Demon Vexed 002: A Witch’s Vexation

Demon Vexed

[Cupio doesn’t snore, but does cuddle, a more, in his sleep.] -05:59 Feb 12
[Elisandre managed to get that demon out of her personal bubble long enough to get to sleep. Having a well rested sleep, well… maybe if she didn’t have really uncalled for dreams. ] -05:59 Feb 12
Elisandre: Morning couldn’t have come soon enough! Overly touchy demon dreams were not exactly good for her morale. …and apparently she was still dreaming. Snuggled up with a very well heated man creature, that smell so so good… Elisandre was petting through his hair before she realized she wasn’t still dreaming. "…. damnation!" -06:03 Feb 12
Cupio: His llips quirrked slightly. "Punny." he whispered. "Good to see you have a sense of humor." His eyes slid open slowly and he let a ahnd trail slowly down her cheek. "Did you have to stop with the hair though? I was enjoying that." He let the hand on her cheek trail doen her necl before he removed his other hand from her butt and stretched. "How did you sleep?" -06:07 Feb 12
Elisandre: "Miserable." The moment he stretched, she was rolling out of bed and putting as much distance between him and her. Too much touching. Elisandre shook out her arms. Her skin was all tingling. It was weird. "I am fairly certain I said no demons in my – nevermind. Stay in the bed." -06:12 Feb 12
Cupio: He hopped out of bed and stretched furcher his wings joining in the fun of dosobeying her and revealing that he was once again naked. "You didn’t seem miserable to me, and no that does not mean we did anything, I’m still hungry." he sat on the bed and rested his calf n his knee. "You’re sure you wouldn’t rather have me cook something for us?" -06:15 Feb 12
Elisandre: Elisandre caught herself staring. So the reply he got was a scowl. "You know what, that sounds like an excellent idea. You cook and I will go outside and gather things I need for a spell." Outside where the air was nice and chilly and she could jump in the steam. It was perfect. -06:22 Feb 12
Cupio: "Excelent." he said standing and once again getting all the way across the room in a single step he gently kissed her cheek. "I’ll see you in an hour?" she he was slipping away and down the stairs. He had meat and was in the mood for a stew. -06:24 Feb 12
Elisandre: "Hnngggg…. I don’t like this." she muttered to herself. Once he was out of sight, Elisandre snatched up her clean clothes. She completely bypassed going down the stairs so she could deliberately avoid coming in contact with him again, and choose to hop out the window instead. She had to roll when she hit the dirt, but it was a satisfactory burn of energy! Then she was stomping off towards the steam. Ice cold water was going to be bliss, and the second her feet hit the bank, she tilted face first in to the shallow water. Peeeeerrrrfeeect. -06:31 Feb 12
Cupio: In the span of an hour he not only had the food keeping hot on a low fire but the entire downstairs tidied and he was back to draping that wonderful quilt over a chair and sitting in it. Everythign was in it’s place and the room resonatide with harmony and the magic of the palce could flow freely. Not that he would tap into it, he was much more interested in tapping… what was taking Elis so long? Had she gotten herself drowned or were her spell components being tricky? -06:38 Feb 12
Elisandre: Elisandre had definitely considered drowning herself. In the end, she wound up spending almost the entire hour with her whole body submerged under the water. When her skin was pale and her fingers could barely bend, she finally crawled back to the bank and stripped off the wet clothes to pull on her dry ones. With her last few moments she gathered up some herbs and a couple things out of the garden to take back to the house. -06:50 Feb 12
[(Timeout) Cupio was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -07:12 Feb 12
[Cupio enters.] -08:53 Feb 12
Cupio: He greeted her with a smile and with the smell of fresh stew. As soon as she entered he pulled the pot off the flame and stirred to vegrously with a spoon before ladling out two portions and put hers on the table as he sat on the counter, still fully nude and picked up a steaming chunk of meat with his spoon and ate it. He liked things hot, very hot. "So you didn’t drown and you for good smell… hold up." he slipped off the counter and stalked closer. "That’s just what I was looking for, give me your bag." -09:01 Feb 12
Elisandre: She was cold enough to be almost shivering, and stepping back in to the cabin was like getting slapped in the face with heat. Whatever he did smelled really good. But before he could get any closer to her, she tossed him the bag and took a wide berth around him towards the table. "What, exactly, were you looking for?" -09:06 Feb 12
Cupio: He opened it a pulled out a bunch of the herbs she had getheres and the stepped over to the counter and smelled them all one by one until he found the right one and without explaining himself he chopped up a good potrion of it and sprinkled a little over his bowl and tipped the rest into the pot to stir it a before dancing over to her bown to dump the last small scraps into it. "Perfect." he said going abck to his bowl and taking another thich spoonful and swallowing it. "Muuuch better." -09:10 Feb 12
Elisandre: Elisandre slipped in to a seat, stiff and wary about where he moved. As long as he stayed a good distance away, it was all fine with her. She leaned forward to smell the bowl, then took a slow bite. "Where did you get the meat? I’d like to know what I’m eating." Or did she? As long as it wasn’t human! …or some other demon! -09:16 Feb 12
Cupio: "I killed it." he said. "You said to not let you see the bodies but if you have to know is was a couple of hares. They didn’t live long enough to feel much pain." He took another spoonful and sat on the counter with his legs open and his eyes always visible even when he lifted the bowl to his lips. He liked his stews thick, but there was still some water to be drunk… if only he wasn’t horny he’d be a very happy demon with this stew. -09:21 Feb 12
Elisandre: "I appreciate that. My aspect is giving life, I am not a fan of taking it." So he could listen and obey, when he wanted to. Elisandre relaxed a little bit more. A night of sleep tempered a freshly summoned and over enthusiastic demon. …and then she glanced around and nearly choked. "What the hell did you do to my cabin?!" Everything was… chaos! Nothing was where it should be…! Elisandre was already out of her chair, frantically trying to move back to their proper places! -09:28 Feb 12
Cupio: He was at her side instantly and gripping her forearm. "I titied it." he said or rather growled a a hint of fang made itself visible. "Nothing was in it’s proper place, there was no order, it worked against the flow of energy around this place." He pulled her into the center of the room his grim on her arm like an iron vice. "This is the focal point not open your mind and feel it. This place has so much power… This is where you should practice your magic, and where I should stand when you send me back. I know a sorceror would feel the flow of energy here… can witches do the same -09:34 Feb 12
Cupio: He was at her side instantly and gripping her forearm. "I titied it." he said or rather growled a a hint of fang made itself visible. "Nothing was in it’s proper place, there was no order, it worked against the flow of energy around this place." He pulled her into the center of the room his grim on her arm like an iron vice. "This is the focal point not open your mind and feel it. This place has so much power… This is where you should practice your magic, and where I should stand when you send me back. I know a sorceror would feel the flow of energy here… can witches do the same?" -09:34 Feb 12
Elisandre: "This is YOUR flow, this is not MY flow!" What she felt was a surge of things swimming with his aura so strong that everything very distinctly hers was scattered about all over the places. Elisandra tugged her arm away from her. "It was -perfect- order! A natural, organic, flowing river of power channeled exactly where I wanted to direct it to go, not trapped her in the center of the room for any asshole demon or witch to pop in and manipulate!" She was going to strangle him! Yes! Shake him to death! -09:39 Feb 12
Cupio: He narrowed his eyes as her and a low, warning growl escaped him. "Fine, I’ll break this curse myself." he leaned close to her as his lips parted revealing two strong fangs as both hands gripped her upper arms tightly lifting her from her feet. "I wouldn’t think about trying to kill me." he said in a quiet hiss. "This binding wasn’t meant for you and is shaky at best and gives me freedoms it wasn’t intended to. I’ve been testing it’s limits… You wish to test me without knowing anything about me. Get a black tome and look me up, if you even know my name." -09:49 Feb 12
Elisandre: "I am not going to try to kill you!" she shouted back! Ignoring the fact that a second ago she wanted to strangle him. It sure as hell wasn’t in whatever way her was thinking! His aura was charged, and despite the fact her feet wasn’t touching the ground any more, she was growling back at him. "You have ‘cleaned’ years worth of careful placing, did you think I was going to chirp about it?! You’re an arrogant presumptious demon, who perhaps need to learn more about the witch he’s bound to before deciding he’s so high and mighty and powerful!" Ha! Not the most eloquently given speech, or ..really… the best position to be shouting at a demon. But if he were talking about limits, he was testing HERS. -09:56 Feb 12
Cupio: He slowly opend his mouth and ran his tongue up the side of her neck. "You can’t match me witchling." he whispered brfore pinching her skin between his fangs and allowing merely a drop on blood to escape before he caught it with his tongue and smiled. Then he moved his lips to hers to crush into them and strape a fang across those too. "Now seriously, looking me up might help you figure out how to get rid of me." His tone has changed utterly in the course of a nanosecond and she was back on her feet with no evidence than the past conversation ahd happenes at all. "Cupio, ignore the stories, they’re mostly church propaganda against me… mostly, the one about the city of Aven is mostly true." -10:06 Feb 12
Elisandre: The switch was too fast to her senses. He was still dominating the room and Elisandre was stuck in a weird place where she felt threatened and felt… confused! She was definitely not chilly anymore. "You just bit me." she accused first. -10:14 Feb 12
Cupio: "Hmm?" he asked. "Are you sure?" He gave her a shrug and then looked around the room. "Eat, you can screw this up later. You’ll need the energy. In the meantime since you clearly do not recognize my name nor that of the city; though 500 years is long enough for ruins to be forgotten I guess, you little witchling have homework to do." -10:18 Feb 12
Elisandre: "Yes, I’m sure you bit me." What was she even supposed to do about that…! "Cupio. Stop touching my things." Elisandre swatted at him once a twice, breaking away to return to the table. Not because he told her to, but because she’d need to food to cast the spells. Even if she did already feel like she could run halfway across the country. -10:25 Feb 12
Cupio: "I’m not touchign anything." he protested before something, it was too fast to see what is was pulled her chair out from under her before he moved to sit back on the counter and grin innocently. "Be careful, it’s when you’re not thinking about what you’re doing that accidents happen." -10:32 Feb 12
[C enters.] -10:37 Feb 12
Elisandre: Elisandre nearly hit the floor. She grabbed a hold of the chair, planted her ass in the seat and glared at him. "Maybe for you it’s easy to switch from mood to another and completely forget everything prior, but I DON’T and I am very quickly losing my patience with you." If she was going to have to fetch tomes, there was no way she could take him. And he clearly wouldn’t behave. …maybe if she tied him to a bed. …No! That was a bad trail of thought! Bind him to a teapot. That would be better… -10:37 Feb 12
[(Logout) C escapes to a secret lair!] -((10:38 Feb 12))
[Cupio enters.] -10:38 Feb 12
Cupio: He drained his bown and then alighted gracfullin onto his feet, the tain that had been responsable for the chair’s movement swishing behind him as he wings extended and with the agility of a cat he hopped onto the table to ly on his side, legs curled and everything bared to tilt his yead and smile at her. "I don’t forget. I’m just very sensitive to the enviroment I’m in and the people around me. Very.. very sensitive." he chuckled and bared a fang to run his tongue across the tip. "You’ll never have comtrol of me until you get control of yourself. Every thought you have, every impurse you feel, I pick up. It’s up to me if I react to it or not…" -10:43 Feb 12
Elisandre: "Because you are bound to me." Obviously. Glaring again, Elisandre snatched her bowl off the table, and pushed her chair back away from it with her feet. Safe distance. Another bite, another glare, and a deep calming breath. "For your information, I generally have excellent self control. ~I~ am very sensitive to the environment, and at the moment you’ve taken it over. So you’re just going to have to excuse my completely human responses to a demon in my space." -10:50 Feb 12
Cupio: "Why do you have to try and contradict everything I say. If it’s because you don’t liek what I am then I’ve met less judmental angels… You act like I wanted to end up here but I had no more choice in this than you. I’m just trying to make the best of the situation, you lern to when you literally live in hell." he rolled off the table and alighted on his feet before he looked out the window. "If you’re going to take offence at everything I say and everything I try to do I’ll leave you to your solitude." and then he was pushing open the kitchen door and a second later was in the air, shooting towards the trees low over the ground. -11:01 Feb 12

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