Bloodlines 002: A Grim Realization


Three days lated as a town simply called “The Wall” the ship docks and the refugees begin to file out, The Wall is the safest place left, set high on a mountain. If nothign else it can see dnages comign a ling way off. -Jarrod

Zeren: Zeren was slowly getting used to running in to strangers. For a day or so during her exploring of the ship, she’d get a little alarmed any time she ran in to someone that wasn’t the captain. Once she even alarmed someone back when she hit them, but after a lot of apologizing, they promised not to tell on her. Now Zeren was more than eager to take a look at a completely new place off boat, and was disappearing in to the crowd of leaving refugees for the chance. Occasionally bouncing to see over their heads. -04:47 Apr 17
Jarrod: Jarrod was bust calculating how much food they’d need and how mach they could pick up in The Wall that was usually short itelf but the refugees had eaten his ship bare and he had an extra mouth now… speaking of which where was Zeren? Hold this." he said wanding his work over to one of the crew and he made hsi way up to the deck where he expected to find Zeren looking out over the town… "Zeren?" -04:52 Apr 17
Zeren: There was no Zeren on deck. Mingled in with refugees who were now scattering in different directions, all frantically talking to others trying to figure out what they would do… she was a sharp contrast. Wonder and curiosity was pulling her down the walk. Eyeing the buildings with interest, or the sky… or the cliffside! Or the street! There was a street and the desire to explore where it went took over all other interests. -04:57 Apr 17
Jarrod: He shook his head and looked out over the crowd, sure enough…. ther was Zeren, walking around … Af anyone saw her, saw the amulet, they were taking enough risk staying as long as they were… he grabbed a rope and jumped from the deck, sliding down he panded on his feet and set off after her. He wasn’t going to loose her right after findign her. -05:01 Apr 17
Zeren: Wandering down the street, Zeren payed littled attention to who was around her and more attention to what. She stooped to pick up a rock to look at, then it was stuffed in her pocket. Then she found a flower! She never saw one like this before… She left it sitting on top of someone’s vehicle. …there was a cat! Zeren immediately followed the cat. -05:07 Apr 17
Jarrod: She seemed like a small child wonderign around, toutching everything as Jarrod followed her. Anyone thinking to question why he was were discouraged by his weapons. He was getting closer to her too, but watching her… she was innocent.. maybe the last innocent left. "Zeren.." -05:09 Apr 17
Zeren: Zeren was about to crawl under a building’s deck to go after that cat. So she was there on her knees and sitting up in surprise when she heard his voice. "I found a cat! It was a brown one. I don’t think I can fit under there though." she was on her feet again. Something new caught her attention and she was wandering off to see what it was. "How many people live here? Are all towns like this? ….are there a lot of cats too?" -05:13 Apr 17
Jarrod: He was still chasing after her "Zeren its not safe out there." he said "And no, most town are like yours, especiall like it is now." he reached out to put a hand on her shoulder, then was caught by a compultion. "Do you want a cat?" -05:17 Apr 17
Zeren: "I don’t know, I’ve never met a cat before." Zeren stopped but it was clear she wasn’t quite done looking around, and was itching to continue. "Most towns are destroyed." she repeated, trying to affirm what he said. "Why isn’t this one safe? Your people are here and the sea is way down below the cliffs." -05:19 Apr 17
Jarrod: He sighed. "There are people here.." he said "Remember how scared and frightened you were when we first met, like you couldn’t trust anyone? That is how I feel about people not in my crew, I can deal with them and talk to them but if they see your amulet and know who you are They might try to kill you, or take you to him." he took her hand again. "Its not always safe to wonder alone." -05:23 Apr 17
Zeren: "I see…" Now she was seeing the street in a different way. Less with that curiosity, and now with the wary suspicion. There windows and doors in buildings. Corners and hidey spots… That feeling that people might be staring at her again. She squeezed his hand and stepped closer. She really hated this feeling of being afraid! "Then we should go back? …I wanted to see the town, though." -05:27 Apr 17
Jarrod: "You can." he said squezzing her hand "But I will go with you, ok?" he walked with her more and they came close to a grill resturant, what they were grilling it was probably best not to think about. "Hungry?" -05:32 Apr 17
Zeren: "Outside of the boat to eat?" That was interesting and her thoughts quickly shifted from fear to interest again. "…it won’t taste like boxes, will it? i think I have had my fill of boxy soup…" -05:34 Apr 17
Jarrod: "This food has probably never seen a box." he said leadign her up to one of the chairs next to the grill. They were meant to just point at what they wnated and it would be cooked and served. There was also water and some kind of fruit juice that Jarrod didn’t recognize. "Anything you want.. go on." -05:38 Apr 17
Zeren: He may as well have told her she could have the universe. Zeren was grinning wide, pointing to anything that look unusual or especially strange…. but at least had some restraint and didn’t ask for everything. The moment that juice was sitting in front of her, she was running her finger over the rim, making it nice and frosty. She was pleased with that trick too. She reached over and did the same for his too. -05:42 Apr 17
Jarrod: He smiled "Thank you." his family didn’t have the power of cold, this only confirmed that she was his, maybe his last. "I’m sorry but I have to ask about your family… what happened to them." he tone was soft and he sipped his juice as the smell of cooking food drifted over them. -05:47 Apr 17
Zeren: She was tapping the top of her glass with both hands now, a grim expression falling over her face as she shrugged a shoulder. "A curse, I think… My mother said it was a curse. No one lives very long and if they do they are… a little strange." Zeren pulled her hands away to rest them in her lap. Her glass was frozen and she needed to stop! She chewed on her inner lip. "I never liked my uncles much. They were kind of scary, but they eventually never came around anymore. I had a cousin I liked a lot, but she vanished and they found her dead. Mother always said it would happen to me too if I left the house. That men would take me away or my uncles would hurt me. I guess she was right." That meloncholy feeling was back… where she thought she might cry, but she never did. Her mother always said it was to keep her safe, and in the end the woman pointed those monsters right at her. -05:59 Apr 17
[Jarrod enters.] -06:19 Apr 17
[Zeren ] -06:21 Apr 17
[Jarrod was sacrifices to the gods of RPGs by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -06:23 Apr 17
Jarrod: She had been betrayed by her mother who always said she would protect her.. now he was saying he would protect her while planning to kill her.. "I’m sorry.." he said as he almost stood and walked away, if there wasn’t so uch riding on this he would do that, leave her here where she might be safe. "Now you’re helping me save the world…" he kept his eyes on his juice, not even looking up when food arived. "Saving the world.." -06:23 Apr 17
Zeren: "I’ve not seen the world before. It would be nice to save it so I can see it." Food was a good distraction from sadder thoughts. Zeren trying tiny bites first just in case it was terrible. …very edible! Zeren was smiling again. "Are we going to be able to try things everywhere we go?" -06:29 Apr 17
[Zeren was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -06:34 Apr 17
Jarrod: "Not all the time." he admitted. "After the world is saved there will be rebuilding, villages will be remade, people will go on the sea again." he sighed. "The beach, I’d like to go there when its over, and just spend a day doing nothing but geting to know the sea again." he still wasn’t looking at her "We’ll be going somewhere else to resupply fully after this, it will take a few hourst to load everything. We’ll try things there too." -06:34 Apr 17
Zeren: "I want to go swimming. I’ve never gone swimming before… hmm. I’ll have to learn how." Zeren loved the idea of visiting a beach with sand and shells and getting to run around in the ocean. Out of all the things, visiting the world and seeing new stuff, the ocean was what she wanted to see the most. She was chewing thoughtfully as she turned to glance at him again. …he didn’t seem as happy about everything. Zeren supposed being responsible for the world was a difficult task with scary grendals out all over the place. -06:39 Apr 17
Jarrod: He wasn’t eating and just sat there idly swirling the juic in his class around. "We should head back soon." he said finally "Then need me to sign for the food we loaded up and then we’ll have fresher supplies than we had before. That won’t taste liek box." -06:46 Apr 17
Zeren: "We can go now." Yes, he was deifnitely pensive. With a tap her juice was unfrozen and she was swallowing it down as quickly as she could drink it. Then she was gathering up all the food with little sticks and napkins, and claiming it for herself. He might not want it now,…but she would eat it! "Don’t worry, Captain. I can help with that too?" -06:54 Apr 17
Jarrod: He payed for the meal and stood headign back to the ship. "Its nothing just signing papers and heading off." he said "We’ll be taking off right after." he looked back at her, she seemed happy with her haul, and it was easy to believe she had never been out of the house before. He had heard things about her family, bad thing… they didn’t seem to apply to her. he had been expecting to find a monster, a witch, someone he would need to imprison. Here was.. a little girl. "its the right thing to save the word.. right?" he asked, "at any price?" -06:59 Apr 17
Zeren: "What?" She turned around to walk, chewing on one of the sticks. "I think so? There are lots of people on the world, and it’s not right that someone is hurting them for no reason. We should do everything possible to stop it. I’ll help though! I said I would." -07:01 Apr 17
Jarrod: He managed a smile "You’re right." he shook his head, she has his family, that means that sooner of later the madness would take her, it would be better for her to die that to become that, and quckly rather than what he had in store for her. "Eat up, if anyone sees you with those they’ll want some too." -07:04 Apr 17
Zeren: Sharing didn’t sound like a fun idea, so she was more than happy to eat as quickly as she could. Saving the sticks to twist up in her hair. She liked the sticks. Once they had returned to his ship, there wasn’t anything left and Zeren was back to occasionally stopping and scooping up pebbles or shiny things from the ground. -07:12 Apr 17
Jarrod: He walkes next to her but without holding her hand this time, he felt he was too attached already to this seemingly innocent girl in the middle of a crapsack world. He would have to stay clear of her as much as he could on the ship, if that was possible. ‘I’m sorry Zeren.’ he said in his head. ‘I have to kill you to save the world.’ -07:15 Apr 17

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