Heartbreak and Romance 002: Can’t Take a Hint

[Hanael is on the job! But is not so sure how she feels about nightclubs. Those are not romantic at all.] -02:29 Jul 09
[Severance Gets to take an angel to a club, the place where the worst hookups happen (except mayeb the internet) and he knows she won’t take it well.] -02:31 Jul 09
Hanael: Well… it was colorful! She would give it that. Lots of colors and lights. But loud. Hana was covering her ears, leaning up on her toes to grumble in his ear. There was no way she could shout over the music. "How are people supposed to have conversations like this…! It’s noisy!" -02:35 Jul 09
Severance: He pulled her further into the club and sat ehr down at the bar. "Talking is entirely optional. Dancing, flashy cloths and gestures are all you need." he shouted back before pushing a beer at her. "This is where mors of my… clients… come from and I’m sure you see why." -02:37 Jul 09
Hanael: "How are people supposed to connect without talking to each other?!" Hana eyed the beer. It wasn’t that she didn’t drink, she just… avoided it. Alcohol and angels never mixed well. She finally took the bottle and a sip. Making a face in the process! Hana turned in her seat to look at the crowd. With so many people there wasn’t any room for personal space. Not that they could hear each other, otherwise! -02:44 Jul 09
Severance: He leaned in close to her and tapped his beer bottle against hers. "So this is what I do.. I sat and I watch…" he pointed at a couple dancing with eachother. "Shes drunk, hes drunk AND high, they’ll wake up next to eachother feelign liek shit and thinking more happened than it did, then they’ll go thier seperate ways no need for me to get involved.. Though since you’re here to see how I interact with girls.. I usually sit at the bar and talk to them.. liek I am right now." -02:50 Jul 09
Hanael: "I am an angel, not a girl." There was the one thing about the place she really liked, though. There was passion and desire and lots of it! And that was a wonderful basis to fuel someone’s spark. Now she was watching all of the people with much more interest! "I have to see you dancing and talking to other girls. Humans are always meeting new people here everyday, yes?" -02:56 Jul 09
Severance: "Yes they are." he said "And you are a girl, unless you’re sayign angels are not people, in which case demons aren’t either… btu you still want to set me up.. He slid from his chair and turned ot look at her and leaned in close. "So watch for a bot then I’ll take yu out onto the dance floor." he stood up and upended his bottle gulping down the dontents and shaking himselt then putting the bottle on the bar and turning to the dancefloor. Time to do some dancing… With an angel watching… -03:01 Jul 09

There were plenty of people to dance with, more than one giving him a wink and a smile. It was the one that grabbed his ass that more aggressively wanted his attention, though. A blond in a sequined dress that kept riding up her legs everytime she moved her hips. She was wearing too much perfume, probably freshly put on to try and mask the smell of all the drinks she had! -Hanael

Hanael: Now that she was getting used to it, she didn’t mind the music too much. It was still a little loud, but Hana could appreciate the atmosphere it created. In fact, the more she sat there watching, she could see where it was effective… granted, most of the people there seemed to only be influenced by lust. There were a few who had real love lines, and that was peculiar! As she sipped that awful beer, she leaned in her seat to retrain her sight on that demon. He was in places like this everyday, she really did want to see what he did. -03:12 Jul 09
Severance: He Hanael wanted to see how he dancd with girls and here was a more then willing partner. He winked at her and moved in front of her in the crowded dance floor. He saw girls like this often, a sad amound of them ended up being taken advantage of and dumped in unpleasent palces. Still dancing with her was as good as dancing with anyone else.. unless she followed him back to the bar when he left the dancefloor. -03:14 Jul 09

She was handsy, touchy, and all too interested in getting her hands all over him. “You are soooooo cuuute!” she slurred out between loud bouts of giggling, and waving over to her girlfriends who were all gathered across the room at a table like a pack of cackling crows. -Hanael

Severance: Well this was… interesting… maybe he wasn’t drunk enough for this, demon or not. Still Hanael was watching so he leaned in close to her ear and put a end on the small of her back. "You’re not bad looking yourself, though theres a spot on yout top.." it was probably from chucking her guts from too much drink, the fact that she was still out here was a testament to what kind of friends she had. -03:24 Jul 09
Hanael: Hana didn’t get it. The girl was so aggressive over a stranger, and there wasn’t even the slightest bit of connection there. There were so many people like that, trying to so hard to force something that just wasn’t there. He was leaning close to the girl, though, and Hana leaned forward in her chair. Nearly slipping right out of it when she leaned too far. -03:26 Jul 09

“Oh mi gawd, really…?” The girl ran her hands up and down her chest trying to rub it away, but eventually gave up in favor of throwing her arms around his neck in a fit of squealing laughter. “What eeeveeeer! It’s my birthday, wanna get lucky, hottie? Hmm? I like your pants.” -Hanael

Severance: "I’m here with a friend…" he said but before he could get much further he found her lips on ehis and her tongue forced down his throat. He had to push her away and then watch her face turn offended and got a slap on his chook fo his trouble… And his cheek red he stanked back to the bar to get another beer. "Happy now?" -03:48 Jul 09
Hanael: Hana had cringed when he was slapped, and did have a surprised expression when he returned to the bar and her chair. "It’s like swimming with sharks in here!" She took a napkin from the bar, catching his chin to wipe a bright red smear of lipstick off his face. "This is why people are supposed to be more choosy…" -03:53 Jul 09
Severance: "And why I have work." he said smiling at her in thanks. "When you asked me if a persued sexual relationships I bet you didn’t think I didn’t need to persue them to have them." he stuck out his tongue at her. "So you see why I need to be here… some of these people coulf really use you touch." -03:56 Jul 09
Hanael: She grinned back at him. "I figured a demon could have all the sex he wanted, anyway. I didn’t doubt that you could." hana glanced at the place again. Her touch could definitely be used… and it wasn’t as futile as she thought it might be! Sure, there was a lot like the drunk girl, but there were others too. "I admit this place could use love. There could be lots of romantic moments, if I tried it a different way. With less sweetness?" She was already plotting how she would pull the strings, peering down in her bottle wondering when it got empty! -04:03 Jul 09
Severance: He pushed another bottle into her hands. "I know that look on your face." he said. "If you want to do that then use you money to buy this place then turn it into love central." he took a sip of his beer nad leaned agaist the bar. "Did you get the answers you wanted?" -04:06 Jul 09
Hanael: "That would be silly, I don’t have to buy the place…" A new drink that she didn’t waste time in drinking. And she was still plotting. Worse, she was head counting, bobbing a finger in a soft gesture with each person she added to her list. All it would take was a touch here or there to set an effect in to motion. "I now know that you can dance and that you are respectful to drunk women! But there are still a lot of things I need to know." -04:10 Jul 09
Severance: "Respectfull.. Not a ladel I’d give myself." he said "ANd sloe down you’re going to get drunk at this rate.." he said watching her "Bringing you here was a mistake wasn’t it?" -04:16 Jul 09
Hanael: "I think it was a great idea! I have not learned something new in ages!" Hana handed him the bottle, already empty! Then slipped out of her chair. There was work she could do here and she was itching to give it a try. Hana didn’t explain where she was slipping off to, she just had that look of a tiny predator. A wicked expression of mischief-making as she weaved through bodies. Stopping only to lightly brush a finger over a girl’s shoulder. A girl who then forgot her cellphone on the bar. And next… Hana hunted for the match! -04:21 Jul 09
[Kinzee Heya, is it too late to join?] -04:24 Jul 09
Hanael: (afraid so, sorry! D: ) -04:25 Jul 09
Kinzee: No problem! -04:25 Jul 09
Severance: He followed, it would be irisponsable not to. "Hanael.." he dodged throught he crowd and stopped onto the pulls a guy away from one of the dancers and push them apart… no car accidents tonight. "What are you doing? You should get back t… You’re not listenign are you?" -04:26 Jul 09
Hanael: Hana was definitely not listening. At least not to him! Out on the dance floor, the music was even louder. Enough to really feel it. So that is why humans liked this setting so much… it made the blood flow, and passion run, and there was no need for words. Just feeling! She squeezed between two people dancing with others, back to back. Brushed her fingers over their shoulders so they would turn and see each other. That was a spark. Love at first sight. Hana was giggling when she started dancing too. "I am starting to love this place…!" -04:32 Jul 09
Severance: He caught up with her and grabbed her hand pulling her to him. "So you see why i come here when I’m not working too?" he asked leaning in close so she could hear "You’d be surprised hos much fun it can be and how much scress you can let loose in there places." -04:35 Jul 09
Hanael: "The music has fire to it! You get lost in it!" And she meant that in a totally good way. Smiling and swaying with the music, taking his hands to make him dance too. "I make parties, but none are like this!" -04:42 Jul 09
Severance: "Those parties are you job, maybe its you that needs time away from work?" he smiled and put his hands on her sides. "And try for move your hips more… though for someone who doesn’t come to these palces you ahve a tallent for this. I souldn’t be surprised." -04:45 Jul 09
Hanael: "More?" So she did, glancing around to take some examples from others. It was only awkward if she over thought it, and it was quickly becoming easy to just forget about everything else but dancing. She liked dancing! "I love my work, though! To see people smile and flirt and discover things… but this is exciting too. There is passion and tension and desire! It’s so different!" Her eyes were closed as she swayed, pulling her arms over her head to dance. -04:53 Jul 09
Severance: He shook his head, he would have never expected this from his oposite, and stepping closer he danced with her until the song changed over, then he took her hand and pulled her closer "You know, I think you’re drunk, what would a respectful man say in this position?" -04:56 Jul 09
[(Timeout) Kinzee was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -05:02 Jul 09
Hanael: "You smell like burning sandalwood!" She was close enough to get a good smell of him. Which really wasn’t the first time she noticed the scent, but it was the first time it was strong enough to smell it over cigarettes and other things. She laughed! "That is not what a respectful man would say, though! He would say ‘let me take you home’ or something extra sweet!" -05:02 Jul 09
Severance: He shook his head "You really are drunk." he said putting and arm around her to support her and walked with her from the dance floor. "So where is home?" he asked as they neared the door. "If I’m going to be taking you… or you knwo what my place is probably closer… I have a fridge and music there too and we won’t have to worry about going anywhere afterwards… what do you say?" -05:07 Jul 09
Hanael: "I am not drunk… I am awake!" A little zig zaggy on her feet, but she was excited and very pleased with the evening. "Oh wait, him…!" Hana reached out with both hands, grabbing a man’s arm who looked very confused for a moment, before he shook his head and went to the bar. He found that girl’s cellphone. "Eee..! Look, see… that will take weeks, but they will meet when he finds her address… Um…" She glanced at him curiosly. "You have a place to live? I stay at my business. Sometimes I sleep. I have a nice couch in the lounge!" -05:13 Jul 09
Severance: "I like to have a place where no one else goes," he said. "Not many of those places left unles syou rent them so thats what I do. You could poke around and learn about me." he looked at the man walking to the bar. "And we could come here again sometime.. many I’ll be able to keep you from working." -05:15 Jul 09
Hanael: " I will come here a lot…! I’d like to learn more about you." It was tricky not to reach out and touch others, on the way out. And the moment the were stepping on to the sidewalk in to the evening air, she was breaking away to spin and walk down the sidewalk. "It’s a good night for flying. Too bad humans can’t fly, they would loooove it." -05:19 Jul 09
Severance: "They would…" he agreed taking her ahnd again and pulling her into a secluded sidestreet. "We should though, my place is on the top floor of an appartment complex so we could just mand on the room. Its why I chose it.. Try to keep up…" a second lated he had let go of her and was in the air circling above her and grinning. -05:22 Jul 09
Hanael: Hana watched for a moment with a huff, before she realized she too could fly and that it was her idea in the first place! Making a big deal about taking her time, she pulled off her light wrap. The shirt she wore was backless, which made it so much less awkward for her to ploof out fluffy white wings. After stretching and preening, it was only a quick hop to follow after him. ….she missed flying! "Soooo much better! I never get to fly anymore!" -05:25 Jul 09
Severance: He looked at her as he headed upwards above the city. "Thats surprising.. its part of who you are.. he let her catch up and soared next to her and looked down. "And look at that.. the lights, the sounds… this is why humans pay so much for their penthouses. You’ve been missing out…" he pointed to a park a small distance off. "I also spend time there.. but thats another night." -05:30 Jul 09
Hanael: "I love the modern cities with all of their lights and colors… it used to be nothing but darkness and wilderness, which was nice too just for the stars. But this is better!" Flying was just like dancing. A spin, a sway. After several moments her wings were gone all together and she dropped on to his back. Light as a feather and kneeling with a knee. Giggling as she poked at him while he was helpless to do anything about it. Playing! "The park is somewhere I go often. But I have never seen you… maybe because I go to so many parks…?" -05:38 Jul 09
Severance: He suddenly be ridden was a surprise but a few beats of his wongs later he was soaring high without difficulty. "Maybe… All I know is you’ve been aorund here as long as I have and never having net you was starting to wear thin… I’ve alwats had profesional respect for you even if you hated me." he started flying lower as they got closer. "Funny how that works out." -05:43 Jul 09
Hanael: "I don’t hate you, not really." Hana pressed her fingers to his shoulders, and was careful not to get in the way of wings. "I just don’t like being sad! The end of a good romance is always sad. It’s good to end the bad ones, but the good ones…" She must have said ‘good’ at least a dozen times! Maybe she -was- a little tipsy! -05:49 Jul 09
Severance: "I don’t do that." he said "The good ones are not mine to end unless fate has a hand in it. You read fates as well as I do so…" he hooked his hands aroud her thighs pulling her legs aorund his middle.. "Hold on to my shoulder." with wi wings spread he straitedned out and with her in the piggy back position his feet hit the top of the roof. "..So you’re the ony one who can really understand what I do." -05:54 Jul 09
Hanael: Hana had her arms tight around his neck, and was resting her chin on his shoulder. Frowning all over again and giving a slight huff. "A breakup now, for real love later… I get it, yes." Hana was contemplating, tapping her fingers against her arms and making to move to hop down. "If we are working towards the same things, why haven’t we ever worked together? Do you suppose anyone has ever tried working together?" -05:58 Jul 09
Severance: He didn’t let her down but ket his hands holdign her thighs around him as he walked to the staircase. "No I don’t think anyone has.. Which is part of the reason I wanted to find you. I’ve been making people sad all this time and you’ve been cleaning up after me. If yould be easier to see both side of our work and it makes sense to work togeteher. -06:01 Jul 09
Hanael: She smiled. "So you didn’t come to make mischief at all, you came to make love instead!" That was surprising… and nice! Better than what she expected from a demon, and put an entirely new spin on his job… and hers! "We can find the lost and repair broken hearts, and I would be able to start from the moment a tie was severed to set something really special in motion." -06:06 Jul 09
[Severance enters.] -06:15 Jul 09
Severance: "I know you’re an angel but you have to know ‘make love’ means something entirely different." he said pushign the door open with his shoulder and starting down the stairs. "And you’re either more drunk than I thought or much more open to the idea than I thought you would be." He stopped in front of a door and let go of one of her legs to fish in his pocket for his keys "Either way welcom to my small, spartan, abode.. but at least I have a bed big enough to spread out on and more comfortable than a couch." -06:23 Jul 09
Hanael: Hana laughed, a soft giggle at his ear. "I don’t mean that kind of making love… the other making love!" Once the door was open, she slipped off his back and immediately starting snooping. Poking at his things, digging through his stuff. Hana found one of his shirts and pulled it over her head, plucking at it with a frown. Then just as quickly was darting away to poke at the next thing that caught her eye. "Do you ever bring people here? Friends here since you do not make sex or love with girls?" -06:30 Jul 09
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Severance: He pulled a CD from uner a pair of jeans and slid it into a stereo and soon the room was filled with soft jaz. "I don’t really have friends, except a couple guys at work and no, I don’t bring them here. Like I said I like a place where no one else goes. I’ll have to revise that to where no humans go though." he stepped up to the fidge and pulled out two beers and pushed one into her hands before opening it. "I like things where they are when I left them. Having other around… they tend to move things." -06:36 Jul 09
Hanael: She was definitely moving things. At least she was before having another beer in her hands, that kept her occupied with drinking for the moment. The music wasn’t as strong or loud as the kind at the club, but it was enough for her to sway on her feet and around the room. "Sometimes I talk to people I hire for my business, but when they ask too many questions I don’t know what to say. I couldn’t tell them about being an angel!" -06:43 Jul 09
[Severance enters.] -06:55 Jul 09
Severance: "Of course you couldn’t." he said sitting on the couch and looking at her. "THough you should tell me, if I took a girf from a dating service, ro a club, banced with ehr and bought her drinks, then brough her to my appartment and gave her more drinks while playing soft jaz… what do i do then?" -06:57 Jul 09
Hanael: "That is a good question!" she pointed at him with enthusiam. She loved talking about work! Hana set down her newly emptied bottle, holding out her hand to tap and count off her fingers. "It depends on lots of things, so there are many things to do all depending on the connectivity! One, if there is nothing, then it is goodbye. Two, if there is a little something, there is talking all night. Three, if there’s more of something there might be snugglng or more dancing. Four, with a loooot of something there could be tons of sex! And Five, there could be forever love!" Five. Hana showed him all five fingers, before retracting her hand to tap her chin. "Although, I guess if things went badly it would have a whole different checklist… But I like the snuggling and sexy parts the most. Because those are nice." -07:03 Jul 09
Severance: "I thought you’d liek the forever love part.. though more dancing sounds nice… You’ve janced to jaz before havn’t you?" he stood holding out his hand for her to join him. "We’ll see about the other parts when we get there." -07:06 Jul 09
[(Timeout) Severance was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -07:12 Jul 09
Hanael: "Jazz is smooth and soft and wonderful for sweet moments." Hana grinned, taking his hand and pulling him off to an empty space in the room. "The forever love is the best because it’s a little of everything, but I like the little discoveries?" Hana pulled his arm around her waist. A nice classic dance for nice classic music. -07:12 Jul 09
Severance: He held her waist and moved witht he music as an easy pace as he took the lead. "Well you’re the expert." he said as they turned and he looked at her. "But I don’t knwo If I could watch it and make it happen, have it all around me without beign able to do it myself." -07:17 Jul 09
Hanael: There was a brief wistful look on her face and a shrug of her shoulders. "I do it all the time…? I always watch and I love to watch. And I think to myself that I would love to have it too, but then I think that it wouldn’t be fair. I could pull the strings I want to pull and make someone love me. And that’s not real love…" She gave a sudden wide smile, before the topic had her giving in to a wave of sadness. "But it’s okay! I get to see people happy everyday. To experience their relationships and all different kinds." -07:24 Jul 09
Severance: He looked at her "And you’ve never met anyone whos string you cannot pull?" he asked "I guess that does suck. "But if you need snuggles freely given… I guess I could if you wanted, and thats not the beer talking. You’ve neer had then, I’ve never had them… we could eb snuggle buddies, or something." -07:28 Jul 09
Hanael: "Snuggle buddies sounds ridiculous…" Yet it still made her crack a grin. He made the offer, so she took it. Sliding her arms around his waist to hug him suddenly and resting her head against his chest. Hugs weren’t snuggling, but he deserved one! "Not a one that I couldn’t pull the strings to! Do you know how many people that is in three thousand years? But don’t worry, I will not have so much trouble finding one for you." -07:34 Jul 09
Severance: "And thats your mission?" he asked. "To find one for me… I still don’t think you can or what I would do if you did." he was hugging her back though. "I didn’t go there for that you you know it.. so why bother?" -07:36 Jul 09
Hanael: "Because I said I would? And to show you I could! And everyone should love someone and be loved." He already said she could, so she wasn’t going to accept an argument about it now. "Besides, I will have plenty of time to look while we are working together!" Hana hugged him tighter before tilting her head back to grin at him. "Are you sure you aren’t afraid?" -07:41 Jul 09
Severance: "I am afraid." he said "I said I was.. And don’t you need someone to love and be loved? You go on and on about how everyone seeds someone but say its impossible for you. That does not seem fair." -07:43 Jul 09
Hanael: "What am I going to do about it? Try random people and hope it will work, but knowing it won’t? Then when you see me I’ll always be crying." She was already ressigned to the fact ages ago. There was no sense in discussing it. "It’s just the way it is. You don’t have to worry about it, you’ve offered me snuggles and I believe that is a fair trade until I find you a love!" -07:50 Jul 09
Severance: "Hey, I’m meant to be the faltalistic one." he said before pulling her over to the couch and sitting with her. "And I can pull strings too. First sign of trouble I might make them leave me. I’ve gone aeons without love, why do I need it now? -07:53 Jul 09
Hanael: "Because I said you do! And I am always right." Hana wouldn’t accept an argument about it. Once they were sitting, she was finding herself at a loss of how to initiating snuggling. …she really hadn’t done it herself before. Hana leaned until her shoulder and arm touched his. "When I give you love, you won’t want to pull any strings! You will be so in love, that no trouble will be a match for it." -07:59 Jul 09
Severance: "I thought you couldn’t read me.. couldb;t pull my strings, so how can you be so sure?" he asked "By that recoming I’m your perfect match." why did he have to say that when he was pulling her legs over his lap and curling his arm around her. "You can’t be sure of anything about me.. I’m a demon." -08:02 Jul 09
Hanael: "You underestimate my ability of observation!" She looked a little offended by it, but was just as equally challenged to prove it. Hana rest one of her arms around his neck so she could keep a good balance then poked his nose with a finger. "I know that you are nice to drunk women even when they molest and slap you. That you behave like you dislike your job, but you have a secret hope that those people you sever will mend their hearts. That you like your privacy but enjoy being around people. And that you like dancing and flying. …and that is just from tonight! Imagine what I will know with more time?" -08:09 Jul 09
Severance: He looked at her. "I knoe you don’t fly, but miss it. You love your job but you’ve never explored the raunchy side of the rainbow, you have supreme comfidence in your abilities and that you’re as cute as a button when you’re drunk. And thats on my first night." he looked away "You’re also bad at picking up hints." -08:13 Jul 09
Hanael: Hana frowned. "I am not bad at hints, I am very good with them. My whole job is hints!" She griped his shirt to shake him gently. "…what do you mean! Did I forget something important?" Now she was just curious, and she would shake it out of him if she had to. -08:19 Jul 09
Severance: He grinnes at her. "Good with giving hints, bad at noticing them cast upon you. Its understandable, when you get the other end of the stik you don’t know what to do… I guess I’ll stay quiet." -08:21 Jul 09
Hanael: It only made her scowl, which also resulted in her shaking him again. This time with both hands! "That’s not fair, you can’t say I am bad at something and not tell me what it was! You’re going to tell me." Hana was quite possibly the most unthreatening thing ever, but that didn’t stop her from giving her best intimidating glare. -08:25 Jul 09
Severance: He rolled his eyes. "Look. I’m drunk. And I’ve been hinting most of the night you should pair me with you. So not you can ignore it." he laid his head back and stared at the ceiling. "Its stupid, and so am I." -08:30 Jul 09
Hanael: "…Oh." That gave her pause. So much so, Hana was stunned in to silence. She could not pull his strings, and she had not even thought that he would…! "Well, you… and I am just! …I wouldn’t know what to do!" What a mortifying thing to realize you were an angel of romance, with no idea of what you were doing! Yet now she was leaning backwards, eyeing him in a completely different way. "You are my mirror…" -08:36 Jul 09
Severance: He looked at her and then looked away. "Well that makes two of us not knowing what to do, forget I said anything. You just forget everything about everything and match me whith whoever you feel is right. I’m not even going to argue anymore." -08:40 Jul 09
Hanael: This was different! Strange! A feeling that was so familiar, but was odd to be having herself and not standing from the sidelines watching it in someone else. Hana went with instinct. Taking his chin she turned his face back towards her, leaned and planted a kiss on his mouth. He said go with what she felt was right, and that felt like the right thing to her!* -08:45 Jul 09
Severance: He was caught by surprise but they were already snuggling, if this was what snuggling was and after his surprise he kissed her back and smiled as a warm, happy feeling spread within him… "That was differnt…" he said softly "But why?" -08:50 Jul 09
Hanael: "Um…" she was breathless and drawing a blank. Which was good thing surely, because kisses that made people senseless were supposed to be the best ones! And that was just a small one. Hana finally found her voice, brushing her fingers against his cheek a little marveled at his smile. "That’s what felt right. Did I do it right?" Hana was trying to think back if she had ever actually kissed someone before. Surely she had done it once or twice in three thousand years? -08:55 Jul 09
Severance: "Felt right so you must have." he said and leaned forwards to kiss her back and place his hand on her cheek as he pulled back. "But you’re sure this match is right? THis si your side of the field after all." -08:58 Jul 09
Hanael: Another kiss and she was senseless again. …how did any couple manage to have a conversation when kissing someone consumed all your thoughts? "I’m… not sure…! …we will find out?" That was the only option, after all. Other than running for the clouds, but Hana was nuzzling his cheek and putting her arms around his neck to hug him again. The last thing she wanted to do was run away. -09:06 Jul 09
Severance: He held the back of her neck and cradled her against him. "Thats all we can do." he kissed her cheek lightly. "So does it feel eny different to watching?" -09:12 Jul 09
Hanael: "So much different…! I get to touch." Which was now her very favorite thing. Hugging him tight and touching! Though it might not top the kissing part… and there was so much more! There were a million different ways to start and she couldn’t pick! Hana finally tilted back to blink at him with a frown. "Do we still get to work together?" -09:16 Jul 09
Severance: "I don’t see why not.." he said "its not like we’re likely to let out personal likes get in the way of work, we’ve been doing this for so long to proove that." he brushed hia hand against her cheek and smiled. "It does feel good though." -09:22 Jul 09
Hanael: "I don’t know what to do with you first. If it should be in order, or if I should skip things, or mix them up in random ways…" Hana lift a hand and hesitated before running it through his hair. She liked the feel of that too! -09:27 Jul 09
Severance: "Don’t worry about orders and just do what you want to?" he said. "Thats what humans do right? -09:28 Jul 09
Severance: "Don’t worry about orders and just do what you want to?" he said. "Thats what humans do right?" this was amusing him. "Tell you what.." he brushed the tip of his nose against hers.. "We’re both drunk and now punch drunk on kissing and dnuggling. Why don’t he move over to the bedroom and snuggle there, bepending how free your morning is we’ll see about what he do tonight. -09:31 Jul 09
Hanael: "Bed snuggling does sound like something I want to do." Hana tilted her head and her body to brush another soft kiss against his lips. How in the three realms did she go for so long without trying this at least once…? Without ever meeting him? -09:35 Jul 09
Severance: He hooked his arm under her lage and lifted her as he stood and walked into the bedroom, it was sparse but cozy and had a big fluffy blanket that had obviously been used a lot. Placing hr down on the bed he flopped her and immediatly kissed her and had his arms around her again. "So does this could as lots of things?" -09:37 Jul 09
Hanael: "It might even be number five, if I am very very lucky." He liked fluffy blankets. Which had her grinning and throwing her arms back around his neck. Thankfully kissing did not seem to be a skill that needed to be learned, when you were good at observation! She was returning his kiss without any hesitation or second thought. It was so much more than she expected it to be! -09:42 Jul 09
Severance: Pullign her against him he pulled the blanket over them after kicking off his shoes and puled her half on top of him to smell her hair. "You know a hundred years ago if someone told me I’d be in bed with an angel I would have told them to go to hell…" -09:46 Jul 09
Hanael: Hana curled up with him nuzzling in to his neck with a wide smile. It wasn’t how she thought she would end her day. She wouldn’t have ever thought a day would end like this. "I am glad you were curious and came to see me. And that I was curious and wanted to know you. Maybe we have had our strings pulled after all…" -09:49 Jul 09
Severance: "Fell we do have the same boss." he said bafore kissing her forehead. "Maybe this was always meant to happen it just took us this long to actually meet eachother. I do know one thing though.. I’m sleeping tonight." -09:52 Jul 09

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