Breaking Delilah

Breaking Delilah 012: It’s Only Just Begun

Ferius: Ferius entered the great cabin after havign the stitched on his shoulder remived by the ship’s surgen. The air was warm enough here for him to be wearign nothign more then a shirt and light jacket. They had been lucky that no perminant injuries had been suffered and their ordeal was over. “Well they’re out.” he said grabbing a glass of mulled wine from the side table. To warm him up of course and not simply because he felt like it. “How are you doing?” -07:06 Mar 26
Delilah: “Hmm. Living.” Delilah sat in bed, if only because the temperatures still too cold for her liking. Having come out with nothing more than a cracked ribbed from the escape, she considered herself lucky to even be alive. …but that wasn’t what had her sitting there with her back against the headboard, rubbing her head with a hand and staring at the blankets in deep thought. “It could have been worse.” -07:10 Mar 26
Ferius: “Yes it could have been.” he agreed sitting on the bed and offering her the glass. “I don’t want to say it but you seemed off you game at the start, good thing you pulled through…” He glanced out of the stern window. “I wonder if we shouldn’t have packed that temple full of powder casks and blown it to hell…” -07:14 Mar 26
Delilah: She reached out to take the glass, but retracted her hand. Shaking her head in refusal. Delilah resettled, crossing her arms over her chest. A slight curve of her lips softened that serious expression, but it hadn’t compltely faded. “Did you think I face every evil god with perfect composure?” She tilted her head, mulling over his words. “If we had, would it stop him from rising again? We should have killed him.” -07:18 Mar 26
Ferius: “I’m not sur it would even be possible. I tried destroying the other temple when I was first there but no matter what happened none of our cannons could hit it.” he raised an eyebrow at her refusal but didn’t comment. Instead he rested agaist the pillows next to her and put his arm across her shoulders. “Its not possible for us to kill him. Its not like lifting a curse. The throne said he can only be killed by his own family, but true gods don’t have any…” -07:22 Mar 26
Delilah: “The Other died at your hands. …yet with the curse, I wonder if he hadn’t truely died at all until we broke his hold.” There was a futility of it all that angered her, yet she knew it couldn’t be totally impossible. Vardri had been seal by someone before them. They sealed him. And if he could be sealed, surely he could be weakened and killed… “When he’s freed again, who is to say there will be someone to stop him? If someone else had opened that box, would he have been stopped this time? I don’t like knowing that one day he’s going to be out again, plaguing… people.” -07:28 Mar 26
Ferius: Ferius remained silent as he thought for a moment. “We know how to defeat him, so we must make sure that knowledge is presurved. Make sure future generations know what we know. Can do that we did.” -07:32 Mar 26
Delilah: “It’s our obligation to do so.” she muttered, thoughtfully. “There’s a lot of evil in the world, Ferius, and we’ve been a part of it… But I don’t ever want that man or his demons to come again. I won’t have it.” Delilah spent her entire life avoiding attachment, fleeing from responsibilities, caring for nothing more than what would amuse her for the moment. It wasn’t a declaration made easily. “There will always be someone that remembers and will do something about it.” -07:36 Mar 26
Ferius: “Everythign we know, everythign we’ve done will be written down and kept. But one thing worries me Delilah. It needs the blood of both gods. I won’t be alive the next time it happens.” he looked at her “Not without the curse.” -07:42 Mar 26
Delilah: “Ferius, I’m pregnant.” …she just blurted it out. It wasn’t quite the way she intended to bring it up, not that she was even sure she would tell him in the first place. But it was said and she was taking in a deep breath and saying it again. “I’m pregnant.” -07:45 Mar 26
Ferius: He was sure at first he had misheard. But then she said it again. “You … are…” it wasn’t a question. She wouldn’t say unless she was sure. “Well then captain we have a course to set.” he said “When I catpured the Moira’s Gloom part of the cargo was a gold-leaf cradle for the owner’s nefiew. I think its liek I went back to get it… Our child will carry the knowledge to defeat Vardri. and pass it on with the blood needed to defeat him.” -07:50 Mar 26
Delilah: “You are far more receptive to this than I was.” she mused out loud. He accepted it just like that. When she had spent the past two weeks wondering if it might be the stupidest thing she had ever done. “We’re going to be terrifying parents.” -07:53 Mar 26
Ferius: “And we’ll have a terrifying child. Menace to the seas and terror of the oceans.” he chuckled. It was a big step but if Delilah Red could accept they were havign a child…. “Just like it’s mother.” -07:56 Mar 26
Delilah: Delilah remained silent for a few moments. But finally her thoughtful expression turned up to a wicked smile. “Hmm. Then by all means, Captain Ferius. Set course for this treasure. Find me an island to raise our children and let the world quake in fear at our Legacy.” -08:00 Mar 26
Ferius: “As my captain commands.” he said leaning over and giving her a long lingering kiss. “One island and a lifetime of treasure hunting. Staying active is important during pregnancy.” -08:03 Mar 26
Breaking Delilah

Breaking Delilah 011

[Ferius Curses the cold as he trudges through more snow then hes seen in his long life.] -03:00 Mar 26
[Delilah hates the cold, hates the winter, hates the snow, hates greenland, is thinking about hating Ferius for getting her in to this mess, and hates the world in general.] -03:01 Mar 26
Delilah: Her usual attire was layered up with a wool coat that apparently wasn’t near thick enough for Greenland’s weather. She was still muttering all kinds of curses at Ferius, but with her hands near frozen there was no way she’d get her fingers around his neck. At least they had arrived and there was no sign of Vardri’s ship out on the sea or his disturbing demons. They would arrive at the temple first and be able to prepare. -03:07 Mar 26
Ferius: "There she is." he said pointing to a frozen cliff there a rough passageway could be seen leadign into it. "There used to be a sizablr town here but they were wiped out the last tiem Vardri rose for not worshiping him hard enought. "Ferius was dressed in furs and woll undergerments with his face almost hidden under a thick hood. "It in there that we’ll be able to send him back." he continued towards it.. anything to get out of the wind. "Its will be warmer inside, trust me…" he wouldn’t mension that was because of a fissure under the temple full of lava leadign strait to the underworld… -03:11 Mar 26
Delilah: "God damned fucking better be." she’d light his on fire to make sure. The landscaping was so vast it made her feel almost insignifigant. She’d never seen so much land. Delilah checked her waist where she had both of her stolen swords. Though she told Ferius she would follow his plans, she was still prepared to kill that creepyass bastard, curse or not. The consequences of failure were grim. -03:15 Mar 26
Ferius: He led the way inside and pushes a loose stone on the wall. Stones on the cielign of a passage began to glow with an erie light but Ferius didn’t hesitate. Ferius’ plan wasn’t really a plan. It was to head strati to the main chamder with the amulet and the bone blade and see what could be done once there. He had a rough idea but no definitive facts. "Welcome to the den of the beast. Now just to take care of the beast." he shed his outer layer while walking. The furs being too restictive to fight or work in. "I for one don’t want to take too long about it." -03:21 Mar 26
Delilah: "That won’t be an issue." Delilah would be SURE it didn’t take too long. At least neglecting to bring herself a thicker coat meant she didn’t have to bother pulling hers off. The way these ancient gods like to treat woman, the more layers between her and it the better. Delilah followed him wary of the surroundings and ready to pull a sword at the slightest of sounds. She was surprise how much the tempurature shifted the farther in to the cliff they walked. -03:25 Mar 26
Ferius: The outside was a speck of white in the distance by the time they reached the first intersection. Who passages beanchign off in an X, but Feius kept going strait the scratching sound comign from the other passages sendign chills down his spine. "Nothing should be living in here." he said. "Not while the god still lives." he said without stopping and his sword comign to his hand. -03:29 Mar 26
Delilah: "Hmm. Not bringing the best of thoughts to the consequences of his potential success." She had already seen first hand how quickly Vardri could wipe out a town. And how brutal it could be. The thought of anything in the passages waiting and lingering were unpleasant. Delilah had steeled herself to face Vardri himself, not a hoard of his beasts. She just left her hand remaining on the hilt of a sword. -03:35 Mar 26
Ferius: Deeper and past several more branches before they were met with a solid door. Ferius pus his ear agaist it an listened, then gave it an experimental push. It swung inward without resistance and this worried Ferius more than if it had been locked. But they ywere there, the empty throne before him and skeletons strewn across the floor, intricate runs and carved statues. "I’d advise drawign that if you plan on using it." he said before causiously stepping in and lookign around. "Closing the door behind us might but us some time…." -03:40 Mar 26
Delilah: "Don’t get bossy, Ferius, I’m not a battle virgin." she quiped, though she did pull one of her swords. Once they both stepped inside and she cautiously watch the hall to see if they had been followed, Delilah used her back to close the door, so she could keep herself facing the great expanse of the room. Nothing but skeletons about… which meant the god was either out maiming people on the sea, or he and his band of freaks like to chew the bones clean. Delilah wouldn’t doubt it for a moment, -03:48 Mar 26
Ferius: Ferius retrieved a beam from the floor and slid it into position to hold the door shut. It was only then that he had a look around. He didn’t like the looks of this room, not one bit. Everythign screamed at him that he didn’t belong here. He was tresspassing. A final gift of his curse he presumed. "The amulet please." he said holding out his hand. If Delilah wanted to argue politeness this close to the big fight…. he didn’t get to finish the thought. From the other side of the door came the sound of slow, purposeful, heavy footsteps. -03:55 Mar 26
Delilah: Fear was not something Delilah handled well. As it were, her first instinct was to run like hell when potentially facing something impossible. Ferius effectively blocked the door on that. Delilah pulled the amulet off from around her neck, handing it to Ferius and surprised her hands weren’t shaking in the process. That was good. She could conquer this. She conquered Ferius, she could conqure this. Delilah moved in front of Ferius, if only because she was the one with god-killing swords. "If this doesn’t pan out, I just want you know that I will be a very unpleasant ghost." she muttered. -03:59 Mar 26
[Ferius ] -04:00 Mar 26
Ferius: "if this doesn’t pan out weather we get to be ghosts or not is not up to is.. its up to.. him." Ferius’ voice was shaken but determined as he moved to the center of the center of the room just below the throne and behand to match up the ruens ont he amulet with those on the throne and walls, then he swore. "The blood of both gods is needed…." there was a thud the shook the entire room and splintered the door the bean benting but not breaking. The blade of the axe retreated beck into the wood as Vardri prepared to take anotehr swing. "Two rats in a trap… you couldn’t have made this easier for me if you tried." -04:06 Mar 26
Delilah: "Thank our lucky stars you’re close enough. …You better fucking be close enough!" she shouted. Delilah pulled her other sword. If Ferius didn’t need that damned amulet, she’d be demanding it back. It was the only thing that had prevent Vardri from getting a better grab at her before. For now she was going to have to make do the old fashioned way. Which left her cringing every time the door splintered and cracked. "…I could have been in fucking Jamaica right now!" -04:10 Mar 26
Ferius: Ferius stabbed his sword into the throne where he could retieve it easily as the sword shook again and the beam cracked. "Almost there!" he said. Except for the fact he needed Vardri’s blood, and his own, on the amulet. There was another thud and the bean fell to the floor… That was going to help concentration… -04:13 Mar 26
Delilah: "Almost indeed." she snarled. Of all the places in the world to be, standing in between Ferius and an evil god was the last place she ever expected to be. And actually willingly doing it. …and to make matters worse she had the sudden urge to want to hurl. THAT was great. So worked up she was nauseus. Delilah Red had never been sick with fright in her entire life. -04:22 Mar 26
Ferius: The door crashed open and Vardri strided in axe ready. He saw delilah and smiled. "Such a pitty I need you alive… put down the swords and I’ll mak eit quick." Ferius was muttering to himself, then stopped. He knew what he had to do! -04:26 Mar 26
[Ferius has timed out.] -04:30 Mar 26
Delilah: Delilah wasn’t smiling. In fact she had never even given Ferius such a dark look. She merely shifted her stance with the swords. "Why don’t you just try to take them from me, and see what happens to you, asshole." -04:30 Mar 26
Ferius: The axe, heavier but slower then the sword was fas from slow in Vardri’s hands as he swung."You killed my rival give up his power, then deliver yourselves right where need you. You’ve done everythign I need you to excpt die. Take the last step…" He swung again the axe making stanks fly as it struck her sword. "I have it Delilah… I just need his blood." -04:35 Mar 26
Delilah: "Finally, il mio amore, a request I can fullfill!" Fucking hell, the stregnth behind that god’s swing nearly had that sword flying out of her hands. She could feel the jolt all the way up her arm. But she had teh advantage of two weapons, smaller and faster. …and furious speed to back it up. Delilah ducked a side-stepped his second swing, waiting for the opening before she went stabbing towards unguarded areas. -04:39 Mar 26
Ferius: Vardri was fast. Blocking what his axe could not with the thick iron of his bracers and dodginf arounf him only gave him the opotunity to kick out with his armored boots. He was strong, fast and experienced but above all untiring. He struck back with axe, mailed fist and boot. If Delilah thought two swords alone woulf give her an edge… she was wrong. -04:47 Mar 26
Delilah: Her frustration grew more an more apparent with every moment she narrow had her head lobbed off, a sleeve cut, or that close call that nearly left her one of those peg-legged pirates. The worst was that he fucking wasn’t breaking a sweat, where she was struggling to catch her breath between exertion and nausea. She had no chance to pay attention to Ferius’ progress, and in her frustration her movements were getting wilder, less predictable and more risky! -04:52 Mar 26
Ferius: There was his opening and even before he took it he grinned. His boot slammed into her chest and knocked her down. Then came down on her knocking her silly. Both hands on the haft of his axe her raised it above his head and prepaired for the finishing blow. Am overhead swing too strong to be blocked. "No amulet to save you now…." A blur slammed into his and Ferius burried his sword in Vardri’s stomach all the way to the hilt. A useless gustire but still one to knock Vardri off balance. "Pust someone with the amulet." Ferius spat a moment before Vardri recovered adn swung. The blow caught Ferius on the shoulder and sent his flying landing in a heap, Vardri grining at the blood on the adge of his axe… -04:59 Mar 26
Delilah: She couldn’t breathe. Which was the only reason why she wasn’t shouting a thousand curses at Ferius for being a stupid fuck. But it was Vardri’s grand mistake to turn his back to her. The swords were back in her hands withing seconds and she was on her feet faster than she could catch her breath. Snarling as she came up from behind, she rammed both swords up through his back. The metal crossing together with an audible shiiiiink on the otherside. And just to drive it home she twist both blades with every intend to turn his insides to gibblets. -05:05 Mar 26
Ferius: Vardri bellowed a reached over his shoulder grabbing at Delilah, then turned sharply pushign the blade back though himself with a combination of the flat of his axe and the motion of his turn. He was free, but slowed. Vardri’s attention back on Delilah, Ferius struggled back onto his feet and saw his chance Vardri’s blood was all over the floor. If he could get to it… -05:10 Mar 26
Delilah: Holy shit. That should have killed him. It really, really should have killed him. So when Delilah backed away, raising her swords to try again, she didn’t think wanting to vomit and black out was so odd anymore. She just pissed off an ancient unkillable god. "COME ON THEN." she shouted, against all common sense. "Whose blood covers the floor now, asshole! Cause it’s sure not mine! Try me again! " -05:16 Mar 26
Ferius: Finally Ferius had Vardri’s blood smered on the amulet, and was wiping it agaist the wound on his shoulder as Vardri aproached Delilah. It wasn’t the overconfident stand he had before but more guarded. "Playtime is over girl… now you’ll see what a god can do." From outside the room howling and cackling was heard, along with the sounds of hundreds of faaen and hands on the stone floor as Vardri grinned wind gathering around him makign ripples in the blood on the floor. -05:22 Mar 26
Delilah: "A testement to my skill and you’re fear. Summon your demons like a coward. Bring it!" Brave words for a woman who was running every single curse word, screaming it in her head. The minute those things poured in there, they were fucked. Quite literally. "Ferius." she growled out in warning. -05:27 Mar 26
Ferius: "I KNOW!" Ferius yelled back as Vardri laughed the blood beginging to drip UPWARDS from the floor. "I will enjoy watching you scream as your bofriend is torn apart and you yourself are torm open from the inside… then I’ll to that second one myself…" The sounds were getting louder adn the room was getting hotter. "Just a few more….." They burst into the room, some runnign alogn the floor, some crawlign along the walls and ceiling, many trampled in thier blind rush for blood. -05:33 Mar 26
Delilah: "Ferius, for the love of fuck!" Delilah screamed in her panic. No longer to remain taunting Vardri, her attention was immediately focus on stabbing the first beast that lept towards her. Blood went flying as she withdrew her sword from it’s head. With no time to pause or break in her movements, she was swinging at another. And another. -05:37 Mar 26
Ferius: Ferius was unarmed and they swarmed him, he was lost under a pressign mass of bodies as he reached the throne. Sothign couls be seen beyind them or heard over thier cries. Then the air shivered. That was the only way to describe it. The demons flew in all directions and Vardri’s face fell. The slowly, one by oen the demons seemed to disolve in the air, and with each one Vardri seemed to grow weaker and more horified, hei flesh seemign to begin melting as he watched in horror. Then the air shivered again and the door was filled hish blinding light. When the light faded Ferius sat, hurt and tired but alive in the throne… "Its not easy to cinvince a throne you’re its owner when you’re not you know." -05:43 Mar 26
Delilah: Delilah dropped to her knees. The two swords falling to the sides, though she didn’t quite trust letting them loose yet. Her chest was heaving as she regained her breath and her clothes were ripped and stained with blood from the fight. He so casually threw out the comment that Delilah looked cross at first… before letting out a weak, almost sarcastic laugh. "All hail the false god." she muttered. Delilah leaned forward, resting her hands on her knees as she cast him a side glance. "And he is sealed…? For good, Ferius?" -05:50 Mar 26
[Ferius enters.] -06:13 Mar 26
[Ferius has timed out.] -06:15 Mar 26
Ferius: "For at least a centure or more.." he panted. "I would say three hundred at least." he rose from the throne and walked up to Delila sitting next to her and placing the amulet in her hand… "Long enough for us to never see him again." -06:15 Mar 26
Delilah: Her fingers curled around the amulet. In impulse her arm rose up, hand grasping the back of his neck to pull him close as she kissed him hard without warning. When she finally released him, she smirked wide. "Then I will not have to worry about you being a stupid fool and near chopped clear in half?" -06:19 Mar 26
Ferius: He kissed her back his lips moving against hers and afterwards he smiled. "Not unless you lose your temper with me." he teased back. "Not many would go toe to toe with gods as often as you and still look to fo it again." -06:23 Mar 26
Delilah: "I never claimed to be sane, il mio amore. And I am definitely not." She cast a side glance at the chamber. Beyond the blood that covered the floors and the bones scattered, there was nothing left to suggest Vardri had been there before. And though he was sealed… he could still come back. That ill feeling had never faded and now she was exhausted on top of it. "Lets get the hell out of here before some other bullshit happens. It’s done and buried." -06:28 Mar 26
Ferius: He stood before taking her hand and pulling her up. The wound on his shoulder forcing his to use his left hand. "Back to the Gloom, back to warmer weather and familiar waters…. back to us….." -06:31 Mar 26
Breaking Delilah

Breaking Delilah 010

[Ferius Lights the last candle in the great cabin and strategicly unbuttons the top two buttons of his shirt. Two classes of wine on the table next to him and the bottle ready to poar more… it was time to show Delilah how a lady could eb treated if she wasn’t so shouty all the time.] -02:02 Mar 23
[Delilah was definitely proving she was a forminable and capable captain, despite all of her craziness.] -02:05 Mar 23
Delilah: Organizing the crew and making sure the Moira’s Gloom was in top condition was Delilah’s priority. Though it seemed their tangled with Vardri would more likely be on land, Delilah didn’t want to take any chances with HER ship. Supplies were counted, weapons were prepared. Anything broken was fixed and she made sure those men were ready to fight and not die. When she stomped back topside, she was all but ready to scream at the cold. There was snow. SNOW falling and out in the distance she could see a country covered in the stuff. It was probably the most wretched and uncomfortable thing she had ever seen in her life. -02:08 Mar 23
Ferius: Curtains closed, the thickest blanket on the bed… the chairs mover to exactly the right place. He heard her footsteps apoaching and turned grabbign the glasses from the table and stepping into the middle of the room. Bathed in the soft light and with the curtains closed the only sign they were not in a secluded lodge was the shape of the cabin itself. "Theres my captain." he said softly when the door opened. He slid one of the glasses into her hands and kissed her cheek closign the door behind her. "If you’re done leading the men maybe its time someone took care of you." -02:14 Mar 23
Delilah: This was… unexpected. There was a brief look of surprise on her face, but it was quickly followed up by suspicion. She held the glass under her nose for a moment, testing to see if she smelled any poisons… "They’re all too new and untrained. If any of them actually live through this nonsense they will be lucky indeed. ….What game are you up to this eve, Ferius." -02:17 Mar 23
Ferius: He smiled at her and sipped his wine. "Drink up, its a great vintage. I’ve been saving it for a long time. You’ve been doign so much, running the ship, training the crew. You need to relax, tomorow we go ashore and I want to make sure that my captain, my love, has at least one night where she doesn’t have a care in the world, instead of carryin it on her shoulders." -02:23 Mar 23
Delilah: "You make it sound as if I’m a philanthropist and not a murdering Pirate." What the hell was he trying to do? Delilah remained where she was standing, more than a little bit wary about the entire thing. But she did at least take a chance at the wine. It didn’t taste drugged and the warmth it gave was a relief after being out on deck getting pissed at the weather. -02:28 Mar 23
Ferius: "See I’m not trying to poinson you." he teased. "I’m just trying to show you how much of a captain I think you are. You have the Gloor running better than I did and that takes sharp skill and a sharp tongue." he slipped his arm behind her and gestured at the room with his glass. "And I never thanked you for lifting my curse." -02:33 Mar 23
Delilah: "I’m sure there was at least one thank you." Delilah remained suspicious even while sipping the wine. His sudden shift had her feeling a little off kilter, so she focused on something that was less… strange! "I don’t care for these nothern seas. The oceans are tempermental, the water never quite looks right. And all of this blasted cold. We may as well be in frozen hell." -02:41 Mar 23
Ferius: "Never been tis far north before?" he asked his hand rubbing up and down hir back. "The ferocious and terrible pirate queen prefers climates a hot as she is?" he chuckled sipping more wine. "I thought you could handle anything." -02:45 Mar 23
Delilah: "I like to be able to feel my limb when I’m killing someone." Delilah finished her wine quickly, handing him the empty glass as she stepped away from him. The entire thing was making her feel awkward, but she was attempting to play it all off and remain impassive. She WAS a pirate queen, and she shouldn’t be getting nervous just because the stupid man was suddenly being affectionate. "Did you want to -discuss- something, Ferius?" -02:52 Mar 23
Ferius: He placed her glass on the table and poared then each another. Taking her hand and leading her to sit on the bed. "We both know what we need to do, theres nothing left to discuss unless my captain has something new. If not I’m simply having a quiet evening with my wife. Somethign we havn’t had the chance to have. Just liek I haven’t had the chance to say how ravishing you look, and thats as ravishing as you are deadly. And you’re deadly enough to be the only person to ever best the dread pirate Ferius." -02:58 Mar 23
Delilah: Delilah sat, but it was stiffly and she was of the distinct horror that she might be flushing. She still hadn’t gotten used to the idea of their unorthadox marriage, outside of flippant remarks and teasing. So hearing it said without sarcasm and with all seriousness, felt so odd for a woman who swore she would never marry. His blasted compliments weren’t helping. "There is nothing to say, no…" Beyond her questioning why he was acting so strange. "I don’t deserve so much praise, though. You aren’t nearly as impressive as you think you are." She baited him. -03:03 Mar 23
Ferius: "Impressive enough to win your hand." he said as he took it and laised it to his lips kissing it lightly, then his lips still barely a hairs breath from her skin he looked at her and smiled. "And really thats all the impressign I feel I need to do…" he kissed her wrist, then just past in on her arm allowing his breath to vlow over her skin. "Since you’re the one doing the captaining now mien Liebling." -03:09 Mar 23
Delilah: "German is not a charming language, il mio amore…" Once she realized she was sitting there with her mouth gapping open like some sort of fool girl, she clamped her mouth shut and frowned. He was definitely playing a game with her, but she couldn’t seem to drag up the will to snatch her arm back. "….pity is often a precursor to marriage. You give me too much credit." -03:13 Mar 23
Ferius: "Good thing I’ve had time to learn more mon amour." he said with a smile "Though if I knew I’d tangle with you I would have learned them all." he pulled her closer by her arm and put his hand behind her neck. "A very strange thing has happened Delilah. One that can only be described as this." he pushed his lips into hers and held them there a moment before he spoke agaist her lips softly. "I love you." -03:22 Mar 23
Delilah: Shit. Shit and damn and hell lot more curse words. Why did such a simple leave her feeling like she just jumped off the edge of a cliff. …and coming from HIM! "…and you are sure there is not something wrong with that wine?" Delilah was damning herself now too as her voice came out far too breathy. -03:27 Mar 23
Ferius: He laughed his lips brushing agaist hers again and his arms closed around her. "I’ve felt like this long before uncorking the bottle. When I say you’re a remarkable woman. I really mean it." -03:29 Mar 23
Delilah: "Do you." It wasn’t a question, just a statement. She told herself it was simply because he was so warm and it was a nice contrast to the freezing weather that she leaned in to his embrace and rest her head against his shoulder. "You can stop with your flattery now, Ferius. I am too weary to wage war with you today." -03:34 Mar 23
Ferius: His hand ran through her hair and down her back. "Why fight?" his voice was soft and quiet and soon his hands alighted on her shoulders to run them gently. "Not everythign has to be a battle. We’re working together to get this ship ready… so lets be together." his bite was gentle on her lip and followed by a soft but pasionate kiss. "Love doesn’t have to be a war." -03:40 Mar 23
Delilah: Lingering at his mouth was probably a bad idea. Her instinct was suggesting she flee as quickly as possible. "Funny you say this now… when weeks ago you were trying to bend and break me." she muttered. Deliberately bringing it up to try and break the odd spell he seemed to be casting. -03:54 Mar 23
Ferius: He shook his head. -03:55 Mar 23
Ferius: ((oops)) -03:55 Mar 23
Ferius: He shook his head. "Just goes to show how much you suprised me. Wekks ago I thought of you and nothhing more than a pirate woman to be subjegated and controlled. You resisted me and showed me you’re stronger than that…" he placed his hands either side of her head and looked into her eyes. "All those times we could have killed eachother… we still happened.. You are I are still married and fighting side by side. Now think about what we could do if we stopped fighting eachother. Nothing would be able to stop us. You, me… and the world would be ours. All we need to do is stop it being destroyed…. and love eachother." he pushed her back and kissed her hard his lips locking with hers. -04:00 Mar 23
Delilah: Delilah fell back against the blankets, her escape only being stopped by a kiss that left her mind spinning. He spoke of things that sounded amazing. Glorious. She may have off handedly offered it all to him when she broke his curse, but she never actually believed it possible. Delilah was still leaning on her elbows and broke the kiss. Eyeing his face in confusion. "You know me. You know how quickly I can turn and -will turn on you on a whim. And you still want this…?" -04:13 Mar 23
Ferius: The grin he gave her was confident and definatly toutched by evil. He leaned down to kiss her chest over her heart. "I’ll take my chances, I’m confident I’ve wormed my way into here…" he kissed again, then moved up to her thoat his fingers grasping at the buttons of her shirt. "And when you’re in love, you take risks. Are you really going to turn on me?" -04:18 Mar 23
Delilah: "Arrogant. I might yet…" Her breath caught, and she had to chew on her bottom lip just to keep from having that slack-jawed expression again. If she were honest… she was fond of him. There was no one else that had commanded her respect even despite her fury. No one else that made her want to see beyond what was on the surface. Or even consider the future farther than a few weeks. Even now he had her questioning what she really want. "…and you believe you have something that will make me stay?" she asked turning her head to whisper it in his ear. Delilah was curious to hear the answer. -04:24 Mar 23
Ferius: He continued undoing her buttons then opened her shirt sliding his hands anderneath to leasurly explore her curves. "Over a hundred years or knowledge of currents, winds, islands, reefs, navigation, how to her the most of of the Gloom no matter the weather…" he nipped her lip "A collection of journals and charts to more hidden treasures than you could find in a lifetime and the knowledge of thier makers before I slit thier thoats. But thats not why you’ll keep me around." his voice was a whisper in her ear, so soft it would be lost if there were any noise at all. But in the silent far north wis words could be heard. "This is.." he mover to push his lips into hers. Taking the risk of closing his eyes and letting what he felt guide his togue into her mouth and his hands as they made their slow progress up and down her body. -04:31 Mar 23
Delilah: It was true that all the things he list would be valuable. …but it was also true that she could have those things without him. His kiss was what caught her, and the gentle touches. So unlike their previous encounters, or anything else Delilah had ever wasted time with, that she was swept away by it. Romanticism wasn’t in her nature, but perhaps this one moment as she sighed against his mouth and lift a hand to brush against his cheek, she would make an exception. -04:45 Mar 23
Ferius: He pulled back to smile down at her a hand coming up to gently run through her hair. "You truly are beautiful," he said bending down to kiss her agaist his tongue searching for hers. Even he had to wonder if the wine had soemhting to do with this. The hot feelign in his chest at it pressed itno hers was a mix of need and love, not anger and lust… it didn’t really seem to matter just who had captured who… -04:51 Mar 23
Delilah: "You do not want a spoiled wife, Ferius…" she muttered against his mouth. Delilah doubt she ever had this feeling before. That butterfly in the stomach sensation of being pleased. It was so different from wanting to strangle a man, or quick tumble just to relieve pent up tension. She curled her hand to the back of his neck and slipped under his shirt collar to squeeze his shoulder. Her returned kiss being unusually tender for her. -05:07 Mar 23
Ferius: "I want a wife who can direct a broadside and read a chart, fight gods and still show me whats under her shell." He pushed her shirt from her shoulders and moved his kissing there his tongue softly caressing her skin as his hand trailed down her stomach to pull on her waistband. "I want you." -05:13 Mar 23
Delilah: Any minute she would start purring like a blasted kitten. In such a moment, to have her heart pounding so hard while being so relaxed was quite strange. Despite the oddness of it, she allowed herself the opportunity to just let it all go. She fell back against the blankets when she moved her other arm. Brushing her hand in to his arm just for the sake of petting. No tugging, no pulling, just an amused, soft petting. "You confound me." -05:19 Mar 23
[Delilah enters.] -05:30 Mar 23
[Delilah has timed out.] -05:58 Mar 23
[Ferius enters.] -06:10 Mar 23
Ferius: He opened her pants and then, slowly, unbuttoned his own shirt. "You’re a mystery too." he chuckled. "You’ve made an old pirate fall in love while threatenign to kill him constantly…" Another kiss, long and lingering as he finally meade to remove her pants. This slow unhuried pace was new but no less exhilerating than what they had had before… it had to be because of love. But all Ferius knew was her hot embrace was all he could think about. -06:16 Mar 23
[Ferius has timed out.] -06:25 Mar 23
Delilah: Delilah was amused with the undressing…if only because she was so used to him ripping and tearing and generally ruining most of the things she owned. Once his shirt was unbuttoned she was pushing it off his shoulders. Leaning up on her elbows again to bury her face at the crook of his neck and nuzzle against his skin. He smelled like the sea and bit like smokey candle wax, and it was frustratingly divine. "Do you know what I love, Ferius…" she murmured against his neck. -06:39 Mar 23
Ferius: Freed from her clothes and his shirt he circled his arms around her his fingertips feelign every bump of her spine as he trailed them down her back. "Hmmm……?" the scent of her hair reached his nostrills as he nuzzled into it. The sea, black powder, the galley, she must have inspected every inch of the ship. "Pray tell…" -06:43 Mar 23
Delilah: "That," she brushed a kiss against his skin. Murmuring the words just barely above a whisper. "you gave me a choice…" Delilah bit in to his shoulder with her teeth, flicking her tongue over the spot to sooth. "Despite being a fool." -06:54 Mar 23
Ferius: His muscles tensed umder her teeth the there was a hiss as he sucked his breath through his teeth. He wasn’t angry, in fact there was a smile on his lips as he looked down at her. "Heres another…." he flicked his tongue agaist her ear and began to grind his hips agaist hers. "Do you want to free me from the last of my clothes?" -06:58 Mar 23
Delilah: "I fear this freeing you from things will become a common problem with you." Delilah laughed, though it was cut short by the sucking in of a breath. Balancing on one elbow, she pressed a hand against his chest to push him. Not with any real force, but enough to have him moving off her and standing again. Delilah sat up, slipping the fingers of both hands in to the waistband of his pants and tugging. -07:04 Mar 23
Ferius: He stood looking down at her with a grin. "Are you objecting?" there was a slight chuckle to his voice as his hand petted her hair, simply enjoying the sensation of it agaist his fingers. "I did after all free you from yours." -07:08 Mar 23
Delilah: "I am merely thinking about our illustrious future." she mumbling, tilting forward to softly nuzzle her nose against his stomach. And with a wicked smirk flicked her tongue over his navel. His pants only took a second to unhitch, but she wasn’t yet pushing them down. -07:15 Mar 23
Ferius: His stomach tensed.. It seemed like Ferius, rapist, dread pirate and hier to the curse of an evil sea god was slightly ticklish. "I’m enjoying our present." he said as his hands glided over the back of her neck. "Very much." -07:18 Mar 23
Delilah: Delilah smiled wider, having discovered a vital piece of information, indeed! Her hands circled to his waist, slowly pushing his pants down from his hips. Letting her fingers only slightly brush against his skin to see where else he was so sensitive. In all of their tussels, it was rough and violent… never did she think Ferius would react so sensitively to her fingertips. -07:24 Mar 23
Ferius: His hands moved to her shoulders to grip them as her fingertips caused muscles to tense and shiver especially on his back. "Having fun?" he asked in a slightly teasing way his face smiling down at her. -07:27 Mar 23
Delilah: "Hmm, you have no idea." Delilah didn’t look up to see his smile. Once his pants were pushed down to the floor her hands glided back up his legs. Knuckles brushing the inside of his thighs until she had one hand cupping his balls, and a thumb gently massaging them. There was that flick of her tongue again, hot and wet against the sensitive skin of his stomach and drawing a trail lower. -07:32 Mar 23
Ferius: She was teasing, gaining control as usual. It seemed he would always let her espacially when his legs twitched as he rubbed them and then… "Mmhmmm" he couldn’t stop the sound as he realised where her line was going. No not her Delilah would never…. it was so unleke her to put her mouth on someone’s.. "Delilah..?" his tone was questioning but his mind was electrified… always full of surprises…. -07:37 Mar 23
Delilah: "Yes, Ferius…?" She enjoyed his surpise, reveled in it. Delilah was not one for beautiful words or declarations, but she could show affection through actions. And there was no man on the world that ever had her like this. She left a wet trail down his torso, not stopping when she reached his cock. Hilt to tip she flicked her tongue. Drawing him in to her mouth. -07:44 Mar 23
Ferius: His eyes almost rolled back… it was amazing how a simple action from her could make him feel like this. There was only one word for it. "Fuck…" his nails bit into her as he suched in a breath. He had never reacted liek this before to anything and he’d feel embarresed if it wasn’t ovewhelmed by the feelign of what she was doing. -07:48 Mar 23
Delilah: Perfect encouragement in a single word. Delilah swirled her tongue around his head, sucking it deeper in to her mouth before pulling back to the tip again. Her thumb worked magic on his sack, gently massaging and never failing to caress when while her mouth was busy. -07:56 Mar 23
Ferius: His eyes closed and he bit his lip her attentions making his mind float and spin. For a secind he was worried his legs owuld give out but he held them steady as his mind raced. "I never thought…." there was a wimper in his throat "Delelah Red would ever… mmmm." Dammit it was like she was playing him like a flute. -08:02 Mar 23
Delilah: Delilah pulled away, just long enough to shift her position and nuzzle against his stomach again. She relased him, resting her hands at his hips as she kissed and nipped his stomach, hoping to draw across that ticklish place again. "Delilah Red will do unusual things for the man she loves… if that is not what you want, Captain…" she murmured with a grin. -08:05 Mar 23
Ferius: His hand cuma up to rub the back of her neck and head. "There are many things I want…" she found it again and his stomach twitched… then he pushed her back and slowly ran his hands up her stomach to her breasts his hips moving to hers as he sqeezed them his mouth going to nip the skin just below her ear. "One of them is to lake love to you… not rape you, or fuck you, or have revenge sex with you. To make love." -08:11 Mar 23
Delilah: "To make love." she repeated, her voice low and light… with a tone that suggested she didn’t quite believe such a thing existed. But his hands felt like heaven, and while she curled an arm around his shoulders, finding herself caressing his back with more tenderness than she had ever felt, she thought she might humor the idea. She tilted her head so her cheek was pressed against his. "I could give it a try." Her smile being felt against his cheek. "For love. For you…" -08:19 Mar 23
Ferius: He turned his head to kiss her cheek, then her lips as his hand slipped down his stomach to guide the throbbing member still slick from the time in her mouth to her lips and slowly, thrust inside her. "I love you Delilah…" -08:22 Mar 23
Delilah: No urgency, no vengeance, no anger, or taunting sarcasm. How such a primal thing could be so different with just a change of intent was a mystery to her. Delilah groaned, her other hand coming up to place against his cheek as she returned his kiss. Soft and unhurried, and she moved her mouth against his. "You know I love you.." she uttered in a sigh. Gods alive, she was so hot and throbbing and they had barely started…! -08:27 Mar 23
Ferius: His legs braced and thier hips met his tongue slowly sliding against her lips. She felt so good around him… he lost cntrol of his hips readily and shey slowy grinded agaist her his ands pullign her closer. "Amazing…" he whispered against her lips… it truly was. -08:31 Mar 23
Delilah: Delilah watched his face and expressions. She found, this was something that she loved too… that honest, nothing held back, pure and simple pleasure. Her head tilted back as her eyes fell closed. She moved as he did, so swept away that every part of her was singing with sensation. -08:49 Mar 23
Ferius: HE moved agaisr her his movements encouraged by hers. His entore body given over to the act he thrust deeper as he nuzzled into her. It was hard to stay silent and her name slipped out… but he was so lont in her he hardly noticed. -08:53 Mar 23
Delilah: He was the only man in the world who could say her name and it feel like an enchantment. Every thrust left her soaring. Her legs twisting and sliding up as she dug her feet in to the bed to drive her hips against him. Delilah could hear herself whimpering, having to clamp her mouth shut and bite her own tongue just to still the sounds. -09:03 Mar 23
Ferius: His teeth gripped her skin for a moment as he thrust deeper his hands sliding agaist her with increasing despiration. He wanted to hear her whimpers, her cries, her breath. "Let it out…" he whispered. "I want to hear…" his own breath was fast and hot agaist her as his toes curled and uncurled against the bed… -09:08 Mar 23
Delilah: Her response was a half laugh, half cry as her head tossed listlessly back and forth. Delilah’s hands had long since released him. Dropped to her sides where her fingers grabbed fistfulls of fabric, only to let go again and spread wide with each jolt of electricity that shot up her spine. -09:18 Mar 23
Ferius: He was braced agaist her his movements feverish he pressed his face agaist her his mind realing with the sensation running though him. It was everywhere, his entire body alight with it… he was getting close and he nipped her shoulder in an attempt to her her know. -09:23 Mar 23
[Delilah enters.] -09:37 Mar 23
Delilah: Another whimper hissed out through clenched teeth was followed by a sensuous cooing. It wasn’t enough… she wanted so much more time! But there was not even any delaying her own body. That rising torrent as she came, gripping her so hard that she squeezed her eyes tight as she gasped out loud. Her back arced, pushing him deeping inside as her body clenched around him. -09:44 Mar 23
Ferius: He pushes against her his hands gripping and muscles straining as he climaxed. His panting breath washed over her and he did nothing but savor the moment and her hot body agaist his. "Delilah Red…" he chuckled… "I’d say we just made love…" -09:49 Mar 23
[Delilah has timed out.] -09:58 Mar 23
Delilah: "You needed brag, Captain Ferius." she muttered against his ear. Spent and feeling as if every bone in her body had turned to mush, all Delilah could do was drap her arms around him and nuzzle his cheek. -09:58 Mar 23
Ferius: His hands slid down her body before he pulled her with him under the thick blankets. "When I have you in my arms Delilah, its very hard not to." -10:01 Mar 23
Breaking Delilah

Breaking Delilah 009

[Ferius steels his nerves, after a cerntury hes going head to head with his advesary… the reason he wanted to recruit Delilah, everything comes down t this.] -11:15 Mar 19
[Delilah had a brilliant talent of being able to inspire anybody. Which meant despite a hoard of pirates being scared shitless of joining a crew manned by the Blood Pirate Ferius and sailing off to meet certain death at the hands of an ancient God, somehow Delilah made it all sound like a good idea.] -11:17 Mar 19
Ferius: Back abourd the heaving ship and thier prop pointed in parallel wut the compass Ferius cackles softly to himself his hand on the door the great cadin as he pushes it open. "You’re a remarkable woman Red, I don’t think I’vee seen men to eager to kiss the edge of the map." -11:22 Mar 19
Delilah: It wasn’t her precious Sea Raven, but Moira’s Gloom was adequate. At least Ferius knew how to keep a good ship, and Delilah took to running it like it had been hers the entire time. She had her feet propped up on the desk that -used- to be his while she was examining one of those very handy little swords. "It takes more than stomping around threatening to bleed people dry to keep a crew. Fear doesn’t exactly foster loyalty. Money and glory though… always does the trick." -11:24 Mar 19
Ferius: He nodded, standing legs apart and arms akimbo. "And it take more than a boatload of dock rats to kill a god. Though that would be why you have me. I’ve set out course and we’ll be there in… well lets just say all thse supplies we loaded up will be going to good use. Theses also the matter of this." he held up the bone blade from where it had been concealed on his person. "Whats your plan Delilah?" -11:28 Mar 19
Delilah: "Stab him through the heart and then slice him open from gullet to chin just to be sure? Better to avoid perfectly innocent women from opening boxes if he’s good and dead." She had two swords that could kill a god, Delilah had every intention of using them! -11:34 Mar 19
Ferius: "So take your sword and put it through his heart? Well now thats not goign to have any cosiquences is it? No one you knew, no one in this cabin tried that before…. do you really want the curse?" -11:37 Mar 19
Delilah: "What’s the likelyhood of another curse? Seriously? Besides, two swords is surely better than one." If not, well. Delilah was determined to figure out a way -around- the curse. There had to be a way. …Unfortunetly, the only knowledge she had was in breaking Ferius’ curse. Vardri was an entirely different entity all together. Delilah cast Ferius a scowl as she resumed examining the details of her first sword. "I suppose the High and Mighty Blood Pirate knows better than me, does he?" -11:41 Mar 19
Ferius: He tossed the blade onto her desk. "Theres a reason he follows this. It is bother the blade that must made the sacrifice and the ove that can remove hsi power. But hes not vulnerable to it just yet. Which is why we’re going north. Tell me have you ever been to Greenland?" He chuckled, even though she was in charge he was still the one with the answers. -11:45 Mar 19
Delilah: She made an expression that was pretty clear she had no liking for the north. "And why would we sail there, pray tell? It seems to me a foolish thing to go riding in to his territory. …And it’s miserably cold." -11:49 Mar 19
Ferius: "You’ve already seen the temple to one of the gods. Vardri has one too and thats where they’re going. Its bittersweet irony thats thats where he would have taken you if he had captured you. But its the only place where we can avoid the curse." -11:52 Mar 19
Delilah: Now she really wasn’t liking the idea, and was considering stabbing FERIUS through the heart. She pulled her feet off the desk and rest the sword on top of it before she gave in to the temptation. "And that is supposed to be the -good- idea? Avoiding wretched doom by awaiting it in the belly of the beast? I had to deal with all of your bullshit and now lets have a party at Vardri’s temple! Brilliant, really!"" -11:57 Mar 19
Ferius: "Looks liek someone didn’t read as much as they were meant to. The temple is the one place we can kill him and not end up with a curse worse than the one I suffered for over a hundred years. The was between the gods was meant to have been won by one eventually, I still have some of the spirit of the slain on inside me. At vardri’s temple, with that spark I can make him vulnerable enough. If you have any better ideas please share." -12:00 Mar 20
Delilah: "You’re pissing me off, Ferius." That want to kick the crap out of him everytime he had that tone of voice would probably never fade. But Delilah had to acquise to the fact he DID know more than she did about these sort of things. She leaned back in her chair, clearly unhappy about it, but there was little else that could be argued. "Fine. We will do it your way. And if I don’t like it, I’ll kill both of you." -12:05 Mar 20
Ferius: "ANd I thought we were past crossign swords Red, I’m glad that some things never change." he sat on the desk and once again picked up the blade. "All we need is bait… he will follow this and can always tell where it is so long as it isn’t in a charmed box… its perfect." -12:17 Mar 20
Delilah: "Not using me for bait, il mio amor, in your increadibly reckless plan?" she bit back with sarcasm. Though they had migrated to more… intimate terms, that didn’t mean she trusted him THAT much. After all, she wasn’t above using him to bait an evil god if she had to. -12:19 Mar 20
Ferius: "Indirectly I am since you’re the one who opened the box so are the one with the blade." he pointed out. "Though I’m sure Delilah Red: pirate queen isn’t afraid of a little danger now is she?" -12:22 Mar 20
Delilah: "There are very few things I fear." Vardri was one of them, but she wasn’t about to admit that to Ferius. Not when he was giving her that asinine smirk of his. "And for the record, I only give a shit because ancient gods tend to have a nice amount of gold. Otherwise, I’d leave you to have your stupid otherworldy battle without my neck in the middle." -12:26 Mar 20
Ferius: "Of course." he said "That and with Vardri on the loose he’d sink all the spanyards before you got your chance." he was just teasing her now. "You could leave me marooned with that clade and amulet any time you wanted couldn’t you. Delilah Red, the fairest maiden with the blackest heart on the high seas." -12:29 Mar 20
Delilah: "Such pretty words. Where were your stupid pretty words to begin with? We could have avoided a great majority of all this shit." Not to say that she would have been swayed by compliments from a rival. But at least an ancient god wouldn’t be loose and terrorizing the ocean, forcing her to do more than enjoy a little pillaging. -12:33 Mar 20
Ferius: "Theres a time for words and a time for action. You’re there sailign with me agaist the god I’ve know would come. The way I looks at it I’ve won in that point. Even if you’re in command of the Gloom." -12:37 Mar 20
Delilah: "You’re such a romantic, Captain Ferius." Her tone was sarcastic again, but she was amused. What lofty and grand ambitions he had, that she inevitably fell right in to like a total fool. Though, she supposed there were some perks to it all. "And don’t you ever forget who ~is~ in command of this ship, of you, and everything else for that matter!" -12:44 Mar 20
Ferius: He smiled the compliment, even if it was sarcastic. "You remind me often enough so that its impossible to forget Captain Red." he said his toe completely deadpan. "So by your leave may I do that which I already have don and set us on course for the only shot we’ve got?" -12:49 Mar 20
Delilah: "Yes, Ferius. And thank you so much for marking the course before I give the official command! Bringing to attention why I must constantly remind you who is in charge." Delilah shoved at him with her foot. She was already pondering whether or not she would hang him over the edge of the deck to drown him, or throw him in the brig without all of his clothes and only rats to keep him company. -12:53 Mar 20
Ferius: His eyes narrowed at the look in hers. "It seems you’re thinkign again." he pointed out ignoring her foot. "The last time I saw that look in your eyes I ended up naked on the floor of my own cabin and had to chase you down for weeks…." he held her gaze "Not plannign on making me make more storms, you knwo thats a lot harder now." -12:59 Mar 20
Delilah: "Il mio amore, I am not likely to flee from my own ship." she retorted with a wicked grin and a flash of teeth. "But you naked on the floor does have a very nice ring to it." -01:01 Mar 20
Ferius: He grinned back "I didn’t think you would, it would be nice to still have you around when I wake up, just once." He leaded forwards over the desk "Any more ideas?" -01:05 Mar 20
Delilah: "Appropriate ideas, or terrible things to do to you as punishment?" Delilah lift her foot up, this time aiming at that cocky grin to shove him away. If he thought being his wife meant she would be a compliant ball of mush with every pleasing smile and compliment, he had another thing coming! -01:10 Mar 20
Ferius: He dodged her foot and slid from the desk. "Alwasy the stubborn one." he said shooting her another grin. "Though if you truly think I have done wrong shouldn’t the punishment be personal?" -01:15 Mar 20
Delilah: "The thought has crossed my mind to chain you to a chair for suitable vengeance. Or chain you in the brig. But I am sure I can come up with something more creative." Certainly so. She’d have him backed to a corner with one of those swords, but that was unnecassry now! -01:23 Mar 20
Ferius: He cast her a glance and he turned back to face her. "You’ve been thinkign about this more than just while I’ve been in this room." he studdied her wonderign if she’d make good on her threat. and what he could do to turn the tables. After all hadn’t he said last tiem that rank meant nothign between the sheets? -01:26 Mar 20
Delilah: It was difficult to pull off that innocent expression with such a topic, but she did her best while leaning back in her chair and shrugging her shoulders. "We will be sailing for a while, I’ve got to do something with my time. And now that you’re meek as a kitten and at my mercy, I could string you from the mast or something equally as interesting." That -would- be amusing. In fact she was grinning rather wide at the thought and losing all pretenses of innocence. -01:30 Mar 20
Ferius: "Meek as a kitten?" he repeated. "You may have my ship but I’m still the man who terorised these waters Delilah, and just because I follow orders doesn’t mean I’ve lost the fire in my belly… If you were looking to marry a man who would roll over, I’m sorry to disappoint you." -01:36 Mar 20
Delilah: "I am so sorry, Ferius. Did you not like being a kitten?" she was grinning wider, leaning to rest her elbow on the arm of her chair and her chin in her hands. "I know it is hard to admit when a woman has bested you and made you look the fool. But that IS what you get in tangling with me. A sweet and meek kitten, here to amuse me." -01:39 Mar 20
Ferius: He saw she was teasing but it still got to him. "Are you sure you’re not the one to be turned meek?" he asked now walkign around the desk to stand before her looking down at her on her chair. He had half a mind to pull her up from it and kiss her or keep her in to and just strip her where she was… was this her plan? -01:43 Mar 20
Delilah: "No, certainly not me. ~I~ am in command of this ship and in the Captain’s chair. Where you…heh." she smirked and almost laughed. "You look like you are ready to cry, Ferius. I haven’t hurt your feelings have I?" -01:48 Mar 20
Ferius: He pushed the chair with his foot, turning it to face him. "Just because you want to to be your kitten and be a sensitive fop does not make me into one Delilah." he growled as he hand covered her mouth. "Rank does not buy you everything. Or did you forget that?" -01:55 Mar 20
Delilah: Delilah slapped his hand away, rewarding him with a wider smirk. "I don’t need rank when it concerns you, Ferius. I could cull you in to submission before, and now without your power you’re about as harmless as can be." -02:02 Mar 20
Ferius: he grabbed her wrist and forced her hand out of the way as his hand found her throat and squeezed. "SO thast how you see it, that was your plan? Get my ship and then get rid of me? Your revenge? Thats not going to happen….. He leaned down and ran to tongue aganst her cheek. Now who needs to punish who?" -02:07 Mar 20
Delilah: "Get rid of you? When I’ve finally got you captured? I’d rather have you swinging in the wind as a trophy." Taunting Ferius was never going to lose it’s magic. Still without losing her smirk, she was kicking out a foot again to shove him away. "It’s cute the way you flounder, il mio amore." -02:15 Mar 20
Ferius: He held on his hand moving down to her shirt to pull it partly open hos slide underneath so cup her. Half as a dare for her to resist and half as a test to see it she would… at eh did this his lips foun her and he spat the realisation. "It never ceaces to amaze me how you play me Red.." -02:20 Mar 20
Delilah: Delilah debated just how far she’d take the game, especially after his comments. She ended up grabbing his hand to pull away from her skin and twisting his wrist. She leaned forward, mimicking that smile her often like to cast at her when he was being antagonistic. "You are an easy fool. Wrapped around my finger like a piece of twine, and ever the obediant little beast." She kissed his cheek chaistly to add insult to injury. -02:27 Mar 20
Ferius: He glared at her, he wanted to pull her hair and make her squeal with a mix of pleasure and pain and the breath that washed over her was hot. "You walk a fine line Delilah… I could thro you out the cabin window, assume command and fight vardri myself. I have the blade, I’d have the swords… but I’d rather have you." -02:32 Mar 20
Delilah: "And I would come after you in a fury and take back what’s mine. You would do well to be pursued… it’d wipe that cocky look off your face." Beyond amused, it was quite hard not to laugh at him. Had she grinned any wider, she’d do just that. She was quite surprise his control hadn’t snapped yet, and made her want to press it all the more. She rose from her seat, pushing him a step back with her hand against his chest. "Kittens don’t get pirate queens, sweet. Perhaps next time." -02:37 Mar 20
Ferius: He grabbed her arm and twisted to behind her back turning her arounf and standing behind her. "And you say in what happens in this room right now is over." he said pushign her against the desk. "I think I’d like you bent over this… Its been a while since this room heard you gasp in pleasure." -02:42 Mar 20
Delilah: And there was the snap! …though she wasn’t expecting to be shoved over the desk, and that left her growling in surprise. "It was over, but now I am re-thinking stringing you from the mast!" She braced herself with her free arm, struggling to get her other one back. -02:47 Mar 20
Ferius: He pushed her down harder lettign go of her arm and drawing a dirk from his belt that still holdign her down he slid under her shirt and cut it in a line down her back. "You’re still talking, you might want to see to that Red…" -02:54 Mar 20
Delilah: "I am not going to be silenced at your whim, Ferius." The game she could play, but this infatuation with tearing her clothes was going too far! She was hissing in frustration again, swinging an elbow back to catch him across the face. "My CLOTHES Ferius…! We’re going to be sailing for weeks…!" -02:57 Mar 20
Ferius: The blow struck but it only made him grab her arm and roll her onto her back abandonign the dirk to open her shirt at the front. "And all those others you picked up in port not goo enough?" he scoffed as he forced himself on top of her on the desk his body sliding up agaist hers as he unded a her butting on his shirt. -03:01 Mar 20
Delilah: "They aren’t going to last long if you’re going to rip up everything I own!" In retaliation she grabbed the collar of his shirt, popping every button she could slip her fingers past. That in itself seemed not nearly enough, so she was using her own weight to try and roll him off her and to the floor. -03:06 Mar 20
Ferius: He grabbed what was left of her shirt and pulle her down with his his hand gripping her hair as he pulled her lips to his and pressed them home. "But then you’d ahve to stay in here and then wouldn’t the tables be turned…" -03:10 Mar 20
Delilah: Delilah was at least trying to resist his kissing. The debate about her clothing was more important than her previous enjoyment of goading him in to a tussle. "No. No I would just wear your things and leave you chained up on the floor where you belong, kitten." she muttered. In fact, now that she had him on the floor… she reached down to take his belt, intent on tying him up with it. -03:15 Mar 20
Ferius: "I think you’d swim in them." he pointed out as he slipped the torn rags from her body his leg tangling with her as he kissed her again. -03:18 Mar 20
Delilah: This time she was returning his kiss… only after a moment growling against his mouth and biting his lip in a quick nip. She pulled his belt free and went grabbing for one of his hands. "That is besides the point." -03:21 Mar 20
Ferius: He realised just too late what she was up to and broke the kiss his other hand comign up to her neck. "So you plan on backing up your threat, you’re a pirate through and through.." -03:24 Mar 20
Delilah: "Wouldn’t you love me less if I weren’t?" she challenged with that grin again. Of course, she had to release him to go tugging his hand away from her neck. Were she not careful, he might strangle her for real. "Be a good kitten and stop making such a fuss." -03:26 Mar 20
Ferius: He chuckled darkly. "There games you play." he cooed seeing to have recovered his spirits "You’re not one to give up.." he ran his finger over her thoat and bit her lip before her hand heaved his. "All the reason I fell for you." -03:30 Mar 20
Delilah: "You started the games, Ferius. I just learned the play them better." she chimed back, though her voice didn’t quite have that irritated tone of before. For all her posturing and fits, she really did like to hear his pretty words. Delilah abandoned his belt to the floor to take his face in her hands and pull him in for another kiss. -03:38 Mar 20
Ferius: His hands circled her and ran up her back as he kissed her back his tongue ficking softly agaist her lip. He could pretend he could still rape her, hurt her, back up his threats of killing her. But in truth he couldn’t. That didn’t eman that he didn’t know Delilah could take it rough… -03:41 Mar 20
Delilah: The lectures could wait… not that she remember why she had on the floor to begin with anymore. A soft sigh slipped out as she caressed his cheeks with her thumbs. Murmuring how stupid he was in a hushed breath when she tilted her head to get better access to his mouth. -03:49 Mar 20
Ferius: He rolled still holing her to him so that her back was on the floor his hed tilting in relation to her for him to push her lips apart and slide his tongue between them as his hands undid her belt and pulled it away. -03:51 Mar 20
Delilah: She bit his tongue, a wicked tint of laughter following. But she just as soon as she did, she was sucking on his tongue to ease the pain. She took the opportunity to push his shirt down over his shoulder. -04:03 Mar 20
Ferius: His lips pressed into hers hand as his hands slid up between them to brush her breast. Even not she was still teasing him driving him on and pushing his buttons. There really wasn’t another like her. He rakes his nails down her side as his other hand undid her pants a small plaintiff plea escaping his thoat into her mouth. -04:09 Mar 20
Delilah: "Something you want, kitten?" she muttered against his lips, that hint of a grin at the corner of her mouth. She rose her hips off the floor to brush against him, most purposely trying to drive him crazy. -04:14 Mar 20
Ferius: He grabbed her pants and pulled her hips back to him a grown forming in his throat. "I’m about to take what I want." he said as his hand slipped into the front of her pants and rubed down to her thigh pushing her pants down with them. -04:18 Mar 20
Delilah: Resisting a gasp, she pushed a hand against his shoulder. "What makes you think, I’ll let you?" Delilah grinned. Despite the comment she let her hand move to the back of his neck and squeezed. -04:26 Mar 20
Ferius: He moved dows to bite her shoulder as he puched her pants further down her legs. "Becuase of this." he said barely above a whisper as his hand brushed her crotch a fingertip sliding agaist her lips. -04:29 Mar 20
Delilah: "That’s… not a very good reason." she muttered through her teeth in a hiss. Her hand squeezed the back of his neck again before sliding up to grip in to his hair. He had her toes curling in her boots, but like hell she’d give him the satisfaction. -04:42 Mar 20
Ferius: He moved his body agasnst hers his chest running her nipples as he kissed her again replying to her words by pushign his finger into heras he still covered crotch moved to grind into hers. "I can always give you more reasons." he said as his thumb rubbed her clitoris. -04:46 Mar 20
Delilah: A groan and another hiss, Delilah attempted to squirm away but there was little room to move. She nipped at his mouth. "Dare you to try, Ferius." -05:22 Mar 20
Ferius: He grinned his lips brushing agaist hers as he freed himself from his pants and rested his member agaist her his fingers once again makign the plunge. "I dare, Delilah…" His fingers spreading her lips he pusher the tip of his throbbing member into her, his teeth locking onto her lip as he sucked at it. -05:27 Mar 20
Delilah: That sharp intake of her breath couldn’t be disguised. Neither was the movement of her hips instinctively moving closer to his touch. She tugged hard on his hair, though she didn’t pull him away. Just held him tight to continue that kiss. -06:17 Mar 20
Ferius: He pusjed his lips into hers harder aas he pushed deeper, a steady stream up thrusts pushing her agaist the floor. Then again there was a needy noise in his throat, it was only her that could fuel his passion so. His fingers wet with her juice moved between then to gently squeese her nipple saving some of it to bad on her lip when he momenteraly broke the kiss. -06:24 Mar 20
Delilah: "Shit, Ferius…" she groaned out, dropping her head against the floor with the rush of sensation running up and down her spin. Her hands released hair to fall back against the floor as well. Fists opening and clenching with every other jostle of her form. -06:58 Mar 20
Ferius: He braced himself agaist the floor his hand finding and interlocking with hers as he nipped her neck and continued to push harder and faster. He could feel her moving with him and her soft interiour pressign in on him. It was the tingling feeling builbing up that made him rejoin her in the kiss and haf pur half growl escaped into her mouth as he gripped her. -07:05 Mar 20
Delilah: His growling had her cackling. Curling her legs around his waist to trap him just as her hands clung to his. She shifted beneath him, moving in those subtle jerks and smirking in triumph any moment he caught his breath. -07:28 Mar 20
Ferius: Her cackle only reafirmed his belief that she had planned all this but far from making him stop the fact that she had gone through all this to get him to do what he was doing hand him bite her tongue and made him thrust deeper, his movements timed with her clenchine. He wanted to bite that smirk off her face of course and make her beg and scream… and the growl came again with more intencity… -07:48 Mar 20
Delilah: A startled yelp was definitely what he received when he bit her tongue, and her legs slipping off from her around him when she bucked upwards in retaliation. Still, his sudden ire didn’t stop her amusing snickering and now she was laughing all the louder! -07:56 Mar 20
Ferius: Locked as they were in thier struggle he never broke rythm his his plunged into her. His bite became a nibble as he gripped her hand tighter his hips adjusting her her posision. He was holdign himself back, if he couldn’t stop her snigger he could at least make Delilah climax first then gloat about it! -08:01 Mar 20
Delilah: It was increasingly hard to keep taunting him. The steady motion having her skin from head to toe feeling like it was on fire. Delilah strained against his hands, wanting to turn the tables before she found herself lost in him. "Ferius." she muttered under her breath. -08:22 Mar 20
Ferius: His hand mover to cup her head and hold her in a long kiss his tongue sliding between her lips to find hers. the growm became a grunt as he squeesed her hand in responce to her mutered word. His thrusts by not were takign him as deep as he could go and his face was strating to increase as well, his motion only pauseing when a tingle shot up his spine and ne whispered her name into her mouth. -08:31 Mar 20
Delilah: With at least one of her hands free, it followed his arm to his shoulder. Digging her nails in to his skin as she raked them down his back and pausing only when she reached his ass to give a hard squeeze. Her legs moved against his, that impatient, frenzied twisting growing all the more desperate as the tension mounted. -08:40 Mar 20
Ferius: His hand tighterend and saarted to grip her hair as his his mover faster in rosponce to hers. Breaking the kiss he let his breath wash over her. His hips pushed and grinded agaist her with urgency now and feeling welling up inside him even as he tried to keep it on a leash. "Fuck Delilah." he whispered agais her lips ""You’re like no other." -08:48 Mar 20
Delilah: That done her in. If anyone ever knew her weakness to sweet words, her reputation would be ruined. Her legs tightened around him when her back arched. Her breathy moan sound like a cross between pain and pure bliss. The few short phrases she muttered between gasps were everything from curses to confession of love. -08:57 Mar 20
Ferius: To feel her tighten and arch agaist him make him chuckle, but his planned victory was short lived as a few grinding thusts later he was akso forced to let go and gis hips pressed agaist hers he panted agasit her his mouth forming sweet utterences in every language he knew as he rested against her. -09:03 Mar 20
Delilah: Hot, sweaty, and most certainly sticky, none of which seemed to matter in the wake of ebbing passion and that solid feel of him against her. Chuckling or not, she cared little whose victory it was, leaving herself free to nuzzle against his cheek with a grin. -09:10 Mar 20
Ferius: He smiled and kissed her lips sloftly his hands running through her hair. "It always ocurs to me that you’re quite the woman." he whispered as his arm circled her. -09:16 Mar 20
Delilah: "Hmm…" was her first response. That over-pleased pamper cat grin never fading from her features. "And I am always surprised just how much I actually I adore you… Not an easy feat, Captain Ferius." -09:20 Mar 20
Ferius: That earned her another kiss longer but just as soft as the previous. "I could say the same to you and not be a liar." he said softly. It didn’t matter that he was lying with her on the hard wood deck, nothign coulf move him from where her was except to slide down to lay next to Delilah. -09:27 Mar 20
Breaking Delilah

Breaking Delilah 008

[Delilah Red was once again back on Ferius’ island. But this time it was her leading the way to the temple. She was offering very little in terms of information… and why not? Ferius himself never explained things to her either.] -03:10 Feb 16
[Ferius follows wanting to ask questing but he never gets any answers out of this woman. If this is then working togetehr its off to e great start.] -03:15 Feb 16
Delilah Red: Swatting away leaves, they were already approaching the stone steps of the temple. Delilah was incredibly aprehensive, but along with the details, that was also something she was keeping from Ferius. After getting a bit of the translations from the temple walls wrong already, she was a hundred percent sure if she had the details of the curse correct. She was going to have to hope she’s as smart as she thinks she is! -03:19 Feb 16
Ferius: He had had enough and put a hand on her shoulder. “Whats going on Delilah?” he asked “There something on your mind.” he knew people well enough to know they were worried… was this a trap? -03:21 Feb 16
Delilah Red: He stopped her almost at the top step. Delilah turning to cast him that wry smile she so often liked to use. “Maybe I am just trying to breed an atmosphere of purpose and suspense before we dive head first in to changing your entire life.” Her tone of was sarcastic, but not biting. She motioned towards the stone door. The one that weeks ago was her vexation to learn only he could get open. “You are the one that told me the ultimate evil is now free on the ocean waves slaughtering every one it meets. I just don’t want to waste the time talking..?” And it was the truth! -03:26 Feb 16
Ferius: He decided for the hundreth time to trust her. There were easier ways for her to kill him. Letting her go he followed her inside running over everything her had read and everything she had told him. If this didn’t work… Thier plan was unchanged. Get men, kill Vardri. Only he’d be calling the shots. “I hope you are right about this Delilah.” -03:30 Feb 16
Delilah Red: “Me too.” she muttered inaudibly under her breath. There were very few things she were afraid of, and dying certaintly wasn’t one of them. But leaving it all up to someone else to make a choice for her… Squealching those thoughts before she had herself second guessing, Delilah continued leading the way inside the temple. Before long they were entering the main chamber where the former god sat in his chair, now nothing more than bleached bones. She went straight for him, leaning over the throne to flick away the dust until she found a stone chipped dagger. “There should be a large circle carved somewhere on the floor. You’ll need to find it.” -03:36 Feb 16
Ferius: There was only one thing for it, starting at the center of the room and working his way outsards ho began clearign the floor with his hand until his fingers found a deep groove. “Here.” he said folowing it around slowly, definatly and arc….. -03:39 Feb 16
Delilah Red: Delilah pulled the necklace off from around her neck, slipping the piece of gold over the stone through the hole at it’s center. The amulet was apparently a guard for the daggar. Securely tightly in place by the leather string. Still concealing her edgyness, she approached Ferius and beckoned him closer with her fingers. “I need your blood, then I give my offering. The rest from there will be entirely up to you.” -03:46 Feb 16
Ferius: He frowned. “Your offering?” he asked.. -03:47 Feb 16
Ferius: ((oops -03:47 Feb 16
Ferius: He frowned. “Your offering?” he asked.. “You are the one who knows that to do here.” His eyes penetrated hers and he help them there for a full secing as he aproached. Then he took her hand and raised it to his lips hissing it softly. “And I trust you will not leave me to fave my demons alone.” he sighed. He had no choice but to listen to her… this really was the only way. Pulling back his slieve he held out his arm. “As you were Delilah. I hope that thing is still sharp enough to cut.” -03:50 Feb 16
Delilah Red: She offered him a smirk. Though his concern seemed genuine, deep down she was wondering if it was still all a mistake. Delilah turned his hand over, palm up. Dragging the stone blade sharply over the palm. It was indeed still sharp! She brushed each side over his palm to coat it in blood. Then she was handing it to him. Wrapping his hand titling around the hilt and holding his hand tight over it with both of hers. “And I am trusting you.” she muttered. Before he could question her words, she jerked his hand and the daggar forward. Piercing herself straight through the stomach with a grunt. -04:01 Feb 16
Ferius: He looked hoorified, it made no sense. His hands were on the handle but it was her who had done the motion. He let go and caught her in his arms… and thats when the smell hit him. He blood,,, th ecraving returned seemingly a hundred times stronger and around then the air began to change. “You fool.” he spat. “That have you done? You’ve…” he stopped the smell intoxicating but he wouldn’t let it overwrite his concern. “Delilah?” -04:06 Feb 16

Blood poured from the wound to drip in dark splotches on the stone floor. The air grew so hot it almost crackled with the energy. Beyond the circle a deep, rich laughter began to echo. There, right in the stone throne, red wisps rose up from the skeleton perched there. Taking the faint outlines of a man, it drifted near the edge of the circle on the floor. A dark skinned and dark hair male just barely visible. “No power achieved without sacrifice. No curse broken without sacrifice. Here you have spilt blood twice on my palace floor…” -Delilah Red

Ferius: He was glad to have something to focus on other then and blood poaring from Delilah’s wound. Standing he turned to face the aparition. “You have no hold over he.” he said. “I bring back your ‘gift’ and choose death over your brand of evernal life. Take it back.” -04:16 Feb 16

Eyes glinting gold beneath the hazy red smoke that seamed to envelope him, the god merely smiled a sardonic smirk. “The blood is not pleasurable? To smell, to taste..? Imagine having her blood forever. You have the power to make it so…” -Delilah Red

Ferius: He looked down at her form, how words were true. She was helpless and he could make her his playthings. “You words will not sway me, now will they make me betray her. She and I made a deal… And I will not sit here while you watche her die.” -04:26 Feb 16

The delight on his face only grew. “She is already dead. Gone. A sacrifice has been made. Keep the power and take her blood. Make her eternal. Refuse it, thrust it back at me after you dared to take my life – and you will die a slow, miserable, mortal death.” -Delilah Red

Ferius: He spat at the ghost. “If shes dead rather join her in hell than curse her like I am. I refuse to carry this nurder any longer no matter the fate that meaves me facing.” -04:34 Feb 16

His delight vanished. The energy of the room crackled again as his roaring scream bounced off the stone walls in a deafening snarl. His form disappeared in the red wisps of smoke, rushing forwards towards Ferius until it crashed in to him with such a force that it nearly took him off his feet. …and just as suddenly as it began, the chamber was silent. Leaving nothing but Ferius standing and Delilah still with the knife through her. -Delilah Red

Ferius: It was gone, the slemm of her blood no longer affected his, it was just worrying. He fell to his knees and pulled the dagger from her placing it on the floor. “Delilah..” he whispered pullign her into his arms and cradling her “You shouldn’t have done this, you should have told me.” -04:40 Feb 16
Delilah Red: After a moment, she gasped! A soft groan escaping her, though she hadn’t yet opened her eyes or attempted to move outside of her fingers clenching in to fists. The wound from the knife was compltely gone. There was not even a scratch left behind. Only the blood covering her and floor was any indication she had been stabbed at all. -04:44 Feb 16
Ferius: He looked in disbelief his hand going to twhere the wound was. “Do not do that again.” he said beofre he pulled her closer and planted his lips on hers. “Mortality would be hell without you.” -04:47 Feb 16
Delilah Red: “Getting sentimental, Captain…?” Delilah was pretty surprised herself that she was still alive, if all the blood was any indication of just how bad that all looked. Still, she was giving him a wry grin, raising a hand up to his cheek and pulling his mouth open with her thumb. “Any fangs in there…? Otherwise we WILL be doing that shit all over again…” -04:50 Feb 16
Ferius: He smiled wolfishly showing off his teeth. “Thres no need for that. Whatever you did worked, which means I owe you a ship, and my life, you whink you can handle both of those Captain Delilah Red?” -04:53 Feb 16
Delilah Red: “Il mio amore, I can handle just about anything of yours.” Never had a threat ever sounded so sweet. Now she would be the captain of the Moira’s Gloom, command Ferius as she damn well pleased. Her wicked expression shifted serious. “I am glad I didn’t misplace my trust, Ferius…” -05:02 Feb 16
[Ferius has timed out.] -05:26 Feb 16
[Ferius enters.] -05:26 Feb 16
Ferius: “Likewise Delilah.” his voice was soft as he leaned down to kiss her again “You I had a feeling I could count on you I was still worried. You’ve shown my that a life well spent counts for more that an eternity wasted.” -05:30 Feb 16
Delilah Red: That grin grinned. “Of course, this means I can kill you whenever I please.” she muttered against his mouth. Not that she was planning to now… Somehow, through all of the sheer insanity of everything, Delilah had definitely warmed up to the idea of keeping him. “As long as you do not strap me to any more chairs… or any other women, for that matter.” -05:35 Feb 16
Ferius: “Strapping you to another woman would be a most foolish move indeed.” he teased. It was going to be hard accepting her in charge of everything, least of all his ship.. her ship now. “But I think you’ll find being able to give orders means that a lot fewer chairs will be properly modified for chaining unless of course the carpenters become attatched to the design.” -05:41 Feb 16
Delilah Red: With a sly expression, she slid her arms around his neck. “I promise you will not miss those stupid chairs. And if you do start to long for those days of being a total pain in my ass, I will be glad to hit you with the nearest bottle and start a fight.” -05:47 Feb 16
Ferius: “It would be like old times. You, me, a few choice words between us. One of us gainign the upper hand and exploiting it without mercy. A few more choice words and finally we go our seperate ways.” he said. “Though I think I’d prefer it withut that last part.” -05:50 Feb 16
Delilah Red: “I did not just bleed all over this goddamned temple to have one fight and leave, you shit.” she scowled at him. Did he really not understand the whole bit? She could strangle him! “I swear to ever god on the seas, you are the most dense, son of a bitch I have ever had the stupidity of falling for!” -05:56 Feb 16
Ferius: “And you are the most stubborn, fiery, compulsive, sadistic, iresponsable, sceming and downright daring woman I have ever realised I have strong feeling for.” he replied “And if you don’t get when I’m teasign you then this is going to be a long life together.” -06:00 Feb 16
Delilah Red: She was definitely going to strangle him. That was her intention when she advanced on him and pinned him to the floor. Maybe even stab him a few times to test and see if the curse really was broken. But… hovering above him to kiss him strongly and grumbling against his lips about him being an asshole was just as good. -06:04 Feb 16
Ferius: He slid his arms around her and pulled her in deeper rubbing the back of her neck. So he could have said something different after she removed his curse and admitted to liking him, but that wasn’t who he was but the truth was he felt as strongly about her and she did about him and his smile agaist her lips reflected that. -06:10 Feb 16
Delilah Red: He was frustrating and infuriating, but Delilah was quickly finding that was exactly what she adored about him. She growled in response to his smile. Nipping at his bottom lip with her teeth. No bloodlust and no rage to cloud her thoughts, all she was left with was a very satisfying knowledge of just having him. -06:15 Feb 16
Ferius: His head tolted back in response to her nip. He was fully aware of ehr and no nonger drunk on her. His ahdns slid down and grabbed her shirt pulling it up before they slid along her bare skin, savoring it. -06:19 Feb 16
Delilah Red: Lacking any sense of urgency, there was a benefit to her taking her sweet time. Bracing her hands at his jaw to brush her thumbs against his cheeks, before drifting down his neck to grip his shirt. Giving it a sharp tear in retaliation for all of her similarly lost items of clothing. -06:29 Feb 16
Ferius: She has odviously enjoying herself and more than a little bit, so why would he ruin her fun? He let her rip his shirt and even muttered a curse when she did his eyes finding hers. “I’m running out of those.” he said “Cary on like that and I’ll be going without.” his hands trailed down her back and over her ass as he grinned. “I surpose you could help me choose new ones.” -06:34 Feb 16
Delilah Red: “You’ll be sailing these seas naked before I start picking out your clothes, Ferius.” and what a delightful idea that was! She tilted, nuzzling against his cheek until her teeth found his ear. Nipping sharply before soothing it with a flick of her tongue. “And you’ll be damned if you if try to get me in another stupid dress.” she murmured. -06:40 Feb 16
Ferius: He loved under her her attention only fueling his appitite. “You’re right these clother are far more flattering.” he pulled her shirt up the rest of the way and over her head. “But if I’m sailing naked I would humble request my captain dressed to match.” he chuckled as he tensed under her the though of turning the tables fluttering though his mind. And then he acted on it pushign off of the stone floor to roll on top of her. -06:45 Feb 16
Delilah Red: Cold stone at her back made her gasp, but she was just as quick to repair her expression and narrow her eyes at him. “Ferius, you’re forgetting who is in charge here…” It was incredibly difficult to supress a bawdy grin at the thought of them both sailing a ship without a stitch of fabric. Delilah made sure the rest of his shirt was torn away now that he was kind enough to give her the room to do it. -06:51 Feb 16
Ferius: “And you’re assumign that matters here.” he replied softly kissing her lips them moving down to nip her neck then her shoulder. “Here if you want to be in control you take it.” his hand hent between them to unparsen her belt and pull it free along his her weapons which joined thier shirts to one side. “And we need to finish what we started on the beach.” -06:55 Feb 16
Delilah Red: “Aah, and the Captain reveals the technicalities of the agreement..” There was no anger in her voice, only a very amused smile. That would keep life ever so interesting. Delilah played coy, running a finger down his chest before hooking it in the wasteband of his pants. “Were we doing something on the beach, Ferius? I seem to forget…” -07:01 Feb 16
Ferius: “well let this serve as a reminder.” he leaned down and hressed his lips hard against hers while at the same tome pressed his hips into hers his ahdns runnign though her hair as he kissed ehr hard his teeth niibling her lower lip. -07:04 Feb 16
Delilah Red: There was that familiar feeling. Being so breathless that it left her head tingling just as much as the pit of her stomach. Delilah returned his kiss with a soft sigh, jerking hard against the waistband of his pants until she had them yanked open and the freedom to slip her hand inside. She gripped his shaft, running her thumb down the length of it with a promising invitation. -07:11 Feb 16
Ferius: “MMmm” the sound from his throat vibrated agaist her lips his his hips loved closer to her allowing her to toutch him to her lips as he pressed hard into the kiss. His hadn moved to her hip running up and down ther curves as he continued to grind slowky agaist her. -07:15 Feb 16
Delilah Red: “I think you should take off these pants, Captain, or you’re gonna be losing them too.” she murmured against his mouth, followed by a flick of her tongue and finding herself lost in kissing him again. She released him long enough to go pushing his pants down over his hips and squeezing his ass when her hands roamed back up again. -07:24 Feb 16
Ferius: He pushed his pants further down then pulled hers free too scatterign them across the floor as he continuet to feverishly kiss her between her words. “Still thinking of being a naked terror on the seas.” he asked “Because I could stand spending more time seeing your skin bared.” his hips met hers again and his shaft toutched her causing his breath to catch. “Espesially if I’m looking by touch.” -07:29 Feb 16
Delilah Red: She let out a slow breath, which was really just her way of trying not to let that impatient feverish burn whisk all her senses away. Legs free of trappings, she pushed hard against his shoulders until she had him rolled on his back again and her straddling his lap. Delilah slipped a hand at the nap of his neck, drawing him up to sit by gripping his hair. Nuzzling his cheek again as she curled her arms around his neck and pressed up against him. “I’m thinkin’ I don’t like the idea of sharing.” -07:35 Feb 16
Ferius: She had takes back control and it sent a shiver down his spine. “I think I like the sounds of an exclusive relationship myself.” he said as his lips alighted on her ear his one hand proppin himself up as the other ran up and diwn her spine. “One where we can share openly with each other, and be together.” -07:40 Feb 16
Delilah Red: Delilah made a sound very much akin to a purr. Her fingers stroked lazily through his hair, as she adjusted her position over his lap. “Are you proposing, il mio amore?” -07:43 Feb 16
Ferius: He pulled back lookign into her face his finger tickling her spine. “Are you accepting?” we arced a brown as his hand continued to feed her back attention. “You have after all captivated me more than any other woman in my very long life.” -07:46 Feb 16
Delilah Red: She might have been flushing! Delilah blamed it on the way his hands were tickling the skin of her back. She mimicked his expression, before tilting forward to brush her lips against his. “I may be. …it’ll be the last time you ever see me in a dress.” -07:50 Feb 16
Ferius: “As a captain you could do the ceremony anytime anywhere.” he said pressing his lips into hers lightly “And the moment you belong to no one but ourselves.” He kissed her again harder. “And we will be the most feared union on all the seas. The slayers of ancient gods.” -07:55 Feb 16
Delilah Red: “Hmm. I may have just been convinced.” He had her with belong to no one, but being fearsome and slaying ancient gods had a very nice ring to it. “I’ll be your wife, Ferius.” she muttered against his mouth with a smirk. Delilah shifted over his lap again, moving her hips until she could feel his tip pressing up hard against her center. -08:01 Feb 16
Ferius: He smiled agaist her as hiw hips shifted forewars welcoming her and givinf her better access. “And I’ll be your husband Delilah.” He nipped her neck in anticipation before kissing her again as his let his nails run up her spine. -08:05 Feb 16
Delilah Red: Delilah shivered, despite the fact her entire body was running hot. She slid down his body, her breasts being crushed up against his chest as she welcome him in. Hissing through her teeth when she settled and could pull him no deeper. She rest there a moment, savoring that feeling before gradually rocking her hips. -08:10 Feb 16
Ferius: He closed his eyes with the feeling of her drawing him in his hand on her lower back as his breath shuddered. His eyes opened and he grinned his hipps wippling under her his entire shaft in her soft embrace. “You alwasy feel amasing.” he whispered into her lips. -08:16 Feb 16
Delilah Red: “Good to know your taste has not changed along with your immortality.” Delilah took his mouth in a rough, passionate kiss. That bloodbond seemingly having never been the issue, as her desire for him was just as strong as ever. Her pace quickened as well as her breath. -08:26 Feb 16
Ferius: He kissed ehr back his hips moving under her matchign her pace. “My tases have always been satisfied by you.” he said before biting her lip his tongue running against it, his body tensing and relaxing with every breath. -08:29 Feb 16
Delilah Red: She laughed, it coming out in a breathy chuckled. All the wickedly mean things she could say in response, were just getting lost as a jumble of words in her mind. Every rise and fall of her body left her throbbing. Pressure building between her thighs just as tight as the grip her hands had on his shoulders. -08:34 Feb 16
Ferius: He sucked in his breath his bodt pressed harder agaist hers as she moved as he kept his lips sliding against hers. He really meannt it, she satisfied his every need and with his hips beginging to rise and a groan rising in his throat hed be satisfied very soon. His lips parted the only words left in his mind uttered as he let go into her. “I love you Delilah.” -08:38 Feb 16
Delilah Red: The unexpected words, left her reeling. The pleasure of hearing them mixing with that sudden shudder of bliss. Gasping out a small cry of his name, she was left clinging tightly with her arms around his neck until the muscles of her body stopped quaking. Once she could catch a breath, she nuzzled her face against his ear, letting out a soft breathy laugh. “And I love you, il mio amore… for all the insnaity it means.” -08:48 Feb 16
Ferius: He circled his arms arounf her and kissed her passionatly her pet name for him once mocking was now something more. “Thank you.. for ending my curse, and for showing me a life without it.” -08:52 Feb 16
Breaking Delilah

Breaking Delilah 007

[Delilah Red is landside. Good and far away from the Blood Pirate. …though… Fuck it. She has to stop questioning her decisions. She has a small treasure box to open, conveniently stolen off that fool who attempted to kill what she had claimed. ..Er. Claimed to kill. Yes.] -02:07 Feb 14
[Ferius Has been following Red since they parted, always just over the horizon waiting for her to make port.] -02:10 Feb 14
Delilah Red: A tiny knife in hand, Delilah whittled away at the box’s lock. In the back of her head, her mind was a whirlpool of thoughts. Blood desire she could ignore. Sure, it would drive her mad with rage… but the other part… To care about the man who continuously tried to steal her freedom and bend her will? That was stupidity. Sheer, hopeless stupidity. Grumbling to herself, she finally popped the lock and lift the tiny box’s lid. Inside were a view foreign coins. Mostly from european countries. A couple jewels and… Delilah picked up the chunk of bone, carved neatly to a sharp edge. A spearhead, she supposed. Circled with fraying leather. -02:10 Feb 14
Ferius: The bare minimum of sail raises the ship snuck closer before the she hove to and Ferius gazed out towards the sleeping town. Red had taken something of his… and it she wasn’t careful it would doom them all. -02:14 Feb 14

The golden amulet seemed to burn against the pirate’s skin for a moment. But it was fleeting. Out in the sea something was rising from the waters. Stepping foot up on to the sands as if summoned from the frothy waves themselves. Tall, misshapen figures covered in leathered and fur tattered rags, shambling on to the docks. When they came across a living being, be it man, woman or cat, their silent stepping quickly shifted! Fast and ravenous they ran! Grasping on to anything living, ripping flesh and cracking bone! -Delilah Red

the spearhead too pulsed in time with heavy footsteps as a large figure clad in furs walked with the creatures. He was larger than a bear and almost everything of him was hidden beneath furs or hair only his dark glowing eyes could clearly be seen… and he pushed open the door to shere he could feel the amulet.. the spearhead… his prize… his bride. -Ferius

Delilah Red: She pressed the metal against her skin, a scowl coming across her features. Her assumption was that it reacted to Ferius nearby. The longer she seemed to wear it, the more she was aware of it’s odd little nuances. When a piercing scream rang out, turning the heads of everyone inside the tavern, it was easy to assume that it was caused by Ferius and his stupid crew. If he thought he was going to drag her back again…! Delilah stood and pushed away from the table. Fully intent on not being there when the pirate arrived. -02:26 Feb 14

The manlike figures didn’t seem to have any discretion! Spreading out so fast across the village, more screams of terror echoed out in to the night. Men finding their skin ripped loose from muscle and woman fairly only better enough to have bones broken as they were taken right on the streets! As they entered the tavern along with their master, here too they wasted no time in immediately pouncing. People fighting to protect themselves, or trying to flee when they couldn’t! -Delilah Red

Delilah Red: There was little time for Delilah to realize the spearhead also seemed to react. More accusations would have been thrown Ferius’ way, but those thoughts were quickly shattered when the door open and hell came pouring in. All but one seemed to be in a mad-crazy frenzy. And Delilah wasn’t about to be one of the wailing people on the floor. She pulled her sword, slashing down the first beast to jump at her. At was satisfied when it dropped in an agonizing howl. -02:34 Feb 14

the fifure aproached calmly alongs it’s followers’ slaughter. A hins of a grin appeared as it reached out a hand the creatured gatehrign around him once the taver’s occupants were slaughtered holwing excetebly. Thie master had picked her out for himself and from within the furs came a sword on ancient design. Heavy and large like those seen on a medievil battlefield. “You have called me, not put down your weapon and I will take you.” -Ferius

Delilah Red: “Fuuuuck, you!” Later, she was going to question why every man in the fucking universe wanted to piss her off. For now, Delilah was raising her sword. Preparing to attack beast or master should it be stupid enough to wander close enough. The spearhead in her hand seemed to pulse at the same rate as her heartbeat and the amulet was still burning against her skin. Somehow, she was certain this was Ferius fault. Not waiting to give banter, she rushed forward, intending to put her fancy sword to good use with a fatal swing! -02:44 Feb 14
Ferius: The heavy sword was light in the man’s hand and he bashed her blow awise with ease. He was strong that much was certain. He punched her across ther face then kicked her in the chest. Then when she was down motioned for his minions to grab hold of her. “Bring her, I will deal with her myself.. the rest of you.. nothing in this town survives.” -02:47 Feb 14

The heavy sword was light in the man’s hand and he bashed her blow awise with ease. He was strong that much was certain. He punched her across ther face then kicked her in the chest. Then when she was down motioned for his minions to grab hold of her. “Bring her, I will deal with her myself.. the rest of you.. nothing in this town survives.” -Ferius

Delilah Red: Delilah nearly lost grip of her sword, the hit taking almost all the air out of her lungs. Even with her back to the floor, she was rolling. Dodging out of the way of grasping hands, swinging to blade to slash away anything that grabbed her. What she hadn’t counted on were just how many of the crazy bastards there were, and how strong a grip…! These weren’t average men and she was screaming in fury trying to stay out of their grip. -02:53 Feb 14

Without remorse or a reduction in speed, the plague of ferocious beasts spread through out the village. Blood and bodies were scattered amongst the streets, small fires from tipped laterns or disturbed fireplaces had caught some buildings a blaze. Ships were being sank in the docks before even raising their sails! And the Master’s fresh sacrifice was being dragged out in to the streets, despite her twisting and flailing. -Delilah Red

He watched her fight back his minions, she would never him even with her sword. And soon she fell to them and they dragged her off towards the sea. He would have her and there was nothing she could do about it. He blood woulf make his reign here perminent. -Ferius

Delilah Red: Throwing out every curse word in her vocabulary, that need to flee only heightened at the sight of the dead in the streets. And worse, what those fuckers were doing with all of those bodies. She twisted, and dug her feet in to the ground. Angled her wrist trying to poked away at the ones who had her arms held tight. They never tried to take her swords… None even tried to touch them! So it was always with a great deal of enthusiam when she managed to break her arm free and stab them through. Only to be followed by more frustrated growling when another would take it’s place. “What the hell do you want from me!?” she finally shouted. -03:06 Feb 14

“Your blood.” he wrined wickedly. “When I sacrifice you My stay here will last forever adn what you see here… will be only the begining. Thank you for releasing me.. I only wish I could know you litte longer before you die.” he cackled and kept going, the were almost at the shore where thecreatures had seiced and presurved one of the ships. -Ferius

Delilah Red: “Sorry, honey, I ain’t no virgin sacrifice..!” she snarled out, managing to snatch her arm free again. Sending one of the mangled figures careening backwards when she slashed at his gullet and the second recieving a quick stab through the head. Delilah almost made it fifteen feet before she hit the shore face first. The crack of a bone making her wince as she was tackled and dragged back up to her feet. They were so fucking fast…! -03:14 Feb 14

You you set em free, and virgin or not your blood will seal me here.” He didn’t seem to care that she was killing his minions but by the sounds in the tows he had hundreds more. Though he did seem to be irritated by the belay and kickign them out of the way stood over her himself. “I’d do it right now if there wern’t steps needign doing first, but I think I’ll carry your the rest of the way.” he reached down and one of his massive hands grippher her sword arm and he reached down his his other.. then an arc of energy seemes to fly from her chest and hit his hand. He bellowed in pain and surprise letting her go and falling his his knees. -Ferius

Delilah Red: It was all that she needed to get off her ass and run like fucking hell was on her heels. …For all intensive purposes, it truly was! Even staying to try and kill him seemed like a bad idea. His horde being far larger than she could fight back on her own. Delilah was gone. Down the shore and the moment she spotted a small single man skiff still afloat, she made to shoot and stab anything lurking in her way. Pulling up the sails and pushing the boat off in to the waves wasn’t easy holding one sword in hand, but there was no way she was letting loose her only weapon! In moments she caught the wind and was leaving she shore. -03:26 Feb 14

he watched her go cursing her as he did, but he had a ship and there was no way her boat could outrun him. Without help she was as good as dead. Disappearing back into the sea he called his minions to him and they boarded thier ship. The chase was soon to be on. -Ferius

Delilah Red: “This is the worst fucking year…!” She was shouting to no one now, just needing to voice her frustration! Her sword sheathed, now that her boat was skimming out towards the sea, she needed both hands to help her man it. What she needed was speed…! Anything unecessary, she tossed overboard. Her ribs ached from fractures, and she was pretty sure one of those demons had bit a hole clear through her shoulder… but she’d be halfway across the ocean before they caught up to her, if she could help it! -03:33 Feb 14

Thier were fast and in five minuet had the ship ready and makign sail, the figure standing by the wheel had his eyes fixed forwards, catchign her was all the mattered. -Ferius

The town was dead clear through. Not a soul managed to escape… except for one! Aboard their stolen ship, fitted with new, bloodied looking sails no doubt sewn from the skins of their kills, they made quick time. Chasing after their master’s chosen sacrifice. -Delilah Red

Ferius: “Sail inbound, a small boat.” Ferius tore his gaze away from the dying town to the boat and the harbor behind it. “Prepair for battle.” he said instantky a chill runnin gdown his spine. “ALL HANDS TO STATIONS! RUN OUT THE GUNS AND PREPAIR FOR BATTLE! EVERY MAN GETS A SWORD…. Master Tucker… make sure every man gets a rations of rum.. they’re going to need it.” -03:38 Feb 14
Delilah Red: Fucking shit! Ass! God damnit!” She was cursing more still from panic. Those demonic bastards were already raising hell on her tail. When she spotted the Moira’s Gloom out in the distance she was almost thrilled. At least until she saw them maning the weapons. …if Ferius was going to shoot her out of the sea, he picked a fine time to do it! Still… if she was going to be stuck with one evil or the other… She kept her course steady! -03:40 Feb 14
Ferius: The guns ran out on the decks of the galleon as men with boarding pikes, swrods and delaying pins manned the rails and men with muskets scaled the rigging. Ages past Ferius had been a in the nevy and they was reflected in the efficiency with which his crew prepaired to meet the enemy. -03:44 Feb 14

Better and better. the girl and the welp that had slain the biggest threat to his rule. Bith of them right here before him. He would kill them both and be done before sunrise, then all that would be left was slaughter. His creatured smelled fear and blood… this would be over quickly. -Ferius

The beasts aboard the pursuing ship did not seem to have navy savvy. Yet, that didn’t seemed to matter as they just crammed bodies and gun powder, and anything else of use in to their cannons. Their first target was disabling the fleeing skiff. It was what their master wanted. But on his orders, they were more than happy to start opening fire on the larger ship! Already salivating with impatient desire for the feast of blood that would be waiting! -Delilah Red

Delilah Red: Delilah ducked to the deck, sharp bone peircing through her sails and lodging in to the wood of her mast. Something else collided through the back of her ship, sending shards of wood and boards flying in every direction. She was taking on water…! Biting back any more wonderment on how it could get worse, Delilah jumped off the edge in to the ocean waves and swarm for it! Either she’d make it or she’d drown. They were both better alternatives to being captured. -03:53 Feb 14
Ferius: Naval tactics were effective at fighting orginised men. Canon fire seeking to disable the enemy ship as the snipers in the rigging sought to kill officers. There were no officers and no matter him many died from the canons thered were always more in flooding into deck. The men at the rails braced themselves as ferius himself drew his sword. “Aim for the persuers… ready…. FIRE!” his canons roared and hpt iron flew over the sea… battle was joined but Ferius knew if it came to the prolonged fight he was finished, he needed to grab Delilah and run. -03:55 Feb 14

YEs she was helples now it was time to focus fire on the other ship and slaughter her crew, she would make a fine flagship and the crew’s head fine decoration. They would board them and slaughter the lot…. -Ferius

Delilah Red: The further she swam, the harder it seemed to get. It almost felt as it something from under the waves were grabbing at her, but it surely had to be the panic setting in. Above her head all manner of things were flying, from iron to blood soaked bodies riddled with spiked. Those demons weren’t even oposed to shooting their own live men across the waters. One still alive and kicking landing near her, and forcing her to draw a sword and fend him off before he dragged her down in to the deep with him. When she hit the solid wood of the Moira’s Gloom, she was choking on water as she screamed for someone to throw her a rope! -04:04 Feb 14
Ferius: It wasn’t just a rope that came down but two men with while thier friend lowered them. They grabbed hold of her and all three were pulled up and she was brought before ferius. She was coordinationg caanon fire to shatter the ship;s rigging as fighting broke out neare the forecastle as some of the creatures jumpsed aboard. “If you can stand you can fight.” he said when he had a moment dismissing the two men and holding her stead himself. “Or I have a cabin for you, of your own and you can come leave it as you please. He paused the there was a crast of the ships knockign togetehr and more fighting broke out. “But we’re not fighting them now. We just need to hold them off until we can get away.” -04:10 Feb 14
Delilah Red: “Standing… is going to be a problem.” she coughed out, having to hold on to his arm to keep herself steady. Delilah had a few more words. Did he even have a clue what she just came out of? …maybe he did, his men were fighting tooth and nail to keep the other ship from approaching any closer. Delilah took a deep breath to steady herself, and pushed away far enough so she could pull one of her swords. “Then lets get the fuck out of here.” -04:14 Feb 14
Ferius: There was a splitting sound as one of the masts on the otehr ship was hit and started to topple followed by a cheer as the they started to pull away. Ferius seeing this lifted Delilah bridal sty;e and carried her below decks and to t richly furnished cabin. “I will go and oversee the battle, he said placing her on top of the covers. I will return when it is over. -04:18 Feb 14
Delilah Red: Delilah was going to argue it. The mess was just as much her battle too. But having all her weight off her feet and her blood rushing through her head was enough to leave her too dizzy to growl back in retorts. Up above, some of the cannon fodder creatures were climbing their way up on deck. Even if out in the distance their mother ship was crumbling under a fallen mast. -04:22 Feb 14
Ferius: The battle was far from over and Ferius would be needed, the creatures were mericiless and relentless and it wasn’t for another three hours after they got away that the decks were clear and thier losses counted. They had enough to crew the ship but not the guns. If there were going to fight they would need more men.. and it was a battleweiry Captain that made his way back to her door blood and grim on his tunic. -04:24 Feb 14
Delilah Red: Delilah must have passed out from exhaustion, as the sound of the door had her bolting upright to pull a sword… the promptly falling back in a stiff and pained groaned. There were no longer the sounds of battle, which she thought was a good sign. Though Ferius himself looked nearly as rough as she felt. “Never though I would be pleased to see you…” she muttered. -04:30 Feb 14
Ferius: If he heard her he gave n intocation, he only stepped up to the side of her bed and sat down on the edge. “I hoped I would never see those things again.” he said “But they’re back and so is thier leader…” he looked at her. “You opened the box, didn’t you? You let them out… didn’t you?” -04:33 Feb 14
Delilah Red: “Me…!” That was enough to have Delilah sitting up on her elbows, despite the sharp pain to her ribs. “There are a million boxes in this world Ferius, I am not going to be blamed for opening one!” -04:35 Feb 14
Ferius: He grabbed her hand and turned it up to reveal the spearhead. “This was in there, this is what kept him strapped.” he said. “But now that hes out its going to take more than putting tit back in the box to get rid of him. I thought you read the walls…” -04:37 Feb 14
Delilah Red: Delilah looked a little startled, before she wiped the expression off her face and frowned. “Not everything in that tomb was still legible… You’re not going to blame ME, when you’re the asshole that left me in there! I couldn’t have possibly known! …what are the chances…!” Even if she HAD known, to stumble over something that could summon…. that. Perhaps Ferius wasn’t the one with the curse. -04:41 Feb 14
Ferius: He watched her face. “ANd you were the one stealing my things. Messing with thing you didn’t understand. ” he said “He is the other one… the counterpoint to the one I killed on that island… he is for all intents and purposes a god and you’ve already met his followers.” -04:47 Feb 14
Delilah Red: “And you were the one that took me there! Chased me across the world and dragged me in to your bullshit! Did you think I would be psychic and just KNOW what to touch and what not to?!” Yes, she met those follows and that cold monstrosity the considered a master. Seened what that did to an entire village without a blink of an eye, without a second thought. Delilah was finding it ever more difficult to breathe. Ferius she could deal with… Ferius was once a man. …But a God? There was no way to fight that..! -04:51 Feb 14
Ferius: “You were meant to know enough not to fiddle with things you don’t understand.” he said. “But its too late now. I cannot kill him.” Ferius’ face was set. “Not without your swords… and you should know I cannow carry those.” his eyes were locked on hers. “We need eachother to get out of this weather you like it or not.” -04:55 Feb 14
Delilah Red: Delilah glared at him. He was as assinine as ever, placing the entire blame on her without taking the responsibility for himself. She might have lift up a foot and kicked him off the bed, had she the energy to do so. “Needing you is not the problem I have with this situation, you ass.” -04:59 Feb 14
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[Ferius enters.] -05:33 Feb 14
[Deliah Red ] -05:34 Feb 14
Ferius: “Then what is?” he demanded. “I didn’t track you across the seas and lose halk my crew tonargue with you so be striat with me. I offer you a berth on my ship until this is over and your own ship with which to do as you please after on top of imortality and all the power you have seen me weild and more…” he turned away “All that and saving you today because off all the people I’ve known you are the one I’d least like to see die. Riddle me that.” -05:40 Feb 14
Deliah Red: “I don’t want your imortality. And I don’t want your power…” she started slowly… It was if she was having to confess it to herself, even as she said it. Delilah leaned forward further, bracing her hands on the matress to keep herself steady. “I have a better proposal. I break your curse and defeat your demons. I’ll take you, and I’ll take your ship. …and if you don’t tie me down I might just let you grow old with me…” -05:46 Feb 14
Ferius: He turned to her, “It can’t be droken…” he studdied her face feeling something he hadn’t felt in a long time… hope. “If you break this curse adn give me back my humanity, you can have my ship and you can have my services of my hand as you desire in orer to defeat Vardri.” he said slowly before repeating. “If you can break the curse.” -05:50 Feb 14
Deliah Red: A slow grin spread across her face. And for once it wasn’t at the joy of having something to hold over him. This was something she was offering free of will. “I can break the curse. Didn’t spent days in that tomb looking for you downfall only to come out empty handed.” she paused, eying him carefully. “You have to be willing. No more immortality, no more god-like power. It won’t work if you’re not…” -05:54 Feb 14
Ferius: He looked back at her his eyes locked to hers. “I have seen over a hundred years of blood, toil and have never once know peace. I have seen everybody I once knew die and histrory repeat itself over and over again and been hunted throughout. For an end to that I would give up far more than my rank and my ship. I am willing.” -05:58 Feb 14
Deliah Red: “Don’t ever betray me, Ferius, or there will be worse to fear than ancient gods.” Delilah leaned forward, bridging the gap still between them. Lingering only long enough to brush her lips against his softly. He offered her everything he had, as well as her own freedom. He didn’t realize how much she valued both. “I’ll break your curse. But first… I think I just cracked what was left of my ribs.” She hissed through her teeth. -06:07 Feb 14
Ferius: He returned her kiss slowly and cupped her cheek in his hand “A gentleman would never betray his captain.” he said before he crabled her hindful of her ribs “Tell me what you need and it is yours.” -06:11 Feb 14
Deliah Red: She laughed, which wasn’t helping the pain or the situation. Of all the moment she would have loved to drag him in to bed and take advantage of this very accomidating Captain, it had to be when she couldn’t. Her head dropped to his shoulder. “Just fix me, Ferius. …I’ll think of the rest, later.” she muttered. -06:17 Feb 14
Ferius: His fingers lingered on her chhek and he smiled. “You’ll be walking around in two days at the most, and I’ll bring you food when you wake up, but for now you need rest…. I hope you cando what you say you can.. Or we’re back where we started and an angry god on our tail.” -06:21 Feb 14
Deliah Red: Delilah leaned back far enough to cast a grin at him. “When have I ever failed to do what I set out to do?” -06:22 Feb 14
Ferius: “only to kill me.” he said “ANd if you really can take away my imortality you’d do just that, only giving me a chance to life first.” -06:25 Feb 14
Deliah Red: She tilted back until she fell against the mattress with a huff. “Semantics, Captain Ferius… Always arguing the little things.” -06:29 Feb 14
Breaking Delilah

Breaking Delilah 006

[Delilah Red spent a night in rage, trapped inside an ancient tomb. Followed by more studying than she had done in her entire lifetime. And then a clever escape. Now, there she was on the beach. Looking like a wild woman, she was presently roaming the beach and setting up clever booby traps.] -02:51 Feb 12
[Ferius sails the Moira into the bay his personal penany flying in the still wind as he drops anchor and prepairs to go ashore alone.] -02:54 Feb 12
Delilah Red: If she had explosive mines, they would have been buried all over the island. As it were… she had to make due with the supplies she actually had. A gun without power, a short knife and a sword. There were trap ditches all over the beach, swinging sticks in the jungle, and she… she was just going to chop off every single limb from his body the moment she got her hands on him. After all… leaving her in that tomb had givin her the opportunity to learn a few very interesting things about his curse… -02:56 Feb 12
Ferius: He walks up the beach seemingly unaware of the traps or concerned that while he couldn’t see her she could almost certainly see him. He stopped halfway between the sea and the trees and stared inland, seemingly waiting for her move. -03:00 Feb 12
Delilah Red: He couldn’t have stopped in a better place. Buried under the sand was the weavings of a net. Delilah called out from her hiding place, behind a large cropping of rock along the beach. "Dearest Captain. I am starting to believe you truely do have a death wish. Why else would you leave me here, on this lovely little island to discover just exactly what makes you tick…" All the things she learned. About the weapons that can kill. About the medallion that feeds his power, and even how to break his curse. All Delilah had to do was choose. Take his power for herself and rule the seas, or just enjoy the pleasure of destroying him out right? Before he moved, she swung the sword to cut a rope. A tree was released from it’s binding, thus tugging the attached net up from under Ferius’ feet to drag him across the beach. -03:06 Feb 12
Ferius: Trapped in a net he seemed unphased as he took out a dagger and began cutting the net. "You sound sure of yourself." he called back as the first rope parted, then the second. He wouldn’t have much time before she revealed herself, but he wasn’t as helpless as he appeared. -03:09 Feb 12
Delilah Red: "What did you think you would accomplish? That I’d learn of the curse and fear you?" she called out. Delilah shifted from her position, lifting up a make-shift and pulling an arrow. Crude, but delightfully painful. While he was busy trying to cut himself free, she took aim. "I have a sword that can kill you, that low and behold you cannot take from me. I have your shiny little trinket that aids your power and that leaves you at my mercy. And I am not feeling very merciful." Delilah fired the arrow, aiming for his legs with the intend to be as irritating as possible. -03:15 Feb 12
Ferius: Sh she was talking he did and odd thing. He cut himself. Not that she hadn’t seen it before but why would he now. She aimed and he pushed his arm out of the net, blood running down it then the arrow flew. It was like a red wall momentrally appeared and the arrow was pushed off course, then he was free and standing before her dagger in one hand and the other bleeding the blood seeming to pool in mid-air around it he he stood and grinned. "I am not out of tricks yet Red." -03:20 Feb 12
Delilah Red: She lowered the bow, one eyebrow raised and a look of bafflement across her features. "What the fuck is that shit?!" Was her momentary declaration, but she was quick to correct herself. Delilah pulled her sword. "…all right, Ferius. If you wish to die, I am happy to fullfill that wish." Without any sort of trepidation, she was out from behind the stones. Swinging her sword in full force. -03:25 Feb 12
Ferius: He ducked and rolled coming up to throw the blood into her face where it stawed blocking her vision and airways like a pool around her face in defiance to gravity. "Dying was never on my to-do list Delilah." he growled as he punched her in the stomach. "And neither was killing you so put down your sword." -03:30 Feb 12
[Delilah Red growls.] -03:35 Feb 12
Delilah Red: It wasn’t the way she would expect to be choking on his blood. The hit to her stomach had her coughing even more, but she didn’t drop her sword. Delilah spun, aiming her elbow for his nose. "Never quite sure what is on your goddamned to-do list, besides me!" she hissed! -03:37 Feb 12
Ferius: He took the blow to his face and stumbled back the blood around her falling to cover her clothes. "Then you havn’t been paying attention." He tossed the dagger into the air and caught it by it’s blade before throwing it at her and dodging away as more blood leaked out of his arm and he raised bother and makign it hover before him forming into razor sharp shards. "Either way you have once again underestimated me." -03:42 Feb 12
Delilah Red: Her next turn to swing was interupted by side-stepping the thrown knife. The gash at her arm it cause going unnoticed as she pointed her sword at him and warily circled around him. That crazy shit he was doing with his blood… it was disconcerting and leaving her more than a little bit wary. "Oh. I’ve paid plenty of attention. Enough attention that I might even know something you don’t… But I think taking everything you have is going to be a lot more gratifying!" Delilah kicked a wad of sand up towards his head, using the distraction to run at him again. -03:48 Feb 12
Ferius: The distraction worked, kindof. HIs blood dropped to the ground and he couldn’t stop her, but what he did do was draw her blood out of her wound and foridify it arounf her arm to pull it away fo that it was her body and no her sword that slammed into him and sent them both to the ground. -03:52 Feb 12
[Delilah Red has timed out.] -03:59 Feb 12
Delilah Red: Her cry of surprise was not just from crashing bodily in to him, but the wierd sensation of having HER blood pulled and bent like it was some sort of rope..! Somewhere in the sand she had dropped her sword. So it was with empty hands that she swatted and grabbed at his arms. Forcing them down and trying to disconnect his blood magic. "Just… STOP it..! Fucking fight like a real man, not some wizard!" -03:59 Feb 12
Ferius: He did. He needed to get her off of him so he grabbed her shirt and pulled her to the side rollign on top of her to hold her arms down. "All fair in love and war red." he spat. "And this has growing amounts of both." he didn’t seem to realise what he said but it was clear his was fired up and and nowhere near tiring. "You’ve lost your sword… now what are you going to do?" -04:05 Feb 12
Delilah Red: Delilah was stunned in to silence. Not because she was pinned underneath him, or his lack of tiring despite how hard she was already breathing, but by his words. It took her a moment to regain her senses. Struggling to get her arms free. "I don’t think you even realize half the shit you say to me." she muttered under her breath in a growl. "First, I’m going to strangle you. Then when you pop back to life I’m going to strangle you AGAIN." -04:11 Feb 12
Ferius: "In case you havn’t noticed." he said "You are in no position to make threats." his eyes were locked onto hers "Or did you think I came here expecting you to not try and kill me? When I could have left you here. You know what the worst part of living forever is? It the people you watch die." -04:17 Feb 12
Delilah Red: "Are you trying to warn me, Ferius?" she asked, squinting her eyes as she examined his face. The struggle to try and kill him, abandoned for this new, unexpected argument."There is not a thing in this world that ties me. You can pull my strings, but I am not your property. You cannot keep me tied on your ship, or anywhere else!" -04:27 Feb 12
Ferius: He growled. "You are a stubborn woman bound by your pride as much as anything." He pulled her arm to where she could see it and you will die, one day or the next." he growled again crearly frustrated and experiencing conflicting feelings of one kindor the other. -04:34 Feb 12
Delilah Red: Delilah yanked her arm back, swatting at him even though she would just have likely punched him. "And why do you even GIVE a shit…! This is MY life. I want to CHOOSE what I do with it, or I will spend the rest of my life trying to end yours, you scurvy bastard!" she complained, finally giving in to that compulsion to swing a fist at him. She was stubborn, but the man never fucking listened to anything outside of his own voice..! -04:39 Feb 12
Ferius: His head turned with ehr blow but he did not let go, compultion and frustration driving him forwards as he pressed his lips into her his grip on her lossening. She has daring, stubborn and too tenavcious for her own good but of all the women on she sea…. He pulled back but only for a moment as his kiss alighted on her throat and he gripped her shirt pulling open the front. -04:46 Feb 12
Delilah Red: "Stupid prick…" she muttered under her breath, but it might just as well of been a sigh. Why? was the only question left, not just for him, but for herself! As she could have easily went grabbing for her sword, yet she was grasping at his shirt to pull it over his head and tugging his hair so she could plant an oddly tender kiss across his mouth. -04:51 Feb 12
Ferius: His kiss was far from tender, it was pasionate and needy. His hand slid over her body and his tongue flicke out searching for hers. "Damn you Red." he whispered as he again gave himself over to saatiating his apitite for her instead of what he came here to do. -04:55 Feb 12
Delilah Red: Her response was a sly curve of her lips and a tangling of her hands in to his hair. Damn her indeed, because she clearly wasn’t thinking…! Slipping her tongue against his with a soft purr in the back of her throat. One leg shifting as she rubbed her foot against the back of his calf and up his leg. -05:02 Feb 12
Ferius: All though had been driven out of his mind as well and before he knew it he was pulling on her pants and undooing the to lit his finders tickle her hip as he allowed himself to be pulled deeper into the kiss with only a sigh and his tongue flicking agaist hers. -05:06 Feb 12
Delilah Red: She couldn’t blame it on the blood bond, or some insatiable hunger. Nor the want to punish him or make him suffer. Delilah kissed him until she was breathless. Gasping for air as she nuzzled against his cheek. Her hands falling down to his shoulders and to glide over his arms. -05:12 Feb 12
Ferius: He pulled back to pull into her eyes and smile coming to his lips as he cupped her cheek. This wasn’t like the other times, was it? He leaned forwards agai to kiss her… his ahdn gliding down her neck as his hips settled agaist hers. -05:17 Feb 12
Delilah Red: There wasn’t that same feeling as any previous moment. This was most certainly new, leaving that strange warm feeling tingling through her skin. Even her expression shifted from her usual sarcastic glint to something more confused and nearly curious. She tilted her head up to brush her lips against his. Letting her fingers dance down his chest between them and take a grip at the waistband of his pants. -05:24 Feb 12
Ferius: He breath shuddered agaist her as he tilted his head to push her lips into hers softly as he ran a hand through her hair and his other guided her hand to his belt. He wanted her to undo it, to willingly pull him out and guid him to het, for the hisrt time to give herself to him willingly. It was a new feeling and as jaring as it was unexpected. -05:27 Feb 12
Delilah Red: How something like this was exciting was beyond her! Delilah nibbled his bottom lip gently. Seeming to take her time at pulling his belt loose. A single finger to undo the ties at his pants, and slipping her hand down to curl around his shaft. Always keeping her heavy-lidded gaze on his eyes. -05:33 Feb 12
Ferius: His eyes never left hers as his hand moved to her back his hips welcoming her toutch by shifting towards her as she toutched his shaft and a soft groan scaped him. -05:36 Feb 12
Delilah Red: She pulled him closer, only releasing when there was barely any space between them. She curled her leg around him again, pressing him tight against her. Her arms doing much of the same as her hands grazed up his back. -05:43 Feb 12
Ferius: He pressed hie tip agaist her and slowly pushed into her. He her embrace he was losing himself further anf he nipped her lip as thier hips met his eyes half closing but still looking into hers. -05:48 Feb 12
Delilah Red: Definitely a new experience…! Delilah sighed against his mouth. Her hands moving up his back to grip his shoulders as she widen her legs to accomidate him. Her blood was running hot as she shifted beneath him. -05:53 Feb 12
Ferius: It was ten, ne a hundred times sweeter to have her move to let him in deeper and he alrost broke the kiss in surrprise at the rush of pleasure that shot up his spine strait to his head. He gripped her and helped her pull themselves closer he hips sliding agast hers. His lips lest hers and he mipped her neck his teeth momenterally presing into her skin. He didn’t need her blood, not where they were sharing this, theis, passsionate lovemaking. He moved to kiss her again but there was a massive explosion close by that shook the trees…. he gasped and looked arounf, to see a last tailing his flag slowly tip and fall with gathering speed. His ship was under attack! "BASTARDS!" he was instantly filled with anger and almost kept going inside Delilah but broke away and pulled up his trousers. "Another time." he spat and picked up his dagger and began headign for the beach. "THATS MY SHIP YOU NO GOOD BRINESHIRP." he bellowed as the battle aboud the two ships in the bay. "I’LL SWIM OUT THERE AND GUT EVERY ONE OF YOU IF I HAVE TO." a cannon ball wanded on the beath and sent wants and fraglents of one one Delila’s traps flying but Ferius was alread pullign the boat back into the water. No one attacked his ship. -06:04 Feb 12
Delilah Red: "Fuck! Shit, cockass, sonofa–!!" She let out every curseword she knew from English to Italian. That one singular moment where she didn’t want his murder, his blood or anything more than just to feel him around her and… gone! Gone in an instant and leaving her wondering how she even allowed herself…! Righting her clothing and finding her sword in the sand, Delilah was fast on his heels. She still hadn’t decided if she was going to stab him or the ones that interupted, but she was hopping in to his boat as he pushed it off from shore. -06:09 Feb 12
Ferius: He didn’t question why she was in the boat , he was too bust climbing in and rowing out to his shit. as they got closer they could hear the sounds of battle and see that it was his mainmast that hed fallen. Ferius was livid, damaging his ship ws worse than wounding him. He jumped out of the boat witout even tying it up and was up the ladder in seconds draw9ign the sword he had left untoutched in his battle with Delilah and jumping right into the battle caving in a man’s skull with the hilt of his sword as a cheer went up from his crew. Thier captain had joined the fight. -06:16 Feb 12
Delilah Red: Hauling herself aboard, a fight like this wasn’t foreign to her. Hell, Ferius slaughtered her own crew and sank her ship. She knew damn well how it felt. His mast destroyed, it could be her moment to end him once and for all…. but… but now she wasn’t so sure… Her sword flew up, clashing against someone else’s. "I am not here to fight you!" she shouted, but those words seemed to fall on deaf ears. In fact, like most stupid men, not a one that came at her seemed to listen that she was on their side! -06:22 Feb 12
Ferius: He parried and slashed cutting a path to the figure that had to be the attacking ship’s captain. It wasn’t the first time someone had come to kill him and he was sure it wouldn’t be the last. "No shortcut to fame for you." he shouted bodily pickign up the last man between them one handed adn throwing his ahainst the splintered mast. "No weapon you bare can hurt me." -06:25 Feb 12

The Foreign Captain sneered. For someone facing the Blood Pirate, he lacked any sort of fear as the other man approached. He brandished his sword, the steel glinting in the sunlight. “Come and test that theory against the tip of my blade!” He shouted. -Delilah Red

Delilah Red: Something burned hot against her chest, catching Delilah off guard until she realized it was the small trinket hanging around her neck. She glanced around quickly, looking for Ferius in the fray. Fully expecting it to be reacting to him and his magic. Yet, instead it tingled against her skin at the moments of the invader. The movements of his sword. It only took a moment for the realization to dawn on her, and she was quickly crossing the deck and slashing her way through people! -06:31 Feb 12
Ferius: The deck between them was clear and he held his sword losely between them. "Fine then!" Ferius spat. "But today is your last." he rushed forwards slishing wildly. Whoever this upstart was he was makign all the wrong mistakes. -06:34 Feb 12

The man showed great patience, not moving a muscle until Ferius was nearly upon him. Swift agility had him blocking the Captain’s swings, circling around him until his back was blocked. He then swung his counter, slashing against Ferius chest in a deep wide arch and stepping back to assess his handy work! -Delilah Red

Ferius: There was a grunt of pain, FUCK it wasn’t meant to hurt. Not Ferius was at the disadvantage. "You think some fancy trinket will save you?" he asked circling the other man. "Prepair to die." -06:41 Feb 12

Seeing the pain in his opponents face seemed to be exactly what he was looking for. The power of his sword confirmed, the forgein Captain went on the offensive. His swings were calulated and quick. Taking risks with open swings, but being fueled by taking the first flood and having found the Blood Pirate’s weakness! -Delilah Red

Ferius: It was all he could do to ward off the abrrage of blows assailing him, he had only one choice, to wait for the other captain to tire. That was the plan until one of the blow git throught his guard and sent him falling backwards onto the deck. He looked up at the other man blood running from a wound on his shoulder. He looked at the blood then stabbed his sword into the deck leaving it there. "Perhaps you’re like to see what else I can do." -06:49 Feb 12

“I don’t intend to give you the oppotunity to try.” he sneered. His sword flurishing before holding it up high over his head. He was swinging it downwards for a killing blow, it he stopped mid air. A look of startled surprise across his face as blood began dripping down his mouth. As he glanced down, there was the tip of steel sticking out his gut. -Delilah Red

Delilah Red: "No one steals my kill…!" Delilah hissed. Yanking her own sword out of the man’s back. Snatching his weapon away as she shoved his dying body to the side. Now it was she standing over Ferius. Not just one, but two weapons ripe for taking his life now in her hands. "So that is what it does…" she murmured. Her hands tightening on the hilts… Does she kill, or…! Delilah still hadn’t made the decision. And the fact she was struggling with it was striking her with more fear than anything else ever had. -06:56 Feb 12
Ferius: He stood slowly facing her as the battle around them died. "Well Delilah..?" he asked. "I can’t defend myself, you have the weapons. Whats it going to be?" His eyes searched hers as he did his best to slow his bleeding. "You going to kill me… or not?" -07:00 Feb 12
Delilah Red: It was her chance. To strike him down once and for all. To take his power, or break his curse… And all at once her stomach sank. Her answer dying on her throat. Without reply or explination, both swords were sheathed in her belt and she was running. Shoving past those trying to flee now that their Captain was dead. Grabbing the nearest rope to swing herself to the other ship. She barked out orders the moment her feet hit the deck. Not looking back… not daring to allow herself to do so! -07:05 Feb 12
Ferius: He watched her go in silence. Not moving to stop her or to follow. Hos ship was in no shape to pursue and he was wounded. But still. "This is interesting." he murmered. "Until next time dealesr Delilah." -07:07 Feb 12

Breaking Delilah

Breaking Delilah 005

[Delilah Red escaped from the Moira’s Gloom by stealing the ship of Captain Anthony. And though the crew were surprised to see a woman show up instead of their captain, she was covered in blood and holding not only their captain’s sword, but a token from the fierce Blood Pirate Ferius. The escape would have been flawless, but a hurricane seemed to sprawl right up out of the sea. The ship was sank and Delilah Red found herself the only survivor climbing on to the sandy beach of an unknown island.] -01:30 Feb 09
Delilah Red: The island itself didn’t seem unusual, but Delilah quickly found she wasn’t the first to walk on it’s beaches. Following an almost hidden trail through the jungle, there was a carved out cove of rocky arches. In it’s center, tucked away hidden was a chest and other old items. …And who they once belong to came as the biggest surprise at all. With a journal in her hands, Delilah was reading. Unaware of how much time had passed. -01:30 Feb 09
Ferius: There was a sound behind her as Ferius slowly drew his blade. “So Red, I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay on my island. I came here many years ago and killed it’s previous owner, but then you’re already aware of that… aren’t you.” He was alone and out in the bay there was no sign of his ship. “So tell me… What’s on your mind now that I’ve led you here?” -01:38 Feb 09
Delilah Red: Delilah stiffened. But she didn’t drop the journal, turn or draw her sword. “A storm sank my ship. Coincidence at best.” She finally turned, slowly to face him. Closing the journal in her hands and waving it slightly. “I found such interesting things to entertain myself with…” -01:42 Feb 09
Ferius: “Another coincidence no doubt, that a storm came out of nowhere and blew you to where you needed to be to find that.” He gestured towards the journal. “That’s a lot of coincidences don’t you think?” His tone was mocking. “Then you get just enough time to read it before I interrupt you… another coincidence Captain Delilah Red?” He stepped closer, sword held down but ready to come up at a moment’s notice. “Care to let me show you more coincidences?” -01:47 Feb 09
Delilah Red: “How about we cut straight to the point. You were human once. A pirate hunter. Funny how life suddenly turns…” It was in his journal. The man had lived hundreds of years ago. A human before his life took a turn for the interesting. Delilah pulled her sword, point raised. She didn’t drop the journal, though. “Now what are you? Vampire? Devil? Worse? But not unkillable…” -01:51 Feb 09
Ferius: “You’d love to know, wouldn’t you? You have read words written by my hand when I still flew a nation’s flag. Now..” He lashed out. A teasing blow, slow and meant to be blocked but also meant to get her attention. “You do not know what changed and THAT is the question that burns in your mind. Well now. Lets find out.” -01:55 Feb 09
Delilah Red: Delilah blocked his swing with a clang of metal, pushing him back so she could edge away. “They say curiosity killed the cat, Ferius, and I’m not so sure I’m of a mind to test it today!” Still… there was more to read. Had she the time, she would know how he came to be. And better. How to destroy him. -02:00 Feb 09
Ferius: He refused to be pushed back. Instead, he circled around. “Well then I guess I overestimated your drive. I’ll be going now.” He turned and with a hidden smirk on his face ducked between two trees to head further inland. If that didn’t infuriate her, nothing would. -02:03 Feb 09
Delilah Red: “Sonofabicth!” The last thing she expected was for him to just walk away. After all of that…! Delilah stalked after him, stuffing the journal in to the belt of her pants. With the sword in one hand, she pulled a pistol in the other. Raising to take a shot at him before he got far! -02:05 Feb 09
Ferius: He was sheathing his sword when he heard the flintlock snapping back. “Oooh, remember what that did last time, Red. I thought you’d just got a fancy new sword to play with too.” He turned back to her. “So unless you have something else to say or get a little closer, you’re going to stay on this island until you rot.” -02:10 Feb 09
Delilah Red: “I don’t give two shits about your threats, Ferius!” she retorted. Stomping close enough to get a good shot, but not quite pulling the trigger. …Gods damn her own curiosity. “But I’ll take your bait. If you tell me why it’s so damned important for me to know.” -02:13 Feb 09
Ferius: “Because you want to.” He teased. “Do you think you’re the first person to try to kill me? To hold that cursed sword against me? There are games afoot here Delilah, and not all of them my doing. Now are you going to hold that gun to me all day or are you going to waste your shot?” -02:18 Feb 09
Delilah Red: Delilah holstered the gun. She didn’t look happy about it, and she sure didn’t put away that sword either. She gave an over exaggerated bow. “By all means. Allow me to wait until your grand bullshittery is done and through before I fill you full of led and cut you from chin to gullet.” -02:23 Feb 09
Ferius: He smiled. “Better, now if you had only done that when I first captured you, it would have saved you a lot of pain.” He turned and began walking in the same direction he had been. “Not that that was particularly difficult once your ship was disabled.” -02:31 Feb 09
Delilah Red: She growled. That was quite low. Delilah pulled her gun and fired as she dashed forward. Raising the sword above her head to lop his head clear off if she’s lucky! -02:33 Feb 09
Ferius: The shot was what tipped him off and he turned, raising his sword as she crashed into him. He went down, but so did she and he used his momentum to roll away and get onto his feet. “You don’t make working with you easy.” He said as he waited for her to get to her feet. “But then it wouldn’t be half as fun.” -02:37 Feb 09
Delilah Red: “I’m so glad this is fucking FUN for you, Ferius!” she snarled, jumping to her feet as quickly as she could. But she was back again, swinging for his gut and trying to run him clear through. -02:41 Feb 09
Ferius: He parried, giving ground, ducking behind a tree and away from it. Letting her come rushing him again. LEADING her where he wanted her to go. “Isn’t that the point of anything?” -02:44 Feb 09
Delilah Red: “Don’t you run away from me, you gods be damned coward!” Delilah nearly had her sword stuck in the tree, before having to snatch it back and giving chase again. “I am sick and tired of your stupid games!” She caught up with him again, nearly tackling him with a shoulder when she shoved him. Ready to take a stab again. -02:48 Feb 09
Ferius: He jumped backwards, anticipating her stab and swinging his sword at her throat. Forcing her to react. “Then why are you still playing?” -02:51 Feb 09
Delilah Red: She blocked, just barely missing having her neck nicked. Still playing. Still playing? Delilah growled, rushing at him for another swipe, but when he dodged she just kept running! She had to get off the stupid island. His ship would have to be docked somewhere! -02:58 Feb 09
Ferius: As she rushed past his dodge he slapped her. Exactly like he had done in his cabin. Then he was off again ducking through a tree line. Onto an overgrown staircase where he stood sword ready on the higher ground. “You look good when you’re red, Red.” -03:01 Feb 09
Delilah Red: Just when she thought she was going to cut her loses and quit, he’d just piss her off all over again! Squeezing the hilt of her sword, she stalked after him. Not running to chase, but stomping through the trees and up the staircase. …Where the hell did that stone staircase come from?! Delilah didn’t pay it a second thought, though. She was hopping up the stairs rushing after him again. “Ferius, I am going to strip every bone from your body!” -03:06 Feb 09
Ferius: He raised his sword, retreating up the stairs before her until he was at the top. “I’m sure you would, if you weren’t where you were looking to go.” he said, placing a hand against the stone door at the top of the stairs and pulling away the vines to show the weathered but still visible carvings. -03:09 Feb 09
Delilah Red: “I think I’ll stick with my original idea of not giving a shit!” There was the curiosity, but then there was the desire to wipe that smug look off his face. The moment she was at the top of the stairs, she swiped for his head. Clearing most of those vines with a single cut. But not hitting the target she -wanted-. “And where are we now, Ferius? Are you going to brag this is the place your acquired ultimate power and the ability to fuck me over at every turn?!” -03:16 Feb 09
Ferius: There was no other phrase to use. “You could say that.” He dodged another blow before kicking open the slab and ducking inside the carved passageway. “Or you could say this is where the man who wrote that journal knowingly took something upon himself that he knew would change him forever.” -03:20 Feb 09
Delilah Red: “Sounds like a fantastic fucking idea.” she hissed. He ducked in to a passage and she followed. But once she entered, she wasn’t so quick to chase. Her pace slowing, as her gaze narrowed and she warily followed the sound of his voice. “Are you having regrets about your life, il mio amore? Because I am more than happy to help you end it…” -03:24 Feb 09
Ferius: He continued giving ground until they were deep in the underground structure and the only thing visible of him were his shining eyes. “Again I don’t doubt, if you knew how… And it happened in this room…” There was a click and the grinding of stone against stone as a section if the roof slid open and they were bathed in light. Ferius stood on a raised dais next to a long-empty throne. Ended in the back of the throne was a rusted sword that held up the skeleton still lying in repose. “But doing so would have more consequences than you know.” -03:36 Feb 09
Delilah Red: The entire thing was ever so slightly creeping her out. Her hand tightened on the hilt of her sword again, as she stepped carefully in the room. His words slowly sank. More consequences than you know… She was no fool. She could put the pieces together. “You took his power when you killed him, did you, Ferius. … That IS an interesting little tidbit…” Sword raised, she crept closer. Now, if she killed Ferius… would she get his power? -03:44 Feb 09
Ferius: “Not his power.” he responded. “Just his curse, its all here, written on the walls.” He ran his fingers over the hilt of the sword and for a moment he was hovering there, not looking at her. His sword down and his other hand too far away to react. “The power came later.” -03:47 Feb 09
Delilah Red: “Quite the interesting story.” His pensiveness almost gave her pause. Almost. But in his distraction, she saw her opportunity. Delilah stepped forward quickly, aiming to thrust her sword right through his back and in to his heart. -03:50 Feb 09
Ferius: He wasn’t a complete idiot. He heard her footfall on the stone floor and sidestepped. Catching her sword arm under his and turning. Using their momentum to wrench her sword from her grip and dropping his as he released her arm and turned around. They were now face to face, unarmed and his eyes met hers. The line he was about to throw died in his throat. He stood there for a long moment, then pulled her closer and pressed his lips into hers. -03:56 Feb 09
Delilah Red: How did she get caught up staring like that. She had the time to move. To swing a fist or more. But something about his eyes… Delilah found herself returning his kiss. Leaning in to him until her senses finally came back. She shoved him away roughly. “Fuck..!” It seemed to be the only word she could throw out! -04:01 Feb 09
Ferius: She returned the kiss and he was about to do more when she pushed him back. This was wrong. He hadn’t brought her here for this. But seeing her standing there… He grabbed her arms and pulled her to him again. His eyes running over every feature of her face as his tongue ran lightly over his lower lip. “Delilah Red..” He breathed as he recognized the feelings flowing through him. His hands released her, though, he hoped she’d stay close to him. For once the Moira’s captain had nothing to say. -04:14 Feb 09
Delilah Red: This was different. Nothing like before. She was suppose to hate him, not feel drawn to him..! Even while her head was screaming for her to back away, reclaim her sword and finish what threatened… That wasn’t what she wanted. Growling under her breath she slapped him. …but then she was taking his face in her hands and drawing him to her in an angry kiss! -04:18 Feb 09
Ferius: The slap was unexpected, the kiss more so, but in a heartbeat he was returning it. His hands came up to grip her head and pull her deeper. His body pressed against her and it seemed to linger longer than it had before. He pulled back and let his hands slide down her back as his lips found her neck. -04:23 Feb 09
Delilah Red: She gripped his shirt, her intentions to push him away. Instead, there she was ripping his shirt. Running her nails down his chest and that scar she gave him days ago. “Why do you do this to me, Ferius..” she murmured under her breath. -04:32 Feb 09
Ferius: “Its not as one-sided as that.” He whispered as he pushed her shirt up and ran his fingertips up her bare skin. His lips once again on hers. -04:34 Feb 09
Delilah Red: Her sardonic laughter died when his lips met hers. If she wanted to examine hows and whys, it was all lost on her then. Her arms came around his neck tight, using the grip to hop up and wrap her legs around his hips. -04:39 Feb 09
Ferius: His hand went to her back holding her close. His bare stomach pressed against hers as he once again pierced his lip and hers, letting their blood flow together. Each time it became more intoxicating, and how long had it been since he had tasted it? He couldn’t think to answer. All he knew was as he placed Delilah down on her back and kissed her, the experience took hold of every ounce of his being. -04:43 Feb 09
Delilah Red: That taste of blood. Coppery sweet, and no doubt the root of her insanity. Why else would she be licking at his mouth, nibbling at his lips and savoring the feel of him as if it was something she wanted more than his downfall. Sanity would have her ripping his fangs out, not reaching down between them to yank his belt away. -04:49 Feb 09
Ferius: His hand were taking in every part of her, from her waist up her sides. His thumbs trailing over her stomach to caress her breasts as his hips pushed into hers. She was removing his belt and he pulled back breaking the kiss to pull at hers in turn. -04:53 Feb 09
Delilah Red: Delilah helped… if pulling her last small knife from her belt and pointing it up to his chin could be considered helping. She smirked wide, though she wasn’t pushing him away or spitting threads. She even raised her hips up to make it easier to take her belt. -04:59 Feb 09
Ferius: He could feel the prick. She wasn’t one to take it lying down, so to speak. He pulled her pants free and they joined their shirts, discarded to the side, forgotten. His eyes stared into hers, wondering where she was going with the knife. Then he closed his eyes and moved his chin, just enough for the blade to pierce his skin and a small trickle of blood to escape. -05:29 Feb 09
Delilah Red: There was his blood, slowly trickling down the blade. She pulled it away, dropping it at her side as her hand went up to grasps the nape of his neck. Delilah tugged him down, flicking her tongue against his throat to lick that trail of blood away. -05:35 Feb 09
Ferius: He cupped her neck with his hand as she took his blood. His throat vibrating under her tongue in approval of her attention. His weight resting on her and his hips grinding against hers, he reached down and drew himself out, ready to plunge into her. -05:39 Feb 09
Delilah Red: The sound he made was just as pleasing as the taste of his blood. Her legs widen, one rubbing up against his invitation. No doubt the only invitation he was ever going to get! She nipped her teeth against his jaw until her mouth found his again. -05:43 Feb 09
Ferius: He pushed his lips into hers at the same moment that he pushed into her. His hips meeting hers as his breath founds its way into her mouth. A soft purr escaping him as his tongue brushed hers. -05:47 Feb 09
Delilah Red: Delilah sighed against his mouth. That solid feel of him deep inside of her, filling her with more fire than the taste of his blood. Her hips rose and fell, body braced against the cool stones of the floor. -05:52 Feb 09
Ferius: He pressed down on her lips, sliding against hers as he pushed in deeper. His breath catching with the feeling of her around him. His hand slid down from her neck and came to rest on her hip. -05:56 Feb 09
Delilah Red: “Gods alive, Ferius…” she hissed through her teeth. Her blood was surging, rushing to her head and leaving her swimming in the sinful feel of his skin against hers. Her fingers curled in to the back of his neck. Her other hand gripping his shoulder. -06:04 Feb 09
Ferius: He moved his attention down. Kissing then nipping her throat, his shaking breath rolling across her skin. There was a soft groan as he held her skin between his teeth and played his tongue across it. He was pushing harder now, faster, lost in the feel of her. The sound of her breath and her passion-laced voice. -06:08 Feb 09
Delilah Red: Jostled beneath him, she curled her legs around his waist, locking him against her. A low moan escaping between her lips as she raked her nails over his skin. -06:17 Feb 09
Ferius: Placing his other hand on her hips, he gripped them as he pushed in deeper. Feeling the pressure building. His lips returned to hers and pressed into them as his breath became more and more ragged. -06:23 Feb 09
Delilah Red: Delilah gasped against his mouth. The sudden onslaught of climax making her whole body shudder, and her back arch to meet him. Her arms went tight around his neck, crushing her mouth to his. -06:30 Feb 09
Ferius: He kissed her hard as he pushed against her. His hand moving up to grip her face. His hips rocked and shook before he joined her in climax. Their naked bodies pressed together. He kissed her until the shaking and climax had long subsided. -06:34 Feb 09
Delilah Red: Bliss seemed to come in the form of a man she despised, but for the time being Delilah couldn’t seem to get her wits back. “It doesn’t mean anything…” she murmured softly. -06:38 Feb 09
Ferius: Her murmur was met with a tendering of the kiss and his hand running though her hair. Then he was standing and looking down at her, her words seeming to make him ponder something. -06:44 Feb 09
Delilah Red: A quiet moment never seemed to last for long. Delilah leaned up on her elbows, narrowing her eyes as she stared up at him. She seemed to know where his thoughts were leading… and why not? Wouldn’t she be doing the same? “Don’t you dare, Ferius…” -06:47 Feb 09
Ferius: He smiled. “Fair is fair Red. And besides, I think you have some reading to do.” He chuckled. Leaving his shirt on the floor, he made for the door. Only pausing when he was in the doorway. “I hope you like climbing.” He pointed at the skylight and a second later the stone slab slid back into place. Sealing her in. -06:52 Feb 09
Breaking Delilah

Breaking Delilah 004

[Ferius does not like uninvited guests on his ship.] -12:56 Feb 04
[Delilah Red heard someone coming, and is very surprised not to see Ferius or one of his crew.] -01:08 Feb 04

Down the stairs was a thin man, fairest of blonde and warily searching around. Clearly not one of the crew, and definitely not Ferius, he was more than a little surprised to find a finely dressed woman locked in a cell. “Madam! What a fearsome predicament you seem to be in…” he whispered. Though his words were pretty, his expression suggested he’d have liked to have him a damsel locked up as well. -Delilah Red

Delilah Red: Delilah knew an asshole when she saw one. However… when opportunity came knocking… Instantly, her whole countenance shifted. Rushing to the bars, looking like a frightened rabbit, Delilah even managed to dig up some tears. “Oh…! Oh you have to help me! I was captured by that scourge, and I am so scared… Please, I’ll do anything if you help me free!” Her voice was light and airy, with just the perfect breathless air. -01:14 Feb 04

The man paused near the bars, stroking his chin as he pretended to give it some thought. “Aye, you have landed on the most fearsome ship. If I free you and whisk you away to my ship, you would be… very grateful, yes?” He grinned, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. -Delilah Red

Delilah Red: “Oh, sir… So very, very grateful.”Delilah purred. It took all her self control not to reach out, grab his shirt and smash his face in to the bars. -01:18 Feb 04

That seemed to do the trick. Almost immediately he was dashing across the room, grabbing the keys from a far wall near the steps. He returned, turning the lock and opening the cell door wide. As well as his arms, fully expecting her to run in to his embrace with gratitude. “Come! The Captain Antony is your savior!” -Delilah Red

Delilah Red: “Thank you ever so much, Captain Antony.” Her sugar sweet tone was gone, once again dripping in that acid she so loved to spit. With his arms opened like a fool, Delilah had a free shot to swing her fist. Crashing up against his jaw and sending him flying backwards. Before he could regain his senses, she snatched his gun out of his belt and crashed the butt over his head. She would have shot him, but… she had some things to do first. Delilah pulled off that stupid dress she was wearing, swapping it for the unconscious Captain’s clothes. She took his weapons and everything else he had on him too. …”Hmm… Here I come, Ferius…” -01:23 Feb 04
Delilah Red: The ship was quiet. Most of the crew in their quarters for sleep. The moon was nothing more than a crescent in the sky, leaving little light to see by, but plenty of shadow to creep through. Delilah moved silently, rigging parts that she could and destroying anything useful she came across. Once she was off this ship, should they try to follow her, it would be a pain in the ass. Hell, she’d blow the damn thing up if she didn’t already have a much, much better plan… She neared Ferius’ cabin. The sound of a violin being an odd surprise for her. When she cracked open the door, she couldn’t help but watch a moment. Then she slipped inside without a sound, slowly closing the door behind her with a soft click. -01:32 Feb 04
Ferius: He didn’t turn from the main window, nor did he stop playing for a full minute. He had to finish the piece. Then he stopped and placed the violin on the table next to him before standing and turning. “Well.. this is a surprise..” he said. He was unarmed and didn’t make a move towards the sword hanging on the wall. -01:38 Feb 04
Delilah Red: “As you can see, I have escaped.” she murmured, her voice soft and almost sweet, but definitely dangerous. It was the same way she moved as well. Like a cat slowly prowling as it circled it’s prey. “It would be so rude of me to leave without saying goodbye.” -01:42 Feb 04
Ferius: “Then you’re leaving.” It wasn’t a question. He turned his back to her as he put his violin in its case and closed it. “Though I can’t help but wonder how you plan to leave.. I doubt you escaped alone…” he turned back to her. “So, how do you plan of bidding your farewell?” -01:46 Feb 04
Delilah Red: “Hmm. That IS a good question, Ferius… How do I say goodbye…” With the stolen gun at her hip, she could try shooting him. Yet, Delilah had the feeling it would be as futile as stabbing him through the heart. There was a better way. As she crossed the room, gliding her fingers lightly over things, she stopped near the table. She pulled a short sword from her stolen belt. Pressing the tip against her palm, as if such a thing were an every day habit. “You make me question so many things, Ferius.” Gripping the hilt, she drug the tip over her palm. Leaving a trickle of red oozing from the wound. -01:51 Feb 04
Ferius: We watched her, his eyes narrowing. “If you planned on leaving quickly, coming here was a mistake… you’ve seen the effect weapons have on me so what keep me from…” he could smell it as soon at it hit the air and it made him trail off. “What is your game?” -01:55 Feb 04
Delilah Red: Delilah tilted the sword in her hand, eying the blood on the blade, as nonchalant as could be. “Strange, isn’t it… you never think twice about blood. Then one day it’s all you can think about.” Delilah stabbed the weapon in to the table, moving away to approach him. But instead of stopping she passed by him, wiping her bleeding hand across his shirt. -02:00 Feb 04
Ferius: He watched her. The smell getting stronger the closer she got. His cheek twitched as she touched him and his hands closed into fists. A low growl sounded in his throat. “Delilah…?” He looked at her his eyes. Looking to read her face, hoping his own thoughts to remain unreadable. -02:05 Feb 04
Delilah Red: Delilah finally stopped near the window, leaving against the wood of the frame. She was scowling. A serious expression across her face. It should be FUN to taunt him. But even where she wanted to make him hurt and crave, it was hard to ignore her own… “What do you truly want from me, Ferius? No lies, no stories. What do you want. From me. Right this moment.” -02:14 Feb 04
Ferius: He shook himself, she was taking control, he couldn’t allow that. “Same as I’ve always wanted.” he growled. The smell of her blood exciting him and scaring him at the same time. “If you want the full story..” he moved fast. His arms coming out making to grab her. -02:20 Feb 04
Delilah Red: “Ah-ah..!” He reached for her and she moved just as quick. Her strength was back now. No more dizzy head and weakened muscles. That sword, the very shiny sword from the table was in her hands in a heartbeat. She took a swipe across his chest. Deliberately making it shallow and non lethal. After all… she wanted him to know how she felt. Killing him too soon wouldn’t do at all. -02:24 Feb 04
Ferius: He cried out and staggered back. Blood soaking his shirt in seconds as he tripped over the chair and fell into it hard. Steam seemed to rise from the wound as he looked down at it in surprise. “That’s quite the toy you have there.” he said obviously in pain. “Got it off the fool Antony I suppose.” -02:29 Feb 04
Delilah Red: “Interesting…” All Delilah wanted was to make him bleed, but this… this was even too good to be true! A slow smile spread across her face as she flourished the sword. Delilah was prowling again, every step very deliberate as she approached him. “I think you should take off your clothes, Ferius.” -02:32 Feb 04
Ferius: His breath was heavy as he looked at her. His eyes glaring into hers. He didn’t say a word as he pulled off his shirt and used it to staunch the bleeding. “I think you’re enjoying this.” he said. “And I thought you were nothing like me.. or so you implied.” -02:35 Feb 04
Delilah Red: “Oh but Ferius… You did work so hard to make me see the truth.” Using the sword, she flicked the shirt right out of his hands. Then brandished the tip up under his chin. “All of your clothes. Don’t dwaddle, il mio amore. This is such a heavy sword.” She let the tip dip to poke against the base of his throat. Yes, she really was enjoy this. -02:40 Feb 04
Ferius: He swallowed, before slowly standing. The bleeding had slowed but there was going to be a scar there. He didn’t say anything as he pushed his boots from his feet and then unhitched his pants and pushed them down with his undergarments. She was seeking to humiliate him… or was she after something else… Either way he would make her pay, and that thought showed itself on his face. -02:45 Feb 04
Delilah Red: “Angry, mio amore? Hate me? Sit. Now.” Whether he want to or not, she shoved him back down in to the chair. Despite how she wanted to gut him, Ferius was a magnificent specimen of a man. Not that she was interested in that. Delilah loomed over him, straddling his lap as if it were perfectly natural to do so. The sword now pressed upwards against his neck and chest. A little reminder in case he decided to get feisty. “Do you know what -I- want? Freedom. I value my freedom, and you… you have no respect for it. Now look at you, sweet… At the edge of my sword.” Delilah leaned forward until her lips were just barely touching his. “How does it feel to know you are powerless? There is no escape?” -02:51 Feb 04
Ferius: His breathing was slow, controlled, even though his mind was far from it. “I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how it feels.” he responded. “Though, I have to say, you are even better that I originally thought. To be able to pull this off. And I only wanted you because, other than me, you are the fiercest force upon these seas.” -02:58 Feb 04
Delilah Red: “Ah, the man is in danger and now he pays the compliments to charm and woo.” she muttered sarcastically. Not granting a kiss, she nuzzled his cheek. Smirking as she shifted on his lap and ground against his hips. “You made a mistake in fucking with me, Captain Ferius.” Delilah leaned forward against him, the pressure of the sword coming against his skin as she brushed her lips against his ear. “And now you’re going to pay for it.” -03:03 Feb 04
Ferius: Her attention got to him more than he thought it would. His legs moved under her and his breath caught when the blade pressed against him. “Words spoken softly for a woman with a sword against my throat.” he retorted. “And if you’re not just going to kill me, what do you want?” His words were barely above a whisper as if adding volume would press his throat into the sword. -03:08 Feb 04
Delilah Red: “Retribution.” she murmured easily. Sweet retribution. Delilah rose a hand to his cheek giving a soft, almost loving caress. It was covered in blood, which made it quite easy to brush her thumb over his lips to spread it across his mouth. With those same fingers, she ran the back of her knuckles down his throat. Tilting in her position to flick her tongue against his neck and lick away that faint line of blood drawn by the sword pressed against his skin. -03:13 Feb 04
Ferius: He closed his eyes, gripping the chair to stop his hands from coming up to embrace her. He could smell his own blood and hers from her hand. He didn’t say anything more. He couldn’t now, with the feeling of her tongue on his throat. Damn her. -03:18 Feb 04
Delilah Red: “Don’t want to touch me now, mio amore? Shame… it might be the only time I let you.” Delilah nipped his neck with her teeth. While her hand slide down from his throat to his chest, nails grazing his skin almost hard enough to leave scratches. A faint laugh escaped her as she reached down between them, grasping his manhood firmly in her hand. “Nothing to say?” -03:26 Feb 04
Ferius: He opened his eyes and searched for hers. “Is this your game?” he asked, “To make me want you, to take control?” His words were defiant but the way his manhood throbbed beneath her fingers betrayed him along with the hint of passion in his eyes. His hands came up and hesitated. For a spit second it looked like he was ready to strangle her. -03:34 Feb 04
Delilah Red: Delilah tilted back, not hiding her smirk or intent in the slightest. She had him exactly where she wanted him, in more ways than one. “Can’t take what you give, Ferius? So easy to strap a woman down and take what you wish, but once the tables are turned…” Her hand squeezed his shaft, allowing her fingers to glide up and down it. Her thumb tracing circles around the head. -03:43 Feb 04
Ferius: His hands balled where they were and he bit his lip suppressing a groan. Then his hands opened again and alighted on her shoulders. Sliding up her neck and pulled her closer. His lips found hers as his hips moved under her. His will, it seemed, had broken and now he kissed her with the passion he had just before their last parting. -03:49 Feb 04
Delilah Red: She hadn’t expected to be swept up in it. Delilah intended to pull away and taunt him more. She returned it with fervent force. Tilting her head and parting her lips to allow her tongue to taste him. Her hand continued to pump his manhood, coaxing him with surprisingly gentle fingers. -03:58 Feb 04
Ferius: He bit her lip, e had to taste her, but he also bit his own before he slid his tongue into her mouth. His hands running his nails down her back. A whimper escaped into her mouth as he finally tasted her. -04:01 Feb 04
Delilah Red: To hear him whimper… that seemed to draw her out of her near-gone reverie. Delilah lingered only for a moment. Long enough to savor his blood and sate the craving that had nearly driven her insane for days. She was back to smirking again, not tilting away but nuzzling against his cheek as her body shook with sardonic laughter. “Meek as a kitten, Captain Ferius. How sweet.” -04:15 Feb 04
Ferius: If she thought that, she was mistaken. He had betrayed himself… but so had she. His arms on her back tightened around her and he stood. His strength keping her clutched against him. Then laying her down on the floor. In a few quick motions he undid and pulled her stolen pants from her. She still had the sword, it was true, but he fell on top of her anyway. His lips kissing her throat as his weight pressed down on her. “Better?” he asked just before his lips found hers again. It was his turn to grind against her and in his eagerness, slowly push into her as his kiss moved to the side of her neck. -04:21 Feb 04
Delilah Red: Her retort died in the wake of passion. But it was still her game. Delilah bucked underneath him, using the sword to help push her weight. In moments it was him pinned to the floor. Delilah straddled over his hips. “Now. It’s better.” She rocked her hips until he was sunk all the way inside her. Her lips parted as she took in a breath. The sword left abandoned on the floor as she braced her hands on his shoulders. -04:35 Feb 04
Ferius: He was surprised, that much was written on his face. He could feel himself inside her and even if he had the strength to buck her off, his hips wouldn’t respond. His breath was rising and falling rapidly as his hands went to her sides. “You are an evil woman, Red.” he said, his hips shifting under her, wanting to moved with her despite himself. “But I don’t see how you think this will help your escape.” -04:40 Feb 04
Delilah: “Shut the fuck up, Ferius.” she growled out between her teeth. She placed her cut hand down over his mouth. Delilah didn’t need to be reminded of her escape. Her hips rocked, knees braced on the ground so she could rise and fall as she pleased. -04:52 Feb 04
Ferius: His lips parted and her blood trickled into his mouth. And it worked, he stopped talking as his eyes found hers. He tried to get her off of him, to turn his hips as his hand gripped her wrist. He didn’t want to taste her blood right now, his craving was sated but it was still intoxicating. His hips moved under her unwilling or unable to buck her off as if they had a mind of their own. Damn her, damn her blood, damn her sword. -04:57 Feb 04
Delilah: He fought her and that sense of accomplishment was only making it sweeter. Delilah leaned forward as she braced all her weight to keep her hand firmly over his mouth. Her paced quickened, Delilah sinking her teeth in to her bottom lip as the heat started to mount and passion build. -05:06 Feb 04
Ferius: He fought her more, his hips moving faster against her as his legs twisted furiously. Then his lips parted and he pulled on her wrist. Taking her skin further into his mouth. His tongue moving against her skin as his teeth brushed against her hand. He was drunk on her and much as he tried to fight it, he couldn’t change that. -05:29 Feb 04
Delilah: There was that dark smirk across her features again, mixed with pleasure. Delilah pulled her hand away, leaning over him to kiss him again. Both of her hands gripping his face as she ravished his mouth with hers. She never stopped grinding her hips against his, quick and without mercy! -05:37 Feb 04
Ferius: His lips moved against hers just as his body rose to meet hers. He hated her but at the same time felt the heat of her against him and her merciless grinding. His hips rose and he bit down on her tongue, grunting in suppressed frustration and pleasure as his hips started to shake. He didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of making him climax but with growing desperation he realized he was about to do just that. -05:43 Feb 04
Delilah: Delilah pulled away after he bit her tongue. Laughing as she gave him a good hard backhand to the face. Her back stiffened as she tossed her head back. Taking him in deep as her body shuddered and tightened in bliss. She nearly toppled over him once it abated, but dropped her hand on the hilt of the sword and gripped it tight instead. Before he could get his own release, she rose off of him, standing with the sword pointed at his chin again. “It’s been heaven, il mio amore. But it’s time I bid you farewell.” -05:53 Feb 04
Ferius: The backhand surprised him and so, in spite of himself, did her stopping. He lay panting, filled with frustration and anger along with the deep ache of being left unsatisfied. “Until we meet again then dearest Delilah.” he growled, sarcasm already miring his words. “And believe me, there will be a next time.” -05:58 Feb 04
Delilah: Delilah had her stolen pants back in seconds, even sparing a moment to kick him while he was down. “No, Ferius. There won’t.” She leaned over him, snatching the shiny little trinket he wore around his neck “A trophy of your downfall, il mio amore.” Then she was off. Fleeing the bastard’s ship and sliding overboard where that fool Antony’s boat was waiting. Somewhere out in the dark was his ship… and now it was hers! -06:05 Feb 04
Ferius: “We’ll see, Delilah, we’ll see.” he said softly as she made her escape. “Three hours head start, then the games resume. There’s a place I’d like you to see.” -06:08 Feb 04
Delilah: Delilah didn’t have to row too far. Out in the fog Antony’s ship was waiting. When she appeared with Antony’s sword and Ferius’ trinket, no dared to question the fiery woman covered in blood. She had them hoisting the sales and changing direction. Sailing away as fast as the wind to carry them, with only the briefest of moments looking back. -06:13 Feb 04
Ferius: Back in his pants and walking out on deck he roused the crew from their sleep with a bellowing roar. “Starboard gun loaded and run out, there’s a ship out there your blind blaggards.” He jumped onto the rail as there were over a dozen thuds as gunports opened and guns revealed themselves. Enough shot to turn Antony’s ship into splinters. “On my command get ready to fire…” -06:17 Feb 04
Delilah: “MOVE, you lazy twats unless you want to meet the same fate as your Captain and be the Sea Demon’s bitches!” He’d be on his feet by now. Delilah left the helmsmen with the wheel, stomping over to the rail to see how close the others were coming. If need be, Delilah would throw people overboard just to light the load. -06:20 Feb 04
Ferius: He spied her out on the deck of the other ship and raised his sword. The gun crew readying their charges. “Steady…” he called out as Delilah came into the arc of his guns. “Steady…” he grinned lowering his sword. “Stow the guns, make the ship ready to pursue.” he barked before turning back to the escaping woman and giving her a salute. “Don’t stand there gawking, get to it, I expect you’ll find a few cases of sabotage so stay on your toes.” -06:25 Feb 04
Delilah: They stopped pursuing. …for now. Delilah smirked, returning the salute as her new ship sailed away. Until next time, stupid ass. -06:28 Feb 04
Breaking Delilah

Breaking Delilah 003

[Delilah Red doesn’t appreciate this waking up in a new place everyday thing.] -09:32 Feb 01
[Ferius sits opposite her, taking a sip of wine as he waits for her to come to.] -09:33 Feb 01
Delilah Red: Waking up didn’t come easily. In fact it came with a pained groan and a jolt running up her spine. When she blinked her eyes open, she found herself sitting in that same chair again and wearing some new silly dress in a dark copper. The only difference were that her hands weren’t chained to the armrests, which was a bit of a relief. As she shifted to sit up straighter, she rubbed her wrists. -09:35 Feb 01
Ferius: “Good morning.” he said. “Or should I say good evening. You’ve been out for a long time.” he took another sip and gestured at the succulent dishes before her. “You haven’t eaten in three days, you have to be hungry. Help yourself to whatever you like.” -09:38 Feb 01
Delilah Red: She was ready to spit back that she would rather starve. But Delilah was growing weary of the process. Not to say she was ready to give in, she was simply reevaluating the battle plan. “Perhaps if you weren’t so damn intent on abusing the fuck out of me, I might have eaten sooner.” Well, not fighting didn’t mean not throwing snide remarks at him. Delilah adjusted her chair and laid a napkin neatly in her lap. She was choosy about which dish she chose, despite being ravenous. The moment she popped a piece of fish in her mouth, though, she couldn’t hide that look of relief. -09:42 Feb 01
Ferius: “Is that how you feel? I offered you food when first you arrived and you refused. How was I meant to take that?” he leaned back, watching her eat without having more than wine himself and even then only in sips. “But it can’t be said that I never give second chances.” -09:45 Feb 01
Delilah Red: “One would think after killing a woman’s crew, sinking her ship, kidnapping and raping her that she’s not likely to be inclined to have a sit down dinner with the asshole.” Funny, that’s what she was doing now. But a girl had to pick her battles. Especially when her enemy wasn’t of the natural sort. Despite her hunger, she ate at a reasonable pace. Enjoyed her food. Though… something just felt lacking. As if it weren’t quite satisfying. Delilah picked up her goblet and down the entire glass of wine in one swallow. -09:50 Feb 01
Ferius: “Unless she’d rather starve to death, she has little choice.” he pointed out. “And this meal is far better than anything you’d get in the brig. There’s more too if you finish everything here.” -09:53 Feb 01
Delilah Red: “How generous of you.” Delilah didn’t bother to hide her sarcasm. Just merely refilled her glass of wine and ate. There was a cross look across her features. She was both annoyed and confused by him. There was a method to his madness and she hadn’t quite gleaned what his true agenda was beyond driving her completely insane. “Are you going to confess your grand plans today, Ferius?” she finally asked. -09:57 Feb 01
Ferius: “Plans? I share my plans with my crew, something you’ve refused to be a part of.” he said, his voice hardening towards the and of the statement. “Or had you forgotten your earlier rudeness in reply to my offer?” Still he ate nothing, even though his place was set out and his plate was clean. “And I will not make the mistake of offering again. I will, however, make sure you don’t get yourself killed over your own pride.” -10:03 Feb 01
Delilah Red: “It must be hard for you. Sitting on your high horse and spewing that bullshit, like you haven’t done a damned thing to deserve my ire.” It was pissing her off, but Delilah struggled to control her temper. Her temper was what got her in to this, and if she remained calm enough, she’d find a solution. Delilah didn’t over eat. She ate just enough to sate her hunger, though she did down a second glass of wine. It wasn’t for a need of courage, but more just to keep herself from flaring up and doing something crazy now that she finally had the freedom to move as she pleased. -10:07 Feb 01
Ferius: “No, I don’t think that. But like you said, I have a plan and it calls for certain… measures.” He could see her anger, taste it in the air. She wasn’t bound in any way. He was curious as to what she’d do.. and excited. Because whatever she tried he knew where it would lead. Time to push her more. “One of those measures is what comes after you’ve eaten. Though, I’m sure you can guess what that is.” -10:14 Feb 01
Delilah Red: “I am far too weary to deal with your shit right now, Ferius.” He was baiting her, and the worst part is that she knew he could make good on his word. In a sick way, she respected it. Few men could make a threat and then deliver. Delilah slide her plate away, eying one of the knives on the table. Her fingers tapped against the wood near it. There was an idea. -10:18 Feb 01
Ferius: His eyes fell to her hand and he greeted the implied threat with a grin. Actually leaning back further and seeming to expose himself more. “Where are you hoping that will get you?” he asked. “Even if you did manage to wound me you’re on a ship full of my men and have nowhere to go.” -10:20 Feb 01
Delilah Red: “Il mio amore, the moment you fall is the moment I become Captain of this lovely little ship.” He had an infuriating way of gauging her thoughts. Did her read her features or her thoughts themselves…? She curled her fingers around the knife handle anyway, but didn’t lift it off the table. “Vanity is unbecoming in a man, Ferius.” -10:23 Feb 01
Ferius: “Still so confident.” he said. “That’s one of the reasons it had to be you. If you truly think you can best me, then make the strike.” His cool eyes met hers. “If you don’t, then I will take you back to your cell and leave you there to rot.” He folded his right leg over his left and lifted his glass. Taking his eyes off of her and taunting her with the perfect opportunity. “But if you do try, and you fail… you know what happens.” -10:29 Feb 01
Delilah Red: Delilah mocked him with her features. Mimicking you know what happens with as much sass as she could muster before she sat back in her chair with a roll of her eyes. Asinine bastard… For several moments it seemed as if she weren’t going to bother. But with a quickness disguised by her weary state, Delilah stood. Snatching the knife off the table and throwing it straight for his head. -10:33 Feb 01
Ferius: He only had a split second to react, but he did. Placing the glass between the knife and himself. What happened next seemed to defy physics as the knife pierced the glass right though. Sticking out the other side without it shattering. A spiderweb of cracks spread slowly from the knife, like ice cracking beneath a man’s feet. The glass seemed to bleed wine from it’s wound. “I control more here than the ship and the crew Delilah.” He curled his finger around the knife and suddenly the glass shattered. Its contents spilling to the floor. Knife in hand, he stood slowly. Stepping towards her menacingly. “Maybe this time you’ll learn that.” -10:42 Feb 01
Delilah Red: There was a stomp of her foot and the balling of her fists, followed by a loud resounding FUCK! “Ferius, I seriously do not have the energy to deal with you today!” The comment came out a little higher than she would have liked. Delilah snatched another knife off the table and for every step he advanced she retreated. Using the table as a shield. -10:45 Feb 01
Ferius: “Not the reaction I expected, but that’s usually the case with you.” he said, stopping his advance and holding up the knife. Turning it over in his hand, he leaned his head to the side and with a fluid motion slit his own skin open where the neck and shoulder met. Then he stabbed the bloody knife into the table, ruining the highly varnished finish. “But this is no game.” -10:50 Feb 01
Delilah Red: “What the fuck are you doing?!” That was new! And a little alarming. Her bewilderment wasn’t well hidden and she actually stopped her retreat. …That might have been a mistake. A scent caught her senses. That bittersweet metallic aroma… It sent her head reeling for a moment, the woman having to brace her hand on the table. She could almost taste it. …that was more alarming than anything else had been! -10:55 Feb 01
Ferius: He resumed his advance on her. Now unarmed, but no part of him displayed concern. “I am proving a point.” he said as he got closer. His hand taking her knife and instead of pulling it away from her, he placed the point against his chest. “Now say what you really feel.” -10:59 Feb 01
Delilah Red: He was too close. The smell of blood was so strong, it felt more intoxicating than those two glasses of wine. Her eyes fell closed, and though her mind was screaming at her to back away she was tilting forward. The desire to taste overwhelming. …Delilah shook her head with a start, suddenly jerking backwards. “I… I don’t feel anything. You’re casting your tricks again.” -11:04 Feb 01
Ferius: “There is no trick.” he said, finally removing the knife from her hands and taking hold of her. He pulled her closer, his hand gripping her hair and forcing her face to the cut. “You know you need it now, that food doesn’t satisfy like it used to. Even though you still need it… for now.” -11:09 Feb 01
Delilah Red: Delilah couldn’t seem to push him away and get out of his grasp, and she couldn’t be sure if it were her lack or strength or lack of will. She was so close all she had to do was flick out her tongue and have a taste. Delilah bit her tongue instead. Clenching her teeth together and growling. “I don’t need anything.” -11:14 Feb 01
Ferius: “So you would have been perfectly happy with starving to death?” he asked. “You need food and drink.” he relented, pulling her away. As his eyes met hers, his fangs pierced his lip. Allowing blood to run down his chin. He pulled her closer once again, her lips just unable to reach his. “Soon you will need other things, but I’m patient. The longer it takes the better it will be in the end.” -11:22 Feb 01
Delilah Red: She thought it was torture before. That unquenched yearning in the pit of her stomach almost felt like fire. She took in a deep breath, trying to calm that ravenous craving. Blood. Just blood. She didn’t want it. She didn’t need it. “You took away everything that was rightfully mine, Ferius. You have nothing that I need.” she responded low, almost in a hushed whisper. Delilah braced her hands against his chest to push him back, almost cringing at the feel of warm blood from his chest wound trickling over her fingertips. -11:28 Feb 01
Ferius: “You are wrong.” he said, pulling her just close enough so that her lip picked up some of the blood on his. “I have everything you need.” The change in tactic was working as far as he could see. Instead of forcing her, he was teasing her with what he knew she craved… and he almost preferred it. “If you want the hunger to truly go away you know what you have to do.” His voice was just above a whisper. “You know you’ll love it.” -11:34 Feb 01
Delilah Red: “I’m not.” She was never wrong about anything. …except she made the mistake of licking her lips. That small miniscule taste being so divine that her head was spinning so fast out of control she didn’t know what hit her. “Gods alive, I fucking hate you…!” Her curse came out as a sigh. Her head tilting to the side as she bridged that paper thin gap between his mouth and hers. Delilah flicked her tongue across his lips, her kiss aggressive and angry. -11:41 Feb 01
Ferius: He returned the kiss, his tongue finding hers. He pulled her body closer, his free hand going to remove his bloodstained shirt. Opening the way for the blood from his shoulder to run freely down his chest between them. His lips locked with hers and his breath rose and fell faster. Round one to him. -11:47 Feb 01
Delilah Red: His blood tasted better than wine, and just as toxic. With every movement of her lips she took it in, swallowing the rich concoction like it was a tincture for fever… and like promised, it was. It cured her cravings better than any meal ever had. When reality finally struck her, Delilah gave a guttural snarl. Shoving him away and stumbling backwards with a mix of horror and disgust. Yet this time it wasn’t aimed at him, but at herself! “Son of a bitch…!” -11:52 Feb 01
Ferius: He chuckled. Looking down at her, her lips red with blood. He swept his hand across the table sending dishes crashing to the floor. Grebbing her by the arm pulled her back to him. “Now I want you to have a good look.” he said, holding her against the table. “See what I set up for you.” What she saw was herself reflected in glass. He pulled the tie on her dress and pushed it down her shoulder before bending her over the table. His nails biting into her shoulders. “Enjoy the show Delilah, I know I will.” -11:59 Feb 01
Delilah Red: Disoriented, Delilah wasn’t expecting to see her own face staring back at her. Dark red hair in a tangled braid, dark green eyes clearly marked by exhaustion. The blood smeared across her mouth, like a lover’s lipstick kissed out of place. Her cheeks were flushed from the exertion of fighting him, and the delight in tasting his blood. And there he stood behind her gripping her shoulders painfully and smirking with that asinine satisfaction. -12:18 Feb 02
Ferius: Her dress fell to the floor, crumpled but untorn. Tonight more than before, she would be his. His hips pressed against her and he moved against her slowly. Even now still teasing, not that that would last long this time. He was pressed against her, his hand in her hair, making her see her face as he moved slowly against her hips. “All your defiance is for nothing, Delilah. It only serves to last this much longer.” -12:30 Feb 02
Delilah Red: Delilah’s annoyance went unhidden, as she braced on hand on the table just so she could feel more stable. Nothing was in reach for her to grab, and she did not have the energy to push him back. Seeing herself like this… it.. was almost indescribable! Another circumstance it would even be amazing. But just the fact the thought crossed her mind, left her disgusted. With her free hand she tried to swat him away. -12:37 Feb 02
Ferius: He grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back. Pinning it against her as he held her down. “Nothing more to say?” he asked. “No taunts? No falsely sweet words?” He didn’t give the the chance to reply as his nails rake over her back. He pushed into her, his face finding hers in the mirror as he followed through with his threat. -12:42 Feb 02
Delilah Red: “uhn..!” With her arm pinned awkwardly behind her back, all of her weight was on the hand she used to keep herself propped up. He entered her as he had twice before. Odd that now she was accustomed to the size of him and his unwelcomed invasions. Delilah had plenty to say.. plenty of words! But they were lost somewhere between her mouth and her mirror’s reflection. She only narrowed her eyes as she tried to twist out of his grasp. -12:51 Feb 02
Ferius: He leaned more weight on her and pushed harder. Holding her in place, giving her hips enough room to move just enough to make it better for him as he moved slowly inside her. He could feel his heartbeat everywhere they were touching. Her back, her arm, her lips, deeper towards her womb. Some of the blood that flowed through her was his and vice versa. It connected him to her and he wondered if the reverse was true. “Come now Sweetheart, you know you enjoyed it last time. Or is it not the same without the chains?” -12:57 Feb 02
Delilah Red: Oh, it was much different without the chains. She could move. She could fight. …what had her reeling was that she wasn’t sure if she wanted to. Her blood was burning and so was the apex between her thighs. She shifted against him, moving her legs apart only because her knees were growing weak, and not because it left him filling her deeper. “Did you… want me to scream,… Ferius?” she breathed out between breaths. -01:09 Feb 02
Ferius: His voice dropped low, so low it would be hard to be sure what he said as he pushed into her and his hips met hers. “Only in ecstasy.” He released her arm and his nails drew red lines down her back, down to her hips where he held them. Allowing himself to move faster and push deeper. Her upper body free to move as she pleased. -01:14 Feb 02
Delilah Red: Delilah barely caught the words. Not only because they were so low, but by sheer preoccupation with something else. Her teeth chewed on her bottom lip as she stared at her own heavy-lidded reflection. The way her body bounced every time he crushed against her. Without her arm behind her back, Delilah pushed herself up. Her back arching as she tried to straighten and her hands suddenly moving to grasp his at her hips. She was going to tear them away, but that throbbing pleasure sliding in and out of her center was stealing away her logical thought! -01:27 Feb 02
Ferius: Her back arched and his grip on her tightened. He thrust harder. Her lack of resistance urged him on more than anything else, even the look on her face and the way she moved with him. Both of which gave him chills and made his breath catch in his throat. -01:32 Feb 02
Delilah Red: His words came back to her. If she knew the pleasure she gave him.. She could see it then, through the mirror. That look of pure passion. Delilah could almost feel it through her blood. The thought being alarming, but the thrill of knowing she had that sort of power over him being so divine. The pleased moan she gave was an accident, her head tilting back against his shoulder and to the side as she nearly found herself drifting towards the edge. -01:38 Feb 02
Ferius: His hand left her hips and moved to cup her shoulder. His head turned and his lips found hers, pressing deep into them as he moved faster. His arms moving closer to an embrace than a captive hold. Her moan was greeted with a soft one from him. His eyes almost closing as he edged closer. The pressure building as his hot, shaking breath was released into their kiss. -01:49 Feb 02
Delilah Red: Delilah murmured his name savoring that bittersweet taste of his blood once again. Her brows furrowed as if she were annoyed, but her hands followed his, clutching tightly when her body started to shudder. She cried out against his mouth in a soft whimper, her knees buckling beneath her as her spine bent from the sharp, pulsing throb of her climax. -02:00 Feb 02
Ferius: He felt her cum around him and he let go. Letting his seed gush into her. His hips shuddering as he kissed her deeper and his gasp of passion accompanied by his hand sliding up her back. He pulled out and turned her to face him. His hands moving to feel her face as his lips slid against hers. Then he stopped. His eyes opening, lingering on hers… A look of shocked passed over his face and then he grit his teeth… that hadn’t meant to have happened.. not like that. -02:07 Feb 02
Delilah Red: Lost in the aftermath of euphoria, if felt almost natural to be wrapped up in his arms and returning his kiss. But he paused. And she caught that look. He was caught up in it too. …Ferius was not the one with all of the power. It would be too easy to twist it on him now, but then… it would be easy for him to subdue her. So Delilah remained silent. Pretending she hadn’t noticed and played the part he expected her to play. Delilah pressed her hand to his chest and pushed him back. Breathing so hard her chest was rising up and down heavily. -02:15 Feb 02
Ferius: She had taken it from him.. the power.. how? She pushed him and part reflex, part impudence, he struck her. Knocking her to the floor. He kicked her dress at her. “Get dressed.” he commanded. “My men will take you back to your cell.” -02:21 Feb 02
Delilah Red: Delilah hadn’t been expecting him to hit her… not this time! She refrained from smirking or taunting him. Snatching up the dress and pulling it over her head, as if she were just as pissed off as he was. But inside, she was elated. Thrilled. He had been shaken. And thus Round Two belonged to her. -02:26 Feb 02
Ferius: He didn’t face her. Damn her… Damn him for letting her… He would have to be more careful next time… but what was going on? “Lock her up, feed her, do not talk to her and do not bring here here until I say.” he ordered. For the first time someone has gotten to him… and more than anything Ferius was afraid of what this meant. -02:29 Feb 02
Breaking Delilah

Breaking Delilah 002

[Delilah Red is so pissed off, she could tear out someone’s heart with her bare hands and eat it.] -01:31 Feb 01
[Ferius steps up to the bars and looks inside at his prisoner.] -01:33 Feb 01
Delilah Red: Delilah awoke to find herself in the ships brig. Empty and surrounded by bars, she was the only prisoner on board. She was left with the tattered fabric of that green dress, and had she not needed -something- for dignity’s sake, she would have ripped it to further shreds. As it was, she had it wrapped and tied in a makeshift roman style toga. As for her ‘host’ Delilah didn’t say a word to him. Merely glared. -01:34 Feb 01
Ferius: “So you’re awake.” he said. A smile on his lips as he looked at her through the bars. “Though, really, this isn’t necessary. I’m here to make you one last offer of employment and if you refuse… well you know what happens then Delilah. Though, it wouldn’t be the last time. I’ve begun to grow attached to you.” -01:38 Feb 01
Delilah Red: “I’ll join your crew when the sun goes black, the sea turns red, and hell has gone cold.” she responded easily. Her arms were crossed and she was tapping her fingers on her elbows, as if they were just having a simple conversation rather than him threatening. “Are you going to continuously annoy me with your bullshit? Because I might rather stab a knife through my ears than listen to it.” -01:41 Feb 01
Ferius: “That will happen sooner than you think.” he responded mysteriously. “But no, that was the last offer. Now you are my prisoner and there is no way out. You should have tried being reasonable.” There was a click as he unlocked her cell and pushed the door open. His eyes fixated on her before he pushed his closed with a snap. “So you can save yourself the pain… and more if you don’t struggle.” -01:45 Feb 01
Delilah Red: “Here I thought you knew me better than that by now, Ferius.” Her smirk was rather dark. Delilah was already shifting. Dropping her arms and preparing for the fight.. though quite wary about him entering the cell and closing the door behind him. All she had to do was break his neck and she would be out..! Almost before he stopped speaking she swung a fist at his face. -01:48 Feb 01
Ferius: Her fist never reached his face. He caught her wrist in his hand and smirked. “And I thought you knew me better than to try that.” he twisted her wrist and shoulder, bending it behind her back. “Though I can’t say I’m disappointed, I do like it when you put up a fight.” -01:53 Feb 01
Delilah Red: Shit and hellfire..! Delilah always forgot he was twice as strong as he looked. She winced with her arm awkwardly behind her back, but that didn’t stop her from fighting. “You can do me the favor of keeping your creepy as fetishes to yourself, Ferius!” She swung her free elbow backwards with as much force as she could muster. -01:56 Feb 01
Ferius: It actually connected smashing into his cheek and turning his head. But instead of letting go, his lips churned into a bigger grin. He pushed her down, letting go of her arm and letting her fall to the floor before he struck back. This wasn’t a backhanded slap like last time but a closed fist aimed to knock her back down as she struggled. “I’m afraid you say in things has reached it’s end. Now still your tongue before I’m tempted to remove it.” -02:00 Feb 01
Delilah Red: Delilah could take a hit, which was a testament to her skill as a pirate on the seas. The hit would have knocked almost anyone else senseless, or some delicate female clear unconscious. But Delilah was spitting on the ground and touching her fingers to her lip. It wasn’t split but she was pretty sure she bit her tongue. “You don’t own me, Ferius, I’ll tell you the fuck off as many damn times as I please!” -02:06 Feb 01
Ferius: There was a chuckle as he gripped her makeshift toga. “That’s, again, where you’re wrong. I do own you.” He pulled, tearing it from her as his other arm held her shoulder to the floor. “Something you will learn soon enough.” -02:09 Feb 01
Delilah Red: “Would you fucking stop tearing my goddamn clothes..!” Delilah shrieked, any previous semblance of calm now replaced by a thrashing rage. She swung a fist at him again, but that was more meant as a distraction so she could claw his eyes out with her other hand. -02:12 Feb 01
Ferius: He flashed his teeth and his hand closed around her throat seizing it shut. “I will do what I damn well please.” he said slowly, every syllable oozing command as he squeezed the life out of her. He reached up, taking her wrist in his hand, he pushed it into one of the manacles close to the floor on the wall and snapped it shut. His other hand continued strangling her. “Understood?” -02:17 Feb 01
Delilah Red: Delilah gasped for breath. Her loose hand gripping at his wrist trying to rip it free from her neck. She struggled and kicked quite a bit before her vision was starting to see spots. But finally that will to survive kick in and she was nodding, choking out a reluctant yes through her teeth. -02:24 Feb 01
Ferius: He let go and took her wrist chaining it up with the other. “There, that wasn’t so hard, was it?” He let his hands run over her bruised throat and bare chest. Lingering at her nipple before cupping her breast as he leaned down and pressed his lips into hers. “I wonder if you will finish this time…” -02:28 Feb 01
Delilah Red: She barely had enough time to gasp for breath before he kissed her. Though it was more like an assassin gloat. Delilah turned her face away, grumbling a few obscenities under her breath. The shackles at her wrist dug in painfully to bruises from her previous struggle, so for the time being she didn’t try to yank her hands free. His hand felt far too hot against her bare skin, and she was trying to twist out of his grasp again. “Never.” she croaked out! -02:35 Feb 01
Ferius: “Never?” he repeated. “We will see Delilah.” He let his hand continue its journey down her body to her hip and his other that was previously holding her down to her crotch. “Do you remember how you struggled before? Lets see if you do it the same this time.” -02:38 Feb 01
Delilah Red: Delilah figured he was senile. She sure as hell was going to struggle. The futility of it was still etched in her mind. And now here she was, shackled again, even less energy than before. Yet, she just could stand the thought of letting him break her. “Never and a day.” she spat. The words were worthless, but it was still defiance! -02:44 Feb 01
Ferius: He could see her weakness. Poor creature couldn’t be more than she was made to be, not yet.. not yet. His hand ran down her leg pulling her closer to him as his eyes searched for the defiance in hers. “That’s what you say, but let us see what transpires.” -02:50 Feb 01
Delilah Red: “Why don’t you just go ahead and fuck me, Ferius. And stop pissing me off.” she hissed at him. Her voice was still hoarse and her throat ached. All of his teasing and his taunting, however, was enough to drive her up a wall. She forgot her shackles for a moment in her rage. Attempting to jerk her arms down to give him a taste of strangling himself. Only to growl in frustration! -02:54 Feb 01
Ferius: He struck her. “Impatience is unbecoming a woman.” He chided, lifting her hips and pushing her legs apart. He moved closer. “If only you could feel the pleasure you give me.” he taunted again as he drew himself out and pressed against her. Watching her face. “You’d be saying that in an entirely different tone.” -03:01 Feb 01
Delilah Red: Her cheek stung and the worst part about it was that she couldn’t hit him back. But she did turn her head to face him again, the widest most asinine grin spread across her face. Gods, she didn’t want any of this, but knowing she could irk him was a sort of pleasure in itself. He wanted a different tone? She could oblige! “Angry il mio amore..? I’d hate to upset you…” Though still cracked, her tone was sanguine sweet. -03:08 Feb 01
Ferius: He saw her game. One last desperate plea to get to him. Placing his hand to her cheek on a mocking display of affection, he replied. “How could I be angry just when you’re starting to learn?” he asked before he forced his way into her. His eyes remaining on her face, his expression mocking her attempts to irk him. They made no difference, he would still take her. -03:15 Feb 01
Delilah Red: Her eyes widened for the briefest of moments and there was a soft grunt of protest from the back of her throat. Delilah twist her hips in a feeble attempt to make things difficult… Yet she didn’t turn her eyes away from him. “How… lucky of me to have such a teacher.” she murmured, it clear in her voice that she was straining to keep that affectionate tone. -03:23 Feb 01
Ferius: He held her hips in place and pushed deeper. Her twisting sending a tingling up his spine. “Attend well and we’ll have you ready in no time.” he retorted back to her before pushing in again. Holding her hips off the floor and pushing her against the bulkhead. His nails digging into her and his eyes challenging her to say more. -03:44 Feb 01
Delilah Red: She hissed through her teeth, bucking upwards against him as she writhed. “Ever so ready to slice you open from gut to chin, il mio amore.” Delilah put her focus on his nails digging in to her skin and not the way he moved between her legs. -03:59 Feb 01
Ferius: He moved faster, his grip tightening. Holding her where he could push deep. “That would be an interesting start to an evening.” he said softly. “Such a pity you can’t hurt me.” he grunted. His nails eased their pressure and he moved faster. His hips grinding harder against hers. He wasn’t building up to finish yet, though the feeling her around him made his breath catch and mind electrify. He was still teasing her. -04:05 Feb 01
Delilah Red: Delilah found it ever increasingly hard to think of a verbal retaliation. Her hands clung to her chains just for something to hold on to. Her eyes broke contact with his to squeeze shut as her head tossed and her body bounced beneath him. Every time he thrust it made her throb, and she was almost willing him to hit her again just so she could feel something else! -04:11 Feb 01
Ferius: He thrust harder. Lifting her hips more, pushing against her. Their hips slid against each other. He couldn’t help himself as a chuckle of triumph escaped him. Watching as her eyes shut and his thrusts pushed deeper inside her. He could feel it begin to build inside him and he greeted it with glee. She really did make him feel like no other. -04:16 Feb 01
Delilah Red: Delilah bit her tongue so hard she could taste blood. Trying so hard not to let a sound slip. Still, she groaned. A low and plaintiff sound as she drew her arms together to shield her face from his sight. She didn’t want to feel this! That mounting pressure between her thighs and the way her muscles quivered around him with every plunge. Her body was betraying her worse than any person ever dared. -04:24 Feb 01
Ferius: He could feel her move with him and that was enough for him to know he had won. He moved still faster, deeper, his hips sliding against her and pushing hers. His breath came out as a groan. He was close, he just wanted to feel her around him a little longer… -04:27 Feb 01
Delilah Red: Damn you, Ferius..!” her startled came as suddenly as she did. The chains jerking taunt when she clung hard to them. Nearly rising herself off the floor with the shudder of her body. Her legs tightened and her toes curled. It was both infuriating and sinfully blissful to feel that rush of pleasure coursing through her veins. And she fucking hated him for it. -04:33 Feb 01
Ferius: When she came, so did he. His hips shaking against her as their juices gushed together. He looked down at her, a frustratingly soft smile on his face as he pulled out and let her hips down to the floor. “So your body can be trained. Its just your mind that’s stubborn.” he said, placing a hand on her neck. His hot breath rolling over her as he gazed down at her form. She was weak, weak enough to take a little risk. He released her wrists and pulled her up. Holding her arms behind her back as he pushed his lips into hers. His teeth nicking the cut on her lip back open and giving himself a wound to match hers. Their blood mixing as he forced her lips apart. -04:39 Feb 01
Delilah Red: She would have cursed him again. Strangled him too, had she the energy to do so. The mix of euphoria and anger making her dangerously dizzy. This time she didn’t struggled to turn her mouth away, nor did she realize just how the taste of his blood lured her in. The moment he let his tongue slip past her lips she bit him hard enough to draw blood herself. -04:46 Feb 01
Ferius: Their lips remained locked as their blood mixed. He swallowed her bite. Pulling her to him tighter and holding her there until she swallowed as well. His tongue moving against her teeth. -04:49 Feb 01
Delilah Red: For the second time she swallowed his blood. This time welcoming that bitter taste as if it were a sort of victory of her own. When he pulled away she was even ready to taunt him about it, but the lack of strength in her body was catching up to her. In a matter of moments she passed out, her body falling limp in his arms. -04:54 Feb 01
Ferius: He put her down to rest and stood. Dragging the remnant rags over her before he lightly kissed her sleeping lips. He stood, fixed his clothes, and left her to sleep. -04:56 Feb 01
Breaking Delilah

Breaking Delilah 001: The Capture

[Delilah Red Captain of the Sea Raven, and possibly the most brazen, mood swingingest, drunken pirate on the seas.] -02:50 Jan 28
[Ferius has been a known terror on the seas for almost half a century and yet does not show his age. many a rumor exists about him but they are all less terrible than the truth.] -02:54 Jan 28
Delilah Red: Sword in hand, Delilah ran it through the first bastard that came her way. Her ship was under attack! That son of a bitch from the Moira’s Gloom had finally tipped his hand. Ambushing her crew out in the Hallow Lagoon. Now her crew were fighting tooth and nail. She pulled out her pistol and shot another of the rival pirates. -02:56 Jan 28
Ferius: He looked down at her crew vainly struggling for their lives. “No quarter, only the captain lives.” he called. His crew swung on ropes and pulled on grappling hooks, their ships stuck fast together. Then he saw her in the center of the fray fighting with her men, he expected no less. Drawing his sword he lept from his deck down onto hers, pistol firing point blank into the skull of one of her officers. “I’m here for you, precious. Good to see you still have fire in your bones.” -02:59 Jan 28
Delilah Red: “SON OF A BITCH!” She whirled around, slashing her sword down towards his head. Her elbow smashed in to the face of a man trying to sneak up behind her. “Fuck you, and your crew of blaggards, Ferius!” -03:02 Jan 28
Ferius: One of his men turned to run and he picked him up with one hand to through him bodily back into the fight. As the last cleared the way between them, this was his fight. “That is no way to greet your business partner is it?” With a thunderous roar, one of the Moira’s guns tore a large chunk out of the Sea Rave’s poop deck and showered then with splinters. “But tonight I’ll forgive you for it since I’m in a good mood.” -03:07 Jan 28
Delilah Red: Her entire ship shook from the impact. Several men flying off the side railing in to the sea below. “GET YOUR ASSES TO THE CANONS!” She shouted her orders. Her men were dropping so quickly..! In most cases they had outran the Moira’s Gloom. Their Captain had no keen of respect or the rules of the sea. But now she had to deal with his shit and she wasn’t going down without a fight. Delilah kicked over a barrel and sent it rolling towards her rival, aiming and firing her pistol so it exploded near him! -03:11 Jan 28
Ferius: He saw the shot coming and dove out the way. Grabbing hold of a rope and swinging over the heads of the battle. His men had more numbers, a higher deck to fire from, and the knowledge that their captain’s displeasure awaited them if they failed. Thus had the upper hand. Letting go of the rope he landed behind her and ducked as one of her men swung at his head. It was simple to let him overbalance and them push him over the rails, but it cost him time and when he swung at her she was ready. “Give up and I might spare your ship and some of your crew. You’ve given me the chase but there’s no way for you to slip out of this one Red.” -03:16 Jan 28
Delilah Red: “How about you take your offers and shove them up your undead ASS.” Delilah pushed him away with her sword, flourishing it only once before she gave a swing jab for his heart. She could see men dropping from the corner of her eye, but she had to keep her focus. Take out the Captain and the crew loses heart. She just had to kill the bastard and her ship would be saved! -03:19 Jan 28
Ferius: He parried the blow and swung at her with his other fist. “A firebrand to the end then. When you watch you precious Sea Raven make the final plummet to the depths you will learn what it means to refuse me.” -03:25 Jan 28
Delilah Red: “Keep your shit speeches!” She hissed, blocking his fist with her arm and using the opportunity to get up close and personal with her pistol. She fired at his neck, once. Twice. Then had to toss it aside without the time to reload it. -03:27 Jan 28
Ferius: Blood. One of her bullets had torn into his flesh mangling it in such a way an normal man wouldn’t survive. But he was no normal man. “You never learn do you Red?” he asked stepping forward as he swung, once, twice, three times. Using his strength and size to push her back with every blow. He wasn’t avoiding her guard; he wanted her to block to beat her in to submission without having to kill her. “You can’t kill me, no one alive can!” -03:35 Jan 28
Delilah Red: That startled look was on her face only for a split second. What kind of monster…! She wiped that look off her face quick, replacing it with a snarl. She parried and blocked. Stepped backwards. Leaned. Dodged. Swiped. All the while having to stumble around bodies until she finally found herself with her back against the mast, almost out of breath, and trying to furiously land a hard blow to him. “You’re not.. taking.. my ship…!” -03:40 Jan 28
Ferius: There was a sound above them, the unfurling of a flag. Above them his men hung the yellow skeleton – his pennant. “Oh but we already have.” Around them every man still on his feet wore a read armband, marking them as his. The fighting that remained was below decks or on the forecastle. “Now put down your sword or I’ll have to see if one of my boys still has a loaded pistol.” -03:45 Jan 28
Delilah Red: “I’ll die with this ship, Captain Ferius.” Delilah hissed. She pushed off from the mast, charging him with her cutlass. They could shoot her down or cut her to pieces, but she would NOT surrender! -03:47 Jan 28
Ferius: He scowled as she rushed him, his men looking at him. One moved to intercept her but he stopped them. Her sword penetrated his chest and he stood there. His eyes glaring into hers. For a second it looked like he was about to collapse but his hand came up to grip her wrist. “No one alive.” He struck her full force on the side of her head with the basket grip of his rapier. Catching her as she fell and handed her to his crew. “Lock her up, she’ll be dining his me tonight.” Her sword still protruding from him, he turned to head back to the Moira. “Take everything useful then sink her.” he barked, finally pulling the sword free. “Pity, I liked this shirt.” -03:53 Jan 28
Delilah Red: When Delilah awoke, her head was spinning and throbbing with pain. She tilted backwards from where she was slumped over, her head coming against the back of a chair. Her arms couldn’t move higher than a few inches as her hands were chained to the armrests. When her vision cleared and she looked down, she was wearing some froofy feminine dress in dark green velvet and gold trim. Her own clothes were gone. She hissed, jerking at the chains trying to get herself free of the chair. “Crazy sonofa…!” -03:58 Jan 28
Ferius: “.. sea devil?” he completed her sentence from the doorway of the main cabin. It was dark with only a single lantern giving light, but on the table in front of her was a feast like none seen at sea. The captain himself was dressed in finery obviously taken from the noble whose ship this had once been. With only a bandage over his neck to show from the fight. “You must be hungry.” he said sitting in the seat next to hers. “Help yourself to whatever you’d like.” -04:04 Jan 28
Delilah Red: “And suffer a poisoned death, I think not.” she responded darkly. Delilah watched him move across the room, her eyes narrowing the closer he got. As he sat, she jerked up her hands to strangle him, but she couldn’t even get within reach. Her hands balled in to fists. “What game are you playing with me, Ferius?” -04:07 Jan 28
Ferius: “No game, Delilah. If I wanted you dead – you would be already.” he smiled raising a glass of wine to his lips. “You are my guest, those chains however will stay, for both of our safety.” -04:09 Jan 28
Delilah Red: She laughed harshly. But it was a lie. If he wasn’t playing a game, there was no reason to keep her alive. Still, she didn’t make a move towards the food. Delilah focused her attention on trying to squeeze a hand out of those shackles. “The moment I am free I’m going to slaughter you in the most imaginable way possible. What do you want, Ferius. I don’t care for idle pleasantries.” -04:12 Jan 28
Ferius: He replaced the glass on the table and instead raised a small piece of meat to his mouth and slipped it off the fork. Then took another and offered it to her. “Your dedication towards my destruction is flattering as is your distrust. But could it be that without your ship you are no longer a threat to me, and so there is no reason to kill you? You have no reason to trust me other than the fact you are alive. But I wish to make you an offer if you insist on getting strait to business.” -04:15 Jan 28
Delilah Red: “On offer! By all means, slaughter my crew and sink my ship, then sweep my off my feet.” She spit at him. “Fuck you and fuck your offers.” -04:19 Jan 28
Ferius: “Now now there’s no need for that.” he said pulling the glove from his right hand. “You were a challenge to catch, I could use your skills and you would have a better life aboard my ship than you could on any other. But your difficulty is getting tiring and if you don’t want to eat, then you have refused my hospitality and the protection that came with it.” -04:23 Jan 28
Delilah Red: “You know what else can be fucked? Your hospitality and your protection.” she chimed back at him, every bit of flippant sarcasm and haughtiness dripping from her voice as the day she first crossed paths with him. He might be some sort of monster, but Delilah refused to fear any man. “Feed me to the sharks, hang me from the mast. Lay a bullet to my head. I don’t want your charities.” -04:26 Jan 28
Ferius: He shook his head, slowly pulling the glove from his left hand as well. “I’m afraid you don’t have any say over your fate anymore.” he said, standing and moving to stand behind her chair. He took a hold of the back of it, dragging it away from the table into the center of the cabin. “You are not going to die, not yet, but you will learn what to means to cross me.” Stepping around in front of her he looked down at her bound form. “Pity, I liked that dress.” -04:31 Jan 28
Delilah Red: Delilah narrowed her eyes. What she wanted was a fast end. Not some new torment by the bastard. She twisted in her seat, pulling at the chains again. Her heart thudding against her chest for the first time with real worry. “I wouldn’t do anything rash, Ferius. I will get loose.” -04:34 Jan 28
Ferius: He knelt next to her seat, grabbing one of her arms and lifting it so she could see the blood from where the irons had cut into her from her struggles. “Do you see this?” he asked. “Your fighting only brings you pain.” He ran his finger along the wound. Collecting a bead of blood in his finger, he held it up to watch it shimmer in the light and letting it’s light scent float between them. “You will never get loose until you’ve learned who is in charge on this ship. Tonight you will get a taste of what it means to cross him.” -04:40 Jan 28
Delilah Red: “My will is my own and belongs to one.” Delilah growled. She tried to grab at him with her other hand. Her nails coming up just short of his head. She snarled again in frustration. Sliding down in her seat so she could kick out a foot at him. -04:43 Jan 28
Ferius: With a quick movement he smeared the blood under her nose, where she had no choice but to smell it. When she tried to kick him, his hand gripped her ankle. “I didn’t know you were so eager.” he teased. “You see Delilah, your will will be worn down and molded over time but your body will be taken right now.” -04:47 Jan 28
Delilah Red: She turned her head furiously trying to wipe the blood away at the shoulder of her dress. “If you even try to touch me, I will skewer year heart from your fresh corpse and feed it to the whales!” Delilah jerked her foot trying to get it out of her grasp. Lift the other leg to try and catch him against the head. That sinking feeling had hit the pit of her stomach now, but like hell was she going without a fight. -04:50 Jan 28
Ferius: Hand still gripping her ankle be backhanded her with his other, cutting her cheek. More blood for her to breathe in. After the strike, his fingers curled around her throat, squeezing it. His face coming just out of range of her fingers. “The time for that has past. You refused my protection and so you are mine. The sooner you realize that, the less painful it will be.” -04:54 Jan 28
Delilah Red: The strike caught her by surprise, enough that she had looked almost startled when his hand went around her throat. Still, she looked down at him with all the superiority of a queen. A raised eyebrow and a sneer spread across her lips. “Getting angry, Ferius..? Is your little captive not cowering at your every whim like you had hoped?” -04:58 Jan 28
Ferius: Ferius chuckled darkly. “You mistake me for a man who doesn’t like a challenge.” he responded. His hand sliding from her throat and down her chest to take hold of the dress and tear the stitching to expose more of her to him. -05:24 Jan 28
Delilah Red: Delilah stifled her gasp, not wanting to give him the pleasure. Feeling the air against the bare skin across her chest, it was much easier now to see just how hard she was breathing. She strained against the shackles again, not trying to get loose from them, but rather trying to scoot and lean out of his reach. “Not much a challenge when I can’t move. Coward.” -05:28 Jan 28
Ferius: His fingers ran up her chest lightly. Feeling her breathing, feeling her pulse. The blood flowing through her veins. “What’s important is that you see you have no way out,” he said, his grin revealing the white of his teeth. His eyes moving from her chest to her eyes. “You can see it now, you can’t escape this.” -05:33 Jan 28
Delilah Red: “I see a momentary obstacle.” she hissed out through her teeth. Momentary. That’s all it was. She would not be stuck like this forever. Delilah tilted against away from his touch. Her fists were clenched so tight that her nails were starting to dig in to her own skin. She matched his grin with a fiercely dangerous one of her own. “It won’t last forever.” -05:37 Jan 28
Ferius: His hand left her skin and he stared into her eyes as he placed both hands on her dress. Tearing it open all the way down to her waist. “I’ll cure that, don’t worry.” His eyes never leaving hers as his hands slid under her dress and up her sides with nothing to stop him. -05:41 Jan 28
Delilah Red: She couldn’t move her hands to cover herself, not that she tried. She wouldn’t cower like some blushing damsel or give the satisfaction of knowing just how startled she truly was. Her breathing was ragged and becoming difficult to control. “I’m going to cure your face with a bullet, don’t you worry.” -05:46 Jan 28
Ferius: One more tear and the dress was open. Her naked form nestled in it’s broken trappings. “Many have already tried that – they didn’t get a second chance.” His hands circling her hips and pulling them back with his eyes once again falling to her body. She was a catch and his renewed grin showed it. “But your threats can’t save you, nothing can.” His hands slid up from her hips to her legs, grabbing hold of them and pushing them apart. -05:56 Jan 28
Delilah Red: True fear gripped her for the first time. Delilah fought against his hands, to pull her legs back together, and finding his strength a great deal more than she had anticipated. Her voice an octave higher, in a brisk panic. “Back off, Ferius! I’m warning you…!” -05:59 Jan 28
Ferius: Her panic only made him chuckle once more. She was finally getting it. “Warning me? About what? You are helpless.” His eyes remained on hers as he pulled her legs open further apart and towards him. Opening her up to him and holding her there. “You have no control here, Red. Only I do.” He pushed himself against her. His hand sliding back up to her hips to hold her in place, her legs pinned by his body as he drew himself out to rest his throbbing member against her. Letting her feel what was to come. -06:06 Jan 28
Delilah Red: Her breath caught it what must have been a gasp, disguised as an intake of breath. Her glaring had turned to a look of alarm, though she was still trying to hold some semblance of self control. Delilah tried to twist of out his reach. Turning her face to the side as she growled out another threat. “Don’t you dare.” -06:12 Jan 28
Ferius: “You really still think you have any say?” he taunted. His hands keeping her in place. Holding her down so hard the edge of the chair left marks on her skin and his nails almost drew blood. “Well you’re mistaken.” He pushed into her, his hips meeting hers as he filled her with a powerful thrust that left no doubt that he was going to dominate her as if the rest of her predicament wasn’t indication enough. He thrust again deeper as he moved her hips to ease his penetration. His eyes on her face, looking for the defiance in hers. -06:18 Jan 28
Delilah Red: “I.. Ah..!” Her retort came interrupted by his sudden thrust, leaving her giving a startled cry of surprise. Delilah attempt to shift in his grasp, unable to slip herself free from his hands or the increasing throbbing between her legs. Her hands dropped to the arms of the chair, digging her nails in to the wood. “S-stop..! You fucking ass!” -06:25 Jan 28
Ferius: Even with his shaft deep inside her and his hands holding her in place, her demands brought mirth to his lips. But it did nothing but make him push faster. A gasp escaping him as her struggles moved her hips in a way that he liked. He moved deeper still, his nails piercing her skin and causing a small amount on blood to seep and trickle slowly down her hips. -06:29 Jan 28
Delilah Red: “God damnit, Ferius…!” she was frantic now. Bucking against him in her efforts to free herself from him, but only seeming to drive his shaft that much farther in her. The pressure building between her thighs making toes curl. -06:39 Jan 28
Ferius: As her struggles increased so did his pace. Until his every breath could be heard and felt blowing against her. He stood pushing himself ever deeper his hands lifting her hips from the chair as he neared climax. “Delilah.” he coed, as he watched her struggle in vain against him. His hips pushing into hers until.. the groan he released was accompanied by him pushing her so hard the chair was almost pushed over backwards. His seed flooded into her, his hips shaking with the ecstasy of having taken and claimed her. -06:46 Jan 28
Delilah Red: “uhn~!” The sound came out as a grunted whimper as her body worked against her. She could feel him pulsing inside her. Making her muscles contract and squeeze. But there was no released for her. Just that dull aching frustration from unfulfillment and the burn of having him take her against her will. Delilah was still trying to grasp for breath, trying desperately to reclaim what was left of her dignity. -06:51 Jan 28
Ferius: He pulled out of her, his shaft covered in juices that were not entirely his own. Leaning down he gripped her hair in his hands, forcing her to turn her head before pressing his lips into hers and forcing then apart. A taste flooded her mouth and blood from his lip flowed in. He kept his lip on hers until she was forced to swallow before breaking away. -06:56 Jan 28
Delilah Red: Delilah snarled against his mouth. The bitter taste of copper and strange taste of something else seeping between her lips. She struggled, to tear her head away. Almost choking on the blood before she finally had to swallow. It seemed to burn on contact, much like a strong alcohol would. Once she was finally released, she spit what she could at him. “Fucker…!” -07:00 Jan 28
Ferius: He struck her cheek again, harder this time. “Hold your tongue unless you want a repeat.” he snapped. “And maybe next time your body will finish what it started.” Wiping the spit away with a strap from her dress, he stepped away. His gaze sliding down the body he had ravaged. “I would so like to see your face when it does.” -07:09 Jan 28
Delilah Red: Chest heaving with rage, Delilah turned her glare back on him again. Ravaged or not, she wasn’t broken. “And I’ll be blessed when I wipe the earth of your asinine smirk, you son of a bitch.” Gods, she hurt. From her head to the space between her thighs. Aching with soreness all over. -07:12 Jan 28
Ferius: “When that day comes, be sure to let me know.” he remarked in a dry taunt. Anger or not, she was still helpless. “Now…” he picked up a needle from the table and taking her hand in his, pricked her skin with it. “Sweat dreams, I hope you like your cell.” -07:19 Jan 28
Characters: Fantasy Characters: Historical

Delilah Red

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Character Name: Delilah Red (Kingston)
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human, English
Age: 26
Birthplace: England
Occupation: First Mate – Pirate.


General Appearance: Curly red hair, light blue eyes, a stern expression, strong solid body, modest breasts. Favors practical non-flashy clothing.
Strengths: A great deal of physical endurance and pain tolerance that can rival most men.
Weaknesses: A few old injuries give her issues during storms or cold weather.


Current Goal/Purpose: Adventure.
Talents: Shooting.
Inabilities: Cooking.
Fears: The past catching up with her. Being tied down. Any sort of feeling of being trapped or confined.
General Personality: Delilah can easily be described as a controlled wild woman. She has a strong presence that suggests good breeding, but being a free spirit she can let loose and get wild when fire gets to her. She commands through strong leadership (though occasionally insulting, when it comes to dealing with “stupid” people) but always acts with fairness and good humor. What she’s not fond of is anyone trying to “woo” her or tie her down to some frilly romantic relationship. Delilah values her personal freedom. Her loyalties lie with the Sea Raven, and she never betray her crew!
Inner Personality: What you see is what you get! The only thing Delilah keeps to herself is her worries and fears. She has no desire to go home and be some kept trophy wife. Thoughts of prison also aren’t all that appealing.
Secret: Delilah is the only daughter to Earl Albus Kingston IV and ditched a betrothed engagement to a man she never met many many years ago.


General History:
Born as the only daughter and heir to Earl Albus Kingston IV, a well-standing man who was very fond of his rules and traditions. His wife was a tad more flexible, but after her death while Delilah was still young, he made sure to enforce everything to a smothering degree. Delilah was always naturally a free spirit, so when she discovered her father had her betrothed to some stranger she never met – she took off. Uncle Marcus told her enough stories, she was able to track the man down. She showed up demanding that Marcus let her be crew. She’s worked hard from being a cabin girl up to being First Mate simply be determination and wit. Delilah has no desire to be Captain, she’s content being on crew and sailing the seas.

Present Life: It’s been just over five years with the Sea Raven. Delilah has taken to this life well.

Special Historic Notes:
– Ditched an Engagement.
– Joined up with her Uncle Marcus on the Sea Raven.

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