Tower’s Calling 002: A Deal with a God

Tower's Calling

[Corona has awoken. She is clean, refreshed and recharged. And still really pissy.] -06:54 Jun 14
[Athos Is comcerned… the amulet is bount to someone and theres only one person that could be… and every Emedio would know what that meant.] -06:58 Jun 14
Corona: Corona decided she would ignore the ghost for now if she caught sight of it. Now that she was going to have to completely relearn everything and had an evening to sleep and wasn’t running on pure rectionary responses, she was -definitely- not to keen on helping a ghost. Hot tea was the first thing on her agenda, then it was cleaning up the gods be damned mess he made of her tower. -07:05 Jun 14
Athos: "Have you figured it out?" he asked, speaking for the first time in almost two hours. "Something is coming… Something an Emidio is needed to stop. The amulet binds itself to a woman and an finds an Emidio, then then defeat a great evil. It bound to you, I’m an Emidio… something is coming." -07:08 Jun 14
Corona: Corona didn’t acknowledge him outside of the twitch at the corner of her mouth. She had a vague recollection of common magical myth and legend, she was a sorceress. But understanding the rest would require more research and oh look! All her books and papers were scattered across the tower in a flurry of chaos. She gave him the briefest cast of a glare as she stooped down to retrieve a few books. -07:11 Jun 14
Athos: He wasn’t looking at her to see the glare. Instead he was looking at one of her books, her collection wasn’t very complete. "I know where we might find information too." he said "If its still there my family had a secret vault with everything we’d ever collected since the coming of magic including books we wrote ourselves. We’re all dea that means whoever finds it forst owns it." it was a shameless attempt at a bribe, "Not just books either but artifacts, many of them unique…." -07:15 Jun 14
Corona: "It’s likely most of it has already been claimed by someone." she muttered, taking the few books she picked up to replace them on the shelf. She couldn’t put them back on her desk because someone burned it to near cinders. It would have to be fixed again. "Either way, if you are looking for a vessel, you can go elsewhere. I don’t have the patience to deal with you." -07:20 Jun 14
Athos: He looked at her. "You dom’t know how good we are at hiding things." he said "If the vault had been discovered you’d know about it, so tell me if the moonshard has been found? Don’t know what that is? If thr scourse of all magic, it came into existance when Dakota Emidio shattered the wall between planes. Even a part-time virginitymancer like you should know if thats been found." -07:27 Jun 14
Corona: "Oh, how grand! A ghost to instruct me on the wide and varied world of magic! How could I be so lucky!" Corona didn’t bother hiding her sarcasm, she also didn’t care about taking him seriously. …granted… An artifact born as a pure magic source would possibly be the most important and likely most dangerous item known to mankind. ….But he was also an asshole, who could just as easily BE an evil god trying to get himself released to wreck havoc on humanity, rape all it’s women, and burn the planet to cinders. That’s how trapped gods worked. Corona resumed picking up her papers, bitching under the breath when she came across ones burned or frayed… -07:33 Jun 14
Athos: "Well that interesting." he said "You didn’t even bat an eye, that either meant you good adn have no ambition, or you’re evil and waiting until you have some sort of hold over he, both are equally stupid. Hows this, a compramise.. you get me a body, I leave, you never see me again." -07:39 Jun 14
Corona: "A reasonable comprimise, but that would require me trusting you to NOT be an evil god. And so far the odds are against you." There was her wand! Corona snatched it up and gave it a good look over. Nothing important out of place. After a swish and a flourish, she directed the spell at her desk. The char and ash blew away like it was nothing more than dust, leaving her desk once again in tact. That spell was so handy. "As annoying as you are, I have my own things to worry about. So what I intend to do is put you back in that amulet, spin you off to Saturn and not deal with you again." -07:43 Jun 14
Athos: "Sooooo…. you think going head to head against me in a clash of powers is a GOOD THING?" he asked "Because you didn’t exactly win last time. Granted it shouldn’t have happened." and it might again with what he felt looking at her "But use you brain. You don’t want to to against me." -07:46 Jun 14
Corona: "Don’t assume that losing one part of my magic makes me an easy target. You won’t take me by surprise again." Her tone was casual, even her movements as she continued to put things away. But her thoughts were completely different. He was stronger than she cared to admit, which meant there was no way he’d be defeated by strength of magic alone. It’d have to be how she used the magic. Not impossible, but anxiety would muck up her judgement if she weren’t careful. -07:56 Jun 14
Athos: "Would just be so much easier if we just worked together since neither of us want me here." he said "It will be faster, and less messy, and you won’t have to worry about me coming back very very angry." -07:58 Jun 14
Corona: Corona gave him a fierce smile. "I’m sorry, is the wee dead ghost trying to make a threat? Because from where I’m standing YOU don’t have a lot to bargain with, do you?" Taunting an evil ghost probably wasn’t the best plan, but she definitely couldn’t cast on him if he knew what she was doing. Now that most of her things were put away, she pulled a book from her shelf and paced near the walls. Every so often she touch an item or shift it slightly. -08:03 Jun 14
Athos: "We’ve been gone too long." he said "Even the people who knoe who wer are don’t know what we can do. Fine, do what you want but its not going to work. Hit me with your best shot if it will help you feel better. But just be careful of I migth hit back." -08:06 Jun 14
Corona: Corona wasn’t sure if that meant he was aware of what she was doing, or just a challenge to see what she could do. Either way, the spell was started and there was no going back now. When she finished circling the room she snapped the book shut and dropped it to the floor. That simple movement activated her spell, runs, lines and sigils seeming to have been already pre layed out lighting up over the floors and walls and even ceiling in a detailed pattern. It was her tower, built with her magic and not even a dead god was going to threaten her in it! With the tower itself to amplify her spellwork, Corona pointed her wand at him to summon him back in to the amulet. -08:13 Jun 14
Athos: The tower whook as the magic resonating inside it fought with his, and the aof the amulet which glowed and then the runed on the walls floor and ceiling cracked and broke as Athos yelled in pain, he was hurt but so was the tower, then the runed esploded out of the stonework and strayes bust all over the room. "That hurt." he growled "You’re lucky I actually want to help you." -08:17 Jun 14
Corona: That did hurt! Corona could feel the shattering of her runes just as much as if they were bones in her body. The amulet too had burned against her skin in protest. She was breathing hard enough for her chest to be heaving, but she kept the pain to herself. Wand still pointed directly at him as her mind whirled trying to formulate the next step. The tower was her strongest personal power source and he didn’t even look like he had almost succumbed to the spell! Corona finally dropped her arm and screamed in frustration! "This is total bullshit…! How much of my magic are you going to BREAK?! I have other things I have to do! Get the fuck out of my tower and find some other woman to mother your god children and put up with your shit!" -08:23 Jun 14
Athos: "Don’t you think I would already have done that if i could." he snapped back "In case you havn’t nothing I’m having a wonderful time. eign dead for three hundred years, raping a mage without really feeling nay satisfaction whatsoever, having to resist doing so again because I really don’t want to but can’t move away from her because I’m bount to her through stuppid bloodmagic I didn’t even want to be born with. If I coulld be anywhere else.. ANYWHERE. I would be. -08:27 Jun 14
Corona: "You’re a fucking god, you can do whatever the fuck you want to do!" Excuses, they all sounded like excuses to her and regardless of what made sense and what didn’t, she was still just plain pissed off. "I have my own destiny to deal with, without your ancient bloodlines, prophecies, and tragic past! So I am going to obliterate you by nightfall if it’s the last thing I do!" Yes. Obliterate! Pure magic wasn’t enough, obviously! Wheels turning in her head, Corona strode across the room looking for the right artifact. What she needed was to mix some science! -08:32 Jun 14
Athos: He grabbed her and turned her to face him. "So you thing I can do whatever I want? I want to go home, I want to see my brothers, and sisters, and parents. I want to lay down and finally be allowed to die, or at least find someone who doesn’t hate me…. you know what, oblitorate me, it would be better than this, oblitorate me and destroy the amulet. Just make this end." -08:36 Jun 14
Corona: Corona froze when he grabbed her, that instant, frustrating wave of fear striking her first. The other rush of emotions followed just as strong, but unlike yesterday now she wasn’t so certain they were all entirely hers. Corona cast her solidity spell on him, the one spell she knew would work, so she could shove him away. "Stop messing with my head! How am I supposed to believe anything you say?! Do you know how many items come in to this tower cursed? How often there is some poor trapped soul that turns out to be an ultimate evil! How easy it is to make a mistake and get fucked over by a sob story?! I am NOT your sacrifice, your tool, or your heroine! Just stop feeling things so I can fucking think straight!" -08:45 Jun 14
Athos: He let go of her… "If I could just stop feeling things because I was asked tom I wouldn’t be very human would I?" he walked away from her to the oposite corner of the room. "And if I could I would. I feel like shit and liek I should say I’m sorry. But sorry never fixed anything and won’t give you your power back." -08:50 Jun 14
Corona: "Power can be reclaimed. I am pissed off because you make me feel helpless, ineffectual… like I have no choice, no will, no ability to decide what is happen! And I… can’t figure out if that is me of if that is YOU!" Her blurted out confession made the realization dawn on her. It wasn’t entirely her own feelings. On her own she had control, but when he touched her she was overwhelmed by them. That was… probably an effect of his stupid cursed amulet, but it was useful to know. …even if she had no idea what to do about it! -08:55 Jun 14
Athos: Thats how I’ve felt my whole life." he said. "I was destined to find the amulet, I was destined to slay the god, I was destined to doe alone and cold and unremembered." it was all said in an overdone heoric voice. "And ever after I’m dead it won’t let me go. There is nothign I hate more in the universe than that amulet." -08:59 Jun 14
Corona: Compassion was a curse in itself. What she was wanted was to feel nothing but her hate. Exact her revenge, disentangle him from her and send him away to suffer for eternity for the way he hurt her and what he took. Yet there was that tiny, frustration sliver of compassion. The part of her that felt for him, a kindred spirit stuck with fate and trapped in a life they didn’t want. That one, stupid, tiny part was really fucking up her day. "I don’t even know if I can help you… I’ve tried to destroy you, all I have left is necromancy and that’s… unpleasant." -09:06 Jun 14
Athos: "SO thats going back to what I said.." he said "Get me a body and I leave you forever, I’ll face whatevers coming on my own, I killed it last time and either way you’ll never soo me again, win-win for you." he was looking at her, not liking talkign about himself like that but feeling he desurved it. "And I promise you’ll never see me again." -09:09 Jun 14
Corona: "I have to learn a new way to do creation magic. A decade to learn it unless I had a source of power." Corona was still dubious. She didn’t want to trust him. But she couldn’t get rid of him on her own. "How do I know you won’t use me once you’ve been pulled back in to this world? That I won’t be a sacrifice, a vessel, or worse? Am I supposed to just trust your word?" -09:16 Jun 14
Athos: He looked at her and shook his head. "theres not a lot I can do that you will believe, I’m a ghost, I have nothing, but what use yould you be to be dead? what use would you be to me? What I need is an hier and there are millions of other girls out there. I’ll never bother you again." -09:21 Jun 14
Corona: "That’s hardly convincing." But she wanted him gone. If she had enough power and built the spell correctly, she could make sure he wouldn’t be able to touch her… It was all a huge risk and she would get nothing but him removed from her tower. "…I need more than that. You are risking my life and wasting my time. I need a place of power, something stronger than this tower. I need artifacts and more magic. And I need to be able to use it even after I’ve helped you. There are things of my own that I have to do…" -09:27 Jun 14
Athos: He looked at her. "So what do you have in mind?" he pulled his legs up against him and hugged them, his entire future depended on her… unless… "Unless theres another mage around to help?" -09:29 Jun 14
Corona: There was a grim sort of smile on her face. She sat down on her desk, crossing her arms over her chest as a dark expression came over her. "There is. I took the bone daggar from him, and I’m assuming the amulet had been there also. He has a tower of glass and steal in the old city. However, he is more likey to find a way to take all of your power for himself than to help you. He’s already done it to others…" -09:33 Jun 14
Athos: "Sounds evil to me." he said "Maybe its him I need to kill." he though it over for a moment. "Sounds about right, so get me out of here and I’ll make sure he never bothers you again." -09:35 Jun 14
Corona: "So easily agreed to?" She had to admit, there was the sudden spark of elation at the thought of having a god’s help. It took her so long to learn what she had, and it wasn’t anywhere near enough to face him. On her own it would still be years away. "…then it is a deal. I will bring you back to life and you can help me defeat him." -09:40 Jun 14
Athos: "And then I can work on the not existing on the mortal plain anymore thing. Perfect. Shake on it?" he help out a hand. "A god’s work is stuck to, this god’s anyway." -09:44 Jun 14
Corona: Her mouth twisted up in thought. But she finally stood and crossed the room, taking his hand with a little hesitation. The solidity spell was still in effect. "If you betray me, I’ll make sure you suffer a worse fate than this amulet could ever do, though. Fair warning." -09:46 Jun 14

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