The Demon and Angelle 002: Calling In Sick

[Angelle called in sick to work. Luckily it wasn’t the boss that answered the phone. ] -01:08 Apr 29
[Virote didn’t answer the phone because he’s not there, he has an investment to watch over and make sure doesn’t run away.] -01:11 Apr 29
Angelle: So she didn’t quit work…. yet. But she definitely called in sick. There was no way she was going to show up to work after being terrorized! At least…. not until she knew how to deal with the boss. For now she was sitting on the sofa reading Self Defense for Dummies. -01:11 Apr 29
Virote: There was a knock on the door. He was going to offer her a ride to work, not as a favor but to show her there was no getting out of rehursals, she had promised hadn’t she and coming all this way himself showed her he wasn’t going t let her slide out of it easily… and he knew where she lived. -01:18 Apr 29
Angelle: Angelle tossed her book to the side and got up to peek out the peeper hole in the door. She immediately grimaced and slapped a hand over her mouth to keep herself quiet. The boss! Maybe if she were quiet he’d think she already left. Angelle watched and waited to make sure he left! -01:21 Apr 29
Virote: He knocked again, glaring at the peep hole as if he could see though it and tell she was there. More possible than one might thing with light comign though it being blocked be the person’s head. "I know you’re there darling, just wanted to offer you a ride to work. -01:24 Apr 29
Angelle: She ducked, as ridiculous as it was, and leaned against the door. Dangit. Angelle remained silent for a few moments, before she finally spoke. She still wasn’t opening the door. "…I’m sick…! *COUGH* I can’t go anywhere today! So sorry." -01:28 Apr 29
Virote: He placed his hand against the door. "Its a pity, you promised to be at rehersals today." he pushed the door bending inwards against her, it it were like other doors the screws holding the security fixtures in place would go first. Still we need to talk, about yesterday. -01:35 Apr 29
Angelle: Angelle could feel the door moving and immediately bounced away from it. …as an after though, she rushed to a side table a picked up a brass candleholder. She was going to have to teach the boss that she wouldn’t be bullied! "I, uhm… hate to break a promise, but I can’t get everyone sick, right? We could talk tomorrow when I feel better…" When she’s less scared of him! -01:39 Apr 29
Virote: "I just want to talk a little." he said then pushed again harder and the woor began to crack. "No harm in a few words is there. I promise if you unlock this door I won’t hurt you." -01:42 Apr 29
Angelle: What she wanted to say was a loud screw you. After hitting her and practically molesting her yesterday, she really didn’t believe a word he said. No, she’d take that back. She totally believed he’d beat on her again, and that mean she should definitely -not- open the door. "…I am way too sick. And my very big and giant police officer next door neighbor doesn’t like it when I have noisy houseguests so early in the morning?" Maybe she WAS a bad actress, that didn’t sound believable at all! -01:45 Apr 29
Virote: The door gave the lock being ripped right out of the wood and the door swinging inwards and he filled the frame. "Don’t make those how they used to." european oak and cast iron half a foot thick, not that had been a door. "Now Angel, we’re going to talk, and then you’re going to tell me why you’re not at rehersals. I can smell a lie, so don’t make this worse for yourself." -01:48 Apr 29
Angelle: Angelle nearly dropped her candle holder. That was her DOOR. How was she supposed to pay for that? ….how did he even DO that? Very calmly she set her candle holder back down on a side table. ….The promptly ran for her bedroom! "I don’t want to talk!" -01:50 Apr 29
Virote: He strided across the room and fot his foot in the way of the door then his hand against it and held it open. "You don’t want me to get angry do you?" he asked :Because right now I’m not, and one more word thats not an apoligy from you and that will change. You didn’t unlick you door so there is no promise than I won’t hurt you stopping me." -01:55 Apr 29
Angelle: Angelle pushed her weight against the door anyway. Panic was way stronger than any sort of common sense. "I don’t want you angry! I don’t want you hitting me either! How about you stay on that side of the door, and I listen patiently without anyone getting hurt or calling the cops!" -02:02 Apr 29
Virote: "Sit on the bed." his voice was hilled with command. "Di it or a will get angry, once you’ve done that you will say why you’re not at work, you’re obviosly not sick, and obviously not injured so.. not planning on running are you? -02:04 Apr 29
Angelle: "What? No…" Yes. Yes she was. If she didn’t get brave enough to come back to work. Angelle conceeded, moving away from the door to sit on the edge of the bed. But it was pretty clear she was ready to bounce back to her feet and take off the second she had an opening. In fact… as soon as he let his guard down! "…and I am injured, which was entirely your fault…" -02:09 Apr 29
Virote: "No you’re not. One more lie and you will be." he said "The scent of untruth is on you like you cannot imagine, now what did I say yesterday if you tried to run?" -02:11 Apr 29
Angelle: "I’m trying to forget what you said yesterday…" she admitted reluctantly, shifting uncomfortably in her seat. He wasn’t moving from the doorway. She left the window open. How far down was it…? "And it’s not a lie! I am covered in bruises and my whole body hurts! That’s as good as being sick!" -02:14 Apr 29
Virote: "It nothing compared to what I could do to you." he said "You just don’t understand hos this works do you? You go to work and I don’t get mad, you try to run and theres not enough of you left to be found. Thats the way it is and thats the way its always going to be unless you want me to cut your contract short." -02:19 Apr 29
Angelle: "Yes! I want to cut my contract!" That sounded like a GREAT idea! She even looked hopeful! ….for about two seconds, before she was narrowing her eyes and looking suspicious. "…You wouldn’t let me quit yesterday though…" -02:21 Apr 29
Virote: "He looked down at her as a peice of paper appeared in his hand, he hadn’t taken it out of his pocket or pulled it from hsi sleeve, it was just there. "If you want to cut it short you can, then theres just the matter of …" he chuckled looking down at her contract. "Final payment." he looked at her, you can always quit, you just need to sign." -02:25 Apr 29
Angelle: …how the hell did he do that. Angelle rubbed her eyes for a minute. Still, she was REALLY wary. After all that chasing and swatting her around, to let her quit so easily was just… too easy. "If that’s all it takes. What is the final payment exactly…?" -02:30 Apr 29
Virote: He placed the contract on the table, it already had her signature from when he had hire her, and he wrote on it ignoring her question for now. "Due to disatisfacion with her workign arangement Angelle wishes to and her contract early with full severence pay." he smiled. "Just need you to sign the change and your time working for me will be over." -02:38 Apr 29
Angelle: She sat debating for a moment. In the end, though, a promise of freedom was way stronger than her instincts screaming it was too easy. Angelle stood, and though she gave him a wide birth, took the pen and scribbled down her name right where the little signature line requested it. "This is all, right? No more getting mad at me?" -02:42 Apr 29
Virote: "No." he beamed. "I’ll need to find a new star but you work for me is done." he said folding the paper and his faded into thin air. "There just the matter of your severence pay, the one promised to my master when you were first sighted. "Sorry it had to end this way but in the end a quick death is better then what you had in store for you… pitty you’re still going to hell though." -02:51 Apr 29
Angelle: "What…?" And that’s when it got crazy. Not that it wasn’t -already- crazy. She shouldn’t have let it go as far as it did. But now he was talking about masters, and death and going to hell, and… Angelle was concerned a maniac was in her apartment. "I… think you better leave now, okay?" -02:55 Apr 29
Virote: "Don’t worr doll I will.." he said as he grabbed her "But not without the final payment, your soul." he closed his hand around her throat squeezing it "Would be such a waste though so let this body die without using it." -02:57 Apr 29
Angelle: …yep! Totally crazy! Clearly, breaking a contract meant killing somebody. Angelle gave a choked scream, and was promptly swatting at him and shoving him away. Rushing for the window. If her legs got broken, at least it would be from her escaping and not by him! -03:01 Apr 29
Virote: He made a grab for her but missed and then she was gone though the window. He followed her out and wings sprouted from his shoulders, leatehry and ribbed like a bat’s. He let her fall too, let her feel the pair of her actions, and it she died… one less thing for him to do. -03:05 Apr 29
Angelle: It was by sheer luck alone that Angelle landed in the apartment’s pool, though not without cracking her head on the bottom. When she bobbed to the surface, coughing and sputtering and seeing…. wings…? She was pretty sure she knocked herself stupid. Angelle splashed for the pool’s edge and the moment she climbed out she was running again! -03:08 Apr 29
Virote: He flew right over the pool and landed on the other side giving chase, out of the pool’s enclusure and over the bacl wall of the appartment complex, she dashed across the street and he followed, a horn blared and he turned. The track hit him and flipped forwares the trailer tipping on it’s side as the cab bounced down the street landing in a twisted pile of metal. -03:12 Apr 29
Angelle: The honking horn had her turning around, just out of reflex. And she regretted it. Not only because the sight of it had her stumbling and hidding the pavement. He should have been splattered in to yucky Boss Bits…! Instead it was the truck, in a pile of wreckedge. Angelle sat on the ground in shock for a moment… until she remembered, that was the crazy monster chasing HER. On her feet in a snap, she was running again! -03:16 Apr 29
Virote: Smoke rising from the wreckage a small crowd was already gathering. The question on everyone’s lips was who had just been killed. Only one or two wondered why the truck had acted like it had fit a solid wall instead of a squishy pedestrian. But the pedestrina was already pulling himself out of the twisted metal and stumbling off in persuit his clothes in tatters but not visibly hurt. -03:22 Apr 29
Angelle: Angelle was down about two streets when she finally slowed, trying to catch her breath. She stumbled in to a random discount shop. Somewhere that had cool air conditioning and was quiet off the street. Safe…! No one would live through, that, right? She had the willies. Visibly shivering, more from shock than the sudden chill of being wet and then stepping inside. -03:25 Apr 29
Virote: He followed her at a disance pushing thought the crowd and finding her scent, then he followed her into the store and came up behing her his grin returning to his face, as she turned around. "Not that lucky today sweetheart. Make this easy and I’ll make it quick." -03:30 Apr 29
Angelle: Stunned only for a fraction of a second, Angelle immediately screamed. Loud enough that everyone in the shop was turning around to see the commotion. …except Angelle wasn’t waiting long enough for a rescue! She was shoving past him again to escape! She was going to run herself right out of the city, and then she was going to buy a gun, and then she was going to hire an army of bodyguards…! But first, one thing at a time. Running down the street! -03:33 Apr 29
Virote: He was on her heels not even breaking a sweat. "Have you peiced it togetehr yet?" he asked not even panting or sounding like he was running. "Welcome to the world beyond yours… Too bad its going to kill you." -03:36 Apr 29
Angelle: "I’m not…! Going…! To get killed…!" she huffed between breaths, turning down a sharp corner in to an alley where she was sure there would be plenty of easy to duck through side streets. Angelle gave up trying to understand how he could keep up with her, she was just trying to keep from tripping over stuff on the street! -03:39 Apr 29
Virote: Hey it she wanted to throw weapons into his path he was going to use them. He picked up the lid of a bin and threw it at her then an entire trashcan. -03:43 Apr 29
Angelle: More screaming, more ducking, and more running! He clearly ENJOYED being a crazy murderous maniac, but Angelle didn’t enjoy being chased! At the edge of the alley, she almost stumbled out in to the middle of a busy street and about got herself hit by a car. Arms flailing above her head, she flagged down a taxi. And whether they wanted a passenger or not, Angelle was jumping in to the backseat and locking the doors! "Drive! Anywhere! Please!" -03:47 Apr 29
Virote: He exited the alley and caught sight of her entering the taxi… so she was gaining distance on him… but it wouldn’t last.. no it wouldn’t, he would find her. Too many humans here now to fly after her. "Well played, I’ll get you in your sleep next time. -03:51 Apr 29

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