Take Me Under 002: A Promise

Take Me Under

Dakota: Dakota was groggy as fuck and pissed as shit. The worst part is that the stuff must have been REALLY strong, because she wasn’t able to shake it immediately and jump up killing the hell out of the first thing she saw, like she wanted to. In fact she was shifting uncomfortably trying to force her limbs to move. …she wasn’t restrained. Big mistake. But…! Dakota opened her eyes, and wasn’t seeing the bright lights of a medical lab like she was expecting. Just a dingy looking ceiling with busted light. Dingy wallpaper. Old furniture… hrrm bedroom? Motel…? Dakota managed to get some feeling in her arms and struggled to sit up, groaning in the process. "…dick move." -04:47 May 04
BK 201: He was sitting on the dresser next to the bed, a gan, a real gun, not a dart gun, resting on his knee. "But a nesisary one." he said "Theres something I want you to see, Dakota. You think you won, you think you’ve changed me. But.." he opened up a medical bag sitting next to him adn pulled out a syringe gun. "Pax 36… guarenteed to kill emotions and feeling in everyone with a brain, and keep it that way for those with one suitably modified. I wanted you se see me do this.. then you’re free to put as much distance between me and you as you can while I’m out." -04:52 May 04
Dakota: "Then I was right. You can feel and now you are afraid because I was right…" Damn her body. She was forcing her blood to move faster so she could get that stuff out of her system quicker. Slowly shifting to reach the edge of the bed and sling her legs off it. All the time her eyes were on him and that syringe. "If you take it, you won’t have to think for yourself, right? Back to being obedient. I’m not doing anything to change you, you are doing it to yourself…" How was she gonna get that away from him… Hmm.. -04:57 May 04
BK 201: "Change is progress." he said "Not that I care about progress." he pushed up the gun and pointed it at her, then put the syringe against the arm holding it. "I didn’t take it because after I do, I’m out for three hours and I couldn’t afford the time. Now I see why I need it. Yes I feel. And I don’t like it." -05:01 May 04
Dakota: "Change does not always mean progress. And fear is something you should face head on!" Dakota sucked in a breath, jumping out and grasping the barrel of his gun. She was quick but no where near as quick as normal with that stuff in her system. The gun iced in her hand as she wretched it from his guilt. "Feel something. Feel anything! Maybe you’ll be surprised by what you COULD like!" She was reaching to snatch the syringe. -05:06 May 04
BK 201: He punched her, it was a reaction, she had attacked first. He fist his her on the cheek and the force of the blow knocked her back. "Dakota, Subject classification, deadly, prefered meathod, flight, mission protocal, subdue and collect." He stood pulling her back up to her feet. "Subject background, descendent…." he said pushing her away from himself and stepping away. "Auto-Desegnation… thats my own if you were wondering.. BK 201… B.. K.. I have been modified to be like you, like your family. I scanned you while you were out, you have no implants, no genetic modification, no weapons. But.." he indocated the gun, froven solid on the floor. I think thats what they want you. They tried to make me able to do that, they failed. You’re going to eb a guinnie pig… I’d run if I were you." -05:14 May 04
Dakota: Getting hit caught her by surprise and she was rubbing her jaw with a scowl. Definitely wasn’t recovered yet. "There’s a reason I haven’t been caught yet, armas. I run because I choose to, not because I have to. And you… you can make a choice too. MAKE a goddamned choice for the first time in your life. Don’t take that stuff. Give yourself an opportunity to NOT be their puppet." She could kill him now and go. Even not being one hundred percent. But this was wrong. He had a chance, he could choose if he gave himself the chance. She just had to get those drugs away from him. Wind, ice cold wind was thrown at him as she rushed forward again. -05:21 May 04
BK 201: He waited for her to come then dropped low ignoring the wind. He swung his leg out to kick her leg out from under her then stood back up. "What if I choose not to feel. Thats a choice too isn’t it?" he asked. The syrings was held at his side as glaved at her. "Why is it so important to you… I am your enemy." -05:28 May 04
Dakota: Dakota hit the ground and let out a frustrated huff. Despite the scope of the conversation, she was staring up at him as if she were just annoyed by some little thing, and not the fact this all was a big deal to her. "You’re basing that choice on fear without giving yourself the chance to feel anything else first. To explore what else the world has to offer before you sign yourself away as a slave." Dakota shifted on to a knee then up to her feet. The tranq was well on it’s way out of her blood now, so she could stop biding her time. "You don’t have to be my enemy. You’re not the one I have a problem with. You’re a victim of other people’s madness. And if you let me, I can help you…" No powers this time. Dakota just stalked forward and leaned to try and snatch it out of his hand. "Just give it to me!" -05:35 May 04
BK 201: He grabbed her wrist stopping her and leaned in close. "If being human is so great then why have they screwed things up do bad. HUmans made me what I am and…" he paused ".. And I don’t want to be like them… I’d rather die or as you put it sighn myself away… and" he was leaning in closer and closer "…. I hate you." he lips brushed against hers but his hand still would not allow hers closer to the syringe. "I really, really hate you." -05:39 May 04
Dakota: What the fuck. She was well prepared to counter his complaint about humans. Looked completely disgusted when he said he was willing to sign himself away. Insulted when he stated he hated her. That was unfair. But then he kissed her. That was…. That took all the wind out of her sails. Her hand stopped straining to reach the syringe, though she hadn’t pulled back. …and since he was kind enough to give her the opportunity… Dakota raised her other hand up to his cheek. Leaning forward to press her mouth against his, without the hesitation. A deep but simple kiss. "Hate is a start, armas. And so much more if you give it a chance…" she murmured softly. -05:45 May 04
BK 201: He kissed her back his lips hesitant but determined as with a thud the syringe fell to the floor and the hand that had been holding it moved up to grip her hair. "You don’t know how much I hate you Dakota, you’ve taken everythign from me with…." he nipped her lip and sighed… "This.." -05:50 May 04
Dakota: "You’re wrong, armas. I’m giving you more than you ever knew was possible." Electrifying. There it was again. That sizzling amazing feeling, she felt so rarely in her life, and what a surprise to feel it from him. Talking was growing old fast. As an after thought, barely aware of where it was going, she kicked that syringe across the floor and out of immediate reach. Her hand slipped away from his cheek to slide her arm around his neck, pressing her body up against his. And she was kissing him again, slow and easy with a faint brush of her tongue. -05:56 May 04
[BK 201 enters.] -06:15 May 04
BK 201: He put his hand in her chest and pushed her away, just far enough where he could breathe, he was having difficulty with that for some reason. His eyes were wet and the liquid was driping down his face. "Why… why does it feel like this?" he asked "I hate you but I want to thank you." -06:20 May 04
[(Timeout) BK 201 got too distracted for their own good…] -06:27 May 04
Dakota: "Baby, it’s a lot to take in all at once." Aww, poor thing. Dakota was smiling, grinning even. Shifting to brush the tears off his face. "If you come with me, it will be easier. One thing at a time. No worries, no concerns, nothing overwhelming." -06:27 May 04
BK 201: He did really hate her. He hadn’t been happy before but he hadn’t been unhappy either. Now he would always know there was more. "They will send more.. and more.. and more.. adn they’ll come after me too. I’m too valuable to them to let go." he looked at her againfor some reason her words sounded nice.. "I can never go back." -06:32 May 04
Dakota: "You do not have to go back. I can protect you. There is not a force on this world that can stop me." There was that teasing grin again, thouh she was completely serious. "They can send as many people as they like, it won’t make a difference to me." However… the grin faded just a bit. Her glance turning away to where she kicked the syringe. The people they sent were also like him. Ones that didn’t deserve to die, but would because they weren’t open to anything else. She had family scattered all over the world being hunted and taking away by that company. It was getting out of hand… -06:37 May 04
BK 201: "Your resume speaks for itself… -06:41 May 04
BK 201: "Your resume speaks for itself…" he said "But is that really living?" he asked "Is that really better than… nothing?" he closed his eyes and put his hand on the back of her neck pulling her back towards him. He wanted to feel her against him again… "Can I trust you?" -06:44 May 04
Dakota: This… this made her heart hurt. He seemed to incite the weirdest things from her, that weren’t unwelcomed, but surprising to get out of the blue. It was a really inappropriate moment and situation to be attracted to someone! Dakota’s arm rest around his shoulder and she rest her forehead against his cheek. "You can trust me. I promise you can trust me. Leave with me, and I will make sure you are always free to do as you please." -06:51 May 04
BK 201: He nuzzled against her takign a beep breath then nodded. "Only if you promise to show me more… only if you promise to show me everything." -06:54 May 04

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