in the middle of the night however; around 3 33 a.m. to be exact, a gathering of dead people– all of them evil spirits, gathered around that bed! Naturally, Dominoe started waking up and growling. But even if this didn\’t wake up Kylie– hands around her throat and ankles, and being drug under the bed sure would! And there\’s more of them flooding in the room– going for Felicia, with evil looks on their faces!

[Felicia is having a really bad dream. Wait.. this isn\’t a dream?!] -02:26 Mar 16
[Kylie *Was being drug under the bed by the evil dead people! She wasn\’t even awake– but she would be soon enough if she hit that hard floor!* ] -02:27 Mar 16
[Bernhard tackles one of the things dragging Kylie.] -02:28 Mar 16
Felicia: *She’s dreaming about zombies! Zombies trying to eat her brains! ..Blink blink! This isn’t a dream is it… With a shriek, Felicia grabs Kylie and attempts to roll off the other end of the bed with her!* -02:29 Mar 16
Bernhard: Mutt … This would be a good time to be useful right about now. *He remarks loudly as he’s pulled off of the thing he tackled and throws the thing that grabbed him over his head.* -02:29 Mar 16
Kylie: *Kylie hits the floor alright, and wakes up with huge eyes! What was going on?!* Bernhard! *Dominoe of course is soon awake and barking his head off; lunging at a particular group of dead creeps trying to surround Felicia and Kylie!* -02:31 Mar 16
Felicia: *Felicia sends a foot to a dead head, without letting go of Kylie!* Guh huuh! Get back…! -02:33 Mar 16

Raaaaghhh mooooaaaaan… Dead people on a mission, and there’s a lot of them! Priority is keeping Bernhard out of the way for open access to them girls!

Bernhard: *Fights free of some of the creatures. He dashes forward and jumps up, knocking over a few of them enough to get an opening to the Montgomery’s. He grabs Dominoe’s collar with one hand and wraps one arm around Felicia’s waist with the other without stopping.* Hold on. *He races straight for a closed door but before anyone can scream, darkness engulfs them! There is a shock of cold like being dropped into ice-water before they emerge–in an old barn?!* -02:34 Mar 16
PM From: Bernhard: To: Felicia Cffg! Ner lbh uvqvat ba NVZ? V arrq gb cybg nobhg Oreauneq. &yg;.&yg; -02:36 Mar 16
PM From: Felicia: To: Bernhard V’z uvqvat sebz fbzr rivy crbcyr… &tg;&tg;;; yrzzr frg hc n grzc anzr! -02:36 Mar 16
Kylie: *She gasps, surprised, she hated that teleporting feeling! She got a little dizzy, but clutched Felicia’s arm trying not to fall over.* The barn isn’t going to keep those things out Bernhard. You know that. -02:37 Mar 16
Bernhard: I know. *He lets go of Dominoe’s collar and of Felicia.* But it will give us time to regroup. *He would have teleported them elsewhere–even Belfast but … Kylie couldn’t leave the grounds.* -02:38 Mar 16
PM From: Felicia: To: Bernhard zrffntr Fcnprxvggrabet ! -02:39 Mar 16
Felicia: *Felicia wasn’t letting go of Kylie… And Felica didn’t like that… er.. teleporting business?* So… dead people, huh? That’s… going to get old real fast. *She plopped on the ground!* -02:40 Mar 16
Kylie: You and Felicia can at least get out of here for the night. I’ll just have to hide out here… I can climb up to the rafters; maybe they won’t get me from there. And I’ll have Dominoe with me too. -02:41 Mar 16
Felicia: No. You stay here, and I’ll go out and see if I can make it to town and get us a taxi. We’re not going to stay in this crazy house! -02:45 Mar 16
Bernhard: You will have a better chance of returning with a stolen car than a taxi. -02:47 Mar 16
Kylie: *She looks at Felicia sadly. Everytime she tried to escape; there was always that painful feeling— and then she’d end up right back in her bedroom, the doors magically locked!* -02:48 Mar 16
Felicia: *Well.. that didn’t sound promising…* I.. I have a pocket full of cash, someone will give me a car. *And she looks pretty damned determined to. Like hell she was going to feed her sister or herself to dead people and shadows! She set Kylie down and dusted off her hands.* So you wait here with Bernhard where it’s safe and warm. -02:49 Mar 16
Kylie: I’ll go with you! …. If you can get out; maybe I can too this time… *How hopeful she looked; but she wasn’t dressed at all for this wintry weather, that much was certain.* -02:50 Mar 16
Felicia: No. It’s snowing cats and dogs and it’s safer with Bernhard. -02:51 Mar 16
Kylie: I’m going too! *And to prove her point; she marches right for the doors of that barn, not caring at all how cold it was…she wanted out of this damn house too!* -02:53 Mar 16
Felicia: *Felicia snatches up the little girl under her arm.* I’m the one in charge here, and I say you stay here with the bodyguard until I come back with a car! -02:55 Mar 16
Bernhard: *Is thoughtful as he watches Kylie and Felicia argue. The Montgomery blood … Such stubborn humans.* Actually … the safest place on the grounds is the family graveyard. -02:55 Mar 16
Kylie: *The family graveyard….She thought for a moment. Sometimes when things got too scary in her room; she found herself the next day- waking up in that graveyard, usually close to her mother or father’s tomb-stone. As if she’d either slepwalked there, or had been carried there by someone who wasn’t Bernhard…and of course, she never told him that. But she’d agree to go there in anycase..* -02:57 Mar 16
Felicia: See, Bernhard knows the safest place. *She shoves Kylie in to his arms!* You can take her, and I’d not be gone for too long. -02:59 Mar 16
Bernhard: *Catches Kylie. He could take her to the mausoleum. All she would need was some light and warm clothing. The tomb wasn’t air tight and had been designed to allow air through.* -03:01 Mar 16
Kylie: *Ack! Falls right into Bernhard’s arms, and stares at Felicia; who was obviously going to find out the hard way there was no leaving this place!* -03:01 Mar 16
Felicia: *Hands on her hips, she gives Kylie THE LOOK, which was supposed to mimic her mom’s but eeriely loosk more like their scowling father!* I promise I’ll be back. I’ll run as fast as I can. Then we’ll jet out of here faster than you can say Ghostbusters. *With that in mind, and praying she wasn’t about to walk right in to a zombie feast, Felicia moved towards the barn door and sloooowly peeked out!* -03:04 Mar 16
Bernhard: *Ah yes. She was Bernard’s offspring alright. That scowl certainly proved it.* Good luck. -03:07 Mar 16
Kylie: *She looks at Bernhard sadly, knowing her half-sister might not come back at all!* -03:08 Mar 16
Felicia: Right… *She casts them one quick look before running off in to the snow like a madwoman! She’s on a mission!* -03:09 Mar 16

Suddenly… DEAD PEOPLE appear inside the barn! Raaagghh….

Bernhard: *Looks back at Kylie and grabs her.* So much for a moment of peace. Let’s go, Mutt. *He grabs Dominoe’s collar again and they disappear into the shadows. When they reappear, Bernhard lights an old torch, revealing them to be in the family mausoleum.* -03:11 Mar 16

Raaaggh? One of the dead people snaps their fingers! Missed again!

Kylie: *She turns her head and her eyes widen when she sees the dead people inside the barn! They were really determined tonight for some reason! She blinks again and is suddenly in the moseuleum!* I hope they can’t get in here……we’re running out of places to teleport. -03:12 Mar 16
Felicia: *Felicia ran! At least she was quick. It helped that snow on bare feet was frickin’ cold! Ack…! There was dead people trying to block her way! But there’s no stopping now… she runs right in to one and bounds off — then backsteps! YOINK! She stole the dead lady’s shoes before running off towards the front gates! The home stretch! Felicia tries squeezing herself through the bars!* -03:14 Mar 16
Bernhard: … They shouldn’t. The entire gravesite is warded and protected. Generations upon generations of Montgomery power. Your father often mentioned that each generation of Montgomery added an extra line of defense against evil. -03:14 Mar 16

The bars mooooaaan the way old metal usually does when it bends. And in a split second, Felicia finds one of the metal bars wrapped around her waist. There ain’t no getting through the gates now!

Kylie: Great. We’ll just hide out here for the night…. except now I want to find Felicia. *She admitted, worried….she’d seen so many family members die in really horrible ways; she just didn’t want to have to see that again…. was that too much to ask?* -03:17 Mar 16
Felicia: …?! *That did not just happen! Felicia twists, pulls, and… tries to duck backwards! Ack! She’s like some dumb cat stuck in a fence!* Damned gates..!! Let go of me! *She’s now trying to pry the bars off! C’mon! They have to be easy to bend!* -03:18 Mar 16
Bernhard: I suppose I could. Given t he time, I doubt she’s gotten far if she is, indeed, still on the grounds. Think you’re up to keeping an eye on Kylie, Mutt? *He glances at Dominoe.* -03:22 Mar 16

That gate ain’t moving and neither is a Montgomery, with a different last name or not! And those dead people have figured out they can’t get in the Mausoleum, so they’ll just go after the shish-kababob!

Felicia: … I am not your dinner…!! *So what if she’s stuck in a gate! Felicia can still twist around enough so she can see who she’s kicking in the face! Take that decaying old man! Eat foot, lady she stole these shoes from!* -03:23 Mar 16
Kylie: *Dominoe growls quietly in agreement and moves closer to Kylie in response to Bernhard’s question. But Kylie had a feeling he was going to need extra help that night; and tried not to reveal anything about what she was up to….* Alright….just be careful. -03:26 Mar 16

They’re not going to EAT her claim the dead people. They’re just going to – well they weren’t sure what they were going to do to her, but it was going to involve something pretty bad! Especially now that she stole some shoes! So the deadman grabs her foot to pull her out of the gate, even if she gets pulled in half!

Felicia: What?! That’s the lamest.. ragh!! Get off! *She kicks again to smash dead guy in the nose!* Go back to the deadside! Or the other side! Or where ever you came from! -03:37 Mar 16
Bernhard: *Nods.* As always. *He disappears into a shadow and reappears outside. There is snow and ice and darkness but he’s grown used to the cold. His wings grow and he dashes forward before taking off! It doesn’t take long for him to find Felicia, especially since he had decided to check the front gate first.* -03:39 Mar 16

These dead people were getting their faces kicked, and it could really bruise a dead person’s pride, considering the woman was stuck in a gate and should be easy pickings! There’s more of them than her, though! She can’t kick them all!

Kylie: *She sits crosslegged on the floor as soon as Bernhard leaves! She’s gathering up all of her energy, and readying herself for a huge excorsizing spell! She’d been studying a lot more than math and english and boring old science when Bernhard wasn’t around- that was for sure! She closes her eyes and concentrates extremely hard on the evil dead people suddenly disappearing!* -03:42 Mar 16
Felicia: *Watch her try, damnit! Now would be a really good time to know some of that family dead people skills!* Go back from whence you came! Hocus pocus! Ack… just lay off me! *Kickkick!* -03:43 Mar 16

without warning, or any explainable reason at all… the dead people currently after her and Felicia just vanish! And are nowhere to be found! What could possibly have happened??

Bernhard: *Drops down, next to Felicia, his wings disappearing. He raises an eyebrow as the things disappear and turn to Felicia.* I see you were entertaining company. -03:44 Mar 16
Felicia: …Bernhard… that’s not funny. *Reguardless of being glad to see him, she didn’t appreciate the humor at all. Felicia is once again trying to squeeze her way out of the bars wrapped around her waist.* So.. funny thing happened. The gate really likes me… -03:46 Mar 16
Kylie: *Just passes out unexpectedly! That had taken way too much energy out of the kid, and that could lead to trouble later. Now she was curled up in a little ball on the floor of the mosuleum.Dominoe can only perch in front of her to make sure nothing else happens.* -03:48 Mar 16
Bernhard: *Studies the gate.* Hm. So, you can’t leave either … *He tugs on one of the bars.* -03:49 Mar 16
Felicia: It was only the first try. There’s bound to be a way out somewhere. *She’s going to be a Felicia popcicle. On the place side, it’s not being murdered if you did it to yourself, right?* -03:50 Mar 16
Felicia: *plus side.. yay dyslexia! -03:52 Mar 16
Kylie: *Just doesn’t wake up for anything…not even once. She was too out of it to even try.* -03:55 Mar 16
Bernhard: First things first. Getting you free. It seems the harder you try to free yourself, the stronger the gate holds you. Have you tried … oh, I don’t know … relaxing and fousing that Montgomery power of yours on getting free? -03:57 Mar 16
Felicia: Oh gee. You make it sound like I knew anything about Montgomery power and how to use it. *She’s got that sheepish look on her face, and is rather tempted to kick him too… Felicia tries his suggestion and goes limp!* -03:58 Mar 16

As if convinced Felicia understood she wasn’t to leave anywhere, the gate spits her back out at Bernhard’s feet! As if it decided she didn’t taste very nice!

Felicia: *SPLAT right in the snow!* …. *Felicia angrily flips the gate her middle finger!* -03:59 Mar 16

The gate merely makes an awful screeching sound– as if to cuss her out or just make unpleasant noises in response to that finger, and possibly promising to bite it right off if Felicia crossed its path again!

Bernhard: *Crosses his arms and waits for Felicia and the gate to be done with it. Yes, giving the gate the finger is definitely going to help her chances of leaving the grounds.* Are you two done yet? -04:01 Mar 16

The gate goes back to being quiet and innocent looking as possible.

Felicia: *Blink!* !! *Felicia retrieves her finger and scoots backwards until her back hits Bernhard’s legs!* …is it going to be like this until something finally knocks me dead? -04:02 Mar 16
Bernhard: If you’re lucky. I don’t suppose you’re up to teleporting again. -04:04 Mar 16
Felicia: *She makes a blach face before glancing up at him.* Teleport us anyway.\ -04:05 Mar 16

Great Uncle Larry, yes Dead Uncle Larry, was sitting in the mausoleum smoking a pipe and patting ole Dominoe on the head. “Wake up little cream puff. They’re coming back.”

Bernhard: *Gives Felicia a half-bow.* Of course. *He reaches out and takes Felicia’s hand. The two of them disappear into a shadow and reappear … in the mausoleum where Bernhard left Kylie and Dominoe!* -04:08 Mar 16
Kylie: *Wakes up juuuust before Bernhard and Felicia teleport inside the moseuleum; and hugs Uncle Larry! She misses talking with him! But he’s gone just as soon as the other two arrive, so she really doesn’t have much time to say anything.* Are they gone? *She asks instead, looking innocent as can be!* -04:09 Mar 16
Felicia: *Felicia rubs her head… well at least teleporting that time was a little easier.* Are you trying to give that innocent kid "I didn’t do anything but this look says otherwise" face? -04:11 Mar 16

Dead Uncle Larry is now behind Bernhard and Felicia, making faces at Kylie.

Kylie: *She snickers at Uncle Larry! He was ruining her image of innocent…but she couldn’t help it. He was always too funny!* I didn’t do anything–honest! *Even Bernhard knows her better than that! And would definitely catch that tired look Kylie just happens to be unable to hide.* -04:14 Mar 16
Bernhard: Your face says otherwise. Is there … anything you’d like to share with the rest of the class? Say, about who got rid of all those things quickly and cleanly? -04:16 Mar 16
Felicia: Uh huh, cause I know I sure didn’t do it myself. *Felicia follows kylie’s grinning glance to peek over her shoulder. ACK! Another one! Felicia squeeks, hopping in front of Bernhard to use him as a shield!* -04:17 Mar 16

Great Uncle Larry just chuckles! “Don’t be so hard on the little sugarcake, demonboy! Someone has to teach big sister the ropes!”

Kylie: *Stares at Bernhard with her green eyes which are glowing silver somewhat; due to the fact she’s seen the dead-people almost all day, and just now, she was seeing Uncle Larry.* You don’t have to worry Bernhard; I don’t do that unless it was like tonight–and I had to make them leave somehow. And Felicia, this is Great Uncle Larry. He helps me lots in school. *She grins!* -04:19 Mar 16
Bernhard: Keep talking, ash-breath. *He looks up.* If she wants to teach Felicia, she can do it without using up her energy. -04:20 Mar 16
Felicia: *Felicia gives a weak wave to..uh.. Uncle Larry. Dead Uncle Larry.* Hi…? *Do ghosts even need to smoke? She’s just going to keep using Bernhard as a shield anyway.* about this Teaching Felicia business. …I’m thinking it might be a good idea… -04:22 Mar 16
Kylie: Sure! I can teach Felicia..it should be easy. *Boy she was tired enough to drop right then and there….. but she wasn’t going to let them know!* -04:24 Mar 16

Dead Uncle Larry puffs on his pipe with his old man grin. “Course Kylie needs a break, so there’s no reason why demonboy here can’t teach a few basic things. He’s got to be good for something.”

Bernhard: Yes, says the old fart who died. *Growls softly.* -04:26 Mar 16
Bernhard: (Minus the "Yes" x_x) -04:26 Mar 16
Felicia: Why does he keep calling you demoboy? *She half whispers to Bernhard… Oh geeze.. Wait, she already knows the answer to this doesn’t she.* -04:28 Mar 16
Kylie: *She blinks…looks at Felicia and just flat out says,* Duuuh. *Grins cause she knows how much big-half-sister looooves this kind of stuff!* -04:29 Mar 16
Bernhard: Because he’s an inflated wind bag afraid of his own shadow. *Remarks without taking his eyes off of Larry. Dead or not, it certainly looks like he’s about to attack the older Montgomery.* -04:30 Mar 16

Dead Uncle Larry has a seat. On an invisible chair. Puffing again, he crosses his ankles together. “Bernhard here is like the family pet. Course ain’t a one of us that wanted him, that’s just the way it goes. We better brush up on my neices suprnatural senses.”

Felicia: Hey! *She points a frozen fingers at the old – dead – man!* Give me a break! I grew up with soccer games and girl scouts! Not ghosts and zombies. Besides, demon or not, Bernhard’s saved our lives at least three times tonight, and that’s good for something! -04:33 Mar 16
[Felicia was just telling Dead Uncle Larry that Bernhard has been lots of useful!] -03:07 Mar 19
[Bernhard doesn\’t expect the old air bag to relent. He\’s a stubborn old fool …] -03:08 Mar 19
[Kylie *She was trying to keep herself awake; having just used an enormous amount of energy by excorsizing the bad people. She stiffles a yawn but perches next to Uncle Larry!* ] -03:09 Mar 19

Dead Uncle Larry just laughs as he puffs his pipe. “Yep, useful one day and missing the next! But Ah! My little prodigy is practically asleep on her feet! Now that little Kylie removed the dead and saved your lives, I think it’s time to return to the house for some rest.”

Kylie: *She yawns again, but she doesn’t want to go back to her room just yet…* Uncle Larry, should I teach Felicia by showing her the books you gave me? It might help if she read the basics first. -03:13 Mar 19
Bernhard: *Doesn’t say a word. He just leans against the wall with his arms crossed. This would’ve been the last place he would’ve gone had it not been for the fact Kylie had needed to come here.* Felicia and I should check the house first. -03:14 Mar 19
Felicia: Uncle Larry teaches a seven year old how to deal with dead people huh? *Felicia cats Uncle Larry a dirty look… Even the dead should have some sense of responsibility!* Yeah, Kylie will be safe here with Dominoe, right? We can check the house and then we’ll get some sleep. Teaching is better when we’re rested. -03:15 Mar 19

Uncle Larry merely smiles! “It’s kept our little Kylie alive hasn’t it?” Uncle Larry puffpuffs! “I’ll watch my girl while demonboy gets his job done!”

Kylie: *Grins sheepishly at Felicia….* Well… Uncle Larry isn’t the only one who teaches me stuff… At least they wait until I’m done with my homework.. *Her silver-green eyes are as innocent as can be!* -03:18 Mar 19
Bernhard: *Eyes narrow and flash as he glares daggers at Larry.* Shall we, Miss Felicia? *He turns to her, his expression somewhat softer.* -03:19 Mar 19
Felicia: Uh huh. *Boy, if she were a few years younger.. She’d be sticking her tongue out of Uncle Larry! Felicia leads the way back towards the house!* -03:21 Mar 19
Kylie: *Kylie grins and waves to the couple! She’s already convinced her half-sister likes Bernhard more than just a little! But she turns back to Uncle Larry..* I guess I’ll just make sure I fall asleep….but what about the Shadow Creature…… is it really gone? I haven’t seen it in a while… -03:24 Mar 19
Bernhard: *Follows after Felicia. He’s finally glad to be out of there. He would love nothing more than to be free of this servitude …* -03:24 Mar 19

Uncle Larry continues to smoke his pipe, seeming unconcerned! “Of course not. But I am sure you yourself will take care of that mean old beast, won’t you, little genius?”

Kylie: *She doesn’t know…! She looks a little uncertainly at Uncle Larry, but she manages a small smile anyway.* I sure hope so…I just wonder how I can do that before anymore family dies. -03:28 Mar 19
Felicia: *Felicia tired and annoyed… and more than a little freaked out, but she can only deal with one emotion at a time! And for now, it’s prowling around a big creepy house monster-proofing it for her little sister.* I need a gun! Wait… would that even work? Maybe holy water. -03:30 Mar 19

Dead Uncle Larry just shrugs. “Don’t get too attached to that one, little neice. She was not raised strong like us. Without you and the demon, she would be dead all ready.”

Bernhard: Your father kept a gun locked in a case under his bed. It might still be there. It’s not holy water but the gun was blessed so whether the ammo is blessed as well or not should not be a problem. -03:32 Mar 19
Kylie: *She sighed a bit, curling up next to Uncle Larry and Dominoe on her other side, just thinking about how she was starting to like Felicia too.* It’s not fair, Uncle Larry…. I hate to say it like that… but why is this creature so determined to make me lose everyone I like? Did I do something bad? -03:34 Mar 19
Felicia: Really? Now that sounds just right. *She casts a quick look at Bernhard before she pushes in through the back door of the house. Warily she peeks around what must be the kitchen!* All clear, I think. …. Were all of the Montgomeries like Uncle Larry? -03:35 Mar 19

Uncle Larry pats a ghostly hand on Kylie’s head. “We’ve had a good run, puppet. Of course… that shadow being wants something specific. Have you thought about what it might want?”

Bernhard: That depends on what you mean. Full of himself. Irresponsible. Self-righteous. Ruthless and merciless enough to introduce a child into a world of ghosts and shadows? And a dumb ass to boot. -03:37 Mar 19
Kylie: Hmm… not really, Uncle Larry….I just know it seems to be saving me for some odd reason; cause there were plenty of times it could have killed me too… but I have no idea why it just lets me live but kills everyone else. -03:39 Mar 19
Felicia: So he’s a real dick. And the others? *Felicia moves across the kitchen… Where would dead things pop out? At least nothing was screaming out creepy vibes… She moved to the next room!* -03:42 Mar 19

“Because children can see things that most others can not, wee Kylie. But we best not mention that to Bernhard ot Felicia.”

Bernhard: More or less like him. Their entire focus is on "their calling." Their world revolves around the dead. There were a few exceptions, of course. Your dad was one of those exceptions. He kept everyone in line. Perhaps that is why he died first … -03:47 Mar 19
Kylie: *She looks over at Uncle Larry and sits up, blinking. Rubbing tired eyes, she puts one hand on Dominoe’s head.* Ok, I won’t Uncle Larry.. I suppose that’s true though… it makes me more curious about what it is I’m suppossed to be seeing that it wants…? -03:47 Mar 19
Felicia: Guess I was the lucky kid. *Felicia mutters a little too loudly. She’s found herself in a… um… what is this room, like an extra family room? There were sofas, a fireplace, jukebox. A bit normal looking.* Are you just Kylie’s babysitter, or were you everyone’s whipping boy? -03:50 Mar 19

“We’ll find out in time, won’t we puppet?” Cheerfully says Uncle Larry! “In the meantime, why don’t we work on our exercises! The meditation ones!”

Kylie: *She blinks a few times! Then nods at Uncle Larry, standing first to stretch her already-stiff muscles from lying on the concrete; then getting in the cross-legged position, ready for a few basics at least! Unless Uncle Larry had something bigger in mind. She quirks an eyebrow at him, but is ready to start!* -03:54 Mar 19
Bernhard: The latter. I only became Kylie’s babysitter because everyone else had died. *He looks around.* Almost there. -03:57 Mar 19

Uncle Larry counts numbers, and does his best trying to distract Kylie to mess up her meditation… it’s part of the exercises!

Felicia: I guess if you didn’t have to stiick around here, you’d be gone in a heart beat? *Tough questions, but she felt a responsibility to ask him, If he WAS a demon and he WAS just there cause he HAD to be, who is to say he wasn’t going to try and screw them over the first chance he got… if he’s not already found a way to do it now! Felicia finds the stair case and starts up it.* -03:59 Mar 19
Kylie: *Isn’t fooled by her uncle’s counting even for a second; and she blocks that out with ease, for a 7 year old, she had amazingly good concentration.* -03:59 Mar 19
Bernhard: *Is thoughtful for a moment.* Interesting question. But quite possibly. I have been the Montgomery pet for far too long. *Small, nonchalant shrug.* Alas, my fate is a different one. -04:03 Mar 19

Uncle Larry is persistant! He goes as far as tickling! Vicious tickling!

Felicia: *Felicia stops in the middle of the hall, with her hands resting on her hips and gives Bernhard a good hard stare.* Well… I’ll make a deal with you. If you protect me and Kylie until this problem is solved, I will break your contract. If I can see dead people, there’s no reason why I can’t break your contract. Then you can do what you want. -04:05 Mar 19
Kylie: *Eeep! Nope, not falling for that trick! She stops herself from wanting to squirm, and manages to keep her face straight and her mind completely blank at the same time! She was shutting out even the cold of the room at this point!* -04:06 Mar 19

Uncle Larry plays hardball. He kicks Dominoe!

Kylie: *Dominoe can take care of himself! In fact, the black lab lifts his head and snarls! Then goes right back to sleep!* -04:07 Mar 19

Uncle Larry goes on undaunted. He’s making poor Dominoe float around in the air!

Kylie: *The seven year old hears Dominoe whining as he’s lifted in the air; but its almost as if she can sort of ‘see’ what her uncle was doing with her eyes closed! She just keeps her mind as blank as ever! She’d make it up to Dominoe later….* -04:09 Mar 19

Uncle Larry makes Dominoe tap dance on Kylie’s head!

Bernhard: *Stops and raises an eyebrow at her. He studies her for several long moments with a blank look on his face.* I enjoy a challenge. Very well, Miss Felicia. You have a deal. *He grins.* My protection for the broken contract. -04:11 Mar 19
Kylie: *Bad Uncle Larry! She resists the urge to scold! She had to keep concentrating…!* -04:11 Mar 19
Felicia: Yep. A deal. *That was almost sort of a relief! She started down the hall again!* -04:13 Mar 19

Felicia turns around and nearly runs in to an oooold woman. She’s so wrinklie and old she looks a century. “Making deals with demons, is it, girl?” She says.

Bernhard: Now, now, Granny, desperate times call for desperate measures. -04:15 Mar 19
Felicia: *Felicia backs up a step, trying not to make a blechy face at the old woman. This one was dead for sure. Gawd, she hoped the woman wasn’t alive looking like that…* Yeah.. what he said. -04:16 Mar 19

Uncle Larry drops Dominoe right on top of Kylie!

Granny sounds as cantankerous as she looks. “No Montgomery makes deals with demons… You don’t even deserve to be in this house!” Granny pulls up her cane to jab at Felicia!

Kylie: *Ouch! Dominoe whiiines in protest as he lands right on her lap, knocking her over on the concrete–! Kylie’s concentration is definitely broken and she has to struggle to help Dominoe off.* Evil ol Cheater. *She remarks at her uncle.* -04:18 Mar 19
Bernhard: Quiet, crone. *Steps between Felicia and Granny.* You are one to talk. Your children are dead and she and Kylie are the last of your bloodline. She possesses as much power as the rest of you fools. Now, out of our way. -04:18 Mar 19

Uncle Larry looks right pleased with himself. “Stuff is going to get thrown at you, sweetums! You just gotta swat it out of your way!”

Granny is not intimidated by no curse-bound demon, and she is fine with threatening him with that cane too! “Watch your mouth demon. You are the cause of this. YOU are the reason my babies are gone, and it’s only a matter of time before you are the cause of that one’s death too!” She hiiiiisses!

Bernhard: Perhaps your children should have learned never to fight fire with fire. *He takes Felicia by the elbow and guides her around the woman–avoiding the cane–and down the hall.* -04:23 Mar 19
Kylie: *Grins and has to comfort a terrified Dominoe!* You mean like that time that lamp was hurled at my head a few weeks ago? That wasn’t you was it? *Dominoe finally calms down again, and huddles at Kylie’s side, not going anywhere near her uncle!* -04:23 Mar 19
Felicia: *Oh boy, more Montgomery back history. Of course, this wasn’t helping her trust issues with mister Demon Butler Bodygaurd Bernhard. But a deal is a deal.* I get the feeling they don’t like bastard children around here either. -04:24 Mar 19

The old crone shakes her cane at them before she disappears!

Uncle Larry is back to puffing on his pipe and looking as innocent as a newborn babe. “I’d never hurt you, sweetums. Just keep that in mind.”

Bernhard: *Smirks a bit.* She thinks every Montgomery who isn’t inbred is a bastard child. -04:27 Mar 19
Felicia: *There’s that icky face!* …ew! Please be joking… *Oh bleeeeccch! Family inbreeding? And she thought seeing dead people and being murdered was bad! Horrible mental images!* Okay…! Before my mind gets away with me, which one is my father’s room so I can get that gun. -04:29 Mar 19
Bernhard: *Chuckles softly.* That one. *He points to the end of the hall where a large oak door stands. The knob is brass and engraved with a leaf.* -04:31 Mar 19
Kylie: *She nods, knowing he wouldn’t…. but it’s awfully strange how that lamp had gone flying at her that one night; just three weeks ago before Felicia arrived; it had been aimed right at her head with an amazing speed. If she hadn’t of ducked in time, she would have been definitely knocked out cold. And Uncle Larry most definitely has never allowed her to get even a small scratch when he taught her things… * I’ll remember that Uncle. I think I need a nap though….I haven’t slept so great lately. *She admits, feeling really tired….* -04:31 Mar 19

“Go to sleep, puppet. It’s always safe here with the family.”

Felicia: *Still making those dreadful faces, Felicia heads towards the doors and with only a slight moment of hesitation she pulled them open to step in to the Master’s Bedroom. She’s at the bed before she stops, considering whether or not she reeeaally wants to peek under there and see another one of those shadow beasts.* Uh.. could you…? *She wiggles her finger at the bed!* -04:33 Mar 19
Kylie: *She decides to do just that and promptly passes out, using Dominoe partially as a pillow.* -04:33 Mar 19
Bernhard: *Stands in the doorway and looks at the bed when she points at it.* Hm. Of course. *He steps up to the bed and checks underneath it.* -04:35 Mar 19

As soon as Bernhard is leaning on the floor to check under the bed, there’s a soft PLOOF sound! There’s Dead Uncle Larry popping behind Felicia to grab her around the waist along with a hand over her mouth and PLOOFS away with her! There’s some laughter echoing in the room from Good Old Dead Uncle Larry! “Weren’t you supposed to be protecting my little prodigy? She’s lonely there in the mausoleum.”

Bernhard: *Lifts his head to look at where Felicia had been!* Miss Felicia! *He growls. He knows that laughter anywhere! But first … he moves under the bed to grab a wooden box engraved with the Montgomery "coat of arms". Then he "sinks" into a shadow and disappears!* -04:40 Mar 19

“Do make sure my little neice is tucked sweetly in to her bed after you give her a few cookies. Felicia will find her way back to the house, I’m sure!” Echos a laughing Uncle Larry!

Felicia finds herself dropped suddenly in to a great big cold pile of snow quite a bit away from the house! At least one can barely.. sort of see it in the distance! Uncle Larry laughs some more!

Felicia: *Another SPLAT! Felicia is so stunned that by the time she digs/stumbles/falls out of the snow drift, she’s cursing something nasty!* UNCLE LARRY YOU SLEEZY NO GOOD SON OF A FILTHY WHORE! YOU BETTER BE SCARED CAUSE ONCE I FIGURE THIS OUT I’M SENDING YOUR SOUL STRAIGHT TO HELL! *Hiiiisss! Spit! Hiss! Groooowl! …good god it’s Freezing out here! What a DICK!* -04:43 Mar 19
Kylie: *And there was Kylie, curled up, pale from being out in the cold so long, but she’s definitely unconscious. Too tired to even notice anything going on…* -04:45 Mar 19
Bernhard: *Appears on top of the Montgomery manor, overlooking the grounds with the box still tucked under his arm. He needs to find Felicia and fast. She is his first priority. He focuses his power.* Find the older Montgomery girl, Felicia. -04:45 Mar 19

His shadow moves and then splits into eight smaller shadows that head off in eight different directions, moving along the ground as quickly and silently as mice. -Bernhard

Uncle Larry grinning from ear to ear returns to the mausoleum and scoops up his little neice. He ploofs them to her room and tucks her neatly in bed. Let Bernhard figure it out. It’s not like Felicia will die out there in the snow. Well, unless she heads in the wrong direction and falls in the lake. Or if the wolves are out. Or if she freezes to death. Or if there’s more shadow beasts. At least Kylie is safe!

Felicia: Crazy stupid family… should have told that lawyer to fuck off… *Felicia sheilds her eyes to try and get a good look at the house. …Holy crap, the estates for this house was huge… There’s a forest over there, and she thinks all that flat stuff might be the lake… And.. wait, did she hear wolves? And see a shadow…? …Best not to think about that, she heads for the shape that looks the most like a house, cursing Larry all the way!* -04:49 Mar 19
Kylie: *Dominoe loyally follows Larry back to the house to plop himself nice and comfy on the big warm bed in Kylie’s room! And she was turning over on her side, much warmer now than she was earlier.* -04:50 Mar 19
Bernhard: And to think, they called me a bastard. Before they roasted me alive. *He murmurs to no one in particular. The wind howls here and then all eight pieces of his shadow return, melding together to form an entire shadow. He sinks into the darkness again and reappears a few feet beside Felicia.* Ah, there you are. -04:52 Mar 19
Felicia: Th-that man is a dick. *She was stating the obvious, but she was that damned mad. Uncle Larry was going to get it, and he was going to get it good. For the moment she was stuffing her hands under her arms cause she couldn’t feel her fingers!* -04:55 Mar 19
Bernhard: Indeed. We should get you warm before you really do freeze. Are you up to teleporting? -04:57 Mar 19
Felicia: I th-think in an emergecy… you d-dun have to ask. *Someone needs to teach this man some common sense…! later! after she gets revenge!* -04:58 Mar 19

Uncle Larry has seated himself in a chair in Kylie’s room, just a smoking his pipe with his big old smile.

Bernhard: I guess this would warrant an emergency. *He reaches out and takes her elbow. The two of them disappear and they find themselves back in Felicia’s room.* -05:00 Mar 19
Kylie: *She knows Uncle Larry is in her room; how she knows this even while asleep is abnormal enough; but she does seem to rest more peacefully with him nearby; and those pesky nightmares don’t bug her at all.* -05:00 Mar 19
Felicia: Muh-much obliged…! *Despite teleporting dizzie and being as stiff as a board, Felicia almost robotically turns Bernhard towards he door and gently pushes him out!* n-now get my sister to bed… I’mma sleep till ‘morrow. -05:02 Mar 19
Bernhard: *Thanks to a sneaking suspicion, he heads for Kylie’s room first and steps out of a shadow in the corner, opposite of Larry.* Having fun? -05:04 Mar 19

Uncle Larry puffs his pipe. “Now, that girl coulda found her way back to the house just fine. How is she supposed to get strong with you out fetching her from trouble?”

Felicia: *No more wet clothes…! Not that it was easy getting undressed and digging her pajamas out of her suitcase, but she managed to fumbled through it and crawl in to her bed with a shivering sigh! Uncle Larry was going to learn a whole new meaning of dead tomorrow…* -05:07 Mar 19
Kylie: *Inspite of the two men arguing, she was fast asleep, and Dominoe was dozing at the foot of her bed; but he opens both eyes to stare pointedly at both of them as if saying, ”Don’t you wake her up with that bickering!", then he closes his eyes again!* -05:09 Mar 19
Bernhard: So says the man who nearly beat his son to death for not being able to calm the spirits of 30-odd institutionalized lunatics. -05:10 Mar 19

“A clan is only as strong as it’s weakest link… You find the weak ones and to replace them.” Uncle Larry puffs away, not even seeming the slightest bit perturbed or ashamed of the conversation!

Bernhard: Of course, you do. That is what you always do. Why you’re raising Kylie to follow in your footsteps without her even realizing the monster she will become. -05:14 Mar 19
Felicia: "Kylie will grow up to be the greatest Montgomery there has ever been, and soon enough be sole heir. …even without my help." -05:16 Mar 19

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