Avenger 002: Hunting

[Cupio was ordered to sleep on the couch but somewhere around midnight slipped under the blankets!] -06:45 Nov 19
[Celosia is a restless sleeper and does not realize she has bed company.] -06:46 Nov 19
Cupio: He was next to her, his braid form pressed against hers, his hands on his hips, his face a scant inch from hers. With every passing secinf his breath washed over her, slow and steady, a few strands of hair hanging over his face. It’s been a long time since hw slept like this, or this deeply. It feels like a lifetime and it’s probably more than that… -06:47 Nov 19 Cupio
Celosia: Celo was not a good sleeper. She would toss and turn, flail and roll. Twist herself up in a tangled mess of blankets and wake at the slightest provocation. Yet, somewhere in the middle of the night an intruder wound up in her bed. And instead of instantly jolting awake to pull her knife out from under a pillow, she stilled and slept. It wasn’t until dawn’s light crept through the windows did she start shifting again. Dreaming, unpleasant things that were a mix of nightmare and memory that refused to go away even with a comforting familiar scent. She must have been waking, cause the thought was crossing her mind how odd it was. One eye peered open and Celosia growled under her breath. Of course the demon didn’t stay on the couch. When did the damn things ever do what she wanted? -06:53 Nov 19 Celosia
Cupio: He felt the punst beneath his fingers quicken as she woke and who red eyes opened to focus on hers, and in spite of himself he smiled. "Good morning." he said his eyes lingering in hers. Celo has Jay’s scent, the same look deep in her eyes and her pulse sang the same song… but this was not Jayden… it was her soul, Cupion would never be concvinced otherwise but… there was no love in her eyes. "Do you want me to get started on breakfast?" he asked a hands moving from her hip to brush her hair from her eyes. "We have a big day, don’t we…? I get to see what you do to… whoever you deem desurves it." There was a slight sadness to his tone… Celo wasn’t motivated by pleasant things… and who knew who she targeted and if they really desurved it… -07:00 Nov 19 Cupio
Celosia: She tensed and the strange part was that her natural instinct wasn’t to shove his ass out of her bed and start shooting. This was a demon, that would have been the appropriate instinct. Instead she was vexed to find this almost comfortable instead of awkward and slightly terrifying. Blaming his pheremones, she quickly untangled herself from him to scoot and sit on the edge of bed. "You don’t need to serve me. You don’t belong to me. I only intend to make sure you’re useful when I go hunting, and that is entirely for your own benefit and not mine." Her skin was tingling where he touched. She didn’t like it. -07:06 Nov 19 Celosia
Cupio: "Doesn’t mean I can’t break a few eggs, get a bash of bacon out… slice up some tomatoes, wash off some letus, a could plices of good chedar… put some coffee on, cream, two sugars… not mocha, and put some toast on, jelly, maybe some mayo and picles… you know to be nice and thank you for giving me a place to sleep…" he rolled to the adge of the bed and stood ti stretch… apparenty he had no clothes yet… before placing a hand on the wall and leaning against it to face her. "No strings, just breakfast." -07:13 Nov 19 Cupio
Celosia: "I don’t have any of that. There is no sense in wasting money on it." Celo never had bacon in her life. As if any kind of fresh food was so simple to get, especially in her class. Of course he was demon, he undoubtedly had ways. And there she was sitting in bed, she scowling at him, head to toe. He needed clothing. "You don’t behave like a demon." -07:35 Nov 19 Celosia
Cupio: He frowned. "No bread? No… chesse?" how did people live like this? "Well I’ll see what I can do, and maybe because you don’t know demons as well as you think you do. I can feel what those around me feel so naturally I want them to be happy so I feel happy… desides this isn’t my first time to earth. Not by a long shot. I might have gone a bit native last time…" he turned and stretched as he headed out the door. "I actually like humans, some of them anyway." he headed for what looked like a kitchen and started opening cupboards. Cans of… ‘synthetics’… ‘vacuum packed soylent’… what WAS this stuff? "Jayden… how long have I been gone?" -07:40 Nov 19 Cupio
Celosia: "Chel-oh-see-yah." she repeated the pronounciation of her name as she rose, reluctantly stretched herself, and followed the naked demon through her meager little home. Mostly, she didn’t want him out of her sight and doing something strange before she had the chance to wake up fully. Lingering feelings from unpleasant dreams, and a strange wakeup was leaving her feeling off kilter. Celo stopped in the doorway with her arms crossed and leaned against the frame. "Who is Jayden and why do you keep calling me that. She is your former master?" -07:45 Nov 19 Celosia
Cupio: He was holding a slightly opened back of soylent crackers in his hand and sniffing it like it smalled like dog shit when she asked and he shuddered, then turned a slightly angry look in his eyes. "No, not masster. We were married." he said. "By human law and demon…" he gave her a significant look. "We lived a long time together but like all humans… she died, I was banished and… there was a momentary look of panic in his eyes. Phaedra! What had happened to Phaedra? "What year is it?" he repeated. If Phaedra was still alive… he could see her again! -07:51 Nov 19 Cupio
Celosia: Celo looked a bit disgusted. Married to a demon. She didn’t care that it was normal, and that happened everyday. Celosia just couldn’t imagine how anyone beyond a sadist was going to associate with a demon. "It’s 523 Post Apoc. And if you are who you say you are, I am pretty sure you’re the apocalypse that happened." -08:01 Nov 19 Celosia
Cupio: He stared at her. "Five hundred and twenty three years I’ve been in hell?" he didn’t know anything baout an apocalypse but he did know that… "So maybe I am." he said finally biting the bullet and opening the packet and trying one… they were awful! How could anyone eat this! He placed them back down on the counter and started looking for something… anything. A can of spam would be better than that! Eating out… eating out would be good. "Question is Cel. Oh. See. Ah. Is what do you want me to do… if you know what I CAN do from your history books." -08:08 Nov 19 Cupio
Celosia: There might have been a slight quirk at the corner of her mouth as she watched his futile battle with finding something that didn’t taste like sand and cardboard. It remained as she tapped her fingers over her arms. "Until I break this bond and send you right back where you came from, you can be useful to me while I hunt. I slay demons, witches, sorcerers… mostly demons, in accordance with bounties sent to me. They’re criminals and douchebags, but strong and I like the idea of working a little less hard…" -08:15 Nov 19 Celosia
Cupio: He sound a can of something called yellowcake and decided not ti chance it so then he stood and turned back to her, sighing and pickign up the crackers again. "And I’m your bait? I’d be hood at that…" he drew in a deep breath and when he exhaled he shrunk, shakin gout his hair and giving his small wings a little flutter, Before he looked at her again. While as a man he had been too focused on finding food to give Celosia much to go on the woman looked… scared. Pulling a cracker out of the packet he nibbled on a corner as with another breath he forced a smile that only a very careful eye could differenciate form a natural one. "I will need clothes…" -08:21 Nov 19 Cupio
Celosia: "I’ll give you clothes. You also needn’t wear that pitiful expression. I’m certain you’re plenty capable of ripping someone’s head off. Even if you weren’t, I will always be right there." How irritating. There seemed to be a distinct difference between his male form and his female form, and even in the ways she felt towards it. Celo assumed it was how he was made as a sex demon. "Besides, this is for your benefit. You’re not going to survive without the interact, and despite the fact I’d be more than happy to see every single demon on this world sent right back to hell, I’m not heartless. I’m not going to let you suffer." -08:28 Nov 19 Celosia
Cupio: He was wearing apitiful expression? Wenn NOW he was! Pouting at her words but he soon shook it oof of himself. "I’m not scared of being bait Celosia." he said folding his arms and looking at her. "I’ve been through much worse than being used to lure for scorceror and demons." he moved a hand to pull his hair into position aorund his heart shaped bace and gave a sweet smile. "I was born in hell after all, and have always been… what I am." The shit crackers were abandoned on the counter as Cupio headed back towards the bedroom. "I can’t wait to see your clothes though! I bed you have a cute pair of boots, and dresses! I want one that shows off my legs!" -08:36 Nov 19 Cupio
Celosia: "Dressess…?" No, Celosia did not own any dresses. Celosia didn’t own cute anything. All that she wore was subtle and practical. Frowning again, she followed the bouncy demon back to her room. Would she have to purchase this thing some clothes? She would for his male form at the very least. This was going to cost money she didn’t have yet. Luckily having a demon assistant meant she could take on bounties at a much quicker rate. "You’re going to find my things very disappointing. Just dress quickly, then we can get to work." Maybe breakfast out was a good idea. Celo skipped dinner last night, and this morning she wasn’t too eager to eat anything in her kitchen either. The demon made a good excuse to find something edible. -08:42 Nov 19 Celosia
Cupio: He opened her drawers and WAS disappointed. Tail and wing drooping he pucked up a pair of jeans and looked at it. "You know… I might be able too." the tail flicked playfully in Celo’s direction as fangs were exposed in a playful grin. "Yes…" the jeans were tossed aside in favor of a a black pair that looked light it would be tight before those were tossed onto the bed and lore drawers ere opened. A pair of stocking joined them and then a pait of Celo’s boots was laid out and so was a jacket and a teal tank top. "Just one thing to doooooooo." before ther could be any complains claws were out and rearing the legs off of the jeans leaving a fashionable (for and 2010s) frayed pair of short shorts before the entire outfit was pulled on and the jacket was left open and it looked like it might not be able to close anyway, Horns poking though his hair be reached back to make three more small incissions for his wings and tail. "Ready!" he said spinning around to allow Celo to see. "What do you think?" -08:50 Nov 19 Cupio
Celosia: Celo waited curiously, if only because she was interested to see what the demon was so grinny about. Once the claws came out, Celo immediately regretted her decision to stand idly by and watch as the beast sliced and shredded through perfectly good clothes. Her teeth were grinding as she took in a long, deep breath and tried to let it out in a slow steady hiss. Do not. Kill. The demon. "Aside from the fact you’ve destroyed my property and you look like a cheap hooker, I’m sure it looks JUST fine." -08:55 Nov 19 Celosia
Cupio: "Hey! I’m meant to be bait, remember?" he said folding his arms again. "Fine I’ll buy you new clothes. And me new clothes. New clothes for everyone!" it was hard to tell if he was being sarcastic or was actually planning to do so especially when his face lut up and he grabbed Celo’s hand and started towards the door. "Come on bosslady. I’ve killed but I’ve never hunted… we should get started if we’re going to get bacon." -08:59 Nov 19 Cupio
[Cupio is dressed like a lust demon and smells like one too! All cinnamon and dark chocolate!] -07:52 Nov 20
[Celosia is off balance. Which blames entirely on this demon and it’s unwanted bond to her. She has felt more things this more than she has felt in years. >:[] -07:52 Nov 20
Celosia: Celo felt as if she had a beacon tagging along with her. As if a demon was not noticable enough, this one was dressed and prancing about to get the attention of anyone who looked. Which was a stark contrast to Celosia’s simple, dark clothing. They left her shabby home for ‘real food’, which was probably the only thing she was looking forward to today. Walking with her arms crossed, she didn’t bother saying a word to the demon. What could she say, that wouldn’t be rude, anyway. -07:56 Nov 20 Celosia
Cupio: Cupio seemed oblivious to Celosia’s dark mood as he haalf walked and half sauntered along the street, tail moving in a hypnotiving waveforms behing him as he hummed to himself. He wasn’t moving randomly though he had instincts. Instinkts that were drawn to luxury and pleasures of the sences, and right now it was smell and taste that he was focussing on. It was a bad neighborhood that much was certain and he was getting a lot of looks but he sighted his goal and grinned, bouncing slightly ass he turned to look at the girl who was looking less and less like Jayden to him, which was a little heartbreaking. "There… on the corner of the street! That cart. I want that food. It smells fresh and clean and I’ve been folling the scent for the past couple blocks." no human would be able to smell it among the storm drains and dirty alleys from where they stood let alone that far. "If you don’t have money I bet I could get some… it would be my trat since you let me sleep at your place and gave me clothes." -08:02 Nov 20 Cupio
Celosia: "I have enough for now." she muttered. Truthfully it was probably because she didn’t want to accept anything from a demon, even if it was fair trade. Nothing was a fair trade with demons. At least he picked something that looked edible and not like fresh barbecued human. There were plenty of stands like that in this part of the city. Celo was wary, keeping a good eye on their surroundings even when they crossed the streets to the foodcart. And especially when she was digging in to her jacket for cash. -08:08 Nov 20 Celosia
Cupio: Coops arm twisted around Celo’s as she dug in her purse and he hun on it looking at the cart a tongue licking his lips. "I don’t remember seeing any of this stuff in the twenty tens…" he said reaching down and plucking a kebab off the trag and pulling one of the meat peices off with his teeth. "Chewy!" he reported. "Little spicy but good!" There were so many things but by the looks of Celo’s appartment she probably couldn’t afford a lavish feast… don’t worry Celo. Jaybed got rich and so will you! -08:12 Nov 20 Cupio
Celosia: Celo avoided mentally counting off how many years ago that was, too focused on the fact he was touching her again. At least when he was his small, wickedly feminine form it wasn’t as nerve-wracking. But it still had her stiffly handing over money to the vender in exchanged for a few meaty things wrapped in paper and drizzled in extra sauce. "I don’t have any interest in being rich. You don’t know anything about me." It was hard not snapping at the demon. Having a short temper wasn’t normal for her. Celo untangled herself from the beast, that should help a bit. -08:20 Nov 20 Celosia
Cupio: Celo was short and pulled away which stung like a slap in the face but maaaybe Coop was being over familiar? He and Jayden had spent thier first few days together ignoring eachother until they the sexual tention came to a head. "I know, I know. You want to kill demons and send them back to hell and that includes me. Trust me I get it. There were people like you last time too." he walked a little behind her now shewing of his kebab and drawing patterns in the air with the tip of his tail as he walked to keep himself amused. "And I really don’t know anything baout you. I wish I did though. I’d be able to make you not get mad at me. I need on feeling, people being mad at it like them glaring at me and I can never look away." -08:28 Nov 20 Cupio
Celosia: "Is that what you’re doing to me now? Making me feel things, because you feels things, because we are now bound?" Celo didn’t turn to look at him, her sight remained on watching what was around them. Her food was devoured as quickly as she could get it in to her mouth. It irritated her how he made this seem like just another day, like they had been together since the beginning of time. It irritated her more how tempted she was to just go with it and accept it all as natural. "I can’t feel anything for you. Even if I wanted to." -08:35 Nov 20 Celosia
Cupio: "I’m not trying to make you feel anything Celosia." he said skippign ahead to walk backwards in front of her, facing her. "I don’t want to. Trust me. If I could unbind us with a snap of my fingers I would. If I hate anything it’s being bound to people. I like freedom and feeling and softness and belive it or not I can be happy with what humans would concider a normal life. I just… screwed up and if I could take it back I would… I just meant that I’m an empath. And your emotions affect my emotions. You’re not happy so I don’t know if I can be. I’m still going to try though." the last of the meat was eaten and he looked around for a trash can, spotting a dumpster adn heading for it. "So for hunting… what do you want me to do?" -08:41 Nov 20 Cupio
Celosia: "Lucky you, I don’t emotions." there was only a hint of sarcasm in her voice. Now she found herself trailing after him as he witlessly chose an dark, back alley to discard trash in. What kind of stupid demon was this. Celo was frowning again, this time perplexed rather than annoyed. "When I am working a bounty, I have information to go on. I seek specific people. For a hunt, I just walk and listen. Pay attention to things. It isn’t hard to find the slime of the city, and I always know a black soul when I see one." Her head tilted as she narrowed her eyes at the demon. "You’re pretty much a walking trap looking like that." -08:49 Nov 20 Celosia
Cupio: "Then this should be easy! It’s we’re just looking for bad people I have a knack for finding them… I…" there was a slight droop to his wings which only lasted a second. "I guess we’ll get started." he turned around and looked up and down the street before zeroing in on the senses he wanted and started walking, just like he had before moving off towards the partially hidden street that held the demon club, various strip clubs and illigal gambling parlors. It was a good block away still and not much was happening at this time of day but the hedomistic sensualism bled into the very foundations of the city and was an easy trail to follow. -08:56 Nov 20 Cupio
Celosia: Her eyes narrowed, but Celo didn’t say anything about the fleeting sullen expression. If she weren’t careful, she’d be lured in by the demon’s emotional manipulation. Celosia followed at a short distance. A few feet away, at what Celo felt was a safe distance. Once she had an idea of their direction, it was easy to gather where they were doing. This demon really did know how to walk straight for the seediest, shittiest part of town. Mumbling under her breath about rapebait, Celo did what SHE did best. Kept her senses open and her hands resting at her belt. -09:05 Nov 20 Celosia
Cupio: The air here was different. Buzzing with eccess and vice and Coop stopped to look around, on hand on his side, then over slipping behind his back to grip it forcing his chest out adn he tilted his head and wiggled his hips slightly as his imagining a catchy beat. This place remonded him of home, his it felt and how the energies swirled aimlessly. There was greed here too and animalistic urges… so much like home. And here he was, helpless and lost looking, tail swishing side to side slowly, before there were a few more steps deeper into maisma feeling… right in front of the mouth of an alley. -09:10 Nov 20 Cupio

That alley wasn’t empty. Within eyesight was a tallish man, leaning against the brick and steel wall, sipping from a bottle of what looked like cheap liquer. Almost like he could smell her, he looked up and smiled wide. He shifted to rest and lean his arm against the building wall as he tilted his head to beckon the demon over. “Hey, honey. I see plenty of demons walkin’ the streets around here, but not a one of them is as fine as you. Not lost, are ya?” -Celosia 09:20 Nov 20

Cupio: He stopped and looked at him a hand going to run though his hair as he bit his lip. "I little." he said turning to look at the man and then up and down the street. "I was meant to like meet someone around here since it’s my first time in the city but I don’t see them." was this one of the bad men they were after? His hips cocked to the side as he looked the man up and down his tail sweeping forwards to rest in his hand as the other rested on his hip. "What’s it to you?" -09:24 Nov 20 Cupio

The man held out his bottle to offer. “This is a bad neighborhood for you demon types. Especially you little ones. Haven’t you heard about the Hunter? Walks up and down these alleys with a long sharp knife. Runs it right down through your soul and burns ya all up inside til there’s nothin’ left.” As if he was actually worried about it, he looked up and down the alley. Not a single other person was in sight. “If you need company and a bit of protection. I’m your man.” -Celosia 09:31 Nov 20

Celosia: Celo was neatly out of sight, but closer than the asshole realized. Spellwork was one of her best skills, and she was tucked neatly against the wall, cloaked by a mix of shadow and magic. She even smirked at his story about the Hunter. This demon played it’s role well. All the more reason not to trust it or anything it ever said. Cupio could wrap her around his fingers with words alone, Celo had no doubt about that. -09:31 Nov 20 Celosia
Cupio: "Demon hunters? Really? How medievil." he rolled his eyes. "It’s like so one gets that it’s 530 A-Apoc…" he was offering to protect him though… was that something bad guys did? "But I guess there are crazies out there. Can you really protect me? You seem pretty scrawny to me…" he took a step closer to him and was not well within reach, tail moving back behinf him to draw small circles in the air. "I’ve heard there are other types or dangerous humans around. Ones who would take advantage of lone lost demons… especially the little ones like me." -09:36 Nov 20 Cupio

His hand reach out to grip the demon’s arm, but it was gentle as he tugged her closer. Smooth and familiar like a lover would. His grin was just as relaxed and a tad on the silly side. “Even us white knights are a little tarnished out here, honey. I can protect you real good, but maybe I do expect a little recompensation in exchange.” He leaned in for a kiss, but stopped himself. “If that’s what you want. Not a man alive can say I made a demon regret it.” -Celosia 09:47 Nov 20

Celosia: Her smirk had vanished and her skin was crawling. It was funny to have a reputation, this wasn’t funny. This was manipulation. Celo was already pulling her gun from her jacket, not even a whisper of sound made as she shifted and aimed. He spoke honeyed words, but she wasn’t kidding about knowing a bad soul when she saw it. And this was one of the worst kinds. -09:48 Nov 20 Celosia
Cupio: He pulled Coop close and he squirmed slightly in his grip. Tail freezing as he tesisted the temptation to end this now but instead he looked into the man’s eyes a confident grin spreading across his face as a low checkle escaped him. "I don’t have to be a lust demon to know what you mean hotshot." he said his hand going to the one on his arm ass he ever so gently started prying the man’s fingers off. "But like I said I’m meeting someone around here and they wouldn’t be happy if I gave up the goods to some guy on the street. Besides there are two questions that havn’t been answered. Can you really protect me, and can I protect myself." he spun away tail trailing in a gracrful circle before he smiled at the man once again just out of reach. "What are you going to do if I cay no hmmm…?" -09:56 Nov 20 Cupio

He laughed, leaning back against the wall with a careless shrug of his shoulders. “Aw, honey. I’m crushed. I’ve got nothing but the best of intentions of heart. Can’t vouch for my friends, though. And they… Eh, they require a toll to walk outta here.” Now he wasn’t the only one chuckling, there were a few more voices chiming in. Someone dropped down from a fireescape behind the demon, and another stepped around the corner to block the alley exit. “Course, my offer still stands if you’re smart enough to accept it.” -Celosia 10:07 Nov 20

Celosia: Surprise, surprise, they run in gangs. Celo switched her aim to the one closer to Cupio. That’s when something shadowy wound it’s way around her gun and jerked it out of her hands. "Traps are a two way street, Hunter. We learn. The voice hissed in her ear from behind her. Celo jumped and rolled out of her hiding spot. Following her was a tall, grey skinned beast of a demon with black horns at least a foot long. Stepping right out of the same shadows she had been hiding in. "Things have changed. You and your Rulebreaker are no longer the most fearsome things on these streets." -10:08 Nov 20 Celosia
Cupio: Celo would come, right? Jayden always had… shit. Celo wasn’t Jayden… He hugged himself and looked to the side his eyes downcast seemingly in surrender. "Well when you put it that way I guess I have no choice…" he said meekly his hand rising to the jacket to push it from his shoulder., expising the skin nect to the strap of the tank top before the other shoulder was bared in turn. He didn’t want blood getting on the jacket, it was a nice jacket. "If you want a demon, you’ve got a demon…" The jacket was taking off and then thrown into the face of the thug behind him before Cupio darted forwards an sunk his craws into the leader’s knee completely severing the joint. He would be finished off last. Next was the big guy in the mouth of the alley a flash of purple fire lighting up the alley as his chest was turned into a smoking crater. By now the jacket was being tossed aside and that gang member was ended quickly and efficiently, his thoat slashed and a kick to the chest sent him down to his back unable to breathe… then Cupio was turning back to the leader a large pair of wings framing him, the long barbed tail, much longer than before slid on the ally floor behind him, two long horns exagerating his height and his eyes burned with the same purple fire that had just killed a man. "I guess that answers my second question." he said with a smile as he took lold of the man’s greesey hair and pulled him up to his feet his other hand pulling back, long claws poised. "I don’t like killing, so much pain screaming at me… it’s painful and addictive. So give me a reason not to." -10:21 Nov 20 Cupio
Celosia: This was all bait for her? Did that red haired little bitch walk her in to this on purpose? No. Cupio was baring claws and fire within seconds. Those same moments Celo was side-stepping a big muscled demon arm and pulling her knife in the same motion. She would slash and he would dodge and reciprocate. She ignored the howls of pain from the gang, even while her stomach lurched and she wanted to turn and see if he needed help. "Bealz!" shouted that gang leader. In an instant, Celo’s shadowy ‘friend’ vanished in a flash of sulferous smelling smoke, along with the gang leader. Leaving Celo scowling and turning quickly to check the damages. "You didn’t kill him." The statement was almost accusatory! -10:30 Nov 20 Celosia
Cupio: Coopio was standing in the middle of an alley of blood and boddie but he was calmly dusting off the jacket he had claimed before pulling it on. "I was going to." he said shooting her a look. "I just needed his attention on me so I could…" no telling Celo he planned on taking the man’s sould probably wasn’t the best idea. "I didn’t know he could teleport away." he looked disaapointed about the lack of justice too but at least he was melting back to his normal female shape. He didn’t really want Celo to see him like that for too long either. "At least I got his friends?" he said gesturing at the bodies. "It also might be a good idea to get out of here. I don’t want the police catching me. I’m not a celebrity in this time and can’t get away with things." -10:36 Nov 20 Cupio
Celosia: "There are no police. None that will care about what we do, in any case." Blood and death everywhere. It didn’t matter if it was her own hand or someone else’s. Celosia would never get used to that empty, cold feeling death always left behind. It was physically draining, but then, so was everything else too. Her whole world was nothing but this. Celo was having a hard time looking at him, so instead led the way out of the ally. "Come. If you are an empath, you do not need to feel this. I will get you a treat for a job well done." -10:42 Nov 20 Celosia
Cupio: "Too late for that." he mumbles inaudiably but followed. It was not clear hos different Celosia was from Jayden. Jayden had been passion and love and warmth and feeling and had made Cupio feel alive and full and whole and… this was cold and empty and so very, very, demonic. It was hard to suppress a small sob. he didn’t try and take her arm, instead he forced himself into his usualy gait to follow after. Life would be different this time round… but it still beaat hell. -10:45 Nov 20 Cupio
[Cupio is wearing a nice pair of leather pants that actually go to the ancles on Celio’s insistance. And they’re niiiiiiiiiiiiiice paaaaants.] -06:08 Nov 21
[Celosia is taking the demon out for a treat, as promised. On the condition that it wore something that wasn’t rapebait. ] -06:08 Nov 21
Celosia: That demon had a knack for plucking out her favorite clothes, but at least this pair remained unclawed. This promised treat was taking them outside of her district, away from the den of sin and debachury of the slums, and up a few classes. This was farther out of her preferred price range, but Celo was actually looking forward to sitting down somewhere without having to worry about what was lurking and preparing to pounce around the corner. But it didn’t stop her from being wary and always watching the street around them. Celo was like a nervous cat. "It’d be nice if you didn’t look so pleased with yourself." -06:12 Nov 21 Celosia
Cupio: With an elbow on the table and a grim on his lips he was lookign around, tail swishing happily as he tookin everything. "Why shouldn’t I be?" he asked looking at her. "I helped you and made the streets a little safer and now I’m being taaken out for treats." he put his chin on his hand and tilted his head looking at her looking like he might reach out and pulls her cheek until she was smiling too. "Isn’t nice lunches and treats meant to make people smile?" -06:17 Nov 21 Cupio
Celosia: "I don’t smile." Demons were always so pleased. But it was a treat, and she was the idiot that was giving it to him. "We won’t be able to do this often. It’s costly and I suspect people know we don’t belong here." It didn’t matter that most of the city was ran by demons these days, even demons had their social orders. She didn’t belong there, but the beast grinning across the table seemed to enjoy it. -06:25 Nov 21 Celosia
Cupio: He looked at her and then looked around. "Why arn’t we allowed here? It’s nice." he looked at her again and then at the people around them. He liked this place better than where she lived. "Why don’t you live here… not enough money?" She hadn’t even taken the money from the people they killed… no wonder she was poor and had nothing but crappy crackers. -06:28 Nov 21 Cupio
Celosia: "There’s no sense in paying for nice things when you will lose them." she reached out to pickup a glass of iced water. Ice was one of those luxuries she really, really liked. With a slight frown she glanced around the place herself. All the clean, fresh painted walls, neatly arranged tables, servers in crisp uniforms. The atmosphere was pleasant. "Places like this are for nice people. People who work nice jobs, and buy nice things, and live nice lives. I make people uncomfortable." -06:34 Nov 21 Celosia
Cupio: He frowned at er. "You make people dead… and you don’t loot them. You want to make the streets safer and that is a good thing. You desurve nice things. If you think you don’t desurve a nice life then you’re wrong. Everyone desurves a nice life. That’s one thing my last time here taught me. If a no good demon can find a girl to love them and live a quiet normal life then anyone can do anything." -06:38 Nov 21 Cupio
Celosia: "You’re a strange creature." She looked perplexed again, even a little suspicious. Leaning back in her seat with her glass and a shrug of her shoulder. "That’s naive and it’s not reality. We are what we are, and we have to live with it. Where is your love now? Your nice life? I’m willing to bet nothing good came of it in the end. Nothing ever does." That was probably the most asshole thing she could have said, and she immediately regretted it. This demon was clearly tugging at her strings. "I’m sorry. I’m sure once I break the bond, you’ll flounce off to your happy ever after." -06:46 Nov 21 Celosia
Cupio: Cupio looked shocked. "A baby girl, a bouncy happy part demon part angel part human little baby girl who was the most adorable, good hearted creature you or anyone else will ever meet. That’s what came of it. That is the thing that in all my lifetimes I am most proud of. And I don’t know what became of her after I was sent back." there were tears in his eyes and he unballed a fist to wipe them away. "But you’re right, there are no happily ever afters, but there is a slice of happiness available somehwere between the beginning and the end that you should enjoy while you have the chance." -06:52 Nov 21 Cupio
Celosia: Celo cast him a dubious look. At least this time she managed to swallow that twist of disgust at the thought of demons breeding, making more of them to plague the world. Nothing good came from it, she would know. …and that was the only reason why she found herself curious enough to ask more. "You had a child? Why? What did you do with her after she was born? Did the mother shun her?" -06:58 Nov 21 Celosia
Cupio: "No! Jayden would never do that! She loved Phaedra and we raised her together and she got an angel boyfriend who could protect her when she was old enough. She never got the hand of shapeshifting like me and had angel wings and a tail and she got a job and then…" he didn’t know if he could go on. Putting his arms on the table almost knocking over his iced tea his fell forwards to burry his face against them. "She helped send me back after Jayden died… to protect everyone." -07:02 Nov 21 Cupio
Celosia: Her reflexes were quick enough to reach out and shift the glass out of the way. But now Celo was even more confused. "Together? Demons don’t stay to raise their children. Where did the angel part come from? The human? And how did your human die? Because the daughter killed her?" None of it made sense. Not an ounce of it. Yet, it was so easy to picture an ebony haired girl with dark wings and a swishy tail. "You keep calling me Jayden. Why?" -07:08 Nov 21 Celosia
Cupio: He looked up with wet eyes and wiped them with his hand. "Jayden was killed and I don’t know how. And Jayden wasn’t a demon when we had Phaedra but a human. She have me a place to stay after she accedentally summoned me. Demons weren’t well known back then and we were room mates until we started having sex… I was bound to her too and I didn’t know humans just got pregnany by accident. Humans and demons arn’t even meand to be able to have children togher… bur I guess Jayden was part angel too. Phaedra would never kill Jayden either. She loved both of us. I still don’t know who killed Jayden. But I do know her soul never made it to hell… becuase you have it." -07:13 Nov 21 Cupio
Celosia: Celosia stared at him. A long, silent moment passed. Then, with a sudden, loud outburst she laughed. Drawing quite a bit of attention from the other patrons. Her laughing faded slowly, down to a grim, almost sickened frown. "Maybe I am. Maybe she made it to hell after all, and here I am. This life is as good as hell." Hell with ice water. No longer amused, her mouth was dry and she was reaching out for her glass to take another long swallow. -07:18 Nov 21 Celosia
Cupio: He kept staring and slowly his arms moved to hug himself before he stood. "You don’t know what hell is." he said softly before turning away and looking out across the plaza. There was a loud sound as his wings expanded outwards ready for flight but he didn’t move to take off. He had to be wrong, there was no wat this was Jayden’s soul… there was also no way his face was staying dry… "I need to go for a walk." he declaired before he folded the still full-sized wings back and started walking away from the tadle, the direction didn’t matter. -07:24 Nov 21 Cupio
Celosia: Celo stood also, that same impassive look on her face when he walked away. But then a glass was snatched up off the table and thrown, shattering to pieces near his feet. "You don’t know me. You don’t know what I have lived!" she shouted. The exchange making several people nearby jump. Immediatelly she could feel the stares. See someone leaning and mumbling for another to send for security. Celo plucked a few bits of cash out of her jacket and left them scattered on the table before she stalked after the demon. Her mouth was clamped shut and she wouldn’t say another word. She shouldn’t have shouted in the first place and she didn’t even know why she did. -07:29 Nov 21 Celosia
Cupio: He turned wings spreading in a defencive display, hands ready and watched her approach. "Likewise." he said a hard expression looking alien on the soft and delicate features. "When you have been gand raped for sport, when you have spent decades and a slave to a dozen different powe hungry of debauched owners both human and demon. When you have been turned on by almost everyone you’ve trusted. When people hate you or try to control you or think they can hurt you just for what you are. When you have watched the only person you’ve ever loved die and been unable to stop it… I stopped taking peoples’ shit a long time ago and I’m not going to start again now. When you’ve been through all that and literally been through hell then… I don’t know. You’re not Jayden and you never will be. Thanks for the treat." there was a rush of wind and he was darting skywards, a shrinking dot against the shimmering buildings. -07:38 Nov 21 Cupio

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