Breaking Delilah 002

Breaking Delilah

[Delilah Red is so pissed off, she could tear out someone’s heart with her bare hands and eat it.] -01:31 Feb 01
[Ferius steps up to the bars and looks inside at his prisoner.] -01:33 Feb 01
Delilah Red: Delilah awoke to find herself in the ships brig. Empty and surrounded by bars, she was the only prisoner on board. She was left with the tattered fabric of that green dress, and had she not needed -something- for dignity’s sake, she would have ripped it to further shreds. As it was, she had it wrapped and tied in a makeshift roman style toga. As for her ‘host’ Delilah didn’t say a word to him. Merely glared. -01:34 Feb 01
Ferius: “So you’re awake.” he said. A smile on his lips as he looked at her through the bars. “Though, really, this isn’t necessary. I’m here to make you one last offer of employment and if you refuse… well you know what happens then Delilah. Though, it wouldn’t be the last time. I’ve begun to grow attached to you.” -01:38 Feb 01
Delilah Red: “I’ll join your crew when the sun goes black, the sea turns red, and hell has gone cold.” she responded easily. Her arms were crossed and she was tapping her fingers on her elbows, as if they were just having a simple conversation rather than him threatening. “Are you going to continuously annoy me with your bullshit? Because I might rather stab a knife through my ears than listen to it.” -01:41 Feb 01
Ferius: “That will happen sooner than you think.” he responded mysteriously. “But no, that was the last offer. Now you are my prisoner and there is no way out. You should have tried being reasonable.” There was a click as he unlocked her cell and pushed the door open. His eyes fixated on her before he pushed his closed with a snap. “So you can save yourself the pain… and more if you don’t struggle.” -01:45 Feb 01
Delilah Red: “Here I thought you knew me better than that by now, Ferius.” Her smirk was rather dark. Delilah was already shifting. Dropping her arms and preparing for the fight.. though quite wary about him entering the cell and closing the door behind him. All she had to do was break his neck and she would be out..! Almost before he stopped speaking she swung a fist at his face. -01:48 Feb 01
Ferius: Her fist never reached his face. He caught her wrist in his hand and smirked. “And I thought you knew me better than to try that.” he twisted her wrist and shoulder, bending it behind her back. “Though I can’t say I’m disappointed, I do like it when you put up a fight.” -01:53 Feb 01
Delilah Red: Shit and hellfire..! Delilah always forgot he was twice as strong as he looked. She winced with her arm awkwardly behind her back, but that didn’t stop her from fighting. “You can do me the favor of keeping your creepy as fetishes to yourself, Ferius!” She swung her free elbow backwards with as much force as she could muster. -01:56 Feb 01
Ferius: It actually connected smashing into his cheek and turning his head. But instead of letting go, his lips churned into a bigger grin. He pushed her down, letting go of her arm and letting her fall to the floor before he struck back. This wasn’t a backhanded slap like last time but a closed fist aimed to knock her back down as she struggled. “I’m afraid you say in things has reached it’s end. Now still your tongue before I’m tempted to remove it.” -02:00 Feb 01
Delilah Red: Delilah could take a hit, which was a testament to her skill as a pirate on the seas. The hit would have knocked almost anyone else senseless, or some delicate female clear unconscious. But Delilah was spitting on the ground and touching her fingers to her lip. It wasn’t split but she was pretty sure she bit her tongue. “You don’t own me, Ferius, I’ll tell you the fuck off as many damn times as I please!” -02:06 Feb 01
Ferius: There was a chuckle as he gripped her makeshift toga. “That’s, again, where you’re wrong. I do own you.” He pulled, tearing it from her as his other arm held her shoulder to the floor. “Something you will learn soon enough.” -02:09 Feb 01
Delilah Red: “Would you fucking stop tearing my goddamn clothes..!” Delilah shrieked, any previous semblance of calm now replaced by a thrashing rage. She swung a fist at him again, but that was more meant as a distraction so she could claw his eyes out with her other hand. -02:12 Feb 01
Ferius: He flashed his teeth and his hand closed around her throat seizing it shut. “I will do what I damn well please.” he said slowly, every syllable oozing command as he squeezed the life out of her. He reached up, taking her wrist in his hand, he pushed it into one of the manacles close to the floor on the wall and snapped it shut. His other hand continued strangling her. “Understood?” -02:17 Feb 01
Delilah Red: Delilah gasped for breath. Her loose hand gripping at his wrist trying to rip it free from her neck. She struggled and kicked quite a bit before her vision was starting to see spots. But finally that will to survive kick in and she was nodding, choking out a reluctant yes through her teeth. -02:24 Feb 01
Ferius: He let go and took her wrist chaining it up with the other. “There, that wasn’t so hard, was it?” He let his hands run over her bruised throat and bare chest. Lingering at her nipple before cupping her breast as he leaned down and pressed his lips into hers. “I wonder if you will finish this time…” -02:28 Feb 01
Delilah Red: She barely had enough time to gasp for breath before he kissed her. Though it was more like an assassin gloat. Delilah turned her face away, grumbling a few obscenities under her breath. The shackles at her wrist dug in painfully to bruises from her previous struggle, so for the time being she didn’t try to yank her hands free. His hand felt far too hot against her bare skin, and she was trying to twist out of his grasp again. “Never.” she croaked out! -02:35 Feb 01
Ferius: “Never?” he repeated. “We will see Delilah.” He let his hand continue its journey down her body to her hip and his other that was previously holding her down to her crotch. “Do you remember how you struggled before? Lets see if you do it the same this time.” -02:38 Feb 01
Delilah Red: Delilah figured he was senile. She sure as hell was going to struggle. The futility of it was still etched in her mind. And now here she was, shackled again, even less energy than before. Yet, she just could stand the thought of letting him break her. “Never and a day.” she spat. The words were worthless, but it was still defiance! -02:44 Feb 01
Ferius: He could see her weakness. Poor creature couldn’t be more than she was made to be, not yet.. not yet. His hand ran down her leg pulling her closer to him as his eyes searched for the defiance in hers. “That’s what you say, but let us see what transpires.” -02:50 Feb 01
Delilah Red: “Why don’t you just go ahead and fuck me, Ferius. And stop pissing me off.” she hissed at him. Her voice was still hoarse and her throat ached. All of his teasing and his taunting, however, was enough to drive her up a wall. She forgot her shackles for a moment in her rage. Attempting to jerk her arms down to give him a taste of strangling himself. Only to growl in frustration! -02:54 Feb 01
Ferius: He struck her. “Impatience is unbecoming a woman.” He chided, lifting her hips and pushing her legs apart. He moved closer. “If only you could feel the pleasure you give me.” he taunted again as he drew himself out and pressed against her. Watching her face. “You’d be saying that in an entirely different tone.” -03:01 Feb 01
Delilah Red: Her cheek stung and the worst part about it was that she couldn’t hit him back. But she did turn her head to face him again, the widest most asinine grin spread across her face. Gods, she didn’t want any of this, but knowing she could irk him was a sort of pleasure in itself. He wanted a different tone? She could oblige! “Angry il mio amore..? I’d hate to upset you…” Though still cracked, her tone was sanguine sweet. -03:08 Feb 01
Ferius: He saw her game. One last desperate plea to get to him. Placing his hand to her cheek on a mocking display of affection, he replied. “How could I be angry just when you’re starting to learn?” he asked before he forced his way into her. His eyes remaining on her face, his expression mocking her attempts to irk him. They made no difference, he would still take her. -03:15 Feb 01
Delilah Red: Her eyes widened for the briefest of moments and there was a soft grunt of protest from the back of her throat. Delilah twist her hips in a feeble attempt to make things difficult… Yet she didn’t turn her eyes away from him. “How… lucky of me to have such a teacher.” she murmured, it clear in her voice that she was straining to keep that affectionate tone. -03:23 Feb 01
Ferius: He held her hips in place and pushed deeper. Her twisting sending a tingling up his spine. “Attend well and we’ll have you ready in no time.” he retorted back to her before pushing in again. Holding her hips off the floor and pushing her against the bulkhead. His nails digging into her and his eyes challenging her to say more. -03:44 Feb 01
Delilah Red: She hissed through her teeth, bucking upwards against him as she writhed. “Ever so ready to slice you open from gut to chin, il mio amore.” Delilah put her focus on his nails digging in to her skin and not the way he moved between her legs. -03:59 Feb 01
Ferius: He moved faster, his grip tightening. Holding her where he could push deep. “That would be an interesting start to an evening.” he said softly. “Such a pity you can’t hurt me.” he grunted. His nails eased their pressure and he moved faster. His hips grinding harder against hers. He wasn’t building up to finish yet, though the feeling her around him made his breath catch and mind electrify. He was still teasing her. -04:05 Feb 01
Delilah Red: Delilah found it ever increasingly hard to think of a verbal retaliation. Her hands clung to her chains just for something to hold on to. Her eyes broke contact with his to squeeze shut as her head tossed and her body bounced beneath him. Every time he thrust it made her throb, and she was almost willing him to hit her again just so she could feel something else! -04:11 Feb 01
Ferius: He thrust harder. Lifting her hips more, pushing against her. Their hips slid against each other. He couldn’t help himself as a chuckle of triumph escaped him. Watching as her eyes shut and his thrusts pushed deeper inside her. He could feel it begin to build inside him and he greeted it with glee. She really did make him feel like no other. -04:16 Feb 01
Delilah Red: Delilah bit her tongue so hard she could taste blood. Trying so hard not to let a sound slip. Still, she groaned. A low and plaintiff sound as she drew her arms together to shield her face from his sight. She didn’t want to feel this! That mounting pressure between her thighs and the way her muscles quivered around him with every plunge. Her body was betraying her worse than any person ever dared. -04:24 Feb 01
Ferius: He could feel her move with him and that was enough for him to know he had won. He moved still faster, deeper, his hips sliding against her and pushing hers. His breath came out as a groan. He was close, he just wanted to feel her around him a little longer… -04:27 Feb 01
Delilah Red: Damn you, Ferius..!” her startled came as suddenly as she did. The chains jerking taunt when she clung hard to them. Nearly rising herself off the floor with the shudder of her body. Her legs tightened and her toes curled. It was both infuriating and sinfully blissful to feel that rush of pleasure coursing through her veins. And she fucking hated him for it. -04:33 Feb 01
Ferius: When she came, so did he. His hips shaking against her as their juices gushed together. He looked down at her, a frustratingly soft smile on his face as he pulled out and let her hips down to the floor. “So your body can be trained. Its just your mind that’s stubborn.” he said, placing a hand on her neck. His hot breath rolling over her as he gazed down at her form. She was weak, weak enough to take a little risk. He released her wrists and pulled her up. Holding her arms behind her back as he pushed his lips into hers. His teeth nicking the cut on her lip back open and giving himself a wound to match hers. Their blood mixing as he forced her lips apart. -04:39 Feb 01
Delilah Red: She would have cursed him again. Strangled him too, had she the energy to do so. The mix of euphoria and anger making her dangerously dizzy. This time she didn’t struggled to turn her mouth away, nor did she realize just how the taste of his blood lured her in. The moment he let his tongue slip past her lips she bit him hard enough to draw blood herself. -04:46 Feb 01
Ferius: Their lips remained locked as their blood mixed. He swallowed her bite. Pulling her to him tighter and holding her there until she swallowed as well. His tongue moving against her teeth. -04:49 Feb 01
Delilah Red: For the second time she swallowed his blood. This time welcoming that bitter taste as if it were a sort of victory of her own. When he pulled away she was even ready to taunt him about it, but the lack of strength in her body was catching up to her. In a matter of moments she passed out, her body falling limp in his arms. -04:54 Feb 01
Ferius: He put her down to rest and stood. Dragging the remnant rags over her before he lightly kissed her sleeping lips. He stood, fixed his clothes, and left her to sleep. -04:56 Feb 01

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