun 27 <

    Brennen: *Looking flustered all of a sudden!* But … I … You … *He looked at Mac.* I never taught you that.

    Duncan: *Grinned!* Yeah. It was awesome. And Cassius didn’t even see it coming.

    Bronwen: I think Cassius was more confused by the singing than the dancing. -03:40 Jun 27 <

    Brennen: Who was singing?

    Bronwen: Who else would be singing? I sure as hell don’t. Mac was. -03:43 Jun 27 <

    Brennen: *Cheshire cat grin!* … Did he now? What was that again? “Damnit, Bree, I will never sing. Ever.” *He said smugly in an exact imitation of MacBeth’s voice.*

    MacBeth: I made the mistake of singing for your sister. *He turned and sat down to start eating his food.* She likes my singing. -03:50 Jun 27
    Bronwen: Don’t tell him I like it! Now he’s gonna think he can go around singing too. -03:51 Jun 27 <

    Brennen: *Pout.* Hey, if you like Mac’s singing, why wouldn’t you like mine?

    Bronwen: Because you’re weird. *She took a sip of her drink, trying not to snicker in to the cup.* -03:53 Jun 27 <

    Brennen: *Lowered his head.* You’re just saying that ’cause you were always jealous of my singing.

    Bronwen: I don’t even want to sing! I’ll stick to shooting stuff and breaking noses, thank you. -03:55 Jun 27 <

    Brennen: Okay, okay. So … what’s next on the agenda?

    Bronwen: Dion. But I’m all for harging Morgan herself and blowing up her citadel. -03:59 Jun 27 <

    Brennen: *Sighed.* Yeah, you would say that … Remember how Dion always looked younger than he was?

    Bronwen: They’d always call us twins, yeah… -04:03 Jun 27 <

    Brennen: He … still looks younger than he is. And Morgan decided to use him as a guinea pig to figure out his “secret.”

    Bronwen: Great. Mad Morgan is a Mad Scientist. You realize now I really want to head straight there and stuff dynamite down her throat? -04:10 Jun 27 <

    Brennen: *Raised an eyebrow at her.* Better her than me. If I hadn’t told you and you realized I’d known all this time, that’s exactly how I would end up.

    Bronwen: *She tapped her fork on her empty plate, scowling while she plotted…* Why’d you have to go and get yourself captured anyway. The whole lot of you could have taken out Morgan. -04:15 Jun 27 <

    Brennen: … Not when you were at stake. You’re a pain in the ass, Brownie, but we couldn’t risk it. Morgan kept moving you around to locations only she knew about. She may be mad but she’s awfully good at making people disappear. Look at what happened to her husband.

    Bronwen: Well it’s stupid. I wish you would have just killed her and been done with it instead of being her bitches for years. You could have married your girlfriend by now. -04:23 Jun 27 <
    MacBeth: Rather than dwell on the past, how about we start planning? We’re going to need to stop and fuel up, if only because I’m running out of food to cook with. -04:26 Jun 27
    Bronwen: We can visit Heather. I could probably figure out exactly where Dion is from there. -04:28 Jun 27 <

    Duncan: Awesome timing. I put the ship on auto pilot and we’ll be passing by there shortly.

    Brennen: *Blinked!* Uh … what … shortly?! *He jumped up.* Awh man, I gotta take a shower. And clothes. I need clothes. *He suddenly stopped and ran his fingers through his hair.* Crap, I don’t even have a room … or clothes! Mac, you’re about my build. Do you have any nice clothes? The type I can wear to see Heather?

    Bronwen: *Cackling laughter!* He sure does, I bought them myself. -04:34 Jun 27 <
    MacBeth: *Glanced over at Shadowstar.* Guess this is my cue. *He stood.* Come on. I"ll show you where my room is and you can get ready. *He walked out.* -04:39 Jun 27
    Bronwen: You should wear something nice too, Duncan. Maybe you’ll find a girlfriend. -04:40 Jun 27 <

    Duncan: *Blinked!* You think so, Cap’n? *He looked down at Tiny and scratched it between its ears.* Do you think they’d like Tiny?

    “Grreeoow!” Tiny had finished its food long ago and was just finishing up Cassius’ food. Now it stopped to enjoy the scratching.

    Bronwen: As long as Tiny stays Tiny and doesn’t eat anyone in public, I don’t see why not? He’s cute and fuzzy! -04:42 Jun 27 <

    Duncan: *Sheepish grin.* Heh heh … Good point. Maybe I’ll find some decent bachenstrudel.

    “Grreeooww!” Tiny mewed.

    Bronwen: *She slid of of her chair and gathered up empty dishes.* Tiny should get a cute collar or bow too, that’d be sweet! -04:44 Jun 27 <

    Duncan: *Seriously began thinking about it!* What do you think, Tiny? Have a good time without eating anyone or growing big.

    Bronwen: *Quickly washing dishes and putting them away!* And when Brennen isn’t romancing Lady Heather they might show you dancing! -04:54 Jun 27 <

    “Grreeoow!” went Tiny.

    Duncan: That’d be cool. *He looked up at her.* What are you gonna do, Cap’n? Besides find out info about Dion?

    Bronwen: Find a dark corner and stay out of trouble, I guess. Avoiding Cassius, Fishmen, and people with freezers. -04:57 Jun 27 <

    Duncan: You could hang out with me and Tiny, you know. Just enjoy the sights.

    Bronwen: *She flashed him a grin!* Now how are you gonna attract cute girls with some foxy women sporting guns hanging around? -05:04 Jun 27 <

    Duncan: *Grinned.* I know … but you deserve to have a good time, too. I don’t like the thought of you having to be all business all the time.

    Bronwen: That’s what a good captain does, you know. But I suppose I could always start a barfight if I get bored. -05:09 Jun 27 <

    Duncan: *Laughed softly, although he knew she was serious.* Aye aye, Cap’n. Now if you’d excuse me and Tiny, I reckon we have some preparation to do. *He disappeared.*

    MacBeth: *Walked back in and took a seat a little after Duncan left. He folded his arms on the counter and put his head down.* -05:17 Jun 27
    Bronwen: *She blinked!* …He wasn’t in there making you help pick out an out fit was he? -05:18 Jun 27 <
    MacBeth: *Doesn’t lift his head so his voice is muffled.* … He was. And he insisted I find him the boot polish and something for his hair. -05:19 Jun 27
    Bronwen: *She dropped in to the chair next to him.* Luckily he didn’t ask for a curling iron… he didnn’t di he? -05:21 Jun 27 <
    MacBeth: Not yet, anyways. *He finally put his head up.* Thanks for cleaning the kitchen. -05:26 Jun 27
    Bronwen: You’re just first mate slash cook, not janitor too. … Hey MacBeth… -05:27 Jun 27 <
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit when she mentioned him not being a janitor.* Yeah? -05:31 Jun 27
    Bronwen: Duncan doesn’t like the thought of me lurking in corners and staying out of trouble. …So now you have to go out and play with me. -05:32 Jun 27 <
    MacBeth: What’d you have in mind? -05:36 Jun 27
    Bronwen: Everytime I go to a bar I get in trouble. Maybe something that’s Shadowstar proof? -05:38 Jun 27 <
    MacBeth: Yeah, I see your point. No bar then. We could check out the restaurants or the racing track. -05:45 Jun 27
    Bronwen: *She flashed a devious grin!* Should I dress all pretty and shiny? -05:46 Jun 27 <
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Why not …? We can even do both if you want. -05:47 Jun 27
    Bronwen: Good! That oughta make Duncan happy! *She hopped out of her to head for the door.* I’ll spare you the trauma of picking out my clothes. I’ll be back and you can see if Duncan is anywhere near where he’s supposed to be. -05:50 Jun 27 <
    MacBeth: … Sure thing. *He muttered and put his head down on his arms.* -06:01 Jun 27
    Bronwen: *…She wasn’t going to fuss about what she was wearing like that dork Brennen! Just a silly little bronze dress so she wouldn’t disappoint, and some boots incase she had to kick someone’s ass. And knocking on Brennen’s door to make sure he wasn’t going to wimp out on his seeing his woman!* Brennen! You’re taking forever! She doesn’t care how stupid you look! -06:08 Jun 27 <

    Brennen: *At first there was no reply. Then …* Yeah! But I care! Now where’s Mac? I need a curling iron!

    Bronwen: …he can’t be… *She groaned and banged on the door again!* Girls like hair messy and wild! It makes them think of hot sex! -06:15 Jun 27 <

    Brennen: But then she’ll think I’m easy! *Shouted from the other side of the door.* Ow! *Muffled cursing.*

    Bronwen: You are easy! *Still banging on the door! The hell was he doing?!* I need to know if I look like a girl! -06:18 Jun 27 <
    MacBeth: Holy mother of–! Ow! I’m coming! *Thirty seconds later, he opened the door. He was dressed in slacks and boots and a nice shirt. He had a towel around his neck and his hair was wet. He looked her up and down.* Where are you going? And with who? -06:22 Jun 27

    Brennen: Holy mother of–! Ow! I’m coming! *Thirty seconds later, he opened the door. He was dressed in slacks and boots and a nice shirt. He had a towel around his neck and his hair was wet. He looked her up and down.* Where are you going? And with who?

    Bronwen: *She gave a spin to model the bronze dress to her knees with long sleeves. She grinned at him.* Just out. Look at this! *She pulled up her skirt a bit to show off the gun she had strapped to leg!* Skirts aren’t too bad! -06:25 Jun 27 <

    Brennen: *Tilted his head slightly to one side to look her over. He slowly nodded.* I gotta say. That’s definitely your color. And yes, you do, indeed, look like a girl.

    Bronwen: Good… I’m leaving. I don’t want to find out you spend all night primping and not making googlie eyes at your girlfriend. -06:35 Jun 27 <

    Brennen: I have to make a real good impression on her!

    Bronwen: She’s just going to take all your clothes off and mess up your hair! *She smirked as she skipped down the hall!* Wasted effort! -06:39 Jun 27 <

    Brennen: *Actually blushed when she said that!* Um … uh … I’m leaving real soon. *He threw the towel off and ruffled his hair.* Like … right now! *He dashed off.*

    Bronwen: *That was disgustingly cute! Oh ho, she almost forgot Cassius! She dashed back to her room for that controller and pressed the little red button! …And intercom button?* Sentence over. We’re all leaving and you should too. *And off to capture MacBeth before he had second thoughts!* -06:44 Jun 27 <
    MacBeth: *Had returned to his room and found the place a mess. He hadn’t expected Brennen to pick up any clean habits while he was away. He’d just managed to take a quick shower and pull on some clean clothes. Dark slacks and boots, white shirt and he even had a jacket. He had a gun and one of the hilts.* -06:51 Jun 27
    Bronwen: *banging on MacBeth’s door! For all she knew he could be in there making a fuss like Brennen! He did pickup her brothers habits!* MacBeth! Do you need a curling iron? -06:52 Jun 27 <
    MacBeth: *The door suddenly opened.* No. Did you want to hit the restaurant first or the track? -06:54 Jun 27
    Bronwen: *Blink!* Gambling should be fun. Think you can win me some money? -06:55 Jun 27 <
    MacBeth: We both make a killing when it comes to gambling in other ways. Might as well see if we can do the same at the track. -07:00 Jun 27
    Bronwen: *She snagged him by the jacket to pull him along.* Of course if you’d rather be chasing girls with Duncan… *She grinned!* -07:01 Jun 27 <
    MacBeth: … I’ll pass. *He gets pulled by Shadowstar.* I haven’t been to the track in awhile. -07:13 Jun 27
    Bronwen: Cassius said they race snarglpuffs now, and I still haven’t figured out what a snarglpuff is. *She tugs him along until they’re off the ship, as by then she hardly has any idea where she’s going.* -07:15 Jun 27 <

    Cassius: *Speaking of Cassius… He expected Brennen to run out dressed up all pretty, but watching his sister run off with MacBeth was a whole different story. He was just going to have to follow and keep his eyes on things. No good game out of a girl in a skirt.* <

    MacBeth: You’ll have to see them for yourself. They’re hard to explain. You might enjoy watching them race. -07:18 Jun 27
    Bronwen: I might enjoy watching you run around in circles too. *She grinned!* -07:20 Jun 27 <
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* With you as company, I’m sure I will be. -07:23 Jun 27

    Cassius: *He didn’t like the look of that grinning and smirking. That was too nicey nice. They needed something to fight about… so he… Kicked over a barrel to send rolling after them!* <

    Bronwen: Careful, I might actually make you-*She blinked, sidestepping out of the way of a speeding barrel?* run in circles. -07:29 Jun 27 <
    MacBeth: *Also sidestepped. He glanced in the direction it’d come from. Suspicious.* -07:30 Jun 27

    Some old women cracked Cassius over the head. That was her last barrel and he done sent it rolling down the street! He owes her 200 squid! <

    Cassius: Ow.. damnit! *He ducked behind the cranky old woman’s stand, out of sight!* I’ll give you anything you want, stop hitting me! <

    Bronwen: *Oh, Cassius was subtle… real subtle. Like a shrieking donkey. Bronwen took MacBeth’s hand and pulled him down the street.* ..doesn’t he have something better to do. -07:33 Jun 27 <
    MacBeth: *Was pulled down the street! He decided to keep silent about Cassius probably having a death wish.* … You let him go? -07:35 Jun 27
    MacBeth: * – ? -07:36 Jun 27
    Bronwen: I thought maybe he’d run loose and calm his stupid self down. -07:37 Jun 27 <
    MacBeth: *Kept silent and ran his fingers through his hair. Calm. He had to stay calm.* -07:38 Jun 27
    Bronwen: *She eyed him.* He made you that mad? -07:39 Jun 27 <
    MacBeth: … You have no idea. *He paused and looked at her.* Then again, I think you do. *He looked back the way they’d come.* I have a confession. I put Cassius in that basket to keep him safe, and out of my reach. *He suddenly smiled as if he’d just realized something.* You know what, let’s just do what we were going to do. If Cassius wants to come along that’s fine with me … but I’m not paying for his meal. I’ve seen how much he can pack away in that gut of his. -07:42 Jun 27
    Bronwen: *Skeptical but she nodded. She figured as much, but it was interesting to hear him say it…* Cassius can find his own date anyway, you’re mine today. -07:46 Jun 27 <



    Morning comes and it’s macBeth and Cassius alone in the kitchen. Cassius explains he wasn’t going to actually hurt Bronwen, and MacBeth mutters that he scared her to death. Cassius asks if MacBeth thinks he’s going to be there to shoot everyone that scares her, and MacBeth says he’s awfully good at shooting! Cassius apologizes since he knows MacBeth isn’t just screwing around with his sister for the fun of it, but MacBeth doesn’t quite accept it. He still wants to shoot him. Mac makes breakfast while Bronwen arrives. He’s pretty silent while she discusses plans with Cassius. After breakfast Bronwen and Mac raid the basket for anything useful. Bronwen finds a squirtgun that she is far too amused in using on MacBeth. They also find a cracking computer, and some very nice blades!

    Bronwen takes her new squirtgun to squirt Duncan and tell him about his new training. He’s not keen on the idea, but after Cassius shows up to hand Bronwen his plans and he picks on him too… he decides learning to defend himself is a good idea! Bronwen and Cassius discuss the plans, while Duncan asks MacBeth for a little teaching. MacBeth gives him some quick lessons in the cargo hold and Bronwen sneaks in to watch. After a quick lesson from MacBeth, Bronwen offers to teach Duncan shooting. It’s a fun excuse to use those squirtguns! Duncan is pretty good at running away until he knocks himself out cold. Bronwen feels a bit sorry for him. With Duncan knocked out, MacBeth shoots at Bronwen and runs… the battle is on! Another even match without either of them being able to gain the upper hand for long. Bronwen finally conceeds defeat when she ends up on the floor, telling Tiny very dramatically that she’s dying and Mac will have to carry her off tobed to die comfortably. Mac was going to refuse, but Tiny greowed at him. So he lifted her up “the right way” and was going to carry her off to bed, but she changed the plan. Insisting he was now a prisoner of war and would have to carry her until he begged for mercy! First she has him sing another song and dance with her. Then it’s back to being picked up and him having to make dinner while carrying her at the same time. With Tiny’s help, he manages to cook up something just fine and she lets him set her down. In the conversation they chat about her brothers again, and deem that Duncan is finally done crushing over her. She considers offering Duncan a kiss to test it out, and says she’ll give MacBeth one if he asks! He takes it very seriously, asking her to humor him and say whether or not she means it. She says, yes. She’s serious.

    MacBeth calls up Cassius for food. Bronwen goes to fetch Duncan out of the cargobay.

    A nice uneventful evening and a good nights sleep. …Except for Cassius who spent half the night cleaning up.

    MacBeth: *Morning comes nice and early for Mac who dozed off sometime after finishing his song. Early enough for him to sneak out of bed and head to the kitchen. He could do with some breakfast!* -02:20 Jun 17

    Cassius: *Cassius who didn’t get sleep at all, for even after he cleaned it all up he could still SMELL it! He had taken refuge in the galley with coffee spiked vodka. He was too tired and pissed to do much more than growl as MacBeth entered.*

    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit at Cassius but didn’t do much more than that. If he did, it would involve a gun, a headshot, and having to dump Cassius’ body. He started warming up the stove, pulling out some utensils, and some food.* -02:22 Jun 17

    Cassius: *More growling as he finished off his mug and poored himself another.* Wasn’t gonna hurt her, y’know.

    MacBeth: You scared the shit out of her. *He said evenly.* She’s been stuck in a box for 20 years. But I guess a guy who’s shit drunk wouldn’t think about that, would he? *Mix. Mix. Mix. If he didn’t keep mixing, he was going to pull that gun out.* -02:31 Jun 17

    Cassius: *Cassius eyed the man, perfectly aware he was likely courting death right about now!* Reckon she’ll have to get over it fast. Or you you gonna be there to shoot people everytime?

    MacBeth: Just might. I’ve found I’m good at shooting people. *He turned and slipped the now perfectly scrambled eggs onto the plate. He broke a few more eggs and glanced at Cassius.* How do you want your eggs? -02:38 Jun 17

    Cassius: Fried. *Now for a little testing the waters…* So, I know for a fact you aren’t just screwing around with my sister. I thought I’d say I’m sorry.

    MacBeth: *A raised eyebrow. Cassius apologizing? Didn’t matter, though. He still had that urge to shoot the man. ‘Sides, you never quite knew what Cassius was up to. He was a royal pain in the ass.* Forget it, Cassius. My apologies if I’m not quite over my urge to shoot you. -02:46 Jun 17
    Bronwen: Shoot him after breakfast. *Bronwen mumbled as she entered the galley. She had been right comfortable in bed, but there was a time schedule to adhere to and she had some planning to do. She hoped in to a chair.* Or after Cassius helps me draw up these plans. -02:52 Jun 17

    Cassius: *Boy, he had to admit. The darker side of MacBeth was pretty damned interesting to prod at. He turned to his sister.* You forgive me, don’t you Brownie?

    MacBeth: *Shrugged a bit as he moved the fried eggs to Cassius’ plate.* Fair enough. *However, he couldn’t guarantee it.* How many eggs and how do you want ’em? *He asked Shadowstar.* -02:54 Jun 17
    Bronwen: Not particularly. *She waved two fingers at MacBeth muttered something about ‘Sunny Eggs’, and slid a piece of paper of at Cassius.* We’re looking for flaws in Othello. -02:58 Jun 17

    Cassius: *He leaned over to stare at the pictures while he stuffed near a whole egg in his mouth.* Shit looks like a three year old drew it. …is that supposed to be Brennen? *He pointed with his fork at a weird little scribble with eyes and a crooked mouth!*

    Bronwen: Ha ha ha. Draw a better one, smartass. But seing as how you’re so ooold you might not remember all the details. -03:08 Jun 17

    Duncan: *Walked in, yawning. Tiny is nowhere to be seen. Either still asleep or maybe still hunting around for gatorbats.*

    MacBeth: *Slid Shadowstar’s eggs onto her plate.* Flyboy. How many eggs and how do you want ’em? -03:12 Jun 17

    Cassius: I remember plenty enough. *He didn’t say g’morning to Duncan, seeing as how Duncan’s damned demon is the one that kept him up all night.* Were you lookin’ for a stealthy mission or blazing guns? It’ll make a difference.

    Duncan: *Doesn’t take notice of the fact that Cassius is ignoring him. He sat down beside the Cap’n and yawned again before he looked up at Mac.* Erm … Three and scrambled, please. Thanks.

    Bronwen: I don’t want to get Brennen killed, and as much as I like blowing things up, I don’t want to cripple Aaron’s ship either. He might want it back. Just don’t know how we’d sneak up on a ship like that, though. *Bronwen smiled big at MacBeth. Yes, he could be cook and first mate, that’d work just fine!* -03:16 Jun 17
    MacBeth: *Has his back turned so he doesn’t see Shadowstar smiling big at him. He’s already gotten started on Flyboy’s eggs. Mix, mix, mix. Pour.* -03:21 Jun 17

    Cassius: As a matter of fact, I got a pretty good idea. Y’know that little cloaking system you had me lookin’ at? Seems Morgan lost herself one right fancy little gem. It’s no wonder she never got it back. She couldn’t find it.

    Bronwen: Ohoho.. a ship even Morgan can’t find? I do think I like where this is going. -03:30 Jun 17

    Cassius: Not only does it cloak the ship out of sight, but it hides all sounds, signals, everything. You could be sitting right on top of somebody singing opera and having a party, and they wouldn’t notice a damned thing.

    MacBeth: *Finished the eggs and slipped it onto Flyboy’s plate. He didn’t see Tiny but he figured the creature would be around sooner or later. Until then, he made his own breakfast.* -03:35 Jun 17

    Duncan: Thanks! *He dug in right away!*

    Bronwen: A ghost that doesn’t exist. *Bronwen stole Cassius’ mug, but with it smelling strongly of vodka, she put it right back!* I have some ideas. Getting in would be a piece of cake, but getting out… -03:37 Jun 17

    Cassius: If you and MacBeth can dance and beat the shit out of me, grabbing Brennen and sneaking back out shouldn’t be a big deal. Leave the exit strategy to me. *He stuffed his last egg in his mouth, snatching up his returned mug and downing the rest of it’s contents.*

    MacBeth: *He fried his eggs and in between, somehow found time to make some alcohol-free coffee. By the time he was finished cooking all his eggs–only 3 total–the coffee was ready. He filled his plate and made himself some coffee.* -03:42 Jun 17
    Bronwen: *Smirking she finished eating, and scribbled a few extra things on to her drawn up plan. Little dots of her and MacBeth dancing with guns, Cassius looking angry, Duncan hiding on the ship and Tiny swallowing a guard.* There. Plans ready. -03:45 Jun 17

    Duncan: *Leaned forward, curious.*

    Cassius: *He snorted.* …Yeah, I’m going to go work on something that actually makes sense. Thanks for not killing me this mornin’, MacBeth. *He dropped off his chair, snatched Bronwen’s scribble and was off to get to work!*

    MacBeth: *Sipped the coffee and watched Cassius leave but finished eating his breakfast in silence.* -03:59 Jun 17
    Bronwen: Notice that he took my plans with him, meaning that he IS too old to remember stuff. … Where’s the captain’s coffee? -04:00 Jun 17
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Oh, so I’m first mate, cook, and butler now. Flyboy, Cap’n’s coffee. -04:02 Jun 17

    Duncan: *Paused just as he was pouring some coffee of his own.* Sure thing. *He made a second cup.* Did you want anything in your coffee, Cap’n? We got everything from cream to sugar here.

    Bronwen: Lots of cream and lots of sugar. Duncan, explain to MacBeth that if he didn’t make himself so useful, I wouldn’t have him doing everything. -04:06 Jun 17

    Duncan: Yes, ma’am! *He blinked when she told him to explain things to Mac.* Um … uh … *He suddenly got very busy making the Cap’n’s coffee. He placed it in front of her.*

    MacBeth: I live to serve you and foot, Your Highness. *He said with a smirk.* Just as soon as we free all of your brothers and Cassius starts dancing around the ship in a pink tutu and ballet slippers. -04:09 Jun 17
    Bronwen: Yeah? I hope you’re ready, cause Cassius has this weird affinity for playing dress up. I don’t think that’s so far fetched. *She took her coffee and gave it a test sip. Deeming it drinkable, she pat Duncan on the head.* -04:12 Jun 17
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* We’ll see. *It wasn’t like Cassius was going to live long enough to do that anyways.* -04:14 Jun 17

    Duncan: *Grinned. Phew. Making coffee wasn’t so hard.* I guess Tiny is sleeping in. It’s had a hell of a night.

    Bronwen: Tiny deserves some sleep after eating all of those gatorbats. And you, dear pilot, should be getting us flying. -04:16 Jun 17

    Duncan: Heh heh. Right! Um … Where are we headed off to again?

    Bronwen: We want to go to Kerasent and lurk. You can even use the spiffy new cloaking features! I bet that will be fun? -04:19 Jun 17

    Duncan: Kerasent. Got it! *He blinked.* Um … How do you work the cloaking features?

    Bronwen: I… don’t know. You could try pressing buttons and see what happens. …Or do the smart thing and go ask Cassius. -04:26 Jun 17

    Duncan: *Coughed politely.* Yeah … ask Cassius. *By his tone, it was obvious asking Cassius was the last thing he wanted to do. But he wandered off to the bridge anyways, leaving Mac and the Cap’n alone.*

    MacBeth: *With his food done and his coffee finished as well, he got up and started to clean up. He gathered the dirty dishes and stuck them in the sink before starting to wipe down the table and stove. -04:28 Jun 17
    Bronwen: You’d think he was afraid Cassius would toture him… -04:33 Jun 17
    MacBeth: I think it has more to do with Cassius and his new pet. -04:34 Jun 17
    Bronwen: Hmm. I’m sure Tiny will save him. *She returned to sipping her coffee, tapping her foot on her stool and a little plotting.* -04:37 Jun 17
    MacBeth: *Once the stove and counters were wiped down, he started to wash dishes.* -04:37 Jun 17
    Bronwen: *If they were really a ghost, they could do this.. and then that would do that, then all it would take was… Bronwen was drawing an invisible plan on the palm of her hand, being perfectly fine with a comfortable silence. She’d occasionally take a sip of her coffee, scowl at her palm and then trace out something new.* -04:41 Jun 17
    MacBeth: *Was soon done with the cleaning and Shadowstar was still frying her brains over the plans.* Pretty soon, the eggs won’t be the only things that get fried today. -04:48 Jun 17
    Bronwen: You joke now, but I’m still the one with all of the best ideas. *She made sure to stick her tongue out at him.* -04:49 Jun 17
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Just pointing out the obvious. What’s the matter? Don’t trust Cassius to come up with a foolproof plan to get us out of there? -04:54 Jun 17
    Bronwen: I have the getting in worked out, and in case Cassius totally fails I have getting out covered… But finding Brennen without getting caught is the hard part. -04:55 Jun 17
    MacBeth: … Not if you have the right toys. -04:57 Jun 17
    Bronwen: Oh, well, great clever First Mate.. what do you suggest? -05:00 Jun 17
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Two words: Mama Hessing. Or rather that nice little package we brought with us. -05:02 Jun 17
    Bronwen: Dear, me. You’re just chock full of good ideas, aren’t you. *She flashed im a grin, hopping down from her stool.* We better take a look and see what we can find. -05:03 Jun 17
    MacBeth: I try. *He walked over to the cargo hold with her, which is was the only place they could think of to put it. Especially with all the stuff she’d put in there. It sat on top of a crate pushed against the wall close to the door.* -05:07 Jun 17
    Bronwen: *Bronwen jumped on to the crate so she could lean and dig inside the basket… She had forgetten just how big the inside of it was. It could probably fit a couple people in it!* …I bet we could use this thing as a prison! -05:11 Jun 17
    MacBeth: I wouldn’t be too surprised if that’s what this basket used to be. *He helped out by taking the boxes Shadowstar got from the basket and setting it on the side to make it easier to look. He figured that if she’d put a box for emergency invasion in the basket, she might have something they could use to break Brennan out.* -05:15 Jun 17
    Bronwen: Why would she put one of these in her? *Bronwen pulled out a small gun and examined it. She turned and shot MacBeth! It was just a silly water squirt gun!* -05:17 Jun 17
    MacBeth: *Spit out the water and wiped his face off with the back of his hand.* Why ask why? I think we already learned she’s a bit nutty at best. -05:19 Jun 17
    Bronwen: I suppose she wanted to make sure Duncan had some toys. *She shot him again! Bwahaha! Maybe she’d keep this one.* -05:21 Jun 17
    MacBeth: *Raised an eyebrow after spitting out more water and wiping his face. Again.* Making your day, am I? -05:21 Jun 17
    Bronwen: I think you were made to be shot at, maybe? *Squirt! Snicker! It was his own fault for just standing there!* -05:23 Jun 17
    MacBeth: So I figured a long time ago. *He finally reached out and took the gun away, then put it out of her reach.* You can play with that later after nap time. -05:26 Jun 17
    Bronwen: Ruin a girl’s fun, why don’t you. Hmph. I bet theres something else in here, to get you with… *She returned to digging in the basket!* -05:28 Jun 17
    MacBeth: As long as you find something that’ll help us get Brennan out while you find another toy. -05:34 Jun 17
    Bronwen: Yessir, first mate, sir. *She mumbled, pulling out a fewmore boxes!* Hey, this one says ‘cracker’. Good or bad? -05:36 Jun 17
    MacBeth: Can’t tell. Could be food or could be an explosive. Even both, considering who we’re dealing with. -05:37 Jun 17
    Bronwen: *She peeked in to the box.* Hmm… wrong and wrong. It’s a… computer thingy. Here. *She pulled it out and handed it to him.* -05:38 Jun 17
    MacBeth: *Took the black box from her. It was amazingly light for something so bulky. And it looked like it opened into something but he couldn’t find the release button.* -05:40 Jun 17
    Bronwen: *While he was giving a look over, Bronwen retrieved her squirt gun.* It’s the most interesting thing so far. -05:42 Jun 17
    MacBeth: Too bad it didn’t come with a manual. *There was a sudden soft CLICK! and the black box opened to reveal it was just a bulk laptop. There were half a dozen retractable cables, each a different color, on one side. Amazingly enough, once it opened, most of the "bulk" seemed to retract, leaving a very thin and lightweight computer. Apparently, the bulk was just a protective shell that automatically disappeared when the computer was opened.* -05:54 Jun 17
    Bronwen: Well, well, Madam Hessing, You do have nice little toys. *Stuffing that squirt gun in her belt for the time being, she examined the cables on the laptop.* There’s a plug for just about every different port imaginable. Suppose it might be a hacking computer? -05:57 Jun 17
    MacBeth: Looks that way. *He looked over the keyboard and found the switch to turn the computer on. The screen lit up and words and numbers began to appear on it.* You were right. It’s a hacking computer and if it works as fast as its program says it does, Morgan won’t know what hit her. -06:02 Jun 17
    Bronwen: *She grinned!* Perfect. If we avoid getting spotted, we could be in and out and no one would have ever known we were there! -06:04 Jun 17
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Not to mention disable a few of the ship’s systems to buy us sometime to make a clean getaway. -06:06 Jun 17
    Bronwen: *Taking the computer from his hands, she fiddled with it a bit until she got it to close itself back up.* Oh, I figured out what the squirt gun was for. *She whipped it out and squirt!* Safe gun fight training. -06:09 Jun 17
    MacBeth: … Yeah. I’ll go with that. *He spit out the water and wiped his face with the back of his dry hand. He was about to do something else when a box that Shadowstar had brought out of the basket caught his eye. It was just like any other box except it bore a weird crest or something. It looked like a pirate crest but he couldn’t be sure. He grabbed a crowbar and started to open it. It was long about, six feet, two feet wide, and three feet deep.* -06:16 Jun 17
    Bronwen: *Setting their cracker aside, she was twirling the gun on her fingers as she curiously watched him crack open another box.* Are we treasure hunting now? -06:19 Jun 17
    MacBeth: *With a slight heave, he got the box to open.* Yep. If what I think is in here, is in here. *He lifted the lid and set it aside, finding swaths of red velvet. Someone had painstakingly placed whatever this box carried in here. He pushed aside the cloth to pick up two items also bundled up in the same cloth. The only things wrapped up in the cloth turn out to be … bladeless hilts. Beautiful hilts. But bladeless.* -06:28 Jun 17
    Bronwen: *A raised eyebrow from a skeptical captain.* Shiny. Pretty even. But I don’t suppose they’d be useful like that. -06:30 Jun 17
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit as he stood.* No. They’re much more useful like this … *He slipped one hilt into his belt and gripped the other hilt. With his other hand, he picked up an apple from inside the basket. He tossed it high into the air. As it came falling down, at the last minute, he ran the apple through with a fine, double-edged blade that hadn’t been there a moment ago.* Instantaneous self-generating double-edged sword. Two of a kind. They were stolen on their way to some prince or something and disappeared about fifteen years ago. -06:38 Jun 17
    Bronwen: *Bronwen blinked! Well that was the last thing she expected!* …and you can actually use those things? Sword swingin’ and all? -06:39 Jun 17
    MacBeth: *Flashed a grin he could only have learned from her brothers.* Yeah. *He took the apple off and the blade disappeared as suddenly as it had come.* I’m better with swords than guns, believe it or not. *He placed the other hilt into his belt.* -06:44 Jun 17
    Bronwen: I’ve got a prince, a furry sidekick and my first mate is a knight. What am I supposed to be on this crackpot crew? *He earned himself a squirt for his smirking!* -06:45 Jun 17
    MacBeth: *Went back to his trademark smirk.* Damnsel in distress? -06:49 Jun 17
    Bronwen: *Another squirt! Make that two!* Do I look a damsel in distress? -06:51 Jun 17
    MacBeth: You asked. *He wondered if there was a towel in that basket but decided their work here was done. He took a bite from the apple.* -06:53 Jun 17
    MacBeth: *And headed for his room. He needed a change of clothes.* -06:53 Jun 17
    Bronwen: *Point to Captain Shadowstar! She retrieved the cracker and marched off for the bridge. Duncan was next.* -06:55 Jun 17

    Duncan: *Still hadn’t gotten the hang of the cloaking system but that was because Cassius was holed up in his room. He was joined by Tiny though who was curled up in the captain’s chair.*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen put away her cracker, and stood in front of her chair looking down at the fuzzy little thing sleeping in it.* I see. Think you’re the captain now, Tiny? -06:58 Jun 17

    Tiny lifted its head and blinked its eyes at Bronwen. “Greeooww!” it mewed as if that was answer enough.

    Bronwen: Uh huh. *She showed tiny the squirt gun.* Don’t panic, okay? *Then she shot Duncan in the side of the head!* -07:03 Jun 17

    Duncan: *Was just in the middle of getting the hang of this–or so he thought he was!* Hey! OOoff! *He jumps up and starts brushing water off of his hair and clothes!*

    “Greeooww!” Tiny mewed after Duncan got shot in the head. Although it didn’t panic, it did get up and jump off of Bronwen’s chair to sit down on the floor beside it.

    Bronwen: Bwahahaha! …I’m sorry. I had to try it at least once. Your mother sent a few of these, and I think they’ll be lovely training tools. …Maybe good for punishment too if you’re careful. *A wicked grin as she sat down in her chair and leaned over to pat Tiny on the head.* -07:06 Jun 17

    “Greeooww!” Tiny mewed again, content to be patted.

    [MacBeth found some new clothes in his room.] -02:30 Jun 18
    [Bronwen teases Duncan out of love!] -02:34 Jun 18

    Duncan: *Sputters!* Hey–uufff–what was that for?!

    Bronwen: We have to test your reflexes for combat training don’t we? -02:36 Jun 18
    MacBeth: *Looked like he owed Shadowstar some thanks but … he’s not in a big rush to get soaked again. He fell into bed and took a nap.* -02:36 Jun 18

    Duncan: *Blinked!* Combat training?! I’m the pilot! Can’t I … just get a big gun and shoot people who come onboard?

    Bronwen: We should always be prepared in case of invasion, attack, war, crazy women, or a bar fight. *She waved the gun at him.* Besides, don’t you want to squirt people too? -02:38 Jun 18

    Duncan: *Looked unsure.* Hm … *He watched as she waved the gun at him.* Well … it does look like fun … Is there another one for me?

    Cassius: Better to train with real guns. Make a man out of him. *Cassius appeared snatching the squirt gun from her hands and handing her a diagram. A much more professionally drawn and elaborately detailed schematic of Othello. He looked smug.*

    Duncan: Hey! *Of course, he was offended!*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen snorted, looking over the sheet and positioning herself in her chair.* I guess I can work with this. -02:41 Jun 18

    Cassius: *Of course, Cassius used this opportunity to squirt both Duncan and Bronwen, and almost got Tiny too but… Who knew what’d happen when that thing got wet!*

    Tiny just sat there as Cassius squirted everyone and looked like it was waiting for him to squirt it, too! It didn’t attack Cassius but it did jump into Duncan’s arms as if telling everyone that was enough squirting Duncan for one day.

    Duncan: *Sputtered and stood. He caught Tiny.* Man, now I gotta go change. *He marched out with Tiny in his arms.*

    Bronwen: *Drying off with a sleeve, she already had a pencil out and drawing up notes!* Hey, I needed that pilot and you scared him off! -02:44 Jun 18

    Duncan: *Huffed!* Man, I’m tired of always being picked on! Everyone’s taking advantage of my good nature! It just ain’t right! *He muttered as he stalked down the hall to his room.*

    Tiny looked up at him. “Greeooww!” it mewed.

    Duncan: Ya know what? *He suddenly stopped.* I think it’s time I learned to fight … to defend myself. *He scratched the spot under Tiny’s chin.* What do you think, Tiny?

    Tiny closed its eyes, content to be scratched. It never purred.

    Cassius: You’re the one assulting your crew with a water weapon, Brownie. *Cassius plopped himself in to Duncan’s chair and made himself right at home!* Brennen’s gonna be in the Map room, a fancy pants bedroom, or a cell. I’d be able to hack in to their system and find out if you get us inside.

    Duncan: … Yep, exactly. *He replied as if Tiny had said something.* I just gotta find someone who knows how to fight. The Cap’n’s always busy … and there’s no way in hell I could ask Cassius. He’d just tease me … So that leaves … *His face lit up and when he started walking again, there was a spring in his step.*

    Knock! Knock! KNOCK! went MacBeth’s door!

    Bronwen: That, my asinine brother, I already have worked out. *She had a few new things circled.* Since we’re a ghost ship, and Othello can park at least five ships this size, it would be easy as cake to sneak in while they’re docking another ship. Duncan just has to fly carefull and quick… and not crash in to anything. -02:53 Jun 18

    Cassius: *A quirked eyebrow.* Sounds crazy and stupid. What happens if someone walks in to an invisible wall? Someone is bound to notice that.

    MacBeth: … Go away. *He muttered as he lay in bed, although his hand did go to his gun in case it was Cassius. However, he doubted Cassius would be stupid enough to disturb him. Then again …* -02:55 Jun 18

    Duncan: Hey, Mac! It’s me, Duncan! *He said as if by some reason Mac wouldn’t know the sound of his voice.* Um … I need to ask you for a favor. *He paused as he tried to think of a way to ask.* Can I come in? *He finally wondered, which, of course, was not what he came to ask but it was a start.*

    Bronwen: We’re not gonna be there long enough for that. *She scowled at him.* We sneak in, grab Brennen, sneak back. Then you do what you said you’d do and get the doors open so we can fly out. -02:57 Jun 18

    Cassius: *It was some crazyass idea and there was no way that was gonna work. But, he’d had enough of MacBeth busting his balls, so why not go with her plan and incase of emergencies have some backup ideas? He could always man the guns and start shooting the place up from the inside out.* Alright… But you better be moving fast, cause once they know we’re on board, it ain’t gonna be easy get back off it.

    MacBeth: *Unfortunately, there’s no way Flyboy is going to just get the hint and go away so … He sat up, walked to his door, and found a soaked Flyboy with his pet in his arms.* Yeah? -03:00 Jun 18
    Bronwen: We rescued you didn’t we? And we didn’t even have a map of the place! *That haughty-miss grin as she leaned back in her chair.* You better get crackin’ on the escape route. -03:02 Jun 18

    Duncan: *Grinned sheepishly.* Um … Could you teach me how to fight? I don’t want to bother the Cap’n and the last person I want to ask is Cassius. So … please …?

    Tiny looked at Mac. “Greeooww!” it mewed.

    Cassius: Aye, aye Cap’n. *He was up and out of Duncan’s chair… and made sure to give her a squirt before leaving for his plotting.*

    Bronwen: Gwar..!! *She was starting to see the evil in that damned squirt gun! * -03:05 Jun 18
    MacBeth: *On one hand, he could use a nap. Who knew what Shadowstar and her brother had in mind. On the other hand, Flyboy was more or less his responsibility. If he got killed because he didn’t know how to fight …* Fine. *He held up his hand for Flyboy to keep quiet because it looked like he was going to say a hell of a lot more.* Go change and meet me in the cargo hold in five minutes. -03:06 Jun 18

    Duncan: *Grinned!* Right! You got it! *He dashed off to his room with Tiny clutched in his arms!*

    Bronwen: *Three plots… She had three plots depending on where Brennen would be, and hopefully no one would see them. If they did, well, they’d dispose of them like ninja! All that was left was Cassius’ big escape and they were perfectly set! Now where did her fly boy get off to?* -03:11 Jun 18
    MacBeth: *Put his gun away and started for the cargo hold. With any luck, he could teach Flyboy a thing or two before Brennan’s rescue.* -03:12 Jun 18

    Duncan: *Ended up meeting Mac in less than five minutes. He’d found his new clothes in his room. New, dry clothes and things were looking up. He found Mac waiting for him in the cargo hold, sitting on a crate. He’d already cleared up a large area.*

    MacBeth: *Looked up as Duncan entered.* So … ready to learn …? *He might have taught Shadowstar how to dance but that didn’t mean he could teach everyone.* -03:16 Jun 18
    Bronwen: *When she realized Duncan wasn’t coming back, she considered that he might have decided to hide somewhere! Maybe she should muzzle Cassius and lock him up. Hmm.. with that in mind, she might as well see what her pilot was doing.* -03:18 Jun 18

    Duncan: *Nodded, determined to learn how to fight.* Yep. *He put Tiny down.*

    Tiny looked up at Duncan as it was put down, then up at Mac before running over to the crate Mac was sitting on. It hopped onto the crate and sat down as if to watch the show.

    MacBeth: *Got off of the crate.* Alright. So, first lesson: think with your head, not with your fists. You can charge into anything but if you don’t think before you act, you’ll get your ass kicked. Or worst. Got it? -03:25 Jun 18

    Duncan: *Let that sink in and slowly nodded.* Think before I act. Got it.

    MacBeth: The most basic part about fighting is contact. You can’t damage someone if you can’t make your blows connect and you have a fair chance of doing that if you don’t know what you’re doing. Let me see your fighting stance. -03:28 Jun 18
    Bronwen: *Bronwen didn’t bother to announce herself as she slipped in to the cargo hold. She just picked up Tiny, stole his spot, and cuddled the beastie. Lessons for Duncan? This would be interesting to watch!* -03:29 Jun 18

    Duncan: *Blinked! Fighting stance? Um … he could do that. He spread his legs, bent them slightly and held up his fists.* Um … Okay. Now what?

    MacBeth: *Looked Flyboy over.* Hm. *He circled him and stopped behind him.* Stand straight but keep your legs spread. Straighten your legs, too. Chances are, when you get into a fight, you won’t have time to prepare much. -03:37 Jun 18

    Duncan: *Quickly did as told. He didn’t want to screw this up.*

    MacBeth: *Stood in front of Flyboy again, a few feet away.* Now, attack. -03:38 Jun 18

    Duncan: *Blinked!* What? But you didn’t–

    MacBeth: First things first. Attack. *He raised an eyebrow.* Or I’ll attack you. *Of course, Mac being Mac, he was dead serious.* -03:40 Jun 18

    Duncan: *Gulped!* Okay … *He ran forward and swung a punch for Mac’s face!*

    Bronwen: *Wince. Duncan’s lucky t She hid Tiny’s eyes!* -03:43 Jun 18
    Bronwen: *ahem… Duncan’s lucky tis MacBeth and not Cassius. -03:43 Jun 18
    MacBeth: *Caught Duncan’s fist before it connected. He glanced at it.* Clench your fist tighter and tuck your fingers in. You want to hit with your knuckles, not with your fingertips. *He pushed Duncan backwards.* A head-on charge usually doesn’t work. Remember, use your head. -03:46 Jun 18

    Duncan: *Staggered back but soon recovered. He nodded and wet his lips.* Use my head. Use my head. *He clenched his fists tighter.*

    “Greeooww!” Tiny mewed but didn’t move to peek over Bronwen’s hand.

    MacBeth: Attack me again. -03:51 Jun 18

    Duncan: *Another nod. This time, he wasn’t so hesitant to attack. He charged forward again but decided to switch targets. Namely, a kick to Mac’s crotch!?*

    MacBeth: *Raised an eyebrow and sidestepped, then turned slightly and kicked at the back of Duncan’s legs.* -03:54 Jun 18

    Duncan: *Buckled and dropped to the ground on his knees!*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen bit back a laugh!* -03:55 Jun 18
    MacBeth: … You couldn’t possibly be serious. But I’ll give you props for trying to take advantage of a weakness. But I can see we’re going to need to work on something else before you get past the basics. -03:59 Jun 18
    MacBeth: * minus the second "but" -03:59 Jun 18
    Bronwen: Maybe he’s a gunman and not a fighter? *Sucha wicked smirk as she cuddles Tiny!* -04:01 Jun 18

    Duncan: *Blinked!* Something else …? *He glanced at the Cap’n and turned red.* How long have you been there?!

    Tiny was content to enjoy the cuddling!

    Bronwen: I see everything that happens on my ship. Everything. *A slow nod, petpet.* -04:03 Jun 18
    MacBeth: Maybe. I’ll teach you the basics of fighting and then we can see if you’re a gunman or not. *He looked at Shadowstar.* Are you volunteering to teach him how to handle a gun, too? -04:04 Jun 18
    Bronwen: No one better to teach him shooting than me. *Classic Bronwen haughty grin.* -04:05 Jun 18
    MacBeth: Let’s get started then. *He looked back at Duncan.* You know to think and to avoid head-on charges when possible. Weak spots are the back of the knees, the crotch, the gut, the chest, the neck, and the jaw. And unless you know you can win, never fight longer than you have to. -04:12 Jun 18

    Duncan: Thanks, Cap’n! *He turned to listen to Mac and nodded.* What am I supposed to work on?

    MacBeth: Speed. And if you’re going to learn how to shoot, it’ll help you in that, too. -04:19 Jun 18
    Bronwen: Suppose I could dig out another squirt gun and start shooting at him until he moves faster. -04:19 Jun 18
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Great idea. -04:20 Jun 18
    Bronwen: *Clapping her hands, Bronwen set Tiny aside to fetched out the other water guns!* -04:24 Jun 18

    Duncan: *Gulped!* But I … just changed! *He got to his feet!*

    Bronwen: And if you don’t want to change again, you’ll need to be quick. …Besides, I got plenty of clothes for you. *She tossed Duncan one of the guns!* There! Now you can defend yourself! -04:26 Jun 18
    MacBeth: *Sat down beside Tiny on the crate.* -04:26 Jun 18

    Duncan: *Blinked and caught the gun the Cap’n threw to him!* Um … uh … okay … *He stretched a bit.* Ready when you are!

    Bronwen: It helps not to warn someone before you start shooting. *She aimed, grinned… because he was gonna need those few seconds head start, and squirtsquirtsquirt!* -04:29 Jun 18

    Duncan: *Blinked!* Ack! *He dashed off so that the water squirted on the floor.*

    Bronwen: *She held her fire to watch where he was running off to and… squirt for the face!* -04:32 Jun 18

    Duncan: OOooff! *Gets squirted in the face but he recovers to squirt her back before dashing off again!*

    Bronwen: *She sidesteps quickly, and tuttuts!* You should be paying attention to what I’m doing and not so much to your feet. *A carefully aim again… She squirt right where he was running and shoot for his back when he tried to avoid!* -04:35 Jun 18

    Duncan: ACK! *He gets squirted and staggers forward. He runs into a wall rather hard and slams right into it, landing with a THUD! on the floor. He’s out cold!*

    Bronwen: *Blink!* hmm… I should have let you shoot at him. -04:40 Jun 18
    MacBeth: Maybe. But at least he’s trying to get away now. There wouldn’t be any point to training if he just stood there and let you wet him. -04:41 Jun 18

    “Greeooww!” Tiny mewed and ran over to Duncan. It sat on his chest and started to paw at his face.

    Bronwen: Still, it might’ve been too much for one day. *She moved across the floor to stand and lean over Duncan.* I’m going to feel pretty bad if I killed him. -04:44 Jun 18
    MacBeth: Point taken. -04:45 Jun 18

    Tiny looked up at Bronwen when she walked up to Duncan.

    Duncan: *Was still alive! Unconscious but perfectly alive! And he’ll live, too!*

    Bronwen: I didn’t to it on purpose! *She replied to the critter!* He’ll be all right, and when he wakes up we’ll give him a cookie and let him watch us awhile. Is that better? -04:47 Jun 18

    “Gggreeoow!” went Tiny but it sat there and didn’t move

    [Bronwen swears she didn\’t kill Duncan on purpose.] -05:59 Jun 22
    [MacBeth makes sure he\’s still alive.] -06:02 Jun 22
    MacBeth: … Can we throw him out the airlock now? -06:03 Jun 22
    Bronwen: And have Madam Hessing after us? I don’t think so. *She scratched her head… Well, he was all right on the floor and would come around in a second or two. ….If not he’d have a nice little nap, and that couldn’t be a bad thing.* I suppose you’re the last one for me to shoot at. -06:05 Jun 22
    MacBeth: *Picks up Duncan’s fallen water gun.* Same here. *He shot Shadowstar and dashed away!* -06:09 Jun 22

    Tiny tilts its head at the retreating MacBeth. “Grreeooww.”

    Bronwen: *A blink of shock! She’d been shot! She shoots after him as he escapes!* -06:12 Jun 22
    MacBeth: *There’s one thing that can be said about MacBeth. He’s a fast runner when he’s at full health. The water just misses him and he turns slightly to shoot back while still running.* -06:14 Jun 22
    Bronwen: *Bronwen ducks! And dashes behind a crate! Crawling behind them, she snuck around to the other side! Not a peep out of her!* -06:17 Jun 22

    Tiny sits up beside the unconscious Duncan, tails flicking.

    MacBeth: *Stops and moves behind a crate as well. He keeps his back to the crate and his eyes open. Where could Shadowstar be …* -06:20 Jun 22
    Bronwen: *One, two, three… she sneaks up to the top of the higher stacked crates, hopefully out of sight! Finally catching site of him, she aims and shoots!* -06:24 Jun 22
    MacBeth: *Turns around in time to see her and is shot! But he returns the favor by shooting back half a heartbeat after getting shot himself!* -06:25 Jun 22
    Bronwen: *Dodges so quick, she nearly sent herself crashing off those crates! Another squirt before she escapes behind them again!* -06:26 Jun 22
    MacBeth: *Dodges that squirt! He sneaks off after her and shoots as soon as he gets an accurate aim!* -06:28 Jun 22
    Bronwen: Ack… fatal hit…! *Bronwen staggers to the floor in a dramatic fainting death!* -06:30 Jun 22
    MacBeth: *Shoots her repeatedly until she’s soaked and wet!* … Just to be on the safe side. -06:31 Jun 22
    Bronwen: *She sits up on her elbows and scowls at him. So much for faking death!* I didn’t think I was that dangerous! -06:32 Jun 22
    MacBeth: *Smirks a bit.* Believe me. You are. -06:34 Jun 22
    Bronwen: To think, my own first mate afraid of me! *Squirts him the face!* -06:36 Jun 22
    MacBeth: Difference between being afraid and knowing when someone is dangerous. You might be smaller than your brothers but you pack a punch. *He wiped the water off of his face.* -06:38 Jun 22
    Bronwen: I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or you being subtly wicked. *Pushing herself up off the floor she quickly stole his gun!* -06:41 Jun 22
    MacBeth: *Raised his eyebrow and stole hers while she stole his!* -06:43 Jun 22
    Bronwen: Now you’re just being ridiculous. *A thoughtful moment… she tackles him!* -06:47 Jun 22
    MacBeth: *Is suddenly on his back with Shadowstar on top of him! He smirks a bit.* Point to the Captain. *He squirts her in the face with the gun.* -06:50 Jun 22
    Bronwen: *Blech! Spits the water back at him and steals the squirt gun again! Aims them both at his nose!* Now you’re going to beg for mercy. -06:52 Jun 22
    MacBeth: *That smirk never leaves his face.* I never beg. Especially not for mercy. *He grabs her wrists and pulls her forward on top of them, then he rolls and ends up on top of her!* -06:53 Jun 22
    Bronwen: If you don’t beg for mercy, then its horrific torture. *She twists to throw him off and get him with both guns!* -06:58 Jun 22
    MacBeth: Bring it. *He gets thrown off but recovers by grabbing a nearby crate lid and using it as a shield! Then he dashes forward, drops to the ground, and his leg swings out so he can sweep her legs out from under her!* -07:01 Jun 22
    Bronwen: *She hops over his swinging legs and poses!* I am much too quick for the likes of you! Ha ha ha! *Squirt!* -07:04 Jun 22
    MacBeth: *Smirks a bit and rolls. Then he grabs her ankle and pulls!* -07:04 Jun 22
    Bronwen: *THUD! A soft groan and bit of growling some very wicked things about his smirking!* -07:06 Jun 22
    MacBeth: *Sits down right where he is.* You don’t know when to quit, do you? -07:09 Jun 22
    Bronwen: What sort of Shadowstar would I be if I quit so easily? *Although for the moment she was content to lay on the floor until she stopped hurting!* -07:11 Jun 22
    MacBeth: … Point taken. -07:12 Jun 22

    Tiny decided to join the party and walked up to the two of them. It sat down beside Bronwen’s head. “Greeoow?”

    Bronwen: I don’t think I’m going to make it, Tiny. He wounded my pride…! -07:13 Jun 22


    Bronwen: No, no.. you must live on with out me. I am dead and defeated. *She rest her eyes closed and sighed.* -07:18 Jun 22

    “Grreeooww,” Tiny mewed solemnly and lay a paw on her arm as if reassuring her.

    Bronwen: Tell Macbeth.. that even though he killed me… that he was always my favorite…! -07:20 Jun 22
    MacBeth: You’re nuts, Shadowstar. -07:22 Jun 22
    Bronwen: Says the man that killed me. You’ll have to carry me off to bed now, so I can die comfortably. -07:23 Jun 22
    MacBeth: You can’t possibly– -07:25 Jun 22


    MacBeth: Don’t start with me, Furball. *He muttered.* Fine. *He got up and went over to Shadowstar, then he picked her up. He didn’t slung her over his shoulder like he wanted to. Somehow he was able to resist the urge and he picked her up the "right way".* -07:27 Jun 22
    Bronwen: *She gave him a wicked smirk and slung her arms around his neck!* I like this not having to walk business. -07:28 Jun 22
    MacBeth: *Chuckled softly as he carried her.* I bet you do. -07:35 Jun 22
    Bronwen: It should be part of your duties. Carrying me everywhere. Plenty of exercise… isn’t that right Tiny? -07:37 Jun 22


    MacBeth: Great. The captain and her furry little helper. Shouldn’t you be babysitting Flyboy back there? -07:40 Jun 22
    Bronwen: *She laughed!* You’re out numbered! Now about that mercy you should be begging for… -07:42 Jun 22
    MacBeth: *Smirks a bit.* Answer hasn’t changed, Shadowstar. I never beg. Especially for mercy. -07:44 Jun 22
    Bronwen: Then you’re just going to have to carry me until you do. -07:46 Jun 22
    [MacBeth logged out of the chat.] -((07:50 Jun 22))
    [Bronwen logged out of the chat.] -((07:50 Jun 22))
    [Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -07:50 Jun 22
    [Bronwen was shot to death and will never walk again!] -03:03 Jun 23
    [MacBeth was being hounded by an insane Shadowstar and her furry pal!] -03:11 Jun 23
    MacBeth: *He finally got to her room!* Looks like this is your stop. *He gets inside and starts to lower her down on her bed!* -03:12 Jun 23
    Bronwen: I didn’t say anything about dropping me off. Besides, I don’t want bed all wet. -03:13 Jun 23
    MacBeth: *Stopped and stood up.* You’re going to be difficult about this, I see. -03:15 Jun 23
    Bronwen: You aren’t begging for mercy, so I must be clever. *A wide devious grin!* That’s the way it is for a prisoner of war. -03:17 Jun 23
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* So I’m a prisoner of war, am I? You realize you’re soaking both of us. -03:20 Jun 23
    Bronwen: You should have thought about that before you overkilled making sure I was dead. Spin in circles, you’ll dry faster! -03:23 Jun 23
    MacBeth: You sound like you expected me to show you mercy. It wouldn’t have been real training if I had. -03:26 Jun 23
    Bronwen: Uh huh… I think it was revenge for squirting you earlier. And now look what you’ve got! -03:28 Jun 23
    MacBeth: One insane Shadowstar. Exactly what I started with when this little adventure started. -03:30 Jun 23
    Bronwen: I meant being soaking wet and tortured to death, but I suppose that’s correct too. Tired yet? -03:32 Jun 23
    MacBeth: *Snickered.* Tired. Yeah. Ready to admit defeat. Hell no. -03:35 Jun 23
    Bronwen: Yeah? Then I think it’s a good time for a song too! -03:37 Jun 23
    MacBeth: *Smirked.* And which song will it be, my lady? *Although it’s plain to see, he’s not mocking Shadowstar.* -03:37 Jun 23
    Bronwen: Then new one, because you cheated and let me fall asleep. -03:39 Jun 23
    MacBeth: I figured that was better than the alternative. Waking you up and ending up with a gun to my head. -03:40 Jun 23
    Bronwen: Hmm… you might have a point. Sing it anyway. And dance! -03:42 Jun 23
    MacBeth: A song. Yeah. A dance? Only if you let me put you down. -03:44 Jun 23
    Bronwen: Alright, alright… but only while we’re dancing, and then you’ve gotta pick me back up again. -03:46 Jun 23
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Deal. *He put her down and got into position. One hand on her waist and the other hand holding hers.* -03:50 Jun 23
    Bronwen: *Dreadful grinning… he is all wet now isn’t he!* All ready. -03:52 Jun 23
    MacBeth: *It’s a good thing Shadowstar has a lot of leg room in this place of hers.* "Sick and tired of this world, There’s no more air, Trippin’ over myself, Goin’ nowhere, Waiting, Suffocating, No direction, And I took a dive …" *He led the way and started to dance. He didn’t mind the wet clothes. He’d been in worst.* -03:57 Jun 23
    Bronwen: *She’s gotten the hang of this dancing.. especially when thinking in terms of beating the hell out of Cassius! She’s snickering at the thought!* -04:00 Jun 23
    MacBeth: "And on the way down, I saw you, And you saved me, From myself, And I won’t forget, The way you loved me, On the way down, Almost fell right through, But I held onto you …" -04:03 Jun 23
    Bronwen: *She moved a little closer. So she could hear better, and not because it was pleasant.* -04:08 Jun 23
    MacBeth: "I’ve been wondering why, It’s only me, Have you always been inside, Waiting to breathe, It’s alright, sunlight, on my face, I wake up and yeah, I’m alive …" -04:10 Jun 23
    Bronwen: *Bronwen rest her forehead on his shoulder, wet or not!* -04:13 Jun 23
    MacBeth: "’Cause on the way down, I saw you, And you saved me, From myself, And I won’t forget, The way you loved me, On the way down, Almost fell right through, But I held unto you …" -04:15 Jun 23
    Bronwen: *It was juast as pleasant ti feel the hum in his chest while he sang! She grinned!* -04:20 Jun 23
    MacBeth: "I was so afraid, Of going under, But now, The weight of the world, Feels like nothing, no, nothing … Down, down, down, You’re all I wanted, Down, down, down, You’re all I needed, Down, down, down, You’re all I wanted, You’re all I needed …" -04:22 Jun 23
    Bronwen: *She’d spare him the disaster of singing too, but she could hum along just fine!* -04:26 Jun 23
    MacBeth: "And I won’t forget the way you loved me … All that I wanted, All that I needed … On the way down, I saw you, And you saved me, From myself, And I won’t forget, The way you loved me, On the way down, I almost fell right through, But I held unto you … Down, down, down, But I held unto you, Down, down, down, But I held unto you …" *He sang, finally finishing the song.* -04:30 Jun 23
    Bronwen: *She was just fine where she was!* You really pick the best songs. -04:33 Jun 23
    MacBeth: *Smiled a bit.* I’ve had a lot of time to learn ’em. I can’t play an instrument for the life of me, though. Brennan tried to teach me but I broke so many of his instruments, he finally had to give up. -04:36 Jun 23
    Bronwen: I imagine he probrably beat the devil out of you with them too. -04:37 Jun 23
    MacBeth: *Grinned.* He didn’t do that as much as he probably wanted to. I was way too quick for him. I got really lucky whenever Heather visited. She always distracted him. -04:40 Jun 23
    Bronwen: *Thhinking of Brennen trying to teach him things had her snickering.* He gets so frustrated, you must have driven him crazy. -04:44 Jun 23
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* I was a brat. Didn’t want to listen and didn’t want to stay still. I think I lived to push your brothers’ limits. Except Aaron. I learned pretty quick not to mess with him. -04:49 Jun 23
    Bronwen: That’s cause Aaron will smack the snot out of you if you dumb enough to back talk. First time Aaron smacked me, I was dizzy for week. -04:51 Jun 23

    “Grreeooww!” There was a loud mew from Bronwen’s bed. Tiny was lying on its back, looking sad as it exposed its belly. Then it curled up into a ball and rolled over, exposing its belly again, as if telling them it was hungry.

    Bronwen: ….That is the cutest damn thing I have ever seen. -04:56 Jun 23
    MacBeth: I guess I better go fix it something before it decides to eat the cargo. Do you want anything while your first mate slash cook is in the kitchen? -04:59 Jun 23
    Bronwen: I want to see if you can carry me around and cook at the same time. *She flashed him another devious grin!* -05:00 Jun 23
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* How could I ever resist the captain’s orders? *He picked her up and started for the kitchen.* -05:07 Jun 23

    Of course not to be left behind, Tiny hopped off the bed and followed!

    Bronwen: *Laughs!* Going to actually try it? You’ll lose points if you make a mess or drop me. -05:09 Jun 23
    MacBeth: Tch. Like I’m going to turn down a challenge. What do I get if I manage to cook while not making a mess or dropping you? -05:13 Jun 23
    Bronwen: Let’s see… you won’t get socked for dropping me and… I don’t know. What do you want? -05:14 Jun 23
    MacBeth: *Appeared to think about it for a moment.* To finish my time as prisoner of war. -05:20 Jun 23
    Bronwen: Just ruin my fun, hmm? Alright, you win the challenge and you’re not my war prisoner anymore. -05:21 Jun 23
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* A man’s gotta rest you know. ‘Specially when there’s the matter of saving one Brennan Shadowstar out of the clutches of Morgan’s goons. But I’ll make the meal worth the price of letting me go. *He got to the kitchen.* Hm. *He had his work cut out for him.* -05:27 Jun 23
    Bronwen: *She put her arms back around his neck and suppose she’d at least make herself useful.* Having second thoughts? -05:29 Jun 23
    MacBeth: Nope. *He opened the fridge with his foot and peered inside. They still had a lot of everything. He could whip up something quickly but not so easily.* So, the terms are: no messes and no dropping. -05:31 Jun 23
    Bronwen: Yep. No messes and no dropping. -05:33 Jun 23
    MacBeth: Right. *He took out a few things from the fridge and stuck them on the counter. Then he returned to get the other ingredients he needed. The next few minutes were spent getting the dishes he’d need out, plates and pans along with large cutting knives and other utensils. Once everything was laid out, he glanced at Shadowstar.* When was the last time you ate something? -05:40 Jun 23
    Bronwen: *She blinked at him.* When you made me breakfast? -05:41 Jun 23
    MacBeth: *Thoughtful. He put on the stove and began rearranging everything.* Right. So your stomach’s had time to settle. *He didn’t explain himself. He just started opening things with one hand and mixing them together. He glanced over at Tiny standing by the door.* It’s your fault I’m doing this. If you want to eat, you’d better get your furry ass over here and help out. -05:49 Jun 23

    Tiny tilted its head at him. Then it finally mewed, “Grreeooww!” and ran over.

    Bronwen: *Now she was wondering.. and eyeing him suspiciously.* You’re not gonna poison me, are you? -05:50 Jun 23
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* I don’t poison. Cassius is still walking around, isn’t he? That’s proof enough. -05:51 Jun 23
    Bronwen: I don’t know. Cassius doesn’t have you carry him around and sing for him. -05:53 Jun 23
    MacBeth: Good point. But I do like you. Cassius is hanging by a thread. *He glanced over at Tiny.* You can start cutting those vegetables over there. Just don’t get any fur on them. -05:57 Jun 23
    Bronwen: *He’s making a…. whachamacallit chop vegetables. How disgustingly adorable! She grinned like a cat.* So how much do you like me? -05:59 Jun 23

    “Grreeooww!” Tiny looked over to where Mac had been looking and went over to the vegetables. It examined it for a moment before turning to Mac. “Greeooww!” It nudged the vegetables over to him with its nose and began to bob its head up and down as if juggling invisible balls in the air with its nose. Apparently it wanted Mac to throw the vegetables in the air.

    MacBeth: *Raised an eyebrow at Tiny once he got the message. He grabbed the vegetable and threw it into the air.* Wouldn’t you like to know? -06:00 Jun 23

    As soon as that vegetable got thrown in the air, Tiny jumped up with the acrobatic ability of … something with a lot of acrobatic ability. Flash of claws. And then it landed. The vegetable landed back on the cutting board seemingly in one piece. Until Tiny mewed “Grreeooww!” and the vegetable split into tiny slices.

    Bronwen: Yes, I would… *She was momentarily distracted by vegetable throwing and a slicing-dicing furball! Impressive!* -06:03 Jun 23
    MacBeth: Currently you’re at the top of the list of Shadowstars I like. *He took the sliced vegetables and threw them into the pan on the stove. Then he picked up the pan and started to lightly toss the slices around without spilling them.* -06:07 Jun 23
    Bronwen: That’s a real easy list to be on the top of. There’s only five of us, and they’ve been tormenting you for years. *Haha! She steals a piece to pop in her mouth!* -06:10 Jun 23
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* I haven’t known you that long. That’s gotta count for something. -06:16 Jun 23

    That woman makes it look so tasty! Tiny gobbles a piece up, too!

    Bronwen: It helps that I am your captain and flattery gets bonus points. *Points at Tiny! The thief!* -06:21 Jun 23

    “Grreeooww!” Behold the look of furry innocence!

    MacBeth: Flattery is Flyboy’s department. *He sprinkled some spice over the vegetables and added some butter.* -06:26 Jun 23

    “Grreeooww!” Did Tiny just stick its tongue at Bronwen?!

    Bronwen: So cute… *She muttered at the wicked furball. Tongue sticking and all! * -06:27 Jun 23
    MacBeth: *Concentrating on cooking.* We need some meat. *He goes over to the fridge.* Let’s see … we got chicken, beef, pork. What’ll it be? -06:40 Jun 23
    Bronwen: Chicken! Is Tiny going to do all the chopping for that too? -06:42 Jun 23
    MacBeth: No. Chopping vegetables is one thing. I don’t trust it to chop meat. *Fortunately the chicken was boneless.* … Just don’t throw up on the food. *Before Shadowstar can ask, Mac tossed her into the air, freeing his hands. The ceiling was high and she didn’t hit the ceiling. By the time she landed, the chicken was chopped and he caught her.* Now you know why I asked about your stomach. -06:46 Jun 23
    Bronwen: ack~!! *Well he didn’t make her sick but he sure stunned her! She blinked at him!* How the hell did you do that?! -06:48 Jun 23
    MacBeth: Comes with the territory. *He added the chicken to the pan and began stirring it with the vegetables. He’d made enough food for everyone. Just a little more cooking and it should be done.* -06:54 Jun 23
    Bronwen: *She’s eyeing him carefully now.. examining even!* I don’t know if you’re stronger than you look or if I need to gain some weight. -06:56 Jun 23
    MacBeth: If I keep cooking, you won’t need to worry about gaining weight. *He finally looked at her and raised his eyebrow.* … What? -06:58 Jun 23
    Bronwen: I want to know what else you can do… and I’m trying to think of ways to find out. -07:00 Jun 23
    MacBeth: I can use a sword, cook, sing, and dance. There’s not much more to me than that. -07:04 Jun 23
    Bronwen: You can fight with me and not get your ass kicked. That’s pretty good too, I think. -07:06 Jun 23
    MacBeth: True … You know your food is ready. -07:10 Jun 23
    Bronwen: Then I guess your sentence is up and you should put me down. -07:11 Jun 23
    MacBeth: Pleasure to serve, as always. *He put her down.* What would you like to drink today, my lady? -07:12 Jun 23
    Bronwen: *The exagerated disappointed sigh!* Something warm will do. *She fixes Tiny up a plate!* -07:15 Jun 23
    MacBeth: Anything warm? If it’s yes, I still have some alcohol in here. -07:20 Jun 23
    Bronwen: That’ll do. *She sets Tiny’s plate on the floor, then fixes one for MacBeth and herself.* Am i about as much as you could throw around or could you toss say… someone like Cassius? -07:22 Jun 23
    MacBeth: Honestly, I don’t know. I haven’t tried tossing him since I was a kid and he’s gained some weight. I can try if it means I get to toss him out the airlock. -07:30 Jun 23

    “Grreeooww!” Tiny hops up to the plate and takes a moment to sniff it.

    Bronwen: *Snickering she hands MacBeth his plate.* Are you going to be pissed off at him forever? -07:31 Jun 23
    MacBeth: Thanks. *He accepts his plate.* Don’t know about that, either. Never been pissed at him like this before. Guess there’s a first time for everything. *He put the plate down and went to make them a drink.* -07:33 Jun 23
    Bronwen: *She leans against the counter and balances the plate in her hand to eat. She’s not surprised to find it good and edible!* I’m surprised, really.. Cassius has done a lot worse, I figured it wouldn’t have been the first time. -07:36 Jun 23
    MacBeth: … This time was just different. *He came back with something warm that tasted of vanilla and cinnamon.* -07:40 Jun 23
    Bronwen: *She frowned.* Now that I think about it, I should probably still be pissed too. But he makes me mad so often, I end up forgetting what I was mad about the last time. You know his idea of teaching me how to swim was throwing me in a lake and seeing how long it took me to figure out how to float? -07:43 Jun 23
    MacBeth: That’s definitely his style. *He looked at Tiny.* Do you want some? *He offered it the drink he’d made.* -07:46 Jun 23

    “Grreeooww!” Tiny mewed as it devoured its food whole. It lapped up the drink when Mac poured some into a saucer and put it beside it.

    Bronwen: And before he did it he told me there were sharks in there. Brennen still had to fish me out. …Well I hope he has alcohol tolorance… -07:48 Jun 23
    MacBeth: … I didn’t put alcohol in this drink. Figured I save that for when we get Brennen out. -07:50 Jun 23
    Bronwen: And drink Brennen under the table? *She flashed him a grin!* -07:52 Jun 23
    MacBeth: Provided his tolerance for alcohol hasn’t changed. *Smirked a bit.* -07:55 Jun 23
    Bronwen: If you think you beating them is bad, you should see what happens when I do it. *She finished her plate and set it aside to sip at that drink. Oooh… this was better than the last one!* -07:57 Jun 23
    MacBeth: I’ll take your word for it until I see it for myself. Think we should call in Cassius and see if Flyboy is up yet? -07:59 Jun 23
    Bronwen: Poor Duncan, he might not let me teach him anything else after today. I suppose he deserves some dinner. -08:00 Jun 23
    MacBeth: He’ll suck it up. Hell, he might even be banging on your door later tonight. -08:01 Jun 23
    MacBeth: … For training. *He gave a sideways glance to Shadowstar.* Whatever you and Cassius did to him did the trick. -08:02 Jun 23
    Bronwen: *Laughing, she set her cup down.* I don’t think it was me. I wonder if I should ask him for a kiss and see. -08:04 Jun 23
    MacBeth: … If you’re that curious. *He sipped his drink and took a bite of his food.* -08:13 Jun 23
    Bronwen: I’ll give you one if you ask me. *A wicked grin!* -08:15 Jun 23
    [Bronwen is a deviant!] -03:46 Jun 24
    [MacBeth had just been asked a very serious question. To him anyways!] -03:46 Jun 24
    MacBeth: … You’re serious. *He was studying her to see if she was just joking or not. She had to be …* -03:46 Jun 24
    Bronwen: *He looked so serious.. she was grinning again!* You might it sound like a big deal. It’s just kissing. -03:49 Jun 24
    MacBeth: … Humor me. I never took kissing the same way as some of your brothers did. -03:51 Jun 24
    Bronwen: *She blinked!* Then seriously. If you asked, I’ve give you a kiss. -03:55 Jun 24
    MacBeth: *Grinned slightly.* Thanks. I think I’ll save it for another time. -04:04 Jun 24
    Bronwen: *A skeptical glance at him, he’s strange… but she didn’t think too hard on it.* I’ll go fetching Duncan and makes sure he eats. If you can feed Cassius without strangling him… -04:07 Jun 24
    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* I can’t give you any guarantees. But I’m going under the theory that we need him to save Brennan so … he’ll live. -04:08 Jun 24
    Bronwen: Yep, need him a little while longer. *She waved her fingrs over her shoulder at him as she left to fetch that poor pilot of hers.* -04:09 Jun 24
    MacBeth: *Went to the comlink.* Hey, Cassius. Lunch. -04:11 Jun 24

    Duncan: *Was still out cold when Bronwen got to him.* … Zzzz … *He was sleeping?!*

    Cassius: *Cassius needed need to be invited twice, he was up and ready to eat in moments!* Who cooked?

    Bronwen: *Bronwen stood over Duncan and poked him in the side with her foot.* Wake up, prince. -04:14 Jun 24
    MacBeth: *Tempted to tell him his sister did and see if he would eat it or not.* I did. And no. No poison. -04:14 Jun 24

    Duncan: *Still snoring! He could sleep like a log that one!* Zzz … zzz …

    Cassius: Good, wasn’t looking to die today. *he was fixing himself a plate of food and smiling like he was up to something!* How’s your day been MacBeth? Bright and shiny?

    Bronwen: *Nudgepoke!* Duncan, there’s lunch. …Duncan. … WE’RE UNDER ATTACK. SAVE US! -04:19 Jun 24
    MacBeth: As bright and shiny as the new toys I found. I’ll be glad to use them on you sometime. *He never did like when Cassius got all cheery. It meant trouble.* -04:24 Jun 24

    Duncan: *Suddenly sat straight up!* I’ll–! *Just as suddenly, he dropped back down and went back to sleep!* Zzz …

    Cassius: New toys, eh? That’s good to hear, especially since Brownie’s plan is sure to get us near killed. *He plopped in to a chair and ate. Grinning like a cheshire cat!* How is my little sister today?

    Bronwen: Huh… *She nudged him again.* Wow! Look at the breasts on that Garison hooker! -04:28 Jun 24
    MacBeth: … Not as badly as yours almost got us killed. *He was quick to point out.* You can see for yourself when you two figure out what the hell you guys are doing. -04:29 Jun 24

    Duncan: *Jerks up again and looks around. Wide awake!* Garison hooker, where?!

    Cassius: Oh, she’s already told me what’s going on. Didn’t she let you know? Not very captain like to leave out her first mate from the planning. *He knew he was dancing on thin ice, but he did like living it dangerous!*

    Bronwen: Back on some other planet we’re not on right now. There’s food for ya, Duncan. Once you eat we should get flying. -04:33 Jun 24

    Duncan: *His face fell.* Awh man! Oh, food! *His face lit up again and he jumped to his feet! He gave her a smart salute!* Aye-aye, Captain! SAVE SOME FOOD FOR ME!

    MacBeth: Did she now …? Well, why don’t you start and if you leave anything out, I’ll correct you. *He said slowly, with the tone an adult gives to a child to humor him.* -04:35 Jun 24

    Cassius: Now Mac, you’re talking down to me like Aaron does and you know a kid like you can’t pull that off. *If he grins any wider his face will fall off!*

    Bronwen: Cassius is gonna eat it all if you don’t stop saluting me and go eat! -04:38 Jun 24
    MacBeth: You’ll be surprised. -04:39 Jun 24

    Duncan: Heh heh! *He gave her a sheepish grin before he dashed off!* SAVE SOME FOOD FOR ME!

    Cassius: I’ve already been surprised, now I’m looking for what else you got.

    Bronwen: *Clasping her hands behind her back, she followed after Duncan!* -04:43 Jun 24

    Duncan: *Wasted no time in dashing into the kitchen, cutting off whatever Mac was about to say. He dropped at the counter and looked over Cassius’ plate.* Oh, that smells delicious. May I have some please? *He grinned up at Mac.*

    MacBeth: *Looked up as Duncan entered and watched him practically drool over the food.* There’s plenty for everyone. *He filled a plate and gave it to Duncan.* -04:46 Jun 24
    Bronwen: *Entering the kitchen smoothly, eyeing her boys… She stopped at the counter and promptly smacked Cassius in the back of the head!* -04:47 Jun 24

    Cassius: *Cassius nearly choked on his own fork!* What the hell, woman?!

    Duncan: *Grinned as he took the plate.* Thanks! *He wasted no time in digging in.*

    Bronwen: I know what you were doing. Cut it out. -04:48 Jun 24

    Cassius: *Sheepishly clearing his throat, he stopped his grinning and scowled at his sister.* What makes you think I was up to something? I’m just an innocent man eating his lunch!

    Bronwen: We’ll say I’m psychic and that you were two minutes away from being a stuffed rug for the kitchen floor. -04:52 Jun 24
    MacBeth: I’m sure Tiny could appreciate something to sleep on. *He poured Duncan some of the drink he’d made.* -04:53 Jun 24

    Cassius: Eh, really? Bet I’d make a pretty fine rug. *There he went grinning again!* So captain, last minute orders before we carry out this grand plans of yours?

    Bronwen: Besides don’t die? You and Duncan are doing the easy parts. We’ll have to wing it once we’re inside. -04:57 Jun 24

    Cassius: I wouldn’t call cracking Othello’s system easy. And your flyboy cracks under pressure.

    MacBeth: Thanks to Duncan’s mother, we have the perfect little toy for you to use. But … if you’re not up to it, I guess I can use it. Then you can risk life and limb rescuing Brennen. -05:06 Jun 24

    Cassius: I ain’t scared of going in there guns blazing. And I’m sure not letting one of your three try hacking a system and getting us blown up in the process. …What toy?

    Bronwen: Madam Hessing gave us a cracker thingy. Hell, you’ll know how to use it. And Tiny will be your bodyguard! *A wide wicked grin!* -05:09 Jun 24

    Cassius: …Tiny is going to be my what now?

    “Grreeooww!” Tiny mewed as it lapped at its saucer of drink.

    Bronwen: Bodyguard. Duncan will be busy keeping the ship ready and out of sight. You’ll be distracted cracking the system, and will need someone looking out for trouble. MacBeth and I will be busy. -05:12 Jun 24

    Cassius: Everybody’s busy and you give me a creepy little furball. *He looked about ready to tell her to take that suggestion and eat it.*

    MacBeth: Tiny will behave. Provided you stay on its good side. -05:21 Jun 24

    Cassius: Let’s hope it stays on MY good side.

    MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* -05:23 Jun 24
    Bronwen: You have a good side? *She asked, sounding genuinly surprised!* -05:24 Jun 24

    “Grreeooww!” Tiny mewed and … snickered?!

    Cassius: Ha ha, Brownie, ha ha! Just you wait till we got Brennen on board. No more ganging up on poor Cassius.

    MacBeth: Of course not … *His voice was dripping with fake sympathy.* … Because by then, you’ll be Tiny’s new bed. -05:27 Jun 24

    Cassius: Go ahead and fire a shot at me, MacBeth and we’ll see who’s going to be the floor rug.

    MacBeth: Guns are Bronwen’s specialty, Cassie. *He yawned.* ‘Sides, I made her a promise. When you guys are done, clean up after yourselves. *Then he was gone, probably back to his room to catch some zzz’s.* -05:30 Jun 24

    Cassius: And why is that pain in the ass first mate, again?

    Bronwen: I’m pretty sure it’s because he’s smarter than you. *Smiiiirk!* -05:33 Jun 24

    Duncan: *Wisely stayed silent and was now done with his meal! He got up and started cleaning up after himself.*

    Cassius: You’re pushing it, sister. I ain’t above prodding you with this here fork.

    Bronwen: Bah, you’re just pissy he turned the tables on you. If you’re done, I’ll clean up and you can show Duncan how the cloaking system works. -05:39 Jun 24

    “Grreeooww!” Tiny mewed.

    Cassius: As you order, Captain. *A whole bucket of sarcasm, he just casts Tiny a scowl as he heads out.* Meet you at the bridge, flyboy.

    Bronwen: *She gathered up them dishes quick, and flashed Duncan a grin!* You’re not gonna let me down, are you? -05:46 Jun 24

    Duncan: *Grinned and gave her a smart salute.* I reckon failure isn’t an option, Cap’n. Cassius is sure to teach me good. ‘Cause getting caught is the last thing he wants. *He disappeared to follow Cassius.*

    “Grrreeoow!” Tiny mewed, watching the woman pick up the dishes.

    Bronwen: See, Duncan isn’t as dumb as he looks. *She remarks to Tiny, as she washes the dishes.* You know your job too, right? It might be tempting, but we don’t want Cassius to get killed. -05:53 Jun 24

    “Grreeooww!” Tiny mewed and it even nodded.

    Bronwen: He gets back on the ship by any means necesary. Even if you have to swallow him to get him to move. *She didn’t think Tiny could actually DO that.. but then again… Bronwen put the dishes away!* -05:56 Jun 24

    “Grreeooww!” Tiny mewed again. It seemed rather enthusiastic when she mentioned swallowing Cassius but surely a creature as intelligent as it could resist the urge.