Starcrossed 002: A Different Sort of Plan

[Evander just stent the nigth sleeping with a woman who looks and acts like his wife but with just enoug differences to make being in the same room as her madning.] -03:35 Jun 30
[Kendra didn’t mean to fall asleep and sure as hell not with the man that has he dead fiance’s face, and double definitely not in the same bed. But grief and exhaustion will do that to a person!] -03:36 Jun 30
Kendra: The worst thing about sleeping was the dreams. Convoluted, bittersweet dreams. Kendra hadn’t let herself sleep so deep in a long time and when she woke, she really wished she hadn’t. Kendra let out a sigh and threw an arm over her face. -03:43 Jun 30
Evander: He slept on his front his cheep on the pillow. He hadn’t meant to sleep at all but it had been a long day and the bed was a lot softer than he was used to. He didn’t want to wake up, Kendara was in his dream, but already her manerisms and expresions were fading. In the dream he had cried and in the morning his face was marked with dry tears. Being awake only meant having to open his eyes, something he didn’t want to do, not as long as he could see her. -03:48 Jun 30
Kendra: This was madness. First of all, she couldn’t lie in bed the rest of her life. She had already been telling herself that for months. It wasn’t any different now than yesterday. And maybe now there was more of a reason to force herself out of bed. Kendra couldn’t bring her fiance back, but she could figure out why life was throwing her such a dick move. She finally rolled over in the bed, taking a peek at the man in it. He seemed less like Evan now. Maybe she was growing accostomed to the differences in his face. -03:54 Jun 30
Evander: Her movements on the bed made him open his eyes and blink away the sleep from then. Seeing her eyes made him take a breath but he slowly let it out without speaking remembering where they were. "Kendra…" saying her name and not Kendaras was feeling less strange and he kept his eyes looking into hers. "Copper for your thoughts?" -04:00 Jun 30
Kendra: She was caught staring, but didn’t feel too guilty about it. Her mouth just twist up in to a slight frown. "Thinking about this mess and what I’m going to do about it." she mumbled softly. Kendra hadn’t taken well to being completely displaced and somewhere unfamiliar. "Where we are and where to go from here. Whether or not I even want to bother." she finally admitted. That was an issue too. -04:05 Jun 30
Evander: He propped himself up on hsi elbow. "Whats not to bother, you have a home, more than I’ve ever had." he looked at her a thoughtful expresion on his face. "You have somethign to go back to.. your father.. I… everything I own is on me. Maybe you’ll feel better after something to eat?" -04:10 Jun 30
Kendra: Kendra cast an enigmatic grin. "Everything I wanted died with my fiance. All that’s left there is just… an old life, I guess." Of course she wanted to go back, she couldn’t stand feeling out of place and out of her element. There was her dad, though. That was worth going back to. Kendra sighed and rolled again until her face was in her pillow and her arms were curled around her head. Her voice was muffled. "Never can be easy can it. Food is good, we’ll get somewhere." -04:16 Jun 30
Evander: He put his hand on her back, he didn’t know what else to do. "Getting ehre would be better, eating in privacy and not levving the elves hear us speac in non-elvish." paranoia was always a required caution with elves. "And its not meant to be easy, but we don’t have the luxury of falling to peices… -04:20 Jun 30
Kendra: Kendra lift her head to give him that dubious look. "Elves. I’ve seen so many different races, and none of them were ever elves… If they were so bad, wouldn’t they have been interested in us when we entered the city?" If he was going to freak out about stuff, he needed to at least make sense with it. "Don’t worry, magician, I can keep you safe in a high tech world…" -04:24 Jun 30
Evander: He looked at her his eyes flashing. "I don’t know about where you’re frm but on my world elves… kill for fun, I’m suprised we havn’t seen more dead bodies or been attacked, even disguised…" he kept his eyes on her "Not that men are but different, and orks… you do not want to meet an ork tribe.. they’re like large, strong, psychitic babies.." he sighed. "If thing are different anywhere else, I don’t want to go back." -04:28 Jun 30
Kendra: "Orks…! Honey, I can tell you about people twice as large and vicious things. All teeth and muscle, and much more frightening than a story books villain." Kendra got a wicked sort of amusement in taunting him. Especially the way he’d give those restrained glares. It was much better than when he looked so sad. "Why don’t you just stay here then? I can get back on my own and this place is just as good as any other if you want a new place to live." -04:33 Jun 30
[Kendra enters.] -04:37 Jun 30
Evander: He snorted. "I’m not staying with elves and I’m not abandinign you until you’re away from them. We’re in this together and you need someone who speaks the language. Once we’re away we’ll see about coin and parting company… if you want to.." he let himself fall back down to the matress. "Golden rule of travel: Don’t alone." -04:37 Jun 30
Kendra: "It’s cute that you are so old fashioned. But I am not one of your fantasy world princesses, and I know how to handle myself." She scooted to sit up, leaning over him just the slightest with that smirk present on her face. "With or without knowing the language. I’m more concerned about you and your wide-eyed bafflement at all the tech. If someone starts firing a gun at you, your magic tricks aren’t going to be so useful." -04:46 Jun 30
[Kendra enters.] -04:49 Jun 30
Evander: "I naver said you couldn’t take care of yourself." he said "I jusy said both of us would be safer not beign alone." her second statement sounded like a challenge though. "So people with guns can shoot what they cannot see? Will not shoot that which looks exactly like me and bleed, and acts apropriatly when shot… They’ll stand there when a ship appeares out of nowhere with all the bulk and noise and trains weapons on them and demands their surrender whil we sneak away? Theres more to illusions whan making card appear from your sleeve Kendra." He put his hand on her shoulder and rested it there. "I chose that school of magic because it could do so much without hurting.. even if recently I wished I’d focused on necromancy…" -04:51 Jun 30
Kendra: "Illusions fool the stupid and the impatient. Maybe you’ve been in a world filled with idiots, but where I come from, people are irritatingly clever. You have to be. You don’t know what someone has hidden on them, be it some crazy projector, or a grenade, or fuck… virus guns, tentacles… It’s limitless." Strange how a simple touch could have her feeling a little… tense? She didn’t remember little touches being such a big deal with Evan. It had to be the residual feelings of bitter dreams. Kendra cast him another wicked smirk. "Nice to know you’re all soft about killing people, though… I’ll keep that in mind if we get in to trouble." -04:59 Jun 30
Evander: He looked at her again "I’ve killed, don’t worry about that, and illusions aren’t my only tricks, they’re just what I enjoy using the most. Kendara was the fighter, I was the expert, picking locks, sneaking around, noticing things she didn’t, making men thing thier arms were melting.. bringing their greatest fears to life before thier eyes. All to survive.. and its a storm and a spooked horse that killed her…" -05:04 Jun 30
[(Timeout) Kendra got too distracted for their own good…] -05:11 Jun 30
Kendra: He was slipping again. There was a difference between them both. Kendra was always fighting thinking about her fiance. To think about Evan hurt so much, she didn’t want to speak his name. She just tried to forget and move past it, do what he always told her to do, until those late night moments she cracked and it all hit her at once. Suicidal crazy moments where she lost it. …but this man, all he ever did was think about his wife. Talk about her. Relive her memory over and over. Kendra was sure that was hella worse. She shoved his shoulder roughly. "You don’t look so tough and dangerous to me. You’re heartbroken by a woman you’ll never get over. Now how about you quit talking about her and fetch us something to eat. Then we’ll leave the big scary Elf City and find somewhere that doesn’t frighten you." -05:11 Jun 30
Evander: The look he shot her sugested he was about to show her how deadly he was, a flash of anger as the line of his mouth hardened. "Fine…" he rolled away from her nad onto his feet taking the money from the bedside table and in an instant looked like one of the elves again. "I’ll be back." he pulled open the door and stepped out heading for the stairways ignoring the elevators. -05:16 Jun 30
[(Timeout) Kendra doesn’t post enough.] -05:21 Jun 30
Kendra: "Better… and least I can help one of us." she muttered once he was out of the room. If he was pissy and fired up, he wouldn’t miss her so much. Kendra wished that same tactic worked for herself. Rolling out of bed, she crossed over to the window. Pushing it open and leaning out to look over the city streets. At least the view was amazing, she would give it that much. Maybe if she hadn’t been dropped there, she would have enjoyed the trip and exploring. -05:21 Jun 30
Evander: He eventually reached the lobby and asked about food, and was directed to a place that didn’t seem to be serving human, or elf… which was encouraging. He bought who take away meals and some bubbly stuff which when he asked if it was a potion everyone thogught it was a joke. Friendly elves, nothing was more worrying…. But at least he had food, and cloths for them both to change into. -05:26 Jun 30
Kendra: It was a long way down. She could save herself a lot of time and trouble by jumping out. But by the time he returned, Kendra was sitting in the window, a foot propped up against the sill. She was still trying to think of what to do next, but most of her ideas just involved death or harassing him just to fill the time. Worst existance ever. She cast a quick look at him when he stepped through the door. "Did an elf try to kill you yet, or can we deem this city safe for the time being?" -05:35 Jun 30
Evander: "He show her and tossed one of the bags onto the bed. "I got you some clothes." he said not taking his eyes off of her. "And no.. not unless you count a prostitute offering me take the frown from my face no one has tried to eat me, but I did get food and…" he held up a bottle of soda. "Something that isn’t a potion.. apparently." -05:40 Jun 30
Kendra: "That’s cola… I thought that was a normal thing?" Okay, maybe since it had been a part of the universe for maybe thousands of years, it seemed natural to her… When DID carbonation get invented? Kendra dropped off the window sill, moving to open up one of the bags and confiscate her meal. At least food here was normal too. She half expected him to come back with a loaf of bread and some wheels of cheese. "Should’ve taken that hooker up on her offer." -05:43 Jun 30
Evander: He scowled at her "I’m not that desperate, not have I forgotten my wife that easily." he turned away from her then looked determinedly out the window. Now wasn’t the time to think about her. "And I’m not going to jump into the arms of the first whore I see to forget her. All I can do to honor her memoy is to keep being the man she loved, even if its hard." -05:50 Jun 30
Kendra: "Have you ever thought about being a different man?" This, she asked without her smirking. It was a genuine question. Kendra sat on the edge of the bed taking a few bites of food and washing it down with soda. She gestured at him. "Someone might say you already are a different man. She’s not a part of your life anymore, you don’t live life the same. Things you did that she loved you probably don’t do anymore. After awhile it all changes." -05:56 Jun 30
[Evander enters.] -06:16 Jun 30
[(Timeout) Evander doesn’t post enough.] -06:24 Jun 30
Evander: "Instant to instant never the same person for more than that space of a breath, a heartbeat, a thought… I’ve read a few books on philosophy." he retorted. "But it takes time. Time Kendra. No matter how together you are healing takes time. The only reason I didn’t go to a tavern to drink is because it would have made me feel worse." She definatly wasn’t Kendara, kendara had been a devited wife, as much as could have been possible on the road, fleeping under the stars. "And I have things to take care of like fuguring out what to do with my life." -06:24 Jun 30
Kendra: "Certainly not gonna figure out what to do with your life, if you’re still dwelling on the old one." Ha. Caught him. Goading him was indeed something amusing to do, especially if it had him mad at her instead of brooding. "So, mister ‘read a few books on philosophy’, what is your grand theory on this mess of ours? I’m sure it’s something oh so mysterious and meaningful." -06:28 Jun 30
Evander: "I’m done talking to you." he said "If fucking a whore a week after you wife dies is what you think the propriate way is of moving on then I was wrong, You’re nothing like her and I have no interest in talking to you anymore. Enjoy the room, I’m going to make a life." he headed back to the door an pulled if open "Maybe I’d fack you if you didn’t have her face but.." he slammed it and headed abck towards the stairwell. He was through having his emotions toyed with." -06:32 Jun 30
Kendra: ….and that was a little madder than she wanted him to get. And it caught her by surprise on what he focused on. The hooker thing was just to quick off comment…! Annoyed right back now, she finished her food as quickly as possible, then she was getting up to stalk after him. -06:37 Jun 30
Evander: He didn’t make it all the way down the stairs. He only bade it down a couple of flights before he broke down and sat on them to rest his face on his arm and his arm on his knees doubled over. There were no tear or sobs he just sat there with his eyes shut and wished as hard as he could not to feel anything. To be a stone. -06:41 Jun 30
Kendra: When she stepped out in to the hall, the elevator wasn’t going. …she had a feeling he wouldn’t know how it worked anyway. Kendra took the stairwell. She walked down them silently, not expecting to see him sitting on the steps. She stopped the above him and leaned over the railing. Staning there in silence, with her hands clasped together as she watched him. There was that faint feeling of regret… It’s not like she wanted to make his pain worse. But she was trying to help in the only way she thought made sense. "First of all, I didn’t realize it was so recent for you. So I apologize for that. Secondly, I’m NOT anything like her. I’m not trying to be, I don’t want to be. You piss me off every time you say it, and I have half a mind to show you just how different I am…" -06:50 Jun 30
Evander: "Whats the point?" he asked "If you’re like her or not shes gone and nothing will bring her back." he stoke quietly afriad that if he spoke louder his voice would crack. "You’re not her, I don’t care what name you have or how you look, you’re an entirely different person, I knwo that, but every similarity feels like a slap in the face of her memory, something I miss. The only thing we roully have in common id our grief, and that neither of us is having fun." -07:04 Jun 30
Kendra: "I kinda want to slap you and tell you to get the fuck over it, but then I wouldn’t have been too keen on having the same happen to me." Kendra fell silent for a moment. Staring down at her hands clasped together. The easiest thing to do would be walking away. She didn’t even know why she felt so compelled to keep pushing it. "…then lets have some fun. Screw going home, we’ll do something else. Leave everything behind, let it all go, forget the future and just… exist for awhile." -07:10 Jun 30
Evander: He lifted his head to look at her side-on quesioninglly one eyebrow raised and his forehead wrinkled. "Head anywhere, find something to do and do it? How much do.. ships.. cost anyway, to own…" -07:13 Jun 30
Kendra: "Depends on the ship and where we want to go. Hmm… pretty cheap if we grab one from a junkyard and repair it." There was an idea. She hadn’t worked on a ship since before… well. Kendra leaned over the rail to peer down at him. "We can check out prices. Refurbing while we see what this stupid world is all about. And when we’re done you can have it." -07:17 Jun 30
Evander: "ANd I know how to work one?" he looked at her. "As you so love pointing out I’m pretty useless in a world like this, I’ve never seen one up close and I sure as I’m going to hell I don’t know how to fly one. Unless I get someone to show me." he turned to face her and put on foor on the stair he was sitting on. I could always… make it look nice…?" -07:21 Jun 30
Kendra: Kendra cast an almost assinine grin. "Y’think I am going to build that ship all by myself? That shit is heavy and needs man power. You learn how to do it. Maybe I’ll make you teach me your fancy magician moves." she wiggled her fingers at him. "Sword fighting or something. I could use a new hobby." -07:23 Jun 30
Evander: He stood and reached under his robe and with the ringing of hardened steel drew a rapier and held it out to her hande first. "I have others, but this is my best, and I’d pladly teach you any of the diciplines you wish to learn.." he cracked a smile. "If you cut out the grabbing and twisting of emotions." -07:28 Jun 30
Kendra: Kendra reached down and took it. Holding it up to eye the metal and appreciate the work in it. "Oh really? Tell me, magician… when do you feel more like yourself. When you’re dark and meloncholy, or when you’re all fired up and pissed off at me?" -07:30 Jun 30
Evander: "I’ll feel myself when I’m showing you how deadly magic can be." he said slitting the sheith from his belt and handing it to her as well. "You have a gun so you don’t need a bow, or crossbow, they take years to pick up anyway. Now I should eat." -07:34 Jun 30
Kendra: "Yeah, magic is going to be the trick." Kendra still had no belief thart magic was going to hold up to a gun or a good solid weapon. Her smug look mirrored those thoughts. But she sheathed the sword and waited for him to come up the stairs. "You wanna play first go junkyard diving?" -07:37 Jun 30
Evander: He notiched her expression and as they walked he unclasped his robe and pulled open the top to expose his chest, then slipped his arm out so that the right sleeze hung down his back and his right rise was naked down to the wast. His entire body was covered in dark blue tatoos and he looked at her. "This symbol here.." he said tapping his shoulder over a simple spiral that revered direction several times. "Trace it with your finger from the outside in then point at something and let the magic loose." it was for a simple magic bolt that hiy harder than a crossbow bolt.. with her unfocused mind though it would be less effective, it was her first time after all. But the feeling of casting it should let her know what she was dealing with. -07:45 Jun 30
Kendra: Whoa, near undressing in the hall. A faint familiarity to Evan after all… But Evander was covered in more tattoos than she had thought. Kendra didn’t look too convinced. In fact, it sounded like a load of bullshit and she was pretty sure he was going to pull one of those illusion tricks on her to make it look good. So with a bit of defiance, she touched a finger to the spiral. That alone was a little sizzling, but warm skin tended to do that… She traced, intently with a soft touch and a twist of curious annoyance to her features. When she pulled her hand back, it was with relief and almost as if she were trying to shake the feel of him off, she flicked her fingers towards the wall. -07:53 Jun 30
Evander: The places shot pain chips and plaster from the wall and made a painting fall down, not only that but it drew on her will and file force to do it.. it was good for a first try and Evander pushed open the door and pushed her in before anyone came to investigate. "You’ve cast your first spell, congradulations." he said "I don’t need to trace them since they’re literally under my skin… but I think you should learn to cast without tatoos first. Then we’ll worry about shortcuts." he grinned at her as he pulled off the rest of the top of the bode so that it hung to the floor from around his waist and spread his arms, ther had to be hundreds of them, some large and complex, others as small as a fingernail and as intricate as embroidery. "How did it feel?" -08:00 Jun 30
Kendra: Kendra looked like she was cringing, with her hands up and flexing her fingers as if she had just touched something hot or shocked herself while working on something. "That was bizarre!" It sure as hell didn’t feel natural at all, and now she was staring him down like he was some sort of alien. He just had no idea what an alien was. "So you do more than illusions after all. I don’t like the way that felt… it’s like that all the time? Just right out of you? I’ll keep a weapon that’s not going to suck out my soul with it!" -08:05 Jun 30
Evander: "You need to train your mind." he said placing his hands on her shulders. "You need to use your will and not your spirit. Thats why not everyone can cast without it draining them. Some people feel too much and don’t face the will to want to do damage, and not need to. Do it through thought, and not emotion. Thats why I’m a lot weaker now, but I’ll get stronger again.. most after loss can’t cast at all, some loose the ability forever, but I’m not going to let that be the case with me." -08:09 Jun 30
Kendra: There was that frown again. "There’s emotion in everything I do, even if it’s pulling the trigger on someone. I’m not going to do it without some sort of feeling about it. Even if the feeling sucks." Ugh… the words come out of her mouth, and she never follows her own advice. How many weeks ago did she decide she’d never feel anything again, and here she is now preach the opposite? "I’ll learn it, but it’ll be my style. My way… Then we’ll see who does it better, hmm?" The smirk again. -08:15 Jun 30
Evander: Just like Kendara, doing things her way. "There is one branch that need feeling to do… healing. Its always been my weakness." he let go of her shoulders and tilted his head. "Funny, yesterday you didn’t believe in magic." -08:19 Jun 30
Kendra: "Yesterday I was thinking about drowning myself in a well, wishing for my fiance back, and got you instead. I can change my mind." Release again. Kendra was starting to get really peeved with that feeling of being untethered every time he touched and pulled away. "…besides, I didn’t say I believed in it. Yet. You’re gonna have to show me more than palor tricks for that.": -08:22 Jun 30
Evander: He stepped past her to the bed to sit down and retrieve his food, open the parcel and start eating. "I’ve seen enough magic around here that you should run into it often enough, until then.." he reached into a pouch on his belt and tosed her a gen that seemed to have a fire burning inside it, it was exactly like the one he had used to pay for the room only cleared and the fire seemed to be in the form of an endlessly dancing figure. "On me wrld this would but a smallholding big enough to raise livestock on or face a field of wheat, maybe it will be enough for a ship…" -08:28 Jun 30
Kendra: Kendra held it up, eying the thing with interest. There wasn’t… any sort of mechanism in it. So it was natural, somehow. Elements were weird. Bouncing it in her hand, she tilted her head to watch him again. "Sounds about right, price wise… If you want to live in the ship, there are single home shuttles. Otherwise just a transport could work and the rest could be saved for other things…" -08:33 Jun 30
Evander: He gave her another look. "You’re going to have to live too." he said "What about that?" the food wasn’t bad but he wasn’t in love with it either, probably wouldn’t finish and he was hesitant to try the bubly stuff. "Where do you want to live?" -08:37 Jun 30
Kendra: "Me?" Kendra laughed. It hid the sudden pain in her chest. She pulled that weapon he gave her and pointed it at his nose. "No idea. I had land, animals, and business before… I might just become a pirate. Scavenger maybe. Or hrm, mercenary?" -08:44 Jun 30
Evander: He batted away the sword with the abck of his hand. "Lesson one: Swords are not toys, its very easy to accidently hurt someone with them." he looked at her with as expression that was joking but with an undercurrent of seriousness. "And I mean will you live on the ship.. with me, or not?" -08:46 Jun 30
Kendra: She backed up a step, but was right back to pointing it at him. It wasn’t like a damned gun, she couldn’t accidentally cut someone open unless she was stupid. "What a proposition, magician. Yeah, I’ll be living with you for awhile. Someone has to teach you how the ship works and how to fix it. Until then, I am your roommate." -08:49 Jun 30
Evander: "Room mate, first mate…" he pushed the sword out of the way with his finger and stood stepping past it up to her. "We should find one for sale, sould like we have exploring to do. "We should also find maps and figure out where we are.. I’m used to navigatin on land.. on a horse… and being able to gongure a map in fron of me.. also you should have this…" he unhooked one of the pouches on his belt and from the small leather bag pulled out a large tome, a dagger and a coiuple more of the chstals along with another srod and wht appeared to me a pair of gogles. Can store almost as much as you want in there, I have several. Just don’t turn it inside out.. that would be bad." -08:56 Jun 30
Kendra: "That’s… interesting! How does that thing work…" It could be done with science, she was sure. There wasn’t any mechanics to IT either, though, and of course when he said don’t turn it inside out, it was the one thing she wanted to do. "And you are going to give me this?" -09:03 Jun 30
Evander: "Put your sword in it and no one will see it until its naked and in your hands. He said. "You don’t ahve one and they’re about one of the most useful thinsg there is. Why do you think I don’t have a backpack?" he looked at her. "Is it that hard to believe I’d give you something nice? You got the sword didn’t you? Its tools of the trade if you want to be a mercenrary." -09:08 Jun 30
Kendra: "I didn’t think you were actually giving it to me." Kendra had been certain she’d be handing it back to him one she was done swinging it around, or he finally got pissed off at her pointing it at him. Kendra handed him the sword, stepping back to un do her belt and situate the pouch somewhere ideal. She ended up swapping the side she kept her gun. Kendra could draw a gun with both hands, but sneaking a sword out of a pouch was a little more tricky. "Ha… you’re going to regret this, when I’m constantly pulling a weapon on you… Drawing practice." -09:12 Jun 30
Evander: "Untill I make your gun invisible when you leave it lying around. Or you arms, or your shoes, or your clothes. Careful who you point weapons at." he was grinning wide as he looked at her. "You could grow to hate me very easily with the things I can do with just a thought. Or just the oposite…" -09:17 Jun 30
Kendra: "What makes you think I am not gonna see through your little tricks. An illusion is an illusion… invisible arms can still wield invisible weapons." Now he was asking for it too. Quick as could be she was turning, pulling her gun and pointing it to his head in a split second. -09:20 Jun 30
Evander: It wasn’t her gun the disappeared, it was him, the room, and everythign else. Only darkness that seemer to be spinning arounf and around, then when it bcleared he was behind her his chin on her shoulder. "Can’t shoot what you can’t see… universal law… you don’t want to fight me and iI don’t want to fight you… I don’t want loaded weapons pointed at me either… Makes me nervous.." -09:23 Jun 30
Kendra: He had absolutely NO idea how unsettling it was to be in complete darkness, when you had been out in space before. Worse that it was dizzying enough to make her tilt and she even flinched just a bit with him at her shoulder. Kendra nearly shot him out of spite. "Point taken." she muttered darkly. "A trick only works on me once though… But don’t worry, magician. I don’t intend to hurt you. I do intend to learn, and I do that so much better by a little live practice…" -09:29 Jun 30

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